Nyx_fire: do we know which game for talking sim?
af0z: lrrSIGNAL ,
Ba_Dum_Tish: All streams are now PUBG
Rivulatus_: !storm
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ArtofDaDress: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
af0z: ,
Rockario: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
t3h_f1gm3nt: @artofdadress well, learn from this experience of post-impulse guilt then.
Noodles_15: Gekyouryuu, Alex isnt feeling well
vegasturm: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
Gekyouryuu: ah
Foxmar320: No Talking Sim since Alex is out sick
JustAConspiracy: RIP in advance CAM
taruan: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Darth_Wooper: It was supposed to be NieR, but Alex is home sick. Cam didn't want to go on without him, so we're PUBGing instead.
surrakpunchmanybears: what this
JustAConspiracy: RIP alex for being down with a sickness
Juliamon: Judging by what I saw on Kate's stream last night, Cam's actually been a quick study for this game.
Astral_Apache: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
Nyx_fire: ah kk
Metric_Furlong: (I have been waiting literal YEARS to be able to do that)
JustAConspiracy: @Juliamon Cam's been training for this his entire life.
aardarf: SINJIN
t3h_f1gm3nt: Cam is good at clicking on heads
surrakpunchmanybears: but what this
Rivulatus_: @Juliamon that is hardly a surprise, this is a cam style game
All_mankind: hi Cameron!
Metric_Furlong: coldest mic
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glitchedprophetess: Selamat pagi, Cam!
Tokkanada: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrSIGNAL
t3h_f1gm3nt: Greetings Cammander o7
Navi_Chem: PUBG TEIM
Djshire: hi Cam!
darkalter2000: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator at Thu 06:00 PM PDT (4m ago).
Foxmar320: Fact Cam can click on heads like a pro but can his team?
Dirt_Gopher: Hello Cameron
Rivulatus_: Hi Cam. Excited for todays PUBG stream.
hoktauri: No sup nerds? Sad face
Xed_Regulus: I'm ready to party!
ArtofDaDress: @Metric_Furlong to call someone a whale via coppertank island?
surrakpunchmanybears: it doesn't look zoomed in
Rivulatus_: Also can hear the other room
thunderstrike932: Hey cam
Caleb_QDC: Hey Cameron! Harvested the first squash of the year today!
Metric_Furlong: no wait, twitch muted itself
meowzalot: Hiya Cam!
Hamsterhotep: Hey! Nasal broadcast confirmed.
All_mankind: sound is on
aardarf: CAMFAEC
Aenir798: We can see and hear the Cameron.
Arclight_Dynamo: Mic is fine.
hoktauri: yup
Metric_Furlong: false alarm
EOstby: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your chicken dinners!
Tokkanada: We can hear you!
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Lord_Hosk: I can hear you now
cheetoJack: I can hear you just fine
Kramburger: Mic's good
shurtal: Yep
Djshire: We can hear you Cam
phorrestgaze: we mhear you
Metric_Furlong: ArtofDaDress yes
korvys: Yes, I can hear you.
Foxmar320: Yep we hear you
mercano82: lrrFINE
t3h_f1gm3nt: loud and clear
Darth_Wooper: Hi Cameron! I can hear and see you great!
surrakpunchmanybears: its poifect
aardarf: can YOU hear ME?!
Dirt_Gopher: Rock n Roll
thunderstrike932: Or I'm insane
sag3error: Hallo Cam, Mic is Hot
spongeopolis: Yup
Ba_Dum_Tish: Let heads be clicked
ylegm: lrrSIGNAL is good video and audio
surrakpunchmanybears: no i wanna hear the other room
vegasturm: Has Cam been informed of the amount of clothes his character can wear?
Kramburger: Oh noooo
All_mankind: such chiseled cheeks
hoktauri: pants?????
couldntpickausername: Cam I can hear the fans in the mechanical supercomputer known as your brain
Rivulatus_: Seems like a slow start there then..
Foxmar320: Yep sounds like PUBG lol
sag3error: No Pants!
korvys: Well, that's quite the recommendation already
Rivulatus_: You are wearing pants
Navi_Chem: Shirts are o
Edgarware: one of us
Djshire: LOL
Aenir798: THERE WE GO
Foxmar320: lol
Navi_Chem: just no pants
aardarf: cam's a beautiful boy
Kramburger: Perfect
mastershake29x: Team #NoPants
SamanthaVess: IS that Johnny Yong Bosch?
couldntpickausername: this looks like a stripped down Dwayne Johnson
Hamsterhotep: Pants Warrior!
Metric_Furlong: ArtofDaDress ever since I heard that and became aware of the term 'Whale' in regards to microtransactions
Foxmar320: No Rules Means No Pants
Rivulatus_: Ahhh that looks like the game I know.
sgowell: No rules just right
vegasturm: This is PURE MAGIC
TEHbigIVAN: I fell asleep watching Kate's stream last night
Rivulatus_: Is Alex going to be joining you at all?
Noodles_15: #NoPantsNoRules
DoktorLoy: this game is incredibly strange on a number of angles
shurtal: I thought rules meant no pants.... but the rule is no pants..... I'm confused
Foxmar320: This world is lrrEFF ed
amdragon15: i've never seen this game before. what is this
shurtal: no rules*
t3h_f1gm3nt: no rules = no pants!
MysticOp9: talk sim? lol
elah806: Is this game supposed to be like Gmod, but more?
Noodles_15: !pubg
Cykouxis: what we doi MG ?
Cykouxis: doing ?
ExhaustedElox: Hey Cameron :D
All_mankind: solo is yolo
amdragon15: Are you always a nearly naked man?
ArtofDaDress: @Metric_Furlong well at least you made me chuckle in the guise of my shame.
Djshire: Cam, I think I know where its set, you can tell by all the people....Russian around
mercano82: Paradrop on the military base?
aardarf: @amdragon15 this is Twitch
JustAConspiracy: Cameron is an APEX PREDATOR.
ExhaustedElox: How's things tonight?
BonSequitur: I still don't know what this game is about
Foxmar320: Not really
Arclight_Dynamo: Do we have game audio?
flying_man_3: "I am a beautiful boy...which is going to make it a real same when I get murdered." is a p good quote
Dirt_Gopher: its basically Rapture
amdragon15: @aardarf thank you. Thank you for that.
Tregelen: !pubg
LRRbot: 100 people are airdropped onto an island with a border that shrinks as the game goes on. You scavenge for weapons and items. Last one standing is a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
TheMadPunter: Just arrived. Question: ..................what?
Navi_Chem: I assume this is a method of reducing prison overcrowding
Xed_Regulus: The Hunger Games: Russia?
Dewrules235: !Game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
Periapsis13: it's just fyrefest russia
akvar: Hello Cameron!
SamanthaVess: Static Warp Bubble is the story of this world, right?
rarermonsters: I personally go with the "Insane Billionare Bloodsport" headcanon
aardarf: @amdragon15 I am helping!
TheFoilAjani: It's a Cam!
