EnoTheTonberry: Wow, that's a good card
nullrush: the... same... windstorm drake
0jingeo: i love you adam
Freshly_Toasted: What's a life total? A miserable little pile of numbers!!
DarkAbyssKeeper: @dp101428 Gavin is splashing black, Marshall is splashing green for Krasis.
pffffffok: gain liiiiife
sylphide_spirit: Ah the old azorious mirror match
WiredAbyss: force opponent to draw cards
myytgryndyr: gavin does have black spells and marshall has at least one green spell
Diolun: they play a gruul deck yet
asquishypotato: doe gavin have a gate of forgotten secrets? push the mill wincon LUL
Lucaan: Always loot
anatheartist: @Diolun yes, Gruul smashed
queenfounder: Generally I like Marshall but I kinda want Gavin to win now since he'll have totally came from behind
TheWarbo: oh right, Gate Colossus doesn't just come back for free
0jingeo: i want adam to win
Diolun: @anatheartist figured
Jondare: wait, i thought Marshall bounced the colossus, how did it die?
TheGravitron: SO BRAVE
TastyCactus: gotta draw that devious cover-up BlessRNG
EnoTheTonberry: Bold
blah12629: marshalls at 10 cards in deck while gavins at 11?
kumatsu: One fear
gipsycurse: all these creatures are just tokens resembling debate in the azorius high council
pffffffok: @Jondare they're just talking about down the line
mmmagnar: Winning by putting colossus on top of library to avoid decking
Field94: Wait, Marshall that is a Forest Island, not a gate
Yosh1tailz: 10-11
Schokobeau: has chat won already?
LRRbot: Gate Colossus [8] | Artifact Creature — Construct [8/8] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Gate you control. / Gate Colossus can’t be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Whenever a Gate enters the battlefield under your control, you may put Gate Colossus from your graveyard on top of your library.
Jondare: pffffffok ah ok, i was very confused
nautilus162: grindy
Korren99: I forgot this was today! Glad I only missed one round. this game looks like it's been going on for a while?
Lithobraker: I hear a Penelope!
Project_Hope: is this still game 1 or did they make it to 2?
Furrytractor68: This is game 1
MahBoiiii: This the magic I dream of <3!
TXC2: Korren99 it has
Lucaan: inb4 Gate Colossus wins the game
LRRbot: Spirit of the Spires [3W] | Creature — Spirit [2/4] | Flying / Other creatures you control with flying get +0/+1.
Science_and_Magic: Penelope?
woodrosehs: It's a mill win, calling it now
WiredAbyss: this is game one omg
0jingeo: LRR Friend 10CMC - allows table mate to join in on the game with their deck
Galactic_pain: Clear the Mind would be funny here
EnoTheTonberry: How did the Gate colossus Die?
jibbity: <message deleted>gavin BibleThump
Juliamon: Korren99 first round went REALLY fast.
Huschel23: How did the colossus end up in the graveyard? I thought Marshall returned it to his hand
MardukGX: spirit of the BUTT
AliceTheAlice: Skyguard + Gate Collossus COMBO!
kenshockley68: I've been watching too much Arena. I keep hovering my mouse over the player's libraries to see how many cards are left.
Rovniy: oh god this table
Stensballe: creatures against creatures - so boring ResidentSleeper
stevestein: @Project_Hope Time has no meaning any longer. We did not exist before this game began.
TheWarbo: game 1. when this game finishes they'll put it on the overlay (right under life totals)
Ruijsch: !card Gate Colossus
LRRbot: Gate Colossus [8] | Artifact Creature — Construct [8/8] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Gate you control. / Gate Colossus can’t be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Whenever a Gate enters the battlefield under your control, you may put Gate Colossus from your graveyard on top of your library.
Eliaznizzle: spirit of the HINDQUARTERS
gipsycurse: This is how Bolas corrupts Azorius
Sarah_Serinde: Hello friends! How goes the Magic?
Yosh1tailz: 10-10
piepie526: they are gonna mill long before they finish
Jondare: !card chillbringer
LRRbot: Chillbringer [4U] | Creature — Elemental [3/3] | Flying / When Chillbringer enters the battlefield, tap target creature an opponent controls. It doesn’t untap during its controller’s next untap step.
TXC2: hello Sarah_Serinde welcome
Yosh1tailz: i think
1MrGhost: And there is a game 2 after this...
FlameI7: Fun. Interactive. Rewarding. Exciting
Schokobeau: I smell a big, fat FLUNGE coming
Ruijsch: Shouldn't he have put the Collossus on his library instead of the field?
TheGravitron: Marshall has 1 less because he looted right
mastershake29x: @Sarah_Serinde quite well
somerandomtom: Yeah
MoxReuby: how many life has Gavin gained this game
viridimayai: This board is a memory nightmare
RyminaL: gate collosus was 4 mana not 3, he has 4 gates in play with a breeding pool, 5th gate to make it 3 mana is in the graveyard\
LRRbot: Vizkopa Vampire [2{W/B}] | Creature — Vampire [3/1] | Lifelink
noepitaphs: shouldn't the guildmage still not untap?
Schokobeau: just fling it
Knightlyvalor: Hi Sarah_Serinde !
SwapforPrez: Well gate colossus may get through
TastyCactus: seagTHICC spirit
Falyss: !card Sinister Sabotage
LRRbot: Sinister Sabotage [1UU] | Instant | Counter target spell. / Surveil 1.
TheWarbo: Right, we were talking about how he could get an extra draw (which would require the Colossus to die first)
lurkerspine: Maybe need to just stop this at one game?
dstopia: ResidentSleeper
asquishypotato: !card gate of forgotten secrets
ducking_mad: lrrWOW
Hardlessdaimio: uhhh something black appears LUL
Yosh1tailz: 10-9
KitteyWolf: @Ruijsch he cast it. it wasnt killed. it was put back in his hind
phytonthepython: oh yea that was the same game
Abuxlol: 3 hours later ResidentSleeper
Professor_Dr_Muffins: Magic novice here, what is the reason why they're currently in a stalemate?
Junderland_: arent we on turns? lol
TheWarbo: not extra draw, extra card in library
matthew_dauber: and this is game one LUL
netn10: Question: Why Gavin has a gate from the last set?
Robot_Bones: That one was 3 months ago
IR0NB0RN: This is ending in decking, for sure
The_letter_jay: this game rooBlank
AliceTheAlice: Skyguard makes only creatures with natural power 3 or greater able to block Gate Colossus
FlopsyDingo: any reason not be swinging with the 3/4 flying first strike?
DoctorCactus: Is there legit an argument to side in persistent petitioners?
mmmagnar: With gate colossus all marshall would need for inevitability is an activated ability you pay for with discard
adventurer_3x: Now I want to see these vs GRULL
tipulsar85: 1 eternity later...
Ruijsch: @KitteyWolf Ah i see, thanks!
IR0NB0RN: Magic deck made of wax :P
Falyss: !card Tarmogoyf
LRRbot: Tarmogoyf [1G] | Creature — Lhurgoyf [*/1+*] | Tarmogoyf's power is equal to the number of card types among cards in all graveyards and its toughness is equal to that number plus 1.
ArmadilloAL: @Professor_Dr_Muffins They're both drawing a dozen extra cards to replace any sort of advantage the other gains.
AdamJF84: @junderland_ LUL
Yosh1tailz: @Professor_Dr_Muffins for fun mostly
eshplode: @Professor_Dr_Muffins Neither wants to attack because the other player can block, so they just keep playing more and more creatures
jibbity: <message deleted>stalemate cuz no balls
zed_alpha: seriously why are they not fighting each other
korulski: inb4 this game comes down to decking
Ranakel: I had to buy a second screen to put on top of mine in order to see the full board state
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I'm not on FIRE yet
Feminine_Desires: @Professor_Dr_Muffins the colossus kept getting negated its attacks.
Ahrotahn3: Okay definitely playing 41 as my secret tech at the prerelease in my Azorius deck
Natedogg2: This game is an excellent example of what it takes to get anything passed in the Azorious Senate.
Thoughtonomic: I think the loot might lose marshall the game, i'm not sure though it's very close
xDasterrx: @zed_alpha because there are no good attacks
pffffffok: @Professor_Dr_Muffins the defending player gets to decide how creatures block when creatures attack. So when both players have a lot of creatures, it becomes very hard to attack
LRRMTG_Judge: If you fly too close to the sun, I suggest Sun SCREAM. -Zak
ChuckBeardo: Great news! They get to play another Azorius vs Azorius after this one!
trinitrotoluol_tnt: @FlopsyDingo cant the 1/4 flier just block it for free?
dstopia: marshall's not attacking because he can't get through the blockers
RealWormbo: …and it's still game 1 lrrDOTS
Yosh1tailz: i hope for 3 games BlessRNG
gipsycurse: @Natedogg2 exactly
Zarco_19: To be honest, control mirror grinds are super fun in limited
Erengard_PG: @LRRMTG_Judge Surely that's Starscream?
DarkAbyssKeeper: Forever Immortal Reborn Eternal, RnD is going full eldritch horror.
Anubis169: jibbity: play nice
MaskedBeeX: Clearly for the mirror, Azorias needs to tech in some mill cards the8bitLUL
asquishypotato: @!card gate of forgotten secrets
zed_alpha: @xDasterrx only if you're scared of losing creatures. Creatures are a resource, and if some of yours die, some of them die, too.
Emageht92: he shouldn't have ditched the bounce, bounce the drake eot and then attack with no blocks with the gate
AliceTheAlice: Am I the only one seeing the Quality/Resolution drops on the stream?
Freshly_Toasted: Marshall and Adam have pretty opposed decks, I forsee sn interesting rematch
Professor_Dr_Muffins: @ArmadilloAL @eshplode @Feminine_Desires @pffffffok Ah. Thanks!
Knightlyvalor: Professor_Dr_Muffins because the person blocking has the advantage, the blocker will pick the blocks that are good and pass on the worse ones. In an even board attacking can lead to losing fast.
LRRMTG_Judge: @Professor_Dr_Muffins if you're a novice, welcome to Magic! Feel free to @ us if you have any rules questions! - Katie
dstopia: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper
the_Jimjo: This seems like a reasonable Justicar Portal match as tether seems to be one of the only answers to colossus.
AdamJF84: Marshal losing to decking 100%
pacpac1212: is it me or marshall ahve 75% land or more left in is deck
SomebodyNowhere: the most powerful card in magic
Jondare: I think it was wrong for marshall to get rid of the bounce, he could have attacked with his 3/3 flyer and bounced a dude if Gavin went for the gangblock
Fugi: PogChamp
jagermaster94: !card gate colossus
LRRbot: Gate Colossus [8] | Artifact Creature — Construct [8/8] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Gate you control. / Gate Colossus can’t be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Whenever a Gate enters the battlefield under your control, you may put Gate Colossus from your graveyard on top of your library.
CataclysmicReverb: These bringers know no chill
zed_alpha: @xDasterrx and it would actually make the game moooove fooooorward
BillTheCat: I had to step away for 10 minutes, is this still game 1?
Magicmeow: best card in the game
queenfounder: And we thought after the first round that this PPR might not take forever
Paranundrox: well I think only Chillbringer and the lord can block the Colossus?
ExhaustedElox: Does Marshall think he still has to pay for his attackers?
NrgSpoon: and then he somehow sides in the red gateclear
Rhyohan: LUL
Staplerp: Gavins hand is stacked PogChamp
FlopsyDingo: @trinitrotoluol_tnt missed that guy, fair enoguh
Anubis169: Fugi! lrrAWESOME
Neiwa: Is the game untimed?
Anubis169: 'supsup
TXC2: AliceTheAlice dont know about that, have been having stutters though
blah12629: id be so happy if gavin shows us kayas wrath
xDasterrx: @zed_alpha I think marshal is a better player than both of us. he will know what to do
alpsumtg: could he concede
Aringrey: the bluff
zed_alpha: @BillTheCat It's still Marshall's turn from when you left.
suiname: adam's gruul deck could have finished 5 matches by now
homemcobra: @BillTheCat yeah haha
ArmadilloAL: Maybe Marshall should be running that mill Advisor after all feenLUL
Anubis169: yep Neiwa
ShovelMage: !card chillbringer
LRRbot: Chillbringer [4U] | Creature — Elemental [3/3] | Flying / When Chillbringer enters the battlefield, tap target creature an opponent controls. It doesn’t untap during its controller’s next untap step.
kyUUno: marshall have less than 10 cards left
jibbity: sick draw
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: thank god for yotube comments reminding me it's pre-prerelease ^^
Professor_Dr_Muffins: @Knightlyvalor Thanks!
particle33: When you discuss a card, you should throw it on the card reader if possible.
Yosh1tailz: 10-9 rn
Anubis169: Rules today ar REL:Axed
zed_alpha: @xDasterrx Glad you think so. This is still excruciating.
mastershake29x: @queenfounder every PPR has quick rounds and long rounds, it all balances out
hyrulianjustice: Esper Mill PogChamp
Zarco_19: in M19 I played a super grindy mirror which I won by being on the draw and boarding in a shatter for the Tome
LRRbot: Lawmage's Binding [1WU] | Enchantment — Aura | Flash / Enchant creature / Enchanted creature can’t attack or block, and its activated abilities can’t be activated.
Anubis169: to showcase the set
Gravygravyjosh: can collosus be blocked?
ShadowHachiX: King Julian from Madagascar ~ "HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE!"
pollux14: @BillTheCat yup
RealWormbo: BillTheCat: life hack: count the filled dots under the life totals
Yosh1tailz: VAMPIRE? LUL
B4rberblacksheep: @TXC2 I'm seeing stutters too
djalternative: the stakes have never ben lower
Paranundrox: Vampire is a 2/1 right now
xDasterrx: @zed_alpha than watch something else. most of us are having fun
Reccamn: link to the article? \
noepitaphs: chillbringer still on guildmage but its untapping
Hardlessdaimio: NICE
DarkAbyssKeeper: Isn't it your job to make those the same thing? :P
Chatty_Protagonist: I left 10 minutes ago. It got worse.
Magicmeow: the vamp couldn't block anyway
Paranundrox: it couldn't block anyways
PiethemasterPie: that already was a 2/1 marshall NotLikeThis
Lowynd: Flash arrest? Nice
Knightlyvalor: Professor_Dr_Muffins no problem!
TXC2: send in the Clownlossus
lieutenant_davos: <message deleted>vamp couldn't block anyways
Professor_Dr_Muffins: @LRRMTG_Judge Thanks Katie! =D
lieutenant_davos: <message deleted>vamp is a 2/1 rn
phytonthepython: synergises with the griffin
papierre87: he cant block it
shiny_bid00f: This game is so long i paid off my debt to the orzhov
Paranundrox: I think he forgot about the buff
blah12629: !card Depose
LRRbot: Depose // Deploy | Depose [1{W/U}] | Instant | Tap target creature. / Draw a card. // Deploy [2WU] | Instant | Create two 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature tokens with flying, then you gain 1 life for each creature you control.
Kykiwi: send in the clowns !
narset6691: what happened tothe gate creature that was 8/8
jdarr5000: !judge larger table needed players are using too much space
Rhyohan: Best common? Or is the scimic 2mana instant chose both better than Lawmage's binding?
Paranundrox: or rather, debuff
Pixelblue: No they cancel out because of +1 from gavin
Furrytractor68: Yeah, Vamp couldn't block VoHiYo
Ukon_vasara: gavin has like 1 creature that can block it rght?
UnknownGerm: he doesn't want him cracking in with the vamp to gain life
viridimayai: Marshal forgot, this board has counte,. 3 anthems
BrindleBoar: so, who decks out first?
AlabamaMan11: marshal read all cards on the table!!!
lieutenant_davos: <message deleted>+1 is to flyers
pffffffok: @narset6691 it's attacking *right now*
mastershake29x: @narset6691 it's attacking
Paranundrox: @Pixelblue the +1 is only for fliers
DGZenos: how long has this game gone for
TheGravitron: Gavin's +1/+0 is only for flyers
joel1martin3: fix the stream this is shit
knacker48: The only creature that can block is the chillbringer
mcham86: Reading the cards explains the cards
The_Mormegil: uuuuh unblockable?
Plaicoson: +1 is only to flyers
darkecologist: ever since arena came out all they print is aggro
deku_nudes: soon there will be realization
SputnikDX: @UnknownGerm but he has a 3/3 first striker...
lieutenant_davos: <message deleted>vamp doesn't get gavin's +1/+0
OldBenX: !flunge
Otshelnik: can't block >_<
IR0NB0RN: That's only to flying creatures :)
Furrytractor68: Unless if the -1/-0 effect is ONLY fliers
ThunderEarthFire: are we still on game 1?
hawstermtg: cant black with anything but shillbringer
VoltAerial: !card gate c
LRRbot: Found 8 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Ant__R: how havent they milled yet
papierre87: he can't block
gipsycurse: Azorius might be a bad choice for the tourny, so many draws
ArmadilloAL: To be fair, you need a galaxy brain to read all the cards in play right now.
hawstermtg: chillbriger
ObiliskAj: The ground enemies can't block! They're reduced to 2 attack! Right?
Zip_Lime: Does this thing trample?
detroitlion13: How many cards does Marshall even have left??
Loxikgaming: cant block
xDasterrx: @darkecologist uhhh, no
VoltAerial: !card gate col
LRRbot: Gate Colossus [8] | Artifact Creature — Construct [8/8] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Gate you control. / Gate Colossus can’t be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Whenever a Gate enters the battlefield under your control, you may put Gate Colossus from your graveyard on top of your library.
evolvingdev: pwer 2 or less cant block
TastyCactus: chat doing their best Kappa
The_Mormegil: -1/-0 is on everything
gore4glory91: cant be blocked by 2 power creatures
iXtermanator: @LoadingReadyRun Can't block all creatures -1 -0
azninsect: cheer550
lordviridian94: @ThunderEarthFire yup game 1 still LUL
idpd_inspector: imma take a nap see yall tomorrow for game 2 lmao
UsurpedByAFool: can't block!
LRRbot: Gate Colossus [8] | Artifact Creature — Construct [8/8] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Gate you control. / Gate Colossus can’t be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Whenever a Gate enters the battlefield under your control, you may put Gate Colossus from your graveyard on top of your library.
adventurer_3x: Why do pros always cycle through their cards like Gavin just did?
UsurpedByAFool: need 3 power to block!
Huschel23: Looks like they are forgetting about the power two or less thing. And/or the -1/-0 thing
thomasfriedlander: Don't forget the sphinx
detroitlion13: 11. It’s 11.
xDasterrx: @darkecologist two tier1 decks are midrange and control atm
pollux14: @shiny_bid00f LOL
AliceTheAlice: do not forget the Skyguard
cartooncolee: dont forget the -1
SmashTCG: its a shame neither of them have the unblockable 2/5
MardukGX: S Y N E R G Y
shiny_bid00f: thanks
Vioharr: COLOSSUS!
LRRMTG_Judge: Gavin is really going for the slow burn with this Fire based Library that he has sleeved up. -Zak
qmax4: Should Lawmage's Binding's nickname be Flarrest?
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Rovniy: nice game
LRRbot: Azorius Skyguard [4WU] | Creature — Human Knight [3/3] | Flying, first strike / Creatures your opponents control get −1/−0.
WrightJustice: oopsies
adambomb625: what match number is this
SomebodyNowhere: remember that time when marshal read the cards
Furrytractor68: Oh, it's all creatures
Lithobraker: shiny_bid00f congratulations for paying off your debt! Now there's just some paperwork for you to sign, and the issue of the paperwork fee, and then a small charge for the paperwork courier...
B4rberblacksheep: Come on stream you're on low quality, my internet isn't this bad
darkecologist: @xDasterrx i'm just being sarcastic, cause this game is nice and grindy
PolymorphingAllDay: <message deleted>PUNT
VoltAerial: skyguard seems like a house in limited
ArgentumFlare: I just took a 15 minute break from work and come back to.... this
IR0NB0RN: I thought it was flying creatures too :o
adventurer_3x: maatch 2 of 8
Kaprak: skyguard might be the biggeswt bomb in AZ
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so... my dream of blue white knights could be real?
WARZOID: this still game 1?
xDasterrx: @darkecologist ah nvm than :D
ExhaustedElox: Reading the card explains the card
DaftInvader: @adventurer_3x because you can otherwise tell where a card is in a hand so some people put all their land in one place. or will put the drawn card at the end or they havent played the 4th card in that has to be x
Karanok: a riveting azorius game
munocard: @adambomb625 You can see that at the bottom center of the screen
b240c: how long can this match go on FeelsBadMan
InsanityMuffin: reading cards is optional
adventurer_3x: match number is in the middle
Piers8: This is match 2 game one. @adambomb625
ShovelMage: reading is what?
TPorter222: To be fair, it's not new to Gavin...
DarthRagnar815: gabyRTFC
Furrytractor68: Colossus is a beast though
TheGravitron: Marshall's cards in hand? Sphinx insight and?
camoking: Gate Tribal
d_u_c_k_y: We are doing it chat PogChamp
Garrub: @qmax4 isnt that flashifism?
gHOdyst: rtfc etc
xDasterrx: @darkecologist I too enjoy this :D
WrightJustice: on vamp at least stops lifegain attacks
bekuehling: gabyRTFC
ShovelMage: fundamental
Cyony: @WARZOID Correct
shiny_bid00f: @Lithobraker prob finish the paper wokr before game 2 is done
LRRbot: Senate Courier [2U] | Creature — Bird [1/4] | Flying / {1}{W}: Senate Courier gains vigilance until end of turn.
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adambomb625: Thanks guys
ninja_theory_ashrams: FUNdamental
trevco613: how much time is left in this round?
metal_wizard_of_the_range: now we know why its an 8 hour stream
Moroklumpen: putting the fun in fundamental
comicsammrh: Just realized this is only game 1
TXC2: chat: the match will contuine until Morale improves
ShadowHachiX: Have we cured world hunger yet
jakobhartman: who will mill out first
LRRbot: Depose // Deploy | Depose [1{W/U}] | Instant | Tap target creature. / Draw a card. // Deploy [2WU] | Instant | Create two 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature tokens with flying, then you gain 1 life for each creature you control.
gipsycurse: even 2 gates colossus tur 6 is fine
deku_nudes: seriously is there a pickaxe emote, cause how long can this go on?
Science_and_Magic: MOAR LIFE
lieutenant_davos: <message deleted>the tap mode is lathal!
rogueshenanigans: I think gavin thinks his flyers are -2/-0
Majickthise: Reading cards: putting the "fun" in fundamental.
mastershake29x: @trevco613 at the PPR, rounds are untimed
Furrytractor68: We back in commander!!
SomebodyNowhere: because he needs more life
Kykiwi: 40+
IR0NB0RN: Wtf WutFace
polaris415: sure
viridimayai: Missed lethal?
lieutenant_davos: <message deleted>PUNT
AlabamaMan11: tap 3/3 and win
Zip_Lime: jinkies
PiethemasterPie: interesting not to tap for lethal
akkarin2304: gabyRTFC putting the fun in fundamental
Frankenfruity: Yould've won with that
Erengard_PG: Tap the 3/3?
circusofkirkus: back over 40 baby
kaptinkillem: LMAIO
RealWormbo: still EDH
TiberiusEsuriens: back over 40 LUL
2Eattwo2: Why doesn't he wait for attacks and tap down the only defender?
Pixelblue: PogChamp over 40+ health :D
Lowynd: why not tap the blocker?
Yosh1tailz: 9-9?
Dmc3628: we've entered the Omega/Okada 1 timer now
mykul83: lol "ok, sure"
nordic_marksman: Back to 40+ saved again
Lil_Lith: phew, back up to 42
TheSfid: jeez, still game one... someone call a judge
SwapforPrez: Back to over 40 life Yes Yes Yes!
ObiliskAj: He was like "The colossus is just an 8/8, no trample or evasion". Hah.
ninjaofv: over 40 again PogChamp
be_lak0r: yep missed the tap
creativeuncertainty: Back to safely above 40
jibbity: LETHAL
TheWarbo: Should have Deposed instead
m0nkeyrama: Marshall really likes having ~40 life
MeJustinYouChat: @TXC2 nice
Hardlessdaimio: PogChamp
SteveT40: Casually go up to 42 life
simblue91: Kreygasm Azorius Control endless game
Angreed66: 42 to be exact
jano152: oh god someone please end this
Meltalar: reading cards... putting the fun into fundamental
b240c: @TXC2 put the can in the bin 😡
cervantes_13: Wow, I didn't realize that was an instant.
walkwithoutrhythm: Ending the game at 40 life counts for double, right?
Yosh1tailz: OKAY, CHAT WINS
kanyewestonacid: Didn't tap the 3/3 FailFish
l0gin4me: wasn't depose the chill bringer lethal?
SmashTCG: wasnt tapping the 3/3 lethal?
Red_lobo: <message deleted>Punt
gogambit101: lol
devil_s_trooper: back at 40+
grumpycat7777777: that gate colossus thought what a bomb
beemancer: couldn't that tap stop the only blocker?
GrandiaKnight: This game is never going to end!
r10pez10: good morning, magic fans
queertheory: <message deleted>this is hell
TheSfid: Marshall might deck himself
queertheory: <message deleted>this is helll
Kaprak: I feel like marshall hasn't been blow 30 in 30 mins
Garrub: there are some permanents on the battlefield
EmperorFlloyd: 42 life is a lot
Themasterman20: nice gate colossus tech by marshall
LRRMTG_Judge: @WARZOID yep, you can track which game we're on using the circles under life totals. They get filled in blue for each win. - Katie
BillTheCat: how many cards are left in Marshall
UsurpedByAFool: tap win
Science_and_Magic: Is the F in fire for Flunge?
robertector: Marshall is glad he put in that Gate Keeper now...
LRRMTG_Judge: We put the Pun in Pundamental. -Zak
Zappeljakob: Math is for blockers Marshall! Do the Flunge
batboy0320: I made a phone call and it’s still game one 🙄
TSturtledove: Still game one.
Ukon_vasara: he still got the senate to tap
Cyony: He has lethal with flyers regardless i think
ArmadilloAL: He has another card in his hand to tap the blocker, right?
Piers8: I think that Gavin and Marshall are really enjoying this game
Jondare: Look chat, it's not like he's gonna lose this game anyway :P
AwesomeHamsterParty: math is for blockers go
IR0NB0RN: Settle!
LRRbot: Senate Guildmage [WU] | Creature — Human Wizard [2/2] | {W}, {T}: You gain 2 life. / {U}, {T}: Draw a card, then discard a card.
carpeamentum: Marshall, you monster
coriolis_storm: MATH is for BLOCKERS!
UsurpedByAFool: tap the 3 power creature and win
Dmc3628: no math alpha time
AliceTheAlice: Gavin, quick edit Settle the Wreckage's set symbol!
TastyCactus: SMOrc Clap
ducking_mad: flungg
b240c: flunge PogChamp
Rovniy: LUL
AwesomeHamsterParty: YES PogChamp thank god
Buwardo: Settle Jebaited
Juliamon: Flunge has been called
d_u_c_k_y: maths is for blockers LUL
EmperorFlloyd: Not even viigilance!
ForOhForError: is this still game one oh noooo
soft_sunset: math is for blockers
Anubis169: queertheory: play nice
Lucaan: Math is for blockers
Vinyl_Fantasy: math is for blockers LUL
iMSO92: i went to cook some food and the game is still going on :D :D
countchocula18: Just FF plz
scarred4lyfe: raeder LUL
GizmoMCs: TAP THE 3/3
WrightJustice: PogChamp
laviniagaming: Settle the Wreckage
UsurpedByAFool: tap the only blocker
Huschel23: I can't believe how powerful Gate Colossus is
Darzog67: right click, all attack lol gg
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SteveT40: Gavin ends up casting Settle the Wreckage. Hey where that come from ;)
MizumiDucky: Flunge
MightierGlacier: math is for blockers
TehAmelie: i look away for a second and the whole library is on the stack?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Math is for blockers
SwapforPrez: Math is for blockers
noSmokeFire: so Gavin goes to...3?
nordic_marksman: Math is for blockers
Ant__R: why isnt chill a 2/3?
maintainpriority: Marshall and Gavin are working hard to make up for how fast Graham and Adam finished
Theycallmejokke: Math is for blockers
Lowynd: Azorious SMOrc
WARZOID: Ravnica Allegiance will release before this pre prerelease is over Jebaited
Valthainos: Settle the Wreckage PepeHands
zerodividesbyyou: holy butts is tbis STILL The SAME GAME?
DarkAbyssKeeper: Flunging Impressively, Relief Experienced
TastyCactus: he's at 42 LUL
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: sergeCounting
bomani4ever: is math for blockers?
loulou2222: "what if i had a finglonger?"
InkyGhoast: sergeCounting
SomebodyNowhere: this is still game 1 so a loss isn't the end
Rhyohan: Settle the Wreckage Kappa
Zarco_19: chat always wants a flunge
d_u_c_k_y: SMOrc good play, chat
flatluigi: chat wanted you to tap for lethal
Pixelblue: Chat wins PogChamp
mochamoosemitten: Math is for blockers
control_rig: It's true!
A_Dub888: !findquote flunge
LRRbot: Quote #4992: "odd that there isn't a flunge quote" — Xafty [2018-05-18]
mykul83: Math is for blockers
Milambus: Math is for blockers
Keab42: That was a good flunge
correl42: What is a flunge?
Murcielago66: he has 42 life there's no way he loses immediately
Fr0Dough: Jesus! I look away...
ShavaKe: if you tapped the 3/3
thomasfriedlander: I think swinging with the sphinx is dangerous tho
ArmadilloAL: Chat actually wanted you to tap the 3/3 with the other half of that split card, Marshall.
Aarek: Math is for blockers!
cacace: Dance, puppet Marshall! Dance for us
ihopebobsclericdies: is the acronym Fun Flavourful Sets, Inkmoth Nexus, Reprints, Elspeth ?
McFluffums: Flunge Is Right Everytime
Yosh1tailz: He is a slave of chat PogChamp
Freshly_Toasted: Embrace the flunge
B4rberblacksheep: @LoadingReadyRun FYI Headcams have desynced
known_kadath: blocking is for mathers
be_lak0r: chat wanted you to win ; _ ;
MizumiDucky: some times you just have to Flunge, so true Marshall
VirtualHunterAlec: seabatBRAIN
noSmokeFire: @Ant__R it has flying and Gavin has a card that gives flying creatures +1/+0
Zheos: waiting for bm
Arttano: We are the ones that insisted on gate colosus
kvetchnik: I wanted you to deck yourself with a 100 life total
adamwb: skyguard and golem are so good together holy
ballardaudio: Settle The Wreckage just falls out of Gavin's sleeve
aesir_blade: how long has this game been going?
Fantasticfredfie: When did this game start?
claytortise3: Should’ve tapped the 3/3 D:
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Flunge into Ruinous End
Maikey_R: LUL
TastyCactus: UwU
mister_scrambles: tap the 3/3 indeed
Murcielago66: "is this your senate courier"
xeroth95: is it laggy for anybody else ?
kdot1996: No settle in that set
kynelwynn: Math is for Blockers
chainlc: ,
Peter_susman: math is for blockers
tranewrek: just tuned in, wtf is this board
mattmanw2: azorius boards
Ukon_vasara: but if you win the game here you cant draw more cards, sounds like the low value play to me
Dux_glacies: So to be clear - if either of them had run the mill advisor, they would've won by decking by now?
Field94: !findquote math
murkyk1010: gavin vs. 7000 and 1 people
Ant__R: noSmokeFire ah yes forgot it flies
Lithobraker: shiny_bid00f Please make sure to be on time to your appointment at 3:30 in the 9th district to receive your paperwork. Remember, there is a late fee if the paper work isn't received within 2 days. The courier service accepts parcels from 9 am to 3 pm. Parcels are delivered the next business day.
TheSoftestBunny: is this still game 1 match1 ?
Gen2Gengar: aesir_blade ~40 minutes I believe
B4rberblacksheep: @xeroth95 Yeah it's defo getting worse
TPorter222: This is exhausting
AliceTheAlice: Don't forget ALL of Marshall's flyers get +0/+1!!!!!!!!
righteousprawn: Trust me, this is nothing compared with the Aether Revolt PPR (Kaladesh? The one with Blake). <shudder>
LRRMTG_Judge: @TheSoftestBunny It is! theman20Leek
UsurpedByAFool: no. wer wanted you to tap his only blocker and swing with colossus
SebiMk: This is game 1 match 2
jpost042: card in libraries?
