Drazoth: @AdmiralMemo nice. my commander is aurelia. Thinking i might rebuild the deck to be angel focused
Positivemilkhotel: @Izandai right but they can't do that for a lot of scenes because of fighting in cutscenes. It's animated for the sword so it would look silly with a spear or gauntlets
Jarannis: This one /respawns/
Darth_Wooper: Adam is a heartless maniac though. These two are not.
splatty1: so apparently this npc just keeps respawning.... as adam found out
bigb00gi3: Don't forget to go back to the factory and loot yourselffff
Granitefish: Weldar93 Their is a event for all the weapons upgraded though
Izandai: @Positivemilkhotel Ah. True.
Mysterious_Challenger: Adam tried to kill it
rarermonsters: Holy *** this music
Mysterious_Challenger: immediately
Tokkanada: The music is so good in this
Macheya: All the little flips and stuff that 2B does are great.
Crashzxs: it is a trap, for your heart
GDwarf: I finished my playthrough with Pascal still alive and, uh, intact. Though also broken. I don't know if I made the right choice or not
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: What's the bot saying?
Serifina: It sounds like I should be really glad I quit out of watching Adam's stream.
Ownee171: Trap for your heart is right
weldar93: @Granitefish What happens? I didn't get them all
Granitefish: A big fight with Emil
weldar93: Neat
Jarannis: AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull If I remember right from Adam's play through, it's saying "This way" and "come with me"
MC_GigglePants: The only one that isn't empty is the one going to the bunker
aesir_blade: Note that androids run on water
GoAmpDog2: half wit
daltonmec: So this is my first experience with Neir, and I must say the sound design is excellent!
Valiant_Cookie: Ahgg spoilers for this game make me so mad. It's such a finely crafted experience when you learn things when the game tells you
Louie_Salmon: All those evil machines, just repeating things they heard.
Ownee171: Yeah, the sound and music in Neir and Drakengard has always been fantastic
RvLeshrac: A stream of a game is a bad place to be if you hate spoilers.
Izandai: @Valiant_Cookie you're free to not watch.
GDwarf: Valiant_Cookie: This particular stream is about discussing all parts of the game, though
Skyboss1996: Empty, empty, empty, distilled water, empty.... well somebody's thirsty.
GDwarf: Also, some of the reveals are timed poorly
daltonmec: Is Drakengard the precursor to it?
silenceaux: So the way that this area has been reconstructed as sort of a combination treehouse and village is very childlike.
CoyoteSans: We won't be streaming the whole game, so it's fine.
Paranundrox: I enjoy the spoilers because its the only way that I will ever learn anything about it :P
GDwarf: daltonmec: Drakenguard is the prequel to Nier, which is the prequel to this game
Valdinzar24: @daltonmec yes and no
blackwlf: @daltonmec Ultimately, yes, one ending is.
Lyinginbedmon: Nier is the precursor but it has no narrative association
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Drakengard is the very distant precursor to this game
MC_GigglePants: @Skyboss1996 YoRHa androids are INCREDIBLY thirsty. In every sense of the word.
Skyboss1996: You can kill everything here.
Ownee171: Drakengard 1 ending E is the precursor to Neir one, which is the precursor to this
Hamsterhotep: This next to Inside...
Kramburger: There should be a crawl on the lower third that just says WE ARE GOING TO SPOIL THIS FOR YOU over and over
GDwarf: Lyinginbedmon: Not quite true
GDwarf: Lyinginbedmon: Emil is in this
Louie_Salmon: And now to full, coherent sentences
Lyinginbedmon: @GDwarf One or two characters recur, yeah, but on the whole it's unrelated.
JohnLockeCole: daltonmec the Nier games explicitly take place in the same Earth as Drakengard, but have little to no direct connection
Macheya: It's weird how 9S always discovers too much, but he's so adamant about hating the machines early on.
Tokkanada: They have green eyes, so you KNOW they're nice!
newfur: Let's do the village! LET'S DO THE WHOLE *** VILLAGE!
Arclight_Dynamo: I gotta say, this game is profoundly not my shit. I love the thematic elements, but all the "cool anime stuff" is... not my bag, unfortunately. I vary from "meh" to "ugh" on all that. That said, I'm *super* glad people dig it, and the stream itself is great!
