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Zath_: Making 200 octillion cookies a second
TehAmelie: is there a green blob icon in the lower right? that'll remove the interface and maybe show the citadel
Mysticman89: oh, google tells me visuals do level up as you buy more of the building
Crewba: yeah, that's it
Skyboss1996: uh
thetoastmonster: alt+enter ?
theinvisiblevoice: borderless fullscreeen is last
Roundtable24: I play this sometimes when I don't forget I have it installed on my tablet.
ValtheDrake: as a matter of fact most people don;t want a lot of visual sparkles, they want the game to hog as little resources as possible because they'll often run it in the background... and maybe 5 other games like it :P
theinvisiblevoice: welp
Dared00: The game is designed for 4:3
KinoGami: probably just a resizing bug
Archaelous: It's more akin to XKCD's sandcastle builder or the cat game idle games than cookie clicker. Lots of mechanics and things to progress to as well as changing mechanics.
Skyboss1996: well, we're 16/9 looking at 4/3
bio_rules: you can afford a citadel
RassilonDND: ive always found it interesting that people play like a dozen idle games in the background
TehAmelie: there are a couple of challenges to unlock secret upgrades where you can't use automated clicks
LathosTiran: wow game displayed steam ID, shame.
Nebbeny: If you have alot more of the lower tier buildings, Call to Arms will be much better
TiredNiall: I'm playing Crank right now. The mid-game which wasn't shown on Talking Simulator is excellent and I'm really getting into it
vinvis_: wait until mana is full
Crewba: First I'd buy some buildings
Nebbeny: much much better
Crewba: So that call to arms gets stronger
emonotony: Yeah you want to spend every dollar on inns and blacksmiths first
vinvis_: then you can max on the tax collection spells
bio_rules: oh they do
bio_rules: you just need A LOT
TehAmelie: they do, but it takes like 12000
Crewba: Not like 12000
Crewba: 12000 *is* a visual upgrade, but hardly the first one
MercurialVox: no, just in the order of hundreds
DarkNacht: Clickers are frequently meant to be played over weeks or months
Hylazu: The three over-worked blacksmiths
CrazymattCaptain: should've waited a few seconds to tax collect twice
B4rberblacksheep: Demon coin?
accountmadeforants: We would be if you didn't keep spending the money on invisible buildings!
bio_rules: you need to buy your bronze angel upgrades still
n_mandrag: Well - they are starving because you now have all their money... but well...
sivakrytos: trickle-down economics doesn't work very well anywhere
bio_rules: they are much stronger
Crewba: First upgrade already more than doubles your mana regen tho
TXC2: sivakrytos it doesn't work full stop :P
mtvcdm: We have LRRBot. Look at this cheap wisdom.
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Cause mayhem.
Skyboss1996: I mean, Odin had to sacrifice an eye for his wisdom
n_mandrag: @sivakrytos the top 0.2% disagree with that statement.
TXC2: mtvcdm cheep?
silenceaux: If it's going slow, invest more. The more you invest, the better your return.
Mysticman89: eventually you're buying stuff for like 5e^60 and similar massive numbers where it doesn't make sense to use words over scientific notation.
Tiber727: Paul said exactly what I was going to say.
Nebbeny: not even remotely Paul :d
Nebbeny: :D
TehAmelie: when you approach 10^300 coins the game switches to a larger denomination. twice.
TiredNiall: Well, you've got two hours so you might as well dive in
mtvcdm: ypu would be shocked the level of planning that goes into min-maxing clicker games.
Crewba: We've got a community dedicated to finding the fastest ways to progress
Aarek: the guide is probably "do a bunch of these hidden trophies"
ValtheDrake: yeaaaah, a lot of people who play idlers tend to fixate on min-maxing and optimizing
Crewba: So close to first angel upgrade
Skyboss1996: Nerf Cathedrals
bio_rules: you should save 50 million coins for the first angel upgrade
doulweapons: save up money for the Angel Upgrades
Skyboss1996: welcome to arthritis simulator
Oatway_: they're both examples of Design by Subtraction
Skyboss1996: or really, RSI simulator
Oatway_: take away everything that isn't the exact game you want
TehAmelie: good news, the game doesn't let you click more than 30 times per second
TiredNiall: Well that depends on which clicker game you're playing. But the story is told through the mechanics of the game as thus quite abstracted.
Archaelous: Elves have a spell that autoclicks 15 times a/sec
bio_rules: you can spend the others, its ok
Nebbeny: that can also be on buy max to save your clicking finger
bio_rules: you also have a magic upgrade available
blip2004: you can spend them now. just not for faction upgrades
LordShadner: you chose the good path so...
bio_rules: do it
Nebbeny: basically, buy everything you can
bio_rules: take a look at the trophies you've done too
CrazymattCaptain: just use the faction coins on the bonuses for now I would assume
bio_rules: you've done the first step of those trophies
doulweapons: there are multiple steps for a lot of them, and they are on top of each other
doulweapons: Trophy Series X/Y
CrazymattCaptain: there's a building upgrade and a mana upgrade available
monsieur_squirrel: hey there, silly question: is the address on the intro to Mail Time correct?
bio_rules: there's an option you could set to hide the upgrades you've bought
bio_rules: to clean up the upgrade panel
mtvcdm: The address is correct
TehAmelie: that mana potion will probably be good since you want to cast more spells. . .
TXC2: monsieur_squirrel yeap, that's why it's there
Dared00: From what I understand, you can just spend all coins from factions other than yours
bio_rules: you should spend your goblin undead and demon coins on royal exchanges
sokamish: for the foreseeable future you only need angel coins
blip2004: for now yes
Xed_Regulus: I think you should be safe to sell those other fction coins.
Paranundrox: spend all the coins that aren't your chosen faction
Aarek: yeah
bio_rules: yep
LordShadner: sounds like you only need to keep angel coins
Crewba: Yeah, spend those
monsieur_squirrel: thanks, mtvcdm, TXC2
Hylazu: misc and magic upgrade available for purchase?
TehAmelie: what else do you need faction coins for, i think just spell level upgrades. which is like 30 reincarnations away
bio_rules: heritages
bio_rules: casting more spells will give you more max mana eventually
ArcOfTheConclave: 4*20 == 80
CrazymattCaptain: clicker games are meant to just buy all the things all the time
bio_rules: did the stream freeze for anyone else?
Nigouki: it did
Morendur: yarp
SAJewers: froze for me
hardboildegg155: Yup
Reaper462: yea
bondeulv: yes
Crewba: yeah
Dared00: picnic?
n_mandrag: picnic
NightBook1: yes, frozen stream
Morendur: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
monsieur_squirrel: frozen
Riandisa: Glad its not just me
Laurreth: ah good it's not my ISP for once
TXC2: stay calm everyone
gascitygaming: refresh
bio_rules: pray to the RG gods for it to come back
dougma: lrrCOW lrrFINE
EvilBadman: click on the stream to make it go faster Kappa
TXC2: Laurreth I know right?
TwitchTVsFrank: panicBasket
arcana_capulus: i have been playing this, on and off, for YEARS.
Laurreth: The Twitch Machine got unplugged!
NightBook1: i have error code #2000 if thats helpfull
Dared00: Okay, refresh, it's back
Tiber727: Looks like this stream *puts on sunglasses* ground to a halt.
LoadingReadyRun: restarting
n_mandrag: twitch is twitching around on the floor again
LoadingReadyRun: one secon
wildpeaks: 2clicky4twitch
TehAmelie: that really grinds my gears
Hugh_Munculus: What did they click on?
dougma: how many angel coins is one secon? Kappa
ManaIishi: !panic
TXC2: twitch clicked on the do not click button
bio_rules: we back boys!
TehAmelie: hi again
Dared00: we back!
TXC2: And we're back!
Laurreth: txc2, I'm paranoid that they just went native to something stupidly slow like 2Mb/s which happens occasionally
Crewba: wb
bio_rules: so when do we break to them how long the game is?
thetoastmonster: Who let Ashton near the router again
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Stoffern: Damit! We missed the best part!
Mysticman89: k, starting realm grinder myself from scratch. will be interesting to see if I cna catch up.
Milambus: thats more of a Keep
TXC2: Laurreth I'm on 4Mb/s, so i'd barely notice that :P
bio_rules: the background doesn't do anything except look pretty
B4rberblacksheep: This is so much duller than cookie clicker
TehAmelie: secret tip: you can actually get something for clicking on the assistant on the screen 100 times
B4rberblacksheep: Cookie clicker has a lot going on
doulweapons: There are fewer things that happen on screen than Cookie Clicker
CrazymattCaptain: cookie clicker has the sparkles you want, but it's a lot
doulweapons: but Cookie Clicker is the same game forever
TXC2: #MoarSparkleDingels
doulweapons: it's just more of the same thing ad nauseum
ValtheDrake: again, most people don't want to sparkles because they want to limit the amount of resources the game takes
Dared00: Realm Grinder *is* browser based, it's a Kongregate game
randomino5: I played this on Kongregate's website
Crewba: It has a version on kongregate, yes
doulweapons: this game has a lot more depth to it, even if it is visually... less
Laurreth: TXC2, issue is that it's an extremely overloaded network segment at times so it becomes overall too unreliable for anything resembling realtime content :-| They're prioritising the hell out of some services like youtube while they're fixing things, but Twitch isn't on the guest list :-|
DarkNacht: Play Universal Paper clips
B4rberblacksheep: Cookie clicker lets you save and load games as well
ArcOfTheConclave: Mana!
ritchards: I don't like games that require "resurrections" style mechanics to progress
TiredNiall: I'm playing Crank right now. It's browser based and really fun. Universal Paperclips is good too
TXC2: Laurreth oof
Paranundrox: the Paperclip game is incredible
Milambus: Universal Paperclips is great... but not many sparkles
B4rberblacksheep: Premier content
CraziestOwl: To much clicking
doulweapons: you should keep the upgrades panel open
doulweapons: buy upgrades
ArcOfTheConclave: use mana!
