malc: ho hum, four of us spent all afternoon working on a server and we have finally got it back into the exact state it was in when we started
PhoenixMelior: \o/
Charlemandias: In my limited experience that is a great succes
Weagle: Ah yes
Metric_Furlong: lrrGOAT
Weagle: malc, so a situation
PhoenixMelior: this was the one I was thinking of
malc: yes, and it was even BSD :P
Twinklebees: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge return to the mild-mannered world of Vanilla Minecraft this week. Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PST (9m from now).
Twinklebees: Oh right, that.
malc: oh hey, good timing
PhoenixMelior: monecrift
malc: oh damnit
malc: mere seconds after I finish with those sharks, another lot turn up
Twinklebees: Weagle: Time to consume some fresh new content :3
Weagle: Mmmmm content
Twinklebees: tastes so good
PhoenixMelior: in 7 minutes, time for mahjong?
Twinklebees: Well, there's story to be done first, but soon
TXC2: Hello Everybody!
malc: hello txc2
TXC2: hi malc
PhoenixMelior: hello txc2
Bobtheninjagoldfish: hello TXC2
TXC2: hi PhoenixMelior
PhoenixMelior: have you had the chance to see Dice Friends yet?
TXC2: not yet, waiting for the youtube version
TXC2: that, and you know, time to watch it :P
mahpete_: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge return to the mild-mannered world of Vanilla Minecraft this week. Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PST (3m from now).
Darth_Wooper: katesLurk
PhoenixMelior: pfft, what is time
Bobtheninjagoldfish: nothing but a construct.
TXC2: what indeed
PhoenixMelior: I managed to watch it, and 3 episodes of Utena last night
DarkMorford: Hey chat.
DarkMorford: My fever finally broke, so I'm back at work today.
PhoenixMelior: whoo!
Twinklebees: How far through Utena are you now?
TXC2: hello DarkMorford welcome
PhoenixMelior: 16 episodes now. Things are getting weirder
Twinklebees: Yeah, that'll happen
TXC2: things? getting weird in anime? the Devil you say Kappa
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Has anyone ever watched a show called "the Magicians" ? My wife is starting to watch it on Netflix.
Twinklebees: That's just into the Black Rose arc, right?
PhoenixMelior: yeah, two duels and then the last episode was about Nanami and her Cowbell
Twinklebees: I love the Nanami episodes
PhoenixMelior: they're so good
PhoenixMelior: the last one was precious
Twinklebees: Which one was that?
PhoenixMelior: "I'm gonna put a snake in her desk, everyone's gonna think she's so weird!" "WHY IS THERE A MONGOOSE LIVING IN YOUR DESK"
Twinklebees: Ah yes. That's one of my favourite scenes in the whole show
DarkMorford: I finished watching Revue Starlight last night. That's an odd one.
Twinklebees: "I'm gonna put snails in her pencil case...WHY ARE THERE SNAILS IN YOUR PENCIL CASE ALREADY?!"
PhoenixMelior: hehehe
DarkMorford: Ooh, title change!
PhoenixMelior: James, on time(ish)? Impossible.
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
RebelliousUno: new year new James
Nightvalien28: james on time? what madness is this
Bobtheninjagoldfish: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
malc attempts to watch whilst doing about 8 urgent things
malc: what can go wrong
TXC2: maybe James has an alarm clock now?, or a better car? Kappa
Foxmar320: Good at least I can catch the start of the stream
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polaris415: Celebrating 6 months with Mine O'clock lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
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RebelliousUno: Maybe the car is the alarm clock
TXC2: malc well I'm eating round a computer, so that's fine right? Kappa
Foxmar320: Hello chat
TXC2: Hi Foxmar320
HondoTrigger: @Foxmar320 benginHi
Darth_Wooper: katesAir sergeHi katesAir
SergeYager: Goooooood morning friends :)
TheExiledPlayerLIVE: theexi4Hello HeyGuys voidH
Foxmar320: Hey SergeYager
malc: hey Serge
TXC2: hello SergeYager welcome
KerbalDyne: yay!
Darth_Wooper: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
HondoTrigger: @SergeYager sergeHi sergeFriend
polaris415: hi @SergeYager
SergeYager: How you all doing this fine morning?
Kraest: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
steelfox13: Morning Crafters
Darth_Wooper: Good timezone, everybody!
polaris415: sergeHi
Sanityis0verrated: sup peeps
HondoTrigger: great Serge, how about you?
polaris415: need more coffee
TheExiledPlayerLIVE: Doing alright, just woke up and started catching up on Friday nights I’ve missed voidS
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @SergeYager just finished the Dice Friends VoD. Super fun!
Viewers_Like_You: Home sick this morning, which means the rare Live Daytime Stream for me
TheExiledPlayerLIVE: Yourself?
Serifina: Hello everyone
Darth_Wooper: @polaris415 katesHug sergeHeart
SergeYager: I'm good! I'm drinking coffee. Jo made French Toast. This morning is off to a great start!
Hvarn : @bobtheninjagoldfish where do you find that I can't see it on the channel
Welbog: Oh boy, never go to watch Mine O'clock live before.
mrMorphius: sergeHi hi all
Darth_Wooper: Ooh, french toast! Yum!
Welbog: Hi Serge!
TXC2: hi Serifina
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Hvarn it;s on the dnd channel
ArcticAtlantic: Oh oops I haven’t renewed my twitch prime sub to serge. Brb
sorinplaneswalker: @SergeYager did you bring enough coffee to share?
HondoTrigger: bottle me up and call me smuckers Serge, I'm jelly.
PhoenixMelior: ooh, french toast
SAJewers: naeTATO
SergeYager: @sorinplaneswalker uhhhh sergeCounting sergeCounting sergeCounting
Cw3040: good morning chat
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Hey! Wake up! It’s Mine O’Clock! You’re gonna be late for James, Uno and Serge playing a video game. | 📷 ||
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BrutonGaster: FortBush
SenseAmidstMadness: Oh hey it's twelve-o-clock. I guess it's time for James to play a gmae
Darth_Wooper: First time catching one of these live in a while. Holiday retail jobs kinda mess with your schedule for a while. :P
JustMeJude: Is this the same server Serge plays on on his channel?
Cw3040: @SenseAmidstMadness highnoon.mp3
Serifina: Mines? Clocks? What are these things? I don't know, I just exist.
TXC2: Here we GO!
Cw3040: @JustMeJude yes indeed
SenseAmidstMadness: We're even on time
ArcticAtlantic: this is the first stream i've watched all year!
JustMeJude: Awesome!
Darth_Wooper: DaDING
SAJewers: naeFOX
JustMeJude: Thank you @Cw3040
Foxmar320: Show needs a new intro with Serge looking in the window behind them
TheAinMAP: lrrCOW
ArcticAtlantic: aaaaaaand i'm buffering. well, start as you mean to go on
PhoenixMelior: ArcticAtlantic hey, I did too
rocketjohn: !uno
LRRbot: RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow!
SenseAmidstMadness: !dos
LRRbot: RebelliousUno también está transmitiendo. Asegúrate de revisar su vista de la secuencia y darle una continuación!
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CaptainSpam: Goooood morning!
SergeYager: Good morning James
TXC2: !tres
LRRbot: RebelliousUno también está transmitiendo. Asegúrate de revisar su vista de la secuencia y darle una continuación!
SergeYager: Good, thank you
rocketjohn: Aloha!
Serifina: Hi James
KirbySliver: Hi!!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
TXC2: Hello James
castlewise: Good morning!
DeadnCold: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
HondoTrigger: james did you get a haircut and dont want to show us
rocketjohn: you haz a see-through head, James
ArcticAtlantic: hey James!
Darth_Wooper: Good morning everyone!
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Damp_Rice: good heavens, look at the time
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Antimuffin: lrrHEART lrrAWESOME lrrHEART
DoubleFried: good evening james
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Viewers_Like_You: Happy 2019, Mine O'Clock!
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TXC2: "when last we meet our hero...."
Darth_Wooper: Ooh, space see-through hat logo! :o
TXC2: *met
SAJewers: looks like james's hat is getting partially greenscreened out
SajuukSjet: heh, what about that massive office meeting Kappa
stevestein: We missed you too James
TheExiledPlayerLIVE: How did you do at GP Vancouver? What did you play?
SenseAmidstMadness: #create #content
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
SergeYager: How DARE you
RomanGoro: So you got something from the computer
SergeYager: :'(
Viewers_Like_You: So Serge poisoned James, then?
SenseAmidstMadness: wow
Dusk_Shine: XD
malc: you caught a computer virus
Nightvalien28: blame serge
SenseAmidstMadness: #blameJames
HondoTrigger: Serge is the real benginTraitor
Dusk_Shine: the timing
SergeYager: I gave you fried chicken and waffles, not sickness
rocketjohn: sergeHolyMoly
starlitdiscord: #blameJames
Darth_Wooper: VERY few people have web content creation jobs that pay enough to have a big fancy house.
steelfox13: curse you Serge!
SenseAmidstMadness: Chat is mixed on who to blame here
stevestein: @SergeYager We don't judge you for your communicable diseases, Serge
malc: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
lifecharacter: Mom, James swore!
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Pinary: James "Big Swears" Turner
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KirbySliver: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
PhoenixMelior: This is LRR, swearing happens all the time
CraziestOwl: How is the new computer @sergeyager
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diamond_pie_01: James Turner sentenced to life in prison for being rude to Serge
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Darth_Wooper: What?!? Swears on a LRR stream? slytqShock
CaptainSpam: *gasp* You worked out the tarp budget?
Antimuffin: you leave Serge alone he is pure and beautiful!
SergeYager: @CraziestOwl super cool!
Almost_Alaska: I have a head cold. (Boo.) But I can watch Mine O’Clock while home sick. (Yay!)
SenseAmidstMadness: How many tarps did you buy?
RomanGoro: 8th
Foxmar320: Jan 8th
Viewers_Like_You: It's January 2019
TXC2: JamesDay Kappa
SenseAmidstMadness: It is indeed january
TheWarbo: wait i had to go microwave the coffee but I thought I heard complaining about being sick. Are we complaining about being sick?
PhoenixMelior: correct
Welbog: It is Tuesday my dudes
Welbog: Aaaaaaah
rocketjohn: It's Tuesday at Mine o'clock
CaptainSpam: We win!
TheExiledPlayerLIVE: That’s me though, I’m confused
TXC2: it's been...
Kraest: Oh god the lines on the inside of James’ hood go in different directions. Why is that a thing.
steelfox13: The year is almost over.
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kainboa: It's been... one week...
Viewers_Like_You: Are we speedrunning 2019? Are our splits good so far?
Darth_Wooper: The first was new year's day... so it's understandable you took that off.
r_craddz: 14 days to my birthday then :)
starlitdiscord: its been a whole week!
rocketjohn: Twelfth Night
TheWarbo: it's rant o'clock! mine o'rant!
TheExiledPlayerLIVE: Holidays are over in april
SenseAmidstMadness: viewers_like_you: One week took week. On pace to tie WR!
CaptainSpam: The holidays are over when the santa hat comes off the VLC icon.
LordZarano: Viewers_Like_You: It's not a leap year so that works in our favour
Viewers_Like_You: Yeah, hopefully we manage that Feb 29th skip
RomanGoro: What if it's GP Victoria BC?
SenseAmidstMadness: Can we PLEASE start having canadian GPs in NOT the winder?
SenseAmidstMadness: winter*
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ravnica Allegiance Pre-PreRelease will be Janurary 11th at 11AM Moonbase time. Guests and info:
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
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Lopoleo: subbaby!
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SenseAmidstMadness: It's been almost two years since I heard that joke.
stevestein: I feel like that Itchy and Scratchy reference deserves more applause
rainbowpukingpanda: lrrHEART
TXC2: stevestein right?
RealWormbo: Yeah, I though it aged enough by now, similar to dabbing.
NovaTiempo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 11:55.
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: sergeHolyMoly
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Charlemandias: Sub Baybay yayay
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NovaTiempo: Glorious James Burner returns to LRR main channel!
TXC2: #BringTheBois #BringTheNoise
polaris415: it's a @SergeYager !!
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iammorthos: We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine the whole day through!
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malc: hahaha
TXC2: can we get a lanyard instead?
EJGRgunner: Woooooooo!!!!! Vanilla!!!!!!!!
wicker_knight: Greetings Clipmakers
flameburstx: lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL it's mine o'clock lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL
corqren: I've just gotten back into playing minecraft myself. Been having lots of fun
ryanthebandman: cheer100 can’t currently say my resub bc mobile, but I enjoyed your ama yesterday on reddit!
StreamingPhelddagrif: god i miss playing minecraft
SenseAmidstMadness: It's mine o'fifteen
RealWormbo: James can't vanilla anymore
Darth_Wooper: I just saw Spirited Away again a couple days ago... still a VERY good movie.
TXC2: !addquote (Serge and RebelliousUno) [now] 'I'm so happy' 'I'm so....something' | On vanilla minecraft
LRRbot: New quote #5694: "'I'm so happy' 'I'm so....something'" —Serge and RebelliousUno, On vanilla minecraft [2019-01-08]
EJGRgunner: party1000 Vanilla bits!
offbeatwitch: hey james how goes it
wicker_knight: Minecraft done fixed itself to bork
Mazrae: hello hello
malc: sergeHeart
Barb4rian: Woo! Mine O- Clock!
Barb4rian: O'Clock*
corqren: Serge is the sweetest
Darth_Wooper: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: sergeCounting
KirbySliver: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
flameburstx: Serge makes many sadness farms, the monster :P
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
TXC2: hello ma and Barb4rian welcome
FeverRadish: sergeJustRight
cameronj115: can someone link surg
Barb4rian: sergeHeart Serge is a wonderful hooman
CraziestOwl: Shit it started raining and I have laundry outside lrrEFF
Foxmar320: I won't be on for long. I have an appointment
EJGRgunner: sergeHi
Darth_Wooper: JoeKim did some big stuff too...
SenseAmidstMadness: cameronj115: sergeyager is his channel
TXC2: Foxmar320 ah shame, would've been nice to have in the stream
DoubleFried: where did you do the AMA?
Animekitty93: Hey Mincraft Humans! sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
TXC2: *to have you
steelfox13: Stupid question: Is there a LRR public server?
SenseAmidstMadness: steelfox13: There's a few in the discord
TXC2: !lrrmc
SenseAmidstMadness: I feel like I need more uno and serge volume in my ears
CraziestOwl: Did I miss anything
avi_miller: Hello Mine o’clock people! sergeHi
malc: "Go left"
TXC2: CraziestOwl not really no
Animekitty93: sergeHi
TXC2: hello avi_miller welcome
LordZarano: !advice
LRRbot: Spend quality time with your possessions.
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Larkonus: Mine? Mine? Mine?! How am I still able to plug dozens of hours into this game after so long? Also, you're all still awesome and amazing and stuff.
