Creideiki_SE: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Watch + Play (Graham subjects Alex to the worst games he can find. Spoiler alert, they are almost always very bad.) at Wed 02:00 PM PST (9m from now).
GroutNASA: garbage anticipation mounts
Foxmar320: lrrGARBO
AshBurnem: lrrHORN lrrGARBO lrrHORN
Foxmar320: Hello chat
AshBurnem: Hello, Foxmar!
BloodForTheCorelab: hello foxmar
Creideiki_SE: lrrGOAT
BloodForTheCorelab: fills chat up with cookies and puns
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGARBO lrrHORN lrrGARBO
cheetoJack: I should probably run to the store quickly
Foxmar320: mmmm cookie puns
SnackPak_: Hey chat
Foxmar320: Hello
DigitalSeahorse: mmmmmmmm cooky puns :P
PhoenixMelior: cheetoJack you have 9 minutes, plus sub train
PhoenixMelior: also 2 minutes now
Mr_sandmens: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Watch + Play (Graham subjects Alex to the worst games he can find. Spoiler alert, they are almost always very bad.) at Wed 02:00 PM PST (25s from now).
Earthenone: have a good garbage day all
SAJewers: naeTATO lrrGARBO
Foxmar320: Every Garbage Day is a good Garbage Day
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Try standing closer to the sky.
Anubis169: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have you tried turning it off?
Pteraspidomorphi: I wonder if the new stream duration means fewer games or a faster look at each game
Anubis169: heyoho everybody lrrAWESOME
Foxmar320: Hey Anubis169
wildpeaks: lrrbot, don't try to turn off the sky please
Anubis169: everybody ready for GARBAGE DAY?
AFlockOfStiltPuffers: GARBAGE DAY
Emergent_OS: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Watch + Play (Graham subjects Alex to the worst games he can find. Spoiler alert, they are almost always very bad.) at Wed 02:00 PM PST (1m ago).
PhoenixMelior: eh, I think I'll pass today
PhoenixMelior: gotta go do stuff
wildpeaks: 'later, have fun doing stuffs
Anubis169: later later phoenix :D
maestrith: I'm more of a 'things' sort of person myself.
virre_: its tiiime for the main event of the night, THE GARBAGE GAMES
xantos69: Watch + Play: Lets inspect the trash together!
Lunareclipse123: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Watch + Play (Graham subjects Alex to the worst games he can find. Spoiler alert, they are almost always very bad.) at Wed 02:00 PM PST (2m ago).
wildpeaks: perfect timing for Alex to advertise his new comic too
OKB_1: Good evening everyone. I'm currently getting in the mood for some garbage using the medium of avant-garde free nonsense Jazz "music" by Ziv Taubenfeld. I love it.
Nightvalien28: lrrSIGNAL
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
SnackPak_: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Jeezy56: lrrGARBO lrrSIGNAL
GraceTveit: lrrSIGNAL
margieargie: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrGARBO lrrGARBO
Lazarus_18: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Driosenth: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL
OKB_1: Should be the soundtrack of every W+P break screen. Will be excellent for viewer retention. :P
Pteraspidomorphi: uh
margieargie: Oh, I see Twitch is twitching again.
undecided44: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Watch + Play (Graham subjects Alex to the worst games he can find. Spoiler alert, they are almost always very bad.) at Wed 02:00 PM PST (3m ago).
Jeezy56: twitch r u ok
Juliamon: It's doing the thing again
Nigouki: i guess lrrSIGNAL stands for the stream flashing on and off
Stoffern: Stream apears to be having A Time
Pteraspidomorphi kicks twitch lightly
margieargie: (Just wait, it'll work in a bit)
IgnisDeus: lrrSIGNAL ?
Rhynerd: I thought it was firefox acting up
BurgundyEagle: lrrFINE
Juliamon: Looks like it's settled down
Nigouki: flashing in chrome too
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
SnackPak_: There ya go, twitch
Foxmar320: I blame Twitch
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
OKB_1: Someone tripped on something.
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DougWrestleview: lrrSIGNAL lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrSIGNAL
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WarlordFDC: Let the sub train begin.
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Lazarus_18: lrrHEART lrrHEART
tastethebeams: GARBAGE DAYYY
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AFlockOfStiltPuffers: Instead of a sub-baby I still produce 2d4+2 additional stilt puffers every nine months.
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Meyari: Is anyone getting sound? my stream keeps auto-muting?
tastethebeams: im fine
MatthewDennisMTG: wahoo it's garbage day
Rhynerd: One minute 'till garbage!
OKB_1: It silent on my end.
Rhynerd: No sound here
Meyari: ok
AdmiralMemo: Garbage Day!
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Avayu: Garbage day!
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MightySpecial: Is there supposed to be sound yet
Jake_the_guy: Garbage day!
queenmarchesa: GarBAGE DAY
lukyhemee: GARBAGE DAY !!!
OKB_1: The silence before the garbage storm. Of course.
Rhynerd: I don't think there's gonna be sound until the intro
tastethebeams: KALOO KALAY
NimrodXIV: lrrGARBO
Rhynerd: it's the calm before the garbage storm
wildpeaks: all aboard the subs train, choo choo
Foxmar320: oh thats a good Garbage Day tweet.
patience_zero: Garbage truck reversing
iammorthos: Just curious How many Subs does LRR have?
Anaerin: I hear this is the place for Garbage...
OKB_1: @Rhynerd Yes, what I said, but using the correct words…
GhostOfACoffeeCup: It's Garbage Day~ Boiiis!
kassy_13: yesss my video ended just before this started. perfect timing
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Hello everyone. hows it going?
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DougWrestleview: *Enters SubHype Rumble at Number 30*
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lukyhemee: Garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage
Solipsody: It begins!
n_mandrag: just in time i see....
snake12341: so much garbage time
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WolfgangCloud: At home with a terrible Vertigo Migraine this is perfect
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Rhynerd: @OKB_1 sorry, I didn't notice your message
n_mandrag: lrrCHKN
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DigitalSeahorse: lrrDARK lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Ba_Dum_Tish: Garbage times
kat2kool: lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO
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AdmiralMemo: Thank you all for being the therapy I need in trying times. :) lrrHEART
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Amentur: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrGARBO lrrARROW lrrSIGNAL
Ermerq: ad you're ruining the start!!!
Jake_the_guy: man G has such beard in that clip
TehAmelie: oh hai
TheAinMAP: Hello.
snake12341: Alex nooooo
Foxmar320: Try not to spam your garbage chat :P
lightningbolt234: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
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ClodiumSoride: It's triskadecasubtastic!
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FurthestChunk55: Alex your comic is neat and cool!
imat156 just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub. imat156 subscribed for 62 months in a row!
imat156: I happen to be watching the Sierra Medra episode of Watch+Play on Youtube RIGHT NOW! Still enjoying everything you guys put out (What I have time for at least), keep up the amazing work!
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GroutNASA: I was born of the Z fight
edgar_j: lrrAWESOME
laddrev is continuing the Gift Sub they got from I_Am_Clockwork!
Riandisa: Good afternoon Alex & Graham
OKB_1: @Rhynerd No need for apology
patrick_stonecrusher: Wheee-ooooooo!!!
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VTMarik: Yes, a subversary on the train. Love this! Bring on the traaaaash!
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ABlackSwan: hello internet friends
Anubis169: heya G and A :D
Glutnix: it's the bad games play time life
PinballWitch: Garbage day!
kassy_13: yo g+a
TheWarbo: Alex why
malc: the game where we make Alex watch the bad streams
Dr_fragenstien: i want to play a game
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Mollymauk_Jay: New username who dis.
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TehAmelie: G almost always calls it a game :)
Foxmar320: oh yeah I need to go read that
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richard_ermen: It´s G-Dog and A-Train!
GhostOfACoffeeCup: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
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Ba_Dum_Tish: So much garbage so little time. May you find your wiafu
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FireRogue: hello!
snake12341: oh? I need to check that out
FelineFamilyGaming: Hey. It's my first live garbage day.
InkyGhoast: It's super cool!
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DennyMcG: Let's do it to it (Grammar that is)
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Nightvalien28: oooh fancy
Lunareclipse123: Purifier Hype!
GhostOfACoffeeCup: go to the tumblr for the RSS!
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Kronopticon: 4 glorious months!
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AdmiralMemo: Functional
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lukyhemee: Good evening Alex and Graham
InkyGhoast: """functional"""""
Wonderdoc: Alex they are finally printing the blue&white 1/1 bird token :D
tastethebeams: AND THE DICKS
Inkompetence: And the users.
korvys: They TRIED
Foxmar320: Alex's comic!
xekonas: The game has been rigged from the start
GroutNASA: pride100 You merely adopted the Z fight. I was born of it.
utilitybiscuits: welllll functional is a strong word
Jake_the_guy: I miss the titty
FireRogue: oh yeah! congrats on launching a new comic!
GhostOfACoffeeCup: only the female tiddy!
Rhynerd: anything that looks too much like a lewd
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Dared00: Female-presenting butthole
kassy_13: i love graham calling this a gam
TemporallyAwry: Well that was a weird thing to enter the stream on.
thenb44: lrrHORN
BlueMechanic: But I like the occasional titty
kassy_13: game
snake12341: anything that looks ANYTHING like titty or butt
SnackPak_: Butt holes or RIOT
wildpeaks: time to tiddies was even shorter than usual, wow
samwonk: Well, they took all the algorithmically-recognized-as-titty away.
Anubis169: and everything else people used the side for
Orgmastron: In theory...
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seanythecrow: my first time seeing a live Garbage day!! so happy!
shdragon: Tumblr is so bad for reading comics, because it's backwards unless you've been keeping current.
Anubis169: site*
OKB_1: Not to mention all the vags
DigitalSeahorse: sexist tumblr
Rockario: Andd anything that their machine learning thing thinks looks "kinda like a titty"
CaffienatedCrow: Yes! I wanted another comic from you! I'm so excited! :D
FireRogue: fyi, the UI seems a bit wonky on mobile
AdmiralMemo: Alex confused himself
TheMoatman: Please don't mail nipples
TheOtherTrevor: May I suggest you add an RSS feed?
Anaerin: The titty, and the butthole, and anything else that their stupid AI classifier thinks might be LEWD
azureHaights: Wait, why are we putting nipples in a boot
thelamenamegame: I miss the titties
TheWarbo: !findbutts
LRRbot: Behind you.
FurthestChunk55: the a e s t h e t i c of your comic is great
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edgar_j: helllooo
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LeeshaJoy: "perfectly functional" yeah like UK has a "perfectly functional" government.
Alness49: Male presenting: Nipples!
PinballWitch: But what about nonbinary presenting nipples?
Ukon_vasara: doesnt help that every link i get to tumblr gets blocked by some firewall something or other
Anubis169: !schedule
LRRbot: You can find the full LRR schedule at You can also check out last week and up to 4 weeks in the future.
2Flower: 2 hours makes sense.
BlueMechanic: That's fair enough
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virre_: Good luck with PurifierComic
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MaskedBeeX: A lot of the same sometimes too
Garfman314: i think 2 hours is fine
CaffienatedCrow: @Countjondi
n_mandrag: Sabin ? Get that Seabat to suplex !
FurthestChunk55: yeah, I always started tuning out in the third hour
Mewyabby: Take my garbage bits! pride100
TheWarbo: Moving slowly toward a show of nothing but subtrain
kat2kool: Is very fair
DaniKitty414: my fiance and i were just watching reruns of Watch and Play, so happy it's on!
morgoth_bauglyr: also better lunch break i guess after magic?
LloydWallace: Excellent news! This means I don't have to leave early for D&D now.
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richard_ermen: Ultimate Alex?
Barb4rian: Garoboday!!!
rosariostwiglelian: Well, this is awkward. Trying to watch this AND Adam playing MtG is gonna be interesting. :o
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Foxmar320: Twitch stop being a butt
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Countjondi: well i get "site not found"
tastethebeams: so many 5 years
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Mastertoenail: Yo yo yo!
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AdmiralMemo: The FIVE YEARS
azureHaights: Waiting for the fanmade W+P game that's just Sub-Train Simulator
Solipsody: If they're gonna shorten the stream, they may have to read the subs even faster somehow.
Foxmar320: Stay classy G
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MagicSeeker1: Have a good garbage day!
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FireRogue: im also in favor of the show that starts at midnight not going to 3am
RoeDent89: It's a lot. And shorter shows means we don't exhaust the bad internet games
richard_ermen: Is this the Ultimate Universe-version of Watch&Play?
TheOtherTrevor: LoadingReadyRun: Alex: May I suggest an RSS feed for ?
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mariammistressofmanifolds: GARbaGe DaY!!
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Anubis169: Imat15siBURP <----- interesting nick
Fizzicist13 just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub. Fizzicist13 subscribed for 57 months in a row!
Fizzicist13: Just finished playing Shapes & Beats after me and my girlfriend saw you folks play it, it ruled and y'all rule
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Serifina: Oh, hey, trash day. What kind of garbage do we get today?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Headphones experiencing vertigo
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Mewyabby: Happy Punisher Comic Release Day!
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RAICx: Alllll aboard the subtrain! Chooo Chooo! lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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Anaerin: My audio balance, not my equilibrium.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I heard "bowels just went weird"
Foxmar320: Yeah I know that feel
PinballWitch: @LoadingReadyRun Alex, I'm getting a certificate error from your comic?
Aenir798: the sub notifier is only in my left ear now
Alness49: So long as we have less of the filler "steam bad generic" garbage im happy with shorter
bi0buster: It did feel like it dragged a bit. The days of Spud and The Quivering where one game would carry for multiple weeks.
dougma: am i the only one hearing the sub noise only out of the left channel?
SAJewers: Aenir798: same here
bi0buster: I am only getting subs in left channel.
TehAmelie: are you sure it's not just twitch warning you for non-twitch links?
hippitybobbity: uwu wat garbage is this?
Papperslappen: Hello everyone!
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TheDarium: What fresh garbage do we have today?
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TheWarbo: Graham has see-through headphones! (Of the green-screen variety)
Foxmar320: Site loading fine for me
Jake_the_guy: get some sage up in there, clear that right up
Anubis169: hehehe
Foxmar320: Alex's comic!
malc: yeah there's still a loose connection from the notifier/music PC
Laserbeaks_Fury: Contain, Control, Certify
wildpeaks: yeah the website has quite a few issues
eiggy64: oh dang catching it love
djalternative: Woo! Garbage Day!
budgetdm just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub. budgetdm subscribed for 36 months in a row!
budgetdm: Darbage Gay!
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malc: it has been doing this for a couple of days
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shdragon: Hello
tastethebeams: hewwo
Anaerin: loadingreadyrun: Sub notifier audio is suddenly left-channel-only.
