Vivid_Soul: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and possible sometimes guest get spooped by scary games) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (16m from now).
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
TehAmelie: i mean, the game really favors drawing a lot of magic and not leveling, or at least not leveling
TehAmelie: that just makes the monsters stronger
wildpeaks: spoops soon, fellow lrrSPOOP
Earthenone: i think the last game i did a no leveling run of was oblivion
Earthenone: !findquote remember
LRRbot: Quote #2288: "I USED to remember my credit card number..." —Ian [2016-04-12]
TehAmelie: i tried it in FF6
ChiefEngineerMichael: !findquote poop
LRRbot: Quote #2112: "Well, we just killed that guy so we can poop in his bathroom." —Graham [2016-03-16]
TehAmelie: where getting the lowest collective level of the party is a whole puzzle, with members joining at various higher levels than the party average and a few places where you can't avoid gaining XP
TehAmelie: but the reward is getting to grind many levels later on with the most powerful level up bonuses
TehAmelie: the grinding part got boring though
MenomeTwitch: Evening all
TehAmelie: yo
cheetoJack: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and possible sometimes guest get spooped by scary games) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (9m from now).
PhoenixMelior: what time is it in the UK?
cheetoJack: !time Europe/London
TehAmelie: it's 10 pm here so 9 or maybe 8
MenomeTwitch: 8:50pm
cheetoJack: I'm sure LRRbot is trying its hardest
TehAmelie: aha
PhoenixMelior: okay so there might be some news coming out in about ten minutes
vinvis_: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and possible sometimes guest get spooped by scary games) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (8m from now).
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Majesty 2 (Steam) | Risen 3 Complete Edition (Steam) | Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods DLC : Note: Requires Crusader Kings II to use! (Steam)
cheetoJack: well I'm done with my meetings for today, thats a positive
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Just rolled for tomorrow’s Games of Chance. I swear this was a legit role. Join Adam and Paul for some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! at 10:00AM Pacific. 📷 ||
PhoenixMelior: wait they finally actually released a form for that?
TheMerricat: What was the category? "Smash games"? :-)
PhoenixMelior: looks like fighting games
cheetoJack: what announcement were you waiting for Phoenix?
cheetoJack: or news rather
PhoenixMelior: cheetoJack I dare not speak her name while the UKsm'ns are in chat
TheMerricat: Oh, that sort of news
MenomeTwitch: Probably whether us UK lot are due yet another new Prime Minister
cheetoJack: !quote 5454
LRRbot: Quote #5454: "I don't know what that does, but I'm gonna do that." —Dale [2018-10-29]
cheetoJack: !quote 4545
LRRbot: Quote #4545: "What happens on discord must go to #politics." —PhoenixMelior [2017-12-13]
TheMerricat: I was getting worried that you had an inside line on Ben being ill or somesuch.
PhoenixMelior: you're thinking of 4545 yeah
cheetoJack: that sort of news?
PhoenixMelior: correct
cheetoJack: oh i should look at that
TehAmelie: funny story, the full Crusader Kings II package seems to cost about 100 dollars on Paradox' store and 3x that on Steam
TheMerricat: They set the price in both too, so... weird?
TehAmelie: they really want people to skip Steam
r10pez10: !smash
LRRbot: Put Conway's Game of Life in Smash, you cowards!
tastethebeams: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and possible sometimes guest get spooped by scary games) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (2m from now).
TehAmelie: uh-oh, it's repeating itself
wildpeaks: what is ?
TehAmelie: Lrrbot
TheMerricat: I get the whole "we need more alternatives to steam so Valve will get off it's butt" sentiment, but still - unless you are GOG or Steam, the chances are that I trust your software and your infrastructure enough that I'll buy from you is about nill.
wildpeaks: lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
wildpeaks: ahh this soundtrack
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's SPOOP O' CLOCK! Ben learned that Adam has never played Amnesia before, and it's time to rectify that! Hope you're ready! | 📷 ||
PhoenixMelior: uh oh.
m0nkeyrama: benginHeart seabatBRAIN benginHeart seabatBRAIN
Freshly_Toasted: Spoop teim
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition (Steam) | Wasteland 2: Director's Cut - Standard Edition (Steam) | Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition (Steam)
TXC2: so chat, quick thing just so we're all clear, please dont talk about the big UK news while the stream is on, thanks lrrHEART
wildpeaks: time to chug laudanum like it's orange pop
m0nkeyrama: lol
TehAmelie: i don't think Paradox has any store software, just the website
Stoffern: Oh we're going back to the beginning again I see!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: lrrSIGNAL
TheMerricat: No non-game politics in our scary end of world times game. :-)
m0nkeyrama: cursed sentence @wildpeaks
wildpeaks: :D
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hajnal_endot: I'm at 24 hour sleep deprivation and the insomnia is still here, may as well enjoy this
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somecall_metim: okay what's going on is it a talking sim, a LRRMTG or a let's nope?
Phillammon: Aight where we spoopin bois
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androgyknits: My favorite stream bois and my favorite kind of spoops!
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r10pez10: are we sure adam hasn't played amnesia before and has just ... forgotten
Pteraspidomorphi: The dark descent?
androgyknits: sp00pz
Pteraspidomorphi: I've never seen the majority of this played, or played it
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
Questhere: LetsTalkingMTG?
TXC2: !show
LRRbot: Currently live: Let's NOPE
Freshly_Toasted: This sounds like it'll be a real spoopy game
ladyrhian2: Holla!
Pteraspidomorphi: It has a reputation
TXC2: well at least that part's right
Freshly_Toasted: Real life, the spoopiest game of all
wildpeaks: one of the OG spoopy games, although it's been copied a lot over the years
TheMerricat: @TehAmelie yeah, I know, I also remember how hard I had to work to get my account reactivated with them a couple of months ago so that I could access their forums - which are restricted to game owners only and had been migrated to new software since the last time I visted it.
m0nkeyrama: I've never seen/played Amnesia, should be interesting :o
Fr0Dough: Who we got on spoops today
ladyrhian2: Somewhere around here, I have a list of good "Let's Nope titles.
m0nkeyrama: Ben and Adam!
TXC2: fun story, I've had this game for 10 years, never played it
TXC2: here we GO!
pterodactyl_noises: Excited for my biweekly spoops!
Rhynerd: I got here just in time for the intro!
Mt_Storm: lrrSPOOP
DiscordianTokkan: I kinda hope Let's Nope IS Cori and Cam playing Destiny 2, because it's all about killing baddies to make christmas cookies currently
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Doom4114: Time to get Spooped
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Rockario: @TXC2 I think I might be in the same boat
NimrodXIV: I started playing Amnesia in October? I think? I should probably finish it sometime
androgyknits: I love Spoopifer.
hajnal_endot: @txc2 same, i got lost
Psychic_Ketchup: Yoooo
m0nkeyrama: benginHeart seabatBRAIN benginHeart seabatBRAIN Hi guys!
TXC2: Hello Adam and Ben
TehAmelie: hello happy boys
DigitalSeahorse: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and possible sometimes guest get spooped by scary games) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (2m ago).
Fr0Dough: Dark=Dank
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CardKingdom: Gee Gee
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chickenace11: I want a spoopifer
Rhynerd: And Beej was given an axe.
TXC2: hello CardKingdom welcome
Pump19: Codefall | Risen 3 - Complete Edition (courtesy of @TheMerriCat but it was region locked for me) (Steam)
TehAmelie: i can't get out, christmas is at the door
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Thane1607: Good morning Ben and Adam
DigitalSeahorse: hello And Possible Sometimes Guest and Ben :P
GenericHerooo: Hi, everyone! n.n
TXC2: please, we'll just use that joejoe playmat
TheMerricat: Sorry to whomever got the regionlocked game.
Mt_Storm: ^
Pteraspidomorphi: You all should take a week off to update all the intros, photos, websites, etc
Phillammon: doh
Rockario: Just checked Twitter, and Beej's face is exactly behind the LRR Logo
m0nkeyrama: I just got my jojo lrr playmat, it's so gooood
stateofcomatose: Adam what do you think of Ashen? It seems like totally your jam
TXC2: "like 4-5 years" try 10 Ben :P
Thane1607: ive been awake all night, trying tk fix my sleeping pattern
Fr0Dough: Maybe he just forgot
Astra7525: On my small screen, Beej's face is obscured by the LRR logo on the twitter page
YoBie_84: Do you have a clean pair of shorts ready?
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MenomeTwitch: Don't want to turn this into a pity-party, but having lost my job,flat *and* girlfriend in the past fortnight, LRR's been a consistent source of fun through these tough times. Thank you to everyone at the Moonbase!
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electroswagnetism: I lived with my parents when this game came out so we're looking at like 2011
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ElihuAran: It's a spoopy boi day!
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KNACC: this is a very good one
myPasswordIsUpsilon: @TheMerricat no worries, I have a game backlog anyways
Doom4114: Ive played some of amnesia: A machine for pigs
thesurfaceofthemoon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and possible sometimes guest get spooped by scary games) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (4m ago).
ChiefEngineerMichael: Oh god, Amnesia
KV1NN4: Amnesia? Well i was married when it came out soooo that would've been over 10 years ago
ChiefEngineerMichael: I don't think I can watch this...
KV1NN4: or it feels that way
strgrv: the resident evil 2 remake is coming out soon!
ChiefEngineerMichael: Not because it's bad! But rather the other way around
Lunareclipse123: Put Adam in SOMA you cowards!
Pump19: Codefall | Risen 3 Complete Edition originally courtesy of @MerriCat but region locked and then the person who grabbed it was region locked out too. Oops! (Steam)
Psychic_Ketchup: Not this darkness again!~
bpcl: Adam Strim!
Astra7525: oh wait. I mixed up Amnesia with Outlast...
Rhynerd: except for one, but who cares abotu that one?
wildpeaks: the nostalgia
TXC2: chickenace11 you dont have to, self care comes first lrrHEART
m0nkeyrama: Soma's free on ps plus atm
bpcl: When are you guys going to play Eternal Darkness?
mikialice: Hai friends, and hai Ben and Adam benginHeart
Freshly_Toasted: Amnesia takes a minute for the handshaking and such to begin but is certainly tense
wildpeaks: some good mods for that game too
ladyrhian2: No 7th Guest?
TXC2: hello mikialice welcome
mikialice: Soma is ace
chickenace11: wrong person @TXC2
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Schwarm_: and another year :)
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DigitalSeahorse: I've had 5 hours of sleep
Earthenone: pride51 i forget is amnesia supposed to be good? lrrBEEJ
wildpeaks: they tried to play Eternal Darkness on 18gc but couldn't find a copy
Sanityis0verrated: Exactly the spoops I asked for
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TXC2: chickenace11 whoops sorry
androgyknits: Adam - username is pronounced like androgynous + knits!
DigitalSeahorse: amnesia with a touch of insomnia I guess
BrieBeau: Two of my fave boys playing a game I haven't seen? I'm intriiiiiigued...
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NimrodXIV: charity1000 Quick plug for #Charity bits!
$13,028 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 15 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at
strgrv: charity100 I already got an answer from Adam, so this one's for Ben: would you rather fight 1 Alex-sized Duck or 100 Duck-sized Alex's #charity
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whistarn: SPOOPS!!
