DennyMcG: fine for me The_Irish_Blaggard
Compleatly: I left for a bit and now this is happening.
Tarukai788: no kinkshaming
FeaturingMe: Come out and play
RobertMerlow: What the hell.
Jimrabbit: hey guys, don't kinkshame
Compleatly: what is this
Foxmar320: I just feel bad for him now :(
beatrix_plotter: Sure
CataclysmicReverb: I remember the 90s
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh...ok...
gravitycannon: i feel like watching 90's spiderbait music videos suddenly
SnowB0und: I'm 81% sure I had this dude on a POG Slammer
LibelIntel: oh my goodness
kpiozero: I'm sorry
Sjakies: wuttufuuu
kpiozero: what
kynelwynn: So, binding of Issac got weird
DigitalSeahorse: who locked up the Tick?
JeremyDevoid: did the tick eat aurthor and get dumber?
Rivulatus_: Looking at this animation this game has had a reasonable amount of work put into it.
rustenskurk: Are we Let's Nope now?
Undertowst: Welp. I need a drink now.
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: wow they nailed the freakyness
UnhingedBear: that was a little dark
Ggskyapprentice: Great
tl_ampharos: Well, this is a video game.
Tarukai788: @Jimrabbit hi5
redpillbluepil: I can't help but feel partially responsible for my son's murder rage.
Jake_the_guy: hugs
The_cake_of_lies: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
dialMforMara: so we're playing as a closet monster?
rarermonsters: In 1998 that was pretty much how autism got treated
Granitefish: well that's just bad parents
DigitalSeahorse: *offers hugs*
Jhardin87: lrrEFF
Kowasu645: SPOOOOOON
Anaerin: SPOON!
DigitalSeahorse: lol
Gekyouryuu: SPOOOON!
Granitefish: who locks their kid up like that
arandomview: @featuringme pretty sure it's 1984
SAJewers: i was gonna say a fatter, blue version of the Noid
richard_ermen: Is that song in this game?
rocketjohn: RIP VOD
toasthaste: I missed the intro, is the protag a giant babyman?
Gothic_Monkey: ahh true does sound like that one
ZeniteZero: Ohhh Prodigy...
wildpeaks: that speedrun strat, already got a grub :D
countz3r0: bunnybeast!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh man, that does look like a fat blue Noid.
Jake_the_guy: oh this is the same map!
Gothic_Monkey: my first thought was Prodigy - Everybody In The Place
Sjakies: easterbunny is ripped
kynelwynn: It's like, the people who made this thought Twisted Metal would have been the right design asthetic for their cut scenes and character design.. but not the gameplay
Ggskyapprentice: This is pretty lit
DeusMachinaEx: Well... It was rad not good
crazycommie87: Yikes
Foxmar320: oh wow yeah
LibelIntel: i really like this game's character development Keepo
toasthaste: it was all the pizza
rarermonsters: Bro do you even Dominos
tl_ampharos: STEALING PIZZAS
BusTed: Avoid the Noid.
mikialice: Donnie Darko Down Under
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Jacked Noid
tl_ampharos: ALL DAY ERRY DAY
LRRbot: Highlight added.
countz3r0: with 3 butttails
Anaerin: The 'noid got ANNOYED!
SnowB0und: #PizzaGains
Astra7525: Noid got 'roids
Dared00: OH I REMEMBER THIS SONG. I was listening to this album with my brother when I was 7 or 8
DigitalSeahorse: I just read a Tick comic so it's fresh in my mind
Swamplor: Noid on 'roids
MechaKuuga: the SWOLOID
jumpingupanddown: remember who you make fun of in preschool graham
FlyingWithSnakes: you vs the Noid she tells you not to worry about
AdmiralMemo: Man, I just want to play the Noid game now.
Tarukai788: This is the Noid's brother, The Roid
DewMan001: The Noid got annoyed, and got on roids. You gon' get destroyed, boi.
Jake_the_guy: OH
RobertMerlow: This game is real kinkshamey, though
KPancrazio: because you're a droid, and i'm a noid
Foxmar320: LOL
crazycommie87: LOL
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t3h_f1gm3nt: WUT?
Jake_the_guy: thats how life is
wildpeaks: mistakes were made
SnowB0und: Avoid the Noid, NEVER skip leg day
Juliamon: !highlight ROCKED
Splash4Mirrodin: LOL
SupernormalStep: Dont' talk about my cute noid boy.
FeaturingMe: Remember kids, be safe around rocks
goblinranger: well that was sort of clipping into the sub ocean
thefileclerk: oh
thefileclerk: ok
DigitalSeahorse: oops
mikialice: Rock and roll
ShortRound2099: What's his super?
AdmiralMemo: wut
crazycommie87: I guess physics were better then we thought XD
LibelIntel: WutFace
Arclight_Dynamo: Sisyphus-ality! Kappa
AdmiralMemo: plz
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: oh lord
AdmiralMemo: plz gib naow
Mangledpixel: does this guy have a different super?
rarermonsters: @ Graham I was browsing the interwebs and I accidentally found some Rule 34 for Manos the hands of fate FemMaster/Torgo
firehazard_k: Link pls
Jhardin87: you have to link that in chat please
derek_underscore_g: I'm just a sexy Noid/I'll make your kidneys hoit
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Lancer873: A bishi Noid, it was a sexy Mr Peanut
arandomview: They saw him rolling...
FlyingWithSnakes: rarermonsters "accidentally"
Feltic: cheer100 late to get my cans out on garbage day, but I made it
Rivulatus_: Share?
wildpeaks: share the link with the class ? :D
SupernormalStep: YEAH
Ba_Dum_Tish: Also is he constantly switching firing hands?
TheMoatman: Please don't ever say those words in the same sentence again, Graham
richard_ermen: ?
derek_underscore_g: Don't get it twisted, all boners are weird
Foxmar320: Dear God
Mister_BlueSky: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
cheetoJack: uhhhhh tos
Fracaswell: OH MY
MCJiopur: Well then
SAJewers: lrrSPOOP
wildpeaks: wow
zealousfreenix: 0.o
Tarukai788: oh my god
Jimrabbit: *sproing*
VikingToTheMax: oh no
Tarukai788: rofl
FeaturingMe: He also switches left/right hand depending on the sprite direction
SloMoJFish: HUH
kpiozero: !adult
LRRbot: I need a better adult!
Psychic_Ketchup: Oh Wooooooooow
Mangledpixel: UHHH OK
Foxmar320: Its amazing lol
CataclysmicReverb: WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS
Jake_the_guy: wow that is a sexy noid
Noodles_15: OH
Godofmuffins: I am feeling. Things. Lewd.
malsareus: uhm wat?
SloMoJFish: huh
Compleatly: hah.
Duckiedale594: UUUUUUU
WitchyWynne: NO
Noodles_15: oh
ani_laurel: why did i click on that?
KakuEpsilon: Aw I missed the link
SupernormalStep: Everyone go look at my Noid please it gives me strength.
xLilari: Uuuuhhh...
AgentBrain: Where's the link?
Foxmar320: I also want pizza for some reason
Splash4Mirrodin: LOL
countz3r0: it's Twink day!
All_mankind: i like boys now!
beatrix_plotter: Sexy anime Noid, wtf?
