io_Otter: I think the command is 'recover' if the tutorial wasn't lying
Frednotbob: 'Eat corpse'
DeusMachinaEx: Shoot corpse
Kortanios: shoot corpse, it drops a sweet katana
helgridr: and you wonder why you miss...
IndigoVitare: you have to send a message, in smashed mirrors
Lizardon28: teabag corpse
Lithobraker: This guy here? Dead
lucha_libro: So is the description of this game, "Play as Princess Diana as she badly meanders around a Victorian space station, facing carpet fish?"
arcaneIllumination: Alex, Yes!
Nuurgle: lol
DoktorLoy: "resort to cannibalism"
phorrestgaze: We can't really reflect on this habit of shooting mirrors.
FeaturingMe: wildpeaks: every room comes with one decorative dedperson, more can be requested at the front desk
Nuurgle: it's about sending a message
PencilStroke: use corpse
Granitefish: You are a Vampire so you have to destroy all the mirrors so that no one realizes it when you leave the Security Room
Saulens181: "recover"
Hingadora: Shoot corpse?
Evil_Smurf: Vore corpse
Frednotbob: Mirror!
Mossballhaym: "Recover
Scar_Red_Tiger: Romance Corpse
Sitiran: "be lewd with corpse"
leebenningfield: Chrissy Kiss The Corpse
All_mankind: "employ gallows humor"
ConspiracyOfCartographers: was there something under the broken key?
Frednotbob: Save the game and shoot the window!
Frednotbob: 'Eat sofa'.
All_mankind: nothing? that shower looked good enough to marry
Lithobraker: "Get Turnt!"
wildpeaks: so it really was a slug
xaphon: oh no
FeaturingMe: no, THAT's messed up
RagingTrees: that made me jump so much
Mossballhaym: Y u do that?
codlinks78: thats a weird pokemon.
cairistiona13: ewwwwww
DeusMachinaEx: kiss slug
Evil_Smurf: Poops today, Poops right now
fozzles1203: Does this game get more "nope"y... very cool idea but very silly
hippitybobbity: this is very strange
EricTheOrange: I wonder what holiday it was in the original japanese
Sitiran: head head head
lucha_libro: Ok I think something is wrong when your enemies in a game look like hand puppets...
Quick5678: Shoot everywhere around the alien
Astra7525: don't say shoot. just name the place where to shoot
Quick5678: just not at the alien
Shamanarza: @EricTheOrange probably still christmas
DeusMachinaEx: Lick plate
Lithobraker: EricTheOrange given that it looks like chicken could still be christmas Kappa
sleepyham: have they played little nightmares?
Macheya: They call it X-Mas
hippitybobbity: This cant be christmas, its not a KFC
arcaneIllumination: Clearer speaking seemed to work better, but I could just be imagining it.
JackWhoWanders: Japan loves kfc for Christmas
SacrificialToast: just say "recover"
DeusMachinaEx: No they call it buddamas
khuasta: hey guys!
Beefpants: Christmas the time when we celebrate Colonel Sanders' sacrifice to bring us tasty chicken.
InkyGhoast: does "recover" or "heal" work?
Saulens181: second on "recover"
Sitiran: recover BabyRage
Frednotbob: Whats a metaphor? ;)
hippitybobbity: Beefpants rest in eleven herbs and spices
Kthanid: yeah the heal command is recover I think.
rarermonsters: It's traditional to give Naughty Gifts, and also there's a special kind of cake you give to your sweetheart
ReverseCreations: What game has a metaphor?
wildpeaks: goat there
dukemelvin: finally caught a lrr stream ;D now if only i could get the enthusiasm to finish my work ...
Beefpants: Potato and gravy be thy name
DoktorLoy: a meta for what?
Evil_Smurf: They call it dankmus, putting gifts under the weed bush with snoop on the top
balthazar9999: when are we getting the next who the hell?
Drakion951: I just entered the stream, is Ben controlling this game with voice commands?
Kthanid: yep
Stratavarius: Is Soma going to be on Talking Simulator at some point?
Drakion951: Cool!
rarermonsters: On the 26th, those cakes become extremely cheap, which has led to the slur of calling a girl who is unmarried at 26 "Christmas Cake" to imply she's used up
ReverseCreations: @Drakion951 A very very LOOSE definition of "control"
Gildan_Bladeborn: Drakion951 - almost entirely, yes. He actually doesn't have an option not to.
