Twinklebees: Oh yeah, that was pretty amusing
cheetoJack: ok, we're back in "I think I've got everything" mode
PhoenixMelior: nope, see above
PhoenixMelior: I guess some Crossing the Streams were missed, because there were so few and they're in the AFK slot
PhoenixMelior: oh yeah, and then Mine O'Clock Kappa
PhoenixMelior: but then I THINK that's it
cheetoJack: ok
cheetoJack: see previous comment, applies once again
cheetoJack: I did get Mine O Clock lrrBEEJ
PhoenixMelior: LRR has played a lot of games this year
PhoenixMelior: now someone can tweet it at LRR
cheetoJack: Ye
cheetoJack: yeah, someone in #videogames said I should tweet it at James
cheetoJack: and like... Rhythm heaven is a great show
cheetoJack: but good god do the games have weird names
cheetoJack: Rhythm Cafe, sorry
Invitare: Rhythm Tuesday
PhoenixMelior: technically it's a Cafe, and the Cafe is named Tuesday Kappa
The_cake_of_lies: !Next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Cori takes the hot seat this week for a special NewDay Thursday stream. Game: Gris) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (5m from now).
Laurence72: I like that we can replace Tuesday with Thursday and still be able to use the same abbreviation for teh stream name (NDTD)
PhoenixMelior: Newday Thewrsday
RealDarkAdamo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Cori takes the hot seat this week for a special NewDay Thursday stream. Game: Gris) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (2m from now).
cheetoJack: I found the JRPG I have to play
cheetoJack: its not really a JRPG what with being made in america but still, similar systems
PhoenixMelior: is it Cthulhu Saves the World?
Laurence72: FF6?
cheetoJack: Steven Universe: Save the Light
PhoenixMelior: oh. Womp womp
r10pez10: *rubs eyes*
Traion: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Cori takes the hot seat this week for a special NewDay Thursday stream. Game: Gris) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (40s from now).
Laurence72: I've heard good things about that pne
the_number_two2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Cori takes the hot seat this week for a special NewDay Thursday stream. Game: Gris) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (31s ago).
Riandisa: The mobile one was pretty fun. I haven't had a chance to play that one yet
Lyannen: lrrSIGNAL
cheetoJack: I just windmill-slammed purchase on that for switch as an airplane game
Laurence72: lrrSIGNAL lrrAWESOME lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL
PhoenixMelior: watchin streams and compiling my Top Ten albums of 2018 list
r10pez10: GRIS hype
CollapsingHrungDisaster: Getting to watch a stream live? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!!
hippitybobbity: ! live
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> NewDay TewsDay is LIVE! Cori is checking out the recently released GRIS. | 📷 ||
Earthenone: the madness of holiday sheduling!
hippitybobbity: this game looks so sweet
Sarah_Serinde: Hi Cori! slytqHi
Invitare: tp tp tp
Riandisa: Good afternoon, Cori
emberBecky: o/ hallo!
AntiCrepuscular: HELLO
Nightvalien28: it y
hippitybobbity: it u!
r10pez10: it you
The_cake_of_lies: Hello Cori!
margieargie: I've been eyeing this game for a few days, I'm excited to get a chance to see it first...
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r10pez10: It's my birthday today~! An' a happy thirteen months of sub as well.
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hippitybobbity: what about a lisp? grith
Lyannen: You pronounce it with the S
Sarah_Serinde: It looks *so* pretty
Laurence72: GAL METAL!
r10pez10: who wants the cheevos
RoeDent89: Adding more GRIS to the mill, I see?
RoeDent89: Sorry.
Sarah_Serinde: r10pez10 Happy birthday!
NimrodXIV: I just got a Switch, so I'm paying attention to games I may need to have :D
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Traion: The 2 year! Hello Cori, looking forward to seeing you play this gem
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hippitybobbity: feliz cumpleaños
The_cake_of_lies: I have only played this game for a bit and I am already so in love with it.
Amentur: Happy birthday r10pez10 edbLove
Lyannen: Happy bday @r10pez10
Riandisa: Happy Birthday!
Laurence72: Happpy B-day @r10pez10 lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
Earthenone: devolver? why does that sound familiar?
r10pez10: devolver did uh, Enter the Gungeon
AntiCrepuscular: Earthenone they publish lots of great stuff
r10pez10: also chuuuurs chat
StarFreak359: Intriguing...
Orgmastron: @Earthenone They always have the best E3 "press conference"
DoodlestheGreat: Just in time.
Amentur: They publish many great indie games, Earthenone
Lyannen: Why is there no Cam with you Cori? GRIS would be awesome for you two to play it together
The_cake_of_lies: The art style and soundtrack are super on point.
AntiCrepuscular: ^
RoeDent89: Is the pitch supposed to be shifting like that?
r10pez10: nah that's twitch being weird
r10pez10: maybe try a refresh
Despoiler98: welp we're doomed
TheManaLeek: Fall to knees, we live here now
Sarah_Serinde: Oh well, lrrHERE
StarFreak359: curses! a knee-high barrier!
margieargie: Oh no, stairs!
r10pez10: i have a sigh button too
TheManaLeek: Small barrier, big sigh, big mood
GDwarf: Twitch mostly filters out the texture, but there's some sign of it
DrasonSpike: grit comes across a little
Lyannen: Well.. the hole game is handdrawn.. so paper color in the background is not strange
Lyannen: whole*
StarFreak359: Ooo!
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TheSeg: Jump up! Jump up and get down!
Despoiler98: anime run!
margieargie: Okay, I'm already -deeply- in love with the animation.
LeeshaJoy: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:01.
The_cake_of_lies: I played like an hour of Gris and it is soooo good.
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Cori takes the hot seat this week for a special NewDay Thursday stream. Game: Gris) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (11m ago).
TheSeg: Oh good, no fall damage
r10pez10: no turning back now
Robot_Bones: quab
Amentur: That small boi reminded me of Cube RPG
wildpeaks: yay Gris \o/
StarFreak359: Getting Journey vibes
Crad0k: sparkly!
TheManaLeek: Hey, Listen!
NimrodXIV: dot-friend
Lyannen: Constellation friend
DrasonSpike: zig zag dmfrie d
EvilBadman: charity100 Bouncing due to want to play this unspoiled. Enjoy! <3 #charity
$240,307 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 7 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at
DrasonSpike: *zigzag friend
EJGRgunner: New NewDay who dis?
Sarah_Serinde: I enjoy the little "tup tup" on stone
wicker_knight: By the light of my petticoats, I release thee
TheSeg: More friends!
accountmadeforants: Imagine the concept meeting for this: Yes, but what if we just made the PRETTIEST game?
wicker_knight: ack, laundry whale
StarFreak359: Holy moly.
Sarah_Serinde: I love all of this design a lot
DrasonSpike: blanket birb
AntiCrepuscular: wicker_knight LaundRay? Kappa
Gam3grind3r: zealou4Sqk
margieargie: Thank you star friends!
n_mandrag: uhhh - this is so preeeeeeetttttyyyyy
postmodernpajamawrestler: absolute unit
wicker_knight: so, having now been here all of 30 seconds, am I correct in guessing that this is "what if journey but the New Yorker"?