BusTed: 🍕🍕🍕
rarermonsters: I'm not into Yuri on Pizza
Gothic_Monkey: OOOOH
Tarukai788: Dominos-tan
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: wow
Dared00: that's a... good drawing
SAJewers: quick, someone orde the moonbase some pizza lrrBEEJ
Rivulatus_: I am so glad I postdate that marketing idea
Jake_the_guy: 10/10 i agree alex
AlonsoSwift: Someone add that quote, please.
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: I'll cuddle you, Alex.
DeusMachinaEx: Y'all need Jesus
Always_Armoured: you want a pizza tthat
Jhardin87: lrrEFF
Ba_Dum_Tish: Also love the comment on that that he cannot improve on pepsiman
aRGeeBee: I would buy dominos if the sexy noid showed up to deliver it.
Ukon_vasara: stupid sexy noid BibleThump
ZelaFlow: I am very uncomfortable, suddenly.
rarermonsters: I can be your angle, or I can be your demon, or I can be your noid
cairistiona13: i looked away for a moment and now we're a blue rabbit?
Procrastronauts: Well I didn't think I'd have something awakened in me this evening, but here we are
coolbond: dear Graham send it to Kathleen STAT
djfranknbeans: I don't know what I was expecting from that link, but I do agree that I need some "pizza"
Laserbeaks_Fury: CheeseStix and Chill
thefileclerk: huh, ok
Mike3322: I literally just ordered myself some pizza
Mr_Horrible: That costume looks like It's big enough for two... @_@
DahudLefthanded: That is unironically sexy.
Reozul: Okay I don't get it, is Alex on intermittent speech jamming? or what is going on?
SnowB0und: Noid is new Man Husbando
redpillbluepil: New idea for a business - Pizza and sensual cuddling
LordManiMani: yall need Cheesus
Suffix: I don't knwo how to feel.
Undertowst: Thanks Graham. I was wondering what I would do after this stream ended. And you just solved it.
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malsareus: this want into a weird hole FAST
Jake_the_guy: kek continues
arandomview: Ask Katheleen, she has a Steppe Lynx
thefileclerk: this is one hell of a night diddler
tl_ampharos: rip noid
The_Irish_Blaggard: I've a sudden craving for pizza.. extra sausage please
SupernormalStep: And the twitter faves are rolling in.
CptSpiffy: desco is best final boss
richard_ermen: I didn´t now it till now but I´d cuddle the *** outta that Noid :D
Arclight_Dynamo: Gekyouryuu : Well... I'm bi and that doesn't do it for me. :P
Twinklebees: CptSpiffy: I know, right?
Mangledpixel: it usually carried over when games were ported
t3h_f1gm3nt: *cough cough* mario *cough cough*
Arclight_Dynamo: Gekyouryuu : Maybe Noid just ain't my jam. :D
DewMan001: Which reminds me, does anyone remember the Jack in the Box late night eats ads with the puppet Jack Box?
virre_: I guess straight ports from Arcades where when it started and then it was standard?
rarermonsters: They STILL do it. Mighty No 9 did the lives system, all the current Mario games still do it
Niniju: Wait, where's that link?
CulturalGeekGirl: can someone relink? my chat bugged out and I can't seem to find it in my scroll
UnhingedBear: can anyone re link that. I missed it.
Rocktopuss: same
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Macheya: Good ol' Sonic.
going_medium: Is that a shake-weight gun?
virre_: I mean C64 games had those kind of continues (Bubble Bubble is a reminder from my childhood)
Foxmar320: Can I get extra sauce on my pizza?
Gekyouryuu: Arclight_Dynamo makes sense. now, Little Caesar on the other hand....
Skyboss1996: Bill Wurtz just released "The History of Everything" and its LIT
arandomview: It's time to stop!
Anaerin: Did you see: The "History of Japan" guy, bill wurtz, has finally released his new video - "History of the entire world I guess"
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah that guy is definately changing hands
castlewise: some games have ulimited continues which reset the board more than losing a "life" does
Arclight_Dynamo: Gekyouryuu : "Hot n' ready." Kappa
Anaerin: skyboss1996: Oh, I know.
UnhingedBear: thank you
Gekyouryuu: XD
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: I like how he SWITCHES hands!
DewMan001: I'm not american but i really do like the Jack In The Box ad universe
Skyboss1996: It's sooo good
AdmiralMemo: Anaerin I'm kind of disappointed that Bill Wurtz is known as "The History of Japan guy"
UnhingedBear: that was a thing
arandomview: Yes, I told them about bill in the beginning of the stream.
DigitalSeahorse: pay per play punishes people for not being The Wizard :P
Kikazi: I just got here... is this "super rabbit" or something?
richard_ermen: Games with limited continues don´t understand that the time lost is more precious than anything else.
Anubis169: helloooooo!! lrrAWESOME
richard_ermen: @Anaerin Really? Gonna look for it on the tube then ^^
MilkTaoist: I googled dominos to get to the website and found their wedding registry website, what the hell dominos
Anaerin: admiralmemo: Well, he's not, but I figured a point of reference would be good for those that didn't know the name.
aspiring_jester: History of the world is genius
SirBiffaloEsq: @Kikazi We are big baby
J4Y_4NDY: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos (rating 46%)
rarermonsters: The noid does make me think, I'm glad that men are now drawn as bishi husbandos because it means I no longer feel bad about seeing girls drawn as waifus
DewMan001: hi Anubis169
Mr_Horrible: @dewman001 I enjoy how nonplussed he is by all the weird crap he endures
Anaerin: richard_ermen: from my twitter:
tl_ampharos: Bishie noid.
Anubis169 needs some positivity
AdmiralMemo: Anaerin I like his Vines and actually haven't seen the full video, honestly
tl_ampharos: Now that's a terrifying image.
rarermonsters: Well, not waifus I hate that shit, but it makes me feel less bad about Lara Croft
Anubis169: just seen Logan at last
Kikazi: @SirBiffaloEsq O... K...?
DewMan001: Mr_Horrible: Have you seen the ad where he visits home?
Macheya: @rarermonsters Japan has been drawing bishie boys for decades.
rarermonsters: Original Lara Croft, not bland Edge Lady Lara
Anubis169: that shiz is heavy :(
JediTransmit: Holy shit, new Bill Wurtz video?
FeaturingMe: richard_ermen: well, it makes cents for arcade games, but I will give no quarter to devs who apply that to home gaming
Gothic_Monkey: woah new bill wurtz
going_medium: Attack at 22.5 degree angles and we are unstoppable...
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: lol wow
Kikazi: so, par for the course, then
Tarukai788: progress!
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: Good job Alex!
DewMan001: Gothic_Monkey: WAT?!
Mr_Horrible: @dewman001 I have not, but it sounds like I gotta look it up
wildpeaks: lrrGOAT there
tl_ampharos: you di it
Skyboss1996: Voodoo butter
Darth_Wooper: lrrGOAT somewhere...
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Prospects: Milk?
malsareus: I dont know and I don`t wanna
LRRbot: Highlight added.
DahudLefthanded: Anyways, the *** is this game? I just got out of work and am very confused.
rarermonsters: This game is Aggressively, Assertively, DEMANDINGLY boring
Anubis169: meow... manMARTIN
DewMan001: Mr_Horrible: Would you like me to whisper you a link?
RobertMerlow: The 90s and their real LOL RANDOM! stuff
tl_ampharos: It's...special.
Papperslappen: You cannot avoid the noid if you are the noid
Contiguouskittycat: This game seems like the devs said "What if we just threw words at the screen"
JeremyDevoid: game make want remove brain
malsareus: awwww kitty
AdmiralMemo: Do you do?
thefileclerk: you saved, but can we be saved
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: CHEB
PinaCalChaos: milk of human kindness ?
