NeBZ417: The chillest space marines are the Salamanders and the Space marines
thecanerdian: honest question: does anybody else suspect that these internet outages are the work of hackers objecting to the US playing fire with Net Neutrality?
SharkHero08: Chat what armies to you play?
GroutNASA: Chemicals For The Cam God
virgil82: Huh. Shaw had a huge outage last week on tuesday as well.
JohnLockeCole: Cam you're really cool and we're glad you stream for us
NeBZ417: wolves*
CollapsingHrungDisaster: We are here for you too Cam. May your streaming be pleasant
ecocd: Really missing out here, Cam.
Astra7525: You could check the ARmy painter in the meantime Cameron
Crad0k: caimheul orks enjoy the warp, the conflict keeps them from getting bored between conflicts :-p
TXC2: Fire Dragons
harmlesspenguin: TakeNRG TakeNRG we can only give Cam energy
virgil82: Shadow Spectres.
The_Jenx: Come on, Cam! Go hard, or go home!
Metric_Furlong: there are exceptions, obviously, but 40k is bonkers enough that this holds for most things
amythist: was going to say you could customize your army but since he can't see us
WeedenProject: Shadow spectres I think
Gallium71: Shadow Specters... Ohhhh fancy
NeBZ417: Shadow spectres
Issurru: but you're a cool old man
Macheya: I wonder how long a genki dama can power an internet hub.
Angnor33: I am well.
NeBZ417: Great!
CrazyFishPerson: Well I am me
MDK_Marshal: Oh, those sweet resin models on some rocks? I have some of those! They're SUPER SWEET
caimheul: WE are fine Cameron that can't see us
sedeathert: Metric_Furlong DBZ might be able to step, lol
control_rig: You ARE!
DapperGentlemancer: Old Man Cam Fam. That is an Old Man Logan fanfic I would read
Theicyhandofdeath: GivePLZ lrrDOTS TakeNRG
Skyboss1996: Well, you're not wrong
control_rig: We do
PMAvers: This is the happiest chat session of Cam's life.
JinaMahavira: Poor, wishing i could buy this game
JohnLockeCole: actually we are telling you that
Not_On_Twitch: Cameron is the most beautiful.
blast__femur: Cam you're really beautiful
rarermonsters: Cam you gotta find a Chinese Recaster like my boy Wonton Charlie
caimheul: You ARE correct sir
ecocd: Cam you are really beautiful and we all envy you.
zed_alpha: You're really beautiful.
Curufean: You are really beautiful, and I do envy you
JediTransmit: You are really beautiful.
Avayu: You are
Mysterious_Challenger: Cameron is PAPYRUS?
Saulens181: I'm really beautiful and you envy me Cam!
grgriffin3: Can I be me and also you?
BASEGray20: You are the most beautiful you there is
Issurru: what if I clone you
zed_alpha: I envy you to a degree that hurts.
jimbo99999: pokketDERP
BITs19_: cam you're really beautiful and i envy you Kappa
functionaly_insane: Man Cam is just so handsome
Phothrism: inb4 chat plays Cam
CrazyFishPerson: Hey you play games for a living. That seems good to me.
DapperGentlemancer: Oh, thank god
rarermonsters: It's how I have a Forgeworld Nightlords army
Metric_Furlong: sedeathert possibly, but then DBZ is it's own category of bonkers :p
kpiozero: Cam is pretty
Theicyhandofdeath: GivePLZ lrrCIRCLE TakeNRG
Undertowst: Cam does a Beej Drop on the Chat?
TXC2: but why not!
Jay_Blanc: I have to be a ewe?
EikoandMog: !highlight Cam Soliloquy
zed_alpha: Graham is just probably wondering what the *** is going on, now.
Mangledpixel: "No matter where you go, there you are."
LRRbot: Highlight added.
PandasAndPancakes: Such love for Cam, that he cannot read <3
coolbond: i agree cam IS papyrus
Granitefish: Can I be a facsimile of you?
The_Jenx: IT HAS TO
GapFiller: Cam you are really beautiful and I deeply envy you
functionaly_insane: Cam is best boy
fourcardcombosuicide: !storm
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Skyboss1996: Please don't feel me
jonlevir: I mean, you are a beautiful man
GroutNASA: "We're all living with the grief." gold
Molvanian: Cam, Negging his way into our hearts and our inferiority complexes.
ecocd: Cam bad touch.
eddieatthegov: but can we make worshipping you part of being us?
malc: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Twitch channel, not the woods.
Angnor33: lrrAWESOME
wench_tacular: he knows us so well
rarermonsters: I need an adult...
Rhynerd: !highlight Cam's Fireside Chat
Curufean: I could never go out there and be me, it would terrify the public
DrasonSpike: cam sounds like a passive Bob ross with a ego
Mysterious_Challenger: omfg
Lunareclipse123: So I... I play a lot of armies
Not_On_Twitch: Chat will communicate through the medium of Graham.
Undertowst: Cam ... out of context that sounds ... interesting....
Issurru: 11/10 would Cam again
Avayu: Wow
NeBZ417: Im starting a Sons of Horus Forge world army
plummeting_sloth: this is the best way to interact with Cameron. Better for the bos of us, really
control_rig: Admit it, you just set up the Screen
Avayu: That was peak Cam
Glenn_Seto: cam is so beautiful and I envy him so
incslayer: i love when cam does this type of stuff
Crad0k: sedeathert or you could end up with a DBZ level hive fleet :-p
SharkHero08: Man, I'm not looking forward to the hit my wallet is going to take when I eventually pick up a Riptide and Stormsurge
BASEGray20: Is it still listening if it's text?
JediTransmit: Cam is one with the force.
All_mankind: to be fair chat is pretty predictable
Skyboss1996: Get this Cam a Beer!
JohnLockeCole: we should get you a beer
Pimptimus_Prime: Cam is less a person you can be, more of an IDEAL
rarermonsters: "Cam Ignores the Chat" is actually a pretty fun stream concept
Curufean: I didn't offer you a beer
TXC2: "sure I could go for an omlette right now!"
Pimptimus_Prime: to srtive for.
CrazyFishPerson: Don't worry Cameron. I am drinking a beer for you. You are engjoying it a lot.
zed_alpha: damn skippy!
Eklinaar: "The ability to not hear the other person in the conversation" so Cam is saying he's a man and Chat is a woman?
eddieatthegov: !highlight Camchat with Cam
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Rhynerd: @nebz417 straight up Sons of Horus or are you going to try and make them Luna Wolves?
Phothrism: Yeah Cam's hair sure is getting whiter everyday
zed_alpha: It looks awesome!
JediTransmit: What kind of product do you use?
Hotrob_McAwesometon: Chat, I don't t hink he can actually see us yet
zed_alpha: Cam's hair looks great when it's that silver.
DapperGentlemancer: Is he talking about his hair or his junk?
ecocd: This is hard to tell from reality with chat.
Undertowst: Tasty pen!
Mangledpixel: woo! Liz-sub!
EikoandMog: @DapperGentlemancer Yes?
TXC2: DapperGentlemancer why not both?
Mysterious_Challenger: i love this
Theicyhandofdeath: this is kinda amazing im not going to lie
Angnor33: Yay Liz!
IgnisDeus: can we have a pole to determine when cam tilts out lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Skyboss1996: Yay Liz!
NeBZ417: @Rhynerd Going with Sons
grgriffin3: Goddammit I wish I knew how to twirl a pen like that.
virgil82: Hi Liz!
Dammit_Liz: :)
jonlevir: Yay, Liz!
adi_pie: cheer100 You ARE beautiful, Cameron.
Paranundrox: hey Liz!
Rhynerd: @nebz417 alrighty then.
caimheul: yay notifications?
JohnLockeCole: why stop at a macarthur grant, go straight for nobel
TheMoatman: Dammit, Liz. you fixed it!
Skyboss1996: *Distant Graham* "That's wierd"
ecocd: "That's weird!"
Matt_LRR: Hi Liz!
Driosenth: Can we go back to the Cam who doubts his own physical existence?
AgentMagicMaster: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Juliamon: I do actually enjoy listening to Cam say positive things about himself instead of the usual "I'm bad at this game"
PandasAndPancakes: We're taking Henry Kissenger's nobel peace prize and giving it to you, Cam
Not_On_Twitch: Are we back?!
EikoandMog: lrrHORN
sedeathert: Crad0k I mean, sure, it's just one of the only settings I can think of that goes as insane, although the Warcraft universe is approaching that silliness with its titans
GapFiller: Hai Liz
Lunareclipse123: I play Orks, Death Guard, Space Wolves, Deathwatch, Eldar (not used those in a while), Adepta Sororitas (small force), Imperial Knights (Small Force), Horus Heresy Death Guard and Horus Heresy Raven Guard
xaphon: cheer100 Cam you are beautiful
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TheAinMAP: It's playing catch-up.
some_call_me_tim: liz fixed the chat
GapFiller: Incoming Sub Bits Barrage
Lunareclipse123: That's a lot of armies
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Compleatly: @Juliamon Yeah. I imagine Cam saying negative things about other people would be more entertaining
ecocd: @some_call_me_tim Liz can fix anything.
JinaMahavira: what a monster
NeBZ417: @Rhynerd I play Imperium of man in 40k kinda want to play the bad guys
Lunareclipse123: I don't want to know how much money I've spent on 40k over the last 10 years
Skyboss1996: So, Cam. Can you read us?
CollapsingHrungDisaster: You are correct Cam. I SHOULD work on my dissertation. I should also not have just eaten three doughnuts, but here we are...
silenceaux: "It's nice to meet you" omg.
