samlarson1227: bob
Navi_Chem: PencilStroke you mean kim?
lordtrackerzod: bob
Pharmacistjudge: @SamanthaVess Bitterblossom
SirBiffaloEsq: Get bob
AlonsoSwift: Spiderfog?
firehazard_k: Blossom
TheGuildpact: What deck?
rarermonsters: @NovaGirl5 That's really great and I'm glad you're feeling better, and it's probably fine this time, but in the future people can react negatively to that
Stock_Trading_River_Otter: Blossom
PencilStroke: Navi_Chem realy? cool :D
lordtrackerzod: BItter BOB
ferretbadger84: I like bitterblossom
Stock_Trading_River_Otter: Bob will kill you
samlarson1227: animar, niv-mizzet, or oketra for commander night at lgs
SirTrae: Twitch chat stopped updating for me, any solutions? I'm using twitch on iOS
Littha: every time they say menarche it just reminds be of what it actually means...
PruPruh: Hey, I can hype when I want to! I can leave my friends behind!
Beefpants: Guys those who are Dream Machine fans chapter 6 is out on steam today
RougeLead: "I appreciate the sediment"
EikoandMog: Blossom. You'd have some pretty high cost cards in Commander.
Damagicsausage: Send the food to the PO box!
SamanthaVess: Okay, thanks, guys rooSip
NovaGirl5: Oh weird... Your delievery driver is called James
AlonsoSwift: Obfuscate?
NovaGirl5: Sorry Graham... =(
samlarson1227: animar, niv-mizzet, or oketra for commander night at lgs
r10pez10: osvuscape
Irgendwasmitkiwi: obfuskathleen?
Undertowst: I had a Blue/Red deck that ran all the Tims. It was very annoying.
BonSequitur: Is this 1v1 Commander or multiplayer Commander?
PencilStroke: has paul a girlfriend/ wife / partner?
PhoenixMelior: Graham cannot say schedule, either
firehazard_k: James has to get food from James
AlonsoSwift: Psycho Mantis?
egyptcraze: i mean, black already plays phyrexian arena effects with impunity
Kiwijelly: NovaGirl5 they really like it when people send non perishable food to the PO box, though!
TheThrashCaptain: Bobberblossom: "at the beginning of your upkeep you lose 1 life and reveal the top card of your library and lose life equal to its cmc"
dread_pirate_westley: Their clock is already in the 17-range
Navi_Chem: PencilStroke only the clones
NovaGirl5: I mean I had to put some detective work into it so you did a good job.
cfpreston: send preseved food to the PO box, dont send fresh food there.
Noodles_15: PencilStroke, Science?
somewhatclever_: who has the most expensive edh deck in LRR?
samlarson1227: animar, niv-mizzet, or oketra for commander night at lgs
SamanthaVess: Obsfukate and Obsfugraham.
MrTulip: james just had a blackout Kappa
Wonderdoc: SamanthaVess I LOVE rooSip SOO MUCH BibleThump
samlarson1227: which one
asthanius: Skate for you, obvs
BonSequitur: I don't think Bob or Bitterblossom are particularly good in Commander though. Phyrexian Arena is probably better.
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:49:09.
ThatDangSkeleton: Ob Nixilis, The reSkated
ToastedArts: Is skating obs a punk karlov riding down the road?
ferretbadger84: somewhatclever_ Alex could if he put his cards in to a commander deck, but otherwise Graham or Kathleen
RougeLead: Waaaaa, I have class! :(
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator at Thu 06:00 PM PDT (1:10 from now).
PencilStroke: ok, that need to CHANGE!...we need a hook up stream for paul ^^
cfpreston: obfuscate, i know that word from bnl or wod
NovaGirl5: @Kiwijelly I mean they probably like it less when you send perishable food
LoremasterMonty: I have to say i really enjoyed today's commodore hustle, Paul is the best at mad science.
samlarson1227: @PencilStroke done
Navi_Chem: PencilStroke no we dont
BonSequitur: Depending on what your deck is at you could also probably make some big upgrades without buying Modern/Legacy staples
TheThrashCaptain: @BonSequitur I think he said it was 1v1 edh
egyptcraze: bitterblossom is fine for certain decks. esp enchantress and token decks. bob is harsher tho
samlarson1227: animar, niv-mizzet, or oketra for commander night at lgs? can someone answer?
KPancrazio: my software experience tells me that all attempts at obfuscation just make more work for yourself while stopping noone
BonSequitur: In 1v1 they're better, yeah
samlarson1227: literally the third time i've asked
lordtrackerzod: is 1v1 commadner 40 life?
SamanthaVess: It's duel commander, so it's like... Canlander lite
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EikoandMog: Better than having to go to word mid Kate PUBG stream :<
samlarson1227: canlander is odd
Kiwijelly: NovaGirl5 I think as long as you don't share the address in future, there's no harm done
northos: it was for 1v1 commander though right? so both are pretty good there I imagine
RassilonDND: party bob is usually pretty fun to see people die by their own hand
firehazard_k: 1v1 is 30
BonSequitur: Bitterblossom particularly. Bob, ehhh, Phyrexian Arena exists, Underworld Connections exists...
KingOfDoma: woo!
ferretbadger84: samlarson1227 I like animar, but...
SirBiffaloEsq: In 1v1 commander, Bob is fine. 1v1 plays a lot like CanLander but with less aggro?
rarermonsters: At this point talking about Commander is really flawed because it's become an umbrella covering about ten different games
Inkompetence: Tune in later this year for "Ob Nixilis On Ice."
Vonbane: spuds mckenzie
Alesha_WhoSmilesAtDeath: Greatness at any cost
LastResistance: Duskmantle Seer
cameronj115: rob
McFluffums: @samlarson1227 are you trying to win or have fun?
CSDragon31: why do people play bob over phyrexian arena anyway?
cameronj115: r
samlarson1227: !duskmantle seer
muddboy87: lrrFINE
nosrac2: bitterblosssom is good as a source of tokens fo rsac decks
egyptcraze: 1v1 commander is now at 30
Talin06: party cannon?
nanashisword: Duskmantle Seer
lordtrackerzod: duskmantle seer
samlarson1227: @McFluffums both?
AlonsoSwift: Getting everyone to die to Party Bob at the same time, that's just gravy.
CodeGorilla: Duskmantle Seer.
cameronj115: wrong bob
Darth_Wooper: If Paul wants a significant other he can find someone himself. He doesn't need our help.
