JohnLockeCole: PencilStroke I mean, I always carry about 3 D8s, they're good for making descisions where I have no real preference
MsL3th4l: i always pronounced it matcha, like the tea. but i am an ig fangirl, never played eldar in these games lol
EikoandMog: Man, the second tier of Lothric Knights really don't *** around x.x
hondor64: I like how cam interacts with his game the same way I do. When I'm playing a Barb in D3, and he says "How tastes your fear" I'll say something like "It tastes like butterscotch" really throws off the people i'm playing with b/c they don't hear the same voicelines i do
WabisabiEvan: JohnLockCole you realize the Protoss were Eldar before the Eldar were Protoss right?
rarermonsters: They know they're irrelevant and there can be no victory in this war, but they can't ever stop being Space Marine Jason Vorheeses because they know nothing else
PencilStroke: JohnLockeCole i always go for the D 100
Wonderdoc: Be vewy vewy quiet now. We're hunting Orcs. Kappa
JohnLockeCole: WabisabiEvan and now they've gone back around
Narida_L: ugh. why is setting up the dev environment always the hardest part of programming XD
icefinch: cam winning
Saintnex: Cam, if you want to be sneaky, your troops need more purple - Ork logic
DennyMcG: rarermonsters I find Curze to be fascinating. Cursed with foresight, and believing himself to be too flawed to be redeemed. He saw his death coming, and knew he couldn't change it.
WabisabiEvan: Sorry that was kind of snarky JohnLockeCole and so the cycle continues
KParrell: I really have to go with Thousand Sons as my favorite legion, I love that in an age of nothing but chainswords and bolt guns they kill you with mind bullets
JohnLockeCole: PencilStroke is 100 even a perfect polyhedron, I mean.. I know 10 isn't either but still
coolbond: Cam forces northwest
PencilStroke: JohnLockeCole it gives me at least a percent chance in the thing i am asking for ^^
rarermonsters: @DennyMcG She was a grocery clerk, sent to collect a bill
rarermonsters: In case the extremely subtle literary allusion of "Konrad Curze" was lost on anyone
DennyMcG: My favourite legion overall is the Space Wolves
WabisabiEvan: Mind bullets: for the intellectual murderer
rarermonsters: The only name less subtle than "Lion El'Johnson"
DennyMcG: rarermonsters "Canis Wolfborn" is pretty on the nose too.
rarermonsters: Or "Ferrus Manus"
KParrell: I also love that the Thousand sons entire undoing was due in part to their own hubris and in part to horus being a total dick.
rarermonsters: Lion El'Johnson is jusdt a fun one because it reveals "Yes, the Dark Angels are SUPER gay"
All_mankind: or "Remus Lupin"
Saintnex: wow these vipers are really versatile
DennyMcG: I mean, 40k has never been something noted for being subtle.
Rhynerd: What's Vulkan's last name again?
coolbond: what is the deal with the eldar?
DennyMcG: Rhynerd I'm not sure he has one
Rhynerd: @coolbond do you want their full story or...?
WabisabiEvan: Coolbond do you want the long story or the short story?
coolbond: snapshot please
Eldues: dziadek uspokoj sie
Novus_Spes: I'm back! What did I miss? Oooo, Eldar!
Magnamus0: Cam you got so many yellow monies, bloww em on dudes!
Magnamus0: I could have phrased that better...
DennyMcG: I know there's a current Vulkan in the Salamanders called Vulkan He'stan, but that's a different guy
Eldues: worth to buy this gmae?
Eldues: game*
Saulens181: space "better than you" elves
KParrell: basically the eldar are the reason we have 4 chaos gods, they're kind of dicks
coolbond: ah so space elves then
Eldues: dziadek
rarermonsters: @DennyMcG It's a "Dread Pirate Roberts" kind of thing
Neljandik: there is someone subtle in 40k?
Eldues: worth to buy this game?
Rhynerd: Space elves that once had a great galaxy but then *** a god into existence, they're now 5 or so different factions all trying to survive and win out in the long game.
ToraTeachMe: Siema Stary pryku
Eldues: @LoadingReadyRun dziadko, worth to buy this game?
KParrell: id say worth it based on what i've played
Rhynerd: *galaxy empire
ToraTeachMe: #Ork
coolbond: when have elves ever not been the whole better hollier than thou attitude
jadedcynic: In a nutshell, the Eldar are old, long-lived, and REALLY BORED, so the idea of ripping reality open and letting things from the Warp dimension in actually seemed like a good idea
DennyMcG: I have 4 favourite primarchs: Leman Russ, Rogal Dorn, Angron, and Curze
Eldues: \ SMOrc /
Eldues: \/ \/
Rhynerd: I know I've run into at least one game where the elves didn't have that mindset...
