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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Now Kiss is a lovely stream... it would be a shame if anything happened to it... @JacobBurgessVO and Kathleen are back and they're playing Ozmafia, a game where all the Wizard of Oz boys are hot mobsters. | A big mood for 2018. | 9:30 am PST ||
DarkMorford: Ooh, Jacob's back!
Twinklebees: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Ozmafia) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (13m from now).
Nightvalien28: yeyeyeyeye
Lynks_9: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Ozmafia) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (12m from now).
TXC2: hello Everybody!
RockPusher: Hai TXC2
TragicMtG: Hello TXC2!
RockPusher: #FurBangin lrrAWESOME
TXC2: hi RockPusher and TragicMtG
Animekitty93: Hey Everyone!
TXC2: hello Animekitty93 welcome
Animekitty93: TXC2 sergeHi
TragicMtG: Hi Animekitty93 sergeFriend
Animekitty93: Hey TragicMtG sergeFriend
Animekitty93: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
RomanGoro: lrrSIGNAL
TragicMtG: lrrSIGNAL
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: lrrSIGNAL katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
Animekitty93: ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat katesHug2
Dared00: Hello everybody
Kraest: Hello sergeFriend s!
TXC2: hello Dared00 welcome
seantheman2: hello
Kraest: How’s everyone today?
Animekitty93: Hey Kraest sergeFriend
seantheman2: its good to be here post DB
TXC2: hello Kraest and seantheman2 welcome
seantheman2: hey @Kraest
TragicMtG: Hello katesWave sergeFriend lrrAWESOME
seantheman2: @TXC2 hello
Kraest waves at @animekitty93
seantheman2: how is everyone post Desert Bus and thanksgiving?
LoadingReadyRun: dead
Count_Nodonora: Good morning sergeFriend s
Animekitty93: I'm always working Fridays so this is a treat lrrAWESOME
Kraest: I’m full of foods! :D
TXC2: still tired :P
seantheman2: yeah im still tired
TXC2: hello Count_Nodonora welcome
mtvcdm: Morning.
Nightvalien28: I should fill myself with food and tired
Spacecarl: Hello! I normally dont get to watch this but I am home after getting my appendix removed. woo?
TXC2: Spacecarl booyay
Count_Nodonora: Hmmm, that doesn't sound like the response a dead person would do.
Nightvalien28: hello kathleen, hello jacob
Dared00: Hello Kathleen and Jacob!
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TXC2: hello Kathleen and Jacob
eye_h_bar: Hello!
seantheman2: @LoadingReadyRun I'm doing great
Kraest: @spacecarl Hope your recovery is quick and without issue!
TragicMtG: Hi Kathleen and Jacob!
Animekitty93: Hey Kathleen, Hi Jacob
Jlhonors: got there
aussz: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Ozmafia) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (1m ago).
RebekahWSD: <3 cheer100 <3
adi_pie: I think I'm a live.
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mtvcdm: Hi Jason, hi Kathleen!
Mt_Storm: Hi Kathleen and Jacob!
Riandisa: Good morning Kathleen and Jacob
cuttlefishman: Damnit K
Kraest: Kathleen and Jacob!
Laogeodritt: Yay Jacob on Now Kiss \o/
ExhaustedElox: Hey Chat!
PhoenixMelior: huh, that meeting was an hour shorter than expected
thijsch: hiiiiiiiiii
RockPusher: lrrGOAT lrrAWESOME
thegreatwyrdling: CONGRATULATIONS!
mtvcdm: Jacob might also be your name.
Animekitty93: Jacob you deal with Ian, this should be nothing :D
TXC2: LRR: the MOST professional stream Kappa
adi_pie: Hello, everyone, welcome to Desert Bus 2020, where we're still not telling Jacob things.
seantheman2: @LoadingReadyRun hi Kathleen! hi Jacob
RebekahWSD: Amazing :D
seantheman2: @adi_pie lolz
Animekitty93: adi_pie Yes :D
Defrost: @adi_pie Don't warn him!
cuttlefishman: Jacob, quiche misidentifier
RebekahWSD: Kathleen the vampire!
Kraest: Also not a morning person, and I need to wake up early to get a tattoo tomorrow, so that’s fun. XD
ExhaustedElox: Come on Jacob!
Jlhonors: haha
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aussz: 4 more years! 4 more years!
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offbeatwitch: it's fine outside of desert bus, jacob :P
cuttlefishman: What did you have for breakfast Jacob?
Animekitty93: Breaking News! Kathleen is a Vampire
haymaker424: hi
TragicMtG: post-DB-thinking: "is this a bad-word place?"
seantheman2: didn't Kathleen make a vampire deck?
adi_pie: Please no pokey.
Animekitty93: Jacob is delightful :D
Kraest: Hi Jacob!
RockPusher: lrrDARK tiltyhEXTREME
red_shoes_jeff: hi Jacob!
Robot_Bones: Jacob is a precious human, we must protect his smile
ContingentCat: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:14.
Animekitty93: lrrDARK tiltyhEXTREME
thundershot879: hi Jacob!
NimrodXIV: hooray!
Nightvalien28: haha we got another one
mtvcdm: Absolutely come back.
ContingentCat: yay I'm not too late!
adi_pie: !quote 4752
LRRbot: Quote #4752: "I've got a thing for the dead, I love the dead, often" —Jacob [2018-03-09]
Jlhonors: Nice!
adi_pie: There we go. Kappa
MadAran87: Jacob - where is your book boyfriend?
Kraest: The Jacob days of Desert Bus were so amazing <3
The_Crab_Goddess: KATHLEEN AND JACOB! hai hai!!
Defrost: Got a DB delivery today :D
The_Crab_Goddess: hi chat!!
RockPusher: Listening to Jacob be Very Confused at The Event was delightful lrrAWESOME
seantheman2: BTW, does anyone have any good anime recommendations that have X-mas episodes
TXC2: hello The_Crab_Goddess welcome
WNivek: Oh hey, it's Jacob!
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 9:33 AM
Animekitty93: What?! That's awesome!
seantheman2: holy crap, its about 11:33 AM here in the Windy City
Count_Nodonora: If my inbox isn't lying to me, my DB2018 shirts are in my mailbox waiting for me to go pick them up today :D
Mangledpixel: boop
Mangledpixel: oh hey, it's a Jacob!
Animekitty93: seantheman2 Time zones dude :D
Defrost: Hey Mangledpixel
seantheman2: @Animekitty93 yup
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
RockPusher: Count_Nodonora lrrAWESOME they are good shirts
Dared00: Adam?
TXC2: Adam
Nightvalien28: adam
TheMandrew: adam!
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SirOddington: I hope this doesn't come across as a shameless plug, but thanks to LRR and Jacob I finally got off my butt and made a dating game for the Desert Bus game jam! Thank you all so much for everything you do and the inspiration you give <3
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Sibwow: is it gilbert gottfried?
red_shoes_jeff: P E N T A P A X
RockPusher: seabatSEAL seabatBRAIN
Nightvalien28: we know more about what lrr does that you do
Animekitty93: I mean it's not like you're a busy human or something Kappa
RebekahWSD: Where is PAX Unplugged located?
Count_Nodonora: They sure are, I'm annoying everyone in my family by always wearing one. too bad I didn't know about them prior to DB9 or I'd have more variations to wear.
RockPusher: pennyCrabgod pennyCrabgod pennyCrabgod
resilientspring: hi Jason! hi Kathleen! *waves*
ContingentCat: gesuntheit Kathleen
The_Crab_Goddess: i'm sorry the what theatre?
EvilBadman: @RebekahWSD Philly
Defrost: RebekahWSD Phili
NathanJay_GA: mornin' :)
thegreatwyrdling: congratulations!
seantheman2: I do kind of wish that I could buy previous DB shirts, but oh well
mtvcdm: Wrong side of Pennsylvania
The_Crab_Goddess: GRITTY
TragicMtG: Dear Grittizen...!
mtvcdm: Pittsburgh has people dressed as pierogis.
RebekahWSD: Philly is like an hour away, unlike most conventions near me which are...several
Mangledpixel: just bring back Gritty.
red_shoes_jeff: G R I T T Y
cuttlefishman: GRITTY
Evandill: 'afternoon
2Flower: Belated hello from the Arcade Spirits dev here -- Jacob is a DELIGHT to work with!
RockPusher: "Making the googly eyes…" LUL
ContingentCat: not YET anyways
Taveena: What if. What if Gritty RPG figure at 1/100th scale
Nightvalien28: do not bring gritty
ContingentCat: Put Gritty in Smash Cowards
cuttlefishman: I can't wait until Gritty cosplays are a thing at cons
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Defrost: Kathleen sounds like there's a giant hole in the market there...
