Skyboss1996: I mean, wouldn't you be upset if you didn't get to see your public execution?
kpiozero: Gitaroos are wierd things
IndigoVitare: personally I came here for the bee jazz, so I'm disappointed either way
Compleatly: I'm pretty sure this game has an easy mode.
Compleatly: I know it has a hard mode
TheMoatman: Nothing like pivoting from RB to GB in pack 2 because of Decimator Beetle
Compleatly: maybe you *are* on easy mode
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't think so, Compleatly
Rockario: I thought they did put it on easy. Or at least, normal.
DennyMcG: Easy mode was inside you all along
Pteraspidomorphi: I think this is normal
NomenNeminis: Why didn't we have a boss that is a Guitar-roo, i.e. a guitar-playing kangaroo? Kappa
zanahorowa: This is easy mode. I'll tell you though that Normal and Hard Stage 10 are exactly the same except it's a lot more unforgiving.
FadedOasis: There's Normal and Hard, and this is Normal.
Skyboss1996: Like, Mass Effect made you finish the game on Normal to unock Insanity
EricTheOrange: You may want to start from the beginning so when you get to this point you have more life.
Nicarrow: hi all
kpiozero: This game makes most of adam's gamehouse feel like easy mode
amythist: wait they beat the freaky organ guy finally?
Compleatly: yes amythist
kpiozero: @amythist offcamera
FadedOasis: amythist, "yes"
Compleatly: you can do this!
Compleatly: you can achieve true love
zanahorowa: Master Mode/Hard would be impossible for you guys honestly. You could try it though.
Compleatly: or something
Skyboss1996: This is the Run!
kpiozero: We believe in you Ian and Hodor!
Compleatly: Oh yeah no *** no there's no way you guys can get through master mode
Compleatly: but we believe in you for normal mode!
NomenNeminis: Final!
Sektor88: it's good you know chat's expectations. Kappa
kpiozero: Hey, we're not insane
Niallsb: I love you choice of words Heather. It's not "complete" Gitaroo Man, it's "get through" Gitaroo Man.
Skyboss1996: Yah!
WNivek: lrrGOAT
Compleatly: you've achieved true gitaroo power
Taveena: "Survive" Gitaroo Man
FadedOasis: Hooray, you have all eight of the legendary Gitaroos!!
sir_jack_DB: truuuuue
zanahorowa: Time to go even further beyond Kreygasm
FadedOasis: GOOD LUCK
Compleatly: are you ready to achieve your final form Ian and Heather
oyleslyck: Git-a-roo
GDwarf: I wish the game would stop hitting on you. :P
EricTheOrange: did she say Get-a-roo?
Riandisa: He's just taking everyone's family heirlooms
ritchards: Get A Room Man!
Skyboss1996: Git-Ar-U. Gataroe Guitaroo
TwilightAvalon: Love....wins?....??
kpiozero: There is no propper pronoucation
Compleatly: erictheorange: that's a way to pronounce it yes
DennyMcG: FadedOasis now we play the elite four of Gitatoos?
IndigoVitare: so is there One Final Gitaroo, that makes its wearer invisible or something?
GDwarf: Gods, this dub
NomenNeminis: Ok, announcer lady, I'm gonna need you to calm down.
Omthebox: FINAL FORM PogChamp
Skyboss1996: WAT
EricTheOrange: Love intest chan just happens to look exactly like our crush on earth
Compleatly: God Only Knows!
TheMoatman: The next song is God Only Knows by the Beach Boys
Compleatly: ^
Undertowst: Why does this game seem so stupid.....
rendelnep: it's symbolism guys!!!
GDwarf: There are 9 Guitaroos? (Yours + 8 others)? But doesn't the end boss also have one?
Niallsb: "Did somebody say 'Hack the pl-'? ...oh."
Compleatly: undertowst: because you hate fun.
Mijnheer: Perfect in every way!
DennyMcG: Play Freebird!
NomenNeminis: EricTheOrange I believe those is the same person.
