TheMadPunter: Top Gear had a running joke about James May being unduly excited about the new Dacia Sandero
Mavrande: SHORTGUN
Darth_Wooper: RIP
underhill33: right in the face ugh
CommandoJE: welp
ThatDangSkeleton: Fuuuuck
NathanJay787: Through the window!
WraithianGaming: that's what you get for wearing pants
Baltharon: slow clap..........
TwilightAvalon: why would you switch from a Shotgun to Pistol in CQC?
boristhewizard: 57 out of 100?
ThatDangSkeleton: that was jolt
Foxmar320: noooo
mtvcdm: That guy shot Marvin in the face!
t3h_f1gm3nt: should of shortgunned
ThatDangSkeleton: that was A jolt
Rivulatus_: IT is cus you were waering pants, if you weren't wearing pants you would have won
Kronopticon: i feel you were very much vincible.
MsL3th4l: pants betray you at every turn
Paranundrox: no grenade?
JediTransmit: "soon-to-be-not-walking loot"
Rocketman210: @Arclight_Dynamo that didnt really help, but i guess its similar to a 1300
Lord_Hosk: When you went into the last house and saw the doors open and little loot, it should have been a clue
TheMadPunter: @MsL3th4l I've always said that
Lord_Hosk: !jamesout
LRRbot: ​James Out /james out/ To deliberately run away, often after your teammates have died. Typically involves running away from enemies and getting shot in the back.
Carbonylcookie: Always frying pan
TheMoatman: OH RIGHT!
underhill33: wow jeej
Mavrande: Naked mans, naked mans
Navi_Chem: I enjoy this games level of crotch buldge
TheMoatman: Don't let Jeej drive
rarermonsters: Enemy? You mean loot courier?
Kthanid: I'm surprised there's no Kate.
Darth_Wooper: Ouch!
aesir_blade: Does the game try to center the play areas so that most people have to run from them?
TheMoatman: DO. NOT.
Hesk1el: #JamesOut use him as bait?
Sjakies: use his corspe as a shield
TheMoatman: Let him drive.
Arclight_Dynamo: Rocketman210: Well, maybe I didn't understand the question, then.
Djshire: #JamesOut
korvys: "He was, in fact, quite vincible"
mercano82: "Sacrifice James" is usually a winning move.
Felipe_Modesto: Does the Discord have a PUBG channel yet?
MsL3th4l: russian codpiece HYPE!
KPancrazio: the ol' cod piece
NathanJay787: Pringles Can of Shame
Paranundrox: @Felipe_Modesto it hasn't really come up
Contiguouskittycat: So my final exam today was such a garbagefest. The exam was first delivered to us with half the questions missing. Then we got 2/3 of the remaining pages. Then finally the last page. Then the question that was still missing from the last page. Then the tables and graphs that we had to reference were drawn on the board. It...ugh.
TheMadPunter: it's not so much the size overall, but specifically the width
Talin06: cup?
Kramburger: Some good, bulgy boys
Lord_Hosk: looks about average
The_GuardiansTV: Wait, you mean your junk isn't the size of a pringles can?
GoAmpDog2: all bush
The_GuardiansTV: hmmm...
Djshire: !highlight pringles can
TwilightAvalon: Everyone's wearing their regulation crotch guard cup
Arclight_Dynamo: The bulge is wide but not deep. It's like a tuna can.
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Dyllbert: Maybe they are wearing cups....
Narida_L: I mean anyone doing this thing is going to have huge balls?
AnotherEli: Ok, if there's a chest size slider, can we agree that there should be a dick size slider?
ObsceneSymphony: @Carbonylcookie they recognized our saviour
KPancrazio: smuggling lrrHAM
The_GuardiansTV: don't shame me
Gekyouryuu: RayFK, if you remember the Quiplash game with Kate last month, you're billionaires and those are your "wallets"
Darth_Wooper: Today is Kate's day off streaming, and she's played a lot of this game over the last few days. I wouldn't be surprised if she sits tonight out.
Scud422: You don't use a pringles can as a cup?
TheMoatman: So you know the guy with two dicks?
OriginalGarwulf: Well, wearing a cup in a battle royale WOULD be a sensible thing to do to avoid crotch shots.
Narida_L: AnotherEli That seems fair.
samwonk: @Contiguouskittycat That's... how?
Kronopticon: well at least everyone is satisfied after the apocalypse
ObsceneSymphony: @AnotherEli that's the only slider that matters
TheMadPunter: Kathleen already talked about this on LRL last month :-P
Rivulatus_: @Contiguouskittycat ouch that sounds terrible. Hopefully they take that into consideration and scale the results.
Ins0mniZack: an entire salami
TheMoatman: Imagine if they were two pringles-can sized dicks
Hesk1el: @Contiguouskittycat That sounds like a very poor excuse from the examiners
TheBearBee: The story of this game is as follows: In the far future, the USA legalizes blood sports to distract the populous from voting. They find an ample supply of poor liberal arts students from BC, who desperate to pay off their rising student debt, agree to fight in their arena of death.
Kramburger: Running's for chumps
TheMadPunter: do you not? I thought that's just how everyone ran
MsL3th4l: seems legit
sag3error: Swim the distance
JediTransmit: Gotta run with you arms behind you.
MilkInBag: this is actually all the Liberal voters in BC in 2018
Intrepid_Colin: Cam, I highly suggest developing a UniAss
Contiguouskittycat: Honestly, the exam wasn't that hard, it...It was just extremely poorly carried our.
brongbrong: why don't you swim far far away?