Count_Nodonora: I mean, the alpha flight mystery box had a DB6 and DB7 shirt but they're both too small so I can only display them, can't wear them.
xiivv7: good morning everyone xiivv7 here and ready to start my day here.
2Flower: We recorded someone saying "For bangin'!" just for Now Kiss fans.
PhoenixMelior: oh we gonna romance Graham?
freshtoastlord: These tunes are so chill
KV1NN4: i still need to finsih colouring those bishgritty's I did..
RockPusher: 2Flower katesNice
2Flower: Graham is married in-game and IRL, sadly.
chrono2x: Chat, what is the name of the game that Jacob is directing?
Kraest: Is that gonna make it weird to play?
Defrost: Put Gritty in Arcane Spirits :D
seantheman2: as a theater person who is learning about voice acting, I can definitely sympathize, Jacob
dreamyxcupcakes: happy Black Friday!
t3h_f1gm3nt: *kicks down door* YES HI Hello I am here! *puts door back up*
seantheman2: @dreamyxcupcakes im working later today
Kraest: @defrost you forgot to add “you cowards” :P
TXC2: hello t3h_f1gm3nt welcome
Animekitty93: chrono2x Arcade Spirits I believe
dreamyxcupcakes: @seantheman2 me too
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Flint_Locke: Hooray, a year of awesome! Now to commence with the kissing!
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CulturalGeekGirl: Morning all. Thanks for plugging our panel, Jacob! Come see uuuuussss.
Animekitty93: t3h_f1gm3nt That door was expensive! :P
seantheman2: @LoadingReadyRun as a person who is learning about voice acting, I can definitely understand where you're going from with this
kinkerbelle: everyonewhoauditioned dot tumblr dot com
DKS04Saturn: Just arrived, what did they cast Graham for?
solsesshiro: Hey it's Jacob. My Desert Bus hero!
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DKS04Saturn: Yay! Now Kiss is back! Welcome back~ P.S.: As a big fan of the Oz books, I can't wait to see what OzMafia is like xp
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Animekitty93: DKS04Saturn Arcade Spirits I believe
offbeatwitch: woo
mtvcdm: Graham might be halfway employable. I hear he got a job as a voice actor!
2Flower: Yep, Graham's playing a character in Arcade Spirits
Robot_Bones: The Bits The Bits The Bits
Alephred: Is the video darker than it is usually?
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gaxnys: Woo!
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RockPusher: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
nevermore913: Kathleen LRR who could that be
TXC2: is any LRR content representative of LRR content? Kappa
2Flower: cheer100 Came for the Kiss, stayed for the Now.
Jlhonors: Go game jam participants!!
Robot_Bones: Alephred that is the Kathleen Goth Setting
SirOddington: lrrHEART
andy1503: pride500 yay for now kiss
Aziraphalesshop: Hi from NY Jacob!
petoperceptum: I know what you guys are like.
samu_btdp1985: yay story time with kathleen and jacob
GloriousMost: Dab!
Mangledpixel: I did plan to do the DB game jam this year but didn't have time. Next year though, for sure!
Kraest: @aziraphalesshop ...just out of curiosity, what do you sell XD
WNivek: pride500 I've loved Jacob's contributions to Now Kiss, The Panalysts and Desert Bus; glad to see him again. n.n
GloriousMost: brizziDab
ContingentCat: gesundheit
RockPusher: #VoteLizard #VoteKathleen #DBUnMemories
SirOddington: Jacob, your twitter is very good for inspiring stuff
Animekitty93: Give this woman a tissue!
kenkopin: Sneeze Dab
Defrost: @TXC2 I wonder if LRR is looking for people with 3 years of LRR experience minimum
Serpens77: oh no, Kathleen is alergic to Jacob
seantheman2: @LoadingReadyRun this might sound cliche here, but watching your old sketches and crapshots inspired me to do amatuer acting and doing improv
Aziraphalesshop: @Kraest Theoretically, books :)
The_Crab_Goddess: uwu
Yosh1tailz: Jacob will finally be a part of mafia Kappa
adi_pie: So, how long until we manage to date the cat again?
Kraest: The only gentle thing about Kathleen is her sneeze XD
darkecologist: the now sneeze program
2Flower: We have officially adopted Jacob.
Animekitty93: tiltyhEXTREME tiltyhEXTREME
TXC2: Defrost good thing my 6 years has that covered :P
Animekitty93: Oh this is wonderfully pastel
Kraest: @aziraphalesshop I theoretically love books! 8D
Taveena: I recently binged the panalysts, and... goddamn, Katleen, I was nervous about it but it turned out to be so bingable and good. Amazing job, Kathleen.
dreamyxcupcakes: Jacob the perfect lrrFriend
RebekahWSD: Jacob, the deep undercover spy!
Defrost: @2Flower I think we'll have to share him, we get him every other weekend
Animekitty93: Wow you really were designed to be a LRR sergeFriend
GreenMittenz: Oh the boy in the red cape is cute <3
nevermore913: Jacob was engineered to be lrrFriend
cuttlefishman: Y'alls haven't been tempted already?
seantheman2: wait, Jacob knows about Wrestling? please, show me your ways good sir
Serpens77: Jacob "Too Good To Be True" Burgess
The_Crab_Goddess: Jacob, please don't steal away the funny Canadians
Animekitty93: #NotACult
Jlhonors: hahaha
t3h_f1gm3nt: don't lie jacob, i've seen your VtM:B playthrough :P
Animekitty93: ^
cuttlefishman: ^
Taveena: Serge may have designed a program to eliminate Unwanted Villager Children by throwing them into a volcano, so I think we KNOW what's Up With Serge.
The_Crab_Goddess: ^
RockPusher: Now now - Serge will have your ear if you cross him sergeHi sergeSqueak
TXC2: "it's not paranoia if it's real"
samu_btdp1985: story time with kathleen and jacob
thetoastmonster: The Australian Mafia?
Animekitty93: RockPusher katesLol katesLol
Defrost: Serge has some deep dark secrets he's trying to hide
seantheman2: @Defrost like when he worked in Customer service?
TXC2: my Theory is that Serge is in witness protection Kappa
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SachielOne: How much will it cost to have Jacob abducted and forced to drive the Desert Bus next year?
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DKS04Saturn: Kit walker?
DKS04Saturn: She is amazing!
Comeback323: Serge did chop off someones ear...soooo
t3h_f1gm3nt: #FurBangin
RockPusher: #FurBangin
2Flower: My Secret Pets was... it was a thing.
TXC2: looking at this screen, this game is about bishie bois :P
adi_pie: Never forget My Secret Pets
adi_pie: !quote 4750
LRRbot: Quote #4750: "ELLIPSES!" —Jacob, repeatedly [2018-03-09]
Comeback323: Have you played Monster Prom?
red_shoes_jeff: ELLIPSES!!
Jlhonors: Oh it's very literal, I see
Animekitty93: I'm here for this idea!
RockPusher: …… Super Ellipses!!!
PhoenixMelior: me too, Jacob. Me too.
thetoastmonster: consensual non-consent.
mtvcdm: There's waivers and everything.
Animekitty93: I don't know that Jacob is prepared for 12hr bussing :D
Evandill: Consensual Kidnapping
Kraest: I would *love* a Jacob driver shift
TXC2: makes up for it in the NOT A FUCKING CRIME department
GreenMittenz: Dont forget the safe word?
TragicMtG: consensual enthusiastic kidnapping!
Mangledpixel: welp, RIP, short game
t3h_f1gm3nt: this is a good start
accountmadeforants: At that point it's just kidmoving, no?
ContingentCat: Congradulations
freshtoastlord: Wow, roll credits
adi_pie: I think he's going to kill us, chat.
Kraest: Jacob, the master of the non-sequitur
The_Crab_Goddess: Jacob "I've lived an interesting life and I'm now terribly broken" Burgess
Train_0325: i came in the stream to hear jacob talk about kidnapping, huh, sure
The_Crab_Goddess: <3 you Jacob
TXC2: isn't the Heart ALWAYS on instinct?
Animekitty93: Train_0325 It scans :D
eye_h_bar: doesn't everyone's heart run on instinct?
SachielOne: My heart is on Mystic.
kinkerbelle: oh this got anime
TragicMtG: drippy droop
red_shoes_jeff: bagpipes... bold choice.
HydraWiggins: to AFRICA
Mangledpixel: bless you
TragicMtG: prosit
RockPusher: duDudu slytqHug
ContingentCat: gesundheit x3
adi_pie: TXC2 How pedantic do you want me to get? :P
Animekitty93: gesundheit
freshtoastlord: Su
Train_0325: @Animekitty93 totally :D makes me stay here actually lmao
vincent_gearbat: Ooo, are the wheelers in this game?
