SomebodyNowhere: why the fire
icefinch: now
TheMoatman: It just boots you out eventually
Karfsma778: lets find out!
CptCorallis: You get pushed out the end i think
Felipe_Modesto: you get thrown out
SAJewers: lets find out
Felipe_Modesto: James, kill the AFK people who just drop out
plummeting_sloth: Is this based on ARMA?
Foxmar320: Maybe it just pushes you out lol
Felipe_Modesto: Fast-fall, get a gun and kill them!
MSulley: if you stay you end up at the edge with AFKers
cairistiona13: you need someone like paul to test
Undertowst: Into the ocean
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: @plummeting_sloth the guy who is the creative director has made mods for ARMA
TheMoatman: Apparently they're making two more maps
plummeting_sloth: ahh, cooll
CptCorallis: 9 people couldn't pull the cord
Felipe_Modesto: Additional maps will be added post-release.
TXC2: "I live for this shit!"
Granitefish: what happens if you don't jump
redpillbluepil: His nipples would be like bullets.
mercano82: already 9 ead
mercano82: dead
Foxmar320: No Pants Means No Rules!
FeaturingMe: 10
redpillbluepil: 9
Lithobraker: 7
FeaturingMe: 12
cairistiona13: and trousers?
TheMoatman: Wait is Doublelift streaming now?
Theycallmejokke: Time to find all the cool hats
TheAinMAP: Where did the parachute go?
IndigoVitare: clothes!
cairistiona13: only a shirt lol
Vanbael: trade secret, the shirt does nothing
SniperPumpkin: TheAinMAP away
DennyMcG: "Any clothes can be tearaway if you want to be naked enough"
Karfsma778: A shirt! BLASPHEMER!
TheMoatman: Get the choke!
ChaoticCrawler: "badass"
cairistiona13: how are his buckles over the shirt
Vanbael: wwe found neo's house
icefinch: no pants
CptCorallis: The game is the pinnacle of gameplay experience over presentation
Scarbble: a+ look
DoodlestheGreat: GET THE CHOKE
Foxmar320: lol
SomebodyNowhere: still on pants
mercano82: And you're already almost in the zone
SomebodyNowhere: no
TheMoatman: It's UE4
RavingPenguin: Game suffers a tad from "developer art"
FireBasilisk53: I'll pick it up if it ever comes out on full access
redpillbluepil: You look like your from an 80s apocolipse movie
TheMoatman: DayZ was ARMA but this is not a good looking UE game
cairistiona13: it looks fine :|
plummeting_sloth: being a graphics hog is not what this game is about
Darth_Wooper: I look forward to someday seeing a Talking Simulator on this game. It'll probably be a while, but whatever.
TXC2: it's fine
t3h_f1gm3nt: as long as you can tell what everything is at a glance, its fine
SniperPumpkin: it looks bad, but it's also enormous
mercano82: Rust doesn't look any better and that didn't hold that game back.
Felipe_Modesto: Poorly optimized UE4 with incredible gameplay
FireBasilisk53: I've just been burned by early access way too much
Lanthess: Just got here. Is this actually the 18th or did they switch?
Our_OBoros: Perfectly serviceable.
plummeting_sloth: and now we're a fallout character
TheMoatman: Remember to change the fire type
Alness49: I remember reasing that it took 6 months or so to make the game to this degree.
ChaoticCrawler: It's not a good looking UE4 game but the fact that it runs as well as it does is testament to UE4
TXC2: Lanthess we got taking shows
quae_pumilio: You're a guy with underpants and a holster, that's not pretty...
Lanthess: Ah, alright! thanks!
TXC2: so we switched to this
Felipe_Modesto: Of course PUBG and Minecraft are part of Talking Game Show
CptCorallis: In Rust or anything else, there's the option of peace. Here it's a little less flexible.
Darth_Wooper: Lanthess Talk Shows was 18th, they talked for an hour or so, now they're playing whatever.
Lanthess: Works for me!
ecjones1975: James needs a cowboy hat
SomebodyNowhere: running time
Felipe_Modesto: Red = Ded
emberBecky: not really the kind of game I usually like but it does really look fun with a group. the memory leak thing would keep me from dropping 30 at this point, tho
redpillbluepil: Day 4, still cannot find trousers...
