Theycallmejokke: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES!) at Sun 04:00 PM PST (11m from now).
Invitare: playing Smash Bros just got the main character of that Game Freak Rhythm Game spirit. Auspicious for Rhythm Cafe today
miniwak: oooooh persona time
fireiceair1989: fireic1Wave
miniwak: hey fire
fireiceair1989: Hi Miniwak. How goes?
miniwak: i am the tired from work
Welbog: Good evening
miniwak: you?
fireiceair1989: Pretty good for a monday morning
fireiceair1989: Hi Welbog
Welbog: Hello @fireiceair1989
Xafty: the persona games have such good music
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live with Rhythm Cafe, right now, playing Dancing in Starlight! 🎦 | 📷 ||
fireiceair1989: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Juliamon: Fingers crossed my internet holds out for this, the wind's been making it cut out all day
fireiceair1989: oof
Earthenone: that blows
DefiantMars: Fair Timezone, everyone!
EricTheOrange: Hi hi hi~
Yusephka: hi
Mister_Hush: Timezones are a defunct concept from a bygone era and we should all move to Swatch Internet Time
Sektor88: TIme to learn more about Finance or w/e the joke was for P4D. :P
CraziestOwl: I should be sleeping right now but.....
Riandisa: Good afternoon Heather & Ian & Chat
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tipulsar85: New year, Same Cafe.
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NomenNeminis: Sektor88 "Bonds" and social networks, iirc
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NomenNeminis: I'd make a witty Persona 5 reference here, but I'm hampered by not actually knowing much about P5. :/
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Invitare: does this game have a Torchless Bloodmoon difficulty?
Sektor88: @NomenNeminis thanks, it's beena while. :P
cleekru: are there any p5 spoilers in this game?
Earthenone: pride69 this chair will rise this far, and no farther!
Mowdownjoe: Will Kathleen wander in at any point? I'm sure she'd want to gush about Persona music.
PandasAndPancakes: Hi chat, hi Hodor and Ian - P5D hype!
SniperPumpkin: it was Paul
cuttlefishman: it was Paul
D1cey1: Saunders fault
Sektor88: mad hodor face is perfect
Drazoth: ahoy chat, how goes?
NomenNeminis: And then steal their heart?
cuttlefishman: don't kill Paul
cuttlefishman: he's nice
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chickenace11: this is my favorite stream the house of les
Mister_Hush: If you're worried about Persona 5 spoilers, just don't try to guess the literal most obvious thing, and you'll be surprised
PandasAndPancakes: Based on the previous game, yes.
kat2kool: Hi Ian!
Welbog: Happy 2019
Sektor88: bonds and social networks gooo~
emrafool: hello chat hello world
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miniwak: time to social those links.......i think?
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NomenNeminis: It's the second Tuesday of 2019! ;)
drfox17: yaaas persona!
tipulsar85: Calendars are weird...
DefiantMars: If its P5, technically they're Confidants... but same concept in the end
SniperPumpkin: The Fiscal Year of Jesus
GDwarf: Certainly many European nations had New Years in April, and I think some in March?
Earthenone: march was first because spring was kind of the "new year"
Lazarus_18: Hello chat/Ian/Heather. I'm still riding the emotional high of Adam's stream, so it's been a good day so far.
Yusephka: it is an equinox
Aswanlikeneck: yeh hence sept oce nov dec for 7 8 9 and 10
Malkaresh: Roman Calendar originally started on March
NomenNeminis: Oooh, what happened on the Seabats, Lazarus_18 ?
cuttlefishman: high traffic
Earthenone: !patreon
LRRbot: 2314 patrons for a total of $14,039.61 per month.
NomenNeminis: Loyal fanbase?
cuttlefishman: high traffic lets you keep the cafe open
Dared00: the bones of people and skins of people
Lazarus_18: @NomenNeminis Adam is finally free. (from Torchless)
NomenNeminis: Lazarus_18 Nice!
JohnLockeCole: I mean, most Cafe's don't have at least 200 people in all the times
SquareDotCube: Cafe-watching, the hot new trend amongst Millenials
GDwarf: Not knowing much about Persona 5? Then you'll never see it coming! :P
chickenace11: you use our money Ian like all cafes
thavleifrim: its not
Sektor88: Hodor plat'd the game, she is pro.
JohnLockeCole: GDwarf but will they see that your mind is, too fast for eyes?
PandasAndPancakes: @gdwarf [-_____-]
Robot_Bones: this stream is tired, it should probably go to bed
e_bloc: cheer100 P5 Rhythm Cafe hype
Sektor88: not going all the way through? Oh well, still hype!
JohnLockeCole: The other one!! the one with Mitsuru Senpai!
e_bloc: and cats
ky0dar: damn, i missed the opening.
NomenNeminis: GDwarf I have seen the P4 dancing game and that's my only exposure to the series, but it's on my list to play/watch.
drfox17: woooo
Sektor88: A T L U S
kat2kool: party500 I just successfully defended my thesis, so happy to be in Cafe for good times now! :D
GDwarf: JohnLockeCole I bet they won't be out-manoeuvred again and again and again, my friend!
Sektor88: Crnak the audio a bit?
Sarah_Serinde: slytqHi sergeFriend
Sektor88: *crank
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mrMorphius: Dancing in in starlight for 3 years or something
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ky0dar: Queen is bae.
BellaDante__: ah i love them all
drfox17: Is Kathleen around?
GDwarf: I do love this intro animation
Mister_Hush: I wish I liked the party members of Persona 5 more. It's such a stylish, charming game for so many reasons, but I'm so bored by the characters they wrote.
GDwarf: Game audio is fine on the stream
Invitare: does this game have a story and are we getting a tradition Rhythm Cafe dub?
DJ_Sucre: the intro is way low for some reason
DJ_Sucre: but the rest of the game is fine
miniwak: as much as i love P5D's into i can't help but love 3's more. mainly because of lotus juice
NomenNeminis: So the color this time is red, not yellow?
BellaDante__: i love this shot
Sektor88: SMT / Persona music is always so good. I blame Shoji meguro. :P
GDwarf: P3D's intro animation is very good
D1cey1: "blame" you say Sek
e_bloc: I'm only 25 hours in so I don't know who half these people are :/
cuttlefishman: catte
Sektor88: @D1cey1 I use it as a very loose term
Metric_Furlong: they can?!
korvys: Can you play as the cat?
Invitare: did he just dab?
Freshly_Toasted: I've never played persona... and I'm tempted to pick up persona 5 when I have an insane amount of time but why does this exist?
Metric_Furlong: The Gatekeeper can't be okay with that Kappa
D1cey1: @Sektor88 You hear that you could like Persona lrrBEEJ
miniwak: i think i'm like half way through persona 5. then i got caught up in other games
Earthenone: so 2019 goal, stream a playthough of p5 hodor? :)
BellaDante__: oh the lobster has a reason
kat2kool: lobster hat you say. fascinating
drfox17: Haru?
Sektor88: @D1cey1 I could do a lot of things, that ain't one of them. :p
GDwarf: Freshly_Toasted Because Persona 3 through 5 have *really* good music (1 and 2 have solid music, too)
Zimmercj: Watching yourself in a game on your phone in a game, so meta
D1cey1: I tried
drfox17: The twins? rotating intro speakers?
Sarah_Serinde: Ok I think that game volume is actually a bit loud compared to you two
Freshly_Toasted: @GDwarf I'll accept that reasoning
Sektor88: Yeah, I think the OP was just a bit low. >_>
e_bloc: Justine and Caroline are great
GDwarf: Justine and Caroline are great
BellaDante__: the twins are great
emrafool: the music in persona 5 is just phenomenal
e_bloc: @GDwarf nice
GDwarf: Hah
cuttlefishman: Has there been a Nintendo Rhythym Game?
korvys: I'm from the future - This IS a youtube video
Psychic_Ketchup: Like the gambler?
JohnLockeCole: Shut up Yusuke
GDwarf: I want a hat that says "XMRN", or "OYOO"
Meltalar: the game audio is loud compared to you guys
NomenNeminis: That male voice is really famliar
NomenNeminis: Oh, it's the velvet room?
drfox17: yaaas Cassandra Lee Morris
GDwarf: Morgana is voiced by...yeah, Cassandra Lee, who's done a *load* of voice work
emrafool: that form haha
Sektor88: come at me bro Kappa
kat2kool: lol, I love Ryuji
Sektor88: everyone's here, and Yusuke
Freshly_Toasted: I can't hear Yusuke without expecting him to tell me to roll for initiative
BellaDante__: it's smash
GDwarf: Fun fact: This game supports PS VR...for some reason
BellaDante__: Everyone is HERe
Mister_BlueSky: Come at me mister165Tails
cuttlefishman: Is the nurse in this game?
BellaDante__: they're all real good
cuttlefishman: *Doctor
ky0dar: Morgana wants you to make a contract
Sektor88: Futaba is the best little sister archetype.
PandasAndPancakes: So this is chronologically near endgame for P5
korvys: I know nothing about Persona, but I immediately love Futaba
GDwarf: cuttlefishman Goth doctor? Yes.
cuttlefishman: wicked
ky0dar: Makoto is best girl.
GDwarf: cuttlefishman Well, not *this* game, but she is in P5
Sektor88: @ky0dar tae is bae.
Earthenone: @ky0dar correct
cuttlefishman: Pity
JohnLockeCole: I mean, Mitsuru Senpai is best girl, but Makoto is pretty good too
drfox17: there's also a hairstyle for her dancing which is her hair down, which looks fantastic
NomenNeminis: The top of an apron?
sir_jack_DB: I love Morgana's English voice
Sektor88 boops sir_jack_DB
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh wait, the jail keeper twins appeared to the others too not just the protag?
Sektor88: so much handwaving.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Oh wellt hat answered that
drfox17: yaaas the twins
e_bloc: well he did ask for it
Freshly_Toasted: I immediately love caroline and justine
GDwarf: This game is set after the events of Persona 5
Orgmastron: Tsundere lolis PogChamp
sir_jack_DB: @sektor88 :O
Sektor88: OYO
cuttlefishman: W/ the P4 Dancing game... was there as much handwaving?
ky0dar: Make a contract and become a magical girl?
