DarkMorford: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TXC2: Hello Everybody
DarkMorford: Yo
Genie_M: Good <timeofday> everyone
BrookJustBones: Happy timezone to all
cassaclyzm: Hello @Genie_M it truly is a <superlative> day
Genie_M: I'm quite tired so will probably fall asleep early during the stream
DarkMorford: Been a while since I've been able to tune in for MoC. Should be fun.
Genie_M: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge play some Minecraft! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PDT (1s ago).
Genie_M: dang
DarkMorford: Oof
SeriousTyroo: sergeHi sergePeek
Genie_M: no 3 in a row :/
TXC2: lot of that going round
BrookJustBones: sergeOffByOne
Alma_v: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
DarkMorford: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TehAmelie: lrrSIG
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capital_K_: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
BasilHunter: hopefully vault hunters makes more sense when you start watching at the beginning rather than in the late game
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AWells44: hi
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CrazymattCaptain: sergeIrene sergeIrene
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ExachixKitsune: Yaaaaay
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djalternative: I mean, vault hunters is a pretty straight forward pitch to me
CanPlayGames: jlrrPunch lrrSIG jlrrPunch lrrSIG
CAKHost: lrrSIG !
CAKHost: Hi everyone!
WizardOfDocs: hi! I got stuck in an ad break and don’t know if the stream has started yet
CAKHost: Stream key stuff going on?
djalternative: Also, chat may want to hold bits and subs until James is in game. Haven't gotten word on that yet
TXC2: hello CAKHost and WizardOfDocs welcome
BasilHunter: Like I've tuned into Iskell's stream, and I have very little idea of what's going on, and why somethingis good or not good
electra310: It's not online yet, still on blue screen
CAKHost: Hi @TXC2 !
WizardOfDocs: but I’m excited for Vault Hunters bc I’ve only seen Iskall’s couple of highlights videos
RoeDent89: Going Online screen
WizardOfDocs: how are you @txc2
Genie_M: !uno
LRRbot: RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
RoeDent89: Also long time no see, Twitch chat
beowuuf: !dos
LRRbot: RebelliousUno también está transmitiendo. Asegúrate de revisar su vista de la secuencia y darle una continuación! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
TXC2: hello RoeDent89 welcome
ExachixKitsune: Are the team going to look for ways to get over small fences?
TXC2: !tres
LRRbot: Anche RebelliousUno è in streaming. Assicurati di controllare la sua visione del flusso e dargli un seguito! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
cranman95: I wonder how much time they'll put in, it usually takes like 2 or 3 hours before actually going in a vault
Genie_M: !shi
LRRbot: RebelliousUno Sutorīmingu mo shite imasu. Ogawa no kare no kenkai o kakunin shite, kare ni shitagatte kudasai! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
TXC2: WizardOfDocs I'm fine thanks, how are you?
cranman95: unless they already did some prep work
TXC2: !vagh
LRRbot: bIQtIq labtaH RebelliousUno je. bIQtIq jorchanDaj yIbej ej' ghaH yItlha'! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
azureHaights: Going Inmine
djalternative: @BasilHunter You've got 90 days to go into vaults of increasing difficulty to find pieces to the end of the game before the island sinks
CanPlayGames: Does anyone know if the pug had bones today?
cranman95: well the public version of VH doesn't have a time limit
WizardOfDocs: @txc2 therapy this morning was A Lot, but I’m happy to have this to recover with. (What number is vagh, in I assume Klingon?)
TXC2: WizardOfDocs Vagh is five
WizardOfDocs: cool
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DiabeticMaddness: a guestion to chat what the opposite of and hdmi splitter, so I can have multiple inputs to one screen??
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WizardOfDocs: ads are done, but I wouldn’t surprise me if Twitch decided I needed more. Wish I could do something about that on my tablet.
BasilHunter: @BasilHunter that's actually helpful thanks @djalternative
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James, Uno, and Serge are live with Mine O'Clock! Today we're gonna dive into a new Modded World and check out Vault Hunters! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1447971511223013379
TXC2: Here we GO!
Genie_M: and everyone!
electra310: It's go time!
WizardOfDocs: @diabeticmaddness try combiner?
CanPlayGames: !quote james
LRRbot: Quote #6746: "I only occasionally listen to Serifina." —James [2020-02-04]
Tandtroll_OG: It begins!
Mandillio: lrrSIG lrrJAMES lrrSIG
ohjasry: oh my god i just noticed the spinning block in the logo
RoeDent89: We're on the air
DiscordianTokkan: And SERGE!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: And Serge!
Tandtroll_OG: And Serge! sergeCanal
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TXC2: Hello James
stevestein: And chat!
Genie_M: sup James
TrickJarrett: Morning!
TehAmelie: yo
CAKHost: Hello James!
TXC2: Hello TrickJarrett welcome
TrickJarrett: Thanks :)
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: Hi!
WizardOfDocs: hiya
RoeDent89: 'tis going
djalternative: I literally just woke up. This is hard
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Truth.
Easilycrazyhat: Um...>.>
TrickJarrett: James, do you miss Minecraft on Thursdays as the only day you don't play it on a stream
WizardOfDocs: or, I guess, howdy y’all, given who I’ve been watching most lately
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, Thanksgiving has pumpkin pie
TXC2 stares in Thor's Day
Master_Gunner: nobody likes Thursday
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Nah. Bus Thursday.
BasilHunter: um... but Thor's day...
xzarisx: No I get to play commander on Thursday
RoeDent89: I like Thursday
anclag: Hey James, hey chat
Triforcecwp: I like Today.
Tripleyew: ‘Afternoon James (and Uno? And Serge?), and howdy all
Statist42: hay friendos lrrSHINE
DiabeticMaddness: @wizardofdocs thanks it brought up some results
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: i prefer Tfriday
TehAmelie: i like thursdays, but it's just Douglas Adams' fault
stevestein: What about Tomorrow?
sundyst: A weekday without Minecraft is sad indeed!
Jondare: Thursday is cake day at the office, so i'm afraid that one wins out for me
TXC2: there is a vault?
Dalrint: Gooood morning.
TXC2: hello Dalrint welcome
Gwentian: Wil surge be here too? <3
Genie_M: and hunting
Creideiki_SE: Vault hunters? Are we playing Borderlands today? :)
TehAmelie: just a general cake day? or is it someone's birthday ever week?
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JosephDeath: KVM switch
DarkMorford: HDMI Switch?
TrickJarrett: You want a computer
Ukon_Cairns: oh i have one of those
Genie_M: there's an input switch
Gwentian: YES! no offense james but you guys are just better together <3
Bearudite: kvm
TehAmelie: is that like how a TV works with multiple channels?
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun we turning on the interaction with subs and bits?
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rotarysorter: I bought a really cheap HDMI switch and it works great, no need to get fancy with that
BasilHunter: a tv with more inputs :)
LordZarano: "HDMI switch" sounds right yeah
Genie_M: all of them at once
Dalrint: Or a surround sound receiver.
Gadora: I got an HDMI switch for my Switch's HDMI.
ritchards: I keep hearing HGMI
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: or multiple screens?
Ukon_Cairns: much better than the HDMI Wii U
RoeDent89: Infinite HDMI inputs
Ukon_Cairns: mpieDab
TXC2: Hello Uno and Serge
WizardOfDocs: oh hey, thanks lrrAWESOME
DiabeticMaddness: I've been googling this for weeks and cldnt come up with the word switch.. 😭
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polaris415: POG
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electra310: Music sounds normal here
TehAmelie: hello Uno and Serge
xzarisx: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
anclag: Hey Serge, hey Uno
electra310: Now no music
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wordnerdify: Is this like the no math clause?
Anaerin: Music is still there, just quiet.
TheElrad: Serge is probably having Subnautica shivers
electra310: Okay, extremely quiet music
TXC2: !findquote rider
LRRbot: Quote #5103: "I'm not the rider, I'm the motorcycle." —Ian, as Krancor [2018-06-25]
creasehearst: music is there, just incredibly low on stream
djalternative: the song just ended.
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djalternative: songs end people
DiscordianTokkan: I hear it no problem
TehAmelie: is this just how the song starts?
TheWriterAleph: usually a safe bet, blaming windows
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CommanderSethB: Hey, 2/3 of the way towards my first sub baby!
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polaris415: fragments = artifacts
TheElrad: they probably would call them Vaults :p
TehAmelie: Minecraft does seem like a great template for all kinds of full overhaul mods
Anaerin: Iskall's version has the integrations, the public release (which this is) doesn't have them.
polaris415: public release doesn't have twitch integrations IIRC
TXC2: one suspects that has been redacted due to recent events
cranman95: it only does for the select streamers who are on the smp
Genie_M: *creeper noise*
Dalrint: Speedbits!
TehAmelie: sssSSS
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willowbriar: Oh wow its been a while sine I have caught a live stream. I missed this
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TehAmelie: wait how do emotes
SnuggleFoxes: Jeb has amazing hair!
polaris415: all the mods are gated behind skill trees
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TheM8: wooo vault hunters!
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BasilHunter: but you also have to unlock the mods
anclag: So what you're saying is that it has some mining and some crafting
TheM8: you hunt vaults
anclag: and some hunting in vaults
sundyst: cheerwhal100 It's Mine O'Clock Tuesday. I love it when it's Mine O'Clock Tuesday!
TheM8: you have a base that you use to equip and then go yout
beowuuf: @TehAmelie capitals first! SSSsss
TehAmelie: close enough for rock and roll Kappa
cranman95: I love watching people start vh
polaris415: @LoadingReadyRun you craft the vault crystals with resources you collect - then once inside you hunt the bosses
TXC2: "be wery quiet, we're hunting for Waults!"
SnuggleFoxes: you're lucky, with three players it's easiest to find a waltz
TXC2: 30%? them rookie numbers
Anaerin: Everyone has OP.
red_shoes_jeff: @TXC2 Are there nuclear wessels in them?
TehAmelie: with three players the chance of failure to launch is 90% then?
TXC2: red_shoes_jeff I hope not :p
TheM8: @LoadingReadyRun them8 ike The Mate your friend
SnuggleFoxes: what's op?
TXC2: so due that bullying, I predict that hubris will Kill James within 20 mins Kappa
TehAmelie: you hit the connection out of him James
TXC2: SnuggleFoxes operator I think
SAJewers: waila is in the pack i think
ExachixKitsune: TXC2 : bold of you to assume they will last that long
polaris415: i think it's toggalable @LoadingReadyRun
Dalrint: Wow it'll be weird not having that mod. Does it have JEI at least?
