aesir_blade: >Doubtr
FITorion: Hiragana and katakana being completely redundant... 100 characters each
Mijnheer: Example of katakana: バナナ, which literally romanizes to banana, the japanese loan word for banana
Aenir798: What's the name of this game again? The Maid something something?
kenohki2: ひらがな カタカナ 漢字
Rhynerd: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: The Maid Fuku To Kikanjuu (overridden)
Unpronounceable: @kenohki2 very clever
FITorion: Kanji are like root words. there's like 30,000 of them. Most people know like a couple thousand of them
kenohki2: @Unpronounceable I live in Tokyo so I see this stuff everday
plummeting_sloth: see also "A Brief History of Japan"
SquareDotCube: On the next episode of Beej Explains Ideographs...
Zyme86: We'll have our own language, with blackjack and hookers
Sektor88: I've learned Mandarin. That was fun :P
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: In essence, Kanji has one-symbol-per-word. Hiragana and Katakana are 100% overlapping syllable-based "alphabets", where each symbol is one syllable
LessSkunksThanEstimated: you know what. i did not expect to actually be taught something.
cfpreston: shes doin alot of heavy breahing for a robot
korvys: Hangul (the korean alphabet) is based on the mouth/tongue shape used for the sound - it's super cool
Anaerin: Sounds like the English Language - We bash other languages over the head and rummage through their pockets for loose syllables.
ylegm: seen here, the total explanation for Korean
plummeting_sloth: There's like GIANT Hangul letters on bulding downtown, they're so cool looking
GDwarf: cfpreston: Is she a robot? I think she's just a maid.
Hesk1el: One of the biggest things that you have to get your head around is tones in Mandarin, once you learn to forget English inflection it's much easier to understand
Gekyouryuu: I can't believe I forgot this was on. well, I've got a vod to watch later.
GDwarf: I'm pretty sure she's a maid working as a bodyguard for the little girl, who is under attack by maid robots
kpiozero: so, can someone explain the wiered plot of this game?
Nightvalien28: maid better
Zyme86: With a barret .50
kpiozero: Why is she... holding a sniper rifle?
wildpeaks: Agent 47 gave her piano lessons
Grumpy_Mcfart: you didn't have the right teacher
DennyMcG: You need to style and profile better.
cfpreston: but she was made in a lab?
ElementalAlchemist: "I don't remember piano lessons like this." --Ian, on a maid next to a piano with an assault weapon
LessSkunksThanEstimated: I suppose thank you dr's ian and beej. for teaching me things
plummeting_sloth: Sniper Piano Elite
Rhynerd: Foes the skelecopter come in and start shooting out of one of the windows?
Gekyouryuu: Doctors LRR, it's been a couple of weeks. have you had a chance to check out Shingeki no Bahamut?
Lyinginbedmon: The music mildly reminds me of House of the Dead, which I guess has a lot in common with this
FITorion: triggers?
kpiozero: I'm very confused by this
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: In essence, Katakana is real easy to learn, and since it's mostly used for loanwords, if you know it you can sound out what it stands for and get a rough idea
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are we here to play "Believe me, if all those endearing young charms"?
GDwarf: Hiragana is also easy to learn, but it's used for Japanese, so just sounding it out doesn't help you much
GDwarf: When you see Ian/Beej sounding stuff out on streams like this it's generally Katakana
wildpeaks: The maid is here to clean up the streets
GDwarf: Why are we killing all these cars?
kpiozero: Don't worry they're all robots?
Grumpy_Mcfart: they are evil and killed our father?
wildpeaks: That car had a family
Grumpy_Mcfart: rocket maid!
rockario: Also, if you learn Hiragana you can buy books that don't use Kanji. Or the have pronounciation guides above the Kanji
Macheya: The Bloody Spray of Ishkawa Goemon?
LessSkunksThanEstimated: My head hurts.
Macheya: I finished rewatching Lupin series 1 and I'm on series 2 right now.
