arandomview: Is this a Porte Rican cartoon?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Bond?
Gekyouryuu: cheer100 unrelated to current game, I'm curious Doctor Alex: I know you dislike game flashlights with battery life. how do you feel about one where there's visible battery life, but the battery and light amount only degrade as acts of the game progress?
AdmiralMemo: !highlight this is happening
Golfballof17: Uhhhhh
Perivale: erm
ylegm: I'll be lucky yo not fall asleep by the time this intro is over
countz3r0: mmm Tropical drinks
Skyboss1996: AAAH
dreaminginautumn: cheer100 New No Man's Sky DLC? I like the addition of story
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Zeke229: is that Reggie?
loopie120: @dialMforMara Damn...
Perivale: is that putin?
redpillbluepil: Vladimir Putin and Serena Williams?
Avengir: lrrSPOOP
Jake_the_guy: WHAT
therm0s_: What are up with his hands
Vanbael: that person's head is too big!
nullrush: what is HAPPENING?!
Undertowst: When does the 'game' part of this begin?
the_lone_bard: Thaaaaaaaat sure is a texture.
Nightvalien28: beach commercial
rarermonsters: UUmmm... Brazilians... is that how you see White People?
All_mankind: now the real monsters begin
Kramburger: Nice mirrored texture, buddy
adamjford: This is *** incredible.
wildpeaks: suddendly, space skeleton
zarbit: Commercials?
Psychic_Ketchup: This is way more upsetting than the monster
Golfballof17: His face is doing too many things
EikoandMog: !pardonfuck
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Dragoniangirl: what's wrong with that man's hands?!
DigitalSeahorse: that the dev's face?
Gothic_Monkey: somehow giant head man is more terrifying to me than the eye monsters
ZelaFlow: Is this actually just a movie?
Domidwarcer: this is creepier then brain monster thing
Splash4Mirrodin: k
hippitybobbity: Shia Leboeuf!
Cantwearcats: Who the *** are you and what's wrong with your head-and now this. Good.
Avengir: What is this?
Famout: This is going places, no idea where, but places
The_Jenx: Poor guy seems lost.
MT_Storm: This is amazing.
richard_ermen: in how it jumps between scenes :D
ConchShell_VII: Hey, I just realized: Is there... game?
Skyboss1996: Uh huh?
Mijnheer: I see we have walked around enough, and now the triggers are occurring lrrSPOOP
gravitycannon: 'leave me and my discreetly pregnant brazillian girlfriend alone!'
wildpeaks: I'm sorry, *glowing* space skeleton
Felipe_Modesto: We're doing Mistery Science Theater 3000 today right?
Akivans: as a spanish speaking person, i can half understand what they are saying, and i am scared
TrakoGamer: no me gusta (I don't know any Portuguese)
thecanerdian: smash cut to a bleached white HOLY *** IS THAT THING FLYING IN SPACE
The_cake_of_lies: Ah yes the space skeleton, how could I forget?
glued_to_the_stream: Ahh... it has no ass!!
fourcardcombosuicide: @The_cake_of_lies The game is "A Big Space Mess"
nebulosDisconcertion: Abrupt drop in coherence
Avengir: Burn this with fire. Just end it.
TrakoGamer: BYE
countz3r0: snatchin' women
AdmiralMemo: Mensu Beam?
bi0buster: Space skeletons... So it's a necron? Kappa
ekimekim3000: this *is* Spore 2
Dmc3628: Alien Skeltin
Skyboss1996: Half a skeleton deathclaw?
wildpeaks: that man has a strong arm o.O
Golfballof17: MENSUUU BEAM
Blizzinam: I do not understand. Any of this. lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Avengir: Is that ... us?
Compleatly: @avengir no we have to see it through
sleepyham: wtf
Vanbael: he has a strong arm
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: putin has weird gloves
Splash4Mirrodin: lol
cheetoJack: is there even any game in this?
Vanbael: WUT
Foxmar320: hahaaa wow
Aname_was_taken: lol
MasterTacoHunter: Early concept for tyranids
Skyboss1996: Chicken?
cheetoJack: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos (rating 46%)
Kaus_Jason: I tabbed back out of curiosity and immidiately regret it
Foxmar320: wut
Dragoniangirl: oh noes! my waifu!
DigitalSeahorse: monsters are better looking anyway
TrakoGamer: wow
countz3r0: ITS DOC CHICKEN
beatrix_plotter: SURE. Ok.
beregolas: Coconut to Orbit in under 2 secunds?
indy91: He did everything he could
ekimekim3000: or possibly Frog Fractions 4
Gothic_Monkey: that animation
adamjford: What. Is. Going. On.
crazycommie87: Now we have a story!
Hotliquidjello: i hope that this is all cinematic and there is no gameplay
Felipe_Modesto: The guy is going to enlist into the "space marines" to save his girlfriend
All_mankind: is Badly Rotoscoped Putin our player character?
hascow: this IS Rick and Morty!
Golfballof17: Ha
Barb4rian: lrrFINE
Gekyouryuu: Is this Frog Fractions 3?
Undertowst: Is there a game part to this 'game'? Because it seems like this is just a video....
couldntpickausername: I legit love this game
BusTed: That sure is a stylistic choice.
Six108: WAT?
Jlhonors: 100 to 200% real quick.
HugeHorseDongus: The line has been crossed
Nightvalien28: he is registering to the special forces to rescue his GF
FlyingWithSnakes: what the *** is happen
TrakoGamer: suddenly Hotline Miami
Blizzinam: I just dont understand
SloMoJFish: is this actually a game or a Brazillian kids show?
jonlevir: Is this Spanish Robot Chicken?
ViczIA: please choose a design aesthetic
wildpeaks: I powerfully love this game already
redpillbluepil: What is this crossover?!!!
PunkRockZoologist: WTF Brasil?!
Gothic_Monkey: he said pizza
virre_: !pardonfuck
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Famout: Graham, he is is using ALL lanes
J4Y_4NDY: is this still the intro?
Felipe_Modesto: The man's current job is Pizza delivery man
glued_to_the_stream: When does the game start?
FeaturingMe: Pick any lane, as long as it is ONE
beregolas: Top lane all the way
Dmc3628: are you serious Modesto???? Space MARINES??!?!
SamanthaVess: It's General Tso
SAJewers: can we add that as a quote?
wench_tacular: drugs?
couldntpickausername: at least this isn't an asset flip
Lithobraker: Annnnd Thats where the animation budget ran out
Kramburger: I'm getting the feeling there might not be many voice actors in this game
hippitybobbity: This is all entirely too strange
Nightvalien28: he is a pizza delivery man
Avengir: All the lanes, Graham. All of them.
Emergent_os: This reminds me of
Golfballof17: So to be clear, Alex has done NOTHING so far, right?
Explorer785: this guy looks so distressed
kpiozero: I'm. I'm very confuzzled right now
Darth_Wooper: !highlight pick a lane!
Crad0k: !highlight pick a lane!
The_cake_of_lies: @fourcardcombosuicide I am not convinced this is a game yet ;P
Godofmuffins: This gets more and more insane the further we get.
ATravellingMan: cheer50 This is taking so many sharp turns I'm getting whiplash.
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh hey, it's Colonel Sanders
Skyboss1996: Can't pick a lane if you're in every lane!
Blizzinam: !pardonfuck
theRomanoid: I'm more and more scared to see what is the gameplay here.
lairoflore: i walked away for maybe 2 minutes and now mother brain has been replaced by putin and a cartoon chcken?
Pteraspidomorphi: He's a pizza delivery guy
LessSkunksThanEstimated: I have No *** idea what is going on
dr_shandor: I am not high enough for this
Compleatly: @Nightvalien28 did mother brain just kidnap putin's girlfriend?
Foxmar320: wait wat
DennyMcG: I went to get a drink, and now I'm so much more confused than when I left
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Pick a Lane kappa80
GhassanPL: This game has more intro than MGS
Navi_Chem: Suddenly game
Reecer6: Oh, gameplay?
EightBitArcher: that wonderful moment you log into a watch and play stream... and.... yeah
Foxmar320: Gameplay?!
Pteraspidomorphi: That's like Hiro Protagonist!
Skyboss1996: wat
therm0s_: Wait
ConchShell_VII: *** A GAME
Nightvalien28: Compleatly yup
BusTed: I saw 🍕
arandomview: This obviously has a deep meaning.
beatrix_plotter: What is this even?
virre_: lol
hascow: "METER CHUMBO"
GroutNASA: !highlight pickalane
wildpeaks: we don't play the space monster though, aww
therm0s_: It's a sidescroller
the_lone_bard: Wait THIS is the gameplay that follows that....
Gothic_Monkey: METER CHUMBO
The_Jenx: Hey, you know when that one episode of FLCL just let each of the animators switch to their style midway through the scene? This is NOTHING like that!
spicydungus: ok i understand now
Psychic_Ketchup: When you start taking orders from a cartoon chicken, you've gone too far
gravitycannon: ughhh...??
t3h_f1gm3nt: its a gradius clone?
DoodlestheGreat: What the f**k am I watching?
Reibwyr: oh shit, there's game play?
azninsect: the art direction...changed somewhat
Golfballof17: Mwter
DennyMcG: What the ***
All_mankind: now the game truly begins
loopie120: @LoadingReadyRun this looks like adult swim original programming
Jake_the_guy: fish?
TwilightAvalon: and now its Gradius!
Tskarrox: is that the creators face as a texture?
LessSkunksThanEstimated: Meter chumbo
VAB0L0: Just got here, and whaaaaaaat dafuq?
vorodar: This is totally not the gameplay I expected.
dylan16807: I wanted to be the mother brain
angryoptimist: Suddenly..... R-Type?