MercurialVox: you must purchase WAILA
rotarysorter: time to punch new and exciting tree;s
Genie_M: skill maybe
cranman95: ok, now you can grind for netherite armour for 2-3 hours
red_shoes_jeff: @TXC2 Nah. Gravity in 10.
djalternative: Waila is locked
chickenace11: Hello James, Uno and uh Serge was it?
TheWriterAleph: togglable burglar alarm
LordZarano: SergeYBebelliousUno
TXC2: hello chickenace11 welcome
TehAmelie: i think they banned that sort of mod huh
TheM8: you have 5 skill points!
chickenace11: Hello TXC2
SAJewers: i mean, in the official pack, iirc viewers can cheer bits to give the streamer/player stuff
SAJewers: could be REI uno Kappa
djalternative: JEI?! That's usually locked too
TehAmelie: no one spec for mining, bold strat
cranman95: not the official pack but on the whitelisted VH server viewers can
TrickJarrett: Danger Zone!
Dalrint: Serge is stealing James's pewpew
chickenace11: oh no Serge has reach now
TXC2: no Cleric? we're gonna die! Kappa
CodeGorilla: The UI seems bigger than usual.
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malc: I hope Vault Hunters is more successful than my train journey.
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Genie_M: UI scaling?
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun Did Serge remember to download more ram?
Easilycrazyhat: Use ALL the RAM
Sarah_Serinde: TheElrad I don't think that's something worth @'ing them for
Sarah_Serinde: They do still read chat
SAJewers: why not just use gdlauncher like serifina told serge? :P
Anaerin: This pack is not slim - recommended 8GB.
Khepri85: This is why I stick to useing MultiMC
Anaerin: GDLauncher is having problems.
Genie_M: looks much better
CodeGorilla: Aha, that seems better for the UI.
TXC2: modded Minecraft is a very RAM hungry program
McArgh: Cheer100
hyperbolichappiness: loading chunks is the worst
ShaneLeeAtk: Java, like SQL, will eat ALL the RAM if you let it.
CrazyZonie: Java is a hungry, hungry boy.
chickenace11: why is the biome have the word bug in it?
TehAmelie: i've found CPU is the worst bottleneck. and you can't even download more processors ;_;
hyperbolichappiness: might lower render distance too if your loading slow
rotarysorter: the swag takes longer to load
malc: so many gigs of swag
Anaerin: First load into a world can take a moment, so much so you can timeout. Let it do it's thing, then try again.
TheThromborax: how much RAM did Serve feed Minecraft?
LordZarano: What's the issue with giving Minecraft "too much" RAM if you still have enough headroom for the OS & stuff?
TrickJarrett: I'm on the edge of my seat
Genie_M: his arms move
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omdorastrix: Yay... New pack smell ..
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TheThromborax: you have to feed RAM to the launcher. that was the issue with his Ocean Block stream
CrazyZonie: But, James, is it a Bad Moon that's rising?
Anaerin: @LordZarano Java is not very good at Garbage Collection if there's too much RAM to deal with.
TrickJarrett: Victory!
TheAinMAP: lrrHORN
ContingentCat: he's alive!!
malc: you could make Serge safe by placing him in a hole
steelfox13: *Hacker voice*. Ayyyy
TehAmelie: memory leaks when there's nowhere for the memory to leak eh
Genie_M: win11 update started
TheThromborax: RAAAAAAM
chickenace11: how do we really know that's serge they didn't say "Hacker voice Im in"
BrookJustBones: Is Jo downloading Naruto?
TrickJarrett: Jo has finally hacked your system
Malazim: How many chrome tabs do you had Serge
anclag: Have you tried downloading more RAM?
djalternative: Maybe Serge should run a traceroute for the server
TheThromborax: that's not enough
steelfox13: Serge only has 4 Rams
TheThromborax: Gib more RAM
Monocerotis2010: send link to download more RAM
SAJewers: why not switch to using gdlauncher like serifina suggested you do serge?
Easilycrazyhat: 4 RAMs, sure, but how many EWEs?
steelfox13: @monocerotis2010 www.notavirus.ram
TheThromborax: BE the Vault
rotarysorter: combat e "vault" d
cranman95: now you start mining for diamond gear
CraziestOwl: !holes
LRRbot: Do you ever just think about holes?
cranman95: actually you should find a place for a base
noSmokeFire: skills?
chickenace11: you are with james of corse there is going to be holes
TheThromborax: you are the Vault and you are being hunted
TXC2: we landed in New Vegas :p
Monocerotis2010: @steelfox13 Thx! ;p
omdorastrix: java mc gets weird above ~80% allocation. starts spending way more cpu time managing diminishing memory
TehAmelie: starting with no inventory seems novel. i don't think i've ever seen a mod that doesn't start you with help files in hand
TheElrad: you do have 5 skill points to spend
CrazyZonie: Pale Green. That stuff is all over here.
djalternative: Huh. Natural world spawn is not something I thought Vault Hunters had
TheThromborax: no book?
chickenace11: wait there is a different biome based mod that isn't biomes o plenty
polaris415: Vein miner is going to be important
Genie_M: skill flower!
DiscordianTokkan: Soap Skillpoints?!
ExachixKitsune: chickenace11 : Oh the biomes you'll go is newer I think
Barb4rian: We're going deeeep
polaris415: the website that goes through things is vaulthunters . gg
SAJewers: i mean, it does advertise itself as part-rpg
chickenace11: @ExachixKitsune I need it
TehAmelie: maybe you really have to collaborate on how to focus
ExachixKitsune: iirc Serifina was going to put it in PAG but it really lagged and broke the servers afaik
polaris415: skill ppoints is abilities and talents. knowledge points is mods
cranman95: abilities and talents are skill points
CraziestOwl: This is a weird Poe mod mmrSmile
TehAmelie: where to focus
noSmokeFire: these skills desperately need tooltips
polaris415: vaulthunters . gg has everything
chickenace11: Fun fact the only reason I joined the Bengineers pixelmon server is beacuse it had many types of trees
TheThromborax: craft a book?
polaris415: there isn't a book IIRC.
cranman95: fair, but there isn't an intro
SAJewers: i fewel like they expected people to have some sort of knowledge from watching the official server streams
Crokoking: it's clearly a pack made by the main guy who plays it ^^
polaris415: the skill points are used for talents & abilities. knowledge points are used for unlocking mods
TheThromborax: no tutorial
polaris415: click on one and it'll show you info
TehAmelie: the mod was made by a master minecrafter you say
polaris415: you then have to click on a different button to use it
noSmokeFire: "Unlocking research is done by acquiring knowledge, that can be looted inside the vaults."
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun from what I had seen from the official playthroughs, there was usually an island with a dock and a book at the end that intro-ed everything but I guess the public version is just natural world spawn?
polaris415: the initial ability costs something - then you can specialize into something else for added benefits
polaris415: Researches = knowledge points
cranman95: twerker is very good for getting food
TheThromborax: already better than Dungeons
TXC2: time to punch trees
Genie_M: distribute main skills among three of you?
sundyst: "Fish Got Hands" shirt when?
TehAmelie: you need fish hands to make fish sticks, right
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] Turns out fish got hands.
LRRbot: New quote #7806: "Turns out fish got hands." —Serge [2021-10-12]
TehAmelie: dang now i want fried fish fingers
Anaerin: Fish Fingers implies the existence of Fish Hands.
spethycakes: Fish hands for Fish Fingers
Genie_M: tank-support-wizard?
cranman95: you can only go into coop vaults together
polaris415: you can do solo & coop vaults
ExachixKitsune: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
SkunkyBlitz: I believe there are solo AND co-op vaults
Genie_M: it's 33 minutes into the stream - you have to plan for endgame in time
TehAmelie: some kind souls have left all this wheat for you to eat lrrHEART
djalternative: Is invisibility available? If it is, that's the secret tech for beginner vaults
polaris415: vein miner will likely be important for everyone
TheThromborax: don't min max
TheThromborax: just level wrong
cranman95: invisibility as an ability doesn't exist now
TheThromborax: it's fine
Easilycrazyhat: But Veinminer is great...
TXC2: "Vain miner is such a try hard meta" Kappa
cranman95: twerker is very good for food though
Crokoking: aren't those boxes still "shulker boxes"? might be worth taking
TehAmelie: is that some kind of brick chest? nice
Genie_M: there's an inventory sort button
Genie_M: what luxury
noSmokeFire: oh, yeah, if you don't have to research IE to use those crates that could be huge
polaris415: you can shift right click to pick up the villager
polaris415: easy villagers is great
polaris415: from watching iskall - this pack is great, but it's compicated. don't be overwhelmed by the magnitude of it :)
TheThromborax: what version of MC is this based in?
polaris415: saddles will be used in crystal crafting, so worth keeping
Anaerin: I mean, it is Mine Craft. So at least one of those things seem important.
AmpleAppleLamps: I suggest you both Mine and Craft.
TXC2: TheThromborax they've been making it for over a year, so maybe 1.16?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Mine, craft, or hunt. The mod has increased your choices by 50%!
TehAmelie: everyone wins by division of labor
TheWriterAleph: eat the wood. more efficient
Anaerin: It's 1.16
omdorastrix: Mining & Crafting & Vaulting & Hunting
Dalrint: Everyone doing their part for the collective whole. Uh oh.
TheThromborax: is that a wooden Tesseract?
polaris415: Look at the recipe for the vault alter (i think is what it's called) -- that's what you need in order to craft vault crystals.
Easilycrazyhat: @omdorastrix & Dragons! ...wait.
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TXC2: omdorastrix oh my
SerGarretCameron: I think JEI is conflicting with the book.
chickenace11: wait what is the second level counter above the food for?
TehAmelie: it seems to have a lot of durability for a wood tool too?
TheM8: should you not do skills soon
Genie_M: (mining copper)
polaris415: twerker can grow food quickly
Anaerin: @chickenace11 This is an RPG like system, so it has levels as well as minecraft XP
chickenace11: ah! cool
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Serge & Uno should get James some bonemeal, to make the farming go faster.
LordZarano: Which mod's copper is this?
Genie_M: learn farming
cranman95: you can learn twerker to get infinite food basically
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SnackPak_: Hi everyone, how goes Vault Hunters?
xerjen: Do you fart while mega jumping?
TXC2: Mega jump sounds like it might kill us, lets get it!