SamanthaVess: egyptcraze 20, actually.
ferretbadger84: CSDragon31 it comes down a turn earlier and can block
northos: CSDragon31, Bob attacks and costs 1 less
firehazard_k: You know who's fun in commander? !card yisan
IkariFate: @LoadingReadyRun what you think of hapatra as a commander ?
Irgendwasmitkiwi: Anyone looking forward to tribal commander decks this year?
MrPhlip: 45 months is the highest atm
BonSequitur: I mean in real formats Bob is one less mana than Arena which makes him significantly better, but in Commander, ehhhhnn shrug emoji
Trippzen: \help
Pump19: Pump19 is run by Twisted Pear. Check for a list of supported commands.
NovaGirl5: James has collected the food and is on the way to the moonbase. Skip the dishes estimates arrival in 11 mins.
samlarson1227: !card yisan, the wanderer bard
LRRbot: Yisan, the Wanderer Bard [2G] | Legendary Creature — Human Rogue [2/3] | {2}{G}, {T}, Put a verse counter on Yisan, the Wanderer Bard: Search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost equal to the number of verse counters on Yisan, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.
TheThrashCaptain: !card duskmantle seer
LRRbot: Duskmantle Seer [2UB] | Creature — Vampire Wizard [4/4] | Flying / At the beginning of your upkeep, each player reveals the top card of his or her library, loses life equal to that card's converted mana cost, then puts it into his or her hand.
samlarson1227: yeah
CastleOtranto: I dinged 45 last night
maxmasterp: Hi Nico
aesir_blade: @LoadingReadyRun 5 years is 60 Months
apodionysus: @loadingreadyrun Paul I actually killed a guy with his own Bob in Modern. I play Lantern Control and manipulated his draw step so it killed him
CommiePuddin: cheer100 I bought bits. Like, real bits. So you guys could have some. Beer bits?
samlarson1227: an nfl player is on it
maxmasterp: Laurenson
Domidwarcer: Yeah i have party bob in my Dragonlord Silumgar commander deck which uses other people's cards against them. Problem with that a lot of recent control/multi clone magic very high cost. Need to balance things out
EikoandMog: I enjoyed using Ruric Thar as my Commander
rarermonsters: Anything can work as a commander depending on the playgroup
EikoandMog: !card Ruruc Thar
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Kiwijelly: NovaGirl5 I may have done something similar once involving an internet DJ and a stuffed toy monkey
EikoandMog: !card Ruric
McFluffums: @samlarson1227 niv mizzet's a little overdone, oketra seems a little single narrow, so go for that animar
samlarson1227: !card Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
egyptcraze: @samanthavess oh yeah, right. its sad, imo it takes away from the pt of commander (i.e. play all the sweet 7+ drops that no one else plays)
EikoandMog: Thank you samlarson
MrPhlip: LRR got partnered at 2013-08-31, so we're a few months away from the 4 year mark
lakaicheaker: commander versus hapatra deck was amazing
samlarson1227: @McFluffums sure
PencilStroke: i don´t like commanders who dont do something on their own....most of the time hepatra is a dead card on the board doing nothing
XRoughRiderX: suicide the pede
NovaGirl5: @Kiwijelly I don't know what that means...
maxmasterp: Hey Nico
Lord_Hosk: MR Phlip who has been subbed to the channel for 17 years now
ferretbadger84: PencilStroke, but with a global ability that is amazing
samlarson1227: you guys should check out ilyon tv
samlarson1227: he's streaming a charity stream
ElektroTal: so why did you guys change your logo for TTC?
samjbow: When Mardu Nahiri was a thing in Modern there were people running Bob alongside Emrakul
samlarson1227: he eats pickles
directdamagecast: I miss Gibb
PencilStroke: ferretbadger84 i tryed her as a didn´t work out
XRoughRiderX: I would like to buy it back again
maxmasterp: Nico L.
Foxmar320: lol Hosk
ferretbadger84: PencilStroke... I would watch the newest Game Knights by the Command Zone
shurtal: I'm building the dumbest draft deck. Currently have 3 trespasser's curse and planning on running all of them. Plus 2 faith of the devoted
samlarson1227: @shurtal ...
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asthanius: Shed Weakness shaves Pede anyway
Kiwijelly: NovaGirl5 basically, I sent someone i watched online a soft toy, because it seemed like he needed a hug.
asthanius: or saves
asthanius: shaves also works I guess
nanashisword: well whatever you guys had to do to get partnered, was well worth it, you guys are awesome
NovaGirl5: @Kiwijelly Aww
Beefpants: Loading Ready Who now? I thought this was the pewdiepie and friends stream.
samlarson1227: that grapeshot looks lethal rn with our storm count at 80
XRoughRiderX: wouldn't the pede be a 4/4
PencilStroke: apropos tap tap conceede....@ LoadingReadyRun will you talk about the new mtgo commander ban list?
salsasamurai10: i love the new logo but i always have a soft spot for the old music on taptap
samlarson1227: aether
samlarson1227: ether
Darth_Wooper: Either.
XRoughRiderX: no he will be gready
rarermonsters: I do have the observation that Partnering as a system has made Twitch better, although the equivalent has made Youtube much, much, worse
muddboy87: I miss GPLP not that I don't love James but I miss Paul and Graham's chemistry in random games
CSDragon31: aether should be pronounced with a hard A
Alesha_WhoSmilesAtDeath: aeaeaether
CSDragon31: it's not correct
XRoughRiderX: greedy*
lifecharacter: But why is that a stream...
CSDragon31: but it's how it SHOULD be
cloudwizard13: 'AE' is 'Ee'
Pandax0: æ
ferretbadger84: Aye-thur
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The_Phailhaus: 44 Months! I'm nearly 4 years old!
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Pandax0: Æ should be the REAL use
amythist: yeah he started streaming when he was deemed "not ad friendly" on youtube so his revenue has gone down a bit
teh_v: Back in my day the a and the e were connected the way Richard Garfield intended.
Gooseblast: Æther Kreygasm
BonSequitur: Pewdiepie has been hitting up the twitch? That's sad, he's really hit rock bottom Kappa
apodionysus: LRR so helpful
rarermonsters: The equivalent on Youtube is the large channeling affiliates like Maker/Rooster Teeth
TheMadPunter: actually, why'd you change TTC music? IMO old song more evocative
cloudwizard13: @Pandax0 yes
PruPruh: Æ is my favourite letter in Danish
Navi_Chem: amythist i mean can blame yt
Foxmar320: Ive still never watched Pewdiepie
RassilonDND: lets not make our opponents waste their time?
underhill33: They have to learn sometime
Arikele: It's possible they have something else
chrono2x: tell them
XRoughRiderX: don't tell them, i like to see if they leave it tapped
Mavrande: Did they just disconnect?