PencilStroke: so far i dont see anny difference to dow2
rarermonsters: On board with all of those guys except the furry
hondor64: Ork Waaaaaaaaagh music is best music.
WeiseDrachenJaeger: The Ork towers seem real big on light shows.
KParrell: ready for that heavy metal
silverxX59: cam you play IG right?
All_mankind: speaking of not subtle names. . .Boss Gitstompa?
jadedcynic: oh, and the Eldar are smug and arrogant (often with good reason)
KParrell: subtle is not in the orkish dictonary
EikoandMog: Does a Cam mostly enjoy painting the figures?
ZoBo_: @All_mankind orks aren't known for their subtlety :)
DennyMcG: One thing I've loved about Russ and Dorn is it never seems to have crossed their minds to be anything other than loyal
Hotrob_McAwesometon: maybe build a bunch of vipers with the extra req?
JediTransmit: Good different?
hondor64: hey Cam. What are your thoughts on the upcoming changes to 40k? I personally like the things they are stealing from Age of Sigmar.
Narida_L: better different?
memnarch01: How many souls games have you played?
Hotrob_McAwesometon: This feels a lot like DoW1 from what I remember
crossfiregambit: Good jobs
Neljandik: i mean, who wouldnt be proud and arrogant when you have had an orgy so big that it created a chaos lord
Gekyouryuu: twitch is being derpy on me, so I'll have to check the vod later. bye for now, everyone.
coolbond: what is the skull in the left side of the map?
LipGloss72: WutFace YouWHY
ComradeBeric: Imperial Guard represent! Lets be generic dudes in sci-fi Vietnam!
jadedcynic: @KParrell to be fair, NO ONE in the WH40K universe seems to know how to SPELL "subtle" Kappa
Neljandik: bye @Gekyouryuu
KParrell: @LoadingReadyRun Cam is there any word on when the warhammer silver tower stream is going to happen?
All_mankind: i seem to remember you and Alex played Demons' Souls one time, so, all of them?
mysteryme25: What's the red thing on the map?
DennyMcG: hondor64 is it really stealing if it's owned by the same company?
angryoptimist: Are there any of the Souls games that Cam *hasn't* played? I'm not sure he hasn't played at least a little of Demon's Souls, even.
jadedcynic: @mysteryme25 iirc it's a Waaaaghh!!! tower
jadedcynic: oh, even worse
Neljandik: to spell subtle you first need 20 feet neon letters @jadedcynic
KParrell: gonna go stomp his git
All_mankind: steal his gizzard
jadedcynic: @Neljandik WH40K at least :D
4th_Dimension: No boss is north
hondor64: @DennyMcG eh. couldn't think of a better word. Kinda feels like AoS was a Beta Test for 40k :p
mysteryme25: I thought that was the gold mark
DennyMcG: yeah, I can see that
4th_Dimension: You need a webway!
4th_Dimension: Okeay I was wrong.
4th_Dimension: See where the chevron is.
DennyMcG: I do wonder will 40k kill off Slaanesh
goblinranger: sticking the soul smoke back inside
hondor64: @DennyMcG i don't think so. They don't have something that can step in like the Horned rat did in AoS
4th_Dimension: Thing south is I think enemy point.
All_mankind: Slaanesh is the God of badsex, right
Neljandik: i have been thinking of running a tabletop rpg in 40k world
KParrell: nah, 40k wont kill off slaanesh, they have too many models and units dedicated to the god to get rid of it
DennyMcG: hondor64 #justiceForMalal
jadedcynic: @DennyMcG sure GW will write the end of Slaanesh....and release it six months after VALVe releases Half Life 3 Kappa
Pimptimus_Prime: Cry Havoc and let slip the Bones of War?
