Rytel: Knights vs. Chickens, the ultimate Zelda battle
Tarukai788: Alex and I had the same idea
Darth_Wooper: wyldCluck wyldCluck wyldCluck wyldCluck wyldCluck
Gothic_Monkey: oh the rotation thing has changed since last time
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Chickens vs. T-Rex
Nahazzat: The LoZ flashbacks begin o.o
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Foxmar320: Wbat kind of chickens are we talking about here? Chickens or Zelda Chickens?
Tarukai788: perfect
TheMadPunter: this game actually looks sweet; has W&P lost its way?
PencilStroke: plants versus zombies
billietwoshoes: What does changing the orders do?
Pteraspidomorphi: What orders are there?
whenwearebothcats: come on rex
mogling: @NoxStryx the size of a horse. DUH! Kappa
Gothic_Monkey: -forever clucking-
angryoptimist: Dino versus also technically dino.
DennyMcG: Foxmar320 Chickens,
Maddrius: Wat
Rivulatus_: That is one big farm
Reozul: Gold Knight can only kill a few hundred chickens, its a problem of attack angle
virre_: I think this is pallet cleanser
rarermonsters: What's the point of changing animals or units or anything, they'll all just form clumps, bump into each other, do attack animations, until stats determine the winner
t3h_f1gm3nt: if thease are cuccoos, that Trex is lrrEFF ed
AdmiralMemo: So, does Evolution win?
Ba_Dum_Tish: At them my minions
Skyboss1996: BAWK
wildpeaks: The CHickens Army shall be victorious
Compleatly: god the noises
MadWaltz: Chickens vs T-Rex, the new Sci-fi original movie
Nahazzat: #TeamChicken
Rivulatus_: #teamChickens
All_mankind: my money is on chikkinz
shadmed: can we get a strawpoll going
Theycallmejokke: #TeamChicken
northernlightning: oh wow
IndigoVitare: oooh nooo
FeaturingMe: That ruffled some feathers
Phothrism: wow just chunks
Reozul: 50 gold knights are basically unkillable for children though
Crokoking: The zombies actually turn other characters into zombies and you can get very funny effects
Questhere: can we finally answer the question of 1 horse sized duck vs 100 ducks sized horses?
ZelaFlow: OH NO
Scorpianhead: $5000 on the chickens
Contiguouskittycat: The progenitor fighting its decendants.
The_Irish_Blaggard: Orders are attack and hold, basically just makes 1 army a defender
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's a MF T-REX!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: #TeamChicken
couldntpickausername: I need link this game to put him against 1000 chickens
Mijnheer: UM
EikoandMog: Ancestor vs current evolution!
TyrantTaco: rooFat
AdmiralMemo: WOW
Gothic_Monkey: HOLY ***
aWabbajack: Chicken dinner tonight!
Cantwearcats: wow
Tarukai788: that t-rex is a blood fountain
BusTed: Wooow
Jake_the_guy: DEAD
Tiber727: More dots!
Foxmar320: LOL
Intrepid_Colin: Wow....
FlyingWithSnakes: were there any bad games this stream? YOU PROMISED ME GARBAGE, STARK
wildpeaks: \o/
Skyboss1996: DPS
All_mankind: but SOMEBODY is getting chicken dinner
Jlhonors: get dominated
Edgarware: REKT
goblinranger: go chickens
Baldrash: T-Rex got shittered.
duaiwe: Don’t mess with a chicken, man
Tarukai788: geez
Alness49: Jurrasic World 2 took an odd turn
TheMadPunter: 😆😆😆😆😆😆
LarkSachrosis: lrrGOAT
Zeke229: DOTS
Rcraddz: holy cow!
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: 147:1
northernlightning: omfg
Rivulatus_: Chickens are stronk
Izandai: Not even a contest.
snowcookies: lol
Splash4Mirrodin: OP
Paranundrox: !highlight WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER
Steelwolf171: So...many....chickens!
RobertMerlow: It took 380 chickens, but they stood tall
some_call_me_tim: jesus that was quick
adi_pie: !highlight evolution works
NimrodXIV: wtf
Dared00: look at all those chickens
Felipe_Modesto: Team Vuvuzela
dread_pirate_westley: Chickens are scary
Tarukai788: he didn't even kill all of them
t3h_f1gm3nt: CAW!!!!
Trippzen: Oh so many memories of 40-man WoW raids from this.
Darth_Wooper: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Rivulatus_: trex only killed 150
Phothrism: more trexes
Compleatly: maybe 100 t-rexes
underhill33: Thats sound is incredible
ekimekim3000: how about chickens vs some considerable number of riflemen?
GapFiller: so much DPS
Aeraliz: dear god
Tarukai788: some of them despawned
Nahazzat: You lost more than 300 chickens+
Rocketman210: Trex is old design, chickens is the new deseign
Maddrius: so, that answers the "or 100 chicken sized {thing_here}"
Intrepid_Colin: What the hell is this game?
TheMoatman: 25 Ts Rex
NoxStryx: @mogling how big is a regular sized suck?
Emergent_os: Requesting Tactical Nuke!
Narida_L: trex dot indigestion and died
person322: pecked his legs to death
Gothic_Monkey: 100
eric_christian_berg: That was strangely satisfying.
Akaiatana: What's the matter, T-Rex? Chicken?
Arclight_Dynamo: 100
Foxmar320: 100
J4Y_4NDY: Chickens OP Please Nerf
AdmiralMemo: !highlight More T-Rex
Gnyrinn: The T-Rex got henpecked.
ZeroArcana: give rex morew health?
Nerdshome: 50
Ba_Dum_Tish: 10 t-rex
Phothrism: 50
whenwearebothcats: it was chickens what did it
lirelent: 10 rex
Garfman314: they crave BLOOOOOOOD!
Laserbeaks_Fury: that was an impressive Fustercluck
LRRbot: Highlight added.
DarkNacht: 100
Stoffern: 100
Rhynerd: Only 147 chickens were lost in this slaying kf a TRex
rarermonsters: How did they kill him? They just stood next to him and DPS happened? I repeat. This game = Toilet
richard_ermen: 100
Tarukai788: 100
SnowB0und: cheer50 Spicy Chicken Tenders
jdsteele0001: 50
TwilightAvalon: Victory Screech!
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: 50
Kainsy: +50
Borgrim_: 50
Reozul: 100 ZOMBIES; VS 10000 FOOTMEN
aWabbajack: T-Rex may need an ally
dreaminginautumn: Make team 1 T-Rex AND Chickens vs Tables
FeaturingMe: 69
long_bad_cutscene: i mean wasnt that the progression of the jurrasic park series too?
Rytel: Is there a Salty Bet for this game and if not why not
The_Quiet_Alestain: YES!
adi_pie: The chicken, being an evolved dinosaur was assured a win. Kappa
All_mankind: and the t-rex died doing what it loved, eating dinosaurs
ZelaFlow: That is about right
Compleatly: bring out the tables too
Dmc3628: we just gonna ROman Reigns this right One V All
ForOhForError: TRex has pretty good AoE but Chicken Team shows that death is still the best CC
Ukon_vasara: throw in some kangaroo as athird faction
redpillbluepil: Add a dash of T-Rex
NimrodXIV: I logged back in at a ...weird... time
Glenn_Seto: after all, chickens are dinosaurs too
TwilightAvalon: cheer50 All those chicken nugs....Ben would faint
Wonderdoc: We have not learned yet from Zelda. Coocoos are the hardest MFs around
Nahazzat: What does cinematic mode look liike?
FlyingWithSnakes: chicken too OP blizzard pls nerf
Ba_Dum_Tish: Dank Chicken Nugs
northernlightning: the sound is just glorious
FeaturingMe: if it took 147 chickens, 10000/147=68.03...
Jake_the_guy: kek
Gothic_Monkey: HAHAHA
bi0buster: I love the loud battlecries.
Phothrism: Ahahahahahhaha
AdmiralMemo: HAHAHA
northernlightning: AHAHAHA
Skyboss1996: whoops
TheMoatman: lmao
whenwearebothcats: i bet nuke
t3h_f1gm3nt: ROFL
FlyingWithSnakes: HA
Foxmar320: LOL
wildpeaks: wow
snowcookies: nuked lol
GapFiller: kids we all remember Kikariko Village right?
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Whoops
Paranundrox: !highlight Wrong key
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
ExhaustedElox: LOL
Ba_Dum_Tish: Nuke wins!
Syntheticuh: hahahaha
Izandai: NICE
Mangledpixel: !highlight Wrong key!
goblinranger: roast chicken
Aeraliz: HA
Cantwearcats: awsome
Trippzen: lrrGOAT there!
person322: LUL
Felipe_Modesto: !highlight boom
Theycallmejokke: Woopsy :D
ZelaFlow: Perfect
lirelent: HAHAHA
Aenir798: LO
BusTed: Oops.
Borgrim_: today's weather, mostly sunny with some chickens
Laserbeaks_Fury: JK FLatten
Mewyabby: !highlight oops
Anubis169: lrrCOW
Rhynerd: Whoops.
blackwlf: "Place your bets! . . . you bet wrong. Nuke wins."
NoxStryx: is roman reigns a character option?
CommandoJE: I bet that nobody will win
bi0buster: Highlight that PLEASE
Phothrism: Place your bets Kappa
Splash4Mirrodin: LOL
Namboto: extinction event wins again
ExhaustedElox: LOL Thank you for that Alex
Questhere: rigged
Nerdshome: please highlihg tthat
Rivulatus_: Hahahahahah, well that was not the result I expected
Ba_Dum_Tish: Flawless victory
Papperslappen: I think I bet on the wrong team
MadWaltz: I love how the chickens form ranks
LarkSachrosis: !highlight oops
Astra7525: !bet all Alex
Felipe_Modesto: Boom goes the dynamite
cfpreston: welp, that was quick
All_mankind: "oopsie"
lifecharacter: "Place your bets!"... "You all lost."
cheetoJack: I think Giant Meteor won that one
Glenn_Seto: oppenheimer wins?
adi_pie: !highlight place yer bets
redpillbluepil: Dont give Alex the alunch condes
Tarukai788: instant highlight, I'm so happy
Ragephoenix: !highlight Alex Has The Power
FlyingWithSnakes: !Highlight BOOM
Foxmar320: Nice battle! ALEX wins!
Mijnheer: lrrCOW BETS
Contiguouskittycat: I suppose that's one way to cook a chicken.
Darth_Wooper: :D
Alness49: The House Wins!
Lanthess: "Place your bets" Everyone loses money.
TheMadPunter: it killed about 400, so thats the ratio
PencilStroke: this is how the dinosaurs got extinkt
Skyboss1996: Todays weather : Mostly sunny with some nuke
northernlightning: never bet against alex :D
Moonstruckragamuffin: lrrCOW lrrFINE
Gothic_Monkey: NOTE do not put the nuke key next to the start key
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: Marvelous
Pteraspidomorphi: The house wins!
Flea_Hastings: Easily the chickens.
octohawk: Chickens
UnhingedBear: nuke the chickens
Croooooooow_t_robot: winner: Alex
drthmik: I WON ... rooSellout What do I win?
DigitalSeahorse: that's why you don't want to be in the middle of a hen peck when there's a spot of blood anywhere
adi_pie: That was beautiful.
wildpeaks: Trex vs Chickens has gone nuclear
NimrodXIV: I bet on the nuke!
Trippzen: I think that round may have been rigged. I want my money back.
NathanJay787: Whoops nuclear bomb lol! :D
FriendlyFireTV: rigged
Ummon_: nuke wins KAPOW
Compleatly: look at the shower of feathers
Onehalfcupflour: House numbers, everybody loses!
