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TheMerricat: Speaking of Humble, I was quite impressed that their rep that was watching the CTS Sponsored stream knew to use Codefall to give out free bundles. Is there actually a LRRFriend/DesertBus Survivor that is working for Humble?
ContingentCat: !dbcountdown
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AnimeKitty: Bye Heather, see you shortly Beej
Juliamon: TheMerricat Pretty sure it's evilbadman
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
ContingentCat: just over a month!
TheMerricat: Cool :)
AnimeKitty: Gods Desert Bus is so much closer than I thought
ContingentCat: it creeps ever closer every day
Saxpython: thanks guys lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart lrrSHINE
mtvcdm: Desert Bus, the biggest codefall swapmeet
mtvcdm: Codes just go *flying* every which way during that week.
Saxpython: btw History(dot)com lists the likely painting as L’Etoile by Degas
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Beej’s Anime Roundup: 2021 Summer (w/ Autumn Preview)) at Sun 06:15 PM PDT (14m ago).
AnimeKitty: I can't even look at chat during the Bus so watching for codes is a needle in a haystack :D
ContingentCat: almost forgot Brave New Faves is tonight too braven10HEX
Winter534: wow, love that rhythm cafe is the only anime that happened this summer /j
TheMerricat: So, chat, I've got a deep philosophical dilemma here. Now that I've woken up and am hungry, do I start getting taco fixing ready now and trying to get everything ready before Beej starts or do I wait till his stream is over? :D
WynterNyghtynGale: eat with the stream
aerohydra: tablet/kaptop, can you do both?
AnimeKitty: Eat now, this will take a while
Biggjudicem: do it now. There are always VoDs
Earthenone: prepare your tacos.
ContingentCat: eat now, once Beej gets going on Anime it lasts a while
Biggjudicem: !adult
TheMerricat: Hehe. I think I'll eat now. I'm in the same room either way. Just can't type while I eat :D
DarkMorford: Yay, weeb night! :D
WynterNyghtynGale: lol im trying to make wedding favors with an overly helpful cat and eat dinner so everything is a challenge tonight
AnimeKitty: The cat should be a help obviously :P
AnimeKitty: p
AnimeKitty: :p
AnimeKitty: lrrGOAT
LoadingReadyRun: [B] Sit tight - my tummy is still giving me issues, so this might be a stream with a few more commercial breaks than normal.
TheMerricat: Cats are always good at making sure whatever you are working on doesn't run away. :P
ContingentCat: Cats are such good helpers
LoadingReadyRun: [B] I'm planning to start in a few minutes, so if you need to grab stuff, you're got some time yet (because there's also the countdown).
Earthenone: CoolCat
DarkMorford: Do what you've gotta do, Beej. We've all been there at one time or another.
WynterNyghtynGale: he has decided he has to sit on the office with me and stick his head between my armpit when i tie the twine
AnimeKitty: No worries Beej sergeHeart
ContingentCat: especially when you're doing something with string moving around. My cat is an excellent helper when I'm working on some embroidery
DoodlestheGreat: Good time to get up and rotate the fluids.
TheMerricat: As supervisory cats are the best, they are always willing to point out where you made a mistake and make you start alll over from scratch so you'll learn it properly. :P
WynterNyghtynGale: that is true and now he has taken over my lap XD
DarkMorford: Follow along with Beej at!
Nigouki: oh hey, title change
Nigouki: lrrSIG lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
ContingentCat: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Earthenone: lrrSIG lrrBEEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrSIG
patbaer: spoilers for the fall season: multiple shows where music is a weapon
DarkMorford: Oh hey Pat
patbaer: Hello hello
DarkMorford: I had like 6 or 7 shows I was actively watching for summer, I need a slow season. :p
GhostValv: benginLurk
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elah806: If this is going to be a "roundup" then Beej needs to be wearing cowboy getup and talk in a Western accent
electra310: I don't even watch anime, I just like to watch Beej talk about anime. :D
DarkMorford: @elah806 Don't give him ideas.
patbaer: My schedule this season is pretty light, though I haven't check out all the new shows yet. Still need to watch Taisho Otome Fairy Tale
DarkMorford: I actually haven't gotten around to watching any of the new shows yet. Been kinda busy. Heck, I've barely looked over the schedule much.
DarkMorford: And I have a couple of the summer ones I need to finish up.
Earthenone: the only thing i have heard about this season is that there is a cute girl club anime about hockey
patbaer: Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside and The Faraway Paladin are my favs so far
DarkMorford: @Earthenone There sure is.
AnimeKitty: I'm so behind on the last two seasons of anime. Depression does that
elah806: Now that's some Peak Hair
Senshi5609: Happy Thanksgiving to LRR and Canadian Chat members
notso_surprisingreveal: I just finished road quest and I can't wait to listen to Adam talk about Anime more
elah806: Oh shit it's thanksgiving!
NotCainNorAbel: Beej Mane
tenthtechpriest: the opinions of this beej do not reflect the views of the greater loading ready run entertainment empire
Earthenone: the opinions expressed here do not nesisarily represent the opinions of bionic trousers media
elah806: We, We are gonna have a good time
jedi_master_zll: Oh hey, Slime 2. I liked it. More political intrigue than I expected.
patbaer: Slime 2 part 2 had a really good OP
Winter534: as Ian would say, other anime and anime opinions are available
blue_lotus_designs: lrrSHINE
elah806: These opinions do not reflect the opinions of LoadingReadyRun but LoadingReadyRun is sure gonna get some ripping highlights out of it
AnimeKitty: OH NO
electra310: Beej, why?
ContingentCat: why?
strebenherz: I hope you DO have the chance to get some proper sleep
ContingentCat: oh no grocery shopping today
patbaer: lrrFINE
WynterNyghtynGale: how novel
mercano82: Is grocery shopping on the day before Canadian Thanksgiving as bad as it is in the US?
Saxpython: lrrHERE lrrHEART lrrHERE
PMAvers: malk
DarkMorford: Oh no
ContingentCat: what kind of milk?
tenthtechpriest: 6:50 drink milk every day
WynterNyghtynGale: hot milk summer
electra310: Someone give Beej some milk and a nap
NotCainNorAbel: why is the milk at the moonbase?
AnimeKitty: Oh gods you went tot he grocery store the day before a holiday?!?!
strebenherz: Oh dear
TheMerricat: @NotCainNorAbel He's at home.
electra310: Beej is at his house
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arrowgrut: milk bloobySmart
jedi_master_zll: Milk doesn't last that long imo...
elah806: Beej how are we already in the highlights before we got into the anime
ContingentCat: @DarkMorford baged milk is mostly in Ontario
NotCainNorAbel: @NotCainNorAbel Ah, used to the background when they are at home
Phailhammer: MORK
TheMerricat: My understanding is milk in bags is more of an Ontario thing.
DoodlestheGreat: Egad, that's a lotta milk.
CranstonSnord: sounds like you're ova-doing it
ContingentCat: planning on making a lot of french toast?
DoodlestheGreat: @CranstonSnord Oh, you... :tf:
AnimeKitty: How do pickled eggs taste? I've never had them
blue_lotus_designs: eggs and milk. spunds like our house. lol
WynterNyghtynGale: thyme
Winter534: TTSF pickling spice time?
patbaer: good
Dog_of_Myth: Phrasing
ContingentCat: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That's not how you wear that.
electra310: There's a lot of pickling spice in most pickling spice
Saxpython: @Winter534 lrrSHINE
mercano82: In fact, you can just add the pickling spice to the pickeling spice and skip the rest.
tenthtechpriest: great season filled with stuff I should catchup binge but probably won't
Nigouki: right. we're not here for Beej's eggs, or his jugs and milk, we're her for anime
DoodlestheGreat: I only watched a couple of shows this Summer.
DarkMorford: F
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gralamin: 90 months? Thats 30 anime seasons
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ContingentCat: what is time
tenthtechpriest: what is drobo
DeM0nFiRe: I remember the surprise Beej on the TTSF episode a few weeks ago
Saxpython: woah
ContingentCat: Holy Moly
TheMerricat: Yep, sucks when your storage system goes belly up
patbaer: oh
DarkMorford: Oof
TheMerricat: still have the page open so I can get one when I get around to it
AnimeKitty: sergeHolyMoly
ContingentCat: wow you've had quite a week
Saxpython: lrrHEART lrrBEEEJ lrrHEART
BogglesUrMind: Heck yeah, I finally caught a anime roundup live
ContingentCat: oh godo
ContingentCat: *godo
TriggerHappy2Pi: favorite show of the season?
TheMerricat: LOL @ContingentCat :)
ContingentCat: *good (come on brain)
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DarkMorford: Follow along with Beej at!
Texan_Reverend: Good evenin, Beej.
Texan_Reverend: Hey, chatfolk.
patbaer: great OP
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DaMullet14: shazam
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strebenherz: I loved how this went
BogglesUrMind: I think Beej is who told me to watch Odd Taxi last season. And I thank him for that.