BonSequitur: You can CRAWL in this game? TACTICAL
hoktauri: Naruto run is pro strats
Setar_elven: @MilkInBag HAH
CommandoJE: that's how your avatar runs and he is completely ripped
TheBearBee: This explains the large supply of weapons and bombings in the game
BusTed: 🐍 🐍 🐍
Caleb_QDC: Choldren really do come in all shapes and sizes
TheMadPunter: can you just gank them when the match starts?
samwonk: You should take a screenshot of this and make it the wallpaper.
Caleb_QDC: Is this crossfit?
Papperslappen: Burpees
misteline: i am enjoying this, its adorbs
EuropaEquation: burpees
TheMoatman: Beach PT
Arclight_Dynamo: Those are burpees.
Carbonylcookie: COOL BUTTS
Dyllbert: Ugh, burpies
MilkInBag: maybe your huge bulge can help you do push ups KappaPride
Arclight_Dynamo: Burpees SUCK.
neutralbelgium: I don't know if this game will work on my potato computer, but I'll be damned if I don't try.
TheMadPunter: @MilkInBag You'd think it would be more of an impediment, really
shurtal: Should one DL the test server with the main PUBG game?
Rivulatus_: Do burpies, my least favourite exercise.
CataclysmicReverb: That one song from top gun's been playing in my head
Buttayobred: Cam, is this your first experience with this style of game or have you played ARMA and DayZ?
FollowerOfNumot: who is cam playing with?is that James?
Djshire: Arclight_Dynamo but they're a great exercise
Mavrande: It jeej
Kramburger: Burpies are like half the reason I have the knees of a man twice my age
EuropaEquation: shurtal: not unless you want to test the bleeding edge patches
TheMoatman: I'd go to west of rozhok because it's the furthest out of the way of the plane
MilkInBag: what happens if you don't open your parachute? does the game just kill you?
ObsceneSymphony: hallelujah
Arclight_Dynamo: Djshire: Sure. But when your sadistic gym teacher makes you do them for an entire period, because OTHER students were acting up... *** burpees.
Hesk1el: @MilkInBag auto-opens
Kronopticon: freeeeeeee faaaaallin'!
ChaoticObserver: MilkInBag: it auto opens
Rivulatus_: @MilkInBag the shoot auto ejects
MilkInBag: oww :(
shurtal: @EuropaEquation ok thnks
Lord_Hosk: its raining Cameron.. from out of the sky... cameron... no need to ask why
hiimpimento: did you know? it's raining men and let the bodies hit the floor are two songs about the same incident.
Maddrius: @Arclight_Dynamo yeah, for an awfully named exercise, good lord are they murder/great for muscles
Djshire: Arclight_Dynamo how old are you?
Dyllbert: cam, you are very dead
Rivulatus_: Just leave with the car.\
CoyoteSans: I tried to play the Rust-like mod for New Vegas, Dust. I. couldn't. stand it.
Arclight_Dynamo: Djshire: 30 on Tuesday. High school left mental scars. :P
Buttayobred: I highly suggest Dayz if you enjoy the resource collecting and zombie themes. :)
mtvcdm: Welp.
MilkInBag: Womp womp
Papperslappen: Good start
JediTransmit: ArmA can be good, if you play it with a serious group. But then most serious groups are wanna-be military geeks.
mixxling: oh jeez
WraithianGaming: that was....
Lord_Hosk: that was awesome
spawnofhastur: this is the weirdest gay porn i've ever seen.
Djshire: Arclight_Dynamo oh
WraithianGaming: a thing
Darth_Wooper: F
TheMadPunter: well, that sure was a thing...
Trippzen: Cars don't seem the least bit useful for running people over
Paranundrox: !highlight fisticuffs
EOstby: Frag Out!
Rivulatus_: Big fudge........
LRRbot: Highlight added.
mastershake29x: that wasn't ideal
Kuolar: Do the superman punch!
DoktorLoy: sweep the leg!
Arclight_Dynamo: Djshire: Why you ask?
Mavrande: Ultimate Facepunch Wrestling
Carbonylcookie: Oh baby oh baby?
hoktauri: crane kick
Tokkanada: Clang!
All_mankind: was not expecting the Dumb & Dumber reference xD
SupernormalStep: Could have drove off in the car and then bailed out at top speed.
Hesk1el: That was a disconcerting crumple sound
TheMoatman: That has been my entire experience with that drop point
Lord_Hosk: this be cameron
Djshire: Arclight_Dynamo trying to gauge how bad your gym experience was
Glenn_Seto: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 43:44.
TheMoatman: that and stealing the car out from under people
SupernormalStep: Going good!
Arclight_Dynamo: Djshire: Ah, gotcha. Pretty bad, not the worst.
TheMadPunter: So is this essentially Battle Royale, but with dudes from Top Gun?
Dyllbert: In solo, if you land near other people, it bigger areas, it can be ok. In duo and up, if you and near other people, one team is going to die
boristhewizard: Can you guys just play king of the hill with the southern island?
Glenn_Seto: hello all, I see we're hunting chicken?
JediTransmit: Once more with more passion.
JustAConspiracy: @TheMadPunter i'd argue dudes from zoolander
Navi_Chem: SupernormalStep you need to draw more bishi
brongbrong: swim
brongbrong: just keep swimming
MilkInBag: what about Beej Volleyball?
JediTransmit: No Patches squat 3/10
JavaJoeCoffee: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
damullet14: Beacy Moloball
Djshire: Boristhewizard that is a horrible plan
Caleb_QDC: Playin' with the boys?
JustAConspiracy: Bevy with the boys?
shurtal: Playin' with the boys!
Duwani1: HIghway to the dangerzone
All_mankind: how do you feel about playing out the To Gun scene for chat?
hoktauri: This is the weirdest Top Gun sequel
azninja888: lrrBEEJ Volleyball?