Skyboss1996: Flying fish
beatrix_plotter: Is that a tampon on that sign?
Golfballof17: meter chumbo
the_lone_bard: I don't know what type of game I was expecting but it wasn't this.
0x6772: Side-scrolling shooter was NOT what I expected after all that.
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Pick a lane
Laserbeaks_Fury: chu chu chu chu chu
hascow: this is amazing
rarermonsters: Translator's note Keikaku means Chumbo
Felipe_Modesto: the game is telling you you have limited ammo!
DigitalSeahorse: looks like a team that had both 2D artists and 3D artists and they didn't want to leave anyone out
WNivek: After all that, it's just a shmup?
Gothic_Monkey: this is now the greatest game on earth
FeaturingMe: Enemies look a little fishy :o
imat156: Ummm...I just got here...What is the floating motorcycle?
ZelaFlow: Limited Ammo
asthanius: This reminds me of that Sunfish game
beregolas: what... the... ******..... ???
virre_: ummm
virre_: !adult
LRRbot: I need a better adult!
bi0buster: What is any of this?
Niallsb: Graham, I need you to be honest with me. Is this Frog Fractions 3? You legally have to tell me if this is Frog Fractions 3
couldntpickausername: move the mouse cursor please
AlonsoSwift: So this is Brazilian Cho Aniki?
TrakoGamer: what does the sign say about planets?
beregolas: This answers none of my questions...
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rustenskurk: Oh this game looks bad
SupernormalStep: Graham you made a mistake, this is a good game.
J4Y_4NDY: I think you only have limited bullets
Foxmar320: this is amazing
shroompants: you have ammo... or something
Dared00: Is the music stolen from somewhere? Because it's uncomparable to the rest of the game.
2d20: Of all the possible game genres, sidescrolling shooter was the last I expected
ConchShell_VII: It does actually
Iraeda: on the bright side... it's nota shitty platformer?
SAJewers: is this an original song?
wildpeaks: frog fractions 3 ? :D
PunkRockZoologist: How did it get weirder.
Procrastronauts: It literally does look like 12 Oz Mouse
Nightvalien28: AlonsoSwift yes
af0z: This looks like the Kanye fish game
All_mankind: the art direction is more confused than Revenge of the Sunfish
samwonk: I wouldn't even begin to know how to make Unity do something like this.
DeusMachinaEx: What in the name of everything good and tasteful have I tuned into?
Mattmitchell45: In this World, all Car Accidents are Caused by Reading Street Signs
Felipe_Modesto: The signs say "no monsters, aliens and other stuff at the beach"
ReynardWrecker: I just home from work at half ten in the evening, and I am already so happy about this.
AdmiralMemo: (I kind of just wanted to see if I could do LRRbot commands AND cheer at the same time.)
Skyboss1996: what the actuall eff is going on anymore?
Compleatly: @AlonsoSwift No. This is too awesome to be representative of Brazilian culture.
Golfballof17: Oh dear God, so many pickups
Splash4Mirrodin: @Nightvalien28 I'm sorry you are translating for this....thing
hippitybobbity: AH BOBBIT WORMS
TStodden: Limited Ammo? In a shooter!?
couldntpickausername: please move the mouse.
Splash4Mirrodin: xD
Orgmastron: GREEN FLAME
Jake_the_guy: each shoot is like 5 bullet
Baronvonjooj: This looks like Gradius is you were also fighting a bunch of free 2d assets
Nightvalien28: Splash4Mirrodin so am I
Skyboss1996: Flying lobsters and shrimp
Splash4Mirrodin: lol
Inquisitor_Xian: the enemies are exploding in to question marks........same.
SAJewers: what are the 2 bars at the top?
Skyboss1996: Crabs
Notimagain: cheer100 Well this is a ... thing
Reecer6: No Newman's Sky DLC?
tl_ampharos: I can barely watch this thanks to lag issues, and somehow that's making this even more magical
couldntpickausername: what is that black thing on the right side
Kramburger: Graham, mic's edging in
rarermonsters: Don't you just love it when games have no content so they give you a million varieties of pickup
hascow: I have just been staring at the screen for a while with my hands on the keyboard having no idea what to say, and then I decided to just say this.
crazycommie87: Music sounds like remixed F-Zero or Star Fox to me
Arclight_Dynamo: But why does the motorcycle fly?
Skyboss1996: something green?
Dragoniangirl: attack their weak points for massive damage
Astra7525: oh there's ammo
redpillbluepil: What do the signs say?
Felipe_Modesto: So what happened to the Alien monster looking for a job?
Foxmar320: What is anything in this game
bi0buster: Tubajato-O!
The_cake_of_lies: And how exactly is this related to the story?
ZelaFlow: You have limited ammo, btw
Splash4Mirrodin: I thought the new CoD was a WWII game Kappa Kappa
Avengir: If you're going to have english start button, why no english in game... at all?
InquisitorJL: @Nightvalien28, does this actually make more sense when you can understand the words?
Baronvonjooj: Yeah, thats ammo
wildpeaks: suddendly, ckickens
virre_: Life and Force there, I understand things
TwilightAvalon: cheer50 This was an interesting direction for CrusinUSA
Nightvalien28: InquisitorJL nope
AdmiralMemo: Is that a burrito or a couch?
Undertowst: Why is the image for that a tampon?
MT_Storm: Hold button!
Golfballof17: CHICKEN
arandomview: This is obviously a social commentary. What is it about? You won't understand anyway.
Felipe_Modesto: Fogo == FIRE
TrakoGamer: this is a weird happy wheels mod
J4Y_4NDY: I think Silibrina is ammo
Darth_Wooper: Chickens!
gravitycannon: why was a fly moterbike enct explained in that whole cutscene?
Skyboss1996: Chickens! and a turkey?
asthanius: Save the animals from the evil Dr. Robotnik
superherofae: okay what is this game again, I need to send it to a friend like, right now
couldntpickausername: FOGO!!!
Pteraspidomorphi: It's hard to translate most of the signs because they're just silly semi-jokes
Mijnheer: Y'know, for some reason we're a motorcycle, flying above a road. Wouldn't it be more logical to have the game be top-down with us driving down the road? lrrSLOTH
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couldntpickausername: this game is amazing
Nightvalien28: the bottom bar seems to be ammunition
Skyboss1996: Giant Lobseter!
countz3r0: SCRIMP!
Emergent_os: This reminds me of Warren Spector's talk about Deus Ex, where he recalled creating two separate design teams, each with its own lead. It was so bad, that the teams were called Team 1 and Team A, because neither would tolerate being called B, or 2. Who knows how many designers worked on this game...
AdmiralMemo: kappa50 I think this is a Fins of the Father mod now. :-D
SupernormalStep: Fogo = Frag out
Baldrash: He's very against lean protein.
shroompants: out of ammo
HatTheButcher rolls into chat. Whats going on in this thread? Are you guys shitposting?
Nightvalien28: the top one health I think?
SamanthaVess: Hey now, you're a lobstar!
rarermonsters: So guys how exactly did Graham manage to find Brazilian Frog Fractions?
Jimrabbit: i went to fold my laundry and I return VERY confused
Hotliquidjello: lean protein can die, apparently
Dared00: We are Touhou now
Gothic_Monkey: i want there to be an english version, cause i would buy this so fast
DennyMcG: Mijnheer shhh, logic has no place in this game.
ReynardWrecker: Ah the little-explored crossover between extreme sports sims and bullet hell shooters...
Skyboss1996: Just...
yomidian: oh hi fae. please tell me your target will stream it.
rustenskurk: I am reminded of Fins of Our Fathers
eric_christian_berg: Did I have a stroke?
aerobeing: Those were all the things there were said.
Felipe_Modesto: The dude's name is "Waldisglédson"
CaptainEnder7: Homarids!
WNivek: Wall Of Fish sounds like a Dadaist gameshow
tl_ampharos: I'm pretty sure the /game/ is shitposting at this point
Jake_the_guy: out of ammo
All_mankind: i honestly think this was made by someone who played Revenge of the Sunfish and thought "i can do better"
bigcore917: Looks like the crosses are ammo
tl_ampharos: Like this game is literally a shitpost
Skyboss1996: I dunno man. Frag out.
demondrinkingtea: Alex you have limited ammo thats what the crosshair things are
J4Y_4NDY: Bottom Bar is Ammo
Quintondreaming: Yeah, you're running out of ammo
ekimekim3000: this actually looks like someone's really cool school project
eric_christian_berg: Anyone else seeing this?
FeaturingMe: at least the wall is ef-fish-iently providing cover
EightBitArcher: Graham "they're also hiding behind this wall of fish" Stark
Desdae: I think you have limited ammo
redpillbluepil: I've double tabbed acid and it wasn't as weird as this.
EikoandMog: You're out of ammo.
bi0buster: It looks like you have ammo.
richard_ermen: I think Bomba de Meu Bem is your ammunition og which you´ve mostly run out
Jake_the_guy: stop fireing all the time alex
TheGreyRabbit: This actually looks pretty not bad. Nonsensical. But a fun time waster
glued_to_the_stream: You have limited ammo
aerobeing: Eric_christian_berg, are you OK?
jonlevir: You're out of ammo
fiftymcnasty: The bottom bar seems to be ammo
cheetoJack: Nightvalien28 is there any cultural context that makes this make more sense, or is it just LOL RANDOM?
MasterTacoHunter: Lost sealab 2021 episode?
elah806: I feel like I remember hearing them designing this game on Cool Games Inc
Felipe_Modesto: The game mentioned you would run out of bullets quickly so you should manage it...