TEHbigIVAN: shots fired
DoktorLoy: in to the sea
Foxmar320: !show
LRRbot: Currently live: Bonus Stream
Rivulatus_: In is bad way yea
elah806: This aesthetic really reminds me of OG source engine - Gmod/TF2/Halflife
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Rockario: My read on this world is: make up whatever you want, the devs aren't that concerned with anything beyond mechanics
eddieatthegov: I'm here before I go to work simply to say Good Luck, Cam, and don't you dare go hollow on us. This game... looks to have that effect.
Foxmar320: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
All_mankind: i think the conceit is this is a simulation of some kind
shurtal: Should buy a boat...
JustAConspiracy: to the tiny island!
Djshire: Not the military base!
All_mankind: "it was all a dream!"
Metric_Furlong: rarermonsters eh, they always go with that for island 'survival games'
CodeGorilla: You playing solo, Cam?
LRRbot: Override enabled. Currently playing: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS
ylegm: rozhok seems rough
elah806: Do we know who PlayerUnknown is?
Taichanie: Winner Winner tofu dinner.
Abcxyq: Military base?
GoAmpDog2: hi cam you solo tonight?
r10pez10: hi cam!
rarermonsters: @Metric_Furlong I mean, how many reasonable expectations are there?
mercano82: This is one gnarly airplane track
Darth_Wooper: Solo for now, James and/or Alex might be joining in later.
TheMadPunter: @Elah806 Can't, by definition :-P
t3h_f1gm3nt: nips are DIAMONDS
Sibwow: lrrBEEJ
Metric_Furlong: elah806 an h1z1 and Arma 3 modder, iirc
Felipe_Modesto: Glass Cutters
All_mankind: naked skydiving is the only way to be truly alive
Trippzen: Who needs guns when you can cut your enemies with your diamond nips
Kramburger: No shirt because chafed nips?
Rivulatus_: That air burn.
BonSequitur: That's gotta chafe
TEHbigIVAN: pants optional
Foxmar320: The clench!
aardarf: Indyyyyy! Cover your nips!
Djshire: Mods, new quote? "this is really hard on the old nips...this is really bracing"
wonderloey: Quorn dinner?
All_mankind: the imminent murder helps too
khuasta: hey Cameron! kstarkWave
Gekyouryuu: given the current state of this game, how long do we expect hype for it to last? does it seem like something people will be playing for the next few months, or like it could just drop off the map at complete random in a few weeks?
TheMadPunter: ahhhh, chafage
amdragon15: you will be forced to eat a chicken dinner.
ylegm: looks alone, good start
mercano82: Feel the wind through your thin cotton briefs.
Tregelen: fingerless gloves
Rivulatus_: Nope, you win this, and the game sends you cicken dinner to the LRR office.
underhill33: And carpet bombing random places all the time
Darth_Wooper: I haven't seen any live chickens in the game.
SamanthaVess: Maybe it's just a Death Race style for-the-masses thing?
Juliamon: If they don't fix the memory leak problems this game won't last long
TheMadPunter: No, we mean in the game, Cam
Kramburger: I think the point of this game is death to the foes of Cameron
Navi_Chem: chicken dinner is code for freedom from your death sentence
Kuolar: Your arms are light?
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Metric_Furlong: rarermonsters I'd argue 'none' :p
Lord_Hosk: !pubg
LRRbot: 100 people are airdropped onto an island with a border that shrinks as the game goes on. You scavenge for weapons and items. Last one standing is a Winner Winner Tofu Dinner
BonSequitur: Is there crafting in this game
Navi_Chem: you are all criminals
TwilightAvalon: Hey! This is where James died when he stopped playing Battlegrounds early this afternoon!
BonSequitur: Please tell me there's no crafting
tantaburs: you get Bear Hands... thats sounds broken
skuzzo: humanity has engineered a chicken plague. they've become exceedingly rare.
Rivulatus_: I don;t know, your arms look fairly heavy to me, all that muscle.
Juliamon: No crafting
spawnofhastur: I hear that the best melee weapon in the game is the pan.
TheMadPunter: Anyone else got mad buffering?
Navi_Chem: oh your THAT player eh Cam
t3h_f1gm3nt: seems like a deece strat for solo
ylegm: hahaha, I like that game plan
Metric_Furlong: rarermonsters so, no reason not to try and get creative with it
All_mankind: yeah the pan can stop bullets
SamanthaVess: Sounds strong.
Rockario: I do really like the way this game handles picking stuff up.
Foxmar320: Good plan
agentchrisscogg: Evening! No Talking Sim because of Alex's health?
DarkMorford: Hello Cameron, hey chat!
Lord_Hosk: Car outftont
Rivulatus_: That seems like exactly what I woudl do.
sgowell: cheer500 knock knock open up the door it's Cam
t3h_f1gm3nt: !ing
LRRbot: nginginginging...
Metric_Furlong: agentchrisscogg correct
mercano82: 13 mans down already?!?
Juliamon: Correct agentchrisscogg
rarermonsters: @Metric_Furlong Okay, how about America's hottest new game show
Scorpianhead: grab a garbage can lid
TEHbigIVAN: pan also armor
ArtofDaDress: pan deflects bullets, even when on your back
Taichanie: So is this game CPU of GPU intensive?
Arclight_Dynamo: The pan is great if you just wear it on your back. It blocks bullets.
Rhynerd: Pan doubles as butt armor.
Rockario: Just gives you a list of what's within reach, you don't have to be precise with your clicking-to-pick-up
BonSequitur: I mean, the pen IS mightier than the sword. Not so much mightier than the 1911, but mightier than the sword for sure
Darth_Wooper: From what I've seen it looks like the pan is the best armor in the game...
Aenir798: Does this have to be played third-person?
Trippzen: Taichanie yes?
aardarf: I, too, am *** at clicking on heads.
Juliamon: Pan is a great multitool in this game
ThePov42: Best I ever did in this game was a 4th place finish that I just spent the whole time waiting in huts with the door closed
Metric_Furlong: mercano82 people keep funning for the army base
DoodlestheGreat: The pan's not necessarily the best melee weapon, but wearing it on your butt acts as extra armor.
Rivulatus_: The shot gun makes peoples heads very large
Durugai: We can click in the proximity of peoples heads though
rarermonsters: Pengun, mightier than the swordgun
Felipe_Modesto: we all saw that dude right?
Arclight_Dynamo: Aenir798: No.
tantaburs: I think i saw a man
WithoutAnAce: Human incoming!!!
Rhynerd: Man inbound
Felipe_Modesto: 110% sure there was a man there
Tregelen: Im digging this pansexual jason look
mercano82: @metric_furlong if Funning was a typo, I like it.
Rhynerd: That was totally a man.
WraithianGaming: no talking sim tonight?
Foxmar320: Now we look like a crazed killer. Mask, crowbar and underwear
t3h_f1gm3nt: gunnit!
aardarf: gun!
Metric_Furlong: mercano82 in my defence, it's 2AM
Navi_Chem: dont do drugs. unless its the right time to do grugs
All_mankind: Jason Vorhees goes to the beach
Swamplor: I find the "naked but for a ballistic mask" look more than a little unsettling
elah806: So is this game, like, CSGO and Rust had a baby?
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spawnofhastur: I kind of want to see this game at high level competitive on lan.
Ominouslyominous: Yah this is a good look.
OriginalGarwulf: In my head canon, this is an island that was abandoned after some industrial accident or the like, and then bought up by some insane billionaire who is luring people to it with the offer of some stupid amount of money for the winner.
