TheWarbo: Ahh right I should take that survey
amative1: Thanks Stellapacifica!
PhoenixMelior: txc2 depends on who you ask :P
control_rig: Hello all!
malc: welp
I_Am_Clockwork: Heyho friends! lrrAWESOME
PhoenixMelior: malc welp?
malc: definitely didn't just lrrEFF up my expensive network kit
malc: that would've been stupid
TXC2: hello control_rig and I_Am_Clockwork welcome
johothehobo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Ravnica Allegiance PPR (Join the crew of LoadingReadyRun and special guests from the MTG community for a special first look at Ravnica Allegiance. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (13m from now).
TheWarbo: glad to hear that you didn't, then
I_Am_Clockwork: I'm soooo excited. Good cast of guests, set looks great. Fun times
TheWarbo: probably should have given that a :-\
Loonatic93: What's up, ParLLRty people!
malc avoids touching any more infrastructure and goes home
Lyannen: I wonder what they will do for the intro..
TXC2: hello Loonatic93 welcome
xeqshun: Can't believe I'm having to decide between Gruul and Rakdos
simblue91: I wonder who is playing Simic
PhoenixMelior: malc oh boy
Loonatic93: Err... ParLRRty people.
Earthenone: a series of camera shots with one note gags, then cut to a happy marchal and graham at table, then cut away to a video package making marchall sad
Loonatic93: Loading Leading Run?
Loonatic93: Leady
The_cake_of_lies: !Next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Ravnica Allegiance PPR (Join the crew of LoadingReadyRun and special guests from the MTG community for a special first look at Ravnica Allegiance. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (11m from now).
TXC2: I think Shivam chose Simic, we want and she if that's what he's playing
TehAmelie: so close
Loonatic93: I'm gonna guess that Adam is gonna drive the Combine.
Chindragosa: Pre-Prerelease Pre Chat LETS GO
biggjudicem: im so tempted to rez my old maze's end modern deck
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Pre-PPR Hype!
MrBigBentz: So many new gates, do it
TehAmelie: so i have a can of something called "original". it's gin and cranberry juice. no idea what the name is about
TheWarbo: a very weak pun on oriGINal?
TehAmelie: ooh maybe
TXC2: if it was Orange and Gin sure
biggjudicem: battering ram may be a sweet alternate win con
Invitare: surely it would be orange and gun
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm so excited, like, i knew the guests were good people, but I didn't really "know" them, but after last nights bonus stream. this is going to be good
TehAmelie: the word is fat in the middle, as though seen through a fisheye lens
Xobulo: bonus stream was awesome! caught the vod today
johothehobo: so much of the art in this set is amazing
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm so mad i'm at my ad bit limit
TehAmelie: Wizards are employing so many of the best artists in the world
softlul: x
PhoenixMelior: yeah, Shivam is an infinite font of enthusiasm
TehAmelie: is like half MtG art, last i checked anyway
TXC2: johothehobo I feel like magic art in general has gotten REAL good in the last 2 years
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, I didn't realize for a long time how good the card art is. low settings on Arena do not do the cards justice
PhoenixMelior: like Adam
Ski_nnyman: Pizza and PrePre. What a day.
PhoenixMelior: i should go heat up my curry
mrboyd1999: I wonder how hard it is to be an mtg artist?
froshambo: i have a meeting starting 15 minutes after stream start :(
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, i have to cheer for Shivam, not just because he picked Kaladesh pack to open, he seems great
TimeToFry: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Ravnica Allegiance PPR (Join the crew of LoadingReadyRun and special guests from the MTG community for a special first look at Ravnica Allegiance. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (8m from now).
LRRMTG_Judge: @Ski_nnyman Pizza and PPR sounds like a great combo!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: they all do, but
TheWarbo: oh right I still need to frame the MtG art from DB. stupid holidays taking time. :-P
Xobulo: @froshambo time to call in sick?
NazakYuzak: Bedevil is my favorite card art from the set :) I'm a huge fan of Seb's stuff
RockPusher: guyjudgePoml guyjudgeWow guyjudgePomr
froshambo: @Xobulo don't really have that option haha
Ski_nnyman: @LRRMTG_Judge a winning one :D
Chindragosa: All of Seb's art is sooo sooo good
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froshambo: s'ok, i'll watch the vod :P
antonaqua: I love pronouncing bedevil as bed-evil
frankenstein3r: almost time
Enchubisco: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Ravnica Allegiance PPR (Join the crew of LoadingReadyRun and special guests from the MTG community for a special first look at Ravnica Allegiance. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (7m from now).
TehAmelie: mmm, pizza. i just have my oriGINal drink, a banana, a rind of brie, a chicken leg and a red bull
TXC2: bed-evil = waking up? Kappa
zak_shwap: Hi Chat! Let's have a great day. I am one of the Judges helping out with the LRRMTG_Judge account. Hope you are all well!
Theycallmejokke: Been wait for this all day
cheezweazl: Time to shirk my sysadmin responsibilities and watch a PPR!
Chindragosa: bed-evil = my ex wife FeelsBadMan
TXC2: hello zak_shwap welcome
mtgmuddstah: I'm pretty stoked for this!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Bed Devil 2BB search your library for a card named sleep
Xobulo: @froshambo Am in the UK so its a case of working out how long i can stay awake, then catching up on the VOD
TheWarbo: I love rebracketing way too much (rebracketing being things like be-devil -> bed-evil, hamburg-er -> ham-burger)
TehAmelie: hi judge zak
daclein: I’m so excited for PPR!
NovaTiempo: Evening all o7
LRRMTG_Judge: I'm running the PPR and Coffee combo today, it's less filling but lasts longer theman20Leek
CardKingdom: Alright, I'm technically calling watching this "work"
RockPusher: lrrHEART Mods lrrHEART
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrJUDGE lrrHEART
NovaTiempo: lrrHEART
Pharmacistjudge: sure Jordan, you call it that
adi_pie gifted a Tier 1 sub to LRRMTG_Judge!
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RebelliousUno: CardKingdom it's research
TXC2: RockPusher lrrHEART
TolarianCommunityCollege: Right now, this is the Pre-PrePreRelease chat!
NazakYuzak: Nils Hamm also has a few pieces in this set :) including the fun new crocodile
LRRMTG_Judge: @adi_pie lrrHEART lrrHEART
CardKingdom: TolarianCommunityCollege Hey prof!
Chindragosa: Is that @CardKingdom , the Kingdom of cards itself POGGERS
TheWarbo: And of course the MtG related rebracketing, ornithopter is ornitho+pter
TehAmelie: yeah, we're already grateful for the mods, seriously
MeLikeSmallMatters: Oof second time I've been to one of these Pre-prereleases, so excited!
TXC2: hello CardKingdom and TolarianCommunityCollege welcome
TolarianCommunityCollege: @CardKingdom Ahoy!
biggjudicem: i just made a box of KD. should last me a while
CardKingdom: Chindragosa We are the big pog, yes Kappa
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NovaTiempo: A kingdom of cards!
Earthenone: hey, you are intereacting with the comunity with the company account jeej, sounds like work to me
Mangledpixel: boop
Ski_nnyman: @TolarianCommunityCollege, Bom dia
aussie_rob_w: I'M SO EXCITED
CardKingdom: TolarianCommunityCollege Are you also ready to get NO work done because of this today?
TehAmelie: and to the mods
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Card Kingdom, from Seattle to the world?
aussie_rob_w: IT'S 6 AM
aussie_rob_w: i've been awake all night
CardKingdom: SydPreviouslyHeadache One package at a time
aussie_rob_w: WAITING
aussie_rob_w: wooooo
sidewalkchalk: hola
Zarco_19: A kingdom of cards*
SydPreviouslyHeadache: right, dang i was close
gaming_neko_ramona: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Ravnica Allegiance PPR (Join the crew of LoadingReadyRun and special guests from the MTG community for a special first look at Ravnica Allegiance. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (5m from now).
TehAmelie: Card Kingdom dot com, a domain of cards
TolarianCommunityCollege: @CardKingdom Jokes on you, I am simultaneously editing a video while I watch! Errors galore are in store!
RockPusher: A Kingdom of Cards you say unarmeHmm rayfkHeart rayfkHeart rayfkHeart
EJGRgunner: hype hype hype hype
EJGRgunner: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Ravnica Allegiance PPR (Join the crew of LoadingReadyRun and special guests from the MTG community for a special first look at Ravnica Allegiance. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (4m from now).
CardKingdom: TolarianCommunityCollege Perfection
Mangledpixel: Five of your Earth minutes remain
Xobulo: @tolariancommunitycollege My favourite Prof! If people havent seen your QnA vid they should go watch it!
jmilicic: Exciting times ahead
shadow1349: Hype
Purtle: :@ preeeeeee
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pterodactyl_noises: Praise be to my dark coin flipping lord Rakdos
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rocketjohn: HYYYYPE.
Earthenone: you seem to specilize in magic, maybe make it simplier and call yourselves "Magic Kingdom"
cattleprodlynn: I was just watching the Bonus Stream from yesterday and I am so PUMPED for this.
CardKingdom: Earthenone We aren't messing with the Mouse
Earthenone: lrrBEEJ
NazakYuzak: LUL
magicalhobo72: So excited! Can’t wait!
RebelliousUno: The Mouse is soon to be Public Domain
IR0NB0RN: We hype! ziggyDoge
RebelliousUno: so go nuts
biggjudicem: could you imagine if LRR auctioned off a seat at a PPR for DesertBus?
QuantumTwitch: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Ravnica Allegiance PPR (Join the crew of LoadingReadyRun and special guests from the MTG community for a special first look at Ravnica Allegiance. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (3m from now).
Mangledpixel: yes, never mess with the Mouse. Number one IP law rule.
TXC2: Right chat, couple of things about making clips, 1: NAME YOUR CLIPS!
Purtle: Mouse is dangerous
LRRMTG_Judge: Hi everyone! Let's have a great day! We are a team up Judges of varying levels. If there is something going on you have a question about. Please ask. We are happy to help. All, expect lots of puns, we tend to Adapt to these events really quickly.
Freshly_Toasted: preprepreprepre releaase
CardKingdom: LRRMTG_Judge BOO
Xafty: @RebelliousUno im sure disney will contiunue to make it so that never happens
Ski_nnyman: Eheh
Xobulo: @rebelliousuno we'll see! They have avoided it so far!
kojisss: @LRRMTG_Judge okay, thanks
TheWarbo: LRRMTG_Judge Don't let those puns turn into a Spectacle
adi_pie: Is that Jordan I spy?
Deltoran11: Yay Judge account!
MusicMagic: The best live stream of all the interwebs ... incoming! PPR HYPE
OldBenX: Does anyone know if the crew is making another spreadsheet for TTC nickname episode?
magicalhobo72: GayPride
kinamara: lrrHERE
TXC2: 2: make clips a bit longer either side of the thing you want to clip, makes editing easier
Malfegore_: Hype!!!
Mangledpixel: Thanks for all the work you do, LRRMTG_Judge lrrHEART
RockPusher: Title change hype!
greatwahooney: almost time! I am so hyped!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Did Someone say PUNS? I'min.
kvetchnik: You judges always do great work at the preprerelease. Greetings from the judges here in Malmö, Sweden ;-)
jmilicic: @LRRMTG_Judge Thank you for your service. <3
DeviantHS: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Ravnica Allegiance PPR (Join the crew of LoadingReadyRun and special guests from the MTG community for a special first look at Ravnica Allegiance. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (2m from now).
Ski_nnyman: Those puns are gonna haunt me to the afterlife.
Deltoran11: The judges and mods are the real MVPs for these events
RockPusher: rtuesHype rtuesHype rtuesHype
I_Am_Clockwork: big respect for @LRRMTG_Judge
RayFK: @adi_pie it sure is
Sampy104: lrrJUDGE cohhMVP
TXC2: Deltoran11 lrrHEART
daclein: If they keep making puns we are going to have to start a riot
LRRMTG_Judge: @I_Am_Clockwork Big respect for mods!
michito12344: did the stream started i can't see
LRRMTG_Judge: Big respect for chat!
OldBenX: scoopsHYPE
m0nkeyrama: This is going to be great!
kyler133: PPR Hype
dukebazaar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Ravnica Allegiance PPR (Join the crew of LoadingReadyRun and special guests from the MTG community for a special first look at Ravnica Allegiance. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 11:00 AM PST (2m from now).
biggjudicem: !advice
LRRbot: Remove human skin.
wingsfan240: Is there any chance adam picked anything but Gruul
Sampy104: cohhML
RockPusher: ohai Jeej, didn't see you there lrrBEEJ rayfkHeart
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah also lrrHEART the Mods
froshambo: @m0nkeyrama stop stalking me
adi_pie: @RayFK I just saw mention of The Mouse, and thought you couldn't be far.:P
Xobulo: Going into this PPR blind beyone the TTC spolier episode! have no idea whats in store whoch os excititing!!!
froshambo: :D
keone220: yay
PolymorphingAllDay: Sream sarts in 2 minutes
Lyannen: Always listen to chat, never listen to chat
jmilicic: Respect is majorly represented in this meta, apparently
Deltoran11: @TXC2 <3
RayFK: @RockPusher Yeah, had to sneak in :P
Pharmacistjudge: yeah, huge shoutout to the mods
m0nkeyrama: Hm @froshambo :D
RebelliousUno: that's a little creepy lrrbot
kojisss: respect for judges and mods <3
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: woohoooooo PPR day! lrrHEART
monogreen4life: PPR HYPE!
ShadowHachiX: This is gonna be great maybe
P4r7YG0D: sooooooooon
froshambo: @m0nkeyrama how's it going
Pharmacistjudge: Jordan, how many chat windows do you have open?
BlueDaNewb: steveiHype steveiHype
Lyannen: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
mastershake29x: PPR hype!
wingsfan240: l i v e
Zaghrog: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: it's alive!
julues: HYPE
NazakYuzak: Here we go!
qrpth: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
tergonis: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
P4r7YG0D: very soon XD
Stellapacifica: Always love our mods lrrHEART OOH SIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Welcome one and all to the very first Pre-PreRelease of 2019! Featuring Ravnica Allegiance and some fantastic guests, we’ve got a great show for y’all! | First up join @Graham_LRR and @Marshall_LR as they kick off the show. | #LRRRNA #Sponsored 📷 || ⤵
Milambus: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Anubis169: MADE IT
biggjudicem: !hype
cattleprodlynn: WE'VE GOT SIGNAL!
Theycallmejokke: It begins!
skeptycality: Orzhov time.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: RayFK so jealous I have work in an hour :P
Science_and_Magic: <message deleted>HYPE!!!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Squee!
I_Am_Clockwork: @jmilicic yeah Respect is a very powerful and sadly often underutilized strategy
2nd_metaman: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Cepsys: wooooooooo
tcscerberus: Whooo
Anubis169: Hellooooooooooooooooooo Chat!
TheWarbo: I see a stream!
whenwearebothcats: BGC hype
NovaTiempo: lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW lrrDOTS
PhoenixMelior: aaaand goodbye chat :P
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m0nkeyrama: Pretty good, how're you doing @froshambo ?
Stellapacifica: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL
RebelliousUno: lrrSIGNAL
IR0NB0RN: KonCha <3
mastershake29x: wait lrrSIGNAL already! WOOHOO
NovaTiempo: oops.
tyrew0rm: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
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Deltoran11: lrrSIGNAL
Malfegore_: Yeah boi Ravnica Allegiance here we come!
biggjudicem: adds? go away!
LRRMTG_Judge: @CardKingdom Hey, no need for a kingdom to get un-ruley. We are here to adjudicate. No abdicate you.
Garuuk_Predator_of_Scrubs: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RebelliousUno: rebell1UNO rebell1UNO rebell1UNO rebell1UNO
Earthenone: pride51 glhf
RockPusher: Hello Anubis169 lrrHEART
Lyannen: Deck building with Marshall
MeLikeSmallMatters: This is gonna be so gud!
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
greatwahooney: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MusicMagic: This set looks sooooo fun, y'all.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
narfblinko: Woo Hoo!
monogreen4life: Who do you think will play W?B?
JerecoPlays: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
skeptycality: Here we go!
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W_Livi: Woo! Returning to the return of Return to Ravnica!
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NovaTiempo: Earlyness!
BlueBeardedDevil: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
tyrew0rm: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
MilkInBag: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN Go Adam! seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
chickenace11: I can only see a bit then I have to go to a meeting
LonelyTex: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
chcltthndridn: I'm ready to counterspell during my main phase
monogreen4life: CAmeron i diff U/W
Theycallmejokke: Azorius best clan!... wait
RomanGoro: We live! Early!
biggjudicem: lrrSIGNAL
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: all right, now I want a good clean chat :P
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Deltoran11: WOO! PPR LETS GO!!
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wingsfan240: This screen needs to say "LOADING", then a countdown with "READY" and then "LIVE"
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @monogreen4life G has said he might go orzohov
Justin_Bailey: Hype!
I_Am_Clockwork: Cam said on his home stream he wanted to try RB
TXC2: monogreen4life Cam is ozroius
munocard: HAY GUYZ
YoungCorpseTV: My body is ready.
RomanGoro: Preemptive thank you, mods! lrrHEART
Stellapacifica: @wingsfan240 that's real good, seconded
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: RomanGoro lrrHEART
magicalhobo72: @wingsfan240 yes!
TXC2: RomanGoro lrrHEART
BrindleBoar: haipuuuuuuuuuuu
Anubis169: Fair matches, positivity... and no smack-talking below the belt Kappa
8_Bit_Unicorn: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Kramburger: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
Eliaznizzle: Allegiance time!
Freshly_Toasted: I can't wait to see rakdos in action
Stellapacifica: lrrHEART mods lrrHEART
EclipseNova258: PPR WOOOOT
gipsycurse: Its's family event so no Rakdos?
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steven19913: 4 months?! thats almost a third of an old joke!
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biggjudicem: i imagine G going orzhov
Comeback323: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
EclipseNova258: gruul ftw
GameAgeddon: I'm hearing some Final Fantasy Arpeggio in the background of this track
CloudSwordTwitch: Yay!
I_Am_Clockwork: @Anubis169 Smack Talk below the Belt is my Rage against the Macine coverband
MilkInBag: get your banhammers ready, the troglodytes are arming themselves OpieOP
CardboardBadger: Ohhhh rubs paws in excitement
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tyrsredritehand: lrrHEART
Zysett: Yuuuuuussss!!!!
Kraest: Oh damn, I got in before the Twitch notification fired!
Williamjr3413: ItsBoshyTime seabatBRAIN ItsBoshyTime seabatBRAIN ItsBoshyTime seabatBRAIN ItsBoshyTime
LosRatnev: HERE WE GO!!! 1 MIN
Xobulo: no stream in my twitch :(
Pkmntrainermark: I’m ready
djsterlingsilva: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
sternus_7: #teamMarshall
kkingslayer18: Pogers
PsychoSeahorse123: Oh cool a new set
Eruyaean: lrrSIGNAL
tomnar: YES!
m0nkeyrama: lrrHEART lrrSIGNAL lrrHEART
Angreed66: @Anubis169 Always too the face so you can be ashamed?
7Demented: oh boy oh boy!!
NathanJay_GA: lrrHORN PogChamp lrrHORN
cheezweazl: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Malfegore_: I hope Simic gets some sick plays today
alphasapphire234561: Hype!!!!!!
chickenace11: I would say that Rakdos is fun for the whole family. but I can't
irishhorcrux: wooooooooooop
Mowdownjoe: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
EclipseNova258: gruuuul
TXC2: Xobulo try refreshing
djsterlingsilva: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
MilkInBag: I hope Erin got Rakdos
TimeToFry: Who's our lineup for today?
warconfessor: hype!
irishhorcrux: Hyyypppeeeee
ArmadilloAL: Ooh, I'm actually on time! That more or less never happens.
CardboardBadger: Fur is standing on end!!!!!!!!!
cheezweazl: Rakdos FTW!
Gabbolot: orzohvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Ski_nnyman: Rakdos is HILARIOUS!
adam_brownie: Hell yes!
alphasapphire234561: Go simic
tyrew0rm: TEMUR TIME
Gelfolius: i didnt even know this was happening, but damn am i hyped!!! PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
backdoorshadydealer: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
sblue333: RNA HYPE
Justin_Bailey: Ready for the big brain plays! seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
SpikesMTG: <message deleted>PokPikachu PokPikachu PokPikachu PokPikachu PokPikachu PokPikachu PokPikachu PokPikachu PokPikachu PokPikachu
tyrsredritehand: PPR Hype
TheWarbo: I just want to see the maximum amount of riot on one creature.
nick00377: hype hype hype hype
icewinddarkstar: amazonPartyHawk amazonPartyHawk amazonPartyHawk
Mowdownjoe: Not Gruul? THEN DIE!
Loonatic93: I hope someone wins a game with Simic Accendency. Just once.
Williamjr3413: ADAM stop everyone today !!!
avi_miller: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MemePlebBoi: simic simic simic
WrightJustice: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
Xobulo: @txc2 im in!!!
whitewizard2911: on time for once
Bradagascar: omgomgomg its happening
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biggjudicem: rakdos def has best flavour text this set
SpikesMTG: <message deleted>GRUUL
MeLikeSmallMatters: The Orzhov will tax the bejesus out of you!
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PruPruh: How do you keep slaying so hard at guest appearances? I loved finally seeing Shivam and Erin and now Gavin and Marshall returning! <3 Thank you for your hard work all, and thank your judges!
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Ski_nnyman: I just wanna cause havok with Rakdos
EclipseNova258: @Alec_The_Risktaker GRUUL FTW
Zappeljakob: Just coming in from the Bonus Stream yesterday, What a ride that was
OldBenX: scoopsHYPE scoopsHYPE scoopsHYPE
Serifina: Hello, everyone. Let's be cool and have fun today. :)
Gabbolot: war of the spark hype
BlueRanger1993: <message deleted>lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
XMegami: Simic, let's go!
Averoth91: Grrrrrruuuuuuuuul
CastleOtranto: Whew, I made ir
MagisterSieran: Squid1 Squid2 SabaPing Squid4 we simic now bois
teithely: orz orz orz
Wf_Geisterloeffel: rooAww
wingsfan240: #NGTD SMOrc
Science_and_Magic: <message deleted>ORZHOV!!!!
Theycallmejokke: 10 seconds HYPE
BlueDaNewb: I really hope to see lizard wizards.
eye_h_bar: I'm hyped!
TXC2: Rememeber chat, keep emotes under 7
RedJackz: Let's go bois!!!! srkaifPogger srkaifPogger srkaifPogger
Paladia_Gorom: Gruul!
TehAmelie: i hope someone brought the Simic slaw
RockPusher: guyjudgePoml fugiWow guyjudgePomr
tyrsredritehand: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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corsairwind: 13 looking pretty lucky w/ a Ravnican pre prerelase!
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Darzog67: I'm a fuul for Gruul
MemePlebBoi: reeeeeee
TheWarbo: doggo has the feels for the flavor text
Zarco_19: If you have less than three creature subtypes I don't even want to see you
ShadowHachiX: HERE WE GO!!!!
ToastedArts: Who is ready for the Marshal and Adam rematch?
Deltoran11: Woooo!
julues: L I Z A R D W I Z A R D
Daggothur: Azorius Supreme!
Science_and_Magic: <message deleted>lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Intangible360: Rakdos
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monogreen4life: Temur adapt
ReverendChaos: Marshall build Simic plz
Zarco_19: let's go Simic
Purtle: gogogogogogo
Pedantically: PPR hype!
m0nkeyrama: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
Zieterminator: Whoo!! So hype!!
Traion: Advance thank you to the mods for keeping things nice today <3
Zysett: 00:00 go!
munocard: Time's up!
I_Am_Clockwork: @TehAmelie whats in that Slaw?
tyrew0rm: temur pod>bant pod
eggsucculent: hell yeah, so excited!
Loonatic93: Ride that Combine!
Eruyaean: Not gruul? Then Die!
Paladia_Gorom: Gruul
red_shoes_jeff: Just in time
Keab42: @castleotranto o/
Rhyanosaurus: got mah Simic Slaw and im ready to watch!!!!
Justin_Bailey: Simic Slaw time
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MilkInBag: PogChamp
munocard: BADGER
warconfessor: here we go!!!!
PinballWitch: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN !!!!!
XMegami: It begins!
wingsfan240: SMOrc SMOrc NOT GRUUL? SMOrc
ReverendChaos: Hype Train!!!
goblingoboomboom: benginDab benginDab benginDab
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McFluffums: IT BEGINS
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TXC2: Here we GO!
Wf_Geisterloeffel: rooHi
djalternative: here we go
NathanJay_GA: Alrighty then. Let's do it!
avi_miller: sergeHeart
Science_and_Magic: BADGER
KarenDoesThings: PogChamp
Kivipaperisakset: Did someone say... WOOO!_
HailtheRNG: S I M I C S L A W Squid4 Squid3 Squid2 Squid1
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Daggothur: we U/W cheons, can we invite paul to PPR?
ExhaustedElox: There's that Badger!!
santacruz121: lets go!!!!
Stellapacifica: Badgerfall!
TimeToFry: Not die? Then Gruul!
myporpoiseinlife: badger
DrEinstein99: Lets friggin do this!!!
Vackin: oH yeah
cattleprodlynn: Can't wait for the intro
Cepsys: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
monogreen4life: Woo Hoooooo
Yosh1tailz: PogChamp
agtaghoyjr: Gooo gruuul
gMilk: PogChamp
Thegentlemangoomba: rakdos coming out to play
biggjudicem: Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger!
teithely: Wooooooooo
Xobulo: some of the Guilds where mentioned during stream yesterday Marshall is Azorious
julues: jeez I'm spooked
tororii: YEAHHHH
Malfegore_: We're heeeeeeeeeeere!
BlueDaNewb: steveiHype steveiHype steveiHype steveiHype
wingsfan240: SMOrc SMOrc THEN DIE SMOrc SMOrc
kamelion84: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
hug_master: <3 <3 <3
TehAmelie: mostly octopus at this point i guess, I_Am_Clockwork
tergonis: we in it now nerds!
Charnos64: Woo!
adam_brownie: Esketitesketitesketit
TheSfid: crackin' packs and slingin' spells!
gMilk: adam PogChamp
carpeamentum: lrrCHKN lrrDOTS lrrARROW
Keab42: Not Gruul then Badger!
kirbytronic: Entertain Me!
CastleOtranto: @Keab42 katesWave
agtaghoyjr: Gruuuuuulllll stompyyyy
vmalz: KATHLEEN!!!
NovaTiempo: Hat!
alphasapphire234561: Squid1 MercyWing1 SabaPing MercyWing2 Squid4 go simic
Freshly_Toasted: KATHDOS
raaabr: Pawnch!
magicalhobo72: Ready to see if anyone plays Simic!!! Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4
noSmokeFire: color coordinated!!
ardcollier: SHIVAM
DrEinstein99: this is so much better than the physics i should be doing
MilkInBag: LUL
wingsfan240: CAM ORZH
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Ravynn: Lol Cam
thalanir: LETS GO ADAM
Deltoran11: LOL
ExhaustedElox: lol Cam
Breno423: lrrDARK
thenb44: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
whenwearebothcats: flawless
ToeKnee213: LMAO cam
Kivipaperisakset: Big Marsh!
Deltoran11: rip Cam
BrindleBoar: flawless Cam
Yosh1tailz: Cam LUL
IR0NB0RN: Cam <3
tororii: first time catching one of these live!!
TimeToFry: YESSS
Eruyaean: We Love you Cam
LoganAura: pffft cameron
kamelion84: lol
ExhaustedElox: I KNEW it
Science_and_Magic: I like the new intro
Chindragosa: Marshal is soo cool
RedJackz: MR STARK!
Paladia_Gorom: Who’s watching from Western Australia? 3:00 am baby!
Juliamon: Classic Cam
tergonis: that was an absurdly Cam action, i approve
munocard: What's up with the coins?
Gabbolot: go marshalllllllll
TheWarbo: CAM YES
Anubis169 dances
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I kind want them to do a bit with Someone Sitting down to Build on camera.. and then.. Ben runs out of nowwhere and takes over in Gruul style. (speaking of I hope ben is better)
bobAkirafett: yay
Stellapacifica: Gooooooood shiz
wingsfan240: CAM/GRAHAM ORZHOV
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KitteyWolf: noo i missed part of the opening. its one of my favorite parts
supremechalupasnoke: yussss
Pharmacistjudge: so may DBloons
teithely: graaaham!!
pterodactyl_noises: That was so good
djalternative: Love the new intro
EJGRgunner: cheer100 #TeamMarshall
NarishmaReborn: Great costume Graham
Mowdownjoe: Love the hall run-through.
NovaTiempo: sweet intro
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cheezweazl: PPR Hype!
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MeLikeSmallMatters: nice throw Cameron!
Fruan: We are ready for team Rakdos
Anubis169: Good day!
NanashiSword: here we go!
Zappeljakob: OOOOH, DBloons
Kairanie: lovely intro
TehAmelie: hello!
RebelliousUno: Ah Juliamon this your first PPR
Thegentlemangoomba: KATHLEEN THE KILL (NO MILL) DIVA
HailtheRNG: of course marshalls got azorious
stsindre: Playing Gruul on Saturday and Simic on Sunday. Looking forward to it!
