Taveena: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: Realm Grinder) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (14m from now).
PhoenixMelior: ah okay
Taveena: Ooh, what's a Realm Grinder?
Earthenone: also fancy in that they taste diferent
richard_ermen: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: Realm Grinder) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (13m from now).
PhoenixMelior: I have only seen one once, and it went into my switch and never came out
Skyboss1996: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: Realm Grinder) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (13m from now).
Laurreth: oh they looks fairly different from SD, I'd remembered a closer resemblance
cheetoJack: it does look like someone took the bits of an SD card and said "what if we made this chonkier"
Skyboss1996: But what if... CHONK
Taveena: I wonder if you could set up LRRbot so that it messaged people with the next stream when they !next'd after a recent !next
Taveena: probably a pain in the butt
Laurreth: not even that, it's PCB with edge contacts in a plastic cage
cheetoJack: Taveena that functionality is possible
TheMerricat: @Taveena I think it does actually, I've had whispers from lrrbot about streams before.
PhoenixMelior: Taveena this is why we briefly pushed !status
cheetoJack: but it would probably result in more people saying "what? it didnt work?"
malc: tbf so is SD, laurreth
PhoenixMelior: but then messages got awful
LoadingReadyRun: I feel like Nintendo played that perfectly. Game Journalists would never lick a game cart, but *tell* them that you added a coasting to discourage licking, and suddenly you get a bunch of free PR articles about your new thing
Didero: !live
Didero: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: Realm Grinder) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (10m from now).
LRRbot: Currently live fanstreamers: AmyTFalcone (https://www.twitch.tv/amytfalcone​) is playing Art (Let's draw comics~), MagisterMystax (https://www.twitch.tv/magistermystax​) is playing Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver (Storm's a-comin' - Pokémon Storm Silver)
TheMerricat: !status
PhoenixMelior: so !status and !autostatus are no longer as nice as you want them to be
Laurreth: malc, non-Ultra SD doesn't have a staggered contact arrangement and I doubt the switch uses NVMe or anything as fancy
Skyboss1996: also.... could Bethesda like... stop updating FO4?
PhoenixMelior: no
cheetoJack: so this is a cover of Africa using some interesting Japanese instruments https://youtu.be/eOqk4-l9Cl4?t=63
PhoenixMelior: that would mean they have to start working on the new elder scrolls
Skyboss1996: it keeps breaking my F4SE
Skyboss1996: and that makes me annoyed
TheMerricat: Or Fallout76 :-)
malc: and this is Africa with the words sorted into alphabetical order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82nqsksBH7M
LoadingReadyRun: I really want to try to make a panel for below the stream window to show the upcoming schedule. Just have to figure out he best way to do it (and get time to learn Twitch's extension system)
PhoenixMelior: what
PhoenixMelior: malc why
malc: why not
Skyboss1996: Africa~! Africa~! Africa~!
malc: I was saving that for Desert Bus but then forgot :-P
Laurreth: yeah that goes on for some time
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun new toys - would like. :-)
Laurreth: this works and made Youtube autogen Dutch captions: https://youtu.be/_bYzRUaMEAk
Laurreth: Pentatonix are on time like F
cheetoJack: surely it couldnt be that hard to make an extension that pulls from the twitch events page... hmm.... well there goes my evening
TheMerricat: Actually it looks like the wheel was already invented....https://www.twitch.tv/ext/2zra50425wzzregbr7nqy9ma6eh9ed-0.8.5
TheMerricat: though the links to their existing extensions look spammy and horrible.
cheetoJack: TheMerricat where is the data pulling from?
LoadingReadyRun: It is too bad that the twitch Event system isn't a thing that they seem to care about. If it had a API or a half decent interface, it would be a good solution
Skyboss1996: Twitch, please stick to one kind of schedule thing
Skyboss1996: Cause Events work
cheetoJack: A lot of them want you to create data for the schedule
Skyboss1996: and Schedule works
TheMerricat: @cheetoJack no clue just found it 30 seconds after the idea was mentioned :-)
LoadingReadyRun: Skyboss1996 what is Schedule?
Skyboss1996: It looks wonky as a link, but it works
Skyboss1996: it looks like a 3rd party integration?
vinvis_: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: Realm Grinder) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (3m from now).
LoadingReadyRun: oh, ya. That is the closest extension to what I want, but I don't really trust it. I don't like the look and they are accessing the events with an unsupported API
TheMerricat: Since I don't acually stream I took one for the team and installed the extension on my channel. :-P it claims it's pulling from twitch events
Skyboss1996: yeah.
Skyboss1996: It not perfect system
TXC2: Hello Everybody!
Twinklebees: SAignal
Earthenone: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
TXC2: how about that for timing :P
Skyboss1996: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW katesAir
malc: "the faulty software that caused the O2 outage is now being decommissioned"
malc: what the heck
Dared00: hi chat, i'm ready to watch people click things
malc: when your core network systems are so unfixable that you just have to throw it out?
Skyboss1996: O2 the british telecom company?
malc: yep, who have been down for ~14 hours so far
TheMerricat: I would hope that before it's fully decommissioned, they have a replacement, I need O2 to live.
Skyboss1996: ouch
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
TriggerHappy2Pi: What is realm grinder?
Skyboss1996: I mean, phone companies are always talking about upgrading
TXC2: OK good that's it's not O2 as in Oxygen, like what I thought :P
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Archonic_Energy: morning all.
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Skyboss1996: But I didn't expect it to be quite like that
TheMerricat: @TriggerHappy2Pi an idle clicker that actually has some top soil to it.
supertwinkman: oooo, an idle game, seems fun!