StarFreak359: I love the plucking on the constellation bridges
korvys: @wicker_knight It gets more colourful
postmodernpajamawrestler: who doesn't? I'm sure hermit crab real estate is very cheap?
wildpeaks: Color Get
wicker_knight: okay, so more, "what if Journey but also a fashion portfolio"
StarFreak359: Oh wow.
n_mandrag: Now with 100% more red
TheSeg: That's intense.
ArcOfTheConclave: Anger?
Amentur: Red for passion?
accountmadeforants: You do hue
postmodernpajamawrestler: grrrr
kumatsu: What is this, the Giver? lrrBEEJ
Crad0k: okay, no, i want to experience this myself, i'm out, enjoy all!
n_mandrag: Also - check those watercolor effects....
wicker_knight: enjoy @Crad0k
StarFreak359: An objective
wildpeaks: more star frands
RoeDent89: Weeeee!
Lyannen: Ben finished it in ~3h
accountmadeforants: We Tribes now
StarFreak359: True story :)
n_mandrag: back to steep I see
korvys: Also the best part of Tribes
ArcOfTheConclave: How long did ben take?
RoeDent89: Skiing!
sir_jack_DB: the surfing section is the BEST part of Journey
7gorobei: steep 2.0?
Sarah_Serinde: Okay I don't tend to go for platformers but I'm pretty sure I need this
Traion: You can probably finish it on stream
RoeDent89: Geronimo!
r10pez10: howlongtobeat has it at 4 hours for completionist
StarFreak359: Neat!
korvys: @Sarah_Serinde Funnily enough, that's also how I felt about Celeste
n_mandrag: I see she has the same antigravity skirt tech as sailormoon
El_Spectre: This is lovely
wildpeaks: roll credits
TheSeg: That's a desktop wallpaper
thc_magus: end prologue
r10pez10: this game has a lot of wallpaper moments
wildpeaks: such a lively title screen
postmodernpajamawrestler: there many desktop wallpapers ahead
wildpeaks: *lovely
postmodernpajamawrestler: there are*
DougintheTrench: Yeah, I'd love some of these wallpapers.
AntiCrepuscular: that bounce!
Laurence72: she apparently has the Portal safe fall boots
postmodernpajamawrestler: falling that must be fun
postmodernpajamawrestler: like that*
DougintheTrench: Why can't they be both?
DougintheTrench: It was sounding a bit Castlevania there for a second.
sir_jack_DB: du dudududu
n_mandrag: Sign reads "beware of dramatic storms"
The_cake_of_lies: I love the music during this bit.
postmodernpajamawrestler: Distress! Distress!
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Laurence72: `I love the windmills
RoeDent89: This is gorgeous! The artwork, the music, everything
DougintheTrench: Every sandstorm sounds like the beginning of a Castlevania boss fight. Expectin' Dracula to come out of there and clothes line ya.'
postmodernpajamawrestler: spooky sand wind
Traion: Calling this game "gorgeous" is a massive understatement
postmodernpajamawrestler: its rough and irritating and it gets everywhere
wildpeaks: maybe in this universe, piano is a wind instrument :D
sir_jack_DB: rock fren
n_mandrag: The hermitrocks are pretty sweet
TheSeg: This game's art direction has a very solid influence from Eyvind Earle's work. You all know him as art director of Sleeping Beauty (1959). Some of his non Disney work shows a bit more:
RebekahWSD: Uh
sir_jack_DB: OH
StarFreak359: wat
RoeDent89: Ok then
Lyannen: Big rock friend
Angnor33: Giant HermitRock home friend!
AntiCrepuscular: epic mount!
n_mandrag: don't worry... there'll be more moments like that
postmodernpajamawrestler: Absolute unit of a rock frond
wildpeaks: thank you big rock friend
r10pez10: a very extreme logical extension
postmodernpajamawrestler: thank
accountmadeforants: I was curious how well this scales resolution-wise (since many similarly pretty games just set a cap at 1080p due to how they use their assets) glad to find that it's at least suited for 4K. TIme for some new wallpapers!
AntiCrepuscular: not sure if you can do that yet
wildpeaks: ^
Lyannen: It is nice how it waits for the wind to finish
TheAinMAP: Whoa.
wildpeaks: we're now an absolute unit :D
Gnuttor: A very good evening to you all!
postmodernpajamawrestler: RIP
AntiCrepuscular: SQUAR
accountmadeforants: Time to Kirby it up
Robot_Bones: Kirby SMASH
StarFreak359: i beg your pardon
n_mandrag: Walk as the square... it's adorable
DougintheTrench: You've got Kirby's down smash.
r10pez10: now you can tap Y to dance
Kykiwi: we kirby now
accountmadeforants: OH LAWD SHE COMIN
korvys: We gish now
7gorobei: she's a brick house yaowwwwwww
Jorge4hg: Absolute unit
n_mandrag: Chunkerella is not moved by winds like that anymore
r10pez10: yeah that's really clever
TheBentUsi: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 28:01.
wildpeaks: rocking that outfit :D
postmodernpajamawrestler: next up: gift of assorted polyhedrons
Gnuttor: I guess that some Swede here already has translated what the word Gris means in Swedish. If not, it translates to Pig.
accountmadeforants: I love how she still has the tiny feetsies sticking out underneath
postmodernpajamawrestler: :(
n_mandrag: Lets wait until she gains her ultimate form: the D20
RoeDent89: Windchime!
DougintheTrench: That's some mood whiplash from THE SQUARE.
RoeDent89: Giant windchime
GDwarf: I see we Kirby now
TheSeg: You have become: Blockhead
StarFreak359: meant to do that!
TheAinMAP: slytqDD
wildpeaks: further into the abyss
ArcOfTheConclave: Stomping in rage?
RoeDent89: Whomp!
margieargie: Cube your way to the center of the world!
sir_jack_DB: this is certainly a thing that's happening
Orgmastron: Woah
postmodernpajamawrestler: you need to slay your shadow version
Traion: So beautiful
NarishmaReborn: ooh pretty
n_mandrag: More Flutterbys!
wildpeaks: the whole game is a wallpaper
Amentur: Are we lonk?
GDwarf: I think we just became Batman
korvys: BEES
postmodernpajamawrestler: you are lonk, breaker of pottery
CapnRobert: lol
postmodernpajamawrestler: lame
n_mandrag: Oh damn you... I wanted to make a map while watching things on the side...
sir_jack_DB: LUNK
n_mandrag: But how can you tear your eyes away from this ?!
postmodernpajamawrestler: be rock
DougintheTrench: Don't look down.
r10pez10: i like how it slowed down under your weight
margieargie: @n_mandrag Yeah, I keep having to remind myself "Margie, eat your supper!" because I keep getting distracted by the stream...
Laurence72: Whelp, off to work, I'll be looking forward to watching the rest of this on teh VOD when I get home. Good luck Cori!
postmodernpajamawrestler: @Laurence72 good luck
TheSeg: Just a normal block person.
AntiCrepuscular: we are amongst our people!
TheSeg: You can do some wicked ollys on that halfpipe! ;)
postmodernpajamawrestler: is this like undertale where you're supposed to leave it all be?
wildpeaks: a curious contraption
Contiguouskittycat: *Ahem* This game rocks.
margieargie: Great, Cori, that was a well-respected art installation and you just smashed it! :p
TheMuffinDragon: Just tuned in, this game look neat as hell
postmodernpajamawrestler: the rock crabs worked so had and then some square person showed up and just wrecked
accountmadeforants: What's with all this square on triangle violence?
postmodernpajamawrestler: rock the leaning jawn?
