angryoptimist: Get meaned on, speaker bird/old man!
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
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NomenNeminis: What I've learned is: cool guitar > baby drum
Mijnheer: Clearly, the next step is to get those taikos a Gitaroo Kappa
NomenNeminis: <3
angryoptimist: Gitaroo gitaroo taiko gitaroo and gitaroo.
NomenNeminis: !quote Cori
LRRbot: Quote #2432: "Bullets are made of metal!" —Cori [2016-05-03]
NomenNeminis: Except sometimes when they're polymer, Cori.
Mijnheer: Or when they're small bulls Kappa
timble4: welcome back!
Kodra22: hi
angryoptimist: We know that you're alive.
sleepyham: new nickname, "scary cori" Kappa
NomenNeminis: Hi, Heather and Cori! Am *I* alive?
angryoptimist: !quote cori
LRRbot: Quote #2285: "I was in the ROOF?!" —Cori [2016-04-12]
NomenNeminis: And a SECOND one:
DarkMorford: Robo-Heather: "I think I died but I don't think that's how beat-boxing works, Ian."
NomenNeminis: ^
angryoptimist: Qrpth Markov: Quote #7384: "Falcon Everything." — Cori
CaptainSpam: SO. MANY. YAMS.
angryoptimist: I would not have previously associated taiko drums with yams. Now, though? They are inextricably linked.
sleepyham: wait, are robots memeing now?
sleepyham: mankind is finished WutFace
Kodra22: Scoring in this game makes no sense to me
Sylenctone is now eating yams for dinner because of this
FITorion: Quote #7258: "No! I want less ball..." — Cori
NomenNeminis: RoboCori: "Just... trust Chat... not my body! TELEPORT MY BODY!" — Cori, to Heather
angryoptimist: Quote #5133: "Just rub a squirrel. It got to Beej." — Cori
Compleatly: have you guys played the opening to Kamen Rider Ghost yet
Compleatly: did I miss that
DarkMorford: Robo-Heather: "You really don't have to show me failure, game, I know all my watermelons are twice as big as me."
CaptainSpam: Quote #7562: "How many 5-drops is a little?" — Alex
Compleatly: oh I see you guys found the quote generator again
CaptainSpam: We did.
FITorion: Quote #6874: "Who is goop on the anime." — Cori
NomenNeminis: Compleatly if that's in the game, they do NOT know yet.
CaptainSpam: Quote #8666: "Haha, Eagle! That's CLEARLY a sea cliff" — Ian
Gekyouryuu: Compleatly they played the shinkenger op
Compleatly: NomeNeminis: I know it's in the big arcade taiko drum machines. All the KR openings are. I don't know if they'd be in this one
Compleatly: gekyouryuu: the whole thing? shinkenger's op is pretty great
Compleatly: are there are other sentai openigns
justwhatever_idk: Is that turtle on the Left involved in anything more than just eating. What is the character background of Hungry Turt
Gekyouryuu: I think it wad the tv size
Compleatly: dang
NomenNeminis: Compleatly Yes, they've played another sentai song that they didn't recognise.
FITorion: Quote #8263: "Where does smashing happen?" — Cori
Gekyouryuu: and no others were seen yet
Compleatly: NomenNeminis: can you remember the engrish or any weird terms that stood out
CaptainSpam: Quote #9491: "I can't go axe to cut me? I'm awful serpent." — a little gnome
Gekyouryuu: I played goseiger on an arcade taiko last year at Otakon
Compleatly: if this game has sentai opening it must have KR openings too
sleepyham: bang bang bang bang bang bang
Compleatly: maybe it has Journey Through the Decade if it has Shinkenger op.
sleepyham: many wow much bang
sleepyham: is that a ninja turtle eating sushi
FITorion: Quote #6896: "Totally innocuous meat to the still-living one!" — Cori
Gekyouryuu: and I already told them taiko no tatsujin is an ex-aid power up
RealGamerCow: okay, now that I see the lyrics, it makes as little sense as it did in the battle with speaker bird
NomenNeminis: RoboHodor: "Who'd want to overclock a sewing machine?"
Compleatly: taiko no tatsujin is in Ex-aid?
Gekyouryuu: in the genm special
Compleatly: I know that genm has a super ganbarizing gashat
sleepyham: wat
robo__nixon: wow
DarkMorford: Robo-Heather: "I don't think I'm meant to die and you can quote me on that."
Gekyouryuu: taiko no tatsujin shows up in part 3 when ex-aid duels hibiki
taruan: !highlight perfect in every way
LRRbot: Highlight added.
sleepyham: 100% PogChamp
Compleatly: Gekyouryuu: where can I find this special
Compleatly: this special sounds amazing
Gekyouryuu: tvn
BlueChloroplast: <3
robo__nixon: lrrCORIFRUMP :P
Mijnheer: many wow, much perfect Kappa
CaptainSpam: This would be a perfect time for a break if you didn't already take one. Kappa
NomenNeminis: Don't talk to me or my drum babies ever again!
