drcanonball: paul has been summoned
KirbySliver: It's a Paul
dougma: Paul just fired up the clone machine which definatly does not exist and is not used for the moving company
Serifina: @Animekitty93 Head's up, no update for PAths of Magic yet (ran into errors that need to be fixed)
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: So, just wondering, what do we nickname DarkSiders 3? Dork Souls?
Arclight_Dynamo: The ball seems wrong to me. This is Minecraft. There should be no curves! Kappa
Questhere: oh hey, I've played this quake map
DigitalSeahorse: benginTraitor don't die! ...or I'll kill you back to life!
Animekitty93: Okay. no worries sergeHeart
DevInsanity: You "supervise", James
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: James delegates.
Lirelent: #content
TXC2: James is a the Project Manager Kappa
Ckiva: wow there's a lot of James' on this stream
Traion: Uno makes things work, Serge makes things pretty, James claims credit Kappa
Milambus: New-clear Reactor
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: James is definitely the supervisor... he's paid more for this too, right? :)
TXC2: Funny how?
Silver__Knight_: How far down can you fall before you hit a killbox?
DigitalSeahorse: pretty orb
Krimarie: Whiskers laughs?
DigitalSeahorse: hahahaha
Arclight_Dynamo: Serge, can we get Adam on the mod team? His sass is top-tier. Kappa
Milambus: You never used those
DigitalSeahorse: sergeFuse sergeHi haha sergeSqueak
Animekitty93: Yeah Whiskers sounds like a great idea :P
VoidByAnyOtherName: that reminds me, you guys rarely build any traps in minecraft
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Zarash11: All the best boys on one stream!
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theghostwiththemost: hi everyone
Mangledpixel: Factorio was inspired by modded Minecraft
TheElrad: with no blocks left on the field, I summon flux stone power tap
tomnar: omg factorio <3
anemzero: Satisfactory looks like it'll be Factorio in 3D so.. minecraft mods
phenexian: I find that factorio lacks an incentive to keep building. That game's loop is basically make a machine so you can make a bigger machine.
phenexian: Minecraft has the pleasure of a world you can customise to make those machines meaningful
thetoastmonster: The beard tri-fecta
Milambus: Something about Satisfactory seems off to me.
j0xer: fallout 76 had 50gb day1 'patch'
j0xer: i think
Silver__Knight_: 56
theghostwiththemost: what is this madness
thetoastmonster: Did someone push the booth cam button
AegeusEvander: is there a reason we are watching the game through Jame's eyes?
Ravynn: @Arclight_Dynamo Adam for honorary Sass-Sword?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Oh Paul had a heck of a trim on his beard. Still looks good.
cheetoJack: Fallout 76 also deleted itself for a while during the beta
TXC2: We're looking at these Majestic Beards
Bobtheninjagoldfish: so apparently there is a some people are suing bethesda over FO76?
Suffix: ˙͜>˙
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Arclight_Dynamo: @Ravynn I mean, he's got the chops for it. :P
Ravynn: @Arclight_Dynamo Looks more like a full beard to me, but I don't disagree
Silver__Knight_: It also couldn't be uninstalled if you had a digital copy
TXC2: apprantly Magic Arena was deleting whole HDs
Arclight_Dynamo: @Ravynn Boo! :D
Ckiva: *cracks whip*
Ravynn: @Arclight_Dynamo Lol
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Uno and Serge. I am disappointed that you didn't lock James in there.
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theghostwiththemost: how DARE you
theghostwiththemost: ?
TXC2: thanks for streaming James and Adam and Serge and RebelliousUno
rocketjohn: "If you could just go ahead and work this weekend, that would be great"
mercano82: It was a Lumburg "If"
hippitybobbity: would ye koindly
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Ckiva: Do YOU need to UNIONIZE??
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Adam and Paul are checking out Darksiders III on this weeks NewDay Tewsday. Game: Darksiders III) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (54s from now).
n3ther: seabatBRAIN seabatHITBOX
VoidByAnyOtherName: it was a silent "or else"
CaptainSpam: You can tell they used to be roommates. lrrAWESOME
TXC2: !events
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Milambus: If you don't want any troubles, we offer some protection.
Ckiva: work smarter, not harder
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Dark SoulSiders 3
Friedent: newd tuesday!
red_shoes_jeff: Bye James! Bye Paul! Bye Adam! Bye Uno! Bye Whiskers!
n3ther: LUL
Serifina: James. James pls.
morgoth_bauglyr: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Gary_Number_427: Tonight's Tuesday!
TehAmelie: thursdays are tricky
n3ther: Adam all day, ugh the worst seabatBRAIN
Trymantha: Adam all day = best day
kamelion84: katesLol
Suffix: D2!? PogChamp
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page. https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/events
Ravynn: Adam "I'm not going to have anything smart to say about Diablo 2" Savidan
TXC2: !patreon
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TXC2: !discord
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Pseudonym_Ken: Adam all day? Yes Adam, yes!
Zarash11: Has Adam teased the topic of the next Spectator Mode?
Ckiva: love you, bye!
tsghost1: bye James!
Traion: Zarash11 smash melee
TXC2: Bye
Gen2Gengar: Zarash11 Melee
mercano82: You can Discord on your phone, you know
mercano82: But who talks on their phones these days?
Ckiva: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Adam and Paul are checking out Darksiders III on this weeks NewDay Tewsday. Game: Darksiders III) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (1m ago).
Zarash11: Wasn't the last one Melee? Or was it Brawl?
Gen2Gengar: Zarash11 It was 4
DigitalSeahorse: lol relinquish the privilege
mercano82: Specifically Smash Bros 4 Wii and Smash Bros 4 DS
Gen2Gengar: aka SSM for Wii U
bxou16: hello
Gen2Gengar: *SSB
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: The answer is always "yes"
VoyRising: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Adam and Paul are checking out Darksiders III on this weeks NewDay Tewsday. Game: Darksiders III) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (2m ago).
Earthenone: !findquote yes
LRRbot: Quote #2438: "Yes! I'm full of birds! My dream has come true, Cori! I'm covered in sparrows!" —Ian [2016-05-03]
Gen2Gengar: !findquote gourd
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
DigitalSeahorse: ttyl chat
squickster: !findquote fine
Gen2Gengar: !findquote christmas
LRRbot: Quote #2414: "You don't think Christmas is high fantasy?" —Cori [2016-04-30]
dontblinkcs: Hey, do you know how to deal with bots on stream, i have had such an issue of being botted and twitch doesent care about us small guys
Gen2Gengar: That's a good one
TXC2: dontblinkcs automod maybe?
Vivid_Soul: !findquote goat
LRRbot: Quote #4869: "The goat was thoroughly scaped." —Cameron [2018-04-02]
Metric_Furlong: !advice
LRRbot: Learn to enjoy the fruits of victory!
CraziestOwl: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Adam and Paul are checking out Darksiders III on this weeks NewDay Tewsday. Game: Darksiders III) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (7m ago).
red_shoes_jeff: !badadvice
LRRbot: Keep your cards hidden.
Ckiva: !egg
TehAmelie: Darksiders has been delayed due to the apocalypse
TehAmelie: but here we are!
Earthenone: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
phenexian: It's hapeding
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Paul and Adam are about to play Darksiders 3 on Newday Tewsday. | "It's exactly like God of War" - Paul, 2018 | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1067510282031898625
Tser1ng: Did they have to wrestle James out of the chair?
phenexian: the prophesies were real. A 3rd Darkside
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: From what I heard, not really a 3rd Darksiders. Just a Worse Lords Of The Fallen.
Metric_Furlong: The PA System presents: Darksiders 3
TehAmelie: now we need three bright sides to complete the cube
TXC2: this is the game with DEMON MAGIC right?
Metric_Furlong: yes
TehAmelie: the first one was about 60% God of War and 40% Gears of War
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: The first one was 90% Zelda
TehAmelie: as i recall
sir_jack_DB: yoooooo
TXC2: Here we GO!
ReynardWrecca: I liked Yahtzee Crowshaw's assessment f the second one, that it's essentially about bureaucracy.
sir_jack_DB: time to dark some siders
TehAmelie: y helo thar
TXC2: hello Paul and Adam
Suffix: HELLO
Ravynn: Lies. "We're Here" happens literally all the time
strgrv: hell yeah brother brother
KinoGami: you're here
rocketjohn: Oh, that was a nice intro! What's Adam doing on a show with an intro?
morgoth_bauglyr: Beard Squad
Ckiva: my favorite James'
ReynardWrecca: This is a VERY powerful combo.
Hugh_Munculus: Is someone Present? lrrSPOOP
TehAmelie: the first and last books of the bible united at last
VoyRising: I couldn't get into Darksiders 1. It just didn't work for me.
KidSpanner: Adam and Paul is a good combo that the world needed.
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VoyRising: I played like two hours waiting for it to open up, and it never did.
Metric_Furlong: current combo name is The PA System
Dared00: People say it's... *fine*.
DeadlyWinchester: i love darksiders 1 and 2nd was pumped for 3rd but dont feel confident hearing the opinion of the people
BloodnBullets: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:15.
sir_jack_DB: there's no goddamn loot
Robot_Bones: solid 7/13 hats
WonderfulGlory: I've heard its a great game from 2010
KidSpanner: I've heard that it feels like a fanmade Darksiders game.
BloodnBullets: oh sweet, this is the start not the end
Taveena: The Indefinite Edition
Jondare: I don't think i've ever seen a game with so mixed reviews. It's got everything from 2/10 to 9/10, which is NUTS
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fiftymcnasty: Adam and Paul, that's a hell of a combination.
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Dared00: ah yes, the Death-finitive Edition
drcanonball: deathnitive and warmastered
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: If you liked Lords Of The Fallen (A bad Dark Souls rip-off) but thought it was too good, then DarkSiders 3 would be perfect for you.
Robot_Bones: Time for Torchless Bloodmoon Darksiders !!!
sivakrytos: i mean the first two darksiders game were pretty derivative
TheMerricat: Still not as good as Red Faction the ReMARsetered edition.
Taveena: Gear-Gods of Zelda War
TXC2: "I have nothing to play" (stares at 12 unplayed games in steam library)
Izandai: "Oh, this game is too much like good games? What a terrible flaw.
Tiber727: There's value in both innovation and iteration.
DartAgain: by 12 you mean 120 right?
Robot_Bones: only 12, you are like a baby to me
DartAgain: :(
SpruceZeus: exactly, Tiber727 ... it's all in the execution...
phenexian: Zelda: God of War was a pretty good summary of them.
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Paul, those 2 were made by the actual THQ. This is made by ... a not good company.
Nightvalien28: ^
stormshot14: looks over at my steam library of 1100 games
Taveena: Battle to the death between Adam and Paul!
n3ther: no MY game
skyf1sh3r: hello beardsmans sefGasm donsWave
VoyRising: Man, anybody remember Kingdoms of Amalur? That game was almost good.
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TXC2: Adam and Paul had a Beard off Kappa
Izandai: So who are we in this one? Famine or Pestilence?
strgrv: Cancel Difficulty
DeadlyWinchester: cancel difficulty seems deece
TehAmelie: cancel difficulty sounds good
drcanonball: cancel obviously
AntiCrepuscular: Story, Balanced, Challenging or Adam-tier ;)
Taveena: Are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse really People
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Cheap Shots, The Game.
n3ther: never played on cancel difficulty
RoastedGravy: Because the Creator is a s adist.
RoastedGravy: Sadist*
kitthethird: Cancel seems kinda game breaking....
RoastedGravy: Also, sup.
Izandai: In our world it's known as "atheism".
TheMerricat: What's wrong with Gunfire Games? They are essentally the same people from THQ that were involved in the original games.
Lunareclipse123: Maybe there was no creator
sir_jack_DB: what do Hell scholars study?
fiftymcnasty: Diablo 4?
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TXC2: sir_jack_DB presumibly how much of a fucking idiot Satan is
TehAmelie: hey Adam, you wanted to play Furi right
KidSpanner: War and Strife (and Fury to a degree) seem really redundant.
Taveena: I'm STILL salty about no Pestilence, Famine, or Conquest.
Stoffern: inconceivable!
AntiCrepuscular: get twixt! :D
Metric_Furlong: pretty sure 'strife' is literally just 'war, but less so'
n3ther: Where's the triforce equivalent
Taveena: I mean the original 4 horsemen did have both War and Conquest, to be fair
sir_jack_DB: of note, this is based on a comic, not the Bible
Alness49: I could go for a Twix right now
RoastedGravy: Man, Twixt is my favorite streaming service.
KinoGami: i enjoy how in every game the charred council still doesn't admit they are the traitors
TXC2: twixt also a good chocolate bar
Izandai: It is really dumb that they went with Fury and Strife instead of Famine and Pestilence. Pretty redundant when you already have War.
ikesolotl: perfect
AntiCrepuscular: lrrHORN
TehAmelie: The Juggernaut of Pain is the name of my X-Men OC
Taveena: Again, the original 4 horsemen had War *and* Conquest.
Rockario: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:50.
Izandai: Okay so we're Fury in this one.
n3ther: the dab
RAICx: Retire champion now, Adam
Taveena: Wait is Fury is girl?
morgoth_bauglyr: yes
wicker_knight: fury is grill
Nightvalien28: yup
Izandai: *horsewoman
sivakrytos: but famine and pestilence don't have much to add to a hack and slash franchise
VoyRising: This is a ridiculous intro.
kitthethird: But does it take place in Lower Tadfield?
AntiCrepuscular: *still talking?!*
Taveena: What, are you kidding? Disease weapons are rad as hell.
TXC2: are we Fury?
strgrv: Fury has an anger problem?
Tiber727: @Izandai I kinda agree, but I don't know how you make a game about a guy who coughs on enemies and wait for them to die a week later.
Alness49: Death would very much like to make some tea...
Nightvalien28: shits giving by fury: 0
VoyRising: Also wht happened to Famine and Pestilence?
Metric_Furlong: sivakrytos I dunno, striking your enemies down with plagues could be pretty nea
Metric_Furlong: t
Izandai: @Taveena Exactly! Then we replaced Conquest with Famine or Pestilence (I forget which). They've gone backwards!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hi Paul and Adam hi chat
drcanonball: kinda
TehAmelie: yeah and Adam just talked about replaying Furi, this is close enough sure
Taveena: Boobie Cups!
drcanonball: in the ending of the first one
CaptainSpam: Eh, the other four are pretty chill.
Tiber727: @Izandai Or the stealth game where you steal the enemy's food and destroy their crops.
chesul: you get a pistol from strife in the second one.
Izandai: @Tiber727 How do you make a guy who can kill anyone just by touching them (Death)?
strgrv: she looks like an early 2000s Top Cow comics character
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Horse!
CaptainSpam: Er, three.
sir_jack_DB: hoers
AntiCrepuscular: horsey says neigh Kappa
TXC2: she looks like Sindel from Mortal Kombat
drcanonball: thats a weird dog
KinoGami: this is a WWE tag team if i ever saw one
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Is this a reskinned LoL scenematic?
Metric_Furlong: strgrv that's kind of the darksiders aesthetic, really
Taveena: She is VERY bored.
KinoGami: "Fury and Rampage"
Izandai: *a game about a guy
Ubiki: oof starting with monologues for exposition is a great sign
Lunareclipse123: Whatr is this, RDR2?
TehAmelie: she actually looks literally like Witchblade
sir_jack_DB: seamless
strgrv: @Metric_Furlong yeah but Joe Mad doesn't work on them anymore right?
Suffix: Go forth and find THE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH
DeadlyWinchester: poor war
GDwarf: "War! What are you good for?"
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie nah, her armour still looks like it could possibly function as armour Kappa
sir_jack_DB: absolutely nothing!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh I remember this part
GDwarf: In fairness, it wasn't his fault, he was tricked
kitthethird: Is it bad that I imagined the Unreal asset logo on her chest jewel thing?
Taveena: "war you dingus"
DeadlyWinchester: bullshit!
Alness49: Yeah, he was framed
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Oh wow... I thought War looked better in the first game .. more defined. And that game is ... quite old ... Did the graphics take a turn for the .... bad.
GDwarf: Right, framed, not tricked
DartAgain: the wiggling when he talks
drcanonball: and the guns of middle earth?
Alness49: "How" So... you don't actually know
sir_jack_DB: *wiggle wiggle*
TXC2: Delicate? so we get fury?
wicker_knight: @TheSoundOfWhiteNoise definitely a turn toward the cartoony
Taveena: Oh good. Fury has to fight Wrath.
Izandai: Exactly what I was about to say, Fury.
GDwarf: It requires delicate attention, so we called...Fury?
Nightvalien28: you have a lot of white whales
Metric_Furlong: 'Strife's the delicate one' - what do these people think 'strife' means? Kappa
TheMerricat: all three games are happening at the same time.
Alness49: Strife... is in #4 and we cannot tell you what that is yet
VoyRising: She looks like a Thundercat.
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Yeah, the graphics and the look of things definitely take a kick in the budget. This looks so much worse.
sivakrytos: @Metric_Furlong i mean compared to the other three maybe
drcanonball: horsewoman
KidSpanner: Wait, is the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin the manager of the Four Horsemen?
Feltic: Horseperson
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AntiCrepuscular: biggest fan!
Alness49: So we get Kerrigan instead of the Joker?
GDwarf: KidSpanner Three of them
Dared00: Fury stan
Diabore: this watcher sounds thirsty
PhoenixMelior: ooh, is that War?
Metric_Furlong: "plase, person literally called Fury, don't be angry"
Nigouki: is that the tutorial character?
Taveena: We get an excitable fangirl!
TXC2: PhoenixMelior in chains, yes
Nightvalien28: PhoenixMelior the one in the chains yeah
Zarash11: Is that Kerrigan?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Illidan
Suffix: Sounds like Matt Mercer
Alness49: Illadin ect.
Taveena: Oh god he is just Illidan.
PhoenixMelior: oh, bit of a letdow
Kritya_: Gaara
drcanonball: ye
Taveena: He's doing the Illidan voice.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: yeah that sounds liek Liam
sir_jack_DB: the Watcher is totally the same voice actor as Kerrigan
Darth_Fishious: Liam O
Gigsey: and Gara of the sands
Alness49: Yeah, Liam O'Brian
red_shoes_jeff: "You don't trust me!?" "We literaly JUST heard you debating killing your horse for fun."
Darth_Fishious: Liam Brian, Yes it is.
Suffix: Ah. It's Liam O'Brian
ZenIsTooShort: Illidan's voice actor is Liam O'Brian
Taveena: She travels by three-point landing.
TXC2: Superhero landing
Robot_Bones: wow superhero landing
kamelion84: lrrWOW
Tiber727: It is literal, actual Illidan. He has a lot of free time in between prison and being dead.
Ubiki: why exactly does she need a horse?
CaptainSpam: She travels by ANGRY ROCK!
Suffix: Some Critical Role person,
TehAmelie: she just angries through the air
KinoGami: chain whip thing
wicker_knight: Hey fury, we prepared this empty lot for you to land in
drcanonball: now towards the subocean
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Oh wow, it was. I guess getting him to voice that is what took most of the budget.
TXC2: oh we're Simon belmont Kappa
Mowdownjoe: Hey, Adam and a Darksiders game? Finally. Kappa
CaptainSpam: With her RAGE HORSE!
TehAmelie: yes, angry is a verb now
wtrob: This environment looks like Nier
Nigouki: oh cmon, just call it HP and MP lol
CaptainSpam: Weilding her UNPLEASANT DISPOSITION WHIPS! She kinda got a bad deal on those.
BloodnBullets: i guess red would blend in too much with her particle effects
Laserbeaks_Fury: I like that it's maintainiong the same art direction as the first 2 games
Alness49: Lt to focus Fury's Fury
AntiCrepuscular: is this GoW with Ivy from Soul Calibur's whip?
Inkompetence: But does this Fury have as bangin' a soundtrack as Furi?
wicker_knight: okay, that's actually not that bad a run cycle. was worried by her walk cycle in the cutscene
Alness49: So can we open with Sloth, or are we saving that one for a day off?
TXC2: I wonder if they get them in the right order
drcanonball: Seven deadly kinks?