AntiCrepuscular: "oh yeah" Cori, 2018 ;p
wildpeaks: :D
Ukon_vasara: lrrGREED is nothing if not good
AntiCrepuscular: achievement unlocked: scourge of triangles
ChiefEngineerMichael: Somebody got the Sick Chunk emote?
postmodernpajamawrestler: you chunked em good
wildpeaks: gravity works in mysterious ways
wildpeaks: weeee
screamingpeasant: this kinda looks like Journey. Though I'm seeing gameplay like yoshi's island :) neither statement is a negative to me
collectangels: Well, hello there. What are we playing?
r10pez10: this be GRIS
postmodernpajamawrestler: fancy paint game
collectangels: Sounds deece.
screamingpeasant: this super meat boy mod is great
Ah_Oek: You can stay heavy
postmodernpajamawrestler: break the frond
screamingpeasant: my hat!
AntiCrepuscular: RUDE
postmodernpajamawrestler: they're FREEEE
n_mandrag: You evicted your friend...
sir_jack_DB: creb
wildpeaks: now with an even bigger hat
korvys: it's going to take the big rock
silverstar216: oh its like a hermit crab thing
sir_jack_DB: hermitbot
MalBeam: he megachonk now
newfur: "/griss/? what the crap is /griss/? OH IT's /gree/" - me
vinvis_: Hey Cori, did you talk with Ben about the game before playing?
r10pez10: there's a !quote
silverstar216: It's actually pronounced /griss/, like the spanish pronunciation, according to the devs
vinvis_: Bengineering
Creideiki_SE: @newfur As long as it's not /gre:s/, which is Swedish for "pig".
MousseFilledCat: Ulmer
PMAvers: I assume the plaidboi
postmodernpajamawrestler: THE Ben
asddsa28: HE LOVED IT
Lyannen: Ben played it live
korvys: He played it on his stream
silverstar216: He played it on his stream a few days ago
vinvis_: He did a full playthrough
Lyannen: And wanted to reccomend it for you and Cam
TheSeg: charity100 Have to head out, but great seeing you Cori! Have a wonderful holiday! #charity
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Lou_Aleksandr: whatis Bens' twitch name?
AntiCrepuscular: Bengineering
wildpeaks: bengineering
Lou_Aleksandr: ty <3
r10pez10: (GRIS is on steam too btw)
Amentur: I believe all LRR peeps are part of the LoadingReadyRun stream team
AntiCrepuscular: yes, I just noticed that recently
screamingpeasant: what's the logic on the circle cloak becoming a cube? just tuned in
wildpeaks: at least it closed more this time
postmodernpajamawrestler: you were gifted square
n_mandrag: We received the power of "CUBE" at an altar. No more explanation given to us either
ChiefEngineerMichael: @screamingpeasant She's sponsored by Squarespace
AntiCrepuscular: :D
screamingpeasant: that tracks
wildpeaks: :D
thomturtle: Higher, ever higher, humanity must climb.
AntiCrepuscular: more gravity
sir_jack_DB: wait
ChiefEngineerMichael: We apparently went up
sir_jack_DB: O.o
adi_pie: Isee we've started wheeling and dealing.
silverstar216: or it brought something down
screamingpeasant: cube and the ability to translate momentum to sustained weight
postmodernpajamawrestler: try falling
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newfur: try jumping Keepo
adi_pie: Oh, that's handy.
wildpeaks: Color Get
screamingpeasant: "it won't let me fall to my death" sounds like it should be in the quote db
ChiefEngineerMichael: And now we get the gift of...
ChiefEngineerMichael: LIFE
sir_jack_DB: I like the little "fwit" sound when you jump
postmodernpajamawrestler: its trying to do a kama hame ha
AntiCrepuscular: or a golf-clap ;)
accountmadeforants: Thanks hands, Thands
n_mandrag: Not just color....
Orgmastron: We Gruul now Kappa
postmodernpajamawrestler: not gruul? then turn left
r10pez10: impressive lack of loading screens
ArcOfTheConclave: Barganing
screamingpeasant: it's loading in the clouds
n_mandrag: look at all those plants that are here now
AntiCrepuscular: A butt <- lies
sir_jack_DB: everything's so watercolor-y, I love it
Ivalenz_: charity1000 My new cat has been indifferent to LRR until this stream. He is attentively watching. #Charity
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silverstar216: @sir_jack_DB Iirc, everything in this game was hand drawn
AntiCrepuscular: cat-friendly stream lrrAWESOME
sir_jack_DB: :O
n_mandrag: it IS watercolor - you can see the pigment flowing towards the edges @sir_jack_DB
sir_jack_DB: WAT
sir_jack_DB: I love this
screamingpeasant: cori tested, cat approved?
sir_jack_DB: birbs
r10pez10: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
Traion: @sir_jack_db this whole game is drop dead gorgeous and is a beautiful experience
postmodernpajamawrestler: B I R B
wildpeaks: uh oh
kinkerbelle: Hold on, it's tuesday?
postmodernpajamawrestler: thursday?
wildpeaks: it's always tuesday
korvys: Nursday Thursday
Gnuttor: @kinkerbelle Yes, for 8 more minutes.
ArcOfTheConclave: Taco Tuesday?
Khador1: Oh my god this game is so pretty
r10pez10: Thisnew Thursday
accountmadeforants: Newday Tuesday, like the police, only stops unless the parade
MollyLewis: Getting big Samurai Jack flavor from this whole visual design
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Cori takes the hot seat this week for a special NewDay Thursday stream. Game: Gris) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (52m ago).
tergonis: so much cutes
wildpeaks: so cute
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screamingpeasant: I'll gladly subscribe Tuesday for a new game stream today
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postmodernpajamawrestler: the fronds
Gnuttor: The other Tuesday.
ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun If James comes in and goes "TIME FOR ONE MORE?!", you just smush his face against the screen and go "LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS!" and keep playing after his brain melts
wildpeaks: ^
n_mandrag: pretty bedsheet manta rays in the bg
r10pez10: !onemore
LRRbot: One More? uno mas? ONE MORE! En til?
postmodernpajamawrestler: good idea
Edgarware: Cube frand
sag3error: Just watched Ben's playthru of this last night. It's a devastatingly beautiful game! pride100 #charity
margieargie: One More... playthrough of Gris?
sag3error: pride100 #charity
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ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun If this gets interrupted for any reason, I think the chat might just riot
postmodernpajamawrestler: @ChiefEngineerMichael are you an engineer or is it just the name? just curious
korvys: Oh, this is the bit from the demo I played at PAXAus
ChiefEngineerMichael: @postmodernpajamawrestler Mostly just the name, but in any of the games I usually play with my friends, I always end up as the closest thing to an Engineer role the game has
adi_pie: Hopefully the physics in this don't just decide to launch you into the wild blue yonder like the ones in Destiny. :P
postmodernpajamawrestler: ahhh
adi_pie: Cube friend!
n_mandrag: but why does blockfriend take round bites
Orgmastron: Friend!
tergonis: new friend!
wildpeaks: ahhh so adorable
silverstar216: He squeaks!
tergonis: Cubethan?
