Twinklebees: She's quite clearly Anngry there
PhoenixMelior: okay NOW I have a grievance
Twinklebees: That might be the single worst thing I've ever written.
cheetoJack: I should put gifv support in nifty chat monitor finally
Metric_Furlong: the single worst thing you've ever written so far
cheetoJack: I need more paul gifs in various formats to show up
Twinklebees: Of course.
Twinklebees: I like Makoto's outfit. It appeals to my sensibilities.
cheetoJack: Twinklebees that pun gets my seal of approvval
PhoenixMelior: I mean, Yusuke looks pretty hot in his.
PhoenixMelior: I can't comment on any of the girls, aside from saying I only want to wear Makoto's
Twinklebees: Oh yeah, Yusuke gets the spikey jacket, doesn't he?
Twinklebees: So far in my playthrough he's mostly been wearing his halloween costume.
Twinklebees: Which looks like a loose bathrobe
Metric_Furlong: (I make no apologies)
cheetoJack: I should play more spiderman with the undies outfit on
cheetoJack: (its spiderman with his mask and only a pair of boxers)
cheetoJack: (the boxers have spiderman faces on them)
Metric_Furlong: obviously, got to stay on brand
QuantumTwitch: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (7m from now).
Metric_Furlong: well, time to start prepparing my escape
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (2m from now).
Metric_Furlong: before the pieces of cardboard start hitting the table
Twinklebees: Same
Metric_Furlong: (I have had to retire the other nickname for it because people keep accusing me of insulting Alex)
Twinklebees: Well, the reference is fairly dated at this point
PhoenixMelior: I read that as Cold Steel, why me. Why.
PhoenixMelior: Metric_Furlong siiiiigh.
Twinklebees: PhoenixMelior: JRPG on the brain. A most terrible affliction
PhoenixMelior: Twinklebees they BROUGHT IT BACK in a recent Friday nights AND it aired on the Wizards channel recently
cheetoJack: oh right, you people would care about this
7gorobei: signal
cheetoJack: Nintendo put a load of switch games on sale
PhoenixMelior: oh?
cheetoJack: I know it included at least one JRPG
7gorobei: lrrSIGNAL
PhoenixMelior: sigh, I wish games were this cheap in Canada
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James is LIVE with LRRMTG! Let's see what all the fuss is about when it comes to Ultimate Masters. I heard it's what all the cool kids are drafting. | ||
r10pez10: australia has a similar problem
Wangor: Huh, the charging badger sounds different today.
r10pez10: hi james
Mysticman89: Im stuck playing realm grinder on my phone now and why did you do this to me
El_Funko: What's for lunch? Is it ass?
r10pez10: lunch ASMR
korvys: So we ONLY get the SOUND part of eating your lunch, the WORST part?
Unas84: hey James. I'm building an Eternal Dominion EDH deck. I need to make 3 more cuts, can you help out?
control_rig: Why would you eat into the mic?
orellien2773: What kind of Hamburger?
r10pez10: when are we getting a radio-only magic stream
El_Funko: It's an intimidation play
1y1e: omnomnomnom
SketchyDetails: Oh, when did VIP get added?
ritchards: BTW, why no Graham? He doesn't like chat any more? lrrBEEJ
El_Funko: A week or two ago? What even is time at this point
OmnipotentTrevor: Thanks to the Desert Bus opening, I've now watched through The Good Place, and it is great.
gunbuster000: I sure am! I hope you are too James!
r10pez10: it's called a pop filter, it only stops the sound of soft drink
cheetoJack: my day has been a bit shit, but I'm at home so its improving
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SAJewers: hey james, did you hear CS:GO added in a battyle royale mode and just went F2P?
SketchyDetails: Desert bus was last week, so I see what you mean
El_Funko: They sure did
Laurence72: every one sub so he has to read them and can't eat! :p
DemoDane: yup
El_Funko: 18 players max tho
ritchards: Guess we know what One More will be now
CyanMig: cant wait for all the hackers to have unlimited accounts now :S (but yeah, its cool)
Mysticman89: f2p about time....battle royale tho? Are there maps suitable for that?
pinpointersk: What is going on I hear a James
ReydienOnline: that's not battle royale, that's barely a schoolyard rumble
El_Funko: Yeah I need more Royale with my Battle
Unas84: that's not battle royale, that's more like battle duke or baron
r10pez10: james is eating lunch but doesn't want to be on camera
korvys: But James, you've already made top 20!
El_Funko: Solos, duos and trios
Hqueso: 18 people is more like Battle Partiale
pinpointersk: lol I can see his mouth through his voice
control_rig: Royale with Cheese
SketchyDetails: In north america its a Battle QuaterPounder
cheetoJack: CyanMig sounds like they've mitigated the hacking thing. Basically if you are at a certain rank and associate a phone number with the account (or pay some money) you get a Prime account and only play with other Prime users
Unas84: hamburgerS !?
Laurence72: forget CS: go, we need POkemon Go BR
Mysticman89: What burger supplier?
TehAmelie: battle lordship
pinpointersk: Turn on the Camera Coward
ritchards: give the people what they want!
Unas84: nice
DeviantHS: james, will you dance today as you didnt 2 days ago?
Mowdownjoe: Battlerite Royale is 20 people, and it's pretty nice. Games are much quicker.
El_Funko: oh lol, solos is 16 players. Duos and Trios are 18 players
jdarr5000: ok then give us the flavor profile of the meal
pinpointersk: twitch watches James eat
korvys: And one fry
El_Funko: Matches last around 10 minutes
Unas84: yeah ok, makes sense
r10pez10: burger and fry
Unas84: that's just TDM ... ?
Laurence72: That battle merchant, not battle royale
El_Funko: I'd be curious what the maps are like
Unas84: lucky!
Mysticman89: bonus fries!
TehAmelie: free french fry!
pinpointersk: eat it lol
Mysticman89: or...fry
Mowdownjoe: SECRET FRIES
DeviantHS: to be fair the maps arent big enough for 16, unless they added new maps. 16 already on dust will be a shitshow
SAJewers: clip?
korvys: @El_Funko dust_2 over and over, of course.
7gorobei: more like a battle esquire
ritchards: but it can make the clips!
ritchards: !clip
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control_rig: Secret french fry. Secret french fry. Under the burger. Secret secret secret secret secret french fryyyyyy
EJGRgunner: 18 is probably the max you could do without building new maps
pinpointersk: Show us something
TehAmelie: did you hear about the most useless scientific discovery of the year? that you should eat exactly six french fries for a meal
DeviantHS: u are being quiter now. did u move away from the mic?
cheetoJack: Now you've said that Heather will probably put it in the replay :p
gunbuster000: I guess it kinda depends on Map size and Map mechanics. If it's faster paced than PUBG, 16-18 may not be the worst
SketchyDetails: !highlight
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Theycallmejokke: Speak up!
El_Funko: It sounds like a fun mode, but calling it Battle Royale might be a stretch
pinpointersk: James dicates eating his lunch play by play
Unas84: *puts on his best Penelope voice* to-MAH-toe !
DeviantHS: yeah, heather will probably put the part on the hightlight, where u say you are not on cam while eating because of highlights
Laurence72: more of a melee mode than BR
TehAmelie: 18 is barely a Game of Throne
7gorobei: skirmish royale?
Laurence72: lol
Unas84: Slow-Eat Warning to James Turner.
Theycallmejokke: Pro-Tip: Don't wast time chewing! ;P
DeviantHS: i am not =(
punchcardy: Hot 🎤
pinpointersk: Let see this
Laurence72: that will be the startb of teh next highlights
korvys: Graham, hopefully
Unas84: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
SketchyDetails: Has cam streamed the new stellaris DLC yet?
jonasjonIV: Yay! I catch it live!
pinpointersk: spicy james incoming
aussie_rob_w: katesAir lrrHORN
aussie_rob_w: lrrHORN katesAir lrrHORN
pinpointersk: man with food in beard
Dyllbert: Yes, just in time for some UMA drafts!
chesul: SketchyDetails it came out 5 hours ago, probably not.
NarishmaReborn: SketchyDetails, is this the MegaCorps one? He expressed a lack of desire to play a MegaCorp
r10pez10: theboxYes
hardboildegg155: Hi james
pinpointersk: lol i tried
ritchards: you probably have beard in your food
squigel: you have food in your insides
hardboildegg155: Hi James
1y1e: you had a skaBurger?
TehAmelie: yep, it's the first public appearance of James
pinpointersk: paranoia is strong with this one
DeviantHS: i dare you to eat it without hands
chesul: NarishmaReborn there's plenty of reason to play it other than the megacorps.
SAJewers: you gonna let that lettuce go to waste? lrrSLOTH
control_rig: Will Graham be joining us?
Aenir798: You don't store food in your beard for winter?
control_rig: Aw :(
Mysticman89: we established earlier that you are in fact graham according to a delivery person
moosethatsmiles: Forcing monoblack?
NarishmaReborn: chesul No doubt, but it might make it less likely that he plays it
gunbuster000: Graham is at home, storing food in his beard.
00busyhands: In spiritu
EvilBadman: G's too busy reading all the game news he won't put on Checkpoint next week.
Laurence72: if he is here in spirit, does that he is a 1/1 flying token?
Theycallmejokke: Yeah real magic! ;P
Dyllbert: Hopefully his spirit stays safely inside his body.... O.O
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chesul: NarishmaReborn fair.
DeviantHS: u can join a public discord channel if u dont like silence :)
TehAmelie: ultimate? that's as masterly as it gets!
El_Funko: That seems like a bad idea on a live stream
gunbuster000: @Laurence72 He's the 3/3 White Spirit with flying.
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Dyllbert: Whew, I was worried I'd let this lapse on accident
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NarishmaReborn: Masters of the Ultimate!
DeviantHS: it most definatly (i dont know how to write this word without google, cba atm) is a bad idea!
Mysticman89: so the sub streak thing is active now? I heard that was a thing, didn't know when it kicked in
TheOtherTrevor: UMA on Arena? You get to draft the 4 cards that are in standard and in UMA
hoktauri: How about we make a channel that's just lightly chanting James' name?
Dyllbert: @LoadingReadyRun Well I don't plan on doing that, you guys make great content and I love supporting it! But good to know.
acuilador: Have I missed much?
El_Funko: Not active until the new year I think
El_Funko: According to TQ
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Scarbble: Woo! card games with card james
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El_Funko: What TQ thinks is what I think most of the time, I'm told
absolutely_transtastic: i lost my sub months to you guys like a week before they announced the sub lapsing , goodbye 12+months
EvilBadman: Time to get a trophy and lord it over Kenji
DeviantHS: @hoktauri make a radio station and play it in discord with a bot and mute everyone else in that channel automatically
1y1e: not phantom PogChamp
r10pez10: blind draft!
Wangor: Oh, this is rather exciting :)
samubtdp1985: go reanimator
cambo212: pocket money rares ezpz
Jacobontherun1: Bunch of graveyard stuff apparently
EJGRgunner: Graveyard matters
DeviantHS: just force golgari graveyard
korvys: Are you saying you didn't watch the latest TapTapConceed, James?
Dyllbert: All I know from this format, besides the big cards in it pretty much comes from watching the latest TTC lol
Papperslappen: Mono red is always good
Angreed66: Go for boggles/umbras play fair.
squigel: gravard and aura's matter
Ubiki: Draft myr servitor
NarishmaReborn: Lots of graveyard stuff, though very little reanimation. Voltron is good too
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ggyppt: subscription lapsed, picking it up again now
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SrMuskrat: Why not phantom drafts?
DeviantHS: angler :o
jdarr5000: IT's soms spicy stuff
NathanJay_GA: Hi there ^_^
SplittingImage77: What’s a sub lapse?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Phalanx is good for white auras
ritchards: of course no Deckmaster for MtGO... booray!
Mercurial_Ouroboros: Phalnax Leader is one of the key pieves for W-R or W-G auras
Mercurial_Ouroboros: pieces*
fiftymcnasty: rites
korvys: rites seems fun
samubtdp1985: rites or phalanx
Dyllbert: Rites is a solid first pick I think
mrdreampants: WR heroic
moosethatsmiles: rites
NarishmaReborn: Boar Umbra is very good
lighting_bolt_123: travel prep is in this set
chesul: umbra seems great.
samubtdp1985: umbra or charge
AllStarGyudon: love the totem armor
acuilador: Umbra
NarishmaReborn: OH yeah I forgot about travel prep!