GDwarf: Are there just thousands of cars and robots trying to kidnap our charge?
rockario: You can tell that was a bad guy, because they Uguu
Aenir798: It turns out this sniper rifle is actually a motion-seeking turret
plummeting_sloth: you've got ot be contorting like mad
ElementalAlchemist: "だめだ!" --Game
wildpeaks: the furniture in this house looks huge
Macheya: I thought it was great. It was campy, it was funny, and Fujiko a stupid ***.
GDwarf: I assume the maid only in lingerie is evil?
kpiozero: where are these robits coming from?
GDwarf: Bicycle Kick!
plummeting_sloth: Suckuh!
wildpeaks: So basically we're fighting someone's waifu roombas
GDwarf: I'm pretty sure a bicycle kick shouldn't work on a power loader
Grumpy_Mcfart: that window had a family!
Rhynerd: Oh, we're gonna need to fix that window later...
Macheya: I dislike Fujiko a lot. She rarely gets her comeuppance and is always using Lupin. I get it's supposed to be a comedy thing, because Lupin's in love with her, but she never cares about him.
wildpeaks: where we're going, we don't need doors
Zyme86: Doors only keep the honest people out
plummeting_sloth: we make our own doors
Anaerin: No time for doors.
LessSkunksThanEstimated: so i guess you combine kanji and katakana and the other one i already forgot hte name of to make sentences and stuff?
GDwarf: Macheya: I haven't seen, well, *any* Lupin, but isn't Fujiko supposed to be a more comedic Femme Fatale?
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: Most Japanese is Kanji and Hiragana
LessSkunksThanEstimated: Ok.
wildpeaks: I thought we were the only non-robot maid ?
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: Katakana is only for loanwords
TStodden: WIndows are just non-walkable doors.
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: And stuff written for kids will be exclusively in Hiragana
plummeting_sloth: well, that sounds like the entirety of the planning meeting , yes
ylegm: this would be more interesting as a contra clone
buckminst: Needs to be Meidonetta =)
plummeting_sloth: Metal Gear Maid
PMAvers: Okay, take this concept, and let Platnium design the gameplay.
Mijnheer: @LessSkunksThanEstimated Most of the nouns and stuff are Kanji, with Hiragana for some smaller words and the grammar stuff. Loan words are written exclusively in Katakana
GDwarf: LessSkunksThanEstimated: Because learning 20 000 individual characters, one for each word, is actually kinda difficult
ylegm: nice ones
Laserbeaks_Fury: More Bayonetta
kpiozero: when you hve a silly premise, the only snesable thing to do is to double down
Grumpy_Mcfart: Robot maid war sim would be a good name for a rock band
plummeting_sloth: Ghost Maid: Advanced Wardrobe Cleaning
GDwarf: Evil Lingerie Maid!
Ignatiuspants: I'd have at least made the enemies ridiculous... like some kind of overwhelming blend of ninjas, giant robots, catgirls, and.. heck... tentacle monsters (the sfw kind)
DennyMcG: The life of a maid is much more exciting than I expected.
couldntpickausername arrives
GDwarf: She's speaking into her elbow
LessSkunksThanEstimated: Ok. i think i understand. also i didn't expect to actually learn things.
wildpeaks: I hope she's our next character :D
CaptainSpam: Meh, this is a boring day for your typical Japanese maid.
couldntpickausername: is that supposed to be a language
Hesk1el: Oh crap
buckminst: She's communicating by Codec, frequency 141.85
EricTheOrange: Shes the Gaijin, with that blond hair and blue eyes.
angryoptimist: Something something Ngage.
Talin06: she is a robot
Anaerin: couldntpickausername: Yes, there are texture issues.
plummeting_sloth: her elbow has a veyr masculine voice
Macheya: @GDwarf Yeah, she's Lupin's love interest and she's supposed to be campy like Lupin and the gang, but she always gets pissy when Lupin chases other women, never gives him the time of day unless she wants something and will always betray him at the first opportunity.
Alexare_: It's not that strange. Her elbow did respond afterall
ylegm: dingdong dingdong coll-ect call!
Rhynerd: Unless she is a robot with a radio button behind her ear.