AntiCrepuscular: pretty sure they said the "s" word earlier ;)
TheMerricat: They did say sins. You just glazed over when he was talking.... ^_^
Feltic: The Seven Deadly 'Oopsie Whoopsies'
KinoGami: I look forward to lust being entirely inappropriate
cheetoJack: The Seven Deadly oWos
chesul: they said seven deadly sins while they were talking, just not the last time.
red_shoes_jeff: The Seven Deadly Oopsies
AlonsoSwift: Jesus died for our Oopsie-whoopsies? Kappa
Metric_Furlong: The seven deadly oopsy-whoopsies
n3ther: humans LUL
GDwarf: I mean, I always thought there was a lot of redundancy in the Seven Deadly Sins. Like, how is Gluttony different from Greed, really?
Sannindi: Literally post-human.
Tiber727: The Seven Deadly Lapses in Judgement.
ReynardWrecca: @Alness49 Sloth would be amazing - any button press and you lose. Just leave the controller for an hour to pass the level.
TheWarbo: Yeah they said "Seven Deadly Sins" then later decided it was worth it to abbreviate to "Seven Deadly" for...reasons.
TehAmelie: hmm what is it about Envy that makes Fury fear them most? this is like character building-adjacent
AntiCrepuscular: "No, you misheard, Earth is being ravaged by the Seven Deadly Chins!"
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is making me nostalgic for the Blades of Chaos
PhishStix: Hey Paul and Adam
AntiCrepuscular: "They're so sharp!"
cheetoJack: she looks like she has a Circlet of Billowing
TXC2: GDwarf Greed is possession Gluttony is consumption
Nightvalien28: it has ribs
TheElrad: 7 deadly uWus
B4rberblacksheep: Ribcage of a headcrab
wicker_knight: @TehAmelie I believe that was the fangirl demon/wraith/thing saying that?
Izandai: Hell whip? Neat.
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kitthethird: Deathclaw steak?
TheMerricat: Seven Deadly Dwarfs? Is this a gritty Snow White remake?
Dared00: Seven Deadly Heated Gaming Moments
ReynardWrecca: City is GREAT.
accountmadeforants: Not terribly font of the way that health bar looks, but I do like that it's persistent and out of the way. No weird red vignette effect or whatever.
RoastedGravy: Are the seven heavenly virtues in Darksiders?
WizardZedd: They're all good, except Origins, IMO
GDwarf: Seven Deadliest Anime Betrayals
PhoenixMelior: lrrSLOTH
RoastedGravy: Seven Deadly Plays of the Game
TXC2: RoastedGravy I wish, the Virtues almost never show up in anything :P
Nightvalien28: lrrSLOTH
Feltic: Seven Deadly Locker Room Talk Moments
Laserbeaks_Fury: Seven Deadly Household Items: You won't believe #5
TehAmelie: no reason except every game is better with double jump
KinoGami: i love her hair
GDwarf: People very rarely remember the Heavenly Virtues, it's true
PlatinumVixen: Seven Uncomfortable Social Situations
AlonsoSwift: The Seven Deadly Wonders of the Ancient World?
PhoenixMelior: oh right, no one ever talks about the Virtues
AntiCrepuscular: "Fury is so angry about the ground being too far away that she jan jump off the air"
GDwarf: It'd be neat if you had to recruit the virtues to fight the sins, that'd be at least somewhat original
Mowdownjoe: There's a reason. They didn't feel like tweaking the physics engine.
AntiCrepuscular: *Can
n3ther: defying gravity is fine Kappa
Feltic: Nice Laserbeaks, A+ on that one
DeadlyWinchester: why not single bigger jump, huh
PhoenixMelior: I went to Catholic school and I couldn't tell you a SINGLE virtue if yu asked
TheElrad: Seven deadly Shamblers
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Tripleyew: a Paul and Adam stream? What <delightful> mystery is this?
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Izandai: I remember as a kid trying to figure out how to do a double jump in real life.
DartAgain: <SIGN>
sivakrytos: i mean, no weirder than being able to control the direction you fall
DartAgain: oops
MadWaltz: Castlevania Symphony of the Night is good for that -- the double jump animation your cape turns into wings for a split second
accountmadeforants: Seven deadly dead dead demon's dededede destructions
GDwarf: That sure is a human
anemzero: Birdmen!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: birb
Laserbeaks_Fury: Skeksis?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: as it cowers
Stoffern: mine?
wicker_knight: It's the witches from Legend of Zelda
Izandai: Why is Envy giving a Greed speech?
Taveena: Shouldn't *greed* be the one focused on Mine
Izandai: ^
DeadlyWinchester: what is this bird brain
Izandai: Okay, this sounds more like Envy now.
Izandai: Aaaaand back to the greed.
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KeithSqik: That's Envy? I'd hate to see Gluttony.
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OrmsByGore: Look if I could teleport at will I would do it constantly too
Nianaija: Retrieved my db18 t-shirt today :D its such a great quality. Only strange thing is, even though it came from fangamer in plastic... the t-shirt smells like chinese food ? Not a bad smell, just different than usual.
PlatinumVixen: maybe envy's just envious of greed's speeches
GDwarf: There's a huge overlap between the sins conceptually, so I'm not surprised their motivations are a bit overlapped
Feltic: Envy wants what others have, she wants to make 'yours' 'mine'
freshtoastlord: Envy for sure
TXC2: fun story: Lust is the first sin :P
PhoenixMelior: oh yeah so this is basically just God of War lrrBEEJ
wujo444: you found your first sin very fast
Alness49: So, have we made the "my eyes are up here, except for the one that's down there" joke?
brainbosh: I come back and you're fighting a Skeksis?
Izandai: @TXC2 I was unaware they came in a particular order.
GDwarf: Envy showing some pride
TXC2: Alness49 not exactly no
DentedPockets: Use space jump
Tripleyew: Honestly, though, if I could teleport? Hell ya... Bathroom? <teleport> Soda? <teleport> Feed a cat? <teleport>
AntiCrepuscular: Platforms?! What Hell is this?!
Jorge4hg: Thanks for the platforms brib
TXC2: Izandai theres an order from least to worst
Laserbeaks_Fury: Kaaaaa...meeeee...haaaa
PlatinumVixen: seven deadly platforming segments interrupted by vulnerability phases
AlonsoSwift: @Tripleyew Someone bugging you? <teleport> nothin personnel kid
Izandai: Ah, that makes sense.
KinoGami: this is a really bad time for a tool tip
ReynardWrecca: Envy should be a later boss that steals your stuff/moves/weapons or some such.
AntiCrepuscular: Darksoulders 3
Jorge4hg: Dar siders adam
TehAmelie: faith, wisdom, compassion, justice, patience, love and mercy are the popular virtues i believe
SydPreviouslyHeadache: other than being a bird, nothing about this really screams evny. and birds aren't really so much envious as they just take shit that's lying around for nests and stuff?
freshtoastlord: I imagine pride is the final boss as always
wicker_knight: @Izandai @TXC2 Don't most people just substitute in Dante's order of the levels of Hell?
Izandai: @ReynardWrecca Stealing them would be more Greed's thing. Disabling them, maybe.
KinoGami: would pride just be fury fighting a shadow version of herself?
TXC2: wicker_knight problem with that is theres 9 levels in Dante's inferno
CyanMig: however built these floors needs reporting
Izandai: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Also the only green on her is that talisman.
Tripleyew: @AlonsoSwift oh, yes... "sorry, that's my quota for human interactions today" <bamfs outta there>
Metric_Furlong: nah, Greed's thing is more turning his skin into unbreakable rock Kappa
ReynardWrecca: Yeah, I guess @Izandai - man, it's hard to separate those sins in terms of a boss fight.
TehAmelie: we Spider-Man now
TXC2: KinoGami that would be cool if so
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh yeah, Izandai that's a good point
AntiCrepuscular: neat
wicker_knight: @TXC2 sure, but the last two are suicide and betrayal. not really good "sins" to work with
TehAmelie: Spider-Rider i guess
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TXC2: wicker_knight fair point
Laserbeaks_Fury: Cribbing from Pitfall Harry
AntiCrepuscular: lrrGOAT
IrrationalDM: Watch your health
DentedPockets: lrrGOAT
Jorge4hg: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Vampiricsloth: clutch
Nightvalien28: wonder what fury's real form is like
Jorge4hg: The clutch
freshtoastlord: What are all the tropes? Pride is always the final boss, gluttony has a big mouth...
Izandai: @ReynardWrecca Who would've thought that creating mechanics and a character meant to embody an abstract concept like "envy" would be difficult.
brainbosh: It is a damn Skeksis!
red_shoes_jeff: M I N E
DeadlyWinchester: shiny thing, bird will get her shiny thing, oh she dead
masta2505: cheer100 Bits for Indiana Jones's Evil Twin Sister
mynameisfourteen: D E A D
drcanonball: birb ded
wicker_knight: @freshtoastlord SLOTH is super-powerful but not terribly interested in fighting
AntiCrepuscular: CATCH?
sir_jack_DB: ooo ker-SPLAT
JCMaxw3ll: pokeball go!
Izandai: New power?
Feltic: Pokeballs?
Taveena: She's a Pokemon trainer!
brainbosh: Go pokeball!
ReynardWrecca: I guess that's why devs generally stick to 'Wrath', @Izandai :)
GDwarf: Ah, now it's Pokemon Go
Tser1ng: Pokemon Envy!
TXC2: so Envy is a pokemon? Kappa
Metric_Furlong: we pokemon now, boys
drcanonball: get in the pokeball envy
Laserbeaks_Fury: Get in the Pokeball, Envy!
freshtoastlord: Oh yeah that is a thing!
Lunareclipse123: I *WISH* I had the power of envy
n3ther: pokemon now PogChamp
Jorge4hg: Envy i choose you
Tiber727: @Izandai Envy seems easy. Envy copies your abilities.
Izandai: @ReynardWrecca Yeah, that one's relatively straightforward.
ReynardWrecca: "I am Grumpy Punchman!"
Izandai: @Tiber727 That's not a bad idea.
KinoGami: hahaha yes fury
Bobtheninjagoldfish: oh god.. give the embodiment of Fury looks like that.. I cannot IMAGINE what Lust is gonna look like
Taveena: gaaaay
TXC2: right bet in play: 3 to 1 we fight this shadow as the end boss
Taveena: (In a good way.)
Nightvalien28: 100% betrayal
coolbond: oh for fucks sake stop kissing up
Izandai: @Bobtheninjagoldfish That was Envy.
Alness49: Talis-sin
TehAmelie: i ship it
KinoGami: "when it starts to glo-" "We fucking know how games work"
sir_jack_DB: so, boss rush time
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Izandai yes but you are playing as Fury are you not?
rendelnep: JEALOUS MUCH?
Feltic: Do you wish you were a baller?
RoastedGravy: Is it open world?
PlatinumVixen: being directed towards the nearest sin really saves time
Diabore: heal?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Right. You collect Souls to level up.
freshtoastlord: I'd like to see a masculine avatar of lust to mix things up
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: And yes
Izandai: @Bobtheninjagoldfish Oh, right. Yeah, fair point.
TheMerricat: yes
chesul: this seems super dark souls.
TXC2: fun fact: Jealousy is not the same thing as envy
Amentur: Yes you can/habe to
Tiber727: "I wish I had War's pauldrons."
Amentur: *have
Nightvalien28: you gotta heal in the bonfire Kappa
ReynardWrecca: I hope the avatar of Lust is just Shirtless Recumbent Jeff Goldblum.
red_shoes_jeff: Well, then learn to duck.
TehAmelie: i wish i had more i-frames
PlatinumVixen: "ooh, there's a tax evasion over here"
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Yes, when you die, you lose the souls and need to pick them up again. And they took QUITE a bit more than that from Dark Souls. Except all the ways in which Dark Souls was good.
wicker_knight: @Bobtheninjagoldfish it won't happen, but I will hold out hope that Lust is a slimy, lust-FUL being, instead of another lust-object
VoidByAnyOtherName: darksoulsiders?
coolbond: Dear DR Adam and Paul First game was zelda second was wow this one seems to be dark souls i wonder what the fourth one will be
TheMerricat: Lust actually has a nice character design.
Alness49: It's bonfires, but they're bonefires
Izandai: @Bobtheninjagoldfish Then again, they could go the "ugly fat guy in a doujinshi" route.
VoidByAnyOtherName: boneflames
AntiCrepuscular: I like these combos: XXXXX :D
Izandai: What wicker_knight said, basically.
TXC2: I hope lust is a 4 armed snake like Slanessh from Warhammer
Talin06: IV will be battle royal
wicker_knight: @Izandai was going to say "what @Izandai said" :D
Izandai: lol, drift
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Oh yeah, Dark Siders IV is definitely going to be PUBG Clone.
strgrv: this looks like the cyborg commando remake
Taveena: So they ARE Deadly Sins?
Jorge4hg: They never expect you know platforming
AntiCrepuscular: strgrv bionic commando?
TXC2: Envy is the 3rd strongest sin :P
strgrv: @AntiCrepuscular yes, brain fart, thats the one
Alness49: I miss Death's companion. The bird knew when to talk.
freshtoastlord: Envy the weakest? Well that's different
Izandai: Heh, unenviable
DeadlyWinchester: so only death didnt get shadow companion like war and fury
AntiCrepuscular: strgrv the blad-whip grapple-swinging reminded me of that too
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: No Water Temple in this game?
PlatinumVixen: "we didn't have any ideas for envy, so we might as well get it out of the way"
anemzero: How.. do you take assistance?
wicker_knight: tbh, I don't think the Darksiders writers cared much for whatever the "correct" order was in Catholic doctrine
Izandai: ^
strgrv: @AntiCrepuscular plus the dilapidated environment!
Tiber727: Fury is kinda known for being single-minded.
freshtoastlord: Ooh, maybe pride isn't last then
AntiCrepuscular: oh, same as Raiden in Metal Gear: Rising! Walk and talk, yes, run and talk no way!
Nightvalien28: but there should be a map
Laserbeaks_Fury: Vulgrim?
Alness49: Skull by Skullwest
Jorge4hg: nobody saw
Izandai: Misunderstanding and misapplying Christian mythology is at this point a Darksiders staple.
wicker_knight: Skull by Skull-skull
TXC2: Izandai I mean all media does that really :P
Izandai: Fair.
Taveena: What if she's actually your love interest, though?
DeadlyWinchester: so far, this game looks rad
Nightvalien28: that would be a nice change
wicker_knight: yeah the vampy-cyborg-wraith-angel that keeps dropping hints she doesn't work for the Council and is voiced like Kerrigan is totally trustworthy Kappa
Izandai: Also I
TXC2: if your leather has clumps consult your tanner
RvLeshrac: How is it? I've seen an EXTRAORDINARY review spread
brainbosh: Kinda confused why Fury is a 4 horsemen? War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death, right?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I love this looks the same as the first two games, they resisted the urge to upscale the game
Mowdownjoe: No pirouettes?
Izandai: Also I'm starting to come around on the idea that Watcher is going to betray us at some point.
Taveena: @brainbosh Yeah they replaced Famine and Pestilence with Fury and Strife.
Rahserat: biggest complaint i heard was that it isn't zelda anymore, but dark souls
wicker_knight: @brainbosh they went with War, Death, Fury and Spite in this game. For...reasons?
AntiCrepuscular: are those orbs or SKULL-ORBS? :D
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: But Adam, what if this was all there is to this game? What if it doesn't evolve from this?
TXC2: OK so this game seems like it would be good, but is gonna get repetitive soon
Ukon_vasara: yeah, ive had minimal contact with the first 2 in the series and didnt know this was a thing but from what ive seen of it it looks heckin neat
TheMerricat: Adam, I think a lot of people were expecting more of DSII and while this looks nice it' mising a lot of stuff from II
j0xer: if you start blocking you can get hit by a mixup
freshtoastlord: @Izandai There was absolutely a spooky forshadowing camera angle earlier
j0xer: better to mash
TXC2: never block, only parry
TXC2: *only Diago Parry
Izandai: But if you block you can punish because you'll have the frame advantage.
coolbond: Dear DR Adam and Paul whats the power of envy you gained
drcanonball: wings most likely
RvLeshrac: Hmm... Twitch Mobile isn't giving me a pop-out option. WTF
TheMerricat: @coolbond no power earned yet, other than an artifact to steal their souls once you kil them.
Amentur: They got a talisman to find the other sins aka a compass/radar from Envy
Sannindi: Ah, yes, the deadliest of all sins: Fist.
EvilBadman: @RvLeshrac For chat or just the video?
Izandai: By the way what are we fighting? I haven't been paying much attention.
TXC2: so Envy was envious of the other sins? Kappa
incslayer: so how is this so far? the reviews have been saying this is... mediocre at best and i liked the first 2 games
wicker_knight: random demons
AlonsoSwift: Ah, so the Metroidvania approach
TXC2: incslayer it's fine
phenexian: does it count as an upgrade if it's just the tutorial boss fight?
RvLeshrac: EvilBadman: I've never seen one for chat. The video.
TXC2: just....fine really
EvilBadman: @RvLeshrac chat pop out is: https://www.twitch.tv/popout/loadingreadyrun/chat
Ukon_vasara: tho the magpie envy give you the ability to find but more so to get what the other sins have sounds pretty on point
phenexian: like the tutorial is where i expect to be shown the functional but unexiting features
drcanonball: you cant see her butt that way
j0xer: better than monster hunter's upskirt tunnels
Mowdownjoe: OoT did that. Also, female protag.
coolbond: Dear DR Paul do you know if lrr has any christmas oriented plans for dice friend this year?
phenexian: @Ukon_vasara that's a great point
SydPreviouslyHeadache: weird. oh, DrCanonball that's fair enough
TheWarbo: I was thinking that too, Adam
Izandai: @incslayer Well the story is as nonsense as always, from what I know of the series. We killed Envy (nothing special about that fight, but nothing awful), and now we're running through a ruined city, killing... I'm not sure what.
incslayer: @Izandai well that is par for the course for the series :P
Vlanoik: Kingdoms of Amalur was great
LordManiMani: ooope Amalur called. Rhode Island is now canceled seabatSEAL
SaiyaOrigaia: i think this company actually just brought the kingdoms of amalur ip
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun can we have the game sounds turned down please? it's hard to Hear you over it
Izandai: The environments do look pretty.
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: No, this game seems to be full of enemies who use cheap shots on you.
phenexian: @LoadingReadyRun Kingdoms of Amalur also killed of the company that made Rise of Legends which was one of the best RTS games ever made. I'm sad it'll never get a sequal.
Laserbeaks_Fury: You Got Missles
theghostwiththemost: hi everyone
TehAmelie: that wall looks like it belongs in No Man's Sky
TXC2: thanks LRR
TheMerricat: you skipped an item
cheetoJack: Kingdoms of Amalur killed a lot of things
Ukon_vasara: barnicle basher surely will be a later thin
RavingPenguin: Bluefist? Thats that Marvel villian right?
incslayer: @phenexian im sad we probably wont even get a HD remaster of it :(
TXC2: hello theghostwiththemost welcome
RvLeshrac: EvilBadman: Mobile. Not the website.
Talin06: no horse sry
EvilBadman: Oh no idea.
Laserbeaks_Fury: You will get the item that breaks these walls just before facing the boss that has a bunch of that crap covering it's weak spots
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Paul, I Have Bad News ... they kill the horse and the rest of the game is just a corridor fest.
Feltic: Amalur was an MMO without other players, not bad, just felt a bit empty
TheMerricat: !spoilers
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TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: No open world
CyanMig: sammme
theghostwiththemost: you guys forgot Warframe for the switch last week with newday tewsday
Amentur: Amalur did sell really bad :/
TheWarbo: Adam Savidan, big brain, 7/10
RvLeshrac: Oh well, guys I'll watch the vod since mobile is being shit.
TehAmelie: i give Adam 14/10
Suffix: Adam Savidan 6.9/10 Kappa
cheetoJack: Adam please, you're at least an 8/10
Dared00: Adam Savidan - 7/10, too much water
strgrv: my joke about dating me is that a tall 7/10 is better than a short 10/10
RvLeshrac: guess*
Alness49: Adam Savidan 10/7, a heckin' good boy
Sannindi: For what it's worth, Adam, I think you're at least an 8.
ReynardWrecca: Really? REALLY? You MUST know by now that one of us IS going to do that.
j0xer: please no one write reviews about people
IamRileyPM: Adam Savidan 10/10 would watch all his shows again
Mowdownjoe: It is niiice.
RoastedGravy: 4.20/10
mtvcdm: 420/10
TheWarbo: It's a tenth of the sex number. The sexth number.