TehAmelie: hmm, cooldown makes me think mega jump is one of them skills that only start working when it's max level
TXC2: hello SnackPak_ welcome
Easilycrazyhat: Twerk! Yeah!
TheThromborax: is flight an item or an ability?
polaris415: by leveling up you get skill points and you can craft skill orbs by getting items in vaults
Sarah_Serinde: Serge asks James to get food, complains when James gets a skill to get food faster :P
SnuggleFoxes: Serge categorically refused to twerk for trees on his stream
Dalrint: he's...twerking the plants to life...
djalternative: Twerk is majorly boosted compared to sky factory
Dalrint: I don't know how I feel about that
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
rocketjohn: implying james has dignity
chickenace11: oh good greif
Easilycrazyhat: That's not faster, that's just more in the same time.
ContingentCat: what dignity? lrrBEEJ
Sarah_Serinde: Nothing wrong with twerking
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Planting more food will get more food, but not any faster.
polaris415: look at JEI for skill and there's a skill orb you can craft Serge
TheThromborax: Don't be a prude, Serge. Sex Farming is Farming
chickenace11: The woopie cushion would make this perfect
polaris415: you get skill essence in the vaults
TXC2: people are born covered in blood, Dignity is a lie
Easilycrazyhat: Look, plants deserve lapdances just as much as the rest of us.
anbuagent12: Just got here. New modded series?
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polaris415: you also get skill points by getting "vault" exp
TehAmelie: i give it a month until Serge has a skill shard farm set up
TXC2: hello anbuagent12 welcome
TXC2: !mcplan
LRRbot: Today on Mine O'Clock, The bois begin their joruney into the new modpack: Vault Hunters
chickenace11: @TehAmelie month and a half
LordZarano: Planting more will get food faster is the same logic as "2 women can make a baby in 4.5 months"
anbuagent12: Rad. Thxs @TXC2
Easilycrazyhat: Cause it was exposed while the other blocks got uncovered.
TehAmelie: hey, you got a map for the cave system
TehAmelie: such luxury
Easilycrazyhat: James mining smarter, not harder.
LRRTwitter: @TheGibbLRR> RT @Graham_LRR> New Gibb just dropped. | (this was the one we tried to air during LIVE, but without the weird audio errors!) | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmEWeUhEMxY || https://www.twitter.com/TheGibbLRR/status/1447981524570173442
SnuggleFoxes: that's a curious amount of creepers to no other hostile mobs?
TheAinMAP: jlrrCreeper
cranman95: it does have create though
polaris415: vanilla gear and eventually into vault gear
chickenace11: oh dear caving. The worst thing for people with bad sense of direction like me
polaris415: need to get the vault altar to craft a crystal
Anaerin: Fortunately there's a minimap. And you can use the torch trick.
Persuader74: Does James have the stream integration turned on?
Easilycrazyhat: My life changed when I discovered charcoal was a thing.
TXC2: Persuader74 no stream integration in this version
rocketjohn: which is a shame
Persuader74: @TXC2 OIC
TehAmelie: fossil coal is all we really know from this world
Angnor33: Charcoal is renewable.
TXC2: turns out I if put the r and the a in integration the wrong way round, spell check just becomes useless :p
polaris415: @LoadingReadyRun in order to go into a vault - you will need a vault altar to craft the crystal
Easilycrazyhat: Yeah, I find tree farms easier to manage than spelunking constantly for new sources of coal.
Khepri85: Disappointing that it doesn't look like this pack has fast leaf decay, it's probably my favourite QoL mod
DarkMorford: I'm so far behind on the modded scene. I know absolutely nothing about like half the mods Uno's mentioned so far. >_>
Anaerin: Yes, Charcoal is very renewable, whereas coal isn't. Both are bad for the environment, but that's not simulated in Minecraft (fortunately)
polaris415: look up the vault altar in JEI for the recipe
polaris415: you'll also need vault rocks
Dread_Pirate_Westley: A vault altar? A vaultar?
anbuagent12: Boil
chickenace11: could we what twerking looks like in third person veiw?
noSmokeFire: a well-twerked tater
Easilycrazyhat: Look at all those potats. I'm sure Serge will be pleased with the fruits of your twerking.
Manae: MoC going full Martian Diet
NDCazzy: I am disturbed by the fact that squatting makes the potatoes grow faster...
TehAmelie: did you know? all the coal in the world comes from an age before bacteria had evolved that break down dead trees
rocketjohn: burning trees is fine as long as you plant trees as well
DiscordianTokkan: James teabagging potatoes into growth
ContingentCat: but do you have molasses to go with the potatoes?
SnuggleFoxes: Gollum voice: eeeehhhh! Give them to me fresh, and raw!
WizardOfDocs: let’s go, potato boy
TheThromborax: twitch compression hates twerking almost as much as Serge
noSmokeFire: how wide a radius is your twerking?
Anaerin: @TheThromborax It's all the particles.
WizardOfDocs: yeah, Quark 1.16 adds deepslate
rocketjohn: can you upgrade your dump truck to increase the radius?
omdorastrix: looks liek 2-3
jessieimproved: what's your twerking radius seems like a bad pick-up line
TehAmelie: Twerkin for Taters sounds like it could be a hit song
chickenace11: oh Palm trees I don't like those
Anaerin: Make some charcoal.
R_Craddz: Twerking is sexual explicit language?? Stupid app censoring my chat lol
SnuggleFoxes: that's some... red stone?
TheThromborax: Burgundy Boulders
djalternative: deepslate effecting things will largely depend on what order the stone was 'painted' assuming deepslate is only replacing stone
polaris415: one thing to note @LoadingReadyRun when you go into a vault - if you die - you lose all the items on. your character/inventory
Easilycrazyhat: Maybe use @vault?
polaris415: Uno - yes corpses/gravestone for everywhere but the vault
SAJewers: yeah, corpse is a gravestone mod
cranman95: corpses are only when not in vaults, but yeah
2rrr_mirror_breaker: are we ever gonna spend our 4 remaining skill points?
polaris415: vein miner is great
SAJewers: can you buy waila from here?
TXC2: talents look passive
TXC2: SNAD! we need that post haste Kappa
polaris415: unbreakable is important with vault gear
Persuader74: Reach is quite useful in vaults
TXC2: "the world is our trash can uno" - Serge "Exon mobile" Yager Kappa
polaris415: its the feather
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
TheWriterAleph: windmill slam!
Easilycrazyhat: benginNo jlrrFall
CaptainSpam: But... but then the stream would be over!
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S0NICW0LF: 10 twitch babies!!! lol
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TXC2: why does Serge hate James falling?
SAJewers: oh, if you're taking tips/suggestions, be sure to look into pretty pipes and the item terminal when you're starting out your storage/chest setup
djalternative: Yeah. Instead of doing QoL stuff, you probably want to prioritize abilities to help you beat your first vault
SnuggleFoxes: Uno has *reach* ? :P
polaris415: the vault experience bar is what's above your saturation levels
Easilycrazyhat: Ooooh, pretty
Dalrint: And some lava to fall into
wreckhavoc22: Hellooooo
Dalrint: Is James using a texture pack? What is it, does anyone know?'
TXC2: hello wreckhavoc22 welcome
chickenace11: @TXC2 Serge hates memes Kappa
wreckhavoc22: What mod are you using
Anaerin: No texture pack.
TXC2: chickenace11 clearly
Anaerin: @wreckhavoc22 This is the Vault Hunters modpack
TXC2: !mcplan
LRRbot: Today on Mine O'Clock, The bois begin their joruney into the new modpack: Vault Hunters
Lyinginbedmon: The recipe book might be overwhelmed by the number of recipes
Lyinginbedmon: It has to check each recipe to identify which tab it goes in
SerGarretCameron: i think the book has a JEI integration, and the interface is overwhelmed.
ExachixKitsune: last time we had lots of lag it was due to item frames sergeSnerge
ExachixKitsune: sorry *item frames -> Armour stands
Easilycrazyhat: You can always use JEI over the book
Angreed66: Is this the first version or the second that as just released?
CrazymattCaptain: I'm pretty sure modded minecraft the thing to do is save everything
netherwarden: The only thing that sparks joy is flint and steel.
Anaerin: This is 1.5.1
TheAinMAP: jlrrCreeper
zsil33: I've seen a marble crafting table that keeps your stuff in it before, do you think that might be in the pack?
cranman95: this is the second release of VH but it's just called vault hunters
TheThromborax: oh, gross
Easilycrazyhat: Oh god, I hate those things o.o
TheThromborax: like a pustule full of bad guys
CrookedPenguin: There should be I think. You might even just put a crafting table into your crafting spot and it might make it. I had one mod that did that
Angreed66: Of note vanilla armour is weaker than normal
NDCazzy: I always ran into those in the Serifina pack :(
Anaerin: Monster Boxes are great if you can get up to them and break them quickly.
TXC2: why does Uno have a cape?
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edgar_j: hello :D
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chickenace11: Why not
TXC2: "I got a rock"
djalternative: yeah. vanilla gear has been nerfed in this pack... aka diamond sucks.
knightWarrior82: ^ Charlie Brown
zsil33: Turtle!!!
SnuggleFoxes: yess I remember those, they were so cool
electra310: Best new friend! <3
TXC2: it's Donovan!
SnuggleFoxes: what was Serge trying to get from that cage far away? some sort of mob to bring home
chickenace11: oh Destracted with serge now on MOC
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patricklickman: The big three-o!
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SnuggleFoxes: a medusa-like character, maybe?
noSmokeFire: 10 haunches is normal, isn't it?
SnackPak_: nice!
noSmokeFire: so 39?
djalternative: all of the good stuff is in vaults
patricklickman: What a corundum conundrum!
TXC2: tin from the far off lands of tinland
TehAmelie: the vaultar, if you will
Khepri85: If you don't mind me asking, what hosting service does LRR prefer for your servers?
Angreed66: This is a very grindy pack
TXC2: Puns!
chickenace11: isn't that the typical minecraft start: Day one punch a tree, Day 5 kill a dragon,
SkunkyBlitz: From what I've seen from playthroughs, most streamers are playing a few times a week
cranman95: the progress is pretty much restricted to vaults
djalternative: Serge, you really don't want to progress your vault tracker outside of vaults. It's possible but only makes things harder for you
PsychoI3oy: corrundum is another name for sapphire; sapphire is almost as hard as diamond... can you make picks from corrundum?