Mangledpixel: ah, silver slippers, so novel continuity not movie continuity
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun can we get you on the other side of the screen please, you're covering up the subtitles
TXC2: adi_pie not very?
Miss_Katherine: !live
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adi_pie: "a scarecrow without a brain" I'm feeling very called out right now.
GDwarf: Hah, I'm seeing this is a 50-hour game, so that's fun
Miss_Katherine: ooooooohhhhhhh, OZ I didn't get it
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AbyssalSnowstorm: Ten months! That's almost a year!
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TXC2: oh so this is just wizard of oz
GDwarf: Apparently 100% is closer to 70 hours
Nightvalien28: our goal is to kiss not complete
darkecologist: like the original oz, i expect this to be a parable about bimetalism
Miss_Katherine: darkecologist is that when you both do and don't love Metal?
GDwarf: Alright, apparently it's more a 20-30 hours for one route
Spacecarl: heh, i was about to guess that the gap on the left was about to be filled with the characters
mtvcdm: So you're saying we probably won't be completing this today then, GDwarf.
cuttlefishman: How Long to Beat says 4hrs, 31.5, and 53 respectively
Animekitty93: Chicago?
Mangledpixel: sounds like an average saturday
cuttlefishman: pretty
Animekitty93: Love his Eyes
RockPusher: …… lrrAWESOME
adi_pie: Such a pretty lad.
TXC2: :D
NickTheDM: Man he’s pretty
t3h_f1gm3nt: SUPER elipses!
Kraest: This description just reminds me of “she breasted boobily down the stairs” XD
darkecologist: @Miss_Katherine let's say yes
Yosh1tailz: SUPER ELIPSIS SwiftRage
dreamyxcupcakes: what a beautiful boy!
Darth_Wooper: He's either a love interest or the main baddie. Possibly both.
HydraWiggins: Those are not the eyes of a human person
2Flower: T-pose to establish dominance!
adi_pie: !addquote (Jacob) [now] SUPER-ELLIPSES! | repeatedly
LRRbot: New quote #5542: "SUPER-ELLIPSES!" —Jacob, repeatedly [2018-11-23]
GreenMittenz: maybe his name IS super elipses
HydraWiggins: Maybe he wants to challenge to a pokemon battle
Train_0325: noooo dont ignore him
Taveena: uH.
AbyssalSnowstorm: dafuq?
offbeatwitch: RED FLAGS
Animekitty93: Oh that's not creepy
GreenMittenz: CONSENT
Evandill: WELP
GDwarf: Why is *our* name "???"
adi_pie: Huh, usually it takes these games a bit longer than that before we get eaten.
PhoenixMelior: uh, red flags?
offbeatwitch: LEWD
Train_0325: i'm mr hardcore yokohama bad boy
Animekitty93: OK?
Nightvalien28: sir!!!
t3h_f1gm3nt: well that escalated quickly
offbeatwitch: MY FLAGS ARE RED
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE lrrSPOOP
Jlhonors: RUN
adamjford: that sure is an undershirt
GDwarf: Those are some nice arm warmers he's got
RockPusher: gabyLewd katesLewd
Miss_Katherine: omg suuuuuper flamboyant bishi I love him~~
Laogeodritt: this game seems overwritten overall so far =V
Miss_Katherine: that outfit is <3
TXC2: go elsewhere
gsyhiap: "Gosh, what a massive blade you've got there!"
offbeatwitch: these fuckin zoom blurs
TehAmelie: this silver-haired guy has already used more ellipses than an average Lovecraft novel
AbyssalSnowstorm: The white flag has turned red.
Darth_Wooper: Not getting murdered sounds good to me.
PhoenixMelior: hehe, Ever Forward
NickTheDM: *Joke about being down to be destroyed*
adi_pie: I like this girl already.
TXC2: "I think this is were we came in"
CulturalGeekGirl: I love Kathleen's take on the standard visual novel protagonist
AbyssalSnowstorm: Not wanting to die is a reasonable response
Taveena: OH LAAAWD
adi_pie: Oh, lawd, she comin'!
GDwarf: -1 on the Chonk scale
red_shoes_jeff: we got that, thanks.
TehAmelie: low on chonk, but heavy on lrrHAM
cuttlefishman: oh man, Jacob doesn't know the chonk scale?
Aziraphalesshop: Oh lawd he comin!
Dared00: CHONK Chart:
TXC2: heckin chonk boi
Flint_Locke: The chonk scale is VEEERY different idea in otome games.
Yosh1tailz: OH LAWD
Nightvalien28: hahaha
Animekitty93: It's great
Mangledpixel: I think it was probably adapted from a real chart
adi_pie: "I want to live" is a sentiment I can get behind.
TXC2: theres a fantasic gif from the event of that scale
red_shoes_jeff: most do
Yosh1tailz: OOF
TXC2: Mangledpixel it is
cuttlefishman: bishie af
soft_sunset: oh such a pretty boy
GreenMittenz: thats red?
Animekitty93: This one's cute
Miss_Katherine: that hair isnt very red.....
TXC2: hoew the fuck is that red?
tomorrowboy: cheer1000
Nightvalien28: redish
cuttlefishman: it's... reddish
Mangledpixel: red with frosted tip
Mangledpixel: *tips
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hi Jacob Hi Kathleen Hi chat
ContingentCat: it's red adjacent hair
TXC2: wait is this guy's hair Boros? Kappa
Animekitty93: Hey Syd sergeHi
TXC2: hello SydPreviouslyHeadache welcome
Train_0325: oh lawd he cute
Animekitty93: TXC2 YES :D
adamjford: that's a heck of an outfit
GDwarf: *Hazama
TXC2: Jecob's voice seams to be a Russian man from Spain :P
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSPOOP
Miss_Katherine: yay bishi superstar is back!!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ok glad to know phrasingis in
adi_pie: Pan-European accents are a LRR tradition.
Yosh1tailz: ies tavarish
Mangledpixel: I wish more of these games would use something other than just changing the name to show who is speaking, like changing the UI colour
offbeatwitch: he's a furry
adi_pie: Ah, yes, head of Wolf Gang Clan.
GDwarf: Why couldn't he be Wolfgang, head of the Wolf Gang?
Miss_Katherine: Jacob is like, an actual great voice actor holy crap!!! :O
thundershot879: i hope he doesnt start playing mozart
accountmadeforants: This guy casually letting other people explain his backstory while he's standing there
kinkerbelle: The clan gang crew
The_Crab_Goddess: firmly grasp it
SydPreviouslyHeadache: almost like Jacob is a professional Kappa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: *he is actually a professional
Evandill: @offbeatwitch Nah, needs more muzzle and... fur.
PhoenixMelior: Kairi? Are we Kingdom Hearts now
TXC2: I thinking Kairi Zane
TXC2: *I was
adi_pie: It's a good thing he didn't slowly swing his sword.
Miss_Katherine: pressed its muzzle to the wolf man LUL
GDwarf: Weapons are prohibited, says the man with a gun
TehAmelie: as Ceasar lay dying he said, "i can feel myself become chonk"
adi_pie: !quote 5542
LRRbot: Quote #5542: "SUPER-ELLIPSES!" —Jacob, repeatedly [2018-11-23]
Evandill: Oh, he has a gun.
Mangledpixel: wait, people in Oz know about Swiss cheese?
TXC2: Gods why is "super ellipses" so funny? :P
Laogeodritt: As someone familiar with Italian and some Christian liturgical repertoire, I'm finding their pronunciation of Caramia and Kyrie very jarring XD
kinkerbelle: gonna turn you into perforated cheese!
Nightvalien28: TXC2 I don't know but I chortled when he said it
Animekitty93: nice adi_pie
Evandill: There are a lot more guns in Oz than I remember.
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE
GreenMittenz: This caesar guy is a real creep
Kraest waves at @evandill
Mrjugglingbear: OHHH just tuning in.... JACOB!! <3
Train_0325: super ellipses is a vampire chuuni
TehAmelie: i like to pronounce ellipses by awkwardly interrupting myself to slowly tap three times on a hard surface
thundershot879: @evandill the tin man had a gun in the original
t3h_f1gm3nt: his sword is his penis, isn't it?
TehAmelie: but SUPER ELLIPSIS is good too
adi_pie: My names Nunya. As in Nun of ya business.
offbeatwitch: oh boy this isn't a trope at all!