Juliamon: Drakion951 there are a couple manual controls, but 95% of the game is voice-controlled
hippitybobbity: That's really cool! when was this game released
SacrificialToast: 2004 I think?
amythist: yes Drakion951 that was the gimmick of this game, you are stranded in a security room and trying to help direct this lady how to escape
Leels: I just opens into space and she gets sucked out
wildpeaks: yes, Ben has become Chat, trying to control the character on screen by shouting commands :D
Nightvalien28: hippitybobbity 2004
Beefpants: Fruit cake is not a real food.
LarkSachrosis: Ben is "influencing" the game.
AlonsoSwift: @Hippitybobbity All I know is it's a PS2 game.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Well that worked
ekimekim3000: "brown eye"
hippitybobbity: Nightvalien28 sick! also hello NV, how are you
Evil_Smurf: @leels I'm love you
rarermonsters: I really like the implication that the Turd-Catfish is just sitting behind the door waitning for someone to open it
DeusMachinaEx: Spread buttcheeks
kpiozero: Yo, Ben your accuracy is actually based on your enuciation
Nightvalien28: hippitybobbity doing well how are ya?
Frednotbob: @Drakion951 Well, we use the word 'control' in a loose sense. It's more 'Ben is shouting in frustration while Rio misses every target and flails about like a broken marionette in an earthquake'.
kpiozero: the more you panic the more likely the miss
malc: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
hippitybobbity: Nightvalien28 excellent! spent a day swearing at my students homework
FeaturingMe: she needs to hear you 'loud' and 'clear', but the latter is clearly more important
cairistiona13: noooooo
Nightvalien28: hippitybobbity hahahaha
Lithobraker: !TOS
Psychic_Ketchup: Really any healing would be appreciated
Cantwearcats: Would you like to join or just watch?
JackWhoWanders: pretty good lesson, if you get frustrated, yelling won't do any good
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm halfway convinced that the game is making your accuracy worse because Ben keeps making her shoot every mirror she sees. Kappa.
wildpeaks: is the gun the groom ?
Beefpants: Do you still give voice commands during the orgy?
Astra7525: please don't, game
rarermonsters: Wow, pretty heteronormative for the future
cairistiona13: they never got there
Ba_Dum_Tish: What have we agreed to?
malc: hippitybobbity: oh hey I'm doing that right now :P
MadWaltz: I think the game actually said not to get too loud in the tutorial
DeusMachinaEx: :o
DeusMachinaEx: Say yes!
cairistiona13: go ben
Nightvalien28: you should've read the item
Evil_Smurf: Are we marrying a robot?
Beefpants: It would end up like James in that LRR dating video
CptCorallis: I like to think that she's mentally saying "If he speaks to me in that Tone one more time..."
AlonsoSwift: Psycho Mantis?
solahwin_tampramain: sex-seful? Kappa
hippitybobbity: malc the worst is when they get creative, so I have to figure out exactly where they started *** up
FeaturingMe: !soundboard add
amythist: lol that look
malc: hippitybobbity: yuuuuup
codlinks78: she does not look impressed
Nightvalien28: ooooh
PencilStroke: isn´t the passwort Dickbutt?
CptCorallis: Oh, this is clever
Gildan_Bladeborn: The password is always Dickbutt. Kappa
Beefpants: You'll never have metal legs
RagingTrees: Robot girlfriend?
unicornfrolic: the password is just password1
solahwin_tampramain: the password is definitely dickbut
DeusMachinaEx: The password is: The Game
wildpeaks: ouvrez la bibliotheque
codlinks78: nah its bonezone
Leels: alligator 3
codlinks78: it id the honeymoon sweet afterall
EscherichiaCole: It's slugs
Dared00: IT'S A NEW CAR
Rhynerd: I wonder how many slugs will be in this room...
CptCorallis: Who codes a Robot to say "Apparently"/
FeaturingMe: can you shoot the chandelier?
RagingTrees: It's a goat
DeusMachinaEx: Thing!
Revenant77x: !highlight beatbox
hippitybobbity: HAND
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well judging by the way she's moving... monsters.
cairistiona13: flickering candles....
Glenn_Seto: was there ever an actual dickbutt/password situation at the moonbase?
Macheya: Cousin IT!
KinoGami: is that a hand with a penis?
Macheya: Or the thing.
cairistiona13: IT'S A HAND
DeusMachinaEx: You raaaaaaaang?
Saulens181: in Hacknet a password is literally "*******"
Franklin_Marklin: Aim for the tongue!
unicornfrolic: the hampster dance summoned them
sjcTheos: WutFace
CptCorallis: Oh, are we talking about Nier Automata now?
wildpeaks: NOPE
hippitybobbity: augh
cairistiona13: there are 3 monsters
Ba_Dum_Tish: Seems less than handy
Sitiran: eye and tounge
DeusMachinaEx: Wall Master
malc: to kill these monsters, you need to be a ... handy shot
Beefpants: EYE!!
