zauvryn: Stream highlights?
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ZippoTricksMcEdgelord: Why not just burn the house down? That solves so many of these scenarios.
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Sarah_Serinde: That thing! Yes, excellent~~~ (I think, anyway :P)
Finalsora811: @GlorySeer I assume the expansion makes the rules better. Also, there is an official FAQ which makes it a LOT clearer.
RockPusher: Liz got the touch!
sopranocat: Okay, so I'll try to remember to check back in an hour or so......later guys
naruto21er: i really wish kissing the frogs did something
Kikazi: Stream highlights I think
VmKid: Dammit Magic Liz
ElementalAlchemist: Liz has that Desert Bus touch
GlorySeer: @Garbonzo42 It's too bad, since the idea is sweet. But this has happened every time they've played it. It's really distracting and makes it much more unfun in my opinion.
t3h_f1gm3nt: so i just found out what red dragon inn is. im glad i've waited to start drinking :P
All_mankind: poking the storm cloud eh
Applesauz: Red Dragon Inn is much more fun when you take drinks when your character does
dew_man03: Liz has water. Everyone knows you use water to kill a witch.
ky0dar: @Finalsora811 - the expansion adds 50 new haunts
GlorySeer: @Finalsora811 That's fair, but that's not an excuse when the main release makes almost no sense.
KartoffelKaiser: It's ben
TheGreyRabbit: I drank too much last night, and still feel like poop. That you lrr for entertaining me as a sit motionless in a dark room.
Sarah_Serinde: Complicated rules in multiple books + trying to stream at the same time. It can be hard
rocketmonkey45: ehhhhhhhh
malc: lol Paul
Tokkanada: !highlight The Bentone
VmKid: !highlight iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Trippzen: The best part of a rulebook is you can ignore it if necessary.
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Zyme86: !highlight IIIIIIIIIiiiiiiits
Akaiatana: these are repeats
crazycommie87: Paul stop dropping the ball XD
ravensshade: sometimes betrayal just puts you in a bad situation
VmKid: IT'S!
ArtofDaDress: what's next?
Trippzen: and make up your own, more interesting rules
ConchShell_VII: Wait, aren't these the same people as
VmKid: Monty Python's Flying Circussussusus
ravensshade: oh.. you have to fight 8 strength ox with a spear?
lifecharacter: Didn't we do these?
SajuukSjet: these are carryover from crokinole
pyrelight: repeats??
Mangledpixel: these were read earlier
Baldrash: Uh-oh.
t3h_f1gm3nt: this is carryover >.<
Theycallmejokke: Haven't we had this once already
GlorySeer: @Trippzen If you do that on stream, chat will scream at you the entire time.
goblinranger: this seems like a repeat
SwordsIce: These are the last sessions ones
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Matt_LRR: Hi Friends!
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Juliamon: Yeah, these are crokinole ones
WabisabiEvan: This is familiar
VmKid: Old subs gibeC
Questhere: um.....
crazycommie87: Carryover!
ArtofDaDress: @LoadingReadyRun these are old ones
ConchShell_VII: These are definitely the same people as earlier, what is happening
Trippzen: GlorySeer Sadly chat does that anyways
Azsedcf: ummm....
Kikazi: I think we did a few of those, but not all?
Sektor88: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:04:20.
goblinranger: yay
VmKid: Matt DansGame
ky0dar: I won a copy of Zombicide at my Tabletop Day event. :)
tyranidd1: well he DID throw dinamite in the room with his ally's lol
crazycommie87: lrrGOAT
GlorySeer: @Trippzen Not quite as bad as if they flagrantly disregarded the rules though.
Trippzen: GlorySeer And yet this is in the same world where there are live shows of The Adventure Zone
Ltntvandal: you guys missed mine :(
Trippzen: Which I enjoy at least in part because they don't spend hours reading the rules
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Trippzen: But that's also about telling a story, not progressing through a quest or event
Finalsora811: I hope Ben gets to say Zippotricks.
GlorySeer: @Trippzen I don't know what The Adventure Zone is, but I know Graham at least is paying pretty close attention to chat. Doing that while having chat screaming at you seems pretty awful really.
LegionofLashes: i should ask if there are any changes to what you get if you upgrade your subscription?
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Buttayobred: Hi Ben! and others <3 also, is that an Adam? Kappa
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Finalsora811: YES!
t3h_f1gm3nt: ON BRAND!!!
manfred909: Yes
rocketmonkey45: FLAWLESS!
Elfarcher73: Oh did miss the fun?
F1SH0R: dammit of course I missed a comment on my sub baby
ExhaustedElox: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
LoadingReadyRun: @ltntvandal you don't have a sub icon... looks like it didn't work or you're not subbed
Matt_LRR: haha
ky0dar: MATT
RockPusher: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrFRUMP
Mangledpixel: lrrFRUMP
Macheya: What stream was Zippo Tricks McEdgelord?
Frankenfruity: Surprise LRRFrump
mercano82: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
PencilStroke: blame matt!
StudentOfEtherium: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
Applesauz: lrrFRUMP
Kikazi: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
countz3r0: GRUMP ON THE SCENE!