DoodlestheGreat: This was what I watched this Summer.
DarkMorford: KyoAni flexing with their action sequences again
PMAvers: It's fun to see these dorks again.
patbaer: I liked the backstory elements but didn't love the new dragon
tenthtechpriest: "we can do real cool action. please hire us for actual action shows. we're begging you."
TheMerricat: anyone know what sort order Beej is using? Mine are all out of order on my page.
DoodlestheGreat: Elma got a lot of development this season.
patbaer: hi
DarkMorford: @TheMerricat Sort by Popularity
TheMerricat: thanks @DarkMorford :)
WynterNyghtynGale: strap them up
patbaer: big boobs, tiny hands
ContingentCat: wow
Earthenone: its in popularity order
DoodlestheGreat: Nope.
TheMerricat: top of screen
patbaer: the two arrows in the top corner
strebenherz: hands made of tiny hands
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
patbaer: SO GOOD
DarkMorford: I have a couple episodes of this left, but I love it SO much
patbaer: Era appropriate music choices!
DarkMorford: Nanako Best Girl
tenthtechpriest: a bunch of girls who can't lower their arms
frozenphoenix7: "Wills himself back in time" sure is a sentence
strebenherz: I appreciated Re:zero with how it played with the time travel shenanigans
patbaer: The first episode is double length which allowed them to do some interesting fake outs
Oneiros96: but this changed to the end i think
DarkMorford: LUL
tenthtechpriest: and then they did it the absolute madmen
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
DarkMorford: YASSS
ContingentCat: FBtouchdown called it
patbaer: covers of that song were very popular that year
Manwichcannon: 480 Beejscoped
DarkMorford: Nanako was so great in that scene too!
DarkMorford: This was really cute
patbaer: So laid back they don't talk about how it's an isekai till the last episode
DoodlestheGreat: This was the other show I watched. Loli-werewolves... ConcernDoge
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DarkMorford: And then there was the segment where the ghost got horny. That was weird.
patbaer: Paula the shop owner is my favorite. Wish she was in more eps
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DoodlestheGreat: They dropped some bits and rearranged the storyline a little. It was innoccuous.
patbaer: Realist Hero is really good
patbaer: manga is great, too
Oneiros96: rebuilt
patbaer: more anime is coming
oyleslyck: his ability is administration
frozenphoenix7: I just can't get into this one.
frozenphoenix7: I've tried but it just...doesn't grab me.
tenthtechpriest: I believe we're up to 15 volumes of LN for this series to draw from
Mai_Andra: I'm only interested in characters with blue hair. lrrSPOOP
ContingentCat: uh
Earthenone: that sounds so up my alley
TheMerricat: machiavelli reputation as a schemer came more from the fact that people didn't like him not because he was Xanatos.
patbaer: There's a Kaiba reference in one of the first episodes. Also Poncho is a great supporting character
ContingentCat: we really do
DarkMorford: Damn straight we do
red_shoes_jeff: YEP.
DoodlestheGreat: It was written as a JOKE. Machiavelli was trying to satirize the way European governments work. He failed.
PMAvers: Adam kicks in the door, "did somebody say TANGENTS?"
lirazel64: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 26:11.
aerohydra: i do come here for the tangents, yes
Winter534: we come here for the tangents, and also the other trig functions
Earthenone: adam is still rolling to attempt to kick in the door
TheMerricat: The fall of the hero.
ContingentCat: I read Dune pretty young I should probably read them again
TriggerHappy2Pi: 2nd book. When he starts comparing himself to famous dictators, you really realize holy shit this is fucked
BlindProphet32: He knew all those deaths would happen if he became what he did, and he did it anyways because he wanted revenge
EikoandMog: Sensible plans are often boring.
TriggerHappy2Pi: @BlindProphet32 he only gains prescience after becoming the fremen's messiah, so no matter what happened from that point there would be a jihad across the universe. he explicitly said that he choose the path with the least suffering (still not good obv)
patbaer: Realist hero is interesting because Souma uses propaganda but full acknowledges it.
TriggerHappy2Pi: this should become a Dune stream
Saxpython: Woah #KillYourGods
zimmercj: Sounds like Lelouche to me
DarkMorford: Jahy is a hoot
ContingentCat: probably blame the panini
patbaer: Very hard to watch.
TriggerHappy2Pi: I think olympics made a lot of anime's schedules weird
TabbyLavalamp: The Great Jahy is great!
Mai_Andra: I saw the first Higurashi. I don't need to see any more. I did love the OP, though.
patbaer: I just feel so bad for Jahy
HatsWearCats: I want that shirt, Im gonna make it
EikoandMog: She's trying so hard but... she doesn't make it easy for herself.
lirazel64: "and what-not." Yep.
Fanklok: So is it like The Devil is a Part-timer?
TheMerricat: I know I'm lagging behind but if anyone wants to pick back up the thread of Dune vs. Foundation - Tim O'Reilly (yes, that O'Reilly of the IT books) wrote an entire book about Frank Herbert that is online here - and one chapter is entirely about the idea of Foundation v Dune.
Stormgod519: Have a good night beej.
Dog_of_Myth: Landlord is great.
TabbyLavalamp: If she ever does revive the Dark Realm it'll be a lot less dark as she learns humanity.
red_shoes_jeff: They live in Anime Japan, they must learn to roll with a lot.
EikoandMog: Landlady is surprisngly deep for an antagonist :V
TriggerHappy2Pi: YES! I love Kageki Shoujo. Bought the first volume of the manga
DarkMorford: Oh, I loved Revue Starlight! Kappa
patbaer: I didn't watch till the season was over, and it was really solid
TriggerHappy2Pi: Kouka is Takarazuka with the serial numbers filed off
TriggerHappy2Pi: it does have a high school like is depicted in the show
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TriggerHappy2Pi: Ai Narata
BogglesUrMind: Hmm... performance, roses, a special honor only the top student can get? Is this Utena?
Alephred: Ah, the haughty aristocrat laugh.
TriggerHappy2Pi: @BogglesUrMind Utena was inspired by the Takarazuka along with a number of other famous anime like Princess Knight and Revue Starlight
WynterNyghtynGale: loved it but i felt it got a bit dark at times so lots of trigger warnings
ContingentCat: oh wow
TabbyLavalamp: Yup
patbaer: Crunchyroll and Adult Swim paid I.G a lot of money
TriggerHappy2Pi: Also Michiru and Haruka in Sailor Moon were inspired by Takarazuka actresses
Driosenth: Cram in all the things
thatjerkherc: Basically an anime bingo card.
TheMerricat: CR is really promoting the hell of this on Youtube, I can't go a day without about half the episodes being clip shared on their channel
TabbyLavalamp: Shitan was my new husbando until an episode or two ago when he was a complete a-hole.
patbaer: I kept waiting for a reason to like Fena and I gave up after 5 episodes
TriggerHappy2Pi: Damn, I was hoping PIrate Princess would be good :(
ContingentCat: so we're spending a lot of money on it so it has to be popular, just throw in everything
TheMerricat: @TriggerHappy2Pi TBF what I've seen of it is good.
DoodlestheGreat: It's goulash.
Agl0vale: it feels like multiple shows were pitched at once
Bartlebad: I can't not think of the ancient early 2000's pirates vs ninjas trope
stranger_dan: love that lady pirate troupe lots of great designs looking forward to learning about each one of them
NuCk3: so the show is the icecream equivalent of too many toppings
mercano82: Clearly, if we're checking boxes, we need to build up to mecha for the season finale.
TheMerricat: The latest clips are teasing some sort of "City of the Gods' Vibe.
PMAvers: Magia Record, watch the Anime Slushie talking about it instead.
DarkMorford refrains from Love Live fanboying
PMAvers: (It's bad.)
patbaer: HiDive: your home for... that kind of anime
Fungidoctor: I'm with you DarkMorford.
DarkMorford: Bakarina!
patbaer: Night Head is such a good terrible name
m_logan2000: they have to draw out episodes somehow
Agl0vale: doom
TheMerricat: Bakasan!
patbaer: All Routes Lead to Doom
red_shoes_jeff: DOOM!
patbaer: It took a while to get good, but it GOT GOOD.
stranger_dan: in a world where everybody is so messed up that just saying one nice thing to them is the first thing they ever heard
TriggerHappy2Pi: it would be fun if every adaptation had a different end
Saxpython: insert Clue! endings
TriggerHappy2Pi: thats a clever idea for something that is otome game like
Pinwiz11: Or the ending where Mrs. Peacock did it
patbaer: There's a version where she doesn't realize she's a reincarnate till high school and I gotta read that
patbaer: Spirit Chronicles was decent!
BogglesUrMind: Re_Main is absolutely nutty and dumb in a... good? way
TabbyLavalamp: In my experience there are more good isekai with female protagonists than with male ones, but that just may be because there are so many more of the latter.