Ruijsch: @TheSoftestBunny Yes
Ferox777: block 1/4 instead of 1/1?
TheSoftestBunny: god
Dav_eeeeeeeed: Does the Azorius Skyguard's -1/-0 prevent the Chillbringer from blocking Gate Colossus?
shiny_bid00f: @Lithobraker What year?
iggyhtown: marshall with the TRUE flunge where you don't even look
CGSguy2: I just went and ate lunch. It's still game 1??
Knightlyvalor: TheSoftestBunny game 1 match 2
MahBoiiii: guildmage doesnt die
TehAmelie: and then Gavin somehow plays Rules Lawyer
LRRMTG_Judge: Correction, this is Match 2. -Zak
pollux14: hopefully they have mill cards in the sideboard to make things faster game 2 hahaha
VazSun: emergency powers inc
Erengard_PG: @righteousprawn Indeed. Putting WotC staff on UW seems to be an issue though. LUL
RevolverC: Guildmage doesn't die
Yosh1tailz: Combat concluded, nothing happened Kappa
TXC2: this is round 2 game 1
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simblue91: one thopter dies
Ryenji: LUL
BowlOFruit: bottom thopter not die?
LindaEllerbee: @marshallsutcliff those arent LR sleeves. did @lsv finally cancel the podcast?
Dux_glacies: Why did his drake not eat the thop?
RevolverC: -1/0 on White // Guild mage gets 0/+1
Xanderbats: Guildmage isn't dead
SomebodyNowhere: the crackback
B4rberblacksheep: Come on twitch do the things
sidewalkchalk: oh my lord it's still happening
lieutenant_davos: drake at the thop
nordic_marksman: Wet noodle battle
lesdruides: the thopter is dead tho
ObiliskAj: Why no paying for vigilance?
munocard: Wrath out of nowhere?
sidewalkchalk: i left for like 20 minutes lol
blah12629: game 2?
SomebodyNowhere: lrrSCOOP
Loxikgaming: CLAP
Terrorizem: gg
Furrytractor68: Game 2!
Kykiwi: wooo game 2
SmashTCG: ouchie
blah12629: that was a fun game
Feminine_Desires: @RevolverC it does, guildmage doesn't get +0/+1, that's onyl for fliers
TSturtledove: game 2
whenwearebothcats: that was great :D
phytonthepython: just allpha for 42:)
Malfegore_: lol game 2 finally
zed_alpha: CLAP
d_u_c_k_y: WE DID IT, Chat PogChamp
m0nkeyrama: GGs
viridimayai: Good game 1!
Yosh1tailz: OK CHAT WINS PogChamp
IR0NB0RN: More like this! Kreygasm
pollux14: *chanting* Kaya's Wrath
Themasterman20: guild mage should survive, no?
MoxReuby: *applause*
Plaicoson: @RevolverC no cause it doesnt fly
DGZenos: finally
soft_sunset: that was v enjoyable
Anubis169: nice!
TheWarbo: that was amazing
Justherefortherewards: chat wins!
ShadowHachiX: GODS
pollux14: aawn
Paranundrox: @RevolverC I believe the +0/+1 is also only for fliers?
rolanddegil: gg
Lucaan: Got there PogChamp
Justin_Bailey: Game 2!
Junderland_: time in round lol?
Fangren300: PogChamp GAME 2
Rovniy: Kappa //
TheGravitron: whew
MahBoiiii: <3 <3
simblue91: Next match
DarkAbyssKeeper: Crack in for 42, Azorius has some trumpet blasts?
kvetchnik: that damage was not resolved properly
kyUUno: "fun to watch"
ArgentumFlare: That was a 30 minute game? More?
nordic_marksman: @lesdruides he had 0/+1
adamwb: nice
pach18: round 1 ZZZzzz
TastyCactus: no fancy plays SMOrc only FACE
RevolverC: Oh touche, thanks chat <3
m0nkeyrama: Some intricate magic
RadiantSonata: GG
TheGravitron: GAME 2 OH BOY
fake_based: @RevolverC only flyers get the +0/+1
LivingTheTruth: Dear god
Reccamn: <message deleted>control v control ResidentSleeper
Fantasticfredfie: Good game!
ForOhForError: but what does fire mean
laviniagaming: Collosus wins!
circusofkirkus: Sideboard into GRUUL
2Eattwo2: Both switch to Gruul decks!
Dmc3628: and now we get past Okada/Omega 2 timer
odi_odi: dayGG gmhikaruGGYO
hesh_seed: That was an awful game
ShovelMage: 3/1 lifelink was da MVP
TastyCactus: goodbyeeeee
Znazl: SeemsGood
Vivanity: SEE
zerodividesbyyou: Fighting Incredulously Right (to the) End
LivingTheTruth: Thanks Paul!!1
MoxReuby: twitch glitch
deku_nudes: PanicBasket
Malfegore_: oh no streams is gonna flicker
Rovniy: LUL
lesdruides: @nordic_marksman the drake was 3/3 became 2/3, kills a 1/2 ...
whenwearebothcats: lrrFINE
d_u_c_k_y: PICNIC WutFace
fracassio: Thanks, Paul! <3
Blightst4r: F
correl42: If this goes to game 3, this is going to be one heck of a stream
Science_and_Magic: ByE!
Piers8: clap
Terrorizem: F
shiny_bid00f: Yo I think the wall sorin is in has eroded by now
flametitan: RIP
SebiMk: F
Koshindan: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Talin06: lrrFINE
LukeMage15: Round
kdot1996: F
fir3blazes: F
rage_inc: Blinking the stream
grandmaspocket: nuuuuuu
Xed_Regulus: lrrFINE
djalternative: f
stere89: <3 nice
MeJustinYouChat: Thanks Paul!
hakillha: Picnic
SirHandsomeFace: WOW
Emberwatch_: panicBasket
Aringrey: f
BubbaRad: panicBasket
ShavaKe: F
SomebodyNowhere: worst thing about those long long games is you really need to shuffle so you dont end up with all or no lands in the next game
Thewingedweirdo: F
woodrosehs: is it the resolution?
iMSO92: bye bye
chefkanin: yes
Trollbonist: Picnic time!
smurfsrppl2: lrrFINE
RonnyConcrete: Here we go, panic will happen
B4rberblacksheep: lrrFINE
Amentur: lrrFINE
MotherfkinPterodactyl: panicBasket
keesonman: F
Ruijsch: f
MizumiDucky: Panic!
Lil_Lith: panicBasket
ArgentumFlare: Flicker The stream
ThunderFang3: panicBasket
Tobee24: <message deleted>banned
zed_alpha: Anarchy?
be_lak0r: byee
Znazl: panicBasket
camoking: F
Science_and_Magic: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
polaris415: lrrFINE
SebiMk: panicBasket
PhoenixMelior: don't panic
Peter_susman: lrrFINE
cacace: PANIC
Neiwa: F
rafbie: who won ?
Da_ScientistXL: F
Rhyohan: F
Visi0nwow: f
Xobulo: lrrFINE
Serifina: Be calm, be cool.
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: Thank you Paul!
cloud92684: PANIC
VeryHandsomeManCactus: F
ImmortalManji: F
Intangible360: it's the end of the world and we know it
weissh: F
EldritchProwler: ah phew, I thought that was me
devil_s_trooper: F
Plasma_Platypus: whaaaaa
Rhyohan: PANIC!!!
Larkonus: lrrFINE
TehAmelie: gotta reverse the cache polarity
Serifina: No panicking.
r00f_ch: F
Freshly_Toasted: OH GVOD
TheWarbo: Exile target stream, then return it to Twitch under its owner's control
scarred4lyfe: PICNIC
Red_lobo: Clap
darklegion329: F
Abavus: slytqItsFine
Dizzy_stream: SeemsGood
gogambit101: F
Lucaan: Adam says to picnic eogMad
Tobee24: <message deleted>REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
thomasin4413: f
JonRigatti: F
msuyer508: <message deleted>F
l0gin4me: panicBasket Kappa
TureTapir: drawfeeThanksIHateIt
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: man chat is quick today
santacruz121: rip
Huschel23: Ah, time to sideboard into Gruul
MightierGlacier: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
Tox54: lrrFINE
greenmonkeysam: Marshall won so hard they had to shut it all down
OrangeBeard: !panic
leandertnb: panicBasket
Serifina: Seriously, people, chill.
Lyannen: We will stay here all day / night lrrHERE
lordviridian94: im panicing
Mechsican: glad it wasn't just me. that stutter was driving me crazy
jmmayo: F
Drakkus: brianl2Steel
gsyhiap: lrrFINE
DoktorPiccolo: F FeelsBadMan
Kamill797: WHAT HAPPENED??!
Mowdownjoe: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Niedar: F
djsterlingsilva: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Azebu: F
Darzog67: PANIC!!! at the disco
claytortise3: F
the_Jimjo: Goodbye forever!
TheDrogonite: im gonna go somewhere else now xD
meads11: F
mjoodz: its over
ComicSans_: That azourius game crashed the stream
gipsycurse: What did the senate agree on?
sim0n_83: F
Vivanity: Whoever told me it was on my end can suck a fat dong
Nallarick: F
Luke_Is_Dead_200: f
FenrisSchafer: Glad to know it wasn't just me
Loosterbooster: mic muted
Seosamh_117: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
ConjuredLynx: panicBasket panicBasket
Akarashi: ?
Petrosz007: lrrFINE
TXC2: chat, I said DONT painc!
Tokepui: dobs
Rhyanosaurus: EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!!!!
Risicoco: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
Basuei: F
BlueRanger1993: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
cyclonicwift: F
Serifina: The stream will return in just a moment.
StrongBadinater: sinowDust
Juliamon: Vivanity pls
yttog: did they ever tell us what the heck fire meant?
RomanGoro: Chat, remain calm, don't make mods put you in slow emote only mode
Serifina: Please be calm.
Anubis169: Everything is fine :)
gruulwarleader: everyone is dead right?
Sampy104: seabatYIKES
RealWormbo: I don't think slow mode will help with 7k impatient chatters
Hardlessdaimio: BibleThump
cunningwalrus: who won?
Da_ScientistXL: findquote yargle
alphasapphire234561: <message deleted>Its treason then
ryuugeyondbodlike: panic
cendrillion3: panicBasket
NationOfTheDead: WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace
thesurfaceofthemoon: I came back at the wrong time, it seems :<
DotaPsyence: cheating time
The_Bunglefever: this amount of panic i am feeling
theovenbird: lrrHAM
Evandill: Always panic; never panic
QberryMuffin: ferociousGreed
Williamjr3413: Why did Adam leave us :(
msuyer508: <message deleted>IM NOT CALM AAAAAAARGH
Anubis169: CHat
Serifina: @RealWormbo You'd be surprised.
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AdamJF84: @cunningwalrus Marshall
thegreatwyrdling: I AM AFRAID
HailtheRNG: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Lucidmooselid: were on our own!!
Anubis169: Group hug!
echiko25: how much time is the reset gonna take?
unciufolo: F
edgewren: !Panic
zerodividesbyyou: @comicsans_ wasn't nearly as unnecessarily ridiculous as the 2v1(4) player Unstable game that went literally forever
IcyMinhtos: rakdos came
Anubis169 hugs everybody
Lithobraker: shiny_bid00f I'm sorry, I don't have that information, but if you would like to visit our information center I'm sure we can fit you in on the first monday of the next month.
pterodactyl_noises: phew, after that match I'd just want a quick break
FlameI7: lrrHEART mods
kirbytronic: Cam must've opened the Showstopper
Juliamon: echiko25 not long!
TXC2: echiko25 as much as it needs
somerandomtom: F
rsp0r: lrrFINE
Intangible360: Azorius shut down the stream
Daedrin: Somebody save me!
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chefkanin: the guy on the right won first match
GingerLivsMatter runs in terror
PruPruh: Can we take a second to glory in another amazinv choice of guests by LRR!? How awesome is this lineup, folks!!?
chiefdirty530: <message deleted>REEEEEE
Karwat69: is it over?
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JudgeKyle: I guess I came back right on time
Baldobs: no
Juliamon: Karwat69 quick break to fix some tech
lieutenant_davos: aaaaand, that's time in the round
magicalphilosopher: Did the stream shut doen
legit_advice: down?
xDestxDest: The first game of round 2 is over
Gregdsprz: Already finished?
Anubis169: restarting stream
BossLCA: I fell asleep, wat happan
LRRMTG_Judge: Temporarily
Aquarionics: Scheduled Maintainance
Juliamon: Stream is currently rebooting
Serifina: The stream will return in a moment.
VoidSpinner: lrrFINE
therealdeadmanshand: Stream offline just for a minute. they're fixing something
thesheepleschamp: noxThump
dapperdoughnut: Ok glad it’s not just me having issues
asquishypotato: bogaEdna
climbingsunshinemtn: yes there reloading twitch
Stellapacifica: A small, controlled picnic
TXC2: steam is down to fix a camera
Paranundrox: it's interesting how fast the chat slowed down due to running out of messages :P
Anubis169 plays some calm lift music
SaintKelly82: they are rebooting stream
Cho_Cathal_ic: RAKDOOOOOOSS!!!!!
Serifina: There was a technical issue and it's being restarted.
DaftInvader: <message deleted>change the hamster faster
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: hey is LRL tomorrow?
Illuvater01: crab crab
Koshindan: Stream is in violation of Azorius regulations and must be taken down for an indeterminate amount of time.
Reccamn: <message deleted>mods dont like fun LUL
Majickthise: Azorious ground the stream to a halt. Having to reboot.
Serifina: @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie No.
Kirrrk: <message deleted>they have to re pin marshalls toupee
Comrademik: just came back, who won game 1?
munocard: We in slow mode now? That's a bummer. :(
Karanok: im gonna go file my taxes and maybe i will be back in time for game 2 to be halfway done
Juliamon: Mods like fun, but we also like order.
Ynottony105: back to agdq until it returns
OrangeBeard: !panic
B4rberblacksheep: The timestreams were countered
TXC2: Mods in fact LOVE fun
tipulsar85: Live is in two week according to Schedule
anatheartist: <message deleted>༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Gib stream ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
rennz17: @whadidbeejputindpie no maybe next week
mjoodz: gg i was azorious
santacruz121: is azoris good?
Serifina: @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie They don't do LRLs the same week as a PPR.
SaneMantis: TableHere FlipThis
Type_One___: @whadidbeejputindpie LRL the 17th or something I believe
SomebodyNowhere: I got stuck in slow mode lockdown forever
Caerthir: Marshal took game 1
Larkonus: jamiePuphug katesHug2 katesHug jamieJamhug
john_wotnec: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
nizp91: man, this set looks fun to draft
Ktolos: Gruul riot currently rampaging through the moonbase and so azorius have detained the stream
Sani_2341: wait was the Control Mirror so grindy they destroyed the cameras?
TehAmelie: hey, the chat input window tells you it's in slow mode and stuff. that's a nice little touch
Anubis169 Thank you for flying Ravnica AirLRRns, we appreciate your patience and will be restarting the stream shortly. Please keep your hands and arms inside the stream at all time and do not panic if we experience minor turbulence.
Sarah_Serinde: The next LRL on the calendar is 2 weeks from now
jonpswift: the first rule of PPR is you don't talk about PPR
lordviridian94: @Juliamon so azorius mods?
kakaho345: Azorius currently 100% winrate p[
devsfan19: can't reload stream
xvxrhadamantisxvx: rip
Sampy104: gabyFine
ShadowHachiX: Proceeds to go somewhere
Moroklumpen: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4
Juliamon: devsfan19 it's still down, wait for the signals
Serifina: Stream will return in a moment.
TheSfid: they had to reboot, they were having issues
LRRMTG_Judge: @jonpswift I wouldn't say we would enforce that rule. -Zak
Serifina: Please be patient.
Themasterman20: @kakaho345 azorius on 50% winrate you mean
suiname: actually azorious is 50% cuz it won and lost
Hardlessdaimio: PowerUpL summon the stream PowerUpR SabaPing
RangerLash: Just stopped by the GDQ stream.
Undercode: its actually 50%
Keab42: lrrFINE
MizumiDucky: Twitch must be having problems since the slow mode never counted down at all. Had to refresh to get chat to work again.
JohnLockeCole: Hello Friends, Doing the technical difficulties dance, I see?
PruPruh: Congratulations @Ranneko !!! I hope you have a wonderful time!
newfur: panicBasket
zerodividesbyyou: Gotta respect the Mod Sword buddy, for it is the Blade of Memer's Bane
INSPIRINGTYPO: <message deleted>magic the gathering is great
Greshnikk: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG
TXC2: hello JohnLockeCole indeed
tyrew0rm: so how long was game 1 then?
mastershake29x: *** stream is offline for a moment to fix a tech issue, will be back momentarily **
Nnarcissus: Gaviiinn Gaviin Gavviiinn ..
griffythepoo: anyone else noticed Adam was getting bullied a little?
bobAkirafett: Graham's guild kit lands ARE guild specific, not all lands. In case anyone was still wondering.
RealWormbo: chat, you will *know* when the stream is back. don'T ask, you wqill know.
Lucaan: eogDumpkin
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jibbity: i leave for one minute and stream is down
Setver: sometimes, twitch is twitch and this happens
Ferox777: azorious is 0% cuz that match doesn't mean anything in guild vs guild stats
DaftInvader: <message deleted>I tapped your mom for damage.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Anubis169, As a virulent member of the simic combine, I am possessed of several, many handed, tentacles instead of arms. Where should I keep those?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm still a little sad the guild kit lands aren't on arena
Koshindan: @santacruz121 Well, the Azorius deck won the last match. You could say it was good.
Seosamh_117: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
gore4glory91: shitty twitch servers arent a tech issue tho Kappa
Lyannen: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
gsyhiap: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Sarah_Serinde: lrrSIGNAL
Toquenuke: Signal
qrpth: lrrSIGNAL
IR0NB0RN: Saved Kreygasm
Fluffy776: katesAir katesAir katesAir
queenfounder: Woooo
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: k thx bai
ninjaofv: we back
somerandomtom: Yay
nolimit70: lrrAWESOME
ToastedArts: If Azorious is at 50% win rate, does that mean they have absolute balance? Kappa
Yosh1tailz: PogChamp
Huschel23: I hope they come back with long,wispy beards
chefkanin: we are online
kamelion84: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
BlueBeardedDevil: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
headless_joker: What happened
Freshly_Toasted: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
frostownik: corntact
Rhyohan: SAVED PogChamp
MightierGlacier: we back!
Xed_Regulus: See? Everything is back and working again.
lightning_bolt: AYEEEE
Anubis169: DarkAbyssKeeper: in your lap(s)
PhoenixMelior: hey we're back, time for sideboarding
Abavus: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
2nd_metaman: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
djsterlingsilva: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ampharos15: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
hallow13: lrrHERE
Mowdownjoe: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
thegreatwyrdling: Stream!
johothehobo: they are back!
EldritchProwler: We're Back! TM
smurfsrppl2: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
FlameI7: lrrSIGNAL
Nallarick: I blame the new mythic edition for the delay
tnud: SourPls
Petrosz007: lrrSIGNAL
Sarah_Serinde: headless_joker Fixing a tech issue
coldsnap8: much twitch things. many slow. much restart. such long
rennz17: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Serifina: We're back. If you don't see the stream, refresh.
Lhunhil: lrrSIGNAL
munocard: WE'RE BACK BABY! Kinda...
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LoadingReadyRun: sorry folks. we should be back now
TureTapir: drawfeeCHOMP
Amentur: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrSIGNAL
Plasma_Platypus: woooooooo
santacruz121: yes is back!!!
Seosamh_117: lrrAWESOME
SaneMantis: tuppHello
alphasapphire234561: <message deleted>bus ot eipeidwep
JohnLockeCole: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
queenfounder: Interesting music choice. I like it
War_sheep: But why is Twitch the way it is Twitch?
Keab42: Will Marshal board into Eyes Everywhere?
Toquenuke: lrrSIGNAL
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: weeh i'm back !
Cucho_Lambreta: it ended?
abidolly: Did it start yet?
Piers8: clap
Wondermoo: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Themasterman20: we're free
headless_joker: Thanks
Yosh1tailz: No slowmode VoHiyo
Serifina: Remember, folks, be good.
CloudSwordTwitch: Yay
somerandomtom: Nice music
johothehobo: wooooooHOOOOOO
zerodividesbyyou: wooooooo no slow mode for meeeeeee
Aquarionics: lrrSLOTH
Stellapacifica: We're Back: A Story With No Dinosaurs Unfortunately But That Was A Good Film
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: back from exile ^^
TehAmelie: yeah when the stream goes live it'd be easier to miss the beacons of Gondor
stjerna: LUL LUL
mastershake29x: *** stream is back, you should see the going online screen, if not refresh ***
johothehobo: SOOfast mode
SomebodyNowhere: when did they add a slow mode indicator
DonDanDon: Hard rock!!
Malfegore_: VoHiYo
Lucaan: We fixed the stream, chat PogChamp
MeJustinYouChat: @PruPruh Yeah I'm stoked for all the matches
IsengardRelocationTeam: love this song 12 btw
Yosh1tailz: So that was game two Kappa
Angreed66: the music is to uplifting for an azorious mirror
PhoenixMelior: SomebodyNowhere I don't know but I appreciate it
Anubis169: xxxNETAL xxxP
Feminine_Desires: Yay now clips can be actually made without being bugged out!
RealWormbo: @Serifina I admit slow mode was way more effective than I expected
jibbity: i brought the stream back :)
thegreatwyrdling: We did it chat, we did it.
tipulsar85: We on rame two of round two
Anubis169: we didn't do anything :/
TXC2: speaking of clips: NAME YOUR CLIPS!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh man... what kind of music do Azorius listen to?
Setver: @War_sheep real time connection on both sides with this many people, stuff is bound to happen.. its alot of video transmitting.
alpsumtg: does it work for you now? i cant see anything
I_Am_Clockwork: Chiptune Legacy is such a great song
Feminine_Desires: With that being said, here's a minor clip with Adam asking Sutcliffe to say please: https://clips.twitch.tv/CovertColorfulThymeSMOrc
polaris415: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Williamjr3413: Saviboshy you are back ItsBoshyTime ItsBoshyTime ItsBoshyTime
Anubis169: alpsumtg: Refresh
SaintKelly82: marshall is already back to 40 life in game 2
Red_lobo: Clap
TXC2: and we're back
Serifina: @RealWormbo There's a reason we use it. :)
rennz17: I like that the mods put the chat in slow mode before the stream went offline because they knew we would panic
Czerwona_Latarnia: tpYGOddduel It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel
m0nkeyrama: Hello again :D
Koshindan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
johothehobo: @Angreed66 well something needs to keep our mood up
MrTuttles: TableHere FlipThis TwitchCop TwitchCop
Anubis169: Welcome back!
Cyony: Still sideboarding?!
SaneMantis: still?
SomebodyNowhere: more sideboarding
TehAmelie: hi again
TrickJarrett: lol, they are still sideboarding
LolCamAlpha: hey y'all!
Type_One___: cheer100
r10pez10: we're here!
noSmokeFire: what are the odds that they sideboard into two entirely different decks?
Kirrrk: <message deleted>tell marshall to fix his toupee
RoguePraetor: Twitch decided that EVERYONE needed a break after that game....
circusofkirkus: the best time!
Cyony: What kind of blue/white mirror is this
SomebodyNowhere: Hi Adam!
Wodar9: ADAM!
Pharmacistjudge: ooo 1 on 1 with adam
PhoenixMelior: Hi Adam
Zappeljakob: Talk to us Adam
ZeniteZero: ADAMMMMM!
SmashTCG: oh No!
TrickJarrett: Hi Adam! How you doing brosef?
Hardlessdaimio: still sideboarding :o
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: <3 Adam
RockPusher: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Our Boi Adam
Keab42: Just board in everything to prevent milling
Koshindan: seabatSEAL
jibbity: missed the muttering :(
2rrr_mirror_breaker: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: Yay seabatSEAL
bloke90: ohno
Juliamon: seabatSEAL
TheWarbo: RealWormbo I think it's because it's less "all of chat is being this way" and more "some of chat is being extremely This Way"
Erengard_PG: PogChamp
MeJustinYouChat: 7000:1 time
Kykiwi: heyo adam who is playing rakdos?
MizumiDucky: YAY One on One time with ADAM!!!
ballardaudio: quality time with adam
Piers8: Transformative Rakdos sideboard go!
WonderfulGlory: A good thing!
Malfegore_: Hey Adam! :D
Juinya: Adam!
blah12629: no, i dont think we have time to kill
Trbrutality: 1 on 1 with our big burly boi
Abavus: Hi Adam. How's it going?
weff47: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Sarah_Serinde: Adam! seabatBRAIN
Fluffy776: good thing for sure!
tergonis: lrrHEART Adam
tsimehc2000: Sexytime with Adam
Williamjr3413: <3 you Saviboshy
adi_pie: So, Adam, what's your opinion on Orange juice?
Anubis169: rennz17: experience says it would
Xobulo: yay adam!!!
Feminine_Desires: @LoadingReadyRun Hey Adam, from Lord Hosk: https://i.imgur.com/eqGINhv.png
Zappeljakob: Tell us Lies, Tell us sweet litle lies
Lucaan: Adam time PogChamp
thenb44: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
griffythepoo: you're the best Adam!!!!!!!
2rrr_mirror_breaker: seabatSEAL
Juinya: We love you Adam!
m0nkeyrama: Adam time seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TXC2: it;s happening anyway
DarkAbyssKeeper: !card Cage of Hands
LRRbot: Cage of Hands [2W] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature can't attack or block. / {1}{W}: Return Cage of Hands to its owner's hand.
Serifina: I still owe you for earlier, Adam. :p
pterodactyl_noises: 1 on 1 time with Adam is the best thing I could possibly ask for
KidSpanner: Wow, still sideboarding.
Traion: So I think we are behind schedule now, despite Adam's best efforts
LolCamAlpha: How are you doing today, Adam?
FlameI7: Yay Adam
MalenkyMalchick: Yay Adam!
laviniagaming: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Wodar9: Adam: How easy would it be for you to beat both of their decks?
zak_shwap: Adam Savage-Dan. AKA Good Human 11 out of 5.
jrhwhite: this matchup is certainly what I signed up for
tipulsar85: Adam talks while the players tune.
flatluigi: i vote aggressive
mastershake29x: alone time with adam is the bestest thing
bloke90: lost like1200 viewers from that
Vezon46: ADAM, are you going to pax south?
d_u_c_k_y: ResidentSleeper longer game ResidentSleeper
gore4glory91: !card knight of hokey
LRRbot: Knight of the Hokey Pokey [WW] | Creature — Knight [2/2] | First strike / {1}{W}, Do the Hokey Pokey: Prevent all damage a source of your choice would deal to Knight of the Hokey Pokey this turn. (To do the Hokey Pokey, put your right foot in. Put your right foot out. Put your right foot in. Shake it all about. Repeat this process for your left foot, right arm, left arm, and whole self.)
Knightlyvalor: Adam is a good guy.
SomebodyNowhere: the longest game
circusofkirkus: how was the dentist Adam?
hotgreenflames: adam, are you straight gruul or are you junding?
Xobulo: dont forget to follow seabats!
Malfegore_: First game lasted for about 40 mins
Science_and_Magic: I think you side in mill
SaneMantis: Side into Rakdos instead
INSPIRINGTYPO: <message deleted>a lot
griffythepoo: Adam would wipe the floor with both the decks
kirbytronic: Never a bad thing, Adam. You're great.
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: Which guild do you think is the most fun to play so far ?
manwiththegoldencard: Adam, which wrestler should be a planeswalker?
Yosh1tailz: Just put in 5 extra cards to win LUL
RealWormbo: fair point, TheWarbo
Padredoom: Marhsall looking pretty suave
Lucaan: Adam, off topic but how's the Boshy going?
Williamjr3413: how was your dental sugery yesterday adam
TXC2: so Adam, how about that beating Torchless bloodmoon?
Pharmacistjudge: Marshall does a giant color shift to green
MahBoiiii: Looks like someone at wizards appreciates Bo3 at least :\
Angreed66: Milkl?
TheOtherTrevor: His deck is all answers
chefkanin: food breaks go out the window when i play slow decks
TehAmelie: where do i put in for one on one time with Adam without these other 7000 goobers?
Cyony: The question of how many quenches do i need
collectivesubconscious: Gavin scoped the hell out of his deck lol
Arttano: What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?
weff47: @Vezon46 I believe he said he isn't
Themasterman20: more gates? PogChamp
mastershake29x: @INSPIRINGTYPO they do
SomebodyNowhere: gav-y boy
FlameI7: Fire?
Anubis169: INSPIRINGTYPO: easy on the allcaps
Cyony: I'm going to assume he removed his quench
toucansrule: Game 2 of the long-long game
collectivesubconscious: 2nd quench is mighty suspicious.
SpookyScary0_0: board in your entire pool and mill 'em out
Nallarick: Can we get cam to come entertain instead? Or cast a shaharazard
laviniagaming: @Vezon46 Adam said he would not be going to pax south
noSmokeFire: I love sassy adam
Xed_Regulus: Did we get an answer to what F.i.R.E. stands for?
JohnLockeCole: What Show is that Marshal of Limited Resources??
climbingsunshinemtn: this round will be over be fore we get back to live action
Vezon46: @weff47 ive gotten conflicting reports
rafbie: Why UW vs UW is so boring ?
TXC2: something something bomat courier
TheEnigmaEngine: perilous out of the sb?
chefkanin: spear spewer
Xobulo: do you think Marshall is using some Limited Resources ;)
Cyony: Spear spewer?
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Lithobraker: the 1 drops have been getting better in limited lately
DaftInvader: !card Spear Spewer
LRRbot: Spear Spewer [R] | Creature — Goblin Warrior [0/2] | Defender / {T}: Spear Spewer deals 1 damage to each player.
TehAmelie: uwwu what's this?
Bloodwrath55: Quench is always good against Hydroid Krasis though
Anubis169: rafbie: it's not boring but it is very involved. all about control :)
thegreatwyrdling: @TehAmelie owo
WARZOID: A Z ResidentSleeper R I U S
randomino5: There have been black exalted cards
Pharmacistjudge: exalted has been in black before
MightierGlacier: Hazoret's Fervor....?
OriginalOestrus: Shout out to Nefarox.
Knightlyvalor: Xed_Regulus no, no answer yet.
caerdavar: the witness me mechanic?
Pharmacistjudge: exalted has been in all colors except red
kumatsu: Hazoret's Fervor
infamous00000: Give Rakdos Heroic
jcorven120: Exalted makes sense - one performer on the stage at a time
PixelArtDragon: Spectacle is very similar to Bloodlust.
Ubiki: Exalting the star performer
LRRMTG_Judge: !card Rakdos, Lord of Riots
LRRbot: Rakdos, Lord of Riots [BBRR] | Legendary Creature — Demon [6/6] | You can't cast this spell unless an opponent lost life this turn. / Flying, trample / Creature spells you cast cost {1} less to cast for each 1 life your opponents have lost this turn.
Rhyohan: monkaS
Pteryon: the kind of mechanic marshall suggested was actually one of the considerations for rakdos in designing this set
simsalazim: that sounds really broken
myytgryndyr: that's literally from rakdos' textbox
SaneMantis: A snowballing cost reduction mechanic. What could go wrong?
Pteryon: not exalted, but activated bonus but then dies
m0nkeyrama: Back in action
Bodaju: when do you not want to be on the draw? im a noob please explain
Lahayem: Paincast was an idea a while back
Cyony: imagine if he just swapped into rakos
SomebodyNowhere: GuildGate Go
Anubis169: chat, start your engines
Lucaan: Gavin, can we have some Simic trivia?