AlonsoSwift: Actually, I'm just convinced that this is Touhou 16 and the series took a REAL sharp turn.
Foxmar320: LOL
thavleifrim: oh is the green bar ammo?
SamanthaVess: I think the top two bars are health and ammo
Quintondreaming: Top bar is health, bottom ammo?
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PandasAndPancakes: This is a perfect visualisation of Weird Twitter
Under_5core: There's an ammo bar.
Nightvalien28: cheetoJack nope
ZelaFlow: You have health and ammo bars
ufo6300: the bottom bar seems to be ammo
demondrinkingtea: The upper bar looks like health / armour
superherofae: I will absolutely force a friend to stream it yes
nullrush: do you have another gun?
beregolas: the top are a heart-bar and an ammo bar?
rarermonsters: Say what you will about this game... I prefer it's art design over Touhou project
crazycommie87: Why would you have limited ammo for a game like this?
hascow: top bar is health and bottom bar is ammo
ConchShell_VII: I think we're already dead, Alex
SirElgar: meters at top are health and ammo
countz3r0: egg bullet
eric_christian_berg: I... don't know. Do you see mecha-lobster, too?
glued_to_the_stream: THe targets are your ammo
gravitycannon: im slowly into this now. its kinda magical
Skyboss1996: wat?
arandomview: Now I'm waiting for you to play E.T.
RavingPenguin: I go to make cupcakes and I come back to whatever the hell this is
bi0buster: Why would you have limited ammo in a sidescrolling shooter?
kynelwynn: You'rte out of ammo
zarbit: I thought we were getting hitstunned
LordShadner: I think the second bar is Ammo
wildpeaks: it's from the game ? I was assuming it was Alex
af0z: Maybe there are too many objects on screen for you to be able to shoot
SniperPumpkin: Why would you make a sidescrolling shooter with AMMO?
jonlevir: You have limited ammo
Laserbeaks_Fury: or there's ammo
fFailureatlife: what's going on
Foxmar320: ummmmmmm
TheNeRD14: Is the second bar ammo?
Punching_Bag: Bullets seem to recharge so don't fire all the time
johnhelix: Man, this is the BEST.
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DolGrenn: You're going to DPS very, very slowly!
Famout: The second bar is ammo
UnhingedBear: The second bar is ammo.
Jake_the_guy: ammo
jonlevir: Ammunition is a thing in this game
valoopy: You're out of ammo fam
Nightvalien28: you can run out of ammo
Iraeda: wedid it?
Famout: The cross icon
TrakoGamer: is municao ammunition?
Ambitious_Sloth: The number on the second bar is your ammo it seems.
Arclight_Dynamo: Do you have limited ammo?
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: THE bottom bar is ammo
DigitalSeahorse: pencil sharpeners?
Navi_Chem: limited ammo G*
richard_ermen: It was missing ammunition points.
AdmiralMemo: kappa50 Please help us Salmontha
vilun: the bottom bar is ammo, right?
wildpeaks: dancing space squids
Gothic_Monkey: ammo in this type of game? huh
SirElgar: second meter at top is your ammo
Golfballof17: That whale forgot how to whale
krognar: looks like the bottom bar is ammo?
beregolas: you actually have limited ammo
korvys: No, the second bar looks like ammo, and you were out
theRomanoid: 2nd line is bullets you have probably
Skyboss1996: SHARK
jonlevir: So maybe don't fire all the time
SloMoJFish: I think Raio da Silibrina is amma
bi0buster: Oh hey is SSH back in town?
CaptainEnder7: Limited ammo looks like
Bryghtside: I'd
All_mankind: more Waldisglédson plz
vilun: and the targets are ammo pick ups
truehippy: I know this song. It was in a Dreamcast game
NarishmaReborn: second bar def ammo
Emergent_os: Designers had an argument on the subject of "how much sea fauna is enough".
tl_ampharos: There it goes, now I can actually watch the dang thing
helgridr: you have limited ammo
Dumori: You ran out of ammo the crosshairs are ammo
SloMoJFish: ammo*
cairistiona13: top bar health, bottom bar ammo. also hi shark
AdmiralMemo: !highlight DPS very very slowly
eric_christian_berg: I think you were out of ammo.
LRRbot: Highlight added.
hippitybobbity: Sick Midi guitar friend
Macheya: Commence the jigglin'!
TheGreyRabbit: MORE DOTS! lrrDOTS
glued_to_the_stream: Shoot slower
Reibwyr: is the red reticle your ammo?
WerdnaRac: Second bar is ammo
arandomview: Now, play E.T.
dialMforMara: happy little tree squid
beatrix_plotter: Jesus, Weebl's Stuff, I used to love them
Gothic_Monkey: That shark is more reminding me of "Rather good stuff"
SarunasZukauskas: Don't shoot if you don't need to, the bottom number is your ammo count
Foxmar320: Boiss robo shark lol
BlueMechanic: is it a shark with a laser beam attached to it's frickin head
senorrodrod: Cheer 50 think we found Richard hammockslam's secret game project
tl_ampharos: The fact that this game has limited ammo is kinda baffling
wildpeaks: ttbh when you see a flying robot shark, you don't need to know the language
The_cake_of_lies: @LavenderExtract I think this game may actually be hell
Astra7525: who the eff build a sidescrolling shooter with ammo
DennyMcG: That reminds me of the shark robot thing from James and the Giant Peach
Mewyabby: Stop wasting shots.
TrakoGamer: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS have more bullast
tl_ampharos: Why would a game like this actually have ammo restrictions?
LavenderExtract: @The_cake_of_lies I think you may be correct
wildpeaks: More dots
bi0buster: CORN
Skyboss1996: Cool?
spicydungus: ok then
Felipe_Modesto: That bullet type is called Silibirina Ray, you had 0 for a while
Foxmar320: SURE
SloMoJFish: Yay?
Kramburger: Okay, this just became MISERABLE
All_mankind: well this took an unexected turn
Skyboss1996: Did we win?
mnemonicman: uh wat now?
Pteraspidomorphi: "Save?"
Mr_Horrible: you can't just limit ammo in 2017, man! lrrBEEJ
demondrinkingtea: The upper right stuff is the enemy bars by the looks of it
RobertMerlow: Who makes a bullet hell with limited ammo?
Felipe_Modesto: You just saved your progress
Nightvalien28: do you wish to save?
Golfballof17: Woo?
TrakoGamer: uh
FeaturingMe: His shark game was quite strong, and he wasn't even made of glass
Baronvonjooj: oh there are a LOT of levels
the_lone_bard: Limited ammo is like a bonus challenge in a bullet hell. Like the limited punches/kicks mode in Bayonetta. You can't just make that part of the main game.
AdmiralMemo: MOAR DOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS
hippitybobbity: save game
vorodar: By the way - if you didn't notice - your health also slowly drains.
BusTed: Tutorial level complete.
bigcore917: CORN
mnemonicman: the pig isn't unlocked?
TheGreyRabbit: Gun needs a faster recharge. THen this would be the perfect game
tl_ampharos: Oh, because that's good design.
Felipe_Modesto: "This is a job for..... (dude's name"
Pteraspidomorphi: "This is a job for Waldisgledson in his flying motorcycle!"
TStodden: Can we back out to options to switch to Engrish?
VAB0L0: Can a man... be corn?
Mr_Horrible: @admiralmemo okey stop dots lrrCIRCLE
mikialice: Definitely the weirdest Portuguese/Brazilian Portuguese game I've seen.... but laser sharks though!
wildpeaks: looks like we used space jump :D
vilun: more De Niros needed
FITorion: Not enough Robert De Niro
Mijnheer: Welp, this escalated quicker than Gurren Lagann Kappa
tl_ampharos: I'm not going to lie this looks like happy wheels, shmup style
Procrastronauts: @tstodden, in a Brazilian game, lolno
rustenskurk: Are we playing Salmontha?
Akivans: municao means ammo
TheNeRD14: Oh no... the health carries over too
koizom: How did any of this connect to the monsters in the beginning?
Pteraspidomorphi: mikialice, were you here for the previous brazilian game in W+P?
senorrodrod: cheer50 this has to be Richard hammockslam's secret game project
wildpeaks: "Health & Bullets" could be a good game name
TrakoGamer: thanks Akivans
TrakoGamer: that's what I guessed
MasterTacoHunter: Bevis and butthead do South America
FeaturingMe: This isn't nearly as bad as some of the regular W&P lrrGARBO
Skyboss1996: Robot OP, PLs Nerf
Golfballof17: Bender, please
TheOneCalledStu: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 40:54.
loopie120: Floop is a madman! Help us! Save us!
Jake_the_guy: what
tl_ampharos: So...I've mentioned this is absolutely beautiful, right?
TheOneCalledStu: what
spicydungus: wut
Alness49: A Space Pirate, duh!
wildpeaks: WAT
nullrush: Is that the dad from jimmy neutron?
AdmiralMemo: I mean, this game is functional and competent at least
TrakoGamer: sorry what
Aname_was_taken: this game is strange
Agarwalr42: Oh good god
SloMoJFish: cutscene
redpillbluepil: PICK A LANE
Baronvonjooj: Jesus Christo!
ConchShell_VII: I guess we'll never know
Foxmar320: Space Pirate?!
SAJewers: wut
virre_: Is that a missionary?
TrakoGamer: BlessRNG
arandomview: Can we have a break from all this to watch bill wurtz's new video?
countz3r0: oh *** Jesus name drop
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: why does the pirate have a luger?
Skyboss1996: Space Jehovas Whitness
wildpeaks: Jesus is a space pirate
ekimekim3000: the music again...
TwilightAvalon: Jesus Christo!