Skyboss1996: In fluent.... robot.
daltonmec: Interesting! thank you chat! and @JohnLockeCole
timble4: oh boy do I know about people not reading stuff...customer service is trying sometimes.
Mysterious_Challenger: These machines have more human names than you do
LathosTiran: for a year the overlay had the game name, people kept asking
GDwarf: JohnLockeCole: Er, that's not quite right. NieR takes place on *our* Earth, Drakenguard 1's E end takes place on our earth and turn it into the NieR earth
weldar93: Just have an audio track saying we're going to spoil this playing non stop over the stream, I'm sure that won't be annoying
AdmiralMemo: Arclight_Dynamo: Same
KParrell: have we met A2 yet?
Macheya: This village reminds me of Kainé's village from Nier.
GDwarf: KParrell: Nowhere close
Rhynerd: Not yet
Ownee171: Nope. You don't meet A2 for a while
MC_GigglePants: Pascal figured that fighting was pointless and decided to try and make something that wasn't absolutely ***
GoAmpDog2: they left the network
rarermonsters: Robo Ewoks are way more endearing
Valdinzar24: @Lyinginbedmon not quite unrelated all the games are connected narratively just several generations apart
CoyoteSans: @GDwarf Put another way, Drakengard gives context to The Event that triggers the transformation of our world in to NNier world.
Skyboss1996: Up in the top, on the overlay, in the lower 1/3, in the tweet and in the title
GDwarf: CoyoteSans: Yeah
Valdinzar24: but they are linked by cause and effect
daltonmec: I like this lower third design better :D
Contiguouskittycat: Also, humanity's extinction is a direct result of the end of Nier.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: OH NO
AdmiralMemo: Wait, what game is this again? Kappa
JollyGee29: Nier takes place in Drakengard 2's Earth I thought? because the timelines sync back up after Drakengard 2
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: "waving the flag is fun" MY HEART
Positivemilkhotel: I would say the original nier is actually very relevant to this game's story. Without project gestalt happening in original nier we wouldn't have the element of humanity being instinct and the whole thing being pointless
Ownee171: Oh, big sis and little sis...
Skyboss1996: Cam, you just can't tell people they don't have arms
ElementalAlchemist: People who don't use the webpage don't see the stream title or game entered in Twitch
Kidror: He's trying his best, Cam!
blackwlf: @AdmiralMemo Frog Fractions.
Ownee171: That was...that hurt to see
Rhynerd: But, waving the flag is fun!
ElementalAlchemist: That said, there's no excuse for not reading the lower third
thetardis42: but did you come to our houses and tattoo the name of the game on our heads?
GoAmpDog2: BIG SIS
AdmiralMemo: blackwlf lrrBEEJ
Schnappsy: Please do... this game seems fascinating...
DigitalSeahorse: ablist!
Macheya: Did we kill her sister in the desert?
rarermonsters: Why does a robot think she has a sister
MC_GigglePants: @JollyGee29 NieR takes place after Drakengard 1's "joke" ending
Chipton: The ENIAC
TasteyBabies: So as paradoxical as the name is, it seems pretty relevant that all the machines here are identified as 'machine lifeform'
Lyinginbedmon: Little Sister is a Garzweiler
Granitefish: ElementalAlchemist they had it on the lower third which was directly a part of the stream
Louie_Salmon: The little sister is in fact bigger than the older sister.
MC_GigglePants: @JollyGee29 Where that MC and final boss travel to the "land of the gods"
Ownee171: Yeah, there's definitely one big enough to be considered that
ElementalAlchemist: granitefish: Yup, I remember
Rhynerd: "Little sister is the desert area, just all of it"
silenceaux: Again, between the "house built in a tree", the shape of many of these robots, the size of the houses in this village... And the vocals to this song, it is incredibly childlike. It is almost weaponized innocence.
Ownee171: Though you never actually stand on it
rarermonsters: This game is unbelievably sweet
Skyboss1996: hahaha
Darth_Wooper: Little sister is like "Iron Giant" sized or something? That would be cool. I haven't played the game, so I don't know.