TheMoatman: If you're in the red zone but inside a building you're fine
RvLeshrac: The white zone is for loading and unloading only.
cairistiona13: you need trousers and shoes
shurtal: The Old Spice Red Zone?
plummeting_sloth: the white zone is for the loading and loading of bombs only
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: the white zone is for loading and unloading only
Daedrin: Oh man! Rick and Morty was right. THOSE WHO CONTROL THE PANTS, CONTROL THE WORLD
Lithobraker: Can we fly a plane?
mercano82: There is no living in the blue zone
Felipe_Modesto: @TheMoatman depends on the building... Bottom floors, middle of buildings sure, but you can still die from just being near explosions.
CptCorallis: Less social commentary in this
Karfsma778: 40 dead already
Astral_Apache: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:34:03.
Felipe_Modesto: 30 mins MAX
plummeting_sloth: any stamina?
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Dibria: Good evening, or afternoon I guess where you are?
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ylegm: this had a better b plot than thr hunger games
RavingPenguin: Its the hunger games except we're not a plucky teen female with her two mostly useless but very attractive male more than friends
TXC2: "we might be ok" famous last words Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's just past HIGH NOON
WNivek: Is there such a thing as low noon?
Rcraddz: I call 30 secs till headshot as James said they seem to be alone :)
Felipe_Modesto: concentric circles
TheMoatman: We need a car
Felipe_Modesto: Duo feels like best format
TXC2: WNivek if you go north enough in the winter, kinda
plummeting_sloth: oh, there's vehicles! That's cool
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Lanthess: This is exactly the kind of game I would love to play with my friends. just have to wait till I can afford it.
Dibria: No pants? Trying the sexy strats today
SomebodyNowhere: still no pants
ReydienOnline: last team standing eats the berries together
rocketjohn: james you're still on single fire
Frankenfruity: Paul, they have separate games for groups of players and single player
TXC2: getting a STALKER vibe off of this part
SomebodyNowhere: pants most scarce resource
plummeting_sloth: but 3rd gives you more info about stuff around you
RavingPenguin: Whelp
Felipe_Modesto: ripperino
Darth_Wooper: F
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: autoshotty
icefinch: f
Dared00: F
cairistiona13: well done
FeaturingMe: Ripperoni Pepperoni
Noodles_15: F
Seabats: Bodied
Vanbael: F
TheMoatman: 3rd is generally better
SAJewers: naeRIP
RavingPenguin: Adam!
ChaoticCrawler: TehePelo
TheMoatman: because you need the info
Lanthess: Almost an F+
FireBasilisk53: F
Lord_Durin: 1 more?
Flea_Hastings: One more?
Karfsma778: It will tell you if headshot though
Daedrin: leggied
Felipe_Modesto: And then one more... (that is how the game gets you)
redpillbluepil: How many players were there?
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: Ok, convinced me to get the game
Saulens181: waht did I miss during the first hour
PyroPilgrim: one more?
rocketjohn: redpillbluepil 100
Undertowst: And you get rewards based on playing it. You can buy lootboxes with the reward money. The lootboxes are complete bull.
Calaveth: 54 out of how many?
TXC2: Saulens181 asklrr
Calaveth: Ah never mind
Karfsma778: !jamesout
LRRbot: ​James Out /james out/ To deliberately run away, often after your teammates have died. Typically involves running away from enemies and getting shot in the back.
DoodlestheGreat: Another nice aspect to the game is the ability to make custom servers. So you can have an all-pistols game. Or all frying pans. >_<
Vanbael: !badadvice
LRRbot: It's just ahead.
Dibria: Kate did a 10 hour stream of this game on tuesday -.-
Lanthess: The game will definitely require an active dev team if it wants to stay relevant though.
Felipe_Modesto: All we need now is a LRR custom server
Karfsma778: Jump!
plummeting_sloth: oh, alex was talking about this problem the other day. The early access trap
TXC2: boy thats loud
Karfsma778: off the island
Felipe_Modesto: @Lanthess the dev team is patching it every week, they seem to be very active.
DoodlestheGreat: The team is based in South Korea, that's all I know.
Undertowst: Also, the game suffers from large memory leaks. You NEED to reload the game every 4 matches.
JosephDeath: I mean... how long has ARK been early access?
Felipe_Modesto: expect 6 months on early access according to devs
Theycallmejokke: Strike while the irons is hot
Lanthess: That's great! Once it's polished up it will be amazing
TXC2: yeah like how flash in the pan is this game
Karfsma778: What happens if you jump out of the plane and land in the ocean?
Laurreth: none of the generic zombie shootygames made it out of EA, so... eeeh
Karfsma778: Do you just die?