NickTheDM: Are we not concerned that Caesar is openly a murderer? They probably should have shot him anyway.
darthcoercis: uh... what am i watching right now?
wicker_knight: @adi_pie it's Dutch. Nunya Bies Ness
Miss_Katherine: NickTheDM I imagine it would have started a small war
kinkerbelle: we can't kill people just because they're murderers
bondeulv: Who Am I? is a really good Jackie Chan movie
Alephred: @darthcoercis This is a dating sim, named Ozmafia.
adamjford: My name? Generic Self-Insert. Genny for short.
GloriousMost: Restart!
t3h_f1gm3nt: can you scroll back with the scroll wheel?
Train_0325: LMAO so true
The_Crab_Goddess: ADVENTURE!
gsyhiap: lrrHERE
Nightvalien28: I mean there is a skip button
t3h_f1gm3nt: ah, nevermind
Kraest: That’s okay, I accidentally skipped the ending cutscene of Bloodborne last night.
Mangledpixel: here's that intro:
Nightvalien28: if you save I a sure you can skip fast enough
solsesshiro: Which ending cutscene
solsesshiro: because only one is interesting
GreenMittenz: I find Jacob's "pause, yes and" so funny xD
Evandill waves back at @Kraest
darthcoercis: @Alephred dating sim? that kind of anime porn rubbish my brother-in-law likes?
Kraest: @solsesshiro killed Gehrman, no moon presence fight
Alephred: @darthcoercis Quite possibly.
The_Crab_Goddess: @darthcoercis that good weeb shit
NickTheDM: @mangledpixel man you are on top of things today
offbeatwitch: need some Synergy going
solsesshiro: Oh, so you didn't miss anything interesting then
Miss_Katherine: type the link in manually?
The_Crab_Goddess: mangledpixel on fire today!
darthcoercis: @The_Crab_Goddess weeb shit? yeah, i'm out.
Animekitty93: Oh this is already cute
darthcoercis: have fun gang.
Kraest: @solsesshiro I disagree! I think every part of that game is interesting. :P
TehAmelie: sometimes i miss when the internet was complicated so you had to be able to easily network computers locally
Jlhonors: C L O U D S
Animekitty93: Hahahahaha
The_Crab_Goddess: i mean, yeah
gsyhiap: LUL
The_Crab_Goddess: i'd watch this
RockPusher: Jacob's weeb is showing LUL
solsesshiro: Fine. But only because I love Bloodborne
freshtoastlord: Jacob has ascended
adi_pie: Okay, I wasn't into this, but now that we have a theme song, I am SO IN.
Train_0325: im suddenly disappointed with the english lyrics
TXC2: going full anime here boss
offbeatwitch: oh hey it's ruby rose
gsyhiap: Jacob has leveled up
TehAmelie: the line is very average anime but i like the color
Nightvalien28: why did we stop wearing such outfits?
solsesshiro: The moon presence is the only one I like though
offbeatwitch: she even has the sniper
Kraest: @solsesshiro I’m actually getting a tattoo of the Hunter’s Mark tomorrow. XD
Miss_Katherine: Ooooo, scarlet is cute he can be my otp :D
Animekitty93: Why are the lyrics in English??
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ok so right now, Jacob is dancing Majima behind Kathleen Kiryu?
Train_0325: caramia is best boi
solsesshiro: ending*
Defrost: Jacob is such a delight :D
adamjford: I mean, as soon as there was a character that said "Tch.", I knew where we were: deep in anime land
kinkerbelle: they're hugely impractical
solsesshiro: Nice
offbeatwitch: scarlet is just AU ruby rose
Nightvalien28: there's cat person?
GDwarf: She showed me rainbow!
TehAmelie an art criticism
t3h_f1gm3nt: @Nightvalien28 comfort and convienience mostly...cause humans grew lazy
solsesshiro: I thought about it, but I'm not really interested in tattoos
Nightvalien28: t3h_f1gm3nt yeah that sounds about right, damn we ruined fashion
Animekitty93: Haha
Jlhonors: dorian gray wut
Nightvalien28: hahahahaha
TehAmelie: #teammanboy
GDwarf: Dorian Grey and Manboy
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Boymans sidekick?
t3h_f1gm3nt: OH GOD there's a catboy!
kinkerbelle: #manboy
Taveena: Yesss, Manboy.
Animekitty93: This is a thing :D
wicker_knight: eyepatch man is the piper of hamlin though...prob another scary route
GreenMittenz: Scarlet is adorable <3 Its not that I have a thing for little red riding hood or anything at all
Dumori: Robin Hood looks fresh from the QuiteMan
red_shoes_jeff: M A N B O Y
solsesshiro: Manboy best boy
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Defrost: Jacob all in, Kathleen hard out
accountmadeforants: So, to start, all the colours of the world are shades of pastel. You with me so far?
Evandill: They're all uncomfortably pretty. I'm down.
offbeatwitch: when scarlet appeared I just went "oh, it's Ruby Rose" out loud
Flint_Locke: The adventures of Manboy and Ceasar!
Mangledpixel: I am very confused, but also intrigued. I feel this is the correct state to be in.
Azralorne: ❤️❤️❤️
Azralorne: JACOB
Azralorne: YOU KNOW ME
Azralorne: how dare!
gsyhiap: LUL
Miss_Katherine: Manboy, that's basically Captain Marvel, right?
Animekitty93: Uh oh Jacob offended :D
TXC2: Abs are always nice
Train_0325: LMAO jacob is so mood
Animekitty93: sergeHeart Jacob
Kraest: Wait, did he just say “something to hold onto”?
The_Crab_Goddess: "Beards! Something to hold onto!"-Jacob Burgess 2018
RockPusher: Good to see Jacob suffering that DB memory swiss-cheesing for that authentic DB experience
Flint_Locke: Very hard to find in an otome mafia game probably.
gsyhiap: I thought by default we were assuming that Jacob knows everybody? Kappa
wicker_knight: Soooooo... Scarlet XD
DarkMorford: If this is a 50-hour game, we've got a lot of "common route" stuff to get through before we lock into one of the characters.
SageOfTheWise: maybe robin hood is secretly a woman
Miss_Katherine: One of them looked even more girlish than the others LUL
Flint_Locke: Alfani looked the most androgynous I think..?
Animekitty93: Wow you really needed all those words game :/
Defrost: Jacob is such a good foil for Kathleen
kinkerbelle: hi fan! good morning to you too!
wicker_knight: that is too many chokers
Animekitty93: Oh Jacob that gave me shivers :D
TXC2: note the choker
GDwarf: Huh. That intro song was written by a Canadian Christian Rock band. So that's...unexpected.
Jlhonors: wut
offbeatwitch: scarlet is literally part of the "Grimm family"
solsesshiro: It was what
TXC2: GDwarf what?
offbeatwitch: are we sure this isn't a rwby ripoff
Animekitty93: GDwarf Well that explains why it was in english
GDwarf: Apparently "Article One" is a since-disbanded Christian Rock band from Canada
Animekitty93: offbeatwitch Nah too watercolor :D
thundershot879: has Jacob met Andy yet?
TragicMtG: I'm so happy having Jacob here for this, the voices!
TXC2: thundershot879 they did at THE EVENT
sblue333: @thundershot879 yeah, at desert bus
red_shoes_jeff: looked where?
Miss_Katherine: OMG there is actually a girl romance option <3
Animekitty93: thundershot879 Ohhh yesss!
gsyhiap: Defrost - where the mark would be, duh!
adi_pie: DAWN DAWN DAWN oh wait wrong one.
Kraest: These voices are so amazing holy shit
RockPusher: got em!
gsyhiap: UL
kinkerbelle: can't just say families nope
gsyhiap: LUL
Jlhonors: ahahaha
adi_pie: Welcome to Jacob's last appearance on LRR streams.
Miss_Katherine: LUL
RebekahWSD: Oh no!
DarkMorford: Jacob.exe has encountered an error
t3h_f1gm3nt: RIP Jacob
RockPusher: LUL
Jorge4hg: clip it
Jlhonors: HAHA S
TragicMtG: tea-nose!
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Evandill: LMAO
Flint_Locke: Oh nooooo
gsyhiap: Kathleen, mistress of spit-takes DarkMode
TXC2: Help that poor man!
RebekahWSD: Poor Jacob!
red_shoes_jeff: teanose
The_Crab_Goddess: Somebody clip this!!
adi_pie: Yes
GDwarf: Moonbase is a .tiff, confirmed
ContingentCat: YES
Invitare: yes
Invitare: do it
Nightvalien28: I went away for five second
Significant_Otter2: oh no jacob
TehAmelie: you're too funny! lrrBEEJ
Azralorne: Jacob is my favorite <3
Jorge4hg: lrrHEART
red_shoes_jeff: lrrAWESOME
wicker_knight: Jacob now has the CLEAREST sinuses
Jlhonors: Sinus cleanse
gsyhiap: At least it wasn't anything with chili in it...
