Paranundrox: @Jbeckfox Gibb and Graham sound nothing alike :P
1y1e: what if we see a second second sun
psychmancer: take it
EngineerHall: RG splash beetle
HailtheRNG: you have to take it
senshi5609: To break Kayfabe G you reading on your phone?
IkariFate: LUL
NexEstVox: told you
BonSequitur: Yeah just take glorybringer
lufty13: PogChamp
Bariumbananas217: Bring the glory!
CSDragon31: behemoth tho
nodivisionhwm: RG
Scar_Red_Tiger: WE RED NOW BOYS
chesul: take it!
Macheya: Take it!
dcsports8: HEY
InnovaRoc: RED
nodivisionhwm: RG ftw
CSDragon31: scaled behemoth
Domidwarcer: We are REd
Paranundrox: but Gibb
blackwlf: @Jbeckfox He's secretly Graham's father.
EddTheGoat: pivot
PhoenixMelior: JUND
BonSequitur: Shoulda taken red cardsssss
F1SH0R: Yesss Gibb!!
lufty13: JUNDEM
JediTransmit: We Jund now?
Paranundrox: that's one too many pips
TimeToFry: Valuuueeeee
HailtheRNG: only the best card in the set.
InnovaRoc: great pack
CrazyFishPerson: Well we are now jund
rarermonsters: I mean, the Crocodile is actually better for your deck
Skyboss1996: Jund Em out!
Irgendwasmitkiwi: jund em out now
chesul: sureshot is dece.
PsychoI3oy: gundam out!
BonSequitur: Please don't play three colors in this format, people keep doing it and it's so bad
Bariumbananas217: Yund 'em
Leonhart321: Could grab a Painted Sands and hedge into Red Black Green
Anaerin: Red/Green splash for black?
nodivisionhwm: also another manticore....
Saintnex: So, Gibb, can you confirm if you are in fact best magic cards player?
BonSequitur: I did it once and I felt mondo stupid
CrazyFishPerson: JUND! Jund'em out
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Sternguard777: Just Jund em out
Macheya: The Glorydinger!
Bariumbananas217: Champ!!
HailtheRNG: how is that card only a rare?
chesul: champion!
psychmancer: champion, cheat out glory
BonSequitur: Champion of Rhonasssss
QuantumTwitch: I opened a foil glory bringer
Scar_Red_Tiger: Green rare
Irgendwasmitkiwi: champion
Domidwarcer: Champion
CSDragon31: glorybringer is a rare. Why? who knows
thatpublendude: Champion
Irgendwasmitkiwi: jund confirmed
lufty13: Champion of rhonas and don't run any red!
Finalsora811: Is Champion that good?
HailtheRNG: Champion
Leonhart321: Champion is super dece
NexEstVox: champignon
NoxStryx: champ!
Zaghrog: champion is quite good
SirElgar: remember charioteer from your side
BonSequitur: There's a final reward but you opened Glorybringer you're playing RG
HailtheRNG: it lets you play a creature FOR FREE
damullet14: CSDragon31: Because it would be insane at uncommon
lufty13: mpw upi dpm
rarermonsters: Calling it now, someone is going to drop a Vizier of Many faces andJames will still lose to Glorybringer
BonSequitur: Like, at this point you should be forcing red.
Arikele: do we want to stay out of black now with the glorybringer?
TimeToFry: Champion? With the Glorybringer? Seems good ;D
chesul: Finalsora811 yes. it lets you put a big creature out for free.
SAiconjr: champa is good
CSDragon31: @Damullet14 it should be mythic, lol
NoxStryx: grab any fixing you see
Tregelen: charioteer back in
dcsports8: Champion is probably worse than the 2 drop
LotLWinters: champos of roombas
CSDragon31: exemplar
dcsports8: Wilds
GamerWife1206: Dear Drs LRR how do leagues work on mtgo? asking for a friend
teh_v: Get the wilds
Leonhart321: Painted Sands helps your fixing
JQuill7: hooray 2 drop!
ArcOfTheConclave: trial
fourcardcombosuicide: Just go mono green
BonSequitur: Green is open. Black is open too but screw black, you have a glorybringer.
Zaghrog: exemplar
Schreckstoff: exemplar
Arikele: We do need two drops
Irgendwasmitkiwi: wilds could wheel
NoxStryx: wilds!
1MrGhost: You just splash glorybringer off of the gifts of gib?
Kthanid: You probably want to maindeck the Gift now?
Skyboss1996: That flavor
NoxStryx: wilds...
EddTheGoat: take the exemplar, since we don't know that we are black
CSDragon31: JUND
lufty13: must
InnovaRoc: Jund
lufty13: jund
Skyboss1996: splash a little black in here
Bariumbananas217: Scorpinok!
Tregelen: Jund
QuantumTwitch: splash neheb
Darth_Wooper: Jund?
BonSequitur: Hyena pack is the pick here
Scar_Red_Tiger: Rare draft
Sternguard777: Jund
Schreckstoff: javeliner
Saintnex: Do it
Sternguard777: em
Sekunder: pouncing cheetah?
Schreckstoff: neheb is bad
fourcardcombosuicide: haze of pollen
FFermata: Soooooo Jund splashing for Approach of the Second Sun? Kappa
TimeToFry: Jund! Jund! Jund!
underhill33: Y'all need a Jund emote
NoxStryx: jund them
Sternguard777: OUT
control_rig: Jundem
jpie65: More pack
kkat4884: You have champion, so you can play all the creatures
Henshini: Is gift fixing?
Zaghrog: neheb is not a splash card
toasthaste: I'm back on the Jund train
StrykRedkite: Jund em
SAiconjr: JUND!
Darth_Wooper: Green splashing jund?
PsychoI3oy: so i'm guesing Hay Fever is a bad card?
toasthaste: the heart of the cards have spoken
CrazyFishPerson: Yay, Jund Jud Jund
CSDragon31: NEHEB
Mowdownjoe: Javels.
control_rig: Jund'em
WoundSugar: death touch scorpo!!
havic_tf: Hey guys send my thanks to CardKingdom they sent me a Force of Will in my booster box.
NoxStryx: lrrHAM lrrHAM
chesul: neheb
RaemSturm: Jund + splash for Approach? Greedy, greedy
EngineerHall: If you Jund you need Gift of Paradise
Domidwarcer: Neheb
BonSequitur: If you're Junding I would take the scorpion here actually
psychmancer: rare
toasthaste: The packs say Jund
blackwlf: Knee to the Head.
control_rig: Neheb
Kthanid: Neheb
p_johnston: jund life!
SirElgar: go with the rare
jpie65: Hyena pack is the pick
TimeToFry: Neheb by far
QuantumTwitch: easy neheb
psychmancer: just the rare
Irgendwasmitkiwi: kneecap the wobbly!
Sun_Singer: neheb
BonSequitur: It's better in the kind of deck you'll end up with than Neheb
CrazyFishPerson: Greed, always greed
WoundSugar: scorpooo
Domidwarcer: Not yet
Mossballhaym: Neheb
Darth_Wooper: Nebby?
CSDragon31: Javelineer is bad, no instants or sorceries
EddTheGoat: i think we are more likley to play the javelineer
Zaghrog: the scorpion is a better splash then Neheb
Leonhart321: Take the Legendary, wheel for more mjnotaurs
Macheya: !card Neheb, the
LRRbot: Neheb, the Worthy [1BR] | Legendary Creature — Minotaur Warrior [2/2] | First strike / Other Minotaurs you control have first strike. / As long as you have one or fewer cards in hand, Minotaurs you control get +2/+0. / Whenever Neheb, the Worthy deals combat damage to a player, each player discards a card.