TriggerHappy2Pi: Top soil?
Twinklebees: I'd be pretty unhappy if all the oxygen was being decommissioned
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> This week, on Games of Chance, Paul and an empty chair are playing Realm Grinder! (James might come too) http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/DtwIbvIVsAA9u1b.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1070740157442060288
TXC2: Paul and Chair, the Dream team
TheMerricat: @TriggerHappy2Pi superficial depth. :-)
Skyboss1996: PAUL AND CHAIR katesChair
Twinklebees: Oh boy, Fan Favourite, Chair!
supertwinkman: I'm so excited to see Chair back on lrr
TXC2: Here we go!
Dared00: Wow, an intro
noSmokeFire: hey doctor paul
Didero: I really liked the 'Going Online' screen's music
supertwinkman: It's paul!!
TXC2: Hello Paul
Riandisa: Good morning Paul
SacrificialToast: have to say, that intro seems a bit lacking compared to some of the others
sprawler13: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
punchcardy: Chair!
TXC2: more of a title screen
TheMerricat: I just realized "Hey Everybody" is Pauls "We're HERE!" :-)
Traion: Heather doesn't need help, she is magic ;)
EJGRgunner: Always help Heather.
MAPBoardgames: #BlameJames
darkora: yay chair!
TXC2: someday we'll get simulator simulaator
darkora: all hail the chair
accountmadeforants: So Paul, time to discuss your clicking and/or idling technique. Also where you align on the idling - clicking scale. (Chaotic idle? Lazy clicking?)
Skyboss1996: Idle
Skyboss1996: not Idol
strasznyzegar: Do you feel the christmas spirit?
Nigouki: aidoru
TXC2: Idol Idel game?
TheMerricat: there are idol idle games.
SacrificialToast: too bad it's just just a complete stream of Progress Quest, which has zero interaction :P
SacrificialToast: *not just
NathanJay_GA: We wont be clicking on heads, then
wicker_knight: Are we searching for a bunch of doll eyes lrrSPOOP
EJGRgunner: Ooooh. Idle idol Eye-dell games?
TriggerHappy2Pi: Por que no los dos?
Stalevar_: but what is ideal idle idol game?
steelfox13: idle idol click clicker
wicker_knight: Or are these games set in utopia :P
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Hugh_Munculus: Click! So now I just do something else for a while, right?
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TriggerHappy2Pi: I need an idle idol clicker now.
Twinklebees: I played Realm Grinder for a while, I'd also say it's a pretty good example.
Skyboss1996: its very calming?
TehAmelie: i've logged over 5000 hours in it and i'm ready to give up
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TXC2: Click and Watch, the Watch and Play spin off Kappa
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sokamish: 11 months, that's almost a half-year!
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TheMerricat: Unless we install an autoclick, you won't have to worrry too much Paul.
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Didero: Yay, Paul is here!
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DarkNacht: There is also Idling
SAJewers: what were the other 5 options for clicker games?
Taveena: ggggarBAGE day!
Skyboss1996: Gaaaaaaarbage DAaaaaaay
CobaltShurikenReborn: is Paul solo today?
Skyboss1996: PAUL AND CHAIR katesChair
PhoenixMelior: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit https://www.gtomegaracing.com/ and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
TehAmelie: just a heads up, you may want to spend some dollars on "gifts" to make the game a little bit faster
DarkNacht: why is the Garbage day folder open?
TXC2: CobaltShurikenReborn JAmes may show up later
TheMerricat: @CobaltShurikenReborn James may or may not be stuck in traffic.
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supertwinkman: Does chair know any cool tricks??
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Mivair: Oh this is the one from that Clicker Games Talking Sim!
Milambus: Chair is best James?
wicker_knight: chair is bluest James
TXC2: Chair is a better James, not Best
Taveena: Can it roll over?
supertwinkman: the best tricks
Taveena: Aw.
TehAmelie: it can spin
noSmokeFire: skilled at staring contests
Taveena: Maybe it can Roll Over There
oatmule: make chair do a flip
emonotony: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:19.
Taveena: Economics is easy.
Riandisa: Good dance partner
TXC2: It suports
0x6772: Fetch?
Nightvalien28: chair is also best cohost
emonotony: So, it's a Paul and Chair stream today?
emonotony: Will Chair buy Paul ice cream?
TehAmelie: they only get more expensive the more you have. it's the opposite of bulk discount
bondeulv: what was today's category?
wicker_knight: idle games
bondeulv: ah
KinoGami: oh is this one of the ones cameron and cori played?
wildpeaks: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 11:41.
supertwinkman: that poor coin
wildpeaks: yay I'm not super late :)
accountmadeforants: Undead coins eat the heads off of other coins
noSmokeFire: I think it probably puts each building in one spot
wildpeaks: so how clicky is this clicker game ?
TehAmelie: the buildings just get shinier if the more of them you get
Skyboss1996: kinda clicky
MechaKuuga: How does one grind a REALM?
wildpeaks: with patience
emonotony: wildpeaks Same. Paul and Chair is the team, but Chair has promised to buy nobody ice cream to keep up the illusion.
noSmokeFire: tax collectors = wizards
Skyboss1996: the magic of TAXES
Laurreth: one peasant at a time
TheMerricat: They don't place graphics, but for the first instance of hte building. Otherwsie your screen would be a mess once u get into buying 1 million farms in a go.
wicker_knight: you use tax magic
darkora: level 1 tax collector
noSmokeFire: accountants = warlocks
supertwinkman: that's gotta be the lamest mage of all time
ValtheDrake: it's the darkest of magics
Taveena: You must convert taxmen back into entertainers!
