Domidwarcer: Oh i wish i had watched that, i thought it was a different game
t3h_f1gm3nt: yeah, that seems more an apt name
Clench_Eastwood: Grahams beard is really growing out
feeish: Wait what is hanging people on meat hooks?
feeish: I missed that
Sekunder: top gun elite
TheThromborax: Death by Daylight or something
feeish: Oh haha
Ukon_vasara: its Fun
Mossballhaym: Woo! Air superiority!
TheThromborax: it was a claustrophobic watch
HailtheRNG: numotPOOP numotPOOP numotPOOP numotPOOP
Lord_Hosk: Dead...
rarermonsters: It's very strange to me that Gibb says "Cartouche" in the typical way
NexEstVox: lrrSCOOP
Lord_Hosk: just dead
ferretbadger84: I think we're just dead here
2rrr_mirror_breaker: lrrSCOOP
Iseeuwhenustream: is gib's favorite streamer melvin the muppet?
ferretbadger84: rarermonsters you'd think it would be like car-touch
ASentientButt: lrrSPOOP lrrSCOOP
Macheya: If you're trading, don't you just chump and try to draw an answer?
Arikele: how disgusting would it be if hapatra's snakes had infect?
azninsect: reeSad
rarermonsters: Cambletouch
Domidwarcer: Has Gibb been contracted for the nickname episode? Cause his naming is strong
lifecharacter: Do we have Dusk?
Clench_Eastwood: I think I ate too many mushrooms....
toenolla: I just got here and GIB!
Dmc3628: Dusk would only kill the beast
ElektroTal: cheer100 thanks, gib. Borbos is my favorite color pair, and it's been A Day here south of the borber
Softballz0r: oh, did we donate to the haven and got a double double with flying? Kappa
with_or_without_plan: Just draw Glorybringer.
TheThromborax: Gib, how do you type with Boxing Gloves on?
Baldrash: Doesn't make things worse, at least.
Macheya: combat trick
NexEstVox: flunge 'em
SniperPumpkin: I think we're just dead here
ferretbadger84: Gibb is very photogenic
achesst: Dear Dr. Gib, how long have you been slinging manas?
Lord_Hosk: That must be exhausting to keep a hand raised like that for extended periods of time
rarermonsters: cheer100 A hundred bits for the best stream I've seen this month, spend it on a green bodysuit Graham can wear for more comfortable invisible puppetry
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Live with LRRMtG! James and this fine looking fellow are playing some Amonkhet!
Fenhl: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:28:16.
TheThromborax: they have a green zentai suit
kkat4884: Did you go to sleep in Japan?
punchcardy: Gibb playing magic is one of my favorite things
Saintnex: Hi Gibb!
PhoenixMelior: wait, Gibb took Kathleen to Japan?! Does Graham know?
TheThromborax: Alex used it to do the enthusiastic sex skull
Lord_Hosk: Gib, are you married? Im fine, but Lady Hosk and the kids may need to marry a Canadian to keep health care
Domidwarcer: Why do i feel the next highlight reel will be this entire stream
NexEstVox: souls car mage
LarkSachrosis: Hai Gibb lrrGOAT
Dmc3628: you mean SlowSpear
Mangledpixel: let's make apple juice and fax it to each other
Anaerin: Was Gibb Big in Japan?
TheThromborax: Can we get Gibb to move over a bit so it looks like he's sitting in the blue chair?
HailtheRNG: deck plz
blackwlf: @Anaerin Godzilla vs Gibb, coming next year.
Saintnex: I feel like Gibb fits in beautifully in Japan
Mangledpixel: toque hartouches
TheThromborax: next week, can we get Watch+Play hosted by Dave's Spokesman?
Macheya: !card Initiate's Companion
LRRbot: Initiate's Companion [1G] | Creature — Cat [3/1] | Whenever Initiate's Companion deals combat damage to a player, untap target creature or land.
CSDragon31: do it
control_rig: Do it
CSDragon31: oketra's monument
CSDragon31: is VERY strong
control_rig: Greed
ferretbadger84: A true dop
Anaerin: blackwlf: Gibb confirmed new Kaiju in Pacific Rim 2.
Scar_Red_Tiger: First time I've seen a Magic Streamer made of felt. Gibb has this niche on lock.
BonSequitur: You have to draw a two or three drop white creature
NexEstVox: birb
ASentientButt: lrrGreed
BonSequitur: Or a two drop red creature
ferretbadger84: lrrGREED
HailtheRNG: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
blackwlf: @Anaerin I'd go to the theatre for that.
cheetoJack: lrrGREED ?
Dmc3628: inb4 dissenter's
rarermonsters: I really think you should be dropping Okay Trees Mana Man
BonSequitur: You'll have five mana next turn, so Tah-Crop elite + a 2W card, or a 1R card
psychmancer: kathleen's face is just sheer confusion at gibbs
adnansaves: Do we have Pestermans?
LucA0483: lrrAWW
Sun_Singer: bleedPurple Gib
control_rig: Vindicated
CodeGorilla: Gibb!
Cyrulean: :)
ryanthedespoiler: You could have coasted the cerderon next turn
control_rig: Always never didn't had it
ferretbadger84: 2/2 warbler with first strike
CSDragon31: dew it
Crad0k: gibb!
Mossballhaym: Vigilance First strike is good
BonSequitur: Yeah I think on the warrior it's actually better
HailtheRNG: warbler on ground seems good
Crad0k: (that can't be comfortable for g)
Anaerin: What about the birb?