Arclight_Dynamo: Last night, G was saying that dragging items into your inventory is *much* faster than right-clicking them to pick them up.
Taichanie: Trippzen Just wondering how my 3rd generation I5 will handle it.
MrPhlip: Oh no! Not the red zone!
MrPhlip: (what's the red zone?)
Metric_Furlong: spawnofhastur why would Horner be involved in high-level play? Kappa
Navi_Chem: MrPhlip heavy bombing
ylegm: grats moatman
WithoutAnAce: He ran to your left
rarermonsters: I feel like the look of this game would be enhanced if everyone was wearing jumpsuits with different advertisers on them
Felipe_Modesto: This game need more Jason "chu chu chu" sounds
Foxmar320: MrPhlip Bombs. All of them lrrCOW
Sibwow: gotta get in the squats for them glutes
rarermonsters: And this is how brand wars take place in the grim future
JustAConspiracy: whoevers at the booth can you turn game audio down a touch?
JustAConspiracy: loud *** gunfire
All_mankind: headcanon accepted
t3h_f1gm3nt: lame
aardarf: welp.
Felipe_Modesto: :/ out of ammo.
BonSequitur: What's an SKS again?
Darth_Wooper: F
TheExactSame: clicked
Kramburger: F
Lord_Hosk: at least you left a pretty corpse and no loot
TheMoatman: Turns out the secret to winning games is guessing where the circle is gonna end up and camping a room with only one entrance for 10 straight minutes
Anima110: hello sexys
Taichanie: Sks vs m16.
Noodles_15: F
Paranundrox: lrrEFF
All_mankind: they also broadcast this through eye cameras and this is advertising in the future
TheMoatman: I got 3rd and 1st the last two times I did that
Ominouslyominous: It does end a bit anticlimactically sometimes.
Mavrande: Heads: Clicked.
Sibwow: lrrFRUMP
spongeopolis: Don't fight, run!
Scarlet_Lambda: oh no
ylegm: nice moatman
rarermonsters: So Cam, serious question, why is it that you are so smitten with this game when that is your experience?
WraithianGaming: SKS is a single shot 7.62 x 39 carbine
amdragon15: Can you dress your boy
Darth_Wooper: SKS = Super Killer Shotgun, right? lrrBEEJ
Cykouxis: now wait ?
Foxmar320: ok ok 67 we can beat that
Hesk1el: Good morning Cam, are you doing solo runthroughs today?
RogueLink: Hey Cam o/ Watching LRR play this yesterday kinda made me want to pick it up
Mavrande: No amdragon15
Metric_Furlong: rarermonsters I'd be inclined to suggest we go Sky Scrawlers on this, but no one else has seen and/or read it so... :p
Durugai: yeah the secret top 10 strat of "dont fight"
JediTransmit: Combat is for other people
Kthanid: S12K is the Auto-Shotgun
Mavrande: Clothes are silly
barbariccowlord: cam, your my favorite from lrr
spawnofhastur: Cam, do you have an opinion on the 1v1 Legacy queues online?
spawnofhastur: *EDH
BonSequitur: So you can choose your clothes in this game? You chose to be nakedsman instead of necktiesman?
rarermonsters: Hmmm, the thrill of Burroughsian survival
OriginalGarwulf: It's an interesting point that this is a setting that does not actually need an explanation. It FEELS like there was a history that has happened hear, but that's all you need. Add anything else and you run the risk of losing the greatest elegance of simplicity.
spawnofhastur: Not legacy.
Felipe_Modesto: SKS is terrible without the recoil add-ons
duaiwe: I feel like this game is subtly trying to tell you that fighting is not the solution to any problem :P
Rockario: Game's about surviving, not killing
All_mankind: play like you're in the Crossed universe and everyone else is crossed
CommandoJE: Are we doing a solo run?
eddieatthegov: It's a survival game,
DoktorLoy: combat is variance
Mavrande: The secret top 10 strat is no pants
JediTransmit: The graveyard is full of middling swordsmen.
eddieatthegov: Your goal is SURVIVE.
elah806: The way these models move...is this ocean the product of millenia of erosion on the uncanny valley?
DoktorLoy: do not introduce variance if you want to survive
TheExactSame: much more interesting with teams
ylegm: exactly, combat is variance, variance is death
mercano82: Dear Dr Cameron, have you had a chance to crack your copy of Stelaris yet?
DoktorLoy: Consider: there is no such thing as a sword
theRomanoid: Oh, so from now on all the streams are PubG?
Arclight_Dynamo: That's kind of like real life. A musket ball will kill you just as dead as a hollowpoint.
Rivulatus_: Once you get into batle all plans disapear?
Durugai: I have multiple top 10 finishes without fiiring and shot and then getting murdered.. I guess with the coin reward thing placement and kills are both valued so.. Play the way you like :)
Alchemistmerlin: I mean, that's a lesson we learn from nature right? Even large super deadly predators only fight when the HAVE to
t3h_f1gm3nt: its mediocre
Felipe_Modesto: Cam, have you tried Duo? I feel that the 1 on 1 dynamic is amazing
TheMoatman: Solo is super tactical & stressful but group is definitely more entertaining
t3h_f1gm3nt: which isn't bad
Lord_Hosk: Default assets from 2009
MrPhlip: last-man-standing games really incentivise not playing... if you take a risk to fight another player, both of you are losing compared to everyone else
Kramburger: It's graphically minimalist
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BonSequitur: This game seems like a very focused experience
Galactic_pain: As a Mercy main I feel like I'd be pretty good at avoiding conflict
RealGamerCow: Cameron, have you seen the heat map of loot?
Narida_L: Cam playing solo?
Rivulatus_: It is not ugly, it is just not the pretty that we are used to in big budget productions.
BonSequitur: But yeah, this game seems like a silly trap for hyperaggressive dumbasses
Kramburger: Or more accurately, it's graphically functional
chaosblad3: what happens if you dont leave the plane? do you just auto-die?
Darth_Wooper: As the saying goes, "No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy." (paraphrased I think)
tookie130: Is he talking to himself or am i missing something?
CommandoJE: I like it. It has that late 2000's feel to it
Kramburger: This game is a death trap for CoD players
Metric_Furlong: BonSequitur I believe that's at least in part the purpose of the military base location
samwonk: The friction against the air here seems... really painful.
Tokkanada: Where you were last game was where Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson were in their stream earlier.
Arclight_Dynamo: Tookie130: ...he's talking to us.
brainiac4: Serviceable, maybe?
spawnofhastur: You don't need good graphics when you've got a well executed gameplay core.
Darth_Wooper: chaosblad3 you get booted out near the end of the pass over the island, IIRC.
Alchemistmerlin: Graham called it "programmer art" haha
OriginalGarwulf: Sid Meier once said that the key to great game design is meaningful decisions. If you think about it, the moment you end up in the plane, every decision you make is a life-or-death decision.
rarermonsters: Would the game be better or worse if graphics were better and more creative
Djshire: Everytime I hear "heat map" and think "football"
Kthanid: The charm of this game is the game play both intentional and emergent.
Rockario: The graphics are the sort of stuff you get if you aren't building for pretty. Just make it look real and readable.
tookie130: can't we hear his voice?