GDwarf: EricTheOrange: Even odds she's German?
Anaerin: The microphone is hidden in her cuff.
kpiozero: Hellow Ian, elbow call for you?
Mijnheer: Of course, the only word one ever needs to know is です Kappa
aesir_blade: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
GDwarf: Macheya: Have you seen Cowboy Bebop?
wildpeaks: that's a very stealthy microphone
EricTheOrange: sound like a female VA.
Macheya: @GDwarf Yeah
ElementalAlchemist: 「です」です!
Juliamon: female VA means nothing
Ignatiuspants: women often voice little boys
DennyMcG: Yeah
Anaerin: Bart Simpson has a female VA.
Sektor88: Speaking of anime, next round of Digimon Adventure Tri episodes drops this weekend! :D
GDwarf: Macheya: What's your opinion of Faye?
cfpreston: are they all robots
DennyMcG: I mean Goku is voiced by a woman
plummeting_sloth: that look is "How hard to have to pretend that she's not talking in to her elbow"
Nightvalien28: edward elric VA is a woman
wildpeaks: animation intensifies
Phoenixturn: By boy, you'd probably mean trans girl, btw.
DennyMcG: That's also the reason I won't watch Dragon Ball subbed. Can't stand Goku's VA
wildpeaks: 10/10 best gimbal
korvys: dat IK
Gekyouryuu: Ash Ketchum is a girl in English AND Japanese
Macheya: @GDwarf Well, for one she doesn't use her body as currency like Fujiko. I like her a lot more, but she actually has a character, unlike Fujiko who is mostly an archetype.
plummeting_sloth: there's a gravatiional strong point there
Ignatiuspants: the character designer for Guilty Gear thought Kenshin was a girl too... I remember there's a female samurai based on him in the game for that reason
Alexare_: It is pretty common for women to VA young male characters. Can't get the voice high enough with a male VA a lot of the time
ElementalAlchemist: Their hands appear to be at a fixed point, and they're both trying to get out
TheExactSame: YES
Seagulyus: yeah sounds like a female VA, and has a bust on the left. also wearing a skirt. the one of the right has the hair part that makes us think of a male. course this is anime and...yeah we know what anime is like
Zyme86: !highlight Mime art
damullet14: !highlight yank
GDwarf: Macheya:...Faye *totally* uses her body as a currency
angryoptimist: This is the strangest Hokey Pokey I've ever seen.
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Hesk1el: They're stuck in a temporal anomaly
Beofryn: Deep mimes, the underdark version of the mime
Macheya: @Gdw
TheExactSame: Worth it
GDwarf: Darn it
Nightvalien28: JAPAN
DoodlestheGreat: Yeah, this'll be on the highlight reel...
solahwin_tampramain: i think that worked?
Rhynerd: Totally worth it.
Grumpy_Mcfart: I need an adult!!
PMAvers: And now everybody lrrEFF 'd
Hesk1el: All the tropes
Anaerin: !highlight
EricTheOrange: Did 90s Anime just happen
DennyMcG: Now kisssss
Ignatiuspants: the animators were too lazy to put any kind of kinematic connection between their hands
plummeting_sloth: It... it's not like I like your or anything!
Seagulyus: actually the one in the right has the face of a female in the anime tradition
KV1NN4: they both look less than 14 D8
ElementalAlchemist: "I'm here, and I want my hand to be in the fixed point, too!" --Blue dress maid
Alephred: In animation terms, this is why we have forward and inverse kinematics.
wildpeaks: "the eyes finally loaded"
Drazoth: all this weeb *** filled me with the desire for toast. and more rum
wildpeaks: she just has a case of the Mondays
LessSkunksThanEstimated: Thank you Dr's Ian and beej for teaching me things. and GDwarf and Mijnheer also
fourcardcombosuicide: Just turned on the stream. What is HAPPENING?
GDwarf: Why does evil Lingerie Maid even have an apron? Her midriff is uncovered!