AdmiralMemo: Possess a chicken?
Rhynerd: The house always wins
J4Y_4NDY: try cinematic mode
cairistiona13: rip
Caleb_QDC: Stream highlights left and right today
Phothrism: oh man Trex gonna win
EikoandMog: BRAWK
DigitalSeahorse: mmmmm roast chicken
Cherubimcw: Can you possess a T-rex and just walk through them?
TheMadPunter: trexs ftw this time
Mangledpixel: they're like zerglings
RobertMerlow: The chickens are Zerglings
Saulens181: Place yer bets! http://www.strawpoll.me/12939034
Jake_the_guy: wow the chicken death
FeaturingMe: 1
diabore: 50 is probably too many, go like 20
FeaturingMe: 5
northernlightning: the trexes are falling!
AlonsoSwift: There's a few down.
Ummon_: Can I bet on nuke plz?
goblinranger: 3 rex down
Nahazzat: The chickens have lost their flanking advantage.
Aeraliz: this is complete horseshit and I love it
bi0buster: I think this was in life of pi.
rarermonsters: Watching this game feels incomplete without Markiplier being shrill about how random it is
CommandoJE: Chickens basically zerglings
shroompants: they're like zerglings.... need to work on their micro more
Rivulatus_: Trex's have this
whenwearebothcats: just gotta keep cycling the wounded to the back
Juliamon: The chickens are going down at a pretty extreme rate
Ba_Dum_Tish: Literal swarm of chickens
holidayMD: Flank!
Orcanaught: You've got 10,000 chickens when all you need is a Cow
Trippzen: The T-Rexes are in waves though and half the chickens are gone
Jake_the_guy: 14 kills
Theycallmejokke: Go chickens!
Tarukai788: we're halfway through the chickens so maybe not
Phothrism: T.T It's a sad day for bird lovers
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: half way
All_mankind: i estimate a t-rex can fit like 70 chickens around it
Navi_Chem: what is cinematic mode?
Crad0k: the back row of rexes are probably fine
rarermonsters: Why is it making army and sword clanging noises? This game is SUCH toilets
cfpreston: the tide of chickens
AdmiralMemo: Do 1 T-Rex vs. thousands of tables
Trippzen: T-Rexs*
Perivale: those chickens are putting in some work
CataclysmicReverb: This is how the dinosaurs went extinct
cairistiona13: 5 dead
Felipe_Modesto: T-rexs have a really bad micro game
Glenn_Seto: but what if the chickens stopped moving?
TheMadPunter: t-rexs 2:1
LessSkunksThanEstimated: oh so this is how the dinosaurs died.
Akaiatana: What is on CTS tonight?
Phothrism: GG
Skyboss1996: Rexes have bad micro
couldntpickausername: I think we've found what the next rumble will use
Gothic_Monkey: Chickens put up a good fight though
Jake_the_guy: 200
Foxmar320: nice T Rexs got this
FlyingWithSnakes: where is the invincible chicken? Zelda lied to me
SacrificialToast: can you set teams? like 5000 chickens AND 5000 turtles vs 50 t-rexes?
Jake_the_guy: noo
Rivulatus_: rex's got this
AlonsoSwift: We should have an Autumnal Rumble-style event with this sometime, where you guys provide commentary.
northernlightning: not bad on the chickens, though!
misteline: Go Bottom T-REX
Felipe_Modesto: GG EZ PZ
whenwearebothcats: if chickens win they create a temporal paradox
Rhynerd: @akaiatana Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, as a team.
coolbond: Dear DR Graham and Alex have you guys not learned anything from zelda, Chickens are killermachines
Tarukai788: wow
Trippzen: So we learned 10,000 chickens are equal to 23 T-Rexs.
Paranundrox: at 25, Chickens win
Mewyabby: 30v10k
shroompants: same numbers, spread the chickens out
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh they'll murder 25
jumpingupanddown: So 30
MadCmdrMoe: Wider formation of Trex too
zuofthenorth: nah, 20000 chickens
ekimekim3000: i'd say 30ish
DarkNacht: 30
Rcraddz: 2 teams of 5000 chickens?
Narida_L: 30
asthanius: Fewer T-Rexes means they output less damage, so it shouldn't scale properly
TheMadPunter: fair fight would be 25 vs 10000
Nahazzat: With 25 T-Rexes, the chickens win.
Paranundrox: Chickens will destroy 25
Phothrism: Trex gonna die tonight
Sordidambition: how about two groups of chickens in a flanking position
Rivulatus_: #teamChicken
FeaturingMe: chickens have this
lifecharacter: They're going to murder 25.
Paranundrox: without the extra damage
Feltic: ~33
redpillbluepil: This would be a great XKCD question: How many chickens would it take to kill a T-rex
Mewyabby: 25 is ezpz
HopPoleStudios: Can you try 500 T Rexes vs 100k chickens?
Dumori: 25 but a wider formation
Darth_Wooper: Maybe go 30 T Rexes?
J4Y_4NDY: Try Cinematic Mode?
Nerdshome: i bet the chickens take it
whenwearebothcats: what about in close quarters, chickens must have advantage in those streets
Mewyabby: 30 is a lot closer
Aeraliz: important war strats
lifecharacter: Can we control one T-rex and just stomp around?
going_medium: T-rex could hold a pass
All_mankind: the chickens should be able to surround them better now
Alness49: Throw more dots!
Phothrism: Jesus the sounds
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: god the noises
Jake_the_guy: the shoots are great alex
Arclight_Dynamo: Wait. After this, try 25 Rexes, but spread in a single line.
holidayMD: Can we just keep playing this?
Skyboss1996: BAWK
Tarukai788: this remix is fire
DarkNacht: trexs are super dead
Saulens181: Cast your votes! http://www.strawpoll.me/12939044
Lithobraker: How does a game like this manage to render all these things?
Perivale: GET EM
bi0buster: Too battle my feathered brethren!
Nahazzat: As many as it would take to choke on them @redpillbluepil
RavingPenguin: Bird-zerker!
Foxmar320: BAWK
LarkSachrosis: !CAW
asthanius: My love is like a truck BERSERKER
Borgrim_: can we get eva-01 in the mix?
long_bad_cutscene: zelda chickens
Narida_L: Can you change their AI?
Lanthess: If the T-rex would just keep walking,they would win so fast.
cfpreston: to war my chickens!
Compleatly: the inexorable tide of poultry consumes all.
JediTransmit: What we do in life clucks in eternity!
t3h_f1gm3nt: so this is how KFC makes their chicken right? lrrBEEJ
aWabbajack: oh the guy who tweeted to Wendy's for the Nuggets won the contest
FeaturingMe: We are numberless, we are relentless, we are the swarm
Gothic_Monkey: -intense clucking noises-
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: The chickens have the flank!!!!
Feltic: The Trex's get kills when they die
Phothrism: RIP rex
ZelaFlow: Chickens have got this
Trippzen: This is perfect for a "the whole story" of chicken nuggets.
FlyingWithSnakes: get BAWK'd
rarermonsters: Why sword noises? Did they add them to be random or were the programmers too lazy to take them out?\
snowcookies: How many chickens does it take to kill a T-rex?
Noodles_15: NUG RUSH
whenwearebothcats: @Lithobraker instancing one model on the gpu
shadmed: can we get a thin line of chickens vs one t-rex
Compleatly: Can we add like 6 more armies in the mix
lakaicheaker: maybe we should spread chickens around t-rexes manually?
Skyboss1996: Skyrim's chickens Vs T-Rex
PencilStroke: can we have goats versus dragons?
aWabbajack: didn't reach the target number, but it beat out the record retweets.
Phothrism: nope they're getting the surround
Foxmar320: never thought I would see this but here we are
pigmywurm: im having Zelda flashbacks
Baltharon: the clucking tide
EikoandMog: Posess a chicken!
Papperslappen: It looks like you can group them in teams so we can see if 10000 chickens with archer support will beet 25 t-rexes with catapult support
GapFiller: God so many terrible Ocarina of Time flashbacks right now
Jake_the_guy: half the chickens
Paranundrox: the T-rex's lost the initial damage as well
Max_Peck: Much like every doge is a wolf, every chicken is a small dinosaur.
AdmiralMemo: How many tables though
Thomscks: try 25 t-rex in a longer line?
Rivulatus_: Chickens ez
ExhaustedElox: I love that if you zoom out enough, the chickens just sound like a yelling army
goblinranger: big flanking manuver there
Intrepid_Colin: When chickens do a pincer movement
adi_pie: God, this is like seeing an amoeba engulf and eat something.
Arclight_Dynamo: G: Try 25 rexes, spread in a single line. I bet they take it.
TheMoatman: If you could have the trexes all in a line...
coolbond: Dear DR Graham and Alex have you guys not learned anything from zelda, Chickens are killermachines!
Felipe_Modesto: not even close
DarkNacht: flanking for the win
Phothrism: Posses one?
JRandomHacker: Looks like PvZ
Thomscks: maybe 30, but all in 1 line
shroompants: they can take 50 rexs, just need to split them 50-50 on both sides
Derkatronic: posess one and start stomping
Nahazzat: Not even close, chickens take all.
4dSwissCheese: Also just the dinos lost a lot of their dps with the numbers reduction
JRandomHacker: Flashback to Sentry-Immortal all-ins
All_mankind: my love for you is like a duck, BERZERKER
gay_unicorn_of_love: these sounds
All_mankind: would you like to make cluck, BERZERKER
Skyboss1996: Ad Victoriam, chickens!
Phothrism: The humaaanity
PinaCalChaos: and his chickens shell know no fear
kynelwynn: High level StarCraft strat. The Chicken Surround
Borgrim_: if the tree just walked across, they would win
Niallsb: Makes you wonder if 50 T-Rexes in single file would still have taken it
FeaturingMe: hmm, T-Rex roast...
JRandomHacker: T-Rexes need some forcefields
Anubis169: Alex has gone full poultry!
Nahazzat: 30 rexes might be close
HopPoleStudios: 100,000 chickens :)
jakale: gotta watch out for that chicken flanking
Alness49: KFC's new marketing leaves something to be desired
NimrodXIV: chickens got this
ufo6300: try 5000 chickens now?
Nerdshome: now chickens vs penguins!!
Cavalrywolfpack: Tables!
whenwearebothcats: chickens mastered attritional warfare
FlyingWithSnakes: !Highlight team chicken is victorious
Sordidambition: I wonder if you control a trex and just stomp if you could handle them better
SacrificialToast: make some allied teams?
LRRbot: Highlight added.
ZelaFlow: * slowly develops fear of chickens
TheMadPunter: berserker chickens! look at their little heads bobbing!
misteline: you fought nobly top right T-Rex
sag3error: Defenders this time?
Tarukai788: Would you like to making duck BERSERKER
MrKroden: settings infinite body stack height!
Compleatly: dressers and tables vs knights and archers?
TheMoatman: Battle and the Beast
Nahazzat: Maybe some fights in an urban environment?
Rivulatus_: More, needs more digets.
Foxmar320: Tables?!
Laserbeaks_Fury: BE OUR GUEST
Skyboss1996: Tables! Vs! Dressers!
GroutNASA: Is this Inception music?
asthanius: Dressers v Tables, it's the question that has plagued man for centurieas
Ba_Dum_Tish: Can we get Bedknobs vs Broomsticks
Intrepid_Colin: And I would walk 500 More
virre_: wheres the ladders?
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Take the city
Famout: Battle of Ikea!
