ThinksTooMuch: The speech icons are so emotive while the model is just... blank
VmKid: And Zoidberg!
plummeting_sloth: listen, we have re-awoken you for one and one purpose only.... there's some dust on a high shelf.
kpiozero: These are advanced moon runes
Grumpy_Mcfart: I haven't been a brony for years but that made me laugh so hard
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is this a Build-A-Maid workshop?
cfpreston: wait, thats it. we play as a time paradox
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are they Maid to Order?
Mijnheer: @Laserbeaks_Fury BOOOOO Kappa
Hesk1el: Bit of a problem with her voice rendering LOL
Rhynerd: @laserbeaks_fury I should have seen that pun coming much sooner.
GDwarf: See, I *still* want the two games to have been only one title. "Giant Space Battle & The Machine Gun Maid Uniform" would clearly be GotY
GDwarf: STCN
plummeting_sloth: Gal Gun... for a gentle, lady touch
Rhynerd: Okay, the gun was a galil.
kpiozero: OH NO
kpiozero: I DED
wildpeaks: Chat status: dead
PMAvers: Can we get Alex in here to translate these guns?
Rhynerd: MEDIC
plummeting_sloth: get Alex in here to tell us what's what
wildpeaks: Also, omg what did I come back to
VmKid: BANG! went old Betsy, my one and only Betsy...
CaptainSpam: GAL gun, take me away.
Sektor88: We kinda did this a couple weeks ago. Kappa
Bionull: Beej keeps describing existing games today.
Grumpy_Mcfart: I would play the hell out of that game
VmKid: o/ I can travel far and wide with Betsy by my siiide o/
wildpeaks: is that a game about maid assassins ?
CptSpiffy: so you want something like this:
CoyoteSans: Quick, someone find a translator fluent in Tetrisese to read this text.
RvLeshrac: The anti-materiel always have a lot more detail.
Anaerin: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: The Maid Fuku To Kikanjuu (overridden)
wildpeaks: Definitely get Alex
Mijnheer: Yes, this gun is very Magazine
kpiozero: go get alex
wildpeaks: he must see this masterpiece
Rhynerd: We should totally get Alex.
Unpronounceable: So, this will be Watch and Import?
Grumpy_Mcfart: as a fellow gun nerd I'm looking forward to Alex's reaction
GDwarf: Like, I know that "Cute girls with guns" is a thing, especially in Japan, but it's kinda amazing how much better-rendered the guns are than everything else
Hesk1el: Import + Play
TheGreyRabbit: I never get to see W+P live. I guess that changes today?
Sektor88: arex! :D
CaptainSpam: Unpronounceable: Honestly, it's frequently Watch and Import...
Hesk1el: Hi Alex
Rhynerd: Hi Alex!
wildpeaks: Hai again Alex
TacitusVigil: Hello Alex
ylegm: Anyone able to place any of these guns
ylegm: ?
CaptainSpam: Hey, Alex.
plummeting_sloth: hey, they didn't call them clips
going_medium: Hai Alex!
shadowbow464: alex is broke
kpiozero: Hey Alex
Mijnheer: Welcome to Nihon, Alex Kappa
GDwarf: I assume that you're a maid hired to be a guardian for this girl
CaptainSpam: Alex is now wondering why he was called into Studio B.
RvLeshrac: Give her the D-pad
CoyoteSans: Alex is all "you're supposed to give me a break from the nutso crap on Mondays!"
kpiozero: Kill are the mecha robits
nattsan: We are maximum Japan.
wildpeaks: Maid robots vs maids with machineguns
rockario: When they die th3ey Uguu
wildpeaks: And she has a sweet katana too
wildpeaks: \o/
aesir_blade: Alex, this is Nier Automata, right?
Mijnheer: Uh oh, these controls look no bueno
LathosTiran: damn it aesir_blade beat me to it
kpiozero: This is basically nier automato at this point?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah this is pretty much Nier
GDwarf: I'm pretty sure this is the prototype for NieR Automata, yeah
LessSkunksThanEstimated: yeah this is about what i remember of nier automato
CoyoteSans: Give him your headphones for a moment, Alex needs to hear these SFX.
GDwarf: "NieR Auto-Tomato"
DoodlestheGreat: Highlight she's 18
Hesk1el: Bye Alex
wildpeaks: ô tomato
Grumpy_Mcfart: just Alex's mad laughter offscreen
PMAvers: Heads and shoulders above NieR?
LessSkunksThanEstimated: this is the neir killer
plummeting_sloth: slice slice kick depleted uranium round
damullet14: BB8!
kpiozero: This is basically what we'll see on talking simulator later
RvLeshrac: It makes Pac-Man noises.
Rhynerd: I want to say that this is a weird Nier Automata mod, but I think that line would need some editing.
Grumpy_Mcfart: what are we fighting?!