Skyboss1996: Who do the whodoo man?
Gothic_Monkey: so much prodigy today
arandomview: EXOTIC BUTTERS
couldntpickausername: can we see the other character intros at least?
Jake_the_guy: life is strange
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: Day of Cheb?
Cantwearcats: One day for Cheb?
All_mankind: what would you say about a "continue" system like in Eve Online where any losses set you back in measurable real life time, resources and efforts?
thefileclerk: is this a primus song?
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ten19: This music reminds me of tracks in Unreal Tournament, but terrible!
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mikialice: 90s text version of cards against humanity
Anubis169: Graham and Alex sing "Prodairy - Voodoo Butter"
DigitalSeahorse: who do....Remind me of the Babe
LarkSachrosis: Times are still weird.
richard_ermen: Voting for Mr.Genocide :D
Contiguouskittycat: I was a year old when this game came out.
AlonsoSwift: That IS comic sans!
Foxmar320: Yeah the gameplay is dull but lets watch the intros
arandomview: Please enjoy your EXOTIC BUTTERS
Darth_Wooper: lrrHAM ?
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: ROBONUN
Juliamon: Those fire effects
virre_: a robonun?
rarermonsters: Guys you dropped your Final Fantasy in my 90s
Skyboss1996: Skull!
Foxmar320: Robot Nun?!
hippitybobbity: robot revolver satan
ArghyV: Butter? I hardly even know 'er!
Kikazi: "morbid curiosity" doesn't quite cut it here....... "suicidal curiosity"?
RobertMerlow: She's a Sister of Battle, Graham
richard_ermen: Apparently Sister Magpie is extorting THE DEVIL?
JediTransmit: Yes indeed...
Alness49: Is this that Hitman advert?
Arclight_Dynamo: Cyborg nun?
gravitycannon: sister of battle?
SnowB0und: Ooh, sweet new Phyrexia trailer
cddento: What have I stumbled into
Darth_Wooper: Trick or treat!
mogling: She will extort all of the skulls out of you.
goblinranger: with a coin slot
Macheya: Necron
Anubis169: what... am i watching? o.O
Tarukai788: Sister magpie? does she vie for shinies and attack people on bikes?
Izandai: I think the head was a piggy bank?
WNivek: That animation somehow caused me to flashback to Dragon Lore
Foxmar320: Anubis169 We don't know!
Kramburger: Edgy religious commentary
Nerdshome: so give money or become the next censr?
cheetoJack: The desert planet of Kee-butt-5
malsareus: Female Iron Hand?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Uh I think she should be introuble for more than that it seems
tl_ampharos: I'm pretty sure they don't know what they're playing.
Felipe_Modesto: W+P does not endorse the views and opinions of the games being played, all events are incidental and are not meant to be taken literally. If your loading time last longer than three hours, please consult your LRR-Doctor.
wildpeaks: lrrDOTS
FeaturingMe: dat bright
LordZarano: Holy water?
redpillbluepil: Nun is OP
Domidwarcer: will admit the head as a collection basket, i think is kinda intieresting
Kikazi: an extreme case of "blue balls"
Anaerin: Again with the off-center gun.
richard_ermen: We have a LRR-Doctor?
Jake_the_guy: @Felipe_Modesto nice <3
OutOfSpaceAndTime: cheer100 Getting to see Watch+Play today, then getting to see new nephew tomorrow. Weeks looking up.
goblinranger: cannibal framed for jay walking
AdmiralMemo: Felipe_Modesto kstarkNice
arandomview: Puite Meh
countz3r0: hep
wildpeaks: Kids these days and their swedging
arandomview: Quite Meh
Paranundrox: this music though
Foxmar320: I bet its beat the game with everyone else
DewMan001: sick jam
Rivulatus_: Love this music
Knightlyvalor: OutOfSpaceAndTime congratz to your family!
countz3r0: dangit
virre_: I am sure there is a cheat code to unlook, its the 90s
Anubis169: LRR does not endorse the quality or playability of any game on Watch+Play... but it damn sure enjoys them Kappa
rarermonsters: Shouldn't this guy be menacing Roger Rabbit?
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh no, his sick tunes!
cddento: I like his suit kappa
Rcraddz: look very ABC Warriors like graphics until you get into the game
The_Irish_Blaggard: Swedging just means fighting
DewMan001: Sick water texture, yo
Jake_the_guy: uhh
Tarukai788: that seems excessive
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
hippitybobbity: classic
cddento: ummmm
CataclysmicReverb: Baron von Underbite?
Rivulatus_: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Cantwearcats: wat
BeerandBattleAxe: hes got an orks irn gob
mikialice: The best thing about this game is definitely the WWE style character intros
goblinranger: that's a weird gun
richard_ermen: O_o
DewMan001: I feel like chicken tonight
Arclight_Dynamo: "Swaging (/ˈsweɪdʒ/) is a forging process in which the dimensions of an item are altered using dies into which the item is forced.[1] Swaging is usually a cold working process; however, it is sometimes done as a hot working process.[2]The term swage can apply to the process of swaging (verb), or to a die or tool used for swaging (noun)."
wildpeaks: and this is how chicken nuggets are done
AdmiralMemo: !pardonfuck
LRRbot: lrrEFF 60 pardons-fuck for Games + Demos on Watch and Play
SamanthaVess: He's got a Bandit shotgun PogChamp
Mangledpixel: o....k then
Ba_Dum_Tish: Why do they keep switching firing arms?
UnhingedBear: hahaha
malsareus: thats a handy cooking gun
t3h_f1gm3nt: ok, that actually got a laugh out of me
Tarukai788: Fub, The Guy Who Frame
gravitycannon: and iron gob. i swear these developers were into 40k/necromunda
Contiguouskittycat: So thats how chickens in the supermarket get that way.
FlyingWithSnakes: i missed it, what was it
Redbassist: that unlockable character is probably unlocked through an extensive cheat code
Mr_Horrible: he has a shotgun that turns thing into packaged turkeys?
Tarukai788: ooh, spreadshot
LarkSachrosis: *sure™
DahudLefthanded: I have some bird physics questions.
Macheya: Man, Overlord Saurfang was different before WoW.
Arclight_Dynamo: Wait. That's "swaging." Dammit.
Redbassist: geez
Miyahgwen: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos (rating 46%)
Anubis169: oh jebus the molotovs follow you as you move :S
rarermonsters: Molotouhov Cocktail
toasthaste: man I can *feel* young me being legitimately amazed by the cutscene graphics
thysane: a swedge is a fight or brawl in scottish slang apparently?
richard_ermen: !game bad
malsareus: Tis a molotov tornado
wildpeaks: oh yess
Foxmar320: oh honey no
Tarukai788: !game pls no
Jake_the_guy: gender defender? oh boy
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: crime... Gender straddling
toasthaste: :|
Juliamon: "Weapon: Gender Defender"
countz3r0: Gender Defender ftw
SnowB0und: Getting serious Spud! flashbacks from these cutscenes
Rivulatus_: Oh ho
hippitybobbity: Nah, lets not do that one
Izandai: Oh god. Oh god no.
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: wut
FlyingWithSnakes: oh dear lord
AdmiralMemo: IS this Mad Max?
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh are not going to be kind are you?