RockPusher: Jacob's sinuses are now super-clean
Spacecarl: Okay it was perhaps a mistake to be watching this 2 days after getting my appendix out. laughing hurts a bit!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Honey, refreshing. Lemon, burns
TXC2: honey lemon? Jecob's Sennius are gonna be open for the next week :P
TehAmelie: and tat's how snorting tea became the new hip drug
SydPreviouslyHeadache: *i don't actually like honey
Mangledpixel: everyone needs a good lemon wash to clean out the sinuses from time to time
Laogeodritt: super ellipses are brilliant XD
Spacecarl: Heh, maybe i'll have to come back to the vod when my gut can handle laughing. good luck!
Taveena: A kind person who hates helping strangers-
t3h_f1gm3nt: Kyrie confirmed shit Kappa
Train_0325: caramia is confirmed best boy
gsyhiap: if you're doing number threes, see your doctor
Evandill: That is how numbers work, yes protagonist.
Taveena: Maybe you just hadn't slept for 72 hours.
adi_pie: Ah, yes, we had a case of the vapours.
Jlhonors: Humans sleep as a defense against difficult things
kinkerbelle: The capo is the military leader
ContingentCat: oh you're a victorian damsel, just fainting all over the place for no reason
TXC2: we were overwhelmed by the bishieness of it all
offbeatwitch: red flag alert
Nightvalien28: when they go away rob their house, take the silver
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE
GDwarf: Kyrie's got the little fang thing going on in this shot
soft_sunset: for some reason, this is giving me Charlie Stross' The Merchant Princes vibes?
GDwarf: Nightvalien28 I'd suggest against robbing a Mafia
Mangledpixel: caporegime: kah-poh-ruh-ZHEEM
GDwarf: soft_sunset Heh, I can see that
Jlhonors: oh right they're mafia
misteline: @nightvalien28 also take their best linens
Train_0325: i can't believe i only know realized why it's called ozmafia....
adi_pie: I still vote for Nunya, as in Nun of ya business. :P
Taveena: Picklestick!
accountmadeforants: I suggest Goat
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TXC2: OK I was gonna call out why we dont use our own name :P
ContingentCat: Turnip
wicker_knight: Tyrnup
kenkopin: Stickle Pick
RockPusher: GOAT!!!!!!
offbeatwitch: GOAT!!!!!!!
adamjford: Genny, short for Generic Self-Insert
offbeatwitch: go full heather
TXC2: whats are name lrrbot?
electroswagnetism: The Cerebral Assassin
AffinityForFun: Teeth
Rhynerd: Belle?
DKS04Saturn: Ozma
Miss_Katherine: Yuri!
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Use the Love Saw!
Lord_Hydraos: Goat is good
resilientspring: Alice
The_Crab_Goddess: Genny!
NickTheDM: Jane Doe
wicker_knight: I do like Genny, tbh
kinkerbelle: donut steele
thundershot879: Turnip
Kraest: GOAT
Jlhonors: Amnesia
misteline: This One
NimrodXIV: Genny is strong
solsesshiro: Generica
accountmadeforants: Yeah, I'm switching my vote to Genny
Train_0325: That
bondeulv: that's such a sweird input box for a game
ContingentCat: But this character is painfully not Kathleen
Rhynerd: I'm switching my vote to Genny too
adamjford: lrrAWESOME
cheetoJack: Genny, The Cerebral Assassin, The King of Kings
RockPusher: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always doing a silly voice.
kenkopin: Chat came up with it. :)
Significant_Otter2: katesNice katesNice
gsyhiap: Perfect.
RockPusher: LRRbot on point today lrrAWESOME
offbeatwitch: god what is up with the characters in this game
Invitare: Kathleen should voice Manboy whenever he appears
LadyGrey21: There is a cat girl and you can date her!
NimrodXIV: nothing wrong with the silly voices
t3h_f1gm3nt: that is subject to change though :P
Miss_Katherine: LadyGrey21 I am so excited!!!
accountmadeforants: Well, you can become friends with her
NickTheDM: Be careful Jacob, you never know who will stick around. Make sure you use voices you can maintain
Flint_Locke: As long as they like biscuits I'm in.
RockPusher: Jacob channelling that smouldering energy from his business cards?
TXC2: yes, Unsexy >_>
NarishmaReborn: *gulp*
LiamNeesonsKneesSon: Ooh! It's a Jacob!
The_Crab_Goddess: Jacob, you dirty bastard, that highland accent
The_Crab_Goddess: CATGRIL
offbeatwitch: there's a couple grills
adi_pie: As is tradition, when Jacob is around, we date the cat. Kappa
Miss_Katherine: I can't wait for Jacob to voice her!!!
Invitare: wait, you mean Now Kiss will be dating a cat AGAIN?
kenkopin: What if she shows up in hour 27?
TragicMtG: katesLoaf -girl
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
Dared00: I mean, when Jacob isn't there, we *also* date cats
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE
relinn5: Always date the cat
offbeatwitch: it's ruby, yang, and OC
GreenMittenz: As cute as Scarlet is I am all for cat girl.
Taveena: Cappor Gimes!
offbeatwitch: except the left two are boys
DaMullet14: Cap O Regime
electroswagnetism: I think that's supposed to be Kee-ree-ay like in catholic prayers
Jlhonors: Scarlet isn't here to play games
Mangledpixel: kah-poh-ruh-ZHEEM
zo4chcee: This is an even prettier JJBA part 5
TehAmelie: capo-regimes?
Yosh1tailz: Cappeur Gaimes
adi_pie: Oh, look, the 10-year-old.
offbeatwitch: uhhh
GDwarf: Grimm and Anderson? Oh dear
offbeatwitch: what's up with that man
NickTheDM: Why is he so tiny
Ashen_Prime: She may be young, but Little Red Riding Hood has seen some shit.
Taveena: Who put a 12 year old in charge of a Mafia
offbeatwitch: he's quite small
t3h_f1gm3nt: he so tiny!
offbeatwitch: and floating?
Jlhonors: "little, in the very literal sense"
Invitare: what is happening on the left?
Train_0325: the little old man....
TragicMtG: cat-lady!
GDwarf: Taveena: Hans Christian Anderson, clearly
resilientspring: They're not kidding about 'tiny'
TXC2: Cat in boots?
Taveena: The catgirl is Puss In Boots.
solsesshiro: Hold up, did I just see a sentient coat hanger?
NickTheDM: She’s puss in boot!!
Jlhonors: "Caramia: We know there's a lot of exposition, sorry."
Miss_Katherine: Jacob!
KV1NN4: i love heidi now o.o
SydPreviouslyHeadache: meow meow meow meow meow
zo4chcee: Heidi is best, fite me
Aenir798: it was catgirl
adi_pie: To be fair, Jacob, she looks like the FF14 characters of most people I know. :P
SydPreviouslyHeadache: in the tune of 'magic magic magic magic magic*
adi_pie: Now that was uncalled for, game.
Miss_Katherine: Yay Kathleen, gosh but I love LRR
CrazymattCaptain: that voice Jacob did for the cat lady reminded me of the narrator in Battleblock Theater
Jlhonors: ahahaha
Invitare: was that Derek's sister?
GDwarf: Why do you need a Mafia Moot to talk about the stray you've adopted?
ContingentCat: UM what
GreenMittenz: Wait they did what?
NimrodXIV: "examined her body" O_O
resilientspring: ok honest question, when is it 'size shaming' and when it is accommodation? like, large people deserve to have comfortable chairs just like anyone else
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Miss_Katherine: Jacob AND anti-size-ism? Gosh but I love LRR <3
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TXC2: what do you mean "custody"?
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSPOOP
thundershot879: um
Jlhonors: fight fight fight fight
offbeatwitch: what even
Mangledpixel: Oz has hand grenades?
CptMurphey: lrrWOW
offbeatwitch: this escalated quickly
GDwarf: I mean, in the fairy tale Grendel kills the witch, so...
JomAmman: lunalyOops
TXC2: resilientspring the pahsing "no doubt custom chair" is used to suggest that it's inconvenience that she is plus sized
Ashen_Prime: It's the Brother's Grimm. Everything about those stories is dark and over the top.
TXC2: *phasing
Alephred: @GDwarf You're thinking of Beowulf.