Tokepui: hellooooooooooo
one_of_the_voice: that worked so well
Loxikgaming: Hi
EonChao: New intro was great
Malfegore_: Nice intro
EnoTheTonberry: Great job on the Intro Ben
Deltoran11: Yep. New intro is sweet
jmilicic: The coin flip and fumbling in slow motion was tight
Serifina: Hi Graham!
monogreen4life: MArshalll
whenwearebothcats: Marshall <3
3rdgatekeeper: graham!
gMilk: Hype PogChamp
TXC2: Hello Graham and Marshall
Vinrael83: Ben Stark, Lord of Winterfell
Kivipaperisakset: Marshal better type in chat while building his deck
eye_h_bar: That was a great intro
IR0NB0RN: Yay, deckbuilding with Marshall is simply the best <3
monogreen4life: Hi everyone
noSmokeFire: Marshall vs. Chair
Juliamon: RebelliousUno yuuup!
DislecticWriter: we're here!!!
kinamara: MIDWEST represent! 1 pm!
MilkInBag: Bonathan became Garruk?
Zarco_19: Hello LRR+Marshall!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Thegentlemangoomba gunny but watch the all caps ;)
Paladia_Gorom: Hello
IronTide24: enjoyed the intro, also can't wait to see Marshal and Gavin!
EnoTheTonberry: Ohai, Graham, Marshall
Statist42: intro was great G
MusicMagic: We appreciate YOU!!!
Mowdownjoe: #sponsored #content
kojisss: yyyyyeeeeeesssss
Kivipaperisakset: We're used to him multitasking
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: *funny
Yosh1tailz: #sponsored
GrandiaKnight: good evening!
amative1: HashtagSponsoredContent
m0nkeyrama: Graham's on Orzhov :o
aussie_rob_w: Hello Graham!
NovaTiempo: Wow, 2k veiws already
saberwolf13: love you marshall <3
I_Am_Clockwork: I see LRR using their Loading Ready Live intro skills for the preprerelease
Serifina: I see Marshal has an Azorious box?
aussie_rob_w: Hi Marshall!
Paladia_Gorom: Liked the new intro
Williamjr3413: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
blah12629: marshal and M.T. chair are back together :D
tororii: marshall repping that azorius!!!!!
NarishmaReborn: This guest list is SO GOOOD
RebelliousUno: Juliamon may deity have mercy on your soul
NazakYuzak: Hype!
ArmadilloAL: I didn't know it until right now, but I need Kathleen to host my funeral.
ExhaustedElox: Awwwwww yea, Marshall on the deck build! :D
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vikingninja47: the Pre-pre-pre-release
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warconfessor: This stream makes work go by a little faster
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Stellapacifica: Marshall's Azorius? Siiick
Chindragosa: LRRRRRRRRRNA I think thats the right amount of Rs in a row
Papperslappen: Time for some magic magic magic magic
NanashiSword: Wait, what's this.... a PPR starting on time?
OldBenX: Marshall! <3
stsindre: Omg, nerds!!! :O
ReverendChaos: Azorius!
bradgardner: Woot woot
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CGSguy2: Pre-pre release! Have fun everyone!
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MilkInBag: Graham just realized how long the day will be LUL
Tronacus1: BRING OUT Shivam Bhatt
CelestialWolfang: It is time! :D
alphasapphire234561: Ooooof azorious
supremechalupasnoke: ooooo marshall build
stsindre: Said with love!
phatpack: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
austinoickle: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm chunky soup
tyrsredritehand: Ready for Azorius deck build.
Eruyaean: Isn't it Usually the WOTC Rep being Present at the Introduction?
CobaltShurikenReborn: Rakdos pride!
gaapman: HassanChop
Kivipaperisakset: Let's get this goofy party started!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !players
LRRbot: Our PPR players today are Graham, Kathleen, Cameron, Adam, Erin Campbell, Shivam Bhatt, Marshall Sutcliffe, and Gavin Verhey!
sylphide_spirit: Ooo azorious to start
Glieken: Wow, Marshall not playing Simic PogChamp
chaloux123: yooo
TXC2: in before Marshall pulls a Dovan
mastershake29x: @Eruyaean not always
MilkInBag: Erin PogChamp
Paladia_Gorom: Azorius huh? Not gruul, then die!
zarbit: woo made it!
myporpoiseinlife: #teamshivam
NarishmaReborn: Like, I want to cry at how good this guest list is
saberwolf13: RIOT OR BUST!!!! GRUUL OP
tomnar: i cant contain my hype! PPR is the BEST part of new sets! shout out to the LRR crew and all the guests. <3!
TolarianCommunityCollege: Marshall: "That was funny!" Graham: "We're comedians, Marshall."
Clockwork_Penguin: Gosh, thats a lot of viewers
Professor_Rakor: I'm really excited to see azorius build because i don't know what they're doing to win in this set.
julues: Podcast draft pogchamp
Evandill: Just in time!
nexus_snoww: HER FOREHEAD LMAO
Zarco_19: The Shivam Dragon
CardKingdom: Wait @TolarianCommunityCollege They are?
TXC2: Dredge will find a way
alphasapphire234561: I predict Adam on simic
northos: golgorry
Kivipaperisakset: Ofc the only guild to really consider is Orzhov. It is literal value
raaabr: Shivam <3
Unas84: what, Shivam, excited!? noooo
chaloux123: whos gonna rep the best guild ( simic if it wasnt obvious)
jeff_sg: Sweet it’s Erin
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samu_btdp1985: magic magic magic magic #bow down to the graveyard queen
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Pkmntrainermark: Girl the hairline puts siwas to SHAME
Deltoran11: This! Is! Going! To! Be! Awesome!
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00busyhands: We LIVE niw
adi_pie: Yay, Shivam!
RealGamerCow: Shivam had so much fun on the MTGA stream last night
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ikesolotl: I know this won't be read out but have fun!
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wolvendescent: this is my first preprerelease
double_trample: Adam will be playing Grull I hope
YoungCorpseTV: Great lineup!
ExhaustedElox: Personal appearance smack isn't a take
EJGRgunner: I like his headshot without the hat
CommanderinMTGPodcast: Goooooo Shivam!
Diestormlie: WE'RE HERE
susskind_na: NOT GRUUL? DIE! SMOrc
Znazl: rooHi
nautilus162: no simic?
Zarco_19: Gavin's the bomb
Rourke9: Yay, Shivam!!
kvetchnik: ---The volume is a bit low right? Or are they mumbling? Literally had volume at max and still couldn't clearly hear them---
Type_One___: welcome @wolvendescent
Mangledpixel: or, as the title card has it, Magic Senior Designer, so he designs Magic Seniors
aussie_rob_w: Gavin Games Featuring Grahm
mtfresh69: Simic 4 the win
doragan89: my first time live!
control_rig: #teamShivam
TehAmelie: does senior designer mean he makes all the cards with old people on?
buckycurls: looking TALL marshall
meechorizo1: incoming raid from NOX
adamjford: I remember him from Overextended
sneakiestsky76: gavin woooo
Pielordzz: I love his Q&A on Leaving a Legacy
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qrpth: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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gMilk: LUL
Pharmacistjudge: and both Gavin and Marshall are both big foodies, if you need seattle food recommendations, ask those two.
stsindre: Riot or GO HOME!
Kykiwi: smooth
TXC2: #HumbleBrag
TrickJarrett: Hello friends! I won't be around for much of today. Have fun!!!
cptnfunbags: Rak 'em up
TimeToFry: That box was great
MilkInBag: everyone wins, except Paul LUL
dreaving: HYPE
Type_One___: cheer100
Kivipaperisakset: I mean, I'm calling ti now. MArshal cannot turn down those free spirits with the Orzhov mechanic
TheWarbo: I'm now mostly excited for Azorius Knight-Arbiter + High Alert now that someone mentioned it on discord
magicalhobo72: @nautilus162 right D:
Lozrik: Please turn sound up
Lozrik: it is quite low anyone else agree
Trollbonist: Marshy Marsh is back! :D
akkarin2304: gabyHi
mtfresh69: #lizardwizard
AvianAuthority: 666
RebelliousUno: Sound is fine
Pharmacistjudge: is a great resource by gavin
Ravynn: Audio is fine
Juliamon: Audio is pretty standard for this stream
grodza94: Sound is fine
CobaltShurikenReborn: slight fist bump was nice
IR0NB0RN: Sound is fine for me :)
Type_One___: sound is perfect
BoooFN: <message deleted>Hey Boyos danChat
TXC2: sounds fine here
Zarco_19: @TheWarbo Oof
zak_shwap: !judge
mmp5bf: cawblade
laviniagaming: Yay!
Lozrik: its so low
itsnone_: PogChamp
alphasapphire234561: Squid1 SabaPing MercyWing2
xacka1234: hi nox
1903 raiders from ProfessorNoxLive have joined !
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WARZOID: <message deleted>ALLAHU ACKBAR
Ant__R: Pog
PruPruh: You keep killing it with the guests! I love all these people!
Lyannen: Powerful magic
Desruprot: desrupThink
MardukGX: volume is good now
duskiedude: From the future Pog
CthulPiss: hi
BabyGamblesDotGov: RAID
TheOneDruzill: hey nox o/
Stellapacifica: sound is good for me but could go up
KingBoOgie: we raid!
huraxp: hi nox
johfri82: HOLA!!!!!!
Lord_Hosk: You had the Gavin the Mind Sculptor?
Kanich_RnD: Pog
BoooFN: <message deleted>BrokeBack
ShavaKe: Are you here???
Evelo_Grave: noxTef noxTaj noxW
Mephistus: RAID
hyazinth_: hi @ProfessorNoxLive
ThisMovieSpeaks: where u at @ProfessorNoxLive people!!
SubZeroSZ: where's Nox?
gessen: Nox raid
Drsmarts: @ProfessorNoxLive Are you here?!?!?!
galaad09: NOX
piepie526: hello
na_me_le_ss_: RAID
Noodles_15: RAID
thalanir: rooPog raid
kanyewestonacid: NOX
isaenzf: NOX
Farbad: Whos gaben?
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Loxikgaming: NOX
HiGuysImDangle: NOX
shangrilhama: Good Guy @ProfessorNoxLive
Cpt_Bawbag: NOX
octaierror: nox is in the chat!
m0nkeyrama: BIG RAID
o_angelkiller_o: <message deleted>Whooooooooooo
Almostdumb: Nox raid :D
ProfessorNoxLive: I am PogChamp
thesheepleschamp: noxW noxW noxW noxW noxW
RadiantSonata: Hello there
darklemon2: NOX
Kivipaperisakset: A bit too much bass on the sound, right?
tusmu: already miss you nox
slyfer052: nox raid!!!!!!!!
FlyingRamen: Raaaaaid
wargr0s: raid boys
Casuth6: we came from nox
shinumei: yeayu nox raid
Tiggiii: RAID
TheOneDruzill: i'll be in the chat!
ShavaKe: NOX?
johfri82: WAZZAAAPPPPP!!!!
ithegreatneoi: Raid
Genkogreen: RAID
sim0n_83: NOX
Martylang: FutureMan
masontheartist: Marshal <3
crimsondestruction: nox
kiethscoup: NOx!
RebelliousUno: ProfessorNoxLive hey
detsdeb: Raaaaid
klodrezz: hella bruh
suiname: let's go
KingBoOgie: Raaaaaid
Malfegore_: Woot raid from Prof Nox!!!
Stellapacifica: EYyyyy welcome raiders!
na_me_le_ss_: NOX RAID
tintagliabkp: lol
Yurinako: lets gooooo
isaenzf: Get raided bois
sternus_7: And then he made C18 lol
TXSTCHAMP: This is our stream now! noxW noxW noxW
kojisss: nox raid
masterpo9k: HI FROM PROF NOX
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: woohoo! welcome friends!
ModestZhaf: rihad
samuelsilvaa: raidinnnng
Purtle: PogChamp
Illuvater01: wow
opsavi: noxW noxW noxW noxW
Stan_thee_man: NOOOOOX
Genkogreen: NOX
89Puppies: noxChamp noxChamp noxChamp noxChamp
91hanni: noooox
SputnikDX: noxW noxW noxW
zzauch: Nox chat danHype
monogreen4life: ANyone have a head count for chat??
MisakiKureha: <message deleted>ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp
Science_and_Magic: Does he also make the decks for Spellslingers?
cruss32: noxHype noxHype noxHype noxHype noxHype noxHype noxHype noxHype noxHype noxHype noxHype noxHype
Da_ScientistXL: Hi all! First live pre-prerelease! Excitement!
Risicoco: Prof Nox Ehrenman
Evelo_Grave: noxKAYAYA noxKAYAYA noxKAYAYA
iamwonton: w00t w00t
Kykiwi: core
Pkmntrainermark: Hi
ProfessorNoxLive: M19 LUL
ariikane: theasiDab theasiDab theasiDab theasiDab
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KradoxArcticFox: prepreprerelease PogChamp
The_cake_of_lies: Core Set 2019
silenceaux: You made these decks? Gavin made those decks.
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TrueThorn: All locked in for a Magical Experience
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NovaTiempo: 2,300 and rising
darklemon2: HELLO THERE NOX
PinballWitch: woo!
Trollbonist: Duuhhhhhhminaria?
Yosh1tailz: @LoadingReadyRun m19!
isaenzf: Get raided lads
Purtle: M19
Kykiwi: core m19
o_angelkiller_o: <message deleted>Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox NoxNox Nox NoxNox Nox Nox
Malfegore_: Core 2019 for Nox
Battlecreekgeek: Marshal! Great that he's back. Love to hear his thoughts on the set.
fake_based: noxTaj noxTaj noxTaj
MarCrosMallkav: noxW noxW noxW noxW noxW noxW noxW noxW
LRRMTG_Judge: M19
bomani4ever: merchE
explorsuit: Hey Shivam, we're watching! #teamVudu
TXC2: remeber chat: keep emotes under 7
SenseAmidstMadness: lrrJUDGE
JaymicUnyielding: Excited for this!
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kduke1215: noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Welcome friends! We're excited to begin
Vivanity: @ProfessorNoxLive LUL
MilkInBag: chat is already out of control LUL
capricorn666: HeyGuys
EnoTheTonberry: PrePrerelease Desert Bus
liberalideas: frontl2Hype frontl2Hype frontl2Hype frontl2Hype
Drsmarts: noxHead
nautilus162: mmmmm packs
mastershake29x: @BoooFN they have a weekly board game stream on wednesdays
RadiantSonata: Open It PogChamp
Emberwatch_: PogChamp
MCJiopur: It's been so long since I managed to watch anything live
ReverendChaos: M19
EC_as_That: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
Type_One___: @lozrik think that might be on your end
klodrezz: We see u nox
julues: azorius.... smh
holz1994: M19 I think
Lord_Haz: PogChamp nox shoutout
Eruyaean: Butt First!
tergonis: we are also itching to open the things! do it!!
XPheco: shut out for NOX guys hes the best :P
thesheepleschamp: noxLUL
Buwardo: noxW
Tronacus1: Shivam Bhatt were you at
sylphide_spirit: Judge time
tranewrek: foil Dovin here we come!
Znazl: lrrJUDGE
Science_and_Magic: SERGE AND NELSON!
thalanir: lrrJUDGE
asquishypotato: @ProfessorNoxLive did you watch the diablo 2 speed run this morning at GDQ?
EnoTheTonberry: lrrJUDGE
EC_as_That: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
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2Eattwo2: He's Azorius, he should be more excited for the rules anyway
Kykiwi: lrrJUDGE
Trollbonist: Of COURSE Marshall is Azorius
Doctor_Arsone: Shake it Marshall!
Kivipaperisakset: oh no, stream stuttering
TheWarbo: chat, keep distracting graham so that he takes more time before we open that pack
mastershake29x: but first #powerserge #fullnelson
nullethatsme: So excited!!!
tyrsredritehand: #Team lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
zarbit: When in doubt, stroke it Marsh
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circusofkirkus: best part of the PPR, here we go!
Deltoran11: lrrJUDGE
monogreen4life: Judge Hype
Lozrik: wish i could hear the stream
Stellapacifica: lrrJUDGE
biggjudicem: <3 SERGE! <3
garvizac000: POG
Justin_Bailey: serge: confirmed monster
responsibledane: PogChamp
o_angelkiller_o: <message deleted>Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox
Kivipaperisakset: PanicBasket
sleepytimebae: Butt first
MilkInBag: Serge PogChamp
dbhkyle: Marshal surprise Opens another Emerkul on camera
LelouchVi: Chat going so fast noone will see I play rdw in bo1
PsychoSeahorse123: This is gonna be my first look can’t wait
EJGRgunner: lrrJUDGE
Chiwas: noxR
yukichocomilk: PogChamp
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RezTheFuture: Marshall loves Simic (Addenum: Azorius)
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Sampy104: This is actually a Graham clone they only unfreeze for PPRs
Eruyaean: Nelge! Serson!
pmbarrett314: Did nobody tell Marshall they introduced glass cards in prerelease packs?
ExhaustedElox: YAY Judges! :D
NanashiSword: Judges!
SolarBlitz1: Nelson had a haircut!
Ravynn: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeFriend
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na_me_le_ss_: hello DansGame
BlueBeardedDevil: Judges PogChamp
djsterlingsilva: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
Zappeljakob: short hair Nelson
piepie526: welcome back serj
Justin_Bailey: well, minecraft monster
DoktorPiccolo: Serge! <3
Koshindan: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
magmoTIMEE: hello
garvizac000: Sarge always so happy
myporpoiseinlife: #powerserge
itsnone_: PogChamp @ProfessorNoxLive
Trollbonist: They're judging you...
TXC2: Judgement time!
SkiBum90: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
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Galactic_pain: #JUDGE
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A_Dub888: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
MilkInBag: Serge disappeared WutFace
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Nice haircut nelly
RebelliousUno: #PowerSerge
Farbad: was there a pre-pre-prerelease event?
kvetchnik: These handsome boys never age. They look better every year.
CommanderinMTGPodcast: Juuuuudge
8_Bit_Unicorn: lrrJUDGE
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lvlammut: noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Serge and Nelson - BEST BOIS!
Gravygravyjosh: sjnelsergeson
BlueRose598: CoolStoryBob
frozenkraken99: woah no hajr
CobaltShurikenReborn: such cute judges
silenceaux: Hoping for the returning mechanic of REL:Axed
soggyshoggoth: ResidentSleeper
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deathfridge: Excited to see this PPR! A great time to resub
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double_trample: RIOOOOTTT
Henchman13: please nox come back
OverlordARG: CoolStoryBob
Kamakazey: I don't get it
Vivanity: We're going to school BOIS
na_me_le_ss_: teferi DansGame
RadiantSonata: I see
Chiwas: noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef noxTef
valipro: SENATE GRIFFIN PogChamp
Lord_Haz: ResidentSleeper
softlul: <message deleted>Pepega Pepega Pepega Pepega Pepega Pepega Pepega Pepega Pepega
sceriffo: I CHOOSE PogChamp
Emberwatch_: CoolStoryBob
hyazinth_: ResidentSleeper
ProfessorNoxLive: noxTef Hold your thoughts noxTef
SweetLeaf_: CoolStoryBob
ard0ur: thanks purge
TheOtherTrevor: I want to know more about this channel that Marshal "spoiled" on LR this week. ;) lrrBEEJ
WARZOID: tutorial LUL
capricorn666: any bajs? forsenE
rekw: monkaHmm
Znazl: PixelBob
double_trample: NEROOO
frankgrizz: CoolStoryBob
kerj0: @ProfessorNoxLive LUL
BoooFN: <message deleted>@mastershake29x They're playing through pandemic legacy!! I want to see, but I don't want to be spoiled!!
Yosh1tailz: GOOD NEWS!
RassilonDND: no i missed the sweet intro :(
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mynthio: It's great that PPRs continue.
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IronRoperr: "back"
EJGRgunner: Good news? Aunt Euphemia died again?
NovaTiempo: Jane Austin mode
RockPusher: Good News! lrrDARK
ExhaustedElox: *Kathleen voice* GOOD NEWS!
Desruprot: why are they still considering Hybrid Mana a mechanic?
circusofkirkus: these animations though!
Drsmarts: @ProfessorNoxLive Wait this is a Pre-PreRelease not the pre-Release. I feel like you tricked us lol
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vial
BoooFN: <message deleted>Your thots roo4
ArmadilloAL: This video needs to be played in every LGS in the country before every Pre-Release.
TimeToFry: Fuse confirmed?????????
Kolomarii: CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob CoolStoryBob
Freshly_Toasted: Rakdos pump, spicy
na_me_le_ss_: Find and finality DansGame
m_i_s_h_r_a: we need splitcards with a land on one side
LRRMTG_Judge: !explain judge
Nooorst: Pog
mastershake29x: @Desruprot they want to make sure everyone understands how it works, that's all
klodrezz: Teacher! Teacher! I have to ho peepee!
MisakiKureha: <message deleted>ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp ftlSp
TXC2: chat please keep emotes under 7
TheOtherTrevor: Jane Austin's Thrash and Threat
TehAmelie: these sound somewhat concerning as jane austen titles
CobaltShurikenReborn: rakdos is pleased to beat you today
ard0ur: this is too confusing im going back to hearthstone
Yosh1tailz: Trash! VoHiYo
Fangren300: PogChamp
LadyAtarka: gabyHi everyone!
IsengardRelocationTeam: MonkaHmm
gogambit101: wondering if they will make quad card later?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !explain judge
LRRbot: LRRmtg_Judge is staffed by certified Magic judges Noonites, VestMan1, Pharmacistjudge, MTGdiversity and themanaleek. They are here to answer chat's rules questions with the current game and will try to answer other rules questions as time allows. If there are issues with things on stream they'll inform our on-site judges directly.
runhome: arse4
91hanni: is that Burning Tree Shaman on the picture?
ghosthous3: that rule makes no sense
mmp5bf: very simple rules Kappa
tyrsredritehand: Welcome to the Pre-Pre-Release!
Vivanity: @91hanni Yes
TXC2: hello LadyAtarka welcome
na_me_le_ss_: too much reading Kappa
bloke90: looked like my mum
Fangren300: nah, it's Nikya
IsengardRelocationTeam: what is mana
RealGamerCow: I did not know that split cards types were all types on the card
WARZOID: gruul the lesbian guild
Jalemo21: judge!!!
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91hanni: i loved that card when i was young :D
Mephistus: what is magic?
NovaTiempo: wow!
Furrytractor68: WOW
softlul: wow!
Vivanity: <message deleted>WOW!
isaenzf: nice
IR0NB0RN: Wow! <3
sceriffo: WOW PogChamp
o_angelkiller_o: Booooooo, Addendum was saaaad
Intangible360: Zzzzzzzzz
gMilk: wow
meechorizo1: NEXT!
laviniagaming: Oh wow!
w1nsol: wow!
Koshindan: lrrWOW
ForOhForError: Split cards require a lot of rules to work the way they shoulc but end up pretty intuitive
Jalemo21: wow
jmilicic: Addendum - the mechanic that rewards you for playing instants wrong
CZ_TMC: whoa
Alexschleder: wow
BlueRose598: ResidentSleeper
SputnikDX: Wow! noxChamp
IR0NB0RN: Card = wow Kreygasm
The_cake_of_lies: Cool technology
julues: rip
Vioharr: How do I read?
Nnarcissus: Deeeevööö
Armstrong11139: Ugh, want to watch but my internet is acting up and making the video almost literally unwatchable...I'll be back!
ArmadilloAL: @91hanni It's Nikya. The left half of every rare split card depicts the rare guild leader
double_trample: Bayburttan selamlar
Jalemo21: WOW
isaenzf: Nice mechanix!
Vivanity: <message deleted>YESSSSSSS
TimeToFry: @WARZOID Don't forget about Orzhov, with Teysa and Kaya teaming up
CZ_TMC: the best newbie mechanic
Justin_Bailey: 5.5k viewers hype
silenceaux: Rejoice!
jacque_steampunk: afterlife huzzah!!!
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ProfessorNoxLive: Oh wow that's kinda sad; we lose the Addendum on copy BibleThump
ZachtlyAsIntended: You think Addendum is weak, Simic gets Monstrous Lite
susskind_na: thrull DansGame
Battlecreekgeek: this art
softlul: noob trap ability :D
rekw: Pog
ArmadilloAL: And the right half is the mythic guild leader.
shangrilhama: cant copy addenddum Kreygasm
IronRoperr: 6 mana 5/3 LUL
Kivipaperisakset: Afterlife is my favorite
TimeToFry: Rip
SputnikDX: F
lordviridian94: afterlife and riot are definitely the most exciting keywords for the set
Furrytractor68: brownRIP
Vivanity: <message deleted>N?
Lobster667: F
Donatey: RIP
Lobster667: RIP
Fangren300: BibleThump RIP THRULL
KradoxArcticFox: rip BibleThump
na_me_le_ss_: RIP
OskiRL: F
Merlinpoof: F
cheezweazl: #thiccthrull
TimmY_PranksteR: F
Anubis169: lrrJUDGE
Jalemo21: 420 praise it Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm
silenceaux: katesRip katesRip
3rdgatekeeper: that thrull is so cute
thalanir: roo7
ExhaustedElox: Why is Alex not in this PPR? :D
rufusburrus: adaman4Ded
duskiedude: F
EC_as_That: hellow2F hellow2F
thenb44: f
susskind_na: BibleThump
SolarBlitz1: doogRIP
PolymorphingAllDay: f
Abavus: White and black sounds stronk?
tusmu: cmonBruh cmonBruh
sceriffo: afterlife what cmonBruh
Vioharr: how to magic 101
ForOhForError: :o clipart gravestone is appreciated, whoever put that in there
Nnarcissus: Burasi Bayburt drafta bekleriz
WARZOID: too bad theres like 23423897 exile in this format LULW
xXInnominateXx: Afterlife seems dumb
Jalemo21: afterlife is amazing
kitsunestudios: My sinister seance deck is goign to get interesting
RealGamerCow: Spectacle!
KitteyWolf: @Vivanity its N because X is already a thing used in magic
Buwardo: SMOrc
TimeToFry: Afterlife seems fun
phytonthepython: waiu
Vioharr: NERF PLS
MardukGX: W O W
Mikelorus: rakdos' return? PogChamp
SputnikDX: Wow!
ExhaustedElox: Spectacle is bonkers
Fangren300: WOW!
Furrytractor68: Wow!
Evandill: RAKDOOOS
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Genesation: Wow!
OskiRL: Wow!
o_angelkiller_o: Spectacle OP
KradoxArcticFox: wow
IsengardRelocationTeam: WAOW!
InfiniTea_and_Biscuits: afterlife is going to mean so much flying in limited..
TimmY_PranksteR: wow!
Donatey: Wow !
valipro: WOW! PogChmp
silenceaux: Wow!
Kykiwi: the spicy cost
8_Bit_Unicorn: Wow!
cambo212: lrrJUDGE
Jalemo21: Wow
Amentur: lrrWOW
rekw: WOW!
Tartarga: Nice, back from work in time for the ppr.
Battlecreekgeek: 2R wow!
Ryenji: CurseLit
Vivanity: <message deleted>@KitteyWolf I was joking :)
valipro: WOW! PogChamp
SenseAmidstMadness: Oh right, I forgot that chat was just useless during this stream.
WrightJustice: wow!
lordviridian94: SMOrc
Malfegore_: wow
ard0ur: PogChamp
Evandill: Wow!
capricorn666: W OMEGALUL W
murabittoo: Wew
yukichocomilk: Wow PogChamp
thalanir: lrrWOW
Fangren300: PogChamp Not an Instant!
SputnikDX: Not an instant!
Freshly_Toasted: I think I might be rooting for takdos
a_panda_has_no_name: Wow PogChamp
EnoTheTonberry: Wow!
silenceaux: Not an instant!
Jalemo21: Kreygasm
na_me_le_ss_: mono red SMOrc
yahweh69: SMOrc
Yosh1tailz: Brumak VoHiYo
vigariopro: gruul!!!
sacaguito1: SMOrc
coooolibri: did you guys really see this stuff first time? its all out for weeks
Lyannen: Calm down chat :D
Abavus: lrrWOW
MaddoKawai: SMOrc CHOICES?!?
WARZOID: flying 2/2 is BEYOND op in limited now LUL
eye_h_bar: What's with the wows?
00busyhands: Professional animation PogChamp
SweetLeaf_: "damage causes loss of life" - john madden
froshambo: GRUUL FOR LIFE
MilkInBag: riot FrankerZ
xippih: Not Gruul? THEN DIE!
JAMESISNUMBER1: Riot seems really good
ExhaustedElox: Not Gruul?! Then, DIE!!
Noodles_15: SMOrc
Battlecreekgeek: Rendhorn seems deec
Vioharr: OP
softlul: me go face SMOrc
Jalemo21: RIOT
Tartarga: Not Gruul? Then die.
Nnarcissus: baldır
LadyAtarka: RIOT!
Kivipaperisakset: riot is scary
Vioharr: STRONG
Fangren300: LUL
na_me_le_ss_: no choice jus go SMOrc
Xed_Regulus: Wow, over 5,500 viewers! Is this normal for a PPR?
Jalemo21: wow
simblue91: SMOrc
TimeToFry: @coooolibri Full spoiler only went up earlier today
Yosh1tailz: SMOrc ME SMASH
ForOhForError: Hey! Riot!
TimmY_PranksteR: SMOrc
ShadowHachiX: oh they are saving simic for last D:::
MeLikeSmallMatters: choo choo richie
MaskedBeeX: Multiple Riots~
meechorizo1: Not Gruul? THEN DIE!