The_Irish_Blaggard: Weapon: Gender Defender. Ohhhh goodie
virre_: yupp
Gothic_Monkey: amazing
Skyboss1996: Uh
Tarukai788: god this is awful
SirFlukesAlot: wat
Anubis169: LOL
thefileclerk: that person has land mines for boobs
Domidwarcer: Wait baywatch
SAJewers: uh
Foxmar320: LOL
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mikialice: Why don't you guys try the 2 player? Twice the grubs and twice the fun!
Splash4Mirrodin: lol
toasthaste: thank god
DoktorLoy: whew
kpiozero: wow?
Tarukai788: and entirely unsurprising, lol
DeusMachinaEx: And there you go
monsieur_squirrel: nope
cddento: Could have been a lot worse
Rivulatus_: Well that was not at all what was expected
Bryghtside: we've still got the attacks, there's still time
Skyboss1996: IDDQD?
malsareus: di someone just refine the 90s into THIS?
SamanthaVess: "Are those boobs fake?" "no, they're mine" 4Head
virre_: maybe cheat good only on original game?
Contiguouskittycat: Gender-straddling. Apparently that's a crime.
NationalPublicGaming: Were those Devo hats?
hippitybobbity: SamanthaVess BOOOO
countz3r0: pink uzis
Contiguouskittycat: Laser-Uzis
Jake_the_guy: so actualy just normal
Tarukai788: better than off-center angle shot
rarermonsters: A transphobic joke AND a Baywatch reference, you spoil us 90s grossout games
Anubis169: xxxFIREBAD
WitchyWynne: I am nonbinary and very uncomfortable
cheetoJack: I found a cheat code for Fwank, the bonus character, but I cant figure out how to enter it on a pc
Dragoniangirl: @SamanthaVess does that make them boobie traps?
All_mankind: reminds me of this very modern comic book called B*tch Planet
asthanius: To burn all you've done
arandomview: Gender and gun dysforia
Foxmar320: Cause why not fire
couldntpickausername: that was not as bad as I expected.
WitchyWynne: this game
All_mankind: but i don't think this is satirizing anything
t3h_f1gm3nt: GDI Alex!
flyingmuskrat1: Gender is a burning thing, and it makes a fiery ring.
Rocketman210: It is a joke that doesnt really get old
Jake_the_guy: i'm trans and find the gender defender actualy alright
richard_ermen: What joke?
Arclight_Dynamo: arandomview : Maybe let's not?
Juliamon: For mid-90s, that could have been SO much worse
Mangledpixel: maybe in options there's a code entry?
lifecharacter: Is it under options?
DewMan001: Your super is a Johnny Cash reference?
Paranundrox: retro BALLISTAS
AdmiralMemo: We need to see Capn' Hands
FeaturingMe: Crime: Genocide...
Contiguouskittycat: Crime; Genocide.
Anubis169: Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free!
rarermonsters: So, just so we're aware, there is a huge contingent of Wrestling fans who insist that this era of humor was the highest poijnt which the medium's writing has ever acheived
Rcraddz: options or tilde key?
Always_Armoured: what is this utter shit?
wildpeaks: with bullets
BusTed: All that's left is a Cap & Hands.
Paranundrox: his weapons are called Retro Ballistas
FlyingWithSnakes: gonna cap these hands
Foxmar320: Great intro lol
Godofmuffins: You a small crime such as genocide.
Baltharon: you need to hover over sister magpie to do the cheat
Anubis169: Always_Armoured: it's exactly what it looks like
hippitybobbity: one at the time, I think
Tarukai788: It has been tracked to the D
Paranundrox: it has been tracked to the D
2d20: He looks like M. Bison crossed with skeltons
FeaturingMe: patience
wildpeaks: it takes a lot of time ?
AdmiralMemo: Be Hitler?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well Graham, you kill an AWFUL lot of people. Kappa
WNivek: Did we just see that his gun launches entire cartridges, instead of just the bullet?
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: that was just an entire bullet
Our_OBoros: Honestly? Given some of the transphobish douches, twin uzis sound about right.
SamanthaVess: Play any modern FPS game Kappa
jumpingupanddown: Quick end it before our audiences might get contect!
malsareus: that man a a HARD worker
goblinranger: it's time consuming
Paranundrox: @Tarukai788 jinx :P
Tarukai788: lol
Macheya: Same way you do a heckin' concern?
ani_laurel: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:19:35.
thefileclerk: you have to be live in yourself
jumpingupanddown: *context
arandomview: KILL EVERYONE, including yourself
koizom: cap'n'hands was the best character in Loaded
Gothic_Monkey: the power of edge
CataclysmicReverb: Edgebomb?
asthanius: Dark anime-pulse?
Anubis169: it's a radient kill field
Foxmar320: hello darkness my old friend
malsareus: doomtide?
FeaturingMe: Deathwave?
gravitycannon: die die die!
All_mankind: McCree has aged well
countz3r0: fwank
kpiozero: Dark anime pulse go
richard_ermen: And that was the 11th time I died...
thefileclerk: game baaaad
malsareus: fwank? whats that precious?
rarermonsters: This drum and bass loop is approaching a warcrime
arandomview: Hello, darkness, my old friend...
FeaturingMe: now we're just naming metal bands again
RewCo: I think he said 'Suck your Soul'
thefileclerk: fwaaank
Anubis169: it's hiiiiiiigh sp00n
Baronvonjooj: I just came back after watching the new bill wurtz video like 3 times. What did I miss?
Anubis169: Kappa
Mangledpixel: maybe check under options for a code entry?
Darth_Wooper: Gwaham attempting a fwanking manoover.
wildpeaks: o.O
Foxmar320: ummmmmmmmmmmmm
countz3r0: spoooop
asthanius: Is that Deadpool?
2d20: Uhhh
Rivulatus_: Uh oh
AdmiralMemo: lrrSPOOP
Barb4rian: @rarermonsters Right? It's way past awful
Lunareclipse123: McCreaper
Jake_the_guy: uhh
Skyboss1996: Hello, evil baloon?
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: Strongbad????
CptSpiffy: strongbad?
SAJewers: uh
Arclight_Dynamo: Juggalo?
Tarukai788: what a way to know you got it right
Anubis169: LOL
countz3r0: S.L.A.G
Dragoniangirl: uuuuhhhh
Jake_the_guy: YSE
Foxmar320: YES
cheetoJack: !highlight FWANK
wildpeaks: 10/10
AdmiralMemo: !highlight My Gun
SAJewers: wut
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Skyboss1996: It is StrongBad
Foxmar320: best intro
Anubis169: !highlight Stunned Shock
SnowB0und: That's JUST a juggalo
countz3r0: awwww
SirFlukesAlot: omg yes
Ba_Dum_Tish: Darksided!
SirBiffaloEsq: no
2d20: YES YES!
crazycommie87: This is charming!
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Herbert_Urberderp: The animation in this game is almost as good as Starbolt
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countz3r0: <3
asthanius: This is AMAZING
BusTed: Aww
kpiozero: two suns!
Mangledpixel: now this is a good intro
virre_: !highlight
SamanthaVess: Is this the new Payday heister?
malsareus: This is a thing
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: this is actually great
NationalPublicGaming: Best cutscene
FeaturingMe: Grahamface is best
ZeniteZero: WOW
TrakoGamer: cheer100 this is so 90s it hurts
MonumentToMansFolly: i suddenly love this
derek_underscore_g: YES! YES! YES!
Rivulatus_: 11/10 this game is redemed.
Macheya: It's the dudes from Borderlands.