Quick5678: try body, body, body?
FeaturingMe: oh great, and now telescope-tongues as well
jakale: agh, floor masters
kpiozero: Ewww
DigitalSeahorse: I didn't know Thing had stretchy relatives
Mossballhaym: BODIED
hippitybobbity: "let the body, hit the floor"
Ba_Dum_Tish: Get bodied
Sitiran: Tongue and Eye is weak spot
malc: "shoot the body shoot the floor"
unicornfrolic: wait what the hell are these things
wildpeaks: why is there both mouth and inner mouth ? lrrSPOOP
Ba_Dum_Tish: The dekes there
nobodyimportantororiginal: "Shoot anything that moves."
Gildan_Bladeborn: Those are actually pretty disturbing looking creatures.
Glenn_Seto: SCROTUM!
lucha_libro: @DigitalSeahorse Zack Snyders Adams family.. the reboot you never asked for!
Shenandygains: Body'd
rarermonsters: The strangest thing about this is how she's instantly able to start identifying anatomy
hippitybobbity: wow this is really like Th Thing
Questhere: tounge inner mouth
hippitybobbity: what's the story so far?
Beefpants: facepalm
Frednotbob: BodyBodyBodyBodyRELOAD!
Sitiran: die
rarermonsters: Wow, this would definitely be an excellent control scheme for an h-game
RagingTrees: get bodied
lucha_libro: UPPERCUT!
DeusMachinaEx: Booty booty booty
Quick5678: gun is doing no damage?
Leels: this is how to clearly communicate with your sexual partner.
jakale: flee always means get away from what you're aiming at
kpiozero: DODGE
Evil_Smurf: Attitude Adjustment
Pteraspidomorphi: Try to shoot the unharmed part of their body that's closest to rio?
Beefpants: mouth mouth mouth now tongue now back to mouth now shake
richard_ermen: I must say I´m suprised that this game is actually working :D
sigma88: accuracy is really bad
Sitiran: shake your booty, shake your booty
hippitybobbity: Leels USE TONGUE
Franklin_Marklin: Shoot tongues.
blip2004: body is doing nothing it seems
Evil_Smurf: Bailey to Belly
wildpeaks: now imagine if it had chat delay :D
ekimekim3000: in whose mouth?
draxov: is there something on the chair behind you?
Drakion951: Is it just me or does this lady not want to survive this encounter!
rarermonsters: Change into dress!
Evil_Smurf: Piledriver
Dascylus: This is why you don't give completely incompetent human beings guns, folks
FeaturingMe: lucha_libro; shhh
ekimekim3000: wildpeaks actually, this game would be pretty playable in a Twitch Plays
kpiozero: It's more like ben's not figured out how to make thes dead
hippitybobbity: Now spell out the alphabet!
Evil_Smurf: Curb stomp
KinoGami: this is silly
DeusMachinaEx: Need some of those sex dice
Antipocalypse: this seems like really unintuitive gameplay
Nuurgle: TONGUE EYE...wait, no
TheManaLeek: I am so glad no one is listening to me watch this
Leels: I'm just yelling random shit. don't listen to me
All_mankind: hmm i wonder why they still make drones with joystick controls instead of modern voice control
CptCorallis: Now I really want this control system for the Chuck Tingle game that's coming out
DeusMachinaEx: "Shoot" Tounge"
Shenandygains: Eye ass!
lucha_libro: And this is why Eroge games with voice commands is a terrible idea.
nobodyimportantororiginal: In her mouth?
KinoGami: this is like that friends bit when monica is tell chandler how to please a woman
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hippitybobbity: nobodyimportantororiginal that was the plan
Dascylus: @Antipocalypse It really does, and it plays out the female character to be completely incompetent without being told how to do absolutely everything
Sitiran: this sounds like a bad blowjob
Evil_Smurf: Low kick
Raubkater: Thats how it feels to be in chat and give advices to streamers
Evil_Smurf: Flamethrower
Astra7525: remember when you said this game would be fun... remember that time???
Evil_Smurf: Ember
malc: phew
kpiozero: Basically
FeaturingMe: tense
wildpeaks: save like the wind
lucha_libro: @Dascylus So this is like a proto Other M?
Shamanarza: You're getting ood
malc: lrrGOAT
michadalova: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
PencilStroke: yeeeeeeh LMAO
WalkingProfanity: Why is he not kicking them?