Mai_Andra: RWBY style animation?
Rafzalo: Oh no… well, I’ll stick to the manga then
DoodlestheGreat: Is it as bad as Ex-Arm?
stranger_dan: looks like the better 3D version would be Pushing Daisies
TheMerricat: @TabbyLavalamp Amusingly the genre was originally (back in the day) was mostly dominated by female protagonists. So we are looping back....
IntermittentlyRupert: @doodlesthegreat much more in the vein of High Score Girl
TabbyLavalamp: @TabbyLavalamp There is only so much you can do with a bland teen building a harem of jiggle physics.
DarkMorford: Aquatope is SO GOOD
TriggerHappy2Pi: Have you been watching precure? I assume it won't be on this chart but still interested to hear if you have been watching it.
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platinum_tarrasque: hi all
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BogglesUrMind: My pal watched this and said the exact same thing Beej
patbaer: Yeah I was surprised this is a double
DarkMorford: I think I'm one or two episodes back on this one.
ContingentCat: like Dix?
Brozard: lol
Phailhammer: What's wrong with acting like Dix? He's a great guy! lrrBEEJ
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TabbyLavalamp: HypeScream HypeScream HypeScream
Dog_of_Myth: Heya Chatt
tr3ewitch88: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
Izandai: Wow. What an AWFUL boss.
ContingentCat: that sounds like terrible mannagement
EpiiMeth: It's more like bad management
stranger_dan: yeah that dude is evil
TheMerricat: hostile workplace
RothonWylar: Bad boss is gonna bad boss
Dog_of_Myth: Total dick move
ArcOfTheConclave: Eff this guy
TeiranDragon: That's an absolutely ... awful boss.
ghyllnox: Hmm sorry no didn't see it, want me to bs it or you wanna do it
Rafzalo: That sounds like lazy writing… like a big red target that says “this is the bad guy”
stranger_dan: it's heartbreaking that she's in an office now instead of with the sea creatures she has raised all her life
ghyllnox: "Black company" means something different to me lol
ghyllnox: like "support local black businesses"
Bartlebad: Something more realistic as opposed to cartoon villainy
ContingentCat: realistic villiany is so much more interesting
TriggerHappy2Pi: Sonny boy AOTS
BogglesUrMind: I dropped this
patbaer: I wanted this to be about a guy trying to be a regular student.
EpiiMeth: It doesn't get better
TriggerHappy2Pi: I don't think anyone liked detective
frozenphoenix7: Love Moonlit Fantasy.
m_logan2000: manga is good
patbaer: I like the premise alot, manga is good
TheMerricat: manga is indeed good
frozenphoenix7: Think it's my favorite Isekai that I'm currently following
Blasteg: shoot I'm late. have we talked about digimon 2020?
DarkMorford: I couldn't get into this one. The jokes were repetitive and just didn't land for me.
chrono2x: I like moonlight manga too, but if I remember correctly, it took forever to get going
Rafzalo: This one ended quite cool, very good last episodes
Agl0vale: this was my favorite of the season
tenthtechpriest: uramichi gets very real
patbaer: @Blasteg Beej doesn't really talk about ongoing anime, just seasonal
EikoandMog: Uramichi is the same age as me and is literally just as jaded.
tr3ewitch88: wait what are we looking at?
SharkHero08: its so funny
tenthtechpriest: "my mom is also 30. why don't you have kids?"
Blasteg: @patbaer it concluded last week
Izandai: @tenthtechpriest O.O
DarkMorford: I wanted to like it because Mizuki Nana is in it, but I just couldn't.
GhostValv: oofa
RothonWylar: I've gotten questions like that
RothonWylar: and I';26
patbaer: @patbaer I know, but it ran weekly and Beej doesn't watch shows like that, so he doesn't cover them
EikoandMog: *raises hand* Yo.
Blasteg: ah
chrono2x: I'm a teen librarian and it wounds my soul every time one of my teens say that I'm the same age as their parents....
Izandai: oh god
patbaer: The eps are really short and the art style is wonderfully weird
Earthenone: same here izandai took a second read
Brozard: Just from the art, this feels like the anti-PoyoPoyo
tenthtechpriest: I'm picturing a library with teens on the shelves instead of books
patbaer: Iruma rules!
Earthenone: iruma kun was nice and fun
frozenphoenix7: Iruma rocks
stranger_dan: Iruma is very cute
RandomTrivia: Iruma-kun is adorable
frozenphoenix7: Ameri best girl
patbaer: Revengers is ALOT but good
TriggerHappy2Pi: wtf? It missed precure
Brozard: They made a movie of the 100-day croc?
tr3ewitch88: how was that cuz I want to watch
BogglesUrMind: This movie is frustrating close to being really good
TriggerHappy2Pi: Very cute summer romance
tr3ewitch88: is it sad at all?
thatjerkherc: What website is this again?
TriggerHappy2Pi: @tr3ewitch88 not at all
thatjerkherc: Thank you
TriggerHappy2Pi: Despite the super saturated style it feels extremely real
TheMerricat: and we are sorted alphabetically and beej zoomed in very much so you won't look the same unless you increase your zoom
tr3ewitch88: oh good cuz I watched a few that I thought would be all happy and was like oh that got dark for a hot min
BogglesUrMind: What IS smile? Is she a idol or like a youtube celebrity? Are those girls her sisters or just coworkers?
TriggerHappy2Pi: @BogglesUrMind smile is an influencer
TriggerHappy2Pi: she streams. Seems like a tik tok like app
TheMerricat: there is an adult daycare in the strip mall near my apartment. The one thing I don't understand is they actually call themselves an adult daycare and I don't know how you would ever get your parents or someone else older to go to something like that with that name
TriggerHappy2Pi: the girls are her sisters but they also stream
LurkerSpine: Adult Day Cares are a thing. My father recently had to do some work for one.
lirazel64: Adult daycare can be really useful and good.
Earthenone: it is not always true
tr3ewitch88: no it's not
Agl0vale: it is in the US, can confirm
zimmercj: It is
tr3ewitch88: I mean we don't get all the same things
patbaer: the new scenes are mostly good
electra310: @TheMerricat By the time you have to send them there, they do not really understand. We kept my father in law at home as long as possible, but the adult daycare was an important respite for my MIL.
TheMerricat: that makes a lot of sense. thanks @electra310
Izandai: I see we've hit the chibi section.
HundreydAundre: Awwwwww cheese 🧀🧀🧀 this'll be good!! anime beej-reel!!
patbaer: Cheat Magician OVA is on crunchyroll if you saw the show
TriggerHappy2Pi: Did you watch precure? It didn't seem to be listed in the leftovers section.
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a mysterious pizza
Eramis8: Hyped for Beej opinions
TheMerricat: ah a boxing anime
Earthenone: Ro-Boxing anime
SquareDotCube: I feel like a Calorie Mate movie should at least have a Big Boss cameo :p
Decaped: Megalobox felt so thin, just couldn't enjoy it
tr3ewitch88: I never could get into the sport anime
HundreydAundre: what of shaman king, chat? Is it as shonen as they get?
Izandai: what
Izandai: Why is Rick & Morty on an anime site?
HundreydAundre: oooohh, man
TheMerricat: @izandai The shorts are actual anime
tenthtechpriest: yeah rick and morty did anime one-off eps. it's a whole thing
Alephred: They make Japanese Rick and Morty?
Earthenone: the shaman king remake is moving at a faster pace than the original
BogglesUrMind: Are those star wars anime shorts gonna appear on here too?
Izandai: PrideLaugh
HundreydAundre: I've seen them two and enjoyed their strange quirkness
ContingentCat: I've been so put off by the vocal Rick and morty fans I haven't seen it
TheMerricat: @contingentcat despite its fandom Rick and Morty is actually fairly good just avoid the fan community
stranger_dan: in an alternate timeline Justin Roiland's House of Cosbys got really big and had anime spin offs
ContingentCat: @TheMerricat hm maybe I'll give it a try then
tr3ewitch88: sounds awkward
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Graham returns to the PiF hot seat for a playthrough of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Game: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided) at Mon 09:30 AM PDT (13:36 from now).
BogglesUrMind: Wonder Egg special... ugh.
ContingentCat: not going to run into anything
patbaer: IT bad
HundreydAundre: *overtime memes amplifies*
PMAvers: It bad, just like the rest of the show.
Izandai: what
ultimatechad456: great season like always
HundreydAundre: 📱 ads 📱 ads 📱 ads....
TheMerricat: I didn't know there were more Tanya the evil episodes all have to see if I can catch that
heartofgoldfish: i was so excited for wonder egg approximately between episodes one and two
Mysticman89: Gotta get your regular doses of marketting. Although it can be interesting to see what bezos thinks you want.
DarkMorford: I actually need to bail and get ready for bed. Good chatting with everyone!