SWPilgrim: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
Frankenfruity: lrrFRUMP
vegasturm: lrrFRUMP
Elfarcher73: @Macheya Desert Bus
amative1: Macheya: desert bus
Juliamon: LoadingReadyRun they were on screen
Garbonzo42: lrrDOTS lrrFRUMP lrrARROW
Sarah_Serinde: LoadingReadyRun I can't see their icon but they did show up on screen
tehcrashxor: lrrGRUMP
Damaris1034: lrrFRUMP
Stevesson: lrrFRUMP
malc: lrrFINE
Cyrulean: Lol my Siri did try to call my mom
VmKid: Wait what
Finalsora811: It's begun...
Applesauz: @Macheya Desert Bus
VmKid: Dafuq
ExhaustedElox: The bots are becoming self-aware!
ShifuDaxiongmao: #DammitMatt
KartoffelKaiser: How did the bot acquire bits?
ConchShell_VII: they're becoming self-aware!
northernlightning: bot is achieving sentience!
WabisabiEvan: Elfarcher73 just finished up Betrayel at House on the Hill
Elfarcher73: JENGA HYPU
Macheya: Oh
Tokkanada: !highlight Jengachant
Edgarware: is jenga next?
LRRbot: Highlight added.
t3h_f1gm3nt: Graham is experiencing fear
PencilStroke: o.O
amative1: KartoffelKaiser: the same way that LRRbot has a sub
Riandisa: Jenga woo
The_Ninjurai: Is there a Jumanji board game?
malc: I think the next game
amative1: Also, LRRbot has a sub
jakale: yes there is
JaymicUnyielding: *Vox Machina bursts into room*
KartoffelKaiser: @amative1 So, witchcraft.
TheGreyRabbit: has lrrtwitter become self aware?
stevestein: Just after becoming self-aware, the LRR Twitter bot went on a trolling spree and was permanently banned from chat.
EnigmaHarper: !advice
LRRbot: Escape the cheesecake.
PencilStroke: JaymicUnyielding ^^
jakale: I had one when I was like 6?
Juliamon: LRRbot has a sub because LRRbot required a sub to use emotes
Azsedcf: !song
LRRbot: Big Giant Circles - Snowcones -
The_Ninjurai: They should totally play Jamunji next year
ceLaguna: keep legoing and nobody dies
rocketmonkey45: i think im gonna have to call it a night, enjoy the rest of the stream everyone! :D
ravensshade: sooo what game are they playing next again? KappaRoss
amative1: Juliamon: shhhhhhhhhh
F1SH0R: thank god a breakfast break
ky0dar: I feel sorry for the people who are gonna be playing Nightmare 3. That one is pretty bad. Even by nightmare standards.
WabisabiEvan: !tabletop day
LRRbot: The games for Tabletop Day are (in order): Hero Quest, Crokinole, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Jenga, Red Dragon Inn, Nightmare III, Spyfall, and Cards Against Humanity.
Namboto: little ox academia
LRRTwitter: TheGreyRabbit: of course not. Uh, I mean... beep boop
Macheya: What happened?
TStodden: Did the LRR birdies find the new moonbase & gracing them with bits?
Elfarcher73: @F1SH0R Dinner break for me.
amative1: Azsedcf: that does not apply
amative1: LoadingReadyRun: no music?
ravensshade: @Ky0dar even by nightmare standards? hooo boy
hey_siri_call_mom: @Cyrulean Sorry?
goblinranger: seems quiet
WabisabiEvan: Ben betrayed everyone and turned them into frogs
t3h_f1gm3nt: Tstodden oh man i forgot about the birds.
Kikazi: No music to serenade us during the break? lrrFRUMP
malc: lrrFINE
goblinranger: yay sound
Inglonias: when is lrl?
amative1: THERE we go
amative1: Inglonias: in 2 weeks
TheGreyRabbit: @LRRTwitter Oh, phew, I was worried there for a sec
malc: inglonias: not this week.
Kikazi: There we go! lrrAWESOME
daye04: Did you start the music, Kikazi? =O
Jhardin87: yay music!!!
weldar93: So I had to run out to do something right before the end, who won?
Finalsora811: Ben.
daye04: Ben
KartoffelKaiser: WitchBen
mercano82: @weldar93 TR-8R
Kikazi: I'd love to take credit, daye04, but we all know better
malc: the crew got B-witched
ky0dar: @ravensshade yeah, it adds this pointless spellcasting mechanic which you never get to use because the chances of it firing are so rare
Elfarcher73: @Inglonias Not today. It is Tabletop Day! and in celebration they are playing a bunch of awesome board games
weldar93: Figures, seemed like he had it when I left but you never know
NimrodXIV: \codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | JumpJet Rex (Humble Bundle) | No Time to Explain (Humble Bundle) | shutshimi (Humble Bundle)
daye04: In my heart, I believe Kikazi =D
KartoffelKaiser: Tbf, all the explorers needed to do was hit the witch once.
Kikazi: Lol, kstarkHeart @daye04
ky0dar: witch got swoll
daye04: <3
WabisabiEvan: He did cheat a little Weldar93 but yeah it was pretty much in the betrayers favor this time
spicydungus: is jenga the last game they are playing tonight?