Crashzxs: it also sounds like this song is being sung by children
JollyGee29: No, I know that Nier comes from Drakengard E. But the Earth that Caim goes to is the end result of the golden ending from Drakengard 2 I thought? Black Thursday, etc
Skyboss1996: "Machine with hat"
Rhynerd: !highlight Beauty
Ownee171: Hi Jean Paul, you jerkbag!
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Ownee171: I like that they censor his name in the dialogue in the English version
Macheya: @Crashzxs The machines often sound like children, it's a neat choice.
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: I kind of want Little Sister to be this gigantic spider-thing bristling withguns.
Positivemilkhotel: THEORY: Little sis is the goliath buzzsaw guy from the beginning
MC_GigglePants: @JollyGee29 Drakengard 2 is effectively non-canonical as far as the NieR timeline is concerned
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: now the machines have gotten all the way to displaying arrogance and vanity!
GDwarf: Alright, why all the Jean-Paul hate? so far as I can tell, his biggest crime is very, very deep naivete, and not being a fan of his groupies.
Hamsterhotep: Robuts are people too.
Skyboss1996: Creator, does this unit have a soul?
TheBearBee: Has Hat=Has Soul
GoAmpDog2: this village are all off network
rarermonsters: It seems like the "on-the-nose" ness of the names represent androids learning to be human solely by picking up a highlight of cultural artifatcts
Positivemilkhotel: not only is there a village, but there's a FOREST KINGDOM
Ownee171: I like how this philosophical game about what it means to be human kind of pokes fun at quite a few notable philosophers
Hesk1el: Jean-Paul IS Talking Simulator
LathosTiran: yes and we can sell that soul for 13K+ on future playthroughs lrrBEEJ
GDwarf: rarermonsters: Machines, not androids, and yeah, it's in the game that they're glomming on to aspects of human society and trying to emulate them
AdmiralMemo: So a game that's done well, but isn't your thing... It's kind of like how you can appreciate the effort that goes into a meal with ingredients you won't/can't eat.
CoyoteSans: I like to describe the differences in our anxienties about machine inteligence like this: Japanese worry "What if robots will have souls?", Westerners worry "What if they won't?"
daltonmec: YAYYYYY for getting was promised on a stream (EXISTENTIAL CRISIS) DxCat DxCat
GDwarf: Talk to Pascal again
Lysander_Gustav: Don't they have messages in the inbox?
Ownee171: You still need to talk to Pascal, don't you?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: floating air hockey robot with a flag tied to its head is easily my favorite favorite thing right now
djfranknbeans: This village feels very "fez" like. But I think that's just the rotational aspect.
rarermonsters: Bye Robot Ewoks!
Valdinzar24: this game is exsistential crisis the game
AdmiralMemo: djfranknbeans I was thinking the same thing
TacitusVigil: If only the Geth had asked that an atheist quarian. "Does this unit have a soul" "No, and neither do I. Now shut up while I finish this software patch"
TheBearBee: If Hat ==True: Soul = 1 Else: Soul = 0
Drazoth: @TacitusVigil That would have been hilarous
rarermonsters: In call of duty the ivy would be perfect and there'd be nothing interesting to look at
AdmiralMemo: TheBearBee So ever since I lost my hat, I've lost my soul? Kappa
Hamsterhotep: Does this unit have a soul? "Yeah, if you like..."
silenceaux: So you just left a freshly constructed village built from the ruins of an ancient civilization, and now you see the vestiges of that civilization overrun by nature.
Paranundrox: @Valdinzar24 with a character named Simone and one named Sartre, what would you expect? :P
blackwlf: Therefore Soul == Hat?
Skyboss1996: What's wrong 6O?
GDwarf: Oh 6O
Valdinzar24: @Paranundrox did'nt say i was happy with it
Friggin_Cornflakes: BibleThump
GoAmpDog2: no the heart breck
Contiguouskittycat: Lesbian robot sadness! Oh no>
wildpeaks: aww 6O
Ownee171: Oh, 6O. You're such a good girl
nattsan: More progressive then Persona 5!
Skyboss1996: Uuuhhh. Talk to 9S?
TheBearBee: I'm afraid so friend. But Amazon has an amazing line of hats.