Kraest just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub. Kraest subscribed for 30 months in a row!
Kraest: Oh, goodness! What wretched filth do we have in store today?
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Jake_the_guy: "the list" tm
the_elkae just subscribed with Twitch Prime. the_elkae subscribed for 2 months in a row!
the_elkae: I uh haven't been here in a while, my bad
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DigitalSeahorse: PinballWitch, will the page load though? looks fine here, may want to adjust security settings to allow just that one site or something
TeiranDragon: pjsalt100 unarmeHmm Time for subtrain
Foxmar320: Wish Twitch would stop being a butt
danthemediocre: get the bins out
tastethebeams: no Dark Rift? :P
dougma: Alex: is it safe to assume there will be a public water pump in your comic?
frnknstn just subscribed with Twitch Prime. frnknstn subscribed for 19 months in a row!
frnknstn: Am I late?
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ZeroArcana: i like big lists
TheOtherTrevor: I don't see a certificate error, I see plain http which shows as "not secure"
TehAmelie: ooh, stuff
PinballWitch: @DigitalSeahorse someone linked to the first page directly, and that loaded for me
A_Catastrophic_Success: Sometimes I am sad when I am already subscribed and cannot join the subtrain lrrAWW
Foxmar320: Title not on main menu. Good start
DigitalSeahorse: PinballWitch ah good
Dryhad: It will be a surprise for everyone!
JaymicUnyielding: Hey G + A + Chat!
ClodiumSoride: This bodes well.
pettyfan45: oh hi
karpma: Drake?
undecided44: wow... first two pages of the new comic really set a mood. nice aesthetic Alex.
JaymicUnyielding: Just got here, what'd I miss?
virre_: You can read Alex comic without https, the certificate seems to be from the host that is not a trusted root certificate
SAJewers: not much
Creideiki_SE: Birb friend!
AdmiralMemo: Is this Portal?
FireRogue: website loads fine here, but ui is a bit funky on mobile
Glutnix: Owls are the original staring bird
RAICx: !bingo
LRRbot: Check out for interactive Trope Bingo cards.
SAJewers: just sub train mostly
azureHaights: @JaymicUnyielding A long train of subs.
Anaerin: loadingreadyrun: So you know: Sub notifier audio is suddenly left-channel-only.
PinballWitch: I just watched the VOD of the last episode on the LRL youtube, and omg ESC: from Planet was horribile
korvys: Owols
GroutNASA: "Be Nice To Spiders"
Solipsody: Graham is more a millipede guy.
patrick_stonecrusher: Beware the owls
Jake_the_guy: oh that owl is like a old religion thing i think, my mom has one made of brass
DigitalSeahorse: Alex sure is a hoot and is attractive :P
PinballWitch: I hope you did get your refund for that
iSmartMan1: Graham needs to meet Lucas
Creideiki_SE: Spiders are nice. They eat the bad bugs.
accountmadeforants: Spiders are cool as long as they don't touch me
TheOtherTrevor: Take the Batteries
wafflesoup just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub. wafflesoup subscribed for 4 months in a row!
wafflesoup: Made it just in time for Garbage Day!
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TeiranDragon: Oh good, so even Graham is gonna be surprised by these
lukyhemee: poor spider buddyes
MagisterMystax: Bug zoo sounds like fun
eiggy64: its hecking dark
AdmiralMemo: Wake me up inside
TheWarbo: That is me with ocean things
ZeroArcana: oh boy, a flashlight game
OKB_1: And the language options aren't just English and Russian. Very refreshing. Quality of translations is something else of course, but yea. Progress!
Frankenfruity: I would say, I'd rather keep my pants dry, but thanks
delta__vee: benginDab
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun the owl is the symbol of our national scholl book association.
MaskedBeeX: Ben GG
Foxmar320: Good start chievo for starting the game
FireRogue: is this "horror" trash?
Nigouki: L4D kits?
richard_ermen: Ben best boi!
TheAinMAP: benginHi
Crad0k: they're L4D kits
ALEISmALPTO: school*
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: those are 100% from L4D
PinballWitch: I don't think you trust in my
DoodlestheGreat: HEALTHY
Countjondi: Ben has been doing great drive-by commentary today
Nigouki: i miss L4D
Ukon_vasara: benginDab
AdmiralMemo: I wasn't sure if that was Ben or Beej
Dryhad: Pills here
Foxmar320: Not a bad flashlight but a bit harsh
wildpeaks: p-p-ppills here
Alness49: Generic health kits
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh, you don't swallow those
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Garfman314: ciiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiight
MungoDude: it's the circle of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
ClodiumSoride: Head-mounted flashlight?
korvys: Those are war crimes (depicting the Red Cross is against the Geneva Convention)
MagisterMystax: Delicious generic pills
FireRogue: what is this game called?
GhostOfACoffeeCup: do you swallow the red blue black pill?
patrick_stonecrusher: Take it! Take the flashlight!
Foxmar320: At least it lights up stuff
DigitalSeahorse: the red vs blue pills
Dr_fragenstien: get on the floor
Jake_the_guy: those are not for your mouth G there for the other way
PinballWitch: good news, they're suppositories
EricTheOrange: Are those giant cartoon pills or sushi?
Phailhammer: But, are we vewwy vewwy drunk? lrrBEEJ
MungoDude: high five Garfman314
hippitybobbity: when angels deserve toooo
Bengineering: lrrCREEPL lrrSPOOP lrrCREEPR
saiaseigm: Booooo
tim19862: that impossible capsule shape LUL
undecided44: those pills are the size of the hairbrush!
TheWarbo: Ben yelling commentary from the other room: a LRRMtG staple
MagisterMystax: Oh no, blood
SydPreviouslyHeadache: flash lights spring is lose
TehAmelie: it would be such a perfectly predictable thing if this agme turned out to be you preparing to skate in Tony Hawk
Foxmar320: wow those are big
SalmirAeon: so much HEALTHY
Alness49: Are they pills or resistors?
Anaerin: It's a zippo lighter in flashlight form.
TheOtherTrevor: It's the Circle of Light ♫♪♫
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DennyMcG: chonky pills
accountmadeforants: Flashlight, or really big laser?
kassy_13: omg thanks for kicking me out internet
Despoiler98: the blood on the med screen is pretty odd
MagisterMystax: How'd it end up on the radio?
DoodlestheGreat: Yes!
AdmiralMemo: A SAW
abaoa_qu: Jam everywhere!
TehAmelie: they have "closets"
TiredNiall: I'm eating popcorn and strawberries. I feel like I did that thing where you eat two disparate flavours of Jelly Belly at once.
PinballWitch: Blood on the Gurney is the name of my metal covers of Bob Dylan songs album
TraceBullet: got some major screen burn-in on those monitors
BloodForTheCorelab: there is no first aid kit my lab in the hospital
BlueMechanic: no, they'd use a bone saw
AdmiralMemo: Wide load
Foxmar320: WOW
MagisterMystax: Double-wide
Lazarus_18: They might have a kit in the staff room?
queenmarchesa: that door opened the wrong side
BloodForTheCorelab: we just go to emerg and its too much effort to keep it stocked
Foxmar320: Thats a good wheel chair
DigitalSeahorse: they sell first aid kits in the gift shop probably :P
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TheAwkes: I'm beginning to think this isn't a reputable facility.
sir_jack_DB: they have first aid CLOSETS in hospitals, not just bags
TehAmelie: a twin chair?
sir_jack_DB: :P
the_elkae: Aww I missed W+P so much. I think this is my first one since before DB <3
delta__vee: I mean, the maintenance department probably has a wood saw :D
Invitare: oh lord he comin
shdragon: I'm bracing so hard for the inevitible jumpscare....
Despoiler98: THICC
SnackPak_: Every saw is a bone saw if you're patience enough
Anaerin: Oh lawd, he rollin'.
FireRogue: i mean, a bone saw is basically a cleaner carpenter's saw
danthemediocre: so we're in the states
Crad0k: that is Well Used
Alness49: Oh lawd he rollin'
lukyhemee: its for twins
FurthestChunk55: there's some good fuckin' in that chair
bi0buster: I wonder if the flashlight turning off was a bug they just decided to keep.
MungoDude: I mean they probably would have a wood saw, but it'd be in maintenance
MagisterMystax: That's for if Otis Dozovic breaks a leg
Anonymousless: Hello from work that I am not currently not getting paid for. Gov’t shutdowns sure are great! /s
Laserbeaks_Fury: I call shotgun
TehAmelie: hey at least the flashlight has normal batteries
AdmiralMemo: wut
dougma: Yes, they do have first aid kits in hospitals, at the nurse stations, for employees to use. Other stuff needs to be billed to the patients and is strictly inventoried
Papperslappen: Wheel sofa
djalternative: They have first aid "Kits" attached to the walls in the hallways for quick access to urgent supplies.
tim19862: haha
thelamenamegame: some people are just that big my dudes,
PinballWitch: i think i can see the seam lines...
TehAmelie: hey, everything washes out with medicinal alcohol
virre_: When I worked in a Hospital libary I think we had a first aid kit. I mean we where not exactly medical people in there, or well most of the patrons was, or nure students, or patients.
Foxmar320: That flashlight is real good :P
Nigouki: i don't think you have the thumb strength to keep the button down on the flashlight
Anaerin: It's not a flashlight, it's a box of matches. Textured like a flashlight.
drcanonball: perhaps its plastic
TraceBullet: is it one of those flashlights you have to shake to charge up?
Jake_the_guy: also why a ROUND flagstone? that seems so strange
ClodiumSoride: Maybe it's one of those hand-cranked flashlights, and you have to keep cranking it.
TehAmelie: speaking as an actual former hospital janitor
ZeroArcana: every hospital need a labyrith
Pteraspidomorphi: I think the hospital might be on fire
Kykiwi: Lol
DigitalSeahorse: mist-erious
PinballWitch: lmao!
AdmiralMemo: Obsidian?
Foxmar320: wut
iSmartMan1: What if this is one of those flashlights that literally lasts 10 seconds and recharges really fast?
MagisterMystax: ded
bi0buster: But Alex, this is just a distilled version of the Metro flashlight!
malc: um
DigitalSeahorse: o.o
kassy_13: ded
utilitybiscuits: yowza
thelamenamegame: plus sized wheelchairs are a thing
BloodForTheCorelab: wut
MikoKisai: well that happened
kamelion84: lrrWOW
delta__vee: wut
morgoth_bauglyr: wat
Despoiler98: Catacombs......of the you do
AGiantRoach: ok
danthemediocre: f
Aenir798: whelp
Nightvalien28: rekt
ClodiumSoride: HAH
Metric_Furlong: amazing
kassy_13: f
tim19862: nettyDead katesRip
GhostOfACoffeeCup: rip in pepperoni
pettyfan45: 10/10 game of the year
AdmiralMemo: Or just tar?
Solipsody: Welp.
wildpeaks: ah yes, you found our spikes storage room
tim19862: wow
patrick_stonecrusher: I bet that floor was meant to texture a well
sir_jack_DB: hey uh
NimrodXIV: Guys, I don't know if this is an accredited hospital
sir_jack_DB: spikes.
Garfman314: did you died?
Foxmar320: Excuse me game?
cassaclyzm: omg
mariammistressofmanifolds: benginTry
FireFlower18: teamre7RIP
TiredNiall: Normally a tar pit isn'
FurthestChunk55: rip, i guess
FlyingWithSnakes: oh this is the hosital spike room
DaxStrife: *splat*
Seele01SoundOnly: Fwomp! you dead
TheWarbo: Hell yah
PinballWitch: those damn hospital pit traps
MungoDude: okay, so black swirling floor = death
danthemediocre: innovative design
Papperslappen: lol you died
lukyhemee: i did not expect this
TehAmelie: deadly hopsital
Dr_fragenstien: you could probably make a good horror game with a flashlight that randomly turns off. This is not that game
Chantzzzzz: i look away for A SECOND
SnackPak_: Gotta get those sit-up reps in
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaGranny slytqRIP
FireRogue: what just happened? i was looking at chat
MaskedBeeX: Can't wait to fight Dr Pinwheel
trilemma85: Do you not have a pit trap in your local hospital?
TiredNiall: Normally a tar pit is not also a spike pit
korvys: @Bengineering BTW, you have great comic timing (see also: DB Congratulations, and Wii Shop music trolling)
DigitalSeahorse: hahahahha
Phailhammer: You mean hospitals don't have pit-traps in Canada? lrrBEEJ
Diabore: this is a nice hospital room, can i stay there?
TheOtherTrevor: The pit trap is good for business in a hospital. Ensure repeat "customers"
margieargie: Have to make business for themselves don't they?
utilitybiscuits: i literally blinked and missed it
ninjaspinner: Hidyho Folks, I'm Back
BlueMechanic: My insurance doesn't cover spike pits
pettyfan45: noooooooooooooo
Foxmar320: That zoom yo
Nightvalien28: nyooooom
patrick_stonecrusher: TAKE IT!
danthemediocre: I'm sorry, the spike pit is not in your deductibles
Despoiler98: spike trap..... BY prescription only
Anaerin: Why was that chair moving based on your FOV?
Dragonality: We lose more janitors that way...
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO
seanythecrow: I'm sorry, I just looked away to plug plug my phone in, so what just happened with the spikes and stuff?
Jake_the_guy: maybe its a hospital built by aliens that only know what a hospital looks like thought horror games.
pettyfan45: [vomits]
AdmiralMemo: @FireRogue OK, so Alex went onto what looked like Minecraft obsidian, but ended up on a pit trap
Orgmastron: VomitVomitVomitVomitVomit
TheWarbo: Are we supposed to obey that arrow?
ZeroArcana: I have a feeling that pit trap is not OSHA compliant
dialMforMara: I just got here. What is this experience we are experiencing?
Driosenth: The good news is that the hospital is approved by your health insurance
dougma: I think ti is better w/o the light... that way we dont get nautious
PinballWitch: @LoadingReadyRun are pit traps covered by nationalized healthcare? In the US you have to check your plans.
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TehAmelie: in the US, freedom of speech is so strong you can call your TV show "news" without trying to back it up, maybe the same goes for a "hospital"
Foxmar320: Not a lot of sound in this game
FireRogue: @admiralmemo huh. thanks
DoodlestheGreat: "I'm sorry, but your insurance refuses to pay for pit traps as they are not in their formulary.
MungoDude: confirm by attempting to load
FurthestChunk55: do we got b-hops?
