ConchShell_VII: I'm on the edge, of poison~
Aenir798: 40 people left alive
Felipe_Modesto: Hug the wall
duskcheetah: @ConchShell_VII It is a closing circle that causes damage to you if you are outside of it
ThePov42: lrrEFF
DoodlestheGreat: They'll run into a lone guy with an M241 while driving and he caps all four of them before they get out of the car.
Rivulatus_: Going to be a fun fight. Get there now
NarishmaReborn: definitely get closer at least
amythist: ConchShell_VII that's the play area border, outside of it you take damage, it slowly closes in over the course of the game basically to promote conflict
TyrantTaco: This is gonna be a great game! rooHype
All_mankind: highway to the danger zone
Lord_Hosk: That was right on the flight path everyone is there
Felipe_Modesto: 1 person died in the last like 5 minutes
bv310: The end of this is going to be ludicrous
SuperGiraffe: What's the red circle?
Foxmar320: lrrEFF
ConchShell_VII: I thought it was a cloud of green noxious gas
kenohki2: get to the boat
sgowell: How many are still alive?
Kidror: The bridge is going to suck if the circle ends up on one side
Foxmar320: 40 Remaining
SharkHero08: Graham should look for a scabbard for his crwobar
ChaoticObserver: sgowell: top righ tof th escreen
TyrantTaco: Get in there and start murdering! rooSip
Trippzen: Hole up somewhere with a view of the bridge?
oyleslyck: Red corcle is bombing zone
ChaoticObserver: right now, 40
Kidror: sgowell 40, check the top right
Kthanid: 36 + our team.
dodecaheathen: get in boat, sit in the water
Tregelen: lrrGREED
oyleslyck: Circle*
Rivulatus_: So get there quick, so you are the kill box, not moving into it.
Felipe_Modesto: Red circle goes boom boom
Trippzen: Crossing the bridge sounds like a death trap
SuperGiraffe: Cool, thanks
saint4fools: jeez, this is going to be brutal when it goes to the end
Macheya: This looks like that area in DS3 where Adam kept dying to the archers.
blackwlf: The red zone is for the loading and unloading of bombs only.
Serifina: That car definitely does not handle well.
Kuolar: Who is "they" ?
Grumpy_Mcfart: every sport needs a red zone!
DoodlestheGreat: @sgowell, # of surving players in upper right.
Foxmar320: Road Trip!
ThePov42: Red Zone not as scary as you would think
kenohki2: nooooooo bridge!
TStodden: Red = Read Zone
Juliamon: Scopeception
Grumpy_Mcfart: NASCAR would be SO MUCH better
Tarukai788: ultra-scope
Trippzen: lewd
AugmentingPath: blackwlf the White zone is for loading and unloading bombs only
AdmiralMemo: Kuolar Whoever is running the game. :-D
Thylian1: can you drift in the game?
Reecer6: 64x potential scope!!!
oyleslyck: Superscope
TStodden: *Dead Zone
Lord_Durin: so its like a x32 scope?
timble4: so it's alex, graham, james, and kate, playing an online multiplayer game.
Hesk1el: M-m-m-m-multiscope
GSCeurope: 2nd person view?
SamanthaVess: Magnification Intensifies!
mercano82: Scopeception
ufo6300: the red isnt even that threatening, only like 5% chance of death
Niallsb: Now, you can step outside of the blue circle, but it causes damage to you. It causes progressively more damage over time.
Narida_L: the tension is rising
TheExactSame: Ford the river
DigitalSeahorse: what's the blue/white circle mean?
TyrantTaco: Stop stopping! rooPs
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: pro tip... dont be stationary in a car... thats called a deathtrap
Lord_Hosk: Oh nice, Alex is playing battlegrounds
skilde: people SHOULD close doors behind them
Glenn_Seto: I do!
skilde: =]
Trippzen: Blue circle will slowly collapse to the white circle as the play area gets smaller
underhill33: Kiko of PA closes doors
Himyul: DigitalSeahorse outside the blue circle is death. The white circle marks where the blue circle will soon be
ConchShell_VII: ah, two more dead
Lord_Durin: Alex what do your elf eyes see?
Thylian1: 38?
blackwlf: @AugmentingPath The red zone is for immediate loading and unloading of bombs only. There is no dropping in the white zone.
AdmiralMemo: So CLOSING the doors would be a fake-out to the other players then
Rocketman210: what a strange floor plan
All_mankind: do i hear fire?
hoktauri: I thought James was supposed to be running the group?
DigitalSeahorse: Himyul thanks
AdmiralMemo: The psych strats
jadedcynic: you and I think alike, Memo :)
kenohki2: I do
Felipe_Modesto: Front door is sometimes closed
Serifina: I seriously wish this game just wasn't so fugly
TyrantTaco: @All_mankind Yes, that is gunfire
AugmentingPath: blackwlf all right, I'm tapping out of this reference before the part where it gets weird :-D
Trippzen: If you're gonna stay indoors for a while it's a good idea to draw someone in
SupernormalStep: I do it! And then I hide in a closet and wait for people to fall into my trap.
cyclopsboi: gas cans are also important because your cars run out of gas
Felipe_Modesto: but I have almost never seen anyone close other internal doors
DigitalSeahorse: hi kenohki2
Rivulatus_: Kate is the monster. Confirmed
jchinnock: I camp the heck out of this game with closed doors
skilde: everyone are going to hole up in buildings
AdmiralMemo: Serifina I'm fine with it, but it's too expensive for me.
kenohki2: hi DigitalSeahorse
Trippzen: But you can also shoot the doors to pieces?
mercano82: So Graham has called Kate a no one.
TStodden: White circle = Play Zone... Blue Circle = PLAYER BOUNDARY... When time runs out, the Blue Circle will close into the White Circle. Getting caught OUTSIDE the Blue Circle is VERY BAD (as you "bleed" to death)
Kerrisis: They call it Ghost Looting. May make other people waste their time.
Reecer6: I'd think if people know someone's around there, hiding out in a house with an OPEN door is safer, because then they think no one's inside.
blackwlf: @AugmentingPath Lol, yeah, I'm a bit of a Nielsen fan.