PMAvers: And tomorrow, since apparently Adam's streaming NieR Tuesday?
Nightvalien28: we must show this to alex
Grumpy_Mcfart: we just did
Rhynerd: Alex just left.
Nightvalien28: damn it I missed it
Ignatiuspants: you're ... shooting some kind of harmless dolls of yourself?
CaptainSpam: Alex is having no part of this tomfoolery.
kpiozero: So this is basically neir
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Fooled you!"
ArcOfTheConclave: Get that maid a cannon. Maids love cannons.
EricTheOrange: KoHiO?
Grumpy_Mcfart: I would LOVE to know what kind of story could explain this
plummeting_sloth: Oogled you
TheGreyRabbit: KoGyo?
FITorion: KoMio
plummeting_sloth: Keugel
RvLeshrac: This is nowhere near as weird as a Yoko Taro game.
GDwarf: Man, there's, like, thousands of Google hits for "NieR: Auto-tomato", which, uh, alright then. None of them seem to involve mechanical vegetables
going_medium: Are you the good guy?
DoodlestheGreat: There is a distinct lack of smiling moon faces.
Aenir798: Is this the maid version of Gunslinger Girl?
Ignatiuspants: "oh dear!" ....because you shot them?
GDwarf: Yeah, this can't be a Yoko Taro game, there's no SHMUP-based combat, and it hasn't gotten charmingly meta yet.
RvLeshrac: Did everyone see Yoko Taro's face reveal?
plummeting_sloth: you just picked up ammo, it looks like
GDwarf: Aenir798: I think there's some heavy inspiration from Gunslinger Girls, yes
Rhynerd: So, how do we take damage in this game?
wildpeaks: we need this as Dark Souls mod
Hesk1el: We need the background music from the game you played with Adam af ew weeks back, the one that he just couldn't continue
wildpeaks: so you're saying the Butler did it ? :D
Mijnheer: GDwarf If you require mechanical dispensing of vegetable product, the correct search phrase on youtube is Heinz Automato Kappa
EricTheOrange: we just killed a person.
nattsan: Yeah the "thing "is amo
plummeting_sloth: "That bulter Has a gun" sounds like another Anime ttitle
Rhynerd: And helicopter
GDwarf: Mijnheer: I thought it was "Juicero" :P
Grumpy_Mcfart: Hi Copter-Kun!
plummeting_sloth: looks like it's form Ghost in the shell
CoyoteSans: Someone made a tachikoma into a helicopter, yeah.
Rhynerd: It does.
GDwarf: I don't think you can fire an AM rifle like that
wildpeaks: are we mating with the helicopter ?
Ignatiuspants: this is the most Japanese Japanese game I have seen...
Laserbeaks_Fury: Uh-ph, they found us. We've been maid
Grumpy_Mcfart: we are at Peak Japan
wildpeaks: skeletor helicopter got rekt
Grumpy_Mcfart: dat framerate, do
TheExactSame: Battle out of Metal Gear Solid?
ThinksTooMuch: That was an amazing animation
RvLeshrac: Grumpy_Mcfart: Oh, no, this is like the valley of Japan.
wildpeaks: perfect :D
RvLeshrac: Grumpy_Mcfart: There aren't even any lewd octopods.
Grumpy_Mcfart: that's true
Drazoth: i wandered away for checkpoint, did we get an alex to weigh in?
Sektor88: yesss Ian
Sektor88: drazoth, yes
GDwarf: Drazoth: Yes
Hesk1el: !highlight
Mijnheer: RIP Richter Hammockslam, died fighting off a heavily-armed maid ;_; never forget
rendelnep: DO IT!
EricTheOrange: Gosujin means master, thats why she keeps saying it because shes a maid.
GDwarf: "Maid Style"?
tyloncorp: YESSSS
GDwarf: The heck is "Maid Style"?
cfpreston: maid style
Nightvalien28: we will
wildpeaks: Chat would never dare
Drazoth: @GDwarf dare i ask what his opinion was?
LessSkunksThanEstimated: hold you to that? got it
GDwarf: She doesn't sound quite right for Reccatear
Rhynerd: Please?
GDwarf: Drazoth: Sad head-shake
Sakurazaki1023: I think the maid pose button is select
The_Voices: i'd like a halloween ep
EricTheOrange: The Fall Fearstval
Grumpy_Mcfart: I've found my new waifu
Hesk1el: Qwerpoween
KV1NN4: oh no plsplspls pls pls pleeeease yes do a Halloween episode of Qwerpline!<X D
Phoenixturn: May seems about right for Halloween in Nsburg
Drazoth: @GDwarf sounds about right
Grependorf: Sounds like you are held to that
Beofryn: If i remember from the mail time, don't they have a maid taunt they need to use during boss fights for a high maid rank?