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electroswagnetism: cheer849 wait is this a #charity times? also #teamorder
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Psychic_Ketchup: charity100 Oh this is back? Rad! #charity
Rockario: The company's previous game, Penumbra, was the one the made Alex mad with a dumb fuse puzzle
TragicMtG: charity500 did someone say #charity?
TheMerricat: charity100 #Charity charity100 - Giving folks other people's money, I can get behind that!
$13,075 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 15 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at
tim19862: the old one or the new one?
Earthenone: pride1111 #charity <3
Malkaresh: cheer100 As such? #charity
Phosphatide: make that duck tap SwiftRage
frozenphoenix7: Crawling on my skin, these ducks they will not stop
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I'd watch Adam wrestly a duck
I_Am_Clockwork: charity5000 bits for some good good boys. Also yay charity! #Charity
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JerecoPlays: Jump Scare
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DevInsanity: charity1000 #charity time?
CardKingdom: Marluxia
Dared00: Damn Daniel
RedGriffin42: I am here for some spoopy nopes
frozenphoenix7: Oh look, Ben is level 26 and the boss is level 50
Sanityis0verrated: You don't need it on hard mode
AnjaZeta: charity100 #charity
Phosphatide: ben you could probably scoot over a bit to let adam in the camera more
$13,176 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 15 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: cheer500 #charity
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | How to Survive 2 (Steam) | Alien: Isolation (Steam) | Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (Steam)
TXC2: "are name is Luca, we live on the second floor"
strgrv: we love seeing ben struggle in KH benginHeart
Fr0Dough: DAMN the Gas!
tim19862: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
DigitalSeahorse: I'd take a giant sized Alex, the ducks all named Alex would just be weird despite my own duckiness lol
electroswagnetism: Dan! The gas!
Stevesson: just dropped in, what are we playing today?
TheSeg: Don't forget about Dre!
tim19862: welp
strgrv: wow this is avant garde!
m0nkeyrama: It's a shoe vine, Adam! It's perfect for your new shoes :o
Psychic_Ketchup: Amnesia the very short descent
Freshly_Toasted: Damn daniel, back at it again with the psychological horror
TXC2: you Joke Adam, i sware we've had games like that on W+P
Rhynerd: We're very very drunk
bpcl: Has Survivor Series SWS came out yet?
Sanityis0verrated: it's not ritzy Ben
wildpeaks: typical hangover, waking up without memories in a random castle
TXC2: bpcl nope
m0nkeyrama: Woot controller \ seabatBRAIN /
Rhynerd: drunk on [spoiler]
tim19862: What is this game?
frozenphoenix7: I just want to make a game that starts with like a car crash or the protagonist dying or something then roll credits before the actual game starts.
DigitalSeahorse: daniel is game dev?
TXC2: tim19862 amnesia
bpcl: Thank you TXC2. I never see those on my feed when they do drop for some reason
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
EvilBadman: How are we gonna score sweet headshots on ghosts on a controller? Kappa
BloodForTheCorelab: come in to adam "throwing" a plant
wildpeaks: messing with physics is a big part of the game :D
Tiber727: Ah yes, the extremely ritzy White Castle restaurant.
TragicMtG: your "yeet" has been processed and denied
tim19862: thanks TXC2
BrieBeau: #Charity + some good spoopy boys? Sure! Anything good y'all are looking forward to this winter? charity100
$13,229 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 15 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at
TXC2: bpcl there hasn't been a new SWS for a while sadly
Rhynerd: That was very much the opposite of a yeet.
DigitalSeahorse: lovely moldy rugs
strgrv: wow frame perfect skip!
Sanityis0verrated: that is the best way to play it
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chickenace11: so teey?
BloodForTheCorelab: poor L2S4
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun has the game been set on twitch?
Freshly_Toasted: It was a post-modern yeet, flying in the very face of what we think yeet really is
bpcl: TXC2 There was a cluster of nothing shows in the last couple months so hopefully that's not a sign of things to come
DigitalSeahorse: LOL
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masta2505: Let's Sub!
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RedGriffin42: I can't help but feel you guys aren't taking this tremendously scray game seriously
APODionysus: Oh man amnesia
TheSeg: Switch!
APODionysus: SO GOOD
Dared00: try pressing Right Stick
BloodForTheCorelab: smash the state!
EvilBadman: Ben: Stream name may need an update/game
Rhynerd: Error 404: Yeet not found
m0nkeyrama: lol
strgrv: should we be making so much noise with a monster around?
wildpeaks: put the state in smash
electroswagnetism: Smash the Stateroom!
Pteraspidomorphi: Can we take it with us?
TXC2: !smash
LRRbot: Put Octodad in Smash, you cowards!
DigitalSeahorse: :D
m0nkeyrama: Didn't yeet hard enough
GenericHerooo: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4 PopCorn
bpcl: It's going to be really hard for me to get scared of this like drag and drop myst interface. I'm too overwhelmed by vicarious frustration
Xenopenumbra: Todd Howard, you did it again
DigitalSeahorse: hahahhahhahah
m0nkeyrama: Far Side :o Best comics :o
Freshly_Toasted: Ah yes, stretchy walls
Pteraspidomorphi: Looks like strawberry milkshake
Psychic_Ketchup: More like pepto-dismal amirite
bpcl: shades of The Evil Within
DigitalSeahorse: Dregs :D best comics :D
APODionysus: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 16:17.
breathlessisthehunt: Omg are they playing Amnesia?
m0nkeyrama: Do rocks creak like a pirate ship?
tim19862: all this pink. Patrick Star?
BrieBeau: I have no idea how to tell if I successfully did bits or not. I need to learn Twitch better...
DolGrenn: Damn... the gas!
strgrv: life alert!
TXC2: Crossroads had better sets then this Kappa
chickenace11: the pink stuff reminds me of how an anime I watched censored blood by coloring it hot pink
Papperslappen: They said I was daft to build a castle in the middle of a swamp
DigitalSeahorse: BrieBeau try refresh
Psychic_Ketchup: BrieBeau It worked on my end
Dared00: @BrieBeau looks like you did, I see them in the chat
CarnageTyrantits: Is this the beggining of the game?
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Astra7525: pink blood? Did the Klingons invade this castle?
Rhynerd: This is the beginning
kinkerbelle: i have no idea how tall the character is
pterodactyl_noises: #justdraculathings
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Fault milestone one (Steam) | Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble (Steam) | Guns of Icarus Online (Steam)
BrieBeau: thank you @DigitalSeahorse @Psychic_Ketchup @Dared00 !!! <3 I'm still learning all the bits and bobs of the site.
breathlessisthehunt: This is gonna be great
bpcl: omg it is eternal darkness!
Psychic_Ketchup: benginDab2
Mt_Storm: benginDab
DigitalSeahorse: BrieBeau katesNice
Phosphatide: make sure to always Destroy All Bacteria
DigitalSeahorse: benginDab gazoomtits
bpcl: That's a quote
pterodactyl_noises: haunted chair
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circusofkirkus: Roses are red, violets are blue, he head too big for he gotdamn coffin
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TXC2: Because Jesus is special Ben
chickenace11: careful you guys might get that taken off of tumblr now
breathlessisthehunt: 'forsooth n shit'
strgrv: often comedy is a way to hide fear :)
Malkaresh: Fucking forsooth and shit.
m0nkeyrama: Fuckin forsooth and shit
tim19862: katesLol
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
DigitalSeahorse: cloth was expensive back then, especially the purples and like royal blues
Malkaresh: Someone had that to quotes
Malkaresh: *add
I_Am_Clockwork: oh man you aint seen nothin yet potion wise for this game
Dared00: press Right Stick?
hoktauri: We need someone to keep track of how many streams a potion seller reference comes up
ImmoralEthicist: Right click, I think?
I_Am_Clockwork: I know you can throw stuff with mouse & keyboard
jitterbeans: Right Bumper?
Freshly_Toasted: Ah yes, the leg throw
bpcl: Are we really talking potions in this chat?
keesonman: down right punch
DigitalSeahorse: now we're Ready to ROCK!
bpcl: Is this Trap Quest?
Sanityis0verrated: you can throw things
tim19862: lrrGOAT there
TXC2: Dpad maybe?
keesonman: Hadoken
CarnageTyrantits: Amnesia: DudePerfect
Vanderhof: Hmm I legimately can't see anywhere what this game is
ImmoralEthicist: There's one on the controller as well, but I don't remember what it is
I_Am_Clockwork: tap bumpers myabe?
m0nkeyrama: Lol, teamwork for those throws
gaming_neko_ramona: Isn't throw RB?
TXC2: Vanderhof this is Amnesia
Pteraspidomorphi: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh
bpcl: This is no game!
DigitalSeahorse: xD
BrieBeau: Why's it all tilty??
ReydienOnline: it sounds like the controller keybinds don't have a throw option
Vanderhof: Ahh neat @TXC2 thank you very kindly
Onisquirrel: fuckin' forsooth I miss that tailor
n_mandrag: Maybe he was dating the tailor ?
m0nkeyrama: Amnesia is quite the game
BrieBeau: like I can't be the only one seeing that.
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ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: This game takes on a whole new feel if you roleplay it as a frat bro waking up after a massive party. Also almost 1 year etc
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TXC2: !game override Amnesia: The Dark Decent
LRRbot: Override enabled. Currently playing: Amnesia: The Dark Decent
Freshly_Toasted: Amnesia: The dark kinda okay
BrieBeau: @ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa that is a very fun take
Fr0Dough: Is this another cuthulu thing
tim19862: how old is this game? that menu
TXC2: "fucking forsooth" reminds me of wizards swears :P
ImmoralEthicist: @Fr0Dough Not directly, but inspired by
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: it makes the wine cellar bit kind of hilarious
m0nkeyrama: RIP fuckin forsooth quote
Texan_Reverend: Ben, I just noticed that the stream title is still "Up Next: LRRMTG."
bpcl: I wish I would have seen this game before Eternal Darkness
Papperslappen: the floor is full of madeleines
I_Am_Clockwork: are you saying swole folk can't be spooked?
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smurfsrppl2: Woo! Let's get spoopy! lrrSPOOP
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Markster981: book? Lore!! Kreygasm PogChamp
koizom: yeh, stream title and game could use an update
TXC2: so this game is from 2010, for those wondering
I_Am_Clockwork: lantern has limited oil
Freshly_Toasted: Poor ventilation is mAdDeNiNg
tim19862: ah thanks TXC2
I_Am_Clockwork: also be careful using tinder boxes because you only have so many of those too
ReynardWrecca: Smash the State!
I_Am_Clockwork: you have an inventory
I_Am_Clockwork: tab is keyboard key for it
BrieBeau: It looks like somebody spilled pepto everywhere. Somebody's got a bellyache!
I_Am_Clockwork: iirc
NimrodXIV: inventory menu shows sanity & oil
Rockario: This game is from 2010. Contemporary with: Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Super Meat Boy
wicker_knight: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Amnesia: The Dark Decent (overridden)
strgrv: charity100 the stream title is all broke, and also #charity
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m0nkeyrama: Raspberries:o seabatBRAIN
wicker_knight: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 23:32.
