r10pez10: golf
CamelAttack: Golf golf golf
malc: teeth
Diabore: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Adam's Gamehaus (Adam makes up for his missed stream earlier in the week with a surprise Gamehaus!. Game: Dark Cloud 2) at Sat 01:00 PM PST (3m ago).
Invitare: "bad news, twitch chat"
Earthenone: i wonder what the bad news is
TXC2: maybe it's bears?
Invitare: obviously James has kidnapped Spheda and is holding it ransom until Adam agrees to forget all the things James owes him
r10pez10: i hope it's nothing serious
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Adam maybe sorta forgot his PS4 at home so he can't play Dark Cloud 2 today. So we're gonna chill with some Ashen? Question mark? | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1076585854326386689
Issurru: Spheda is out, Ashen is in I see
Xavorin: Was just gonna ask what the bad news was, then saw the twitter post. So that's that, then.
TXC2: we flew to close to the golf
Orchestrion: !adam
thefileclerk: what is the mistake?
r10pez10: hey a chill stream's a chill stream
sir_jack_DB: we're here!
ehsteveG: *gasp* ADAM!
B4rberblacksheep: You ok dude?
Squiidd_pope: Ashen?
retroactivepancake: Uh oh what’s happening
thefileclerk: isnt that the game with the flying whale thing?
sir_jack_DB: !lasttweet
LRRbot: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [3m ago] @loadingreadyrun> Adam maybe sorta forgot his PS4 at home so he can't play Dark Cloud 2 today. So we're gonna chill with some Ashen? Question mark? | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1076585854326386689
KristianAV: i think a save-stake happened
rogue304: omg just wanted to say LLR im a massive fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alephred: Uh oh, was does 'bad new, Twitch chat' mean?
helpmeImtrappedintwitch: Oh nooo
helpmeImtrappedintwitch: What’d he doooo!!
pharniel: Sympathies to Adam.
Suffix: We're gonna need to calm down. Maybe it's time for a song to calm the Chat.
Freshly_Toasted: It has flying flappy thingies, I'm not sure I'd call them a whale though
Grescheks: Alephred it means no Golf today
Squiidd_pope: An oopsie doodle happened
Eklinaar: lrrFINE
TXC2: here we go!
suprfluffykitty: We're here!
pharniel: Ooops
TXC2: Hello Adam
Squiidd_pope: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Nightvalien28: hi adam
pharniel: Big Mood.
Suffix: Hello friend.
ArcOfTheConclave: Ashen golf?
fragilepaper: Hey Adam!
thefileclerk: sleepy boi
mierr: Hello!
Squiidd_pope: Yo adam
TXC2: No worries Adam
ZethRuss: adam stream without intro music ?
ehsteveG: D'oh!
Squiidd_pope: Greetings from Costa Rica adam
Invitare: have you ever considered More Sleep™?
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Squiidd_pope: You want anything while I’m here?
ehsteveG: that_aint_no_problem.gif
space_turbulence: hope you feel less fried soon!
helpmeImtrappedintwitch: Spoops. Oh well!
Issurru: stayed up too late clapping? Kappa
nkcola: Hiya folks! I heard mistakes were being made slytqShock
BlindProphet32: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Squiidd_pope: PS4 mistakes
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ZethRuss: aww, sad to break with such a tradition, but we'll survive :)
RvLeshrac: <message deleted>You're looking a little Ashen
Eklinaar: So what's the bad news?
TXC2: PLA TA PUS will live on in our hearts
Xavorin: Eklinaar no PS4 goodness.
Eklinaar: ah okay
Eklinaar: that's not so bad, every Adam stream is a good stream
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SquareDotCube: Maybe we should go for boiled, you're fried and getting baked in Victoria is too easy Kappa
r10pez10: s'alright
TXC2: Dont worry about it Adam lrrHEART
Anubis169: Helloooooooooooo Adam and Chat!! lrrAWESOME
r10pez10: golf is eternal
Traion: Bad news?
Eklinaar: aw, take care of yourself
TXC2: hello Anubis169
TXC2: you go as long or as short as you want Adam lrrHEART
RvLeshrac: Weird flex on a game title pun, but OK.
Traion: Hey Adam, hope you feel better
Traion: What is the bad news?
Freshly_Toasted: Bad news is no ps4ness
Issurru: puttin the old nose to the grindstone
space_turbulence: oof, that sounds brutal. sorry dude.
Diabore: sending you healy vibes adam <#
tapdancingbeavers: Hi Adam, hi chat :)
Diabore: <3
TXC2: hello tapdancingbeavers welcome
Thandres: is there something like magic in this game?
Freshly_Toasted: Who knew tying a slab of rock to a stick would be twice as effective as a large metal club
TheOneCalledStu: So why was the stream called bad news twitch chat?
Issurru: forgot ps4 for spheda
Anubis169: TheOneCalledStu: no golf today
TheOneCalledStu: ah
nkcola: Bad News, everyone!
SquareDotCube: eh, you can change it to "so I forgot my PS4 today" next break
TheOneCalledStu: so is this a souls ish game?
TXC2: Bad news Twtich chat, it's 2 days to Xmas Kappa
nkcola: Bad News Ashen Bears
r10pez10: "ashen golfless run"
TXC2: *it's still
Anubis169: what kind of a game is Ashen then?
TXC2: it's a souls like
twixwitchketchup: let’s get this bread
Anubis169: art style looks like Absolver
FireFlower18: my mailman gave me a lump of coal instead of my new computer because he thinks he's funny.
ghostalker: Hey Adam glad to see you're feeling better friend.
SquareDotCube: seems like Dark Souls Skyrim
Earthenone: ashen is souls with quests
Eklinaar: @Anubis169 It's a Dark Souls-like game
r10pez10: it's a cool looking style
Freshly_Toasted: @Anubis169 It's a soulslike but with a quest style levelling system and an Ai companion
r10pez10: wonder what the lore is like
j0xer: carried by the ai
Bobtheninjagoldfish: So.. how long till your "Way stronger than you" Partner turns on you
SquareDotCube: !findquote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #2312: "How are we supposed to beat Adam? He's just better at video games than we are." —Cameron [2016-04-13]
Mintchocdoublin: wait. bad news? what bad news. don't scare me
TXC2: who the fuck knows adam, this year has been 7 years long :P
Khador1: hello everyone hows it going, why is the stream tag bad news?
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BrindleBoar: "let's get this bread" feels like a year ago, so it's probably a month old
ArcOfTheConclave: @Mintchocdoublin no golf
TXC2: Khador1 Mintchocdoublin no golf
Freshly_Toasted: I feel like I've totally missed "let's get this bread" and suddenly it's a thing people say
Mintchocdoublin: oh, is golf important?
r10pez10: uh ... y-yeet! yeah, yeet
Diabore: is there golf in ashen?
TXC2: Remember that American chopper meme? remember how nice it was? remember how that was in MAY! :P
Diabore: arguably worse game
Diabore: but still good
Freshly_Toasted: The first stream of ashen was delightful
Grescheks: it was totally intentional subconsciously to forget the PS4 so you could play this more
Grescheks: All according to Adam's plan
TXC2: wow we got the kiln of the first flame real early Kappa
Earthenone: !fndquote ash
Lord_ZYRK: Was the mistake that you threw out your back so you can't GOLFGOLFGOLFGOLFGOLF ?
Grescheks: up on the d-pad apparently summons you a new ally if yours is missing?
Lord_ZYRK: Not play Dark Cloud 2 forever? So literal Hell? Kappa
Diabore: i hate that feeling
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I am guessing the Bad news is this weeks Spheda championship heat has to be postponed?
TXC2: I feel ya Adam
Lord_ZYRK: Sickbats FeelsBadMan
TXC2: Storm did go through a punk phase
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I miss the Gym so hard. I wish I were cleared to go back
TXC2: so the hair fits
Anubis169: I hear ya there Adam, if I miss one session in the dojo due to not being able to move, I feel so awkward like i'm super-slacking
CobaltShurikenReborn: just do a workout gym stream so that you cant chicken out on going
Anubis169: if I miss 2 sessions then time kinda slips, 'cause i use those sessions to mark my week
Anubis169: yeah... not good
TXC2: Anubis169 how many do you do normally?