Sektor88: SECRETS?
plummeting_sloth: and you never ever used your pistols
rendelnep: Desert Bus Rector is could become Skeletor after his encounter with Mummy johnny
KV1NN4: The Spoopweek Fall Prank Watch
doctorGunsforhands: Halloween in Nsburg is just a normal local news show
Phoenixturn: Also, Heya everyone! I forgot I was watching live, since I don't usually get to :p
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun I assume Pistol is when your machine gun runs out of ammo
doctorGunsforhands: Everyone is scared out of their minds waiting for the other shoe to drop
kpiozero: Are you saying that QWERPLINE isn't a normal news show?
Ignatiuspants: hi, @Phoenixturn too!
GDwarf: A maid with guns and a katana being assaulted by robotic cameras drones. Sounds like Japan.
plummeting_sloth: the worst Samuri is my machete cut of The Last Samuri
Mijnheer: UM
GDwarf: !Highlight Maid Style
Sektor88: is that supposed to be a taunt move?
MalBeam: that taunt
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Drazoth: is this matters of play?
MC_GigglePants: Meido Styruh!
madaboutvideogames: Best button
kpiozero: Maido Style?
rendelnep: you found a fanservice button
Hesk1el: Oh noo
EricTheOrange: She got that Maid Style
doctorGunsforhands: @kpiozero That... may be true
Rhynerd: So, that's how you raise your Maid Style.
Sakurazaki1023: I think the pose changes if you press other buttons
Ignatiuspants: MEIDO STAIIRU
Mystaira: And she slices herself in half with the platter.
Mijnheer: Meido Stairu still not as good as MENSUU BEAAAAAM tho
SandwichKed: just not feeling this. bring back the yak
GDwarf: Ian and Beej: Apparently it was mentioned in the mail time where this was received that using the "Maidu Stylue" during boss battles grants you a bonus on the score screen.
MC_GigglePants: Menzu Beam is def the best
Sakurazaki1023: NVM, maybe it just cycles
LessSkunksThanEstimated: menzu beam is clearly superior
7gorobei: i think the roomba dolls are saying cohi-O or coffee
TheExactSame: Frankly, this game could use some Menzu Beam
Mijnheer: Sir! Please don't MENSU BEAM on the meido Kappa
DarkMorford: Can't find anything on her voice actress, unfortunately.
ylegm: I've played rpgmaker games with more interseting soundtracks
Alephred: There's music?
plummeting_sloth: Game soundtrack largely provided by ringtones
GDwarf: The thing is, this has the basic skeleton of a Ys title, just...without any of the quality, or fun, high-speed combat.
Alexare_: Figma? I get FIGure, but what is the MA part?
EricTheOrange: Of the three Simple series games played on this show I think this is the best.
buckminst: Can't we basically accomplish the same thing with a Figma of Alice from Valkyrie Profile? XD
Ignatiuspants: the music they give you by default with RPG Maker is better than ...whatever this apparently is. (I can't hear it.)
LessSkunksThanEstimated: figma is a brand i thing.
GDwarf: And the Ys games have *amazing* soundtracks, rather than this 10 second loop
Rhynerd: Dangit, now I'm just imagining somebody making a tabletop army that's just this girl and her guns.
solahwin_tampramain sees torbeurn walk in and smile a creepy smile
wildpeaks: Speedrun strats
Grumpy_Mcfart: oh, that's awful
evdog99: woah I never catch these things live, I am so excite
MrPhlip: It's the same area, but viewed from a different angle
plummeting_sloth: oh that is terrible
ylegm: good old fashioned baad autocam
kenohki2: Goodsmie
GDwarf: Nendroid: Funko Pop, only not soul-scarring
Unpronounceable: Figmas have ugly joints though
psheps24: hi
DarkMorford: Yes, figmas and Nendoroids are both made by Good Smile Company.
Dusk_Shine: they're both really expensive too
RvLeshrac: "They're like Funkopop, except not complete *** that NO ONE SHOULD EVER BUY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES"
Mijnheer: The dialog tried to be katakana, but it just katacouldn't lrrSLOTH
The_Voices: i got my link figma signed by the sculpter
Rhynerd: Head not attached to body.
GDwarf: Also, wait, fighting dolls in maid uniforms? This is the fusion of Rosen Maiden and Gunslinger Girls that no one wanted!
Ignatiuspants: oh
Grumpy_Mcfart: I like how the "slice" wasn't alinged with her slash
plummeting_sloth: I'm sure this is just full of rich pathos
GDwarf: plummeting_sloth: Well, "Bathos" and "Pathos" are the same thing, right?