Phothrism: Hello Cam
Metric_Furlong: I mean, if you want to play the bad guys, 40k is a good game for you :p
JinaMahavira: *breaks everything*
Not_On_Twitch: We're back!
Skyboss1996: WE"RE BACK!
ConchShell_VII: Everything is fine!
Saulens181: !findbutts
LRRbot: Behind you.
MDK_Marshal: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TXC2: hello Cam
CrazyFishPerson: Good morning Cam
incslayer: HURRAY
Avayu: But should you?
ecocd: Cam, we decided Liz fixed it with her sub.
Metric_Furlong: because everyone is the bad guys
hrothgar5: Hi Cam!
caimheul: Hi Cameron
Viewers_Like_You: I'm an internet!
Molvanian: @Dr Cam Chat was as full of praise as you'd imagined.
Lunareclipse123: Hello
caimheul: Dear Doctor Cameron: Any interest in Shadow War Armageddon?
JohnLockeCole: Hello cam, you're a beutiful person inside and out and we're glad to have you stream for us
Theicyhandofdeath: @collapsinghrungdisaster what is your dissertation on?
Saulens181: No we're not
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Telenstray: 40k what
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TheOtherTrevor: Ok, everybody stop saying mean things that they can't read now
rarermonsters: I don't know Cam, you ignoring us was kind of hilarious
kainboa: gandsSubHype
TheMoatman: CollapsingHrungDisaster now hear me out, if you eat 7 more doughnuts that'll be a round number
CrazyFishPerson: I am drinkign a beer for you Cameron. You are enjoying it a lot
BASEGray20: Hello beautiful
SniperPumpkin: YaY! the Chat/Cameron convergence is complete
Crad0k: NeBZ417 in 40k, everyone is the bad guys!
GroutNASA: Cam, I don't wish I were you any more.
Drazoth: And now I must go be employed
Rhynerd: @nebz417 to be fair, the imperiums are bo saints either, unless you count Celestine.
Drazoth: Goodbye
JumbahJawn: Cam I loveyou
cfpreston: yay, now i can yell into a slightly more populus void
amythist: Cam while waiting for Graham you could play around with the army builder some
zed_alpha: You can always look at the army painter?
Dammit_Liz: you're welcome
JediTransmit: I should be working on my master's thesis, but this is more fun.
Glenn_Seto: chat is back ... and thal that this entails
NeBZ417: @Crad0k Thats heresy
demonic_owlet: Cam what's your favorite Marine chapter or do you have a homebrew?
Desdae: wait we aren't front?
Theicyhandofdeath: we were mostly just saying go left
Skyboss1996: Thanks, Liz
Undertowst: Yes Cam, it was great to hear that you can feel all of us, through the internet. And now I need an adult.
NeBZ417: Why is this chat so Heretical
NeBZ417: ?
plummeting_sloth: the point is everything is obviously fine
control_rig: It's the internet, so SOMETHING'S going to happen
Metric_Furlong: Everything is Fine
cfpreston: !adult
LRRbot: Adult currently unavailable, please try again later.
caimheul: Dear Doctor Cameron: Shadow War is quite good, also a bunch cheaper and quicker to get into
TXC2: Interenet is a tricky thing.....
Pimptimus_Prime: So who else is surprised that Dawnmof Warhammer 3 came out in 40k? I thought they just came out with 8k.
qrpth: !storm
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EikoandMog: Redundant internet connection working as intended.
Hotrob_McAwesometon: I like the aquamarines
Elaro_56: Maybe Cam is an internet psyker
Lunareclipse123: I love the Raven Guard and Space Wolves
control_rig: Space Doges
NeBZ417: YES
hondor64: *slow clap* Whomever had the idea for the name of today's game... You caused me physical pain when I face palmed my Sunburned face...
Snarkbait: Space woofs?
Thephishstix: WOOOOT! Space Wolves!
rarermonsters: Boo furries. 10k Sons all the way
Crad0k: leman russ is a tool
TXC2: Salamanders are basicaly the only good guys
eddieatthegov: lz Space Wolves!
InquisitorJL: space puppers?
JumbahJawn: space vikings best marines
some_call_me_tim: spess woofs best woofs
incslayer: as a scandinavian i am obliged to support the space wolves
caimheul: I love the Exterminators chapter
Kthanid: Who's a good space doggo, you are Fenris!
Lunareclipse123: Prospero Burns is a great portrayal of Heresy-era Space Wolves
ecocd: Out Of Context Cam: " I like salamanders"
silenceaux: Interesting, considering your general take on doges
NeBZ417: @Crad0k So much heresy
WeedenProject: Prospero burns was pretty good tbf
control_rig: Nuuuu Orks
Skyboss1996: Spoice Morines!
The_Jenx: cheer100 Watched Mail time earlier today, and can you *please* get Alex on the next Millennium Blades game? I want to see him try to Jund people out!
Scarbble: spice marines
Undertowst: Sploice Marines!
incslayer: Spice marines
blast__femur: spice marines?
GroutNASA: "Angron": dumb name or dumbest name?
malc: the spice marines must flow
TheMoatman: The spice must marine. No that doesn't work
ConchShell_VII: I control the Spoice, I control the universe!
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh boy, this game scales up pretty high, doesn't it
Papperslappen: Space Doggos!
Kthanid: Space woofs aka vacuum doggos.
qrpth: LoadingReadyRun: refresh the on-screen sub counter, it's off by two?
Our_OBoros: Yay, Raven Guard!
incslayer: @malc damint i was gonna make that joke
TXC2: man I really want are Horus Heresy Movie :P
demonic_owlet: Space wolf are not good wuffs, remember the Thousand Sons
rarermonsters: They might be doing the Starcraft thing where the game is several campaigns in a row
Molvanian: @Dr Cam From what I've heard, the Campaign involves all the factions, and switches between them. Not certain though
Crad0k: campaign jumps between all three factions
eddieatthegov: the marine must spice
Metric_Furlong: GroutNASA, there is also Lion El'Johnson
NeBZ417: @GroutNASA I always thought Lorgar was pretty bad
malc: incslayer: lrrAWW
Angnor33: @GroutNASA I don't think Angron is that bad... :P
Pimptimus_Prime: The name of my 40k and Dune mashup fanfic: Spice Marines...
hondor64: White scars are the only chapter!
Applejack_is_bestpony: I have never played or watched Warhammer but I feel like Cam is just making up all of these unit names
VariableVacancy: This sounds like heresy
incslayer: @malc im just gonna have to go with great minds think alike :P
SharkHero08: Cam is actually the reason that I actually got into Warhammer and modeling in general. Buildings been going well but painting is another story. Therefore I'm planning to just sticking to a simple scheme of mostly base layers
eddieatthegov: Eldar runes.
Fr0Dough: sweet 40k amonkhet
Skyboss1996: That sounds like heresy
GroutNASA: @NeBZ417 how is Lorgar bad?
Molvanian: @Applejack_is_bestpony Oh you have not even begun to hear how silly the names can get.
sedeathert: Sure does sound like Heresy, yeah
control_rig: That's what they do
Undertowst: Dear Mystical voice, can you speak up please? You mystic ramblings are nearly incomprehensible.
control_rig: And then fight themselves
eddieatthegov: freeze frame battle
Viewers_Like_You: Shake shake shake / Shake shake shake / Shake the heavens
cfpreston: standard year
LordShadner: its what they do
Thephishstix: cheer100 cheer100 For the Space Wolves, For Russ and For the All-father
GroutNASA: @Metric_Furlong I dunno. In-universe, naming him after "anger" seems ... a little on the hose?
Perivale: nah, Orks like fighting other orks too
NeBZ417: @GroutNASA Eh just never liked the name
Theicyhandofdeath: thats kinda their schtick
TXC2: unchecked, Orks will more likly kill each other
JumbahJawn: Cam got me into Warhammer 40k. and Garham got me into destiny. Now i've no freetime and no spendable money. But I love ever second of it.
adi_pie: The Heavens should really get some better shocks, they keep getting so shook.
Perivale: all the orksing
Paranundrox: yeah, Orks are basically a fungus
Crad0k: that's pretty true for most of the factions, to be fair
thecanerdian: Tyranids are much more terrifying than Orks to me. Orks will enslave. Tyranids consume. Forever.
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VariableVacancy: wwwaaaaggghhh
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rarermonsters: I am AP 1 right now
Metric_Furlong: GroutNASA his Legion are called *The World Eaters*
amythist: even trying to keep them in check orks have a chance to take over planets
incslayer: warlock.. i mean varlock
Molvanian: @Crad0k Worst idea ever by the way. Hated that bit of the lore.
kumatsu: this all jus tmakes me want to replay the SC2 campaign
Paranundrox: and Orks are basically impossible to get rid of
TheMoatman: Help I'm installing eve again
Paranundrox: once they get on a planet
GroutNASA: @Metric_Furlong Yes... pretty good name for kicking ***
Macheya: Ooh, Jalopy is only half-off.
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TwoSenses: Spueeeeceee Muhreeeeneees (jk blood for the blood god)
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NeBZ417: @Metric_Furlong Aren't his the world Bearers?
ConchShell_VII: We fight for our honor as Blood Ravens, as Blood Ravens, as Space Ravens, and we fight the Emperor!
control_rig: Ah yes, the Blood Ravens. The Generic Computer Game chapter
Paranundrox: they do. not. go. away.
kumatsu: TheMoatman are you signing up for the anime war?
Perivale: Blood "OOH SHINY" Ravens
zed_alpha: Relic's own chapter. I like 'em.