Domidwarcer: G's Face
Jake_the_guy: that was great
lifecharacter: This is actually kind of great?
AdmiralMemo: but y tho
Jlhonors: Worth it.
zealousfreenix: hmm
Barb4rian: I think we have a winner
Anubis169: Graham, your face!
Tarukai788: wwwooowww
SAJewers: we need graham's facial expression as an emote
wildpeaks: Worth it
MCJiopur: Intro good at least
FlyingWithSnakes: i actually like this
ylegm: that was the best one by far
CataclysmicReverb: Twisted Metal?
LarkSachrosis: Okay, this one is great.
Domidwarcer: This is adroably funny
mogling: That was the best intro yet.
Godofmuffins: That was wonderful
UnhingedBear: oh yes
Alness49: They should have led with that!
xLilari: The looks on your faces were awesome. xD
DeusMachinaEx: Borderlands 120%
DewMan001: Wow, 2D animation was clearly these guys' strong suit
Foxmar320: best character
Jhardin87: !pardon ***
hippitybobbity: That was the first time I had fun this game
JeremyDevoid: that was the best one by far
SirFlukesAlot: s othe game has ONE game point?
SnowB0und: FAH-MUH-LY
DigitalSeahorse: dawww
All_mankind: !game redeemed
SirFlukesAlot: good*
JeremyDevoid: omg
asthanius: "Fub, the guy who fram"
LessSkunksThanEstimated: Fub. the guy who fram.
DewMan001: That was *** phenomenal
Foxmar320: wut
richard_ermen: It´s a reskin of Sister Magpie?
t3h_f1gm3nt: BOOO!!!!
Kikazi: a diamond in the rough, so-to-speak
Skyboss1996: Huh. You're just robo-nun again
cheetoJack: you dont play as Fwank, Fwank plays as you
AdmiralMemo: yep
DahudLefthanded: That fub, always framming.
Foxmar320: we saw the intro thats good at least
Skyboss1996: Billy
wildpeaks: Deep down, we're all robot nuns
RobertMerlow: Obviously whoever did that cutscene moved on to Gearbox
kpiozero: Yurp
DoodlestheGreat: DRANK
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: see u soons
LarkSachrosis: !Billy
Mangledpixel: nicely capped, Cherubimcw
FeaturingMe goes away
whenwearebothcats: games like this where the devs have real creative talent but it gets abused so badly are just so sad
Jake_the_guy: bio break time
arandomview: Watch history of the world?
Mr_Horrible: Graham's W+P expressions would make a really good lrrOMG emote
AdmiralMemo: Cherubimcw That looks like him doing the "You Don't Say?" face
Gothic_Monkey: ahh recovery time
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: how goes the watching and playing?
Jake_the_guy: be sure to get a glass of something to drink
UnhingedBear: how long are the breaks usually?
The_Irish_Blaggard: @Cherubimcw That needs to be a twitch emote
All_mankind: there are more hella things in the garbage internet, than men has dreamt of
TrakoGamer: ocean, it was... interesting
Skyboss1996: Go watch Bill Wurtz "History of the World, or whatever" it's great
t3h_f1gm3nt: @UnhingedBear 3-5 minutes usually
FeaturingMe: The_Ocean_who_Subbed: it goes, you are so far unfound
koizom: Hell of a Thing, a fan favorite
DewMan001: Right, I should head before my net cuts out. I'ma go watch that new Bill Wurtz vid over breakfast. Have fun, y'all
AdmiralMemo: The_Ocean_who_Subbed I'll give you a hint
UnhingedBear: alright. thank you.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: That's a good face Memo
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: And TrakoGamer yeah? I'll have to watch the vod later
Dragoniangirl: that face was amazing
AdmiralMemo: The_Ocean_who_Subbed Thank Cherubimcw for it
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: FeaturingMe GOOD. I'm here now, you can find me Kappa
Anubis169: aaaaand logged forever
Foxmar320: lol
Mewyabby: I just watched the Bill Wurtz vidya
Mewyabby: 10/10
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: also that more cowbell in the link
t3h_f1gm3nt: whats a Bill Wurtz?
DahudLefthanded: There's a new bill wurtz?
Foxmar320: It won't load for me
Compleatly: apparently
Mewyabby: @t3h_f1gm3nt the person who did the 'History of Japan' video. His youtube is GREAT
AdmiralMemo: shirt break?
Pteraspidomorphi: That was very short
Rivulatus_: That was real quick
UnhingedBear: just in time
Buttayobred: i only just got up o.o
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Aenir798: that was very short
Rivulatus_: Give me Novacaine
Jake_the_guy: back in time yay
TrakoGamer: OH ***
Skyboss1996: Alex is excited
Gothic_Monkey: SO SERIOUS
SAJewers: OH MAN
Baldrash: So SERIOUS!
Tarukai788: oh I like the sound of this
Scorpianhead: Time to put on our carapace armour and gird our standard issue adamantium balls
IlushiAwesome: Oh hey it's the game I suggested!
TrakoGamer: SRS
northernlightning: uh oh, this sounds serious
AdmiralMemo: This is SERIOUS metal detecting
Ba_Dum_Tish: This is serious business
Gekyouryuu: So... Dew-S-A is a thing apparently. it's Mountain Dew Code Red, White Out, and Voltage all in one can
whenwearebothcats: i dunno you don't seem too serious
Reecer6: We ain't detecting metal like casuals!
EikoandMog: OH YEAH BABY
Dragoniangirl: super serious you guys
AlonsoSwift: !highlight OH YEAH
LRRbot: Highlight added.
redpillbluepil: Alex, why so serious?
duaiwe: Whew, I tried comedic metal detecting a while back, it wasn’t that funny.
malsareus: so heavy metal?
wildpeaks: Why so metal
arandomview: Y so serious?!
koizom: Time to get serious
t3h_f1gm3nt: y so srs? lrrBEEJ
Alness49: So, there's silly metal detecting?
Izandai: This had better be just a really detailed metal detector simulator with terrible graphics.
Scarbble: Gekyouryuu i've heard the dew-s-a is not great
SharktoothJack: Yay! I didn't miss Garbage Day!
Navi_Chem: Gekyouryuu its mostly just voltage
Anubis169: 4:3 Master Race
goblinranger: cars?
Skyboss1996: Let's go metal detecting
Jake_the_guy: just?
castlewise: Everyone needs to watch The Detectorists
thefileclerk: i am surprised and deeply annoyed that i passed all my classes
Foxmar320: oh good
Rivulatus_: This seems perfect.
AdmiralMemo: Can we move the screen to the left then?
Tarukai788: @Scarbble it would probably be better if it didn't have sucralose as a main sweetener
TrakoGamer: can we detect the sub ocean, Alex?
Zeke229: change the graphics?
Skyboss1996: 4:3 ooooh nooooo
SamanthaVess: \m/ SwiftRage \m/ Metal detected
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FlyingWithSnakes: 16:9 is for scrubs
wildpeaks: it could actually be good as relaxing game :)
AlonsoSwift: @Scarbble It's... Okay at best.
Tarukai788: (as someone who hates sucralose)
IlushiAwesome: It's going to get worse Graham. So much worse.
WokenClick: Oh is this the new PUBG patch?
whenwearebothcats: yup here come the Trespasser flashbacks
rarermonsters: Clearly Graham you just don't understand this hobby
virre_: the people that makes it spend to much time outside metal edtecting and not building game?
crazycommie87: Need to turn this up to graphics level 3 obviously
Gekyouryuu: Scarbble Navi_Chem I'm trying it, because I like all 3 of these flavors. So I expect to not like all 3 of these flavors at once.