Robot_Bones: 4.20/6.9
Kritya_: 7/10 is a first at university, yet I still get annoyed with myself if I get "only 70%" on an assignment
Izandai: I think they've gotten their apocalypses confused though. This isn't really a Book of Revelations apocalypse aesthetic. This is more of a zombie apocalypse aesthetic.
accountmadeforants: 4.20/5
RoastedGravy: CurseLit
masta2505: Adam, you're our cheer7 our of cheer10 And i need another cheer33 to send this message
Pseudonym_Ken: Adam Savidan, numbers fail to describe how great he is.
TehAmelie: anyway we can rip on this game all day but it's at least pretty cool to see a GOW-like with a lady PC
wicker_knight: @Izandai confused, or mashed together in the kitchen sink :P
incslayer: Vulgrim
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: No, those souls ARE your Level Up.
phenexian: @LoadingReadyRun my sales pitch for rise of legends is the 3 factions are Steampunk renascence italy, wizards from arabian knights and aztec aliens using their tech to pose as gods. Also the campaign was really interesting, basically every mission had interesting win conditions. And so did many of the multiplayer maps.
Izandai: @wicker_knight lol
BloodnBullets: clearly you need space jump
TehAmelie: maybe a TRIPLE jump
TXC2: TehAmelie a lady pro tag who is not totally sexualized
TheWarbo: Hopefully you will.
Zarash11: You can have minimum cheers/
MalBeam: how's the shuffle in this game?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Knowing you have to backtrack takes some pressure off of exploring
Taveena: She's still *pretty* sexualized, but like, she's wearing clothes.
Taveena: So that's nice.
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IamRileyPM: I give Adam a 6.9/4.20
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Izandai: @TXC2 Does have a bad case of "breast"-plate, though.
kamelion84: lol
cheetoJack: how are the pirouettes in this?
Jorge4hg: Saved
incslayer: @TXC2 but they still needed to put her in heels the most comfortable of combat footwear
drcanonball: they were in 1 too
TehAmelie: the scale mail bra is the worst of it
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Yeah, no loot system anymore here.
TXC2: Izandai oh yeah she got the "heroic build" for sure, but it can be WAY worse
TheMerricat: or 3
Alness49: it was very Diablo, and I'm not too sure if it needed it or not
coolbond: Dear Paul i think you missed a areas
Izandai: @TXC2 Very very true.
TXC2: incslayer yeah fair point
Alness49: Demon Magics Time!
rocketjohn: cameraguy is getting a beating
incslayer: altough on the scale of sexualized female hero i would probably put her at a 4/10 where higher is more sexualized
ReynardWrecca: Cryptkeeper!
Nightvalien28: different voice?
DeadlyWinchester: yay, Vulgrim
Izandai: Sorry what?
j0xer: social commentary
wicker_knight: lol
AlonsoSwift: Capitalism, ho!
itzClinton: oh hey Bwonsamdi
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Kel'thuzad?
ReynardWrecca: Gray, Merchant of Asphodel looks cool in this.
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: blind capitalism
TheMerricat: All three games are happening in parallel
Alness49: Before #1
Laserbeaks_Fury: War is still imprisoned
TXC2: like, I think they're going for sexy, but not sexualized
Alness49: And during #2
drcanonball: After the star of the first game
Taveena: So this is a midquel?
drcanonball: start*
Izandai: 2 came before 1?
Ukon_vasara: from what ive heard, the first game had its legend of Zelda elements, the second game added some Diablo-esque loot elements, and this seems to have some Dark Souls inspiration, tho that might have just been the person i saw playing on a harder difficulty so the trash mobs were kickin ass
phenexian: So between 1 & 2 but with overlap between them
TehAmelie: canon was a mistake
RavingPenguin: Lol what are timelines
TXC2: which is a VERY fine distinction I'll grant you
Zarash11: There is 100 years between the tutorial and the game
TheMerricat: 1 covers hundres of years
OmnipotentTrevor: Yeah, I think most of the first game takes place far into the future.
incslayer: yea when 1 starts humans have been dead for quite a while and i understand that there are infact living humans in this game
incredulouspasserby: Darksiders as a series seems to be about taking better games, mashing them up, and turning them into mediocre mixes. Like, Darksiders II was a mix of the old god of war games and Diablo, and neither felt totally right.
Inkompetence: So...it's a bonfire? Where you can level and fast travel?
theghostwiththemost: FEED ME YOUR SOULS
Izandai: @TXC2 It's a tightrope walk, to be sure.
TXC2: can we kill this guy and get a Kitana? Kappa
Mister_BlueSky: What're ya buyin? What're ya sellin?
Alness49: I imagine feeding him souls is like feeding the lumas in Super Mario Galaxy
wicker_knight: @Ukon_vasara that tracks with what we've seen so far, although the combat has seemed more God-of-War to mee
JoeKim: is darksiders the one where we murder angels?
TheElrad: Adam, is this a bonfire?
wicker_knight: No that's Bayonetta
JoeKim: oh right
wicker_knight: We're murdering the Seven Deadly Sins
JoeKim: what are we murdering in dark siders
Tiber727: @incslayer Strictly speaking, humans are alive at the start of 1. The prologue is right when the war breaks out, then the game does a time jump.
JoeKim: ahhhhhhhh
theghostwiththemost: okay im lost
sivakrytos: there was plenty of angel murder in the first darksiders
TheMerricat: x to shatter them all
TXC2: JoeKim we've already killed Envy
TheWarbo: Some 25s, some 75s, and a 1000?
TheWarbo: Um, okay
incslayer: @Tiber727 i know i have played it way to much
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GDwarf: So, a question: Presumably Fury's defining characteristic is being angry all the time. Except...*all* the horsepeople we've seen are angry all the time.
Alness49: Demons are Evil, Angels are dicks
JoeKim: good. envy is the worst
Izandai: @TheWarbo Probably got that one from Envy.
JoeKim: that's the supernatural theory too
TXC2: most mytholgies have demons as fallen angels
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psychostudent: Wow, has that been 12 months already?
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wicker_knight: @GDwarf fury's definining characteristic so far seems to be impatience
JoeKim: everyone hates angels. turns out they're all dicks
Izandai: Wasn't there an Unskippable for Darksiders 1 back in the day?
TXC2: Izandai probably
TehAmelie: "easily bored" is kind of like furious
incslayer: @Izandai i think so?
Ukon_vasara: i mean, im sure War and Fury have / will kill roughly as many baddies as Death did
LeanPanda44: is this a darksouls ripoff or what is this
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is there anything that improves how many souls you get?
drcanonball: stronk grill
TXC2: JoeKim Except for Castiel right? Kappa
Mister_BlueSky: If you kill them quick enough, you don't need health. 4Head
JoeKim: even castiel
IamRileyPM: thats why i need a lot of health
JoeKim: he's a dick most of the time
wtrob: Don't need health if they don't get hit. (:
masta2505: When your feeling for time is defined by at which moonbase you resided ...
Izandai: They did one for the sequel, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYEXc_bBJEM
GDwarf: LeanPanda44 It's a game series that takes notes from Zelda and DMC, mostly, but it's got a touch of Dark Souls in it
Taveena: Darksiders 3 is the Dark Souls of Dark Souls Knockoffs-
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's mor a child of God of War than anything
Amentur: Yes you have to pick up your souls
wicker_knight: @TXC2 Castiel can be both hawt and a jerk
LeanPanda44: k never seen it, looks interesting
Ukon_vasara: angels are just jealous cause god loves us more
TehAmelie: you don't have a stamina bar, that's what makes Dark Souls
TehWERR: there was a ledge you could jump too
Izandai: There's a lot of things that make Dark Souls Dark Souls.
IrrationalDM: Talk to him to travel
theghostwiththemost: thanks alot guys now i have to complete the other two Darksiders games before i buy this one
Stoffern: yeah there was another way past Volgrim
Nightvalien28: I say this, there isn't much indication to where to go, design wise that is not great
drcanonball: jump
JoeKim: probably a buff
Ukon_vasara: yes i believe so
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: It's a buff
cheetoJack: it is like dark souls!
incslayer: it is in the consumable tab so i would guess its a buff
TheMerricat: yes it's a consumable short term berserk
Nightvalien28: sounds like a buff
TehAmelie: it sounds like it gives a bonus based on your stats so. . .
Mister_BlueSky: A permanent boost in the early game would be a little strange, so yeah, buff.
LeanPanda44: xD
JoeKim: RIP
noSmokeFire: "the way is shut. it was made by those who are sofas, and the sofas keep it"
Laserbeaks_Fury: When do we get our horse
TXC2: well shit
Alness49: It's an agent of the Ottoman Empire
incslayer: that was a nice chunk of health
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do we know our horse's name?
drcanonball: near the vulgrim?
TXC2: Alness49 booooo
incslayer: in 2 Death didnt loose like any health
Tiber727: That's why they're the *4* horseman. You want at least 2 people to move a couch.
TehAmelie: Stampede i think
Mr_Horrible: seabatBRAIN
TehWERR: keep jumping off... eventually yo will get to the bottom
Stoffern: There wasa ledge next to Volgrim
cosarprime: There was a ledge.
TehAmelie: war horses get the silliest names
RAICx: There was another exit at Volgrim's
TehWERR: yes there was a ledge at volgrim
Mr_Horrible: is this on PC as well, or just console?
freshtoastlord: Finally getting to see strife in game would be nice, since we've already had both of his guns appear
TheMerricat: there was a ledge in the room just before him
Amentur: It's also on PC, Mr_Horrible
incslayer: @Mr_Horrible its on pc aswell
noSmokeFire: petition for the four horseman to use race horse names. Brooklyn Supreme, Potoooooooo, etc.
IrrationalDM: Talk to him, it mention a way to travel plinth to plinth
LordManiMani: I really like this Host combo, great job LRRCrew!
Vlanoik: gamers don't look up
Nightvalien28: hard to see ledge, no markings on it
noSmokeFire: how could you miss the slight beige depression?
TehWERR: thats why we're here to yell at you
Mister_BlueSky: 🐐 there.
wicker_knight: yeah that ledge just needed some glowy mushrooms or something to make it stand out more
LeanPanda44: i look up alot in pc
RavingPenguin: cheer69 Game 3/10 no doot doot
Mr_Horrible: Oh yeah, where is this in the Darksiders timeline?
LeanPanda44: on pc*
JoeKim: is "Turn Left" now "look up"?
CyanMig: giant glowing arrows
sir_jack_DB: [souls]
TXC2: Console gamers dont look up
Traion: Humans don't look up, there are no threats above us usually
Izandai: ^
coolbond: people in general dont look up anyting above 45 is practically invisible
red_shoes_jeff: Swing across
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh yeah, at least those Riddler Trophies glow
JoeKim: yeah. i mean bastion physically can't look up
anemzero: I remember a post on /r/wow about someone realizing for the first time in over a decade that the Darnassus bank is tree in the shape of a giant bear.. because they never looked up
TXC2: it's A LOT easier in PC games
JoeKim: poor turret
EvilBadman: It's why Pharah was pretty lethal on console in early Overwatch
ritchards: Adam is the best at this game, even though he isn't playing it ;)
incslayer: harsh but fair :P
TheMerricat: ow
Izandai: katesWa guyjudgeAA guyjudgOO katesOw
KinoGami: whoa adam. whoa
TXC2: also Humans dont look down that much either
Izandai: shit
noSmokeFire: you gotta blow it up
TheWarbo: Cmon Paul. Traverse the white webs
JoeKim: gross
incslayer: look another thingie we are gonna get at some point in the game :P
noSmokeFire: fury may be a harbinger of the apocalypse, but she has /standards/
n3ther: well that escalated quickly
IamRileyPM: thats how it works, every single time
AGiantRoach: Thanks I hate it
Izandai: @TXC2 Eh, we look a little down. It's good to know what you're walking on.
n3ther: yeah some cobwebs then you get bitten and die
JerecoPlays: Adam "Morally Grey" Savidan
cheetoJack: and then a spider bites you and you get the powers of a spider on top of being a horseman of the apocolypse
TehAmelie: Dark Souls taught me to look carefully at my surroundings. . .
JoeKim: on the list of horrifying events
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hysterically blind?
JoeKim: that's top 3 probably
Mr_Horrible: D:
wicker_knight: probably lack of blood flow to his head
noSmokeFire: that spider's name is steve
TXC2: he's done a TED talk on it
KinoGami: uh wolf spiders can hurt
Izandai: He actually said that the next time you see a spider web, you should walk into it intentionally.
JoeKim: there are several movies about that
ritchards: that's not irrational
El_Funko: That seems kinda rational
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TheWarbo: Space Oddity (Major Adam)
LordManiMani: yoooooo
JoeKim: also several movies about that
wicker_knight: that's not really an irrational fear in a space station
TheWooglie: Didn't he say you should walk through 100s of cobwebs to get used to it
mistborn83: Dont go into space. Spimple fix
masta2505: Could someone explain Orbital Mechanics to Adam?
CyanMig: it would be a rational fear if you were a space goer, yeah
Ukon_vasara: luckily paul is careful not to turn off the gravity there at the moonbase
7gorobei: something got in his eye causing tears to well, which just pooled up due to lack of gravity
brainbosh: I only hate spiderwebs cause I'm worried I will accidently kill a spider.
Tiber727: That's not rational Adam. You'll fall to Earth and die a fiery death.
JoeKim: also i feel like we have enough Aussie friends that are like "fuck that, spiders are terrifying in my country"
RAICx: Same Adam, and the unending depths of the sea frighten me as well
CyanMig: its like fear of sharks is rational, fear of sharks in swimming pools is not
KinoGami: i get super stressed in games that make you go under water and you can't see
Laserbeaks_Fury: Spacesuits must be super claustrophobic
lord_wertornion: Adam don't watch The Expanse
El_Funko: Spiders aren't terrifying, just don't go reaching into dark places or under outdoor furniture
TehWERR: that was a whip crossing I guess?
KidSpanner: Solaris?
El_Funko: Sunshine?
Suffix: Unless there's some form of Aramgeddon thing happening. When we send everyday people to defeat Cuphead on an asteriod heading towards earth.
TXC2: Sunshine?
wicker_knight: Solaris
ritchards: Sunshine?
mistborn83: Sunshine
ReynardWrecca: The really sucky thing about the space-stranded idea is that you would definitely make swimmy motions to try & claw your way back to the ISS.
lord_wertornion: Sunshine
noSmokeFire: where the man is super crusty?
IamRileyPM: Yeah! Let go of thousands of spaceships!
Mr_Horrible: Sunshine
JoeKim: how do you kickstart the sun
mistborn83: SOOO good
Terminalgrav: they made a sequel to the core?
Mr_Horrible: probably
JoeKim: nukes?
incslayer: The expanse is a great TV series and a even greater book series
KidSpanner: Sunshine is sooo good.
El_Funko: @JoeKim You nuke it
wicker_knight: @JoeKim yep
IamRileyPM: @JoeKim Nukes
ReynardWrecca: Always nukes.
JoeKim: of course
EvilBadman: Funko, you live in the land of terrifying spiders. I don't trust that you're not actually a spider right now.
TXC2: JoeKim ALL the nukes
El_Funko: Sunshine is actually a fantastic movie
TheWarbo: Is that more of a Patreon thing?
JoeKim: america solves all its problems with nukes
mistborn83: Going crazy staring at the sun
Suffix: KKona //
Mr_Horrible: nuke the sun to save it. SCIENCE!
El_Funko: Danny Boyle directed it
Jondare: Alex and Cam did a Correctors commentary on Sunshine, and it was really really good
JoeKim: it's the only option we have
JoeKim: nuke it
mtvcdm: Just kick the Sun. With your foot.
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh that's a horse ramp
noSmokeFire: "no, but it'll make me feel better"
CyanMig: it might not not help
fiftymcnasty: You dont wanna be on the sun when it gets dark.
Mister_BlueSky: "I mean we're gonna die anyway, may as well nuke it."
cheetoJack: Nuking things is the only way we know how to solve problems!
JoeKim: what do you mean science. we have all our science. in nukes
CaptainSwing: If it ain't broke. Don't fix it. If it broke. Nuke it.
mtvcdm: Kick the sun very hard. Roundhouse. Chuck Norris the sun.
wicker_knight: @Jondare was is Alex? for some reason I remember it being Mia and Cam
lord_wertornion: @incslayer That is totally true. My hair is inspired by Miller ing the show and I made a halloween costume as a belter
sorinplaneswalker: @JoeKim Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
lord_wertornion: just slightly a fan
LordManiMani: seabatHITBOX 🌞
JoeKim: we really enjoy jumping the gun there
Jondare: @wicker_knight Hm, now you mention it... But I think Alex was also in it?
incslayer: hmm i wonder what these big stone things could mean
Traion: Like what would a nuke even do to the sun?! It's an immeasurable amount of energy compared to it's output
Mr_Horrible: put all our science reserves in these nukes. All out of science, so gotta use these nukes
IamRileyPM: Parden Me! Sir? Can we check the options again, sir!
incslayer: cheer500 talk to him about serpent holes
VoyRising: I love how their teeth move like lips.
JoeKim: suspend your disbelief you muggles
MousseFilledCat: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:00:33.
JoeKim: and let america nuke the sun
TXC2: Traion nothing, it's a flaw in the movie you just have to ignore
Mr_Horrible: "I consulted the flow chart, and it said nukes. You wanna argue with the flow chart, buddy?"
TehAmelie: i liked Snakes on a Plane. it sort of predicted movies that proudly don't take themselves seriously
Izandai: @Traion I'm still struggling with the idea that the Sun could go out in a way that leaves open the possibility of it being restarted. That's not how stars work.
incslayer: the west end sounds fancy :P
Jondare: @traion It wasn't a normal nuke, it was basically a massive stockpile of half of all nuclear material on Earth
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JoeKim: british drama
B4rberblacksheep: British Broadway effectively
TXC2: the West End is in London
Alness49: Yeah, it's the British Broadway
Questhere: east enders?
TehWERR: west wing?
ReynardWrecca: Adam knows Musical Theatre?! Yeah, West End is England!
Izandai: @Jondare Even so.
Traion: I'm glad I didn't watch that movie, it would've hurt my brain
TXC2: Eastenders is the show
TheWooglie: Broadway is American West End
ShadeofHades: Where I am from, West End is a bad commercial beer LUL
wicker_knight: @Izandai in fairness, the Sun in Sunshine is a pretty open allegory for faith/god.
Izandai: The Sun is BIG.
B4rberblacksheep: Eastenders is a soap opera
drcanonball: need more girth
Laserbeaks_Fury: Weastenders
LordManiMani: Westworld PogChamp
wicker_knight: but yeah, all the matter in Earth is not going to have any meaningful impact on the Sun
Forsaken401: what game is this
SharkHero08: Are we getting BIGMILK in this game?
JoeKim: murder the hooman
AntiCrepuscular: Human?! :D
KinoGami: Hu---mans?
theghostwiththemost: HUMANS
Mr_Horrible: @wicker_knight so they nuke God? Thats pretty metal
incslayer: Hammer Friend
ReynardWrecca: You were in CABARET?! PLEASE say you were Emcee.
TehAmelie: breaking news: Cammy is getting pants in Street Fighter 5, after 25 years
Jondare: The sun hasn't actually gone out yet in Sunshine, it's just started going dim
CyanMig: ewwww humans
incslayer: Adam this is that big dude
Zarash11: cheer100 Bet those humans don't last long
noSmokeFire: he's got big, meaty claws
SharkHero08: That guys been drinking his kilk
mistborn83: rest a goblet up there
SharkHero08: Milk even
drcanonball: hes in the first one
LordManiMani: yeah nice to see Adam in a video game finally
lord_wertornion: he used the hammer on his head
Ukon_vasara: forget a 4head, thats a 0head
wicker_knight: @Mr_Horrible They send in fissile material, so the idea is they're sacrificing their nuclear capability to God
TehAmelie: jeez, Super Street Fighter 2 is 25 years old
TXC2: I could put up Shelves with that head Kappa
Izandai: @wicker_knight So it's a movie about using science to reinvigorate people's religiousness? The fuck?
LordManiMani: I really like his character design
mistborn83: I make these darling bird houses
DeadlyWinchester: fury has no chance against this big boy
Laserbeaks_Fury: can you make it a Hal-Bread?