Papperslappen: It is hard to remember how innovative Amnesia seemed when it first came out
electroswagnetism: Logchamp
Eklinaar: lol
Freshly_Toasted: Let me bring out the lamp to get a better look at this glowing fire
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are there any Krampus games?
tim19862: more talking than the Cameron and Ian thing lrrBEEJ
wicker_knight: interesting to see this stream without Serge hiding under a blanket
APODionysus: Oh man
wicker_knight: *this game
APODionysus: I hope we get a cam and Ian Christmas again
m0nkeyrama: This Sunday I think, @APODionysus
Psychic_Ketchup: Amnesia - Throwing Shade
Freshly_Toasted: Old person murder yaaay
Vanderhof: oh yes, lets kill gramps! ...
Markster981: killing grandpa? so this is just first person darkest dungeon PogChamp
m0nkeyrama: Markster :o
FarleyF: Would a Ben and Adam Christmas be the opposite of Ian and Cam Christmas, two loud bois vs two quiet boys
Onisquirrel: your former self is not fucking around
TXC2: "the Shadow is in reality Lamon Christenson, wealthy young man about town"
Onisquirrel: doesn't even sugar coat what he's asking himself to do
Markster981: ramen :O
Astra7525: "Don't buy bitcoin"
Rhynerd: These potions look awfully strong
ReynardWrecca: Brennenburg means 'burning castle' - set fire to everything!
bpcl: I don't know if I would trust a letter signed by myself telling me to kill someone I know nothing about
m0nkeyrama: Daniel's new groove?
tim19862: re:bitcoin "earn" it Kappa
smurfsrppl2: charity2500 Did somebody say #Charity?
$13,636 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 15 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at
asherj2004: when are they playing mtg
Xenopenumbra: Thru the spoops! Secret tunnel
FlopsyDingo: the hissing is the cockroaches
CardKingdom: Give me your strongest potions.
Spacepup: My potions are to strong for you, traveller.
TXC2: asherj2004 tomorrow :P
asherj2004: thanks man
CardKingdom: Excuse me.
tim19862: LUL
m0nkeyrama: RIP Twitch Chat
Spacepup: I showed up late to the stream too, I'm sorry.
Xenopenumbra: #Rude
Rhynerd: We have a quota too, Adam.
CardKingdom: I came to watch some good creators and I'm feeling really attacked right now.
AntiCrepuscular: #bodied
kinkerbelle: cheer100 bits are never over!
TehAmelie: timing is hard when we're 10 seconds behind ;_;
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Rhynerd: This is us fullfilling the quota.
Sanityis0verrated: we are on a delay
m0nkeyrama: No apprentice this year!
Onisquirrel: your like Mickey Mouse to his Sorceror
Markster981: one apprentice this year OpieOP
Eklinaar: "my most precious chamber" so this is a dating sim?
Freshly_Toasted: Most precious chamber
tim19862: lol
wicker_knight: kinda yes @Eklinaar
BrieBeau: EW
Freshly_Toasted: Almost certainly a sex dungeon
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: that's a really dramatic way to say something's in the basement
Vanderhof: Alright i will try to predict 10 in to the future... Go left.... Now! and Kick the door
wicker_knight: we're going through a really bad breakup with our boyfriend
Psychic_Ketchup: This is my fleshy web chamber
MalBeam: overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer
m0nkeyrama: Who's counting, @Markster981 ? OpieOP
ContingentCat: That sounds like a euphemism for someone's lady parts
tim19862: mine is the right ventricle Kappa
BrieBeau: or someone's parts in general. I'm gonna use it.
FlopsyDingo: I dunno, Pierce shot some fools at the end Kappa
Sanityis0verrated: he isn't the worst
pterodactyl_noises: gotta say yeet if you want it to break
VoidByAnyOtherName: whoa amnesia duck descent
banwidthraptor: at least this guy probably reads latin
Markster981: a rock is a trog tool Kreygasm
APODionysus: I mean a rock is the ORIGINAL tool
m0nkeyrama: Damn... The gas!
BrieBeau: @bandwidthraptor LOL
Rhynerd: Or used to real latin
wicker_knight: I nominate that all of these supposedly-intelligence, constantly-confused, self-important fools in these horror games should be called CARNBY as an epithet
TXC2: Oil? we need that for crafting!...this is fallout 4 right? Kappa
VoidByAnyOtherName: also the title/game seems no workie
wicker_knight: *supposedly-intelligent
Psychic_Ketchup: Ez game ez life
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: As someone named Daniel with a boyfriend named Alex, this game is kinda fucking me up
m0nkeyrama: Gaming god btw seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Rhynerd: expert thing finder
Huschel23: I hate it when that happens to my doors
AntiCrepuscular: interesting dowsing rod you have there...
Astra7525: Is your castle suffering from doorgoop
electroswagnetism: "The door is closed"
pterodactyl_noises: real fake doors
VoidByAnyOtherName: sorry it's DC30
Phailhammer: If the door gets covered in a weird membrane, tell Dale. lrrBEEJ
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Highway Blossoms (Steam) | No Time to Explain (Steam) | VVVVVV (Steam)
TXC2: "I convince the dragon"
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Xenopenumbra: But i got a 20! I open all doors!
tim19862: katesWa katesOw katesLol katesNice
Mashamino: LUL
Astra7525: wooow
m0nkeyrama: Hot damn, the luck
wicker_knight: was the doppleganger the king?
TXC2: Hi graham
Xenopenumbra: You do! You open all 0 doors
tim19862: Hi Graham!
jitterbeans: G!
VoidByAnyOtherName: oh hai graham
Tiber727: 20% of the time, it works everytime!
wicker_knight: or just pretending to be the king?
tim19862: whoops
Huschel23: The Graham is a doppelganger?
TXC2: !game override off
LRRbot: Override disabled. Not currently playing any game
Zyme86: @graham wapo totally just did a LRR sketch
wildpeaks: woopsie :D
bpcl: r/lrrmtg
Vanderhof: wait... you were in my game? Cause that is how my name was named "Slayer of the King Prentender"
Eklinaar: you deleted a whole subreddit? So, no real loss. lrrBEEJ
BrieBeau: oh no did I get someone in trouble?
bpcl: Every king is a doppelganger
m0nkeyrama: Oh nooo
TXC2: Zyme86 oh Jesus
m0nkeyrama: Torchless Amnesia
Zyme86: @TXC2 IKR?
Phosphatide: @Zyme86 yeah that's partially my fault FrankerZ
electroswagnetism: Torchless amnesia is actually totally doable
I_Am_Clockwork: tab?
I_Am_Clockwork: on the keyboard
Mashamino: tab, I think
Vanderhof: @bpcl I finde that every doppleganger is a king ;)
MalBeam: just play torchless adam
m0nkeyrama: Oh oops
BrieBeau: ugh that corner is goopy
m0nkeyrama: That was a joke BibleThump
tim19862: wonky camera is messing with my head ugh
Markster981: torchless*
Sanityis0verrated: I used my lights rarely
Huschel23: Oh, a good, healthy brain
VoidByAnyOtherName: also why is the gamma so bright andySip
I_Am_Clockwork: potion time
I_Am_Clockwork: potion seller
pterodactyl_noises: #420ChemistryAllDay
TXC2: VoidByAnyOtherName so we can actually see the game
Psychic_Ketchup: Chemistry pot, aka real dank weed
m0nkeyrama: Potions were too weak :/
BrieBeau: Calomine? No way, that's the pink stuff!
GravityWell34: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 33:14.
TXC2: !clips
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CarnageTyrantits: Angry boi
Astra7525: Twitch pls
GDwarf: Heh, Aqua Regia and Aqua Fortis are legitimate terms for two different acids
Mashamino: "No, mom, this isn't weed, it's, uh, chemistry pot... for science class"
VoidByAnyOtherName: it's leviosuhhhhhhhh
BrieBeau: I didn't think there was any way they'd have calomine, lol.
head_cannon: @VoidByAnyOtherName It has to be done when playing dark, scary games while on camera and lit up by studio lights.
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah those are old names for chemicals
kinkerbelle: aqua fortis is SUPPOSED to be acidic!
wicker_knight: @Mashamino "It's not weed, it's purified cannabinoids"
BrieBeau: Calomine can actually be used for allergic reactions on the skin - like you bath in it! Used to when I was a kid.
GDwarf: Aqua Regia is the acid mixture that can dissolve gold, IIRC
electroswagnetism: "I dumped a bunch of acids together and all they do is dissolve things."
m0nkeyrama: Lol, that voice
kinkerbelle: it's nitric acid!
bpcl: That's alchemy for you
wildpeaks: that's an interesting voice for Alexander :D
wicker_knight: liar
Sanityis0verrated: To Blave
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TXC2: "and when I think about you, I do bad things, oh oooh"
strgrv: this is such a laughy boi stream
Mashamino: LUL
AntiCrepuscular: :D
KV1NN4: whats int he desk ?
Solipsody: Is there some kind of context I should have for any of this?
m0nkeyrama: Donuts :o
RichardMcSundy: oh man Ben and Adam on the same stream
Vanderhof: I mean I think of my partner, every time I put chunks of dead prostitutes in my boot... I mean I have said too much
Inkompetence: There was a corner hidden behind those boxes!
VoidByAnyOtherName: in your boot?
Phailhammer: Solipsody: We don't know who we are, but the notes suggest we may have been in on some shady shit.
Tiber727: "Dollars to donuts?!" I thought we were done with that Harry Potter shit!
KV1NN4: did they open the desk cupboards
Phailhammer: Solipsody: Wait, sorry, we know our name.
TXC2: VoidByAnyOtherName boot is the trunk in the UK
Rhynerd: I forget, what part of the castle is flooded?
AntiCrepuscular: grate/10
electroswagnetism: gr8 gr8 m8 i r8 /8
VoidByAnyOtherName: ohh
m0nkeyrama: Were we the potion seller the whole time PogChamp
KV1NN4: @Rhynerd I thinkt hey're still a way away fromt hat
VoidByAnyOtherName: waow
tim19862: t-shirt I made a long time ago
Sanityis0verrated: WAIT Ben have you seen Willow?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Liars are notoriously farty
m0nkeyrama: Need to be speedreaders to get through those screens DansGame
tim19862: another one I got the idea from a LRR stream
Astra7525: I was gonna say. this game is really slow rolling the spoops
BrieBeau: Willow is my favorite movie! I love when people reference it :D
I_Am_Clockwork: I stole da baybeee
Sanityis0verrated: Have to ask Ben is a youngin
I_Am_Clockwork: archives is a new area
Markster981: If adam screams once ill be happy OpieOP
m0nkeyrama: He is a youngin
TXC2: willow is the one with Warwick Davis right?
BrieBeau: Yep!
I_Am_Clockwork: @TXC2 yeah
TXC2: Ben is younger then me, so yes he is a youngin Kappa
Vanderhof: @Markster981 that will happen as soon as he runs into a puzzel
m0nkeyrama: @Markster981 You're in luck, it'll def happen seabatSEAL
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bpcl: the youtube lrr archives
electroswagnetism: this game is agressively slowly paced
Anubis169: hihi Adam and Ben lrrAWESOME
TXC2: Hi Anubis169
BrieBeau: Did y'all see Sorcha from Willow is in the latest season of Daredevil?
Anubis169: yo
Sanityis0verrated: hi anubis
Laserbeaks_Fury:'re all Pigs!
Schokobeau: Oh hey guys :D
Anubis169: 'ello Sanity :D
m0nkeyrama: Braum is best support <3
Laserbeaks_Fury: Good news, everyone!
tim19862: Professor Bob
TXC2: Professor Keith
Sanityis0verrated: ?
