mastershake29x: @sleepyham cam, jordan, and james, with kate on deck
Xonlic: @Intrepid_Colin I found a store that 3 stories tall and only sells Vynal pop.
Cw3040: ayy trench gat
Lord_Hosk: BUGGY
Spriggan_No43: Hope that info helps, Punter.
UlranQentba: Oontz oontz oontz
JediTransmit: More like MK Ultra.
Intrepid_Colin: Fancy
ObsceneSymphony: James I think you mean a Mudercycle
Buttayobred: a murder-cycle?
Glenn_Seto: enjoy the biker lifestyle while you can
Contiguouskittycat: Row Row Stop the Powah!
DigitalSeahorse: so what would you say about this game if this were Talking Simulator?
MilkInBag: sweaty man carrying weapons Kreygasm
rarermonsters: Waiting to buy until they patch in asymetrical gameplay where you get to play as the blue
Darth_Wooper: Watch your time, you're right on the edge of the yellow ring.
Metric_Furlong: JediTransmit I prefer KMFDM Ultra
Cw3040: and fuddy-five stoppin powah
Intrepid_Colin: I still need to get to Japan, Though being 6'7 I will stick out big time
MsL3th4l: no shirt is fine. this is a soviet summer, so thats like what, 60F at least?
ObsceneSymphony: @Buttayobred I was gonna say that but clearly the keyboard chose "Mudercycle" and who am I to question that
pokemonblast65: <message deleted>I still can't believe I opened a Invocation at the pre-release for amonkhet. I call amonkhet the ammo kit set
Cw3040: all the gun memes, i dig it
Xonlic: @Intrepid_Colin No....No.... At 5'8" I blend in like a yeti amongst gnomes
Hesk1el: Cam jump ni their car
CommandoJE: shortgun time?
Lord_Hosk: You shot the wall cameron
ObsceneSymphony: @pokemonblast65 other acceptable names for Amonkhet include BEST
AdmiralMemo: Wut
Kate: ready to playyyyyy
Darth_Wooper: F
Kate: :D
Kthanid: Wall was in the way.
korvys: You were hitting the wall, I think
Ugmobugmo: aim down sights
Aenir798: you shot into the wall
AnotherEli: Pincer'd
WraithianGaming: riPepperonis
Spriggan_No43: Cam, the wall was eating your shots.
t3h_f1gm3nt: #JamesOut
Undertowst: Cam, you can't shoot through a wall
Felipe_Modesto: you shot the wall
TwilightAvalon: Fire in FIRST PERSON...its way easier
JediTransmit: Russians never wear shirts, just adidas tops
Glenn_Seto: I always go for the 1911, because video games, but is it actually the best sidearm in this game?
awful_neutral: looks like you were firing into the cover
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Hi Kate.
ufo6300: You were unloading into that wall
Intrepid_Colin: @Xonlic Oh good I will just be some sort of Kaiju
CavemanKellen: switch to shotgun
Foxmar320: welp
pokemonblast65: <message deleted>@ObsceneSymphony yeah but I just call it ammo kit because its easier to remember
The_GuardiansTV: your rounds were hitting the wall. use first person to avoid that.
Xonlic: kappa1000 Liberally click on their heads, Cam!
Rivulatus_: Go james go
underhill33: christ this view is buggy
Spriggan_No43: The actual cursor for the shots are a little down and to the left.
Undertowst: Cam, you unloaded on the wall in front of you.
Dyllbert: Cam FYI spectator mode is garbage
MrPhlip: gamepls
oyleslyck: You were shooting into the wall
Lord_Hosk: Spectating is perfect
TacitusVigil: JediTransmit: Unless they're president, in which case, just no tops.
Talin06: you were unloading just to the left of him
Foxmar320: lol
Foxmar320: Nice view
aesir_blade: James seems to be also doing that?
Xonlic: @@Intrepid_Colin "Greetings Citizens! Do not fear, I am like you!"
Cyraknoss: what a beautiful view...
AnotherEli: Dear Dr Cam, do you listen to Under the Influence?
Navi_Chem: james gun is now invisible
ShushOttoman: Man, you sure did a number on that wall and windowframe.
Maddrius: "Repositioning"
Hesk1el: James made the CTS logo back there
Spriggan_No43: I tried it out with the aiming system in this game.