Kiwijelly: I liked his cameo in Yuri On Ice
samwonk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator at Thu 06:00 PM PDT (1:04 from now).
ArcadiaExeter: Æ is my logo :P
Undertowst: No, just let them mess around and fail. It will save your Colostopede
cfpreston: do the thing!
MrPhlip: aæether
Kramburger: SOmeone showed me the pewdiepie video with the goat ladder and that was enough for me
lakaicheaker: i start playing 8ballpool and all OPs just scooping on me.
PencilStroke: @ paul, will you join cameron today on his solo talking sim / bonus stream?
CommiePuddin: What, you mean it's not like Cockatrice and I can do whatever I want and kick the opponent when they make me play by the rules? lrrBEEJ Kappa
t3h_f1gm3nt: the only thing of pewdiepie's i ever watched was his undertale playthrough...and that was only because i was watching EVERYBODY'S undertale playthroughs
Kthanid: I never WILL watch Pewdiepie, just doesn't seem my jam.
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bratmon: Oooh! New CH!
Kramburger: !carm Lim
Irgendwasmitkiwi: Paul what formats do you enjoy to play?
Kramburger: !card Lim
LRRbot: Found 59 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
MrPhlip: Fun fact: lrrbot will accept either "aether" or "æther" in !card and it'll still find the card
rarermonsters: Pewdiepie was never good, when he crossed over into offensive I started to dislike that he existed
PhoenixMelior: Herro?
PruPruh: That makes sense, Paul.
CSDragon31: Æ doesn't exist in English though, so it should be pronounced as the letters A and E together in English. Which would be pronounced with a hard A.
directdamagecast: Things I've learned from LRR 1) I can't hold all these answers 2) of my opponent plays turn 1 steppe Lynx I just concede
Irgendwasmitkiwi: spambots getting smarter
Navi_Chem: pewdiepie establishing himself as "racist trash" kind of cemented my decision to not watch him
McFluffums: man, watching on the live stream and not being able to skip ahead is...well it's certainly different
CSDragon31: The same way Foyer is pronounced "foy-er" not the french way
CommiePuddin: ; drop tables --; has just subscribed!
samwonk: Time for tonight's dinner of corona, soylent, and buspirone.
NovaGirl5: Delievery in T- 5 mins
apodionysus: Ask opponent if there's anything you can help them Grasp about the situation
Mavrande: Well 5266hello that link isn't suspicious at all
The_Phailhaus: I just found one of my 40k books signed by Graham from back at LRRdon.
t3h_f1gm3nt: OMG that pic was amazing
RassilonDND: I would be interested in seeing an unglued type set with ligatures, accents, symbolts, and hard to pronounce names
firehazard_k: So if they reprint aetherling will be the weird ae or actual ae
Kthanid: Þ is still my favourite letter.
samlarson1227: is paul just gonna be here
Papperslappen: Fun fact, Æ and Ä was is only two ways to write the same thing. The two dots was originally a little e but written in german cursive looks like two short vertical lines
1y1e: tell them how to undo
MrPhlip: [sF]
NovaGirl5: I'm a fan of a good Umlaut
cuttlefishman: Great Pic, although might be possible to use a better quality screencap? Is that the limit of fidelity?
mastershake29x: @Firehazard_k they have errated the names to be spelled ae (separate letters)
Foxmar320: welp
Lord_Hosk: !card MrPhlipsAethercard
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Lord_Hosk: huh
AlonsoSwift: @RassilonDND I wouldn't be good with that for a whole set. Maybe on a single card.
cuttlefishman: Paul, did you shave?
lordtrackerzod: stay no
samlarson1227: no paul, we love you
ferretbadger84: !card aether tradewinds
LRRbot: Aether Tradewinds [2U] | Instant | Return target permanent you control and target permanent you don't control to their owners' hands.
lordtrackerzod: !!
Kthanid: I mean it's 50% his office :P
mastershake29x: paul stay!
PencilStroke: paul should STAY!
SirBiffaloEsq: #BlameJames
maikito2: But we kinda like Paul
cuttlefishman: No, James should leave
nanashisword: no dont go paul
Domidwarcer: James how could you
muddboy87: Paul grab a chair
samlarson1227: no paul!
Thisbymaster: you monster
kat2kool: Never leave us Paul!!
RassilonDND: halfway to a 6 pack. Come back paul!
Darth_Wooper: Pull up a chair, Paul! You don't have to stand.
ToastyLoaff: come back
ZeroArcana: #blameJames
Talin06: no not go pual
mastershake29x: #blamejames
Kramburger: Isn't Paul technically Jame's boss?
egyptcraze: paul should stay and draft a rounnd
Kastor911: bring him a chair at least!
samlarson1227: that's not what i meant
TheMadPunter: Hey Paul, how tough to integrate card cam with other programs? That is, tie in output etc?
RassilonDND: games literal monster
firehazard_k: #blamejames
titanprime231: I still haven't played any among her
cloudwizard13: you killed Paul!?
ToastyLoaff: i love you paul.....
Foxmar320: Paul brings a level of class to this stream
TylerWrightBC: Trade James for Paul?
cuttlefishman: Kick James out first
rarermonsters: #blamejames
Sibanamush: noo bring back paul!
senshi5609: No don't leave Paul we were half way to a six pack
nanashisword: GPLP was how i first met you the LRR team
KPancrazio: trade paul for james
ElChines: cheer100 Paul come back!
ferretbadger84: This is why he's paul
Robot_Bones: James, History's greatest monster
kat2kool: James look what you did!
samlarson1227: PAUL!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PruPruh: ¬œ|üü¥†®é‘öä¬∆‹«©–·‚µññ∫∫√ç…Ω≤±'≠][¶™∞∞£§“¡
missbendaley: @TylerWrightBC na, why should just chump with james Kappa
couldntpickausername: I'm hungry when does the food from @NovaGirl5 arrive Kappa
directdamagecast: Hey James did Paul ever put you in touch with his stone guy?
MrTulip: free snek
titanprime231: Amonkhet* I have not yet played any amonkhet
Mavrande: Thanks prupruh >.>
Orlastheman: Take Paul, James will wheel
dungeonmaster982: Alex is sick, is there going to be a talking sim tonight?
NovaGirl5: 2 mins
The_Phailhaus: lrrAWW
kumatsu: Rest in Paulces
samlarson1227: @directdamagecast lol
thepandaman2000: paul... :(
Mavrande: !paul
lifecharacter: Paul has transcended our plane of existence.