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ky0dar: spicydungus nope
malc: spicydungus: not even nearly
daye04: Isn't Cah the last game for tnoight?
malc: !tabletop day
LRRbot: The games for Tabletop Day are (in order): Hero Quest, Crokinole, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Jenga, Red Dragon Inn, Nightmare III, Spyfall, and Cards Against Humanity.
WabisabiEvan: Not intentional cheats by the way
mfoxkemper3: That music do
WabisabiEvan: Just vague rules that are hard to follow
spicydungus: thanks
ravensshade: @Ky0dar so what's the catchphrase for this nightmare?
ky0dar: Betrayal is notoriously badly written
ky0dar: @ravensshade "Mea Culpa Anne"
mfoxkemper3: Anyone know what's up next?
ky0dar: its anne de chantraine, the Witch
malc: mfoxkemper3: Jenga
Earthenone: jenga is nexy
weldar93: I mean it seemed like it basically came down to that dynamite roll, had that worked it would have been a quick sweep
ravensshade: notoriously badly written and can give you basically no win situation if your out of luck
Sektor88: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:11:41.
shurtal: Hey chat, what's for dinner: Pizza or spaggheti?
naruto21er: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp jenga hype PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
malc: shurtal: porque no los dos?
Gekyouryuu: shurtal why not spaggheti pizza?
Danovan235: Spaghetti pizza Kappa
The_Quiet_Alestain: @shurtal: Pizza!
ravensshade: see their afore mentioned... people need to reach the attic!... but we're in the attic... gg
Danovan235: But the spaghetti has to come from a can.
thekeytoviktory: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
MrsKittyPaws: Spaghetti pie
shurtal: Assuming i'm not super lazy
naruto21er: pizza pie
paronomasiac042: Canned spaghetti on toast.
amative1: thekeytoviktory less lrrDOTS
thekeytoviktory: Sweet love the logo emote
TStodden: Pizza... possibly with a baked spaghetti topping?
ravensshade: i thought pie was a sandwich though
shurtal: The flaw in this plan is revealed
NervesOfJello: Just popped in. Did the traitor become revealed?
thekeytoviktory: @amative1 Okies my bad
amative1: =p
malc: nervesofjello: yes, Ben, and he won
thekeytoviktory: @nervesofjello game is over
ky0dar: Betrayal is super fun, but the manual is badly written and is mechanically busted. The First Edition was even MORE broken.
Shchenya: how many more hours left?
amative1: NervesOfJello: yup. It was Ben. He won.
NervesOfJello: Ah, kk. Fancy
amative1: Like 5?
NervesOfJello: Such a gewd game
mfoxkemper3: @shurtal never trust the internet to pick ur meal
WabisabiEvan: Depends on the type of pie ravensshade
Radyin: Just got here. Did the haunt just happen?
malc: we're about half way through
amative1: yeah, 5 hours
NervesOfJello: !game good
malc: yes radyin, Jenga next
ky0dar: @Radyin we're heading to jenga now
azninsect: hey everyone, what are we playing next? just manged to get to stream today
Shchenya: Thank you, I can skip sleep till then
daye04: Jenga
amative1: Jenga!
goblinranger: Jenga times
shurtal: @mfoxkemper3 at least the suggestion was a combination of the two options and not like, go kill a cow and butcher it for it's sirloin
naruto21er: jenga
azninsect: Yaaaaassss
Radyin: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:14:11.
mfoxkemper3: Jenga time!
daye04: It's been live for five hours? =O
ky0dar: im here for about 2 more hours. I have Pandemic Legacy today.
BENNIE_BEAR84: hi, does LRR Discord have a twitch feed?
daye04: Is this a ten hour stream? =O
ferretbadger84: !advice
LRRbot: Spend quality time with your possessions.
Radyin: !quote jenga
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ravensshade: it's a tabletop day stream
ferretbadger84: !findquote jenga
LRRbot: Quote #3265: "I'm rarely allowed to play Jenga in the real world." —Beej [2016-08-19]
daye04: There's a LRR discord? =O
amative1: !ttd
LRRbot: The games for Tabletop Day are (in order): Hero Quest, Crokinole, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Jenga [currently playing], Red Dragon Inn, Nightmare III, Spyfall, and Cards Against Humanity.
ky0dar: @daye04 To be fair it is Tabletop DAY
TStodden: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1d, 12:44:17.
ritchards: Jonga!
WabisabiEvan: It is a stream of indeterminate length. Basically until all the games are played
azninsect: Jingo?
amative1: there we go. Added a "now playing" to the command
ky0dar: how was Hero Quest?
paronomasiac042: Jenkem!
daye04: Yeah, that's true
malc: Junder
claritycasey: Jund em?
ferretbadger84: Just jenga 'em out
ritchards: Gengar
paronomasiac042: Gundam!
malc: Jenga's Mansion?
ferretbadger84: Jenga style
azninsect: Gungeon?
amative1: !game override Jenga
LRRbot: Override enabled. Currently playing: Jenga
WabisabiEvan: Genji
Radyin: Double Jund.
mjihde: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:15:50.
naruto21er: john egert rose lalonde ascend descend rise up abscond
Applesauz: Hanjo?
claritycasey: !game override Jund 'Em!
paronomasiac042: JUMANJI
mjihde: What games have we had so far?
ferretbadger84: !ttd
LRRbot: The games for Tabletop Day are (in order): Hero Quest, Crokinole, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Jenga [currently playing], Red Dragon Inn, Nightmare III, Spyfall, and Cards Against Humanity.