JediTransmit: Only if Kenny Loggins if playing.
All_mankind: Top Gun
JavaJoeCoffee: Attack ships burning off the shoulder of Orion.
underhill33: You'd also be wearing adidas track suits
Caleb_QDC: Not true slav, American spy
CommandoJE: I feel like the four man squads are a really entertaining dynamic in terms of strategy
Megapamplemousse: WHICH ONE OF YOU IS GOOSE
Maddrius: Excuse me, I have to go find and fire up that soundtrack ....
Megapamplemousse: why caps
Xed_Regulus: This is how Russia now plans to test their enemies.
Kronopticon: Oh no. this is gonna be dead or alive all over again. beach volleyball. :(
Carbonylcookie: Dirty American swine! Not true Russians!
Navi_Chem: worse?
boristhewizard: @Djshire Never saw the game before, which was why i was asking and not telling :P
TheMadPunter: that's what she said...
hoktauri: The crawling is going to make me fall out of the chair laughing
Contiguouskittycat: Elephantitis of the penis is nothing to be ashamed about it and I will not hear you shame them.
Resolute8: YES YES YES
Tokkanada: Lots of people dropped near there also, I think
Glenn_Seto: alex got sick after all?
sag3error: !fragout
LRRbot: Frag Out /frag out/ To deliberately die to end a round, often after your teammates have died. Typically involves running into enemies and attempting to get kills as you die.
Djshire: Boristhewizard everyone goes to that island because its a former military base. But everyone goes there and most people die, its not worth it
MilkInBag: if you lose your boxer briefs while falling, and you have a huge dong, can it actually rip off? WutFace
Pharmacistjudge: challenge Hobsidal
Hesk1el: @Glenn_Seto yeah
Contiguouskittycat: !telefrag
TheMadPunter: is there any reason not to wait till the absolute last second to deploy parachute?
mtvcdm: The play area's rarely on the base anyway.
Contiguouskittycat: awww.
spawnofhastur: Does anyone hope that they include other maps or is just the one fine?
Darth_Wooper: @Glenn_Seto yup, Alex is at home sick. Nier will continue hopefully next week.
Djshire: MilkInBag you can helicopter it to help slow your descent :D
Maddrius: @spawnofhastur just one so far, possibly more at release?
Contiguouskittycat: !findquote breakfast
LRRbot: Quote #88: "So is this game, like, nothing but hobos and werewolves from hell to breakfast?" —Cameron [2015-04-01]
LadyThrimbletrimmer: Hey party people in the place to be, is this not talking sim or is it just me?
damullet14: LadyThrimbletrimmer: Cams
Carbonylcookie: It's quiet
Trippzen: The xbow is in the game so that people can post "sick gifs" to reddit
Setar_elven: because people want to be Daryl Dixon
TheMadPunter: in HL2, the crossbow was sweet
aesir_blade: Because Hanzo mains
Felipe_Modesto: How about the megaphone girl?!
BonSequitur: You missed some pants
hondor64: I don't get frag out. does it mean suicide? win? throw a grenade?
damullet14: LadyThrimbletrimmer: Cam's talking, this is a Battle Royale simulator, seems solid to me
Carbonylcookie: Crossbow is SUPER quiet
BusTed: The frying pan at least gets a kill.
Theicyhandofdeath: oohh this game looks super fun
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BishopSansPants: Hotpants are the best pants.
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TEHbigIVAN: I love phrases like "nobody goes there anymore because it's too crowded"
Talin06: what about the kid with the paper fan?
Glenn_Seto: that quote HAS to be for bloodborne
CommandoJE: but frying pan is so good
Felipe_Modesto: The megaphone was actively detrimental to the girl that got it...
RealGamerCow: LadyThrimbletrimmer Alex is sick.lrrAWW
Contiguouskittycat: @Glenn_Seto Indeed it is.
Kramburger: Two beautiful muscle boys, out for a drive
Dyllbert: Problem with the crossbow is that it is almost impossible to hit people with
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #84: "Most of my regrets in life is trusting James." —Felix [2015-04-03]
Felipe_Modesto: I do not like the 2x scope :/
Lord_Hosk: we are in the blue section area 4 remember so we dont spend forever looking when we leave
2rrr_mirror_breaker: is anyone else going to be joining in this evening or is it only Cam and Jeej
Slurpee_E: what does the choke do for the shotgun? make it more accurate?
TwilightAvalon: I believe thats a Winchester, Cam
Djshire: !quote julie
LRRbot: Quote #400: "He's breaking my butt." —Julie [2015-07-01]
Kronopticon: i feel like this game needs a mensu-beam
Felipe_Modesto: Yes, @Slurpee_E reduces spread
aesir_blade: So I'm finding out that Edge of Tomorrow was rebranded to "Live Die Repeat" on home release, and they're calling the sequel "Live Die Repeat and Repeat"
Navi_Chem: julie quotes are the best
Glenn_Seto: !quote kate
Solomon_Kain: Pants hold Bullets
Navi_Chem: aesir_blade it was live die repeat internationally too iirc
Djshire: Navi_Chem thats why I always use them :D
MsL3th4l: never actually seen the hospital. far too frightening.
Contiguouskittycat: @Kronopticon That's what the crotch-bulge is.
Slurpee_E: @Felipe_Modesto ok. thanks for the info.
murderkubecleric: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator at Thu 06:00 PM PDT (53m ago).
Lord_Hosk: there is no way someone left this many first aid kits
KarnEvil: its a winchester cam. designed by John Browning. Same guy that designed the 1911. Browning designed a lot of guns.
Dyllbert: No one would have left these first aid kits here
Solomon_Kain: Hospital is a nice middle ground between Hot Spots and BFE.