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offbeatwitch: ask DM
Darth_Wooper: @cameronj115 is Serge's channel
wicker_knight: Yes, Serge is a good sergeSheep and sergeIrene normal sergeSqueak human sergeIntoTheSea who totally does not make industrial human and animal exploitation devices
offbeatwitch: the LRR community server is... alive, I think?
Welbog: You can FLY in vanilla minecraft now? Such advance
Foxmar320: TQs base is very nice but getting to that portal is a pain
SAJewers: there still is james
starlitdiscord: lewd!
TXC2: Welbog it's post end-game contect
Cw3040: the ol' SnorshCraft server
Animekitty93: Love the Lewd hallway :D
stevestein: It's just upside down T's
TXC2: *content
SAJewers: afaik 3 servers james
malc: lrrCOW
wicker_knight: shmuck bait
SAJewers: a vanilla server, a modded server running snorshcraft, and a modded server running pom3
offbeatwitch: it's TQ's sex dungeon, obviously
Animekitty93: lrrCOW
wicker_knight: yes, of course it's a sex thing
wicker_knight: it's TQ
TXC2: of course it's a sex thing james
jadedcynic: Stupid wicker knight said
RealWormbo: most certainly yes, James, it's a TQ thingh
Darth_Wooper: Placing beds is possible in the nether or end. It's just USING the bed that blows it up.
TheWarbo: the bed *is* beyond the 18+ sign
Serifina: Oh, sorry, I wasn't paying attention.
Admiralmatt: what happens if you sleep there?
Welbog: @TXC2 I need to get back into Minecraft, it seems.
wicker_knight: @Admiralmatt the bed explodes
SAJewers: !lrrmc
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun Currently the community has three public servers. One is Vanilla, one for SnorshCraft, and one for Paths of Magic 3.
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TXC2: Serifina we found TQ's nether sex bed
SAJewers: aww, that command doesn't exist anymore
wicker_knight: the explosion is, as I understand it, about half-again the power of a creeper explosion
Doc_Rider: Are they on the Vanilla one?
giraf612: <message deleted>sub pewds
Wilcroft: F
Cw3040: precisely a month ago
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrEFF
TXC2: Hello RayFK welcome
Animekitty93: lrrWOW Jordan
starlitdiscord: desert bus map!
offbeatwitch: REAL minecraft
wicker_knight: step 1, give serge the MOST grief
TXC2: it's not "real" minecraft James, it's "better" Kappa
Animekitty93: I mean modding for Serge means I've seen everything :D
offbeatwitch: what James means by that, of course, is Minecraft Beta 1.7.3
SenseAmidstMadness: Uhh mods? Someone just walked in and shouted "Fire Dong"? lrrBEEJ
Foxmar320: I like your base James its nice and easy to get around
KerbalDyne: Are you gonna tour Yaegerdyne? cuz its amazing
offbeatwitch: beta 1.7.3 is the only Real minecraft version
Doc_Rider: Are they on the Vanilla server?
wicker_knight: yes
Darth_Wooper: @Doc_Rider yep!
Animekitty93: yes
RealWormbo: unlike your base, Foxmar320, which is expansive and awesome!
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HondoTrigger: can serge show you Yagerdyne industries?
Animekitty93: Foxmar has a dope base you can easily get lost in
polaris415: Scope Creep @SergeYager
TXC2: SenseAmidstMadness yes We know, dong did nothing wrong, and shouldn't be fired Kappa
polaris415: always go bigger
avi_miller: Oh, we need to get a tour if YagerDyne, especially the “red district”
wicker_knight: just call it an auto-smelter
offbeatwitch: you can make a 2x8 super smelter with 0 redstone
Doc_Rider: Cool
KerbalDyne: wait really?
Kraest: Are Serge and Uno a little bit quiet for anyone else?
Animekitty93: Can we turn up Serge and Uno? kind of quiet to ne
sorinplaneswalker: @Animekitty93 agreed
Animekitty93: me*
TXC2: Serge and Uno are always Quiet chat
VoidByAnyOtherName: are you guys on the vanilla server now?
wicker_knight: yes, too much James, not enough uno/serge :P
TXC2: VoidByAnyOtherName yes
wicker_knight: who is this person on camera again?
avi_miller: @animekitty93 we are the knights who say ne
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wait you can smelt with bamboo?
EJGRgunner: So angry about that “real Minecraft “ comment
wicker_knight: which makes it super-efficient because it's renewable :P
Animekitty93: @avi_miller Damn you mobile!
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Dutch_Benjie: Sub Baby!!...the pressure! oh man
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TXC2: EJGRgunner we meant VR Minecraft Kappa
TXC2: *he
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RayFK: Nuke the server
Meltalar: i vote for slime famr!
Meltalar: farm
SenseAmidstMadness: This "slime farm" is just a room
TXC2: RayFK Jordan please
TXC2: it's day one
wicker_knight: the best time, there's no investment yet Kappa
Arclight_Dynamo: Hello friends. I see we're in a deep hole, huh?
TheWarbo: as a non-minecrafter the phrase "slime chunk" is vaguely unnerving
PhoenixMelior: Under Pressure!
Animekitty93: Hey @arclight_dynamo
VoidByAnyOtherName: so are they building jame's base on the server
avi_miller: Hello @arclight_dynamo
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 Hullo!
wicker_knight: sounds like it @VoidByAnyOtherName
offbeatwitch: you seem to have non-sticky pistons there
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harvester369: a button for the infamous james!
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rocketjohn: you could just do a block swapper
offbeatwitch: there's some pistons that look like they don't do much
offbeatwitch: cos they're not sticky?
SenseAmidstMadness: If only we had some source of slime balls to make these pistons sticky!
offbeatwitch: oh wait is it meant to be pushed
PendelSteven: 'Ello
offbeatwitch: I guess the other side is meant to push the whole system that way
offbeatwitch: then those pistons push back afterwards
Darth_Wooper: Maybe have someone trigger it while the others watch the mechanism?
offbeatwitch: might be piston timing
aaronsmillie6: can i have ip
SenseAmidstMadness: aaronsmillie6: no.
wicker_knight: private server
offbeatwitch: I think 1.13.2 changed piston tick timing somewhat
steelfox13: Why not have an up and a down?
RealWormbo: the pistons don't need to be sticky, because there are more on the other side that push everything back; basically two partial double piston extenders without self-retraction
PendelSteven: I'm just here for the community of LRR's
Darth_Wooper: @aaronsmillie6 it's a private server for a few friends, sorry. :)
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TXC2: great stream that was
Miss_Katherine: second episode of vanilla return?
TXC2: Miss_Katherine no, this is first
wicker_knight: first episode of vanilla return
Miss_Katherine: oh!
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TXC2: we have been on this server before though
Justin_Bailey: are we going to check out Serge's Stark Exchange?
Darth_Wooper: Last Tuesday was New Year's so no stream.
wicker_knight: @Justin_Bailey I'm sure we will eventully
Animekitty93: I hope we do an extensive Serge base tour
wicker_knight: but I"m guessing they won't work on it, since that's serge's home stream
TheAinMAP: Is that going to be a problem for Future-James?
wicker_knight: well, future uno and serge while james supervises
Justin_Bailey: agreed, just think it' scool :)
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh is that a map of a in world area?
TXC2: I like the rainbow carpet
wicker_knight: I like Serge's streams, but stuff like the Stark Exchange make me more sympathetic with Cam's vision of minimalist hardcore mode
Taveena: Whoops, missed the start of this stream. HEY ALL, what's going on IN my town.
wicker_knight: @Laserbeaks_Fury yep
TXC2: hello Taveena welcome
ContingentCat: sergeThanksJo
wicker_knight: sergeThankJo
NovaTiempo: lrrGREED
avi_miller: sergeThankJo
ContingentCat: * sergeThankJo
Animekitty93: sergeThankJo
robinbolas: Holy crap you are playing vanilla!!
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeThankJo
PhoenixMelior: there's a Thanks Jo emote? Does that really come up that often?
RealWormbo: sergeThankJo
Darth_Wooper: sergeThankJo
robinbolas: Yes it does
polaris415: sergeThankJo
Arclight_Dynamo: @PhoenixMelior At least once a stream.
Cw3040: @PhoenixMelior on Serge's streams yeah
B4rberblacksheep: Hey James, has Serge showed you his rollercoaster yet?
wicker_knight: @PhoenixMelior surprisingly yes
PhoenixMelior: wow
KirbySliver: sergeThankJo
Darth_Wooper: @PhoenixMelior oh yeah. Several times a stream, often.
Kraest: @phoenixmelior Multiple times per stream XD
wicker_knight: especially coffee
Cw3040: all the time
ContingentCat: @PhoenixMelior enough to be worth having an emote, she's great
TXC2: !uno
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ConspicuousCompiler: Can somebody set that nametag to "JustFugi"?
malc: lol
PhoenixMelior: it looks awesome to me
RealWormbo: that'S not far from the truth
NovaTiempo: was that an enormous OwO?
SenseAmidstMadness: the dumbest railway
PhoenixMelior: do you have underground chickens?
robinbolas: Wht isn't serge streaming thus? We could do the multipals split screen thing
malc: the failway
wicker_knight: it's UNO, for Drunk Uno
ContingentCat: I wonder how that happened
VoidByAnyOtherName: it's no james burner
HondoTrigger: show them Yagerdyne industries!
wicker_knight: @robinbolas the recommended multipals is lrr and RebelliousUno
Animekitty93: robinbolas He doesn't like to take away from LRRs viewership
Miss_Katherine: OMG, I don't think I could play without Drawers Mod, for some reason I overly love setting up that storage system
RealWormbo: to be fair, #BlameJoeKim for that railways
TXC2: it looks like it should be a pendulum
Animekitty93: #BlameJoeKim for lots of things
avi_miller: Famous YouTuber James Burner
B4rberblacksheep: Uno's super smelter: two happy minecarts, Serge's: Horrifying face which chomps and screams at you
robinbolas: @Animekitty93 Aww, that could be co cool, thoughtful of him but aww
Animekitty93: Same
wicker_knight: @B4rberblacksheep Uno's super smelter, made without James' input. Serge's super smelter, made with James' input
wicker_knight: TEETH
TXC2: stuff is hapening there
malc: wow that's bizaare
offbeatwitch: LOL
Darth_Wooper: Huh.
RealWormbo: they stick to you, James
sivakrytos: yeah that's a known thing that arrows in bubbles don't despawn
iammorthos: are they despawning or are they attached to james now
Darth_Wooper: I guess they don't despawn because they're still "flying"?
wicker_knight: that is horrifying
SenseAmidstMadness: blame jo?
B4rberblacksheep: OH MY GOD IT'SD DEAD
TheAinMAP: Does James now look like he's full of arrows?
VoidByAnyOtherName: turn away
NovaTiempo: eep
TXC2: goodbye frames
polaris415: there's the 1 FPS
l0gin4me: you aren't despawning anything. you are catching arrows with your body
Mazrae: everyone grab a cart and ride the rail
ContingentCat: chug chug chug
TheWarbo: framerate of "one"
B4rberblacksheep: Don't look at it James, close your eyes and don't look. It's like the Ark of the covenant
TXC2: a framerate of "sure, I guess"
robinbolas: Mc Styles is serge? I feel like I should have known that
azureHaights: Particle lag, particle lag, PC runs like a paper bag
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ConspicuousCompiler: Does Serge have an evil twin known as BKStylez?
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adi_pie: I've heard that song before.
wicker_knight: Thanks, I hate it
B4rberblacksheep: It'll still be serge
DevInsanity: Probably still Serge
VoidByAnyOtherName: still serge
Arclight_Dynamo: You say "monster" now... but wait until you see the thing Serge is building right now.
wicker_knight: Or in Modded
VoidByAnyOtherName: not diabolical at all
Animekitty93: This isn't even the half of serges Murder farms
TXC2: Is Serge a monster in MC because he's so nice IRL?
Animekitty93: No Serge's evil twin is named Whiskers
sorinplaneswalker: @TXC2 i'm reasonably certain it's Whiskers who plays MC lol
Kraest: @txc2 he has to balance it out
wicker_knight: @TXC2 given that Serge also like Prison decks in MTG, I think he's a monster who compensates for his monstrosity by being nice
ZtoneJonez: I just put a fence in front of my portal
B4rberblacksheep: Jason's got a lovely monorail build at his base :p
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robinbolas: @TXC2 In all things, balance
TXC2: all good points chat
PhoenixMelior: wait that chicken
RealWormbo: the term for Serge, the Minecraft player, is "apprentice technical Minecrafter"
Animekitty93: sergeIrene
ContingentCat: sergeIrene
TXC2: fancy
Darth_Wooper: sergeIrene sergeHeart
SenseAmidstMadness: Look at that lovely railroad over the base
avi_miller: sergeIrene
B4rberblacksheep: sergeIrene
offbeatwitch: BIG oof
VoidByAnyOtherName: is that lighthouse of alexandria
azureHaights: This explodes the Jason.
wicker_knight: #BlameDrunkJoeKim
Xobulo: "Zoo-baa-loo" close enough though! Missed a sub so am back to 1 month so still haven't worked out sub messaging haha
TXC2: looks like Buildings from Age of empires
PhoenixMelior: you were both drunk
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeThankJo Kim
B4rberblacksheep: JoeKim's a monster
rocketjohn: monorail... Monoraaaaail MONORAIL!
rocketjohn: except it isn't
TXC2: Mono....doh
wicker_knight: yes it is
avi_miller: Ooh a theater
SenseAmidstMadness: they were both drunk
Arclight_Dynamo: Yes, it *IS* the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
azureHaights: This is so awesome, Alexa play Baba Yetu
wicker_knight: Lighthouse of Alexandria
TXC2: an Lighthouse of alexandia
rs25mtg: Pharos
noSmokeFire: what's up, nerds?
ContingentCat: katesWa katesOw such detail damn
TheWarbo: for theme, shouldn't we burn the library?
robinbolas: Books in a library, nice
azureHaights: Now for someone to eat wall while flying and become Sean Bean
malc: this is probably one of my favourite builds ever
malc: but I am an Egypt nerd :)
rocketjohn: needs a bathhouse
robinbolas: @rocketjohn Dont we all
TheWarbo: oh wow that reminds me of Taormina
VoidByAnyOtherName: elytra, prerequisite tech to the icarus space program
EJGRgunner: The colosseum is Roman and several hundred years younger
B4rberblacksheep: Is he making a Pyramid?
rs25mtg: Pyramid?
wicker_knight: another one?
B4rberblacksheep: That's a desert scar
Doc_Rider: Looks like a giant monopoly board.
Darth_Wooper: That's the bones of a sand dune.
EJGRgunner: @thewarbo the only tho g I know about Taormina is that an ancient writer said it had the choicest mullets
wicker_knight: there was a desert here, and now it is only emptiness
Animekitty93: #BlameJoeKim
avi_miller: Actually that was just a theater, an amphitheater would go all the way around forming a circle or oval
TXC2: why follow when we could RIDE!
