m0nkeyrama: Funko's in the lead :o
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Seabats: hi say ur favourite thing about me pls
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m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Seabats: A PHRASE
TheAinMAP: seabatBRAIN
DarknessKingCoH: !next
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Erudite_Cynic: SHA SHA SHA
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Kamotetop: Perfect record?
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES James
Seabats: road show DansGame
MrPhlip: Please someone go through and clip every time a game ends with Jordan killing James so there can be a supercut in LRL, please and thank you
Erudite_Cynic: road show DansGame
Dix: Also, Adam's mom rules
Fantusta: Adam is lrrAWESOME
mtvcdm: !patreon
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BusTed: slytqBaby slytqBaby slytqBaby
MrPhlip: @Dix truefax
RayFK: twitch.tv/RayFK
NotCainNorAbel: bye
Dix: twitch.tv/dix
TheWarbo: Put Adam's Mom in Smash, you cowards
El_Funko: I stream 9pm PT at twitch.tv/El_Funko
El_Funko: Tomorrow for 5 days
Fantusta: hehe he said dix
samuraitiger19: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: XCOM UFO Defense) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (1s ago).
BusTed: rayfkLurk
m0nkeyrama: Movie night rayfkLurk
Dix: gotta pick a deck for SCG Baltimore
I_Am_Clockwork: Oh BAaaabyyyyy
Erudite_Cynic: DONT GO
RayFK: Siiiiiiiiiimple
TehAmelie: UFO Defense is the very oldest one
m0nkeyrama: Streamer event :o
coelopteryx: isn't it "don't" rather than "won't" question mark
RayFK: I'm in it
RayFK: CK is in it
El_Funko: I'm excited for the new set
RayFK: It's gonna be goof
pinpointersk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: XCOM UFO Defense) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (54s ago).
Kaszoski: That's the main thing I recognise from KH, that song and Donald, Goofy, Sora!
Phailhammer: cya :)
Kaszoski: Thanks for the stream
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
I_Am_Clockwork is holding
NarishmaReborn: oh crap i just bought that game for a friend hope it's good
TehAmelie: it's an old, old game. you can mod it to be slightly less old but it's an effort to play. like watching Citizen Kane
planeswalkagogo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: XCOM UFO Defense) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (4m ago).
planeswalkagogo: oh man, old XCOM is up next?
GroutNASA: XUD, never seen it played; maybe C&C Meme Factory can hold my attention
SachielOne: Brace for save scumming!
Gekyouryuu: wait... is there no Talking Sim tonight?
Juliamon: It's just a bit late
Gekyouryuu: oh, ok
Gekyouryuu: what's up for tonight, then?
Juliamon: The original XCOM
planeswalkagogo: XCOM UFO Defense
SachielOne: XCOM. The DOS one.
Gekyouryuu: neat!
hyralt: I blame James
GroutNASA: Gollup Genius
planeswalkagogo: whats the box with the pentagon about?
I_Am_Clockwork: I used to watch a friend play old X-COM. He'd play and I'd make up little stories for the soldiers and the aliens
GroutNASA: @I_Am_Clockwork fun!
TehAmelie: one thing this does better than new Xcom i think is you can walk just one step at a time until you run out of unbudgeted action points. don't have to run blindly around corners to get the most out of your one move action
TehAmelie: that may be the only thing lrrSLOTH
Despoiler98: i see no stream has cam started yet?
SoapyMarmoset: You can also hot potato grenades
I_Am_Clockwork: the system is pretty crunchy, iirc
Juliamon: Stream is just running a bit late
I_Am_Clockwork: back in the day when the low tech ment they abstracted more, so they could simulate more stuff
Alephred: I really liked cones of sight gradually revealing the map.
MostCallMe__Tim: @Juliamon As is tradition
Juliamon: You're on time
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ah
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: it is Talking Sim that is late
TehAmelie: it's a little late. my guess is Banana Cori attacked to get James off the computer and there's some mopping to do
chickenace11: whew thought I had missed it
OriginalGarwulf: I remember playing the original X-Com. I also remember how much you had to know just to get to the menu screen.
I_Am_Clockwork: My bet is that the aliens heard Cammeron was going to be leading the humans and tried to kidnap him, and now Cori is having to go on a marrio-esque adventure to rescue him.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: there's some kind of joke in here about the stream being late and X-Com's terrible pathing but I'm too tired to make it
TehAmelie: ooh
OriginalGarwulf: (You didn't need to be a trained programmer to play games in MS-DOS, but it really didn't hurt either.)
SachielOne: lrrSIGNAL
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
DarkMorford: LOAD"*",8,1
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
samuraitiger19: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
jonasjonIV: yay!
TehAmelie: hm, it's turning on and off a lot
agmitter: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Juliamon: oh good, that's not just me?
FerociousPeach: ok, so not just me either
margieargie: I see Twitch was getting a little... twitchy.
TimWinGame: you just needed to read the 100+ page manual
OriginalGarwulf: Me too.
TheAinMAP: I refreshed and it's staying on now.
TehAmelie: seems like it fixed itself
TehAmelie: twitch, you so crazy
NathanJay_GA: lrrHERE
OriginalGarwulf: I think in my case it was the auto quality option at fault. It started at 1080p, and then worked its way down to 720.
TehAmelie: i can't confidently claim my window didn't do the same
Despoiler98: slytqDance slytqDance slytqDance slytqDance slytqDance
BloodnBullets: i love that opening
chickenace11: are they late because they had to clean the shame of James's stream out fromt he office
TehAmelie: greetings spacemonauts
korvys: That intro is so good
vokayregrebniew: hey im on time for once
ghostvalv: woah
TehAmelie: iirc it's as old as me
ghostvalv: noice
Kaszoski: We're all going to die
MrPhlip: 'kipedia says 1994
Nigouki: 1994
FerociousPeach: March 1994 according to wikipedia :)
Comeback323: !drinking
TehAmelie: huh, i'm way older than that
Eklinaar: Are we playing the game or are we spending 2 hours trying to get the game to run?
Comeback323: What is Cam drinking?
NathanJay_GA: Yes, Commander! I volunteer as tribute!
chickenace11: This game is older then me
sugarsh0t: they're much smaller than regular pros
Taveena: Oh! this game is older than me!
RebekahWSD: Mmm Microprose
BloodnBullets: I was 3
camelwizard: I was born in 94
Eklinaar: ah yes, back when Microprose made good games
Kaszoski: Dinosaurs!
excalgold: i was five......wait no still 4
camelwizard: Sad
I_Am_Clockwork: oh man 1994
HorusFive: I've made that face before Cam
Baldrash: Cam is error.
TehAmelie: Spice Girls?
Asimech: And a whole mountain of games, IIRC.
Doom4114: I was -2 years old
NathanJay_GA: was Doom also 94?
Phailhammer: Am Cam okay?
HorusFive: I will be dead soon...
Taveena: The game is 5 months older than I am! :D
Master_Gunner: *The Passage Of Time*
Gekyouryuu: I turned 4 in 1994
Nefarious_Ned: Twenty......five.....
Thatwasademo: Microprose, famous among me for having made Duels of the Planeswalkers 1998
Contiguouskittycat: This game is older than I am.
UncannyJimjams: look at your hands, Cam
xantos69: cheer50 Cam....that keeps happening. You know that right?
RebekahWSD: 2009 was yesterday!
phorrestgaze: time keeps on slippin' slippin slippin' into the future
ghostvalv: I was 12 seabatYIKES
excalgold: Microprose made MechCommander.....
mtvcdm: Hooray for data compilation schemes!
korvys: Humans are surprised by the most consistent thing in the universe, the passage of time.
MrPhlip: I've almost gotten the hang of the idea that the 90's were a whole decade ago *checks notes*
TehAmelie: but time is relative
Morrigan9: microprose!
Nefarious_Ned: Please, ASK ME how my existential dread is doing. It's A LOT BETTER NOW
ElementalAlchemist: Oh, wow, Microprose
Eklinaar: that MIDI soundtrack
excalgold: a Muton !
Taveena: Is that Thanos
korvys: Wide seated stance on than man
plummeting_sloth: I remember this episdoe of DBZ
mtvcdm: All we need is a Wilhelm in there.
delta__vee: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:14.
TehAmelie: did Rob Liefeld draw this?
FerociousPeach: oh man, that scream takes me back
Kaszoski: We all dead!
I_Am_Clockwork: wow this is a lot more 50's sci-fi than I remembered
NathanJay_GA: suddenly I want to play space cadet pinball
Kaszoski: FACE
mtvcdm: Oh wow.
I_Am_Clockwork: ah there we go, there's that 90's
MadAran87: Why am i suddenly reminded of the Journeyman games?
Taveena: You get the ship in XCOM 2...
GroutNASA: leap?
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withr: Unknown contacts. Cammander report for duty
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KV1NN4: @I_Am_Clockwork only jsut now? XD
plummeting_sloth: good early detection there, bys
NathanJay_GA: Oh yeah everyone is Guile in this game
r10pez10: F
coelopteryx: you have to have the hole in the skin suit on top of your head so everyone can see your sweet 1994 haircut
FerociousPeach: also, you would never bother using any of these guns when you've reached the tech for that armor, lol
Kaszoski: Oooh this music
gualdhar: ooh we're going old school, sweet
korvys: That was a starcraft noise
Nefarious_Ned: I just discovered XCOM2 and I am disappointed it took me this long. Love that game.
Asimech: Nah, only all the white men are Guile.
Eklinaar: Don't do it, Cam
Meltalar: deutsche... lol...
InquisitorFrollo: I think all the levels reset to beginner if you reload the game
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It actually doesn't matter what difficulty level you pick. They're all beginner.
Asimech: Fun fact: If you loaded a save from *any* difficulty level it would be on the easiest.
plummeting_sloth: welp
InquisitorFrollo: Terror From the Deep is the WORST
FerociousPeach: TFTD was so brutal
TehAmelie: and the fists smelled like fish
Asimech: Terror from the Deep had the *opposite* bug.
Kaszoski: I'm allergic to fists!
ritchards: What? Come on Cam, Ironman mode!
mtvcdm: Place it where Carmen Sandiego is
InquisitorFrollo: I love the original X-Com
Kaszoski: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
excalgold: where in the world is that @mtvcdm
I_Am_Clockwork: the XCOM person's hair, is soooooo 80's/90's X-Men
Kramburger: Making the hardest difficulty level super easy seems like a fun prank to play on gaming's gatekeepers
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Jorge4hg: Wooo! Cameron and cori!
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korvys: It's very Rob Liefield
I_Am_Clockwork: like Cyclopse and Gambit have that hair at varrying point
InquisitorFrollo: Base yourself in Antartica, what could go wrong
Asimech: Southern Europe, IIRC is the spot, not central Europe.
delta__vee: based on that intro I'm checking to see how much newer than Syndicate this is, and it's less than a year :D
plummeting_sloth: save the money!
quentastic: I remember there being a piratez (with a z) total conversion mod for this
TehAmelie: follow the money, eh
mtvcdm: We could just put it in Victoria.
Asimech: Mainly for the additional water near your base for the lowered chance of dropping a UFO "on" your base. Again, IIRC.
Phothrism: but why though?
InquisitorFrollo: Huh, I didn't know that
Kaszoski: I did not know that, yeah
TehAmelie: me neither
Phothrism: It's not really a decision if the player doesn't know about it
lordhexed: i always went with Crete as a good spot
InquisitorFrollo: And I've played a bunch of this game
plummeting_sloth: and if you put it in a gentrifying neigbhorhood, forget about it!
NathanJay_GA: Puglia?
plummeting_sloth: Fortress Malta!
brainiac4: Are we not doing phrasing any more, Cori?
Kaszoski: Awww not Moon Base?
Phothrism: XCOM gonna give to you?
Asimech: Phrasing has been out the window for days now.
Alephred: Oo, those beeps bring back memories.
MrPhlip: Call it "XCOM Asia" to confuse the aliens. Get that opsec.
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sivakrytos: that base is a penis
Asimech: No, the base is a Creeper.
InquisitorFrollo: your initial base is just the worst
ThisIsTheGirl: "I wonder what's going on in chat" "That base is a penis" "Okay then"
chickenace11: What did they name Europe in Risk legacy?
FerociousPeach: and then it gets worse from there, lol
Dread_Pirate_Westley: And with your troops dispersed.
TehAmelie: the base is a space invader! shoot it!
chickenace11: or was it never named
InquisitorFrollo: nah, you build a new base and make it sane
InquisitorFrollo: it gets better
wicker_knight: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:43.
Asimech: Fun fact number 2: If you destroy a structure next to the right or bottom edge in the original release it doesn't remove the maintenance costs for it.
InquisitorFrollo: STUN ROD RUSH
Asimech: IIRC.
Alchemistmerlin: "Woops, this one folowed us home...can we keep him?"
plummeting_sloth: I accidentally a need for a prison
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FerociousPeach: And then there's the way radars work....25 days until you sell that useless small radar array :)
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wicker_knight: like, much more than the remake?
Phothrism: is there a reason why the sounds are delayed
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InquisitorFrollo: that's just how it be
samuraitiger19: We'll be watching closely... commander
GroutNASA: fire them INTO THE SUN
FerociousPeach: they will panic and kill all your dudes
plummeting_sloth: because they're cowards and thus will put up being fired
Nigouki: Vlad and Dwight, GET INTO THE BALGGOL
Papperslappen: get into the minecart, get launched into a volcano
InquisitorFrollo: into the sea
plummeting_sloth: "You have answered: Please don't hurt me' too many times on your resume
wicker_knight: Dwight and Vlad. You reacted to our alien attack simulation by clutching your heads and crawling on your knees. Please report to the incinerator for processing
Asimech: @Phothrism At least when playing through Dosbox the UI sounds are delayed.