SharkHero08: Is there falling damage
2rrr_mirror_breaker: what happens if you dont get inside the new play area?
amythist: there seems to be 2 schools of thought, some people always close all the doors, others leave them open unless they are holding out in a building
Serifina: @AdmiralMemo Oh, I wouldn't play it myself. I hate "realistic modern" shooter types.
Foxmar320: Im waiting on someone to get shot
Baltharon: what is the player cap of this game?
Niallsb: Gear only spawns in houses. More houses in an area= more gear
MsL3th4l: had to this still first game?
TyrantTaco: This is a game where everyone is gonna pitch tents in the houses till the last second
amythist: Baltharon 100 people
duskcheetah: Man, it would be an amazing prank to put a team of 4 in an empty server, and have the number of people alive on the ui slowly decrease.
mercano82: @msl3th4l yes
Arclight_Dynamo: Saw that coming with the car...
jadedcynic: yeah, Graham - I just heard that myself and got twitchy :)
Papperslappen: You can fake out, but generally it is better to leave them open in the early game since it is more important to get loot than pick a fight, communicating if a house is looted is actually safer
Grumpy_Mcfart: we live here now
dodecaheathen: get a boat!
Baltharon: @amythist xheers
AugmentingPath: blackwlf I'm a pretty big fan of airplane, but not as much as my dad: he watched it 17 time in theaters
Felipe_Modesto: maybe pop painkillers before going into the blue
Beefpants: handbrake turn
AdmiralMemo: lrrGOAT
Foxmar320: Yolo Graham!
Maddrius: That care package is dropping right in the middle of town
Grumpy_Mcfart: shots fired!
DigitalSeahorse: owee circle hurts
blackwlf: @AugmentingPath Lol, the theater showings of it were a bit before my time, but I've watched it a few times.
Trippzen: !ng
mercano82: It's happening!
Trippzen: aww
ConchShell_VII: coup'la deaths happenin'
Felipe_Modesto: time to pop pain killers
Trippzen: !ing
LRRbot: nginginginging...
amythist: DigitalSeahorse hurts more and more the smaller it gets
Trippzen: yay
AugmentingPath: blackwlf BloodTrail
dodecaheathen: energy drink
kenohki2: time for panic
Foxmar320: James got hit first
Jwiley129: Wow, G looks downright official...w/o pants..but official nonetheless
SharkHero08: Should probably start moving in
CommandoJE: Can you destroy cars?
saint4fools: probably going to the white zone again
Niallsb: Where's the next circle?
dracanth: real cheeki breeki hours
Trippzen: CommandoJE Yes, pretty quickly with concentrated fire
lightpagoda: @CommandoJE ooohhh yah
ChaoticObserver: umm, next circle?
Stoffern: uhm...
Felipe_Modesto: <3 VECTOR
saint4fools: play area is restricting so they were moving through most likely
AdmiralMemo: Do NOT pour the molotov into the energy drink. Kappa
TacitusVigil: Foxmar320 : ....of course he did.
TyrantTaco: Vector!
DigitalSeahorse: amythist, just like the circle of influence irl
Beefpants: Graham is prepared for the pants-off dance-off
shmingmaster: Yeah, circle
AugmentingPath: Graham, with the window open: "oh good, that gunfire isn't in game, it's just outside" lrrBEEJ
DigitalSeahorse: :P
Stoffern: guys...guys...
GDwarf: 150 rounds for 28 enemies seems sufficient
t3h_f1gm3nt: this is where they die
Grumpy_Mcfart: KRISS Vector: THe UGNLIEST gun
Felipe_Modesto: run
duaiwe: GDwarf sort of depends on your aim i guess :P
Grumpy_Mcfart: *ugliest
Trippzen: At what point is it safer to swim across instead of taking the bridge?
skilde: Noooooooooooo you left all your smg attachments
TyrantTaco: Graham, you can recover the attachments on a gun
Kidror: One day this group will pay attention to the line, one day
ConchShell_VII: Play area is restricting, move out!
Lord_Hosk: Swim slow
ConchShell_VII: That's the thing you said woul dhappen!
Finalsora811: Also, if anyone was curious, med kits and stuff like that can only heal you to 75% health. Energy drinks and Painkillers can heal you to 100%, but they heal over time instead of instant like the med kit.
GDwarf: duaiwe: If it's *not* enough then you have other problems. :P
Rivulatus_: And now they die
oyleslyck: Holster gun to run faster
Lord_Hosk: Graham run?
duskcheetah: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: Haul butt!
duaiwe: GDwarf Look, there's no problems that can't be solved with MORE bullets :)
azninsect: haul it!
blackwlf: Shots and shots and shots.
Niallsb: Everybody has eyes on the bridge. You're likely deaded but I remain optimistic.
Foxmar320: 27 Remaining
Rivulatus_: Run Graham run
ShortRound2099: graaaham noooo
ChaoticObserver: I mean, we all die eventually, some is just sooner
Phothrism: ouch
kenohki2: ng bridge!
Grumpy_Mcfart: goodbye, graham
NeuterCommuter: Commence Benny Hill!
SuperGiraffe: what happened to your car?
azninsect: oh nooooo :(
Beefpants: o7
Felipe_Modesto: this game is so great, nothing really happened and still so much is happening
Taichanie: 13 rounds in the vector?
azninsect: go go gooooooo
AugmentingPath: Graham getting a real good tan
mercano82: My pizzas done
azninsect: yaaaassssss
AdmiralMemo: Graham is running at the speed of blue
Foxmar320: The blue is killing him lol
J4Y_4NDY: that was close
kenohki2: feet
TheMetalupis: fragout kate, fragout
dodecaheathen: drink!
Thylian1: taking damage ouch
ShortRound2099: awwww
Beefpants: F
t3h_f1gm3nt: RIP
Tarukai788: aww
azninsect: F
Ta_Panda: F
skilde: 8th not bad
GSCeurope: welp
Arclight_Dynamo: Welp.
azninsect: o7
Jimrabbit: F
Finalsora811: It's ok, you take less damage the closer you are to the line. The further away you are from the edge of the blue, the more damage you take.