TXC2: ?
wicker_knight: flying is much faster
wicker_knight: riding is actually only marginally faster than running
TheWarbo: @EJGRgunner hah, I just saw this picture of the theatre overlooking the ocean one time and it was awesome and stuck in my head
RealWormbo: oh, there's F
Arclight_Dynamo: Welcome to F
Mazrae: put rockets on the carts
Kraest: Oh wow, you actually visually stumble when you hit the chunk boundary
Darth_Wooper: F
ContingentCat: F
Animekitty93: F
starlitdiscord: F?
Darth_Wooper: o7
Arclight_Dynamo: lrrEFF
Animekitty93: HA
wicker_knight: our terrible asymmetric farm boy, F
Arclight_Dynamo: It's a two-key system.
TXC2: two people? is it a nuke?
RealWormbo: cool technology
VoidByAnyOtherName: off by one, never let serge forget
robinbolas: I have been watching Serge for months, never knew his minecraft name
wicker_knight: @TXC2 does turning the world into a powerpoint presentation count as a nuke?
CrazyZonie: More of Serge's Murder Sadness Farm
TXC2: wicker_knight yes and no
malc: F
azureHaights: Sean Bean achieved!
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Browork07: can i join your server?
wicker_knight: @Kraest two reasons: 1) it's a Farm, 2) it's what you say when you realize that the design is just slightly off symmetry :P
Animekitty93: lrrWOW Uno
Darth_Wooper: sergeFall slytqRIP
avi_miller: sergeFall
SenseAmidstMadness: browork07: No.
Animekitty93: @Browork07 Private server
ContingentCat: sergeFall
Browork07: can i join the server????
TXC2: Browork07 Privet server only
Talin06: more Serge torture machines?
Kraest: @wicker_knight Ah, I see
noSmokeFire: why specifically soul sand?
Darth_Wooper: @Browork07 private server for a few friends, sorry. :)
SenseAmidstMadness: nosmokefire: Because you actually sink like 1/16th of a block into it
Banather: @noSmokeFire because soul sand is less than a block tall
wicker_knight: @Kraest it's the first on-stream time I can remember (at least for this server) where Serge realized the mistake and decided it was too much work to fix it :P
robinbolas: @noSmokeFire because it slightly smaller than other blocks, so when it moves you can glitch through
SenseAmidstMadness: nosmokefire: So when the piston pushes it, you get stuck and suffocate
Arclight_Dynamo: Now, this is far from operating at full efficiency. You need to be the only one on the server, and you need to be at the high observation level. Then this this just RAINS mobs.
noSmokeFire: huh.
BasilBrushOff: sergeHi
Animekitty93: sergeHi
robinbolas: I call those... boom boxes
RealWormbo: basically alternating soul sand and top slabs and shifting them back and forth makes mobs glitch through
azureHaights: Eyeder spies
malc: is the stream frozen or is it me?
ContingentCat: it's you
azureHaights: It's you
Arclight_Dynamo: You, malc.
Traion: malc you
robinbolas: you
malc: sigh.
malc: thanks
wicker_knight: like, it's terrifying to think that this thing has killed literal thousands of witches lrrSPOOP
PhoenixMelior: sorry malc
BasilBrushOff: holy moly, they actually had to power up F again
azureHaights: @traion malc me? malc you!
TheMerricat: am i hearing music/singing on stream?
TXC2: dont worry I've been having this turn into a radio show a lot Malc :P
Animekitty93: BasilBrushOff For demonstration purposes of course
Traion: So I just arrived have we shown off Serge's crimes against humanity yet?
Cw3040: brutalist/10
Darth_Wooper: @BasilBrushOff they didn't HAVE to, they did it to show it off.
Animekitty93: Traion Not yet :D
robinbolas: Unabashedly ugly, like no craps given
JoeKim: ahh yesss. my base
BasilBrushOff: haha I seeee
TXC2: hi JoeKim
wicker_knight: ohhey, JoeKim
Animekitty93: Hey JoeKim
ContingentCat: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
VoidByAnyOtherName: "entrance to his slime hole"
malc: Mind the gap.
BasilBrushOff: #NotAEuphemism
BrindleBoar: I'm sure it's fine
Lokno: This hole was made for me
Arclight_Dynamo: Ice is water...
JoeKim: it's water
TXC2: !clip
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Mazrae: push serge
ContingentCat: one way to find out
wicker_knight: push serge
Animekitty93: Hahahaha
JoeKim: #trustjoekim
wicker_knight: or uno
wicker_knight: lol
BrindleBoar: F
PhoenixMelior: never trust them
Arclight_Dynamo: !setfalls 1
robinbolas: Did he died?
Freshly_Toasted: Hard water
BasilBrushOff: sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall
starlitdiscord: F
malc: #BlameJames
ContingentCat: sergeFall
TXC2: Ice ice baby
Animekitty93: sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall
polaris415: technically still water
B4rberblacksheep: sergeFall
Darth_Wooper: It's very COLD water!
RealWormbo: ice is water, just a little more compact
Cw3040: @JoeKim you devil
ContingentCat: what is ice but hard water?
wicker_knight: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Serifina: !setfalls 1 :p
JoeKim: it shouldn't be ice?
robinbolas: sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall
NimrodXIV: :D
JoeKim: tbh
azureHaights: @RealWormbo Actually, ice is bigger than water
RayFK: Drop sand
Animekitty93: Hahha
RayFK: Drop sand in it
PhoenixMelior: someone pranked someone else
offbeatwitch: it's definitely ice, joe
RayFK: End, him
JoeKim: i mean. i travel down there
Darth_Wooper: Slime blocks maybe?
ContingentCat: or put a block of slime?
wicker_knight: @JoeKim #BlameDrunkJoeKim
CrazyZonie: a bed?
SenseAmidstMadness: It "shouldn't" be ice
BrindleBoar: now it's a real slime hole
wicker_knight: this is the farmiest of slime farms
JoeKim: they increase efficiency a lot
JoeKim: as much of a pain in the ass as it iwas
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RealWormbo: still no titan?=
MaybeTara: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 50:54.
robinbolas: I think this base should be the setting for a grunge video. Just playing bass in front of some iron golems
wicker_knight: Darklight Beacons :D
avi_miller: You should do the elytra course while you are here
JoeKim: kelp farm
Traion: JoeKim made something pretty? The world must be ending :P
JoeKim: i was drunk
JoeKim: and bored
wicker_knight: #BlameDrunkJoeKim
TXC2: dangerous combination
JoeKim: drunk joe kim does lots of dumb shit
Doc_Rider: I kinda wanna make a monopoly board on the server...
Animekitty93: Does JoeKim do things drunk a lot??
B4rberblacksheep: See: The Monorail :p
JoeKim: well i'll come home from the bars and not be tired
JoeKim: and wanna play games
TheMerricat: moda:-)
offbeatwitch: RIP rock
robinbolas: Smash and run
JoeKim: WOW
BasilBrushOff: katesWa katesOw katesSir katesSir katesSir
PhoenixMelior: that rock is huge
wicker_knight: honestly, Drunk JoeKim seems way more productive than I ever have been while drunk and playing minecraft :P
SenseAmidstMadness: Drunk joe kim should have a stream
TiberiusEsuriens: greetings chat
Animekitty93: Rude!
traveller800: is it time for TEETH?]
Serifina: Serge. Those rocks are in modded Minecraft too.
BrindleBoar: James "The Vandal" Turner
PhoenixMelior: wow James. #BlameJames
Darth_Wooper: katesSass
TemporallyAwry: combine the rock into a hoe?
robinbolas: #blamejames
RealWormbo: griefing...
SenseAmidstMadness: JAMES
SenseAmidstMadness: RUDE
B4rberblacksheep: Wow now you're using his brand new hoe?
TXC2: !clip
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Justin_Bailey: just can't take James anywhere
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah, yes... the Beef Destroyer.
robinbolas: Dead double dragons
BasilBrushOff: !whoops
JoeKim: only the three of us have tried
vbenjamin2009: PunchTrees SSSsss
Darth_Wooper: Yeah, Yagerdyne absolutely needs a dragon egg. And head, probably.
Mazrae: show them how its done james
Animekitty93: Uno needs to try!
wicker_knight: you should all try it and lose all of your stuff Kappa
JoeKim: i also haven't updated my time since my very first run
avi_miller: You can do it James
traveller800: teeth
Arclight_Dynamo: Serge: Put an asterisk next to James' time in the book.
Arclight_Dynamo: Kappa
ReydienOnline: I'm pretty sure that 37 run didn't have any missed gates btw
JoeKim: that time is legit
JoeKim: i observed it
TXC2: welcome to the rest of the stream chat Kappa
robinbolas: Come on James, show em how its done
wicker_knight: recommend taking off your armor james
PhoenixMelior: three hours of Elytra time
TXC2: I'm timing
Kraest: Hey Chat, Alex just posted to Twitter that it’s his dad’s birthday and requested that he be wished a happy birthday! His dad’s Twitter is @SteacyKen :)
robinbolas: Its like playing superman 64
JoeKim: wrong gate
TemporallyAwry: @Serge unless you're running a modified server, I don't beleive you can get more than one dragon-egg without using a dupe-exploit.
SenseAmidstMadness: Ken "Happy Birthday" Steacy?
JoeKim: you went through it
SergeYager: @TemporallyAwry :'(
ReydienOnline: you don't
TheWarbo: James "Yeah that's boring" Turner
ReydienOnline: you turn and go over the storage
MinniChii: I somehow stopping following this channel? Who broke my twitch?
TemporallyAwry: @SergeYager it's fairly easy to get it duplicated, but yeah.
JoeKim: he did use power 3 rockets for his 30 second run
wicker_knight: @MinniChii twitch, most likely :P
JoeKim: he's practiced it a lot
Nightvalien28: lrrWOW
EJGRgunner: Famous YouTube Speedrunner James Burner
JoeKim: RIP
TXC2: 44:50
robinbolas: Counts
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
Kykiwi: i would count that
JoeKim: he hit it. it counts
Animekitty93: Counts
starlitdiscord: niiice
Mazrae: he touched it
Kykiwi: still pretty good time
wicker_knight: that...that is deeply lrrSPOOP
scalez_cal: that's sick!
Darth_Wooper: I'd count it. He passed the finish line.
Haberdashed: Hi all!
Kraest: I think that counted
Arclight_Dynamo: 44:50 is correct. I was also timing it.
malc: yep, 44 minutes ;P
JoeKim: he hit it and didn't die
robinbolas: BlameJames, for that baller score!!
TXC2: hello Haberdashed welcome
SenseAmidstMadness: James changing the rules again
ReydienOnline: we have it clipped
JoeKim: i was there. it was nutty
TheWarbo: 44:50 or 44.50?
Comeback323: 4:20.69
wicker_knight: that was disorientingly fast
Arclight_Dynamo: @TheWarbo 44.5
TXC2: TheWarbo 44,5 secs
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mistborn83: What is that emblem on your hat James?
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Veishaunaea: Morning James! Morning chat! Morning to Serge and Uno! lol
JoeKim: i hooked uno up
Mazrae: what bad could happen.... splat
Kykiwi: XD
Kykiwi: lol
offbeatwitch: jump! splat.
malc: lrrCOW
Animekitty93: Lol
BrindleBoar: F
Haberdashed: Rofl
wicker_knight: good start
noSmokeFire: record time!
ContingentCat: sergeFall
ritchards: Real people wear all their stuff when they go through this
TemporallyAwry: Also remember to keep your Elytra
TheWarbo: Arclight_Dynamo I know, I was just being goofy :-P I did not actually think it was 44 mins 30 secs
Darth_Wooper: katesRip
RealWormbo: Hey, that was further than James' first attempt
avi_miller: sergeFall
JoeKim: we all did
SenseAmidstMadness: F
JoeKim: we all died the first time
Animekitty93: sergeFall
Veishaunaea: RIP to Uno. He will be missed. for the few seconds till respawn
JoeKim: theres a chest full of rockets
JoeKim: you dingdong
JoeKim: right next to you
tyrsredritehand: poor uno
ContingentCat: REALLY hard mode do it without and elytra
ContingentCat: *an
Animekitty93: ContingentCat Big brain ideas!
TheWarbo: it's a see-through emblem!
JoeKim: no he got all the gates
JoeKim: he just hit them
B4rberblacksheep: His game is struggling like fuck to keep pace
robinbolas: Gotta go fast
wicker_knight: I think this needs to get rebuilt further from the various farms
EfreetM: it didn't load and you went through unloaded part
Veishaunaea: gotta go Sonic fast!
CrazymattCaptain: increase render distance to load the full course
Animekitty93: Wasn't there talk of upgrading the server for lag?
JoeKim: y'all can rebuild this
TheWarbo: I feel like there should be two divisions for different types of rockets?
JoeKim: i am tired
ReydienOnline: Added 1 second of buffer to start and end:
tyrsredritehand: lrrDILLY
sorinplaneswalker: @SergeYager go whiskers!
MinniChii: oooh Lunch. Sounds like a good idea
wicker_knight: @Animekitty93 I mean, other than Serge saying he'll complain to James about it? Not that I know of
robinbolas: Time for a power serge!!
wicker_knight: #WorkingAsIntended
SenseAmidstMadness: sergeFall
BasilBrushOff: katesTry
JoeKim: well. james isn't buying lunch
Kraest: He sounds like me when I’m streaming Dark Souls XD
Animekitty93: lol
SenseAmidstMadness: He said "ow" like 6 times
NovaTiempo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:01:40.
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JoeKim: that low flying one is harder than it looks
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: 28.73
TXC2: 1:02.14
TheWarbo: 7.02
Arclight_Dynamo: 1:06.64, two missed gates
robinbolas: 12.2 seconds
malc: -5 years
BasilBrushOff: 13.37
robinbolas: I counted
noSmokeFire: 4'33''
ContingentCat: 69:420
JoeKim: two missed gates is 30 seconds per gate
LordZarano: 1:06 + penalties
CrazyZonie: 37 Mississippis
JoeKim: that's an arrow
Animekitty93: That's an arrow
JoeKim: 30 second penalty
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah! One missed gate, then.
robinbolas: Ok 106-15
l0gin4me: only 1 missed gate if that's an arrow
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Arclight_Dynamo: Uno: DNF
CCCrusade: only missed 1 gate then
Mazrae: unos record is eff this
Arclight_Dynamo: :D
Animekitty93: :D
alpsumtg: sorry stupid question but who are you playing with? Serge and...??
robinbolas: Smiling at death, wow Serge
malc: !uno
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wicker_knight: RebelliousUno
TXC2: and Uno
alpsumtg: oops two question marks
TXC2: !dos
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B4rberblacksheep: Hey
Nightvalien28: we should have a multitwitch link for this
robinbolas: Hi
wicker_knight: huwwo?
B4rberblacksheep: Hello
Animekitty93: Hi
malc: whichcord?
offbeatwitch: did you hit the mute button on your mouse again
starlitdiscord: uhoh
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
SenseAmidstMadness: Uhh hello?