MungoDude: this has basically taken over from H1Z1 King of the Kill as the go-to Battle Royale type game for a lot of people
Felipe_Modesto: Upcoming patches include a Fog feature
Alness49: I remember reading that this has taken 6 months to make so far, and the goal is a year total
Laurreth: why should a non-zombie shootygame make that step?
DoodlestheGreat: @karfsma778, you have a lot of swimming to do.
Undertowst: And you get rewards based on playing it. You can buy lootboxes with the reward money. The lootboxes are complete bull.
Talin06: LRR is the ninth most watched PUBG stream
Felipe_Modesto: Devs said payed content like customization will only be added after the game is "ready", to avoid issues like H1Z1 had.
Foxmar320: Take him out James!
TXC2: oh boy is it raining here :P
Vanbael: get gear and James out of there
Seabats: What? Don't let him bully you
Vanbael: ho, nice cache
plummeting_sloth: quick, blend in with the color of the building!
Alness49: !JamesOut
LRRbot: ​James Out /james out/ To deliberately run away, often after your teammates have died. Typically involves running away from enemies and getting shot in the back.
redpillbluepil: Form the LLR clan and take control of the island!!!
Navi_Chem: jackpot!
Felipe_Modesto: hehe
redpillbluepil: *LRR
plummeting_sloth: you have VERY sticky skin
Karfsma778: !fragout
LRRbot: Frag Out /frag out/ To deliberately die to end a round, often after your teammates have died. Typically involves running into enemies and attempting to get kills as you die.
FeaturingMe: Just glue it to your back... or grab the stapler
DoodlestheGreat: There was ammo for that AK. You just took too much to carry it.
Foxmar320: #Fragout
TXC2: boy that is a small uzi
Noodles_15: #FragOut
Felipe_Modesto: Kick him in the balls, James
plummeting_sloth: well, he was below you, so he might not of have seen you
dreamyxcupcakes: is this trailer park boys the game?
Felipe_Modesto: 100% chance he has an M16 at this point :P
plummeting_sloth: so is it basically one-hit kill, or does like clothing and armor mitigate things?
redpillbluepil: "He's gotta be around here somewhere." [Goes round corner, immediately gets shot.]
Navi_Chem: there is armor
cairistiona13: trousers!!!!!
TXC2: Clothing does nothing
Alness49: Naw, he's liningn up his KAR shot
ylegm: there are vests and helmets
DoodlestheGreat: He may have just grabbed a car and bailed from the area.
Noodles_15: A frying pan can block a shot though
Felipe_Modesto: we would have heard the car
plummeting_sloth: careful, someone one's warp-piping in!
TwoMoreBeers: ye always take the pan
Karfsma778: ,Frying pans
Darth_Wooper: Vests and helmets help with damage, most other clothes are just cosmetic.
Lanthess: I would like a double-click to equip/switch instead of dragging.
plummeting_sloth: which makes sense if the guy that made it worked on ARMA
Foxmar320: Who needs pants
t3h_f1gm3nt: no rules means no pants!
TXC2: which is sort of unrealistic :P
DoodlestheGreat: Pants are optional.
Alness49: Tugger Nuts goes in deep?
SomebodyNowhere: !advice
LRRbot: Vent the gas!
Seabats: Don't need pants to go deep ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Camail: PU made the arma mod as well, i believe
ArcadiaExeter: didnt the guy who made this work on H1Z1?
Foxmar320: and DED
Flea_Hastings: According to last night, pants are actually a hindrance to going deep.
Felipe_Modesto: shorts gun
cairistiona13: can lose
icefinch: lol
Aenir798: LOL
Darth_Wooper: F
BusTed: can't lose.
Mavrande: Can't lose
Lanthess: Lost
DoodlestheGreat: The bathroom.
rocketjohn: !highlight can't lose
ylegm: he made the mods
Papperslappen: "Can't lose"
LRRbot: Highlight added.
IndigoVitare: James "Can't lose" Turner
Psychic_Ketchup: Aww not even 69th
oldmanjohnsonmb: I'm surprised - last night James was super pro-pants, but now he's back on the no-pants bandwagon
Karfsma778: Can't lose
katamariofsoul: Stealth
TXC2: and we never saw it
FireBasilisk53: can't lose.... loses
TwilightAvalon: "Cant Lose"
Navi_Chem: this is based on a popular arma mod
Undertowst: I think he was following you.