Foxmar320: Go dressers go!
whenwearebothcats: one for the ages
cairistiona13: yes please
redpillbluepil: dresser on table violence has to stop
couldntpickausername: this is gonna rock
PencilStroke: team dressers!
Shchenya: There's a trump isn't there that keeps building walls?
FeaturingMe: what's with the lowball numbers
Borgrim_: straw poll plz
Nerdshome: this new Beauty and the Best remake got dark....
Jake_the_guy: tabbles
asthanius: Tables v. Dressers Epic Rap Battle of History?
Rivulatus_: The ultimate questoin, dressers or tables?
Dmc3628: batle straight outta ECW
phorrestgaze: let's see if this fine woodworking can turn the tables
Splash4Mirrodin: !game amazing
Alness49: Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches took an odd turn.
goblinranger: they don't move much so I guess they render fast
azninja888: Who will emerge as best furniture?
Felipe_Modesto: This needs some Brain Power playing in the background
GapFiller: this senseless dresser on table violence has to stop
SamanthaVess: The IKEA war of 2017 roo7
holidayMD: ECW ECW ECW
Cantwearcats: This is a weird West Side Story mod
Aziraphalesshop: Are there wrestlers to match against the tables??
GroutNASA: lolz
FlyingWithSnakes: is this what IKEA is like after they close
richard_ermen: Battle for the Ages
aspiring_jester: dressers are *** going down
Akaiatana: Dear Doctors LRR, are you ready for 1000 witches and lions with the wardrobes?
Phothrism: lmao those cheering sounds
ekimekim3000: so this is the Beauty and the Beast Civil War?
Zeke229: ECW ECW ECW
Nightvalien28: the dresses stand ready
Foxmar320: To the DEATH!
lirelent: that is a lot of chest, ToS!
whenwearebothcats: what part will the extra beveling play
rarermonsters: I'm surprised at the game's restraint that you can't have 200 Rare Pepes fight 100 Pewdiepies fight 200 Subscribe buttons
Noodles_15: EC Dub EC Dub EC Dub
NoxStryx: my money is on dressers
Baltharon: table of duty: urban warfare
Skyboss1996: FIGHT!
bi0buster: ECW ECW ECW
Nahazzat: Just wait until the tables get a phalanx going.
Splash4Mirrodin: @Alness49 I would pay good money for this type of TLC xD
rarermonsters: Video games were a mistake...
couldntpickausername: this is a weird Beauty and the Beast mod
Arclight_Dynamo: Beauty and the Beast took a dark turn.
Contiguouskittycat: @Shchenya That's Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.
TheMoatman: Who would win in a fight, 100 table-sized dressers or 100 dresser-sized tables?
Stellio_Cantos: it's like if antiques roadshow had a civil war
Paranundrox: I'm betting on Dressers
CommandoJE: That's very similar to the dresser i have
Gothic_Monkey: Tables always have my bet
Jake_the_guy: big money on tables
snowcookies: TeamTables!
PencilStroke: go dressers!
AlonsoSwift: Cue Guile's Theme
HopPoleStudios: and now we wait.
Tarukai788: man Kincaid home furnishings got weird
AdmiralMemo: Go Dressers!
Rivulatus_: Chat seems to say Dressers.
GapFiller: E C DUB! E C DUB! E C DUB!
Foxmar320: Team Dresser!
BusTed: This is quite the match.
Dmc3628: EC DUB! EC DUB
Skyboss1996: Lets go Tables, Lets go!
CodeGorilla: What's the walk cycle look like on a table?
Kuolar: I'm pretty sure there's a way to speed up time, isn't there?
Lucaan0102: C'mon dressers PogChamp
wildpeaks: Team Tables \o/
angryoptimist: Furniture battles in the east... is this in some way related to the Otttomans?
asthanius: Dressers could have weapons in their drawers, but the tables are known killers.
frage069: Dressers might have a weight advantage
Jarannis: I think the dressers have an /amoir/ advantage...
Undertowst: This has got to be the best W+P day for Alex!
EikoandMog: Alex, my dad is watching Rocky in the background and the theme JUST started when you started singing.
Flea_Hastings: I want to see a Tables v Ladders v Chairs match now.
The_Ninjurai: Is this a Table Ladder Chair match?
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: FOR IKEA!
Lanthess: The tables totally have a leg up on the competition.
Anubis169: "Today on Watch+Play... Will the tables turn or will somebody be given a dressing down? Find out today!"
Trippzen: If Dressers wins, we riot.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Are the dressers gonna run the tables?
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DoktorLoy: to the tables! to the walls!
atinyspacemarine: Ikean civil war
Thomscks: Raymor and Falingaaaaaaaan!
SacrificialToast: my money is on the table
Reozul: I wish I had your graphics power
Zeke229: can you spawn in ladders or chairs?
FlyingWithSnakes: table v tREx
eddieatthegov: FOR IKEA!
JediTransmit: They may take your lives but they cannot take your allen key!
All_mankind: i figure you could probably basically fill these maps with units
LarkSachrosis: If I weren't a Boy Scout, something I would be...
TwilightAvalon: Ride! Ride Now....Ride for Ruin and the World's Ending......DEATH......DEATH......DEATHHHHH
Papperslappen: Urban furniture warfare
Foxmar320: Dressers got this hands down lrrBEEJ
JRandomHacker: "Are the dressers faster?" is probably a rare sentence
Intrepid_Colin: Dressers are tables but with more
couldntpickausername: PICK THE WINNER http://www.strawpoll.me/12939071
Zeke229: have a real TLC match
Emergent_os: How would you even relay the details of this battle to CENTCOM?
Nerdshome: this would be a horrifying nightmare scenario if you are a townsperson right now
loki_lxix: I like Dressers i think they tank more damage
richard_ermen: The dressers are suprisingly pushy
cfpreston: the great funiture war were declared, where only the customer profits
whenwearebothcats: dressers are very sturdy and burly
Onehalfcupflour: My money's on accidental tactical nuclear strike.
NoxStryx: dressers be Swoll
KPancrazio: dressers are bringing the beef. i'm down for dressers.
Borgrim_: my father sa
northernlightning: the clash is about to begin!
onarampage: No one ever gets thrown through a dresser
rarermonsters: This is among the worst games ever played on W+P
Nahazzat: This view just reminds me of stronghold Crusader.
Alness49: Of course, a Dresser needs to slam a Table through a Wrestler.
Blank_State: TableHere FlipThis dresser gabyHype
Shchenya: @Contiguouskittycat Thank you, confuse the two totally [x] battle simulator
SnowB0und: Combat Furniture, new from Ikea: The Torbjorn
Felipe_Modesto: The tables are turning... lrrBEEJ
Questhere: something somehing splinter joke
AdmiralMemo: kappa50 We need an Ottomans vs. ottomans fight.
TheMoatman: You assume that the inanimate objects have any damage
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: depends where the bottlenecks happen
wildpeaks: tables are gonna get rekt
Aarquus: The last battle of the great Storage Wars...
Phothrism: oh ma
Borgrim_: my father used to say that the table has killed more than the sword
Feltic: Beauty and the Beast, the dark years
GroutNASA: The dressers have control of the open spaces
Gothic_Monkey: some sneaky ones going out back
Scorpianhead: The battle lines shall soon close and the carnage will begin
northernlightning: are the tables exploding or glinting?
Maddrius: Tables move in single file, to hide there numbers
whenwearebothcats: tables firing off some kind of ordnance
JRandomHacker: It's the chokepoint
ekimekim3000: I love the glint as the tables crest the hill
All_mankind: "treamdressers, go udnerdogs
drthmik: tables had a steaper sloap
couldntpickausername: http://www.strawpoll.me/12939071
Perivale: Table v Dresser in brutal comabt
PencilStroke: FIRST WOOD
JRandomHacker: Gotta break up the destructible rocks
LarkSachrosis: The sound of them getting 'dragged'?
lifecharacter: Dressers, known for their tactical thinking might have this.
Ashton: "THIS. IS. DÉCOR!"
Alness49: @Akaiatana OUT
Jake_the_guy: first death!
goblinranger: those are the end tables
Maddrius: @Akaiatana get. out.
bi0buster: Let's get a close in on that combat.
GroutNASA: First Sap
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh
lakaicheaker: will 300 spartanians kill a t-rex?
FeaturingMe: Akaiatana: go sit in the corner and think about what you did <3
Mangledpixel: this... might take a while
Arclight_Dynamo: This reminds me so much of Darwinia.
Iceberg_Man: lets go flanking tables
Mijnheer: First blood goes to the tables!
Phothrism: wow so action packed
Kowasu645: Stealth Tatable
wildpeaks: Tactitables
All_mankind: first wood?
eddieatthegov: @Ashton win.
Trippzen: Ashton lrrAWESOME
CataclysmicReverb: You mean
Aeraliz: Operation Nightstand
Skyboss1996: This may take a while
Gothic_Monkey: the noises
GroutNASA: Three Stooges slap noise
Foxmar320: hahahaaaaaa
whenwearebothcats: those brave few on the other flank
CataclysmicReverb: They're going to get Planked
FlyingWithSnakes: the dressers wont take much damage. they have too much armoire
Paranundrox: they're pretty dang even
some_call_me_tim: slap noises
gay_unicorn_of_love: the sword sounds kill me :'D
Felipe_Modesto: Get bottled
lakaicheaker: sneaky freaking table
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: This reminds me a lot of beauty and the beast
virre_: This year
bi0buster: You can also do small turtles.
Narida_L: FlyingWithSnakes booo
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh, the carpentry
couldntpickausername: http://www.strawpoll.me/12939071
DigitalSeahorse: will they adresser this well enough to flip some tables
crazyjayman12: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos (rating 46%)
aWabbajack: wood on wood action!!
kite_neravar: Man, Game of Thrones got weird
Dmc3628: and so the Great Siege of ECW took longer than expected
Reecer6: The tables are... glowing?
JosephDeath: I love that the dressers die into neat little IKEA piles
angryoptimist: Pitched furniture battling in the streets.
shadmed: @FlyingWithSnakes get out
Reozul: and it is updating about every week
Borgrim_: this sounds like a bud Spencer movie slaps
Trippzen: The_Ocean_who_Subbed This is the reboot isn't it?
asthanius: Dear Dr. Graham: What's the damage modifier on a moving table?
Maddrius: !highlight ottomans?
GroutNASA: !highlight ottomans
Undertowst: Alex, would you say that this is the best W+P day for you?
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Feltic: Nice memo
All_mankind: divans vs divas
FeaturingMe: Total War: Furniture
Foxmar320: Can we mod in Bob Ross?
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: this is like a fever dream I had
snowcookies: You can do this Tables!
AdmiralMemo: I did a spittake. Nice. :-D
rarermonsters: If I hate this game is it because it's bad or do I just hate fun?
4dSwissCheese: This is a very SC2 get good surface area with your zergling engagements sort of thing
Logikcat: Is this how the Ottoman Empire waged war?
Felipe_Modesto: Are the tables turning?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Trippzen Yes, Emma Watson is hiding in a tower
Feltic: Tables have the high ground?
Zeke229: we need Ladders and chairs so we can have a real TLC Match
TwilightAvalon: IKEA vs LOWES
aWabbajack: missing ladders and chairs
whenwearebothcats: genius tactics from tables
Skyboss1996: Ottomans (Furnature) Vs the Ottomans (Empire)
Rivulatus_: Dresseres out to the early lead
d_NiKoRaSu: @Felipe_Modesto :golfclap:
Khasi1596: we need you two to cast this
2Flower: The game bales have turned!
Periapsis13: the tables are turning!
