lifecharacter: Are we playing another streamer doing a weird draft?
lakaicheaker: what about 4:59 MTGO timer emot?
donald_k_magic: vitalist
Beefpants: Did he say colostomy
mtvcdm: I'm gonna take down these emote ideas too, just as a backup, so what did we all have again?
IkariFate: mummy?
egyptcraze: amonkhet, amonkhet, almond cat, hello chat!
Mr_Horrible: Glorybringer errata'd to common. Only explanation lrrBEEJ
hondor64: 2&1
CSDragon31: festering mummy
chesul: the dunes go well with hapatra.
samlarson1227: i pick dunes here
t3h_f1gm3nt: @lakaicheaker on the list already
EbDorian: I like Vitalist here
DapperGentlemancer: Dammit, I was almost out the door
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: Naga!
rarermonsters: Grasping Dunes does play into your strategy
SamanthaVess: Mummy, probably
samlarson1227: or mummy
11SecretHerbsAndSpices: final reward gets rid of embalmers
Navi_Chem: naga
Damagicsausage: Sting
asthanius: Festering is a trap
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: Take the mana dork!
TheOtherTrevor: I'd take final reward over deem worthy
11SecretHerbsAndSpices: and death triggers
CSDragon31: collostapede
Domidwarcer: I say Mummy, cut black a little
crazycommie87: Festering Mummy?
phorrestgaze: they must be forcing something
SAiconjr: naga tribal!
ChaoticCrawler: Colostomy or Vitalist
Undertowst: Get the Pede!
drcthulu: black exile instant
samlarson1227: go for the mummy or dunes
SirBiffaloEsq: I'm not seeing black in these packs which concerns me.
CSDragon31: I say it too, I don't know why
pharaun_2421: vitalist
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: MAN-A-DORK
lakaicheaker: Colossal Pete
GoblinErection: start
Solomon_Kain: I take the pede
timble4: i like vitalist for ramp
WetPaperSack: Vitalist?
hondor64: works well with hapatra
Tregelen: pede
samlarson1227: pick the cartouche
SGDoc: I mean probably vitalist?
samlarson1227: stop
samlarson1227: cartouche
darthgabri: Vitalist!
amythist: I'd go vitalist I don't think the ramp will wheel
samlarson1227: yep
Darth_Wooper: There's no "t" in colossapede.
samlarson1227: pick that
firehazard_k: abzan? hows the fixing in this set
Damagicsausage: OH NOOOO
ChaoticCrawler: Oh man
crazycommie87: Yes!!
donald_k_magic: welp, we have a plan
asthanius: We're doing this!
SGDoc: I think you take the splendid and wheel the nest
IkariFate: The dream!!!
DapperGentlemancer: lrrGOAT
el_combolord: we did it chat
underhill33: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
SAiconjr: do we actually get this?
Mr_Horrible: it keeps happening!
Navi_Chem: GET IN
Leonhart321: JFC
DrathakTwitch: Da plannnn
SirElgar: i agree with Doc
WetPaperSack: I really hope this gets there
redmudclay: LrrSACK
Dmc3628: so decimator beetle
SGDoc: but fair enough to take the Nest
samlarson1227: collostapede is correct
ChaoticCrawler: Colostopede, obviously
Kthanid: In before Beetle?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Cuts needed would work as an emote for both Magic and Crapshoot
Bariumbananas217: Colonostappede?
djfranknbeans: Huh, maybe we need something that looks like a Crapshot emote?
CSDragon31: are the people to our left ghosting and passing us all the good stuff?
Solomon_Kain: Colostomy Pete. Kappa
lakaicheaker: just colossal Pete
SGDoc: Nest SHOULD wheel, but your pick is the assurance
SamanthaVess: Living the dream rooW
mtvcdm: I'd suggest 'Ian, Just All Of Him' as an emote, but I don't know what that would depict.
Kramburger: Colostomy-pede
Kiwijelly: oh I know. do we have an Evil Porpoise emote?
jwwzeke: Oh no.... just imaging a colostamy bag the size of that thing. Ewwww.
Toxxick: Colostomypede?
Mangledpixel: this deck is building itself
DrathakTwitch: No we need to make sure. You can get the commons later
Domidwarcer: I think for us scarabs makes more sense to get soon
cloudwizard13: Colonoscopede
TheMatty9: I have to stay and see if this deck will work not screw work I will be a little late...
rarermonsters: Big advice on this deck: Prioritize removal. It's very easy with this deck for you to get all the good creatures and just get blown out by removal
ChaoticCrawler: Oh god, frigging Decimator
missbendaley: pede
dread_pirate_westley: I think someone else wants to play this deck. But that's because I always want to play this deck.
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samlarson1227: i opened a nissa and force of will pack
Mr_Horrible: unfair?
SGDoc: Colostomy Pete, your friendly neighborhood Colostomy bag salesman
JSKNYC: Oh, there's totally a Decimator Beetle incoming. There has to be.
Ankylosaur: I think Nest wheels, but if it doesn't you've disappointed 750 people, so...
samlarson1227: hard decisions
SnowB0und: lrrNope
samlarson1227: i picked the nissa
CSDragon31: scarab feast?
Dmc3628: i'd try this deck and let me tell you making 13 1/1's with 2 scarabs is NOT good enough against R/G tramplers
samlarson1227: benefection
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: and everyone in chat clenches
CSDragon31: actually
Alness49: 5/5 up WHERE?
All_mankind: Colosto-Pete, the worst superhero of all time
Mangledpixel: !highlight Colostomy Pete
timble4: khopesh?
Zaghrog: kopesh or scarab feast
DrathakTwitch: Pete seems like a wholesome guy
LRRbot: Highlight added.
samlarson1227: no
samlarson1227: stop
CSDragon31: benefaction
mtvcdm: Hey. You know what we could use? An emote to use when a new video gets linked in the chat. What would work as THAT emote?
SamanthaVess: Human Collosapede?
jaspervdvaart: i just call him pete
Solomon_Kain: I take kopesh here
SAiconjr: fun fact - didn't realize decimator doesn't need to move the -1/-1 counter
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darthgabri: Yes hello, oooh a button!