MsL3th4l: gengar? nah, trevanent break decks are meaner ghost decks right now.
amative1: ^all the ones before Jenga
All_mankind: Ascend/Explore has the best song of any page in that comic
mjihde: Thanks
All_mankind controversial opinion
WabisabiEvan: Oooh the spiciest of opinions
weldar93: That's controversial?
naruto21er: @All_mankind I prefer Eternity served cold
ky0dar: that currently playing is a great idea, whoever just added that.
DragonJoStudios: jund em, jenga, jundam down?
All_mankind: this one for reference
BENNIE_BEAR84: OMG Nightmare YO LRR, we can dig it!
claritycasey: Another Forest!? How does it feel to have all the answers, luck-sack!
weldar93: Explore has always been ranked super high for me, that flash is the first real big one in my opinion so it has a really strong impact
malc: you baron, I can't dig it because I need sleep lrrFRUMP
malc: *yo baron...
azninsect: eyyyyyyyyy
Reecer6: Single-player Jenga?
Edgarware: single man jenga
malc: James plays Jenga solo
Radyin: I'm hoping that each game will be a separate video on the LRL YouTube account.
daye04: Eeeeey!
t3h_f1gm3nt: JENGA HYPE!
WabisabiEvan: Zero G Jenga
LariatWest: Jingle?
tehcrashxor: #NotACult
Izandai: Regular Jenga or speed Jenga?
Finalsora811: I'm scared.
azninsect: !highlight jenga hype
Earthenone: cheer50 Yo, Jenga i can dig it
LRRbot: Highlight added.
EricTheOrange: Ga-jen
mfoxkemper3: Jenfa
ferretbadger84: Is that Matt?
malc: someone find the rule book
DragonJoStudios: jund em out!!!!!
SacrificialToast: jenga solitaire
spicydungus: lrrHORN JENGA lrrHORN
mercano82: Lets get ready to Jengaaaaaaaa....
Edgarware: Wheres the Jenga rule book
underhill33: Is that a Wiggins I hear?
TheGreyRabbit: AGNEJ!
Juliamon: Radyin last year's wasn't so don't expect it
azninsect: the plays!
Thylian1: lets gooooo Cam
jonasjonIV: I love LRR jenga
t3h_f1gm3nt: Cam is amonster!
ferretbadger84: lrrFRUMP ?
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Finalsora811: Cam plays dangerously.
Famout: Cam is out for my heart
WabisabiEvan: agneJ
ky0dar: Cameron, certified monster
SnowB0und: Aggro plays
northernlightning: the dangerous strats!
Reecer6: To be perfectly honest, Jenga is really easy.
weldar93: Cam knows how to play
All_mankind: actually it's pronounced Gengy
ky0dar: Cameron, peer reviewed Jenga monster
JoeyGeko: How is that tower not falling? the back of the table is CLEARLY higher than the front lol
Himyul: Bencouragement! :D
dew_man03: cheer50 Way to set it to hard mode Cam!
F1SH0R: cams on the quick games a good game plan
t3h_f1gm3nt: BEEJ WITH THAT SHADE!
azninsect: youre the best...around
StudentOfEtherium: @underhill33 probably not, since matt is playing wow right now
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drthvd3r: Now, the question is what are you drinking?
Finalsora811: Canadians, eh?
Thylian1: that tower is leaning...
WabisabiEvan: Ben you're a traitor also a nice person
korvys: LoadingReadyRun - next game, can it be set up diagonally, so we can see the other side?
ferretbadger84: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
azninsect: the block drop
All_mankind: hot seat Jenga, the game of the gods
Radyin: !drinking
northernlightning: that's against the jenga convention!
EuropaEquation: got some real pro Jengos, here
Lagrangeismyhomie: the block drop, related to the mic drop
malc: lrrJUDGE
azninsect: lrrJUDGE
ferretbadger84: lrrJUDGE
Applesauz: lrrJUDGE
spicydungus: lrrJUDGE
RockPusher: lrrJUDGE
Mijnheer: lrrJUDGE
Thylian1: serge come
ferretbadger84: Tite. Plays.
chenhsi2: lrrJUDGE
dew_man03: Phrasing!
Azsedcf: Canadian *** talking
jonasjonIV: nice
ferretbadger84: !highlight the kraken
t3h_f1gm3nt: JEEZUS GOD!
azninsect: Liz here is a great idea XD
Izzac13: lrrJUDGE
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Izandai: For the next round the tower should be oriented at a diagonal to the main camera.
VoidSpinner: lrrSPOOP
Mangledpixel: !highlight Kaiju Liz
Finalsora811: I'm uncomfortable.
RockPusher: Lizilla!
Kikazi: KRAKEN!!!
Thylian1: Pacific Rim 2!
Questhere: LIZILLA
Zyme86: Cam to be ruined in 3,2,...
DragonJoStudios: lrrFINE
amative1: Oh god, I now know what Beej feels like... I had NO depth perception on that shot
dbhkyle: This can only go well
Lagrangeismyhomie: GRRRRRL!!!