Darth_Wooper: You
Kthanid: That's a hell of a vew.
SupernormalStep: Spectating in this game is very good.
misteline: invisible rifle
Kthanid: view*
Tarukai788: this is how you can tell the game is in early access, lol
DoodlestheGreat: This is one of those little graphics glitches the game will have to work on...
Taichanie: James out! -Tosses a James-
Darth_Wooper: You're the one who MADE it a thing, James.
AdmiralMemo: I love that the gun is stuck back at the wall
Pharmacistjudge: you should take their car out of spite
spongeopolis: #spectatormode
Tarukai788: third person view? fine. first person view? looking at ground no matter where you are
pokemonblast65: <message deleted>I don't know why I like warheads extreme heat worms but I can't stop eating them
WraithianGaming: "repo-jamesingout-sitioning"
Metric_Furlong: AdmiralMemo it's floating in mid-air
TacitusVigil: The valiant die but once, but James dies a thousand times. Kappa
Intrepid_Colin: @Xonlic "I am a kind and fair deity"
Mavrande: NarrowCam
Hesk1el: @Taichanie now that would be a Crapshot
Cyraknoss: are we sure it's a spectate bug? maybe james just left his rifle hovering in the air over there
JustAConspiracy: james needs to walk
Carbonylcookie: Cam you are adorbs
Felipe_Modesto: its about to be holes in the james
JustAConspiracy: they're gonna hear him
TwilightAvalon: Wampa Stompa just killed like 5 people in the kill feed
AdmiralMemo: Metric_Furlong Yeah. And when he goes first person, it's just a view of a wall. :-D
Undertowst: James' rifles are stuck on the geometry, and every time he switches to Iron Sights, it shows us the geometry the guns are stuck on.
Dyllbert: To be fair, a spectator mode is kind of far down the list of things I want them to fix first so...
Glenn_Seto: a james up the sleeve?
Xonlic: @Intrepid_Colin Careful, last time a westerner claimed to be a god here, it went south.
Darth_Wooper: RIP
AdmiralMemo: Invite Kate
Kate: YAS
ObsceneSymphony: Damn doorframes!
DigitalSeahorse: Holy James?
Mavrande: Yep they're still here
SupernormalStep: I smell chicken
JQuill7: so uh 1 more?
Taichanie: Get someone good in there to make up for james.
Lord_Hosk: Does kate even play Pubg?
jpost042: one more?
BusTed: kstarkNice
pokemonblast65: <message deleted>Is Oketra the True a good card?
terminalvelocit3: Kaaaaate VoHiYo
AdmiralMemo: Lord_Hosk It's possible
Carbonylcookie: Now ya'll can win, because you will have Kate
MsL3th4l: @lord_hosk Kappa
djfranknbeans: *sigh* ... brb, need to update myself on the current state of American Politics.
Intrepid_Colin: @Xonlic True...
Navi_Chem: does kates aatar have sideburns
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ObsceneSymphony: @pokemonblast65 depends on your play style I think, but it's still a legendary mythic sooo
TacitusVigil: James and Kate might balance each other out though Carbonylcookie Kappa
ufo6300: @djfranknbeans good luck
Contiguouskittycat: Katerina!
TheBearBee: Is this where all the Abercrombie models go to when they get to old?
senshi5609: kstarkSir kstarkSir kstarkSir kstarkSir kstarkWave kstarkWave kstarkWave
Felipe_Modesto: shots fired
RogueLink: savage
AdmiralMemo: Hard Carry
Carbonylcookie: @TacitusVigil Kate ties the team together. Now they're a plucky groups of misfits forming a family!
Xonlic: The bulges are very distracting
Kramburger: Less than 400 subs to James' 24 hr stream!
TheMoatman: Kate help they keep letting Jeej drive
TheMadPunter: my body is ready
Djshire: OH SNAP
Mavrande: lol
Darth_Wooper: kstarkWave kstarkNice
Lord_Hosk: One more
Navi_Chem: also why is kates right shoulder bigger than the left
Felipe_Modesto: ha
sag3error: Spend som Bostn Pizza Dollars
Intrepid_Colin: Kate doesn't mess around
Laserbeaks_Fury: OMG 20 Hours on Sombra!?! Kappa
Lord_Hosk: One more
Lord_Hosk: One more
Lord_Hosk: One more
Tarukai788: she has two upstairs there, so actually increasing
boristhewizard: srhinoOOOWEE srhinoOOOWEE srhinoOOOWEE srhinoOOOWEE
TheMadPunter: #UpstairsBulge
Contiguouskittycat: Also is it possible for ANYONE to wear clothes?