High_Ether: rip paul
Opie74: sherdolingerspaul?
samlarson1227: !card paul
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
PencilStroke: sorry james, but paul is the better rare....he trades with you ^^
Billythekid585: why do you have duct tape?
nanashisword: Noooooo not paulllll
Kthanid: dungeonmaster982 bonus Cameron stream.
xanderhunter: cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 Bring back A Paul
cuttlefishman: James, need some pro advice. How should I cook the cabbage I have in my fridge?
CataclysmicReverb: 64 eh
Foxmar320: Paul <3
TheMadPunter: dammit guys, had Paul question 😠
CodeGorilla: cfbPaul
ToastyLoaff: Paul made most of those portals i bet
DuckRunAmok: I'm genuinely curious. Outside of Friday Nights canon, does Paul play MTG?
Domidwarcer: what happend in 64K?
hoktauri: it has cake
PhoenixMelior: 64k seems 1337
Undertowst: Attack with Mummy?
dread_pirate_westley: Just get one of the extra Pauls from Extremely Fast Loans.
samlarson1227: @DuckRunAmok yeah
NovaGirl5: @couldntpickausername Oddly the dilivery driver's name is James
rogerivany: He's gone to the Dragons timeline?
PruPruh: Oops, sorry. I was looking for Icelandic letters, lol, hit enter by accident! @Mavrande
asthanius: James, you can't lie like that when you're in the same timeline as us.
Billythekid585: !paul
TehSpud: wouldn't that mean we're all in that timeline? Or is twitch now a quantum streaming service
JediTransmit: I prefer reality C-137
Arikele: Also which of the paul clones was it?
Foxmar320: A Paul might come back. There are at least 4 of them
Tymato: fastest movers
Leonhart321: Which timeline has Kathleen become Sans and give us a bad time?
NovaGirl5: James is driving food to james
cloudwizard13: ooh, i'm in Timeline 01001110
CommandoJE: Ohhh that's why you call it the moonbase :O
McFluffums: calling the bluff James, get that other Paul in here
Sordidambition: Someone page HAUMPH
samlarson1227: oh no, jar casts time walk!
firehazard_k: PAUL CHEON :U
Kthanid: ping Cheon?
ComeInWeAreClosed: paul power racing!
cuttlefishman: Paul Cheon?
kat2kool: And now for a Paul we prepared earlier
Noodles_15: Paul?
rarermonsters: @ Drs LRR has it been awkward sharing the underground moonbase with Kinga Forrester?
phorrestgaze: is that the one where everyone's wearing those tracksuits you rented for rapstar64k?
ferretbadger84: Paul?
samlarson1227: get paul back?
XRoughRiderX: Pauk
LordManiMani: is there a time line where you obsess over Netrunner?
xanderhunter: I mostly meant assume you would bring in a paul cone
XRoughRiderX: Paul*
Sibanamush: Paul.
Billythekid585: pual
CodeGorilla: cfbPaul cfbPaul cfbPaul
cloudwizard13: Paur
Shenandygains: Pauls out for Paul
cuttlefishman: Pual
Alesha_WhoSmilesAtDeath: Paul
samlarson1227: @LordManiMani netrunner?
tergonis: pauls to the walls
apodionysus: Paul
Mavrande: Please do not whip your pauls out
AlonsoSwift: My last name sounds like it has 'Paul' in it, does that count? Kappa
TrickJarrett: @LoadingReadyRun I have Paul's #...
duaiwe: Woah, woah. I didn’t know this was that kind of stream
PruPruh: Paul
samlarson1227: paul
asthanius: Paul one out for Paul
Sordidambition: Paul
hondor64: i have no pauls
samlarson1227: pauly
ferretbadger84: Paul
nanashisword: the only paul i have is my half-brother paul
hondor64: now stephanies... i have 7 of those
Pink_Pansy: Better Call Paul
Foxmar320: I have 0 Pauls
Billythekid585: @TrickJarrett do it!
Leonhart321: A plural of Pauls
samwonk: Paul Goodman is freelance now.
samlarson1227: pals
samlarson1227: pal
Darth_Wooper: Ah, so the stream is becoming A-Paul-ing, huh? lrrBEEJ
rogerivany: These are the Pauls I know I know, these are the Pauls I know...
CommandoJE: I will leave my Pauls exactly where there are , Thank You
TrickJarrett: I shined it up real good :)
Sibanamush: ok Paul has been said so many times now its just become a strange sound to me ...
CommiePuddin: Ooh, call Marshall and skype him in from the PT. :)
kat2kool: Paul no longer looks like a word
ElektroTal: good job, trick
MCJiopur: I know a Paul who was in one of my classes. Terrible to work with
nanashisword: hey trick
ElChines: Thanks Trick!
cuttlefishman: So... does this make Trick a faux-Paul of sorts?
samlarson1227: No, you can't see my pauls
mastershake29x: good job trick rescuing friday ights
Shenandygains: Paul Nye the Paul Guy
PruPruh: Daddy Cheon really is lrrAWESOME
GapFiller: hai Trick
TrickJarrett: hai friends
Mavrande: trickjarrett: We need /a/ Paul. Doesn't matter which one.
Mavrande: Would help if they know magic
TrickJarrett: I'm just here so I know when Graham gets off Twitch. :)
Burlapple: my dead uncle paul is on his way over
Bryghtside: my brothers middle name is paul. this is my claim to fame.
northos: !card Violet Pall
LRRbot: Violet Pall [4B] | Tribal Instant — Faerie | Destroy target nonblack creature. Create a 1/1 black Faerie Rogue creature token with flying.
samlarson1227: papapaul
Aarek: These are the pauls we know
GapFiller: This iswhy hes Paul
BirkaBirkowski: My middle name is paul what do I win
cloudwizard13: words are just sounds we make with our mouths and assign meaning to
NovaGirl5: Yay!
samlarson1227: papapapapaul
NovaGirl5: =D
samlarson1227: papapapaul
samlarson1227: what does llr say?
NovaGirl5: Enjoy!
cuttlefishman: Did Paul deliver it?
lifecharacter: But what is food?
Darth_Wooper: Food?
TrickJarrett: I figured out what was happening
lordtrackerzod: food?
samlarson1227: did you actually get it?
Foxmar320: Foods!
CommiePuddin: No, eatin' fatburger.
Sibanamush: Paul!
NovaGirl5: Lemonade!
Darth_Wooper: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
Mavrande: Paul! He's back!
Sibanamush: and Katlheen!
AnotherEli: lrrAWW lrrAWW lrrAWW
SWPilgrim: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
samlarson1227: no *** ways
Sibanamush: and .. Cam?