Angreed66: For context this idea was made by a hermitcraft member so time investment expectations are high.
zsil33: So do you just craft the thing and teleport to the vault or are the vaults hidden in the world?
dantedad222: doogHi doogPaw
ContingentCat: um
noSmokeFire: he's sleeping
TXC2: hello dantedad222 welcome
CanPlayGames: sleepy bby
cassaclyzm: o7
chickenace11: shh he's sleeping
TheElrad: maybe if you twerk hard enough he'll wake up?
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
SnuggleFoxes: wow
dantedad222: @TXC2 Thank you
TheThromborax: @TheElrad you got there half-a-second before me
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun they're proc gen other dim
TheElrad: @TheThromborax seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TXC2: vaultdar
Angreed66: You find vualt rocks in world vualts are seperate dimensions
polaris415: you collect things to craft a vault crystal, put the crystal in a "portal" which looks like an end portal made from blackstone. then go into it
cranman95: the vault can be entered through a portal you make after you make the vault altar
Elit3champ <message deleted>donated 10$
ContingentCat: to quote the beastie boys, "another dimension? another dimension. Another dimension!"
Anaerin: Another dimension? Another dimension! Another dimension....
polaris415: need to collect vault rocks, build a vault altar, craft a crystal, then use the crystal to open a vault.
Sarah_Serinde: It's fine, LRRbot gets the right away now, just ignore them
Anaerin: @ContingentCat Damnit.
Sarah_Serinde: *gets them
Angreed66: Also all the modded storage solutions are gated
Dalrint: The modded server I'm playing on, we had to make a block library just to keep track of the like, 50 kinds of ore...
TXC2: We're gonna need a bigger house boat
danielkingston126: howdy guys
Crokoking: grab those IE crates from the village - they work like shulker boxes
TXC2: hello danielkingston126 welcome
SAJewers: if you're going with chests, see if you can craft an item terminal and some pretty pipes and for a starter storage system
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Don't cronch the chunks.
TheThromborax: I am NEVER EVER going to use Doordash specifically because they put a doorbell in their commercials and my dogs think it's the end off the world every f*ing time
susycocomaster: <message deleted>hello doe you want 1000 dollats
TXC2: nah we're good
TheThromborax: wow, I guess if you're completely incomprehensible you can get around the bot
rocketjohn: what the hell is a dollat anyway
PsychoI3oy: it's what you use to buy bullat
rocketjohn: of courses
TheThromborax: about 600 Norwegian Kroner
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: boom
rocketjohn: are they what goes in klippazones?
danielkingston126: O wanted to ask what a dollat is as well
TheThromborax: mess with bullat, go to hopsital
TXC2: bullat, for you shortgun
CrazyZonie: Skip the Dollat. I want DolLLrs instead. :D
Nathade: is a dollat a physical item? and if yes how unwieldy would a thousand be?
Sarah_Serinde: I mean it's not like the bot is going to go after everyone who mentions money. It goes for people pretending to donate
CrazyZonie: DoLLRs, not DolLLrs...
TXC2: LRR is not getting into Crypto, not matter how funny the name is
danielkingston126: @CrazyZonie you mean DoLRRrs
TheThromborax: DollLLRars
CrazyZonie: Yeah, that. And I didn't say it was Crypto.
rocketjohn: DoLLRs is obviously what the LRR channel points should be called.
djalternative: @TXC2 Will LRR ever get into Krypto though?
ContingentCat: a funny name isn't always enough to get LRR to do something
Sarah_Serinde: What's a LLR?
TheThromborax: they would have to have something to spend the points on to bother coming up with a name
TXC2: ^
CrazyZonie: @ContingentCat No, but a Funny Name should be worth a chuckle. ;)
DarkMorford: Ooh, Mario Party
danielkingston126: Loading Larry Rung
ContingentCat: @CrazyZonie fair enough katesLol
rocketjohn: yeah, fair point. DolLRRs then...
rocketjohn: anyway
CrazyZonie: @Sarah_Serinde It's what you get when I can't type things.
Sarah_Serinde: CrazyZonie Wasn't just you :P
CrazyZonie: Fair, but I think my typo kind of started it.
LoadingReadyRun: There you go, enjoy your DolLRRs
Angreed66: That was quick
djalternative: YUS!
ContingentCat: Meow?
TheThromborax: what cat what
creasehearst: katte
DiscordianTokkan: nyaa
PsychoI3oy: great. now what do I do with 83.5K DoLLRs
TXC2: and we're back
electra310: Kiiiitty
CaptainSpam: MINEKITTY!
Sarah_Serinde: James you might be the only one who actually spelled that right :D
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG
TheThromborax: now we need an icon
Sarah_Serinde: Or as right as it can be for something made up
CrazyZonie: The kitty meowing is making mine goes nuts.
ContingentCat: I thought Baxter broke into your house to screm on stream more
TheAinMAP: katesYell
djalternative: I've never had $826k DolLRRs
electra310: That was big Baxter energy
NDCazzy: kitty on the cliff back there
TXC2: I await other members of LRR finding out what James has done with the channel points
SAJewers: starter storage system maybe?
SnuggleFoxes: oh yeah I totally thought it was Baxter too
Bearudite: the Vaultar if you will
djalternative: purpur, not end stone
TXC2: Baxter so loud he shows up on other streams now
ContingentCat: @TXC2 at least this time won't lead to a lot of notifications in chat
danielkingston126: what is this let's play about?
electra310: I thought it was purpur before
SAJewers: i mean, there is pretty pipes and the item terminal is you want a super basic storage system
TXC2: !mcplan
LRRbot: Today on Mine O'Clock, The bois begin their joruney into the new modpack: Vault Hunters
TheThromborax: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
TemporallyAwry: PrideWave Hiya chat
rocketjohn: oh wait, you actually changed the name of the points? awesome :)
TXC2: hello TemporallyAwry welcome
Dalrint: Does this pack have a tech mod in it?
rocketjohn: Dalrint yeah, botanica
Anaerin: @Dalrint Yes, but they need to be unlocked.
SAJewers: mekanism is in the pack
rocketjohn: also create
Angreed66: You'll also probably want better armour to attempt a vault due to the vanilla armour nerf.
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SnuggleFoxes: riiiight
TheThromborax: in order to craft apple pie, you must first craft the universe
TXC2: Superman didn't need no Anti-mater to make a diamond out of coal Kappa
TemporallyAwry: Botania as a tech mod is a hard truth to read PrideLaugh
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danielkingston126: is Tinkers construct part of this modpack?
Anaerin: @danielkingston126 It does not appear so, no.
Angreed66: no tinkers
rocketjohn: i remember when Serge spent days and days never dying in this game
Sarah_Serinde: 3-person speedrun?
ContingentCat: with 3 people
TwitchTVsFrank: wow that chest is ugly
TemporallyAwry: "Birch is Great" - a sign somewhere
cranman95: iskall is fundamentally opposed to mending
Anaerin: Those bottom chests are also birch chests.
Statist42: dou you have an easier way to >find< the dragon/stronghold, or dou you need to farm blazepowder+ender pearls
SnuggleFoxes: normally I'm not one to pass undue judgment, but actually James is right, that is an ugly chest
NikoSpud: Serge V James mining contest?
Angreed66: Honestly enchanted diamond is the minimum vault start
SnuggleFoxes: well, good that I store my diamonds... right here!
SAJewers: easy villagers lets you move villagers around more easily
ChrisGMiller: wait, chat, what's with this mini-map malarky? and how do i get it
TXC2: ChrisGMiller it's a mod
Anaerin: @ChrisGMiller It's Xero's Minimap, I believe.
Khepri85: Does anyone know what server hosting LRR prefers for minecraft? Looking to rent my own modded for the first time and advice would rock
CreedPlaysGames: stair building strm
TehAmelie: probably a bunch of mods to make the minimap do these things exactly
SAJewers: if minecraft was an rpg
Anaerin: More Mods is not necessarily More Better.
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Angreed66: The start is basically nerfed vanilla without access to vault stuff
NikoSpud: That is why I prefer quest book packs
TehAmelie: "if it breaks i guess i put some incompatiable mods in there, good luck sorting that out"
Anaerin: And this is a questing pack.
Alex_Frostfire: Designing a modpack is kind of like redesigning a game.
TemporallyAwry: Curation = Creation. Thankyou modpack authors lrrSHINE
Sarah_Serinde: Khepri85 I know James uses mcprohosting for his home stream (he has an affiliate thing with them), but it's not the only one he uses and I don't know who this server is from
Easilycrazyhat: I enjoy the "-block" modpacks with the pseudo achievement paths to help learn the various mods
SnuggleFoxes: or like, Phoenix's Assorted Goodies :)
Anaerin: This is being hosted out of my basement. No kidding. :D
TXC2: !serfinapacks
Sarah_Serinde: Just gonna drop this from James' stream ;) Server hosting provided by MCProHosting - Get 20% OFF any plan! Code: Pac https://mcph.to/Pac
electra310: Thanks, Anerin! :D
Sarah_Serinde: !serifinapacks
LRRbot: If you enjoy watching or playing The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies, or any of Serifina's other packs that are being played on Mine o' Clock, please consider throwing them a few bucks on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/SerifinaPacks
Sarah_Serinde: TXC2 Just missed an "i" in there :)
danielkingston126: I think quest books destroys the point of minecraf, which is having no point at all
Dalrint: Huh. I would've thought mineoclock would've had the Cadillac of hosting plans.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's always Mine O' Clock somewhere!
anclag: So be nice to Anaerin, or someone might "trip" over the power cord
TXC2: Sarah_Serinde yes, I waved over if it was that, or the s on packs :p
Robot_Bones: Hit a nice bit of velvet cake there
Khepri85: Lol @Anaerin that's often what I do for friends but I don't necessarily want to give away my IP to strangers and thanks for the link @Sarah_Serinde
Anaerin: I mean, admittedly it's being hosted on Fibre from a rack-mount IBM X3650 M3, so...
omdorastrix: @Anaerin are you like the XKCD guy, where the server is over there so the cable tracks across the floor?
Sarah_Serinde: Dalrint I mean they usually don't do really intensive modpacks or play with lots of different people, so they probably don't need a whole lot
TehAmelie: i liked the parkour maps
cassaclyzm: you could dig 16x16 holes one layer at a time
TemporallyAwry: @Anaerin That's a well equipped basement PrideLaugh
rocketjohn: and also minecraft does have a point
TXC2: it's spanned two decades, it counts Kappa
rocketjohn: and, as with quest book minecraft, you can just to follow it or not
RegulusPratus: So what's this tunnel for? What we lookin' for?