ContingentCat: Huh how this is going we might finish before Brave New Faves
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TheMerricat: night @darkmorford !
ContingentCat: @DarkMorford g'night
ultimatechad456: is demon slayer new season worth it
TheMerricat: oh I'm sure we can bait beej into enough tangents to stretch it till BNF :p
ultimatechad456: aint it a recap of movie or shii
HundreydAundre: I'm pretty sure this continuity houses communities that are into watching bad shows knowing that they're bad...
NotCainNorAbel: Since most of what I buy on Amz is for my SO my profile seems to have the wrong gender applied. Sure makes it easy to find a lot of the targeted ads.
TheMerricat: I'm on my phone right now how many months is that sparkly sub badge @notcainnorabel
NotCainNorAbel: 38, but I just started the star about two months ago.
HundreydAundre: give us more Lego ads damn thee. LEGO should stream more on twitch. at least... once a month?
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visiting_from_the_vods: Hey, it's a Beej anime stream! Beejanime? No, that was a mistake.
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TheMerricat: nice :)
ultimatechad456: @LoadingReadyRun Is the new demon slayer season gonna be a full recap of the film
frozenphoenix7: 86 is awesome.
Fairgrim: @HundreydAundre There are some fun LEGO streamers not just LEGO official
on_and_awful: Just beej
tr3ewitch88: welcome back!
TheMerricat: love 86, need to catch up on it though
frozenphoenix7: @ultimatechad456 The first half of it will be(though with some more content). Full on "new" stuff starts in December
omdorastrix: Teh lego for adults things have been very common recently
SerGarretCameron: becomes built, indeed.
omdorastrix: (and there's some really good scuptural ones
drfox17: o/
Winter534: currently looking forward to getting the grand piano, since I'm on a backlog at this point
SquareDotCube: Is it the Titanic this year? Kappa
azureHaights: It attains built status at a time when Zeta is active
jubale1: Also got hooked into BrickBender’s channel
Dog_of_Myth: Barnes & Nobles has the Harry Potter sets in.
Fanklok: Have there been thoughts of giving each shift a build? Or is nobody legos a specia Zeta thing
TheMerricat: castle greyskull?
tr3ewitch88: you should just get blocks and build the moon bace...if you don't find something
Earthenone: the stream cant handle that much legos
Fairgrim: We are old enough that are childhood is new again
mercano82: Oh, right, because the new movie is coming out
mercano82: The new Ghostbusters movie.
Izandai: Question: What is a "cour"?
TheMerricat: wow til Kenner went out of business in 2000
HundreydAundre: Arishem... Arishem looks good. Like as if... Tony stark live to see Darkseid once if he were DC survived, and then built a mega armor that turned out just like Arishem
Earthenone: cour is 12 or 13 episodes, think "Season"
jubale1: Called “the Real” because there was a “fake” show also called Ghostbusters
EpiiMeth: @Izandai Season, or literally round in French if I'm not mistaken
FITorion: or story arc
Izandai: ty
TheMerricat: holy cow @dog_of_myth I was not expecting that price tag
patbaer: @Izandai cour means season, so a 2 cour or 2nd cour is a 24-26 episode double season
tr3ewitch88: I bought a Tamagotchi the other day
Dog_of_Myth: @TheMerricat Nostalgia is not cheap.
FITorion: I had a battle damage Enterprise
frozenphoenix7: Eighty Six is great. Watch Eighty Six.
eDRoaCH: i had ram man, battle damage he-man, and non-poseable cringer
frozenphoenix7: (Or don't if you don't want to. But it's great)
asthanius: in 11 years
Izandai: I really hope they mean she has a tattoo of the Magic card Black Lotus.
azureHaights: Cardshow: Vanfight
HundreydAundre: Also, soon... soon I will have three caps and assemble them to a Norse, Tolkien, Disney meme
chief_smeef: bless you
PMAvers: Digimon looks legit
ContingentCat: gesundheit
Dog_of_Myth: Bless you
jubale1: How long does this stream last usually
Agl0vale: If you liked Digimon Adventure 1&2, and Tamers you'll love this
RothonWylar: I'm watching this when i can
HundreydAundre: be-blessed
Earthenone: snap decisions? about anime? the devil you say?
TheMerricat: people who are wondering where they heard of Sola digital arts, their responsible mostly for the starship trooper cartoon/anime
Scar_Red_Tiger: Oh hey I new not-rehash Digimon
tr3ewitch88: oh beej have you ever watched RWBY? if not I recommend
Winter534: beej needs sleep...
TheMerricat: they're even
Izandai: I still need to check out RWBY.
jubale1: Thanks beej. I’m gonna have to catch this tomorrow then.
Dog_of_Myth: Awwww Yeah
patbaer: Such goood food
Brozard: Ooooo
frozenphoenix7: Isekai Shokudou <3
Scar_Red_Tiger: New studio?
covo375: I love this for so e reason
EpiiMeth: I really liked the first one for it simplicity
frozenphoenix7: Never watch it on an empty stomach
iris_of_ether: Wasn't the first season of this on 'Can I Show This to My Parents?' at Desert Bus? :D
TheMerricat: eventually there's a thread that hooks all the customers together but it's a very thin and fragile thread
Scar_Red_Tiger: I was full after about 6 eps. I think I'm good.
DoodlestheGreat: I'm watching this. It's food porn deluxe.
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red_shoes_jeff: Is this like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?
stranger_dan: great food great customers
Izandai: Wait, this one is set in Florida?
Izandai: TIL
Pinwiz11: JoJo!!!
Scar_Red_Tiger: Now the JoJo's truly begins
EikoandMog: JoJo!
EikoandMog: I finally caught up with the anime JoJo.
niccus: florida woman causes trouble
ContingentCat: and a floida woman?
EikoandMog: Josuke
Dog_of_Myth: Let the Florida meme begin....
Brozard: JoJo Spring Break
EikoandMog: Part 2 is my favourite JoJo.
covo375: I liked the first 2 JoJo's, never clicked with stardust, really tried with diamond. I really should like it but it just doesn't get me
Earthenone: to be fair, not America, Florida :P
azureHaights: Jogemu Jogemu something something Jokyumei no Josuke
TheMerricat: if I understand correctly the main rule of this is that the main character has to be able to have their name shortened to Jojo?
ContingentCat: sounds like florida lrrBEEJ
Fanklok: Young Joeseph is the only good Joeseph
Izandai: @TheMerricat Also there are stands.
Pinwiz11: I need to re-watch Part 4 again
Alephred: Was Steel Ball Run published before Stone Ocean?
EikoandMog: I can understand why people don't like parts 3 and 4 despite like 1 and 2. 3 and 4 became very "monster of the week" where 1 and 2 were very continuoous plot.
Izandai: Except for the first one, where there was rainbow karate.
Scar_Red_Tiger: A lot of people have been begging for an anime
TheMerricat: lol @izandai
patbaer: I did not like the first episode of Komi, but I'm gonna give it another episode
Brozard: I haven’t gotten into this yet, but I’ve enjoyed the couple of chapters I’ve read
Izandai: Wait Komi isn't the main character?
stranger_dan: it shifts more to being from Komi's perspective as the manga goes on
Juliamon: Generic but not an asshole
TheMerricat: beige mc
I_Am_Clockwork: Joe Everysm'n
Winter534: I just realized I was misreading the adjective "timid" as Tadano's first name...
tr3ewitch88: so most girls who don't know they are pretty... lol
Izandai: I like characters who are just guys.
Izandai: Characters who are just guys get a bad rep.
stranger_dan: Tadano is a great satire of the everyman MC
Izandai: Bad rap?
Izandai: Oh excellent. PrideLaugh
Brozard: Bad rapport, I think
Earthenone: all puns.... i might need to try this series
Bartlebad: Puns like Zetsubou Sensei
ContingentCat: NobinaryPride NobinaryPride NobinaryPride
Juliamon: Missed an N there
Winter534: NonbinaryPride NonbinaryPride NonbinaryPride
ContingentCat: *NonbinaryPride NonbinaryPride NonbinaryPride
Earthenone: NonbinaryPride NonbinaryPride NonbinaryPride
thundershot879: NonbinaryPride NonbinaryPride NonbinaryPride
stranger_dan: Netflix localization is going to mess up their pronouns
Izandai: Please dear god just say "they"
ContingentCat: as an editor I hate he/she so much
chrono2x: If I remember correctly, their name literally means "childhood friend" and everyone remembers their childhood friend differently, so this character fits into all of those memories
heartofgoldfish: "make it easy" hey, that's my favorite we are the union song NonbinaryPride NonbinaryPride
tr3ewitch88: that why did I do that moment lol
dkosa: @contingentcat is it worse than (s)he
stranger_dan: Najimi is almost supernatural the way they are literally everyone's childhood friend
Winter534: if only that worked IRL...
ghyllnox: If they're wearing both that sounds like they're explicitly gnc
Brozard: That’s incredibly progressive of them
Dog_of_Myth: Oh, that's cool
tr3ewitch88: what is the norm
Fanklok: If its not Mobile Fighter G Gundam its not worth it
patbaer: I like the mech design but didn't enjoy the first ep of Senki
asthanius: It looks weirdly generic
TabbyLavalamp: I read a review of this and it sounds very, very awful.
stranger_dan: that's just Code Geass
Izandai: hmmmmm yeah maybe
theneatestburrito: It is probably just that.