Macheya: @GDwarf When? She makes herself look good in a dress, but she doesn't promise things in order to get men to do stuff for her.
rockario: @ElementalAlchemist Are we going there? Desu: Took me a second to find it.
wildpeaks: I'm not sure anyone knows what's hapenning
GDwarf: Macheya: She does, for side characters, she doesn't usually try it on Spike or Jet, 'cause it doesn't work on them
Grumpy_Mcfart: @GDwarf how else will people know she's a maid?
Ignatiuspants: is there, like, a missing Japanese font, or what is happening here?
GDwarf: Ignatiuspants: Rendering errors
Mijnheer: PS2 emulation is wonky
Anaerin: ignatiuspants: Rendering issue with the text texture in the emulator.
ElementalAlchemist: rockario: Seems extreme.
wildpeaks: SpiderMaid
wildpeaks: with a gun
Seagulyus: wait is this reverse dark souls Kappa /'>'\
EricTheOrange: She matered the power of jumping
Jarannis: Maidu Stailu!
buckminst: You can tell she's the bad meido because she has an AK.
FITorion: you have to dodge...
Laserbeaks_Fury: maid style!
Aenir798: Her maidu stailu is far superior.
Sektor88: Spiderman with a gun is more like Italian Spiderman. Seriously, there's a movie called Italian Spiderman and it's a dude with a shotgun
Zyme86: Stun lock style
Grumpy_Mcfart: sunlocked
Radyin: Taunt!
Grumpy_Mcfart: *stunlocked
SketchyDetails: Use the taunt!
GDwarf: The primary means of locomotion for maid bots is sliding
ylegm: so, is here where the other maid steals the little kid
plummeting_sloth: Fool, you will never break the power of my maid stun lock!
ylegm: green is specail ammo
Rhynerd: Just keep swinging.
Ignatiuspants: "my MEIDO STAIRU is stronger than yours!"
Radyin: Try the taunt button.
Rhynerd: I think that's AM ammo.
SketchyDetails: TAUNT
Zyme86: lrrHORN
wildpeaks: First. Try.
Pusherman555: lrrHORN
Macheya: @GDwarf I don't recall her doing that but it's been a while since I've rewatched the series. Ballad of Fallen Angels she relies on Mao Yenrai to get by the syndicate, is the closest I remember.
ElementalAlchemist: lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrGOAT
plummeting_sloth: Truly, the dark souls of maid combat games
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Jund 'em out.
AnotherEli: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrGOAT
wildpeaks: Lrrbot knows
Mijnheer: that meido had a family!
DennyMcG: Jund is a legit tactic in maid battles.
Hesk1el: She's like a tarmogoyf
EricTheOrange: Lola?
kpiozero: Jund em out
Hesk1el: what she kills makes her stronger
EricTheOrange: or Laura, that's good to.
GDwarf: Macheya: It's never a huge thing, but she does very deliberately, uh, "flaunt" her way into bars and stuff to get info, and early in one episode she tries to hitchhike that way
DavidForGiants: Not to condemn what has come before - which lacked the tech or budget - but this makes me grateful for Cyber Connect - Naruto/Azura's Wrath
rockario: @ElementalAlchemist: Now picturing ORA-ORA-ORA-ORA except it's DESU-DESU-DESU-DESU-YOOOOOOO
Rhynerd: She has a fair sum of surprised faces
Ignatiuspants: HEY.... the communication device was supposed to be in her OTHER ARM.... what is this game trying to pull here?!
angryoptimist: Being shot a hundred times sure makes me break a sweat! I go down to the gym every Tuesday to get shot in the face!
Sektor88: Beej "magical egg" Dery
plummeting_sloth: "Lola... it's me, your elbow. you should be wearing elbow pads. Protect me"
samwonk: Is your character's hair made out of, like, straw?
GDwarf: Fist of the North Maid: "You're already dusted!"
kpiozero: Beej eats the whole egg
GDwarf: Fist of the North Lumberjack: "You're already Plaid!"
Alephred: I imagine chickens treat eggs like poop. They lay eggs all the time.