Sektor88: @cuttlefishman yes.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that further answers that
JohnLockeCole: Why are you two Seperate again??
drfox17: that voice range for carrie kearnan
korvys: oyoo, what's this?
PandasAndPancakes: Split again implies post P5 endgame...
NomenNeminis: Oh, so the player character isn't voiced in this one?
sir_jack_DB: wow, that sure is some hair
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GDwarf: NomenNeminis He is!
drfox17: xander mobious does some efforts
cuttlefishman: is the skill dancing
NomenNeminis: GDwarf Ok, I'll wait
Vezon46: the power of dance
Freshly_Toasted: The skill of DANCE
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Oh OYOO
Earthenone: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir? You can't FROOT FROOT here.
e_bloc: still got nothing
ky0dar: Man, they pimped up the Velvet Room
chickenace11: the best skill : dance
sir_jack_DB: LOL
emrafool: reaching real hard
kat2kool: yes.... the hint of the ''''velvet room'''''
hey_kelvin: LUL
tenthtechpriest: train your skill: synchronized swimming!
GDwarf: Are they still your favourites, Ian? :P
sir_jack_DB: UH
kat2kool: burning sensations....
Freshly_Toasted: Yay, arson through interpretive dance!
Sektor88: uhhhh
GrandLlamaQ: "Club Velvet" is not the name of a Ball, it's the name of a...shall we say, Gentleweeb's Club?
Phailhammer: Set the place on fire? Got it. lrrBEEJ
Sektor88: that's a different game Kappa
ky0dar: That house version of the Velvet theme... is nice
DefiantMars: This place exists between dream and reality. Between mind and matter.
drfox17: Rehabilitation INMATE
BellaDante__: Shut up and dance with me
cuttlefishman: damnit Yusuke
GDwarf: Yusuke is great
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Mister_BlueSky: More like the beat drop of everyone's souls. AMIRITE.
emrafool: i did a sex once
sir_jack_DB: :D
e_bloc: that is so Yusuke
JohnLockeCole does not like Yusuke
Freshly_Toasted: Again, I've seen mercer's moves... yusuke has the power within
ky0dar: Yusuke, you amazing boi
NomenNeminis: I think it's a halter-top vest?
sir_jack_DB: 13 is lucky, right?
Psychic_Ketchup: Hah, CATching on
chickenace11: how come the twins look like an evil pokemon team?
drfox17: step one, drive around the subway in a cat bus
NomenNeminis: Oh, yusuke is Matt Mercer? That's why I recognise the voice. That being said, I'm sure I've heard all these voices before.
drfox17: step two, beat up someone with a persona
JohnLockeCole: Wait the phantom theives don't accept requests without unanimous aproval
cuttlefishman: Ann, it's not fair
Sektor88: @JohnLockeCole handwaving :P
BobDoe123: l e t r y u j i s a y f u c k
tipulsar85: Sometimes I cant help but think of Index.
cuttlefishman: Ann, they literally kidnapped you
emrafool: dance phantoms
GDwarf: NomenNeminis They're all fairly well-known VAs, I believe. JRPGs tend to have a fairly small pool they recruit from.
VoidByAnyOtherName: nani
ky0dar: Ryuji getting angry? How out of character :P
NomenNeminis: "This is clearly the plot conceit, so It's fair!"
Xafty: @cuttlefishman cant be kidnapped if you are in a dream
drfox17: @NomenNeminis Ann (the blonde) is voiced by Erika Harlicher
Freshly_Toasted: Right, so I gotta know
Sektor88: Much like a JRPG, the "But thou must!" trope is in full effect. :P
cuttlefishman: pretty sure you can @Xafty
kat2kool: lol, our options are 'yes' or 'yes'
Freshly_Toasted: Is there a defined best girl?
NomenNeminis: GDwarf Yeah, I understand Atlus has all the well-known VAs
GDwarf: Joker's voice in this, and P5, is provided by Xander Mobius, though he doesn't say much
Dared00: the DANCE contract
ky0dar: Makoto is the best girl.
DJ_Sucre: only 80%?
PandasAndPancakes: I mean, this is better than P4Dancings conceit that you join an idol's backing dance group.
JohnLockeCole: Ian, they can be less precocious, but not in this form
BobDoe123: @freshly_toasted kawakami is besy girl
sir_jack_DB: use it for breaks BUT NO SLACKING
sir_jack_DB: >:|
BobDoe123: @ky0dar makoto stans 🤥
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no
GDwarf: PandasAndPancakes In fairness, you were very good friends with that idol, and she was on the top of her game and had a lot of industry clout, and this was for only one performance...
NomenNeminis: "Stages" plural!
chickenace11: no ian no
tipulsar85: Justine uses John cheat.
GDwarf: PandasAndPancakes But yes, it was silly
cuttlefishman: "ultimate relaxation"
D1cey1: Dance in every activity
Freshly_Toasted: @sir_jack_DB Is she that maid who turns out to be your teacher?
Earthenone: please note, your personal room is NOT a bathroom
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Lord_Byron47: This is...strange...
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cuttlefishman: so where is the bathroom
BobDoe123: people bringing up the best girl argument in a persona stream is always going to bring up lots of fun :o
GDwarf: The PS VR stuff lets you explore their VR! For some reason!
ky0dar: theres no bathroom, you just go in the hall and vanish it
sir_jack_DB: @freshly_toasted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
VoidByAnyOtherName: peak. dance.
chickenace11: I don't think there would be a bathroom because this is a dream after all
Mister_Hush: Coffee Dad is best girl
TheWooglie: for ever
JohnLockeCole: Coffee Dad is Already Freaking
cuttlefishman: are we like harry potter wizards then?
Mister_BlueSky: You live H E R E NOW.
PandasAndPancakes: @gdwarf Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but it was still, what, 30 mins of exposition before the first level?
kat2kool: ah, ye olde narnia rules
Psychic_Ketchup: Time, in fact, does not keep on slippin slippin slippin
GDwarf: PandasAndPancakes More than that, it was pretty ridiculous
Sektor88: full isekai
PandasAndPancakes: much like P4 <3
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: Do the hustle *Majima gif*
cuttlefishman: goddamnit Yusuke
JohnLockeCole: Dangit Worst Boy
NomenNeminis: I'm waiting for the ribbons to come out... Kappa
Mister_Hush: God, I fuckin' hate artboi
Freshly_Toasted: Yusuke is every art student
DefiantMars: This place exists in the Persona conception of the Collective Unconscious. Physics is... squishy in places like this
GDwarf: Yusuke's great, though
BellaDante__: actually Yusuke is good, yeah
BobDoe123: @mister_hush yusuke is amazing. especially his scene at the church
NomenNeminis: Is a reason given for the letters on the twins' caps?
EricTheOrange: I haven't played P5, are these two your velvet room peeps? Besides Igor
plzpagedrtinycat: I actually love this so far.
Psychic_Ketchup: I remember your dub
JohnLockeCole: Yusuke honestly believes that his pursuit of his art is worth undermining the consent of others -- so he is, in fact, worst boy
Sektor88: @EricTheOrange yes
cuttlefishman: yes... sorta @EricTheOrange
Invitare: there was some form of banking right?
Mister_BlueSky: More or less, yeah.
Invitare: and meat?
ky0dar: yusuke is amazing because he doesnt really know how to human.
GDwarf: Oh, P3D and P4D are both in-canon with this game...for some reason. :P
BobDoe123: @nomenneminis togwther it says oxymoron
Sektor88: Bonds and social networks
Earthenone: something about social network wars
Invitare: ah yes, bonds
Freshly_Toasted: Is yusuke pushy or socially unconscious?
NomenNeminis: BobDoe123 Oh, doh! I don't know how I missed that.
ky0dar: @Freshly_Toasted he's amazingly aloof
Sektor88: @Freshly_Toasted he's ind of sheltered, i think?
GDwarf: All the Velvet Room Attendants (who wear blue) are siblings and are in competition with each other
NomenNeminis: Invitare I love that the Meat Idols was the thing that Hodor and Ian did NOT make up.
Xafty: time doesnt make sense in the velvet room
JohnLockeCole: He blackmails the party into getting ann to strip for a painting of his
cuttlefishman: wut
kat2kool: sure mona
Dared00: why
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: wut
Mister_BlueSky: I am here for the Persona Danciverse.
Ukon_vasara: nothing matters; there is only dance
cuttlefishman: Morgana is awesome and not just a cat
NomenNeminis: I question the cat
Freshly_Toasted: Nude art doesn't need to be pervy
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yet, somehow more coherent than Kingdom Hearts Kappa
DefiantMars: Remember "Gentleman Thief" archetype \
Sektor88: just inject those sweet remixes into my earholes enigmaGasm
e_bloc: Morgana has always been confident
e_bloc: c'mon Ryuji
GDwarf: Yusuke starts off as being creepy, he gets better
tipulsar85: Morgana is like that in P5.
Freshly_Toasted: Ok. I'm looking at morgana now and that thing is definitely not a cat
atlas624: So, wait, the dancing games are basically the Violet Room attendants calling in our debts for all our Persona fusing?
JohnLockeCole: Freshly_Toasted when it is explicitly non-consenstual, yes, yes it is
Earthenone: no ian, the audiance is us
atlas624: @Freshly_Toasted He is a cat shaped human buddy
Dared00: The audience is the friends we made along the way
BellaDante__: Yeah Yusuke suffers from the inconsistancies of P5's writing hard
ky0dar: yeh, yusuke literally doesnt understand that nude art is somehow dodgy.
BellaDante__: like his introduction is real bad but everything afterwards he's fine?
ky0dar: yusuke really doesnt know how to human
BobDoe123: @belladante__ haru deserved more lines :(
cuttlefishman: Yeah, turn down game audio a midge
Freshly_Toasted: I mean, how do you force somebody to hold still for a nude painting?
drfox17: such good music
cuttlefishman: bit loud compared to booth
Invitare: All Night only!