MacSquizzy: sounds fashy
ContingentCat: yikes
Calaban161: There is a Casform on that Meca
TheMerricat: looking at you gate
EpiiMeth: Right... Gate...
patbaer: Gate loves being facist
theneatestburrito: Gate is absolutely like that.
tr3ewitch88: I have trouble with mec anime where the robots are the focus
Agl0vale: i like this so far, its been funny
patbaer: Vampire works for a Vampire Hunter, funny!
JakeKamas: Love the goofy vampire manga series, don't know how the anime will be
Balthasar_Wiseman: Gate kind of also pulls some heavy Colonialism
PMAvers: Ian kicks in the door
tr3ewitch88: love comedy anime
tenthtechpriest: my god that's ian's music!
asthanius: watson's fucking dead?
Fanklok: Why would Lupin be the top suspect for a murder?
heartofgoldfish: the french Lupin live action series is good too
Agl0vale: sherlock vs lupin also fits cause Sherlock was in the original Lupin book in the like 1800s(?)
EikoandMog: Persona 5 being all-in on "Phantom Thief" probably got people's interest again.
TheMerricat: you know Watson isn't dead it's a lupin show
patbaer: the last sentence
EikoandMog: That last sentence kinda killed it for me.
Juliamon: You had me until "school life"
patbaer: TOO SPOOKY
chrono2x: Mieruko-chan is very spooky
theneatestburrito: Mieruko-chan, I'm really looking forward to it!!!
EikoandMog: lrrSPOOPY
patbaer: first episode scared the shit out of me
Brozard: Too spooky
SharkHero08: mieruko-chans real good
azureHaights: But what if it were three spooky
chrono2x: yeah, very good, but actually spooky
tr3ewitch88: lrrSPOOP
EikoandMog: Spooky-spooky has my interest.
stranger_dan: Mieruko is a great manga I love it love her friends
theneatestburrito: Manga's fun! But spooky, yeah.
TriggerHappy2Pi: I found the first ep a bit too ecchi
EikoandMog: I like horror that knows when to be fun to let the spoops hit harder.
Brozard: It’s that
misteline: I can cope with the manga, don't think I'll be able to deal with the anime
Rafzalo: I find it funny spooky, but I guess it’s a matter of tolerance
stranger_dan: yuri elements just remains subtext unfortunately
EikoandMog: Isekai = Eyes glance over.
tr3ewitch88: I prefer spooky books than movies
Rafzalo: At least the manga
patbaer: Music is a weapon
Nigouki: why in the world did Tatsunoko pick Muteking of all things to remake?
EikoandMog: Wait, I thought Muv-Luv was eroge.
heartofgoldfish: gatchaman CROWDS is fantastic
TabbyLavalamp: I tried Muv-Luv but didn't care for it.
tenthtechpriest: CROWDS was amazing
patbaer: Muv Luv is based on the 2nd VN but I think isn't using material from the 1st VN
Brozard: I saw the trailer of Ousama Ranking, and it definitely *looks* interesting
patbaer: Angels might not be good?
asthanius: Mighty Ducks: The Anime
EikoandMog: Look, I just got off Squid Game. I'm "Battle Royale"'d out.
RothonWylar: the manga started out ok
chrono2x: Isn't Platinum End the new project by the Death Note duo?
FITorion: combined with Idols for some reason
red_shoes_jeff: As all the Canucks in the chat perk right up
DoodlestheGreat: "When life gives you lemons, FIND A NEW GOD."
patbaer: The idol aspect is weird
TabbyLavalamp: From the review I read it takes a really bizarre direction.
frozenphoenix7: @chrono2x It's from those authors, yes.
patbaer: YUP
EikoandMog: >Music tag
RandomTrivia: oh no
FITorion: and No contact...
Izandai: Well, there is a music tag.
red_shoes_jeff: wat
Izandai: PrideLaugh
tenthtechpriest: but will it be as gorgeous as yuri on ice!!!?
RandomTrivia: welp
ContingentCat: wat
chrono2x: @frozenphoenix7 Ah, I remembered it correctly then.
salimancer: Yeah apparently the first episode had a big idol thing after the game
oyleslyck: I saw the first episode... hockey/idol... wierd
red_shoes_jeff: um
PMAvers: beej.exe has stopped working
lirazel64: @doodlesthegreat I do meet a lot of people who think like that...
EikoandMog: LUL
LurkerSpine: Star of the night does it
Izandai: oh my god I can't believe you just referenced that horse girls anime PrideLaugh
LurkerSpine: :p
TabbyLavalamp: From hockey to Icecapades.
patbaer: YUUUP
miniMacGuru: hockey idols sound kinda weird
EikoandMog: Umamusume?
rangerboy87: This is why I watch this stream even though I don't watch anime...Just to see what's out there
Nigouki: I guess to sell the character image albums?
Izandai: God, that fucking horse girls anime...
salimancer: Make the 2 stars go out and sing
chrono2x: God, I bet more than a few NHL players would be down for that
Rafzalo: Canadian screams
DoodlestheGreat: This is going to be a glorious train wreck.
Brozard: Rate them on how many teeth they have after a match
RandomTrivia: It's nice that I get to make the Yaoi on Ice joke once a season
tenthtechpriest: after every victory they just do disney on ice
oyleslyck: yeah coach's goal, from what I gather, is to make hockey more "entertaining"
tr3ewitch88: lol
Fairgrim: so instead of a boxing match breaking out during the match we get a concert
Izandai: I mean I love it just from the trailer.
TabbyLavalamp: I'm a Canadian who cares nothing for hockey but when reading the review the maple syrup in my veins started boiling.
Izandai: Umumusume or whatever.
EikoandMog: Hockey has literal fistfights and it needs to be MORE exciting?
Fanklok: yes
TabbyLavalamp: THIS one is good!
TabbyLavalamp: So far.
patbaer: Paladin's first ep was real good
miniMacGuru: I'm hyped for Saihate this season
frozenphoenix7: Faraway Paladin is good
TheMerricat: manga I loved it
SharkHero08: Paladins really good
samwonk: Blood, Mary, and Gus?
Driosenth: LN is... okay
patbaer: Wizard Ghost named Gus
RothonWylar: Paladin is a favorite manga of mine
FITorion: first ep is good so far
chrono2x: Saihate no Paladin light novel is lrrEFF -ing great
RothonWylar: I highly reccomend it
JakeKamas: Love the manga for Faraway paladin, hope the anime is good
RothonWylar: Writer is good
EikoandMog: Wait, wait, wait. It's a fantasy show but NOT an Isekai? Hold the fucking presses
I_Am_Clockwork: Its less Izikai than most izakai so far?
Rafzalo: Do it, quite good. At least read the manga
frozenphoenix7: @EikoandMog It's an Isekai <_<
patbaer: it is an iseaki
miniMacGuru: I think Saihate is an isekai?
RothonWylar: It is
JakeKamas: @EikoandMog it is slightly I'm sorryu
SharkHero08: it is an isekai
TabbyLavalamp: This one's first episode is VERY good.
Izandai: PrideLaugh
frozenphoenix7: It being an Isekai is relevant for all of 5 seconds. But it IS an Isekai
EikoandMog: But mostly, I hate isekai.
EikoandMog: It's just... ugh.
RandomTrivia: So many proper nouns!
TabbyLavalamp: First episode and it's already one of my favourites of the season.
EikoandMog: It seems so lazy now.
ArcOfTheConclave: faraway paladin manga was a sweet isekai
RothonWylar: Its an Isekai where the MC isn't instantly Op
chrono2x: The description for that reminded me of Gurren Lagen for some reason
DeM0nFiRe: Are they legally allowed to use the word Labrynth without David Bowie being involved?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: ohhh i finish work early and get treated to live beej+anime
EikoandMog: Made in Abyss kinda worked with that premise. Except with more lolis.
kakmize: is that the one with soul cum?
misteline: it's kind of rapey
tenthtechpriest: I'd rather watch mieruko
HoloTheWiseWolf_: more beans you mean EikoandMog
Nigouki: Satelite is the studio that Shoji Kawamori settled on to make all the 3D Macross shows
Brozard: @kakmize excuse me
frozenphoenix7: On the topic of Isekai: More Isekai
TabbyLavalamp: I enjoyed this one too.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this manga has been good so far
TheMerricat: The clips I've seen of this one have been interesting
Fanklok: What was that spooky ghost one?