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think there's an umbra for each color
lighting_bolt_123: yAa
DemoDane: travel prep + heroic Kreygasm
Dyllbert: Travel prep is nice
NarishmaReborn: heh heh travel preps this set is going to be great
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yup, there's a few good Heroic creatures we should watch for
lighting_bolt_123: take it
aussie_rob_w: Travel Prep in Heroic GW seems AMAZEMENTS
EJGRgunner: Note the foil... at common.
DarkAbyssKeeper: So not forcing mono red?
Mercurial_Ouroboros: Yep, travel prep is definitely another key piece! Sweet
1y1e: travel prep, target my two phalanx's...... game two?
DeviantHS: heroic is a W/G only mechanic?
elcaroeht: any bome rares yet?
r10pez10: lemme smash
Wangor: Hero of Iroas, yay
QuantumTwitch: Hero
acuilador: Hero
Mercurial_Ouroboros: and Hero or Iroas? Yessss
chesul: Hero!
samubtdp1985: hero here
mrdreampants: hero
lighting_bolt_123: hero
AllStarGyudon: hero seems spicy
Dyllbert: Hero is perfect for this deck
NarishmaReborn: This is what I love about Masters set... combinations of stuff from Limited that wasn't together before but works GREAT together like travel prep and heroic
r10pez10: lrrFRUMP
Laserbeaks_Fury: Smash looks really good
DeviantHS: Shed weakness seems strange oO
00busyhands: Woooooo
Dyllbert: #LetAdamSmash Kappa
NarishmaReborn: aww you're getting cut
elcaroeht: splash that blue
Wangor: Arena Athlete?
DeviantHS: why is shed weakness in this set? didnt they find any other good 1 mana pump spell?
Zebunisher: apparition?
PrimNexus: beckon for grave hate?
EvilBadman: Beckon
Chun_Malao: apparition
samubtdp1985: athlete or shed
iSmartMan1: Shed Weakness for heroic?
TheOtherTrevor: shed targets heroic creatures
acuilador: Beckon or Shed for heroic
tomnar: Berkon?
androgyknits: ooh came in just in time, yas
Angreed66: persit exists
1y1e: grave hate has to be relevant
Dyllbert: Grave hate seems relevant in this set
DemoDane: online with digital objects athlete
NarishmaReborn: ooh, true, beckon might be very key in this
chesul: rage?
FireBasilisk53: how's the format?
Coinman1863: I mean, with dredge and conflagerate at uncommon, it seems it will hit more than it misses
absolutely_transtastic: who all will be drafting tomarrow
aussie_rob_w: I’ll be drafting tonight!
acuilador: Rage to hedge
Laserbeaks_Fury: ^
franksey: bombardement?
ninja_theory_ashrams: Some misinformation has been going around, "The Video game awards" are not on CBS, CBS will be airing "gemers' choice awards" on sunday wich is made by the people who do the "teen choice awards
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iSmartMan1: GW heroic FTW!
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jdarr5000: so with all thats going on this weekends plans is shooting more crapshots or is it fridaynight of chrismass past ?
Decaped: 2 garnas, lol
acuilador: into RW if WG dries
EJGRgunner: Grab the mana rock. Hedge against picking up another color
NarishmaReborn: oh right rises from the tides is a thing
Wangor: Molten Birth?
lighting_bolt_123: rise
NarishmaReborn: elder is fine too
QuantumTwitch: athlete
Wangor: Naya auras?
samubtdp1985: elder is good
Decaped: elder seems good
acuilador: elder
Chun_Malao: there is a lot of shed weakness going around
lighting_bolt_123: elder
DoktorPiccolo: Shouldn't 3-color in a set with close to no fixing
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Cepsys: double digits!
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lighting_bolt_123: no
korvys: If you see a Terramorphic expanse, grab it, I guess
Dyllbert: there is almost no fixing
NarishmaReborn: I think terramorphic is the only common fixing besides eidolon
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jonnykefka: A nice square resub! How many 8-drops can we get in this set?
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Wangor: I'm glad Reckless Wurm's been downshifted, it'll make the pauper Madness deck even more amusing :D
samubtdp1985: souls fire
iSmartMan1: Verdant Eidolon: technically fixing
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EJGRgunner: You passed some mana rocks that fix
Evochron13: well blue seems open
DeviantHS: defy gravitiy might be foil but so is foil
iSmartMan1: Huh...looks like blue might be open
r10pez10: mother of ... runes
r10pez10: wipes are fun
NarishmaReborn: Ol' Hootie
Wangor: Hoot hoot
samubtdp1985: gods willing or hoots
QuantumTwitch: gods
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A_Slightly_Angrier_Krogan: What's this? Mobile anniversary messages. Finally I can say what's on my mind...Shepard.
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Theycallmejokke: Charm? Ain't charms allways okay
acuilador: gods is rl gd
iSmartMan1: Gods or Hootie and the Mandrills
nkcola: Oh hi all katesWave
Decaped: Dark Dobbing!
aussie_rob_w: Gods Willing is better than you remember.
DoktorPiccolo: Faithless looting to completely cut red Kappa
acuilador: fetters?
DemoDane: fetters
r10pez10: fetters prolly
DoktorPiccolo: Fetters!
iSmartMan1: Warrior if you want creatures, Fetters if you want removal
NarishmaReborn: Fetters is super good removal... warrior probably wheels
Evochron13: i feel beckon apparition is actually going to be more relevant than not
QuantumTwitch: fetters
NarishmaReborn: Immense, wheel cleave?
mrdreampants: double cleave
r10pez10: lol gamble
samubtdp1985: immense
EvilBadman: No, that's Fugi
EvilBadman: Kappa
Bobtheninjagoldfish: oh MTO? what's the format?
PrimNexus: cleave seems the most fun
Evochron13: uma draft
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Oh nice.
NarishmaReborn: Repel is an interesting post-attack spell, attack, tap a blocker and your already attacking heroic creature, draw
androgyknits: quadruple cleave
hippitybobbity: yoooo it's out?
Laserbeaks_Fury: we do need creatures
EvilBadman: We need some dudes for this stuff
samubtdp1985: willing
NarishmaReborn: yeah mammoth, then focus on critters
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TheMetalupis: the 5 year! my sub is ready for kindergarten
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Decaped: Unstable mutation is back? there's a really old card.
DeviantHS: there is a ghoulcaller in the pack LUL
NarishmaReborn: rider
Ukon_vasara: creatures? thats the cowards way miasRage
NarishmaReborn: Rider so good
jdarr5000: hmm now time to mute James since i saw the panaylists posted
mrdreampants: nice
meisbored: yoooo
acuilador: sneep
DoktorPiccolo: Yessss
Laserbeaks_Fury: We might need to drop Green for red
EvilBadman: If lucky, we get Locus on wheel
Suffix: New Panalysts!? See ya James.
iSmartMan1: Take rider, hope that Mystics wheels
ThePerrBearr: live and alive
EvilBadman: lotus*
ninja_theory_ashrams: all creatures are for us
1losttheGame: but there are vods here too!
BloodnBullets: zombie james
pinpointersk: Really
Laurence72: James 5, is alive!
Lucien0451: You're not alive?
DeviantHS: well there is a vod awell of u. but we have to get on the memes from panalists
aussie_rob_w: I’m gonna stay here and watch you draft.
Jacobontherun1: crusher
chickenace11: I can't hear you going to watch the panlyist be back in twenty
EvilBadman: Crusher boy
Angreed66: Why does LRR always post videos as a live show starts?
TheOtherTrevor: there was a kodama's reach in that last pack
pinpointersk: 3 colors
NarishmaReborn: r/w splash travel prep
TheMetalupis: 5 color good stuff
Decaped: heroic is not an 8 drop deck
Ukon_vasara: crusher to stay open :p
aussie_rob_w: But travel prep...
acuilador: Athlete
pinpointersk: working hours...
mrdreampants: athlete
DrEinstein99: oooh crusher
r10pez10: parallel workflows
chesul: crusher with umbras seems hard to beat.
EJGRgunner: James “Alive” Turner, that’s what they call him
DeviantHS: well u could stream 10h earlier. as a euroean i wouldnt mind
EvilBadman: Sure take the Expanse!
lighting_bolt_123: expanse
NarishmaReborn: champ is one of those dratted creatures
NarishmaReborn: wayfinder yeah yeah
acuilador: wayfinder
iSmartMan1: Conviction goes GREAT in Heroic
samubtdp1985: wayfinder
Decaped: wow blue is super open, look at that forbidden alchmey
moosethatsmiles: conviction
DoktorPiccolo: Hope for the wheels
lighting_bolt_123: now all he needs is a bogle
nkcola: *slaps deck* this baby can fit so many colors
chesul: second becon for the board?
Angreed66: In this set boggle is uncommon so
NarishmaReborn: mark?
AGiantRoach: wooooow blue and black wiiiide open
DoktorPiccolo: PogChamp
ufo6300: Not a big fan of the double splash for birth
NarishmaReborn: c'mon bogle
lighting_bolt_123: is this pack 2 or 3
DeviantHS: i would barely call it doing it. :D
Ukon_vasara: what we are doing isnt great, but we certainly are doing "It"
Evochron13: green's the splash not red or white ufo6300
DeviantHS: thespian stage
ninja_theory_ashrams: get them T-Heros cards
NarishmaReborn: mongrel?
chesul: is depths still rare in Uma?
DeviantHS: dark dephts will be 8th pick belive
acuilador: Walker for the evoke?
samubtdp1985: spawning
Evochron13: depths is mythic
AGiantRoach: oh man sons of the damned. is balustrade spy in this set because it should have been
iSmartMan1: Crier?
TehAmelie: if you finish your deck in two packs, that counts as an extra match win right
iSmartMan1: Crier or reckoning
Laserbeaks_Fury: Mongrel
OleanderWhispers: Safehold elite is just solid?
meisbored: generator servant or safehold elite?
chesul: take stage, hope for depths?
acuilador: mongrel, yeah
r10pez10: stage for memes
franksey: crier seems good late game
DentedPockets: Mono-dogs
TemporallyAwry: Stage is at worst mana-fixing - which multicolor kinda wants
Unas84: reckoning?
CatherineThePrettyGreat: This channel has more than twice the viewers of the actual Magic channel and that is weirdly cool?
lighting_bolt_123: swift reckoning?
NarishmaReborn: hope that plax comes back
QuantumTwitch: hero
DoktorPiccolo: Nice
ninja_theory_ashrams: more bears
aussie_rob_w: Stage only fixes for lands in play.
AGiantRoach: oooh man anger
acuilador: Slime?
Unas84: umbra
DoktorPiccolo: now you really need conviction
Wangor: Mammoth umbra?
r10pez10: anger
RassilonDND: im a sucker for anger
samubtdp1985: umbra or shed
DeviantHS: maybe 2/2s for 2 is the key to this format
Ukon_vasara: pitching anger to mongrel and fetching a mountain with terramophic expanse to give the crusher haste Kreygasm
FireBasilisk53: oohh new anger art, nice
NarishmaReborn: mammoth umbra is good... enough umbras and you just start running whatever 1-drops
Ukon_vasara: man, im bad at this game
nkcola: Anger is pretty cool
Veggiekeks: umbra so good with 2 heroes
AGiantRoach: @Ukon_vasara Live the Dream
samubtdp1985: plax
NarishmaReborn: champion if needing creatures, plax otherwise
Wangor: Shielding Plax?
PrimNexus: plax
DemoDane: lets call this a warm up
DoktorPiccolo: Plax or looting
TehAmelie: [expectations intensifies]
RassilonDND: pave the draft and start over?
cheetoJack: so what I'm hearing is that we're not going 12-1 like yesterday
DentedPockets: 40% chance of success, pretty good lrrBEEJ
Fugi: I believe in you James
c_dabs: Turning it up to 10!!!
iSmartMan1: Let's be honest, no one came to this stream with "expectations"
Wangor: 1
nkcola: 7
Ukon_vasara: 7
acuilador: #-0 all day. I just won't say which side James is on.
samubtdp1985: charge
Unas84: repel
TheOtherTrevor: double the cleaving, double the fun
ninja_theory_ashrams: more bears
NarishmaReborn: unicorn? for a 2drop?
iSmartMan1: Unicorn?
DeviantHS: 2 is too many LUL 2/2s for 2
Evochron13: unicorn; there appears to be many relevant enchantments to kill
PrimNexus: 3 casue then it would be triple cleave
thebarbermtgo: crusader?
samubtdp1985: crusader
Ukon_vasara: this is fine lrrFINE
DentedPockets: Splash for black lrrBEEJ
nkcola: Crier
acuilador: crier
Schokobeau: lrrFINE
iSmartMan1: Spellshaper for Raise the Alarm seems dece
NarishmaReborn: Helix? wow
aussie_rob_w: You’re not really gonna play Ulamog’s Crusher are you James?
acuilador: Helix!
