Martizz1e: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting Ultimate Masters! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 06:00 PM PST (11m from now).
Juliamon: I saw it as "Monk seals keep getting eels stuck in their nose and we don't know why"
Juliamon: but yeah I saw that headline (and accompanying photo) yesterday and was like "...oh nature"
Juliamon: the seals have a 100% survival rate... the eels have 0%
r10pez10: time to eat my daily allocated six chips
TehAmelie: translator's note: chips means french fries in British
r10pez10: nice save, now they won't know i'm a robot
DarkMorford noms pizza
r10pez10: oh it arrived before the stream started!
DarkMorford: Yup
TehAmelie: and here's a cooler thing: actual sounds of Mars
Viewers_Like_You: Actual Sounds of Mars is my new favourite band
DarkMorford: But I thought there was no sound in space Kappa
r10pez10: in space no one can hear you scream like Jared Leto
sithenin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting Ultimate Masters! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 06:00 PM PST (5m from now).
TehAmelie: it's captured in the atmosphere of the Insight probe
TehAmelie: so, you know, more steel than air. but it's still audible vibrations
Viewers_Like_You: Tired: Martian Atmosphere. Wired: Martian Atmosfear.
r10pez10: so gustav holst was wrong
DarkMorford: Wait, we're probing Martians? Isn't that supposed to be the other way around?
dialMforMara: good evening
r10pez10: hello Mara
dialMforMara: I've had an interesting day. Anyone want to hear about it?
r10pez10: shoot
TehAmelie: you know chat, it's up for everything
dialMforMara: ok. So I worked from home in the morning, and around noon I took my phone to Batteries+ to get the battery replaced
r10pez10: hoping interesting in the good sense for your sake
dialMforMara: it took an hour, I had lunch at Starbucks. I come back, had to wait another 15 minutes because the guy broke the screen, but they didn't charge me for the new screen.
dialMforMara: So then I went home, charged my phone up, finished the book I'd brought to the battery store. Went to meet a friend at a tea shop, but the friend forgot.
dialMforMara: So I hung out there for an hour drinking some nice tea and talking to the people in the tea shop, one of whom was a freelance editor and told me about the local editors' guild
dialMforMara: and the other one was talking about planning to quit her teaching job and be an artist full-time with a Patreon.
thopter_spy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting Ultimate Masters! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 06:00 PM PST (51s from now).
dialMforMara: And I got depressed listening to them and wishing I didn't have arthritis, which right now is the biggest thing preventing me from just being an artist
dialMforMara: the teashop owner's daughter was in on the conversation, and as I was leaving, she offered me a hug. I took it; I never turn down hugs unless the offer is creepy
samwiser_: sorry to hear that, it must be rough. my uncle can no longer play guitar because of that blight.
TehAmelie: i know about your body causing technical difficulties in artistic work
blip2004: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting Ultimate Masters! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 06:00 PM PST (50s ago).
dialMforMara: yeah :P
NathanJay_GA: o/
dialMforMara: so then I took the bus back to my neighborhood and went "you know what'll cheer me up? Retail therapy!" So I went to Buffalo Exchange and looked through the sweater racks. Was already feeling better by the time I found one I wanted to buy.
dialMforMara: Brown cardigan, nice and long, snaps up, FOUR POCKETS, only $20.
rscorundum: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting Ultimate Masters! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 06:00 PM PST (2 years from now)
Inkompetence: Sweaters are kinda like long-term fabric hugs.
Vampiricsloth: hey guys :)
dialMforMara: So I bought that, and then I went to the Japanese restaurant near my apartment building for a chicken katsu don and some more tea. I think I burned my tongue.
samwiser_: four pockets? dope.
TehAmelie: lrrWOW
Vampiricsloth: dis UMA draft gonna be LIT
dialMforMara: @Inkompetence indeed. I've been working on a wizard look, and that means long cardigans.
dialMforMara: So after dinner I went home, and now I'm here.
hoktauri: The buffo exchange by me never has anything that is bigger than a small. =/
rscorundum: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting Ultimate Masters! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 06:00 PM PST (5 years from now)
sir_jack_DB: who's ready for some ridiculously premium drafing :D
DarkMorford: I could use a sweater or two. Gets kinda chilly in here in the evenings.
dialMforMara: @sir_jack_DB ridiculous is right
loglab: money draft here we come
sir_jack_DB: money all the way down
sir_jack_DB: Kathleen on blue, calling it now
r10pez10: i think Lills was their box topper
dialMforMara: @DarkMorford thrift shops are great places to find sweaters. Watch out for the open cardigans though; we're at the tail end of a fad and they're kind of annoying if what you want is to stay warm
MagisterSieran: hope their packs were better than the ones i opened. i got visions beyond and back to basics
rscorundum: i just emptied my friend pockets in poker
KidAmn: nicely folded Stirring Wildwood box topper
DarkMorford: I hope someone gets a Pot of Greed. lrrBEEJ
Aegis_of_Faith: calling Lavaclaw Reaches as box topper
r10pez10: that sounds like an eventful day Mara
rscorundum: so now i get a break
r10pez10: snaggle
NathanJay_GA: oh, hey!
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL
rscorundum: yes
Viewers_Like_You: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
erased_citizen: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ampharos15: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
SquirrelEarl: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
loglab: woot woot
TehAmelie: in the meantime though, enjoy this little artist before Tumblr flags her as porn
dialMforMara: OH and one more thing about my day: an article I wrote just went up on CardKingdom!
MuffinsOnAHill: It begins!...soon.
Aegis_of_Faith: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
tachiseneriz: Ah snap son
Pavlovs_Dog_: that was good timing just logged in and Bam signal
dialMforMara: And if it does well they'll want me to write another one!
Viewers_Like_You: I got my box home from the store, and I have to wait to open the packs until tomorrow, but for the moment, I cracked the box topper - Dark Depths, which is pretty sweet
r10pez10: so as LRR fans we have to pronounce "bogle" as blaggole, right
CadoiPi: Cam goes boros? y/n
dialMforMara: @Viewers_Like_You did it come with the token?
sir_jack_DB: grats on the article, @dialMforMara :D
dialMforMara: thanks sir_jack_DB !
Viewers_Like_You: @dialMforMara Not in the Box Topper pack. Hopefully I'll get one in the packs!
WeedenProject: Ooh, time to pause the smash vlog
LloydWallace: I kind of wish I could've picked up a box of Uma, but I decided to finally get a Switch last week instead.
Fluffy776: I look forward to reading that article later! Yay, brawl!
dialMforMara: so yeah please go read about my Tajic Brawl deck so they'll ask me to write another article
dialMforMara: :D
loglab: someones going golgari, right?
Alness49: Ultimate Friday Continues!
mattydubs75: Since they are friends with maria any pronunciation other than the proper one should be fine.
r10pez10: writers unite
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Friday Night Paper Fight! It's the ultimate showdown of Ultimate Masters! | ||
marshall_rl: Karn
marshall_rl: Plz karn
DarkMorford: Ben's gonna be on a Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck, I can feel it. :P
loglab: limited tron
r10pez10: first pick thespian's stage, try the dream
dialMforMara high-fives r10pez10
Leafwind104: oooo nice! UMA draft!
ampharos15: I would love to see dark depths happen
Science_and_Magic: @DarkMorford I thought he'd be more of a Blaster Blade player
RiverSmith101: such hype for this set that i cant afford to play
r10pez10: there's no basics in these packs hey
MagisterSieran: i think green black is the best color combo for the draft in this set
thechuckles96: Cameron you gonna force storm lol
loglab: i hope someone pulls a raigeki
Science_and_Magic: Wait, there's storm in this set?
Leafwind104: Serge drafts Dark Depths/Thespian's Stage
markededge: swords of revealing light tho
loglab: you right
mayday_24: lrrSIGNAL lrrHEART lrrSIGNAL lrrHEART
KidAmn: Pot of Greed OP
thegreatwyrdling: just wanted to share that I've been accepted by nto
Dix: Whats up everyone
MagisterSieran: calling it now someone gets a foil mythic
r10pez10: hey dix
Science_and_Magic: What does pot of greed do?
ampharos15: ohhh or maybe a through the breach emrakul
eye_h_bar: Get hype!
loglab: idk
dialMforMara: by what, @thegreatwyrdling ?
MuffinsOnAHill: GLHF, and I hope everyone gets nice rares!
theonlyangelx: ohai frens
theonlyangelx: just in time!
ampharos15: Hello!
Science_and_Magic: 5?
r10pez10: we're learning about how Shielding Plax on your opponent's creature means that your opponent can't target their creature anymore
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TehAmelie: y helo thar
hoktauri: get that man in the back an orange soda!
theonlyangelx: nicenicenice!
rscorundum: =)
AGiantRoach: @thegreatwyrdling congrats!
grgriffin3: Go Ghost!
drfox17: ghoooooost
WeedenProject: I should really be getting some sleep before GP Liverpool tomorrow, but streammmmmmm
theonlyangelx: what's the topppp?!
wtrob: Powerful magic!
NathanJay_GA: lrrSPOOP
Science_and_Magic: Goast Fren
Vampiricsloth: graham succumbed to the sickness eh?
Earthenone: lrrSPOOP
SemblanceofJoy: Odds on Cameron forcing blue and winning anyway?
tehfewl: Watch out, I saw Adam doing UMA drafts at PAX unplugged
thegreatwyrdling: just wanted to share that I've been accepted into the school i applied to and I'm starting in January
eye_h_bar: Ooo, Kathleen's haircut is very nice.
MysticOp9: ah yes the good ol' M.T. Chair
thegreatwyrdling: @dialmformara
Viewers_Like_You: Graham confirmed up and/or down with the sickness
MelSlashVin: Jordan's gonna be maaaad
Juliamon: A Kingdom of Annoying Jeej
Serifina: Card Kingdom. A kingdom of cards. Just don't let Jeej hear that.
drfox17: somewhere, Jeej is cringing
CadoiPi: 5 person draft?
NathanJay_GA: So if James doesn't make it on time, we just draft random cards for him, right?
Alness49: Jeej just sat bolt upright after Kathleen said that
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Dix: IT me like 90% of the time
SirLoinOfBeef_: path of exile servers are down. mind if i chill here for a bit?
Relentless_Bread: hi Mr.Serge hope your having good day
Dix: Also, don't forget you can order a CUSTOM token from artists at CK if you request it
r10pez10: it's just really convenient getting things from one place that is essentially guaranteed to always have stuff in stock
Lirelent: that customer service though
Dix: What Ben doesn't know... thats RayFK telling him to use the affiliate code
NathanLonghair: @SirLoinOfBeef_ It's a good place to chill to be sure :)
Miss_Katherine: Dix whoah, thats super cool
Earthenone: pride51
SketchyDetails: "It's Prnounced "
sir_jack_DB: woo-berg
Science_and_Magic: It's Prnounced Woo-Berg
r10pez10: remember to compliment jeej in your order notes
Viewers_Like_You: I got the "It's Prnounced Woo-berg" button in the mail earlier this week!
MysticOp9: UwUbrg?
Dix: GDI MysticOp9
drfox17: viewers like us!
mattman257700: I thought it was pronounced WUB RUG
paronomasiac042: I did this?
Earthenone: 1patreon
Earthenone: !patreon
Dix: Miss_Katherine the work their in-house artists do is SO GOOD
LRRbot: 2245 patrons for a total of $12,756.33 per month.
F1SHOR: ohh nooo i feel naked :O
Serifina: Wgrbu is better. :p
r10pez10: UMA packwars
hoktauri: That sounded like an intro Serge & Adam's new podcast
thechuckles96: So who is forcing colors. I see Cameron forcing Izzet/storm
Vampiricsloth: the shipping department has amazing artist
ninja_theory_ashrams: you did this? I did this.
Science_and_Magic: Dice Friends!!!
Dix: Miss_Katherine like, I've got a colored Morph token thats Kirby as a Ditto
JTK45: @LoadingReadyRun are we gunna get to see what you open from the topper??
drfox17: sounds good
MelSlashVin: That's fair
MelSlashVin: I'm hype for it!
PhoenixMelior: Oh yeah i saw this tweet
Nefarious_Ned: What?! That sounds so cool!
Miss_Katherine: Dix oh awesome!
TheWanderingNomad: Super mart!
grgriffin3: I can't wait to see it!
AlonsoSwift: I'm guessing we're waiting for someone?
eye_h_bar: A campaign in Ravnica?!
F1SHOR: im so impatient but itll be worth the wait!
blip2004: december is butts for plans
drfox17: nice try Whiskers
wolf2012pack: Serge knows what's up
TheWanderingNomad: Good save Serge!
theonlyangelx: :3
Blasteg: suuuuuure
NathanJay_GA: sensible marketing advice doesnt come often
thmanwithnoname: okay, really, Serge is the one advocating a Poker Face?
steelfox13: poke
Alness49: Ravnicamaniacs?
shurtal: SERGE is talking pokerface?
Miss_Katherine: LUL
loglab: DUN DUN
NathanLonghair: I mean it makes sense, but still sad no game on monday :'(
theonlyangelx: Bilge of Rabnilaw
Viewers_Like_You: Ravnica: Annihilation? No one's using that subtitle
SachielOne: DUN DUN
TheWanderingNomad: Whose DMing again?
thmanwithnoname: @shurtal EXACTLY
NathanLonghair: ooo?
arkinoid: The Ravnicampaign
r10pez10: !advice
LRRbot: Impede the clown
Blasteg: oooh
Gninosaer: beards beards beards..
steelfox13: @alness49 Yeeesss
Miss_Katherine: I want soooo much more Dicefriends
grgriffin3: Dale!
Viewers_Like_You: Daaale!
thegreatwyrdling: kathleen @thewanderingnomad
PhoenixMelior: Beards beards beards
wolf2012pack: DALE?!
F1SHOR: ohh poor serge :P
AlonsoSwift: Dale PogChamp
SemblanceofJoy: who else is playing Smash while they wait?
r10pez10: devil-tier, surely
NathanLonghair: YAAAAY! :D NOW I'm hype!
Miss_Katherine: also so much more Dale, he doesnt do anything other than Dice Friends that i could watch, right?
blackwlf: Adam to Ian, strict sidegrade.
mynthio: Serge teaching how to make a pokerface?
FickleMuse: Oooooo
sir_jack_DB: Fate is such a good system
theonlyangelx: oooh fate!
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ancientspark: So it's just Fate Die Hard?
theonlyangelx: nice!
chickenace11: this should be fun
inaudibledaisy: honestly Dice Friends is so important during the holiday months for all the travel
Alness49: Fate: Lrr Saves Christmas, kinda?
ZeroPolarity: I kinda hope Serge ends up as a little girl again, he is so good at that role
TheWanderingNomad: @thegreatwyrdling - Thanks. Its good to know that Ravnica is secretly controlled by a dark hearted goddess :D
FickleMuse: Exciting!
inaudibledaisy: Im so excited!
red_shoes_jeff: Quick, someone tell Dale!
NathanLonghair: Such an emotional rollercoaster
MousseFilledCat: Fate, yay!!
theonlyangelx: I haven't seen anyone play it yes!
CrazymattCaptain: Adam is a stand-in for Ian?
AlonsoSwift: Fate/Christmas Special
TheWanderingNomad: LRR Saves Christmas!?
Alness49: Fate/LrrMas
Leafwind104: my last campaign using the Fate system was a Jojo campaign set in the Steel Ball Run universe
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corsairwind: WUBRG? More like UWUBRG! Looking forward to a great FNPF with such great people! Go Cam!
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thegreatwyrdling: @thewanderingnomad Yeeees
wolf2012pack: and ain't nobody got time for that
Zuchen_0onetwenty: Hi LRR People!
PhoenixMelior: I will subscribe to this newsletter
drfox17: Fate: where you roll a dice to summon a legendary heroic spiri- Wait, not that one?
coriolis_storm: "By Law and Order" *dong, dong!*
TonyStark1986: someone Play Azorius!!!
Lucaan: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 9:17.
Miss_Katherine: Fate is such a great idea for this group in particular! More freestyle, less deciding what to do by checkign what stats you have
ampharos15: Have you guys been confirmed for PPRs next year?
noSmokeFire: is serge going to play a judge?
Dumori: Strap iPads to Santa’s slay Christmas is saved
CnCPOWERHOUR: I just love Adam's floating head in teh background
arkinoid: Have you guys seen the Jojos playmat??
wolf2012pack: DON DON
red_shoes_jeff: "Bylaw & Order" Love it.
circusofkirkus: So, who gets to be Ravnica Ice-T?
Earthenone: !quote dale
LRRbot: Quote #5292: "I'm choosing to announce them in a way that makes it sound like they're on your side, because I thought that would sound more helpful." —Dale [2018-08-27]
F1SHOR: Both!!!
red_shoes_jeff: Yes
r10pez10: Yes
djalternative: Yes. It should be named "LRR Saves Christmas"
Viewers_Like_You: Why not both?
Erudite_Cynic: cam leaned back and sudden Adam!
theonlyangelx: oh PS I opened topper Karakas in my box frens!