Phailhammer: Push the button and send them to Adam Lavadan. lrrBEEJ
NathanJay_GA: This is what the new XCOM games removed - for the better, IMO
Phothrism: @Asimech ah ok, I wondered if it was an old game thing or emulation thing
samuraitiger19: This is too much info for me to track... and I play Crusader Kings 2
Anaerin: Encumberance? In a videogame?
Kaszoski: Schlurp
wicker_knight: oof old UI
plummeting_sloth: was there a tutorial for this?
Asimech: @Phothrism Yeah, I don't know which is doing it but I remember it happening when I played it through Dosbox as well.
wicker_knight: I like Blondie in the background
FerociousPeach: going to cheese the magazine bug that refills partials for free as long as you eject them before ending the mission?
Kaszoski: What's a tutorial @plummeting_sloth ?
TehAmelie: remind me, what is the limit of things that you can bring on your airplane? i know it's a silly number when you have 20+ guys to equip, but they all have to share
KharadBanar: this button sound makes me anxious because I always think my steam is popping off
samuraitiger19: Tutorials for 90's games? Ha ha ha ha ha
I_Am_Clockwork: The XCOM Series is one of the few "Strategy Games" that is actually about the strategic war, as opposed to being just a frame work for a series of tactics level skirmishes. XCOM makes you consider what you will be doing long term.
plummeting_sloth: woof
lordhexed: x-com 1 a best
Valhallan597: is this Open X-Com ?
I_Am_Clockwork: More so the old school ones
FerociousPeach: oh yes Cori, we'll need them, those rookies have a short life expectancy :)
I_Am_Clockwork: the newer ones arn't as big picture
excalgold: isnt light a thing you have to worry about ?
Papperslappen: Tutorials were invented in 2004 by Dr Robert Tutorial
TehAmelie: is it weird that you're "buying" soldiers and scientists?
ThisIsTheGirl: "Strategy game" doesn't preclude short term skitmishes
Nigouki: that is a mighty goatee on the man with the money case
ThisIsTheGirl: It just implies strategy
InquisitorFrollo: Back in the day, you didn't get tutorials, but you DID get manuals
ThisIsTheGirl: So... Don't know what you're getting at
GroutNASA: @TehAmelie spoken like someone who's never had to hire
lordhexed: i miss nice thick manuals in games
InquisitorFrollo: And you were expected to read them
Kaszoski: Yay stun rods
InquisitorFrollo: STUN ROD RUUUUUSH
excalgold: i have a guide for this game....that may or may not be the menu, it's gigantic!
TehAmelie: but when you hire people they get paid per month or something
excalgold: errr Manual
excalgold: but i think its a guide
Asimech: I've never had a physical copy of the original X-com. Was the manual any good?
wicker_knight: @TehAmelie look, if you stay around long enough to get a second paycheck, you're just getting a promotion
wicker_knight: the rest of you get in this meat grinder
TehAmelie: heh
plummeting_sloth: now if we were a proper startup, we would open 2 more bases, invest everything in shiny toys and watch teh world burn around us as we declared bankruptcy
margieargie: Oh, I see this is set in the near future of 1999!
FerociousPeach: like the transfer bug, lol
Fantusta: the distant future the year 1999
FerociousPeach: if personnel are in transit between bases when the month rolls over, they don't get paid, lol
thatchesterguy: I feel like my previous job loved that level of granularity
GroutNASA: xc.om ... disrupting the Earth Defense market
InquisitorFrollo: It's 142 pages long
TehAmelie: abusing the overflow bug when you build an entire base of engineers so you can make stuff for free is basically just creative bookkeeping
excalgold: you cant just blow the site up from the air right ?
Asimech: If it's Very Small a single Intercept *should* be able to take it. If it can reach it.
plummeting_sloth: yeah, so much of this is abstracted away
FerociousPeach: @TehAmelie 100% agree :)
Eklinaar: Micromanaging *is* the game.
Asimech: Remember that re-fueling and re-arming takes time.
InquisitorFrollo: by the standards of the time period, this is ALL the game
Phothrism: So, I wonder, is there anything to learn from this game for our modern times or might this as well be forgotten?
InquisitorFrollo: Sure there is
InquisitorFrollo: It does a lot to build anticipation
wicker_knight: pardon?
I_Am_Clockwork: Some people like that kind of granularity.
InquisitorFrollo: Tensions run HIGH
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wicker_knight: it is pretty loud on stream as well
FerociousPeach: oh yeah, that's an artifact of the dosbox version
mtvcdm: Oh those Genesis-era sound effects
Worldbuild: Music is loud
Asimech: Yeah, this music is way louder than anything else in the game.
FerociousPeach: that particular music is super loud
Asimech: Well. Too late now.
plummeting_sloth: 80s tunes intensifies
Eklinaar: @Phothrism Considering this game literally birthed a genre, yes, there's plenty to learn.
excalgold: oh you dont even have armor yet thats right ! just BDU's
InquisitorFrollo: Personally, I think this game is a lot more effective horror game than Enemy Unknown
samuraitiger19: Hello MIDI... nice of you to drop by... so suddenly...
Asimech: Because 90's interface design. Which still keeps popping up at times today.
I_Am_Clockwork: oh man, the Guile haircut
Mr_sandmens: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 21:09.
InquisitorFrollo: though that's purely a matter of an opinion
InquisitorFrollo: yeah the hair in this game is something else
Papperslappen: ooh, the proper xcom hair
Meltalar: do you mean sweatphones, Cori?
plummeting_sloth: the Guile
TehAmelie: the hilarious granularity of individual pocket inventories. . .
Nicarrow: hi all
wicker_knight: @InquisitorFrollo I definitely don't really think of Enemy Unknown as a horror game
phorrestgaze: guile, guile but forgot gel, and boring.
coelopteryx: "this hair" looked like a pompadour almost
InquisitorFrollo: Neither is UFO Defense, technically, it's just very good at building tension and panic
Asimech: For the audience: when you're holding a weapon on the right you'll see what ammo has been loaded.
InquisitorFrollo: Oh boy
InquisitorFrollo: BAD
ReydienOnline: oh boy
excalgold: pretty bad.....
Nigouki: time for interplanetary diplomacy!
TehAmelie: Jaquieline Revenu seems like a great name for nicknames
excalgold: Sectoid !
InquisitorFrollo: Nope that's it
Kaszoski: So casualty one
SachielOne: Soooo.... Start the save scuming?
InquisitorFrollo: Haha death comes for us all
phorrestgaze: dakka?
plummeting_sloth: a get wrekd oid
GroutNASA: oh hyeah, save time
Phothrism: gun em down :D
InquisitorFrollo: Yep smoke nade on the ramp is the tried and true
InquisitorFrollo: wow you actually hit something
TehAmelie: one shot one kill
excalgold: holy crap he hit !
brainbosh: One shot one kill
samuraitiger19: Damn...
excalgold: rookie hit !
TehAmelie: retire champion
Nigouki: diplomacy works!
wicker_knight: nice coinflip
TheAinMAP: benginDab
InquisitorFrollo: Get that man a promotion
InquisitorFrollo: if he doesn't die immediately, that is
mtvcdm: How are the coinflips in this game?
InquisitorFrollo: The numbers are accurate but rookies can't aim for crap
samuraitiger19: WHAT?!
FerociousPeach: oh nice, he had a heavy :)
mtvcdm: Had
KharadBanar: easy everytime
excalgold: and he had a clear shot into the skyranger.....
Phothrism: can we pick it up and use it :P ?
InquisitorFrollo: Even a light gun is enough to kill you at this point
InquisitorFrollo: no
plummeting_sloth: well, we killed 2. back in teh plane everyone, it's only downhill from here
InquisitorFrollo: We need to research them first
wicker_knight: oh god that animation...
MennoKnight42: shame you're not Master Chief and can just pick up guns off of enemies
TehAmelie: "let's find out how many rookies a plasma beam can go through"
InquisitorFrollo: Blasta bomb
InquisitorFrollo: they dumb
excalgold: Muton with a blaster launcher
samuraitiger19: Ouch...
EsperDerek1: I remember playing the demo of this game. The demo was a terror mission with Snakemen and Chryssalids. I never actually beat that demo.
InquisitorFrollo: However, the game will allow you to acquire them
InquisitorFrollo: And they're JUST as dumb when you have them
Zebunisher: wow, this games combat REALLY reminds me of one old WH40k game called "chaos gate"
InquisitorFrollo: Dumber, actually, because you can scout
Kaszoski: Hidden Movement!
InquisitorFrollo: HIdden movement is great
plummeting_sloth: man, that squat walk though
Phothrism: honestly, xenonauts really didn't change too much compared to this
InquisitorFrollo: yeah xenonauts is relatively faithful
DahudLefthanded: Are we using the OpenXcom engine rewrite?
MennoKnight42: there's a whole lot of fuzzy buttons with people on them and they're not terribly clear
samuraitiger19: @Phothrism Is Xenonauts any good?
Phothrism: @samuraitiger19 I've played it a lot and enjoyed it
lordhexed: xenonauts is pretty good
lordhexed: its ufo defense iwth some modernisation of interface basically
Kaszoski: Skyranger, stop being in the way!
Phothrism: I kinda prefer that to the modern xcoms
InquisitorFrollo: now you're holding a primed grenade
InquisitorFrollo: yaaay
samuraitiger19: How complicated in Xenonauts comapred to this?
amythist: samuraitiger19 not a whole lot different really
Phothrism: @samuraitiger19 it's... less cumbersome? And not too brutal
excalgold: Xenonauts lets you bring in light armored vehicles though
Phothrism: but yeah kinda same granularity
InquisitorFrollo: I don't think you can throw that high
Kaszoski: Click click click
plummeting_sloth: man, the interstitial graphics are just full Lichfeld
Kaszoski: She needs to get swole
StabsofWar: too close to the building?
ReydienOnline: pretty sure the game doesn't actually do ballistic arcs like that?
Phothrism: did you just
samuraitiger19: It's a bug hunt! Game over man! Game over!!
InquisitorFrollo: you already shot down two without incident, you're due for some casualties
Asimech: The game sorta does arcs for grenades, but they're rough and not necessarily the most sensible.
SachielOne: No it does not
excalgold: i love that 'throw' is an option
InquisitorFrollo: there's a button for it isn't there
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You need to use the red buttons in the lower left.
excalgold: for your gun !
amythist: if I remember right the old xcom games you baiscally just brought along rookies to use as cannon fodder, on some missions
Rockario: Of course it is, James was just playing it lrrBEEJ
Phothrism: wow
Kaszoski: F
Phothrism: just dead
Asimech: Overwatch is a thing, it's automatic based on how much TU you have saved and what mode your gun is in. Latter is IIRC.
ZedBoson: F
SachielOne: Overwatch is one of the 4 buttons on the bottom left
Worldbuild: F
FerociousPeach: you're on overwatch if you have enough AP left to shoot
samuraitiger19: Ah Cam and his love for grenades
InquisitorFrollo: okay no it is automatic if you have TU left, that's right
Kaszoski: We were under the nose of the skyranger man!
plummeting_sloth: no, we lost Juan!
Eklinaar: for those talking about Xenonauts, also check out UFO:AI, a free and open source x-com-like game
InquisitorFrollo: TU are precious and scarce
xantos69: cheer50 Cam, Good News! So far you are shooting with 100% accuracy!
InquisitorFrollo: man that's crazy
InquisitorFrollo: I don't think I've ever had this many rookies land their shots
Kaszoski: 100% accuracy? Feels like cheating
Meltalar: no flawless mission :(
InquisitorFrollo: you only need to get on the ship if you're retreating
I_Am_Clockwork: The old "use your explosives on the building so your gunners can mow down the aliens" is a tried and tru xcom tactic
TehAmelie: heh, you know how in the movies up to about 1975 the actors used to emote like they were on stage because cameras couldn't capture and the screens couldn't show a lot of fine detail?
Asimech: Oh, right. The four buttons (1 green, 3 red) are "save up for this sort of firing". There's no "save up for kneeling" option.
InquisitorFrollo: Especially if you have a heavy auto cannon
InquisitorFrollo: then the building is gone
Kaszoski: No-one is here to file insurance claims against us anyway
TehAmelie: and here we have one third of the screen taken up by huge UI icons
kanggaruu: I'm new to this channel. What are the names of the two streamers on screen?
Kaszoski: One of the terrifying sights, a ufo with the door open
samuraitiger19: @kanggaruu Cam and Coriander (Cori)
CloudSwordTwitch: Cameron and Coriander
InquisitorFrollo: Nope
KharadBanar: @kanggaruu Cameron and Coriander (Cori for short)
excalgold: careful shooting into the UFO (You-foe if you watch the old British show UFO)
ThisIsTheGirl: Cameron and MC Lyte
InquisitorFrollo: You'll have to remove some walls or shoot out the windows
TehAmelie: maybe no one is here. maybe there are no aliens! wait we already killed like two
InquisitorFrollo: remember, if you snipe into the abyss, it also snipes back into you
Kaszoski: We killed 3 @TehAmelie
InquisitorFrollo: including the player's
Kaszoski: One outside the ship, one to the right and one in that building
I_Am_Clockwork: That's something that I wish more games had: Enemies that surrender or run away when they start to lose
Asimech: ~Pathing~
InquisitorFrollo: it's beautiful
InquisitorFrollo: like an angel from heaven
Mister_Dee: Apart from LOS, the aliens are playing by the same rules as you
Kaszoski: The pathing here is left to you!