Sektor88: It's like the miku games, right?
D1cey1: Going in hot
e_bloc: you're a wizard harry joker
GDwarf: Sektor88 Same dev team
kat2kool: omg YES
hey_kelvin: wat
Earthenone: harry joker
GDwarf: "It's dance magic time!"
Sektor88: @GDwarf ahh kay
Psychic_Ketchup: YUP
drfox17: i'm sorry what
atlas624: What the fuck
splatty1: normal costumes normal life Kappa
BellaDante__: @BobDoe123 yuuuuup
Snowwraith: They went all out with the costumes this time I see.
Mister_Hush: Everything about Persona 5 was astonishing. I wish I didn't hate 80% of the characters.
GDwarf: Sektor88 Or, at least, my understanding is that the Persona Dancing games share a lot of devs with the Project Diva ones
NomenNeminis: Ooh, I like that you can change the different parts of the costume individually.
Sektor88: @GDwarf Alright. I didn't know if it was just a re-skin or what
NomenNeminis: Is there a difference between the stars and the "D" notes?
Freshly_Toasted: Ok. I think I understand this now
cuttlefishman: those shoes are good
GDwarf: Nah, core gameplay is a bit different, but the idea of 3D rendered "videos" in the background with the costumes is very much from Project Diva
GDwarf: NomenNeminis You hit the "D" notes rapidly in sequence, means "Double"
NomenNeminis: GDwarf Gotcha; thanks!
Snowwraith: P4D was started by the same devs, before Atlus had to finish it off.
Invitare: I wasn't the only one who heard "Time Lord"
GDwarf: NomenNeminis Basically it means there's less than a whole beat between them
Sektor88: UM
hey_kelvin: oh no
GDwarf: Yes, please take those masks off, you two
D1cey1: That's concerning
NomenNeminis: GAH!
Psychic_Ketchup: So good indeed
BellaDante__: whyyyyy
Mr_Whyt: are those miniature ptuins?
Sektor88: enigmaWut
Daphoa: not super urgent, but your voices are a bit quiet relative to the song, at least for me.
Mr_Whyt: putins
DefiantMars: That's... Ummm.
Freshly_Toasted: I like how like half the crowd's not paying attention to bunny-potter getting his groove on
NomenNeminis: I look forward to Fashion Persona
Dared00: Yeah, the game is a bit too loud
Sektor88: @Freshly_Toasted daily Japanese life Kappa
LetsConsider: So why is Joker wearing rabbit ears?
chickenace11: this guy is what happens when you mix rwby with harry potter
Freshly_Toasted: Guess I'm moving to japan then
Sektor88: enigmaLewd
Mister_BlueSky: Ummm...
Juliamon: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Boy Scout jamboree.
Xafty: was that futaba that said that?
GDwarf: You missed the context, Ian. :P
Animekitty93: Hey chat! why is are we dressed like bunny Harry Potter?
cuttlefishman: you could take something off Ian
tergonis: someone got excited
cuttlefishman: just saying
GDwarf: No, it's Mona who says that
LetsConsider: Futaba or morgana
chickenace11: Nobody know animekitty
Xafty: ok makes more sense as morgana
GDwarf: Yusuke says "Reveal yourself further" meaning "bare your soul via dancing" and *everyone else* takes him to be saying "strip".
Animekitty93: Definitely Morgana
SniperPumpkin: yeah, game is definetely a bit too loud
Dared00: We can barely hear you
GDwarf: Also, yeah, the game is loud compared to the mic volume
SniperPumpkin: especially when it hits those menu stings
Malkaresh: Game is a little too loud
NomenNeminis: Thanks!
Animekitty93: Wow the game is loud
Stevesson: I forgot that this existed. I still can't believe it.
Sektor88: T H E N O S E
Freshly_Toasted: @LoadingReadyRun Game is a tad loud, we can't hear your beuatiful voices
tergonis: gotta go fast
Psychic_Ketchup: Oh dear
cuttlefishman: turn game down a bit
D1cey1: Perfect
Earthenone: gotta dance fast
Sektor88: SANIC
PandasAndPancakes: Jesus
hey_kelvin: oh my god..
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ohg od no
cuttlefishman: YES
NomenNeminis: uhhhhh
GDwarf: Lobster hat!
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GDwarf: That's good
LetsConsider: Who thought that was a good idea
kat2kool: thanks Heather!
Draynus_: It's like the movie! omgPog
NomenNeminis: Backup dancers!!!
chickenace11: got to go fast. fast away from this
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Sonic at
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm blanking so hard
ehsteveG: Thanks I hate it
chickenace11: Sonic at the club
Animekitty93: I mean I love Persona music but ugh this is a weird Sanic
novako26: Why does this game exist?
drfox17: where's jeej when you need him Kapa
drfox17: Kappa
tipulsar85: Atlus is owned by Sega, could you tell...
VoidByAnyOtherName: the mouse hat has its own mask?
NomenNeminis: OK, the glasses fit the cat very well, but that costume.....geez.
Mister_BlueSky: Still better than whatever the movie they're making is gonna be.
cuttlefishman: Does Jordan even like Sonic actually
Animekitty93: Movie?!
chickenace11: this does seem like something they would find during a watch and play
kat2kool: @novako26 why WOULDN'T you want a game like to exist??
GDwarf: I mean, Sega owns Atlus now... :P
NomenNeminis: Would this be considered a "good Sonic game" now, then? Kappa
cuttlefishman: I like the zipper with the ring pull
Animekitty93: How does this game play?
Freshly_Toasted: Inb4 Morgana cameo in the sonic movie
EricTheOrange: I just noticed the mouse on his head also has a phantom theif mask
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Sektor88: @EricTheOrange yup, references a certain part of a thing from P5
LetsConsider: Why does the mouse have Yusuke's mask?
Animekitty93: @sektor88 Oh I forgot about that part :D
NomenNeminis: Animekitty93 looks similar to the Persona 4 Dancing All Night, which Hodor and Ian said played very well.
Sektor88: @Animekitty93 yuuup
chickenace11: and there are rings now?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Sonic at Emerald Coast. Ig uess
Sektor88: So no story mode this time around on stream? Just for the sake of brevity?
NomenNeminis: It's a Sonic costume; they are rings now, of course
chickenace11: I still say Sonic at the club
GDwarf: Haru wears that lobster well
cuttlefishman: L O B S T E R H A T
Mister_Hush: Dumbass lobster for dumbass Haru makes sense
BellaDante__: presumably one of the lobsters Yusuke bought in the main game
cuttlefishman: How many outfits are... how many outfits in this game are technically onesies?
GDwarf: Tip, you can ignore the scratch rings if you're overwhelmed, missing one of them doesn't count as a missed note.
chickenace11: have to go and switch my laundry over be back soon chat
Daphoa: I'm start to wonder if this game actually is just Persona 5: Dress Up in disguise.
Freshly_Toasted: oh man, that's... armour alright
EricTheOrange: I mean shes the "sexy" one
BellaDante__: I do actually hate how they put Ann in super skimpy outfits
Xafty: to be fair, the red latex suit is what she wears in game
Sektor88: the Elizabeth outfit
NomenNeminis: Velvet room outfit?
Snowwraith: Yeah, Ann gets the short end of the stick a lot.
tipulsar85: Amazonian is from Golden Axe.
LetsConsider: Red latex isn't exactly a non sexual outfit
cuttlefishman: Is that a Tokusatsu outfit?
cuttlefishman: It looks like one
DefiantMars: That's because Ann belongs to the Waifu Arcana
Sektor88: @cuttlefishman the pink one? yes
GDwarf: Ann's costumes are definitely problematic half the time
Snowwraith: The Red Latex outfit is her normal thief outfit, it's not great.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i don't actually know if I've ever seen much of P5. I don't htink i have
drfox17: this dance is pretty good
Sektor88: I hear dthis remix a while ago, it's good.
Freshly_Toasted: I mean, I kinda get the catsuit
Snowwraith: Her standard idle pose in battle is bad too.
NomenNeminis: I look forward to us finding the best/worst costume combinations. :D
GDwarf: cuttlefishman Yep, Phoenix Ranger Featherman, in-universe Sentai series
Sektor88: Oh yeah, I like the flux speed
Mister_Hush: Ann is easily the *worst,* most male-gaze-y "sexy" character in the Persona series
SydPreviouslyHeadache: like i straight up don't know who 2 of those girls are
BellaDante__: yeah putting the character whose plot is she was sexually harrased by her teacher in a sexy outfit without it being her choice is
BellaDante__: bad actually
Snowwraith: Just a tad.
BellaDante__: specifically about her Phantom Thief outfit
Snowwraith: She gets very little in her own personal story too.
LetsConsider: It's really... ugh @BellaDante__
cuttlefishman: What is this outfit about?
Snowwraith: She just's majorly shortchanged.
GDwarf: Ann is handled poorly by P5 at points, there's no argument there
Snowwraith: In almost every way.
Mister_Hush: @BellaDante__ I would argue that even if it was "her choice," it's really still the writers' and production team's choice, and it's still shitty.
BellaDante__: because despite the game going "The outfits are based on your internal desire" and also having her hate her outfit
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh yeah, P5 starts out quite heavy
Xafty: @BellaDante__ it makes sense in the story though. not saying its good, but it has story relevance
jackheart31: wait but she only wears it in the troupe isnt it? like it doesnt even "exist"
BellaDante__: @Mister_Hush oh I agree 100%, its also she dislike it in the story as ell
Snowwraith: Whereas the other female members of the party get great thief costumes.
BellaDante__: @Xafty I played the whole game, it really doesnt
Freshly_Toasted: Well, at least we have angry motorbike girl who's name escapes me
DefiantMars: I think more specifically, their Phantom Thief outfits are based on their subconscious perception of "rebellion".
e_bloc: why are we dancing in mementos
NomenNeminis: I like that the shadows match the outfits
LetsConsider: @Freshly_Toasted Makoto
Mister_Hush: @Freshly_Toasted Makoto. Probably the best-written P5 character.
