SchalaKitty: @MrsPokemonCheese - Yas! Join LRR Crew.
kpiozero: Is this the next LRR Live
Alexare_: I bet you Tally could make something awesome using that technique
GDwarf: talosparoxi: Not quite. A kotatsu is a type of low-to-the-ground table with a quilt around the edge and a heater underneath it
Anaerin: Origami Brassiere...
Lysander_Gustav: Hello folks!
Grumpy_Mcfart: sounds like a qwerpling bit
Grumpy_Mcfart: *qwerpline
GDwarf: talosparoxi: Rather than heating the whole house, you heat the Kotatsu and sit with your legs/feet underneath it
Macheya: What's that meme? "Boy's neck wants to be hardcore but his collar won't let him."
Hesk1el: That definitely sounds like a new crapshot
Nightvalien28: even with context
wildpeaks: most of this stream is confusing without context, that's the fun :D
Lysander_Gustav: I have an important question -- do any of these characters turn into dragons?
Drazoth: @LoadingReadyRun Can that be the next TTSF?
FITorion: the crapshot... nudist coster park one
kpiozero: Have you ever wanted to be a wonton in the bedroom?
talosparoxi: yeah that's what I thought. there are varieties that are just the quilt and a glass plate to place on top of it.
solahwin_tampramain: !highlight do you wana be a wonton in the bedroom?
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Hesk1el: A Nudist Sushi Restaurant
SchalaKitty: Ware-Ware means We!
plummeting_sloth: ya know. I'd say lets get through the plot and back to the shooting, but that's boring too, so let's stay here
Aenir798: WAGAHAI
Lysander_Gustav: The formal version
Mijnheer: @Lysander_Gustav That anime had a shocking lack of machine guns
Lysander_Gustav: ?!
kpiozero: so, whats the talking simulator anaysis on this one
plummeting_sloth: the nearly Royal We
Zachasaurs: the VA's tried really hard man
TStodden: Wara Wara? Isn't that a onomatopoeia for the sound of a crowd (as there's the Wara Wara Plaza on the Wii U)?
Lysander_Gustav: Mijnheer I'd say it has the perfect amount of machine guns
Macheya: Those are bedroom eyes on the in-game model.
fourcardcombosuicide: No bellybutton
Lysander_Gustav: Oh it's a beat-em-up
Jhardin87: I just got here and I was NOT prepared for this game
Drazoth: Those are eyes that say i'm going to eat you out Kappa
Grumpy_Mcfart: get ready for some Maid Style Sushi!
Lysander_Gustav: Wow just chipping away at the health
ArcOfTheConclave: You're are failing the Major Test of Strength.
Ignatiuspants: aw... another knife robot?
Zachasaurs: wow thaqt screen shake
kpiozero: Ah yes, the "I'm stuck humping the ground stratgey
plummeting_sloth: GAMEPLAY
Ignatiuspants: I'd like this game better if it ramped up the weirdness...
Lysander_Gustav: Yay
Hesk1el: The perpetual motion robit
talosparoxi: this is the weirdest dark souls mod I've ever seen
kpiozero: Would Metal Wolf Chaos be an import game?
PerpetualDM: !game bad
CaptainSpam: This is a weak version of Enter the Gungeon. :-P
Macheya: Looks like we got a bad-ass over here.
cfpreston: it was
plummeting_sloth: MR PRESIDENT
Lysander_Gustav: Flawless masterpiece
LathosTiran: what was it...? RICHARD!!!!!!
MrPhlip: Believe your own justice
damullet14: Are there games that aren't from software/
Sektor88: Richaaarrrrrd
plummeting_sloth: Truly the Dark Souls of presidentail Mecha games
Lysander_Gustav: Pigtail weapons
GDwarf: It's a shame that most of the Metal Wolf Chaos stuff didn't make it to YouTube
SchalaKitty: Metal Wolf Chaos should've been important. What would be more American than kicking as the president?
cfpreston: most games are software
SchalaKitty: Err imported
Anaerin: "And the reason is: Because I am the president of the United States of America!"
Sektor88: Also, Ian! Related to giant robots and America, China is now getting in on the Megabot / Kuratas action with their own robot.
Macheya: Her twintails look like baguettes when they're spinning.
Anaerin: Sam Bee and John Oliver are fighting the good fight.
wildpeaks: oh yes that was hilarious
Lysander_Gustav: Hannigan?
nattsan: Steven just went all out actully.
Sektor88: The Monkey King. it legit looks like a Zoid.
ChinchillaTheHun: Allison Janney iirc
Seagulyus: so what is the name of this game anyway?
plummeting_sloth: now Ian... this game sounds horrifying
Leels: Are you from fighting a giant knife robot?
kpiozero: Why do peple think that giant robots will be effective weapons?