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F1SHOR: like you wont die but there will be fun stuff :P
theonlyangelx: And we got some nice pieces in the box
Alness49: Dale gives you the rope and hope you know where this is going
TemporallyAwry: Yes - Dale will let you enjoy all your bad decisions.
404HopeNotFound: Dale is good civilization.
NathanLonghair: He also want to remember everything you say and use it against you :P
drfox17: Fate: where you play a magical girl with a pet dog lady and you go after chaos jewels, and your rival has a cowli-Wait, not that one either?
Krokaar: is the bos topper exempt?
CadoiPi: let chat be the 6th drafter
theonlyangelx: Dale is good at improv
CapnRobert: ultimate masters draft hype!
blitzdragoon: Whats up LRR cast and Fans!
theonlyangelx: :P
F1SHOR: dale is very good at balancing the game :P
theonlyangelx: Very, very good.
ZeroPolarity: Dale is amazing, can't wait to see the interactions between him and Serge
Featherweight_: Dale is a monkey paw DM
Dix: Can't confirm or deny that
r10pez10: he's also really hilarious
Nefarious_Ned: Can confirm that, I learned VERY quickly ;)
red_shoes_jeff: Dale gives you a choice from a wide selection of rope.
TonyStark1986: Are they going to play magic? I see no cards🤔
noSmokeFire: > Dale will remember that
Miss_Katherine: TonyStark1986 yup, box on table
wolf2012pack: DM
F1SHOR: dale is actually a genie :P careful what you wish for
Noobman93: is magic happening? or is this a talk shiw
PhoenixGayming: always give the players just enough rope to hang themselves
AlonsoSwift: Was she talking about Nettleton?
r10pez10: what was the box topper, frens?
theonlyangelx: it's the way we all aim to DM
tehfewl: Box topper opening?
thundershot879: so how many of them are going to force spider spawning?
drfox17: "Dale will remember this" should be displayed at all times
Noobman93: just joined srry if noob urstquestionquestion
SketchyDetails: Oh man. We need a "Dale will remember that" toast on the overlay
CrazymattCaptain: so take notes of your random comments
Dix: He drafted it at PAX
ampharos15: its darkdepths and not dark depths
theonlyangelx: Graveyard Masters :P
r10pez10: MtG Thurman
myporpoiseinlife: so sweet
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TemporallyAwry: @Noobman93 waiting on player 6 ~ so it's chatting.
blitzdragoon: can't hear him
r10pez10: serge tell them about Shielding Plax
Noobman93: ty
ArgentumFlare: Adam is such a teddy bear I just want to hug him
PruPruh: They're waiting for James to show up. Relax, people, Magic will happen. lrrHEART
djalternative: Adam needs to project a little more
Justherefortherewards: do we know who sixth is?
blitzdragoon: James for the win
CadoiPi: Let chat be the 6th drafter
myporpoiseinlife: what happens to the box topper
ZeroPolarity: RIP Adam's shoes
theonlyangelx: still no oubliettes ;_;
Justherefortherewards: ah James cool
Viewers_Like_You: Good ol' Video James
ewildk: I just closed the TTC UMA video down, because I gotta sleep - but then this popped up!
Noobman93: <message deleted>question: where can i practice uma online
thalanir: Hi chat! rooHi Quick question; should I buy a new commander deck?
asthanius: I can't wait for the topper to be Exodia's Left Leg
Noobman93: <message deleted>i need t esting for magicfest vancouver
r10pez10: it's live on MTGO for 10 tix for phantom drafts
Viewers_Like_You: @thalanir Always!
Dix: (but there's not a huge payoff for reanimator though )
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Justherefortherewards: @thalanir yes, dinosaurs!
DigDug420: wazzup!
rscorundum: i've drafted 3 times
r10pez10: there's sort of ulamog's crusher, but ehhh
ewildk: @noobman93 Draftsim if you wanna test draft against bots
rscorundum: all of them i played pant
nick_tamer_readinfrench: who's the 6th player?
rscorundum: bant
Noobman93: <message deleted>@ewildk does cock have it
TonyStark1986: I will love the player forever that drafts Blue/White
MaxTurkeyFlaps: Kathleen! Love the haircut!
oliowen: emracool
ampharos15: through the breach!
Noobman93: <message deleted>uma drafted or sealeds
asthanius: Also there's almost no fixing
SemblanceofJoy: I can't wait to see the Box Topper
CadoiPi: Chat is 6th player
PruPruh: James
control_rig: There's Reanimator of Kozilek
control_rig: Artisan I mean
Dix: Pauper All-Star 8/8 Trample for 8
theonlyangelx: top-per top-per
TimWinGame: i did GB dredge/delve at PAX and it was really good
Blasteg: so the 6th player is late again I see
theonlyangelx: i wanna see that arttt
ewildk: @noobman93 I think so? maybe as a spoiler set, if they haven't added it yet
r10pez10: did they literally do a new tasigur with no bananas
Noobman93: <message deleted>@ewildk :(
drfox17: Jaaaaames
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: slap slap
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: sliiide
theonlyangelx: good outlet is mongrel or dragoon, so you'll want those as outlets
r10pez10: hey welcome back james
drfox17: James_Turner has entered the server
Mattmitchell45: Wild Mongrels abound
MaxTurkeyFlaps: There are so many of my favorite online personalities on my screen right now. I'm so happy.
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: slap
SketchyDetails: You should have started the draft and left 6 piles of diminishing size in from of james' seat
theonlyangelx: it's in many colours
Noobman93: <message deleted>is there camera angles of the draft
TimWinGame: boros heroic is very strong too
DigDug420: HappyJack
theonlyangelx: Molten
Noobman93: <message deleted>or is it ginna be like this
AGiantRoach: @Dix mine usually reanimates with dragon scales and breath
PruPruh: James has entered the boop
Noobman93: <message deleted>feom the side
samwiser_: asmr hand slides
Pavlovs_Dog_: molten birth?
r10pez10: crier
Dix: Travel Preps
theonlyangelx: !card Molten
LRRbot: Found 18 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
CadoiPi: Cam better go boros
theinvisiblevoice: molten birth or something
r10pez10: oh uh
SketchyDetails: ben and cam on draft cams
theonlyangelx: ;_;
ShifuDaxiongmao: combined Madness/Reanimator :)
ewildk: @maxturkeyflaps Hell yeah!
Noobman93: <message deleted>interesrinf
FlyboyZeb: Has Adam ever explained his tattoos? Because they look sick
theonlyangelx: Dark Depths.
theonlyangelx: Thespian Stage
Viewers_Like_You: Ooh, a Cam-cam
theonlyangelx: do it Serge
JinaMahavira: Adam has his "i saw my ex" face :(
TenseMars: crack them packs
theonlyangelx: sergeFriend
wicker_knight: @JinaMahavira Adam broke up with chat?
Lucaan: Watch Serge get Life from the Loam in his first pack
Blasteg: Question: Do people only play one game with their drafted deck like we usually see this stream?
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AGiantRoach: graveyard matters is the besat
jeff_sg: Box topper???
serraasccended: Box topper?
theonlyangelx: lift
Noobman93: <message deleted>lets gooooooo
TenseMars: carboard box topper
MysticOp9: Dark Depths
TenseMars: strongest card
silvalunae: @Viewers_Like_You now i'm singing the can can in my head but cam-cam
Justherefortherewards: greedy James dayHuu
theonlyangelx: yeah, it's on supp products now
Krokaar: box topper is exempt right?
F1SHOR: this is like james' christmas come early
theonlyangelx: it's nice
CadoiPi: inb4 ewit
ShifuDaxiongmao: HAVE PEOPLE GUESS, IF SOMEONE GUESS RIGHT, they win it! :D
thundershot879: goyf
control_rig: Cue up the Zelda theme
Blasteg: claimed the box (and only the box)
theonlyangelx: Depths?
Lord_Hosk: Its a Dragon
EscherichiaCole: Finks!
drfox17: Da-na-na-naaaaaaaa [Zelda you got the thing.mp3]
SketchyDetails: GOYF.
theonlyangelx: Fingers crossed Depths
thundershot879: finks
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Trymantha: celetial colonade
F1SHOR: its whatever the money card is
Field94: I really hope someone pulls Goyf, gonna be AMAZING in this draft enviro
wtrob: Hippocratic!
control_rig: It's the Dragon
Aegis_of_Faith: stickin with Lavaclaw
DarkMorford: Red-Eyes Black Dragon!
MuffinsOnAHill: Stirring Wildwood!
nick_tamer_readinfrench: its Tasigur
Justherefortherewards: lili time!
FickleMuse: Bitterblossom
SketchyDetails: GOYF is highest EV :P
Blasteg: Giratina GX
Relentless_Bread: snap caster
samwiser_: lol @drfox17 nice
theonlyangelx: Karakas looks SO GOOD
TonyStark1986: <message deleted>lilliana
Dix: Utamog PogChamp
Ristow: infinite gyros!
theonlyangelx: that's gonna be pretty
FlyboyZeb: Why's chat give Adam so much crap, he's easily the funniest and nicest guy of the group IMHO
Lucaan: PogChamp
tachiseneriz: karn
circusofkirkus: What a good guess!
thraximore: nice
thalanir: rooPog
SketchyDetails: Get the SLEEEEEEVE
control_rig: Noice
theonlyangelx: oooh that's nice
Sharkfists: lets get gyrating!
eye_h_bar: Oooo, fancy
ampharos15: ohhh soooo pretty
KidAmn: limesWow
Mithgar: You have lap-cams
NathanJay_GA: pretty!
Noobman93: <message deleted>these guys seam like casuals
Science_and_Magic: SLEEEEVEE
thraximore: shinyyy
ShifuDaxiongmao: #BlameTheWrapper
AGiantRoach: MOM get the sleeve
Dirt_Gopher: pretty!
theonlyangelx: lick it
Vampiricsloth: what a pretty gyro
Lucaan: James is a wizard
AlonsoSwift: Ulamog, the Infinity Gyro. Neverending Greek food
Noobman93: <message deleted>filthy casuals
silvalunae: james is psychic confirmed
theonlyangelx: 8D
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Justherefortherewards: @sketchydetails isn't that Liliana?
Ludorae: better than lord of extinction tbh
circusofkirkus: Now, no sleeve and concrete magic, just like Richard Garfield intended
azureHaights: Ulamog, the Very Good Spinny Boi
Relentless_Bread: rare is 3rd from the top
theonlyangelx: sergeFriend sergeFriend sergeFriend
drzootsuit: is this the international magic tourney PogChamp
theonlyangelx: the power of FRIENDS
AGiantRoach: can't wait to open a wildwood if I get a box :(
MaxTurkeyFlaps: So the winner gets a spot in the Magic Pro Leage?
control_rig: This is the correct sequence of events
theonlyangelx: theonl45Heart lrrHEART slytqHeart benginHeart katesHeart elfunkHeart kathle3HEX foxmarLOVE lunarj1Heart sergeHeart fablei1Heart
r10pez10: friendship and friendship accessories
F1SHOR: i mean ulamog is only $60 so thats less sale worthy more bling worthy haha
jeff_sg: This is going to be a fun set to draft for sure
Lord_Hosk: Thats a different channel Kathleen
theonlyangelx: h e a r t s
fishmanfishfish: P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L...M.A.G.I.C
theonlyangelx: switcheroo
theonlyangelx: it's rare first
control_rig: Uh
Dix: BTW, it goes Token, Foil, Rare, uncommons, Commons
rscorundum: ignores all but cam
theonlyangelx: wARning!
wtrob: Watch Serge end up in lands in a limited format.
ampharos15: oh ya rares up front
NathanJay_GA: Ah, fixing in production! :D
AGiantRoach: Foil ASMR
the_one_and_only_kim: the packs are printed in Japan so back to front
Vampiricsloth: oh yeah these packs are set up token, foil, rare.
Aegis_of_Faith: Guess I'm watching Ben's draft then
ampharos15: Japanese printer just like battle bond
Science_and_Magic: Haahh! Altar
Vampiricsloth: ooooh thats a nice hit
Krokaar: altar !
Viewers_Like_You: Printed in Japan, like Battlebond
Science_and_Magic: ALTAR!
F1SHOR: they realised everyone just skips to the back anyway lol
control_rig: Boggle!
KidAmn: Yeeees Ben. Become one of us.
tachiseneriz: Its boggle time
j0xer: original order was 3uncommons 1rare then your commons
control_rig: Do the boggle
Relentless_Bread: its printing company
tehfewl: its japanese style distribution
Krokaar: boggllllleeee
Jorge4hg: cam get the angel
Lucaan: I like to slowroll my pack eogOh
mattman257700: part of me wanted colossal dreadmaw in this set
Zuchen_0onetwenty: peeps spying on chat to see what cam people take
Willbrannon: Cam that is such a bomb rare
Dix: For the joeks right mattman257700
UnknownGerm: Exalted is so good
F1SHOR: deep ben deeeeep
control_rig: DEEP
ampharos15: deeeep
NazakYuzak: deeeep
CadoiPi: Cam going boros???
Science_and_Magic: ALTAR
control_rig: Deep
nick_tamer_readinfrench: How dare you first pick a white card Cam
circusofkirkus: deep
thalanir: DEEEEP
Digitaldude2: DEEP
ewildk: open!
tachiseneriz: Deerper
theonlyangelx: tradesies Ben?
QuantumTwitch: Always go Deep
EscherichiaCole: Go greedy and deep
silvalunae: go deep ben
ZeroPolarity: Go elbow deep in that stuff Ben!
MousseFilledCat: Live your best life
Tregelen: deeeep
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: stake your claim
Blasteg: @Willbrannon It's white, that's the problem Kappa
circusofkirkus: slip into that deep boi
silvalunae: go deep =u=
MuffinsOnAHill: Ogle the Boggle, Ben!
tachiseneriz: Go Balls deep
Jezus38: teeth?
TemporallyAwry: technically mana fixing :D
arkinoid: Deeeeep
starlitdiscord: deeper!
r10pez10: ben...
thraximore: take the altarrrr
control_rig: Yaaaaay!
wicker_knight: @CadoiPi so far Cam going mono-bombs
Serifina: Ben yes, yes!
QuantumTwitch: Yay
Zuchen_0onetwenty: yusss
Science_and_Magic: He's going for it
Radyin: Paul, I think they are like this because they were printed in Japan. Battlebond was the same way.
theonlyangelx: oh no ben
EscherichiaCole: That card used to be a mythic
FlyboyZeb: It would be nice if the video of the group was smaller and the two cameras showing cards were bigger so they could be read easier
AGiantRoach: Karn always looks disappointed in you
control_rig: Yes Ben
mooseimperium__: DEEEEEEEEEEP
Zuchen_0onetwenty: inc punishment
thechuckles96: Do it Ben
Alness49: Who Yoggles the Boggle?
Mister_Skittles: What was the box topper?
Dix: Caretaker has some funny combos in the set
samwiser_: bens nails, so pretty.
tachiseneriz: ulamog
TonyStark1986: <message deleted>your mom
Dix: Miss_Katherine Ulamog
FickleMuse: fickle2Heart :) fickle2Heart
Dix: Mister_Skittles Ulamog
CadoiPi: that rb dom uncommon still being uncommon is weak
Mister_Skittles: not bad
control_rig: That foil Cleave is REALLY pretty
UnknownGerm: take the foil, Cam
thraximore: wickerbough is sweet
ShifuDaxiongmao: As someone whose very first magic deck was an Odyssey block precon with Madness, threshold and flashback... seeing classic madness cards in this at low rarity is <3
mooseimperium__: CLEAVE! Take the CLEAVE!
Dix: im sorry wat
F1SHOR: thats beautiful
thalanir: rooWow
silvalunae: pRETTY
theonlyangelx: omg PRETTY
control_rig: DUDE
TonyStark1986: take all the shinies. synergy be damned!
circusofkirkus: get that boi a sleve
wtrob: sergeHolyMoly
viridimayai: TAKE THAT LAND
NanashiSword: That land is so good.
Vampiricsloth: HOT
NathanJay_GA: Take the foil, obvs
j0xer: colonade is first pickable easily
Willbrannon: Cam is so bummed over his insane bomb. Used to be mythic for a reason
ShifuDaxiongmao: that's the monypack! :D
sir_jack_DB: MANLAND :D
ayyken0: take it 10/10
Kykiwi: get the sleeve
F1SHOR: style over playability :P
Krokaar: ma get teh sleeve!
ihopebobsclericdies: value Ben take the value!
mattman257700: #150?
DiscoDogsOK: foil tribal Kappa
silvalunae: round boy
thundershot879: definitely the land
coolbond: foil land
mooseimperium__: Foilonadde
r10pez10: mom get the sleeves
ewildk: Foil tribal is best tribal
tachiseneriz: You can FEEL the VALUE
MuffinsOnAHill: Good lands in draft are...good.
Gen2Gengar: Tey don't get to keep the cards
banachspacebar: ouch
Vampiricsloth: as prof would say "put it in a sleeve"
Dix: Oh god the mics
Jacobontherun1: oh god
control_rig: Aiiiiee
ThePerrBearr: oo, that robot
azureHaights: mawp
UnknownGerm: the beeeeees
NanashiSword: ouch... anyone else getting static?