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samlarson1227: benefaction
TheThrashCaptain: khopesh
missbendaley: khpesh
SirElgar: hate the twins?
lakaicheaker: serpent
Endegraf: kopesh
CSDragon31: if we get like 6 cartouchés
CSDragon31: it gets...ok
Navi_Chem: SirElgar league hatedrafting is dumb
ElChines: I think the packs are cutting you by being full of weak cards
CSDragon31: not good but ok
Kthanid: It's a league draft so hate drafting is kinda pointless.
SirElgar: fair
SGDoc: Ciao Gabri!
samlarson1227: storm count?
Leonhart321: Colonist Stampede AKA Your bowels are gonna have a bad time
themadcow82: Do they do something cool if we reach fifty
samlarson1227: what's that?
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samlarson1227: vizier
LegionofLashes: if only i could use my prime to sub
drcthulu: khopesh
samlarson1227: no way
Tregelen: shot
firehazard_k: Desert
hondor64: more likely to play the mirror 3 times than meet a person you drafted against
Bariumbananas217: Shots!
asthanius: Might end up going into red
samlarson1227: vizier is way better
Undertowst: GIFT!
mtvcdm: Storm count is the number of subs/new patrons we've had today.
amythist: samlarson1227 the number of subs/resubs they have gotten today
samlarson1227: ah
mastershake29x: @samlarson1227 number of subs/re-subs today
TheManaLeek: Shots shots shots shots
lakaicheaker: hatedrafting is just about feeling good about being bad
Zaghrog: vizier probably
mtvcdm: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 51 (new subscribers: 11, returning subscribers: 38, new patrons: 2), bits cheered: 1000, new followers: 18
samlarson1227: thanks everyone
darthgabri: Is this the legendary Doc? holtzPOG
missbendaley: vizier is gas
Haydenc1247: why does the LRR bot show as %!?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: lrrHORN lrrHORN
themadcow82: I will do it if you play mtgo with me tomorrow :)
SAiconjr: I hate draft if it's strong enough, only because I accidentally didn't in irl draft
Perivale: this pack is meh
Haydenc1247: 51*
themadcow82: Oh man
OrionsRequiem: Graham, do you know what Smackdown is doing with Lana?
Perivale: ooh
thetardis42: cake!
Perivale: more worms
SquirrelEarl: Cake at 500?
t3h_f1gm3nt: was that a challenge James?
samlarson1227: colostapede
duaiwe: Oh boy, is it James Makes Crazy Promises time!?
LegionofLashes: spidery
Suffix: Cake then?
firehazard_k: He can pick up desert and pick up a worldgorgernext pack Kappa
Tregelen: grasp
Dmc3628: also the Jinder Push keeps it going
Zaghrog: cheetah
TheGuildpact: Never challenge the chat
Navi_Chem: oh Graham can DONT CHALLENGE CHAT be an emote like lrrFINE and lrrHERE
asthanius: Wander is better than Cheetah imo
samlarson1227: wander in death by far
AlonsoSwift: James "Challenges Chat" Turner
CSDragon31: wander is nice because of cycling creatures
All_mankind: lrrSPOT
Damagicsausage: Foil or bust
Lanthess: We've already made Beej take his shirt off. You can't go up from there..
Bariumbananas217: Cradle?
ChaoticCrawler: Yeah, Wander is actually legit
SGDoc: Wander in death is great
IkariFate: full art swamp !??
samlarson1227: cheetah is bad
IkariFate: Kappa
Foxmar320: At 500 the pants come off!
Scar_Red_Tiger: More emotes for lrrbot commands? Eg Storm Count?
samlarson1227: unburden
Kramburger: I'm applying for jobs that are a 2hr drive from where I live because that's how my life is RN
donald_k_magic: wander by a lot
Kiwijelly: do we have a stormcount emote?
el_combolord: cheer100 storm count 50 hype plus this draft is gas
samlarson1227: what the fuck?
VerdantMushroom: buy US cakes? Kappa
Foxmar320: Not that chat will see anything
Lancer873: Week long unending stream if we hit 500?
DapperGentlemancer: You're going to get US cakes?
mtvcdm: Help me out here, chat. What would be a good new emote to use when a new video goes up in the chat?
rocketjohn: get us cakes!
drcthulu: take the vizier
ChaoticCrawler: Yeah, Festering actually works here
samlarson1227: y did you pick a manglehorn?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: oh gdi don't do that to Adam
jwwzeke: SIX PACK of DICKS stream at 500!
rocketjohn: cakes or riot
themadcow82: Like teach me how to draft???
ChaoticCrawler: KappaPride
samlarson1227: very bad picky
drcthulu: you can pick up stinging shots later
hondor64: James does a 24 hours tream at 500 subs. You heard it here first!
samlarson1227: *pick
cloudwizard13: boxerparty!
asthanius: @jwwzeke That's just most AFK streams Kappa
Robot_Bones: The pants were never on
samlarson1227: unburden is way better
Lancer873: I mean, you guys watched the PUBG stream yesterday, the pants came *right* off
ChaoticCrawler: Sideboard against Monuments
Navi_Chem: samlarson1227 you dont come here to pick good crards
cloudwizard13: its green on 3
TEHbigIVAN: pubg proves pants are optional
EbDorian: It kills Artifice of Authority! PogChamp
kat2kool: No pants? Is there this no rules? QUICK BOARD IN JACE
Arikele: also it's pretty good sideboard tech
Alness49: Quick, does someone have $2,000 and 450 novelty accounts?
Foxmar320: At 600 they stand up lrrBEEJ
Navi_Chem: oh Graham can DONT CHALLENGE CHAT be an emote like lrrFINE and lrrHERE
Mangledpixel: besides, that name has a nice ring to it... :P
dread_pirate_westley: The term for that is Grey Ogre.
Haydenc1247: that back was boss
jwwzeke: @Asthanius ... depends on how they "do" the stream. :)
chesul: samlarson1227 we're probably not playing either, so it doesn't really matter.
samlarson1227: @chesul yep
DapperGentlemancer: I don't think there are enough artifacts that you want to hit in this format to maindeck it if you can help it
cloudwizard13: pivot
TheGuildpact: Quote James on that
Kramburger: Fire up the joke accounts
rarermonsters: Edifice of Authority justifies Manglehorn
JSKNYC: Speaking of 24-hour streams ... When is Desert Bus, again?
samlarson1227: ooh bone icker
firehazard_k: C H A L L E N G E A C C E P T E D
AnotherEli: Give us cake?