Ukon_vasara: seems more likely that someone worked way to hard to make a hospital room in the catacombs, hence the bad hospital stuffs
AdmiralMemo: @seanythecrow OK, so Alex went onto what looked like Minecraft obsidian, but ended up on a pit trap
FlyingWithSnakes: cant fail osha inspection if he dies in the pit trap
Nightvalien28: dialMforMara some horror game that makes no sense
richard_ermen: The music missing is weird.
bi0buster: I think the OSHA guy comes in and _dies from the spike trap_.
accountmadeforants: What if you're the OSHA guy?
shdragon: the OSHA version of Viscera cleanup detail.
FireRogue: did y'all see the OHSA smash video?
Dragonality: The most annoying super hero OSHA-Man!
dialMforMara: @Nightvalien28 I see. What was it caused?
Blasteg: morning, just woke up
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Alness49: The pit trap is for the OSHA guy specifically
2Flower: Oh man, an OHSA game would be amazing.
Blasteg: How has the games been?
Foxmar320: We pay for every spike in the pit traps here
MagisterMystax: I'd love to play a game about the OSHA guy visiting other games and having to shut them down
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Anaerin: Pit Traps for all, according to their need!
DerPilsner: inelastic demand for pit traps
Phailhammer: Damn Canada and their socalised pit-traps!
ninjaspinner: Dear Dr. Lrr: Have you ever had Parachute Ice Cream, If So: What do you think of Parachute?
JaymicUnyielding: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 14:34.
Despoiler98: Communal pit traps?
malc: !quote 4545
LRRbot: Quote #4545: "What happens on discord must go to #politics." —PhoenixMelior [2017-12-13]
Dr_fragenstien: LUL I was going to make that joke
richard_ermen: In the US victims pay for their own pit traps to fall into!
Despoiler98: THats COMMUNISM
Astra7525: Government subsidized pit traps
tim19862: oh lrrWOW katesLol
Countjondi: I want the pit traps UNIONIZED!
DerPilsner: If you need a pit trap, you're not going to go without one.
shdragon: God damnit, Alex
DigitalSeahorse: you don't pay if you don't owe tax
OKB_1: Have you seen Polygon video on OSHA violations in Smash Bros stages. Very funny.
Akaiatana: Pit traps are pretty low stakes.
Dared00: Not In My Pit Trap
pettyfan45: reeeeeeeeeeeeeee
PinballWitch: lmao
Jake_the_guy: WOW
PinballWitch: lrrHEART
DroptheBassTrombone: Is this a break or have we not started
TehAmelie: pit trap elitist. here i thought i had seen the silliest political positions today already on twitter lrrAWESOME
Foxmar320: We don't have public pit traps here
LeeshaJoy: Man, the American pit trap marketplace is a pain in the ass to navigate.
FireFlower18: I got fresh garbage for my birthday!? lrrAWESOME
TheDarium: Osha game in the vein of the Return of the Obra Dinn please and thank you.
Dared00: @DroptheBassTrombone we're live
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: ah, the Cave Room
MikoKisai: you know, the hospital caves
Kykiwi: lrrWOW lrrWOW
FireRogue: @okb_1 it was fantastic!
Nightvalien28: was not expecting that
wildpeaks: um, sure
Metric_Furlong: !clip
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sgowell: @akaiatana lrrJUDGE
Despoiler98: oh look the incinerator
accountmadeforants: This pit trap is mine, it belongs to me!
nidbit: DOOM portal!
PMAvers: Well, we found the glowy smoke orb room?
Dr_fragenstien: counterpoint, american hospitals are being clogged with dead bodies anyways
skyrider19: This doesn't look ominous at all...
AdmiralMemo: @FireFlower18 Happy Birthday!
dougma: Alex: the suicide booth... err. pit traps are a public service
richard_ermen: Go into the light!
MagisterMystax: Steamy
patrick_stonecrusher: OPEN IT!
jingitaxias_: It's the sun room
DoodlestheGreat: Goddammmit Alex, I'm recovering from a cold and blew out my vocal cords laughing.
hippitybobbity: fuckin hell
ZeroArcana: and here's the hell portal
delta__vee: don't let big bit trap get you down
bi0buster: Ahhh a mist showed.
ClodiumSoride: Are we in The Void now?
Anaerin: Hey look, it's a billboard of smoke.
Astra7525: ah, you have found the vaporium
Rockario: Are we Moses? Is this supposed to be the bush?
Ukon_vasara: damn... ... ... the gas
Gekyouryuu: every hospital has a hell pit
Foxmar320: Don't go into the light
LarkSachrosis: weshouldimprovesociety.png
bi0buster: Mist shower*
undecided44: and some of those folks just go in asking for pit traps.. or crates.... and they don't even really need them!
Solipsody: Well... They bought more than one texture pack. So that's nice.
SleepyDeveloper: CiGrip
delta__vee: *big pit trap
SpacePotato01: canadian hospitals are weird.
Jake_the_guy: sick vape bro
SAJewers: where have i heard that open door noise before...
MungoDude: in the furnace?!
PendelSteven: lol 'ello
TheMerricat: you found the sauna! congrats!
kassy_13: this is wayyy too bright
bi0buster: Sure beats a sponge bath.
Alness49: The furnace room, the room is a furnace
DigitalSeahorse: we get it, you vape
ComplexedOne: So, hospital is on a heel. mouth
NexusVoxx: sure is particles in heer
jingitaxias_: why is this room
PendelSteven: and all not the medical marihuana, I guess :)
EricTheOrange: so what room is this?
saiaseigm: We get it, you vape
OKB_1: The medical isotopes?
Foxmar320: Ummmm
Dr_fragenstien: hotbox room
TheOtherTrevor: unfinished basement
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NimrodXIV: uhhhhhhhhhh
djalternative: oh god
electroswagnetism: Oh.
trilemma85: For a second there I thought Kathleen was inside the game.
SleepyDeveloper: o.o
thefileclerk: as you do.
sir_jack_DB: O_O
Nightvalien28: okay
t3h_f1gm3nt: I AM UPSET
Despoiler98: EYEBALLS
MagisterMystax: O_O
skyrider19: ummm...
TehAmelie: it's the eye ward
MungoDude: hi Kathleen lrrDARK
TraceBullet: lrrHERE lrrHERE
Anaerin: The Walls Have Eyes. They were jealous of the hills.
kamelion84: katesWat
PinballWitch: ooo creepy floating eyes!
LarkSachrosis: oWo
thelamenamegame: I CAN SEE THROUGH TIME
richard_ermen: The horror!
PendelSteven: Hey, I'm Dutch, I never knew a time where marihuana was illegal
DaxStrife: Just hanginng your spare eyes on the wall. Like you do.
jingitaxias_: the walls have eyes
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
mariammistressofmanifolds: lrrSPOOP
Despoiler98: slytqWha
Papperslappen: THe walls have eyes!
ThinksTooMuch: literally eyes in the walls
LordManiMani: 👀
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun what the devil?!
LeeshaJoy: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHERE lrrHERE
honeyhivebear: What’s happening
patrick_stonecrusher: Jeepers Creepers!
ComplexedOne: I've heard the walls have ears before
Foxmar320: That my new head cannon Kathleen
Alness49: Oh, they got the googly eye mod!
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun O.O
MaskedBeeX: Oh! This is an optometrist, totally lrrGOAT
A_Dub888: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
MungoDude: I hav3en't seen any humanity yet, so maybe
EricTheOrange: now it's a prision?
MagisterMystax: Nice handwriting
Dryhad: Probably
wildpeaks: there is a lot to unpack there
AdmiralMemo: party100 Party Bits for @FireFlower18 's birthday! party100
Jake_the_guy: what even?
DigitalSeahorse: xD
MikoKisai: "We probably deserve it"
NexusVoxx: "we probably deserve it"
TheMerricat: We probably deserve it.
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Kortanios: Loving the wooden beams holding up the roof in that last room
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PinballWitch: Thanks again Kathleen for giving me a safe oulet to watch DDLC, now I'm in love with it
djalternative: Somehow I think this was originally in russian
Dragonality: Google translates the horror game?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ROFL
Solipsody: Okay, so you've gone from the hospital to the catacombs to the mines to a prison.
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: kind of a defeatist attitude
PendelSteven: So in my book if you want to use marihuana - go ahead, I don't mind
TheWarbo: “probably”
LeeshaJoy: Big mood.
SpacePotato01: was Dave's Spokesman held there?
FireFlower18: thanks @admiralmemo !!
thefileclerk: good game 10/10
TehAmelie: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
skyrider19: Now we are in the hospital jail cells?
Chantzzzzz: all 5 stages of grief
Solipsody: Is this a summary of another, longer game?
Countjondi: It's strange that a person would write with this poor grammar, yet in perfect cursive
SleepyDeveloper: thicc door?
MikoKisai: the game being terrible *is* kinda the point
tim19862: hey Kathleen o/
ninjaspinner: Dear Dr. Lrr: Have you ever had parachute ice cream? If so, what do you think of it?
PendelSteven: another game with empty rooms
nattsan: Very self reflective prisoner
accountmadeforants: Could also be 2XXX AD Castlevania, like Dawn of Sorrow. World went real wonky.
chickenace11: i was napping for a bit how much have i missed
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OKB_1: »Abandoned Hospitals be like«
NexusVoxx: open the door
timiam: Is that a wiley James I see
malc: it's a _flash_ light Graham
malc: it _flashes_
WeiseDrachenJaeger: I actually have a flashlight that throws light in a perfect circle.
PendelSteven: all these bad games are quite the same
Phailhammer: Graham was just really eager to give Alex the Old Melbourne Gaol experience. lrrBEEJ
Solipsody: @chickenace11 Nothing. You can go back to sleep and still not miss much with this...
xantos69: cheer50 Bits for bad flashlight!
PendelSteven: it almost isn't funny any more
SleepyDeveloper: it need a blinkerfluid change
accountmadeforants: Just a real wide laser
Foxmar320: We saw the death trap this time
PinballWitch: Don't appropriate Big Daddy cultrure
leebenningfield: james do a jump scare
thefileclerk: have there beem spooky?
TehAmelie: are you supposed to save?
NexusVoxx: is that not how pit traps work tho
WeiseDrachenJaeger: Pretty sure I got it at a dollar store.
wildpeaks: spikes, the less pleasant subocean
jingitaxias_: the castle hopsital?
DaxStrife: Fake Doors (tm)
Mt_Storm: Real fake doors!
PendelSteven: can't there be bad games with 2d animation? no, that would cost too much money
PTElder: Are those doors made out of ladders?
BloodnBullets: !bingo
LRRbot: Check out for interactive Trope Bingo cards.
MungoDude: real fake floors
bi0buster: So... Now we're in Dark Souls?
richard_ermen: I miss the fake good badness of Nosferatu/Malachi.
Jake_the_guy: we escaped!
Foxmar320: We escaped the hopsital
Pteraspidomorphi: They were pill-skinned pills
tim19862: totally based on a real hospital Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: where's the toilets of this hopsital? lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO
ElektroTal: what are we playing today?
aussie_rob_w: Hi Graham! Hi Alex! This game looks excellent.
Anaerin: That's totally how entrance hallways work.
fiftymcnasty: You were in the prison's hospital, that was in a castle
bi0buster: Actually this looks more like Dragons Dogma.
wildpeaks: the ceiling is taller at least
ZeroArcana: we out
ClodiumSoride: Not a lot of thematic consistency here.
Solipsody: Is this the most settings you've gone through without encountering any gameplay whatsoever?
wafflesoup: @LoadingReadyRun Do we know who will be at PAX South?
PinballWitch: but where is the sub ocean? and what if I prefer dub oceans?
AGiantRoach: which assets packs were cheap?
virre_: Prison hospital in a castle?
Akaiatana: Graham, I think this is the Diablo 1 remaster
PendelSteven: feels like we're running in stock-assets again
Phailhammer: "Okay, how can I string together these asset packs I bought?"
fiftymcnasty: Its castle prison
NexusVoxx: castle?
PendelSteven: thanks for the engine!
Dryhad: Are you a viking now?
Dr_fragenstien: don't forget to save
ElektroTal: oh sweet, i still have VIP!
kassy_13: dungeons time?
accountmadeforants: Hopsital's inner garden. Patients (and demons) gotta have some fresh (poisonous) air
thefileclerk: is there plot yet?
MungoDude: can you jump to the left?
Zalbaag: No, we are not a Vikings
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
Anaerin: This is the medieval wing of the hospital. Apparently.
countz3r0: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 18:50.
trilemma85: There was obviously a fishing element in this game, with the walleyes. Kappa
ninjaspinner: Cannot see alex. because Goast.
aussie_rob_w: Dammit Graham LUL
bi0buster: That's a lot of doors.
jingitaxias_: it's the door room
Foxmar320: We found the door room where we keep the doors
xantos69: Are those....Ceiling Doors?
Serifina: PAX South vlogs? :D
saiaseigm: @wafflesoup I’m pretty sure it’s G, Serge, and Ben
timiam: Yayyy more pax vlogs
DaMullet14: The year of Beej at All Cons is finally over? You're letting him rest?
leebenningfield: have you watched Dark
MagisterMystax: Stack-o-bricks
djalternative: Are you tessellating through several disparate locations by way of doors?
drcanonball: Benham yager
patrick_stonecrusher: Hospital prison asylum graveyard castles are the worst...
TheThromborax: this is - actually - qn A+ representation of Dream Logic
wafflesoup: @saiaseigm Thanks
FireRogue: enjoy!
PendelSteven: that is a typical wooden pillar though
Frankenfruity: Graberge
Despoiler98: yay barrel frond
PinballWitch: now to find some crates
TraceBullet: barrel barrel barrel
red_shoes_jeff: Did you just... walk into Moredoor?
saiaseigm: I’m pretty hype, ngl
Dryhad: Cobblestone pillars, just like Minecraft
Pteraspidomorphi: Are you in any panels?
NexusVoxx: sac
wildpeaks: load-bearing barrels
Rhynerd: ya boi the barrel
undecided44: it's the fake door storage room... just off the foyer
Scarbble: benergram
shroompants: save
Blasteg: so it's Bergram that's going
tim19862: LuL
PendelSteven: you wouldn't do that with cobblestones
pettyfan45: boo
BrindleBoar: how dare
xantos69: BOOOOOOOO!
jingitaxias_: the grain heap?
chickenace11: well done
Despoiler98: booooooooooooooooooooooo
Glutnix: graaaains
NimrodXIV: SEA
LeeshaJoy: lrrJUDGE
margieargie: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
InkyGhoast: katesLol
Anaerin: Is that a button on the wall?
Dr_fragenstien: boo
shroompants: there's a button on the wall or somthing in that room
DaxStrife: This looks like Unreal-engine room building... Unreal engine 1.
tim19862: still great
Xcuube: booo alex
thefileclerk: oof
DoodlestheGreat: The employee break room.