CyberAsp: "Triangle"
adi_pie: Kyubey Kappa
wildpeaks: Cubee
fiftymcnasty: blocko
n_mandrag: its r2d6 ofc
postmodernpajamawrestler: kyubey
Gnuttor: Fredrick!
r10pez10: call it ball
vinvis_: Q-Bert
Traion: CuBeej
7gorobei: boxoid
sag3error: Kevin
Amentur: More fruit for frand
screamingpeasant: companion cube! you lived! I always knew
r10pez10: call it, Apple
vinvis_: @sag3error also seen Ben's stream?
postmodernpajamawrestler: gib apple
TheExactSame: chauncy
Kykiwi: mr gibbs
LeeshaJoy: It's Robin Torkar, silly.
Lyannen: My bed is calling. Bye friends of different shapes
elcalen: charity100 You could always name the cube #charity ;)
$241,315 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 7 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at
Gnuttor: Night @Lyannen
postmodernpajamawrestler: hey apple cores are edible >:/
Amentur: Sleep well shaped friend Lyannen
A_Catastrophic_Success: Name the little guy Charlie Brown, because he’s a blockhead
postmodernpajamawrestler: wasteful cube frond
sag3error: @vinvis_ yeah this game is so good
screamingpeasant: god I hope nothing happens to this guy
korvys: secret tunnel!
DanielSolis81: Gosh this is pretty
vinvis_: Definitely
n_mandrag: gotta leave the cores for new trees to grow though
PMAvers: The little cube guy reminds me of the people from Battleblock Theater.
vinvis_: Just so nice to watch as well
postmodernpajamawrestler: bring up kyubey
Orgmastron: Such a good cube friend slytqHeart
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wildpeaks: daww they grow up so fast
adi_pie: I love 'em.
johnhelix: I just tuned in an didn't initially see our character's legs, so for a moment I thought Cori was controlling an ambulator y hovering handkerchief.
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easterncaveofwonders: Wow this game is pretty! Hi there cori! Hi there Chat! How goes?
postmodernpajamawrestler: :(
AntiCrepuscular: easterncaveofwonders it goes... pleasantly
wildpeaks: cubee ? ..
tergonis: that was a distressed cube noise
wildpeaks: ahh, got me worried for a second
easterncaveofwonders: Agreed, that scans @anticrepuscular
r10pez10: i wonder if there's a cheevo for eat all appl
r10pez10: probably
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: our little floaty character in their floaty dress-robe reminds me of Journey
kitsunestudios: Ok, just popped in to see what this was and I am instantly in love. I need this game in my life.
silverstar216: @kitsunestudios it's like $17 US on steam!
r10pez10: hi heather
wildpeaks: hi hodor :D
margieargie: Thanks, gravity!
easterncaveofwonders: gabyHi
r10pez10: smash all pots
DoctorOfBeard: hope vandalism
CyberAsp: But if there was something nice, surely you'd crush it!
wildpeaks: as is tradition
korvys: There was probably something nice in all of them, but you keep squishing it
PinballWitch: so what is this game?
r10pez10: this be GRIS
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RebekahWSD: The rudest tree!
johnhelix: GRIS: more than just the french word for grey.
PinballWitch: you fell down a hole
r10pez10: confirmed nonmonster
johnhelix: Oh man, actual, literal potheads.
wildpeaks: cubee !
PinballWitch: are those modrons?
margieargie: I'm glad this isn't like that one section from MGS3 where you'd have to face the ghosts of all the pots you killed...
Traion: Never give Cori powers IRL, she'd test them on other human beings Kappa
silverstar216: I'm now even more in love with this game
PinballWitch: dooble juump!
ChiefEngineerMichael: We have learned how to flap!
postmodernpajamawrestler: a flutter
PinballWitch: I'm autistic, I already knew how to flap :p
screamingpeasant: so how long before some engineer builds this cloak?
postmodernpajamawrestler: well uhhh, seems kinda difficult
PinballWitch: we're climbing strangely geometric trees?
wildpeaks: thanks birb frands
screamingpeasant: I'm sure someone could make a cube transformation work
easterncaveofwonders: Has there been a concrete story at this point or mostly atmosphere?
PinballWitch: well this seems peaceful as heck
easterncaveofwonders: No judgement they’re both good, just curious.
screamingpeasant: outside of apple friend?
postmodernpajamawrestler: youre bringing back colors
AntiCrepuscular: and smashing pots ;p
screamingpeasant: seriously. I looked away fro 2 minutes and you have bat wings and space jump
easterncaveofwonders: Ah gotcha. Seems admirable this reminds me of a muuuuuch more chilled out hyperlight drifter
silverstar216: @easterncaveofwonders the game is very open to interpretation. According to the steam page, there's no real written words anywhere in the game iirc
PinballWitch: Cori the smash queen
easterncaveofwonders: @silverstar216 yeah I can dig it the mood is real.
tergonis: lets go very up
postmodernpajamawrestler: wallpaper detected
johnhelix: That was DOPE.
kitsunestudios: Oh yeah. gonna grab this for the switch for sure now
ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun Wait... If we can turn into a cube... Does that mean we're a cubist?
PinballWitch: this is a very big building to be just in the sky
screamingpeasant: seamless cloud loading :)
Traion: Notice that all the statues we've encountered so far are of the same woman?
postmodernpajamawrestler: boss fight
PinballWitch: Hostile Triangles is my new band name
AntiCrepuscular: !birb
LRRbot: Tweet, twe-twe-tweet, tweet, squawk!
adi_pie: Big Birb
Edgarware: Borb
TheAinMAP: Big bird.
johnhelix: BORD
PinballWitch: BIGGEST BIRB!
tergonis: danger birb?
korvys: Best animation
screamingpeasant: @Traion really? I haven't been looking that hard
r10pez10: hello metaphor for something
ChiefEngineerMichael: EXPAND BIRB
postmodernpajamawrestler: rocks beat birds
SwiftrunnerXXY: i mean
postmodernpajamawrestler: jumps beat rocks
SwiftrunnerXXY: if you've played pokemon
SwiftrunnerXXY: yes.
margieargie: !birb
LRRbot: Tweet, twe-twe-tweet, tweet, squawk!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: what a big beautiful bird
SwiftrunnerXXY: rock type beats flying type.
postmodernpajamawrestler: birb beats jumps
johnhelix: I think scary screaming bird is my favorite thing so far.
PinballWitch: birb, why you no be fren?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yes be friends with us large birb
screamingpeasant: my bird!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: y he screm
CyberAsp: See he's helping us
PinballWitch: Yeet yourself!
screamingpeasant: such a good boy/girl. I didn't ask
postmodernpajamawrestler: he protec, he attac, but most importantly he SCRAAAWWWW
SwiftrunnerXXY: screm
wildpeaks: caw-caw
Spacecarl: so you got rock first, wings are almost paper. do you get sword powers later for scissors?
SwiftrunnerXXY: nah she just turns into a pair of scissors straight-up.
wildpeaks: wallpaper intensifies
PinballWitch: yeet!
aWabbajack: beauti-foo
ChiefEngineerMichael: It's gonna shout us down
Traion: I really want to see Alex experience all this gorgeous art
Kumakaori: newdaY... thursday?...
kat2kool: this reminds me of Monument Valley somehow
postmodernpajamawrestler: my wifi crapped out at birb conclusion, what happened?