DennyMcG: Or whatever that Chaos god of Atheism was
PencilStroke: Snorcs....sneaky orcs
Neljandik: but i would like to play one first, sadly noone is doing one in my hometown
KParrell: they also already confirmed that the 4 gods are staying for 8th ed so slaanesh isnt going the way of the dodo
rarermonsters: @KParrell They killed off fantasy. GW has no idea what they're doing since Kirby killed the community. They're flailing a bit with these big "End Times" scenarios
hondor64: @DennyMcG mind you. The reason they did it was to remove the boobs from the game. so It's possible there might be something that happens
Dusk_Shine: holy jesus in a peanut
goblinranger: its sabotaged though :)
EbDorian: Was that a Waaagh?
jadedcynic: @EbDorian no, no it wasn't :)
DennyMcG: I love how ridiculous the Orks are
some_call_me_tim: considah yourself bakstabbed!
jadedcynic: ^^^
WabisabiEvan: That was also kind of the short version
WabisabiEvan: of the full story
KParrell: @rarermonsters the thing is kirby is the chairman now not the CEO, the new CEO has been extremely on the ball with recent releases, new bundles and giving the community what they want
aardarf: BABBY?!
goblinranger: would have been awesome if it did the insult mode again
Mowdownjoe: Moosey needs to git gud. Kappa
EbDorian: @jadedcynic I just love the word Waaagh :)
barbarianras: burst my gut laughing
Aenir798: BABBY
Crad0k: hello penelope!
Mowdownjoe: Also, HI BABBY
DennyMcG: One thing I want to get for my army is the Ulric the Slayer model
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: hey kathleen and penelope!
Sektor88: Hai K/P!
jadedcynic: compared to the grimdark of everyone else in 40K, the light-hearted and happy to fight Orks are REFRESHING as all get out
All_mankind: hi Kathleen, Penelope
Neljandik: Chaos lord Babby!?
DennyMcG: that model is so beautiful
aardarf: babbyyyyyyyy!
jadedcynic: o/
MechaKuuga: its PENPEN
JohnLockeCole: yeah, Cam is a scientist, they avoid absolutes
KParrell: KP thats MY initials
barbarianras: HI PENELOPE!!!!
pepschmiero: who is the other man?
Rhynerd: Hi Penelope!
jadedcynic: it's OFFICIAL Starcraft :D
zed_alpha: Can you say "Purge The Xenos," Penelope?
WabisabiEvan: Hello tiny human don't listen to your mom pledge yourself to Chaos it's way more fun.
1MrGhost: I knew Kathleen were raising Penelope right :)
Lysander_Gustav: Hahahaha
Hotrob_McAwesometon: I love Penelope's evil laugh
cfpreston: game is very heavy on micro
Mijnheer: Starcraft, but more grimdark Kappa
Neljandik: :D
whiskytangofoxtrot: It's Starcraft but licensed.
rarermonsters: @KParrell It's a difficult situation. Communities are so much smaller and a lot of competitors are taking market share. Getting people to invest in releases, even good ones, is hard
Decaped: Starcraft but for weebs?
Kthanid: Never too late to teach Penelope to PURGE THE HERETIC!
PencilStroke: kathleen, you just made every 40k player in the world angry ^^
JeremyDevoid: cheer100 For Penelope!!!
LipGloss72: Yes, it's like star wars. Kappa
virgil82: *gets out glasses. Puts them on and pushes them up his nose* "Ah, well Actually."
Pimptimus_Prime: I like now much Kathleen has taken to the Prop Baby.
barbarianras: Chat is her real godparents right?
rarermonsters: @KParrell And Age of Sigmar killed customer confidence
cfpreston: i dont like what ive seen to express honesty
TygonPanthera: Consider yourself marked for exterminatus ;)
delta__vee: massively single-player offline role-playing game Kappa
Namboto: *inserts glasses into skull* well Actualllllll
WabisabiEvan: I like the visual of a heretic pile
aardarf: One day Penelope you too will have a system of destruction to lord over!
zed_alpha: Kathleeen "Heretic Pile" DeVere
rf232: isn't the rumor that Blizzard was discussing stuff with Gameworkshops for either WC Orcs vs Humans or for SC1?
zed_alpha: !highlight Heretic PIle
Papperslappen: Instant nope
LRRbot: Highlight added.
goblinranger: lol
Jondare: Kathleen the thing is that star craft was a reskin of 40k, so 40k fans are a little sensitive about the subject
jadedcynic: Good effort Penelope!
Hotrob_McAwesometon: She got the jukes
KParrell: @rarermonsters at first yes sigmar was bad but since they released the generals handbook people have enjoyed it a lot more
mtvcdm: Penelope doesn't know what to make of granola.
Pimptimus_Prime: Ooh, Penelope and I are both eating granola bars!
pepschmiero: poor child
Glenn_Seto: she's very good at intensely sceptical faces
jadedcynic: this gurl is smarter than we give her credit :D
JohnLockeCole: I mean, I am a heretic to Warhammer Fans because I despise the Imperium
Lysander_Gustav: It's not Blizzard's fault they made a videogame first. It's not their fault that GW thought videogames weren't going to last
stroupdog: Kathleen I found a thing, I will be sending it in for mail time after I put WAY more effort, time, love into it than it deserves :) you and Graham should enjoy it...