Rockario: Crashed on a hostile world, being picked off one-by-one by aliens? I'd be scared
KharadBanar: He took the non-existent elevator down
Asimech: They do have pathing. It just ignores holes.
NathanJay_GA: Only the best and brightest recruits for Xcom!
InquisitorFrollo: well usually the aliens are picking you off really
InquisitorFrollo: this is a pretty clean first mission so far
Kaszoski: They have better guns than we do
excalgold: its Bruce Campbell ?
InquisitorFrollo: much better
KharadBanar: @InquisitorFrollo We did have one casualty so fatr
KharadBanar: far
Rockario: That cut to the "Next turn" screen is real jarring
InquisitorFrollo: Yeah, like I said, pretty clean
InquisitorFrollo: Well at the time it would have been much slower Rockario lol
InquisitorFrollo: Yeah hidden movement is so much better than enemy activation IMO
InquisitorFrollo: scouting is so important
TehAmelie: if you want to beat Ironman you'd best memorize at what exact square enemies spawn on every step of every mission
Rockario: I like the hidden movement, gives you more of a feeling of "The aliens are here to do something, we need to find them"
Meltalar: yeah and it felt super bad. also that every mission was like kill all aliens. even though some missions require stealth
SkylerRingtail: That hidden enemy movement screen is super anime to me
InquisitorFrollo: There's usually a couple in there
SachielOne: Re: Overwatch: The more TU you have left and the better the Reaction stat, the higher chance for a reaction shot.
InquisitorFrollo: motion tracker very handy
samuraitiger19: Also as Cam proved when he streamed X-COM if you play Enemy Unknown/Within enough you eventually can accuarely predict where enemies are hiding and how many depending on how far you are in the game.
StabsofWar: F
InquisitorFrollo: now we're closer to what I expected
Asimech: In X-com Apocalypse the motion detector detects *walls* if you're playing in real-time and move with it out. It's kinda cool.
KharadBanar: Cori jinxed it
TehAmelie: and her great nicknames we had barely began thinking about
Gekyouryuu: all Hans on deck
InquisitorFrollo: Cover dat door
samuraitiger19: !card ach
LRRbot: Found 115 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
KharadBanar: !card Ach Hans, Run!
LRRbot: "Ach! Hans, Run!" [2RRGG] | Enchantment | At the beginning of your upkeep, you may say "Ach Hans, run It's the . . ." and the name of a creature card. If you do, search your library for a card with that name, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. That creature gains haste. Exile it at the beginning of the next end step.
samuraitiger19: !card hans
LRRbot: Found 10 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Rockario: I am also very not used to the way old isometric cameras jump around, I always lose my bearings the first couple times
SachielOne: Here's hoping we don't get an accidental reactor hit
TehAmelie: they're pretty shart too
InquisitorFrollo: oh yes this is what I was expecting
InquisitorFrollo: This pleases me
InquisitorFrollo: niiice
Asimech: Chest is good enough.
I_Am_Clockwork: good job hans
samuraitiger19: Now THAT is XCOM troop accuracy
KharadBanar: ez hans
SachielOne: GREAT first encounter loot
ReydienOnline: especially at the beginning
samuraitiger19: VERY high
InquisitorFrollo: That was a very good first encounter all around
ReydienOnline: there's a reason the first armor is such a big deal
plummeting_sloth: it's a bit of a meat grinder of an org
Comeback323: So...I guess we dont get as attached to our units like in other xcom games
SachielOne: And now we SAVESAVE SAVE
Kaszoski: Good start
InquisitorFrollo: you do, but then you also mourn them
TehAmelie: basically officers have to be made out of the meat of dozens of sacrifices
Contiguouskittycat: But those poor, dumb recruits still died.
InquisitorFrollo: Also they get way more durable later
InquisitorFrollo: By the end of Xcom, you're scarier than the aliens are
samuraitiger19: Can we become part of your army like when you played XCOM Enemy Within?
Asimech: You might want to rename them so you can ID them easily.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: My soldiers never had names. Just shooting accuracy and strength values.
Alephred: I eventually renamed my recruits to their best attribute and preferred weapon, for loadout purposes.
InquisitorFrollo: Hey! Psi values matter too!
frankscx: cameron gained +1 multicultural pronunciation skill
Kaszoski: If chat becomes the army, we're going to run out of chat
SachielOne: New personnel takes 3 days, I believe
Alephred: So, Strong McHeavy Cannon.
InquisitorFrollo: So this game really wants you to grind through recruits
InquisitorFrollo: you recruit people by the 10s, check their stats, and dismiss the bad ones
lordhexed: survival of the fittest
InquisitorFrollo: Big differences from the new games, as I understand
KharadBanar: I feel like 5 second time intervals are a pause for most intents and purposes, though
InquisitorFrollo: Early tank?
mtvcdm: You just get sent people on a bus.
InquisitorFrollo: Tanks are good for, well, tanking
excalgold: 'Heavy weapons platform'
ReydienOnline: they get sent in first and take a shot
TehAmelie: you need something to fill up all those seats on the skyranger right
InquisitorFrollo: That's true
Eklinaar: the tanks are there to tank
ReydienOnline: I'm curious what research priorities you have
Rockario: Every dead soldier is one more human who doesn't have to live under alien rule
plummeting_sloth: ordered them from the soldier magazine
KharadBanar: Do tanks take up multiple hexes on the tactical map?
Meltalar: have we filled up on avalanche missiles on the interceptors?
InquisitorFrollo: laser weapons are fine
Asimech: To tank, as emergency cover, to scout.
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TehAmelie: Soldier of Fortune* Magazine
InquisitorFrollo: They make great money sources
InquisitorFrollo: You sell them on the market and roll in cash
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Medpacks only help when your soldiers don't die from 1 hit.
plummeting_sloth: ^good point
InquisitorFrollo: which they totally do
excalgold: you can arm the armies of europe with laser cannons
InquisitorFrollo: Lasers for everyone
Alephred: Laser pistols are very profitable to manufacture and sell, for funding.
samuraitiger19: Pour one out for our fallen...
Rockario: Priorities: kill aliens, find aliens, not die to aliens
plummeting_sloth: I like the goons
InquisitorFrollo: I love the art in this game
plummeting_sloth: the boxy boxy goons
mtvcdm: You have been sent one (1) Bernard.
Gekyouryuu: it's a mirror. to optical illusion there being more money
Gamshyd: mr money has a cabal of dr strangeloves behind him
samuraitiger19: Nice
Asimech: They're all in cling film.
InquisitorFrollo: 20 bravery
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Cameron, every time you say "arm with heavy lasers" all I can think of is Sleeper Simulant.
InquisitorFrollo: ew
Contiguouskittycat: Name a psi operative after me, if we get that far.
excalgold: Loius and his brother are garbage
mtvcdm: The Guerin Brothers are a jobber tag team.
plummeting_sloth: we should demand a refund from the magazine we got these soliders from
samuraitiger19: So is like 20 bravery like a 100% chance the guy is going to freak out an
TehAmelie: there is this great written LP of most of the classic X-coms on LPArchive that can give you very strange ideas about what the games do if you haven't played them
InquisitorFrollo: No, but it's just
InquisitorFrollo: way more likely
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: just an entire planet firing Sleeper at random, what could possibly go wrong
SachielOne: I bet Rasputin could deal with this invasion no sweat.
FarleyF: Ah but you can't freak out with a smoking hole in your chest lrrBEEJ
InquisitorFrollo: And people who panic in this game have a distressing habit of shooting their teammates
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh yeah Rasputin would toast these guys
excalgold: its funny how you are not geting their best
plummeting_sloth: "Do you sign on dotted lines without asking a lot of questions?"
TehAmelie: like there is this narrative about the laser rifles you make and sell for cash going to organized criminals. . .
samuraitiger19: @InquisitorFrollo Ah so at 20 bravery it's just way too high a risk
InquisitorFrollo: Sometimes you gotta
InquisitorFrollo: but if you can get someone better, yeah
Kaszoski: Basically yeah, you can get a chain reaction of a low bravery soldier shooting your guys
Nefarious_Ned: So....useless?
excalgold: the XCom Base MP's
Kaszoski: Which then goes into a panic spiral
plummeting_sloth: they are one tier worse than rookies
Kaszoski: Of ALL your guys shooting each other
InquisitorFrollo: Yeah, the more death, the more panic
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: if you ever wonder why Rasputin concluded VOLUSPA was in terminal failure, just watch a game of XCOM.
plummeting_sloth: there's a great cheevo with getting one to survive the end of the mission
InquisitorFrollo: and it just gets worse and worse
MennoKnight42: is there best ever actually helpful?
I_Am_Clockwork: The Security are the people incharge of keeping other humans out of XCOM, and are now having a Sectoid Walker shooting at them
InquisitorFrollo: All it takes is one stray mind control for everything to really spiral
plummeting_sloth: but some times they can get a kill with a grenade and it's glorious
TheBearBee: Just imagine somebody in the deep south with a laser rifle yelling at a alien to get off his lawn
InquisitorFrollo: never be afraid to fire people
silenceaux: Is there ever a stage you can afford panic
Kaszoski: Millions of dollars and no armour in the world
InquisitorFrollo: Late game it's not so bad
TehAmelie: you're fired for being traumatized
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh my god imagine an XCOM soldier with Sleeper but also, like, XCOM-level aim.
ReydienOnline: was gonna say, isn't that basically required at the start of these first two games, the soldier churn looking for good meat
InquisitorFrollo: when you have good armor
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Sleeper rounds EVERYWHERE.
InquisitorFrollo: sure is
InquisitorFrollo: uwu
Kaszoski: owo
samuraitiger19: Huh I wouldn't thought Cam would rush armor
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: if you fired Sleeper in XCOM somehow you'd miss the target but every ricochet would hit your own guys.
KharadBanar: Cool Technology!
samuraitiger19: *would've
InquisitorFrollo: Get dat armor
plummeting_sloth: apparently humanity's problem was never putting 20 laser scientists in the same room
Asimech: Laser Cannons.
Asimech: IIRC, pistols, rifles, heavy, cannons.
Kaszoski: Haha @plummeting_sloth
InquisitorFrollo: night missions yaaay
Asimech: Could be the HWP laser though.
SachielOne: Has Cam saved at all yet?
InquisitorFrollo: man this makes me want to go start up my copy
Drunk__Owl: Oh sweet, I actually caught an LRR stream for once!
InquisitorFrollo: No, I don't think so
samuraitiger19: Why is night bad? Are the alien's stronger?
Asimech: I just remember swearing at the steps when I was going through trying to get plasma cannons for my planes.
HesGotNoPants: cam save
InquisitorFrollo: Your line of sight is much worse
Juliamon: Welcome Drunk__Owl!
plummeting_sloth: plus you can make it in to a RAVE
TehAmelie: grenade.shaped flashlights more like
Kaszoski: You don't have torches
samuraitiger19: Ah that makes sense
plummeting_sloth: you don't have a place to put them, so you just merc them
Drunk__Owl: @Juliamon thanks!
Kaszoski: You have grenades that light up an area
ReydienOnline: we ironman yo
TehAmelie: unconscious ironman!
InquisitorFrollo: Cam just gonna casually ironman UFO Defense, no biggy
Kaszoski: So yeah imagine, "I want to go see that place" walk up, throw a grenade and an area gets lit up and then get shot by stuff
samuraitiger19: Cam is just to used to ironman rules
Gekyouryuu: A+ name
mtvcdm: We're going to London? Did we find the Doctor
KharadBanar: I'm impressed that the game allows such long save names
KharadBanar: that was 19 characters
plummeting_sloth: man, this IS granular
mtvcdm: Is the UFO the TARDIS
jonasjonIV: look at all those ice caps!
InquisitorFrollo: Yeah you wanna let it get as light as possible before it takes off
samuraitiger19: EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!!!
HesGotNoPants: @mtvcdm they'd never get shot down if it was
ReydienOnline: start sending now
MennoKnight42: bullets are cheap, but not that cheap
ReydienOnline: and can't catch up
Kaszoski: Crud, waited too long
InquisitorFrollo: It's 2fast4u
InquisitorFrollo: "aimlessly"
samuraitiger19: So you NEVER fight in the night
InquisitorFrollo: Aliens have bases too
InquisitorFrollo: You do
ReydienOnline: getting an idea where the base is?
NeddySeagoon: My go-to X-COM strategy was always autocannons with explosive rounds as the standard loadout.
InquisitorFrollo: Aliens can attack cities
ReydienOnline: down in new zealand?
excalgold: doesnt the interceptor just follow it until it crashes ?
InquisitorFrollo: And sometimes you really do have to go to a night mission when they do
InquisitorFrollo: no, sometimes they just get away from you
Kaszoski: We would so die
TehAmelie: fighting at night is a bad idea, just see how it worked out for Billy Rose
InquisitorFrollo: It wasn't a terror mission so you didn't l;ose much
mtvcdm: We at least know a trajectory.
plummeting_sloth: good range on those birds
HesGotNoPants: what are you drinking cam?
Kaszoski: Flares gives aliens MORE light to shoot us with!
InquisitorFrollo: Flares are a stopgap measure
mtvcdm: Last spotted in Myanmar heading east southeast.
mtvcdm: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
silenceaux: So, do Sectoids need to wear shades in the daytime?
NeddySeagoon: I put a flare down by our feet so we can see! Why are you call running away from the flare, guys?
InquisitorFrollo: nah, they're super special superior aliens
I_Am_Clockwork: The menu noises are reminding me of StarCraft menu noises
KharadBanar: that's some dope music
TehAmelie: they're geneticallya nd surgically designed to be superior to humans. in terms of vision and aiming guns anyway
I_Am_Clockwork: @TehAmelie ah so 40K Spacemarines
InquisitorFrollo: and, you know, psychic powers
samuraitiger19: So chat OG Xcom or Firaxis Xcom>
I_Am_Clockwork: IDK I think each of them does different things right
Kaszoski: Different games, Firaxis xcom did keep crashing on me when I assaulted the mother ship thing though
InquisitorFrollo: They are pretty different games. I much prefer OG Xcom but that's just down to what kind of game it is.