Kumakaori: oh right mtg took over the slot
Kumakaori: tradsies this week
kat2kool: @Kumakaori you could say that we are playing on a .... New Day
PinballWitch: big bell
ChiefEngineerMichael: BIRB
postmodernpajamawrestler: oh no conclusion yet
ChiefEngineerMichael: Wait! You smash pot and friend birbs pop out!
Kumakaori: man those red birds in the pots are hard to see
PinballWitch: evewybody scweem!
kitsunestudios: WHoa, it had a woman's face for a frame or two in there
screamingpeasant: my bird!
postmodernpajamawrestler: the screamingpheasant?
tergonis: hands!
SwiftrunnerXXY: floatygorl
screamingpeasant: @postmodernpajamawrestler That scans :)
ChiefEngineerMichael: Blue!
SwiftrunnerXXY: whyyyy did she just fart smoke?
postmodernpajamawrestler: blarple
ChiefEngineerMichael: And now... ASMR rain
n_mandrag: She blue (dabadee daba da)
screamingpeasant: how many died making these statues?
ArcOfTheConclave: depresion
FoxFyr: Did she just bless the rains down in Africa?
Traion: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels.) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (18:03 from now).
Orgmastron: !break
postmodernpajamawrestler: gonna boogie to go to jiu jitsu
postmodernpajamawrestler: enjoy the rest of the stream
AntiCrepuscular: postmodernpajamawrestler enjoy!
n_mandrag: have fun tossing and being tossed!
postmodernpajamawrestler: thats the plan
jubale1: that's a lot of work just to earn Blue
screamingpeasant: @postmodernpajamawrestler may there be no survivers
PinballWitch: time to heat up left over pizza, brb
wildpeaks: so now we have Blue both in this game and Kentucky Road Zero :D
Traion: Fill this Cori with caffeine
ArcOfTheConclave: become stone?
screamingpeasant: square?
SwiftrunnerXXY: it's the little thing.
SwiftrunnerXXY: little things
jubale1: blue in the game so RAIN and water
margieargie: -Everything- about this game is the best, I love it so much.
7gorobei: need to cannonball, or cannoncube
Traion: Just saw a tweet from the devs. They are amazed at the reception and the game has made it's money back already
r10pez10: alright i gotta bounce, cheers cori and chat
wildpeaks: so close
r10pez10: as it may well deserves, traion
wildpeaks: I'm so happy that it's also a commercial success, well deserved
PinballWitch: what'd I miss?
screamingpeasant: if you make it, you can pay rent?
kat2kool: @Traion that's fantastic!
silverstar216: @PinballWitch we got bluu
Elspeth_Tirel: I feel like playing a game this zoomed out would be hard, idk why
jubale1: character seems OP now. is there anywhere she can't float to?
Traion: I'm really happy this is a commercial success the devs deserve every penny <3
screamingpeasant: @Elspeth_Tirel the camera helps you know what to focus on and gives you direction I would think
girlpainting: Player Character OP, Plz nerv
DoctorOfBeard: giant screaming birds are very calming
screamingpeasant: I agree!
ShortieXV: hi
wildpeaks: so many good little details
screamingpeasant: what's the floating dot? it shows up a lot
wildpeaks: maybe we'll get to see turtle this time
PinballWitch: speaking of peaceful (cause this game mostly looks peaceful af) Ive been rediscovering my love of Stardew Valley
ShortieXV: this style sort of reminds me of sword and sworcery
DrWreckage: TROGDOR
Orgmastron: And consummate v's
PinballWitch: this feels like the kinda game that was made to make people go "see? video games can be art!"
hieroglyphica: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:35:59.
screamingpeasant: it's the dark souls of art?
PinballWitch: turtle!
PinballWitch: everything is so big and you're so tiny!
screamingpeasant: upside down water...
kat2kool: ooh ceiling water
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wildpeaks: sounds so echo-y
kat2kool: feeesh
wildpeaks: fishies :)
kitsunestudios: Wow!
DoctorOfBeard: er...
PinballWitch: Kinda reminds me of Inside, but more "pretty" and less "creepy"
wildpeaks: I guess that's how water works now, okay
margieargie: Water? Water? You're not allowed to do that!
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DoctorOfBeard: that change in sound as you go underwater
screamingpeasant: I think the water's drunk
wildpeaks: we live here now, and this is good
PinballWitch: gotta sub them all?
Khador1: I would love to be able to capture this design and feel in a table top rpg
Zu_o: I love your hair Cory
wildpeaks: mushroom umbrellas :D
jubale1: Go down my throat water, you've been drunk
Featherweight_: hop hop hop
screamingpeasant: @Khador1 underdark might be a starting point?
PinballWitch: hey I remember this level from sonic 3!
ChampBlankman: Just tuning in. The environments in this game are amazingly gorgeous.
Elspeth_Tirel: The subtle sounds in this game are pretty neat
Traion: This game is so well done, the art is breathtaking, the music is a masterpiece, and all the tiny pieces of sound design are amazing
Freshly_Toasted: I do get a somewhat underdark vibe from this actually. Just without the spiders and tentacle monsters
PinballWitch: hi cam!
ShortieXV: hi cam
Golldum: A CAM
n_mandrag: You have allready missed 2 colors!
DoctorOfBeard: hi cam
ChampBlankman: A wild Cameron appears.
Freshly_Toasted: Welcome, cam!
wildpeaks: it's beautiful, adorable and you need to play it
Mintchocdoublin: beautiful Game for a beautiful Cam
SwiftrunnerXXY: CAMERON you missed the giant birb.
MousseFilledCat: Cam missed cube friend, though
adi_pie: Hello, Cameron. Welcome.
kat2kool: this game is so incredibly my jam, I'll definitely have to get it
CyberAsp: Yeah, water IS blue!
kitsunestudios: Yeah, I heard all the ferries were cancelled due to wind today
PinballWitch: @LoadingReadyRun Cam, this game reminds me a lot of Inside, only less creepy, and more pretty.
Elspeth_Tirel: How's the storm up there? It's closed down I-5 around Seattle
jubale1: got power washed? sounds like a Com Hus thing
DoodlestheGreat: Cam, this would be a fine game to have for Talking Sim sometime.
StrawberryPepper: is it raining there? I want more rains (it's been here, but not nearly as much as needed)
n_mandrag: oh ... will she be a mermaid ?
FoxFyr: I'm playing fallout 76 while watching this in my other monitor and I just now realized that the thwomping wasn't someone in power armor nearby
kat2kool: ah, now we're playing The Company of Myself, nice
hieroglyphica: it has been raining like crazy here too, but the wind has our trees about bent in half
screamingpeasant: yah; I'd go all to pieces if there was more than 2 of me
Traion: Also note that you get powers by literally putting the stars back in the sky
Gekyouryuu: !uptine
Gekyouryuu: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:44:22.
ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun I'm gonna be honest... Just watching Cam and you... Sitting... And enjoying something in serene peace. It's beautil
PinballWitch: oh, square under one
Gekyouryuu: ack. I missed so much already. -_-
PinballWitch: oops
CyberAsp: Oh, I see
PinballWitch: yeah! that's what I mean, but i shouldn't have said it
screamingpeasant: good catch cam
ShortieXV: eat him and take his powers
PinballWitch: woo!
hieroglyphica: Well done teamwork!
screamingpeasant: no achievements?! 0/10
kat2kool: yay now we're a triangle!
n_mandrag: More of a mantaray?