Kziki: Y'know, I'm not even surprised at walking in on Gibb streaming. I almost wish I were.
TheThromborax: I really like the idea of Dave's Spokesman doing the next Watch+Play
Macheya: I love calling the tokens Warboys.
NexEstVox: bees token
Deftscythe: Just a small furry creature playing magic, what's there to be confused about?
Liarz0: What is kathleen behind?
kkat4884: If you're not wearing your glasses, how are you reading chat? Awfully suspicious...
PhoenixMelior: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
CSDragon31: the 1/1 first strike still blocks snakes for days
BonSequitur: Why wouldn't they attack there, not attacking is so bad
TheThromborax: did this set-up require an additional monitor under the desk?
Saintnex: Gibb being the gentle creature here :)
TheThromborax: or two monitors under the desk?
BonSequitur: (I mean the opp, not LRR)
Kairanie: Oh, hello Gib
Liarz0: Gibbs can u talk like u do in Friday nights a.
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control_rig: NOOOOOO
Dmc3628: more rags
Macheya: Worse for us
Liarz0: Ahahahahaha
thatpublendude: Ouch
control_rig: He keeps his lifelink
BonSequitur: I mean if they have nothing but lands in hand that's kind of bad for them
Scar_Red_Tiger: Live your life opp
Cyrulean: lrrHORN
BonSequitur: Otherwise it's way worse for you
LotLWinters: love lrr
ASentientButt: 5 glorious months is kind of a thing
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hascow: glad to see Gibb here. I love when he plays the magical cards
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Flailsquared: Looks like G is just sitting out of shot
Dmc3628: nah that was fine to get a bone picker on the cheap
Mossballhaym: Could also trade with the beast... next turn...
t3h_f1gm3nt: nah, G is being a slacker so Gibb stepped in
Domidwarcer: Is gibb going to be here all stream?
Scarbble: boone pickens
rarermonsters: Gibb how do you like Almond Cat so far compared to Kibble Dash?
BonSequitur: I would definitely not chump this turn
Scar_Red_Tiger: goies for the cycle eff not shatter monument?
HailtheRNG: taking 5 seems bad
Saintnex: Why does everyone say G is here, is just Gibb, Kathleen and James lrrBEEJ
ferretbadger84: Saintnex, G stands for Gibb
Domidwarcer: Gibb is G, what are you talking about @Saintnex
BonSequitur: Yeah you're dead
Jwiley129: wait, there's a lrrBeej emote now?!
Lithobraker: YESSSSS GIB!!!!!
hascow: ah, the Hydra will honor you with its heads
Jwiley129: lrrBEEJ
2rrr_mirror_breaker: lrrBEEJ
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ferretbadger84: Perfect
ferretbadger84: !panic
hascow: Scaley B! Oh nooooo
CSDragon31: welp
HailtheRNG: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
damullet14: Scaley B is game
Liarz0: GG
Dmc3628: against other decks in this format this is not where aggro wants to be
BonSequitur: Scaled Behemoth is just such a stupid card
Saintnex: Lol, you're right ferretbadger and Domidwarcer!
SniperPumpkin: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
damullet14: Thing's literally immortal
Baldrash: Wow, there IS a Beej emote! Glorious.
BaronVonPoppinOff: Sweep 'em up
blackwlf: lrrDOTS lrrBEEJ lrrARROW
Tregelen: lrrBEEJ
Baldrash: lrrBEEJ
lifecharacter: But why no LrrGibb emote?
Macheya: Skittle Bohemian too!?
korvys: lrrDOTS lrrBEEJ lrrARROW
rarermonsters: Thing was it was designed to be a Paul emote but turned into Beej
Tregelen: lrrCREEPL lrrBEEJ lrrCREEPR
1MrGhost: Is there a LRR gib emote?
punchcardy: TableHere FlipThis
LucA0483: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrSCOOP
JQuill7: at least we can chump the croc
Liarz0: TableHere
ACExtravaganza: how can Graham see the monitor from down there?
LotLWinters: Lady of the lake
BonSequitur: I'd just trade for the behemoth
Scar_Red_Tiger: Then they spidery grasp
Mossballhaym: Double block behemoth?
BonSequitur: Do you have removal that you can draw to put on the hydra?
Mossballhaym: Only lose 1 creature?
JQuill7: trade pack for beast, block everything else on hydra
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Dmc3628: we don't got a cast out i believe?
Ashen_Prime: How much of what your opponent's deck is doing is what Graham's Sealed Pool deck is supposed to do?
TimeToFry: What's an out
BonSequitur: Yeah how you block here depends on what else is in the deck
2rrr_mirror_breaker: eddie's face is an out
NexEstVox: @TimeToFry paths to victory
HailtheRNG: so dead
its_ljp: @LoadingReadyRun will you guys be doing a paper draft soon? Love watching them!
JQuill7: now we're dea
Sekunder: phone microwave made caleb's layout
JQuill7: *dea
everyothernipple: I show up and just immediately lock onto the puppet...
JQuill7: *dead
hascow: #NeverConcede
Scar_Red_Tiger: Phone Mic must be a Gibb fan
Sekunder: and maybe some emotes? i don't remember
BonSequitur: God why does scaled behemoth have 7 toughness, that is so stupid
ClaytonClayDavis: thas DOPE
NexEstVox: whose cube?
fourcardcombosuicide: Do we have dusk?