PixelArtDragon: But what about a professor Chadwick?
electroswagnetism: Profressor Flexo
bpcl: I would love to see an Adam Savidan point and click horror game that has Adam's face watching you from the top corner of the screen and every textbox is voiced over by Adam
CompletelyUnsure: except you know, professor stephen hawking
Markster981: Professor Adam OpieOP
EvilBadman: Brofessor Kyle
tim19862: Professor Apple
Laserbeaks_Fury: Professor Herbert Farnsworth
SkylerRingtail: Professor Skyler? You rang?
pterodactyl_noises: Professor? More like BROfessor!!
m0nkeyrama: Professor Blue is a thing
I_Am_Clockwork: Prof. Coulton
BrieBeau: The bugs are def creepy
Sanityis0verrated: lrrSPOOP
tim19862: Professor Chuck
Feminine_Desires: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 41:57.
CarnageTyrantits: I heard you were not supposed to have any weapons in this game but they give you all these chairs
Mashamino: I saw a Unity-asset looking Krampus game earlier today, in fact
TehAmelie: Krampus is a boss in Binding of Isaac, but it has a lot of bosses
Onisquirrel: Professor Chuck, aka: Professor Charles Xavier
Schokobeau: close the door, pro strats at work
Laserbeaks_Fury: The key is to go just insane enough to *belive* your lamp is lit
Akaiatana: Prposal: narrate the game like Edward Pierce :P
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
BrieBeau: :D
Pteraspidomorphi: Krampus tends to show up in almost every run in which you get all satan deal rooms, though, TehAmelie
ilyon_: Ben. Please
Schokobeau: Goddamit Ben
m0nkeyrama: benginHeart seabatBRAIN
MenomeTwitch: Damn it, my stream froze and I missed whatever it was
BrieBeau: I want someone to build this castle thing in Sims
Sanityis0verrated: I'm sad I'm gonna miss some of this driving home
Markster981: lore PogChamp
tim19862: haha
electroswagnetism: This was after memento
ilyon_: I can't remember. Is this the really early game? Or has a fair bit been played already?
pinpointersk: hey Adam and Ben
Lunareclipse123: It was Memento after Memento was Memento
ilyon_: I feel like water level and such happened already
TheInnsanity: I forgot about this game! Kappa
PixelArtDragon: Things full of beans that aren't supposed to be full of beans.
m0nkeyrama: This is early on @ilyon_
Huschel23: Meme-nto?
Nightvalien28: ilyon_ this early
DigitalSeahorse: hi, ilyon_ mister165Wave
ilyon_: OK.
Psychic_Ketchup: "This man is full of beans. I don't know what that means. Oh shit that rhymed."
ilyon_: Ty
electroswagnetism: @ilyon_ we haven't done water level yet
pinpointersk: Such lore
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ah yes, but by Momento Logic, this game happens first
tim19862: LUL
EvilBadman: Can't lose your mind if you got too big a brain
TehAmelie: yeah but i mean just counting the narratively established end bosses we've got Mom, Mom's heart, Satan and Isaac
pinpointersk: yes
m0nkeyrama: looool
TXC2: Adam pls
Onisquirrel: It's a ghost carrying a pair of boots
Schokobeau: PRO STRATS
CompletelyUnsure: It's a ghost carrying a pair of tap shoes
tim19862: smash the state
NimrodXIV: well done
Zyme86: The chair of the ghost committee
BrieBeau: Wise tool use
pinpointersk: thats how adam closes doors
Nocxia: chair says NO DOOR FOR YOU
Schokobeau: I'll show you my Ikea-wan-do
Feminine_Desires: twitch please,
m0nkeyrama: Oops
Aztren: anyone else dropping frames or is it my end?
AntiCrepuscular: lrrSPOOP Free at last!
m0nkeyrama: I am too
Schokobeau: Germany here, me 2
tim19862: nah, you just breathed in grandpa bill
MenomeTwitch: Dropping here
Nightvalien28: Aztren dropping too
Vanderhof: @Feminine_Desires so i am not the only one that has issues
Markster981: yeah samw
fragilepaper: Im dropping frames
Inkompetence: There were some speedrun strats involving chairs and doors and bad clipping, but I can't recall the specifics.
Solipsody: I don't think I've opened as many drawers in my life, total, as you have so far in this game, and you haven't even been playing that long...
TXC2: yeap been getting lost frames
BrieBeau: Spoopy music time, oh no
ilyon_: Somewhere there's an office with a board full of monster options and someone just won a lot of money from their bets
m0nkeyrama: Adam's games are all mimics all the time seabatBRAIN
Huschel23: I hate this one book in particular
Schokobeau: That's why Adam is always prepared.
FITorion: was that a chest on the shelf?
Schokobeau: And at attention!
AntiCrepuscular: nobody tell Adam that the mimics in this game are chairs! Kappa
electroswagnetism: You should check on your brain health in the menu
TXC2: I keep expecting there to be caps in all these draws.....I may have played too much fallout :P
Laserbeaks_Fury: You're right, Ray. No human being would stack books like this...
Markster981: your hand just looks like a fleshy lump
m0nkeyrama: Uh oh, we get sanity back from puzzles? We're in trouble Kappa
BrieBeau: what the heck
KV1NN4: Being in the light does help your character stop panicking tho
KV1NN4: that includes lamps and candles
BrieBeau: I want "You can spook this dick" on a tshirt
TXC2: wow we throw chairs one handed REAL far
Solipsody: So it's the opposite of Lovecraft. Getting closer to the truth makes you LESS mad.
APODionysus: Good thing it’s just a game. If solving puzzles was how you gain sanity in real life...
TXC2: Hot Cross buns to the tune of three blind mice?
m0nkeyrama: A map! :o
TehAmelie: now i just remembered this buffoon complaining that Gandalf was "overrated" because "all he does is go around and talk to people" and got mad again
tim19862: get mapped
Sanityis0verrated: I used to do the Jaws theme
electroswagnetism: @Solipsody I mean you usually get sanity back from completing quests and stuff in the call of cthulhu tabletop games too
Vanderhof: @APODionysus then I wouldn't be the broken bongo drum that I am, if that was the case
Markster981: maybe your the ghost OSFrog
ilyon_: Jackson Pollack here
Solipsody: @electroswagnetism Wait... You survived quests in CoC?
BrieBeau: uhhhh
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Gish (Steam) | Samorost 2 (Steam) | Saints Row 2 (Steam)
m0nkeyrama: Looks like we're stuck :/
VoidByAnyOtherName: we live here now
Schokobeau: Shouldn't have touched the maps
tim19862: katesLol katesNice
Markster981: I hate it when big rocks manifest in my house
NimrodXIV: yuuuup
AntiCrepuscular: looks like we have the *master key* :D
BrieBeau: The power of chair!
head_cannon: The power of Chair compels you!
m0nkeyrama: LUL LUL seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Lord_Durin: Yes Adam YES
electroswagnetism: @Solipsody Yes, because my DM isn't just "lol cthulhu eats you" or whatever
1losttheGame: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
tim19862: booo prequel music lrrFRUMP
cheetoJack: sounds like you just made the highlight reel
Feminine_Desires: twitch! stop it twitch.
Schokobeau: who dares bargle...
MalBeam: easy game for babies
m0nkeyrama: That's the best SW song tho
EvilBadman: the Prequel music owned bones.
BrieBeau: Are you trying to surprise it?
APODionysus: The puzzles are gonna wreck them
AntiCrepuscular: we're going to need a bigger chair!
tim19862: hah
Schokobeau: *dink*
NimrodXIV: thunk
MenomeTwitch: @Pump19 Thank you for Gish!
Schokobeau: *DINK*
m0nkeyrama: Yeah! Did it!
tim19862: katesNice
GenericHerooo: xD
Huschel23: Everything's a key if you try hard enough
pterodactyl_noises: Seriously you two. You are the most fun to watch stream
gualdhar: oh sweet, Ben's been working on his maniacal laughter!
Markster981: I was elected to lead, not too read
Godofmuffins: Reading is for nerds and non millennials.
EvilBadman: Millenials are killing the codex industry
I_Am_Clockwork: you missed one
DigitalSeahorse: reading is for the literate :P
TXC2: EvilBadman if Games workshops are anything to go by, indeed they are Kappa
TXC2: *workshops' sales
TureTapir: Boo!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Laced with LSD
1losttheGame: lsd!
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
pterodactyl_noises: accidentally an LSD
tim19862: reading books is for people who want to read books aka not me
Schokobeau: I accidentally the whole LSD
Bobtheninjagoldfish: THE GAS!
Huschel23: Reading books is for addicts
Laserbeaks_Fury: Stanley was drawn to the mystic light
TXC2: Reading book are for non Dyslexic people who dont fall asleep when reading :P
CptCorallis: I'd love a Stanley parable style horror game
m0nkeyrama: Thanks for the great clip work @Feminine_Desires ! <3
M4RKNUTT: Evening all :) hey do you guys still make Crapshots?
Rhynerd: yep!
Solipsody: @M4RKNUTT They just put up the very last one ever.
Rhynerd: They'll be making a new one next friday, I beleive
I_Am_Clockwork: try pulling the books in clockwise direction?
TXC2: no, graham was very clear that was not the last crapshot Kappa
Schokobeau: Perhaps instead of pulling the book by "walking", you need to pull the mouse over.
Schokobeau: Like, the only input has to be from the mouse drag.
M4RKNUTT: ;) thanks chat
Feminine_Desires: Push them back in?
Lunareclipse123: push?
Markster981: whenever some says marknutt out loud it just sounds like a command Kappa
Rhynerd: Oh, and they might be streaming the production of that crapshot
Pteraspidomorphi: Is the door still locked?
NimrodXIV: reset switch?
solahwin_tampramain: is there another one?
BloodForTheCorelab: to google?
Lunareclipse123: Grab hold of them and push in
m0nkeyrama: WutFace Markster
SolarJudas: Do you want hints?
RatekStormcrow: Try flipping it turnways.
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+ (Steam) | eden* (Steam) | Poker Night 2 (Steam)
vinvis_: Click them with the throw button?
M4RKNUTT: @Markster981 who says it isn't?
Markster981: you know im right ramen
tim19862: Turn it windershins
lighting_bolt_123: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 57:17.
Rhynerd: that's a lott a good games
BloodForTheCorelab: hear me out did we try going left 15 seconds ago?
Feminine_Desires: dammit codefall I can never get them.
EpiiMeth: Try pulling without moving
androgyknits: !findquote scared
LRRbot: Quote #778: "I don't want to touch the butt anymore! I'm scared!" —Alex [2015-10-02]
EpiiMeth: But by turning the camera
Silver__Knight_: afternoon all o/ how goes the descent into darkness?
Markster981: but too which mark, me or you Kappa
SolarJudas: Ah, beat me to it
m0nkeyrama: Why not both
Schokobeau: Try pulling only be mouse input.
Schokobeau: by*
SolarJudas: Yeah, don't move your character
HisEvilDomain: Since when did Amnesia have a disco soundtrack?
Schokobeau: Instead of walking.
TXC2: what do we do lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Don't look in any baguettes.
Schokobeau: Yeah! :D
I_Am_Clockwork: yay puzzles
m0nkeyrama: Solved it! seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN benginDab
MenomeTwitch: Baguettes are notriously haunted
I_Am_Clockwork: ruh roh
Laserbeaks_Fury: put...the candle....back....