GroutNASA: @TheMoatman NO! You've already won! Don't lose again
rarermonsters: Angel McAngelson
Metric_Furlong: GroutNASA if anything, one can argue his name is a bit subtle in comparison
Narida_L: the DOW1 intro cutscene was properly animated though XD
sjcTheos: wow, heresy
Skyboss1996: Defying an Inquisitor? Uh oh
Undertowst: You know, mystical voice lady. I would love to help out, but your voice is so quiet and grabbled that I don't know what you want me to do.
Our_OBoros: Kayvaan Shrike, current Raven Guard leader, ignored orders from imperial tacticians and went saving civilians. In 40K!
caimheul: @amythist That's the benefit of veing fungus based species
amythist: I just want to see the Imperial knight unit hero character you can get
TheMoatman: kumatsu: Well I mean my last corp was waffles so you tell me
Snarkbait: Wow, Gabe's seen some ***
Laserbeaks_Fury: Showing these guys in static, heroic poses is very on-brand for Warhammer
Lunareclipse123: Orks could overrun the galaxy easily if united, but they're so busy fighting each other that they only pose a real threat when a strong leader gets a bunch of them together
Metric_Furlong: NeBZ417 nope, that's another legion
rarermonsters: Go brothers! Use your massive jaws if necessary!
killing_thyme: Gabe not looking great
thecanerdian: I'm really liking the artwork in this btw.
FriskyMantis: lrrSLOTH atpHorns hey all
Crad0k: angron is called that because he's got implants in his head and is permanantly angry
NeBZ417: Angrons
caimheul: @Thecanerdian I realllly love the GW artwork
TXC2: hello FriskyMantis welcome
cfpreston: gabriel has seen better days
Lunareclipse123: Poor Angron
some_call_me_tim: What about the probes outside the galaxy?
jimbo99999: SMOrc has other plans
some_call_me_tim: Cam tell us!
Skyboss1996: Just the most Ham
TheMoatman: And Reza still owes me for making his recruiting site
incslayer: cheer500 For the Greater Good
GroutNASA: @Metric_Furlong Military units are named to hype people up. He's, like, a person. Did his masters name the other fighters "Hittor" and "Slicee"?
plummeting_sloth: chew that scenery
Jensling: Wasn't there a planet that's basically half Orks half Tyranids, and the people who found it just NOPED THE EFF OUT when they realized?
Icelight: I still and always support the Greater Good. Tau forever!
control_rig: 10000% Ham
Pimptimus_Prime: He so hated Heresy, he committed Heresy to stop Heresy...
Molvanian: Excuse me? "It's about damned time"?! Who says that to Space Marines?
NeBZ417: Carcharadons are cool
grgriffin3: Just get to lrrHAM to unchecked levels.
SharkHero08: Also this is the color scheme I'm trying to go for for my Tau army
VariableVacancy: you just get to be so, ANGRY
zed_alpha: especially if you're Chaos.
Curufean: Where are the Zerg?
Lunareclipse123: All Angron wanted was to die in battle with his friends, but the Emperor turned up and "rescued" him
thecanerdian: @caimheul Yeah! I don't know exactly how I'd describe it here. They've translated it nicely into that cool depth of feel
GrumblingMoblin: I just did it for our game...its fun until you have to do all the battle chatter
zed_alpha: SaAAANniitttY is for the wwwWEEEAK!
GrumblingMoblin: just kills the throat
NeBZ417: Go space sharks
Molvanian: @Lunareclipse123 And sadly, only him, not his friends.
Alness49: VAing Orks would be just wild
Crad0k: there's a video from retribution of the VAs doing their thing, it's awesome
sjcTheos: actually nvm about the threshhold, just kill EVERY ork
Paranundrox: but yeah
Metric_Furlong: GroutNASA the bloog angel's primarch is called 'Sanguinius'
Paranundrox: Orks are a plague
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iammorthos: I"m so glad you got use out of my box of many club found things and the beer held within them! Also when does Ciaphus Cain show up?
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Valdinzar24: wow this looks cool why did it get bad reviews
TXC2: chew? I'd be DEVOURING the Scenery :P
rarermonsters: @Lunareclipse123 It's more that Ork civilization is exactly where they want it to be. They fight people for stuff until they die. They have no desire to "unite and take over the galaxy". Orks are the perfect civilization in a universe of failed civilizations and Tyranids
plummeting_sloth: that must be one of them warhammer's I've been hearing about
Paranundrox: that spreads and grows through conflict
Laserbeaks_Fury: I appreciate hammerplay
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
Baldrash: cheer100 Time to boop some Orks!
some_call_me_tim: Cam? the orks and probes? plz I'm interested
WeedenProject: Does gabriel have the blender there?
Paranundrox: and a single spore is enough to create and entire WAAAGH
GroutNASA: @Metric_Furlong dammit, I was forgetting that. so bad
TXC2: hello Lysander_Gustav welcome
Paranundrox: (given enough time)
monsmtgftw: Unrelated: have you guys considered streaming the strictly worse cube at some point?
Lysander_Gustav: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 47:39.
TheMoatman: Also I *really* want to see New Eden with this new graphics card
Alephred: Woo, Graham and Cam .. Craham?
thecanerdian: Tau Empire seems like the nicest place to live in the universe IMO.
Dammit_Liz: I'm new. Is Cam playing and Graham as color commentary?
rarermonsters: Holy Curze I really hope Steve Blume is still in this series
Lunareclipse123: @rarermonsters Yes, I do like that about the Ork
Undertowst: You know, mystical voice lady. I would love to help out, but your voice is so quiet and grabbled that I don't know what you want me to do.
Lunareclipse123: Orks*
Rhynerd: Ciaphas is for guard campaigns.
TXC2: Dammit_Liz yeap
eddieatthegov: gotta admit, i side with the 597th Valhallan.
Matt_LRR: @dammit_liz: yup
caimheul: @rarermonsters I believe they are the perfect warriors of a fallen civilization
adi_pie: So, about those probes sent outside the galaxy, and what they found there?
Pimptimus_Prime: In the dark future of the 41st Millenium, there is only Ironic Usernames...
Thephishstix: cheer100 Its Hammer Time!
holidayMD: Reminder Gabriel's hammer is called the Godsplitter
Thus_Spooped_Zarathustra : Liam Hemsworth's Thor by way of Sean Connery.
Lordphnx2: best part of the orks: they're so dumb they're magic
GroutNASA: @TheMoatman if you've got an in with Reza, then may the Empress have mercy on your immortal soul
Metric_Furlong: thecanerdian I mean, I guess if you don't mind copious amounts of brainwashing...
Matt_LRR: this game music is epic af
NeBZ417: @Metric_Furlong Just looked it up Bearers is Lorgar, and Eaters are Angron
Theicyhandofdeath: ok so the amount of warhammer story i know is approximately 0, what is going on?
Mowdownjoe: He seems to fight like Thor in Smite. I don't think it's unintentional.
Rhynerd: And this game may or may not be after his lifetime.
thecanerdian: @Metric_Furlong they give you a home! ;)
killing_thyme: Chris Hemsworth's Thor you mean
VariableVacancy: uh oh
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: sounds more like Heimdall to me Graham
Paranundrox: Orks or Tyranids
zed_alpha: or tyranids.
Papperslappen: I really like the value perspective in the wh40k universe where bigger means better, stronger or more important
Metric_Furlong: and Tyranids
PinaCalChaos: cheer100 BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!
VariableVacancy: that's a lot of orks
OriginalGarwulf: Is that Ray Stevenson voicing that role?
zed_alpha: Either Orks or space bugs.
Paranundrox: sounds about right
some_call_me_tim: ork orks orks
TXC2: more like tyranids
plummeting_sloth: that's a hell of a way to jump
SharkHero08: I think the Tyranids came in response to either the Orcs or the Necrons I can't remembet
killing_thyme: The sexier one
GroutNASA: Holy crap, the WHOLE UNIVERSE is Orks? I thought it was dark already
Crad0k: rarermonsters i dont think so, they went with new VAs this time around
SharkHero08: *remember
The_Jenx: I really appreciate the fact that, despite talking through communicators, both this guy and the woman on the other side KEEP SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER.
OriginalGarwulf: (It sounds a lot like the voice from the animated Beowulf.)
control_rig: Tyranids to the right of them, Orks to the left.
SidewinderSky: Yaaaaay, the guard!
Rhynerd: My men!
Skyboss1996: Imperial guard? WIMPS
Paranundrox: Just humans
Perivale: Imperial Guard have balls of steel
Paranundrox: and they can beat anything
NeBZ417: Shoot them with flashlights
WeiseDrachenJaeger: Not even good guns.
zed_alpha: weenie, yeah, but they stand their goddamn ground.
Paranundrox: given enough guns
Paranundrox: and men
plummeting_sloth: just normal *** humans with guns and numbers in the billions
rarermonsters: @caimheul They were created by Old Ones as a bioweapon to combat the Necrontyr, since they had no souls and were thus immune to psionic attacks. That is why fighting is so deeply coded into their DNA
incslayer: the only "just" humans in the imperium
Alephred: I'm not sure Space Marines count as human.
TXC2: guns that are know as flashlights
thecanerdian: @Perivale Literally, in the Steel Legion's case.
Metric_Furlong: one 'thing' with 40k's lore I remember reading back in the day, was the idea that the only reason the Orks haven't flattened literally every other faction is because they're incapable on unifying
chesul: yea, they don't look like fridges, they must be super weak.
some_call_me_tim: "me peepers!" XD
JumbahJawn: Whats the life expentancy of Imperial gaurd? 5 minutes?
caimheul: T-shirts and flashlights
eddieatthegov: unless it's Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM.
Jondare: well, "guns". Lasguns are closer to flashlights
Metric_Furlong: because they have the numbers
Paranundrox: fighting literally makes them more powerful
Skyboss1996: 40K. There is only war
Driosenth: cheer100 are there non-militarized humans in 40k
Paranundrox: war = bigger orks
TheMoatman: Is there a way to make new twitch do the old style red highlighting yet?