Curufean: I can hear you, James. I can always hear you.
robinbolas: Heh, your hat is acting as a greenscreen
noSmokeFire: you're all alone in hell. spoopy.
TXC2: "hello hello, is there anybody in there?"
offbeatwitch: did dincrod die
Darth_Wooper: We can only hear James. Uno and Serge just disappeared.
CrazyZonie starts singing, "Hello, is anybody there? Does anybody care?" from 1776
RebelliousUno: we're still in discord
sorinplaneswalker: @TXC2 just nod if you can here me....
RebelliousUno: James disapeared
Doc_Rider: It's been happening all day.
avi_miller: Narrator voice, “And it was at that moment that James realized that discord had died”
stevestein: Have you tried datcord? *rimshot*
CrazymattCaptain: switch server region
offbeatwitch: what voice region is it on
malc: James is unable to reconnect to Discord, apparently
HondoTrigger: yeah switch server reagion
Doc_Rider: Kill it all the way and restart it.
Traion: Seachats Discord?
PhoenixMelior: !findquote butts
LRRbot: Quote #2125: "I don't understand why the butt twitches." —Graham [2016-03-21]
SergeYager: Discord still works for Uno and I. This may be a you problem :(
malc: restart Discord
HondoTrigger: the voice region might need to be changed
robinbolas: nargals?
B4rberblacksheep: Is it only private channels?
offbeatwitch: different voice regions?
Doc_Rider: Discord has been having issues all day.
TheWriterAleph: did you try turning discord off and on again?
Darth_Wooper: Huh.
offbeatwitch: change voice regions
ContingentCat: have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Yeah, just reboot discord James
wicker_knight: did you try turning LoadingReadyRun off and on again?
offbeatwitch: how old is the voice server
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Just reboot
PhoenixMelior: just reboot discord
Animekitty93: James reboot
PhoenixMelior: it just doesn't like you James
asddsa28: go to info this happens to me to
JoeKim: account soft-ban
offbeatwitch: how old is the LRR server
JoeKim: obviously
Haberdashed: I've had that issue before. Just reboot.
offbeatwitch: is it set to an old voice region
wicker_knight: ah, in that case did you try turning James Turner off then on again?
Serifina: I'm sorry, James, I forgot to tell you we shadowbanned you. :p
Arclight_Dynamo: Quitscord
HondoTrigger: Server region might be the issue
offbeatwitch: cos they change the voice region things ocasionally
EJGRgunner: Maybe the LRR discord is sick of your crap, James
ReydienOnline: yeah, sounds like your voice got autodetected by the NSA protocol and soft-banned, maybe don't be so loud?
fiftymcnasty: Adam has taken over and Banned James?
Animekitty93: Hahah
Traion: I think James still hasn't noticed what is up with his account in Seachats :P
asddsa28: go to info
Haberdashed: Have you tried taking your hat off and putting it back on again?
sorinplaneswalker: @ReydienOnline SHHHH we're not supposed to talk about that
Mazrae: bye everyone i hope to watch again later today
stevestein: Well who needs Serge and Uno anyway, right?
PhoenixMelior: well, go do the thing on Adam's discord instead
robinbolas: This is why I use teamspeak #early2000's
NathanLonghair: Who banned James? Fess up
Angnor33: #BlameJames
TXC2: stevestein we do?
stevestein: Microsoft NetMeeting?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Then just use Adam's Cursed Discord.
TXC2: just skype Kappa
NathanLonghair: LOL
PhoenixMelior: is it because you're in the league of Extraordinary James?
Barb4rian: I've had this problem occasionally too James
stevestein: Conference call on speakerphone?
CrazyZonie: Phone conference.
asddsa28: have you tried the ! icon and debugging
avi_miller: Well, I have to go. Have a good day everyone! sergeHi I hope you figure out what the problem is James
offbeatwitch: discord is bad code
TXC2: and we're back
robinbolas: Was that paul?
Animekitty93: Later avi_miller sergeHi
TXC2: so long avi_miller have fun
malc: Discord just hates you... tbf it hates everyone
noSmokeFire: it's sowing discord
stevestein: James, LRR fired you. We regret that you had to learn it this way.
B4rberblacksheep: @noSmokeFire benginFingers
Traion: Have we visited TQ's lewd tunnel yet?
Arclight_Dynamo: "You sound more hollow, now." Mood, James.
B4rberblacksheep: Sounds like it's using a different microphone
wicker_knight: @Traion we started there
TXC2: Traion yes
EJGRgunner: He must have dropped his souls when he crashed
robinbolas: Fiery murder donut
Arclight_Dynamo: Satan's Anus
ContingentCat: oh yeah I'm curious about TQ's lewd tunnel, serge always hides it
skyrider19: is this the community server? It has been so long since I've been on there...
wicker_knight: @ContingentCat it'll probably be in the first 10min or so of the vodd
Animekitty93: skyrider19 This is the private server
JoeKim: that gold farm took days off my life
skyrider19: ah gotcha
robinbolas: @Animekitty93 Can I paint his lewd tunnel gold?
TXC2: wow look at that slowly come into view
PhoenixMelior: Butter Road?
ReydienOnline: The Eye of God
BasilBrushOff: jeebus it's cold outside
wicker_knight: like, it's not all that unexpected. there's a shmuck bait bed behind a pseudo-curtain and a bunch of pink concrete arranged ....suggestively
TXC2: Butter Poll
StarFreak359: That's no moon...
PhoenixMelior: Butter Pole!
starlitdiscord: woah buttery
ContingentCat: the slow reveal is so good
TXC2: from toy story?
JoeKim: none of us know how it spawned
Animekitty93: robinbolas Well it's TQ's lewd tunnel so you'd have to ask her first :)
sivakrytos: you can fit a full enchanting station in a ring right above the afk spot on this farm design
TemporallyAwry: Normal Zombies will spawn as support zombies when pigman get hit.
sivakrytos: pigmen can spawn zombie reinforcements when they're angry
JoeKim: not to mention ZERO spawnable surfaces
SergeYager: @sivakrytos that sounds super cool!
ContingentCat: and he found it!
RealWormbo: zombies spawn as reinforcements when other zombies (including pigmen) get hurt
Arclight_Dynamo: Serge gave him a shirt.
robinbolas: @Animekitty93 This just sounds like a good time
EJGRgunner: It sounds like the Prospector created itself
sivakrytos: @SergeYager the one on hermitcraft has an enchanting station there
starlitdiscord: this ladder is decadent
Mazrae: now for the long climb up
RayFK: Oh hey I remember this ladder
JoeKim: it's murder on the ears
TemporallyAwry: RIP headphone users.
RayFK: You fell off this when you showed it off to me
TheWriterAleph: sweeeet
TXC2: RayFK he JUST fell off it again
Arclight_Dynamo: Ham's on the menu tonight, boys!
robinbolas: And I thought enderman farms worked well
JoeKim: pigmen hurt
sithenin: Do you have an enderman farm?
ContingentCat: yup
sorinplaneswalker: @sithenin yes, they have an ender ender
wicker_knight: yes, there's an enderman farm on the srver
Animekitty93: sithenin There is one on this server yes
wicker_knight: it is also terrifyingly efficient
robinbolas: So wow did you break the nether roof? I need to know how
Ravynn: Yoooooooo, morning Friends.
SAJewers: maybe possible with a datapack?
Animekitty93: Yooooooo Ravynn
Ravynn: Eyyyyyyy @Animekitty93
ContingentCat: sounds like a bad way to die
TXC2: hello Ravynn welcome
wicker_knight: @robinbolas not sure how it's done now. used to be doable by exploiting a timing quirk of pistons with TNT
wicker_knight: doable in vanilla
JoeKim: we're never worried about gold
Darth_Wooper: Butter road paving materials?
RoeDent89: Always believe in your soul
RoeDent89: You got the power to know!
JoeKim: i use it for my golden carrots
robinbolas: @wicker_knight Cool thanks, everytime I google it it just says use creative mode
ContingentCat: Remember to turn on mob sounds
Ravynn: Butter Road leading to the Edmonton Butter Dome?
JoeKim: i eat only like a king now
flameburstx: oh we're blowing up butter road again?
SquirrelEarl: Why Butter Road when you can Buttermonorail
Ravynn: Joekim Butter Golden Carrots?
starlitdiscord: buttered carrots
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robinbolas: Wait, I thought you called his rockets peasant?
Arclight_Dynamo: Ooh, yeah, turn YOUR mob sounds back on, James, or you're gonna get ganked.
Darth_Wooper: ^^^^
sithenin: Do you still move faster while run jumping along carpet on ice in a 2 block high passage?
TheWarbo: Famous Peasant JoeKim?
CrazymattCaptain: really need to make a nice nether hub
Animekitty93: ExplainJoeKim: Friend of the stream, Owner of all Achievements, Slayer of Endermen, Prankster Supreme, Peasant, and Minecraft's Aquaman -On Serge's stream
JoeKim: foxmar has expanded a LOT
flameburstx: but we wanna see the lab!
Doc_Rider: Oh, so the vanilla server that they are on is different from the one on the Discord server...
Animekitty93: Arclight_Dynamo Did James turn them off?
robinbolas: Live your new bling sword
JoeKim: yes. this vanilla server is the crew server
robinbolas: Too slow
StarlitGhost: Foxmar's base is amazing
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 Yep. The piggos were screeching.
JoeKim: you'll reappear below
Darth_Wooper: I think going through this side should light it back up?
TXC2: whats the worst that happen? Kappa
ReydienOnline: breaking the portal network!
JoeKim: it relit at the lab entrance
Ravynn: #BlameUno
SenseAmidstMadness: RIP the entire portal network
RealWormbo: go up
robinbolas: I've heard that before
Darth_Wooper: And this is why you calculate your nether portal positioning!
JoeKim: no. he has to go down the hall first
ReydienOnline: the other end
TXC2: how do we fix this lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Do not take your baby into space.
ContingentCat: !badadvice
LRRbot: Run in front of him, and impale him.
ReydienOnline: just linking everything up
Animekitty93: And Joekim comes to save the day :D
wicker_knight: @robinbolas yeah, 1.13.2 removed a lot of the old ways to punch through bedrock. looking at the wiki, it looks like using a nether portal, breaking it, blocking all nether portal spawning in a 16-block radius vertically (by covering all surfaces with non-spawnable blocks), then attempting to reuse the nether portal works
Ravynn: Our hero, JoeKim
Animekitty93: Now that's a weird sentence :D
mistborn83: the cake is a lie
RoeDent89: Sleep so you don't die. Advice.
polaris415: who's LmabMower?
Animekitty93: sergeThankJo
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeThankJo
TXC2: polaris415 a DB mod
noSmokeFire: a seasfire
RoeDent89: F
Traion: sergeThankJo
Darth_Wooper: sergeThankJo
polaris415: cool!
KirbySliver: sergeThankJo
sivakrytos: @robinbolas look up the youtube channel of a person named eddxample
Arclight_Dynamo: Kraken!
PhoenixMelior: oh wow
SaiyaOrigaia: wow thats impressive
TXC2: holy moly
Darth_Wooper: sergeHolyMoly sergeJustRight katesWa katesOw
robinbolas: Thank you guys for the info, I'm gonna try it
ContingentCat: sergeHolyMoly
Animekitty93: sergeFall sergeFall
wicker_knight: FoxLabs
Haberdashed: That's so insanely cool
Traion: Did Foxmar copy Serge's map or did he made his own world tour?
TXC2: oh a map!
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
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SergeYager: @Traion it should be a copy of mine
Ravynn: @Traion Pretty sure they made and distributed copies
RoeDent89: That looks amazing! Love the end rod border
starlitdiscord: TEETH
TheWriterAleph: TEETH
RealWormbo: it's a copy of serge's map
Ravynn: TEETH
wicker_knight: teef
Animekitty93: TEETH
polaris415: !teeth
sorinplaneswalker: TEETH
RoeDent89: Hermitcraft is awesome!
B4rberblacksheep: can we see TQs base?
ContingentCat: TEETH
wicker_knight: we started at TQ's base
TXC2: no mount loofa? Kappa
EJGRgunner: oh Lamb's on now?
polaris415: TEETH
starlitdiscord: TEETH
Doc_Rider: There is a button to zoom in...
robinbolas: This is like the war room
wicker_knight: looks like an autosorter, yeah
Arclight_Dynamo: Let's make sure to see Foxmar's village. It's one of my favourite things. It's SO GOOD.
Animekitty93: ^
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Darth_Wooper: His airlock is sweet too.
Animekitty93: The airlock is cool
robinbolas: Beej, you look different
TXC2: beejSteve
Arclight_Dynamo: Almost door-fragged JoeKim, there...
TXC2: Do not touch base without consent
Ravynn: It's really funny how they all look the same with turtle helmets and elytras
PhoenixMelior: James pls. pls.
TheWarbo: #BlameJames
RoeDent89: If you had a guard dog, would it be a melon collie?
StarFreak359: gourd dog?
wicker_knight: it's almost like you have multiple infinite sources of iron :P
KirbySliver: Iron trapdoors? you should see YagerDyne.
Darth_Wooper: @StarFreak359 that's what protects the pumpkin farm. Kappa
robinbolas: Its a race
Traion: Yes a *proper* laboratory with an ethics board, unlike *some* labs on this server Kappa
polaris415: trident!
wicker_knight: @Traion Yagerdyne has an ethics board. It's made out of oak and is used to block one of the staff exits :P
TXC2: the moon square, but the earth still round?
wicker_knight: the moon is square, the earth is flat
TemporallyAwry: Yes - they are MUCH nicer.
TXC2: Serge's Ethics board is a lot like James' book club
Darth_Wooper: Many believe the Minecraft earth is flat, @TXC2 . Unless you're one of the enlightened few, the Cube Earth Society!
Arclight_Dynamo: Now, the fun part is the church basement...
Monocerotis2010: the terrain mods that Uno mentioned were amazing
robinbolas: How can you get more natural than everything based in cubic meters
LordChrusher: cheer100
malc: race me, Hannah!
PhoenixMelior: oh no, he's a horse now!
robinbolas: I don't think I would be comfortable having serge ride me
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
malc: how cryptic
TheWarbo: this is very Cask of Amontillado
TXC2: yes, a horse of course, that speaks in norse
Darth_Wooper: jamieOhjeez
sivakrytos: spiral staircases in minecraft seem like a good idea until you actually try to use one
Darth_Wooper: Or a catacomb?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Oh, a Diablo reference then
Arclight_Dynamo: Yeah, Foxmar just whoopsed into building his church on top of an End Fortress.
Animekitty93: sivakrytos Honestly that's just spiral staircases in general
polaris415: TEETH
B4rberblacksheep: brace for sadness
VoidByAnyOtherName: need a butcher
robinbolas: Yay!! Evil Jungle base!!