Foxmar320: lol
GapFiller: hi Kathleen
somewhatclever_: Your Canadian is showing right now
NovaGirl5: Fresh Lemonade!
PruPruh: lrrSACK
rarermonsters: GJ Novagirl!
RassilonDND: close to a 6 pack.
samlarson1227: kathleen!\
Damagicsausage: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
samlarson1227: yes!
lordtrackerzod: damn
Galactic_pain: They have Agony mana up
mastershake29x: and the traditional everyone pile in to the end of LRRMtG has begun
egyptcraze: kathleen! and paul!
Hygrom: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
whisperstocats: We got our Paul back!
samlarson1227: kathleen is awesome!
Darth_Wooper: Hi Cam and Kathleen!
Sibanamush: Paul! woo!
asthanius: A lemon version of barley-ade? Kappa
IkariFate: <--- loves lemonade!
samlarson1227: kathleen!
Foxmar320: Nice
Shenandygains: Kathleen not a Beyonce fan
LordManiMani: lrrDILLY
samlarson1227: kathleen1
TheMadPunter: this game is weird; what's opponent doing?
CommiePuddin: It's a Rummage of Runners!
ferretbadger84: The decadence
Dr_fragenstien: How decadent
Rourke9: So many people! Yay!
Wonderdoc: Close to the 6pack of Dix. Someone else get in there!!!
samlarson1227: we love kathleen!
High_Ether: paul and kathleen!!
cuttlefishman: Why not put the Caramel sauce onto poutine?
All_mankind: Paul came back! and Kathleen!
NovaGirl5: I am so glad this worked out =D
samlarson1227: @NovaGirl5 10/10
mastershake29x: caramel sauce? that is amazing
withr: another great episode of Commodore Hustle guys, great work paul cheer100
directdamagecast: In the immortal words of Captain America "language"
Desdae: Has Cam decided what he is playing later
Damagicsausage: lrrHORN numotBINGO jspAirhorn
IkariFate: im hungry now!!!
cheetoJack: so Thursday is chat-delivers-food day
samlarson1227: kathleen is here
cloudwizard13: is this the same place Cam and Alex ate all the doughnuts for ?
RassilonDND: arent those regular donut holes?
rarermonsters: How did Caligula exist in an era before minidonuts
Liarz0: What $100 cake did u end up getting?
Foxmar320: oh dang! sauce!
dread_pirate_westley: But they ordered damage wrong.
All_mankind: and kstarkTHANK NovaGirl5
couldntpickausername: @NovaGirl5 glad you're still part of us btw
asthanius: I mean, you still have to cast it
Galactic_pain wishes he could have donuts right now
samlarson1227: your opponent is playing magic
PruPruh: Novagirl you're the best and the worst at the same time. It's 2 am here and now I'm soooo greedy for donuts!
toasthaste: so you have donuts and donut holes.... did novagirl send any glue?
firehazard_k: Dear Dr.LRRs I've been meaning to ask this, as comedians, are some names funnier to use in writing? Like my name (Kyle) is often used as a character name in comedy.
Orlastheman: Will you share?
XRoughRiderX: Small... sounds like Paul
IkariFate: you never attack with hapatra !!!
ferretbadger84: !highlight episode
TheMadPunter: Decadence, you say?! Where's Ian?
LRRbot: Highlight added.
directdamagecast: A wild Kathleen appears
samlarson1227: kathleen is here
lordtrackerzod: Paul didnt destroy the moonbase
ChaoticCrawler: So I uh cast Drop Illnesses on my Clapatra
samlarson1227: i love kathleen!
All_mankind: and a Cameron?!
samlarson1227: i missed kathleen
cuttlefishman: Just feed the donought right into his maw
NovaGirl5: Hey. How was the delivery guy? I need to give him a thumbs up or down.
samlarson1227: and cameron?
SAiconjr: as a musician, you vastly improved the flutes usefulness
TrickJarrett: One of these days I'll get around to sending a super trolly mail package to LRR... but for now I have other things to do
cloudwizard13: adorables
kat2kool: Ooh decadence could be an emote
NovaGirl5: Was he wearing Clothes
RassilonDND: aww, so cute to have a wife feed you on streem
ToastedArts: What's cam playing tonight?
samlarson1227: a wild trio of legendary lrr's
keepinitbeef: I just got here....SAUCE ON a DONUT?? What is this?
AlonsoSwift: Wild Cam appears!
samlarson1227: kathleen
CommiePuddin: The ol' 3 for 3.
asthanius: @Firehazard_k Single-syllable names are also good for comedy
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the_cliffs_are_calling: The joke account is back! Only 400+ subs until James stream is a go.
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Sibanamush: HI Cam!
DTor214: So, a 6-pack of holes? Way to subvert the trend
lordtrackerzod: all the best people
af0z: 恥ずかしい
Robot_Bones: And the rest
TheMadPunter: novagirl has question
CodeGorilla: I mean, it's still a 3-for-3, 4-for-3 if the token counts as a card.
Jwiley129: @TrickJarrett You could come down to Nashville. It's really awesome here!
cameronj115: tell cameron cameron says hi
samlarson1227: @NovaGirl5 you are my favorite person ever
PruPruh: All LRR people are pretty hard to hate, tbh. I really enjoy watching all of you
lakaicheaker: i love cameron more
TrickJarrett: @Jwiley129 - I was going to but ended up not. I am needed here in Seattle.
ChaoticCrawler: And my uh Dead Mister becomes a Double/Double Zomble
couldntpickausername: Sending a troll package is fun too
samwonk: This is the second stream I've watched today where the streamer kept saying "Sam" and didn't mean me.
cuttlefishman: Boxes of P3K
samlarson1227: @LoadingReadyRun i'm gonna send you a bunch of foily walkers
Laserbeaks_Fury: A crate of Bump in the Night
kumatsu: FTV: Exiled just taking up shelf space
WingedOrpheus: @LoadingReadyRun NovaGirl needs to know how the delivery person was so she can leave them a rating
AnotherEli: If you had the option to fight someone you dislike for doughnuts, would you?
MrPhlip: Just random stacks of uncut Beta sheets
Jwiley129: @TrickJarrett I'm sure it's a good reason. I'll hold down the fort here then!
Lord_Hosk: TrickJarrett You could go down to the warehouse and grab a couple boxes of Unglued or unhinged for them to draft
Robot_Bones: Trick to send a box of homelands
firehazard_k: Cam would you like a snapcaster mage?
TheDeadVirgin: Just stuff no one wants?
CommiePuddin: Cameron asking for cases upon cases of Chronicles and Homelands here.
the_cliffs_are_calling: Send Cam every pack of Homelands you got!