Tregelen: neheb good
CSDragon31: culti
CSDragon31: cultivator
CSDragon31: for fixing
CSDragon31: we're 3 color
NoxStryx: go ham
CSDragon31: need fixing
taruan: oh hey Gibb replaced Graham, good upgrade lrrAWESOME
control_rig: Cultivator if you're going Jund
Zaghrog: we don't have to go Junbd
NoxStryx: 4 color silly stuff
SacrificialToast: this seems like it'd be uncomfortable
jpie65: Javilineer is a trap except in u/r
Anaerin: Neheb for that mill.
BonSequitur: You can play javelineer in BR
Schreckstoff: straight RG beats
Bariumbananas217: Pyramid for splash, lol
psychmancer: sixth on glory is so tasty
hascow: Cultivator > Painted Bluffs
rarermonsters: Mindrot is backbreaking if you hit it on the right curve, and every cycling card is insurance on your bombs
CSDragon31: cultivator
chesul: pyramid for the fixing!
SirElgar: cultivator is better to dump counters
Tregelen: pyramid
WizardZedd: Cultivator > Painted, IMO
F1SH0R: cultivator
cloudwizard13: cultivator for sure
CSDragon31: also put destined to lead back in
Zaghrog: Cultivator > Painted Bluffs
Kthanid: cultivator.
hascow: Cultivator combos with -1/-1 counter creatures
maxstatted: cultivator
Downrangespy: Glorybringer so good
QuantumTwitch: its all puppies deck
kkat4884: honestly I'd take fog
CSDragon31: actually yeah, pantheon
stormbearinc: Pyramid
1y1e: cultivator takes -1/-1 counters very happily
NoxStryx: Cultivator
EddTheGoat: cultivator better than bluffs
senshi5609: Cultivator
Saintnex: Fixing is pretty good right now
Tichyma: Bluffs
Irgendwasmitkiwi: cultivator blanks a lot of early creatures for opponents
BonSequitur: Pyramid is VERY bad
Sun_Singer: pyramid
Mowdownjoe: I don't think we splash Neheb. Bettle? Sure. Not Neheb.
EddTheGoat: rather not play either
Schreckstoff: you really shoupdn't maindeck neheb
TimeToFry: Pyramid only costs 1????
toasthaste: I like pyramid
QuantumTwitch: pyramid
TheEpicBrewLab: splash that split card too
damullet14: Brick Lotus is not a limited card
CSDragon31: Pyramid
fourcardcombosuicide: pyramid
Leonhart321: Painted
TimeToFry: Pyramid!!!
BonSequitur: Cultivator is also very bad though
BonSequitur: I think pyramid is marginally better
Schreckstoff: kd take the fog
toasthaste: Pyramid is HYPE if you get it online
NoxStryx: pyramid
CSDragon31: I didn't make that up
Zaghrog: Pyramid not really a card in Limited
WoundSugar: cycling fog seemed good
Skyboss1996: Manticore
Paranundrox: Manticore/
SirElgar: manticore
Domidwarcer: Manticore
Scar_Red_Tiger: Manitcore
Darth_Wooper: Put some PANTS on this deck!
Bariumbananas217: Manticore!
Frostkitty: 4Head
Sun_Singer: builded lotus wow
CSDragon31: @LoadingReadyRun I don't claim credit for that nickname.
Paranundrox: you're not really in black that much
TimeToFry: Splagony
CSDragon31: @LoadingReadyRun I saw it on reddit
Scar_Red_Tiger: How many rares did we pick up this pack?
Leonhart321: Pretty sure we're more Gruul than Jund at this point
Sternguard777: Not Gruul? Then die!
rarermonsters: Can Gibb host the next Nicknames podcast?
Paranundrox: So Game 1 we Jund 'Em, then Game 2 board in Approach
BonSequitur: I probably wouldn't even splash Neheb? Like the decimator beetle and splendid agony are splashable, Neheb isn't really
CSDragon31: Destined to Lead back in
Paranundrox: they'll never see it coming
Dill_Ken_Sebben: Decimator Beetle is a little bit of a build-around
Bariumbananas217: Stingler
BonSequitur: I'd actually take Pursue Glory
toasthaste: Yeah I dunno about hanging on to Neheb, he doesn't seem great if he's not in a deck built for him
CSDragon31: harvest season for fixing?
Bariumbananas217: Neheb seems weird in this deck
Paranundrox: Board in Approach :P
BonSequitur: You can just play pursue glory in any red deck because sometimes you'll just randomly get there and when you don't you can cycle it
Arikele: watch as we get stone rained by aven mind censor
FFermata: Blasphemy!
psychmancer: burden
G1ganator: @LoadingReadyRun Gibb can you tell me the names of each colour team my white black deck needs one
TheOtherTrevor: good thing you don't get matched up in-pod anymore or you might get mindcensored with that evolving wilds
RaemSturm: Go for the Approach! Embrace the greed!
CSDragon31: unburden is fineish
psychmancer: seriously burden
BonSequitur: I mean
ND_Ericson: Just came in and.... this is very surreal, I love it :D
Irgendwasmitkiwi: unburden for the board
Bariumbananas217: Minty
Skyboss1996: Whelp
Leonhart321: I almost got blown out to Second Sun at pre-release, but out attacked them with 2 draws remaining
CSDragon31: lel
FFermata: whelp
CSDragon31: he's still the pick
BonSequitur: I honestly think red/green splashing Approach is better than red/green splashing random black cards
psychmancer: its good anyway
Paranundrox: its a Bear
Bariumbananas217: Its a hate bear
TimeToFry: That was only pack 2????
OessiMC: Dat DIgger though
Zaghrog: quarry hauler?
1MrGhost: 0.7 tix? i think?
Macheya: Quarry Hauler?
Haberdashed: Take the hauler
JQuill7: probably just take it since we're so low on 2 drops
Tregelen: gravedigger
BonSequitur: I'd just take the quarry hauler
WoundSugar: gravedigger duuuude
toasthaste: yeah harsh mentor punishes so much stuff and you need 2-drops
drrek0: mentor has nosedived in price very quickly
Paranundrox: need more Bears
QuantumTwitch: mentor shuts down extort
fourcardcombosuicide: !card harsh mentor
LRRbot: Harsh Mentor [1R] | Creature — Human Cleric [2/2] | Whenever an opponent activates an ability of an artifact, creature, or land on the battlefield, if it isn't a mana ability, Harsh Mentor deals 2 damage to that player.
TomAllThumbs: GIB
Skyboss1996: Need more bears!
Lord_Hosk: harsh
Arikele: Mentor is good, we're short on early game
2rrr_mirror_breaker: Just mentor
chesul: take the mentor
Nuurgle: play approach, crack evolving wilds, cross fingers
barbarianras: mentooooooooooooorrrrrrrrr
tyrew0rm: I'm not sure what i just tuned into
maxstatted: harsh for 2 drops
BonSequitur: Gravedigger is the best card in the pack, Harsh mentor is... ehnnn, I'm not in love with random bears in this format
QuantumTwitch: Touch
psychmancer: reward, removal needed
Bariumbananas217: Touche
hascow: Shadow of the Grave's art is great
Scar_Red_Tiger: Final
Tregelen: final reward
Irgendwasmitkiwi: final reward
Macheya: Pede or Hauler
chesul: final reward.
WoundSugar: is exert an activated ability??
SirElgar: hauler here
CSDragon31: reward probably
control_rig: Touche
Domidwarcer: Touche, hauler or collosopede
Zaghrog: final reward
Leonhart321: Hate bear stonewalls pyramids
Bariumbananas217: Red Touche
TimeToFry: Gravedigger into exerting Champion seems fun
chesul: great removal.
control_rig: Touché
PhoenixMelior: you have no way to splash black, really
themathcat: reward
CSDragon31: wander in death is also strongk
lostindagame: so is harvest season playable if u go full jund?
p_johnston: final reward.