Rhynerd: lrrAWW
Valdinzar24: actually I just finished the game and chose to delete my save file option
daltonmec: OH NOOOOOOOOO
Valdinzar24: because i'm not a dirtbag
Djshire: Alex, Cam, and chat, if you haven't, go look up Undertale Genocide runs. The fight with Sans looks miserable, and thats just from watching it, not playing it
Contiguouskittycat: Yeah, Persona 5 is real good, and REEAAALL bad at homosexual representation.
LadyThrimbletrimmer: hey party people, sorry im late
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: Tangential: I find it interesting how there seems to be far fewer people dismissing the obviously non-human looking empathic machines in not only this game but a great deal of other games than there are people dismissing the much more human Synths of Fallout 4. Is that a failure of F4, an attempt to be edgy, standard fan conflicts or something else?
Skyboss1996: WOW
Tokkanada: DANG
Ownee171: Cam, you're the best
GoAmpDog2: 2b you need me
Macheya: Bodied!
TheBearBee: 1 Day shipping for Prime members who needs souls quick
Skyboss1996: Shots fired!
Mysterious_Challenger: Does your Operator know that you're a model E?
daltonmec: Dang Cam
Questhere: oh god, we've got a clinger
wildpeaks: sweet
misteline: Please refer all feelings to 9S. He is more tolerant all of...that.
thedeatheffect: KappaPride
daltonmec: Roasted
Drazoth: So, has anyone else read the new story for almond cats?
Toxpin: Wow Cam. Cold as ice.
rarermonsters: Is one of the New Game Pluses playing as the Operator and it becomes a dating sim?
GoAmpDog2: ya lost of fan far and gay
Macheya: I can't wait for Adam to hear that. His reaction will be great.
Nerdshome: i just logged in to "this games' really gay"? what's going on?
Dmc3628: Drazoth Chad finally knew
Ownee171: @rarermonsters I wish!
daltonmec: TheIlluminati TheIlluminati TheIlluminati KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride
Positivemilkhotel: the funniest part of this game is that 2b's operator is a perfect fit for 9s and vice versa
GDwarf: Mysterious_Challenger: Hmm, interesting question. I'd guess so.
MC_GigglePants: Yoko Taro is pretty good about the gay as far as japanese designers go
silenceaux: It kinda makes sense that robots wouldn't be particularly heteronormative.
DigitalSeahorse: maybe she's not normally needy and this is just the off day and he couldn't handle one off day even! o.o
blackwlf: I almost never wear hats. This may explain. . . many things.
MC_GigglePants: 21O
holidayMD: Nier 1 Was very progressive for its time
LadyThrimbletrimmer: so i missed most of the stream, can I assume that you've dismissed all the 2b jokes?
GDwarf: Nerdshome: It has positive portrayals of gay characters
Djshire: Nerdshome its a really gay game, whats wrong with that?
GoAmpDog2: 21o
Skyboss1996: 21O
Darth_Wooper: And not in the "gay-as-insult" way.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Alex, Cameron, have you ever seen the comedian talking about how CoD has an exquisitely modeled representation of the city of Karachi as a map - but everything is labeled in Arabic, and in Karachi they speak Urdu?
Nerdshome: ahhh, that makes more sense
Skyboss1996: 21O and 2B really should have been paired
Nerdshome: yay context
DoodlestheGreat: Discussing gender identity and preference is complicated when everyone is a machine.
Granitefish: 21O does open up a bit with her Side Quest
Mysterious_Challenger: Oh hell
GDwarf: Alex and Cam: One of the most important party members in the original NieR is intersex, and the game doesn't make a big deal about it at all. It comes up maybe once or twice, and that's it. Otherwise she's just an awesome person.
Positivemilkhotel: 21O is worst girl. kappa
Kramburger: Kumal Najiani
Contiguouskittycat: You've been constorting with machines! We ARE machines, what do you mean?!
Mysterious_Challenger: how many 9Ses has his operator watched die?
Revenant77x: @LoadingReadyRun too bad Pascal does not have a gambling mini-game
DigitalSeahorse: the other half of men not being allowed to cry is them being far less equipped to handle anyone crying around them :(
Lysant: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:45:29.
Ownee171: Aw, 21O
LadyThrimbletrimmer: also, have we noted how the later character is A2 - as in A2 Brute?