RothonWylar: Thi9s is the iseakia where the mc is instantly op
patbaer: The voice of the goddess is perfect. She sucks so much
LurkerSpine: prah feh seed?
chrono2x: The manga has been good, if a bit odd in comparison to most isakai manga
EikoandMog: Please. No more Isekai. I beg of you, Japan.
I_Am_Clockwork: its basically Hitman gets izikaied
Izandai: But what if... MORE isekai?
Brozard: Yes!
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this is GREAT
TabbyLavalamp: "Prophesied" is actually a correct spelling.
SharkHero08: i had to drop this series
kakmize: @Brozard There is an anime that sounds like that one where the exorcist 'touches' a dudes soul and his soul orgasm exorcises the ghosts
electra310: Prah-feh-sighed
HoloTheWiseWolf_: has the romance made any progression
electra310: But yeah, it's right, it's just a weird word
tr3ewitch88: I love how straight forward you are about the stuff you won't watch beej lol like NOPE
Izandai: Shouldn't there be a "size difference" tag then? Kappa
HoloTheWiseWolf_: it reminds my of "my tiny senpai" manga but slower
SharkHero08: best character is MCs grandpa
EikoandMog: So it's like how romance ACTUALLY works.
Brozard: Her friend Kurobe is best
chrono2x: The weird shota relationship is weird
TheMerricat: not a teen romance
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i need more office/adult age romance anime in my life. i cant stand highschool romances these days
Juliamon: Sounds super generic
miniMacGuru: I need to go listen to the King Gainer opening song again now... and maybe just rewatch the series.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: garentee just looking at that. that its going to be horride cgi
ArcOfTheConclave: is this a sentai show?
EikoandMog: I might give this one a shot.
Izandai: Oh big same, I *love* vibrant colors.
Brozard: @holothewisewolf_ I’m assuming you’re already familiar with Wotakoi?
heartofgoldfish: ooh, imagine if two of these isekais were actually in the same universe and the protags in one turn out to be the antags of the other
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sorinlvr69: man, i just wish Yuri on Ice got a second season
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frozenphoenix7: Hey, did people want fantasy that isn't Isekai? Here you go
heartofgoldfish: there ya go isekai studios, that one's free
patbaer: Banished from the Hero's Party... is a lovely romance / slice of life manga and first anime episode was good!
Nigouki: Fukuyama Yoshiki earworms are the best earworms
frozenphoenix7: Slow Life is Fantasy that isn't Isekai. And it's actually charming and nice.
patbaer: and it's not an isekai
HoloTheWiseWolf_: @Brozard very, entierly up to date with it
Izandai: what
EikoandMog: Didn't we literally have Pharmacy isekai last season?
tenthtechpriest: gee i wonder if it's an LN
RothonWylar: I like this one
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this one has been fun in the maga
Izandai: huh
HoloTheWiseWolf_: so
tenthtechpriest: oh wait it's the one with red. I like this one
SharkHero08: oh this ones good
RothonWylar: Its Not an isekai, Its nice.
patbaer: I imagine they're tone down how the hero is real messed up
frozenphoenix7: Ares
HoloTheWiseWolf_: mostly just asshat sage
GuilKato: thats all in the first episode no worries
TheMerricat: @heartofgoldfish not joking I'm fairly certain that while it wasn't two different stories they've done the whole two people isekaied to opposite sides
JakeKamas: @HoloTheWiseWolf_ Wotakoi has been mentioned, but I also want to suggest Net juu no susume for that
Rafzalo: I enjoy the concept of the limitations of the classes, and the class dynamics
TheMerricat: this apparently is the new genre I've gotten a bunch of manga that are like this where the MC is someone kicked out of their party because no one realized they're true utility
patbaer: I like the idea of the guide class
chrono2x: This manga always seems to be trying to do two things at once. It wants both the slow life and the huge epic action fantasy stories at the same time.
heartofgoldfish: @TheMerricat yeah, like, El Hazard was already that
EikoandMog: @TheMerricat ...Are we including Redo of Healer in this group?
heartofgoldfish: but just imagine if two different studios were like, surprise! this was the same world
HoloTheWiseWolf_: @HoloTheWiseWolf_ yep been on that, ill throw out my tiny senpai and the sequel a happy married couple for you lot to try
theneatestburrito: I wonder if some of that is due to publishers.
RothonWylar: he's "Retired"
patbaer: Yeah, are we going to focus on the young love or the class war being lead by demons
TheMerricat: it turns out the MC is op anyway
Rafzalo: Nah, it’s an epic fantasy story through a through
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i like that the romance has actual progression
chrono2x: It's good, but I kinda would have prefered it split into two different manga
Brozard: @holothewisewolf_ how about Senpai Is Mine and My Lv9999 Love for Yamada-kun?
patbaer: Lit teamed up with hero's party for a very short time, but Red left an impression her and it's sweet
RothonWylar: Lit is the kingdom's princess, so she has reknown, red is the unsung hero
Brozard: Second isn’t an office romance, but it’s adults
patbaer: This is an isekai I didn't read, and that's saying ALOT
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this i dropped like a large dump when i read chapter 1
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its BAD
Driosenth: How bad?
RothonWylar: Oh right this one
ContingentCat: oh no
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its wish fullfillment at its finest
patbaer: (i read/watch a lot of isekai)
tr3ewitch88: I might sorry but it has three of my favorite description words
chrono2x: Oh dang, I was thinking this was piggy duke, which is actually good
RothonWylar: I'm a sucker for Isekai and this one is Meh
tenthtechpriest: I tried this. didn't like it.
I_Am_Clockwork: I got through the first five minutes and decided it sucked and stopped
theneatestburrito: Ah yes, the Chadening!
tr3ewitch88: love me some rom com fantasy
EikoandMog: This looks cute.
Izandai: This sounds cute.
visiting_from_the_vods: Huh, the Puraore thing will have an associated mobile game in Japan. Hockey idol mobile game? Weird...
patbaer: First ep of Otome was decent
asthanius: Ooh Taisho
RothonWylar: Like the interesting part of this one is an enourmous gorrilla becomes a Waifu. And its not memorable elsewise
theneatestburrito: This manga was super charming!
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i love isekai but to much wish fullfillment realy ruins them
ArcOfTheConclave: I'm so cool and all the jerks who were mean to me are going to apoligize
I_Am_Clockwork: sounds cute
tr3ewitch88: nice
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this is amazing beej
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i finished the manga
Rafzalo: Oh, this one is quite good, read the manga
theneatestburrito: It's really cute!!!
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its real good
patbaer: music is a weapon
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i dont think anyone can do music is a weapon quite like macross and symphogear
EikoandMog: This is based on a gacha
PMAvers: How much damage does ice cream chords do?
CururuGuasu: This was fun and really well animated. Also, the main characters are idiots :)
SharkHero08: wat
theneatestburrito: EX ARMS 2! More CG animation!
asthanius: what
Driosenth: WAT.JPG
Dog_of_Myth: Wut
ContingentCat: wat
iris_of_ether: This is a lot
chrono2x: If this leans super hard into the comedy aspect, I would be interested
tenthtechpriest: was this AI generated?
niccus: i've heard the animation for this is... memorable
MacSquizzy: action comedy drama thriller
asthanius: yeah it looks 3d
Brozard: No no no, not like this
EikoandMog: Also, Ar Tonelico is the best "music as weapon" series. Don't @ me
miniMacGuru: Is this the terribly animated 3D one?
heartofgoldfish: [[kroner]]?!
patbaer: gotta get the shards
SharkHero08: thats what nicola tesla needed, norwegian ninjas
TheMerricat: so alias but Tesla instead of Leonardo da Vinci
theneatestburrito: It is more bad 3D animation!
CururuGuasu: This is the obligatory stiff CG show for the season
Nigouki: poster looks 3D
ArcOfTheConclave: Collect all the dragonballs
theneatestburrito: EX ARMS level bad.
chrono2x: Oh god, I want to see markov chain descriptions of anime
red_shoes_jeff: Well, THAT took a sharp and disappointing turn.
EikoandMog: Oh god
HoloTheWiseWolf_: ot is it lbx girls memorable
patbaer: cant be worse than Ex-Arm
misteline: I've heard verry bad
Fanklok: You had to bring up Berserk 2016
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this seems interesting
asthanius: Cold War Vampires?
patbaer: Vampires in Space!
PMAvers: Ex-Arm is a treat.
EikoandMog: Nothing could be worse than Ex-arms
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i hope this is good
EpiiMeth: Ex-Arm is a threat
HoloTheWiseWolf_: the concept is great
covo375: world is now soup!
Izandai: So Not-Soviet Union and Not-Aerica.
Izandai: *America
ContingentCat: huh legally distinct space race
Brozard: So moon’s haunted?
ContingentCat: with vampires??