Anubis169: 6 hours a week, sunday morning/afternoons and thursday nights
r10pez10: heh, paper beats rock
Anubis169: relatively equal spaced
Grescheks: "disillusion" in this case is a euphemism for "murder"
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ThrashingRhino: can we take a quick ride on the fruit train!?
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TXC2: Anubis169 damn, I used to only do 4 :P
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MeJustinYouChat: <3 feel better Adam!
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Diabore: well, thats souslbourne for you
Lord_ZYRK: MingLee 👏
Freshly_Toasted: Oh no, I feel another shadow lady coming up
CataclysmicReverb: Good morning mending friend
Issurru: dude, your hair is like an inch long
TXC2: hello CataclysmicReverb welcome
Suffix: PogChamp R A S P B E R R I E S PogChamp
Nickiatori: what is the bad news?
CataclysmicReverb: @Suffix b l u e b e r r i e s
TXC2: Nickiatori no golf
Issurru: because everyone should be telling you that you're cute anyways OpieOP
Grescheks: There is no point at that point
TheElrad: Adam, you always look cute to me
Freshly_Toasted: Sometimes I just 'feel' good after a haircut, even if I don't need one
Anubis169: Freshly_Toasted: dude that's exactly what i did
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
Lord_ZYRK: FailFish
Anubis169: to get over my breakup yesterday, i went and had a shower, got a spanking new haircut and bought a black cherry bakewell slice :)
Suffix: WutFace / ZYRK!
Anubis169: kinda feeling good in myself :)
Lord_ZYRK: Suffix \ WutFace
Freshly_Toasted: Your partner changes according to your selected sidequest
Issurru: free the pupper!
monsieur_squirrel: ooh pretty
vinvis_: You should play this with Ben :P
TXC2: Boss time!
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Freshly_Toasted: Flap flap, no!
Anubis169: manBRO KAPOW
TXC2: why are there ads lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Mash L2.
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
sir_jack_DB: whoa geez
Issurru: EZ ResidentSleeper
Scrubbodiestobears: benginTry
sir_jack_DB: this game's motif is really great
RavingPenguin: BabyRage
Invitare: does that mean... YOU are a child?
vinvis_: Game for babies
Omthebox: I figured that's why you were playin it
Issurru: double boss
Freshly_Toasted: FLAP FLAP
coelopteryx: ok that dragon-thingy is rad
Amentur: Nope that was the boss <3
Sati90: Such a cute fluffums
deathscaddy: a flying platapus
Earthenone: isent this by the fortnite people? must be kiddie souls
Lord_ZYRK: You did it, Adam! You freed the World Eater PogChamp
TXC2: wow how small are our feet?
Freshly_Toasted: I feel like the skelebros were to limit your mobility so he could catch you out? idk
Issurru: baby feet
Sati90: Now Adam can never unsee
SquareDotCube: we got the little babby feet
coelopteryx: if a weasel-mole were a dragon
Sati90: Game ruined
Thandres: are the perhaps... baby feet? Kappa
TXC2: tiny little Rob Liefield feet
Lord_ZYRK: You know what they say about small feet, don't you?
Issurru: baby feet = happy feet
SquareDotCube: I guess this game progresses through baby steps lrrBEEJ
Lord_ZYRK: Children's socks are the next aisle over! \ Kappa /
PMAvers: You could pop the satchels, they're basically soul items.
TXC2: Lord_ZYRK small, and therefore affordable shoes?
Dentro_: heya
Sati90: I mean, do you get the satisfaction out of finding secrets? Or are you not that curious about them?
CapnRobert: though I do think adam you tend to explore the limits of mechanics in games which is why I like watching if not the games themselves
ImmoralEthicist: Hey Adam! How's the game going?
r10pez10: baby feet, do doo de doo
PMAvers: You should have a stash to stick them when you get back in town.
TXC2: hello ImmoralEthicist welcome
Freshly_Toasted: Must be storage or vendor somewher-FLAP FLAP
Sati90: Fluff friend!
coelopteryx: i'm so glad
Sati90: Wide fluff friend!
r10pez10: apa, is that you
deathscaddy: prey to the flying platapus
ImmoralEthicist: Hey TXC2. How goes?
Damaris1034: I want a fluffy flying friend
Mister_Skittles: get Adam a sky whale, Adam loves sky whales
Sati90: Merry Christmas Adam!
TXC2: ImmoralEthicist it goes, how about you?
Freshly_Toasted: Oh my god, the fast travel fluffy sky whale friend is my favourite thing
Earthenone: maybe you can feed items to the sky whale?
ImmoralEthicist: TXC2. Not bad. Grinding out some final pre-holiday work.
Aceshadow132: Hello twitch chat and our good friend Mr. Savidan! I've got a flight delay, so i'm gonna chill with y'all for a bit. provided that the stream loads
PMAvers: Unless you like them, since they're un-upgraded weapons.
Sati90: Such order, such efficiency
TXC2: Hello Aceshadow132 welcome
tapdancingbeavers: Hi Aceshadow
r10pez10: hoooliday traaaveling
Sati90: Adam's Gamehouse is a well lubed machine
r10pez10: lrrSPOOP
PMAvers: The Guile is pretty sick, especially if you d on't get hit.
Sati90: I mean oiled...
Freshly_Toasted: Sounds super aggressive fun times
Aceshadow132: I had to set up a hotspot on my phone cause i don't trust this shady-ass unsecured airport wifi
BrindleBoar: nice hat
Issurru: what a hat LUL
TXC2: I see we're a cleric Kappa
Sati90: That is to confuse enemies about where your actual head is
sir_jack_DB: good hat, tassel and everything
r10pez10: imagine the headbutts
sir_jack_DB: oof
Aceshadow132: What a hat
Freshly_Toasted: DIASORA
monsieur_squirrel: you're pope?
Sati90: Fun
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sir_jack_DB: "fire kelp" lol
suprfluffykitty: Does anyone know how you renew your prime sub?
Sati90: Why is her voice familiar?
Sati90: Where do I remember her from?
TXC2: Ok is she Russian or Irish? :P
r10pez10: let's go digging
Sati90: Irrishian?
Freshly_Toasted: Oh you could probably wreck the spooky ghosts now
vinvis_: I think she is Snorsj
BrindleBoar: "Laura Post", has some familiar credits
Aceshadow132: She's Ashenese
TXC2: ghost time
PMAvers: Oh yeah, whatever person you have selected in the quest log is who comes with you.
TXC2: yeah we recking that now
Sati90: Oh I remember this highlight :D
Invitare: is that a Homing Crystal Soul Mass?
Freshly_Toasted: It stacks real quick at least
TXC2: we got cleaver girl'd!
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arethosemyfeet: Merry (nearly) Christmas Adam, hit all the scary things with sticks. :)
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TXC2: Use the footsies Adam!
r10pez10: Laura Post, apparently Ahri from League of Legends
r10pez10: along with a bunch of other game and anime credits
BrindleBoar: do the orbs scale with your weapon's damage? are they melee only?
Rytthigar: Hey chat, hey Adam :)
TXC2: hello Rytthigar welcome
Lord_ZYRK: Yeah, Polaris, the Cave Story gun
EJGRgunner: what's the bad news?
Zu_o: I like your hat in game Adam, hello Lrrsmns
HondoTrigger: wait whats the bad news?
TXC2: hello Zu_o welcome
Freshly_Toasted: I love them so much
TXC2: HondoTrigger Adam forgot his PS4, so no golf
Earthenone: bad news = no dark cloud 2
Sati90: The more damage you have the less time you have to worry about dodging ;)
PMAvers: Check the anvil maybe to see what you need for a weapon upgrade?
Freshly_Toasted: Yeah there's coop
HondoTrigger: @TXC2 RIP golf times
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maxdamnit: With Adam on the stream, it's always GOOD NEWS!!