Anaerin: @Anaerin Well, not as well as some in /r/homelab, but hey, it's a start.
AmpleAppleLamps: ashley might be upset if you get a date, but
NikoSpud: They dont tend to do dates too much in advance though
SAJewers: i think pixelriffs said he was?
CrazyZonie: James, I also hope you get a date on Saturday. No one should be alone on Saturday :P
chickenace11: great now I wan to do a poor piano man parody but about MOC
TemporallyAwry: No release date means no crunch (hopefully)
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun you could just host it and meme with us in lrr chat
SnuggleFoxes: the fact that basically anyone can write mods on a sourcecode level, and people mostly openly share them for anyone is among my favourite things about minecraft, and I don't even really play modded. Just feels so good to have basically unlimited content created by a community for the most part
SAJewers: note that i would absolutely watch a lrr costream of it
CrazyZonie: @AmpleAppleLamps What if the date was with Ashley
TehAmelie: tingly magical diamonds
TheAinMAP: sergeIntoTheSea
Alex_Frostfire: sergeIntoTheSea
Anaerin: Oh boy, World Gen!
SnuggleFoxes: @TemporallyAwry definitely prefer no crunch to a date, yeah
omdorastrix: We subnautica now BOIS
SnuggleFoxes: Seamoth!
CrazyZonie: We're going to become Pirates? Yay!
anclag: It's almost like some kinda diamond gathering competition...
ElektroTal: man, i hate deepslate so much
NikoSpud: Oh Powah is in this pack I see
electra310: We are the pirates who don't do anything!
SAJewers: serge: if you're villager trading, based on the mod list, you can easily move villagers areound by sneaking and right-clicking them (this might help)
TXC2: "you found anything yet? "we ain't found shit!"
TXC2: Hello ElektroTal welcome
CreedPlaysGames: pillage the oceans bounties
DarkMorford: @Anaerin I need to get some more gear at some point. A couple R610s or something could be nice.
DarkMorford: I want to have a big ol' Proxmox server
Anaerin: @Anaerin They're pretty cheap right now. Check LabGopher for some good deals.
danielkingston126: In survival: Yes, can confirm, but for creative mode, Deepslate is the best
CreedPlaysGames: ♫♪row row row your boat♪♫
SAJewers: james: pretty piipes and the item trerminal
DarkMorford: @Anaerin Huh, didn't know about LabGopher. Seems nifty.
SAJewers: pretty pipes*
Alex_Frostfire: Okay, so make a house that looks like a literal trash can and put all the modded stuff in there?
ContingentCat: are the iron chests pretty?
NikoSpud: refined storage for a bit later iirc
SAJewers: you can do a poor mans AE2 system with it
rocketjohn: @Alex_Frostfire great idea
NikoSpud: Yeah for sure
SAJewers: with chests
NikoSpud: Oh you have to unlock packs
Easilycrazyhat: That is interesting
NikoSpud: didnt realise
Anaerin: Can you middle-click to sort chests?
danielkingston126: don't drown please
NDCazzy: someone earlier said there were some crates or something that were like shulkers... I dont know enough to be more helpful than that
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theghostwiththemost: fudge is everything
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Angreed66: Do they know the buried treasure trick?
hallowedcrow: pretty
TehAmelie: really tall trees growing on a sand bank in the sea? that is weird
chickenace11: oh cool can you make pink sandstone?
lirazel64: It's Bermuda!
TXC2: pink sand would be made out of sea shells no?
NikoSpud: You can tell on the minimap
TehAmelie: maybe fossilized flamongos
TehAmelie: flamingos
RealitySoldier: Oooooh, unlocking modpacks How does it compare to sevtech ages? Both in terms of unlocking stuff and... system requirements. Cause the sevtech definitely crashed on me a number of times
TehAmelie: come on, keyboard faeries
Anaerin: @RealitySoldier This one uses "Vaults" to unlock things.
TXC2: TehAmelie flamongos = flamingo bongos ?
TehAmelie: sounds good
Angreed66: It shouldn't break 99
omdorastrix: chest?
CreedPlaysGames: nine nine?
danielkingston126: So I didn't miss a lot, great
Sarah_Serinde: Smart :D
Alex_Frostfire: Ooo, neat rock spires.
omdorastrix: @CreedPlaysGames The treasure chest alwasys spawns at x9-z9 in the chunk
NikoSpud: Like ice spikes.... but stone
TehAmelie: hmm, don't dig down in sand dunes huh
chickenace11: Sings like jack skelenton " Whats this Whats this theres new things everywhere"
TXC2: Giant's causeway biome
RegulusPratus: Build a floating fortress atop it
CreedPlaysGames: @omdorastrix cool to know
CraziestOwl: It’s seem pointless mmrSmile
NikoSpud: POG og og og og og og og
polaris415: you get soul shards from killing mobs in the vault
TehAmelie: i believe you have to spec into warlock to make soul shards
TehAmelie: (lie)
TXC2: remember Pogs they came back, with echo
polaris415: pogs are made from the vault gems (found in vault) and used as crafting materials for things
Alex_Frostfire: jlrrBreak
Dread_Pirate_Westley: jlrrBreak
LordZarano: jlrrBreak
Sarah_Serinde: No James I don't have to track that here! :P
CAKHost: Meanwhile, Jakes explores a desert temple!
CreedPlaysGames: oooo do we get 3 mana from it?
TehAmelie: makin bank! only in the wrong game
chickenace11: those chests look cool
TemporallyAwry: Black lotus isn't worthless. It's like a stack of coal worht of mana iirc
RegulusPratus: I innately care about TNT
Anaerin: I mean, I hear it's dyn-o-mite...
djalternative: always TNT
TheElrad: what si this strange modded item called TNT? breaks the fantasy immersion completely :p
Angreed66: You'll need to care about a lot of stuff eventually
chickenace11: James not first picking black lotus in what world. Kappa
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CAKHost: Oh yeah, I can do the jlrrBreak thing too!
rocketjohn: if there's a way to strip and duplicate enchantes that cap could be good
Angreed66: Specifically to actually enter vualts
TehAmelie: how many chunks do you think you could fill with just treasure chests for things you might need later?
Sarah_Serinde: They're still a ways away from even getting into the vaults though
chickenace11: who said anything about nice sorting
Easilycrazyhat: Most resources are wildly plentiful
Sarah_Serinde: They can search for resources when they're ready and able to get into the modded stuff
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The map is full of land that you can also use for mana.
TheElrad: @TehAmelie just punch a chunk and replace all the wall blocks with treasure chests, that should probably be enough :p
TXC2: it's 2021, we don't use Mana in magic anymore Kappa
SnuggleFoxes: lots of islands, some plains, more mountains, yeah
Angreed66: 0 mana dredge predates 2021
TehAmelie: a purple crab? what color blood does it have?
chickenace11: orange?
TXC2: Crabs have blood?
Saintnex: potential massive amounts of bone meal and also xp is strong
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Just remembering the last time James was hunting for shipwrecks... let's hope this goes better.
RealitySoldier: Crabs can bleed?
TehAmelie: horseshoe crabs have blue blood. it's hella weird
omdorastrix: Yeah Bonemeal and XP is a greate accellerant early game
nolly3: what pack are we playing today?
Anaerin: Crab? Make a jukebox and play that 13 disc you have, so you can have a crab rave.
chickenace11: oh yeah and it's used in science
rocketjohn: given you can twerk
TXC2: !mcplan
LRRbot: Today on Mine O'Clock, The bois begin their journey into the new modpack: Vault Hunters
DiscordianTokkan: But James can twerk
TheElrad: but why do you need bonemeal if you can just shake your booty
CrazyZonie: @TXC2 Horseshoe crabs do. It's blue and some sort of miracle chemical.
danielkingston126: Watching livestreams live is so much better that watching the replay
omdorastrix: Farm Twerker
tr3ewitch88: sergeLurk
Wolfstrike_NL: Bell?
TXC2: CrazyZonie neat
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Do desert villages have diamonds in chests?
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Serge) [now] If you want to be our dedicated twerker, I won't stop you. | to James
LRRbot: New quote #7807: "If you want to be our dedicated twerker, I won't stop you." —Serge, to James [2021-10-12]
ContingentCat: sounds like the Atarka curse is getting more dangerous
SnuggleFoxes: dungeons are the mob spawners in mossy cobblestone, right?
chickenace11: oh Serge all of your quotes are going to be about twerking soon aren't they
lirazel64: ?
kinslayer6788: I thought I saw the last one on there
someone_evil: Boats should be purple IIRC
CrazyZonie: @SnuggleFoxes Yes
TXC2: NikoSpud you wanna not all caps that please?
SnuggleFoxes: thanks
odhtate: Morning James & company, morning chat
odhtate: how goes the stream today?
TXC2: hello odhtate welcome
momma_tatts: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
TehAmelie: are we in Narnia?
Alex_Frostfire: This is the wae.
rocketjohn: go find out
CanPlayGames: Ice cream shop
TXC2: holy 2018 Meme Batman
djalternative: go to narnia!
omdorastrix: BIG coral
danielkingston126: James, what time is it where you are?
rocketjohn: i was just avoiding spoilers is all
Sarah_Serinde: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 11:52 AM
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 11:52 AM
SnuggleFoxes: ooohh my god that coral reef is intensely cool
djalternative: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:59:49. lrrSPOT
TemporallyAwry: !updog
rocketjohn: amusingly, that command needs a timeout
TXC2: rocketjohn Mods aren't subjected to command timeouts
lirazel64: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You can't do that here.
rocketjohn: oh, bizarre
rocketjohn: those trees are great
Easilycrazyhat: There are boabab trees, though? Close enough?
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SAJewers: is serge not able to just use easy villagers to carry villagers around rather than making a rail system to move them?
danielkingston126: Any favorite movies James?
momma_tatts: What kind of trees are those?
SAJewers: oh, he's not making a rail system
odhtate: is this a serephina(spelling?) mod pack?
Sarah_Serinde: Serifina, and no it isn't
SAJewers: nope, by iskall85 and co
odhtate: Thanks @Sarah_Serinde
Sarah_Serinde: We have !mcplan
lirazel64: Pretty flowers
Sarah_Serinde: Though we could have a !modpack one to be more intuitive for this series
TXC2: iskall85 is one them Hermitcraft people yes?