Ravynn: End with Sheep Paradise
Traion: Ehm any Interpol or ICC employees watching, please look away now!
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: So, the church on top of a Dungeon, that is a Diablo 1 reference then?
AGiantRoach: did we travel the lewd tunnel?
Animekitty93: AGiantRoach Yes
sorinplaneswalker: earlier
robinbolas: Threatening egg
lifecharacter: Funk on down
TXC2: yeap, basically at the start
adi_pie: So you're saying it's a Downtown Funko?
RoeDent89: Won't you take me to
Ravynn: @adi_pie Boooooooo
Darth_Wooper: A very good place to start.
lifecharacter: TEETH
polaris415: TEETH
malc: TEETH
Animekitty93: TEETH
noSmokeFire: SNEETH
Ravynn: TEETH
DevInsanity: TEETH
mrsarkhan: TEETH
Traion: TEETH
PhoenixMelior: TEETH
RoeDent89: TEEF
wicker_knight: FEEESH
ikesolotl: TEETH
TheWarbo: TEETH
TemporallyAwry: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR TEETH
KirbySliver: TEETH
Darth_Wooper: TEETH
robinbolas: This is my favorite one
wicker_knight: FIEF
robinbolas: also teeth
KirbySliver: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Scissorfarm: TEETH
Animekitty93: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
BasilBrushOff: not a cult(tm)
lifecharacter: "Iron" "Farm"
Monocerotis2010: awe yes the Lore of Serge
Animekitty93: BasilBrushOff sssh not yet
robinbolas: Yes, not a cult
Darth_Wooper: #notacult
TXC2: things were good, for a time
RoeDent89: Then the fire nation attacked
Znazl: until the fire nation attacked
adi_pie: @Ravynn would I be me if I didn't make that joke?
Traion: Is Jo still hiding her cats in this tree? To protect them from Serge?
Animekitty93: sergeIrene
TXC2: Fire nation = James?
Animekitty93: Traion Yes :D
Ravynn: @adi_pie No. It was expected.
PhoenixMelior: I believe random lightning can happen
robinbolas: One day mojang will make palm trees, and then we can be all smug and laugh
Monocerotis2010: fire nation = pigmen?
wicker_knight: htey're at max height
TemporallyAwry: It only grows to 3 tall.
Animekitty93: It only grows that tall
wicker_knight: 3 is the highest it can naturally grow
lifecharacter: It naturally grows to 3.
wicker_knight: it can generate at 4
offbeatwitch: it's always 3 tall
RealWormbo: grows to 3, but can generate larger
ReydienOnline: worldgen might go up to 4, but it only grows to 3
offbeatwitch: you can place and generate it higher
sorinplaneswalker: it can generate at 4, but it can only grow to 3
Darth_Wooper: You can build it up to build height, if you wanted to for some reason.
wicker_knight: worldgen can make 4-high ones, but natural growth cannot
TXC2: all cats are very important
PhoenixMelior: Jo knows what you did, James
Animekitty93: Don't enrage the Jo!
Traion: Don't worry Uno, we'll blame it all on Serge Kappa
PhoenixMelior: oh right it did
noSmokeFire: "show me potato island"
Animekitty93: PowerUpL sergeIrene PowerUpR
PhoenixMelior: as in "show me potato salad"
Animekitty93: Lol
Ravynn: "There's a MOD for that"
TXC2: boy is there a joke I want to make right now, but REALLY shoudln't
Animekitty93: sergeFall
lifecharacter: There sure is a fish in a tree.
BrightstormRising: Has James seen F yet?
offbeatwitch: show me potato salad!
Animekitty93: BrightstormRising Yes
TXC2: BrightstormRising yeap
EJGRgunner: Shut up, Uno!
EJGRgunner: Leave our vanilla boi alone!
wicker_knight: @lifecharacter FishGod Watches Over Us #NotACult
robinbolas: Oh man James, you ARE the diety of these people
B4rberblacksheep: Buckle in Kids, Serge's land has Lore
TXC2: Big maps are great
BasilBrushOff: Totally normal jungle people worshipping a totally normal jungle deity
BrindleBoar: "weird fascination" uh fire is awesome Serge, obvs Kappa
Traion: That map took like 2 streams to make
Animekitty93: It's fun lore too
EJGRgunner: Serge made all the maps
TXC2: why is Paul from housekeeping in a boat?
TheWarbo: yeah i'd go with "completely understandable fascination"
Animekitty93: *cue Wii Music*
robinbolas: I've never seen this place as an outsider... whoa
Animekitty93: TXC2 Why not?
EJGRgunner: technically it is... Serge just never stores automatically
noSmokeFire: surely a rocket-y bridge would connect those plates to TNT
Animekitty93: EJGRgunner Fact
ExachixKitsune: Serge your house is so rad.
DevInsanity: TEETH
Monocerotis2010: on the weekends does this double as the temple of doom for human sacrifices or is that in the volcano
RoeDent89: Do torches work inside item frames?
Animekitty93: TEETH
malc: TEETH
Darth_Wooper: TEETH
Ravynn: TEETH
TiberiusEsuriens: TEETH TEETH TEETH
polaris415: TEETH
starlitdiscord: TEETH
CrazymattCaptain: TEETH
sorinplaneswalker: TEETH
Traion: TEETH
Arclight_Dynamo: TEETH
lifecharacter: T E E T H
PhoenixMelior: TEETH
Angnor33: TEETH
Taveena: TEETH
Znazl: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
HondoTrigger: TEETH
TheWarbo: TEETH
TemporallyAwry: The gold tooth really sells it.
Angnor33: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
offbeatwitch: TEETH
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AlliterativeAlternative: TEETH
Arclight_Dynamo: Serge had a creeper problem...
EfreetM: i want Serge to do Dice Friends DM
Animekitty93: I love it, obviously :D
TheWarbo: !quote 5260
LRRbot: Quote #5260: "God they're chanting "TEETH" again." —James [2018-08-14]
TXC2: each one more important then the last
robinbolas: Lets see the murder mountain
Darth_Wooper: @RoeDent89 they do if you put the torch down first, THEN the item frame. And Serge puts a stone slab in the frame as a bracket thing to "hold" the torch up.
TXC2: wow this a great temple
Darth_Wooper: @RoeDent89 so in order: torch, frame, slab.
EJGRgunner: Show them the modern house, Serge
RoeDent89: Hmm...I'll have to experiment
PhoenixMelior: hand made?@
noSmokeFire: if you don't have homemade jungle, storebought is fine
PhoenixMelior: That's a lot of work
RoeDent89: Flaming hoppers is also a very good idea
Monocerotis2010: this is the way to the Yoga classes right...
robinbolas: Ancient, aboy two weeks old
Animekitty93: lol
TXC2: Volcano yoga
Traion: Adam Lavadan!
RoeDent89: We need tribal drummers
PhoenixMelior: Adam Lavadan!
TheWriterAleph: in awe at the size etc etc
noSmokeFire: inside the volcano's kimono
Sharon_tatts: Mount Lavadan!
Ravynn: Adam Lavadan, who casts shade on James Burner.
Kerrisis: Adam lav... *facepalm*
Ravynn: That's Canon
Angnor33: Wow. I did not know it had a name. That's amazing.
CrazyZonie: Indiana Jokes Rail Ride
Monocerotis2010: super villian base!
Darth_Wooper: @PhoenixMelior everything is hand made here. He only goes out of survival to show things off, or occasionally search for wall-zombies. Every block was placed, and mob killed, in survival.
Animekitty93: Monocerotis2010 We keep that elsewhere
Arclight_Dynamo: You want to see that volcano from above.
Sharon_tatts: and his attention to detail is so amazing!
Monocerotis2010: yes volcano to obvious makes sense
PhoenixMelior: Darth_Wooper lrrWOW Good for Serge. I would not have had the patience lol
TXC2: patience and vision
noSmokeFire: this is just a trick to make james fly into lava
Animekitty93: Sitll needs more Lava for its purpose
Darth_Wooper: ^^^
EJGRgunner: He's using "caldera" properly! I'm so proud!
TheWriterAleph: server tours like this make me feel minecraft -impotent =(
RoeDent89: Living on the edge
robinbolas: James!! Dont die
Ravynn: First sacrifice!
Gypsy_Supreme: Very asthetically pleasing
CrazyZonie: #SacrificeJames?
wicker_knight: @EJGRgunner took long enough to get him to use the word right onstream :D
Nightvalien28: PhoenixMelior serge is the kindest most patient being ever, not sure he is human
B4rberblacksheep: Adam Lavadan hungers for flesh!!
Animekitty93: @SergeYager After seeing the caldera it definitely needs more lava for the end goal
TheWarbo: "Ow. Ow." ~James, while walking onto lava
offbeatwitch: it's kind of out of place
Darth_Wooper: @PhoenixMelior yeah, same here. I get distracted too easily in this game.
ContingentCat: TEETH
malc: TEETH
robinbolas: Im waling on lava!! Whoa! Im walking on lava! whoa, and dont it feel good hey!!
TXC2: Nightvalien28 it's possible that Serge is a dog that wished to be a man
TehAmelie: technology?
Abavus: This is the good bit
malc: tens of days
B4rberblacksheep: I love the lore story for this area
noSmokeFire: severals of days
Abavus: Wait
Abavus: not this
Darth_Wooper: @TehAmelie oh, just wait...
Nightvalien28: TXC2 you ever read a red tail's dream, I believe the dog to be serge
lifecharacter: Thousands, perhaps tens of years.
PhoenixMelior: Is James' avatar still wearing the yellow hoodie?
Abavus: the other bit >_>
TheWriterAleph: TEETH
HondoTrigger: TEETH
offbeatwitch: TEETH
Nightvalien28: PhoenixMelior yes
Animekitty93: TEETH
TiberiusEsuriens: TEETH
MrQBear: Teef?
Lyannen: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
incredulouspasserby: TEETH
starlitdiscord: TEETH
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
MehallD: TEETH
Monocerotis2010: hey mo!
thegreatwyrdling: DID SOMEONE SAY TEETH!+
TXC2: PhoenixMelior always
Damp_Rice: t...teeth?
wtrob: TEETH
robinbolas: I still want to see Freddy Purrrcury
BasilBrushOff: hello Oogway
PhoenixMelior: txc2 Nightvalien28 good
Animekitty93: Oh that's what happened to Oogway
ContingentCat: eccentric billionaire with with lots of cats katesLurk
Ravynn: @robinbolas I'm going to add that to our notepad for future possibilities
Sharon_tatts: @robinbolas, same here
Animekitty93: Yay
TXC2: yeah
Animekitty93: Hahahha
Darth_Wooper: Mod hallway! \o/
B4rberblacksheep: sergeHeart Mod Love
Serifina: O_O
TheWriterAleph: "have you heard the good news of Mods?"
ReydienOnline: Butterman
noSmokeFire: I owe you suno
ContingentCat: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
adi_pie: Let's be honest, no one would worship Uno. He's wrathful god.
Darth_Wooper: sergeHeart mods! sergeHeart
malc: !suno
Serifina: I do believe that's the first time I've ever heard my name pronounced that miserably
Animekitty93: sergeHeart
MehallD: What did you call her slytqFacepalm
Nightvalien28: SUFFIX
Serifina: Mods dissaprove.
malc: goodbyeeeee
Traion: I love the Dix+Ocean at the end of the hallway so much
B4rberblacksheep: HELLO SUFFIX
RebekahWSD: Good morning! Afternoon! Time!
Jelkimantis: I dunno, sounds kind of like an afterthought.
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
TXC2: hello RebekahWSD welcome
wicker_knight: of course, no ambiguity here Kappa
EJGRgunner: "Ambiguous"
Sharon_tatts: but it's not a cult!!!
Animekitty93: I loved suggesting the Dix+Ocean placement
TheWarbo: so Serge *does* like having mods in Minecraft
RebekahWSD: Hi hi TXC2!
sorinplaneswalker: "morally ambigious"....suuuure
HondoTrigger: YAGERDYNE!
B4rberblacksheep: You should be
wicker_knight: be scared James
purity___: <message deleted>BUD YOURE GAY
Abavus: Here we go
RoeDent89: *insert Checkpoint "Today" sound*
Animekitty93: lrrHEART Mods
starlitdiscord: frightening
purity___: <message deleted>BAN ME
offbeatwitch: 5 MONTHS TEETH
Anubis169: ok
adi_pie: Happily.
BasilBrushOff: we do what we must because we can
PhoenixMelior: Yagerdyne - the highest level Serge spell in the Shin Megami Tensei games
Abavus: There's signs in the box
Traion: There a signs in the wall shulker James
Darth_Wooper: @purity___ that stopped being an insult a while ago. Get with the times. :P
TiberiusEsuriens: the extra boards are hidden in the wall LUL
quietcat: lol
CrazymattCaptain: the signs are in the wal
ContingentCat: And this is why Serge needs so many sea lanterns
B4rberblacksheep: @adi_pie @Anubis169 sergeHeart lrrHEART
Ravynn: F Lambmower
CrazymattCaptain: who is Lambmower?
robinbolas: I was here, I saw this. I am part of this... I feel included
wicker_knight: @CrazymattCaptain a Desert Bus Mod
LambMower: Good question
TXC2: I am LOVING this colour coordination
wicker_knight: and friend of LRR
Suffix: w...w.. why were people saying hello to me?
LambMower: I'm still looking for an answer
CrazymattCaptain: ah fun
Animekitty93: HI SUFFIX
TXC2: Suffix we saw the room of Mod gods
PhoenixMelior: Hi Suffix!
Suffix: Ah
sir_jack_DB: HI SUFFIX
VoidByAnyOtherName: fill this james with kelp
Ravynn: Yoooooooooo SUFFIX
Darth_Wooper: @Suffix we just passed through the mod hallway.
BasilBrushOff: we visited the Modument
robinbolas: Lights
Sharon_tatts: hi Suffix!
Nightvalien28: hi Suffix
Suffix: I was so confused.
wicker_knight: @Suffix you were the only mod that they didn't attempt to 'comically' mispronounce the name of
Animekitty93: You must always greet the suffix with shouting :D
TheWarbo: I propose that we refer to that hallway as "The Modpack"
TXC2: agritech?
noSmokeFire: GNA
TemporallyAwry: Double-Helix
EJGRgunner: Double helix
ArcOfTheConclave: double helix
CrazyZonie: DNA Helix
Nightvalien28: wow I did not know ender portals could get that big
Lirelent: serge is good with the words
VoidByAnyOtherName: one of dem gene-a-majigs
ContingentCat: oh my is that a big portal?
TheWriterAleph: serge this is badass LUL
Animekitty93: LOL
TXC2: this looks like the institute from fallout 4 :P
RoeDent89: Tune in next week
RoeDent89: B I R B S
Nightvalien28: was that a mooshrom?
robinbolas: You would glow too if you had a... ouch
Comeback323: Serge is adorable
Suffix: It's so weird. Considering I had JUST sat down and looked at chat. I though my camera was on or something. Or, James was perched outside my window.