MCJiopur: wut
tl_ampharos: oh my god that is a literal space pirate
Laserbeaks_Fury: The COunt of Jesus Cristo
RavingPenguin: A part of me wish I knew what they were saying, but most of me is real glad I don't
The_cake_of_lies: Ah yes the mid-combat cutscene
Lithobraker: AdmiralMemo I take issue with your definition of competent
t3h_f1gm3nt: did he just ask for a pizza?
TheGreyRabbit: !game flawless
Flea_Hastings: Pizza?
Knightlyvalor: Graham picking up his wrestling commentary voice. :-)
SpacePotato01: also note that that pirate is huge
duaiwe: I’m having a stroke, aren’t I. This is me having a stroke.
suspendsearch: Game of the year right here
UnhingedBear: Even though I cannot understand, I approve.
fFailureatlife: is that the Messiah
BusTed: 🍕
bi0buster: Graham you need to give this to Ian and Beej.
solahwin_tampramain: new game
couldntpickausername: can someone please explain this to me?
glued_to_the_stream: It sue Julioa
samwonk: I honestly can't think of the drug cocktail that could produce this idea.
Pteraspidomorphi: He's explaining the intro again
Steelwolf171: Whatever you say, Space Pirate...Jesus?
vorodar: I'ts like I'm watching a spanish soap opera. In Spanish. But it's actually terrible.
tl_ampharos: I don't think an explanation exists, username.
the_lone_bard: I love how the motorbike is apparently made of two seperate halves.
Gothic_Monkey: i don't think we could if we tried
countz3r0: I think you character is a Pizza Delivery Person
Kramburger ticks of dumbfounded silence on his bingo card
AdmiralMemo: Lithobraker I mean, it functions the way it's supposed to... :-D
fFailureatlife: are we all having simultaneous strokes?
virre_: Yeah this most be Matters of Import game
MT_Storm: I can understand it and it makes this WORSE
glued_to_the_stream: *Juliao
EightBitArcher: remember that platformer with the food? i don't know why but this seriously reminds me of that platformer with the food....
aerobeing: So, this is basically the Cowboy Bebop reboot?
AlonsoSwift: Are we gonna have a scrap?
zarbit: Was that a drug name?
LarkSachrosis: They mentioned Jesus, that's all I got.
DeusMachinaEx: He said cum
TStodden: What Spanish? This is Portuguese...
Nightvalien28: praise be jesus, peace brother, I am a delivery man, tell me what brings you here, I was dating someone and they kidnapped her, I can join you but need two things, a knife and a something in the zone 1 and 1-1
Anaerin: The spanish that's being spoken doesn't match the scrolling titles.
Iraeda: is it me or do the voices not match the text?
delta__vee: woah, that text scroll actually clipped
tl_ampharos: a pizza delivery shmup delivering to space pirate jesus christ.
Punching_Bag: If you go collect some stuff he will join you
solahwin_tampramain: @bi0buster yas!!
All_mankind: i promise it's not the foreign language but this is beginning to remind me of Alejandro Jodorowsky's movies
DeusMachinaEx: That's all I got out of that
tl_ampharos: This is beautiful.
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TrakoGamer: I had Spanish in high school, Portuguese is similar yet very different and it's confusing me
Niallsb: Why wasn't the Star Wars theme playing?
superherofae: Seriously though what's this game actually called? I need to find it now
MadWaltz: I don't speak the language, but I can tell the game is in need of an editor
Felipe_Modesto: That other dude is a "cangaceiro" a traditional Brazilian archetype tough guy from the past
delta__vee: the text didn't just disappear when its centerline hit the viewport :D
Emergent_os: It feels, that game designer and screenwriter have never talked to each other, during the game's development.
asthanius: I think that was death and you literally saw Jesus
asthanius: It said "Jesus Christo"
BusTed: Like shooting the asteroid with the face in Starfox!
The_Irish_Blaggard: You never turn your front wheel.. you just bend your bike in the middle
vilun: why does that chicken have teeth?
FlyingWithSnakes: why do i feel like knowing portugese wouldn't improve my understanding of hat's going on at all
wildpeaks: that chiken man seems to have anger issues
zarbit: Also, this music is totally Mega Man X
tl_ampharos: It kinda is!
Skyboss1996: Yeah!
mogling: Have you tried going left?
bi0buster: I really, really want to see how this would be received on matters of import.
The_cake_of_lies: You got killed by dialogue?
TrakoGamer: spaice bike
Noodles_15: why is there english in the menus and nowhere else?
DeusMachinaEx: What's the deal with Chicken Castro anyway?
Splash4Mirrodin: !advice
LRRbot: Don't ever explain yourself to the chat.
thefileclerk: WUT
richard_ermen: What happens on ENTER? Is there a coop-mode ?
countz3r0: at least teh music is jaunty
wildpeaks: !game space ham
glued_to_the_stream: Is that ping pong noise?
TrakoGamer: oh my god, imagine a Richter bullethell game
Skyboss1996: Damn, it Hammockslam!
Felipe_Modesto: What's hidden behind the "ENTER" text?
hippitybobbity: Are you shooting BEEEES
LarkSachrosis: @zarbit which level?
zarbit: I'd know that metal gallop anywhere
Compleatly: we should make Ian and Beej play this on "Non-Japan" import night.
AdmiralMemo: Compleatly Totally
samwonk: This game has stunlocked my brain.
ufo6300: those gloopy bombs were 10 ammo each, and useless
zarbit: Oh, just a general run-dun-dun-dun style
gravitycannon: this star fox mod is terrible
asthanius: "pretend"
ConchShell_VII: Okay what'd I miss? Nonsense? Yeah, I figured.
Foxmar320: To much on screen lol
rarermonsters: Graham, thank you for admitting you can't do a Zoidberg voice unlike every other comedian on the internet
Skyboss1996: Hello, angry head?
fFailureatlife: and are jewish
wildpeaks: is the robot having a pistol really your main question ?
thecanerdian: Graham's Zoidberg strays into Winston Churchill, which is kind of great
Perivale: !goleft
LordManiMani: these assets remind me of mighty no 9 lrrBEEJ
glued_to_the_stream: Its the BOSS!!!!!
The_Irish_Blaggard: The chicken teeth are really unsettling
loopie120: @wildpeaks yes
AdmiralMemo: At Tech Support, I've made a background of that. "Your prank is bad and you should feel bad."
Anaerin: Welcome to Ikaruga.
couldntpickausername: this game is a 10yo's sketch book made reality and it is glorious
wildpeaks: fair
LarkSachrosis: It's "potato stuck in the throat" instead of "marbles in mouth".
Tregelen: this is like manos where i can atleast appreciate the effort
Jake_the_guy: what is game
the_lone_bard: I feel like this hand drawn cartoon stuff is from a different, better game.
nullrush: having "special" ammo that reverts back to basic ammo is fine
MCJiopur: I think you could cut the word "design" out
The_cake_of_lies: Making this game was a terrible decision
arandomview: Wow, it's like bad Gorillaz
vorodar: Graham, you're right but "terrible" is completely in line with the rest of the game. At least it's consistent.
richard_ermen:´s a garbage game. Of course it´s terrible :D
aerobeing: The ammo is limited because it's a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod.
Astra7525: I doubt there were any design "decisions" made
thefileclerk: exposition robot!
Foxmar320: wut
shroompants: oh hey its Let it die
ReliableGoblin: Now this guy will have 5 minutes of exposition
zarbit: Thank you Leels
All_mankind: i THINK picking up weapon powerups makes yoiur bullets run out faster. so now if we could figure out which those are
SnowB0und: cheer100 And I thought I was confused and terrified by the news out of Washington today.
countz3r0: you cruel monster you made him cry
tl_ampharos: What in the world...
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redpillbluepil: It's actually a Shakespearian soloique
RobertMerlow: It's like they saw a bullet hell game through an arcade window and went "oh, I can does that"
Saulens181: @Leels there rest is standard fare here, to be fair.
Skyboss1996: Uh? Goodbye?
Foxmar320: ummmm wow
Felipe_Modesto: That guy is complaining he decided to be a bad guy, and that his mom told him to work at some school but he didn't listen.
Nightvalien28: my mother told me, leave this life get a job don't be a bad guy be a florits
VAB0L0: Come for the shitty bullet hell, stay for the endless cutscenes!
thefileclerk: oh ok
EightBitArcher: no but Graham... limmited ammo is realistic! where would he carry all his... green blobs... lrrFRUMP
Nightvalien28: *florist
ConchShell_VII: Let's be done now plz
MT_Storm: "Ow, my mom warned me not to be the villain, but noooo."
ZeniteZero: Eyyyyy, Brazilian game! Y'all need translations?
tl_ampharos: Sp ot
Gothic_Monkey: does this have like star fox paths
Pteraspidomorphi: He said something like "my mother told me I was making bad life choices"
thefileclerk: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos (rating 46%)
senorrodrod: Does this qualify as so bad it's good?
Emergent_os: What came first, during the game's creation, story or mechanics?
spicydungus: stahp!
countz3r0: let me guess
virre_: Wladis Gladson and his motherbike?
countz3r0: ATTACARR?
Cherubimcw: All other bad design decisions are stylistic. Limited ammo actually destroys gameplay.
hippitybobbity: This game is awful tbh
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, I think Felipe_Modesto is way ahead of me. I should probably refresh
tl_ampharos: I don't think this qualifies as so bad it's good.
beatrix_plotter: What is even happrning. Pls help
bi0buster: Heeey it's a Leels! :D
Felipe_Modesto: @Pteraspidomorphi possibly?
tl_ampharos: I'm pretty sure this passed the /second peak/ of so-bad-it's-good
Pteraspidomorphi: :)
MadWaltz: Honestly, by while the ammo is bad, this aint half bad by watch and play standards
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wow, Chicken didn't do so well after his gig on Cow&Chicken ended
DeusMachinaEx: I actually kinda like the crazy ascetic
FeaturingMe: Emergent_os: drugs?
angryoptimist: What did we do to deserve this hero?
aerobeing: Emergent_os, none of those things were present during the whole production.