LessSkunksThanEstimated: I. never understood what the difference between kanji and katakana is. or if im spelling either of those right.
plummeting_sloth: what... is she doing wiht her hands
Sektor88: Ian curves lasers and flies Kappa
DoodlestheGreat: Highlight In My Eye
Tycherin: Is the text supposed to be unreadable?
going_medium: Ninja eyelashes
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: Different "alphabets", and they work differently
FITorion: very different
Sakurazaki1023: Now for the sniping level
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: Kana is complicated, Katakana and Hiragana are syllable-based, in that each character is a single syllable
rockario: And as we call them, Ian
devildan83: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:01:13.
aesir_blade: >Doubtr
FITorion: Hiragana and katakana being completely redundant... 100 characters each
Mijnheer: Example of katakana: バナナ, which literally romanizes to banana, the japanese loan word for banana
Aenir798: What's the name of this game again? The Maid something something?
kenohki2: ひらがな カタカナ 漢字
Rhynerd: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: The Maid Fuku To Kikanjuu (overridden)
Unpronounceable: @kenohki2 very clever
FITorion: Kanji are like root words. there's like 30,000 of them. Most people know like a couple thousand of them
kenohki2: @Unpronounceable I live in Tokyo so I see this stuff everday
plummeting_sloth: see also "A Brief History of Japan"
SquareDotCube: On the next episode of Beej Explains Ideographs...
Zyme86: We'll have our own language, with blackjack and hookers
Sektor88: I've learned Mandarin. That was fun :P
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: In essence, Kanji has one-symbol-per-word. Hiragana and Katakana are 100% overlapping syllable-based "alphabets", where each symbol is one syllable
LessSkunksThanEstimated: you know what. i did not expect to actually be taught something.
cfpreston: shes doin alot of heavy breahing for a robot
korvys: Hangul (the korean alphabet) is based on the mouth/tongue shape used for the sound - it's super cool
Anaerin: Sounds like the English Language - We bash other languages over the head and rummage through their pockets for loose syllables.
ylegm: seen here, the total explanation for Korean
plummeting_sloth: There's like GIANT Hangul letters on bulding downtown, they're so cool looking
GDwarf: cfpreston: Is she a robot? I think she's just a maid.
Hesk1el: One of the biggest things that you have to get your head around is tones in Mandarin, once you learn to forget English inflection it's much easier to understand
Gekyouryuu: I can't believe I forgot this was on. well, I've got a vod to watch later.
GDwarf: I'm pretty sure she's a maid working as a bodyguard for the little girl, who is under attack by maid robots
kpiozero: so, can someone explain the wiered plot of this game?
Nightvalien28: maid better
Zyme86: With a barret .50
kpiozero: Why is she... holding a sniper rifle?
wildpeaks: Agent 47 gave her piano lessons
Grumpy_Mcfart: you didn't have the right teacher
DennyMcG: You need to style and profile better.
cfpreston: but she was made in a lab?
ElementalAlchemist: "I don't remember piano lessons like this." --Ian, on a maid next to a piano with an assault weapon
LessSkunksThanEstimated: I suppose thank you dr's ian and beej. for teaching me things
plummeting_sloth: Sniper Piano Elite
Rhynerd: Foes the skelecopter come in and start shooting out of one of the windows?
Gekyouryuu: Doctors LRR, it's been a couple of weeks. have you had a chance to check out Shingeki no Bahamut?
Lyinginbedmon: The music mildly reminds me of House of the Dead, which I guess has a lot in common with this
FITorion: triggers?
kpiozero: I'm very confused by this
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: In essence, Katakana is real easy to learn, and since it's mostly used for loanwords, if you know it you can sound out what it stands for and get a rough idea
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are we here to play "Believe me, if all those endearing young charms"?
GDwarf: Hiragana is also easy to learn, but it's used for Japanese, so just sounding it out doesn't help you much
GDwarf: When you see Ian/Beej sounding stuff out on streams like this it's generally Katakana
wildpeaks: The maid is here to clean up the streets
GDwarf: Why are we killing all these cars?
kpiozero: Don't worry they're all robots?
Grumpy_Mcfart: they are evil and killed our father?
wildpeaks: That car had a family
Grumpy_Mcfart: rocket maid!
rockario: Also, if you learn Hiragana you can buy books that don't use Kanji. Or the have pronounciation guides above the Kanji
Macheya: The Bloody Spray of Ishkawa Goemon?
LessSkunksThanEstimated: My head hurts.
Macheya: I finished rewatching Lupin series 1 and I'm on series 2 right now.
GDwarf: Are there just thousands of cars and robots trying to kidnap our charge?
rockario: You can tell that was a bad guy, because they Uguu
Aenir798: It turns out this sniper rifle is actually a motion-seeking turret
plummeting_sloth: you've got ot be contorting like mad
ElementalAlchemist: "だめだ!" --Game
wildpeaks: the furniture in this house looks huge
Macheya: I thought it was great. It was campy, it was funny, and Fujiko a stupid ***.
GDwarf: I assume the maid only in lingerie is evil?
kpiozero: where are these robits coming from?