AliceTheAlice: Gavin was that Gruel mechanic originally called: STAMPEDE?
circusofkirkus: gavin just sided into a completely different set of basics
kumatsu: GP Sphinx's Tutelage
LRRMTG_Judge: This entire PPR is a circus! A real Spectacle to behold. Though, I think we are okay with that, we are Adapt-ing. -Zak
norm_the_ryno: Yeah, Paincast was a possible Rakdos mechanic in the last Ravnica
mykul83: #kaladesh
LRRbot: Gateway Plaza | Land — Gate | Gateway Plaza enters the battlefield tapped. / When Gateway Plaza enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you pay {1}. / {T}: Add one mana of any color.
Tiggiii: whats the name of the guy managing the life totals? hes pretty entertaining, cant stop laughing xD
Stellapacifica: I cracked a Literal Baby Jace in draft, lost hard and retired champion
LRRMTG_Judge: Sorry if the jokes I make cause a Riot. -Zak
The_Bunglefever: why is Marshall being mean to Adam?
Tyrioneternal: stampmeme
injectilio: did we learn what FiRE meant?
TXC2: Tiggiii thats Adam
Zappeljakob: already playing the control game Marshall, I see
mastershake29x: @Tiggiii adam is the table friend
LRRbot: Concordia Pegasus [1W] | Creature — Pegasus [1/3] | Flying
Xobulo: js that there isnt a set Adam didnt like, or he isnt going to mention it?
DarkAbyssKeeper: So, War of the Spark, eh?
MoxReuby: GAVIN QUESTION: as to the deckname, and Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, why do the Azorius use Roman numerals?
Tiggiii: Thx alot :D
LRRbot: Depose // Deploy | Depose [1{W/U}] | Instant | Tap target creature. / Draw a card. // Deploy [2WU] | Instant | Create two 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature tokens with flying, then you gain 1 life for each creature you control.
LRRMTG_Judge: Don't mean to cause people to die from laughter and head to the Afterlife. -Zak
jibbity: 19 inc
manwiththegoldencard: Zak these jokes will haunt me in the afterlife
RealWormbo: Tiggiii that'S Adam Savidan, aka seabats
Tiggiii: ty :D
Piers8: Roman numerals are more officialler
OriginalOestrus: @MoxReuby 👀
Deftscythe: 22 life? IT BEGINS
coriolis_storm: Boooooo! @LRRMTG_Judge :P
SomebodyNowhere: Azorius thopters so fancy
gore4glory91: @lrrmtg_judge the azorius guildgate art is beautiful
IcyMinhtos: thop til you drop
WiredAbyss: I wonder if Marshall sideboarded the mill card
Schokobeau: since when did they start round 2???
TastyCactus: <message deleted>seagW1 MrDestructoid seagW2 thopthopthop
BleedingToast: those thopter tokens are really rice
Yosh1tailz: Zak, STOP. THIS is not ok @LRRMTG_Judge
Schokobeau: :o
Lahayem: The Simic split with Stifle is real nice
DarkAbyssKeeper: MoxReuby, Shorthand for archaic?
Stellapacifica: Simic Chili :c
Karanok: i wish i had chili
d_u_c_k_y: mum <3
Forlorgen: so is gavin playing the Richter hamookslam deck?
Yosh1tailz: Hi mom
Cyony: Giant building cized spiders are there, super comforting
suiname: wait is gateway plaza in this set?
MoxReuby: @OriginalOestrus Hey Guys
Vezon46: big bowl of rice-a-roni
VjDaDj: I wish every pre release came with a big bowl of chili
Martylang: @bodaju You want to play first almost always
MardukGX: hi mum
WonderfulGlory: Ricerroni!
flatluigi: hi mom
LRRMTG_Judge: @Bodaju it's actually not that staightforward to explain! :) going first means you can be a bit more pro-active but it's not *always* correct to do it - Katie
jibbity: hi mom :)
BrindleBoar: chili krasis
MoxReuby: oops
mmmagnar: @manwiththegoldencard I see what you did there
MoxReuby: HeyGuys
drackodelmal: PJSalt
LRRMTG_Judge: Adendum! The afterlife will allow us to still celebrate the spirit of this event. -Zak
Lithobraker: Rakdos chilli *shivers*
LoadingReadyRun: Chilibringer
Keab42: I'm looking forward to Ben & Jer on North 100 being happy for a new stifle
LRRbot: Forbidding Spirit [1WW] | Creature — Spirit Cleric [3/3] | When Forbidding Spirit enters the battlefield, until your next turn, creatures can’t attack you or a planeswalker you control unless their controller pays {2} for each of those creatures.
Traion: Where is Om when we are discussing chili?!
Anubis169: spicy
tbloom3390: Huge Bolas chili?
Justherefortherewards: like our parents are divorced, we were at our moms house last set, now were at our dads. things are different, but the fundamentals are the same dayJoy
SaneMantis: Hi Mom, look at me I'm on Twitch!
AzureShok: @moxreuby not to be silly in response, they use terran based languages throughout the planes.
IsengardRelocationTeam: the twitch UI is different
d_u_c_k_y: LoadingReadyRun danW
Schokobeau: So chat DID win!
lordviridian94: you shall not pass
Pharmacistjudge: oh Hey Reuben
Deftscythe: Who's Marshall's opponent in the second half? I'd love to see who wins the race between his deck and Adam's?
RekFeldman: Moms arw OP in the homemade Chilli metagame.
DeadlyWinchester: Adam "Card Reader Reminder" Savidan
Tyranade_: why do i feel like Rakdos chilli has razor blades in it
OriginalOestrus: Haaay @Pharmacistjudge
jibbity: tbh my mom always burns the chili
Zappeljakob: Spirit without Flying are always a little confusing to me
WARZOID: forbidding spirit is beyond IMBA
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: forbidding spirit is quite interesting in limited
injectilio: Did we learn what FiRE meant?
Zarco_19: The Rakdos like a dish called Chili con Carnie
TastyCactus: <message deleted>D:
ninjaofv: under 20
Zappeljakob: UNDER 20
ninjaofv: Pog
Pixelblue: D: WOW
cervantes_13: My Dad makes a good chili.
SputnikDX: GG
Hardlessdaimio: woa action :O
DarkAbyssKeeper: @Justherefortherewards And next set we get to go to Custody Court?
Science_and_Magic: Simic Chilli is the Slaw
hotgreenflames: !card hot soup
LRRbot: Hot Soup [1] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature can't be blocked. / Whenever equipped creature is dealt damage, destroy it. / Equip {3}
Znazl: A WIN
gsyhiap: PogChamp
Fangren300: LUL
d_u_c_k_y: D:
Stellapacifica: @Tyranade_ it definitely has unconscionable amounts of ghost pepper
TXC2: Marshall will play Kathleen later
Yosh1tailz: CHAT WE LOST
Zheos: under 20 PogChamp
Darzog67: @MoxReuby Because Roman numerals are the most authoritarian and arbitrary?
shdragon: @Tyranade_ Rakdos chili is so spicy it will literally kill you.
flatluigi: he should be at 17
Knightlyvalor: injectilio not yet.
lordviridian94: the artwork for forbidding spirit looks like merchant the mtga youtuber
Lucaan: Gavin wins the moral victory
Mosslander: So in death as they were in life. Pedestrians.
TehAmelie: me and my brother both tend to win more in chess when playing black. going first is a pain
Pharmacistjudge: and hello to Erin, i'm mostly talking on the judge account, but i'm around pharma2Vial
LRRbot: Shimmer of Possibility [1U] | Sorcery | Look at the top four cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
flatluigi: oh no whoops
zak_shwap: Hi chat. Those Jokes are mine alone from the LRR Judge. It is in my contract and obligations.
Nnarcissus: öldr onuuu
killerofgiants: lrrDILLY
OrangeBeard: Btw, stream looks a lot better after the restart lrrHEART
Malfegore_: @flatluigi
TastyCactus: <message deleted>impulse PogChamp
Mornish: "mr savadan i dont feel so good"
Deftscythe: @LoadingReadyRun Oh yeah. Can we find out what FIRE means now?
Malfegore_: @flatluigi he gained 2 earlier
jibbity: ooh nice art
magicalhobo72: Is it Jace and Liliana in the reflection?????
coriolis_storm: @Tyranade_ RUSTY razoblades
flatluigi: @Malfegore_ yeah i saw as soon as i mentioned
zarbit: Marshall sitting on a bus - "I'm in danger"
injectilio: i like how the art is the same as in possibility storm
Intangible360: Game 3 incoming, remainder of stream cancelled
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: no we can't Gavin, we can't :p
gipsycurse: Azorius lands look best
Rovniy: dat art on the shimmer
lordviridian94: the art in RNA is stellar
jcorven120: Simpulse? Because it simulates an impulse
somerandomtom: Still don't know the cards :(
NotJustAFleshWound: that art is gorgeous
robertector: I really want a legendary matters ravnica set. I feel there are so many characters to explore.
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Lahayem: Random, but not shuffled
DarkAbyssKeeper: Fake Initialisms Rile Everyone
LRRMTG_Judge: Shimmer of Possiblity is glowing with a chance for things to come. -Zak
Traion: Oh yeah is that Jace and Lili in the puddle? From their awkward date?
Science_and_Magic: lrrJUDGE
pollux14: @magicalhobo72 yep, It's kind of sad
Vivanity: me
Antimuffin: Adam please ask Gavin to tell us what F.i.R.E. means, chat needs to know. :)
LRRMTG_Judge: @Science_and_Magic Yes?
YunalescasAeons: Hiya everyone how is everyone? I'm doing okay, but I'm knot happy as my cross stitch project has a knot in it :'(
Omthebox: He's been around seachats too much
panajio2: AMAZING set!! cant wait 👌👌🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤯🤯🧠
SomebodyNowhere: reader
betterthanyouish: not quite impulse, you dont have to shuffle Kappa
phenexian: i would trust adam with my life
LRRbot: Archway Angel [5W] | Creature — Angel [3/4] | Flying / When Archway Angel enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life for each Gate you control.
TXC2: hello YunalescasAeons welcome
ObiliskAj: Whew, above 20
MardukGX: back to 20 we win
Papperslappen: >20, feels good
Vivanity: Plot Twist: FiRE Means nothing and Gavin is just screwing with us
LRRMTG_Judge: at competitive rel, you should offer the cut when putting a group of cards randomly to the bottom of your library pharma2Vial
Lahayem: I'm sorry about the hitch in your cross-stitch
WARZOID: 3/4 for 6 LUL
Tiggiii: F.I.R.E. = Fine I Redesign Everything!
LRRbot: Senate Griffin [2{W/U}{W/U}] | Creature — Griffin [3/2] | Flying / When Senate Griffin enters the battlefield, scry 1.
panajio2: hello chat he's name is Adam...???
Mosslander: Focused on Improving Relevant game Environments
BolshajaSvinja: Fun Is Rarely Encouraged.
trevco613: how did marsh get all the way down to 21
Anubis169: BolshajaSvinja: provably wrong :P
NoTomToLose: Offer the cut of the random cards?
BolshajaSvinja: Wait no, encountered.
DarkAbyssKeeper: LRRMTG_Judge, Offer to cut the random pile before it goes on the bottom, correct?
LRRMTG_Judge: I think it's understandable to groan at Zak's puns, but I don't think Ad-endd-um, I'd continue instead - Katie
Koshindan: In flames?
magicalhobo72: @Pollux14 Right! She deserve better because she’s grown so much!
alotofdavid: Fbest Iof Rone Eis the future
hotgreenflames: inflame with an i?
Zarco_19: Fire is definitely "Fun is Really Everything"
Keab42: Finally Improve aRena Economy?
KingOfDoma: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:32.
Mornish: intimidate@
Kykiwi: lol
Ryenji: LUL
Zheos: LUL
Vivanity: LMAO
SomebodyNowhere: intimidate
Nnarcissus: yanlis olmasin f
Schokobeau: WOW
Nalie: LOL
lMorteusl: LUL
control_rig: Hahahhaha
Dcsports8: LUL
TastyCactus: <message deleted>shit's on fire, yo FeelsGoodMan 👉
bloo37: LUL
hotgreenflames: not enflame?
simblue91: LUL
GingerLivsMatter: LUL
MizumiDucky: I like that one
wtrob: LUL
Lahayem: I like that idea
Xanderbats: <message deleted>F*** it, Reprint EVERYTHING
d_u_c_k_y: LUL
jibbity: LUL
Jorge4hg: lrrWOW
Aceplayer46: LUL
Koshindan: Do it now.
grandmaspocket: thats better
Darzog67: lol
noSmokeFire: killing serge from offscreen
fracassio: LOL
gsyhiap: LUL
Yosh1tailz: OK CHAT WINS
Stellapacifica: That's really good
Fangren300: LUL
control_rig: SOLD!
InambaGuum: i'm guessing they're just pushing Red really hard.
tsume_the_wolf: lol
Zheos: 👏
The_letter_jay: LUL
gogambit101: reprint!!!!!!
Abavus: katesNice katesNice katesNice
Deftscythe: Yes Adam Yes!
Science_and_Magic: Sorry judge, it was the random order thing.
kamelion84: katesLol
Yyyu2: LOL
circusofkirkus: seabatBRAIN
Mowdownjoe: lrrEFF lrrEFF
myytgryndyr: seabatBRAIN
smurfsrppl2: YES
Dyllbert: lrrHEART
Vivanity: LUL
LolCamAlpha: PERFECT
studentofwarfare: yes! Reprint EVERYTHING! gabyWow
Amentur: lrrHEART Adam
DarthRagnar815: gabyLul
coachNelly: looooooooooooool
Fireshark42: LUL
phenexian: WOW A*
Traion: lol
dstopia: that's perfect lmao
Feminine_Desires: clipping it!
colinoclock: yes!
polaris415: LUL. well played @seabats
Schokobeau: WE DID IT
Anubis169: manYES
santacruz121: LUL
Piers8: lol
TXSTCHAMP: is this game 2?
Evandill: LMAO
Rhyohan: LUL
GingerLivsMatter: PERFECT
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
AliceTheAlice: Woot! Woot! Adam
d_u_c_k_y: Kappa //
Danomania: did Marshall just slip up?
Yosh1tailz: DO IT
MusicMagic: Absolutely. Just ... absolutely.
jcorven120: Rofl
Loonatic93: VINTAGE MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jibbity: IT FITS
siouxfan_22: finger guns!!!
WrightJustice: LUL LUL LUL
Tiggiii: this adam is awesome xD
TenoshiiMTG: yes adam
DubiousLatchkey: Nice one Adam
shdragon: You could SEE Gavin running through the acronym to see if it fit...
austinoickle: this game is STILL going?
IR0NB0RN: Kappa //
VoltAerial: financial independence, retire early
myytgryndyr: DO IT YOU COWARDS
Schokobeau: SO SMART
zarbit: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
JerecoPlays: lrrHORN lrrHORN
ChaosInfest: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Dyllbert: Wow, Adam wins wins the entire stream
ExhaustedElox: lol Chat was on that a while ago
KirbySliver: 100% that is gas
arcbound_roomba: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Aarek: seabatBRAIN
flatluigi: goodbye reserve list
TenoshiiMTG: brilliant
Tiggiii: LUL
TXC2: austinoickle this is game 2
Lahayem: Everything Masters
gipsycurse: That would be very good and very bad
Bl00pBl00p: Make Adam head of R&D
real1samus: LUL
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL
injectilio: so like... for reals what is it?
Mechsican: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN atpSeed
welchnut: Oubliette!
djsterlingsilva: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
WARZOID: black lotus as a common
GingerLivsMatter: @austinoickle this is game 2
Williamjr3413: LUL
sternus_7: ADAM
greenmonkeysam: F---- It Reprint Everything!
Malfegore_: LUL
KodeMage: anyone get a clip?
Koshindan: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN cheer50
tenthtechpriest: biggest brain
GrandiaKnight: New Black Lotus please!
FaultyMidget: Adam this is why we love you
pollux14: @magicalhobo72 Jace grew a lot during Ixalan too, recovering memories and everything. They're just not meant to be. It's sad because it feels like one of them might die (?)
alotofdavid: booooooooo
Unas84: Adam's is definitely better
Xanderbats: <message deleted>I like that a lot actually
AliceTheAlice: Replayable = Reprints!
colinoclock: did someone add that quote?
Dr_fragenstien: I'm kinda glad this match is going on so long, I had to babysit and was afraid I would miss a bunch of the ppr
pipeaesac: f*** it, reprint Emrakul
Loonatic93: Black Lotus masterpiece! Do it, you cowards!
panajio2: Adam's full name guys??
FlameI7: I got 2/4!
Xanderbats: <message deleted>I prefer "F*** it, Reprint Everything" though
Science_and_Magic: New button!
LRRbot: Sky Tether [W] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature has defender and loses flying.
phytonthepython: the art is appropriate
AlonsoSwift: I'm here for the 'F it, Reprint Everything' meaning
MTGOEssentials: What'd Adam say? missed it
PolymorphingAllDay: Wow....those are just some lame keywords
known_kadath: Reserved List is going away baby!
tipulsar85: Obliette Oblada bra, la la la Life goes on...
sblue333: Flavor win
HailtheRNG: Reserve list in smash you cowards!!!!
Yosh1tailz: UNDER 20 AGAIN!
Vezon46: put power 9 in standard, you cowards
LRRbot: Hydroid Krasis [XGU] | Creature — Jellyfish Hydra Beast [0/0] | When you cast this spell, you gain half X life and draw half X cards. Round down each time. / Flying, trample / Hydroid Krasis enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.
Yosh1tailz: oh.
lordviridian94: PogChamp
Satyron1: are they wotc employees ?
shaderichter_belmont: man that is such a cool card
d_u_c_k_y: Hydrroid Kreygasm
VoltAerial: krasis is such a bomb
Science_and_Magic: Did anyone clip that?
phenexian: get rid of the reserved list, reprint everything
Mosslander: Yeah, the reserve list was made without a full view of the future. There must be a legal and ethical way out of it.
rogueshenanigans: The mullfather
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: that's a lovely card :p
TXC2: Satyron1 Gavin is
SomebodyNowhere: lose just to gain
KitteyWolf: @Satyron1 Gavin Verhey is
Xanderbats: <message deleted>PUT BLACK LOTUS IN SMASH YOU COWARDS
adm__snackbar: Krasis just seems like a solid mid-game creature
Traion: @satyron1 only Gavin is
marzwell: this krasis do the game alone XD
LRRMTG_Judge: We call this type of game they are playing a real Life Swing.
shdragon: "Jellyfish Hydra Beast" is just *so good* of a type line.
Hikotori5: did he pay x = 4 or x = 5?
Antimuffin: @Satyron1 Gavin is R&D, Marshall is not but is a commentator
DarkAbyssKeeper: Buzzword Soup, Exactly what I expected but good things to aim for.
Anubis169: easy on the allcaps Xanderbats :)
TXC2: Mosslander you'd think so, but not really
mastershake29x: @Satyron1 gavin is
SomebodyNowhere: jellyfish hydra beast?!
robertector: He has been scrying and digging though
Evandill: @Satyron1 Gavin is, everyone else is not.
SputnikDX: @Xanderbats I saw that XD
injectilio: braingeiser + stream of life + kraklin
zerodividesbyyou: @shdragon yeah sure but there is a LITERAL Lizard Wizard in this set
VjDaDj: Going off the rails on Krasi train
AlonsoSwift: @SomebodyNowhere Welcome to Simic
TastyCactus: FeelsBadMan
ShovelMage: marshall does coverage for wotc but as a contractor
LRRbot: Bring to Trial [2W] | Sorcery | Exile target creature with power 4 or greater.
VjDaDj: The train has been derailed
soft_sunset: @SomebodyNowhere the creature types in simic are wildd
Jerska: how many packs are in this prerelease packs?
Amentur: @panajio2 Adam Savidan. You can find all other needed info on his twitter @wakeupsuper
TXC2: trust me, the Reversed list is some SUPER hard to unpick leagal stuff
Natedogg2: I find him guilty of crimes against creature types.
jibbity: brought that jellyfish beast to trial
lordviridian94: LUL
BrindleBoar: DUN DUN
soft_sunset: there's a shark octopus crab
l0gin4me: Why does Gavin have 2 graveyards?
mastershake29x: @Jerska 1 seeded, 5 regular, 6 total
studentofwarfare: gabyLul
Stensballe: looks like they are playing limited - does anyone know?
darkecologist: you took an oath
noSmokeFire: Creature - Mutant Lawyer
TXC2: Legal Eagel vs Krassis
injectilio: excuse me my client is belligerent and a huge hydra
shdragon: @zerodividesbyyou Oh yes. "Elf Lizard Wizard" is damn good too. I'm running simic just for the type lines.
Huschel23: Watch your headS
Pixelblue: @Stensballe Sealed
TheWarbo: I mean, that could definitely happen in Bylaw And Order
ShovelMage: better kraul saul
synthstrike: Actually nodded off during that first game LUl
ratzgobbler: Advisor tribal is finally happening. I love Persistent Petitioners
marvin_hamlisch: Law and Order: Special Hybrid Unit
13hellfyre13: 2 life
phytonthepython: i find the defendent guilty of crimes against creature types!
SultaiGuy: what did fire stand for?
silenceaux: Snake Advisor
Stensballe: @Pixelblue thanks !
LRRbot: Swirling Torrent [5U] | Sorcery | Choose one or both — / • Put target creature on top of its owner’s library. / • Return target creature to its owner’s hand.
Niedar: No on is going to trust you on that cause its not true
mastershake29x: @Stensballe it's sealed, like a regular prerelease
13hellfyre13: From Kara’s is
particle33: Does Gavin have two graveyards?
Mosslander: Well, there are legal ways out that aren't super ethical.
VjDaDj: Special Venoms Unit
double_trample: X=5 ?????
LRRMTG_Judge: If you are bringing them to trial. Be sure to call a lrrJUDGE. -Zak
warinvalhalla: wouldn't Marshall be at 16 with untapped Breeding Pool?
TrickJarrett: Mat-block is my favorite Ravnica legal drama
Mosslander: You could just reprint with different names.
DarkAbyssKeeper: This seems like a Hydroid Rights Violation. A real Krasis for our legal system.
Anubis169: o hai Trick
LRRMTG_Judge: If you are bringing them to trial. Be sure to call a lrrJUDGE . -Zak
phenexian: YES
13hellfyre13: Two life for marshal
LRRMTG_Judge: Fixed
TrickJarrett: @Anubis169 hi hi
Jerska: can i buy prerelease packs outside the event when i wanted to play with friend at home?
LolCamAlpha: my husband just came in here and said that the 2 names on the screen look like legendary creature names in Magic
zerodividesbyyou: @shdragon Yeah but also, Kathleen loves the band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. it's perfect
Alness49: Yes Adam Yes!
phenexian: More Harvey Bird Man
TheWarbo: SultaiGuy Fun, Inviting, Replayable, Exciting
lordviridian94: i loved harvey birdman!
Cepsys: YES. Absolutely Adam
TXC2: FIRE = Fun, Interactive, Replayible, Entertaining
hotgreenflames: another example of target minotaur
Majickthise: I thought it was coming back?
LRRbot: Impassioned Orator [1W] | Creature — Human Cleric [2/2] | Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life.
VjDaDj: BIRDMAN Kreygasm
Plaicoson: fatesealing a land screwed opponent is so good
SomebodyNowhere: shiny
Knightlyvalor: warinvalhalla did you count the +2 life from casting the 4/4?
whenwearebothcats: attorney at lawwwww
groglox: @LoadingReadyRun Did you get that thing I sent you?
knacker48: Did you get that thing I sent ya?
TXC2: *excisting
Furrytractor68: Impassioned Bear!
DaftInvader: Peanut butter Jelly Ooze
LolCamAlpha: and now that he said that, i can totally see it.
jibbity: *excited finger-waving commences*
LRRbot: Concordia Pegasus [1W] | Creature — Pegasus [1/3] | Flying
Xanderbats: @Jerska sometimes stores have extras after the prerelease weekend
Natedogg2: Jerska: if your LGS has any left over from the prerelease.
dbhkyle: Harvey Birdman attorney at lllllaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww
tipulsar85: We don't need a Reserve list...
Lucaan: Harvey Merman
shdragon: @zerodividesbyyou It really is <3
Rustage_: HORSE BRID
LRRMTG_Judge: Ah the ol "i'm Passioned, orator."
TheWarbo: TXC2 I thought I was "inviting," not "interactive"?
LRRbot: Senate Guildmage [WU] | Creature — Human Wizard [2/2] | {W}, {T}: You gain 2 life. / {U}, {T}: Draw a card, then discard a card.
Vezon46: isn't....isn't fun and entertaining basically the same thing?
Majickthise: Harvey Birdman Attourney General?
ShadowHachiX: How do they snap their cards so well. So many card sound effects.
warinvalhalla: @Knightlyvalor yes, because it was prior
Niftydolphin: End Anti-Simic prejudice today!
queenfounder: There's a lot of prerelease kits on amazon normally
TXC2: TheWarbo to be honest, ilegit can't remember :P
pblackcoat: who won between adam and graham?
AliceTheAlice: Hey since there are Judges are on hand @lrrmtg_judge, someone wanna explain the steps of casting a spell. He's declared over and over that he doesn't understand Splice.
queenfounder: they can get crazy expensive, but not always
TastyCactus: fun? DansGame
LRRMTG_Judge: @Jerska some game stores might sell spares afterwards, I believe. But if not, get some packs and have fun with sealed! - Katie
groglox: @Majickthise YES PLs
magicalphilosopher: Oh good streams back and it's a new game :D
TXC2: Adam won, hard
Xanderbats: @ShadowHachiX We're watching a VOD and paul added the sound effects in post
RealWormbo: Vezon46 fun for players, entertaining for viewers?
frankenstein3r: did anyone clip Adams meaning for fire
LRRMTG_Judge: I thought the E was exciting
LRRMTG_Judge: @AliceTheAlice Whisper at us
openil: I think entertaining is to watch, like areana streams and this being good for veiwers
queenfounder: M19 was cheaper than going to a prerelease
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @Vezon46 no, a drama or a thriller or horror movie can be entertaining while not fun
netn10: Question: Why Gavin has a gate from the last set?
jibbity: entertaining is watching someone juggle knives fun is when they stab themselves
ratzgobbler: What kind of cars do simic mages drive?
ShadowHachiX: @Xanderbats OOF
manusg15: another 50 min game DansGame DansGame
SomebodyNowhere: @Vezon46 tell that to someone that beats their heads against a wall to try to play a souls game
Amentur: pblackcoat, Adam's Gruul went off harf
Ukon_vasara: yeah, with these pegasi flyin around im surprised the simic havent bothered with making a horse bird mutant
Dr3dge: More Soul Wardens... ResidentSleeper
LRRbot: Grotesque Demise [2B] | Instant | Exile target creature with power 3 or less.
VoltAerial: @Vezon46 maybe they mean fun for participants, entertaining for spectators
TheWarbo: TXC2 ahh, okay. I did have the ? at the end because I wasn't sure
Lahayem: "E" was for "exciting"
Traion: @vezon46 @txc2 messed up it's: Fun, Inviting, Replayable, Exciting :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: reaver ambush
zerodividesbyyou: Man you guys know the Twitter robots that generate/translate magic cards?
MTGOEssentials: @Vezon46 Possibly? But I.R.E. would be a LOUSY go to acronym
LRRbot: Justiciar's Portal [1W] | Instant | Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under its owner’s control. It gains first strike until end of turn.
philhilow: strong
Pixelblue: Sideboard PogChamp
robertector: Let's go Marshall
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: don't forget to gain life
DarkAbyssKeeper: Kind of hoping Marshall wins this one. If only so we can see the other games today and everyone at the moonbase gets to have dinner.
whenwearebothcats: if you don't like watching good magic being played maybe this aint the stream for you just saying
Gekyouryuu: fire = fun, inviting, replayble, exciting
Thewingedweirdo: damn
Moroklumpen: The Senate guildmage is supposed to be a representative of law and order, right? Then why is it a looter?
flipt0s: oooof this feels like death.. if anyone is looking to dual stream AGDQ is streaming some great speed runs
SaneMantis: Love a good flicker
Knightlyvalor: warinvalhalla no I mean the Hydroid Krasis, it gains half-of-X life.
LRRbot: Arrester's Admonition [2U] | Instant | Return target creature to its owner’s hand. / Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, draw a card.
injectilio: arresters seems nuts
TXC2: Moroklumpen laws change?
queenfounder: Surely LLR have finally learned and made a later reservation for dinner this time
Koshindan: @Moroklumpen
SomebodyNowhere: yikes
zerodividesbyyou: all of you guys need to SUPER follow "magic tournament situation generator." it's hilarious
RabidWallaby84: I go away for half an hour and this round is still going!?
m0nkeyrama: Looking dire for gavin
queenfounder: LRR* Geez
Jhanees: no block with the tethered creature
Koshindan: @Moroklumpen One can argue the government is the biggest looter.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Fun/Exciting feels slightly redundant?
turtlerpowr: He culd've blocked with the wall
whimax07: Missing lands hurts.
Keab42: @rabidwallaby84 game 2 now though
pblackcoat: @RabidWallaby84 I know, right?
Tiggiii: use it on trostani and u get 4 token instead of 2
tinaun: wait couldn't gavin have blocked the guildmage
kvetchnik: its enforcing a house Search, not looting
Arararagi234: @RabidWallaby84 game 1 was very very long
d_u_c_k_y: lvdScrew
LRRMTG_Judge: @Moroklumpen maybe they're frantically trying to find their legal documents - Katie
VjDaDj: We may actually see round 3!
Zarco_19: Getting flashbacks to Ocean's Eleven
collectivesubconscious: Ocean's eleven reference?
Plaicoson: this has been qujite a lot faster
philhilow: lol
Maikey_R: mono bad LUL
PatFromIT: @DarkAbyssKeeper Not really. They're having fun, but this is far from exciting :P
jibbity: bad case of bad
twitch_xeo: Yeah that griffin could've traded the guildmage, right?
Satyron1: getting mana screwed ResidentSleeper
sokamish: just to be clear, that grounded griffin could have blocked the guildmage right?
LRRbot: Senate Courier [2U] | Creature — Bird [1/4] | Flying / {1}{W}: Senate Courier gains vigilance until end of turn.
AdamJF84: bad goes on the stack...it resolves
SomebodyNowhere: uh oh
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
LRRbot: Depose // Deploy | Depose [1{W/U}] | Instant | Tap target creature. / Draw a card. // Deploy [2WU] | Instant | Create two 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature tokens with flying, then you gain 1 life for each creature you control.
Nallarick: Who plays next
ExhaustedElox: Back over 20
Zarco_19: bad//bone
DarkAbyssKeeper: PatFromIT HAH!
SomebodyNowhere: flunge
jrbrownie00: Marshall with the tag monaco swag
flatluigi: above 20
Robot_Bones: and over 20
Sarah_Serinde: !nextround
LRRbot: Round 3 will be Cameron vs. Kathleen.
adi_pie: seabatYIKES
BillTheCat: not looking good for Gavin here
ninjaofv: back over 20 PogChamp
XmagePlayersMtgChannel: why not just tap the creature ?
Zarco_19: sorry, bad // the bone
Vivanity: Gavin doesnt have enough life gain
Moroklumpen: @lrrmtg_judge That's kinda disappointing. The Azorius ought to have good librarians.
richar5d: hi so i cust joined and wanted to ask are they going to play the black-red pre release things today or what kin dof a stream is this
Vivanity: any*
Sampy104: seabatYIKES
LRRbot: Senate Guildmage [WU] | Creature — Human Wizard [2/2] | {W}, {T}: You gain 2 life. / {U}, {T}: Draw a card, then discard a card.
ImmortalManji: GG
m0nkeyrama: GGs
HailtheRNG: GG
Malfegore_: GG
ExhaustedElox: GGs people
Pixelblue: Clap PogChamp
Zip_Lime: goat there
Yosh1tailz: GG
GingerLivsMatter: GG
blah12629: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 17:52.
WrightJustice: GGs
AdamJF84: much faster
Piers8: ggs
SydPreviouslyHeadache: man
laviniagaming: gg
sylphide_spirit: gg
queenfounder: GG
somerandomtom: GG
Pixelblue: GG
nordic_marksman: Chat won
mr_murloc__: ez
mastershake29x: GGs
ShadowHachiX: TOOK AN HOUR
whenwearebothcats: really good games.