Crad0k: just humans with weapons and armour that make any army we have looks like cavemen :-p
amythist: zed_alpha most of the time, and when you don't you just shoot 1 or 2 of them to inspire the others
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Paranundrox: war = more teeth
Lysander_Gustav: What chapter of space marine is that?
pedrodamoth: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 49:51.
Paranundrox: and they use their teeth as currency
Macheya: So where do Tyranids fit in?
RainMoth: Orks are the only ones winning in the 40k universe. Case in point, everyone else is suffering. Orks are just having fun.
some_call_me_tim: Orks are football hooligans that love a good barney
barbarianras: Orks don't come across as very sophisticated... howd they get to space, let alone ALL space?
pedrodamoth: good im not that late
silenceaux: I just realized... Gabriel's size isn't an abstraction, is it? He's actually just that huge.
EikoandMog: MORE DAKKA
Theicyhandofdeath: oh thats pleasant
eddieatthegov: that says it all.
All_mankind: do orks still use teeth for money?
Paranundrox: @barbarianras belief
sedeathert: silenceaux yeah that's how 40k works, it's great
Lunareclipse123: There are many trillions of non-militarised humans in 40k
Paranundrox: Orks literally warp reality
holidayMD: barbarianras : because they wanted to
SharkHero08: Orcs also have 'psychic' powers which half the time just blow themselves up
Avayu: barbarianras Because they believe hard enough.
Metric_Furlong: barbarianras mainly stealling other races tech and cobelling it together, at least at first
Skyboss1996: No, he's really that big
Alephred: Orks have built-in instinctive facility with technology, plus some kind of weird psychic field that makes their stuff work.
Jondare: Also, Orcs are actually a type of sentient funghi, and their connection to the Warp is so strong that if enough orcs believe something, it becomes fact, which is why red orcish vehicles move faster
Thus_Spooped_Zarathustra : I'm 100% certain plenty of people have done it already, but I just got here, so I feel the need to shout SPESS MUHREENS!!!
RowboatGirlyman: @barbarianras Literal Space ROKKS
Crad0k: he's a *bit* bigger than he should be, i think
Alness49: Orks are just a Football (soccer) riot but with Spaceships of a sort
some_call_me_tim: "blood for the blood god!" "Harriers for the cups!"
caimheul: @barbarianras They believe their tech works, and it does. Their guns are metal boxes with springs and metal crammed into them.
The_Jenx: @barbarianras They...mostly just steal a ship, go to another ship, fight everything in sight, use that ship to go to another ship. Rinse and repeat.
AzeraSilver: @LoadingReadyRun gabriel is in terminator armor
Steelwolf171: I always equate Orks to cheerfully vicious soccer hooligans
zed_alpha: yeah, dude's in terminator armor.
zed_alpha: plus, space marines grow whenever they're alive.
Viewers_Like_You: gabrl larg
amythist: yeah he's in Terminator armor
Paranundrox: Space Marines are like 2-3 meters tall outside the suit
Metric_Furlong: and can spit acid
plummeting_sloth: I think you've got a drop pod ready
Gallium71: GM'ed Humans
cfpreston: thats the psykers, normal humans get fed into a factory to slowly consume their souls
TXC2: a normal space marine, not in armour is 7ft tall
love_shack64: Gabriel is also mostly robotics now.
GroutNASA: Astartes y'all
Metric_Furlong: don't forget the spitting acid
Applejack_is_bestpony: S H A Q M A R I N E S
rarermonsters: Space Marines are not Normal Humans. They have been genetically modified with the blood of the God Emperor of man
NeBZ417: @silenceaux I think its because he is fighting orks and they are believe he is that big
Alephred: Don't forget all the extra organs.
Kthanid: Cam you have a drop pod to use.
N0rm99: That'
killing_thyme: They're actually closer to like 6-7, the whole 10 -12 feet tall thing is exaggherated
Rhynerd: To be fair, lasguns are effectively assault rifles with larger ammo capacities and the ability to become a grenade.
Skyboss1996: Regular marines are like 12ft tall. Terminator armor is like 18.
battlemonk: spawn the squads?
rarermonsters: That is not true, they don't keep growing
N0rm99: Orcs
Lunareclipse123: No, Space Marines don't continually grow
caimheul: @The_Jenx Not even ships, derelicts that randomly transition into the warp. Or just rocks with engines
Paranundrox: Orks keep growing
TXC2: orks get bigger as they age
Rhynerd: That took too long to write.
Paranundrox: as long as there is war
N0rm99: Orcs continue to grow
The_Jenx: @caimheul Yup, those too.
Lunareclipse123: Orks grow the more they fight
barbarianras: I seeeeeeeeeeeee
GroutNASA: He's more machine now than superman
Planar_Snap: Ork's literally use the 'paint it red, it goes faster' and it works for them
Molvanian: TransHuman? So they Identify as Human?
Flippas: its orks that keep growing
adi_pie: Don't Space Marines also have acid spit or something?
The_Jenx: It also helps that orks are really, really goddamn though and hard to kill.
TXC2: also SM have two hearts, and 3 lungs
some_call_me_tim: a lasgun in todays armies would *** *** UP
Roland_Malius: I so want to see Captian Thull show up.....
Metric_Furlong: adi_pie yes
Narida_L: is gabriel the guy from the first DOW?
moontoadfoot: @LoadingReadyRun notice me senpai OSfrog
Lunareclipse123: But Space Marines are pretty consistently sized
Paranundrox: Space Marines also have a poison gland
some_call_me_tim: wat
rarermonsters: @Molvanian Now they identify as demigods with massive Daddy Issues
Molvanian: @Narida_L I think so.
ConchShell_VII: Hello, hello, hello~~! Hello!
Jondare: Also, Orcs are actually a type of sentient funghi, and their connection to the Warp is so strong that if enough orcs believe something, it becomes fact, which is why red orcish vehicles move faster
TXC2: Narida_L yes
Navi_Chem: Molvanian get out
Rhynerd: @adi_pie yep
plummeting_sloth: oh, sorry guardman, you wer ein the way
Crad0k: Rhynerd and with zero dropoff, lower maint and the ability to recharge with a campfire
NeBZ417: @Narida_L Yes
zed_alpha: I read that in a really old, OLD short story, and I don't know if it's still canon, but I like the image of a space marine eating their veggies and just accidentally 10 feet tall outside of the armor.
Paranundrox: they can store and spit acid
Avayu: Well that one guardsman had a lot of luck.
rarermonsters: Basically Space Marines are jocks with Daddy Issues
adi_pie: Graham's face
Molvanian: @rarermonsters Some chapters more than others.
DarKovalord: belcher gland
Skyboss1996: Trans-Human : IE humans with extensive genetic modification
Molvanian: @Navi_Chem :P
Paranundrox: it also pulls poisons out of their food
Pimptimus_Prime: Should've dropped it on Orkz
adi_pie: It was beautiful for that split second.
Mijnheer: I love how British these orks are
plummeting_sloth: oh man... you guys should do Helldivers again on CTS some time
caimheul: And can digest any organic matter
RowboatGirlyman: Space Marines can also eat their enemies to learn their memories
amythist: some of them can yes
Undertowst: As they should.
JumbahJawn: lmao @rarermonsters
dylan16807: they have dozens and dozens of weird special organs
zed_alpha: They can also eat their enemies' brains to gain intel.
DiamondTiki: they also eat brains to gain their memories, because eff it, why not
TXC2: also, all space marines are 10 year olds
Planar_Snap: Also, Y'know, there's a reason the they funneled the Tyranid's into the Ork's
Lunareclipse123: @Jondare That bit of fluff was retconned a while ago for being bloody stupid
Metric_Furlong: that's what the Imperial Guard do, basically
Paranundrox: yeah, they eat the brains of enemies to get knowledge
DiamondTiki: or was it any flesh
Astra7525: They can gain information from the animal/person they are eating
Skyboss1996: It's raining Meat!
NeBZ417: Space marines can eat a things flesh and gain their memories
sedeathert: Molvanian no, transhumanity means transcending standard humanity
Rhynerd: Our duty is to hold the line and die fightinf.
zed_alpha: And wrap themselves in a waxy coccoon to help heal.
TheMoatman: Ah crap I deleted my old settings file like a month ago
Metric_Furlong: get fed to things
harmlesspenguin: Correction, Graham, the Imperial Guard are doing exactly what they're meant to do
Flippas: Space marines can also "sleep with half their brain at a time"
Kthanid: Also Orks are a fungus.
Rhynerd: And that's what we do.
DarKovalord: marines have around 2 dozen extra organs: second heart, acid production gland, third lung, etc
damascus_crowe: Guardsmen being eaten alive, as in every combat ever.
Molvanian: @sedeathert I know, it was a joke.
Pterodactal: when aren't the IG getting eaten alive
JediTransmit: The power creep is real, yo
Pimptimus_Prime: Imperial Guard being eaten alive... As Is Tradition...
cfpreston: the imp guards doin pretty good for imp guard
some_call_me_tim: I thought that was kroot only?
nattsan: I don't think that adds up
Jondare: Lunareclipse123 wait really? Awww, i loved that part
grgriffin3: Uncle Istvan 4?
ecocd: Cam is entirely non-plussed by these revelations.
sedeathert: Molvanian hard to tell, needs Kappa s
Lunareclipse123: Isstvan V, Cameron :)
Crad0k: V, not IV
adi_pie: !highlight Istvan 4
Thephishstix: There is a plan from Fenris that Space Wolves use to brew "beer: that gives them the ability to actually get drunk.