ObsceneSymphony: #upstairsBulge
Xonlic: Pfft
Lord_Hosk: One more
AdmiralMemo: !highlight Upstairs Bulge
Darth_Wooper: Her bulges are just higher up.
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Glenn_Seto: @navi_chem I think it's a sidecut and sick glasses
MrPhlip: So tempted to addquote that...
Carbonylcookie: She has TWO bulges
t3h_f1gm3nt: kstarkNice
Tokkanada: Bringing UP the bulge average!
TacitusVigil: Double bulges, so increasing the average
DarkMorford: Kate "Upstairs Bulge" Stark
CommandoJE: uno mas?
Xonlic: #upstairs Bulge
Kidror: Wow, thats only like 9 off streams
korvys: Full time job
Trippzen: Yeah really, she's the carrier when it comes to bulge too, she has at least double.
KPancrazio: Actually, looking... i think the bulge might be EXACTLY the same shape.
Carbonylcookie: She brings UP the bulge average
senshi5609: kstarkNice kstarkNice kstarkNice
Cyraknoss: I think "upstairs bulge" actually sounds worse...
Intrepid_Colin: I suppose Lady characters would have Double Bulge
Xonlic: @DarkMorford The best
UlranQentba: Upstairs bulge
TacitusVigil: Carbonylcookie: This is *not* the Lego Batman Movie! :P
AintGotNoPantsOn: Hello Team No Pants!
Lord_Hosk: One more
Foxmar320: !jamesout
LRRbot: ​James Out /james out/ To deliberately run away, often after your teammates have died. Typically involves running away from enemies and getting shot in the back.
pokemonblast65: <message deleted>"Hey Booboo Im gonna rape you" - Yogi bear 2017
misteline: @mrphlip please quote that
Taichanie: Anyone else feel that this Kate fits in with the "Mother loving Gs" Kate?
AdmiralMemo: pokemonblast65 Please no
Navi_Chem: mods re: pokemonblast65
ThePov42: <3 mods
Arclight_Dynamo: <3 mods
DigitalSeahorse: she's bringing the bulge up
Papperslappen: <3 mods
Kramburger: mods pls
Darth_Wooper: Kate has two bulges, and the guys have one.
AdmiralMemo: DigitalSeahorse In number and position
All_mankind: swift and just
KPancrazio: Kramburger they literally already took care of it
TheMadPunter: quick-draw mods; impressive
Carbonylcookie: @TacitusVigil I don't understand that reference
MistahFixIt: Well that was a weird thing to come into chat on.
Trippzen: Although, if we're counting butts, the guys have 3 and the girls have 4
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think this game with any aesthetic would be absorbing
Dmc3628: alright now it's time for the Katedown and it's Kate Cena
DigitalSeahorse: yes
shmingmaster: Dude Cam streams HYPE
MistahFixIt: Trolls are getting weirder. o_O
Trippzen: 3 and 4 bulges total I mean
ObsceneSymphony: I watched a LOT of Feed Dump today, and greatly enjoyed all of your performances @Kate
Kramburger: @KPancrazio as I posted
AintGotNoPantsOn: Last night was pretty fun
Angnor33: Take one for the team, James.
Rivulatus_: With the power of the Cammander I believe we can do this.
MysticOp9: I hate time zones night Cam
Namboto: get into the sea!
Kate: @ObsceneSymphony Thanks!
TacitusVigil: Carbonylcookie: Well, all I can say is, watch Lego Batman. :P
TheMoatman: Reminder that Kate streamed pubg for 10 hours two nights ago
TwilightAvalon: Death is for the WEAK!
Dyllbert: James, you will be fine!
KPancrazio: Kramburger it was grey like 30 seconds before your message =P
mastershake29x: have dedication to the craft @James_LRR
misteline: @kpancrazio typing takes time
Angnor33: You have but one life to give for your chicken dinner!