Undertowst: Oh, just wait for the 'hat' that I sent in with my package of Dutch candy.
TheMadPunter: LRR = Best In Life
TrickJarrett: @Lord_Hosk - I could... but nah.
rarermonsters: I can't wait until MTGFinance crashes and they all start dumping boxes for super cheap
samlarson1227: can i send u a foil jace tms
asthanius: Graham "if the liberals are still in power" Stark ?
Umandsf: @af0z "diificult"?
NovaGirl5: @LoadingReadyRun Hey, Who ever anwsered the door, Was the Delivery Guy nice? I need to leave him a review
SAJewers: provincial or federal liberals graham?
Kthanid: Graham to be fair, she could go out of province for college.
samlarson1227: ok, you just lost your jace tms
cuttlefishman: Send Pogs?
hondor64: not trash
cloudwizard13: adn then you can have a garbage fire
somewhatclever_: I have a from the vault: lore... ours not as good.
ferretbadger84: Asthanius BC liberals are conservative
rarermonsters: (To Americans currently very confused by graham, liberals means something different in Canada"
Orlastheman: Bye
hondor64: crack it. and toss each and every card into a fire!
mastershake29x: @SAJewers provincial, BC had an election tuesday
XRoughRiderX: Beta sheets, what is this poor mans thing, LRR only accepts Alpha uncut sheets
Darth_Wooper: Bye Cam, see you in a little bit!
ElChines: Bye Cam
samlarson1227: what r ur political affiliations? now that the gang is here
WingedOrpheus: hooray for nice
egyptcraze: liberals means something different for canadians :P
lsuaksauke: in bc liberals mean something very different
samlarson1227: by
cloudwizard13: send pogs?
asthanius: Send slammers, but no pogs Kappa
mastershake29x: @samlarson1227 let's not start that conversation
samlarson1227: bye
kat2kool: (Also the BC Liberals are not liberal)
af0z: Umandsf "Embarrassing"
EvilGamr: 10000 pogs inc you know
Foxmar320: lol
WingedOrpheus: send pogs, no slammers
Navi_Chem: "Please...send pogs" -James Turner
dsavillian: I heard send pogs?
Kuolar: Do you want Pogs? Because that's how you get pogs
Kramburger: In Aus the Liberal party is the Conservative party
KPancrazio: i'm sending you all the pogs i have.
lifecharacter: Send your pogs to Jim Sterling?
MrPhlip: I'm still looking for somewhere that I can get a custom-printed Bump in the Night pog for you guys Kappa
KPancrazio: (i have no pogs)
lsuaksauke: ether way 65 years possible first minority government since then
Darth_Wooper: If we send pogs, would you guys do a pogfire on LRL?
the_cliffs_are_calling: Pogs go to Jim Sterling
Saulens181: samlarson1227 from what I know, "much left, very left"
GapFiller: more pogs then
xanderhunter: Are Pog's the new Bump in the Nights?
maikito2: Wait send pogs?
aesir_blade: "Send pogs" - James, 2017
TheMadPunter: Did you say no one wants Innistrad? Seems implausible...
cuttlefishman: You don't need to validate the purchase if you get them as a gift, no?
ElektroTal: oh no, eating on stream =( my kryptonite!
ChaoticCrawler: Liberals mean something different in the rest of the world than in the US
samlarson1227: @Saulens181 Yahs
directdamagecast: It's Canada, even mean people are nice!
cameronj115: whats a pogs
Sibanamush: while I understand BC liberals are fairly right , I am still envious of BC for not having the Cons as a provincial party worth noting
NovaGirl5: @LoadingReadyRun Also how is the food and drink, Should I give it a thumbs up?
apodionysus: Sending Pogs confirmed
cloudwizard13: ah, Canadian Polotics
Umandsf: @af0z Ah. So close.
Foxmar320: oh good
samlarson1227: i'm gonna send food tomorrow
cChroma: In Australia the Liberal Party are right wing gahbage.
CSDragon31: How can someone be Liberal but right-wing?
nanashisword: Canadian politics... how much fun
Kthanid: Thankfully the Ontario Libs aren't HORRIBLE like in BC but they're not great.
Undertowst: Oh, just wait for the 'hat' that I sent in with my package of Dutch candy. It will be quite a sight to watch Graham wear that thing.
rarermonsters: That sounds bad Graham. But I will trade you
asthanius: They can call themselves whatever they want, unfortunately
Orlastheman: whats the difference between pogs and tazos?
Saulens181: CSDragon31 market liberals
AnotherEli: Man, if only America had such standards!
TheDeadVirgin: It's not updating my Capitalization
nanashisword: almost as fun as british politics
Kramburger: The Liberal Party is just a name
VariableVacancy: @CSDragon31 mostly because they can name themselves whatever they want
All_mankind: sweden has four right-wing liberal parties
mastershake29x: @CSDragon31 liberal can mean different things in different countries
TheMadPunter: Thanks Graham! Always love learning about Canadian politics
samlarson1227: hey, you can have our president?
BonSequitur: It's confusing in Canada because "liberal" gets used both in the US sense of "centre-left" and the European sense of "right-wing"
lsuaksauke: how excited that 9 votes stopped a majority goverment :v????
hondor64: wow
XRoughRiderX: what about old Pokemon cards
hondor64: your opponents clock
lordkinkade: I'd like politics that stick around the center/ I'm always forced to pick the worst of two extremes
Sibanamush: Ontario liberals just messed up Hydro
AnotherEli: "liberal" is different from "Liberal"
hondor64: this is game one right?
TheGuildpact: @anothereli I wish so too
Krispee19191: dang, Graham , i wished i lived in Canada
Lord_Hosk: A couple years ago when Aaron F was on Desert Bus he was like "yeah we have cases and cases of the Un sets just sitting around the warehouse
samlarson1227: @LoadingReadyRun hey, you can have my president!
cloudwizard13: the names are all politics
Shenandygains: or the Flat Earth Party
maikito2: illP illP illP
korvys: CSDragon31 - In pretty much all of the non-american world, Liberal is closers to Libertarian, rather than Liberal (left wing)
LoremasterMonty: What is it with the americas and education being so expensive, then again i received money to study rather than the other way around, maybe cause i live in "communistic" Sweden :P
samwonk: Remember that the "Progressive Conservative Party" was a real thing in Canada.
CyanMig: yeah politicians like labels, see also anything that calls itself the democratic republic of X
Perceptivej: liberals are right wing in most of the developed world
BonSequitur: In most of the world, "liberal" means rightwing, the US is an exception.