Laserbeaks_Fury: There's a grain of truth tot that
Phailhammer: lrrJUDGE
Mozilla_Delphox: I wish i had found out yall were going to pax south before i locked in my rna prereleases.
kassy_13: boo
tim19862: lrrSACK
PinballWitch: what's the name of this masterpiece again?
ClodiumSoride: Switch on the wall in that last room?
Jazaman: That joke rubbed against the grain.
DigitalSeahorse: Serge was asking about good coffee places in Texas
awesomehawkx95: Greetings Lrrmans!!
kassy_13: nope
NexusVoxx: oo a hat
PendelSteven: the Y-shape makes sense with wooden beams
sir_jack_DB: hemlet
MagisterMystax: Is that part of the Armour of God?
ZeroArcana: we the lich king now
kassy_13: dungeons for sure
Foxmar320: Can't get ye crown
AdmiralMemo: GIB HELMUT
Nightvalien28: either lotr or WoW
BrindleBoar: or... maybe decoration
Laserbeaks_Fury: There must be a Lich King
FireRogue: cobblestone is a great structural material! minecraft told me so!
SleepyDeveloper: We found a, uh, thing!
kassy_13: religious dungeons
Papperslappen: hat!
chickenace11: it's the cult room
Dr_fragenstien: you cannot get ye helmet
ninjaspinner: Graham/Alex: I have every land on Arena: What Guild to i hedge into when RNA Comes out?
ThinksTooMuch: suddenly skyrim
Jake_the_guy: put on helmet and become overlord
PinballWitch: the game was the pit traps, duh
Papperslappen: gib hat!
drcanonball: we in middle earth now
PendelSteven: so they even textured the wrong object
NimrodXIV: I want to know what the "plot" of this game is supposed to be
PendelSteven: Great job, team
DigitalSeahorse: LOL
accountmadeforants: You're looking for a cursed-ass item, but you're very picky
FlyingWithSnakes: ah yes, the hospital dungeon
DigitalSeahorse: I recommended Waffle House at least for the food
SnackPak_: =\]
patrick_stonecrusher: dovah-keem!
MrSVCD: @DaxStrife Unreal was lower res but more interesting design.
Talin06: but G what is meaning?
chickenace11: take him to dunkin and film it
Solipsody: Okay. So hospital->catacombs->mine->prison-> outside->monastery and not so much as a lever to pull.
Dared00: Fun fact: it's just called "Dunkin" now
xantos69: It isn't always about what you want Graham.
Texan_Reverend: There aren't even any Dunkin Donuts in the area.
PendelSteven: Here we are talking North-American horeca again
timiam: Dunkin really depends on the location you go to in my experience
fiftymcnasty: Serge did ask where to get good coffee in Texas the other day. We told him its a bit big and he needs to specify.
korvys: Are the donuts good at least?
tim19862: wow
timiam: The one at college was great, the one back home blows.
NexusVoxx: Duncan
Foxmar320: Serge was very worried
shdragon: You know what we haven't found? A Key.
TemporallyAwry: These kinda feels like a masshup of a bunch of different people's work over a semester.
thefileclerk: brown go juice
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Mozilla_Delphox: Sad I'll miss yall at pax south but have a nice time in texas!
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bi0buster: Jumpscare!
WeiseDrachenJaeger: Tim Hortons coffee is delicious compared to Dunkin. I remember making that mistake.
virre_: Dunkin Donuts gave up Sweden suddenly in a morning. Like the employes got to work and it did not exists
malc: nice door
dougma: I from boston.. we call it ditch water
overlordstowell: Get Dunkin'd on I guess?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: how different is Dunkin Donuts in Canada? because to me it's no different from Starbucks
MagisterMystax: Duncan's Doughnuts
LordManiMani: nah if you blindfold him, even odds he'll like it Kappa
kassy_13: uh
SleepyDeveloper: I love my sugar filled, sugar topped piles of sugar donuts from dunkin tyvm
TodFilth: dunkin donuts is so terrible, but I live in Boston and they have one on every street, sometimes two
DennyMcG: I have no opinions on coffee, and that makes me upset
Ukon_vasara: America runs from Dunkin
dialMforMara: To be fair they have good donuts. Not as much variety as Timmys though
red_shoes_jeff: But America uns on Dunkin', Alex.
skyrider19: ummmm
Freshly_Toasted: lrrSPOOP
PendelSteven: I dunno, I buy my donuts in a supermarket
Sthrad: jesus
NimrodXIV: creeeeeaaaaaaaaak
MikoKisai: that is the slowest door opening animation I have ever seen
AdmiralMemo: I got to Dunkin Donuts for the donuts
Papperslappen: one cup of brown water comin up
MightySpecial: tthe atmosphere
BrindleBoar: but why
jingitaxias_: slooooooow doooooooooor
Mysticman89: my door does that whenever I'm home late and trying not to wake anyone.
PinballWitch: fastest door ever
Foxmar320: Good lord someone oil that door
timiam: A+ doo
dougma: Sorry.. Ditch Wadda
VmKid: Dunkin's donuts are fine. Not too amazing.
djalternative: Resident Evil?
drcanonball: what a loud door
thefileclerk: oh wow i hate it
SalmirAeon: ah, a dramatic door
Tarukai788: tbh I prefer dunkin coffee over tims from my experience so far, but McDonald's beats them both
TheThromborax: best door ever
danthemediocre: needs some WD40 dude
TheOtherTrevor: SUSPENSE
PendelSteven: and we make coffee at home
Rhynerd: gonna need some oil on that door
accountmadeforants: Here's my Dun-kin OC, pls donut steal
Dr_fragenstien: the door is actually silent, that's just your bowels lrrBEEJ
electroswagnetism: that is an AGRESSIVELY creaky door
wildpeaks: somebody oil that door
Styxseus: How.. dramatic?
ThinksTooMuch: their donuts are okay, if you're not concerned about fat/calorie content
hoktauri: I found ONE good Dunkin near me and I'll give it up over my dead body.
red_shoes_jeff: c r e e e a a a k k k
Tarukai788: if I need on-the-go coffee that's just black coffee
TheMoatman: lmao, I got to buried alive a verdurous gearhulk, a sun titan, and an inferno titan, then living end away their exarch (I had their twin under a maggot). They scooped
cassaclyzm: what.
SleepyDeveloper: candygram!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Housekeeping
Solipsody: And now an old house/
saiaseigm: I’m really excited to meet Serge. He seems like a really good dude.
djalternative: Oh. It's a scooby doo hallway!
Simonark: The donuts are also bad
TehAmelie: idea: a possibly overly elaborate prank on Serge would be mixing some varieties of coffee together for him to taste and try and guess what they are
TheOtherTrevor: Now you're in the 50s
FireRogue: christ that door
Nigouki: someone should make a game where your only interaction with the world is just spraying WD-40 on creaky door hinges
skyrider19: get ye apple?
Statist42: "WE paid for that 30sec soundclip and we are gonne use it completely!"
FireRogue: also why only that one
ButterBall000: So, what's the time to crate?
PinballWitch: either that apple was huge, or that plate was tiny?
Anaerin: Put an apple on the table, it'll make our protagonist look more like an asshole.
tim19862: yup
Rhynerd: Dunkin does have some good, or at least serviceable, breakfast sandwiches
Homerion: all of US NE will fight you on your dunkin takes alex
BrindleBoar: why is the 40's kitchen in the medieval basement
PendelSteven: oof
FlyingWithSnakes: interact with things? what is this, a video game?
Jake_the_guy: i feel like this game is just a test of a map layout
DigitalSeahorse: they don't build fridges like that anymore
JoomaTWF: I haven't been paying attention, have any monsters popped up yet?
Foxmar320: Nice texture
JoomaTWF: Or anything scary at all?
TwilitLugia: Dunkins is where you go to get your breakfast on your way to your blue collar job. Starbucks is where you go to overpay for crappy coffee.
Ukon_vasara: can you unequip the flashlight to then interact with things?
Camail: z fighting is the true enemy
BlueMechanic: Smeg also makes ovens
dialMforMara: What’s a kelvinator?
Dryhad: My espresso machine is a Smeg
virre_: Dunkin had ColdBrew reality, and not just on the menu as the other coffe places in the mall at my last work
Solipsody: Is this just an ad for these asset packs? It's not a very good ad.
pettyfan45: save?
dougma: This looks like a 1st year level designer portfolio
PinballWitch: two textures fighting for dominance, whoever wins, we lose
Dared00: Labyrinth of Solaris, I think?
the_elkae: Catacombs of Solaris
tim19862: the one that twitch compression loved?
bi0buster: That sound seemed familiar... Is this gameguru with the UI stripped out?
PendelSteven: smeg: a futuristic British all-purpose swear word. From Red Dwarf.
AdmiralMemo: "native home" Uhhhhhhhhhh
shdragon: Their foley for the door creaks aint bad at least?
PinballWitch: that was in layers of fear!
Mysticman89: isnt that guy from layers of fear
BrindleBoar: is that bed covered in tree bark?
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Mushbie: ahh yes Barrels. One of the platonic solids.
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wildpeaks: what the heck
Rhynerd: he was in layers of fear too!
PendelSteven: as in: you smeg head!
xantos69: Ah yes. The Wall Rug (tm). A classic for bedroom design.
TemporallyAwry: Does opening doors count as interactive content?
TehAmelie: i had that phone
thefileclerk: this is nice.
silenceaux: Layers of Fear?
thefileclerk: this is a nice room
Gen2Gengar: Is that the mannequin from the RE7 demo?
bi0buster: Soundproofing on a budget?
TheThromborax: its RE7 now
LordManiMani: Twin Peaks The Return (2017)
BloodnBullets: does it worry you guys how much you recognise these props now?
NimrodXIV: oh boy "Stary - the story of the traveler. Waking up in the hospital after a serious operation, go on a long journey through the empty places from the memory of the main character. You have to control the character, whose path runs through an abandoned prison, part of the hospital, the forest and even secret underground facilities. Who am I and where am I going to be lucky enough to find out only at the end! Any turn can turn into an interesting adventure, but it can also be an unpleasant surpri
Freshly_Toasted: Everything is dirty but the walls are immaculate
pappaskety: did that piano have colored stickers on the keys?
TehWERR: old house sim 2019
Foxmar320: Im waiting on another death trap
DigitalSeahorse: it's easy to recognize mannequins
fiftymcnasty: Its the one from the movie Mannequin
thelamenamegame: You want some fuck?
TheAwkes: Bad Hallways: The Game™
PendelSteven: yay more stock assets of the engine
Solipsody: If you didn't pick up the flashlight in the beginning we wouldn't have any indication there were buttons that do ANYTHING.
dialMforMara: You were there last week too
margieargie: Maybe a key behind a locked door... something...
wench_tacular: This game brought to you by MC Hammer
kumatsu: I see they stapled some Ikea shelves to the walls
TehAmelie: okay i guess we're close to the end
PinballWitch: hey, it takes a lot of courage for ghosts to come out, just like the rest of us. Queer ghosts are valid!
AdmiralMemo: JumpScare! TM
wafflesoup: Does anything happen in this game?
TheWarbo: Where is game
Nightvalien28: look on the bright side, no keys
PendelSteven: Can we get at least one model that is rigged please?
MikoKisai: we're on the great wall of China now?
skyrider19: the great wall of china?
jingitaxias_: this is the fuckiest path
patrick_stonecrusher: "Congradulations! You're still playing! Here's an achivement!"
bi0buster: That's a suspiciously orange tree.
drcanonball: the great wall of china?
thefileclerk: the past is lumpy
MehallD: Perpendicular to the past
ClodiumSoride: Are you using a different keyboard than before? Sounds clickier.
tim19862: lrrAWESOME
PendelSteven: hopefully creatively made
queenmarchesa: there are more options than there is gameplay
Laserbeaks_Fury: Past the past
tim19862: oh wow
Ummon_: past the past
Freshly_Toasted: So we're now on a bridge I guess
Foxmar320: ummmm
wildpeaks: it's ok, we're past it
countz3r0: through the cloaca of the past
Solipsody: Man, when we finally make it to the fireworks factory, it's going to be so sweet...
AdmiralMemo: Woooooooooooow
Dryhad: Gross
NexusVoxx: oo rain
FurthestChunk55: skimming the surface of the past
tim19862: lol
Reecer6: Cutting us off at the past.
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TheWarbo: 2 Over 2 Past
malc: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Boy Scout jamboree.
Crad0k: NO! BAD ALEX!
abaoa_qu: We haven't been in a spaceship yet, or a volcano
pettyfan45: 0.0
TehAmelie: Resolution was a weeird movie
Anaerin: I bless the rain down in THE PAST
PendelSteven: @queenmarchesa yes, that's cause the engine is amazing
ninjaspinner: Goddamnit Alex
fiftymcnasty: no
ninjaspinner: lol
SalmirAeon: it's raining in front of your flashlight?
BloodnBullets: do not listen to that man
DennyMcG: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
jingitaxias_: this is like my minecraft world
DigitalSeahorse: I have a complaint about our tax dollars not funding this road's paving repairs
timiam: And that's how Alex got chat pregnant
kassy_13: whut
TraceBullet: here's where the dev learned how to make displacements in hammer
delta__vee: can't remember if doing a bit
FurthestChunk55: the fuck is a dental dam
dougma: no it is not, it is semi permiable
MikoKisai: I'm *pretty* sure it's not
TheSoftestBunny: i'm pretty sure it is porous
BrindleBoar: FurthestChunk55 a condom, but for yer mouf
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VmKid: Fun fact: If you laid all of the turkey legs sold at Disney World every year end to end, you'll probably get banned from the park for life! 4Head
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dialMforMara: Saran wrap sounds like a bad idea
CobaltShurikenReborn: seran wrap also works when eating out someones past
Rhynerd: @FurthestChunk55 I'm assuming it's a sex thing now
AdmiralMemo: @xantos69 That sounds like it's coming from someone who's tried. :D
azureHaights: @FurthestChunk55 It's a dam, for your dentals. lrrBEEJ
TiredNiall: Use a rubber glove and cut the fingers off, but keep the thumb to use as something to hold on to
Jake_the_guy: just flex seal your junk closed
TheWarbo: Why is this conversation
TheMerricat: "Due to the not small number of negative reviews, in the next couple of days there will be an update in which the existing bugs will be fixed. It will also be added: the use of medicines and food to accelerate the speed. Most of the players could not find access to the locked doors and rooms, so there will be hints. The traps will be more and they will be more diverse."
ninjaspinner: Rubber seems like Suboptimal
NimrodXIV: omg the steam page: Mature content Description - The developers describe the content like this: Meat [in italics]
Mysticman89: I don't think one gets pregnant via improper dental dam alternatives. problems, but not pregnant.
kumatsu: Just jam some nails in there and the wood will stick together, right?