Mysticman89: I'd recommend spaceplan for a idle/clicker thing thats beatable in reaosnable time that hasn't been done on stream yet.
bio_rules: try clicking on the assistant 100 times
TehAmelie: remember Clicker Heroes? James had a game of that going on like 4-5 years ago
doulweapons: the upgrades help a lot
LordShadner: James Clicker Heroes has sequel in early access Kappa but really
doulweapons: if you can afford them, you should buy them
Dared00: I mean, Paul chose the Active Clicking route, sooo...
bio_rules: you can only call to arms once but you can tax collection multiple times
Tempest2097: Hallo James, Hallo Paul. What are we up to today?
DarkNacht: Paul chose the clicking rout not the idle one
Dared00: Also, Clicker Heroes 2 is $30
TehAmelie: if you get anything from clicking, holy light helps
TXC2: hello Tempest2097 welcome
ritchards: James, your account is probably still there, so if you want to check in on it...
bio_rules: check your upgrades
Friedent: This game is super about the clicking if you go down the clicking route.
MilkToast86: Active vs. passive depends on the game, really.
Crewba: And adds an assistant
Friedent: Please don't draw me back into this game. I got to Realm Rank 64 before I finally quit...
Crewba: Those are great
bio_rules: you should hide purchased upgrades in the settings so you can easily tell what you can buy
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TehAmelie: hey, reincarnation 64 is a fun one. you'll probably breeze through the next 30 at least
bio_rules: i don't expect him to get to a reincarnation before leaving the game sadly
OrangeBeard: Probably good to try and get a castle
Nigouki: get another castle, look at the boost! D:
TXC2: if it's like the Movie, no
doulweapons: You can just leave the upgrades panel open
TehAmelie: the gate is the angels' key building, yeah
doulweapons: then you can see when you can buy a new one
bio_rules: he wants to see the background lol
doulweapons: But it doesn't move!
WonderfulGlory: This song is a club banger
doulweapons: haha
TheMerricat: !codefall
LRRbot: If you want to post game codes into chat, we welcome them. We would, however, suggest that you replace key points in the code with #s to avoid codebot snipers (and let us know what they should be). Another option would be to enter them into the Pump19 bot: Good luck and prepare for CodeFall!
TehAmelie: it's the best
Crewba: Probably, although I recommend buying more blacksmiths and warrior barracks first to boost the power of call to arms
bio_rules: call to arms gets stronger if you have more buildings
TStodden: Might want to get your regen to AT LEAST 6 or higher so you have a little time to click it.
doulweapons: All buildings
bio_rules: every building
doulweapons: so buy cheaper ones
Nigouki: call to arms then 3 tax collections
bio_rules: you can afford the second angel upgrade
doulweapons: new Angel upgrade available!
TehAmelie: more tax collections, yeah!
bio_rules: lol
bio_rules: you should get each building to 100
TehAmelie: call to arms isn't much more expensive of ourse. best to stack them
Mysticman89: I think usually the idea is buy max of the biggest you can, theen with left over money buy max of the next best building, and so on
ArcOfTheConclave: give onto ceasar what is ceasar's
theinvisiblevoice: so, is it cheating to use a macro to automate mouse clicks?
bio_rules: nope
silenceaux: Again: estimate how long it takes for an investment to make back its cost. At this stage, it's probably on the scale of seconds or maybe minutes.
bio_rules: cause mouse clicks become irrelevant before too long
Mysticman89: autoclickers on clicker games is a contentious issue amongst players of those games as to if its cheating or not
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | No Time To Explain Remastered (Steam) | Lakeview Cabin Collection (Steam) | Convoy (Steam)
theinvisiblevoice: interesting
doulweapons: you might have more upgrades you can buy
bio_rules: each trophy for buildings you get gives you another upgrade for them
blip2004: now check your upgrade panel
TehAmelie: i believe everyone has to decide for themselves what's cheating
Antimuffin: My button to donate bits has disappeared. Did they move it or....? (I'm on the desktop client)
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
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Dared00: @Antimuffin try refreshing? it should be in the textbox
TehAmelie: Joytokey helps me avoid RSI so meh
Schokobeau: Helloooo Twitch, how's everyone? :D
TXC2: hello Schokobeau welcome
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2246 patrons for a total of $12,762.70 per month.
cheetoJack: oh are you cookie clicking on the side?
Hylazu: use mana and buy blacksmiths?
TheMerricat: ?codefall 1
Pump19: Codefall | Batalj BETA (Note: BETA available from December 1st to December 31st.) (Steam)
TheSeg: It's so weird when someone refers to me at *THE* Seg. I'm just Seg, but you can't get a 3 character username anywhere. :(
TehAmelie: i'm making a little over a googol meat per second in Swarm Simulator, nyah
ArcOfTheConclave: max buildings then call, tax tax?
Spacecarl: I played through Universal Paperclips after it was on talking sim. It was really good
monsieur_squirrel: does the moonbase have a spare mouse, i feel like this should be warranty voiding
StrayReaper: No Particle generators yet?
Laurreth: JustSeg? :-P
Antimuffin: I restarted the desktop client and it's back. The desktop client has an update that I can't get because twitch won't ever update without a full restart of my computer.....anyway, it works now.
bio_rules: can you afford a new angel upgrade?
TStodden: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Fortnite - WM Spray (Exp. 01/31/2019) (Other) | Fortnite - WM Spray (Exp. 01/31/2019) (Other) | Fortnite - WM Spray (Exp. 01/31/2019) (Other)
TheSeg: But my modist mid-western self can't be singled out that way. :3 That said, I also have my license plate as THE SEG… so…
darkecologist: i would be worried about inflation
Crewba: oh, blacksmith upgrade
Schokobeau: So excited to play Smash tonight :O oh boy
Dedwrekka: Isn't automated clicker games just Bitcoin mining?
Crewba: that one should also give an assistant
Crewba: More assistants are always good.
bio_rules: quintillion
withr: qunitillion
Mysticman89: Qi is quintillionn
Dared00: quintillion?
ReydienOnline: QI = Quintillion
darkora: Quintillion
Paranundrox: quintillion coins
cheetoJack: its just a lot of coin
Antimuffin: cheer100 I'm really curious about this game because I see it on so many people's discord statuses.
Dedwrekka: It's a new kind of cryptocurrency
bio_rules: you don't get to the error point for a long time
Laurreth: is that long or short scale? That's kinda important :-D
TiredNiall: It's a coin that sounds an alarm whenever you say something that you think is a fact but is actually a common fallacy
wicker_knight: they actually are. it becomes a problem later
bio_rules: short scale
TStodden: IS there an option to use scientific standards?
accountmadeforants: Might wanna change notations. (They had exponential notation in Talking Sim, right?)
Aarek: I'm making 1.037e59 coins in my game...
withr: you can change in the settings to scintific notation
TehAmelie: you may have to check the options to pick how the game writes large numbers so you understand them. i like plain exponentials
doulweapons: You can switch it to Scientific if you prefer 1e10 etc
someone_evil: short scale presumably
ArcOfTheConclave: 1,000,000,000,000,000
cheetoJack: you are nearly at the bounds of an integer in coins you have
TXC2: QI currency, it's based on interesting facts Kappa
ReydienOnline: it's the sort of game you can leave running overnight while sleeping
Spacecarl: I think Cori changed the notation when they played it
rendelnep: me too James!
Morendur: ah cookie clicker
Laurreth: like EVE? >_> (sorry)
Morendur: that was a delightful distraction one snowy day a few years back lol
Morendur: @Laurreth shush you
bio_rules: i can buy Absolute Dogma for my cathedrals lol
TXC2: Laurreth dont be
randomino5: I think the undead faction in this game literally rewards you for not playing the game
dougma: gate to mordor
doulweapons: when you own more of a building, they get fancier
Antimuffin: Everyone references Cookie Clicker, but did you know it's still receiving updates? There's like 3 mini games now.
cheetoJack: well if the gate was always open there wouldnt be any value in it
Mysticman89: I think visuals change when you have more, so when you have 1 trillion billion heavens gates it might be spiciers
anemzero: Hey man, it's not like Lion's Gate goes to a bunch of lions..
CobaltShurikenReborn: closed for construction
accountmadeforants: Guys, I'm starting to think these angels might not be very... angelic? Like, they live in the mountain and all they care about is money? Guys?
xantos69: They dug too greedily and too deep
doulweapons: get 100 inns and blacksmiths
TStodden: That's just the gate... there's a toll to unlock heaven. lrrBEEJ
Laurreth: Dwarf angels
bio_rules: a little over 100 is ok lol
TXC2: still better then Haven's gate the movie KAppa
rendelnep: @accountmadeforants supply side angels
doulweapons: and then buy the upgrades for the buildings
TehAmelie: the trophies for having more of a building currently tops out at 20 000, to be pedantic
TheSeg: He's got to save up to buy a LucasFilm!
bio_rules: gotta spend money to make money
silenceaux: Literally every investment in this game is 100% safe so
Laurreth: you aren't grinding the mantissa, the exponent is what counts
BellaDante__: the fact that you only have like 3 or 4 of most buildings is bothering me deeply
bio_rules: the 3rd angel upgrade was 5 billion right?