Tarukai788: koala tea
Mangledpixel: oh boy that's granular
goblinranger: wow
Skyboss1996: Oh no
wildpeaks: welp, if fixing the UI first
IlushiAwesome: Just to give a hint to Alex, you have to put batteries in it first before you can turn it on.
SharktoothJack: aww, I hoped it would be a pun on the music genre
Foxmar320: My dad was into metal detecting. Never found anything good
TheOtherTrevor: no batteries
arandomview: Because the developers were very serious
t3h_f1gm3nt: graphics dont make good games graham lrrBEEJ
Rivulatus_: oh gawd, that volume clicking
Ummon_: clicker game :D
JeremyDevoid: awesome game by awesome game creator obvioulsy
Dragoniangirl: turn it up to 11
cddento: Graham when you mean just came out you mean 5 years ago right. Please say I'm right
SniperPumpkin: that's sensitivity on the detector
MikeSmith916: Did you forget to install batteries in your simulation?
cheetoJack: This is the highest quality metal detecting simulator I've ever seen
AdmiralMemo: Dear Dr. Graham: If we can't get widescreen, can we move the game left at least?
FeaturingMe: you need to first go and turn on the generator
delta__vee: is this My Summer Scavenge? Kappa
Navi_Chem: Gekyouryuu its also partially artificial sweetner which some people dislike
BillTheCat: the compass at the top immediately makes me think of PUBG
TrakoGamer: my summer metal detector?
FlyingWithSnakes: this is a weird minecraft mod
whenwearebothcats: really disturbing ingame overlay
Foxmar320: wow
wildpeaks: they're multiplying
Izandai: uh
goblinranger: thought that was a poke ball for a second
ZeniteZero: lrrSPOOP
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think the answer to all of those questions Graham is that the sort of person who would devote enough time to developing and releasing a game called "Serious Metal Detection" for entirely non-joke purposes... probably don't have the newest computers around.
NationalPublicGaming: Please tell me this becomes minesweeper.
Anubis169: as somebody who has done metal detecting for fun in the past... this is painful lrrSPOOP
thefileclerk: this is disgussing
Rivulatus_: I think you may have been in the wrong place?
Scorpianhead: apparently you need two mice to play this game
Gekyouryuu: Navi_Chem I have tried it. barring any surprise aftertaste, it's fine.
All_mankind: please tell me you need two mouses to play this
arandomview: Why does the mouse look like a pokeball?
wildpeaks: it could be a fun idea for a game though :D
MT_Storm: The minesweeper gritty reboot got weird.
castlewise: I'm not sure you dig where your detector is pointing
JediTransmit: In before russian bounding mine
malsareus: how many mouses do you have hooked up?
SketchyDetails: keep digging
Kaus_Jason: mul- mul- multimice
ReydienOnline: where you did and where you put the detector don't match up
ReydienOnline: gotta move
morgoth_bauglyr: this seems serious
Leels: be sure to dig into a square
ZeniteZero: NationalPublicGaming, that would be a great plot twist
TrakoGamer: arandomview I was thinking the same
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Logikcat: Serious Garbage Detecting...
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GroutNASA: HA HA! Unity.
Scorpianhead: is joke alex
Skyboss1996: I swear, we're gonna find ourselves an Anti-Tank mine
BetterMagic: What is this garbage game
Foxmar320: wow this is so bad
Gildan_Bladeborn: Um... that was 4 mice a moment ago.
AdmiralMemo: Oh... I get it now
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: oh my jeez
going_medium: use all 4 mice alex
FeaturingMe: This doesn't sound like metal at all
Leels: are you just digging your own grave?
hippitybobbity: wow this seems miserable
NationalPublicGaming: Digging holes build character
DoodlestheGreat: This is an interesting idea for a game that is let down completely by execution.
Rivulatus_: This idea seems amazing, if it wasn't badly implimented.
AdmiralMemo: It's super boring, but I get it now
ZeromuS_: wooooooooooowwww
goblinranger: ok so playing in dirt simulator
Mijnheer: !game serious
frage069: This hurts
FeaturingMe: @Alex: Can you dig it?
malsareus: such beautifull hands
thefileclerk: GARBAGE DAAAAY
NimrodXIV: that fourth mouse is the impotant one
Alness49: The new Desert Bus
Calaveth: How many fingers were on those hands?
CptSpiffy: only game i now that uses two mice is a porn game. It was so you could fondle two breast at once.
Tarukai788: the spot of the shoveling is right up on you, compared to the metal detector which is further ahead, it's weird
crazycommie87: @Skyboss1996 I assume the expansion to this game you are minesweeping in a warzone. XD
hippitybobbity: oh you can play the doctor who theme in this game
Contiguouskittycat: Hey guys, what if we made a game that super niche, but still doesn't work like even a little bit?
SniperPumpkin: I think you have to find the spot, then step forward to dig on the spot
Foxmar320: dig all the holes!
Steelwolf171: Still more than they've found on Oak Island
Arclight_Dynamo: I think you need to stand where you want to dig?
TrakoGamer: dig, Alex, dig til you reach the suboceran
Kukako: There is no feedback if you get something or not, have to open inventory to check if you got anything.
ylegm: How long do you think it took them to make this loneliness simulator?
TrakoGamer: subocean, too
malsareus: depends on which mouseicon is the actual pointy thing
jakale: if you can move it well enough, you might be able to do the mickey mouse club song
Barb4rian: This game makes me nauseous
Gildan_Bladeborn: Pretty sure you're digging wherever you're standing. So the problem is Alex didn't move onto the spot.
thefileclerk: i think you got something
FriskyMantis: worm eating simulator?
BusTed: Can you hold down the dig button and move the mouse?
AdmiralMemo: Inventory? Maybe you actually did pick up something?
Scorpianhead: time to dig to china
angryoptimist: Attsa matta attsa matta hey attsa matta fa you
BusTed: Trying to figure out what it'st rying to indicate.
Tarukai788: @Steelwolf171 now that's a deep cut
whenwearebothcats: have you tried pressing all the mouses
Lotus_position: Can you dig down to the subocean?
ZeromuS_: shouldnt have turned that knob lrrSLOTH
cairistiona13: keep digging
Scorpianhead: oh no!
Contiguouskittycat: You must detect to survive.
ani_laurel: is there crafting?
gravitycannon: i want there to be bear attacks in this
thefileclerk: whip it out
wildpeaks: reminds me of Miasmata, except with a metal detector instead of searching for plants
Macheya: A game like this in the Jalopy style would be so much better.
whenwearebothcats: it honestly looks like an alpha build for The Hunter or something
Anubis169: joke's on you, you found the one spot in this entire field with metal in it
FlyingWithSnakes: dig your way to the subocean
Foxmar320: wow gameplay everyone!
malsareus: can we use the metal scrap to make a bow?
rarermonsters: If we're honest with ourselves, isn't this basically the same experience as minecraft?
ZeniteZero: Well, it IS called Serious Metal Detecting Kappa
TrakoGamer: Macheya yeah totally
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Nana89012: Man! It's the Garbage Day to not end any sort of garbage! Yay! (love your guys stuff)
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TStodden: is it on?
diabore: maybe the knob is sensitivity?
Contiguouskittycat: If nothing else, it's at least a semi-competent wilderness simulator.