Beefpants: winner winner chicken dinner
Evil_Smurf: Splash
FeaturingMe: pushovers
Quick5678: Wow
codlinks78: nicely done
af0z: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Leels: I'm LE TIRED
Dascylus: I bet if you told her to stop breathing, you'd game over.
hippitybobbity: COOL TECHNOLOGY
BITs19_: lrrDOTS lrrGOAT lrrARROW
Rhynerd: !victory
LRRbot: lrrGOAT 2 victories for Lifeline on Let's NOPE
Glenn_Seto: I'm just waiting for graham coming over, "are you guys breaking TOS? what the hell is this game?!"
Quick5678: YOUR TIRED?
IndigoVitare: head > Stomach seems to bop those slug ones
JackWhoWanders: we got poopered
PandasAndPancakes: Image if COD was like this
jakale: yeesh
BASEGray20: Good Job
Nightvalien28: these hands had some interesting cues
xaphon: cheer100 You guys seriously need a flamethrower
fozzles1203: damn that was tense TableHere
Papperslappen: GO LEFT. GO LEFT. GO LEFT.
CptCorallis: Stops the immersion breaking
Papperslappen: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
FeaturingMe: she's keeping fit
redpillbluepil: @LoadingReadyRun - Maybe she's waiting for you to say "Simon's says" :)
Leonhart321: So, what's the over under on Ben losing his voice?
unicornfrolic: @wjmck NOT cool technology**
arcaneIllumination: Ben, if a part isn't visible, you can't shoot it. If its mouth is closed,you can't shoot the inside of its mouth,
Viewers_Like_You: SPEAK. PLAY GAME.
Evil_Smurf: Alex, I want a dark souls mod like this
DeusMachinaEx: To the left, to the left
FeaturingMe: she does do the starbucks thing
Antipocalypse: this also seems like a game that's really easy for you to tilt at
hippitybobbity: red wire!
Dascylus: Pikachu is more responsive than this chick DansGame
p_johnston: so when is twitch plays lifeline?
hippitybobbity: do the red wire
Beefpants: I thought it was cheese
DeusMachinaEx: Shoot bed
DeusMachinaEx: Touch self
Frednotbob: Eat chips.
Beefpants: Eat chips
redpillbluepil: bye chat have a good night/day/whatever
Kazman20a: was there a heal item in the main room by the couch?
malc: "Eat chips"
FeaturingMe: Maybe Chip does not want to be used
malc: heh, we all got there
Viewers_Like_You: > Acknowledge Chat
Opie74: but Chip is a nice guy why would you use him?
wildpeaks: Chip feels used
Cantwearcats: Eat chisps
Frednotbob: Okay, we haven't shot out a mirror in fifteen minutes or so.
khuasta: Use Chisp
Gildan_Bladeborn: I just realized, this game is almost "perfectly" recreating the experience of all the survival horror games with just horrendously shitty controls, without actually having any. It's a testament to just how abysmal the average PS2 Survival Horror game controls that I could watch footage of this game with the sound off and not question why the protagonist is moving around like that.
DeusMachinaEx: That mirror better get ready
Lithobraker: malc, but which chips? Gardies, Van of Life, Uncle Franks, or Madingley Kebab?
Frednotbob: Mirror!
shurtal: "Have mid-life crisis!" "I should I buy a boat."
EricTheOrange: popato chisps
FeaturingMe: Save Point -> Save -> Overwrite Slot 4
malc: lithobraker: Life, *obviously* lrrBEEJ
DeusMachinaEx: MIRROR!
RagingTrees: that looks like a checkbook
EricTheOrange: look mirror?
unicornfrolic: SHOOT NOTE
Lithobraker: malc not Gardies?! HERETIC Kappa
Glenn_Seto: not yet, it aint
Rhynerd: One mirror will be spared
hippitybobbity: punch mirror
FeaturingMe: There's somethin' wrong with your HEAD
Kazman20a: maybe calander?
hippitybobbity: OI
malc: lithobraker: not for chips. For burgers, sure
wildpeaks: !checked
Quick5678: USE YOUR EYES
xaphon: hahahahaha
AlonsoSwift: There's everything wrong with the mirror, it hasn't been shot yet.
Macheya: Invitation
codlinks78: lol
GroutNASA: !highlight check dresser
Leels: USE GUN
DeusMachinaEx: So checked
BASEGray20: Checking it for bulletholes
Jay_Blanc: Close enough.
LRRbot: Highlight added.
ConspiracyOfCartographers: "paper"?
BASEGray20: yup found one
khuasta: paper?