Fangren300: GG PogChamp
Vezon46: never again
warinvalhalla: @Knightlyvalor i see, would have traded. but, rules lawerly(?), never took the 2 off, then added on, lul
Yosh1tailz: CHAT WON
Xanderbats: It's been 400 years
NarishmaReborn: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
LRRbot: Persistent Petitioners [1U] | Creature — Human Advisor [1/3] | {1}, {T}: Target player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard. / Tap four untapped Advisors you control: Target player puts the top twelve cards of their library into their graveyard. / A deck can have any number of cards named Persistent Petitioners.
potbrick: @richar5d there's 8 players, some should have the rakdos deck. this is game 2 of 8
Piers8: I hope the nextround is Rakdos v Simic
TKOwhitematoki: God bless its over
WiredAbyss: I knew it
zerodividesbyyou: rippu
VjDaDj: Grats Marsh Hulk
Da_ScientistXL: GG
adamjford: @richar5d we know at least one person picked Rakdos
SaneMantis: Has anybody seen my friend Gavin?
studentofwarfare: Mill gabyWow
kyUUno: PoleDoge
deku_nudes: where did those wrinkles come from?
LRRbot: High Alert [1WU] | Enchantment | Each creature you control assigns combat damage equal to its toughness rather than its power. / Creatures you control can attack as though they didn’t have defender. / {2}{W}{U}: Untap target creature.
Rovniy: gg
BRVHT: PogChamp that woulda been nuts
shiny_bid00f: This game length should be against azorious statutes
madness5051: oh boy a new card for my defender commander deck
zerodividesbyyou: well the better dressed man lost today
ShadowHachiX: Let me tell you what happened 100 years ago ~ Breath of the Wild
kvetchnik: is it possible to hide chat when looking in the phone app?
robertector: I would maindeck that if I were him
Loonatic93: Two blowouts in a row! Hope the next round is a bit more competitive. Or, at least, everybody has fun, like they have been having up to and including now.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I want to see Mirror Match and Petitioner
laviniagaming: Arcades says HMM
Desruprot: @shiny_bid00f but Azorius love talking, they even have a card that helps it
Yosh1tailz: @LRRMTG_Judge How does this work with gate colossus?
Malfegore_: Oh yeah
Inkompetence: Persistent Petitioners -> Relentless 'Crats?
rolanddegil: yay Cam and Kathleen
Moroklumpen: @loonatic93 That was a real long blowout
bakerydragon: yay Cam and Kathleen! =D
Spartacus1209: Oh, I cannot WAIT to get High Alert into a deck w/ Arcades
prancingmad: Did he say what Fire stood for?
Mox_Hagdorm: Marshall won? I had to taake a phone call
rolanddegil: gg
ewildk: bye Adam!
LRRMTG_Judge: @Yosh1tailz What work with Gate Colossus?
Furrytractor68: 2-0 for Marshal
laserparty: Longest game ever
ratzgobbler: I hope somebody got Mirror March
mmmagnar: that worn out deckbox Marshall had was pretty hot
Freshly_Toasted: Kathdos until the end
LRRMTG_Judge: @Yosh1tailz It still uses their power - Phill
Mox_Hagdorm: Heh nice
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I want to see someone just win like 8 or 12 coin flips and mill someone out for 24 or 36
flametitan: Control mirror match ups are terrifying
Yosh1tailz: Thanks!
alphasapphire234561: No but really where is simic
TXC2: really wasn't that longest game chat
tyrew0rm: sync issue?
bigben32201: Have any other azorius decks played?
Theycallmejokke: That names just rolls right of the tongue
Maikey_R: @laserparty not even close
walladmajnoon: thats a mouthf ull
Cyony: I take it this isn't an actual tournament, rather then just 8 games that show the different guilds?
TXC2: bigben32201 nope
flametitan: (Though I guess sealed is more midrange with control)
pblackcoat: I'm gonna miss Cam & Kathleen, but that means I'm probably gonna get to watch @elektrotal crush people
MaskedBeeX: "Long game"
SomebodyNowhere: we learned about the long game
butchui: uw
mastershake29x: @Cyony everyone plays twice
Themasterman20: not an actual tournament
ShadowHachiX: Ok so we are still missing Rakdos and Simic
Loosterbooster: I feel like im having a stroke with the sound delay
RabidWallaby84: anyone else have audio lag?
Loonatic93: @Moroklumpen Yeah, but Gavin was never really in control. It was Marshall all the way.
Risicoco: why doesnt he maindeck high alert
Thewingedweirdo: yepp lag here
bigben32201: Ok I don’t k so want guild to choose the
BlueBeardedDevil: Will we hear Kathleen's cackle?
Booster6: !viewers
jthd35: No lag
LRRbot: 6075 users viewing the stream. 4559 users in the chat.
beankm96: what does each guilds die look like?
Sarah_Serinde: Cyony Yeah it's not a tournament - this way everyone gets to play more than once
bigben32201: And this makes me like azorius a little make.
Firelord_Zordon: I do not see any audio lag
ninjaofv: 3 copies :O
bigben32201: More
ShadowHachiX: @Risicoco Wait you're right
collectivesubconscious: Are they actually doing a bracket?
TXC2: not getting lag here, try refreshing chat
TXC2: collectivesubconscious nope
Cyony: Fair enough @Sarah_Serinde / @mastershake29x
ShadowHachiX: @Riscoco Why doesn't he maindeck high alert?
Clicklesly: Did we learn what the FIRE stands for?
Oloziz: So he is the one responsible for the terrible addendum?
mastershake29x: @collectivesubconscious no, everyone plays twice, pre-determined matchups
lordviridian94: the lag is very subtle so not really a big deal for me
ninjaofv: no lag on stream anymore no
johothehobo: is simic coming soon?
Pharmacistjudge: Fun Interactive Replayable Exciting
Keab42: I guess the drake is a nonbo with high alert
tutuducky: bad creatures, it's going to be great!
MardukGX: yeah there's some audio lag but it's no big deal
Clicklesly: Ah, thanks
ShadowHachiX: F it Reprint Everything
Sarah_Serinde: Oh yeah, I was having audio desync and refreshing fixed it, so try that if you're seeing it
pblackcoat: @Cyony They play two rounds, LRR vs LRR, and AWAY vs AWAY, then LRR vs AWAY
WARZOID: trash version of disinformation campaign
DeadlyWinchester: Dovin is a cutie
blah12629: Everything Masters
Juliamon: The audio lag is only on the prerecords
Knightlyvalor: Pharmacistjudge wasn't it inclusive?
MardukGX: oh ok
MahBoiiii: <3 Azorius <3
ExhaustedElox: @collectivesubconscious No, because they don't want to do what happened to Jimmy Wong twice. Every one plays 2 matches. First matches are LRR vs. LRR and Guest vs. Guest. Second round of matches are all LRR vs. Guest.
SomebodyNowhere: so much drake
jibbity: tune in to find out!
bobAkirafett: I wasn't seeing any audio lag
BRVHT: Narrator: it didn't.
Malfegore_: I hope 1 guest is simic
Nallarick: I betcha his deck looses
Zarco_19: @WARZOID did you really want another Disinformation Campaign?
johothehobo: @Clicklesly Fun, interesting, Replayable, exciting
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
VjDaDj: These deck techs are always sad after they lose, you get to see their optimism .
MardukGX: @bobAkirafett well ofc, you have to hear it LOL
Traion: @pharmacistjudge inviting not interactive :)
Wikt: hey, quick question, how many rounds have I missed?
Pharmacistjudge: oh bah, yeah, inviting
Sarah_Serinde: Wikt 2
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
richardgc9: Is this going to be recorded? I wish to watch later
johothehobo: 2
pblackcoat: @Wikt 2
Wikt: that's not bad, thanks
Juliamon: Wikt round 2 just finished
RerollOnes: yeah get here just in time for the break... reroll1SaporlyAccidentT1
WARZOID: @Zarco_19 no but should have been like draw a card and enemy exiles a creature with power 2 or less or something
Pharmacistjudge: I would not pass a MOCA right now
Knightlyvalor: Bye TXC2!
Ashram__: Rakdos next round?
Pharmacistjudge: too much stuff going on
GingerLivsMatter: @TXC2 bye
ShadowHachiX: Whoa that guitar rift
Juliamon: !nextround
LRRbot: Round 3 will be Cameron vs. Kathleen.
laserparty: Fun deck
TXC2: goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming LRR and guests
ratzgobbler: FIRE is Foil Islands, Respect ‘em
johothehobo: @richardgc9 Vod on twitch and youtube
pblackcoat: @richardgc9 yeah, they always go up on youtube later
Sarah_Serinde: richardgc9 The VOD is available on Twitch right away, and it'll be up on youtube.com/loadingreadyrun within a day or so
Ravynn: Later @TXC2
Keab42: @richardgc9 yup it'll be on YouTube in the next day or ywo
Wikt: and i made it in time for the classic cam vs kat, neat
silvalunae: thank you judges lrrHEART
Yosh1tailz: is this sandstorm PogChamp
richardgc9: Thanks guys
Drakkus: brianl2Kilo
LRRMTG_Judge: @silvalunae thank you too! - Katie
zerodividesbyyou: KATHLEEN there is a LITERAL LIZARD WIZARD. gahhhhhhhh. it HAS to be named King Gizz!!!
ExhaustedElox: I think Kathleen is Rakdos if the intro is anything to go off of
Traion: VoD will be on YT as soon as Heather's magical powers allow
queenfounder: Lets see if the 2-0 streak continues
varazeal just subscribed with Twitch Prime. varazeal subscribed for 5 months in a row!
varazeal: Woop got my screen replaced just in time
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, varazeal! (Today's storm count: 131)
r10pez10: bye TXC2
Freshly_Toasted: Rakdos is backdos
tryllebanjo: This song <3
Keab42: To be fair Heather's powers are pretty impressive
GingerLivsMatter: @zerodividesbyyou I KNOW RIGHT! We need enough for a tribal edh deck
tyrew0rm: so is anyone simic?
zackdangerbrown: what happened after the first match?
Malfegore_: cam is orzhov?
SomebodyNowhere: take this time to watch the new crapshot
RealWormbo: the VOD is available on Twitch *right now*
magicalphilosopher: I believe do
NexusVoxx: @tyrew0rm shivam is
KitchentableCommander: That surprises me
RabidWallaby84: Wait...Cam's not playing Blue?
toucansrule: Rackdos vs simic next?
Knightlyvalor: zerodividesbyyou Kathleen is aware.
mrcakeisaspy_: Thougths on the strength of guilds so far just based on what you've seen?
KitchentableCommander: @rabidwallaby84 that was my thought too
Keab42: @rabidwallaby84 he got lured by yhe promise of aristocrats
Xobulo: Cam is Orzhov according to bonus stream
ShadowHachiX: Orzhov isn't as strong as I thought it was
AdamJF84: @mrcakeisaspy_ gruul seems strong
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Moving on to round 3! | We’ve got Cameron vs. Kathleen with Erin on tablefriend. | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun #LRRRNA #Sponsored 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DwqUG3tVYAUaEUw.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1083841539418148865
magicalphilosopher: Cam tends to go either blue or orzhov for his aristocrats craves
johothehobo: dice friends was sweet
Moroklumpen: I'd put Cam on Simic but that's just my guess.
BladeintheStorm: How many rounds have gone by so far?
moxemeraldforestsamething: for me it's #5 rakdos #4 azorius #3 orzhov, #2 simic #1 gruul
Sarah_Serinde: Quite a lot of people have shared the lizard wizard with Kathleen since it was revealed :D
pblackcoat: Wait, shivam went simic not Orzhov? its like Id on't even know the guy
mrcakeisaspy_: Yeah Orzhov seems a bit underwhelming. 2HG Gruul and Simic has potential...
Sarah_Serinde: BladeintheStorm 2
Shliftzik: Hi everyone, what did I miss?
ShadowHachiX: Orzhov vs Rakdos
Teraka: hey @LRRMTG_Judge what happens if you cast a Shahrazad and then copy it?
vubben: 2
Keab42: TransgenderPride TransgenderPride Erin
tryllebanjo: coxManleee
Freshly_Toasted: Colour coded!
ShadowHachiX: Its orzhov vs rados
silvalunae: I LOVE YOUR SHIRT
bigben32201: For the judge on chat. I have a 4/3 with deathtouch and my opponent blocks with three 1/2s. I can just deal 1 to first 1 to second and 2 to third and kill them all right? I should.
eye_h_bar: Hi Erin!
adamjford: Hi Erin!!
BladeintheStorm: Cheers
SomebodyNowhere: kathleen very fashionable today
Kykiwi: Wooo rakdos!
13hellfyre13: @lrrmtg_judge can a card. Double riot?
tnud: Now that is a jacket
LRRMTG_Judge: @Teraka I leave the room theman20Leek
Wollwesen: What seems to be the best Guild so far?
ExhaustedElox: lol Cam
bakerydragon: Woohoo!
klickzty: ??
RabidWallaby84: Cam and Kathleen are very coordinated...
Rovniy: rakdos Kreygasm
queenfounder: OFCOURSE Kathleen is Rakdos
Wikt: what a rakdos appropriate outfit
Traion: Hi Erin
noSmokeFire: Great outfits, my dudes!
Teraka: that's fair
zerodividesbyyou: @knightlyvalor of course she is. but it's incredible. i have a feeling this nickname cast will be incredible
Fangren300: DansGame STILL NO SIMIC
ampharos15: Erin!! Hello :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH what?
sidewalkchalk: KATHLEEN I love the hair!
sylphide_spirit: Ooo excellent coat Kathleen
Gen2Gengar: VERY fancy
NarishmaReborn: Kathleen repping the Rakdos real well
BladeintheStorm: Kathleen is so on flavour
Freshly_Toasted: MARDU
Slurpee_E: kathle3HEX kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
laviniagaming: That rakdos outfit
LRRMTG_Judge: @13hellfyre13 yes a card can
Vezon46: everybody is so color coordinated
r10pez10: what an awesome blazer
VelvetFalcon: Kathleen!
freshmaker__: I love the spicy outfits.
rolanddegil: both in black, not surprised :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I expect Camron to be Rakdos
BlueBeardedDevil: Wow, Kathleen rocking the outfit!
W_Livi: I approve of the color-coordinated outfits
Outissa: Kathleen vs Cameron always best matches
GenDoesGames: Hyyyyype
Science_and_Magic: Katleen looks DAMN GOOD!
Anubis169: loving the jacket
Traion: I like Kathleen's outfit
kvetchnik: Gruul and simic seems strong. if i play azorius i want a.lot of early interaction
ExhaustedElox: kathleen didn't draw
IndalecioLantis: wow Kathleen killing the Rakdos look
ProfessorNoxLive: PogChamp the outfit
jeff_sg: Erin dredge them out
SydPreviouslyHeadache: but dang, Kathleen is dressed accordingly
pollux14: whoo kathleen looking great
3rdgatekeeper: kathleen's jacket is fabulous
LRRMTG_Judge: @13hellfyre13 It can! You choose separately for each, so you could give it two counters, or riot and a counter, OR DOUBLE HASTE - Phill
felixphew: kathle3HEX kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
KitchentableCommander: @lrrmtg_judge nice Leek
phenexian: Kathleen, I'm loving the outfit. I wish I looked as good as you.
Xobulo: Kathleen looks amazing!!!
magicalphilosopher: Kathrine I love your outfit
sblue333: kathleen nooo
TheWarbo: That deck name is extremely Cameron IMO
ProfessorNoxLive: +17 outfit points
DGZenos: dude sneak and show in vintage cube is just the grossest
silvalunae: nice color coordination
RezTheFuture: Jacket is +3 +3
LRRMTG_Judge: @13hellfyre13 yes, a card can have any number of instances of riot! - Katie
gore4glory91: @LoadingReadyRun does at least one of the 8 players play simic? Simic or riot?! Kappa
QTL7: damn kathleen looks spicy today with the themed Rakdos outfit
LRRbot: Concordia Pegasus [1W] | Creature — Pegasus [1/3] | Flying
greenmonkeysam: Kathleeen reppin' Rakdos by being a Spectacle
PruPruh: Kathleen looking shaaaarrrrp!
djsterlingsilva: lrrWOW
Aarek: thats more of a door than a gate
qmax4: OMG, their outfits are color coordinated with their decks!
Field94: Ah yes, the best guild.. MARDU
Asphexia42: Kathleen is so RAKDOS holy hell. Devil wears prada
offbeatwitch: yeah thats spicy
pblackcoat: Oh god I love Cam's tie!
LoganardoDVinci: Looking BADASS
magicalphilosopher: I love cams classic look too
JaymicUnyielding: Wow, I thought at least one of you would play Simic. This'll be interesting!
teh_v: The color choice for these two... color me not surprised :D
StrangerColin: draw?
ShadowHachiX: Tibalt
SydPreviouslyHeadache: actually, they're both dressed accordingly
WetLettuce: DRAW
DGZenos: kathleen looks great in that balzer
RabidWallaby84: Wait...Kathleen's not playing Rakdos...she's playing Mardu!
LRRbot: Gateway Plaza | Land — Gate | Gateway Plaza enters the battlefield tapped. / When Gateway Plaza enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you pay {1}. / {T}: Add one mana of any color.
SomebodyNowhere: wow
Stellapacifica: Both of our sharp dressers looking awesome
Angnor33: Cam and Kathleen both on point with their outfits. Very nice.
SomebodyNowhere: lrrWOW
ratzgobbler: I love those Guild Basics. I have to have them all
Science_and_Magic: REL : AXED
Evandill: The outfits here are super on point
somerandomtom: Yes
ExhaustedElox: Kathleen's jimmies are very rustled
pollux14: Super hard to choose a side on this one
Xobulo: also Cam is wearing a Bowtie, ans Bowties are cool!!!
Traion: Oh wow Cameron's deck name
somerandomtom: The outfits are amazing
The_Mormegil: kathleen looks great today :)
zerodividesbyyou: @dgzenos honestly I think Blue Red twin is better
Xanderbats: Kathleen was learning Keyforge earlier and now draws at end of turn
SomebodyNowhere: a slow starting rakdos deck? I have worries
Cyony: Drawing cards is how you get milled out. Don't draw cards
radalorian: is kathleen's mic off?
studentofwarfare: I really hope Kathleen has Judith gabyWow
Outissa: Both are dressed on-color
bakerydragon: Amazing outfit, all else is secondary
pollux14: Love them both <3
queenfounder: Shocked Kathleen owns anything not black
WetLettuce: incoming mythics from Kathleen LUL
LRRbot: Noxious Groodion [2B] | Creature — Beast [2/2] | Deathtouch
magicalphilosopher: What are those lands cams using
kirbytronic: The lawyer for the Rakdos
noSmokeFire: groodler gonna grood
offbeatwitch: extremely on-point outfits this round
MightierGlacier: The groodiest groodion.
adamwb: what is a groodion
varazeal: Go cam!
Alness49: I am Grood
bigben32201: @lrrmtg_judge For the judge on chat. I have a 4/3 with deathtouch and my opponent blocks with three 1/2s. I can just deal 1 to first 1 to second and 2 to third and kill them all right? I should.
JaymicUnyielding: Behold, the groodion!
AshBurnem: But does Noxious Groodion also drool?
ShadowHachiX: Do we even have a simic?
RabidWallaby84: @queenfounder might be from the prop room
Dyllbert: While Cam is dressed on color, he is always dressed like this... So *shrug*
mastershake29x: @magicalphilosopher from the guild kit pre-constructed decks
Keab42: Did Kathleen crack 6 on colour mythics again?
NexusVoxx: @ShadowHachiX shivam is simic today
LRRMTG_Judge: @bigben32201 Yes
Znazl: hired assassin?
Cyony: 3/3 flying deathtouch hexproof
LRRMTG_Judge: @bigben32201 That is correct, you only need to deal lethal damage to creatures which with deathtouch, is 1 theman20Leek
LRRbot: Rakdos Roustabout [1BR] | Creature — Ogre Warrior [3/2] | Whenever Rakdos Roustabout becomes blocked, it deals 1 damage to the player or planeswalker it’s attacking.
bigben32201: Good that is what I thought.
ShadowHachiX: ok ok thats not bad
LRRMTG_Judge: @bigben32201 Correct- you have to assign lethal damage to each, and with deathtouch, 1 is lethal! - Phill
DarkAbyssKeeper: They are playing with Sealed decks, using the same guild kits one will get at their actual pre-release. (Which include a seeded pack of their chosen guild.)
SomebodyNowhere: interesting
Stysiaq: hired poisoner had deathtouch
MightierGlacier: <- To Be Continued
d_u_c_k_y: Noxious on the board Kappa
mynthio: Ochran assasin.
Science_and_Magic: Roustabout To Be Continued
LRRMTG_Judge: @bigben32201 yes that's right, you have to assign at least lethal damage to each creature - Katie
studentofwarfare: rejeleCap rejeleCap rejeleCap
Stysiaq: nightveil predator LUL
QTL7: whose the table friend?
TheWarbo: Welcome to Nightveil PRedator
Dcsports8: gabyHi @studentofwarfare
grumpycat7777777: undercity uprising, status statue
Zappeljakob: I LOVED the bit from the 2018 Highlight where Kathleen played the dating Sim and the Character stated that he liked to look boy-ish and described Kathleens Lok perfectly!
lordviridian94: theres a lot of great spectacle enablers
studentofwarfare: gabyHi @Dcsports8
TheMiddlingMage: I have a deep and abiding love for the Guild Kit lands
mastershake29x: @QTL7 erin campbell from magic mics
grumpycat7777777: darkblade agent
mrcakeisaspy_: Tempted to swap my Orzhov at Pre-release for Azorius based on the last round... Running Gruul Azorius for Aggro and Tankiness seems possible
tomnar: i really like kathleens outfit matching the guild. nice touch
QTL7: thats right thank you X)
SomebodyNowhere: oh no something
LRRbot: Summary Judgment [1W] | Instant | Summary Judgment deals 3 damage to target tapped creature. / Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, it deals 5 damage to that creature instead.
Fangren300: Cam still takes damage
Loonatic93: I love that one Golgari Gorgon Assassin with deathtouch that everybody had to block
NexusVoxx: duodenum
Moroklumpen: I guess both Golgari and Orzhov like to trade lot in these sets.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Do Laudnum
Papperslappen: gundamdam
sage667: @Fangren300 no, wasn't blocked
Lithobraker: Vampire Nighthawk sheds a tear
ExhaustedElox: No that's something else, Cam.
adi_pie: Bibendum.
adamwb: !card rakdos roustabout
LRRbot: Rakdos Roustabout [1BR] | Creature — Ogre Warrior [3/2] | Whenever Rakdos Roustabout becomes blocked, it deals 1 damage to the player or planeswalker it’s attacking.
LRRbot: Rubble Slinger [2{R/G}] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/3] | Reach
Fangren300: oh, thought it was an attack trigger
GavinVerhey: hello, chat!
jmmayo: 1 damage
NexusVoxx: hell gavin
kvetchnik: shouldn't Cameron take 1
NexusVoxx: hello
Ukon_vasara: hello Gavin
mrcakeisaspy_: Hi Gavin
NexusVoxx: even
Zarco_19: @GavinVerhey Hello!
RezTheFuture: Hola Gavin
NexusVoxx: wops
Fiendmaw: Reach in mono red|
Snowhisky: Will someone play Simic guys?
Sarah_Serinde: GavinVerhey slytqHi
Fiendmaw: ?
jmmayo: Cameron take 1
Zappeljakob: the damage is dealt when the rustabout is blocked
Malfegore_: Hey @GavinVerhey
SydPreviouslyHeadache: why would Cam have taken 1?
r10pez10: t'was before blocks
SomebodyNowhere: stahp
LRRbot: Mortify [1WB] | Instant | Destroy target creature or enchantment.
sage667: @kvetchnik it's an on-block trigger
Znazl: lrrWOW
SomebodyNowhere: how many removals
RealWormbo: Cam has 12x removals?
NexusVoxx: @Snowhisky Shivam opened a simic pack
Nakedscmo: what are the lands on Cameron's side from?
Justin_Bailey: That was quite the round Gavin!
sidewalkchalk: mortify is POG
DeadlyWinchester: that mortify art
Freshly_Toasted: Cameron doesn't take one, creature was not blocked
aussie_rob_w: Hi there
Vivanity: I love Cams Orzhov deck
BRVHT: waaaooow
PatFromIT: Cam so rude
clarle: Mortify best removal
queenfounder: Cam is somehow playing control stik
FlamingoesOnFire: an agressive mortify
kvetchnik: Cameron take 1
mastershake29x: @Snowhisky probably either erin or shivam
IQ2k: Noob question: how does the logo "know" what card is up on it?
CyanMig: its an on block trigger not an on attack trigger
tergonis: mortify so goood
GavinVerhey: what a great PPR so far!
UnknownGerm: Orzhov out aggroing Jund? Is this real life?
Kykiwi: cam dosent not take one
GavinVerhey: :D
jeff_sg: What lands is cam using?
sage667: @kvetchnik no
MrQBear: Cam just letting the aggro flow through him.
openil: stop saying cam take 1 for god sake
Xobulo: love the look of the Guild Kit lands, but it does bug me a little they are the wrong guild symbols haha
The_letter_jay: Mortify rooBlank
Juliamon: !explain recognizer
LRRbot: The Card Recognizer program that LRR is using is a customized version of Decked Builder Card Cam which is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android at deckedbuilder.com and if you want to set up one for yourself check out the overlay code at https://github.com/paul-lrr/nifty-recognizer
moxemeraldforestsamething: the logo is an expert
Huschel23: Classic aggressive Orzhov
NexusVoxx: @IQ2k theres another camera pointed at it and a program that recognizes the art
Peter_susman: wait cam knows how to turn creatures side ways
Freshly_Toasted: @IQ2k There's a camera above it
FChariot: ono amilate
Snowhisky: Thanks for the answers boys Simic boyz unite!
wilf0: you guys look amazing
Wf_Geisterloeffel: rooCry
mastershake29x: @GavinVerhey too bad you're deck assessment re you and marshall was correct
MightierGlacier: @IQ2k probably some kind of AI image recognition software or something
Szyael: Our Lady of Perpetual Removal
Lucaan: Last set Cam found out he was Boros. He's soul searching right now.
Keab42: @iq2k there's a camera with some image recognition tech and a full card library for the set
Akaiatana: Oh hey, I stumbled into the 'Boohoo no Dimir match'
IQ2k: cool
ampharos15: Erin talking about red.... very off brand
blah12629: !settle the wreckage
Traion: @unknowngerm Considering that Kmis playing Mardu, no it isn't real life :ap
FChariot: Which game/round is this?
Vezon46: inc settle the wreckage
SomebodyNowhere: wow
IQ2k: thanks all
NexusVoxx: @FChariot R3 G1
Pixelblue: not the deadtouch?
kamelion84: lrrWOW
Dnadz: mortifying pegasus huh
ExhaustedElox: No
noSmokeFire: huh. zapping the 1/3
GavinVerhey: @mastershake29x Haha yeah. Marshall's deck is just a better version of mine. good games though!
TehAmelie: m-m-m-multify
Ashram__: So rakdos is the golgari of this limited format huh
shadememory: NotLikeThis Mortify vanilla 1/3
magictrader: I do love the mortify reprtin..
LRRbot: Orzhov Enforcer [1B] | Creature — Human Rogue [1/2] | Deathtouch / Afterlife 1
Moroklumpen: TA-DAAA
mastershake29x: @GavinVerhey definitely
tnud: Cameron is sooo touchy
FChariot: ty @NexusVoxx
moxemeraldforestsamething: enforcer is very good
SomebodyNowhere: @Pixelblue maybe she's more worried about the flying vs her deck
sidewalkchalk: CAM i love the bowtie
DaStormgit: whattt preprerelease is nowww
Zappeljakob: "Knife to meet you, Debtor!"
Sarah_Serinde: FYI chat, you can see the round number at the bottom of the screen, and the circles below the players' life totals show who's won a game (they're all empty now since it's G1)
Desruprot: Mortify%
DaStormgit: woop
LRRbot: Cry of the Carnarium [1BB] | Sorcery | All creatures get −2/−2 until end of turn. Exile all creature cards in all graveyards that were put there from the battlefield this turn. If a creature would die this turn, exile it instead.
Plaicoson: no
DubiousLatchkey: No spirit
tnud: whoop
djkittner1: he doest get
garvizac000: no tokens
UrzasRoommate: no spirit
Gabbolot: no
WetLettuce: EXILE
TheWarbo: Obviously, it's because chat helped. :-P
Plaicoson: they get exiled
djkittner1: a spirit
Genesation: No he doesn't.
Zarco_19: no spirit
adamwb: no
soft_sunset: no spirits either
imentrouble: mistake
McGriff: no spirit
fake_based: He does not get a spirit
MrLuBuFu: No spirit, exile
TXSTCHAMP: no spirit
ObiliskAj: No spirit! Exiled!
Dnadz: ohhhh thats why
wattyfathom: that's why get the pegasus
imentrouble: no spirit
johothehobo: no spirit
MeLikeSmallMatters: spirit dies
nathanwe: no spirit
Paranundrox: no spirit
tyrew0rm: no spirit?
Gabbolot: no tokens
Zarco_19: exile instead
fake_based: No spirit
julues: NO SPIRIT
Rustage_: no spirit!!
columbaceous: aha! zapping the 1/3 makes sense
piepie526: NO SPIRIT
Bl00pBl00p: exile
Peetzky: No spirit
Kykiwi: no spirit
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH it is
Peetzky: exiled
MKMxx: no spirit
Gabbolot: exile
xeroth95: no spirit
anatheartist: nice value
cambo212: no spirit for yo
dylanbbb: No spirt
Malfegore_: Kathleen's Mortify makes more sense now
niclan7: no spirit
Cyony: no spirits !
paszymaja: NO SPIRIT
archnme: no spirit
MightierGlacier: thanks chat we got it.
niclan7: no
Jukz4You: no token
ka0z92: no spirit
TheMiddlingMage: no spirit: exile
fluentcoroner: no spirit
Darzog67: no spirit
glennfinito: no spirit
Hikotori5: didn't die
cervantes_13: No token, unfortunately.
fake_based: No spirit token
Rustage_: no spirrit no spirit !!! it's exiled
ShadowHachiX: NO SPIRIT
Vioharr: NO SPIRIT
ChaoticUndercurrent: no spirit did not die
Gabbolot: no token
Jukz4You: exile
malantai1: no spirit
Keab42: If it was exile no spirit
Ski_nnyman: no spirti
johothehobo: chat on point
PatFromIT: no spirit
adamwb: no spirit token
Sarah_Serinde: Okay chat, they got there
13hellfyre13: No
Desruprot: exiled
mastershake29x: @Sarah_Serinde time to next person asking: 13 seconds
blah12629: chats going wild
SomebodyNowhere: they got there
offbeatwitch: chat pls
EmperorFlloyd: No spirits
gruulwarleader: no spirit
Rhyohan: SAVED
Seosamh_117: lrrAWW lrrAWW
LRRMTG_Judge: Thanks Chat!
Karamon10: no spirit BrokeBack
ExhaustedElox: No, it's exiled from the graveyard
tnud: SAVED KappaRoss
13hellfyre13: Exile
wilf0: still dies
ShadowHachiX: NO SPIRIT boi
Saintnex: oh man, what a card
rennz17: No spirits
MeLikeSmallMatters: spirit would've died anyway
bcschles: Judge!
ExhaustedElox: So it still dies
salmantank: CHAT Pog
pollux14: Kathleen dance hahaha
murkyk1010: no spirit
Justherefortherewards: Who's the table friend? Don't recognize the voice
tropikmajik: No token creature exiled
gruulwarleader: it exiles instead
Loosterbooster: cry of the carnarium seems great
qrpth: Chat pls
thyeggman: He DOES get a spirit
BOWZER_v2: it dies then exiles
iEuphorius: It gets exiled from the graveyard so it did die
sbenda13: Oops,. good play!