DoktorPiccolo: Discard an Anger PogChamp
Laurence72: think positive, you will either win or lose, so that means you have a 50% chance to win!
FireBasilisk53: for discarding anger
iSmartMan1: Are we just abandoning green at this point?
FireBasilisk53: 2 1/1s with hast
TehAmelie: let's play this deck like a school drop in Pubg, i.e. get killed fast and try again lrrAWESOME
AGiantRoach: double cleave a crusher PogChamp
ninja_theory_ashrams: green is the splash
forlornhope22: WURM!
samubtdp1985: plax
MagicallyPL: DEW IT
InsaneMuadib: Hey chat. hows the new set?
Ukon_vasara: double crusher for double cleave
DeviantHS: splash blue for djinn LUL
aussie_rob_w: Well, Chat. Looks like I ruined it. Sorry!
iSmartMan1: RW go-wide?
ninja_theory_ashrams: is the green worth splashing?
EvilBadman: Reckoning
Unas84: reckponing = removal
r10pez10: crier
samubtdp1985: reckoning
DoktorPiccolo: Removal my dude
00gogo00: Event: LRRMtG || Magic: The Gathering Arena
iSmartMan1: Raid Bombardment?
00gogo00: that seems off
MagicallyPL: raid?
AGiantRoach: i want to draft this just to go all in on songs of the damned and spider spawing
SacrificialToast: red/white aggro with 10 creatures
headdeskdev: splash prep + boar umbra?
acuilador: Gnomes, another bosy?
Ukon_vasara: okay, the plan is to flood into double crusher
forlornhope22: hero is enchantments right?
Evochron13: raid bombardment might work considering all your creatures are weenies
NarishmaReborn: splash travel prep and play gnomes?
DoktorPiccolo: @Evochron13 seconding
aussie_rob_w: You do have a Terramorphic Expanse.
ninja_theory_ashrams: do you have enough heroic triggers?
iSmartMan1: Don't forget about Patchwork Gnomes
DeviantHS: how about cutting W/R aswell, then drop and draft again LUL
DoktorPiccolo: Crusader, bombardment and molten birth!
EvilBadman: You can pitch anger to mongrel, if deperate
acuilador: Rootwalla?
NarishmaReborn: 10 creatures
samubtdp1985: crusader
aussie_rob_w: Needs more Double Cleaves.
headdeskdev: Boneyard wurm is bad esp with this many creatures
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Evochron13: beckon apparition is a creature remembert
Chun_Malao: apparition is a creature
aussie_rob_w: Instant speed unblocked double strike heroic triggers seems goood
Ukon_vasara: we have token generation right? if this isnt a deck for raid bombardment there might not be one
Evochron13: i still think boros weenies with raid bombardment
MagicallyPL: actually this isnt bad
Evochron13: cause raid bombardment is low power not necessarily tokens right?
ninja_theory_ashrams: boros seems more consistent
acuilador: second beckon for weenies
OleanderWhispers: with a couple of discard outlets we can splash the back half of Travel Preps even if we can't cast the front
headdeskdev: splash the prep if you are going boros
EvilBadman: I'd run the second beckon and maybe another cleave for 23?
samubtdp1985: rootwalla
EvilBadman: if r/w
Ukon_vasara: but it seems consistently ... not great
NarishmaReborn: or gnomes?
nkcola: Double Double Cleave for the weenies!
r10pez10: Becky Apparent
FireBasilisk53: don't forget the crusher Kappa
acuilador: Naya looked more fun, and i guess you could say better?
MrBacanudo: Double double cleave in heroic sounds okay
MagicallyPL: clecve triggers heroic
ninja_theory_ashrams: I like double cleave for heroic trigger
wantwings24: Clutches? It can also target your heroic guys.
jestersb: Nightbird’s is crazy good
Dyllbert: gnomes seems like its is there as a graveyard and madness enabler
aussie_rob_w: I like that cleave is an instant
MagicallyPL: that's like 6 heroic cretures
Dyllbert: i would cut it...
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DoktorPiccolo: Cut Martyr?
Evochron13: maybe cut the umbra?
MagicallyPL: and both hero and crusader are aazing
jestersb: Cut a cleave
Qalten: Expanse?
Qalten: Oh, nvm, 2 coors
Qalten: *colors
r10pez10: GL GL
DoktorPiccolo: I'm so dissapointed that we didn't get new art for terramorphic expanse
El_Funko: James I have 30k riding on this draft in a side bet, don't let me down
samubtdp1985: no graham?
Himyul: lrrBEEJ
MagicallyPL: the deck actually doesn't look to suck donkey balls, didn't expect that earlier
El_Funko: My kids need to eat gold burgers
Himyul: 30k dollaridos??
RassilonDND: Funko: joe will never pay up
chesul: you can't cast your 2drop...
r10pez10: yeah i kept getting hosed by thinking i was clicking "go to combat" and skipping through combat
nkcola: 30k bits so like, 30 bucks?
El_Funko: Yep, I want to splash around in bits like Scrooge McDuck
DoktorPiccolo: Oh baby, crier+phalanx leader
nkcola: Scrooge McBitw
El_Funko: Has Arena said when this set will be added to their platform?
nkcola: *Scrooge McBits
SpiffGames: arena is so good. It's exactly what I'd been wanting for years, UI-wise
El_Funko: Oh really?
EvilBadman: This set is a hodgepodge of keywords that aren't in Arena.
El_Funko: Ohh okay
El_Funko: That's disappointing, it looks fun
Himyul: crier seems good
lighting_bolt_123: cried is nuts
aussie_rob_w: Yeah, Arena won’t get this one . :(
DoktorPiccolo: Crier seems dece
TheOtherTrevor: there are 4 cards from this set already on arena
r10pez10: garna...
ninja_theory_ashrams: arena announcement at video game awards tonight, what could it be
SpiffGames: Just occurred to me that they might be nixing masters sets so they don't have the feel bad of not releasing them on Arena again after this
MagicallyPL: foil?
El_Funko: I can understand if they don't want to patch in a bunch of unusual mechanics that only affect this set
r10pez10: i dunno the other three
El_Funko: Yeah it's work they'll have to do eventually, but probably not immediately prior to their 1.0 launch
Evochron13: technically they had madness in alpha with SOI
Evochron13: and they can technically do flashback if they can do jump start
jdarr5000: arena will have modern some day but it will be arena modern ie starts with the sets that was put in the beta
r10pez10: we theros y'all
DoktorPiccolo: Oof
MagicallyPL: activate crier, raid bombardment, into mammoth umbra?
MagicallyPL: next turn?
RassilonDND: mumbra :)
Diabore: so how is uma?
SpiffGames: I remember when MODO was only new sets, and they've slowly gone backwards in time with it. Arena's certainly got more sets to do that with, but I bet they end up slowly doing it.
TheWooglie: so now you can umbra next turn
AGiantRoach: we baited out the destroy! yay us
lighting_bolt_123: That's good good
r10pez10: well now they won't kill the umbra, yeah
lighting_bolt_123: cry
AGiantRoach: those tokens
lighting_bolt_123: take 4
acuilador: take 4, kill his board
ampharos15: ya kill the cards with tokens
r10pez10: take 8 seems brave
aussie_rob_w: Take 4 and reckon the biggun
lighting_bolt_123: he's gonna play spider spawning
DoktorPiccolo: Look at it this way, now you 2-for-1'd them
DoktorPiccolo: oh
lighting_bolt_123: CALLED IT
DoktorPiccolo: oh no
ampharos15: wow
Arikell: Mana for flashback next turn too? ouch.
nkcola: Dubs Cleave for the save!
Featherweight_: magical cards
acuilador: Crier, keep ub double, make toekns and make em 22s
OleanderWhispers: Umbra on Leader gives us some pretty good blocks
Lexicat34: Totem Armor the Phallanx
aussie_rob_w: Crier and Cleave Leader gives you....
Lexicat34: then next turn, because vigilance, double cleave is a great trick depending on how he plays
aussie_rob_w: I’m glad you didn’t take 8.
OleanderWhispers: whoof
Lexicat34: god Aethersnipe so good
DoktorPiccolo: NotLikeThis
r10pez10: bidoof
aussie_rob_w: Well, we’re dead
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acuilador: no, youre dob
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amative1: Unturn, rotate, flunge, mill, graveyard, spindown, tap?
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Chartle: tromple :(
aussie_rob_w: lrrFINE
fiftymcnasty: Trample
BloodnBullets: so close
korvys: @r10pez10 After slowly making my way through the list: Mark of the Vampire, Prey Upon, Prismatic Lens
grappler12: What's giving them trample?
r10pez10: @korvys those are not the cards i would have guessed
grappler12: is Brawn in their graveyard?
Chartle: elemental in the grave i'd guess
acuilador: Yeah
Erudite_Cynic: gots to get that crusher in
aussie_rob_w: Beckon Apparition has potential to be GREAT here
Erudite_Cynic: sorru "gots to get that crusher in Kappa "
NarishmaReborn: charge here seems fine
acuilador: charge the hero, get him bigger
aussie_rob_w: Hero Punch!
ninja_theory_ashrams: go wide
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nkcola: and now, Anger!
korvys: !card Anger
LRRbot: Anger [3R] | Creature — Incarnation [2/2] | Haste / As long as Anger is in your graveyard and you control a Mountain, creatures you control have haste.
BloodnBullets: oh new Anger art? not a were lightning baby now?
Chartle: what incarnation
Anubis169: 'ello all you happy people
Anubis169: manLOVE
DemoDane: oh the big mtg announcement got leaked
ninja_theory_ashrams: go wide
aussie_rob_w: Charging Hero!
nkcola: Hero Beckon is good
NarishmaReborn: hero, beckon, next turn leader and flashback charge
forgottenkane: <message deleted>I might save Beckon for a reanimation target.
iSmartMan1: Hold apparition for spiders
forgottenkane: <message deleted>The clock doesn't change if you do it now or next turn
NarishmaReborn: they are dead
aussie_rob_w: Oh, they’re dead now.
NarishmaReborn: leader, flashback charge
mandarinmonkey: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 57:38.
forgottenkane: <message deleted>Yeah they're just dead now
ninja_theory_ashrams: flashback
acuilador: Rage can flashback
forgottenkane: <message deleted>What, Rage
forgottenkane: <message deleted>!punt
acuilador: sorry, reckless
CastleOtranto: James, according to Steam, I've played Clicker Heroes for over 18,000 hours, and I blame you.
Anubis169: we have a veto on that word forgottenkane
forgottenkane: Wow, what a stream
Crazy_Miner51: The new pro league stuff is absurd
chesul: James, I just wanted you to know that in the last 3 hours I've gotten most of the way to two fully race upgraded abdications in realm grinder, including a false start as undead.
Crazy_Miner51: 10m over 10 tournaments both paper and arena
BloodnBullets: didnt have the mana for leader and flashback though right?
1losttheGame: are you only buying grandma's in cookie clicker james?
r10pez10: hecking
BloodnBullets: oh its only 3
korvys: Flashback on the leader?
acuilador: charge the leader, have fun all day
aussie_rob_w: Charge!
aussie_rob_w: No wait
ambitiousapathy: wait whats the veto word?
aussie_rob_w: Chaaaaaaaarge!
Mr_Bitterness: Just Boros things (TM)
r10pez10: deck operating as intended
CyanMig: woof
DemoDane: PogChamp
acuilador: @ambitiousapathy I would just assume it's vulgar/derrogatory
sethmerickson17: what are our rares this draft
nkcola: Big Boros Slamms... Or maybe just weenie wins...
acuilador: and not use those words
ambitiousapathy: i looked at what they said and didnt see anything close to questionable
El_Funko: James is a Time Wizard
northos: "just a bit" of a leak :P
CyanMig: ahhh press releases..what is timings
DemoDane: someones in trouble~
El_Funko: That doesn't happen for another 2 and a half hours
1losttheGame: wow thats really bad
ninja_theory_ashrams: leaks and magic, peanut butter and jelly
CyanMig: someone screwing up their time zones maybe
El_Funko: Yeah sounds like it
SpiffGames: mull, no plan
r10pez10: they mulled to 6 tho
acuilador: mull
nkcola: Topdeck Doublecleave and you win
lifecharacter: Pray for 5.