Driosenth: Now I want a anime written completely by a Recurrent Neural Network
sorinlvr69: moons haunted
niccus: isn't it a bad idea to send a vampire to space? it's always day there
Earthenone: SPACE
patbaer: Vampires. In. Space.
RandomTrivia: I don't think I'd be interested in joining a cosmonaut program named after a dog that was sent to space and left there
SharkHero08: wat
asthanius: If you suck blood in space, does it push you backward?
Izandai: what
chrono2x: Even better... Soviet Vampires in Space in Love
WynterNyghtynGale: romcom space vampire
tenthtechpriest: I was onboard until vampire
kakmize: its just so crazy it might work!
sorinlvr69: Vampire cosmonaut
miniMacGuru: If vampires can't be seen in mirrors, can you see space vampires in mirror-based telescopes?
FITorion: 2 eps out. 2 eps watched
Izandai: PrideLaugh
Winter534: maybe the sunlight problems are caused by the interactions with the atmosphere?
eDRoaCH: what does she eat in space
MacSquizzy: lol
asthanius: The sun isn't in space
Elaro_56: Vampires will establish a space base on the moon
ContingentCat: but the sun's in space too! oh no
SnowbirdMike: Hahaha
FITorion: 90
PMAvers: I feel like we need Special Vampire Consultant Jacob in here for this.
CururuGuasu: They want to get the record for first person in space, but they want a trial run first, so they are using a vampire since they don’t count as people
Driosenth: 90 minutes
TabbyLavalamp: Space is only dark at night. It's bright blue during the day.
Brozard: What if - now hear me out - what if they merged this with Hellsing to make it completely batshit crazy
asthanius: Just be in a corner
TheMerricat: dark side of the Moon my friend dark side of the Moon
WynterNyghtynGale: blood juice pouches in space
HoloTheWiseWolf_: your gona get a hell of a sun tan
Izandai: Just hide in a closet.
Izandai: PrideLaugh
Dog_of_Myth: Also Pink Floyd
ContingentCat: sure
chrono2x: That's how it works on Mercury
sorinlvr69: This seems interesting, don't know how the vampires are gonna fit in. Maybe it actually works, maybe it doesnt
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i pray its amazing
Earthenone: yeah, it sounds worth looking at
patbaer: music is a weapon
TabbyLavalamp: There's three vampire shows this season.
EikoandMog: Ow, my eyes.
patbaer: There are three shows this season where music is a weapon
asthanius: Psychological tag, eg?
Earthenone: oh dident know there was going to be a 3rd season of world trigger
HoloTheWiseWolf_: how can we bring pain to magical girls this season
HoloTheWiseWolf_: yes they get fucked up
Izandai: wtf was that ad
Juliamon: Madoka was a mistake we will be eternally paying for
EikoandMog: Don't worry aboutt it
TabbyLavalamp: @HoloTheWiseWolf_ Help Jahy get her magic crystals back.
Creature_Comforts: ASMR anime sim1BOG
FITorion: jalt?
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Brozard: Very Meets Girl? Totally Meets Girl?
asthanius: "Extra" Meets Girl
Thane1607: Should organise a LRR meet up in Japan, say in 5 years? So I can afford to fly from Australia
Brozard: AH
Earthenone: @patbaer is music a weapon in the hockey one too? :P
Brozard: That makes more sense
TheMerricat: @fitorion jalt essentially someone living in Japan teaching a foreign language foreign to Japanese
patbaer: @Earthenone not in the same way, but it should be!
Izandai: Is it not a romance? Odd.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: talking about accents beej did you watch josee, the tiger and the fish?
iris_of_ether: I visited in Feb/March - it was pretty nice :)
tr3ewitch88: will this end up on YouTube beej? it's nearly midnight where I live but I would love to see the rest of this.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: unless we went over that before i showed up?
ContingentCat: @tr3ewitch88 yup
Earthenone: all anime roundups end up on youtube, yes
tr3ewitch88: @contingentcat thanks 😊
TheMerricat: @tr3ewitch88 they normally do
LurkerSpine: Isn't Hokaido cold af in the winter?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: autum?
FITorion: snow wonderland
HoloTheWiseWolf_: fire festivals likely
eDRoaCH: they have that snow sculpting festival
Earthenone: aquire gear on location and donate it on the way out?
tr3ewitch88: ok than I'm going to dip out of here. thanks for the great stream 💜 and have a great night everyone!
Juliamon: Key? Leaf?
miniMacGuru: Key?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: have a good one tr3ewitch88
tr3ewitch88: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
TheMerricat: night @tr3ewitch88 !
Izandai: Oh right, the Fitness Boxing anime.
eDRoaCH: pocket tiger!
patbaer: Literally not enough pottery in this show. But the live action portion is kinda fun.
JakeKamas: Have a lovely night tr3ewitch88
HoloTheWiseWolf_: patbaer so the k-on of pottery
HoloTheWiseWolf_: shows about a craft need to leave you having learnt more
TabbyLavalamp: Fun fact, the song is "This is the song that never ends."
Izandai: Amazing
Thane1607: ah an extravert
patbaer: yes more Eureka
Thane1607: That has nothing to do about an Australian miner strike
patbaer: JJK rules
Mai_Andra: I loved the series, but I missed the missed when they eventually started releasing in US. I really wanted to see them.
asthanius: She turns into a curse?
Elaro_56: There's a magic card that does that
HoloTheWiseWolf_: is that the night parade?
PMAvers: It's God Con Season
Izandai: That's kind of a great concept.
Earthenone: the month without gods? so november?
Earthenone: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 12 Nov 10:00 AM PST (32d, 14:01 from now)
ContingentCat: Gods take their vacation time
Izandai: PrideLaugh
TheMerricat: 2020, the year without gods...
asthanius: NASCAR
Thane1607: 2020's the decade without gods
HoloTheWiseWolf_: was it goog?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: good
TheMerricat: oh, Sola digital arts again
Gregarious_Potato: That guy with the white hair looks like that dude from Ghost in the Shell
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh, weird, I didn't scan that design as the Major, but I totally recognize Batou
GuilKato: "was it good" "it was fine" .... "sooooooo not good just fine"
TheMerricat: @gregarious_potato lol
ContingentCat: good enough that you want more it seems
Thane1607: whats with the Major's new look
Izandai: Purple hair is cool.
TheMerricat: for the folk who haven't watched the newer series's after the stand-alone complex stuff the major gates really really young
EikoandMog: The ED for this was cool, though.
TheMerricat: gets
lirazel64: New shell, I think
EikoandMog: Mili does good work.
asthanius: Very "fanart" design, I feel
asthanius: Not a bad thing, but it's a thing
Elaro_56: Is the Major still in a leotard?
Thane1607: Nah got the hair, but its kinda like to make her more softer
Balthasar_Wiseman: 2045 made me want to rewatch SAC
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i think theres just less desaturation since they have new ways to filter light
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hell, she's still got her old child bodies
Brozard: I believe that key art is from Ilya Kushinov?
TheMerricat: isn't officially each series its own universe?
Earthenone: at a glance it still read as the major, so they arent taking too much artistic license with her
tenthtechpriest: OOF
Balthasar_Wiseman: More Macross in my eyes
HoloTheWiseWolf_: it was servicable
patbaer: music is a weapon!
Balthasar_Wiseman: VF-31 was pretty good
Nigouki: Macross Delta series was the definition of wasted potential. But hey at leas the songs are great
Earthenone: lrrSPOOPY
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i have this saved for finding subs a few months later
Thane1607: If the Major doesn't look like she would break you at any moment, is it really the Major?
asthanius: It grants three wishes, obviously
r10pez10: the ghost of summers past
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this may be good
TheMerricat: @thane1607 more so actually I mean after all isn't the whole point everybody underestimates her so she can beat the crap out of
HoloTheWiseWolf_: ordian scale was a good movie
ContingentCat: ooo!
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its real good
Agl0vale: Blue periods is great but if you have any history with inferiority complex or talent vs. hardwork this will be a rough series to watch. it also deals with some other very dark themes
asthanius: Blue Period is the liquid they use on commercials for pads, right?
JakeKamas: Blue Period is so good!
TabbyLavalamp: I've decided I'm going to stop watching anime with less than ten words in their titles.
chrono2x: I quite enjoy the Blue Period manga, but it is very drama and very little slice of life
misteline: I hear blue period anime has some transphobia too.
chrono2x: it is very good, but it is about young artsts going through a lot of shit
ContingentCat: @misteline lrrAWW
Earthenone: i imagine its about artists going throught THIGNGS based soley on the name
heartofgoldfish: it IS THE SAME
LurkerSpine: ^
theneatestburrito: IT IS THE SAME
asthanius: There's the movie about the fantasy army guy
asthanius: WHAT
GuilKato: this is the sam universe as Bright live action movie
theneatestburrito: ANIME BRIGHT
asthanius: NO
Balthasar_Wiseman: ugh
asthanius: FUCK OFF
niccus: ]NO
PMAvers: Oh right, that was the non-Shadowrun universe.
patbaer: same universe? HOW
asthanius: I REFUSE
TabbyLavalamp: But no Will Smith in this? No thank you.