Haberdashed: Take the final reward for sure
GroutNASA: car touch
psychmancer: hard *** jund, proven archetype
control_rig: Car Touch
hascow: I used Gibb of Paradise to splash Lay Claim in Sealed last week
Darth_Wooper: Card touch?
korvys: Gundum Out!
Bariumbananas217: Brawl somebody!
control_rig: Is a minotaur
themathcat: brawler
Scar_Red_Tiger: Minos
GroutNASA: Tip and Tap for Car Touch
Zaghrog: brawler
Domidwarcer: Take that brawler
Darth_Wooper: Hippo?
Sekunder: brawler, probably
BonSequitur: Yeah it's just bloodrage brawler
SirElgar: need the 2 drop minataur
QuantumTwitch: Brawler is just so unfair
ferretbadger84: Great maw
Sekunder: we need 2 drops
Tregelen: brawler for neheb synergy
toasthaste: Fling is my #1 favorite card in all of Magic it's so perfect
chesul: bloodrage is crazy good.
af0z: Brawler is crazy good
donald_k_magic: dat maw tho
Macheya: Also a Minotaur for Neheb
control_rig: 2 drop minotaur is great with Neheb
Sun_Singer: 2 drop
psychmancer: take monument
QuantumTwitch: and ditch the lead
GroutNASA: Maw? You shoulda seen his Paw!
Bariumbananas217: Touche
Scar_Red_Tiger: Rhonas?
af0z: chesul Hivemind
Arikele: Monument
control_rig: Monument
CSDragon31: monument
lifecharacter: Rhonas Monument?
SirElgar: monument!
Skyboss1996: Synergy!
CSDragon31: we're mono-creatures
Tregelen: monjment
Paranundrox: Rhonas's Monument
nodivisionhwm: Full Art Swamp!!!
psychmancer: haste and pump synergy
Paranundrox: its pretty gross
Downrangespy: monument!
Darth_Wooper: All these card touches floating around...
BonSequitur: Rhonas's Monument is pretty meh
skinny666: there is also a second gift?
GroutNASA: Rona's Emolument
Paranundrox: and a lot of Green creatures
EddTheGoat: gift?
Sun_Singer: monument
Bariumbananas217: Mummyment
maxstatted: monument
maikito2: Monument
CSDragon31: trespasser's curse :V
toasthaste: monument seems tasty
Paranundrox: +2/+2 and Trample is gross
nodivisionhwm: Full Art Swamp
epictyler525: Gib!
rarermonsters: Ronnie's Mammalmet hits very hard
chesul: af0z nice.
Anaerin: Gibb of paradise! It's free mana and extra life!
Arikele: Brawler
Saintnex: I don't think we have enough green creatures for monument?
Leonhart321: Monument, the red cartouches will likely wheel
Drazoth: Greeterlings Chat, James and Gibb
Bariumbananas217: Brute Strength
GroutNASA: Touch the Red Car
Skyboss1996: Heather!
Irgendwasmitkiwi: heaven!
JQuill7: Warrior all day
CSDragon31: bitterblade
Zaghrog: bitterblade
Mowdownjoe: Heaven to Earth is a bomb!
PhoenixMelior: hi Heather, bye Heather!
Bariumbananas217: Blade
Tregelen: heaven to earth
Domidwarcer: Heaven to Earth
Scar_Red_Tiger: 2 drop
ftskbritain: Consuming fervor + soulstinger
kkat4884: heaven is such a bomb
TimeToFry: Heaven to Earth is a METEOR
Gbot92: 2 drop!
Mossballhaym: TO
Tichyma: Heaven
Darth_Wooper: Hi Heather, bye heather!
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CSDragon31: fling
psychmancer: horn
Bariumbananas217: Volley
ACExtravaganza: To earth, Gib
ACExtravaganza: TO earth
Tregelen: horn for board
chesul: volley for the sideboard?
Haberdashed: Splendid agony?
SirElgar: consuming fervor on exemplar is great
CSDragon31: manglehorn is bad
ftskbritain: Consuming fervor
CSDragon31: in limited
Bariumbananas217: Volley good in sideboard for tokens
maxstatted: fervor
Irgendwasmitkiwi: agony?
Dr_fragenstien: Scarab feast for the board?
fourcardcombosuicide: benefaction
redmudclay: Puppetry on point
ftskbritain: Consuming fervor +soulstinger
SolarBlitz1: Manglehorn takes out the Eddies Face
TimeToFry: So when is Highway//Hell getting spoiled
teh_v: I feel like black might get cut
JQuill7: oh God, Synchronized Strike on Glorybringer, let's make that card even more absurd
Skyboss1996: snek
Finalsora811: No Scorpinoc?
Gbot92: vitalist
ShackledRage: how long has Gib been up?
Anaerin: Snek lady?
Paranundrox: yeah, might be worth dropping Black?
control_rig: Cheeter
nodivisionhwm: Consuming Fervor & Decimator Beetle
Bariumbananas217: Hauler
Decaped: No one in blue green at the table huh
CSDragon31: builded lotus > gift of paradice
Lord_Hosk: cut black
senshi5609: I really wanna see how Graham is doing this
Gbot92: haul
PhoenixMelior: question: can you cut black?
ArcOfTheConclave: pyramid is fixing
ferretbadger84: Not Gruul, then die
EvilBadman: SPlit card has Black also
SirElgar: if cutting B need to cut destined
ACExtravaganza: what was that late pick red kartouche you passed up?
TimeToFry: More like Gift of Para"deece", amirite
Mowdownjoe: The Beetle is still worth splashing over the Manticore.
toasthaste: I'm sad Protection of the Hekma is bad, cause I love the art a LOT
CSDragon31: cut dissenter's deliverence
1MrGhost: Also remove destined \\ lead
QuantumTwitch: Keep the neheb splash
Under_5core: It might just be me, but Splendid Agony always seems to end up my "24th Playable".
NightHawky: With monument cheetah is a combat trick
Finalsora811: Most of your removal is in black.
JQuill7: don't need the Gift if we cut Black
Skyboss1996: I've seen worse R/G
teh_v: Your fixing just not there to play 3
Arikele: But we gain a lot of consistency in the manabase
Decaped: I'd splash the beetle?
Anaerin: Not enough duct tape, very poor Red/Green. 7/10 IGN
Domidwarcer: I mean if we are just going R/G we can splash W for second sun
EddTheGoat: I prefer the gruul version, but you do lose good cards
psychmancer: weak on removal
CSDragon31: dissenter's deliverence is bad
CSDragon31: go back to black
1MrGhost: I like to randomly play manglehorn. It deals with the monuments and the authority thing.
samwonk: Two-color decks are always less sweet than three-color decks, and they also win more.
Mossballhaym: Prefer Jund
toasthaste: maybe just a teeny lil splash
Skyboss1996: Take that Fling
RaemSturm: But now you can splash Approach!
Leonhart321: You can discard destined to brawler to lead later
SirElgar: pursue glory is also fine since it cycles
Haberdashed: Our curve is so weird lol
skinny666: I like playing the beetle and the reward at least
Tregelen: jund em out
Zaghrog: final reward seems worth splashing?
JQuill7: this honestly looks better
themathcat: is fling playable at all?
Arikele: Literally fling a glorybringer at someones face? That's something I want to do
Bariumbananas217: Yund 'em
Sun_Singer: splash beetle and minotaur
Skyboss1996: Yand Ham
StrykRedkite: Jund 'em
nodivisionhwm: is graham off to the side in a chair, or is he on the floor?
Baldrash: Seems light on removal?
ThatDangSkeleton: curve seems fine?
