Crad0k: and pretty high up for why i stopped *playing* RPGs at cons
DennyMcG: I mean, backseat anything gets pretty annoying.
QuantumTwitch: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Amonkhet Sealed/Draft Leagues) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (8m from now).
Crad0k: although, one year, i got around that by making my own basic system based on transformers tech spec numbers, but that was a crapton of work
PhoenixMelior: I really wish I had a local game group but eh. That also seems like work
PMAvers: There was a little section before that about how, classically, GM's used it to blow off steam and frustration. And how it's 2016, and they should leave that *** at the door.
PhoenixMelior: nice
MugiwaraLexi: I am getting to play my very first D&D Campaign. It is an interesting experience not just being an outside watcher
PhoenixMelior: a selfish part of me wishes Jer still lived in Victoria
Crad0k: i never had an issue with a sadistic paranoia GM, but we all played with the understanding that it was all just for fun and laughed along with the sadisim
Crad0k: something you can only really do when the players all know each other really well, though, and are experienced enough to leave everything on the table afterward
PMAvers: I actually wonder if the old chat client we used to use for playing online is still around.
PerringtonOwl: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Amonkhet Sealed/Draft Leagues) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
TimeToFry: !next
ferretbadger84: lrrBEEJ 'em out
NexEstVox: hold up did we get new emotes?
ferretbadger84: Apparently
NexEstVox: neat
OG_Slocknog: lrrBEEJ
All_mankind: a new lrrBEEJ appears
Crad0k: just the one
NexEstVox: im currently experiencing lrrBEEJ
lightpagoda: I ran a game of the new paranoia for a meetup group that tries new games at the local game store. Straight up told the group that the book encourages the gm to be arbitrary and sometimes harsh in the role of friend computer before starting to make sure everyone was in with the vibe. Everyone seemed to have fun, but we really played up the comedy aspect.
PhoenixMelior: see if I had ANYTHING explained to me maybe I'd be more up for it
PhoenixMelior: but it really just came across as jerkish
ferretbadger84: lrrFRUMP vs lrrEFF vs lrrBEEJ , who will win
lightpagoda: If not done with a good bit of comedy paranoia can be a really harsh and dark game
ferretbadger84: !panic
NexEstVox: !advice
LRRbot: Cause mayhem.
sir_jack_DB: oh boy lrrbot, you are behind on that advice
af0z: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Amonkhet Sealed/Draft Leagues) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (50s ago).
sir_jack_DB: mayhem is full on
control_rig: Welp, you guys all heard LrrBot. Mayhem it is
NexEstVox: !findquote mayhem
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ArcOfTheConclave: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Amonkhet Sealed/Draft Leagues) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
ferretbadger84: Today is the hem of May
NexEstVox: that wont do
ferretbadger84: Or maybe the fourth
NexEstVox: its like the ides
All_mankind: let's bedlam it up
NexEstVox: is that delta number on twitch or what?
ferretbadger84: BBQ !
3 viewers resubscribed while you were away!
ferretbadger84: lrrSIGNAL ?
PsychoI3oy: that took far more work than it should have but i have only myself to blame for adding too many notes
Darth_Wooper: I could go for some BBQ.
NexEstVox: lrrSIGNAL
PsychoI3oy: NexEstVox it's the game's position on twitch, yes
NexEstVox: refresh, we're live
All_mankind: LRRMTGBBQ?
Steelwolf171: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
GroutNASA: Is there anywhere a list of the Friday Night LRR cast as cards?
ferretbadger84: Don't touch that duck
sir_jack_DB: !discord
LRRbot: LRR now has an official Discord channel! You can join here:
PsychoI3oy: they all start 18th(ish) at 8 or 9am but by the time the stream goes live, may be somewhere else
CSDragon31: huh, the logo's different
CSDragon31: wait, why is the flame surrounding the drop shadow
GroutNASA: the play button is on fire
ASentientButt: lrrDOTS lrrARROW lrrSIGNAL
ferretbadger84: CSDragon31 why not?