Sarah_Serinde: Yup TXC2
odhtate: @Sarah_Serinde one of these day's I'll actually watch enough live streams to remeber that
danielkingston126: @TXC2 yes
bill_tinn: !mcplan
LRRbot: Today on Mine O'Clock, The bois begin their journey into the new modpack: Vault Hunters
Sarah_Serinde: @Sarah_Serinde No worries, I was responding to James there :)
cranman95: fyi gold is very valuble
omdorastrix: CHerst is pink
SnackPak_: sneaky chest
ExachixKitsune: !sassplan
LRRbot: I don't know, go ask Serge's mods.
TehAmelie: iskall, that's a name i haven't heard in years. specifically about 20 years. it was one of the first names i used on the net
Sarah_Serinde: sergeHeart sergeModLove
omdorastrix: flan?
chickenace11: Ok I will lrr bot. Hey Kitsune what's the plan today Kappa
SnuggleFoxes: @omdorastrix I had some vlan today
TXC2: !findquote boat
LRRbot: Quote #6084: "I just don't like boats." —Adam [2019-06-01]
ExachixKitsune: Uhhhhh mining and crafting chickenace11
omdorastrix: @SnuggleFoxes from a can?
djalternative: !advice
LRRbot: End the Alpha.
lirazel64: @omdorastrix Flan is delicious.
SnuggleFoxes: @omdorastrix nah, plastic cup :/
Tikosh_: that.. is an unusual advice
chickenace11: @ExachixKitsune exicelent
danielkingston126: Is there a list with all the quotes?
omdorastrix: @SnuggleFoxes careful, wouldn't want your vlan to leak packets all over the place
Anaerin: Can you hit "M" and bring up the full map of what you've explored so far?
Saintnex: James and not really finding sunken ships are starting to become a regular occurrence on MoC
Sarah_Serinde: danielkingston126 https://lrrbot.com/quotes/
ContingentCat: speaking of
Sarah_Serinde: You can also use !findquote [keyword] or !quote [name] to pull up quotes in chat
Saintnex: ohhhhh no
Sarah_Serinde: !quote serge
LRRbot: Quote #6840: "I say we embrace the sun." —Serge [2020-03-24]
SnackPak_: lrrSPOOP
electra310: James broke
omdorastrix: dungeon loading
SnuggleFoxes: ooh this world gen is so pretty
NikoSpud: relog
Easilycrazyhat: The modpack got angry
ExachixKitsune: whelp
SnuggleFoxes: ooof big scary dungeon, apparently
CrazyZonie: The coffee just kicked in.
Saintnex: Minecraft is very angry right now
Statist42: stuck on/in ghostblock?
danielkingston126: Thank you so much, Sarah @Sarah_Serinde
omdorastrix: This happened in another pack when the dungeons were that big and took a bit to initialize
JosephDeath: Yeah, guessing ghostblock shennanigans?
TXC2: crash averted?
ContingentCat: Does this mod add epilepsy? lrrBEEJ
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
Sarah_Serinde: sergeFriend
TXC2: it's the Spooktober people
SnuggleFoxes: happy halloween
ContingentCat: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You can't understand; you're not sailors.
omdorastrix: UNo's melon golems
omdorastrix: ?
ExachixKitsune: Friends!
djalternative: adventure!
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
TXC2: pull the lever kronk
TheElrad: do you want us to kill Serge Batman or Uno Batman, James?
electra310: What a weird thing this is
SAJewers: question: are you guys able to craft the trader block, or is that locked behind the 1st vault too?
NikoSpud: Mending and Unbreaking 3 are always my first enchantments to get from Villagers
chickenace11: I think I would die here because I would keep flipping levers
hallowedcrow: A haunted house?
TXC2: "deeper and Deeper James went, without once think how he'd get out"
TXC2: *thinking
NikoSpud: Hello?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: name tags?
NikoSpud: Uno?
SnuggleFoxes: nametags are good?
CrazyZonie: Queue the Indiana Jones theme song
momma_tatts: James, you left a nametag
Tandtroll_OG: It looks lovely
omdorastrix: write down co-ords? Maybe come back to loot?
cyan1ce: !vaulthunters
CAKHost: Vine?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Coordinators for later?
bill_tinn: !mcplain
ContingentCat: what a rollercoaster
TXC2: !mcplan
LRRbot: Today on Mine O'Clock, The bois begin their journey into the new modpack: Vault Hunters
Sarah_Serinde: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies, a mod pack by Serifina, get it here: http://bit.ly/Phoenix_Goodies
Sarah_Serinde: There you go, chat. !vaulthunters will also work
Sarah_Serinde: Oh wait, we already had !modpack, I should pay more attention :D
Sarah_Serinde: !vaulthunters
LRRbot: James and friends are playing the Vault Hunters modpack by Iskall85. Find out more at https://vaulthunters.gg/
Sarah_Serinde: That works, anyway
theghostwiththemost: lrrJUDGE lrrDILLY
rocketjohn: we apprecate you, Sarah_Serinde :)
Meltalar: clearly James needs to twerk more for content
Sarah_Serinde: rocketjohn lrrHEART This is what I get for trying to work at the same time :P
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing the Vault Hunters modpack by Iskall85. Find out more at https://vaulthunters.gg/
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Sarah_Serinde: There, !modpack will work now...yes, like that :D
danielkingston126: How are you doing personally at the moment, James @LoadingReadyRun
TXC2: a team effort Sarah_Serinde lrrHEART
CAKHost: James has some to-be-bake-or-maybe-babies potatoes
TehAmelie: you can live on potatoes an water for at least three months
ContingentCat: I hope ceiling egg is doing well
LordZarano: jlrrCarrotmilk lrrSPOT jlrrCarrotmilk
rocketjohn: i love love to be 6/10
omdorastrix: @TehAmelie The Mark Watney diet?
ContingentCat: this is why everyone has to remind you not to skip leg day
Sarah_Serinde: TXC2 Oh, we have 2 now... :D
TXC2: wait until you get to Leg AND Cardio day :p
drthvd3r: It's a good rating system, Bront.
TehAmelie: well, he had some other stuff to supplement
tdapenguin: I have a question for the LRR folk: I just found a cardgame that I think would be very fun for you to play on stream. Would it make sense for me to send you a copy?
anclag: A 6/10 in 2021 is like an 8 most other years
LordZarano: Should have said you were going to go home sooner
TXC2: Sarah_Serinde eh, we'll merge them
ContingentCat: oh good that was a dolphin I thought it was a shark for a bit
steelfox13: Villagers are cats apparently
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Dark_Destra: I'm almost at one year !
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ContingentCat: oh yeah the fluffy ones that seem to be able to warp through gates
Anaerin: Don't villagers open doors? I mean, that's how they get to their beds at night. Or are these iron doors?
TXC2: !pobox
LRRbot: LRR has a PO box! Bionic Trousers Media Inc., PO BOX 8132 Victoria Main, Victoria, BC V8W 3R8, Canada. If received, your mail may be featured in a Mail Time. Please ship responsibly.
lirazel64: Very excitable small dogs.
Sarah_Serinde: TXC2 I got it
tdapenguin: understandable
TXC2: Sarah_Serinde ok
LordZarano: Is there a wiki page for all the board games LRR already has?
TXC2: !wiki
LRRbot: The Loading Ready Run Wiki can be found here: https://wiki.loadingreadyrun.com
zazamost: there's no guarantee they'll play it on stream but I hope they at least take home games to try
Sarah_Serinde: !boardgames
LRRbot: See LRR's full board game collection here: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/LoadingReadyRun
TXC2: we have commands for everything!
chickenace11: What about a command for commands?
ContingentCat: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: A MIMIC, RUN!
Sarah_Serinde: !help
omdorastrix: like (graham voice) Flesh and Blood (/ghram voice)
Wolfstrike_NL: There has been _alot_ of boardgames in the previous mailtimes
Sarah_Serinde: There you go chickenace11
rocketjohn: your list is probably more up today than my list.
chickenace11: gasp!
LordZarano: !command
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realhillwolf: thanks for all the varied content. Merry Tuesday.
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LordZarano: Hah
Sarah_Serinde: (Thank you to the folks that made and maintained LRRbot and the accompanying site, because they are SO USEFUL)
Sarah_Serinde: Anyway I should get back into lurk mode and attempt to actually work again >_>
chickenace11: I'm still convencied that Lrrbot is a Paul clone living 15 seconds in the future. I will belvie this till I die
CAKHost: Have you ask the ocean nicely James?
djalternative: !vaselineorbarcodealloneword
LRRbot: Barcode!
rocketjohn: omg
rocketjohn: i cannot believe that is a command
NikoSpud: Im off, enjoy hunting them vaults you marvelous cabbages
chickenace11: I once played that in a class to determain who would go first in a debate
TXC2: rocketjohn we've had that command for like 3 years :p
TXC2: so long NikoSpud stay safe
rocketjohn: TXC2 that does not make me believe it any more
TXC2: rocketjohn oh indeed, tis a silly command
rocketjohn: also, V or BC was defintely not as long as 3 years ago, and i refuse to believe otherwise.
TehAmelie: what is a skeleton generator but a machine for arrows?
rocketjohn: what even is time.
ContingentCat: ah the constant struggle in life, always need more potatoes
realhillwolf: !minecraft
realhillwolf: !mods
TXC2: !modpacj
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: James and friends are playing the Vault Hunters modpack by Iskall85. Find out more at https://vaulthunters.gg/
rocketjohn: wow.
ritchards: did Serge find a mineshaft again immediately?
rocketjohn: atarka!
CreedPlaysGames: wait... isn't this the same one?
CreedPlaysGames: lmao
Lyinginbedmon: I've had so many treasure maps do that, it sucks
TXC2: we had that problem last week :p
momma_tatts: Off to work for me. *sigh* Have fun hunting vaults guys!!
NDCazzy: mana steel?
NDCazzy: you can make armour out it right?
ContingentCat: shady?
rocketjohn: NDCazzy yeah, yknow, superman...
rocketjohn: the Mana Steel
Sarah_Serinde: If you break the chest you won't find other maps that lead to it, right? iirc
danielkingston126: @momma_tatts good bye
Tandtroll_OG: Time fo the nether? =P the next frontier
Lyinginbedmon: James now being paid to dance in the fields
Easilycrazyhat: Twerk until your butt falls off
TehAmelie: Twerkin for Taters: the James Turner story
TemporallyAwry: boooo PrideLaugh
Sarah_Serinde: sergeJustRight Uno
CAKHost: So many sparkles
CrookedPenguin: That is truly amazing
Sarah_Serinde: Hahaha
Sarah_Serinde: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
PixelArtDragon: Why is James twerking?