Radyin: !drinking
WabisabiEvan: Which Kaiju would you want to be?
VoidSpinner: lrrFRUMP
Jlhonors: Dang.
ky0dar: <3 Liz
the_elkae: Don't bump the table oh gawd
RockPusher: Liz has The Touch!
claritycasey: Just Jenga 'em out
the_elkae: Also Liz <3
NoNane09: !tabletop day
LRRbot: The games for Tabletop Day are (in order): Hero Quest, Crokinole, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Jenga [currently playing], Red Dragon Inn, Nightmare III, Spyfall, and Cards Against Humanity.
korvys: There are no winners in Jenga, only a loser
azninsect: CAM
northernlightning: CAM
azninsect: HOW DARE
Finalsora811: Is that true?
the_elkae: Cam.
BusTed: tq pls
ferretbadger84: Izzet spells?
malc: mic is super peaky again
Couraster: All hail Cammander!
ky0dar: Cam. You monster!
VoidSpinner: You monster
Obsidian_wulf: But the real question is do they have a bottle of Rose
zauvryn: Cam is an aggressive Jenga player
JaymicUnyielding: it's all skill
RevolutionPath: peaking real hard
SLYBOVYU: @busted yont know me
F1SH0R: bonus points to Cam right
MC_GigglePants: Cam is an agent of chaos (chay-os)
amative1: "It's not coming back to me"
senshi5609: is there a rule against going for the bottom
WabisabiEvan: All hail the glorious Cammander
korvys: Mic crackling
hiveysquid: microphone WutFace
azninsect: Aggro jenga strong in this meta
Niallsb: Mic is ... fuzzing
Vukith: peaking badly
coolbond: the sound is really crackling
BusTed: ;D
northernlightning: i'm actually amazed it's not falling yet
ferretbadger84: !advice
LRRbot: Try being on fire.
Bigant11: always take the bottom sides
Navi_Chem: Bad mic is bad
Undertowst: That mic needs fixing ... give it to Ian for TTSF.
Kthanid: yeah lots of peaking and cracking.
Wodar9: What game is next?
shurtal: yeah, there's a lot of mic crackle
PinkFlashu: my ears WutFace
mercano82: Kathleen is peaking
ferretbadger84: !ttd
LRRbot: The games for Tabletop Day are (in order): Hero Quest, Crokinole, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Jenga [currently playing], Red Dragon Inn, Nightmare III, Spyfall, and Cards Against Humanity.
cloudwizard13: my ears
goblinranger: My poor ears, I hate my headphones now
the_elkae: Kathleen you look very nice, I'm digging the v-neck + blazer combo
All_mankind: leaning tower of Jenga!
lorrickgale: :> ben is the bestest!
NimrodXIV: says the person who can't see 3d?
Questhere: so many bees
CapnHat: There are non-insignificant bees in the tubez
ky0dar: Liz. Never Change.
Tokkanada: 3D Shades? Cool Technology!
All_mankind: dang we need Ben on audio
SLYBOVYU: so i guess we just touch now
Finalsora811: They're ignoring the touch rule, if it is indeed a rule. Cannot confirm.
Thylian1: ooooo
ky0dar: No.
SnowB0und: Did you know: Pressing two blocks together on the same layer with the middle piece removed is a legal play
SLYBOVYU: ^ @all_mankind
Thylian1: wow
northernlightning: whoaaa
Domidwarcer: Wow
JaymicUnyielding: COOL TECHNOLOGY
ky0dar: LIZ No, you MONSTER
the_elkae: so woobly
Flea_Hastings: Cam is going for the quick win.
Sekunder: the washing machine is making my desk shake and i freaked out about the jenga for a sec
amythist: dang that mic is peaking hard, probably because they are standing instead of sitting
northernlightning: oh god
Thylian1: do it
LoadingReadyRun: The issue is that some people are talking really close to the mics.
ferretbadger84: Technological coolness
KartoffelKaiser: The touch rule sucks.
the_elkae: WAT
Thylian1: yes
azninsect: OH NOOOO
Undertowst: Oh Snap!!!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> #TabletopDay stream continues with JENGA!!
spicydungus: that's rude
Flea_Hastings: DO IT CAM
parasite221: cam please!
mariomario42: DANGER ZONE
F1SH0R: those are some solid blocks
Obsidian_wulf: Why would you do that to this tower!!!
northernlightning: oh godddd
NimrodXIV: danger danger
ky0dar: This is why we payJames the big money
Thylian1: CAM
parasite221: NOOOOOO
malc: RIP
Thylian1: nooo
azninsect: cam flew too close to the sun
t3h_f1gm3nt: cam got too cocky
dbhkyle: HUBRIS!
manfred909: lrrGREED
Jorge4hg: lrrCOW
Applesauz: Cam got too ballsy
Edgarware: Cam played too close to the sun
NimrodXIV: Cam flew too close to the sun
ThinksTooMuch: Flew too close to the sun!
Izandai: Orient it at the diagonal.
dew_man03: He flew to close to the sun.
claritycasey: Little Icarus
Shenandygains: Cam Wins!
CrazyFishPerson: Nooooooo not Cam
Undertowst: Too Greedy!