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:19:37.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: chat does like Penelope time
harmlesspenguin: I like how the Eldar victory screen has pink stained glass wings
DahmrMCM: Moosey dishing out hard facts
Mowdownjoe: Sensitive ears? I had sensitive ears when I was a young child.
Kramburger: !highlight Moosey 40K
mtvcdm: !highlight space moosey
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Magnamus0: teach em early
WabisabiEvan: Hahahaha cam is best 40k moosey
PencilStroke: kathleen now has an iron halo ^^
yeldemsug: Bad moosey
rarermonsters: @KParrell Generals handbook improves things but you turned an interesting and unique regimented game into a really tepid skirmish game. At this point none of my wargamer friends have any interest in buying models if they don't know whether or not they'll recreate a setting as something different
KParrell: introduce her to the grimdark early and watch her turn into a caledus assassin by age 16
Sektor88: nice, Cam :p
Mysterious_Challenger: "I have no need of you."
Mysterious_Challenger: Woooow
memnarch01: Oh, I forgot to ask earlier. What game was your favorite? (Souls games)
jadedcynic: dude; what you're saying is a headache for full-grown adults; don't be forcing it on her :D
aardarf: awww, teaching Penny about the hard truths of planetary subjucation. how cute!
TeiranDragon: Now i want one of Cam's emotes to existential moose
CaptainEnder7: !highlight kekaku
Infamous_kaveman99: For the glory of the Emperor
PaperDoopliss: This probably qualifies as child abuse
Mijnheer: translator's note: Keikaku means HERESY
Spolin: I think this counts as child abuse
Baldrash: Weeb in training.
jadedcynic: @TeiranDragon I am behind that
rarermonsters: Translator's Note: Keikaku means poop
PaperDoopliss: @Spolin you and me, pal
Pimptimus_Prime: @memnarch01 Demns Souls
PencilStroke: Penelope, can you say Extapohalakatekel?
Novus_Spes: Penelope is so big now! Dawwww
KParrell: @rarermonsters well considering that GW has said multiple times that these recent events are NOT the 40k end times and just the story progressing I wouldnt worry about that
Leonhart321: Penelope, can you say Row Row, Fight the Moosey
Narida_L: also dead
Pimptimus_Prime: @memnarch01 Demon's Souls*
WabisabiEvan: The Emperor is also kind of vegetable right now
Namboto: also he's a skull in a chair
blackwlf: The Emperor is sort of a zombie.
Namboto: skull plus other bone parts
kodarus: the false empra
ysurin91: a corpse god in his giant golden toilet
MechaKuuga: I can't believe the HERESY up in this chat!
All_mankind: kept alive by the sacrifice of 10 000 psychics a day, was it?
Infamous_kaveman99: And we know that because the orks believe he still lives
CaptainEnder7: Appa, yip-yip!
goblinranger: cya
mtvcdm: Penelope wants to make an app?
Mysterious_Challenger: Is the Emperor died, he could be reborn, in health, in good station to reclaim his empire. But if the emperor dies, his empire will disintegrate.
Crad0k: bye!
aardarf: byebyebabby!
Lysander_Gustav: In the Starcraft universe the Emperor is also a near-corpse, but he's awake and evil.
rarermonsters: How many bits do we have to donate for Penelope before we're violating child labor laws
Neljandik: apple?
PencilStroke: cu tiny human
goblinranger: they start coding so young now
WabisabiEvan: Heresy fo LIFE!
Pimptimus_Prime: The Emperor is the Processor in a planet sized machine thing... Sort of...
4th_Dimension: Also he is holding closed the Human Webway.
QmonsterGames: Penelope seems nice and all, but I still don't want kids.
KParrell: good bye future sister of battle
some_call_me_tim: uncle cam
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Wonderdoc: Uncle Cam is pretty cool I'm kinda jealous
4th_Dimension: If Empy dies, DEAMONS happen on Terra
blackwlf: @Mysterious_Challenger Actually as I understand it if the Emperor dies at this point, the Chaos Gods will eff him UP.
silverxX59: so are the ork's just looking for a new lucky stick
Glenn_Seto: back to death, nihilism and mayhem
Astra7525: wait wat
DennyMcG: 4th_Dimension unless you're one of the people who think that when the Emperor dies, he'll be reborn
Astra7525: I thought he is dead
Crad0k: wait, kyras?