AlonsoSwift: oh no not again
mrsarkhan: Oh god
Mithgar: Robo-Ben is back!
Jorge4hg: sssss
Krokaar: oh god the screech is back
NathanLonghair: argh bens mic
dacardczar: ah
NathanJay_GA: robots!
viridimayai: MIC DAMAGE
BearPsychologist: oooh scary mics
KidAmn: uh oh, the scritch is back
SketchyDetails: I hear robots
grgriffin3: Robo-voices!
Vampiricsloth: Robot
thechuckles96: The toil for foil
silvalunae: whoah um audio?
FickleMuse: mwap
Kykiwi: still would get a sleeve
TemporallyAwry: The Bees are back.
coolbond: oww
Lucaan: eogOh
djalternative: Oh no the audio
iisazel: ope mics
Viewers_Like_You: Beep beep boop
wowot: static ben's mic
meisbored: whoooa that audio
Kumakaori: webcam mic fun times?
SachielOne: MAWP
Stoffern: robot?
thalanir: rooBot
Bakufreak: hissy audio
thraximore: robot
BubbaRad: MrDestructoid
ewildk: miiic
kanimaras: BAD mic!
ShifuDaxiongmao: eeehh... bens mic is...
F1SHOR: i thought they removed the bees
TNestor: Mic connection
dangerous_safety: mic issues
theonlyangelx: !panic
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viridimayai: mic damage
Mister_Skittles: I knew Ben wasa robot
TonyStark1986: screw the rules I want money
coolbond: someone has tinned em
red_shoes_jeff: Buzz buzz
soyman_slacks: rooBot
thraximore: bennnnn
LathosTiran: test bens mic
silvalunae: glad it's not just me
leandertnb: MrDestructoid
electroswagnetism: mawp
MysticOp9: MrDestructoid
banachspacebar: ben's mic
NanashiSword: Yeah Ben's mic..... ouch
TemporallyAwry: Bees.
NathanLonghair: Ben your mic is effed
Gninosaer: ben's mic is acting weird.
Jacobontherun1: Ben's Mic
CamelAttack: it stings the ears!
iisazel: Ben's mic?
Willbrannon: Cam is so bummed over his insane bomb. Used to be mythic for a reason
control_rig: It's Ben's mic
PhoenixMelior: Whoa mic please
thalanir: rooBot hello I am robo-Ben
Relentless_Bread: do or voice
meisbored: ben is hollow bees
Zysett: Ben mic killing me
silvalunae: ben's mic is ouch
acolyte_of_tohsaka: Oh no. It’s back.
Anarchon_D: audio fail
Itsscript: Not the bees!! Not the bees!!!
Winbrick: :|
ewildk: meeeeeep
F1SHOR: bens picks too spicy apparently stream cant deal
Vampiricsloth: MrDestructoid
ShifuDaxiongmao: #BenTheScritchy
kanimaras: ben's mike is possessed by the devil
mooseimperium__: Squid1 Squid2 MrDestructoid Squid2 Squid4
JungleFizz: KappaRoss
thraximore: Ben owie
XadrosOfficial: Why is he laughing LUL
myporpoiseinlife: aliens
oliowen: saved
forlornhope22: I'm Contributing!
ampharos15: Money draft anyway
Aegis_of_Faith: MAWP
meisbored: better
TNestor: Check the connection on Ben's mic. Sounds like a loose wire.
mooseimperium__: Owpain
mtgdabest: better
thraximore: good man
nick_tamer_readinfrench: fixed
iammorthos: Audio is robot
TenseMars: always take the shiny one
TonyStark1986: ben, your robot is showing
Aegis_of_Faith: okay better now :)
red_shoes_jeff: Just Ben's, sounds like.
ampharos15: yessssss
XadrosOfficial: oh you think
r10pez10: premium tribal
MysticOp9: thank you
RedMulligan: Ben's mic sounds messed up
Zuchen_0onetwenty: Oh! I get emotes now! lrrFINE
ampharos15: money draft
thraximore: yessss
iammorthos: Fixed
myporpoiseinlife: better now thanks
silvalunae: nawww, it's fine -ears bleeding-
RedMulligan: $$$$$$$
MugiwaraLexi: Ben hurts the ears
ShadowFury42: the bees have evacuated the microphone
LoadingReadyRun: don't know what happened there, sorry
Ashen_Prime: To be honest, it's usually been the connection between the board and the computer.
djalternative: This happened last time they drafted.
Viewers_Like_You: !card Meandering Towershell
LRRbot: Meandering Towershell [3GG] | Creature — Turtle [5/9] | Islandwalk / Whenever Meandering Towershell attacks, exile it. Return it to the battlefield under your control tapped and attacking at the beginning of the declare attackers step on your next turn.
PhoenixMelior: Yeah cam i think so too!
ewildk: @loadingreadyrun All forgiven!
ShifuDaxiongmao: LoadingReadyRun no worries. Our ears thank you for fixing. <3
Relentless_Bread: wait something happened go the Mic lmafo
F1SHOR: ben dont just yell that out at the table :P your giving out to much :P
LoadingReadyRun: it wasn't the webcam mics
mooseimperium__: Nice nails ben
silvalunae: np paul ; ; random unfortunate circumstance
corpocracy: There's Offalsnout
Angreed66: So everyone went for the fair decks? Horay!
ayyken0: cams picks looking nice so far
NathanJay_GA: I mean, I know Chat can be obsessive about technical problems, but we DO provide an invaluable troubleshooting service!
silvalunae: wait it is paul tonight right ; ;
r10pez10: troubleshooting, but not always troublesolving
TonyStark1986: can't go wrong with Azorius
LoadingReadyRun: yup, Paul here
AGiantRoach: every OP drafted spiderspawning on the LRRMTG stream
r10pez10: one day we will find out where the bees come from
ShifuDaxiongmao: "Paul, stop doing experiments on gear while it's live" :P
Field94: This happened during chaos draft as well didnt it? and it fixed itself and never occurred the rest of the night?
Jorge4hg: Cam mono white
Jorge4hg: nice
jeff_sg: Hi Paul
Winbrick: No. Double down.
ritchards: Rotate the cards!
Blasteg: rotate the cusions!
noSmokeFire: try spinning, that's a good trick
KidAmn: this might be the most un-Cam deck I've seen Cam draft.
tachiseneriz: howdy paul
ewildk: @loadingreadyrun Hi Paul!
grgriffin3: OW
mrdreampants: Is this pack one?
meisbored: AAAAH
RedGriffin42: <message deleted>Scary buzzing sound!!!!!!
NanashiSword: And now cam's mic?
azureHaights: mawp x2
kanimaras: maap
Jorge4hg: oh god
r10pez10: okay you heard ben, everyone rotate
mtgdabest: cam's mic now
BubbaRad: MrDestructoid
Zysett: DAH Hell
Jacobontherun1: mawp
mattman257700: is there storm in this?
RedGriffin42: <message deleted>AAAAHHHHHHHH
Stoffern: bzzzzzz
wicker_knight: yes, whatever Cam said
sitethmtg: aaahhhhhhhhhhhh
thalanir: rooBot I return
WeedenProject: Cam seems to be off to a good start there, I like it
electroswagnetism: mawp
RedGriffin42: <message deleted>STOP
MaxTurkeyFlaps: @mrdreampants Yes
ShadowFury42: the bees have returned!
MuffinsOnAHill: MORE ALIENS!
RedGriffin42: <message deleted>NO
NathanJay_GA: robots again :/
loglab: oof
silvalunae: oh god it's infecting others
CamelAttack: Ack! They've infested them all!
darkora: eesh, a lot of sound problems now
ewildk: aaarh, sound
tachiseneriz: damn it
TonyStark1986: bleep bloop
Anarchon_D: oh god the audio
FlyboyZeb: It's gonna be a looooooong night
Relentless_Bread: robots
FITorion: now cam
thraximore: cam this time
Nefarious_Ned: Beeeeeeees!!
Vampiricsloth: MrDestructoid wants to destroy you all
fishmanfishfish: and then a step to the right
sitethmtg: my ears
ayyken0: MrDestructoid Good Trick
theonlyangelx: !picnic
Viewers_Like_You: Oop, now fine again
DarklordStratos: LRRrobot
Winbrick: :| :| :|
kanimaras: *throws headphones in the fire*
coolbond: OWWW
F1SHOR: just traft 5 colour everything
skizmo229: now camerons mic is Oof
red_shoes_jeff: Buzz is back
Ashen_Prime: Confirmed, it's happening with multiple mics. It's coming from the sound board.
sithenin: I'll come back later this hurts
MysticOp9: beep boop beep boop
NathanLonghair: My precious earholes
acolyte_of_tohsaka: Cam has been infected.
RedMulligan: BENNNN
FITorion: Cam this time
PhoenixMelior: Now it's cams mic
NathanJay_GA: and fixed
chickenace11: who is drafting storm and causing this interference?
MugiwaraLexi: Turn off bens mic
Alness49: It'[s fine now
skiplives: oh no the cylon-ing is back picnic!
meisbored: it was shorter this time
CapnRobert: sorry whats happening is just deafining to headphone users
AlonsoSwift: Clearly the best deck in the format is 5-color Eldrazi Kappa
NathanJay_GA: weird
CapnRobert: at least for me
noSmokeFire: I want to see a silver-bordered conspiracy set so the drafts matter cards can get REALLY wacky
Dumori: Ok that’s really intermittent
ShadowFury42: the bees are very inconsistent
ritchards: When in doubt #BlameJames
TonyStark1986: Cam, say "Exterminate!"
DarklordStratos: lrrDOTS lrrBEEJ lrrARROW
mooseimperium__: Squid1 Squid2 MrDestructoid Squid2 Squid4
djalternative: Maybe it's just twitch + friday night paperfight
hoktauri: this is all a secret plan to stop people from using headphones
ShifuDaxiongmao: yay for periodic errors >_<
wicker_knight: yeah, more evidence that we aren't troubleshooting very well. Probably something to do with the sound levels
red_shoes_jeff: And we're good.
azureHaights: @AlonsoSwift Everybody loves Five-Color Colorless
r10pez10: the only streams this ever happens on huh
thraximore: umba
Mithgar: I do love how Cam can just stop... read... "huh?"
Ashen_Prime: @LoadingReadyRun do you have any way to monitor the audio that's going into XSplit?
Dumori: It’s not bens mic though it’s something interfering intermittently with them
wicker_knight: Paul does
silvalunae: @hoktauri or to get people to buy new headphones, like i heard dolbe has some good ones lrrBEEJ
r10pez10: foil, Ben
F1SHOR: i really like the unbras in his set
LoadingReadyRun: Ashen_Prime yes, and it appears to go away when I listen to it :(
Alness49: @hoktauri Try turning them down, it's generally a winner
Ashen_Prime: That's always helpful.....
meisbored: ah, schrodinger's bees
fishmanfishfish: paul's uncertainty principle
TheOneAzraell: So miss playing this game....and drafting stuff like this....sigh
thraximore: fecundity aint bad at all
Jorge4hg: yes cam yes
chickenace11: Paul if it goes away when you listen to it then it is afraid of you
myporpoiseinlife: i think serge is probably in green after getting a life from the loam
ShadowFury42: does shoal do anything in draft?
erased_citizen: anything good come up yet?
Winbrick: Guildmage is legit in this set.
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun can you switch from direct feed to twitches audio?
TenseMars: when your friends want you to succeed.
TonyStark1986: pick that one with the thing!
r10pez10: probably have to open up the stream for that
Anarchon_D: its both mics
NathanJay_GA: mics pls ;_;
mooseimperium__: Fleave
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r10pez10: low level bees tho
ritchards: rotate the power!
Zuchen_0onetwenty: everybody do a mickeymouse club soundoff so you know who is who lol
Dumori: It’s beens Cams
F1SHOR: james is the ultimate IT man :P
sirfunky: how maby drafts are you up too feals like you got a handle on things.
TNestor: It's the connection. There's static in a cable.
Leafwind104: it seems to be everyone's...
hoktauri: The powerful cards are messing up the mics
ShifuDaxiongmao: it's difficult to tell which specific mic it is.. but it turns "crackly" when it happens
togashinaruta: @LoadingReadyRun I was hearing that same noise from the VGA stream last night - not the LRR room, but your feed of the the award stream
Mithgar: Do you have a Room Mic, by chance?
banachspacebar: Okay, definitely not ben's mic. Might be something further downstream than just the mic
mooseimperium__: Squid1 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 MrDestructoid Squid2 Squid4
Ukon_vasara: i am kinda interested in how much of GriShoalBrand was reprinted in this set, if i played more paper magic i might have to get the cards just for the updated wording
Relentless_Bread: have you guys tried miming
ewildk: take off your wool socks!
PatFromIT: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid
Tantar: maybe its not the mics, maybe its just all of us :(
Ashen_Prime: It's not RF interference. It sounds like and issue on the digital side of the signal.
carpeamentum: call bill the exterminator and tell him the bees are in the cables
iammorthos: Buzz is stream wide
Anarchon_D: it keeps coming and going. very static-y at times
r10pez10: TIL LRR are robots
wicker_knight: yeah don't think it's someone's mic. I think there's something on the transfer side
circusofkirkus: Just do this Charlie Chaplin style, with all the dialogue on text screens in between the action lrrBEEJ
Dix: All sound is buzzy
Dr_fragenstien: Is it the webcam mics?
ritchards: it's Canada!
korvys: Bees in the board?
Dumori: It’s definitely compression issues
one_of_the_voice: is there a mic on the draft camera
Durzo_Blint_: what the hell is Cam wearing? Where is his scarf/sweater?
Winbrick: Loading. Ready. Robots.
TenseMars: In Canada we use bees as mics.
Krokaar: the desert buss curse is up you!
Ashen_Prime: Maybe a driver issue?
one_of_the_voice: it's starting to hit Cam's voice too
LathosTiran: its all those final smashes
carpeamentum: all of canada is fuzzy
SaggyJello89: I want Kathleen to end up with all those guildmages
Umandsf: Wasn’t it the room mics last time?
MaxTurkeyFlaps: @Durzo_Blint_ Oh no. There's a glitch in the simulation.
iisazel: Very buzzy from Ben
r10pez10: i like dabbling's art so much
CrazymattCaptain: wasn't it the mics on the cameras last time?
Tantar: or maybe they are slowly turning into daleks
Dumori: When we get it it’s over all the audio
Stoffern: I have faith in Pauls troubleshooting
mynthio: cheer1000 Towards a solution to the mic problem.
Jorge4hg: oh nooo were they robots all this time?
Itsscript: Was the office built on an Indiana burial ground?
FITorion: getting it on multiple people... hard to tell which mics specifically
meisbored: mahp
RedGriffin42: that is one unpleasant sound
carpeamentum: All hail Beezus
Ubiki: I remember you having this problem and it was because the camera mice were on
MuffinsOnAHill: Is Ben an alien?
TonyStark1986: there's demons in that there sound machine!
iisazel: still buzzy
ShifuDaxiongmao: we still have some
LoadingReadyRun: one sec
PatFromIT: And now it's ghost robots
NathanJay_GA: now im wondering what changed compared to past FNPFs
Durzo_Blint_: @MuffinsOnAHill Ben 10? 🤔
silvalunae: weird o.o
1MrGhost: Such sublime...
carpeamentum: I love silent films
theonlyangelx: oh btw Ben that colour is very pretty, good choice
Field94: inb4 is just twitch's end being dumb with its downstream
hoktauri: just mime it out
Relentless_Bread: I know sign language start signing
wicker_knight: Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful
NanashiSword: ahhh, i've gone deaf.... oh wait....
togashinaruta: This reminds me of something that happened years ago where the mic line of the sound card was picking up the audio of output from the jack next to it
Vampiricsloth: desert bus happened :P
wicker_knight: and there's simply no place to go
ewildk: did they turn it off, to turn it on again?
ShadowFury42: can anyone read lips?
r10pez10: solid picks, cam
nick_tamer_readinfrench: I like the deck Cam's drafting
CadoiPi: So Cam is actually boros!!
FITorion: yeah all off and the bring each up one at a time is what I'd do
Sidebinder_: just joind whys it muted?
RedGriffin42: was buzzing, then all sound got quieter including buzzing, now no sound
circusofkirkus: Get everyone a pad of paper to write out what they want to say lrrBEEJ
riordand: I'm late, is this pack two?
myporpoiseinlife: hi serge
declan_mtg: Let it snow
F1SHOR: Kathleen seemed to be deep in thought on this last pack i feel like shes onto a good deck :)
CorruptedBauer: And here we have the silent film portion of the draft. Such masterful artistry
ewildk: @sidebinder_ Sound issues
Twilight_Spark: It's the Cam hand cam.