SomebodyNowhere: whelp
Joomie123: "can't lose" *immediately lost*
icefinch: cant lose
vegasturm: one more?
MDK_Marshal: James "Can't Lose" Turner Kappa
Tosstriss: LOL
SomebodyNowhere: got blindsided
cheetoJack: What is it about James and Paul being in the same room that lets them tell the future?
PyroPilgrim: one more?
TXC2: !highlight can't lose
Karfsma778: Uno mas!
Flea_Hastings: One more?
Navi_Chem: ONE MORE
MDK_Marshal: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
t3h_f1gm3nt: one more?
Lord_Durin: one more?
DoodlestheGreat: And he used the same gun as the other guy.
cairistiona13: you keep saying one more....
Camail: hollow knight best knight
Lanthess: *One more game intensifies*
Theycallmejokke: Juuuust one more
FeaturingMe: did we ded? :o
NathanLonghair: #GameNotEntertaining :/
cairistiona13: paul knight best knight
Undertowst: Awww... no Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator?
Felipe_Modesto: One more
Dared00: no Ultimate Epic Battle Sim? ;_;
Papperslappen: One lrrBEEJ More
PhoenixMelior: Paul's stache makes him have a resting lrrFRUMP face
cheetoJack: no Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator?
Camail: also 30 people die int he first minutes
Darth_Wooper: You keep saying one more... I don't think those words mean what you think they mean.
icefinch: is watching hollow knight going to be super spoilerly or am i good?
Macheya: Uno mas!
rocketjohn: you need a critical mass
FeaturingMe: yeah, critical mass is tough
Navi_Chem: James/Paul why no Ultimate epic battle sim?
DoodlestheGreat: They just did a charity invitational last week that was crazy successful.
TXC2: so how cheaty is this game?
FeaturingMe: I've seen the "You made X million so you have to fix problem Y today" comments fly by already...
Navi_Chem: TXC2 define cheaty
ParanoidRabbit: playing pubg while watching a stream playing pubg may not be a good idea...
TXC2: Navi_Chem like that ubisoft game, can't remember the name
Karfsma778: jmup!
SniperPumpkin: Maps and game-play spoilers, not really story spoilers
TXC2: set in new york, winter, dollar flu
plummeting_sloth: are the yellow rectangles anythign of import?
Darth_Wooper: @ParanoidRabbit I'd say one or the other would probably work better.
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: batman?
cfpreston: battle royale?
Karfsma778: The Loading Ready Rumble?
BusTed: The Running Man?
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: oh nvm
redpillbluepil: They should make a lava map
Navi_Chem: TXC2 there is only 1 map so heatmats of probable locations of stuff are known
PMAvers: Now, a show where something *isn't* sinister going on would be interesting.
Under_5core: I think that was called The Loading Ready Rumble, Paul.
Navi_Chem: and you can sort of screen cheat when spectating with a group
Laurreth: that jumping scene definitely needs a quiet "slapslapslapslapslap" sound for male characters >_<
Rcraddz: Condemed or Battle Royale :)
Vanbael: this actually is the LoadingReady rumble in a way
plummeting_sloth: let's just set up shop in a nice apartment and waite for guests
TXC2: Navi_Chem so no client side moding for superspeed then? :P
Navi_Chem: not that i know of
plummeting_sloth: ooh, there's teh health bar
Foxmar320: Should have started punching them
Papperslappen: A jump punch to the head does a lot of damage
djfranknbeans: Heh, totally expected an NBA sim when I connected today.
Tosstriss: James superman punching them can be a 1 shot
oldmanjohnsonmb: Is it possible to set up a private map if, say you had 99 friends that wanted to play?
FeaturingMe: oh that could be sweet... have the whole team on one server and just murder each other :o
FeaturingMe: (in the game)
TXC2: now I'm really racking my brains trying to remeber the name of this game I'm thinking of :P
djfranknbeans: This is far superior.
cairistiona13: definite undies
plummeting_sloth: beat him with your backback with a sight in it!
akvar: Hello Paul, James and chat!
akvar: What are the odds that this was the 18th game?
TXC2: hello Akvar welcome
shadmed: @TXC2 the division
Theycallmejokke: Shots fired, literally
DoodlestheGreat: Yes it does!