Riandisa: Taiko drum sticks love confetti but never clean it up
NomenNeminis: CaptainSpam just came back from a break.
Alephred: Are those things cats?
sleepyham: oh i just notice the drum babies have kiss costumes
NomenNeminis: CaptainSpam Derp. I get it now.
Compleatly: gekyouryuu: I haven't seen any of the specials or ex-aid but I'm to understand the snipe one is good because ex-aid can literally do no wrong
Compleatly: of*
Compleatly: The Lazer special should be interesting
NomenNeminis: Does anyone know what the character on the drums...faces means?
FITorion: Quote #6214: "Banjo Kazooie has taught us many things... mostly about toilets." — Cori, to Ian
Compleatly: NomenNeminis: I think it's a character for "hit"
Alephred: Whoa, I am not going to be able to work with this playing quietly in the background. :)
NomenNeminis: *drums/
Compleatly: but I don't know
NomenNeminis: Thanks, Compleatly!
Powerdork: this is pretty sick
Compleatly: anyone know the name of this song
Powerdork: what's it called
Compleatly: it sounds familiar
Alephred: Is the blue face a different drum pad?
Compleatly: Wow not even Cori can beat Heather at drums
Compleatly: Heather is too good.
FITorion: Quote #6954: "Haha! Outsmarted the clouds?" — Cori, to Ian
robo__nixon: @Alephred blue is the rim
Gekyouryuu: nihon no mikata nabatakarakiyashita
NomenNeminis: Robo Heather: "Have you never seen Beej go to the channel, where Ian lies all the time"
Gekyouryuu: this one is family dondon
angryoptimist: Cat-like teddy bear thing batteries.
NomenNeminis: I also believe that the larger drum notes mean hit with BOTH sticks (others are fine with single stick).
justwhatever_idk: The Red and Blue symbolize Head and Rim respectively, correct?
NomenNeminis: Yup
Gekyouryuu: yes
robo__nixon: yes, and the larger one mean use both sticks. correct :)
NomenNeminis: Do you get penalized for using two sticks for a one-stick hit?
justwhatever_idk: I'm learning!
robo__nixon: not that i recall
NomenNeminis: Thank you.
Rhynerd: !quote heather
LRRbot: Quote #1858: "Not sure I could recommend what Kirby's showing off." —Heather [2016-02-16]
justwhatever_idk: yes thank you chat
NomenNeminis: Quote #7832: "I will NOT have used genres in water." — Ian and Cori, to Graham
Riandisa: Should have looked for a good taiko lullaby for Cori
CaptainSpam: Does it keep adding new songs to the list as you go through the "story"?
Alephred: Is this Mozart?
robo__nixon: Cori will be a regular Lars Ulrich after this :)
justwhatever_idk: Yes, it's his Allegro
Alephred: Ah, just the way Mozart always intended. :)
NomenNeminis: Now I want to hear "Dance of the Blessed Spirits" with drums. (NO. no I do not.)
robo__nixon: Metallic drummer :P
justwhatever_idk: Claire de Lune on Taiko pls
robo__nixon: metallica*
robo__nixon: Just be that good after this :)
Alephred: Lars Ulrich has never work a bright orange turtleneck in his life. :)
NomenNeminis: It's more of a burnt orange, to be fair. (at least on stream)
FarleyF: Who else is singing the beer song now
Alephred: Hm. March of the Toreadores, I believe?
aardarf: @Alephred you've never seen him in his off hours...
DarkMorford: Ah, yes, that taiko drum classic, Carmen
Alephred: I've seen that picture of Danzig buying kitty litter, though.
CaptainSpam: I have to wonder why the entire Moonbase doesn't have their own Miis on this Wii.
NomenNeminis: Slightly related: the Anderson and Roe Carmen Fantasy is AMAZING.
justwhatever_idk: Bizet: "One day, the world will be ready for my true visions for my music: to be performed by Hair Metal Anime Drums doing the Monkey"
Mijnheer: And one of the drums is a pencil
Mijnheer: of course.
NomenNeminis: The other's a dog?
angryoptimist: Some kind of pencil/rabbit that are also both drums.
NomenNeminis: I think they are really a pencil and a dog, but those were they drum-sonas. Kappa
NomenNeminis: *their
Mijnheer: If your child is a drum and also a pencil, consult a physician Kappa
robo__nixon: Heather throwing shade :P
NomenNeminis: Actually, consult a physician if your child is EITHER one of those.
NomenNeminis: I'm glad we waited until we had the Kiss outfits before we did the classical section :D
NomenNeminis: *KISS
robo__nixon: true :)
justwhatever_idk: KISS is technically classic rock so
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