TehAmelie: i'm glad Cam is playing this so i don't have to :)
InquisitorFrollo: Yeah, but OG has plenty of bugs too lol
wicker_knight: don't have the history with OG to feel like I can say confidently. Certainly what I've seen so far I'd be inclined toward Firaxis version
Asimech: OG Xcom, because I can't actually even play Firaxis Xcom thanks to the way the camera moves.
InquisitorFrollo: For those of you who would be interested, the original game is on steam
I_Am_Clockwork: Firaxis XCOM is more modern, for good and ill. It streamlines a lot, so there is some loss of simulation, but it also is a more intuitive and wieldy interface
lordhexed: OG al the way
samuraitiger19: Awww still no LRL on Saturday? My favorite mangas are already currently on hiatus! Don't do this to me LRR!!
lordhexed: OG X-COM might be one of my favorite games of all time
littleblueboxes: Just dropping in to say awesome, more XCOM from the LRR squad pls. Cameron is headcanon Commander.
littleblueboxes: Also watching Bylaw & Order right now, will check the vod later
samuraitiger19: Yeah I want Cam to play X COM Enemy Within again. It's one of the few stream I find myself going back to again and again.
wicker_knight: may your sausages always have less than 5% insect powder
Asimech: Why would you wish for someone to get less protein?
samuraitiger19: Just who in Ravnica is so determined to not let this bylaw go through?! Who wants unregulated sausages so badly?!!
wicker_knight: entropy
HesGotNoPants: maybe golgari sausage makers?
Rockario: No one is stopping them so far
KharadBanar: @samuraitiger19 I would imagine the Golgari would be interested in insect-containing foods
wicker_knight: doesn't need to be anyone, just the sheer mindboggling difficulty of this kind of coordination effort
Schnappsy: It's all Orzhov lobbyists...
wicker_knight: bureaucracy's hard yo
Rockario: @Schnappsy They
HesGotNoPants: if not gruul sausage, then die
Asimech: Bureaucracy would be easy if it weren't for all the bureaucracy.
Schnappsy: @HesGotNoPants mmm, boar?
Rockario: They're not necessarily lobbying "For" the Orzhov, but the Orzhov make the best lobbyists
InquisitorFrollo: I think the Gruul are opposed on principle
HesGotNoPants: @schnappsy na made from enemies
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wicker_knight: Orzhov is lobbying both for and against sausage regulatoins
TehAmelie: i want to imagine there could be a game that unites this granularity with the modern games' intuitive controls but that may be a contradiction in terms
wicker_knight: that way they get paid recardless of what happens
InquisitorFrollo: It prety much is
samuraitiger19: I've been rewatching X Files and I just realized that Cigarette Smoking Man would make a great member of Orhov
Rhynerd: is this original XCOM?
Rhynerd: what have I missed
InquisitorFrollo: Yes
wicker_knight: @TehAmelie would paradox style games count?
TehAmelie: so futuristic
jonasjonIV: that's so many humans!
InquisitorFrollo: Cam had an amazing first mission
Nefarious_Ned: What are we at now...7? 8?
Rhynerd: I know I've missed at least an hour
KharadBanar: This spherical projection technology on the globe map impresses me
wicker_knight: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:04:31.
InquisitorFrollo: and let another ship escape rather than attack it at night
NeddySeagoon: X-Com the TV show: With a rotating main cast that barely lasts 3-4 episodes per character.
wicker_knight: @Rhynerd had a fantastic first mission: only 2 deaths! greater than 50% rookie accuracy!
ReydienOnline: @Rhynerd Cameron spent like 2 million dollars, we captured a landed craft and only lost a third of our soldiers, then another craft landed at night and Cam said " lrrEFF that"
Asimech: X-files: 1993-2002.
HorusFive: Are we not interested in that any more?
HorusFive: I'm still interested
InquisitorFrollo: As a culture? Not in the same way, no
SachielOne: Back when conspiracy theorists were cute and we didn't know they were completely batshit insane
silenceaux: Can't keep secrets for shit, tbh
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the real Area 51is basically a flight testing range
Gekyouryuu: funny story, Cam? when this stream started, The CW was airing the series premier of a show called Roswell, New Mexico about aliens hiding among us.
phorrestgaze: Trump would be bragging about it.
wicker_knight: yeah, it's absolutely a holdover from a view of government competence that no longer exists
mtvcdm: Someone would take a selfie with it for YouTube likes.
samuraitiger19: Hehe I'm rewatching the whole X Files series because I got all the seasons (including 10 and 11) plus both movies on blu-ray for just $150. I'm so happy!!
Rockario: Area-51 is some sort of "Original Sin" in the background of all our aliens stories
TehAmelie: hello, my new items
wicker_knight: also, defeating radar turns out to be both a lot easier and a lot harder than people realized
silenceaux: What? Vladimir? No, he vas my brother
Papperslappen: hefty chonk
ReydienOnline: People will track flight numbers for aircraft when Football coaches start shopping around. Secrets are hard to keep
TehAmelie: wait, "items" could mean like couples. let's ship all these soldiers
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I've heard people say that the B-2 bomber was built with alien technology and honestly, having seen one in flight, I get where they're coming from. It is a profoundly unsettling aircraft.
InquisitorFrollo: Mostly good here
InquisitorFrollo: except the 20 bravery one
frankscx: i have fond but no doubt rose tinted memories of the short-lived 90s series Dark Skies. aliens a-go-go
jonasjonIV: no no, I have no fear
OriginalGarwulf: There's an unofficial history of Area 51 that I've got (the name escapes me), but one or two of the interviewees the author talked to had worked on the Roswell craft...and it was Soviet.
plummeting_sloth: I like the look of all of these gibblets
Contiguouskittycat: Cam, can you change Samuel King's last name to Evans?
samuraitiger19: Though I am keeping my hopes very low for X Files seasons 10 and 11.
Contiguouskittycat: Cause that's my name.
Thane1607: Gib is what they are gonna do
samuraitiger19: @Contiguouskittycat You want to see yourself die in game?
CloudSwordTwitch: Evelyn tho?
mtvcdm: The 'little green men' trope
InquisitorFrollo: Who doesn't?
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wicker_knight: @OriginalGarwulf that frankly almost fits so well I'm inclined to disbelieve it out of a conviction that the real world doesn't make that much sense :P
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Cameron & Cori, did you ever hear the story about how Guillermo del Toro saw a UFO as a kid and was disappointed in its aesethetic?
NathanJay_GA: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHEART
mtvcdm: Oh dang
Contiguouskittycat: You're damn right I want to die in Cam's glorious empire/
Asimech: @Drunk__Owl Thank you.
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plummeting_sloth: ah right, this thing. Keepin 'er going
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InquisitorFrollo: It's not so glorious yet tbh
samuraitiger19: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou Of course Del Toro would be focused on that...
Drunk__Owl: @Asimech welcome!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: @samuraitiger19 I know right?? it's so painfully on-brand
samuraitiger19: He wanted it to look more like a fish person
plummeting_sloth: well, it's also interesting that there's no ambiguity. You are starting out in the middle of a war, essentially
ryuhimora: This seems very MGS: Peace Walker
BubbaRad: 96
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: 98
samuraitiger19: Nice save name Cam
Nigouki: hmm, do you keep the equipment your soldiers had when the died? or is it gone?
OriginalGarwulf: The way the book put it, this thing crashes in Roswell, and it's just covered in Russian writing. So, the US government covered it up because they did not want the public to know that the Soviets could fly something that far into US airspace without the air force being able to do a thing about it.
NeddySeagoon: That save game name doesn't surprise me one bit for X-Com.
InquisitorFrollo: It's a bit shadier than that I think
SachielOne: It was 1996
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh right yeah it was 1996
mtvcdm: Well, the last one was lost over Myanmar heading ESE; let's see if we get a similar trajectory.
SachielOne: As per IMDB
InquisitorFrollo: Literally pumping out laser rifles on the black market as your primary source of income
NightBook1: according to google 06/03/1996
OriginalGarwulf: They then started a massive manhunt for this Nazi scientist who had worked on flying wing craft and who the Soviets had scooped (and the manhunt is the detail that makes me buy the story).
InquisitorFrollo: Zeitgeist
wicker_knight: millenial zeitgeist
wicker_knight: wow, you think I'd be able to spell that word by now
plummeting_sloth: our Times Spooper
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Stargate the movie also came out in 1994.
Thane1607: 1996
OriginalGarwulf: Next break, I'll try to find the book. I should have it somewhere downstairs.
Gekyouryuu: Wait, Stargate was 94?!
mtvcdm: This was... roughly on the pathline of the other UFO's track from London.
BubbaRad: yeah
InquisitorFrollo: the 90s were weird fam
excalgold: i was actually scared at 10 that the world was gonna end
Thane1607: Starship Troopers is the best
jonasjonIV: I loved Stargate.
TehAmelie: The Invisibles of course, but there it turns out the grey men aren't space aliens but time aliens
InquisitorFrollo: Y2K was a hell of a drug
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: OG Stargate really was 1994
Nigouki: little did we know 20 years ago the the apocalypse would come from within! Kappa
wicker_knight: to uncover the truth, I believe
frankscx: i thought apocalypse was that big blue dude who fights the x-men
I_Am_Clockwork: I think Clypse is "To See or be shown" ?
mtvcdm: So let's see, this one's over Baghdad...
frankscx: and was in that disappointing movie
Papperslappen: Is that related to gnosis?
I_Am_Clockwork: I haven't taken greek in a long time
HesGotNoPants: 1996 "what's in space?" 2018 "what makes this tide pod so yummy?"
Gekyouryuu: no, no, it's spelled Apokalips, and it's where Darkseid is from. Kappa
I_Am_Clockwork: like EClipse is to "Hide or coverup"
samuraitiger19: Cam have you seen the recent two seasons of X Files?
wicker_knight: @HesGotNoPants I'd say it's more: 1996 - only space can defeat us now | 2016 - oh god can space come kill us now?
NightBook1: Greek word (apokalupsis) -- an uncovering
OriginalGarwulf: For those who are interested, though, Area 51 is where the US Air Force tests all of its advanced prototypes.
TehAmelie: i think it was when 2000 rolled around and we didn't have Mars colonies or even the tiniest settlement on the moon that people stopped believing in space travel
Nigouki: Helen and Henri?
ReydienOnline: this reminds me of the tip I read, to put tags in their names for their strengths
Nigouki: it was two H-names with 33 strength
HesGotNoPants: you got me lol
BloodnBullets: what are those discs in the ship?
excalgold: 1999 'man 2020 is going to be so amazeing ! jetpacks and AI, flying cars, genetic engineering, so much stuff !' 2019 'we arent going to make it to 2040 are we ?'
ReydienOnline: so like -R for rifleman, -G for grenadier
mtvcdm: This seems too grassy to be Baghdad.
InquisitorFrollo: smokey
NeddySeagoon: Oooh, the Heavy Cannon. What's the accuracy like on that? I hardly used it.
OriginalGarwulf: So long as the episode isn't written by Chris Carter, the last two seasons are good. Just skip the first and last episode of each season, and you're golden.
samuraitiger19: I haven't either but I have the bluerays. I have low hopes but I'm hoping there's at least a couple of good monster of the week episodes.
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Oatway_: oh hey xcom, sweet
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KharadBanar: Maybe it shares a root word with Eucalyptus even?
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:12:50.
Asimech: IIRC, Heavy Cannon has not so great accuracy but damage is way better than on the Auto Cannon.
InquisitorFrollo: it's not too bad
korvys: I was not here earlier. Apparently we are deploying into a swarm of bees?
OriginalGarwulf: There's this episode with a were-human that is just brilliant.
InquisitorFrollo: auto cannon exists to remove walls
wicker_knight: it's supposed to be concealing smoke @korvys
Styxseus: Is that "Door opens--chucks granade" a standard tactic in this game?
Eklinaar: Just out of curiosity, did anyone else read the novelization tie-in to this game?
samuraitiger19: @OriginalGarwulf Really? Has Chris Carter gotten that bad? I remember the episodes he wrote being good (End Game and Colony for S2 spring to mind)
korvys: @wicker_knight Tactical Bees, got it.
InquisitorFrollo: It's a smoke grenade, and yes
InquisitorFrollo: Because otherwise you get shot coming down the ramp
InquisitorFrollo: And if you get shot you die
NeddySeagoon: That's pretty much why I gave everyone Autocannons. The standard rifle sucks, and a salvo of explosive rounds solves a LOT of early problems.
wicker_knight: @korvys BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....
TehAmelie: a pre-cavalry wedge formation might come naturally. put your best guy in the front and the second and third best behind him and so on. . .
Styxseus: Ah! That makes more sense! :D
SachielOne: And then there are the other ammo types. Because you want fire when Chysalids show up.
OriginalGarwulf: Sadly, yes, Chris Carter's episodes just sucked.
Mister_Dee: Nah, Chrysalids are a myth, no need to prepare for them
OriginalGarwulf: All of the ones he didn't write were pretty good, though.
withr: whats the difference between 50% and 40% shots
InquisitorFrollo: Oh boy I can't wait til we have to take a Chrysalid alive
InquisitorFrollo: Those are the best missions
Styxseus: I just got here and thought Aliens may have been camping the shuttle on turn one :D
Asimech: OG X-com didn't really do translucent stuff, so smoke had to be done with this particle storm.
samuraitiger19: @OriginalGarwulf I guess I shouldn't be surprised the Mytharc post Mulder abduction wasn't every good either from what I remember.