Sarah_Serinde: omg both of you :D
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
ContingentCat: katesLol wow
ritchards: twerking should only work when in the right camera view...
DiscordianTokkan: Hah, in the end
Anaerin: @PixelArtDragon It helps crops grow.
TemporallyAwry: refusing to acknowledge puns for 30 seconds really is the new meta ;p
ElektroTal: potatowned
CreedPlaysGames: buttato?
omdorastrix: James the Tat man?
Anaerin: You might say your Empire of Dirt.
rocketjohn: calm down, mumbo
TXC2: ElektroTal good one
CAKHost: James has gone potato-mad!
ElektroTal: man, james is just zooming along. he's in a real flowtato
BrookJustBones: Is twerking the new crafting table on a stick
ContingentCat: but Serge in the end it doesn't even matter
BrookJustBones: Also, when did channel points get renamed?
rocketjohn: ElektroTal I apprecate your puntastic work here
ElektroTal: the tater trot
ContingentCat: @BrookJustBones that's a recent change
TemporallyAwry: Totally unrelated question - is the whoopie-cushion in this pack ;p
probablyvampires: Twerkin' on ya lunch, villagers
ElektroTal: mastubertion
DiscordianTokkan: That Iron golem just watching
Anaerin: Oh hey, they're DoLRRs now!
TheElrad: Serge might not like it but this is was peak minecraft looks like
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Someone should follow James and harvest the potat.
ContingentCat: is that a frequent problem for you James?
omdorastrix: bla-bleep
Tandtroll_OG: I know what we’re making James do at desert bus
CAKHost: You just crouch!
SnackPak_: but now your not twerking
Lyinginbedmon: Oh this just went infinite
ContingentCat: but that's no fun
TXC2: well that's no fun
CAKHost: Sneaky potatos
Manae: Somehow squatting on the potatoes to make them grow seems worse than just twerking on the potatoes
rocketjohn: you just drag your butt along the ground like a dog, and things grow?
Lyinginbedmon: If you don't need to twerk, just sneak, you can officially do this AFK
omdorastrix: does a hoe do area-of-effect harvest on this pack?
thedailygameryt1: hi
brewstafy: Dies the hoe work to collect a 5x5
Anaerin: @omdorastrix It's probably an upgrade.
LordZarano: That's one of the first things I do on a Windows installation, mash Shift & Ctrl and turn sticky keys off
danielkingston126: I love how your microphone and your beard merge James @LoadingReadyRun
CreedPlaysGames: we got nuggies
thedailygameryt1: can people see my chat?
TehAmelie: a one man combine harvester
Anaerin: @thedailygameryt1 No, sorry.
CAKHost: You are just a harvester :P
omdorastrix: crouch backwards and hoe as you go?
rocketjohn: @thedailygameryt1 nope
Statist42: wander down backwards and harvest behind you?
CAKHost: How many tatos in your pockets?
TheAinMAP: James Turner: Master Potato Farmer
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: game > broken
NimrodXIV: oops
CrookedPenguin: OH
SnackPak_: whoops
Khepri85: LUL
CrookedPenguin: Oh NO
CreedPlaysGames: lmao
LordZarano: @thedailygameryt1 Nope, my condolences
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Kuolar: He was drunk with power
CAKHost: Lol
rocketjohn: farming GOD
Sarah_Serinde: It's fine, they'll grow back super fast :P
TehAmelie: you harvested too greedily and too deep
Manae: Almost 600 potatoes that fast
Sarah_Serinde: You vocally were not, Serge :D
omdorastrix: Uno will remember this...
RocknGrohlNerd: farming god he said
ExachixKitsune: This potato adventure has been wild
Manae: 556 potatoes O_o
TehAmelie: well now you've got food until judgment day
ContingentCat: the love shack
TXC2: "wanna go to KFC?" "nah we're gonna go to the 'Tato hut"
Fanklok: The potatoes go in the potatoe hole
DiscordianTokkan: You need to level up twerking to work on melons and pumpkins, comically
polaris415: can't make shields --
polaris415: requires player gems
polaris415: shields are OP in vaults
ExachixKitsune: Hi five TemporallyAwry
RocknGrohlNerd: dang it now I want potatoes for every meal from now on
polaris415: shields are OP in vaults
SAJewers: they changed the recipe serge
Lyinginbedmon: Oh LORD
ContingentCat: oh no
TemporallyAwry: @ExachixKitsune it fit almost exactly in the 60second limit PrideLaugh
NDCazzy: job done
Tandtroll_OG: Serge has no chill
TehAmelie: are there potatoes in the nether?
QuixoticScrivener: Boil 'em, mash 'em, stik 'em in a stew!
quietcat: they aren't soggy, James just washed them
ExachixKitsune: TemporallyAwry : Mine is a lot shorter: https://clips.twitch.tv/IcySingleEggplantUWot-aFngdl7yluWlqalW
TehAmelie: potatoes is all we care about now
TXC2: Soggy Taters was my Nickname in school Kappa
RocknGrohlNerd: go James, go
Monocerotis2010: I can't make shields but let me twerk for you instead
Sarah_Serinde: soggy taters are delicious. leek and potato soup? clam chowder?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Gonna need those potatoes to get emeralds later.
kaicelle: very good
omdorastrix: James, can you crouch-walk backwards and hoe as you go?
Alex_Frostfire: Glorious.
Tandtroll_OG: Flexin those glutes
Lyinginbedmon: You know it's bad because James is now a blur
Caldurin: aahhhhhhhh
Manae: From 1080 to 160 in moments
RocknGrohlNerd: love it
Alex_Frostfire: Also you've been jpegified.
SnackPak_: pretty pixelated at 480p
TXC2: it's so good, YOU'VE gone blurry
probablyvampires: He's addicted to twerking
TemporallyAwry: @ExachixKitsune It's the better half XD
cassaclyzm: James twerked so hard that Twitch turned him into a potato
TehAmelie: is this the Nether? more like the Nexter
TXC2: who knew the neither was yellow
Gadora: Booties go on the feeties, not the leggies.
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
ContingentCat: katesLol
glitched_goddess: What modpack are they using? This nether looks great
TXC2: Cutting there Uno
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: James and friends are playing the Vault Hunters modpack by Iskall85. Find out more at https://vaulthunters.gg/
SnackPak_: this nether is very pretty
polaris415: you'll also need blackstone for the vault portal @LoadingReadyRun
RocknGrohlNerd: not instantly twerking in nether? what happened to the potato god?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The world consists of chunks. They must be punched. What else is there to know about vanilla?
Easilycrazyhat: Is it like...reverse honey or something?
anclag: Yeah, but we're all idiots too
TXC2: yeap that won't kill us at all
omdorastrix: The combination on his briefcase is 1,2,3,4,5
booman226727882: hi
Sarah_Serinde: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
TXC2: reverse honey = ice?
Alex_Frostfire: The floor is lava.
PixelArtDragon: That escalated quickly
probablyvampires: Bull honky has been called
cassaclyzm: Is this what it feels like to be colourblind?
ContingentCat: sneaky lava
TXC2: but the Potato god can not die!
TehAmelie: practicing your not-dying strats for the vaults huh?
rocketjohn: maybe stop jumping continuously....
omdorastrix: Eat and heal?
TXC2: cassaclyzm yeah kinda
RocknGrohlNerd: @txc2 but think about baked potato god, delicious
TXC2: RocknGrohlNerd :D
TehAmelie: you always need blaze corpses, right
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
ContingentCat: well have you offered them a cup of tea yet Serge?
Boon_33: sergePopcorn
CAKHost: I think that Serge is just ignoring the added value of having Blazes come to his house instead of him having to come to theirs :P
TehAmelie: have we talked about how the almost exclusive way of healing damage in this game is by regeneration from not being hungry? i like it
TheMerricat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Deathloop) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (56m from now).
TehAmelie: a "blazing" hot mess?
Sarah_Serinde: I mean, it's not like you have to play an unfamiliar modpack perfectly or optimally
Sarah_Serinde: You can be messy
TXC2: Mistakes can, will, and must be made
omdorastrix: That is a WET sound
TehAmelie: the lava just blends right in this color scheme huh
TXC2: if for no other reason then we need clips
Sarah_Serinde: Hah :D
Sarah_Serinde: MoC doesn't tend to get that many clips
SAJewers: are there any modded alternatives you can use to get them?
TXC2: Sarah_Serinde what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality
TheMerricat: !modpack
LRRbot: James and friends are playing the Vault Hunters modpack by Iskall85. Find out more at https://vaulthunters.gg/
omdorastrix: I don't think james has lived up to his brand yet today... Still waiting for that clip...
Sarah_Serinde: TXC2 I mean, sometimes none of them are intentional or usable, so...not always. Folks just don't clip this stream much, a lot of the time
Sarah_Serinde: The *stream* is certainly quality though :D
Sarah_Serinde: Or just have fun?
TXC2: I mean we JUST did a vanilla server :p
ritchards: you could also just cheat some basic stuff in, because you'd done vanilla as you say
Max_Mckayful: James casual speedrun bonus stream? ;)
djalternative: by the start of next week, James could have a whole kingdom built on potatos
iserguy: "I did some offscreen grinding"
baskwalla: And amazing legs!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Convert potatoes to emeralds.
Lyinginbedmon: Oh that sure is a sound
Anaerin: I'm not sure how well cheating stuff would work, because a lot of the progression relies on actually doing things.
EagleAndWolf23: Imagine how a compressed potato would feel to eat
Nathade: but has the pack Potatoe blocks? build everything out of potatoes
Rustpile: Hello Chat and minecraft friendos, are we being hunted by vaults yet? (sry I don't know the pack)
TXC2: James: "I have 68 double chests of potatoes" the British Empire: "Allows us to Introduce ourselves."
TXC2: hello Rustpile welcome
omdorastrix: @EagleAndWolf23 Like a Pringle "potato chip"?
anclag: wow, look at mr potatoes here
TehAmelie: imagine unflavored pringles
PixelArtDragon: That's quite the megabed
Anaerin: Aren't there pork chops?
Max_Mckayful: Potatoes don't just happen, ya know
Tikosh_: if you don't want to eat a potato, what about.. a baked potato? different item
Anaerin: James "Spud-U-Like" Turner.