All_mankind: one strat i've heard of that seems fun is waiting on the plane until you get kicked out with everyone who's lost connection and clean up
eddieatthegov: @OriginalGarwulf good point.
elah806: Do you think "functional" is meant as an aesthetic choice, or that the dev intentionally sidelined graphics to go sola gameplay?
SamanthaVess: Yes, that's why he's talking to us, Tookie130
OriginalGarwulf: It also gives every single decision great weight.
djfranknbeans: Oooo, secret tech, closing doors.
masterlex0: Why is he asian
Sjakies: Hi cam, don't get killed
Metric_Furlong: elah806 couldn't you also define the latter as an 'aesthetic choice'?
Rivulatus_: That item heat map looks about exactly what I woudl expect.
Taichanie: Is there a Tompson?
DarkMorford: Ooh, that's a timeout waiting to happen
Rocketman210: I just got here, was that a reichsrevolver or a nagant revolver?
TheMadPunter: That's quite a man
tookie130: i am an idiot...
JKohdeer: HI CAM
Drakion951: is it possible not to kill anyone in this game and win?
theRomanoid: Load guns!
Navi_Chem: can you dual wield shotguns
tookie130: for some reason it's muted when i switched stream
Navi_Chem: and if not why
JediTransmit: Cam, your char looks a bit like the botanist from The Expanse
TheMoatman: Generally the strategy is jump to a guaranteed car spawn, drive to an out-of-the-way loot center, follow the circle and avoid as many centers as possible unless the circle is obvious
duaiwe: Metric_Furlong eh, I think it's the difference between "I want it too look this way" and "the way it looks is fine for now while I work on other important things."
Kthanid: There's the Vector as well, that's .45 ACP
MrPhlip: I'm concerned how we're attaching those shotguns to our shoulder blades
Lord_Hosk: The graphics of this game would blow the mind of anyone playing computers in 1999 and much like Mtgo, disapoint anyone in 2015
OriginalGarwulf: (I haven't played the game, but everybody has described it as being really tense, and I think that's one of the reasons why - everything you decide MATTERS.)
Galactic_pain: Cam, are you going to be playing with James or any other LRR members later?
Metric_Furlong: Drakion951 Kate says she's done it before iirc
TheMadPunter: Didn't realize you knew so much about guns, Cam; thought that was Alex's thing
rarermonsters: I don't like that all these Canadians know so much more about guns than I do
Kramburger: Cam's in the zone
Rivulatus_: @Drakion951 Very much so yes
TheBearBee: How are those guns sticking to you? Are you just tucking them in your waistband?
TheMoatman: If it is set up camp, if not go inside and keep your car hidden
Lord_Durin: Someone LRR associated called the graphics "Developer graphics". Functional, but lacking.
rarermonsters: What am I even American for
Felipe_Modesto: I'm partial to a 8x Kar
AdmiralMemo: So I just got here... I was wondering if a PUBG Talking Sim would be around soon. This is almost as good. Why no Alex? Sick?
TheMadPunter: @rarermonsters Solution = learn more :-D
CommandoJE: I love how the frying pan can actually save your life sometimes :D
spawnofhastur: @rarermonsters i figure that if you spend any time around Alex you pick things up by osmosis.
Metric_Furlong: TheMadPunter the thing of the person he spends a lot of time around, in other words? :p
elah806: Yes Metric_Furlong, though I'm wondering if there's some sort of intent behind the visual style in terms some intended meaning or narrative
TheMoatman: AdmiralMemo ye
DarkMorford: AdmiralMemo yeah, Alex is ill
BonSequitur: There's more pie slicing in this game than in Cooking Mama
duaiwe: OriginalGarwulf, but does it really? I mean, in the end you're still just queuing for another game ;)
ArcadiaExeter: i just bought this game tonight and its great but i dont see why its any better than king of the kill
TheMadPunter: @Metric_Furlong Touche my friend; touche
Felipe_Modesto: <3 best scope
AdmiralMemo: Alrighty then. Praying for Alex to get well.
ylegm: frying pan has saved my life many times
Kramburger: Oh yeah, hearing footsteps when you're looting a house can SAVE your life
Lord_Hosk: death
TheMoatman: fug
Rivulatus_: Put it on the shout gun, it would be awesome.
Felipe_Modesto: ooh boy, endgame is going to be brutal
t3h_f1gm3nt: oh shit!
rarermonsters: @TheMadPunter Well I was learning how to code XML, guess I'll have to table that until I have a strong opinion on the Desert Eagle
Navi_Chem: OH GOOD
Contiguouskittycat: Exams are over, finally. Now all that's left to do is await the fallout.
chaosblad3: nice an 8x scope for your shotgun xD
glitchedprophetess: oh no
underhill33: That's a hell of a zone
duaiwe: Bahah, that's awesome.
Foxmar320: The pan is great butt protection
aardarf: RUN CAM RUN
Rivulatus_: Oh yes.
Djshire: Oh *** this map
ylegm: well, shoot
mercano82: That's it, I'm throwing my money into this game.
Taichanie: Oh Honey no!
Kuolar: This game's gonna be a party
Tregelen: i have never seen that before
Rocketman210: 8x scope on a trench shotgun, sweet
Lord_Hosk: death map
azninja888: OH nooooo
AdmiralMemo: Wait, Cam's character looks like.... I think the guy's from Lost?
CommandoJE: well that's unique
OriginalGarwulf: I think so - the first decision you make is when to get out of the plane - pick the wrong time, and you die.
Hamsterhotep: Ah, a toilet!
lordkinkade: what is the red zone
Abcxyq: Now this is a look
TheMadPunter: @rarermonsters guess so :-P
Lord_Hosk: Spike boots!
rarermonsters: I just realized this game is not dissimilar to the first season of Arrow
RayFK: Get.That.Chicken.
Rivulatus_: Survive long, becuase the final fights will be great.
OriginalGarwulf: Everything you do once you land, if you do it wrong, you die.
rarermonsters: Suddenly I want to join this game playing as Deathstroke
hoktauri: boo this man
TheMadPunter: @rarermonsters How so?
Galactic_pain: @lordkinkade Carpet bomb area
significant_otter2: GREAT LOOK
Tokkanada: Do boots affect sound of footsteps?
mastershake29x: what are these pants???
Carbonylcookie: Cam, you need nothing but a frying pan and a crossbow. Battle Royale this shit.
CommandoJE: Haha XD
mercano82: Man, this guy is badass
ArcadiaExeter: sick jacket,Vash
t3h_f1gm3nt: basically XD
PMAvers: Drugs?
Kramburger: YES
Havok4: Randomed into bane
Rocketman210: straight up bane
Navi_Chem: youre not NOT bane
Lord_Hosk: Red coat so they cant see you bleed
Hesk1el: Lol
WraithianGaming: Bane confirmed
Kramburger: YES CAM YES
misteline: yes
elah806: Cam has always been Bane
Metric_Furlong: OriginalGarwulf not true. you can also die if you do it right :p
MrPhlip: !highlight High fashion
LRRbot: Highlight added.
rarermonsters: TFW When you Accidentally a Bane
Foxmar320: Those boots look great
All_mankind: now all we need is a Batman
Darth_Wooper: !highlight Bane?
azninja888: !highlight Cam is now bane
RayFK: I can indeed hop on in a bit, gotta get some dinner in me first
TheMoatman: A few important things the game doesn't really make clear and idk if kate told you yesterday: all 7.62 ammo works with all guns that fire 7.62 ammo, revolver, sks, kar, AK, doesn't matter. same with the other ammo but that's the only time it's actually different casings
TheMadPunter: You're Bane's cousin, who's a professional painter
Shenandygains: You think the red zone your ally?