Taveena: Specifically, bards.
Taveena: So they can cast Tax Collection.
wicker_knight: in fairness, common law is pretty much social engineering magic
wildpeaks: Chair can use a Pubg hat to perfect the illusion :D
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun They don't place graphics, but for the first instance of hte building. Otherwsie your screen would be a mess once u get into buying 1 million farms in a go.
Archaelous: I currently have 40 days playtime in this, so much to do. xD
TehAmelie: you can see them producing coins in the icon at the bottom of the screen
VoidByAnyOtherName: this is all leading up to a taxthulhu isn't it andyHide
ValtheDrake: so I don't think we'll be able to get to the more advanced features within the time limit of the stream
wildpeaks: a million farms ? that's a lot of cows
wicker_knight: they are, there just isn't a graphic for it
withr: there are probailiy making like 0.000001 coins which rounds to zero
Didero: For something called an 'idle' game, there sure is a lot to do
nidbit: Assistants might be making a very small fraction of a coin that shows as 0.
bondeulv: maybe your assistant is gathering less than 1 coin per second?
ArcOfTheConclave: buy inns?
ValtheDrake: @Didero trust me, I get addicted to these a lot and there tends to be bouts of intense activity and long periods of waiting
CrazymattCaptain: buy all the things
Invitare: now build an Outt
accountmadeforants: Oh, they briefly played this on Talking Sim. As I recall, there's a way to set what sort of notation you prefer for obscenely large numbers.
Didero: ValtheDrake: I've gotten stuck in a few of these too, yeah. Luckily I usually come to my senses a few days later and close the tab forever :P
TehAmelie: you can click the tutorial lady's face in the lower right to get more tips. sometimes they're even useful
wildpeaks: Barkeeper voice: "I'm Inn"
LordShadner: you have 5000 coins to spend
acolyte_of_tohsaka: cheer100
TXC2: wildpeaks "Hi Inn, I'm dad"
wildpeaks: :D
TehAmelie: oh, maybe it unlocks later
Laurreth: ♭♬ ♪ Gather up the pots and the old tin pan, the mash, the corn, the barley and the bran, run like the devil from the excise man, keep the smoke from rising Barney! ♮♩
TheMerricat: what's chair covering up?
Revenant77x: Is that famous Youtuber Chair Turner?
ValtheDrake: @Didero I can't really make the same claim XD
acolyte_of_tohsaka: What are the “chances”, I just started playing this yesterday!
Archaelous: I remember 1 mana/s so slooow. >.<'
TheMerricat: yep
Didero: ValtheDrake: I mean, I seem to mostly have replaced it with reading Twitter, so you're still coming out ahead :P
Skyboss1996: Top. Quality. Beer.
MAPBoardgames: Top quality beards
TehAmelie: the assistants are helping, the graphics are just unhelpful
withr: rounding probabily makes them produce no visible coins
CrazymattCaptain: so much resource float.
Robot_Bones: Its that what happened to James? Did you light him on fire?
TheMerricat: they are producing fractional coins. you either need to make more or get to the upgrades that make them more productive.
ArcOfTheConclave: only the best beards
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LonelyTex: 32 months, wow.
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noSmokeFire: tyrant
TXC2: idle and stimulate dont tend to go together
Skyboss1996: well obviously
wicker_knight: why not just an incompetent ruler?
emonotony: Evil laugh check?
wildpeaks: oh innocent game
LonelyTex: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
LonelyTex: top of the morning, paul.
Robot_Bones: also you wanted to light people on fire a minute ago
Tiber727: Where's the "evil with good intentions" option?
Lord_ZYRK: Why can't you be a good tyrant? This game is too constraining DansGame
Archaelous: Good elves best start
Skyboss1996: Eeeeeevil
wildpeaks: lrrDARK
TheMerricat: this controls which factions you work with.
Nigouki: James would force you to go tyrant if he was here
ArcOfTheConclave: Evil cockies
n_mandrag: thankfully that is always such a binary choice !
TehAmelie: you will pick good or evil a lot of times
TehAmelie: and even neutral!
wicker_knight: evil would let you re-roll for more games
Skyboss1996: Oh its all spring time now
ReydienOnline: I forget, what's the reincarnation rate in this game? is it one that does like resets per hour, or hours per reset?
ReydienOnline: @ the people who have played it, obviously Paul wouldn't know
Katten_Rastyr: Hey Paul, what's this? cirPrise
TXC2: this is an Idle game
Archaelous: @ReydienOnline Abdicate 15 mins to couple of hours, reincarnate a day/days
accountmadeforants: Since we learned that taxes and other government practices are magic, angel seems the most sensible choice here
LordShadner: so idle, clicking, or abilities?
ReydienOnline: ah, hopefully we can see a few abdications then
emonotony: Gotta click the ground until you have enough angel coins?
CraziestOwl: Hey strangers
TXC2: hello CraziestOwl welcome
Archaelous: Well, at R0, hose times are a little skewed. May see an abdication or two maybe.
Archaelous: Elves clicking bonuses would prob help with speed.
wildpeaks: click intensifies
Didero: Paul, you should write an autoclicker script in AutoHotkey or something :P
wicker_knight: check your assistant uptake?
emonotony: You tripled your money didn't you?
Taveena: digging?