CrazymattCaptain: ABT Always Buy Things
BellaDante__: like at least get to the first upgrade
TXC2: but this isn't mine O'clock james
TStodden: Looks like the mana-using stuff doesn't require clicking... only pushing number buttons.
SAJewers: heh
cheetoJack: yeah i feel like we should be digging, teaching Serge something, or being trolled by uno
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Or buy 90
bio_rules: i wonder if he'll get to new factions this stream
TehAmelie: you can only give up everything, by abdicating your reign
Hylazu: considering the next farm is 47M, I don't think selling 10 would make you much
Antimuffin: Pardon me, I'm selling your Farm. Why? Oh, I wanted an even number of them.
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Didero: There's also the idle clicker game where you're an AI that has to make paperclips. It's even got an ending and everything
BellaDante__: thank you
blip2004: prepare to underwhelmed for a long time
cheetoJack: This game is very found of round numbers
Oatway_: if it was only one board, would it be a one knight stand
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
bio_rules: who plays clicker games for graphics lol
Paranundrox: Paperclips is the best clicker I've ever played
TXC2: bio_rules people streaming them obvs :P
RassilonDND: wait what if we used real horses instead of these horsey sticks
Antimuffin: Trimps is the best idle game in's masterpiece of design. I've been playing for months and I'm still unlocking new features on a regular basis.
BellaDante__: they change the looks of them like way later on in the game, i think
bio_rules: to be fair this game is also months long
Mysticman89: I've been playing trimps for about a year, and theres still a big mechanic I haven't unlocked.
Crewba: Never really got far into trimps
Mysticman89: just 1 though, but almost there.
cheetoJack: so out of curiosity, whats the policy on spoilers for realm grinder on this stream?
cheetoJack: I missed the beginning
bio_rules: no idea lol
Uristqwerty: "Hours of gameplay" can vary a lot, especially with the ones that you mostly leave off to the side on a second monitor, checking back once or twice per hour.
bio_rules: how far are you cheeto?
TXC2: !spoilers
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
postmodernpajamawrestler: so what do you get out of the game?
postmodernpajamawrestler: like, what's the goal?
BellaDante__: fun new systems are unlocked
Crewba: Spoilers for this game would be later mechanics and unlocks
bio_rules: do you want a screenshot of my game which is near end game? lol
Nigouki: call to arms and tax collection! :D
BellaDante__: the goal is to get a big number
TXC2: postmodernpajamawrestler a sense of accomplishment?
Papperslappen: Try the holy light, I want to se how many times you can click during its duration
macintose: I started playing cookie clicker 1719 days ago XD :(
Mysticman89: a lot of idle/clicker games become lifestyle choices rather than games
doulweapons: you can buy an upgrade
doulweapons: for angel
bio_rules: almost enough for that angel upgrade
BellaDante__: like i played it for weeks and there still was stuff i hadn't unlocked
doulweapons: unless you already bought it?
bio_rules: never mind, more than enough lol
postmodernpajamawrestler: like a tomodachi
bio_rules: aaand there it goes lol
Mysticman89: Big fan of Crank, Spaceplan, and paperclip because those are games you ccan beat in a few days just to scratch the itch.
CobaltShurikenReborn: <message deleted>and clipped
ReydienOnline: to be fair, a lot of games can sound ridiculous if you say it like that: "the thing I like about diablo is sometimes enemies appear on the screen, then you click them until they die"
TiredNiall: @Mysticman89 I love the other two. What's the elevator pitch on Spaceplan?
TXC2: CobaltShurikenReborn I need that clip please
Mysticman89: you go to space with potatoes
Mysticman89: lots of potatoe based upgrades.
Crewba: I felt let down by spaceplan. It was a fun idle game, but it had the audacity to sell it as exploration of mysteries or whatever it was and there was basically nothing of that
Hylazu: How many Mas does Graham have?
rendelnep: I imagine they only eat .1 cookies per second
Hylazu: 2
bio_rules: almost at the next angel already
TXC2: the Dev at least has worked out the would hope
cheetoJack: This is very much the sort of clicker where you get an upgrade that cost a lot and then immediately triple the money you had somehow
OrangeBeard: We need more heavens gates...
someone_evil: Grab the last 4 barracks?
Crewba: rip
bio_rules: its ok
CobaltShurikenReborn: <message deleted>uneven REEEE
CrazymattCaptain: just send those warriors to fight the dragons and not come back
macintose: I'm up to 1.291 undecillion cookies per second... I have a problem
Hylazu: Some of you must go and die in combat. That's a sacrifice your king is willing to make.
silver_harloe: Guys, I don't mean to alarm you, but you appear to be playing a game from the 'cookie clicker' genre.
Hylazu: @silver_harloe I see no cookies
Mysticman89: Man, my fresh save evil run is making 4.1 B/s in realm grinder. love me idle life over active.
OrangeBeard: Lets get some gates now!
rarermonsters: Hey, I wanted to stop in briefly to ask if anyone is going to be at GP Portland this weekend?
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: James cooking them clickers
bio_rules: each tax collection is equivalent to a 30x instant production boost
Antimuffin: James how far are you in Cookie clicker? Do you have the Garden Minigame yet?
TXC2: hello Suffix welcome
RassilonDND: so im curious, what are the abdication jewels d
Invitare: so I decided to give this a go about an hour into your stream. Picked Undead and I'm now on 2.7 B/s. Are the Undead overpowered?
Antimuffin: Okay so not very far. :)
TXC2: such cookie
electroswagnetism: Hi Youtube?
bio_rules: @RassilonDND they give production bonus
EvilBadman: Is Desert Bus a left d-pad clicker?
accountmadeforants: Huh, cookie clicker looks different nowadays
Crewba: hey me
cheetoJack: Oh this is COOL TECHNOLOGY, we can watch both games
Reecer6: click click click click click click click click click click click click click click
CrazymattCaptain: now jsut PiP the cookie over James a face
Laurence72 starts clicking for Paul
gascitygaming: same here i'm at 5B a second
Dared00: yup, same here, I'm at 144.2 B/s
Hylazu: Paul is also distraced by chat
Paranundrox: I'm on my second regen on Good, and I have 283 B per second
Crewba: Undead is a bad one to start with tbh
Mysticman89: yeah the basic evil building is a Slave pen.
Paranundrox: and I started like 20 minutes into the stream
shroompants: there's a guide somewhere to get super ahead right away
Paranundrox: I also have Trimps up now too
silenceaux: Also they're probably actually investing their gold constantly, Paul was saving up a lot when he... Probably should not have been...
Asimech: Evil is idle and AFAICT undead are extra idle.
cheetoJack: when one clicker gets slow and boring, we can swap to the other!
Mysticman89: I started on my phone too, seeing how far I can get on that.
shroompants: theres a really op upgrade that you get by doing literally nothing right at the start
Hylazu: mana?
cheetoJack: Undead also get better the longer you play them
shroompants: for 5 min
Reecer6: my favorite strategy is to wait
bio_rules: mana full again
TXC2: surely the guide is just: click
silver_harloe: I have a button on my kb which does 100 clicks a second when I hold it down
TehAmelie: there's a lot of secret upgrades you really want and have no way whatsoever of knowing how to get or even that they exist. so walkthroughs help
wicker_knight: advanced strategy, click faster
silver_harloe: not for this game, though. just generally useful
Paranundrox: I have 3.462 T per click
Paranundrox: Elves are real good
theinvisiblevoice: is there a speed cap on clicking per sec?
bio_rules: you can't click faster than 30 times a second
cheetoJack: secret tech: fill every free usb slot with a wireless mouse, click all of them faster
RassilonDND: i would love to see a twitch plays cookie clicker where every watcher could click
Darth_Wooper: I'd imagine lots of the guides are more about optimization, which things to buy when to grow the fastest.
Mysticman89: well. 'speed run' can be a weird concept when you can play for years.
Antimuffin: My HZE in Trimps is now 266, which I just barely reached a minute ago! Time to portal. :)
macintose: watch numbers get big ooo
Crewba: It depends on your approach to games like this
ReydienOnline: depends on what you want, but I'd say the general idea is "make the numbers go up"
theinvisiblevoice: that's substantially faster than I can manually click
shroompants: each race has a specialty. elves is click, angels is magic, undead is offline progress etc
cheetoJack: Quadrilion
Nigouki: switch to scientific notation
doulweapons: buy the magic upgrade for more mana
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zunniest: I'm having a preemie sub-baby.. Aww so tiny and cute!
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doulweapons: also building upgrades
bio_rules: eventually you can get mana regen far far higher than that
Antimuffin: I'm really wondering what they were doing before they got horses?
Tser1ng: Inflation really hit this place hard.
Reecer6: they call those spears
Darth_Wooper: What about saddles? They make it way easier to stay on the horses while you try to knock each other off.
RassilonDND: hobby horses
Asimech: Angels can get their mana regen high enough to auto-cast the shield and the eye-pyramid spells so they're constantly on.