Itsscript: Now that theres no sound is when adam will talk
red_shoes_jeff: It's fine, all we need is a Vaudeville piano player, and we're golden.
carpeamentum: @Sidebinder_ the bees have taken the audio hostage and Paul is negotiating with the Queen
myporpoiseinlife: uwu
ShifuDaxiongmao: I would not put it past Kathleen to be on reanimator :)
mtg_fanerdic: Friday night mime fight
TheSeg: With this distortion, I want someone to say “Rise from your grave!”
r10pez10: hi serge
Vampiricsloth: wheeee
sirfunky: soo curius about kathleens deck
Science_and_Magic: Uh oh
djalternative: If paul doesn't hear it and he's getting a direct feed then it's something between their upload and twitch distribution
mooseimperium__: Hm
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RedGriffin42: Sounds quiet but no buzzing
ShifuDaxiongmao: sound currently good it seem?
CadoiPi: @carpeamentum Its actually the hornetqueen
Dumori: Audio currently clean
Zysett: Muc better
silvalunae: ; ; glitching is scary
baakem: Have fun, I look forward to the vod!
Durzo_Blint_: @carpeamentum that sounds like something out of Friday Nights
Nefarious_Ned: so far sound is good
chickenace11: THe bees are gone for now
tachiseneriz: Im guessing Kathleen's on UB
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I wonder if Adam is gonna get his Kikijiki/Vizer combo like he did at PAXU
F1SHOR: ahh peaceful :)
myporpoiseinlife: yeeaaahhh
jeff_sg: Good
TonyStark1986: Great job!
Science_and_Magic: AV seems good now
meisbored: ty Paul
HoodedBowman: Hey! Just tuned in. Please say someone is going to play the 5colour nonsense.
Relentless_Bread: its very quiet
Anarchon_D: seems ok now.
iammorthos: Clean now
AGiantRoach: yeah sound not buzzy now. good job paul!
ShifuDaxiongmao: Kathleen, blink twice if you're on reanimator! ;)
skizmo229: :thumbs up:
red_shoes_jeff: Clean but quiet. But clean.
r10pez10: cheers paul
FickleMuse: Thank you, Paul. Silly tech troubles.
silvalunae: seems fixed now ;u; thank you Paul lrrHEART
coolbond: i heard some distortions
wicker_knight: @HoodedBowman our two on-camera drafters have stayed sane and conservative so far
Field94: WELL THEN
eshplode: Are they just starting? Did I actually get here at the perfect time? :o
eggsucculent: yay paul
MalBeam: pivot
F1SHOR: ohh didnt know that angel was in this set
XadrosOfficial: Angel of Despair PogChamp
PatFromIT: TFW ben is gonna straight up pass fire to someone
therisingtithes_: oh look a Screaming Big Mouth
Ashen_Prime: @eshplode Second pack.
chickenace11: I need that red enchantment that Cam went by
fishmanfishfish: oh butts if I'm still hearing it i must have some tinnitus happening. butts
LoadingReadyRun: I hear it when monitoring the xsplit output, but not when I listen to the mics directly from the board. It appears to be something related to the USB output from the board
riordand: Cam's pack is insane
ShifuDaxiongmao: Love that guy too, Cam! <3
RedGriffin42: Those sure are cards
HoodedBowman: Darn, I'm counting on you Serge! If anyone is mad enough to pull it off it's you!.
eshplode: @Ashen_Prime Ah, close enough. I completely forgot it was on tonight
ampharos15: I feel like angel wheels and you take shrekmaw
CadoiPi: The MAW cam, the MAW
CadoiPi: 100 the maw
r10pez10: it's not trying to send USB voltage down the cable or something is it
carpeamentum: do it Cam... build the Tribal deck
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun The USBee output.
riordand: Vindicate bird, easy pick
F1SHOR: the defining choice of bens draft
MalBeam: maw would be better if you're pivoting
Durzo_Blint_: cam could just take that whole pack and go mardu
AGiantRoach: That Seb Art Kreygasm
synthstrike: What pack is this?
AGiantRoach: 2
Durzo_Blint_: 2
r10pez10: pack two
Akaiatana: UMA Kappa
Anarchon_D: any big hits yet?
thenb44: What are cam and ben on?
CadoiPi: this is the UMA pack
synthstrike: Sweet, thanks guys :)
riordand: This set is just ridiculous
LoadingReadyRun: pretty horsey
Durzo_Blint_: why are Ben's nails red?
r10pez10: he painted 'em
ewildk: Well, gotta catch some Zs instead of bees - hopefully the stream. Will be on YouTube soon. Have a nice draft guys!
JohnPraw: Why not
Positivemilkhotel: he wanted to paint them uwu
thenb44: why not?
Akaiatana: @Durzo_Blint_ why not?
Relentless_Bread: cause there pretty
ZeroPolarity: @Durzo_Blint_ Because he wanted to paint them?
CadoiPi: @Durzo_Blint_ he painted them?
mattman257700: Was that a faint siren I heard?
Durzo_Blint_: 🤷
myporpoiseinlife: yes cam dooooo it
djalternative: this is pack 7 of the 6 person 284 pack draft
eshplode: It's the blood of his victims Kappa
HoodedBowman: Will we get to see a deckbuild?
Durzo_Blint_: I've just never seen him paint his nails before
CadoiPi: @mattman257700 cops coming for the mic bees
Field94: Value police, packs too spicy
Akaiatana: @Durzo_Blint_ usually happens around desert bus, Cameron's were too but they were worn off
mattman257700: @CadoiPi I thought it might be the 0-3 police
thenb44: hes done it a couple times @Durzo_Blint_
ZeroPolarity: @Durzo_Blint_ He has painted nails a lot
F1SHOR: definatly a card worth "thinking" about...
ferro_man: oh good, they're still drafting... i didn't miss it <3
riordand: That sweet Ulamog's Crusher art
r10pez10: crush a dew or two
realitysmasher: <message deleted>haha I thought that was a girl drafting on right until I saw it labeled ben
XadrosOfficial: Reanimate is gonne
XadrosOfficial: Must be the grill
Cw3040: ben is precious boy
r10pez10: bit surprised urborg whizzed around
LoadingReadyRun: come on foil Foil!
b240c: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 36:52.
thenb44: @realitysmasher maybe you should smash your reality of gender norms
Krokaar: Building Serges Naya Angels Canlander deck. Hopping to get a couple cards from UMA the next paycheck. Missing Kitchen Finks, Noble Hierarch, goyf. and Karakas
TemporallyAwry: No stakes Ben - live the dream :D
b240c: ahh good shit, still drafting :)
ShifuDaxiongmao: LoadingReadyRun hoping that someone uses foil Foil to foil someones plans? :D
AGiantRoach: Foil Foil just became super affordable today
F1SHOR: no ben you played safe you made the right choice and got unlucky i feel
ZeroPolarity: @LoadingReadyRun Best thing I ever saw was someone Foil my Foil with a Foil Foil
Blasteg: I have no idea what I'm watching, but I like t
Durzo_Blint_: do it ben
tachiseneriz: @ShifuDaxiongmao especially if those plans were in foil
Durzo_Blint_: ancestral
Bobtheninjagoldfish: still pack 2?
Dumori: Goyf wasn’t too huge a part of that deck for the money at least get the rest
ShifuDaxiongmao: Ben's tactic of "I should've drafted that instead" feels too familiar.. :D
LoadingReadyRun: ZeroPolarity Crapshot?
paronomasiac042: @Blasteg Something about reanimating Uma Thurman?
MalBeam: you can pivot later in masters draft due to the higher power level, you're getting playables later
realitysmasher: @thenb44 never said there was anything wrong with it haha. Someone is projecting
F1SHOR: serge hasnt crafted yet today obviously :P
ZeroPolarity: @LoadingReadyRun Real life about 17 years ago oddly enough
b240c: whos hiding behind cam?
mrdreampants: @Bobtheninjagoldfish yeah
Gen2Gengar: Adam
MaxTurkeyFlaps: @mrdreampants Adam
ewildk: @b240c Adam!
riordand: Why is everyone passing cash boat? Is cash boat not good in draft?
UnknownGerm: not especially
thraximore: is there more than one urborg going around?
Sharkfists: I kinda want to see a Who's On First variant with Foil Foil
Gen2Gengar: It's much harder to have enough delve fuel in limited
korvys: @riordand It's not as good if you don't have fetch lands and cheap cantrips.
Gen2Gengar: It's still a decent card
tehcrashxor: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 39:33.
UnknownGerm: plus, with dredge and reanimate stuff delving away your graveyard can feel pretty bad
riordand: @korvys Yeah, that makes sense
mrdreampants: conviction seems really good with heroic
Dix: Yeah... Madness was open
Dix: in some packs
wicker_knight: @riordand it's a lot less good than it is in constructed, yes. Not Bad, but needs to be built around
Durzo_Blint_: How higly of an average pick is Expanse in this format?
korvys: @riordand There seems to be a lot of ways to get cards in your graveyard in this, but it seems like a thing you actually need to try to do, instead of just being good all the time.
XadrosOfficial: W/R with a splash of black. not bad
AGiantRoach: in awe of the solidity of this lad
Durzo_Blint_: seems like it would be really high
joeshoww: why the grumpy faces?
r10pez10: there's like little to no fixing
Anonymousless: Oh ya. Missed the start. Did they open the box topper? What’d they get if they did?
mattman257700: Utamog
r10pez10: box topper was ulamog crush a dew
Vampiricsloth: Ulamog
sgowell: Ulamog
sjcTheos: shiny unicorn limesWow
ewildk: @anonymousless Ulamog!
ZeroPolarity: Awww yeah Ben is a pretty unicorn!
Anonymousless: Thanks!
ShifuDaxiongmao: I love how madness and reanimator can be viable in same deck, as long as you get enough enablers :)
b240c: its not bad stuff
eye_h_bar: Ben needs another bogle or so.
Dix: Cam's curve stops at like 2
ShifuDaxiongmao: Dix: that high? :D
ZeroPolarity: Not so much a curve as a cliff?
Durzo_Blint_: madness and reanimator are not opposing strategies
TemporallyAwry: woot ya got the money token.
blackwlf: Layj
Dix: OH dang
riordand: Cam go for it
AGiantRoach: CAM
Mister_Skittles: mmmmm
b240c: noice
1MrGhost: get the sleeve?
Razortalons: daaaaammmnn
Cw3040: YES
wtrob: sergeHolyMoly
WinnebagoWrecker: Wow double hit
AGiantRoach: Wow
thalanir: rooWow
riordand: Oh nice
F1SHOR: benginDab benginDab2 benginDab benginDab2
eye_h_bar: Nice rares both of you.
starlitdiscord: wooow
ampharos15: jesus
malexus101: whaaaat
myporpoiseinlife: ohhhh
Jacobontherun1: BOMBS ON BOMBS
Mister_Skittles: there is your money
PatFromIT: windmill slaaaaaaam
hoktauri: such money in this box
Durzo_Blint_: DOUBLE SLEEVE PogChamp
Zuchen_0onetwenty: yesss
UnknownGerm: SUCH SPICE
wtrob: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
NathanJay_GA: oh boy
DarklordStratos: DOUBLEHIT
ewildk: uuuuuh
ArcOfTheConclave: Da mage!
myporpoiseinlife: uuuuuhh
thundershot879: SPICE
Dr_fragenstien: It's a dece card with the p/t and first line if tetx
ampharos15: double sleeve
kmk88: snap up that snap
MuffinsOnAHill: Snap take it.
F1SHOR: sleeve not take ben
1MrGhost: wait for it...
darkora: snap keep?
ampharos15: cam and ben with the big hits
MousseFilledCat: I didn't see what Cam opened
MaxTurkeyFlaps: What did Cam open
Nefarious_Ned: Wait, I missed it
MaxTurkeyFlaps: ?
meisbored: couldn't see it
AGiantRoach: Goyf
CadoiPi: get the werewolf sleeve
1MrGhost: @MousseFilledCat the goyf...
thraximore: noice
tehfewl: goyf
thalanir: Gofy
LoadingReadyRun: Mahamoti Djinn = Fire Elephant
riordand: G-g-g-gamble
thalanir: Goyf *
thraximore: snag that snag
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Milambus: Did they open the box topper?
F1SHOR: yer goyf finally fits lol
loglab: ulamog
AGiantRoach: yeah goyf might be decent here with GY synergies
riordand: Gurmangler so good
Durzo_Blint_: I feel like I'm the only one who played Coldsnap
Milambus: cool, thanks
loglab: np
b240c: these are some dece packs
TimWinGame: i had a goyf in my draft at PAX and it as regularly a 4/5
the_canuck_mystic: Is this the
Durzo_Blint_: I had an OG Marit Lage token which I lost 😢
the_canuck_mystic: Last pack?
Durzo_Blint_: yes
Vampiricsloth: yah
CadoiPi: this is the uma pack
the_canuck_mystic: Thanks
Milambus: Just got back from my draft, guy who who opening a Mana Vault topper
loglab: oof
Milambus: who won*
r10pez10: sweet siggy
Durzo_Blint_: @the_canuck_mystic cam just ripped a goyf and ben got a snap in pack 3
XadrosOfficial: @Milambus was the topper all he got?
samuraitiger19: Any good pulls?
Blasteg: !card goyf
LRRbot: Did you mean: Tarmogoyf; Lhurgoyf
mattman257700: Utamog
riordand: Foil cash
ArcOfTheConclave: UwUmog?
strawhatleon: 3 mythics opened in this round
Ludorae: dude who won my draft last night opened a stirring wildwood, almost glad I came second
b240c: silly lrrbot, who ever means lhurgofy EleGiggle
Mithgar: Or, Ben, you can just let the bodies... hit the floor
riordand: Let's gamble, Cam
riordand: Be cute
myporpoiseinlife: so adam or james took the goyf
riordand: Always be cute
Milambus: @XadrosOfficial Credit also, which he split with me since I gave him the win off our first round draw
noSmokeFire: but cam, all of you are cute
ampharos15: you guys should open the other 6 packs anyway
sirfunky: all goyf?
samuraitiger19: So who get the box topper?
UnseenAcademical: !quote r1
ewildk: @b240c Hans?
ampharos15: or like graft a 4th pack
XadrosOfficial: @Milambus ahhh i c
Blasteg: soo what exactly is that gofy?
ArcOfTheConclave: !findquote r1
LRRbot: Quote #2317: "That guy isn't actually that scary, you just stay behind him. You stay behind him and mash R1. Just like every other thing in these lrrEFF ing games. You just stay behind it and mash R1. And then you tell other people to git gud. That's how this game works. Stand behind it, mash R1, go to other people's chats, tell them to git gud. I think I've got it now." —Cameron [2016-04-13]
b240c: @ewildk ack, run!
mattman257700: Flagstones in this format is just a legendary plains right?
UnknownGerm: kinda
b240c: @mattman257700 unless things go really really wrong yes
eshplode: !card Tarmogoyf
LRRbot: Tarmogoyf [1G] | Creature — Lhurgoyf [*/1+*] | Tarmogoyf's power is equal to the number of card types among cards in all graveyards and its toughness is equal to that number plus 1.
riordand: Hyena Umbra seems pretty good
Gen2Gengar: Blasteg Tarmogoyf, a 1G creature that can get really big
r10pez10: it's a plains that finds a plains for {0} madness
AGiantRoach: That quote is so beautiful. Brings tears to me eyes everytime
chickenace11: what game was cam playing when then quote was added?
noSmokeFire: what drives a man sensible?
mrdreampants: I enjoy a sensible pick honestly
djalternative: Stay the course seems to be the motto of today's draft
LoadingReadyRun: are most LGSs giving the box topper as a draft prize?
Featherweight_: wow stirring the pot
UnknownGerm: Chickenace11 It was dark souls
NanashiSword: My LGS has the boxtopper as first prize
the_canuck_mystic: My favourite streams are the prudent sensible streams
blitzdragoon: is goyf now considered cheap enough to keep rather than sell asap
tehcrashxor: Fair magic? But that's the worst kind!
Dix: LoadingReadyRun depends on the buyin for the draft
Durzo_Blint_: for those wonder goyf is a constructed all star in every format it's legal and is very expensive
chickenace11: thanks I have to look that up now
Vampiricsloth: i think so. thats why most buy ins are 50 that i've seen on group chats today
myporpoiseinlife: cam's deck looks sweet
AGiantRoach: havent seen a single spider spawning
Dix: AGiantRoach they upped it Uncommon
Milambus: yea, ours was $50 with the topper and credit for first place
Ludorae: Serge is suspiciously quiet
Oriion_: SS is UC noiw
Durzo_Blint_: @AGiantRoach someone has been hoarding them
Durzo_Blint_: my money is on James
r10pez10: it's been a long day
Vampiricsloth: some few uncommons went to common some rares went to uncommon, and a couple bomb commons are now uncommons to preserve the balance of draft.
ZeroPolarity: @Ludorae Agreed, he seems to have been working on his poker face
blitzdragoon: james for the win
fishmanfishfish: don't let your dreams be dreams
r10pez10: like four hours of smash bro
r10pez10: s
floydisnotpink: what pack is this
Vampiricsloth: 3
thenb44: 3
r10pez10: pack the tres
eternalaje: 3
CadoiPi: who got the snapcaster?