CSDragon31: that's not how shadows look
CSDragon31: work*
All_mankind: you'll just have to pause the intro a lot, GroutNASA
QuantumTwitch: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Amonkhet Sealed/Draft Leagues) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (4m ago).
1y1e: good evening denizens of the chat
ferretbadger84: lrrDOTS lrrBEEJ lrrARROW
PsychoI3oy: NexEstVox so for example, tabletop sim was 540th by the time the stream went live and LRR streaming it raised it up to 112th
GroutNASA: @All_mankind it's all good.
control_rig: Good evening to you as well @1y1e
HailtheRNG: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Dyllbert: Hello chat!
ferretbadger84: Hi Dyllbert!
HailtheRNG: new emotes!!!!!! lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
ferretbadger84: Have you experienced lrrBEEJ today?
Domidwarcer: Hey chat and friends
Dyllbert: lrrDOTS lrrBEEJ lrrARROW
Mossballhaym: I have a dialogue screen in the top left of my screen saying "Get notified when LoadingReadyRun is live". Does anyone know how to get rid of that without turning on notifications?
All_mankind: yes, many emotes, and they're all lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
Domidwarcer: Wow i got here literally just in time
control_rig: badger!
ferretbadger84: Badger!
TimeToFry: Dust!
control_rig: Hot mic
NexEstVox: live mic!
shadmed: mic noises!
ferretbadger84: Gibb!
tyloncorp: GOIB
control_rig: HAHAHAHA
ferretbadger84: Gibb hype!
Unas84: oh boy
TimeToFry: Uhhhh
NexEstVox: !
TheOneCalledStu: GIBB
tyloncorp: YAAAAY
All_mankind: hello. . .people?
ElektroTal: RAGAVAN
MugiwaraLexi: YAY! Gib!
control_rig: Gibb!
Darth_Wooper: Gibb! \o/
PerringtonOwl: GIBBSMAN
ASentientButt: Gibb!
Anaerin: Hey, Gibb.
FFermata: It's GOB!
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Lord_Durin: Well this is awkward
shadmed: !highlight gib
barbarianras: GIB plays MTG!!!!!!!!!
PhoenixMelior: I was hoping you would do this
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Dyllbert: Yes
HailtheRNG: Gib Draft!!!!
Sekunder: is it time for magical crads?!
Unas84: Let's drift the magic curds!
PhoenixMelior: Gibb is best
Domidwarcer: Oh this is easily in the highlight reel
1MrGhost: Hey gib. You here to play the magical cards?
ASentientButt: Time to flash in the pestermans
Dyllbert: Gibb is the second best
control_rig: Borbos
TimeToFry: Confirmed: Gibb can't read
tyloncorp: Borbos <3
ElektroTal: yessss
PerringtonOwl: cheer700
NexEstVox: borbos enraged?
t3h_f1gm3nt just subscribed with a $4.99 sub. t3h_f1gm3nt subscribed for 18 months in a row!
t3h_f1gm3nt: Bobos is best guild!
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Dmc3628: gets a uno/uno with le viglancia
togashinaruta: Yeah Gibb, that's how i feel too. And thank you for doing this. It helps
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parasite221: People asked for Gibb playing mtg in the latest Friday Nights video and we got it! Bless the LRR!
Zaghrog: soul scar mage? really?
CrazyFishPerson: Hi Gib, how's it going?
RezTheFuture: No sub message (cause I don't know how). I recommend sgoing Pesterman though
QuantumTwitch: Dont drag on the Gib :)
All_mankind: is Graham nearby? maybe you can borrow his glasses lrrBEEJ
Fiimbul: Seeing Gib warms my heart, makes me feel like its 2005
feeish: I hope on the next streamer showdown we see Gib repping the LRR crew
tantaburs: you mean Reese 'Wither'spoon
Leonhart321: Please keep this up for at least this match
duaiwe: There’s a little part of me that hopes the entire stream is like this.
Dmc3628: so Gibb is #1 Contender to Felterweight now?
teh_v: Everytime I turn on LRR they have a new cast member Kappa
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ASentientButt: Gibb confirmed best pupper. ... I mean Puppet!