TheSoftestBunny: instead, cut a condom and make a dam out of it
PinballWitch: are you looking thru a camera? is that why there's water spots?
ninjaspinner: NO
DigitalSeahorse: nails in a plank of wood, it's the art gallery :P
Pteraspidomorphi: Can you wipe the camera lens please?
ninjaspinner: NO ALEx
Alness49: Dunno if it's good but it keeps her fresh!
TehAmelie: i like how the rain is completely stuck on our eyes
ninjaspinner: NO YOU CANNOT
PendelSteven: I feel that branch we saw is an original design though
Anaerin: How to nail: 1. Take nail. 2. Nail Nail. Congratulations.
PendelSteven: so props for that
Laserbeaks_Fury: This feels like an asset demo level
VmKid: @NimrodXIV Italic Meat is the worst kind
kassy_13: was that...them saying they'll add gameplay
PendelSteven: that tree there
DoodlestheGreat: The name of the game should be "WHAT WAS ON SALE IN THE UNITY STORE AT THE TIME."
TheOtherTrevor: Video games: Please stop treating the players eyes like a camera lens and showing water drops!
MagisterMystax: 'small number'
tim19862: lies LUL
PendelSteven: or what resembles a tree
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun yep. the last update
xantos69: @AdmiralMemo I am a man with a lot of various life experiences. I, sir, have lived. From that I have learned.
Feltic: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 24:51.
Rhynerd: So, it's gonna turn into a shitty blue alley with drugs and snacks?
wildpeaks: oh good. lava
Solipsody: Traps?
PinballWitch: sub lava!
Kraest: So this game is just...they bought a bunch of assets and threw them together with literally zero gameplay.
jingitaxias_: wait what
BrindleBoar: the floor is lava
DaMullet14: Wait, due to the /lack/ of negative reviews, they'll be fixing bugs?
DigitalSeahorse: lava! :O
PendelSteven: it's quite a weird bridge, innit?
JoomaTWF: Get into the lava sea!
tastethebeams: are we still doing hour-long segments?
Stoffern: Yay, trap diversity
tim19862: woah
DaMullet14: So if someone said it was a bad game they'd leave it?
ninjaspinner: well alex
ninjaspinner: It zooms
DigitalSeahorse: sergeIntoTheSea sergeIntoTheSea sergeIntoTheSea sergeIntoTheSea
Keab42: That first part could have been Esc From Planet
abaoa_qu: Ah, theres the volcano
Type_One___: cheer200 ahhh, now this is some soggy garbage....delicious!
drcanonball: you came from here
thefileclerk: when does the game start?
AdmiralMemo: @xantos69 I, on the other hand, have not lived much, despite being 36
Aenir798: it said "not small number"
jingitaxias_: the "not small number"
shdragon: "The NOT small number of negative reviews"
OKB_1: That's a steep bridge!
TheBob58: The zoom makes me want to vomit
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jedi_master_zll: I subbed on Monday I think? Now the text box appeared!!!
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richard_ermen: I think it "simulates" zooming.
MikoKisai: 3 positive reviews, 5 negative reviews
NexusVoxx: mejms
Emergent_OS: I am happy to get Watch and Play on my Birthday!
kassy_13: there was a side bridge alex
TehAmelie: i mean, you could also fix bugs because they ARE BUGS
timiam: I heard mayonaisse
BloodnBullets: there was a junction on the bridge
patrick_stonecrusher: See! There's the well that the floor tile texture was from!
PendelSteven: I dunno how many bridges there are on the island you live in, but erm
PinballWitch: what about moist memes?
Anaerin: Meme-o-naise?
djalternative: In order to travel to the past you need to wind a portion of space-time into a tube that spans from the beginning of the universe to the end.
PendelSteven: this is a weird bridge
DigitalSeahorse: too many walls for sub ocean?
BrindleBoar: dankonaise
bi0buster: Are those may-mays dank enough to start a mold culture?
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie nonsense!
kassy_13: there was a bit to the side
PendelSteven: *you live on
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ecocd: Love some classic G&A on W&P
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kassy_13: up the top of the bridge
OKB_1: Just made an IFTTT trigger for your new comic Alex. Each time you post something new I get an email. Since it's pretty much impossible to keep track of via Twitter during the Brexit heat.
jingitaxias_: this game is just someone's minecraft world
Solipsody: You can't sequence break a game with no sequence.
TheWarbo: Are they as dank as an under-hospital prison?
prystigia: cheer100 first time ever catching Garbage Day live??? A blessed day!!
Dared00: Watch+Play Done Quick 2019, save the animals
Freshly_Toasted: Could you actually call this a game?
tim19862: nice
kassy_13: go right here
Solipsody: @jingitaxias_ Wouldn't that at least look better?
Mushbie: that speedrun was sooo gud
Mysticman89: the 9.5 hours 'speedrun' of one the the final fantasy games was gripping.
AdmiralMemo: @Freshly_Toasted It has a fail state, so yes?
PendelSteven: I hoped Garbage day was a day we would listen and appreciate songs by Garbage
Anaerin: Did you seem "Virtual Hylide", Graham?
Blasteg: you should watch that silent hill run too
ninjaspinner: That happened to me once Alex
FurthestChunk55: my favourite AGDQ run at the moment is the Sonic 1 one, but that's subject to change
red_shoes_jeff: I think there might be a fork in that bridge.
wildpeaks: gdq had some quality stuffs gdqDiamond
BloodnBullets: @LoadingReadyRun i think there was a side path off the bridge
Astra7525: Sanicball also great
Frankenfruity: there was a path in the middle of that bridge, wasn't there?
Dared00: Virtual Hydlide feat. Jim the Knight
PendelSteven: I think I'm paranoid
Crad0k: there were *loads* of great runs this year, possibly the best year so far
Dr_fragenstien: the splattoon 2 speedrun had me laughing the whole time
Ummon_: I'm stumped
PinballWitch: my favorite speed run is the mario world, where you break the code in the first level by jumping on a sequence of enemies and cut right to the end
TheMerricat: Appearently this is 100% walking sim with a few 'traps' included. The 'variety' of the scenes is due to the fact hat you are supposed to be revisiting your memories. @LoadingReadyRun
Texan_Reverend: @PendelSteven That's _every_ day.
Baldrash: The Sonic 1 run was glorious.
patrick_stonecrusher: urban yeti was great!
morgoth_bauglyr: have we played sanic ball on this show?
TheMoatman: GDI forgot that lightning greaves gave haste
Solipsody: Sound?
Zombeef: but why tho
Frankenfruity: Now Nito!
Pteraspidomorphi: Comfy?
ecocd: Given how often W&P ends up clipping, it could be a speedrun.
wafflesoup: Music?
TehAmelie: yay, the rain faded from our eyes
Blasteg: You guys can have a W+P GDQ edition to be honest lel
Jake_the_guy: G with the soul read
Dared00: @Baldrash SO GOOD
virre_: Xfiles?
kassy_13: but why
Ummon_: dark souls?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: it was on at 4am for me, but i need to see that Mohawk and Headphone jack run
TraceBullet: You're winner
SAJewers: did you see awful block at adgq graham?
kenohki2: Sup Graham and Alex!
Aenir798: WHAT?
djalternative: holy crap sound!
Aarek: we gonna go visit Nito?
Phailhammer: Oh, are we going for the Gravelord Sword? lrrBEEJ
MagisterMystax: ITS END
Kykiwi: LOL
NexusVoxx: ITS END
Dryhad: Its End
TheMoatman: Its end
AdmiralMemo: Wut
tim19862: wow
tastethebeams: WAT
PinballWitch: you win!
Nosliw87: ITS END
FlyingWithSnakes: ITS END
wafflesoup: NO
cassaclyzm: you win?
accountmadeforants: ITS END
Psychic_Ketchup: Its end
kamelion84: lrrWOW
t3h_f1gm3nt: ITS END
SamJohnston: ITS END
BrindleBoar: a winner is you!
electroswagnetism: it's end
PendelSteven: its end
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh
Mysticman89: it is end
TheSoftestBunny: its end
tim19862: lrrWOW
Graved: LUL
jingitaxias_: NICE
dougma: F
MaskedBeeX: Good Covenant
Zombeef: LUL
Solipsody: Its End?
DigitalSeahorse: :o
virre_: Xfiles very slow?
pettyfan45: nope
TheWriterAleph: YOU WIN
rybackgaming: ITS END
kassy_13: f
thelamenamegame: F
ThinksTooMuch: WOW
Alness49: Going for gravelord sword?
SnackPak_: The end of what?
richard_ermen: ????
wildpeaks: gdqTime
korvys: ITS END
TraceBullet: THEND
Nigouki: welp
pappaskety: g'night, you're a vamp now
JaymicUnyielding: OH WOW
aussie_rob_w: YOU DID IT
skyrider19: ummm
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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sir_jack_DB: it are end
Papperslappen: ok
Kykiwi: lrrWOW
AGiantRoach: Beautiful
TehAmelie: the end of it
Rhynerd: its end.
StephenJM81: epic
Graved: ITS END
utilitybiscuits: huh
VmKid: <Strong Bad voice> IT'S END!
undecided44: its end
Serifina: Its End!
PendelSteven: The End of It
Jake_the_guy: NICE
TehWERR: you one!
TemporallyAwry: lrrSPOOP ???
SAJewers: lrrGOAT
iSmartMan1: How much did you pay for this?
Dared00: whose end
Alness49: its end
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MungoDude: <3
lukyhemee: its end
xantos69: It is end isn't it?
Glutnix: ITS END
Ummon_: its end
drcanonball: Its-a edn
ninjaspinner: IT IS ALL END
pettyfan45: burn it all down
TheWarbo: ITS END
shdragon: Your Winner!
FurthestChunk55: and Time! okay that's a world record!
cheetoJack: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
coelopteryx: and that was the end of the story be end
PendelSteven: Oh dear
shurtal: But is it truly End?
jingitaxias_: add this to bad advice
Stoffern: You were just looking for a place to sleep the whole time?
kassy_13: we beat it
theneatestburrito: YOU DID NOT? DIE
Scarbble: it sure is end
the_elkae: I'M CACKLING
G_F_K: gg everybody
Riandisa: Achievement: Last Sleep
dougma: At least it does not over stay it's welcome
Countjondi: IT'S END!
Solipsody: Yeah. Okay. I think we're all end.
JeffCentaur: I love when they accidentally stumble across the end of a game
honeyhivebear: So good
azureHaights: The end! Which end? Its end!
bi0buster: So you're someone who died in a hospital and you were just being considerate and burying yourself.
DigitalSeahorse: its possessive end
aussie_rob_w: wasn't there supposed to be a game in there somewhere?
kassy_13: "its end"
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun IB4 you are DRACULA!
skyrider19: I have many questions
TehAmelie: im so happy it's end
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PinballWitch: holy wow
PTElder: This Blood prequel is subpar.
PendelSteven: You succesfully walked to mostly a stock engine
Stellapacifica: I'm gonna say you won
Drasvin: Its end
lukyhemee: Congrulations
FeverRadish: I’m confused...
Emergent_OS: My favorite AGDQ moment was driving Ice Cream Truck at the end of the GTA Vice City run!
CobaltShurikenReborn: gg
AdmiralMemo: @theneatestburrito One death early on
FireRogue: it's end is now becoming part of my vocabulary
FlyingWithSnakes: Conglaturation you end
kat2kool: But whose end?
Phailhammer: WURK WIRK!
danthemediocre: DAS FIN
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Alness49: Dear Esther it ain't
abaoa_qu: Next talking sim game
Kykiwi: oh geezz
wildpeaks: I hope we get the Sanic racing game on this show on day, it's some quality garbage
Keab42: Alex, you beat one. You're free!
rybackgaming: "Which end?" "IT!" - read as Y2J
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djalternative: that's some subs
I_Am_Clockwork: heyho friends
NexusVoxx: sanic ball for W+P or riot
kenohki2: cheer100 cheer100 Sup Graham and Alex
Jake_the_guy: those gifts subs!
TehAmelie: the greatest part is nobody can guess if it's supposed to be "its end" or "it's end" cause neither of them work
pettyfan45: toot toot
yomidian: happy garbage day everyone
PinballWitch: it had a pit trap, it's not just a "Walking sim"
thefileclerk: that happened, and it happened to all of us
FlameI7: Better than "To be Continue"
MungoDude: lrrSPOT lrrHORN yomidan whoop
I_Am_Clockwork: have I missed much, or are we still on the subtrain?
Keab42: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:22:27. lrrSPOT
ChewyPudding: @yomidian thanks!
NexusVoxx: this is subtrain v2
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble kenohkBubble kenohkBubble kenohkBubble kenohkBubble kenohkBubble
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iSmartMan1: How much did you pay for that last one?
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thefileclerk: @i_am_clockwork you missed the first "game"
AdmiralMemo: @I_Am_Clockwork We finished a bad game.
PendelSteven: also better than "A Winner is You!!"
TemporallyAwry: @I_Am_Clockwork Only the first game, it wasn't much of a game
DigitalSeahorse: hi kenohki2
Dr_fragenstien: I thought I heard my name in there, do I have an imposter?
Nosliw87: @TheSoftestBunny mikansBox
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NexusVoxx: and then die?
Foxmar320: wow
Alness49: kenohkBubble kenohkBubble kenohkBubble
PendelSteven: or "Congraturations!"
LordManiMani: seabatYIKES
FireRogue: A winner is you is great!
Mysticman89: death is the safest sex. or maybe not.
TheWarbo: alex
korvys: Alex - Truck bed liner.
MungoDude: how long caqn you hold your breathl, alex?
xantos69: Death is assured.
shdragon: Don't mention the war!
Despoiler98: oh no slytqFacepalm
Aarek: Flex Seal?
MagisterMystax: The war came
NexusVoxx: the wa
pettyfan45: god help us
OKB_1: !badadvice
LRRbot: Enter the blaggole.
Crad0k: "don't mention the war"
Dared00: the wok
AdmiralMemo: @I_Am_Clockwork A bunch of walking around, a terrible flashlight, and like 3 death traps
Despoiler98: dont talk about the war
Mysticman89: but you won't get pregnant from death.
Feltic: Don't Mention the WAR!
wildpeaks: Wor, wor never changes
JaymicUnyielding: Theeeeeeeeeeeeewar
PinballWitch: Front To Far A
Alness49: During the war...
lukyhemee: its too far
DennyMcG: The phoar
jingitaxias_: two far
PendelSteven: Not a Bridge too Far, but a Front too Far
countz3r0: The Cold One.