AGiantRoach: a lot of good common reprints but man am I afraid that pauper got force of will
theonlyangelx: @r10pez10 unlocked anyone good frend?
ZeroPolarity: @CadoiPi Ben
riordand: If you get brifge from bellow seems good if you get 2 faithless lootings
thenb44: ben got snap
Durzo_Blint_: the chaos draft sun titan pick for serge was one of my favorite LRR moments
floydisnotpink: any good mythics
r10pez10: @theonlyangelx i meant LRR, lol
LoadingReadyRun: Serge knows that whenever he says during a draft is used as evidence against him :P
Durzo_Blint_: goyf and snap this pack
Vampiricsloth: goyf we seen
theonlyangelx: o i c :P
MalBeam: the dark dabbing
Vampiricsloth: is phyrexian alter set to rare or mythic in this set?
Mister_Skittles: who got the goyf
Decaped: *dark dobbing
ZeroPolarity: @LoadingReadyRun Much like statements related to hockey sticks and ears on Panalysts/
TimWinGame: cam's deck looks sweet
HoodedBowman: Deckbuilding???
samuraitiger19: Adam! Don't listen to anything Serge says!
Durzo_Blint_: cam passed it
circusofkirkus: Spiciest picks around the table?
Dr_fragenstien: it always feels nice for your last pick to be a playable
wtrob: Did Serge end up in lands?
theonlyangelx: dang, you tried Serge frend
therisingtithes_: !card thespian
LRRbot: Thespian's Stage | Land | {T}: Add {C}. / {2}, {T}: Thespian's Stage becomes a copy of target land, except it has this ability.
UnknownGerm: Calling it, Adam is going to crush this draft, in BG shenanigans
AGiantRoach: WOW James
Mister_Skittles: oh Sigarda with the legend frame :)
Kykiwi: nice
riordand: Yooo
theonlyangelx: noice!
UnseenAcademical: @UnknownGerm I'd be tempted to take that bet, with Ben doing Blue Nopes.
Gen2Gengar: AGiantRoach Force of Will isn't in this set?
HoodedBowman: Crossing fingers that someone is playing 5 colour.
Beilout: Anybody drafting 5-colour good stuff?
residentweirdo: did they open the box topper?
r10pez10: !card Foil
LRRbot: Foil [2UU] | Instant | You may discard an Island card and another card rather than pay this spell's mana cost. / Counter target spell.
UnknownGerm: UnseenAcademical reasonable.
Dr_fragenstien: cam's first pick is a spicy one too, both in $ value and draft power
Durzo_Blint_: this format has zero fixing
theonlyangelx: ohai @UnseenAcademical frend!
WrightJustice: sorry have to go sleep and catch the rest in VOD form dkdSigh
floydisnotpink: any1 draft this tonight
r10pez10: thespian's stage is sort of fixing, right
r10pez10: right??
eshplode: There was a Terramorphic Expanse going around, but I didn't see any other fixing
Dr_fragenstien: almost all the fixing is in prismatic lens
Durzo_Blint_: terramorphic expanse kodama's reach and the creature lands
RAZRBCK08: it has Terramorphic and Urborg
riordand: The creature lands are fixing
Durzo_Blint_: in rare
ihopebobsclericdies: @Durzo_Blint_ the only cards i know of that do it is dreamscape artist and kodama's reach
UnknownGerm: ashphlode Cam picked up Urborg which is kind of the nuclear option of fixing
Durzo_Blint_: you never rely on rare fixing
CadoiPi: kodama's reach the only common fixing
Blasteg: wait, why is a Yakuza 6 banner on rhythm Cafe lmao
Dr_fragenstien: oh, terramorphix expanse is at common. That's pretty good fixing for a set
samuraitiger19: Yeah I thought they'd be playing the rest of Gal Metal
Durzo_Blint_: not really
mrdreampants: prismatic lens is in the set too
Noodles_15: @Blasteg There are rhythm games in it according to Ian
Milambus: !card vessel of endless rest
LRRbot: Vessel of Endless Rest [3] | Artifact | When Vessel of Endless Rest enters the battlefield, put target card from a graveyard on the bottom of its owner's library. / {T}: Add one mana of any color.
Call_me_Kaye: There is a karaoke game i believe yeah
r10pez10: is the audio being weird for anyone else
Dr_fragenstien: There's also vessel of endless rest at common, which isn't great, but there if you need it
UnknownGerm: I really hope terramorphic expanse gets reprinted in a non-premium set, they're getting a little hard to find
Durzo_Blint_: you really want tri lands or the taplands that gian you a life
Milambus: !card prismatic lens
LRRbot: Prismatic Lens [2] | Artifact | {T}: Add {C}. / {1}, {T}: Add one mana of any color.
r10pez10: whoop there it is
Hazlet95: we see any draft bombs pulled?
theinvisiblevoice: just goyf and snap
UnknownGerm: Well, cams pack one pick one is also unreasonably spicy
RAZRBCK08: snap is occasionally a draft bomb and Goyf is 99% garbage in draft
Dr_fragenstien: I think they avoided printing common dual lands because if they did 5 that would encourage those 5 color combinations, and didn't print 10 because that's a lot of slots for lands everyone already has
Durzo_Blint_: not this format
riordand: Goyf is fine
Durzo_Blint_: this format is heavily gy focused
theinvisiblevoice: possibly, but the entire set is graveyard focused without gy hate @Razortalons
RAZRBCK08: this set is the 1% for Goyf
theinvisiblevoice: oops
theinvisiblevoice: wrong tag
Zuchen_0onetwenty: there is some graveyard hate, just not mass graveyard hate
Zuchen_0onetwenty: !card Offalsnout
LRRbot: Offalsnout [2B] | Creature — Elemental [2/2] | Flash / When Offalsnout leaves the battlefield, exile target card from a graveyard. / Evoke {B}
LoadingReadyRun: Offalsnout for Freakiest Art 2018
Zuchen_0onetwenty: ^
r10pez10: the rebirth one a close second
r10pez10: Vengeful? Rebirth
Zuchen_0onetwenty: !card heap doll as some more targeted gy hate
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Zuchen_0onetwenty: !card heap doll
LRRbot: Heap Doll [1] | Artifact Creature — Scarecrow [1/1] | Sacrifice Heap Doll: Exile target card from a graveyard.
TimWinGame: vengeful rebirth art is so good!
r10pez10: man who took tasigur's bananas :(
riordand: Yeah, vengeful rebirth art is crazy good
riordand: @r10pez10 Probably Silumgar
UnknownGerm: too real
RassilonDND: question: have i only missed the draft or have i missed a match
AkiraBalance: only the draft
malexus101: draft only
lazemby: any spicy cards get opened?
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Donutholez: I cometh for memes to be dreamed and dreams to be memed SabaPing
r10pez10: snapcaster mage, tarmogoyf
r10pez10: sigarda
electroswagnetism: Ulamog
lazemby: woof, nice
Zokarist2: Runed halo?
r10pez10: urborg
RassilonDND: woah. any of thise foil?
Donutholez: aw missed the draft. anyone building a deck live?
electroswagnetism: Exalted Archangel
KennyMorgan: foil celestial colonade
electroswagnetism: Foil Celestial Collon- yeah that
r10pez10: foil unicorn
riordand: Foil foil
Donutholez: best of all foils
Fatty_Oneish: Did they open the box topper?
KennyMorgan: it was Ulamorg
r10pez10: yeah, it was hungry hungry hippulamog
KennyMorgan: Ulamog* LUL
Fatty_Oneish: sweet, thanks.
Fatty_Oneish: no, 'morg' might be right.
r10pez10: i'mrakrul
Vampiricsloth: this song makes me reminiscent of my 8 and 16 bit days
riordand: Ulamorgue
F1SHOR: #blamejames
noSmokeFire: they're here!!
thraximore: m'rakul
electroswagnetism: #JameBlames
Mysticman89: this was almost an ultimate spicy stream
Fruan: Is Jame's mic on?
Lirelent: jamese mic is off
r10pez10: james cold mic wethinks
riordand: Turn 1 entomb, pls
HerpesTornado: Woo, joined at the exact right time
tehcrashxor: James' mike is as cold as the icecream he owes everyone. lrrDILLY
F1SHOR: kathleen would like to play the game - the wise choice :)
JimMiles: Is Kathleen playing unsleeved? :o
Vampiricsloth: always
Oriion_: James poker face was terrible.
Vampiricsloth: unsleeved
electroswagnetism: 1 land and 2 elves can be fine
HoodedBowman: Kathleen never sleeves her deck. AND she bridges her deck.
LoadingReadyRun: !cardview on
LRRbot: Card viewer enabled
r10pez10: going to Toronto
CadoiPi: unsleeved is how Garfield intended it
Ludorae: The unsleeved masters draft. My everything hurts
baskwalla: Yay, it's my boy!
Angreed66: James going green has my support
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F1SHOR: ohh god james is going strong
MuffinsOnAHill: Walla too strong.
JimMiles: I love Basking Rootwalla's happy lil face
Fruan: MADNESS?!
NanashiSword: oh nice
Tecnocrat: Green Aggro!
mrdreampants: bork bork
Mithgar: Kathleen at 19?
electroswagnetism: I had this deck when I was a kid
circusofkirkus: One Land madness?
coolbond: did ben say unlimited masters?
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riordand: James on Pet tribal, nice
UnknownGerm: I call BS
r10pez10: 19 -20
Tecnocrat: Puppers Tribal
planeswalkagogo: Why is James Cam?
F1SHOR: all the talk about graveyard stuff and heres james with the beat down lol
Dr_fragenstien: loo, goyf is already at 2
Chartle: cameron is looking jamesy today
r10pez10: 19 - 19
Tecnocrat: Cam's bread is coming in nicely.
Tecnocrat: beard
wowot: cameron grew a rather nice beard since the draft :P
riordand: If we get wind we can make a band
sjcTheos: ben has already said too much O_O
facetiousfanboy: James? That's Cameron!
Usernamenotavailablee7: how did the draft go?
Angreed66: probably amadness card
r10pez10: Card Kingdom: A teetering house of cards
F1SHOR: bens actually just being the table fiend :P
r10pez10: i'm clipping that
Tecnocrat: "at some point"
Dr_fragenstien: oh I see
Science_and_Magic: What\d he pitch?
SaggyJello89: Hi I'm Ben and I'm one your Limited Resources
Dr_fragenstien: that would be good
dacardczar: pitch hand play hooting mandrils?
blackwlf: "what did I miss?" You missed that Ben is just messing with you.
F1SHOR: omg i love this card!
Dix: I used to play ThermoAlchemist in Standard
Dr_fragenstien: @dacardczar yup
Kamotetop: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:12:12.
mrdreampants: sweet card
Kamotetop: Is this the first match?
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Thermo-Alchemist was one of the coolest build-around cards in Magic Duels.
thenb44: yes
circusofkirkus: Young Peezy and the Spells
Kamotetop: Thank you
Tecnocrat: Things AND Stuff.. Capitalization counts.
fireiceair1989: I heard fire and ice. I feel partly summoned
thenb44: !card prey upon
LRRbot: Prey Upon [G] | Sorcery | Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control.
Ukon_vasara: backyaJunk
insane_42: Fice
mrdreampants: ire
MaxTurkeyFlaps: !card wild mongrel
LRRbot: Wild Mongrel [1G] | Creature — Hound [2/2] | Discard a card: Wild Mongrel gets +1/+1 and becomes the color of your choice until end of turn.
Oriion_: FIRICE
Krokaar: odyssey? unsure
bi0buster: Is the stream unusually quiet for anyone else?
baskwalla: Odyssey
Fruan: U/G Madness was awesome
r10pez10: i believe you ben
Tecnocrat: Odyssey
RafaBrands: Odyssey
Akaiatana: just unmuted, what was the question?
ArcOfTheConclave: Hey, is ancestral recall elemental in this set?
Ukon_vasara: hey hey, its the monkeys
riordand: They're here!
Jungie26: Odyssey/Torment
electroswagnetism: Mongrel was nuts in UG Madness
baskwalla: Torment had the madness
vbanej: Odysseus was graveyard themed, onslaught was tribal
Arium26: James is doing all of this on two lands?!
JimMiles: The hooty boiz have hit the table
RafaBrands: and it was a cycle of doggos. The other ones were baaad. Good dogs, bad cards
Krokaar: Did a s[iffy alter of mongrey with rainbow colors coming off its feet, love it
Dr_Goldhead: Woof. What a beating.
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: !flavor patrol hound
NazakYuzak: woof? because doggo?
riordand: The natural abzan
MuffinsOnAHill: I sense a theme with Kathleen.
KennyMorgan: with no swamp @riordand
Ukon_vasara: fire and ice and ice and ice and...
Tecnocrat: Graveyard Masters living up to it's creation.
mrdreampants: fire and noice
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: The other Odyssey doggos weren't great as cards but the white one had the best flavor text ever.
Angreed66: just a really dark forest
Ludorae: Has another in hand too
Akaiatana: Kathleen's doing fine, her health is onely 1 off from James :P
r10pez10: damn, james
fireiceair1989: Kathleen needs some fliers :P
Dr_Goldhead: Kathleen needs hypothesizzle off the top
riordand: @KennyMorgan Oh, my bad
eshplode: "But what if you played something other than Fire and Ice?" "No"
MousseFilledCat: It's currently Channukah, I'm pretty syre
vbanej: I remember my the days of Mongrel vs. Psychotog
MousseFilledCat: *sure
TheMoatman: Ramadan was like 6 months ago
SixFootTurkey: ^
ishville: whoa whoa be careful cant throwing around ramadans
Jacobontherun1: Ramadan's in the spring
MousseFilledCat: (My Jewish grandmother is probably yelling at me)
MaxTurkeyFlaps: @MousseFilledCat Yes, it's the 6th night
TheMoatman: I remember when Ramadan Kareem and Ramadan Mubarak were trending on Twitter
MousseFilledCat: I'm pretty lapsed, so I've lost track
Zysett: 6th night
MuffinsOnAHill: Kathlee could cast new Niv-Mizzet.
Krokaar: A song of ice and fire has nothing on Kathleen
Tecnocrat: Plumeveil is a legit threat!
MuffinsOnAHill: If it were in the set.
ratzgobbler: New-Mizzet?
Fruan: I'm having such flashbacks to losing to 5 colour control from that Plumeveil.
UnknownGerm: Is there a reason why cards with defender have flying? Defenders with reach also exist.
coolbond: wait how could he play it he has only 2 white and no blue?
Ukon_vasara: trample yeah?
Usernamenotavailablee7: We should change grixis to is it dimir?
Dr_fragenstien: mandrills have trample
F1SHOR: such hoot
SDust: Trample
Tecnocrat: All monkey, all day.
Syphoid7: More monkeys!
r10pez10: probably for cards that look for things with flying
Perivale: trample for another 2?
UnknownGerm: why CERTAIN cards, rather
NoHacer: missed trample damage?
rogerivany: Hootie has trample right?
r10pez10: like !card Radiant,
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Hootie and the Mandrill
mrdreampants: what a hoot
Sharkfists: serious monkey business seems to be the theme of the day
SixFootTurkey: 'Hey hey it's the monkeys' has already been said, correct?
Dr_Goldhead: @unknowngerm So they synergize with favorable winds BrokeBack
UnknownGerm: I accidentally some words there
Viewers_Like_You: Good ol' tromple
Dr_fragenstien: trombompoline
riordand: Hoot hoot
Mysticman89: I think theres effects that can make defenders act aass if they do not have defender, so flying versus reach would matter.
jrhwhite: so many apes
SenseAmidstMadness: lrrJUDGE
MaxTurkeyFlaps: !card mad prophrt
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
sjcTheos: mad profit
MaxTurkeyFlaps: !card mad prophet
LRRbot: Mad Prophet [3R] | Creature — Human Shaman [2/2] | Haste / {T}, Discard a card: Draw a card.
Cw3040: right, K is at 1
thenb44: !card mad prophet
LRRbot: Mad Prophet [3R] | Creature — Human Shaman [2/2] | Haste / {T}, Discard a card: Draw a card.
ratzgobbler: Mandrillen like a villain
Cw3040: or am i just dumb and unattentive
SenseAmidstMadness: I do believe it says she is at 3
dangerous_safety: its a mad sick prophet
Zuchen_0onetwenty: mad prophet in my Feldon deck
thechuckles96: Is this the first game?
Akaiatana: Ben, don't be so haste-no-see
r10pez10: third one's free, ben
viridimayai: Prophet should have clocked the mongrel
Angreed66: Horay
riordand: That wasn't a "no", that was a "maybe"
mynthio: Ben what was the line James didn't see?
lordinkdeath27: what was the play ben
F1SHOR: kathleens deck looks fine but that was agressive from james
phorrestgaze: good doge
Syphoid7: There was some fire, some ice, and some more ice
r10pez10: Jane Austen's Fire and Ice
paronomasiac042: I missed the end, who won?
SenseAmidstMadness: Kathleen why are you playing UMA unsleeved lrrEFF
Dr_Goldhead: Large creatures are "shennanigans" these days?