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NexEstVox: lrrBEEJ
feeish: @Leonhart321 keep what up. It's just Gib as usual
lightpagoda: if only there was a way to send opponent the camera view without ghosting
feeish: kappaRoss
feeish: KappaRoss
1MrGhost: Gib stream is best stream
tantaburs: I'm suprised Gibb still plays magic after Serge rudely kicked him out the prerelease
NexEstVox: Keepo
Foxmar320: cheer60 GIBBMtG the hottest new stream on LRR
Unas84: Evidence of Author is nice
PhoenixMelior: this is kind of great
Sekunder: @teh_v don't you mean they have a new cast member lrrBEEJ
ferretbadger84: I'm doing amazingly with Gibb playing!
Domidwarcer: Doing well Gibb, Doing so well
barbarianras: Gib, is playing MTGO easier than paper cards?
t3h_f1gm3nt: im doing good Gibb. how are you?
Foxmar320: Doing good Gibb working on highlights
ferretbadger84: !highlight most important key
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @LoadingReadyRun hey gibb how upset were you by the banning of felidar guardian since I know you were an avid player of splinter tom
LRRbot: Highlight added.
control_rig: You've been taking lessons from Penelope
GroutNASA: Serious puppet skillz
togashinaruta: Doing a bit better now, thanks Gibb.
Darth_Dredge: Since James is a full timer now, are you next on the cue Gibb?
QuantumTwitch: Awsome now that there is the gibb magic going on
PhoenixMelior: Eddie's Face seems strong
ferretbadger84: Yeti's face?
psychmancer: Gibbs is the best magic player at LLR
Fiimbul: please pleaePL
Arikele: Now I want the nickname podcast as hosted by Gibb
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Steelwolf171: It's kind of Magic
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Bariumbananas217: Yess Gibb stream, yessssss!
7gorobei: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:22.
Fiimbul: PLEASE let this be the entire stream
Foxmar320: Yeah why is Gibb not full time yet?
Domidwarcer: I wonder if the opp will ever know if they played against the best magic playing puppet in the world
shadmed: stuck on land, gotta play the dog
HailtheRNG: best stream.
tyloncorp: wooooooofers
PhoenixMelior: opponent appears to be off black
ferretbadger84: Hyena's don't woof, Gibb
control_rig: All the woofers
CrazyFishPerson: Go Go Doggo's
CSDragon31: Speaking of woofers, when's the nicknames podcast coming out?
ferretbadger84: They also aren't dog
ferretbadger84: *s
Sekunder: the supernatal care ward at the hospital is always packed
Foxmar320: Man Graham and James are super late for the stream
Juliamon: CSDragon31 2 weeks
Downrangespy: give them first strike
CSDragon31: oki
GroutNASA: Super-Natal Stamina is something I'd like to impart.
control_rig: Firster Stroke
Wodar9: Pretty sure the Opponent discarded a Viagra Gibbs
CSDragon31: swing, play sparing mummy?
PhoenixMelior: and you can still play mummy!
GroutNASA: Power Baby
NexEstVox: go to assaults
ferretbadger84: Not dogs!
Foxmar320: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
Domidwarcer: First strining woofers
Sternguard777: I think they mentioned on the last TTC that next week is Alex's cube and then nicknames will be after that
Bariumbananas217: Time to watch Gibb play magic while typing up my script for a deck tech I'm recording later, :P
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: So Gibb, how do you like the new gaming chair?
ferretbadger84: Hyenas are a distinct culture
PhoenixMelior: this must be very challenging for Gibb.
Foxmar320: Did Twitch eat my bits again? Hmmm
control_rig: Gibb is surprisingling good at this game
psychmancer: I wish you had facecam for your opponent
Glichroar: reasonably strong start we have going here
HailtheRNG: Gibb is shockingly good with the mtgo client
t3h_f1gm3nt: DATS RACIST!
Wodar9: Why isn't Gibb sitting in the chair?
Darth_Wooper: Na-gonna care about her?
Aaamann: Looks like i tuned in at the right time
All_mankind: it must be like calling apes monkeys
Foxmar320: Gibb has had plenty of time to learn Mtgo over the years
Macheya: This is great.