Antimuffin: Maybe a guy banging two coconuts together"?
shroompants: easy upgrade to speed up early game is do nothing for 5 min after an abdication
wicker_knight: well, it says "stallion horses" so presumably before that they were riding mares?
doulweapons: buy more castles
doulweapons: more money and more mana
Darth_Wooper: @wicker_knight or geldings.
TXC2: just buy more everything :P
bio_rules: so your goal is to get all the angel upgrades to unlock a special upgrade
Aarek: no reason to abdicate until you actually get gems for doing it
doulweapons: You have Castle & Citadel upgrades too
Hylazu: Mad King Paul
chickenace11: Idle games today?
TXC2: Like england in the 12th century, we're building all the castles
BrindleBoar: absolute power really changed him
TXC2: chickenace11 yeap
chickenace11: nice
bio_rules: mana
Crewba: They're also making faction coins tho, which is nice
Hylazu: building upgrade?
TehAmelie: assistants are fun when you get like a million of them
tdub2217: wait, do you literally just get money by clicking?
bio_rules: 20% to the next angel upgrade
TXC2: 100 billion? that's Jeff Bezos level of money
Spacecarl: i appreciate how in universal paperclicks clicking becomes obsolete very quickly. the game changes a lot
TXC2: tdub2217 yeap, it's a clicker game
bio_rules: you can spend your angel coins on exchanges now
bio_rules: you won't need them
TXC2: the Demon zone AKA hell :P
Crewba: You can disable that warning in the options if you want
meisbored: do by max
Hylazu: Does it have buy max?
bio_rules: buy max
Dared00: There's "buy max" option
meisbored: *buy
TXC2: so basically you got a coupon?
WonderfulGlory: This is sounding a lot like bitcoin
doulweapons: upgrayydd
Tiber727: Reminds me of a twist in a comic I had read. There's a webcomic called Water Phoenix King where dragons aren't giant winged lizards that hoard treasure. Dragons are treasure that has gained self-awareness.
Tser1ng: Someone send Paul a wrist brace in the next Mail Order.
Reecer6: i want clicker games to be turned into a high-stakes manga.
accountmadeforants: Oh wow, going for the Evil alignment changes the look and music of the game, that's really neat
bio_rules: save up for the next angel upgrade
Lithobraker: Is the person who made the LRR music (like giant circles ect.) also involved in the music of VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV?
doulweapons: and a heavens gate upgrade
CrazymattCaptain: gate upgrade
TXC2: Lithobraker I dont think he is no
Nigouki: 900mil/s
Nigouki: that jumped
bio_rules: doubled prod basically
TStodden: Heaven now has 11 gates for faster entry (less waiting)
BellaDante__: hi stream
TXC2: Hello on the VOD
CrazymattCaptain: just grandmas
Crewba: You don't need anything else but your grandma
Nigouki: i'm glad James actually showed us that he's playing the game for real instead of just putting on an elaborate ruse
Reecer6: oh, i haven't seen that!
Antimuffin: The granmothers are named for the Patreon supporters
Antimuffin: or by, rather
Antimuffin: It's a Patreon perk to be able to name a Grandma.
RassilonDND: do they age in real time?
TehAmelie: hover over the purple flag that says 46
bio_rules: hows the realm doing?
Suffix: That's MY gradmas name!
Laurreth: are those games secretly all made by a cabal led by Logitech and Razer?
TehAmelie: *and you'll see how the patreon works
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doulweapons: buy all the upgrades you can
Hylazu: more gates for the $$$?
ReydienOnline: how many hall of legends do you have? 0 still?
meisbored: can afford one now
Nigouki: still zero
Antimuffin: Does know if this game ever doesn't require clicking? I prefer idle games that aren't clicking heavy.
TehAmelie: Hall of Legends is a little special
Reecer6: That is a glorified pulpit!
Koshindan: If there's two walls, there's a hallway.
Dared00: @Antimuffin you can choose idle-heavy route
TXC2: a Hall at LEAST has a roof
wicker_knight: @Antimuffin there's a series of decisions early one that can put you on either an "idle" path or a "click" path
Reecer6: And even then sometimes not, sometimes it's a breezeway or a columnade.
Aarek: @Antimuffin yeah some of the allegances are different and have different gamestyles
bio_rules: aww i missed them buying their first hall
TehAmelie: it develops backwards from a crumbling ruin when you get more of it. pretty neat
crashdownreg: it's the Porch of Legends
Zath_: Stop gatekeeping halls!
Antimuffin: The Broken Rocks of Legends
gascitygaming: ok guys, been fun but i'm out, gotta pick up the roommate from doctor's appointment and go sheet shopping for a green screen for my stream, have a great day! :D
TXC2: so long gascitygaming have fun
TXC2: Hello Kathleen
ritchards: buttslol?
Tser1ng: The password is Butslol
crashdownreg: tech stream
ReydienOnline: the fun will come when you get that -100 cost upgrade. then you'll be able to use god's hand + call to arms at the same time
gee6666: dickbutt
crashdownreg: Hunter2
bio_rules: assistant ruler lol
CrazymattCaptain: click the coins and the cookies!
Phothrism: he got this
Suffix: the password is dickbutt
wench_tacular: mouse in each hand, multitask
RassilonDND: multi mouse clicking¡!!
TehAmelie: you can surprise Paul by going to the shop and pay to win :D
Antimuffin: Paul will come back and the entire kingdom will be made of cookies.
CrazymattCaptain: what's under events and kong?
TXC2: James with the dual welding making up for being late Kappa
Crewba: Btw, mouse over hall of legend, it has different production mechanics
bio_rules: he's done it, the madman!
thetoastmonster: Plus two mice into the computer for double clicking power
crashdownreg: is he using two mice?
Antimuffin: I like that James is often late, it makes him more relatable.
Crewba: ah, k
Crewba: must have missed that
bio_rules: now you can cast 3 tax collections with gods hand
Crewba: same, tbh
TehAmelie: half of the Halls upgrades improve the production of all other buildings i guess is the difference
CrazymattCaptain: messing up those perfect 100s
ReydienOnline: okay, now save up to 1000, activate god's hand, the nactivate call to arms while god's hand is active
BellaDante__: Ah, you play them correctly
ReydienOnline: do 4 into 2, it's even more silly
quietcat: gesundheit, kathleen lrrDARK
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Soul1355: get your mana buildings
bio_rules: you should be able to cast gods hand, then call to arms, then a tax collection
ReydienOnline: God's hand and Call to arms stack multaplicatively, BTW. so it's like 15x4
TehAmelie: just wait until you start casting like 40 tax collections for every spell you cast (including tax collection)
bio_rules: should be uber strong
s0lesurviv0r: any Golden Cookie drops yet?
cheetoJack: when I had to walk away a second ago we were in Billions, not Trillions
Antimuffin: I like how half the people here are making fun of the game for belonging to a genre and the other half are giving serious advice because they've all played it. :)
bio_rules: cast gods hand then call to arms then tax collection
Darth_Wooper: I make fun of my favorite games all the time.
SAJewers: !advice
LRRbot: Run behind it, and stab it in the back.
TXC2: you have to know a thing to make fun of it properly
s0lesurviv0r: I downloaded an auto mouse click program for one of these games once
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ReydienOnline: god's hand an call to arms multiply each other
cheetoJack: spells stack!
TehAmelie: go Finland
jdarr5000: I Think these click bait games are good ways to kill mice
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ChiefEngineerMichael: Only three things in life are unavoidable. Death, Taxes, and Clicker games.
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blip2004: stack them spells. in the end angels cast spells as fast as you can click
s0lesurviv0r: work them index finger muscles!
TXC2: most mice are built for at least 100,000 clicks
Paranundrox: buy more cathedrals and castles for the mana regen?
Asimech: All switches have maximum life time clicks. Hence why I bind my scroll wheel up or down as "click" before I play these games on PC.
ReydienOnline: once you get that +40% regen you'll be able to get 2 tax collections
Asimech: To anybody wanting to call me out on for "cheating": Technically it's an exploit.
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bio_rules: the order of purchase doesn't matter
TehAmelie: it might matter if you get Holy Light into the mix, as it has a shorter duration
bio_rules: holy light is purely clicking though
Soul1355: call first would be better in theory
cheetoJack: Looks like there's another misc upgrade you can get
bio_rules: buying halls of legend is a good idea
Laurence72: IF it tells you that there is a secret upgrade, is it really a secret? :p
doulweapons: here's a secret trophy for you - click the Gear for settings, then click the Version number in the lower right
bio_rules: don't abdicate until you get all the angel upgrades
Decaped: teamwork!
cheetoJack: from what I remember there's a point with the gems where you'll just start skyrocketing with how many you'll get for abdicating
TXC2: it makes the dream work
Laurence72: I'm impressed by your finger stamina
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knightofsainttraft: Is this Clicking Simulator?
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Mysticman89: theres a secret pertaining to the changelog
bio_rules: you have to stay on the version page for 3 mins
doulweapons: Oh right, forgot about that part
bio_rules: it keeps playing in the back
cheetoJack: Not like we have anything else to do
ritchards: Hi Me!
Zael250: Cookie Clicker!!!!