DoodlestheGreat: They do. It's just being silly.
Trippzen: I mean, that doesn't make it less fun
shmingmaster: emotional damage is real, Cam
Carbonylcookie: @TacitusVigil Maybe when I get my PhD.... in 5 years
Dyllbert: I woke up at 3:30 james, its fine
Trippzen: also, headshot practice maybe?
TheBearBee: Man hunts are a young man's game
phorrestgaze: good holesome fun
Trippzen: or figuring out gun mechanics
Tarukai788: #fragin
AdmiralMemo: KPancrazio There IS a difference in servers... but 30 seconds is a bit much.
Kramburger: @KPancrazio What's done is done, why is this an issue still?
CavemanKellen: everyones going military and crates
CavemanKellen: bunker?
TheMoatman: I'm rank 230k-ish with 4 hours played over 6 days
Lord_Hosk: !onemore
LRRbot: The traditional chant of the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (pubg) player at the end of the round. "One more?"
Rivulatus_: Watch everyone drop on the base
Dmc3628: fragout but it's really a fragin
Xonlic: #ForRealThisTime
Carbonylcookie: TactiCOOL it, guys!
Solomon_Kain: Does LRR know about Long Distance Parachuting?
ThePov42: Pump strats tend to be good percentage, if you get friendly circles
Foxmar320: !fragout
LRRbot: Frag Out /frag out/ To deliberately die to end a round, often after your teammates have died. Typically involves running into enemies and attempting to get kills as you die.
TacitusVigil: Carbonylcookie: Ah, I get that, quite literally. You'll have time, movie in the background while getting ready for comps. I think I watched Valkyrie 20 times that way. O_o
Laserbeaks_Fury: Can you get more distance if you 'chute early?
Gekyouryuu: i'm really starting to get annoyed that twitch won't play the stream for me for more than a couple of seconds. chat remains 100% ok, but stream is borked always.
rarermonsters: The gracefulness of the parachuting is the ironic highlight of these games
boristhewizard: You guys just formed your own sentai team
ThePov42: @Laserbeaks_Fury Yes, especially if you move them right
Rivulatus_: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:14:14.
Kramburger: Hosk, get her
Carbonylcookie: @TacitusVigil You mean Quals?
Darth_Wooper: Today's your day off though Kate.
Kidror: Everyone assumed you'd know
Kidror: Like a 6th sense
Contiguouskittycat: The shaaaaaaaaade.
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Foxmar320: lol
Nyx_fire: all the love for kate
AdmiralMemo: Hahaha
misteline: Yay Katecast!
Foxmar320: I better im a mod
TacitusVigil: Carbonylcookie: Yes. In my program they were called Comprehensive Exams.
t3h_f1gm3nt: JEEJ!
CorakTM: Hi Kate! You streaming from your own channel?
ThePov42: Were we watching ghosts?
Xonlic: i flew over the Canda-field in a plane, spelling "Kate! There's a stream going!"
AdmiralMemo: Foxmar320 So Hosk is not? Kappa
Gekyouryuu: podcast? new ghostwatch?!
AintGotNoPantsOn: Cam, Kate, James, who is the fourth guy?
Maddrius: Watching Kate ninja the car from that other team last night was excellent.
Mavrande: aintgotnopantson: Jeej
flu0rspar: Cameron rocking that school uniform
Carbonylcookie: @TacitusVigil Ahhhhhhhhh Yeah, ours are actually "Propositions" but they're quals.
Darth_Wooper: @AintGotNoPantsOn that's Jeej aka Jordan aka RayFK.
Cw3040: holy mother of tapco that SKS is horrendous
TacitusVigil: Carbonylcookie: Ah, I've heard of those. Yeah. Best of luck by the way. It's a mountain climb, but it's worth it.
JediTransmit: Good lord Cam, button your shirt and adjust the tie,
AintGotNoPantsOn: Cams char looks like Robert Khoo
Foxmar320: Git Gud has been called
AdmiralMemo: Is that the Mine Turtle "hello"?
ThePov42: So, thing I actually don't know: is damage in this game based on gun or on ammo type? Do all 7.62 bullets hurt the same, regardless of gun?
deyja429: We still team no pants?