Mister_Hush: Short of Coffee Dad, perfection incarnate, of course
sir_jack_DB: this game has "themes"
Freshly_Toasted: That's the one
kat2kool: Wow that’s a pose
LetsConsider: Makoto is best girl
BellaDante__: speaking of Makoto
Xafty: @BellaDante__ you actually mentioned why its story relevant with the internal desire thing, but ill concede as this topioc isnt worth going further into
PandasAndPancakes: Ma waife
VoidByAnyOtherName: THICCtransactions
e_bloc: o-vest-alls
cuttlefishman: METAL
SydPreviouslyHeadache: overall it's vest
SydPreviouslyHeadache: huh
Freshly_Toasted: Makoto does have a best girl vibe
SydPreviouslyHeadache: HUH
Metric_Furlong: OverVest
LetsConsider: Wait, can you go back to zombie police outfit?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: what was that blue thing?
LetsConsider: I want to see that
Laserbeaks_Fury: did everyone get a sentai outfit?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: actuall yeah i have questions
NomenNeminis: well, the idea that teens will have *slightly* more developed prefrontal cortexes, and thus more impulse control
Sektor88: @SydPreviouslyHeadache which blue thing? There were a few
tipulsar85: In Game Purchases is new for late 2018. and yes it does bump up the rating.
Snowwraith: The velvet room attendant clothes.
NomenNeminis: Long sleeves and...shorts? OK
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i don't know how to describe it? she was entirely blue and maybe there was a helmet?
Snowwraith: They always wear variations on that blue outfit.
BellaDante__: @SydPreviouslyHeadache That was the Sentai outfit
Sektor88: @SydPreviouslyHeadache There's an in-universe super sentai group. It was referenceing that
Mister_Hush: @NomenNeminis My thoughts exactly
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH that makes a lot of sense
Snowwraith: Oh, right, also those.
drfox17: "Hi I'm DeadlyViper on youtube, and I'm here to remind you that Makoto is best girl 1000000/10" Kappa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thank you. well as much sense as it can be
Stoffern: Being old is wild
Sektor88: womp womp
Earthenone: has anyone ever been actually denied a game based on esrb nonsense?
NomenNeminis: I generally read ratings, especially for movies. Some "R" things I'm better with than other.
Snowwraith: Hard is often a bit tricky in this.
Mister_Hush: @Earthenone Yes, and it's not "nonsense."
Animekitty93: Oh so this game does have a fail state
Snowwraith: Ratings in some countries are legally enforceable.
Xafty: @Earthenone no, but i would have had i not had my father buy some of the games i got when younger. alabama is pretty harsh with esrb stuff
Mister_Hush: The ESRB, just like the film ratings boards across Europe and America, serve an important, industry self-regulatory function
cuttlefishman: that mustache
cuttlefishman: good stache
Alephred: What do the 'U' and "H' signify?
NomenNeminis: Huh, I expected the "Genius Moustache" to be an Einstein 'stache, but it's not. Who's it referencing?
Animekitty93: Gods I love Yusuke
EricTheOrange: Well Ian could also turn down the dificulty
GDwarf: Alephred "H" is "Hold"
LetsConsider: Is makoto technically the 'canon' person Joker ends up with?
Snowwraith: U is Unison, H is Hold.
kat2kool: @alephred H is Hold, U is Unison
GDwarf: While "U" means you have to hit both at once
GDwarf: Presumably means "Unison" or "Union", I don't remember which
Animekitty93: @letsconsider This game has a canon?
EricTheOrange: I guess if you've played a song so much you've memorised the notes I guess
Snowwraith: There's never any stated canon romantic interest in these games.
jackheart31: i feel like they push ann more
PandasAndPancakes: @letsconsider I don't think the game or anime has established it as canon, but the fandom seems pretty sure.
LetsConsider: @Animekitty93 Wouldn't the anime qualify as the official canon?
GDwarf: All Night Mode is pure evil
Snowwraith: Even 4's sequels don't mention it other than joke Yu is the "ladies man of Inaba".
Alephred: This dancing is nicely choreographed.
NomenNeminis: I feel like the notes speed change setting is actually hurting here, because it gives you less time to figure out the timings.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: is there an option to turn off the scratch noise?
Snowwraith: Though said joke is also coming from the biggest flirt of the cast.
GDwarf: Animekitty93 All the Persona dancing games are canonical
tipulsar85: ESRB has to take into account individual states now, California recently said you must be at least 13 to microtransaction.
GDwarf: SydPreviouslyHeadache Yes
Sektor88: y o u t r i e d
Animekitty93: @letsconsider I say no on that personally since they're pulling most things directly from the game
Animekitty93: @gdwarf Really?!
Snowwraith: Yes
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thank you GDwarf
Xafty: @LetsConsider even before the anime was a thing, yes, she was considered the "canon" relationship. but its not really a point that matters
Snowwraith: This is just a dream though
Freshly_Toasted: Oh this one I've heard! I've been outlining to this track
Earthenone: maybe turn on "dance continues if gauge fails" for stream purposes?>
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Snowwraith: 4's Dancing game is a story sequel though.
Sektor88: wat
GDwarf: Animekitty93 Yes, all the Dancing games are canonical with their original games and with each other. Likewise the Q games (at least Q1, not sure about 2) are canonical
Snowwraith: CATBUS
PandasAndPancakes: yessss
Ukon_vasara: no thats the cat
JohnLockeCole: Ian the van is a Cat
Mister_Hush: That van is your cat friend transforemd
Ukon_vasara: he drives a cat
GDwarf: Animekitty93 I believe the P4 Arena games are also in-canon
NomenNeminis: The van has Cat Ears!
tipulsar85: No, Joke is driving Cat.
Mister_Hush: It's very Totoro Cat Bus
drfox17: this is just the best song
NomenNeminis: Oh, the van IS a cat. WHAT?
EricTheOrange: wait was that US$ in japan?
Freshly_Toasted: The cat is also a van... sweet
SydPreviouslyHeadache: driving my favorite dance move
Snowwraith: Q games are also canon, but they're in pocket dimensions and everyone forgets they happened when they leave.
Painfully_Dyslexic: man I might need to get this love P5 and it's soundtrack
BellaDante__: I like that, despite being japanese, they've clearly stolen american dollars
Animekitty93: @gdwarf I just started on this series with 5 so this is fascinating
Xafty: @Animekitty93 the reason she is the "canon" relationship is because its the one that showed up in promotional stuff , not that it happened often
cuttlefishman: Pretty sure that is a Citreon H-Van
cuttlefishman: like 80%
EricTheOrange: oh we have a cartoon van
NomenNeminis: BellaDante__ Maybe they robbed a currency exchange?
Animekitty93: @xafty Oh that makes a lot of sense
Freshly_Toasted: I find it strange that the phantom thieves are suddenly literal thieves
GDwarf: Animekitty93 I mean, they all stand alone (well, the spinoffs don't really, but the core games do) the spinoffs all have some silly explanation for how they're canonical as well
Snowwraith: It's probably more like Joker and Makoto are the brains of the operation, really. Morgana providing thieving advice.
PandasAndPancakes: Arena and the sequel are both real world links to P3 and P4
cuttlefishman: Who owns the van?
cuttlefishman: Is it Morgana?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so. Morgana relegated to the ever important Keyboard Cat role?
Snowwraith: Arena is a story sequel too.
BellaDante__: @NomenNeminis I mean if you have a way to exchange it thats not a bad plan
Earthenone: morgana turns into the van
GDwarf: Animekitty93 In this game this is a dream where your whole team is taken to the Velvet Room by Justine and Caroline to dance
Animekitty93: @cuttlefishman Morgana is the van
cuttlefishman: Who maintains the insurance policy for Morgana?
cuttlefishman: They're minors
VoidByAnyOtherName: literally unplayable
GDwarf: Yeah, Ian, the music is great, but the English pronunciation can be a bit opaque.
GDwarf: Which, I mean, it's better than my Japanese
Freshly_Toasted: I wish my cats were also automobiles
Mister_Hush: I want to see all of these music videos and dances without all the gameplay on the screen, tbh
Animekitty93: @gdwarf That's adorable and I love it
GDwarf: But it does make the lyrics a bit confusing at times
EricTheOrange: so is their a story reason their stealing american money?
Earthenone: i assume coffee uncle deals with the insurance
BellaDante__: I want to say the director said the lyrics were in English so that japanese players wouldnt pay attention to them
LetsConsider: @cuttlefishman Mona can't change into a car in the real world, just in the dungeons
Snowwraith: You can look up the videos in-game, or people have uploaded them to Youtube already.
NomenNeminis: The English is pretty good considering I'm assuming it's the singer(s) second laguage
Painfully_Dyslexic: well the car is a cat sooooo windscreen wipers are the last thing that "wouldn't work"
cuttlefishman: Why does Morgana, a japanese cat, turn into a french van from the 40s to 70s?
Freshly_Toasted: I could hear the lyrics pretty clear after looking them up. The opening pronunciation of 'robot' is just a bit odd
jackheart31: wow
Snowwraith: And yet all the English lyrics are super-appropriate in these games are super-cool.
Sektor88: @cuttlefishman anime bullshit?
Invitare: no, the first one is getting clipped
Earthenone: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
cuttlefishman: Morgana is almost certainly born after 1981
Dared00: Chat, make sure to only clip the first one Kappa
SketchyDetails: Do not drive or operate cats while taking this drug
oak0: If you're playing in a band with a cat make sure you do have the right combination of prescriptions
Animekitty93: Wish I could clip on my phone :D
EricTheOrange: an L for Brilliant
LetsConsider: Hey @Animekitty93 Can you turning a car?
Sektor88: Ryuji's final form Kappa
Freshly_Toasted: Oh this one's a solid jam too
Mister_Hush: Did he just whip?!
NomenNeminis: Giraffe fairy?
Earthenone: our perfect giarfe boy
SydPreviouslyHeadache: hmmm
PandasAndPancakes: Literally Alex
Animekitty93: @letsconsider What?