Leafwind104: Rouxls Kaard
F1SHOR: good table friend :)
r10pez10: ben what was the line
r10pez10: tell us in sign language
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Krokaar: also the real feel whenever you can is nice
circusofkirkus: She only drafted box toppers lrrBEEJ
BrindleBoar: late as always, what game are we on?
riordand: Oh, the line was to discard his whole to cast the monkey early?
r10pez10: game 2 of matchup one
BrindleBoar: nice, thanks
Ukon_vasara: red/white "mistakes were made"
r10pez10: james ahead 0 - 1
r10pez10: we've been here before
JohnPraw: It was a good episode.
riordand: Instant replay
Viewers_Like_You: Zip zap zop
Dix: Counters Company
Vampiricsloth: i love devoted druid's new art <3
r10pez10: some of the new art in this set is super
F1SHOR: i cant remember the last time i saw company being played now i think about it hmmm
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nuug_: Kathleen, What are your thoughts on Joker in Smash?
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Koshindan: Go to the Ben? benginTraitor
Laserbeaks_Fury: 1. Go Insane
Laserbeaks_Fury: 2. ???
Laserbeaks_Fury: 3. Mad Profit
Dix: o7
Dix: Vizier of Remedies
jrhwhite: Vizier of Remedies
ChaoticObserver: @nuug_ here was Kathleen and some of the crew reacting live last night
Tecnocrat: Pedal to the floor!
NazakYuzak: fill in one of James's circles since he won a game?
Dix: fite me jrhwhite :p
phorrestgaze: mad profit has perfect visions of the future, but only can see the netflix live adaptations of anime he's currently enjoying.
jrhwhite: as long as it's a CanLander fite :)
r10pez10: seven mana??
Viewers_Like_You: Improv Professional Ben Ulmer with the classic "Yes, And"
Dix: sounds good to me
Sharkfists: I don't even know if James is wearing boots
Sharkfists: we should get James some boots to shake in
r10pez10: [pokes the card reader]
jrhwhite: currently going through the massively tedious process of cataloging my collection
djalternative: Is James even wearing boots?
LtPoro: shouldn't james have a win?
r10pez10: yes and
Viewers_Like_You: Fancy feet *ba-dum bum* He's got them fancy feet
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Crashzxs: yea! turning cards sideways nite! Kappa
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UnknownGerm: I feel like Ban and James are each participating in two entirely different conversations
UnknownGerm: *Ben
circusofkirkus: So, when is James's angsty dance montage a la Footloose?
riordand: Oh boy
jrhwhite: This new art is SO good
r10pez10: n i e l s e n
MuffinsOnAHill: Now that is a good card!
Krokaar: inputting 31000 cards about a year ago on tcg player....took awhile @.@
thundershot879: incoming eldrazi?
ninja_theory_ashrams: Final Space had a great emotional dance sequence
Science_and_Magic: That seems Strong
myporpoiseinlife: he can get goyf or sigarda
mrdreampants: the spice
F1SHOR: thats.... real good....
Viewers_Like_You: James 100% snuck the box topper into his deck
r10pez10: what, the goyf
Vampiricsloth: i'm guessing a nice thicc sigarda
UnknownGerm: so...goyf?
riordand: Will we see a Crusher on eot?
TonyStark1986: if that card was a dinosaur, it'd be a Brokeasaurus Rex
MuffinsOnAHill: The druid can off itself.
Science_and_Magic: She's just looping the Fire over and over again!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are there any split cards that have different timings?
r10pez10: the aftermath ones
frozenphoenix7: Multiple @Laserbeaks_Fury
r10pez10: and i think there are a couple that are half instant half sorcery
ArcOfTheConclave: just kill it now
F1SHOR: afew are both sorcery and instant :)
frozenphoenix7: Many of the aftermath ones, some of the newer ones in Guilds of Ravnica.
r10pez10: give us a permanent split card wizards
underhill33: Citizen not soldier
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do those just count as all spell types on both halves?
lordinkdeath27: what did she ping the second time
aggravated_cat: Citizens!
thraximore: citizens actually
NarishmaReborn: citizens :)
r10pez10: only in places not the stack
aggravated_cat: I love that card's falvor
Donutholez: and now there was only one-ones
aggravated_cat: flavor
r10pez10: on the stack they're only ever one half
dialMforMara: wait, what makes citizens?
djalternative: Can they be Denizens?
r10pez10: !card Icatian Crier
LRRbot: Icatian Crier [2W] | Creature — Human Spellshaper [1/1] | {1}{W}, {T}, Discard a card: Create two 1/1 white Citizen creature tokens.
r10pez10: specifically citizens and not humans for some reason
jrhwhite: The Sieges from Khans were kind of like permanent split cards
aggravated_cat: @r10pez10 so it's not speciesist, :P
myporpoiseinlife: holy crap
Jacobontherun1: Did james use the dork 3 times?
Fanklok: Is James storming off?
riordand: That was a turn
thenb44: Jamess deck is so good geez
simicry: so that was a good turn
LoadingReadyRun: The card reader connection to LRRbot seems to not be working at the moment, sorry about that
r10pez10: james "my deck is bad" turner
F1SHOR: kind of loving james deck here
oliowen: sigarda looks so good
NarishmaReborn: i just won fnm with sigarda
F1SHOR: nut plays dont mean nuts decks it could easily have gone the other way
r10pez10: tis true
Syphoid7: Those poor citizens
riordand: Fire // Ice is so good
TheMoatman: And got so far
RassilonDND: is kathleen missing thermoalchemist dmg?
r10pez10: the citizen tokens have sick art that only appeared on a japan-only product once beforehand
Donutholez: poor citizens lost to the fire
Milambus: no, she used it
Science_and_Magic: That new art though!
riordand: Can we get some more delve, James
Milambus: now she did
RassilonDND: asking because i looked away. Thanks @Milambus
aggravated_cat: that time a point was missed
RassilonDND: listen to chat, dont listen to chat
thenb44: !chat
Science_and_Magic: !advide
Science_and_Magic: !advice
LRRbot: Decrease the maggot count.
riordand: Thanks, LRRbot
MaxTurkeyFlaps: !advice
LRRbot: Get hecked up on cow juice.
thenb44: !badadvice
LRRbot: Flunge!
Donutholez: welp
Fanklok: brb getting cow juice
Milambus: 2
thenb44: flunge is never bad advice what is this talking about
riordand: A lot of edh cards in James' deck
Talon3010: No sleeves! Say wha?!?
Syphoid7: !advice
LRRbot: Bask in the silence.
Syphoid7: Okay :)
Zuchen_0onetwenty: I played commander with no sleeves felt like...nevermind what it felt like, that's not important
blackwlf: Sleeves are for the weak. Play them bare, right on the concrete!
shurtal: Would cow excretions be better?
r10pez10: is moo juice better
Fanklok: I'm digging 75% of kathleens mountain choice
F1SHOR: welcome to the week that cow juice became popular
UnknownGerm: I think Kathleen's archetype is spell matter. Singular.
Viewers_Like_You: Yeah, could be cow leakage
thraximore: @r10pez10 yes
hoktauri: pour that cow juice all over my face
AlonsoSwift: COW JUICE
r10pez10: teeth
Saladorm: moo juice was what we always called it
blackwlf: I wonder what would happen if you fed a calf on human milk. . .
Milambus: 3
theonlyangelx: i only drink that delicious Nut Milk
shurtal: Cow juice and football milk, going hand in hand
Milambus: 4
mrdreampants: nut milk is where its at
Dr_Goldhead: If Fire//Ice could burn face Kathleen's deck would have a win con.
Viewers_Like_You: Given the season, I prefer nut nog
Jungie26: just the wind costs 2
Leafwind104: how did you madness Just the Wind?
theonlyangelx: EggNut
shurtal: L'eggume
r10pez10: didn't she mad prophet discard
F1SHOR: one more one more
Science_and_Magic: Mad Prophet?
F1SHOR: ohh damn
Science_and_Magic: Oh, ded
mrdreampants: gg
Fanklok: UMA looks like Innistrad with legacy cards
Viewers_Like_You: Kathleen "Illegal and Dead" De Vere
r10pez10: welp
riordand: F
RassilonDND: shouldve mad profited the spell
RassilonDND: but meh
a_casual_noob: R.I.P
Akaiatana: Magic the gathering is Pay 2: wind
F1SHOR: it looked fun atleast kathleen
riordand: That goyf was pretty good
Dr_Goldhead: Kathleen is so plucky. She always loses so gracefully with her underpowered blue decks. <3
Kykiwi: SO much fire!
Ukon_vasara: yeah, possibly needed to nickle and dime every possible edge, but green deck smash
riordand: Match
Akaiatana: Kathleen's deck was CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
stevestein: So ends the Kathleen/Turner round
Viewers_Like_You: Fire and Ice and Fire and Ice and Fire and Ice and 37 other cards
matthew_dauber: what mythics were opened?
blackwlf: All of them
r10pez10: tarmogoyf, sigarda
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Goyf, snaps and Sigarda
r10pez10: snapcaster mage
Science_and_Magic: Box Topper: Ulamog Goyf, Snapcaster, and ....
r10pez10: ulamog the box topper
Science_and_Magic: Sigarda
Fanklok: Who else thinks MaRo missed a big opportunity with Unstable not making a LRRgoyf
Akaiatana: Ulamog the Canadian Tire
Angreed66: cheer100 For all the people who drafted green.
r10pez10: didn't they get the hat-matters card though
Fanklok: Which could have been a LRRgoyf
Fanklok: Hats could still matter
KennyMorgan: there could have been a copyright issue there
Diabore: how goes the fighting paper?
FlyboyZeb: @fanklok there's already a Lhurgoyf from Ice Age. Could have been a play on that
MegaForser: ?!
Fanklok: I'm not following your logic
FlyboyZeb: I pronounce LRR and Lhur the same
Fanklok: Right
FlyboyZeb: that's all i got
Fanklok: That's literally the thing I just said
KennyMorgan: LUL
jonasjonIV: woo!
thraximore: Here we go boooooois
F1SHOR: ouch james
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Adam needs more Kiki Jiki / Vizier combo like that chaos draft at unplugged.
r10pez10: run thespian's stage anyway
tehcrashxor: Serge, who's the other werewolf?
KennyMorgan: oh the horror
SixFootTurkey: James is playing again? Kappa
r10pez10: storage laaaand
Angreed66: Currently on team serge for no reason.
Diabore: who was in round 1 and who won?
r10pez10: aristocrats?
ChaoticObserver: @Diabore Kathleen and James, James won 2-0
SixFootTurkey: currently on team good good boy (which tells you nothing)
GrubbyBeautyyy: That colour really suits Adam
Diabore: @ChaoticObserver ty
Viewers_Like_You: "not the mirror"
thraximore: lol
thraximore: ouuuch
Diabore: is card reader not working?
r10pez10: not posting in chat atm
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Syphoid7: Why is Kitchen Finks red?
MrGibberish: How much have I missed?
HoodedBowman: I go away for a moment during the break and they're already five turns in????
AlonsoSwift: @Syphoid7 It's a joke, Serge consistently has issues with Kitchen Finks's color identity in Commander
r10pez10: it's a running joke that serge doesn't know the colour identity of kitchen finks, because he kept putting it in white commander decks
sirfunky: that blue looks really good on adam
forlornhope22: Because Serge doesn't know how color identity works.
Syphoid7: Oh, darn. Inside joke raysI
r10pez10: because in highlander you can just put it in the deck
MrGibberish: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:51:03.
MuffinsOnAHill: Turns out Adam is the big booty deck, not Serge.
F1SHOR: ohh spider umbra i thought he said sweater umbra lol
r10pez10: i would wear a sweater umbra
F1SHOR: same though lol
NazakYuzak: sweater umbra sounds lovely :)
thechuckles96: Did the stream freeze
jrhwhite: reel beeg feesh
r10pez10: nah, try refreshing
UnknownGerm: Enchanted creature gets +0/ +2 and is comfy?
Syphoid7: Oh
Sannindi: If you think about it, all umbras are basically sweaters.
riordand: Oh no
phorrestgaze: crushed
riordand: Booo
thechuckles96: Where did they go
r10pez10: oh hey, it's how liliana got her hat
Bobtheninjagoldfish: didn;t surge take 4 the round before?
Professor_Rakor: What's all this, then? We doin powerful magics in here?
Type_One___: cheer100
riordand: Front booty, Paul?
Dr_fragenstien: so far serge has only played creatures with even p/t.
SenseAmidstMadness: Chat is sergeCounting
Diabore: i think they missed the sac trick the turn before
Dr_fragenstien: Twins only has 3 power
Bobtheninjagoldfish: he said "take Four and sac" my bad./
lighting_bolt_123: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:54:07.
riordand: Has gamble mana up
r10pez10: lol gamble
acolyte_of_tohsaka: cheer100
lighting_bolt_123: Did anyone go to fnm today?
Syphoid7: Naw dude, just missed the green wurm
Diabore: @lighting_bolt_123 i did
r10pez10: uhhhhh
riordand: Oh noo
MaxTurkeyFlaps: @lighting_bolt_123 Nah, have a sick kid. Stayed home and jammed Izzet Drakes on Arena.
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thraximore: oooooh
phorrestgaze: oof
lighting_bolt_123: @diabore cool what was your placing? my sturdy lad?
Dr_fragenstien: PogChamp
thraximore: the swings
F1SHOR: nice!!!
Syphoid7: KAPOW
r10pez10: blammo
dsavillian: PogChamp
ChaoticObserver: holy
riordand: Nice
lighting_bolt_123: jeez
F1SHOR: this is some powerful magic
MuffinsOnAHill: Now that's BIG!
AlonsoSwift: This nice, artisanal Gurmag Angler
Dr_fragenstien: The long game, never losing his cool!
Diabore: @lighting_bolt_123 i went 3-1 with a fairly good selsnya deck
thraximore: powerful magic!!!
Professor_Rakor: The fair 9 mana.
silverthundr: I think I missed a month or more of subs. Whoops.
dougma: SaviDAMN
silverthundr: I'd stay and watch but stuff to do, have luck good fun guys.
SenseAmidstMadness: !card golgari thug
LRRbot: Golgari Thug [1B] | Creature — Human Warrior [1/1] | When Golgari Thug dies, put target creature card from your graveyard on top of your library. / Dredge 4
lighting_bolt_123: @diabore omg lol me to but I came in second a guy passed me 2 assure assemble and then I opens up a Trostani and vraska friends kicked me out of the lgs
thenb44: whats serges land?
Syphoid7: So much beef
Angreed66: Horay
thraximore: what an awesome round
r10pez10: !card Mage-Ring Network
LRRbot: Mage-Ring Network | Land | {T}: Add {C}. / {1}, {T}: Put a storage counter on Mage-Ring Network. / {T}, Remove any number of storage counters from Mage-Ring Network: Add {C} for each storage counter removed this way.
thenb44: thanks?
Mithgar: That much beef, you're going to have some serious digestive problems in a day or so
thenb44: !*
Professor_Rakor: Beef. It's what's for Beef.
NammyNammy9999: Serge dropping bomb after bomb
hoktauri: Adam murdered me in round three of that draft
Diabore: hobles
SGDoc: Greetings! Long time no see
BrindleBoar: the mind boggles
thraximore: bogle singular
Angreed66: 1/1 hexproof
Viewers_Like_You: Well, for a start, it's a boh-gle
Krokaar: is a frog subspecies right?
r10pez10: a bogle is whatever your heart desires
AlonsoSwift: Look at this photograpn [of a bogle]
DoctorCactus: is this last round?
HoodedBowman: Sad day when neither is on 5-colour. But mirror match on bomb tribal makes up for it.
secretbranch: B OH gle
Angreed66: for 1
Dix: The flavor text on the new Slippery Bogle is SO GOOD becaues it makes fun of it
thraximore: gif is pronounced jif
ArcOfTheConclave: Bogles can't spell.
fuzzy_died: @DoctorCactus This is Game two
Lavecki: i cant hear a word adam is saying. is that just me?
thraximore: @Lavecki all clear here
Diabore: @Dix its pronounced bogle
Diabore: Kappa
Lavecki: weird
BrindleBoar: Bogle Interchange Format: .bif, pronounced diff
r10pez10: seabatBRAIN
thraximore: @BrindleBoar I approve
jrhwhite: Good
garrukwillspeak: stop locking at the screen its ackward
DoctorCactus: @fuzzy_died thanks! :) glad I can catch 2 games!
sivakrytos: read the flavor text
Dix: read the flavor text
chuckaw1977: unsubscribe Boglefacts
Angreed66: bah-gle
thraximore: Like ogle
aesir_blade: Read the flavor text
r10pez10: the bogle flavourtext makes fun of the two pronounciations
forlornhope22: t's BOOgle
meisbored: there's only one G, it's definitely not boggle
Sharkfists: Pretty sure they're called Jeff
carpeamentum: the card is a bogle, the deck is boggles
circusofkirkus: I think it's pronounced Bagel
Chartle: just read the flavor text\
Milambus: Blagoh
oliowen: bog like frog i guess
TheMadPunter: @carpeamentum Why is that?