Rivulatus_: Got to love the friction between the bullet proof vest and nipples.
OriginalGarwulf: That's kind of like cranking meaningful decisions up to 11.
Foxmar320: We look amazing
BonSequitur: You're looking very much like you just got back from a rave
Papperslappen: This game is just as match about fashion as it is about murdering to survive
hoktauri: Cam is no 90s distopian scifi star
TheMoatman: 2:... I forgot, that was the important thing
CorakTM: Hi Cam! Game looks really fun.
eddieatthegov: Does that make Alex Batman?
AdmiralMemo: Will we get a true PUBG Talking Sim in the future, you think?
blast__femur: is Cam solo for this one?
All_mankind: Bane is such a great character at least when Gail Simone writes him
spawnofhastur: Anyone who has ever cooked with a cast iron skillet knows that those bastards are solid. You could do a lot of damage with one of those.
Alchemistmerlin: The duster and the haircut make your character look like he's getting ready for a kpop video rather than combat.
senshi5609: Is cam solo Qing?
Ominouslyominous: b-b-b-bloody nipples
TheMadPunter: @Rivulatus_ No... please no... so much chafage...
djfranknbeans: Strong fashion game this evening.
AdmiralMemo: blast__femur Yeah, Alex is sick
Hesk1el: #BackpackForCameron
Trippzen: Papperslappen It's literal fashion souls. Collect fashion while not getting killed.
Galactic_pain: Bane mixed with maybe Macelmore
DarknessKingCoH: What will break first Cam's spirit or his body.
Hamsterhotep: Moar pouches!
Havok4: This game is basically a rob story as well
SamanthaVess: Not enough pouches or bulging.
ObsceneSymphony: Cam stream best stream! Nova Scotia is watching you.
ylegm: #bestliefeldcharacter
Rocketman210: now you are a german hipster
BonSequitur: If you were a rob leifeld character you would have way more inventory slots
rarermonsters: Well, if you expand the headcanon that this is some dysptopian gameshow then being flamboyant and fashionable would probably be a big deal
TheMadPunter: @Trippzen I think you just described all of life, at least in New York
JediTransmit: The fashion souls is real.
Tregelen: Immortan Joes son he doesnt talk about
RassilonDND: is cam soloing or grouped up?
OriginalGarwulf: And yeah, bad luck can make you die, but it's sort of like a poker game. Poker is a game of skill, but all of that skill goes towards either mitigating bad luck or taking advantage of good luck.
CulturalGeekGirl: So this is just Battle Royale: grown folks edition?
Gekyouryuu: is this game like rust, where you can dress yourself as you wish, but have no control over race or gender?
OriginalGarwulf: And, it's all about making good decisions.
Lord_Hosk: Well there is a joke 27 comic nerds got Cameron
RayFK: Gekyouryuu You pick your initial race/gender
Rivulatus_: Oh yes, that would feel so good
TheMoatman: 2: loading ammo removes it from your inventory. 3: pressing tab and dragging the item into your inventory is much, much faster than pressing f or pressing tab and right clicking because there's no animation
aardarf: Cam, no!
AdmiralMemo: Cam is solo AFAIK
TheMadPunter: @OriginalGarwulf Exactly; it's all about optimizing based on what you know
taruan: Now I just see the character as Grifter minus the bandanna
TheMoatman: I think this was the first building?
JediTransmit: Black electrical tape does not work well with wounds.
rarermonsters: Can anyone think of a worse word than unmolested
BonSequitur: The one thing that's actually bad about the graphics/art design in this game is just the perfectly identical buildings
spawnofhastur: If there a way to mark buildings you've been in?
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OriginalGarwulf: But the only way you can optimize is by making good decisions - and this game ensures that every decision you make has weight.
Felipe_Modesto: Cam is solo. You can see team member names at Top Left corner (if they exist)
t3h_f1gm3nt: yup, first building lol
Lord_Hosk: Cam has been in three buildings
Hesk1el: Yeah, that's where you switched the pistols
Foxmar320: You checked this one
Darth_Wooper: The downside to shutting doors behind you...
AdmiralMemo: Can you piss on the floor of any building you've been to? Kappa
Tokkanada: I guess that's a peril of closing doors?
TheMadPunter: @rarermonsters Moist.
OriginalGarwulf: (I HOPE that I explained that properly - I had a really long and tiring day.)
eddieatthegov: How long until the blue wall?
BonSequitur: I mean it's not like there is ANYTHING to distinguish those buildings
TheMoatman: Also I believe there's literally no downside to using the choke on the shotguns
NathanJay787: Take a second shotgun so you dont have to worry about reloading?
Lord_Hosk: My head cannon is that this is a horrible russian tv show
TheMadPunter: @OriginalGarwulf Yeah, makes sense; cost-benefit analysis, probabilities, etcetera
DoktorLoy: perhaps in this universe corpses magically turn into guns
korvys: Are you aware that dragging items instead of clicking them means your character doesn't play the animation, and you can grab stuff quicker?
ylegm: what happened to the other long gun?
Navi_Chem: like i said its clearly a govt run opperation to relieve prison overcrowding
Carbonylcookie: Damn, I just got spooked by his character's reflections
spawnofhastur: I'd kind of like it if flavourwise all the weapons were just Soviet era surplus weapons.
Kramburger: You have to assume whoever sets up these battles is filming them or something
timble4: so when supplied with 3 different shotguns, how do you choose which to use?
apodionysus: So hoes this game work !
Havok4: The logistics of a competition like this are rather suspect
apodionysus: How
TheMoatman: Oh, I guess you have to aim slightly more
duaiwe: OriginalGarwulf Yeah, I get what you're saying. I don't quite agree, but this isn't a great medium to get into that kind of nuanced discussion ;)
Darth_Wooper: Yep, final battle will totally be at the military base.
Foxmar320: Sick a red bull!
Shenandygains: This is like Arma meets the hunger games
Djshire: whats wrong with the word "moist"?
Rivulatus_: It is going to be great, everyone is going to be so well armed
duaiwe: OriginalGarwulf that said, yes, you have some very good points. :)
enkor2113: and name brand energy drink
Rivulatus_: What does the energy drink do?
ThePov42: First wall is slow. I think you still have a minute or two before stuff really pops off
aardarf: @Djshire i agree
rarermonsters: @TheMadPunter I once designed an HTML app which would randomly arrange the words moist, greasy, and excrete, kerned improperly, in red with a green dropshadow on a salmon background, while playing yoko ono songs backwards mastered at the incorrect speed
AdmiralMemo: apodionysus: It's like Long Dark meets a Third Person Shooter, from what I can tell. You scavenge and kill the enemies.