CommanderCrossing: lrrJUDGE
Battlecreekgeek: Gruul stronk
piepie526: oh god
TheWarbo: Choose double haste, send a message
Emberwatch_: Double haste PogChamp
Kykiwi: double haste op
ye7m4n: gotta go fast
dreaving: Double haste
jmilicic: Rakdos Lord of Riots, therefore Riot is a Gruul mechanic
KradoxArcticFox: DOUBLE HASTE
ValhallanKnight: Not Gruul? But Why!?
EnoTheTonberry: Double Haste!
adamjford: DOUBLE HASTE
Science_and_Magic: DOUBLE HASTE!
flatluigi: thanks serge
klodrezz: Gruul Strooong
Juliamon: Xed_Regulus we got raided
IR0NB0RN: Double haste! Kreygasm
valipro: DOUBLE HASTE PogChamp
MalBeam: double haste
lordviridian94: PogChamp DOUBLE HASTE
gMilk: LUL
thalanir: DOUBLE HASTE
Malfegore_: Double haste!!!
Genesation: So Haste!
pterodactyl_noises: d o u b l e h a s t e
Fangren300: SMOrc DOUBLE HASTE
TXC2: coooolibri some people dont follow spoilers
NathanJay_GA: those speed lines though
Justin_Bailey: double haste ftw!
sacaguito1: double haste PogChamp
akkarin2304: double haste gabyHype
watsatwich: DOUBLE JHASTE
Zeekey: go fast SMOrc
CZ_TMC: big choice SMOrc or SMOrc
IronRoperr: Triple haste ia thing!
na_me_le_ss_: doubble haste SMOrc
Trollbonist: Double Haste: Send a message
w1nsol: Double haste forever!
donc3vas: double haste ofc PogChamp
duskiedude: DOUBLE HASTE PogChmp
myporpoiseinlife: double haste
Vivanity: <message deleted>Double haste wtf lol
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yalc321: Simic for Life! Catch you in the vod!
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Yosh1tailz: DOUBLE HASTE SMOrc
Abavus: Double haste == zoomies
ProfessorNoxLive: Double Haste SMOrc
RebelliousUno: Xed_Regulus we had a big raid but yes it's pretty normal
m_i_s_h_r_a: Megahaste new Keyword Pog
d_u_c_k_y: SMOrc double haste
NarishmaReborn: I'm going to give out so much double haste
Vinrael83: Type "wow" to get a free punsh in your face!
EclipseNova258: SCREE double Haste
silenceaux: The speed lines are so good omg
garvizac000: DOUBLE HASTE POG
MilkInBag: what about...TRIPLE haste?
Desruprot: Super Haste
jmilicic: Super Haste?
a_panda_has_no_name: double haste PogChamp
Charnos64: Double haste best haste
djalternative: double haste!!!!
red_shoes_jeff: DOUBLEHASTE
julues: DOuble haste into citywide bust
Jalemo21: RIOT
fracassio: DOUBLE HASTE seabatBRAIN
Papperslappen: Double haste every day!
zzauch: SMOrc doble hate is good
steinfolk: DOUBLE HASTE
Pielordzz: does the audio seem out of sync for anyone else?
Nagimitsu: It's not redundant SMOrc
TheOtherTrevor: Double haste is thinking small. I want QUAD HASTE
TolarianCommunityCollege: Double Haste: Send a message.
myporpoiseinlife: triple haste!!!!
viridimayai: SMOrc RIOT SMOrc
metal_wizard_of_the_range: super haste!
lordviridian94: asmonTar double haste
LadyAtarka: Double haste!!!
susskind_na: NOT GRUUL? THEN DIE SMOrc
kvetchnik: Does everyone in chat really need to repeat "double haste" :-) Simmer down people
kyUUno: ConcernDoge double haste
double_trample: GRUUUULLL
Vioharr: BOOBOO
TXC2: Adapt or die!
TehAmelie: but how many Hastes do you need to get Super Haste?
NovaTiempo: whelp.
laviniagaming: it doesnt lose haste? OK
EclipseNova258: but... double haste
Natedogg2: Not Gruul? But why?
TheWarbo: Double haste: "This creature may attack last turn"
Jalemo21: wow
RealGamerCow: Foctocrab!
meechorizo1: double haste!
ForOhForError: shark to crab
WARZOID: adapt means, 1 removal and you lose the game
3rdgatekeeper: gabyB riot or riot gabyB
Vivanity: <message deleted>SHARKTOCRAB
isaenzf: Hadana stompy pls
RhoxOfDoom: +1 +1
na_me_le_ss_: grull ?
Yosh1tailz: @kvetchnik yes i need
coooolibri: its not spoilers, its just revealing a hand full of cards each day. they uploaded all the new mechanics on the magic website. its not a spoiler at all :D
myporpoiseinlife: the creature has haste the turn before you play it
wargr0s: fish octopus crab. yes
SenseAmidstMadness: @kvetchnik They do, this is twitch
PixelArtDragon: Double haste confirmed for the next un-set.
Andvvv: +1/+1 Pepega
capricorn666: monkaS
softlul: trash la'meme
Abavus: +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1
Kamakazey: worst mechanic
Nooorst: counters Pog
Theycallmejokke: Sharktocrab-nado
lordviridian94: can't wait to draft simic
MightierGlacier: I didnt take haste. I hope I'm not late for the Riot Riot hype. SMOrc
darthcoercis: wait, why wouldn't a creature be allowed to have a +1/+1 counter on it?
Kivipaperisakset: meh, needs more counters
NintendoMasterNo1: If Sharktocrab has riot and I choose to give it a counter, does it's ability trigger?
Mjolnir1336: AXED
shangrilhama: +1+1+1
m0nkeyrama: seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
Science_and_Magic: REL: AXED
WARZOID: +1+1 counters in 2019 EleGiggle
RebelliousUno: Strictly better Monstrous
illbuyyouwings: make some noise for mimic!
Anubis169: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome
Jalemo21: dont go!!
na_me_le_ss_: adapt DansGame
EnoTheTonberry: "Fun Event"
BlueDaNewb: All hail sharktocrab
Vivanity: <message deleted>FUN????
Vioharr: NOT OK
IR0NB0RN: Get the axe!
TXC2: REL:axed
Unas84: Sharktocrab! ♪ Sharktocrab ♫
Yosh1tailz: REL : AXED
Anubis169: REL:Axed
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Anyone else playing simic??
Mrfoucs: SMOrc Orc Male TPcrunchyroll Orc Female
ExhaustedElox: REL: AXED
I_Am_Clockwork: Crab Battle!
Daggothur: sharktocrab!
WrightJustice: REL:AXED!
Abavus: Oh! Also! Hi Chat! katesWave
illbuyyouwings: Simic*
Trollbonist: Axed FTW
Lord_Hosk: REL-AXED
phytonthepython: Fun Dansgame
matthew_dauber: such good sweet bois!
magicwiz: mistakes are not allowed
Vioharr: PUNISH!
Beelzebubster: SMOrc
TehAmelie: !card turbo slug
LRRbot: Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug [3R] | Creature — Slug [3/1] | Super haste (This may attack the turn before you cast it.)
MeLikeSmallMatters: Get Axed for Real
n0sp00n: I see what you did there.
Zerris: @darthcoercis Solemnity
Natedogg2: darthcoercis: Because of how adapt works.
TolarianCommunityCollege: Fun will now commence.
CraziestOwl: Magic!!!!
mastershake29x: @darthcoercis there are wierd cards, they try to cover for corner cases
na_me_le_ss_: SMOrc punish
Kivipaperisakset: REL:AXED is how GRUUL plays
softlul: np :)
kinamara: lrrJUDGE
Jalemo21: they should get gud
meechorizo1: Not Gruul? THEN DIE!
LadyAtarka: lrrJUDGE
jmilicic: Axing Rules Enforcement Level sounds pretty Gruul
magmoTIMEE: fun in mtg ? ; [
circusofkirkus: thanks judges!
LonelyTex: Hi Prof!
Vivanity: <message deleted>Thanks
RealGamerCow: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
TheWarbo: Mandatory Fun yes
Science_and_Magic: DECK BUILD!
warconfessor: build time!
phytonthepython: np :)
kamelion84: lrrHEART lrrJUDGE
capricorn666: DansGame not punished
xbeaugaming: here we go
einerxan: FUN not exist only victory
NanashiSword: Thank you Judges
TheOtherTrevor: Can't be REL:Axed without Gravelgill Axeshark in the set
gipsycurse: Gruul seems easiest to play
meandersobad: <message deleted>we came for the packs opening!
silenceaux: Ah, the best returning prerelease mechanic: REL:AXED.
Milambus: Such good boyz
NojhLivic: Another well done judge video!
ProfessorNoxLive: @LRRMTG_Judge COFFEE
shangrilhama: @ProfessorNoxLive still in chat PogChamp
EnoTheTonberry: Ben did a good job with that video
jacque_steampunk: 6 rounds?
Deltoran11: Yay! lrrJUDGE
HailtheRNG: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
Jalemo21: thanks guys
pizzasteve510: can put a cou ter on op creature to keep fa 5/5 flier as a 2/2
MeLikeSmallMatters: @TolarianCommunityCollege Mandetory fun no less!
solahwin_tampramain: I late!!
tipulsar85: Marshal!
pterodactyl_noises: mic is cutting out?
Ruijsch: LAGGY
Karanok: oh marsh hulk is here
ProfessorNoxLive: @shangrilhama I'm here all day SwiftRage
MaddoKawai: F
mastershake29x: well done judge video as always
3rdgatekeeper: break the rules, get axed
Vioharr: ERROR
Yosh1tailz: the lags!
TheCaptainSauce: Fun hile playing magic??? SMOrc
Ygrassil: 10 millions $ intro KAPOW
SenseAmidstMadness: lol Twitch
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeJustRight sergeHeart
Kamakazey: did the matrix glitch?
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xbeaugaming: boooo
isaenzf: He's a man of word this @ProfessorNoxLive
Bengineering: Hope you enjoyed the edit! <3
noSmokeFire: did we drop some frames there?
xippih: Everything is FINE
kalid0n: @ProfessorNoxLive TEMUR LETS GO!
LonelyTex: @Bengineering YAS benginHeart
CaptainSpam: REL:AXED. That's right, the judges will have axes and will use them as need be to enforce... wait, that's not it?
ArmadilloAL: @TolarianCommunityCollege Thank you for filing the proper paperwork with the Azorius three months ago so we could have fun in time.
queenfounder: lrrJUDGE lrrHEART
EC_as_That: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Keab42: <3 <3 @lrrmtg_judge
mastershake29x: yay LRR for putting it up separately, go @Bengineering
Anubis169: @bengineering manYES
TimeToFry: lrrFINE
circusofkirkus: @Bengineering the animations were fire!
Vioharr: uuuuummmmmmmmmm
RebelliousUno: Hey Bengineering how's it going
LRRMTG_Judge: Treasure is also back, but those are pretty self explanatory.
NarishmaReborn: Great work Bengineering!
nautilus162: get it on!
ANoNameIs: man i love Pre-Prereleases. everyones so chipper!
Statist42: lrrFINE
real1samus: codes?
m0nkeyrama: Good job @Bengineering !
Amentur: @Bengineering Yes, thank you
turtlerpowr: You guys are good!
ExhaustedElox: Good work, Bengineering, you burly boi! :D
Kykiwi: lrrFINE
NovaTiempo: All's good
cheezweazl: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
sternus_7: @TolarianCommunityCollege Hey Prof!
Pseudonym_Ken: doing fine
na_me_le_ss_: why not mtga ? tables DansGame
shangrilhama: @ProfessorNoxLive the best content creator i ever met
DoctorCactus: @Bengineering Is your cough better Ben?
Type_One___: My job can wait....Crack Those Packs!!!
coooolibri: he wants to open the box so badly :D
JaymicUnyielding: yeah i'm losing frames here and there
BlueBeardedDevil: @Bengineering yes!
tnud: 👌
NintendoMasterNo1: If Sharktocrab has riot and I choose to give it a counter, does it's ability trigger?
Theycallmejokke: Unleash Marchell!
silenceaux: Let him open the box!
dannygambit: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
EvanErwin: trollin Marshall
meandersobad: <message deleted>start already!
darthcoercis: Oh. Solemnity. I see. Thanks, chat.
TheArchitectX: Made it! Happy PPR everyone!
TheWarbo: I assume the framedrop is the edit that Ben mentioned
nautilus162: get on with it!
TheOtherTrevor: keep stringing marshal along there
Justin_Bailey: @Bengineering hope you're feeling better Ben!
Vioharr: SUPER ARE
Znazl: lrrJUDGE 1 more thing
Nyx_fire: everything 100% here
tedmannschaller: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4
LRRMTG_Judge: @NintendoMasterNo1 It does!
WotC_LeeSharpe: of COURSE Marshall chose Azorius
RockPusher: Bengineering you are a good edit boi benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
fiquinhobogado: @ProfessorNoxLive why wheren't you invited??
colinoclock: wooo
known_kadath: Graham is torturing Marshal
aussie_rob_w: Da bits! Da bits!
mastershake29x: poor marshall
skiplives: lrrFINE
turtlerpowr: Marshall playing Cheons!
magicwiz: azorius ~
Fangren300: DansGame Azorious box...
NordUnion123: Jebaited
ExhaustedElox: The Enthankening! :D
Reithan: Oh, this is the Pre-Pre-Release? Did I miss the Pre-Pre-Pre-Release? Was there a Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Release this time?
Kikazi: @Bengineering Great job buddy, that was a great video
myporpoiseinlife: release the marshal
MTGColorPie: benginHeart @Bengineering
double_trample: ok lets see a UW control deck
kvetchnik: I'm not loosing frame. It's all good
Science_and_Magic: BIG SUBTRAIN!
Kramburger: Graham stop edging Marshall
NovaTiempo: *?!
blakethehedgehog99: Everything is fine
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IsengardRelocationTeam: was just arena's memory leak bleeding over
Pharmacistjudge: oh hey Lee
windowlick: forsen1 forsen2 any bajs?
Macky135: 8 Pog
EJGRgunner: the glitch is when they replace Marshall's kit with the one preseeded with nuts mythics
MardukGX: 8 hour stream what
ProfessorNoxLive: @fiquinhobogado I went for the M19 one a while back!
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NintendoMasterNo1: @LRRMTG_Judge thanks
Beelzebubster: Azorious DansGame
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Nyx_fire: so excited
RebelliousUno: Subtrain will probably take 8+ hours
WotC_LeeSharpe: hey @Pharmacistjudge !
untap_draw: Not Gruul then die
Trollbonist: An 8 hour tour! An 8 hour tourrr!
H33ko: I C BAJS forsen1
TheWarbo: What if I cast my resub with riot and choose haste?
Okaki3: forsen1
Vivanity: <message deleted>weedFaded weedFaded weedFaded weedFaded weedFaded weedFaded weedFaded weedFaded weedFaded weedFaded weedFaded
CGSguy2: lrrHEART @Bengineering
Ynottony105: let marhall opeb the packs. .
gore4glory91: 8 + hours Kreygasm
NovaTiempo: Eight hours. hoo.
Knightmoved06: @Pharmacistjudge you here?
itsnone_: forsen1 I C BAJS
na_me_le_ss_: umm Kappa
EnoTheTonberry: lrrJUDGE
LonelyTex: @WotC_LeeSharpe benginHeart
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: it'll be 9 hours rather than 8
TimeToFry: !explainjudge
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shangrilhama: @LRRMTG_Judge judgeeeees
vital_remains: SwiftRage open it!
Battlecreekgeek: 8 hours wooo # content
TheMiddlingMage: Cool, Marshal got his U-based guild wish!
EnoTheTonberry: No Level 4 Judges I see
LRRMTG_Judge: Hiya!
capricorn666: @H33ko forsen1
NanashiSword: Lets crack those packs!
Morphnoz: LUL
phytonthepython: level t-two monkaS
Pharmacistjudge: I'm here, i'm also logged into the chat judge account
oakentree: marshall real keen to get into those packs
wicker_knight: my god this is a fast chat lrrSPOOP
Desruprot: :o
tnud: OK
kennwardlol: forsen1
Mrfoucs: make a gruuls chat SMOrc
Znazl: @LRRMTG_Judge <this person
colinoclock: hype!
TXC2: Please keep emotes to less then 7 chat lrrHEART
skiplives: Choo-choo
Yosh1tailz: finally VoHiYo
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Nyx_fire: lrrHEART
colinoclock: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Emberwatch_: Judges, my opponent snuck in a Cheatyface BabyRage
RekFeldman: Judge! I need an adult!
TheGravitron: Marshall so excited
Sando_MTG: @lrrmtg_judge HeyGuys
Cygnus610: so this is the Pre-Prerelease - did I miss the pre-pre-prerelease?
LonelyTex: @Pharmacistjudge Hey Minh!
o_angelkiller_o: let's goooooooooooooooooo
na_me_le_ss_: table top DansGame
adamwb: hype
JudgeKyle: chat judges are 💯🔥👌
derangedhermit: ME GRUUL ME SMASH face
Justherefortherewards: Is the audio lagging for anyone else? or should I just refresh
WotC_LeeSharpe: @ProfessorNoxLive : Hey, I can get behind either Rakdos or Gruul ;)
yukichocomilk: blind run PogChamp
RebelliousUno: And let's keep the all caps down too
Kykiwi: XD
m0nkeyrama: Marshall's so hype to open it :D
Mordeka1: Is the mana leek judging? If so, Hello!
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Theycallmejokke: 8+ hour = dinner reservations will be missed ;P
valipro: table top MTGA PogChamp
einerxan: abre la mierda ya menos charla mas movimiento
Crafteh: Kappa
ProfessorNoxLive: @WotC_LeeSharpe A man of flexibility I see Kappa
LoadingReadyRun: !cardview on
LRRbot: Card viewer enabled
WotC_LeeSharpe: @LonelyTex : Hey <3
LRRMTG_Judge: @Mordeka1 I am! theman20Leek
zeldaobdg: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm
Vivanity: This is hype af
LadyAtarka: @txc2 but 8 is such a pretty number gabyThump
Red_lobo: Judge Marshall is looking too good right now!
Buwardo: noxTef
silenceaux: Marshall wanted to be surprised
Ljcruz85: VoHiYo
isaenzf: Azorious bois
Genesation: Whoa, those sleeves!
WotC_LeeSharpe: @ProfessorNoxLive : Exactly. Kappa
untap_draw: I want those sleeves
LadyAtarka: What up Lee!!!!!
na_me_le_ss_: teferi DansGame
phytonthepython: you know why
TheWarbo: order, authority, control
jmilicic: "I don't know why" suuuuuuuure you don't
rustedchainsaw: Very glad Marshal was invited. He should be here for every preprerelease!
Karanok: let's crack em
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wargr0s: @ProfessorNoxLive i just checked, and rakdos, the hostopper doesn't kill 3 other creatures in the draft lmao
rubenruboy: SMOrc
ximoklim: Did I miss much?
piepie526: :O
EnoTheTonberry: Order, Authority, Control, Thopters
DoctorCactus: @ProfessorNoxLive You playing a tabletop pre release this set?
ProfessorNoxLive: Azorius is the best. They all fly noxTef
TXC2: LadyAtarka a Clean chat looks nicer Kappa
JanitoTheGuy: dunno y
mastershake29x: ooh new overlay - nice paul
Kykiwi: OH nice rare
dannygambit: Absorb?!
EJGRgunner: I was the only one who got it right
skiplives: He hasn’t been able to listen to Limited Resourses set review.
silenceaux: That's sweet
Yosh1tailz: ABSORB!
Desruprot: Order Authority Control
ProfessorNoxLive: @DoctorCactus I'd love to.
Battlecreekgeek: sweet rare
wattyfathom: that die Kreygasm
floraxfauna: noxChamp noxChamp
Alec_The_Risktaker: Good Promo LUL
Mrfoucs: switch to gruul player please
garvizac000: absorb pog
warconfessor: absorb!
TheGravitron: ABSORB RIP
mmp5bf: rare is medium
isaenzf: Absorb inc
plattrom: "I dont know why" LUL
IR0NB0RN: Counter bois <3
laviniagaming: Hey @m0nkeyrama Good to see you again in this crazy chat!
akkarin2304: absorb promo
lordviridian94: yeah i love that azorius die
phytonthepython: dont know why Kappa
Falyss: sad they aren't doing this in Arena :( we would have a much better view
Vioharr: SELLOUT
Daggothur: SWEET
Buwardo: @ximoklim, Only the rules explanations.
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InfinityToPlanck: always enjoy the pprs looking forward to watching this one
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ProfessorNoxLive: ONE OF US, ONE OF US PogChamp
ArmadilloAL: Dang. That looks even better than the other 75 dice I have.
EnoTheTonberry: I see Absorb
Vioharr: SELLOUT!!
kamelion84: lol
julues: dovin
BlueBeardedDevil: Judge! Bribing!
TheWarbo: Otherwise known as "The Azorius symbol is an equilateral triangle" :-P
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LordShadner: LRRPPR Woo lrrAWESOME
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Daggothur: cheons
jmilicic: Wanting to win. Classic Marshall
Mrfoucs: why not gruuul?
Xobulo: those are sweet sleeves
oakentree: ooh new overlay stuff
duskiedude: SELL OUT Kappa
Serifina: @Falyss They kind of can't.
Fangren300: DansGame sellout...
Lucaan: did anyone pick Simic
Yosh1tailz: ooze PogChamp
myporpoiseinlife: ooooh absorb
MightierGlacier: quench *slurp*
shangrilhama: SIMIC PogChamp
munocard: ZORB!
Vivanity: ADS D:
Lyannen: Token :O
LRRbot: Absorb [WUU] | Instant | Counter target spell. You gain 3 life.
rekw: ooze PogChamp
skiplives: The value.
softlul: rare Pog
SweetLeaf_: PogChamp
IsengardRelocationTeam: OOF
PixelArtDragon: Hey, in Azorius you get Fblthp.
BrindleBoar: shinesorb
m0nkeyrama: Hello @laviniagaming Happy yo see you, too! <3
d_u_c_k_y: Absorb Kreygasm
Buwardo: noxChamp
Bugberry: First time Modern legal.
ProfessorNoxLive: SCOOPED
silenceaux: Ooze token reminding him of what could have been
TXC2: booo counterspell
NarishmaReborn: lrrSACK lrrSACK
3rdgatekeeper: that is pretty
alexis2xx: LUL
Battlecreekgeek: hahahahha oops
TimeToFry: WHoops
Qpic: LUL
Ryenji: LUL
meechorizo1: LOL
Lord_Hosk: YEAH I GOT IT
n0sp00n: LUL
DoctorCactus: @ProfessorNoxLive Playing my first live tournament this pre release, maybe we'll meet!
Koshindan: Counterspells best spells.
Yosh1tailz: YOINK
LadyAtarka: Anyone on Gruul?
sacaguito1: LUL
ExhaustedElox: Counterspell+Healing Salve? Nice :)
NintendoMasterNo1: HA I GOT IT
WARZOID: absorb DansGame
Purtle: YOIN
phytonthepython: thx :)
Purtle: YOINK *
KingKongDonk: No I got it :)
MilkInBag: I sold it on ebay :)
deku_nudes: loose ooze
Solarisphere: LUL
shangrilhama: MTG ARENA CODE FREE PogChamp
isaenzf: Give us
Lollus: Pog
PolymorphingAllDay: YES, I GOT IT
EnoTheTonberry: Loooze
The_letter_jay: whoops
isaenzf: xD
os390: Noice thanks
crimsondestruction: share it
duskiedude: GIVE PLS
ProfessorNoxLive: I love the color of these boosters Kreygasm
d_u_c_k_y: give me Kreygasm
kvetchnik: show the code plz
Desruprot: :O
monogreen4life: Arena Hype
weissh: GOT IT
iamwonton: you'll only get one per account anyway but nice scoop ;)
1mrlee: it's already on wotc mothership isnt it?
darienmask: I know nothing about magic, but can't pass up a live LRR stream +)
shaderichter_belmont: the nox token, nice
sylphide_spirit: The ugh of disgust at red lol
TheGravitron: he's not opening the seeded pack first?!
adam_brownie: Good cwrd
WotC_LeeSharpe: That code is a unique code (and the codes aren't live yet)
softlul: trash pile
fiquinhobogado: code??
liberalideas: Could anyone PM if you happen to know how to get into one of these events in Italy?
sblue333: 1 per account tho :(
Koshindan: Ew red rare. DansGame
oakentree: uwu what's this? absorb?
m0nkeyrama: That's a pretty absorb :o
WolfgangCloud: Rix Maadi Reveler is the rare?
liberalideas: just moved here
sliken90: what code D=
BananaMuffin: absorb. illuminati confirmed
LRRbot: Prowling Caracal [1W] | Creature — Cat [3/1]
IR0NB0RN: Marshall is so thorough at deckbuilding, it's so nice! Kreygasm
Koshindan: Cat Blade.
ExhaustedElox: Kitty Blade :D
LRRbot: Rubblebelt Runner [1RG] | Creature — Viashino Warrior [3/3] | Rubblebelt Runner can’t be blocked by creature tokens.
d_u_c_k_y: cat CoolCat
tkshillinz: heyyyy friendos
wicker_knight: @WotC_LeeSharpe what's the protocol if the same code is spammed dozens of times at once :P
laviniagaming: Good to know free draft in arena with codes again
TXC2: is that 3/1 a reprint?
TrunX_: is this image recognition or some sort of rfid?
LRRbot: Persistent Petitioners [1U] | Creature — Human Advisor [1/3] | {1}, {T}: Target player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard. / Tap four untapped Advisors you control: Target player puts the top twelve cards of their library into their graveyard. / A deck can have any number of cards named Persistent Petitioners.
Vackin: GRUUL 100%
Science_and_Magic: MILL EM!
garvizac000: PETITIONERS
na_me_le_ss_: soo hard to see DansGame
LRRbot: Haazda Officer [2W] | Creature — Human Soldier [3/2] | When Haazda Officer enters the battlefield, target creature you control gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
Fr0Dough: Mill MIll Mill
LRRMTG_Judge: @liberalideas Will tell you your nearest store hosting a prerelease theman20Leek
shangrilhama: MILL MILL MILL PogChamp
EnoTheTonberry: Hey, it's Twitch Chat
d_u_c_k_y: Mill dream is real Kreygasm
RebelliousUno: Ah the Pensioners
eshabootie: free draft?
DoktorPiccolo: Mill PogChamp
WARZOID: deckmaster broken?
TXC2: TrunX_ is works off of the art
Kykiwi: blue white mill lest go
Vioharr: MILL!!!!
lordviridian94: mill time! PogChamp
pizzasteve510: funny...i emailed WOC that cross marketing of on line with paper idea during MOL beta testing decade ago
jmilicic: @TXC2 nope
LRRbot: Sauroform Hybrid [1G] | Creature — Human Lizard Warrior [2/2] | {4}{G}{G}: Adapt 4.
Fr0Dough: Mill Nye the science guy
XMegami: Mill strategy.
TrunX_: TXC2 thanks
softlul: aggressive card slaps :o
KGEvans: need a pack of just petitionors LUL
zendemion: puppy monkey baby
3rdgatekeeper: "awkward"
liberalideas: @LRRMTG_Judge thanks boss
Pallepro: ManBearPig
Lyannen: Classic Simic
Oronas_: reptilians
TheOtherTrevor: Force Advisor Tribal
big_large: upside bear!
RuiFaleiro: @LoadingReadyRun Thank you for this, the best birthday present.
EnoTheTonberry: a G-rizzly Bear
TXC2: jmilicic damn, thats like the 12 3/1 then :P
LRRbot: Undercity's Embrace [2B] | Instant | Target opponent sacrifices a creature. If you control a creature with power 4 or greater, you gain 4 life.
noSmokeFire: "Creature Human Lizard Warrior" *almost* fits Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
shinumei: Upside bear!!!
Justherefortherewards: grizzly bear, I like it
LRRbot: Final Payment [WB] | Instant | As an additional cost to cast this spell, pay 5 life or sacrifice a creature or enchantment. / Destroy target creature.
Mjaomjao2: just living in an upside world!
pizzasteve510: used to be mgmt strategy consultant...they ignored me of course
laviniagaming: final payment <3
w1nsol: Final payment is such gas
RealGamerCow: Upside Bear
Da_ScientistXL: Killer Croc
LRRbot: Watchful Giant [5W] | Creature — Giant Soldier [3/6] | When Watchful Giant enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Human creature token.
Kykiwi: final payment wow
WARZOID: holy final payment OP
rox4s520: SUDUKU Pog
jmilicic: @TXC2 Yup, you can have your pick of cards that are generally less good than Adanto Vanguard ;)
Lord_Hosk: Up side bear... hes hold the board and then does a thing... and then he does... cause hes and UP SIDE BEAR
silenceaux: Five life is a little rough but...
coooolibri: final payment Pog
softlul: "azorius" pack
LRRbot: Blade Juggler [4B] | Creature — Human Rogue [3/2] | Spectacle {2}{B} / When Blade Juggler enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to you and you draw a card.
shaderichter_belmont: ferocious in black is wacky
lordviridian94: final payment is nutty
TXC2: Final Payment for Highlander?
Ant__R: ProfessorNoxLive that orzhov removal tho
adam_brownie: Orzhov lookin good
Yosh1tailz: Brumak card VoHiYo
0SkullDuggery0: Rakdos boys!