I_Am_Clockwork: hide times
Rockario: Cellar Door?
Malkaresh: Fucking forsooth and shit
m0nkeyrama: ^
BloodnBullets: where there is a wine cellar, there must be wine...
Huschel23: Why use keys when you have chairs?
Asimech: IIRC, this game doesn't really use physics when moving switches etc. but rather the mouse movements as input. Sort of like games with motion controls.
monsieur_squirrel: where there's a wine cellar, there must be bricks
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Babyseller, I want your strongest babies
Asimech: Babies for days.
Markster981: would you like this baby?
TXC2: !addquote (Adam) [now] Fucking forsooth and shit.
LRRbot: New quote #5580: "Fucking forsooth and shit." —Adam [2018-12-12]
m0nkeyrama: Yesss quote
Malkaresh: Thanks @TXC2
Vanderhof: "it isn't voice acted I don't want any" ... please some one make Adam place skyrim with a mod where all the books are read out Kappa
Mt_Storm: lrrHERE
tim19862: bacon dresser!
ChiefEngineerMichael: lrrHERE lrrHERE
AntiCrepuscular: game solved!
pinpointersk: We always lived here
tim19862: katesWa katesOw
jakale: who would attack us on this carpet
m0nkeyrama: The shambler :(
Schokobeau: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
NimrodXIV: hiding might be good soon
Godofmuffins: lrrFINE
m0nkeyrama: Tbh it kinda sounds like my stomach when i'm hungry
Asimech: "No, we don't want a pamphlet. No pockets, you see."
jakale: monster is having stomach troubles, that's why he's not chasing
AntiCrepuscular: yeah, it's the spooky roach drawer
Mivair: monster wants a snacky
ContingentCat: ew
m0nkeyrama: wtfff
Papperslappen: Oh no, Jam
Mivair: "dolphin blood trail"
KV1NN4: time for JUMPS
TheInnsanity: did you just get sneezed on
Asimech: Ah, the "somewhat tasty looking goo".
tim19862: katesNice
Psychic_Ketchup: The strats
jakale: watch out for meat globules
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN So smart
Solipsody: This house seems to have consumption.
Feminine_Desires: So many lost frames ;-;
tim19862: yeah
m0nkeyrama: Yee frames lost in the abyss
Schokobeau: "So the Kool-Aid in the cellar that we kept there ... it coagulated. And now demands allowance."
tim19862: good now, for now
TXC2: Feminine_Desires I'm on 67000 skipped frames :P
I_Am_Clockwork: share the loooaaad
M4RKNUTT: Welp can't stay long, have a pleasant evening :)
m0nkeyrama: Uh
TXC2: so long M4RKNUTT have fun
tim19862: katesWave M4RKNUTT
tim19862: lrrAWESOME
m0nkeyrama: Bye @M4RKNUTT !
Decaped: wine stains, obviously.
Psychic_Ketchup: Glad I'm not the only one who does that
ContingentCat: if you can't see it it doesn't exist, right?
Orgmastron: Spoooooooky studio lighting
TXC2: is it me, or does every deep, growly clown sounding voice sound like someone trying to do Mark hamil's Joker?
DigitalSeahorse: if it's under the fridge it won't make your sock wet :P
Feminine_Desires: We might have to turn the stream off and on on the next break
fiftymcnasty: Throw it on the ground!
Feminine_Desires: These lost frames are really bad.
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah I
Laserbeaks_Fury: just random skill saw blades
heyluckyannie: pride200 #charity
$14,799 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 15 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at
I_Am_Clockwork: i''m also getting lost frames
lighting_bolt_123: @contingentcat yep , does that mean my ears Dont exist.
TXC2: Feminine_Desires we had this problem during LRRMtG
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | How to Survive 2 (Steam) | The Bard's Tale (Steam) | AI War: Fleet Command (Steam)
tim19862: everybody! everybody! loosin the frames
m0nkeyrama: It is very jumpy, lots of frames getting eaten by the monster
Huschel23: Nobody's there? Rude
Solipsody: So, the "Amnesia" in question is that you've forgotten where your keys are, and the whole game is just rummaging through every corner of the house until you realize they were in your pocket all along? True horror.
TheMerricat: They were having problems in the magic stream near the end, twitch might be going stupid again.
m0nkeyrama: Aliens :o
TheInnsanity: too bad candles are too heavy for humans to lift
TXC2: OK chat, is anyone NOT getting lost frames?
tim19862: Mr. Creisote? Kappa
Malkaresh: A few
Solipsody: Pretty smooth here, actually.
Psychic_Ketchup: Wilhelm, do something! Like scream!
Markster981: hewwo? mwister gwhost? is awnybowdy thwre
jakale: someone's poisoned the wine hole
I_Am_Clockwork: meat
Malkaresh: Yeah not super bad
Papperslappen: touch the meat
HisEvilDomain: I'm in the the land that time forgot, so my streaming has been fairly spotty the last week
TXC2: Royal water?
ReydienOnline: My name is Wilhelm, these are my final words: aaaaaAAAAAHHHhhhh
CastleOtranto: Clone High reference?
m0nkeyrama: ez game for babies BabyRage seabatBRAIN
tim19862: Are there ever any actual enemies or just sounds and goo?
Markster981: real life lore Kreygasm
jakale: daniel the strong
DigitalSeahorse: !codefall
LRRbot: If you want to post game codes into chat, we welcome them. We would, however, suggest that you replace key points in the code with #s to avoid codebot snipers (and let us know what they should be). Another option would be to enter them into the Pump19 bot: Good luck and prepare for CodeFall!
circusofkirkus: Adam the redecorator
m0nkeyrama: No barrel apprentice this year
TXC2: AntiCrepuscular huh , neat
GenericHerooo: @TXC2 My internet is always awful, so I don't notice.
TXC2: GenericHerooo same here :P
Rockario: This game plays way different when you don't trick yourself into hoarding tinder and oil
Solipsody: I hope the next Autumnal Rumble has a Crate vs Barrel match.
NimrodXIV: hello friend
TheInnsanity: best spook technique: provide instructions for hiding from enemies in a game with no enemies
Papperslappen: ehehehehehe, butt
1losttheGame: laudnum? thats for sanity!
Markster981: me at 3am looking for some shredded cheese
m0nkeyrama: lol
Solipsody: That is... Not what Laudanum does.
GenericHerooo: @TXC2 xD
Vanderhof: Adam's Sanity is dangerous low... we already knew that Ben Kappa
TXC2: yeap, Heroin in absinthe is great for "sanity"
tim19862: was there even an actual npc monster?
tim19862: Is *that* what laudnum is?!
TXC2: tim19862 yeap
Laserbeaks_Fury: More like LOUD-inum, amiright
tim19862: katesWa katesOw lrrSPOOP
monsieur_squirrel: sounds delicious
m0nkeyrama: Just tossing stuff willy-nilly
Solipsody: @tim19862 Minus the wormwood, yeah.
tim19862: wow
mistborn83: gas juice?
Rhynerd: I didn't know that either.
I_Am_Clockwork: remember to save some tinderboxes
TXC2: I mean it's opium in place of heroin, but thats basically the same thing
TheMerricat: he means how much oil is in his lantern.
Vanderhof: @TXC2 Hand not a drop of Morphine it it? What kind of cheap joint is this?!
tim19862: Insane combo, for "sanity" wow
HisEvilDomain: @TXC2 I mean, if you don't want to move I'm certain it's very effective to an outside observer :P
TXC2: indeed
TXC2: it used to be used as a painkiller
Nightvalien28: you know reading about the puzzles help
m0nkeyrama: There's another aqua, I think?
Solipsody: It's amazing Coleridge managed to write poetry on the stuff. It's basically a coma in a bottle.
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut (Steam) | Mini Metro (Steam) | Xenonauts (Steam)
Markster981: your welcome adam :)
Markster981: we do our best :)
m0nkeyrama: Who's playing tonight?
Solipsody: Aquavit. That's the one you want.
Nightvalien28: headshot
tim19862: I had that as a kid, from a garage sale. Pretty sure we never had the instructions though
ilyon_: Got'em
Feminine_Desires: Are we sure that codefall isn't being taken by bots? The codes seem to be immediately taken the moment they appear.
m0nkeyrama: Ben.....
Laserbeaks_Fury: Like actual old school Fireball Island?
mistborn83: My board gamee group is playing fireball island tonight! small world
Clockwork_Penguin: Hiya folks
Laserbeaks_Fury: Because that game is oooold
HisEvilDomain: that always happens to me, picking up bottles and barrels decide to go in for the kill
tim19862: I think there was a kickstarter remake or something
Noxenluxe: I just whisper people when giving away codes. SeriousSloth
m0nkeyrama: Nox is smart seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Markster981: nox is too smart SeriousSloth
m0nkeyrama: Hammer time!
GenericHerooo: :O
Malkaresh: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
wildpeaks: swole af
tim19862: Noxenluxe how do you know someone wants the game first?
tim19862: ask?
m0nkeyrama: Daniel drinks that big milk :o
tim19862: ah
Solipsody: It's cool how Adam's tremendous guns actually allow him to move the mouse harder and pull those boulders.
tim19862: LUL
fiftymcnasty: So its classic 80s boardgame night?
HisEvilDomain: broadcast "I have X, Y and Z codes" first @ back gets the code I guess?
Invitare: Big Milk?
tim19862: jamba juice at the mall
Markster981: what flavour of juice Kappa
m0nkeyrama: Daniel doesn't have the sick hops
Noxenluxe: I follow with a question like this, If you want The Darkness Two, Momodora 4, or Strider, guess which character is my main in Smash Bros. SeriousSloth
Markster981: ike
Noxenluxe: No SeriousSloth
Markster981: OSFrog
TXC2: !smash
LRRbot: Put Majima in Smash, you cowards!
HisEvilDomain: Jigglypuff
m0nkeyrama: Ike :o
tim19862: hehe Noxenluxe nice
Markster981: I wish nox was a jigglewiggly mainarino
Noxenluxe: Afraid not, SeriousSloth
thetoastmonster: piss off, ghost!
Amentur: We're workin' here! cohhOld
m0nkeyrama: That'll stop em
Arimus221: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:19:31.
tim19862: pit, always cheap shots
1losttheGame: closed for business, come again later
Psychic_Ketchup: What a crate idea
GenericHerooo: Haha
Ridgenator: Fort Savidan rises again!
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Ringo_The_Monkey: What's good! Also I am so glad to finally catch a stream
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Vanderhof: @Noxenluxe Browset
Cepsys: let's make a tincture
Noxenluxe: Nope SeriousSloth
GenericHerooo: Wa wa wa...
tim19862: which specific Smash bros game?
Noxenluxe: Smash Ultimate SeriousSloth
tim19862: ah
HisEvilDomain: the chemistry pot, for when you want to forget what you're making halfway through and urn the glassware
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Kirby?
thetoastmonster: by your powers combined I AM CAPTAIN SCIENCE!
Psychic_Ketchup: Heart!
Noxenluxe: No SeriousSloth
GenericHerooo: :O
pterodactyl_noises: goop juice
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ecto-Cooler
m0nkeyrama: We're doing science :o :o
wildpeaks: red bull
cheetoJack: oh time to have a trip
Moddington: mjbDank
1losttheGame: L-S-D BABE
TXC2: do not drink acid
Nightvalien28: and thus the origin of big milk
gsyhiap: a nugget of purest green!