BellaDante__: I own a version of Ryuji's "No Mo' Rules" shirt but it says Homo Rules
Freshly_Toasted: Fairy giraffe ryuji best boi?
NomenNeminis: I like the giraffe head with the fancy red coat, personally
Juliamon: It's not an animu rhythm game without shirtless dudes in mascot heads
Sektor88: aw yeee
SuperSugarSloth: Has GOD DIED?
Psychic_Ketchup: Just some normal boys
LetsConsider: @Animekitty93 You're an anime Kitty. can you turn into a car?
Painfully_Dyslexic: 0-0 whhaaaa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: O _ O
Animekitty93: This whole costume is a NOPE
NomenNeminis: It's no snowman head
Earthenone: this is after the events of a JRPG, so god is probobly dead
kat2kool: This costume is perfect
Animekitty93: @letsconsider I wish! I'm more the magical girl variety of cat
Freshly_Toasted: I was about to say it would be awkward for giraffes to breastfeed but I forgot they have long necks too
VoidByAnyOtherName: nippon giraffe is nippoff Kappa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: what abuot fairy girafffes
drfox17: I think I prefer the normal version of this song
BellaDante__: getting hiiiiii
Freshly_Toasted: I'm assuming the final boss is either literal satan or god
GDwarf: Freshly_Toasted Ahahahaha. :P
Animekitty93: I love Futaba :D
wicker_knight: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 49:59.
e_bloc: wow that mask
tipulsar85: Ryuji is a fever dream!
cuttlefishman: I mean... might still be awkward to brestfeed giraffes @Freshly_Toasted
Animekitty93: @freshly_toasted You're not far off really :D
Painfully_Dyslexic: I would really like a Aggretsuko rhythm game I feel like that could work really well
Sektor88: enigmaLUL
BellaDante__: let Ryuji say fuck
LetsConsider: @Animekitty93 So wait, does that make you a cat girl or a demon that tricks people into faustian bargains?
PandasAndPancakes: @freshly_toasted In mainline SMT yes. As it is...
Dared00: Maybe turn on no-fail mode?
Animekitty93: Ryuji you fuck up a lot :D
Earthenone: ian, there is a an oprion to have songs continue if you eff up
Earthenone: in the settings
Freshly_Toasted: Wow, guess the stakes have to rise somewhere!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I would imagine giraffes make terrible steaks
Animekitty93: @letsconsider I'm dying right now :D The latter though
NomenNeminis: I wanted to see the Octopus dancer...
SydPreviouslyHeadache: there's an octopus?
PandasAndPancakes: Sonic and the cops is my Echo and rhe bunnymen cover band
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I hope so
Freshly_Toasted: @PandasAndPancakes I hope this sentence makes more sense to you than it does to me
cuttlefishman: what style of dance does Morgana have
cuttlefishman: can someone describe it
Ukon_vasara: its not enough to go fast, ya gotta go smart too \
chickenace11: this is just that new show the masked singer
LetsConsider: YEET
SydPreviouslyHeadache: This cat empty
coelopteryx: it's on-brand for giraffes though
LetsConsider: Did he actually say yeet before throwing Mona?
Animekitty93: This is definitely how I imagine Ryuji dances
cuttlefishman: Can... can Ryuuji actually dance?
cuttlefishman: no
bakabakabakamoe: Yo, I completed Persona 4 Dancing, Persona 5 Dancing, and Persona 3 Dancing and got 100% completion on all of them finally!
NomenNeminis: This guy commits fully to what he does, I see.
BellaDante__: Ryuji is the best and my boy but he can't dance at all
bakabakabakamoe: You talking about me? @nomenneminis
Mister_Hush: Oh fuck, those masks are creepy
Animekitty93: Uh those are some masks O.o
Earthenone: !findquote eyepatch
LRRbot: Quote #5155: "He wears an eyepatch so clearly he's a bad person." —Dale [2018-07-09]
NomenNeminis: bakabakabakamoe I was talking about the dancing character, actually. Sorry
Snowwraith: I do like the touch the casts of 3 & 5 can't dance as well as 4's, as 4's been training before the game begins.
bakabakabakamoe: Ah ok
bakabakabakamoe: Got confused for a sec
PandasAndPancakes: @freshly_toasted So Persona is a spin off of the Shin Megami Tensei series. In the main series, God and Satan are always explicit endgame forces. Persona is less explicit about their influences, but the still have parts to play.
JohnLockeCole: Tanaka's Amazing Comodities!
GDwarf: For what it's worth, I find this song difficult because it has so much noodling around that it's hard to track the rhythm
BellaDante__: he shows up in P5 as a dude who sells you stuff over the internet
Mister_Hush: The home shopping channel sells dope knives and drugs
Freshly_Toasted: OooOoooOoh
PandasAndPancakes: P5 he runs an ebay knockoff
Cynacious: Have they tried P3D yet?
oak0: :) SantaHat
Snowwraith: A dodgy internet selling site.
bakabakabakamoe: I’m still hyped that I now have 100% completion on all three persona dancing titles now tho super sweet
Snowwraith: It's kinda hilarious.
Freshly_Toasted: Oh this is the overplayed meme
Animekitty93: Yay Yusuke!
NomenNeminis: Whelp, my internet is vetoing this stream, so I'll catch ya'll in the VOD
GDwarf: All Night mode is just evil
Mister_Hush: Santa and his Giraffe, a Japanese folk tale
Mister_Hush: Classic
Ukon_vasara: "time to get serious" says the topless man in the giraffe mask
benv0li0: hu folks
bakabakabakamoe: What do you mean All Night is so fun I got king krazy on all songs in all night in my 100% completed persona dancing titles
Animekitty93: sergeHi
GDwarf: I still love that he calls Ryuji's dance "Ryuji-esque", like, thank you captain obvious. :P
cuttlefishman: how the heck is that bell not being loud as heck
VoidByAnyOtherName: "itsumo honki desu"
Sektor88: 4/4/2017
GDwarf: 2 years ago in Japan, a bit over a year here, I think?
EricTheOrange: looking forward to Persona 5 Racing kappa
Xafty: @bakabakabakamoe we get it, you got 100%, good on you, no need to keep saying it
Sektor88: @GDwarf Sep 2016 for JP
Painfully_Dyslexic: I really hope the success of P5 means SMT will get more love
benv0li0: Just came from MAGfest and played in a persona 5 LARP
PandasAndPancakes: @erictheorange yesss
benv0li0: based on the Larp "My Jam"
Animekitty93: Watching Kathleen play Persona 5 is actually what got me to give Lrr a watch lrrHEART
cuttlefishman: yes
cuttlefishman: best outfit
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I SEE
cuttlefishman: amazing
GDwarf: She's a squid, she is also a kid
Sektor88: If that's what she's into.
cuttlefishman: That is my outfit
VoidByAnyOtherName: is she from gal metal lrrBEEJ
kat2kool: @erictheorange You joke, but I would play the heck out of that
SydPreviouslyHeadache: what were those martians called in metal slug?
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's not the Futaba/inkling mashup I miagined
Alephred: Figures this would be your favourite outfit, @cuttlefishman
drfox17: part of me wants to believe this is just mo-cap of matt mercer
NovaTiempo: Ive only just twigged that this might just be a P5 spin off game, and not the actual P5 game that the LRR crew have been talking about all last year :p
Animekitty93: Thanks you Matt Mercer!
PandasAndPancakes: They traded joker to Smash for an Inkling Kappa
GDwarf: NovaTiempo Hah, yes. :P
Mister_Hush: Ah yes, the childlike little sister you can date has a tentacle monster outfit. Not at all weird.
Sektor88: yeeee
GDwarf: Mister_Hush It's a space alien halloween costume, it's great.
EricTheOrange: ah "RPG armor"
Freshly_Toasted: Oh it's that inkling girl
LetsConsider: Why did they give Futaba a nazi outfit
Xafty: cyber gear is her dungeon outfit
GDwarf: LetsConsider They...didn't?
oak0: BrainSlug
oak0: :)
Stoffern: Are we back in Gal Metal?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I've seen an amazing Futaba alter of the Inkling Girl amibo
Snowwraith: Yup, pretty much.
JohnLockeCole: if you mean the blue one, it's an elevator attendant outfit
PandasAndPancakes: Close enough
cuttlefishman: why doesn't every girl have an alien costume
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh, the metal slug martians are just that. it's rootmars that got a name
Freshly_Toasted: It's probably a reference to her UFO persona(?)
GDwarf: cuttlefishman Because some are zombies. :P
VoidByAnyOtherName: SHINNNNG
snowewolf: is this part of persona 5 or is it its own game
GDwarf: Freshly_Toasted Nah, it's her halloween costume
Snowwraith: It's own game.
GDwarf: snowewolf Own game
drfox17: that', and let's be honetst, futaba would buy that outfit
cuttlefishman: I really like the sway of the individual tentacles
NomenNeminis: I like that she has the ray gun and so many of her moves involve pointing. :D
GDwarf: Also, this dance stage is a *giant* coffee shop
GDwarf: Because of course it is
EricTheOrange: is the Halloween and Christmas aesthetic a thing in japan?
cuttlefishman: question is if Futaba would sit by her computer in that outfit though
GDwarf: We're on a table
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah this game is well animated
Animekitty93: @cuttlefishman YES
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Oh i forgot about Anns head
EricTheOrange: I wanna say the dances were mocapped but I dunno
drfox17: futaba's dad is bastically anime-serge
GDwarf: Yeah, this'll be in Leblanc, the coffee and curry shop
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh wow. i think you're right
SquareDotCube: Is the world big, or did we get shunk down?
StabsofWar: Protag is Harry Potter haha
Animekitty93: Oh wow I did not notice that cool
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DarkMorford: Dealing with a sinus infection right now, but Persona in the cafe is always fun!
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Rhynerd: So, we’re dancing in the coffee shop we call home.
Freshly_Toasted: Just waiting for giant coffee dad
PandasAndPancakes: Protag also gets sold guns by anime Alex
Alephred: Shing!
tipulsar85: If you this at the coffee shop, consult a doctor.