Karanok: blade juggler p good
kvetchnik: Every time Graham compares a card to an old card, everybody drinks
Jakerunner: final payment is good
phytonthepython: hats a good limited card
mmp5bf: phyrexian rager
LRRbot: Rubble Reading [3R] | Sorcery | Destroy target land. Scry 2.
ProfessorNoxLive: @ant_R Spooky o_o
LRRMTG_Judge: @Lord_Hosk Upside bear, it's a 2/2 but it doesn't stop theeere theman20Leek
ixidor_: tuned in at the right time 👌
TXC2: jmilicic Denisty counts for a lot in signaleton :P
LRRbot: Rhythm of the Wild [1RG] | Enchantment | Creature spells you control can’t be countered. / Nontoken creatures you control have riot.
I_Am_Clockwork: Juggler enables your opponents spectical though :p
shangrilhama: NO LD?? :(
WARZOID: buying bulk final payment foil
Vioharr: Land destruction deck!
EnoTheTonberry: Ooooh, Riot
d_u_c_k_y: land destruction Kreygasm
MilkInBag: yavimaya fire PogChamp
garvizac000: RHYTHM so good
cmdrzellgaudis: UPSIDE BEARS!
Purtle: PogChamp yes
Freshly_Toasted: OOOOH
Yosh1tailz: R I O T SMOrc
Znazl: Rhythm PogChamp
CobaltShurikenReborn: #RakdosPride
Alec_The_Risktaker: RHYTHM PogChamp
philawentzia: Rhythm seems so good
Mrfoucs: gruuuuuuul yess
kvetchnik: Rhytm of the Wild is insane. Bahroken!
LRRbot: Gate Colossus [8] | Artifact Creature — Construct [8/8] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Gate you control. / Gate Colossus can’t be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Whenever a Gate enters the battlefield under your control, you may put Gate Colossus from your graveyard on top of your library.
Lord_Hosk tableflip
mmp5bf: card snap are hurting my heart
HailtheRNG: gruul acendency?
zzauch: SMOrc of the wild
vigariopro: double haste
kyUUno: double haste boys
myporpoiseinlife: double haste
thalanir: #DoubleHaste
adamjford: DOUBLE HASTE
jmilicic: @TXC2 Fair, they're prolly bringing singleton back to Arena
d_u_c_k_y: Gates LUL
Science_and_Magic: GATE TRIBAL!
circusofkirkus: gate tribal!
tkshillinz: three days grace loves to riot
LRRMTG_Judge: Rhythm of the Wild is missing the song of the city.
laviniagaming: Gate deck tribal too strong
LRRbot: Swirling Torrent [5U] | Sorcery | Choose one or both — / • Put target creature on top of its owner’s library. / • Return target creature to its owner’s hand.
mmp5bf: i think that is fine :P
Mrfoucs: gay collosus?
TheOtherTrevor: play all 6 gates regardless of colour
kvetchnik: Rythm of the Wild is going to be in sooo many standard decks. It's insane
TimeToFry: That seems silly
Freshly_Toasted: #RainbowGate
Ryenji: "Oops!"
Crazykingwolf: how long they been live??
LRRbot: Rix Maadi Reveler [1R] | Creature — Human Shaman [2/2] | Spectacle {2}{B}{R} / When Rix Maadi Reveler enters the battlefield, discard a card, then draw a card. If Rix Maadi Reveler’s spectacle cost was paid, instead discard your hand, then draw three cards.
AliasV: Hi chat! aliasvHi aliasvHi what did I miss???
freshmaker__: A giant that gets discounted? What is this, Hearthstone?
myporpoiseinlife: ooh the reveler
jmilicic: "You only get 6 gates" Graham assuming no foils
TehAmelie: they do like rainbows
TXC2: hello AliasV welcome to deck building
mmp5bf: @AliasV only one pack
RebelliousUno: AliasV not a great deal so far
liberalideas: Nice @LRRMTG_Judge found a spot here in the city close by, you da man/woman
VjDaDj: Just finished listening to the new episode of LR and now i get to see Marshall put his knowledge to the test
johfri82: rare in red BibleThump BibleThump
RebelliousUno: Absorb top of the seeded pack
tkshillinz: @AliasV all the cool kids are here
aussie_rob_w: wait, did LRR have a spoiler card this time? Or is LRR's spoiler special this whole wonderful event?
silenceaux: You Bedlam Reveler, if anyone remembers that card.
LRRMTG_Judge: @liberalideas Good luck and enjoy! theman20Leek
AliasV: awesome, thanks friends!
TenoshiiMTG: @aliasv Marshall has picked Azorius
Mjolnir1336: 3/4 prowess
wicker_knight: Rakdos gets more hellbent weirdness
Karanok: discard draw 3 is reveling
kirrouk: @AliasV Hi HeyGuys
TimeToFry: Ooh
TimeToFry: That's pretty
bradlby: 2 spooky
EJGRgunner: oooh. that IS nice
laviniagaming: beautiful
I_Am_Clockwork: thes spirit is sooooo pretty
Fr0Dough: Dementor!
AliasV: @tenoshiimtg SeemsGood
m0nkeyrama: That's a sweet looking token
LRRbot: Humongulus [4U] | Creature — Homunculus [2/5] | Hexproof
shangrilhama: Allegiance art is Kreygasm
lordviridian94: SMOrc
sblue333: I love how neat Marshall’s organization is!
ExhaustedElox: It's mah boi! :D
MightierGlacier: HUGH MUNGUS
Joechamp360: hi
WARZOID: they look at each others deck??
00busyhands: @silenceaux I member
Aceplayer46: SWOL
I_Am_Clockwork: Humongulous!
Malfegore_: Spoopy Spirit
timiam: Fblthicc!
mastershake29x: @aussie_rob_w they did, they previewed on a stream rather then a video this time
myporpoiseinlife: oh i want foils of those
LRRbot: Prowling Caracal [1W] | Creature — Cat [3/1]
Deltoran11: Fblthp's friend!
d_u_c_k_y: Hugh Mungus KKona
wicker_knight: Rippedlthb
RealGamerCow: I love Humongulus, and it's flavor text
LRRbot: Gravel-Hide Goblin [1R] | Creature — Goblin Shaman [2/1] | {3}{G}: Gravel-Hide Goblin gets +2/+2 until end of turn.
kvetchnik: They're looking for Fblthp
PixelArtDragon: Interesting thing, Rix Maadi Reveler doesn't check whether you discarded. If you're on 0 cards when it enters, you just draw a card.
deepdikpizza: its hugh mungus
tergonis: lookin for fblthp!
Desruprot: its Humongulus
geiszt: D:
derangedhermit: WHERE ARE YOU FBLTHP ...:(
LRRbot: Mammoth Spider [4G] | Creature — Spider [3/5] | Reach
TehAmelie: Lord Humongulus
SconnieGuy: one of these idiots?
murabittoo: idiots D: ?
Evelo_Grave: Pog Another Mammoth Spider
shaderichter_belmont: nice
a_panda_has_no_name: Humungolous what?
CobaltShurikenReborn: find flbthp please
control_rig: Ooooooh that would be amazing
ArmadilloAL: The Rakdos have Fblthp.
EnoTheTonberry: So nice
philawentzia: Woo mammoth spider
Hugh_Munculus: :P
Karanok: that would be good
wizardkay: Fblthp "finds his spark"
darthcoercis: i'm kind of surprised that the guild packs aren't seeded
3rdgatekeeper: welcome back mammoth spooder
ArmadilloAL: He's in the Captive Audience.
Mangledpixel: poor Fblthp is still lost :(
G0dddd: oi you calling the cat idiot?
derangedhermit: fblthp is in Captive Audience
LRRbot: Thirsting Shade [B] | Creature — Shade [1/1] | Lifelink / {2}{B}: Thirsting Shade gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
susskind_na: <message deleted>bladerunner reference
softlul: where did the absorb go? :O
lordviridian94: fiblthp PogChamp
dannygambit: @derangedhermit Int he art for Captive Audience!
Vioharr: WHAT?
LRRbot: Senate Courier [2U] | Creature — Bird [1/4] | Flying / {1}{W}: Senate Courier gains vigilance until end of turn.
PixelArtDragon: The Shade is thirsting on main.
AliasV: entering worker aliasvLurk mode. enjoy the show, everyone!
Keab42: Fblthp is in the art for Captive Audience
DarkAbyssKeeper: Arena Dailies done, Hi chat.
LRRMTG_Judge: Except it will be spelled. Cthrtc Rnn.
Desruprot: pretty sure Fblthp isn't on ravnica anymore
LRRbot: Wrecking Beast [5GG] | Creature — Beast [6/6] | Riot / Trample
w1nsol: I want a Fblthp legendary card next set
hellaskeletons: I less the rains down in Ravnica
Mox_Hagdorm: I so want a Fblthp planeswalker
mmp5bf: beast is good
RebelliousUno: softlul it's still in the seeded pack
myporpoiseinlife: is fblthp in dice friends?!!
Vioharr: LIFELINK 1/1 for 1
Ant__R: PogChamp
TimeToFry: I'm gonna lose to that beast
LRRbot: Gruul Locket [3] | Artifact | {T}: Add {R} or {G}. / {R/G}{R/G}{R/G}{R/G}, {T}, Sacrifice Gruul Locket: Draw two cards.
Anubis169: AliasV: have fun! hobbLurk
kvetchnik: Came in like a wrecking beast!
RebelliousUno: which hasn't been opened yet
MatthewDennisMTG: I love that idea for a reprinted cathartic reunion
MightierGlacier: press F for no Dreadmaw Colossus
philawentzia: Beast looks good
Evandill: kiitLurk
MightierGlacier: er, colossal dreadmaw
Science_and_Magic: F
Yosh1tailz: F
Auxilant: colossal dreadmaw +
LRRbot: Frenzied Arynx [2RG] | Creature — Cat Beast [3/3] | Riot / Trample / {4}{R}{G}: Frenzied Arynx gets +3/+0 until end of turn.
Zappeljakob: F
philawentzia: arynx looks great
d_u_c_k_y: GRUUL SMOrc
Battlecreekgeek: When it etbs: "I came in like a wreeeeecking beeast''
Mox_Hagdorm: Put Fblthp in Smash you cowards!
mmp5bf: dreadmaw all sets :P
Keab42: F
yourbutterface: I'm at work will this be available to watch later on you tube
adam_brownie: Arynx
na_me_le_ss_: SMOrc
EJGRgunner: It's not the same. Colossal Dreadmaw forever!
LRRbot: Orzhov Locket [3] | Artifact | {T}: Add {W} or {B}. / {W/B}{W/B}{W/B}{W/B}, {T}, Sacrifice Orzhov Locket: Draw two cards.
sceriffo: megacat PogChamp
silenceaux: Mad Cats
TenoshiiMTG: colossaller dreadmaw
darthcoercis: like, an azorios box isn't seeded with azorios cards.
kvetchnik: not f. So glad to be rid of colossal in every set
jmilicic: Arynx very stronk
Science_and_Magic: 2 lockets?
reddon632: WUGBR???
LRRbot: Silhana Wayfinder [1G] | Creature — Elf Scout [2/1] | When Silhana Wayfinder enters the battlefield, look at the top four cards of your library. You may reveal a creature or land card from among them and put it on top of your library. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
91hanni: is Zoo back in Standard?
TXSTCHAMP: so much gruul for azorious
Arclight_Dynamo: That locket is 100% a Millennium Falcon.
simsalazim: we gruul people
Oronas_: CoolCat
Science_and_Magic: Nice
Gravygravyjosh: orzhov best locket
Majorbandgeek: library bleh
Karanok: bad wayfinder
I_Am_Clockwork: so far, the Orzov cards are soooo pretty
mastershake29x: @yourbutterface yes, posted to youtube as soon as they can, or you can watch the twitch VOD
DarkAbyssKeeper: Fblthp will get his Spark in the next set, triggered by Bolas blowing something up.
jandj2017: enjoy ur gruul cards XD
TXSTCHAMP: why this dude seem so mad ?
GibraelDoesntExist: orzhov locket = pimp locket
LRRbot: Azorius Skyguard [4WU] | Creature — Human Knight [3/3] | Flying, first strike / Creatures your opponents control get −1/−0.
Science_and_Magic: YO!
ExhaustedElox: Ummm yes please
philawentzia: Skyguard PogChamp
PixelArtDragon: Weakstone with... wings?
LRRbot: Resolute Watchdog [W] | Creature — Hound [1/3] | Defender / {1}, Sacrifice Resolute Watchdog: Target creature you control gains indestructible until end of turn.
jmilicic: Skyguard annoying
Alec_The_Risktaker: HYDROID
EvanErwin: good boy
control_rig: Oh noooo
Bugberry: good boy
Alphaetus_Prime: OhMyDog
Majorbandgeek: PUPPY
ExhaustedElox: Awww the best boi
derangedhermit: GOOD DOG
Kykiwi: doggo!
Zerris: KRASIS
mmp5bf: welcome to sealed
Mikelorus: OhMyDog
lemonfont: hydroid krasis
MeLikeSmallMatters: Pupper!
Krokaar: what a good boy
Malfegore_: Good boi
Beelzebubster: JELLYGFISH HYDRA PogChamp
lordviridian94: very good boy
Science_and_Magic: Doggo!
kablooiek: Marshall is going way too fast for me lol
Fangren300: PogChamp
TheWarbo: such sad flavor text on Good Dog
control_rig: Don't you EVER use that ability
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN hydra :o
frankenstein3r: Jellyfish!
softlul: PogChamp
LRRbot: Hydroid Krasis [XGU] | Creature — Jellyfish Hydra Beast [0/0] | When you cast this spell, you gain half X life and draw half X cards. Round down each time. / Flying, trample / Hydroid Krasis enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.
Ant__R: PogChamp
garvizac000: NICE
EJGRgunner: Do not sacrifice the Pupper!
KarenDoesThings: PogChamp
yourbutterface: @mastershake29x thank you
Karanok: the jelly
Freshly_Toasted: JELLY HYDRA
susskind_na: <message deleted>Pog
Furrytractor68: KRASIS! VoHiYo
jmilicic: JELLYFISH
TXC2: holy moly
MarCrosMallkav: PogChamp
d_u_c_k_y: PogChamp
Umdum08: PogChamp
MightierGlacier: PogChamp
philawentzia: PogChamp
JanitoTheGuy: ooohhhh
Purtle: PogChamp JELLYFISH
HappyPorcupine: PogChamp
dannygambit: Geez
LonelyTex: benginOmg
mmp5bf: theres a reason to be simic
flaccidpianist_mtg: PogChamp
Noopy757: Hydroid PogChamp
duskiedude: Pog
Juliamon: Oh baby
Aceplayer46: PogChamp
zzauch: danP danP
tergonis: oh dat hydra
Mangledpixel: Jellyfish Hydra Beast!
laviniagaming: JELLYFISH HYDRA
sylphide_spirit: Hydroiiid!
koponenjn: Pog
Snacattac: PogChamp
sacaguito1: PogChamp
kratospths: <message deleted>Rigged >.>
Lyannen: It's here
bradlby: jelly boi
shangrilhama: hydraaaaaaa PogChamp
Zappeljakob: NICE
tkshillinz: cray-craysis
warconfessor: PogChamp
mmp5bf: PogChamp
JanitoTheGuy: gg
simsalazim: temur ramp?
8_Bit_Unicorn: Jellyfish hydra yay!
ritchards: Spin into Simic!
simblue91: PogChamp
sblue333: JELLY ALARMS
DoktorPiccolo: PogChamp
adam_brownie: Jelayfesh
tom_content: hydroid is sweeeet
lordviridian94: PogChamp OMG
WrightJustice: PogChamp
UnknownGerm: Bant good stuff?
Science_and_Magic: JELLYFISH HYDRA
thalanir: rooPog
isaenzf: Pog
IR0NB0RN: Simic baby <3
RebelliousUno: that type line
untap_draw: B A N T
valipro: PogChamp
kvetchnik: That one is amazing, and he can splash it easily
philawentzia: Absolute Bomb!!!!
adi_pie: Ah, I see Marshall will play Simic anyway.
LonelyTex: PogChamp
kamelion84: lrrWOW
RadianAngelOC: LUL
heckingjen: its a mulldrifter
Mrfoucs: ooooooooooooooo
Orinthane: Jellyfish Beast!!!!!
Trollbonist: Jellyfish Hydra Beast. Thanks Simic.
sblue333: WOOOOOO
cartooncolee: Sweet!!
HailtheRNG: you splash for that
SconnieGuy: spirit fingers
DoctorCactus: with the simic guildgate too to splash
kratospths: <message deleted>WutFace Rigged
sealedboxofeternalmasters: cthulhu?
Mox_Hagdorm: Pivot into Simic?
HappyPorcupine: So good in limited
jmilicic: Bantastic
SaltyTerranym: Simic's Revelation
Alphaetus_Prime: SPLASHABLE PogChamp
Intangible360: Simic!
Glieken: Marshall ends up simic anyway LUL
Joechamp360: shoulda gone simic
shangrilhama: WE SIMIC BOIS
jandj2017: u deserve a gruul mythic XD
silenceaux: Meant To Be
soft_sunset: flample
DemoDane: Simic Revelation PogChamp
ninja_theory_ashrams: Kray-Kray
Lyannen: lrrWOW
na_me_le_ss_: PogChamp
Yosh1tailz: COMBO PogChamp
Solarisphere: flample LUL
Justin_Bailey: see? he is playing simic
garvizac000: sphinxs rev on a stick
shaderichter_belmont: flample
DrakenPolska: we have a splash
pennyisafreeloader: flample
monogreen4life: Gaining life drawing cards
Fangren300: PogChamp PogChamp MYTHIC SPLASH
thenb44: bant time
lemonfont: SIMIC PIVOT
myporpoiseinlife: were bant now
Serifina: Hydroid!
grenadoxy: flample
Koshindan: So he'll go Simic anyways.
djalternative: JELLYFISH HYDRA!!!!!
graciefacefunkybunch: flample
Pharmacistjudge: Marshall has found his marshallVALUE
Anubis169: kratospths: play nice
Serifina: Krasis!
QTL7: Sphinx's hydra
Serifina: I want!
Uzumaki15: 50% Sphinx's Revelation
Buwardo: Green / Blue / Red incoming Pog
Kyawadoa: Limited bomb, oh baby
NrgSpoon: gotta love uncounterable effects
sylphide_spirit: Simic says Hi even tho Marshall didnt pick them
MagicSeeker1: Should splash green for fixing.
iamasparticus: new simic keyword flample!
alphasapphire234561: Squid1 SabaPing Squid4
papierre87: so he will go bant
mmp5bf: i think we are temur?
LRRbot: Bring to Trial [2W] | Sorcery | Exile target creature with power 4 or greater.
schlormph: nice beast
RNAPBP: Audio a bit off only for me?
LRRbot: Storm Strike [R] | Instant | Target creature gets +1/+0 and gains first strike until end of turn. Scry 1.
Mrfoucs: Squid1 EntropyWins Squid4
kvetchnik: Audio is on point for me
LRRMTG_Judge: Try refreshing
LRRbot: Shimmer of Possibility [1U] | Sorcery | Look at the top four cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
MCUy: that flapping sound :D
darthcoercis: so wait, you get at least 1 seeded pack for the guild you choose?
3rdgatekeeper: storm strike doesn't have storm :/
Trollbonist: Audio looks good from here
PixelArtDragon: Squid1 lrrBEEJ Squid4
softlul: the guy really on the dot with switching out the cardso n screen
johothehobo: hey chat, what where the rares
kvetchnik: Try refreshing and changing quality
ExhaustedElox: A new Anticipate?
d_u_c_k_y: sourcery anticipate Kreygasm
frnknstn: The Shimmer art
LRRbot: Steeple Creeper [2G] | Creature — Frog Snake [4/2] | {3}{U}: Steeple Creeper gains flying until end of turn.
Lyannen: Sorcery Impulse
garvizac000: better anticipate
RomanGoro: What amazing art
SaltyTerranym: Steeper Creeple
lordviridian94: the art in this set is AMAZING
Freshly_Toasted: 1 red instant first strike? Rakdos is looking sweeet
control_rig: Xenomorph
monogreen4life: Juggler red rare
TimeToFry: Frog Snake?
micahmind: which guild did Marshall pick for the seeded pack?
RealGamerCow: Marshall's box is Azorius?
TXC2: Scorey speed impules good no?
noSmokeFire: Teenage Mutant Steeple Creeper
jmilicic: Kindled Fury with scry is nice
soulBit: jace and vraska in the puddle on that card
TehAmelie: it might be a split second desynced but i can't be sure
DarkAbyssKeeper: BUG seems good.
mastershake29x: @darthcoercis yes, you get one seeded pack in the guild you choose, and 5 regular packs
RebelliousUno: micahmind azorius
TheLogicFan: the rakdos art is amazing this time
TheGravitron: a U problem?
monogreen4life: and jellyfish hydra
ヒットマン: frog snake monkaS
micahmind: thanks @rebelliousuno
TheWarbo: Leapsnake
PsychoI3oy: creeple steeper
LRRbot: Rakdos Roustabout [1BR] | Creature — Ogre Warrior [3/2] | Whenever Rakdos Roustabout becomes blocked, it deals 1 damage to the player or planeswalker it’s attacking.
pblackcoat just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, pblackcoat! (Today's storm count: 64)
MightierGlacier: right, frogs can jump...
tipulsar85: GRN was also set in Fall...
mariammistressofmanifolds: also, the art for shimmer shows jace and lavinia talking in the puddle
LRRbot: Rakdos Locket [3] | Artifact | {T}: Add {B} or {R}. / {B/R}{B/R}{B/R}{B/R}, {T}, Sacrifice Rakdos Locket: Draw two cards.
LRRbot: Aeromunculus [1GU] | Creature — Homunculus Mutant [2/3] | Flying / {2}{G}{U}: Adapt 1.
Science_and_Magic: Lotta Rakdos cards
ExhaustedElox: Rakdos locket looks NICE
flaccidpianist_mtg: simic for life
Alphaetus_Prime: LUL
LRRbot: Burning-Tree Vandal [2R] | Creature — Human Rogue [2/1] | Riot / Whenever Burning-Tree Vandal attacks, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.
lordviridian94: aeromunculus WutFace
Karanok: aeromunculus seems like a good common
Koshindan: Bant is finally back?
JinaMahavira: Bant or riot
AliceTheAlice: I don't know Graham... tell Gavin that I am yawning over the story theme being: Winter is Coming. I heard that theme is not so original. ;)
TheSfid: return to return to Ravnica
UnknownGerm: Bant good stuff looking better and better
mmp5bf: this return .....
LRRbot: Ill-Gotten Inheritance [3B] | Enchantment | At the beginning of your upkeep, Ill-Gotten Inheritance deals 1 damage to each opponent and you gain 1 life. / {5}{B}, Sacrifice Ill-Gotten Inheritance: It deals 4 damage to target opponent and you gain 4 life.
InsanityMuffin: isnt WAR set in winter?
Desruprot: return to return to ravnica
ShavaKe: That card is broken
darthcoercis: @mastershake29x that seems kind of messed up. In a set where guild matters, only getting 1 seeded pack in a guild box seems kinda daft.
DarkAbyssKeeper: The Simic Combine has seeded your pool. (Very in keeping, for them.)
Vivanity: YESSS
TheWarbo: this return to Ravnica, not the Return to Ravnica return to Ravnica
LRRbot: Depose // Deploy | Depose [1{W/U}] | Instant | Tap target creature. / Draw a card. // Deploy [2WU] | Instant | Create two 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature tokens with flying, then you gain 1 life for each creature you control.
w1nsol: So the next return in 8 years time will be in the winter?
Mox_Hagdorm: You didn't chose the Simic life, the Simic life chose you!
Alphaetus_Prime: PogChamp
Thurasiz83: so in a few years we get ravnica in winter ?
Lord_Hosk: So how mad is everyone going to be when the third set in Ravnica the Guilds break entirely and reform into new clans based on shards.
SpanielDayLewis: Bant street backs alright
turtlerpowr: My Neck
Zarco_19: it's flier//ice
riordand: Return to Ravnica: Don't call it a come back
Yosh1tailz cracks neck
control_rig: That was the sound of thousands of viewers tilting their heads
LRRbot: Clamor Shaman [2R] | Creature — Goblin Shaman [1/1] | Riot / Whenever Clamor Shaman attacks, target creature an opponent controls can’t block this turn.
TehAmelie: i predict within ten years we'll see a set called the Rav-re-re-returnica
MagisterSieran: Squid1 Squid2 SabaPing Squid4 Simic
TXC2: Love, LOVE that Azorius is not a control deck
Loonatic93: All about that Bant, about that Bant... No Rakdos.
Koshindan: Bant or bust.
ProfessorNoxLive: I can feel the Bant Kreygasm
tkshillinz: Ryan Spain dislikes the shaman
Arararagi234: just play Bant
ffffffTRASH: Man these all seem so filthy
LRRbot: Drill Bit [2B] | Sorcery | Spectacle {B} / Target player reveals their hand. You choose a nonland card from it. That player discards that card.
SeventhZephyr: *fliers but yeah no doubt on the nickname there
Alec_The_Risktaker: Never Boring LUL
darkflame0994: Anyone else noticing the screen flickering? Or is it just me?
studentofwarfare: Pre Pre Release gabyHype
gipsycurse: WUG here we come
Deltoran11: Oh baby
PixelArtDragon: Thopters? In MY Ravnica? It's more likely than you think.
OldBenX: you can't fight fate, Marshall is going to end in Simic LUL
d_u_c_k_y: BANT life Kreygasm
1y1e: @Zarco_19 that is.... very clever :D
Yosh1tailz: LUL
ExhaustedElox: lol nice
Alphaetus_Prime: the name AND flavor text are both puns LUL
BrindleBoar: joeks
adi_pie: God damn it.
Fangren300: It
susskind_na: <message deleted>haHAA
Joechamp360: BANT or coward
ChaoticObserver: lrrJUDGE
Vioharr: Thoughtsieze!
flaccidpianist_mtg: 4Head
sealedboxofeternalmasters: @Lord_Hosk I didnt get to play during shards... So I actually kinda hope that happens
LRRbot: Benthic Biomancer [U] | Creature — Merfolk Wizard Mutant [1/1] | {1}{U}: Adapt 1. / Whenever one or more +1/+1 counters are put on Benthic Biomancer, draw a card, then discard a card.
Stellapacifica: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
philawentzia: LUL
Desruprot: never boring
Mangledpixel: puuuuns!
silenceaux: That reminds me of that one vampire duelist from Innistrad
possibilitystorm: late to the show ar htype?
lordviridian94: *buh dum tsss*
Kyawadoa: Marshal going full Bant lyfe Kreygasm
grandmaspocket: Alright I'm going gruul now
Greshnikk: @ProfessorNoxLive that enchantment lol ))) are you going to continue stream later today ?
TastyArsenic: drill bit is the best card in the set
HappyPorcupine: Poggers
valipro: PogChamp
mastershake29x: wow WotC
Thewingedweirdo: kek
darthcoercis: like, if i pick a rakdos box, but get mostly simic cards, i'd be annoyed.
possibilitystorm: archtype?
d_u_c_k_y: PogChamp
Fangren300: It's the Drill Bit 4Head
PixelArtDragon: Ooh
HappyPorcupine: That card is amazing
mmp5bf: I am my life's work. isn't everyone?
jpiche24: can you adapt more than once?
DoktorPiccolo: Oooh
TheWarbo: Reminder the Rakdos is about *performance*, so the name of Drill Bit is already a pun.
KodeMage: it's not the same guy
91hanni: show card
mastershake29x: @darthcoercis that's unlikely
mmp5bf: @jpiche24 no
tryllebanjo: Oh shit, that's right :O
KodeMage: they are different species
Gambit23603: are there any free sac outlets anymore?
LRRbot: Applied Biomancy [GU] | Instant | Choose one or both — / • Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn. / • Return target creature to its owner’s hand.
flatluigi: @jpiche24 if you manage to get the counters off
RebelliousUno: jpiche24 yes if you don't have +1/+1 counters on
Maikey_R: LUL
itsnone_: LUL
KodeMage: the background is the4 same
na_me_le_ss_: LUL
Gambit23603: yet*
KodeMage: yes it is
TastyArsenic: early nickname submission: heh, get it?
MizumiDucky: cards want to be in Bant
GLHFMagic: Hai frands!! magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF
wicker_knight: hai hia
RebelliousUno: jpiche24 if it has +1 counters on it, it won't get more
susskind_na: feel old FeelsBadMan
KodeMage: those chambers would be common around the simic
RebelliousUno: Hey GLHFMagic
TXC2: hello GLHFMagic welcome
3rdgatekeeper: biomancy looks sick
ExhaustedElox: So no packs from Guilds?