Arclight_Dynamo: The "S" stands for "Silly Hat."
Mavrande: Nice hat
MilkInBag: The S stands for Shoot Here
James_LRR: I'm around for next game.
Kronopticon: @contiguouskittycat im still yet to see the true power though
mtvcdm: Anyone who went through here and left all this healthy is.... not smart.
Durugai: Is that one of the famed "Iconic Ubisoft Hats" ?
Caleb_QDC: I love my winchester, such a pretty 12ga
Maddrius: Evening James
All_mankind: Edge of Tomorrow was a cool movie aside from Tom Cruise and the shameless Hubology sales pitch
TwilightAvalon: @LoadingReadyRun I was wrong. the S1897 Shotgun is a Browning 1897 Pump-Action. Its the predecessor to the old WW1 Trench Gun.
Pharmacistjudge: it is a hobsidal...hobsidal shouldn't have that many guns
Laserbeaks_Fury: PUBS: Pricey Underwear Buttresses Gonads
Djshire: Sacrifice James_LRR !
murderkubecleric: !joke
justaccepttheusername: Is this the talking sim?
Dyllbert: A wild james apears
MrPhlip: I mean, that makes sense... like the first-aid kits, uzis are standard equipment for a hospital
senorrodrod: cheer50 it's important to wear a hat when drooped in the middle of a battlefield
Lord_Hosk: I think you just had bad loot spawns no one was there
Darth_Wooper: Hi James!
TheMadPunter: what team is that?
TheFoilAjani: @justaccepttheusername Alex was sick tonight, so just a bonus stream.
MilkInBag: that makes total sense, go in the car to put gas i nit
Gasharan: the bulge in this game is a bit too uniform for realism
aesir_blade: The car is a porous membrane that absorbs gas
justaccepttheusername: Thanks
KPancrazio: put the 4x on your uzi!
Setar_elven: time to do some drive-bys?
MrPhlip: !highlight goodbye
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Felipe_Modesto: hahaha 4x uzi
Mavrande: lrrFINE
TheMadPunter: how'd that even happen?
Spriggan_No43: Oh sweet.
justaccepttheusername: nice
ecocoking: ahh gravity the only form of travel
Arclight_Dynamo: Gasharan: It seems too wide for how deep it is. Or too shallow for how wide it is.
pokemonblast65: Cam I have a red blue commander deck
MilkInBag: it looks hot in that car KappaPride
Glenn_Seto: what's the "so what" for PUBG then? Kappa
Spriggan_No43: Talking Simulator for BattleGrounds.
Taichanie: crazy taxi... for some reason I'm reminded of that.
Aenir798: was that because he was out the window?
Hesk1el: Do a barrel roll
Djshire: !highlight bailed out
All_mankind: the bulge is padding. everyone on this island gets tailor made shorts designed to make their penis appear the same size. it's democracy!
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrEFF that fence!
Kramburger: Jeej NO
Kramburger: BAD JEEJ
Felipe_Modesto: lots of combat at W and SW
Tokkanada: Screw you, fences!
mastershake29x: that fence was asking for it
Kuolar: Feels like combat too
Mavrande: Run in to some fences
AdmiralMemo: Spriggan_No43 Technically not Talking Sim, since Alex is sick, but close enough. :-)
MilkInBag: welp
t3h_f1gm3nt: womp womp
Carbonylcookie: Fences BAD
KarnEvil: rekt
TheMoatman: Serpentine! SERPENTINE!
Glenn_Seto: that fence had a family!
Rivulatus_: We might run into people, runs into fence.
Mavrande: Combat?
Darth_Wooper: F
Lord_Hosk: James is here
Mavrande: Yep.
justaccepttheusername: who is with cam?
mtvcdm: Well then.
azninja888: Jordan " lrrEFF Fences" Hopkins
underhill33: Yay jams
Arclight_Dynamo: Jeej is with Cam.
Cyraknoss: I was not expecting such strong feelings on fences in this stream
AdmiralMemo: justaccepttheusername Jordan
AnotherEli: sadtrombone.wav
Carbonylcookie: STAY IN CAR CAM
Mavrande: You shot zero mans
Tarukai788: Yay Cam playing PUBG!
Resolute8: adam needs to play this
ecocoking: @Rivulatus_ fences are people too
CommandoJE: wow you got lit up
Rivulatus_: Get james, then we can #blamejames
Mavrande: You did not click on heads
justaccepttheusername: thanks for the memo
Metric_Furlong: sad_trombone.wav
Djshire: Resolute8 so he can suck at it too?
Tarukai788: Cam and Jeej?? awesome.
Darth_Wooper: Oh yeah, I bet Adam's going to love this game.
pokemonblast65: Cam who are you playing with
Carbonylcookie: We learned to STAY IN THE CAR
Tarukai788: and James!
Spriggan_No43: @AdmiralMemo Thanks, I heard about it from last night's stream that he was feeling under the weather. Just wanted to joke about it =P
All_mankind: the more the merrier!
justaccepttheusername: #blamejames
DarknessKingCoH: Restart game?
Mavrande: Cam upside down now
Tokkanada: !highlight 2d Cam
Hesk1el: Hows the vertigo Cam?
MennoKnight42: spoopyCam
LRRbot: Highlight added.
justaccepttheusername: cam wut
Pitifulwalnut5: cameron now has a watermark
Arclight_Dynamo: So... having a three-man team is a disadvantage, innit? Since there are also four-man teams in this mode?
Djshire: lol
Rivulatus_: Hey, who ingaged anti grav in the moon base?
vegasturm: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
AdmiralMemo: Spriggan_No43 I hope we have a true PUBG Talking Sim sometime.