Grumpy_Mcfart: wow
Thylian1: gg
Solemn_storm: was that just a single guy who ruined you
MyLifeAsJoeKim: F
shadmed: F
shmingmaster: #Respects
wykanico: F
kenohki2: bridges suck
ardias014: F
Darth_Wooper: F
Serifina: Wow
Lord_Hosk: what happened?
Earthenone: 22 space bucks!\
aWabbajack: good try
2rrr_mirror_breaker: F
akvar: protonDeath
Grumpy_Mcfart: that worked well
J4Y_4NDY: so close
Glenn_Seto: F
Lord_Hosk: did any of you shoot?
kenohki2: one more
Narida_L: Well that was anticlimactic XD
CommandoJE: Round twooooo
Lord_Hosk: they were on the other side of the truck
Foxmar320: Yeah Graham shot
PaperDoopliss: Graham totally shot. A bit.
Tarukai788: lrrAWW
Kidror: They ambushed you
TheMetalupis: sbzyChicken
All_mankind: hm, 22 moneys. that seems small
Niallsb: How many times have you tasted chicken Graham?
Serifina: Also my cat just decided he had to share my lap with the laptop. Silly cat.
Grumpy_Mcfart: their mothers
lucha_libro: !live
kenohki2: they shot your feet
Rivulatus_: You got ambushed
Glenn_Seto: dem dumpster campers
Baltharon: is soloing a viable option?
blackwlf: Laptop + lap = warm kitty.
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duaiwe: Is that a mariners cap?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: gabyChicken gabyAggro
Kidror: Baltharon yeah, solos v solos, duos v duos, squads v squads
Niallsb: @Baltharon It's an entire gamemode
Foxmar320: I think you died cause Graham is not in uniform
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ifsandsor: watSup everyone!
MehallD: @Baltharon not in the team mode, but there is a specific Solo mode, and the devs have promised to punish anyone caught teaming in solo
Baltharon: cheers guyes
hondor64: Whats up with people talkinga bout chicken dinner witht his game
CommandoJE: I think the technical reason you lost was cause you were wearing a shirt
hondor64: i don't understand
oldmanjohnsonmb: Graham definitely has too many shirts on
Beefpants: I have both cats making sure I can't play gamez kstarkLoaf
AdmiralMemo: I like this game more than I thought I would
ChaoticObserver: Hondor64: if you win, it says Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on the screen
Ba_Dum_Tish: Everybody pants off
Finalsora811: Oh sweet, Kate's playing PUBG and she wasn't before. Kappa
Kthanid: You're Winner Winner Chicken Dinner if you win.
holidayMD: Why does everyone keep talking about chicken?
Niallsb: @Hondor64 The win message for first place is "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"
Navi_Chem: hondor64 winner winner chicken dinner is a blackjack thing
Arclight_Dynamo: Hondor64 : When you rank first, the game says "Congrats! You got a dinner!"
Lord_Hosk: !pubg
LRRbot: 100 people are airdropped onto an island with a border that shrinks as the game goes on. You scavenge for weapons and items. Last one standing is a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Jwiley129: This is a perfect game that I would HATE to play but LOVE to watch people play
AussieGuy_88: Should have driven. As faaaaast as possible
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AussieGuy_88: lrrAWESOME
GDwarf: "The Ultimate Life & Death Fight"? I mean, isn't *any* life and death fight ultimate, by definition?
Ba_Dum_Tish: So your reward for murdering people is a chicken dinner
kenohki2: chicken dinner
Beefpants: That spicy chicken
Finalsora811: And now I'm hungry.
Grumpy_Mcfart: the chicken dinner hunger games
Foxmar320: lol
Undertowst: Yeah, you fight for food.
AdmiralMemo: Well, Graham... you DID have 50,000 chickens earlier!
azninsect: xD
All_mankind: we're fightin to eat
Tokkanada: It's like The Great Outdoor Fight from Achewood, where the people in the final battles get a neck of Ol' Turkey and a chicken dinner
Trippzen: lrrAWW
Kidror: I'm charging royalties Graham
Foxmar320: I could go for Chicken
mastershake29x: well done @Lord_Hosk
unarmedoracle: is there a vegetarian alternative to the chicken dinner? ;-;
Lord_Hosk: I stole it from Kate, to bring to Kate streaming
CommandoJE: Has any one of you won a round?
Rivulatus_: Graham confirmed does not care
TacitusVigil: #CrimeTime!
Trippzen: (in the classical use of the aww muffin)
DigitalSeahorse: thanks Kate
aWabbajack: doogPurrito
UnspokenKibbles: I am allergic to chicken, cannot play this game.
blackwlf: #fragout
Aarek: #JamesOut
J4Y_4NDY: what?
Rivulatus_: !fragout
MyLifeAsJoeKim: @CommandoJE kate has won two rounds
Tarukai788: fragout?
Ta_Panda: !fragout
LRRbot: Frag Out /frag out/ To deliberately die to end a round, often after your teammates have died. Typically involves running into enemies and attempting to get kills as you die.
Compleatly: Graham went into savage older brother mode.
All_mankind: it may or may not be tofu chicken
Jimrabbit: !fragout
Paranundrox: chikken
Sibwow: lrrSLOTH
azninsect: fake chicken dinner
Paranundrox: two k's
DigitalSeahorse: #fragout
Tarukai788: ahh, cool
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @unarmedoracle tofurkey?
Undertowst: @unarmedoracle I'm with you there Cam, also a vegetarian.
RealGamerCow: #fragout
DoktorLoy: Chikn Dinner
blackwlf: Tofurky dinner?
Beefpants: Tofu Chicken
SAJewers: chikn?
TwilightAvalon: cheer50 Wish I could play this game, but Im using a 9 year old computer still using Windows Vista with a AMD Phenom II (a literal 15 year old CPU). Glad I can watch you guys instead. Always fun to watch you guys.
Sjakies: Theres a cannibal option probably
TacitusVigil: At some point somebody is going to pay for a chicken to be delivered to Moonbase, I'm sure.
Foxmar320: Did James out get added?
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psychopez: Finally seeing what this game is all about. This is weird and awesome.