BusTed: And this is mine and this is mine and this is mine
Carbonylcookie: @TacitusVigil It's a frucking war of attrition. I could write a manifesto on the *** that first year has been. But I got into the lab I wanted and spite-aced all my tests. So I'm on my way.
damullet14: always, Deyja429
Glenn_Seto: @aintgotnopantson retirement seems to look good on him
Mavrande: Is there friendly fire in this game?
ObsceneSymphony: @ThePov42 you'd hope by bullet, but you never know with games
AdmiralMemo: deyja429: We weren't while Cam was soloing, but maybe we are now? :-D
Foxmar320: Pants are evil
TheMoatman: What do bullet loops even do, anyway?
Xonlic: @Deyja429 I thought we were Team Bulge
AintGotNoPantsOn: Team no pans 4 LYPHE
Maddrius: @Mavrande yes
AintGotNoPantsOn: No pants* lol pans are great actually
Gekyouryuu: Twitch, PLEASE, stop borking the dang stream!
Foxmar320: If I could play Destiny with no pants I would never have on pants
Lord_Hosk: Shoot down the plane it drops a sweet Katana
Kramburger: Cam's character looks like an investement banker went all falling down
TacitusVigil: Carbonylcookie: God, you're not wrong about it being attrition. In my program only two of us made it to the end. But from everything I've heard you say over time, I believe you'll do it.
Navi_Chem: Foxmar320 ideal for shipping
Glenn_Seto: @lord_hosk for real?
AdmiralMemo: Daddy Gascan?
Contiguouskittycat: I just beat daddy gascan earlier today.
rarermonsters: Feat and Loathing on Death Island
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrFINE
Rivulatus_: Don't do etttt!!!!!!!!
Rivulatus_: !panic
Arclight_Dynamo: Every now and then, a drop should be full of nothing but, like, shoes. Kappa
Glenn_Seto: @contiguouskittycat good job!
Beefpants: Hi guys
Beefpants: and other
Lord_Hosk: its like 2 clicks
Carbonylcookie: @TacitusVigil We won our union election though! I'm in-unit, and the admins are going to be so sorry they let me in here. I've wanted to be a biochemist since I was 4 years old, and I know I can make it. I won't let these shitty faculty members *** up perfectly good future scientists to fuel their egos, though/
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Hi beefpants.
AdmiralMemo: Arclight_Dynamo: I want a drop that's solo energy drinks. :-D
rucdoc: morning Cam, Morning Chat
Foxmar320: I like this plan it can't fail
AintGotNoPantsOn: James, ask Cam to see you in your office
MrPhlip: Arclight_Dynamo: Just a box of pants, for the complete rubins
Arclight_Dynamo: MrPhlip: YEEES.
Theicyhandofdeath: i still cant get over the fact that lrrBEEJ is an emote now
Arclight_Dynamo: AdmiralMemo: See, I thought that, but those have a use. Shoes are useless.
Rivulatus_: Go cam, look at it
Solemn_storm: NOSCOPE
ObsceneSymphony: lrrBEEJ
ObsceneSymphony: aw :/
Lord_Hosk: lol
AdmiralMemo: Arclight_Dynamo Fair... I'm just thinking "This drop sponsored by RED BULL!"
Carbonylcookie: 360 no scope it
oyleslyck: @thepov42 weapons have 6 factors to consider, ammo, mag/clip size, power, range, stability and firing rate, so combo based on your skill and playstyle can effect effectiveness of weapon
BusTed: They might just have to be removed from people.
mastershake29x: kate best driver
KPancrazio: that was tree-mendous
Lord_Hosk: !highlight OW
Mavrande: TREE
ObsceneSymphony: yeah! *** trees!
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Feltic: Is there a !bonk command?
Vn497: BONK
Papperslappen: !bonk
aussz: are they all playing in 1st person?
Papperslappen: no
terminalvelocit3: Came to a sudden arboreal stop
Steinhoward: do you kill things?
Feltic: Thanks Papper
CavemanKellen: all hail god pan
MistahFixIt: Buttpan Get!
All_mankind: let's rendezvous on the point of the V in "Lipovka"
rarermonsters: Because I could not stop for Blue he kindly stopped for me, the airplane held my father, me, and chicken dinner
Maddrius: @terminalvelocit3 ^.^ love that line
djfranknbeans: Ok, US politics update absorbed, migraine increases in intensity.