Taichanie: Alex went to nap.
Contiguouskittycat: And eventually it just becomes CTS on Thursday night.
KPancrazio: those weren't players, that was actually the personal security force hired by the fence. Next time you'll know better.
Darth_Wooper: Last I saw Alex was arting.
Arclight_Dynamo: Alex isn't streaming. He finished earlier, and said he might play PUBG later.
NoxStryx: I was expecting alex on the other end for a weird "talking sim"
Spriggan_No43: I actually hope we have fan games of PUBG.
Lord_Hosk: Alex is hosting you
murderkubecleric: DO THE HUSTLE RitzMitz
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djfranknbeans: Good hunting team LRR!
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Felipe_Modesto: Fan games would be great, but probably only going to happen after private servers
Kronopticon: lrr looking like a boy band right now KappaHD
Taichanie: Alex was very tired went to nap due to sickness.
Darth_Wooper: Ah, never mind, I guess he's hosting. Probably getting something to eat, I'd think.
Spriggan_No43: @AdmiralMemo Fan games for PUBG when those salty games of MTGO or whatnot happen and someone needs to take a bullet :D
Felipe_Modesto: wow, Cams avatar looks amazing
DoktorLoy: they really need to desync these idle animations
murderkubecleric: !schedule
LRRbot: You can find the full LRR schedule at You can also check out last week and up to 4 weeks in the future.
DoktorLoy: like, take 5 minutes to polish this
Mavrande: djfranknbeans, oddly appropriate for this screen
sag3error: Buy a box when done with subs?
Jake_the_guy: uhh why is bonus on your face?
misteline: I like how Cam got his hair down
djfranknbeans: @Mavrande very appropriate!
misteline: despite it all
AdmiralMemo: Spriggan_No43: If/When I buy it, I'm totally there.
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Darth_Wooper: Literal chicken dinner!
Rivulatus_: So james has already had cichlken diner
Felipe_Modesto: lrrHORN
justaccepttheusername: @AdmiralMemo "John Madden just headshotted AEIOUAEIOUAEIOU with words"
Dyllbert: Chicken dinner!?
pokemonblast65: I just realized James and Cameron are playing so now all I hear is the James Cameron song from south park
NoxStryx: chicken dinner!
Lord_Hosk: !pubg
LRRbot: 100 people are airdropped onto an island with a border that shrinks as the game goes on. You scavenge for weapons and items. Last one standing is a Winner Winner Tofu Dinner
Glenn_Seto: cheating!
Jake_the_guy: thanks cam, it bugged me
All_mankind: you had chicken dinner already? there goes the will to win
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Intrepid_Colin: Is James already a winner?
DigitalSeahorse: Alex said he was gonna go rest and maybe back on later or PUBG at some point...that was about an hour ago or less maybe
Taichanie: Are you ready for some seconds on that chicken dinner?
TwilightAvalon: lol @ Jeej's steam profile pic being Ana
terminalvelocit3: Out of curiosity, since I can't find a definite answer, when, if ever, will Desert Bus 11 occur?
Dyllbert: What about a chicken dinner emote?
mjihde: But now he might not be hungry for chicken dinner!
ecocoking: @LoadingReadyRun have you seen a documentary called Kedi
Mavrande: Because it was Jeej's fault
justaccepttheusername: @Dyllbert yessss
Mavrande: :)
All_mankind: second week of November is usually Desert Bus time
bv310: @terminalvelocit3 Likely some time around early November of this year.
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pokemonblast65: btw I only got 2 hours of sleep
djfranknbeans: The chicken dinner meme is very funny to me. I think that is probably the best part of this social game thingy.
pokemonblast65: SUB HYPE
mikhailkaminsky: A sub as penance for killing Kate.
Arclight_Dynamo: terminalvelocit3: They do it around American Thanksgiving.
Undertowst: 401 subs remaining till James runs a 24 hour Stream.
Solemn_storm: this game is the current hotness
CulturalGeekGirl: This game is watchable for me, a person who normally can't watch FPSes due to motion sickness
DigitalSeahorse: I'm old
Mavrande: Never invite @James_LRR
oldmanjohnsonmb: I'm old people in chat
MilkInBag: bulge squad
Rourke9: Kate has gotten us hooked
terminalvelocit3: Thx @all_mankind
pokemonblast65: why are they half naked
NoxStryx: jeej just wanted to see Fences, i hear it got good reviews.
Prieza_Dese: I feel like LRR enjoys streaming this as well...
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ElderAtropos: Go team no-pants
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ObsceneSymphony: three bulges, oh good
AdmiralMemo: Dem boiz
SupernormalStep: It's a really good game for watching. I've been watching so many different streams of it.
Contiguouskittycat: Uh, Actually those are men I believe.
AnotherEli: It also helps that James promised us a 24 hour stream once we got to 500 subs! We're basically there already.
PMAvers: They're all good boys, Bront. Except James.
BirkaBirkowski: Damn those dudes are packing
SteampunkRiker: You guys making watching this game very entertaining
terminalvelocit3: @pokemonblast65 it's actually a recreation of the full monty
Taichanie: This just in. Lrr is going 24/7 PUBG streaming
Carbonylcookie: Kate tricked us all into loving this game
mastershake29x: @pokemonblast65 why wouldn't they be #teamnopants
Darth_Wooper: Pants are cosmetic in this game, so why not go without?
Prieza_Dese: it is a very interesting game to watch
justaccepttheusername: @Ecocoking I've seen it and not only is it amazing, it is a cross between a documentary and internet cat videos
Kronopticon: boy band en pointe
Dyllbert: This game is very fun to watch, because of the combination of crazy and tension
MilkInBag: she smell the bulge in the water?