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jadedcynic: Totally Tofurkey
kenohki2: go to novo
Ta_Panda: But is jamesout a thing?
Darth_Wooper: chikn dinner.
Trippzen: That's so many people on a plane that size.
TacitusVigil: Preferably cooked chicken and not live.
Niallsb: It's some guy named Ken who practices Tai Chi. Chi-Ken
Kidror: !jamesout
Beefpants: I Can't Believe It's Not Chicken
rzrdrgn: Here comes the drop!
t3h_f1gm3nt: later nerds!
Himyul: unarmedoracle I wouldn't worry about it. The odds of chicken seem low.
Lord_Hosk: atleast 40 by my count
Logikcat: @unarmedoracle Totally with you, Cam.
Macheya: The plane looks like it's shooting turds
KilrenKrae: lrrAWESOME
AdmiralMemo: Later Nerds!
RealGamerCow: ha ha plane poops
KPancrazio: good ole Quorn
Felipe_Modesto: Rozhok has like 2 cars + 1 optional
TacitusVigil: Bye Memo
duaiwe: What happens if you dont bail out?
Trippzen: I had no idea you could see the people still on the plane
DigitalSeahorse: as long as it's not fascist Chic-a-fill
AdmiralMemo: TacitusVigil No, I'm not leaving. Was saying goodbye to the people ejecting. :-D
KPancrazio: @duaiwe it forces you
Felipe_Modesto: @duaiwe you just fall at the edge
Darth_Wooper: Bye AdmiralMemo! o/
DoodlestheGreat: "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" comes from the early days of Las Vegas, when you could win enough money with a $1 bet to pay for a chicken dinner at a casino restaurant. THE MORE YOU KNOW! ariW
Kidror: duaiwe The game throws you out
oldmanjohnsonmb: @unarmedoracle A true chicken dinner has coleslaw and rolls. So Veggies like us will have to scrounge
Felipe_Modesto: Bye Admiral
Taichanie: Time for Graham to get a Desktop?
AdmiralMemo: Darth_Wooper No, sorry. Context.
Foxmar320: Already down to 89
Taichanie: That isn't a mac.
AdmiralMemo: Felipe_Modesto I'm not leaving. :-D
Evandill: Hi guys
shadmed: so, gaming pc for home, graham? lrrAWESOME
Felipe_Modesto: lol
Darth_Wooper: Ah, sorry Memo. :/
TacitusVigil: DigitalSeahorse : Ahem, *homophobic*
Felipe_Modesto: @AdmiralMemo welcome back Admiral :P
Laserbeaks_Fury: Can you crater?
Foxmar320: Did 11 people just face plant into the ground
mastershake29x: 1/8 of the people dead before you even hit the gorund
TacitusVigil: AdmiralMemo : Ah, sorry.
Kidror: Laserbeaks_Fury the parachute will auto pull
mercano82: Three squads have already be wiped oir
DigitalSeahorse: TacitusVigil, exactly! :P
mercano82: Out
Evandill: So how does this game work anyhow?
Tiber727: To be fair, if you parachute onto an island for the purpose of going into a deathmatch, you've already violated the spirit of vegetarianism.
TheMetalupis: Foxmar, a whole buch went to the military base
Trippzen: Foxmar320 The first 11 were most likely crashes and drops of various sorts
AdmiralMemo: Darth_Wooper I was saying goodbye to the people jumping out of the plane. :-D
All_mankind: maybe they lost connection
Finalsora811: I think they dropped out of the game, @Foxmar320.
Issurru: thought G said the chute opens automatically?
Lord_Hosk: LOL
DoodlestheGreat: @foxmar320, might have been disconnected from the server.
Navi_Chem: why do we have no pants
MyLifeAsJoeKim: @Foxmar320 the people who drop first usually murder each other pretty fast
Kidror: Issurru It does
shadmed: oooh, what case? mid tower size or small form factor?
Niallsb: If my memory serves me correctly it used to be they had multiple graphics options, but they had to change it due to everyone abusing the low graphics settings for the long grass.
TacitusVigil: DigitalSeahorse : Ah. I see. No, you were right the first time. Well played.
jadedcynic: well, buggy + motorcycle?
Foxmar320: My headcannon is they failed at jumping Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: YOu can do some serious Sidehacking with the bikes
DigitalSeahorse: lol
TacitusVigil: #ShootJames
Lord_Hosk: !Highlight shoot james
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Niallsb: Hence the slower runnings speeds
Kikazi: Is only Graham streaming, or can I multi-Twitch?
DigitalSeahorse: TacitusVigil :D
Trippzen: They were at 89 when the plane started its route as far as I could tell
TheMetalupis: Kikazi, only Graham
t3h_f1gm3nt: stark kids!
AdmiralMemo: Kikazi I think only G
TStodden: #ShootJamesBlameMatt
wykanico: *** pants
mercano82: Quickly, to the StarkMobile!
Tokkanada: Skilllz
Kthanid: Stark siblings RIDE!
lirelent: kate is looking good these days
Finalsora811: Kate best driver?
hondor64: ask kate. fall damage is a real thing... saw her fall to her death last night
kenohki2: shootz
Foxmar320: nice
TacitusVigil: DigitalSeahorse : Are there any non-fascist/racist/homophobic chicken options on the island?
Laserbeaks_Fury: wow, Kate is sporting a serious wedgie
Grumpy_Mcfart: we have to hurry! *Crashes into a camper*
DigitalSeahorse: what was in the trailor?
Kikazi: aw, poo... not that i don't enjoy Graham streaming, cuz I do
Niallsb: Just a casual trip past gorgopol
shurtal: Green and Yellow
Lord_Hosk: Someone got the car
SharkHero08: Do they have an in game timer?
kenohki2: real car
Galactic_pain: So, what exactly is this game?
Arclight_Dynamo: This is ham.
Felipe_Modesto: IRL car
TheKnightOfIron: my god someone killed chadgraham
duaiwe: Ok, Is Kate wearing a Mariner's cap?
Compleatly: Lord_Hosk: that's quitter talk we can do this.
Trippzen: hondor64 I mean, the fall didn't technically kill her, but it sure ensured her death with the barrier.