Lithobraker: Dear Gibb can we get a list of the best mispronunciations of Amonkhet cards so we can use them at our FNM?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: and when we embalm the guy he gains us a life
Lord_Hosk: Will you ever explain a sealed league and or build a sealed pool on camera?
Dmc3628: Dusk is one of the only ways out and even then
TimeToFry: What kind of cube?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: eddies face still great here
NexEstVox: monored cube?
BonSequitur: I'm not a huge fan of this format
Sekunder: speaking of caleb durward, has his name been suggested for a Pre-prerelease? @LoadingReadyRun
SithSerith: Is it the strictly worse cube?
ClaytonClayDavis: Is that a JUND cube? >_>
ferretbadger84: @LoadingReadyRun can it be 720 instead of 360 cards?
ASentientButt: Oh Good
lufty13: Jund cube PogChamp
LotLWinters: im an Arthurian legend nerd
ferretbadger84: Draft?
everyothernipple: You guys ever gonna draft pauper cube again?
TimeToFry: Does Kathlee lift?
Dmc3628: LSV and marshall have concluded that this is a prince format
af0z: Lord_Hosk Don't know if you're serious, but they did on the most recent TTC
Saintnex: So... mono- red cube
ACExtravaganza: why didn't you tap tap concede while talking about tap tap concede?
BonSequitur: Yeah this is an insanely prince format
thatpublendude: Nice @LotLWinters
Lord_Durin: Saw Alex collecting stuff for said cube on his stream. Can confirm spicy cube incoming
BonSequitur: This is like Fate Reforged where you feel stupid when you open your first pack in draft and the rare isn't playable
FFermata: there's no one in chat over there.... it's weird
Dmc3628: like Vizier, Glyph Keeper and Angel of Sanctions are ALL groan tests
ferretbadger84: What do you mean by "prince format?"
PhoenixMelior: <3 you Gibb
Lithobraker: BonSequitur prince format?
cheetoJack: !highlight scritches
Dmc3628: Prince: Rares and Mythics, Pauper: Commons and Uncommons
Foxmar320: Gibb what did you do to your arm?
azninsect: cheer250 cheer for gibb cheering \o/
LRRbot: Highlight added.
CSDragon31: oh is this a streamer showdown?
TheNahgg: Beetle is definitely the pick
HailtheRNG: how good your deck is pretty much determined by how good your rares are.
Tregelen: beetle all day
TimeToFry: Beedle
NexEstVox: montu's bonument
BonSequitur: @Lithobraker as opposed to a pauper format, the rares and mythics are very poewrful and defined the format.
InnovaRoc: beetle for sure
Lord_Durin: do iiiit
BonSequitur: The pick here is Decimator Beetle.
BonSequitur: Very easily.
psychmancer: please draft beetle
CodeGorilla: Beetle beats.
BonSequitur: Everything else in this pack is garbo
lufty13: Decimator Beetle is very good but it locks you into 2 colors first pick, Mindcensor is alright
Bariumbananas217: Aven Mindsandstorm
LotLWinters: prince? you mean prancy pants?
psychmancer: ive never seen it beat down
hascow: last time I Mindcensor'd someone, it was in response to a Gifts Ungiven, and they still hit exactly what they needed in their top 4
Macheya: We got beetle in TTC, take Censor!
Dmc3628: like Glorybringer, Glyph Keeper and Vizier of Many Faces are all straight groan tests
ACExtravaganza: GB is a solid deck
Scar_Red_Tiger: Comiit to two colours
RaemSturm: Gibb, will you be in the cube draft?
Lithobraker: BonSequitur I've found the uncommons to be more important
BonSequitur: If there was a mono-color card that's good, I would take that, but the next best card is Horror of the Broken Lands, which ehhhhn
Lord_Durin: mindsencor for the fun
TimeToFry: Mindcensor
Mossballhaym: Mindcensor is only one colour, though
chesul: beetle is great.
ACExtravaganza: go for the bettle
control_rig: Beetle
CSDragon31: besides
HailtheRNG: beetle too good
ASentientButt: First picking that gold card lrrFINE
Irgendwasmitkiwi: beetle is so solid
CSDragon31: how unlikely would they not find a land
CSDragon31: in the top 4
TheNahgg: Mindcensor isn't TOO great. It's pretty average
cheetoJack: take the full art land!
PhoenixMelior: I thought you never first picked a gold card
TimeToFry: We're an entertainment stream, for crying out loud
Arikele: I've never managed to attack with a beetle
Lithobraker: mindcensor
kkat4884: even if you get the wilds they still probably hit
hascow: BG is so deep, you can take it and be next to someone else in BG and still be great
IkariFate: lest make now us an hapatra deck haHAA
Sekunder: big bad beetle borgs!
rarermonsters: Beetle isn't single winning, it's 2 colors. Mindcensor is good just as a Flash Flier
Ashen_Prime: Black green seems really strong.
lifecharacter: Pick up Hepatra pack 2, can't lose.
psychmancer: take the god beetle
BonSequitur: @Lithobraker Uncommons do a lot but like, rares are just ridiculous in this format and there are so many rares that are just better than anything at common and uncommon.
Bariumbananas217: Fervor!
psychmancer: as foretold, sultai
Lord_Durin: as fortold?!?
thunderfrost: not stonerain FeelsBadMan
Bariumbananas217: Jund 'em!
CSDragon31: Mindcensor doesn't even work in a deck with all basics
BonSequitur: Like, the best uncommon is what, 15th in the pick order?
psychmancer: sultai bonkers
Tregelen: charioteer and jund em
HailtheRNG: take the full art land. duh.