Diabore: 55555
korvys: Oh, huh... I never noticed the skulls in the UMA set icon
ninja_theory_ashrams: greed
pinpointersk: lol
r10pez10: sure
sethmerickson17: keep
NathanJay_GA: Ouy
pinpointersk: RNG come on
CyanMig: ok,ok
r10pez10: SURE
El_Funko: How good are you at flipping coins James? You've trained your whole life for this moment
1y1e: infinite 1/1s you say
pinpointersk: Its fine
r10pez10: i have to drive to work, i'm sort of expecting you to win before i get there :P
DeviantHS: which article?
NathanJay_GA: remember to play the mountain :P
ampharos15: maybe we will win like 3 flips
jdarr5000: what article
lifecharacter: Best part about agro is that it either wins or loses quickly.
ninja_theory_ashrams: article from the future
Lord_Hosk: Spoiler, the article said Magic players from Victoria named James Turner will now be paid $50,000 per session they stream of Magic arena
ampharos15: no we need more mountains to recast molten birth for when we infinitely win flips
Lord_Hosk: It didnt specify which james turner though
Tantusar: I think I'd wait until after the Game Awards to make any statement about eSports and Arena.
NathanJay_GA: per session? Are they made of money, or something?
korvys: MTG Arena Streamers named Jimmy T will get paid in ice cream
EvilBadman: As someone who works for a company that gives news to sites with a "NO REALLY, DON'T ANNOUNCE UNTIL X" this really makes me nervous.
nkcola: I'd do damn near any job if it paid in Ice Cream
ambitiousapathy: LUL
lisasimpsonspiky: <message deleted>punt
DeviantHS: LUL
NathanJay_GA: dammit
DemoDane: F
ninja_theory_ashrams: d69LUL
pharaun_2421: ouch
mtg_fanerdic: <message deleted>punt!
sethmerickson17: choke
El_Funko: @korvys Big Jimmy T. Please use his full formal title, he didn't go through Big Jimmy university to not be addressed properly
bekuehling: <message deleted>numotPUNT
1losttheGame: wow Jimmy T, you're really losing it Kappa
Captainfuse: See the problem here is opponent keeps playing cards
JoeKim: dont be angry Jimmy T
AGiantRoach: Mr Big Jimmy T
NathanJay_GA: All around me are familiar faces...
ninja_theory_ashrams: not saying that p word
acuilador: Oh, that word is the reserved one
c_dabs: PJSalt LUL
JoeKim: yeah. kickoffs only
Anubis169 coughs
Anubis169: behave chat
JoeKim: score or turnover on downs
Anubis169: manZAPL lrrAWESOME manZAPR
EvilBadman: We go for it on 4th down, like Vince Lombardi intended
ambitiousapathy: whats the deal with this stream being an anti kickoff stream?
mastershake29x: CFL season is over so
ninja_theory_ashrams: toight ploys
NathanJay_GA: Yeah, we dont punt. We always go for it on 4th down!
Lord_Hosk: we dont like to focus on mistakes here we prefer a positive stream
1losttheGame: what about 2 point conversions? do we allow those?
korvys: @El_Funko Thanks, I just choked on my tea
Tantusar: but kickoffs are worse than punts, both for the game and for the people playing it
JoeKim: always go for the 2 point conversions
mastershake29x: @NathanJay_GA 3rd down, no 4th down in CFL
El_Funko: @korvys got em
c_dabs: Plays mountain, chat goes wild!
acuilador: The flood is real
Tantusar: i like jon bois and i don't care who knows
mtg_fanerdic: soooooo much land
acuilador: benginFlood
DeviantHS: is crusher in the deck?
lifecharacter: Time for a swamp off the top.
JoeKim: well timed land flood
nkcola: AbracaAura
Angreed66: This isn't a real flood I've seen worse.
Anubis169: Hobbit: I did go out with a girl who was always putting herself down, still am, we're doing a DnD session this weekend :D
Anubis169: ack
Anubis169: wrong channel
Anubis169: :D
AGiantRoach: this set have much reanimator? turn one looting. turn 2 exhume for crusher is a fun pauper standby
sokamish: you can cast swift reckoning to give wingsteed rider a counter, think of the value!
DeviantHS: good on you anubis168 :D
DeviantHS: 169*
Angreed66: spawnning in hand
Anubis169: ignore that please :D
Krokaar: Im weirdly excited to go buy like 8 copies of gurmag and chainers edict tomorrow more then most things...
Captainfuse: Inc spooders?
NathanJay_GA: @anubis169 can mods delete their own messages?
DeviantHS: will have forgotten it in 2min max :D
Anubis169: not under the current system
Lord_Hosk: Please, Anubis 168 was their clone precursor... ;)
Anubis169: but let's focus on the game, i think James has a chance here
DeviantHS: u could ask james to time you out for 10min i guess
ampharos15: well lets just move the chat up
ampharos15: by typing a lot
Angreed66: @Anubis169 Don't joke
hippitybobbity: typing you say
DeviantHS: oof
ambitiousapathy: so we were dead, but now we arent?
Skajetolaf: How does it feel to be back in MTGO?
ambitiousapathy: oh yeah trample by 1
Lord_Hosk: I already told you!
ampharos15: article time
lifecharacter: Read it to us.
El_Funko: I'm curious to hear about my future as an Arena esports boy
pharaun_2421: i bet they are anouncing more anouncements
GloriousMost: Borderlands 4
mastershake29x: it would be funny if the game awards has tech issues or something and they cut the announcement from the program
korvys: @El_Funko They're introducing a battle royale mode
PinoGraham: someone forgot the show is at 6pm west coast not est
NathanJay_GA: oh damn, yeah, i wish publishers would stop announcing announcements
northos: I mean...yeah. $10 mil is a LOT
ninja_theory_ashrams: bye bye irl pro's, hello digital pros
ambitiousapathy: shit, thats 50 cents each PogChamp
El_Funko: Huh that's soon
pharaun_2421: invitational DansGame
Ammondale: Okay, that's... a lot
Qalten: Hunh, article isn't live any more
korvys: (PAX East is March 29-31, 2019, for reference)
AGiantRoach: hopefully the invitational part is like the pro tour not like that beta draft
mjgoins: heh, yeah don't reload your browser :)
mjgoins: article gone
PinoGraham: so who is in the top 32 right now
mastershake29x: yep, article was deleted, so yeah, someone made an oopsie
ambitiousapathy: contracts?!?
TheMalteseFalchion: Wonder if they're going to slowly phase out the physical Pro Tour if this does well.
CyanMig: if true, glad they seem to be taking on board feedback from paper pros
NathanJay_GA: right click -> save page as
odiv: TheMalteseFalchion: or supplant?
EvilBadman: Article was probably re-hidden. It was likely set to go live at EST instead of PST. News stories like this are given to news sites before you see them.
gualdhar: so only top 32? Sounds like there will be a lot of feel bads
Lord_Hosk: Contracts could mean that pros get a base salary. (crosses fingers)
odiv: next year?
NovaTiempo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:14:00.
Tapp1e: Link?
00busyhands: Where was this repoorted?
SrMuskrat: Link anyone?
ninja_theory_ashrams: article posted early, and gone. look for its re-post later tonight
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CapnRobert: is this confirmed?
00busyhands: Nice
Chartle: i assume it'll be locked in at the beginning of the season
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CapnRobert: would be super rad if it is
EvilBadman: AGAIN: Article was probably re-hidden. It was likely set to go live at EST instead of PST. News stories like this are given to news sites before you see them.
ninja_theory_ashrams: its a 404 error now
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun It's been taken down now, btw
mastershake29x: @CapnRobert no, but it looks legit, there is an announcement set for tonight
ambitiousapathy: Id be surprised if it gets kept at only 32, thats a lot of pros left in the dark
CapnRobert: @mastershake29x yeah it looks legit, it just almost sounds to good to be true lol seems so awesome, and fake articles like that have been around before
Aarek: someone yargled the embargle?
rarermonsters: Speaking of base level income, I'm seeing sealed events for UMA charging 100 dollars. They stacked it with value just to stick it to you when you found out you couldn't afford it
ninja_theory_ashrams: poster probably had their time zones wrong and posted early by mistake
Lord_Hosk: The reddit has been calm and measured with everyone discussing only what they know and speculating responsibly
Lord_Hosk: im kidding
DemoDane: distinct lack of mention of the other digital platform
mastershake29x: good segue there
pharaun_2421: @Lord_Hosk LUL
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Co-Stream 2018 Game Awards at Thu 05:30 PM PST (2:14 from now).
NovaTiempo: I look forward to it!
NathanJay_GA: Alright then. Back Magig?
NathanJay_GA: *Back to Magic
DeviantHS: wow
Kazman20a: the echo was real
DeviantHS: inb4 another burger break
sethmerickson17: !quote water
NathanJay_GA: James "I meant to do that" Turner
NathanJay_GA: !findquote water
LRRbot: Quote #1955: "Water: 19% wet" —Alex [2016-02-23]
incredulouspasserby: stupid question: which subreddit do people suggest going to for magic news like this? I am bad at reddit and also there are a lot of magic subreddits
mandarinmonkey: How dare someone yargles the bargle that was fanargled by the yargle
CapnRobert: @mastershake29x I really hope its true I think itd be great for magic , and in general for esports, something id like to see grow generally
mastershake29x: @incredulouspasserby magicTCG is the main subreddit
PinoGraham: r/magictcg should be the best one
mastershake29x: @CapnRobert agreed
incredulouspasserby: oh okay I was right then
incredulouspasserby: thanks
NarishmaReborn: we who?
NarishmaReborn: oh we!
ElektroTal: cube times?
NarishmaReborn: Hi Kathleen!
Diabore: hi kathleen!
PinoGraham: you look nice Kathleen
thebarbermtgo: yoooooo kathleen!!!
EvilBadman: That's a good cut
Slurpee_E: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
r10pez10: hi kathleen!
ElektroTal: wow, your hair is awesome!
CapnRobert: great hair kathleen
Fugi: Oh dang that's a good hair
DeviantHS: true
r10pez10: i made it to work, james did you win
BrindleBoar: K-pop Kappa
Alness49: What do you mean "look like"?
korvys: lrrDARK kathle3HEX
accountmadeforants: The K in K-Pop stands for Kathleen, no?
Jorge4hg: Holy moly you look so good kathleen
Unas84: They do tend to have good hair
sethmerickson17: very nice hair
darkora: who let that K-pop star into the studio?
northos: but yes, looking great!
Slurpee_E: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
CapnRobert: hype
KingOfDoma: Is the band called LOAD-RR?
NarishmaReborn: there's a prop room if they didn't prepare
hippitybobbity: ive been itching to get a haircut myself
TehAmelie: looking very kathle3HEX
canoecrasher: Wait what's tonight?
NovaTiempo: Is there a square of red carpet lying around at the moonbase?
korvys: lrrBEEJ
gualdhar: when are the awards?
DeviantHS: Kreygasm
mastershake29x: why did you ask james
Jorge4hg: lrrBEEJ
sethmerickson17: beej is always prepared with a gown
Alness49: I don't know if I WANT to see Beej in a gown
Captainfuse: You stay classy Beej
korvys: Beej's chesticles
r10pez10: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Co-Stream 2018 Game Awards at Thu 05:30 PM PST (2:10 from now).
darkora: I too look forward to seeing his chesticles
Slurpee_E: kathle3HEX kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
mastershake29x: !next
1losttheGame: is Beej going to be running across the screen? Kappa
NarishmaReborn: beware of beej-presenting nipples?
hippitybobbity: beej would look pretty good in an evening gown
Aarek: kathle3HEX
hippitybobbity: did he at least shave
DeviantHS: better get some nippletape
gualdhar: @hippitybobbity I hope he didn't lrrBEEJ lrrHEART
hippitybobbity: what's that hexagon
chesul: whelp, goodbye fames.
1losttheGame: no, male nipples are fine! its female nipples that are the problem.
Diabore: james will depart to the sea
hippitybobbity: @gualdhar yeah shaving one's chest sucks
r10pez10: i'm just gonna assume we won last game
ninja_theory_ashrams: just put starburst effect over beej chest areas of question
DeviantHS: :o
DemoDane: no 10 million dollars to be won on mtgo
chesul: James, with the direct challenges out, is there a chance of you playing games against chat members?
Slurpee_E: MTGO bodied
gualdhar: James gotta get from filthy casual to 10 mil winner stat
Diabore: @r10pez10 yes... that is what happened...
r10pez10: best timeline
Diabore: lets play singleton james!
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canoecrasher: So many months!
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canoecrasher: Keep the lights on!
canoecrasher: Water for the toilet!