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Orchestrion: Big axe in a souls-like? That's Adam alright
Sati90: This game is quite gorgeous
HondoTrigger: "I think our damage is fine" as he one-hit kills mobs
TXC2: so what I'm getting from this game is that it's a souls like, but with a quest system and a map
r10pez10: big hat logan, is that you
vinvis_: Maybe the soundtrack?
Lord_ZYRK: Adam confirmed next guest host for Panalysts PogChamp
Freshly_Toasted: The soundtrack and casual fun combat has a chill vibe, also diasora are quite possibly the best fantasy creature I've seen all year
r10pez10: it looks like it feels really good to play
Sati90: That guy popped his ult
Orchestrion: so what are those orb things around his head?
Orchestrion: rad
Banrael: cheer100 That bit number looks lonely. Also, nice hat. #charity
$290,398 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 5 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at https://link.twitch.tv/blizzardofbits
TXC2: !charity
LRRbot: From December 12-27, cheer with #charity and Twitch will donate $.20 for every 100 Bits to Direct Relief.
r10pez10: it looks like he's thinking about spheda
Freshly_Toasted: It deselects when you sprint I think
TXC2: no chill, that's what these guys have
Lord_ZYRK: Thoughts of Spheda also give *me* power Keepo
manfred909: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TXC2: you're the best, AROUND!
monsieur_squirrel: this combat looks a lot faster than souls
Lord_ZYRK: His GAMER SENSE, fueled exclusively by MOUNTAIN DEW™
RavingPenguin: *Cleaves a mans head in two with a giant axe/rock* "Man this game is so chill" Kappa
TXC2: GAMER SENSE (patent pending)
AmonKoth: why are there little black holes around your head?
vinvis_: Stamina?
Banrael: I thought it was his hat, but now think it might be some sort of repository of souls
BrindleBoar: Orbs - he gets one when he hits, they deal extra damage, but he loses all of them when he's hit
TXC2: I think the yellow bar is stamina
AmonKoth: ah
Lord_ZYRK: It's his brain expanding into the galaxy seabatBRAIN
Freshly_Toasted: It is technically a hat, he has a funky rune that gives him this power
Novus_Spes: What up people! What we playing? What is this?
TXC2: BrindleBoar ok cool
TXC2: hello Novus_Spes this is ashen
FrigidMoth: @Lord_ZYRK knows the truth
Novus_Spes: Well I like the design. What's the premise? Souls-style game? RPG? Action Adventure?
BrindleBoar: Souls-like
Damagicsausage: Came for the bad news.
tapdancingbeavers: You can apparently turn off AI helpers as well if that is something you want to do.
BrindleBoar: the bad news is no Dark Cloud 2
Damagicsausage: There was a Dark Cloud 1?
Novus_Spes: Adam playing a Souls-like game? Easy sell.
AidanStresing: In the cave looking area
Lord_ZYRK: The bad news is we get chill Adam funtimes
Lord_ZYRK: The good news is that is also the good news
TXC2: can't it be both?
El_Funko: The Runic Axe is pretty sweet
Lord_ZYRK: Anything can be a two-hander if you hold it right Keepo
El_Funko: That's what I've been using on my game
Novus_Spes: HolidayCookie HolidayLog HolidayOrnament HolidayPresent HolidaySanta HolidayTree
Novus_Spes: There.
El_Funko: Hey
Novus_Spes: I used your emotes Twitch. be happy.
El_Funko: First of all, how dare you
manfred909: elfunkHeart
BrindleBoar: swiggity swooty, comin' for that capote...y
manfred909: I think Funko is 3 bosses in
TXC2: well we got bopped
CataclysmicReverb: Came out while RDR2 was still hot
Olveron: lrrFINE
El_Funko: Yeah this is a December game
TXC2: well it's a PC game not on steam
ThrashingRhino: i really like the visual simplicity of this game, smooth and chunky and the same time.
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ChangelingDruid: Heck yeh, managed to catch the best LRRsman live for the resub. Adam do you think you will be playing the MHW expansion when it lands?
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r10pez10: it's TBD on steam
Steel_zsar93: So whats the bad news? o.O
AidanStresing: You can jump on the slope
CataclysmicReverb: And RDR was still hot... at least kinda
TXC2: Steel_zsar93 no golf
manfred909: get that shuffle on\
CataclysmicReverb: idk why the Dark Souls community isn't on this though
Eclipseon: How hyper aggressive can you be in this game? One thing I liked about Dark Souls 1 was demolishing things with the Zweihander.
Freshly_Toasted: I've seen a couple stream it
El_Funko: Saviour
Steel_zsar93: @TXC2 eh, we stil have Adam so I can deal with that
TXC2: the lrrCIRCLE s!
MechaKuuga: Amara is Adam's waifu?
TXC2: Steel_zsar93 indeed we do
TXC2: MechaKuuga no, we get different companions depending on the quest
Freshly_Toasted: GIANT FLAP FLAP
manfred909: SKY WHALE
MechaKuuga: @TXC2 cool
TastyArsenic: heya adam! hows the game?
TXC2: hello TastyArsenic welcome
bertokfrancis: it looks quite like skyrim
Orchestrion: gotta love sky leviathans
TastyArsenic: are we going for the HARDCORE EXPERIENCE with no companions?
Xavorin: So what is this game, anyway? I've seen it before, but haven't really SEEN it before.
TallBlondePillager: Is this dark souls
Lord_ZYRK: We have companions
TallBlondePillager: Did Adam spec into hexes?
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Ashen
Bobtheninjagoldfish: am I crazy for thinking this reminds more more of Breath of the Wild than Dark Souls?
Freshly_Toasted: It's a quest based open world soulslike with adventuring companions and drop in co-op
Dr_fragenstien: nice tail cut :^)
CataclysmicReverb: I saw half an episode of Walker, and was all done with Chuck Norris
TallBlondePillager: @Bobtheninjagoldfish Probably not, but the floating darkness things above the character's head is very much like a spell in dark souls
Xavorin: Freshly_Toasted that's the kind of explanation I was looking for, thanks.
Freshly_Toasted: No probs
TastyArsenic: can you jump that river? i remember the jumps in this game being insane
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @TallBlondePillager yeah but over all it feels more like Breath of the Wild to me
Sati90: Wow, badass warrior, can't even swim Kappa
Lord_ZYRK: NotLikeThis
El_Funko: lol I did the exact same thing
Lord_ZYRK: Twitch Chat halp NotLikeThis
TXC2: yeap Video game protag dies to water
Orchestrion: rip
TXC2: how do we swim lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Try uncrashing it.
MalBeam: the deep water... the dark water
El_Funko: Nah they drop on the shore
Lord_ZYRK: "You just lose a little bit of health?" Apparently not :/
Xavorin: 7.8/10 game. too much water.
TXC2: whooops
El_Funko: seabatYIKES
Sati90: I mean, depends on your definition of "a little"
Thandres: well that answers that question: you dont Kappa
Lord_ZYRK: WELP ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Orchestrion: Gravity kills
Freshly_Toasted: Nice
Issurru: 100%
Thandres: seabatSEAL
TXC2: did....did the dog thing make a chicken noise?
Sati90: Now Adam finds the actual way down there :D
Orchestrion: aren't spearheads throwables?
Issurru: well you are ON a hill OpieOP
r10pez10: not god, dog!
Freshly_Toasted: Spears are. Maybe you can craft spears?
Cadamari: No text, only dogs!
r10pez10: hahaha
Feminine_Desires: Using such a short ranged attack ...
Freshly_Toasted: No dogs, no masters
Meltalar: dont text and dogs
TXC2: one tough dog
r10pez10: no one expects the third dog
Fr0Dough: Uh oh what was the bad news?
TXC2: Fr0Dough no golf
Issurru: forgot ps4 so no golf
Fr0Dough: Rage against the no machine!
VoidByAnyOtherName: bad news?
Freshly_Toasted: The smokey beacon is a checkpoint I believe
Sati90: Is that a huge fluff ship?