AdmiralMemo: Steinhoward Eventually
Vn497: PAN!
ArcOfTheConclave: why is cam wearing a shirt?
AintGotNoPantsOn: Pan!
Foxmar320: Pan get!
Mavrande: Nice terminalvelocit3
AdmiralMemo: djfranknbeans Come relax with us.
TheMoatman: Cam, this isn't anywhere in the game but you pick stuff up faster if you drag it into your inventory
KPancrazio: CAM! how could you
MistahFixIt: PANts Kappa
Carbonylcookie: @rarermonsters *snaps*
Theicyhandofdeath: cam NO
AdmiralMemo: !highlight BETRAYAL
SomebodyNowhere: what is wrong with you
LRRbot: Highlight added.
Theicyhandofdeath: NOOOOOOOOO
SomebodyNowhere: have you no shame
AintGotNoPantsOn: NO PANTS
mastershake29x: what happened to #teamnopants?
ObsceneSymphony: those "combat pants" look a lot like skinny jeans to me
Rivulatus_: Can't win now, Cam is wearing pants
zuofthenorth: suddenly, game gets ticks
Foxmar320: Cam! James!
All_mankind: you won't live long enough to get sunburned
djfranknbeans: @AdmiralMemo thank you, I will stay a while ... and listen.
ThePov42: I am so hype for when they eventually update a second map for this game
Lord_Hosk: open up a dinner
AdmiralMemo: djfranknbeans: Like... this game is the future of the US, right? Kappa
Carbonylcookie: Great beachfront property! A fixer-upper with a lot of potential!
Hesk1el: Damn imagine if you could die from something like melanoma in a game
Xed_Regulus: As longs as it doesn't flood
BishopSansPants: Sounds like something ARMA would do
Lord_Hosk: Cameron stealing my joeaks
All_mankind: i can imagine this game living forever and they keep selling new maps for $5
RealGamerCow: !fine
RealGamerCow: lrrFINE
djfranknbeans: @AdmiralMemo you mean, like "the purge" or something approaching "the running man" ?
ylegm: I only made to #8 with 5 kills, then the zone got me
AintGotNoPantsOn: LoadingReadyDinner
Mavrande: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: lol Hosk.
Kramburger: Does the play area stay centered on the same place as it shrinks?
AdmiralMemo: djfranknbeans: Maybe... or Logan's Run?
MistahFixIt: Such is life in The Zone.
Intrepid_Colin: Wow, Kate joins and the team starts doing good. Hmmmmm
MrPhlip: Jeej sounded like he was being sarcastic, but he was using sarcasm ironically
ylegm: kramburger if shifts
oyleslyck: @kramburger no, it shifts
AintGotNoPantsOn: DinningReadyRun....?
Arclight_Dynamo: Kramburger: No. The smaller area can occur anywhere within the larger area.
CaptainSpam: I will say, I do enjoy watching this more than Overwatch. More relaxing.
Kramburger: Cheers guys
Maddrius: @CaptainSpam agreed
Carbonylcookie: This is SO fun to watch
AdmiralMemo: CaptainSpam Yes. It's a whole lot slower.
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: It shifts but is always within the previous play area.
Jbeischer: @Kramburger the first few it does, after that it can bounce around. but always within the current circle
All_mankind: i like the layout of this house
lakaicheaker: why there are russian names for places?
TheMoatman: Cam remember the police vest next to the pants upstairs
JohnLockeCole: Oh yeah, Kate is 100% the secret tech in games like this
MistahFixIt: So wait if you're being sarcastic ironically, are you being sincere?
AdmiralMemo: lakaicheaker Because this is set somewhere in Russia?
Solomon_Kain: 2nd Floor Cam, right by the coat
Carbonylcookie: It's different every game and so many dynamics happen each time
Vanbael: how goes the battle royal?
deyja429: Hey Cam, have you ever heard of Warren Zevon? I feel he is very much your speed in theme.
ObsceneSymphony: inb4 the play zone boundary becomes an opalescent wall and everyone gets powers and nicknames
Undertowst: Cam, upstairs, by the stairs, you walked past it a few times.
t3h_f1gm3nt: chat pls
All_mankind: "post-irony" is the point where you yourself don't actually know if you are sincere or not
lakaicheaker: maybe. i know actual village lipovka around my place.