Mr_Horrible: @wicker_knight aw, less metal, but still cool
Alness49: "Bread Knife, I can meet you halfway"
phenexian: So, you're saying these guys are the reason for the weapons in shovel knight
Jondare: And also yeah, the movie is VERY allegorical, it's not a hard sci-fi movie by any stretch
KinoGami: His name Is Deckard
JoeKim: *proud to be an american* plays in the background
TehAmelie: Jones and Fury sounds like a sweet spinoff
wicker_knight: @Izandai I would argue that basically, yes, it is. Or at least people's wonder in the unknown. It's relationship to faith was the source of most of the controversy around it as I remember, especially with the villain
incslayer: does he want us to stay awhile and listen?
noSmokeFire: he's shy
freshtoastlord: Jones has some funk about him
Nightvalien28: there is some weird animation going
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: We officially need more Paul and Adam team-up streams... you guys are great.
VoyRising: She's just so mindlessly antagonistic.
ReynardWrecca: I like Jones. He says what we're all thinkin'.
sir_jack_DB: VOOP
Izandai: @wicker_knight Who was the villain?
Mr_Horrible: the maker like "dude dont piss her off"
Nightvalien28: wow
incslayer: arrogant much?
TehAmelie: oppositional defiant disorder i believe it's called
noSmokeFire: fuck I was drinking water
cheetoJack: wow, animation problems
Alness49: He moves quickly for a big guy
B4rberblacksheep: Wow these cutscenes are pooooor
Jondare: @voyrising She is the embodiment of fury, I guess it makes sense
Nightvalien28: that is awful
TXC2: sliding into your DMs like.....
Zarash11: They have problems with preplacing characters
noSmokeFire: he's also shy
DeadlyWinchester: cutscene cut off
vbanej: Jones is voiced by the guy who voices Cyborg in Teen titans and Injustice I think
Laserbeaks_Fury: Up yer Arsenal
Ukon_vasara: he dont like what he does, but hes damn good at it
Mr_Horrible: but he MOVED! They didn't just put him there, they LERPED him there!
AlonsoSwift: Horsemanship? So she basically can't be blocked?
Taveena: Oh man, we get weapon upgrades for helping people? WIN WIN.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Humans are currency?
Tiber727: @vbanej Yeah, I was like 80% sure that was Cyborg.
OmnipotentTrevor: Humanity will not survive.
TheWarbo: Wait does Fury have an eyeball mount in her decolletage?
wicker_knight: @Izandai Pinbaker. The captain of the previous crew that had failed to deliver their payload to the sun. He'd gone mad was was claiming that they needed to allow the sun to die and that attempting to revive it was exceeding human authority, basically.
TehAmelie: pff, humans. they can't even double jump
freshtoastlord: Even the tall fantasy dwarves have Scottish accents...
VoyRising: @TheWarbo She looks like grim gritty Cheetara.
Nightvalien28: just fulton every human
Alness49: Oh, so they get teleported to a farm upstate, gotcha
Izandai: @wicker_knight ...I have no idea what this movie is trying to say.
Mowdownjoe: And Graham's fulman shenanigans immediately come to mind...
OmnipotentTrevor: I'm thinking more like Oddworld. You've got to press the "hello" and "follow me" commands, then try not to get them killed
TehAmelie: Fury vs Wrath, the grudge match of the century
Taveena: I like that he popped in from BELOW that time.
OmnipotentTrevor: Or laugh when you do
Taveena: Like he stood up really quick
noSmokeFire: it's a smiley face
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Zarash11: The Nether under the city? I thought it would be above it
sir_jack_DB: VOOT
TXC2: isn't Fury FROM Haven?
red_shoes_jeff: Anyone except Dave. Dave knows why.
wicker_knight: @Izandai I would say it has a lot in common with the old Deist or Christian Scientist movements i.e. God is visible to us in the wonder of the universe and we seek HIM by studying it
wicker_knight: it's...not a popular view in the US these days >_>
itzClinton: The player character's voice actor sounds super familiar to me but I can't place it, anyone know what else they were in?
noSmokeFire: can he upgrade you now, or do you have to rescue people firs?
Jondare: That's some popin
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm back were there any bosses since envy?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Brigitte?
Nightvalien28: SydPreviouslyHeadache nope
VoyRising: Wow, if that's a female maker, that's some outrageous sexual dimorphism.
CyanMig: his mutant power, hes invisible when no ones looking at him
SydPreviouslyHeadache: alright, thank you
TehAmelie: wait, a horseman studying horsemanship, isn't that like a human learning humanship?
TehWERR: that girl is like twice the size of the those guys
SharkHero08: So which 4Horseman are we this time?
TXC2: VoyRising how so?
TheWarbo: But seriously, what is that eyeball that's like at her neckline in the closeups?
Ukon_vasara: Fury
Izandai: @wicker_knight Yeah, it kind of fell out of favor when doing that started directly contradicting the Bible.
VoyRising: @TXC2 Look at her compared to the big bricky guy.
PhilAndChill: TehAmelie yes. it's all fine
noSmokeFire: "silver of being hard as diamond"
Amentur: Horse-person, so a reverse centaur?
sir_jack_DB: Horseman is a title :P
Nightvalien28: TheWarbo yes
KinoGami: just find wolverine
VoyRising: @TXC2 Like, she's big, sure, but not compared to slabsman.
AntiCrepuscular: lrrJUDGE
SharkHero08: But, Fury wasnt one of the four Horseman
Crad0k: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:08:11.
vegetalss4: Wait, Fury's one of the four horsemen now?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: heavy would like sadvich?
wicker_knight: @Izandai hey, the bible contradicts itself all the time :P
Izandai: fair lol
theghostwiththemost: lrrFINE and lrrHERE
Zarash11: So glad they were interactible
Tiber727: Maybe you have to talk to him again for him to build up his courage.
TehWERR: alternately that girl maker is like 1/5 of the size of the males
VoyRising: @TXC2 Like she's the size of one of their arms.
Ukon_vasara: seems this game is a bit diferent than usual biblical stuff
sir_jack_DB: Fury is a Horseman in the COMIC these games are based on, to be clear
Nigouki: cold forging is an actual thing though
TehAmelie: now i want to write about a town called Scorn and a lady who lives there called Barbara so i can have a Barb of Scorn
chesul: I mean, if you hit it enough it gets hot.
freshtoastlord: Fury is darksiders' famine
Nightvalien28: look its dark souls, he is not just a bad blacksmith he is the only blacksmith
incslayer: @VoyRising well in 2 we get to meet female makers aswell and they are closer to the males in size this one might just be a comparativly young one
KinoGami: oh this really is dark souls Kappa
Ukon_vasara: Fury is the black rider apparently the 4th one is Strife the white rider
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean, when you have *that* much time on your hands, heating the metal just speeds up the process
KinoGami: slow elevator and all
TXC2: VoyRising theres a difference for sure, I wouldn't call it outrageous
Crad0k: the bible never named any of the horsemen other than death anyway
noSmokeFire: "and this is the wallet chain of despair"
DeadlyWinchester: the belt becomes the weapon
SydPreviouslyHeadache: it still seems odd to me there's War Fury AND Strife?
Izandai: Oh hey, this is Dark Souls.
SharkHero08: Let’s be clear here, welding is weird. There’s a type of welding where you just run two chunks of metal together really fast
AntiCrepuscular: big brain plays from Paul!
n3ther: seabatBRAIN
rocketjohn: "i should maybe invest in a satchel"
HerpesTornado: Galaxy brain
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: And under stairs
phenexian: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
SaiyaOrigaia: seabatBRAIN
Laserbeaks_Fury: Unless it's Dark Souls
noSmokeFire: a waterfall is just an elevator for water
AGiantRoach: seabatBRAIN
CyanMig: normal waterfalls are a travesty
KinoGami: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TheElrad: lrrCREEPL seabatBRAIN lrrCREEPR
Nightvalien28: every waterfall needs an item behind it
TehAmelie: she gets a pouch, and then it gets so full it drags on the ground and she ties it to her neck and accidentally invents the backpack
meatathon: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TheSeg: For all Myst like games, you can add looking at the door you just walked through
noSmokeFire: she needs better conditioner
SydPreviouslyHeadache: she's just always saiyen
theghostwiththemost: let me look here wgrGLARE
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah I think her hair is meant to always be floaty
Tiber727: But I thought TLC taught us not to chase waterfalls? We're they hoarding the treasure for themselves?
red_shoes_jeff: It's M A G I C H A I R
TXC2: she needs that tresFX that Lara Croft has Kappa
AntiCrepuscular: ^
hippitybobbity: she looks like Rob Liefeld did her hair
TehAmelie: didn't you see the ones with fire for hair?
Izandai: I think the floatyness of her hair is a stylistic choice. Her loincloth looks good.
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Alness49: "This is a bottlecap" "From ANGELS!"
ContingentCat: "Nah, those damn Angles keep leaving their shit everywhere"
TehAmelie: i think she's half-fire hair
hippitybobbity: how does the whip compare to old school God Of War
Izandai: Her loincloth looks realistic, I mean.
Xed_Regulus: She reminds me of Starfire from DC
Izandai: So I think her hair not looking realistic is probably intentional.
Stoffern: seems intentional
rocketjohn: "like you just stepped out of a salloonnnn"
noSmokeFire: a big zelda leaf
SharkHero08: Adam. Real important question here; is there a spot where we can just swim around in circles for a couple hours? SeriousSloth
Izandai: How is there an updraft that strong there?
red_shoes_jeff: There's things over there.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: aww,i kind of like Pauls idea of a parachute more
SydPreviouslyHeadache: than wings
phenexian: my question is How Do You Get Your Horse
Crad0k: hippitybobbity to be fair, joe mad was responsible for the general aesthetic of the world, and he's definitely in the liefeld school of drawing stuff
AegeusEvander: now we will never know about tomb raider
hippitybobbity: @crad0k fair enough eh
TXC2: AegeusEvander Paul was Probably gonna talk about tresFX
rocketjohn: so do we suspect that jim didn't like this game because he was bad at it?
noSmokeFire: lurcher clumps sound like something you get scrubbed of during a manipedi
Laserbeaks_Fury: When do we get our "Get Over Here" whip move
PhilAndChill: Dank-memers
SharkHero08: Sans demons this looks almost straight out of The Last of Us
Alness49: Looks like Meat's BACK OFF THE MENU, BOYS!
OmnipotentTrevor: So, from what little I know of the first two games, all of these human survivors the makers are trying to save are for sure going to die anyway, right?
Robot_Bones: Destroy their meat so they can never have their pudding
red_shoes_jeff: WRATH shard!
OmnipotentTrevor: Because they're all dead in 1 and 2 already?
TXC2: rocketjohn I'm willing to say he found it repetitive
wicker_knight: that was very Bloodborne
OmnipotentTrevor: I'm actually a little iffy on the timeline
red_shoes_jeff: Time for better chain!
theghostwiththemost: you guys are wrong
LordManiMani: seabatSEAL
TheWooglie: Is It that time of year again?
rocketjohn: i guess it had to happen one day, law of averages and all
SharkHero08: Adam there’s a pizza place I know that still had the arcade TMNT
TXC2: !addquote (Paul) [now] Adam is right
LRRbot: New quote #5550: "Adam is right" —Paul [2018-11-27]
Nightvalien28: first time adam heard someone saythat
kumatsu: Adam wants it quoted cuz he'll never hear that again seabatBRAIN
theghostwiththemost: but never trust a ghost
ContingentCat: taken out of context people will thin you mean in the screen, which he is so
j0xer: gotta say not a huge fan of glowing orb item pickouts just randomly on the ground
coolbond: i wonder when they get their first slab of adamantite
theghostwiththemost: Adam never
theinvisiblevoice: I just want to get a full Arkanoid machine for myself
Laserbeaks_Fury: No one makes Arcade games anymore
wicker_knight: what would be a "good game" in this context?
TXC2: Adult Arcades are Casinos Adam Kappa
SquareDotCube: You mean an arcade bar?
Trymantha: the only "arcade" here only does air hockey and ticket games
Tiber727: There's an arcade at the bowling alley where I play board games.
Crad0k: OmnipotentTrevor uuh, i can't remember what happens to everyone in war's story, but a large part of death was that he was trying to secure the souls of humanity so they could be reborn once everything was done
itzClinton: We have a barcade in SD called Coin Op and it's great
TehAmelie: i think you'll have to build that arcade
Emergent_OS: I know Paul has played previous entries in the Darksiders franchise. I wonder, what Paul thinks about how this game compares to the previous games?
AmoriLinguae: doesn't everything in Victoria close at 8?
Vlanoik: it popped because you filled a meter
SharkHero08: Galaga, TMNT, Pac Man etc
Mangledpixel: those statue faces look like MODOK
kumatsu: but casinoes aren't fun, adult arcades are Dave & Busters
DentedPockets: Just North of Seattle: Another Castle: Arcade Edition. Opened past midnight.
theinvisiblevoice: "Welcome. To. Die!"
GDwarf: X-Men, welcome to die!
AntiCrepuscular: Havok time!
noSmokeFire: "I'M A BIG BOY NOW"
TheWarbo: A very early date for me & my partner was Joust/SF2 at a barcade.
Nigouki: that's a neat form
GDwarf: I am Magneto, master of magnet!
KinoGami: did.. did you just turn into diablo?
Trymantha: Light gun games were always my fav arcade games like time crisis and house of the dead
TXC2: OK that was kinda cool
sir_jack_DB: he's got fourarms lrrBEEJ
Scarbble: so this *is* basically god of war
phenexian: and now we know why it gave you that there
Scarbble: got it
OmnipotentTrevor: Crad0k: Yeah okay. So does that mean Death succeeds and these are the newborn humans, or does that mean these are the doomed humans he eventually has to try to save?
kumatsu: needs more copies of that 3D gauntlet game
coolbond: battletoad arcade or riot
TheWooglie: Arcades were the original microstransactions
Crad0k: gunblade ny
SharkHero08: You my old local movie theater used to have an arcade. They had a bunch of racing games, Area 51 and OG Gauntlet
wicker_knight: seems to be God of War - Dark Souls of Amalur
Mangledpixel: Festlewrest
DentedPockets: They've got Time Crisis 2, TMNT Turtles in Time, Terminator 2 Pinball.
theinvisiblevoice: well, the fury form seems to be a meter that builds up and that was the first time you maxed it. The sigil by your health gradually fills up
n3ther: local co-op in 2018 consoles LUL
Laserbeaks_Fury: Big Apple, 3 A.M.
AntiCrepuscular: gottem :D
red_shoes_jeff: THREE! THREE Slivers of Adamantine! Ah, ah, ah!
phenexian: @wicker_knight I don't get he dark souls comparison, this series predates darksouls substantially. It's like saying narnia copied harry potter
SharkHero08: The arcade at the theatre in Bellevue has a VR Fruit Ninja game
Questhere: I remember when you could find arcades at corner store dairies
noSmokeFire: this series predates dark souls, but earlier entries are substantially less souls-y
TehAmelie: one of the high points of visiting London in 1999 was playing Virtual On at Segaworld
Crad0k: OmnipotentTrevor i don't know, i missed the first part of this stream, so i don't know where this takes place, but assuming it's alongside death while war is in stasis, all these people are going to have short nasty lives
Zarash11: Any of the lightgun games.
DentedPockets: Metal Slug is always a favorite of mine. Simpsons Arcade was pretty great too.
Scarbble: virtual-on was a BANGER
freshtoastlord: I see some similarities to dark souls but dark souls surely wasn't the first to do literally everything in DS1
SharkHero08: Taxi Driver? PAC Man, Donkey Kong, Metal Slug
Zarash11: There is a pinball bar with live music and arcade machines in Ottawa.
red_shoes_jeff: [G E T R E A D Y]
AntiCrepuscular: lrrGREED
Drazoth: Isn't Virtual On in one of the Yakuza games?
kumatsu: House of the Dead
phenexian: @noSmokeFire not really. The only thing even slightly Soul-y here, is that money is given to you in clumps you consume. THat's neither unique to souls, nor is it a central component of souls
KarlosMorale: Mad Dog McCree
MTGColorPie: I could never remember the name of Virtual On. But Windjammers was a low-key great game.
Laserbeaks_Fury: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
SharkHero08: I really want to build an arcade cabinet
rocketjohn: wow. that dude has a flat head.
LordManiMani: Adam did you see that Fangamer sells a "Bury Me With My Money" wallet?
Crad0k: seriously, this thing, put two credits in, grab a gun in each hand, and prepare to get vibrated through the floor https://www.libertygames.co.uk/images/1/products/1583_gunblade-ny-arcade.jpg
AntiCrepuscular: :o
Trymantha: Lucky and Wild was a cool one
7gorobei: virtual on was the best, i had it on sega saturn and dreamcast
Laserbeaks_Fury: You have to use your hands? That's like a baby's toy!
Ubiki: i think the "enhancements" that have been alluded to will be new abilities
red_shoes_jeff: What happens if you go up that scaffolding on the other side of the Maker?
Ukon_vasara: they said to go under the city yeah?
coolbond: Dear Paul i think you need to go up
n3ther: the marvel ultimate alliance games were fun coop games
Ukon_vasara: not up
Alness49: No, we're going down
DentedPockets: Oh man, Gauntlet Legends.
coolbond: i saw a scaffolding
TXC2: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat
noSmokeFire: always trust chat, never trust chat
Scarbble: ah, classic chat directions
TheWooglie: doesn't the red skull show you where to go?
SharkHero08: There was an old Game Boy game I had that had a bunch of arcade games on it. Like every version of Galaga, and Mrs Pac-Man
diamond_pie_01: just follow the waypoint?
freshtoastlord: last I checked under is typically down
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Always never don't trust chat
Alness49: Go Skull!
TXC2: which way lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Hit the glowy thing.
Ukon_vasara: yeah, you barely missed it earlier, but ive seen other miss it too
Mangledpixel: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always alive.
AegeusEvander: see lrrbot knkows
mtvcdm: LRRbot, which glowy thing?
noSmokeFire: now dig
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #2894: "Heal yourself until you die." —Beej [2016-07-04]
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Nightvalien28: would you like a hint?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Sloths just handin around
rocketjohn: this one must be sloth
Man_nado: try hitting the blue ball
Ukon_vasara: should i give direction or nah?
rocketjohn: as it hasn't bothered turning u[
Stoffern: theres a hole there
phenexian: there's a hole in the ground by the bus
SharkHero08: There’s a an arcade I’ve been to that had og Marvel v Capcom, a weird 3D Gundam Arena Fighter, and a Speed Racer racing game
AntiCrepuscular: ^
Forsaken401: hole by bus
AntiCrepuscular: by the car and bus
TXC2: you can resub on mobile, you just dont get a sub message
Euripades: I did in fact resub on mobile from android
Scarbble: you can sub on mobile
TheElrad: I can
AegeusEvander: bus is final boss maybe, come back later
TXC2: wow that in stream delay :p
AntiCrepuscular: you were looking right at it :D
Ukon_vasara: hole in the ground
Stoffern: Its that bus
SharkHero08: No I think it was Marvel vs X-men
phenexian: no that was the right bus
Forsaken401: no that ine
Zachasaurs: LUL
AntiCrepuscular: "OH" :D
Nigouki: the desert bus is the final boss
RAICx: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
AegeusEvander: could be sky holes rooD
coolbond: did not see that hole
TheWooglie: the subtle green light as well
OmnipotentTrevor: Gamers never look down
Nightvalien28: gamers don't look up or down it seems
TXC2: SEE! players dont look down Kappa
AntiCrepuscular: Alyx?
rendelnep: doooooown the hoooooooole
TXC2: "come with me if you want to live"
badpandabear: If you sub on Android mobile it goes through Goofle and costs more. Twitch prime subs work though
SydPreviouslyHeadache: come with me if you want to live
Ukon_vasara: its interesting to see, ya thought to check it from the side of the bus you couldnt access it from, same as other stream i saw
TehAmelie: come with me if you want to. . .okay, you went with the long-winded version
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i would not touch it
noSmokeFire: and she's dead
wujo444: so now this is Human Collecting Games? like pokemon?
n3ther: i don't feel so good...
AegeusEvander: touch the glowing thing that kills you rooVV
j0xer: sent right into the forge
wicker_knight: I would if I was basically even money on dying regardless, yeah
Zarash11: Aww I was hoping she was just going to chuck them with it.
Sannindi: Not like she's got much to lose, here.
accountmadeforants: Sending them to their home planet, just like Chex Quest
SydPreviouslyHeadache: actually yeah that's a good point. what would i have to lose
Laserbeaks_Fury: Just send them to Iosefka's Clinic
AntiCrepuscular: that namedrop :D
Alness49: "Did you gwt the humans?" "We got Lust, and things got... interesting"
noSmokeFire: death has really bad taste in aftershave
Crad0k: dot dot dot
phenexian: fortunately i think it's a prison talisman
TXC2: why? why did that clown have that switch?