TXSTCHAMP: Get chat in the game these people dont even read the cards
wattyfathom: ripd spirit :(
TheWarbo: !findquote navi
LRRbot: Quote #3555: "In a lot of ways, the chat is like Navi. Being like "Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!" while not actually being that useful." —Paul [2016-09-29]
LRRMTG_Judge: that's the spirit, chat! thank you! - Katie
Cyony: Go
LRRMTG_Judge: They have realized it chat. No Spirit.
pharaun_2421: gotta exile the other creatures
Kykiwi: chat catching up to delay
Sarah_Serinde: Chat please stop with the spirit, they noticed already
Zarco_19: @MeLikeSmallMatters That's not how that effect works
Darkmatter789: yawn
iEuphorius: It dies first wtf
Lord_Hosk: Chat, its taken care of
wilf0: does get spirirt
thyeggman: It goes to the graveyard, and then is exiled!!!
mynthio: Doesn't it exile it afterwards?
SomebodyNowhere: now things start turning around
DaStormgit: what are cams swanky lands
SomebodyNowhere: hey now
wattyfathom: sphinx Kreygasm
LRRbot: Sphinx of the Guildpact [7] | Artifact Creature — Sphinx [5/5] | Sphinx of the Guildpact is all colors. / Flying / Hexproof from monocolored
anatheartist: woop there it is
DiscountDoubleCzech: if a creature would die this turn, exile it isntead
TheLogicFan: gg
Pixelblue: WTF PogChamp
Fangren300: PogChamp
ExhaustedElox: @loadingreadyrun, the creature still dies; it was exiled from the graveyard
Vivanity: YES
johothehobo: nO sPIriTS
deku_nudes: ded
Asphexia42: What was that card from Return to Ravnica?
tryllebanjo: Damn!
Stysiaq: LMAO
Hematite12: It dies first, gets a spirit
adamwb: it clearly doesn't die first, read the card it says “instead”
myytgryndyr: JUDGE
The_Mormegil: card says instead
LRRMTG_Judge: There is no spirit, because Dying involves going to the graveyard. -Zak
marzwell: outch
bergelmirsenpai: chat FailFish
lordviridian94: PogChamp omg
fireonice91: rakdos control LUL
NexusVoxx: @ExhaustedElox no, the creatures dont die til after the resolution, and it exiles creatures that /would/ die this turn
Pixelblue: GG PogChamp
Pteryon: it says "if it would die, exile it instead"
DiscountDoubleCzech: read the last line
Albo_MTG: dies is shortcut to go to the graveyard
moxemeraldforestsamething: card is very good
noSmokeFire: "oh dear" -Cam
Pteryon: no spirit
iEuphorius: @LoadingReadyRun it died and got exiled from the graveyard
Gelfolius: exile instead chat
SydPreviouslyHeadache: if Sphinx wasn't an artifact creature, it'd be so hard to kill
Caerthir: It exiles from graveyard, spirit should be there
Znazl: WOW LUL
Hardlessdaimio: Bought :o
Stensballe: Balanced
CommanderinMTGPodcast: Lands are from Guild kit.
julues: m o r t i f y
2menace: oops mortify
MaskedBeeX: No big deal just 4 turn clock
Stysiaq: oof, ouch, ouie
ratzgobbler: Cam organizes his lands like me. What does that say about me?
Jorge4hg: don't compute
SomebodyNowhere: yep, thats a thing
piepie526: LUL
angreesloth: Oof...
VjDaDj: What a good card in the aggro colors
Rovniy: beautiful sphinx
F3arl: Doesn't die to doom blade
ampharos15: its okay just mortify it
Keab42: I really like "hexproof from" as a replacement for protection
Despoiler98: WELP
flatluigi: spirit would've also died
ObiliskAj: Mortify looking real good right now
cervantes_13: Oh
kamelion84: katesLol
MightierGlacier: that mortify looking real nice now
soft_sunset: :looks at mortify: hmmm
Padredoom: some chats just never die.
marzwell: this card can win alone XD
blah12629: kayas wrath time?
TheRealCallMeCraven: u totes get a token, it dies to -2/-2, then gets exiled, but token is on the stack
Yosh1tailz: resolves Kappa
rolanddegil: things that Cam go hmmm
elano123124: kathleen is dressed for the rackdos life
Lord_Hosk: ExhaustedElox the last line is "if a creature would die this turn exile it instead"
Jalemo21: good game
Seosamh_117: surprise mana tithe
nooobd: y0, what are his basic lands?
wattyfathom: I am the guildpact - this sphinxy boy
anatheartist: wooooooop
magicalphilosopher: That's pretty strong
adamwb: no it does not die. the card said exiled instead
chalks70: @LRRMTG_Judge shouldn't cameron have a 1/1 flyer?
flatluigi: THAT TOPDECK
Pixelblue: Saved PogChamp
LRRbot: Final Payment [WB] | Instant | As an additional cost to cast this spell, pay 5 life or sacrifice a creature or enchantment. / Destroy target creature.
blah12629: WOW
Execratory8: how do I get those lands cameron has?
imentrouble: good topdeck
Paranundrox: nice topdeck
NexusVoxx: @Caerthir it exiles, then kills and exiles whatever else dies this turn
WARZOID: perfect answer
Knightlyvalor: @LoadingReadyRun it did not die and go to the graveyard. It got exiled immediately.
Ryenji: PogChamp
rolanddegil: things that make Cam go hhmmm
sage667: @TheRealCallMeCraven , no it exiles INSTEAD of dying
dylanbbb: Die requires it to hit the grave. It never hits the grave
softlul: anything other than azorius is actually PogChamp
VjDaDj: got her
Dr_fragenstien: if there was a set for mana tithe to be reprinted...
SydPreviouslyHeadache: "if a creature would die, exile it instead" no spirit from afterlife
Loonatic93: Back in the days of Protection from X, this Sphinx doesn't seem all that good.
Qpic: LUL
MightierGlacier: Skill.
nooobd: it gets exiled instead, so no death
sacaguito: Topdeck PogChamp
Glowmus: Nice
Moroklumpen: Cam has no answer? That must be mortifying.
Yosh1tailz: SPECTACLE!
Kykiwi: under 20 got em
SomebodyNowhere: guess what is getting mortify saved for it next game
bloo37: always had it
Pixelblue: Topdecking skill PogChamp
cervantes_13: Magic is a skill based game.
Despoiler98: Never didnt have it
PhoenixMelior: game of skill no luck involved
r00f_ch: such skill
anatheartist: blow for blow, this game is lit
greenmonkeysam: That top deck...
moxemeraldforestsamething: no spirit i promise
angreesloth: better lucky than skilled!
Fruan: More like first payment
Gabbolot: top deckkkkk
Huschel23: Dash Hopes
pollux14: It's the Final Payment! TURURURU
Caerthir: ah, missed that line
r10pez10: the basics are from the guild kit
aussie_rob_w: Ow!
Moroklumpen: NVM
Jalemo21: welp....go to the next game?
Zappeljakob: Dies is stated in the Rules as IT goes to the Gravweyard, so the enforcer didn'T die
Justherefortherewards: Cameron looking so dapper
AdamJF84: calebdSkill
Gaviidae_Esq: NO hxproof from multicolored
LRRbot: Debtors' Transport [5B] | Creature — Thrull [5/3] | Afterlife 2
SomebodyNowhere: more things
TenoshiiMTG: you dont get a token. if anything dies that turn it gets exiled instead
RekFeldman: Nice lands Lauder!
TheWarbo: he comin'
WrightJustice: cute thrull
SydPreviouslyHeadache: uhh how did sphinx die?
nooobd: those basic lands are amazing
iEuphorius: @Knightlyvalor how? the -2/-2 says it exiles all cards put into graveyards this turn
NexusVoxx: thrulls are weird
AGiantRoach: that flavor text
anatheartist: that thrull is chunky
AciesPlays: Hexproof
Erengard_PG: That creature upsets me.
scarred4lyfe: what does protection mean?
MuffinStand: thicc
VjDaDj: They are disgusting
WARZOID: 7 mana card dies to 2 mana card LUL
UnknownGerm: what a hefty chonk
spacekataz18: Lov thrull
Commissar_Ravek: isn't it protected from that?
Gaviidae_Esq: JUDGE
r10pez10: is it ... wearing a mask
cervantes_13: The art on this is off-puttingly milky.
LRRMTG_Judge: @chalks70 the sorcery that killed cameron's creatures puts the creatures into exile instead of letting them die
Freshly_Toasted: Aw lawd he comin
koelkastmagneet: but doesn't it say, exile all creatures from graveyard that hit it that turn?
Lucaan: Big boy thrull
VjDaDj: Big pudding monster
KayOfAvalon: Read the card, chat. It also says all creatures that die this turn are exiled. The 'exile creatures that died from graveyards' clause gets anything that died already, preventing you from sacrificing stuff to dodge the exile.
AciesPlays: Judge!
MusicMagic: Yeah. Hexproof from multi.
Nagimitsu: sphinx has multicolored hex proof righf?
MightierGlacier: @scarred4lyfe none of the cards here have protection though?
ampharos15: oh i cant unsee that.......
DeadlyWinchester: protection from multi
LRRbot: Consign to the Pit [5B] | Sorcery | Destroy target creature. Consign to the Pit deals 2 damage to that creature’s controller.
SomebodyNowhere: so many removals
freshmaker__: I wish I could have a thrull. I want to ride one of those big lumpy boys
TheWarbo: we need that chonk scale but with thrulls
clarle: geez, how much removal do they have?
Fruan: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
AciesPlays: JUDGE
Rouguecheddar: Thrull Tribal When?
RezTheFuture: Mono removal
aussie_rob_w: That thing is NOT
elano123124: JUDGE
AliceTheAlice: Wait... Gavin is there! Gavin, please, please explain why the Sphinx doesn't have a 5 Color indicator on the card? (Akin to the non-castable Suspend card reprints.) Pretty. Pretty. PLEASE!
thenb44: i figured cam would work in the terror somehow
OneEyeTwoHead: its mono hexproof
openil: mono colour hexproof for gods sake
Evandill: The thrulls are neat but mega weird.
ElektroTal: I'm so glad I brought the guild basics with me for this event.
AciesPlays: OH
anatheartist: well, there are jellyfish crab people, I don't think 6 fingers is all that odd
AlonsoSwift: I think they just write Dovin's hands off as a Simic thing
Darzog67: A six fingered man slaughtered my father...
NathanJay_GA: *Ancestor voice* Back to the pit!
shadememory: 6 cmc and it's sorcery NotLikeThis
moxemeraldforestsamething: man cam has a nice removal package
MrPolyK: Vedalken just have 6 fingers though
WrightJustice: c'mon chat
LRRMTG_Judge: @Gaviidae_Esq it has hexproof from monocolored not multicolored
RezTheFuture: Ravnicans deal with the mammoth spider. I feel like 6 fingers isn't worth noticing =P
phytonthepython: i am sure they know about vedalken
F3arl: Let know Cam that The Terror was amazing. Good on him for watching.
Lahayem: Do Ravnican Vedalken not have six fingers?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so i assume a judge is going to step in soon?
Piers8: With all the Simic shennanigans I think and extra finger gets overlooked
Keab42: Folks probably assume Dovin got too close to a Simic experiment
niccus: oh, you know, got in touch with the simic for hardcore bueaucratic enhancements
elano123124: oh wait no it's a multicoloured spell hurr durr
ichib0d: all veldalken have 6, itd be normal there
NexusVoxx: @scarred4lyfe a thing with protection from X cant be Damaged, Enchanted/Equipped, Blocked, or Targeted by things taht are X
2Eattwo2: It's protection from mono, not mono hexproof
radalorian: Did we ever figure out what F.I.R.E. is?
boybyhimself: @flatluigi spirit would not have also died calebdLove
Yosh1tailz: SMOrc
kenshie_liqueur: simic have like 100 fingers or tentacles
RabidWallaby84: Why would people on Ravnica care that Dovin has six fingers? Vedalken have been on Ravnica for a long time.
Keab42: They've seen weirder stuff than 6 fingers
kid_maverick: Cameron's voice is like a well aged red wine
toast_stomper: Don't all Vedalken have 6 fingers
Znazl: flunge
ellynu: but are they cat spirits?
VoltAerial: do the vedalkens do math in base 12 then?
odi_odi: @LoadingReadyRun are these cat-spirits?
FlameI7: Dovin has external ears! Ravnican vedalken don't
benkilam: hexproof from multicolored JUDGE JUDGE
infamous00000: Vedalken have existed on ravnica
Loonatic93: Well, Valdalkin are known to hang our with the Simic, soooooooo.......
sage667: card reader pls
themightybucch: When you live on a plane with the Simic Combine, six fingers don't phase you.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH no it is monocolored
openil: not all vedalken have 6 thats only on kaladesh
Ubiki: With silicone 6 fingers ain’t that weird
LRRMTG_Judge: @scarred4lyfe protection from a colour means it can't be damaged, enchanted, blocked, or targeted by something of that colour - Katie
MalenkyMalchick: Thrulls was my first aristocrats deck back in the 90s. :)
SomebodyNowhere: its not like cam has any removals
LRRbot: Undercity Scavenger [3B] | Creature — Ogre Warrior [3/3] | When Undercity Scavenger enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice another creature. If you do, put two +1/+1 counters on Undercity Scavenger, then scry 2.
Ukon_vasara: oh yeah, didnt all the vedalkin have extra bits, but different extra bits based on where they from? what extra bits did the ravnican ones have
marvin_hamlisch: The Ravnicans definitely have the equivalent of the real world's "All World Leaders Are Lizard People"
UnknownGerm: Toast_stomper some have four fingers and four arms
anatheartist: I was promised rakdos, but all I see is orzhov with some seasoning
Knightlyvalor: iEuphorius because you resolve the whole spell before the -2/-2 causes creatures to go to the graveyard. So the replacement effect (the last line on the card) is already in effect when the -2/-2 kills the creature.
stere89: Fun.Inviting.Replayable. Exciting
flatluigi: @boybyhimself "all creatures get -2-2 until end of turn" sphinx would've hit the board and then got -2-2
LRRbot: Sphinx of the Guildpact [7] | Artifact Creature — Sphinx [5/5] | Sphinx of the Guildpact is all colors. / Flying / Hexproof from monocolored
chefkanin: scry 2
Lahayem: It's pro-monocolored. Final Payment is multicolored
Nagimitsu: oh
ninja_theory_ashrams: too bad I can't run Sphinx of the guildpact in my Sharuum edh deck lrrFRUMP
bluellama92: She only scryed 1
DeadlyWinchester: oh okay
walladmajnoon: hahaha misplay
Piers8: People used to count to 12 on their hands too @VoltAerial (you count all three sections on each finger)
Lithobraker: stere89 F It, wRath Everything
Dr_fragenstien: get rekt chat
Christoffer113: @marvin_hamlisch except they actual have a real conspiracy in the dimir
F3arl: walladmajnoon What was the misplay?
SpanielDayLewis: ah twitch chat
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, i saw that card last night even, idk why i thought it said hexproof from multicolored
Lil_Lith: what constitutes a mono-colored ability? the cost or the card its on?
Gerrysalami: he needed to sack a creature or enchatnment to play that but its fine
radalorian: thanks @stere89
Zappeljakob: You can play the Sphinx in Sharuum
Deadeye0o: good thing chat called for a chat rooBlank
yttog: those rakdos sleeves are legit
marvin_hamlisch: He paid 5 life
spacekataz18: He paid 5 life
flatluigi: @Gerrysalami he paid 5 life
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm sorry
Loonatic93: I believe that Valdalken on Ravnica normally have five fingers. Which makes Mr. Baan a bit different.
F3arl: Gerrysalami He could also pay 5 life
felixphew: the card @Lil_Lith
killerofgiants: OR pay 5 life
phytonthepython: @Gerrysalami can pay 5
ObiliskAj: @Gerrysalami No, it's pay 5 OR sac
Natedogg2: Lil_Lith: A source that's only one color.
NexusVoxx: @Lil_Lith the card its printed on
Gerrysalami: ah okay
boybyhimself: @flatluigi No it wouldn't. It's only given to the creatures that were on the board at the point of the spell resolving.
LRRMTG_Judge: Cam decided to pay 5 life, which is also an option pharma2Vial
shdragon: Whole lotta Orzhov and Azorious today...
Bloodwrath55: Reading the card explains the card
VoltAerial: @Piers8 sounds uncomfortable!
r10pez10: we got a button for it now
ancientspark: Man, reading cards is hard
nosrac2: Chat is just on it today man Kappa
Wikt: there are some english speaking players at my FNMs
RealGamerCow: I just noticed they are dressed per ther guild.
NexusVoxx: @Lil_Lith which is to say the cost of the card not the cost of the ability
PigmyWurm: I've said it for years
Wikt: and I keep hoping I'll be matched up vs them so I can "say go"
SynnChrist: language D:
Lil_Lith: @NexusVoxx right, thanks
kinamara: lrrHERE
RealGamerCow: Kathleen makes a great Rakdos
Wikt: I'd definitely say it in English, but I'm Polish so we talk in that
Deadeye0o: rooD1 rooD2
Lithobraker: Kathleen's outfit is amazing!
angreesloth: every time I hear Cam repeat "say go" I hear S E-GAAA
LRRbot: Carrion Imp [3B] | Creature — Imp [2/3] | Flying / When Carrion Imp enters the battlefield, you may exile target creature card from a graveyard. If you do, you gain 2 life.
Lucaan: Did no one pick Simic? NotLikeThis
Traion: Gotta enjoy Chat shouting missplay without reading the cards...
Kraest: I started say "say go" at prereleases and whenever I do there's almost always someone who says "Oh, LoadingReadyRun?"
iEuphorius: @KayOfAvalon no, it says all creatures creatures in all graveyars that were PUT THERE from the battlefield this turn. so Cam should have gotten the spirit because the creature dies then gets exiled
NexusVoxx: @Lucaan Shivam did
KitchentableCommander: I started saying “say go” and people where like “what?” So I stopped
Zappeljakob: The ability that makes the Sphinx all Colors is not a Color indicator for Commander ninja_theory_ashrams, so you can run it
offbeatwitch: chat always be like this
LRRbot: Undercity Scavenger [3B] | Creature — Ogre Warrior [3/3] | When Undercity Scavenger enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice another creature. If you do, put two +1/+1 counters on Undercity Scavenger, then scry 2.
tryllebanjo: @angreesloth Keith Apicary is a classic gaming wiz!
VjDaDj: Playing against the guild mechanic seems like a good idea Kappa
Execratory8: is it twitch acting up?
lordviridian94: @Traion sounds like twitch chat LUL
Lucaan: Based Shivam
Paranundrox: Debt to the Deathless was a mistake :P
SomebodyNowhere: ohno a 3/3
Sarah_Serinde: Execratory8 It's working fine for me, try refreshing if you're having trouble
AGiantRoach: i LOVE debt to the deathless. got a print and a playmat from seb
NexusVoxx: @iEuphorius step one, exile things from graveyards. step two, give -2/-2. step 3, anything else that dies for the rest of the turn is exiled.
pollux14: cam consistently mana flooded in PPRs
Xanderbats: twitch is eating frames again
LRRbot: Consign to the Pit [5B] | Sorcery | Destroy target creature. Consign to the Pit deals 2 damage to that creature’s controller.
Malfegore_: rip game 2
Kykiwi: GG
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Dang
EnoTheTonberry: It's a gray ogre
Vivanity: Nice
clarle: GG
Hardlessdaimio: gg
frnknstn: gg
SomebodyNowhere: so much removals in that game
johfri82: 6 mana...
TomAllThumbs: gg
r10pez10: tidy
0SkullDuggery0: OBLITERATED
lordviridian94: gg
tknocker: Mardu FTW!
julues: I saw no rakdos
PhoenixMelior: after last round, a quick round is preferable
Cyony: quick compared to the previous games anyway
Freshly_Toasted: This must be like having a crowd of strangers hanging over your back screaming misplay at random intervals
yttog: wow a game of magic that didnt take two hours like marshal's lol
LivingTheTruth: HI Erin
LRRMTG_Judge: that's a pit-y. - Katie
koelkastmagneet: still think Cam should have had a spirit. But would have to read the card again
Maunaloa35: Will Orzhov ever win?
mrcakeisaspy_: Orzhov seems super weak...
Outissa: What is Erin from? She seems awesome
moxemeraldforestsamething: bankrupt has great art though
freshmaker__: Exsanguinate or bust
Mox_Hagdorm: I have a Kambal EDH deck with Debt to the Deathless.
mrcakeisaspy_: Although that removal was nuts
gore4glory91: simic or riot
TehAmelie: nice shirt too
iEuphorius: @NexusVoxx that is not what that card does
lordviridian94: @Outissa magic mics
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NexusVoxx: @Outissa Magic Mics podcast
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ChipMissile: 21 months! What a fantastic group of people for this event. I love the PPRs and I'm so happy to see they're going on into 2019
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Vivanity: Orzhov needs to be built correctly
LRRMTG_Judge: Erin and I are matching. Wearing that same shirt. -Zak
mastershake29x: @Outissa magic mics podcast currently
e_mouchet: Missed a game ? It was fast it seems... who won this one ?
Twinklebees: Truly this match is the 12x Removals match.
NexusVoxx: @iEuphorius maybe you should read it again then
tknocker: In limited I usually play what is fun, not what is good.
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greenmonkeysam: T E A M * R A K D O S
thesheepleschamp: Rip Orzhov noxThump
ampharos15: take your orzhov deck and sideboard into gruul
eshplode: The correct way to sideboard in sealed is to build 2 decks
Outissa: i will check it out! :D
AGiantRoach: I tend not to SB in sealed because i rarely have enough playables as is
sbenda13: I only sideboard into a completely different deck
Lozrik: rakdos themed attire +1
reymon2727: take out the bad cards, put in the good cards Kappa
Talin06: round 2 is done i was only gone for half an hour?
Lucaan: I sideboard online most of the time in limited, but rarely in paper
OdracirGrim: I'm loving and living for Kathleen the Rakdos Queen! 👑
BolshajaSvinja: @iEuphorius exile it _instead_
Subscribetostayrospet: soko are you here?
Ubiki: I sideboarded the defeat cards in hour of devastation
Stysiaq: I'm looking at the cards on Scryfall and there's not a lot of common Afterlife you can play early
NexusVoxx: @iEuphorius okay fair enough i swapped steps 1 and 2
Undercode: who won game 1
Huschel23: I usually don't bring in my best cards until game 3
TehAmelie: isn't the challenge making at least two complete decks?
Gabbolot: can i see the dices?
Traion: @koelkastmagneet 6 different judges hace said he doesn't get a spirit the last line was "If a creature would die, exile it instead"
Anubis169: travCLINK
zak_shwap: I am wearing that same shirt Erin, good taste!
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ratzgobbler: I’ll admit that Adapt has been pretty underwhelming compared to other Simic mechanics
SxNova: round n°?
Aarek: the ole 0-1 milkshake bracket
NarishmaReborn: jealous
NexusVoxx: @SxNova r3 g 2
Kykiwi: hmmmm cheese stake
groglox: My LGS just closed =[
andre_the_gigant: love the reinbow plaisnwalker symbol
RebelliousUno: My LGS kickstarted a new store because it's space was too small for tourneys
AbbeyRhode: quick. prepare the backup deck!!
BrindleBoar: I feel like Kathleen needs a properly sinister tophat to complete the Rakdos Ringmaster Look
SxNova: @nexusvoxx ty
LRRMTG_Judge: Cheesecake Factory prerelease? I need to a book a trip, excuse me... theman20Leek
kirbytronic: Return to Ravnica I opened Dimir and made a deck. And then Sideboarded in my Boros deck with Gideon
allosaurusrider: I definitely want that shirt too Erin - (Katie, out of the judge chat!)
koelkastmagneet: since @Traion hance i said I would like to read the card again.
MSUHitman: One of the STL stores, Moonbase Market, has a bar in it also.
frnknstn: last 4 round in the pub
jthd35: Booze and cheesecake! I’m moving there!!
RebelliousUno: LRRMTG_Judge I just want a cheesecake factory
joneemack: <message deleted>that AA tho...
ninja_theory_ashrams: my lgs is next to home depot, not helpful
r10pez10: "judge! what are you drinking? next round on me!"
NotGruulButWhy: 0-2 milkshake
iEuphorius: @NexusVoxx actually I think you are right. that card is going to cause problems lol
LRRMTG_Judge: triple sleeve for that pharma2Vial
Bobtheninjagoldfish: so wait: 2 orzhov 2 Rakdos, 2 Axorious 1 gruul.. is the final persn playing Simic?
k_u_b_o_a: @Undercode rakdos
AGiantRoach: my old LGS was a few doors down from a pizza place so 0-2 pizza bracket was great
LRRMTG_Judge: @RebelliousUno Yeah we don't have them here in Canadaland theman20Leek
elrapha69: what does eating like a 5yo mean?
qmax4: My LGS in Portland Oregon serves alcohol in the side room.
MoxReuby: safest thing to eat is out of a straw
5ubb4k: Kathleen is really rocking the Rakdos aesthetic
TehAmelie: laminate your cards, what could go wrong
Darkmatter789: copyThis pastaThat pastaThat pastaThat
SomebodyNowhere: playing at the literal dinner table
Erengard_PG: Soup via a straw.
Clicklesly: Double sleeve the food ^^
NexusVoxx: @elrapha69 messy, probably
Mox_Hagdorm: Messy I assume
TimeToFry: My LGS always brings a fancy cheese platter
safaex: smalltalk
RebelliousUno: LRRMTG_Judge nor in the UKsville
HesGotNoPants: man I should draft in Canada sounds like heaven
walkeroftales: Pretzels.
ninjaofv: yueah eating chips with choipsticks is the real way
RassilonDND: so jelly, my local prereleases are only 3 round
TheWanderingNomad: @r10pez10 - Does that count as bribing the Judge? Kappa
raphaelherthel: <message deleted>is that women a guy?
Mox_Hagdorm: Having a 5yo, can confirm
Stysiaq: Afterlife is underpowered in limited, only 4 common cards with cmc 2, 4, 5 and 6
eshplode: Draft which eating wings. That seems fun
talas_engineer: pretzels are super safe
iEuphorius: @NexusVoxx that middle clause should be first.
Neojetangel: The FNM I used to go to was in a pub, used get a pint between matches
studentofwarfare: I like doing the 0-2 ice cream bracket
elrapha69: @NexusVoxx ah
Mosslander: I've gotten many of the kids at my LGS to start using chopsticks to eat chips.
SomebodyNowhere: lets play the game of how many removals
polyglut: Actually have tried laminating cards before. Real pain to sleeve up.
xyl0ph0ne: My sister unironically eats Cheetos with chopsticks
greenmonkeysam: 0-2 Milkshake should be a menu item
AbbeyRhode: show your real deck to your opponent. put it away. and then pull out the proxy version. bar Legacy
devil_s_trooper: HotPokket
Greshnikk: gee el eich ef
W_Livi is unironically eating a snackchip with chopsticks right now...
TheWarbo: qmax4 I have been there (now in Salem) but am completely blanking on the name
UnknownGerm: traditional indian food would likely be the worst, if you're doing everything by hand
WishPotato: <message deleted>@raphaelherthel who knows
ZeroPolarity: Man I love Kathleen and Cam's hair
Kivipaperisakset: Glad lunch, had futons
Knightlyvalor: iEuphorius it seems you think the -2/-2 immediately kills the creature and only after that the two other lines on the Cry of Canarium take place. This is not the case, the -1/0 will live for a moment while the Cry of Canarium finishes resolving.
Outissa: I want one of this LGBT shirts Erin has
allosaurusrider: @RebelliousUno I'm also UK, I'm so envious of anywhere with something called "cheesecake factory"
LolCamAlpha: safest food to eat during a match: a single slice of bread.
Reccamn: it feels super PC
kirbytronic: Friday Night: 0-2, "I get to eat tonight!"
king_dengo_ling: they all took turns looking directly into the camera and I felt an unsettling in my soul
GLHFMagic: Woot
QTL7: @elrapha69 probably with no regards to your clothes, the table or floor. just destroy it and whatever happens happens
ArmadilloAL: My favorite draft was triple-Invasion...all Chinese packs...at like 3am at Steak and Shake in roughly 2005.
r10pez10: chat thanks for reminding me to eat breakfast
LolCamAlpha: no butter, not toasted. just bread
elano123124: Cam's card sleeves are on point
Izandai: Boxed decks are the worst.
eye_h_bar: Cam with the math reference
dylanbbb: Technically Cry of the Carnarium gives everything -2/-2 then exiles all creatures that died that turn. The card has resolved and so state based actions are checked. Anything that died now goes to the grave, but the spell exiles instead
TehAmelie: the Earl of Sandwich had it easy, he just needed one hand to gamble. . .
Peter_susman: mulligan till a no lander
cmdrud87: cheer100
RebelliousUno: allosaurusrider it's a magical place I've enjoyed it before
Science_and_Magic: AGH CAM! That will bug me forever now!
ritchards: @LolCamAlpha all those crumbs everywhere. gah!
Firnsarwen: Cam, and the blue/white doesn't bug you?????
AzureShok: 6100 viewers, is that a typical number for PPRs?
rafbie: Nice to see you during pre prerelease Erin :)
dylanbbb: *Anything that has enough damage or 0 toughness
r10pez10: mull to Toronto
ratzgobbler: Eating snacks like chips with chopsticks is next level guys, don’t laugh at it
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @LolCamAlpha nerd. <3
Science_and_Magic: We passed 7000 earler
rutgun: None of them is playing Simic?
Outissa: And it's awesome to see representation from more trans Magic figures in general
MagicalSkeleton: I love the way Cam is shuffling!
walkwithoutrhythm: Can I give Kathleen a shoutout for her amazing DMing for the Bylaw & Order campaign? She's 2 for 2 on great DMing
iEuphorius: @Knightlyvalor no the card is just confusing. The second clause should be first. I already said I was wrong
r10pez10: ~lasttweet viewership
LRRTwitter: [2h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Our PPR max viewership number is 6957 (Dominaria PPR from last year) We are currently sitting just over 6500 viewers, is this the PPR we break 7000 viewers? Sure would be nice :D http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1083808186174337024
JudgeKyle: Hubris? Serge should know plenty about that seabatBRAIN
NexusVoxx: @rutgun Shivam is
Firnsarwen: @AzureShok we had over 7k and that's the highest we've ever had!
LolCamAlpha: ritchards, not if it's untoasted! we're talking white bread here
Lord_Hosk: In one of the Theros block Prereleases I played in (dont remember which) it was so big there were 10 people who went 6-0, so they cut to top 8 and my no loss record didnt get me it, I was very upset.
8rack4tw: never seen Kathleen with this hair style, she looks very strict librian
Deftscythe: Loving Kathleen's Rakdos outfit. Could definitely see her introducing a performance at a Carnival of Blood in that
2nert: @Firnsarwen it bugs me!
xippih: Frame drops on overhead?
RezTheFuture: Still have two more to play, so crossed fingers for simic
TehAmelie: i'm not sure but i think today has seen the most viewers of any stream short of Desert Bus
AzureShok: Ty @Firnsarwen !
Cpt_Bawbag: cams shuffling gives me heartache
Knightlyvalor: iEuphorius my apologies then, I missed that.
AbbeyRhode: as a burn player if I have one mountain and at least three one cost spells I am all in
Vivanity: Definite frame drops on overhead camera
studentofwarfare: I love these guild sleeves gabyLove
WiredAbyss: I like the sleeve, nice and simple
queenfounder: Is someone playing simic?
ShadowHachiX: I wonder what secrets these people have
SomebodyNowhere: not good sounds
Keab42: Kathleen's current hair cut is A++
TimeToFry: 55555
Qpic: no lands? NotLikeThis
MoxReuby: Erin, that's just Cameron's face though
NexusVoxx: @queenfounder Shivam is
RealWormbo: 2nd six?
TheMagicalSazerac: orzhov has a c4 axis and i see at least what, 5 planes od symmetry?
2menace: 44444444
d_u_c_k_y: NotLikeThis
Lucaan: Dredge has definitely taught me to mulligan more aggressively
Pixelblue: NotLikeThis
1y1e: second! six!
RealGamerCow: Cpt_Bawbag people freak out about shuffling, I don't understand it. Can you explain?
Spartacus1209: Not like this....not like this
Firnsarwen: @2nert Yay! I'm so glad it bugs someone else too ;-;
blah12629: can we have cam go back to 7?
MagicalSkeleton: Kathleens outfit is awesome and so fitting! (Puns intended.)
tutuducky: was wondering how long before she talked about being a dredge player
TheMagicalSazerac: cam whats its point group?!