Decaped: Red Green splashing Approach of the Second Sun
Darth_Wooper: Splash jund for value?
ferretbadger84: Forgot about fling
ACExtravaganza: take out fling, splash beatle
psychmancer: take out manicore and twin for final reward and beetle, take out one brawler for splendid agony
Shenandygains: i think we splash for beetle and reward, no neheb
Scar_Red_Tiger: Side black in game 2?
CSDragon31: destined to lead
ferretbadger84: Featuring glorybringer
Haberdashed: I still think put in the beetle and the reward
deadlypartition: neeheeb
Sternguard777: splash beetle and final reward to jund em
Drazoth: So, how goes it chat?
damullet14: nodivisionhwm: Graham's not here, that's Gibb
Paranundrox: remove Fling, add Decimator Beetle?
ferretbadger84: Hi Drazoth
phorrestgaze: splash whitre for the unexpected sun
nodivisionhwm: oh ok
Saintnex: I feel like Jund splash at least will help deck :p
JQuill7: I would rather just play Pursue Glory over a splash
Ztoenailz: cheer100
PhoenixMelior: that made me laugh much harder than it should have
CSDragon31: destined to lead wins games
azninja888: !highlight blended agony
ACExtravaganza: Oh god, Gib just went dark :P
chesul: I feel like that should be a crapshot.
themathcat: splash final reward
af0z: Cut Deliverance
PsychoI3oy: gibb smoke, don't breathe this
kkat4884: I like splashing for beetle and reward
Gbot92: J U N D T H E M O U T !
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Haberdashed: I'd take SOMETHING out for the Reward
EddTheGoat: how many minotaurs?
Sun_Singer: I would also add neheb
RaemSturm: Stay Gruul and splash Approach of the Second Gibb
feeish: no splashing the minotaur?
Zaghrog: cut deliverance
Tregelen: cut cheetah for reward
Mossballhaym: and Vitalist
NightHawky: You don't need to have a counter for beetle to give a counter
tyrew0rm: Splash Neheb, beetle, reward
zackary4: What about destined to lead?
Bariumbananas217: If splash then Gibb of Perrydice
InnovaRoc: fling is nice for SB to bring in against compulsory rest
Haberdashed: Destined to lead is awesome
Zaghrog: Nehebe should stay in the board
Sun_Singer: Use gift of Paradise for fixing
deadlypartition: neheb just wins the game if opp doesnt have removal tho
CSDragon31: trueheart
skinny666: cut shed?
nodivisionhwm: Destine to Lead is definitely a finisher
CSDragon31: we have no exert
Macheya: Cut Heaven?
Decaped: Discard Lead to Brawler, live the dream
control_rig: Gibb of Paridise
Mossballhaym: Monument?
themathcat: catouche doesn't seem great in this deck
hascow: Destined//Lead also combos with Bloodrage Bralwer, you can just discard it and not need your black
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Damagicsausage: Love you guys. Wish I could come up to Canada and give you a cake.
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CSDragon31: trueheart twins isn't that good
Haberdashed: Yeah cheetah seems fine to cut
Sekunder: splashing for the front half of aftermath cards is dubious, i think.
CSDragon31: for 5 mana
1MrGhost: Truehart? how much exert do you have?
psychmancer: 3 black
Ukon_vasara: careful, if we passed the Aven Mindcensor, dont let the evolving wilds get got OSfrog
Sun_Singer: neheb pls
Skyboss1996: This isn't the Cat deck, so cut cheetah
PhoenixMelior: is it ok to have that many 5 drops in this format?
EvilBadman: @hascow Smart!
JQuill7: have to play Gift if we're doing this I think
Darth_Wooper: Alt art forest!
Gbot92: seems good
Tregelen: 1 more res source for glorybringer
themathcat: of zeal
Fenhl: Gift
wilf0: put in oashra bloke
CSDragon31: the red cartouche is kinda bad
Dmc3628: Melior it depends
Bariumbananas217: We need gift!
nodivisionhwm: No Approach of the Second Sun?! rabblerabblerabble
rarermonsters: There really are no bad cartouches ever
hascow: but you never Cycle the Trial in the first place, Gibb!
toasthaste: red cartouche seems eh
CSDragon31: it doesn't give you any effects
Paranundrox: Board in Approach :P
Leonhart321: Seems fine to me, the red cartouche helps for discard and trial
stevestein: You have to be specific in your Canada. I'm in Canada, but LRR is out of cake range
Dmc3628: like glorybringer is one of the DUMBEST 5 drops to ever see
EddTheGoat: not playing gifts? I'd prefeer to have four black sources
Mossballhaym: I'd cut Monument
JQuill7: really don't think it's worth terrible mana for these black cards
GroutNASA: Gibb of Paradise
LotLWinters: @LoadingReadyRun Im only a few ours away from victoria can I bringyou cake?
MrQBear: I just showed up... I didn't realize Gibb was gonna be guest hosting.
CSDragon31: builded lotus > gift of paradice though
Undertowst: Just came back. Has James been beaten by someone with Glorybringer yet?
Bariumbananas217: Yesssssss
chesul: do you have a different forest?
Bariumbananas217: Ship it
AtomTheInsane: oh hey Gibb!
Darth_Wooper: We have an alt-art forest, don't we?
Saintnex: I think Neheb would be pretty nice in this deck, but it looks good as is
TheOtherTrevor: recycling green trial is alright, but not busted enough to be worth the red cartouche
Arikele: we are a bit more midrange and the red cartouche is definitely more for the early aggro
Bariumbananas217: You don't wanna cast Glorybringer, you wanna cheat it in with Champ
stevestein: Wait... how does Gibb see the screen?
skinny666: gift fixes too and vitalist fixes they double red
barbarianras: cut a swamp for an extra mtn
CSDragon31: swap out the gift for the pyramid of the pantheon
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beowuuf: Yay for LRRMtGibb!
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MrQBear: @Stevestein With his eyes?
Leonhart321: I'd replace a forest for a mountain, but that's just me
duaiwe: Hm, Victoria Clipper tickets aren’t that much, are they? :P
LotLWinters: Im in Seattle
Ukon_vasara: promise them an Ice Cream cake
Anaerin: Amazon Prime cake delivery?
Kthanid: A good cake?
1MrGhost: You want to cast Glorybringer. THen you can attack with it. And kill stuff with it...
its_ljp: I did my first paper draft the other day (AKH) and went blue, white & red spell deck with Enigma drake as a finisher, it was so much fun!
Dmc3628: recycling red trials is one of the ones to rebuy
Issurru: can we watch Gib eat an ice cream cake?
ferretbadger84: #CakeBits
rarermonsters: How does Kneehab the Worthman not fit into your deck?
PhoenixMelior: quick someone give them 250 bits
dm818: cheer400 Bits for cake!
Kthanid: AND you eat the cake on stream.
blackwlf: They are trying to crowdfund a CAKE. I approve.
PMAvers: This is just tempting cyclopsbio to come, isn't it.
1y1e: what have you done
psychmancer: what even does 400 bits get
Skyboss1996: #CakeBits
af0z: Cake Stream!
EvilBadman: Someone does enough bits for a wedding cake
toasthaste: I want to know what a 50 bit cake looks like
SniperPumpkin: cheer105 #cakebits
psychmancer: #cakebits
Kthanid: LRL segment.
kkat4884: cheer100 #CakeBits
stevestein: Someone send them 30,000 bits
twitchy207: $50 cake
feeish: plz be a 1000 cake
Darth_Wooper: Hooo boy... challenging chat.
Macheya: lrrDILLY
CrazyFishPerson: So what happens if you get a massive about of bits?
TheOtherTrevor: cupcakebits
control_rig: Hahahaha
ComradeBeric: cheer100 #cakebits
Scar_Red_Tiger: #CakeBits Quantity over Quality. Feed the whole crew
lifecharacter: cheer100 #CakeBits
t3h_f1gm3nt: is that a challenge james? you know what happens when you challenge chat...