Thane1607: Bright was a Will Smith modern day fantasy movie
misteline: @contingentcat but not from the creators? I would check into it before watching
asthanius: @Izandai Because the movie was BAD
LurkerSpine: There was an article on this, from what I understand, the director of this did not have to adhere to the Bright "lore"
JakeKamas: Wait. the Bright movie with Will Smith Bright?
Brozard: Yes
MacSquizzy: @Izandai the netflix film BRIGHT was very bad and dumb and this is the same setting
theneatestburrito: Yes Will Smith Bright
ContingentCat: @misteline oh good
HoloTheWiseWolf_: ohhh wow ok
Izandai: huh
fhorrigan: Blatant Shadowrun
theneatestburrito: Legally distinct Shadowrun
Thane1607: I remember when anime was interesting, funny and also could just break your soul
I_Am_Clockwork: is that effing Gura?...
CranstonSnord: no mention of Dunkelzahn tho
TheMerricat: this is Japan?
Balthasar_Wiseman: It would have been better if it was Shadowrun
HoloTheWiseWolf_: have we had a shadowrun anime or cartoon
Izandai: @I_Am_Clockwork Don't think so.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: YES
Brozard: Yesss Senpai is Mine
asthanius: Oh I saw this on tiwtter
I_Am_Clockwork: oh this thing
fhorrigan: Bright is really bad
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its about the side charecter in Ai-chan
asthanius: It's both less and more ecchi than you'd think
Izandai: PrideLaugh
SharkHero08: its just boobs
Nigouki: is this the stockings anime? or just same artist?
I_Am_Clockwork: this is one of two "tits the anime" that came out
HoloTheWiseWolf_: yep
I_Am_Clockwork: oh look there's the other one >.<
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its reall good and real boobs
Izandai: huh
Thane1607: Boobs!
theneatestburrito: Amazing, thank you Japan...
tenthtechpriest: that has a sound?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: a blue fillter
Izandai: Basically the Japanese version of "bwong-wong-wong"?
iris_of_ether: Japanese onomatopoeia doesn't need to have a sound, IIRC
Izandai: Oh, huh.
asthanius: I will never understand the eyeless man thing
Mai_Andra: If you pronounce 'tawawa' like 'boing' I can see it...
Juliamon: Boners have a "boiyoiyoing" onomatopoeia without having a sound
asthanius: @Juliamon ...fair
Thane1607: ( . Y . )
HoloTheWiseWolf_: the student teacher gotcha moment was good though
Izandai: @asthanius It's to make them as generic as possible so the viewer can self-insert more easily.
patbaer: Given movie is great if people haven't seen it
asthanius: Is this the animation comic version?
Brozard: Yesssssss
Izandai: Motion manga?
Brozard: It’s fine
ContingentCat: oh I've been meaning to check that out
HoloTheWiseWolf_: good for poses
TheMerricat: motion manga?
asthanius: @Izandai Oh I get that, I just think it's a super dumb reason
Izandai: I mean... Porn is inherently kinda dumb.
lirazel64: Beej has kabuki hair.
patbaer: I like the live action commercials for the anime, but I didn't enjoy the anime adaptation
Thane1607: How does everyone feel about what we've seen for the Live Action Cowboy Bebop?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i would like some more movment between
Brozard: Gokushufudo is very much about the juxtaposition of the characters and their activity. Animation is ancillary.
asthanius: Is that dude fighting a mantis?
SharkHero08: bakis a weird series
HoloTheWiseWolf_: oh hey more monogatari
patbaer: If you like Baki, this is more Baki
TriggerHappy2Pi: heike monogatari is amazing
Alephred: Baki fights a preying mantis?
ContingentCat: @Thane1607 as a rule I don't bother with remakes of good things, I saw the remake of the opening theme and it looked good but eh
TriggerHappy2Pi: it is directed by Yamada so really hard to go wrong
Agl0vale: @Alephred yes/kinda
asthanius: looks like harem
HoloTheWiseWolf_: I GUESS
Izandai: Sounds genderbender.
Izandai: My guess is by the end of it they're all solidly girls.
I_Am_Clockwork: Some of them are great
MacSquizzy: I'mm about halfway through Visions and it's everything I've wanted from star wars
tenthtechpriest: the duel is VERY good
I_Am_Clockwork: some of them are VERY SILLY
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i wish i could get a full pokemon series not tied to ash
Fairgrim: some are just fun and others are not SW but fun anime
aerohydra: us has it
I_Am_Clockwork: and some are Very Silly and Very Great
LurkerSpine: yep, it's on the US d+
DoodlestheGreat: "Lop and Ochou" was quite good.
eDRoaCH: matt hated the duel till he watched the rest of the series
HoloTheWiseWolf_: its a mixed bag of shorts so there bound to be 1 you like
Izandai: @HoloTheWiseWolf_ Isn't there one about Red, Blue, Silver, etc.?
Izandai: Based on the manga?
theneatestburrito: I love "One Last Heist" anything...
Izandai: So, anime Ocean's 11?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: ill have to look but i though they where all tangently related
DoodlestheGreat: Almost done.
asthanius: "Nergal"
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i like the ear hair
PMAvers: The Garfield cat?
Juliamon: I see a LOT of "words"
Izandai: That's Nermal.
asthanius: @Izandai Pretty sure it's Nergal
I_Am_Clockwork: no Nurgle the Warhammer god
Nigouki: is Nadesico so old that noone remembers that Nergel?
tenthtechpriest: there's a lot of mecha this season
StarFreak359: @Nigouki I rememver
HoloTheWiseWolf_: nergel takes a break to help some girls out
Izandai: @asthanius The cat is definitely Nermal.
Saxpython: FBtouchdown lrrHORN FBtouchdown
iris_of_ether: Google implies it's a god of the dead?
Elaro_56: Alternate name of Nurgle
asthanius: @Izandai Pretty sure it's Nergal, and the cat's name is Garfield
Izandai: *sigh*
MacSquizzy: @asthanius you're thinking of Garfield's monster, common mistake
eDRoaCH: whats this site again?
asthanius: @MacSquizzy Ah, thank you
Elaro_56: Spoilers: pride of orange is an idol show
eDRoaCH: thx!
HoloTheWiseWolf_: more other world restaurant is my jam
Earthenone: !updog
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FITorion: Night Beej
ContingentCat: yup featherweight this week for horse club
chrono2x: Also, Kathleen's stream Brave New Faves is starting in about 15 minutes (a day later than normal) braven10HEX braven10HEX braven10HEX
Mai_Andra: I think Kathleen's music is tonight, moved from yesterday.
ContingentCat: wow we're ending in perfect time for BNFs
ContingentCat: @Mai_Andra yup
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Fairgrim: lrrHEART lrrBEEEJ
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RandomTrivia: The power to make the credits pierce the heavens?
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
ContingentCat: FBtouchdown
ContingentCat: special music for Beej
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
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RandomTrivia: Does this count as a bonus LRLive bit, given the music?
RandomTrivia: :D
raaabr: Aww, I missed it
chrono2x: Thanks for the stream, Beej.
heartofgoldfish: thanks for the stream!
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ContingentCat: use those Bezorb bucks for something
iris_of_ether: Thank you for the stream :D
Fairgrim: lrrHEART lrrBEEEJ Thanks Beej!
raaabr: Creator network?
ContingentCat: greater LRR universe
eDRoaCH: The MoonBaseiverse
visiting_from_the_vods: cheer50
electra310: LRRniverse?
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ContingentCat: yeah the unknown money factor isn't good
TheMerricat: sergeModLove ysbrydMod
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TheMerricat: Just a reminder to anyone who is planning on staying up past the stream, Kathleen's Brave New Favs stream was moved from last night to tonight. Should be starting a few minutes after this ends.
electra310: Go to bed!
electra310: Thanks for the stream!
ContingentCat: yup BNFs is immenent
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DoodlestheGreat: Thanks, Beej. TTYL.
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patbaer: Good work Beej get some sleep!
Brozard: kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM
ContingentCat: All the same to you Beej lrrHEART
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ghyllnox: Take care of that voice! Thank you for the stream!
Saxpython: thanks Beej lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Fairgrim: lrrHEART lrrBEEEJ Thanks Beej!
RandomTrivia: Thank you for your tireless effort in rounding up many anime
Nigouki: byeee~
TheMerricat: Thanks for the stream Beej!
iris_of_ether: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
electra310: Night night!
RandomTrivia: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEEJ
JakeKamas: Thank you Beej!
PMAvers: Have a good anime!
Juliamon: And it's live!
TheMerricat: And hope you get some sleep soon and feel much better!
LoadingReadyRun: Thanks everyone! Have a great night!
AlexDrafts: lsvHi