TwilightAvalon: Tengen Toppa Gitaroo Lagann!!!!!
Reecer6: Actually, the next 4 hours of this game are the entire full album of Pet Sounds.
EricTheOrange: his name is Zoe?
GDwarf: "Zoe"? Not, "Zoah"?
zanahorowa: Kira just wants a quiet life, Zoe.
kpiozero: Thats a big suit of armor
cuttlefishman: Which Gundam is that Ian?
Compleatly: his name is indeed zoe.
GDwarf: These lip flaps are...a thing
TheMoatman: You can do what you want to
FadedOasis: GDwarf: The end boss has that robot costume, not a Legendary Gitaroo
TheMoatman: You can leave your friends behind
Sibwow: this is incredible
DennyMcG: man
Sektor88: oh look, a gundam. Kappa
lifecharacter: So Zoe's just that friend no one likes who keeps trying to play with everyone else.
lifecharacter: And everyone just wants him to go home.
Skyboss1996: Game. PLS
Lysander_Gustav: acting!
tyloncorp: uh.
zanahorowa: PogChamp
Compleatly: This is great huh
DennyMcG: I have absolutely no lrrEFF ing idea what is going on
Undertowst: Oh, I don't hate fun, or game mechanics... It's just ... story and dialog...
kpiozero: I don't even know what this even is
NomenNeminis: "Music is not for fighting" Now let's fight the villain with the power of music!
rendelnep: 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'
ChipMissile: Um... what?
GDwarf: Why did the end boss care about the Guitaroos. if he's convinced he can take on the ultimate guitaroo?
TheMoatman: No, What's on third
FarleyF: It sounds like we are fighting the laughatron
Skyboss1996: Aaaaaaaaacting!
GDwarf: "Miserable Scrub"?
Sibwow: show me ya moves
DarKovalord: o_O
EricTheOrange: This localization is so hilarious
Seagulyus: wow the japanese must've been really long
Sektor88: show me what yoooooou've gooooot
Pteraspidomorphi: This translation reminds mee of Ghost Stories
Reecer6: This dialogue pacing is... not good?
Edgarware: Wait, can he do it?
Lysander_Gustav: Magic transform
Compleatly: final form achieved.
ritchards: Final Form?
EricTheOrange: We wen super sayaman
Sektor88: Also that happened
IndigoVitare: he has become birb
CataclysmicReverb: Suddenly written by Trigger?
oyleslyck: Gitaroo bird man.
Reecer6: We are a furry.
NomenNeminis: !highlight Voice Acting?!?
LRRbot: Highlight added.
cuttlefishman: I think that pacing was better in Japanese?
Undertowst: And this is what I meant with ... this game seems really really stupid...
ChipMissile: lol
Omthebox: You thought that was our final form?
Seagulyus: EricTheOrange Super Gitarooman
lifecharacter: We've fusion danced with the guitar?
Compleatly: undertowst: it's good though.
Niallsb: I think I was spoiled on this story the time I picked up my nephew from daycare.
FadedOasis: You are the true Gitaroo-man. A Harpy.
Skyboss1996: Fuuuu-Sioooon! HAA!
Compleatly: undertowst: because it's stupid
EricTheOrange: Were a rock angel now.
IndigoVitare: Saved?
kpiozero: Time for the final fight!
sir_jack_DB: that is certainly a thing
Ignatiuspants: maximum Gitaroo achieved!
GDwarf: "Zowie"? Pronounced "Zoah-ee"? Whut?
Sektor88: that's some chunibyou right there
EricTheOrange: Zowie?....
NomenNeminis: Latent power?
TheMoatman: Digi see, Digi hear, Digi know it was coming?
DennyMcG: I can't disagree with Ian here
Compleatly: This stage is really long. Settle in.
kpiozero: Well, I think I have a WUR angel that looks like that?
EricTheOrange: Yawie Zowie
ritchards: Wowie Zowie
GDwarf: I mean, I know iNiS loves them some David Bowie, but c'mon
Reecer6: Zavid Zowie.