Alphaetus_Prime: or that one guy with the ability
LoadingReadyRun: Steeple Creeper goes in the "fun to say" decklist I am slowly assembling
Koshindan: I'm already liking Marshal's deck and he hasn't even crackked the good stuff.
dylanbbb: Or you have the card that taps to let you ignore adapt having counters
LRRbot: Rubble Slinger [2{R/G}] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/3] | Reach
TimeToFry: N amazonIce
Anubis169: hihi GLHFMagic lrrAWESOME
sneakiestsky76: looks like you should do bant
MaxTurkeyFlaps: Hi Maria and Meghan! @GLHFMagic
darthcoercis: @mastershake29x if only one of the packs is seeded, is it realy that unlikely?
mastershake29x: @ExhaustedElox no, all sets are now self-contained for limited
DrakenPolska: so you can basically give haste and counter or two times haste xD
LRRbot: Quench [1U] | Instant | Counter target spell unless its controller pays {2}.
jacque_steampunk: @LoadingReadyRun is this going to be 6 rounds?
prootootyper: shoutout to Dogwog
AliceTheAlice: Adapt also fails if you put a counter on an opponent's Adapt activation.
raaabr: Slurp!
TheWarbo: So in rare cases, you activate Adapt, they burn in response, you re-Adapt in response to them.
studentofwarfare: there are some cool cards that let you move counters around so you can adapt again
LRRbot: Concordia Pegasus [1W] | Creature — Pegasus [1/3] | Flying
ShavaKe: QUENCH Pog
tipulsar85: There is a card that works around adapts check in this set!
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun Steeple Creeple?
LRRbot: Plague Wight [1B] | Creature — Zombie [2/1] | Whenever Plague Wight becomes blocked, each creature blocking it gets −1/−1 until end of turn.
GLHFMagic: Marshall is the most Azorius person I know #marshallfacts
PixelArtDragon: You can adapt, and if they try to damage it before it resolves, you can adapt again in responce.
wicker_knight: oooh
djKINGSLEY: i just got here how many packs have been open
wicker_knight: I like that
RebelliousUno: Strictly Better Monstrous
control_rig: Read the Concordia pegasus flavor text it's amazing
Xafty: not as edge case as you would think, as they expect you to remove the counters sometimes
mastershake29x: @jacque_steampunk 8 rounds/matches, everyone plays twice
LRRbot: Territorial Boar [1G] | Creature — Boar [2/2] | Whenever a creature with power 4 or greater enters the battlefield under your control, Territorial Boar gets +1/+1 and gains vigilance until end of turn.
steffex2: @LoadingReadyRun So putting a +1/+1 counter on an opponents creature as a response to they adapting might come up.
Alphaetus_Prime: smart
Feminine_Desires: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 27:52.
softlul: getting quite messy
volraths_bane: read the Pegasus flavor text it's awesome
Dav_eeeeeeeed: Biomancer's Familiar also lets you re-Adapt.
tergonis: we got horsemanship back y'all!
VjDaDj: That plague wight is just better than that gob from last set
alxteno: Only +1/+1 counters though
Vivanity: What's the flavor text on that Concordia Pegasus????
LRRbot: Growth Spiral [GU] | Instant | Draw a card. You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield.
jacque_steampunk: thanks
flaccidpianist_mtg: lul
silenceaux: Yeah, it looks like half of the power / breaking Adapt is figuring out how to remove counters for value
RomanGoro: @GLHFMagic subscribe marshallfacts
LRRMTG_Judge: and despite what people remember, you could monsterous at instant speed back in the day. pharma2Vial
Alec_The_Risktaker: growth spiral LUL
MrRainbow90: totally different
Zappeljakob: Be Bant, Marshall
Serifina: You can also adapt again if you have a Biomancer's Familiar. :D
sylphide_spirit: Best art
Kykiwi: <message deleted>what
whenwearebothcats: damn that's a sweet card for standard
LRRbot: Skewer the Critics [2R] | Sorcery | Spectacle {R} / Skewer the Critics deals 3 damage to any target.
Feminine_Desires: Aw, LRRstream started much sooner than I hoped.
RebelliousUno: next...level....
lordviridian94: growth spiral is insane at common
DrakenPolska: nice art and card
LRRMTG_Judge: Anyone have questions on the new mechanics, feel free to ask us.
Karanok: i need a foil growth spiral
MardukGX: pseudo bolt
Vioharr: OP
d_u_c_k_y: BANT kre
Ant__R: he should def go into bant now
ExhaustedElox: Oh man, Marshall is nearly Simic here
Noodles_15: 1 Explore
Lord_Hosk: also its at Instant speed Kappa
Yosh1tailz: SEB SEB SEB
jakobhartman: @LoadingReadyRun he should play bant
Kivipaperisakset: Soo, you can caountyer counters with a counter?
d_u_c_k_y: BANT Kreygasm
dylanbbb: Biomancer's familiar lets you adapt by tapping it and ignores the counters
mmp5bf: LUL
1y1e: pro tip: it's always Seb, or it's always Noah.
3rdgatekeeper: the faux-rocious theme is kinda odd
LRRbot: Bladebrand [1B] | Instant | Target creature gains deathtouch until end of turn. / Draw a card.
mmp5bf: we aren't critics
LRRbot: Azorius Locket [3] | Artifact | {T}: Add {W} or {U}. / {W/U}{W/U}{W/U}{W/U}, {T}, Sacrifice Azorius Locket: Draw two cards.
ExhaustedElox: That's part of the combo with Dagger Caster!
GLHFMagic: Marshall loves his cat Nubbin to the MAX #marshallfacts
LRRbot: Rafter Demon [2BR] | Creature — Demon [4/2] | Spectacle {3}{B}{R} / When Rafter Demon enters the battlefield, if its spectacle cost was paid, each opponent discards a card.
HellBoyRed: show some mythics
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LRRbot: Senate Guildmage [WU] | Creature — Human Wizard [2/2] | {W}, {T}: You gain 2 life. / {U}, {T}: Draw a card, then discard a card.
Alec_The_Risktaker: NICE
tryllebanjo: Oooooh
Battlecreekgeek: this is the best one
na_me_le_ss_: PogChamp
Herowish: This strimmer is very not good
Murcielago66: azorious guildmage PogChamp
softlul: yasss
lordviridian94: best guildmage PogChamp
Majorbandgeek: best guildmage
gMilk: monored burn inc FeelsGoodMan
Alphaetus_Prime: probably the best guildmage
philawentzia: Easily the bets guildmage
untap_draw: Best Guildmage
hubbathegrate: Beszt guildmage in sety
Auxilant: PogChamp
dannygambit: Looter duder!
LRRMTG_Judge: @GLHFMagic !Subscribe MarshalFacts
JanitoTheGuy: the best
injectilio: gimmie da lute
Freshly_Toasted: OOH
silenceaux: The Least Expensive abilities
derangedhermit: I'm the Senate
whenwearebothcats: subscribe marshal facts
DarkAbyssKeeper: So, the card that gives everyone riot seems like it would be fun with the Adapt creatures that have 'when it gets a token' abilities.
LRRbot: Gates Ablaze [2R] | Sorcery | Gates Ablaze deals X damage to each creature, where X is the number of Gates you control.
effiah: Dies to shock, unplayable
d_u_c_k_y: gates LUL
TheWarbo: Azorius as looters. very strong theme.
LRRbot: Sky Tether [W] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature has defender and loses flying.
riordand: It's very hurtful that people keep comparing Adept with Monstrosity, how do you think the Simic would feel?
skyhops286: breeding pool Pogchamp
Noodles_15: Breeding Pool!
kalid0n: Senate Guildmage is so broken
Murcielago66: breeding pool PogChamp
Anubis169: gates' on fire yo travLIGHT
Freshly_Toasted: Raainbow gaaate
Alphaetus_Prime: PogChamp
LRRbot: Breeding Pool | Land — Forest Island | As Breeding Pool enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don’t, it enters the battlefield tapped.
Deltoran11: HOO
Kykiwi: <message deleted>wow
Yosh1tailz: PogChamp
philawentzia: PogChamp
thalanir: rooPog
Obscil: you keep putting rakdos cards in the gruul pile.
Fangren300: PogChamp
Lord_Hosk: LOL
H33ko: PogChamp
Kykiwi: <message deleted>niceeeee
KarenDoesThings: PogChamp
Ryenji: PogChamp
monogreen4life: Sweet
mmp5bf: pool sucks not a gate Kappa
Beelzebubster: PogChamp ion
Karanok: SIMIC
capricorn666: PogChamp
kaptinkillem: GANT
Battlecreekgeek: fixing is innn
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d_u_c_k_y: rare lands Kreygasm
mastershake29x: nice!
wicker_knight: @GLHFMagic Marshall once fixed the Leaning Tower of Pisa. He was asked to push it back for tourism reasons
Thewingedweirdo: is this stream going to be up as a video later?
sylphide_spirit: Bant time
lordviridian94: BANT PogChamp
MightierGlacier: This looks like Bant.
GLHFMagic: Marshall’s favorite movie is The Silence of the Lambs #marshallfacts
DrakenPolska: nice fixing
Auxilant: Pog
tkshillinz: BANT
jmilicic: Guard Duty, but it also drops them
HappyPorcupine: Simic PogChamp
Fruan: Time for BANT!
Alec_The_Risktaker: Kappa
thefinallap: incoming bant
MilkInBag: Simizorious!
mmp5bf: are you supposed to be simic????? yes
shaderichter_belmont: splash
DarthRagnar815: Splash is free gabyHype
n0sp00n: BANT PogChamp
chrsjxn: Oh, that is a good treasure
azureHaights: Bantensifies
Alphaetus_Prime: SAVED
andaho: bant shell Kreygasm
derangedhermit: what card makes it?
Alphaferg: graham with the save
ilide18: thank you graham
3rdgatekeeper: "why is this here" gabyLul
soulBit: FOIL
viridimayai: Thank you Graham
na_me_le_ss_: BANT
Znazl: Thanks Graham
Kyawadoa: Bant? Bant bois and gurls!
mmp5bf: bant
tryllebanjo: You've been BANT!
ArmadilloAL: No, they're all in your hand now.
LRRMTG_Judge: @derangedhermit Smothering Tithe
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Thank you Graham.
Ferox777: thank you, that bothered me too
Chapoven: grham mvp
mastershake29x: @Thewingedweirdo yes, will be on twitch immediately and youtube as soon as they can
NotJustAFleshWound: bant seems very strong
LRRbot: Arrester's Admonition [2U] | Instant | Return target creature to its owner’s hand. / Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, draw a card.
freshmaker__: i love the card that makes the treasure
softlul: draws a card wow
Vinrael83: He must play Krasis
riordand: They were on the table before, tho
arkinoid: Baaaaant
Katiusz: what rare did he get from last pack?
BlueBeardedDevil: "Breeding Pool" gives me the heebie jeebies
LRRbot: Absorb [WUU] | Instant | Counter target spell. You gain 3 life.
LRRbot: Vizkopa Vampire [2{W/B}] | Creature — Vampire [3/1] | Lifelink
DarkAbyssKeeper: "The Amorphous Senate"
LRRbot: Savage Smash [1RG] | Sorcery | Target creature you control gets +2/+2 until end of turn. It fights target creature you don’t control.
KitteyWolf: @BlueBeardedDevil better then 'spawning vat' though i'm not sure if they've used that before
Trymantha: gah i forgot about daylight savings and this starting an hour earlier
Gambit23603: any free sac outlets?
Lord_Hosk: SMASH
wicker_knight: HEADBUTT
TimboSliceDenver: Get ‘em with that OCD!
Yosh1tailz: SMOrc
NanashiSword: The Glasgow Kiss
Lollus: are the cards form the bonus packet playable in the sealed?
LRRbot: Sauroform Hybrid [1G] | Creature — Human Lizard Warrior [2/2] | {4}{G}{G}: Adapt 4.
Terrorizem: @ProfessorNoxLive Stream after the show or nah?
TheWarbo: lol I thought he was mispronouncing "addendum" for lulz
LRRbot: Dead Revels [3B] | Sorcery | Spectacle {1}{B} / Return up to two target creature cards from your graveyard to your hand.
woodrosehs: PIVOT INTO GRUUL
Murcielago66: it's basically murder in limited
LordShadner: less treasure more bribe I think (havn't seen the card)
LRRbot: Rampaging Rendhorn [4G] | Creature — Beast [4/4] | Riot
darthcoercis: like, Marshall chose an Azorios box, but has more rakdos and golgari cards than azorius.
2rrr_mirror_breaker: its bear bunch without ferocious
mastershake29x: @Lollus yes!
shiny_bid00f: The vampire is teenager of night
garvizac000: pivot into temur
Vivanity: Organize those cards you animal!!
LRRMTG_Judge: @Lollus Yup! theman20Leek
ProfessorNoxLive: @Terrorizem This is going to last a while LUL maybe, I'll see
LRRbot: Imperious Oligarch [WB] | Creature — Human Cleric [2/1] | Vigilance / Afterlife 1
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derangedhermit: !card really epic punch
LRRbot: Really Epic Punch [1G] | Sorcery | Target creature you control gets +2/+2 if it's a host or has augment. Then it fights target creature you don't control.
wicker_knight: it's a beefalope
garvizac000: ditch azorioius
TehAmelie: wait, they stapled Healing Salve to OG Counterspell? with no downsides?
LRRbot: Act of Treason [2R] | Sorcery | Gain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn.
Lollus: thanks @mastershake29x @LRRMTG_Judge
Science_and_Magic: ACT is back?!?
Terrorizem: @ProfessorNoxLive haha okie okie :)
LRRbot: Final Payment [WB] | Instant | As an additional cost to cast this spell, pay 5 life or sacrifice a creature or enchantment. / Destroy target creature.
Science_and_Magic: WOO
VjDaDj: or
Bugberry: !card Savage Punch
LRRbot: Savage Punch [1G] | Sorcery | Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control. / Ferocious — The creature you control gets +2/+2 until end of turn before it fights if you control a creature with power 4 or greater.
Alphaetus_Prime: @TehAmelie it's a super old reprint
LRRbot: Justiciar's Portal [1W] | Instant | Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under its owner’s control. It gains first strike until end of turn.
DaMullet14: your choice of bone splinters or dismember seems strong
dannygambit: 4-color good stuff?
Alec_The_Risktaker: Portal PogChamp
withwherewithal: Preprerelease! Hello chat! Super excited to play this set next week
hubbathegrate: Want to sacc stuff
TheLogicFan: Justicar's Portal is nice
Auxilant: portal is PogChamp
DarkAbyssKeeper: TehAmelie, Absorb is super old. But yes.
Desruprot: act of treason + Final Payment
LRRbot: Silhana Wayfinder [1G] | Creature — Elf Scout [2/1] | When Silhana Wayfinder enters the battlefield, look at the top four cards of your library. You may reveal a creature or land card from among them and put it on top of your library. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
pollux14: ohno I'm slightly late
darthcoercis: more seeded packs in the chosen guild box would surely be better.
double_trample: Realy epic punch is back
Ziddletwix2: ??? What are they saying, Final Payment seems really really strong in limited? YOu don't want like 3, but it's a high pick
shiny_bid00f: The 3/1 vamp is Teenager of night
TehAmelie: ah
LRRbot: Archway Angel [5W] | Creature — Angel [3/4] | Flying / When Archway Angel enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life for each Gate you control.
d_u_c_k_y: gates LUL
mmp5bf: dismember is 1 mana....
Murcielago66: 6 mana is so much
schlormph: is Sacc like thicc? the more C's the better?
EJGRgunner: little over rate for a 3/4 flyer
LRRbot: Dovin's Acuity [1WU] | Enchantment | When Dovin’s Acuity enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life and draw a card. / Whenever you cast an instant spell during your main phase, you may return Dovin’s Acuity to its owner’s hand.
Battlecreekgeek: niiice
Alec_The_Risktaker: Acuity PogChamp
Deltoran11: OH YEAH
na_me_le_ss_: gates LUL
Alphaetus_Prime: hey look, it's Information Campaign
garvizac000: Information campaign
Rumbutt: Information Campaign!
andaho: information campaign
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TheNahgg: Information campaign
Yosh1tailz: information campaign PogChamp
Noodles_15: Information Campaign
akkarin2304: information campaign
ujai321: information campaign
tryllebanjo: Information Campaign <3
mmp5bf: not fake news.....
alexis2xx: Real news PogChamp
tkshillinz: Real News
ArmadilloAL: Disdisinformation Campaign
HappyPorcupine: such a cutie
NintendoMasterNo1: FAKER NEWS
MardukGX: actual news!
kyUUno: information campaign
VjDaDj: Information Campaign
EnoTheTonberry: NotFakeNews
Koshindan: Information Campaign
Ignocfajny: Information campaign
d_u_c_k_y: Information Campaign Kreygasm
MightierGlacier: Information Campaign alright.
lordviridian94: information campaign! asmonTar
Andvvv: information campaign
na_me_le_ss_: PogChamp
Ferox777: Information campaign
Field94: True Facts
creativeuncertainty: Information campaign
NintendoMasterNo1: don't trust dovin
TheWarbo: Dat Information Campaign
sacaguito1: information campaign PogChamp
phytonthepython: real news Pog
WrightJustice: real news
whenwearebothcats: I see what you did there
MimiTheYume: information campaign!
HiGuysImDangle: 0Information campaign
Freshly_Toasted: Information campaign
zzauch: Not fake news LUL
Brendanfrazier: REAL NEWS
suiname: NPR
TimeToFry: Antidisestablishmentarian campaign
Fangren300: PogChamp
PixelArtDragon: PSA
julues: Dovinformation Campaign
Yosh1tailz: Disinformation campaign't Kappa
LRRbot: Bedeck // Bedazzle | Bedeck [{B/R}{B/R}] | Instant | Target creature gets +3/−3 until end of turn. // Bedazzle [4BR] | Instant | Destroy target nonbasic land. Bedazzle deals 2 damage to target opponent or planeswalker.
Fangren300: information campaign
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Our PPR max viewership number is 6957 (Dominaria PPR from last year) We are currently sitting just over 6500 viewers, is this the PPR we break 7000 viewers? Sure would be nice :D ||
studentofwarfare: Public Service Announcement is lsvGas
JRandomHacker: Datinformation campaign
Fr0Dough: Propaganda!
LysanderZephyr: Look at them 6 fingers!
kinamara: lrrHERE
Armstrong11139: Datinformation campaign lrrBEEJ
Justherefortherewards: Disdisinformation campaign
ismaelrmurias: ''not fake news''
H33ko: me no stupid wtf SMOrc
Karanok: chaos warp
WARZOID: information campaign LUL
VjDaDj: Ya that card is dope
mattmanw2: land destruction!
3rdgatekeeper: bedazzle target land
TickleMeOzmo: "Nooo.. my rare is Stupid"
injectilio: bedeck the halls
KidSpanner: And just like in real life it's a lot less powerful than Disinformation Campaign.
Beelzebubster: SMOrc Rakdos
Reithan:'s fine
woodrosehs: Pivot into gruul asap
whenwearebothcats: @LoadingReadyRun is it possible for the split cards to get rotated on the overlay? for the sake of our necks :)
TheNahgg: Too bad you can't Bedeck Fayden
samu_btdp1985: PSA
w1nsol: This seems like it would be a strong Rakdos pool
softlul: i just relized that card can be used as a moment of craving for -3
circusofkirkus: big money no whammies
UnknownGerm: so many on colour gates
GavinVerhey: oh hello everybody
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Zappeljakob: And I Need to go to work, see you all later
rolanddegil: hello twitch chat, haven't logged in in so long
KidAmn: Bedeck is a nice mini Augur Spree
MilkInBag: time for ads before opening that pack
DarkAbyssKeeper: Bedeck, Kill a creature or your opponent. Bedazzle, Don't.
Bugberry: That’s a constructed card
riordand: Wich Information Campaign?
Battlecreekgeek: id keep the green aroun
Paladia_Gorom: Disdisdisdisinformation campaign
Yosh1tailz: but green
Malkmaven1176: Ah, the PPR
crashdownreg: bedazzle makes me think of 80's bedazzled denim jackets
Freshly_Toasted: bedeck the halls with gore and bodies, AAAAAAAAAH!
simsalazim: i really dont et how they mad bedazzle cost 6
PinballWitch: god this looks like such a sweet bant deck
Ziddletwix2: you won't consider any green cards?
flatluigi: why not the greens?
mmp5bf: you should open the good pack FIRST
shiny_bid00f: ditch the white
MagisterSieran: Squid1 OSFrog Squid4
iceteaoverbeer: dovin is a cuty
RebelliousUno: whenwearebothcats you get lrrbot post it in chat at the same time as well though
pollux14: the orzhov treasure would look sooo good in foil :C
LRRbot: Absorb [WUU] | Instant | Counter target spell. You gain 3 life.
ArmadilloAL: Five Gates is pretty good too.
n0sp00n: Did Bant just die?
LRRbot: Azorius Locket [3] | Artifact | {T}: Add {W} or {U}. / {W/U}{W/U}{W/U}{W/U}, {T}, Sacrifice Azorius Locket: Draw two cards.
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Itachi261092: hi guys
coriolis_storm: Wouldn't have pegged the Rakdos as Bedazzler fans....
Pedantically: is it me, or is the cheap half of the split rares the better one in this set?
darthcoercis: see? getting rakdos rares in an azorius guild box is dumb.
LRRbot: Spirit of the Spires [3W] | Creature — Spirit [2/4] | Flying / Other creatures you control with flying get +0/+1.
Lord_Hosk: Ravnica Allegiance bringing back the old trying to tilt your head without tilting your head on draw step
mmp5bf: @n0sp00n we'll be bant in sealed
zire4hire: dat asspirit
Alphaetus_Prime: NICE
LRRbot: Depose // Deploy | Depose [1{W/U}] | Instant | Tap target creature. / Draw a card. // Deploy [2WU] | Instant | Create two 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature tokens with flying, then you gain 1 life for each creature you control.
d_u_c_k_y: THICC Kreygasm
graciefacefunkybunch: MercyWing1 OSFrog MercyWing2
Jalemo21: Marshall has
shiny_bid00f: Simic or riot....wait
LRRbot: Eyes Everywhere [2U] | Enchantment | At the beginning of your upkeep, scry 1. / {5}{U}: Exchange control of Eyes Everywhere and target nonland permanent. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
lordviridian94: i love the art
CardKingdom: Oh hey, our preview card!
Plaxcaster55: eyes everywhere is super weird
HellBoyRed: Bring sagas back
adi_pie: Grant us eyes!
TheWarbo: Oh I love that idea
Deltoran11: EYES
Anubis169: CardKingdom! lrrAWESOME
MardukGX: nightmare fuel
deku_nudes: WutFace
RadiantSonata: GRANT US EYES
A_Dub888: eyes e v e r y w h e r e
Anubis169 huggles
VjDaDj: Nice against someone with no blue
pollux14: OHYEAH
valipro: WutFace
MightierGlacier: Ahh, Kos.
pollux14: this set is amazing
grenadoxy: Yu gi Oh
NazakYuzak: Nils Hamm <3
garvizac000: its good with tuck effects
Alness49: Robo Rosewater is doing the art now?
Freshly_Toasted: KOS OR SOME SAY KOSM
os390: google THICC LUL
adam_brownie: E Y E S
GizmoMCs: search for acanta
Plaxcaster55: they also get to switch
garvizac000: aka teferi
Juliamon: Donate your eyes, Graham
Yosh1tailz: e y e s
wicker_knight: Kos, or some say Kosm
BlueRose598: meh
shiny_bid00f: Fear the old blood flblthp
RabidWallaby84: OMG!!! Marshall's at PPR!!!
RockPusher: Are Eyes the new Teeth?
Zerris: And they get to exchange it back, if they're in blue
Koshindan: Take their bomb.
silenceaux: They get to scry forever... Until they pay to get something from you.
TenoshiiMTG: eyes on the inside
sylphide_spirit: Use against opponents with no blue
PixelArtDragon: This is going to be weird under Lore rules.
schlormph: Eyes on the outside
julues: then bounce it
Tigerpine1: Squid1 OSFrog Squid4 SIMIC NOW
LRRbot: Impassioned Orator [1W] | Creature — Human Cleric [2/2] | Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life.
LysanderZephyr: Sideboard card if nothing else
laezert: weird art, weird text
lemonfont: fear the old blood
Tiggiii: blink it to its owners hand
darthcoercis: pre-release boxes should be more seeded towards the colours that you choose.
Natedogg2: But you can steal their best thing in return.
jmmayo: "this is confusing, I like it"
ujai321: soul brother
shiny_bid00f: Soul mister
Maikey_R: this is confusing its awesame LUL\
Science_and_Magic: Soul brother?
Majorbandgeek: only on your stuff
mmp5bf: eyes everywhere is fine in sealed
LRRbot: Sage's Row Savant [1U] | Creature — Vedalken Wizard [2/1] | When Sage’s Row Savant enters the battlefield, scry 2.
DoctorCactus: @LoadingReadyRun is the flicker card, to flicker anything you own? or under your control?
MightierGlacier: Soul Mister.
CataclysmicReverb: You could also bounce it
pollux14: Soul Mister
DoktorPiccolo: Soul Brother! PogChamp
MardukGX: soul bear is my band's name
Thedraechen: Can we bounce it back after shipping it?
na_me_le_ss_: PogChamp
A_Dub888: Soul Bearden
The_cake_of_lies: Aggresive omenspeaker
KidSpanner: 40% of guilds can ship it back, yeah.
azureHaights: Does it matter that Eyes doesn't say "target non-land permanent YOU CONTROL"
LRRbot: Lawmage's Binding [1WU] | Enchantment — Aura | Flash / Enchant creature / Enchanted creature can’t attack or block, and its activated abilities can’t be activated.
pmbarrett314: Bearjani's Welcome
nerdtothecore: That bear is Soul Brother #1
collectivesubconscious: Boo this man
Cyony: 2/1 scry is suuper sweet
Karanok: binding good
LRRbot: Arrester's Admonition [2U] | Instant | Return target creature to its owner’s hand. / Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, draw a card.
azureHaights: er, "YOU DON'T CONTROL"
DarkAbyssKeeper: They probably can't pay blue, and you cash it in WHEN it wins you the game.
Reithan: Flash Arest? SWAT
RebelliousUno: Thedraechen if you bounce it to hand sure
RabidWallaby84: @LoadingReadyRun hurray for PPR stream! Thank you for saving me from watching AGDQ!
LRRbot: Sphinx's Insight [2WU] | Instant | Draw two cards. / Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, you gain 2 life.
UnknownGerm: that only costs 3?!
lemonfont: not, Arrested for Flashing
Noodles_15: "Am I being detain"
moxemeraldforestsamething: admonition is awesome too
na_me_le_ss_: art
LRRbot: Watchful Giant [5W] | Creature — Giant Soldier [3/6] | When Watchful Giant enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Human creature token.
The_Ninjurai: Cause he's a soul man
sealedboxofeternalmasters: the answer is always phelddagrif
MagikMufinMan: nutty that binding is in common
shiny_bid00f: no hes soul mister of the soul sister
LRRbot: Senate Courier [2U] | Creature — Bird [1/4] | Flying / {1}{W}: Senate Courier gains vigilance until end of turn.
TheGravitron: hate the art on Sphinx's Insight
Nnarcissus: i wish i had it all falan böyle
jcorven120: Flashifism
LRRbot: Prowling Caracal [1W] | Creature — Cat [3/1]
Sebastodon: no removal :(
Zoomzemin: soul sibling
lordviridian94: D:
LRRbot: Quench [1U] | Instant | Counter target spell unless its controller pays {2}.
MightierGlacier: SLURP
MagikMufinMan: CoolCat
Science_and_Magic: Mana Drip
Zaraka00: Does flash arrest remove an attacking creature from combat?
ArmadilloAL: Mana Weak.
shangrilhama: mana leak
rdiffee7: never enough cats
tkshillinz: Nubbins tokens when?
MardukGX: that smug face
Tigerpine1: BIG CATTY BOI
shiny_bid00f: Mana weak
mmp5bf: the last pack was bad
Anubis169: manMARTIN
G0dddd: sluuuuuuurp
DoktorPiccolo: Slurrrrp
Karanok: easiest bant of life
GavinVerhey: wow, marshall's deck is so much better than mine
kalid0n: Quench will be fun ResidentSleeper
Science_and_Magic: OH MAN WEAK IS REALLY GOOD!
WhiteWizard42: @Zaraka00 no
flameburstx: @Zaraka00 no
valipro: CoolCat
effiah: Is he making a deck with just this one box?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @Zaraka00 no
shiny_bid00f: Simic or riot
Buwardo: Gate colossus sounds good.
MardukGX: colossus is great wth
LRRbot: Hydroid Krasis [XGU] | Creature — Jellyfish Hydra Beast [0/0] | When you cast this spell, you gain half X life and draw half X cards. Round down each time. / Flying, trample / Hydroid Krasis enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.
Purtle: you would have to do it before declar attackers @Zaraka00
Fangren300: LUL
WARZOID: why are they looking at each others pool ?
Alphaetus_Prime: wow wait hold on a sec
TimeToFry: Gate Colossus is SILLY
Kykiwi: sick mana base
Yosh1tailz: wat the hell
RebelliousUno: Zaraka00 sadly not it's already attacking so
Malfegore_: So many gates
JiazzzVids: Marshall's hand a spirit!
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andy1503: woo preprerelease hello everyone
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, andy1503! (Today's storm count: 71)
wicker_knight: that is one heck of a mana base
sylphide_spirit: Bant gates lets go
chris_knight7: no unncomons in the guild pack? thats dissapointing xD
WolfgangCloud: Bant Gates!!
coriolis_storm: No cats? BibleThump
Deltoran11: The card reader is confused by Marshal's hand
shiny_bid00f: Cut the banter and go bant
EmperorFlloyd: Colossus seems good
lordviridian94: PogChamp bant gates
crimsondestruction: That's Gaa TE
Tigerpine1: Gate deck OMEGALUL
LRRbot: Gate Colossus [8] | Artifact Creature — Construct [8/8] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Gate you control. / Gate Colossus can’t be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Whenever a Gate enters the battlefield under your control, you may put Gate Colossus from your graveyard on top of your library.