NickTheDM: That’s the Brothers Grimm for you. Pretty messed up
zo4chcee: God, this is legit conversations I had as a teen playing on Gaia-Online
resilientspring: @TXC2 ah yes, that makes sense
Laogeodritt: This is stereotypically bad harem anime writing. Thank God we have Jacob and Kathleen to voice them. XD
GDwarf: Alephred Grettle == Grendel, clearly
t3h_f1gm3nt: >:<
Jlhonors: >:(
Miss_Katherine: Is the man tiny? It kinda looks like he's jsut standing over at the back wall LUL
Aziraphalesshop: Our business is concluded, you may take the boy
nightwingmisthawk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Ozmafia) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (55m ago).
Taveena: Heidi's group has the catgirl, right?
adi_pie: I would be down for joining Heidi.
zo4chcee: Let's join Heidi
adi_pie: I could headbutt the writer that felt the desparate need to make fun of her weight.
wicker_knight: I am disappointed, given what we just saw, that they're called Familgia Oz and not Familgia Baum
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kinkerbelle: you just straight got kidnapped
t3h_f1gm3nt: oooooh. so we get to choose a faction THEN a romance option i take it. thats...kinda neat actually
Yosh1tailz: nyet
zo4chcee: Speaking of factions and romance, I think a Ravnica-based visual novel be interesting at least
GDwarf: wicker_knight "Familia Boots" also exists, as does "Wolf Gang", so clearly it's a bit random
adi_pie: I would like a different doctor!
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
TXC2: what is Robin hood a doctor of?
Ashen_Prime: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
Miss_Katherine: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Laogeodritt: Robin Hood the Plague Doctor?
Laogeodritt: totally legit.
GDwarf: Alternative: I see the angel Sachiel is our doctor.
wicker_knight: @GDwarf well... I guess comprehensibility over pattern :/
MousseFilledCat: Hello chat! What sort of dating game is this?
TXC2: does he steal health from the rich and gives it to the poor?
NickTheDM: Hahaha yeah, uh, all doctors wear creepy masks right?
Rhynerd: Do famous physicians in this land all wear opera masks?
TXC2: hello MousseFilledCat welcome
Nightvalien28: does he take organs from the rich to give to the poor? if so I am down
GDwarf: MousseFilledCat Oz and/or Fairy Tale characters are real and run various Mafia families. We have amnesia.
Jlhonors: "No, it's supposed to be a robin, we don't really have a costume store 'round here"
zo4chcee: @moussefilledcat We were kidnapped by a mafia, and niw are being press-ganged into joining them
TXC2: he has a hood, and looks like a bird
Nightvalien28: genny talks like kathleen
Miss_Katherine: Petition to rename to Crow Hood LUL
Rocketman210: worry
GDwarf: So, I like Robin Hood's outfit, but that plague mask...wouldn't work as a plague mask.
MousseFilledCat: Thanks all
TXC2: he looks like the guy from dishonured :P
Rhynerd: Corvo?
zo4chcee: "practiced hands" lrrBEEJ
Miss_Katherine: GDwarf I didnt think plague masks worked as plague masks either...
accountmadeforants: "Yup, those are some biiiig anime eyes. Seems alright."
TXC2: Miss_Katherine fun story: they kinda did
Zebunisher: since when is robin hod a plague doctor?
Evandill: "most"
GDwarf: Miss_Katherine They kinda did! Mostly by keeping fleas and airborne water droplets/mucus away from the face
Miss_Katherine: TXC2 neat!
MousseFilledCat: Who are we playing?
GDwarf: Plague doctors also wore heavy robes that also kept fleas away
Miss_Katherine: Genny!
solsesshiro: That and they were stuffed full of flowers and herbs because it turns out hanging out with plague victims didn't smell great
Animekitty93: Wow the sass on this guy :D
GDwarf: MousseFilledCat An amnesiac girl
zo4chcee: Oh I can't wait til romance blooms at the firing range while we practice our shooting
andy1503: oh was just looking stuff up didnt realize ande was the little match girl
kinkerbelle: do you think love can bloom in the battlefield?
MousseFilledCat: Huh, it's not first person, interesting.
NickTheDM: Axel has a crush on one of them. Calling it now
GDwarf: Axel likes the garden? Do you suppose he breeds novel flowers? Are we gonna find an...Axel Rose?
Kumakaori: Now Kiss with Jacob :D??!?!
zo4chcee: Huh.... a Hind-D...
Jlhonors: Genny "Positivity" Noname
Miss_Katherine: room? It's a whole cottage!
Invitare: it IS a dream :O
TXC2: I've seen apartments smaller then this room
GDwarf: I dunno that I'd call this place too nice, the time period seems likely to predate indoor plumbing. :P
kinkerbelle: my apartment is smaller!
adi_pie: We've found the anti-Kathleen.
solsesshiro: Same
TXC2: adi_pie so Katie? Kappa
t3h_f1gm3nt: have...have we found Katiee <3
KV1NN4: oh gahd Katey's back!
Animekitty93: I'm ignoring all this bad writing :D
adi_pie: Kathleeptonite.
kinkerbelle: hi katie!
adi_pie: TXC2 plz no
kinkerbelle: mc no brain
Miss_Katherine: kinkerbelle hehe :3
TXC2: a brain, a heart and Courage
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
Aenir798: LOL Jacob
adi_pie: "Like a baby" Ah, I see the drugs worked.
NimrodXIV: Caramia has slight fangs, so yep. Lion
GDwarf: Definitely no indoor plumbing
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrWOW
adi_pie: It's called "Famiglia bonding" Kathleen
Tem_chi: Hi
TXC2: why do people say "slept like a baby" when babies only sleep 4 hours at a time?
Animekitty93: adi_pie Boo :D
TXC2: hello Tem_chi welcome
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Jlhonors: @TXC2 I think it's supposed to refer to a deep sleep instead of a long one?
Count_Nodonora: Wow, the way his collar is set, it looks like he's holding a dildo in his right hand.
adamjford: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
t3h_f1gm3nt: @Count_Nodonora omg i can't unsee it now
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
RockPusher: LUL
TXC2: Jlhonors every baby I've ever meet could be woken by a sound from a mile away :P
gsyhiap: TXC2 - maybe they wake up screaming and crying? BabyRage
Tem_chi: I wanted to subscribe for a long time. Im really enjoying the Friday night paper fights :)
Miss_Katherine: Yeah I would very specifically want to pick one of the other familgia's because this one has to much time to mislead you about their character
Animekitty93: sergeHeart Jacob
kinkerbelle: most people use doors
Kraest: Dinger. I gotta go work on commissions. Be good, Chat!
t3h_f1gm3nt: SUPER ellipses!
TXC2: so long Kraest have fun
RockPusher: ……
zo4chcee: "This a door. People walk through them to go places. mi amo"
snowewolf: @LoadingReadyRun are in to "kissing" (shifty eyes) check out the Japanese "long man" sweet advert
TXC2: my love isn't
Mangledpixel: "my beloved"
Zebunisher: my loved one or something like that
AffinityForFun: My darling acording to google translate
DarkMorford: "caramia" is "my darling" in Italian
cuttlebranch: "my heart"
zo4chcee: "This is food, you eat it to survive, caramia"
TXC2: it being in the end song from portal 2 is how i know about it :P
cuttlebranch: It's very Gomez Adams.
bondeulv: same txc2
H_Moonlight: "Cara mia" is feminine though
TXC2: H_Moonlight and? look at that Bishie!
H_Moonlight: @txc2 tru tru
Miss_Katherine: "No."
adi_pie: Ah, yes, we have arrived at the "just bangin'" point of the stream. :P
TXC2: HI Kathleen
RockPusher: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
AffinityForFun: Justin Tobagin
gsyhiap: hey Kathleen!
ContingentCat: Hey Kathleen lrrDARK
silvalunae: vamping vamping vamping
joinedtwitchfordesertbus: Yay?
ContingentCat: Just release the lizzard Kathleen
TXC2: Better then I am :P
joinedtwitchfordesertbus: Not yay?
silvalunae: omg you're the breeder
geoarbitrage: maybe they are being nice to her because she reminds them of dorothy and they wanna pay it forward SeemsGood
gsyhiap: Yeah, seems pretty suspicious
Miss_Katherine: No women in a power group like this is always a big red flag to me
Jlhonors: She's also completely forgotten about the murderer
ContingentCat: After the "we examined her body" thing I wouldn't want to stay with them
accountmadeforants: Yeah, why are the other women all in their own families?
Gallium71: So, who is Toto?
GreenMittenz: I want a dating game where you jsut sit back and ship all the bishies
accountmadeforants: Save Gretel, I suppose
zo4chcee: They all Mafia. That's a red flag as well.
gsyhiap: But maybe we've just been beaten down by the horrors of the modern world and they're all just really wholesome...