All_mankind: it smells like. . .chicken
Stoffern: kstarkGlass
Tokkanada: kstarkLoaf
Navi_Chem: James buldge seems smaller
t3h_f1gm3nt: one more?
AdmiralMemo: Taichanie: It'll be just like Dark Souls
Vonbane: Axe Body Spray poster boyz #manscaping
Hesk1el: "We are but men"
Intrepid_Colin: Kate: smells blood, desires violence, looks rad
Djshire: More dong here than a church bell during summer
Kthanid: kstarkGlass
boristhewizard: Bulge 2 Men™
djfranknbeans: #OneMore?
Arclight_Dynamo: "Men of the Bulge"
pokemonblast65: I just didn't know why they are half naked but now I know
vegasturm: This is the battle of the bulge
justaccepttheusername: WITNESS
Prieza_Dese: I've been trying to work with it in the background but it's tough to not get drawn into it
KPancrazio: kstarkGlass
All_mankind: Bulgz 2 Men
AdmiralMemo: So is this the Battle of the Bulge
Intrepid_Colin: Battle of the Bulge!
Carbonylcookie: By the Bulge is your band name
Mavrande: Click on heads
Felipe_Modesto: Triggered
Dmc3628: the numbers don't lie... so Tye Dillinger?
talon3010: Oh my!
misteline: it does tho
ObsceneSymphony: all bulges are beautiful
Metric_Furlong: AdmiralMemo makes sense considering the death rate :p
Intrepid_Colin: @AdmiralMemo Nice joke
Undertowst: Yeah, once we hit 500 Subscribers today, James will run a 24 hour stream! So people, SUB!
Papperslappen: The Pubg dudebros looks almost as packed as about 50% of all conan:exiles characters
Solomon_Kain: This game is all about the Boobs and Bulges. Kappa
vinewood_og: bonus chicken bulge! for dinner?
Xed_Regulus: It's not the size, it's how your your your tongue.
Dyllbert: How about we no point out anything about bulges?
NoxStryx: i mean, it is true.
phorrestgaze: James has the confidence to not stuff.
Taichanie: AdmiralMemo So then they'll switch to PUBG 2 and everyone will be like "This isn't so good."
Tarukai788: lol
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Yogurt
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Tarukai788: Time to get into the sub ocean?
DigitalSeahorse: it's not the size it's what you do with it!
CommandoJE: whoa Haha XD
talon3010: I won't think of bree the same way
KPancrazio: and it smells like it toooo
mastershake29x: this stream got weird quickly
t3h_f1gm3nt: Cam....Cam pls
rarermonsters: Same internal consistencyuh
All_mankind: it's like a frisbee
pokemonblast65: warheads extreme heat worms are delicious
Tarukai788: cheeki brie cheese?
TwilightAvalon: Ron White reference?
Contiguouskittycat: You'll never see it coming....
Glenn_Seto: skyr, if you're Scandinavian
Xed_Regulus: **It's not the size, it's how you use your tongue.
boristhewizard: Just like Brie, pairs well with Jam
ObsceneSymphony: i love a good brie-ing
Rourke9: Bulge/external =/= man. Not huge, but important to remember
Carbonylcookie: Uhm. Oh baby, oh baby?
sag3error: Swim for it!
Djshire: hi Xed_Regulus !
NoxStryx: a big one, or like lunchbox yogurt
Rourke9: *external sex organs i meant
AdmiralMemo: I wonder how well it runs on a computer from 2008
Spriggan_No43: @AdmiralMemo Not gonna lie, I want those Fan PUBG games for the sole reason that I NEED to shoot someone after someone tried to run me off the road just a little while ago.
pokemonblast65: I think my computer is from 2010
VikingEngineering : Much sunburns...
Xed_Regulus: Hey @Djshire
Papperslappen: Glenn_Seto Skyr is icelandic, scandinavians have filmjölk with variations
Kronopticon: size isn't important for James with his technical expertise
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Have fun chat
LRRbot: Highlight added.
BirkaBirkowski: Cam how do your over-the-ear's feel on your industrial? I can't stand wearing over-the-ear headphones even after mine is healed
Felipe_Modesto: Chat could probably scrounge a squad if it wanted right now, right? :O
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CommandoJE: you should play this on talking simulator Kappa Kappa
Darth_Wooper: Blublublub
elah806: Them cheek movements tho
Setar_elven: thank you chat :)
ObsceneSymphony: but the real question is if the female models get a bulge as well
misteline: ummmm
Lord_Hosk: Someone already jumped
Xed_Regulus: Or a cucumber wrapped in tin foil
Undertowst: 399 subs left till James does a 24 hour Stream!
ObsceneSymphony: i hope they do, to spread the wealth
TheMadPunter: Wasn't that a '90s boy band? "Bulge 2 Man"?
Metric_Furlong: Lord_Hosk I hope they win
Carbonylcookie: @ObsceneSymphony Chest bulges
Glenn_Seto: @papperslappen oh, right... and I just watched that sense8 episode
Felipe_Modesto: @TheMadPunter you're thinking of "boys to bulge"
justaccepttheusername: LRR Streams: all about gender equality and talking about james's bulge
aesir_blade: I dunno if Alex got to it, but "gender" is a slider in Strafe
Xonlic: By the dark gods
TheMadPunter: @Felipe_Modesto You're right; my mistake
Carbonylcookie: Talking Sim: James' Bulge
CavemanKellen: if you sway you actually go faster after you pull the chute
pokemonblast65: I seriously need sleep
Arclight_Dynamo: aesir_blade: Neat!