Dmc3628: and so begins the wroth
JQuill7: Unburden is less appealing given we already have a Wander in Death
Bariumbananas217: Bone Picker's reeeeeady
themadcow82: Ok every one unsub and then resub
PhoenixMelior: James did get chat to 100 in like an hour for Adam
somewhatclever_: 36 hour stream
Domidwarcer: Bone picker
ferretbadger84: Graham "Statistically impossible" Stark
Lancer873: I believe this challenge is a bit high
teh_v: Didn't James end up with like a 100 dollar cake this way?
richard_ermen: Unlikely, not impossible.
cloudwizard13: wheel digger
Foxmar320: Chat you know what to do
SniperPumpkin: #ChallengeTheChat should be an emote somehow
LordManiMani: Never Challenge the Chat // Always Challenge the Chat
hondor64: anyone got $2500 burning a whole in their pocket
asthanius: James is already walking it back
Kiwijelly: JSKNYC November
SGDoc: bonepicker is indeed better than gravedigger, which is pretty crazy
SAiconjr: oh today? no.
hondor64: *hole
Kramburger: Moving the goalposts, Turner?
Kuolar: Do $25 subs count as 6 subs since it's 6 sub points?
firehazard_k: LrrChllng
DarkNacht: why not midnight?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: James being ridiculous
TheManaLeek: Whelp, time to break out the alt account subs!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: also good point Kuolar
ArcadiaExeter: 2 cakes!?
JSKNYC: Thanks, @Kiwijelly ... I always look forward to it.
Navi_Chem: Speaking of James/Graham can DONT CHALLENGE CHAT be an emote like lrrFINE and lrrHERE
firehazard_k: LRRDRUGS?
t3h_f1gm3nt: welp, that was a challenge. get on it chat!
Bariumbananas217: Diggler
SGDoc: hello gravedigger
cloudwizard13: cartouche?
samlarson1227: yah cartouche
dread_pirate_westley: Cartouche
SharkHero08: What about a James and Adam buddy cop 24-hour stream
Darth_Wooper: 9pm their time is midnight EDT.
samlarson1227: cartouche!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: TheManaLeek it doesn't really work to break out my Christmas one. Kappa
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Tregelen: touche
Akaiatana: cartouch
GoblinErection: CARTOUCHE obviously
ChaoticCrawler: Oh man, Grave or Cartouche, tough choice
themadcow82: Lol you sound like the federal government. Give us all your money and we might give you something back
rarermonsters: Prioritize the Cartouche, you need removal
el_combolord: car touche this
PhoenixMelior: don't you take the uncommon?
asthanius: Brawler and Cartouche both don't wheel
Undertowst: Awww... I should have kept my sub from earlier today for James' hubris....
Leonhart321: So Cam's stream just becomes a sub train stream
BeeWheels: this format is too fast
Voidhawk42: Touche+Nest
samlarson1227: literally the entire chat says cartouche
Buttayobred: alright, lets get typing. we need to make lots of amazon prime trial accounts.
Endegraf: cartouche
ChaoticCrawler: I'd say Cartouche, -1/-1 synergizes
The_Quiet_Alestain: Cartouche
Endegraf: grave digger is great
Haydenc1247: Gravedigger may wheel
asthanius: Scorpinok
ChaoticCrawler: Eyyyyyyyy
rarermonsters: You'll wheel shed weakness
mtvcdm: I know. The Greek letter for 'delta' is just an open triangle. That could be the emote for 'new video uploaded' (and would be valid for as long as LRR doesn't move to Moonbase Epsilon).
Navi_Chem: scorpion or stamina
Akaiatana: quarry
LegionofLashes: QH
JQuill7: Camel Hype!
SGDoc: nothing wrong with a cartouche pick there for sure
Domidwarcer: Quarry Hauler
Bariumbananas217: Dunes?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Grab all the 'Touche you can grab
TEHbigIVAN: chat, quickly disperse to other streams and drag as many people back here to subscribe
Dmc3628: quarry get in
DuckRunAmok: Scorponok?
samlarson1227: no way
rarermonsters: Scorp
Endegraf: grasping dunes
Bariumbananas217: Dunes combo doe
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Arikele: Hauler is nice, they're just always better than they look
samlarson1227: when is desert bus?
TheThrashCaptain: This deck is looking super legit.
LegionofLashes: mark
ChaoticCrawler: Oh man, that Minotaur
asthanius: Mark or Minotaur
Darth_Wooper: @samlarson1227 November, usually.
Navi_Chem: minotaur?
mtvcdm: Desert Bus is in November.
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Bogstrok: heyoo
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solahwin_tampramain: cartush
ChaoticCrawler: Probably Mark though
Endegraf: mark?
rarermonsters: Hapatra's Mark
Foxmar320: Desert Bus is in November
Bariumbananas217: Mark?
mtvcdm: !desertbus
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will return next year, start saving your donation money now!
CSDragon31: shed
cloudwizard13: accursed minotaur is strong
samlarson1227: no
samlarson1227: weakness
themadcow82: Mark
barbarianras: disclosure: I'm in the pod
CSDragon31: shed is much better. We don't have anything that puts 2+ counters
Haydenc1247: mark
PruPruh: I'd go Mark
rarermonsters: It's combat trick vs removal counter
Kramburger: Um, LLLRBot, Desert Bus returns THIS year?
shadmed: weakness
TheThrashCaptain: shed weakness >hapatra's mark
rarermonsters: I say removal counter
TEHbigIVAN: @loadingreadyrun if you were serious you tweet out your subscriber challenge
InfiniTea_and_Biscuits: mark
firehazard_k: graham got a window as to when will the TTC come out that was on your vlog?
asthanius: Kudu? You do!
ChaoticCrawler: Kurdu
ChaoticCrawler: Damn, this deck
Bariumbananas217: The kudler
Mangledpixel: the kudu that you do
Wonderdoc: Dear Drs Graham and James. Any idea when this weeks TTC will go up?