UnknownGerm: It's pronounced cum-ber-batch
lordinkdeath27: seabatBRAIN sergeSqueak
Talon3010: Baggles?
circusofkirkus: Gobble?
Viewers_Like_You: It's bagel, because you want to put lots of cream cheese (auras) on them
Officinalis: Its pronounced Bo-jell
thraximore: just play dredge serge
Dix: This is the flavortext from the UMA Slippery Bogle: Ogle the bogle, or goggle the boggle? Doesn't matter. You weren't going to catch it anyway.
thraximore: no lands no problem
Zuchen_0onetwenty: When they asked Jesper Ejsing to do the art for Slippery Bogle, I wonder that their reaction was...
carpeamentum: @TheMadPunter because the card has a correct pronunciation, but the community has named the deck with a pronunciation and that is an acceptable compromise
HoodedBowman: Bogle Pronounced bōɡəl has roots in Scottish and northern english.
Professor_Rakor: It's the bogpoed deck.
chuckaw1977: Unsubscribe from Boglefacts
Dix: Zuchen_0onetwenty I'm pretty sure its eating a mulldrifter
MuffinsOnAHill: It's actually pronounced "bad mechanic."
TheMadPunter: @carpeamentum Fair enough.
Mithgar: table camera?
korvys: @Dix except I pronounce "Ogle" to rhyme with "Boggle" anyway
Joomie123: !overlay
omdorastrix: bɐgle
Angreed66: ogle is a word pronounced ah-gle therefore bah-gle
Zuchen_0onetwenty: Oh! lol, @Dix It looks like you might be right!
Mithgar: life?
circusofkirkus: Paul was distracted by the bogle
Dix: Moan is SO god
Dix: good*
Professor_Rakor: Serge does everything powerfully.
brightsquid: Bog is pronounced bog so bogle
LoadingReadyRun: I was ogling a bogle
RassilonDND: why don't those zombies have hats?
Syphoid7: For good reason
Dix: I played Sultai Self-Mill at a Sealed event at PAX Unplugged. Card does WORK in that deck
TheMadPunter: @LoadingReadyRun lo scandalo!
HoodedBowman: @LoadingReadyRun It's Bow-gle by technicality but dialect can make it sound different.
Dix: 4 mana Adam
TheMadPunter: Is it Bowie or Bowie??
jrhwhite: Is it Doom Blade?
Officinalis: Its pronounced Beau-glee
lighting_bolt_123: BIG CHSATS5
korvys: @HoodedBowman Oh, are you a native Lorwynian? :P
Mysticman89: Bōgle
Dix: Its all good :)
control_rig: They're good elephants, Brawn-t
RassilonDND: take the 2
shurtal: Does Brawn come with a double bass he can play like a guitar?
Dix: Bröther may I have a bögle
Syphoid7: Oh nice, looting is back
riordand: Best red card ever
HoodedBowman: @korvys No but it's a word for a scarecrow with roots in scottish and northern english. I looked into a lot of trivia stuff when I was bored in highschool and I just happen to have been a big magic player for a long time. :P
Dix: Syphoid7 Mad Prophet Rummages
underhill33: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Dix: oh REKT
Dr_fragenstien: nicenicenicenicenice
jrhwhite: GOTTEM
riordand: Sweet
RassilonDND: moogles, bogles, rekt
Viewers_Like_You: !card Appetite for Brains
LRRbot: Appetite for Brains [B] | Sorcery | Target opponent reveals their hand. You choose a card from it with converted mana cost 4 or greater and exile that card.
r10pez10: more like goodbyemus
aggravated_cat: exile, not discard?
jrhwhite: Primus is exiled
circusofkirkus: the tech!
Mysticman89: unrelated entirely, but I just discovered how papers please saves visually branch and this pleases me.
carpeamentum: The wikipedia page for Bogle has more context if people care
secretbranch: 1k+ viewers!
ninja_theory_ashrams: double trample
Dr_fragenstien: D O U B L E T R A M P L E
riordand: Yep, 18 mana
r10pez10: nice try, whiskers
carpeamentum: I miss the tombstone on flashback cards from Odessy
hoktauri: whiskers always trying for the psychological plays
Blasteg: top deck lethal (clap)
RassilonDND: is tooth and nail in ultimate masters?
LadyAtarka: gabyHi friends!
riordand: Flash-back loo-ting *clap clap clapclapclap*
Dr_fragenstien: NotLikeThis
r10pez10: blammo
lighting_bolt_123: ooohhhhh
Lord_Durin: PogChamp
riordand: p o w e r f u l m a g i c
LadyAtarka: Oh hey my arrow turned orange. Neat.
r10pez10: serge...
OneZestyTeste: gabyThump
I_Like_Big_Bots: Serge, Please DOB
LadyAtarka: sergeCounting
carpeamentum: @LadyAtarka how don't you have a sword though.... @LoadingReadyRun ... fix this :p
xantos69: cheer50 Just got back from FNM. 3-0'd my ultimate masters draft with a sick Green Black deck.
HoodedBowman: @korvys Sorry, it's also a phantom or goblin.
OneZestyTeste: nice xantos!
Dr_fragenstien: serge with the mind games
riordand: That game was great
F1SHOR: this is the magic i love :)
Syphoid7: In response! A counter...
r10pez10: gone forever
thenb44: !card appetite for braisn
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
LadyAtarka: @carpeamentum They already have fabulous mods. Their mod team is great.
korvys: @HoodedBowman Good to know
thenb44: !card appetite for brains
LRRbot: Appetite for Brains [B] | Sorcery | Target opponent reveals their hand. You choose a card from it with converted mana cost 4 or greater and exile that card.
TheMadPunter: it boggles your mind!!
xantos69: This format is super interactive and fun. Lots of great synergies and combos.
djalternative: On the card it makes fun of it's pronunciation
Dr_fragenstien: "proper" pronunciation depends on region, culture, and laguage
Zuchen_0onetwenty: the prof already settled this people lol
carpeamentum: @LadyAtarka fair... but how will I recognize important voices in chat without swords next to their name
Dr_fragenstien: also, the current flavor text rhymes it two different ways
Syphoid7: Lmao
thraximore: no
TheMadPunter: @Zuchen_0onetwenty Did he? What was the verdict?
omdorastrix: Someone write it in ipa to clarify it
r10pez10: michael bogle
Syphoid7: Silent "le"
Viewers_Like_You: Bog-lay
thraximore: ni
riordand: It's pronounced Bogus
RassilonDND: is it pronounced Bou-gay?
LadyAtarka: @carpeamentum That is very sweet of you to say. Thank you gabyLove
sivakrytos: the new flavor text makes fun of this
RassilonDND: *boo-glay
circusofkirkus: I prefer boogly like oogly boogly
Zuchen_0onetwenty: @TheMadPunter I'm pretty sure he say Bow-gl
jrhwhite: YASSSS
Ryenji: PogChamp
Zuchen_0onetwenty: he said*
sifonaonline: Wellp.
Viewers_Like_You: The real question is how Inspector Clouseau would pronounce it
sifonaonline: Good game
xantos69: YOU MONSTER!
r10pez10: oh NO
dsavillian: ONE TIME please
Xenovita: seabatBRAIN
BrindleBoar: [screaming intensifies]
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thraximore: uh oh
riordand: Awww yeah
tehfewl: OH BABY
zarbit: We're makin' the highlight reel everybody!
thraximore: feck
RassilonDND: does he take the woodfall primus?
dacardczar: PoWeRfUlMaGiC
Viewers_Like_You: P O W E R F U L M A G I C
Akaiatana: Ulagmog what's this?
xantos69: It has happened.
thenb44: uwulamog
Red0729: katesNice
MuffinsOnAHill: F
garrukwillspeak: GGGGGGGGG
BrindleBoar: uwulamowog
KennyMorgan: RIP Serge
OneZestyTeste: ggs
Dr_fragenstien: Artisan of KOWOzelek
riordand: F
DoctorCactus: @LoadingReadyRun Adam, is now my favorite person
Leafwind104: did Adam just go to discard into Artisan?
Vampiricsloth: gross
RassilonDND: HS18GG HS18GG HS18ConcedeLeft HS18ConcedeRight
LadyAtarka: I believe in you Serge
F1SHOR: this is why reanimate is horrible in draft lol
Zuchen_0onetwenty: turn 3 draft win?
mjgoins: amazing
dsavillian: The madman!!
r10pez10: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Xenovita: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
riordand: Good game!
Blasteg: wait what happened?
MuffinsOnAHill: Welcome to legacy!
xantos69: Why?
Leafwind104: I think Adam went turn one discard Aritsan turn two swamp reanimate
riordand: The biggest brain plays
DoctorCactus: adam breaking limited on day 1
r10pez10: adam turn-two reanimated an eldrazi
riordand: So smart
Blasteg: how did Derge die?
Blasteg: *Serge
circusofkirkus: Turn 2 kill, we legacy now?
Syphoid7: Quickly
mjgoins: that is why this is the greatest game
LadyAtarka: Ben! benginDab
zarbit: @Blasteg T2 10/9
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Koshindan: Funeral Serge. :(
HoodedBowman: Turn 2 reanimate artisan of kozilek.
xantos69: We will miss Whiskers.
senshi5609: sergeFall
Spacecarl: Yup, he been shadowrealmed
Blasteg: so he dies in two turn since his blocker (google card) gets sacrificed?
riordand: Not having a song on this break really drives home that turn 2 reanimate
j0xer: he can sacrifices lands to not die, but you can't win the game without lands
Blasteg: so Adam moved to discard T1 on the draw, discard that 10/9, T2 bring it back
HoodedBowman: Yup.
HoodedBowman: And T3 swing with Annihilator 2.
Blasteg: and you can't really answer a 9 drop on T3 so....
riordand: Chainer's Edict is in the set
Radyin: Is Path or Swords in this set?
HoodedBowman: I mean, if he had drawn the one card he wanted he would have been strides ahead that game.
floydisnotpink: who remembers the oowoo- zawa's jitte can lander stream
floydisnotpink: lol
xantos69: Chainers Edict, Lilliana, Shrikmaw, Slum Reaper, (if you have ramp) Lots of ways to answer a turn 3 10/9
HoodedBowman: Lol, oml that was baaaaaad. xD
floydisnotpink: @hoodedbowman right!?
LadyAtarka: benginDab benginDab
Syphoid7: Good bois rays3
Xenovita: all the handsome boys
hoktauri: knifey tarp game
Fanklok: Did Serge just introduce the panalysts?
HoodedBowman: Can we get that chanted in chat???
RassilonDND: i've never seen serge's battle face before. It was so interesting
Ashen_Prime: What a screen full of good looking people.
jrhwhite: Join us Ben!
Blasteg: Cam is Boros
HoodedBowman: oowoo- zawa's jitte
thraximore: yesssssss
thraximore: life imitates art
hoktauri: Boros is life Cam
sivakrytos: or is it boggle
HoodedBowman: Bowogle
Viewers_Like_You: Slappery Bagel!
Milambus: Blagoh
Sharkfists: hey, it's Jeff!
Blasteg: "someone drafted a bonkers Boros Deck" you say
floydisnotpink: oowoo-zawa's jitte
DoctorCactus: slippery bubble?
tehcrashxor: It's pronounced GIF!
theonlyangelx: BOwOGLE
TheMadPunter: oo Cam, TOS
canadianbac0nz: foil colonnade PogChamp
floydisnotpink: oof
r10pez10: remember if you Shielding Plax an opponent's creature the opponent can't target it anymore
Spacecarl: Well you may last longer than Serge did last game at least
AlonsoSwift: Slippery Bourgeoisie
HoodedBowman: We just tack uwu or owo on every impactful card.
HoodedBowman: That it fits in at least.
jonasjonIV: It still seems weird to see Cameron play Boros.
djalternative: How about next set of magic is just all Boogles
sasp_86: cheer100
whatevamayne: wow that cards kinda good
riordand: @djalternative That would be sweet
Koshindan: @djalternative If everything is boggles, isn't everything just vanilla?
cotillion1850: Sweet I just got back from my own UMA draft and I get to catch the end of the LRR draft
Ubiki: Cameron plays March in canlander
floydisnotpink: its been confirmed bogle land has been set to release 2019 @djalternative
frozenphoenix7: That would be obnoxious
Ubiki: Mardu*
whatevamayne: might be wrong but it feels so right
Ludorae: Theros actual tho
zarbit: Legit THS IIRC, BNG had the 2-cost 1/1
xantos69: Oh my goodness. Ben is playing big magic.
corpocracy: From Shards of Alara
Akaiatana: Ben has Umbrage
r10pez10: umbrella umbra
dialMforMara: it's mammoth umbra, but does anyone want to play paper magic over Mastodon?
canadianbac0nz: colossal dreadumbra
dialMforMara: @r10pez10 that's gotta be an un-card
djalternative: Wailord Umbra = best umbra
ArcOfTheConclave: Octopus umbra?
dialMforMara: @djalternative cast Wailord Umbra on a Skitty
Syphoid7: That's a big umbra too!
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xantos69: have made a big healthy boy.
Blasteg: "control a red permanant" does Mountain work for that purpose?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Delores Umbra
canadianbac0nz: build your own hexproof serra angel
HoodedBowman: MammOwOth Umbra.
smartguyc1089: It's like a serra angel
Dix: That boggy boi's got some P A N T S
r10pez10: lands are colourless
xantos69: @Blasteg Negative.
wicker_knight: @Blasteg no
UnknownGerm: Build your own serra angel
zarbit: Permanent collonade ++
ArcOfTheConclave: @Blasteg lands are colorless
dialMforMara: @Laserbeaks_Fury I take umbra-ge at that
r10pez10: (except for that one land creature)
Blasteg: Serra Angel Mega Construct(tm)
djalternative: Have you not seen Dumbo Paul?
Diabore: does ben have snaps?
MuffinsOnAHill: Ben will win when elephants fly...oh wait.
riordand: Bad blocks
Professor_Rakor: Agressive aggressions.
Laserbeaks_Fury: 3 damage
Dr_fragenstien: Plus 1 from the other iguanar
markededge: 3 damage
7he7Brian: 2 iguanas
corpocracy: 3 pings
Mikiao: 2 iguanas?
riordand: 4 damage?
Saladorm: 3+2?
BrightstormRising: double iguana
thraximore: did he forget umbra?
TheMadPunter: doesn't the other aura fall off as well??
phorrestgaze: so then the other one does 3?
markededge: 6?
Leafwind104: 3 damage from the other iguanar
IgnisDeus: 3
paronomasiac042: More damages!
Vargen_HK: Two iguanars. Should be 5 damage.
lordinkdeath27: 6
TimWinGame: 5 total
markededge: idk there's a lot of damage.
Syphoid7: 5
Saladorm: 5
HoodedBowman: 5 damage total.
r10pez10: oh right two iguanas
MuffinsOnAHill: Quick maths.
phorrestgaze: 5?
Laserbeaks_Fury: it's not 4 because Iguanar doesnt trigger on it's own death
riordand: Maths
phorrestgaze: lrrGOAT
xantos69: Got there!
Dr_fragenstien: Got there!
mynthio: sergeCounting
LadyAtarka: sergeCounting
mrsarkhan: sergeCounting gabyMath
Syphoid7: Sometimes, the simplest math is the most difficult
TheMadPunter: doesn't the totem armour destroy ALL auras attached to the bogle?
circusofkirkus: seabatBRAIN + seabatBRAIN + seabatBRAIN
r10pez10: i learned calculus which forever ruined my brain for division
Milambus: Serge "I'm a Judge" Yeager
Toshar: math is for blockers
r10pez10: it just stops at fractions
Fanklok: When your giant brain can't handle 2+3
TheMadPunter: o wait, nope
Twilight_Spark: As a PhD candidate in math: Basic arithmetic becomes increasingly harder the longer you are exposed to math.
canadianbac0nz: colonnade mana PogChamp
darkecologist: i have 1 degree and 1 presidential certificate of physical fitness
Blasteg: how large was that totem armor'd bogle before the trade?
canadianbac0nz: 4/4
jjob24: I don't really like buying boxes but I might be able to get a UMA box for 191 + applicable taxes. You guys think I should give it a try?
djalternative: With the Ultimate Masters release, LRR should've re-printed all of their best buttons over the years
r10pez10: seems worth
Atifexe: @jjob24 That's super worth 8t.
incredulouspasserby: @djalternative so all of them?
mjgoins: sounded like he said terminus
jjob24: Probably absolutely worth trying then. Might be able to do some sealed pools.
Syphoid7: ooou shiny token
h0gn0se1: hey guys :)
jjob24: Hi hog.
ArcOfTheConclave: what's the aura on blagol?
RassilonDND: always makes me sad tokens dont come back
Bobtheninjagoldfish: does the pinger activate on exile?
jrhwhite: You're doing it Ben, you're doing it! Feel the Blue flow through you.