Anubis169: "No cats!?" manWOW
Science_and_Magic: Gate Affinity
Dux_glacies: I'm just impressed at Marshall's restraint in not also splashing black
thombus: did he just steal his breeding pool
Professor_Rakor: 5 color gates in this draft format seems absolutely bonkers.
veranfal: League Promo
That1GuyBen: Did he open a hydroid krasis?
Loosterbooster: I would be playing gate colossus
tsmtg: Orzhov cards are splashable as well.
MaxTurkeyFlaps: @That1GuyBen Yes.
Alphaetus_Prime: yep there's a krasis
TXC2: That1GuyBen sure did
tkshillinz: i just realised these two are my favourite vloggers
double_trample: Hahaha the hand turns into spirit
stere89: should play gate angel.
shiny_bid00f: deck name "the azorious legalize tentacles
skyhops286: EZ breeding pool
rogueshenanigans: I mean its frequently going to cost 6 for an 8/8 that can recur
tom_content: 5 gates seems fine for running that card
gore4glory91: what is this magic button thing that enhances the size of cards?? Kreygasm
tkshillinz: vlog bois unite
moxemeraldforestsamething: so is everyone in agreement on this ranking of the guilds for the prerelease? #5 rakdos, #4 azorius, #3 orzov, #2 simic #1 gruul....with simic and gruul being cloe????
Dirt_Gopher: which guild did Marshall open?
RabidWallaby84: We're on Ravnica, not Alara, Marshall!!
Ferox777: please build around information campaign
That1GuyBen: good grief that's the most free splash of his LIFE
dexterthesnake: when Marshall done im closing stream dont wanna watch unexperienced players
LoveOfNacho: @LRRMTG_Judge is arzorius the name for blue white decks?
LRRMTG_Judge: @LoveOfNacho It is! theman20Leek
mastershake29x: @Dirt_Gopher azorious
LRRMTG_Judge: Yes
IsengardRelocationTeam: breeding pool yoinked
LoveOfNacho: thanks:)
zed_alpha: @dexterthesnake they're *ALL* experienced players?
d_u_c_k_y: Hydroid is worth it PogChamp
ProfessorNoxLive: This is my dream Sealed LUL
tropikmajik: Are there no uncommons in the seed pack?
Yosh1tailz: the leak of mana Kappa
LRRMTG_Judge: In this particular set, yes. pharma2Vial
ShavaKe: quench
Ragnaros5: krasis
julues: krasis
philawentzia: krasis was a bomb
flyingthing4: I had to play Red Blue Black out of my Boros box last time
lordviridian94: krasis
injectilio: krasis
RadiantSonata: The hydra
GizmoMCs: @LRRMTG_Judge Give the breeding pool back LUL
Beelzebubster: Krasis and Colossus
derangedhermit: Everything is Fine.
cartooncolee: hydra
ProfessorNoxLive: Krasis was pretty bomby for a Limited card >__>
shiny_bid00f: How many hyoids? does a hydroid krasis have
sblue333: #DO IT
TenoshiiMTG: krasis
ujai321: the colossus is pretty bomby
djalternative: Jellyfish Hydra
HailtheRNG: hydrakrasis looks nuts
zed_alpha: @dexterthesnake especially LRR. They've all been playing for years. A few of 'em have been playing for basically all their lives.
LRRbot: Azorius Skyguard [4WU] | Creature — Human Knight [3/3] | Flying, first strike / Creatures your opponents control get −1/−0.
moxemeraldforestsamething: krasis is s huge bomb
ArmadilloAL: I only got to do one Pre-release for Guilds. I wanted Dimir, but they ran out, so I took Selesnya. Ended up with a bonkers Dimir deck anyway.
TehAmelie: more of a modest carpet bombing situation you say?
Desruprot: Hydra and colossus are bombs
MightierGlacier: @Professor_Rakor not enough +1/+1 counters
Rgontownik: Hydra
Loosterbooster: how often is dovin's auity better than divination?
TheCaptainSauce: Information Campaign is kinda nuts.
Vinrael83: Azorius has no real bombs
simsalazim: collosus for sure
pollux14: there's a lot of removal in the set, bombs aren't as good as an army IMO
LRRbot: Lawmage's Binding [1WU] | Enchantment — Aura | Flash / Enchant creature / Enchanted creature can’t attack or block, and its activated abilities can’t be activated.
Karanok: information campaign is super medium
hesh_seed: Does anyone know if there will be any more deck building shown today?
RabidWallaby84: @LRRMTG_Judge are we enforcing flavor rules, since we're on Ravnica? :P ie: No Bant. ;)
MardukGX: skyguard shuts down spirits
shiny_bid00f: Azorious has no real cards
Itachi261092: guys, write me pls what they use for autopreview cards? I need this tehnology )
lemonfont: do ya??
TXC2: ProfessorNoxLive it's pretty bomby for standard :P
LRRbot: Depose // Deploy | Depose [1{W/U}] | Instant | Tap target creature. / Draw a card. // Deploy [2WU] | Instant | Create two 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature tokens with flying, then you gain 1 life for each creature you control.
Nnarcissus: Hail Hydra
LRRMTG_Judge: no flavor judge rules today pharma2Vial
Zarco_19: Flier/Ice seems really good
Juliamon: hesh_seed everyone else already built their decks
RebelliousUno: !deckviewer
LRRMTG_Judge: No flavor rules here. But you can all have fun wit it. @RabidWallaby84
schlormph: @shiny_bid00f "Tentacles are legal now"
dexterthesnake: @zed_alpha sure maybe but when i watch that every time so bad misplays and they just dont read cards
illbuyyouwings: "fine" I'll take tat fine card in 4 copies, thanks.
DrakenPolska: Ice\\Deploy
Noodles_15: Flier//Ice
Freshly_Toasted: colossus is an 8/8 for 8 at worst, i'd totally take that with 5 gates
Tigerpine1: @Loosterbooster Depends how much enchantment destroy the opopnent has, but acuity is usually better
freshmaker__: @Noodles_15 ooo very good
Karanok: ice taps lands tho
AwesomeHamsterParty: Hey chat can you Adept at instant speed?
DonDanDon: When did this stream start?
dcxhalo: I gave the powder
shiny_bid00f: @schlormph Yes good now to the breeding pool
TheWarbo: Play Bant? Get Bant. :-P
dexterthesnake: @zed_alpha at least Marshall have nice card evaluation
EJGRgunner: Hale Hydra seems pretty sweet
TXC2: AwesomeHamsterParty yeap
Anubis169: DonDanDon: 36min ago :)
Tigerpine1: @AwesomeHamsterParty yes
Ravynn: @Itachi261092 They made their own custom detection program for it
Anubis169: you're just in time
moxemeraldforestsamething: biomancer is sweet
mastershake29x: @DonDanDon 35 min
pollux14: I also vote for Bant
coriolis_storm: @Itachi261092 It's a custom software Paul created
adi_pie: I mean, bombs are probably strictly regulated.
DoctorCactus: God this makes me so hyped for next weekend haha
CataclysmicReverb: Sphynxes?
LRRbot: Benthic Biomancer [U] | Creature — Merfolk Wizard Mutant [1/1] | {1}{U}: Adapt 1. / Whenever one or more +1/+1 counters are put on Benthic Biomancer, draw a card, then discard a card.
schlormph: I want a dual card called Gin//Juice
AwesomeHamsterParty: @TXC2 oooo PogChamp
RabidWallaby84: Those sleeves look beautiful. How's the shuffle feel?
biggjudicem: you can adapt at instant speed
os390: go bant spirits rvlcPog
Emberwatch_: Azorius just seems like mono good stuff
BoooFN: Dang
Nullzone42: it's sealed, you don't need bombs to win -- azorius can bury you in value
zed_alpha: @dexterthesnake that was incoherent. What?
jibbity: are these normal sized cards they look so smoll
w1nsol: I feel that's more a constructed card
TXC2: AwesomeHamsterParty I know right?
rhuletheworld: I am so excited for this set! This will be my intro into Magic
Saintnex: The azorious pool seems to be largely valued and just winning by having more and slightly better things then the opp
Anubis169: jibbity: zoom lense
LoganAura: The only Azorious bomb would be the planeswalker, wouldn't it and even then he's not "End-the-game" from what i've heard?
Ferox777: curve 1 and 2
nordic_marksman: It's a mana sink
Zarco_19: You're never playing anything on 1
shiny_bid00f: its benny
Willbrannon: Also value in your instants casting on your main
Karanok: they are normal sized but they are being handled by marshall
RebelliousUno: !card reader
LRRbot: Found 11 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Zarco_19: so it's a bear
AwesomeHamsterParty: @TXC2 very nice
RebelliousUno: that's what I meant
LRRMTG_Judge: the cards are normal sized....Graham and Marshall are just very large people. pharma2Vial
Furrytractor68: 2/2 for 3, actually
shiny_bid00f: Benny and the jets
tsmtg: gold sets tend to have a flatter power level because multi color cards are so good in general.
Dyllbert: just in time for deckbuilding YES
volraths_bane: check out the flavor text on the Pegasus
TimeToFry: @jibbity Marshall has big hands
Anubis169: !cardreader
HappyPorcupine: 2/2 for 3
UnknownGerm: isn't the azorios guildmage just that but better?
MightierGlacier: @nordic_marksman you "sink" 2 mana into it. eh. DansGame
Itachi261092: @coriolis_storm can he give me a sources?
RebelliousUno: !recogniser
LRRbot: The Card Recognizer program that LRR is using is a customized version of Decked Builder Card Cam which is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android at and if you want to set up one for yourself check out the overlay code at
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !card recognizer
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Furrytractor68: Loot at instant speed
moxemeraldforestsamething: etheral absolution is a huge bomb i foresee losing to quite a bit
JanitoTheGuy: 2/2 for 3
pql1979: Hadana's climb
Tigerpine1: BIG BOY HANDS
Trollbonist: Tall Boys
control_rig: Hahaha
nordic_marksman: @MightierGlacier yeah but you can play it 1 adapt 2 and play a card 3
jacque_steampunk: when something blinks does it come back in with counters?
TXC2: Graham and Marshall are BIG BOIS
tkshillinz: mini magic
moxemeraldforestsamething: no
IceMarker: Kappa
Maikey_R: big hands Kreygasm
HappyPorcupine: big hands lionNice
lordviridian94: you know what they say about big hands.... big gloves Kappa
CardKingdom: Not a problem for us, Canadian Highlander and my tiny hands don't get along well.
RabidWallaby84: It's interesting how with Benthic Biomancer, the profession is sandwiched in between the species
Alphaetus_Prime: every time I hold physical magic cards they're smaller than I remember
tsmtg: Hobbit cards.
LRRMTG_Judge: @jacque_steampunk No counters are lost theman20Leek
TiberiusEsuriens: T H I I C
jacque_steampunk: thanks
Fr0Dough: Wwhen kathleen holds cards they do look huge
shiny_bid00f: Of course he has a big hand hes playing blue
PinballWitch: Graham and Marshall, Big Bois of Magic
AlchPlaysGames: I'm suddenly self conscious about hand size.
n0sp00n: Big Hands Kreygasm
pollux14: those hands are meant for shuffling
eggsucculent: large hands magee
Mosslander: Vadalkin have large hands too right?
LRRMTG_Judge: @jacque_steampunk Sorry No, comma, the counters are lost theman20Leek
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pollux14: specially commander
sblue333: The 6 mana blue double bounce is SWEET
ZippoPirate85: Are we doing 3 rounds after deckbuilding?
DarkAbyssKeeper: @dexterthesnake Its up to you if you don't think the gameplay is for you. But the PPR is an intentionally relaxed and non-competitive event, claiming people are inexperience based on that is rude. Everyone is talking things through and learning the cards, and performing for the audience. Again, to each their own, but don't be rude.
MagikMufinMan: magic online DansGame
freshmaker__: I don't agree with wizards decision to start printing the cards on shrinkidinks
whenwearebothcats: My hands are dinky and I rep Kathleens vertical technique
manusg15: mtgo DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame
mastershake29x: @ZippoPirate85 8 matches to come
softlul: zoomers only remember magic arena
Diestormlie: @lrrmtg_judge Commas are important! ;P
pizzasteve510: wow, i feel old now
Mosslander: Perhapsy he's a Vadalkin in fleshy body-paint.
dexterthesnake: @zed_alpha im saying every time i watch pre pre release players make such bad misplays like little kids and i cant learn anything
Gambit23603: @LLRMTG_Judge are there any free sac outlets yet?
sternus_7: You taught me how to organize, marshall
Murcielago66: the sorting makes a lot of sense since creatures are the backbone of your deck and creature curve matters most
Freshly_Toasted: you know what they say about big hands
ShavaKe: play both
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WolfgangCloud: Quench is Pretty much mana leak
jacque_steampunk: quench cancel creature spells too
pizzasteve510: was MOL beta tester
LRRbot: Eyes Everywhere [2U] | Enchantment | At the beginning of your upkeep, scry 1. / {5}{U}: Exchange control of Eyes Everywhere and target nonland permanent. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
moxemeraldforestsamething: quench is a solid curve filler in azorius if you lack 2 drops
na_me_le_ss_: not playing both?
offbeatwitch: oh hey I got subbed again
kalid0n: "Quench does not seem amazing to me" mkay LUL
the1rex: You know what they say about guys with big hands. @loadingreadyrun they wear big gloves.
shiny_bid00f: @Freshly_Toasted That you are in blue?
ujai321: too bad quench does not have cycling or something similar
Wonley_Coods: quench = mana weak
Distroy38: Quench is really good since you have a lot of instant
Ferox777: scry every turn is woth 3 mana?
Soldarc: @ProfessorNoxLive This dident get me hyped at all... all the cards he got was pretty meh in none limited =/
Furrytractor68: Problem is it is a 3-mana enchantment that does nothing
offbeatwitch: didn't even notice at the time
xeroth95: is this bo1 or bo3 ?
Martylang: scry each upkeep is nuts man
GizmoMCs: Its a search for azcanta
Buwardo: Isn't eyes everywhere good if only for the scry?
LRRbot: Swirling Torrent [5U] | Sorcery | Choose one or both — / • Put target creature on top of its owner’s library. / • Return target creature to its owner’s hand.
NextGenGamer152: Quench is great
Loosterbooster: I think eyes everywhere just comes in from the sideboard
Ferox777: @Furrytractor68 it scry's every turn
Dux_glacies: is the breeding pool not going to be returned?
UnknownGerm: eyes everywhere is a laterally better conjured currency?
Diestormlie: @xeroth95 BO3
jmmayo: @xeroth95 bo3
wicker_knight: @xeroth95 Bo3
moxemeraldforestsamething: torrent is very good
lordviridian94: @xeroth95 bo3
shiny_bid00f: Put in Hugh or riot
TXC2: Ferox777 if it's all it does, I say no
mastershake29x: @xeroth95 best of 3, just like a regular pre-release
VjDaDj: That thing is a beating
Furrytractor68: Well, on the turn it comes down
IR0NB0RN: Sorcery though :(
detsdeb: agreed sry 1 every turn for 3 mana is great
xeroth95: thanks
smurfsrppl2: 3 mana scry each turn is so good in sealed
Furrytractor68: I don't think scry 1 for 3 mana isn't worth a card slot
eggsucculent: this is shaping up to be a very cool w-u-g deck, awesome pool Marshall!
xeroth95: <3
Orastes: just got here, how long has it been running
tsmtg: Eyes Everywhere gets a lot better when tons of creatures have haste from Riot.
Plaxcaster55: torrent seems sweet
wicker_knight: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 40:16.
ProfessorNoxLive: Swirling Kreygasm
johothehobo: and it is a sewer cards, like you D&D campaign
Rytthigar: @loadingreadyrun would it be possible to get the card a bit bigger? a bit hard to see :)
Itachi261092: guys, please give me a sources autopreview application )
lordviridian94: LUL
shiny_bid00f: Grupgrup for smash ultimate
Beelzebubster: Grupgrup :)
tkshillinz: silly grupgrup
os390: Oops LUL
Orastes: thanks
Malfegore_: oh grupgrup
LRRbot: Justiciar's Portal [1W] | Instant | Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under its owner’s control. It gains first strike until end of turn.
Emberwatch_: The sluice is juice
silenceaux: Grupgrup doing good work for the Izzet
flaccidpianist_mtg: poor grupgrup BibleThump
Professor_Rakor: Groops.
wicker_knight: This very much sounds like the scene from Dice Friends :D
RadianAngelOC: to me the enchantment that scries is golden
azureHaights: I kept on hearing "slew-sway"
moxemeraldforestsamething: the black vanilla crocodile has great flavor text
whenwearebothcats: poor gruppy
WrightJustice: blink and first strike
Lucaan: Good ole Grupgrup
SwiftyKaos: @LoadingReadyRun Is Hexproof super powerful in Limited?
Mosslander: Scrying once on your upkeep is strong, but the mana cost is probably too high for constructed. I don't know enough about limited though.
Darth_Wooper: Oh look, our old friend Target Minotaur!
RockPusher: that is a bad thing to hear about a sluiceway
Furrytractor68: Blink is good protection at least
ghostalker: first strike
real1samus: olooz
sleepinggreenideas: blink the 1/1
LRRMTG_Judge: @SwiftyKaos Hexproof can be ludicrously powerful theman20Leek
MardukGX: the portal's effect seems really strong in constructed
MightierGlacier: Blinking is a nonbo with adapt though.
julues: will a blink protect from burn?
Peetzky: The art in this set is insane in general
eshplode: The first strike seems nice on the blink. It's like "untap and gain first strike"
RabidWallaby84: !Justicar's Portal is just a better and modern-legal Flicker
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Daggothur: Marshall, exchange control, blink the enchantment back
n0sp00n: rip
LRRbot: Resolute Watchdog [W] | Creature — Hound [1/3] | Defender / {1}, Sacrifice Resolute Watchdog: Target creature you control gains indestructible until end of turn.
Firnsarwen: My first draft was the first time I ever played Magic! xD xD
rocketjohn: blip?
Anubis169: the card art for all of these is just.. manAWW
shiny_bid00f: good boi
Furrytractor68: I'd sacrifice it VoHiYo
lordviridian94: BibleThump
MagikMufinMan: FrankerZ
MardukGX: doggo :(
TheWarbo: read the flavor text on Watchdog
graciefacefunkybunch: did noah Bradley do any art for this set?
Aceplayer46: The art for portal has bolas horns and was made by Dovin 🤔
TXC2: MightierGlacier not if you get effects from it
Yosh1tailz: FrankerZ
DoctorCactus: @LoadingReadyRun crap that's right :(
grodza94: Don't worry mah, hes my dog.
d_u_c_k_y: JOHN WICK IS AFTER YOU! SwiftRage
Mjaomjao2: @ProfessorNoxLive is Suncleanser relevant now if simic gets popular?
NrgSpoon: pchThump
Warbird5: Azorius is gross
UnknownGerm: Dogs: They're good.
Tigerpine1: merchFeels
Loonatic93: Justiciar's Portal + The New Mystic Snake = 2 mana counterspell!!!!!!!!!!!! LRRBeej
DarthRagnar815: MercyWing1 BegWan MercyWing2
untap_draw: They should make a Nubbin card Marshall
MardukGX: saying sorry makes it ok!
Lucaan: Don't sacrifice the pupper BibleThump
volraths_bane: check out the Pegasus flavor text it's amazing
IR0NB0RN: BibleThump
lordviridian94: summon john wick
os390: PETA BibleThump
offbeatwitch: magic magic magic!
mastershake29x: @graciefacefunkybunch he did not, but he has something next set
ye7m4n: does justiciar portal trigger etbs when the creature comes back? PogChamp
SultaiGuy: OTTO
Loonatic93: LrrBEEJ
shiny_bid00f: Coward Play the tentacles
Whatishisface: BibleThump
HailtheRNG: good doggo
Majorbandgeek: good puppy
LoadingReadyRun: Rytthigar are you watching at 1080p?
shangrilhama: PogChamp
Mikelorus: AngelThump
andaho: BibleThump
Malfegore_: A good boy
Abavus: Good doggo! jamiePuphug
injectilio: I just saw a movie like that
WiredAbyss: no the pupper
Arararagi234: PETA
BlueRose598: FeelsBadMan
jibbity: BibleThump
Genesation: Best Doggo
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrAWW
monogreen4life: What does Spectale do for Viscious Rumors?
darkecologist: i want that on my tombstone
TiberiusEsuriens: BibleThump 7 good doggo
NrgSpoon: Goodest dog
Freshly_Toasted: GOODEST BOI
Emberwatch_: @julues Blinking returns it as a "new" creature is a good way to think about will fizzle burns and other targeted effects
MightyWishkah: BibleThump
djalternative: good doggo
Fr0Dough: Gaaaaaaa the ears
TXC2: All Dogs are good Graham
EvanErwin: they're all good dogs
Yosh1tailz: FrankerZ BibleThump
groglox: Summon John wick!!
LivingTheTruth: Marshall!!!
injectilio: PETA
iSmartMan1: lrrSPOT lrrSPOT
Buwardo: Goods are too good for us. BibleThump
ArmadilloAL: Sacrifice Good Doggo: Gain value, but you become a Creature - Horror for the rest of the game.
Lucaan: The goodest of dogs BibleThump
sblue333: FIRST STRIKE
trias90: now i miss my dog
injectilio: F FrankerZ
Dr_fragenstien: BibleThunp
TenoshiiMTG: :(
tryllebanjo: If an opponent casts Dark Blade on my creature, and I tend blink it, is my creature still a legal target after it re-enters the battlefield?
grandmaspocket: time to make 5-color goodboyes?
iSmartMan1: Best lrrSPOT
WolfgangCloud: Play second quench?
wicker_knight: What a good boy. That's a good boy. Get under that bus Get under the bus. Good boy. Good bye boi
LRRbot: Growth Spiral [GU] | Instant | Draw a card. You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield.
Ashram__: Looks weak to me honestly
HailtheRNG: hnnnngggg that art
moxemeraldforestsamething: krasis is an easy splash...spiral not worth it
pizzasteve510: ive met a few hell hounds....
shiny_bid00f: wheres the midgame
newwarcleric: I think the colossus is worth with the density of gates
MagikMufinMan: growth spiral art Kreygasm
LRRbot: Aeromunculus [1GU] | Creature — Homunculus Mutant [2/3] | Flying / {2}{G}{U}: Adapt 1.
dusti91: how does he win the game
pollux14: growth spiral requires you to be in green
boonesboro: dog could be "Old Yeller" for the nickname show :p
LRRbot: Applied Biomancy [GU] | Instant | Choose one or both — / • Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn. / • Return target creature to its owner’s hand.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Growth Spiral not a splash/
Diestormlie: !card dark blade
LRRbot: Darkblade Agent [1UB] | Creature — Human Assassin [2/3] | As long as you've surveilled this turn, Darkblade Agent has deathtouch and "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, you draw a card."
EJGRgunner: there are two types of people in this world: dog people, and the inhuman monsters who would sacrifice that good good pupper
grandmaspocket: spiral art is bae
ProfessorNoxLive: Jesus christ, whatw the HELL
ProfessorNoxLive: BIOMANCY IS INSANE!?
LRRbot: Arrester's Admonition [2U] | Instant | Return target creature to its owner’s hand. / Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, draw a card.
LRRMTG_Judge: @tryllebanjo It's a legal target, but it won't be the target of the spell that was targeting it, that spell will fizzle theman20Leek
moxemeraldforestsamething: biomancy and aerial homonculus not worth it
n0sp00n:'s foil
MightierGlacier: @ProfessorNoxLive LUL
eggsucculent: !card storm crow
LRRbot: Storm Crow [1U] | Creature — Bird [1/2] | Flying
PinballWitch: I like to splash cause it's fun for me, and I'd rather have fun than try to be "optimized", especially at the prerelease.
shiny_bid00f: Just go three colors
eggsucculent: hehe
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NotGruulButWhy: Seriously, why?
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shiny_bid00f: you have enough fixing
Thewingedweirdo: waiting for the day that homunculus tribal becomes possible
Tigerpine1: @ProfessorNoxLive Based Nox reading level is OP
kalid0n: I am so looking forward to Temur, way too excited!
ujai321: is that the same guy on admonition and biomancy?
DoctorCactus: @ProfessorNoxLive Just saw it's 2 mana, daaaaamn
tryllebanjo: @LRRMTG_Judge Thanks! <3
andaho: its not even a counter :(
The_cake_of_lies: This set looks so sweet, can't wait to go to the prerelease next week.
LRRbot: Hydroid Krasis [XGU] | Creature — Jellyfish Hydra Beast [0/0] | When you cast this spell, you gain half X life and draw half X cards. Round down each time. / Flying, trample / Hydroid Krasis enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.
Pedantically: admonition is 3 mana? yikes. I miss vapor snag.
MagikMufinMan: you will always need a jellyfish hydra beast
shangrilhama: HYDRA Kreygasm
Lkt9267: Krasis is JUNK
RadiantSonata: I love the art on that
Buwardo: @professornoxlive, Watch out for your blood pressure. monkaS
Genesation: Nice.
Murcielago66: hydroid krasis is nuts
AlonsoSwift: Late game, and it only costs a single of the splash color
Fluffy776: Yay, learning!
MizumiDucky: "scales"
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TemporallyAwry: Can't watch it live, but I'll catch the replay --- thanks for cultivating such an amazing community!
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ArmadilloAL: It's Simic. I feel like EVERYTHING in Simic scales.
WiredAbyss: Good tips
moxemeraldforestsamething: what guild is everyone going fro next wekend?
whimax07: So shiny
WOTC_ChrisClay: Love watching people deckbuild
studentofwarfare: themig42Eh
ArmadilloAL: Because Simic.
Anubis169 blinks
Jomi77: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 43:45.
Ant__R: Lkt9267 ????????#
jibbity: jellyfish hydra who what now
DoktorPiccolo: Marshall Limited tips <3
jmmayo: it's a jellyfish, no scales
Anubis169: i'm sorry what? :D
RabidWallaby84: The Addendum mechanic feels like it is trying to teach bad sequencing. It's counter-intuitive to how people should play instants.
ryanthebandman: What guilds are in this set I’m blanking on one
the1rex: !card biomancy
LRRbot: Applied Biomancy [GU] | Instant | Choose one or both — / • Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn. / • Return target creature to its owner’s hand.
sidewalkchalk: i like the look of this deck so far
Professor_Rakor: Did we have any monogreen goodies?
Ashram__: 5?
MardukGX: not the doggo
injectilio: puppers
xyl0ph0ne: I can't wait to be out of town for the prerelease
Lucaan: No cut the pupper BibleThump
ShavaKe: boh quence is good
MagikMufinMan: don't cut the pupper
hukeshy: good doggo
BlueRose598: Awwwww :(
tutek74: nox, can we go back to yours already?
RadiantSonata: Let the dog out of this
carcaroff: wtf the guy on the top left corner is so synchronized with the dude playing on the main board, gg wp
adam_brownie: The orzhov card?
dannygambit: 14/10 Best boi
injectilio: kill the doggo now to not kill him later
TheGravitron: good boi stays home
raaabr: I can't spot the colossus?
MightyWishkah: BibleThump
ShavaKe: dont cut quence
Tobee24: Wowee
LRRbot: Impassioned Orator [1W] | Creature — Human Cleric [2/2] | Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life.
Kykiwi: never cutthe doggo
Xobulo: think this is the most educational build i have seen on a ppr! it's awesome!
TXC2: ryanthebandman Rakdos, smic, Ozhov, grull and arzorius
moxemeraldforestsamething: doggo is an easy cut
RabidWallaby84: @ryanthebandman azorius, gruul, orzhov, simic, rakdos
lordviridian94: save the pupper BibleThump
Farfulus: horse with wings!
IR0NB0RN: Old Yeller BibleTHump
Tigerpine1: Shotgun to the head EZ dead dog
AlterForm: watchdog already sacrificing itself for you
Freshly_Toasted: Rakdos, gruul, simic, azorius orzhov
LRRbot: Sage's Row Savant [1U] | Creature — Vedalken Wizard [2/1] | When Sage’s Row Savant enters the battlefield, scry 2.
LRRbot: Concordia Pegasus [1W] | Creature — Pegasus [1/3] | Flying
Herowish: hes a good dog bront
ampharos15: getting to watch marshall evaluate cards on the fly is truely awesome
LRRbot: Senate Guildmage [WU] | Creature — Human Wizard [2/2] | {W}, {T}: You gain 2 life. / {U}, {T}: Draw a card, then discard a card.
chefkanin: Dog is just dead if he isnt included
wicker_knight: @RabidWallaby84 more trying to push against standard sequencing rules. Maro in particular has talked about wanting to get people to try to play instants at other times, to prevent situations where both players are waiting on the other to act
LRRbot: Persistent Petitioners [1U] | Creature — Human Advisor [1/3] | {1}, {T}: Target player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard. / Tap four untapped Advisors you control: Target player puts the top twelve cards of their library into their graveyard. / A deck can have any number of cards named Persistent Petitioners.