LRRbot: Highlight added.
MightyMekon: Im such a sucker for 40k lore
Gr3yG4L: the exact anatomy of a space marine is a little varied based on gene-seed tho
Papperslappen: I've heard that Space Marines can travel back in time and retcon their own lore
TXC2: ah the Raven Gaurd
amythist: yup Imperial guard's pirmary tactics is to make the enemy drown in their own blood
NeBZ417: Isstavan 3
Zabaron: space marines basically just get whatever crazy powers the current author wants them to have
Thephishstix: plant*
Metric_Furlong: yeah, when we said 40k was bonkers, we weren't joking
Macheya: Thaaaat's gross.
fourcardcombosuicide: So spacemarines are vampires?
SniperPumpkin: is that Uncle Istvan 4?
MightyMekon: it's so dumb but so cool
Skyboss1996: Cam knows this. Graham is learning here.
GroutNASA: Isstvan V: the Noodle Incident of WH
rarermonsters: @fourcardcombosuicide Only the Blood Angels
DarKovalord: well, not all marines can use the same organs. equally, some have gene seed degradation and certain organs don't work as well
demonic_owlet: oh it's not rumored cam that's exactly what ghe raven guard did
TXC2: fourcardcombosuicide the blood angles kinda are
The_Earl_Gray: Ah the classic work training program "Eat Our Dead"
sedeathert: Metric_Furlong yeah, good luck being a guardsman here
IndigoVitare: the deepest lore
GrumblingMoblin: Rad is the correct word for everything 40k
TheOtherTrevor: hilarirad
adi_pie: Graham's knowledge of 40K extends all the way to the Cabal in Destiny. Kappa
LordManiMani: but like. rad in the Smark way
Novus_Spes: I love having Cam and Graham play the two sides of knowledge for 40k. Graham's reactions continue to mirror my own except he is more funny
Theicyhandofdeath: can we get a crash course for people with no 40k lore knowledge?
Perivale: 40k is so beautifully bonkers
Rhynerd: Especially Skitarii Vangaurd
MrPuddingmaker: The Dropsite Massacre was lrrEFF 'd
Rhynerd: Kappa
thecanerdian: @fourcardcombosuicide I thought the C'Tan were vampires.
The_Jenx: Basically, Space Marines are modified in all kinds of insane ways, all in order to be better at murdering.....and they still have a hard time against some of the *** that exists out there in the universe. Which is what's really scary.
EikoandMog: The only real thing I know about 40k is that Orks will only have enuf dakka when one half of the universe is a gun and the other half is bullets to shoot out of the gun.
Pimptimus_Prime: And Space Marines have sacs of protomatter used to modify othe people into Space Marines. The Sac4ed Geneseed
damascus_crowe: Ah yes, the Raven Guard. Edgar Allen Poe's favourite Chapter
WeedenProject: Yeah, the raven guard did the cloning thing. Spoilers, it didn't end well
OrionsRequiem: Also, Blood Angels and their descendant chapters are essentially on a biological clock to total berzerker madness because their progenitor was a mutant tainted by Chaos
MightyMekon: shoutout for r/40klore
fozzles1203: Hey guys, just turned up to the stream....quick review of DoW3 please?
SidewinderSky: I picked up the Ciaphas Cain books recently, as they were reccomended to me as a series that is somehow less silly, but also takes itself less seriously than the rest of 40k
Toxxick: So is this an RTS or more like a topdown combat rpg?
Skyboss1996: Hungry, hungry boys
Pimptimus_Prime: Sacred*
SharkHero08: It's important to remember that each faction of marines are genetically engineered humans spliced with the DNA from one of the primarchs, who were 'clones' of the Empereror
Alness49: Everything is an excuse for a fight
WeiseDrachenJaeger: Is that a titan down therE?
IndigoVitare: still? How long has it been the year 40,000?
PMAvers: In short: "shit's fucked, yo."
virgil82: Well. Its not well known, because it went horribly wrong.
jadedcynic: tl;dr - the WH40K setting isn't about 'black and white', just varying shades of grey. There are NO 'good' guys.
TXC2: it's more like 40,999 but yeah
DiamondTiki: Everything'd effed, everyone's trying to kill you
Paranundrox: there's a great Youtube channel that goes through all the different lore things
Paranundrox: but I can't recall the name
Pimptimus_Prime: 41000 Cam, way to screw it up in the first line!
Dyllbert: Hello chat and LRR
DarKovalord: knights :P
Lunareclipse123: @Jondare Well, two codeces ago it was retconned and said Ork technology works because Orks are competent, then the last codex neatly sidestepped the issue and said "you decide, it could be either way"
cfpreston: shades of dark gray
Metric_Furlong: Theicyhandofdeath it's the far future, Humanity is united into a galaxy spanning theoocratic fasciistic empire that is at war with everyone all the time foreever
WeiseDrachenJaeger: A small one, to be sure.
Viewers_Like_You: In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war... and hammers.
damascus_crowe: Imperial Knight in the background
Rhynerd: @sidewindersky Yeah, they are arguably the least grimdark of books.
damascus_crowe: Makes me happy
NeBZ417: Kinda
DarKovalord: Crusade of Enlightenment to get rid of religions!
JohnLockeCole: Graham, you can get that
plummeting_sloth: there's nothing we can say about Warhammer 40K that people not formally aware of the series wouldn't think we're being sarcastic about
OriginalGarwulf: Apparently, the voice actor for Gabriel Angelos is Paul Dobson.
SharkHero08: Also the side effect for the Space Wolves gene is that they might mutate into craze Space Marine versions of Wolverine
sedeathert: Toxxick RTS, WCIII style
NeBZ417: Emperor never wanted to be a god
Baldrash: So the tl;dr on 40K is it's basically the raddest sci-fi a 13-year old could conceive.
killing_thyme: Except the Emperor was very very anti-religous
Skyboss1996: The God-Emperor of Mankind!
damascus_crowe: Twin gattling cannons so it's not tabletop legal :-(
Perivale: Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned.
Paranundrox: this channel has a TON of Lore
NeBZ417: BC
DiamondTiki: Are... are the Imperators in this game? Or whatever they are called?
cfpreston: literaly godlike
TXC2: he was born it 8000 BC
Planar_Snap: The Eldar we're literally so decadent they spawned a Chaos god.
Paranundrox: well
Paranundrox: "alive"
TXC2: in syria
Jondare: Lunareclipse123 Competent orcs sounds like heresy, so i'll go with the old explanation :P
Planar_Snap: *were
SharkHero08: "immortal" "alive"
JumbahJawn: Doesn't he die if he leaves the throne?
rarermonsters: Okay, crash course, Over the next 20,000 years humanity rises to build an empire that spans the stars but then collapses until a figure of godlike power called the "Emperor" rises to retake humanity's lost holdings. To spread his influence, he uses his genetic seed to create posthuman supersoldiers called Space Marines
Skyboss1996: Several thousand Psykers every day
OrionsRequiem: He's dying now. They feed him 1 million psykers a day
Crad0k: exactly when he was born keeps changing, but yeah, he's already thousands of years old
some_call_me_tim: terra not terror btw
plummeting_sloth: Space Wizard
silenceaux: amortal?
DapperGentlemancer: Pskyers are the worst
Theycallmejokke: Space wizard
Paranundrox: @JumbahJawn well, he's basically in a coma
NeBZ417: He never wanted to be a God
Paranundrox: so yes
Metric_Furlong: that's 'terra', rather than 'terror' although the latter also applies
Lunareclipse123: I prefer the competent Orks to be honest
DiamondTiki: Also psionic powers come from hell
Rhynerd: A lotta psykers
SidewinderSky: @Rhynerd Yeah, What i'm liking the most about them is a depiction of a leader in the Imperium that wouldn't, in the presence of any troops with any real brains, be Imeditely friendly fired to death.
damascus_crowe: @DiamondTiki I don't know how big the titans in this game go, but that one is just a baby Knight
DiamondTiki: Same hell you travel through for FTL
ecocd: Does the emperor have a twitter handle?
QmonsterGames: I think they wrote two different lore backgrounds, but they both have same premise.
fozzles1203: God I love 40K....utterly insane!
adi_pie: So, the Emperor is Apocalypse, uh huh, I follow you thus far.
The_Jenx: Oh, and also also - Faster-than-light travel? Literally involves you going through hell.
RebelliousUno: o/
Paranundrox: the Immaterium
IndigoVitare: Ah so basically he's Apocalypse from X-Men
Skyboss1996: Hyperspace but terrible
Jondare: And him being "alive" is what's keeping open the eye of horror, from which the warp creatures cross into the galaxy
zed_alpha: it's hell.
damascus_crowe: The Warp is Event Horizon
JumbahJawn: Can we get an AFK 40k game?
SharkHero08: @IndigoVitare Kinda
zed_alpha: It is hyperspace-hell.
DiamondTiki: damascus_crowe, I know. If they have the big ones, I may be obliged to buy this game immediately
TXC2: where thought become form
rarermonsters: Things are going well until the Emperor's negligent parenting leads his favored son Horus to rebel, splintering space marines into factions
Alephred: In the grim dark future, there is only hyperbole.
goblinranger: which is such a great idea
Perivale: The warp is hell
Metric_Furlong: if you ever saw Event Horizon: that's kind of what the Warp is like
battlemonk: Actually, some books imply that there are other immortal psychers of similar magnitude
Rhynerd: It's all sentient minds combined, so hell.