Rocketman210: most of this stuff seems like military surplus, The vectors and all of the optics are probably worth more than the guns
Carbonylcookie: I think that this is soviet battle royale and all you should need is the frying pan and a yellow hat.
CommandoJE: Man you have to swim across the bay or risk the bridge :/
rarermonsters: @TheMadPunter So I agree that Moist is probably the perfect ugly word
Foxmar320: Im surprised no one else is around yet
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrHERE
OriginalGarwulf: Compare that to, say, a puzzle in a bad horror game, where what you do in solving it has no bearing or weight at all.
BonSequitur: Oh the paranoia is real
Kramburger: I think you did
Navi_Chem: you dont need to whisper cam the other players cant here you :P
aardarf: @rarermonsters holy god man.... ...
Felipe_Modesto: o.o i'm pretty sure I heard someone
TheMoatman: Automatic Colt Pistol
Rocketman210: Automatic colt pistol
aardarf: @rarermonsters i like it
Kramburger: THANK YOU
TheMadPunter: @rarermonsters Assuming you're telling the truth and not just having me on, my response is.......... WHY????? WHY DO THING??????!
Cavalrywolfpack: automatic colt pistol
TheMoatman: The 1911 was a colt gun initially
MrPhlip: Anti-cow patrol
WraithianGaming: Automatic Colt Pistol
BonSequitur: I thought parabellum was like a NATO thing, huh
elah806: The best shot I have at a reading of this game/world at this point is something in the vein of Battle Royale, but more abstract and maybe explicitly about the infinite expendability of digital combatants?
Foxmar320: MrPhlip lrrCOW
OriginalGarwulf: (And, considering that this IS in the timeslot of Talking Simulator, I think it's a great medium to throw around ideas about this stuff. :D )
AdmiralMemo: ACP stands for STOPPIN POWAH! Kappa
rarermonsters: @TheMadPunter It's real, I did it for a class project on learning HTML remixes. I just had the idea and ran with it
18zcooper: hi
Darth_Wooper: Agressive Combustion Pop-gun
spawnofhastur: The 45 ACP was originally made for shooting Filipinos wasn't it?
Tokkanada: I heard shots crack off, yeah
Xed_Regulus: Good plan. That farm house was picked clean
Rocketman210: automativ meaning self loading, not fully automatic as in machine pistol
TheMadPunter: Run Cam, there's a bowling ball on your head!
apodionysus: I mean that house seems pretty defensible
apodionysus: Why not hole up there?
Issurru: Quick question for someone who JUST got the game, why does everyone run it on low?
rarermonsters: @TheMadPunter It lead to a pretty interesting discussion on whether I should switch from Comic Sans to Papyrus
Felipe_Modesto: bike
TheMoatman: I believe the circle is smart, it's not just a random circle
18zcooper: Cam, should I buy this game with my nonexistant money
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrEFF
ThePov42: Love shack strats?
Arclight_Dynamo: Wait... the 1911 is full auto in this game?
Lord_Hosk: Boom
ylegm: lrrHAM lrrHAM
ardias014: Um it shouldn't automatic
Lord_Hosk: boom
TheMadPunter: @rarermonsters You are indeed a rare monster.
eddieatthegov: RED!
Sjakies: HAHA
BonSequitur: As soon as he put on that helmet he went from "tacticool badass" to "competitor in a Japanese game show"
Maddrius: doh, suddenly redzone
Rivulatus_: @Apodionysus Tjeh cyrcle is unlikely to close on it
Felipe_Modesto: Bike to your right
Tregelen: But is your 1911 ivory gripped?
mastershake29x: @Apodionysus the "mist" is about to take it over, he'll take damage from it
Navi_Chem: can you use a scope without a gun to recon
Foxmar320: Yeah time to move it sounds like
KarnEvil: what is the red circle?
spongeopolis: Red isn't that bad
eddieatthegov: RUN
Narida_L: BonSequitur lol!
BonSequitur: What's the big red circle on the map?
samwonk: Oh, I get it.
NationalPublicGaming: Well automatic in that sense means it doesn't need to be reprimed.
Sjakies: runnnnnn!!!!
senshi5609: This game has a different vibe to it when you're alone
Maddrius: @KarnEvil bombardment zone
AdmiralMemo: 18zcooper: I'm tempted to buy it with my nonexistent money... but it's $30
apodionysus: @mastershake29x mist?
spongeopolis: It's very sporadic
Mavrande: You killed a man?
JustAConspiracy: @BonSequitur Bombs
AdmiralMemo: BonSequitur It's the bomb zone
JustAConspiracy: @BonSequitur Bombs everywhere
Foxmar320: Red Zone!
Darth_Wooper: The red circle is about to get carpet bombed.
Cavalrywolfpack: It should be semi-automatic, not full auto
samwonk: Sorry, I've been busy declining 'parabellum' using my high school latin, and I only just figured it out.
RayFK: senshi5609 this game is WAY more intense solo
TheMadPunter: "I put a lot of bullets into the sherrrrriff..."
agentchrisscogg: Pearl grips are for Harlem pimps?
RayFK: Less comedy, more fear
TheMoatman: I believe all the semiauto guns in this game follow the CoD philosophy of "fires as fast as you can pull the trigger"
Rivulatus_: Basements seem safe from carpet bombing
Felipe_Modesto: Note, you can still technically die in red while inside if the explosion radius gets you, that is why Cam mentioned basements
TheMoatman: so you may have just clicked a bunch
OriginalGarwulf: A friend of mine once handed me a Beretta on a firing range, and then watched with surprise as I emptied the entire magazine in under 3 seconds just by pumping the trigger. As I told him after, I REALLY don't like handguns.
CommandoJE: i tried to press m to look at your map FailFish
All_mankind: The Long Dark? it has similarly randomly spawned pickups i guess but there's no survival mechanics or anything
Lord_Hosk: red is meant to scare you and cover movement and shots
Hamsterhotep: Doors and corners...
Mavrande: Breach and clean
Rocketman210: The meaning of the word automatic had changed, nowadays its semi and fully, but back then auto meant self loading, and full auto was machine pistol
ardias014: so the guns are twitch-o-matic
Felipe_Modesto: <3 nice
Maddrius: Nice!
Stoffern: except him
Lord_Hosk: except him
meisbored: lrrFINE
WraithianGaming: cept that guy
underhill33: wow
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrGOAT
Sjakies: NOICE
KarnEvil: !panic
Kramburger: WOOOO
Papperslappen: nice
Cyraknoss: gottem
AdmiralMemo: All_mankind: You don't live long enough to worry about survival stuff... So it's just about killing. :-D
aardarf: OHGOD
Darth_Wooper: lrrFINE ?
OriginalGarwulf: (For context, he really wanted me to try it out, and insisted that I fire off the entire mag. So I did...and handed it right back to him.)