BMaC_13: You should play something else
Felipe_Modesto: Waldisgledison and his flying bike (that's what he's saying)
EikoandMog: we died.
t3h_f1gm3nt: RIP
Jake_the_guy: why is that chicken so mad?
ConchShell_VII: oh you died
ConchShell_VII: now you can stop playing right
Kramburger: FREEDOM
Skyboss1996: That's enough of that
BMaC_13: This game is gay af
AdmiralMemo: Scorpianhead: We're glad you're here all the same
ekimekim3000: THE CORN. IS POPPED. on the death screen
atinyspacemarine: gotta say, I really appreciate that the assets are handmade. Like, this game may not actually be... good...but it tried and that's what matters
wildpeaks: the 2d art is cute :)
Macheya: Seriously? "I want to be hardcore but my mom won't let me" is the theme of this game?
virre_: yes Attacar fits the advice well
samwonk: This seems like a work of genius in an artform I've never seen before.
CodeGorilla: !advice
LRRbot: Decrease the maggot count.
Darth_Wooper: NEXT!
fourcardcombosuicide: @thefileclerk game is a "A Big Space Mess"
Kramburger: !badadvice
LRRbot: It's just ahead.
Alness49: Waldis Gladison now needs to appear on Qwerpline
TrakoGamer: attacaaaar?
Psychic_Ketchup: Palette cleanser?
glued_to_the_stream: !attacar
tl_ampharos: So we need to pick a worse game now, right
Bassios: OK what the bus did I walk in on?
Juliamon: Honestly this game is a lot more competent than the Gilligan's Island platformer
Emergent_os: I agree
senorrodrod: attacar
Our_OBoros: Oooh, poor piggy....
beatrix_plotter: LOLOLOL
Aname_was_taken: lol
redpillbluepil: When do you get to the brain monster tho?
SAJewers: lol
FeaturingMe: What misery will G impose on A next? :o
LarkSachrosis: Aw Pigley lrrAWW
mikialice: Muito bom! ...... maybe
hippitybobbity: This game reminds me of my Cousin Alonso's sense of humor
Dared00: BA DUM TSSH
therm0s_: Alex plz
Compleatly: @Juliamon have you seen the speedrun of that game yet
Iraeda: im confused what the point of the brain monster intro
cheetoJack: !highlight how do you feel
bx2m2: Not your heart?
AdmiralMemo: !highlight With my hands
LRRbot: Highlight added.
SAJewers: !highlight how do you feel?
bi0buster: Psychic_Ketchup That WAS the pallet cleanser.
Felipe_Modesto: Brazilians do not know limits. We hear about those limits and then don't care and just do whatever, laugh in the face of limitations.
Jake_the_guy: to the 90s?
s0lesurviv0r: This was one of the most exciting things I've seen come out of Brazil since Michelle Jenneke gif's.
EightBitArcher: ALL the way back
drthmik: rooSip Sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrp
asthanius: Back in time...RAMMESSIDE?
Lancer873: ! advice
LRRbot: Press G to brain.
senorrodrod: And the chicken goes ATTACAR
Anaerin: Waaaaay back, back into taaam...
LordManiMani: back to a rammesside?
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: @BMaC_13 surely you dont mean to insinuate that gay means bad... that *** dont fly here.
thefileclerk: @fourcardcombosuicide it surrre wass
beatrix_plotter: The 90's? Uh oh
Ba_Dum_Tish: Back to the future
Navi_Chem: 96 was a good vintage
glued_to_the_stream: All the way back
Psychic_Ketchup: bi0buster, dear god.
Gekyouryuu: Doctor Graham, my Bits question, plz?
Skyboss1996: "How do you feel" *With my hands, Graham*
t3h_f1gm3nt: ruh roh raggy
Jake_the_guy: oh man i was born in 95
Kaus_Jason: strafe?
ViczIA: this might be why suggestion
beregolas: uh oh
PandasAndPancakes: 96 was a good year
AdmiralMemo: Windows 95?
ZelaFlow: Attacar means "To Attack" not "attack," if I remember correctly.
koizom: The good year!
redpillbluepil: "Brazil is not for beginners."
countz3r0: y
duaiwe: Nothing good came out of 96
wildpeaks: uh oh ?
Dared00: LSD?
beregolas: Exel 1?
EikoandMog: Uh oh.
Tarukai788: oh boy
Alness49: Vintage!
Splash4Mirrodin: 96 was fine
SAJewers: uhh
djfranknbeans sets up the Huey Lewis and the News.
thefileclerk: ah 96 jnko pants!
AdmiralMemo: wut
t3h_f1gm3nt: RUH ROH RAGGY!
richard_ermen: Oh....this gonna be goood!
Lancer873: Oh dear, not the 90s...
thefileclerk: oh no
beatrix_plotter: UH OH
Mangledpixel: UH OH
aesir_blade: We're gonna take us back to the past?
bigcore917: oh no
TheNeRD14: Ok, but you'll need to put the mercury in the time machine first
Baltharon: bubsy 3d?
Anaerin: Wad we goana do ri here is go back, Waaaaay back, back into taaam...
mogling: 1996 and not the undertaker meme? I'm okay with this.
TheGcsmith: This loks like a fun game to join the stream on
AdmiralMemo: but y tho
zatengo: in 1996 I was -1
The_Irish_Blaggard: NO
Nightvalien28: oh no
Reecer6: Readied?
Felipe_Modesto: HAHAHA
Procrastronauts: Gremlin Interactive is not a great sign
2d20: Ooh YEAH!
wildpeaks: reloaded ?
Skyboss1996: Nooooo
Splash4Mirrodin: OH NO
Jeezy56: I know they made Fatal Racing
DeusMachinaEx: OH ***
Khasi1596: lol, i was born in 96
Anaerin: Gremlin used to make awesome games.
tl_ampharos: The /sequel/?
rarermonsters: A playstation game? You know what that means Alex: "CHECK THE LOCKER"
Baltharon: reloaded!!!!
hippitybobbity: oh YES
Vanbael: the...hell?
jonlevir: oh no
the_lone_bard: Is this the reason we don't know this developer?
Procrastronauts: Oh *** hell
aWabbajack: I remember that for the PS1
goblinranger: rereadied rerun?
Dared00: yessss
dreaminginautumn: oh god, I remmeber this game
ekimekim3000: how does a '96 game go to 1080p?
koizom: Nice! This game was baller
Felipe_Modesto: nice
Jake_the_guy: uhh
dreaminginautumn: I think I had it on PS
samwonk: A playstation game with a 1080p graphics setting.
countz3r0: ded
Psychic_Ketchup: Hahahaha
t3h_f1gm3nt: RIP
FeaturingMe: L*
Skyboss1996: DO'H
hascow: "Game Engine for Reloaded"
thefileclerk: tank girl knockoff
DeusMachinaEx: RELOADED! I played this garbage!
Foxmar320: LOL
RainMoth: ayy
EikoandMog: lrrGOAT
Tarukai788: a solid start
wjmck: WOW
Jake_the_guy: this is a thing
richard_ermen: :D
beatrix_plotter: Excellent start
atrophonian: O_o
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe try windowed
bi0buster: I have a bug to report.
Procrastronauts: RIP
tl_ampharos: It crashed already.
Foxmar320: wow
wildpeaks: Best. Game.
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Good start
Vanbael: slow clap
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: lrrAWW
BusTed: Waaaait for it
tl_ampharos: Best start.
The_Irish_Blaggard: Jesus Christoi, not this.
couldntpickausername: TEN EIGHTY P???
LRRbot: Highlight added.
bigcore917: rip
kynelwynn: Augh! I recall this game
RainMoth: next game, next game
Scarbble: a+ start
Splash4Mirrodin: HAHAHAHAHAHA
Lancer873: GG
All_mankind: that went south quickly
Alness49: lrrBEEJ
beregolas: !game not here
MT_Storm: Computer says noooooo.
Mijnheer: 10/10 GOTYAY
Ragephoenix: I thought the sequel to Loaded was Readied and then it finished with Ran.
ConspiracyOfCartographers: 1990s you say
glued_to_the_stream: !gamegood
Dragoniangirl: I would expect no less
kynelwynn: ATACAAAAR
Emergent_os: After the space biker game. I am ready for anything...
Baltharon: Reloaded was friggin awsome
countz3r0: whoa interplay
aerobeing: Interplay? O_O
hippitybobbity: !game merciful
AdmiralMemo: glued_to_the_stream Need a space in there
cairistiona13: um
Skyboss1996: DOS. Remember DOS.
Gekyouryuu: Doctor Graham, my Bits question, plz?
s0lesurviv0r: I remember playing this on a demo disc way back when
thefileclerk: greeat suck
DewMan001: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 48:34.
glued_to_the_stream: !game good
thefileclerk: oop
Jake_the_guy: oh man
DewMan001: Have I missed much?
countz3r0: pew
Jeezy56: Gremlin must have been busy, Fatal Racing was 95 or 96 too
tl_ampharos: no
glued_to_the_stream: @AdmiralMemo TY
Baltharon: they have a killer clown secret player char
Anaerin: Interplay and Gremlin? That's a great teaming...