Planar_Snap: Yup yup Damascus_crowe
Crad0k: OrionsRequiem i once did the math on that; 1 million psykers a day for 10,000 years? about three and a half billion people, which... is actually pretty tiny, all things concerned
rarermonsters: @ Graham Downside, it's Event Horizon rules and Hyperspace is literal hell
some_call_me_tim: the warp is made of nightmares. Literally
Lunareclipse123: There's something that speaks to me about a creature that has enough instinctive knowledge of engineering that they can create a gun out of scrap metal and squig oil without it just working because they think it does
OrionsRequiem: Also, before Humans were born, there is a race of space-elves that partied so hard they created an evil God
QmonsterGames: There's a fan theory that the film Leviathan is set in the WH40K universe.
Theicyhandofdeath: well then
fozzles1203: Cam my buddy, my pal! Would you be up for doing some AFK 40K?
ecocd: So, generally a utopian story?
Gr3yG4L: the throne also sort acts as a conduit to allow the emperor to manipulate the warp acorporally to help the imperium
plummeting_sloth: well, some mutants are okay. Sort of. Kind of. Depending on who you ask
zed_alpha: I like Gabe's little hammer flips when he hits someone.
damascus_crowe: @Crad0k Spoken like a true member of the Administratum
Toxxick: @OrionsRequiem thats the best way ive ever heard it put
Astra7525: well... some "meta-humans" get to serve the Imperium
SharkHero08: @OrionsRequiem Are you blasphemising Slanesh?
JumbahJawn: @fozzles1203 dear god please
cfpreston: only a little mind left if that
Jondare: weeeeeeell, sometimes crossing more quickly. And sometimes the ship disappears forever. And sometimes it arrives before it took off. And other times it's not even the same ship anymore
some_call_me_tim: Yeah the eldar boned so hard they created a god of sexual excess
Perivale: some of the art is so gorgeous
Paranundrox: which killed most of them
pedrodamoth: anything thats not human rip cats
OrionsRequiem: @SharkHero08 Yes, Tzeetch is the true god
Paranundrox: (the psychic backlash, that is)
NeBZ417: Also Earth would be run over by demons
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: apparently there is basically a single cell left alive in his body
Saulens181: @some_call_me_tim wat
adi_pie: So the Imperium of Man tried to do what the robots managed to do in the history of the Foundation books. But failed.
incslayer: should we try to explain the "Golden Child" thing
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battlemonk: A book from the black library about pre heresy alpha legion mentions 'the cabal' who has a human representative who met the emperor and recognised each other as being similar
some_call_me_tim: @Saulens181 you read it right
Skyboss1996: The Warp is a dangerous place
The_Jenx: Well, no...they *can* access the Warp...but they won't have the beacon/lighthouse that the Emperor is....and as such they simply will be unable to navigate.
FarleyF: im wondering if we can get a talking simulator for Warhammer 40K maybe by playing Soulstorm
Macheya: That's a walking brick shithouse.
JediTransmit: Oh, a mech!
Pterodactal: Warhammer 40k in (about) a minute:
Paranundrox: how about that Malcador the Sigilite though?
The_Earl_Gray: It's a bit more complex than that...ish. The Psykers power the Astronomicon The Emperor Guards the door to the Eldar Webway that's inside his palace
some_call_me_tim: Event horizon is basically what happens if you don't have warp sheilds
Taichanie: So is this closer to DOW1 or DOW2?
demonic_owlet: humans could still acces the warp should the Emperor die. without him though they're travelling blind through litetal hell
PencilStroke: ahoi everybody
Aenir798: How does causality handle ships showing up before they left???
NeBZ417: @TheDauntlessFew I see what you did there
DapperGentlemancer: Yeah, the space magic in Warhammer 40k is basically "what if everyone was a Wild Magic Sorcerer on steroids"
plummeting_sloth: Most of earth is one giant temple to him
zed_alpha: @Aenir798 It doesn't.
rarermonsters: @OrionsRequiem Yes, the Eldar held an orgy so unbelievably massive that they expended the universe's supply of Cocaine, Found the Fourth AND Fifth Holes, and created Slaanesh the Chaos God of Sensation and Desire
TXC2: hello PencilStroke welcome
Metric_Furlong: basically, 40k is to sci-fi what Judge Dredd is to law enforcement
TheDauntlessFew: Yep, perfect game for me to resub during :D
Issurru: The warp is like a carnival food stand, you know what you want but it might not exactly be what you get
cfpreston: giant golden city
Macheya: It's Coruscant now?
Dyllbert: Like couresaunt
SharkHero08: Also, I think the only armies that don't have psykers are the Tau and the Necrons. Mostly because one is a socialist cult and the other are dead
JohnLockeCole: Coruscant
Skyboss1996: Corascant
grgriffin3: Coruscant.
harmlesspenguin: so I think by the time Dawn of War 5 rolls around Gabriel's just going to be a head entombed in a Dreddnaught
redrumekki: to be fair, the story just revived papa smurf (guilliman)
NoNane09: They basically don't have a plan for if they can't keep him alive, from what I recall.
ecocd: We are all nerds.
SoundGuy0dB: the warp is also infested with chaos
goblinranger: Coisant
Saulens181: or Earth in ~250 years
Lunareclipse123: @Battlemonk The Cabal turn up a bunch of times in the Heresy books, trying to manipulate things during the Horus Heresy from behind the scenes and absolutely failing
GroutNASA: @rarermonsters "expended the universe's supply of Cocaine, Found the Fourth AND Fifth Holes" ... brilliant
TXC2: Terra is a hive world
damascus_crowe: @Aenir798 it is an administrative footnote for the most part. Some scribe gets the blame about 700 years later.
MightyMekon: Big E has Guilliman to work in his stead now so they may never need to address it
WeiseDrachenJaeger: There was a rumor when I was in school about ... Cypher, was it? Who was fighting his way towards Terra with the intent to kill the Emperor and allow him to reincarnate.
Flippas: Dark eldar don't have psykers either
Lysander_Gustav: If the Emperor were allowed to die he would most likely respawn. But the beuracrcy is afraid of what he would do
EscherichiaCole: Or Trantor for my old school sci fi fans
goblinranger: I like that canon
sjcTheos: are those explosive barrels?
grgriffin3: It looks like they made that mech out of a giant toaster.
Skyboss1996: Well, you see, that mech's just a dude on life support
Crad0k: there's no water anymore, and they took the top off the hymalays to make the emperor's palace
Leels: you turned those dudes into blood puddles
zed_alpha: @Aenir798 One of the core conceits of this setting is "nobody can truly understand how the universe works," and another one is "The universe is actively malevolent towards its inhabitants."
AzuchiSamurai: good god, how did the animation for the dreadnoughts get WORSE
CptSpiffy: this makes me want to read the All Guardsmen Party
Paranundrox: how dare you blaspheme our Battlebrother
OrionsRequiem: A mech that holds the coffin of a dead space marine, powered by what remains of it's brain
GapFiller: evening Leelee
Metric_Furlong: Leels yeah, that'll happen
killing_thyme: Dreadnaughts are adorable
damascus_crowe: Even in death I still Serve
Skyboss1996: He's not really a man anymore, just a nervousl system and a brain
The_Jenx: Some sort of....SIDEWALK SLAM?!
NeBZ417: Vulkan is coming back next, so the rumors say (for the Imperium)
InquisitorJL: dreadnought not mech, dreadnought is blessed war sarcophagus
TXC2: hello Leels welcome
Taichanie: "Even in death I serve!"
Perivale: I want russ back
GroutNASA: @zed_alpha Lorgar just wanted to understand!
Perivale: for the endtime
DapperGentlemancer: They are the most badass iron lungs ever
rarermonsters: @ Graham Well that's the point of the Dreadnought. It's a massive walking tomb for a nearly dead space marine living in suspended agony. Also, Imperial technology is worshipped as a dogmatic religion that we don't understand
Alness49: Dreadnaughts are the retirement plan
blast__femur: like starcraft immortals, they're just old warriors controlling robots
Toxxick: So, and I mean this in the most curious way, are there any "fun" people in the WH40k universe? Like rogues and space pirates? Or is it just that *** bleak?
Akaiatana: So they are in heroquest
Leels: more blood puddles!
plummeting_sloth: except for the 5 one they don't talk about any more
Kthanid: Also not all humans are part of the empire, some are allied with the Tau.
Jondare: For a primer on just how insane warp travel is, read this little dramatization of a jump:
AzeraSilver: SMOrc if you ain't fightin durty, you ain't fightin ORKY!
Skyboss1996: then HERESY happoned
toasthaste: I like stuff like that, that links fantasy and sci-fi settings
Metric_Furlong: Toxxick the Orks are fun
JohnLockeCole: well they exist through time, but the God of Desire was born "Recently"
AzuchiSamurai: actually the warhammer signma universe is a differant reality to warhammer 40k
rarermonsters: @ Graham they look hideous and clunky because the Tech Priests consider things like streamlining "heresy"\
DiamondTiki: "son"
Skyboss1996: The Only begotten son of the Emperor!
DapperGentlemancer: Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! Milk for the Korne Flakes!
Macheya: I think you mean Age of Sigmar Kappa
NeBZ417: I thought Slanesh wasnt in Fantasy anymore?
Elaro_56: The Horusy!
killing_thyme: Sanguinius takes offence to that!
All_mankind: did everyone hear that?
OriginalGarwulf: Apparently Event Horizon has some status as an unofficial Warhammer 40K movie.
DiamondTiki: Slaanesh is definitely in 40k, don't know about Fantasy
Metric_Furlong: NeBZ417 o.g. fantasy, not Age of Sigmar
Skyboss1996: Its all bleak.
plummeting_sloth: There's rogue Traders
Paranundrox: also, they do exist
jadedcynic: Orks
Not_On_Twitch: If the Space Marines are that powerful and that massive, how are any other species a challenge for them?
rarermonsters: There are Rogues and Space Pirates
richard_ermen: Rogue Traders!