PinballWitch: jelly! someone alert Sophie from PriPara!
screamingpeasant: seriously. as an achievement hunter. good job no achievement prompts
Freshly_Toasted: Man, I can't wait for cori to be all the shapes
pencilsnake: is this a roguelike?
screamingpeasant: dark souls mod
PinballWitch: is this super mario odyssey?
CyberAsp: There's something I love about magic water surfaces like this.
screamingpeasant: gotta run. good luck with all future screaming related activities
PinballWitch: aww now I miss big birb fren
screamingpeasant: we all do
PinballWitch: rock to fall faster maybe?
PinballWitch: nope
Traion: Close reading: We are down in the depths of the blue and the light is literally evading us
wildpeaks: almost :D
Elspeth_Tirel: Have you tried asking it nicely?
PinballWitch: lrrGOAT
wildpeaks: goat there
Zyme86: lrrGOAT seabatBRAIN
Freshly_Toasted: Light 4: Succesfully booped
jubale1: this game is lrrAWESOME
PinballWitch: ooo
ShortieXV: ooh I see
ShortieXV: clever puzzle
PinballWitch: so pretty
PinballWitch: the water movement reminds me of Echo the Dolphin
wildpeaks: the animations are so good
Freshly_Toasted: That puzzle alone has me sold, I haven't even seen this giant birb that people keep mentioning
PinballWitch: @Freshly_Toasted it was earlier
ShortieXV: sorta like Grease but prettier
MousseFilledCat: Spanish isn't really big on the silent s
adi_pie: Same, Cameron.
spiffinn: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:52:37.
PinballWitch: bye cam
Freshly_Toasted: Well. Guess I better go buy it and catch the VOD later
kat2kool: Bye Cam!
Zyme86: Grr-eece. Like the country but roll the R
adi_pie: Take care.
Freshly_Toasted: Adios, cam
SwiftrunnerXXY: play the shit out of this game coriander
jubale1: maybe its a french gris
PinballWitch: I have a cold and rolling Rs is making my throat hurt
jubale1: roll with your tongue
margieargie: I like that the dots following you help you keep track of where you are when you're low-contrast compared to the background.
kat2kool: did you try smashing that pot with the red plant?
Golldum: the bottom is a mirror of the top
ShortieXV: do you want the trick to it for that room at least?
ShortieXV: @Golldum has it
PinballWitch: someone told maro they were disappointed the Riot ability doesn't have Blood in the name, so he gave them permission to call it BloodRiot
Kumakaori: haha, awesome XD;.
Golldum: ayy
Golldum: did it
PinballWitch: so many dot frens
PinballWitch: giant turtle!
ChiefEngineerMichael: Turtle friend!
ChampBlankman: Turtle friend
kat2kool: lrrAWESOME
wildpeaks: Jonathan
ChiefEngineerMichael: Glowy turtle friend!
PinballWitch: my girlfriend loves turtles, Ill have to show her this part!
PinballWitch: Wasted
spiffinn: I love the music
SwiftrunnerXXY: wasn't the turtle in Temple of the Lava Bears called Donovan?
ShortieXV: pretty scenes? rekt
PinballWitch: statue butt
PinballWitch: in thru da butt
JohnLockeCole: !findbutts
LRRbot: Behind you.
n_mandrag: up the butt
StrawberryPepper: really need to get this game. X3
StrawberryPepper: so pretty
ShortieXV: up the waterfall
Golldum: swim the falls?
StrawberryPepper: feels almost a little zen-ish
ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun You can climb the waterfall!
Traion: So at the very bottom of the dark depths past an area of pure darkness we find the statue of the woman we keep crying over again
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PinballWitch: woah
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CyberAsp: "Hey, were you just trying to smash my elbow?!"
PinballWitch: purdy
geometaphysicist: Ooo I just bought this game but haven't tried it yet. should I stay?
Khador1: wow powerful
n_mandrag: woh
wildpeaks: wow
DanielSolis81: Goodness me
HesGotNoPants: what's it all mean?
Nightvalien28: geometaphysicist probably not
Kumakaori: uh oh. bad birbs
Edgarware: birb please
PinballWitch: oh noes
TheAinMAP: Poor stature.
wildpeaks: oh fudge
silverstar216: @geometaphysicist its up to you. It might be good to just watch it through first so you don't need to worry about gameplay, but the gameplay isn't remarkably difficult
Diabore: that dont seem good
JohnLockeCole: Nooo, you broke the statue Butt
PinballWitch: birb fren!
DanielSolis81: I'm getting Monument Valley vibes.
margieargie: D:
TheAinMAP: *statue
SwiftrunnerXXY: uh oh birb is back and is now eel
7gorobei: the birb nation is attacking again
PinballWitch: eel fren!
CyberAsp: Birdeel?
geometaphysicist: Guess i'll just peace out and watch this the vod later.
ChiefEngineerMichael: @geometaphysicist I'm almost tempted to say stay. So you can enjoy the absolute stunning beauty without having to worry about the game itself. But... Also... You could be playing it yourself. And experiencing this dive into creativity and wonder first hand
morgoth_bauglyr: in the dark water
ShortieXV: is that anemone?! Kappa
PinballWitch: what were the eels in the little mermaid called?
wildpeaks: nopenopenope
n_mandrag: this hardly seems fair
wicker_knight: @PinballWitch Flotsam and Jesam
ShortieXV: floatsome and jetsom
PinballWitch: thanks
HesGotNoPants: @chiefengineermichael I can only watch with my phone
geometaphysicist: So is this an eel or a hydra?
geometaphysicist: Kappa
ContingentCat: not without becoming ex-eel
PinballWitch: sperm?
wildpeaks: well fudgesticles
offbeatwitch: room of 1000 eels
Angnor33: Is this eel sex simulator?
PinballWitch: it got very dark
TheAinMAP: "Eels should not become thousands of eels."
PinballWitch: where is turt fren?
ShortieXV: @PinballWitch everything in art is secretly sex so probably? Kappa
PinballWitch: someone should add that as a quote
Khador1: is this the game supposed to be a conceptual idea of dealing with grief or mental illness?
CyberAsp: I wonder where the thousands of eels went?
ShortieXV: suddenly eel
PinballWitch: @CyberAsp they're right behind you!
Spectatron: They disappeared, quite the eelusive foe
Traion: @khador1 that is my interpretation yes, esp. given the name of the achievement for beating the game
StrawberryPepper: @Khador1 I think so.... at least the steam store entry says a little on that.
Kumakaori: Ell scare
Kumakaori: eel*
margieargie: "Stick your hand in a crack, and you don't get it back, that's a moray..."
PinballWitch: bird becomes eel, becomes 2 eels, becomes thousands of eels, or as I like to call it: thrusday
wildpeaks: don't do that, game :D
ShortieXV: oh eff me... I nearly pooped myself...
dammitjoel: lrrSPOOP
SwiftrunnerXXY: el eel scare
spiffinn: that got me
chrono2x: jesus this animation
n_mandrag: So this is how you do a jumpscare.