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itzClinton: Today was my last final of undergrad, and If I could stay up 24 hours for finals then so can James for streaming
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Undertowst: We don't have any creatures that come with -1/-1 tokens yet.
mtvcdm: James confident that everyone exhausted their resubs yesterday during W+P.
ThatDangSkeleton: I've noticed a lot of losses to mana problems in this set I wonder if it's coincidental
asthanius: Sloughfuogh
Bariumbananas217: Island
samlarson1227: what is this pack
rdiffee7: Slauggggh
LegionofLashes: slough
Wonderdoc: dual
samlarson1227: literally the worst
ChaoticCrawler: Canyon Slewwwww
samlarson1227: slough
Navi_Chem: this pack is bad
Darth_Wooper: Canyon for hedge splashies?
ferretbadger84: Izzet?
Tregelen: slough, hazoret pack 3
egyptcraze: take tge land, possibly splash red
Kramburger: Tweeting it is sub-thirsty
rarermonsters: You guys act like there's any chance of reaching 500 subs
Kthanid: There was a Vlog? I must be blind.
ChaoticCrawler: Yeah, I think that's just a garbage pack
LordManiMani: lrrSPOT
The_Quiet_Alestain: Izzit though?
DapperGentlemancer: Wow, that got sad
asthanius: James "Old and broken" Turner
SAiconjr: is izzet open? is it?
shadmed: @Kthanid it's on grahams new channel
samlarson1227: yep i liek that
DapperGentlemancer: Too sad and too real
northos: can anyone in chat fill me in on what this sub challenge was? missed it
Voidhawk42: Now you have the land, Jund 'em?
dcsports8: I think the argument to take the Minotaur is that it is a zombie for plague belcher
Kramburger: @Kthanid G put it on a personal channel
Bariumbananas217: Hazeeeee
Foxmar320: Kthanid Also Graham put it on a new channel.
LegionofLashes: grasp
samlarson1227: colostapeded
SniperPumpkin: if you've got $2500 burning a hole in your pocket, Patreon is a much better choice anyway
firehazard_k: izzet tho
el_combolord: Colostosteed!
lifecharacter: Has Graham become a Pokemon Master yet?
Bariumbananas217: Duuuunes
samlarson1227: dunes!
chesul: Dune!
ChaoticCrawler: Dunes, shweet
Domidwarcer: I would grasp those dunes
Arikele: Three drops really just pile up in this format
asthanius: duuuuuuuuuu
asthanius: nes
Foxmar320: Last nights Gvlog for those who missed it
TheThrashCaptain: Just dune it
GraveD17: What's wrong with 3 'peeds :D
Navi_Chem: Speaking of James/Graham can DONT CHALLENGE CHAT be an emote like lrrFINE and lrrHERE
ThatDangSkeleton: Lots a three drops and lots of mana problems this set I've noticed
barbarianras: dont worry, i muted you once i figured it out
PruPruh: What's wrong with Purrs McFlash Cat?
Foxmar320: What Pokemon do you have around Victoria? All I got are grass types :(
samlarson1227: *picks mountain*
themadcow82: Ok I'll do it, I make that weekly...... oh wait I'm in the army and don't make anywhere near that
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 1947 patrons for a total of $11,697.82 per month. Next goal "Ad-Free Streams" at $12,500.00 per month.
LordManiMani: you guys do a great job of making drafting look fun. I haven't had the best experiences (and am cheap) outside of cube and conspiracy, but you make it super appealing lrrAWESOME
Shenandygains: Mom bought me one of those new Mountain Dew.S.A's. This looks like an abomination of science, stand by for taste test
Navi_Chem: Foxmar320 isnt it a grass event
SirElgar: wow late fan bearer
Foxmar320: Navi_Chem That was last weekend
ChaoticCrawler: Ugh, this pack
darkscoots: It was still really cool to see you just go through a day.
samlarson1227: bad packs
asthanius: Champion splash white off of nothing?
PrinceCosmo: another shed?
CSDragon31: another shed
samlarson1227: no way
Endegraf: vizier or ahn
SirBiffaloEsq: This pack is great for not us
Foxmar320: I always had grass types here so the event was nothing to me
JQuill7: probably just Companion to fill out the 2 slot
Damagicsausage: Colossapede
Bariumbananas217: Fervor?
cloudwizard13: shed
dread_pirate_westley: Take the rare.
Robot_Bones: more colostomeeds
metalsky666: companion probably
Navi_Chem: take vizier maybe splash
Voidhawk42: Swing into blue?
vidStrickland: @LordManiMani I'm with you. I don't get to draft locally too often, but these guys have me itching to MTGO draft now.
Domidwarcer: Shed weakness?
TheThrashCaptain: Companion? You could use more 2-drops
Bariumbananas217: Fervor is a combo!
Undertowst: Graham, you are almost at 1k subs on your channel.
Arikele: Companion for curve?
Wonderdoc: splash favor of slough? Kappa
Zaghrog: cat or insect
solahwin_tampramain: AC chamo
Navi_Chem: exemplar
samlarson1227: yes!
frnknstn: Is this a phantom draft?
AlonsoSwift: @Shenandygains I'd tell you what I thought of it, but for science, I wish you to experience it purely.
SirElgar: exemplar all day
samlarson1227: sniper, or exemplar
ChaoticCrawler: Oh sweet
IkariFate: Sniper !!!
ferretbadger84: Exemplar
Arikele: we want all of these things
firehazard_k: forest for sure
Tregelen: sniper
EbDorian: I'd have still taken the champion last pack.
asthanius: Are we going to run Nest of Scarabs mainboard?