Sampy104: Can we get Kathleen a top hat?
Sarah_Serinde: !dnd
LRRbot: The current Dice Friends campaign is being broadcast on twitch.tv/dnd for 10 episodes, and starts at 5:00 PDT. Because it's broadcast on another channel and only hosted here, LRR won't be able to thank everyone for subs and bits, but they still very much appreciate them!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: The Dice Friends is so good
iEuphorius: @Knightlyvalor just bad design. They shouldn't put a clause for previous actions in the middle lol
Loonatic93: Kathleen hair game in seriously on point.
Maunaloa35: Orzhov will never win
gooberini: are they playing best of 3 or best of 1 kappa
r10pez10: it's real good
Rhyohan: <message deleted>POGGERS
Stysiaq: mulling to 5, thanks Garfield LUL
LoganardoDVinci: Second six?
Vivanity: @Maunaloa35 LUL
noblemarxist: best of 3 kappa
NexusVoxx: dont do what donny dont does
RockPusher: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
Sarah_Serinde: It's already a lot of fun!
walkwithoutrhythm: It's so good! I love your DMing style Kathleen!
MeJustinYouChat: Kathleen lrrHEART the first session
dylanbbb: @iEuphorius It being first or second doesn't change anything. State based actions, which would be what sends the cards from the field to the grave don't get checked until the card is fully resolved.
AGiantRoach: the first epiisode was great
johothehobo: 3% golgari goop in sausage
lemmel: First episode was awesome too!
HesGotNoPants: and cam is dimir, its great
Knightlyvalor: iEuphorius yeah, seems better the way you propose it.
Frankenfruity: LRR usually mulligan way too aggressively... as if it's constructed deck
koelkastmagneet: best of 3, currently 1-0 for kathleen
r10pez10: !advice
LRRbot: Turn around.
andrewk1147: Is there a VOD where we can watch from the beginning?
SomebodyNowhere: she's only been a professional internetter for how many years?
Dromos_GHG: Great Jacket Kathleen!
MoxReuby: relevant to my interest
Lyannen: I still have to watch the first episode..
ogzangief: im getting back into the game after 11 yrs playing red black pirate for fun as i got into it with rivals but now as i like the finer things in life like burgers and fries and i am looking forward to playing orzhov in the new set so watching this stream i am learning new rules
Cpt_Bawbag: @realgamercow shuffling tcg cards like cam does bends the corners and decreases the cards value,better to straight shuffle them
radalorian: Is Kathleens mic not on, or just far away cuz her sweet outfit?
Moroklumpen: Vintage and Legacy Dredge. dekkstH dekkstH dekkstH dekkstH
RockPusher: ohai Sarah_Serinde gabyHi
SpanielDayLewis: Im really enjoying it
Deadeye0o: law and order *dun dun*
ZeroPolarity: Poor Cam
Pteraspidomorphi: Watch it, it's great
Seosamh_117: FYI Serge's D&D character is basically Judge Serge
RebelliousUno: Now I want to make CSI:Ravnica
Owlslayer: i liked the first episode.
8rack4tw: cam not playing blue hurts my soul lol
NexusVoxx: 5 5 5 5 5 5
joneemack: <message deleted>for real tho...that a apple...
Firnsarwen: @r10pez10 Someone else in Toronto? Highfive! It's my first time watching not living in Victoria :(
Sarah_Serinde: First episode of Bylaw and Order (watch it after the PPR ;) ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTwECclVbj8
Malfegore_: Shellephant is a 1/4?
munocard: numot5
reymon2727: LUL
ZeroPolarity: What lands is Cam using, because they're glorious?
SomebodyNowhere: oh no
TimeToFry: !card Bazaar
LRRbot: Found 7 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Sarah_Serinde: RockPusher slytqHi gabyHi lrrHEART
BRVHT: oh noooooo
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Kcollington: One whole year. Wait, how long is a Ravnican year?
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mastershake29x: LRR currently have shows on the dnd and magic official channels, is there one for avalon hill for the WotC trifecta?
Freshly_Toasted: ooh noo
NexusVoxx: @ZeroPolarity Ravnica Guild Kit lands, borrowed from Shivam
Whatishisface: !card Bazaar of bag
LRRbot: Bazaar of Baghdad | Land | {T}: Draw two cards, then discard three cards.
LRRMTG_Judge: @Firnsarwen Ontario hype, I'm down the road in London theman20Leek
AGiantRoach: i almost lost to an OP mulling to 3 in a PR
Lucaan: I need to catch up on Dice Friends. I'm in the middle of Dragon's Orders currently.
LRRbot: Gateway Plaza | Land — Gate | Gateway Plaza enters the battlefield tapped. / When Gateway Plaza enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you pay {1}. / {T}: Add one mana of any color.
Leaf4d: the first episode of Bylaw and Order was amazing Kathleen!
ZeroPolarity: @NexusVoxx Thank you!
SomebodyNowhere: oh nooooo
LRRMTG_Judge: @ogzangief glad you're learning new things! @ us if you have any questions! - Katie
lordviridian94: we got a land PogChamp
DaftInvader: !card bazaar of bagdad
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
correl42: Which set are Cameron's lands from?
freshmaker__: Oh nooo
Mox_Hagdorm: !card Bazaar of Baghdad
Nakedscmo: what are his lands from?
LRRMTG_Judge: I've judging vintage on coverage when I had to watch a dredge player mulligan to oblivion pharma2Vial
Kthanid: Just want to give some katesHeart to the mods today.
NexusVoxx: @correl42 Ravnica Guild Kits
LRRbot: Rakdos Roustabout [1BR] | Creature — Ogre Warrior [3/2] | Whenever Rakdos Roustabout becomes blocked, it deals 1 damage to the player or planeswalker it’s attacking.
RebelliousUno: lrrHEART Kthanid
keesonman: Cam :(
SomebodyNowhere: not like this
ObiliskAj: rip
Firnsarwen: @ZeroPolarity the ones from the guild kits -- my husband and I are collecting all 5 of the last set to make a battlebox!
ZeroPolarity: Oh no Cam :(
Saintnex: oh noooo :(
lordviridian94: :(
MightierGlacier: Is cameron playing monowhite again?
Znazl: rooFeels
Malfegore_: Shellephant is a 1/4
5ubb4k: Poor cam
2menace: "cool, go"
8rack4tw: the mana!!! where is it???
Vandred921: Aw, Cam.
tryllebanjo: Or as it's pronounced in Canadian, Rakdos Roostaboot.
Evandill: big OOF
Anubis169: manLOVE Kthanid
johothehobo: as the great joseph joestar once said "OOOH MYY GAAAWD"
leandertnb: :(
Execratory8: I like those land where are hey from?
Deadeye0o: rooCry
r10pez10: @Firnsarwen aw sorry, not me! It's just what I call mulls to six, because Toronto being the 6ix and all...
Dirt_Gopher: not like this :(
Koshindan: Affl1ct.
Zappeljakob: RIP Cam, go to Round 4?
queenfounder: They're from the boros guild kit, right?
carpeamentum: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Neojetangel: Roustabout... we have those in the UK
BRVHT: TWO creatures???
LRRbot: Rubble Slinger [2{R/G}] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/3] | Reach
Firnsarwen: @LRRMTG_Judge Yay! Ontario Hype!
BleedingToast: wonder if anyone has pulled a planeswalker yet
Buwardo: Feels noxL man.
chrsjxn: Oof, that draw
explodinglabs: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Znazl: LUL
studentofwarfare: lsvFine
UnknownGerm: wooooooooooooow
ZeroPolarity: Cam lrrFINE
DubiousLatchkey: KAYA
Sarah_Serinde: Lucaan Well we're only 1 ep into Bylaw and it's not related to previous campaigns, so if you feel like it you can pick it up now :)
offbeatwitch: LOL that draw omg
MightierGlacier: @Execratory8 boros guild kit
2menace: thats an OOF from me dog
keesonman: KAYAAAA
Cyony: was that kaya
felixphew: I've mulliganed to 1 and won before (on zombie hunt in modern)
markededge: poor cam
Ukon_vasara: that top deck tho
TheWooglie: Was that a planeswalker?
PhoenixMelior: oh that's a spicy draw
mrcakeisaspy_: Kayaaaa
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Planeswalker
lemonfont: OH NO
freshmaker__: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
elano123124: afflict 1
Mikelorus: omgFine
kamelion84: lrrAWW
RebelliousUno: r10pez10 this is your first PPR as a mod too yeah :)
julues: oOOF
SomebodyNowhere: yikes
kakaho345: game1 flood game 2 screwed, typical magic
tomnar: o m g
IR0NB0RN: Kaya baby Kreygasm
1y1e: that guy is scottish so... ROOSTABOOT
ryuugeyondbodlike: guess its the arena shuffler fing up Kappa
Saintnex: welp
Fireshark42: rexK
rutgun: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
garvizac000: why he playing kaya tho
lordviridian94: PogChamp we saw it
Darkmatter789: KomodoHype PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt
WishPotato: concede, next game
Zappeljakob: how many Cards in Hand Cam?
Rovniy: FeelsBadMan
NathanJay_GA: cam pls
garvizac000: feel like she does nothing
PhoenixMelior: nice to know it's in the deck
BillTheCat: katesRip Cam
SRJables: Cleanup step?
LolCamAlpha: nooooooo
grandmaspocket: Cam plays like I do at a prerelease
johothehobo: oof
greenmonkeysam: RIP Cam ♥
Rhyohan: <message deleted>PLANESWALKER PogChamp
TimeToFry: lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP :(
raithencore235: I can't wait to attend the Pre-Release
killerofgiants: Cam, have you thought about drawing mana?
LRRbot: Plague Wight [1B] | Creature — Zombie [2/1] | Whenever Plague Wight becomes blocked, each creature blocking it gets −1/−1 until end of turn.
TheWooglie: Cam would love to block
Loonatic93: I dunno about anybody else, but the fact that Cam's decksleves are Navy Blue and not Black really annoys me.
blah12629: swamp swamp wrath
Moroklumpen: This is sad.
LolCamAlpha: klaigeRip Cam. but without the lols
Buwardo: PogChamp
kynelwynn: Not like this! Not like this, Cam
madmanoreo: flanking is back on the menu. boys
Firnsarwen: @r10pez10 LOL... right. I'm still so new to the city I forget stuff like that!
blah12629: swamp wrath
Wikt: the ornery wight
Erengard_PG: Is it appropriate all the Orzhov players are dying? BibleThump
anatheartist: yea this is the stuff
satoribearpuncher: Poor cam
johothehobo: BibleThump BibleThump
BlueDaNewb: mmmm watcha ssaayyyy
IR0NB0RN: He's playing Kaya because it's preprerelease and it's supposed to be fun :)
r10pez10: @RebelliousUno o/ * \o
phytonthepython: it a cam life
ZeroPolarity: Draw, tap 3, Cam is sad
LRRbot: Orzhov Enforcer [1B] | Creature — Human Rogue [1/2] | Deathtouch / Afterlife 1
heckingjen: L E G S
NoTomToLose: orzha zha gabor
magicalhobo72: I hope cam can play the card he drew through!
chrisrd19: Cameron has to have creatures for most of Katherine's to matter.
LifePuzzler: Ornery Wight is pretty tight
SomebodyNowhere: ugh
Kykiwi: oof
DubiousLatchkey: F
LRRbot: Scorchmark [1R] | Instant | Scorchmark deals 2 damage to target creature. If that creature would die this turn, exile it instead.
Vivanity: RIP
ashleypg: wait, who's table friend?
2menace: jeeesus
MrTulip: blowouts
Ryenji: D:
greenmonkeysam: ;_:
Buwardo: F
AliceTheAlice: Kathleen is sooooooooo MONO-BLACK!
MightierGlacier: oof
TimeToFry: F
queenfounder: Orzhov has not been drawing well today...
HesGotNoPants: lrrDARK
anatheartist: no spirit for you
rutgun: GG
julues: F
memecian: Where's Cameron's mono blue? Kappa
phytonthepython: not even afterlife ;_;
Fangren300: GG
Koshindan: Magma Spade.
elano123124: bushido?
columbaceous: yeowch
Maunaloa35: rip
5ubb4k: poor cam
johothehobo: F
MrPolyK: F
knacker48: F
LRRMTG_Judge: Banished to the land of wind and not ghosts theman20Leek
Malfegore_: Shellephant is a 1/4
koelkastmagneet: f
Genesation: F
grodza94: F
8rack4tw: F
NexusVoxx: @ashleypg Erin from Magic Mics
k_u_b_o_a: F
5ubb4k: F
Rhyohan: <message deleted>F\
kinslayer6788: F
nickytwoshoes: gottem
ZeroPolarity: Extra text on that card "target Cam is sad"
pollux14: again, Rakdos and Gruul seem very powerful
2menace: F
michaelhavlicek: Red green
AcidicHorizon: F
AGiantRoach: F
MeLikeSmallMatters: F
malantai1: F
CelestialWolfang: F
LRRMTG_Judge: The nickname of that is SCMORCH! -Zak
Ukon_vasara: at least this this a quick one
Cpt_Bawbag: F
d_lev: yikes
BobaThaiTea: f
NathanJay_GA: We love you Cam
Gilder_Bairn: f
lemonfont: f
Cr0wky: oh man she going off
Darkmatter789: Squid3 PowerUpR
WhoaTakeItEasyy: That's game
SydPreviouslyHeadache: was magma spray instant?
TehAmelie: that ensamble is very red, black and white i just realized. good job Kathleen
Buwardo: Stop, he is already dead BibleThump
keesonman: F
Evandill: kiitFeelbadman kiitFeelbadman kiitFeelbadman
nathanwe: F
Mox_Hagdorm: Oof
Carthaz: show some mercy, he is already dead
SomebodyNowhere: poor cameron
Asphexia42: F
Aprilvis: F
teh_v: F
maxvolume: lrrFINE
Science_and_Magic: F
queenfounder: But what is shellephant right now!?
PatFromIT: Welp this is gonna be fast
axxle: swamp -> Kaya's Wrath
lordviridian94: BibleThump cam
Oloziz: I love you, Cameron! I will always be rooting for you!
Bl00pBl00p: swamp wrath, when
Nullzone42: so what I'm hearing is that rakdos preys HARD on orzhov
fwwwwibib: F
Bobtheninjagoldfish: the 2 LRR games have done NOTHING to show how good this set is.. they have been complete walk overs are boring to watch, sadly.
ushiikun: wrath?
MoxReuby: kaya's wrath?
Karanok: a sad day for orzhov
KodeMage: that's what she said!
blah12629: here we go
ninjaofv: yes magma spray was instant
blah12629: wrath
ashleypg: @NexusVoxx thank you also rad
AGiantRoach: wraith would be glorious
NexusVoxx: @SydPreviouslyHeadache yes
xantos69: cheer50 Love the new overlay Paul.
SacrificialToast: damnation
freshmaker__: wrath plz
frnknstn: brb booking Rakdos for my prerelease
SydPreviouslyHeadache: right. thank you
Darkmatter789: riPepperonis StinkyCheese riPepperonis
Sampy104: Kathleen’s deck stealing the spotlight is pretty on brand though
Thewingedweirdo: oh god i just realised their clothes match their deck, i love it!
AcidicHorizon: WRATH
blah12629: so close
LRRbot: Syndicate Messenger [3W] | Creature — Bird [2/3] | Flying / Afterlife 1
pollux14: AAWN
AliceTheAlice: Someone pass Cam a Settle the Wreckage!
DGZenos: sneak attack palinchron, untap, return to hand. storm count is infinite
Malfegore_: omae wa mou shindeiru
SomebodyNowhere: ohno
VjDaDj: R.I.P.
PatFromIT: Kappa
Nullzone42: @bobtheninjagoldfish it's magic, sometimes variance happens
LRRbot: Clear the Stage [4B] | Instant | Target creature gets −3/−3 until end of turn. If you control a creature with power 4 or greater, you may return up to one target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
BRVHT: waaaaoooowww
Loonatic93: Looks like Aggro is the way to go for Sealed.
MightierGlacier: Dont shoot the messenger!
phytonthepython: ;_;
hollywoodmtg: They have to gain some time cam lost on purpose
Firnsarwen: yeah, the overlay looks really nice :)
johothehobo: so every round has been a 2-0
Zappeljakob: for one beautiful Moment i thought he played Wrath
Nullzone42: It's why they're doing 8 rounds
Outissa: Did we find out what FiRE stood for?
TimeToFry: lrrWOW lrrWOW
pollux14: Orzhov is missing lifelink
frnknstn: Don't kill the messenger!
RebelliousUno: Afterlife triggers...so there's that
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: ooo done with work and finally able to tune in. Kathleen looking fierce!
Rovniy: F
queenfounder: lrrSCOOP
anatheartist: rip
Natedogg2: It is time for the final act
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, bad luck for Cam
keesonman: RIP
QTL7: @Bobtheninjagoldfish i mean unfortunately thats how magic is sometimes FeelsBadMan
WiredAbyss: lrrFINE
MuffinStand: dobs
2menace: RIP
Intangible360: EXILE
k_u_b_o_a: F
Kykiwi: Lol
Vivanity: @pollux14 ding ding ding
SomebodyNowhere: wow
ninjaofv: oh my lord
Cr0wky: WAT
Kykiwi: DAng
phytonthepython: FeelsBadMan
greenmonkeysam: J E Z U Z
NexusVoxx: @Outissa Fun, Inviting, Replayable, Engaging
rutgun: LOL
kamelion84: lrrWOW
nathanwe: FF
Firnsarwen: wooooow.
wafflesoup: OOF
blah12629: can we get a game 3?
ImmortalManji: GG
julues: F
Rhyohan: <message deleted>REEEEEEEEE
Deltoran11: Holy moly
SomebodyNowhere: lrrWOW
lordviridian94: oh wow
Karanok: annihilated
Zheos: nice land rng
correl42: Vicious
Cpt_Bawbag: bravo
BillTheCat: poor Cam
Thewingedweirdo: F
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Nullzone42 it's not really variance if it keeps happening.
Jgard96: f
CraziestOwl: Brutal
bobAkirafett: @Outissa F it Reprint Everything, jk, 1s
Science_and_Magic: GG
ImmortalManji: F
8rack4tw: scoooooooooooooop
margieargie: lrrWOW lrrWOW
noblemarxist: F
malantai1: F
Fangren300: GG
Freshly_Toasted: The removal is insane
MightierGlacier: Dead men have no families!
WiggedGolem: ghazzyWTP
RebelliousUno: F
malysmenah: F
Jgard96: F
greenmonkeysam: I love you Kathleeen
ninjaofv: another roll over
lemmel: Ow
TheSeraphman: big oof
BlueDaNewb: nnoo
8rack4tw: F
sylphide_spirit: rip
Darkmatter789: SabaPing SabaPing SabaPing
greenmonkeysam: F
ZeroPolarity: Poor Cam :(
scarred4lyfe: FeelsOrzhovMan
UnknownGerm: Kathleen on the literal 12x removal plan
Deltoran11: We just witnessed a murder
MoxReuby: kathleen's PPR record is unreal
Yosh1tailz: F
Oloziz: f
LRRbot: Swamp | Basic Land — Swamp |
manusg15: ez game you just need to draw exactly what you need
shdragon: F
CraziestOwl: f
NexusVoxx: Shivam hype
raithencore235: Which round is this?
Knightlyvalor: NexusVoxx wasn't it E for exiting?
KidSpanner: So don't play Orzhov is what we are learning.
Dovesoap918: is orhzov just bad or is it bad pool?
julues: shivam fire
dstopia: F
Gravygravyjosh: beat that nerd
Owlslayer: F
Kykiwi: mardu
MoxReuby: first ballot PPR hall of famer
CommanderinMTGPodcast: Shivam!
Gelfolius: f
lordviridian94: those lands are amazing
Kykiwi: XD
Caerthir: poor cam
PixelArtDragon: I blinked, and missed the match.
CelestialWolfang: Kathleen doing mardu things
dmstiv01: Orzhov is 0-2 so far
Loonatic93: Uff Da! Another 2-0 stomping.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Mardu Aristocrats is going to be fun
nexus_snoww: Orzhov can
NexusVoxx: @Knightlyvalor idk maybe
TheWarbo: Fun, Inviting, Replayable, Exciting
magicalhobo72: No! Kaya!
tom_content: how many games are left?
Science_and_Magic: \PLUG
phytonthepython: Orzhov Is bad huh
freshmaker__: wheres your phyrexian unlife?
RezTheFuture: Orzhov appears to be doing about as well in the PPR as in the story...
TheArchitectX: I want to see Kathleen v Adam, now.
Leaf4d: Bylaw and Order is amazing
koelkastmagneet: fun, inviting, replayable, entertaining, I think. But adam had a better one. f'it reprint everything
Dr_fragenstien: this game belongs on AGDQ
SomebodyNowhere: what tech?
Leaf4d: wath it
Stysiaq: so fun to watch one side play it's shit
offbeatwitch: rather than a no fun not interactive experience
nexus_snoww: Orzhov cant catch a break
NexusVoxx: @tom_content 5 more rounds
RassilonDND: cam was turned into a spectacle.
sylphide_spirit: Oof Orzhov really not good against aggro
shdragon: Kathleen's outfit is FIRE today (as is appropriate for Rakdos)
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Dovesoap918 given that both Orzhov decks got roflstomped i'd say they are bad in seale4d
CommanderinMTGPodcast: Erin gon' lose to Shivam. ;)
Nullzone42: s p i s e y
ArcOfTheConclave: the power 4 theme is interesting, but is it good?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, Orzhov, fun sounding decks, but yeah. what was Cams 7 hand?
Sarah_Serinde: Bylaw and Order ep 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTwECclVbj8
WishPotato: more of her :(
garvizac000: guys this was round 1
Outissa: thanks
mastershake29x: @tom_content 5 matches left
offbeatwitch: which is this stream
HesGotNoPants: if your gonna "adult time" cam that hard, at least pull his hair
404HopeNotFound: Red currently 2-0 thus far.
wicker_knight: So Erin got her invitational card Judith? ;P
offbeatwitch: I don't think cam has ever won a PPR game
Serifina: Is anyone running Simic?!
tom_content: @NexusVoxx @mastershake29x thanks!
s0lesurviv0r: just joined and daaaamn Kathleen is rocking it
garvizac000: yall tweeking
Subscribetostayrospet: which is the strongest guild?
Trollbonist: I am LOVING ringmistress Kathleen
CommanderinMTGPodcast: Shivam and Simic might!
LRRMTG_Judge: Scmorch
ZeroPolarity: Cam what did you end up mulling?
LRRbot: Grotesque Demise [2B] | Instant | Exile target creature with power 3 or less.
NexusVoxx: @Serifina Shivam opened one
garvizac000: interactive fun matches will come
Undercode: why is that not main decked?
kithkinknight123: why aren't you playing both?
polyglut: Just got here during this match. What did Marshal open?
PiethemasterPie: why isnt that maindeck to begin with
Firnsarwen: Ok, it's time to close the chat again, because I suuuuuuck at being able to watch and also remotely follow chat xD HAVE FUN PEOPLE! :D
Wonley_Coods: why wouldn't grotesque be in your deck lol
DeviantHS: power 3 not toughness kathleen
futureidk: That card isn't in your main?
Zappeljakob: Wasn't Shivam Gruul?
gooberini: boarding out scorch mark against orzhov
soft_sunset: what was the opening hand that Cam shipped?
magicalhobo72: This was round 3 of 8
s0lesurviv0r: any other rockin' outfits today?
spookiedan: yeah should play it in yoyr main deck
lordviridian94: she had a ton of removal already so i think it was justified
Science_and_Magic: Cam, what was you mull?
Poko81: match was faster han marshall - gavin g1
sacaguito: Where are the simic players? FeelsBadMan
Science_and_Magic: WOooooooW
SydPreviouslyHeadache: awww
Fangren300: shoulda kept it
NexusVoxx: i mean
garvizac000: ya but match up wise no one has played anyone else
Albo_MTG: keep
Vivanity: I wouldve kept that
julues: shoulda kept
Knightlyvalor: polyglut a good Azorius deck and a Hydroid Krasis to splash of off a Breeding Pool.
PhoenixMelior: that's not a good keep
pollux14: kaya does nothing
cacace: ez keep
Kykiwi: kaya does nothing
VjDaDj: Kaya sucks anyways
lordviridian94: oof
Rustage_: i woulda kept it
Radyin: So, we are 1-2 on interactive matches.
Wonley_Coods: kaya isn't even worth a deck spot
Intangible360: 7 cards on the play....
Magicmeow: was kaya the promo?
freshmaker__: this is why kaya is bad. a walker that cant protect itself
Padredoom: kaya shouldn't be in the deck
NoTomToLose: !card kaya
LRRbot: Did you mean: Nakaya Shade; Kaya, Ghost Assassin; Kaya, Orzhov Usurper; Kaya's Wrath
teh_v: Kaya in limit :/
raithencore235: How has Simic done?
tommygun514: why is kaya even in the deck
Outissa: @bobAkirafett many thanks
TastyCactus: mull to 1 tbh
Vivanity: nothing????
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Kaya does not suck, just this wasn't a good match up for her
fistandantilus2016: kaya should'nt be in the deck
reymon2727: revel in riches does more than kaya
5ubb4k: why are you een playing kaya?
in_dubi0_pro_re0: Ez keep
r10pez10: i still like you, kaya
somerandomtom: Kaya is shit
pollux14: she's not a 3-drop
Thane1607: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 47:45.
5ubb4k: She's an F in sealed
NexusVoxx: @raithencore235 the only player is in the next match. so we'll see i suppose
MoxReuby: okay gonna go watch Ravnica D&D now ;)
polyglut: @Knightlyvalor Thanks.
Soren_Feles: kaya is good!
pollux14: she's better in the late game
TheSfid: Hi Kathleen!
iStarlyTV: an off--color six drop does more than Kaya
robertector: I would’ve kept
tommygun514: kaya has no rules text in limited
NoTomToLose: !card kaya, orzh
LRRbot: Kaya, Orzhov Usurper [1WB] | Legendary Planeswalker — Kaya [3] | +1: Exile up to two target cards from a single graveyard. You gain 2 life if at least one creature card was exiled this way. / −1: Exile target nonland permanent with converted mana cost 1 or less. / −5: Kaya, Orzhov Usurper deals damage to target player equal to the number of cards that player owns in exile and you gain that much life.
Gelfolius: !kaya orzhov
bobAkirafett: @Outissa np, also have a clip of Adam's guess if you want it.
viridimayai: Orzhov doing real bad today
zak_shwap: Kaya is probably better placed in Standard. There is a lot of exile currently in Standard and can be fairly well considered in the current meta.
warlordp: Kaya is a horrible sideboard card aswell
stevestein: Oh hey, a deck tech for a deck that actually won a game! ;)
lordviridian94: kaya will definitely see play in standard sideboards but probably nowhere else lol
Science_and_Magic: What was the Mythic Haul?
Jain_Mor: Gavin why did you make the orzhov planeswalker so... blah? Q_Q
pollux14: they should have let kaya blink stuff again
Gilder_Bairn: isn't grey ogre a 2/2?
Frankenfruity: Hill giant *touches glasses*
viridimayai: she means hill giant
betterthanyouish: yeah she means a hill giant
lordviridian94: @pollux14 that would've been real good
TheSfid: Spear Spewer is the best red common, I'm calling it now.
nordic_marksman: @zak_shwap kaya is unplayable in standard
Gilder_Bairn: oh ok
sifonaonline: ITs a very good two drop.
Poko81: Kaya is for legacy sideboard maybe
WrightJustice: jace puppet!
freshmaker__: wow that 1 drop pinger
zak_shwap: I disagree.
msuyer508: Oh heck did I miss Kathleen’s match?
chrsjxn: I'd play Cult Guildmage just for the Jace puppet, lol
NexusVoxx: roboustabout
shdragon: "long term card disadvantage" is a good plan
AGiantRoach: cult guildmage puppet is so great
SomebodyNowhere: roustabout
Juliamon: msuyer508 she'll be playing again later!
Freshly_Toasted: Rakdos has some sweet ways of making sure spectacle goes off
nordic_marksman: @zak_shwap she does nothing besides gaining hp against all decks besides izzet/golgari
warlordp: @Poko81 but who's interested in a legacy deck that runs Black and White xD
ArcOfTheConclave: #afflict!
zak_shwap: And without actually playing her, we don't have the experience to call at this time.
Science_and_Magic: To be continued
tommygun514: kathleen needs to read that card
phytonthepython: OOh
mastershake29x: @msuyer508 yes, but she'll have one more
kamelion84: lrrWOW
SomebodyNowhere: <--- To Be Continued
Znazl: lrrWOW
Dcsports8: ooh judith
WiredAbyss: Nice
lordviridian94: PogChamp
pollux14: OOOH Kathleen had a Judith
msuyer508: Thanks!
zak_shwap: @nordic_marksman I believe those are not the decks she would go in against.
WrightJustice: judith is my mum's name
Science_and_Magic: @SomebodyNowhere YES! You get it!
Saintnex: So which guilds have we seen so far?
Lucaan: Kathleen "On Color Bomb" Devere
lordviridian94: i love judith, cannot wait to play that card
ampharos15: i had to get dinner who won?
nathanwe: hill giant, not gray ogre
phytonthepython: judith is such a normal name LUL
Radyin: What we've learned so far is to not play Orzhov at a prerelease.
Rovniy: all but simic
NexusVoxx: @Saintnex all but simic, but its coming next
BladeintheStorm: @WrightJustice weridly same
Yosh1tailz: SEB SEB SEB
AbbeyRhode: my Judith deck will be named a perfect circle
TickleMeOzmo: How many people have already called in to their LGS to change away from Orzhov?
Kykiwi: blunk beast!
13hellfyre13: @wrightjustice JcsflfsadfjdgAZZxCAXZCxzvvXxxxzXXA
zak_shwap: Though Izzet Phoenix is a potential. Being able to stop the Phoenix is a good thing to consider.
SomebodyNowhere: hmm
TenoshiiMTG: blink bus!
Knightlyvalor: Saintnex Orzhov vs Gruul, Azorius vs Azorius, and Rakdos vs. Orzhov
Kthanid: ya'll realizing you're correcting a pre-recorded segment right?
nordic_marksman: @zak_shwap every single top 32 pro player has said she is unplayable so I doubt she will be played
Science_and_Magic: Pacified
Jain_Mor: O-ring, huh?
WrightJustice: @BladeintheStorm very weird when I saw the card and every time it gets mentioned
ArcOfTheConclave: this card is how banding works
mastershake29x: i make all of my magic judgements on two matches played in casual enviornments
spookiedan: arrests
munocard: I don't think that quite works with O-ring, but okay.
TehAmelie: it carries other creatures on top of it, and it's so tall they're removed from the game
Saintnex: @Knightlyvalor Thanks!
zak_shwap: Opinion is one thing, practice is another.
r10pez10: a colourless ... gold card
SomebodyNowhere: removals
zak_shwap: Players, regardless of experience can be wrong.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: so far it just seems like Gruul and Rakdos with jump everything.. azorious seems too slow and Orzhov has just gotten stomped hard both times.
Furrytractor68: Mortify?! VoHiYo
Freshly_Toasted: Is sphinx of the guildpact a rainbow commander card only?
mastershake29x: @r10pez10 but it's not colorless
PhoenixMelior: Kathleen's Deck: Getting the job done
ArcOfTheConclave: that hand was really agressive.
Ukon_vasara: its actually 5 color
sbenda13: Is Sphinx 5 color in EDH?
Jain_Mor: Have we seen Simic yet? or has anyone made it?
r10pez10: magic grammar gets me again!
Radyin: @Jain_Mor Simic v Rakdos is next.
Malfegore_: i hope the last guest made a simic deck
Feminine_Desires: @Jain_Mor no simic just yet. 2 orzhov, 2 rakdos, and 2 azorius.
Huschel23: I'm surprised by this small subtheme of 4 power creatures
ewildk: everytime she says 'Job Done' I think about Warcraft 😁
Evandill: @Jain_Mor we're about to.
Freshly_Toasted: Bedeck the halls with gore and bodies, aah!
zak_shwap: I may be playing devil's advocate here. But I think we should consider her outside the vacuum of her abilities on the surface without considering the meta.