TheMoatman: Named after Duncan Jones, I assume
oyleslyck: David Zowie Kappa
Skyboss1996: Welcome to where the game tells you to finally Git Gud
FadedOasis: Charge!
Ignatiuspants: Zowie. pronounced "Zoe"... makes sense
EricTheOrange: I wouldn't be surprised. Now time to Google Yaoi Zowie and see what I get.
Compleatly: This stage is quite long you'll want a save state.
DennyMcG: Zaoie Yaoi on Ice
Compleatly: EricTheOrange: have fun with that.
Mijnheer: @EricTheOrange You are braver than I am. Godspeed.
Skyboss1996: The UI canne take it!
Lysander_Gustav: Who scored this?
Rocketman210: oh *** i just got back, is this industrial-metal + mecha ?
GDwarf: Also, wait, no one thought we could do this? Then why did they bother having us do this?
Undertowst: Is the music supposed to sound like a guitar being tortured?
NomenNeminis: !advice
LRRbot: Don't challenge the chat.
Skyboss1996: "Bad End"
Compleatly: GDwarf: because U-1 was literally the only one who could.
DennyMcG: Rocketman210 I dunno if I can call this industrial metal
GDwarf: "The last guitaroo"? It's now the *only* Guitaroo! Also, if you have a robot suit that's better than a guitaroo then why do you want to possess them? But...argh...
angryoptimist: I just got here. U-1 is Devilman now?
NomenNeminis: GDwarf S--ts and giggles?
Dragofur: Freebird?
rendelnep: Ian might be better due to less plot related whiplash
GDwarf: This ending is no "E-B-A!", man
Rocketman210: @DennyMcG i mean when zowie is attacking you with the hammer on whammy distortion
ArcOfTheConclave: undertowst: yes because the badguy is playing
EricTheOrange: Meh nothing good, just a book called "Zowie! It's Yaoi!"
Compleatly: you didn't look hard enough erictheorange
DennyMcG: Rocketman210 Now I'm imagining trying to attack Fear Factory with a hammer
TwilightAvalon: This is like....Digimon and FLCL had a kid
zanahorowa: This charge segment is the best part of this song tbh
Alephred: So Zowie is not holding a Guitaroo, right?
GDwarf: TwilightAvalon: I believe it predates FLCL, though maybe not
GDwarf: Alephred: Correct
Sektor88: Well, could be Digimon season 4 :P
NomenNeminis: Alephred I see a guitaroo
Compleatly: what are you talking about. The Digimon movie basically was a gundam crossover.
GDwarf: Frankly, it could be Digimon season...which is the one where they fused with their Digimon?
Sektor88: Digimon Frontier, I think? the one where they legit turned into the digimon
NomenNeminis: It kinda looks like a anime gun
Compleatly: Sektor88: yes. The last good season.
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kpiozero: This is going a lot better than gregorio
GDwarf: (Man, I know I watched the first, like, 4 Digimon, but I literally cannot remember any of them but Adventure)
Sektor88: compleatly: have you watched Digimon Adventure Tri?
Rocketman210: @DennyMcG a hammer on is when instead of strumming a note you press with your finger so hard that the string reverberates and makes a soundwithout strumming, so basically he is using a distortion bar/pedal, and using both hands to both play and select notes at the same time
Compleatly: sektor88: I stopped watching digimon after frontier
Sektor88: compleatly: Watch Tri, it's a direct continuation of S1/ 21
Sektor88: *s1 / 2
Alephred: This is easier on the ears than 2 hours of taiko drumming, too.
GDwarf: Isn't Digimon Season 4 the super-dark one, with the eldritch abomination that kills a digimon and drives a little girl into bottomless despair/
Sektor88: gdwarf, that's S3?