Stratavarius: Calendar? Letter?
hippitybobbity: "dresser still dead, sir"
Psychic_Ketchup: Dresser: checked AF
CptCorallis: Check yo desk before you wreck yo desk
sparrowhawk593: letter?
silenceaux: Try letter again?
Shamanarza: It's a checkbook
fishmanfishfish: calender?
kpiozero: It's an invitation
Mossballhaym: Check dresser for mimic :P
Pimptimus_Prime: Try letter
Foxmar320: LOL
Mysterious_Challenger: NOt a mimic
Quick5678: Are you a robot!?
talosparoxi: paper?
turtle_stew: Dresser confirmed not a mimic
Questhere: check yourself out
Quick5678: RQ
malc: bye, Ben
ConspiracyOfCartographers: !
FeaturingMe: !tilt
xaphon: Ben is going out into the halfway
Aenir798: BYE BEN
richard_ermen: xD
Foxmar320: Letter?
Stratavarius: "go left"
robo__nixon: Immersive gameplay. 10 out of 10 :p
Leels: it's a wonder why these games never caught on
richard_ermen: Highly amusing to watch :D
Rhynerd: Bye Ben!
codlinks78: ragequit
ekimekim3000: !highlight ragequit
Antipocalypse: alex's turn?
RagingTrees: this protagonist is awesome but this gimmick is not so awesome
GroutNASA: to hell
Glenn_Seto: alex take over, ben is hurting
malc: yeah, I really want to play this game with conventional controls
SirBiffaloEsq: Go straight to hell , do not pass go, do not collect $200
kpiozero: You need to check the INVITATION
DeusMachinaEx: Lol, ben. "Fix chair"
sethjharris: such novelty, many poor executions....
Raubkater: Ben: “Shoot Mi'r“ Game: “that station is on another orbit“
Quick5678: investigate dresser?
phorrestgaze: shoot mic
DeusMachinaEx: Ben, Shoot cord
Glenn_Seto: did ben loose his... lifeline?
Viewers_Like_You: Wait, that guy's not living
slazer2au: is this the game from mailtime a few days ago?
Coilean: player shoot :{D
wildpeaks: staup
Quick5678: STAHP
Viewers_Like_You: That's not what that area is for!
FeaturingMe: STHAHPIT
Coilean: body shoot
Stratavarius: Behind chair?
kpiozero: Check the pipe?
DeusMachinaEx: Steal all
Issurru: HAH
rarermonsters: cheer100 Check your dresser before you wreck your dresser. With your gun.
Kazman20a: examine?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Schadenfreude: The Game. Watch as internet comedians become increasingly frustrated by ancient voice recognition technology that works even less good than the modern equivalent.
Quick5678: pick up?
FeaturingMe: Loot Room
Aenir798: maybe look?
Aenir798: Look instead of Check?
Mossballhaym: "Look at rations"?
richard_ermen: Apparently "CHECK!" registers as "SHOOT"?
FeaturingMe: Apply Maximum Pilfer
DeusMachinaEx: Check yourself before you reck yourself!
Thomscks: is check no a command?
blip2004: investigate rations
PandasAndPancakes: Maybe it's bugged?
HatsWearCats: "Shoot rations? Ok STALKER"
Issurru: wow
Quick5678: check = shoot, good to know
codlinks78: lmao
malc: !highlight Listening!
Aenir798: WOW DAT SASS
All_mankind: no wonder the commands got twisted around if you were talking through those tangled wires
hippitybobbity: YES
wildpeaks: she has ptsd, shooting is her only mean of interacting with the world anymore
MT_Storm: look, examine, touch
CodeGorilla: Try "shoot rations", just in case.
LRRbot: Highlight added.
WizardZedd: Are we sure "Check" is a verb the game understands?
Antipocalypse: not very well then
sparrowhawk593: try shoot intead of check?
superkooky: I think it's time for a *Consultation*
EricTheOrange: Taking all bets how long untill they quit this game for real.
GroutNASA: look shoot
Viewers_Like_You: > Get Ye Rations
cairistiona13: look at rations?
DeusMachinaEx: Cry
GroutNASA: look down barrel
Quick5678: OH HEY another heal capsule
Foxmar320: Dear God
hippitybobbity: All_mankind btw I just watched the first episode of American Gods, its amazing, watch it
ekimekim3000: tilt head
CodeGorilla: Can't recover while zoomed in.
Stratavarius: I wish the game had the premise that the communications systems got damaged in the attack to explain the poor registration
Viewers_Like_You: ree-cover?
robo__nixon: Hopsital?
xaphon: Heal?