Hylazu: Selling them to grandma smugglers
TXC2: the girl guild of course
TXC2: *gides
dougma: Don't worry, it's for the Girl Scouts
TehAmelie: you could do that one when you start the next reign and combine it with doing nothing for 5 minutes
Zath_: They mostly get sold to the Eldritch Grandmas
1losttheGame: We must mine deeper!
accountmadeforants: Selling them to the guys working at the Paperclip factory
Mysticman89: yeah the game goes deep. adopting this as a phone game those I think
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deathscaddy: there is another game you guys could be playing that is a mash up of cookie clicker and asteroid
Papperslappen: Can't you leave it on on the streming computer while no one is using it
Mysticman89: the a cthulu reference if you try to import a certain phrase.
bio_rules: just go get a drink and when you get back you'll have it
TXC2: I mean we could just go on break :P
Zath_: Clearly LRR needs an idle game stream
brainbosh: I may have actually fried a power supply playing clicker games...don't recommend.
Mysticman89: basiccally whenever LRR is not actively streaming, just leave an idle game up.
stormshot14: 24/7 idle game stream
Laurence72: bitcoin is lower than its ever been, and now its even lower, and now its even lower, and now its even lower...
LathosTiran: some calculations show that cost of energy is starting to hit parity on some crypto
RassilonDND: i mean if you make your bitcoin miner into a game you can make money on it twice
ValtheDrake: do it during a break?
deathscaddy: Vostok Inc. is a mash up of cookie clicker and astaroids
stormshot14: twitch plays cookie clicker
Decaped: how's that gaming cryptocurrency doing? wasn't it like....Epic or something?
RassilonDND: i think a few people have been caught doing just that
bio_rules: save up for the halls upgrade you have available
Mysticman89: its super shady that some 'games' do secretly mine bitcoins
TehAmelie: other ridiculous secret unlocks: have 1337 coins. click an assistant 100 times. abdicate 10 times in 3 minutes. write "glho hohhl snod" in the import save field.
Hylazu: Misc upgrades?
1losttheGame: Get that coin for 1 Qa it's real food
TehAmelie: sorry, "glho kohhl snod"
Mysticman89: I got the 1337 by accident thankfully. glho is weird.
Suffix: Hello mr Delivery person
TheMerricat: Hi Delivery Person!
FarleyF: James "Graham" Turner
EvilBadman: Jame....James...Graham. Yep. that's my name
TXC2: now, Fed Ex or UPS ? Kappa
Koshindan: James Turner, famous Graham.
Suffix: Canada Post.
plummeting_sloth: "What's your first name, Mr Burns?" "I don't know..."
TehAmelie: well, we have seen Graham's Gerald on stream. . .
Laurence72: wait, ithought is James and Adam who were twins, not James and Graham?
RassilonDND: is james officially backup graham?
bio_rules: buy the hall of legends upgrade you have available
FarleyF: ok new Canon - James is a secret service agent operating under the codename Graham
cheetoJack: more gates!
Invitare: oh! You've passed me
ReydienOnline: if you look in the bottom left corner of the building tab, you can see what Percent of total income that building is producing. Hall of Legends is 84.6% of your income
Mysticman89: building hater trophy for making 100k with no buildings
Antimuffin: James is nega-Graham
TStodden: Can you build a computer with all those gates now?
Hylazu: Is it worth getting more farms? Like, will upgrades appear that make it worth it?
plummeting_sloth: ah, clicker games. Teaching kids Scientific
TehAmelie: yes
plummeting_sloth: notation
bio_rules: check your upgrades
cheetoJack: no farms, only legends!
CrazymattCaptain: burn the town, keep the hall of legends
Invitare: build more farms to get the trophy and up the Hall of Legends
StephenJM81: it is good to upgrade everything, all of the bonuses add up
Antimuffin: Get the OpenIt
Nebbeny: getting more of the lower tier buildings gets your more trophies, more trophies gets the hall of legends to do more
plummeting_sloth: A gate for every heaven!
red_shoes_jeff: Welcome to Mail Time!
TehAmelie: you get upgrades that improve production based on the number of upgrades you have for one thing
accountmadeforants: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: pain
StephenJM81: new mouse!?
TXC2: a new mouse?
raithencore235: Can this be called Games of Chance Mailtime? or is this a bonus Mailtime?
CrazymattCaptain: mana
cheetoJack: pretty sure you get a new trophy at every 100 of a building type, so just getting 90 more farms would be good
Suffix: Smash
thetoastmonster: a box of cookies?
red_shoes_jeff: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: biscuits!
CraziestOwl: I was gone for like 15 minutes who much are we making
TXC2: oooh fancy
Dared00: TOPICAL!
cheetoJack: I don't know what that is
FarleyF: Oooo i just thought of a new Crapshot - you have one of the LRR crew goto the door to have a package delivered for Beej - Beejdrop sounds and Beej appears to accept the package
meisbored: what logo is that?
Riandisa: Game Awards logo?
Pistollero1: Ohh game without even a category picture, thats intressting
ritchards: BTW, what's the next category so we can start thinking about it?
Antimuffin: By the way I had a weird dream I was hanging out with LRR last night. Except I was in a bathrobe for some reason and it was really embarassing.
ArcOfTheConclave: nice
Decaped: lol, i thought that was a road quest shirt, tire skid marks in a V or something.
cheetoJack: Oh nice, so is everyone costreaming the show wearing the shirt together?
plummeting_sloth: oh, just in time to get back from the monumetn lighting!
Hylazu: I don't think the shirt is quite that big
TheMerricat: So is LRR _officially_ costreaming? As in with their blessing?
TXC2: no, we just hot swap the shirt Kappa
cheetoJack: TheMerricat I believe anyone can costream it on twitch
plummeting_sloth: it's like Lord of the Flies. Only the shirt wearer may commentate !
CrazymattCaptain: so what was the symbol on the shirt?
Elevation_4000_FT: hot bunking the shirt
FarleyF: @Antimuffin just explain you were cosplaying as Arthur Dent from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Kappa
CrazymattCaptain: ah
Laurence72: good to know you guys rate high enough to be considered for that
plummeting_sloth: yeah, game award usually sends a shiver down my spine. They have so often been SO BAD
bio_rules: you have upgrades available
EfreetM: ooooh, RG :) i'm only 660 days into it...
plummeting_sloth: at least game awards cerimony
TXC2: something something MTG Pro tour Trophies
TheMerricat: I have to give you kuddos Paul and James, I didn't think you two would be able to survive 3 hours of idle clicking but you are really close and don't seem to be flagging at all.
CataclysmicReverb: Regarding LRR exclusives, you all seem to be good enough for WotC to give you early access to each set before anyone else
plummeting_sloth: better tahn a stairway to heaven Paul, let me tell you
plummeting_sloth: takes FOREVER
Asimech: "Escalator to Heaven" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
CataclysmicReverb: (So, exclusives to a game awards thing isn't THAT far past)
EvilBadman: Oh god, Finkle's Silver Showcase deck is up for auction at Child's Play dinner.
plummeting_sloth: Loading Ready Run: Something from Nothing
cheetoJack: upgrade those farms too!
Antimuffin: #teamchaos
CrazymattCaptain: more trophies for more buildings
CraziestOwl: What’s your progress James
FarleyF: L R R - its in the game
cheetoJack: get 201 farms!
TXC2: #TeamOrder
CraziestOwl: Chaos
plummeting_sloth: LRR: It's only game, why you haf to be mad?
EfreetM: change to scientific notation?
cheetoJack: we have 1.7 QA people! That's more than Bethesda
cheetoJack: lrrBEEJ
TehAmelie: oh yeah, one secret upgrade is for going 3 hours without abdicating. we're sure on track for that
Antimuffin: LRR: Comedians in Chairs Playing Games
FarleyF: benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn
EfreetM: so you get powers of ten instead of alphabet soup notation?
CrazymattCaptain: use the faction coins
cheetoJack: EfreetM there's options for that
TehAmelie: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:19:17.
EfreetM: i know, i've been playing RG for 2 years now...
Dared00: that was EA
notaballoon: the escherian road to that castle is wigging me out
TehAmelie: hmm right the stream crashed
anemzero: Challenge Everything was EA
ReydienOnline: if you take a break and come back, you might look into a simple autoclicker while on break. the game gets a bit comical with a fast clicker, especially the elven alliance
EvilBadman: yeah, EA
plummeting_sloth: EA: Challenge Everything (except us)
TXC2: EA Games! (whispers) challenge everything
TXC2: the "best" one was EA sports BIG
Valhallan597: So this is one of those free mobiles games that dont have microtransactions?
EvilBadman: Sea of Thieves came out /this year/ and I forgot about it
Antimuffin: Does this have a mobile version? I've only seen it on Steam.
EfreetM: it has "donation bonus" transactions
TheMerricat: @Valhallan597 it has transactions, you can buy rubies for uber upgrades
EfreetM: you can buy rubies and "gifts" but they aren't a big help
doulweapons: you can buy stuff in the Kong button, but it's not necessary
EfreetM: you don't get a massive upgrade
TheMerricat: I don't see the point in paying to win an idle game faster...
TehAmelie: it's actually the only idle game i've spent money on. for a couple of small but constant upgrades
blip2004: some people are very competitive with this game
EfreetM: buying them is rather a way of thanking the designers of giving you 1+ year of idling fun in one of the best idlers ever
EfreetM: if you start now, endgame is around 1 year and a few months of game
RassilonDND: are cosmetics in an idle game worth it?