Blank_State: @LoadingReadyRun what game is this...i got in to see the fight starting up
goblinranger: they got enough to hold the line on the left now
Ukon_vasara: yeah, how is there not a setting for 1 billion lions vs the sun
AlonsoSwift: It looked like one of the tables was trying to go up for a dive-bomb.
Trippzen: The_Ocean_who_Subbed With a candlestick, I hope.
eddieatthegov: I gotta hope tables get a dressing down.
Skyboss1996: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos (rating 46%)
Saulens181: I'll set up strawpolls for the rest of the battles BTW.
Narida_L: Control a table and go up the stairs for a drop attack?
Steelwolf171: If the tables retreat does that mean the tables have...turned?
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh, knocked the drawers off that one
2Flower: Tables. Argh autocorrect
mikialice: Would you say the tables are turning?
Mewyabby: Both are better for the tables. They get surrounds every time people die
JRandomHacker: @4dSwissCheese This is textbook SC2 matchups. TRexes vs Chickens was a Sentry-Immortal allin
All_mankind: the tables have no furniture here
virre_: Also this is an Early Access game
Compleatly: it's a shame the dev said he couldn't add custom abilities and skills and *** because of the memory use issues
Arclight_Dynamo: So. G. You'd say that... that tables will have... TURNED?
GroutNASA: French vs. Doors
Nahazzat: The tables flanking maneuver backfired.
northernlightning: those poor tables trying to get up the stairs
couldntpickausername: I want to know the options under festive
azninja888: Tables holding a slight lead in the kill count
couldntpickausername: http://www.strawpoll.me/12939071
ShortRound2099: I love the competitive commentary
ForOhForError: Tables filling in that gap
goblinranger: that one table at the bottom is confused
White_wampa: i didn't know i was watching esports
Rivulatus_: Still neck and neck with a difference of less then 10
Quintondreaming: This is actually kind of fun
kabeblahh: hi
bi0buster: This week on Garbage day. Only one game is garbage.
All_mankind: Doors vs The Doors
Tmeteor: Is this on steam
Foxmar320: i like the table that can't figure out where to go
Kikazi: is Mr. Rogers in this game by any chance?
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: speed this jazz up
Logikcat: Seems to be a lot of armchair quarterbacking in the chat. ;)
eddieatthegov: I just don't think the tables are set right.
jakale: the tables are so glossy
Ashton: Quick! Pour the burning varnish from the parapets!
wildpeaks: So you're saying the tables have turned because of this strategy ? :D
Quintondreaming: In a way that probably doesn't last that long
Dmc3628: now if only we could ladders then we could have actual TLC actual
Jarannis: couldntpickausername The only one on the list currently is Santa
rarermonsters: @Bi0buster This game is pretty garbage
ZelaFlow: Are some of the tables just not showing?
FeaturingMe: super close still
Ba_Dum_Tish: At them my minions
Theycallmejokke: This is gonna be a close one
rzrdrgn: There needs to be a Saltybet for this game
Rivulatus_: That sound.
Felipe_Modesto: The pathing is probably messed up
J4Y_4NDY: can we see Cinematic Mode?
coolbond: if the dressers fall first then the tables can go round and kill the dressers
whenwearebothcats: this battle might go to a fouth leg
Ukon_vasara: oh you can see the time elapse on the left a bit
Rivulatus_: Dresssers kill count is still a bit higher
kynelwynn: BennyHill time
billietwoshoes: @couldntpickausername The only one under festive is Santa
All_mankind: what we need is a game that fuses this and Scribblenauts
VAB0L0: Wow, 40K changed a lot since I last played!
cairistiona13: i like the table in the middle that's trying to work out which side it should go to
Trippzen: Can the tables get up the stairs and drop down on the dressers?
Baldrash: Welp, this has been fantastic, but I need to go cheer my hockeysm'ns on. Go Pens!
ForOhForError: It's over; tables have the high ground
couldntpickausername: @Jarannis I want an army of christmas trees fighting snowmen
frage069: Dressers are dying slightly faster
Coldhorn: It seems that the tables have turned.
EikoandMog: I warned you about stairs bro.
DigitalSeahorse: chesterfields against sofas?
indy91: more tables flanking
Skyboss1996: Evenly matched
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: we're gonna be here all day
EikoandMog: @Coldhorn GET OUT
TheMoatman: It'd be pretty hard for the chairs to win
Dared00: nuke 'em
Tmeteor: Is this On Steam?
Ba_Dum_Tish: I think the tables will just win
All_mankind: i love the smell of varnish in the morning
muondecay: I move to table all discussions about this battle
Foxmar320: fight dressers! don't allow the tables to win!
Akaiatana: The tables will win flat out
GroutNASA: buffed tables OP
Borgrim_: FlipThis FlipThis FlipThis FlipThis FlipThis FlipThis FlipThis FlipThis FlipThis FlipThis
Danovan235: Let's go tables!
Papperslappen: Nerf those tables
Zeke229: this is on stream yes
couldntpickausername: they look like coins
Rivulatus_: Neck and neck
Anubis169: This battle needs more polish Kappa
Gothic_Monkey: from up here it looks like coins and bricks
BusTed: nerf tables
HopPoleStudios: cheer50 welcome to the first annual furniture rumble :)
Coldhorn: (puts on hat and slumps away)
duaiwe: Deep strategic battle this is not.
cheetoJack: the dressers might end up spilling around the building near the bottom
Izandai: I think the dressers are gonna have it, just because they got a few free kills at the very beginning.
BusTed: tables op
jakale: no one can flank cause no one is trying to
Paranundrox: dressers have had a slight lead this whole time
gay_unicorn_of_love: from up above here its coins against red blood particles
Reozul: HEH Tables got buffed
PencilStroke: tables could flank in the north
The_Ninjurai: This city has become a heavily wooded area
oyleslyck: This is more interesting that it should be.
JRandomHacker: Looks like a third front is about to open up on the north side
NoxStryx: @reozul so this is build on the Kerbal engine?
quiksil102: Its 300 tables and dressers edition
Nahazzat: The dressers have more numbers in the fight, but the tables still have reinforcements.
Tmeteor: Thx
IndigoVitare: nerf table pls
Felipe_Modesto: That FPS though
Alness49: I gotta say, this is an odd total War mod
PinaCalChaos: go tables go
aerobeing: They are buffed by the blood of their enemies!
DigitalSeahorse: chesterfields vs sofas vs couches :P
lakaicheaker: tables will just from a stairs aragorn style
Skyboss1996: We.. may be here for a while
Iraeda: furniture confirmed to not have much tactical sense
Tarukai788: FlipThis
couldntpickausername: I feel like I'm watching an army of pennies
goblinranger: surprise chair attack!
KPancrazio: war tables are always shiny. you never send a dull table into battle.
Logikcat: Who will be polished off first?
GroutNASA: oh the modernity
CommandoJE: I just want to ask the person who made this why we had to find out "who would win in a fight 500 tables or 500 dressers?"
whenwearebothcats: tables got that sweet 0 turning circle
Sun_Singer: wtf is this even?
snowcookies: Support the tables!
Sordidambition: If you squint it looks like a battle of white blood cells vs a virus
Anubis169: Dressers have more polish in their technique Kappa
Trippzen: That was not the noise I was expecting when a table collides with a dresser.
misteline: you got that poor dresser killed!
SacrificialToast: I think the buildings are winning.
coolbond: tables are in the lead
salt523: strangely Scrooge McDuck looking from that top angle.
RavingPenguin: Sound effects are hamhocks slapping together
vegasturm: How many different forces can you have go into battle? 3 armies? maybe 4?
Felipe_Modesto: @Anubis169 Oh no you didn't hehe
bv310: This is deeply stupid. I love it
Noodles_15: But are there any Japanese Tables in the mix?
wildpeaks: Only one solution, nuke them :D
Perivale: This is the sort of warfare that sorts the dressers from the tables
TheMoatman: This is a very good metaphor for World War 1
eddieatthegov: DRESSER! Guys, they got dresser! Dresser, take his place!
Thomscks: if you jump in on the front line and don't attack, you are giving the other side an advantage!
IndigoVitare: a wall should be forming from their... "bodies"
TheMoatman: vegasturm like 10
jumpingupanddown: sooo most likely game for frog fractions 3
Rivulatus_: Are the dressers sneaking around the church?
dread_pirate_westley: The humanity! Er, Furniturity!
Theycallmejokke: I sorta wish the dresses attack animation where them thrusting out there draws
DennyMcG: War is hell
DarkNacht: posses one and lead a flanking attack!!!
t3h_f1gm3nt: if one of them were smart enough to send a small flank around to the other, they'd have it
Compleatly: sordidambition: viruses are way smaller than leukocytes
Ukon_vasara: tables might be forcing a third side to the conflict
easterncaveofwonders: We live here now.
Borgrim_: FlipThis lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN FlipThis
PinaCalChaos: i geuss the beast did not find true love
Phothrism: yeah this is gonna take a while
TwilightAvalon: How much health does a Table have? We just saw a Dresser has 600
rarermonsters: Why are the furniture items doing damage? Seriously, how are they doing damage? I know they added them to be lolrandom but it bothers me that the inanimate objects move and do arbitrary "attacks" for no reason. There's barely even rules to this game and they don't even follow the rules they have.
whenwearebothcats: table at back: ....
Undertowst: And you can make teams
IIIDEye: Graham Graham is a table ladders chairs match possible?
Narida_L: Theycallmejokke yeah, same :D
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akvar: HYPE! Also, I was watching an old W&P, the one where you were a viking walking forever. Something fun I noticed. The kill screen with the postcard and the Flag of Egypt. It's not actually the egyptian flag but the flag of the Federation of Arab Republics
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Lanthess: I would love it if this game added in a tactics level option. Like, some armies would be smarter/more organized than others.
4dSwissCheese: Yeah - should try teams at some point
All_mankind: i think we had ten sides in the first attempt, but the UI didn't like it
goblinranger: can you ally forces with each other?
Nightvalien28: rarermonsters they got hard edges
rarermonsters: That's not random or clever it's just not following or establishing the context for a joke
Narida_L: Theycallmejokke and the tables need a spinning attack or something
Compleatly: @Sordidambition this is more like cell v cell conflict
dropkickstart: On this episode of Side Table Slam...
misteline: the tables will take it, they kill faster and the have the hidey on the stairs
FeaturingMe: look at how close it is
lakaicheaker: with this show, I don't know when I'm about to see stupidest shite in my life.
Phothrism: gotta nuke it
Ragephoenix: We need to see some of the fantasy warriors that this game has imo
Mewyabby: Still a better esport than OverWatch.
Tarukai788: the urge to Nuke is strong
Feltic: Hey G*, speaking of Rumbles, any plans for a UFC Summer Slam?
vegasturm: Looks like beauty and the beast gone terribly, terribly wrong
Theycallmejokke: @Narida_L oh yes! :D
coolbond: dear DR Graham how about a qwerpline skit about furniture rumble
GroutNASA: Furniture should view normal arrows as we would view arrows made of Human Bones
Feltic: sorry UFP
Undertowst: Yeah, you can make teams here.
Sordidambition: @Compleatly yes, sorry i was not accurate. disregard the joke.
PencilStroke: tables might flank there
goblinranger: tables have a slight edge
FlyingWithSnakes: i guess it's a drawer
aerobeing: Table flip.
FeaturingMe: a coinflip? Or a TABLEFLIP
Rivulatus_: Tables are slowely overtaking in the kill count
Foxmar320: come on dressers!
mogling: Tables taking a slight lead.