TehAmelie: i think that's the name of a real Finnish war movie
djalternative: A Font Too Far
Anaerin: This game? I take affront!
Solipsody: What?
tastethebeams: oh no
Jake_the_guy: umm no
malc: oh nooo
Despoiler98: what?
drcanonball: how far is too far?
koizom: Oh, I remember, Close Combat 3: A Bridge Too Far was a great game
PinballWitch: legs!
Rhynerd: where we sitting?
lukyhemee: i have questions
sir_jack_DB: LEGS
dacardczar: skyrim?
DaMullet14: We're sitting on no chair
I_Am_Clockwork: did you see the weird headbobbing in the main menu
OKB_1: ???
Despoiler98: Freeeeeeedom!
kassy_13: we have legs for once
aussie_rob_w: concern.
DigitalSeahorse: show me some leg
TheBentUsi: +
thefileclerk: Leeeeeeegs
TheWriterAleph: "Hey, you. You're finally awake."
PinballWitch: turns out its just a battle royale game
AdmiralMemo: Are they the bee's knees?
kassy_13: but we weren't sitting on anything
aussie_rob_w: heightened concern.
Despoiler98: Why is that guys head so big?
Solipsody: You're being airlifted in a submarine?
korvys: Unsecured tubes
cheetoJack: So this is a game where you boldly disobey orders and somehow not die?
Rhynerd: I thought we were just sitting on nothing on the beach itself
TheWarbo: Watch + Philosophize
margieargie: School!
TemporallyAwry: Looks like a sub ... yeah.
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: oh boy, glider
FireRogue: has anyone made alex dick around in KoL ever? I feel like he'd have words
djalternative: where are the plane noises?
PendelSteven: a Hercules?
Amentur: School or BUST
virre_: WW2?
hippitybobbity: LOL
Foxmar320: Can we drop at school? Get this over with fast.
aussie_rob_w: that man does not look well.
accountmadeforants: What if your orders are to secure freedom, what then GAME?
TheWarbo: Water Treatment.
plzpagedrtinycat: THANK YOU YOMIDIAN!!!!!!!!!!
thefileclerk: at least there may be "plot"
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: @LoadingReadyRun it's a glider
wildpeaks: OG PUBG
Dared00: Steve! What PLANE is this game
TehAmelie: just wake up and jump out without a word
Koshindan: Wee!
I_Am_Clockwork: are we solo dropping somewhere?
MungoDude: I thought it was submarine at first
DennyMcG: I thought that was sand under you
Arikell: and why does it have unsecured cannisters lying around?
WolfgangCloud: That door had stairs on it
PinballWitch: you didn't check for a chute...
Anaerin: So, do I get a parachute?
shdragon: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
jingitaxias_: the trees are popping in during the cutscene
ArboristAndrew: "Fuck this im out"
DarkNacht: pop in
TheWarbo: Drop Water Treatment
DigitalSeahorse: don't forget your parachute
SnackPak_: weee!
Solipsody: Sir? Nobody in Jump training mentioned the pop-in!
lukyhemee: ok i'll go then
ContingentCat: that was a bit too easy to open
SleepyDeveloper: *SPLAT*
Graved: We drop in Parlor Harbor
thefileclerk: Thud
aussie_rob_w: the world beneath you is still populating
korvys: "I would rather jump out of a plane than talk to you"
Despoiler98: Paratroopers didnt jump during the day at Normandy!
honeyhivebear: RIP
PendelSteven: Le Normandy
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: "we have to hurry, the germans invented teleporting trees!"
lukyhemee: is this the pubg
virre_: Ah said it was WW2
Gekyouryuu: "where we dropping, bois?"
Anaerin: Or alternatively: "What was that native guy's name again?"
I_Am_Clockwork: if this is supposed to be normandy, there is no way they'd be dropping durring the day
Despoiler98: THey Jumped hours before DDay AT NIGHT
AdmiralMemo: What sort of gun is this?
Rhynerd: ah, a grease gun!
Foxmar320: Wut is that gun
PendelSteven: where probably a lot of my blood is from (DNA-wise)
v_nome: Is this a sneaking mission?
I_Am_Clockwork: espessially for solo stealth drops
Rhynerd: that is a real gun
wafflesoup: Nice FOV
Dragonality: I left when we were in a graveyard, what happened...
OKB_1: Intriguing graphics style the've chosen for this new Wolfenstein prequel…
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: M3 grease gun
virre_: This is in May 44, a bit before D-Day
Dared00: because it comes from Greece Kappa
Solipsody: Gonna do some caulking.
PinballWitch: is this "One More?"
DigitalSeahorse: it's a caulking gun
GroutNASA: Slippery
Nightvalien28: there's a grease gun?
lukyhemee: man the new pubg map is awfull
Ummon_: I think you should close that lid on the top
delta__vee: a grease gun is a thing you use to put grease into things
TheWriterAleph: wobble wobble
FinalShowFilms: Yes, there are grease guns.
TemporallyAwry: ya' know, I never actually know that. I assumed the same
Graved: Is this Sten, but shitty?
Rhynerd: this SMG ended up being more favored than the Thompson
Zombeef: that bob is too mcuh
TehAmelie: are we going to save the French resistance? i bet this will be extremely historically accurate
djalternative: Does this game have zombies?
FinalShowFilms: I thought it was made from the parts of an old grease gun
ThePerrBearr: that is the hilliest tilled land
PinballWitch: Man, PUBG is looking different than I remember...
Keab42: These are some bumpy fields
BrindleBoar: Vast... Tracts of Land
Mysticman89: quality draw distances
Gen2Gengar: That looks NOTHING like Normandy
Lunareclipse123: A grease gun was a thing used to apply grease to mechanical parts, and this gun looked kinda like one of those
MungoDude: that texture pop tho
Anaerin: That pop-in, though...
aClonedPickle: Graved are you implying the Sten isn't shitty
DigitalSeahorse: benginLol
Foxmar320: Twitch plz figure out your stream quality
silenceaux: Wow yeah this is... You'd have to landscape this in some way, right?
dougma: They did a second drop durring the day, due to the night drop being such a cluster F, and it also went sideways.... so it might be accidentally accurate-ish adjacent
Ummon_: love the wobbly arms
Koshindan: Is this pubg?
Dr_fragenstien: jam mother lrrEFF er jamp!
accountmadeforants: Neat music, tho
shdragon: Opening credits during the walk cutscene
TehAmelie: i think i saw some of this landscape in Saving Private Ryan
BrindleBoar: the weapon bob tho
GhassanPL: North of THE France
wildpeaks: seems kinda fine so far
Foxmar320: Epic music is epic
Dryhad: A long time ago, in a France far, far away
LeeshaJoy: *theme from Star Wars starts playing*
virre_: Wait a long time ago, or Normandy 1944?
honeyhivebear: What’s happening
Graved: @aClonedPickle It can always get worse. He could be carrying a stick... Actually, that would be an improvement. Nevermind
shdragon: This works for movies because you don't have to hold down W the whole time.
FlyingWithSnakes: we already established the exact time and lace, it didnt need to say @a long time ago etc@
Keab42: In North Normandy, born and raised
MagisterMystax: I like how you wiggle your gun about
BrindleBoar: Flash!
PendelSteven: Then it was probably a Douglas C-54 Skymaster
TheWarbo: “A long time ago” we have a specific date
TehWERR: your gun is shaking violently, but your are maintaining your bead really well
SleepyDeveloper: Swordfish
JaymicUnyielding: In the North of the France: this fall on the History Channel
Rhynerd: dickbutt
TheOtherTrevor: More like Afront To Far
FireRogue: you just walked straight through that tree
AdmiralMemo: The password is complete silence
jingitaxias_: the password is " "
Anaerin: The "Word-Pass", do make sure you get it right.
PendelSteven: typical French hat
Koshindan: He loos French.
TheWarbo: buttslol
shdragon: WHAT
Ummon_: the password was a longing stare
wildpeaks: wow, it's even a french accent
PendelSteven: Genuine French accent
Anaerin: How very TTS
Laserbeaks_Fury: The password is...."Rhubarb"
virre_: A Berret
ThePerrBearr: real dirty shoulders
FlyingWithSnakes: he's not looking at you
Dr_fragenstien: silence for 10 seconds would eb a pretty difficult to guess password
countz3r0: allo allo
DigitalSeahorse: xD
PinballWitch: More like Affront to Video Games
Jake_the_guy: this acent is ugh
WolfgangCloud: Is this the same guy?
PendelSteven: I can attest, I live close enough to France
Gen2Gengar: Yeah, that's a real Frenc speaking VA
honeyhivebear: Bullets are always the anwser
wildpeaks: like, not an american-pretending-to-be-french
djalternative: where's butts bot when you need it
countz3r0: do you have any grey poupon
thefileclerk: UUUGH
randomino5: Eye contact gets you killed in a war zone
PinballWitch: he never blinks...
AdmiralMemo: @Dr_fragenstien I mean, yeah, really
azureHaights: There's some real 180-Degree Rule Breaking up in this cutscene
Prometheone: as you kow
xantos69: That shoulder is no longer dirty. She is downright FILTHY.
Gekyouryuu: what GREAT line reading
jingitaxias_: so there's full voice acting but they CAN'T RECORD THE GODDAMN PASSWORD
Keab42: Why is the French resistance man the camp commander?
hippitybobbity: ahonhonhon
dougma: I want to use the anime-butterfly meme : 'Is this Battlefield?"
zo4chcee: Uh-Haun-haun-haun, I am-a French
robo__nixon: Merdi!
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PendelSteven: No, I'm not dying
MagisterMystax: Subtitles didn't match there
Aenir798: The subtitles and what's actually being spoken do not match at all
honeyhivebear: Pew pew
TheWriterAleph: be safe, stalker
Koshindan: The subs don't match the words...
silenceaux: The sliiiight audio burn on that last line
MikoKisai: I don't think it *is* TTS, just completely flat-as-a-board acting
GhassanPL: I am literally using no inflection in my voice.
PendelSteven: This is how people I know talk English
Rhynerd: well, they gotta keep the password a secret.
virre_: US people that tries to speak with a french dialect?
thefileclerk: the greatest war was with this man and his accent
Anaerin: Talk with London. The whole of London.
PendelSteven: Genuinely!
tim19862: wut
seeweda: This is what happens when programmers try to do Voice Over
Countjondi: an "as-you-know" in the middle of a sentance is something i've only heard in bad movies and games
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
Aenir798: CAN YOU STEP?
AdmiralMemo: @silenceaux What is "audio burn"?
Thanimal: Man that british man has a strange accent. . .
DigitalSeahorse: I'm dying and I'm not that French
Psychic_Ketchup: Can you step radio!?
Foxmar320: Thats not under the shed thats on a table
thelamenamegame: honhonhonhon baguette effical tower
MagisterMystax: Is that a robot?
PinballWitch: Don't step to this!
TehAmelie: they paid for the french accent, and then there was no money in the budget left for acting
SleepyDeveloper: npc the video gme
Ukon_vasara: if they recorded the password we'd have learned it, and how useful is a password if ya just announce it to 900 ppl
FlowstoneSquid: Oh no, these accents
thefileclerk: robot!
I_Am_Clockwork: Oh london-london-paris. of the East Coast London-london-paris's
Rockario: That radio also sounds like Text-to-speech
Ranakel: @LoadingReadyRun I'm french and honestly, I've heard worse French voices. Including Captain Jean-Luc Picard
PendelSteven: What tower? Eiffel you mean?
patrick_stonecrusher: If they tell US the password, we might blab
Invitare: the base of the Resistance? Is that a hill?
Valhallan597: Is this that one History Channel game?
silenceaux: AdmiralMemo Not a real thing, I don't know the term for when someone gets a little too close / loud on a mic and it distorts
virre_: The base of the Resistance, has 4 people?
djalternative: Your mission if you choose to accept it....
Dumori: I like dropping in 100% covert uniform
OKB_1: It's true, the M3 looks very much like a piece of industrial equipment.
jingitaxias_: this sounds like people trying to talk like TTS
Anaerin: Give you a hand. A left hand. It's surplus.
FlyingWithSnakes: why the fuck are you bringing civilians with no training on this mission
Thanimal: Quite a clear radio for the time :P
PendelSteven: @Ranakel Jean-Luc Picard was born in the 23rd century
FireRogue: lets announce everything over the radio
TheMerricat: Any Germans listening to our broadcast, please ignore this conversation!
robo__nixon: And no way the Germans could intercept this transmission?
tim19862: player character is just james lrrBEEJ
TheWriterAleph: "hello i am stock asset"
ThePerrBearr: cause SHE'S FRENCH
FireRogue: pardon?
MungoDude: why is he speaking with an English accent, but pronouncing lieutenant the American way?
accountmadeforants: London-Rome-Rome, Watch. London-Rome-Rome, Play.
Rockario: Wait, does this mean that the devs were more confident in their French accent than in their British Accent?
Dr_fragenstien: how else would you know she's french?
Valhallan597: So much motion blur good god
AdmiralMemo: @silenceaux Ah. I know what you mean, now, due to the Matt and Tom YouTube channel.
Mysticman89: does he have trigger discipline?
I_Am_Clockwork: why do the NPCs mussle sweep you when you talk to them?
rybackgaming: i can only imagine that woman saying "Now listen very carefully, I shall say zis only once..."
Namelylight: yoh-nkee
wildpeaks: I'm surprised, several actual french VAs
FireRogue: pardon regarding everything the radioman just said?
virre_: Did the French say Yankee?
jingitaxias_: SQUADDILA WE'RE OFF
MagisterMystax: Greeting people by pointing your gun at them is fun
samwonk: No, no, we know that the Germans can't be listening in because we said some city names and now that means no one can listen.
PinballWitch: she needed a baguette
PinballWitch: and a long cigarette
n_mandrag: She was neither smoking nor waving a baguette. She must be a german traitor
JollyGee29: So, the french resistance guys have Thompsons, but you have a Grease Gun?
Anaerin: Graham: Have you watched 'Allo 'Allo? 'cause I think they have a contender...
pappaskety: ray-ziz-tons!
I_Am_Clockwork: @jingitaxias_ such a great meme
PendelSteven: that's why a lot of code speech was used
tim19862: yeah....
lord_wertornion: at least there is some interaction in the game
Valhallan597: LUL
aussie_rob_w: no, if she has a baguette, she's gonna beat someone to death with it
hoktauri: I'm from NC, don't call me a damn yankee
DigitalSeahorse: lol
PendelSteven: and still is used btw
AdmiralMemo: If they're from New England, it's OK, but otherwise, no
margieargie: NEVER call a southerner... yeah.