Laserbeaks_Fury: On, its on death
Laserbeaks_Fury: Exile isn't dying
Pack_A_Lunch: doesnt sacrifice count?
carpeamentum: @ArcOfTheConclave flight of fancy
h0gn0se1: I was just wondering what is the cheapest, but still effective, modern deck. I have not played modern like ever :)
jonasjonIV: does it get a counter?
jjob24: Out of curiosity, what'd LRR do with the box topper? Are they drafting it?
r10pez10: james claimed it
carpeamentum: to be fair... heroic trigger should resolve first... but meh
djalternative: james opened it. no one is using it
Serpens77: #BlameJames
r10pez10: they didn't draft it, tbf it's probably just going to the massive pool of cards they have
Serpens77: #JamesClaims
jjob24: What'd he open then?
darkecologist: this game 1 is intense
UnknownGerm: does totem armor remove damage? Otherwise won't creature just die as a state based action?
Sharkfists: #ClaimJames
James_LRR: I just claimed opening it. I don’t get to keep it. All cards opened at the office are pooled and generally sold to YJ and the money split between us all.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yes Totem armor removes damage
djalternative: #BluesClues
ishville: he's going in!
Fanklok: Totem armor is like regeneration that doesn't tap
incredulouspasserby: @h0gn0se1 I've always thought burn is a good cheap archetype. You're not gonna run a GP with it but it's fun to play at an FNM and it's cheap (mono color red doesn't take a lot of lands)
Blasteg: #Flunge
MrSaturdayNite: Flu ge has been declared
r10pez10: sweet, thanks for the clarification james
thraximore: whoof
r10pez10: wow that was game 1
Ludorae: Also coulda just hit the snapcaster with the iguana just now
Professor_Rakor: Can't brain today when brain is brain.
Ludorae: only 9 on the crackback
HoodedBowman: "That's right, you can animate in defense." ~Cam 2018
r10pez10: how long before we start calling bogles beejs
Radyin: What about the iguanar damage?
incredulouspasserby: Hognose: splashing into white or green ups the cost a little but you get a lot more options
r10pez10: slippery beej- you know what nevermind
JAIMACANTROLL: what round is it?
Angreed66: Technically Ben is playing green with bogle (color identity joke) so horay!
herepetofauna: What did the peoples draft?
incredulouspasserby: Related: shit I miss my boros burn deck from the one foray into modern I played
ArcOfTheConclave: Slippery lrrBEEJ ?
Radyin: Ben went to two, but doesn’t the token and the flyer die and do two iguanar damage?
Ludorae: oh nvm
Blasteg: obviously you just mull until you do, right? Kappa
Radyin: !card hissing iguanar
LRRbot: Hissing Iguanar [2R] | Creature — Lizard [3/1] | Whenever another creature dies, you may have Hissing Iguanar deal 1 damage to target player or planeswalker.
Ludorae: ^
Saladorm: slippery Beej-le!
Orchestrion: Adam is heroic.
darkecologist: winning from 5 makes you feel like a smart boy
r10pez10: mulliganning to New York
circusofkirkus: @Radyin token exiles at end step
RoastyNToasty: the hissy boy
TheDruidGuy: just got back from drafting this exact set, ended up in blue white reanimator of all things. heroic seems really good in the set.
Radyin: @circusofkirkus Ah, that’s right. I thought it sacrificed itself. Thanks.
circusofkirkus: @Radyin no worries, plus Ben was at 2 already counting the iguanar trigger from the flyer
r10pez10: cool, a morph
r10pez10: it's so shiny
Dix: I miss Morph
LadyAtarka: gabyHi Dix
incredulouspasserby: I like the old morph cards. THey're frickin' zany
RoastyNToasty: this is a draft?
Dix: Trips Khans was my frickin FAVORITE
r10pez10: a lot of the old morph cards are reeeeeeal bad
BubbaRad: Kans fuckin sucked
thenb44: yes uma draft
r10pez10: khans is the infamous two-drop draft right
FoxFyr: That was my opinion of Dominaria
Dix: the minute your opp has 5 lands in KTK, it'll profitably block your own morphs
incredulouspasserby: I didn't play a lot of Khans but I enjoyed what I played. I also. DIdn't play standard vs Rhino
Dix: r10pez10 3 drops
incredulouspasserby: Which helped
Dix: 2 drop speedy draft was Worldwake
hoktauri: !speaks
mrsarkhan: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
LadyAtarka: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
Mysticman89: theres a mouse near someones mic
Sharkfists: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
SketchyDetails: squeak2real
Professor_Rakor: Powerful commentary from serge.
mrsarkhan: Nice Paul
RoastyNToasty: boros draft OP? tobiasCREEP
hoktauri: nowhere near as scary as Beej squeaks
LadyAtarka: Serge? Normal?
DoctorCactus: @Mysticman89 I'll have to call peta, they seem to be hurting the mouse too
tehcrashxor: Sure you are, Serge "Actually a mouse" Yaeger
circusofkirkus: Serge is definitely not the mouse version of Ratatouille
xantos69: Strong plays.
Mysticman89: maybe serge is in fact several mice piloting a human skin
Lavecki: did serge have pneumonia at some point
r10pez10: interesting boros
thenb44: serge is actually being controlled by a mouse a la ratatouille
RassilonDND: a more expensive hammer fall
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cynicalcyborg1: Ogle the bogle or goggle the boggle
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HoodedBowman: It's like Rabid Bite
r10pez10: i mean, gravitic punch
UnknownGerm: red and green both have that effect on a number of cards
Dr_fragenstien: I believe the effect can be done in green and red these days, but done more on green
Syphoid7: Oh I like that art
HoodedBowman: !Card Rabid Bite
LRRbot: Rabid Bite [1G] | Sorcery | Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to target creature you don't control.
xantos69: OPHHH!
Fruan: Cam with the big brain plays
RassilonDND: !card hammer fall
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
maywecomein: Wow
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NotGruulButWhy: One year?! Thats like, 12 months! Or 52 weeks! Or 365 days! Or...
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HoodedBowman: !card Fall of the Hammer
LRRbot: Fall of the Hammer [1R] | Instant | Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to another target creature.
r10pez10: it's fun to put that on planeswalkers
Lavecki: ive known two people who made noises similar to serge, both had pneumonia as children
incredulouspasserby: @NotGruulButWhy 525,600 minutes! (still can't escape my theatre upbringing)
jrhwhite: now cam has to ping himself!
darkecologist: fall of the hammer was great, cause you can hit your own creatures
Professor_Rakor: Dang
r10pez10: if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
ishville: hissy boy is shut down :(
Dr_fragenstien: NotLikeThis
Viewers_Like_You: !card Hissing Iguanar
LRRbot: Hissing Iguanar [2R] | Creature — Lizard [3/1] | Whenever another creature dies, you may have Hissing Iguanar deal 1 damage to target player or planeswalker.
bobAkirafett: I had pneumonia and i don't squeek-sneeze
RassilonDND: does runed halo prevent combat damage from creatures? never knew that
NostiJay: is this live?
Syphoid7: Indeed
thenb44: yes and yes
UnknownGerm: it is a may, so Cam doesn't have to ping himself
HoodedBowman: Luckily Iguana says MAY so Cam doesn't have to slowly kill himself.
Serpens77: Protection from X prevents all damage from a source of X, yes
xantos69: Correct Cam must legally ping himself off the Iguanar!
ashiok2016: its a may
jonasjonIV: may
Aegis_of_Faith: August
xantos69: Let me have this one chat.
UnknownGerm: literally the opposite of what I said
Blasteg: is the card reader not posting the read card to chat?
Aegis_of_Faith: December!
thenb44: correct @Blasteg
r10pez10: card reader and lrrbot are not on talking terms atm
RoastyNToasty: !card journey to eternity
LRRbot: Journey to Eternity [1BG] (back: Atzal, Cave of Eternity) | Legendary Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature you control / When enchanted creature dies, return it to the battlefield under your control, then return Journey to Eternity to the battlefield transformed under your control.
r10pez10: inb4 endstep return conviction and recast
RoastyNToasty: !card cave of eternity
LRRbot: Atzal, Cave of Eternity (front: Journey to Eternity) | Legendary Land | {T}: Add one mana of any color. / {3}{B}{G}, {T}: Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.
ashiok2016: ehh iam not feeling it right now
Dr_fragenstien: I think the flavor is that you can give it to others
multiranger17: 4/6
Syphoid7: Madman chrisBlown
xantos69: Storm is at 1 million
RoastyNToasty: wait thats how that card works?
RoastyNToasty: so its like a +1+3 counter giver?
mjgoins: the missing masters set they never did: all double face cards, split cards, and kamigawa flip cards
HoodedBowman: That's a big ol' 6/8
bobAkirafett: the enchantment doesn't go away when the card does?
r10pez10: sometimes IRL i get conviction to do something, then it goes away, then it comes back again
Serpens77: the creature being enchanted has a Heroic trigger
ArcOfTheConclave: conviction outlives the conviction-ful?
ashiok2016: you control
Syphoid7: PogChamp
Noodles_15: You control
jrhwhite: God's willing says creature you control
bobAkirafett: what's a heroic trigger? =/
Oxdans: stop!!
IntegerDevourer: YOU CONTROL
RassilonDND: its you control
xantos69: Powerful Magic
IntegerDevourer: Judge
jrhwhite: Judge
Dr_fragenstien: NotLikeThis look at the big brain on this guy
ayyken0: Cheatyface
Phosphatide: lrrJUDGE
tehcrashxor: lrrJUDGE
incredulouspasserby: I tried to do that SO OFTEN with Gods Willing
Dr_fragenstien: Aw :(
canadianbac0nz: brain TOO big
ninja_theory_ashrams: !card vines of Vastwood
LRRbot: Vines of Vastwood [G] | Instant | Kicker {G} / Target creature can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control this turn. If this spell was kicked, that creature gets +4/+4 until end of turn.
RassilonDND: wait bounce and recast conviction
Jacobontherun1: Doesn't hissing iguanar ping cam?
thalanir: that would've been so cool though
phorrestgaze: the old 1/1 went to a farm, but here's a new one
Dr_fragenstien: hissing iguanar is a may ability
mjgoins: no, the igunar is a may ability
multiranger17: read ur cards cameron 4head
Jacobontherun1: ok thanks
bobAkirafett: what card does Ben keep enchanting?
IntegerDevourer: Cameron "Cheatyface" Lauder
r10pez10: he keeps targeting a wingsteed rider
incredulouspasserby: Yes, Cam, the notorious cheater and all around rude person. That sounds real. kappa
Spacecarl: Chat, calm yourself.
HoodedBowman: If he DID choose to activate the Iguana, it WOULD have to target himself.
Serpens77: he actually does have to target himself, he then just doesn't have to deal the damage
bobAkirafett: !card winsgteed rider
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Blasteg: Can't he still target Ben, but the protection just make the damage Null?
mjgoins: it targets him but then he declines it
r10pez10: i mean yeah
Serpens77: no, protection prevents targetting
bobAkirafett: !card wingsteed rider
LRRbot: Wingsteed Rider [1WW] | Creature — Human Knight [2/2] | Flying / Heroic — Whenever you cast a spell that targets Wingsteed Rider, put a +1/+1 counter on Wingsteed Rider.
Joomie123: yikes, that seems like a big boi
bobAkirafett: oooooh, ok
r10pez10: it's D.E.B.T., right
Countjondi: wait, cam with boros, ben with azorius, is this self-loathing day?
Spacecarl: Cam never drew his first pick, did he?
multiranger17: what does ben have in his hand
mjgoins: it targets Cam, though, technically ;) then he says "no" to it
Syphoid7: Sounds like a sound plan
r10pez10: super_mario_2_overworld_theme.flac
RoastyNToasty: you cant play that here r10pez10
Syphoid7: raysL
Dix: OH
multiranger17: lol
Viewers_Like_You: With protection, remember the mnemonic MCDEBIT - Magic Cards, Damage, Equipping, Brawl, Iguanar, Targeting
HoodedBowman: Protection from [X] (This can't be blocked, targeted, dealt damage, or enchanted by anything [X].)
shurtal: Take 10, somehow already have Platinum Empereon in play
MuffinsOnAHill: LoL. Cam has the soul read.
SrMuskrat: @Blasteg Protection has an acronym for what it does D.E.B.T
circusofkirkus: Almost as good of a prediction as James's Box Topper soul read
RoastyNToasty: !card humain frailty
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
thmanwithnoname: that was amazing even before I knew that was a card
brightsquid: He was just commenting on Cam's imperfections
Orchestrion: that's a big mood
RoastyNToasty: !card human frailty
LRRbot: Human Frailty [B] | Instant | Destroy target Human creature.
Joomie123: he wasn't making a read, he just wrote down facts
SrMuskrat: D- Damage E-Enchant/Equip B- Blocking T- Targeting
Spacecarl: Sad he didnt draw the angel
r10pez10: perogies perogies perogies
canadianbac0nz: Lesson: wingsteed rider = good
Spacecarl: Imagine if he got that angel early on that game
multiranger17: when is gp vancouver
Milambus: Its a Kingdom of Cards!
UnknownGerm: Dec 28-30
frozenphoenix7: Technically the E should be an A since attach is the correct term
incredulouspasserby: Wait was this the last match? Dang.
multiranger17: thx
r10pez10: Singles to the world
Dix: A card of kingdoms. wait
KingCruzIII: is there a button for card kingdom?
Farrix01: stupid question, do you have to pay duty when ordering from there?
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declan_mtg: BUTTON?
Angreed66: Right on time and technically two green decks won tonight since bogle is both blue and green.
Milambus: "Its prnounced wuberg" I think
RoastyNToasty: !card sublime arch
LRRbot: Sublime Archangel [2WW] | Creature — Angel [4/3] | Flying / Exalted / Other creatures you control have exalted.
Vampiricsloth: its now known as UwUberg
Krokaar: do you feel that angel works well in your naya angels canlander deck, serge?
Professor_Rakor: It is a free sac outlet too.
cotillion1850: Definitely close enough that I totally understand Cam's pick
Dix: I saw a REALLY sick RB Altar sac deck with Gharna
Professor_Rakor: Part of infinite combos
MuffinsOnAHill: Altar is confirmed broken.
ArcOfTheConclave: it pays you
Dix: Play garna hold priority
Viewers_Like_You: Phyrexian Altar: Pay it so it pays you.
Dix: sac team and sac garna... get mana and replay creatures
Professor_Rakor: Pseudo removal
r10pez10: does runed halo work against true-name nemesis
RassilonDND: hey chat, ive been half paying attention. Who ended up with the money cards? i was told a goyf and a few others were pulled
Ubiki: James got goyf
TheMoatman: Dark souls claims another controller. RIP R1 button
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SubWelcomesJustStarted: P O W E R F U L M A G I C
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SenseAmidstMadness: subs subs subs
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r10pez10: perogies
barkeem: Well the player with the Halo has protection from the Nemesis but the Nemesis still has protection from them
cotillion1850: Well you guys have a good night I am off to play Smash Bros
LadyAtarka: Thanks for the stream friends
LoadingReadyRun: For those asking, for streams, we split the value of the cards.
Professor_Rakor: And now, to the vods!
LRRTwitter: @DesertBus> If you're hurting for another charity marathon to watch, why not check out Power Up With Pride? This group of speedrunners are going all weekend in support of @TrevorProject | @PwerUpWithPride> The Winter Pride 2018 schedule is released! | Head over to now to check it out! 🌈🌟 📷 || ⤵
dreamyxcupcakes: look at all these beautiful bois
dreamyxcupcakes: and I'll need to catch the vods
Zuchen_0onetwenty: yay!
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NathanJay_GA: alright, thanks for the games. Will see you later! :D
dreamyxcupcakes: the dabtracker is my fave
THE_BONE_GNOME: lol love it
Zuchen_0onetwenty: I just noticed the dabtracker
Kamotetop: bday50
Vampiricsloth: the underscores are great when enunciated :D
levoisindu5eme: hi from france guy ! ^^
F1SHOR: the draft needed more Gruul :P
dreamyxcupcakes: always needs moar gruul
Furrytractor68: Hey, what'd I miss from Ultimate Masters? VoHiYo
Furrytractor68: How is Ultimate Masters?
Type_One___: hey man that's 3 underscores at the end there
Zuchen_0onetwenty: I'm going to make a new username "________" It actually is pronounced "john cage"
LadyAtarka: @F1SHOR I agree
Trueblunts: Thanks for streaming on the official MTG channel or I never would have found this wonderful channel kyenteEH
Type_One___: ayyy parties!!!
yoyoma8893: Oh no! Only just got here, any sweet pulls?
phorrestgaze: dale inspires me as a DM
Type_One___: Bye everyone katesWave katesWave katesWave
meisbored: lrrHEART
Zuchen_0onetwenty: <3
dreamyxcupcakes: bye3e
bobAkirafett: peace
LRRbot: Willing Test Subject [2G] | Creature — Spider Monkey Scientist [2/2] | Reach / Whenever you roll a 4 or higher on a die, put a +1/+1 counter on Willing Test Subject. / {6}: Roll a six-sided die.
MrPhlip: hmm