InfiniTea_and_Biscuits: exemplar definitely
egyptcraze: exemplar is legit
rarermonsters: Dat spider do
Dmc3628: exemplar we don't got enough bicycles for sniper elite
Domidwarcer: We don't ahve enouogh cycling for the sniper in this pack. Another pack maybe
SniperPumpkin: Dear Dr. Graham, you have 885 subs now
AlonsoSwift: Yeah, take the exemplar. It's another 2-drop.
metalsky666: you can splash the charioteer
Kiwijelly: I haven't felt this lost since the last time I watched Lucha Libre without subtitles
samlarson1227: pick the full art
CSDragon31: splash khenra
Endegraf: you have the land
ferretbadger84: Scorpinok is the best name
Endegraf: splash!
samlarson1227: clearly the correct pict
rarermonsters: Full art value
SirElgar: vitalist for curve
themadcow82: Naga
LegionofLashes: scorpoborp
Endegraf: do it!
toolnfreebird: vitalist
Undertowst: Graham, you are now almost at 1K subs on your new channel.
themadcow82: Get the vitalist
Zakk_Z: exemplar + shed weakness is tight
PruPruh: Scorpy <3
Endegraf: khenera!
samlarson1227: 10/10
ChaoticCrawler: PogChamp
LordManiMani: @vidstrickland inorite it's just.. an investment that gets me nothing cause I never played mtgo outside of the first free draft that was suuuper lame
SamanthaVess: LRR used Splash... but Junding happened.
Domidwarcer: Hydra
samlarson1227: holy ***
ChaoticCrawler: Such a tough choice
samlarson1227: hydra
PhoenixMelior: hail hydra
Zaghrog: hydra
firehazard_k: HYDRA
Alness49: Hail Hydra!
ChaoticCrawler: Hope Destined wheels
Darth_Wooper: Snek snek!
rarermonsters: Destined
Tregelen: dtl could wheel
Dmc3628: HAIl Hydra
Mangledpixel: Hail Hydra!
Voidhawk42: Take entire pack, retire champions
egyptcraze: take the destined to lead
firehazard_k: for the memes
AlonsoSwift: Hail Hydra!
asthanius: Destined is more likely to wheel than Hydra, at least
lifecharacter: Destined might wheel?
SirElgar: destined//lead *may* wheel
samlarson1227: what the hell was with this pack?
PruPruh: Mean choice, MTGO! Mean!
CSDragon31: Destined // Lead might wheel
chesul: bitterblade is solid.
Akaiatana: evolving wilds?
Leonhart321: How has Hydra wheeled to the third pack?
CSDragon31: you have to be in GB
CodeGorilla: Great two drop over mediocre 3-drop.
missbendaley: deck looks gas
dread_pirate_westley: There's at least one other G/B drafter here.
Undertowst: That bat can be very annoying.
CSDragon31: bears
missbendaley: stinger
Dmc3628: STING
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jamesinor: 14 month anniversary, that's almost 0.11666 decades
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samlarson1227: this last rotation is so good
SirElgar: id play second shed over wander
shadmed: we could use some more removal
samlarson1227: brawler
themadcow82: 445 left
Shenandygains: Taste Test update: America tastes awful
asthanius: Okay we splash red with Javelineer
Navi_Chem: splash javeleneer
Dmc3628: i'd play wander just to bring back bombs in
TheThrashCaptain: Brawler OP
Endegraf: javelineer
samlarson1227: i love brawler
Tregelen: javelineer
toolnfreebird: brawler
Wonderdoc: javelineeer
TheOtherTrevor: splash for minotaur?
All_mankind: they're good cards, Bront
CodeGorilla: What? Isn't bat terrible?
jamesinor: Yes, I have brought new life to that dumb meme!
PruPruh: Brawler hugs!!
Endegraf: curse or falls
starman21789: brawler is better than bat
sir_jack_DB: dung beetle
samlarson1227: bat's good
jamesinor: It's not bat
firehazard_k: switch into 5color durtle
Grimmig_Dunkel: soooo how different if at all is drafting in MTGO vs In real life? As far as picks go
samlarson1227: @Firehazard_k 10/10
SirElgar: bats fine, although I like it more with zombo synergies
Navi_Chem: bat is better since there is a lack of flying
SirElgar: which the belcher is
samlarson1227: send a message colostapede
SirBiffaloEsq: Bat took me 4-0 in pre release, but that was more the tah crop +1/+1 to everything guys.
CodeGorilla: Brawler is leagues better than bat, tho', I think. Just my opinion, though.
samlarson1227: unburden?
PruPruh: Bat is good. I just like Brawler more. Both fine picks imho.
Mangledpixel: Grimmig_Dunkel real packs have tokens in them, that's the only difference
egyptcraze: take the gy hate for tge board?
asthanius: @Grimmig_Dunkel Most IRL drafts don't let you look at your picks unless the current pack is done
solahwin_tampramain: the beaf
All_mankind: i guess you can play the opponents more IRL
Zaghrog: spidery grasp out?
Domidwarcer: Dune Beetle
oKingsWild: take out the scorpion
Domidwarcer: take out
samlarson1227: iwould play that
Mangledpixel: Grimmig_Dunkel oh wait you said picks, not packs, my bad
SniperPumpkin: Grimmig_Dunkel the choices should be pretty much the same, the packs have exactly the same colation as real packs
samlarson1227: great draft
underhill33: Do you play stinging shot main deck?
el_combolord: dissenter in the main surely
OneViolence: Mountain wheeled?! Thats a snap first pick!
PhoenixMelior: worth!
SamanthaVess: Here, hold this... *gives cartoon bomb*
GoblinErection: WHAT
Flea_Hastings: Dupe Beetle
IkariFate: LUL
Damagicsausage: HAX!
ThatDangSkeleton: UHOH!
Silky44: no way
ferretbadger84: !highlight duplicate
el_combolord: WHAT
SirBiffaloEsq: What?
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: WAT
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Navi_Chem: HAX
crazycommie87: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
zealousfreenix: CHEATS
Sordidambition: It wont let you save deck, its a bug
Bariumbananas217: Literal bug
pharaun_2421: cheeeeeat
samlarson1227: broke mtgo
el_combolord: OMG
PhoenixMelior: uhhh, wotc_lee ?
firehazard_k: Guess whos back, Dissenters back again!
kat2kool: CHEATS
Scarlet_Lambda: O DANG
hippitybobbity: HACKS
af0z: This is a known bug
enkor2113: hahah what
samlarson1227: holy crap
asthanius: JUDGE
TheGuildpact: Hax!!!
TriggerOnTheStack: CHEATS
el_combolord: HOLY
SAiconjr: !highlight
SamanthaVess: Dupe Beetle
hotgreenflames: One dosnt work
enkor2113: amazing
hippitybobbity: you cloned the cards!
el_combolord: WHAT DIS
MrPhlip: Restart mtgo, just to be safe?