Couraster: Cam flew too close to the sun
Raigne86: Cam was the instrument of his own doom.
senshi5609: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
rainbowbatsuit: He delved too greedily, and too deep...
ferretbadger84: Cam loses 1 point
SnowB0und: cheer100
spicydungus: CAM IS THE WINNER
All_mankind: right into the foundations
mercano82: Sad_trombone.wav
Thylian1: winner confirmed
ferretbadger84: Cam at -1 points
Reecer6: Cam flew too close to the ocean, actually.
goblinranger: Hooray
stevestein: Cam defeats Cam
Reecer6: That's the little known Icarus folly.
claritycasey: In Jenga there are no winners, only losers :p
CrazyFishPerson: Perfet
mfoxkemper3: #camftw
NimrodXIV: I agree that the barrel is dumb
mercano82: Can they set the tower up 45 degrees to the main camera?
Skyboss1996: Thank you Sealed Packs!
ferretbadger84: #SealedBoxofEternalMasters
crazycommie87: Praise the value!!!
Kikazi: take 2 blocks from the top and use those to straighten it... or that, that works too
spicydungus: cam is a smrt man
Macheya: Cam the Jenga Master.
azninsect: pro jenga tips
F1SH0R: Cam you monster!
dbhkyle: that's the real reason to buy modern masters
GolgariGlenRoss: The stacking sleeve is always lost.
CrazyFishPerson: Cam. The jenga master
MCJiopur: I do have an unopened box of one of those
Shenandygains: we just straightened that tower with Value!
CastleOtranto: Hey, a box of DIY Panties
RagingTrees: !tabletopday
LRRbot: The games for Tabletop Day are (in order): Hero Quest, Crokinole, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Jenga [currently playing], Red Dragon Inn, Nightmare III, Spyfall, and Cards Against Humanity.
HatsWearCats: Ahhh yes, the ol' $700 stacking sleave
All_mankind: straight value!
apprenticeofbolas: !tabletop day
LRRbot: The games for Tabletop Day are (in order): Hero Quest, Crokinole, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Jenga [currently playing], Red Dragon Inn, Nightmare III, Spyfall, and Cards Against Humanity.
F1SH0R: @shenandygains straight value
Skyboss1996: If you don't have a prepared Jenga tower, storebought is fine
azninsect: Pro Tour Jenga
ferretbadger84: Casual Jenga
Himyul: REL: AXED jenga
Thylian1: Sealed box of eternal masters doing work, it also drafts blue so it was good already
Skyboss1996: Caaaam
All_mankind: technically you ARE paid to play Jenga
azninsect: CAM COME ON
Skyboss1996: Mistakes were made
CrazyFishPerson: Wait I thought we had tuened in to a profecional jenga stream
northernlightning: ohhhhhh man
Finalsora811: Cam best person.
crazycommie87: Welp
RockPusher: Cam <3
spicydungus: oh god
amative1: oooo, i saw it shake
Macheya: Playing with fire!
doomlimit: Cameron Lauder, actual satan
ky0dar: Cam is an awful human being and thats why we love him
Tokkanada: Camonster
Kikazi: Cam was confirmed a monster a LOOOooong time ago
Edgarware: I cant believe he's done this
zauvryn: Cam plays fast and hard
the_elkae: Witches!
Thylian1: appropriate response
MC_GigglePants: Jenga Cam is a good Cam
DragonJoStudios: jeng em out Cam! lrrHORN
Jlhonors: Those middle fingers were the perfect touch.
Flea_Hastings: Cam takes no prisoners.
CaptainSpam: Cam a monster, Cam with the double deuce.
Thylian1: yesss
WabisabiEvan: The Cammander is merciless to his enemies
malc: Beej no
northernlightning: BEEJ WHY
the_elkae: Beej. plz
Skyboss1996: When in doubt, Jeng-em out
SacrificialToast: When's Zero G Jenga?
CrazyFishPerson: GO BEEJ
weldar93: See my friends and I all play Jenga like Cam, its the best way
Phothrism: BEEJ YES
Applesauz: Beej and Cam just want Jenga to end
Skyboss1996: Sorry Ben
Deaths_Riddle: A bar I go to, play with using 2x4s cut 12" long.
dbhkyle: Now its perfectly even!
cloudwizard13: BEEJYAS
Himyul: Some Beejs just want to watch the world Beej
Macheya: Beej = Icarus
Newbiespud: Crokinole the bottom piece
Tokkanada: "Why are you doing this?!" "POWER"
weldar93: Djenga unchained
stevestein: Just want to see the world burn
CrazyFishPerson: hit it hard enough
t3h_f1gm3nt: we have video proof you can take the bottom piece!
CaptainSpam: Beej, history's worse monster than Cam.
All_mankind: now it's Jangly Janky Jenga
ferretbadger84: Beej No
SoldieroFortune: Delving too close to the sun = Flying too Deep
Stoffern: This is JOLO jenga
Domidwarcer: We have gif evidence to prove it
Finalsora811: I wanna see that.