Xafty: @drfox17 idk, they only share that they like coffee
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Honey i shrunk the fever dream
GDwarf: I remember when P5's protag was first revealed, everyone said he was Harry Potter, so of course his Halloween costume is a Hogwarts outfit
Animekitty93: Ugh Haru is such a sweet cinnamon roll
Mister_Hush: Haru is terrible
StabsofWar: Haru reminds me of Mary Poppins
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no, i think she's a sugar plum
chickenace11: we will remake the rooms but we have no sense of size so good luck
Freshly_Toasted: A danish perhaps?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Haru is not octopus alien right?
Animekitty93: No that's Futaba
GDwarf: This is Haru
SydPreviouslyHeadache: she's got some fancy stuff
EricTheOrange: I'm guessing by dance style Haru does ballet
Snowwraith: She's a proper lady and all that.
drfox17: ooo, her dungeonering outfit
Sektor88: Futaba is best little sister archetype
Snowwraith: Hence the musketeer thief outfit.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: we've been lied to
Earthenone: her sentai charicter is the feather ranger Cockatoo
PandasAndPancakes: She's an ojou-sama without the laugh, or the attitude
chickenace11: the game is getting in on the house of lies
InkyGhoast: game did cute
GDwarf: Haru's family is *very* wealthy, yeah
Freshly_Toasted: Haru is suddenly french
Psychic_Ketchup: The famous archetype "the french one"
aClonedPickle: she got them burger dollars
NomenNeminis: What's in her belt?
StabsofWar: those are grenades Ian
JohnLockeCole: Her gun is a grenade Launcher
GDwarf: That's because her weapon fires shotgun rounds, Ian
drfox17: those are grenade launcher rounds
Animekitty93: Haru's family is very rich
GDwarf: *Grenade, right
EricTheOrange: The "charecter from a prestigious family" is one of the tropes Atlus likes.
NomenNeminis: JohnLockeCole drfox17 Ahhh, thanks
Snowwraith: French is usually used as a stand-in while localising for Japanese characters who use English to show off how well-learned they are.
GDwarf: Heh, this stage *does* have a connection to Haru, but what it is would be spoilers
SydPreviouslyHeadache: she didn't have a full fledged ballarina outfit though, did she?
Freshly_Toasted: @JohnLockeCole Grenade launcher? How can haru NOT be best girl?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: !uptime
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Mister_Hush: Haru's thread in the main plot encapsulates every problem I had with P5's writing, and I won't say more for fear of spoilers, but golly is it a perfect microcosm
JohnLockeCole: Riiiiight GDwarf and that's why I didn't almost type out what this stage is or why it's relevant to Haru, definitely remembered not to do that
Animekitty93: How appropriate, dancing in the space station
JohnLockeCole: *cough*
PandasAndPancakes: @johnlockecole saaaame
Animekitty93: I didn't say why
VoidByAnyOtherName: what's on her mouth?
StabsofWar: its the part of the game that goes one dungeon too long
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Is the talking the track, or encouragement for doing well?
GDwarf: VoidByAnyOtherName Whiskers
NomenNeminis: StalePieceofWhiteBread The latter.
aClonedPickle: pretty sure this track is instrumental, so
nhouse1919: !uptime
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Snowwraith: Voice lines are just encouragement, you can turn them off separately.
Metric_Furlong: StalePieceofWhiteBread the latter
drfox17: the glasses and hair down look is good for ann
GDwarf: StalePieceofWhiteBread The interjections are semi-random every time you play a song. You can turn them off.
cuttlefishman: can I turn off people who are encouraging?
GDwarf: cuttlefishman Yes
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Dancer is cute :D
cuttlefishman: can I make it so only Morgana talks?
GDwarf: No, interjections are all-or-nothing
cuttlefishman: damn
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I don't think I have the brain to play this game o_o
nhouse1919: are both of them controlling?
Snowwraith: I meant separately compared to the music and sound effects.
GDwarf: And there's one interjection, in the kinda-finale song (there are a few after, but it's the climax, as it were), that you don't want to turn off, because it's glorious. :P
GDwarf: Snowwraith You can turn the interjections off individually, yes, they're semi-random sound files that play based on how well you're doing and such.
Snowwraith: I know, as they had to patch it into 4.
Earthenone: dancing in some sort of celestial light
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Sektor88: aw man the end theme :D
Snowwraith: Montage time.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: This game is pretty :3
Snowwraith: It's not.
Snowwraith: It's basically riding into the sunset.
GDwarf: There's mild spoilers in this, but nothing that will make any sense without context
Snowwraith: P4D was a story sequel game.
Snowwraith: These were made just for fun, really.
BellaDante__: that was part of the ending but it wasnt really spoilery
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I mean I imagine you're focused on the beats
Cynacious: It basically replaces the story mode that P4D had.
GDwarf: I liked the social links in these dancing games, because they add some depth to the characters, and it works surprisingly well
GDwarf: Especially for some of the characters who didn't get too much time in the core game
zerg539: this game just spoils the final team composition for the most part I have not seen any major plot points spoiled that are not characters on the team moments
Snowwraith: Fire Emblem supports are too many of them in the matchmaking games.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: yes, J-dialogue is often too much
Snowwraith: In Echoes, which has far fewer supports, they're much better.
Sektor88: DB Game Jam idea. :D
Cynacious: @zerg539 So does the box cover.
GDwarf: Classic mode, where the RNG will ruin your day 9 times out of 10
miniwak: i had to tab out for a bit so don't know if this has been asked but does anyone know if this has the anime songs in it or as dlc?
GDwarf: miniwak: They aren't in the core game, they might be DLC?
GDwarf: I've heard the P5 anime is fairly skippable
miniwak: hrmm it's probably dlc then
GDwarf: It's a retelling of the game
nhouse1919: what do you hit to trigger the circles?
Earthenone: i would love to see either hodor or ian stream P5 on ther personal channels
GDwarf: I dunno that P5 streams well
Earthenone: three persona threes
GDwarf: There's a lot of it and you can only save at certain points
miniwak: i've watched the anime and it's kinda like original p4 anime. get's the story points across but it's not amazing
Snowwraith: Persona 3 has some real pacing problems, and mechanical age.
Animekitty93: I tried watching the anime, partner and I dropped it after 3 episodes because we thought it was that bad
cleekru: @Earthenone both... parallel
GDwarf: Hah, I've also tried P3 three times, and bounced off every time. I'm just frustrated by how *nothing is happening for months at a time*
Sektor88: I think P3P lets you have direct control
Snowwraith: Junpei takes a long time to get over himself.
Lysander_Gustav: That reminds me, I still haven't finished Devil Survivor
cuttlefishman: what if junpei... had an accident
Mister_Hush: Persona 4 is a golden masterpiece
tipulsar85: P5A is like wating an abridged version of the game from what I heard.
Cynacious: Junpei does get better.
cuttlefishman: what if Morgana... ate junpei
Snowwraith: Persona 3 is the worst, there are entire months where nothing happens.
GDwarf: P5 is the best-paced Persona game I've played, and it has major pacing issues at points
zerg539: the Anime tells the first 3/4 of the game and then stops short of giving you the payoff the damn teases.
EricTheOrange: Junpei is a weird thing because in Persona 4 and 5 the kinda pervy charecter is also the mascot so it makes it... "better" I guess.
mightymubs: Junpei is a husbando
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm super curious about the plot of the persona games but theyr'e also JRPGs that to watch all of would probably be 30+ hours?
GDwarf: SydPreviouslyHeadache I spent about 70 hours on P5 and I know people took longer
GDwarf: And I wasn't trying for 100% or anything
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah. maybe I should look into the anime. idk
GDwarf: They're just long games
Mister_Hush: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Thankfully, they're not interconnected stories. They're each self-contained.
StabsofWar: P4 had pacing issues at the start, P3 had problems in the middle, P5 had problems in the end
Snowwraith: Hah, Persona games are like 70+ as they're also essentially slice-of-life games in between.
GDwarf: Eh, Stabs, I'd say P3 also has pacing issues at the start
Animekitty93: The slice of life portion is my favorite honestly
Snowwraith: Credits songs.
GDwarf: 'Cause I've yet to get more than 4 months in to P3 because nothing happens. <<
Snowwraith: They long.
Sektor88: yess
Lysander_Gustav: These are some great costumes
Snowwraith: Pretty much, you wait for the big shadows to turn up in Persona 3 for plot to happen.
GDwarf: A river in a dry land! The last ace in a lost hand! When the hope of new beginning burnt our feet, now we need it!
Sektor88: boss music :P
cuttlefishman: welp
Sektor88: oh, sup SMTSJ
cuttlefishman: that's a reference
BellaDante__: its a transformer
Snowwraith: Keeper of Lust, so good, they added it without a remix.
Lysander_Gustav: Oh it's the mask from Strange Journey!
cuttlefishman: SMTSJ is a thing
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Is Demonica like "Jorts"
Mister_Hush: He's become a Cyberman
Animekitty93: @gdwarf I tried watching let's plays of P3 and gods does is go now where for a while
flapjacksofwar: I dont see how you can keep track of the button prompts! My eyes are already hurting
GDwarf: The Demonica, as seen in Strange Journey and SMT IV
StabsofWar: i could be misremembering, last time i played p3 was when P3P came out in PSP
SydPreviouslyHeadache: huh
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Yar me maties! Watch me Ne Ne!
Sektor88: I know how it looks :D
Earthenone: mummyface no space
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i want to see some of these
Snowwraith: Oh, man, Persona 3's mini-sequel the PS2 release had even worse pacing, it's like 20-30 hours and has 2 hours of actual plot, and it's all at the end.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so he just really doesn't want to show his face
Cynacious: The Answer sucks and people usually just look up the cutscenes.
BellaDante__: the towel thing, as well as the other mask, were things Futaba wore in the story
StalePieceofWhiteBread: YAR ME MATIES! SOCIAL LINKS!
BellaDante__: when the crew was trying to help her get over social anxiety
Snowwraith: Sponsored headphones!