TXC2: that clicking ASMR
NimrodXIV: clickyclickyclicky
ReydienOnline: join us on the next "LRR Tech Test" when Paul programs a custom autoclicker
Xed_Regulus: Let's get that hashtag content
Archaelous: @Didero Elves have autoclick built into a spell
Didero: Archaelous: But cheating is more fun!
TehAmelie: you can even pay real money for two (2) autoclicks per second
Mysticman89: I seem to recall there being an active clicky based way to play and a passive idle way. have you commited to either one of those yet?
ArcOfTheConclave: angel alliance!
emonotony: Mysticman89 Yes, active
LordShadner: there was a mana upgrade
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doctorbear: <3
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CrazymattCaptain: didn't you upgrade lower tier buildings? if so why do you have only 5 farms?
Mysticman89: probably makes more sense for stream purposes yeah
Nigouki: cathedral woooooooo
vinvis_: Why don't you just take all the upgrades?
Archaelous: Elves top tier
Katten_Rastyr: cirFairy ?
emonotony: Alliance with Angles seems acute.
TehAmelie: the elves will be most exciting to start i believe
accountmadeforants: Yup, angel said it'd give unlimited bureaucracy, I mean magic
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gamercat88: what what 8 months! :D
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CraziestOwl: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 25:58.
ValtheDrake: for idle games stream it might have been a good idea to roll for a couple games and switch between them when one has a bit of a downtime
randomino5: you can hover over the gold in the bottom left to see income
RassilonDND: heyhey. any chance someone could give me a quick synopsis of this game?
wicker_knight: fantasy tax collector @RassilonDND
Archaelous: Elves/10
TXC2: Angels
ArcOfTheConclave: eves reduce pasive gain!
nidbit: I vote angels
emonotony: I'd go with angels for tax magics because I find it funny.
ArcOfTheConclave: Angels
DarkAbyssKeeper: Angles
Katten_Rastyr: Fairies! cirFairy
LordShadner: so click or spell?
RassilonDND: ah. ive been watching the last 5 minutes trying to figure that out!
CrazymattCaptain: elvish fairy angels!
Novus_Spes: It's Paul and Chair. Chair and Paul. Mighty and Powerful Streamers!
TehAmelie: if you're familiar with idle games, it's sort of opposite of how they usually work, in that you click towards a specific goal and then start over a frustratingly small bit stronger than before
ValtheDrake: @RassilonDND it's an idle/clicker incremental game, you develop your kingdom, build buildings, ally with a race for an upgrade tree, earn coins, then reset the game for permanent bonuses to all your future playthroughs, rinse and repeat
RassilonDND: Oh. that sounds super neat thanks @tehamelie @valthedrake
silenceaux: Get _more_ upgrades
wicker_knight: well, little angels
ValtheDrake: @RassilonDND it's a genre, some of these are better than others, they can be very addicting though ;)
emonotony: You do have 1.5mil unspent money huh?
TehAmelie: it's probably good to save up the angel coins for the upgrades but the other kinds can go to exhanges
vinvis_: Get the cathedral!
Skyboss1996: Angels. But not high level angels
Skyboss1996: cause those are... scary
randomino5: the late game for this gets really interesting, it gets into a huge menu of abilities you can mix and match
wicker_knight: I mean, you would if you had 1M farms
silenceaux: "Sir do we really need the 182nd cathedral..."
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argentaria: Thirteenth time's the charm!
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TehAmelie: exchanges sound like a political thing but you literally just buy them with faction coins and then they make coins
Skyboss1996: this is the Weekday cathedral, this is the Special occasion cathedral, we've got a weekend cathedral, and a spare.
Uristqwerty: IIRC from looking at this game long ago, most upgrades unlock after you get enough of different things. Enough of each building, clicking some number of times, total mana spent/recovered, and so on.
TiredNiall: Heya Paul. I rarely ever get to see GoC
n_mandrag: How humble and pious are you ? - "Beach - look at those 4 golden Cathedrals ! They are all mine !!!"
TXC2: hello TiredNiall welcome
bio_rules: heyo
wicker_knight: @silenceaux of course Saint Borborygmos the Hungry deserves his own Bascilica. Do you claim otherwise, in heathen terms? :P
bio_rules: should probably buy more buildings
KinoGami: i remember hearing that click
TiredNiall: @TXC2 Thank you. It's the wee hours of the morn' here
n_mandrag: yeah.... back then...
Skyboss1996: the click always let me know something was working tho
KinoGami: i kind of miss the click
bio_rules: also don't neglect the spells. call to arms with a few tax collections will do nice progress
randomino5: peasants are living in huts but we built an antigravity device for each of our 3.2 million cathedrals, that's how much we care
ValtheDrake: you want to build the lower tier buildings too, they keep getting upgraded
ArcOfTheConclave: \
Mysticman89: as someone with a mechcanical keyboard, I am somewhat selfconscious that my keyboard is gonna get picked up if I do any serious stresming or similar.
Skyboss1996: cause JAMES
Sanityis0verrated: most piouslyl city
ArcOfTheConclave: catherderal assistant
KinoGami: i like my keyboard being clicky, i do not like listen to other peoples
bio_rules: how long does he intend to play? cause this is a very long game :)
RassilonDND: are silent mice a thing??
n_mandrag: like - a touchpad ?
Eklinaar: @Mysticman89 Turns out there are people who like hearing clicky keyboards in videos, so I'm just going for that very niche audience.