Tiber727: "This is so stupid," said the puppet.
Domidwarcer: We will need to see the cake
TehSpud: cheer200 #cakebits
CSDragon31: well that's a mull
Foxmar320: i already gave all my bits
LiamRos: cheer190
SonofThoth: cheer700 For the cake!!!
Crad0k: why did you challenge the chat, james?
PhoenixMelior: 19 dollar cake
1y1e: you fools
All_mankind: #teamtort
CSDragon31: oh baby
damullet14: bit's a penny, right?
Anaerin: Oh god.
blackwlf: Where's cyclopsboi when you need him.
Skyboss1996: Cake for the Cake Gods!
enkor2113: cheer100 caaaaakebittsssss
Mangledpixel: 1895 so far
CrazyFishPerson: cheer100 Here's to the biggest cake in LRR history #CakeBits
DatabyssMTG: cheer210
Anaerin: A bit is a penny, yes.
phorrestgaze: cheer444 #cakebits #getjamesfat
blackcatblight: cheer100 #cakebits
Skyboss1996: Icing for the Icing Throne!
Clench_Eastwood: cheer100 #cakebits
Paranundrox: This is how you end up with a $300+ cake
beowuuf: James is eating a cake with cake topping
psychmancer: #allthebits
Leonhart321: The cake must be in the shape of a bit, the higher the bit count, the more elaborate bit shape required
Ugmobugmo: Cheer 55
Darth_Wooper: !chat
twitchy207: crust or something lol
Fenhl: anyone keeping count?
hella_queer_halfling: cheer146 #cakebits I had to buy more for you guys
Dmc3628: James you brought THIS on yourself
Godeke: cheer100 #cakebits
beardraptus: cheer100 #cakebits
underhill33: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 31 (new subscribers: 7, returning subscribers: 24, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 5265, new followers: 26
rzrdrgn: cheer1000 #CakeBits I'm sorry what?
PhoenixMelior: 42 dollar cake
twitchy207: LOL
psychmancer: you'll need the gym after bits cake
epictyler525: 10,000 dollar cake
HaphazardHaberdashery: #cheer 100 for cake
SniperPumpkin: you challenged the chat james
blackwlf: @LoadingReadyRun James should know better than to challenge chat by now, shouldn't he??
beowuuf: Three tier wedding cake or riot
Clench_Eastwood: James, Rule #1 of chat. NEVER challenge chat!
Mangledpixel: 4295 so far
1MrGhost: This is gonna be big cake... Eat cake on stream?
Macheya: Up to about $45 so far.
Baldrash: cheer70 James challenged chat. You never challenge chat. #cakebits
SniperPumpkin: you know what happens when you challenge the chat
DarkMorford: cheer95 Did someone say cake?
EmteeAK: Time to buy a Tiered Wedding Cake
Skyboss1996: Never challenge Chat
toasthaste: you're gonna need to get a dang fancy custom cake
Darth_Wooper: You guys are getting a sweet jumbo ice cream cake with all this. lrrAWESOME
psychmancer: call out bits
PhoenixMelior: 43 dollar cake
Irgendwasmitkiwi: wow what the hell tier 5 wedding cake unlock
SquirrelEarl: cheer825 #cakebits
Sarah_Serinde: James honestly, what did you expect? :D
SamanthaVess: Gibb! rooHappy
ACExtravaganza: Wait a second, does this make the Cake a business expense? :P
corpocracy: cheer100 #cakebits !!!!
LucA0483: cheer1000 CAKE TIME!
Intrepid_Colin: James you challenged chat. Why haven't you learned!!!
CyanMig: its gonna be a helluva a cake
Damagicsausage: EVERY BIT OF THIS NEEDS TO BE SPEND ON CAKE! cheer1500
Mijnheer: James, by now you should know it's a bad idea to challenge chat Kappa
PhoenixMelior: 60 dollar cake?!
balthazar9999: Gybb!!!!!!
Glichroar: What have you done?
PhoenixMelior: 75 dollar cake?!
Macheya: Never challenge chat.
CrazyFishPerson: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 31 (new subscribers: 7, returning subscribers: 24, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 9855, new followers: 26
barbarianras: Gibb take the wheel!
ReverseCreations: cheer1000 #Cakebits You literally asked for this James.
Clench_Eastwood: You have to get a 3 tiered wedding cake now!
tyloncorp: This is gunn be a THING
Ugmobugmo: cheer55
toasthaste: get a beautiful mtg-themed cake
The_Quiet_Alestain: Hello you all.
Flea_Hastings: After all this time, you'd think James would know not to challenge chat...
Mangledpixel: 8885 so far
Macheya: #BlameJames
CyanMig: we demand every last bit spent on cake
DatabyssMTG: Data-byss
The_Quiet_Alestain: Whats happening?
Paranundrox: !highlight Never Challenge Chat
Skyboss1996: This was a bad idea, James
WetPaperSack: James needs to learn to consider the consequences of the things he says.
Procrastronauts: cheer500 CAKE FOR THE CAKE GODS
psychmancer: no it isnt
LRRbot: Highlight added.
PhoenixMelior: 90 dollar cake
Paranundrox: NO IT WASN'T
psychmancer: bit hype
Issurru: gonna time out just from reading bits
Domidwarcer: Wait i have the perfect idea for this cake, Beej Eats the Whole Thing
Darth_Wooper: This cake needs to be a LoadingReadyLive segment, it's so expensive.
Ashen_Prime: cheer160 You can't stop the bit train.
Scar_Red_Tiger: !highlight hashtag cake bits
Kthanid: You can't back out now Turner.
ylegm: you guys are gonna time them out
t3h_f1gm3nt: can't stop won't stop
EddTheGoat: cheer500 #cakebits
The_Quiet_Alestain: The Bitsorm is raging?
rarermonsters: We will give you LOTS of bits as long as wer're sure the profits will be wasted
psychmancer: you must!
Paranundrox: that was like 2 minutes of bits
stevestein: You can't tell chat what to do, James
tyloncorp: buy 2 cakes!
Darth_Wooper: That was three minutes, James.
Ukon_vasara: May the Fourth // Cinco de Mayo Cake bits
Look_Ma_No_Lands: now you're gonna have to eat a wedding cake on stream
Mangledpixel: 10100 so far
Skyboss1996: MOAR CAKE
Kthanid: Yes you can, and you will.
chesul: no backing out James!
JustAConspiracy: this entire thing better end up in highlights
Finalsora811: Basically buy whatever cake(s) you want.
Shenandygains: Order a wedding cake!
hella_queer_halfling: YOU SAID YOU WOULD BUY CAKE
BolshajaSvinja: But you promised!
EmteeAK: Bigger Cake!
DeadmansPlunder: you must james
InnovaRoc: Wedding cake incoming
StrykRedkite: You'll need multiple cakes now.
EvilBadman: Just get a wedding cake, should be good
JohnLockeCole: full on wedding cake
tyloncorp: or many many cup cakes!
TimeToFry: Holy mackeral
CyanMig: wedding cake!
1MrGhost: This is gonna be the best cake they have.
kkat4884: I'll allow several cakes
el_combolord: cheer100
Gbot92: Multi cakes!