GroutNASA: Gibb has talented feet.
Dyllbert: at least she is not a snake naga
control_rig: OphidiAmonketan, I believe
ferretbadger84: All_Mankind or like calling hyenas dogs
wujo444: stone rain him
Darth_Dredge: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 9:43.
Sekunder: thrash head? i'm more of a speed metal man myself
GroutNASA: <headbanging chameleon>
af0z: Gibb's really cute
NexEstVox: face v face
control_rig: It's and Eddie's Face-Off
PhoenixMelior: how does one put blocks on Eddie's Face? I'm not familiar with the cards
t3h_f1gm3nt: the eddie's face mirror? oh crap!
Halabast: Gibb decent card player, who knew!
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LucA0483: Gibb the grubber stomping scrublords!
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NexEstVox: !card edifice of a
LRRbot: Edifice of Authority [3] | Artifact | {1}, {T}: Target creature can't attack this turn. Put a brick counter on Edifice of Authority. / {1}, {T}: Until your next turn, target creature can't attack or block and its activated abilities can't be activated. Activate this ability only if there are three or more brick counters on Edifice of Authority.
control_rig: Nah
tyloncorp: Maybe?
Unas84: Face to Face, the aftermat(c)h
Wodar9: Is this a FACE OFF!
CSDragon31: bolt the bird!
wujo444: yes
CSDragon31: actually, you can ediface
CSDragon31: the bird
TheThromborax: just got here what
Anaerin: So many faces.
TheThromborax: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
PhoenixMelior: TheThromborax Gibb's just playing magic
ferretbadger84: Hi James
TimeToFry: Oh thank god
wujo444: i like killing mana of the manascrewed opponent
Anaerin: thethromborax: Gibb's playing Magic.
deadlypartition: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:17:50.
azninsect: ok im here for gibb :P
wujo444: feels grate
CSDragon31: once we have 3 bricks, we can "tap" the mana snake
ghost_waz: cheer50 gibb hype
Glichroar: are you two brothers?
Darth_Dredge: #letgibbplay #nojames
t3h_f1gm3nt: hey james. where you been? gibbs been holding down the fort
Dmc3628: we have Eddy'sface are we Viva La Raza?
duaiwe: CSDragon31 is that a euphemism? :P
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Macheya: Causality!
feeish: this is like watching kermit the frog and jim handson. I love it!
azninsect: cheer100 gibb hype!
Macheya: lrrBEEJ
Mossballhaym: Cause -> effect Kappa
Darth_Wooper: James ultimate wincon confirmed!
GroutNASA: I would stop talking if a sentient butt showed up
PhoenixMelior: lookin so dapper Gibb
GroutNASA: Gibb Grooming **
ferretbadger84: Hi Kathleen
t3h_f1gm3nt: hai kathleen
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @LoadingReadyRun Hey gibb how sad did the ban of Felidar Guardian make you? I know you were an avid Splinter Tom player
Downrangespy: Hi kathleen
Foxmar320: Kathleen and James made it. Graham must still be sleeping in.
SniperPumpkin: it's the !chair
TheThromborax: fun fact for those who don't like the new twitch UI, it hasn't spread to opera yet, so if you want a one-use browser, load it up
LucA0483: Borbos dek
LucA0483: :D
wujo444: Chair is too good to sit on it Kappa
HailtheRNG: pestermans
Anubis169: Gibb! lrrAWESOME
control_rig: Turdadon
control_rig: Ha
ferretbadger84: !card splinter tom
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
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deadlypartition: wee! 9 whole months!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, deadlypartition! (Today's storm count: 19)
TheWanderingNomad: Oh Gibb has decided to join the LRR streams/ Awesome :D
Scarbble: hi kathleen!
HailtheRNG: !card pestermans
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
RezTheFuture: Scrubble that to the bottoms. Next pin please
1MrGhost: This is great!