Styxseus: I've heard things about this game
NathanJay_GA: does the field at least provide some visual cover?
InquisitorFrollo: Yes
NathanJay_GA: looks like some tall wheat
Asimech: @InquisitorFrollo I'm sure we won't end up with any ovipositors in our troops.
SachielOne: Was that crater there before?
InquisitorFrollo: Well, to be fair, once there's ovipositors in them, they're not really OUR troops anymore
TehAmelie: it might be interesting if it involved inventory grids that weren't just 1x2
Eklinaar: Those complex rules are also how a lot of tabletop RPGs of the 90s worked
Asimech: Touché.
plummeting_sloth: but it does give you the lovely mental imagine of a soldier with every possible cavity filled with stuff
korvys: You are describing a game in which cargo shorts effectively give a stat boost...
NeddySeagoon: When in doubt, assume there's a Sectoid lurking in a corner.
korvys: That's horrifying
wicker_knight: @korvys see also: PUBG :P
Asimech: Well, I mean. The zombie troops do leak green fluid from their mouths. And the eggs are green, so.
InquisitorFrollo: Well there they are
samuraitiger19: OMG the smoke is a carsinogen
OriginalGarwulf: The bit that got me was the first new season finale, where Scully was fighting a plague by "I believe this must work, so it will work!"...leaving me, and probably most of the rest of the audience watching it, screaming "You are a MEDICAL DOCTOR! Please, for the love of God, act like one!"
mtvcdm: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Boy Scout jamboree.
TheExactSame: Shots Fired!
xantos69: Found One!
KharadBanar: @korvys well you won't kill aliens using your Charisma
ZedBoson: feisty
BloodnBullets: contact!
Chantzzzzz: rude
HesGotNoPants: !quote cam
LRRbot: Quote #3011: "Sodom below... yeah that's usually where that happens." —Cameron [2016-07-21]
samuraitiger19: @OriginalGarwulf Oh ouch...
HesGotNoPants: !quote cori
LRRbot: Quote #3736: "Can you rub some frog on your pants to fix them?" —Cori, to Ian [2016-12-13]
TehAmelie: "that's what i call a close encounter"
OriginalGarwulf: The were-human, though, was AMAZING. Really clever and very funny.
InquisitorFrollo: remove the fence?
NeddySeagoon: Aka: "Rookie Tactic No.3"
InquisitorFrollo: Nice!
ZedBoson: yeee
TehAmelie: welcome to erf
xantos69: From DOWNTOWN!
mtvcdm: Kobe!
wicker_knight: @OriginalGarwulf so...on a scale of Nic Pizzolatto to E.L. James...
BloodnBullets: i looks like failing to shoot still costs time units, vicious
HydraWiggins: good one bernie
Rhynerd: tango down!
ReydienOnline: All skill, no Luck
Drunk__Owl: I played this game once when I was 13. Guess who didn't make it very far
InquisitorFrollo: That was a hell of a shot
OriginalGarwulf: (It's about a cryptid who gets bitten by a human and starts turning into one.)
TheExactSame: snipes are pretty thrilling in this game
SoapyMarmoset: taht sectoid won't be in xcom 2
Styxseus: Ohhh, I see. This is a "And you thought the NEW xcom had wierd corners/cover!" huh
ReydienOnline: that looks like a grenade scenario
I_Am_Clockwork: An expert marksperson, get this soldier a sniper rifle
ZedBoson: yeet it over
InquisitorFrollo: The X-Com 2 for this game is full of horrifying lobster people
samuraitiger19: @OriginalGarwulf I did see a preview on YouTube for a s11 episode where terrifying looking Teletubbies were coming out of the TV and killing kids... I think?
InquisitorFrollo: It's THE WORST
NeddySeagoon: It'll break the wall and give your team line of fire at least.
TehAmelie: where did it go? *checks in pants' how di
NeddySeagoon: @InquisitorFrollo It's also just a terrible game.
InquisitorFrollo: it is!
plummeting_sloth: it impacted off the surface
ExhaustedElox: Ah.... my early entry into strategy games.
ExhaustedElox: Hey Chat
OriginalGarwulf: Without the Chris Carter episodes, I'd give the seasons a good 8-9 out of 10. That's WITHOUT the Chris Carter written episodes.
ReydienOnline: should be able to click the 1 to autozoom on the alien, yeah?
korvys: "You can do it! You can hide!"
ReydienOnline: or is that not until TFTD?
NeddySeagoon: All that you can be in the X-Com army is disposable.
TehAmelie: grenades cost money. the dead cost nothing
InquisitorFrollo: I think that's in here
mtvcdm: "We don't have to pay you if you're dead."
samuraitiger19: @OriginalGarwulf Sad to hear the Mytharc had become so bad...
I_Am_Clockwork: Kobe
Rhynerd: kobre
NathanJay_GA: PogChamp
lordhexed: headshot.
wicker_knight: a kobe, since you hit something
banachspacebar: I think a Kobe
Taveena: Kobe for accuracy, Yeet for distance
incredulouspasserby: Kobe
mtvcdm: Our accuracy is just ludicrous.
electroswagnetism: Both?
silenceaux: Considering the genre, Kobe for accuracy.
Styxseus: :D
I_Am_Clockwork: Its Kobe for accuracy, Yeet for distance
BloodnBullets: kobe for accuracy
electroswagnetism: I think it was both
FlyingUltraCar: Kobeet
excalgold: i love that they turn to the camera when they go down
electroswagnetism: Yeebe?
Mysaryl: how come these old XCOM soldiers have better aim than our modern XCOM soldiers?
plummeting_sloth: give that man or that man's future corpse a medal!
banachspacebar: the dead cost money, to replace them?
HesGotNoPants: Kobe for accuracy yeet for distance
incredulouspasserby: yeet is for grenades
TehAmelie: i'd call it a Simo Häyhä, just for variety
Mysaryl: what kind of nonesense is this
NeddySeagoon: The primary method of research in XCOM is learning how XCOM soldiers are killed in the field.
ReydienOnline: that's a lot of movement
I_Am_Clockwork: yeet is when you don't care what you hit, just get this thing as far away from me as possible
InquisitorFrollo: X-Com UFO Defense
xantos69: Well....then just dodge those lasers.
InquisitorFrollo: Oh it totally is
korvys: I swear some of these sound effects are straight ripped from Starcraft
mtvcdm: Did we and the aliens switch dice?
wicker_knight: @NeddySeagoon wait, so you're saying XCOM is actually a hidden prequel/sequel to Kerbal Space Program? Kappa
Sthrad: uh oh
anamelessdog: question for chat. Anyone have home remedies for sore ears when you have a cold?
ReydienOnline: deadman switch
lordhexed: oh no
Rhynerd: RIP.
NeddySeagoon: @wicker_knight Pretty much.
gsyhiap: NotLikeThis
Asimech: You often have to pull out and prime on one turn and throw on the other.
Styxseus: Hot potato
NeddySeagoon: This is how he dies.
electroswagnetism: See now we really want to YEET that grenade
Thane1607: RIP Arm
InquisitorFrollo: Good ol rookie kamakazi
samuraitiger19: @anamelessdog Rest and fluids?
Mysaryl: ohno
lordhexed: @korvys this game predates starcraft afaik
Mister_Dee: Nah, it doesn't explode in hand, no worries
Asimech: Or drop it when you're dead and hope you're not close your buddies.
plummeting_sloth: that right there is a bravest boy in teh world
NeddySeagoon: "JUST PUT DOWN THE GRENADE!" "I CANT! I'm out of time units! *sobs*
Thane1607: lrrSPOOP
frankscx: @anamelessdog anaesthetic earmuffs
ReydienOnline: amusingly, I remember the official strategy guide for TFTD suggesting that as a strat: bring a rookie, give him like 6 grenades, prime them all to 0, and run him into the alien ship
wicker_knight: @anamelessdog warm, wet air e.g. sticking your head under a shower spray
InquisitorFrollo: It super is a thing
CloudSwordTwitch: Electrode, go!
TehAmelie: close but no cigar
wicker_knight: or in a sauna
InquisitorFrollo: the random number gods love you cam
mtvcdm: The aliens are just not hitting anything tonight.
anamelessdog: thanks. I'll try these.
korvys: @lordhexed You are correct. So maybe the other way around (or more likely, just a coincidence)
korvys: Keet!
Styxseus: Thats hilarious and horrible xD @ReydienOnline
mtvcdm: We're hitting everything and they're msising everything.
InquisitorFrollo: Yobe
electroswagnetism: No that was definitely yeet. That grenade needed to go.
NeddySeagoon: Generally there should be at LEAST three rookies dead by a single Sectoid by now.
excalgold: suddenly a Muton bursts from the ground
ReydienOnline: click the 1
InquisitorFrollo: Cam, try clicking the 1?
samuraitiger19: Yeah things NEVER go this smoothly in XCOM
Rockario: DOOM would be good, go on a mission to the alien's base on Mars with a single Doom-guy
InquisitorFrollo: Full auto never works
NeddySeagoon: That one CLEARLY winged him.
Asimech: @korvys They could both be using the same sound pack made by a third party.
wicker_knight: @anamelessdog so are you a dog called "nameless", a dog without a given name, or a being with a name that has no "dog" in it
lordhexed: full auto technically is more accurate than snap
NeddySeagoon: I think the gun's probably as big as the Sectoid, so it's mobile cover and firepower.
Styxseus: More accuary% per point spent?
samuraitiger19: Damn....
BloodnBullets: its lord tchanka
TehAmelie: i bet there's a pixel perfect recreation of the Mars mission map for Doom out there
I_Am_Clockwork: Saved by Wheat!
anamelessdog: @wicker_knight I started using the name based on the Duck Hunt dog, who didn't have an actual name
Chantzzzzz: not the wheat
electroswagnetism: "If you have a big enough weapon, nothing can hit you directly" is essentially the justification for mechs and such]
KharadBanar: yeet the wheat
CloudSwordTwitch: He has a friend! Not for long...
plummeting_sloth: it's shooting the field. they hate wheat! I REPEAT THE ALIENS HATE WHEAT
NeddySeagoon: When in doubt; send the Rookie.
wicker_knight: @anamelessdog ah, an unknowable demon in pupper form then
wicker_knight: :P
anamelessdog: rooSip
TehAmelie: two stumpy smoking feet in a crater
HesGotNoPants: "a big enough weapon and nothing can hit you." that explains bleach
InquisitorFrollo: "Not for long" unless the RNG decides otherwise
InquisitorFrollo: oh dear
mtvcdm: Things get interesting.
Saintnex: thats bad
anamelessdog: I had the duck hunt dog as a TF2 spray as well. I was a jerk lol
CloudSwordTwitch: The aliens have coeliac disease...
samuraitiger19: RIP in peace gentlemen
Styxseus: I love how they kinda just crab-walk across the map
excalgold: and using telekinisis
TehAmelie: Mars has like 0.4 earth gravities
Gekyouryuu: 3 rounds rapid!
NeddySeagoon: This is Petrov. We taught him to shoot badly as a joke.
ReydienOnline: well, goodbye boris
Brainsample3D: oh man the way back machine with this game
InquisitorFrollo: better hope none of them have a grenade
Ravenclaw37: hey guys
InquisitorFrollo: because you are pretty clustered
TehAmelie: this is fine dot jpg
NeddySeagoon: And then comes the Blaster Launcher.
HesGotNoPants: lrrFINE lrrHERE
wicker_knight: POWER POSE
gsyhiap: kintFine
InquisitorFrollo: Blaster launcher shouldn't be showing up for quite some time
ReydienOnline: the alien ran into the smoke?
Styxseus: I was gonna say "Thank goodness they cant just set the wheat on fire" but then I saw the building
TheExactSame: the aliens didn't count on our sturdy Midwestern crops
Rockario: Grass fires in autumn are no joke
TheExactSame: oh wait
InquisitorFrollo: Mutons?
wicker_knight: pardon?
mtvcdm: I remind you again: this mission is taking place in Baghdad.
Gekyouryuu: Chewbacca?
InquisitorFrollo: oh god
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MistahFixIt: Attack of the Space Gritties Kappa
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Taveena: I cannot see what's happening at all.
CloudSwordTwitch: no, furrys
jonasjonIV: but gritty cannot be killed!
Gekyouryuu: again, 3 rounds rapid!
ReydienOnline: shoot enough and you might cook off a grenade
Rockario: @mtvcdm I blame people's obsession with green lawns
Rhynerd: they're cheap girtty knockoff aliens
wicker_knight: an individual gritty can be killed, but the true gritty is eternal
Rhynerd: they don't have the true power
InquisitorFrollo: Cam's tactics and RNG powers makin this look ez
HesGotNoPants: start controlled bursts? its poop powered
BloodnBullets: upstairs?
corran__horn: Coryfrump?
Styxseus: :D
MistahFixIt: Ideas are bulletproof.
BloodnBullets: but you can set ideas on fire...
GreyFox0012: tekkHi everyone been a while since ive been on here
mtvcdm: LRRBot, who should we recruit for this?
mtvcdm: !smash
LRRbot: Put my OC, LRRbot the Hedgehog, in Smash, you cowards!
excalgold: the Empire of star wars fame thinks you can kill hope ?
plummeting_sloth: you cannot kill a mascot who's time has come
Mister_Dee: Methinks Cori will not like Look-in-all-the-closets Terror Missions
NeddySeagoon: There's probably one lurking in the UFO proper.
jonasjonIV: There should really be a gritty emote....