SacrificialToast: Winner:Buildings
whenwearebothcats: truly one of the classic furniture based contests
IndigoVitare: the creator used this map in a video of US Soldiers on that roof vs a horde of Zombies
TheExactSame: they could use a trip to the armoirey
Anubis169: tables ftw!
Compleatly: @Sordidambition you tried.
AugmentingPath: TableHere FlipThis
Gothic_Monkey: yup, there's a time on the left
AdmiralMemo: GO DRESSERS
samwonk: Only like two thirds left to go...
Ukon_vasara: theres dwarfs too
cutaos: can you take control of one and lead others around?
rarermonsters: I have no earthly idea why I'm so bothered by this game but it flat out enrages me more than even Ruction did
azninsect: wait, wait wait wait, give 'em the chaaaair! cheer100
TheMoatman: I say we table this match for now and start a new instance of the game with another match while these two duke it out
Foxmar320: Booooo the tables!
Cavalrywolfpack: Graham how much did you pay for this?
Sun_Singer: looks like tables are winning
Rivulatus_: Tables have this.
All_mankind: never before has so much wood been spilled for so little
jakale: I think I saw a dresser move around the cathedral
redpillbluepil: unless you manually flank one side
Pteraspidomorphi: We're still only half way through
Dmc3628: and lo we entered nightfall and the attrition continued
Tarukai788: if it rains do they lose defense due to water degredation?
Moonstruckragamuffin: TableHere FlipThis
Skyboss1996: Go Tables!
Ukon_vasara: for fantasy army
AlonsoSwift: Oh! The tables have taken a lead!
sydpreviouslyheadache: I'm still rooting for dressers
eddieatthegov: I am actually impressed.
Niallsb: This is gonna come down to whice army accidentally bumps into a burning lamp first
snowcookies: Tables are the best!
Kikazi: Graham, is Mr. Rogers in this game? (in a blood stained sweater)?
EikoandMog: #DressEmUp !
Domidwarcer: Again, this game seems pretty rad. G, have we run out of truely awful games?
Lanthess: My bet is on tables
onarampage: so much waste...
Sordidambition: @Compleatly clearly not enough. sorry again
ekimekim3000: maybe set up a 300 spartans last stand on the bridge against something weak but numerous?
Izandai: TableHere FlipThis
TStodden: This battle started at 7am.. it's 5 pm now...
Ragephoenix: Tables have the higher numbers now!
The_Quiet_Alestain: Go, dressers!
eric_christian_berg: Attack the flank, dammit!
drthvd3r: Aw man! I got a splinter!
The_Ninjurai: And now we drop a Chunk Norris in to add the finishes
sag3error: Tables are taking it
DoktorLoy: it's like a woodchipper down there!
JRandomHacker: Feels like Les Mis
Phothrism: go tables go
CommandoJE: Really you are astonished that its really close in fight between table and dressers that its close? thats the part that bothers you?
zuofthenorth: either way, the issue has been a-dresserd
confusedthespian: PogChamp
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: The Tables are squeezing ahead
FeaturingMe: The Queen said she wanted new furniture, after which the tables refused to a-dresser
JRandomHacker: They're building a barricade
DigitalSeahorse: this will end up a drawn drawer draw?
HopPoleStudios: I bet they've got exactly the same stats
Unpronounceable: I'm confused
Arclight_Dynamo: Do dressers and tables have the same amount of health?
confusedthespian: love it.
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: looks like the Tables have turned!
lifecharacter: Can Alex give us the backstory to this battle?
Phothrism: go on my table warriors!
couldntpickausername: dressers are the fave so far http://www.strawpoll.me/12939071
ekimekim3000: JRandomHacker: Do you hear the people sing...
going_medium: Split the party, once the forces are splintered victory is assured.
Gothic_Monkey: Also the bodies pile up
Anubis169: They'll fight to a drawer
Dmc3628: ref there's no bell to ring
ForOhForError: Tables: "OraOraOra"
Logikcat: Do the tables have a leg up? Are the dresser caught with their drawers down?
Narida_L: Dive bomb a table from the stairs.
Akaiatana: Dear Doctors LRR, the faction that wins will be the one to establish a birchhead
regularnormalperson: you could possess the back lines and start a flank?
Tarukai788: The tables are ahead by a leaf
Gothic_Monkey: i love that the bodies pile up
DigitalSeahorse: they're climbing the stairs!
virre_: I mean I would want ladders and chairs to havev a real TLC match
Spluuga: Soo fire wood wins in the end
GhassanPL: Ah, I see the tables have turned
ForOhForError: Dressers: "MudaMudaMuda"
Compleatly: can you possess a table to see how much hp it has
Ukon_vasara: it was 11am when i noticed the time, 7 hours has passed at least
kynelwynn: Divans! Get the Tables!
loki_lxix: you totally did
Golldum: @LoadingReadyRun dear Dr. Alex, i remember you talking about some comic in an old vod but i cant remember what its called. it was like kill 10000 demons or something?
jonlevir: what the lrrEFF ?
Lord_Durin: I just got back and WHAT IN THE HELL did I just walk into?
goblinranger: tables slowly pulling ahead
onarampage: tables pulling ahead
All_mankind: it's like watching a belt sander
asthanius: Link the fireplace
draxov: tihs is Science!
Maddrius: !highlight age of wood
Skyboss1996: War. War never changes
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Pteraspidomorphi: Are there better behaviors for the batallions than just "attack"?
couldntpickausername: and now it's tied http://www.strawpoll.me/12939071
MadWaltz: cheer100 Go tables! Hit 'em in the drawers!
Rivulatus_: yes, would hate to ruin the results of this test.
BasilHunter: March a Table up the stairs?
Laserbeaks_Fury: All will turn to ASH
muondecay: I wish the corpses would actually block the paths, forcing the AI to find a different route
sag3error: A few tables have high ground
Psychic_Ketchup: Nice one Graham
Emergent_os: I feel like, there are reasonable grounds to authorize the deployment of tactical nuclear ordnance, sir.
MrKroden: during the great ikea wars
samwonk: Halfway...
Akaiatana: Golldum kill 6 billion demons
MugiwaraLexi: Devon get the table. Travis get the dresser. Steve grab the chair. We are going to move.
stagemgrrob: OaAk vs. Pine
TwilightAvalon: cheer50 See how much health a table has, as a Dresser has 600, this way we see if its a fair fight
whenwearebothcats: dressers clearly unprepared for tables flanking tactics, but now it's just attrition
TStodden: Revolt at Beast's Castle!
DennyMcG: I wish we had ladders and chairs, then we could have a good old fashioned TLC
novel_junkie: Chippendale vs. Hepplewhite
onarampage: war, war never changes
All_mankind: war. war never changes
FeaturingMe: This is clearly what happens when people fight with their wood
Reecer6: @Gothic_Monkey There's an option to make them actually create huge piles troops can walk on too, but that isn't on right now.
eddieatthegov: What's that light top right.
TheMoatman: You go to fight Gwyn and instantly die
vegasturm: ITs beauty and the beast universe, but things have turned towards WAAAAARRRR!
TyrantTaco: Tables pulled ahead by almost 10
Domidwarcer: Basically the wizard from fantasia got bored and had run out of broomsticks
GroutNASA: KSBD = the awesome
Alness49: Winners get a Crapshot.
transcass: no alex... no fuhrerniture
troopinitdaily: please take control of a table, go up those stairs and dive bomb a dresser
TheExactSame: the dressers should employ distraction tactics. get some troops on high ground and drop their drawers
bi0buster: Dear Dr. Graham do you think Ultimate Facepunch Wrestling would do a dressers match?
ForOhForError: THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF AN ENEMY 「Nightstand 」!!
saucemaster5000: Two sorcerer's apprentices have made horrible mistakes...
Niallsb: The streets flowed with sawdust
chance_dean: it is good!
wildpeaks: In the dark gritty future of 1990, Tables Wars rage on
asthanius: Gwyn, Lord of Cedar
Anubis169: LOL
Caleb_QDC: The furherniture
mister_wise_guy: When there's no more room in hell, furniture will walk the earth!
PeteDGravy: This seems like a mix of macbeth and beauty and the beast
Compleatly: @ForOhForError That was awful.
Phothrism: So, you gonna do the Talking Sim "So what?" on this game?
mjihde: "But someone ordered too much furniture, and as the hotel only had room for some of them they had to fight - to the DEATH!"
Rcraddz: tables are taking the lead
risingtithes: That reminds me, I'm actually terribly behind K6BD
Lanthess: Tables totally taking this.
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OccasionallyManly: Warhammer: Age of Armoire
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whenwearebothcats: stay away from those torches dressers!!
Gothic_Monkey: @Reecer6 oh that's neat!
muondecay: THIS. IS. IKEA
rarermonsters: The only way i could see a backstory for this game would be something which the Hardy Boyz created as part of a Broken lead-up to a feud at TLC
All_mankind: until the very last nightstand
FeaturingMe: tables taking the lead now :O
ForOhForError: : #
adi_pie: cheer50 So, once this is over can we finally say that the argument has been... TABLED?
MsL3th4l: this will forever what i think of when i hear "DEVON! GET THE TABLES!"
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: omg adi_pie <3
Dmc3628: we told stories of the Great Ikea War and long into the age of Cyan
TheMoatman: Okay next fight: Sandwiches vs Hot Dogs
DigitalSeahorse: they used to be a bunch of Ents and this is how they ended up after their last battles :P
nattsan: If either side thought to do more flanking they would get an endge.
lakaicheaker: IKEA WARS
Foxmar320: lol
Ba_Dum_Tish: Looking out the window then looks suspiciously at their own furniture
Borgrim_: the tables formed a union, and demanded equal rights, the dressers didn't take kindly to that
CommandoJE: Is this the end of the new live action Beauty and the Beast?
AdmiralMemo: !highlight They took my knickers!
LRRbot: Highlight added.
aerobeing: Oh, that six billion demons one was just what I was remembering a few days ago! Thanks.
FlyingWithSnakes: "my dinner was on one of those tables!"
wildpeaks: Tables vs Dressers looks like a spell gone wrong in the Oglaf universe :D
Moonstruckragamuffin: Splinters everywhere
ekimekim3000: Looks like this might end in...a drawer
Malzafic: It was an age of peace... But then the Dresser Nation attacked
dreaminginautumn: @LoadingReadyRun A comment on the latest K6BD seems fitting for this battle "Consider, my lovelies, that the difference between a mausoleum and a warehouse is when and how you expect the stock to move."
patzner3: Are these the Knights of the Round Table?
Zeke229: cheer100 If we had Ladders and Chairs, we would have a REAL TLC match
Kthanid: the tragic losses from the great pine war shall never be forgotten.
ShortRound2099: oh Dr. Alex, you're talk yesterday about finishing your stuff made me restart work on my twine game.
Skyboss1996: Tables must have a higher DPS
whenwearebothcats: tables more intelligent as well
All_mankind: this would have been over faster if there was some SHARP dressers
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: no, Alex that's broomsticks Kappa
Lanthess: What's the DPS of an average household table?
LarkSachrosis: Traguna Maquoidies Tracorum Sadis Die
mjihde: Tables seem to have this
Intrepid_Colin: Game of Furniture
TheMoatman: Man, this Fantasia reboot is weird
Stoffern: The tables have it Il say
FlyingWithSnakes: "tables must have a higher damage output" isnt a phrase i expected to ever hear
Anubis169: Polished technique Kappa
Foxmar320: i think once one of the lanes wins this fight will get more interesting
All_mankind: 10 000 tables vs a gazebo
oyleslyck: Deadliest Warriors has nothing on this.