TStodden: Well... you ARE doing what the game title states... it's getting RELOADED...
Tarukai788: man, Interplay published a lot of stuff that's iffy
goblinranger: chug chug chug
hascow: I love that the background is still the random Pokemon one
aWabbajack: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS doogRIP
Tarukai788: also, DOS in 96, wow
tl_ampharos: Like Superman? Was that interplay?
Astra7525: is that Comic sans?
love_shack64: I remember this game.
koizom: I used to play so much Loaded
cairistiona13: the pokemon background is life
wildpeaks: 2 players ? yess, get Graham in this
Macheya: Looks just like Twisted Metal from the picture.
angryoptimist: So was it called Re-Blood Factory in Japan?
thefileclerk: neither does the game
Saulens181: 2 players you say?
bi0buster: Maybe try this with a controller and see what happens?
Tarukai788: time to play "what key is what button"!
Kramburger: Controller?
Foxmar320: Its got the Playstation X on screen
goblinranger: well it sounds 90s
glued_to_the_stream: Full screen?
Iraeda: 2p graham needs to get in on this
SketchyDetails: Battery as gameplay sucks, Battery as story/tension deivec is okay
hascow: Z?
RainMoth: @LoadingReadyRun while we wait for this thing to work, I was hoping if I could ask a bit of trivia; what would you say is the "best" game you've played on Watch+Play?
Darth_Wooper: Maybe plug a controller in?
Vanbael: that 90's mix
thysane: this music is VERY 90s video-games
samwonk: What's the problem? Just plug in your original playstation controller.
ekimekim3000: that's probably _better_ in that it's a thematic choice rather than a punishment for not playing fast
Psychic_Ketchup: Plug in a PS1 controller? Kappa
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: GREAT start
aRGeeBee: (X) confirms, Alex.
DewMan001: Cool, I didn't think I was able to catch this thing live, given how far down it was in the twitter feed
EightBitArcher: cursor keys?
Skyboss1996: Time to play "Guess the Key"
tl_ampharos: And once you answer which is the "best" game...
gravitycannon: arrows?
OglethorpeObnoticus: Any plans to go back to that ps2 voice-controlled game?
Pteraspidomorphi: alt+enter?
Kazman20a: cheer50 I played this........
Procrastronauts: To be fair, Gremlin made Monty On The Run, which has THE BEST music on the Commodore 64
DeusMachinaEx: Meta game
couldntpickausername: use the controller...........
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ekimekim3000: but "I can't see" is generally frustrating no matter what you do
Darth_Wooper: Do you guys not have a PS1-equivalent controller?
AdmiralMemo: RainMoth: Difficult, but one of the good ones was Atomic 79
Ba_Dum_Tish: There isn't any any key
ViczIA: Already regretting my suggestion here
hascow: um
Mangledpixel: !highlight Standing on the headphone cable
Anaerin: Hey, look, CONTROLS on the launcher
LRRbot: Highlight added.
ZelaFlow: wut?
Emergent_os: If I remember correctly, you have to blame Dr. James for the pokemon wallpaper...
Skyboss1996: Oh
WNivek: Is... is this PC port literally just a PS1 emulator?
Foxmar320: oh goooood
bi0buster: That ain' right.
Skyboss1996: OH NO
Psychic_Ketchup: Uhhhhh
Jake_the_guy: oh boy
AdmiralMemo: RainMoth: Meeuuw was good too
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: sumfins fucky
richard_ermen: xD
goblinranger: neat
FeaturingMe: EH
Jake_the_guy: thats some trash
DeusMachinaEx: Not an improvement
Jeezy56: you have made a bad
t3h_f1gm3nt: you dun goofed!
UnhingedBear: neat
mogling: No no, I think that was better.
thefileclerk: great suck
Vanbael: we have hit next level trash
tl_ampharos: you did it
Mewyabby: I miss 90's computer game fonts. System Shock was a+
Anaerin: Alex: There was a CONTROLS option on the launcher.
Splash4Mirrodin: PIP gaming!
redpillbluepil: It's ok, we can play with an 8th of the screen. :)
All_mankind: does Metallica know about this?
underhill33: !storm
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DennyMcG: is this a ps1 game?
DigitalSeahorse: a union jack flag
TheGcsmith: I wonder, is it worth investing into pauper online?
cairistiona13: congratulations
TStodden: Might want to select "Controls" BEFORE hitting start (next to options)... as that might help...
Foxmar320: Yes its a PS1 game
SharkHero08: Oh no we might not be able to play this "game"
LibelIntel: Kreygasm
glued_to_the_stream: in the top corner of the window
Tarukai788: gotta love the sound effect
kpiozero: Console Classics it says
TheNeRD14: Well, the game didn't load the first time, but at least it Reloaded
tl_ampharos: do we really want to tbh?
kpiozero: I'm not exactly sure
Granitefish: I think battery life decreasing over the course of the plot would be useful if the PC regular lost consciousness as it would be a way of indicating time passage.
Mijnheer: Nice font Kappa
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Lithobraker: TheGcsmith have you considered pennydreadful?
AdmiralMemo: TheGcsmith: As a hobby, sure. If you want to play competitively, probably not.
rainbowbatsuit: I had this on a demo disc as a kid!
glued_to_the_stream: Full screen button
FeaturingMe: up/down selects, (x) confirms
0x6772: Wait, wait, TWO player game!
RainMoth: AdmiralMemo Atomic 79 was played on Watch+Play? It has a positive overal user reviews, and it actually looks kinda fun...
Darth_Wooper: Game frozzed?
EikoandMog: Atomic 79 was a palette cleanser.
AdmiralMemo: RainMoth: It was a palate cleanser.
Navi_Chem: RainMoth pallete clenser
Pteraspidomorphi: RainMoth: They play it in the end to wash off the bad taste sometimes
Scarbble: RainMoth often they have good games as 'palate cleansers' at the end of w+p
Mijnheer: "Let's actually quit" I think that is good advice
RainMoth: ah.
Anaerin: rainmoth: It was a a palate cleanser.
bi0buster: RainMoth Atomic 79 was played on W+P, they loved it.
hascow: oh good. A->X X->O
LibelIntel: anyone know how many games they have on steam?
Jake_the_guy: dam kids
RainMoth: Palate Cleanser makes sense.
LibelIntel: I have 2 4Head
samwonk: If flashlights provided a very low amount of light for about twenty minutes, people wouldn't own flashlights.
Dared00: Suddenly, children.
countz3r0: Don't steal this 1996 game
ZeniteZero: The Four Kings fight comes to mind...
rarermonsters: Piracy Harms Consumers, don't copy that floppy Alex
DewMan001: Also, by the way, LoadingReadyRun, I like the revamp of the shows sidebar on the website. Given all the new shows I was wondering if you were going to do that
bi0buster: The developer came in and talked about A79 as well. Great person.
Saulens181: 2 Player?
Procrastronauts: Yeah, Atomic 79 is legit great
Granitefish: Dark enough to create tension light enough to see where they are going
AdmiralMemo: RainMoth Also, we doubled the dev's lifetime sales in a single hour, according to him.
Papperslappen: I like the sound effects
Foxmar320: lol on screen prompts are still Playstation
wildpeaks: untz untz untz
SAJewers: 2P game with Graham? PogChamp
Ba_Dum_Tish: 2p Graham should suffer as well
Jake_the_guy: we should change the desktop
aspiring_jester: just got here from the new Bill Wurtz video, has chat freaked out about it yet?
DigitalSeahorse: example, The Exhibit in the basement with light switches level and the level where there's glowing shapes that play rave music :P
Cantwearcats: Apparently Gremlin Interactive made two Hero Quest video games
angryoptimist: This has the most effective anti-piracy feature: being awful.
ThatKhornGuy: I think the only time where pitch black is worth it in a video game or movie is to build up suspense for a very short duration... like you see a bad guy and the lights go off, they come back 2 seconds later and bad guy is gone
elah806: "Swedging" is 90's speak for something
Macheya: Is that just Tank Girl?
LibelIntel: what in the world, haha
hascow: "The Consumer" is a great name for a cannibal, TBH
Juliamon: Wow, that's... uh
Tarukai788: Crime: Big Baby
tl_ampharos: Best characters.
aerobeing: Capn hands look like Yoshimitsu!
rarermonsters: The 90s, not even once
DigitalSeahorse: uge
Jake_the_guy: the gender one seems cool
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: Is this some crazy fighter?
dreaminginautumn: that 2000AD art
goblinranger: couple of those crimes seem worse then others
Rytel: Mindful swegding is just common sense
couldntpickausername: THAT'S NOT OK
aWabbajack: I remember this weird intro video
DigitalSeahorse: ugh*
Foxmar320: oh this is gonna be goooooooooood
tl_ampharos: confirmed to be cooking simulator
dreaminginautumn: mmmm, that brings back memories
wildpeaks: Jam that 90s 3D in your eyes
Barb4rian: !ADULT
LRRbot: I need an adult!
FeaturingMe: eh...
countz3r0: ok
fFailureatlife: lol what
mikialice: Such game, such names
d_NiKoRaSu: I am glad I remember so little of the 90s
ani_laurel: this is very 96
t3h_f1gm3nt: uuuuuuuuuuuuh
Arclight_Dynamo: So edgy...
tl_ampharos: Also I'm pretty sure your mistake was playing this game when it crashed already
LarkSachrosis: !game hasntagedwell
aWabbajack: doogWhut doogPurrito
thysane: oh no the 90s jungle
ThatKhornGuy: what the hell was that !?
Tarukai788: yeah this is a pretty 90s intro
Ragephoenix: Ummmm
EightBitArcher: I need an adult?