Famout: Can I see the Gif?
ravensshade: just do it quick enough that it just falls down..
malc: ahh my Desert Bus challenge -- good times lrrAWESOME
Skyboss1996: Go Ben Go
oakentree: wait legit?
nikasaur: we need to see this
Kikazi: James HAS done that, and now that its been brought, I think he should do it!
justwhatever_idk: source gif pls
ravensshade: GIF team please sen db8 gif
CrazyFishPerson: That depends on what oil you use
Taichanie: James talks a big game but fails.
Tokkanada: #oilingthebricks
Skyboss1996: Come on Liz!
Mysterious_Challenger: God damn
ChewyPudding: gif pls
Bigant11: where is that gif
northernlightning: i can't tell if the tower is trembling or if it's just my low stream quality
the_elkae: dammitliz
azninsect: oh wow
TheGreyRabbit: cover the blocks in honey
Obsidian_wulf: This game just got super difficult because there's only one block on the bottom
ferretbadger84: !highlight destruction cam
LRRbot: Highlight added.
northernlightning: OHH
Thylian1: ah titl cam
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PsychoI3oy: vomit vomit vomit vomit vomit
Phothrism: inb4 cam crashes into the tower
RockPusher: Wham!
crazycommie87: o.o
ChewyPudding: @malc wins
Finalsora811: Sweet gif.
Raigne86: Pro moves
ravensshade: @malc gracias
All_mankind: ooh, a Jengamentary
coolbond: speaking of crocanol has Ian ever lost?
crazycommie87: Nice
BusTed: Legendary.
CaptainSpam: Someone HAS to knock the tower onto the GoPro.
ky0dar: liz is best kaiju
Skeletons54: do it again james.
Skyboss1996: Now windmill slam the table
Manshadow3: missed the james gif can I get a repost
dew_man03: @malc Holy crap, I thought he was making it up!
solahwin_tampramain: my stream is down:/
rustenskurk: Godlizza
the_elkae: Best gif
All_mankind: a Gopro has to be able to withstand a handful of sticks falling on it right
Thylian1: cam confirmed pretty good at Jenga
CrazyFishPerson: Cam is playing the long game
Finalsora811: Cam must play Jenga competitively.
oakentree: good GOD
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Fracaswell: Liz is best Jenga kaiju!
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t3h_f1gm3nt: @All_mankind it can. it's already been knocked into before
Kikazi: Beej, how close did that block come to your head when James did that? I know you were sitting in the Driver's seat, and that HAD to have been close
Skyboss1996: come on Beej
Skyboss1996: Give em' the ol' reach-around
Finalsora811: Um.....
amative1: Kikazi: i need to dig up the source vid, since it's a cropped shot
Himyul: is Beej blind in one eye?
ferretbadger84: Benga
azninsect: BENga
Skyboss1996: BENGa!
Thylian1: DO IT
SquareDotCube: Beej only sees in 16-bit.
spicydungus: lul
Phothrism: Nuuuu
Skyboss1996: JUST! Do it!
Juliamon: Himyul not blind but he does have issues
DragonJoStudios: lrrFINE
ferretbadger84: !panic
All_mankind: count it!
F1SH0R: Ben confirmed not as gutsy as james
Leels: lrrSACK
TheGreyRabbit: I can only see in text adventure.
crazycommie87: lrrSPOOP
Thylian1: James, bottom one or bust
ThinksTooMuch: The best part of the gif is James' reaction - even he was surprised it worked
malc: I'm glad I fixed the gif server mere hours ago in time for this stream
Mysterious_Challenger: omg ben
nikasaur: hahahahahaha
Finalsora811: The tech is to make them laugh.
Skyboss1996: JUDGE!
WabisabiEvan: Judge!
mercano82: PAX East did an Omegathon round with Pyre Jenga while handcuffed to a partner.
northernlightning: ben :D
ferretbadger84: lrrJUDGE
spicydungus: lrrJUDGE
dbhkyle: best friends
Phothrism: Juuuuudge
Jorge4hg: lrrJUDGE
Tokkanada: !highlight counting armhairs
LRRbot: Highlight added.
redpillbluepil: CHEATS
ferretbadger84: Breathe on your friends day
J4Y_4NDY: James you monster
JarJarThinks: Is it me or is the mic peaking?
dew_man03: We switched games. It's now the "I'm not touching you" game.
northernlightning: OH GOD
the_elkae: Soooo much touching
MaxxamusTime: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrHAM
Fracaswell: mindgames approaching Baseketball levels
Phothrism: Jesus
Skyboss1996: DANGER ZONE
ferretbadger84: Shake hands with danger
parasite221: not again, cam
Edgarware: Liz needs to calm down. She's too powerfull
ferretbadger84: Now they call him, three finger Cam
dbhkyle: Back to cam! He has no one to blame but himself
Officinalis: Isn't Jenga only just one handed???
the_elkae: lulz Ben
amative1: lrrJUDGE one hand Cam
CapnHat: :O
malc: oh geez
Applesauz: CAM
Soulsinger_Again: Shake hands with danger.
Taichanie: That cheating Cam.
Phothrism: Wow
Skeletons54: Danger Zone
Skyboss1996: Hold her Beer!