Jorge4hg: and food, food is good
mandarinmonkey: Just wondering do you guys have a discord
lifecharacter: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
RezTheFuture: Saw Adam at Pax Unplugged...then went 0-1 drop. Milkshake bracket! =P.
Angreed66: Wouldn't that be exciting too?
BloodnBullets: !whichcord?
diamondmx: you can't make me not be excited about timeley rent payments
r10pez10: it probably has 70000 members now
DeviantHS: i wanted to sub for toilet water @canoecrasher :( guess i will sub next month
PinoGraham: aw thanks
Mangledpixel: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always encouraged.
Diabore: oh no
Unas84: well, all except for that one person
PinoGraham: !advice
LRRbot: Decrease the maggot count.
EvilBadman: So, how's not having to summarize the insane game news (pre-game awards) next week feel?
NarishmaReborn: beckon, attack, double cleave?
Diabore: 10 them?
cheetoJack: there are lots of channels in LRR Discord, but mute the ones you wont use
canoecrasher: @DeviantHS Next month I'll take cat food, you can have toilet water.
KingOfDoma: dub cleave changes the clock
NarishmaReborn: apparition in reponse
lifecharacter: Welp
Diabore: eff
DeviantHS: @canoecrasher sure thing :)
ancientspark: Lies, sleep is the lowest priority
ninja_theory_ashrams: beck to stall a turn
Ubiki: Going to sleep at 2:30 is so passé
Diabore: and thats the game
chesul: yea, you're dead...
sethmerickson17: its boar the bear is much better
Milambus: Its living its best life.
DeviantHS: u can draw the kill tapped creature
EvilBadman: OP found the deck we wanted to make
PinoGraham: umbra protects against 1 destroy
NarishmaReborn: yeah need to draw reckoning
Chartle: i mean you have to kill it 3 times
fiftymcnasty: you have to kill it 4 times now
Chartle: 4 times now
noSmokeFire: that man has TOO MANY legs
EvilBadman: @DeviantHS Totem armor is goofy
Diabore: i think ops deck is better than yours
Ubiki: But draw
frage069: How many shadows can one hero have?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I take umbrage with this deck
DeviantHS: @EvilBadman yeah just noticed. my brain doesnt work after an 8 hour shift :D
Ubiki: Nut*
Chartle: inb4 another umbra4
rafabrands: lrrFINE
NarishmaReborn: did we draft that fetters we saw?
DeviantHS: ye
Blasteg: still alive
chesul: chumps for days!
Laserbeaks_Fury: might as well enchant one
Chartle: all you have to do is win infinite flips
Angreed66: Now all James has to do is stick to the plan instead of being led astray by red.
BrindleBoar: win infinite flips... then lose to deck
r10pez10: no one expects the fourth pants
Diabore: but james, tails never fails
PinoGraham: so we are on the not loss game plan
RafaBrands: Heads never fails?
Evochron13: -X/-X effects are relevant for this set because of umbras
r10pez10: it a 2/2
BloodnBullets: they know you have rage in hand
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Huh, I didn't realise the printed the Abyss in white
accountmadeforants: HA
RassilonDND: overrun?
r10pez10: uhhh
RezTheFuture: There's the blue aura that draws 2 and gives flying?
Diabore: they read you mind
Captainfuse: He knows!
DeviantHS: wait how was that the gameplan?
Evochron13: it's a joke...
ritchards: Judge him! Judge him!
Laserbeaks_Fury: prowess
RassilonDND: 10 land here is a bad feeling
TheTunnelingCat: good ol boggles
Diabore: target your elemental
RafaBrands: Miracle Terminus one. time.
chesul: wouldn't the other way around be two target creatures can't be blocked? so still wouldn't help?
korvys: Oh hey, a new episode of The Panalysts is up! You should tweet about that.
Diabore: reckoning doesnt work against umber unfortunately
ninja_theory_ashrams: crusher blocks for A turn
Diabore: find a pit to die in?
ImmoralEthicist: This episode was fantastic
Jorge4hg: Put a soundcloud?
r10pez10: people were muting james to go watch it, kathleen
DeviantHS: oooh kathleen since u are here. would you/LRR help serge and adam make that porn?
chesul: is ti capitalizing, or crapitalizing?
BloodnBullets: truely a question for the ages!
solahwin_tampramain: YEA
RafaBrands: wait I have a youtube show to watch. yeah. compleatly unreleated to recent events
NarishmaReborn: james on the panalysts when?
Fugi: Thanks Kathleen
solahwin_tampramain: JAMES YES GOING THERE NOW
Zhalkir: I might splash green for wickerbough
Fableist: has kathleen's audio been a little echoy in the last few panelists or is that just me?
EvilBadman: Beej best -eej
korvys: Beej beat me to the joke
Alness49: Beej of Ceremonies
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Soul1355: "head beej" seems redundant?
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Soul1355: <3 beej
Laserbeaks_Fury: How many episodes did you film that day?
Fableist: ah thats unfortunate
Simonark: Who would be the Deputy Beej, if he's the chief Beej?
ninja_theory_ashrams: not a fan of 5 landers, but crier can use that extra land
Aarek: rip
Fugi: They tend to film 4 a session IIRC
phorrestgaze: gg
Fableist: welp boggle concede
Arikell: Huh?
incredulouspasserby: what shenanigans is that.
Aarek: they blocked with boggle?
NarishmaReborn: ok I'll take that trade every day
Ubiki: And I thought the last hand was the nuts
incredulouspasserby: what's their plan.
TheTunnelingCat: raysT
Fableist: wat!
Aarek: thats not how you bogle
Chartle: hwat
Nut_Column: Does it Boggle your mind?
accountmadeforants: That's a power move, I think?
Chartle: at least you can now yeet them to make dudes
ninja_theory_ashrams: here come the citizens
DeviantHS: lands are literally gas right now LUL
Laserbeaks_Fury: I don't want to Bungle or Bobble the Fingal Dopple
NarishmaReborn: crier fuel
BloodnBullets: turn lands into citezens?
RafaBrands: You Bumbra that boggle broke me. Thanks : )
r10pez10: spellshape those lands
gawag_: I’m late, have I missed all the hype about $10mil?
NarishmaReborn: churn those plains into citizens
Diabore: "see this land? its now 2 dudes"
DeviantHS: @gawag_ dont know about "hype" but yes
Fableist: they must have enchants in hand right? thats why they arent doing anything? so why get rid of boggle???
NathanJay_GA: huh
incredulouspasserby: encase a panalysts in a LRRMtG for comedy/nerdery ultimate combat
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Good news! A new episode of the Panalysts has dropped, and we're finally answering the most pressing question of our modern times: what do you do when your butthole goes viral on social media? | ||
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shurtal: Something something, answers, something something, shoddy math, something, British Comedy Novel reference.
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gualdhar: I must know the answer
korvys: That's better than some
Fruan: kathle3HEX lrrDARK kathle3HEX
korvys: Australian Mafia
korvys: Oh, the other Oz.
canoecrasher: Wait - I clicked off for one second. What happened to the game? Did the other guy concede?
NathanJay_GA: If Kathleen Commercials have taught me anything, its that you definitely have potential in marketing
Diabore: so smash on now kiss to smash the rest of the day
r10pez10: they lost their boggle and didn't want to get overrun by citizens
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AgentMagicMaster: magic magic Magic magic magic
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canoecrasher: A win is a win
EvilBadman: Did they think their bogle was also unblockable?
00busyhands: 100% watching that
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DeviantHS: @EvilBadman they blocked with boggle.
incredulouspasserby: even if they did, they're a pants deck
kenkopin: Maybe their chat let them know how screwed they were?
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shurtal: god i can't wait to draft this. Travel Prep and heroic in the same draft environment? I'm quivering with anticipation
ElektroTal: heya andy
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ayirbudd: hey guys! almost forgot to do this
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EvilBadman: @DeviantHS I did that look away thing and didn't realize that's what happened. Wow.
BloodnBullets: Smash is now out in my country, I am stuck at work. Le'me smash!
gualdhar: the panalysts episode's audio sounds weird
incredulouspasserby: Shit should I get into MTGO for the sole purpose of drafting Ultimate Masters for less than 50 bucks
DeviantHS: @EvilBadman u did not :o
MrBigBentz: @elektrotal hi friend
TheTunnelingCat: how much are UMA drafts on mtgo?
TheTunnelingCat: thats pretty damn good
Diabore: phantom is 10
Diabore: for keeps is 25
Dix: lsvHi everyone
Diabore: hey dix
r10pez10: hey dix
r10pez10: oh you actually put in the crusher...
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Yolysses: Hellooooo! :)
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Edac_plays: How’s the draft been
Chartle: hasty crusher boi incoming
TheTunnelingCat: the stores around me are doing paper ones for 50-60 CAD
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Tisarwat: Thanks for doing all the streams. I don't getto catch you live much, but when I do it feels great.
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Diabore: hi hi
Laserbeaks_Fury: it's got haste soo
r10pez10: weird play
lope_a_dope: crusher with haste ftw!
Chartle: ooh that feels good
Beleqwaya: This feels good
Dix: lol opp
Diabore: goat there
NathanJay_GA: wow
BloodnBullets: i think OP was having a bad day
r10pez10: what even happenedf
Diabore: that is a VERY early scoop though
Fruan: Opponent on the early scoops.
Beleqwaya: Good old 2-1
TehAmelie: sometimes you need a little lrrSACK
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WizardZedd: A perfect cube! Too bad this didn't hit during a cube draft. >_>
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tsimehc2000: I had nothing to interact with the board. GGs!
tsimehc2000: Plus the mana screw
r10pez10: oh hi opponent
korvys: !card Beckon
LRRbot: Beckon Apparition [{W/B}] | Instant | Exile target card from a graveyard. Create a 1/1 white and black Spirit creature token with flying.
korvys: Beckon Apparition can stop persist
Edac_plays: So is heroic looking like the most prominent archetype
r10pez10: hold the fetters imo
NarishmaReborn: that seems really aggressive. not saying it is bad or not to do it though
meisbored: doing nothing seems fine
kenkopin: b. e. a-g-g r-e-s-s i-v-e!
zazngamer: ooh they can daybreak the elite because fetters is an aura Kappa
r10pez10: dinger
r10pez10: yeah it's just how it goes
Chartle: ALL of the albums? dayum
r10pez10: Top 5 Panalysts Episodes
ayirbudd: so how is this limited environment? i thought it would be pretty battlecruiserish since theres little removal
Dix: umbra the Hero?
Fableist: music came out in 2018?
itsrileypm1: can we talk about how mumford & sons went in a completely different direction?
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FITorion: fooo Wood turning on a lathe generates a LOT of wood shaving...
itsrileypm1: Its not bad, its just much more poppy
jestersb: Why no attacks?
FITorion: I need to figure out better placement of the shop vac to suck it all up before it covers me... again
Dix: Wait are we just playing against MOCS winner Magnus Lantto?
ayirbudd: that collapse song by aphex is bonkers. his sound design is amazing
incredulouspasserby: A lot of heroic people. Do you have a bunch of targeting spells?
incredulouspasserby: Like. I wasn't here for the draft, legit curious
r10pez10: my one trick about wood shavings is using them with PVC glue to fill wood holes
Dix: Yep. We're playing a MOCS champion
r10pez10: i'm not sure how this helps with your problem
RayFK: Or soft removal?
NarishmaReborn: but do they have goyf
Fableist: hard removal does not work against totem armor
r10pez10: what is MOCS, dix?
Vampiricsloth: magic online championship
Dix: Magic Online Champion Series
Dix: Yeah Magnus Lantto
r10pez10: oh neat
Mangledpixel: yes, you are
Dix: He won in 2015
Mister_Skittles: Any opinions on UMA?
incredulouspasserby: Doesn't Boros have bounce spells? Kappa
r10pez10: my opinion on UMA is that a lot of the new arts are real nice
Mister_Skittles: I intend on pimping commanders :)
r10pez10: i'm looking forward to y'all's's paper draft tomorrow
Spacecarl: oh yeah you haven't drawn that flier yet, have you?
Mister_Skittles: who is drafting James?
PinoGraham: so odds of winning this game less than 5%
Vampiricsloth: relistening to the newest All That Remains album <3
meisbored: do you need a sub?
r10pez10: sub in beej pls
meisbored: i mean, i am in victoria and available :P
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: I ordered 2 boxes as a surprise christmas gift day of drafting for my mates for when they get back from GP Liverpool. Can't wait!
ZachtlyAsIntended: South Sea Sarrlac is my new Butthole Surfers coverband
CastleOtranto: Put Beej in draft you cowards
Dix: MTGO pls
incredulouspasserby: One day you'll have no choice but to sub in Beej and he'll sit down and wipe the floor with you all
Fableist: how long should the game awards stream be? any idea?