The_Irish_Blaggard: I'd recommend doing a battle between a horde zombies and either archers or gunmen, just to watch the mountain of bodies that stacks up
couldntpickausername: There will be kindling
Mangledpixel: two magicians apprentices got bored
Skyboss1996: You can edit the existing mobs
draxov: If the sorcerers apprentice was sadistic....
Mewyabby: Tables is definitely winning due to their positioning. They get a tiny concave whenever Dressers die.
indy91: I wonder if one of the battles will end first
Aeraliz: ohhh, tables are the DPS and dressers are the tanks. What would the healers be then? ...Floorlamps?
NimrodXIV: tables in the lead
DigitalSeahorse: this is what happens when you have unrest within the royal cabinet :D
Rivulatus_: Just not there model
TyrantTaco: Tables got this, right flank about to crumble
zuofthenorth: the match was struck, and the battle broke like kindling in a fire
Laserbeaks_Fury: Be...Our.....GUEST! Be Our Guest! Slam your drawers against their chest
cairistiona13: yup appropriate music
mjihde: @All_mankind now lets not get crazy here
Sjakies: splinters everywhere
Ukon_vasara: the battle has raged for about 12 hours now
Trippzen: So next 1 godzilla table vs 1 mothra dresser?
MadWaltz: It might also have to do with the size of the tables vs drawers -- if the tables can fit a greater number into the frontline, they can do more dps
FeaturingMe: they may have different winners
Gothic_Monkey: with attribute changes i had 1 ultimate chicken vs like 10,000 zombies. it was hilarious but also got old quick
Skyboss1996: {Drop Tables} :
whenwearebothcats: we go live to our foot stool on the scene
ForOhForError: Drop table *
CodeGorilla: Oooh, don't drop your tables, that's bad.
Akaiatana: Little Bobby Drop Tables
duaiwe: My money is still on tables.
bv310: Tables dropping like Leaves!
regularnormalperson: Calling it for tables now
RavingPenguin: Could you finally settle the question of Goku vs. Superman?
Mangledpixel: can you change the scale?
Dmc3628: and we entered into Dawn, the battle still drawn out
FlyingWithSnakes: seems this battle splintered in two direcitons
PencilStroke: south tables will win and fall the north in the back
All_mankind: is there a gazebo and is it tougher than Chuck Norris?
GroutNASA: Little Bobby Tables there?
lakaicheaker: 3 AM, watching battle between tables vs dressers somewhere in middle east. vacation started spot on.
KPancrazio: let the tables hit the floor, let the tables hit the floor
TheMoatman: 1 Dresser sized Table vs 1 Table sized Dresser
goblinranger: tired tables
Arclight_Dynamo: Tables are also smaller, so we have the chicken vs. t-rex swarming thing happening agin.
bv310: Form the Ur-Table
Anubis169: From Sawdust 'Til Dawn Kappa
SarunasZukauskas: Do, 1 horse sized chicken vs a hundred chickens
Arclight_Dynamo: *again
snowcookies: Tables for the win!
mjihde: It's a good battle Bront
Mewyabby: To quote Botcha: WE ARE THE TABLES!
Phothrism: '); DROP TABLE
eddieatthegov: Drop table drop dresser
asthanius: This is a weird Civ mod
Spartacus1209: The Dressers need DeVon Dudley
GorillaDetector: so do the tables tilt out?
adi_pie: One table to rule them all, and in the darkness flip them?
Contiguouskittycat: What about Goku vs. Saitama?
TwilightAvalon: Wow...this is $17
SacrificialToast: one thing you can say about tables, they never get board
Eclipseon: A super powerful table only referred to as "The End"
jakale: they're tables, they don't get tired
Lanthess: It's so over.
mikialice: The tables have definitely turned
Gothic_Monkey: oh here it goes!
Foxmar320: Dressers nooooooo
Skyboss1996: Half are flanking!
whenwearebothcats: risky
Akaiatana: Loading Ready Run: Please do one Big Chocken vs 2000 tiny T-rexes
Valdinzar24: ummm
AdmiralMemo: !highlight The Tables have Turned
Ba_Dum_Tish: So is this the new Autumnal Rumble?
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Jake_the_guy: no way to retreat!
Izandai: Tables outnumber the dressers nearly 2-1. It's over.
All_mankind: a little flank goes a long way
Gothic_Monkey: THE BODIES
asthanius: It's like Napoleon all over again
FeaturingMe: it may be over before they get there
Trippzen: I hope this returns as a dark match for the next Autumnal Rumble
Ashton: @Eclipseon End tables?
northernlightning: well, gg dressers
goblinranger: last stand at midnight
Anubis169: Tonight on From Sawdust 'Til Dawn...
kite_neravar: Can you make 100 chicken sized T-Rexs fight 1 T-Rex sized chicken?
IndigoVitare: The dressers are backed up against the wall Kappa
Ragephoenix: The tables outnumber them 2 to 1!
oyleslyck: Flanked
Valdinzar24: i picked a weird moment to come back
Eclipseon: @Ashton Exactly.
Tarukai788: The dressers are sawdust
Skyboss1996: The Dressers are Routing!
whenwearebothcats: that look of sheer wooden confusion
Trippzen: or a preshow match anyways
Aaamann: But the dressers in the back are fresh. The flanking tables are straight off the front line
draxov: At the end: a drawer comes into the drawer general, "Sir....they're all...disassembled...there are splinters....everywhere!"
GroutNASA: Routed ha
Ba_Dum_Tish: Tables win
ExhaustedElox: SHAMFUL DISPLAY!!
JediTransmit: I Cannae take it!
Jlhonors: It's a slaughter.
Alness49: I love the smell of lumber in the morning.
Foxmar320: Noooooooooo the tables why....
couldntpickausername: the best game ever
Rivulatus_: GO TABLES GO
NimrodXIV: the dressers are in trouble now
adi_pie: The end tables have come.
Phothrism: I knew it! Goooo tables
CommandoJE: The new Total War IKEA looks great
MysticOp9: get flanked bro
Mewyabby: I can explain in MSPaint why this occurred...
mikialice: They were not dressed for success
SacrificialToast: the dressers were caught with their drawers down
FeaturingMe: I'm so not Oakay with all this violence
SamanthaVess: I was hoping this would end in a drawer rooCry
regularnormalperson: Only the veneer of bravery left
ecjones1975: Man, I was Team Dresser
blackwlf: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
t3h_f1gm3nt: RIP Dressers
Borgrim_: let the dressers hit the floor let the dressers hit the...... floooooooooooooooooor!
Intrepid_Colin: Yay an varily did the mighty Oak Dressers fall beneath the blows
Valdinzar24: is this ubs
Skyboss1996: YEAH TABLES
lakaicheaker: Gram and Alex getting this fight more serious than some goverments
Riandisa: If only they could dovetail this into a win
PencilStroke: i love the smell of sawedust in the morning!
Anubis169: 19 tables left
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whenwearebothcats: so now you know
misteline: god i was invested in that
ElihuAran: So, Graham, if tables have less health, is it harder to put a wrestler through a dresser? cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100
mister_wise_guy: Tables vs Dressers? That sounds like heresey.
Alness49: And the battlefield was left to the woodpeckers
AlonsoSwift: Man, I'd actually voted for the dressers to win.
Tarukai788: tables with a solid remnant of 19
Foxmar320: noooo dressers :(
Redbassist: bah god, the tables are planking them
saucemaster5000: This!.. is!.. Ikeaaaa!
SarunasZukauskas: Do a horse sized duck vs 100 ducks
lifecharacter: The veterans will be so traumatized. So many woodchips. Everywhere.
Trippzen: Are there ladders? You could have a real TLC match
ViczIA: a Pyrrhic victory at best...
Sjakies: it's like a sawmill in there
bv310: Let's go, tables! *clap clap clapclapclap*
Compleatly: we need a team battle
All_mankind: you'd expect the dressers to get some morale boost when they got surrounded
TStodden: After 17 hours, Tables survive...
Undertowst: Make some teams Alex!
Garfman314: penguins?!
goblinranger: oh cool you can put them on the same team
Dmc3628: many many Splinters after this war
Zeke229: FlipThis FlipThis
VariableVacancy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams at Wed 06:00 PM PDT (1:18 from now).
MrKroden: turn on infinite corpse stack height!
sag3error: You can team up different unit types
Rivulatus_: How about an epic batle with massive amounts of different units.
angryoptimist: The tables weren't turned.
NationalPublicGaming: These are the splinters I got on St Crispin's day
JosephDeath: I just joined, have they done buck Chorris vs buck chorris yet?
MadWaltz: Try looking at what "orders" does? I'm curious
cairistiona13: 19 tables left
dreaminginautumn: put them on Defend orders
Compleatly: Tables and Dressers vs Knights and Archers vs. penguins and chickens
DennyMcG: There were no victors, only survivors.
RobertMerlow: change their orders
goblinranger: perfect
MikeSmith916: Can you change the orders?
RobertMerlow: make them defend
ExhaustedElox: CHange Rank shape to like 3 so they are facing the right way
Kate: On a scale of 1-10, how awful is this game.
SamanthaVess: Set to hold position.
Foxmar320: Set them to defend as well
CommandoJE: Maybe change their orders so they stay
Mangledpixel: that seems to perfectly fit, which is probably deliberate
goblinranger: oh yeah defence order
bi0buster: Change the orders to hold.
IndigoVitare: ship it
Wodar9: HOLD!
mjihde: Give them orders to stay till
Rivulatus_: So is this just going to glitch them out?
Compleatly: Kate: It's great.
northernlightning: HOLD
ZelaFlow: Zero
Phothrism: Change orders
drthmik: Different Orders
mjihde: Now the enemy can't get to them
Reibwyr: change their orders?
going_medium: change orders??
coolbond: Dear DR Graham 1 Horse sized duck vs 100 ducksized horses?
FeaturingMe: Hold position
Skyboss1996: Kate : 5? depending
Dumori: you can change their AI
mogling: You can change their orders.
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wykanico: why hello Graham and Alex, fancy meeting you here :)
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Dumori: to hold
MrKroden: change orders to hold position
Cherubimcw: Change the orders so they don't leave
IndigoVitare: Orders Graham
Cavalrywolfpack: Change order
cheetoJack: you can change their orders to stay
Shchenya: Change order to defence
Talin06: change orders
eric_christian_berg: Change their orders to defend?
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Aarek: different ordres
asthanius: Put other archers on the same team
Iceberg_Man: change order
sag3error: Defend!
Stoffern: Change the orders?
NathanJay787: Can you set to defend instead of attack?
Phothrism: Set Hold position
WokenClick: nothing is going to be able to get to them
couldntpickausername: how do people kill them then?
Lanthess: They can't be attacked up there can they?
samwonk: I'm not sure I would regard going from 500 soldiers to 19 as "winning" a battle.
salt523: change to defend
JRandomHacker: We will Hold. The. Line!
Arclight_Dynamo: Need a ranged enemy or they can't be killed.
All_mankind: they'll walk on the piles of dead
Cavalrywolfpack: Graham you can give them different orders
goblinranger: next to numbers
long_bad_cutscene: 5th column
Lazarenth: Next to Amount
bi0buster: Right beside amount.
lifecharacter: Next to amount.
Phothrism: "Orders"
whenwearebothcats: where it says.. orders
IndigoVitare: Right there between Amount and Rank Shape
whenwearebothcats: :)
SamanthaVess: In the column that says "Orders" rooPs
Jake_the_guy: f ya
northernlightning: beside amount
Foxmar320: lrrGOAT
AdmiralMemo: !highlight I'm dumb
Gothic_Monkey: you can also make different things on the same team
LRRbot: Highlight added.