Freshly_Toasted: I just want to cuddle the adult diasora
TXC2: VoidByAnyOtherName adam forgot his PS4, so no golf
VoidByAnyOtherName: aww
Sati90: That guy is 110%
Orchestrion: yo the jumps on that dude
VoidByAnyOtherName: that guy doesn't need stairs
VoidByAnyOtherName: are those like magic missiles hovering around his head
Sati90: He just jumped a full story belly button first like a boss
TXC2: VoidByAnyOtherName no, the more he has, the more damage he does, but he losses them if he's hit
VoidByAnyOtherName: ah nice
Freshly_Toasted: Amara is a BEAST
Sati90: She's making you look bad Adam :D
Orchestrion: what is Amara using, a rock on a stick?
Sati90: Pretty much
Sati90: It's supper effective as it turns out
Barb4rian: Definitely thought Adam's character was on two peg legs
Freshly_Toasted: He just has tiny cute feet
Barb4rian: Yeah haha
TXC2: Healing over time is usually quite good
Lord_ZYRK: Lil feet. All the better to footsies with.
r10pez10: dog was waiting for when you needed to reply to a text
KeiRaccoon: seabatHITBOX
Lord_ZYRK: KeiRaccoon RaccAttack /
TXC2: sky Whale!
Sati90: Blood soul echos
Orchestrion: there's that sac of souls if you want to upgrade
r10pez10: zenny
Rytthigar: need more cheese to upgrade your weapon there, pal
QmonsterGames: Wait, what's the bad news?
Freshly_Toasted: No golf today
Lord_ZYRK: Mmmmmmm, upgrade cheese
Sati90: Ooooo pet the tail
Freshly_Toasted: That fluffy sky whale is in need of a good cuddlin'
QmonsterGames: Ah. How's Ashen look?
TXC2: pretty good
KeiRaccoon: Platforming? In /my/ Souls-like?
QmonsterGames: isn't there a gamegud? command? like, to ask if the game is good? :P
CataclysmicReverb: " DansGame " he says, 3 minutes after calling himself a god at platforming
Sati90: Oh are we in blight town?
SquareDotCube: It's my kind of aesthetic but I'm not that really into Dark Souls-likes
r10pez10: tfw in souls games where you go to jump but kick instead
Suffix: Well, at least you can't get Shambled in this game.
KeiRaccoon: Either that or you summon the Shambler with your words
CapnRobert: I mean overall though you generally pretty good at games at least imo
Freshly_Toasted: It's only a soulslike in terms of the way you have a semi-linear discovery path, selection of weapons and a stamina bar
TXC2: QmonsterGames we got rid of that a LONG time ago :P
Freshly_Toasted: but otherwise ashen is its own thang
SquareDotCube: Getting Blighttown flashbacks around here with the scaffolding and ladders
QmonsterGames: I wasn't sure
Sati90: Go see the momma fluff
TXC2: Freshly_Toasted dont we also have a souls/currency anolouge for levelling?
Lord_ZYRK: Block is cheat SMOrc
TXC2: *analogue
TXC2: blocking isn't cheating, it's just losing Kappa
Freshly_Toasted: Levelling is quest based but there is also some smaller stuff like how scoria works for upgrdes and the crimson gourd
TXC2: r10pez10 too real
Freshly_Toasted: but those are mechanics you see in roguelikes too
Nitryon: zoneBurg zoneRage borger
CapnRobert: op strats
CapnRobert: seems good
postmodernpajamawrestler: Whats he bad news?
TXC2: Freshly_Toasted fair enough
postmodernpajamawrestler: the*
Sati90: Wow that guy, too proud to duck
TXC2: postmodernpajamawrestler adam forgot his ps4, so no golf
CapnRobert: lolol
collectangels: hI, why does the title say "bad news"?
postmodernpajamawrestler: Unsubscribe, leave bad review
Cadamari: LUL
CataclysmicReverb: GG
Freshly_Toasted: Ouch, assassin's creed flashbacks
StephenJM81: brave choice
Lord_ZYRK: That may have been a mistake
TXC2: collectangels Adam forgot his PS4, so no golf
Thandres: not even a backflip 0/10
r10pez10: yeet for distance
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Just swan dive off a cliff
CapnRobert: that was pretty good
collectangels: oh, I see. Thanks, @TXC2
MrBevers: explosion of items
r10pez10: i'm gonna try to clip that
Sati90: 2/10 would not fly with this company again
haseo_sora: whats the bad news?
Freshly_Toasted: No golf today
postmodernpajamawrestler: Using a shield is like the camping of the feudal japan or w/e this is
TXC2: Hello Graham
Freshly_Toasted: Diasora matriarch is angry because no cuddles
Sati90: It's trapped
Sati90: You gotta help it Adam
Mangledpixel: heeeeeey Graham
Feminine_Desires: The reference to Demon's Souls' Dragons!
Lord_ZYRK: We all feel like that, Adam.
Lord_ZYRK: It's called "existential dread"
TXC2: "Estiban, I need you" "BE RIGHT THERE HOMBRE!"
Robot_Bones: thanks I hate it
WithoutAnAce: camera got tilted when Graham came by
Sati90: Don't hurt momma whale :(
vinvis_: Tickle its belly
WithoutAnAce: (or green screen moved?)
r10pez10: yeah there's like a sliver of something
Nitryon: there is a rip on the green screen
Lord_ZYRK: You're saying Graham put the camera on tilt? Kappa
Freshly_Toasted: Is it not a wall?
TXC2: WithoutAnAce if the green screen moved we're in A LOT of trouble :P
KeiRaccoon: Kill it, Shado of the Colossus style
Banrael: Does that mean The Nothing is coming?
postmodernpajamawrestler: I hope this is like Valoo in Legend of zelda as opposed to just murdering it
WithoutAnAce: @txc2 Lol, flashbacks to earthquake chustle
TXC2: bodied!
Freshly_Toasted: I think the diasora are meant to be frinedly as one of the matriarch's children is our fast travel mechanic
vinvis_: What's the crack in the screen?
TXC2: home boy looks like a Comedian I trying to remember the name of.
TXC2: vinvis_ the green screen
r10pez10: owen ... wilson?
postmodernpajamawrestler: I assume a jostled green screen
r10pez10: john ... cleese?
Freshly_Toasted: My immersion is shattered
TXC2: r10pez10 no, he's British Pannel shows and the like
TXC2: and has the moustache and what not
postmodernpajamawrestler: ahh
Saulens181: sooo, wat this game?
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Ashen
postmodernpajamawrestler: they had so much to live for
CapnRobert: @Saulens181 its called ashen I think its only on the epic store?
CapnRobert: or am I mistaken
r10pez10: it's TBD on steam atm
Nitryon: i wish it would be on steam
r10pez10: like it's listed, just no date or price
Nitryon: yeh i know
Lord_ZYRK: 👀 💦
Sati90: Bring Adam some ice
Nitryon: i think its a dumb move from them to just put it on the Epic store
Thandres: lrrDILLY ?
Freshly_Toasted: I called that last stream!
Omthebox: Speedrun strats!?
r10pez10: Epic is really trying to push their store
Feminine_Desires: @LoadingReadyRun Adam you could interact with that light I think.
CataclysmicReverb: The part with the skeletons was my favorite part of Destiny
Cadamari: Can't you attach a lit lantern to your side?
KeiRaccoon: @CataclysmicReverb I mean, the Vex are skeleton-like
r10pez10: you might say this place is lit
CataclysmicReverb: @KeiRaccoon Right?
Freshly_Toasted: Dungeon?
r10pez10: i mean, i wouldn't
r10pez10: but you could
TSturtledove: think you missed something by the door
TSturtledove: next to the ligh
Lord_ZYRK: They're coming out of the walls WutFace
TSturtledove: light
Freshly_Toasted: Oh I see, it's the tomb of giants
Lord_ZYRK: Game over, man, game over!
TXC2: Freshly_Toasted gross
CataclysmicReverb: Do we need to level?
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Leafwind104: lrrHEART lrrHEART
Omthebox: Ah, down with the sickness. Must be a 90's kid.
AtheistSanta: Could just fast travel back to base and put some stuff in your chest.
Anubis169: it's all good Adam
Scrubbodiestobears: that'll learn you to read subs!
postmodernpajamawrestler: wifi keeps crapping out
Himyul: admittedly, if I stabbed you, running away would probably be the next thing I did
Anubis169 dances
postmodernpajamawrestler: what I miss?