Jaschwabzy: @ryanthebandman simic, orzhov, rakdos, azorious, gruul
Buwardo: Bird horse DansGame
Emberwatch_: Only opened one Petitioners FeelsBadMan
garvizac000: good with bounce
Vivanity: CHOPPED
rutgun: leave the dog! your opponent won't kill it!
Science_and_Magic: Advisor Count?
RebelliousUno: Persistant Pensioners
Dux_glacies: Senate guildmage might not actually be worth it
akkarin2304: pegasus has the best flavortext in the set
kojisss: @ProfessorNoxLive no streaming today anymore?
zerodividesbyyou: this is NOT a drill. there is a LITERAL LIZARD WIZARD IN THIS SET.
adam_brownie: Advisor tribal
UnknownGerm: senate guildmage is just better than the blue simic rare
LRRbot: Vizkopa Vampire [2{W/B}] | Creature — Vampire [3/1] | Lifelink
TheUnfoundPath: Mill them all!
iSmartMan1: It's a shame that there aren't any other Advisors in the set
untap_draw: Nubbin
eggsucculent: advisor tribal
pizzasteve510: warchdog my online name....the dog is fine with his sacrifice
LRRbot: Senate Courier [2U] | Creature — Bird [1/4] | Flying / {1}{W}: Senate Courier gains vigilance until end of turn.
ReynardWrecca: The first everrrr Prerelease I've been able to catch live! And Marshall is here. This is a good Friday.
injectilio: x/1 risk though
LRRbot: Spirit of the Spires [3W] | Creature — Spirit [2/4] | Flying / Other creatures you control with flying get +0/+1.
pizzasteve510: watchdog i meant
LRRbot: Humongulus [4U] | Creature — Homunculus [2/5] | Hexproof
moxemeraldforestsamething: i like doggo over courier and petitioners
LRRbot: Azorius Skyguard [4WU] | Creature — Human Knight [3/3] | Flying, first strike / Creatures your opponents control get −1/−0.
TXC2: hello ReynardWrecca welcome
MardukGX: how DARE you
Pedantically: huh, a non black version of that ability.
pokeherchips: <message deleted>HotPokket did you just harras me
BlueBeardedDevil: @zerodividesbyyou powerful Magic
LoadingReadyRun: Not playing the watchdog just means the good doggo stays nice and safe at home
LRRbot: Archway Angel [5W] | Creature — Angel [3/4] | Flying / When Archway Angel enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life for each Gate you control.
DarkAbyssKeeper: @RabidWallaby84 Alternatively, its rewarding new players for playing when they want to. They will learn the value of ignoring that reward later.
moxemeraldforestsamething: skyguard is reall good
Alphaetus_Prime: no humongulus BibleThump
Tigerpine1: How will fblthp get home????????????
flaccidpianist_mtg: poor t1 BigBrother
NrgSpoon: the vampire is a nice target for the blink and first strike card
ReynardWrecca: Hey @TXC2 , pleasure as ever!
raaabr: Where did Gate Colossus go though
untap_draw: wayyyyy better
snowewolf: hi, looks like a good set have to go, GLHF on all your games
Anubis169: pokeherchips: play nice
pokeherchips: huh?
Vinrael83: no Auras in the set
VjDaDj: There was no gruul last time
KodeMage: 5 is 25% more than 4, that's a lot
pokeherchips: was it that bad :(
xyl0ph0ne: Teysa Karlov is an advisor...
EJGRgunner: Penny Pincher
Wilcroft: Is wishcoin the crypto of Ravnica?
pizzasteve510: its no turtle
eye_h_bar: Marshall is great at explaining his deckbuilding choices
Anubis169: pokeherchips: positivity rules for today yo manYES
simblue91: Humongulous is amazing in Simic
Napoleonixx: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 11:44 AM
whenwearebothcats: you don't always hit five on five either
Alphaetus_Prime: There are Auras in the set
ProfessorNoxLive: Well, put a few +1/+1s on this guy it a game >_>
pipeaesac: It wants +1/+1 counters
ProfessorNoxLive: FeelsTurtleMan
Alphaetus_Prime: I think they might all be negative Auras though
chaloux123: i mean there are a lot of KILL spells in this sety
Fozzy1203: what guild did Marshall choose?
wicker_knight: you don't even consistently
Tigerpine1: Nox playing Simic LUL
injectilio: Does Emrakul live in the moon base?
yourbutterface: is esper going to be the new jeskai with this new set
Battlecreekgeek: @Fozzy1203 Azorius!
monogreen4life: drop it to four mana and make it a 1/5
chaloux123: @Fozzy1203 azorious
UnknownGerm: Nox he doesn't have a lot of ways to put counters on things is the problem
wargr0s: @ProfessorNoxLive 2/5 for 5 hexproof riot ? Kappa
Jomi77: stats Kreygasm
LRRbot: Humongulus [4U] | Creature — Homunculus [2/5] | Hexproof
Darth_Wooper: Have WOTC specifically said anywhere whether Hydroid Krasis is the result of that unstable host/augment pairing? The "bundle of snakes" jellyfish-hydra combo. :D
bluealien122: Jund will be great in this meta
Fozzy1203: @chaloux123 makes sense lol
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crushcastles: Ravnica Woo! Off to the VOD.
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Loonatic93: As a green player, one extra mana never seems like that big of a deal.
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wicker_knight: @injectilio Emrakul is too big to enter the moonbase, but one a feeding pod occasionally visits the Moonbase basement for tea and waffles
moxemeraldforestsamething: i would pay $100 to be doing this right now
untap_draw: Next plane will be a Viking plane
Dyllbert: Learning so much with the Marshal deckbuilding segment PogChamp
NrgSpoon: nox gonna turn it into an ooze
eshplode: I'm learning a ton about limited from this, but I'm still going to lose to the guy who manages to draft 5 colour every week
WolfgangCloud: Quench!!
Battlecreekgeek: check out your green
EJGRgunner: what about the colossus
monogreen4life: Lol Loonatic93
SunsetCamsparilla: You'd better not be planning to sacrifice that Watchdog?
Battlecreekgeek: there might be a good highdrop in there that's splashable
whenwearebothcats: put Emmy in PPR you cowards
mastershake29x: @moxemeraldforestsamething you can pay a much smaller amount to play it next weekend
nordic_marksman: This deck looks pretty meh
LRRbot: Sky Tether [W] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature has defender and loses flying.
Anubis169: eshplode: keep at it and you'll succeed!
tkshillinz: @eshplode this is how my life goes, yes
TubeAlloy: Are frames being dropped now and then or is it just my browser?
narwhalrus7: @eshplode I'm that guy lol
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Dyllbert: First time re-subbing during one of these! MTG + LRR Hype!
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LRRbot: Justiciar's Portal [1W] | Instant | Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under its owner’s control. It gains first strike until end of turn.
wicker_knight: @TubeAlloy am not seeing it. Try refreshing?
twitch_xeo: I'm getting tons of freezes / framedrops
graciefacefunkybunch: mine too @tubealloy
Zysett: frames are dropping it seems
LRRbot: Hydroid Krasis [XGU] | Creature — Jellyfish Hydra Beast [0/0] | When you cast this spell, you gain half X life and draw half X cards. Round down each time. / Flying, trample / Hydroid Krasis enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.
Juliamon: TubeAlloy not just you
DoctorCactus: sky tether makes rakdos players sad, very sad
bobAkirafett: @TubeAlloy me too, 1080p source
LRRbot: Archway Angel [5W] | Creature — Angel [3/4] | Flying / When Archway Angel enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life for each Gate you control.
DarkAbyssKeeper: TubeAlloy, Occasionally.Nothing bad.
SputnikDX: @ProfessorNoxLive ayy Nox, loved the stream. You got me really excited for limited and I've always played exclusively constructed. You rule, man!
dreenar: Marshall where's your pool's Man O' Wars?
rachelslattery: Depose split can make Thopters.
Junderland_: They're are some frequent frame drops but not devastating @LoadingReadyRun
DonDanDon: @untap_draw How do u mean it will be a Viking plane???
TheWarbo: stream running smooth for me (1080p)
moxemeraldforestsamething: @mastershake29x already preregistered for gruul...but i wanna play NOW
ReynardWrecca: I hope that, if there is ever a LAST set of Magic, that it's just cards wrapping up long-running things - a kill spell that works on Squee, Fblthp finding his way home, Tibalt being the most broken overpowered PLaneswalker ever...
Science_and_Magic: Vigilance
NrgSpoon: portal on vampire
kinamara: lrrGREED
Prince__Phantom: there is a lot of unconditional removal in this set. i think its worth it
Alphaetus_Prime: just checked the full spoiler, there
eggsucculent: !card hydriod
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
LRRbot: Spirit of the Spires [3W] | Creature — Spirit [2/4] | Flying / Other creatures you control with flying get +0/+1.
LRRMTG_Judge: Man O'War doesn't fit in Pools. They have to be in Oceans.
sifonaonline: It scries another two on the Savant.
mastershake29x: @moxemeraldforestsamething you and me both
untap_draw: @DonDanDon Predicting that it will be based on vikings
Alphaetus_Prime: 's 3 auras in the set and only one is positive
sifonaonline: That's... most of it.
LRRbot: Shimmer of Possibility [1U] | Sorcery | Look at the top four cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
LRRbot: Quench [1U] | Instant | Counter target spell unless its controller pays {2}.
izzykun: Also doesn't the blink remove it from combat?
LRRbot: Depose // Deploy | Depose [1{W/U}] | Instant | Tap target creature. / Draw a card. // Deploy [2WU] | Instant | Create two 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature tokens with flying, then you gain 1 life for each creature you control.
twitch_xeo: Shimmer of Possibilty's art is so good
ShavaKe: run both quence??
eggsucculent: !card krasis
LRRbot: Found 7 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
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LRRbot: Bring to Trial [2W] | Sorcery | Exile target creature with power 4 or greater.
Science_and_Magic: Is shimmering just a 4 card anticipate?
LRRbot: Arrester's Admonition [2U] | Instant | Return target creature to its owner’s hand. / Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, draw a card.
Justherefortherewards: he does such a nice job quickly going over his decisions and why
Besmir_t: LUL
natefennelly: sorcery speed
Greshnikk: @ProfessorNoxLive why don't portal Hydra ? It protects it.. and as ETB hydra gives you cards and life, doesn't it ?
mrbzoomer: i think the bot is breaking
Tigerpine1: No Giant?
tkshillinz: humongulus is swole enough
LoadingReadyRun: looks like we did drop a couple of frames, but it seems fine now
Malfegore_: Oh full spoilers
WetLettuce: a SB card
DonDanDon: @untap_draw cool I’m interested. Just guessing, or what do u base it on?
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twitch_xeo: @Greshnikk it's on cast
DoctorCactus: @LoadingReadyRun Is there a schedule for matches somewhere?
LRRbot: Absorb [WUU] | Instant | Counter target spell. You gain 3 life.
Greshnikk: @twitch_xeo oh, I see... thanks
LRRbot: Lawmage's Binding [1WU] | Enchantment — Aura | Flash / Enchant creature / Enchanted creature can’t attack or block, and its activated abilities can’t be activated.
TXC2: mrbzoomer it's got a lot to do :P
AwesomeHamsterParty: WutFace audio levels
LRRMTG_Judge: @Justherefortherewards MArshal SlickCliffe the call'im. -Zak
LRRbot: Dovin's Acuity [1WU] | Enchantment | When Dovin’s Acuity enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life and draw a card. / Whenever you cast an instant spell during your main phase, you may return Dovin’s Acuity to its owner’s hand.
RoguePraetor: Just put all the counters on Humongulous
Zarco_19: @Greshnikk it's cast, also it'll come in as a 0/0
TrickJarrett: Graham's mic just dipped out for a few moments?
softlul: ?
twitch_xeo: and blinking loses counters
pterodactyl_noises: say that again? I think your audio cut out
rocketjohn: graham's mic keep fading out @LoadingReadyRun
solahwin_tampramain: grahams mic?
Eogard: Foil PogChamp
Greshnikk: @Zarco_19 thank you. I was sure it keeps X...
one_of_the_voice: does Graham not have a lapel mic; his voice keeps coming in and out
Majorbandgeek: shimmer is a sorcery
Genesation: Instant only
hdcrt: is that thing in the middle a scanner
NintendoMasterNo1: IT"S ONLY INSTANT
mrbzoomer: @TXC2 thats fair
TheGravitron: it's only instants
TheUnfoundPath: 3 Auras? I can only see 2.
2rrr_mirror_breaker: its only instants
SoggyStones: it's only instants
LRRMTG_Judge: shimmer is a sorcery., only works on instants. pharma2Vial
f3rgx: Instant only
TheGravitron: HRRRGH
Zalbin: Only instants
solahwin_tampramain: i think it might be fine now?
Yosh1tailz: @LoadingReadyRun IT IS INSTANT!
ChaoticUndercurrent: only instants
morrigandeschain: ONLY INSTANTS
grappler12: Doesn't acquitiy only count instants?
karmic_guide: Dovin's doodad only counts instants doesn't it
sleepinggreenideas: instants only
pennyisafreeloader: only instants
CobaltShurikenReborn: dat information campaign
sage667: instant only for acuity
nuninman: its instant only
MahBoiiii: Only instants
Frankenfruity: Instants OONLY
simblue91: ONLY INSTANT
EJGRgunner: acuity only cares about instants
Dux_glacies: Dovinformation Campaign only does instants
aslatts: Only instatns
bluellama92: !card dovin's acuity
LRRbot: Dovin's Acuity [1WU] | Enchantment | When Dovin’s Acuity enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life and draw a card. / Whenever you cast an instant spell during your main phase, you may return Dovin’s Acuity to its owner’s hand.
dreenar: @LRRMTG_Judge but the land isn't called Breeding Ocean
7he7Brian: only instants
DoktorPiccolo: read the card
lemonfont: only instants
invisiblewalrus: oy instant
Intangible360: ONLY INSTANT COUNT!
Veste: rip reading is hard
untap_draw: @DonDanDon Wishful thinking mostly, but also because people loved Theros and I think Norse mythology would work very well
sleepinggreenideas: only instants
TXC2: TheUnfoundPath 3 in the set
kyler133: chat is going off
l0gin4me: don't count counters
Ragnaros5: only instants
na_me_le_ss_: seems good
UsurpedByAFool: only instant
Loxikgaming: Only instants
Ferox777: only instants
00busyhands: Gj chat
wicker_knight: RTCETC
lannynyny: information campaign!
LRRMTG_Judge: Only Instants!
fake_based: instant only
cervantes_13: Shimmer is a sorcery
karlovcg: hey has anyone told you its only instants
Vivanity: instants
lt_leptien: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 50:51.
pokeherchips: easy to miss
DoctorCactus: Where's big papa 8/8 ??? @LoadingReadyRun
TheWarbo: only instants. "This rewards you for playing sorceries during main phase" would be....odd. :-P
That_Twiggy_Guy: oof
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>Doesn't l,ook that good in general
Lord_Hosk: play 41 or Riot
LRRMTG_Judge: Thanks Chat.
Buwardo: Chat is right PogChamp
wicker_knight: @karlovcg I don't think so ;P
RingoChavez: no counterspells
Freshly_Toasted: More like BINformation campaign
zendemion: quench doesnt really count
GizmoMCs: LUL
DarkAbyssKeeper: During main phase means you shouldn't count your counterspells.
SoggyStones: addendum synergy
TheGravitron: seems bad
QuixoticZ: i really feel disappointed with the azorius mechanic this set. it just. man, it feels bad
real1samus: 1
EFroPoker: main phase Absorb, eh?
Themasterman20: counterspells dont really count
Wilcroft: Probably not countering during your main
dsavillian: cant really count your counterspell
jchem0: haha cournter spell
Alphaetus_Prime: you're basically never gonna Absorb or Quench mainphase
NintendoMasterNo1: you have two counterspells
2rrr_mirror_breaker: you already want to cast the bounce spells main
AdamJF84: I do not like that card at all
Vivanity: That's addendum for ya
evolvingdev: thats very anti blue of you
TheGravitron: FEELS BAD
Vinrael83: counterspell during your main?
na_me_le_ss_: seems bad
Whatishisface: Absorb and quench you'll never cast
os390: Worst mechanic LUL sorry
GrunnelDude: its for the addendum synergy
Zarco_19: You don't have a lot of bombs
l0gin4me: When will you counter a spell during your own main phase?
ArmadilloAL: Yeah...Quench and Absorb are unlikely to be played during your main phase.
wargr0s: @LoadingReadyRun quench doesn't count to
ShavaKe: run another quench instead
MJ6Music: Do it for science!
EvilBellyLint: Dovin's a Cutey
WetLettuce: @EFroPoker counter your own spell, duh!
Zarco_19: so any way to grind is good
Yosh1tailz: play one more card or gruul mechanic! SMOrc
MardukGX: at worst it cycles; it's worth a spot
shangrilhama: thats just with addenddum synergies
a_panda_has_no_name: absorb your quench in main phase Kappa
adamwb: try it one time
wargr0s: @LoadingReadyRun absorb doesn't count
known_kadath: there's no place with less on the line than here, GO FOR IT
Zarco_19: you can stall but you have to eventually win
pokeherchips: gain 2 lfie yo big value :D
pollux14: yep, it's just ok
tipulsar85: How many of those Instants have Addendum?
TXC2: the stakes have never been lower!
Ferox777: if disinformation campaign was super good, this should be playable
Pharmacistjudge: very true, it's very rare to cast a counterspell on your main phase
BasilHunter: Countering a counterspell
Agangofhippies: counterspells dont count
monogreen4life: Does Marshall also have a Temir deck?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: man I could listen to Marshall deck tech all day
crashdownreg: one time for the kids
Buwardo: Colossus BibleThump
Ruijsch: Want to pair it with the new keyword cards
TubeAlloy: LoadingReadyResources when? :)
Ant__R: i miss nox's stream :(
jibbity: i'm blue da ba dee
injectilio: !card quench
LRRbot: Quench [1U] | Instant | Counter target spell unless its controller pays {2}.
Willbrannon: Clunterspells aren’t great on the main phase 😂
alphasapphire234561: I counter my Own spill to trigger information campaign
Alphaetus_Prime: good point
ShavaKe: @ProfessorNoxLive hes cutting BOTH Quench
laviniagaming: interesting
wargr0s: i'ts still trash...
d_u_c_k_y: danHmm
Greshnikk: @Zarco_19 thank you. if I exile merfolk with +1/+1 counter.. does it return with counters after exile ?
MightierGlacier: "cut quench" DansGame
pollux14: it's not terrible, it's just not super good
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>It's so unimpactful, and way more tricky to recur.
na_me_le_ss_: quench is better in standard
ProfessorNoxLive: @ShavaKe Creature count ;_;
Cyony: Quench seems super good though, or am i wrong
qegixar: It takes 6 mana and a trigger just to go positive on cards? I don't like that. Disinformation campaign was +1 on the first time, +2 for each trigger.
UnknownGerm: or if they try and counter a sorcery or creature and you counter that
RJwalsh: You would need to counter their counter for it to be viable
Zarco_19: Quench seems really fine
Science_and_Magic: Sideboard Quench
MilkInBag: you can use acuity for final payment
wargr0s: @Greshnikk no
TheGravitron: you want ONE QUENCH...
Zarco_19: it's a good 2-drop
illbuyyouwings: Nox could probably offer comments on what's going on here. Maybe have a tchat window for Nox's viewers or something? I'd be down.
TXC2: Greshnikk nope
RJwalsh: They will wait till end phase otherwise
Vinrael83: it is still draw a card and gain 2 life for 3, but clearly not amazing
Beagollum: No good mono green cards to splash?
smurfsrppl2: quench seems much worse in sealed
pollux14: I'd keep the quenches
Feminine_Desires: Quench is mana leak
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>Quench isn't great.
TheGravitron: run one
grappler12: quench seems medium at best
injectilio: seems bad
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>in limited
illbuyyouwings: RUN BOTH
nordic_marksman: Quench is bad
RebelliousUno: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
Zerris: I feel like you cut the dog first.
ThunderEarthFire: no quench
dreenar: You need to Quench Man O War
ShavaKe: Mana Leak
Tigerpine1: Hahah Quench is bad LUL
shangrilhama: quench is love
markededge: Quench is just okay
zefinderus: run one
soft_sunset: it feels mediocre
Risicoco: chat is stupid
simblue91: One is enough
wicker_knight: chat thinks you're going to be playing modern
Zarco_19: It's not amazing, but it's good enough
rdiffee7: i'm team only 1 quench
soggyshoggoth: quench is garbo
Gascitygaming: yeah only good early
noSmokeFire: chat is thirsty.
MilkInBag: quench is a bad counterspell in sealed so, meh
Pedantically: no
ShadowHachiX: HE has two counterspells right?
NojhLivic: Quench our demands! j/k
HondoTrigger: -SLURP-
EJGRgunner: Chat is THIRSTY for quench
Agangofhippies: one
secretbranch: chat so thirsty
aussie_rob_w: thanks LRRbot.
fake_based: quench is good in constructed not so great in limited
RJwalsh: Chat is SMOrc
adi_pie: Because chat is thirsty, and needs to be Quenched.
Ferox777: late its 0 cards
RadianAngelOC: seems insanely strong
flaccidpianist_mtg: quench is good in arena
ShadowHachiX: Should be fine
RealGamerCow: Quench isn't great says everyone who has never played Quench.
austinoickle: chat is dumb
Pielordzz: not in this deck
Skyrian: I think that 3 drop simic flyer deserves to be in the deck
RezTheFuture: He's got other counters, yep yep
Vioharr: <message deleted>Quench on curve
RockPusher: Chat salty? That never happens! lrrBEEJ
WARZOID: quench should be mythic
NintendoMasterNo1: I'd run 0
Zarco_19: 2 drops suck lategame also
Buwardo: What's the recommended number of creatures?
nerdtothecore: Clearly we a thirsty bunch.
RealGamerCow: in this set
evolvingdev: get some cactus juice, its the quenchiest
Vioharr: <message deleted>run 2
eggsucculent: 1 quench is fine
thenb44: !chat
Greshnikk: @TXC2 @wargr0s oh.... really ? I have to read rules then... didn't know that it doesnt keep counters
softlul: amaz already played pre-release LUL
Ferox777: but they help you controll
manderson808: quench is fine for tempo, but not for control
TXC2: Becuase Counterspells are evil chat and no one should use them
tsmtg: Quench is not a good sealed care.
sblue333: We’re so THIRSTY
nuninman: i dont think quench is good, especially en sealed
injectilio: seems much better in simic
RealWormbo: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
WrightJustice: 1 quench IMO
XMegami: Imagine being this ridicules.
whenwearebothcats: you're about to see the cards played for the first time in the wild, don't call anything trash.. wait 8 hours ;p
zefinderus: you only need one
BlueRose598: chat is always right
Gabbolot: quench is strong
hellaskeletons: Marshall had a Sprite before they started filming
simblue91: SMOrc chat stoopid
Yosh1tailz: <message deleted>I'm team no quench
Pielordzz: in a simic deck I would run both
ProfessorNoxLive: Quench is bad late in the game, but it gets you there; I'd play 1 on top of Absorb.
e_mouchet: I'm team 3 quench... find a quench from another deck
Vioharr: <message deleted>keep it on curve
Zarco_19: but quench is better than momst 2s on turns 2-5
Dux_glacies: quench is excellent for tilting your opponents out
Risicoco: VoteNay Quench
Zepharial: quench will be better in draft than sealed. sealed is a lot slower and people get more mana
TheUnfoundPath: Having done some quick research I can only find 2 Auras in RNA. Sky Tether and Sentine's Mark. What am I missing?
rogueshenanigans: Marshall's deck wants to still be playing on turn 15. 1 is fine. 0 is fine. 2 is not fine.
TheVenomRex: it's the quenchiest!
Lafajet: Marshall is totally correct on Quench
SmokeyTitan: mana weak
Type_One___: quench is not Mana Leak
AllStarGyudon: one quench seems fine, two seems excessive
Majorbandgeek: its bad
austinoickle: Always listen to chat, never listen to chat
pizzasteve510: if he was a tempo deck sure, but he is control
Pharmacistjudge: Quench is a tempo card not a control card
als96: why no humogulous? i actually think that card is fine vs attacking decks
gore4glory91: its sealed -> sealed meta is slow, its very likely to have 2 mana open
MightierGlacier: mana leak is "fine"
Vioharr: <message deleted>QUENCH
TheWarbo: adi_pie don't worry, soon we'll be salty instead lrrBEEJ
Red_lobo: <message deleted>I’m thirsty
eruanno123: mana weak
kyler133: Quench is worse in multiples
nexus_snoww: <message deleted>That makes ZERO sense. Run2 you have a better chance of seeing it early game
Papperslappen: I like that Marshall has matched his watch with his deck colors
pollux14: hahaha conflicted chat
RadianAngelOC: quench will work while people are on curve, which is OP
Serifina: How 'bout... Chat calms down a little and lets Marshall build his deck the way he wants. :p
Thewingedweirdo: !card quench
LRRbot: Quench [1U] | Instant | Counter target spell unless its controller pays {2}.
Vioharr: <message deleted>2 QUENCH
Gascitygaming: i'm even questioning acuity, most likely we draw one card and get 2 life and thats it
adi_pie: I figure we can move on now, chat.
dbhkyle: fair
EvanErwin: so thirsty
d_u_c_k_y: chat smart BrokeBack
mcham86: Did i miss the gruul deck test? I mean he got probaly one of the best Uncommon
wicker_knight: yeah, this is sealed. Mana Leak is a significant step down in sealed vs constructed
Dyllbert: Quench is NOT mana leak. The difference between a tax of two and a tax of three is BIG
Prince__Phantom: its the quenchiest!
f3rgx: I would play both if I was dehydrated
CardKingdom: Marshall: The Thirst Quencher
monogreen4life: 11 creatures?
1y1e: what do you MEAN over 6 thousand people don't agree!?
nexus_snoww: <message deleted>2 QUENCH SCRUB
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pokeherchips: Quench our thirst :D
Gabbolot: DansGame DansGame
eggsucculent: !mana leak
whenwearebothcats: #quenchlife
Jondare: Iy's the Quenchiest
hotgreenflames: chat just wants you to make quench sounds
ackers20: We're thirsty bois
angreesloth: it's the QUENCHIEST
EvanErwin: too few creatures
Robot_Bones: i'd do the 2/2 souls sister rather than the quench
PruPruh: Not annoyed at all just trying to learn!
GibraelDoesntExist: the artwork is meme full you should play both
SunsetCamsparilla: Marshall's watch is super cool
Red_lobo: <message deleted>Quench is basically force of will
RoguePraetor: 1 quench is great
DarkAbyssKeeper: Addendum is not a mechanic that synergises with counterspells. Disappointed that it seems to be all Main Phase and not 'Addendum - End step' or 'Addendum - Declare blockers'
xXHellion444Xx: unprintable card is "fine"
RNAPBP: cut the dog?
flaccidpianist_mtg: SIMIC :)
Thewingedweirdo: quench that thirst
iamasparticus: chat is parched
Freshly_Toasted: I just really love hearing people say quench over and over
Zerris: Chat wants a pony
fake_based: we are thursty
collectivesubconscious: Gate Collossus or riot
Ferox777: why not the scry every turn enchantment?
ProfessorNoxLive: It might turn out to be a crazy card in the format given enough time. I think it's underrated though.
untap_draw: I'm concerned that you're not playing Gruul Marshall
Noodles_15: Where's Breeding Pool?
Dux_glacies: the breeding pool is back
bluellama92: Shame he has no addendum cards
nuninman: I would run aeromunculus
Cespaw: Humongulus what
redwarz: Main concern is your not playing Rakdos
kilkomir: 8/8
thefreak013: @EvanErwin I spy an Evan Erwin, hello!
eggsucculent: !card mana leak
LRRbot: Mana Leak [1U] | Instant | Counter target spell unless its controller pays {3}.
RebelliousUno: Chat has many concerns
Skyrian: I think that simic 3 drop flyer needs to be included
Profharry: You do you Marshall
Adammit_: bring in that big boy guardian
newwarcleric: the colossus would be a nice win con
steffex2: look at the other green cards? @loadingreadyrun
lemonfont: thorsty
rsp0r: look at the green cards
AliceTheAlice: Marshall, the reason why people are asking these episodes is cause there's NEVER been an episode of Limited Resources episode about making the game go long!
SmokeyTitan: signets?
Erin_Dwight: quench can force them to pay more for a simple spell setting them bsck.
shangrilhama: QUENCH
lordviridian94: Gate Collossus!!!
Tunoni: Mana leek "fun" *thinking*
Traion: @serifina What would Marshall now about Limited? Kappa
Darzog67: thirsty for the quench... B+
NrgSpoon: check other potential green splash?
StephenJM81: did he decide against that gate creature?
EJGRgunner: colossus and green creatures?
kvetchnik: I have economical concerns. Can I get economical counseling tips during deck building?
Zarco_19: cut the doggo?
pizzasteve510: collosuss
jthd35: Quench your fingers, quench your neck
TheHastyPastry: My concern is that I am going nowhere in life.
Daggothur: judge, could he have exchange control with the enchantment then blink it?
detsdeb: id rather want the sry 1 every turn enchantment
EvanErwin: @thefreak013 hi! :)
tsmtg: Any splashable Orzhov cards?
PolymorphingAllDay: If you want the game o go long, you need Quench
newwarcleric: but i like stoppy creatures
eragonb: right, green cards?