JonTheGoose: Slaanesh is pretty fun
ptriller: Dark Eldar have fun
rarermonsters: The Rogue Traders
TXC2: DiamondTiki yeap it;s in Fantasy
SharkHero08: Some aren't as bad as others
jadedcynic: Orks are fun
Jondare: Toxxick Tau are the most xenophilic race in the universe, and only because they ask you to join them before they shoot you
morgoth_bauglyr: there are rogue traders
some_call_me_tim: Ciaphas cain!
thecanerdian: I still maintain the Tau aren't so bad.
Elaro_56: Rogue Traders!
taruan: Harlequins are fun
Lunareclipse123: There are absolutely rogues and space pirates - They're called Rogue Traders
damascus_crowe: @rarermonsters Fulgrim liked streamlined things. Look what happened to him.
Paranundrox: Rogue Traders and such exist
richard_ermen: There are even communists as Tau.
damascus_crowe: Corsairs are kinda fun
blast__femur: there's a space pirate role playing game in the 40k universe right?
Skyboss1996: All Grim-Dark
RebelliousUno: I dunno the tyranids seem fun
Metric_Furlong: DiamondTiki Slaanesh was cut from Age of Sigmar for marketting reasons
MasterTacoHunter: Tau before the last ed
SamanthaVess: My friend was telling me about how some Orks got an Imperial tank to run with a photo of an engine.
JediTransmit: This universe has no chill.
swashbuckler_jim: there are space pirates they are called Rouge traders
Paranundrox: there's an entire RPG about it
AzuchiSamurai: slannesh isnt in sigma the same way he/she is in 40k
battlemonk: rogue traders are space party drug cartels
DapperGentlemancer: Yeah, if your gun jams, you need a Tech Priest to whisper sweet nothings to it until it decides to do its job
joviniusmaximus: Rogue Traders are the closest to fun pirates you get
Lordphnx2: it is UNRELENTING
Issurru: aren't orks latent psykers?
Gekyouryuu: Ciaphas Caine, hero of the imperium?
MightyMekon: space weebs are kind of shiny and fun? until you look too deep.
Pimptimus_Prime: @toxxick Orks are tons of fun, there are the Dark Eldar which are like Space Pirate Chaos Elves, the Necron are Death Powered Space Egyptian Robots
toasthaste: no goblins who blow themselves up hilariously?
IIIDEye: If you are a Slaanesh cultist, everything is great
richard_ermen: There are party-goers called elve....Eldar :D
JohnLockeCole: yeah, all the followers of Slahnesh have fun
Leels: fun fact: I almost got a job working on this game
ConchShell_VII: OH NO! Corn!
GapFiller: it is so bleak it loops back round to being fun again
AzuchiSamurai: differant kind of god with the same name
taruan: they've kinda removed slaneesh from age of sigmar
Swamplor: What part of "there is only war" was unclear to you?
RebelliousUno: but the Rogue trader RPG was always fun
zed_alpha: @blast_femur Rogue Trader
Elaro_56: Tzeenitch?
SpacePotato01: Play Dark Heresy as Inquisitorial Acolytes and make fun of everything. It's a hilarious way to die.
SoundGuy0dB: All the chaos gods are in fantasy
Planar_Snap: The Tau weren't so bad IIRC?
richard_ermen: And if you´re kinky, go for Dark Eldar :D
ecocd: So if everything is always bleak, why do people enjoy it?
Metric_Furlong: DiamondTiki they were definitely in Fantasy Battles
io_Otter: I mean, the Ciaphas Cain books are rather comedyish
plummeting_sloth: Honestly, you might be better off under the Tau, and that's saying something
zed_alpha: Are you pronouncing it "Zeen-esh?"
Kthanid: The Imperial Army makes Stalin's Red Army look like a vacation.
Krektogar: it is all bleak. the "good guys" (spacemarines) will wipe out entire planets if they are accused of heresy...
Metric_Furlong: Saulens181 Chaos God of hedonism
Crad0k: Jondare i've seen that phrased as 'the tau are the good guys because they put 'join us' before 'or die'' :-p
fozzles1203: Cam do you know about Cypher? I havent played since 3rd ed but I've heard hes a big deal again?
OrionsRequiem: Also don't forget that technology was largely forgotten, so it takes three hours to perform the proper rites to turn a light switch on
Pimptimus_Prime: @toxxick And the Tau are Space Fish Japanese
thecanerdian: @richard_ermen Dark Eldar have no safety words, though.
Matt_LRR: @leels: hah, me too
Rhynerd: Slaneesh is technically in fantasy, but in the event that a kidnapped child is still on earth.
SharkHero08: The Tau are kinda chill, Space wolves are cool
vrulg: there is a lot variety in 40k actually. There are worlds ranging from utopias that have never seen war to total *** holes like this planet.
ElectroIrisu: I love Ciaphas Cain
MasterTacoHunter: Tau are most good. Except for accept greater good or die
jadedcynic: again, WH40K has NO 'good' guys
Leels: hi @Matt_LRR
amythist: I know Nurgle and Khorne both field teams in bloodbowl
zergkind: There's a pretty fun guy named Kharne that follows Khorne
azninja888: So basically when the Emperor was about to create Galactic Peace the Chaos Gods were all like "HA! No!"
Skyboss1996: Its' not Space-Pirates for fun, its Space-Pirates for preventing starvation
SoundGuy0dB: also Khela-Mensha Khaine elven/eldar god of war/murder
NeBZ417: Slannesh got replaced by the rat god in 40k I thought
PencilStroke: Basicly life sucks, there is only war and you willl probably getting eaten by Tyranids! HAVE FUN!
some_call_me_tim: Ciaphas cain is the best series of books
tyrew0rm: Praise Nurgle, lord of all bloodbowl players
AdeleDawn: It's so ridiculously edgelord
All_mankind: more Sinaku space pirates
Matt_LRR: hi @Leels
Lunareclipse123: Rogue Traders are like Han Solo taken to the power of 10
SamanthaVess: It's like Reaper PogChamp
ElectroIrisu: "BLood for the blood god!" "Harriers for the cup!"
QmonsterGames: The Tau are maybe the "nicest," as in they kill people for their own good. The Greater Good.
Jondare: Crad0k exactly
KParrell: we love it because its so grim dark and hilariously britishly metal
GapFiller: this is 40K's USP
togashinaruta: The phrase "Over the top" comes to mind?
drrek0: The same chaos gods are also in the blood bowl universe. A parallel warhammer fantasy universe where the races play football instead of war
All_mankind: *Somali
PandasAndPancakes: So like early Berserk, for us anime nerds?
adi_pie: cheer100 Gotta say, this is a great audiobook while I watch my workers build a ringworld in Stellaris.
DapperGentlemancer: The Grimmest, Darkest of Grimdark
Hotrob_McAwesometon: Rip
DiamondTiki: "warning"
richard_ermen: @GrahamLRR Originally, Rogue Trader was written more as a parody :D
Leels: @Matt_LRR we apparently dodged a production bullet
AzuchiSamurai: in 40k the only ones that get close to good guys is the tau and thats because of the greater good dogma
Tiber727: I dunno, Slaanesh is probably a big fan of Netflix and chill. Kappa
All_mankind: jeez the typos
demonic_owlet: there are definetely normal planets and normal life, but they are often ignorant of the greater universe
Narida_L: its so extreme it wraps around?
AzeraSilver: D:
Astra7525: And even if a race in WH40k might be viewed in a positive light, GamesWorkshop makes sure they get more *** up in the next update to their universe
some_call_me_tim: war.....and the laughter of thirsting gods
DiamondTiki: Is that whatwe're calling mission failures now?
Snarkbait: This game doesn't autosave.
AzeraSilver: forgot to save the game
RebelliousUno: A magic James appears
LordManiMani: in the Noble Brightness of Brighthammer 40k there is only HIGH ADVENTURE
Taichanie: So its like the haunter House match?
Paranundrox: the Tau: Space Communists
PencilStroke: Basicly life sucks, there is only war and you willl probably getting eaten by Tyranids! HAVE FUN!
GroutNASA: Slaanesh likes to Neflix and ORRGGY
Alness49: WH40K is like they dared each other to be as bleak and edgy and were just too embarrassed to stop
damascus_crowe: @Pimptimus_Prime bear in mind that the Tau 'pacify' planets and then put the humans into 'rehabilitation camps' and then curiously their reproduction rate drops to 0%
GapFiller: evening James
Metric_Furlong: as has been mentioned before, 40k is kind of similar to Judge Dredd in that it's kind of self-parody
CptSpiffy: so 13 year oldzippo-tricks-mcedgelord bleak
AzeraSilver: @Paranundrox tau aren't really communistic
The_Jenx: To be fair - Originally, 40k was, in fact, very tongue-in-cheek. It just started getting itself seriously much later on.
Hotrob_McAwesometon: I need to pick up stallaris
Angnor33: My son is reading the Horus Heresy right now.
Gekyouryuu: Doctors LRR, I offer Ciaphas Cain as a fun person in 40k
Jondare: but seriously, if you're new to 40k, read this quickly: It's an amazing insight into how insane the universe is
NeBZ417: Leman Russ is the best!
Paranundrox: @AzeraSilver fair enough. Its mostly the fan description though
rarermonsters: @ Graham they don't take themselves purely serious. There's a very intentional undercurrent of parody going on. This game grew out of Thatcher's England, it is meant to be a parody of fascism by presenting us with the final direction of a galaxy seeking human greatness at the expense of human value
damascus_crowe: The Tau- Space commies who quietly euthanize humans and put them in camps...
plummeting_sloth: and of course the root of the herasy was that too many people believed the Emperor was a God, and he basically totally way, but he refused to accept any amount of theism in his empire
zed_alpha: @The_Jenx These days they're kind of winkingly joking about the grimness. Kind of.