ShadeofHades: You don't have a stop on 'begin combat'
ratfreq: I also bought a box for when someone on our team wins gp liverpool
cuttlefishman: How will James be dressed?
MostCallMe__Tim: Idea, have Beej draft a deck that someone else plays
cuttlefishman: like a slob?
frozenphoenix7: So James, how do I draft Ultimate Masters?
Chartle: that's on OPs turn, but you do have a stop on attackers so should be fine
ShadeofHades: On THEIR turn there is, not on yours (the bottom triangles)
Nemosaur: how long until announcement?
r10pez10: i hope ian brings out his mr monopoly outfit
RayFK: A little bit
RayFK: I'm having to hold back
sovereign226: hero of iroas deserves better
Dix: It leaked because an outlet set their article release for 6pm EASTERN instead of Pacific
UsmanTheRad: didn't it already get leaked?
RayFK: Definitely the screaming
DeviantHS: it leaked like adams butthole
gawag_: Its at 9 est I think
UsmanTheRad: lol yep @Dix
cuttlefishman: timezones are the worst
incredulouspasserby: It's "ah shoot I gotta clean my basement" level
RafaBrands: close to the second one
r10pez10: "someone's getting fired"\
accountmadeforants: For anyone wondering, it's this one:
RafaBrands: they confused ET with PT
Dix: Someone on their social media/web/article team is getting a stern talking to
incredulouspasserby: Even then, they were off by a day
kenkopin: "Argh! Why do I put cardboard boxes on the floor" leak
RayFK: Dix I felt a pang of sympathy
Fableist: it wasnt cool new card news levels of leaks but it was oh hey thats neat for the pros i guess levels of leakage
20 raiders from SquadSays have joined !
debaucherie: raiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid
cuttlefishman: This deck seems spicy
themikerobles: Hi friends!!!
mrhaag: sqwak raid
Nemosaur: rats guess ill wake up to it tomorrow, thanks james, kathleen and chat!
RayFK: Hey SquadSays!!!
RayFK: Hey Mike, Ted, Echo
incredulouspasserby: Get in the trenches, we got raiders!
themikerobles: ❤️❤️❤️
RayFK: etc.
EvilBadman: Hey friends
Maggi_kPunkt: echoth2UnicornMagic
themikerobles: That’s my show.
themikerobles: :)
mrhaag: tedsfrDreamy
themikerobles: How goes the magical gatherings?!
cuttlefishman: Bow-gle?
ayirbudd: yup
northos: yup, bowgle
BloodnBullets: the race is on!
r10pez10: they make fun of how people pronounce it both ways in the flavour text
cuttlefishman: hunh
cuttlefishman: must be like ouphe
ShadeofHades: B'oh! -gle
r10pez10: i prefer boogliewooglie myself
RealGamerCow: That is a spicy meatball.
Mtgginger: GG
RayFK: R, I, P, in position
r10pez10: not bad for facing a champion
cuttlefishman: 24hr magic stream by James confirmed
TehAmelie: it's a kind of magic
cuttlefishman: nonstop
Mister_Skittles: I cannot handle this rollercoaster
Chartle: the network is getting bigger and bigegr
TehAmelie: so to speak
Slurpee_E: non-stop action lrrWOW
adi_pie: @RayFK It's YRP, in position. You heathen!
fiftymcnasty: James is my champion.
Mangledpixel: is that an entertainment network that is mega, or a network of mega entertainment?
Dix: e m b argo and EMBARGO was its name-o
Legosheep: More like... emBARGLE
r10pez10: monoblack huh
El_Funko: psst James I know this is a Magic stream but it looks like PUBG goofed an announcement too. New map on test servers tonight
r10pez10: is it ... rats
PinoGraham: !decklist
RealGamerCow: MTG:A has taught me that I know bupkus about building decks
DeviantHS: it was me :)
cuttlefishman: emBoogle
themikerobles: @rayfk Hi BTW. ❤️
AmoriLinguae: @LoadingReadyRun do you have a decklist for this?
r10pez10: oh i know nothing about deckbuilding but arena allows me to play dorky dumb decks so i love it
Angreed66: seen any rats?
RayFK: hey themikerobles <3 <3 <3
NarishmaReborn: look at that GRN limited boardstate
NarishmaReborn: well not anymore
Laserbeaks_Fury: Elves?
Mister_Skittles: we get it James. Arena is your newer, younger program
Dix: It would take literal YEARS to get all the sets on Arena if they released like one every month in Modern
r10pez10: should i comission wyrmwood to make this as a playmat for me
Diabore: @RayFK oh they fuckin
cuttlefishman: Are you saying Magic has too many sets @Dix
Arikell: they're certainly ramping
adi_pie: @Dix yeah, it's the good ol' Five Year Plan. Kappa
Dix: cuttlefishman as someone sorting through his MTGO collection, yes
TehAmelie: if Wyrmwood does commissions, and you can addord them, lrrWOW
Chartle: is the overlay on?
cuttlefishman: Is the answer to use a time machine to convince Richard Garfield to never make MTG
BillTheCat: yo LRR
Dix: its not Chartle
Chartle: alright not just me then
AmoriLinguae: Wyrmwood is currently closed for commissions for the holiday
BillTheCat: have people seen that $10 million prize announcement that leaked early?
Dix: Yes BillTheCat
Featherweight_: hungry hungry hydras
r10pez10: so much removal
r10pez10: i cannot, tehamelie, but a dreamer must dream
TehAmelie: heh
Mister_Skittles: Wizards has said they didnt work they way yhey invisoned
r10pez10: there's your legendary
incredulouspasserby: THey're fantastic in commander and I have no decks that can run them :|
Laserbeaks_Fury: Has anyone seen the Isareth alter into Bowsette?
DeviantHS: rat?
Dix: Rat em out
r10pez10: heheh
Akaiatana: your choice has been ratified by chat
r10pez10: got em
Dix: Why not use that in response?
Chartle: they did
Dix: it could have given +3/+3 Chartle
Dix: lol
chesul: bring back plaguecrafter, they can't double block.
RafaBrands: return crafter
ARandomPlatypus: just got here, hows it going?
AGiantRoach: Niiiice
RafaBrands: I love crafter+Isareth
Dix: ruh roh
BillTheCat: uh-oh
r10pez10: whuhoh
Laserbeaks_Fury: No, once you return a creature with Isarath, it exiles when it leave sthe battlefield
KatNBows: well the rat would get exiled
Akaiatana: ratlock, the show old people like?
Mangledpixel: is that a rat version of Matlock?
chesul: sadly, they thought of that kind of scenario.
DruthersHaver: ratlock = ratatouille + matlock
BillTheCat: katesRip
r10pez10: ritual of soot one time
Vampiricsloth: standard?
DeviantHS: is there an instant speed wrath in standard?
BloodnBullets: also, @LoadingReadyRun maybe put the overlay on after this match?
r10pez10: GG
Laserbeaks_Fury: Settle is still in standard right?
incredulouspasserby: @DeviantHS Settle the Wreckage is the closest
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r10pez10: tired: settle as a wipe
r10pez10: wired: self-settle as a ramp spell
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captain_wulf: Thanks for all the content my peeps!!
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bondeulv: damn, missed the draft
silvalunae: @theambivalentagender nice username oOo
bondeulv: guess I gotta watch the vod
theambivalentagender: @silvalunae Thanks! :>
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Alchemistmerlin: 4-t-4
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bondeulv: I saw the coronet at the end
Leafwind104: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:08:48.
Vampiricsloth: lol Lopez i can see some strats that might make u wanna settle yourself
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ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
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Sannindi: Oh, look. A card monoblack has no way of interacting with.
incredulouspasserby: Yes, but speaking as someone who runs it in a mono-white deck: nothing to be afraid of, either
RafaBrands: Well we don't have enchantment removal but we DO have player removal
Raderph: would just play shade here
chickenace11: he did his job too well
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Armstrong11139: 🤔
Alchemistmerlin: When did they add a little flash aura to pinchy when you click him?
RassilonDND: !next
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Anubis169: thatladyinplaid benginHeart
r10pez10: resplendo angelo
bondeulv: lel
Laserbeaks_Fury: welp
r10pez10: lemondoor bellsandwhistles
Laserbeaks_Fury: maybe don't play Reaper :)
Anubis169: hmm... chat's very quiet today
Beleqwaya: When you need to refill your entire hand....
r10pez10: !viewers
LRRbot: 569 users viewing the stream. 744 users in the chat.
Laserbeaks_Fury: whats your undergrowth
r10pez10: we can be rowdier if you want anubis
Anubis169: nah, it's good like this
accountmadeforants: Even in singleton, monoblack makes 24x removal.dec possible
r10pez10: but i just got my pitchfork
hardboildegg155: Wait what there’s more in the chat Thea watching the stream
Anubis169 puts his fluffy bunny slippered feet up on the coffee table and reclines in his chair
BloodnBullets: ol' bells'n'whistles
AGiantRoach: YES Victory for Best Color!
RayFK: I can't put my feet up, I ate too much today.
theambivalentagender: Aw what singleton's back? I need to get home asap
Anubis169: RayFK: that's a good complaint to have manYES
RayFK: I went and took photos of our restaurant team doing some cool stuff
RayFK: and ate...
RayFK: and ate
r10pez10: singleton's been back for about a week but it's a small entry fee now
Beleqwaya: So Highlander? :-p
Sannindi: Yeah, I wish it was around all the time. And hope we get a non-rotating singleton arena format in the future.
RayFK: Chooooooooos
iammorthos: Went to the hospital for a fun new blood clot friend today. Thanks for taking my mind of it.
chesul: and there's a larger entry fee/prizes next week.
AGiantRoach: man i want nachos. i should make nachos tomorrow
r10pez10: i'm just glad it's not all just rats
Anubis169: RayFK: Floyd's?
Anubis169: that's the only place I can think of where you can eat until you can't move (i certainly did when I was in Vic)
Anubis169 huggles iammorthos
ArcOfTheConclave: isn't ulamog indestructable?
ufo6300: Ulamog is the one Titan cratermaker can’t destroy
Chartle: make sure to tap stronghold
Chartle: rip
Anubis169: ya you can't destroy it
r10pez10: did you guys see that sick ulamog alter
ampharos15: the 80s horror themed one?
AGiantRoach: oooh etali! where is the yawgmoth when we need it?
incredulouspasserby: 4 mana for 5 mana rn
r10pez10: yeah, klug's great
NarishmaReborn: kind of like price here just to get the surveil
Sannindi: See, this is the trouble with going heavy on discard.
DeviantHS: duress first?
ampharos15: Yes! its sooo good
DeviantHS: sure thats better
siouxfan_22: !next
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xbtpxsauce: this isnt mtgo
BloodnBullets: well you know duress has a target now
r10pez10: !card duress
LRRbot: Duress [B] | Sorcery | Target opponent reveals their hand. You choose a noncreature, nonland card from it. That player discards that card.
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah I don't like there is not an indicator of whether that's in hand or graveyard
BloodnBullets: ah right i thought they had paid to bring it to hand
meisbored: there's purple smoke coming off it for graveyard
Spacecarl: play the land for ascending?
ampharos15: well save that for the dragon
r10pez10: spooky smoke
NarishmaReborn: not playing lands to get ascend?
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ampharos15: nooo our win condition
Spacecarl: oh well, doesnt matter
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Grumpy_Mcfart: I'm happier than I probably should be that they like my name
incredulouspasserby: But you can exile the dragon
DeviantHS: why does it get bigger?
r10pez10: oh yeah your stream title still totally says MTGO btw
DeviantHS: but they dont take dmg if u take 5. they cant attack then or am i wrong?
DeviantHS: as in a stalemate
meisbored: now rot it away
NarishmaReborn: they returned their barrage
theambivalentagender: But they'll just get it back
meisbored: waste their mana
Evochron13: better play would have been to hold the kitesail and then exile the barrage under the kite sail
Diabore: lies
AGiantRoach: cmon belzenlok
NarishmaReborn: cmon josu
Tecnocrat: Cmon Lord of the Pit
r10pez10: cmon chuups
theambivalentagender: I wish there were more little silly things to click on in the background but I get that probably takes resources
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, Josu is in this
chesul: Op DCing seems to be an out...
BloodnBullets: a removal spell for the palidin would do wonders
Sannindi: swamp + stronghold first.
chesul: reaper I think.