NationalPublicGaming: Alex finds a iron mine by accident.
wildpeaks: we're rich \o/
Foxmar320: Wat
AdmiralMemo: lrrGOAT
northernlightning: we're rich!
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QuintIverson: please end this game by starving your character to death. i don't know what happens but it must be good.
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BusTed: Nice.
cairistiona13: i guess that was the only thing
kpiozero: GLAD COINS
Suffix: Oh wow.
goblinranger: ooh a thingy
Rivulatus_: This seems like a realistic metal dectector field to me.
All_mankind: straight cache
malsareus: all them monies
Foxmar320: We are rich!
Mijnheer: It's the zombie apocalypse and you have to dig up a gun to defend yourself with! Kappa
whenwearebothcats: ah yes gold commonly found in a dirthole
LadyThrimbletrimmer: I arrive at the Watch and Play. Resolution: Low. Game: Bad. Detector: Out.
Anubis169: and you aren't getting that time back
ZeromuS_: please please please go third person for curiosity sake
Scorpianhead: I call *** . Everyone knows you can't find anything with a metal detector
SamanthaVess: We rich now, boiz rooSellout
Anubis169: not the character, you, you're not getting that back
Kukako: Wait, what, they have added feedback since the last time I have played?
rarermonsters: Is this actually a brilliant horror game where the mouse tooltips keep on multiplying until they finally attack?
castlewise: looking for old roman stuff
All_mankind: it's too easy to dig in sand
silenceaux: If you go to where everyone else is, it'll already be picked over!
ZelaFlow: Because it is the last place un-tapped.
goblinranger: apparently a pirate exploded here in the past
castlewise: or whatevs
underhill33: They also go to Civil War battlefields
Aeraliz: if you dig in the right place you can find a stronghold with a portal to a void dimension. I am certain this is that game
IlushiAwesome: There is a beach level. It costs in-game money to unlock though.
kpiozero: People going to the beach are suckers g-money!
AdmiralMemo: Is the game doing SOS?
AlonsoSwift: Because the beach is only for casuals. This is SERIOUS metal detecting Kapa
BillTheCat: the beach is for suckers
northernlightning: more gold!
AlonsoSwift: * Kappa
Rivulatus_: Ahhhhh Graham you obviously havent been to fields in europe where people try to find antique weapons.
Tarukai788: got there
Itazu: yeah, people ALWAYS go to the beach. all the coins are gone now :P
enkor2113: i think you answered your own question graham
ZeniteZero: PogChamp
BusTed: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Knightlyvalor: This is in Europe maybe?
Foxmar320: wow
kpiozero: YEAAHA
crazycommie87: All the Gold!!!
wildpeaks: Speedrun strat :D
TheOtherTrevor: Out here you don't have to compete with all those beach people
thefileclerk: the ground moves
jakale: obviously cause everyone else goes to the beach, we're all alone here
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Lotus_position: Another car on the trash train as we watch the human magpie search for food.
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hippitybobbity: @ladythrimbletrimmer excellent memage
Suffix: Wow. That sky.
All_mankind: this is a fun Atomic 79 mod
Contiguouskittycat: This game is like Firewatch. If Firewatch had no story, characters, or functionallity.
stagemgrrob: Metorites
richard_ermen: This...feels like watching someone play Agriculture Simulator 2016...
Tarukai788: vintage weapon searching and vintage UXO searching
Arclight_Dynamo: I mean, I'd be less interested in trying to find "treasure" with a metal detector than finding, like, local historical items of interest.
Anubis169: Graham: I have legit found a roman coin in a field near here with a metal detector
Quintondreaming: Metal dectectorists in the UK are a thing. They do stuff in fields.
Beefpants: sup guys gonna listen while I do my boxing workout
SirFlukesAlot: well a guy found like a mil or twos worth of gold in a field a while ago in the uk
northernlightning: "you let your lust for gold devour your life, congratulations"
Foxmar320: I kind of want us to dig and hit a skull
thefileclerk: it may be just ugh then dead
wildpeaks: I dig this game
GroutNASA: There! Not there!
mikialice: Yo Baron, I can dig it
cairistiona13: we have a coin hoard over here :) and it was absolutely found in a field
BusTed: Maybe it shows your body getting buried by the sands of time, becoming treasure for the next metal detecting enthusiast.
SirFlukesAlot: i hope one of these pings is an actual land mine
Rivulatus_: I think you need to move a bit forward to dig where it is detected.
Anubis169: can you dig to the sub ocean
GroutNASA: Oddly shaped Pokeball.
kpiozero: Can you dig it baron?
Tarukai788: I can do it! I will do it nine times!
Buttayobred: I didnt realize this was a thing people did. Thought it was just a character filler for shows and movies as " Guy with metal detector" in the background of beach scenes.
Beefpants: :)
ZeniteZero: Thurr
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Anubis169 but I'm here Kappa
AdmiralMemo: Arclight_Dynamo: If you used it in my dad's backyard you'd find hundreds of tiny pet coffins.
Aeraliz: man this speedrun is shot
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: also hi :)
asthanius: Punch harder. Now slower. Now a little to the left. Yeah, that's the stuff.
Foxmar320: oh can we press C for 3rd person view?
Sjakies: graham gave Alex a garbage game in which he can dig up more garbage
ZeniteZero: PogChamp
DigitalSeahorse: can you find meteorite rocks in this?
Ukon_vasara: wait, so you hold the detector in front of you, and dig straight down?
Anubis169: yeah she can't be that far away Kappa
All_mankind: smash cut to a dirt covered skeleton
Papperslappen: !advice
LRRbot: Escape the cheesecake.
Foxmar320: I want to see how generic we look
Nightvalien28: hi The_Ocean_who_Subbed
DahudLefthanded: Deckle
ZeniteZero: We hella rich now, y'all
Mijnheer: GLOD
Anubis169: heya SubOcean <3
Arclight_Dynamo: AdmiralMemo : ...huh.
thefileclerk: sheckles
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: hey Nightvalien28
GroutNASA: Ha ha! Minesweeping.
Skyboss1996: 22 Sheckles
goblinranger: and a button?
wildpeaks: yess
lifecharacter: So we found worthless change?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: and what's up Anubis169? :)
Contiguouskittycat: Surprise the game is Russian!
MalBeam: are we in russia?
Ummon_: 20 kon
hippitybobbity: sick zloty my dudes
shroompants: is this frog fractions 3?
AdmiralMemo: Arclight_Dynamo Also a buried pool
Skyboss1996: Wait, no. 22 Kopecks!
Iraeda: so this is actually a stalker mod?
Foxmar320: lol yessssss
angryoptimist: Ah, decls.
asthanius: Goober
gravitycannon: was that nipple?
FlyingWithSnakes: why are so many of these game sRussian?
TwilightAvalon: Its like these games KNOW alex
redpillbluepil: Any Russians in the house? How much do we have?
NationalPublicGaming: Worst stalker mod
Jake_the_guy: the movement
Anubis169: SubOcean: Little drained but overall good
underhill33: Russian AF
wildpeaks: cheeki breeki
crazycommie87: Now the game makes sense now!
Lotus_position: There is nothing so oddly disappointing as getting good at a crappy game interface.
Undertowst: Let's see if we can find landmines?
All_mankind: i have in my possession a 3 rubel coin
northernlightning: that's some good animation
Foxmar320: We just slide around
Sjakies: best STALKER mod
Aeraliz: good, he's wearing camo so the coins won't see him approach
AdmiralMemo: Arclight_Dynamo Parents have had over 400 animals since 1978, so... Yeah.