WetPaperSack: Ever buy a wedding cake? This is nothing
Irgendwasmitkiwi: buy a wedding cake
beowuuf: Cake for ALL!
duaiwe: Just get Kate to make you a cake :P
Jbeckfox: No you said you would
PhoenixMelior: that's like a 100 dollar cake
toasthaste: Get a FANCY dang custom cake I'm tellin ya
lightpagoda: individual cakes for each LRRspeople
balthazar9999: yes you can James
Jakerit33: you have to go get a most expensive cake you cam
ArcadiaExeter: you need to buy a wedding cake!
corpocracy: CAKE
JustAConspiracy: bring cakes to a childrens hospital?
epictyler525: BUY THE DAMNED CAKE
InnovaRoc: Wedding Cake!
deadlypartition: CAKE POLL
ThatDangSkeleton: multiple less expensive cakes!!!
maxstatted: wedding cake
senshi5609: James yes you can spend this much on a cake
Flailsquared: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 31 (new subscribers: 7, returning subscribers: 24, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 12170, new followers: 26
el_combolord: demand cake
fozzles1203: Wedding cake is only cake this expensive
SonofThoth: Why can't you buy that big of a cake? The bits don't lie.
Ukon_vasara: 12 foot cake with gold leaf Keepo
Paranundrox: 2 more minutes chat
nathanselisko: cheer100
rzrdrgn: So what have we learned James? lrrBEEJ
MrQBear: how much are they up to with bits?
Uberwitz: If you don't buy a cake this is false advertising and I'll see you in court
BolshajaSvinja: No, one big cake was the deal.
Gbot92: Add this to cake fund to LRLive
damullet14: Just buy a table-sized sheet cake
Paranundrox: it hasn't been 5 minutes James
lifecharacter: What's the total?
feeish: that was not 5 min
psychmancer: james, play by the rules
Paranundrox: you said 5 minutes
blackwlf: Silly James, you cannot stop the chat!
Procrastronauts: You would've thought that, after the hundreds of 'BUTTS' tweets, James would learn not to challenge chat
PhoenixMelior: that's easily a 100 dollar cake
Macheya: Can't stop won't stop
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balthazar9999: more bits!!!
Mangledpixel: total was 10300 by my count
Hygrom: Get a cake boss bit cake
IkariFate: a cake? you can buy like 3 cakes at this point Kappa
ThorSokar: You're going to have to have a custom cake made!
InnovaRoc: Wedding Cake
Dr_fragenstien: How do you even get a cake like this? Do you go into a bakery and say " I need a cake that will cost me exactly $64.53
EmteeAK: Awe... I kind of wanted to buy some bits to put into #CakeBits...
rarermonsters: We're at the point where this cake is going to require someone inside it
Skyboss1996: But you literally asked for this
Mangledpixel: @LoadingReadyRun total of 10300
LotLWinters: This cake needs to be eaten on stream
control_rig: One hundred and THREE
CrazyFishPerson: You better buy a fancy *** cake, we expect pictures now.
Clench_Eastwood: James, you NEVER challenge chat.
Paranundrox: then you shouldn't have challenged chat :P
stevestein: How about 10 $10 cakes?
ComradeBeric: "Too Many" bits
BloodForTheCorelab: novelty butts cake????
feeish: why no buy $100 cake?
All_mankind: i wanna see what a $100 cake looks like
ThorSokar: #TooBadBuyTheDamnCake
1y1e: 8 power on turn 3? seems good
Scar_Red_Tiger: Dont YOU have that power James
ACExtravaganza: a 103 dollar cake James, you need to buy a 103 dollar cake
Darth_Wooper: $100 of cupcakes, then?
PhoenixMelior: I think we want you to buy a hundred dollar cake
cheetoJack: !stormcount
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 32 (new subscribers: 7, returning subscribers: 25, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 12270, new followers: 26
toasthaste: Those fancy art cakes probably cost like $100 right?
feeish: it's canadian dollars so it's not really $100 dollars
Leonhart321: OK, buy several $10 dollar cakes for all the crew then
PhoenixMelior: YES IT WAS JAMES
Downrangespy: Maybe now you can do a crapshot about this cake
Sampy104: lrrBEEJ Eats the Whole Thing: Cake Mistake Edition
beowuuf: Buying it is the easy part, eating it is the hard part
Dmc3628: James incurred this WRATH onhimself
Feltic: !storm
CSDragon31: There were SEVERAL 1000 bit donations
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PMAvers: You could always spend some of it on ice cream to go with the cake... oh wait it's James.
Darth_Wooper: It'll buy less if you go for ice cream cake, James.
psychmancer: is 1 bit just 1cent?
shadmed: #cheer200 Yo guys, I thought you might need this
londonwhat: <message deleted>!punt
PandasAndPancakes: bless you chat <3
Damagicsausage: I counted up 9500 bits
Gbot92: $103 cake?
beowuuf: LRL cake buying / eating segment confirmed
SamanthaVess: We're not the old world yet. Give us a couple years rooSip
Macheya: Ten lrrDILLY
Cyrulean: lrrcheer
el_combolord: cheer100 ICING ON THE CAKE
ElektroTal: wait, what's this about cake?
Zyme86: How goes almond cat?
psychmancer: haha on icing
shadmed: cheer200 Yo guys, I thought you might need this
Cyrulean: lrrHORN
taruan: !highlight next cargo cult god
ShackledRage: can we please have Gibb on more things? this is awesome
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Crad0k: !highlight cargo cult god
korvys: can you be just a little bit racist?
leebenningfield: just buy two $50 cakes
1y1e: commonwealth humour!
Jbeckfox: @LoadingReadyRun what's Graham doing today?
Kthanid: James, just make it a LRL segment and you can call it a business expense.
feeish: praise be to Gib the one true cargo cult
Leonhart321: What do you mean "next"? Pretty sure we count as a religious conglomorate
blackwlf: Social Eating cake stream?
damullet14: I bet you could use 10 10 dollar cakes for F"t
BloodForTheCorelab: novelty butt cake!
azninsect: did someone say cake?
Mossballhaym: SeemsGood
blackwlf: Or just a Beej Eats the Whole Thing cake?
ferretbadger84: Hey! Trombopoline!
Irgendwasmitkiwi: decent cake unlocked
Paranundrox: !highlight Trombopoline
nodivisionhwm: Go to your local chain supermarket and buy like... 30 sheet cakes
tyloncorp: Trombopoleen!
control_rig: Ooooh this is gonna hurt
nodivisionhwm: why is this even a question
ACExtravaganza: Enjoy your one tier wedding cate!
SamanthaVess: Trombopoline! rooDuck
LotLWinters: @LoadingReadyRun Gibb should do color commentary for wotc
toasthaste: you got those BEEFY 2-drops nice
psychmancer: opponent is too busy donating bits for cake
Aenir798: I just got here, is Gib playing?
Sekunder: opponent about to be effed on life too
Dmc3628: opp is going on a one-way to suplex city
beowuuf: just stomping over someone's dreams
lifecharacter: Cake segment on the next LRL?
Clench_Eastwood: James, remember when you challenged chat to get 100 new subs in an hour to make Adam do a 24 hour stream?
archaicprospect: Gib seems much more articulate, i'm proud of him.
deyja429: Or get some icecream cakes
LucA0483: That was like 7000 bits.
cgsguy2: Beej eats the whole thing?
Scar_Red_Tiger: So long as the CAke feeds EVERYONE in the crew
zwrench: Quantity=Quality?
cheetoJack: get like 4 nice cakes
feeish: to be quite honest seeing Gib play like this is so natural.
nodivisionhwm: Sorry I prefer quantity of cake
Skyboss1996: Mmm. an Acre of sheet cake
control_rig: Oh God
psychmancer: new stream: penelope vs bit cake
All_mankind: get a couple of acres of cake and you can get into farming
control_rig: This is gross
CSDragon31: oh wait, it's a 5 drop
azninsect: i mean, you could do an acre of cake...
SamanthaVess: An acre of cake sounds good.
CrazyFishPerson: So are you going to do a Cam and Alex and accidentally eat all the cake between the two of you and not share any of it?
All_mankind: farming cake
Mijnheer: Now we definitely need a Beej eats the whole thing segment in the next Live lrrBEEJ
Macheya: Samut in this deck would be just filthy.