TheWarbo: We MoC
TehAmelie: it's a very new Minecraft mod
freshtoastlord: Climbing through a vent seems weirdly out of place to me
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: TThis is a weird minecraft mod
Mangledpixel: !findquote minecraft
LRRbot: Quote #43: "You have to get up pretty early in the morning to have enough time to tell James how bad he is at Minecraft." —Paul [2015-03-18]
TXC2: aren't all games Minecraft?
Alness49: Dinner time!
Ukon_vasara: its blighttown, but with frames
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm actually a little concerned about what lust is going to be like
noSmokeFire: you've got plenty of clumps
TehWERR: you turn around and theres an enderman!
theghostwiththemost: guys u got minecraft in my darksiders
SolarBlitz1: lrrWOW lrrWOW
CaptainSpam: She had ONE lousy roommate a thousand years ago and she won't let it go...
Crad0k: vulgrim is *always* very needy, he's probably the least trustworthy guy in the whole series
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wait, did we actually save them?
TehAmelie: the thing is she was Death's roommate for 20 000 years
Styxseus: Oh hey, its merchant-kel'thuzzad
Himyul: Why aren't we playing as Famine or Pestilence?
noSmokeFire: the real demon was capitalism
TXC2: "asssss yooooooou wiiiiiiiiiiish"
mistborn83: what is blowing her hair
freshtoastlord: Fury is darksiders!famine
mistborn83: is she under water?
wicker_knight: her hair is
red_shoes_jeff: @Himyul I'm gonna go with a general lack of imagination.
TXC2: mistborn83 shear fabulouness
Rahserat: has vulgrim ever been an antagonist? is he greed, by any chnace?
ritchards: The four horsemen apparently are Death, War, Fury, Anger, Wrath, and Gamer Salt
vegetalss4: @freshtoastlord why isn't she called famine then?
Master_Gunner: Oh, I see this game offers an all new blender
TXC2: ritchards :D
Ukon_vasara: War, Death, Fury, and Strife
Ukon_vasara: but yeah
Crad0k: no gun yet?
phenexian: How did this get bad reviews? Like it's not breaking any new ground. But it's not like we get action platformers very much lately
RavingPenguin: barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee barrNabee
vegetalss4: Wait, *two* synonyms for anger.
TXC2: easy on the emotes there RavingPenguin
freshtoastlord: @vegetalss4 It didn't sound edgy enough? I heard it was arbitrary
KinoGami: they changed famine and pestilence because they thought it would be difficult to build games based around the names
Nightvalien28: it seems mediocre, fine and generic at best but nothing awful to tear it apart
vbanej: Strife isn't anger, it's suffering
TheMerricat: @phenexian people were expecting more DSII and this seems a bit of a step back from that. at least that's what I've gotten from the reviews.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean are people trying to compare it to RDR2?
BloodnBullets: i think the problem with these games is that they peak at "seems ok"
Alness49: From what I hear it's a very 7/10 game, which is the Darksiders' Niche
freshtoastlord: they could have easily had conquest as the white rider
TXC2: like this being REALLY repetative is the only way I see this game being a bad as people say it is
Nightvalien28: I mean that cutscene wasn't great, it was funny but it was very buggy
AmoriLinguae: like if I were into games with a lot of combat, I would totally be into this
TehAmelie: PJSalt BibleThump DarkMode PraiseIt the four horsemen of twitch
noSmokeFire: tired: horseman, wired: ponyboy
phenexian: This is very darksiders 1 though. Saying "oh it wasn't like what I wanted it to be" isn't a fair review of what it actually is.
Alness49: I hope that #4 then has the four come back for one final section
wicker_knight: the two things that seem potentially concerning are a) little variation in gameplay or b) the "ingredients"/crafting going the Dead Space 3 route
AntiCrepuscular: the big whiff :D
accountmadeforants: Apparently it gets tedious later on. Rock Paper Shotgun was mostly disappointed, because there are supposedly a few real shining moments.
MercurialVox: it's Cathartic Adam does it need to be anything more?
TheMerricat: Of course it doesn't help that even with the 24 hour early access from pre-orders, people had already posted a complete playthough of the game before yesterday was over
phenexian: Like this is a solid 8/10 bonus points for animation and art
williamjr3413: Adam is not phased by these weak jump scares
MousseFilledCat: Pestilence is sometimes conquest, biblically, I mean. So effing with canon isn't really a new thing
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Yeah this game seems fine to me
j0xer: you are currently in a sewer level, that automatically loses 3 points
Nightvalien28: ^
zerragonoss: Thier are only 15 steam reviews and all the negative ones have less than an hour of gameplay, so I would not put much stock in them yet.
TXC2: so Warhammer 40K then? Kappa
CaptainSpam: I wish Famine and Pestilence were the other two, because then they could make those games take a sudden shift into business management sims or real-time strategy to mess up food and health...
Rahserat: post-agothalyptic
Scarbble: yeah tbh this seems like a perfectly serviceable action platformer game
dreamyxcupcakes: post gothaliptic
johothehobo: gotholyptic
solahwin_tampramain: postagothic?
BloodnBullets: with the amount of games comming out lately im not sure "its fine" is worth my time.
omdorastrix: Post-apop-a-gothic-liptic
SquareDotCube: Gothpocalypic
TehAmelie: it might be suffering for being the third in a series of four games
Vivid_Soul: i would have liked pestilence being debuff and DoT focused, but thats not really a darksiders thing
phenexian: Darksiders has never pretended to be actually like the bible. It's a fantacy universe with the trappings of the book of revelations.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I fully expect a Water Temple
phenexian: Like the bible also doesn't have Makers
Anubis169: Hellooooooooooooooooooo Chat!! lrrAWESOME
AGiantRoach: See you guys understand
TXC2: hello Anubis169
Ukon_vasara: yeah, like, this is a game i didnt know was coming and now actually want if i had the spare cash, maybe someone sticks some cash in my hand for christmas next month
AntiCrepuscular: Hey Anubis169!
Anubis169: Oh hey that looks like the Daggertail from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones! lrrAWESOME
Anubis169: badass weapon
Alness49: Remember, don't let Bedbugs get out of control!
TXC2: the Bible doesn't have a lot of things in it Adam
TheWarbo: Okay now we're REALLY Kingdoms of Amalur
mtvcdm: I didn't kill you, bug. The system killed you.
Styxseus: The vibe I got alot from the last game, was that it tried to be aloooot of games at once (zelda, prince of percia, WoW, diablo? many things) and did them all, but did none really well--I have not seen alot of this game, but I am getting the same vibes (it looks great though! :D )
TehAmelie: i hope we do get big chonks of adamantine eventually
Scarbble: the saves!
wicker_knight: Only one Adamantine slab in the whole game Kappa
phenexian: So, when he says he's going to upgrade it for you, does he just put more links at the end of your whip chain?
TheWarbo: Lust
noSmokeFire: lust
CyanMig: lust?
TXC2: adamantine is 100% the Titaite of this game
accountmadeforants: Lust
Alness49: Gluttony!
Nigouki: results of lust
red_shoes_jeff: Wrath, apparently.
SaiyaOrigaia: Pincery?
sivakrytos: weak points
flameburstx: gluttony. crabs are delicious
AlonsoSwift: Wrath, 'cause he's really crabby
rocketjohn: lust. gotta get me them mandibles
mtvcdm: Unauthorized ridge racing?
CyanMig: negative repercussions of lust
mugsi_: Being crabby!
AegeusEvander: weakpoints sin
wicker_knight: If it's like hte crab from Moana then it's Gluttony
Stoffern: Gluttony, crabs eat anything
Ubiki: well the maker said you were going after wrath
Nightvalien28: we are going after wrath right
Alness49: Just crack a leg off and nom nom nom
fiftymcnasty: Maybe its a sexy crab
TXC2: Giant Crab is Gluntony
freshtoastlord: Combat is mildly reminiscent of KoA but I don't see much else
MercurialVox: yeah Gluttony probably makes the most sense
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no, crabs are cancer
TheWarbo: "You're just associating lust with sex" Okay yeah
n3ther: crab represents my gluttony for crab meat mmmm
Zarash11: Prideful spider momma
silenceaux: Aphrodesiac crab?
wicker_knight: or Avarice
noSmokeFire: eight fishnet stockings
Nigouki: it's gonna be like Monster Musume
TehWERR: I'm guessing the boss is going to be a kind looking gentleman is a suit.
TXC2: sexy crab = Zoidburg? Kappa
sivakrytos: weak points def pride
WizardZedd: Maybe it's the shiny crab from Moana
freshtoastlord: Avarice? Mr Crabs
johothehobo: crab as in crabs from sex stuff std?
TehAmelie: checkmate, crabhaters
DigitalHamWarrior: sloth
n3ther: Adam Laughter is how we hide our true feelings Kappa
AntiCrepuscular: what was that dark souls-esque boss rush game about the deadly sins?
Rahserat: or avarice. Shiny! so shiny!
rocketjohn: i mean, crabs would have access to fishnet
SquareDotCube: crab in a french maid outfit
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Just a crab in lingerie, not like a human crab just a crab
accountmadeforants: Greed is also a possibility, crabs would be penny pinchers
freshtoastlord: My money's on Avarice
BulkRare: Greed? Crabs like shinning stuff
SquareDotCube: 4 pairs of fishnets
AntiCrepuscular: What was that game Adam played with Lusty McTongueWorm?
vegetalss4: Given that we are the horseman Fury, maybe it will represent the sin of overpopulation.
n3ther: *he says laughing* :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: it depends, what kind of crabs are we talking about
wicker_knight: Avarice is Greed
Taveena: Avarice is the old name for Greed.
mtvcdm: Greed
TheMerricat: greed
wicker_knight: unarmeHmm unarmeHmm unarmeHmm unarmeHmm
mistborn83: it is
TheElrad: checkmark Adamtheists
TheWarbo: Yeah but then there's also, like, Prodigality.
mtvcdm: lrrGREED
TehAmelie: crabs are totally Wrath's creatures
TheElrad: ckeckmate
brainbosh: Moana Crab = Greed
rocketjohn: what was the last book you read, adam?
Mister_Skittles: greed the averius
Nightvalien28: do you want the answer for that?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: :)
Olomag: Yes :)
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theinvisiblevoice: ??????
BloodnBullets: no :)
Stoffern: yes :)
n3ther: yes *smile emoji*
TehWERR: :)
B4rberblacksheep: You're big brain adam
AegeusEvander: chat reads stuff too :)
KidSpanner: Love you, Adam.
coolbond: with or without pictures adam?
freshtoastlord: wrath is almost certainly just some dude in armour with a big sword in red eyes
accountmadeforants: Yes ˙͜>˙
TXC2: lrrSLOTH is sloth
SolarBlitz1: ???
rocketjohn: we also have lrrSLOTH
AegeusEvander: ?????
Alness49: lrrCHKN Gluttony
TXC2: lrrEFF is wrath
AlonsoSwift: Question marks???????????
LordManiMani: seabatYIKES
DentedPockets: lrrHAM <--Gluttony?
mtvcdm: lrrHAM Gluttony lrrDILLY
theinvisiblevoice: Sorry :(
MercurialVox: Question Mark?
rocketjohn: lrrFINE <-- pride
AntiCrepuscular: we have surprisingly good sin coverage in chat
TehAmelie: lrrEFF wrath
wicker_knight: Adam, I have two modes in chat. Cam chat where I assume everyone talking is a dual PhD in philosophy and physics and rest-of-twitch-chat where everyone is a fool :P
Ubiki: its a hack and slash thats all you need to do
noSmokeFire: MercyWing1 :lrrHAM: MercyWing2
EvilBadman: Lucksack is envy
TheElrad: we appreciate you Adam ?????
AGiantRoach: Pretty hyped for this boss
Vivid_Soul: lrrCOW wrath?
MercurialVox: "Ugh this is gonna have like 18 legs isn't it"
accountmadeforants: Spider could be sloth or pride, would be neat
AntiCrepuscular: "Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?"
j0xer: gauntlet
noSmokeFire: this feels like it should be a puzzle somehow
wicker_knight: It's the Duke's Dear Freja, isn't it?
Spacecarl: bring one to the orange thing?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the thing is, i could see a crab being gluttony, pride, or rath
TheMerricat: So question for Paul, one of Jim Sterlings complaints was the multi-enemy combat was too cumbersome with too many things hitting him from off screen, that doesn't seem to be the case watching you play though.... am I missing it?
LordManiMani: it's a bug hunt!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wrath*
AmoriLinguae: lrrCHKN for envy?
thebluecosmonaut: getting flashbacks here
MercurialVox: if it bleeds we can kill it
Laserbeaks_Fury: lure a bug to it?
SaiyaOrigaia: wait is that like those things in half life?
noSmokeFire: it looks like that should drop something on the glowing patch
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i kind of hope gluttony is a Goat though
Rahserat: what if you lure a small thing below that mouth?
TXC2: lrrSACK is envy
phenexian: feed it a bug
williamjr3413: you know whats worse than bugs? flying bugs
mtvcdm: lrrHAM lrrSLOTH lrrCOW lrrFINE lrrGREED ... so that leaves lust and envy.
HydraWiggins: the lump has a ribcage in it
Traion: TheMerricat we are not even 2 hours in tbf
Nightvalien28: what
TXC2: lrrBEEJ is lust
TehAmelie: it's jsut like The Last Guardian
noSmokeFire: target the web
SydPreviouslyHeadache: friend bug?
BloodnBullets: at the web
wicker_knight: @mtvcdm lust = lrrBEEJ and envy = lrrEFF
Stoffern: the web I guess
lord_wertornion: on the pile
Setrian: Web in the floor?
AegeusEvander: Paul is good at standiing on objective rooD
solahwin_tampramain: the hole in the floor on the uper level
noSmokeFire: floor web?
Nightvalien28: it is the web but it makes so little sense
Nigouki: floorhole
Crad0k: it's food, he gets distracted by eating it so you can grab him
SydPreviouslyHeadache: fury is so mean to her friends
Himyul: floor web
Ukon_vasara: apparently gamers dont look down wither
KinoGami: hole in floor with web
Ukon_vasara: either*
solahwin_tampramain: your in the uper level
DraaksTheKing: the red thing on the floor
Forsaken401: how covered in webbing
Himyul: there was a web on the floor
Man_nado: let it eat the red goop
solahwin_tampramain: where
Stoffern: floor web
Rahserat: Throw it on the ground! You're an aduuuult!
noSmokeFire: there was web over a hole in that room?
TehWERR: did you try the red thing
Man_nado: then throw at webs
TheWarbo: We tried the floor?
Amentur: Let the bug eat the fire
vegetalss4: There was a floor web in the room with the spawner?
Lambent_Mongoose: leave the bug boy by the goo
Pseudonym_Ken: Throw into web hole in the floor
Nightvalien28: that makes no sense
phenexian: that wasn't well signalled
TehAmelie: lightning bolt bugs!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah that was not well signaled
AntiCrepuscular: hole in floor has opened!
Nightvalien28: that wasn't well explained at all
TXC2: Ok stuff like that is why this game is low rated
Alness49: Be nice if... they explained this
red_shoes_jeff: Okay now you can go through the floor.
DentedPockets: Unless they have other piles of things for the bug to eat, this is just overly complicated.
Ukon_vasara: i think that thing on the ceiling is just why that puddle is on the floor
Setrian: YOu can go throught the hole in the floor now, right?
Nightvalien28: it it was meant to eat the pile it should at least be invincible
Ubiki: why do they expect hack and slash players to not kill the thing
phenexian: maybe later we'll be able to feed the bugs other kinds of food?
TehAmelie: i guess another lesson they took from Dark Souls is that they can just let the players explain everything to each other
TehWERR: it was blocked by spider web
AntiCrepuscular: JUNK
TheWarbo: JUNK
Tiber727: That was the web-covered hole Twitch chat was trying to tell you about.
TXC2: Spider bat?
DentedPockets: Icky's JUNK
Nightvalien28: icky's?
Anubis169: Well that's a nope and a half
TheWarbo: icky's//JUNK new magic card
n3ther: broodmother??
AntiCrepuscular: "Bonestead Yoga"? :D
Nightvalien28: wow paul wow
SydPreviouslyHeadache: bord gamers don't have thumbs
Camail: next on checkpoint, why does paul hate boardgames?
mugsi_: PAX: Unplugged & Uncut
SydPreviouslyHeadache: they just caw at you
TehAmelie: it'll be more infamous than Three PS3s
TXC2: that'll be the clickbait headline
Nightvalien28: always get a hair cut before pax, look your best
Pseudonym_Ken: Super excited to see those of you going
Anubis169: Adam: If you're at a boardgame con, shouldn't it be your character on the table that gets the haircut?
thebluecosmonaut: based yoga
theinvisiblevoice: Adam, if you enjoy Pax Unplugged, would you consider going to Gen Con?
TheElrad: Remember to bring Adam rice a ronis, chat
phenexian: i feel betrayed by Paul right now
phenexian: :P
Spacecarl: except for the staying still part
red_shoes_jeff: And next week's AFK becomes the first stream to get NEGATIVE views.
Anubis169: he plays as himself!
TXC2: ah Sloth
AntiCrepuscular: spider-sloth, spider-sloth!
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Looks like a toad
GarciaGracius: how does this game compare to bayonetta?
TehWERR: (thats his hammer)
wicker_knight: Orcrus and his mighty rod etc.
ritchards: Sloth should be easy to beat, 'cos he wouldn't do anything
accountmadeforants: i said sloth or pride if it's a spider earlier, that counts for half-points right?
SolarBlitz1: "And I wash myself with a rag on a stick, ahuhuhu"
fiftymcnasty: Im still hoping for a sexy crab
ninja_theory_ashrams: Paul hates board games because he is always on the control board during AFK
red_shoes_jeff: Weren't you gonna save up?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i reallyloved the idea of FMA sloth just the giant who throws himself
TXC2: for those playing at home, sloth is the 4 sin, opposed by the virtue of Diligence
silenceaux: Spiders are often associated with sloth because they make a web, then just wait.
Zarash11: PAX Unplugged is great. I would be there this weekend if I wasn't in the UK
Laserbeaks_Fury: wait was that an ad for Bob Loblaw?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wait do the sins and vifrtues actually have rank?
GDwarf: Vulgrim is Phil LaMarr, which is really impressive because if I didn't know better I'd *swear* it was Mark Hamill
coolbond: is it just me or does the stream ping from time to time?
j0xer: the guy in the human area said it was wrath in the sewer
Zu_o: @Laserbeaks_Fury who, I must have tuned out for a second
ritchards: What panels you doing at Unplugged, Adam?
red_shoes_jeff: I think you might have enough adamantine for another upgrade.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so mean to your friend
anemzero: The biggest difference with PAX unplugged is that it takes place in a giant faraday cage with the lights off.
TehAmelie: i like Sloth in the comic Jack, who's stretched out over the entire ground in Hell. can't move, can't relax
PMAvers: Adam SKRT'd out of doing panels?
Crad0k: GDwarf you can actually tell in DS1, because mark hamill boices a different character and they speak to each other
Zarash11: There is a lot of gaming space and tournaments. There is Magic events going on constantly
MousseFilledCat: I decided to just go Sunday last year (because I forgot it was going on and I was local) it seemed pretty chill
wicker_knight: @coolbond it's been doing that for me, but I'm running SQL scripts as well so I'm thinking that my computer just isn't handling hte network traffic well
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cheetoJack: I have nothing clever to say for 53 months
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SAJewers: you saing you're not important adam? :P
AntiCrepuscular: close enough :)
mistborn83: Are there any board games you are excited about?
GDwarf: Crad0k Oh, right, I'd forgotten that.
LordManiMani: "Skrt: The Living Card Game" Designed by LRR
wicker_knight: poor bug-friend
TheMerricat: that's going to be a long run paul
Zarash11: Quinns from Shut Up and Sit Down is doing a talk just on birds. Nothing related to board games
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh dang
SydPreviouslyHeadache: we are underleveled :)
wicker_knight: well, we Dark Souls now boys
Camail: that's a black knight
ritchards: !death
Anubis169: xxxCOM
SolarBlitz1: Oof
TXC2: slow down Annie Oakly
freshtoastlord: Yeesh, maybe it is dark souls
Anubis169: ritchards: We don't have that counter anymore :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: see, that was intentional to see what happens
ShadeofHades: So we've learned. Fire enemies are stronger than normal enemies?