PhoenixMelior: there could be a LRR clan game, that might be neat
TXC2: shadmed YES thats it thanks you!
cfpreston: private servers are in testingf
ylegm: they have said they might start doing custom servers
Noodles_15: I thought it did?
oldmanjohnsonmb: I would buy this game to play with the entire LRR discord
t3h_f1gm3nt: um, many people are watching right now? :P
Lanthess: I don't know 100 people.
pablophoenix: Just invite chat
Talin06: will you have 400 people here
Amentur: There are custom/private servers for streamers that are affiliated with PUBG
Foxmar320: You always have the chat
rocketjohn: 100 LoadingReadyRunners
Navi_Chem: just invite chat
rocketjohn: that sounds amazing
DarkMorford: !viewers
LRRbot: 491 users viewing the stream. 829 users in the chat.
Snash19: Playing with twitch chat?
Felipe_Modesto: LRR Runners Server
Alness49: well 485 are currently watching, I'm sure we can find 100 willing Runners
Vanbael: Lrr vs twitch chat might not end well
Under_5core: The whole Desert Bus team.
TwilightAvalon: @LoadingReadyRun James, you should remind Graham that a good idea for a CTS would be an event of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator where you draft the teams, warriros, their numbers and then commentate the action!
Macheya: Huh, "Runners" would be a decent name for a PUBG clan.
Darth_Wooper: 485 people are watching right now. Get chat in, and you'll have a whole server of people in their underwear.
Shchenya: Private server with the LRR chat would be fun, but hit viewers a bit
TXC2: Playing with twitch chat seems....dangerous
plummeting_sloth: smoke grenade... hotbox your new apartment!
DoodlestheGreat: Many of the early backers have been doing private servers. Cohhcarnage, Summit1g, JoshOG, itmeJP and others have run them with their followers.
ChaoticCrawler: Yeah, Sips and PFlax were doing custom games yesterday
Alness49: Call it Crossing ALL the streams
Felipe_Modesto: @TXC2 just add some delay to avoid ghosting...
Karfsma778: Wait, how are we hurt?
cairistiona13: you're obsessed with not wearing trousers. i know they're cosmetic but still??
Tosstriss: fall damage
oldmanjohnsonmb: No! If you brought in all of chat, you could do shirts versus skins!!!
djfranknbeans: Don't forget your full-auto/burst switch!
Paranundrox: or everyone would lrrSPOOP
Lanthess: I know that voice chat with strangers can not go so well, but a local voice chat based on map location would be so awesome.
Navi_Chem: cairistiona13 NO RULES MEANS NO PANTS
FeaturingMe: aren't we allowed to lrrSPOOP
redpillbluepil: So do we reckon James is going to make a kill before he dies?
ImDangerDolphin: please use E to pick things up it is a lot faster
shadmed: some of us have two monitors
cairistiona13: hahaha okay @Navi_Chem
Paranundrox: ^
plummeting_sloth: close door, we live here now
FeaturingMe: Paranundrox: hey, that's my brain, out!
Camail: E isn't faster
shadmed: makes lrrSPOOP easier Kappa
Macheya: How many different ammo types are in this game?
Navi_Chem: Macheya enough
ylegm: lanthress thats in the game
TXC2: right bet in play: 13 to 1 James gets a kill before dying
Paranundrox: @FeaturingMe clearly you're lrrSPOOP ing my brain
PhoenixMelior: press lrrEFF to pick things up
Paranundrox: and chatting on a delay :P
Vanbael: S12K again?
Karfsma778: Shootsgun
ImDangerDolphin: my bad default is F i rebound it to e
Darth_Wooper: F
mogling: 1 shot.
icefinch: rekted
Foxmar320: wow
ferretbadger84: !advice
LRRbot: Poke its nose!
Mavrande: cheats
DoodlestheGreat: Shottys for the win.
cairistiona13: hahaha
BusTed: jwnd
plummeting_sloth: he hit you with a trench gun
Theycallmejokke: shortgun?
PhoenixMelior: yeah this game does not look like it's for me
Lord_Durin: one more?
t3h_f1gm3nt: shortguns hurt
KPancrazio: uno mas?
Vanbael: !badadvice
LRRbot: Go right.
Paranundrox: boop the snoot!
Karfsma778: !badadvice
LRRbot: Try challenging the chat.
Macheya: A replay feature would be great.
Shchenya: Shotgun, same as last two kills...
PyroPilgrim: one more?