Narida_L: blatant lies
ThePov42: NICE
Shenandygains: How tense are you right now cam?
offical_cat_facts: 'We're all going to make it out okay'
TheMadPunter: @TheMoatman Is that really how they do it? I thought they were all about realism... or is that Battlefield and CoD has the jetpacks and such? I don't know; I haven't played them
af0z: The survival mechanics in PUBG are hiding and running away
tantaburs: everyone but him
Rivulatus_: Shoutguns so good
GoAmpDog2: lrrFINE lrrDILLY
All_mankind: yay murder
senshi5609: lrrHAM
RayFK: Scroll down for guns
Prieza_Dese: very nicely done Cameron
Mavrande: Wow he had a lot of crap
SupernormalStep: Sir
holidayMD: lrrGOAT
CommandoJE: Nice shot
timble4: wow the briefest moment of hesitation,
rarermonsters: It's funny how different Cam's playstyle is than last nights stream
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hey CamFam, how's everyone doing
Rivulatus_: m416
ThatDangSkeleton: I didn't realize that was a person until he expelled a cloud of vaporized blood
All_mankind: how's the map looking? let's try to divine where the safe circle is gonna be
Ominouslyominous: Cam's reminding me of the one time I played paintball and I thought I was clever by hiding in the bushes, and then the game was over and all I got was spiders.
Carbonylcookie: Don't do murder kids
rarermonsters: He's playing as a survivor, they're all playing as hunters
samwonk: I thought it was 'para bellum' meaning 'through war', but then 'bellum' would be declined incorrectly. But it's 'para bellum' meaning 'prepare (for) war.'
Taichanie: Do you have enough bean Cam.
NationalPublicGaming: I love how everyone I have ever killed in this game has more stuff than me.
TheMadPunter: this is a funny acronym, PUBG :-P
Foxmar320: Nice!
elah806: Don't do a hit
MrPhlip: You can't dual-wield bulletproof vests?
Djshire: Cam, are you...rifling through things?
BonSequitur: All the weapons in this game have like, "legally distinct names" right
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Kramburger: 5.56mm ammo is best ammo for reasons
apodionysus: Wow Cam ruined that guy
TheMoatman: Choke is good for your shotty
spawnofhastur: STOPPIN POWAH
ArtofDaDress: take the choke
oyleslyck: take the 8x if you you get a sniper?
BonSequitur: That is one tacticool AR
AdmiralMemo: kreygasm50 Here's some bits for that kill, Cam. :-)
aardarf: @Ominouslyominous spiders is not fun
Shenandygains: Shtoppin Powa
Rocketman210: 9mm Lugar is the correct term, as it was the pistol it was invented for and by
rarermonsters: Shotty with a Body
TheMadPunter: @TheMoatman Hey, whatever you're into, man :-D
boristhewizard: Is this just Day Z without the zombies?
Rivulatus_: What does the energy drink do?
djfranknbeans: Incoming blue wall!
Darth_Wooper: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
boristhewizard: Heard of it, but never saw it being played before
Duwani1: Aww It missed my sub
ThePov42: Oh no
Felipe_Modesto: oooh boy
AdmiralMemo: Awww... He missed the bits...
Rivulatus_: You need to move
Lord_Hosk: !pubg
LRRbot: 100 people are airdropped onto an island with a border that shrinks as the game goes on. You scavenge for weapons and items. Last one standing is a Winner Winner Tofu Dinner
Kramburger: Y'all need a car
Narida_L: I think we need to attach a heartrate monitor to cam XD
Arclight_Dynamo: Swim?
ThePov42: That circle is not friendly
SupernormalStep: Run. Like. The. Dickens.
ten19: reload your rifle, Cam!
TheMoatman: And remember to load your new rifle and change the fire mode
RayFK: Those bridges are death traps, HAVE FUN!
Havok4: That bridge is 100% a death corridor
Rivulatus_: swim, dive down?
TheMadPunter: so is everyone after Cam? Is that how this works?
Lord_Hosk: stand up
Kramburger: Remember you can dive underwater
spawnofhastur: One of my favourite streamers got run over by a boat in this game. It was beautiful.
Darth_Wooper: lrrHERE ?
eddieatthegov: Burst fire
Mavrande: Going for a dip?
Felipe_Modesto: Bike at W?
chaosblad3: you missed my sub earlier fyi, wasn't sure if you were leavin all subs to the end or not
mastershake29x: @TheMadPunter it's a free-for-all
ardias014: Woooo
t3h_f1gm3nt: BIKE
Cyraknoss: anyone else expecting him to get rando sniped every time he goes outside?
Kramburger: Got there
Stoffern: saved
damullet14: TheMadPunter: By 'this' you mean 'life'? yes
All_mankind: all the hard boys have already looted the smaller island of all the high quality gear now, too. . .
TheMoatman: Oh right! Cars always spawn facing east, if it isn't facing east it's someone's
Rivulatus_: You will die on the bridge
AdmiralMemo: kreygasm100 Maybe I need to bit more to get your attention Cam? Congrats on the kill!
t3h_f1gm3nt: PISS
Rocketman210: bait bike
ardias014: Awwww
Kronopticon: i just got here. i take it cam is on his own?
TheMoatman: see: that bike
All_mankind: welp
Mavrande: Press F to get shot at
Tregelen: not facing east
TheMadPunter: Oooo, sidecar situation!
SupernormalStep: no no no no no
Cyraknoss: yeah like that
Havok4: Welp that was a trap
Foxmar320: you got this lrrFINE
Darth_Wooper: F
WraithianGaming: baited
SupernormalStep: Beans
akvar: bait bike
BonSequitur: Oh my god was that guy camping the bike
Lord_Hosk: and then it ran you over... the indignity
vegasturm: ITS A TRAP
timble4: they should add boats to this game if they haven't/
Narida_L: It's a trap!
Foxmar320: welp
All_mankind: top 40!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Bike trap
underhill33: I think that might have been theirs
BonSequitur: Niiice
tantaburs: It was a filthy Tarp
spongeopolis: F
oyleslyck: yup bike was bait
Xed_Regulus: Damn
GroutNASA: Standing still is a bad thing
Siegeerson: duh duh duuuuuuu
Sjakies: oooh, insult to lethal injury
rarermonsters: And then it runs over you
senshi5609: It wasn't facing east
Baltharon: no chicken dinner for you cam
Djshire: TRAP
Kthanid: yeah it was a bait bike for sure.
mastershake29x: damn
CommandoJE: Seems you got baited
AnotherEli: Still pretty good! 38
The_Voices: owch
oyleslyck: its a good strat
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Hi cam. Hi chat.
Lord_Hosk: stand up
WithoutAnAce: Fascinating!
BonSequitur: Is your ~reward~ denominated in bitcoins
rarermonsters: madmaxbait.gif
Shenandygains: bike trap. watch out behiiind you, bike trap!
spawnofhastur: well i'm gonna make some food i'll be back.
Lord_Hosk: !pubg
LRRbot: 100 people are airdropped onto an island with a border that shrinks as the game goes on. You scavenge for weapons and items. Last one standing is a Winner Winner Tofu Dinner
ardias014: No the bike just murdered Cam because he didnt say please
TheMadPunter: if only the car spawning thing was also true in real life; IRL HAX
mastershake29x: you did kill someone
Ugmobugmo: Now you know... And knowing is half the battle
TheMadPunter: *were also true
All_mankind: where was Admiral Ackbar when for once we needed him
akvar: Cameron killed a man
Rocketman210: you arnt bad, you shotsed a man, thats something
AdmiralMemo: Oh well... Cam's missing the bits. Not trying again.
Contiguouskittycat: Hooray, you're a murderer!