Pantsravaganza: now pick up your souls.
ritchards: @Anubis169 I know, but it's fun to do anyway ;)
phenexian: If you get the chance Adam, I recommend Captain Sonar, it's hard to get a large enough group for that game, but its a blast at conventions
Anubis169: don't i know it :P
AntiCrepuscular: Awesome news!
Spacecarl: Congrats Adam!
Invitare: seabatBRAIN
Anubis169: Grats dude!! lrrAWESOME
Anubis169: seabatBRAIN
TXC2: Wow that sounds Awesome Adam
AGiantRoach: thats so rad
KidSpanner: Rad.
korvys: That sounds RAD
Crad0k: the first one of those we found nearly one-shot us too, so i don't think it's an 'on fire' thing, just a 'nasty thing' thing
EvilBadman: that's Awesome
LordManiMani: 🎉🎉🎉🎉
wicker_knight: ppppshaw :P
Zarash11: That is very on brand
phenexian: That is amazing!
Rathalok: Woooo!!!! Go Adam!!!
ritchards: explode him?
Laserbeaks_Fury: use a STR
Nightvalien28: just don't get hit
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Time to assert dominance
TheWarbo: Adam would spend the rest of the stream going at him. :-P
Jondare: That seems like a cool and EXTREMELY on brand talk
red_shoes_jeff: Try dodging
AmoriLinguae: well, you're knowledgeable about both! congrats Adam
Nightvalien28: that was way less damage
TXC2: Man why does Imposter syndrome have to be a thing? :P
TehWERR: theres a secret
Alness49: That much health
SydPreviouslyHeadache: dominance declared and established
SileeOneNow: !advice
LRRbot: Mod your legs.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: you took his house
TehAmelie: because we have not evolved tools to deal with fame
anemzero: Touch that man!
Zachasaurs: the little crouchy holes reminds me of metroid prime
TXC2: is that not the same person as before?
TheWarbo: "Is it safe?" *taps*
cheetoJack: did you just kill that person or do those particle effects mean they're safe?
LordManiMani: that sounds rad, Adam
EvilBadman: did you catch the WWe/NXT League game?
Zachasaurs: @cheetoJack yes
j0xer: Punk is the best character from the FGC, i love him
TheMerricat: @c
AntiCrepuscular: Zachasaurs best answer :D
Ukon_vasara: that person took the bridge to haven
AegeusEvander: @cheetoJack why not both rooD
Jondare: Can you please broadcast that talk directly into WotC OP headquarters? Cause they're starting to do star building, but they could be doing SO much more
korvys: I do wonder if that would cause people to act like jerks for attention. But that already does happen, so I think it's a good angle. I can't wait to see the VOD of that talk... eventually.
Camail: sonic fox is the best character, free
TehAmelie: did we get any confirmation those people we save get there, yet?
noSmokeFire: go through the spider hole you opened?
TheWarbo: This certainly feels like a "we give you an ability in certain places before giving it to you permanently" with burning the webs.
KidSpanner: SonicFox is the man.
TheMerricat: Given Fury doesn't think much of humanity I'm fairly certain she just reaped the human.
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red_shoes_jeff: Sure you can
HydraWiggins: theres a fire bug just there, it's not far :)
coolbond: that ping is driving me nuts
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Sonicfox is the dude in the FGC who's really cool and donated 10k to his opponent who had a father with cancer?
j0xer: fan of Fchamp? how dare you
Zarash11: Adam would be a great commentator, you are so hype
Nightvalien28: SydPreviouslyHeadache yes
TXC2: is SonicFox the guy who won DBZfighters?
Nightvalien28: yes
SydPreviouslyHeadache: SonicFox is awesome!
freshtoastlord: BOSS ARENA
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and thank you
LordManiMani: corollary: you can enjoy anything second-hand if it's discussed enthusiastically enough by the first party (aka why I love wrestling talk but can't enjoy watching wrestling)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: See that's what you get for being mean to bug friends Paul
rennz17: Hi char
johothehobo: lowZ lowZ
PMAvers: As long as the "bad guy" is just a character and not actually a shitter IRL.
Camail: fchamp was too much tho
rennz17: *chat
TheWarbo: At first I thought Adam said "you need heals" about Darksiders
AntiCrepuscular: me too :D
TXC2: hello rennz17 welcome
SydPreviouslyHeadache: cornered
Camail: chrisg was a better heel
Nightvalien28: heels yeah but the esports community is like 90% awful horrible humans and 10% sonicfox
Trymantha: is idra the OG esports heel?
GDwarf: Stunlocks are not so fun
TehWERR: welcome too difficulty curve
TehAmelie: at least it looks like that front armor plate doesn't work like you'd expect from a videogame boss with armored face
theinvisiblevoice: yeah, prolly, @Trymantha
j0xer: Kbrad vs Wolfkrone
Jondare: I'm starting to get an idea of why this game got the scores it got...
TheWooglie: look up
Nightvalien28: up and ahead
TehAmelie: also, hey it's a baby ultralisk
Jondare: use the Giant Woman mode?
korvys: Hey Adam, if you ever do a Spectator Mode on SC2, you should see if you can get Day 9 - he's a great personality, has fans, used to be a minor pro, his brother is still a pro, and he's worked with WotC, so I bet he knows of LRR.
Jondare: or not
crosstwinstar80: what is the score
noSmokeFire: there's lot in the cave it came out of
noSmokeFire: *loot
shamblingkrenshar: Esports is basically unscripted wrestling.
jchinnock: I had to step out, is this the sexy crab?
TXC2: so blue won when it actuly mattered?
phenexian: see if I ran a fighting game tournament, I'd ban people who were disrespectful to others
red_shoes_jeff: Back in that alcove. There was a thing.
j0xer: some of them do it on purpose
TheWarbo: clearly that's a shortcut for later
j0xer: some of them are just actually scumbags
TXC2: korvys he's asked and Day9 has said no, sadly
AntiCrepuscular: weeeeeellll.... ;)
shamblingkrenshar: There's an intersection of streaming personality and in person competitor I'd think.
SaiyaOrigaia: i suppose as an entertainer you have to be a slightly exaggerated version of yourself?
TehAmelie: "most" people know it's not real
korvys: @TXC2 Oh, fair enough.
Spluuga: Well you get into the characters you play in fighting games
Diabore: the best heels can blur the lines
korvys: Fair enough!
Jondare: that seems like a fair reason, even if he would ahve been quite a get
shamblingkrenshar: The paradigm has really shifted. Pro players are now more content creators and entertainers than competitors sometimes.
Zarash11: Is InControl still doing SC2 stuff?
Trymantha: juding by some reactions of reddit, the fans dont seem to get it every time
TheMerricat: aka the dr disrepect phenom
EvilBadman: see: tyler1
MousseFilledCat: Is Scarlett still doing SC2? Get that canada rep
theinvisiblevoice: Artosis or Kaelaris would be cool
HydraWiggins: faces have joined heel teams, like huk joined evilgenius
theinvisiblevoice: Schamtoo is an awesome guy for SC remastered
mistborn83: what was the name of those people you were talking about Adam I was trying to find the video
Jondare: Like, everyone knows there isn't an actual undead wizard running around, but it's a lot harder to figure out if Ninja is being a dick because he's a dick, or because he's PLAYING at being a dick
Camail: the biggest heels in the fgc are the ones who win so much everyone just wants them to lose ONCE
TheWarbo: hah
phenexian: Well in esports it can be not an act. Like when I did competetive pokemon, there wasn't like a mutual understanding that we smack talk for the public. Some people were just being rude for no reason other than they suck at human contact
cheetoJack: doing the smash episodes is timely though, works decently
TheMerricat: so that's what the red web means
Dared00: Would you consider speedrunning as a Spectator Mode topic?
Ukon_vasara: let ultimate come out and set up before going back to smash i suppose
Invitare: are they e-sports ready though?
DentedPockets: MtG lrrBEEJ
Scarbble: at a certain point though, being a dick as a character is just.... being a dick
Trymantha: I though the biggest heel in the FGC was bayonetta mains
TehWERR: 🤔 a puzzle
Invitare: you got the Smash ones at a good time
PMAvers: I mean, if you need someone to talk about competitive PUBG, you do know Kate.
Diabore: you should do the perfect esports ready game, PUBG Kappa
Jondare: Do one on magic, explaining the game and it's history can't possibly take more than 5 days Kappa
BloodnBullets: james provides you with pro PUBG footage right? lrrBEEJ
Trymantha: even wizards have issues trying to distill a explanation of mtg
TehWERR: pick up a bug from the big room and bring it to the side room
Mister_Skittles: oh, is there gonna be an Adam new day for smash ultimate?
TXC2: people have been trying to explain MTG for 25 years
AegeusEvander: @TehWERR believe in Paul
Invitare: could that be because you know MTG better than the other games, so it feels more daunting?
j0xer: esports quake3, just go back in time 20 years and record all the footage yourself
AmoriLinguae: Paul, maybe pick up a bug from below and carry it up before it gets fire
HydraWiggins: you could do a sepia toned episode on Poker players
TehWERR: pick up an innert one
phenexian: @Trymantha That's a great point, in esports the Heels are the type of strats you use. Like when the meta gets to stagnent, the face is the person who plays something new
B4rberblacksheep: I think Genna Bain's still in the Starcraft scene, she used to run the Axiom team
shamblingkrenshar: Dear Doctor Adam, I'd imagine its come up but have you considered Overwatch, particularly with Canada now having teams in the League? (Though none from Victoria unfortunately)
TehAmelie: i think Quake 3 Defrag still has a competitive scene if that might be interesting
TheWarbo: Like the Galazy Note 7, banned on planes for their tendency to explode
Invitare: is that some sort of Gravity... Gauntlet?
Alness49: Man, I can see why this is getting bad reviews, all these bugs lrrBEEJ
Scarbble: you've solved my bug puzzle
11Dot: CS GO?
Jondare: There's so many massive esports games nowadays
shamblingkrenshar: Also, second Genna Bain as a strong potential interviewee.
Ukon_vasara: apparently Tetris just had its big Esport thing like a month ago
freshtoastlord: Oooh Wrath
TXC2: oh hay angels
LordManiMani: I've got a friend in competitive BlazBlue and FighterZ
TehAmelie: okay that was a good line
theinvisiblevoice: I know I'd prefer to see SC:BW, but SC2 is probably more popular
Dared00: @Ukon_vasara hell yeah, Tetris World Championships were amazing
emberBecky: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:59:22.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh, wrath is kind of boring
Invitare: do you have an imaginary friend?
n3ther: hmm
johothehobo: wrath of dodge
Alness49: Wrath vs Fury, the battle of the ages
SydPreviouslyHeadache: also Paul kind of right, Wrath and Fury seem like they'd be good friends
freshtoastlord: Wrath's character design is always the worst
Jondare: We now have a Fifa league being broadcast on national television here in Denmark, as well as frequent live broadcasts of big CSGO tournaments. It's finally becoming a real thing
Invitare: maybe they're competing for anger
Nigouki: wait, don'y you have a Wrath form of your own?
theinvisiblevoice: oh, absolutely
Inkompetence: There are still Broodwar leagues going.
Solid_kush: Leroy Jenkins?
TehAmelie: considering the "he enjoys dismembering angels" "we all need a hobby" exchange, they could still end up buddies after the fight
samsonicus: It's still open
Zarash11: I thought SC2 dipped below BW again
TehAmelie: hey, there's still Warcraft 2 leagues and that game pretty much invented online multiplayer
TehWERR: he's just milling about... LUL
theinvisiblevoice: BW is definitely getting attention again because of remastered ed, but I think they still promote sc2 a lot more
thebluecosmonaut: seabatSEAL
Invitare: seabatSEAL
n3ther: seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
Jondare: Just use them, don't fall into the good old RPG hoarding problem :P
meatathon: seabatSEAL
TXC2: the Savidan guarantee has NEVER failed
TehAmelie: [angry yelling intensifies]
TheWarbo: !findquote guarantee
LRRbot: Quote #1037: "That's the James Turner Guarantee!" —James [2015-11-05]
Ukon_vasara: i think that mode goes off your arcane stat rather than your strength \
TXC2: I feel like we're under leveled :P
Crad0k: are we supposed to be doing this boss now?
BloodnBullets: looks like that was the armor one
AGiantRoach: NotLikeThis
Nightvalien28: Crad0k yes
AntiCrepuscular: Paul making it exciting for us :D
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Fury better than wrath
shamblingkrenshar: I sense a "This isn't even my final form"
n3ther: nobody makes me bleed my own blood
Alness49: He seemed... disapointing
phenexian: YESSSSS
freshtoastlord: HORSE
johothehobo: horseeeee
TehAmelie: well, we don't know if Fury does bleed her own blood
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Horse!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: what
shamblingkrenshar: Less Wrath, more Mild Annoyance.
Camail: NO
Taveena: HORSE NO
AntiCrepuscular: :(
wicker_knight: AGROOOOO
TXC2: Horse no!
Papperslappen: :(
theinvisiblevoice: oh, we John Wick now
Nightvalien28: I understand the scores now
Crad0k: now we're dante
n3ther: welp
phenexian: this would hurt more if we'd gotten to use the horse
CaptainSpam: HOSS!
Questhere: no one kill my horse but me!
Zu_o: I wasnt watching red dead so I didn't have watch horses die
freshtoastlord: Oooh
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Yeah, Darksiders 3 is not Open World. That horse is gone.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, and when
OmnipotentTrevor: Like the Hulk
freshtoastlord: wrath's gonna come back later
TehAmelie: let's show John Wick the meaning of revenge
TheWarbo: She's...furious
thebluecosmonaut: fucking metal
AntiCrepuscular: right in the facehole
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wait why would the angels kill horse?
TXC2: heckin metal
Jondare: did she just..
johothehobo: rad
Camail: what a party
SolarBlitz1: That's metal as heck
SydPreviouslyHeadache: what a short game
Styxseus: That seems.. unnecessary ..
CaptainSpam: Well, okay, he does have a point, as Wrath, he would kinda get stronger the harder she fights...
Jondare: i don't think that would work
RatekStormcrow: You know the saying: Hell hath no fury as Fury scorned
AntiCrepuscular: Help...?
TXC2: ACT 2!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I didn't think the elevator scene would come into play this soon
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: The Angels killed the horse because this is not an Open World game. The horse and all other things that were vital to Dark Siders had to be killed. Because budget reasons.
KinoGami: samual?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: who are these clowns
AntiCrepuscular: "TIP: Maybe try not getting hit so much?" ;p
TehAmelie: it would be funny if they spun this off in a God of War direction where you kill your way through every known pantheon and ultimately face the three furies
Spacecarl: I like that the angels look like space marines
EvilBadman: Now kiss1
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is familiar
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Oh, and now we have Hollows too. Yeah, this is not ripping off Dark Souls at all.
shamblingkrenshar: Wow they're leaning haaaard into Dark Souls lore.
theinvisiblevoice: They get Bankai now?
Zarash11: I don't feel so good
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh. those clowns are unimportant
Jondare: That angel looks like some sort of Space marine
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Praise The Sun!
RoastedGravy: Fun fact: This was the original draft of Pokémon. Kappa
theinvisiblevoice: f
Styxseus: I was gonna joke about them mimicking some darksouls themes but that guy just has the DarkSign in his hand :P
freshtoastlord: well that was plot relevant
PMAvers: Ah, so the Diablo 3 plot. Except they look for death instead of boning.
Styxseus: and is called the lord of hollows xD
TehWERR: it'd have been really cool it their armor hadn't decintergated
wicker_knight: why is he wearing the Arc of the Covenant?
wicker_knight: *Ark
castlewise: wait, darksiders 3? Which horseman is this?
Nightvalien28: fashion
AntiCrepuscular: hollowed?!
johothehobo: uuh they are the blood angels but, the white blood cells @Jondare
TXC2: castlewise fury
TehAmelie: i was gonna guess he's carrying the gate to heaven
AntiCrepuscular: in this franchise?!
Nightvalien28: castlewise this is fury
castlewise: fancy
KinoGami: whose voice is this?
KinoGami: for fury
TehAmelie: o'lord is my new title
TehWERR: duuno... fury looks pretty intact after being gutted
phenexian: i'm a big fan of our floating cheer leader
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so who killed the horse?
Ravynn: @KinoGami Cissy Jones
Martizz1e: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Darksiders III
KinoGami: SydPreviouslyHeadache it looked like an angels weapon
theinvisiblevoice: proves commitment, but not to anything in particular
RoastedGravy: THAT’S MY HORSE
shamblingkrenshar: Paul asking the real questions here.
Crad0k: oh, these look like the corrupted enemies from II
Tiber727: Is the proof in not killing them? Is this a test of character?
theinvisiblevoice: For Pony!
zerragonoss: Maybe you are proving your commitment to balanced footwork?
Nightvalien28: also how did they kill your horse, doesn't it live in a pocket plane?
CaptainSpam: So... Fury has what's-her-name, the guide from Skyward Sword.
freshtoastlord: Didn't the corruption die with absalom?
Tiber727: Called it!
PMAvers: I mean, you probably have to kill half of them?
TheWarbo: Is he trying to turn Fury into not-fury?
n3ther: it was a quiz instead
ContingentCat: If this is a test you have to tell me, otherwise it's entrapment
castlewise: so is Darksiders III as good as the first 2?
KinoGami: oh so this is the mime fight from FFV? KappaHD
ReynardWrecca: "What purpose? 'cause it looks sweet, dude."
TehAmelie: she's gonna rule the playground with that marble
AntiCrepuscular: awesome hair upgrade!
jakale: you got the toasty orb
omdorastrix: zIPPOTRICKS!
Diabore: zippo triocks mcedgelord!
n3ther: a crossover episode?!
PMAvers: Except in a better game.
AntiCrepuscular: YES
Questhere: we zippotricks now
TXC2: it fucking better be!
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: She IS the bonfire you needed to light.
KinoGami: I am in
shamblingkrenshar: So the Lord of Hollows upgrades us with fire. Yeah, they're not trying to hide this one.
TehAmelie: hair upgraded to full fire mode?
johothehobo: tricky-sippo McEdgelord
Ukon_vasara: ZippoTricks McEdgelord
TehAmelie: i liked the red color more tbh
wicker_knight: that is also very Dark Souls
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so now we cna ust burn webs
phenexian: I think the kill part is the bit we're into more than the ballance
KinoGami: maybe strife's story will be that he was in on the betrayal
Diabore: we magic now
jakale: maybe she's born with it, maybe it's a fire orb granted by a gate guardian
TheWarbo: So her hair before was just "flame hair but not aflame yet"
ArcOfTheConclave: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:12:15.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: question mark
johothehobo: wait so the big scary guy was really a hair dresser?
TXC2: right chat I'm off
KinoGami: the character design in this is on fire Kappa
red_shoes_jeff: "This guy thr-!" "Look. Whoever it is, probably killing em, either way."
freshtoastlord: Strife, like death, is not a big fan of their overlords in canon
Diabore: see ya @TXC2
Trymantha: wasnt it lb and y?
Spacecarl: Did you have a point to set in the menu or was I seeing things?
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Paul and Adam
SydPreviouslyHeadache: new weapon?
TheWarbo: hahah called it!
wicker_knight: g'nite @TXC2
jakale: now you can burn the eldritch spiderwebs
Crad0k: can you charge the heavy attacks?
PMAvers: I assume the fire hair?
Alness49: I think you get other elements later
PMAvers: Probably different elements, so I assume she'll have ice hair when it's on, etc.
phenexian: !!!!
AntiCrepuscular: the lavafall hides nothing?!
Dared00: 1/10, do not buy
phenexian: Now we can swim in circles in lava
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: This game is a LIE!!
TehAmelie: hmm i think there's a pattern here. Death makes War redundant, War makes Strife redundant, Strife makes Fury redundant
Pteraspidomorphi: That's not a waterfall
SydPreviouslyHeadache: triple jump?
freshtoastlord: It's not a waterfall so it's fine
TehWERR: imagine if that guy hadden't given your fire powers. welp... guess I'm stuck here by these spider webs...
Crad0k: this is definitely a DMC gauntlet weapon
j0xer: fox's recovery move?