Pachs: Is the bad news is that Adam is sick or is there actual bad news?
TXC2: postmodernpajamawrestler just reading subs
Anubis169: Pachs: bad news is that no golf today
Freshly_Toasted: bad news is no golf
RebekahWSD: What are the weird glowing floating orbs?
Pachs: ahh ok, was just checking too see if things are ok with Adam.
postmodernpajamawrestler: does LRR do like a christmas gift exchange?
TXC2: RebekahWSD boost our damage
RebekahWSD: Ah, nice!
Freshly_Toasted: They're a damage buff that stacks as damage hits but vanish if he gets hit
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Anycolorbutblack: Just tuned in, what's the bad news Adam?
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Lord_ZYRK: The Homie of Light AngelThump
RebekahWSD: Oh, they went away
Freshly_Toasted: Words, they fail me
RavingPenguin: Kinda glad Adam forgot his PS4, I'm enjoying this
TXC2: postmodernpajamawrestler no, the secret santa this year is not having to do a secret santa Kappa
Tempest2097: Wait what's the bad news?
postmodernpajamawrestler: no golf
Freshly_Toasted: No golf
cmdrud87: Then aks Paul I hear he has 4 PS4s
TXC2: Tempest2097 Adam forgot his PS4, so no golf
Thandres: i think the bad news at this point is that adam chose a poor streaming title^^
Tempest2097: Oh
Pachs: is this the game from the highlights where he gets jumped by a shadow monster?
cynimo: what flavour of dark souls clone is this
Tempest2097: It's still quality time spent with Adam, I don't mind
Himyul: oh, I thought Adam was just calling twitch chat bad news. SeriousSloth
Freshly_Toasted: @pachs yes
Bartlebad: Yes
postmodernpajamawrestler: yes
Thandres: just a small hop, c´mon adam Kappa
Pachs: @Freshly_Toasted Thanks, and this game looks neat.
TSturtledove: my mistake, you good Adam
postmodernpajamawrestler: iFrames
Freshly_Toasted: Jokell is taking names
Clan_Dookie: kottonHi kottonHi
MilkInBag: hey Adam!
Freshly_Toasted: It's because you've done a bunch of his quests, making him stronk af
MilkInBag: OpieOP
Noxenluxe: SeriousSloth
Feminine_Desires: <message deleted>i'MMA CAPS LOCK YA anniHYPE
Invitare: You Mean Caps Lock Like This Right?
cynimo: who is that other guy btw?
Feminine_Desires: rip me
RavingPenguin: Just don't be a dong Chat
Thandres: what if we anti-capslock you? seabatBRAIN
TXC2: what did we just say?!
Feminine_Desires: :p
TSturtledove: When you say "Caps lock" I get this image of Captain Falcon giving you an armbar.
Anubis169: cynimo: an AI
Freshly_Toasted: Jokell is our protagonist now
MilkInBag: maybe you were the NPC all along
manudosde: that's a human player
thebluecosmonaut: this mans is gaming
Invitare: Writing Like This Is Pure Evil
postmodernpajamawrestler: @TSturtledove thats such a good image
Spacecarl: yeah this definitely looks like another player
CataclysmicReverb: No bullying Adam, chat.
RebekahWSD: I think you're the sidekick
cynimo: oh by the way he was barging ahead I didnt think so
cynimo: thanks
Pachs: a RPG where your just a follower NPC and someone else is the main character would be kind of a neat idea
zerg539: that is probably another player
Invitare: aren't many Fire Emblem games basically you playing as the side character?
postmodernpajamawrestler: hes got more dots than you
TXC2: zerg539 I dont think it is
manudosde: whenever the NPC runs ahead of you that is a player for sure
Himyul: that would be awesome
Freshly_Toasted: I think co-op is an invite thing
MilkInBag: m-maybe?
MilkInBag: does this unit have a soul?
Pachs: so kind of like Journey multiplayer then
TXC2: Neat is true
CapnRobert: I thought it had journey style coop
CapnRobert: at least I had heard that
thebluecosmonaut: hmmm
MilkInBag: big if actual
manfred909: they could be a player
Fu4ow: nah this is a stealth Spy Party mode
manfred909: propably are
Feminine_Desires: yeah that is a player, npc wouldn't loot corpses right?
CataclysmicReverb: @Pachs What happens when the NPC tries to romance you?
Freshly_Toasted: I mean... he's moving differently now
Himyul: when we realize we can program bots to be more effective humans, we're doomed as a civilization.
manudosde: that's right, NPC don't pick up loot
Freshly_Toasted: Try to get their attention?
manudosde: NPCs*
Lord_ZYRK: Are other people even real? 🤔
TXC2: what if it rotates between NPC and Player?
Himyul: Is Adam even real?
zerg539: they use a journey like coop system and npcs to help you and I am fairly certain this is a real boi
MilkInBag: and then you realize internet was down all along
TXC2: are any of us truely real?
Pachs: @CataclysmicReverb well it would still be a RPG guess your options would be only reactory seeing how your waiting for the other too ask about things like a normal NPC in games does
Williamjr3413: no
thebluecosmonaut: man's peacin' it
Freshly_Toasted: Oh my god, our boy jokell has elevated Pinocchio style
MilkInBag: F
postmodernpajamawrestler: F
Lord_ZYRK: NotLikeThis
Tempest2097: F
Sharkfists: RIP in pineapples
cynimo: almost thought he had it
TXC2: poo butts
Freshly_Toasted: Rip in peace
Sati90: If it looks like it's alive and it feels like it's alive, isn't it alive?
Himyul: and like a real human, he fails us in the end
DrWreckage: Thank you Adam I was bored and lonely this means alot
TXC2: DrWreckage lrrHEART
Himyul: now you're stuck with this nerd
MilkInBag: if they suck, it's human
postmodernpajamawrestler: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW
manudosde: some pleople jump to say 'I'm not an NPC'
Invitare: use your White Soapstone to place down your sign
manfred909: you are already playing coop with this person
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zerg539: if you are doing the same quests in the same area and fulfill matchmaking requirements you can be put into someone else's game
TSturtledove: Found an article about it, "It also takes inspiration from minimalist co-op sand-surfing simulator Journey, in which you’d be randomly paired up with another player you could work with to progress. It’s the latter where Ashen really leans into for its multiplayer, but with a twist. While in Dark Souls you summon a phantom player from a parallel dimension, in Ashen those other players essentially possess one of the game’s many NPCs."
Freshly_Toasted: He has no portrait
TSturtledove: I can post a link to the article if you want
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Lord_ZYRK: That's pretty cool seabatSEAL
Pachs: Thats cool, wish more games had multiplayer like this
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
Freshly_Toasted: Byye
Lord_ZYRK: Later TXC2 seabatBRAIN /
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming Adam
frostownik: cheer100 this looks cool AF!
manudosde: he fell to his death
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, I thought it felt sorta Journey-ish with you just having this ping for communication
manudosde: he will respawn when you reach the door though
Sharkfists: remember to get that #charity going if you donate bits
Pachs: So is this game also like Dark Souls where you have no idea what the plot is for most of the game or does it at least tell you whats going on?
TSturtledove: It tells you what is going on
Himyul: F
postmodernpajamawrestler: F
Anubis169: xxxCOM
Anubis169: but it was fun!
Freshly_Toasted: It tells you a bit at the beginning and do a bunch of quests for characters to level up @pachs
Pachs: Thats good at least, that was my least favorite part of the Dark Souls games, though what story it did tell you was real cool.
Freshly_Toasted: Also it's pretty open world
TSturtledove: Also from that article, "Take one of the very first characters you meet, a moustached pipe-smoking chap called Jokell. At first, he’s your regular AI-controlled NPC who helps you clear out the enemies in an area that becomes your town hub. When he joins your town, he’s still behaving like most NPCs, standing in one spot and operating as quest giver. But once you take up a quest, Jokell accompanies you, and it’s here that control cedes from the programming to another player. On the flipside, from
TSturtledove: Pretty cool way to build the system
manudosde: AI is not particularly smart
Freshly_Toasted: Cool beans
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wildpeaks: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:40:20.