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Koshindan: Can't op just dome for lethal?
r10pez10: yeah always stronghold first
NarishmaReborn: deathtouch seems fine
Soul1355: plaguecrafter?
accountmadeforants: Isareth has Deathtouch, that's still fine
BloodnBullets: issareth has deathtouch, so it wont matter if the palidin grows
Soul1355: oh, that's plaguehorse
DeviantHS: yes
theambivalentagender: Nope
incredulouspasserby: No
chesul: no.
DeviantHS: nope?
NarishmaReborn: no they just cast it
BloodnBullets: graveyard
Zebunisher: no
ChaoticObserver: No, they played it last turn
DeviantHS: check yard
Theycallmejokke: It is not
chesul: they played it last turn.
Tecnocrat: no, but it can be returned
Sannindi: You can click their graveyard.
Sannindi: To amke sure.
theambivalentagender: Thankfully they don't have enough mana to get it back and play it again
theambivalentagender: In the same turn
incredulouspasserby: Not dead, not yet.
themadchicken: this singleton?
incredulouspasserby: THey can't cast it
NarishmaReborn: but they can't get it back and cast it
Beleqwaya: They don't have the red to cast it
theambivalentagender: Nice, that got two
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NarishmaReborn: so many arms
r10pez10: this is ... intense
incredulouspasserby: 1. 1. 1. 1.
Sannindi: Gah, now they get to suicide their phoenix to get back barrage.
BillTheCat: now you're dead unless you draw another discard
Tecnocrat: You cant.
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accountmadeforants: We're dead
chesul: how different is 1 from 3?
DeviantHS: eot their turn surveil?
frage069: Pass?
TristalMTG: definitely should've surveiled
Tecnocrat: have to wait it out
r10pez10: 1 is in shock range
Tecnocrat: add the stop
flikerz1: servail on end
flikerz1: saw the line, phew
r10pez10: uhhhh
Tecnocrat: eldest sacs the token
DeviantHS: no it does not
TristalMTG: you're dead first
chesul: eldest gets them to 1...
Sannindi: Barrage still kills you.
NarishmaReborn: no they have too much life
incredulouspasserby: That gets them to 1
SydPreviouslyHeadache: they kill you
BloodnBullets: it does not do it
DeviantHS: they shoot you
RoyalRainboah: it deals with the pheonix but they still have the barrage
Koshindan: You have to take the burn out of their hand.
Beleqwaya: they have burn in hand
SydPreviouslyHeadache: barrage in hand
chesul: you only have 8 on board.
Evochron13: eldest doesn't do it
BloodnBullets: raid is in hand
Tecnocrat: yeah, he untaps with the barrage in hand, thats game
rogerivany: you hit them to 1 and then they barrage you
r10pez10: what a weird game this was
Evochron13: should have surveiled earlier to remove the swamp draw; the end result didn't matter since eldest reborn and divest were there but
BloodnBullets: I am!
Theycallmejokke: Me me me!
Nocxia: mmmeeeeee!
Tecnocrat: THE LOOSEST
Slurpee_E: lrrWOW
Beleqwaya: Meee! *raises hand*
Erudite_Cynic: mmmmmm chicken lemon rice soup
incredulouspasserby: Totes down for some caaaaaasual plays
Anubis169: All'a me
MostCallMe__Tim: you get cut hairs?
tehfewl: been playing singleton all day, loose plays is what i live for
hardboildegg155: Make a new deck
accountmadeforants: I expect only the tightest plays, that is why I subscribe to this channel after all
NarishmaReborn: Loose Playz All Dayz
DeviantHS: @Evochron13 they could draw shock
DeviantHS: @Evochron13 phoenix was the only out they had with that line
theambivalentagender: This looks like one of those hands that can frustrate an opponent
DeviantHS: beside 3 to face of course
Theycallmejokke: Nate... aw the name isn't orange
Chartle: you're against a fake wizard
hawkfalcon8: hi chat
Chartle: sorry, fake definitely-not-a-wizard
r10pez10: !chair
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theambivalentagender: @Chartle So does that make them a real wizard?
r10pez10: was that a Crash Through to draw
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Eywind: yep, they were on 5 with a 1 lander
theambivalentagender: Crash Through to draw is a perfectly fine play especially in singleton
r10pez10: fair
Sannindi: Attack, pillage?
TristalMTG: that doesn't work anymore
DeviantHS: dmg does not go on the stack anymore
BillTheCat: if they sac it doesn't deal damage on block
Sannindi: Yeah, but that doesn't do anything because damage doesn't go on the stack anymore.
TristalMTG: they can't kill isareth with cratermaker alone
Evochron13: deviantHS the chance is the same whether they draw shock or another burn or answer.
Milambus: damage doesnt go on the stack
Angreed66: it dies first
AGiantRoach: nah if they sac it only does 2
theambivalentagender: They could have a shock in hand but Reaver Ambush is instant
Questhere: !next
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r10pez10: damage-not-on-the-stack was such a good decision
ArcOfTheConclave: dammage doesnt use the stack
BillTheCat: they could blow up the treasure :P
r10pez10: remember when artifacts entered tapped
theambivalentagender: welp
AGiantRoach: yike siege gang down
BillTheCat: mind rot FTW
Dix: preemptive?
Theycallmejokke: Victory!
incredulouspasserby: I never played with damage on the stack and let me tell you, thinking about the awful time that must've been is WILD
BillTheCat: your hair is quite good
AGiantRoach: seabatYIKES
1losttheGame: maybe they had something come up
BloodnBullets: kathleen's hair too strong
ZakAmetyst: GG
RealGamerCow: Your hair is pretty fly
Erudite_Cynic: loose plays win games
Kyawadoa: Loose play = best play
darkora: @LoadingReadyRun they weren't ready to compete against a k-pop superstar
cuttlefishman: What about j-pop
cuttlefishman: are they equipped for j-pop?
hawkfalcon8: when did this start
cuttlefishman: @RayFK knows about K pop
r10pez10: i use the "Hello!" emote when the opponent is looking at my hand
TehAmelie: how about Q-pop?
Just_Another_Muffin: yeah
themadchicken: BOLT THE BIRD
incredulouspasserby: bolt hte bird
Just_Another_Muffin: bolt the bird
accountmadeforants: Castolt the belf
AGiantRoach: bolt that bird
Erudite_Cynic: @TehAmelie Qutar Pop?
r10pez10: shelf the elf
flikerz1: yes, bolt the bird
hawkfalcon8: when did this stream start
r10pez10: damagar the llanowar
r10pez10: spork the dork
RealGamerCow: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:39:43.
hawkfalcon8: thx
KatNBows: 6 year long stream thats intense
Erudite_Cynic: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 18:39:08. lrrSPOT
korvys: !next
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1losttheGame: that is quite a large time frame you gave Kathleen Kappa
TehAmelie: or Quebec
AGiantRoach: the seabatBRAIN play is to mind rot targeting yourself.
r10pez10: efficient, K
cuttlefishman: this is hr 3 of a 24hr stream by James, right?
RealGamerCow: Oh, so Road Trip is edited? lrrBEEJ
chickenace11: Wait you guys still make friday nights?
hawkfalcon8: ye they do
korvys: !fnquestion
Just_Another_Muffin: Is there a time table for Road Quest yet?
theambivalentagender: No, friday nights ended, it was a very heart wrenching finale, lots of lose ends tied up
Beleqwaya: Ha! Confirmation of a sequel to "Road Quest" called "Road Trip"
Tantusar: Last known update: Road Quest still aiming to start by year end, but it's tight.
I_Am_Clockwork: @Just_Another_Muffin Graham has said he wants it out by laaaaate 2018, but may be early 2019 because it's a lot
Sannindi: Yeah, prophet blocks all their stuff and they probably have scarier stuff to play.
AGiantRoach: i though the sequel to road quest was kathleen and the gals driving the west coast going to concerts and stuff?
incredulouspasserby: Wow, with the whiff
Angreed66: like a rejuvenator
accountmadeforants: Oof, the whiff
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viridimayai: I'd save for instan shenanigans
Beleqwaya: It's instant, we can hold it
Sannindi: Yeah, I think we just pass here.
Chartle: ambush is also instant
hawkfalcon8: r u guys going to do something on new years?
Spacecarl: they are stuck on 3 and whiifed that land. that huuuurts
incredulouspasserby: You got this
Chartle: ambush it
Sannindi: We can kill it in response.
Chartle: with the trigger
incredulouspasserby: Price of fame in response to the trigger
viridimayai: You can respond to that
incredulouspasserby: YOOOO the plays
RealGamerCow: You made this? I made this.
flikerz1: ambush saves it
hawkfalcon8: recket
incredulouspasserby: I didn't realize it was 3 or less, that was my b
AGiantRoach: cool trigger. be a shame if that creature didnt exist
incredulouspasserby: thought it was 2 or less
viridimayai: Surveil into some gas I guess?
BloodnBullets: *pressure*
r10pez10: we're not actually here
BloodnBullets: we are all just bots
hardboildegg155: All 591 of us
jonasjonIV: Are any of us real?
I_Am_Clockwork: I resemble that remark
KatNBows: kathleen were just figments of your imagination
Beleqwaya: #oppboardstilldoesnothing
viridimayai: Don't think of us as spectators, just as a box of terrible advice
Diabore: so apparently casting rise from the tide 3 times is enough for my opp to scoop
viridimayai: it's only a triggered ability
KatNBows: one more permentant and then gas!
Beleqwaya: Prophet doing work
incredulouspasserby: oh that's gross
Angreed66: they also whiffed on the rejuvenator
flikerz1: only isereth is active in this deck though ?
AGiantRoach: oh noooo
incredulouspasserby: price of fame for the surveil?
1y1e: ^
BloodnBullets: might be worth faming the dino
I_Am_Clockwork: praise rat
Diabore: pricing the 2/5 seems worth enough
Beleqwaya: We should probably start slapping Karn
cosarprime: Maybe attack the karn with the prophet?
Just_Another_Muffin: Now they need to answer the prophet..
incredulouspasserby: Twilight Prophet is online....what does it do again?
chesul: I mean, migration isn't great for them right now.
incredulouspasserby: I legit don't remember
Erudite_Cynic: got that ascend
Beleqwaya: We have 17, we can trade a bit of life
hawkfalcon8: are you guys doing a stream on new years b/c you guys would keep me up muchhh later than lord of the rings
AGiantRoach: yeah prophet gets gross fast
flikerz1: punch karn?
BloodnBullets: you are assended now, you get bonus draws
hardboildegg155: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Co-Stream 2018 Game Awards at Thu 05:30 PM PST (43m from now).
Just_Another_Muffin: @incredulouspasserby Bob but your Opp loses the life
incredulouspasserby: oh shit that's good
Chartle: you also gain the life yourself
I_Am_Clockwork: gotta give him te land
viridimayai: Ghalta is the real play though
darkecologist: oof
AGiantRoach: woooof
Beleqwaya: Great, now we know they will down tick
circusofkirkus: well, maybe save price of fame for Ghalta then
Just_Another_Muffin: Well time to keep that price of fame.
Diabore: on the bright side, price only costs 2 v ghalta
AGiantRoach: Ghalta is a famous dino
Sannindi: Well, if they tick down, they know they're probably killing their Karn. So they might not.
Diabore: minus 6
stateofcomatose: jumping in for a second to say hi, did I miss Ultimate Masters? That seems to be what the stream is tagged as
chesul: 2, it'll be 2...
Diabore: its gg
hawkfalcon8: save price for ghalta
incredulouspasserby: They finished 1-2 on UMA so they moved on
r10pez10: nah ghalta's worse
Diabore: id save, cant really beat ghalta
Fholcan: deckmaster isn't working for me...
viridimayai: No, you gotta try and make the magic happen
WonderfulGlory: Yep, save for Ghalta
Just_Another_Muffin: Surviel into an other answer
stateofcomatose: Eh, makes sense
Just_Another_Muffin: Big wiff.
Diabore: but why though deck
Sannindi: Much land, such wow, etc.
darkecologist: at least he doesn't have any other big front boys to get the goreclaw bonus
WonderfulGlory: Arch is good, it's an extra card a turn
incredulouspasserby: 6 mana to draw though.
Beleqwaya: Prophet to Karn, so if they get Ghalta you kill karn
r10pez10: aw i thought it was 5 to draw
Chartle: it is 5
Diabore: try and deck them Kappa
incredulouspasserby: 5 other mana, plus it taps itself
r10pez10: that makes sense
AGiantRoach: 5 + the one the land represents
BloodnBullets: going to get to draw a lot next turn
incredulouspasserby: That's just how I look at it, helps me evaluate.
r10pez10: guhhh
Tecnocrat: He's not taking the Ghalta. He's just using it to filter.