Mister_Hush: I tried to stream myself playing through P3FES a few years back, and never made it terribly far. Maybe I should give that another shot someday.
mightymubs: Junpei's mummy costume also freaks me out
GDwarf: I know you can give Ryuji three sets of glasses
Snowwraith: Yup, I would highly recommend just watching the cutscenes of The Answer, it's made only for if you like dungeon crawling P3 style, which isn't good.
Snowwraith: Heartful Cry is however, a great track.
Sektor88: @Snowwraith I lvoed me some dungeon crawling and didn't GAF abotu any fo the dating sim / social lnk stuff, because I'm weird. :P
GDwarf: This is a bad place to keep lust, P5 is very clear about that! :P
StalePieceofWhiteBread: You see that face running at you
Snowwraith: Yeah, but Persona 3's dungeon crawling isn't like... good.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Do you just die of terror
Lysander_Gustav: this is delightful
Cynacious: Brand New Days is also amazing.
Lysander_Gustav: :D
GDwarf: I do wonder what Igor thinks of us wearing the Groucho Glasses version of his face
Cynacious: Portable really does fix a lot of the gameplay issues but it makes the game... easier I guess?
Mister_Hush: Fairy Pirate Grouch Marx is the nicest
Snowwraith: Heartful Cry is so good, they made it a bit less sad by upping the tempo and making it Aigis' theme in Arena, a fighting game.
Sektor88: Also IIRC P5D has the digital devil saga and SMT3 protag costumes, which pleases me to no end.
GDwarf: Only as DLC, if true, Sektor88
Earthenone: what fruit did he eat ian?
StabsofWar: Long Long Nose Fruit
Earthenone: nah ussop ate that one
StabsofWar: LUL
drfox17: this one
GDwarf: I mean, 90% of the P5 soundtrack is jazz, really
drfox17: oh okay
Mister_Hush: Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There is my hype song for days when getting out of bed seems like too much work
Snowwraith: Acid Jazz mostly.
Sektor88: @GDwarf Maybe I'm getting confused with actual P5, which I know also has a great selection of bonus costumes
DarkMorford: Ann <3
TimbrePanic: Mister_Hush it's my alarm song
StalePieceofWhiteBread: swallow :3
Snowwraith: This is was probably a bonus track, due to being a montage.
GDwarf: Seagull is best crosscut. :P
StabsofWar: its a 4 leaf clover on anns hood ala 4chan
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Ugh
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Hahah get it he's a perv
StalePieceofWhiteBread: :P
Sektor88: @GDwarf bah, looks like it's P3Dancing, and only for Aigis. ;_;
GDwarf: Yeah, Ryuji is usually fine-to-good, but there are times... <<
zerg539: and there is nothing wrong with the P5 soundtrack it's a perfect creation and should be held up as a piece of art
Sektor88: The P5 OST is great
DarkMorford: I have the P5 soundtrack on vinyl. Can confirm, is very good.
Sektor88: Also I missed it, but is there a way to toggle FMV background VS character dancing?
GDwarf: Sektor88 No, some songs are 3D some are animated
Snowwraith: Nah, some tracks just don't have dances.
Sektor88: @GDwarf ah
StabsofWar: Ian watch more Isekai
Armstrong11139: Shinkalion?
Sektor88: Also speaking of the P5 OST, it looks like PQ2 isn't doing the thing PQ1 did - with having the musicians sing the other groups' songs. :(
Armstrong11139: I've honestly considered watching it a few times
wombocombo_hs: !schedule
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Snowwraith: Instead of two varations of the same battle track in Q2, it has a unique one for every protagonist.
Snowwraith: Even the female protagonist of P3 gets her own!
Earthenone: i thought that said "Trash costume"
Snowwraith: And it's ace.
tipulsar85: Hondasan was good from Fall 2018.
GDwarf: Another tiny dancer on a giant stage
GDwarf: Persona 4 has Yosuke in the trash can
GDwarf: Which is where he belongs. :P
Snowwraith: Yosuke was trashcan boy, yes.
Cynacious: Trish is from P1/P2.
tipulsar85: Joker's apt.
Sektor88: IIRC Trish is a greedy Af fairly that heals you fort outrageous prices
GDwarf: Persona 1 and 2 are dungeon crawlers with some plot, P3 is a social game with dungeon crawling
Rockario: The combo number keeps getting in the way, but it appears that Morgana is inddeed not wearing pants
Mister_Hush: Persona 2 has you fight a zombie mecha Hitler, if I remember right
Earthenone: i was juts looking forward to a cat in a trashcan dancing tbh :)
Sektor88: I love the easthetic / feel / tone of P1 and P2. It's dark AF
tipulsar85: 1&2 all party can change personas.
Sektor88: Also you fight hitler with his persona nyaralthotep (sp) at the end of P2 innocent sin
GDwarf: There's Persona 1, then two Persona 2 games that are direct sequels, then P3-P5.
Snowwraith: 3 was definitely a reinvention of everything.
Snowwraith: Yusuke is the artboy in 5.
Snowwraith: Yes, this is confusing.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Shake it kitty :3
GDwarf: Playing Persona 2 in English is a pain, because you can play the PSP remake of the first P2 game, but the second remake didn't get translated, so you have to go back to the PS1 version for it
Snowwraith: Some of the random encounter rates in Persona 2 are infamously legendary.
zerg539: of course both P3 and P4 have multiple releases and P5 might be getting one
HesGotNoPants: have your dancers spayed or neutered
Sektor88: Yeah, P2 is grindy af
Earthenone: !findquote phrasing
LRRbot: Quote #2279: "'I should mute my watch' is a phrase I'm still not used to saying." —Graham [2016-04-11]
Cynacious: Can't wait to see what the new director does with Persona 6. I hope it's another drastic change to the formula.
Sektor88: I'm just waiting on SMT5 (and PQ2, but mostly SMT5)
tipulsar85: phrasing morgana.
Snowwraith: I hope it'll be less queerphobic with a changing of the director who is more than a bit that way.
GDwarf: Persona 5 is probably my suggestion for best Persona game to start with. It has, by far, the best pacing at the start.
cuttlefishman: Yakuza games are basically Persona
cuttlefishman: more or less
TimbrePanic: God, PQ2's trailer song was incredible
EricTheOrange: siloed?
GDwarf: Also, yeah, I'm hoping Persona 6's new director is less queerphobic
Earthenone: 4 has references to 3, but you can ignore them and be fine
Snowwraith: The full opening for Q2 is great.
GDwarf: EricTheOrange Persona games are stand-alone, though they do technically share a universe
Snowwraith: 5 also back references and you won't notice if you didn't play 4.
JonnyGlitch: Good morning Heather, Good morning Ian, Good morning Chat!
TimbrePanic: Snowwraith change of director, who is it?
TimbrePanic: Go go Feathermaid R?
Sektor88: yes
GDwarf: The sword through her head is a bold choice
Snowwraith: I don't know who, someone mentioned they were changing over, which I forgot got announced a while back.
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MungoDude: let's dance!
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Earthenone: ok, that was a good voice line gag
GDwarf: Snowwraith That's my understanding, yeah
TimbrePanic: This is my ring tone and I suddenly got confused
Snowwraith: Persona 5 really doesn't want you to know it takes place in 2016 as well.
Snowwraith: Which is amusing.
GDwarf: The voiced lines in this seem to support shipping everyone with everyone
StalePieceofWhiteBread: SQUID DANCING!
tipulsar85: So this the classroom for most of the thieves.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: P5 Dancing in Starlight is my favorite squid dancing simulator
TimbrePanic: Futaba/Inkiling Vs Ultros
russmac22: This is a fever dream I had
Snowwraith: Ultros' greatest enemy is always Ultros anyway.
Rockario: Important P5 question: Do we ever findd out who the high lord is?
Earthenone: whos that timelord? its pikachu!!!!!
Rockario hasnt played the game
GDwarf: Rockario Well, society in general... /ruins the joke
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Getting "Canned Heat" vibes from this song
Snowwraith: Persona 5 is a game angry at apathy.
Aegis_of_Faith: I just got here and I feel like I need an adult for some reason....?
zerg539: @rockario sort of and we used the devil to kill them
GDwarf: "Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out there" is a song that's *real* upset by apathy
Aegis_of_Faith: oh wait is this how compound interest works?
Snowwraith: Price is so good.
Ukon_vasara: <3 price
Earthenone: Bike Cop
Snowwraith: Also didn't need a remix it seems.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: >fetish cop I need um... I'll be a minute
Ukon_vasara: also <3 fetish cop, thanks ian
Nosliw87: the best song and best girl incoming
TimbrePanic: lobster queen
Borgrim_: I don't like the sound when the ring thingies happen. it sounds like a mistake sound to me
StalePieceofWhiteBread: >best girl
StalePieceofWhiteBread: This isn't Chie
ContingentCat: sergeJustRight
GDwarf: Makoto > Chie. :P
Earthenone: i really just want to play p5 again now
TimbrePanic: ^
Earthenone: also the cash confettii
StabsofWar: Naoto > Makoto > Chie
TimbrePanic: Ryuji really owns that Igor nose
StalePieceofWhiteBread: "I gotta go do anything else"
Ukon_vasara: "i need an adult" is the immidiate response
MungoDude: what did Bole ever do to you? lrrBEEJ
Snowwraith: That's mostly her thief outfit too.
VoidByAnyOtherName: "dark lobster general" comes to mind
HesGotNoPants: @ukon_vasara I was thinking "go go gadget pepper spray "
MungoDude: this dance/outfit combination reminds me of an 80s Janet Jackson music video
LordOfMalice: I clearly have no understanding what the Persona games are about.
Earthenone: good that she stoped calling it a Ball
VoidByAnyOtherName: it's about the costumes?
GDwarf: One short of a "King Crazy"
StalePieceofWhiteBread: KING CRAZY
Sektor88: enigmaTom
Earthenone: card Cat-ptoe sakura
acuilador: Dammit Ian, now I need to go rewatch CCS again...
GDwarf: LordOfMalice Teens confronting social ills using personified Jungian psychology and mythological beings. Isn't that obvious? :P
Snowwraith: What I love about this opening is that Futaba trips and misses her spot, so she ends up in Harus and nearly hits her.