RavingPenguin: Orcs!
TheMoatman: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Tables on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've seen dressers splintered in the dark near the Tannenhauser Gate. All that furniture lost in time... like... tears in rain. Time to break.
Phothrism: 10 trexes
Tregelen: t rexes
AdmiralMemo: 1 T-Rex!
coolbond: CHICKENS!
Shchenya: Try a combined enemy army?
Rivulatus_: Zombos
ShortRound2099: tables
MT_Storm: Spartans!
bi0buster: Beset on all sides by enemies?
Mangledpixel: Santas, all the Santas
asthanius: Archers on another roof
deyja429: Zombies
ekimekim3000: orcs...let's go Helm's Deep
PencilStroke: plants versus zombies!
Ragephoenix: Put some fantasy creatures in
Cavalrywolfpack: 100000 Tables!!!
Emergent_os: US Marines?
Thomscks: archers vs pigeons
HopPoleStudios: cheer100 hey can you make the numbers huge?
Garfman314: penguins!
DarkNacht: oruki
AdmiralMemo: Chickens and Zombies!
going_medium: orcs or Tortoises?
Mijnheer: CHICKENS \o/
eric_christian_berg: Penguins!
JediTransmit: 10000 chickens
Thomscks: archers vs penguins
Foxmar320: ohh i like that plan Alex
WalkingProfanity: penguins!
LarkSachrosis: Orcs
Slurpee_E: zombies
lifecharacter: Ancient Greece.... Romans.
Lithobraker: Catapults!
Undertowst: Make Teams!
BillTheCat: surround the town with santas
Juliamon: archers vs turtles
Wodar9: Change the orders?
Ukon_vasara: kangaroo has to be one of armies
coolbond: 10000 Chickens
Cavalrywolfpack: Graham how much did you pay for this?
coolbond: 5k on each side
chance_dean: giant ogre?
RavingPenguin: Army of Santas!!!
Lazarenth: what is the Wrestling Damage Modifier for a dresser
sag3error: Team Up!
Ummon_: ww1 soldiers?
wildpeaks: Tables have more heart, but they hardly have a leg to stand on
HopPoleStudios: sweet
FeaturingMe: We detected metal earlier
lakaicheaker: let's make 4 town entries
SamanthaVess: The only limit is on your processor, basically.
CommandoJE: Hey that's fair game zombies can be a neutral alignment
NimrodXIV: Archers vs Santa!
Ummon_: ooh ogres
IndigoVitare: Ancient Greece > Roman. Wat?
Theycallmejokke: All of them
AdmiralMemo: cheer50 Put multiple types of units on the same team to be interesting. :-)
Skyboss1996: ok
ekimekim3000: Defending the Wall again the Wildmen?
Foxmar320: 1000 wild mens
Phothrism: rip archers
confusedthespian: 1000
wildpeaks: metal detector was sweet :) Just needs more polish
CommandoJE: *not fair
rs25mtg: Battle of the Beast! \m/
bi0buster: Those archers are bussed.
Glenn_Seto: wild men as in caves or MRAs?
CptSpiffy: is this tabs?
Rivulatus_: So @Loadingreadyrun, how many mobs can you have before you crash your graphics card?
Gothic_Monkey: Oh you know.. about 10 times more
whenwearebothcats: can they get on the roof? maybe if bodies pile up?
Undertowst: Team 2 and 3 of archers on the other buildings?
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: Europe
eric_christian_berg: 300 spartans to hold the gap? :)
Theycallmejokke: Dorf!
JediTransmit: A company against two battalions, dece.
Compleatly: It's ogre now.
mjihde: Make them be on the same teams
Compleatly: It's all ogre.
Shchenya: You can put them all on same team guys
Talin06: Teams?
Narida_L: Set them so you each have a team
DarkNacht: DWARF!
Dared00: trener to set them all to the same team, so they don't kill each other before attaching the archers
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:43:01.
IndigoVitare: archer's gonna die
goblinranger: same team as wild men?
Phothrism: teams?
Skyboss1996: Dorf!
Dared00: *remember
bi0buster: Santas!
Ragephoenix: The Wild Men came from the east. And the Ogres, they came from the North.
Ummon_: wild men are pretty tough I believe
Kthanid: Do we want to make the archers a bit stronger than default?
loki_lxix: TEAMS
AdmiralMemo: Team up the Ogres and the Wild Men
Compleatly: should we do teams?
BITs19_: hey i just got here and am glad to see them playing this!
ExhaustedElox: Teams so the Wildmen and Ogres fight together
Caleb_firedragon: Teams
CommandoJE: Can you put multiple armies on the same team?
ZelaFlow: Poor Archers :(
IndigoVitare: maybe give them some Heavy Knights at the bottom of the staircase to delay their death
Undertowst: Team 2 and 3 of Archers on the other roof tops?
loki_lxix: do teams
MT_Storm: I think Team1 needs some heavies to hold the stairs.
Dared00: GOD, autocorrect sucks
The_Irish_Blaggard: Add more Ogres, they're a lot weaker than you'd think
bi0buster: Let the santas take revenge for their fallen brother!
MadWaltz: Looks like you can also set teams, so you can have giant ogres and their pet dinosaurs
Foxmar320: lol
Ragephoenix: We had but a hundred men to defend our home with. But in each one of those man, burned the passion of a hundred more.
Niallsb: I'm actually OK with an 8 way brawl chat
FlyingWithSnakes: 10,000 chickens
Garfman314: penguin!
Pteraspidomorphi: It would be fun if you teamed up your units
cheetoJack: Have you considered changing the teams or do we want this to be an 8 way free for all?
Phothrism: jesus
Ummon_: the archers will be dead by then
whenwearebothcats: have mercy alex
Phothrism: hold position on chickens?
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: NO ITS NOT
HopPoleStudios: 50k is the perfect number of chickens
Foxmar320: Never to many chickens
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: 50k
lorrickgale: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:43:54.
Cantwearcats: More chickens than expected
BusTed: "That's too many." Perfect.
All_mankind: always bet on the chikkinz
mikialice: Bok!
angryoptimist: Well, I guess the chickens'll win.
loki_lxix: teams???
BITs19_: are we gonna get epic narration on this?
CrashKing1979: Chickens doing the beach landing?
JediTransmit: Begun these Cluckwars have.
The_Ninjurai: WarChicken 50K
Skyboss1996: An army of chickens from the South!
Damaris1034: I love the inspiring, passionate music to this ridiculous game.
Theycallmejokke: dorfs!
Senstaku: If you want multiple divisions of archers you can set another unit to them and change their team
Lazarenth: Make sure to put them on the same team as the archers
Phothrism: hold position spartans :D
nattsan: *** Sparta
MT_Storm: They shall fight in the shade :D
superdave17994: Yay
CommandoJE: What weather effects are there?
PencilStroke: 299 + leonidas
NimrodXIV: obviously
SamanthaVess: Spartans HOLD!
whenwearebothcats: formiddable team
dreaminginautumn: buff he Spartan stats
rarermonsters: I liked 300 before hindsight told us it was racist
ForOhForError: this seems unfair
TheMadPunter: Thank you guys so much! I can always count on you to make my day a little more surreal <3
Baranastra: One US Riflemen.
MysticOp9: align the invading forces
Foxmar320: lol
Skyboss1996: 50 ish?
AdmiralMemo: Like 20?
CommandoJE: about 100
ExhaustedElox: Usually 20 for that era
Rivulatus_: Teh soldiers will win. :'(
JediTransmit: 15-30
lakaicheaker: ogres and chickens should be one team
Phothrism: hmm gotta balance those out
Undertowst: Team 1?
Tregelen: soldiers op
All_mankind: the story goes, it was Leonidas and his bodyguard of 300 men. maybe even a captain on top of that
Mangledpixel: rifle platoons are normally composed of 42 soldiers
CommandoJE: sorry i meant 50
northernlightning: gonna put them on the archers team?
fourcardcombosuicide: what happens if you a nonzero number with no unit?
angryoptimist: On the other roof?
fourcardcombosuicide: *put
Under_5core: Team 1's looking OP.
Skyboss1996: The line! Its too thin!
Foxmar320: Team one has all those chickens to kill
Under_5core: Should everyone else be on the same team?
eric_christian_berg: Put them south to fight the chickens.
GroutNASA: rifle platoons nominally (per TO) consist of 43 Marines
FlyingWithSnakes: santas
whenwearebothcats: 5000 chickens isn't savage enough?
AugmentingPath: Team 1's tradeoff is that it's in the middle, which seems fair
Narida_L: fourcardcombosuicide Ah yes, the "None none", truly the ultiamte warrior
t3h_f1gm3nt: HOLD THE LINE
FeaturingMe: hold the lin
bi0buster: A swarm of santas!
MikeSmith916: More chickens!!!!!!!
CataclysmicReverb: 4 T-Rexes VERY far off?
LarkSachrosis: Orcs
Papperslappen: 5000 penguins with santa support
vegasturm: There should be a Battle at the bridge
Mijnheer: I'd say 2500 savages is savage enough :P
Pteraspidomorphi: ~Can you make santas bigger?
The_Ninjurai: Put the Soldiers for the Giants?
TheMadPunter: @rarermonsters I recommend you watch 300: Rise of an Empire then; the tone shift is actually quite surprising
patzner3: T REX from east
PinaCalChaos: more animals pleas
ForOhForError: Except the chickens, maybe?
MikeSmith916: Chickens on their own team
RobertMerlow: The chickens should be on their own team
jonlevir: YES!
Rivulatus_: Nah, let the agressors figh, or they will just win.
MadAndySims: You know, the Battle of the Five Armies would have been much different if, halfway through, a huge wave of chickens had swept through and pecked everyone to death
Quintondreaming: Or just leave the chickens neutral?
Ragephoenix: I say make the Chickens on their own team.
Granitefish: there's a nice video on how many are in a Battalion and COmpany and why by Lindybeige
Ukon_vasara: maybe tortises will have the defenses to fight through this defense
MCJiopur: Chickens should be rogue
ZelaFlow: Chickens stand alone
AdmiralMemo: Yes, Chickens on Team 3
vegasturm: !cardname Battle at the Bridge
ekimekim3000: aggressors need some range. Add 5 or so catapults?
FeaturingMe: t3h_f1gm3nt: this needs mass effect DLC
jonlevir: This is fantastic
MT_Storm: We need a handful ot t rexes
Skyboss1996: Wild Card : Tables
Compleatly: put the wild men and ogres on their own team, then put chickens penguins and kangaroos on another team
transcass: yes
Thomscks: chickens should be their own team
Sun_Singer: Wild card chickens pls
GroutNASA: "It was as if the chickens mounted a counterattack!"
lakaicheaker: it will be hard to take this town
Phothrism: chickens gonna rip into the defenders pretty easily
Domidwarcer: Wild card Chickens
NarishmaReborn: Chickens as wild card for sure
Under_5core: Yeah, chickens their own team.
BITs19_: can't you have chuck norris?
White_wampa: zombies
AdmiralMemo: vegasturm It's just !card
SnowB0und: Chickens stand alone
coolbond: 5k tables to be wildcards
goblinranger: catapult?
MadWaltz: Rogue chickens sounds awesome
Foxmar320: ohhhh
Theycallmejokke: Wildcard chickens just sounds correct
DigitalSeahorse: seems like archers should be the straight line
t3h_f1gm3nt: @FeaturingMe definitely
TwilightAvalon: rogue chickens!