LordShadner: if this is like other games the lower tier buildings will get upgrades as you buy more of them
aliumsativum: @LoadingReadyRun There are Silent mice, for exmple the Nexus SM-8500B
ValtheDrake: that... makes a lot of sense
emonotony: Maxed out mana huh
TiredNiall: Man, the humble mouse must be very well engineered to ensure that it's easy to click without wearing out too quickly
Crewba: wow, RG? Nice
Laurreth: Apples touchthing? :-P
Eklinaar: lol yeah sounds legit, #JustDiabloProblems
Lord_ZYRK: "Diablo 2 is ruining my homelife what do"
bio_rules: spells stack, so you should cast call to arms then tax collection
keltonhicks: hey Paul! you're my favorite!
fiftymcnasty: Oh boy we are playing clicker games?
accountmadeforants: Use the hotkey so you can immediately start clicking?
TXC2: Diablo 2: the first clicker game Kappa
bio_rules: tax collection gives prod based on other spells being active too
Xed_Regulus: Any new upgrades?
Katten_Rastyr: &Mil soon
velimir05: sorry to disturb, but i got one question guys. will there be ultimate master preprelease?
Skyboss1996: spell stacking?
TheMerricat: Hehe
TXC2: velimir05 nope
Nebbeny: Call to arms doesn't do much at the moment, since he doesn't have many buildings
TehAmelie: spells are usually synergistic yeah
emonotony: I wonder if 100 farms or a cathedral will feed the people better
silenceaux: You'll probably want to bulk up your lower tiers of buildings tbh
accountmadeforants: @velimir05 No pre-prerelease, but they will be drafting it tomorrow
bio_rules: spells do stack. tax collection is basically a 30x production bonus
Emergent_OS: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 35:39.
TXC2: velimir05 there is a draft of it on friday though
Crewba: I think it's behind the spells?
velimir05: oh, thx guys.
wicker_knight: @emonotony 100 farms might feed the bodies people of today, but a cathedral will feed the souls of all future generations ;P
Nebbeny: you can hide the UI
Hylazu: Nope. Just the square
silenceaux: There's a button near the bottom to hide the UI
Nebbeny: one of the bottom right buttons
Crewba: On the bottom there's a button on the bottom that hides the ui
bio_rules: you get more upgrades by having more buildings
bio_rules: so should probably buy farms to 100
Hylazu: Did you actually buy the free upgrade?
n_mandrag: It is a truely impenetrable citadel ! Afterall - you can not conquer what you can not find...
TehAmelie: this isn't to brag or anything, but my game right now if you're curious what it looks like 5000 hours later https://i.imgur.com/lRrUAwC.jpg
RassilonDND: is paul's levels a little low. i have him maxed on my end
caulderjof: Just got here, and this game is pretty, but I have no idea what it's like/about.
silenceaux: Maybe it will show up later
bio_rules: you for sure want to buy royal exchanges for factions other than your main one
ValtheDrake: as a serial idle gamer I find it kinda funny how many people in chat now this game to the point of remembering UI by heart XD
Nebbeny: You don't need any of the other faction coins for now
ReydienOnline: I think you want to do that for everything but fairy coins?
bio_rules: its a percent increase to coin production per one bought
TheMerricat: You need faction coins to work wiht the good races, so I would only spend 'evil' coins at the start.
ValtheDrake: *know
RassilonDND: yes thank you!!
Emergent_OS: This is better!
caulderjof: Oh, it's an idle game?
emonotony: ReydienOnline All but Angel coins, surely?
ReydienOnline: err
bio_rules: you talk to the other factions after you abdicate
Crewba: @ValtheDrake that might have something to do with it being linked on the RG game chat on kong
ReydienOnline: whatever one we aligned with
Nebbeny: when you Abdicate you'll be able to pick a new one
Crewba: So several players hopped over
bio_rules: heya crew!
Crewba: hey
Cw3040: yo
Archaelous: Hiya
Mysticman89: if you buy enough of a building maybe that might cause visual cchanges?
TheMerricat: what is the wood barraks like building, I think that's the cit.
thetoastmonster: Wow, I too need one trillion coins.
Nebbeny: The button behind you (bottom right) can be used to change how many you buy at once, it might be a little boring but I like to just leave it on buy max
emonotony: thetoastmonster What a coincidence
TXC2: #HangOutWithTheFae
Nebbeny: the Angels do mana regen, when you have higher upgrades
fiftymcnasty: More farms
Skyboss1996: i think we need more farm
TehAmelie: it's generally worth it to spend all your coins on whatever you can buy
bio_rules: you get more upgrades as you buy more of the same building
ReydienOnline: if you get a building to 25, you can get a second upgrade, which gives a second assistant
Skyboss1996: six farms. good.
Aarek: yeah, fairies do extra production on the 3 cheap buildings
n_mandrag: They are really really big farms ?
ArcOfTheConclave: i joust for assistant!
DarkNacht: and a partridge in a pear tree
MercurialVox: realm grinder heavily rewards you for spending your money frequently
Hylazu: 76
Skyboss1996: 76
Skyboss1996: but close enough
TheMerricat: In pretty much all of these games the key is to buy the biggest building you can, then backfill the smaller buildings as you can afford.
Skyboss1996: James?
TXC2: 3 PS3s and 76 farms
Skyboss1996: JAMES
Cw3040: James?