Rhynerd: @4th_dimension and mankind loses their only FTL travel.
KParrell: no jonas, not kyras
blackwlf: He's only MOSTLY dead. Mostly dead is still partially alive.
Mysterious_Challenger: @blackwlf I mean, it's my understanding that if he dies, a barrier taht holds back chaos from Terra will fall, and Chaos will overwhelm mankind.
Kthanid: Isn't...isn't Kyras super corrupted?
HatsWearCats: How are you enjoying the deep dark game so far Cam?
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Mollylewis: I'm here for more bedtime stories from Cam, thank you
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Lysander_Gustav: Oh Deathwatch. Nice
EbDorian: The Inquisition? What game is this again? lol
Mysterious_Challenger: But I think the emperor himself will be, yaknow, okay
4th_Dimension: Even if he get reborn, in the meanwhile demons get terra
Phoenixturn: Cam interacting with Penelope never ceases to cheer me up.
Crad0k: oh! i thought jonas was dead too?
Pimptimus_Prime: @astra7525 He's only Mostly Dead
mtvcdm: Hey, Molly!
Mysterious_Challenger: ish
WabisabiEvan: Tyranids through organic matter?
silverxX59: i mean grey knights and recruits/bolter amunition
Kaorti: Gamers through cheetos?
jadedcynic: heya molly!
cfpreston: stream is entertaining, game looks like its not my flavor
Rhynerd: There's the Guard through conscripts.
aardarf: Molls!
KParrell: Diomedes is Best Chaplain
JediTransmit: Deathwatch kill team, they really aren't screwing around with the naming conventions are they?
DennyMcG: I do enjoy having Cam talk 40k
Glenn_Seto: our deathwatch team tends to go through heavy servitors a lot
Mollylewis: Hi, Chat! o/
rarermonsters: Inquisitors are how I imagine people who play Genocide Runs of Undertale
Glenn_Seto: and imperial guardsmen
Neljandik: The empire goes through regular grunts waaaaaaaaay faster
Kramburger: Your Chaplin has serious dry skin issues
Glenn_Seto: and tech priests
Lysander_Gustav: This game does look pretty cool. I think I'll get this next time its on sale.
BusTed: Heya Molly
SpacePotato01: it's always badlands. Are there *ever* goodlands?
RogueLink: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:24:39.
All_mankind: they're just lands
Mollylewis: It's good! I'm editing a podcast with one eye to the screen - Watching friends explode things while in the podcast mines is uniquely refreshing.
Namboto: @Mysterious_Challenger I'm a big fan of the theory that the sheer amount of belief in the emperor will instead raise him as a chaos god of order and allow him to lead humanity into a glorious and peaceful future
QmonsterGames: One complaint I've heard about the campaign is that bouncing between factions every mission breaks up the gameplay in an awkward way.
MechaKuuga: Man Gabriel Angelos is still kicking around in these games
some_call_me_tim: chaplan passive agressive snarkus
TygonPanthera: I kinda want a miniature of Gabriel Angelos.
Neljandik: anyways guys, it is bedtime for me
cfpreston: he gets a little babby
Rhynerd: @spacepotato01 maiden world
jadedcynic: O_O
Glenn_Seto: isn't that a job requirement?
Neljandik: and i know, i know, bedtime is heresy
jadedcynic: oh SHI-
T2brews: OH DAMN
KParrell: arent all inquisitors massive dickheads?
some_call_me_tim: OH SNAP
PencilStroke: !panic
Neljandik: but it is half past 2
rarermonsters: Inquisitors: Handling Xenos relics is an unspeakable heresy, which is why only I get to do it.
jadedcynic: Dear're in TROUBLE now... O_O
Neljandik: !ADULT
LRRbot: I need an adult!
Lysander_Gustav: It's been a while since I played a RTS and this looks like my kind of jam. Though I might prefer playing through each of the races campaigns separately. Though that could be from me playing older strategy games.
WabisabiEvan: KParrell they are indeed
Crad0k: even the best of inquisitors are massive dickheads; see: gregor eisenhorn
goblinranger: are there right ones to f with?
HatsWearCats: We're in for the long haul
4th_Dimension: @Namboto You want Warhammer 50k scenario to happen?
DennyMcG: KParrell yeah, I feel like that's part of the job description
zed_alpha: wonder if this guy is related to Commissar Holt.