TwilightAvalon: Digimon Season 4 was the bes
Compleatly: no that's season 3
DennyMcG: Rocketman210 Oh I know, I'm just suuuuper drunk
GDwarf: I told you I don't remember them. :P
Mijnheer: Might want to drop a save after charging up
Pharmacistjudge: this song gives you lots of charge's an attrition match.
kpiozero: You got more helath than that guy!
Compleatly: man this is easy isn't it.
Sektor88: needs moar Hendrix
Skyboss1996: Spaaaaace fight!
Texan_Reverend: acsTexas Good afternoon and good vibes, Heather and Ian!
MsL3th4l: oh crap i forgot i was watching digimon tri T.T life got out of control lol
NomenNeminis: Thankfully the charge melody is comparatively very easy.
Reecer6: You know, to follow up on this, it'd be great to see some Total Distortion here.
Skyboss1996: Enter the Guitaroo Zone!
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah you already fought space shark
GDwarf: So, given that Zowie knows how the Guitaroo works, why didn't he just attack you right after he learned of your existence? Before you got your Guitaroo charged up to max?
Alephred: Unrelated, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Thumbs up from me.
Rocketman210: are we using Spiral Guitaroo energy?
ArcOfTheConclave: send him to the shadow gitaroo
GDwarf: He had all the other Guitaroo, so he could just take yours and make the ultimate one himself, if he so wished
IndigoVitare: is... whoever's playing going to first try it? :O
kpiozero: Dark side of the gitaroo
Compleatly: gdwarf: obviously he wasn't capable of interplanetary travel.
GDwarf: Compleatly:...of course, how silly of me
Sektor88: I've seen this anime Kappa
FadedOasis: Congratulations! Now try hard mode. :-) lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
kpiozero: WHOOOOOOOO
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm glad I was wrong about the difficulty level you had this at
IndigoVitare: was that First Try?!
Omthebox: lightning?
GDwarf: This is when an EVA throws the Lance of Longinus into Zowie, right?
Slezak: bigjNICE bigjNICE bigjNICE bigjNICE
EricTheOrange: Digimon was never really a thing for me I think I was a bit to old for it when it came out.
amythist: I think more conflicts need to be decided by who can play the most bitchin guitar solo
Reecer6: ugggh the legendary gitaroo, christ
Skyboss1996: YEAH
angryoptimist: !highlight Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh~
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Rocketman210: did we just gurran lagan him into the spiral dimension?
Lysander_Gustav: !victory
LRRbot: lrrGOAT 4 victories for Gitaroo Man on Rhythm Cafe
NomenNeminis: First try?!?!?! Heck yeah!
DennyMcG golf claps
zanahorowa: I think you guys can complete Master stage 1. Stage 2 and 3 are a gigantic difficulty spike though.
TwilightAvalon: That wasnt even his final form!
rzrdrgn: It's like if FLCL made even less sense
IndigoVitare: I thought it was the second try, but the first for whoever played that winning run
Reecer6: The REAL final boss is the skeleton trio again.
kpiozero: Cs get degrees on rythem cafe folks
GDwarf: I think it was the second try
NomenNeminis: cheer100 That deserves my ad bits!
FadedOasis: Yeah, Sanbone and Gregorio are the hard stages. :-)
Compleatly: rzrdrgn: this game makes perfect sense.
Rocketman210: SPACE DOGGO
GDwarf: Why did our dog just kidnap us?
DennyMcG: I love when game menus make no sense
WNivek: The unifying factor of menu navigation here appears to be 'brighter = selected'
Lysander_Gustav: eww
Tiber727: Yeah, the dog is an asshole.
zanahorowa: LUL
Lysander_Gustav: Was that a sequel hook?
Alephred: "Poochy went back to his home planet."
Pharmacistjudge: sadly, Kirah had the best song...too bad it got interrupted
Sibwow: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Skyboss1996: Our turn?
Mijnheer: Your Gitaroo is the Gitaroo that will pierce the heavens!
MsL3th4l: you cant make me do anything, game!!!