AdmiralMemo: justaccepttheusername: I remember the Loading Time where James kept saying "STOP FILMING MY PENIS!"
CommandoJE: they are probably going for the military base
MilkInBag: cam with a perfect straight landing
TacitusVigil: So begins the latest Hunger (for Chicken) Games
Xonlic: @Carbonylcookie Time to get that patreon up
aesir_blade: which just controls the pitch on your fps grunts
TheMadPunter: does everyone jump out of the same plane?
Felipe_Modesto: yes
TacitusVigil: Knees are for chumps.
pokemonblast65: cam just jund em
TacitusVigil: Chumps I say.
Carbonylcookie: @Xonlic Is that a backer reward?
ObsceneSymphony: @TacitusVigil you could say it's the ultimate game of chicken
mastershake29x: @TheMadPunter yes
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Dyllbert: You can fall about 3m w/o taking damage.
DoodlestheGreat: I could use some knees. The ones I have now are shot.
Lord_Hosk: I hate this building
Hesk1el: Knees are for the weak... Actually knees are pretty relevant. Mine click whenever I stretch them out
SupernormalStep: the McElroys were in this same house in Battlegrounds earlier today.
rarermonsters: If I ever design a game, I'm going to add a slider for gender which doesn't affect the character's appearance at all
TwilightAvalon: Nagant Revolver!
MilkInBag: Red Bull - it gives you bulge
Papperslappen: Glenn_Seto I havent seen more than the first episode of sense 8 but I'm generally into fermented dairy products
Lord_Hosk: yep
Xonlic: @Carbonylcookie Time for some confincing
EikoandMog: Hai cam.
BishopSansPants: A can of monster and a baseball cap, all you need in life.
Taichanie: Baseball cap and a redbull
Xonlic: convincing**
pokemonblast65: why is my tongue burning
misteline: @rarermonsters i approve
Gekyouryuu: aesir_blade that's cool. I wanna see a game where it's a quadrant map and you can adjust between how male or female your physical appearance is and how male or female your character behaves in motion.
korvys: A baseball cap, a revolver, and a red bull. 'murica
TacitusVigil: ObsceneSymphony: Ha!
BobaThaiTea: oberez?
All_mankind: and it's a seven shooter
Spriggan_No43: That revolver legit one shots people if you dome them.
TwilightAvalon: Not exactly Cameron
Kronopticon: Who needs knees when you have a BULGE OF STEEL
mastershake29x: @kate get in!
AdmiralMemo: Kate: They were waiting for you. :-)
Maddrius: Kate!
Dmc3628: there's the summon
Papperslappen: I chose to believe that you are just using that extra space in your underwear to ferment ground beef at body temperature
SupernormalStep: Hi Kate!
ardias014: Its the same diameter not powder charge
All_mankind: hai Kaet
Felipe_Modesto: lrrSIGNAL Kate
Rivulatus_: hey look it is Kate.....
Mavrande: @Kate!
TheMadPunter: you hear that cracking? that's your cartilage
misteline: Kate!
Mavrande: They do
Hesk1el: Lol a Kate appears!
Spriggan_No43: @Kate Hi Kate :D
DarkMorford: Hi Kate! <3
Glenn_Seto: if web comedy does not work out, cam can stil go into underwear modelling
MilkInBag: Kate is 2 minutes too late FeelsBadMan
MsL3th4l: longer than expected, kate! lol
t3h_f1gm3nt: Kate smelled the blood!
All_mankind: plz help these bois
AdmiralMemo: LoadingReadyRun And Kate's here. She smelled it.
Djshire: Kate! kstarkWave
pokemonblast65: I might fall asleep in my chair and faceplant into my keyboard
ardias014: Kate o/
Taichanie: Kate yes they knew you'd smell the blood in the water.
Contiguouskittycat: When I finally buy a gun, I do want it to be the Nagant Revolver.
significant_otter2: hello kate <3
JediTransmit: Not really, the Mosin Nagat pistol uses a special fully necked round
RogueLink: Hey Kate o/
tallblondepillager: Ehrmegerd, kaet
Tarukai788: Hi Kate!
glitchedprophetess: Kate o7
KPancrazio: we lit the signal, and she arrives! by the power of glass shark, Kate has arrived!
Darth_Wooper: Hi Kate, they currently have 3 so almost certainly.
Tokkanada: kstarkBread kstarkBread kstarkBread
Dyllbert: Hey Kate
RogueLink: One More?
deyja429: The Kate beacon?
Xonlic: Blood in the water, the Kate comes for us all
Glenn_Seto: ah, there's a kate kstarkWave
KarnEvil: kstarkWave kstarkWave
Tregelen: kstarkWave
CommandoJE: uno mas?
Lord_Hosk: I mentioned it in the slack
ThePov42: kstarkWave
justaccepttheusername: kaet!
Djshire: Drugs?
MysticOp9: !fragout
LRRbot: Frag Out /frag out/ To deliberately die to end a round, often after your teammates have died. Typically involves running into enemies and attempting to get kills as you die.
Arclight_Dynamo: rarermonsters: I want to make an RPG where during character creation body type, voice, and pronouns are all separate things you can select. With masculine, feminine, and androgynous options.
dougma: kstarkWave kstarkWave kstarkWave
terminalvelocit3: VoHiYo
MilkInBag: poor kate with her perma red chat
Navi_Chem: but if kate joins itll stop being bulgde squad Kappa
Carbonylcookie: Y'all boys need Kate
Xonlic: @CommandoJE Siiii
t3h_f1gm3nt: Kate Sharke coming for you, fat kid!
Intrepid_Colin: @Xonlic Only for the Bad Colins
Kate: Waiting for my invite after this round.
Xed_Regulus: Plane!