QFZulu: Litetally Russian shovelware
All_mankind: true story
SupernormalStep: Those clouds look like they are going to fall on you.
BillTheCat: is that a battery meter for the metal detector?
NimrodXIV: coins here, stalker
FeaturingMe: This guy doesn't look metal at all
inkorstardust just subscribed with a $4.99 sub. inkorstardust subscribed for 19 months in a row!
inkorstardust: I hope you find something sweet in this field but I feel like it's going to be mostly dirt and beeping.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, inkorstardust! (Today's storm count: 128)
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Anubis169 I'm in the same boat. <3
Niallsb: Is this just a guy cleaning up after a round of Player Unknown's Battleground?
Scorpianhead: Now we just need to find a jaeger.
WNivek: the character's left arm is, like, pinned to his side.
castlewise: are we rich? can we buy a better detector? I must know
ZeromuS_: his left arm is sooo weeeird
mikialice: Those clouds are almost believable
RobertMerlow: Just be careful of the old german anti-personnel mines
Lunareclipse123: NYOUP!
Scarbble: you have to sneak up on the metal
lifecharacter: Ya gotta sneak up on the buried treasure.
koizom: In b4 stray bullet NYOP
Izandai: Sideways moonwalk.
Skyboss1996: We've got 22 Kopecks! Thats worth.... liteally nothing
Nerdshome: wow! look how long his harms are
Rerout343: Been up all day and having trouble staying awake, going to have to watch the VOD. I wish you well with your Garabge
Steelwolf171: Just another day in the Zone
crazycommie87: I want this Stalker mod now!
ShortRound2099: to hide you from the other metal detectorsmen
castlewise: or to get shot by a deer hunter
Rivulatus_: Yea, but you got to be hard for angry farmers to see.
whenwearebothcats: environment not bad, skybox a little questionable
Paranundrox: @MadCmdrMoe is that a thing that can happen?
Anaerin: I am valkink on sunshine, da?
DigitalSeahorse: great moonwalk
LessSkunksThanEstimated: cheer50 weirdest stalker mod yet.
Godofmuffins: Got to be in camo to sneak up on the metal
Ukon_vasara: them some funky lookin clouds
thefileclerk: someone is going to barely see you and shoot you in the face
Papperslappen: You are wearing camouflage so you detect the metal before the metal detects you
Jake_the_guy: what if there are hunters? you should have high vis
AdmiralMemo: kappa50 These bits are literally worth more than you've found.
All_mankind: maybe some dirty beeps
Undertowst: Please find a landmine!
BusTed: "I got some metal for ya."
TwilightAvalon: cheer50 how long until Alex magically finds "Artifacts"
thefileclerk: cheer 24
All_mankind: or even beeping dirt
Stock_Trading_River_Otter: "Hey kids, Wanna see a dead body. NVM. Can't find it."
Liliturra: The camo is so others can't track you and steal your awesome coins.
MadCmdrMoe: @Paranundrox hell if i know lol just SOMETHING to spice this up
Foxmar320: Does this game have character customization? lrrBEEJ
Kaus_Jason: alex thats called real life
richard_ermen: *** Fishing Game? That´s a strange combination Alex.
SAJewers: i''d play that
hippitybobbity: and get to it in your Summer Car
rf232: so old runescape
All_mankind: i like this idea
Questhere: I wonder if there's any mines out here
Jake_the_guy: i would play that
FeaturingMe: Drop it all in a m-morpeger,
Alness49: The Simulator Simulator!
asthanius: Sega Bass Fishing?
Always_Armoured: itd just turn into DayZ
wildpeaks: the Simulators Extended Universe
Rivulatus_: That sounds both great, and terrible, and it would end up just being a generic fps
Paranundrox: @MadCmdrMoe dang, now I want that to happen :P
Conrii: Is this a Casual Friday Stalker mod?
DigitalSeahorse: lol yup
Ummon_: spintires+hunting game, get stuck in mud-> starve
Baltharon: i'll buy that
Orcanaught: Think they do call that Runescape Alex
Euripades: Drs Lrr am I a monster for hoping you find a land mine?
Skyboss1996: Merge My Summer Car, this, STALKER
Arclight_Dynamo: Fifty bucks says Alex digs up a T-34.
SnowB0und: I think somebody did that. Maybe a Rock Paper Shotgun ride along?
MadCmdrMoe: @Paranundrox see? xD
Raubkater: and then a big euro truck runs over you
UnhingedBear: that sounds like a wonderful game
underhill33: I want to see that game, not play it, but see it
UnhingedBear: make it
gravitycannon: it exist alex, its called WoW pvp servers
SirFlukesAlot: cheer80 i hope one of these finds is a land mine that would make for an explosive finish
goblinranger: I guess you're literally exploring ground here
All_mankind: you could just straigth call it Lord of the Flies
Niallsb: Then you'd get people from Farming simulator T-boning the caravan in Bigfoot Hunter
WitchyWynne: I really hope you can accidentally wander onto a land mine
Jhardin87: No Alex, this is the life of everyone ELSE in STALKER
RobertMerlow: I got a benny riding on him finding a Tiger
rarermonsters: Dear Russia. Please stop making video games, malware, and American presidents
cairistiona13: there's nothing here alex
Cherubimcw: Hunters: Team Valor, Fishers: Team Mystic, Metal Detectors: Team Instinct
mikialice: I feel this game should instead be called 'how to create mole hills with your hands'
DigitalSeahorse: or they'd all cooperate and have a good sit down dinner after the hunt and then go shopping with their old coins
Foxmar320: lrrCOW
Skyboss1996: Ivan! I dug up a Tank from the Great Patriotic War today!
castlewise: Alex would probably be really into adding metal detecting to stalker
Rivulatus_: Or a fishing fps, where the game starts with heaps of fish in the sea, but as it gets over fished the number of fish you can catch gets harder, like real life.
wildpeaks: it's the gritty reboot of Minecraft
FeaturingMe: That would make for a serious survival game
Tarukai788: lrrCOW
LadyThrimbletrimmer: The hunter clan would initially be at an advantage until they learned that only the metal detector clan can find bullets
GroutNASA: I'm holding out for a chemical shell
All_mankind: butterfly collectors and birtdwatchers and people looking for a secluded spot to doink
Alness49: So when do we find Diamond?
hippitybobbity: @skyboss1996 is not urs! is belong to people, put back
Laserbeaks_Fury: this is a weird Minesweeper mod
FlyingWithSnakes: hes digging for coins to pay for surgery after his last landmine accident
Skyboss1996: It belongs in museum!
JediTransmit: You just hear a click when you push the shovel
richard_ermen: Finding...a land mine at random just somewhere in russia would be strange, unless you´re looking somewhere in war torn territory, no?
Stock_Trading_River_Otter: lrrCOW lrrCOW
TrakoGamer: how much is a subocean worth if you dig one up?
Jake_the_guy: *** ya
AdmiralMemo: Is diamond detectable? Kappa
kite_neravar: had someone steal my debit card info and charge $1400 this week. watching terrible games seems better than drinking my anger away, so go garbage day
Darth_Wooper: Come on, one time SSSsss !
CataclysmicReverb: These sounds remind me of DOS games
BusTed: lrrGOAT
richard_ermen: And in russia you might find just wandering land mine chance :D
Ba_Dum_Tish: And you find... A landmine along with an EXPLOSION
asthanius: inb4 Minecraft