Blank_State: can we please get 1 santa lol
wildpeaks: Did someone say catapults ? \o/
wykanico: #PoultryCard
Thomscks: WIld Card Chickens
rarermonsters: @TheMadPunter Loved it. Watched it just because Eva Green is BAE waifu
Max_Peck: Chickens march to their own drumsticks!
sag3error: 3rd team Zombie from the edge of the map
DarkNacht: the town is so dead
Emergent_os: There is no chicken facing defense team
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: Cavalry
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: how about a wave of zombies way out that the survivors have to fight after the initial battle
Gothic_Monkey: they're gonna have a hard time moving in the town. i love it
Quintondreaming: Chickens on their own team please
itzClinton: Where are my trebuchets at
IndigoVitare: Wild Chickens necessary
GroutNASA: Poultry In Motion
cfpreston: catpault wild card
pigmywurm: tables should come in from last battle
SloMoJFish: but your guys are holding position, they'll be killed
Ard_Rhys: 1 santa
Tantusar: This is a palate-cleanser, right? This game isn't half bad.
Phothrism: a few santas?
cairistiona13: fantasy?
Jake_the_guy: give them a animal
oyleslyck: Heroes
bi0buster: A golden knight?
Foxmar320: Santa :P
Dumori: 1 gold knight
Compleatly: wild card santa.
wildpeaks: Trebuckets of chicken
AdmiralMemo: Tantusar Yes
JediTransmit: But trebuchets can launch a 90kg weight over 300 meters.
ForOhForError: some santas?
Stock_Trading_River_Otter: 4 trex
Ukon_vasara: Kanaroo defense
Laserbeaks_Fury: Trexes
Ummon_: catapults on the mountain
eric_christian_berg: No unit of santas?
Jake_the_guy: yes
Kastor911: tortoise
TwilightAvalon: wild Chickens!
Garfman314: penguin!
DirgeNovak: Have they played (that PS2 game Graham got in the last mail time)? I'm still at work and can't watch yet
Quintondreaming: We want rogue chickens!
dweebert91: With team 1 holding won't the catapults just pick them off?
CommandoJE: What events led to this clash of armies?
holidayMD: Calvary from far of
t3h_f1gm3nt: TURTLES
superdave17994: Santa
jonlevir: T-REX!
MT_Storm: "At dawn, look to the east, there will be chickens!"
Rivulatus_: Best jungler
sag3error: Attack Roos!
NarishmaReborn: Kangaroo squad go!
Jake_the_guy: best
Phothrism: Team 1
Mangledpixel: a few thousand
pigmywurm: anoother attacker
BillTheCat: one santa!
Skyboss1996: Attack turtles
Gothic_Monkey: tortoises have good hp
rarermonsters: Guys that's so random!
deadlypartition: is this going to kill the framerate
goblinranger: tortoise formation, they asked for romans
Compleatly: we need like 2000 tortoises.
frage069: Team 1 needs a sortie unit to clear those catapults
Laserbeaks_Fury: No, Rammus is a great Jungler :P
Stock_Trading_River_Otter: TREX plox
Phothrism: Don't forget team
IndigoVitare: you could buff them
Rcraddz: tortoises and run??
Zeke229: Tortoises are the Tanks of the real world
Ba_Dum_Tish: As an Aussie go team Roo
Lord_Durin: If tortoises are on one team Hares have to be on the other
Quintondreaming: Tortoise and chicken team?
Akaiatana: team 1 remember
rarermonsters: Tortoises aren't one what would typically expect to be an army, but here they're in an army!
Rivulatus_: Tortoses should have high health with there shell
MysticOp9: Sakura tribe elder get back here
Mijnheer: Don't forget to set team
virre_: Kangaroos will only get into a fight with Matt Hardy anyway
cairistiona13: really?????
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: "waddle out there"
Phothrism: >change the team
aerobeing: Tortoises are panzerschnauten.
JediTransmit: team 1
DigitalSeahorse: reminds me of Besiege but you get to do all sides and no builds
rarermonsters: Random is funny!
pigmywurm: I think the defence has enough
ZelaFlow: On team 1, don't forget
Arclight_Dynamo: My money's on the defenders.
Wodar9: 1x catapult
FeaturingMe: are they Ninja Tortoises?
Phothrism: woooooo
All_mankind: you could have two armies of archers on the same team to cover both those roofs if you want
Compleatly: can we buff the defender's stats?
Saulens181: Cast your Votes! http://www.strawpoll.me/12939187
Foxmar320: this is gonna be sweet
MT_Storm: Feel like the chickens are gonna steam-roll everyone
Psychic_Ketchup: This is so dumb and I love it
jonlevir: what is this game?
IndigoVitare: Chickens will carry the game
Laserbeaks_Fury: Lets hope they dont get shell-shocked
Thomscks: i think the chicken swamp everything
TheMadPunter: @rarermonsters I KNOW! She's just so good! She and Jessica Chastain are my celebrity crushes, as far as that goes
Phothrism: riflemen don't have much HP
chance_dean: this may need to become a regular thing
lakaicheaker: 5000 chickens will win
GroutNASA: Depends on the rifles.
Jake_the_guy: defenders have gear, attackers have numbers
Feltic: I'm thinking the catapults will take it
MikeSmith916: Chickens could have won on their own.
Compleatly: the riflemen will be overwhelmed easily
Niallsb: My money's on Team 1
Foxmar320: Team chickens!
octohawk: Team 1
SniperPumpkin: hopefully it doesn't crash
Skyboss1996: BAWK
Akaiatana: Dear Doctor Graham: The Tortoises will be surrounded by spent shell casings
Lord_Durin: yesssss
whenwearebothcats: chickens look motivated
Compleatly: attackers have the numbers advantage
goblinranger: there are a lot of chikens
DarkNacht: ogres and chickes will slaughter
NimrodXIV: literal Testudo
FeaturingMe: they also have roofbound archers that the others can't reach
t3h_f1gm3nt: i think the defenders will hold for a bit till the Ogres reach town
FlyingWithSnakes: whoever wins, nuke them
frage069: Team 2 all the way, those catapults will make the difference
GroutNASA: Show me the rifles
aRGeeBee: The defenders can't move to attack the catapults so I think they're fucked.
Phothrism: wildmen stronk
arandomview: While you are playing games, bill wurtz's new video is top 1 trending
TheMadPunter: chickens FTW
dread_pirate_westley: There are too many attackers.
CataclysmicReverb: Wild Mans
mjihde: I think those catapults might be good, since I don't know if riflemen can shoot them through buildings. Id they can, Team 1 may hold out
Master_Gunner: I think the mass of chickens will take it
Croooooooow_t_robot: my money is on the attackers, there are too many of them
wykanico: this game seems like the good kind of garbage
The_Irish_Blaggard: My money is on the attackers
BusTed: Imposing fellas.
Jake_the_guy: battle turtles
Foxmar320: lol
some_call_me_tim: cluck cluck, ***
Rivulatus_: Those wild men actually look pretty tough.
angryoptimist: Those chickens are going to slaughter those riflemen.
loki_lxix: you did not make hardly enough defenders
WeedenProject: what even is this game
WeedenProject: this is amazing
jonlevir: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos (rating 46%)
CommandoJE: So how did we get here? What Narnia shenanigans got us her?
Lazarenth: trebuchets > catapults
Rivulatus_: Catapults may just win.
FlyingWithSnakes: how much is this game
Phothrism: ogres good
TheMadPunter: why are only two teams listed here?
Saulens181: Put your votes in! http://www.strawpoll.me/12939187
Phothrism: This will be close actually
jonlevir: what game is this?
SleepyDeveloper: Put it in ogredrive
shadmed: dear dr graham, bill wurtz just came out with a new vid
The_Irish_Blaggard: The Ogres are actually pretty bad
Skyboss1996: They're big boys
GroutNASA: Riflemen > Ogres
FeaturingMe: yes, that many is a little Ogrekill
SupernormalStep: strong boys
wykanico: needs more chickens
AdmiralMemo: It's not ogre. It's never ogre.
Foxmar320: I want to see the turtles lol
Mijnheer: chickens gonna zerg rush in Kappa
t3h_f1gm3nt: DURDLE TURTLES
Jake_the_guy: the wild men are fast
couldntpickausername: if the turtles don't go for the catapults then they *** because nobody else can move
Stellio_Cantos: looks like tortoises are gonna do whatever they want
Ba_Dum_Tish: Team durdle
Niallsb: To be fair, most of Team 2 are literal chickens
dreaminginautumn: ready the nukes
northernlightning: oh god it's going to be a slaughter
whenwearebothcats: solid formation
slazer2au: Those are super mutants not ogres.
All_mankind: the turtles are tanking
GroutNASA: Spartan power
Skyboss1996: Palanxes, man
Rivulatus_: Are the archers attacking?
FeaturingMe: THIS IS... nevermind
Coldhorn: The turtles are Turtling
Rocketman210: ends up attacking line infantry with no armor and clubs is a bad idea
BusTed: Tortoises noooo
ekimekim3000: there's no middle ground between 'stand completely still' and 'charge at the enemy'?
amythist: I don't think those archers can fire though
NimrodXIV: Sparta!
wykanico: this is brilliant
Phothrism: woow
Rivulatus_: Are teh catapults being attacked?
Foxmar320: oh lrrHAM
MCJiopur: Catapults no bueno
FeaturingMe: That's not the right way to get stoned
Phothrism: Ogres coming in
couldntpickausername: follow that one tortoise please
Decaped: psh, catapults. Get a real siege weapon.
Feltic: Riflemen found the catapults
IndigoVitare: Chickens incoming
Jake_the_guy: oh boy
TheMadPunter: the archers, surprisingly, seem to be in a bad position
Solemn_storm: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos (rating 46%)
Coldhorn: That's a nightmare of Chickens
Foxmar320: Ogres incoming
AdmiralMemo: It's never ogre
Skyboss1996: Ogres have entred the city
Rivulatus_: And the ogars are getting there
Maddrius: !highlight the chickens arrive
ForOhForError: depends if the chickens climb that ramp
lifecharacter: Those ogres are fast.
SniperPumpkin: the chickens are explading
LRRbot: Highlight added.
FlyingWithSnakes: chickens v spartans, who will win
dreaminginautumn: NNNNNNNN
DarkNacht: ogres from the north
couldntpickausername: this game is a work of beauty
All_mankind: i thought the catapults were on team 1 :x
Iceberg_Man: catapults are going down easy
dreaminginautumn: N
wykanico: dem turtles are tough
IndigoVitare: Watch the wave of Poultry overwhelm the Spartan force
Pteraspidomorphi: Tortoises are tanky
Ukon_vasara: team wildmen / chickens / ogres / catapults vs team archer / spartans / riflemen / turtles who will win
Saulens181: @loadingreadyrun http://www.strawpoll.me/12939187
Mangledpixel: here come the ogres
goblinranger: catapults getting wrecked
AdmiralMemo: And here come the ogres
Psychic_Ketchup: Who knew tortoises had a lot of toughness?
Gothic_Monkey: i have faith in the defenders
MT_Storm: This is incredible.
t3h_f1gm3nt: the spartans will not break!
wykanico: SPARTANS OP
Coldhorn: They're fainting!
Jake_the_guy: SPEAR
SamanthaVess: It's all ogre SMOrc
The_Irish_Blaggard: Told ya
Foxmar320: lol
FlyingWithSnakes: i guess its ogre for those guys
northernlightning: holy cow
Stellio_Cantos: ogres insta dying
Rivulatus_: The range things are destroying the ogars.
jonlevir: WE! ARE! SPARTANS!
Skyboss1996: Phalanxes son!