Carbonylcookie: @ObsceneSymphony I want a power and a nickname
AdmiralMemo: Carbonylcookie Me too
Beefpants: Protip: Don't try to move your phone across the dest without noticing its plugged in to the USB
AdmiralMemo: Carbonylcookie I already have a nickname, honestly.
Beefpants: *desk
Mavrande: Guys? Where did we park?
Aenir798: where even is the car ;p;
ObsceneSymphony: @Carbonylcookie your new name is Duck and your power is controlling your own density have fun
Carbonylcookie: @AdmiralMemo Yeah, I was about to say, your username is already a great superhero nickname
ObsceneSymphony: @AdmiralMemo you can be Hunter with Microwave Hands
TheMoatman: I've learned I need to start pinning where I park
zuofthenorth: would anyone be dissuaded from wearing less clothing if at the end of the game it just listed how many tickbites you got running around, and were more likely to get them if you were wearing less?
Beefpants: Is the exhaust flames new? omg
AdmiralMemo: ObsceneSymphony So this is Duck Game now?
Beefpants: LOL
Djshire: why does Kate say "oh beans"?
jdhammer123: What game is this?
hiimpimento: car's running a bit rich there
AdmiralMemo: ObsceneSymphony Sweet! Free food cooking!
Beefpants: Its like an expletive
Vanbael: is team no-pants the only one in town?
Carbonylcookie: @ObsceneSymphony I think I can work with that. DUCK.... AWAY!
Mavrande: Dammit cam
Trippzen: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (overridden)
Beefpants: Cam, put it in H
Feltic: Top 50, woo
AdmiralMemo: !game good
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: And more often I think it's aww beans.
Astral_Apache: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:26:22.
CaptainSpam: I'm guessing it's because "Oh beans" is a Griffin McElroy thing she picked up.
boristhewizard: What's the red circle on the map?
TheMoatman: Sniper attachments are pretty rare, and weirdly the SKS counts as a sniper
AdmiralMemo: boristhewizard Bomb zone
t3h_f1gm3nt: Halfway there!
Mavrande: Red circle is carpet bomb
MistahFixIt: @Boristhewizard - An area that randomly ends up mortared
oyleslyck: Plane
AdmiralMemo: The Red Zone is the BONE ZONE! Kappa
Beefpants: :)
Contiguouskittycat: Have yo set it to Wumbo>
Vanbael: !advice
LRRbot: Use absolute aggression.
Carbonylcookie: @AdmiralMemo BONED* ZONE
Foxmar320: James driving?! lrrHAM
Aziraphalesshop: I love that Simpsons reference so hard]
Feltic: Who let James drive? #blamesJames
Kramburger: James pls no hit trees
Aziraphalesshop: H
Rivulatus_: Come on don't let james drive. #blame james
TheExactSame: H
Tarukai788: Put it in H
Contiguouskittycat: !blamejames
WetPaperSack: H
Tokkanada: Put it in H!
TStodden: G'Evening... Kate has turned the cast in PuBg-ists.
SomebodyNowhere: so is james trying the out of gas line on cameron
TacitusVigil: Speed holes make the car go faster.
Steel_zsar93: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Crapshoot at Fri 01:00 PM PDT (17:28 from now).
hiimpimento: crazy valclav's
Beefpants: hahah
MistahFixIt: We're all Pub-Guhs now
Beefpants: Those are speed holes
LoadingReadyRun: Tstodden, I did this to myself
Contiguouskittycat: We're all soldiers now.
NoxStryx: wouldn't it be something Cyrillic?
JKohdeer: the homer thing
Aziraphalesshop: How many rods to the hogshead can your car get?
JosephDeath: Am I the only one that closes doors in this game after I open them?
AdmiralMemo: JosephDeath Cam does
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JosephDeath: Go Cam
Felipe_Modesto: First-aid is a dead give-away :P
MistahFixIt: @JosephDeath - No but most don't b/c they're in a hurry
TwilightAvalon: nice SCAR L
TStodden: While there's some self control, there's always some amount of peer pressure that tends to drive these things. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing from time to time.