GDwarf: So, my current assumption is that this whole game was entirely in our heads
NomenNeminis: Who was that completely unmasked stranger
Skyboss1996: Wat
Sektor88: lolwhat
Lysander_Gustav: um okay
ThePov42: I just tuned in and I am TERRIFIED by what I am seeing
Rocketman210: now welcome to guitaroo land! its like disney land but with Guitars!
angryoptimist: BANG
J4Y_4NDY: What?
GDwarf: Did...did we just knock a bully over with air?
NomenNeminis: Are those song lyris?
corpocracy: BANG
EricTheOrange: Hey it's Crush who looks exactly like love intrest chan for some reason.
Compleatly: GDwarf: the legendary gitaroo gives you many powers.
Rocketman210: thats how you get married
thecoolyest34: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
Pharmacistjudge: is Hodor going to sprout fire wings now?
lurkerspine: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 46:34.
Astronaut_SIoth: He just air guitar-ed the crap out of that guy
Alephred: Someone chose 3 2 5 as their professional name?
Skyboss1996: BANG
Edgarware: Remember kids, just air guitar to solve all your problems
GDwarf: But yeah, I'm gonna have to come down hard on the entire game being in his head
Omthebox: I think I'll try to ask somebody out that way.
MsL3th4l: so its like the end of The Graduate?
Reecer6: That's a healthy relationship!
lurkerspine: Oh man, I missed the end? Thank goodness for the VOD
angryoptimist: !game BANG
IndigoVitare: I mean if the visual effect for the BANG was actually real somehow it makes more sense
Rocketman210: wow
andrewholderstl: what is this stream
NomenNeminis: I think doing that in real life is a great way to get beaten up!
GDwarf: I mean, perpetual motion isn't the *worst* foundation for a romance...
Taveena: !highlight Like Sharks
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Texan_Reverend: Just keep guitaring! Just keep guitaring!
Rocketman210: !highlight Ian relationship advice
TheMoatman: Hey Ian, you know what you could play on this stream?
TheMoatman: Drakenguard
Reecer6: Geeteroo?
TheMoatman: *Drakengard
DennyMcG: andrewholderstl how much time do you have?
GDwarf: "Get a room"
Lysander_Gustav: Gat or yooo
andrewholderstl: not much
EricTheOrange: Get yo roo
TheMoatman: Technically, that game ends with a rhythm game
Mijnheer: I wanted to say "after this, gitaroo no longer sounds like a word", but it wasn't a word to begin with lrrEFF
Skyboss1996: mandolin
Lysander_Gustav: Gator yuuuu
Slezak: Gi-tar-oh
TwilightAvalon: git a row
NomenNeminis: "Get-a-room"
zanahorowa: You guys should try Master Mode! PogChamp
MsL3th4l: git a roo? sounds like anyaustralian animal rental service.
Rocketman210: Banjo and or kazooie
Lysander_Gustav: Anime!
Undertowst: Punish?
lurkerspine: This ending theme sounds like they were trying to be the pillows.
andrewholderstl: @DennyMcG I have 5 minutes before i have to leave
Alephred: Kirk Douglas? Sweet!
Reecer6: Get-a-room was what the Paranoia team decided on on Friday, yes.
richard_ermen: I´m so happy for you completing successfuly! Good job guys ^^
DennyMcG: andrewholderstl okay, then right now it is playing rhythm games with little/no preparation
andrewholderstl: oh ok
Rocketman210: U-1 is like U-2 but not quite
IndigoVitare: BEAUTY IS A SIN
NomenNeminis: You mean nearly every anime
FadedOasis: He was just another henchman.
EricTheOrange: He was one of Zowies underlings I think.
Pteraspidomorphi: I think everyone would rather pretend he doesn't exist, including Zowie
GDwarf: Oh, right, Ian and/or Heather: Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure is a weird fusion of rhythm game and Zelda-esque that you might want to check out. It's...kinda like Ghibli meets Digimon for tone
Compleatly: Gregario 3 was another one of Zowie's henchmen
Slezak: We never saw his "mama" either
Skyboss1996: We solved our problem by going "BANG" too.