Vanbael: are we trying to me Twisted Metal edgy here?
Our_OBoros: Hell-oh, that looks positively 2000AD-ish.
KV1NN4: oh noooo
SamanthaVess: The 90s were a mistake.
All_mankind: Simon BIsley art. he did work on a couple of games. . .
malsareus: 90s were a mistake
Tarukai788: sudden fast drumbeat and all
TwilightAvalon: SUDDENLY Drum and Bass
WNivek: Oh, right; this was the era where Gremlin liked using pre-rendered 3d animation
LarkSachrosis: !Run Lola
ekimekim3000: !pardon lrrEFF
hippitybobbity: Attend The Tale of Sweeney Todd
cairistiona13: i don't want to see this :(
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thecanerdian: man, Fub that guy
TrakoGamer: kee butt 5?
FlyingWithSnakes: 90s is for dumbs
Macheya: Twisted Metal is at least funny.
tl_ampharos: >kee-but-5
Domidwarcer: Mrs Lovett, what a charming notion and It does seem a waste
Lucaan0102: 10/10 writing cirPrise b
rustenskurk: That Fubbing guy
EvilGamr: of course it is
elah806: This is like laser-targeted at 13 yo boys
Alness49: Framed? That's a ilthy lie!
wildpeaks: Love it already
thefileclerk: cheer 1 edgy game
tl_ampharos: Beautiful.
Flea_Hastings: Framed for cannibalism? I'm pretty sure we just watched you grinding up people.
Dragoniangirl: the 90s were a mistake
ani_laurel: that aged poorly
4dSwissCheese: Wait? Framed us? But doesn't that intro suggest we were actually a cannibal?
Flea_Hastings: Not sure if I believe you were framed.
DewMan001: Honestly there's a lot about the 90's I kind of prefer over our current time. It was a better time
the_lone_bard: So far this game has the sense of humour of Spud -_-
rarermonsters: 90s grossout humor was the sad precursor to "I'm not PC lol"
Itazu: as an artist, i would totally live on a planet with the word Butt in it, so that checks out
LibelIntel: handling the natives at kee butt 5, what can go wrong
mikialice: What happened to Key Butts 1-4?
NervesOfJello: Video games were a MISTAKE
AdmiralMemo: DewMan001 It's a mixed bag
DigitalSeahorse: keys = butts?
DewMan001: Maybe I'm a mistaken Nostalgist
malsareus: Yes that is the powerpuff girls theme
countz3r0: what the
Twinklebees: So, '96 you say?
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ZeniteZero: SourPls
PunkRockZoologist: This feels like something I made up with my siblings when we were kids and trying to be "mature".
goblinranger: framed for extra cannibalisim?
BusTed: Maybe they framed you for something unrelated.
countz3r0: Graham, don't cannibal shame.
AdmiralMemo: But maybe we didn't eat THAT SPECIFIC person
ThatKhornGuy: I feel like this would be a good "Awful Games Done Quick" XD
SirElgar: you need to go east, not west
Lithobraker: framed for tax evasion actually Kappa
Leels: sick drum beats tho
SamanthaVess: I eat lots of people, but I didn't eat *THOSE* people rooBaka
RainMoth: it was a very convincing framejob, it was your evil(?) twin
zarbit: This wavy camera is very irritating
arandomview: Take a break and play Heroes of Might and Magic III. You deserve it.
kpiozero: All thesm artists we have to kill?
rustenskurk: Man, remember when games were good?
PandasAndPancakes: you can never have enough screen shake Kappa
asthanius: This is a weird Toejam and Earl mod
DewMan001: AdmiralMemo: Certainly a better time than right now, if you compare it...
aWabbajack: old school tank controls
vilun: cannibalism in this world is fine, but cooking your meat more than medium is a crime, one you were framed for, and you seek revenge
Anaerin: Original PS pad didn't have 2 sticks.
bi0buster: Oh no... Face to shoot?
WitchyWynne: Hi ya chat hi LRR
hippitybobbity: Please, do not Tweet Rami Ismail
countz3r0: i think you're going west
RavingPenguin: Bomberman 64-esque music
All_mankind: wait, did they just take Simon Bisley's concept art and shrink it and animate it for the player character?
gravitycannon: now i suddenly remember PS1 games...oh lordy
bi0buster: That's so baaaaaad.
BusTed: Is east supposed to be right?
AdmiralMemo: DewMan001: Depends on the metric you're using.
Lunareclipse123: So... 8-direction mono-stick shooter?
RainMoth: hey, people of LRRChat, would "Magicka" be considered fair for palate cleansing?
Nightvalien28: I will say this I like that the minimap tracks your steps
ani_laurel: its pumice, its fine
Nightvalien28: WitchyWynne hi
Cantwearcats: That's why I recognise Gremlin, they made Normality. Everything makes sense now
wildpeaks: we didn't skip arms day, that rock went flying o.O
koizom: I guess these things don't age that well, but I remember at least Loaded being way better looking...
Knightlyvalor: Hi WitchyWynne!
Alness49: The cinematics and character art wrote cheques that the gameplay clearly could not cash.
redpillbluepil: The rocks are made of polysterene
Utilitarian_STFD: Best Twin Stick: Assault Android Cactus. It's so so good ^_^
CataclysmicReverb: Oh right, orange is a color that exists
glued_to_the_stream: PLAY SOCCER
DigitalSeahorse: jumping on mushrooms and turtles apparently wasn't violent :P
DewMan001: AdmiralMemo: To be fair I wasn't really alive during the 90s. Born in 95, yo.
beatrix_plotter: I never got a copy of intelligent cube until I was an adult
LordManiMani: intelligence cube? PERRRRFEEEEECT
Gothic_Monkey: i actually had the full game for that
dm818: I think the xbox version of that was fusion frenzy
Psychic_Ketchup: Phrasing
ekimekim3000: !highlight my balls are bigger
Anaerin: It's the PS1, they don't have the poly and texturing count for features!
malsareus: pardonfuck
t3h_f1gm3nt: phrasing?
SamanthaVess: rooLewd
LRRbot: Highlight added.
AdmiralMemo: DewMan001: I was born in 82 so...
wildpeaks: !phrasing :D
Macheya: I played the demo for the Winter X games game a lot too.
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DeusMachinaEx: Greetings from across the Strait! I started watching Twitch just for you guys! Hope some day to visit your lovely island. Also this game was rad when I was 7! :p
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EikoandMog: Oh my god
Mangledpixel: you should get that checked, Alex
d_NiKoRaSu: we all want our balls to be bigger right?
RavingPenguin: Can we get that quoted
mikialice: That's what she said....
Domidwarcer: errr phrasing
dm818: in terms of everyone played the demo
Gothic_Monkey: me and mum would play it when i was much young
asthanius: "Bop it", says Graham
rarermonsters: Alex aren't you super impressed? This aint no pansy pac man, you're killing stuff and there's BLOOOOOOD
EikoandMog: Intelligent Cube. Graham, I now need this in my life.
SnowB0und: No, that was the other character
Kodra22: Don't you guys miss the era from when games are good.
love_shack64: "Ooh, my balls are bigger.".
All_mankind: it's like Zombies Ate My Neighbors but so much worse
glued_to_the_stream: Play Soccer
redpillbluepil: Quote - Alex "Oh! My balls are bigger!" 10-05-2017
Tarukai788: good ol eight directions
PunkRockZoologist: Fizzx objeks
Arclight_Dynamo: So... G... this has two-player...
MCJiopur: Is there health at all?
LibelIntel: why is this a worse version of super smash tv
FeaturingMe: I'd be more worried about the rocks that are falling sideways
vilun: the GM is sick of this game. rocks fall...
The_Irish_Blaggard: I got this game as a lad after being told by the fella in the shop that it was "exactly like diablo". Wouldn't be surprised if that guy did SPUD's PR too
MCJiopur: Never mind
Foxmar320: who needs health
bi0buster: Health is on the other side of your map.
ekimekim3000: health? no, it's instakill
dm818: Go left
TheMoatman: Alex "Ooh, My Balls Got Bigger" Steacy
AdmiralMemo: You were 7 in 96? I was... 14.... I am oldsmun
Ragephoenix: You go East.
malsareus: do we know anything?
BusTed: They mentioned 'east'
TStodden: I think you need to swap out the map...
DewMan001: AdmiralMemo: The vaporwave art movement may well have done some filtering for me.... (actual legit not ironic vaporwave fan)
Tarukai788: Memo it's okay, it happens to us all
pigmywurm: I was where the map was maybe you can togle it
tl_ampharos: oh hey look, there's health
TheMoatman: Admiralmemo: I was 1
cairistiona13: i was 7 in 96 too
malsareus: Go west young man
gravitycannon: i was 6
tl_ampharos: Also this looks absolutely awful
d_NiKoRaSu: Diagonals were a myth in the 90s
arandomview: I would Nihilism
kpiozero: Dididn't the game say to go east?
AlonsoSwift: I was the ripe age of 0 in 96.
Tarukai788: I just found out thanks to facebook that the RHCP album Stadium Arcadium came out 11 years ago.
mikialice: Those balls sure are all over the place
dm818: the cyan is where you have been
Jake_the_guy: wow its actual 3d map
t3h_f1gm3nt: I was 7 as well in 96
SharkHero08: Man, there's a reaaaaaly old Mac game I want to send them but I can't remember its name for the life of me
AdmiralMemo shakes cane in the direction of TheMoatman with words about his lawn
RurouniGeo: go west. life is peaceful there KappaPride
rustenskurk: Is it just me or are some of the 3D models kinda wobbly?
TStodden: 96? I was 15... ending my Freshman year in HS.
tl_ampharos: Doesn't mean it's /good/ 3d...