2Flower: If anything this show is a great way to learn what not to do in my own game.
kinkerbelle: we need scary woman fo8l
resilientspring: yeah her whole "I should be worried, but I'm not, whee!' is very dumb
Miss_Katherine: Yeah but they are a mafia, so I was comparing them to more like a post-apocalypse group LUL\
DislecticWriter: arent most dating sim protagonists idiots
solsesshiro: Or predators
tenthtechpriest: also jacob is now involved so clearly it will end in someone getting punched in the face
gsyhiap: ah yes, the classic kidney-hiding defense
Miss_Katherine: DislecticWriter Most protagonists are idiots, because "viewers are dumb" ^^;;;
Alephred: Gird your loins: Prepare your junk.
resilientspring: yeah girding is a way of tying a skirt into a pants thing
Dumori: Girding ones lines is the biblical ripping your top off
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh, well, that's context for Gird in MTG id idn't necessarily need
solsesshiro: Dumori Spot on
MousseFilledCat: We've played some amazing ones, Jacob seems to pull the stupid ones.
Mangledpixel: also, how to gird your loins in a dress:
Jlhonors: huh. That's a good point.
GDwarf: Memories of the Danganronpa visual novels wherein the first game has a protagonist who could probably be outwitted by a concussed duckling, despite being in a murder mystery game.
tenthtechpriest: often the only way to ensure parts of the plot happens is if the protag is too dumb to do the logcial thing like 'leave'
t3h_f1gm3nt: ABSOLUTELY Ladykiller
Invitare: Horse Prince
accountmadeforants: You also only get to ask actual questions maybe once every few minutes. Can't have too many branching paths I suppose.
MousseFilledCat: The one where you built a boyfriend?
wicker_knight: I mean...Star...Wars... :P
gsyhiap: Mangledpixel - neat!
TXC2: "if your world breaks down after 3 questions, it's not a world"
Jlhonors: She's got another game in the works too
GreenMittenz: That one in the magic school was alright apart from not really having good romance options
KV1NN4: Oh God pls show Jacob that game XD
silvalunae: um what
Animekitty93: I'M SORRY WHAT?!
bondeulv: I liked the cat island game
TXC2: he loves you a son
silvalunae: yes because i need it
wicker_knight: Dr. Frank's Build a Boyfriend
VoidByAnyOtherName: can you just put a third arm instead
tenthtechpriest: he needs this in his life
ContingentCat: It'll be in the Lrr iki
ContingentCat: *wiki
Miss_Katherine: :D :D :D
Invitare: Horse Prince is still the highlight of this show
kinkerbelle: franks build a boyfriend
t3h_f1gm3nt forsees a future stream of Jacobs :P
Jlhonors: Jacob's eyes widen greatly
adi_pie: I have tweeted it at you, for later, Jacob. :P
silvalunae: @Mangledpixel thank you ouo
zo4chcee: Wasn't Hustle Cat really good as well
Aziraphalesshop: Kathleen, Kitty Love is a bucket full of translation fail. It's a lot to take in.
GreenMittenz: Other then that murderer looking for you
Miss_Katherine: chat does Jacob have a twitch? google isn't helping me
t3h_f1gm3nt: that seems like a TERRIBLE idea with that one guy wanting to shive you with a sword
zo4chcee: RUN AWAY!
kinkerbelle: other than the murderer
misteline: Why has everyone forgotten the MURDERER?
wicker_knight: ROBIN
CptMurphey: but cute boys
Taveena: Catgirl works for Heidi, doesn't she?
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Invitare: but where is Manboy?
Miss_Katherine: Catgirl is already a lady!
ContingentCat: Huh the thing I'd take from that is more, I'm not free other days?
Ashen_Prime: I really don't think Scarlet is male.
TXC2: I hoping it's Deadpool Kappa
GDwarf: If the Catgirl doesn't, at some point, claim to be the Marquis de Carabas I will be very sad.
Jlhonors: doctor doctor gimme the news I got a bad case of wanting to bang you
resilientspring: Kathleen has a type xD
Animekitty93: Jacob are your DMs open?
adi_pie: What head injury? I don't remember any head injury.
accountmadeforants: Does Genny know what a doctor is?
GDwarf: I keep wanting Eva Unit 01 to show up and fight him.
zo4chcee: That's why! Your protag is an idiot because of their head injury
TXC2: I dont think Ginny knows much of anything :P
Tem_chi: next time a nicol bolas dating sim Kappa
Miss_Katherine: He's basically Arakune from blazblue LUL
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Invitare: I thinhki she might be the stupidest yet
GDwarf: Miss_Katherine You're...not wrong.
gsyhiap: it wouldn't be lofty for long Kappa
H_Moonlight: Protag sounds like she has room temperature iq
kinkerbelle: she is really dumb
TXC2: H_Moonlight wow harsh
kinkerbelle: no! no merit! don't humor her!
Tem_chi: @h_moonlight Celsius or Kelvin Kappa
TXC2: ginny will slowly turn into Lorna Slitzwhistle Kappa
DarkMorford: A sea cliff?
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE lrrSPOOP
Dumori: This dialog is fun...
adi_pie: GDwarf, prove it! Kappa
joinedtwitchfordesertbus: I mean... I suppose a severe head injury is a better excuse than most of these games have for their protagonists being dumber than a sack of stunned kittens...
gsyhiap: yep, starting to sound like Lorna already
GDwarf: Miss_Katherine Given that the Don also looks like Hazama we have to the catgirl Kokonoe?
Dumori: Ah yes a death cliff!
eye_h_bar: This is a very weird conversation
zo4chcee: WTF is this conversation.
Tem_chi: human pancakes lrrHAM
chrono2x: Gross
Zebunisher: man, as far as i can tell from dialogues the protagonist is not the only one with a severe head injury
Mt_Storm: I'm not sure what else we were expecting from the plague doctor
Miss_Katherine: weird conversation with a weird man thats... just normal I suppose
Jlhonors: It's an idiot and a weirdo bonding and I love it.
tenthtechpriest: not sure if plague doc is the worst or best character in this game
accountmadeforants: Genny fears NOTHING
Miss_Katherine: SAY IT!
gsyhiap: wow, rude!
GDwarf: This conversation makes very little sense, but I kind of love it for that?
GreenMittenz: nothing? ... not even that guy that wants to kill you... O.o
DarkMorford: That's what she said?
misteline: The murderer mabye???
tenthtechpriest: phrasing
GreenMittenz: did she just forget?
Jlhonors: hahaha
TXC2: yeap nothing to read into there
Darth_Wooper: Chonking big syringes. Gotcha.
kinkerbelle: murdered? maybe?
gsyhiap: needles, eh?
zo4chcee: A smug, creepy medic and a ditz make for weird conversation
GDwarf: I don't know that he's smug, he struck me as more...odd
Darth_Wooper: Umm... kittens! And puppies! They're so awful, I'd hate to be covered in them!
ContingentCat: especially a creepy person in a mask you only recently briefly met
solsesshiro: "Needles"
Ashen_Prime: Calling it now: Robin Hood is somehow responsible for your kidnapping.
Tem_chi: medic always reminds me of tf2
GDwarf: Follow the red brick road?
Jlhonors: A full 8D face
The_Bread_is_Delicious: I heard Delicious Bread
GDwarf: That portrait is worrying me
adamjford: Don't Take The Weird Guy Bread
Darth_Wooper: The first one's free...
TXC2: "the first one is always free"
Tem_chi: wanna see my bread Stick Kappa
Darth_Wooper: #drift
Gnyrinn: You drive vans with your face?
Dared00: woah
H_Moonlight: People trying to get you to eat morphine lined bread smh
adamjford: Head Injury Count: 2
TXC2: hello Meet cute
wicker_knight: Guessing Scarlet
GDwarf: That's more ruffle than person
joinedtwitchfordesertbus: Well, speaking of looking twelve.
kinkerbelle: "boy". are... you sure?
zo4chcee: Oh this one is chipper
Mangledpixel: Soh, a needle pulling thread?
Jlhonors: "My name's Soh. And those are my brothers Cah and Toa"
Miss_Katherine: He's wearing a cue skirt!
GDwarf: Apparently "Soh" is a surname in some east Asian languages
gsyhiap: Start backing away slowly
misteline: also, it isn’t really a lie
adamjford: The murderous hot dude is the forest is sounding real good right now
GreenMittenz: OH so she does remember
Animekitty93: Ok why are we suddenly telling this stranger after we lied?
Darth_Wooper: This is why you keep lies simple. "I'm new here" is totally true, but doesn't reveal much of anything.
tenthtechpriest: boy's got a point
accountmadeforants: "Goodness, I'm excellent at manipulating people"
kinkerbelle: yes!
resilientspring: "yes, yes you are fucking strange" xD
Ashen_Prime: Wait, is this Toto?