Reecer6: All in all, this was exactly the same plot as Um Jammer Lammy.
amythist: wasn;t Gregario like the leader of the prison thing where we fought the skeletons
TwilightAvalon: Gregorio = A Gravillian who operates a cathedral as his Gitaroo, located on Planet Gitaroo itself. He is obsessed with his own beauty and constantly screams 'Mama' at the top of his lungs. He also narrates the character bios on the Collection screen.
kpiozero: Vs play?
FadedOasis: And now they die to Panpeus
IndigoVitare: Level 1? Amatears. Skip to Skeletons
Reecer6: Using an imaginary guitar to do impossible things as a representation of building self-confidence.
zanahorowa: BabyRage
GDwarf: Gregorio is never explained. His Guitaroo is a cathedral, that's all you ever know
Compleatly: Panpeus' theme is great
Compleatly: Twisted Reality
andrewholderstl: @LoadingReadyRun Do you guys like pink floyd time because I hear you guys talking about rolling stones sympathy for the devil and they are kind of similar
Skyboss1996: What are we talking about, this is way easier?! Kappa
GDwarf: So, "Panpeus" would mean "All Peus", I...don't know what "peus" is.
NomenNeminis: Don't throw a guitar that is THAT pointy at a person!
Compleatly: GDwarf: you know what a Peus is.
Compleatly: GDwarf: look inside yourself. You will find the answer.
kpiozero: Hey it looks like U-! has his name on the INSIDE of his door
lurkerspine: They are not similar at all?
TheExactSame: I agree with Ian. I don't hear it
NomenNeminis: kpiozero In case he forgets it, I guess.
Skyboss1996: Maybe in like 2 or 3 songs, but no, not realy
amythist: wow you get chunked when you miss
Undertowst: Oh, it punishes you more for misses.
DennyMcG: I have a lot of friends that love both Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones
andrewholderstl: They are kind of similar in my opinion but I don't know
GDwarf: kpiozero: It's so that when he wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night with that disorienting feeling of not knowing who he is, he just has to look at his door, duh
Compleatly: masters don't miss amythist.
NomenNeminis: Right, the giant pig out of nowhere
Reecer6: @kpiozero It's actually that the entire world bar that one room is his REAL bedroom.
DennyMcG: Not really a fan of either myself though
Alephred: Is this an Inn?
lurkerspine: Yeah, I like Floyd and Stones, but I don't think they're comparable though.
zanahorowa: You take a lot more damage in this mode. It's really unforgiving.
amythist: main comparison you can really make between the Stones and Pink Floyd is just that the both of them have been around for ages
kpiozero: Your guitaroo is really hungry
andrewholderstl: @lurkerspine I guess I have been listening to so much of both of them lately that I am thinking of their songs as being kind of similar my bad
GDwarf: I assume that if any Guitaroo defeats another Guitaroo it then eats it
Compleatly: The loser's gitaroo gets eaten. Just like Highlander Ian
GDwarf: That's why there's only 8 (9?) of 'em
Compleatly: you eat it and gain its powers
lurkerspine: @Andrewholderstl no worries
andrewholderstl: @lurkerspine Also what is your favorite floyd song
MsL3th4l: evolving? is this an flcl sex thing?
DennyMcG: andrewholderstl I don't think you have to apologise for that, I do that a lot too
Undertowst: Yeah, that's like saying Blue Oyster Cult and King Crimson are similar.