ACExtravaganza: Take the one green card in the pack
Finalsora811: "Ok, so, in replay, I zip in Mine Sensor."
Gbot92: The beetle eve has a HAT
Mijnheer: full art Plains! Kappa
TimeToFry: 3 colour As Fortold
Zaghrog: agony
tantaburs: Take chairioteer and Jundem
Scar_Red_Tiger: jund em?
QuantumTwitch: Mino
SirElgar: as fortold=money?
underhill33: Agony
BonSequitur: Splendid Agony all day here
NoxStryx: deck name, Beetle Borgs
ferretbadger84: lrrBEEJ 'em out
CSDragon31: if they evolving wilds they're FIND a basic
chesul: agony seems on theme with the beetle.
PhoenixMelior: Jund seems so lrrGREED
rarermonsters: As Foretold
Bariumbananas217: Jund 'em with Fervor!
Dmc3628: i'd be on agony
InnovaRoc: 5 color on the way
t3h_f1gm3nt: i heard junding em is pretty good
deyja429: Jund'em out
CodeGorilla: Drake?
psychmancer: no im joking
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Gbot92: Agony
Scar_Red_Tiger: Agony Minotaru
BonSequitur: Also honestly I think drafting this format is too obvious?
IkariFate: agony ?
Lithobraker: BonSequitur ruthless sniper tho
lufty13: Agony is very good
p_johnston: Charter
CrazyFishPerson: When in doubt jund'em out
CodeGorilla: Probably Agony.
QuantumTwitch: its agony
toasthaste: look I'm very into Jund but, it seems like a bad idea
Mangledpixel: splendid ouchies
ElektroTal: splended agony is very very good
TimeToFry: No but seriously agony
NoxStryx: As Fortold is money
CSDragon31: agony is better. Jund is funner
2rrr_mirror_breaker: def agony
Paranundrox: Sultai Bonkers is a GREAT deck name
Glichroar: in paper it is money
HailtheRNG: agony
p_johnston: jund life!!
2rrr_mirror_breaker: as foretold is like 2.5 tix
Domidwarcer: I woudl agony as its removal
BonSequitur: Like I have very few packs when drafting where I go "oh this is a legitimately hard decision," it's a format that lends itself very well to obvious pick orders.
BonSequitur: @Lithobraker glorybringer tho
Zaghrog: cartouche
Domidwarcer: Cartouche
underhill33: Dat touche tho
NexEstVox: touche
Sekunder: reach out cartouche faith
psychmancer: sultai bonkers isn't a real thing, please don't take what i said seriously! i don't want that on my conscience
HailtheRNG: touche
control_rig: Touche
barbarianras: harvest season?
Bariumbananas217: Touhce
lufty13: Wow this has lined up nicely
ACExtravaganza: Reach out and Touche faith
Gbot92: Cartouche!
TheMagicWalrus: as fortold is $13 paper dont know about mtgo
control_rig: Nice
Kairanie: The Nickname for As Foretold should be In Accordance with the Prophecy.
Finalsora811: Destined to Lead real good.
fourcardcombosuicide: cheer50 I believe it's pronounced Gundam
rarermonsters: Ooh, a Feta Paul
Bariumbananas217: Agony #2
CSDragon31: slam pick destined
control_rig: Destined is reeeeeal good
Zaghrog: agony or hauler
Scar_Red_Tiger: Bicycle
Domidwarcer: Now i wish one of the cartouche's gave reach
Gbot92: getting hooked up!
Dmc3628: another agony or a hauler
Tregelen: quarry
CodeGorilla: Embrace your Destiny!
Anaerin: Cara-touche, cara-touche, will you tap a fandango?
BonSequitur: Like there's definitely like 10 to 15 rares that are better than Ruthless Sniper. I'm not even convinced Ruthless Sniper is the best uncommon.
InnovaRoc: hauler
JQuill7: nothing quite like casting Destined to Lead on a Deathtouch creature
psychmancer: quarry hauler is so good
NexEstVox: DtL on deathtoucher bra
Sun_Singer: As foretold is about 3 tix
QuantumTwitch: Hauler is bonkers in neg counter deg
Domidwarcer: I would say the Hauler, for creature and counter stuff
Saintnex: Oh the deck is looking goooood
Arikele: Hauler?
Baldrash: Hauler seems deece. Or Agony.
Irgendwasmitkiwi: destined to lead straight wins games
BonSequitur: Yeah destined to lead here and it's not close
Sekunder: hauler might be better? creatures first, then tricks? dunno how important that is
BonSequitur: In this format, it's usually not close
InnovaRoc: hauler is good
NoxStryx: but land!
TheNahgg: Hauler is probably better than Detined to Lead
SharkHero08: For those that don't know could Gib describe the steps to drafting?
BonSequitur: Hauler isn't better than Destined to Lead as a pick
CSDragon31: @LoadingReadyRun This format is all about big board stalls. When you cast Lead, you just win
control_rig: That IS great
lufty13: Quarry hauler is real good, Destined to lead seems like its mostly good when ahead
BonSequitur: Hooded brawler and it's not close
PsychoI3oy: i didn't know Gibb was a vorthos
rarermonsters: The storytelling in the cards is great in this set (actualy stories not so much, but I love the plane)
CSDragon31: brawler
Lord_Durin: She's like Thorin Oakenshield, but with snakes?
Bariumbananas217: Get brawled
control_rig: Snap Brawler
TimeToFry: Luxa Shrine!