GSCeurope: talking slower and louder doesn't help
Earthenone: Crush a Dew
Valdor19: Shoot self
Quick5678: put it on
Frednotbob: Yay! Rio, congratulations -- you actually accomplished something WITHOUT shooting everything in sight!
DeusMachinaEx: Shoot Helmet
All_mankind: i was going to, Hippy
TStodden: Use heal capsule?
DeusMachinaEx: Smoke pipe
All_mankind: but thanks
Gildan_Bladeborn: Alex, for reals though, the voice recognition expects a stentorian male voice so going into higher registers makes it even less likely to interpret your commands.
ekimekim3000: look corpse?
Evil_Smurf: I feel empty,
ThinksTooMuch: She can't see the body
DeusMachinaEx: Smoke body
Evil_Smurf: Thanks poop
Questhere: behiiiind yoooou
MadWaltz: This has all the fun of trying to figure out what commands are recognized in a text adventure, with the added frustration of not being sure if it's just not understanding your command or if you need to use a different command
Leels: ded
FeaturingMe: This used to be a person
Quick5678: you need to learn to be independant
wildpeaks: I thought she was going to say "oh, it's a chip"
malc: Behind the chair?! Oh! This person's dead.
richard_ermen: She so perceptive! :D
FeaturingMe: win game
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Cortex_Spectre: Shoot resub? What are you trying to say?
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hippitybobbity: Ha! this meat had thoughts once!
Foxmar320: Get bodied
Pteraspidomorphi: Poor groom
Glenn_Seto: "he was alive when we walked in, but you weren't fast enough"
All_mankind: try talking like Ron BUrgundy i guess
DigitalSeahorse: \o/
t3h_f1gm3nt: that meme is after her time Alex :P
Evil_Smurf: Alex, roll for perception
spicydungus: drugs?
CrazyFishPerson: Boop. From the ending Cam stream
wildpeaks: can we take the helmet ?
cairistiona13: rip bride/husband
DigitalSeahorse: heal!
Antipocalypse: big cheats
DeusMachinaEx: Take sword!
GroutNASA: Check Monster
FeaturingMe: 2004, not 420
TStodden: Consultation?
Quick5678: wear helmet?
GroutNASA: My Gazebox is full of Menhirs.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Alex, clearly the proper command is "420 blaze it!". Kappa
robo__nixon: Could you get her and Siri in an infinite loop?
Kikazi: can you put on the helmet?
Araxnus: !swed iconDank
talosparoxi: reecover
wildpeaks: clipazine
Earthenone: Clippazine?
Laserbeaks_Fury: projector?
unicornfrolic: can a tornado happen in space
AlonsoSwift: I think you mean clip..
DeusMachinaEx: Look stuff
malc: A> "Magazine" Rio> "Uh actually it's a clip"
unicornfrolic: there's no air in space so =/= tornado?
GSCeurope: verb+noun
hippitybobbity: I mean, one of the monsters might look like a tornado
kpiozero: Looks like gift wrap
GroutNASA: How does one report spam here?
DigitalSeahorse: is this early access?
Nightvalien28: maybe examine table would do it?
Laserbeaks_Fury: God, it's like that scene from Cowboy Bebop when it flashes beack to Faye waking up
malc: digitalseahorse: very late access, it's a PS2 game
richard_ermen: "Blue Paper" looks like a blueprint?
nobodyimportantororiginal: Color/shape is the best way to get her to look at a thing.
All_mankind: "you what mate?"
duaiwe: Blueprints.
duaiwe: Those are blueprints.
malc: from 2004 or so
Danovan235: I see a mirror that needs to be shot.
CrazyFishPerson: This game looks cool/very ambitiosu for a ps2 game
robo__nixon: @digitalseahorse very late access, ps2 game
Viewers_Like_You: "Continue Driving Ben and Alex Mental" "Okay"
Valdor19: Im in so much pain from this game
hieroglyphica: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:45:33.
DeusMachinaEx: Shoot screen
DeusMachinaEx: MIRROR!
Laserbeaks_Fury: magic cards
Quick5678: turn on projector?
wildpeaks: Table has been called
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well, I mean, we should be consistent.
Talin06: turn on projector
Mossballhaym: "Letter"?
hippitybobbity: LADY
koizom: I am the table!
DigitalSeahorse: well I guess it's not as much guess work as Castle
malc: Shoot mir
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Nightvalien28: hahhahaha
sethjharris: checkbook, you flipping milenials!!!
Stratavarius: I wouldn't get invitation by looking at that
Nightvalien28: paper must be linked to table
RagingTrees: i tried checkbook
Issurru: Jesus tapdancing christ, she's so dense
Saulens181: Shoot Mirror
FeaturingMe: !advice
LRRbot: Leave your death in the hands of others.