Robot_Bones: It is LSV did this the other day and it won't submit
st_crab: I like Dissenter better than Dune beetle
Alness49: We're going to come back after game 2 to find four of them.
All_mankind: judge?
1y1e: you'll have to restart mtgo I think
hotgreenflames: I saw it on LSV's stream
zealousfreenix: UHHHHHHHHHH
samlarson1227: lol
firehazard_k: UH OH
teh_v: Ahhhhhh
OneViolence: Reported?
toasthaste: ?_?
SniperPumpkin: lrrJUDGE
Darth_Wooper: lrrJUDGE
Wonderdoc: DOUBLE HYDRAS!!!
Bariumbananas217: Literal actual bug report
Endegraf: that is amazing!
el_combolord: now do this with glorybringer
Damagicsausage: 39card deck?
TheGuildpact: Should have grabbed the hapatra.
jaspervdvaart: restart
s0lesurviv0r: did they just break MODO?
InfiniTea_and_Biscuits: it wont submit, you need to restart
senshi5609: Judge!
jkphil: Judge?
njg901: duplicated the wrong creature!
samlarson1227: double the hydras
1y1e: it's a client side error only
SamanthaVess: Bariumbananas217 rooYahaha
Endegraf: it cycles if you need to
All_mankind: soo cut Dune Beetle
SAiconjr: should have grabbed the hydra
samlarson1227: or quadruple the belcher
themadcow82: Next time do it with a nissa
Leonhart321: Guess the beetle caused a bug report
Papperslappen: Get some old diablo 2 vibes
SirBiffaloEsq: It's a bad swamp in the early game.
samlarson1227: mummy is fun
Runewyse: @grimmig_dunkel A relatively new difference is between league drafts and not, is the lack of reason to 'hate' draft
hondor64: boooooo @Leonhart321
samlarson1227: ruh roh
Scar_Red_Tiger: lrrJUDGE
Zakk_Z: throws them off
Damagicsausage: lrrDOTS lrrJUDGE lrrARROW
el_combolord: dang
SirElgar: bike lands are fine to have as long as you need one of the colors
richard_ermen: I like how guaranteed James sounds :D
zatengo: inb4 banned
MrPhlip: !card barren moor
LRRbot: Barren Moor | Land | Barren Moor enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add {B} to your mana pool. / Cycling {B}
samlarson1227: i
samlarson1227: am going to exploit that
samlarson1227: !card jester's cap
LRRbot: Jester's Cap [4] | Artifact | {2}, {T}, Sacrifice Jester's Cap: Search target player's library for three cards and exile them. Then that player shuffles his or her library.
samlarson1227: !card _____
LRRbot: _____ [1U] | Creature — Shapeshifter [1/1] | {1}: This card's name becomes the name of your choice. Play this ability anywhere, anytime.
SnowB0und: Had that happen to me in a paper draft one. Man, was that freaky.
Akaiatana: Hey Graham, you have 871 subscribers
EbDorian: Bastard Beetle! NotLikeThis
ThatDangSkeleton: Jhost Beatle
el_combolord: yes yes
samlarson1227: !card ornery kudu?
LRRbot: Ornery Kudu [2G] | Creature — Antelope [3/4] | When Ornery Kudu enters the battlefield, put a -1/-1 counter on target creature you control.
GoblinErection: WRONG LAND
Piraticaltaoism: !card Polluted Mire
jkphil: lrrFINE
SnowB0und: Weirdest thing, card wouldn't stop screaming
TheThrashCaptain: Wrong desert
ferretbadger84: Not desert; dunes
GoblinErection: youput in the wrong long
samlarson1227: i would play it
GoblinErection: wrong land
Bariumbananas217: Run dunes, not Sunscorched
Zaghrog: dunes!
SGDoc: Wait why are we playing a sunscorched desert?
Mitchellsocks: Def keep slough
PhoenixMelior: dunes not desert?
cynimo: wrong desert
SGDoc: oh we meant to put dunes
ferretbadger84: SGDoc we're not
kat2kool: Don't forget the full art swamp
TriggerOnTheStack: did we get a clip
TriggerOnTheStack: please
samlarson1227: thanks chat!
Rogtilop: Wrong desert
PruPruh: Dune Beetle, come back! We didn't mean it! You were not planned, but you were the best surprise and we love you!
ferretbadger84: TriggerOnTheStack, it was highlighhted
lifecharacter: Is that forest an alt art one?
Scar_Red_Tiger: Come home dune Beetle we miss you
samlarson1227: !card dune beetle
LRRbot: Dune Beetle [1B] | Creature — Insect [1/4]
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HeapsIrrelevant: I have six weeks recovery from foot surgery. What colour do you like your Genestealers?
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SGDoc: Nest du Scrabs
SirBiffaloEsq: I have a clip.
SirBiffaloEsq: One sec.
ghost_waz: wait? modo had an issue? i'm shocked. SHOCKED.
PhoenixMelior: pls post clip
SGDoc: sick bilingual stream
TriggerOnTheStack: link me sirbuffalo
samlarson1227: i'm going to exploit that
t3h_f1gm3nt: i miss the clone dune beetle :(
darthgabri: pro tour is this weekend, right?
GraveD17: That bug has been around a long time. Seen it happen for multiple people.
samlarson1227: 2morro
hondor64: purple
whisperstocats: I think I saw it happen on another stream, maybe LSV or Haumph's.
samlarson1227: lsvs
samlarson1227: i saw it 2
plummeting_sloth: I hope you're doing a felt gene-stealer
SamanthaVess: Shouldn't it be Nest *des* Scarabs? rooBaka
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean, isn't purple Genestealer just Aerg
rarermonsters: Genestealers are purple in the studio scheme Graham
Voidhawk42: Purple is the usual colour, well guessed!
Alness49: Purple Genestealer sounds... dodgy.
Laserbeaks_Fury: *Zerg
Arikele: Purple is kind of the classic genestealer colour
Darth_Wooper: How about denim colored? Because puns.
Bariumbananas217: Sneep?
samlarson1227: pretty stacked hand
SGDoc: @SamanthaVess you've caught me - I don't speak French
Darth_Wooper: Jeanstealer. Kappa
AlonsoSwift: Can someone link that?