ElektroTal: i would listen to a podcast where gibb went over the backstory and art of amonkhet
Sekunder: 6 drop slot cause of the new rules
Bariumbananas217: Jifts?
Gbot92: Brawler
NexEstVox: pivot jund, red so open
meisbored: lrrBEEJ
JQuill7: Gibb of Paradise
BonSequitur: Take nef-crop entangler to audible into red if you open Glorybringer
lufty13: black seems pretty cut
Irgendwasmitkiwi: FULL ART!
Domidwarcer: Red does appear to be open
Sekunder: if we take gift we get better green next pack, sort of?
CodeGorilla: Time to take a red card I think.
TimeToFry: Pick up a Crab
psychmancer: amonkhet limited secret - draft archfiend of ifnir, win 5-0 end
1MrGhost: Jund them?
chesul: it's putting it there because everywhere but the stack it is cmc 6.
bluddragon1: Full art island
Sekunder: since there will be no green left
BonSequitur: Gift of Paradise isn't playable in any format including strictly worse cube
teh_v: Red looking open
Skyboss1996: Oh look. Gibb! oh, and james
Saintnex: Gift
control_rig: Jift of Par dee ché
rarermonsters: You could title it "Too Long, Gibbn't Reads"
SirElgar: cut green into pieces
Bariumbananas217: Cheeter
BonSequitur: Yeah take approach of the second sun here
Tregelen: rakdos discard and splash rhonas
Zaghrog: cheetah
lufty13: Warfire is only good in Blue red though
BonSequitur: Approach of the second sun is a sickening card and it's a HUGE signal that white control is open
2rrr_mirror_breaker: we can splash approach!
Skyboss1996: RBG?
lufty13: so it can go late sometimes
Scar_Red_Tiger: Flash Cat
Sekunder: S P L A S H F O R V I C T O R Y
Gbot92: cheetah
ArcOfTheConclave: jump cat!
TimeToFry: Hold! Hold!!!!
NoxStryx: Approach
BonSequitur: Like idk what people are thinking that Approach is so late.
Fenhl: hard pivot into Approach jank?
QuantumTwitch: Ooo second win :)
EddTheGoat: take the second sun
Sun_Singer: cat
Mossballhaym: Cheetah
NoxStryx: take the approach
NexEstVox: abzan board stall
SirElgar: jav'eer isn't good in GR
CodeGorilla: You're getting cut hard; time to bail on BG I think.
TimeToFry: Everyone's gonna go red once they see that come by
Kthanid: Kitty
Anaerin: Looks like green is pretty open.
chesul: cat I think.
Paranundrox: do it
NoxStryx: doooo it
Arikele: Take the cheetah, stay on signal
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Hygrom: Approach
BonSequitur: Pouncing Cheetah isn't playable anyway so might as well take approach
Baldrash: That seems medium. How many instants and sorceries are in your yard typically in this format?
CrazyFishPerson: Sun, pivot white
Bariumbananas217: Weeknees
PhoenixMelior: lrrGREED
NoxStryx: splash
Anaerin: Gibb of Paradise.
lufty13: Cheetah is playable its just not... good
Zaghrog: not convinced our colors are cut
TimeToFry: Glorious Splash
BonSequitur: Could take Spring to Mind and try to shift into Bant Approach, heh heh heh.
OessiMC: See aproach plus glorious end: THe Dream
EddTheGoat: black does not seem open
PerpetualDM: Suddenly Gib playing Magic on stream!
Paranundrox: apparently Rampant Growth costs 3 now :P
nodivisionhwm: who won your 1-man draft, james?
Zaghrog: black might be cut
Arikele: Sand babies are a whole different thing
Macheya: Standard can't have good ramp.
Gbot92: Sand because desert?
senshi5609: Did Graham lose a bet?
BonSequitur: Rampant Growth at 2 is good enough that it's a sometimes food
psychmancer: trespasser's curse
psychmancer: it is so good
SirElgar: sync strike
1y1e: don't you just hate it when your sand gets full of babies?
thatpublendude: Haze
Tregelen: monument
control_rig: Bontuuu
Gbot92: woo!
NexEstVox: montu's bonument
dcsports8: @strike
LotLWinters: when will Gibb make the pro tour
TimeToFry: Bontu's Montument
PsychoI3oy: they made Alergies into a magic card?
Bariumbananas217: Moneymint
Scar_Red_Tiger: Tkae the combat trick
meisbored: hmm, don't think my sub message showed up :/
Gbot92: strike them DOWN
Zaghrog: strike
psychmancer: the curse makes draft hell for your opponent
lufty13: strike them down
BonSequitur: I would actually take Those Who Serve here? It's better than the strike and given the Approach I would want to try and play white.
nodivisionhwm: @LoadingReadyRun hi to james from a fellow blind installer
NoxStryx: curse
QuantumTwitch: try to pickup some mill to self mill yourself if you are splashing aproach
Paranundrox: We should do Mono Curse sometime
chesul: monument would only hit the beetle right now for us, you made the right choice.
CSDragon31: splash f
CSDragon31: for
rarermonsters: Pontoon's Mottlement isn't really good, you need to cast too many creatures to get real drain out of it and it doesn't affect the board state
BonSequitur: Yeah just take the charioteer.
Domidwarcer: the manticore is crazy
Gbot92: charioteer
Bariumbananas217: Fervor beetle combo doe
Mowdownjoe: Is Red open?
Ravynn: Once a blind man, always a blind man.
Skyboss1996: Just when you think you're out.