TXC2: "the first of lying: tell the truth"
gsyhiap: "I'm not creepy and intense at all"
wicker_knight: "You seem to be an idiot. Let's be friends" ;)
Gallium71: Oh... oh it is... this must be toto
kinkerbelle: he just wants to see your guts spill
GDwarf: Colour scheme seems wrong for Toto
adi_pie: "one word too many" Is that word "guts"?
Jlhonors: They seem like a good couple, both say things and don't consider the consequences. What could go wrong?
H_Moonlight: He totally doesn't want to take advantage of you
joinedtwitchfordesertbus: Poor girl. So many weirdly intense conversations echoing around in her adorable, empty head.
adi_pie: But can we be Soh polite instead?
The_Bread_is_Delicious: And Delicious Bread
TXC2: and Soh it begins
ContingentCat: "You better"? or what?
Zebunisher: that was no promise,i was a pact with a demon
Darth_Wooper: Soh will remember this. And hold it against you if you forget.
ContingentCat: nah just dangerous fashion accessories
Anubis169: Hellooooooooo chat!
accountmadeforants: Slaps roof of mansion, this bad boy can hold so many men it it
Animekitty93: This is such a weeeird about of sexism it hurts my heart
TXC2: hello Anubis169 welcome
resilientspring: men men men, did I mention the men?
Jlhonors: @accountmadeforants ahahaha
adi_pie: This mansion's full of men, and so am I... What were we talking about again?
Animekitty93: Germaphobe?
Piratical_tendancies: men! manly men!..
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Kathleen pointing out the big plotholes here
bondeulv: could be a mistranslation
H_Moonlight: He's like:"Hear me out: penises"
electroswagnetism: Mobsters, like in the Godfather?
Animekitty93: ;D
Animekitty93: :D
GDwarf: Oranges are pre-segmented, you don't have to cut them, though...
tenthtechpriest: you do the orange wedge thing for garnishes I guess?
CantWearHats: "Mr Caramia took a big bite out the orange without peeling it, power move"
freshtoastlord: Jacob just spoke to me spiritually
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: "Stay sane" he says after describing literal madness
silvalunae: if I ever meet jacob I'm getting him a wilson now
Anubis169: Sometimes I use an apple segmenter and make little apple sculptures :/
Anubis169: :P
TXC2: hello CantWearHats welcome
CantWearHats: yoo
Anubis169: 'lo Hats :)
electroswagnetism: Why is there so much tension about an orange
accountmadeforants: Did you get that from the 8D guy? I told you not to take his samples.
freshtoastlord: This such a tense dating game
electroswagnetism: Is Caramia Axel's dom?
Anubis169: mmmm... spaghetti bolognese <3
Jlhonors: Axel has to put up with this shit everyday
Asimech: "You're more mature than SOME people." Dude. Pot, kettle.
wicker_knight: @electroswagnetism Yes.
TXC2: Jacob is making caramia sound like russian Yuri from yuri on ice :P
thcreepz: <message deleted>say the n word for 20.000
accountmadeforants: Oh dang, this bad boy can hold both men and spaghetti? Incredible technology.
CantWearHats: uh
ContingentCat: ummm
GDwarf: Um
GreenMittenz: gross
Taveena: why would you use that as an example
MousseFilledCat: That escalated quickly
Jlhonors: huh
GDwarf: Hah, of *course* the brick colour is important
freshtoastlord: What even is this lowkey madness
CantWearHats: "everything the red brick touches is our kingdom..."
2Flower: We avoided tropes! Yay!
electroswagnetism: I feel like Oz should have yellow brick?
TXC2: CantWearHats :D
Jlhonors: Testing is 90% of development, have fun!
CantWearHats: my god he's right
Taveena: It's Splatoon!
wicker_knight: they just repaint it
Rhynerd: Probably
MostCallMe__Tim: hey, new crapshot gets awfully close to full sketch territory
adi_pie: So, would you say they just bricked when choosing a colour?
Significant_Otter2: magic?
Ashen_Prime: Other important question: who controls the Yellow Brick Road?
ContingentCat: you can paint brick
CantWearHats: construction is a big industry in this town
kinkerbelle: they could paint
Invitare: it's actually a roadlayer scam
Darth_Wooper: @adi_pie katesSir
Dumori: Well then the road paving union has to be a mafia frount
MousseFilledCat: I wonder if the Mafia feuds are just a way to keeps masons in business
RockPusher: repaving can be surprisingly quick and you can re-use the bricks
GDwarf: I really hope they have to tear up the old street and lay new brick. Territory control is determined by who can hire the most people to continually tear up and re-pave contested areas
TXC2: it's a make work scam
accountmadeforants: Taking over territory being a pain in the ass seems like an effective deterrent.
thundershot879: @gdwarf so brick splatoon?
GDwarf: Ah yes, they're good vicious murderers
CantWearHats: nothing bad can possibly happen
adi_pie: Within our absolute territory... wait no.
MousseFilledCat: I love this romanticized version of the Mafia. They'll just ignore the drugs and debt collection
GreenMittenz: HOW?
Asimech: If said gang doesn't have a member whose name is "Amadeus" I'm going to be a tad disappointed.
MousseFilledCat: I like Axel, but I wouldn't want to get int the way of his romance with Caramia
2Flower: And by "hot dogs" we mean...
TXC2: uno mas?
RockPusher: Uno mas?
GreenMittenz: how do you eat a hot dog that your hands get greasy?
Ashen_Prime: I'm almost convinced that Axle is the cowardly lion, regardless.
DK_84: Hot dogs aren't greasy...
freshtoastlord: Greasy... hot dogs?
TXC2: GreenMittenz get kethup on your hands?
TXC2: or maybe the onions are gressy?
CantWearHats: I's a *tower*
MousseFilledCat: Ooo! Secret Romance Route!
Jlhonors: "Yeah, this is where our gameplay would be. Grab a sword if you feel like it."
DarkMorford: Oh, we're in ALO now. Got it. :P
RockPusher: PowerUpL StinkyCheese PowerUpR
TXC2: it never ends!
kinkerbelle: don't you murder people for getting on the wrong bricks?
gsyhiap: 20 pages of saves!
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adi_pie: Thank you for the stream.
MousseFilledCat: Yay PAX!
Miss_Katherine: Kathleen and Jacob, two S+es in a grop of S-levels <3
TragicMtG: Thank you for today, great people!
bondeulv: UMA release date!
Rhynerd: thanks for the stream!
TXC2: that quite a thing
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh yeah
NimrodXIV: I...missed that
t3h_f1gm3nt: "You will be subjected to some god damn puns!" Jacob Burgess
TXC2: it NEEDS to exist
Jlhonors: That was a good time
ThorSokar: It is currently being worked on
MousseFilledCat: Non!Gritty is the secret romance route
bondeulv: !next
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TXC2: thanks for streaming Kathleen and Jacob
RockPusher: Thank you Jacob lrrAWESOME tiltyhEXTREME
kinkerbelle: gritty is AMAZING
gsyhiap: lrrHEART
RockPusher: later Kathleen lrrDARK
Jlhonors: Great stream! lrrHEART
Mangledpixel: 60 seconds and under, except when they are over
MostCallMe__Tim: its 1:48 today!
ContingentCat: Thanks for streaming Kathleen and Jacob lrrHEART
TehAmelie: there is a lot of gold in those 500 too
KV1NN4: hehehehehee
wicker_knight: and Jacob discovers the secret to success of LRR :D
Jlhonors: Bring back sketches! When you feel like you're in the right place and have the means to do it.
TXC2: !discord
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TragicMtG: @KV1NN4 That still gives me nightmares..
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thanks for the stream Jacob and kathleen
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RockPusher: Plug all things Jacob!
t3h_f1gm3nt: @KV1NN4 OH NO HE'S HOT!
KV1NN4: @TragicMtG Wait til i find time to colour it?
freshtoastlord: How could one not know the legendary Jacob?
red_shoes_jeff: Buy!
Darleysam: yeah that's Jacob, he's always been there
KV1NN4: @t3h_f1gm3nt Heh ^.^;
NimrodXIV: Jacob has always been here
ThorSokar: We did edit a DB video titles Jacob Knows Everybody?
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Miss_Katherine: Jacob is the complementary Yin to Kathleen's Yang <3
MousseFilledCat: Adios!
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TXC2: bye
Rhynerd: bye!
TXC2: !next
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DarkMorford: Okay, time for food, then some cleaning, then crapshoot.
TXC2: see y'all in 90 mins chat
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TehAmelie: on point
RockPusher: !badadvice
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