Psychic_Ketchup: Pot of greed's cooler cousin
Cepsys: and here I was going to make a joke about needing blotter paper
Markster981: lets get schwasted OSFrog
HisEvilDomain: Flubber!
Ringo_The_Monkey: A little probably wouldn't hurt
metagameface: weren't like half of the ingredients already acid
tim19862: katesNice
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN Smartest baby
Blue_Anteater: @gsyhiap Except it's not really a nugget, is it? It's more of a splat. xP
I_Am_Clockwork: wow that's not how I solved that puzzel
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Tales from the Borderlands (Steam) | Besiege (Steam) | Endless Legend - Tempest DLC - NOTE: DLC - requires Endless Legend to use. (Steam)
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Theyu certainly are not
APODionysus: I kinda wanted Adam to fall off the ledge there
TXC2: Snow is good...for one day
tim19862: me too APODionysus
Terreriaplayer101: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:23:33.
gsyhiap: Blue_Anteater - A splat today, but tomorrow, who knows? Or dares to dream...
tim19862: LUL
Ringo_The_Monkey: Man I am not so happy with mine
Gizmoloid: @TheMerricat Thanks for VVVVVV!
TheMerricat: NP @Gizmoloid clearing out my dups from Humble Bundle
Blue_Anteater: @gsyhiap :D
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
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DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOOP
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TXC2: Right chat I'm off
Schokobeau: Byeeee
TheMerricat: later @TXC2 have a great rest of the day
m0nkeyrama: Bye @TXC2 , thanks for being awesome!
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Ben and Adam
Noxenluxe: Another question that's less guessing, What character has this line, " “Each year that passes rings you inwardly with memory and might. Wield your heart, and the world will tremble.” For The Darkness Two, Strider, Or Momodora: Reverie under the Moonlight SeriousSloth
MenomeTwitch: @Noxenluxe Umm, I saw that one just yesterday....Doran?
MenomeTwitch: Dorun?
Noxenluxe: Doran, The Siege Tower, yes SeriousSloth
Gen2Gengar: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:27:04.
Gen2Gengar: Wow, I'm super late
tim19862: Welcome anyways Gen2Gengar lrrAWESOME
Gen2Gengar: Thanks
tim19862: SeemsGood
BrieBeau: :D it's always the highlight of the show when I get to hear y'all say hey to me, and just in time! I gotta sign off and go do my own streaming in a few. Thank you!
m0nkeyrama: Helloo!
ilyon_: It should be a 2-parter, yeah. The game is like 8hrs long
m0nkeyrama: Chips :o
RedGriffin42: or maybe he HAS played it before and just has Amnesia
BrieBeau: bye y'all! thanks for being so kind today!
m0nkeyrama: Ew, that sounds nasty
GenericHerooo: TwitchUnity
Nightvalien28: RedGriffin42 he did, he has
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Gen2Gengar: Almost a golden arrow
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Sanityis0verrated: nice?
tim19862: katesWave BrieBeau bye lrrAWESOME
Psychic_Ketchup: Bye BrieBeau Have a good stream yourself!
ilyon_: Wow. Yeah. Good guess me. Average playthrough on how long to beat is 7hrs 50 min
I_Am_Clockwork: Potion Seller
hippitybobbity: altjamist
Angnor33: I knew an Al in our chemistry program...
tim19862: LUL
m0nkeyrama: Lol
1losttheGame: its all "nope, but" here!
tim19862: ^ katesLol katesNice
DigitalSeahorse: that's the name of the show
Freshly_Toasted: the darkness is so you can't see his ugly mug
StephenJM81: light overhead?
MilkInBag: oooooooooooooh noooooooooooooooooooo
m0nkeyrama: zoomiez
WithoutAnAce: The early 2000s event management service for amateur scientists: alchem iCal
DigitalSeahorse: Let's Not YesAnd
Freshly_Toasted: Or maybe it's hiding from enemies, I guess
MilkInBag: WutFace
MilkInBag: twitch chat is lurking OpieOP
m0nkeyrama: lool
tim19862: WithoutAnAce what is this Citation Needed? lrrBEEJ
GenericHerooo: !quote hands
WithoutAnAce: @tim19862 It would be if it weren't for these Technical Difficulties I'm having
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL
tim19862: katesNice WithoutAnAce ;)
MilkInBag: F THAT
BethLucyStab: How're the spoops?
lifecharacter: If you never stop reading we never have to look at the door.
tim19862: LUL
pterodactyl_noises: why we don't play wine pong
ilyon_: Don't worry. I'm sure you'll never run out of light in this horror game
tim19862: wine pong with baseballs
solahwin_tampramain: tonk
DolGrenn: Need a hand?
omdorastrix: Did you "Arm" yourself?
MilkInBag: funny enough, I remember this game being quite pretty
Our_oBoros: Another Lovecraft game, eh? Are the boys on a binge?
Freshly_Toasted: Maybe the monster's... 'armless
Noxenluxe: You'll never run out of oil/batteries/keys in a horror game Kappa
omdorastrix: @Freshly_Toasted you might be going out on a limb there...
MilkInBag: yeah we can
I_Am_Clockwork: we can
pterodactyl_noises: oh no we can see it
ilyon_: Oh, we can see it
MenomeTwitch: Give that guy a hand
Freshly_Toasted: Well. I'd say my theory has a leg to stand on!
NimrodXIV: ugh the water part is coming. I hated that
Psychic_Ketchup: Something is clogging the crank *nudge nudge wink wink*
m0nkeyrama: Got two seabatBRAIN on stream today
Gizmoloid: Heh, I was just about to ask about screen tearing :D
MilkInBag: ugh this part
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (Steam) | Kingdom: New Lands (Steam) | Fault milestone two side:above (Steam)
Cepsys: that sounds bad. onward!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: is this tewater section?
MilkInBag: my hands are already moist
wildpeaks: joy and happiness
MilkInBag: Welcome OpieOP
KV1NN4: oh
KV1NN4: THIS level
m0nkeyrama: lol,
Freshly_Toasted: HAAA
Gen2Gengar: Oh I remember
Psychic_Ketchup: Hahahaha
tim19862: water bed?
Williamjr3413: monkaS
m0nkeyrama: right on time
MilkInBag: this level is HORRIBLE
sifonaonline: Are you upset?
Tehbeard: Is Adam immune to horror? He seems fairly chill.
VoidByAnyOtherName: not by their footprints, no
NimrodXIV: this part suuuucks
Sanityis0verrated: the heck did I just miss
oyleslyck: lrrSPOOP water
electroswagnetism: nostADAMus strikes again
Freshly_Toasted: Time to play the floor is water inhabited by a deadly monster!
MilkInBag: WutFace
I_Am_Clockwork: welcome to the blighttown level
tim19862: lrrSPOOP /
m0nkeyrama: Getting flashbacks to that noise game seabatYIKES
MilkInBag: m-maybe
Teifer: wowee dark descent such a prime game
NimrodXIV: it doesn't move til you do
FeverRadish: That scared me... definitely spilled coffee everywhere
tim19862: gollum?
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3HEX katesLewd kathle3HEX
MilkInBag: I'm not even playing and I'm sweating
m0nkeyrama: So stressful :o
Freshly_Toasted: Right on your booty
gsyhiap: fernPee
head_cannon: @Tehbeard Performing for a camera with a co-host in a bright room kind of makes it impossible to get a real horror experience.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGARBO
tim19862: katesNice
Williamjr3413: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: God gamer btw seabatBRAIN
gsyhiap: just tell that gate to lighten up, man
MilkInBag: can you jump through the ghost?
Cepsys: Splasher, the Friendly Ghost
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
Freshly_Toasted: Dipping into danger bois
tim19862: lrrWOW
m0nkeyrama: Oh myyyyy
gsyhiap: LUL
ninja_theory_ashrams: ghost frog will get ya
frozenphoenix7: I'm flashing back to when Spooky House of Jump Scares was played on stream. They had a boss like this one too.
cleekru: This doesn't look like "Remember Me".....
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White_out14: lrrSPOOP
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SpoonfullOfSugar: Alas poor Yorick, I threw him well...
frozenphoenix7: You're looking for a gun and a single bullet at this rate. Or I would be.
cleekru: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:42:07.
Cepsys: lol, @SpoonfullOfSugar
MilkInBag: accept the gift of death at this point
metagameface: Amnesia is the story of a blind, invisible monster who wants to taste jam just once in its life, but anyone it tries to ask for help runs away. It's tragic because if the monster weren't blind it could see that there's jam all over the place.
m0nkeyrama: Damn, this is tense af
tim19862: yeah
NimrodXIV: there's another room
MilkInBag: pffffffffffffffffft
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APODionysus: This Is Fine
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Markster981: campers ResidentSleeper
gsyhiap: 🏕️ lrrSPOOP
tim19862: lrrEFF
Freshly_Toasted: Oh man
NimrodXIV: 100%
m0nkeyrama: Oh my god, please be timed
oyleslyck: Timed? #SpeedRunAllOneWord
frozenphoenix7: Timed puzzles in horror games are among the bottom tier of game design elements for me.
MilkInBag: SKRT
tim19862: katesNice katesNice katesNice
m0nkeyrama: Look at those hops
Cepsys: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
tim19862: OpieOP
gsyhiap: katesNice
m0nkeyrama: PogChamp
Markster981: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm
tim19862: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
NimrodXIV: uh... bad news
GenericHerooo: xDDD
Psychic_Ketchup: !findquote forsooth
LRRbot: Quote #5580: "Fucking forsooth and shit." —Adam [2018-12-12]
MilkInBag: PogChamp WutFace
m0nkeyrama: Cutting it real close there
cleekru: !smash
LRRbot: Put Dr. Wily in Smash, you cowards!
tim19862: what is this HL2? Kappa
Cepsys: thank you LRRBot, you never disappoint
I_Am_Clockwork: you may have missed it but one of the notes mentions that this boi likes him some rotted meat
Freshly_Toasted: Just a little love tap, don't worry about it
Papperslappen: Give it a hand
GenericHerooo: !findquote hands
m0nkeyrama: S M R T
APODionysus: !findquoate smart
wildpeaks: same, just ran :D
APODionysus: !findquote smart
LRRbot: Quote #4829: "Spoilers: Heather's the smart one." —Alex [2018-03-23]
Cepsys: Zelda BOTW looks odd today
frozenphoenix7: That's because Adam has the biggest brain
pterodactyl_noises: fetch!
electroswagnetism: Yeah this is definitely not the intended strat through here
Markster981: is this ghost really messing with the guy with the biggest brain on twitch? okay LUL
haseo_sora: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (3:15 from now).
NimrodXIV: humans are tasty
m0nkeyrama: Genius gamer Adam Savidan likes to use the pro strats seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL seabatBRAIN
Freshly_Toasted: Literal galaxy brain strats
metagameface: this is literally just the game i played with couch cushions as a kid
SharkHero08: so smart
frozenphoenix7: So does this thing work off sounds or vibrations or what?
MilkInBag: huH UHAUH
gsyhiap: LUL
haseo_sora: sorry was just wondering whats on afk tonight thus the next comand
Vanderhof: Adam is smart boi
tim19862: katesWa katesOw lrrSPOOP
drfox17: "Piss off ghost!"