EddTheGoat: might drop black for red here
ArcOfTheConclave: feast
Tregelen: scarab feast is good
CSDragon31: we're not splashing a double-red
BonSequitur: Hyena pack here, again hedging into red by default because it's the best color
cheetoJack: you don't choose the blind life, the blind life chooses you
Arikele: Feast is a fine cycler
lufty13: its real bad
Finalsora811: When is doubt, Jund 'em oyut.
Darth_Wooper: We're just barely in black right now. If something good comes along switching is still an option.
Finalsora811: out*
rarermonsters: Nothing that bicycles is bad
Macheya: Feast cycles and gets rid of Hydra from the grave.
RaemSturm: @LoadingReadyRun Will Gibb be in the cube draft?
RockerDoesGaming: lrrAWESOME
CSDragon31: our black is minimal
NoxStryx: it ramps you into approach
CSDragon31: though
PhoenixMelior: (let's be honest I'm imaging G under the table on his phone)
chesul: you can if it's glory bringer!
CSDragon31: we're basically mono-green at this point
JediTransmit: Dear drs Gibb and James, what is the potential for an Amonkhet hat draft.
BonSequitur: I mean hedge into red as in, take red cards in case you want to move into red later. Eg if you open glorybringer, which is unaccountably a regular rare.
Darth_Wooper: Way too pippy.
BonSequitur: I don't mean like, splash hyena pack, that'd be awful
Skyboss1996: Cat tho
Domidwarcer: Manticore
NexEstVox: masticore, get gruul
Zaghrog: manticore
lufty13: dissenter's isnt great tbh
CrazyFishPerson: Disenter
Bariumbananas217: Manticore works with -1/-1 counters tho
SirElgar: ^
Leonhart321: Personally at this point, I'd go into either White/Green or Red/Green since Black seems to be getting cut hard
tantaburs: pretty sure we should be GR
Anaerin: Deliverance? Start your banjos...
BonSequitur: Like black is being cut so I would plan to be Gw or Gr
lufty13: manticore is good in this jundy thing we got going on
Finalsora811: We can bicycle the delivery.
cloudwizard13: r.i.p.
rarermonsters: Every two cycle cards is like another copy of Beetle
Decaped: Gib!
Irgendwasmitkiwi: open archfiend of ifnir
BonSequitur: Since red seems somewhat open but you have a good white rare
Tregelen: dont undervalue cycling cards
Zaghrog: ¨we can still get enough black in pack 2
BonSequitur: You do abandon the beetle but Approach of the Second Sun is a first-pick quality card itself
NexEstVox: de-caped
nodivisionhwm: Now we have to run the full-art island
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Lord_Hosk: there are no Mediocre artifacts in this set, there are like 5 amazing bombs and a pile of crap
nodivisionhwm: even if we're not blue
psychmancer: yes open ifnir, solid strat
Gbot92: hopefully cut our colours this next pack
BonSequitur: Depends on what you open and what's flowing in pack 2, if black isn't open in 2 it's time to bail on it.
Jbeckfox: @LoadingReadyRun gib you sound an awful lot like Graham
punchcardy: Always take FArt lands
Skyboss1996: That splash value
Zaghrog: the monuments are pretty mediocre
BonSequitur: And like, just because you cut a color in pack 1 doesn't guarantee it'll be open in 2
Paranundrox: @Jbeckfox Gibb and Graham sound nothing alike :P
1y1e: what if we see a second second sun
psychmancer: take it
EngineerHall: RG splash beetle
HailtheRNG: you have to take it
senshi5609: To break Kayfabe G you reading on your phone?
IkariFate: LUL
NexEstVox: told you
BonSequitur: Yeah just take glorybringer
lufty13: PogChamp
Bariumbananas217: Bring the glory!
CSDragon31: behemoth tho
nodivisionhwm: RG
Scar_Red_Tiger: WE RED NOW BOYS
chesul: take it!
Macheya: Take it!
dcsports8: HEY
InnovaRoc: RED
nodivisionhwm: RG ftw
CSDragon31: scaled behemoth
Domidwarcer: We are REd
Paranundrox: but Gibb
blackwlf: @Jbeckfox He's secretly Graham's father.
EddTheGoat: pivot
PhoenixMelior: JUND
BonSequitur: Shoulda taken red cardsssss
F1SH0R: Yesss Gibb!!
lufty13: JUNDEM
JediTransmit: We Jund now?
Paranundrox: that's one too many pips
TimeToFry: Valuuueeeee
HailtheRNG: only the best card in the set.
InnovaRoc: great pack
CrazyFishPerson: Well we are now jund
rarermonsters: I mean, the Crocodile is actually better for your deck
Skyboss1996: Jund Em out!
Irgendwasmitkiwi: jund em out now
chesul: sureshot is dece.
PsychoI3oy: gundam out!
BonSequitur: Please don't play three colors in this format, people keep doing it and it's so bad
Bariumbananas217: Yund 'em
Leonhart321: Could grab a Painted Sands and hedge into Red Black Green
Anaerin: Red/Green splash for black?
nodivisionhwm: also another manticore....
Saintnex: So, Gibb, can you confirm if you are in fact best magic cards player?
BonSequitur: I did it once and I felt mondo stupid
CrazyFishPerson: JUND! Jund'em out
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Sternguard777: Just Jund em out
Macheya: The Glorydinger!
Bariumbananas217: Champ!!