Vanbael: Watched all the vods of pubg and I laughed at work when the pan saved Grahams butt, literally
Feltic: Top 40
MistahFixIt: That's why the Buttpan is Clutch.
Hesk1el: Has Adam played this yet?
LoadingReadyRun: @tstodden I mean, Kate didn't get me into the game
ylegm: vanbael, buttpan has saved me many times already
TwilightAvalon: I really wish I could play this game, but Im still using a PC with Windows Vista and running on a 12 year old AMD Phenom II Quad-Core :'(
TheMoatman: There iiiiiis one gun I'd like to see this game have:
Dumori: Bunker soudns risky AF man
CaptainSpam: Woo top 40!
ylegm: eek, twilight that's a bummer
ObsceneSymphony: @TwilightAvalon how does it feel to be running history
MistahFixIt: I assume that's G on the LRR account?
Beefpants: @TwilightAvalon I feel your pain I just upraded from a Core 2 Duo a few months ago
TwilightAvalon: like i cant play new games :(
Aziraphalesshop: The Dacia was the reasonably priced car for a while right?
AdmiralMemo: I mean, my computer's from 2008, so it's not QUITE as bad, but still...
Beefpants: I was running a 9600gt LOL
Felipe_Modesto: I'm anxious for the upcoming fog scenario modifier
Carbonylcookie: Bunker is risky but most people seem to avoid it so hard that it's a prostrat
Lord_Hosk: uhhhhh, first person while driving is making me quezee
Feltic: Dacia Sondero?
terminalvelocit3: @loadingreadyrun is that you g
Felipe_Modesto: That's a Lada right?
aWabbajack: like the Yugo?
Foxmar320: My PC is super old. might be from 07-08
oyleslyck: Romanian cold war era car
Beefpants: It has rear demisters so you can warm your hands while you push it
Dyllbert: Isn't soviet era the cold war era?
LoadingReadyRun: The Dacia 1300 was produced from 1969-2004
hiimpimento: dacias are romanian
Solomon_Kain: Dacia is an actual Car Company... Pretty good cheap cars.
Laserbeaks_Fury: So, is there an area within the circle that's statistically more likely to end up inside the next play area?
LoadingReadyRun: That's the one in the game
Felipe_Modesto: But isn't that Dacia just a re-branded Lada?
Beefpants: 1300cc? Thats like a whole sewing machine
Rivulatus_: It is a trap
Vanbael: team no pants yolo mode
agentchrisscogg: It's a Romanian Car Manufacturer. Very closely related to Renault.
Felipe_Modesto: Its a race boy
koshindan: How do arms work.
SomebodyNowhere: !ing
LRRbot: nginginginging...
Foxmar320: Some of the have pants now tho :(
Mavrande: Camera plz
Abcxyq: Nice getaway
MrPhlip: That looks really comfortable
AdmiralMemo: Arms Plz
Mavrande: Kate plz
EikoandMog: Team No Rules.
Feltic: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Mavrande: Everyone and everything plz
Vanbael: lrrFINE
amythist: that was not a healthy way for an arm to bend
Tarukai788: Jeej pls
Beefpants: Pants made of meat
Rivulatus_: Ahhhhh, cams old enimy, the camera
Tarukai788: stuck the landing though
mastershake29x: @Foxmar320 it's so sad
mercano82: Cam is Mr. Fantastic.
koshindan: Can you imagine the recoil in that position too?
F1SH0R: those evasive driving courses are paying off
Taichanie: Kate driver is great driver.
Darth_Wooper: Maybe camp the drop and shoot some peoples?
agentchrisscogg: The Dacia is basically a Renault.
Vanbael: did anyone do any barrelrolls this stream?
ylegm: bummer
AdmiralMemo: Do not abandon car now. :-P
Beefpants: Kate is a good shot
Lord_Hosk: Autozone
All_mankind: the world si closing in
Trymantha: man who isnt playing this game these days? :P
All_mankind: did you ever think
AdmiralMemo: Trymantha Me, but I want to
Dumori: heard gun fire and that jheep chased us off so I'm guessign some one git it
All_mankind: that we could be so close, like brothers
Beefpants: Dude you so need some plastic chrome spinners
Felipe_Modesto: you are sitting ducks there
Hesk1el: Well this is scenic