Sun_Singer: LRL Beej eats the whole Thing
PhoenixMelior: no it was definitely around 10,000 bits. I was counting
azninsect: i missed cake bits :(
Sekunder: second verse same as the first
ReverseCreations: cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 James, This is the chat that got 50 subs to have lrrBEEJ take his shirt off, What did you expect to happen??
Intrepid_Colin: And Ice cream?
rarermonsters: Our support is heavily dependent on thinking you'll hurt your health for it
beowuuf: my father tilled this sheet cake for 20 years...
togashinaruta: you don't have to get all the cake at once
ArcadiaExeter: does anyone in LRR have a birthday coming up?
taruan: next LRL Beej eats an acre of sheet cake
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Sampy104: Beej Eats the Whole Thing: Cake Mistake Edition
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Sampy104! (Today's storm count: 34)
ThorSokar: I expect glorious pictures of this cake
Domidwarcer: I learned not to challenge the chat during the overwatch worldbuilders stream
Darth_Wooper: Get a crazy ice cream cake and do something on LRL with it?
Bariumbananas217: Nice cake... Ice Cake... Ice Cream Cake
nodivisionhwm: @beowuuf he tilled it the whole time?
deadlypartition: but what kind of cake are you going to get( and why is it tres leches the best cake) Kappa
af0z: One Acre of Sheet Cake is my Smashing Pumpkins cover band
Anaerin: Just don't let Dave Aoki know.
Zyme86: lrrBEEJ Kappa
stevestein: James, stop face-shaming Beej
aesir_blade: lrrBEEJ KappaHD
Talin06: give the cake to Cam and Alex and it will just be gone
redmudclay: lrrBEEJ
Jbeckfox: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
azninsect: lrrBEEJ
sithenin: They should let chat write something on the cake
SamanthaVess: TFW no beejmote rooFeels
Sekunder: lrrBEEJ eats an acre of sheet cake
deadlypartition: lrrBEEJ
t3h_f1gm3nt: we gotta remember though, beej can only eat 1500 calories of cake :P
Irgendwasmitkiwi: wait, isn't beej lactose intolerant?
beowuuf: nodivisionhwm: he maybe needed to eat sometime... guess what he ate?
ferretbadger84: lrrBEEJ DEAL WITH IT
Darth_Wooper: I don't think it'd be in his calorie limit though.
Irgendwasmitkiwi: you'd kill him
PhoenixMelior: lrrBEEJ
Sun_Singer: Beej eats 1 acre of sheet cake
Fenhl: !beejperminute
Shenandygains: Beej Eats The Whole $60 cake
Zakk_Z: Just got in THERE'S A BEEJ EMOTE NOW??? lrrBEEJ
All_mankind: this is happening while winning at Magic too. . .
corpocracy: lrrBEEJ
deadlypartition: man drawing a land would be reel good right now
redmudclay: He even sighed with the puppet. I'm losing it over here
CSDragon31: exemplar's done his duity
feeish: attack with both
Darth_Wooper: 1500 calories of cake is like, one largeish slice.
Paranundrox: yes, lrrBEEJ exists
Clench_Eastwood: ya I think Beej's rule is No Dairy, but that means he can have a Red Velvet or Carrot Cake =D
themathcat: attack with both
PsychoI3oy: Anaerin I know Steve Aoki has a sister but I didn't know he had a brother
JohnLockeCole: keep the pressure up
ElektroTal: cheer100 an acre of sheet cake needs to be an episode of QWRPLine, preferably from the Old Country
nodivisionhwm: @beowuuf idk... hot dish?
InnovaRoc: Custom Storm Crow gourmet cake plz
zwrench: lrrBEEJ
beowuuf: nodivisionhwm: yup :)
Macheya: Even if they double-block you get one damage through with the Charioteer.
Darth_Wooper: @Zakk_Z yep, it went up yesterday.
teh_v: lrrBEEJ
Decaped: lrrBEEJ
Tregelen: lrrDOTS lrrBEEJ lrrARROW
Gbot92: lrrCREEPR
Downrangespy: lrrBEEJ
Senstaku: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
cloudwizard13: lrrBEEJ
Anaerin: psychoi3oy: ...Sure. The slab cake throwing DJ... Kappa?
ShackledRage: what is the cake made of? ASH
PhoenixMelior: we were saying on heather's stream that a lrrBANANA would be appropriate
beowuuf: lrrBEEJ lrrEFF taling heads
Ugmobugmo: lrrAWESOME
deadlypartition: lrrDOTS lrrBEEJ lrrARROW
teh_v: lrrCREEPL lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrCREEPR
indisland: who is the new LRR member?
PsychoI3oy: Anaerin the cake DJ is Steve
cloudwizard13: kappa
blurgh81: not the beeeeeeej
Clench_Eastwood: lrrBEEJ
Foxmar320: lrrJAMES plz
Tregelen: essence scatter
blackwlf: I feel like an acre of sheet cake would occur in Sump Acres for true horror.
RomanGoro: lrrBEEJ IS A THING!!
psychmancer: they dont have it
QuantumTwitch: manticor
damn_i_am_pretty: lrrBEEJ lrrARROW lrrHAM
fourcardcombosuicide: essence scatter
Zaghrog: manticore
ComradeBeric: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrBEEJ
psychmancer: they would have done it earlier
Irgendwasmitkiwi: bait the counter
Arikele: No it's an art peice, nobody is allowed to eat the cake but edith admires it a lot
cloudwizard13: Kappa
MasterTacoHunter: lrrBEEJ on a sugar high awareness
control_rig: Hahahaha
RomanGoro: lrrHAM lrrARROW lrrBEEJ
cheetoJack: PhoenixMelior if it could look like the Banana was punching something it would be good
Piraticaltaoism: Graham doing something different with his hair?
t3h_f1gm3nt: HEY! I liked that movies!
Mijnheer: Kerbal Space Program the Gathering Kappa
t3h_f1gm3nt: *movie
Phillammon: Gibb correcting someone on card names. What a world we live in
JQuill7: ooh we can test if opponent is ghosting
drrek0: Gibb being the one who says the correct card name, that is wrong.
Sekunder: ooo does beej have laser eyes? lrrBEEJ lrrDOTS
LotLWinters: @LoadingReadyRun Acre cake for diabetes awareness
psychmancer: if they name glory they are psychic
beowuuf: failure to date ten men
TheOtherTrevor: if they had censor they would (should) have cycled by now
Dmc3628: we wil be bringing GLORIOUS next turn
deadlypartition: man this deck is full of trombompaline
feeish: If opp names glorybinger just for the value oh boy
ThinksTooMuch: Opponent is gonna have a bad time
InnovaRoc: storm crow wedding cake
Darth_Wooper: @indisland that is Gibb. He's been around a while, but doesn't show up often. Sounds a lot like Graham, doesn't he? ;)
Sekunder: dang it it got split onto two lines
toasthaste: I saw that movie on a plane, the censoring was wild
nodivisionhwm: It's no sleepless in seattle
Domidwarcer: Yeah, thats a point. Gibb is actually saying the names right and James is saying them all wrong?
Sekunder: lrrBEEJ lrrDOTS
nodivisionhwm: it's no You've got Mail
nodivisionhwm: it's no The Notebook
Irgendwasmitkiwi: what does penelope think about gibb?
Sekunder: yessssssss laser beej
themathcat: manticore again?
PhoenixMelior: yeah they didn't do it
SamanthaVess: So, how much have you been harrassed about Food Cube theory, James?