Foxmar320: Yeah that don't work in the South
ThePerrBearr: the Mason Dixon line is the seperation
RonnyConcrete: Reminds me of a great quote by an actual guy from WW2: "If it weren't for those damn Yanks we could have kept the war going for 10 years"
Alness49: He looked like she walked off the set of 'Allo 'allo
AdmiralMemo: @ThePerrBearr Yeah, basically
PendelSteven: it's hard to secure radio communication
Anaerin: Buncha' septics.
TheWriterAleph: it's a sensitive subject... y'all
Reecer6: That's our word!
FinalShowFilms: Meh, I'm from Georgia and I don't care. If they're hardcore confederate enthusiasts then, yes.
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: the resistance fighters actually have MAS 38 subguns, surprisingly accurate
TheOtherTrevor: Run in a Straight Line dammit!
AdmiralMemo: ESPECIALLY not Marylanders... We have a rivalry
dougma: or west of the missisipi...
Contiguouskittycat: I'm from Texas and we don't give s shit about it.
virre_: I thought calling people Yankee was used as an insulting term for US people in South America
Rhynerd: ded
thelamenamegame: no one in the north gives a fuck, but people in the south sometimes care
Jake_the_guy: huh I learned a thing
PinballWitch: @FinalShowFilms that was my thoughts too
Ummon_: cod PogChamp
Laserbeaks_Fury: Alarm!
I_Am_Clockwork: lol the "paff" sound for that gun
virre_: But in France in WW2?
BrittishRedcap: he broke
rybackgaming: not the only one who saw the Allo Allo reference, I see.
NexusVoxx: what a floppy boy
TheWarbo: But then like, in the Northeast, it’s specifically New England I think?
Despoiler98: it was our version of the Sten Gun
TwilitLugia: To be fair you shouldn't call anyone a Yankee. It's a lesser known racial slur.
JeffCentaur: In general you should just avoid people from Georgia
TemporallyAwry: Also don't mention to some american's that Canada sorta one that one war against the US
TheWriterAleph: noodlekraut
ArboristAndrew: Yo Graham, quick quiz, is Washington DC north of south of the mason dixon?
ContingentCat: um
EricTheOrange: yeah it's a regional thing. I live in the midwest and it's not a thing here
shdragon: you shot that guy clear into next week.
PendelSteven: Actually, the liberation of where I live was commanded by the Canadian
FurthestChunk55: that man is having Problems
randomino5: Noah Idea
Foxmar320: From Florida and could care less about the word yankee
FlyingWithSnakes: you fucked these men up
ThePerrBearr: honestly, those of us above it don't care about it's use, hence why NY has the baseball team, but the southerners seem to get rather annoyed
cheetoJack: Contiguouskittycat I am also from Texas and I would argue that there's a lot of people who would be offended by it
MungoDude: nice, your AI teammates actually kill enimies
Anaerin: His name was Robert Paulsen!
Kykiwi: these men had names!
the_canuck_mystic: I bet they had families too!
silenceaux: Are you reading their dogtags?
Jake_the_guy: the name thing is kinda cool in my book
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are you taking their dogtags?
DennyMcG: In death they look so peaceful
Rhynerd: are you just reading all their dogtags?
silenceaux: Are you _stealing_ their dog tags?
Aarek: Interesting forgotten weapons about grease guns if people want to know more..
RonnyConcrete: It was said by Jack Churchill, aka. Mad Jack, who was a soldier from Sri Lanka fighting for the British. He was known for going to war with a Claymore (sword), Longbow, and bagpipes.
bi0buster: That's... I think I like the name thing?
SalmirAeon: @RonnyConcrete that quote is from Jack Churchill i believe
DaMullet14: I assume we're checking their very conspicuous dog tags
AdmiralMemo: @TheWarbo Yep. If you're in Pennsylvania or north, it's OK.
honeyhivebear: Rip
VmKid: His name was Rob Paulson
Jake_the_guy: reminds you that death is a thing
TehAmelie: "septic" has to be the most offensive reference to anyone's nationality that's been invented. . .
RonnyConcrete: @SalmirAeon Indeed it was
Contiguouskittycat: @cheetoJack Probably depends on how close to one of the big cities you're from.
Ashen_Prime: was this maybe crowd funded, and the names are all the backers?
ChrizCola: Collecting dogtags
drcanonball: is this perhaps based on an historic event
randomino5: The bushes look like LEGO bushes
xantos69: Sir, I wish you wouldn't employ any sort of "tube gun solution". I don't think that is a problem we need to solve.
PinballWitch: I'm sure this is the best gun for sniping ril
PinballWitch: irl
Keab42: Mad Jack really needs a game about him
jingitaxias_: the new CoD is looking sweet
djalternative: 10 miles
SAiconjr: must be at least half a mile at this point
Despoiler98: Its .45 ACP
dougma: @Contiguouskittycat I have relatives from south east TX, and... they would shoot you if you called them a yank.... I think it is regional even in TX
richard_ermen: This feels weird. Where is the shadow? Why do the graphics remind me of TES Oblivion?
NexusVoxx: @RonnyConcrete the last recorded Longbow kill wuring wartime
EricTheOrange: @Foxmar320 well florda is kinda an exception for "the south".
korvys: About 3 inches
PendelSteven: Battlefield 1944
TheWriterAleph: it's a sniper grease gun obv
Pteraspidomorphi: This game doesn't seem that bad compared to, let's say, the previous one
Kramburger: Australians started off calling people from the US Yanks, which changed to Septic Tanks (because rhymes), which then morphed to seppos, which sounds a lot more racist that it actually is
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: M3 was .45 caliber Alex
SpacePotato01: is that gun entirely made of wood?
chickenace11: where is the gun's shadow
Nosliw87: TheIlluminati
Rhynerd: how manyt guns are we carrying now?
ThinksTooMuch: Not great, but you're fighting enemies under 100 yards so it'd probably be fine
RonnyConcrete: @NexusVoxx Yep. That man's life could easily be a movie
Lunareclipse123: It's a G43
jingitaxias_: the bullat cube
wildpeaks: honestly the game seems fine so far, a bit rough for sure, but I've played worse
PinballWitch: can you push his body all the way to the objective?
DigitalSeahorse: wooooo
PendelSteven: well, it feels halfway home
NexusVoxx: weaps
Drummi_: party100 party100 party100 party100 party100 I have a birthday and it's time for some Garbos!!
Reecer6: Australians also do Cockney rhyming?
Dryhad: Sick weaps
sifonaonline: Weapoos.
OKB_1: @Ok_We_Live_Here_Now Really? The French resistance where disparate groups of people with different political ideas.
AdmiralMemo: @Kramburger That really does. Also, does Australia have its own version of Cockney rhyming slang?
Contiguouskittycat: Okay, so this game has some obvious problems, BUT clearly someone actually cared about it and TRIED.
Foxmar320: EricTheOrange where I live they have confederate festivals every year celebrating the war. I want out!
TehAmelie: shootos
jingitaxias_: weepans
PendelSteven: so they used the right colour of stones at least
Kykiwi: Pfft
I_Am_Clockwork: the lrrEFF is this
FireRogue: food?
Rhynerd: fancy
Jake_the_guy: so theres like gameplay? cool!
Anaerin: We PUBG now, bois!
Dared00: @Drummi_ happy birthday! :D
Kramburger: @AdmiralMemo Less and less these days, but it did
TheWriterAleph: hon hon hon
NexusVoxx: the view in the sight is in slo mo or something
aussie_rob_w: Hey, gameplay.
MungoDude: happy birthday Drummi_ party100
Despoiler98: Its a literal Magnifying glass
PendelSteven: and those power lines, yeah
aussie_rob_w: Neat,
jingitaxias_: they just taped a magnifying glass to a rifle
richard_ermen: This looks...sooo bad.
AdmiralMemo: Pub all the Gs
MikoKisai: so apparently the game is made entirely by a single person; considering that it's not that bad, really
FlyingWithSnakes: @Foxmar320 so did they
wildpeaks: they're not saying nonsense
margieargie: Ah, yes, you're gun's monocle.
bi0buster: Well this is better than most shooters we encounter on W+P
GhassanPL: Honestly, this game doesn't seem THAT bad
Anaerin: Pret a Manget!
Gen2Gengar: They're speaking actual French
Keab42: These houses seem too flat
Drasvin: !pubg
LRRbot: Player Two's Desync Gun Party
Lunareclipse123: Petit Dejuner!
silvalunae: yaba-daba-doo
esoteric_banana: these seems like not a terrible game
PendelSteven: Allez!
accountmadeforants: This seems somewhat competently made, which is somehow worse
richard_ermen: At least they aren´t going Frappucino!
silenceaux: Are they just yelling "go" and "we go" and such?
AdmiralMemo: Translates to "hotel fruitcake hippo" Kappa
TehAmelie: this has probably more features than the latest Delta Force games
kassy_13: alle alle alle!
DigitalSeahorse: lol
thundershot879: omelet du fromage!
Solipsody: This is ambitious. I hope the history teacher gave these kids a bit of course credit for making this game.
red_shoes_jeff: Pom de Terre!
FurthestChunk55: wait did you just make a john cena's theme joke graham
I_Am_Clockwork: this is very "I played the first call of duty game, and tried to remake it for my final project"
randomino5: Un sojourn de la Supermarchet!
Rhynerd: I wish I could remember "colonel clink in french" from Whose Line
kassy_13: yeah pretty much
rybackgaming: omelette du fromage!
Koshindan: The AI are doing work. It feels like they're the ones doing the escorting.
ShadeofHades: NYOP?
MilanCheen: hi alex xd
EdwardGein: Gerard Depardieu!
PendelSteven: Allez! is even used in my native Dutch dialect
SAiconjr: hu-ik is the correct sound for being shot
Gen2Gengar: They're saying "Let's go", "Germans"
DigitalSeahorse: small lunch and I am a pineapple
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: @OKB_1 huh? I was speaking to the fact that they armed them with an actual French sub gun. Most games don't bother and just reuse the models for the sten
Despoiler98: Ouey la Bibliotecque!
Magellus: arent they speaking Canadian there?
rybackgaming: ou est la discotheque!
MehallD: Who is Frank?
NexusVoxx: FrankerZ
cassaclyzm: the ragdoll is... something
bi0buster: Yeah take that pocket change.
Jake_the_guy: the sidekicks are saying stuff like "go" "we go" "hurry hurry" and such
AdmiralMemo: Franks? Put them on buns and eat them!
Mangledpixel: boop
PendelSteven: well, Flemish Dutch dialect
djalternative: Omelette du fromage!
Darleysam: beaucoup de pamplemousse, maintenant!
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Okay, I'm kind of liking this. Feels very NOT CoD...
chickenace11: for real there is no gun shadow
randomino5: Mange mon pantalon!
Ok_We_Live_Here_Now: it would make sense for French resistance fighters to be armed with French weapons
MilanCheen: Hi Alex xd
PendelSteven: Allemagne = Germany in French
Nigouki: those guys don't really seem to need your help, they're doing fine on their own
Countjondi: If this is nazi occupied france, why do the germans have francs?
Aenir798: "Where the hell is him"
TheWriterAleph: that car is sliding
AdmiralMemo: What did you call me?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Omlette du fromage
BloodnBullets: that car is sliding sidwas
thundershot879: @darleysam je ne mange pa pamplemousse
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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Foxmar320: Wow
malc: wow
randomino5: LUL
MikoKisai: k
silenceaux: hi there
bi0buster: That sounded like a character from Jojo speaking in english.
wildpeaks: you think it's nonsense because you're too used to hear fake french in american games
PendelSteven: Also Germany = Duitsland in Dutch
DigitalSeahorse: can you friendly fire?
Despoiler98: that man was inserted into that car
TheAwkes: The man has been installed into the car.
drcanonball: human: installed
kassy_13: it's like pubg yesterday
SnackPak_: Is that a Volkswagon Thing?
FurthestChunk55: that man slid into your DMs
Stoffern: insert the man in the car
Dragonality: Insert resistant member A into passenger seat B
pappaskety: like easing into a bubble bath
Jbeckfox: @LoadingReadyRun come on, you guys are Canadians, speak your french
kassy_13: we just gained a companion
delta__vee: hello yes i am sit in seat like normal human
korvys: Gewehr 43, someone said
Rhynerd: the frenchmna has been successfully installed in your car
NeuterCommuter: "Gentlemen, please slowly lower yourselves into the car."
Mangledpixel: let's just crane this guy into place
Dr_fragenstien: so far this game is competent. flawed, but the core concepts are all functional
djalternative: Omelette du Fromage!
patrick_stonecrusher: His name was Robert Paulson
OKB_1: Insert the Frenchman into the vehicle.
AdmiralMemo: That was like how you put a Lego man in a Lego car
ChrizCola: nice kügelwagen you got there
randomino5: You can click "save now" but nothing can save this game.
Lunareclipse123: Such Kubel
Anaerin: Mon Canard Est Feu!!!
PendelSteven: Of course there are
virre_: I get abit of the idea of this game, but I rather boardgame play as a advanced squadleader
Koshindan: Run over some Nazis?
red_shoes_jeff: "We're BORROWING it, take your feet off the dash."
Diabore: not a lot of ontario speaks french either anymore
Gen2Gengar: New Brunswick?
DaxStrife: Remember: it's not stealing if it's Nazis!
adamjford: Hey, I... used to... speak French... in high school
silenceaux: I thought it was a thing in the maritimes?
EricTheOrange: @Foxmar320 ah you live in "old florida", not "resort florida"
the_canuck_mystic: Also the Acadians in the maritimes.
PendelSteven: There are French speaking people all over the world
Kramburger nods like he knows where Manatoba is
Rockario: You get to the Red River in Winnipeg and the French just stops
malc: !pubg
LRRbot: Extremely Spiteful Rifle Trifle
Foxmar320: ohn yeah I bet thats it
AdmiralMemo: lrrFINE
PinballWitch: nice roll
randomino5: Calculated
FireRogue: does the guy next to you have an idle animation?
bi0buster: New Brunswick takes bilingualism very seriously.
dougma: This game is not... good, but it is not incompetent
SnackPak_: Nailed it
wildpeaks: we attended the James school of driving, I see
xantos69: !pubg
LRRbot: Extremely Spiteful Rifle Trifle
Laogeodritt: @LoadingReadyRun Hey, don't forget New Brunswick! It's officially bilingual with like 30% French speakers.
v_nome: There are some significant French areas in Alberta. But not most of the province.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Small communities throughout the country... SK for instance... but ya, not common. :)
Orichlepidopter: La singe est sur la branche!