Thylian1: leaning tower of Jenga
Elfarcher73: Liz with the leet not giving a *** strat
mercano82: lrrJUDGE
Shenandygains: hold her Rose
ky0dar: shake hands with danger~
ChewyPudding: lrrARROW lrrCIRCLE lrrDOTS
CrazyFishPerson: Cam has really steady hands
Jorge4hg: hold beer has been called
the_elkae: The only solution.... is strip Jenga
Taichanie: Swiftly Cheating Cam. :P
ferretbadger84: So jengay
Macheya: lrrEFF
dew_man03: Hold my beer and watch this.
tehcrashxor: !drinking
malc: Hold my rosé
Macheya: Preemptive calling
Skeletons54: hold thy beer watch this
All_mankind: you can use both hands?
DragonJoStudios: !panic
tehcrashxor: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1d, 14:36:57.
Finalsora811: Bottom one. Go for it.
the_elkae: The rules are out the window!
MaxxamusTime: lrrFINE lrrFINE
crazycommie87: lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP
Phothrism: This is impossible
CaptainSpam: Dat twist tho
Thylian1: its going down
ChewyPudding: lrrARROW lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE pew pew
Skyboss1996: Oooooh
SajuukSjet: quote: Beej " I think they're all structural now!"
Skyboss1996: Clench!
amative1: oh god it settled
northernlightning: *shudder*
Terpskadai: how has this thing not fallen yet
malc: woah
Jorge4hg: ohhhh
nikasaur: ahhhhhhh
crazycommie87: Wat?!
VoidSpinner: lrrSPOOP
sleepyham: O_______O
ferretbadger84: lrrFINE
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh woooooooow
Couraster: It's gone no matter what
Macheya: HAX
Phothrism: Goodbye Ben
mariomario42: F
Thylian1: WutFace
Kikazi: HO-LY-SH**
CaptainSpam: O
Thylian1: HOW
Mijnheer: UH OH lrrSPOOP
ferretbadger84: !highlight cheerleading
DragonJoStudios: lrrFINE
the_elkae: Breathe too heavily and it topples
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Taichanie: Go big ben!
BusTed: pamegacorpCrabgod
Terpskadai: someone coughs across the room and its done
VoodooPuppeteer: No James,not janky, jenga
Phothrism: This is already impossible
Jorge4hg: lrrFINE
spicydungus: ew
nikasaur: HAHAH
Vertech289: lrrFINE
Thylian1: LUL
WabisabiEvan: Relax Ben just RELAX
RockPusher: lrrEFF
GlorySeer: Give him your power!
northernlightning: this is a dead tower standing
Skyboss1996: Hold my Rose!
All_mankind: chat holds its breaht
Finalsora811: BOTTOM!
Macheya: That's some Breath of the Wild
Qualario: Such confidence.
Thylian1: LOL
Thylian1: GG
Skyboss1996: WHOMP
Tokkanada: "Send me your Benergy!"
Kikazi: lrrEFF lrrFRUMP lrrEFF lrrFRUMP
zed_alpha: we need to get them a set of Real Man's Jengle.
malc: RIP
northernlightning: ahhhhh gg
azninsect: xD
Skyboss1996: GG
spicydungus: lrrFRUMP
CataclysmicReverb: !addquote "BEN! Let me breathe on you for a moment" -Kathleen
TheGreyRabbit: I am sending Ben my BENERGY
Phothrism: GG
SnowB0und: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
redpillbluepil: so tense
korvys: lrrDOTS lrrHORN lrrARROW
Phillammon: The bumblebee is dead
ferretbadger84: gibENERGY
mercano82: I was waiting for Kathleen to hip check the table and knock the table over
Phothrism: Second game?
azninsect: GivePLZ BENERGY TakeNRG
the_elkae: Poor Ben
DragonJoStudios: lrrSCOOP
BusTed: bUrself
zed_alpha: !highlight Making Love to a Bumblebee
Skyboss1996: MINI-JENGA
TheMetalupis: !highlight jenga ben
Thylian1: WOW
ChaoticObserver: whoa
Earthenone: damnit ben thats not how you caress a bumblebee!
angryoptimist: RIP bumblebee
t3h_f1gm3nt: WHHHHHAAAAAT!!!!
malc: um
ChewyPudding: making love to a bumblebee...
tyloncorp: BABY JENGAS
northernlightning: tiny jenga! :D
solahwin_tampramain: lrrFINE lrrAWW lrrEFF
Questhere: that bumblebee? dead
crazycommie87: Woo!
Skeletons54: there is no jenga reset! Kappa
Phothrism: ???whaaa
TheMrFraser: travel jenga
Thylian1: more jenga
amative1: hubudawhaaaaaa
Thylian1: lots of jenga
the_elkae: Aww, how cute
sleepyham: what is this, jenga for ants? DansGame
oakentree: "like you're making love to a bumblebee"
nikasaur: hahah ben is the cutest
WabisabiEvan: I want to see a tiny Jenga tower on a normal Jenga tower and both have to be played at the same time
SnowB0und: bby.jng
ky0dar: everyone talking about a jenga reset, there is no jenga reset
ferretbadger84: Quote making love to a bumblebee
MCJiopur: Should they get tweezers?
nikasaur: hahahahhahah
Skyboss1996: It's called Stragegy, James
CrazyFishPerson: Nooooooo, liz you moster
ThinksTooMuch: Just dragging it around the table
Finalsora811: Made by same people?
Shenandygains: strategery