Skyboss1996: Everythings in Arabic. when it should be Urdu.
Nerdshome: @GDwarf she was so much fun as a character
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: "Someone was like 'Hey, what language do they speak in Karachi?' and someone else went, 'I don't care.' "
Louie_Salmon: @gdwarf It's actually never directly stated, if I remember right.
Valdinzar24: @AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull hmmm thats a good question I think it has less to do with the synths looking human and more to do with the fact that fallout4 paints most of the synths and the organization that creates them as evil
CoyoteSans: @GDwarf On the other hand, one of the main characters for Drakengard is a straight up pedophile preist, iirc, sooooo...
Macheya: @GDwarf She's basically the standard when it comes to making a character versus a token minority. It's infuriating when people go off about race or sex or whatever.
Ownee171: uh, phrasing?
DarknessKingCoH: That same comedian is on Silicon Valley
BlandSpice: The best way to represent the mismatch of Operator to Android is actually at the start: 60 asks how the weather is from 2B, at a similar point, 9S tells his Operator how the weather is, and she shuts him down with "it's not relevant"
Kramburger: He's Kumal Nanjiani
GDwarf: Louie_Salmon: I think it's stated once
rarermonsters: "No 2b, you can't trust anyone who's not Kawaii"
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Kumal Nanjiani sounds right
djfranknbeans: Hrm ... pondering what it even means for robot/AI to be "gay". I having trouble even trying to describe what that means.
Skyboss1996: New robot body, who dis?
AdmiralMemo: New hologram who dis
Macheya: Well, the Japanese tend to switch voice actors a lot as a rule.
Granitefish: That threw me off too
Louie_Salmon: Oh, I was wondering what was up with that.
Hamsterhotep: New sleeve who dis?
Friggin_Cornflakes: female-voiced male characters is something of a japanese trope
Valdinzar24: @AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull personally I empathize with the synths from fallout that want to escape from the institute
Ownee171: Yes, that's right, fish through a waterfall
djfranknbeans: I don't think I have words for it. I'll have to think that through a bit.
GoAmpDog2: pascal voice still throws me off
Ownee171: That'll go well
DigitalSeahorse: pascal is a gender neutral name too
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: @Valdinzar24 Same here.
GDwarf: Quick repeat for Alex, 'cause it's relevant to his comment: The original NieR has a party member who is intersex, and the game doesn't make a big deal about it at all. She's just an awesome person.
AdmiralMemo: Things you know about =/= Things you care about
Macheya: Goku has a female voice actor, if I recall correctly.
daltonmec: You're putting too much faith in the U.S. military Cam
Positivemilkhotel: Kaineeeee
Tokkanada: Goku and Luffy are key people for "Male chars, female VA"
Skyboss1996: Literally watch your clothes dry
Kramburger: Any solider will tell you that the Army command structure is perfectly capable of *** up
FITorion: the government is never as competent as you would hope
Contiguouskittycat: I believe it stems from an old Japanese tale about a brother and sister who were raised in each other's role.
rarermonsters: @djfranknbeans it seems like the implication is that robots and android are imitating the love as witnessed in human media but without actual reproductive organs they couldn't perceive Gender as an important element of love
TacitusVigil: I remember reading how the supply and propaganda drops in Afghanistan were accidentally the same color as the bombs being dropped. Sent...a mixed message.
Macheya: Kainé is her name, she's great.
Izandai: Well, lots of young boys in western cartoons are voiced by women, sooo...
brakmek: lots of Naruto characters including Naruto have female VAs
Toxpin: Macheya, Yep, all of the Son family are voiced by the same actress
holidayMD: Emil is also gay
Ownee171: C'mon, it's not THAT long a ladder
Positivemilkhotel: Ash ketchum has a female voice actor but ash ketchum is also the least competent character in pokemon
Louie_Salmon: Bwam bwano bwa bwaaaa
toenolla: ok, so, war averted, peace made, mission accomplished. please?
Macheya: @Toxpin Holy shit, really? I didn't know that.
Talin06: Ian and Beej talked about miss match gender voice actors on monday
Skyboss1996: THUD
GoAmpDog2: emil is in his sisters body
Drazoth: lrrEFF ing internet, can't you just let me watch this stream and sort my magical cards in peace?