All_mankind: i mean this is where we got the word "grimdark" from
KParrell: two of the primarchs were lost though
demonic_owlet: I second Ciaphas Cain as fun person
fozzles1203: 21, dont forget about Alpha legion twins?
eddieatthegov: 40k: so dark, it's quaint and cute.
Pimptimus_Prime: @toxxick And the Chaos Space Marines have such delicious goofyness. Like Noise Marines, who use musical instruments and Sonic Murder Tools.
Rantling: The Eldar and the Tau are the closest thing to the "Good Guys" there is and well the Eldar are a dying race and the Tau may be Telepathically taking control of everyone's Minds, including their own. Which is weird.
Paranundrox: but the Primarchs were lost in space for awhile
SoundGuy0dB: I havent played 40k in years but the DArk Angels always facinated me, The Deathwing & Ravenwing are rad
PencilStroke: the primarchs are basicly the "template" for space marines. 20 super humans, created by the emperor. all of them where stolen in their infancy and spread across the universe
thecanerdian: apparently Tanith was a great place to live. You know, until somebody blew it the hell up.
some_call_me_tim: even cain was a self serving self accused coward and he was the most sensible man in the imperium
rarermonsters: @ Graham Oh yeah totally
Metric_Furlong: KParrell no no, [name missing] and [redacted] were definitely there :p
PencilStroke: by the chaos gods
Paranundrox: Tanith First and Only!
NeBZ417: @PencilStroke 21
The_Jenx: @zed_alpha Which is inevitable. Almost everyone I've met who are into the setting already take it as a joke anyway...because it is. But it's good to see the writers also acknowledge it.
AzuchiSamurai: the primarks were essentially clones of the emperor himself with heavy genetic modification as hero generals to lead hsi amries and restore the imperium, the chaos gods interceded and tried to corrupt them and they ended up scattered, the space marines came about as lesser copies of the primarks, with each legion being base don a particular primark
damascus_crowe: GW are the straightest of straight men
LordManiMani: it's so serious that there are total Marks. Cam and Graham are Smarks
jadedcynic: GW are exemplars of the writing equivalent of 'method acting'
Mangledpixel: so, like GTA?
DiamondTiki: That's because in 40k the cameraman has a life expectancy of 4 seconds before being turned into a warp demon
Skyboss1996: So straight that it stares, unblinking, into the camera
some_call_me_tim: poe's law?
zergkind: Eldar aren't exactly "good guys" I mean, half of the one still alive are slavers and torturers
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fozzles1203: what about the alpha legion twins Cam?
NeBZ417: Dear Dr. Cam there is 21
rarermonsters: People suggest Sigmar was a lost primarch
goblinranger: heard someone claim that Sigmar is one of the two lost ones
togashinaruta: beyond John Cleese levels of 'straight-man'
Metric_Furlong: "a lot of people" here meaning "Warmachine's creative department' Kappa
aesir_blade: Two are left open to give you a chance to make an OC army don't steal
kumatsu: as someone who works in a store that has a large Warhammer community, I never realized it was meant as parody, everyone here is just "FUCK YEAH"
KParrell: its played so seriously that people get mad and take it too seriously ironically enough
SoundGuy0dB: Also Legion of the Damned are cool
All_mankind: it's the modern world's equivalent to The Prince
Lunareclipse123: It's strongly hinted that the II and XI Primarchs were "sanctioned" by Russ
some_call_me_tim: It is I, Dio! Your primarks!
RainMoth: it is in this moment, that I really hope Cameron can enlighten Graham on Alpha Legion. [Disclaimer: I don't actually know much about 40k, I just know the Alpha Legion anecdotally.]
Crad0k: russ probably killed them on the emperor's order
PencilStroke: Basicly life sucks, there is only war and you willl probably getting eaten by Tyranids! HAVE FUN!
JumbahJawn: Leman Russ Best primarch
SpacePotato01: Sufficiently advanced parody is indistinguishable from sincere silliness.
DiamondTiki: I love the amount of oscure lore corrections in chat rn :D
Rhynerd: So they all got raised on different planets.
AzuchiSamurai: dark eldar, are the torturers and pirates, and are basically as sadistic as you cna get wihtout being chaos, the eldar themselves are dying out and basically only care about fighting the necrons and saving their craftworlds and soul stones
TXC2: Alpahus being twins is a total Conspiracy theory
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Vandred921: Each Primarch was made as an aspect of the Emperor. Also chaos scattered them as part of a deal the Emperor made. Can't remember the source though.
Metric_Furlong: All_mankind Cracked is not a good source of interpretations on renessaince political texts :p
taruan: loving listening to this as I make models for a game by the original 40k designer
RainMoth: Graham, Graham, Graham, *please* ask Cameron about "THE ALPHA LEGION".
rarermonsters: The Primarchs all grew up on different planets, variously becoming King Arthur, Spartacus, and Batman
Not_On_Twitch: Can't you take any of those Space Marines with you up there? Many of them have jump jets.
DapperGentlemancer: "Hey, everybody else. Go find my kids!"
WeedenProject: Well, I'd love to stay here and bask in the 40k goodness, but I have to go to work, have fun everyone!
some_call_me_tim: The emperor is a terrible daddy
NeBZ417: Alpharius Omegon are legit
TXC2: so long WeedenProject have fun
fozzles1203: Alpha Legion! Alpha Legion! Alpha Legion! They have 2 primarchs
BITs19_: wait, I went away for a bit, did we have to restart?
QmonsterGames: Isn't there also a pre-Imperium "dark ages" where a lot of the technology originates?
PencilStroke: gesundheit graham
Zaghrog: The Emperor did take part in his crusade personally
Crad0k: they *might* have two primarchs
Metric_Furlong: fozzles1203 ... or do they>!
Vandred921: rarermonsters best description I've heard.
TXC2: BITs19_ yeap our hero died
Crad0k: they *might* not have any, or even exist
Lunareclipse123: @fozzles1203 They totally only have one Primarch, it just has two bodies
GroutNASA: "Order Was Restored"? I dunno about that
BITs19_: oy vey'
Skyboss1996: And they're all dudes.
Taichanie: That sounds like an awful way to lead a group.
KParrell: i could legit listen to a 4 hour stream of nothing but cam and graham talking about 40k
Gekyouryuu: Doctors Graham and Cam, have either of you read ant of the Ciaphas Cain novels? he's "fun"
rarermonsters: @QmonsterGames Trust me, there is a LOT you have to gloss over or the description will take days
DapperGentlemancer: It makes me happy DURING a long day. Imma be at work until at least 7
Kthanid: And some chapters have splintered into sub-factions.
Skyboss1996: Only men can space marines
Jondare: Oh yeah, and PapaSmurf has awoken! so the 40K story is FINALLY mobing along
grgriffin3: This is absolutely fascinating. I wonder if a Total Warhammer game would work in the 40k universe, because I want to play it.
taruan: poor lothgar and the word bearers, they just wanted to worship the emperor as a god which 10k years later is common practice lrrAWW
azninja888: So is the job of the Chaos Gods to go "Oh HELL NO" and screw with the status quo every now and again?
AzuchiSamurai: the female space marines are the sisters of battle
cfpreston: dna, extra organs, retroviruses all sorts od cool bits
Gr3yG4L: At least the original founding are all connected to particular primarchs
Toxxick: Im assuming during Horus' rebellion, his legion also went cocopuffs?
Jondare: just sad we had to lose Cadia to get there
Metric_Furlong: grgriffin3 probably, although you'd have to set it on one planet/system
thecanerdian: I think the thing that I find kind of laughable about the GW Universes is the idea that these societies could ever have people reach adulthood given the absurd rates of holocaust-level violence regularly visited on civilization
Alephred: I like that one guy's community nickname is 'Girlyman Robot'.
IIIDEye: @skyboss1996 otherwise they would be sisters of battle
Rantling: Dear Doctor's Graham and Alex, is it ok to put up a link for "What if the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device?"
Karfsma778: hello all
Skyboss1996: Indeed.
zergkind: Sisters of Battle aren't marines. They're just normal ladies in power armor.
fozzles1203: @metric_furlong I really hope they do cuz Alpha Omega is very very cool, but like I said I have been away from 40K for about 8years
TheDauntlessFew: @Toxxick they either did or got killed by the ones that did
DiamondTiki: "as healthy"
Paranundrox: Conrad Curze
QmonsterGames: @rarermonsters Yeah, I've read a LOT of the wiki entries, but still only have a vague knowledge :P
Metric_Furlong: grgriffin3 maybe one of the wars for the planet Armaggedon
Narida_L: angry?
TXC2: Angron AKA evil Sparatcus
DapperGentlemancer: The Warp is not something I would suggest going through without some sort of protection.
Karfsma778: Rogal Dorn... isn't doing so well either.
TheOtherTrevor: That made him Angry?
fozzles1203: @lunareclipse123 Ah, I stand corrected :-)
TXC2: *Spartacus
DiamondTiki: Fight forever!
Planar_Snap: One of them becomes basically actual batman
NeBZ417: Angron did nothing wrong
Vandred921: Butcher's Nails ftw!
Paranundrox: Konrad Curze - Space Batman
Metric_Furlong: (yes, there's a planet called Armageddon in 40k)
Skyboss1996: He became the ANGRY SPACE MARINES
Lysander_Gustav: And because the writers are mostly guys, Space Marines are locked into a men only gender.
Steelwolf171: Konrad Kruse was essentially a homicidal Batman
DiamondTiki: Since he also mutilated them in the same way