HesGotNoPants: !badadvise
Duwani1: Is that like how there was an Idea that there was no John Connor but was just propaganda until skynet made one.
InquisitorFrollo: Yeah likely one in the ufo]
NeddySeagoon: !badadvice
LRRbot: Attack the Shopkeeper.
TehAmelie: i was just watching the video for when you get laser rifles in modern Xcom today, where they vaporize a dummy at the target range, and i just thought "but you're terrible at aiming, why won't you make a gun that shoots smaller bullets more often instead?"
Thane1607: !badadvice
LRRbot: Monetize the baby.
NeddySeagoon: Oh, that's a Medium UFO. There might be two or three hunkering down inside.
HesGotNoPants: !quote cam
LRRbot: Quote #3527: "Try using the mayonnaise on the gate!" —Cameron [2016-10-13]
InquisitorFrollo: one likely already came out - we heard a door earlier
InquisitorFrollo: which was probably part of the three we killed
samuraitiger19: !findquote slien
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ReydienOnline: large scout? that would explain how many aliens have already been killed
samuraitiger19: !findquote alien
LRRbot: Quote #4984: "what's that alien movie with will Smith and the coffee boss guy?" —Kathleen [2018-05-15]
Nigouki: i can't wait for a political scandal that would have to be described Mayogate
Asimech: There's one outside, to the right of the door of the UFO.
korvys: So... based on what I've heard, this seems to be going extremely well so far?
HydraWiggins: the red buttons around the green arrow are the "leave enough movement for an auto shot" etc. very useful
wicker_knight: lol, topical Kathleen quote
InquisitorFrollo: Yes
Asimech: Since we should have killed four already it could be the last one.
InquisitorFrollo: It's still early though
ReydienOnline: having a colonel die will also send everyone into a panic if they die
InquisitorFrollo: We won't know what our destiny truly is until the terror missions start
NeddySeagoon: It can transition into Hidden Movement if they break Line of Sight.
Thane1607: !findquote kethleen
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
InquisitorFrollo: oh boy
NeddySeagoon: Welcome to X-Com.
Zyme86: not anymore
Thane1607: !findquote kathleen
LRRbot: Quote #5164: "Whenever I think Kathleen, I think "serene meditation"." —Cam [2018-07-13]
HesGotNoPants: !quote kathleen
LRRbot: Quote #4948: "What's the worst thing that's gonna happen? VD? We've got pills for that these days." —Kathleen [2018-05-04]
korvys: So, behind the hedge?
TehAmelie: in my mind the panic is because they're all thinking "oh shit oh shit who let the colonel on the front line"
gsyhiap: mvpBlind
Furvias: I LOVE the Xcom Haircut
plummeting_sloth: 2 day shipping an granularity, that's what I like
InquisitorFrollo: good times
gsyhiap: fhaeBlind
MistahFixIt: "It's good you're all going to die, I'm glad. Now you can stop wasting XCOM's resources."
gsyhiap: gotem!
TehAmelie: granularity and intuitivity, that's the ticket
Furvias: did Guile do it first?
xantos69: Cam that isn't fair. They are not worthless! You spent TONS of money on them.
Styxseus: Rocket to the chest?
GroutNASA: Boot to the head!
Sthrad: not a rocket just a big bullet
NeddySeagoon: More like a rocket-propelled grenade.
wicker_knight: @xantos69 he spent more on their guns than he did on their lives, and I think it's pretty clear why
Nigouki: oh yeah, they're like $40k to just recruit
TehAmelie: is intuitivity a word? well it is now
wicker_knight: intuitiveness
wicker_knight: which is unintuitive, because English
Styxseus: :D
TehAmelie: hee
InquisitorFrollo: intuititocity
Thane1607: im guessing there isn't an overwatch action
InquisitorFrollo: overwatch is automatic
Thane1607: ah
Asimech: The inability to vault over low fences is really annoying in this game.
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InquisitorFrollo: it's based on your Reflexes and how many Time Units you have left
Styxseus: I was gonna say, the aliens seem to have an overwatch-ish ability
Styxseus: Right
Zyme86: wrong football play cam, end around is what you ar looking for
HydraWiggins: @Thane1607 if you leave enough movement points, it autowatches
Zyme86: hail mary is a last ditch throw
InquisitorFrollo: Those buttons near the big green arrow that cam isn't using are save TUs for varying degrees of overwatch
KharadBanar: hail mary is a YEET
Thane1607: and some kobe
wicker_knight: coast to coast\
mtvcdm: From Downtown is also a yeet.
InquisitorFrollo: that said they're not always the most useful because you can often get stuck facing the wrong direction
MistahFixIt: From Downtown is a Kobe, Hail Mary is a YEET
TehAmelie: i can just picture all of these soldiers thinking Hail Mary nonstop. the prayer i mean
plummeting_sloth: this is chock full of bois
Rockario: Coast-to-coast is when you elbow-drop a garbage can from the far turnbuckle
TehAmelie: pray for us sinners now at the hour of our death. . .
MistahFixIt: "Isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a bitch in space"
InquisitorFrollo: If you open a door they'll come investigate sometimes
Zyme86: KNOCK KNOCK open up the door it xcom
KharadBanar: x com give it to ya
wicker_knight: okay, so like new XCOM opening a door is one of the most dangerous things you can do in this game?
InquisitorFrollo: it's either gonna be great or everyone is gonna die
Sthrad: seems pretty standard position to me
Thane1607: Love the Emperor for He is the salvation of mankind Obey His words for He will lead you into the light of the future Heed His wisdom for He will protect you from evil Whisper His prayers with devotion, for they will save your soul Honour His servants, for they speak in His voice Tremble before His majesty, for we all walk in His immortal shadow
CloudSwordTwitch: This is actually basically what a SWAT team would do, break down the door, smoke the entrance, and rush in
Thane1607: what the troopers are praying
Thane1607: smoke/bang
InquisitorFrollo: yeah but a swat team wouldn't stand where they could easily shoot each other
InquisitorFrollo: But swat team tactics are pretty applicable to xcom in general
TheBearBee: There's some poor alien intern who's just bringing everyone a latte thats going to get hecked up
Sthrad: he forgot his brown pants
Rockario: That is just a trailer with the original song over it, this is the mashup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRJ7eCiWY7M
Thane1607: I really should finish the 2 new xcoms
InquisitorFrollo: i bet you he's in the reactor room
InquisitorFrollo: just DARING you to the throw a nade in
Thane1607: but i get bored and mod em till they don't run and then my save is a waste
InquisitorFrollo: and waste all that precious etherium
NeddySeagoon: @InquisitorFrollo That's generally how it goes.
InquisitorFrollo: Oh I know
InquisitorFrollo: I know all too well
Styxseus: 5, for now
ReydienOnline: suddenly part of me wants the alien to be able to sneak onto your landing craft and fly away with it
SachielOne: Yeah, you really want to be careful with nades inside the ufo. That engine core goes boom
gsyhiap: it's the power stance from the actors in Blackadder season 3
Asimech: The reactor is also where the Elerium is.
InquisitorFrollo: Hey you didn't get shot walking in!
InquisitorFrollo: the small things.
Asimech: If the reactor goes boom that's a lot of elerium up in smoke.
InquisitorFrollo: HELLO
wicker_knight: HIII
Styxseus: HELLO
xantos69: FOUND IT!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
SachielOne: TRIPLE TAP
InquisitorFrollo: nice!
gsyhiap: lrrGOAT
mtvcdm: and another to make sure it's dead.
phorrestgaze: pew pew pew
MistahFixIt: Got There! lrrGOAT
wicker_knight: I'm sorry were you back form the bathroom there buddy?
CloudSwordTwitch: Fastest hand in the west.
plummeting_sloth: yeah, when you nade a reactor it's like "O man, that was valuable! Also, oh no my soldiers I guess"
Papperslappen: lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN
Styxseus: Haha :D Good!
Rhynerd: mission completed!
Rockario: Take 10 seconds trying to figure out this aliens door, then open it and the alien is just right there
Asimech: @plummeting_sloth Exactly.
Thane1607: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:41:56.
InquisitorFrollo: it's all about that sweet sweet elerium
Asimech: Might want to check storage capacity.
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mtvcdm: !uptime
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Alephred: Rolling in elerium is probably bad for your DNA.
Wilcroft: Oh man, that music
jonasjonIV: just skip lieutenant
InquisitorFrollo: ez game ez life
mtvcdm: ez game for children
wicker_knight: Gamers love all that choice
excalgold: do you want psychic powers ? because rolling in Elerium is how you get psychic powers
InquisitorFrollo: I really want to see a terror mission tho
Thane1607: Cam, Whats the smart play, just have 1 uber squad and just rookies or mix up the squads
Asimech: Sell stuff and build another storage room. You'll need it.
InquisitorFrollo: No, hiring and firing rookies continuously is how you get psychic powers
InquisitorFrollo: good plan
CamelAttack: Are we technically arms dealers?
SachielOne: Later on you can also have people survive a hit.
NeddySeagoon: @CamelAttack Pretty much.
InquisitorFrollo: don't just have one badass squad, because they'll get mind controlled and wipe your squad
plummeting_sloth: it's good to have one God squad when you get hard stuff early
KharadBanar: @InquisitorFrollo that is very quotable out of context
FerociousPeach: yes
TheBearBee: I'm not a big fan of Rap, but X Gonna Give It really sets the Arse Kicking mood
FerociousPeach: you only ever need 1 of each corpse
wicker_knight: they're totally not being used as dakimakuras
Thane1607: is that the same thing with the new games. sorry should of said
TehAmelie: District 9. . .
Styxseus: Beware of SPACE
amythist: late in the game rookies are there to absorb rockets
TheBearBee: Remember to wash those midn probes before using
CloudSwordTwitch: Two dead bodies are worth one living body
InquisitorFrollo: psychic research and armor, so much to research
Gekyouryuu: sectoid corpses = alien aphrodisiacs r us
Contiguouskittycat: I do dislike that it is impossible for characters to hit anything other than the side of a barn until they murder a lot of enemies. Do shooting ranges not exist?
BATLORD: ooo xcom
BATLORD: have you already named your soliders
InquisitorFrollo: He's not naming them seems like
wicker_knight: sidenote, lol how much of this is also the Starcraft soundpack
HydraWiggins: is it time to begin becoming laser rifles incorporated, the most powerful weapons manufacturer in the world?
BATLORD: but that's the best part!
InquisitorFrollo: Always
Styxseus: Oof, very fiddly
Too_Many_Knives: Oh, XCam
HesGotNoPants: name someone ensign. I bet he'll rise to general
Styxseus: Oh god xD
TehAmelie: i like the mod in Xcom modern that makes your mans gain a tiny bit of XP every day they're not wounded. like they're training
InquisitorFrollo: Delivery times force you to plan ahead, I'm fine with that
InquisitorFrollo: the ammo is... a little more dubious
Hikotori5: The sounds are quite interesting, I wonder if there was just a "general sci-fi" noise back in the day
plummeting_sloth: I love the smearing of prices of here. 800 dollar pistol but also 8000 dollar missile
wicker_knight: I mean, how much is the limitation an actual constraint?
InquisitorFrollo: Yeah this is just the sound of old sci fi honestly
NeddySeagoon: The only real problem with the new X-Com is the squad sizes.
Hikotori5: Because I remember these noises from Starcraft
gsyhiap: 90s games tended to have unnecessary bookkeeping
wicker_knight: @plummeting_sloth that's the cheapest missile I've ever seen
Asimech: As does Xenonauts, where you don't need to worry about ammo for regular firearms outside of missions proper.
InquisitorFrollo: PC games were much more simulationist
NeddySeagoon: Once you lose even just A Guy in the XCOM remake, your mission's generally done.
Styxseus: Yeah, this is kinda spreadsheets rather than actual decision-making
BATLORD: *has flashbacks of buying ammo in counter strike*
InquisitorFrollo: No, there's def actual decision making going on
IntegerDevourer: Custom soldier names? :3c
Sthrad: which the terror mission usually is... -_-
InquisitorFrollo: There's plenty of spreadsheets going on, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't mean there's not lots of decisions being made
BATLORD: y'all need to name them!
TheBearBee: I assume the bases in the new X Com games include a quartermaster who makes sure you're topped off on Ammo
Styxseus: Well yeah, but.. Its many layers deep
InquisitorFrollo: terror missions are when the excrement hits the fan
NeddySeagoon: @IntegerDevourer Generally speaking, it's a proud tradition of sending your friends and loved ones to die ignominiously for the glory of X-Com.
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mtvcdm: !break
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IntegerDevourer: @NeddySeagoon I know that's why I suggested it
IntegerDevourer: @NeddySeagoon i just wanted to die in a hail of plasma
Asimech: Since we might not see it, here's a Small Scout: https://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php/Small_Scout
wicker_knight: Glory to Mankind. Soldier 1, Soldier II, Soldier the 3rd, Soldier D, Soldier Epsilon, and Grant
Styxseus: Im thinking along the lines of "choosing" not to (forgetting) to buy ammo vs. stuff like "What guns should I bring"
wicker_knight: CHARGE
InquisitorFrollo: why die in a fire of plasma when you can become a horrible zombie monstronsity
Asimech: You'll need to scroll down for the in-game images. But look at the cute widdle thing.
NeddySeagoon: @Asimech Ooh, yeah. It's entirely possible to just never see a Small Scout appear in your run.
InquisitorFrollo: Sometimes you do intentional skimp on ammo
InquisitorFrollo: Money is tight at times
OriginalGarwulf: For those who were wondering, that Area 51 history book is Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, by Annie Jacobsen.
Asimech: @NeddySeagoon Especially since Avalanche will vapourise it.