Arikele: they have essence scatter
EddTheGoat: failure to comply seems bad in limited
BrindleBoar: aww yiss puppet time
toasthaste: THEY failed to comply
control_rig: Noice
sleitermann: Oh my god. This puppet is amazing
maxstatted: eat a tarmogoyf cake, you put a goyf on a cake
Shenandygains: The flavor win, they literally failed to comply
call_me_Aras: James, official MTG Minecraft skins, your opinion?
sleitermann: kstarkNice kstarkNice kstarkNice kstarkNice
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JohnLockeCole: third land
t3h_f1gm3nt: #BlameFugi
indisland: explain the theory?
Skyboss1996: Fugi's to blame for Food Cube?
Dmc3628: now we win
Decaped: This guy is going to tilt SO HARD
RomanGoro: How unconfortable is G right now?
Foxmar320: Gibb is sounding more and more like Graham for some reason
Saintnex: Gibb confirmed best at the magic cards game
Chipton: Sleitermann That's Gibb, LRR's ostensible mascot
nodivisionhwm: wot is the food cube theory?!
balthazar9999: what is this theory?
Sun_Singer: can you explain the food cube again
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plummeting_sloth: Oh hey, James's cohost must be one of those Almond Cats I've been hearing about
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Zyme86: lrrSPOOP
Paranundrox: lrrSCOOP
TheOtherTrevor: did fugi talk about the food theory in a stream sometime?
ShackledRage: More Gibb with the magical cards
skinny666: it has haste and trample Kappa
control_rig: Scoooooop
underhill33: lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP
Mijnheer: lrrSCOOP
Shenandygains: I'm prepping my IRL Blocker
Papperslappen: lrrSCOOP lrrBEEJ
Macheya: lrrDOTS lrrSCOOP lrrARROW
beowuuf: 5 scoops
Fenhl: force of will
CSDragon31: switch gift for builded lotus
CrazyFishPerson: @LoadingReadyRun so when is this giant fancy cake happening?
fourcardcombosuicide: probably censor as well
Zyme86: RIP
Paranundrox: RIP Gibb
Aenimix: lol
Damagicsausage: ff
PhoenixMelior: Gibb no!
Skyboss1996: Whaaa
BrindleBoar: ALL IS LOST
t3h_f1gm3nt: NO!!! RIP GIBB
ferretbadger84: !chair
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Paranundrox: lrrHERE
TrickJarrett: Oh man.
shadmed: !highlight ded gib
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fakegamerb0y: James! Gibb! You're old MTG hands! Going to my first draft tonight, any advice? :D
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ACExtravaganza: You could always say "sorry, I didn't notice, you too"
CrazyFishPerson: Nooooooo GIB!!!1
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Darth_Wooper: Food cube is an on-and-off debate at Desert Bus, and made a brief appearance on a recent Crapshot.
Tregelen: BibleThump
ferretbadger84: TrickJarrett Gibb is here!
nodivisionhwm: Gibb is sitting on James' lap?!
Ugmobugmo: #GibbMagic
Zyme86: @shadmed one could say that was an instagibb
Drazoth: Got my self a fat pack of almond cats to celebrate getting my full diver's license. Wish me luck on my pulls
Cynical_Prophet: gibb is great, gibb is life!!
JustAConspiracy: always be casting
Shenandygains: My advice: first pick enigma drake, went 3-0 with it undefeated, format is solved, y'all are welcome
JustAConspiracy: thats the advice
Clench_Eastwood: @fakegamerb0y Pull a foil Gideon and run away
shadmed: @Zyme86 *finger guns*
TrickJarrett: About to get my workout in. Be entertaining!
timble4: so uh, I see, Gibb, but what happened to Graham?
Sun_Singer: is Gibb an almond cat?
JustAConspiracy: ALWAYS. BE. CASTING.
balthazar9999: what is this food Cube theory thing I wish to know
PhoenixMelior: you LITERALLY asked for that James
Macheya: Cause and effect James!
kkat4884: I really don't know what you were expecting
CrazyFishPerson: @LoadingReadyRun so when is this giant fancy cake happening?
Damagicsausage: 100 x lrrAWESOME
SniperPumpkin: !chat
Drazoth: @Clench_Eastwood Almost happened at the draft weekend i went to. guy got a gideon and oketra
Darth_Wooper: !challenge
azninsect: only a little BIT absurd Kappa cheer275
PsychoI3oy: balthazar9999 see the crapshot from last friday for a partial explanation
Chaos_Shark: yo
fakegamerb0y: @Clench_Eastwood I bought a random booster two days after the prerelease and cracked a foil Nissa, so...
ferretbadger84: !listen
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Jbeckfox: @LoadingReadyRun when is gibb coming back?
JQuill7: opponent playing UW Cheons in Amonkhet
BloodForTheCorelab: cake for LRL?
Scar_Red_Tiger: Maybe a LRL bit
ACExtravaganza: What is tomorrows AFK?
ferretbadger84: !highlight laughing
ComradeBeric: Make lrrBEEJ do a bonus Social Eating stream to eat the whole thing in one sitting. 4Head
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SacrificialToast: LRL sounds good
LucA0483: cheer500 You are going to get the ~70 usd cake, right? ;)
t3h_f1gm3nt: i forget is this a thing?
t3h_f1gm3nt: !chat
lightpagoda: cake catering for the crapshoot?
Clench_Eastwood: @fakegamerb0y see, you used up all your luck. Gotta save it for draft =P
t3h_f1gm3nt: nope, not a thing
Gbot92: obvious scatter?
beowuuf: Gibb for Graham is a replacement effect so can't be interrupted
Zyme86: He's got a NO YOU CANNOT deck, otherwise known as blue
ferretbadger84: t3h_f1gm3nt, !listen
Undertowst: Well, I think you might be able to assemble a stroopwafel cake with the package I'm going to send you.
Aenir798: WHAT
JustAConspiracy: the remake of paranoia?
fakegamerb0y: @Clench_Eastwood Dammit, you're right. Oh well, better scoop now :P
CapnOdin: The rpg ?
SniperPumpkin: you can see what's coming up on the events page:
t3h_f1gm3nt: @ferretbadger84 i thought we had one about challenging chat too
JustAConspiracy: or the old one?
Shenandygains: wait, Paranoia as in the old water ball game high school seniors played?
ACExtravaganza: The RPG Paranoia?
plummeting_sloth: oooh Paranoia! I'm pretty sure I have the right clearance to be happy about that information!
t3h_f1gm3nt: i know its in badadvice
Papperslappen: Will Mechs vs Minions return for AFK?
Agarwalr42: What is this cake
taruan: or the cake is the crapshoot
skyrider19: sweet! I'm going to be playing paranoia on saturday!
SniperPumpkin: ooh, we need a lrrBOT command for the events page
holidayMD: James, anymore stream trailers?
damullet14: I assume it's the new one since it just came out
Navi_Chem: James just comes in with multiple copies of a CAKE album
CSDragon31: wait
Damagicsausage: Cakeshoot?
JQuill7: Champion time
PMAvers: Technically there's been five "old ones."
CSDragon31: Champion of rhonas
skyrider19: And I love watching people play paranoia
CSDragon31: brings out the glorybringer
hmfons: It'll be a neato prop, that cake
Zyme86: you can drop forest
QuantumTwitch: core
mastershake29x: is paranoia the rpg with friend computer?
Domidwarcer: Chammpion
PhoenixMelior: holidayMD the stream trailers are no more
lifecharacter: Manticore???
Paranundrox: @LucA0483 I mean, it should be $100 USD
ferretbadger84: Play a land?
Arikele: are you just going to cheat glorybringer in?
ComradeBeric: Paranoia RPG editions went 1st, 2nd, 5th, 3rd. In that order.
Irgendwasmitkiwi: landdrop
skyrider19: mastershake29x yes it is
lifecharacter: Too many '?'s
Irgendwasmitkiwi: land
ferretbadger84: Hi again Gibb
barbarianras: land
CapnOdin: I just got the remake last week