Animekitty93: Hi cheeseburger!
B4rberblacksheep: Cheeseburger also eats fish
robinbolas: he killed all the fires
EJGRgunner: Cheeseburger had friends... but may have eaten them
Comeback323: I love how Uno is trying so hard not to shit on Serge's dreams
TXC2: lrrWOW
Animekitty93: Suffix Both of those seem likely :D
TXC2: that giant portal is dope AF
Lyannen: Maybe it is both
ContingentCat: cheeseburger had friends but they drowned
thrymr_uwu: God i love the singular they for Cheeseburger
Znazl: lrrBEEJ
ikesolotl: that's such a good refrence
noSmokeFire: given slimes, it's both a singular and plural they
Darth_Wooper: You can't feed fish FISH, then they'll be CANNIBALS!
Animekitty93: LOL I forgot we named it that :D
B4rberblacksheep: Oh wow that's one hell of a name
Lyannen: James did not have this fish in his quickbar, right?
TXC2: the Cameron loader.. slowclap.wav
fiftymcnasty: Yeah James is stealing fish
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
Arclight_Dynamo: Human Resources
EJGRgunner: Human Resources
TemporallyAwry: Human Resources*
B4rberblacksheep: Now entering: Human Resources
offbeatwitch: uno threw that fish into the pond, james picked it up
robinbolas: Red district, I love those
Lirelent: i mean..... you aren't wrong
Animekitty93: Human Resources*
Darth_Wooper: Cameron Loader. The capital is important. And this is one of the few animal-friendly machines on the server.
TXC2: the black heart of yagerdyne
CrazyZonie: Starts? Pretty sure Serge been doing it already
malc: Inhumane Resources
Arclight_Dynamo: The Breeder Reactor
Znazl: OhGod
PhoenixMelior: AHHH
ContingentCat: uhhh
wicker_knight: it gets worse all
Lirelent: and read the names of the breading pair
Animekitty93: #NotACult
Darth_Wooper: #notacult
BasilBrushOff: #NotACult(tm)
TXC2: Infinite zoooooooooom!
B4rberblacksheep: PRAISE BE
Traion: #NotACult
BrightstormRising: #notacult
robinbolas: I would die for this... not a cult
Sharon_tatts: #notacult
JoeKim: notthatCult notthatCult notthatCult notthatCult
BleedingToast: hello katesWave
TXC2: Very resident evil
TXC2: hello BleedingToast welcome
Animekitty93: Look at the villager names
ContingentCat: this is what the volcano is for, the extras
TXC2: Like I could 100% imagine that shot being in the movies
noSmokeFire: now james is a part of the farm
Animekitty93: Lol
BasilBrushOff: LUL
malc: lrrFINE
wicker_knight: slowclap.wav
Darth_Wooper: katesOw
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B4rberblacksheep: Taste the sadness
EJGRgunner: I thought we agreed that it was going to be the "Graham Stark Exchange"
Animekitty93: oH I missed the stream Monday, this looks great!
wicker_knight: bug(s)
wicker_knight: #AlwaysTestInPROD
Animekitty93: I thought we fixed that!?
Ravynn: Literal bug in the system
ReydienOnline: yeah, water is super slow now
wicker_knight: No, we fixed a different bug
ContingentCat: pay no attention to the ethics behind the farm
wicker_knight: and created this one
Animekitty93: Ugh
Ravynn: #WorkInProgress
wicker_knight: Yay Engineering lrrBEEJ
robinbolas: Its not broken, its just differently functional
VoidByAnyOtherName: edge cases
Sharon_tatts: this build has . . . 'issues'!
Lirelent: serge "fence post error" yager
wicker_knight: @Sharon_tatts my manager informs me the correct word is "opportunities" :P
lt_leptien: wait, is everything serge build here possible in vanille minecraft?
wicker_knight: green is a nitwit
TXC2: sure is
wicker_knight: cannot trade
robinbolas: Nitwits dont trade
mahpete_: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (57m from now).
Ravynn: No witnesses!
wicker_knight: there is no police to arrest you
EJGRgunner: no. no. of course not. you'll just be charged as an accessory
ReydienOnline: here the Murder Happens
CataclysmicReverb: They're getting wonka'd
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I mean do you define murder as a crime?
TheWriterAleph: wow that was an accusatory stare
Znazl: roo7 roo7
Lirelent: not connected to volcanoe sacrifice yet
B4rberblacksheep: And then we bottle them up ready for feeding to Adam Lavadan
malc: lol
Animekitty93: James no!!
robinbolas: To murder mountain
DevInsanity: Presumably, at some point death will be involved
Nightvalien28: prison break
Sharon_tatts: he's going to visit Mount Lavadan!! Paid vacation!!
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] That depends on your definition of crime.
LRRbot: New quote #5695: "That depends on your definition of crime." —Serge [2019-01-08]
VoidByAnyOtherName: now serge will have to shoot them
ContingentCat: he's going to a volcano upstate
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
wicker_knight: James is unionizing the Villagers
NovaTiempo: !frames
BasilBrushOff: Free the hostages!
noSmokeFire: james, hero to nitwits
Abavus: Now the need to be... removed by hand
Arclight_Dynamo: Now walk to the end of the tunnel where the rail goes. To see where they'll end up.
robinbolas: Just drop lava on em
Joda011980: you are suppose to recycle James
Justin_Bailey: do we need an Adam fence now?
Angnor33: Just put a bucket of lava on them.
CrazyZonie: Spawn a Zombie. They'll take care of te villagers.
TemporallyAwry: No that was the detector Serge.
TXC2: James "hero of the small folk" Turner
wicker_knight: that happened when the minecart rolled over it Serge
TheWarbo: James "Free the Nitwits" Turner
Arclight_Dynamo: Serge: That rail changed when the nitwit rolled over it.
ContingentCat: and the plan of killing them in the volcano won't effect the villiager score?
Animekitty93: LOL
Abavus: ContingentCat, lrrFINE
EJGRgunner: @ContingentCat not if the volcano is far enough away
malc: welp
TiberiusEsuriens: #BLAMEJAMES
robinbolas: #blamejames
Darth_Wooper: #blamejames
Animekitty93: #BlameJames
noSmokeFire: james, stop kissing the villager
robinbolas: This is why we cant take you anywhere
Abavus: coxPLEAS
DentedPockets: James, you have the solution to this problem in your hands. Handle it.
MehallD: sergeKOBE
malc: this is why you don't let James into your intricate construction
Angnor33: #BlameJames
wicker_knight: Serge, I would feel sorry for you, but this is horrible
CrazyZonie: @ContingentCat Depends on how far the volcano is from the town.
offbeatwitch: push 'im up I dare you
CrazymattCaptain: gum up the system
BasilBrushOff: this is why this area is usually employees only
wicker_knight: you deserve it
RavingPenguin: Fishing rod him out o:
Darth_Wooper: Block the elevator?
RealWormbo: @SergeYager it's okay to kill them, reputation is irrelevant for trading, and you don't have iron golems here
ContingentCat: @EJGRgunner ahh the ol' out of sight out of mind trick
TemporallyAwry: You "could" cap the water elevator and send them off that way?
vainsalmon: just place an empty minecart
B4rberblacksheep: Is James gonna make us spend the first few hours of the next stream cleaning up after James?
BleedingToast: poor serge
l0gin4me: put him back in the safety cart?
BrindleBoar: yeah just imbed a man in slime, what could go wrong
Ravynn: We all knew this was going to happen when Serge started his base tour.
Znazl: he gets to watch rooDevil
Cmdrlyneye: serge's base is very "Murder Willie Wonka"
MungoDude: lol
TXC2: Row row row
EJGRgunner: sergeIntoTheSea
Animekitty93: sergeIntoTheSea
robinbolas: sergeIntoTheSea
BasilBrushOff: nobody puts baby in the corner Uni
Cmdrlyneye: "OH NO that pipe goes to the fudge room!"
wicker_knight: @Cmdrlyneye so, Willy Wonka :P
Ravynn: sergeIntoTheSea
kainboa: well, uno is in a boat, throwing him in the sea won't do anything
Traion: On tonight's stream: Watch Serge fix all the things that James broke
offbeatwitch: is it going into the volcano
robinbolas: To Adam Lavadan
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: It ends in the volcano?
offbeatwitch: it's going into the volcano isn't it
Animekitty93: Traion FACT
Animekitty93: :D
B4rberblacksheep: ADAM LAVADAN HUNGERS
Abavus: LUL
Animekitty93: ^^
Darth_Wooper: Sacrificing them to Adam Lavadan!
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Perfect Serge! Just perfect
EJGRgunner: offer. he's going to OFFER them into the volcano
Suffix: Lol Serge
TiberiusEsuriens: It's not murder it's SCIENCE
Abavus: Maybe they are going to the beach..?
wicker_knight: It would be even MORE interesting if it werent EXACTLY TRUE SERGE
TheWarbo: putting them into Adam Lavadan is the biggest brain play
TXC2: Great plug Serge
Gypsy_Supreme: Wait wait, into the volcano? This isn't Scientology, is it?
BasilBrushOff: On tonight's stream: Watch Serge decide that playing on the LRR server is more trouble than it's worth, then decide to start fresh somewhere else
robinbolas: If we don't feed the volcano god, we will destroy us all. Gosh James duh
noSmokeFire: adam is a hungy boi
fiftymcnasty: Serge is a literal monster!
wicker_knight: @Gypsy_Supreme #NotACult
Traion: Adam is a big boi he needs his food
offbeatwitch: this is absolutely scientology
Gypsy_Supreme: xD
EfreetM: it's not a sacrifice, it's a roller coaster ride
BrindleBoar: this is Sergetology
Ravynn: Adam, our big burny boi.
Animekitty93: Needs more Lava in the volcano top
AlliterativeAlternative: it was like that when I got here
offbeatwitch: oh hey it's the world ship
B4rberblacksheep: Wow it crosses bimoes
Suffix: Nice Max
malc: a tree farm _in_ a tree would be neat
robinbolas: Cookie making elves live here
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
Animekitty93: Kitty!
Angreed66: They are nitwits so its fine. Servers don't like having too many villagers anyway.
ContingentCat: katesLurk !
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RebekahWSD: Kitties!
robinbolas: There are a lot of cats
Suffix: That's so many leaves.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Angreed66 That's why Serge made the volcano. He was lagging out the server with his first breeder... and had to, uh, thin the herd...
Traion: Tbf we only have to send the villagers on vacations because James is too cheap to pay for a server that can run their lives Kappa
Abavus: I figured we'd take a peek at the db logo
Animekitty93: @Arclight_Dynamo !sadness
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Then walk into James Burner, while Serge turns it on
TiberiusEsuriens: TEETH '
Suffix: TEETH
Lirelent: TEETH
Animekitty93: TEETH
DevInsanity: TEETH
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 :D
ContingentCat: TEETH
CodeGorilla: TEETH
Angreed66: @Arclight_Dynamo The same logic in real life sadly.
Admiralmatt: TEETH!!
ThePov42: TEETH
offbeatwitch: ooh are we going to see the Sheeperones?
samuel543610: MrDestructoid
Animekitty93: Yay
B4rberblacksheep: Time for some joy
robinbolas: The murder pit, hapiest place
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Sheep Island?
MAPBoardgames: Is it the part where villagers are tossed into a volcano?
B4rberblacksheep: No no this is happy
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: The Sheep Shearing Misery Pit?
Animekitty93: sergeSheep
TXC2: love underwater tunnels
KirbySliver: sergeSheep sergeSheep
TXC2: I love Serge's names for everything :P
Nightvalien28: weird, these sheep aren't being tortured, this is unlike serge
Animekitty93: sergeSheep
Darth_Wooper: And we still haven't gotten Serge to Dinnerbone anything. slytqGlare
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Okay, this is not the Sheep Shearing Misery Pit. Does that still exist?
robinbolas: Segregation
MinniChii: each one is different
ReydienOnline: One of a Kind Aquarium pair
mrsarkhan: Does anyone have the Serge reduces server lag clip?
Sharon_tatts: Serge isn't sure what one of a kind means!!
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] Look at this art. | on sheep
LRRbot: New quote #5696: "Look at this art." —Serge, on sheep [2019-01-08]
thirsty_kitteh: @TheSoundOfWhiteNoise different server
RealWormbo: One. Of. A. Kind. James.
Traion: TheSoundOfWhiteNoise old server
Animekitty93: Look no further than our one-of-a-kind water features, of which we have two." - Serge, 2018-09-12
PhoenixMelior: disappointed chat did not chant SHEEP
TheWarbo: !findquote sheep
LRRbot: Quote #2044: "Holy sheep shit!" —Cameron [2016-03-04]
Animekitty93: mrsarkhan It's a command it serge's chat :)
BasilBrushOff: sergeSheep
Darth_Wooper: sergeSheep
robinbolas: Its decorative
Traion: To upset you James
mrsarkhan: @Animekitty93 thank you
robinbolas: Just not andersite
Animekitty93: "We always make it pretty." -Serge, 2018/25/09
PhoenixMelior: thanks malc
MehallD: TEETH
Suffix: TEETH
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Darth_Wooper: This is why we need a volcano.
JoeKim: SO
JoeKim: difficult
JoeKim: unbelievably annoyingly hard
robinbolas: Would I be a terrible person if I used a spawn egg to make my iron farm?
Traion: It was easier when we still had that rail line for specimens
JoeKim: robinbolas enjoy minecraft any way you'd like
Arclight_Dynamo: See if you can find the remains of the failed creeper farm.
RealWormbo: it's a Jo-operated tree farm
Animekitty93: Arclight_Dynamo What creeper farm?
Justin_Bailey: Did Serge show a smash session?
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 I mean, yeah, hard to call it a creeper farm if it never farmed a creeper...
ryanthebandman: What time is serve streaming tonight?
DentedPockets: Next week, back to modded.
CrazymattCaptain: just let Jo have the island with the trees and animals
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 Or are you for-real asking?
robinbolas: Where are you going to set up camp?
Animekitty93: ryanthebandman 5:30pm
Animekitty93: Arclight_Dynamo Kappa
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 A-ha. :D
Papperslappen: Build a serge trap
Ravynn: @Papperslappen Easy, build something out of entirely diorite.
Darth_Wooper: Yeah, the nether is a tangled confusing mess.
thirsty_kitteh snuggs @Animekitty93
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Even more of a mess after today
Kykiwi: james should have base in the nether
JoeKim: the nether is a rats warren
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: With that portal breaking and all
JoeKim: blame the ghasts
TXC2: style = lewd? Kappa
Animekitty93 scritches @thirsty_kitteh
VoidByAnyOtherName: make it all gold Kappa
l0gin4me: So build a proper nether hub over the next few months, then blow it up?
robinbolas: @TXC2 I'm listening
DentedPockets: I vote for assisting in expanding Uno's base.
Arclight_Dynamo: Iron Phoenix, too, maybe?