VoidByAnyOtherName: not pictured, tomoyo ohohohoho'ing off screen
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Look a cat just like Cardcaptor Sakura
Earthenone: if tomoyo is involved the costumes make more sense
solarparade: i played like 40 hours of p5 and i dont think i even saw half of these characters
Snowwraith: They're evenly spread.
Psychic_Ketchup: I'm pretty sure that "Brilliant" Ian just said was from Rizap in Yakuza 6?
GDwarf: The Dancing games up the silly from the Persona games. :P
Earthenone: yes
Sektor88: hahah
Psychic_Ketchup: Ok great :D
Sektor88: yeeeeesss
TimbrePanic: Yesss tanaka's amazing commodities
Cynacious: Tanaka PogChamp
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh boy
ravvide7874: P4G is best game, Naoto is best character, and these rhythm games are ridiculously hard.
StabsofWar: ^
DarkMorford: Chie and Ann are best grils.
Snowwraith: I guess this is obligatory in-universe corporate song.
ravvide7874: Definitely Yukiko, right?
Sektor88: Tae is bae.
Snowwraith: Like the Junes song P4D had.
Snowwraith: Though that was much more adorable because Nanako is involved.
spleenlord: What is this song? I don't recognize the characters
ravvide7874: Everyday’s great at your Junes
Snowwraith: It's a remix of Tanaka's Amazing Commodities theme song.
EricTheOrange: Nanako is best and I will die for her
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so this is the tv salesman in p4? based on this i'm guessing he does not fuck around?
Cynacious: Tanaka is technically a P3 character but he does show up in some form in 4 and 5.
Sektor88: yooo
ravvide7874: He’s on the laptop in 5 and Sunday tv show in 4
D1cey1: ^
VoidByAnyOtherName: normal moment
Earthenone: Tanaka is the continuity
Cynacious: Minato BibleThump
Earthenone: :)
Snowwraith: In 3 Tanaka is even a social link, which is sort of hilarious.
Cynacious: Tanaka is the Devil Social Link in 3.
Snowwraith: Especially as his first act is to scam you.
GDwarf: Heh, as-is I think only Igor appears in every Persona game, not counting some of the actual Personas like Pixie
D1cey1: Tanaka... main protagonist the whole time
zerg539: Tanaka sells you stuff through infomercials in Persona 5
Sektor88: that burn my dread sample hnnng
Sektor88: enigmaGasm
TimbrePanic: Lotus juuiiice
GDwarf: Party over here
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this really confirms this is a party and not a ball
Sektor88: Party over here ->
Psychic_Ketchup: I think there might be a party there
Snowwraith: *down a well* "Party over here!"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: you know, ths song is growing on me
Snowwraith: Our Moment is very good.
Sektor88: enigmaLUL enigmaLUL enigmaLUL
StabsofWar: LUL
TimbrePanic: thanks Ian
EricTheOrange: What Part is that Ian?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I hope that makes the highlight real
SydPreviouslyHeadache: reel*
MungoDude: concatenation party?
emrafool: Ian, you fox you
tipulsar85: Some body clip that
EricTheOrange: What do ypou call your new political party?
Estyl10_: omg what if they did a dice friends campaign about persona
GDwarf: Honestly, while I prefer the P5 soundtrack to P3's, the P3 dancing remixes are better than the P5 remixes
GDwarf: Estyl10_ Using what system?
Estyl10_: idk. whichever fits i guess
robo__nixon: cheer150 Happy belated Weebmas to my fave nerds! 3 months til Kyoto! :)
Cynacious: SHINJI PogChamp
Sektor88: final battle hype PogChamp
EricTheOrange: ah the theme of the game
zarbit: Yaldabaoth is such a great theme
GDwarf: Woo, Yaldabaoth ~ Our Beginning!
Snowwraith: It's very good.
BennieNoble: Watching only 40 Seconds of this game, it already looks addictive...
Earthenone: assembling all the rangers?
Estyl10_: ryuji looks so silly wth
Snowwraith: I love the like call and response structure to it.
Sektor88: You have to, it's the final battle, after all! PogChamp
Armstrong11139: I'm kinda surprised by how specifically Jetman/Gatchaman those suits are
Snowwraith: The fact they have a voice clip for the outfits is cracking me up.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: we have good timing
Sektor88: @miniwak we ginyu force now Kappa
Snowwraith: It's always been a running gag that this Sentai series exists in SMT games.
GDwarf: Yusuke's still got a random head ornament on, but that might suit him. :P
TimbrePanic: Haru you sweet girl
emrafool: @SydPreviouslyHeadache HeyGuys
TimbrePanic: keep Yusuke's cap noooo
Psychic_Ketchup: Ian "at least she has a beak that makes sense" Horner
StalePieceofWhiteBread: FEATHER PEEPS
MungoDude: naisu!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i've been to the topp of the mountain?
BennieNoble: I want this game....
GDwarf: I may have done this exact outfit/song combo...many times in my copy of this. :P
robo__nixon: Rhythm Café Super Sentai team!
tipulsar85: Tokin sentai..
cuttlefishman: Ian is a dogwood
cuttlefishman: obv
Kaszoski: Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
EricTheOrange: @robo__nixon well theirs only 2 of them so it'd be more of a kamen rider thing
Cynacious: The new Super Sentai season is looking good.
emrafool: yes... we will do it now
robo__nixon: @EricTheOrange nerd! :P
cuttlefishman: Is... is Morgana an penguin?
DadicusRex: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight
SydPreviouslyHeadache: is there a giant robot in P5?
robo__nixon: @EricTheOrange j/k
Snowwraith: The P3 remixes might be better simply as it's been out longer.
Armstrong11139: I need to see if they summon their Personas, and combine them into a giant robot
cuttlefishman: like.. an emperor penguin?
Cynacious: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Ummmm... that's a spoiler.
Kaszoski: Turns out to defeat the enemies, you dance fight them
GDwarf: Morgana is a Rockhopper, yes
cuttlefishman: even though emperor penguins are sig. bigger than Morgana in all non-van forms?
GDwarf: Witness the dance of my soul!
Namboto: clearly that's a penguin
Armstrong11139: God bless you, Xander Mobus
Namboto: not a cat
StabsofWar: technically P5 is an anime
tipulsar85: Dance of my people...
TimbrePanic: Welcome to the Persona Ballroom
Snowwraith: Yeah, that voice line, brought to you via the voice of the Smash announcer.
TimbrePanic: Pillage him!
GDwarf: The thing that gets me is that it's Joker saying "Witness the dance of my soul!", not Yusuke. It's *such* a Yusuke line...
Kaszoski: Squawk
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no, that is a plataue, you can not go any higher
BlueChloroplast: power rangers?
Kaszoski: They're birbs, I bet they can fly
Kaszoski: What just happened there?
cuttlefishman: Do... do all the colours fit these characters as tokusatsu characters?
cuttlefishman: I think so?
GDwarf: Not really
EricTheOrange: I always imagined when joker did that he was supposed to have handcuffs on, with the whole theme of the game and everything
GDwarf: Ryuji should be a red ranger
MungoDude: OC do not steal
Kaszoski: Red Ranger is the leader colour isn't it?
SAJewers: haha
Namboto: morgana is a freemason, deepest lore
EricTheOrange: @GDwarf I mean the leader is always red.
robo__nixon: cheer150 My brain hurts. Have some bits!
cuttlefishman: Congratulations
Sektor88: Thanks for playing! :)
tipulsar85: wark wark...
ContingentCat: congradulations
Earthenone: metaling gals?
aWabbajack: dance dance revolution
TimbrePanic: ooooh
Sektor88: I think I heard that one
tipulsar85: ookay...
EricTheOrange: gonna turn rhythm cafe into fight club
tipulsar85: does it have motion controls?
cuttlefishman: (it was already a fight club)
MungoDude: lrrHEART
robo__nixon: lol
Kaszoski: Thanks for the stream
Earthenone: !patreon
LRRbot: 2315 patrons for a total of $14,048.71 per month.
Riandisa: Thanks for the fun stream!
tipulsar85: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 19 (new subscribers: 2, returning subscribers: 17, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 969, new followers: 25
Laogeodritt: Hey, Ian, Heather, chat! Was going to say I can't stay long but looks like I caught y'all right at the end anyway ;P
tipulsar85: Any Dub fights in the worksa?
jigahaganaga: Hello and goodbye
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for the stream Ian and Heather
robo__nixon: cheer100 More bits! Why not. :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I'm excited
drfox17: hodor on tech?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: 8 est
drfox17: that's fine
VelvetFalcon: Hahahaha! Magic!
GDwarf: There *have* to be Cardcaptor Sakura jokes around magic cards
tipulsar85: Need a dragon Wizard?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: which guild would Utena be in
tipulsar85: Bai
SydPreviouslyHeadache: have a good night
MungoDude: byew
Laogeodritt: Bye y'all!
TacitusVigil: Thanks for the stream.
Phailhammer: cya :
Phailhammer: :)
GDwarf: SydPreviouslyHeadache I dunno, what guilds emphasize obliviousness and sword fighting with a sense of honour? :P
Earthenone: im going to say...rakdos?
Rockario: @SydPreviouslyHeadache I feel like Utena is a Planeswalker who appears on Ravnica and doesn't put up with any of the guilds' shit
Rockario: I got in late, was there any story/plot missions at the start of the stream, or did they just quick-play the whole time?
Juliamon: They played the intro cutscene
Snowwraith: There's not a lot of story to it anyway, so just did the intro.
Snowwraith: The plot is "it's a dream!"
Juliamon: ^
Rockario: Cool, might give the VoD a go later then.
Juliamon: The costumes get appropriately silly.
Rockario: For now I gotta see Adam finish out Darkest Dungeon, because I am INVESTED
SydPreviouslyHeadache: confession i haven't watched Magical Girl Utena and I'm not sure I can anymore
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Revolutionary*
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH no, that was the weird one i'm not sure i wanted to watch.