ChaoticCrawler: No, "liberalism" specifically refers to free market policies, it doesn't mean left or right wing
SAJewers: same reason why some provinces have a "progressive conservative" party :P
Grimmig_Dunkel: @LoadingReadyRun Did you ever end up getting milkshakes last night?
apodionysus: If I know chat, next Months Mail Time is gonna be FULL of POGs
directdamagecast: LRR needs more boxes of BFZed
GapFiller: look at the Marijuana PArty of BC
Papperslappen: Liberal in most of Europe is means right of center
cuttlefishman: J-Trudes doesn't really care much for a number of the Provincial Liberal Parties, even if J-Trudes has given tacit support for the BC and NS parties.
Domidwarcer: Our Green party is Actually Left wing
Kthanid: Remember the Reform party?
Orlastheman: Lol GG
Saulens181: Outside of the US "Liberal" usually refers to a right-wing market policy.
samlarson1227: @LoadingReadyRun you can have america's president!
TheMadPunter: You mean the Canadian Green party or American Green party?
shadmed: liberal technically means free trade, like liberal trade, that's how it works in europe
TehSpud: So the bull moose party was not a party of moose?
RassilonDND: Hello Dr.s LRR,i know it may not be possible at moonbase delta, but I am curious if we will ever get a Lan party at the moonbase? PUBG in person seems sweet
Foxmar320: Sure lol
NovaGirl5: Well I'm Glad I could give the gift of sugary treats =D I will be going now. See everyone later.
emberBecky: the word liberal hasn't historically meant "left wing" in poli science. It mostly dates back to free markets as opposed to feudalism, iirc
RoastedGravy: That’s so weird..
MCJiopur: As an Albertan the idea of right-wing liberals is confusing
Kastor911: jeuss 4min?
Foxmar320: I forgot we were having a game
Bengineering: Speaking as an Albertan, It's interesting hearing about Conservatism in BC.
lsuaksauke: 9 votes stopped a possible liberal majority <3
RassilonDND: Esepcially if you could splitscreen the stream
CSDragon31: But Liberal means "open to new behavior or opinions, willing to discard traditional values". That's the OPPOSITE of right-wing
toasthaste: I mean hell, "conservation" is *technically* conservative just going by definitions
kat2kool: Wait which Green Party?
cloudwizard13: @NovaGirl5 have a nice time
muddboy87: later LRR
asthanius: Or the Cee-Lo Green party?
Perivale: To be fair Liberal doesn't mean anything on the Left-Right spectrum necessarily
barbarianras: Woot! first legue and I went 2-1
samlarson1227: @LoadingReadyRun hey, do you want our president?
SaneMantis: Ilyon has been drinking pickle milkshakes as part of his charity stream
dread_pirate_westley: Someone take America's President. Anyone.
underhill33: Put him into the sea
samlarson1227: we got trump...
Perivale: Liberal is as opposed to Authoritarian
FrankMcCrank: Be careful talking about politics. Say the wrong thing and certain people will unfriend you on facebook *GASP* Kappa
NovaGirl5: bye everyone
TrickJarrett: Yayyyyyyyyy
samlarson1227: u guys r lucky
McFluffums: timer
Darth_Wooper: Bye NovaGirl5! Have a good rest of your day! o/
mastershake29x: graham can talk to trick now
ElChines: Yay
TheMadPunter: He'd be... SO confused
RoastedGravy: No one wants our president.
SirTrae: It's okay, most of us don't want him either
AnotherEli: gg?
TrickJarrett: He realized time on clock and conceded
TheBearBee: Oh god! Are those Fatburger donuts? Those are the bomb! Especially the sauce!
RoastedGravy: Not even at a bargain discount.
samlarson1227: lol
IlyonTV: Yay! A winner is LRR!
CommiePuddin: You can just keep shipping him north until he reaches the sea. That would be just fine.
Saulens181: CSDragon31 welcome to non-specific specific terminology.
Foxmar320: Sending Trump to Canada. One way no returns.
CSDragon31: 1 loss, 2 DCs :I
TheGuildpact: @novagirl5 have a great day.
Lord_Hosk: Its almost like political parties in each country and region has developed independent of other regions and nations and their use of terms may or may not relate to what you know
Perivale: Like David Cameron was Liberal in the UK but pretty right wing
ElektroTal: the liberal party of australia, for instance, is hard right. liberal means economic liberalism, or what we'd call small government/free market, which is literally the right wing republicans in america
mastershake29x: this was a weird one
JediTransmit: The ol 2-1?
Grimmig_Dunkel: @LoadingReadyRun Listen America's President is an evil we wouldnt wish on our worst enemies, let alone our awesome canadian bros
Orlastheman: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:08:21.
Eywind: illP <3
lifecharacter: But why though.
RoastedGravy: Hell, we’d have to PAY other countries just to take Drumpf off our hands.
High_Ether: That sounds gross
Jwiley129: G, this time it's Pickles, Milk, and Cheese
nanashisword: thanks for the... fun games
samlarson1227: yeah cams coming
senshi5609: Flip this into a social eating stream
WotC_Lee: the old 2-1!
AlonsoSwift: @FrankMcCrank Oh no! What will I do without my great-aunt Gertrude's unfunny comics? Kappa
Arikele: yeah at 4 minutes on clock they don't really have time to win two games
cloudwizard13: pickle doues not like milk
Galactic_pain: In the US, Liberal and Conservative seem to refer more to social views
af0z: Perivale Liberal can mean economic liberal, which is definitely not left wing
Alesha_WhoSmilesAtDeath: He hates pickles. That's the point
SarunasZukauskas: As a european, the idea of a non right wing liberal is confusing
GapFiller: pickled milk... hlorf
DTor214: Thanks for the stream!
maikito2: No he hates pickles that's the point illRIP
rarermonsters: Quitting Facebook is the right decision, and all other social networks. Alex said on Twitter the other day that they're the Comment Sections for life and he's right
Darth_Wooper: Pickle... milkshakes? lrrFRUMP kstarkNope
MrPhlip: Is the POCWHDTTFTABTOP still a going concern in BC politics?
cameronj115: you only payed 1and 1/2 matches
Lord_Hosk: If you want to support Doctors with out borders with a fun stream check out
hella_queer_halfling: come to england where our 'strong and stable' leader wants to bring back fox hunting and the guy who is 'completely unelectable' wants to raise funds for the NHS
GapFiller: thanks for streaming guys
Kthanid: To be fair, the Canadian PM has WAY more power than the US president in terms of passing laws and policy.