TheWarbo: waterfall != lavafall
Asimech: Wait. That can't be lava: lava is too dense to wade in.
Nightvalien28: she is easily impressed
Sanaj: cheer100
shamblingkrenshar: Yeah, I'm waiting for a game that doesn't treat lava as especially hot water.
rennz17: @asimech for a human.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: uhh oh
freshtoastlord: It's videogame/film lava
Nigouki: i like how hell is literally just a secret door in a chapel
SydPreviouslyHeadache: what gave you that impression
freshtoastlord: More like spicy water than molten rock
wicker_knight: well, the chapel is in purgatory, so locations are a bit fuzzy
TehAmelie: even in games with good direction i can't read it and end up going the right way by mistake
TehWERR: I would like to point out that she walks really slowly in lava as if it were very dense
Asimech: @rennz17 Well, she better only walk on concrete if she gets to Earth then.
Jondare: Wait, why are we suddenly Chandra?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: was that really a 1 way thing? did we just miss something? I freaking hate permanently missable things
AntiCrepuscular: Kratos time?
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Asimech: Why *wouldn't* we be suddenly Chandra?
shamblingkrenshar: Oh hey this guy. I remember him.
n3ther: best demon
Asimech: @Jondare But seriously, we got a weapon. Made us Chandra.
TheWarbo: wait he has an eyeball too?
jakale: man, I'm amazed he can talk without lips
VelvetFalcon: When did fire hair happen?
Jondare: @asimech ...sure, I guess
AntiCrepuscular: VelvetFalcon just a moment ago
jakale: in the previous cutscene, we proved sorta our worth to a dude
Traion: And Adam's mimic quest continues
thebluecosmonaut: "serpent holes" 👀
AntiCrepuscular: ^ some dude carrying the ark of the covenant on his back
TehAmelie: maybe the last game will be all about the horse. a better horse sim than RDR2
Styxseus: I feel like "No! You're being deceived!" sums up most of the plot in the first 2 games aswell xD
wicker_knight: except the mimic. that's an armor merchant
KinoGami: adam was a mimic all along
VelvetFalcon: That's nice
TheWarbo: yeah, we proved sorta worth to a dude, that dude gave us some fire thingy, we turned into chandra
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: I have bad news Paul .... The Open World was one of the sacrifices they did to go within budget.
ArcOfTheConclave: the mimic was a typhon
phenexian: Hey Adam, can you imagine if Darkest Dungeon had mimic chests?!
shamblingkrenshar: Even in the intro screen was a mimic. Booting the game causes a game over.
Spacecarl: or there are mimics in the tutorial then never again
ritchards: did they buy that item?
Questhere: so, darksouls 2
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun and then you were the mimic the whole time
Rhynerd: Your sword? A mimic.
TheWarbo: "you're being deceived" "Oh. By whom? What is the truth?" "Oh, I won't tell you that."
shamblingkrenshar: Darkest Dungeon has chests that cause you misery. Thats like 80% to mimic chest.
Ukon_vasara: you have to have 1 mimic, but make it like, in display in a cage and uninteractable
countz3r0: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:18:17.
LetsConsider: There’s a mod for mimic chests in Darkest Dungeon
red_shoes_jeff: Why's she so broken up about the horse, anyway? Our first scene with the horse had Fury here contemplating killing it out of boredom.
TehAmelie: but why would it be scary if the danger wasn't real?
AntiCrepuscular: Bonfire Mimic D:
Laserbeaks_Fury: man I love these skeletons
PMAvers: Or the K6BD mimic, where literally *everything* in a room was a mimic. Including the floor.
Styxseus: That first time you "AHA! Got you, chest!" and then it just staaaaaands up..
KinoGami: there was code or something for a bonfire mimic
AntiCrepuscular: Adam you are an evil genius :D
shamblingkrenshar: I want them to patch in a Bonfire Mimic and just not tell anyone.
Earthenone: final fantasy did save point mimics
RoastedGravy: Bonfire mimics would be pure evil.
rennz17: So I know this is a video game and all but why is this horseman named Fury. No horseman of the apocalypse is Fury and War the next closet to the idea of fury was done already?
Asimech: Someone had a chair mimic in a semi-politics PnP session or something.
AegeusEvander: save crystal mimics in ffix were quite annoying
HisEvilDomain: they did plan for them, you can see the designs. You identified laddder mimics by the pool of saliva at the bottom
ArcOfTheConclave: Floor mimics?
one_fallen_leaf: there was concept art for bonfire mimics in ds3
EvilBadman: the mimics in borderlands 2 DLC made me throw my mouse
KinoGami: Bonfire mimics were a thing they actually considered doing
lord_wertornion: There is that D&D monster that is a mimic that is a house
OmnipotentTrevor: Kinda like the fake save spot in Symphony of the Night.
ritchards: they're called Ditto
AlienNanobots: I don't want to alarm you, but I think your head might be slightly on fire
Traion: Bonfire mimics would kind of break the contract the game makes with you imo
Invitare: the bonfire mimic only happens once, early on. Then never again.
freshtoastlord: @rennz17 darksiders is only vaguely biblical, Fury is darksiders!famine/the black rider
DevInsanity: FF12 had crystal mimics. "Oh look, save point... What the..."
KinoGami: the best mimic is the boss door mimic in gungeon
TehAmelie: i like how scary mimics in Dark Souls are. they got the idea that mimics are predators that evolved to prey on adventurers
forlornhope22: war and death was 1 and 2. apparently famine or pestilence aren't sexy enough.
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shamblingkrenshar: Despite them not existing in Bloodborne, I still hit every chest in that game. Just in case.
aiamethyst: I could make that for you
Ukon_vasara: mimics that bite are so over done, wheres the mimic that just decks me
Invitare: Mimicuties still best mimics
ChefStephen: steven
jakale: visit The Temple of Paranoia, filled with the world's largest collection of every types of mimic
johothehobo: lul
PMAvers: RING... OUT!
rennz17: @freshtoastlord Oh, cool. To be honest Plague/Famine is the horsemen whose name Ganges the most.
LetsConsider: @invitare mimicuties?
Alness49: Voltorbs are the best mimics
rennz17: *changes
n3ther: SMOrc me smash
Suffix: Woah. When did they go super saiyan?
n3ther: me no think SMOrc
TehWERR: I really like the mimics in dungeon meshi (the manga) where mimics are just terrestial hermit crabs that hang out in boxes
Ukon_vasara: the head looks fine, its just he shoulders are swole af
PMAvers: Man, those pauldrons must have been designed by Blizzard.
Daakku: what was it again, famine is a little too passive aggressive, and what is pestilence going to do cough on them?
BloodnBullets: 4 attacks? revolutionary!
AmoriLinguae: an enemy that's a mimic: it's actually a bonfire
ritchards: @ Adam
Suffix: @seabays goblins.
Galactic_pain: *Neeko voice*: Small brain
Ukon_vasara: i like my WoW trolls
n3ther: oh they're definitely my favorite fantasy KappaPride
Suffix: Aw. Didnt even @ him right
Jondare: Or Games Workshop
ChangelingDruid: Temptation to ????????? is strong
coolbond: @adam Slimes are the best
johothehobo: 40K orks are best orcs
LetsConsider: @invitare that is... it... AAAARGH
fiftymcnasty: its obviously undead
freshtoastlord: pestilence could have just been replaced by conquest like usual
SkylerRingtail: Kobolds, yo
rendelnep: @seabats ... Murlocs
Ukon_vasara: Goblins are just ugly gnomes
Invitare: LetsConsider wait until you see what they do
TehAmelie: the biblical Pestilence is Conquest i believe. a backstabbing sort of warfare
dyvion: Orks with a K!!
AGiantRoach: SMOrc SMOrc
VelvetFalcon: @Adam
bismuthborealis: I'm with ringtail; kobolds best.
AlonsoSwift: The best fantasy race is humans Kappa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wow, Adam is so hateful
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dyvion: Goblins are always having fun, even when dying!
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Krokaar: I love gnomes, you monster
n3ther: gnomes are ugly dwarves
Suffix: @Seabats Pardon me I meant Tauren. ˙͜>˙
KidSpanner: Have you considered centaurs?
freshtoastlord: dwarves are literally jacked short people
Invitare: LetsConsider https://youtu.be/kqRuOgzweXE?t=456
mynthio: Best fantasy race is dragons though.
phenexian: I agree warcraft orcs are the best race in warcraft. But Tolkien's orcs (the og orcs) are super racist depictions of mongolian people
n3ther: LOL
AmoriLinguae: @mynthio you misspelt worst
Crad0k: murlocs were in the RTS games, though
n3ther: Taurens are actually the best. who doesn't love that beef
AntiCrepuscular: !quote right
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Jondare: Are we doing any fantasy race? Cause if so, I've gotta hand it to the Aetherborn, such a cool concept. If we go just Warcraft races, I've always loved my Blood elves
VelvetFalcon: Best fantasy race is Bird Folk.
kumatsu: Adam you say that, but the Vulpera exist
coolbond: thats not how you spel worgen
Himyul: I always liked "wizard" as a race
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Heal?
Asimech: I was just about to say that there's not a whole lot of competition in Warcraft's species.
theinvisiblevoice: Why would you say orcs when you could say draenai?
TheExactSame: and their credit score is aMAAAzing
icefinch: phoenix>dragons
Styxseus: AND they'r rich!
bismuthborealis: plant people are great too...
shamblingkrenshar: If they can change shape to anything, are they really dragons? And not just shapeshifters?
freshtoastlord: ACSHUALLY, many dragons are dumb
AlonsoSwift: I mean, they ARE the title character :P
TehAmelie: half-human half-dragons are more balanced and fun i think
jakale: dragons: why min max when you can just max
Himyul: the dragons want you to think they're dumb
theinvisiblevoice: depends on the media
freshtoastlord: An ancient white dragon is less intelligent than the average peasant with an int of 8
Laserbeaks_Fury: NotAllDragons
n3ther: dragons in Warcraft lore are supposedly super powerful but then we always have to help them
Taveena: Dragons are born with adult human intelligence and *then keep getting smarter.*
Mister_Skittles: depends on the universe
castlewise: white dragons are dumb
Barb4rian: White dragons are pretty derpy...but thats about it
Taveena: White dragons are one of the few that starts dumber than a human, and they're STILL as smart as an orc.
Krokaar: unless your wrathion you are a dumb dragnoling for like a few hundred years
shamblingkrenshar: Dragons in Warcraft got de-powered post Cataclysm though.
VoidByAnyOtherName: white dragons are the dumbs
Taveena: White Dragons get smart.
Mister_Skittles: in some universes dragons are just giant owerful animals, in other they are super wise
Taveena: They just start average.
TheWarbo: (go to the door, look up)
VelvetFalcon: Dragons get smart as a result of living very long.
LordManiMani: Niv Mizzet ate all the dumb dragons on Ravnica
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shamblingkrenshar: And all of them are dumb compared to him, so he ate all of them?
LordManiMani: exactly. all the dumb dragons
Galactic_pain: I personally prefer faeries
riking27: diversify your attack elements
jakale: reinds me of a webcomic where a red dragon paints itself blue
Traion: Black Dragon: Smart as a human adult from birth Blue: smarter Green: smarter Red: smarter White: Orc smart, and the dumb ones of the dragon family
castlewise: Thats why I've never been able to pull off the super scary super smart villian
TehAmelie: it's pretty funny in Warcraft 2 where the building that makes dragons is literally Alextrazawhatsit the dragon queen chained down on the ground. and you usually make a bunch of her.
shamblingkrenshar: Are we getting main Ravnica storyline stories on the site at some point? I want to see what Niv-Mizzet is up to that led to Ral taking over.
TehWERR: If I was a red dragon I would paint myself white, and tell everyone I was a white dragon
TheWarbo: That looked like the first Fire Keeper's Soul chapel to me to...
chesul: I more view dragons being super smart as the DM being allowed to use some meta-knowledge with them.
freshtoastlord: I kinda wish dragons had innate spellcasting or something
kumatsu: Did he have a Hunting Horn?
LetsConsider: So which is more powerful-Nicol Bolas(any of his cards) or Niv Mizzet(most recent cards)
VoidByAnyOtherName: did he speak spanish
Alness49: Is it cosmetic?
TheWarbo: Is it just cosmetic?
Traion: The dumbest of the 5 metallics is as smart as the smartest chromatic. So overall dragons are p. smart
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Crad0k: This Space Unintentionally Left Blank
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BloodnBullets: early purchase bonus?
MousseFilledCat: One of my party just assumed the Orc NPC we were dealing with was a barbarian and when proved wrong the rest of the party had to sit him down and talk to him about his racist assumptions.
VelvetFalcon: Oh hey! She's Chandra!
Traion: Oh wow MousseFilledCat that's great
castlewise: #NotAllOrcs
mistborn83: Paul you seem to be enjoying this game
TehAmelie: "barbarian is a strongly favored class for orcs, but"
VoidByAnyOtherName: how's the music in this game btw, haven't heard much of it
MousseFilledCat: The player was really embarrassed about it but took it with good humor
Kramburger: Wow, Paul
Himyul: okay, so is it racist to assume a chromatic dragon is evil?
ArcOfTheConclave: that's a big bow
Mister_Skittles: i once had a group where the barbarian had the highest wisdom and int.
cheetoJack: chat whats the right way to cook a piergoie? I have some and I want to do it properly
jaric93: @castlewise I usually get around it by making them a stupidly prepared villain If you play it right it you never have to "do the math" on screen but the actions around them makes it seem like the thing was planned from the start
Ukon_vasara: i like skeleton archer, because its a skeleton and an archer, all for 3B
Questhere: he seems chill
theinvisiblevoice: turns out all these mobs are neutral but you keep attacking them first
Alness49: "You just detached your foot and put it there, Jerry!"
TheWarbo: I mean...those mobs really were neutral?
vinvis_: Hey everybody, how is the game?
TehAmelie: videogames have trained me to expect skeleton warriors to resurrect almost immediately
LetsConsider: Dark souls trained me in that @tehamelie
red_shoes_jeff: Secret Tunnel! Secret Tunnel!
TehAmelie: Prince of Persia, Diablo 2, and Dark Souls too
Laserbeaks_Fury: Well, now their hair animation makes way more sense
theinvisiblevoice: mario trained me that way @TehAmelie
RatekStormcrow: That would be un Ladylike
cheetoJack: that hole was not made for us
Asimech: Look, her ego can't fit through.
TehAmelie: really when you see a skeleton warrior you just look around for the boss guy you have to kill first
Styxseus: This tunnel thought? Easy
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Invitare: Why is it not as escalator?
Invitare: This is unacceptable
vbanej: You just can't see the net of razorwire blocking the window
SydPreviouslyHeadache: chosen stairs
n3ther: wait that's not how you react to every staircase you see?
freshtoastlord: the chosen, the makers
freshtoastlord: come on game
theinvisiblevoice: there was a bug in wow where all mage mana shields were the same size, and it was joked that for gnomes they were finally big enough to fit their ego
red_shoes_jeff: Havoc?
easterncaveofwonders: I have a half orc paladin PC who’s about to go full Anakin... he’s finding that the world outside the Monastery is neither lawful or good enough and he’s going to Fix It amazonGuild
ZeroArcana: stairs ARE an abomination
jakale: "these foul steps seek to slowly destroy my knees and my patience, but I shall not give in"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ohh Havoc mode heals you, like Spartan Rage
CaptainSpam: Look, she's just really sensitive to accessibility. These stairs are hell on disabled people.
Ukon_vasara: its cause you not leveling that damage
TheMerricat: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:33:21.
castlewise: jaric93: There is definitely a tradeoff. You can pretend the beholder is prepared for whatever plan the players come up with (and that does fit the lore) but it can feel bad.
Ukon_vasara: seems that mode and the counters are purple numbers, based on arcane stat, not strength
Himyul: I think Fury should have a series of escalating names, starting with "Mildly Annoyed", up through "Kratos before breakfast".
EvilBadman: that's a Stair-eotype.
SquareDotCube: Those anti-stairers and their steps to avoid them
rendelnep: stairs are for life, not just for elevation
TheWooglie: Never change chat
TheWarbo: *stairs blankly ahead*
Asimech: The chat, the chat never changes.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Sorry, Escalator temporarily stairs
Laserbeaks_Fury: Don't trust stairs, they're always up to something
TehAmelie: stair mimics would be the worst
BloodnBullets: that skeleton has a bunch of deaths combos
castlewise: Darksiders III seems to be taking its cues from Dark Souls
Asimech: Yeah, I don't think this discussion will be elevated anytime soon.
LetsConsider: Hey chat, why should you study on a plane? To get a higher education
red_shoes_jeff: Maybe try equipping that other chain, see what it does.
OmnipotentTrevor: Double check to see if the old set of souls still persists?
freshtoastlord: Stair mimics but every individual has a chance to be a mimic
Asimech: Wait. Did she do the Dark Souls estus flask animation with the healing?
Earthenone: Prey Slaughtered
Rhynerd: No
PandasAndPancakes: This is also very lost Izalith
Rhynerd: More of a Dark Souls soul item animation
TehAmelie: no no the whole flight of stairs is a mimic and when you kill it the stairs no longer go down, only up
TehAmelie: or vice versa
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MatthewDennisMTG: howdy fellas
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Asimech: @Rhynerd Yeah, that must be it.
Himyul: it's terrible when architects get into a stairing contest
LetsConsider: What is the difficulty on?
Ukon_vasara: Dark Souls: they may be trash mobs, but so are you
TheWarbo: There are a lot of DS things but I feel like there's also a lot of things people are calling Souls-like that are just like...that's how video games are.
theinvisiblevoice: @LetsConsider "balanced"
PandasAndPancakes: Mimic staircase but it goes the opposite way you're walking, like walking up a downwards escalator
HydraWiggins: is the strat to just not fight and keep running til the next boss fight?
Broken_Harbinger: can anyone in chat tell me how to get the crimson oath armor. I redeemed the code just don't know where it is
TheWarbo: in this game, i mean
tigeralchemist: get thumped feliciaBoom
Questhere: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:37:28.
VoidByAnyOtherName: please don't bullet train the toilet
LordManiMani: PogChamp
Kramburger: Gotta wear in that toilet seat
PandasAndPancakes: Also hey chat <3
SquareDotCube: How the Bathroom got its Groove Back
tigeralchemist: octoDab octoLove
TehAmelie: and some things that Dark Souls just solved and we still gotta give other games crap for not doing different and worse
jaric93: @castlewise I agree but If you spin it to something like borderline paranoia so they literally are Carzy prepared I'm talking planning around Intergalatic space termites (could actually totaly be a concern for a beholder but you get the gist) It puts the characters in a situation where instead of doing a direct confrontation it becomes either a guessing game or an exercise in unpredictability ala well I could go through the door but they will have trapped it , I could go through the window.... b
jaric93: wow that turned into a wall of text
freshtoastlord: Dark souls 1 world layout is still one of, if not my favourite out there today
Krokaar: painting some proxies to try out canlander soonTM. cant afford those real moxs XD
LetsConsider: @freshtoastlord Ive been playing it again. God it’s so good
phenexian: it's possible we've under leveled our other stats
TehAmelie: it was a family movie and all
freshtoastlord: @LetsConsider Right? Man, I need to pick it up for the 99th time
KidSpanner: The giant flaming axe comes up so infrequently.
Asimech: The checkpointing could be better.
Spacecarl: Actually you got a bunch of the adamantite... go upgrade gear more?
LetsConsider: I wouldn’t be willing to call this woman “baby” but maybe that’s just me
KidSpanner: Woah.
Ukon_vasara: skeletons are the secrets
TheWarbo: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always just dead here.
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SenseAmidstMadness: BONES
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Scrubbodiestobears: you're saying they don't have... skeletons in their closet?
PandasAndPancakes: The secret is how they move without muscles
theinvisiblevoice: skeletons can't hide secrets, you can see right through them
TehAmelie: now we see where Alex's skeleton racism went
Nightvalien28: wow
JudgeKyle: I just always assumed the person saying "no one puts baby in the corner" was always person carrying the giant flaming axe
Earthenone: !findquote skeleton
LRRbot: Quote #1445: "Graham, there are skeletons everywhere." —Alex [2014-01-17]
shamblingkrenshar: WHOA. Adam the Skeleton Racist here.