HailtheRNG: how is that card only a rare?
chesul: champion!
psychmancer: champion, cheat out glory
BonSequitur: Champion of Rhonasssss
QuantumTwitch: I opened a foil glory bringer
Scar_Red_Tiger: Green rare
Irgendwasmitkiwi: champion
Domidwarcer: Champion
CSDragon31: glorybringer is a rare. Why? who knows
thatpublendude: Champion
Irgendwasmitkiwi: jund confirmed
lufty13: Champion of rhonas and don't run any red!
Finalsora811: Is Champion that good?
HailtheRNG: Champion
Leonhart321: Champion is super dece
NexEstVox: champignon
NoxStryx: champ!
Zaghrog: champion is quite good
SirElgar: remember charioteer from your side
BonSequitur: There's a final reward but you opened Glorybringer you're playing RG
HailtheRNG: it lets you play a creature FOR FREE
damullet14: CSDragon31: Because it would be insane at uncommon
lufty13: mpw upi dpm
rarermonsters: Calling it now, someone is going to drop a Vizier of Many faces andJames will still lose to Glorybringer
BonSequitur: Like, at this point you should be forcing red.
Arikele: do we want to stay out of black now with the glorybringer?
TimeToFry: Champion? With the Glorybringer? Seems good ;D
chesul: Finalsora811 yes. it lets you put a big creature out for free.
SAiconjr: champa is good
CSDragon31: @Damullet14 it should be mythic, lol
NoxStryx: grab any fixing you see
Tregelen: charioteer back in
dcsports8: Champion is probably worse than the 2 drop
LotLWinters: champos of roombas
CSDragon31: exemplar
dcsports8: Wilds
GamerWife1206: Dear Drs LRR how do leagues work on mtgo? asking for a friend
teh_v: Get the wilds
Leonhart321: Painted Sands helps your fixing
JQuill7: hooray 2 drop!
ArcOfTheConclave: trial
fourcardcombosuicide: Just go mono green
BonSequitur: Green is open. Black is open too but screw black, you have a glorybringer.
Zaghrog: exemplar
Schreckstoff: exemplar
Arikele: We do need two drops
Irgendwasmitkiwi: wilds could wheel
NoxStryx: wilds!
1MrGhost: You just splash glorybringer off of the gifts of gib?
Kthanid: You probably want to maindeck the Gift now?
Skyboss1996: That flavor
NoxStryx: wilds...
EddTheGoat: take the exemplar, since we don't know that we are black
CSDragon31: JUND
lufty13: must
InnovaRoc: Jund
lufty13: jund
Skyboss1996: splash a little black in here
Bariumbananas217: Scorpinok!
Tregelen: Jund
QuantumTwitch: splash neheb
Darth_Wooper: Jund?
BonSequitur: Hyena pack is the pick here
Scar_Red_Tiger: Rare draft
Sternguard777: Jund
Schreckstoff: javeliner
Saintnex: Do it
Sternguard777: em
Sekunder: pouncing cheetah?
Schreckstoff: neheb is bad
fourcardcombosuicide: haze of pollen
FFermata: Soooooo Jund splashing for Approach of the Second Sun? Kappa
TimeToFry: Jund! Jund! Jund!
underhill33: Y'all need a Jund emote
NoxStryx: jund them
Sternguard777: OUT
control_rig: Jundem
jpie65: More pack
kkat4884: You have champion, so you can play all the creatures
Henshini: Is gift fixing?
Zaghrog: neheb is not a splash card
toasthaste: I'm back on the Jund train
StrykRedkite: Jund em
SAiconjr: JUND!
Darth_Wooper: Green splashing jund?
PsychoI3oy: so i'm guesing Hay Fever is a bad card?
toasthaste: the heart of the cards have spoken
CrazyFishPerson: Yay, Jund Jud Jund
CSDragon31: NEHEB
Mowdownjoe: Javels.
control_rig: Jund'em
WoundSugar: death touch scorpo!!
havic_tf: Hey guys send my thanks to CardKingdom they sent me a Force of Will in my booster box.
NoxStryx: lrrHAM lrrHAM
chesul: neheb
RaemSturm: Jund + splash for Approach? Greedy, greedy
EngineerHall: If you Jund you need Gift of Paradise
Domidwarcer: Neheb
BonSequitur: If you're Junding I would take the scorpion here actually
psychmancer: rare
toasthaste: The packs say Jund
blackwlf: Knee to the Head.
control_rig: Neheb
Kthanid: Neheb
p_johnston: jund life!
SirElgar: go with the rare
jpie65: Hyena pack is the pick
TimeToFry: Neheb by far
QuantumTwitch: easy neheb
psychmancer: just the rare
Irgendwasmitkiwi: kneecap the wobbly!
Sun_Singer: neheb
BonSequitur: It's better in the kind of deck you'll end up with than Neheb
CrazyFishPerson: Greed, always greed
WoundSugar: scorpooo
Domidwarcer: Not yet
Mossballhaym: Neheb
Darth_Wooper: Nebby?
CSDragon31: Javelineer is bad, no instants or sorceries
EddTheGoat: i think we are more likley to play the javelineer
Zaghrog: the scorpion is a better splash then Neheb
Leonhart321: Take the Legendary, wheel for more mjnotaurs
Macheya: !card Neheb, the
LRRbot: Neheb, the Worthy [1BR] | Legendary Creature — Minotaur Warrior [2/2] | First strike / Other Minotaurs you control have first strike. / As long as you have one or fewer cards in hand, Minotaurs you control get +2/+0. / Whenever Neheb, the Worthy deals combat damage to a player, each player discards a card.