CSDragon31: keep
Damagicsausage: MY OCD!
MrPhlip: Lee!
HeapsIrrelevant: Purple is good, probably an accent colour. I'm working on a space hulk set for you.
duaiwe: Thats how you know they don’t have a graphic designer on the project.
shadmed: well, now that I see that I gotta leave the stream
firehazard_k: Can we send that in as a bug>
shadmed: later
PrinceCosmo: try to play Scarabs before Exemplar? for value?
barbarianras: not playing you but I drafted BW zombies
PrinceCosmo: oh ok smart
TheGuildpact: Don't forget to update the text
Nimbaway: reset record?
ferretbadger84: That not nothing
ferretbadger84: It not perfect system
samlarson1227: !binding mummy
samlarson1227: that's a bad trade
toasthaste: shed weakness
Shenandygains: attack, shed if blocked?
SGDoc: sfor sure
Damagicsausage: I am getting my first 40k starter set this Friday! Getting Orks so I can live the Dakka.
Tregelen: shed weakness
samlarson1227: shed weakness
Shenandygains: the mummy is worth getting rid of
Endegraf: offer it, hold up shed
Arikele: don't you just shed weakness?
toasthaste: oh no right ti dies at eot with shed doesn't it
rogerivany: I had 2 nests last weekend...I went off.
PruPruh: Saw someone had made genestealers in a weird "skin removed" orangey pink flesh color. They looked nasty in the best way.
themadcow82: Why not shed there
SGDoc: draw land next turn, play nest and shed
samlarson1227: makes sense
SGDoc: yeaaaaa
samlarson1227: you could have blown them out
korvys: Dear Dr. LRR: When you finish filming a cH, do you tell the crew "good hustle out there today", and if not, why not?
Buttayobred: Drs LRR, Would you be interested in playing Dead of Winter on AFK?
SGDoc: womp
mastershake29x: um, that's not a land
samlarson1227: this is why u play the weakness last turn
donald_k_magic: if we remove a counter with nest out, do we have to sac an insect? Kappa
samlarson1227: joking
LordManiMani: lrrFRUMP
samlarson1227: i'm telling u that u were right
cheetoJack: korvys lrrJUDGE
SGDoc: yeah the goal here is to get out of playing only one spell per turn ASAP
cloudwizard13: ~calm~
SGDoc: i would jam here
SGDoc: with shed up
Beefpants: This is a weird game of PUBG
solahwin_tampramain: bye chat!
r10pez10: Beefpants only two alive!
ferretbadger84: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Magic: The Gathering Online (rating 93%)
The_Quiet_Alestain: We got the combo! And now...
Bariumbananas217: Tone does not transfer well through text. Lessons learned in life
Undertowst: Next turn, Cartouche on the templar, put a -1/-1 on the mummy from that to kill it?
themadcow82: Why not cartouche
samlarson1227: what is pubg
TheMoatman: It's the return of Dark Souls
PruPruh: Hey LRR how are you doing in your LGS' AKH league by now?
SGDoc: we COULD block, but we're probably getting blown out by a trick
Domidwarcer: I mean we do at least have the shed weakness up now
RassilonDND: pubg for a week to a month
SAiconjr: like overbutts
rarermonsters: Anything but Overwatch I say
Mangledpixel: there's a BEAR WITH YOU?!
TheThrashCaptain: What is PUBG?
plummeting_sloth: so obiously force your deck to stop not playing lands
Beefpants: LOL
CodeGorilla: So, PUBG == Overwatch? =p
donald_k_magic: !pubg
Buttayobred: Drs LRR, Would you be interested in playing Dead of Winter on AFK?
duaiwe: It was the same with Dark Souls.
Scar_Red_Tiger: Huh. Where does the [Hustle] come from in commoder Hustle?
samlarson1227: !card pubg
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
duaiwe: *shrug*
Darth_Wooper: !pubg
LRRbot: 100 people are airdropped onto an island with a border that shrinks as the game goes on. You scavenge for weapons and items. Last one standing is a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
samlarson1227: no *** lrrbot
SamanthaVess: That's what my ex said about me rooFeels
cheetoJack: Mangledpixel I'm sure Kathleen would have a problem with that
Beefpants: Pub-Guh, the new hotness that all the kids are into
r10pez10: !unsubscribe pubgfacts
TheManaLeek: It's very default asset-y feeling
SGDoc: Welcome to the utilitarian garbage-verse that is 2017
turtleshell4evr: Block plus shed on khefu
rarermonsters: PUBG is all substance with no polish, Overwatch is all polish and no substance
AlonsoSwift: It has no style, it has no grace.
kat2kool: So pubg looks like co-op DayZ is that accurate?
PrinceCosmo: blcok and shed?
TheOtherTrevor: block innitate and shed?
korvys: and the memory leak
SnowB0und: It really strikes me as a W+P title that just has good gameplay instead
Bengineering: I'm with G, it looks generic and unfun for me, but I'm glad folks are enjoying. I will probably skip the whole fad.
TheManaLeek: @kat2kool That meets Hunger Games with half hour max matches
firehazard_k: Thats that point, its the perfect substance based game.
WithoutAnAce: What trick could they have?
SGDoc: if we're gonna shed, shed happens before blocks
CodeGorilla: Agree, Shed first.
Endegraf: probably should shed first
Beefpants: Pray to Xenu for protection against the eternal memory leak
Endegraf: 4 mana open
rarermonsters: Whether you like PUBG or not, I think watching streams are really fun because the people have so much fun coordinating each other
mastershake29x: @Bengineering so you'll be on cam's stream tonight playing it?
jaspervdvaart: take it
rarermonsters: And watching people panic as they're stunned and trying to save each other is hilarious
TheOtherTrevor: initate so hapatra probably gets in
rarermonsters: Also, frags out
TheManaLeek: @Bengineering We all say that, and then we buy it anyways...
zatengo: ben, my one of my groups of friends is also on this fad, but I know I won't be putting much time into it without people, so I won't buy into it
CodeGorilla: Initiate so that it's harder for them to beat you with a trick.