Ownee171: BELLY FLOP!
Nerdshome: that has got to be rough on the knees when you land
justwhatever_idk: It's almost a trope in the west to do the opposite--more just a happenstance of women being able to emulate young kids
LathosTiran: and thats why auto heal is the best
JohnLockeCole: oh, we *can* take falling damage
AdmiralMemo: !highlight I'm OK!
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Pimptimus_Prime: By everypeoples, birthday party at the pizza place calls, followed by Guardians 2!
Ownee171: Auto heal is the best chip for sure
Skyboss1996: Self Defence!
TacitusVigil: Bad robots? This was made by JJ Abrams? Kappa
GDwarf: I suppose Emil is both gay and trans, though the trans part is hard to tell 'cause he's a skellington-esque-creature
nattsan: There'r touching your stuff!
djfranknbeans: @rarermonsters I'd have trouble even trying to define gender outside of basic reproductive purposes in any programmatic way.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Or R. Dorothy
blackwlf: @Pimptimus_Prime Have fun!
KParrell: the 1995 gits right?
Macheya: I love the Oshii movie.
Talin06: no....?
Skyboss1996: too bad they'll never make a live action one.
DoodlestheGreat: I'm glad they only made animated movies of it.
GDwarf: Macheya: There are two Oshii movies
Lyinginbedmon: A live-action GitS could be so awesome
Valdinzar24: well i hope you guys do a few more streams of this
rarermonsters: @djfranknbeans What I'm talking about is the idea that robots, just being constructed to LOOK like humans with sexually dymorphic characteristics, maybe they would look at a man and a woman's body and not really see it as any different
RunicScribe: Stand Alone Complex was good too
Taichanie: The spinoffs were good too.
Ownee171: Emil was an important character in the first game
Talin06: not a huge fan of the sequel
Mashamino: Emil is a really weird character in general
Macheya: @GDwarf Two? Did he do Innocence too?
Louie_Salmon: He is not a goofy character, at all.
brakmek: jump in the canyon, there are secrets
KParrell: stand alone complex was awesome
AdmiralMemo: djfranknbeans Well, robots can procreate like Von Neumann machines, so therefore are asexual? Maybe?
Valdinzar24: he's the directors self insert character
Paranundrox: @djfranknbeans even more so since sex is biologically constructed, but gender is socially constructed
GoAmpDog2: he 45% of the first game
Positivemilkhotel: Emil is an extremely important character in Nier original but yeah he's also just super strange
sydpreviouslyheadache: Emile? I'M READY! How 'bout you?
MC_GigglePants: Emil is effectively an immortal god created through experimenting with magic as a technology in the time before NieR 1
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Emil was a young boy and then ended up in his sister's body, although his sister's body had been turned into a colossal skeleton-esque weapon.
GDwarf: Emil is from the original NieR, where he starts out as a gay boy with basilisk eyes. He ends up mercy-killing his monstrous sister and fusing with her body as a skeleton-character-person with a billiard-ball head
Louie_Salmon: Well he's goofy later, but his is definitely a real character that matters.
Ownee171: But he's like one of the only happy and pretty much GOOD characters in NieR 1
daltonmec: Just watched Han Solo die happy May the 4th
DoodlestheGreat: He wears that mask at E3.
holidayMD: Emil is the last human being left
GDwarf: Emil is also, technically, the last living human, yeah
Hamsterhotep: Androids; my favourite sit-com..
goblinranger: lol
Skyboss1996: whelp
silenceaux: Eh, fair.
Izandai: REKT
Ownee171: Aha, Cam you card
ferretbadger84 spews in your direction
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Harsh, Cameron. Harsh.
Rhynerd: What?
Macheya: At the end of one of the endings of Nier, Emil's sole head is seen rolling off from a fight the party had with something near the end.
MC_GigglePants: Yeah, *** you Jean-Paul
DigitalSeahorse: what'd chat do now?
Djshire: lol
Laserbeaks_Fury: Pascal has a different hed
Laserbeaks_Fury: *head
Kramburger: It would seem like gender would be a word they probably don't need to know. Like they just ARE. They like who they like, and that's how it goes
Positivemilkhotel: oh I forgot Emil is a human because of the mask... HUMANITY ISN'T EXTINCT AFTER ALL
AdmiralMemo: Haha! Nice one Cam.