DarkMorford: Hello Cameron, hi chat!
thmanwithnoname: \codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Mission Runway (Steam) | CLASH - Legacy Pack (Steam) | Spaera (Steam)
TheExactSame: Shoes off time needs coffee tea or beer
Infamous_kaveman99: socks only, HERESY!!
ysurin91: that implies theres a right blood raven.
All_mankind: elitism?
ArcOfTheConclave: who are the right blood ravens to *** with?
AwesomeJawsome: what are some good videos on 40k lore for a noob?
angryoptimist: What a surprise, an Inquisitor who's an asshole.
All_mankind: now we're getting some large mechas
nattsan: I keep expecting an Othello reference whenever they mention the planet is called Cyprus.
cfpreston: ooo, are we gonna call down a demon like all good blood ravens?
WabisabiEvan: KParrell they're basically if the Spanish Inquisition and the Nazi secret police had a baby
blackwlf: I'm not sure of videos, but there is a fairly massive wiki, @AwesomeJawsome
HatsWearCats: Lvl. 1 nuker? Ah yes, young Gandhi.
Glenn_Seto: that's a titan, right?
Pimptimus_Prime: @awesomejawsome People were suggesting "if the emperor had text to speech" as a good series for lore.
Knight_Nin: That looks more like a Dreadnought
Crad0k: Glenn_Seto it's a Knight, a titan's little brother
KParrell: dark queen solaria is basically inquisitor solaria
Glenn_Seto: ah
PencilStroke: <3 imperial knights...i got 3 of them ^^
Neljandik: @thmanwithnoname Project Runway? :D
ZoBo_: @AwesomeJawsome some basic knowledge first might be helpful, but "if the emperor had a text to speech device" series on youtube is kinda great
MechaKuuga: DAT ASP
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PsikoCoop: Where's all my elites go?
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Astra7525: did the game break?
4th_Dimension: The Vaults of Tera is great for lore:
TyrantTaco: rooSip
1MrGhost: I think this is what we call bad UI design....
PencilStroke: maybe drag and drop?
Pimptimus_Prime: Hey Cam, have you thought about selecting an elite?
Knight_Nin: Do you need to drag them over to the open slots?
Neljandik: anyways, i'll try this again, good night guys
WizardZedd: Anyone have/know of a list of the best books to read to get into the 40k fiction, for someone who knows next to nothing about it?
Hotrob_McAwesometon: these loading times tho
1MrGhost: @WizardZedd Read the eisenhorn books. They are best books.
DennyMcG: WizardZedd I'd recommend maybe Ultramarines series by Graham McNeill, or Gaunt's Ghosts by Dan Abnett
Mijnheer: Welp, that went from "we deployed a starfort" to "the starfort is overwhelmed" rather quickly Kappa
some_call_me_tim: wish you could play as the angry marines
Crad0k: WizardZedd gaunt's ghosts, eisenhorn, ultramarines are all good
Crad0k: i *really* don't like gabriel's new voice :-(
Glenn_Seto: such a good, good cybot
KParrell: its the same voice actor
Knight_Nin: Do we get to select upgrades for our tacticals?
redrumekki: if you want to read goof 40k novels, read anything by abnett or aaron demsky bowden
redrumekki: good even
KParrell: Gabe recieved extensive augmentations at the end of DoW 2 since he almost died hence why he can do a flip in terminator armor
DennyMcG: Dembski-Bowden is very good
MechaKuuga: Dreadnoughts are so fun
redrumekki: i always ruin the spelling of his name
Lysander_Gustav: Wow there are a lot of angry user reviews on Steam for this game. Most of them have some peculiar complaints about it not being the first or second game.
Crad0k: KParrell no, it used to be paul dobson, now it's alec newman
Lysander_Gustav: There's a few that are salty about the design being too cartoonish for a GW setting.
DennyMcG: redrumekki met him at a book signing before, he said a lot of people do that, so I wouldn't worry about it Kappa
KParrell: @Crad0k ah, I was told that it was the same guy, then again in dawn of war one the guy that voiced sindri also did a billion other voices
musclewizzard123: Can you upgrade the Dreadnought with ranged weapons?
redrumekki: oh i know, met him at a signing as well, got myu copy of soul reaver signed, was before he got married even
KParrell: game looks like the same aesthetic as dawn of war 2, and most of the angry reviews on steam have less than 2 hours of game played
InquisitorJL: Lysander_Gustav, but it is a cartoon, just a cartoon portrayed in a 10 metre long tapestry in a cathedral
DennyMcG: the Night Lords series is so good
coolbond: click the elite to summon him