StrawberryPepper: @Khador1 direct quote from the steam store: "Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality."
wildpeaks: yeah taht's definitely a perfect example of a good jumpscare
PinballWitch: "fantasia animation" except without the racism
jubale1: i have not seen death in this game. can you relly get eat
wicker_knight: TURTLE
Edgarware: Turt!
Kumakaori: ayyy turtle calvary
PinballWitch: yay turt fren!
SwiftrunnerXXY: DONOVAN!
ShortieXV: TURT FREN!!!!!!!
TheAinMAP: Turtle!
Nightvalien28: friend turt
ContingentCat: Turtle friend?
chrono2x: turtle friend!
wildpeaks: Turtle for the win \o/
Angnor33: Turtle Friend1
margieargie: Thank you turtle!
StrawberryPepper: *minis dance for turt fren*
n_mandrag: Ninjaturtle !
wicker_knight: turfren
HesGotNoPants: turtle>eel
maestrith: Disney Eel = No Parents?
chrono2x: bye friend
wildpeaks: thanks donovan
PinballWitch: yay turt!
PinballWitch: hero in a half shell indeed!
Arikell: wasn't that the same type of eel as ursula's eels?
PinballWitch: oh i hate ice levels in games lrrBEEJ
PinballWitch: @JohnLockeCole that is an amazing user name
JohnLockeCole: Aww someone got that clip just a little bit faster
ShortieXV: what about burst into more eels?
JohnLockeCole: Thank you Pinballwitch :)
PinballWitch: when I was picking out my name I actually picked it from a Final Fantasy VI character
wildpeaks: could be a TTSF project :)
PinballWitch: the light up is gonna reveal the eel again
JohnLockeCole: Well if it does reveal the eel again, it might add to our list of things Eels Should not Become
PinballWitch: here we have the beautiful water tree
wicker_knight: this is minecraft-level water physics
johnhelix: So cool.
JohnLockeCole: We Am Make Stars?
ShortieXV: sky turt fren?
PinballWitch: sky eel
wildpeaks: maybe even stairs
wildpeaks: ahhhh glowy frand
WanderingScholar: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:13:44.
JohnLockeCole: it concerns me that we are at cloud level and going higher
jubale1: is this game played on one ginormous canvas?
txzen_: no mtg today?
jubale1: today is newday thursday
MousseFilledCat: txzen_ they did mtg on tuesday and switched the schedule around this week
margieargie: MTG was played Tuesday, this swapped with it.
Diabore: !badadvice
LRRbot: Get beaten by a mole.
BlueChloroplast: splish! :D
PinballWitch: you know what this (and all other) game(s) need more of? Otters
BlueChloroplast: @PinballWitch Otters!
PinballWitch: we have multidriectional gravity!
PinballWitch: otters make everything better
DoctorOfBeard: if I could fall / into the sky....
Arikell: I guess that explains the ceiling water
BlueChloroplast: @DoctorOfBeard do do do doooo
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Nemosaur: So. this game is called "Pig" in Swedish
Nemosaur: whats that all about
Traion: @nemosaur grey in Spanish
BlueChloroplast: @Nemosaur it is Grey in Spanisbh
notaballoon: or Chris when you have a cold in english
wicker_knight: it is about dodging eels and following turtles
Nemosaur: well that makes more sense than pog, vehe
BlueChloroplast: @Nemosaur and it is pretty platforming.
wildpeaks: ahhh it's even prettier now
DoctorOfBeard: sing flowers?
n_mandrag: its all so ... mesmerizing
Pal_Friendpatine: Ohhhhh Gris, Gray in Spanish. Pronounced Greece with a little rolling of the ‘r’. This all makes sense now!
DoctorOfBeard: sing up pokemon?
Traion: Heather is petting Rowlet without Chat? Burn her! Kappa
TheAinMAP: It's a flower.
PinballWitch: is it weird this reminds me of the little mermaid?
MousseFilledCat: Ah, so you bloom the ghost flowers, pretty
PinballWitch: "so what's this game about?" "well, we swam away from eels, met turtle fren, rang a bell at a birb, and grew flowers"
ContingentCat: damn this game looks pretty
Traion: fyi Cori you are pretty close to the end
Rockario: Uh...oops?
ShortieXV: Spid fren?
Rockario: You broke the thing and it turned into a spider
DoctorOfBeard: spider tank?
notaballoon: rough rider
notaballoon: desperado
wicker_knight: we Wandersong now I see
ShortieXV: speak spider and enter
BlueChloroplast: frand!!
wildpeaks: ha, reminds me of the tiny desktop toys app, had abunch of little creatures in the style of that spider frand
wildpeaks: it would bump into windows of the desktop, so adorable, wish I could find it agian
wildpeaks: gravity works in mysterious ways :D
PinballWitch: bug fren?
wicker_knight: ladybug fren
7gorobei: scarab frand
wicker_knight: locusfren?
PinballWitch: bigger bug fren
wildpeaks: oh my
ShortieXV: so close
wildpeaks: so close, noo
PinballWitch: so close!
TheAinMAP: Just missed it.
notaballoon: the bottom bug's wings are inside out
wildpeaks: it dared
BlueChloroplast: @notaballoon huh
wildpeaks: now we know :D
ShortieXV: @notaballoon but from my point of view the Jedi are evil
wildpeaks: 4th time the charm
notaballoon: the top set closes over its head, but the lower set open outward from those
TheAinMAP: Made it.
wildpeaks: woohoo
wildpeaks: never didn't have it
Saulens181: it is always block time.
ShortieXV: "Okay its time to sing" *turns into block* "huh"
PinballWitch: invisible slide
wicker_knight: is flamingo not fren?
notaballoon: double water Kreygasm
SwiftrunnerXXY: double water all the way across the game
notaballoon: or i guess actually triple water at this point
wildpeaks: seems easy to get lost in this place
MousseFilledCat: Didn't you get the song ability from that one?
DoctorOfBeard: ^
PinballWitch: go left
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Vent the gas!
wildpeaks: that's called singing, lrrbot
wildpeaks: ohh giant ghost flower plant
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DoctorOfBeard: more numbers
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Erudite_Cynic: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:43:17.
Welbog: Enjoying your time in the sun I see.
TheAinMAP: Now the universe revolves around you.
PinballWitch: everything is so spinny!
accountmadeforants: Time to rotate the game!
notaballoon: you refilled your gravitons
ChiefEngineerMichael: My life got flip-turned upside down!
ZenIsTooShort: Hey, just tuned in, is this a puzzle game? Or just an experience? Like Journey and sutch?
silverstar216: @ZenIsTooShort both?
Saulens181: latter
wildpeaks: both puzzle and experience
PinballWitch: so this is what West Philly looks like, eh?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: AMG this game...I was brought to tears when Ben played it recently
Erudite_Cynic: nopeeeeeee
PinballWitch: eel fren is back
ContingentCat: oh no
PinballWitch: now is person fren?
CyberAsp: We were the bird all along
wildpeaks: well fudge
wicker_knight: this feels like it has something to do with your mother
ShortieXV: I don't like this...
StarFreak359: I don't know if that's better o.O
SwiftrunnerXXY: mommy problems the game?
AeralAwesome: Oh this part is great
PinballWitch: kinky
MousseFilledCat: wicker_knight - my theory is that the protag is coming to terms with mom's death
wicker_knight: or your own depression I suppos
AeralAwesome: I just finished it today
SwiftrunnerXXY: I'm not into that.