Animekitty93: DentedPockets I'd say it's more of a hovel :D
JoeKim: i have all the mats for iron phoenix
Animekitty93: Iron Phoenix?
JoeKim: just need a location and then a few hours
DarkAbyssKeeper: How much can the nether and end be terraformed?
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 Super iron farm.
DentedPockets: @Animekitty93 Better hovels for all!
robinbolas: Can we update this next year for DB?
Animekitty93: Arclight_Dynamo Ah yes. Definitely needed
TheWarbo: can we add Sanic to this sign?
Animekitty93: NO! :D
Darth_Wooper: That sounds like a troll build...
thekeytoviktory: Hi James and chat
Darth_Wooper: Not that I'm objecting.
Animekitty93: sergeHi
TXC2: hello thekeytoviktory welcome
thekeytoviktory: it looks nice
Animekitty93: Oh you you should see some of the builds avi_miller has done O.o
robinbolas: Oh I wanna see the time lapse
thekeytoviktory: @txc2 hello friend
Bobtheninjagoldfish: worth mentoining that all of the materials for that pixel art were farmed, nto done in cretive.
Animekitty93: ^
TXC2: swim fly
Animekitty93: Aww
JoeKim: did you go through TQ's base of Miyazaki?
robinbolas: Oh man its the real adam lavadan
Sharon_tatts: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
TXC2: JoeKim I think we started there
JoeKim: ahh nice
Sharon_tatts: The OG Adam Lavadan!
incredulouspasserby: Every time Adam does that I think of Judas' kiss
PhoenixMelior: Adam's in the moonbase! Congrats on beating DD!
RagnorakTres: cheer1000 It's Mine O'Clock on a Wednesday/Regular crowd shuffles in cheer1000
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
PerpetualDM: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
malc: !shh
Suffix: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
SAJewers: who are we congratulating?
TXC2: Adam's beating of DD was incredible
noSmokeFire: the resemblance is uncanning
m0nkeyrama: ^
Animekitty93: You can beat DD??
Darth_Wooper: @robinbolas here's the DB clip where they showed it off katesThank VST slytqHeart
Sharon_tatts: @RagnorakTres, Now that will be stuck in my head!
PerpetualDM: So smart. Very smart. seabatBRAIN
Mewdog: why is there two jameses
Ravynn: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
wicker_knight: @Animekitty93 apparently you can beat it Torchless, on Bloodoom difficulty
Animekitty93: TALKING
robinbolas: @Darth_Wooper Thanks soooo much, I have to see this
malc: Wednesday?
malc: don't tease me so
SAJewers: quick, encase serge in obsidian while he's away Kappa
thekeytoviktory: oh god James has gone full Haywood
robinbolas: You are leaving your new base?
Darth_Wooper: Wednesday for certain far, far east countries...
Abavus: Out of here aka further into nothing
robinbolas: Oh you can find a mushroom island
thekeytoviktory: name the pig Edgar he's the one in the hole
robinbolas: Usea mushroom island
JoeKim: we have two mushroom islands
JoeKim: nearby-ish
Mewdog: hole pigs are the best kind
SkylerRingtail: Are there any old videos of the crew starting fresh on a brand new server, with no existing gear? I can't imagine getting from a naked start to all of this
Sharon_tatts: I have to go to work now, see y'all at Serge's stream tonight!! lrrHEART lrrHEART
TXC2: to be fair it's Wednesday in like half of Asia now
JoeKim: mmmm i dont think so
JoeKim: the first month or so were off stream for most of us
JoeKim: except serge
robinbolas: @JoeKim James should set up on one, I've never seen a streamer use one but they are the coolest
Animekitty93: Later Sharon_tatts
TXC2: SkylerRingtail should be on the youtube vods
RealWormbo: Serge is gone and the streams descend into madness
Doc_Rider: At least it's not a cow in a hole named Edgar.
CrazymattCaptain: north
malc: !advice
LRRbot: Do not look directly at Mom.
Mewdog: break things!
TheWarbo: "Where is 'not here'?" Literally anywhere but here?
thekeytoviktory: @doc_rider could be Edgar the 3rd there were many edgars and Prince Oinkins
robinbolas: But if you break things, Serge won't be angry, but he will be sad
Lirelent: aaaaaadddam friend!!!!
Animekitty93: sergeHi Adam!
sorinplaneswalker: Hi Adam!
shadowdblaze13: What'd you guys get at tims?
m0nkeyrama: Hey Adam! seabatBRAIN seabatHITBOX
Justin_Bailey: He's HERE!
TXC2: Hello Adam
l0gin4me: Hi Adam!
Ravynn: Yoooooo Adam
Nightvalien28: scrubidan
Doc_Rider: Wait, they know of Edgar?
robinbolas: OG lavadan
Suffix: A D A M
TheAinMAP: seabatBRAIN
mrsarkhan: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
thekeytoviktory: Adam!
TXC2: Congrats on beating Darkest Dungeon
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Oh damn Adam
TheWarbo: !quote 4860
LRRbot: Quote #4860: "Minecraft: God's perfect game." —Adam [2018-03-27]
Suffix: Look ath that Torchless Bloodmoon Champion
Ravynn: Adam LAVADAN
robinbolas: Adam Lavadan
Animekitty93: Adam LAVADAN
thekeytoviktory: @doc_rider I'm a AH OG
Darth_Wooper: A few times, when I've gotten REALLY lost exploring, I've stuck all my gear in an ender chest and died. That way I'm back home with everything except that one chest and my levels.
RagnorakTres: Aw dammit, I forgot that it's Tuesday. I just really wanted it to be Wednesday. (also Wednesday scans better in the song)
ReydienOnline: It was during a Horizon: Zero Dawn stream if I remember
Abavus: Follow the path to the nether
JoeKim: hi adam
TXC2: Horizon zero dob
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (34m from now).
rf232: Alt+F4 is the way to get out of here?
JoeKim: did you just run out of rockets
JoeKim: nice job
TheWarbo: So we have James Burner, Adam Lavadan, and Cameron Loader...are there any others?
Justin_Bailey: The Stark Exchange
Ravynn: @thewarbo We've been talking about the Graham Stark Exchange.
JoeKim: by the way
Traion: Serge has loads in storage too
JoeKim: serge 100% blamed me for the lilypads
Arclight_Dynamo: @TheWarbo The villager trading hall is maybe the Graham Stark Exchange, but Serge hasn't officilized that one.
Arclight_Dynamo: *officialized
TheWarbo: Ahh right the Stark Exchange but that seemed like not a done deal from the way people were talking
TheWarbo: yeah
robinbolas: Hi Adam
Justin_Bailey: true
Abavus: First he's short, then ignores Adam completely BibleThump
Animekitty93: Arclight_Dynamo I love that name personally
sivakrytos: nether portals are among the laggiest things in the game
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Adam, we all know that James is a Heel.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 Oh, me too. I love a good pun. :P
sivakrytos: their search algorithm is horrifically bad
Animekitty93: Of course you do :D
JoeKim: they're different in the regular texture pack
mtvcdm: It's a statement.
TXC2: !findquote art
LRRbot: Quote #3395: "I don't think there's any more Art Dink can tell you." —Ian [2016-09-12]
Abavus: Read a book!
mtvcdm: It's a statement about mass production.
MungoDude: what up seabats
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Adam, we all know that James is a Heel.
KerbalDyne: I'd love to see some redstone contraption to make the never ending hallway for mario64
ReydienOnline: The Video Evidence:
robinbolas: Serrrrrrrrge, they are planning on reaking your stuff and scattering your cats and renaming your moduments
PixelArtDragon: All your base are belong to us
stevestein: His proper name is seabadam
TXC2: you stole that fish from Serge's pond
Darth_Wooper: sergeThankJo , maybe...
PhoenixMelior: Butter Road!
Suffix: You adress that man as SIR Seabats. Torchless Bloodmoon Champion
JoeKim: you need more space
SAJewers: tour the fan server?
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Animekitty93: Uno threw the fish into serge's farm and you picked it up. That's where the fish came from
Arclight_Dynamo: 23 furnace modules, isn't it?
Suffix: sergeSqueak
Animekitty93: *Pond not farm
EJGRgunner: oh hey! Adam's here. Has he seen Adam Lavadan?
Animekitty93: sergeSqueak
Animekitty93: EJGRgunner Yes
Suffix: I wasn't going to say it Adam.
m0nkeyrama: Impressive nonetheless, Adam
EJGRgunner: @Animekitty93 is there a clip?
Suffix: Also, I suppose it's Sir Seabats, Torchless* Bloodmoon Champion
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh, James wants a sub-super smelter.
Animekitty93: EJGRgunner No? It wasn't eventful
robinbolas: Like the wall texture Ja,es, Im stealing it
Darth_Wooper: sergeCounting
Abavus: Counting with James
mistborn83: No apprentice this year
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeCounting
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Physically impossible
Animekitty93: sergeCounting
DentedPockets: Savidan's can't look up.
Arclight_Dynamo: Little known fact: Adam can go up a flight of stairs, but is incapable of going down.
Darth_Wooper: Or you could do that rail-topped one like someone else had? That seems like it could be pretty much whatever length.
TXC2: his name is Sir Adam Seabats Torchless Bloodmoon S-rank Cuphead 365 challenge Savidan
Silvertunga: Hello minecrafters!
RealWormbo: that thing totally still works, I built it in my 1.13 world
TXC2: simple is relative Adam
Abavus: Simple is relative in this game...
TXC2: hello Silvertunga welcome
EJGRgunner: Did you know? The widely held belief that Savidans will follow each other over a cliff is myth perpetuated by a documentary that staged the stampede in the 1930s.
notjones: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
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Doc_Rider: Adam is so confused.
Traion: Does this count as you streaming Minecraft Adam? Has the End of Days arrived? Kappa
TheWarbo: !quote 16
LRRbot: Quote #16: "*James* plays Minecraft. How hard can it be?" —Adam [2015-02-17]
polaris415: sergeCounting
EJGRgunner: !quote planning
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Traion: sergeCounting sergeFall
EJGRgunner: !quote plan
Darth_Wooper: That glowstone is off-center... there's four blocks to the edge on the right side, and three on the left.
PhoenixMelior: !findquote plan
LRRbot: Quote #5072: "I just want to make sure I understand the plan. Because I'm enjoying this, but I'm not following it." —Dale, as DM [2018-06-18]
Darth_Wooper: Dunno if James cares though.
Traion: Darth_Wooper that shit wouldn't fly with Serge in charge :P
RealWormbo: James making asymmetric designs? NAH!
mistborn83: seabats wasnt it that painting on lets nope with the babies in the cave with guy creepily looking in?>
PhoenixMelior: EJGRgunner "!quote" quotes a specific person, there are no persons in LRR named Plan
SergeYager: minecraft furnace array 1.13
EJGRgunner: gotcha
TXC2: PhoenixMelior not yet at least :P
Darth_Wooper: @Traion totally. And an easy fix, just have a two by two square of glowstone in the middle.
HondoTrigger: does Adam know about Adam Lavadan?
RagnorakTres: Here's some heresy for you: targeted asymmetry is more pleasing that perfect symmetry
EJGRgunner: I'm trying to find the quote where Adam destroyed Serge by describing why his build was off by one
Animekitty93: !findquote plan
LRRbot: Quote #1256: "Dying wasn't totally part of my plan." —Paul [2015-12-14]
PhoenixMelior: txc2 perhaps someone named Keikaku :P
TheWarbo: Or !quote is if you know the number, like I know quotes 2 and 16 as Adam quotes about minecraft
Lirelent: !sassplan
Animekitty93: Lirelent Wrong channel :D
Ravynn: Sadly LRR doesn't have a sassplan.
TXC2: !qdb
LRRbot: Quote database:
JoeKim: i mean
polaris415: just go bigger
JoeKim: we have the blocks for it
Lirelent: i want a sassplan in every channel now, haha
Lirelent: because <3 mods
Darth_Wooper: Serge DOES have a metric crapton of smooth stone.
RealWormbo: a Hermitcraft-style nether digging project?
Darth_Wooper: And I'm sure the others all have lots too.
Animekitty93: TXC2 I did not know that existed and thank you very much :)
JoeKim: it's not my fault your portal was over a lava lake
JoeKim: and we had to scrounge to connect
RealWormbo: but where's the center? spawn?
Doc_Rider: Like the fan server.
Darth_Wooper: I think that's how most big servers do the nether network.
Serifina: One day, Serge, you'll actually try my modpack for you.
Doc_Rider: Serge, it's a offline map.
Lirelent: there are command line utils that just read the map files
Serifina: ONE DAY
Dusk_Shine: TEETH
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MehallD: He was discussing trying to work out which day to do it last night, Serifina
SAJewers: why not just install journeymap on your client james? Kappa
Serifina: @MehallD Oh, was he? :D
MehallD: We didnt come to a conclusion
TXC2: Serifina one day = when it's finished in like July?
Serifina: @TXC2 SergeCraft is ready.
Darth_Wooper: Maybe in the middle of wherever the most frequent players live? Presumably those would be the people using the paths the most.
TXC2: Serifina Oh OK good
CrazymattCaptain: north of TEETH on the map
thegreatwyrdling: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (20m from now).
TheWarbo: as a non-MC-player, what is it that makes modpacks not just "select a list of mods"?
TXC2: I thought there was still some finishing touches to be done to it
MehallD: @TheWarbo most modpacks are exactly that, however some include customisations to the mods
MehallD: such as differing recipes or power requirements
MehallD: or questing modes
robinbolas: Shouldent the hub be at spawn?
Serifina: @TXC2 It's been ready for a while. I had an update to it a couple weeks back but I got that taken care of. :D
TXC2: and ones Weastern Kappa
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l0gin4me: With a wide flyable tunnel between the hubs that sounds like a solid idea
TXC2: Serifina ah I see
CodeGorilla: !mobsounds
RealWormbo: Ctrl doesn't change the speed in a boat, only the FOV changes
polaris415: !squeak
Animekitty93: sergeSqueak
MehallD: sergeSqueak
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Darth_Wooper: @CodeGorilla doesn't do anything on this channel, unfortunately. That's a Serge channel command. :9
Darth_Wooper: *:(
CodeGorilla: sergeSqueak
Darth_Wooper: :(
Foxmar320: Hello James hows it going
TXC2: welcome back Foxmar320
Animekitty93: Heeey Foxmar320
CodeGorilla: @Darth_Wooper I know, it was a joke. =P
Foxmar320: Just got back how did the tour go?
Darth_Wooper: @CodeGorilla ah, gotcha! slytqLOL
Animekitty93: Foxmar320 Good! James caused a jail break
TheWarbo: james broke things
TXC2: went well, got a good look of your great base Foxmar320
Foxmar320: Ty
Soulwatcher: how long did it take to build this server?
TXC2: many many man-hours
CodeGorilla: In a multiplayer situation like this, if one player aggros the pigmen, do they aggro just that player, or all players nearby?