DarkNacht: do we hear James?
pinpointersk: James
TXC2: Hello James, goodbye Chair
thetoastmonster: James can plug in a 2nd mouse and help to click
Cw3040: Confirmed James sighting
pinpointersk: That 10 million dollars James
Mysticman89: James could play RG on his phone and go the idle route and they could race
Skyboss1996: as one does
silenceaux: Really the most important thing is figuring out how long until an investment makes back its initial cost, and building whichever one has the fastest turnaround
bio_rules: its much more advanced compared to other clicking games
accountmadeforants: The angels? Turns out they're big on taxes and such
fiftymcnasty: Yall should play Progress Quest
bio_rules: i don't even click anymore
Skyboss1996: is cookie clicker
AmoriLinguae: @silenceaux I never thought of it like that
Crewba: I like it more than other clicking games because of complexity
KinoGami: i am currently playing cookie clicker...
KinoGami: "playing"
TheMerricat: THat is this, with a fantasy RPG skin.
Zath_: I'm playing cookie clicker on my other screen at this very moment.
ArcOfTheConclave: more citadels!
wicker_knight: I mean, that's minecraft. It's also capitalism
Meyari: @kinogami, metoo! I'm curemtly working on my farm
Driosenth: have you played clickquest?
bio_rules: just wait until you get challenges, bloodlines, mercenaries, research, lineages, ascensions, new factions...
Aarek: I'm playing realm grinder on my other screen
Crewba: It's cut off at the top for some reason, I think
bio_rules: @Aarek what R?
TXC2: we should have played Swarma spinner Kappa
Aarek: 2
Crewba: So that's why the citadels don't show up
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Zath_: Making 200 octillion cookies a second
TehAmelie: is there a green blob icon in the lower right? that'll remove the interface and maybe show the citadel
Mysticman89: oh, google tells me visuals do level up as you buy more of the building
Crewba: yeah, that's it
Skyboss1996: uh
thetoastmonster: alt+enter ?
theinvisiblevoice: borderless fullscreeen is last
Roundtable24: I play this sometimes when I don't forget I have it installed on my tablet.
ValtheDrake: as a matter of fact most people don;t want a lot of visual sparkles, they want the game to hog as little resources as possible because they'll often run it in the background... and maybe 5 other games like it :P
theinvisiblevoice: welp
Dared00: The game is designed for 4:3
KinoGami: probably just a resizing bug
Archaelous: It's more akin to XKCD's sandcastle builder or the cat game idle games than cookie clicker. Lots of mechanics and things to progress to as well as changing mechanics.
Skyboss1996: well, we're 16/9 looking at 4/3
bio_rules: you can afford a citadel
RassilonDND: ive always found it interesting that people play like a dozen idle games in the background
TehAmelie: there are a couple of challenges to unlock secret upgrades where you can't use automated clicks
LathosTiran: wow game displayed steam ID, shame.
Nebbeny: If you have alot more of the lower tier buildings, Call to Arms will be much better
TiredNiall: I'm playing Crank right now. The mid-game which wasn't shown on Talking Simulator is excellent and I'm really getting into it
vinvis_: wait until mana is full
Crewba: First I'd buy some buildings
Nebbeny: much much better
Crewba: So that call to arms gets stronger
emonotony: Yeah you want to spend every dollar on inns and blacksmiths first
vinvis_: then you can max on the tax collection spells
bio_rules: oh they do
bio_rules: you just need A LOT
TehAmelie: they do, but it takes like 12000
Crewba: Not like 12000
Crewba: 12000 *is* a visual upgrade, but hardly the first one
MercurialVox: no, just in the order of hundreds
DarkNacht: Clickers are frequently meant to be played over weeks or months
Hylazu: The three over-worked blacksmiths
CrazymattCaptain: should've waited a few seconds to tax collect twice
B4rberblacksheep: Demon coin?
accountmadeforants: We would be if you didn't keep spending the money on invisible buildings!
bio_rules: you need to buy your bronze angel upgrades still
n_mandrag: Well - they are starving because you now have all their money... but well...
sivakrytos: trickle-down economics doesn't work very well anywhere
bio_rules: they are much stronger
Crewba: First upgrade already more than doubles your mana regen tho
TXC2: sivakrytos it doesn't work full stop :P
mtvcdm: We have LRRBot. Look at this cheap wisdom.
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Cause mayhem.
Skyboss1996: I mean, Odin had to sacrifice an eye for his wisdom
n_mandrag: @sivakrytos the top 0.2% disagree with that statement.
TXC2: mtvcdm cheep?
silenceaux: If it's going slow, invest more. The more you invest, the better your return.
Mysticman89: eventually you're buying stuff for like 5e^60 and similar massive numbers where it doesn't make sense to use words over scientific notation.
Tiber727: Paul said exactly what I was going to say.
Nebbeny: not even remotely Paul :d
Nebbeny: :D
TehAmelie: when you approach 10^300 coins the game switches to a larger denomination. twice.
TiredNiall: Well, you've got two hours so you might as well dive in
mtvcdm: ypu would be shocked the level of planning that goes into min-maxing clicker games.
Crewba: We've got a community dedicated to finding the fastest ways to progress
Aarek: the guide is probably "do a bunch of these hidden trophies"
ValtheDrake: yeaaaah, a lot of people who play idlers tend to fixate on min-maxing and optimizing
Crewba: So close to first angel upgrade
Skyboss1996: Nerf Cathedrals
bio_rules: you should save 50 million coins for the first angel upgrade
doulweapons: save up money for the Angel Upgrades
Skyboss1996: welcome to arthritis simulator
Oatway_: they're both examples of Design by Subtraction
Skyboss1996: or really, RSI simulator
Oatway_: take away everything that isn't the exact game you want
TehAmelie: good news, the game doesn't let you click more than 30 times per second
TiredNiall: Well that depends on which clicker game you're playing. But the story is told through the mechanics of the game as thus quite abstracted.