Voidhawk42: Kudu, initiate comes back
enkor2113: bought it during the 18gac stream.. played it earlier.. i can barely run it but its fun.. after 3ish rounds it starts lagging like crazy though
ryanthedespoiler: Timing?
samlarson1227: kudu
EbDorian: To me it seems like the core game concept is brilliant, but everything else about the game (like art direction, technical aspects, etc) are sooooo poorly done. It's kinda funny to me.
s0lesurviv0r: So, I've been playing TF2 for fifteen years, how hard is it to get into Battleground for a noob
SGDoc: that turned out better than expected
rarermonsters: Every game is a fad.
turtleshell4evr: Enchantment then hit with hapatra
Beefpants: Yes Ben teach James how to love again
MrPhlip: haha, I love how once we pump it to a 4/4 the p/t isn't in blue any more
senshi5609: Ben seems he would be entertaining on PUBG
Bengineering: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll probs get dragged into it. I just don't enjoy crafting survival games.
Under_5core: I remember when Pokemon was a fad.
SGDoc: kudu, VALUE start
Under_5core: Both times.
j0xer: PUBG looks so similar to H1Z1 and the arma mod that i dont see the big deal with it
secret_pipesman: I'd agree PUBG is pretty fun to watch. I don't think I'd enjoy playing it so much, but there's some fun(ny) spontaneous moments and watching the team do their thing is great
SniperPumpkin: Bengineering there's no crafting
Voidhawk42: Touche, kill mummy?
enkor2113: @Bengineering no crafting
TheManaLeek: @Bengineering No crafting involved!
lightpagoda: @Bengineering all shooty, no crafty
Endegraf: cartouche
senshi5609: It's not crafting survival
Ashby497: Being able to watch this while at work is awesome
firehazard_k: lots of yellow cars
xanderhunter: its looting and shooting, no crafting
samlarson1227: @Ashby497 right?
TheManaLeek: @Bengineering And very little survival based on my skill...
Voidhawk42: But it can block the Kudu
Endegraf: or cartouche and shrink the champion
one_last_time_: Counter on 4/4?
lightpagoda: @J0xer because the same guy is behind the gameplay design
Beefpants: I think I recall having shots of cartouche at the bar one night
TheGuildpact: For someone not in the know. Is PUBG a FPS?
Beefpants: 3rd person
Kramburger: @TheGuildpact Third/1st
All_mankind: it's over the shoulder/FPS
mastershake29x: @TheGuildpact either 1st or 3rd, your choice
shadmed: @TheGuildpact 3rd
turtleshell4evr: The snake has death touch swing
Kramburger: You can fps, but it's not the best idea
lightpagoda: @TheGuildpact battle royale style third/first person shooter to the last man/squad standing
shadmed: toggle to 1st
Endegraf: wait for the kudu next turn
Ankylosaur: This trade is gas for us, and if he doesn't trade we're swinging with a 5/5 next turn
Voidhawk42: No attacks here
TheOtherTrevor: it's a reasonable trade
Voidhawk42: Kepp building out
turtleshell4evr: Waiting does nothing
litteltank: this turn toook 3 mins
Endegraf: your kudu
litteltank: slow play
jaspervdvaart: Kill him SwiftRage
el_combolord: deck pls
billygnosis: not attacking cannot be right
litteltank: just joke
djfranknbeans: Actually, not a bad board. You guys have done really well with 2 lands here.
ferretbadger84: Could people stop with the "you're bad, just joking" chats
SGDoc: doctaKappa
CodeGorilla: People playing on stream that aren't LSV, anyway. =P
Wonderdoc: I really want them to reprint Skinrender in Hour of Devastation Kreygasm
senshi5609: If it's a joke use Kappas
mastershake29x: still 2 lands? yikes
tzaron: isnt placing the counter on the naga better?
dread_pirate_westley: Naga
senshi5609: Doc that's great
donald_k_magic: vitalist
HeroClixer: Vitalist
SGDoc: @ferretbadger84 just bad, you're joking
Darth_Wooper: Or if you're a sub you can use lrrBEEJ instead.
Endegraf: vitalist
PruPruh: Do that Kudu that you do.
darkecologist: tapped land would be a little annoying now
ElektroTal: you say keeeel like the martial arts dude on Forged in Fire, the blacksmith competition reality show (which if you aren't watching, you really should)
LordManiMani: get that Kappa count up
whisperstocats: I really want to see the nest with black sun's zenith at some point.
Beefpants: Spongebob
hondor64: your vitalist is effectivly a land right now
Buttayobred: I know LRR doesnt care much for EDH but that Ahn-Crop with Derevi. OOOH! feels good
ferretbadger84: I hope you get better soon, Alex
missbendaley: this board Kreygasm
hondor64: the plan is to draw land
hotgreenflames: Fell bettr soon alex!
jaspervdvaart: smack w snake
SGDoc: I mean for two lands we're doing pretty well
SGDoc: can't ever win
DuckRunAmok: Honestly considering you guys are on only 2 lands, you're crushing it :P
starman21789: surely one of the snakes can get in there?
snakebite7: When is the new TTC coming out?
Arikele: This has to be one of the best two-mana boardstates I've seen in limited
samlarson1227: @DuckRunAmok yeah
SGDoc: I don't think we're cycling anything
pblackcoat: @ElektroTal that show is terrible and I love it
SirBiffaloEsq: It's not that they don't care about EDH, it's just that CanLander is the superior format lrrBEEJ
Suffix: I know weventually I'll purchase PUBG - But, I at least want to make sure it's AFTER it's optimised? And, seeing things like DayZ , H1Z1 etc... that may never happen. I've ALREADY Bought the game... I can hold out.
CodeGorilla: Cycle into 2-drop.
samlarson1227: this game is probably over now
Lancer873: What is this "flying" garbage
SGDoc: given that almost our whole deck is lands
Foxmar320: New TTC should be coming out soon. There was a error uploading it
Voidhawk42: Now you have wander, trades are good
ElektroTal: @pblackcoat aw, it's totally fun
CodeGorilla: Er, other way around.
SGDoc: and we need to conserve our non-lands
CodeGorilla: Like you're doing it, i r dum.
umbraangelus7: Stinging shot kills a flier
snakebite7: Thanks Foxmar!
samlarson1227: this is narsty
redmudclay: no attacks?
Beefpants: Does two pair beat three of a kind?