Tregelen: split the party NotLikeThis
All_mankind: Turret Graham is on the watch
blackwlf: A torso does NOT turn that way!
Tarukai788: oh man, the guy himself spins around even
Havok4: Your porr spine.
AdmiralMemo: SharkHero08 No, other than the killing field that shrinks
Taichanie: Thats a ford diesel starting up...
jadedcynic: LOL; IRL interfering with ingame :D
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Taichanie: 6.4 I think.
vengeanceauthor: if this game could have been a watch and play game it sees
Finalsora811: Who's wearing pants?!
Trippzen: I imagine if you crater from the plane that IS instant death though.
TheInfra: back twitsting physics DansGame
SharkHero08: Seems like that could be a good add in
Navi_Chem: graham why do you spur pants so much
DigitalSeahorse: TacitusVigil, I don't know, I'm in Toronto...
Foxmar320: lol
Foxmar320: Wait did James put on pants?!
ThatDangSkeleton: Graham's guy looks like a middle aged nathan drake
DoodlestheGreat: PRO STRATS
KPancrazio: pants?! WutFace
Trippzen: it's like crouch jumping in counterstrike
MyLifeAsJoeKim: pro strats
Finalsora811: I think he did, but he better not have, @Foxmar320.
AdmiralMemo: ThatDangSkeleton inorite?
Macheya: Graham, you're not swarthy enough for Machete.
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Foxmar320: We have standards here!
Foxmar320: No pants!
ThatDangSkeleton: this game is stressful
DigitalSeahorse: it's like you gotta keep an eye on what you're jumping over to know when you've cleared it
kenohki2: flip the car
Felipe_Modesto: this game needs more short shorts
jadedcynic: gee, it must SUCK to be somewhere where it's so warm you need to keep the windows open. hah. ha.....sigh (goes and puts on a sweater for the sub-zero foggy weather here) :(
Dyllbert: back seat is the safest spot
Issurru: back seat driver!
Jimrabbit: let's just hope Kate is a better driver than Jeej
ThatDangSkeleton: I could never play this I get nervous doing FNMs
AdmiralMemo: durv
TacitusVigil: Yo Holmes, to Bel-Air!
Grumpy_Mcfart: run away!
Niallsb: The next armor item should be metal cuffs. You'll have cuffs, an amoured vest and nothing in between
GorillaDetector: !findquote drive
LRRbot: Quote #1875: "You can't drive the truck up the stairs." —Graham [2016-02-17]
Jwiley129: this is very Battle Royale-esque
unarmedoracle: the game seems wonderfully stressful
Hesk1el: Get off my damn lawn
jadedcynic: O_O
Arclight_Dynamo: ThatDangSkeleton : I could play this like LRR is - with a group of close friends.
Tokkanada: RIP
Logikcat: Sick air!
Felipe_Modesto: Parallel parking done right
azninsect: THE AIR
All_mankind: where did the road go?
Foxmar320: Graham hangs out window gets shot
bv310: Dang, Kate
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: KATE YOU MANIAC!
Finalsora811: Style points.
blackwlf: Right into the gas tank.
Dumori: clip that bro
Abcxyq: SUP.
TacitusVigil: Suddenly Dukes of Hazard
J4Y_4NDY: lol
azninsect: !highlight sick air
Jwiley129: *Dynamic
t3h_f1gm3nt: TIGHT...PLAYS...
GorillaDetector: someone highlight that
duaiwe: Someoen clip that :P
2Flower: *Knight Rider theme plays*
LRRbot: Highlight added.
amythist: remember Kate is a good driver
Kthanid: KATE WINS!
Dyllbert: highlight please seomeone?
Dusk_Shine: Dynamic Entry!
emmy_saurus: kaypikeRL kaypikeRR kaypikeGJ
KneelArmstrong: !highlight those duke boys are at it again
AdmiralMemo: !highlight What the
mastershake29x: kate confirmed best driver
sgowell: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Jarannis: !highlight entrance
Trippzen: Now that is the kind of driving I watch PUBG for
Rivulatus_: Alex. Unimpressed with Kate
sgowell: lrrHAM
Felipe_Modesto: Defensive driving done right <3
Clench_Eastwood: Dem Duke boys are at it again
ShortRound2099: Kate good driver
TheInfra: that jump! PogChamp
damn_i_am_pretty: Them LRR boys
Foxmar320: hahahaaaaaa
mastershake29x: how is the car ok after that?
Kate: kstarkWave
Darth_Wooper: lrrCOW lrrSACK
Serifina: I am dying of laughter right now
J4Y_4NDY: That was almost like Jeej's flip
Grumpy_Mcfart: cheer50 some bits for the Kate duchess of hazard
Hesk1el: That was a tacticool entrance
Serifina: That was hilarious
Foxmar320: A+ Kate
BusTed: Bear is driving?
DoodlestheGreat: Looks like them Duke Boys are in a peck of trouble!
Issurru: this is why I wish they were all streaming
mercano82: The Duke Boys were in quite a pickle here.
EikoandMog: This car is now the General Lee and I refuse to see it called anything else.
TStodden: Where's the vodka & glasses?
Finalsora811: James indeed does have pants on. We must kill him.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Bear is driving, How can that be!?!
Taichanie: Why is the worst computer driving?
MyLifeAsJoeKim: go to the ruins!
Grumpy_Mcfart: why do I always transpose word when I cheer?!
rickpowers238: honk honk!
Grumpy_Mcfart: this bugs me
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KPancrazio: Just the good ole boys.. never meanin no harm
mercano82: No pants were soiled in the making of that clip
jadedcynic: (thanks for clipping that mowdownjoe)
Laserbeaks_Fury: I want a horn mod that plays Dixieland
Dusk_Shine: joe!
jadedcynic: ah, landrover!
Lord_Durin: Party Jeep WOOOO
saccboi: pretty sick pubg highlight vid
kenohki2: Hi MyLifeAsJoeKim :)
azninsect: YeYeYeee
duaiwe: *THIS* Car hasn't jumped off a cliff
MyLifeAsJoeKim: ruins > rozhok
MyLifeAsJoeKim: hiya friends <3
mastershake29x: it's an upgrade after you just slammed into it with the other vehicle
Foxmar320: lol
Trippzen: Is it worth destroying your old vehicle so people can't take it?