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Pachs: ok, last question and I might end up buying this is its true. Does it have Build Varity like Dark Souls? Becuase all the types of builds you can do in DS is one of the reasons I kept playing it.
wildpeaks: oh wow, I thought the stream was cancelled today ? yay for surprise bonus adam :)
manfred909: you can put a lit lantern down and use the two hander
Freshly_Toasted: It's not much for build variety it seems, no magic so far but there are various weapons, runes and whatnot?
manfred909: I saw Funko do it no idea how
ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun Hai Adam! How's my favourite big boy doing?
MilkInBag: hey adam is your cold gone?
Abavus: Hey Adam. You're great, and I hope you are doing great! I heard you were sick, hopefully not anymore (and/or much longer).
wildpeaks: what's the shiny things above our head, are we cosplaying a xmas tree ?
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tendrilsoftragedy: yeah boi! one month till my sub baby and get to wait while watching my man Adam kicking ass!
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CaptainSpam: How goes the defeating of the things that should be defeated?
Pachs: might pass the, because magic is one of my favorite build types for RPG's. the design is really cool though.
TSturtledove: Seems you might be able to put the settings so you get paired with a friends as your journey partner instead of a random.
poetmarawr: slytqHi @manfred909 elfunkHeart
MilkInBag: aww that sucks, holidays are often like that
wildpeaks: aww, I hope the stream will make you feel better at least
Freshly_Toasted: Shiny things are a stacking damage buff which fades when hit but builds as adam wrecks shop
Abavus: I really hope you get the opportunity to not over-work yourself. jamieCare
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Looking to celebrate the season with LoadingReadyRun holiday specials from the past? We have just the YouTube playlist for you. | https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV_qemO0oath32ZdmroXiMDC6dJTqJJXR || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1076611590491787264
RockPusher: jamieCare seabatBRAIN jamieCare
TSturtledove: So it may be possible to play this with Adam and Alex running the dungeons together.
wildpeaks: ah damn :/
Abavus: Oh no :(
Earthenone: lisa needs braces!
postmodernpajamawrestler: that sucks
Anubis169: DentalBats?
Williamjr3413: :(
poetmarawr: we lrrHEART you Adam! hope you feel better in all ways and have a great bday whenever that is bday100 #charity
$291,844 total raised so far for Direct Relief! 5 more days to show support. Cheer and include #charity. Learn More at https://link.twitch.tv/blizzardofbits
Abavus: I can't stick around. I hope you have a great stream regardless!
CapnRobert: sorry man dental bill suck I know that feel though
Anubis169: Adam: 2019 will be amazing man
Anubis169: really it will
postmodernpajamawrestler: It'll get better man, just keep on
Anubis169: also hihi CapnRobert :)
tendrilsoftragedy: when are you streaming on your own channel?
Invitare: for started, Bayonetta 3 is supposed to be released then
Abavus: You're working really hard and I hope it all works out for you! I have no idea about the financials of independent contracting but you seem like you are doing your best
aWabbajack: oh nice Ashen! Playing with another player?
TastyArsenic: i feel you on the income troubles. the company i was working for lost their contract a 2 months ago and kept me on the hook for a long time
Invitare: already better than 2018
Freshly_Toasted: 2021 will be great, just for the year long "hindsight is 2020 jokes"
Evochron13: i think i missed something? you said you can't make GP vancouver anymore?
CapnRobert: Hey @Anubis169 hows it going :) hope you well
Abavus: Try best! jamieCare
M4RKNUTT: evening all :)
tendrilsoftragedy: 1coo
Abavus: That also applies to you, chat! Try best, it's fine if it doesn't 100% pay off. jamieCare
Anubis169: lotsa up and down CapnRobert
Evochron13: is it the travel?
Anubis169: there've been great times, and really crappy times
Anubis169: it's been... a year
tendrilsoftragedy: cool ill try catch that then :) see about getting another sub to another you awrsome lrr guys :)
TheBlackTriStar: PogChamp
CapnRobert: I know that feel @Anubis169 wish ya more ups than downs friend
Abavus: I think that's enough of my drunken ramblins (while I'm sure it does, the rambling being drunken shouldn't take too much out of the message)
Abavus: Have a great stream everyone!
ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun Take care of yourself, Adam! I don't think chat will mind if you cut the stream short because you get too ill. Also, and this is not to like... Suggest anything untoward, but I think if you join like... The ranks of GoFundMe, people will likely happily help you so you can go to GP Vancouver, PAX South, or maybe even pay your dental bills. I don't know if you're a fan of taking charity, but maybe you could consider it the LRR Fandom's christmas gift to you!
tendrilsoftragedy: sergeHeart benginHeart lrrHEART
Evochron13: that's a shame but understandable. did you consider going for side events or just LRR community things only?
Abavus: ChiefEngineerMichael, from what I understand it's a really hard bargain in terms of in theory it's great but the realities may be much more harsh :(
Evochron13: i mean i'd offer to spot your drafts but i don't know how comfortable tha'td be for you
CaptainSpam: Ha! Idiot thing trying to jump at you.
Pachs: too quote Butters as a life lesson I learned years ago "I love life...Yeah, I'm sad, but at the same time, I'm really happy that something could make me feel that sad. It's like...It makes me feel alive, you know. It makes me feel human. The only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt something really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good. So I guess what I'm feeling is like a beautiful sadness."
manudosde: the next room is where you lost all that scoria
Williamjr3413: does streamlabs take a cut of donations?
Freshly_Toasted: Sort of like when you put down really sweet book
ChiefEngineerMichael: WAP
Evochron13: i'm flying out from Toronto for GP vancouver since I haven't taken a vacation in like three years
Freshly_Toasted: Bopped
Evochron13: oofa.
CapnRobert: that 2 for 1
HisEvilDomain: these big guys are very big
manudosde: this place is brutal
wildpeaks: now we know, for science
manudosde: I left it for last, did all the other quests first
Mushbie: can we get a cup of that guy's pis?
CataclysmicReverb: Can you tap block at them?
Freshly_Toasted: I think when they follow you directly when running it's an NPC
Feminine_Desires: you can tell by when they don't pick stuff up and just stay right behind you most of the time
Feminine_Desires: the past few guys have definitely been npcs
wildpeaks: was that from the game or the moonbase ? that spooked me :D
manudosde: what level is your one handed weapon?
wildpeaks: saved \o/
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Dark_Destra: <3
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manudosde: oof, that's bad
manudosde: you can leave the lantern on the floor too
manudosde: so you can use your two hander
MWGNZ: Hi Adam, I think you're great and hope you have an awesome christmas break
manudosde: press L1
Feminine_Desires: @LoadingReadyRun maybe change your monitor settings? We can see better than you can, so it's probably your monitor.
Tripleyew: ‘Evening, Adam, and howdy all
Spectaclees: Ah, yes. Recluse and respite. To cluse and spite again, respectively.
Invitare: that's because you only ever got daggers
Invitare: daggers are meant to be small
wildpeaks: the good old times of mono-daggers :D
HisEvilDomain: rawr, grr *enters hibernation*
SquareDotCube: The daggers thing was from that game where its production basically shut down the developer
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Sedorox: It was great seeing you Adam (and everyone else) in Philly at Unplugged!
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pinpointersk: hey adam missed you ;)
manudosde: your companion just died
Sedorox: it's all good, I don't think I even mentioned my Twitch name
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Valkyrie_Lemons: The cheeky 42 months seabatBRAIN
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wildpeaks: welp, they sent us flying into the sea
pinpointersk: Wow, DD that you?
wildpeaks: uhh :D
manudosde: that's exactly how your companion died :)
Tempest2097: On a scale of one to yes.
Tempest2097: YEs
pinpointersk: ash and water dont mix...