Ignatiuspants: my favorite part was Bee's White House Correspondence Dinner speech in an alternate universe, which our Sam Bee is watching a recording of and crying...
Leels: The knife Robot looks like it's trying to hump you
Rhynerd: If only we knew how to switch to the pistol.
GDwarf: "Steven Colbert is becoming a pretty Barbie" - Ian
CaptainSpam: He is becoming a barbecue.
GDwarf: That's totally what he said
nattsan: He just said Trump's mouth is good for only one thing, and its aVERY not PG thing.
Anaerin: Colbert is getting pretty Barb-y. Including inviting Jon Stewart back.
plummeting_sloth: those floating things ar eAmmo, Beej
Lysander_Gustav: Those battle-cries are really starting to grate
damullet14: Are those little black things bullets
kpiozero: well, if your hair could somehow give lift, wouldn't you do that too
Rhynerd: They are bullets
wildpeaks: Well, that's almost like dancing with an ostrich
MrPhlip: !highlight Warning: This
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Macheya: Frogbot is live!
Ignatiuspants: the actual Correspondent's Dinner got a speech from Hasan Minaj from The Daily Show... that was great too
GDwarf: Wait, that...that is *literally* one of the bosses from a Megaman game. I think Megaman 2? One of the ones Dr. Wily is in.
plummeting_sloth: Wait... happy robot
CaptainSpam: I will say, I've been avoiding even political satire lately, too. Haven't listened to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me in months.
GDwarf: Might be MM3
Conrii: Discount Adzam?
Lysander_Gustav: Every time she shoots
Drazoth: I really need more rum now....
plummeting_sloth: well, you have the moral victory now
Rhynerd: Coat Check the Khanate?
Macheya: That thing looks like something from Capsule Corp.
Lysander_Gustav: The shaking screen with every attack is quite the headache-maker
talosparoxi: you got this beej
plummeting_sloth: it's like the game realizes that you'd need mobs to generate ammo for you, but didn't actually give said mobs amma
plummeting_sloth: er, ammo
Rhynerd: One opportunity?
samwonk: I'm sure you only don't have enough ammo because you picked the wrong guns for this mission.
wildpeaks: mom spaguetti
talosparoxi: lrrGOAT
plummeting_sloth: thank christ
Lysander_Gustav: What a reward
talosparoxi: lrrCREEPL lrrSPOOP lrrCREEPR
kpiozero: Thanks Dr. Ian and Dr Beej!
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream, guys
Zachasaurs: <3
Mijnheer: Thanks for the stream! lrrAWESOME
cfpreston: now i want to know
Hesk1el: Thanks Ian and Beej! Have a great night
Rhynerd: Do I want to know about the other outfits?
Neon_Trippyrainbows: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: New Day Tewsday (Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III) at Tue 12:00 PM PDT (14:52 from now).
Macheya: lrrCREEPL lrrCIRCLE lrrCREEPR
ylegm: lrrCREEPL lrrSLOTH lrrCREEPR
kpiozero: Cheer 100 Bits Thaks for the stream guys!
SchalaKitty: Thanks for the stream! lrrAWESOME
kpiozero: cheer100 bits Thanks guys!
PMAvers: That sure sounds like a Cam game.
wildpeaks: Bye Beej and Ian, thanks for jamming images in our eyes
Ignatiuspants: it's been fun!
DoodlestheGreat: It's accurate!
nattsan: What?
Questhere: kthxbai!
Ignatiuspants: goodnight, everybody!
Grumpy_Mcfart: bye!
cfpreston: what game was that?
Juliamon: It's a Cam and Graham jam
DoodlestheGreat: G'nite, gents!
ylegm: wait gamehaus on a tuesday? must be my lucky week
kpiozero: Sailor buisness
MrPhlip: !addquote (Ian) [now] Until next time, keep your eyes on Sailor Business.
LRRbot: New quote #4180: "Until next time, keep your eyes on Sailor Business." —Ian [2017-05-01]
talosparoxi: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Juliamon: !highlight WAIT WHAT
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solahwin_tampramain: !highlight sailor business
samwonk: Oh, finally, I can go to bed now.
Rhynerd: I wonder which faction Cam will go with.
angryoptimist: Love this stream, always great fun.
solahwin_tampramain: gah you beat me to t
Mijnheer: good night everybody o7
kpiozero: Good night folks
angryoptimist: Now to catch the beginning on the VOD, since my notifier thingy didn't catch my eye for an hour.
Rhynerd: Welp, good night chat!
angryoptimist: Goodnight!