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Knightlyvalor: Graham is 32 he said on Nightmare 3? So that is older than 7 in 96?
countz3r0: no
All_mankind: actual 3D map, fully 2D gameplay
Foxmar320: Nope
LibelIntel: welcome to oldmandom @AdmiralMemo ;)
Splash4Mirrodin: Nope
SamanthaVess: Backwards Compatibility in 2017 LUL
t3h_f1gm3nt: PS2 was the only one that was truly backwards compatible IIRC
cognificent: Didnt the intro to the level say the guy was east of the starting position?
richard_ermen: I remember playing MGS on PS2 back when it was still novel. The graphic upgrade was awesome.
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Over there, next to the thing.
angryoptimist: This looks completely like the usual W+P fare.
DeusMachinaEx: I feel the same way about the 90s as Monty Python did about Camelot
richard_ermen: Too bad they removed that functionality mostly :(
Tarukai788: @Knightlyvalor that would be 11 in 96 I believe
arandomview: Have some RHCP in the background, just cause
t3h_f1gm3nt: Like, certain version of PS3 were backwards compatible, but not all
AdmiralMemo: Knightlyvalor Yes. He'd've been 12. I think?
TStodden: Only the 1st Generation of PS3's had backwards compatibility w/ PS1 & PS2 games. Future generations of PS3's removed that support.
ElihuAran: you can't on a PS4, and only some PS3s can do it
goblinranger: guess the downhill is one way
jumpingupanddown: map mechanic that was also in the original pokemon games
antidancetime: sweet soundtrack
Macheya: Man, this would be annoying, because I'd be tempted to fill in all the dark green space.
FeaturingMe: AdmiralMemo: just remember you're never too old to LRRn
LordShadner: only some PS3's and PS4 only does PS2 I believe
rarermonsters: This soundtrack can't just boots and cats this hard like it's nothing
AlonsoSwift: @Tarukai788 11 or 12, depending on when his birthday is.
wildpeaks: I guess we have to get on top of the hill first
TheOneCalledStu: lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO
WNivek: I think I just saw some overly-zealous backface culling
gravitycannon: this is painfully PS1
Tarukai788: @AlonsoSwift good point
ZeniteZero: 3D map, 2D gameplay, 1D entertainment Kappa
thefileclerk: goooood map
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Felipe_Modesto: I think the same logic applies to both ps1 and ps2
AdmiralMemo: Knightlyvalor I remember that Graham is 2 years younger and 2 inches shorter than me. :-D
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Gildan_Bladeborn: I think what your character in this game really needs to do is to teletort home. That or go left.
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Foxmar320: No you are correct Graham
antoinedi_art: you can play ps1 on ps2
IlushiAwesome: You could run any PS1 game in the PS2. And most in the PS3.
jdsteele0001: PS1 is really easy to emulate with just software
kais58: it's any PS3 that can play PS1 games, G has it
WizardZedd: That is correct. All PS3s could play PS1 games. I don't think PS4 can.
blip2004: ps4 will not play ps1 discs. or any cd discs
Foxmar320: PS3 could just play PS1 games
duaiwe: man, if it’s the PS4 someone needs to tell me, because I’ve been missing out. :P
Splash4Mirrodin: Definitely not PS4
CataclysmicReverb: It wouldn't with my PS3, "that's what the online shop's for" is what I remember
IlushiAwesome: The PS3 actually emulates PS1 hardware, so there's a very small number of games that don't work right on it. But most do.
ElihuAran: only some PS3s can play PS2 or PS1 games
freeiniquity: ps4 didn't do that. Sony betrayed us
duaiwe: (It’s not, though :( )
Foxmar320: PS4 can't play PS1
AdmiralMemo: You shot him and he upped the price
Knightlyvalor: AdmiralMemo nice. :-)
Procrastronauts: Graham, it was actually you playing THPS2 on stream that made me realise you could throw a PS1 game into the PS3, so thanks for that :P
DewMan001: This doesn't seem so bad as a game.... I don't know if I'd pay full price, but if I found it for like a couple bucks in a thrift store/op-shop....
jdsteele0001: PS2 required more hardware than the ps3 could do natively
angryoptimist: Back in the day, it actually took a bunch of effort to make a lrrGARBO game like this.
UnhingedBear: no. you can't have my ***
hippitybobbity: Christ no please
deadlypartition: but do you have 3 ps3s Kappa
bi0buster: Ask Paul. I hear he has three PS3s.
tl_ampharos: and then if you shoot him enough he'll decrease the price Kappa
tl_ampharos: to zero
ekimekim3000: I think PS1 games and blue-ray movies are the only things i ever used my PS3 for...
WizardZedd: I still have my launch model 60GB PS3, that has hardware-based PS2 emulation >_>
DewMan001: It'd be a way to spend a couple of afternoons
rarermonsters: Switch can play old Nintendo games. Because they're rereleasing them on Switch instead of developing any actual system sellers
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derek_underscore_g: 50% of an anniversary, 66,7% of a sub-baby, and 100% into this very very 90s drum-n-bass soundtrack. Keep up the awesome work, y'all.
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All_mankind: PS3 had such a strange run of reducing its abilities with each generation
SamanthaVess: Those sound like terrible choises.
duaiwe: But, then again, if you really want to play ps1 games, just buy a raspberry pi and emulate them… :P
Jhardin87: !advice
LRRbot: Dank memes can be beige.
All_mankind: from built-in PS2 to emulated PS2 to no PS2
DigitalSeahorse: the PS2 blew my mind cause it could access internet or somesuch which blew minds back then
Jake_the_guy: this music is cool
cheetoJack: if you take 1/3rd of a PS3 do you get a PS1? Does that mean paul has 9 PS1s?
Foxmar320: your super is a green fart?
wildpeaks: we no longer know any way to interact with anything other than shooting at it
Jhardin87: !bad advice
LRRbot: Have you tried turning it off?
virre_: are you going east
t3h_f1gm3nt: the hell did that LRRbot advice come from?
jumpingupanddown: interacting with thing other then shooting at them, you are clearly not a proud american graham
AdmiralMemo: Wait, is this Wario? Kappa
wildpeaks: this is oddest Spec Ops The Line mod :D
CptSpiffy: this music
tl_ampharos: clearly
DewMan001: Jake_the_guy: legit want this soundtrack
citricola: The PS3 can't play the game C:12, which doesn't load the level but instead just keeps running the intro, making the helicopter from the intro fly into the difference. It's a very surreal glitch.
Itazu: the other way to interact is by rubbing your face against stuff
ElihuAran: Which subclass has that Super?
angryoptimist: unceunce
arandomview: Somehow the music is monotonous and not monotonous at the same time.
Lancer873: maybe you just keep shooting him?
andrewholderstl: I do not even know why I am still watching this channel
AlonsoSwift: @cheetoJack By that logic he actua;;y has 25 PS1s, because he also has 4 PS4s.
citricola: Fly into the distance, rather.
AlonsoSwift: *actually
hippitybobbity: This is actually fairly passable drum n bass
andrewholderstl: It is so terrible but great at the same time
malsareus: or, horrible thought, are grubs random drops?
BusTed: That thing kicked you apart.
Tarukai788: boy this sure is An Game
HugeHorseDongus: its just the powerpuff girls theme (Amen break)
citricola: The soundtrack is the sound of 1996
Tarukai788: very weirdly generic for what it is
rarermonsters: This is the sad truth of 90s hardcore/grossout games: They're unbearably dull
couldntpickausername: can we see another cahracter
virre_: Is Grubs food?
The_cake_of_lies: Maybe grub is dystopian currency?
Barb4rian: Ah the looping music of the 90's. Pretty sweet for about 5 minutes then its just nails on a chalkboard.
Emergent_os: Earlier PS3s had a region-locked backward compatibility with PS2 games. The ones Dr. Paul has 3 of.
richard_ermen: Grub Lobster?
cairistiona13: it's kind of...dull
VikingToTheMax: woo garbage day
Punching_Bag: IS this Strafe? Kappa
Knightlyvalor: Nah it is 2², 3³, and 4⁴ for converting PS# to PS1s.
CataclysmicReverb: Wait, is this Lion King?
All_mankind: oh yeah, this was supposed to be "hardcore" judging by the menu
DewMan001: SICK Rock Flipping Action!!!!
Ggskyapprentice: Don't shoot em... just jund em
Alness49: This game is so Edgy! Violence! Cannibalism! Gathering slugs and grubs!
Tarukai788: those rock physics are great
goblinranger: this seems tedious
Tarukai788: they're like styrofoam
WNivek: @Punching_Bag Right year for it
Gekyouryuu: Is this Frog Fractions 0, the prequel?
Darth_Wooper: Slimy, yet not at all satisfying.
angryoptimist: Suddenly, we're an insectivore?
eric_christian_berg: A shrubbery!
thefileclerk: this game is toilets
aesir_blade: So who else is pumped for VANQUISH ON PC *** FINALLY
Rivulatus_: Hi chat, just got here. How's the rubish been going so far?
mikialice: Flipping rocks for grubs... are you guys actually an anteater disguised as a pixelated ball popper?
Jake_the_guy: grub!
goblinranger: ooh grub
malsareus: them be veggies Alex, you are supposed to eat em
citricola: I don't know why this isn't taking place in a strange neon-lit bar where everyone wears ugly sunglasses.
LordZarano: Didn't it say "Go East" at the beginning?
kynelwynn: Leave no stone unturned, eh?
ElektroTal: what is this
arandomview: Under the bridge downtoooooown is where I drew some blood!
TStodden is ready for the sequel... UN-loaded