TehAmelie: as to winning faster, i have 5032 hours logged in this game and i'm like halfway to the current end point
Crewba: It's not cosmetics^^
Laurence72: I tend to spend a small amount of money on a game if I'm still playing it after a week. If I get that much entertainment from it, they deserve some recompense for entertaining me
EfreetM: i'm at 660 days, and at end content
TehAmelie: "thousand" :p
plummeting_sloth: there's an ENDPOINT?
cheetoJack: that was five THOUSAND hours, not hundred
EfreetM: there's the end of current content, every few months it's expanded further
TehAmelie: after reincarnation 125 i think nothing new happens
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Xavorin: Keep doin' what you do, you happy peoples.
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EfreetM: just now we got new factions for R125
EfreetM: so it's around 130-135-ish
randomino5: I think I stopped playing when I was in the 10 to the power of 60 range
bio_rules: just a few angel upgrades to go
bio_rules: abdication and reincarnation are different
TehAmelie: reincarnation is like super abdication
ReydienOnline: reincarnation is like second tier of abdication. abdication+
EfreetM: abdication is "just" cashing in your gems
CrazymattCaptain: I'm guessing all the empty space is so that you can have buildings from different factions filling all the space
Antimuffin: So two prestige mechanics?
TehAmelie: there's also ascensions, but you only do that twice so far
EfreetM: reincarnation is getting new stuff and reseting more things
doulweapons: buy more buildings so you can upgrade them
bio_rules: you are maybe 0.001% through the game
blip2004: you are at the "end game" of the first abdication
TehAmelie: and the bigger the reset, the harder everything becomes
doulweapons: 100
EfreetM: you can abdicate, get the gems at the abdication counter
randomino5: you're almost done with step 1
cheetoJack: every 100 buildings unlocks a trophy and an upgrade
bio_rules: your trophies tell you what the next upgrade level is
Reecer6: the game doesn't truly begin until you prestige
EfreetM: then start again with the income multiplier with the gems
Reecer6: that's the case with nearly all clickers
doulweapons: might be too expensive for now
ReydienOnline: I think it's at 75, then 200?
TXC2: wow 100 T is "cheap" :p
bio_rules: good buildings are the blue ones
Antimuffin: Never decide if you like a clicker before your first prestige. I made that mistake with a game once that looked really cool and then I didn't speed up at all, I was so disappointed.
EfreetM: if you feel it's slow, abdicate and do again
CrazymattCaptain: full mana
EfreetM: halls aren't "good"
TehAmelie: we're just about at three hours right?
cheetoJack: yeah the blue buildings are the "good" ones
bio_rules: your next run will be much faster, don't worry
Decaped: *cowclicker
randomino5: what was the first clicker game?
EfreetM: yeah, cookie was nice, but this has incredible depth
Archaelous: coockie clicker is an entry level idle game though. xD
TStodden: Heaven has an express lane now?
Nigouki: what about Heaven's Fire Exit? gotta keep it OSHA
Tiber727: If Roguelike is any indication, CookieCliker-like will come to mean any game that contains clicking.
Decaped: Cow clicker was the defining game.
TehAmelie: Orteil has made an idle game maker. talk about Cookie Clicker-likes. . .
Reecer6: candybox was the first i was aware of.
WizardZedd: I mean...arguably "Progress Quest" might be the first idle game?
TXC2: Diablo 2 was the first clicker game Kappa
Dared00: Cow Clicker on Facebook
Reecer6: progress quest was the first incremental, but it wasn't a clicker.
accountmadeforants: This is my heaven's gate, it was made for me!
Valhallan597: @txc2, agreed Kappa
Archaelous: A dark room?
Pteraspidomorphi: Earliest clickers I remember were on newgrounds
Crewba: kittens game was also a fun idle game, but it didn't have much longevity
EfreetM: this was on kongregate only for a loooong time
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TriggerHappy2Pi: almost a year!
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Rockario: Progress Quest has to be in the running?
TXC2: "this is my Heven's gate, there are many like it, but this one is mine."
TheMoatman: Maybe they *shouldnt* have named that after an infamous cult
randomino5: yeah, like technically Leif Ericksson landed on America but only Columbus's voyage had lasting consequences, so games with clicker-like elements in the 1980s don't count
EfreetM: this is actually a flash game, all the files are the flash data in the steam game folder
randomino5: Ohh, I participated in the Kill Everyone Project!
TXC2: Kill all Humans was a game about alines
Reecer6: oh, like the curiosity box
Uristqwerty: Was Derivative Clicker the first notable "buildings produce buildings"-style one?
Reecer6: but with murder
EfreetM: it only has an .exe running a flash box
randomino5: I think I killed a couple thousand people lol
TXC2: *aliens
TheMoatman: Remember Interactive Buddy? Man, that game definitely could have only been made in the early 00s
EfreetM: Progress Quest was an early one
randomino5: It took a long time but we got 'em
bio_rules: how close to the next angel upgrade?
ritchards: Sounds like Curiosity
EfreetM: that style became Godville
EfreetM: the ultimate ZPG
Aarek: what was the clicker game from the LRR video forever ago?
Dared00: Clickquest!
TXC2: right, why aren't we playing that? :P
anemzero: They didn't actually give out the reward. It was supposed to be a percentage of the revenue when it was released.. So they put it in "Early access" and never paid him.
brainbosh: Didn't that game never actually materialize in a way for him to get any money?
BellaDante__: also this stream has inspired me to reopen my realm grinder save
Shadowdimentio: Oh shit
Hylazu: angel upgrade
EfreetM: at home and at work i always have a browser tab with Kong's RG running
Laurence72: Oooh, Mine o clock intro tune!
Shadowdimentio: You’re playing this game
Shadowdimentio: This game is great
ReydienOnline: from 20 seconds to 30 seconds on both of them
ReydienOnline: gonna get like 10
plummeting_sloth: annnd it paid for itself
TXC2: so many Taxes
bio_rules: one last angel upgrade to go
randomino5: Wait until you guys unlock automatic spellcasting lol
TXC2: 7, 7 taxes ah ah ah
BellaDante__: oh nooooooooooo
BellaDante__: i lost my save ;n;
cfpreston: it was six
bio_rules: once you get the last angel upgrade you can abdicate
EfreetM: - 660 days of game looks like this
1losttheGame: More halls!
Koshindan: Don't kink shame.
Reecer6: is that a screenshot of wow?
TehAmelie: also a fun hint: one secret upgrade unlocks by having exactly 4767 max mana
Hylazu: Could be a fortress to hold back the evil
cheetoJack: wow, that really gets weird
randomino5: it could be a good evil fortress
brainbosh: All of those sound like really nice places!!
EfreetM: :D
TehAmelie: 5000 hours looks like this also
Shadowdimentio: This game is really fucking dense
Hylazu: mana
BellaDante__: wow thats way beyond where i ever got
Koshindan: I wouldn't want to live there, but it would be cool to visit.
Asimech: Also the Fortress could be just named after its original funder: Geoff Evil, a very lucky cobbler.
randomino5: The Research button is where a lot of interesting stuff happens
EfreetM: r109 - oh, the fun times
Laurreth throws in a Rain of Gore reference
LathosTiran: songs done. good morning, everybody!
Reecer6: Hey, when you're building so many, you have to cut some corners.
bio_rules: you don't get research for a long time
doulweapons: you can't access it
BellaDante__: you unlock that after a couple hundred hours
EfreetM: you'll have many more buttons
TehAmelie: they looked better at 12000. but i've come so far i've gotten downgraded. . .
Shadowdimentio: Research is a century away
randomino5: yeah you have to ascend/reincarnate/whatever a couple times for research
EfreetM: gifts help a LOT for the first few hours of the game
EfreetM: considering you play for YEARS...
randomino5: The problem with games like this is that it's initially interesting and then you have to put in a ton of work before it becomes interesting again
bio_rules: don't worry about the shop
TehAmelie: the first weeks, at least
bio_rules: you have a new magic upgrade
TStodden: Paul would have to overhaul the streaming office at least once if they hit that 5000-hour mark.
CrazymattCaptain: magic upgrade
randomino5: I just tried that Crank game that someone else suggested and it seemed intriguing, but then it just felt like wherever it was going was an indeterminate amount of time away
Aarek: yeah wait to abdicate until you get the last angel one
EfreetM: no, you start again, but all production will be multiplied
randomino5: What's the idle game where you power a spaceship with potatoes? That's a good one.
EfreetM: hold LMB on the spell
bio_rules: after you abdicate you should have a 1000% production bonus
TheMerricat: not now.
doulweapons: well, if you're going idle, you can turn that on
EfreetM: no, ordered autocast is later
BellaDante__: i think autocasting decreases your mana per second when you first get it too
randomino5: ah, Spaceplan Prototype
doulweapons: and it'll be better than doing nothing
Hylazu: You can god hands, call, and then turn tax on auto until god hands times out
1losttheGame: Just get 1 more hall and you should get more upgrades
Crewba: This one helps building up generated mana if you let it idle a bit, since you won't cap out and regenerate endlessly
bio_rules: you unlock a permanent upgrade when you get the last angel upgrade
doulweapons: it's also a trophy
EfreetM: 500 gems for first abdication is not bad, it'll kick your next run quite nicely
ReydienOnline: control+click
Shadowdimentio: It casts spells
Shadowdimentio: Cheapest spell first
mrscottykarate: should I download this game
EfreetM: if you look at our screenshots, you can see the ordered-tiered autocasting
ReydienOnline: call to arms would get a lot better if you buy up the cheaper buildsins
Shadowdimentio: Yeah it’s good if you like increment games
H1Lari0us: herloo!
mrscottykarate: can't argue with trying out a free game i guess
ReydienOnline: probably better to buy 10 at a time on all the stacks, you could buy like 100 of each instead of just 130 of a single one
Mysticman89: I don't know if ity applies in this game, but sometimes the little dinky buildings get enough compounded upgrades to be a big deal late game
EfreetM: i like to have nice round numbers - multiples of 10/100 of each
bio_rules: so do that 9 more times and you can get the last upgrade
ritchards: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (1:16 from now).