Kuolar: There was a flood, and famine all before the potato feast
Gadora: All the skill that went into farming them!
probablyvampires: Those crops need a good twerkin looks like
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far2muchsarcasm: sergePeek sergePeek
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TXC2: fun story, I've eaten potatoes 6 days week basically my whole life :p
PixelArtDragon: Twerking on a field: $10. Knowing how to twerk on a field: $2990
TehAmelie: my grandma cooked potatoes pretty much six days a week for her whole life. peeled every one
CreedPlaysGames: only enough of a monster to kill the dad and leave the mother and child alive
probablyvampires: Teach a man to twerk and something something something @PixelArtDragon
SAJewers: if you're doing villager trading you should probably look into unlocking easy villagers
polaris415: easy villager unlock is goign to be great for you
cranman95: well trading is always helpful for getting enchants
danielkingston126: enough for what?
polaris415: but you'll need that after going into vaults
Sarah_Serinde: Also we're getting towards the end of the stream for today, better to save it for later when they'll actually be able to do it
Sarah_Serinde: Telling them to do something they won't be able to do for at least a week isn't going to be very helpful
TehAmelie: i lived in a village and i can comfortably say we were all easy by default
polaris415: you get knowledge essence from the vaults. you use them to craft knowledge stars which you can then use to unlock mods
OldManJohnsonMB: I assume James is just doing an animal genocide run today
ContingentCat: that's the thing about assumptions though
rocketjohn: strong agree
Fanklok: Mod packs come with tutorials?
ExachixKitsune: Some do Fanklok
TXC2: they ought to :p
djalternative: @Fanklok usually, yes actually
ContingentCat: what we've learned is that Serifina's modpacks are superior
djalternative: if the pack doesn't. it's the mods themselves that do
ExachixKitsune: Particularly progression packs - ones with a pathway usually put you at the start
Tikosh_: a lot of them do, either by having quests or achievements to lead you through the mods
TehAmelie: vanilla potatoes would be fun
Anaerin: Mod packs that have required progression generally have some kind of documentation in-game as to what that progression is. "Kitchen Sink" packs won't, but each mod within will have it's own guidebook.
polaris415: this is an extremely fun modpack, but it's complex. the vaults are great.
jessieimproved: Modded is a hot mess and I love it
BrookJustBones: It gave us SNAD
Riiiiiiis: I've been very overwhelmed everytime i have tried any modded minecraft
Boon_33: Snad is the best
Riiiiiiis: suddenly 500 new blocks to think about
TehAmelie: that's what i call a ... bedroom
kinslayer6788: put more lights in there james?
ExachixKitsune: Yesh! Where's our Lavasponge book!
Tikosh_: a really really good mod let's you ponder like create
ExachixKitsune: >=)
djalternative: TBH, when has Serge ever been fair to modded. He's always been on team vanilla as far as I recall
Anaerin: Create's "Ponder" mechanic is groundbreaking, and should definitely be introduced in other mods.
CreedPlaysGames: beautiful green encoding!
ExachixKitsune: I think create made a smaller mod you can use to add Ponder to other mods
Crokoking: can you just go backwards in a circle and harvest continuously? ^^
LordZarano: This is more "lunge" than "twerk" really
xzarisx: so is twerk just fertilizing flatulence
Sarah_Serinde: Such efficiency!
CreedPlaysGames: o.o
BrookJustBones: Such framerate
CreedPlaysGames: this is silly
TXC2: We've cracked the potato meta wide open!
rocketjohn: you don't even really have to move
xzarisx: This seems op
rocketjohn: the field is too big
CrookedPenguin: So much green
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Pxlriffs?
ContingentCat: we've demonstrated a loop potatoes must conceed
asthanius: James has demonstrated a loop. Minecraft must concede.
TXC2: also James is just a white blob on his screen now ?
TXC2: * :p
TehAmelie: an infinite potatosplosion has occurred
danielkingston126: What do DolLRRrs do?
cassaclyzm: I, for one, welcome potato lord James
Anaerin: Time to make an auto-smelter for all of them.
asthanius: Can you make beds from potatoes?
TXC2: danielkingston126 absolutely nothing
ContingentCat: beds made of potato?
ExachixKitsune: time to make a potato-powered XP furnace farm
Caldurin: But how about if we made the field...bigger?
Steelwolf171: James, PEI called
kinslayer6788: More lights in there james?
rocketjohn: more torches, james
Dalrint: Wow. I leave for an hour and a half and you guys go from 'hey we should find diamonds' to 'villager breeding'
rocketjohn: in that hotel room
Meltalar: James promised 68 chests of potato for the next mine o clock stream
Dread_Pirate_Westley: @Meltalar DOUBLE chests
CreedPlaysGames: @rocketjohn it's more like a concubine at this point
Meltalar: just make it 69 for the memea
polaris415: @LoadingReadyRun with villagers, you can shift right click and pick them up if they are in your way
danielkingston126: @TXC2 really? that's disapointing
xzarisx: they sleep with their eyes open
TehAmelie: he pretty much only has to crouch down and swing his hoe continuously to harvest 9 potatoes per second
TehAmelie: maybe an exaggeration
Sarah_Serinde: polaris415 Is that not a mod they have to unlock first?
Alex_Frostfire: James is Santa, except instead of presents it's potatoes and beds.
ShaneLeeAtk: Is that what we call a Victorian King sized bed?
Meltalar: can you twerk villagers
cranman95: actually it's more like 27 per second
polaris415: @Sarah_Serinde you still get the ability to pick them up without unlocking easy villagers IIRC (at least that's what iskall did)
Sarah_Serinde: Ah hopefully that's the case then
Lyinginbedmon: Gasp!
polaris415: you have to unlock the mod to build the breeder/iron farm blocks - but you should get the functionality to pick up still
polaris415: but im not a minecraft pro :D
DiscordianTokkan: 5 up?
Dalrint: Pew pew unlocked.
Bearudite: we need to find a way to compress taters into arrows
TehAmelie: crafting your own arrows is weirdly hard isn't it
rocketjohn: too much light i think
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Sarah_Serinde: Oh I approve of this cactus :P
TXC2: !findquote cactus
LRRbot: Quote #7712: "I know what happens when you dessicate a cactus." —Cori [2021-08-02]
cranman95: I wouldn't think they changed the recipe for arrows but maybe they did
CreedPlaysGames: but that's what minecraft does
ContingentCat: No need for Minecraft to do that James, you do that all on your own lrrBEEJ
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
TheDefiledPrince: Wassup nerds?
Easilycrazyhat: oh dang!
Anaerin: Go collect that Flourite.
jessieimproved: it's a good vein too
BrookJustBones: That's our hole boy
noSmokeFire: the called shot!
CAKHost: I want to know why Cori said that on Can't Draw Horses but then again its Cori
PsychoI3oy: james, twerking on the diamonds doesn't make them grow
TheAinMAP: lrrHORN lrrSACK lrrHORN
Dalrint: Wow that's a big vein too
Tandtroll_OG: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TXC2: hello TheDefiledPrince welcome
omdorastrix: ooOOO that's whjere James keeps his diamonds
TXC2: CAKHost you'll just have to watch the VoDs Kappa
Sarah_Serinde: omdorastrix Right here!
ContingentCat: 100% skill
omdorastrix: @Sarah_Serinde riiiiiiiight HERE!
Gadora: Now you can make three diamond hoes for your potatoes! :o
CAKHost: Twerk on the diamond block?
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Bearudite: can you twerk trees?
TheDefiledPrince: "Where?" right in front of him cirLaugh
dantedad222: doogHi doogPaw
TehAmelie: maybe it's better if you jerk your carrots off stream
xzarisx: Fertilizing flatulence
Dalrint: A day in minecraft: James twerking the carrots to life while Uno rows by on the ground.
CAKHost: Must be a Tuesday
TXC2: Dalrint totally normal things here on Mine O'clock
CreedPlaysGames: that magical booty
djalternative: you know, with James' twerking, you could probably make good use of bio-disel in the future
CAKHost: Goodbye Twitch we hardly knew ye
w1gum: wait wtf is happening
ShaneLeeAtk: Bye, framerate!
ForOhForError: woah stream compression really kicking in
TXC2: "my twerking bring all the crops to the yard..."
noSmokeFire: twitch compression might be happier if you turned down particles
NDCazzy: famous last words by Serge...
Tikosh_: you should not have said that, Serge
CAKHost: Do you know know who you are talking to Serge?
Dalrint: How are the carrots auto-planting after he harvests them?
ContingentCat: Can we add that Serge quote "James your twerking might be kindof cool"
TXC2: Twitch compression go brrrrrr
ForOhForError: well there's the highlight xD
NimrodXIV: literal potato cam
ShaneLeeAtk: Frames? What frames?
rentar42: Exactly how modded is this?
rentar42: I'd guess "very"
TXC2: rentar42 VERY
CreedPlaysGames: this is stream
BrookJustBones: Are you gonna crash the server on the first stream?
ForOhForError: less than this would suggest, I think
drakythe: I can only imagine the server this is running on is /weeping/
ElCoggins: frames, where we are going we don't need frames
TehAmelie: being blinded and ensnared by green stuff is honestly my experience of working in a potato field irl
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ContingentCat: I think we might have enough Carrots for a while
TehAmelie: but what about milk?
ContingentCat: I hope this doesn't work on cows
CreedPlaysGames: this is the stream now. and it's beautiful
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
noSmokeFire: it's their house now
BrookJustBones: I expect James to do a 3 hour silent no webcam framing stream now
TehAmelie: 8725 carrots, 98624 baked potatoes and one glass of milk
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I could spend 50,000 DolLRRs to make James put down a torch, but that's not an option here.
ContingentCat: ah there's the cat, it wasn't a covert Baxter
TXC2: thanks for streaming James, Uno and Serge
danielkingston126: good night/day everybody
CrazymattCaptain: !next
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NDCazzy: Carrots x infinity milk
TehAmelie: i'm so psyched i wanna play Minecraft myself
PsychoI3oy: GG
ContingentCat: Bye Serge and Uno Thanks
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
anclag: Later folks, have a great day!
TXC2: !events
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tdapenguin: Bye! Thanks for the stream!
ContingentCat: Tormented SOuls
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream, everyone!
SnackPak_: Thanks for the stream
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP rpgThinking
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ContingentCat: thanks James byeee
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TXC2: !twitter
jaak0n: <3
danielkingston126: Bye James
TXC2: goodnight everybody
ContingentCat: g'night Txc2
ContingentCat: !next
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