Earthenone: clip it thats the ticket
postmodernpajamawrestler: lrrFINE
HisEvilDomain: on the plus side we upgraded the axe so lost nothing
Freshly_Toasted: I wonder when we get the basic swimming rune
Freshly_Toasted: Babies can swim, man
manudosde: homie's face icon is bugged
thebluecosmonaut: based
Spectaclees: A big boy
Feminine_Desires: Dropping frames now
Anubis169: uhhhhhh
Anubis169: frames all over the floor :S
pinpointersk: yeah a few
MilkInBag: frames drank too much eggnog
pinpointersk: rng damage?
manudosde: if you hit the when they are transforming they die in one hit
MilkInBag: it's the seabatHITBOX
Feminine_Desires: twitch please x.x
Williamjr3413: I use it when raiding
r10pez10: seabatHITBOX
MilkInBag: niche emotes > general emotes
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Williamjr3413: I'm coming in chat seabatHITBOX
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Williamjr3413: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
MilkInBag: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
SoundGuy0dB: Hey Adam, how goes things? Ready for Christmas?
SirMorek: That horn is worth tooting
Williamjr3413: best emote
pinpointersk: stream for us on christmas
thebluecosmonaut: christmas adam tomorrow tho
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Chinese food and Spiderverse with the Wife for Christmas this year
SoundGuy0dB: heheh np am not familiar with this game is it new?
postmodernpajamawrestler: @Bobtheninjagoldfish dope
TastyArsenic: i saw spider-verse last night and god, it's just so good
MilkInBag: video games and pyjamas PogChamp
thebluecosmonaut: T H E G O U R D
Spectaclees: tfw you refill your crimson gourd
MilkInBag: D:
thebluecosmonaut: Kreygasm gourd
postmodernpajamawrestler: bye frond
MilkInBag: very
Williamjr3413: rip
TastyArsenic: later homie
pinpointersk: your guy killed himself from shame...
MilkInBag: gourd brain
postmodernpajamawrestler: you gotta pour a gourd out for the homie
manudosde: Jokell has the bad habit of dying there
thebluecosmonaut: ever just drop a gourd
thebluecosmonaut: ever just get fucked up on some wizard gourd
MilkInBag: sapient moss? D:
thebluecosmonaut: start hallucinating dragons n shit
MilkInBag: oh no
CaKnuckleguy: Souls'd
Freshly_Toasted: Oh
DrWreckage: What are the shadow orbs, why did we have more before and less now?
thebluecosmonaut: yike
jonnyfever88: Whomp Whomp
Williamjr3413: you followed the homie
r10pez10: mad_world.mp3
Spectaclees: <3
r10pez10: froot froot
Tempest2097: I mean you weren't rong
MilkInBag: i was about to comment how I hate levels where there are no borders
Tempest2097: er wrong
HisEvilDomain: I call bullshit, there was a hard surface right there to cusion your landing
Tempest2097: Thanks W key
MrLephisto: lrrWOW
TastyArsenic: katesRip katesRip katesRip katesRip
postmodernpajamawrestler: I blame homie
head_cannon: katesRip katesRip katesRip katesRip
ThrashingRhino: and it seems the player has found the dge of the map
MilkInBag: l e v e l d e s i g n a e s t h e t i c
SoundGuy0dB: this is kinda souls style a bit yeah?
postmodernpajamawrestler: they're pulling the plug on your homie privleges
TastyArsenic: this game seems rough without a homie
thebluecosmonaut: no homie zone
thebluecosmonaut: wtf is that
MilkInBag: blue wasnt born most likely
SoundGuy0dB: Have never seen that, is ait a US/Canada thing?
thebluecosmonaut: >1990
thebluecosmonaut: nope i was dead
thebluecosmonaut: ended in 94 still dead
MilkInBag: blue you're almost 13 now right?
thebluecosmonaut: DansGame
thebluecosmonaut: i'm the smartest 13 year old ever if so
MilkInBag: college for toddlers OpieOP
Angreed66: Just here what bad news/
thebluecosmonaut: SUMMON YOUR BOY
Williamjr3413: Adam with age comes wisdom. we know you have the seabatBRAIN so we all know you are like 4000 years old
pinpointersk: pour the glitter for the homie
SoundGuy0dB: I remember a bunch of 80's+ stuff but never heard of that one & I was born in 83 :P
r10pez10: smashing
postmodernpajamawrestler: Surprise Homie
Spectaclees: "Where's my homie?" "Sup"
postmodernpajamawrestler: no golf
thebluecosmonaut: gourd is such a great word
TastyArsenic: T H E G O U R D
zarbit: Adam I feel you should know I hold you responsible for getting me to try torchless Darkest. Not blood moon because I'm not a masochist.
SoundGuy0dB: Am guessing thats your estus :P
frostownik: big gourd energy
Alness49: seabatGourd
Sedorox: got the sinus thing going around the east coast?
ThrashingRhino: all i see is the skeletons from sniper elite nazi mode and the best way to kill them is goosestomp them in the groin.
MilkInBag: awwwwww
Freshly_Toasted: Aaw
pinpointersk: you are invited to my party
SoundGuy0dB: heh, they setting up for a new LRL
SoundGuy0dB: ?
Omthebox: Should have asked to be invited.
MilkInBag: just shout HEY STOP LAUGHING im working
Mysticman89: they wouldn't celebrate your surprise birthdya party without you
pinpointersk: crashed party is best party
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Williamjr3413: they were not invited to our party Adam
SoundGuy0dB: ah kk
thebluecosmonaut: ahaha get stuffed
thebluecosmonaut: kick rocks
thebluecosmonaut: i LOVE kick rocks
Freshly_Toasted: Kick rocks has a good (bad?) image attached to it
Mister_Hush: Take your tank-top and your tonka truck and kick rocks
SoundGuy0dB: hehheh, will need to start using that one, "Go kick some rocks!"
ThrashingRhino: from ed edd and eddy "ima flip you like an omelete"
Mister_Hush: Letterkenny
SplittingImage77: Go fly a kite
Mister_Hush: Letterkenny is so damn good
SoundGuy0dB: wow, showing age with tonka trucks
SoundGuy0dB: :P
CataclysmicReverb: I thought "Soak your head" was telling someone to get swirlied...
TastyArsenic: i feel like the weirdest part of playing this game would be the inconsistent homie strength
HisEvilDomain: the alphabet intros for each season is what sold me for the series
postmodernpajamawrestler: damage machine broke
HisEvilDomain: that and Squirrelly Dan
MilkInBag: i ruined my chicken with too much soy sauce, it's like biting in a salt cube :(
TastyArsenic: also, i like the phrase inconsistent homie strength
TastyArsenic: theres something about it
thebluecosmonaut: homie's power level is off the grid
thebluecosmonaut: cannot track the homeboy's abilities
ThrashingRhino: innconsistant homie strenght, what marge calls homer in bed.
MilkInBag: soy sauce + honey + sesame oil is 👌 but too much soy sauce and it's too salty
Williamjr3413: that twitch muscle reaction time Kreygasm
poetmarawr: cooking streams!
thebluecosmonaut: new years ResidentSleeper
Freshly_Toasted: Chinese new years is better anyway
Williamjr3413: cooking is fun
MilkInBag: new year resolutions are shit, just do stuff whenever you feel like it
thebluecosmonaut: fuck i turn 21 in like months
Sati90: Adam on Tinker Tailor cooking with Kathleen or Ian?
CamelAttack: It's better to a sit down once a month and think about what you want to be working on next month and how you felt about last m onth.
MilkInBag: I'm super lazy and cooking can be quite simple
SoundGuy0dB: lol, I don't need to cook much, I generally get Pizza or Chips (fries) take away, or make a cheese toasty of something
pinpointersk: 30 in 9 days
Issurru: sure you dont have those numbers backwards @thebluecosmonaut Kappa
thebluecosmonaut: homie got banished
SoundGuy0dB: and rolls & crisps (potatoe chips) is da bomb
MilkInBag: that was bs
postmodernpajamawrestler: soy sauce is better as an ingredient than a condiment
Spectaclees: That's REAL close quarters with a fall on all sides.
Tempest2097: @postmodernpajamawrestler I mean in some situations yeah
Tiber727: Just what everyone loves: difficult battles in places that are easy to fall to your death.