Stoffern: lrrWOW
n3ther: umm i have a skeleton inside me, I'm deeply offended right now
freshtoastlord: My bones are shook, Adam
Suhono: excuse you
Nightvalien28: alex would be proud
Ukon_vasara: skeletons dont have skeletons in the closet, they are the ones in the closet
Suhono: I am a skeleton and very offended
dyvion: @LoadingReadyRun New Crapshot!
1losttheGame: I'm very offended
HydraWiggins: woooow adam
Jorge4hg: Skeletor will remember that
phenexian: i have feelings and im about 30% skeleton
shamblingkrenshar: Adam, I'll have you know there's a skeleton with feelings inside your skin right now!
castlewise: waow
Evochron13: adam you have a skeleton inside you!! you ARE (partially) a skeleton!
n3ther: he doesn't stop D:
Spikkle: wow skeletonist
VoidByAnyOtherName: waow, what a bone headed thing to say MiniK
7gorobei: Adam there is a skeleton inside all of us
castlewise: Let me ask the skeleton inside me
Asimech: "I would cry, but I don't have tears, tearducts or eyes."
shamblingkrenshar: Yeah and that brain is in your head!
TehAmelie: frankly Adam is right and it's why Skeleton Warrior is my favorite character in Nobody Scores
Nightvalien28: that's rich coming from a meat bag
SydPreviouslyHeadache: is Adam still welcome in the golgari guild?
shamblingkrenshar: The head of the skeleton!
Spikkle: B-but magic!
SenseAmidstMadness: @7gorobei Lies! Propaganda!
TheWarbo: Adam, I can feel it IN MY BONES
TaubeTilda: Adam Saavage, living up to his name
Ukon_vasara: brains arent bone, and skeletons are just various bones
freshtoastlord: Haven't you ever heard "I can feel it in my bones"?
Evochron13: adam's golgari membership has been revoked sydpreviouslyheadache
chesul: you've never felt something in your bones Adam?
Earthenone: !findquote r1
LRRbot: Quote #2317: "That guy isn't actually that scary, you just stay behind him. You stay behind him and mash R1. Just like every other thing in these lrrEFF ing games. You just stay behind it and mash R1. And then you tell other people to git gud. That's how this game works. Stand behind it, mash R1, go to other people's chats, tell them to git gud. I think I've got it now." —Cameron [2016-04-13]
TaubeTilda: @chesul Aw daaaaamn
TehAmelie: only living bones have marrow though
rocketjohn: Earthenone beat me to it...
castlewise: that quote is gas
rocketjohn: !findquote bones
LRRbot: Quote #2642: "I'm being told it's referred to as a "bone folder" which sounds like something I'd keep my bones in so I don't lose them." —Ian [2016-05-30]
LetsConsider: You’ve never been truly cold, then
chesul: man, you're missing out, some great things are felt in the bone. ;)
Ukon_vasara: i mean, we did get fox's up smash for recovery, so thats dece
Traion: I think people from Sask now what cold is ;)
j0xer: i went camping in april where it dropped to freezing overnight, coldest i've ever been
hippitybobbity: it's funny, when I was in highschool I could run around in a tshirt in the snow and now that I have to work and get tired I just want infinity blankets
TehAmelie: in my headcanon those are called Frenzy Sharts
Thandres: where did we get the non default armour? :o
JudgeKyle: Judge here, we've decided that the warm personality statement is correct
SydPreviouslyHeadache: it's gotta be the shoes
Kramburger: The Shoes/
phenexian: So Fury as a fox echo in smash confirmed
Spikkle: Hoiyaaaah!
TehAmelie: you get so angry you shart and get a second wind of anger
LetsConsider: @j0xer -14 with multiple feet of snow while being stuck outside
LetsConsider: No tents
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Archers are jerks
Scrubbodiestobears: I mean Paul's not wrong though
TheWarbo: I mean, most terrible individuals are people with feelings
freshtoastlord: Skeletons can't take up archery now?
Scrubbodiestobears: no one likes skeleton archers
j0xer: @LetsConsider do not want
rocketjohn: i'm with Paul
rocketjohn: sorry adam
TheMerricat: Paul is at least specific, you are going after a whole speiceis.
Invitare: Paul is defeinitely on the correct side
coolbond: paul is an ass adam is a racist
KidSpanner: Paul's at least acknowledging that they have feelings.
ghostvalv: skeleton archers are bad and they should feel bad
VoidByAnyOtherName: no you're definitely on the same side of the fence
TaubeTilda: loooook for a respawn before going up?
lifecharacter: No one likes archers. Period.
phenexian: Adam is worse, dehumanising people is the start of a dark path
Trymantha: you are both equally awful
Traion: I'm with Adam
Papperslappen: Some vile skeleton resentment
coolbond: well skeleton racist
freshtoastlord: A skeleton can't just pick up a pleasant hobby and share his/her/their joy with you?
Kramburger: Paul joining Alex with Skeleton racism
Invitare: Adam is de-skeletonising the skeletons
1losttheGame: Paul judges on the individual, not the entire skeleton Kappa
LetsConsider: @j0xer it was very cold.
rocketjohn: you wish to hurt their feelings, and also their bones
HydraWiggins: Paul is Switzerland, you can;t fight switzewerland
MousseFilledCat: I thought Adam was perfectly happy being an asshole in video games
freshtoastlord: My mother was a skeleton!
VoidByAnyOtherName: same side of the fence with different signs
bismuthborealis: adam's always worse.
Thandres: it actually makes the hurting sweeter Kappa
Spikkle: To be fair the skeletons are all trying to kill you, so
red_shoes_jeff: Paul acknowledges they are people. People he wishes to kill, but still...
Ukon_vasara: the skeleton in me was vary hurt by what adam had to say
Alness49: Put Skeleton Archer in Smash you cowards!
HisEvilDomain: those skeletons were once people, just cuz they have weirdly buff bones doesn't mean they don't have feelings
Anubis169: depends on the game
MadWaltz: Paul respects the skeletons enough to disrespect them
PandasAndPancakes: Skeleton archers are not a protected group - it's like hating gouging landlords, or the Dutch Kappa
AlonsoSwift: Paul, hurting skeletons' feelings isn't very humerus
TehAmelie: skeletons deserve the bone hurting juice
Traion: Adam is the righteous, non-skeleton-collaborator in this discussion
SydPreviouslyHeadache: my skeleton compels me to agree with Paul. these skeletons are jerks
TaubeTilda: hurt them in the boneeees
phenexian: you're both at a skeleton trump rally, but one of you is a bone racist, and the other is a bone nazi
Spikkle: Secret tunnel! PogChamp
theinvisiblevoice: not calle DARKsiders for nothing
Krokaar: tell me more about this deep and darkness
Anubis169: phenexian: could we keep that down a little
mynthio: going upstairs was made possible by that switch.
1losttheGame: I don't think Fury is good either, as a horseman of the apocalypse and all
SydPreviouslyHeadache: but the bow helps
Scrubbodiestobears: it's like playing Control, you know?
ArcOfTheConclave: it's like playing aggro
rocketjohn: indeed. see also blue mages.
j0xer: what if their dad was an archer, and the family pressure compells them to follow in his footsteps
Nightvalien28: ya'll nerds
Juliamon: !findquote politics
LRRbot: Quote #4545: "What happens on discord must go to #politics." —PhoenixMelior [2017-12-13]
TehAmelie: the only good skeleton is a weaponless skeleton
accountmadeforants: What if Boneathan took up archery as a hobby?
LetsConsider: It’s like playing prison
red_shoes_jeff: Bows don't kill people, skeletons kill people!
phenexian: @Anubis169 Sorry. Wont go there again.
LetsConsider: @accountmadeforants he doesn’t have arms
freshtoastlord: Paul "archery is for assholes" Saunders
HydraWiggins: two sides of the coin, but all control players are evil
AlonsoSwift: It tickled your funny bone, Adam
jchinnock: You know deep inside all of us is a butthead skeleton
AntiCrepuscular: time to grow another six legs?
Papperslappen: The only thing that can stop a bad skeleton with a bow is a good skeleton with a bow
VoidByAnyOtherName: to put it another way, a camping sniper is a camping sniper, skeleton or not
Krokaar: maybe you can climb them
ArcOfTheConclave: burn!
Alness49: It's a fuse?
AntiCrepuscular: Spider-fury!
Trymantha: its a timing puzzle
j0xer: i think the webs are a timer thing so you can cross the lava
MadWaltz: Need to get Spiderball I guess
red_shoes_jeff: it's a fuse.
vollemelk: ADAMMMM cheer100 wahatzzzuuuppp
TehAmelie: everyone and everything has a skeleton. even cinnabuns. that's just something we have to live with
fiftymcnasty: Light the other side of the web?
Spacecarl: i mean, hit it at the farthest part
Diabore: start above the statue
korvys: Maybe you need a bow, like an asshole skeleton
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AntiCrepuscular: nice!
Ukon_vasara: okay thats neat
Papperslappen: lrrHORN
51 raiders from unarmedoracle have joined !
Laserbeaks_Fury: unarmeHmm unarmeHmm unarmeHmm unarmeHmm unarmeHmm unarmeHmm
MolaMolaphant: her hair seems a little warm
Anubis169: o hai Cam
Lysander_Gustav: unarmeHmm
Nigouki: wait, humans pre-date heaven and hell?
AntiCrepuscular: Welcome, raiders!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the Cam Fam! hello
TheMerricat: unlike the skeleton archer, they are welcome.
Ukon_vasara: unarmed, so they would be good skeletons
Diabore: math is for blockers
theinvisiblevoice: none of Cam's raiders have bows, so Paul won't be an asshole to them
TehAmelie: take up your arms and fight some bones
Alchemistmerlin: hey wait a minute this raid took me to a place I already was
KidSpanner: Gotta jog everywhere.
MolaMolaphant: oh good, and a vertebral whip
vollemelk: So I was playing EDH tonight. My playgroup is getting better. Staples all the way. This makes me want to play more janky decks, grouphug and such....
solahwin_tampramain: ONLY RUNNING
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: who are we playing as this time? War?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh wow I remember these sword keys
KeiRaccoon: unarmeHmm unarmeHmm unarmeHmm seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
fiftymcnasty: Adam "Hoverboard" Savidan
Nigouki: bridge of Moria?
solahwin_tampramain: loading ready RUNNING ONLY
Trymantha: War was the firstone right?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: That looks EXTREMELY Lord Of The Rings
TheWarbo: We're Fury. There is a different character who is Wrath.
emrafool: are those FABULOUS HEELS?
Ukon_vasara: Fury the black rider
MolaMolaphant: Why wouldn't lava make an updraft?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Only cardio
Trymantha: cause it was the warmastered edition
Asimech: Well, I mean. Being able to get everywhere with a hoverboard has got to be pretty high in the "winning" meter.
shamblingkrenshar: It works 90% of the time
TehAmelie: normally videogame lava has no convection, but. . .
LetsConsider: Someone needs to make a “skeleton archer” account
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: We look like Hot Topic Chandra.
MolaMolaphant: And I thought Chandra was the Hot Topic Chandra
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: IIRC historically the Furies did wield whips of thorns, so
rocketjohn: hot topic chandra is just chandra though
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: we thought it was just Chandra, but this here is clearly Hot Topic Chandra. there was a level we did not previously suspect
TheMerricat: throw it to the ground.
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Crawl space Paul
freshtoastlord: Enter the bone zone
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: There is a place you can crawl through there
coolbond: dear paul you missed a crawl hole
PandasAndPancakes: Only arseholes are late, Adam. nice people are always punctual Kappa
KinoGami: when did we go to moria?
MatthewDennisMTG: is Darksiders at all related to Dark Souls?
TheWarbo: Basically bows are to skeleta what fedoras are to men.
Spacecarl: but once they shoot at you... thats it
lifecharacter: Paul's hatred of archers and skeletons is a multifaceted and complex thing.
Asimech: Oh, that hole is big enough but the damn window slits weren't?
phenexian: @MatthewDennisMTG no
The_Passerby: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (1m ago).
Thandres: with the bow they get to mandatory archer training and there he is full with skeletons who CHOSE to be archers
The_Passerby: Is One More canceled?
MatthewDennisMTG: thanks @phenexian
AntiCrepuscular: perfect timing!
Spacecarl: you can probably upgrade the equipment more now too
TehAmelie: what if every skeleton over the age of 12 has to practice with the longbow two hours a week by order of the king?
DoctorOfBeard: he is a hate filled man
Asimech: Right, Paul hates skeletons with Dark Souls.
Nightvalien28: ew
Anubis169: TehAmelie: There are some kids here who still do that
MolaMolaphant: oh ho ho ho ho, hollow knight BUGS you?
KinoGami: hollow knight lets you summon your currency to you tho
Anubis169: for the same reasoning
RebekahWSD: What about skeleton mage? I went the magic route
KinoGami: so if you die in a boss room you don't have to go back to it
red_shoes_jeff: @TehAmelie Then the king is a MASSIVE asshole.
Trymantha: I mean there are crossbows
Questhere: kthxbai!!
SkylerRingtail: "SkeletonArcher" just susbcribed in 3...2...
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: what's tonight?
FreshToastLord: While you were playing PUBG I was mastering the bow
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: on Talking Sim, I mean
therm0s_: Don't all archers have skeletons tho?
Phailhammer: cya :)
Earthenone: tonight is diablo 2
red_shoes_jeff: !pubg
LRRbot: Shrinking Map Pochinki Scrap
Trymantha: @ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews Cam and Adam with Diablo 2
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: aha
TehAmelie: all archers have skeletons but not all archers are skeletons
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thanks for streaming Adam and Paul
Anubis169: what about those squid archers?
FreshToastLord: #NotAllArchers
Jondare: Sadly won’t be able to join tonight, catsitting at my parents place, so no gaming PC :(
7gorobei: all archers have skeletons, but not all skeletons have bownes
Lirelent: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (4m ago).
SydPreviouslyHeadache: speaking of Skeleton Archers. Monoblack skeletons is a lot of fun. Death Baron, Cabal Stronghold land thing, Skeleton Archers. and then helm of the host the skeleton archer to kill everything slowly
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: my favorite is still Shrinking Map Pochinki Scrap TBH
7gorobei: punchy shooty fighty looty is top notch
B4rberblacksheep: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
FreshToastLord: It's time for some pre-skeleton, post-archery
TehAmelie: if you give an undead shark a bow does it become less of an asshole since sharks don't have bones?
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
notarealartist: hello hello
FreshToastLord: Sharks can't wield bows due to class restrictions making them the purest entities
MatthewDennisMTG: HeyGuys
postmodernpajamawrestler: one more? more like ONE SNORE amirite?
Questhere: hrm, is steam down?
fiftymcnasty: Yes its steam maintance
ShadeofHades: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
delta__vee: wait, shark is a class? how does one shark?
fiftymcnasty: Its steam's like 5 min reboot
TheWarbo: What range of levels is Baby Shark?
masterfrog316: steam is down? thats handy
TheMerricat: Steam _JUST_ went down. ;-)
masterfrog316: oh mine is currently updating
Unas84: yeah -.-
FreshToastLord: I heard it's a prestige spec. Sharkdom is a state of mind
fiftymcnasty: Tuesday is bad day for PUBG
xantos69: lrrHEART James
Stoffern: lrrAWW
PMAvers: Oh right, they were doing that load-test today weren't they.
TehAmelie: hi James lrrSLOTH
Traion: Hey Chat I'm cold, how do I blame this on James?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: so uh...Destiny 2? Kappa
Alness49: Have you tried gitting gud at Steam? lrrBEEJ
TemporallyAwry: Sweet new show "Technical Difficulties" lrrHEART
TheWarbo: Loading Friendy Run
TheMerricat: BTW, I think discord is going to go down in 5 min. :-)
TheMerricat: I am lying.
Alness49: They did, but it was at Famous Youtuber James Turner
Jondare: So what you're saying is "welcome to 'One more downtime screw with James's show'"? :P
CrazymattCaptain: James is cursed
PMAvers: See, if you were playing Fortnite, you'd be in game right now.
EJGRgunner: Today "...One More?" James drinks shots of hard liquor. Will the bartender cut him off or can he find a way to get... One More?
TheWarbo: My steam just reconnected
Trymantha: all we need now is twitch to crash
kassy_13: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:34.
TheWarbo: By "Seattle" do you mean "secretly Korea"?
kassy_13: has steam effed up too?
Traion: It's 0:00 UTC James
Asimech: Seattle is the Korea of NA. Everybody knows that.
TheMerricat: https://steamstat.us/
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drfox17: Once again, I must remind everyone that drfox17 is not a doctor.
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red_shoes_jeff: Tuesday's cheap night at the theatre, so CLEARLY, they're expecting us all to be at the movies.
AllyDistrict: Oh hi friends
kassy_13: @Traion 11pm utc!
dougma: crap my computer powered down?
Kazman20a: this is the time of day they can do the restart and still have time to fix it, if everything goes to hell , before end of day
kassy_13: right now at least
Squiidd_pope: Street fighter 5 also having server downtime right now pjdJobe
kassy_13: i thought this started at 10pm
Diabore: got it!
kassy_13: but nope
Traion: @kassy_13 oh right I forgot we switched from DST
kassy_13: @Traion we did XD
nkcola: Hi all, ready to roll :D
drfox17: TQ! TQ! TQ!
StringCheeseRiot: pjsalt100 It begins!!
masterfrog316: hope i get my first ever kill today :)
kassy_13: i kinda got super into this
red_shoes_jeff: Famous YellTuber James Turner
Mangledpixel: boop
Traion: #YellAtTQ slytqItsFine
delta__vee: sergeCounting
Diabore: everone drop school
Squiidd_pope: pjdFatbord
fiftymcnasty: Should play BLOPS instead
delta__vee: lrrWOW
Diabore: damn funko, i felt that one
jolly_flounder: elfunkChunk
solahwin_tampramain: SHOTS from straya!
Brok3nGol3m: loading in
dougma: trying, but my machine died and is slow to reboot
xantos69: cheer50 I love this game and will always be here to play with you sir.
Brok3nGol3m: in
NathanJay_GA: heyooo!
Asoxa: trying to get steam to work!
dougma: don't hold up everyone for me
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betsytheripper: I had to stay home from work sick and my car was officially deemed Totaled (I was hit, I am no fault), but I get to see you click some heads live!! It makes things better lrrHEART sergeHeart
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omdorastrix: do you actually have to be loading in to say it?
masterfrog316: good luck everyone playing
Brok3nGol3m: here to get killed by Serge sergeHeart
SergeYager: lol <3
theambivalentagender: It is also coming out the same day as smash 4
drfox17: oooo winter map
AllyDistrict: PS4 is 7th December
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The_Passerby: Aw 20 months, that is some amount of time! James, how are you? How is everyone in your discord?
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Traion: @betsy <3
betsytheripper: Oh yeah I have very good insurance
Synchroma: Hey everyone :)
betsytheripper: they're gonna cut me a check for my 9 year old car haha
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The_Passerby: Shoot, PS James, I need to DM you later one of these days.
Spacecarl: Well on the plus side, me being home recovering from that appendectomy means more LRR streams I normally miss!
Synchroma: @betsytheripper yay! congrats
jaydenplayz8: hi sir im new
Brok3nGol3m: ty for waiting for me
The_Passerby: No worries!
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jolly_flounder: Today was a personally pretty sad for me but I'm glad I can be here and chill with this awesome community! <3
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betsytheripper: I'm just waiting to hear exactly how much how to go through the total loss process.
jaydenplayz8: hi
jolly_flounder: *day
Jondare: My DB shirt just arrived today :D
Synchroma: @jaydenplayz8 Welcome friend
korvys: My DB shirt arrived yesterday, which is rad.
azureHaights: I can tell I've been playing way too much Phantom Pain, I saw those containers and immedately thought "ooh stuff to fulton"
jaydenplayz8: !rank
Synchroma: @jolly_flounder Hope you feel better soon friend. :)
Boyshinboiv: eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wassup james
eric_christian_berg: Wyld Stallions!
AllyDistrict: Funko, you kinda just flail your arms when you get zapped
jolly_flounder: @Synchroma thanks <3
betsytheripper: I got my VST DBLoon last night! It was great
drfox17: I hope my prize comes soon
omdorastrix: Did the coffee-table arrive yet?
Frankenfruity: got my shirt at last as well
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: hi folks, i'm also having difficult day, just realizing what Amazon etc warehouses are like and how its been going on for years and I've been ignorant...
korvys: Still waiting on my crafter dbloon, but Australia is a long way away :P
solahwin_tampramain: funko in the mail?
Synchroma: @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie That sucks :(