TheMadPunter: My cousin once chugged half a jar of straight pickle juice, no problem
Undertowst: Pickle Juice ISC comes to mind... which was gross.
hondor64: I had a roomate that would drink the brine(?) after we finished a container of pickles... That was strange
toasthaste: I feel like I could get used to pickle milkshakes. Pickle & peanut butter sandwiches are dope after all
cuttlefishman: Can you show a donughut hole in closeup?
samlarson1227: we love you lrr
Sordidambition: James suggested chicken milk shakes recently
lsuaksauke: speaking of lunch im off to timmies
apodionysus: What's fat burger?
firehazard_k: Which donuts are better?
Foxmar320: Get real food Graham lol
rogerivany: Lose round 1, get conceded to in rounds 2 and 3
samwonk: The /best/ part of being a political scientist is when twitch chat decides to start talking about politics.
ElektroTal: please spare a thought for the misphonic and like, don't eat on stream
Umandsf: 5:00PM, the best time for lunch.
CommiePuddin: Graham, are you vlogging again today?
Perivale: @hella_queer_halfling don;t remind me :(
Lord_Hosk: PubG
kat2kool: Straight kstarkNope for pickle milkshakes
EikoandMog: Move the political centre to the frozen northern part of canada, send Trump there with zero supplies.
samlarson1227: its 8 at night
Wonderdoc: G you're torturing me. I can't eat sweets till June 7th :(
the_cliffs_are_calling: James quick draft!
Lord_Hosk: Cameron PubG
samlarson1227: @Wonderdoc y not?
Foxmar320: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
Jwiley129: THANK'S JAMES
TheThrashCaptain: This was better than a 2-1 deck :(
cuttlefishman: too close
cloudwizard13: no, stop
Arikele: you monster James
EikoandMog: !highlight DONUT HOLE
GapFiller: SICK
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Foxmar320: James plz
ToastyLoaff: nom
mastershake29x: such a troll james!
Sibanamush: OMnom nom
NuCk3: nom nom
CodeGorilla: !highlight don't feed the chat
Darth_Wooper: Donut!
emberBecky: nom
Pharmacistjudge: down the camera is all steamy
chrono2x: Thanks for donut
Gooseblast: NomNom
Navi_Chem: PUBG
PruPruh: Nite nite lovely people! It's too late for me to enjoy the Camness, but you have my axe.
LoremasterMonty: Oh dear, 2 in the morning over here. Problem with living in Europe.
t3h_f1gm3nt: WHOO! More PUBG
tergonis: gib has
ThatDangSkeleton: NOICE
Aarek: PUBG?
TheBearBee: Fatburger is a burger chain that cooks the burger in full view of the customer.
cChroma: Donut on the lens lol
Sibanamush: Thanks for sharing James
Darth_Wooper: PUBG HYPE!
ogier300: So fun!
samlarson1227: no!
AlonsoSwift: Don't torture me, pls. I'm a broke college student lrrSAD
Macheya: Donut hole better served as window than door.
GapFiller: PUBG HYPE
Wonderdoc: samlarson1227 self inflicted restrictions ^^
senshi5609: Wooo
cuttlefishman: PUBG STRIM
All_mankind: don't feed the internet
RoastedGravy: DONUT HOLE
Macheya: Er, door than window.
samlarson1227: cool
AlonsoSwift: Whoops, I thought that was an emote.
TrickJarrett: And tomorrow is the Pro Tour!
TheBearBee: They serve beer and BIG burgers
Pharmacistjudge: almond cat!
samlarson1227: nice
samlarson1227: pubg
Jwiley129: PT Nashville! \o/
EvilGamr: backup plans!
lordtrackerzod: how sick is Alex?
Jwiley129: 9 am Central
dread_pirate_westley: Pro what?
Irgendwasmitkiwi: good night all
McFluffums: what deck will you be playing at the pro your Mr.Jarret?
TheMadPunter: Young Graham explains BC politics (still can't believe this is all real):
mastershake29x: 10 ET / 7 PT
Umandsf: Well, there goes my weekend.
nosrac2: 9am et
AnotherEli: Blegh it is Nashville?
Jwiley129: I live in Nashville!
EikoandMog: We can send food to the moonbase :o
CaptainEnder7: Please wish Alex a speedy recovery from chat
lordtrackerzod: hope he gets better
nosrac2: 10 et sorry
TrickJarrett: 10am ET / 9am Local (Central) / 7am Pacific
Jwiley129: @AnotherEli you wanna go?
TheMadPunter: when's the Pro Tour?
cuttlefishman: Graham looks so babyface
RoastedGravy: Hey, Pro Tour Nuts-ville.
ElektroTal: holy shit, beardless graham
GapFiller: night night guys
NovaGirl5: @EikoandMog No I cheated
TheMadPunter: Ahyup!
samlarson1227: that was weird
GapFiller: see you later
TheGuildpact: Buy.
Darth_Wooper: Thanks for streaming, guys!
TheMadPunter: Later guys!!
chrono2x: wut
AlonsoSwift: Will we get a 12-hour stream at 250?
firehazard_k: HO BOY
TheGuildpact: <3
RoastedGravy: Oh, Graham, when will TTC be uploaded?
Foxmar320: Get on it chat
LordManiMani: ahh the ol Turner Guarantee...?
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:11:02.
cuttlefishman: "... Go Crazy" - Graham Stark, 2017
samlarson1227: its cam's turn!
McFluffums: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator at Thu 06:00 PM PDT (48m from now).
the_cliffs_are_calling: It's only about $2k, we can do it...
kat2kool: Byeeeee kstarkTHANK
McFluffums: everybody load in your joke accounts
samlarson1227: nice ads
NovaGirl5: I feel nifty now =3
samlarson1227: byeeeeeeeee
TheMadPunter: @NovaGirl5 As well you should
NovaGirl5: @TheMadPunter Well I do feel bad about scalping their adress, but at least they liked the food.
Kthanid: Glad it all worked out well!
All_mankind: only the most trusted supporters get to know the Moonbase address <3
Kthanid: Yeah it's a double edged sword, but you did a good.
TheMadPunter: @NovaGirl5 Fair enough; it's one of those "use power only for good" things, and your heart's obviously in the right place; no harm no foul
cloudwizard13: here's a link to Alex's Stream
Foxmar320: Its cool to want to send things to LRR but in the future chat make sure you contact LRR first so they know in advance that something is coming. :)
Sarah_Serinde: And please don't guess at their address, the office address isn't public, if you want/need it please ask them for it
hoktauri: I don't want to hear about some rando showing up to live with LRR like that Kotaku article earlier this week
couldntpickausername: if you want to send food somewhere I can provide an address.....