Archaelous: Elves have a spell that autoclicks 15 times a/sec
bio_rules: you can spend the others, its ok
Nebbeny: that can also be on buy max to save your clicking finger
bio_rules: you also have a magic upgrade available
blip2004: you can spend them now. just not for faction upgrades
LordShadner: you chose the good path so...
bio_rules: do it
Nebbeny: basically, buy everything you can
bio_rules: take a look at the trophies you've done too
CrazymattCaptain: just use the faction coins on the bonuses for now I would assume
bio_rules: you've done the first step of those trophies
doulweapons: there are multiple steps for a lot of them, and they are on top of each other
doulweapons: Trophy Series X/Y
CrazymattCaptain: there's a building upgrade and a mana upgrade available
monsieur_squirrel: hey there, silly question: is the address on the intro to Mail Time correct?
bio_rules: there's an option you could set to hide the upgrades you've bought
bio_rules: to clean up the upgrade panel
mtvcdm: The address is correct
TehAmelie: that mana potion will probably be good since you want to cast more spells. . .
TXC2: monsieur_squirrel yeap, that's why it's there
Dared00: From what I understand, you can just spend all coins from factions other than yours
bio_rules: you should spend your goblin undead and demon coins on royal exchanges
sokamish: for the foreseeable future you only need angel coins
blip2004: for now yes
Xed_Regulus: I think you should be safe to sell those other fction coins.
Paranundrox: spend all the coins that aren't your chosen faction
Aarek: yeah
bio_rules: yep
LordShadner: sounds like you only need to keep angel coins
Crewba: Yeah, spend those
monsieur_squirrel: thanks, mtvcdm, TXC2
Hylazu: misc and magic upgrade available for purchase?
TehAmelie: what else do you need faction coins for, i think just spell level upgrades. which is like 30 reincarnations away
bio_rules: heritages
bio_rules: casting more spells will give you more max mana eventually
ArcOfTheConclave: 4*20 == 80
CrazymattCaptain: clicker games are meant to just buy all the things all the time
bio_rules: did the stream freeze for anyone else?
Nigouki: it did
Morendur: yarp
SAJewers: froze for me
hardboildegg155: Yup
Reaper462: yea
bondeulv: yes
Crewba: yeah
Dared00: picnic?
n_mandrag: picnic
NightBook1: yes, frozen stream
Morendur: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
monsieur_squirrel: frozen
Riandisa: Glad its not just me
Laurreth: ah good it's not my ISP for once
TXC2: stay calm everyone
gascitygaming: refresh
bio_rules: pray to the RG gods for it to come back
dougma: lrrCOW lrrFINE
EvilBadman: click on the stream to make it go faster Kappa
TXC2: Laurreth I know right?
TwitchTVsFrank: panicBasket
arcana_capulus: i have been playing this, on and off, for YEARS.
Laurreth: The Twitch Machine got unplugged!
NightBook1: i have error code #2000 if thats helpfull
Dared00: Okay, refresh, it's back
Tiber727: Looks like this stream *puts on sunglasses* ground to a halt.
LoadingReadyRun: restarting
n_mandrag: twitch is twitching around on the floor again
LoadingReadyRun: one secon
wildpeaks: 2clicky4twitch
TehAmelie: that really grinds my gears
Hugh_Munculus: What did they click on?
dougma: how many angel coins is one secon? Kappa
ManaIishi: !panic
TXC2: twitch clicked on the do not click button
bio_rules: we back boys!
TehAmelie: hi again
Dared00: we back!
TXC2: And we're back!
Laurreth: txc2, I'm paranoid that they just went native to something stupidly slow like 2Mb/s which happens occasionally
Crewba: wb
bio_rules: so when do we break to them how long the game is?
thetoastmonster: Who let Ashton near the router again
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Stoffern: Damit! We missed the best part!
Mysticman89: k, starting realm grinder myself from scratch. will be interesting to see if I cna catch up.
Milambus: thats more of a Keep
TXC2: Laurreth I'm on 4Mb/s, so i'd barely notice that :P
bio_rules: the background doesn't do anything except look pretty
B4rberblacksheep: This is so much duller than cookie clicker
TehAmelie: secret tip: you can actually get something for clicking on the assistant on the screen 100 times
B4rberblacksheep: Cookie clicker has a lot going on
doulweapons: There are fewer things that happen on screen than Cookie Clicker
CrazymattCaptain: cookie clicker has the sparkles you want, but it's a lot
doulweapons: but Cookie Clicker is the same game forever
TXC2: #MoarSparkleDingels
doulweapons: it's just more of the same thing ad nauseum
ValtheDrake: again, most people don't want to sparkles because they want to limit the amount of resources the game takes
Dared00: Realm Grinder *is* browser based, it's a Kongregate game
randomino5: I played this on Kongregate's website
Crewba: It has a version on kongregate, yes
doulweapons: this game has a lot more depth to it, even if it is visually... less
Laurreth: TXC2, issue is that it's an extremely overloaded network segment at times so it becomes overall too unreliable for anything resembling realtime content :-| They're prioritising the hell out of some services like youtube while they're fixing things, but Twitch isn't on the guest list :-|
DarkNacht: Play Universal Paper clips
B4rberblacksheep: Cookie clicker lets you save and load games as well
ArcOfTheConclave: Mana!
ritchards: I don't like games that require "resurrections" style mechanics to progress
TiredNiall: I'm playing Crank right now. It's browser based and really fun. Universal Paperclips is good too
TXC2: Laurreth oof
Paranundrox: the Paperclip game is incredible
Milambus: Universal Paperclips is great... but not many sparkles
B4rberblacksheep: Premier content
CraziestOwl: To much clicking
doulweapons: you should keep the upgrades panel open
doulweapons: buy upgrades
ArcOfTheConclave: use mana!