EfreetM: but they aren't too expensive either
Nigouki: does clicking contribute anything still?
1losttheGame: Get another hall it's worth it
red_shoes_jeff: #blamejames
EfreetM: not really, clicking becomes "obsolete" very soon
Laurence72: Hi Ben!
EfreetM: apart from a few trophies
TXC2: HI Nelson
ritchards: Hi Nelly!
EfreetM: hi!
TheMoatman: Hey Nelson
Laurence72: Hi Nelson!
chickenace11: #BlameJames
Hylazu: Contract inception
plummeting_sloth: Nelson, I am not a character witness but I am a characterful witness
Mysticman89: also you give up all birthday presents fopr the next 20 years.
wicker_knight: It's a trick Nelly, it was actually part of the EULA you signed for walking into the moonbase door :P
EfreetM: it's the deepest clicker game you can find
bio_rules: 1/5 of the way
Shadowdimentio: It is really deep
Shadowdimentio: You start out like a baby and build up to all sorts of fuckery
TehAmelie: it's long
tallarean: doesn't seem to work for me. can anyone confirm?
bio_rules: you have touched your toe into the depth
tuckamanian: you should get a back massager and put it on the mouse
EfreetM: and gets more and more complex
Dared00: yup, Clickquest is NaN
tallarean: oh crap, sorry, probably no links allowed?
EfreetM: incredibly complex
Laurence72: When I'm listening to sports online, I'm playing my slowly advancing Kittens Game on Iron Will mode
EfreetM: we have research trees
EfreetM: 15 factions
Nigouki: so every click is ~10% of your per/s, that's still significant
bio_rules: the game has 16 factions, of which you can access 6
sag3error: A whole lot of shallow mechanics
Antimuffin: I can't bring myself to play Kittens any more. Trimps has spoiled me too badly.
Crewba: One more hall of legend?
ReydienOnline: set it to buy 10 at a time, and click them up until 10 of a building costs 1 Qa each?
bio_rules: you can get there if you pay attention to the spells lol
bio_rules: its ready fast
TXC2: I REALLY thought that was someone blowing their nose at first :P
Laurreth: coffe grinder, get it
Alicemouse: THe only problem with a coffee grinder noise is it makes me crave coffee
EfreetM: this is Realm grinder, not Coffee grinder
bio_rules: 50% of the way there
darkora: @LoadingReadyRun abdicating gives you a huge boost to coin generation but you have to start from scratch again
EfreetM: also you're getting a nice amount of gems
EfreetM: oh, yes you would
bio_rules: living on a prayer!
Wodar9: Oh is this a clicker
dougma: something something PRAYER!!
Crewba: yeah, rn you'd be faster just grinding the last bit
EfreetM: later you're abdicating for 10x gems than before
Nigouki: manaaaaaa
TXC2: Wodar9 indeed it is
EfreetM: to advance
ReydienOnline: in theory, it'd be what, like a 20x increase? so 1 hour of progress now would be 3 minutes of progress post-abdication
darkora: @LoadingReadyRun I started at the same time as you, abdicated at 600 gems and now I'm at 22.65T/s
Wodar9: Thought it was a building sim for a second
Crewba: Reydien, you'd also need to get the faction coins though
darkora: @LoadingReadyRun 1.12Qa with the buff
EfreetM: i'm at 9e114/s :)
Vyous: It's called the optimal stopping problem.
Crewba: and that would take a while to reach the 500 for the last upgrades
CrazymattCaptain: all those taxes
plummeting_sloth: that means 10th!
Spacecarl: gaaaaah
Nebbeny: but
PandasAndPancakes: So 1 in 10?
electroswagnetism: But that's wrong
accountmadeforants: That's not what a decimation is!
WonderfulGlory: That's... 1 in 10 people dying
CataclysmicReverb: of smaugh
Crewba: ouch
hanrat: But... HALF
CataclysmicReverb: ?
sir_jack_DB: WHY
Mysticman89: I think this is one of those games where doing the math takes longer than just actually doing stuff potentially inefficiently.
macintose: I started 50 min ago and I'm at 214 T/s but to be fair I'm a scum who uses an autoclicker
theinvisiblevoice: yeah...
plummeting_sloth: The 5 times Decimation!
TheMerricat: Decimate = 1 in 10!
thetoastmonster: The Snappening!
meisbored: maybe they haven't gotten a count yet?
PandasAndPancakes: Why not the halvening?
Tiber727: It should be the semination.
teh_v: Ahhhh
randomino5: The Halfimation
anemzero: The Halfination
Invitare: Thanos killed the wrong half
tuckamanian: decamation
ArmadilloAL: Yeah...Decimation clearly means "Destroy target creature, target land, target enchantment, and target artifact."
VoidByAnyOtherName: the halfie
brainbosh: That is EXACTLY what people in the world would call it tho.
teh_v: It's a little worse then a decamation
1losttheGame: The Snapenning is so much better.
hanrat: but it's a franchise for nerds?!
plummeting_sloth: The hemination
TXC2: it should be the Demimation no?
TiredNiall: I guess it would be the... hemisphation?
TheMerricat: @Tiber727 TOS. ;-P
SAJewers: naeMAD benginRage james
Wodar9: Then what should it be? Docimation?
wicker_knight: the DUST would be better
randomino5: Oh snap!
Ivannorr: Maybe only 1/10 of Earth was snapped. it is 50% of the universe
ThePerrBearr: decimate: 1. kill, destroy, or remove a large percentage or part of.
EfreetM: you can maths it - R0 speedrun is less than 6 hours (that's 1Oc / 1e27 gems)
Spacecarl: 10% losses aint bad actually
hanrat: The Rapture?
7gorobei: the dosimation?
EvilBadman: Earth doesn't know about the Universe, mostly
silver_harloe: words mean what people use them to mean. "decimation" means "a whole lot of destruction" because *that's how people use it*
Statist42: from a writing perpesctive, yeah thats bad; but we as a society would be dumb enough to not care about that and still call it that
ThePerrBearr: english is a weird language
Rockario: Annoyingly, decimation can also mean killing all people. Which is still not true
PandasAndPancakes: Language as defined by dictionary, rather than actual usage
brainbosh: It is what they would call in in-universe, though, right?
WizardZedd: Prescriptivist = Words mean what they mean, people are using it wrong. Descriptivist = Meanings of words change, they mean what the majority use them to mean.
Asimech: "The Decimation" is just not a good name simply because it doesn't sound good. It doesn't roll off well.
TXC2: one would get killed by the other 9
red_shoes_jeff: OH WOULDN'T I!?!?
randomino5: Not just killing, but making the other 9 guys beat their friend to death
Dared00: The Defenestration
EfreetM: like december - it's the 10th month
bio_rules: 75% charged captain
forlornhope22: DECIMETER!
thechargingbadger: To be fair, it was half of all life in the universe, so really it'd be surprising if earth lost even 1/10th, and it's probable that those on earth don't know the rest of the universe was effected.
doulweapons: but it was!
silver_harloe: words mean what people use them to mean. "decimation" means "a whole lot of destruction" because *that's how people use it* (I'm obviously a descriptivist, not a proscriptivist)
Spacecarl: It used to be the 10th month
wicker_knight: exactly Paul, English is dumb
chesul: it used to be.
sivakrytos: it was
accountmadeforants: It's a decimation going by the imperial system, I'm sure
Asimech: Decilitre is a common unit of measurement.
Nebbeny: December WAS the tenth month
ReydienOnline: so, if one decimation is a 10% reduction, then the 50% of the snap is around 6.5 snaps. call it the hexadecimation!
Laurence72: nah, fake words lrrBEEJ
TXC2: it was, and should be
EfreetM: it is, used to start with march
wicker_knight: it's English, words don't mean anything
Alicemouse: I lost all of my pendant juice when litterally was defined to mean figuraitively.
Laurreth: maybe it's an Imperial thing with that hole between eighth and sixteenth?
thetoastmonster: Decathlon?
Reecer6: decimeter is the 10th month, yeah.
Mysticman89: september/october/november/december all got wobbled
Ivannorr: Maybe only 10% of Earth was snapped. it is 50% of the universe not necessarily even.
wicker_knight: stop trying to make this language be something it's not
notaballoon: october, or as i like to call it "decimeter"
CataclysmicReverb: If you take out July and August, then yes it's the 10th month
Wodar9: Just like how Decimate used to mean killing a 1/10th but now it means killing half!
silenceaux: semi
ThePerrBearr: hemi
EfreetM: like OCTOber NOVEMber is the 8th and 9th
randomino5: December was the 10th month back when winter wasn't accounted for with months
plummeting_sloth: Semi or Hemi
TXC2: Demi
Reecer6: demi
ArmadilloAL: I'm sure it makes more sense for those of you with reasonable units of measure, but in Freedomville, we don't run into deci much.