Battlecreekgeek: yeah, check out the green
nordic_marksman: I thought your gruul cards were better than azorius
wicker_knight: chat wants to know if you can Jundemout
pffffffok: can we get Gate Colossus back in the deck please
LRRMTG_Judge: It is about Mana efficiency and power. The later the game, the hard it is to get someone with a conditional counterspell. Zak
l0gin4me: Did we have lockets?
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>How are you going to deal with a removal heavy deck? Where's your Colossus?
Capelin: no good green cards?
philhilow: flood ?
soft_sunset: maybe + birb - dog?
0jingeo: <message deleted>MARSHALL SUTCLIFFE IS A GODDDDD
Serifina: @Traion GEE I WONDER :p
llkuzunosuke: gate colossus?
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>the artifact?
manderson808: i think acuity is just cycle + gain 2 life in this deck
floydisnotpink: mana weak
pizzasteve510: need better creatures with so few
Junderland_: How bout the gate colossus? @LoadingReadyRun
NintendoMasterNo1: CUT THE DOG
cheezweazl: Cut the Goodboi?
tipulsar85: How many instants have the new Azorious Keyword?
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chasehailey: quench is so bad :D
TenoshiiMTG: colossus!
graciefacefunkybunch: look at the green spells
PinballWitch: honestly, I'm mostly with you Marshal. The only thing I might consider myself is the 2/3 flier.
Lord_Hosk: Chats main concerns are that Marshall's deck is too good, could be better, and is terrible, simultaneously.
ujai321: colossus? i really want to see how good that is
Ruijsch: Are you not splashing other colors?
joltheim: low creature count for limited
Battlecreekgeek: spider
real1samus: codes
Loxikgaming: At least one quench..... pls....
derek_kanjus: why not run gate colossus? you've got 5 gates!
TXSTCHAMP: running blue but not quench? He will lose
ProfessorNoxLive: @AliceTheAlice Yeah; to be fair though, most people tend to draft super aggressive, linear Draft decks.
phytonthepython: gate collusus+++
EJGRgunner: mammoth spider?
MardukGX: @NintendoMasterNo1 how DARE you
mathedrasg24: Where is 8/8
fake_based: 3/5 spider
zackdangerbrown: get the 8/8 in there
laviniagaming: Spider?
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>That's like best creature is colossus
Spacecarl: the colossus?
QuintIverson: one or two quench? Marshall chooses ZERO
Loxikgaming: Spider
Vivanity: Mammoth Spider
LRRbot: Rubble Slinger [2{R/G}] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/3] | Reach
Alphaetus_Prime: LUL
TheGravitron: aeromunculus over 1 sphinx
flourishgaming: 8-8
jmmayo: the 8/8 gate colossus!
e_mouchet: @LRRMTG_Judge for the dovin's acuity you can also quench one of your spells during the main phase ;)
Zepharial: cut the dog for the flier
TheWarbo: !quote 5320
LRRbot: Quote #5320: "Chat says "yes" and "no", that's why I'm asking Serge." —Graham [2018-09-19]
ShavaKe: cutting both quench has to be wrong
Vioharr: <message deleted>SIDE
phytonthepython: COLOSSUS
jthd35: Collusus!!!
Zerris: Cut the dog, add Colossus as a finisher seems dece
pffffffok: Locket >> Quench
Science_and_Magic: Wasn't there a pider?
wargr0s: @ProfessorNoxLive i think he should play the UG card with fly to have an other kill
DarkAbyssKeeper: Chat is several thousand people. By definition we have NUMEROUS ISSUES.
Arttano: There's 6 gates, why not run colossus?
SylHar: The collossus?
monogreen4life: 12 creatures still seems light
Red_lobo: <message deleted>Chats going so fast no one will see that I’m a KCI player
Glowmus: Colossus!
adventurer_3x: Excited that Marshal chose Azorious but I was REALLY excited to see his thoughts on Simic
cw8smith: what about the lockets?
Undercode: what about mammoth spider to fill your 5 slot
2rrr_mirror_breaker: are we playing the 8 drop?
freshmaker__: i also like the adapt flier.
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>Colossus is like important
LRRMTG_Judge: @e_mouchet Value? theman20Leek
Otshelnik: Green spider for 5
thaneh: Thicc colossus
pennyisafreeloader: slingdog millionare?
alpsumtg: 8/8
Robot_Bones: Gate colossus
Vivanity: Mammoth Spider??????
collectivesubconscious: @thehastypastry You doin ok?
als96: that split card is so good
jthd35: Colossus!
Farfulus: no cluestones?
jmmayo: Colossus 8/8!
Zarco_19: Give that doggo a break!
simsalazim: yeah play collossus and mammoth spider
Themasterman20: does he play lockets right now?
TenoshiiMTG: colossus!
Gravygravyjosh: Colossus?
julues: gate collossus
cunningwalrus: Gate Colossus???
Vioharr: <message deleted>WHERE IS COLOSSUS?
pollux14: a WARRIOR with Reach? Why couldn't it be an ARCHER? :C
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>You need win cons
LRRMTG_Judge: yeah, countering your own spells to draw a card is net card negative. pharma2Vial
soft_sunset: yea, maybe cut dog, cut birb add gate colossus?
kilkomir: 8/8
DoctorCactus: chat demands colossus!
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>Colossus
LRRbot: Mammoth Spider [4G] | Creature — Spider [3/5] | Reach
eggsucculent: sideboard in a simic deck
simblue91: GATE COLOSSUS
laviniagaming: D:
Science_and_Magic: Nice!
Vioharr: <message deleted>COLOSSUS
Undercode: Gate colossus
lordviridian94: WutFace spooder
RebelliousUno: Chat is an issue, wrapped in an enigma, encased in a complex
tachiseneriz: <message deleted>Gate Colossus
Red_lobo: <message deleted>Gate colossus
Freshly_Toasted: Gate Colossus is a big scary boi
whenwearebothcats: the real question is are there any hogs or boars in the set so lsv can make pig noises
TenoshiiMTG: colossussss
A_Maniac: @Marshall Why is the watchdog still in the deck?
queenfounder: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 55:05.
Gintaman49: colossus
TheHastyPastry: @collectivesubconscious Yee. Marshal just asked what our concerns are. lol
Zepharial: gate colossus
pennyisafreeloader: Gate Colossus
noSmokeFire: "is that a drake?" not for long it isn't
Yosh1tailz: <message deleted>drake BibleThump
iMSO92: Cut Sky Tether
TenoshiiMTG: 5 gates
streamChef: Going in heavy on the flyers seems like a good idea
Vioharr: <message deleted>GATE COLOSSUS
ujai321: that spider looks bigger than hatchery spider
e_mouchet: @LRRMTG_Judge if you can pay the 2 more, it is cycling your quench with 2 life :)
l0gin4me: Colossus or lockets?
julues: collossus
tachiseneriz: <message deleted>colossus
A_Dub888: !findquote chat
LRRbot: Quote #409: "Not in front of the Chat!" —Cameron, to Julie [2015-07-02]
TSturtledove: Read flavor text on spider
Koebbi: this is 24 btw
capricorn666: WutFace spooder
Yosh1tailz: <message deleted>Press F for drake
chasehailey: RnD still thinks mana leak is too good for std :D
tachiseneriz: <message deleted>COLOSSUS
adventurer_3x: I feel like they're over-valuing the Azorious split cards
SunsetCamsparilla: Mammoth Spider doesn't even kill crackling drake 0/10
phytonthepython: they live caefully
laviniagaming: New Aulstralia
pennyisafreeloader: COLOSSUS
adi_pie: How do humans live. Surprisingly.
alpsumtg: colossus
Tigerpine1: Gate Deck OMEGALUL
redwarz: Cut the whole deck, play Rakdos instead.
adamwb: lol
DoktorPiccolo: Gruul bois
MardukGX: spiders are friendly
MahBoiiii: <message deleted>Need colossus
tachiseneriz: <message deleted>COLOSSUS!
Magicmeow: the giant wurms are worse tbh
Ukon_vasara: it has a scale DRAKE, dat a big spider
LRRMTG_Judge: @e_mouchet Sold! theman20Leek
untap_draw: They have Magic Graham
Juliamon: Calm down with the caps, chat
pokeherchips: spiders are scared of humans in ravnica :D
Zepharial: Gate Colossus
LordShadner: great flavor text
Freshly_Toasted: "How do humans live?" No idea
Undercode: gate colossus mia
Veste: and it's a COMMON
TheWarbo: that flavor text is some excellent deadpan
2rrr_mirror_breaker: are we playing the 8 drop?
Lord_Hosk: My main concern is that Marshall isnt forcing Jund.
Red_lobo: <message deleted>Colossus!
tergonis: spider can't fir in doors, no problem
adamwb: ravnica is scary
Ruijsch: what is live even?
Rovniy: nothing to see here, just some spider
AlonsoSwift: Ravnica is secretly Australia
RebelliousUno: The spider is clearly also going to the office
cunningwalrus: Keep yelling COLOSSUS and maye someone will notice XD
Vivanity: It probably has control of that block lol
TKOwhitematoki: Humans are so small, the Spider would not care at all about them
teh_v: Graham, Life, Life finds a way
ardcollier: humans georg is an outlier and survives 6,000,000 giant spiders a day in Ravnica
Ant__R: Colossus?
TXC2: chat, stop with the colossus
Thoughtonomic: doggo out
Zarco_19: it's kinda like if you hit a traffic jam
Papperslappen: Spiders help with the drake problem
Zeroborn1: @LRRbot Feel like Aeromunculus helps you go more in on the "flying" that you're already doing.
pollux14: Oh, today there's a spider out. Let's just stay inside and make cookies
darthcoercis: demon spiders? welcome to australia.
RebelliousUno: Like "Hey Bob"
ObiliskAj: <message deleted>COLOSSUS!
tipulsar85: Ravnica has seen some shit.
double_trample: Someone remind him colossus
MahBoiiii: Colossus guys. what are you thinking?
Red_lobo: <message deleted>Colossus
tachiseneriz: <message deleted>cOLOSUSs!1
Vioharr: <message deleted>COLOSSUS
LRRbot: Hydroid Krasis [XGU] | Creature — Jellyfish Hydra Beast [0/0] | When you cast this spell, you gain half X life and draw half X cards. Round down each time. / Flying, trample / Hydroid Krasis enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.
thomasin4413: spider the size of a building?
dreenar: 3 Islands 37 Man O War
SilkenMorals: Is marshall playing?
sivakrytos: how do you engineer buildings to support such spiders
Thewingedweirdo: lmao
Thanimal: It is ok, the spider can't bite you because it's fangs are too big. . . It CAN however impale you. . .
thomasin4413: welcome to australia
xXHellion444Xx: should splash the other simic flier
EJGRgunner: colossus is our last big question
Keab42: They probably just assume it's the Simic as usual
tedmannschaller: gate colossus
groglox: We live in a Ravnica, BOTTOM TEXT
RadianAngelOC: remove information campaign plz!!
red_shoes_jeff: Can't imagine a spider that size'd move all that fast.
Freshly_Toasted: Life needs things to live
LRRbot: Gate Colossus [8] | Artifact Creature — Construct [8/8] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Gate you control. / Gate Colossus can’t be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Whenever a Gate enters the battlefield under your control, you may put Gate Colossus from your graveyard on top of your library.
AshBurnem: <message deleted>cOWOssus.
crashdownreg: australia manages somehow
pizzasteve510: domesticated spiders...
ShavaKe: cutting both quench hurts
Thoughtonomic: lolol
A_Dub888: If you see a mammoth spider in the vicinity of your work area, you get the day off
A_Maniac: Didnt we want to cut the DOG?
manderson808: colossus over acuity for sure
SmokeyTitan: signets because of the high curve?
Zepharial: CUT DOG
fake_based: collossus is baller
Zerris: +Gate Colossus -Doggo
ujai321: with 5 gates
DarkAbyssKeeper: Graham, Ravnicans keep to their business safe in the knowledge they are Not Big Enough to Eat.
garvizac000: cut acuity
ujai321: seems good
whenwearebothcats: do it!
MahBoiiii: you have 6 gates
tachiseneriz: try it
Yosh1tailz: <message deleted>41!
MardukGX: DO IT
That_Twiggy_Guy: "A little curious" chat is screaming about it
garvizac000: for colossus
MahBoiiii: all on color
Zarco_19: usually a 6 mana 8/8
Zeroborn1: Cut the Acuity!
DoctorCactus: Save the DOGGO
Glowmus: DEWIT
adamwb: dooo iiiit
os390: <message deleted>DO IT SMOrc
Gravygravyjosh: worth
Yosh1tailz: <message deleted>41! SMOrc
mmp5bf: you should play it
na_me_le_ss_: do it
AshBurnem: Fair. <3
Vioharr: it's limited
Beelzebubster: Colossus is awesome
0jingeo: <message deleted>DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITTTT
jacque_steampunk: wish it had trample
eggsucculent: replace dog with colossus
Gintaman49: do it !
SputnikDX: You run Acuity but not Gate Colossus???
e_mouchet: 5 gates only as there is a breeding pool
wicker_knight: @pollux14 "Mommy, why is our house shaking?" "Don't worry dear, the house spider just caught a dragon and is heading over to eat it"
nickytwoshoes: do it!
Guillermolehi: Do it.
simsalazim: what medium it gets you an 8/8!
Zarco_19: try it for the chat?
DubiousLatchkey: Do it!
freshmaker__: TIL: Living in Ravnica is what it's like living in Australia.
kalid0n: Gate Colossus is the best card u have mate
DoktorPiccolo: STOMP
Skreeves: @MahBoiiii He only has 5 Gates.
CyanMig: is this the first deckbuilding chat? just got here
Red_lobo: Do it 41 card ham sandwich
ProfessorNoxLive: If Colossus had Trample, jam.
TheMiddlingMage: How many gates do you think you need to make the colossus worth it?
RealGamerCow: Gate Colossus: For handling that giant spider problem
ProfessorNoxLive: ;_; But...
Aceplayer46: @freshmaker__ can confirm
tsmtg: You have enough gates to run it.
mmp5bf: dog doesn't fly
double_trample: Do it... unlimited power
Buwardo: Making your next draw a 8/8 is bad?
LoganardoDVinci: How little do you have to pay for it to be worth it?
na_me_le_ss_: 8/8 SMOrc
evolvingdev: also 8/8 with now trample, feelsbadman
SputnikDX: @CyanMig yes
collectivesubconscious: We did it chat!
injectilio: Kill FrankerZ
adi_pie: @AshBurnem in your defense, it was quite funny.
whenwearebothcats: gate colossus mvp
TXC2: CyanMig frist and only yes
TheWarbo: I feel like I'd do Colossus but only for previous "the stakes have never been lower" reasons
pollux14: @wicker_knight right? hahahaha
Thanimal: That 41 cards special :P
Pkmntrainermark: Marshall can beat me up and id thank him
AshBurnem: <3
Vioharr: your early play is queench
lordviridian94: yeah without trample it's basically just a big blocker
LRRMTG_Judge: Side it in game 2. If you find the game going really long. Good option.
walkwithoutrhythm: Flavor text on Pegasus best in the set
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evolvingdev: * no trample
newwarcleric: Thats fair
CyanMig: @SputnikDX ty!
TXSTCHAMP: with noquench?
Aceplayer46: Greetings from 6:53am Australia
Lyannen: Birbs all day
TXSTCHAMP: what a fool
Robot_Bones: 2/2 souls sister for early play
MahBoiiii: you can recurr it
Yosh1tailz: <message deleted>CUT VAMPIRE USE BIG BUTT SMOrc
Tigerpine1: SMOrc harder
Vioharr: FOOL
MahBoiiii: it comes back
monogreen4life: Do It
DrewDaDruid: so is chat gonna unfollow anyone who sacs the dog
ismaelrmurias: cmon
Lkt9267: bait colossus
crashdownreg: dog is a good boi BibleThump
holz1994: The Evasion kinda makes it a pseudo flyer
Beelzebubster: YES
ujai321: yes!
Undercode: noo
lordviridian94: BibleThump yes
Themasterman20: no
AwesomeHamsterParty: Wowee
TenoshiiMTG: yesss
coriolis_storm: @CyanMig Yes, and the only one I believe
noSmokeFire: wait, it doesn't even have trample?
tachiseneriz: NO
os390: <message deleted>PogChamp
matthew_dauber: dooo iiiit
Ruijsch: DOOO ITTT
tnud: <message deleted>KILL THE DOG
GizmoMCs: DO IT
Mjaomjao2: cut the dog
manderson808: cut the acuity!
thaneh: Just play a ham sandwich
DoctorCactus: @ProfessorNoxLive that's a good point
nordic_marksman: yes
simblue91: no
monogreen4life: One Time
Adammit_: yeeeeee
pffffffok: YES
mmp5bf: dog sucks in sealed
hotgreenflames: yes
itsnone_: PepeHands
gMilk: yes!
Lkt9267: NOOOOO
philawentzia: YES
2Eattwo2: NOT THE DOG!!!!!1
Yosh1tailz: CUT THE DOG SMOrc
Vivanity: YES
Zarco_19: Give doggo a rest!
Whisle: yaaaaas
KarenDoesThings: Do it
Alanim: cut the dog
Undercode: no
kalid0n: absolutely
RealGamerCow: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
collectivesubconscious: MAKE A FLYING COLOSSUS
tachiseneriz: NONONONONO
ChaoticUndercurrent: do it
wicker_knight: death to doggo
MotherfkinPterodactyl: cut the dog? D:
MahBoiiii: how can you not run that with 6 on color gates?
fake_based: Colossus cant be blocked by 2 power and down it basically has trample or takes out something relevant
TenoshiiMTG: colossus for sure
crimsondestruction: run 7 gates
tipulsar85: Krasis is a Flyer
Vioharr: NO DOG
whenwearebothcats: daddy or chips?
Tunoni: DO IT
LoganardoDVinci: Try it!
ChaoticUndercurrent: yes
RingoChavez: CUT ACUITY
tsmtg: adios Fido!
Gintaman49: please run colossus !
chefkanin: ceep the dog
DaftInvader: he wont kill the doogo so cut it
hdcrt: dam
zzauch: NO AsianGlow
PolymorphingAllDay: Don't cut the poor dog :O
Agangofhippies: try it
Vioharr: DO IT
Themasterman20: doggo needs play
Beelzebubster: DO IT
kilkomir: Yes!
Mjaomjao2: sacrifice the dog
alphasapphire234561: Do it
Vivanity: Yes
qegixar: Stone daddy better than stone doggy
eggsucculent: SLICE THAT DOG
kalid0n: Dog is really good, colossus even better
simblue91: Cut Dovin enchantment
That_Twiggy_Guy: tapped land on one is a valid play
freshmaker__: @Aceplayer46 oh dw im also here, watching all the building sized spiders roaming the streets.
Besmir_t: LUL
Thewingedweirdo: dafuq
adi_pie: Watch the caps, chat. They can read you fine without them.
2Eattwo2: NO
ChaoticUndercurrent: ham sandwich
TenoshiiMTG: save the doggy
MardukGX: you have to run the colossus if u re gonna run 5 gates lol
na_me_le_ss_: 8/8 SMOrc
pokeherchips: Kreygasm
simsalazim: yeees
capricorn666: Pog
masontheartist: <3 Marshal is the best
n3ther: We win :)
crimsondestruction: Pog
lordviridian94: PogChamp
flaccidpianist_mtg: :)
sacaguito: Don't cut dog BibleThump
SputnikDX: YES
Alphaetus_Prime: PogChamp
Thewingedweirdo: yay
f3rgx: chat wins!
phytonthepython: YES
UnknownGerm: I'd cut the blue one drop rare creature, the senate guildmage is just better
hotgreenflames: colossus and JAM
TheGravitron: If you're going to run 5 gates then yes, geez...
Buwardo: VI VON PogChamp
zackdangerbrown: KILL THE DOG
Ukon_vasara: well, if ya run the gates your 1 drops not comin down turn 1, so really whats the difference
Yosh1tailz: PogChamp
KarKuba: Pog
philawentzia: WOO
cheezweazl: lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
teh_v: lrrAWESOME
NintendoMasterNo1: KICK THE DOG
ghostalker: recursion is great
Tunoni: PogChamp
pizzasteve510: maybe some vanilla fliers from white pool over counters
monogreen4life: Chatwins! HUZZAH!
twinwolf1: NOT THE DOGGO
fake_based: Colossus PogChamp
os390: <message deleted>DONT CUT THE DOG OR ILL CALL PETA BibleThump
SputnikDX: WOW!
Noodles_15: WE DID IT REDDIT
ShavaKe: Quenchh
Zarco_19: Yesssss Chat
laviniagaming: GAVE INTO PRESSURE
zzauch: BibleThump Doggo
alpsumtg: BLOOOD
RoguePraetor: Go big or go home
adamwb: hype
QuintIverson: PogChamp
djalternative: YES!!!
edgewren: NO that's so bad
Agangofhippies: we love you marshall!!!!
SmokeyTitan: a one drop white could get dicey with 3 U/G lands anyways
DoktorPiccolo: Victory!
jthd35: 41 special!!!
ARedrup: Spicy
chiawhey: NO CUT DOG 😡
mmp5bf: its not a comeback
evolvingdev: and down goes old yeller, for the greater good
wicker_knight: As LRR loves to say "The Stakes Have Never Been Lower"
Papperslappen: Chat wins! lrrHORN lrrHORN
injectilio: Just like Kim K
Dizzy_stream: cumback
Whisle: lrrWOW
JAMESISNUMBER1: Marshal the people's champion
Omer123124: if you running all gates 1 drops get weaker
BlueRose598: oh boy
INSPIRINGTYPO: that's a great sealed card, so good!
medicutie: Yusd
Zarco_19: you can side it out too
Gintaman49: PogChamp
Moroklumpen: Let the dog go live on a farm somewhere
TheWarbo: Please add "Chat wins" to quotes. lrrAWESOME
eruanno123: lose to gruul
lordviridian94: LUL
capricorn666: LuL
matthew_dauber: ahahaha
Feminine_Desires: lrrEFF it
GizmoMCs: LUL
Lkt9267: Famous last words kiddo
Aneximarius: I'm scared that he's justifying his deck hte same way I do at events
MardukGX: effit
Vinrael83: chat saved the dog :O
Red_lobo: Chats wins yay!!
real1samus: OhMyDog OhMyDog
tnud: eff it
IsengardRelocationTeam: D:
INSPIRINGTYPO: by turn 8 it'll cost 4, you're gonna love it!
Guillermolehi: Yeah!
volpetula: OPEN THE GATES
Red_lobo: PartyPopper PartyPopper PartyPopper
zed_alpha: !advice
LRRbot: Turn to page 8.
Zarco_19: you have plenty of anti-aggro in the side
ujai321: words to live by
alpsumtg: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
simblue91: D:
Kamakazey: Doing it live!
nickytwoshoes: DO IT LIVE
Daveshaker: Busters gonna be living on a farm upstate, right?
zed_alpha: !chat
Feminine_Desires: lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF it
Vivanity: That is a 2 mana card with your gates up
Der_Fledermausmann: who is Graham going to be playing against btw?
wicker_knight: @TheWarbo NEVER ;P
Stellapacifica: lrrEFF it, we'll do it live!
fake_based: Colossus is big dick energy
zzauch: danCry Doggo danCry
darthcoercis: oh bugger, it's 6am. LRR, Friends and Chat, have fun. I've gotta get some sleep.
mmp5bf: did he say Bill o Reilly is a smart man?
theneatestburrito: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
biggjudicem: !addquote
coriolis_storm: Who let the dogs out? Marshall. Marshll :-)
gsjbuffalo: Just one comment concealed by a torrent of commens.
detsdeb: chat killed the dog :P
Gelfolius: chat 1 marshall 1000
silenceaux: Prereleases are continuous construction btw, so if you are also wanting to try different things between matches...
TXC2: If Marshall loses, I'm blaming you chat
pollux14: @Omer123124 Exactly. If you are running a lot of gates, 1 drops are not as good.
noblevegas: "f" it? So, we are gonna Flunge it?! That's the Marshall I know and love! Kappa
DarkAbyssKeeper: There are no Efrits in RNA, Marshall.
zackdangerbrown: Just two simple piles
adi_pie: I always blame chat.
tsmtg: Colossuses are for closers.
GavinVerhey: marshall's deck>my deck :(
Amirashika: Colossus is also good for looter synergy
Zerris: You could cast it off *EITHER HALF* of the Orzhov guildgate
ArmadilloAL: True, but since our Guildgate is *also* Orzhov, the black pip doesn't really help us.
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @GavinVerhey rekt
DoktorPiccolo: Ohai Gavin
Zerris: SUch value
lordviridian94: this deck seems really solid tbh
whenwearebothcats: Gavin <3
Der_Fledermausmann: oh sorry he's Marshall.. yeah who's his opponent?
wicker_knight: @GavinVerhey based on what I heard yesterday, it sounds like "54 poker cards" > "your deck" ;P
GavinVerhey: oh hello there
TXC2: Der_Fledermausmann we dont know yet
mmp5bf: no forests
TastyCactus: jellyfish. hydra.
DoctorCactus: @LoadingReadyRun 10/10 basics
pokeherchips: thats some good mana right there
adamwb: nice lands :o
LRRMTG_Judge: Sup @GavinVerhey
ujai321: nice basics!
jaysonharry: Ban Island
untap_draw: Unsleeved??? Marhsall how could you
biggjudicem: !addquote Okay, Chat wins.
Der_Fledermausmann: @TXC2 ooo I'm hoping for surprise guest then!
tipulsar85: Nice land pool Marshal!
OriginalOestrus: Hey everybody!
LRRMTG_Judge: I'm so glad he didn't for-gate that colossus! - Katie
BillTheCat: did Marshall bring beta lands?
Vioharr: 6 island 5 plains
destrukstiv: Unsleeved?!
EJGRgunner: are those Marshall's personal lands?
mmp5bf: 6 4 split
phytonthepython: old school lands PogChamp
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Blizzinam: Hey it's everyones favorite BIG MAN Marshall "Guest host on unlimited resources" Sutcliffe!
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manderson808: use the new basics!
hiten1983: expesive lands
AlonsoSwift: Those are some classy basics
dscottp: baller lands!
mmmagnar: My god those basics
Thewingedweirdo: mmmmm them old school lands
Malfegore_: oh yeah going old school
TubeAlloy: Did Marshall bring his own lands?
DoctorCactus: @BillTheCat pretty sure he always plays with beta basics
Amirashika: Casual beta lands
eggsucculent: hey I gotta use the bathroom, you guys mind pausing for a quick second while I take a piss?
GavinVerhey: well, I'd probably tell them to cut 14 cards because you want a 40 card deck, but yeah, basically
TheGravitron: unsleeved betas?
claytortise3: Beta lands!
Yosh1tailz: beta lands Pogchamp
CardKingdom: No anime sleeves? Kappa
Vioharr: 6 island 4 plains
TXC2: Der_Fledermausmann we know who the guests are, we just don't know the parings
edgewren: marshall humble brag's with his lands
Stallman29: 23 lands pog
untap_draw: He kept them in a box, U N S L E E V E D, Graham
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mmp5bf: unhinged basics?
Alness49: !chat
TheGravitron: waifu sleeves
Justherefortherewards: neeeeerd :p
monogreen4life: I concur Vioharr
Koshindan: Chat should stop complaining or he starts riffle shuffling!
wicker_knight: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
rsp0r: style win for the basics
NintendoMasterNo1: why are you running the orzhov guildgate?
ritchards: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
GavinVerhey: thank you Hosk! i feel SO POWERFUL
Outissa: Which lands are those?
silenceaux: Marshall usually on brand
CardKingdom: GavinVerhey Too much power my friend
mmp5bf: put perfect fits on all of your cards
Zarco_19: JUUUUUdge
mmmagnar: Man Marshal you gotta cut those gates when you're bringing beta basics
freshmaker__: is chat just sad because theyre nice lands that are unsleeved?
wicker_knight: @NintendoMasterNo1 because Chat was on him to include the Gate Collosus
monogreen4life: Beta?
LRRMTG_Judge: I agree with Marshall about worn sleeves pharma2Vial
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Ragnaros5: using the orzhov gate as a sol land for colossus? @LoadingReadyRun
LRRMTG_Judge: @Zarco_19 Yes?
sonofstuffed: whos the gusts?
Lord_Hosk bows to GavinVerhey
lordviridian94: @freshmaker__ basiclaly yeah haha
cowbell_blastbeats: Double Sleeve
tsmtg: Can't leave them in the same sleeves. It marks them.
TXC2: !players
LRRbot: Our PPR players today are Graham, Kathleen, Cameron, Adam, Erin Campbell, Shivam Bhatt, Marshall Sutcliffe, and Gavin Verhey!
AlonsoSwift: What? The host of Limited Resources has a bunch of Limited Resources sleeves? Kappa
Peachesncream91: Marsahll withe the Beta Lands <3 <3 <3
DoctorCactus: @freshmaker__ rather expensive ones, is why chat is saying that
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Breno423: Why the orzhov gate?
GameKrang: Marshall putting on a clinic, this is some good stuff.
Battlecreekgeek: sexylands
untap_draw: The friction
crimsondestruction: 911?
tsmtg: @Breno423 Colossus
SenseAmidstMadness: Chat is upset because this is Twitch Chat, and they're always like that
DoctorCactus: @Breno423 gate colossus
whenwearebothcats: @Breno423 gates matter
hdcrt: rough estimate on when the games will start?