Sekunder: i have been having the roughest week, this is brightening my day so much
ElektroTal: ragavan's brother, rug burn
ferretbadger84: !highlight turn one bicycle
LRRbot: Highlight added.
control_rig: Yep
PhoenixMelior: wow
el_combolord: what the heck
cheetoJack: I didn't know Gibb played MTGO
blackwlf: lrrCOW
azninja888: hoo boy
el_combolord: whats going on
SniperPumpkin: cheer100 Gib best magic player in the felterweight division
Glichroar: a truly ferocious hand we have here
feeish: Gib talks about magic just like my ex.
Sekunder: opponent has a very powerful double double
Liarz0: It's gibb! Hi gibb
PhoenixMelior: well I'm glad I decided to tune in today
lifecharacter: Oh, I didn't know Gibb was having guests on for the stream.
Macheya: Two Troppels seems bad with nothing but lands.
rarermonsters: cheer100 Hooray! Graham's a decent guy but Gibb is a much better host and player, glad to see him join the streamer crew
blackwlf: Is Gibb going to get his own stream now?
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mastershake29x: should have done this re-sub during the casino stream
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tantaburs: I would
dcsports8: I think you put it on hapta
TheWanderingNomad: To break kayfabe for a moment, Graham I hope your comfortable down there
Foxmar320: Gibb! You forgot to tweet! Graham is gonna be so mad!
kkat4884: Graham I think you need to shave...
Dmc3628: inb4 agony
feeish: Opp is giving Gib the business
NexEstVox: gg
CastleOtranto: Dang it. Why is this the one stream I never get a text alert for?
Dmc3628: welp
TheThromborax: i'm more surprised by Kathleen in a Gun Shirt
Deftscythe: is this the pool that was either w/r or b/g? Where graham was intot he b/g and james was into w/r?
TheThromborax: Cause Kathleen got Guns
Macheya: That "okay" was so adorable.
Sekunder: kathleen: "i need to get back to work" also kathleen: *can't look away*
Clench_Eastwood: Who's the new guy? I didn't know we had a guest Kappa
fourcardcombosuicide: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Amonkhet Sealed/Draft Leagues) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (18m ago).
shadmed: @CastleOtranto you missed like 10 mins max
Juliamon: CastleOtranto probably because it's so soon after 18gac
af0z: Clench_Eastwood James is here every week Kappa
SithSerith: cheer100 Thanks for letting me play during the last stream, love all of Gib's magic goodness
PsychoI3oy: CastleOtranto because it comes online shortly after 18GaC goes offline, twitch doesn't email within certain timeframes to prevent spam from e.g. streams with connection issues
Sekunder: embalm + cartouche basically brick walls their board
feeish: Who knew legendary rare's were good cards ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ KappaRoss
Mangledpixel: m-bomb the dueleyman
TheThromborax: Is Gib watching the chat?
CastleOtranto: Makes sense. Thanks all.
NexEstVox: im sorry what?
Domidwarcer: Oh i wish i had watched that, i thought it was a different game
t3h_f1gm3nt: yeah, that seems more an apt name
Clench_Eastwood: Grahams beard is really growing out
feeish: Wait what is hanging people on meat hooks?
feeish: I missed that
Sekunder: top gun elite
TheThromborax: Death by Daylight or something
feeish: Oh haha
Ukon_vasara: its Fun
Mossballhaym: Woo! Air superiority!
TheThromborax: it was a claustrophobic watch
HailtheRNG: numotPOOP numotPOOP numotPOOP numotPOOP
Lord_Hosk: Dead...
rarermonsters: It's very strange to me that Gibb says "Cartouche" in the typical way
NexEstVox: lrrSCOOP
Lord_Hosk: just dead
ferretbadger84: I think we're just dead here
2rrr_mirror_breaker: lrrSCOOP
Iseeuwhenustream: is gib's favorite streamer melvin the muppet?
ferretbadger84: rarermonsters you'd think it would be like car-touch
ASentientButt: lrrSPOOP lrrSCOOP
Macheya: If you're trading, don't you just chump and try to draw an answer?
Arikele: how disgusting would it be if hapatra's snakes had infect?
azninsect: reeSad
rarermonsters: Cambletouch
Domidwarcer: Has Gibb been contracted for the nickname episode? Cause his naming is strong
lifecharacter: Do we have Dusk?