InquisitorFrollo: But yes, ammo specifically is not something I consider essential
Styxseus: I guess min-maxing is always a thing
wicker_knight: @Asimech that is 10,000% a Kerbal lander
InquisitorFrollo: There's a lot of other decisions to be made
wicker_knight: are we sure this isn't what happens to your Kerbals once you finally research interstellar travel?
NeddySeagoon: @Asimech I generally forget there are other kinds of missiles than the Avalanche, because I sell them and buy more Avalanches.
InquisitorFrollo: even something as seemingly trivial as where you equip stuff on that grid inventory can be a big deal
Thane1607: See yea, gotta run to work
wicker_knight: bai bai
Asimech: @NeddySeagoon I mean, that's what they're there for: to be replaced with something useful.
OriginalGarwulf: (Fair warning: the book has lots of stuff about the Cold War, reconnaissance flights, and nuclear testing, and very little about UFOs.)
wicker_knight: @OriginalGarwulf Is it less existentially terrifying than Command and Control: a History of the US Nuclear Weapons program
OriginalGarwulf: wicker_knight: Haven't read that book, so can't say. However, I did come out of reading Area 51 amazed that humanity survived the 20th century.
wicker_knight: okay, about on par then
mtvcdm: !clip
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OriginalGarwulf: (There's a bit in one chapter where a nuclear bomb is detonated in the atmosphere because they don't THINK it will set the entire atmosphere on fire...)
InquisitorFrollo: that was just the calculations in the lead up to the first detonation of a nuke
mtvcdm: Are the UFO's in this game always going to land on a city?
HesGotNoPants: like how mobas are time black holes?
Rockario: Does the amount we care about how much a game "values our time" matter when the game is actively trying to get *all* of your time (game as a service, please only play our game)?
Eklinaar: The enormous dread of the cold war was lifted and all we had to worry about was crushing poverty and endless proxy wars.
plummeting_sloth: and now we're fucking things up for people in new and evocactive ways. You're welcome and sorry
wicker_knight: well, at the time we genuinely thought we could deal with the crushing poverty and endless proxy wars
InquisitorFrollo: a 142 page book
Rockario: Tooltips feel like one of the big manual killers
NeddySeagoon: At least GOG gives you all that.
Zyme86: at recess and not at class pfft
NeddySeagoon: Well that was... oddly specific.
amythist: I remeber the Fallout Manual had directions on how to make Mushroom cloud muffins in the back
Rockario: Still have my Warcarft 3 manual just for all the flavour text and lore in the back of the book
emrafool: cam... you wanna talk about something
RealGamerCow: I remember Starcon had a huge manual
I_Am_Clockwork: I still have my Lord of Magic manual. that thing was a NOVEL
Spacecarl: I remember getting Starcraft and then going out to eat with my family and reading the manual while at the restaurant and getting super into it before I ever even installed it
I_Am_Clockwork: Lords of Magic*
Morrigan9: lead paint lauder
GravityWell34: it’s ok cam, it’s in the past now
HesGotNoPants: you got yogurt in my lead paint, you got your lead paint in my yogurt
wicker_knight: I think you were goind somewhere. and then you kept going. and going. and it might be somewhere back there. maybe
excalgold: two sequels cam, Apocalypse was a thing
InquisitorFrollo: and it was insufferably difficult
NeddySeagoon: It's also utterly terrible.
RealGamerCow: Spacecarl me too, but with Might and Magic 1, which I couldn't install until I saved enough money for a dual sided 800k floppy drive
lordhexed: Apocalypse is excellent
excalgold: oh he was geting to it sorry!
Eklinaar: I really enjoyed Apocalypse
Spacecarl: oh my
lordhexed: I would love Apocalypse but with modern usability and stability
Eklinaar: Apocalypse takes place on Mars, I believe
wicker_knight: So, does anyone remember the manual for the Age of Empires Rise of Rome expansion?
Asimech: Well, the "option" of real-time play. You could either play real-time or get hosed by the brainsuckers.
NeddySeagoon: Instead of twenty armed guys loaded to the gils breaking through the door.
wicker_knight: I don't know if any of the history in that was true, but that was awesome
Styxseus: I think the one I played was called "Afterlight" and that took place on mars.. I think..
Rhynerd: Wasn’t most of the world damage done by XCOM’s defeat of the aliens in Terror of the Deep?
Asimech: Also raids in the cult's spaces because they had electronic drugs which sold for nice amount of cash.
Styxseus: Ithink it was in the same series as apocalypse
NeddySeagoon: X-Com Interceptor
Asimech: And they hated you anyhow, so who cared?
I_Am_Clockwork: oh man TIEFighter
Eklinaar: X-Com Interceptor, and it was garbage
excalgold: Enforcer
NeddySeagoon: X-COM Enforcer
Rhynerd: a third person one
brainbosh: I still want to see Cam take on the bad Xcom games.
Eklinaar: X-Com Enforcer was pretty bad, yeah
excalgold: where you were a humanoid HWP
I_Am_Clockwork: I would love a modern HD remake of TieFighter
Styxseus: Oh that game
Nigouki: wasn't one of them on Watch+Play?
MistahFixIt: Oh uhhhh The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
Rhynerd: and then another third person that was gonna be a 1950s first person but turned into a kinda meh third person
brainbosh: The very "mass effect combat" style game.
lordhexed: my favorite thing about Apoc is that in the endgame if you really wanted you could just destroy the entire city
infectplayer: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
NeddySeagoon: The Syndicate remake's actually pretty fun.
Rockario: I think a part of my brain thought those two FPSs were the same thing
Rhynerd: I kind of wish the first person idea wasn't tossed out as much as it was.
Eklinaar: I think the best thing Firaxis added was a cover system.
NeddySeagoon: @Eklinaar Definitely.
Rhynerd: When's Pheonix Point coming out?
excalgold: i wish the first person XCom had taken place during Enemy Unknown
InquisitorFrollo: the game does have a cover system, but it is sadly not exposed
NeddySeagoon: Being in charge of an organization shouldn't mean doing the jobs of everyone under you.
plummeting_sloth: this is like that Onion article about teh new realistic military FPS which is 90% f*cking around at base
Rhynerd: @excalgold as a soldier or as somebody investigating recent abductions?
splatty1: what about the unit stat granularity? because I tended to find that a little frustrating
InquisitorFrollo: To me the biggest loss is the hidden movement
InquisitorFrollo: I don't like the encounter system
Papperslappen: I think this borrows a lot from those old tabletop war games
MasterOfArtifice: Pheonix Point is the new game from the original creator of xcom
InquisitorFrollo: most old strategy/tactics games do
MasterOfArtifice: oh lol
MasterOfArtifice: oop
InquisitorFrollo: they're basically digitized war games
brainbosh: Cam, can you look at The Bureau and say how the game did that wrong compared to the other new game?
Kovanuvius: DnD uses 5% blocks and that pushes I think.
excalgold: @Rhynerd as a soldier if i'm honest but i am not a fan of horror games and investigateing abductions screams (heh) of horror
Seagulyus: gambler's fallacy!
withr: does a 5% reduction feel good or does 20% feel better
Rhynerd: Heck, +4 armor is good too
amythist: that's why I kind of like the Phantom Doctrine style of dealing with it, in that they are either aware and take little to no damage, or they are unaware/distracted and take full damage
Rhynerd: as somebody who started as a Guard player
Rockario: I think something that informed a lot of old sim-like design was the idea of building systems and making them granular with lots of verisimilitude, with no thought to "Do we need this?"
SachielOne: I've watched people at the grocery store I work at bluescreen out trying to calculate how much 40%off is.
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Spacecarl: Humans are bad at managing risk
InquisitorFrollo: @Rockario it's more that the intended audience at the time WANTED this sort of detail
Asimech: Also enemies can kill civilians while you're dicking about. Which hurts your score, which can hurt your budget.
Seagulyus: SachielOne half off add 10%?
InquisitorFrollo: if they could have added more detail they probably would have!
FarleyF: Don't forget the Xcom FPS with the robot *Shudder*
Seagulyus: why does everyone make it so hard :V
InquisitorFrollo: Enforcer?
Rhynerd: @excalgold I can see what you mean. There's a reason I think the more investigative version would also work in a lovecraft lite setting
Rockario: @InquisitorFrollo Right, and is still people who want that today.
wicker_knight: @Seagulyus I've met a surprising number of people who are not comfortable calculating 10% of something, especially mid-thought
NeddySeagoon: You can also have several small engagements across the map, deciding which engaged soldiers to support or sacrifice.
plummeting_sloth: X-COM II did fix some of that
SachielOne: @Seagulyus We gave up and started using 50% off stickers.
NathanJay_GA: these aliens just aren't showing up
InquisitorFrollo: yeah but back then those people were most of the market for strategy PC games
ulexarX: I think the new XCOM 2 is better with this
Seagulyus: SachielOne ouch
InquisitorFrollo: DOS lol
Styxseus: I think there may be a sweet-spot somewhere between this game and XCOM2 -- or do you just loose the best of both those versions if you try to shoot for that?
excalgold: i'd adore an XCom FPS if it could do the voice command from i want to say rainbow six lockdown......
Seagulyus: wicker_knight but its just 10% 4 times...or 50% add 10% : / sighh I understand though
plummeting_sloth: it's not a bug, it's just a textual assault upon my person
NathanJay_GA: "keming"
ElementalAlchemist: Type: Visual Oddity
randomino5: I've been playing UFO: Afterlight off and on and I really like it. It seems to split the difference between the old and new XCOM games, which is appropriate since the UFO series was in between.
wicker_knight: also, the "round to an easy-to-calculate number, then adjust" algorithm is something that I find a lot of people are never taught and don't pick up all that easily
InquisitorFrollo: if the aliens aren't showing up you just crank up the clock
Seagulyus: NathanJay_GA don'
Papperslappen: We are super bad at processing independent trails. The expected time until we fail two 90% shots in a row is definitely within a campaign of xcom
Seagulyus: NathanJay_GA don't you mean kern ing?
ReydienOnline: they saved 60KB by not worrying about it
ReydienOnline: and increased the FPS from 22 to 23
Eklinaar: @randomino5 It's real-time pause, though, not turn-based, which is a huge black mark for me.
wicker_knight: @Seagulyus oh, I agree with you. It confuses and frustrates me too. But, I get paid in part because even a low level of numeric literacy is apparently a marketable skills so *shrug*
excalgold: i got and beat XCom 2 at the end of last year - love it so much but then again i got the complete collection so i had templars and reapers....
wicker_knight: you do
NathanJay_GA: @seagulyus |<erning
InquisitorFrollo: two 90% shots missing is 1%, so yeah, you take well more than 100 shots in a campaign
wicker_knight: it's a massively simplified system though
excalgold: in XCom 2 you dont, in Enemy Unknown you do
Rockario: Min-"Game"
Rhynerd: not in XCOM 2
incredulouspasserby: you intercept but it's mostly managed
Rhynerd: No, they send interceptors, at you.
randomino5: @Eklinaar I get that, although it's constantly pausing during big fights, depending on how you set your auto-pausing.
InquisitorFrollo: Watching the globe also builds anticipation
Asimech: Oh yeah. A big reason why I haven't played more Xenonauts is that the minigame is more involved and I don't care for it.
Seagulyus: NathanJay_GA a wiseguy ehh? how about |< 3 4 n 1 n g
InquisitorFrollo: when something shows up it ratchets the tension before the encounter even begins
NeddySeagoon: I wasn't a fan of XCOM 2. I think it has too much alert fatigue with how often alerts popped and the timer counting down.
Eklinaar: @randomino5 Yeah that's how I played it, just to me full turn-based is an order of magnitude more enjoyable gameplay.
NathanJay_GA: Aaahhhh!!
Seagulyus: oh excuse me I can make the ga 9
Styxseus: I guess transparancy is the thing I notice most strongly in the newer games, in the UFO games, there was some really neat things, but it was really tough to tell "what" was or wasnt working
IntegerDevourer: @LoadingReadyRun ever try x-com files? whoo boy
NathanJay_GA: I surrender!
ulexarX: I really like how Xenonauts does the globe, it's constantly giving you little updates of alien activity, and because you only start with one base, you hear about alien activity you can't do anything about
Rhynerd: @NeddySeagoon while I do enjoy XCOM 2 I get what you're saying. I've often ended up having to do about three different between certain objectives.
randomino5: @Eklinaar Have you played UFO:AI? I think that one's turn-based.
Eklinaar: @randomino5 I have, I love it, and I've even contributed to it a little.
Nefasine: is there a reason why some nations have visible borders but some do not?
Asimech: Yeah, the little "news clips' you get in Xenonauts across the globe really help build up the tension.
NathanJay_GA: What do the aliens want with Sweden?
randomino5: @Eklinaar Cool, and thanks!
Seagulyus: Nefasine its major boundaries
WotC_Robert: such a heckin' classic right here.
InquisitorFrollo: overland
Seagulyus: Nefasine you can see Germany, France, Spain, England and Russia but nothing between them really
incredulouspasserby: nyoom
RealGamerCow: goodbye
Styxseus: Im guessing its "zones" rather than "nations"
RealGamerCow: or not
NeddySeagoon: Tango down!
HesGotNoPants: rub cheetah blood on the engine
InquisitorFrollo: It's "This game was made in the 90s and can only keep track of a minimal number of nations"
mtvcdm: for geography purposes, the UFO went down roughly around Volgograd.
MasterOfArtifice: I heard that all of your hits or misses in new xcom are pre rolled at the beginning of a mission. For example the game decides the outcome of all of your 90% chance to hit when the mission starts as hit miss miss hit hit hit. You can "save scum" based around that info.