RayFK: Suuuuper dead
incredulouspasserby: on the bright side ritual of soot is Super Good
I_Am_Clockwork: we probs should just kill the bear
r10pez10: soot is amazing, did you know the self-replicator tokens live through it
Diabore: uh oh
Chartle: kill bear before combat
darkecologist: fred armisaur is not that friendly
BloodnBullets: the bear is going to be a problem
Anubis169: Bless you lrrHORN
stateofcomatose: James what do you think Wizards' announcement for the Game Awards tonight is going to be?
incredulouspasserby: can't kill the armosaur, that costs 4
I_Am_Clockwork: only legends
Angreed66: Only ritual of soot saves you
Sannindi: Arch of Orazca is basically bad Mikokoro here.
KatNBows: kill the bear
darkora: kill the bear?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: even soot doesn't reall help enough
aerohydra: @stateofcomatose no spoilers but it leaked :(
Chartle: you can parting for contempt?
r10pez10: parting for soot is too slow isn't it
incredulouspasserby: parting for soot
I_Am_Clockwork: price the bear and tutor
stateofcomatose: Oh bummer! Well at least I have remained unspoiled
Tecnocrat: Price of Fame Goreclaw, and Part for soot.
Angreed66: Personally I'm rooting for the green player because fair magic.
flikerz1: totor for soot, toss a land
I_Am_Clockwork: gotta price the bear pre-combat
flikerz1: kill goreclaw
AGiantRoach: id kill goreclaw now
SydPreviouslyHeadache: hope they play multani and don't have a land for it
Sannindi: I mean, it's two monocolor decks. Doesn't get more fair than that.
incredulouspasserby: be sure to kill goreclaw before combat or they get tromple
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH they dont' have verdant rebirth
darkora: loose plays sink baes
r10pez10: i've never not tossed a land, but i feel like rakdos might change that in the next set
KatNBows: kill the bear before combat i think
BloodnBullets: kill goreclaw before combat, need to avoid the trigger
kamelion84: kill bear
Angreed66: welcome multani
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Oh also Multani doesn't get cheaper to cost via bear, right
PinoGraham: yes
darkora: pre combat, yes
AGiantRoach: yep
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun be careful of multani, it has reach
KatNBows: ^^
Sannindi: Actually have enough for soot + eldest reborn here.
I_Am_Clockwork: now eldest
incredulouspasserby: That's. Glorious.
I_Am_Clockwork: yessss adam yessss
1y1e: geeeez
Sannindi: Good turn? Great turn.
DeviantHS: auch
darkora: back in the game!
Chartle: comin back
kamelion84: lrrWOW
incredulouspasserby: God that's. Beautiful.
Fholcan: jesus, what a swing
AGiantRoach: kill karn. STEAL karn
darkecologist: he prolly sacks karn
Sannindi: Correct play is for them to sack karn, yeah.
r10pez10: hecking wow
jonasjonIV: that was swett
BloodnBullets: he should sack karn, its gone anyway
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Or Multani to get it back in hand
PinoGraham: remember the multani has reach
AGiantRoach: either way we get karn next turn
accountmadeforants: Never didn't have it, as expected
darkecologist: okay, okay
Beleqwaya: Next turn we get Karn and Bezleboi
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Beleqwaya: 2*
I_Am_Clockwork: now we just have to sit back and let Twilight Prophet dome out our op
Koshindan: Is Karn even good enough to get back?
AGiantRoach: yeah not next i always forget chapter 2
Diabore: if they sacced multani i dont think youd care about karn anymore
Erudite_Cynic: and this folks, is why you play to your outs!
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I_Am_Clockwork: seabatYIKES
viridimayai: Wow this game looked unwinnable earlier
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so this is a question that's stumped me. Cards exiled from "blank" I think Karn can leave the battlefield and comeback and you can still bring those cards back frome xile right?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: but Rona does not, right?
incredulouspasserby: Correcct, Syd
Sannindi: Might actually be worth it to throw chupacabra under the bus and get it back with eldest reborn.
incredulouspasserby: on all counts
BloodnBullets: bells'n'whistles blocks the hydra
SydPreviouslyHeadache: alright, thank you
chickenace11: @SydPreviouslyHeadache I think it depends on the card that does not work for Jelva.
darkecologist: @Sannindi that's an idea
Diabore: @SydPreviouslyHeadache that is correct cause ronas cards are tied to them, while karns cards have a new characteristic
Evochron13: don't attack with prophet. multani has reach
PinoGraham: multani easy
I_Am_Clockwork: deadweighting multani makes mutlani blockable
AGiantRoach: multani is tapped
jonasjonIV: I'd the hydra
r10pez10: isn't it because karn is looking for silver counters on exiled cards
BubbaRad: neither probably
incredulouspasserby: Weighting Multani gets it smaller than belzenlok
nekkidcarpenter: Or hold it since it doesn't matter right now
Angreed66: dead wieght does nothing on this board
Diabore: @r10pez10 yup, when karn goes away the silver counters stay
Chartle: there's also the possibility of just doming them with prophet
Beleqwaya: @SydPreviouslyHeadache If a card says "Return a card exile from <name>" then if the card goes away and comes back you can't still look at the original exiles. However, Karn exiles something with a counter and says "return a card from exile with a counter" so it doesn't care about which iteration of Karn it is.
PinoGraham: but they won't attack with the hydra
r10pez10: does this mean you can steal their stuff with the silver counters on them??
r10pez10: ah but then you can't cast them nvm\
Chartle: no, karn says 'you own'
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ok, thank you very much chat. that's good to know
incredulouspasserby: no, you have to own the cards with counters
r10pez10: oh doubly so
Chartle: yeesh
Unas84: yikes!
I_Am_Clockwork: yikes
Erudite_Cynic: yikes
r10pez10: yeah i guess that'd be pretty broken if both players had a karn out
Sannindi: It does now.
kitsunestudios: it does now. OW
BloodnBullets: it does now
jonasjonIV: oh
Chartle: i think you have to block multani
Erudite_Cynic: seabatYIKES
incredulouspasserby: Chump ravenous, block multani with belzenlock
Unas84: trade multania chump with chupa
Unas84: yeah
Sannindi: Gotta trade with Belznenlok on multani, chump the hyrdra, go to 4, kill the hydra on your turn.
viridimayai: block multani, chump with chupes, reanimate chupes
RealGamerCow: ooh, that is an enchantment, not an instant. Yikes
Diabore: hope for a 5 drop
SydPreviouslyHeadache: well, now I think we take multani?
chickenace11: but you can then take the multani
I_Am_Clockwork: take their multani
Chartle: get multani
Chartle: exile their hydra
Sannindi: Could steal their multani.
Cinntoastmin: take multani
I_Am_Clockwork: lololol
BubbaRad: multani
Unas84: get multani?
cosarprime: Multani?
Sannindi: They can't get it back that way.
PinoGraham: take the multani
BloodnBullets: you just drew contempt
Cinntoastmin: they cant get it back right now
kitsunestudios: Why not get back belz?
Unas84: tramples through
cosarprime: Exile the hydra
Diabore: they dont have mana to regen
viridimayai: chupes is so much safer
XadrosOfficial: you drew contempt what
AGiantRoach: multani is massive
fox_of_forest: get multani then vraska the hydra
incredulouspasserby: Hell. Yes.
XadrosOfficial: GG's
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that Vraska really saved our bacon
incredulouspasserby: This was such a fun game
Koshindan: Watch them pull out a plains and Trostani.
Chartle: there's a huge chance they just die on your upkeep lol
kitsunestudios: Oh dang
Diabore: lrrGOAT there
I_Am_Clockwork: play out ye shade
Chartle: get the shade out
BloodnBullets: play shade
incredulouspasserby: GJ LRR
r10pez10: cheer224 what a bonkers game
PinoGraham: land shad to grow the multani
Brok3nGol3m: 1 is not 0 :P
MilanCheen: i want cam
Sannindi: No, but mongreen can't do much against multiple lethal attackers with evasion.
Diabore: oh they salty
darkecologist: nicely played
pinpointersk: lolm wow
SydPreviouslyHeadache: like, opponent, hill out, multani doesn't have haste
incredulouspasserby: Thank you for streaming, you two!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thanks for streaming
Aarek: Bobing wrong is super good
hardboildegg155: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Co-Stream 2018 Game Awards at Thu 05:30 PM PST (26m from now).
r10pez10: KATHLEEN
Diabore: time to watch a panelists for the next 30 minutes
AGiantRoach: gonna unfollow so i can follow james!
Dix: A Krangdom of Krads
EvilBadman: A cardom of kings
SydPreviouslyHeadache: can that be a slogan? Jordan is here and he's going to be mad
RassilonDND: a fiefdom of kardboard
r10pez10: Card Kingdom: The cards of kings and the buttons of LRR
DeviantHS: do people pronounce wooberg wrong?
incredulouspasserby: I'm not saying they made an eldritch pact, but.....
EvilBadman: Special limited edition button that says "prnounced" instead of "pronounced"
AGiantRoach: i sent some cards to them today!
Aarek: Cardkingdom, Its dot com!
TehAmelie: Card Kingdom dot com: a domain of cards
korvys: "Card Kingdom: They're really nice and they have suspiciously fast shipping"
Beleqwaya: BONUS STREAM!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh, that's a cool shirt
ChaoticObserver: Why, just enough time to go watch The Panalysts
r10pez10: one shirt to share
11Dot: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
Beleqwaya: UHM
hoktauri: I'm not even surprised
AGiantRoach: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
migelino164: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
r10pez10: somebody clip that
Anubis169: lrrBEEJ
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the honorary Beej wrestling
Beleqwaya: Did we just Experience Beej?
Juliamon: I mean, it's Beej. That's explanation enough.
RassilonDND: beej you come back here!!!
SquareDotCube: Now the question is, is it a pancake party or a waffle party?
chickenace11: IT's A SYRUP PARTY!!
DeviantHS: i know lot of partygame with syrup Kreygasm
hawkfalcon8: by guys have a good night!
Anubis169: Kathleen: Hope your migraine's better btw manLOVE
CrazymattCaptain: Beej is being super Canadian with syrup
AGiantRoach: Sprinkled with some Beej
couldntpickausername: metroid or riot
darkecologist: will video games be continuing next year?
Aarek: kathle3HEX
r10pez10: dressed to the nines hype
AGiantRoach: Hello fellow Gamerz!
Beleqwaya: *has bucket prepared to hide head in.*
Fableist: yay pubg news with people who dont play pubg
korvys: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [2h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Good news! A new episode of the Panalysts has dropped, and we're finally answering the most pressing question of our modern times: what do you do when your butthole goes viral on social media? | ||
Rockario: PUBG announces they are shifting their maintenance schedule to accomodate famous streamer James Turner? lrrBEEJ
Beleqwaya: Did they say it was hosted here or somewhere else?
Anubis169: it's here
r10pez10: i think it'll be hosted here but live somewhere else
r10pez10: oh
Anubis169: it's like a play alongside thing
r10pez10: is it one of those multistreamer things
Rockario: Are they also rebroadcasting, or do we need to dual-stream?
Juliamon: I presume they'll explain what we need to do (if anything) when the time comes
SAJewers: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Co-Stream 2018 Game Awards at Thu 05:30 PM PST (22m from now).
fantusta: did mtg just end already?
Tantusar: As far as I know it'll be the direct feed with LRR green screened on top.
Juliamon: yep
Rockario: Even though I have not read any SW: Expanded Universe, an in-depth conversation about Vice vs Grand Admiral Thrawn is how I want to learn about it.
rogerivany: I only see last weeks panelysts
LoadingReadyRun: probably not greenscreened, but yes. we will we rebroadcasting the awards with our "commentary"
TehAmelie: not the full MST3000 treatment eh?
Juliamon: Personally I'm hoping for some new, exciting questional wardrobe choices
Juliamon: *questionable
Rockario: @rogerivany Here's a direct link
Juliamon: accidentally some letters there
Rockario: Panalysts just taught me that Dob stands for Dead-on-board
r10pez10: i believe that's different to james' dob
Rockario: Adam just officially connected the two
AmoriLinguae: @Rockario thanks for reminding me about the panalysts!
Rockario: Yer welcome
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Co-Stream 2018 Game Awards at Thu 05:30 PM PST (13m from now).
Fruan: Quizzy's new position on the LRR set fills me with dread
r10pez10: l e t ' s h a v e f u n
Rockario: s h a v e
Spritz_T: how much hair does fun even have?
Rockario: The funnest amount, depending on who they're with