Xonlic: @Intrepid_Colin How dare you call super Dibs!
ObsceneSymphony: How dare they make Kate wait
Foxmar320: Hello Kate
JediTransmit: Fun fact, the Nagat revolver can actually be supressed.
TwilightAvalon: @LoadingReadyRun Cameron, The Nagant Revolver is chambered in 7x62x38mmR. So the bullet is slightly similar to that used for an AK47 pattern rifle, rather than the Mosin Nagant rifle
rarermonsters: @Arclight_Dynamo That should be very cool. Although I don't want to see the mass effect team attempt to model more faces
pokemonblast65: I thinks binge watching Kamen Rider ex-aid was a bad idea because It caused me to have only 2 hours of sleep
TheMadPunter: what's Red Zone?
Glenn_Seto: #fragginout for kate? ;)
JustAConspiracy: my biggest sadness with this is that none of the baseball caps really work as armor.
t3h_f1gm3nt: #BlameJeej
Xonlic: Super excited, soon I'll be able to watch these streams more often, as I'll be in the states at month end. Anyone want some Japan gifts? :P
AdmiralMemo: TheMadPunter Carpet Bombing
Cw3040: cheer100 HAHAHA nope. That's a different nagant my dude, chambered in the other other OTHER 7.62 russian round. Nugget fires x54r and AK-47 and variants fire x39, Tokarev fires x25 and nagant revolver a bit bigger.
Mavrande: Red zone is carpet bombing
JustAConspiracy: Like, let me wear a baseball cap on top of my helmet
pokemonblast65: #blamegenm
Spriggan_No43: @TheMadPunter The Red Zone is what I like to call Boom Town.
Cw3040: well
CavemanKellen: suppressor is so good
djfranknbeans: oh, and don't forget the switch over to auto!
justaccepttheusername: @TheMadPunter it's where 'splosions happen
comstarcleric: hay guys
TheMadPunter: Normal Man, Normal Run
deyja429: Pants please?
Kate: look I just really love this game okay
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flu0rspar: 2 guns, no shirt, like a damn 80s movie
MrPhlip: Do we just have magnets implanted in our shoulder blades? Is that what's going on here?
CataclysmicReverb: Makes sense, rifle rounds are about 2 or 3 inches long
Hesk1el: Too much pants
mastershake29x: @Deyja429 nope #teamnopants
Arclight_Dynamo: rarermonsters: Ugh, yeah. I mean... in my fantasy of this game, I get Beamdog to do an Infinity Engine style game. So... :P
Metric_Furlong: djfranknbeans nah, someone has to be The Graham :p
Spriggan_No43: @TheMadPunter It's pretty much just a carpet bomb area, so if your car with buddies in it get caught with a blast, it's game over.
djfranknbeans: @Kate I appreciate you bringing this game to our attention!
pokemonblast65: Cam don't shoot yourself in the foot
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Mavrande: Yeah we've all been running wrong our whole life
Kthanid: Kate, we couldn't tell, what with the 10 hour stream the other day :P
Cyraknoss: watching the arms phase through that gun is disturbing
Undertowst: Cam needs a backpack
BishopSansPants: Also, learn how to put your arm through a physical object on your back.
Glenn_Seto: you're not addicted or anything, kate, we know
Darth_Wooper: Don't apologize for loving a game you love, Kate. It's fine!
JediTransmit: see, moving the other parts of your body is what tires you out.
sleepyham: who else is playing?
Djshire: Kate, we couldn't tell Kappa
Intrepid_Colin: @Xonlic Japan gifts are strange but good gifts
Foxmar320: MrPhlip I like to think they just have meat hooks on them and we hook them into are flesh
All_mankind: i just can't figure out why a seven chamber revolver exists. it has to be structurally worse than going 8. . .
djfranknbeans: @Metric_Furlong Ah, indeed!
ShushOttoman: Man, put a shirt on, you're making me feel cold.
Taichanie: 556 zippy.
rarermonsters: @Arclight_Dynamo I'm imagining the guy who did the eyebrows in the witcher does every single effect in my game
Mavrande: @sleepyham Jeej and James, and soon Kate
deyja429: Apparently no shirt either
mastershake29x: @sleepyham cam, jordan, and james, with kate on deck
Xonlic: @Intrepid_Colin I found a store that 3 stories tall and only sells Vynal pop.
Cw3040: ayy trench gat
Lord_Hosk: BUGGY
Spriggan_No43: Hope that info helps, Punter.
UlranQentba: Oontz oontz oontz
JediTransmit: More like MK Ultra.
Intrepid_Colin: Fancy
ObsceneSymphony: James I think you mean a Mudercycle
Buttayobred: a murder-cycle?
Glenn_Seto: enjoy the biker lifestyle while you can
Contiguouskittycat: Row Row Stop the Powah!
DigitalSeahorse: so what would you say about this game if this were Talking Simulator?
MilkInBag: sweaty man carrying weapons Kreygasm
rarermonsters: Waiting to buy until they patch in asymetrical gameplay where you get to play as the blue
Darth_Wooper: Watch your time, you're right on the edge of the yellow ring.
Metric_Furlong: JediTransmit I prefer KMFDM Ultra
Cw3040: and fuddy-five stoppin powah
Intrepid_Colin: I still need to get to Japan, Though being 6'7 I will stick out big time
MsL3th4l: no shirt is fine. this is a soviet summer, so thats like what, 60F at least?
ObsceneSymphony: @Buttayobred I was gonna say that but clearly the keyboard chose "Mudercycle" and who am I to question that
pokemonblast65: <message deleted>I still can't believe I opened a Invocation at the pre-release for amonkhet. I call amonkhet the ammo kit set