WotC_Robert: yeah. gotta cusomize their equip each time.
randomino5: It's funny how XCOM is, like, the only tactical game with base-building. Why are there no fantasy RPGs with base-building?
Nefasine: yeah it's just odd choices. like in Africa there is Egypt, South Africa and Chad?
Sthrad: suggest some eletroflare
mtvcdm: Nigeria
randomino5: Dragon's Age With Base-Building. Someone go kickstart that.
Seagulyus: MasterOfArtifice ah the same thing as the FF games. its probably an RNG seed so they can keep consistency
Styxseus: Although, it IS kinda intersting that "# of nations" is one of the things they chose to reduce (considering all the management)
WotC_Robert: fun fact: In the original patch version, the game was always on the lowest difficulty after you saved your game.
Asimech: I would recommend checking out Xenonauts, by the way. I think it would help the UX discussion to be able to compare it with this.
Asimech: Of course that's not viable for this stream.
Eklinaar: @randomino5 Pathfinder: Kingmaker has base building but it's pretty simple, and the combat in that game is also real-time pause.
InquisitorFrollo: It's because they just needed zone coverage
InquisitorFrollo: oh boy night mission
InquisitorFrollo: have fun with that
Rhynerd: Here comes the night time, coming on slow
IntegerDevourer: ye old first turn smoke and pass
InquisitorFrollo: my body is ready
Master_Gunner: @MasterOfArtifice Yes and no. RNG is "rolled" when you take an action, but it's just using a seed value based on every action you've taken. So if you start from a save point, and take the exact same actions, you'll have the exact same result.
IntegerDevourer: Space EYES
SachielOne: reload and equip flares?
MasterOfArtifice: @Seagulyus @Master_Gunner That is a better way of describing what I was trying to say. Thank you
randomino5: Weren't all games Iron Man back then? Once you run out of lives, it's over.
IntegerDevourer: "Save Scumming"
InquisitorFrollo: yeah iron man is way older than this
InquisitorFrollo: you could even say it dates back to the arcade and the concept of the 1CC
Rockario: So it's like PUBG lrrBEEJ
lectrican_man: that's kind of rude
HorusFive: Well of course not. You've seen Star Trek. All the doors close themselves
WotC_Robert: there's no doors on mars
lectrican_man: aliens are terrible houseguests
randomino5: Iron Man couldn't be invented until game saving was invented
Asimech: They might close them accidentally, however, if they move "through" the opened door.
Nefasine: I think a game where you can utterly fail a mission and continue on, is ripe for an ironman playstyle
CloudSwordTwitch: Only an alien could leave a door open like this!
Asimech: Same as your guys, actually.
insane_42: there's wow iron man challenges
IntegerDevourer: Master of Magic?
InquisitorFrollo: Good point asimech
InquisitorFrollo: a lot of strategy games don't allow for that
FarleyF: Dear Dr's Cameron and Cori will you be considering a talking sim on the UFO Trilogy, it's a good contrast between two different alien invasions
NeddySeagoon: Oh dear.
excalgold: Xcom 2 or X-Com terror from the derp ?
brainbosh: All I want is for Cam to look at The Bureau.
quentastic: Have we not already done x-com 2?
MistahFixIt: OG Xcom 2 or Firaxis XCOM 2?
randomino5: The other thing I like about UFO: Afterlight is that it really feels like a war, where you're conquering territory and all
excalgold: not gonna complain if its Firaxis XCom 2, i love that one
Rhynerd: if Talking Sim ever coveres The Bureau, then I'd only hope there's some showoff of the near end reveal.
Nigouki: i believe it was the Enemy Within expansion?
InquisitorFrollo: it's different in that it's painful to play
WotC_Robert: terror from the deep was... not good.
Rockario: So we're going from the original, to the latest
NeddySeagoon: I dunno, it's noteably terrible in comparison
ReydienOnline: TFTD is basically bugfixes and a palette swap?
Nigouki: yeah, you did a bit of War of the Chosen in 2017
ReydienOnline: and a difficulty ram-up
Nigouki: for half an episode
ReydienOnline: ramp-
InquisitorFrollo: and a huge difficulty spike
quentastic: Didn't you play it with Alex? You talked about the portrayal of vegetarianism and welfare as portrayed in american science-fiction.
Gekyouryuu: also, wow, WotC was 2017. o_o
ReydienOnline: though "ram-up" might also be an appropriate description for TFTD
WotC_Robert: @Gekyouryuu we're still around
Gekyouryuu: @WotC_Robert wrong WotC. :P
NathanJay_GA: what happens if you throw a grenade without priming? Does it just sit where it was thrown?
WotC_Robert: that game release wrecked my twitter timeline for a while.
o0sk_ren0o: A long standing project of mine is to beat XCOM:EU on hard without losing a single country. Coincidentally this also qualifies as a ingame calendar speedrun as even with the best RNG, attrition will cost you eventually
InquisitorFrollo: most knowledge about the aliens comes from research
excalgold: Harvesters i think ?
IntegerDevourer: Harvesters, I think?
Asimech: Harvester has the cows.
o0sk_ren0o: My best run has been with only 1 country lost
excalgold: @IntegerDevourer high five !
IntegerDevourer: @excalgold woo! o/
Asimech: Supply ship also has stuff like that.
IntegerDevourer: No one ever needs to capture a Sectoid Medic ;__;
Asimech: Harvester, dead cow warning: https://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php/Harvester
Asimech: Scroll down for the images.
IntegerDevourer: I think the entries in the database hints at what you need to do
excalgold: ah the Abductor maybe?
InquisitorFrollo: I appreciate the need for inference, personally
Asimech: Abductor: https://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php/Abductor and my favourite "why is that shaped like that" ship, the Terror ship: https://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php/Terror_ship
ReydienOnline: I was half expecting him to get on the roof and spot 3 aliens
ReydienOnline: on other rooftops
IntegerDevourer: If you ever wanna try a mix up of X-Com, try The X-Com Files mod, it is super hard, makes the early missions like X-Files, where you have only a handful of agents, super limited resources and enemy human factions.
HesGotNoPants: just hit the little girl's water glasses into the aliens
Bartlett96: or shoot the little girl
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Rhynerd: man down
HesGotNoPants: I was referencing "signs"
IntegerDevourer: I remember playing the X-Com demo, it was super hard because it throws you directly into a terror mission
Bartlett96: I know, went with the men in black reference
HesGotNoPants: o I missed that, well played
Bartlett96: lol
InquisitorFrollo: yeah a log would be good
IntegerDevourer: At least it does tell you when they go crazy :D :D
Rhynerd: We have Claude, Lous, Testuo, Susie, and Victor
Rhynerd: Didn't we have somebody whose named started with a B?
Rhynerd: oh, and Hans, Hans is okay too.
Rhynerd: Was that Hans or Tatsuo who died?
gsyhiap: vaeRIP
Rockario: We took one dang step
e_bloc: knock knock open up the door it's *died*
IntegerDevourer: My favorite thing with crashed ships is throwing a explosive charge into the roof
HesGotNoPants: tell that to the captain 's widow cam
karmakamikaze: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:31:35.
Rhynerd: Hans and that other fellow.
JusticeJuice: My favorite thing to do was load up a rookie with heavy explosives and charge in. I shouldn't be in charge of people.
IntegerDevourer: There's nothing like the first time you see a Chryssalid charging out of a dark alley at your soldier who ran out of time units.
gsyhiap: LUL
IntegerDevourer: Sectoid noped
insane_42: princess bride references XD
Nigouki: lmao
HorusFive: The pointy end of the stick goes into the other man!
UnseenAcademical: I see we continue to recruit only the best and brightest for XCOM
IntegerDevourer: He had no gun
IntegerDevourer: that's why he didn't shoot :(
ReydienOnline: oh that's why he ran
ReydienOnline: he didn't have a gun
Rhynerd: you can pick that corpse and carry it.
UnseenAcademical: I grabbed the corpse and ran a lot of times where I needed research materials.
Asimech: Note: An alien in your backpack can't recover.
e_bloc: geeeez
HesGotNoPants: @integerdevourer he just wanted to see the universe
Asimech: IIRC, though.
Asterysk_Mike: oh man old school. Too bad microprose died a horrible death making a bad 3d shooter wasting the startrek license
Styxseus: Burn. Everything.
IntegerDevourer: Saddest part of a mission is when someone is wounded and you try to carry them back to skyranger in time.
IntegerDevourer: And then they die in your backpack
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You can unload the weapon to save the clip. No, it doesn't make any sense.
UnseenAcademical: Magazines lose half their value the instant you load them. :P
Rhynerd: Or the Squad just emptied their mags in celebration at the end
ReydienOnline: terror site?
ReydienOnline: time for fun
ReydienOnline: save?
InquisitorFrollo: terror mission time?
UnseenAcademical: AWW YEAH
Rhynerd: Time for a terror mission.
IntegerDevourer: T E R R O R T I M E woo hoo !
HorusFive: Congrats Cam!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> In the first of many pieces of bonus content from the #LRRRNA Pre-Prerelease, @OriginalOestrus sits down with @Kathleen_LRR for a sealed deck build! | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrWHq8D20SM || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1085397614214959104
InquisitorFrollo: Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
HorusFive: You made it!
Rockario: Finish off the night with a goooood old terror mission
UnseenAcademical: Go in with less than a full squad!
excalgold: because its terror tiiiime again !
UnseenAcademical: lrrFINE
Asimech: "Dammit soldier, you can bleed on the battlefield!"
IntegerDevourer: high explosives
IntegerDevourer: definitely
mtvcdm: We got technically 13 minutes, but really it's the last stream of the day and we have whatever time we desire for this.
insane_42: aoinaPew
Asimech: Oh, I think the Terror mission can be over within 13 minutes.
TheBearBee: He put the chicken nuggies in the microwave for too long and got a "plasma burn"
Xenguin47: That doesn't sound very nice of them..
InquisitorFrollo: gotta give it the "touch down and immediately take off" instead
IntegerDevourer: You get punished for units for dying ;_;
Rockario: "But you were bragging about those lasers before!"
excalgold: they are 1999 turkey, there should be troops on scene - doesnt Xenonauts have local forces show up some times ?
ReydienOnline: it might disappear
IntegerDevourer: You usually have a day or two
Rockario: Just get bad RNG and the sun decides to not come up
IntegerDevourer: Here comes the sun... do do do do
mtvcdm: What can I do to get you into daylight... today?
TheBearBee: Quick! Someone call Gandalf!
withr: is there a list of what games are upcoming for talking sim?
InquisitorFrollo: Welp
mtvcdm: WOMP WOMP
MistahFixIt: WELP.
ReydienOnline: Ankara like "we've decided to take our money elsewhere"
HesGotNoPants: RIP funding
Asimech: Yeah, I don't think I've *ever* had a Terror mission stay until day.
gsyhiap: 🤷
Rockario: Really, the attack was just a couple hours overnight?
ReydienOnline: there is a trick to make it stay longer
IntegerDevourer: The Civilians won, don't worry
HorusFive: The problem took care of itself (within loose definition of "took care")
excalgold: EVERYTHING IS FINE! wait the turks are Billy Dee ?
ReydienOnline: but it's kinda sorta cheating?
incredulouspasserby: so it's a good thing this is a one off stream huh
Asimech: We understand, you're afraid of the dark. It's fine.
NathanJay_GA: But... WHY did Constantinople get the works?
InquisitorFrollo: It was like 6 hours
HorusFive: lrrFINE lrrFINE
withr: are we not funded by being the largest arms dealer in the world
jadeworrior: they are cool, like the slab in a morgue
mtvcdm: Terror is over.
insane_42: "yeah we don't need help from the alien attack, we understand that x-com is afraid of the dark"
Styxseus: First try.
TacitusVigil: Mission Accomplished. Kappa
mtvcdm: !next
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NathanJay_GA: alright then, have a good night!
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Drunk__Owl: Cheers!
e_bloc: cheer50 hey we beat xcom! love you Cameron and Cori!
MasterOfArtifice: dab
mtvcdm: This now concludes another LRR broadcast day. On behalf of everyone at LRR, good night, and good morning.
TacitusVigil: XCOM 2: XCOM, Also
karpma: feb 2016
ElementalAlchemist: One hundred sixty four years ago
TacitusVigil: XCOM 2: We made every XCOM game canon.
mtvcdm: Won't need your teeth, won't need your eyes.
Rhynerd: if man is still alive...
excalgold: but not the opening of Cleopatra 2525 which is also good
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Rhynerd: I still remember so much of that song. I wish i could still sign that song in ASL
TacitusVigil: @excalgold So is the opening of its partner show, Jack of All Trades :D
Rockario: Does that song have enough longevity for at least ONE person to play it in actual 2525?
Gekyouryuu: I know only Futurama's In the Year 105,105
MistahFixIt: Programming will resume at [INT_TIME]
e_bloc: slash us lol
HondoTrigger: I think Watch + Play
Juliamon: it's W+P
mtvcdm: Watch and Play, now 2 hours instead of 3.
Juliamon: last week was Amnesia
Rhynerd: it's a W+P
ElementalAlchemist: Stand against the devil!
Zebunisher: garbageday i think
Rockario: For times like this we need a !nextnext command lrrBEEJ
Rhynerd: wait, W+P is being moved up another hour?
Phailhammer: cya :)
Rockario: For all us folks who write-off mornings completely :P
Juliamon: Rhynerd there's a bunch of little schedule tweaks that they've started doing, this is the most immediate one
Rhynerd: Guess I'll need to get ready for the rest.
Rhynerd: anyways, thanks for the stream, and have a good one!
Rockario: TIL "In the year 2525" is a 1969 acoustic number, so the version I heard years ago is definitely not the original