Trippzen: I mean, obviously not now, but in general
Kerrisis: The Dacia has a bulletproof roof...
Felipe_Modesto: @Trippzen just shoot the tires
Trippzen: cool
NarishmaReborn: Oh, no... those shots are just live ones. It's not the game
Finalsora811: It makes a lot of noise, so maybe not @Trippzen.
Sjakies: This is a bit like DayZ but then good
Taichanie: This game seems like something you need friends to properly enjoy.
Tarukai788: @Kerrisis built as old country wanted
blackwlf: @duaiwe You mean this car has not yet proven that it CAN jump a cliff and survive.
TacitusVigil: The ruins were inside of us all along.
ToastedArts: Is this final fantasy fifteen?
Niallsb: Kate uses the "inertia transfer". The driving method that flings everybody from one car, through the wind shield and into the next car in front of you.
Foxmar320: Wow Kate already decked out with a sweet coat
duaiwe: blackwlf that's a fair point.
Trippzen: Finalsora811 I figured molotov would do it and be less loud
MyLifeAsJoeKim: nice
Galactic_pain: So, is this basically Hunger Games Style survival?
azninsect: "How much do you all trust me" "Nou" xD
kenohki2: noice
All_mankind: this car has roll bars, it's perfectly safe
Tarukai788: This Landy is surprisingly stable
azninsect: Yeah, basically
Foxmar320: lol
duaiwe: I prefer Kate's method, dukes of hazarding it off the edge.
Hesk1el: Temple of time
Skakerman_: "Nice and slow and steady wins the chicken-chicken"
Compleatly: Galactic_pain: more battle royale, but yes
Dusk_Shine: @MyLifeAsJoeKim speaking from personal experience, you are the best thing to come out of indiana on twitch
Trippzen: What kind of cowardly, safe driving is that? Gotta use that burst.
Niallsb: @Galactic_pain Yeah, but you can play in teams should you so desire.
t3h_f1gm3nt: #BlessThisMess
ralphthellama: @Galactic_pain yeah, it's Battle Royale the game
blackwlf: @Galactic_pain Hunger games with less pants and more guns, yeah.
Endegraf: redzone
All_mankind: "death proof" maybe even
MyLifeAsJoeKim: aww thanks buddy
timble4: "slow and steady wins the...yeah, chicken chicken" -James
mercano82: #Blessed
AussieGuy_88: my grandfather's obituary just went live on the newspaper website lrrAWW
Trippzen: or boost, or w/e
Dandinstorm12: ooooh I love watching this game
Arclight_Dynamo: Uh... redzone.
korvys: Who needs breaks when you have rocks
unarmedoracle: what is the red zone?
Dandinstorm12: hey chat
AussieGuy_88: it's a beautiful tribute
TwilightAvalon: Church's Chicken?
Lord_Hosk: 900 eyes on you Kate
Grumpy_Mcfart: danger zone!
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Felipe_Modesto: @AussieGuy_88 my condolences
Glenn_Seto: CONTINUOUS...
Trippzen: unarmedoracle carped bomb
Tokkanada: Is the Redzone the final are, or..?
MyLifeAsJoeKim: @unarmedoracle carpet bombing
Foxmar320: lrrGOAT there on time
Kidror: unarmedoracle Its going to be be bombed
Compleatly: @unarmedoracle a region that gets bombed
Trippzen: carpet*
azninsect: The Red zone is an area that gets mortared
Issurru: unarmed oracle, random bombs drop
sgowell: As Alex parks on the roof
Dandinstorm12: lrrSPOT lrrSPOT
lightpagoda: @unarmedoracle carpet bombing area
unarmedoracle: gruesome
Jwiley129: @unarmedoracle from what I can tell, an Orbital Strike
Lord_Hosk: Red zone is the "bombing area"
Finalsora811: Nice, Graham.
Compleatly: being inside the red zone is very dangerous.
jadedcynic: Trippzen, probably not - as others said, it'd attract attention, AND it'd soak a fair bit of ammo, etc :(
TStodden: The Red Zone rains down a crapload of Mountain Dew: Code Red upon the area. lrrBEEJ
All_mankind: Russia has some amazing ruined churches strewn around
Trippzen: jadedcynic I guess an exploding car would also be real noisy
Foxmar320: nice!
Grumpy_Mcfart: Alxe, don't be in explodey place
Tokkanada: That red zone is why you leave a note.
Macheya: Life in the zone etc
Felipe_Modesto: you can just shoot the tires
MyLifeAsJoeKim: "theres nothing up here!" finds an m16
phatpack: lrr presents unfuq this zone?
CodeGorilla: Is there fall damage in this game?
Glenn_Seto: what happens in the red zone stays in the red zone
Dyllbert: Yah, i've never actually been hit in a red zone
Kidror: CodeGorilla Yeah
AdmiralMemo: CodeGorilla Yep
Lord_Hosk: There was good loot up there just use your mario skills
CodeGorilla: Neat.
Grumpy_Mcfart: Graham you're gonna get bad knees when you're older
Trippzen: Felipe_Modesto gunshots are still really loud, unless the suppressors are super overpowered
jadedcynic: (graham's character is apparently Chell ;) )
ardias014: Grahms argonian name is: falls from churches
TheInfra: Graham actually playing a puzzle platformer
deinonychus24: Anyone have pants?
Galactic_pain: Unlike in football, you don't want to be in the red zone
ThePov42: Fall damage is gated by distance. Two floors, no damage. Further than that, damage
Mr_Horrible: Wandering around on church roofs? This is a weird Bloodborne mod lrrBEEJ
Dandinstorm12: G, try not to stand still on top of buildings
blackwlf: You're all going to die down here.
MyLifeAsJoeKim: #TeamShotgun
kenohki2: team shotty
Taichanie: Teamshortgun.
ralphthellama: I'ma grab this game come payday
Kuolar: Team Shortgun!