Grumpy_Mcfart: Spoiler alert: it's an ostrich egg
EricTheOrange: @samwonk It's made out of low grade PS2 graphics
ElementalAlchemist: Well, at least you're consistent
Macheya: @GDwarf Hm, she does it when she's getting info on the bomber in Heavy Metal Queen, that's true, but even that is still way less than what Fujiko does, and I'm more forgiving of Faye because she has characterization beyond "stand-offish love interest femme fatale".
Aenir798: C for Consistent
plummeting_sloth: yet one more gun we don't actually have
cfpreston: lets see if youve new stuff
FITorion: D is for Diploma... C is for Commencement
wildpeaks: I'm not sure that's how eggs work, they don't summon ostriches
Driosenth: next time on beej eats the whole​ thing: Beej eats a three egg omelette, in front of a chicken.
going_medium: A's get guns?
wildpeaks: and even if they did, I don't think you can dance with it
kpiozero: What do you know about summoning ostriches
LessSkunksThanEstimated: phrasing.
Rhynerd: Do we need better grades to get more guns?
Mijnheer: Aww, I expected you'd get an AK after beating that girl who was using one
KV1NN4: Some friends of mine found a site that sell weird meats, ostrich eggs was one fo the things and i think it was like... CA$90 or something?
Alephred: An ostrich egg will not guarantee you a dance with a full-grown ostrich.
samwonk: Maybe there are no other guns.
GDwarf: Macheya: Again, I haven't seen any Lupin, but my understanding is that the Bebop crew were *heavily* modeled on the Lupin cast, with Faye as Fujiko. It's...really not clear why the Bebop gang keep Faye around, given how often she betrays them
Grumpy_Mcfart: my EYES!
wildpeaks: Continuous, Enthusiastic, Oystriches.
splatty1: I just got here, assault rifle, pistol, anti material rifle and head band seems like a really weird load-out screen
Ignatiuspants: it's a slow process, obviously... you have to hatch the egg properly and take care of the baby ostrich and let it grow up big and strong, and train it to dance with you
samwonk: Maybe there's just a bunch of 'closed' signs plus the guns you've already got.
Zyme86: I saw that survivorman epsiode
wildpeaks: inb4 ostrich dance training montage
KV1NN4: Oh yeah we're thinking of getting one to make a hella big omelette... we didn't that day because theyw ere sold out. They also sold Hippo
Anaerin: Might be an idea, next time you're fiddling with the emulator, to set it into hardware mode, with resolution set to "3x Native". That might help artifacting and the like.
KV1NN4: also sold out
samwonk: Ein is Lupin.
Macheya: I wouldn't really compare them, either.
Macheya: Spike and Jet are way too different.
Grumpy_Mcfart: Ed's a hacker, Goemon "hacks" things
kpiozero: Look, my aunt and uncle have a farm in BC, We can send Beej and Ian a chicken and sevral eggs
Macheya: From Lupin and Jigen, I mean.
EricTheOrange: Ein is way to smart to be Lupin.
plummeting_sloth: They had a that one Cowboy that evetually dressed up as a samuri...
wildpeaks: Did that mech lay a robot maid egg ?
GDwarf: kpiozero: ...I was *just* in orchard country in BC. It's a neat place...
FITorion: go... left?
Macheya: I loved that episode.
Hesk1el: Escort the payload!
ylegm: This game is so repetitive, I'm making up backstory to fill in the cracks
Macheya: Cowboy Funk , I think it is.
Grumpy_Mcfart: Beej eats the whole chicken. alive
Grumpy_Mcfart: feet first
couldntpickausername: actually a crapshot about things in the pobox might be neat
Alexare_: The path on the map is ligher blue
FITorion: there appears to be a path left...
Anaerin: Isn't there a path to the left?
DennyMcG: I miss owning chickesn
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think the Moonbase deserves more than such poultry tinkets
Cherubimcw: I personally have seen someone recieve live chickens in the post.
EricTheOrange: Gosujin Sama
Macheya: @Laserbeaks_Fury 8/10 for on-brand comedy.