Koshindan: Half is the word for half.
Crewba: The halving
Nebbeny: We do, it's semi, or half
Wodar9: Seminate?
Tiber727: Semi means half, I believe.
Reecer6: we have THREE words!
1losttheGame: Damn Julius.
Nigouki: the chonking
dougma: we do... it is called Halving!
sivakrytos: yeah they added two named for emperors
Oatway_: Demimate
BellaDante__: the halfimation
Koshindan: Bifurcate.
brainbosh: Are people upset with the writers of the movie for that, or the people in universe that would totally get that wrong?
leebenningfield: I have 7500 hours in RealmGrinder and I'm on R115, but I've let it idle needlessly for ages along the way
notaballoon: semimate
Spacecarl: Caesar messed it all up. the months were fine before
hanrat: Best supervillain ever : paul
TStodden: Demi, Hemi, Quazi... Bi-sometihng?
TXC2: the hemming sounds like something that happens to pants
dougma: The Halving... we DO have words for this stuff
Nebbeny: Bifurification
Nebbeny: it's an actual word
thetoastmonster: The clicks, they do nothing!
chickenace11: oh the halfling
plummeting_sloth: that is true, the people of Avengers Earth might just be like the people of our Earth, and use decimiate incorrectly
Nebbeny: that i can't spell
CataclysmicReverb: The hemmening is when 90% of the population took up stitching
TehAmelie: when we lost 25% of the population we just called that the great dying
EfreetM: naah, clicking won't help now
darkora: @LoadingReadyRun I'd definitely go for the bifurcation
ArmadilloAL: Paul-to-casting?
bio_rules: 1 more combo
vegetalss4: Specifically Emporor augustus added a month to honor himself, and one to honor his father (Julius Ceasar), which was a thing that was done on a temporary basis in roman times, but his extra months ended up becoming permanent, because he was the first proper emperor of Rome.
Rockario: Just call it "That time the universe didn't feel so good"
CrazymattCaptain: new misc upgrade
randomino5: Spend the faction coins?
Laurence72: this worked out really well for filling up the time slot
brainbosh: Bifurcation sounds too close to the Bifrost tho.
Mysticman89: some upgrades gtive bonuses based on number of clicks, so you gotta click to make your other stuff bigger.
TStodden: You ARE getting faction coins... so that might be something.
doulweapons: you have click upgrades though
bio_rules: spells ready
Crewba: 10 clicks is less than 1s of production
EfreetM: there are some early builds that can benefit from clicking
doulweapons: two of them
Mysticman89: my phone run has a lot of that going on with elves.
silver_harloe: how come your mana regen is so high? mine is like 2.5 m/s
EfreetM: but they have elves that autoclick for you :)
plummeting_sloth: arbitrary goal SO CLOSE
dougma: Commentator: there was not
Wodar9: HAHAHA
bio_rules: check your trophies
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
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TXC2: such climax Kappa
ArmadilloAL: Whoo!
TehAmelie: anyway decimate is a good word and it deserves to be used for more than an action that literally never happens anywhere
Crewba: New upgrade
wicker_knight: like tithing
randomino5: Holy shit, that number became a larger number
doulweapons: do it
Crewba: THat will stay forever tho
doulweapons: that upgrade is unlocked forever
Aarek: Do it!
randomino5: DO IT
EfreetM: heritages are GOOD
ReydienOnline: the heritage will stay there
Crewba: You can purchase it every time now
Asimech: You have to purchase the upgrade to enable the bonus.
EfreetM: now start again but get big numbers early
bio_rules: check your upgrades for the gem power
ReydienOnline: gotta buy the upgrade
ReydienOnline: open the upgrade window
Aarek: check upgrades
doulweapons: UPGRADES
meisbored: get upgrades
EfreetM: upgrades
bio_rules: gem upgrade
TXC2: settle down chat
randomino5: lol
doulweapons: buy them all
doulweapons: there's a button up top to buy them all
EfreetM: buy all
bio_rules: play this more next week!
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (1:01 from now).
EfreetM: return in a year
randomino5: Is next week going to be another idler?
Crewba: It was nice seeing this game on a stream
TheMerricat: Thanks for the stream guys! ^__^
SAJewers: christmas category maybe?
doulweapons: keep playing it!
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
bio_rules: aww
TXC2: thanks for streaming James and Paul
Antimuffin: lrrAWESOME
EfreetM: yeah, this is why i'm still in it after almost 2 years...
Knivesb4w: Skinny box best game
1losttheGame: Let's play it again next week Kappa
sir_jack_DB: Elf Bowling!
Knivesb4w: Skinner box
Mysticman89: yeah idles and clickers are like that. it's a lot of "This seems pointless and maybe dumb...but I can't stop. ever. I never this upgrade. So close...."
Antimuffin: ho ho ho.....ho ho ho.....we are satan's elves
Antimuffin: we are satan's elves
TXC2: Xmas games = that DLC from Saints row 4
Antimuffin: stocking satan's shelves
Zath_: Cookie clicker has a Christmas season
Rhynerd: Spiral Knights MiniK
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream!
TXC2: !events
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CraziestOwl: Night everyone
TXC2: !discord
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TXC2: !patreon
Dared00: Fortnite wins
LRRbot: 2245 patrons for a total of $12,758.15 per month.
EfreetM: thanks!
TXC2: Bye
ritchards: What is the next category?
TXC2: !next
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Rhynerd: Bye!
tuckamanian: his canadian was showing
Bi11dozer: !sub
TehAmelie: christmas themed games. . .all i can think of is the game that shall not be named
CraziestOwl: I going to sleep so see ya
Twinklebees: That would be a hell of a stream
Rhynerd: Christmas themed games aren’t for next week.
TXC2: sleep well CraziestOwl
Rhynerd: I think they forgot to think of a game category for next week.
CraziestOwl: Thanks
Twinklebees: TehAmelie: I assume you're referring to the prequel to The Quivering?
TehAmelie: naturally
cheetoJack vibrates with general annoyance at work
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
Twinklebees: cheetoJack: Maybe you need to turn those vibrations into dancing
sacrenos: ! next
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cheetoJack: Twinklebees perhaps. I might try to turn it into explosive liberation instead
cheetoJack: (which is to say I'll play Just Cause 4 again later)
Twinklebees: All good options
cheetoJack: but uh to tldr it all, work is a butt, moving is hard
PhoenixMelior: moving is indeed hard
Twinklebees: And work is a butt
PhoenixMelior: but I thought you hadn't decided to do that until next year
PhoenixMelior: (I got put back on that project because turns out the lone PE couldn't handle it)
Boiler_bot: !next
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Twinklebees: I heard a funny rumour at work today, that we're looking to headhunt a guy at one of our clients (he's very good at what he does).
Twinklebees: It's funny because they've just pinched one of our consultants from us :P
PhoenixMelior: that's weird
Twinklebees: Oh, definitely.
PhoenixMelior: that stuff doesn't happen much in my industry
cheetoJack: my lease is up early March and I need to know I'm moving early January to move without paying month to month rent
Twinklebees: Yeah, I'm kinda surprised at how incestuous the industry is. I've come in from the outside to this job
PhoenixMelior: ah, fair enough
PhoenixMelior: I missed some stuff, between work and my client lunch
Twinklebees: I spent a time in Starlight today.
cheetoJack: I need a change of cities, but whether that means Boston or some other, cheaper city is unknown
Twinklebees: I think that, ultimately, I prefer the song list for Moonlight
PhoenixMelior: !advice
LRRbot: Cause mayhem.
PhoenixMelior: I think that means move to Vancouver
PhoenixMelior: Twinklebees yeah, I feel like I will ultimately be the same
Twinklebees: "move to Vancouver"
PhoenixMelior: but what about All Night or Moonlight?
Twinklebees: Hmm, honestly it's been too long since I played All Night that I wouldn't be able to compare them right now
vegetalss4: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (49m from now).
gunmaestro: Hey all, I'm seeing a live symbol next to the LRR channel but I'm getting an offline slate. Dunno whether that means we're actually online but I'm also trying to change cities for career reasons.
PhoenixMelior: All Night has that sweet sweet lotus juice
Twinklebees: Yeah.
Twinklebees: There's also a Lotus Juice remix in Moonlight.
PhoenixMelior: gunmaestro I believe they aren't online anymore but recently went offline, so come join the party?
PhoenixMelior: ooh
cheetoJack: I think moving to vancouver would be more expensive, not less :p
PhoenixMelior: I didn't realise Lotus Juice was in either (he's not in Starlight)
Twinklebees: He's definitely got more of a presence in Moonlight, but that was also true of the respective OSTs in general
QuantumTwitch: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (47m from now).
PhoenixMelior: cheetoJack I didn't say which Vancouver Kappa
cheetoJack: true :p
PhoenixMelior: lol
PhoenixMelior: I searched "Persona Lotus Juice" and one of the first results is a thread titled "Persona 5's Soundtrack's biggest flow is a lack of Lotus Juice..."
Twinklebees: Ha
PhoenixMelior: *flaw
Twinklebees: Biggest flaw is a lack of flow.
PhoenixMelior: Lotus Juice just gives you flow
PhoenixMelior: have you HEARD backside of the TV? geez
Twinklebees: It's real good.