DoodlestheGreat: shortgunz
cddento: I just got here why is Graham's characters wearing those shorts?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: is kate also streaming this on her channel?
Glenn_Seto: oh suddenly she likes the shotgun :)
bv310: Style points
Finalsora811: @2rrr_mirror_breaker She does, but not today.
phatpack: Be cause pants arent for the pantsless
Tokkanada: But... you should avoid the noid!
Flea_Hastings: But are you an attractive anime Noid?
2Flower: Noid-senpai~
AdmiralMemo: Are you a SEXY noid, though? :-D
TheExactSame: why do not shotguns exist?
Laserbeaks_Fury: By backpacks got jets
AussieGuy_88: Conspicuously stating that he's moving the car
A_Fabulous_Sassquatch: this is just fast paced DayZ without the Z
All_mankind: hey, this is a sweet campfire spot
Galactic_pain: @cddento Pretty sure they're briefs
Dark_Destra: G should probably check inside the church proper
Foxmar320: lol sounds like PVP in Destiny. "Those are my hammers everyone!"
All_mankind: i suggest roleplaying some FF15
Niallsb: There's still 70 people alive. That's... concerning.
Tarukai788: twinsies
unarmedoracle: is no pants the current meta?
Macheya: Now you're a Slav!
jadedcynic: the Starks dress to the nines :)
eddieatthegov: Starks back starks.
Dandinstorm12: Fashion PUBs
Foxmar320: No pants is always the meta
Compleatly: yes cam
deinonychus24: When you aren't sure if it will be hot or cold out, just wear a puffy coat and no pants
Hesk1el: #StarkStyle
MyLifeAsJoeKim: @unarmedoracle just pro strats
KartoffelKaiser: No rules no pants
Glenn_Seto: saints row 4 life
TStodden: Johnny's Winter Coat?
TacitusVigil: Macheya : Hey now, you're a Slav star, get your gun on, go, shoot?
Arclight_Dynamo: TacitusVigil : But it's puffy. AND purple!
mastershake29x: @unarmedoracle pants were emergency banned earlier today
All_mankind: you're a slav now, you're a chav now
Macheya: @TacitusVigil heh
GreyFox0012: ive been playing this game with a team and the other night we won a game and as a cherry on top we got to shoot markiplier in the face
Dandinstorm12: ooooh
Dandinstorm12: a Kar
Dandinstorm12: hello yeah
MyLifeAsJoeKim: you have a compensator and a cheekpad!
Grumpy_Mcfart: 98k is a good gun
MyLifeAsJoeKim: the cheekpad graham!
Rivulatus_: What are yoyu compensating for thoguh?
urbanvagabond: @GreyFox0012 lucky ;)
Dandinstorm12: also, hell yeah
ufo6300: and a cheekpad, and a flashhider
AdmiralMemo: GreyFox0012 kStarkNice
kenohki2: schooooool
kenohki2: lol
Solomon_Kain: Graham, give alex the Flash Hider for Sniper, Compensator has Literally ZERO Effect on Bolt Action Rifles, its only for the SKS.
Kerrisis: Alex can use that cheek pad too Graham.
AdmiralMemo: kstarkNice GreyFox0012
unarmedoracle: i am deeply ambivalent on this game since i checked the wiki and saw what they did to the sks
Tempest2097: So wait, what is this game?
unarmedoracle: so that was an emotional rollercoaster
Dandinstorm12: hey Cam
Tokkanada: cheer100 I've got to say again, it warms me heart to see siblings gaming together.
Tempest2097: Hallo Cam!
RealGamerCow: tempest hide and go seek with guns
Stellio_Cantos: You can't even spare one ply?
Tempest2097: @RealGamerCow So.... Hide and Go Seek.
t3h_f1gm3nt: @unarmedoracle to the what now?
MaelstronSolenor: Hey Graham, just passing by to appologize for not being live for Watch and Play to help translating that brazillian game =P
Dandinstorm12: lol
Foxmar320: Yeah all the siblings I know scream at each other
RealGamerCow: Tempest2097 remind me to not play hide and go seek with you.
Glenn_Seto: so what should this game get first, claymores or car bombs?
Kidror: Glenn_Seto Honestly? Neither
Grumpy_Mcfart: claymores!
MyLifeAsJoeKim: watertown isn't a fun time
Grumpy_Mcfart: always claymores
Tarukai788: @unarmedoracle what did they do to that poor thing?
Undertowst: Hey Cam, I sent a package to the moonbase, might arrive in a week. There are some vegetarian gummies in it, made without animal gelatin.
Lord_Hosk: LOL
All_mankind: claymores, and not the mines
bv310: Go for the ol' Roman Reigns driveby
Tokkanada: Camo!
Serifina: Graphics that aren't from the late 90s.
Dandinstorm12: also that's how you aim in a vehicle
Tempest2097: @RealGamerCow To be fair, it's usually NERF guns
MyLifeAsJoeKim: claymores would be so annoying in this game
KartoffelKaiser: So claymore the directional mine, or claymore the sword? Because both
MyLifeAsJoeKim: C4 would also be annoying
Sibwow: The spicer technique
Foxmar320: Hide the car lol
Finalsora811: Waldo shirt best shirt, Graham!
Dandinstorm12: is there a bombing? To the SW?
Kidror: MyLifeAsJoeKim Yeah, similar games to this traps just end up being randomly placed on the ground
TacitusVigil: Who doesn't Kate? Who doesn't?
MyLifeAsJoeKim: ^
Dandinstorm12: no I think those are shots
Foxmar320: shotgun on the roof. nice
damullet14: why's everyone got such tight tight shorts on?
MyLifeAsJoeKim: angled > vertical
Hesk1el: Was that ingame or outside your window Graham?
damullet14: No pants in the apocalypse?
Tempest2097: What the world, needs now. Is an angled foregrip sweet foregrip... Foregrip's all you need.
ThatDangSkeleton: @KartoffelKaiser Claymore the Anime?
arglypuff: What is this game?