Mysticman89: I'd recommend spaceplan for a idle/clicker thing thats beatable in reaosnable time that hasn't been done on stream yet.
bio_rules: try clicking on the assistant 100 times
TehAmelie: remember Clicker Heroes? James had a game of that going on like 4-5 years ago
doulweapons: the upgrades help a lot
LordShadner: James Clicker Heroes has sequel in early access Kappa but really
doulweapons: if you can afford them, you should buy them
Dared00: I mean, Paul chose the Active Clicking route, sooo...
bio_rules: you can only call to arms once but you can tax collection multiple times
Tempest2097: Hallo James, Hallo Paul. What are we up to today?
DarkNacht: Paul chose the clicking rout not the idle one
Dared00: Also, Clicker Heroes 2 is $30
TehAmelie: if you get anything from clicking, holy light helps
TXC2: hello Tempest2097 welcome
ritchards: James, your account is probably still there, so if you want to check in on it...
bio_rules: check your upgrades
Friedent: This game is super about the clicking if you go down the clicking route.
MilkToast86: Active vs. passive depends on the game, really.
Crewba: And adds an assistant
Friedent: Please don't draw me back into this game. I got to Realm Rank 64 before I finally quit...
Crewba: Those are great
bio_rules: you should hide purchased upgrades in the settings so you can easily tell what you can buy
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TehAmelie: hey, reincarnation 64 is a fun one. you'll probably breeze through the next 30 at least
bio_rules: i don't expect him to get to a reincarnation before leaving the game sadly
OrangeBeard: Probably good to try and get a castle
Nigouki: get another castle, look at the boost! D:
TXC2: if it's like the Movie, no
doulweapons: You can just leave the upgrades panel open
TehAmelie: the gate is the angels' key building, yeah
doulweapons: then you can see when you can buy a new one
bio_rules: he wants to see the background lol
doulweapons: But it doesn't move!
WonderfulGlory: This song is a club banger
doulweapons: haha
TheMerricat: !codefall
LRRbot: If you want to post game codes into chat, we welcome them. We would, however, suggest that you replace key points in the code with #s to avoid codebot snipers (and let us know what they should be). Another option would be to enter them into the Pump19 bot: https://pump19.eu/codefall Good luck and prepare for CodeFall!
TehAmelie: it's the best
Crewba: Probably, although I recommend buying more blacksmiths and warrior barracks first to boost the power of call to arms
bio_rules: call to arms gets stronger if you have more buildings
TStodden: Might want to get your regen to AT LEAST 6 or higher so you have a little time to click it.
doulweapons: All buildings
bio_rules: every building
doulweapons: so buy cheaper ones
Nigouki: call to arms then 3 tax collections
bio_rules: you can afford the second angel upgrade
doulweapons: new Angel upgrade available!
TehAmelie: more tax collections, yeah!
bio_rules: lol
bio_rules: you should get each building to 100
TehAmelie: call to arms isn't much more expensive of ourse. best to stack them
Mysticman89: I think usually the idea is buy max of the biggest you can, theen with left over money buy max of the next best building, and so on
ArcOfTheConclave: give onto ceasar what is ceasar's
theinvisiblevoice: so, is it cheating to use a macro to automate mouse clicks?
bio_rules: nope
silenceaux: Again: estimate how long it takes for an investment to make back its cost. At this stage, it's probably on the scale of seconds or maybe minutes.
bio_rules: cause mouse clicks become irrelevant before too long
Mysticman89: autoclickers on clicker games is a contentious issue amongst players of those games as to if its cheating or not
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | No Time To Explain Remastered (Steam) https://pump19.eu/codefall/dzfhgp | Lakeview Cabin Collection (Steam) https://pump19.eu/codefall/xjkqre | Convoy (Steam) https://pump19.eu/codefall/cqtrfn
theinvisiblevoice: interesting
doulweapons: you might have more upgrades you can buy
bio_rules: each trophy for buildings you get gives you another upgrade for them
blip2004: now check your upgrade panel
TehAmelie: i believe everyone has to decide for themselves what's cheating
Antimuffin: My button to donate bits has disappeared. Did they move it or....? (I'm on the desktop client)
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
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Dared00: @Antimuffin try refreshing? it should be in the textbox
TehAmelie: Joytokey helps me avoid RSI so meh
Schokobeau: Helloooo Twitch, how's everyone? :D
TXC2: hello Schokobeau welcome
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2246 patrons for a total of $12,762.70 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
cheetoJack: oh are you cookie clicking on the side?
Hylazu: use mana and buy blacksmiths?
TheMerricat: ?codefall 1
Pump19: Codefall | Batalj BETA (Note: BETA available from December 1st to December 31st.) (Steam) https://pump19.eu/codefall/hzopbm
TheSeg: It's so weird when someone refers to me at *THE* Seg. I'm just Seg, but you can't get a 3 character username anywhere. :(
TehAmelie: i'm making a little over a googol meat per second in Swarm Simulator, nyah
ArcOfTheConclave: max buildings then call, tax tax?
Spacecarl: I played through Universal Paperclips after it was on talking sim. It was really good
monsieur_squirrel: does the moonbase have a spare mouse, i feel like this should be warranty voiding
StrayReaper: No Particle generators yet?
Laurreth: JustSeg? :-P