Djshire: DigitalSeahorse everything
Louie_Salmon: And there's the line specifically calling him "Uncle Pascal"
RvLeshrac: I mean, there WAS a Yoko Taro face reveal. https://twitter.com/xenosaga7/status/859036142150209537
MC_GigglePants: You forgot the Kappa
GDwarf: Positivemilkhotel: I mean, Emil is a human who has been heavily modified, *heavily* modified, it's arguable that he's human in any genetic sense
Louie_Salmon: @positivemilkhotel Well, can't really call an immortal skeleton head "human".
Granitefish: There is an Ending
Skyboss1996: Cliff-Hanger!
holidayMD: RvLeshrac : That's not Yoko Taro btw
Granitefish: Go to the Amusement Park instead
GoAmpDog2: A2 is the android vison of kill everything
ky0dar: is there a so what?
AdmiralMemo: GDwarf: He's a cyborg that's more robot than human?
misteline: YAY!!!
Ownee171: I like how Pascal's calling you even though you're literally right next to him
Positivemilkhotel: right, but he was technically human in the first game
GDwarf: AdmiralMemo: Nooo...he's a...lich? With death eyes. Who was genetically and magically engineered.
GDwarf: His current body is the result of him magically fusing with his even more monstrous-looking sister
AdmiralMemo: GDwarf: Oh... I didn't realize there was magic in this game.
GDwarf: AdmiralMemo: There isn't
KParrell: omg I just noticed that Alex has a Nier shirt, its so cute
GDwarf: There is magic in the prequel
AdmiralMemo: Oh... Hrm... OK.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Alex, can we see the shirt again? :D
Positivemilkhotel: and from what I understand didn't he literally just wake up with this weird head thing on as opposed to intentionally becoming like that
Louie_Salmon: As long as the character is in control and not painted in a vulnerable light, it's totally fine for them to be sexual.
Positivemilkhotel: I might be super wrong about that I never played the first game lol
Ownee171: Well, we don't like him because of what he inadvertently caused. Also because he just straight up leaves
GDwarf: Positivemilkhotel: He didn't want to end up that way, but his mercy-kill of his sister made him like that
MC_GigglePants: Jean-Paul seems like he's up his own ass, because we never get context for him
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Jean-Paul so far seems to be super up his own ***
Ownee171: Actually, come to think of it, we never figure out what happens to him
KidSpanner: Jean Paul really comes off as like, someone who's taken half of their first philosophy class
daltonmec: Goodnight chat!
Louie_Salmon: @positivemilkhotel It's not a mask, that is his actual head.
GDwarf: Positivemilkhotel: And yeah, that's his actual face
GDwarf: He gets a whole plot arc about how he hates that he looks like a monster
rarermonsters: (You are selling me on it, this game looks incredibly sweet)
Izandai: @Louie_Salmon Why is it not okay for a character to be vulnerable and sexy? Why is it a one-or-the-other thing?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Emil originally wore a mask, but it ended up being his head after he had to fuse with his sister's body.
Macheya: If anyone wants to read up on Drakengard and Nier, and a great exposition on the worlds they inhabit, check out these two, done by the same person: https://lparchive.org/Drakengard/ and https://lparchive.org/NIER/
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: Feels are considered contraband. Please report to the nearest termination booth. Have a nice daycycle.
Doctadoone: Link is fine, just to an image. >.>
RvLeshrac: (Also, it is literally impossible for a "character to be in control" of anything. They're a work of fiction, they only exist in the writer's mind.)
GDwarf: GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: A different mask, though
holidayMD: GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou It was just a blindfold not a mask
Havoctheend: Where can I buy that shirt?!
LathosTiran: nicest thing about mulit route, the game remembers all your side quest progress. saves time on the future runs
DoodlestheGreat: GOT HIM
GDwarf: XD
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: good job guys
Schnappsy: NICE!
Darth_Wooper: LOL
DigitalSeahorse: lol Faar
Djshire: LOL
GoAmpDog2: ALEX the pantless trophy is called "Not that I Mind"
Ownee171: Yeah, I've tried fighting the first. I got destroyed
djfranknbeans: Ah, I think I understand my problem. I don't know that a self-aware system capable of changing itself/making new versions would see the need for a thing like gender. Something about AI being able to write better AI that can write better AI (etc).