Darth_Wooper: Months of work from a bunch of people, @Soulwatcher .
SAJewers: it *could* be made useful
r_craddz: 1 year so far
Soulwatcher: ok ty
beregolas: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (14m from now).
CrazymattCaptain: just that player CodeGorilla
robinbolas: But then you can have 4 roads heading off of it, a -x, +x, -z, and +z roads
Darth_Wooper: 9ish months, I think? The server was started last July.
Milambus: yea, I thought the reset was in the summer
Arclight_Dynamo: Nether brick in the overworld.
Darth_Wooper: Wow, more like 6 or 7 months. o_O It feels like longer.
TheMerricat: With iceroads, do you really need a 'hub'? just build a lobby in the nether for each 'base' and route roads to them.
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TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Diorite. A complete no-brainer.
2rrr_mirror_breaker: BUTTER ROAD
Animekitty93: New crapshot is sergeJustRight
robinbolas: Gold and purr purr
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Make the entire thing out of Diorite
Abavus: Butter roads everywher
1losttheGame: butter road for the center hub
starlitdiscord: just gold
Asimech: Raw diorite and Nether Quartz blocks.
PixelArtDragon: Add that as a quote?
Asimech: Next update should include raw diorite walls too, so. Kappa
robinbolas: purpur , dold and diamond. The Prince road
RagnorakTres: Becaons 4 daze
Foxmar320: Wither skele farm is DEADLY
Foxmar320: Ive died in it so many times
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: We all know that, to please Serge, the entire hub needs to be made out of Diorite
Foxmar320: And I continued that theme into my area.
robinbolas: @TheSoundOfWhiteNoise and purpur
TheMerricat: James is the anti-miner? instead of collecting resources he puts them back?
mrsarkhan: butter road the whole thing
Arclight_Dynamo: Solid. Emerald. Blocks.
PhoenixMelior: I went for a sammich, what's the plan for the server?
TheWarbo: maximum flashiness
1losttheGame: beacons on every edge
JoeKim: emeralds are so hard to get
TheMerricat: Is there any way yet to farm emerald?
DentedPockets: Cactus walls
Darth_Wooper: There's a difference between flashy and ostentatious.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: diorite and Andesite EVERYWHERE
PhoenixMelior: second Butter Road
Asimech: @Darth_Wooper Only if you're doing it wrong.
LordZarano: Butter road is too dangerous, prone to exploding at any moment
PhoenixMelior: yeah, Serge could stream it Kappa
robinbolas: purpur and diamond?
farseasgamer: holy heckity
Animekitty93: Granted Serge has his volcano to finish so idk how much he'll be working on other things
noSmokeFire: purpur and gold or diamond as highlights, something deep gray or black as the main material?
farseasgamer: its Lucian from temple of the lava bears
TXC2: someone = james
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: So yes, traps
TheWarbo: james wuz here
Animekitty93: Jamez wuz here
CrazymattCaptain: the only thing forgotten is the signs that say "James was here"
JoeKim: what did i do this time?
Animekitty93: #BlameJoeKim
JoeKim: i mean. sounds like me
TXC2: JoeKim uneven ice hallway
Darth_Wooper: @Animekitty93 and sometime soon after he'll be shifting one of his streams over to modded. Presumably one of the Minecraft slots? So that'd drop it down to just two vanilla streams a week.
JoeKim: oh yeah
Arclight_Dynamo: Gotta blue ice those tubes. Kappa
VoidByAnyOtherName: "Look on my works, ye mighty, and go wat?" -Famous Youtuber James Burner
Animekitty93: Darth_Wooper Probably. He hasn't said anything to us yet
Darth_Wooper: Sandstone is sweet. And in 1.14 they'll FINALLY be adding smooth sandstone stairs! \o/
RealWormbo: sandstone can be destroyed by ghasts
Darth_Wooper: Sandstone isn't ghast-proof though.
JoeKim: me probably
JoeKim: maybe i'll make a second one
TXC2: I mean you Joke James, but, I'd watch that
RagnorakTres: Serge has a unicorn?!
TheWarbo: elytra marathon course?
RagnorakTres: I want pictures!
TheMerricat: so as a noob to vanilla mob farms, why is jumping here so dangerous?
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JoeKim: there are fire mobs that shoot flames at you
JoeKim: they are very scary and painful
JoeKim: but htey can't see you unless you jump
JoeKim: and it frees up spawns
Arclight_Dynamo: lrrHAM
TheWarbo: wii?
sivakrytos: it's 5.5% WITH looting 3
myytgryndyr: wee
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (4m from now).
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (4m from now).
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2321 patrons for a total of $14,090.54 per month.
sivakrytos: uh. 4.5% with looting 2
myytgryndyr: wee as in small
ReydienOnline: @LoadingReadyrun Idea: a new tradition for Mine O'Clock in 2019, The traditional watching of Adam call Minecraft "God's perfect game" to end the stream.
mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
ThePerrBearr: he's got an enchanted sword, take it!
EJGRgunner: if 1.14 drops during that time, what are you going to do
polaris415: SergeCraft?
Serifina: I'm here! The pack is still ready!
Darth_Wooper: Sergecraft, or something else?
EJGRgunner: I have downloaded it. THe loading screen is great
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun Paths of MAgic is available and being kept reasonably up to date.
Hingadora: Aw, dang. As neat as that is, I'm still holding out hope for an eventual CTM map.
Serifina: Paths of MAgic 3.
noSmokeFire: serge for the sergecraft, skulls for the skull throne
Serifina: Almost like I love making magic packs and this is not even the first! :D
wench_tacular: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (2m from now).
Milambus: they also play on the server
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
TheWarbo: james is ready for *another* long meeting huh?
TheAinMAP: katesSir
RealWormbo: hey, automated coal farm
EJGRgunner: OTOH it does mean you can farm coal
Serifina: You've angered the borg!
BloodnBullets: james gets coal in his stocking
TheWarbo: like i said: james broke stuff
Darth_Wooper: Hey, you put switches in plain sight, someone's going to flip them.
TXC2: thanks for streaming James and uno and Serge
LordZarano: Santa is actualy a wither
devil_dan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (1m from now).
Animekitty93: Thanks for the stream Peeps :)
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
robinbolas: Nude day?
TXC2: New enough Tuesday
Animekitty93: Oooh that's supposed to be very good!
TXC2: robinbolas no, never that, sadly
TheWarbo: NewDayTuesDay, NerDayThursDay
RagnorakTres: Bye James, you and all the LRRspeople enjoy the rest of your day. <3
robinbolas: @TXC2 Aww
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
Animekitty93: Must see that! Cultist simulator sounds dope!
Darth_Wooper: Ooh Cultist Simulator! I've only seen TQ play it, but it looks sweet!
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2321 patrons for a total of $14,090.54 per month.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the onlyt hing i've heard of the messenger is that it has disparaging dialogue about depression
Animekitty93: lrrAWESOME
mtvcdm: That Patreon hit 14K and then just kept going.
Gypsy_Supreme: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
PixelArtDragon: Ooh, I was following the development of Cultist Simulatior, looks amazing.
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ravnica Allegiance Pre-PreRelease will be Janurary 11th at 11AM Moonbase time. Guests and info:
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Animekitty93: Does Magic host the PPR?
Ravynn: Thanks for the stream!
TXC2: Animekitty93 I dont think so, no
TXC2: bye james
Animekitty93: Bye James
PhoenixMelior: blargh. My foot is so itchy.
TXC2: PhoenixMelior such is the Price of Tattoos
PhoenixMelior: indeed.
Animekitty93: What did you get done?
PhoenixMelior: Fortunately, I can take off the bandage tonight, and go fupping NUTS with the lotion
PhoenixMelior: Animekitty93 a raven
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
Animekitty93: Awesome!
PhoenixMelior: lemme see if I can link the picture without the instagram nonsense
frnknstn: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (2m ago).
malc: I read that as "my food is so itchy" and was concerned
malc: maybe I am hungry
PhoenixMelior: apparently not. Sorry chat, the only photos that exist right now have my real name on them so I don't wanna share em >.>
PhoenixMelior: after tonight though, I will put something up
Animekitty93: That's cool, google image will have to suffice :D
coolbond: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (It might not be NEW, but it's new to Adam... and it's January 8th. Pickings are slim. Game: The Messenger) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (4m ago).
sir_jack_DB: ooo title change
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
Animekitty93: I'm off! See y'all later for Cultist sim
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Ok so it came out last August but there isn't much for new releases.... | Adam is playing The Messenger on a New to ME Tuesday. | Time to get that bread. | ||
wildpeaks: I like that Newday is at the moment not restricted to just game that were released today, gives more option to pick good game and not merely stick to the most recent
m0nkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL seabatBRAIN lrrSIGNAL seabatBRAIN
mtvcdm: If you haven't played it, it's new to you.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
wildpeaks: Torchless Bloodmoon champion incoming lrrHORN
imwaaaaytoinvested: nerd
TXC2: so If I ever get to be on this show, we could play super mario bros...the first one...on the NES Kappa
Nightvalien28: here comes the biggest nerd
TehAmelie: in timeless physics, the concept of "new" is meaningless probably
m0nkeyrama: I've never played this game, but it looks super hype
TXC2: Nightvalien28 I read that to the tune of the men in black song :P
mtvcdm: In any case, The Messenger is one of the games the Steam storefront is shoving in front of me right now; let's see if it knows something.
TXC2: Here we GO!
Nightvalien28: TXC2 nice
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o0sk_ren0o: Messenger: Vaporwave Ninjas
TehAmelie: hai Adam
wildpeaks: 'sup
TXC2: Hello Adam
Suffix: hi
TheAinMAP: Hello.
Ravynn: Hai
l0gin4me: HI
Nightvalien28: look chat, a nerd
m0nkeyrama: Hi Adam!
thegreatwyrdling: It's an Adam!
Kerrisis: GAH! Window minimised, sound-induced heart failure!
Suffix: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
DrWreckage: hi
Nightvalien28: a pretty nerd
Ravynn: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
razorswift: Adam! <3
sir_jack_DB: hi
Suffix: it's Sir Seabats, Torchless* Bloodmoon Champion
myytgryndyr: hi adam seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
SAJewers: naeHI
Novus_Spes: I summon Adam in ATTACK MODE
LordZarano: seabatYIKES
2rrr_mirror_breaker: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
Nightvalien28: hot new release, from last year
TXC2: the hotest, Freshes Games
myytgryndyr: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
m0nkeyrama: The king of DD seabatSEAL
mtvcdm: The torch is lit, the path is clear. We require only the strength to follow it.
morgoth_bauglyr: yoooooo
coolbond: hot new release E.T for the atari
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't think I know this game yet
Thandres: hot off the presses!
wildpeaks: and it's a power of 2
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noSmokeFire: no, YOU'RE a power of 2
TXC2: Hello NES looking game
m0nkeyrama: Chiptune :o
noSmokeFire: who are they hiding their identities from??
mtvcdm: This sounds Konami-ish on the chiptune.
2rrr_mirror_breaker: LORE
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
mahpete_: (2^2)^3 and (2^3)^2. checks out
Novus_Spes: GAH, always a demon army. I just cleaned up a demon army last game!
Nigouki: is that hero Dave?
SAJewers: we sure this isn't ninja gaiden? Kappa
AGiantRoach: Adam didn't want to play any of the new stuff on steam? lots of wonderful gems like.... Gachi Finder 3000?
TXC2: Western Hero saves ninja?
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Zyme86: 6 sub babies is not enough time to spend wit such outstainding bois in chat and the best of bois Adam, Keep being so awesome
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m0nkeyrama: Actual new game selection was very slim
HondoTrigger: hell yeah brother brother seabatBRAIN
morgoth_bauglyr: not the hero, just the heroes messenger
AGiantRoach: yeah i was looking over the actual new releases and its pretty grim
m0nkeyrama: This is slick
thenb44: ready for some seabatBRAIN plays
coolbond: saying anything about the hero would be spoilers honestly
wildpeaks: Turnip
Novus_Spes: Don't kill the messenger. Wait...Oh. I get the game now.
noSmokeFire: "my dude"
Thandres: otaku jeff!
mtvcdm: LRRBot, what's our name?
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #1698: "Can I dig up? Somebody teach me how to dig up!" —Ashton [2016-01-30]
coolbond: its a shame he will never get to the best part in this stream
HondoTrigger: have you seen the 30 for 30 on Ric Flair?
Mangledpixel: Linkbl rides again!
m0nkeyrama: Linkbl
Zyme86: My name is: do do do haaa, you cant see him...
TXC2: mtvcdm digby it is Kappa
Thandres: no otaku jeff :(
HondoTrigger: oh man are we a henchman?
m0nkeyrama: RIP Otaku Jeff
Nightvalien28: you are a ninja, hiding is like 90% of your job
2rrr_mirror_breaker: this monologue is adam anytime a game gives you lore
coolbond: HondoTrigger no you are the messenger
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TXC2: Ninja gaiden was a NES game no?
coolbond: Dear DR Adam you NEED to master the cloud jump so stay a while and practice it
Nightvalien28: double jump with a gimmick, nice
m0nkeyrama: That's an interesting way to include an air jump
sir_jack_DB: ooo the footsies
m0nkeyrama: cool
HondoTrigger: dont doubt the Savidan
mtvcdm: The double? The triple? The quadruple?
TXC2: Adam, Needing to learn a move? Kappa
TehAmelie: it's almost like Mario bouncing on enemies , but with a sword
m0nkeyrama: Already a messenger master seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
coolbond: alright cause you need to be able to stay still in the air for a part
budbjinxed: The music in this game is awesome
Nightvalien28: right on cue
m0nkeyrama: !!!
Suffix: You couldn't have called that any better
wtrob: No apprentice this year... :(
TXC2: this...this is Adam Avaidan, this man S-ranked Cuphead!
Nightvalien28: see chat, skipping class is good
kevenwith2es: Is Matt Damon the Western Hero?
TXC2: *Savidan
wildpeaks: great training, they all died immediately x.x
m0nkeyrama: Are we the apprentice this year? :o
sir_jack_DB: oooh this is some good music
mtvcdm: We're gonna beat up Seth Rollins!
TXC2: I like how the Heads are it's eyes
m0nkeyrama: Western Hero OpieOP OpieOP
Robot_Bones: no don't help him, ninjas are most powerful alone
noSmokeFire: traffic was terrible
m0nkeyrama: Everything's on fire
m0nkeyrama: little late
morgoth_bauglyr: the only one around here
wildpeaks: also the only one alive, so technically, yes the most capable :D
Nightvalien28: most capable, read the only one
Robot_Bones: lrrFINE
TXC2: oh OK western Hero looks vaguely Mongolian
Angnor33: Wait, did you just get a Ninja Scroll?
Nightvalien28: if everyone else is dead you get to be the best
2rrr_mirror_breaker: man I sure wish we had listened to those prophecies now
HondoTrigger: the scroll!
Suffix: It's dangerous to go alone.