Alness49: One shot AND a bad pun name? BOO!
enkor2113: one mas
TXC2: #Getjohned
NathanLonghair: Please no more
Paranundrox: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:52:10.
akvar: :(
redpillbluepil: Did James get that guy or what?
akvar: uno mas
Foxmar320: Yeah I don't think I would want to play this solo :P
Paranundrox: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (1:38 from now).
enkor2113: i caved and bought this game here's hoping it'll run on my potato
FeaturingMe: JustSayNo
cairistiona13: thank goodness
RealGamerCow: enkor2113 it...isn't optimized.
Karfsma778: you have so. many. games..
FeaturingMe: Hello Night
Laurreth: LRR private server would end up like what, James, Kate, Alex, and 97 variations of "ripperoni"?
Paranundrox: oh man
Macheya: @Laurreth And "footsies"
SomebodyNowhere: hollow knight is that the metroidvania thing you played before
TheExactSame: yeah. I like the road trip feel of team play
Paranundrox: ripperoni pepperoni
rileypm1989: hate to agree with paul, but you did get joewned
cairistiona13: this now has a eurovision soundtrack
plummeting_sloth: well, I gotta watch that VOD then, I think
Karfsma778: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (1:37 from now).
enkor2113: @RealGamerCow here's HOPING :p worst case scenario i refund or cave and buy a better pc
Paranundrox: !findquote rip
LRRbot: Quote #285: "Usually people die when you rip their innards out. Usually." —Cameron [2015-05-17]
vorox4: Oooo, I've seen this game, it looks really good!
SomebodyNowhere: !findquote knight
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Karfsma778: !fiindquote cam
EbDorian: PUBG looks different Kappa
RealGamerCow: is this a metroidvania?
TXC2: RealGamerCow yes
GapFiller: gotta pay attention more
ferretbadger84: !paul
Karfsma778: !findquote paul
Djshire: Hey James, Paul, and chat, I know where Battlegrounds is set, you can tell by all the people...Russian around
GapFiller: look down from PUBG at my phone
GapFiller: look back up at Hollow Knight
PhoenixMelior: LRRbot are you dead
PhoenixMelior: !advice
LRRbot: Hit them in the crack!
Paranundrox: !quote paul
LRRbot: Quote #26: "I'm so moist." —Paul [2015-03-02]
ferretbadger84: Djshire but does it come with malware?
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:54:30.
TXC2: Djshire Get out Kappa
Karfsma778: !adult
LRRbot: I need a better adult!
Amentur: You can walljump, double jump comes far later
Paranundrox: LRRbot is lrrFINE
Karfsma778: !panic
RealGamerCow: I'm hoping that when the DLC for Kerbal Space Program comes out, it gets on 18 Games. 3 hours of KSP would be hilarious.
GapFiller: wild guess Hollow Knight rest of strem
PhoenixMelior: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:55:08.
cairistiona13: i looked away and james vanished
PhoenixMelior: rest of stream is only an hour
Camail: well, exploring the city is a good option
Crad0k: i want to play this myself, so i'm out, see ya'll
Djshire: This gameplay feels....empty
TXC2: so long Crad0k have fun
cairistiona13: did you spend all your money or did you die?
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Camail: it looks like you never collected your shadow last time you played
TXC2: GoodSirMortimer screw stock options, I want dental Kappa
Karfsma778: They'll always try to kill you. Always
Macheya: Is this part of Shovel Knight?
Amentur: Happy guys cannot be hurt so just wail on :D
Paranundrox: maybe its 38
GoodSirMortimer: Sounds like a deal
Camail: cairistiona13 he died, you can tell because the orb int he top left is cracked
Paranundrox: and you've been stiffed :P
RealGamerCow: GoodSirMortimer 2 months after you learn the secret handshake.
Karfsma778: 60000 months
PaperDoopliss: Is LRR a corporation?
cairistiona13: okay! paul you might want to undie
TXC2: Papperslappen Bionic trousers media is
PaperDoopliss: Ah, of course. Good call.
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blackwlf: To get stock options, you must stay subbed for exactly one month longer than you have been alive.
cairistiona13: not that far away
GoodSirMortimer: @RealGamerCow Is that before or after they let me in on the battle cry?
Djshire: hey chat, what is this game about?
Paranundrox: @blackwlf you must sub for one month longer than you are subbed :P
GoodSirMortimer: @blackwlf I'll get to work on that time machine
TXC2: blackwlf so its like getting a season ticket for green bay? Kappa
Camail: go on, take a dip
GapFiller: welcome back James
blackwlf: @TXC2 I don't know what green bay is.
cairistiona13: oh yes it's james