Kykiwi: so much removal weow
Malfegore_: yay simic
theonlyangelx: where are we up to friends?
N2Osferatu: Bedeck//Bedazzle - it's Bdelightful
r10pez10: a five-colour gold card with colourless identity
Jain_Mor: dope
TheOtherTrevor: I hate that there is a spell named bedazzle
zak_shwap: I am willing to be wrong.
Alephred: That seems like a ton of removal.
Magicmeow: so witch was her promo? judith or the split rare?
lonlycracker: 12x removal
Magicmeow: which*
mastershake29x: @r10pez10 the first line sets its identity :)
damnns0n: that deck gets the job done
murabittoo: slow clap
Radyin: We have two Rakdos, two Azorius, two Orzhov, one Simic, and one Gruul.
greenmonkeysam: ♥ Rakdos ♥
SomebodyNowhere: judith
TheWarbo: HAH she said the name of the mechanic
thedarkninja0001: lol
iStarlyTV: kathleen, pleases sing "I can go the distance" by Hercules
corndag3: No Spectacle in the deck...
Themasterman20: wait, 15 lands?
greenpunk1: bad mana base
d_u_c_k_y: SourPls
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Judith Scourge Superstar
1y1e: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 52:45.
robertector: So plaza is back?
Malfegore_: plaza is back
garvizac000: shes just playing red black. Cant really call it rakdos without the mechanic lol
Zanfast: just got in, any guilds seem to perform really well / do lots of cool stuff ?
Intangible360: Apparently
LRRMTG_Judge: Plaza never went anywhere! theman20Leek
RNAPBP: Exited to see the simic plays out
LifePuzzler: FFT theme
Ukon_vasara: the line of text on that sphinx makes it 5 color but doesnt change its color identity for commander, (correct?)
seabutler: what was her promo?
Th3J: rooSip rooNom rooSip rooNom rooSip rooNom rooSip
hunkajunk: !song
raithencore235: Did the stream go down at some point? 50 min seems short?
adi_pie: I mean, you can, in fact, call Red/Black Rakdos. It's what the colour combination is called.
ImmortalManji: SourPls
Thewingedweirdo: yes it went down
Malfegore_: Stream did go down earlier
Juliamon: raithencore235 yeah, there were some tech issues to fix
nizp91: cry of the carnarium singlehandledly ruis golgari midrangy strategy by exiling stuff, imho exciting card
warlordp: @garvizac000 i mean, noone plays undergrowth cards in Golgari Midrange
robertector: I haven’t been too impressed with orzhov. I liked the way Azorious played.
yuribo26: Sauage? monkaHmm
Saintnex: @Zanfast seems like all the guilds are doing cool things but Orzhov isnt doing too well (havent seen Simic yet)
TehAmelie: oh, i missed the last ability on Lumbering Battlement. that's nuts
mrcakeisaspy_: Damn that rakdos pull is good
garvizac000: rakdos is a guild. Red black is not technically rakdos. Rakdos plays in the colors red black and is simply a shorthand
Radyin: I remember in Guilds of Ravnica, Skylight Legionnaire was the only card printed in all three Ravnica blocks. Is there another one in this set?
Yosh1tailz: OH NO
Magicmeow: she had a Hackrobat. so 1 spectacle
Yosh1tailz: NONONONO
Denuath: that song, love it <3
mrcakeisaspy_: Orzhov seems like a big miss...
SomebodyNowhere: oh no did I leave FTL on?
Yosh1tailz dashes in panic
ShadowHachiX: I bet you never miss huh
Dmc3628: mortify would have been close but no
nizp91: you find/findbroker tho
Denuath: Just Shapes and Beats <3
mrcakeisaspy_: Okay, by way of chat. Should I swap my Orzhov prerelease pack for an azorius one? To pair with Gruul...
MoxHuman: Is their sponsor WOTC?
Vivanity: @mrcakeisaspy_ No
mrcakeisaspy_: Playing 2HG*
nalha: all the guilds so far have felt really weak compared to the GRN prerelease
Vivanity: @mrcakeisaspy_ Just build your Orzhov correctly
raithencore235: Cool, I wanted to know much I would have to catch up on the Vod(I had work today)
buttsoupy: @mrcakeisaspy_ how is azorius gonna pair with gruul
Sarah_Serinde: Hey chat, the cards just came out and we've only had a few games with them. Probably not enough to base a lot of judgements on
WiredAbyss: @MoxHuman Yes
oolman22: Like izzet weak?
Juliamon: MoxHuman they wouldn't be able to have the kits this early otherwise
queenfounder: Really hope the Orzhov decks play better in their second rounds
SomebodyNowhere: not gruul then die
mtg_fanerdic: @sarah_serinde screaming into the abyss with that one
Dmc3628: there's probably enough to rush to conclusions anyway
NexusVoxx: @Radyin there is no such card, it seems
HesGotNoPants: @mrcakeisaspy_ azorius is gonna need strong pulls to work, like construction pulls
Vivanity: @queenfounder They keep throwing things out too early. Orzhov requires a little planning
TheWarbo: Making sweeping judgements about cards/colors/guilds is what PPR chat is all about, though. :-\
mrcakeisaspy_: Was pretty uninspired by the Orzhov spoilers too.
queenfounder: Would love to see their full potential
Gallium71: Oh, the Can-Highlander championship nice...
Dmc3628: then again at my shop it's rando lots to ensure that enugh product survives the weekend
Radyin: @NexusVoxx Interesting. Thanks.
too_root_too: I just got back. What archetypes seem strongest so far?
mrcakeisaspy_: Haven't spent time going through the full spoilers though, should do that before next week!
johfri82: uggla!
asquishypotato: looks like afterlife angels is going to be a thing now with divine visitation, hopefully just as a meme
zeldaobdg: TheIlluminati TheIlluminati TheIlluminati
adamjford: Magic players hyperbolizing about new cards? Unheard of lrrBEEJ
SomebodyNowhere: @Sarah_Serinde butbutbut the internet loves presenting the hottest of takes on something nobody really knows enough about
Radyin: too_root_too Gruul. Also having your opponent get mana screwed is very strong.
Malfegore_: Catherine on Steam btw
Corus1993: rushing to conclusions is easy, forming an informed decision is hard, you can guess, why you see one more often than the other.
Terrorizem: Are we taking a break?
Terrorizem: Or is that it for the stream?
WiredAbyss: sipsipDab
Saintnex: I mean Cam's second game had a fair bit of bad luck in the draws so making any real conclusive judgments on Orzhov is probably not a great idea
NexusVoxx: drawing both lands /and/ spells is a winning strategy
Juliamon: Terrorizem we're in between rounds
Terrorizem: Well theres my answer
draezor26: break
koaxkoax: @Terrorizem break
SomebodyNowhere: we breakin since kathleen destroyed cam
Terrorizem: LUL classic Kathleen
Radyin: Terrorizem, between rounds 3 and 4.
Juliamon: yeah, Orzhov's had some bad luck today but I don't think it's objectively bad
TheWarbo: In response, stream changes to say "Commercial break"
EldritchProwler: I think this set might be just a bit faster then guilds
bobAkirafett: so was kathleen's or adam's games shorter?
ExhaustedElox: Ooh, Shivam is in this next round! :D
mtg_fanerdic: adams
Jondare: So far the games have been either lightning fast blowouts, or long drawn out slugfests
Lucaan: When going to your Prerelease, always pick the pack that you will have fun playing with. Don't worry about whether the guild is good or not, Prereleases are casual events and no one actually knows what guild is going to be good in the format yet.
Orichlepidopter: Did I miss it?
ExhaustedElox: Can't wait to hear his stories.
Jondare: no middle ground tonight :P
SomebodyNowhere: sooo how long was the azorious mirror game 1 vs all of kathleen/cam's round
Sarah_Serinde: Orichlepidopter Nope, we're just on break before round 4
keesonman: @LRRMTG_Judge any terrible pun for RNA? that is not yet heard on the stream?
Radyin: Have they announced the rounds 5-8 matchups so we know which guilds Orzhov will be up against later?
laserparty: what guilds were Kathleen/cam?
Juliamon: SomebodyNowhere Round 2 was longer than the other two rounds combined
Terrorizem: 🤔 judges haven't said any terrible puns yet
Orichlepidopter: Siiick, thanks @Sarah_Serinde !
NexusVoxx: @laserparty Rakdos and Orzhov, respectively
Terrorizem: Breaking the rules I see
TheSfid: oh hey, can I get a sweet @LRRMTG_Judge pun?
phytonthepython: @laserparty kate was rakdos, cam was orzhov
TheSfid: I humbly request
NexusVoxx: Shivam!
tkshillinz: YAY
SomebodyNowhere: Kathleen table friend
zeldaobdg: HeyGuys
Fangren300: PogChamp
LRRMTG_Judge: @keesonman oh we'll keep them coming! - Katie
NarishmaReborn: Shivam and Erin hype!
rdiffee7: the queen is here
RNAPBP: @juliamon i Think they were sacred of the afterlife and they did a bit underleveled guild, at least in sealed
tkshillinz: shivam and erin ^^
hammerswingames: round 4?when did it start?
zeldaobdg: 10/10
Rockario: The Friday Day Paper Fight
mtg_fanerdic: lol hosk
aladenya: Yay Erin!
Juliamon: Right now hammerswingames
r10pez10: shivam!
Sarah_Serinde: hammerswingames 11am PST
Szyael: Erin!!! I didnt know Ravnica has dredge in the set
00busyhands: EEERRRRRIIIIN
ReynardWrecca: Is Shivan a new friend at these?! Neat!
NexusVoxx: @hammerswingames we're 3 ish hours in
Saintnex: I honestly think Orzhov has quite a few cool things going for it, through the number of exile removals is a bit worrying
LRRMTG_Judge: Hi Shivam!
NexusVoxx: love you shivam
sylphide_spirit: Adorable
Sarah_Serinde: slytqHi lrrHEART
LRRMTG_Judge: Well, we are trying to round things out going into this match. However it is difficult because it Is round four which is pretty square.
MeJustinYouChat: I have some idea
TrickJarrett: Hi Shivam and Erin and Kathleen :)
Chronomagistrate: Yay Shivam!!
AbbeyRhode: let's go Erin! Long live the queen
MoxReuby: <3
ampharos15: Shots fired
Vivanity: oh snap
ShadowRezzy: What up Shivam!!!
suiname: @LRRMTG_Judge if I have divine visitation and Teysa Karlov and a creature with afterlife dies, does Teysa's ability cause both the afterlife trigger to double and the divine visitation trigger to double?
LRRMTG_Judge: Oooh Shivam Commandeerin' the chat
Edac_plays: Crap i missed the draft
lordgort: I'm just here for Shivam geeking out. <3
Lucaan: Shivam, show these fools how to Simic PogChamp
Evandill: Shivam!!!
laserparty: Go Shivam!
julues: do we have simic
Kykiwi: Wooo simic!
queenfounder: And rakdos was just jinxed!
PraetorMagic: DAAAMN, Erin. Get 'im a body bag!
known_kadath: SIMIC!!!
ritchards: First and only Simic
Sarah_Serinde: There you go chat, Simic
johothehobo: Simic!! <3
sylphide_spirit: Yes simic!
RezTheFuture: Wooooooo!
Malfegore_: We got a Simic bois!
rutgun: Finally Simic!
Freshly_Toasted: Rakdos is backdos to bring the smackdos
NitrousGecko77X: wait are simic finally in?
gumbjork: Simic all the way!
MrPolyK: KomodoHype
lordgort: (Erin's cool too. But I'm here for Shivam.)
LRRMTG_Judge: @suiname Close- divine visitation isn't a trigger, it just converts the created tokens
Jain_Mor: absolute lad
Darnessewolffang: Go simic
Fangren300: PogChamp FInally!
ShadowWolf252: dataLove gabyLove sofieLove Go, Shivam, go! You'll make Simic proud! dataLove gabyLove sofieLove
gore4glory91: simic or riot SwiftRage SwiftRage SwiftRage SwiftRage
TheGravitron: In Simic, the body bag is a pod
tryllebanjo: Let's go! coxManleee
NitrousGecko77X: Simic are the best
ratzgobbler: Yo Shivam! Great to see you at the PPR
Serifina: First/only/true Simic player
Field94: I will pass ALL the dice
Loonatic93: Shivam is riding the Combine, hoping for a good harvest!
margieargie: Mmmmmm, time to settle in with some Simic Slaw!
ushiikun: Go Combine!
known_kadath: Finally, someone with a decent sense of taste
MardukGX: oh simic finally
johothehobo: SSSsss HotPokket VoteYea PJSugar
Saintnex: I mean we have seen all the other decks, so there cant really be another simic player lol
queenfounder: Simic was my second choice for my PR
RezTheFuture: Go Lizards/wizards/blob/elf/warriors
mtg_fanerdic: glhf friends
Altoguy16499: the dice line makes me think we got an ooze lord coming
adamwb: nice to see a simic finally
r10pez10: are we ... are we going to Ascend??
RedCartel1828: Oh I was hoping they had everyone wear really nice clothes. They should.
raithencore235: Shivam for Simic!
MagisterSieran: Simic Squid1 Squid2 OSFrog Squid2 KomodoHype Squid2 SabaPing Squid2 Squid4 Simic!
suiname: @LRRMTG_Judge OK thanks for clearing that up
LRRMTG_Judge: @suiname So for Afterlife 2, for example, you'd get two triggers that each made 2 angels - Phill
Moroklumpen: Two of my favorite mtg personalities duking it out? I stayed awake for this despite a slight fever.
LRRbot: Island | Basic Land — Island |
UnknownGerm: Shivam's deck name is *chef's kiss*
SomebodyNowhere: GGG GuildGate Go
Sampy104: wixSanic Sanic for Simic wixSanic
raithencore235: Adapt or die!
VjDaDj: Let's go Shivam!
Hardlessdaimio: the guildkits are already out? :O
Kykiwi: OHH spicy
mastershake29x: they are extremely pretty lands
Rovniy: dat island
LRRbot: Hero of Precinct One [1W] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/2] | Whenever you cast a multicolored spell, create a 1/1 white Human creature token.
Huschel23: Oooh, all 5 colors representend
EmperorFlloyd: Clearly rakdos
mastershake29x: @Hardlessdaimio these are the GRN lands
VjDaDj: Damn i love that card
Furrytractor68: Rakdos!
LRRbot: Forest | Basic Land — Forest |
TheGravitron: 2 drop white creature Kappa
tkshillinz: mardu
johothehobo: Squid1 SabaPing Squid2 OSFrog Squid2 Squid3
NexusVoxx: a butte
lordviridian94: omg that forest is gorgeous wtf
JohnnieG: where can we buy those guild lands
Qpic: Forest PogChamp
Koshindan: No, a Butte is something else.
Bodaju: those lands are amazing
known_kadath: Jesus that forest is gorgeous
Eisencruz: Izzet island in simic?
PigmyWurm: what are these lands from?
Furrytractor68: Oh my word
LRRbot: Fireblade Artist [BR] | Creature — Human Shaman [2/2] | Haste / At the beginning of your upkeep, you may sacrifice a creature. When you do, Fireblade Artist deals 2 damage to target opponent or planeswalker.
SomebodyNowhere: oooh
Science_and_Magic: VALUE!!!
Ajolt151: So cheerful. Love this
crashdownreg: it's mardu vs mardon't
mastershake29x: @JohnnieG ravnica guild kits
Fangren300: WutFace
lordviridian94: oh my erin
NexusVoxx: @PigmyWurm Guild Kits
grouchomarco: they are from the guild kits
Furrytractor68: This is gross already
viridimayai: Darth Maul coming in
adamwb: fireblade plus tokens seems good
mistwarden: that combo
TheGravitron: PAIN TRAIN choo choo
Science_and_Magic: That is precisely the kind of deck I want to play!
Poko81: gg, g2
Trollbonist: Oh dang! Shivam's here! What a boss!
LRRMTG_Judge: Erin is holding out for a hero, when she is already hero we deserve.
Firnsarwen: @JohnnieG @PigmyWurm They're from the guild kits in the last set I LOVE those forests, so worth getting the golgari guild kit
tom_content: young pyromancer, but give it 1 extra health
00busyhands: Time for a combo PogChamp
tkshillinz: lovin this PPR's guests
Fangren300: PogChamp
LRRbot: Aeromunculus [1GU] | Creature — Homunculus Mutant [2/3] | Flying / {2}{G}{U}: Adapt 1.
RedCartel1828: Has anyone played those guild precons that come with those lands? Are they particularly good games of Magic? I like those lands and do like to have good precons around for teaching the game / casual friends.
Furrytractor68: LUL
zeldaobdg: LUL
RadiantSonata: The background laugh LUL
LRRMTG_Judge: It is difficult to find a canvas that doesn't rip or start on fire when you are Rakdos. -Zak
Lucaan: Aeromunculus is dope
Huschel23: Best common
Jain_Mor: did he say dozou?
ExhaustedElox: critroleHdywtdt Shivam a Critter confirmed.
SomebodyNowhere: wow
MoxReuby: c-c-cobo
Alec_The_Risktaker: Incoming Rakdos win
LRRMTG_Judge: Rakdos is not nice pharma2Vial
Kykiwi: wow
Kykiwi: XD
SomebodyNowhere: oh no
Karmatrooper: SHOW US BLOBS
Qpic: LUL
Alec_The_Risktaker: OH NO
Saintnex: wow, Rakdos is REALLY fast from just what we have seen
zzauch: LUL
Loonatic93: Crossing my fingers for a Simic Ascendency.
lordviridian94: fireblade artist seems real good
NexusVoxx: omg erin pls
Science_and_Magic: WHAAATTT
UnknownGerm: OH NO
Altoguy16499: DISGUSTING
ExhaustedElox: Ohhhh man
ampharos15: oh dear god
viridimayai: WAT
Firnsarwen: @RedCartel1828 We just got them, so haven't had a chance to play yet, but the Professor from Tolarian Community College thinks they're sweet, and I gotta agree they look great
munocard: We demand Mr Blobby!
Qpic: absolutely disgusing
sylphide_spirit: ouuuch
DemoDane: LUL
adamwb: oh no
Furrytractor68: WHAT THE HELL! VoHiYo
BRVHT: waaaaooooow
LRRMTG_Judge: Let's see what kind of audience you are.
narset6691: the same soldier token
Lucaan: Erin NotLikeThis
azninsect: ERIN WHY
Fangren300: WutFace WutFace WutFace
AtlasCrafts: Hey you guyyys
Science_and_Magic: WOOOOO!
tkshillinz: in SEALED
HesGotNoPants: trigger lrrSCOOP
kitsunestudios: Rakdos v Boros is going to be an interesting battle on Arena
ninjaofv: what the
adamwb: i mean if she starts pulling out spectacle cards then its really on
malexus101: this pool
adnansaves: lrrWOW
Ukon_vasara: lrrFINE
simsalazim: what the what
Science_and_Magic: MARDU ARISTOCRATS!
Padredoom: the two three holds down the fort
Themasterman20: lovely hand she got
sjce: @RedCartel1828 I've played 3/5 of them against one another and they're definitely built to play against one another with hate cards built into each deck
lordviridian94: LUL
frankenstein3r: Erin's playing with gas
Ferox777: all attack
glennfinito: love mardu
Soniti: What are those lands on Shivam's side?
Huschel23: That's...8 damage to the face
Freshly_Toasted: (Rak)dos fireblade artists
LRRMTG_Judge: This is truly a spectacle. I wasn't expecting to see a murder on stream. -Zak
NexusVoxx: @Soniti Guild kit lands
Firnsarwen: @Soniti The guild kit lands
ExhaustedElox: I picture Alex with the devil horns behind Erin going "Gooood. Goooood."
Soniti: Thanks chat
DiscountDoubleCzech: is there a W pump spell?
Kykiwi: no mana tithe
tom_content: i think leave it, the sac in upkeep does just as much damage as attacks
Pharmacistjudge: sunlance is a sorcery pharma2Vial
Dix: Hey everyone!
adnansaves: Man Erin is going off
PVDH_magic: Why do these white walkers have fiery blades :O
greenmonkeysam: Oh, hey! It's Shivam!
tkshillinz: found the commsnder player
NickNPrince: omg Erin w/ the good tee <3
Juliamon: Heyyyy Dix
Pharmacistjudge: oh hey Dix
known_kadath: Rakdos pass go
NarishmaReborn: there is a W +2/+2 trick with addendum
Lucaan: The 2/3 wall PogChamp
LRRbot: Island | Basic Land — Island |
TheMiddlingMage: Come on Shivam: counting on you to save me from needing to shift to Rakdos in my own prerelease!
r10pez10: dix o7
Mox_Hagdorm: Is it?
known_kadath: Izzet though?
NexusVoxx: it is island Kappa
Dix: Just got home from work
TheWarbo: Izzland
zak_shwap: Hey Dix! Welcome!
Koshindan: Island itland.
lordviridian94: i love those forests
Namstache: Is it?
theonlyangelx: theonl45Heart theonl45Heart patience
Soniti: lol thanks person who shows cards
robertector: Where sis she get the spirit from?
Cyony: the 2/3 is just going to cockblock all those 2/2s
julues: adapt that aeromun
Soniti: interesting lands
MrLuBuFu: <3 @Dix
Feminine_Desires: @theonlyangelx anniHYPE
flatluigi: @Soniti it's a robot
Freshly_Toasted: Jund them out
DoktorPiccolo: Which round is this?
wicker_knight: you're going to die
TheGravitron: pass the turn
azninsect: Always listen to chat
the_bananarchist: win the game
known_kadath: Channel Fireball
LRRMTG_Judge: With Rakdos, there is no Safe Sword. -Zak
Cookiecups: You can do it, Shivam!
TSturtledove: Play the thing
Emberwatch_: Swing SMOrc //
RezTheFuture: The white creatures pops out a 1/1 every time you cast a multicolor
LRRMTG_Judge: @robertector That's a soldier not a spirit
Fangren300: play a 4-drop!
robertector: Oh it is a human
julues: adapt aeromun
circusofkirkus: I suggest winning
NexusVoxx: @DoktorPiccolo R4 G1
SomebodyNowhere: play cards
cmdrud87: Go left!
TheGravitron: G2
Arttano: Loose
AGiantRoach: yeah the golgari kit forest and swamp are amazing.
Cookiecups: We believe in you!
TSturtledove: Tap the mana
Altoguy16499: @shivam survive
SacrificialToast: i would recommend more creatures
Lyannen: lrrJUDGE Outside assistance
theonlyangelx: @feminine_desires theonl45Heart theonl45Heart
oksolotli: scoop
ritchards: Great lands there
r10pez10: !advice
LRRbot: Parry everything.
Xobulo: game 2 hana
Furrytractor68: Play That Thing VoHiYo
Science_and_Magic: Go Right!
Namstache: Channel Braingeyser
killerofgiants: Proceee to scoop phase
MrPolyK: Do the things!
Lord_Hosk: Shivam... Channel Fireball for 20 you win!
Lithobraker: Make more cricket references Shivam!
Loonatic93: Adapt your dude!
Science_and_Magic: !advice
LRRbot: Unleash the Goldblum.
Saintnex: Im really wondering if the other guilds have enough ways to slow down Rakdos, because the beatdown is real
Lucaan: *Butterfly meme* Is this stabilizing?
TSturtledove: !advice
LRRbot: Look at the cards.
known_kadath: Play lands, draw cards
younzable: Lizzard wizard Inc PogChamp
ratzgobbler: Can you play simic spells with blue Izzet mana?
known_kadath: your're simic
Huschel23: As long as Erin keeps playing multicolored spells, she can close out this game real comfortable
LITHONIELrs: <message deleted>jesus that voice is annoying
tkshillinz: friends are for selesnya
msuyer508: Is adapt at sorcery speed? I forget
Freshly_Toasted: Just succumb and convert to the cult of rakdos, shivam
Koshindan: Technically, making friends is an almost literal definition of Simic's goals.
Zappeljakob: Rakdos cares about your Life(total)
known_kadath: Nope, Adapt is instant
TheWarbo: !quote 4392
LRRbot: Quote #4392: "Serge, is it "outside assistance" if I do basic math for them?" —Graham [2017-10-11]
NexusVoxx: creeple steeper
Desruprot: Rakdos were here to party
SomebodyNowhere: great name
LRRbot: Steeple Creeper [2G] | Creature — Frog Snake [4/2] | {3}{U}: Steeple Creeper gains flying until end of turn.
Dix: Frog Snek
AlonsoSwift: Creeple Steeper?
WrightJustice: frog snake
e_bloc: are you not entertained?!?
Skusioh: powerful Kappa
theonlyangelx: this isnt Ravnicas Next Top Best Friend
Justherefortherewards: who won, cam or Kathleen?
tkshillinz: happy tree friends
Vivanity: 4!
Anubis169: play nice
zind_: OSFrog gabyViper
crashdownreg: OSFrog gabyViper
Lucaan: PogChamp
TheGravitron: 2 damage spell incoming...
Rovniy: frog snake OSFrog
LRRbot: Fireblade Artist [BR] | Creature — Human Shaman [2/2] | Haste / At the beginning of your upkeep, you may sacrifice a creature. When you do, Fireblade Artist deals 2 damage to target opponent or planeswalker.
r10pez10: frog ... snake
NexusVoxx: @Justherefortherewards very kathleen
zerg539: That is clearly a Xenomorph
Vivanity: Isn't it four damage???????
EclipseNova258: what sleeves is shivam using
Altoguy16499: inb4 3rd fireblad artist
Themasterman20: disgusting combo
AdamJF84: Who won the last match?
tom_content: 'may' doesn't feel like a very rakdos word
nordic_marksman: Shivam is feeling the heat
UnknownGerm: man, evolve was so much better than simic's mechanic this time
MrPolyK: S Y N E R G Y
Dix: OSFrog gabyViper
Stysiaq: death to aristocratic pings LUL
LRRMTG_Judge: @Vivanity No, each artist needs to sac something theman20Leek
LolCamAlpha: frog...... snake?
lordviridian94: i cannot wait to make a mardu deck
ardcollier: literal panicBasket over the Shivam side of the board
ObiliskAj: @Vivanity She only sacced a creature for one of them
loulou2222: @Vivanity read the card, its still on screen
crashdownreg: lrrJUDGE
Vivanity: @LRRMTG_Judge Aaaaaah
walladmajnoon: yes
bobAkirafett: @AdamJF84 kathleen both
WiredAbyss: yup, its good
Furrytractor68: Instant Adapt! VoHiYo
lordviridian94: that is good to know
known_kadath: Wait I get a PPR?
munocard: Better than Monstrous!
AdamJF84: @bobAkirafett thanks
LRRMTG_Judge: Rak(ing) up those points of damage, here... - Katie
Dix: Our own Pre-Prerelease PogChamp
LRRMTG_Judge: Things may be loser at REL-Axed. But remember Chat and Players. Outside Assistance can result in a Match loss. It may seem like you are helping to point things out, but play advice is not cool to do. We are here to keep the board state correct, but not give play advice. -Zak
flatluigi: reader
ZeroPolarity: Judge Serge is favorite Judge. lrrHEART
PVDH_magic: "your own preprerelease" :O
bobAkirafett: np
PVDH_magic: if only
msuyer508: Ayy instant speed!
TheWarbo: "I adapt in response" and "End of turn, adapt" will both be said...a lot
Koshindan: You can Adapt to your Adapt! It'll fail the second time, but you can!
newfur: This is SIMIC we're talking about here. Of COURSE it's instant-speed!
inkfacefahz: rooting for you shivam!!!
mastershake29x: @known_kadath sure, as long as your local game store's name begins with P
LRRbot: Rubble Slinger [2{R/G}] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/3] | Reach
Evandill: my advice: win the game
Vivanity: I feel like because they have the same name and it is an ability, it should stack?
ratzgobbler: Not quite a Frog. But not a snake either. A Snog if you will
MahBoiiii: what's making the tokens?
Tiggiii: what is the white creature on her side?
Desruprot: that hero is doing work
Plaicoson: Shivam is great, i love him
MordomoMTG: What is the white card? creature?
Malfegore_: Not a Frake?
TheWarbo: rubble slinger flavor text is some praxis
WrightJustice: ew not a snog
Vivanity: I understand why not though
rutgun: Jund thek
Cookiecups: That sigh said he did not get a card he wanted
lordviridian94: yeah erins deck seems great
rutgun: them*
Stysiaq: erin can basically win by sacrificng creatures
Mox_Hagdorm: @ratzgobbler Frake?
LRRMTG_Judge: Those Rocks sure sting when you throw them at people. - Zak
adamwb: !card hero of precinct one
LRRbot: Hero of Precinct One [1W] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/2] | Whenever you cast a multicolored spell, create a 1/1 white Human creature token.
Traion: Shivam's enthusiasm is amazing :P
AGiantRoach: Hero of Precinct One makes the token
LRRbot: Hero of Precinct One [1W] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/2] | Whenever you cast a multicolored spell, create a 1/1 white Human creature token.
pollux14: what a simic thing to compliment the things that are killing you
Jgard96: not so much holding out for a hero
Skusioh: PogChamp nice card
newfur: @pollux14 relatable
Rovniy: crazy card
Dix: "If it works..."
Jgard96: its already here
inkfacefahz: That is such a good deck name
MordomoMTG: Thx @LRRbot
Artosas: i want those red sleeves tbh
Tiggiii: oh my gosh
Huschel23: Rubble Slinger, thank god you're here. Prepare to be launched
Lyannen: It did work
Furrytractor68: "If" She says
Tiggiii: the combo though#
Hardlessdaimio: nice and easy
PraetorMagic: WHEN it works
adambomb625: She only needs one more creature for lethal
beakidbjorn1981: This set seems like soooo much fun in Limited. Can’t wait for the prerelease :)
Dix: Artosas those are by UltraPro. Check your LGS
PraetorMagic: Because it's workin'
Kykiwi: Ohhh
Fangren300: PogChamp
flatluigi: YES
Dcsports8: LUL
NexusVoxx: @pollux14 "oh wow look at the thing you made! it's really hurting me!"
LRRbot: Wilderness Reclamation [3G] | Enchantment | At the beginning of your end step, untap all lands you control.
d_u_c_k_y: PogChamp
lordviridian94: PogChamp
flatluigi: i love this card so much
sacaguito: POGGERS
Alec_The_Risktaker: PogChamp
LRRMTG_Judge: Cue ineedahero.wav -Zak
Furrytractor68: Oh boy! VoHiYo
Yosh1tailz: PogChamp
Zheos: sacrifice humans to deal dmg, pretty rakdos
VazSun: #onbrand
Altoguy16499: oh baby get some mana
Lucaan: PogChamp
dp101428: HYPE
kamelion84: lrrWOW
murabittoo: Pogchamp
BRVHT: ooooo
SomebodyNowhere: interesting
Artosas: oh boy now thats a card
murkyk1010: shivam- worst poker face ever... that man is all emotion
Pteryon: PogChamp
Furrytractor68: So much mana!
ratzgobbler: Wow then he’s gotta be strong
inkfacefahz: "I'm a commander player we do things poorly" I'm feelin CALLED OUT
Dix: HENCE the lrrJUDGE call
PatFromIT: Such a good caaaaaaaaaaaaaaard
d_u_c_k_y: Does he have a mystic snek? PogChamp
tkshillinz: commander card
Skusioh: oh boy
ImmortalManji: PogChamp
coriolis_storm: @ratzgobbler I prefer to think of them as "Frakes" (named Johnathan, of course)
adamwb: good cards in play today
AdamJF84: poor mans seedborn muse
MaskedBeeX: Holding out for a counter
Saintnex: thats really cool for counters and adapt
LRRMTG_Judge: @dix YES!
sbenda13: adapt enabler!
DiscountDoubleCzech: she could choose a different creature
pollux14: @NexusVoxx right? "It looks so cool!!" *bleeding*
laserparty: Wilderness reclamation seems sweet!
LostInDespair: LUL
ratzgobbler: The Commanderin Allegiance spoiler!
Jain_Mor: No targets
Dimmez: no it doesnt target
Xanderbats: There's no timeframe that you have priority
simsalazim: does not target
wicker_knight: doesn't target, so no
Erengard_PG: You could respond to the trigger, but Erin can select something else after.
sculleroony: no
newfur: @pollux14 "Fascinating!" *is messily demolished*
berzthebeast: it doesnt target
Nessto6: cant
PhoenixMelior: doesn't feel like it
LRRMTG_Judge: It does not target!