Tregelen: neheb good
CSDragon31: culti
CSDragon31: cultivator
CSDragon31: for fixing
CSDragon31: we're 3 color
NoxStryx: go ham
CSDragon31: need fixing
taruan: oh hey Gibb replaced Graham, good upgrade lrrAWESOME
control_rig: Cultivator if you're going Jund
Zaghrog: we don't have to go Junbd
NoxStryx: 4 color silly stuff
SacrificialToast: this seems like it'd be uncomfortable
jpie65: Javilineer is a trap except in u/r
Anaerin: Neheb for that mill.
BonSequitur: You can play javelineer in BR
Schreckstoff: straight RG beats
Bariumbananas217: Pyramid for splash, lol
psychmancer: sixth on glory is so tasty
hascow: Cultivator > Painted Bluffs
rarermonsters: Mindrot is backbreaking if you hit it on the right curve, and every cycling card is insurance on your bombs
CSDragon31: cultivator
chesul: pyramid for the fixing!
SirElgar: cultivator is better to dump counters
Tregelen: pyramid
WizardZedd: Cultivator > Painted, IMO
F1SH0R: cultivator
cloudwizard13: cultivator for sure
CSDragon31: also put destined to lead back in
Zaghrog: Cultivator > Painted Bluffs
Kthanid: cultivator.
hascow: Cultivator combos with -1/-1 counter creatures
maxstatted: cultivator
Downrangespy: Glorybringer so good
QuantumTwitch: its all puppies deck
kkat4884: honestly I'd take fog
CSDragon31: actually yeah, pantheon
stormbearinc: Pyramid
1y1e: cultivator takes -1/-1 counters very happily
NoxStryx: Cultivator
EddTheGoat: cultivator better than bluffs
senshi5609: Cultivator
Saintnex: Fixing is pretty good right now
Tichyma: Bluffs
Irgendwasmitkiwi: cultivator blanks a lot of early creatures for opponents
BonSequitur: Pyramid is VERY bad
Sun_Singer: pyramid
Mowdownjoe: I don't think we splash Neheb. Bettle? Sure. Not Neheb.
EddTheGoat: rather not play either
Schreckstoff: you really shoupdn't maindeck neheb
TimeToFry: Pyramid only costs 1????
toasthaste: I like pyramid
QuantumTwitch: pyramid
TheEpicBrewLab: splash that split card too
damullet14: Brick Lotus is not a limited card
CSDragon31: Pyramid
fourcardcombosuicide: pyramid
Leonhart321: Painted
TimeToFry: Pyramid!!!
BonSequitur: Cultivator is also very bad though
BonSequitur: I think pyramid is marginally better
Schreckstoff: kd take the fog
toasthaste: Pyramid is HYPE if you get it online
NoxStryx: pyramid
CSDragon31: I didn't make that up
Zaghrog: Pyramid not really a card in Limited
WoundSugar: cycling fog seemed good
Skyboss1996: Manticore
Paranundrox: Manticore/
SirElgar: manticore
Domidwarcer: Manticore
Scar_Red_Tiger: Manitcore
Darth_Wooper: Put some PANTS on this deck!
Bariumbananas217: Manticore!
Frostkitty: 4Head
Sun_Singer: builded lotus wow
CSDragon31: @LoadingReadyRun I don't claim credit for that nickname.
Paranundrox: you're not really in black that much
TimeToFry: Splagony
CSDragon31: @LoadingReadyRun I saw it on reddit
Scar_Red_Tiger: How many rares did we pick up this pack?
Leonhart321: Pretty sure we're more Gruul than Jund at this point
Sternguard777: Not Gruul? Then die!
rarermonsters: Can Gibb host the next Nicknames podcast?
Paranundrox: So Game 1 we Jund 'Em, then Game 2 board in Approach
BonSequitur: I probably wouldn't even splash Neheb? Like the decimator beetle and splendid agony are splashable, Neheb isn't really
CSDragon31: Destined to Lead back in
Paranundrox: they'll never see it coming
Dill_Ken_Sebben: Decimator Beetle is a little bit of a build-around
Bariumbananas217: Stingler
BonSequitur: I'd actually take Pursue Glory
toasthaste: Yeah I dunno about hanging on to Neheb, he doesn't seem great if he's not in a deck built for him
CSDragon31: harvest season for fixing?
Bariumbananas217: Neheb seems weird in this deck
Paranundrox: Board in Approach :P
BonSequitur: You can just play pursue glory in any red deck because sometimes you'll just randomly get there and when you don't you can cycle it
Arikele: watch as we get stone rained by aven mind censor
FFermata: Blasphemy!
psychmancer: burden
G1ganator: @LoadingReadyRun Gibb can you tell me the names of each colour team my white black deck needs one
TheOtherTrevor: good thing you don't get matched up in-pod anymore or you might get mindcensored with that evolving wilds
RaemSturm: Go for the Approach! Embrace the greed!
CSDragon31: unburden is fineish
psychmancer: seriously burden
BonSequitur: I mean
ND_Ericson: Just came in and.... this is very surreal, I love it :D
Irgendwasmitkiwi: unburden for the board
Bariumbananas217: Minty
Skyboss1996: Whelp
Leonhart321: I almost got blown out to Second Sun at pre-release, but out attacked them with 2 draws remaining
CSDragon31: lel
FFermata: whelp
CSDragon31: he's still the pick
BonSequitur: I honestly think red/green splashing Approach is better than red/green splashing random black cards
psychmancer: its good anyway