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Spend quality time with your possessions.
kpiozero: so, we'll have beej and ian eat the eggs in front of the chicken
ylegm: also, I thought you couldn't mail chicks to a po box, you had to have a physical address
kpiozero: then I'm not sure what else
7gorobei: does red robin deliver live chickens?
DennyMcG: We wouldn't be able to keep them though, one of our dogs would definitely try to "play" with them, and would definitely kill them.
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Booker, Catch!"
Anaerin: As we were all taught, first step is to shoot the hostage.
FITorion: I hear komio
Sektor88: code geass? Kappa
Rhynerd: Your VIP is ablative, to a degree.
Macheya: Kougyuu?
Grumpy_Mcfart: I just hear "mew mew"
tuckamanian: sounds "screw you"
cfpreston: cold neo
GDwarf: I mean, an actual game in which killer robotic dolls in Gothic Lolita outfits start trying to kidnap a child and his maid caretaker turns out to have been made by the person who originally invented the robot technology and fends them off with guns would be *amazing*...if it had competent combat
samwonk: Also, Ed is clearly modeled on Yahiko.
rockario: I'm telling you, they're trying to be cute and poorly pronouncing Uguu
GDwarf: "Koi Gyo", clearly, "Carp Fish" :P
wildpeaks: that kid has built-in rollerskates in his shoes given the way he walks
MrPhlip: !addquote (Beej) [now] I'm down with the love fish.
LRRbot: New quote #4178: "I'm down with the love fish." —Beej [2017-05-01]
kpiozero: so, is that like
Drazoth: why am i know imagining Neo from RWBY as a gun maid now?
kpiozero: an actual human you shot now?
Mijnheer: We have 12 chickens, sweet jesus nothing grows anymore in the part of the garden we let them roam around in.
7gorobei: they are probably saying cohee-o, aka coffee
Rhynerd: Provably just a robot butler.
Macheya: Drs. Ian and Beej, I'll check out The Woman Named Fujiko Mine, but I'm not holding my breath.
FITorion: be quiet a min... let me try google translate app
kpiozero: why do they put the sword back in the sheath?
GDwarf: When Drilltails go wrong
Mijnheer: Also, chickens dig holes. All over the place.
kpiozero: I mean woulnd't it be smarter to keep it out while you're atatcking with it
DennyMcG: This game certainly has some flaws
Laserbeaks_Fury: MEKA Online
Rhynerd: Y'know, Down with the Love Fish kinda sounds like an album name.
wildpeaks: umscuseme ?
samwonk: Gotta be honest and say this feels like a horror game.
Macheya: That sounds like series 1.
GDwarf: kplozero: There's a katana sword-style called iajitsu, which is all about drawing your sword and attacking in one motion. Since it looks really dramatic, Japanese fiction has decided it's the only way to use a katana
kpiozero: Aren't all simple games horror to some extent?
rockario: The twintails deflect bullets
Grumpy_Mcfart: it's a peahat
Mijnheer: @samwonk Sorta does with the camera perspectives
Drazoth: @Rhynerd maybe the next neil cicirega album?
wildpeaks: that is a fancy mansion
kpiozero: GDwarf: That attack style sounds absurdly foolish
CptSpiffy: thank you for recommending sakura quest, it is an anime that I would normal over look but i am really enjoying it
Rhynerd: @drazoth maybe.
kpiozero: How would you defend yourself from attacks?
GDwarf: wildpeaks: Well, they can afford a maid with what appears to be Green Beret training
GDwarf: kpiozero: Quickdrawing your sword
wildpeaks: true
GDwarf: kpiozero: The idea is that you cut down your own opponent in one strike
rebornflames: sakura quest has been very good
Macheya: Dear Dr. Ian, what's your favorite Lupin? Green, Red, Blue or Black? Of the main television series, that is.
Grumpy_Mcfart: don't forget to maid style
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Don't blame the controller, blame the avatar.
Ignatiuspants: now, the robots are getting interesting!
GDwarf: Maid Style ups your AM ammo
Grumpy_Mcfart: Maid Style Sushi