1mrlee: if she selects, then no
Fangren300: she could sacrifice a different creature
felixphew: Actually 2 triggers, it's reflexive
TheWarbo: I think he wants "with the trigger on the stack, can I bounce the token"
00busyhands: The synergy Kreygasm
Eripmave: refliexive trigger
Plaicoson: the trigger checks on resolution
GizmoMCs: LUL
Lyannen: No target. It cannot fizzle
adamwb: you can do it but she can still sac somethign else
VazSun: it doesn't target and you don't get priority before?
FNMWorldChampion: are we seriously double checking this?
d_u_c_k_y: no, doesn't target
mxpinder: You can respond to the trigger, but she doesn't choose the creature until the trigger resolves so she can just pick a different creature
Dizzy_stream: Sacrifice is a cost, so you can't fizzle it by hitting it
tkshillinz: judges assemble!
tommygun514: once she gets to pick it's too late
ShavaKe: sacrifice is not a target
WhoaTakeItEasyy: he can respond to the trigger but not to the choosing of the creature
Jain_Mor: He wants to target the creature being sacrificed, you cant
Casuth6: her upkeep its her priority
LostInDespair: mmm dont know play LUL
julues: card reader
RedCartel1828: are these decks all from normal prerelease sealed pools?
narset6691: judgrefriends assemble!
LysanderZephyr: Judge Super Friends Go!
DiscountDoubleCzech: you can respond before it resolves, but she can still choose a creature to sacrifice
Hardlessdaimio: maybe to late
Vioharr: bounce it in responce to the trigger before she choses
Outissa: The ability will go on the stack and he can bounce b ut she can choose to resolve
knacker48: no target, it can't fizzle4
rwolffen: caaaaaant do that!
Freshly_Toasted: 2 blades so shivam's boned
ObiliskAj: She could retarget, but she won't. Is this a real judge?
PVDH_magic: You could bounce it in response to the trigger - but she gets so sacrifice something.
NineDotsStudio: no, she can just choose another creature
Majickthise: Has to be done before upkeep, sacrifice is part of the cost.
PatFromIT: Judge conference!
SacrificialToast: it won't fizzle, but she won't have the token to sacrifice
Casuth6: only at untap
randomino5: You can't prevent them from sacrificing A creature but you can prevent them from sacrificing THAT creature.
TheGravitron: sacrificing is already the cost
NexusVoxx: you can bounce it, but she can sac other things still
Merrena_bacon: You can do it on your end step after your lands untap I think
ellgieff: sacrifice is a cost. it's already happened
ziminaiman: Sounds like a cost for the ability, so upkeep would be too late. Last chance would be the end of his own turn to bounce?
QTL7: i think the triggers go onto the stack, and you can respond to the trigger but the token exists still
rwolffen: are we really discussing this
wicker_knight: well, that choice isn't made while Shivam has priority
hollywoodmtg: She can put the second sack trigger on the stack in response
thefinallap: you don't pick the creature until the trigger resolves
mxpinder: One she's chosen the creature to sacrifice, you can't respond
Furrytractor68: Should you be able to bounce the creature since The creature itself does the damage?
themightybucch: sacrificing is not a cost here
loulou2222: why not just respond to the trigger on the stack, you know it's happening
5ubb4k: serge is really iffy on rules. He's sweet and everything but he should train up before pre-rperelease
inkfacefahz: now, I once won a 2+ hour long two-headed-giant commander game by convincing enough people to vote yea for Magister of Worth, which brought back Brisela and five demons on my side so..... yea.... commander players live a certain way
the_Jimjo: Can’t bounce after it’s selected. You can bounce it before the trigger resolves and she can either choose another creature or not sacrifice.
NexusVoxx: @ellgieff its a triggered ability, there is no cost
Huschel23: Still seems reasonable to bounce the token
Hardlessdaimio: it was to late
ellgieff: oh. RTFC, me
Fingerling103: What a waste of time and mana
adam_brownie: It would have to say chose target creature, then sacrifice that creature
QTL7: you can respond in the upkeep though
RezTheFuture: Writes down bounce spell...
r10pez10: thanks serge!
Juliamon: Remember chat, what's easy for you to understand may not be easy for others... especially with the pressure of a camera.
AGiantRoach: her having two artists makes it harder
Majickthise: Thank you, Judges
sculleroony: thanks serge!
RezTheFuture: Is all good!
LRRMTG_Judge: You are all welcome! -Zak
flatluigi: @5ubb4k i think it's less that he's iffy and more that he's very careful about giving the right answer which is, like, good
msuyer508: Thanks judge friends!
Frankenfruity: you can even respond to the trigger, but they can choose another creature
SomebodyNowhere: REL: Axed
Magicmeow: REL:AXED
Stysiaq: Shivam is at 2 life now basically
PhoenixMelior: I like the judge questions. They help clarify for people in chat who are confused, too
freshmaker__: #LRRningexperience
Furrytractor68: This is why we need a pre-pre-prerelease to learn EVEN MORE! VoHiYo
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Stakes have never been lower. but yeah i'm having a great time
LRRbot: Blade Juggler [4B] | Creature — Human Rogue [3/2] | Spectacle {2}{B} / When Blade Juggler enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to you and you draw a card.
LRRMTG_Judge: it was a great question - always ask things like this! - Katie
purpledragons16: Is that not 4 damage? or is there something on the card stopping that
Yosh1tailz: Brumak card VoHiYo
Freshly_Toasted: A simic deck with bounce spells? Madness! No wait, this isn't innistrad
haunted_broccoli: Not everyone here knows all the rules either
asquishypotato: what is the most potato card in the set
wicker_knight: First Blood on ERIN
Altoguy16499: Shivam is on the board!
adamwb: good card
So_Many_Sheep: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:10:19.
Milambus: She just needs one more creature and hes dead on board
r10pez10: !relaxed
LRRbot: REL:Axed or Rules Enforcement level relaxed means we try to let the cards do what they are supposed to do, and not punish players for their mistakes. While we all try to follow the rules these cards are brand new to everyone and mistakes will be made, just sit back and enjoy the stream.
d_u_c_k_y: SMOrc spectacle
Jain_Mor: C
NexusVoxx: @purpledragons16 each trigger asks for a sacrifice, you cant sac one to pay for both
Hardlessdaimio: no token this time?
Dix: A d a p t
P4r7YG0D: 10/10 Shivam Good pun
Cookiecups: At least she took one point of damage
adam_brownie: Card to is bonkers
Furrytractor68: Adapt!!
Dix: Hardlessdaimio has to be multicolored
Cookiecups: it won't be a shutout
Lucaan: Adapt PogChamp
Cookiecups: lol
myytgryndyr: erin to conservative about saccing creatures
AGiantRoach: i love spectacle
Tiggiii: instant speed adapt looks awesome
NexusVoxx: @purpledragons16 she could sac one to each for 4 if she chose
TheWarbo: What's the IRL way to deal with an opponent saying "during my upkeep I sacrifice a card" without really waiting for response?
Hardlessdaimio: @Dix TY
Milambus: He is just dead in 3 turns now
rdiffee7: token trigger
kakaho345: Missing 1 human token
adambomb625: Erin has enough creatures to kill shivam
ImmortalManji: Adapt works! PogChamp
rwolffen: No
TheWarbo: (as someone who plays entirely electronic magic)
MaskedBeeX: lrrFINE
Xobulo: loved Shivam in the bonus pre-pre-pre-release bonus stream! Hope you come back as promised last night
Lyannen: lrrFINE
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
AGiantRoach: adore the rakdos and orzhov mechanics this time
Cepsys: lrrFINE lrrFINE
rwolffen: It wasn't multicolor
gsyhiap: lrrFINE
queenfounder: lrrFINE
flatluigi: @kakaho345 nope
Tiggiii: simic brings combat tricks with adapt
CrazymattCaptain: lrrFINE
Feminine_Desires: lrrFINE
Dix: Hero does not create a token off the Blade Juggler chat
tipulsar85: lrrFINE
NineDotsStudio: did she forget to get a token?
Xobulo: lrrFINE
ObiliskAj: @TheWarbo You say "hold on, in response to the trigger...."
newfur: lrrFINE
d_u_c_k_y: chilibringer PogChamp
RezTheFuture: Generally for something like that you'd want to preempt and go 'pass the turn, hold on your upkeep'
UnknownGerm: TheWarbo say you do a thing on their untap step
yttog: thats swell..... everything is fine
the_Jimjo: @thewarbo Call a judge.
bmobemore: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:11:10.
known_kadath: Token only for Multicolored
Ukon_vasara: " lrrFINE " - Shivam
Traion: TheWarbo asking them to hold on. If they don't call a judge
LRRbot: Chillbringer [4U] | Creature — Elemental [3/3] | Flying / When Chillbringer enters the battlefield, tap target creature an opponent controls. It doesn’t untap during its controller’s next untap step.
rwolffen: Nope, the hero says multicolor !
simsalazim: YUCKTACULAR
ratzgobbler: You can only play spectacle costs when the opponent where’s glasses, wait these are Un-Rules
hexplate_golem: his voice is like cadeucus clay from critical role
NexusVoxx: @TheWarbo just say "hold on, in response to the trigger..."
Bartlebad: lrrFINE lrrFINE
adamwb: nice
murabittoo: Bring the chill !!!!
tryllebanjo: @NineDotsStudio Blade Whatever isn't multicolored ;)
frankenstein3r: Shivam's enthusiasm makes me happy
2nert: @LRRMTG_Judge But doesn't she chose which creature to sacrifice when the spell resolves so he can still bounce the token in response. she would just be able to sac a different creature since no target's locked in
adam_brownie: Wow card is nuts
r10pez10: oh that's the actual name! it sounded like a nickname lol
adam_brownie: Haven’t seen it yet
Evandill: @TheWarbo Not a judge but I'd say "before you do that, I'm going to do x"
NineDotsStudio: right, already forgot what the card does
vital_remains: LUL
nordic_marksman: Sigh
LRRMTG_Judge: @TheWarbo always call a judge if that happens :)
Artosas: LUL
Dix: In response, I sigh
tranewrek: where's the bounce spell?
I_Am_Clockwork: Oh Chillbringer flies PogChamp
adamwb: aggro
Fangren300: NotLikeThis
WiredAbyss: untapping lands is great for adapt
NexusVoxx: le sign
zind_: in response, I feel sadness
Lil_Lith: "its tapped, just kill it" - rakdos
Stysiaq: dead in 2 turns
Altoguy16499: I agree. That is a very grul card
Tiggiii: rakdos is going insane
Durzo_Blint_: she has on board lethal
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm terrified of what Wilderness Reclamation is going to do
kitsunestudios: Chillbringer only prevents untap once, correctÉ
SomebodyNowhere: @Dix your signing resolves
Milambus: Yes, hes just dead in 2 turns
Huschel23: I'd be throwing a lot more creatures at his face XD
UnknownGerm: inb4 it gets banned
sylphide_spirit: So good
AdamJF84: 4 people?
asquishypotato: cant she sac her entire board for lethal?
flatluigi: fun thing about reclamation is that it stacks
LRRbot: Get the Point [3BR] | Instant | Destroy target creature. Scry 1.
r10pez10: five player EDH is where it's at
VjDaDj: you got this shivam dragon
djalternative: commander
destiny_cloud: @kitsunestudios yes you are correct.
Intangible360: <message deleted>Too late
NexusVoxx: @asquishypotato over two turns, sure
Hardlessdaimio: so expensive D:
Huschel23: @asquishypotato: Two per turn, but yes
5ubb4k: @flatluigi: but his answer was not that good because Shivam implied he could have removed the trigger by bouncing the fireblade artist, and Serge didn't correct him.
mastershake29x: @AdamJF84 you can play commander with 5 (or any number)
madmanoreo: erin has no chill =/
Stellapacifica: Nickname: Get /on/ the Point?
MoxReuby: i freaking love rakdos so much
Feminine_Desires: Get the Point! Not Get to the Point. Get the Point as in you Get the Point of stabbing them in the head with a knife.
Durzo_Blint_: @asquishypotato only one creature and only on upkeep
tom_content: i wasn't sure about wilderness reclamation, but given it untaps on both end steps... that's a lot of mana for adapts
Ukon_vasara: green also is pretty good at having more more mana than everyone else, this pseudo doubles it
Cookiecups: Honking creatures are the best
Koshindan: I love that Rakdos is the pun Guild.
asquishypotato: sorry i didnt state over two turns, thats what i meant
kitsunestudios: thenaks @destiny_cloud
r10pez10: it gets a bit awkward about seven or more players, but you usually just grab a drink or something
greenmonkeysam: There is no "to" in that spells name
LRRbot: Steeple Creeper [2G] | Creature — Frog Snake [4/2] | {3}{U}: Steeple Creeper gains flying until end of turn.
Plaicoson: @tom_content its only on yours
AdamJF84: @mastershake29x I understand that, I just assume most edh games are with 3 other people
LRRbot: Arrester's Admonition [2U] | Instant | Return target creature to its owner’s hand. / Addendum — If you cast this spell during your main phase, draw a card.
kitsunestudios: sorry for the typos
Rockario: It's a Steeple Creeple
Stysiaq: why attack with your wincon
Milambus: Attacking was a mistake
gore4glory91: @LRRMTG_Judge is she able to sacrifice both (B/R 2/2) creatures at the same time with each others ability in her upkeep?
tom_content: @Plaicoson ah fair, i was too hopeful
adamwb: bouncing spectacle dude is not great but neither was the attack
7he7Brian: Should have attacked with everyone
Mintchocdoublin: @greenmonkeysam i like to think she added the to intentionally
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Shivam is my hero!
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Boros_Burger_Battalion: This set is so sweet
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fuerzanature: oof, she had lethal in 2 turns with sacrifice dude
Stysiaq: don't attack and just win by sacrificing creatures, didn't Erin see that?
TheWarbo: I want to see a deck of "Rakdos, only puns" vs "Simic, only portmanteaux"
NexusVoxx: @gore4glory91 yes, or each to their own ability
TheWarbo: *a match
LRRbot: Shimmer of Possibility [1U] | Sorcery | Look at the top four cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
Dix: I LOVE the art on taht card
LRRMTG_Judge: @gore4glory91 the Arrtists do not say "another" they can sac themselves if Erin wants
Freshly_Toasted: It's only as good as the amount of multicoloured creatures in her deck
TheGravitron: oof
Sarah_Serinde: They're playing with new cards, in front of an audience. Sometimes they might miss the optimal play and that's okay
Dix: The reflection in the water doesn't match the scene on the street
Hardlessdaimio: NICE card
greenmonkeysam: @Mintchocdoublin Yeah, I like it better that way; it was more a quip at the name than her
danilsayren: ban
tkshillinz: trust in your cards shivam
salsasamurai10: oh god i just realized reclimation untaps guildgates the turn you play them
NexusVoxx: its jace and lili in the reflection, i heard
salsasamurai10: thats real good
vital_remains: not dead is good LUL
yttog: very astute assessment
Yosh1tailz: "Not dead is good"
TheGravitron: because it's a shimmer of possibility...
adamwb: these decks both seem pretty sweet tbh
gore4glory91: @LRRMTG_Judge nice ty
MardukGX: @Dix I guess there's something about the rain today
Lord_Hosk: "OHH"
flatluigi: wilderness reclamation is such a good card
garvizac000: simic biomancy... good card
Dix: The art and the flavor text is suuuuuper good
TheGravitron: not a reflection
CommanderinMTGPodcast: CRUSH HER, SHIVAM!
AdamJF84: OH!
MrLuBuFu: @Dix Vampire
rutgun: ohh
greenmonkeysam: Do I root for Rakdos or Shivam!?
lordviridian94: OH
Malfegore_: Not dead is definitely good
r10pez10: "Oh..." has been called
Ravynn: "Pulled a Kathleen"
Anubis169: Dix! :D
denisgsv: the dude is funny :D
Anubis169 hugs
Yosh1tailz: Shivam <3
Tunoni: OH!
RedCartel1828: I like the direction the art has been going in. it feels less like "commercial illustration" than it has been for the past while.
Th3J: rooBlank rooBlank rooBlank rooBlank
d_u_c_k_y: Random order!
Ferox777: random order!
LysanderZephyr: Writes down oh in hand
DaftInvader: random order
johothehobo: it's cannon, looking at wrong camera is "doing a Kathlene"
Fangren300: PogChamp
d_u_c_k_y: Good player danLove
LRRbot: Skitter Eel [3U] | Creature — Fish Crab [3/3] | {2}{U}: Adapt 2.
Anubis169: denisgsv: Shivam's got a nice sense of humour
WrightJustice: fish crab
NexusVoxx: also its a fishcrab
r10pez10: fish .. crab
ReynardWrecca: Shivam going for the non-controversial 'stay alive' tactic.
rustedchainsaw: Shivam please win show them Commander is the superior format even in limited
Intangible360: <message deleted>lol full of shit
Hardlessdaimio: artwork Kreygasm
AGiantRoach: fish crab
kyUUno: pass the dice, please
Anubis169: play nice
julues: Pass the dice, please
Rovniy: fish crab Kreygasm
PhoenixMelior: hey look a 5/5
Ackbert: Fish Crab is dece
zind_: 5/5 fish crab calebdRawr
the_bananarchist: simic typelines too strong, please nerf
denisgsv: dice, now
Zheos: 🦀
markededge: I don't know who this guy is but he's great.
Desruprot: the bleed keeps going
timswar: I want to pet the SKitter Eel. Surely that'll go well for me.
Ukon_vasara: thats a terrifying critter
pollux14: that looks horrifying D:
tryllebanjo: I like how Simic does the Eldrazi grotesquery without the... unrelenting despair and bleakness of it.
Dix: OH NO
LRRbot: Mortify [1WB] | Instant | Destroy target creature or enchantment.
JeremyNoell: Hi Shivam! Hi Erin! <3
TheWarbo: I hear all of these Simic typelines in the voice of the Scrubs Janitor saying "knife wrench"
d_u_c_k_y: FishMoley 🦀
Durzo_Blint_: 🐟 🦀
CommanderinMTGPodcast: NOOOOOO
tommygun514: who gave this woman mono-removal.dec
pollux14: mortify so good
lordviridian94: oh my
Saintnex: soo ruddde!
Artosas: man the value of that combo is insane
adi_pie: sergeHolyMoly
grumpycat7777777: flip the table
ratzgobbler: A crish or a Fab?
Freshly_Toasted: Man... mardu is a THING
AdamJF84: LUL
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
DapperGentlemancer: Mardu-ing it
newfur: @tryllebanjo staring at the uncaring universe - why go mad when you could go GLAD?
kitsunestudios: Yeah, wow
AlonsoSwift: The flavor text on Skitter Eel proves that Bob Ross is canon in MTG
Trbrutality: Mardu!!!!!
Themasterman20: she had the nuts start tbh
tkshillinz: shivam is in fact, mortified
sylphide_spirit: Mardu aristocrats is nasty. Need to get rid of that enabler
hollowthiefstreaming: So glad I preordered rakdos for prerelase
5ubb4k: The problem with Simic not having much removal
CommanderinMTGPodcast: Shivam! Make tokens!
timswar: More like MaRude amirite?
phytonthepython: the synergy PogChamp
Juliamon: Rakdos havin' a goooood time today
scimitardk: is the hero really multicolor spell or creature?
WiggedGolem: ziz1 ziz2
00busyhands: OMG erin’s deck LUL
Huschel23: That hero is doing work. Recruiting all those showmen
LRRbot: Rix Maadi Reveler [1R] | Creature — Human Shaman [2/2] | Spectacle {2}{B}{R} / When Rix Maadi Reveler enters the battlefield, discard a card, then draw a card. If Rix Maadi Reveler’s spectacle cost was paid, instead discard your hand, then draw three cards.
shdragon: So it sounds like the way to beat Erin's deck is to hope she doesn't draw Hero?
PhoenixMelior: is Brawl still a thing?
nordic_marksman: Erin can just sac 1 creature a turn
Thurasiz83: definitly gooing to put that hero in the orzhov aristocrats i want to make...
DaftInvader: TableHere FlipThis
simsalazim: could hero and the artifact anthem spawn a multicolor modern deck?
AGiantRoach: mardu mono-removal is one of my my favorite deck to play
Dix: Stamped foil :O
dogan_the_siege_doge: Aw snap
greenmonkeysam: I hope to pull her pool at Prerelease
zzauch: Shivem ded danBad
dogan_the_siege_doge: already on
kinamara: lrrSIGNAL lrrJUDGE lrrSIGNAL to much removal!!!
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dogan_the_siege_doge: Hello there!
LRRbot: Ghor-Clan Wrecker [3R] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/2] | Riot / Menace
Padredoom: interesting rix is not a may
killerofgiants: If Spectacle was paid, would it be a multicolor spell?
newfur: @AlonsoSwift my nickname for this is now "Happy Little Accident"
N2Osferatu: Glopr-Clorp worper
younzable: the lack off lizzard wizards is bad PokScizor
Conman2143: is that multicolored?
julues: glort
Padredoom: no
phytonthepython: he needs to get rid of that devil
TheGravitron: no
SensualSloth: no
chataolauj: Missed the first 3 rounds. How did Gruul do?
adamwb: that wrecker seems v good here tho
AGiantRoach: discard.... grizzlebrand lrrBEEJ
control_rig: Glum-Clan Shivam
LRRbot: Guardian Project [3G] | Enchantment | Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, if it doesn’t have the same name as another creature you control or a creature card in your graveyard, draw a card.
dogan_the_siege_doge: Strongest guild so far chat?
tom_content: @scimitardk creature cards count as spells - its a little confusing in the context of other card games!
Papperslappen: Glork LAN-wrecker
newfur: @younzable !card Frilled Mystic
thedeivore: multicolored is only the mana cost normally
Williamjr3413: they didnt abandon brawl already?
AlonsoSwift: @newfur Ooh, that's a good one. I'd just written down 'Itter Skeel'
RezTheFuture: That's a nice card to pull in sealed
NexusVoxx: @killerofgiants the spell is the colors in the top right, unless it has an ability like Guildpact Sphinx
d_u_c_k_y: untap lands Kappa
Malfegore_: Rip game 2
TSturtledove: Untap your lands shivam
tbloom3390: Anyone know where to find shivam and Marshall’s sleeves?
Hardlessdaimio: leathal enoguh
tom_content: @scimitardk basically anything that isn't a land is a spell
UnknownGerm: another sick get for commander
Ravynn: A little bit of STYLE
studentofwarfare: Style! gabyWow
RebelliousUno: gotta get that flex in
GenetiXientist: SLOW PLAY
loudwalrus: LUL
greenmonkeysam: Gotta flex on a mans
ratzgobbler: Singleton staple much?
ObiliskAj: Time for BM
ReynardWrecca: Make a darned show of it, Erin!
pollux14: OOF
Saintnex: in response, I concede?
CommanderinMTGPodcast: Nice shirt!
the_bananarchist: "don't be silly, I gotta style on em"
NexusVoxx: @newfur wait for the answer to open the door?
TheGravitron: suboptimal simic cards D:
Lil_Lith: BM is cannon
pollux14: "Don't be silly"~
denisgsv: no hand cards
Ukon_vasara: why win when you can winmore ruuHappy
simsalazim: lands not untapped
LRRbot: Final Payment [WB] | Instant | As an additional cost to cast this spell, pay 5 life or sacrifice a creature or enchantment. / Destroy target creature.
hecklatch: BM
MaskedBeeX: F-eels bad
SomebodyNowhere: win more
santacruz121: lUL
TehAmelie: eeeels
sacaguito: BM LUL
greenmonkeysam: Dat flex tho\
AdamJF84: what does that devil do again?
Terrorizem: BM
adamwb: pay the life tho
ninjaofv: and the combo for the win LUL
Piers8: I was reading a spoiler while watching the stream and read Guardian Project (for the first time) at EXACTLY the same time as Shivam read it aloud
santacruz121: LUL
zackdangerbrown: why not pay the life there?
kamelion84: katesLol
Dix: lrrSCOOP
Krohnos: BM
CommanderinMTGPodcast: SALT
dhuesing23: F
Altoguy16499: the simic combine got styled on
adamwb: it's fine
pollux14: very Rakdosy
Somadelnocha: True Rakdos mage here, making every death a spectacle
Lucaan: Erin creating a spectacle
theneatestburrito: Concede as a response?
EclipseNova258: What sleeves are Shivam Using?
jodorowskyyy: SHE PICK RAKDOS OR AZO???
IR0NB0RN: EelsBadMan
newfur: @NexusVoxx nonagon infinity opens the dooooor
adam_brownie: Card is gas
tipulsar85: Simic has been slawed...
newfur: !card Frilled Mystic
LRRbot: Frilled Mystic [GGUU] | Creature — Elf Lizard Wizard [3/2] | Flash / When Frilled Mystic enters the battlefield, you may counter target spell.
LRRbot: Fireblade Artist [BR] | Creature — Human Shaman [2/2] | Haste / At the beginning of your upkeep, you may sacrifice a creature. When you do, Fireblade Artist deals 2 damage to target opponent or planeswalker.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: oh, what a surprise another one sided Rakdos stomping.. variance huh?
LRRMTG_Judge: Thank you, Serge!
magicmarvin91: good god not again
CommanderinMTGPodcast: NOOO SHIVAM!
r10pez10: he's not my friend!
00busyhands: Salinated 👌
Sarah_Serinde: sergeHeart
Huschel23: I was really excited to play Simic but...Rakdos looks so fun
CommanderinMTGPodcast: "Simic has been salinated!" New outro?
ratzgobbler: Vannifar hoarded all the value
newfur: Eh, needs more 2-for-1s.
EclipseNova258: What sleeves are Shivam Using?
Maunaloa35: I think I made a mistake picking Orzhov lol
Kykiwi: ohh interesting
Maunaloa35: They have not been doing so hot
felixphew: And that one targets, so you know where it's pointed
UnknownGerm: For myself, I would bounce on the untap step
GenetiXientist: Why is this judge call even happening
TheRealDesterious: RAKDOS
d_u_c_k_y: Thanks for explanation!
ogrem7: so, whats the best guid to choose at prerelease?
r10pez10: they look like some fancy ravnica printed sleeves
Ravynn: Thanks Serge
LRRMTG_Judge: lrrHEART Serge!
flatluigi: edge cases!
NexusVoxx: @GenetiXientist as a followup to a previous one
Invitare: seabatBRAIN
thyeggman: Isn't it all the same triggered ability? It's one paragraph, no?
5ubb4k: thanks serge for the correction
TheRealDesterious: Just got here what I miss?
ShadowRezzy: RAKDOS!!!!
adi_pie: seabatBRAIN
EclipseNova258: @r10pez10 all i know is i want them
Ukon_vasara: seabatBRAIN
mastershake29x: @GenetiXientist because they want to clarify the situation for everyone
Traion: UnknownGerm can't play anything in the Unstap step
tipulsar85: A new planeswalker symbol for RNA
AGiantRoach: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Magicmeow: orzhov seems like a nice support guild for 3 color decks though
Ravynn: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
MaskedBeeX: Serge LUL
NineDotsStudio: it's a light show
keesonman: Thank you Serge :D
dogan_the_siege_doge: Kat look mighty fine wow nice outfit
tkshillinz: rakdos has Lasers!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @EclipseNova258 he siad they were called "Guildpact" sleeves
Magicmeow: aka rakdos+orzhov or azorius+orzhov
adam_brownie: Who went gruul, anyone?
DaftInvader: So Shivam was dead quicker
Lucaan: This stream is also a learning experience since no one has played this set yet.
Moroklumpen: Not each other
e_bloc: Kathleen is looking particularly Radkos today
flatluigi: @adam_brownie adam, brownie
Ravynn: @adam_brownie Adam went Gruul
siouxfan_22: adam played gruul
NexusVoxx: @adam_brownie Adam is
rolanddegil: well managed game, those simic creatures get big
phytonthepython: kat dressed in the best rakdos colors
Papperslappen: Very smart
gumbjork: is that land station order bothering ayone else?
Tokepui: lrrHEART
o_angelkiller_o: Orzhov will be nice support for Esper control
RedCartel1828: I'm seeing a lot of Esper in my future playing sealed on MTGA
zzauch: pew pew pew danHype
pollux14: @Magicmeow yep. I'm picking Orzhov because it's my favorite guild, but I expect to go more Azorius or Rakdos depending on my pool and splash the remaining color
d_u_c_k_y: King Gizzard PogChamp
Dcsports8: their music is great
RockPusher: kathle3HEX kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
ardcollier: A+ answer
o_angelkiller_o: between mortify and that sacrifice card
Traion: Kathleen looks like the host of an infernal game show. Really fitting for Rakdos
Aceplayer46: Kathleen yas
RedCartel1828: lol that band kicks ass
greenmonkeysam: "I AM NOW?"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I am now is an acceptable answer
octavian_gish: ayyyy
NexusVoxx: you are now
Falaereon: King Gizzard PogChamp
EclipseNova258: @adam_brownie i chose gruul, gruul FTW
stevestein: TOS?
lordviridian94: great band
Malfegore_: Woot lizzard wizzard
wicker_knight: it's a New Zealand tech band
Altoguy16499: So. If the Mardu players play each other, does that mean the table friend gets sacrificed for the show?
stevestein: Oh music, okay
justwhatever_idk: kathle3HEX kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
Saintnex: WoTC seems to have really embraced the NOT GRUUL THEN DIE lol
DapperGentlemancer: Elf Ooze Wizard is gross
Ripperono: great band :)
marcusfarcus: 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎
ziminaiman: I am over the damn moon about lizard wizard.
ReynardWrecca: Orzhov is gonna help my Aminatou EDH deck so much.
r10pez10: Shivam <3
circusofkirkus: King Gizz! kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
5ubb4k: How about Eddie Iazzard?
TheWarbo: I feel like this is a card that once you've played it in Arena, like, twice, it's going to be completely clear. The "stack" visualization is great for this.
AGiantRoach: i want to end up in mardu. think i am grabbing orzhov to try to get teysa
srakamotyka: OPEN THE DOOR
wicker_knight: well, prog electronica
5ubb4k: Eddie Izzard*
the_bananarchist: because of the elf lizard wizard in this set?
CommanderinMTGPodcast: ERIN is a MEANER! :)
newfur: @DapperGentlemancer don't you kinkshame us
felixphew: kathle3HEX kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
comicsammrh: Rattlesnake!
tergonis: convert them all Kathleen!
zak_shwap: Kathleen! YAASS!!
Padredoom: he doesn't look that happy
greenmonkeysam: You're a wizard, lizard
Lucaan: Shivam's deck looks solid
wicker_knight: oh, I thought they were Kiwis, my bad
dogan_the_siege_doge: Grull SwiftRage Bois SwiftRage
Zappeljakob: Promo Seraph of the Scales would be sooo nice
angus_the_chap: Wait, as someone from Melbourne I have to be interested. What was their name again, Kathleen?
theonlyangelx: Like Ravnica the guildpact is a nonagon ;)
marcusfarcus: KomodoHype KomodoHype
Freshly_Toasted: Double the drummers, double the funners
00busyhands: @greenmonkeysam <3 haha
fracassio: Surprise Brand New Faves on the PPR
Orichlepidopter: So wait are is it a wizard that is a lizard or a wizard of lizard-themed spells?
CommanderinMTGPodcast: I would be crying, Shivam. :)
Bobtheninjagoldfish: the other 3 guilds feel so slow in comparison to gruul and Rakdos.
Justherefortherewards: sounds very rakdos of them, having two drummers
Falaereon: The River is a dope song
frankenstein3r: Shivam's Winning with all his enthusiasm
Huschel23: That untap enchantment seems amazing with adapt creatures
tapdancingbeavers: To be fair @wicker_knight , most famous Australians are Kiwis :)
DapperGentlemancer: @newfur Weird flex, but ok.
SaintKelly82: kathleen cosplaying as Liza Manelli is the most Rakdos thing thats happened on thos stream today
NexusVoxx: @angus_the_chap King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
TheWarbo: If winning is the *only* way you have fun, that seems not great.
Lucaan: I love losing in really cool ways
dogan_the_siege_doge: Promo Domri >