Caerlocc: Mirror must die!
PencilStroke: <---playing edh right now ^^
xaphon: cheer100 Alex shoot the mirror
ekimekim3000: "Check Mirror" Kappa
kpiozero: She's not dense, we're dealing with 2004 era voice reckgonition
Antipocalypse: alex is in control now
robo__nixon: Shooter McGavin
wildpeaks: we can't let a single mirror escape
FeaturingMe: LRRbot rude
DeusMachinaEx: Kiss mirror
Frednotbob: Wait until he presses the button and shout over his shoulder XD
DoktorLoy: !findquote mirror
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
RagingTrees: tell her to do a flip
IndigoVitare: Alex, obey your operator
hippitybobbity: "hug the mountain"
KOneSix: Damn it Alex shoot the mirror! My poor OCD!
All_mankind: the mirror dimension must be contained
Evil_Smurf: Draw dickbutt
Viewers_Like_You: But that could be the one mirror that has a secret!
Rhynerd: !findquote shoot
LRRbot: Quote #4015: "We can't shoot our friends' corpses? What's the point?" —Bengineering [2017-02-15]
kpiozero: Which really really does not give any *** for our operator's shenanigans
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t3h_f1gm3nt: someone call cyclopsboi or rockpusher!
AlonsoSwift: !badadvice
LRRbot: Keep your cards hidden.
Evil_Smurf: Siri shoot mirror
DeusMachinaEx: Alex, "Shoot mirror"
Talin06: turn on the projector
BITs19_: !advice
LRRbot: Over there, next to the thing.
xaphon: cheer500 With all my remaining bits, shoot the mirror!
Rhynerd: Good choice in quote, Lrrbot.
khuasta: why do we want to shoot or not shoot the mirror?
wildpeaks: lrrbot knows :D
DeusMachinaEx: "Cry"
sethjharris: !advice
LRRbot: Try being on fire.
Nightvalien28: khuasta tradition
Jensling: Not enough bits in the world? IS THAT A CHALLENGE? Kappa
malc: HAH
Gildan_Bladeborn: khuasta - because Ben has been making her shoot every other mirror we se.
Issurru: dat sass
DKS04Saturn: Damn, I arrived late :0
Gildan_Bladeborn: *see.
Macheya: What did she say?
wildpeaks: yesss
DeusMachinaEx: YEEEES!
kpiozero: Damnit Ben
xaphon: Okay, I'm happy now
hippitybobbity: NO Muh strem
Evil_Smurf: @deusmachinaex and I cry, oh my god do I cry
xaphon: Thank you Ben
kpiozero: When will your rampage against reflective surfaces end
thepandaman2000: projector?
RagingTrees: projector?
FeaturingMe: Now Ben... take a moment to reflect on what you've done
CrazyFishPerson: Yay. Go Ben Go
DoktorLoy: projector?
Kikazi: Alex, can you put that helmet on?
xaphon: Projector
Stratavarius: You can turn the projector on the table on, right?
Talin06: projector
hippitybobbity: FeaturingMe BOO
BasilHunter: Turn on Projector?
AlonsoSwift: Shoot Window!
TheElrad: check the table
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Quick5678: Projector?
KOneSix: Thank you Ben thank you Ben thank you Ben! OCD satisfied.
All_mankind: the war on space has entered a new stage
TStodden: Check Bathroom, Shoot Mirror?
codlinks78: ben at the final scenes "why dont we have enough bullets"
MadWaltz: cheer100 Good job Ben. You ended the mirror menace
DeusMachinaEx: Chat's will be done!
Evil_Smurf: Uppercut corpse
sleepyham: 666 viewers WutFace
Rhynerd: What did mirrors do to deserve this, again?
hippitybobbity: "kill six billion demons"
Frednotbob: Graham, if you're watching this, I apologize on behalf of chat for our reflective homicide.
solahwin_tampramain: @deusmachinaex on stream as it is in chat
t3h_f1gm3nt: @Frednotbob get out!
DeusMachinaEx: Projector, I barely know her!
Macheya: Don't look down, just keep your head, or you'll be finished.
FeaturingMe: Lifeline: Speculum Destructum
duaiwe: Projector? You brought her!
JediTransmit: What if Dark Souls had the same interface... [shudders]
DeusMachinaEx: Emergency Induction Port
Stratavarius: Well, that could've been more useful
ZeniteZero: Hallo, everyone lrrBEEJ
All_mankind: well that was basically Twitch Plays Dark Souls
AlonsoSwift: @JediTransmit Its camera controls might as well.