Compleatly: undertowst: there's no Stand named Blue Oyster Cult what are you talking about
lurkerspine: It's probably Wish You Were Here - cliche I know :p
angryoptimist: King Crimson: It Just Works
lurkerspine: Oh man, the multitap
GDwarf: Man, I need to try re-watching FLCL one of these days. I say the first, like, three episodes a decade ago, when my taste in anime was nowhere near as much of a fan of surreality
lurkerspine: much love
Compleatly: let's do Born to Be Bone
Compleatly: it's such a good song
Unpronounceable: Flyin' to your Heart
andrewholderstl: @lurkerspine Yea that is really good another really cliche one that is my favorite id the great gig in the sky
Mijnheer: Beej AM Blues lrrBEEJ
DennyMcG: GDwarf I remember being part of a conversation where someone tried to convince someone that FLCL was a very grounded show
GDwarf: It gives you 100 points of handicap? Huh
zanahorowa: TriHard
Compleatly: it's the life bar GDwarf, because there's a charge bar.
GDwarf: DennyMcG:...wut? It *opens* with a gas-powered guitar and an interdimensional portal inside a kid's head
Lysander_Gustav: Have Ian and Heather tried Um Jammer Lammer on this stream?
lurkerspine: FLCL was probably a grounded show in comparison to the rest of Gainax?
ArcOfTheConclave: Thats a nice trumpetoo
GDwarf: Compleatly: I got that, it's just weirdly fine-grained
GDwarf: lurkerspine: Eh, I'm no Gainax expert, but most of their stuff seems more grounded than FLCL
andrewholderstl: @LoadingReadyRun I see that you guys are doing rhythm games but what else do you guys do on this channel
Compleatly: yes Lysander
JumbahJawn: Hey Chat, Ian. Hodor, i love the blue hair it looks awesome!
DennyMcG: andrewholderstl my favourite Floyd song is probably Comfortably Numb
GDwarf: Andrewholderstl: All sorts of stuff
Lysander_Gustav: oh okay
GDwarf: Lysander_Gustav: Um Jammer Lammy traumatized them
NomenNeminis: Do you still have to dodge attacks that the other player missed?
EricTheOrange: I see why 20% is the starting point, because this could take a while.
Lysander_Gustav: I will search for the​ replay later
zanahorowa: Nice
Compleatly: Kick, punch, it's all in the mind.
Tempest2097: This is ridiculous and I love it.
GDwarf: Lysander_Gustav: Alas, only part 2 made it to YouTube
andrewholderstl: yea that is really good have you heard the song pigs by them. If not you should listen to it its is really good in my opinion
DennyMcG: andrewholderstl It depends a lot. There's a lot of people on this channel, so we get stuff from rhythm to RTS, to Minecraft
GDwarf: So the horror of the not-pregnancy is mostly gone
Tempest2097: I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
misteline: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Gitaroo Man (rating 0%)
IndigoVitare: so what would happen if P2 wasn't Bee Man, but, say Gregorio? What is Gregorio's instrument even? He just stood there
Compleatly: Tempest2097: Ian and Heather are ahving a scrap
cuttlefishman: !game Gitaroo
Compleatly: indigovitare: Gregorio has the organ gitaroo.
GDwarf: IndigoVitare: His guitaroo was the cathedral
IndigoVitare: but he never plays it
Undertowst: @Andrewholderstl Rythmn games, minecraft, table top games, magic the gathering, terrible trash games, just a LOT of stuff, and almost daily.
IndigoVitare: he just stands around dramatically
GDwarf: Compleatly: Nope, his Guitaroo is the entire cathedral
Compleatly: it plays itself indigovitare.
IndigoVitare: and in vs?
Lysander_Gustav: darn I won't watch that then. Don't want to see people not having fun
Pteraspidomorphi: Villain defeated!
andrewholderstl: ok thank you everyone
Tempest2097: @Compleatly Ah.
Compleatly: GDwarf: yes. the organ gitaroo is a cathedral
CataclysmicReverb: aye aye aye
Undertowst: @Andrewholderstl Loading Ready Run is a sketch comedy group at heart.
andrewholderstl: ok
DennyMcG: oh god my foot is asleep
zanahorowa: SourPls
DennyMcG: I can't stand up
BusTed: Zowie!
andrewholderstl: @DennyMcG That is me even when my foot is not asleep
IndigoVitare: ah P2's characters are limited based on the song. That makes more sense