Spacecarl: It looked like the character
notaballoon: Filthy brown acid rain Kreygasm
wicker_knight: @MousseFilledCat could def see that
Traion: My interpretation is that this game is about dealing with her mother's death
wildpeaks: +1 i definitely want to see the ending
AeralAwesome: I felt like it was coming to terms with a loss
n_mandrag: Not reading mother there - I see more self loathing
Traion: You are basically at the end
SwiftrunnerXXY: that is *not* my fetish.
7gorobei: just go long and call it thursday One More
JOZeldenrust: This feels very "end of act two".
PinballWitch: i get the feeling this is very open to person interpretations
Erudite_Cynic: you are in the home stretch
AeralAwesome: yep
wildpeaks: we can have pubg another time, it's every week anyway
MousseFilledCat: @n_mandrag I was more thinking mom because of the statue you keep trying to repair
Traion: @n_mandrag the achievement we just got (if the notification wasn't hidden) is called "Acceptance
KodeMage: yeah, just finish it, you guys push back streams for all sorts of reasons, like james is late, this seems way more legitimate
PinballWitch: this place has really weird gravity
AeralAwesome: there's maybe 5-10 mins left of game
notaballoon: feet level DansGame
Diabore: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels.) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (16:40 from now).
TheAinMAP: Hand again.
n_mandrag: @MousseFilledCat @Traion Which I would interprete as self acceptance - trying to come to terms with one self. The statues look very similar to her as well
SwiftrunnerXXY: it makes total sense because magic
JOZeldenrust: Gravity is more of a suggestion than a law of nature anyway.
wicker_knight: oh it is here
wicker_knight: *hr
wicker_knight: *her
AeralAwesome: this part froze for me :(
MousseFilledCat: @n_mandrag The same way a mom looks like you
wicker_knight: the shadow's face is her face
wicker_knight: you have very tiny hands
MousseFilledCat: @n_mandrag To be fair, it's all about personal interpretation
sag3error: Devastatingly Beautiful
chrono2x: Geez, I'm going to need to buy this game
chrono2x: so great
Traion: Someone is chopping onions
StarFreak359 is impressed
PinballWitch: i miss turt fren
KodeMage: she has accepted her own mortality, it's a grand existential crisis, ending that in the catharsis that shows a beautiful world
notaballoon: and so the trees were resquared, and all was right in the land
chrono2x: So what colors do we have so far? Green, blue, red?
wildpeaks: same Traion
Bobtheninjagoldfish: The fucking sound track to this game is phenomenal.. just next level
Erudite_Cynic: Red Green Blue Yellow
ZenIsTooShort: @Traion Goddamn ninjas cutting onions.
chrono2x: Ah, missed yellow
JOZeldenrust: It's a poignant story about repairing a monitor.
adi_pie: This game really is gorgeous.
ShortieXV: Its about the invention of color television
n_mandrag: I thought it was about the socio ecological development of portugal
wildpeaks: <3
AP4rk3dC4r: hello people o/
KodeMage: into the light, not nowhere
PinballWitch: it's clearly about art restoration, duh
StarFreak359: Elsewhere?
margieargie: lrrHEART <3
Papperslappen: what a good game
wicker_knight: your story isn't over, just your healing
KodeMage: upwards into the light
Traion: What @wicker_knight said
Awexdio: Wait did I miss it?
Diabore: fantastic job for so few people
silverstar216: @Awexdio we just finished
KodeMage: programming: 2 people
Awexdio: Well..... guess I missed the spoilers. How is the game?
tuckamanian: the feels
silverstar216: SO GOOD
n_mandrag: Preeeeeeeeeetyy
PinballWitch: i still miss the turtle
hondor64: i to also just arrived.
Traion: A lot of art credits, which makes sense given how beautiful this game is
Awexdio: As far as art and fluidity, should I pick it up on Switch or PC?
silverstar216: Y'all who just got here, go buy the game and experience it for yourself, its like $17 US on steam
Diabore: @Awexdio id say pc
Traion: @awexdio either, this game doesn't require much power
IncredibleFrown: ah, i see i'm right on time
JOZeldenrust: Saudade, the game.
SerGarretCameron: @IncredibleFrown you and me both.
PinballWitch: I'd buy it, but i don't even have money for food, let alone games
wildpeaks: it's even on GoG, with the soundtrack and drm-free
Erudite_Cynic: great name
IncredibleFrown: brb registerring my translation company loc stock and barrel
Traion: Also just to restate it the devs have tweeted that they are amazed at the reception and that the game has already turned a profit <3
Awexdio: @wildpeaks That seems to be the way to get it then based on just the short bit of the soundtrack I've heard so far
Saulens181: neat#
Erudite_Cynic: its so damn pretty
Diabore: people like their watercolour pretty games
silverstar216: And its been out for like a week? Maybe two
Kaszoski: *clap*
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels.) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (16:32 from now).
PinballWitch: prudy
Arikell: Well deserved profit.
Riandisa: Thank you very much for the stream, Cori
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the pretty colors and the singing
PinballWitch: it's been a fun time cori <3
Diabore: nothing else tonight?
Awexdio: 1 week, I know it came out alongside SSBU
wildpeaks: aww, no golf ?
Traion: I hope they make more games
johnhelix: Bye Cori! Take care!
thomturtle: Happy Holidays!
margieargie: Okay, this was a perfect way to feel very, very good for tonight, maybe the next few days... that was beautiful.
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Diabore: happy holidays cori :D
wicker_knight: Take Care and Be Wll
wildpeaks: then happy holidays as well :)
wicker_knight: *Well
PinballWitch: happy holidays Cori!
silverstar216: Bye Cori! Happy Days!
Riandisa: Happy Holidays
IncredibleFrown: i will never have a good time
emberBecky: thank you! see ya o/
spiffinn: bye!
DoctorOfBeard: happy merry
Traion: Happy Holidays
Arikell: Bye!
MousseFilledCat: Happy Holidays
Erudite_Cynic: baaaaai
Kaszoski: Thanks for the stream
silverstar216: Have some good holidays, chat
TehAmelie: well i got here just in time to catch the recoding
Rockario: what?
Erudite_Cynic: hang out? get food?
Erudite_Cynic: cry a little?
Rockario: Yes, but what goes on the TV in the backgroundd of all that
Kykiwi: baaaaaai cori
Kykiwi: haypp holidays
Juliamon: a playlist of Cam & Ian Christmases on loop?
Rockario: Oh right, I was watching the video about a RCT2 coaster that takes 12 years to do a single ride
Rockario: Holy moly, I saw a picture of this map-spanning coaster but din't realise that the actual ride is a tiny loop at the start. So you literally spend all that time sitting still.
Erudite_Cynic: Mister Bones wild ride?
Rockario: Not quite:
Juliamon: I love all the absurd things people have built in RCT
Rockario: He just got to the calculation, this ride takes 30,004,200 in-game days
TehAmelie: i have no idea what this game is on my wishlist, but it costs 3.50 so i guess i can trust past me
wildpeaks: which game ?
TehAmelie: Kimmy, some sort of babysitter sim apparently
wildpeaks: don't know that one either, sorry
TehAmelie: it looks like a cute and original visunovel so i can see what past me was thinking but i can't guess how i found it or what might have made it stand out