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
m0nkeyrama: ooooof, that was scary
Freshly_Toasted: Little did you know, invisible water demons... can open doors!
Markster981: hes got your pizza just pay him OpieOP
MilkInBag: LUL
Teifer: "safe"
frozenphoenix7: GOd damn it Adam
tim19862: LUL
APODionysus: "im safe here"
Cepsys: i may have shouted at my laptop just then
m0nkeyrama: lol, jinxed it
White_out14: LUL
Freshly_Toasted: That spicy timing
gsyhiap: "safe"
drfox17: the best kind of safe
tim19862: instant karma
NimrodXIV: highlight reel!
Asimech: "Hello, housekeeping. You ordered murder?"
Gen2Gengar: lrrHERE
Psychic_Ketchup: Comedic timing at its finest
ilyon_: Pfft
CapnRobert: that timing though lol
m0nkeyrama: Niiiicely done
tim19862: katesNice lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Freshly_Toasted: Now you're safe because you're water demon friend came to keep you company
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You (Steam) | Grey Goo Definitive Edition (Steam) | Thirty Flights of Loving (Steam)
m0nkeyrama: Sweating a bit there
Freshly_Toasted: your*
ilyon_: Oh this definitely isn't the spoopiest
electroswagnetism: Yes, that is definitely the spookiest part of the game
NimrodXIV: spoiler: run like HELL
Markster981: glass shark coming for ya
m0nkeyrama: Ruuuuun
MilkInBag: EZ Clap
Rhynerd: Aw, I missed most of the water monster run.
m0nkeyrama: Success
Freshly_Toasted: GG ez
Scarbble: it's them spoop boys - benginHey hi friends
MilkInBag: the water was inside us all along
Nigouki: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:50:25.
m0nkeyrama: Back on dry land BlessRNG
omdorastrix: Ghosty Shark - (to the tune of baby shark)
tim19862: wow
MilkInBag: :water: BabyRage
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
ReydienOnline: millibaby
ReydienOnline: centibaby
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Psychic_Ketchup: Centipenis?
Freshly_Toasted: "Hey, ya weird penis baby!"
ND_Ericson: A Centipenis? Kappa
pterodactyl_noises: repping the Orzhov in the back there
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Pretty sure that's a monster from Berserk
Cepsys: from the mouth of babes
Rhynerd: a centpede spine
Rhynerd: splash the water!
m0nkeyrama: Look at all this nice light :o
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: The game is pretty long
ilyon_: Game is 8hrs on average, according to HLTB
Markster981: god Daniel is such a nerd...
Aztren: we goin down swinging
Cepsys: 8.5 hrs
wildpeaks: 10 hours Kappa
1losttheGame: 12 hours
Thandres: 9 hrs
tim19862: LUL
frozenphoenix7: 9 hours
m0nkeyrama: 12 hours KappaHD
1losttheGame: Kappa
drcanonball: around 16
omdorastrix: Speedrun strats?
Vanderhof: I am getting me such a lovely looking elevator when i get all them money
I_Am_Clockwork: spoops cometh
metagameface: past Daniel's mind was blown when he learned that an ascending room can also be used to descend
Rhynerd: How mant dead bodies are in the study?
m0nkeyrama: We are shooketh
GenericHerooo: They drink the sametime. xD
Gen2Gengar: Smash the state
GenericHerooo: same time*
tim19862: the orb lrrCIRCLE
ilyon_: Honestly, the story in this game is... Unimportant
I_Am_Clockwork: can't beat the game's speed record of you're reading all the time
frozenphoenix7: We could read all this lore, or we could throw a bunch of chairs.
m0nkeyrama: Yeet
Markster981: this used to be a lore stream BibleThump
drcanonball: the glitchless speedrun for this game is around 1 h
A_Dub888: lrrSPOOP
metagameface: @ilyon_ no, the story is *forgettable*, duh
ReydienOnline: "I've been trapped in this buttplug for so long"
m0nkeyrama: lol, save the ghosts <3
I_Am_Clockwork: very... goood... /darksouls
m0nkeyrama: Fuckin forsooth
GenericHerooo: I would like more lore, too.
Vanderhof: yeesssss breath in the dead person dust Adam... BREATH IT IN!
Markster981: I want 17 pictures of this old man buying babies thanks
tim19862: lrrSPOT
ilyon_: Give me 100 copies of your spookiest paintings, please
gsyhiap: poor doge lrrSPOT
I_Am_Clockwork: now kiss
NimrodXIV: hasn't that dog suffered enough?
tim19862: Markster981 J. Jonah Jamison? Kappa
Sockerbagaren: oh shove off
I_Am_Clockwork: dig dog
Vanderhof: @ilyon_ you can't handle my spookiests paintings!
ReynardWrecca: That's Mantegna's 'Adoration Of The Magi', isn't it!?1
ConstipatedPuppy: shoveldog.gif Kappa
tim19862: haha
Markster981: Kappa
ilyon_: YES @Vanderhof
Scarbble: hey ben, gimme the dirt on this good doggo
ND_Ericson: Going back to the old days of the internet with shoveldog, huh? BibleThump
m0nkeyrama: shovel puns ... LUL
Asimech: That's not how a dog gets spade.
omdorastrix: You're really digging deep for these puns
pterodactyl_noises: close that bone zone
gsyhiap: Boneathon!
ghostalker: the bone zone!!!
tim19862: bone ugh
TheSeg: Who let the bones out! WOOF! WOOF!
ND_Ericson: @ConstipatedPuppy also: your name plus that gif: yikes!
1losttheGame: what an ugly man
omdorastrix: Couldn't they be the same thing?
Huschel23: It's the same collection, Ben
Questhere: done bone shame
Aztren: apple
I_Am_Clockwork: rotted fruit
NimrodXIV: I think it used to be an apple
FITorion: rotten apple
omdorastrix: Don't kinkshame ben...
m0nkeyrama: Can you cook it?
gsyhiap: 🤔
tim19862: Prominent Junk
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
I_Am_Clockwork: some sort of low polly wangus
Pump19: Codefall | Tropico 5 (Steam) | DreadOut (Steam) | Monster Loves You (Steam)
Markster981: thats a devil dick right there
ND_Ericson: That junk is ON leave. Heyhoooo!
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Asimech: I've heard about being horny, but c'mon.
ilyon_: Seems alright to me
wildpeaks: there was a note near the fruit, I think
tim19862: maybe it's skeletor's dick? that old lrr ref though
Markster981: its american cheese, give it too issuwu
m0nkeyrama: Kraft DansGame
Huschel23: How did we end up in this house anyway?
tim19862: nice
m0nkeyrama: We outside now :o
gsyhiap: LUL
Markster981: I keep my tinderboxes on the outside window ledge too LUL
gsyhiap: dem Savidan hax
tim19862: bye
ND_Ericson: Hey, you got the good ending Kappa
Cepsys: the Devil take this shovel
tim19862: LUL
Gizmoloid: Make a rope out of all those carpets. :)
pterodactyl_noises: HASHTAG FREE GARY
fragilepaper: Has someone done a Viscera Cleanup Detail mod of this castle? Cleaning up after Daniel and his multiple dead bodies?s
ButterBall000: Unfuck This House Amnesia Edition.
metagameface: #SaveGary
Tooslot: I REGRET NOTHING! - the shovel
tim19862: haha
gsyhiap: Gary's tired...
Zachasaurs: now this is what amnesia was made for
NimrodXIV: emergent gameplay!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Dice Friends returns with a two part Fate campaign. | Here’s part 1 of Winter Peasantries. | ||
Huschel23: No, this man is certainly not insane
Freshly_Toasted: I come back to fondling taxidermied dogs
TheSeg: The pinnacle of asshole physics. :D
Rhynerd: New mission: help Gary
tyranidd1: and THIS is why it'll take more than 8 hours xD
gsyhiap: c'mon, boy! lrrSPOT
ND_Ericson: flashback to 10mins ago "How long does a walkthrough take?" Kappa
m0nkeyrama: Save the OhMyDog
micahman212: PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT!
lifecharacter: Maybe try a smaller item to move him
Rhynerd: is the shovel still around?
PunkRockZoologist: There’s a dog’s head on the table you can take.
DentedPockets: Dancing with a chair simulator?
theneatestburrito: Pet Gary more gently!
micahman212: pivot
Akaiatana: B&A have some dogged determination
omdorastrix: Use chair back as forklift?
Feminine_Desires: OH NO, it's stuck behind the table
Rhynerd: two bois on a mission
PunkRockZoologist: Woah! You’re playing this with a controller?!
gsyhiap: Walkies!
0x6772: Proxy Gary
Markster981: YEET
m0nkeyrama: He's free!
Cepsys: quality content indeed
gsyhiap: 💩 feliciaBoom
Vanderhof: @DentedPockets Dancing with chairs.. that is the one with kevil la costa right? Kappa
micahman212: the big tippah
Rhynerd: Don't forget to clean up after your dog.
wildpeaks: ghoast chair
ImmoralEthicist: Physics objects!
tim19862: lrrSPOOP katesWa katesOw
Markster981: Kreygasm
gsyhiap: Was that Ben's impression of the Queen? 🤔
sifonaonline: Perfect Parry.
lemmel: Rejected
m0nkeyrama: quality chair ghost
Freshly_Toasted: Oh god it's this part
wildpeaks: the spice must flow
ImmoralEthicist: You will absolutely need to. IIRC, there are a few puzzles here that are a huge pain
m0nkeyrama: So ready for more puzzles PogChamp
Juliamon: Hope you like terrible puzzles!
Cepsys: i think it's kickin in
Vanderhof: Ready for Adam to scream, its puzzle time!
theneatestburrito: Mom said it's my turn on the violin!
gsyhiap: "You're spooking the cattles with your terrible fiddle playing!"
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Atomic_Marshmallow: Time for spoops with two good boys!
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Erudite_Cynic: wow this vsync.....
metagameface: hey look, hammocks
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gsyhiap: StinkyCheese StinkyCheese StinkyCheese StinkyCheese
frozenphoenix7: Mr. Goudachez, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL
varmintx0: pride100 #charity Yay, charity bits!
$16,637 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 15 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at
m0nkeyrama: It's aight
Moddington: I'm not seeing the tearing any more, at least
Pteraspidomorphi: It is fine
Skudd: That fixed the tearing, yeah
StarlitGhost: fixed!
lifecharacter: It an old game with weird visual shit, it's probably gonna look not great.
Erudite_Cynic: this is way better tearing wise
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greven145: Love this game and LRR!
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omdorastrix: No bonees in that cupboard
Gizmoloid: What if a guest is a ghost? A GHUEST
Freshly_Toasted: A geist?
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Wargame: Red Dragon (Steam) | Majesty Gold HD (Steam) | Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You (Steam)
m0nkeyrama: These rooms are so bright :o
micahman212: cool cool cool ccccccccool NO Doubt
Markster981: how about this mould???? is this what you want on your walls????? Kappa
m0nkeyrama: ????
tim19862: dammit Adam
BleedingToast: Hello benginHey
m0nkeyrama: Lol
wildpeaks: crowbar is ready
drcanonball: freeman time
Markster981: Daniel Im in the other room I can hear the bed shaking
Pteraspidomorphi: huh, single use crowbar?