SupernormalStep: lots of boston pizza points.
Sjakies: YAY, we murdered another fellow human being
sag3error: Trade coins?
eddieatthegov: You say you're Terrible at every game.
OriginalGarwulf: I have a horrifying alternate reading of that line - what if they're MAKING the winner into a chicken dinner?
TheMadPunter: @Ugmobugmo the other 50% consists of red, blue, and green lasers
Foxmar320: 38 is not bad
The_Iniquitous: Hey Cameron, nice to see you streaming.
Antitonic: cheer1000
Navi_Chem: jordan is unable to be heard
brongbrong: what can we use the coins for?
aesir_blade: I feel like there's definitely crapshots to be crapshot about pubgee
Carbonylcookie: Solo queue more like YOLO queue
ObsceneSymphony: i appreciate the effort put into the male model's package
Rivulatus_: You have a lot of boston pizza points for only just bought the game
Juliamon: Jeej is a bit quiet
AdmiralMemo: There we go.
Galactic_pain: I need to get this game and convince my friends to do the same
Rhynerd: @originalgarwulf that would be kinda tough, considering how people apparently taste like pork
Carbonylcookie: @ObsceneSymphony David Bowie's package is looking proudly on from heaven
All_mankind: imagine this game with something like the combat of Saints Row 4
TheMadPunter: @Rhynerd uhhhhhhh....
thecoolyest34: you got it right yay!
OriginalGarwulf: Rhynerd: I imagine it all depends on using the right sauce.
Cyraknoss: that's certainly one way to pronounce my username lol
Navi_Chem: jeej is super quiet
AdmiralMemo: Can we turn up the Jeej?
Navi_Chem: or is just a mumblemouth
ObsceneSymphony: @Carbonylcookie #praiseThePackage
Siegeerson: @LoadingReadyRun talking sim on PUBG?
DoodlestheGreat: NO PANTS DANCE!
Talin06: both?
Maddrius: Tos
EOstby: Oh my.....
Darth_Wooper: While streaming this game, subs and donors will generally be thanked between rounds.
Carbonylcookie: Turn up the Jeej it's party time
Rocketman210: Romans were right, pants are barbaric
apodionysus: TOS
Paranundrox: sounds good now
Djshire: Jeej is here? Let him drive, he's the best! Kappa
Juliamon: Jeej has improved
Foxmar320: lol
TheMadPunter: @Cyraknoss as in "de Bergerac", right?
TEHbigIVAN: as a spectator, I think duo is the best to watch
Mavrande: Turn up for Jeej?
Carbonylcookie: @ObsceneSymphony Praise it to raise it? :-P
OriginalGarwulf: Well, it does not appear to OFFICIALLY be a talking simulator...but I'm betting with enough prompting we can get Cam to turn it into one...
Antitonic: #FraggingOut?
Rockario: Sounds good to me
CommandoJE: Whats the big brown area?
Rhynerd: @themadpunter Hey, it's all hearsay for me, I could be wrong.
Felipe_Modesto: Rozhok has a fixed car bottom right
Foxmar320: Sounds good
damullet14: OriginalGarwulf: I'm not sure Cam's capable of NOT turning it into one
ObsceneSymphony: @Carbonylcookie that's what the gospel tells me
Rivulatus_: @OriginalGarwulf all we really need is for alex to join in, then it really can be. :P
Foxmar320: Jeej is good
AdmiralMemo: This is not NOT Talking Sim...
OriginalGarwulf: Exactly!
TheMadPunter: @Rhynerd It tickles me that you felt like you needed to qualify that; no worries, I'm just busting your chops - um, so to speak
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TheMoatman: Also a bunch of people are probably dropping there too so just book it for the car and then drive to the G citty
Lord_Hosk: People in the moonbase dont clean up after themselves
Rocketman210: there are millions of flies here in southern california, just outside sipping flowers and eating poop
TheMoatman: *city
boristhewizard: I've never heard of this game before. Is it basically just Day Z without zombies?
t3h_f1gm3nt: PISS
Mavrande: There are so many mans nearby
Darth_Wooper: !highlight raining me
18zcooper: Is Jeej an alternate reality beej?
LRRbot: Highlight added.
spongeopolis: I think fruit flies are secretly vampires 😂
Carbonylcookie: @ObsceneSymphony The gospel of the Bulge.
Kuolar: Time for some fisticuffs!
Juliamon: Need to set up some fruit fly traps
Rhynerd: @themadpunter just as long as these chops aren't long or pork.
EricTheOrange: Camerons guy is spray tan orange.
Mavrande: Punch him in the face
TEHbigIVAN: don't leave dirty dishes in the sink, that's how you get fruit flies
ObsceneSymphony: "Another Man Landing" sounds like a great album name
Kronopticon: Cos im FREEEEEE FAAALLIN'
Mavrande: Punch him in the face WITH the car
ObsceneSymphony: @Carbonylcookie Praise Be The Bulge
TheMadPunter: @Rhynerd Hey, that's what LRL is for
Rocketman210: Romanian cars are interesting
brongbrong: time to GTFO
AdmiralMemo: ObsceneSymphony Yes it does
Lord_Hosk: Guy "wait whats that sound... shit"
All_mankind: cars are statistically much better for killing mans than guns are
OriginalGarwulf: So, how cool/terrifying would it be if you could land, immediately find a sniper rifle, and then start taking people out before they land?
BonSequitur: Dacia is a funny name for a car. It's the Roman province name for a certain part of the balkans.
Steelwolf171: Does the chute auto deploy or do you risk turning yourself into a lawn dart?
Rhynerd: @themadpunter true.
Rocketman210: Does anyone here own a dacia in real life? i heard they were mostly garbo
TheMadPunter: who was that person talking with Cam?
Arclight_Dynamo: It auto-deploys.
darkalter2000: You are driving out of play.
TheMoatman: The city up here is good for loot
Arclight_Dynamo: But you can pop it early.
Hesk1el: Just drive around until folks are dead
Rivulatus_: @Steelwolf171 auto depoys if you are to low
Lord_Hosk: heading out of the zone at full speed
Mavrande: That's Jeej
Carbonylcookie: @ObsceneSymphony Praise! Many it bulge, free and proud and sparkly
boristhewizard: Do a backflip in that car
CommandoJE: Can you run people over with the car?
Rhynerd: @themadpunter RayFK i think.
mercano82: This is Cam, it's more like, "Tofu sandwiches!"
TEHbigIVAN: back in my day all the cars were green
skuzzo: cam's a warboy now
korvys: Also, waterworld seems to have a ton of loot
mtvcdm: Yo.
TheMadPunter: @Rocketman210 I hear they're mostly fine, but nothing to write home about
ObsceneSymphony: @Carbonylcookie you may want to get that sparkle checked out
Narida_L: There'd always be at least one who splats.
AdmiralMemo: I'd love if you could lawn dart into another person to suicide bomb. :-D
Foxmar320: Yep the person talking to Cam is RayFK aka Jeej
TheBearBee: What's better in life than having tea and cheese cake while watching men fight each other in a death match?
RayFK: It me
TheMoatman: AdmiralMemo weeeeeeeell
All_mankind: you can abuse the physics to dive Super Mario World style, i hear
Mavrande: It you!