TacitusVigil: Thanks for the stream!
Ownee171: But that's what level farming is for
Louie_Salmon: @izandai It's not necessarily "Wrong" for a character to be vulnerable and sexualized, I guess it just is a "one or the other" kind of thing.
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: Paranoia!
LathosTiran: ^events^
blackwlf: Crapshoot may also be a cake stream.
KidSpanner: Shirt's available for a couople more days
Ownee171: Wait, like PARANOIA paranoia?
Rhynerd: Paranoia!
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: Trust friend computer.
GDwarf: djfranknbeans: That's actually explained in-game
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: oh mannnnnnn Dale!
DigitalSeahorse: I like that shirt too
Hesk1el: Lol the shirt is legit. Thanks Cam and Alex for the stream!
Ownee171: Sweet!
TheFoilAjani: Oh man that's gonna be dece
Riandisa: Ooo awesome
Hamsterhotep: Meshuggah Italic FTW!
Paranundrox: 40 points of Acid damage!
SamuraiPunk: I'm gonna stream gamedev over at my channel if ya'll want head over in a little.
ky0dar: i missed this show, youse guys is awesome
Rhynerd: I do hope we get a strawpole about who dies first.
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream, Alex & Cam!
Doctadoone: Check liiiiink
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: bye guys!
misteline: Night chat. Night runners
ferretbadger84: Push Bhutan
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Spend quality time with your possessions.
Izandai: @Louie_Salmon Why is it one or the other though if it's not wrong for a character to be sexy and vulnerable?
Macheya: butan
blackwlf: Ahhh, great ending.
djfranknbeans: wait ... Do I have to get termination vouchers for the future streams? Friend COMPUTER
ferretbadger84: Goodnight everyone
DoodlestheGreat: PUSH THE BUTTON, MAX!
Darth_Wooper: Crapshoot may also have cake, if James can get ahold of some in time. Ask him for more details. :D
coriolis_: Trust the computer!
ky0dar: Push the Button Max
GDwarf: djfranknbeans: The machines were made by aliens, who were very simplistic in their way, and when they encountered records of human culture (and got owned by human-made androids) they decided that humanity was the best form of life, and now try to emulate them
Schnappsy: Night Guys, enjoy the butan
Ownee171: Thanks for stream, good night everybody!
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: I'll be very disappointed to find out all my favourite streamers are actually Commie Mutant Traitors.
Gekyouryuu: night all
Rhynerd: And about whether or not LRR reaches their mission briefing.
wildpeaks: and on this note, bye Alex and Cam, thanks for the robots
Darth_Wooper: !highlight poosh button!
LRRbot: Highlight added.
KidSpanner: If you scroll down it's also available in black
ky0dar: That seems consistent with your platform AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull
Louie_Salmon: @rvleshrac I just mean "In control" As in they are powerful and get things done.
djfranknbeans: @GDwarf I'll press the "I believe button" for now as the story hasn't developed yet (or I go buy a copy to play!).
ky0dar: sorry chat i am vera tired and slightly loopy atm.
GDwarf: djfranknbeans: heh, the machines eventually spell out exactly why they want to be like humans
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: @Ky0dar Well, at least they're not Foreign Commie Mutant Traitors, I suppose.
DigitalSeahorse: bbye chat <3
ky0dar: @AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull they're canadian.
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: Yes, but they were born there.
ky0dar: And as long as they stay there, its ok? *insert kappa face to show i am kidding and am not serious about this topic*
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: Indeed. Everyone should stay exactly where they were born and should never move.
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: Something something Tony Abbot born in Lndon.
ky0dar: Never move? i need to stay on my couch then? but i wanted to have tea?
DigitalSeahorse: there's that annoying and pointless notification toggle box again! >:(
ky0dar: well, he is mouthing off against your cabinet, AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: I've never had that problem myself, I just have one of the Junior Ministers bring it for me.
AussiePMMalcolmTurnbull: The tea, that is, not the mouthing off. That tends to find me through other means.
DigitalSeahorse: UI people ....guh