Mister_Hush: @postmodernpajamawrestler hard disagree, fuck me up on that salty sauce
MilkInBag: l e v e l d e s i g n
HisEvilDomain: cheese toasties are alchemy X+Y in a cheese toasty and it will taste good
SoundGuy0dB: thats alot of whavs
Freshly_Toasted: I keep expecting a message saying "the true ashen starts here"
thebluecosmonaut: inferior homie. low stat numbers
MilkInBag: homie was inside you all along
Williamjr3413: I guess really weak homies are also probably humN
thebluecosmonaut: Matriarchal Seat Zone ACT 1: SONIC START!
Mister_Hush: No homie for Savidan. Never lucky, man. :(
Freshly_Toasted: The real homie is the rewards you gain along the way
Mister_Hush: the real homie is the gainz we made along the way
Seagulyus: you know if I hadn't seen the name of the game before clicking I would have thought this was a dark souls dlc
Issurru: Adam needs some MUSCLE MILK, get swole and break shit
MilkInBag: big boy milk
HisEvilDomain: it also makes a bigger bingly boop, so I think it's for instrumental stuff
r10pez10: what about ... moving back in with your parents
Zu_o: it reminds me most of the 'talking' in journey
thebluecosmonaut: this kid eats glue
SoundGuy0dB: heh, true Adam. Was streaming Dark Souls earlier & was getting my butt kicked in areas I've done tons of times
r10pez10: the passive homie co-op sounds real cool
thebluecosmonaut: homie zone
SoundGuy0dB: Its all fun & games until someone gets a key in the eye!
MilkInBag: was it fun yesterday?
postmodernpajamawrestler: what was the conclusion of last night? I had to sleep after g2
thebluecosmonaut: monkeys paw, you get full block theros drafts every day, but you never open any good cards outside Blue
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Freshly_Toasted: That reminds me I need to catch that VOD
Angreed66: That leg spread though
SoundGuy0dB: so too little white to go around
Feminine_Desires: Nah there was plenty of white to go around.
SoundGuy0dB: will need to check out the VOD
Freshly_Toasted: Man this place is a little more unsettling than the rest of the game
Mister_Hush: Be the best that you can be, Adam!
Freshly_Toasted: Vertical tracking attacks are poopy
Mister_Hush: Attacks with tracking are such an inconsistent design choice in these games
Mister_Hush: It seems to violate the game's own internal rules
Feminine_Desires: gonna have to grab your souls and bounce for upgrades looks like
LairofLore: so chat I'm getting a sort of dark soulsy vibe, but what are the orbs for?
Williamjr3413: orbs means you good
MilkInBag: excuse me
Freshly_Toasted: wow, just looked at the scoria. Definitely a good idea to retreat for upgrades
r10pez10: heck
Williamjr3413: where did all that come from
the_lone_bard: Well Adam, I don'
the_lone_bard: *I don't think this part likes you eitehr frankly.
perrythepigion: i feel some thing coming, it feels like my chest is gonna burst with a
perrythepigion: a
MilkInBag: can you huh, save?
perrythepigion: PRIME SUB
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Feminine_Desires: I would definitely just run away for the upgrades to armor
Williamjr3413: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Feminine_Desires: like this place is so beyond your level.
thebluecosmonaut: PARKOUR JOHNSON
Freshly_Toasted: 31,000 scoria my dude. Don't drop that down the drain
perrythepigion: @LoadingReadyRun i love all he content you guys put out, im still waiting on Arena Brawl
Feminine_Desires: And if you die down here you are kinda screwed.
thebluecosmonaut: criminy
Freshly_Toasted: Like. I shouldn't backseat game but I'm actually getting anxiety rn
HondoTrigger: what color is your planeswalker card gonna be for the friday nights intro? :)
r10pez10: pray for mojo
MilkInBag: i'm sweating
Williamjr3413: Adam is part of the golgari swarm
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: There's no homeward bone equivalent?
thebluecosmonaut: refill t h e g o u r d
solahwin_tampramain: refill t h e g o u r d
Anubis169: meow... manMARTIN
MilkInBag: save and exitr
Feminine_Desires: adam is going to regret not teleporting out soon.
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
thebluecosmonaut: haha no
thebluecosmonaut: i just think you shuld
CapnRobert: seems good
Feminine_Desires: yay
thebluecosmonaut: chickening out LUL
solahwin_tampramain: what is the tele.. oh
Freshly_Toasted: Phew
CapnRobert: right call backing out
MilkInBag: blue is so dead LUL
postmodernpajamawrestler: chickening out how?
Feminine_Desires: definitely get htat armor upgrade if possible
solahwin_tampramain: well you could just use it as a grind spot katesSass
Freshly_Toasted: You're not using the runic axe r
Freshly_Toasted: n
Feminine_Desires: can you not upgrade your armor?
thebluecosmonaut: upgourd
Zu_o: I was hoping the spears weren't just thrown weapons
Feminine_Desires: that seems weird that there's no mechanic to upgrade your defenses
MilkInBag: gourd brain
thebluecosmonaut: feels pretty good man
Freshly_Toasted: The spears can be used to shank in melee but are pretty weak
Freshly_Toasted: I love the diasora so much...
MilkInBag: i just saw some cursed food imagery
MilkInBag: avocados with maple syrup, on waffles
thebluecosmonaut: yo
thebluecosmonaut: that sounds tasty
thebluecosmonaut: not gonna lie
Feminine_Desires: I've been finding that I don't like avocados. They have only one flavour note to them despite their texture and substance needing far more depth.
SquareDotCube: five hours later...
r10pez10: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:54:47.
Feminine_Desires: As an ingredient to a larger recipe I think they are fine, but not as a main flavour note.
SquareDotCube: they're doing a quest you've already completed
r10pez10: there is one way to find out
Williamjr3413: fuckin humans
Officinalis: Hey Adam, hay chat!
CapnRobert: speed run strats
SharkHero08: Hi Adam? o/ How are you doing?
Williamjr3413: seabatBRAIN
SharkHero08: I see we have some cool things
MilkInBag: LUL
pinpointersk: kill her...
MilkInBag: did she drop a sweet katana
pinpointersk: Sweet katana...
pinpointersk: exactly @MilkInBag
Gnuttor: Hi Adam! Long time; Now C!
MungoDude: I havent seen this game before, how is it?
LetsConsider: @MungoDude I got it, and I like it so far
MungoDude: cool, so it's soulslikeish?
Freshly_Toasted: Yeah, with quests for levelling and fluffy skywhales
SharkHero08: Just as come in NotLikeThis
LetsConsider: @MungoDude Also much more optimistic than most Soulslike, IMO
MilkInBag: thank you for the stream
Issurru: Shark is the new Suffix Kappa
MungoDude: nice, I always thought the actual Souls games were a bit grim
r10pez10: recover well, adam
CapnRobert: yeah seems fair adam thanks for the stream hope ya feel better man
SharkHero08: Nah duded, youre still recovering from that awful flu. Take care of yourself
Katten_Rastyr: What's the bad news Adam? cirPls
pinpointersk: Any time Adam
Banrael: Thanks for the game Adam
pinpointersk: Dont forget us on christman
Gnuttor: Adam, take care!
Inkompetence: Thanks for streaming, and hope you get better soon!
Sati90: Is that you Samurai?
Gnuttor: Anyway, I need to get to bed. It is late here.
Sedorox: Be well, enjoy the evening!
Omthebox: That's for the stream Adman
poetmarawr: lrrDOTS seabatBRAIN lrrARROW
Williamjr3413: bleedPurple Adam
r10pez10: merry christmas, adam
MungoDude: charity100 #charity
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Sati90: See you next time Adam. Get some rest and get better
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Katten_Rastyr: CirLove Hope you feel well soon!
ZethRuss: take care of yourself adam
r10pez10: hope you're better by your birfthday
MilkInBag: take care
Freshly_Toasted: Adios, adam. Get super soon
Gnuttor: Sleep well and have good holidays!
Questhere: havea good one
Phailhammer: cya :)
Sati90: Have a nice holiday Adam!
Williamjr3413: take lots of vitamin c. like 2 grams a day :)
Tempest2097: I hope everything gets better Adam