Diabore: oh lawd he commin
tim19862: lrrEFF
m0nkeyrama: Oh my, no way to see out seabatYIKES
micahman212: oh lawd he commin
ilyon_: sounds like a chonking big boy
Zachasaurs: daddys home
staticdisplay: Hello everyone
tim19862: OH! actual enemy!!
Rhynerd: well, that door's gone now.
tim19862: proof
Psychic_Ketchup: Ecstasy to the orb!
micahman212: look at this dumbass zombie with his dumbass face god damn dumbass
Markster981: why did it look like its in bondage OSFrog
tim19862: lrrCIRCLE lrrAWESOME
Pteraspidomorphi: A withdrawing room
Orgmastron: O R B
ilyon_: Hail Corb. It's round now
frage069: It is the room for drawing and quartering criminals obv. Kappa
Erudite_Cynic: a room in a large private house in which guests can be received and entertained
PunkRockZoologist: It’s the room that you withDRAW to, apparently.
ReynardWrecca: Being English and whatnot, I had a friend who had a bona-fide drawing room when I was a kid.
haliberdk: lewd
Zaraka00: This is the rest of the stream now
Psychic_Ketchup: Stop edging the cupboard guys
tim19862: LUL
m0nkeyrama: looool
tim19862: katesLewd
tim19862: woah
Mt_Storm: The orb! lrrCIRCLE
frozenphoenix7: From the creators of "Unfuck this House", coming to the Home Network next Summer "Good Enough" starring Adam Savidan and Ben Ulmer.
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
PunkRockZoologist: Behind the painting.
micahman212: someone didn't study backface culling LUL
io_Otter: spoooky backface culling
m0nkeyrama: Magical drawer :o
tim19862: katesLol katesNice frozenphoenix7
Pteraspidomorphi: They saved two triangles!
micahman212: Did the kill the Painting?
PunkRockZoologist: Sorry about the backseat gaming, but this one is really silly.
ilyon_: this is why we read the notes
wildpeaks: chat would never lie
frozenphoenix7: "Full of beans" they said. "Lied to us" they said.
m0nkeyrama: What was that? Twitch chat never lies Kappa
Cepsys: always trust chat, never trust chat
Zaraka00: Who opens a bottle by breaking it?!
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easterncaveofwonders: So if you tilt the drawer correctly do you think we'll go to Narnia or the Sub Ocean? lol thanks for 19 months!
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m0nkeyrama: Load screen simulator :o
Zachasaurs: LUL
Markster981: LUL
Psychic_Ketchup: Demon magic
cat_jpg: lrrSPOOP
hippitybobbity: Alex has been dead for years, Adam
SolarJudas: But Adam, Alex has been dead for years
Pteraspidomorphi: Uhhhh....
Godofmuffins: Yeah man Alex is always on task.
Pteraspidomorphi: Watch the Alan Wake streams :D
m0nkeyrama: That movie is the beeest
cat_jpg: Did you guys play the second Amnesia? A machine for pigs?
StephenJM81: best movie
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Invisible, Inc. (Steam) | Poker Night at the Inventory (Steam) | The Swapper (Steam)
VoidByAnyOtherName: mootypass
Erudite_Cynic: Adam is no need to beetlejuice Alex
Feminine_Desires: We now in Bendy and the Ink Machine
Erudite_Cynic: *Adam is Great
wildpeaks: this bloody puzzle
chicken_fajitas: ohhohoho, i heard this game scary af
hippitybobbity: ruby rodd is v funny
drcanonball: it wasnt that good
MadCmdrMoe: guess im watching 5th element later...
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yeah the next one is really not good
SquareDotCube: "What was in there?" "Some dude named JC"
hippitybobbity: we drunk?
m0nkeyrama: Math time! seabatBRAIN
tim19862: does that say "Adequate presents"?
TheMerricat: @hippitybobbity our sanity drops in the dark,
hippitybobbity: ah yes
ConstipatedPuppy: math-not even once
tim19862: oh latin
hippitybobbity: sanity, where straight lines come from
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snake12341: Good evening Ben and Adam, good luck with the spoops
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chicken_fajitas: watch out for ceiling sawblades
Feminine_Desires: I got it
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m0nkeyrama: He can do it! Biggest brain can't be stopped by mere number puzzles seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL
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SpacePotato01: What is best in life?
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tim19862: wow
m0nkeyrama: That playmat is great, I'm so happy I just got mine :o
Atomic_Marshmallow: It's true, I scoured through SO MUCH CONTENT to make that playmat!!
Feminine_Desires: Want the solution @LoadingReadyRun ? Cause I've figured it out
DigitalSeahorse: 1122334556?
m0nkeyrama: @Atomic_Marshmallow , you did an amazing job! <3
tim19862: what is the logic of this?
Cepsys: it looks amazing @Atomic_Marshmallow well done
PunkRockZoologist: Do not need to pull every lever.
Kumakaori: lrrGOAT
Feminine_Desires: There you go :D
Malkaresh: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: Success!
Erudite_Cynic: damn the GAS
Kumakaori: box you, puzzle. BOX YOU
Justin_Bailey: Ben + Adam? Beard Squad activate!
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Markster981: the splish splosh oil sound is based
Kramburger: we're gonna get straight PIPED
Feminine_Desires: Ink everywhere! We bendy now!
tim19862: Ben, Do you think you'd play the last chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine?
MilkInBag: you need to stick your weewee in there
tim19862: nope nope nope
m0nkeyrama: Nobody's home, go away!
tim19862: ok, cool
MilkInBag: I'm a 6' toddler
ArcOfTheConclave: French yes?
Karmegeddon: You guys ever played Fran Bow?
chicken_fajitas: oui oui
tim19862: LUL
wildpeaks: Fran Bow would be great :)
DigitalSeahorse: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:40 from now).
m0nkeyrama: Lore in 2018 seabatYIKES
PunkRockZoologist: Man, such nostalgia. This was the first horror game I ever played (unless you count the Bottom of the Well from Ocarina of Time)
ArcOfTheConclave: can you play golf in this game?
MilkInBag: wow
cat_jpg: #shameJames
e_bloc: yeah James can eat shit
ND_Ericson: @ArcOfTheConclave You can yeet chairs 'n stuff, does that count? :P
m0nkeyrama: Poor James BibleThump
MilkInBag: imagine james enjoying a chocolate milk
gaming_neko_ramona: #blamejames
ArcOfTheConclave: @ND_Ericson Sure that count as golf
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damascus_crowe: Merry Spoopmas everyone!
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Laserbeaks_Fury: They're all dead, Dave
chicken_fajitas: who is james? narrator?
chicken_fajitas: o nm
MilkInBag: so Ben, what's your opinion about strawberry milk and orange pop?
m0nkeyrama: Hmm
hippitybobbity: james seems like a cool dude tbh
SquareDotCube: I remember when you told us that
Feminine_Desires: Grab the oil!
VoidByAnyOtherName: "the chocolate milk murders" will be the headline one day
m0nkeyrama: Yay healthy things! PogChamp
Cepsys: the shovel you threw out the window earlier
gnome_friend: !smash
LRRbot: Put SHODAN in Smash, you cowards!
Williamjr3413: The doctor is ganna tell Adam he is a god
Erudite_Cynic: gotta Kobe that
lifecharacter: More coal, more Kobe
Laserbeaks_Fury: Coal-be
tim19862: katesLol
m0nkeyrama: Almost
m0nkeyrama: Auto aim plz
ND_Ericson: @ArcOfTheConclave see? there's the content you desire! :D
Pteraspidomorphi: The maximum distance for a horizontal throw is at 45 degrees
tim19862: not a chance
Pteraspidomorphi: If it's falling short you need to step a bit closer
KV1NN4: spending.. so much.. lantern oil...
tim19862: LUL
m0nkeyrama: looool, you're going to make it!
Feminine_Desires: wasting that oil ...
cat_jpg: Just imagine the ghost man standing behind you, looking disappointed
Markster981: this is more of a coby Kappa
m0nkeyrama: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
Tiber727: Well, we know what the rest of the stream will be..
Psychic_Ketchup: Let's go Adam clap clap clapclapclap
tim19862: no lrrEFF ing way
smurfsrppl2: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Clench_Eastwood: woooooow
Eklinaar: First try!
tim19862: a 1 pointer gg Kappa
m0nkeyrama: Eh, good enough for the minor leagues at least
Markster981: eradicated
tim19862: haha lrrAWESOME
m0nkeyrama: loool, mild indeed
m0nkeyrama: He can do it!
Master_Gunner: I *do* love this kind of stuff
tim19862: close
ReydienOnline: I legitimately am looking forward to the supercut during the next LRL
Clench_Eastwood: NOT IN MY HOUSE
m0nkeyrama: Hit the rim, next one's going in!
0x6772: It did say it was full when the last one went in, didn't it?
Markster981: I'm being edged by coal tossing rn Kappa
ilyon_: Adam "buckets" Savidan
Laserbeaks_Fury: The roof might be too low for that distance
grandmaspocket: is this NBA2K19?
Reibwyr: This is the Adam content I crave - putting Spheda into every game
m0nkeyrama: Come oooon
smurfsrppl2: LUL
m0nkeyrama: ooooh, so damn close
Psychic_Ketchup: Oh come on
tim19862: katesWa katesOw
Markster981: LUL
tendrilsoftragedy: Kobe!!
tim19862: so close
Deftscythe: Ben almost got to jsut retire champion
m0nkeyrama: benginDab benginDab benginDab
coelopteryx: wooooow
tim19862: lrrAWESOME katesNice katesNice katesNice
Orgmastron: THAT WAS BULLSHIT *clap clap clapclapclap*
m0nkeyrama: Thanks for the stream!
MilkInBag: by the usual basketcoal rules, adam would have had to delete his twitch account if Ben made it one shot
smurfsrppl2: thanks for the stream guys lrrHEART
xantos69: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:32 from now).
Markster981: OSFrog /
KNACC: thank you for the stream!
Rhynerd: thanks for the strem!
m0nkeyrama: Sweet!
MilkInBag: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabats seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
tim19862: Thanks for the stream Adam and Ben! lrrAWESOME katesWave lrrDARK
head_cannon: Thanks for the stream!
m0nkeyrama: Woot Darkest Dungeon seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL
ReydienOnline: sisyphean
MilkInBag: byyyyyyye
m0nkeyrama: Bye!!
Markster981: the difference is adam didnt die on this stream Kappa
Decaped: Remember Me was such a cool game! Didn't think it fit in with Let's Nope, guess i'll catch the vod.
Phailhammer: cya :)
Kramburger: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Daye04: it's over?
Huschel23: Isn't it
tyranidd1: great stream
CoyoteSans: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:31 from now).
m0nkeyrama: Ending a bit early because of an appointment
tyranidd1: whats on afk tonight?
PunkRockZoologist: @decaped They played Amnesia, the “Remember me” was because they’ve played it before.
Nyx_fire: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:30 from now).
maxthefourth: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:28 from now).
silvalunae: =.= twitch still says streaming, is that twitch or me?
Juliamon: it's twitch
Juliamon: it takes a few minutes before it identifies a stream as offline
silvalunae: ;u; thanks
Juliamon: (it's a buffer for accidental brief connection loss)
ritchards: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:23 from now).
GrandLlamaQ: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:22 from now).
gualdhar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:20 from now).
Cinntoastmin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Fireball Island) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:16 from now).