Frednotbob: @Macheya You'll either be finished, or commanded to shoot random reflective surfaces by a voice with a destructive mindset.
Saulens181: @jeditransmit There's always mods!
slazer2au: @DeusMachinaEx You mean straw?
Talin06: so... how can she walk if the ring is not spinning?
Kazman20a: did you figure out the tool on the chair?
DeusMachinaEx: EEEEEEEEmergency...
Macheya: @Frednotbob In that case, deploy lrrBEEJ
Quick5678: WALK SLOWER
hippitybobbity: dat suite sweet
BaronVonPoppinOff: Red light!
RagingTrees: somersault
FeaturingMe: JediTransmit: Strafe, Strafe, Backstab, Backstab, Block, Strafe, Strafe, Backstab
DoktorLoy: crawl!
TheElrad: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
BaronVonPoppinOff: Green light
GSCeurope: mosey
Mossballhaym: "Meander"
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codlinks78: can you commit suicide with voice commands?
Igorstrpes: Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow.
Antipocalypse: no
sethjharris: !moosey
Antipocalypse: Rio was mishearing that earlier, so you can't
Cantwearcats: wut
malc: uhhh
Dmc3628: beej is an emote now? i have missed the new emote announcement
sethjharris: oh, that should be a secret command
hippitybobbity: HWHU
Antipocalypse: wow
marcustulliuscicero14: What happens if you say "break fourth wall"?
BASEGray20: We married now?
Pteraspidomorphi: Creepy couple
Evil_Smurf: Let's get it on
ZeniteZero: I am still amazed at the precision in this game.
DeusMachinaEx: Password should have been: Shoot mirror
hippitybobbity: Cool Technology! (tm)
Earthenone: Shoot Shadow
Cantwearcats: This door is *** stupid
wildpeaks: worst door
robo__nixon: I am the terror that flaps in the night...
hippitybobbity: sick security though
Antipocalypse: [GAMEPLAY]
nattsan: This part, you have to trick it into thinking you say the poem at the same time, since you can't actully say it at the same time
Nightvalien28: this is hard
ekimekim3000: also that poem is...kinda clingy
rarermonsters: Because Doors Alex
Rhynerd: Oh, I read about this part, there's a major issue behind this poem...
susucr: 2003 poetry NotLikeThis
All_mankind: are we playing the Monopoly Man?
Dared00: god, this is so stupid
TalecArashi: lmaoooo
silenceaux: Thank you Ben for trying
rarermonsters: It's romantic Alex
GSCeurope: hehe
KOneSix: Ben is right.
jakale: can you imagine being the honeymoon couple and having to do this elborate door unlocking each time you needed to grab something from your room?
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Cw3040: We're playing Monopoly?
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BonSequitur: "Look, it's pretty weird for me too" the writing is what saves this game isn't it
Foxmar320: :(
Glenn_Seto: with feeling alex, it's l'amor
hippitybobbity: This poem sounds like Ayn Rand wrote it
cairistiona13: even the very sunlight i want to monopolise
rarermonsters: And the game has now turned into a really frustrating couples date
Rhynerd: You can't speak when Rio speaks, so you have to trick the game into thinking that you're saying the poem at the same time as Rio.
All_mankind: it's like the synchronization episode in Evangelion and we're Asuka
Evil_Smurf: Now kiss
FeaturingMe: Chat talks to Ben, Ben talks to Alex, Alex talks to Rio... Why do I feel like this is getting complicated
DeusMachinaEx: Alex: Follow instructions
cairistiona13: shadow cast in sunlight?
silenceaux: "Even the very shadow you cast in sunlight, I want to monopolize"
wildpeaks: "Now monopolize"
DrasonSpike: ITs supose to be cute for the couple to do
Evil_Smurf: Hey @digitalseahorse let's play monopolies
Glenn_Seto: "I want to monopolize dat ass"
ZeniteZero: Hallelujah
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrGOAT
KOneSix: Nice work Ben.
FarleyF: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Lifeline (rating 100%)
Cantwearcats: "Now say it together, backwards"
Gildan_Bladeborn: Because this is a PS2 Survival Horror game Alex. Ordinarily, they would have just designed the worst possible controls humanly imaginable, but because THIS game has the whole "voice control" gimmick, they designed the interface and puzzles to be as annoying as they possibly can be.
BaronVonPoppinOff: Are.. are you married now? Mazel tov?
cairistiona13: thank god
codlinks78: lrrAWESOME
sgowell: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:54:02.
slazer2au: !game good
KOneSix: Now repeat it in Pig Latin BEEP.