Kidror: Damullet14 Theyre not wearing pants
All_mankind: no pants, NO MERCY
Glenn_Seto: yeah, I suppose landmines would just grief the hell out of each other without any decent counter tactics
KartoffelKaiser: @ThatDangSkeleton I don't see why not
azninsect: Team No Pants
Dandinstorm12: Alex, don't fall
MyLifeAsJoeKim: this is water town.
Dandinstorm12: I'll be here all week
akvar: He started at the top and now he's here
Foxmar320: Put the bandages in yourself
Niallsb: There's STILL 65 people on the map. It's gonna come down to circle placement. Fingers crossed
Dandinstorm12: shots
mastershake29x: still 65 alive, people need to get killing
NoxStryx: bottom to top he stops
Lord_Hosk: PAN!
TacitusVigil: We're obviously in Never Land because Graham is Peter Pantsless Kappa
Kidror: Butt Armour!
kenohki2: PAN
All_mankind: the butt protector
Dandinstorm12: Fying pan? Hell yeah
KartoffelKaiser: d r y i n g p a n
Grumpy_Mcfart: duct tape
Dyllbert: Butt shield
Dandinstorm12: *frying
2Flower: P A N B O Y S
CommandoJE: What is the blue bar above the map for?
ThatDangSkeleton: Some!
Dandinstorm12: going full Edburg ;)
Kidror: CommandoJE Its how close the blue line is to you
Dyllbert: @CommandoJE how close the play boundary is
CommandoJE: gotcha
Lord_Hosk: and the flash hider
DoodlestheGreat: Cheeky devil!
Dandinstorm12: flash hider?
DoktorLoy: dancing cheek to cheek
All_mankind: you know how there's no bullet proofarmor, only bullet resistent? frying pans are bulletproof
Grumpy_Mcfart: weld the cheek!
TacitusVigil: Pro Tip: Do NOT make love to rifles.
KartoffelKaiser: pls dont *** the rifle
Mowdownjoe: DemoPan? We TF2 now.
Macheya: It's your own little Venice!
MyLifeAsJoeKim: flash hider > compensator for the kar98k
TheInfra: I lost where you left the car
Ba_Dum_Tish: Raifu
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GGCrono: Hit 'em with ur pants steve
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Dark_Destra: g hider for alex
TStodden: Blue Bar is the Shock Zone compared to the Play Zone. Once the timer runs out, the Blue Bar will expand (as it closes into the new play zone).
Tempest2097: Remember, always ask your rifle for consent
Karfsma778: Remember, kids. lrrGREED leads to getting lsvRekt . lsvWhy? because your opponents lsvPeel lsvGas
KartoffelKaiser: also please tell me you can pan people
Himyul: please note: making love to the rifle voids the warranty
Glenn_Seto: flash hider = compensator for NO pants
Dandinstorm12: Alex, nail him
ShortRound2099: take the shot
azninsect: just watch
KartoffelKaiser: T A K E T H E S H O T
Niallsb: Next circle's up and we're not in it
Tarukai788: this teamwork is kstarkNice
rampaging_celt: Take the shot man!
jadedcynic: DON'T take the shot
All_mankind: watch the firefights and loot the losers, that's the way of champions
ShortRound2099: such strategy
jadedcynic: ^^^
Tempest2097: This is prostrats.
MyLifeAsJoeKim: check your mappppp
Dandinstorm12: 100% don't take the shot if you aren't certain
jadedcynic: mankind has it
Macheya: Give him the bullet!
Undertowst: Check the circle Graham.
oyleslyck: Circle in 90 seconds
TyrantTaco: They're not, the circle is south
blackwlf: qdru hit qdru with a vehicle?
Felipe_Modesto: take the shot if you know you will hit
jadedcynic: NEW circle, folks...
blackwlf: He ran HIMSELF over.
Hangedman: i saw that too, haha
rarermonsters: My strategy: Form a cult worshipping the Blue. Walk into it while chanting
Foxmar320: 50 people left
KartoffelKaiser: Yall should gtf out of dodge
t3h_f1gm3nt: might wanna hoof to the car and peace out
Tokkanada: Having lived on a military base for years, I'd forgotten how used to the sound of rifle fire.
Grumpy_Mcfart: bug out
Arclight_Dynamo: Get car. Get car. Get car.
TStodden: Care to join the Happy Happyists?
Felipe_Modesto: get the car
Foxmar320: James Out!
Arclight_Dynamo: Welp.
Dandinstorm12: I wouldn't get the car
Tokkanada: *I'd gotten
Niallsb: Let's go to the school. I bet you anything that everyone's abandoned it by now.
JQuill7: leave the car, take the cannolis
CommandoJE: this game seems mad fun
jadedcynic: "Aaaaand qdru has run himself over; what a GREAT TWIT!" #old-reference
TodFilth: you can tell your position inthe circle by the guy over the minimap. when you are in the safe zone he is greyed out.
KartoffelKaiser: Just leave, they're further out of the circle than you are
Dandinstorm12: lrrGOAT
azninsect: nice!
Dandinstorm12: lrrHORN
Foxmar320: Do it
Lord_Hosk: Move move move
bv310: Alex "Snipe show" Steacy
jadedcynic: gogogo!
Undertowst: MOVE!
Foxmar320: James has pants on!
MyLifeAsJoeKim: they're gonna die to blue
Solomon_Kain: Is everyone in LRR aware of Zero Distance on the Scopes? This game does have Ballistics.
TyrantTaco: Take that hill
AussieGuy_88: to the car!!!
eddieatthegov: Bug the *** out.
KartoffelKaiser: TakeNRG run
MyLifeAsJoeKim: alex is gonna die to blue
ShortRound2099: grahaaaam
TStodden: Blue Blue!
Felipe_Modesto: General tip: In duo and squad, don't kill the fallen if they are in open, wait for the buddy to run towards them to save and kill.
Tregelen: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
TacitusVigil: Foxmar320 : TraitorJames is a traitor!
MyLifeAsJoeKim: PAN
Felipe_Modesto: lrrSACK
Tokkanada: CLANG
Tarukai788: THE PAN
KainAlexious: cheer100 Missed Garbage Day live but happy to catch this insanity.
TheInfra: the pan!
bv310: The pan!
Dyllbert: butt pan
KartoffelKaiser: T H E P A N