MikoKisai: lrrFINE
FurthestChunk55: we're fine
SAJewers: and parts of atlantic canada too
Dryhad: Speedrun strats!
Blade_Tiger: New Brunswick is extreme bilingual
Mysticman89: Everyone in canada has up to... grade 6? 9? french though, that's something
kenohki2: Stuck the landing
TheOtherTrevor: Good thing you got the invisible roll bars installed
Pteraspidomorphi: Definitely PUBG vehicle physics
TehAmelie: just roll the jeep on your head
I_Am_Clockwork: god this camera is making me queasy
AGiantRoach: we PUBG that shit
Drasvin: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: EricTheOrange correct its terrible here
SAiconjr: how long before you hit the invisible wall?
Ranakel: Had a friend from New Brunswick that's french-speaking
TallBlondePillager: I didn't know this was One More?
margieargie: This makes PUBG driving look realistic.
Zombeef: Well, it's certainly more of a game than the last one
Jake_the_guy: hey i speak some french and I'm in vancover! but G is right, I have yet to run into another french speaker in the last decade
AdmiralMemo: Watch all the dudes be required to be killed to checkpoint
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PendelSteven: sort of West = Left, yes
cassaclyzm: motion sickness incoming
adi_pie: Now, now, Graham, I was in Canada last year and I speak French. Kappa
Astra7525: Someone quote that please
PendelSteven: on a map
ChrizCola: honhonhon baguette frommage bagle
thefileclerk: what engine is this?
PendelSteven: most of the time
djalternative: this feels like a motorcycle more than a car.
TheWarbo: Go left
Astra7525: "West is left"
TheAinMAP: Wheeee!
silenceaux: Then you said "Ontario, Quebec" so I got confused
Rhynerd: "we're here!"
Foxmar320: Nice air time
MagisterMystax: Like a glove
ThinksTooMuch: Wow, aside from the rollover, this is surprisingly close to what driving this kind of vehicle over that terrain'd be like
Gizmoloid: Like a glove!
MungoDude: that's right
TheWriterAleph: do you all learn French in school, though?
AdmiralMemo: Graham: It's still "required" in school, right?
pettyfan45: [vomits]
SleepyDeveloper: #NailedIt
Mysticman89: I dopn't recall how long we're forced to learn french in grade school
TehWERR: it kay
SnackPak_: 10/10 air
xantos69: Never didn't have it.
wildpeaks: game is very forgiving :D
ZeroArcana: lrrGOAT
drcanonball: all planed out
Inquisitor_Xian: wow...this is nauseating
Amentur: Perfect
randomino5: German engineering wins again
DigitalSeahorse: so the people in BC speaking french are nobodies I guess :P
Pteraspidomorphi: Good thing everyone was wearing seatbelts
bi0buster: You also then said Quebec and Ontario so I think that's why people were bringing it up.
rybackgaming: "You have arrived at your destination."
Kramburger: Do you have a box of cutlery in the boot?
ArboristAndrew: Annnnnnnnnnnd we got there
MungoDude: speaks as first language
lukyhemee: i'm dying
Laogeodritt: Oh God, that audio clipping!
honeyhivebear: Flips
thefileclerk: like a glove
Drasvin: lrrGOAT there
patrick_stonecrusher: Buff that out with some Turtle Wax, it'll be fine
PendelSteven: to be fair, trees also look a lot like home
EricTheOrange: this VA sound mixing is fantastic
Foxmar320: wow he reset
TehAmelie: ummm
DaxStrife: Pay Respects to Exit Vehicle
thefileclerk: wheeeeee!
omdorastrix: when possible make a legal U-turn..
honeyhivebear: We’re fine
ChrizCola: voiceacting is 10/10
ContingentCat: @TheWriterAleph yup, for a at least few years and most of us don't take it very seriously so it doesn't stick
DennyMcG: I'm honestly surprised he resets
Orichlepidopter: Awww, but Francophone Saskatchewanians have such a cool name: Fransaskois!
TheWarbo: That scarf
PinballWitch: alex, stop trying to make out with the npcs
FlowstoneSquid: Much like cats, german engineering always lands upright.
PendelSteven: Remember, Normandy is on the same coast as The Netherlands is, just a bit more south
Gen2Gengar: Orichlepidopter That is a cool a name
bi0buster: You know what? I'm giving these devs a pass. It feels like they really made their best effort.
10thshadow: Is this Tarkov lite ?
Dr_fragenstien: uhh
ThinksTooMuch: So, you're saying we got an entire sub crew killed?
TallBlondePillager: Voice acting not great
offbeatwitch: those subtitles were Not correct
Anaerin: Subtitles said "Village".
GhassanPL: Saving Private Garner
MikoKisai: prison camp, village, same difference
I_Am_Clockwork: that wasn't a "Prison camp" that was a very small town.
Orichlepidopter: @Gen2Gengar right?
margieargie: A German cruiser? Actually doing things? In 1944?
Jake_the_guy: @AdmiralMemo only for a few years, so folks only learn abcs and stuff, also it can be replaced with another secondary language if another option is offered
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @AdmiralMemo Probably only in Quebec. Maybe some early years in a few other places.
Laogeodritt: God, this delivery is so... mechanical
TallBlondePillager: But they're really trying
dougma: I am seriously impressed with this game. It is not a good game, but it is well made.
MungoDude: prison camp = village
TheWriterAleph: @ContingentCat so like Spanish for most of American kids LUL
wildpeaks: bi0buster same
Ummon_: what prison camp? that village?
Lazarus_18: village =\= prison camp
ChrizCola: or rather 11/9
Gizmoloid: Prison camp, village - what's the difference?
ContingentCat: @TheWriterAleph yup exactly
Zombeef: Garner tried using saran wrap instead of his dental dam
randomino5: Search for Gamer
jingitaxias_: they can't decide what accent they have
ChrisLewisRose: this is George Lucas level dialogue
Anaerin: offbeatwitch: I think the subtitles WERE correct - That place looked nothing like a prison camp.
TheMetalupis: hey Graham, did you see this?
MikoKisai: this is open world, yes
abaoa_qu: This game is quite playable, tbh
Metric_Furlong: wait, was this The Prisoner all along? Kappa
virre_: Village, Prison the same thing
ArboristAndrew: im always curious if friendly fire is on when i play the campaign on an fps
GroutNASA: Dat face
Kramburger: Alexis, play Despacito
nattsan: Everything is open world now.
Rhynerd: open world ww2 stuff doing.
wildpeaks: game esthetic reminds me a bit of KCD
adi_pie: I think you'll find it's Open Monde
Ravenclaw37: hey whats up guys
Laserbeaks_Fury: I need 10 French Bear Asses
VmKid: "Alexa."
kassy_13: in the background: "good, i love it" (or that's what i heard)
SajuukSjet: Alexa, what's my next mission?
Foxmar320: So naturally we go there
Solipsody: I mean, apart from better French accents, how would this be any different if UbiSoft made it?
MikoKisai: From store page: "A Front Too Far A Front Too Far is a RPG Open World videogame where the player will have to perform several missions in enemy territory. He will have to take care of his ammunition, hunger and even his health. Every operation and every objective will have to be taken care of in the maximum details, because wherever it goes, the player will find challenges and enemies. The exceptional gameplay rich in elements of survival mixed with solid FPS mechanics, is surrounded by a well-s
Graved: Is this Far Cry?
ThePerrBearr: Alexis, where are the germans?
PendelSteven: He also loks French btw
rybackgaming: playable, yet uninteresting and with bad VA.
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: THOSE EYES
AdmiralMemo: "AM-type radio"
GroutNASA: Siri, rotate your head
n_mandrag: We can't stop here... this is Kraut Kountry !
jingitaxias_: if you blink you'll miss the nazis
FurthestChunk55: the camera wobble is real fucky
virre_: You mean the French Resistance, is in FRANCE now.
Despoiler98: thats the ONLY KIND back then
Orichlepidopter: French-speaking Nunavutians are Nunavois. All 3 of 'em
PinballWitch: Graham, Alex, Chat, what do I want for lunch?
Gen2Gengar: Solipsody Those are actual French accents
TehAmelie: an RPG with RPGs? finally!
Kramburger: Did they have FM in WW2?
FurthestChunk55: this guy is real shitty at vlogging
TallBlondePillager: Goddamnit G
SquareDotCube: It's clearly a far cry from something
Keab42: It's an open world that Shrinks every few minutes
virre_: Not just the Restistance anymore
Feltic: Alexis, play Baby Shark
xantos69: I swear to god....If next he asks you to find a generator to power the radio....
Solipsody: @Gen2Gengar No.
GroutNASA: "Siri, rotate your head."
overlordstowell: This guy shouldn't be in uniform?
kassy_13: @PinballWitch sandwich
margieargie: FM existed, I think, it just... wasn't any good yet.
Kramburger: Okay Alexis, play my stealth mix
ChrizCola: inb4 copystriked due to the D word
Anaerin: "Something funny in french"
bi0buster: Now I have a hankerin' to play The Saboteur.
Astra7525: Pervitin
omdorastrix: this is so sad, alexis play baby shark
DigitalSeahorse: lol
AdmiralMemo: lrrFINE
lukyhemee: nice
Foxmar320: welp
Jake_the_guy: umm
PendelSteven: oh dear
ThinksTooMuch: hahahaha
Amentur: Welp
TheWriterAleph: whooo
djalternative: did they really not have am/fm radios in WWII? Genuinely asking.
jingitaxias_: good
Dragonality: Halp
ContingentCat: welp
PendelSteven: we crashed
Despoiler98: *clap clap clap*
PinballWitch: lmao
EdwardGein: Put it down
rybackgaming: lrrFINE
10thshadow: shroudHyper
Foxmar320: Everyone remember where we parked
ArboristAndrew: yeah, this parking spot looks good
AdmiralMemo: HAHAHA
TehAmelie: aww, our bouncy head didn't save us this time
randomino5: LUL
DigitalSeahorse: xD
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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malc: *thunk*
lukyhemee: is this halo now?
Serifina: BOING
kenohki2: car from the sky
ContingentCat: DAMN
SleepyDeveloper: its a rolling bouncy castle
Lazarus_18: bouncy car!
jingitaxias_: honestly surprised that's a feature
Gen2Gengar: Solipsody Yes. They're a bit forced, but the VAs are actual French speakers
Laserbeaks_Fury: flubber car
PinballWitch: i didn't realize you have super strength
BrittishRedcap: that bounce
AGiantRoach: WE Master Chief Now
Dryhad: katesLol
SydPreviouslyHeadache: a little too much over correction
Emergent_OS: Paul once mentioned, that he was contracted to make a website for the Canadian Navy, so that they could bypass French language requirement. All official works of the Canadian Government must be accessible in French.
TallBlondePillager: But why's there no option to gayen out the car? Kappa
Darleysam: is this car some kind of three-wheeler?
WubGhost: How is THAT the one that knocked it over?
rybackgaming: May wanna adjust that suspension there...
Despoiler98: FLAWLESS
jingitaxias_: EZ
Rhynerd: @bi0buster Now I'm curius if my copy is here or with my xbox.
red_shoes_jeff: Great suspension on that jeep.
malc: mooo
wildpeaks: Mako, the return
ContingentCat: wow this is pubg
Anaerin: Roll cage? What's that?
DigitalSeahorse: :D
honeyhivebear: Do you know how to drive
MungoDude: like a cat!
10thshadow: yop notch phyrics here
DennyMcG: That rugged German engineering
PendelSteven: Is it a Frisian cow?
TheWarbo: Do a barrel roll!
MikoKisai: (ノ°Д°)ノ︵
Foxmar320: I think they said you can't drive
patrick_stonecrusher: Boop!
Aarek: The cow says...
ContingentCat: the cow is concerned
Ummon_: this car seems a bit unstable
honeyhivebear: Can you drive
omdorastrix: this is pubg level vehicle physics
TehAmelie: something something thick-headed protagonist
wafflesoup: I actually want a driving game with these physics
jingitaxias_: easy game not even hard
margieargie: lrrCOW
Foxmar320: DED
RatekStormcrow: The driving is almost as good as in PUBG
Despoiler98: NOOOOOOOO
PendelSteven: Yes, it is!
AdmiralMemo: Beep and/or beep
randomino5: PETA D:
ArboristAndrew: the car physics are making me lose my breath with laughter
2Flower: Esports ready
Serifina: This is the bounciest damn car
Kramburger: O_o
kassy_13: :O
PendelSteven: Feels like home
Juliamon: MOO
lukyhemee: she dead now
Orichlepidopter: Damn... and during Veganuary.....
Mangledpixel: bessie nooo!
Jake_the_guy: wow that cow is dead
Barb4rian: Rollover Safety Rating = -1 Star
thelamenamegame: Beep beep motherfucker
accountmadeforants: IT'S TIME TO ROTATE THE CAR
ContingentCat: F
malc: His name was Cow
SquareDotCube: mm ground beef
BrittishRedcap: beep beep I'm a cow
rybackgaming: beef, and it's already flattened too!
FlyingWithSnakes: HIS NAME WAS COW
Zombeef: His name was Cow
Kramburger: HIS NAME WAS COW
bi0buster: that's one way to tenderize a steak.
xantos69: HIS NAME WAS COW!
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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Foxmar320: COW
randomino5: LUL
Tisme_: his name was cow lmfao
SAJewers: lrrCOW
Aarek: Oh George, not the livestock.
PinballWitch: His Name Was COW!
Despoiler98: HE HAD A NAME
kassy_13: COW
Graved: Real cow would fuck you up your car
WubGhost: ALEX
PinballWitch: F
red_shoes_jeff: HIS NAME WAS COW
richard_ermen: xD
Amentur: Cow BibleThump
nattsan: He had a family!
jingitaxias_: HIS NAME WAS COW zubD
Frankenfruity: Murderers
theneatestburrito: HIS NAME WAS COW!
Alness49: Launch the cow!
rybackgaming: HIS NAME WAS COW!
richard_ermen: F
randomino5: Press F to pay respects for Cow
Nightvalien28: FIEND
Dragonality: And now it's hamburger
thundershot879: F
chickenace11: not cow he was so young
the_elkae: F
Darleysam: F
Rhynerd: these are bulls?
coelopteryx: his name was cow... ... ...
FlyingWithSnakes: those are female cows
TallBlondePillager: His Name was Cowbert Paulson
Despoiler98: slytqShock slytqShock slytqShock slytqShock slytqShock
JaymicUnyielding: HIS NAME WAS COW
TehAmelie: his name was Cowbert Cowson
Solipsody: His Name Was Cowbert Cowson!
DennyMcG: "We lost an operative." "He died?" "No, he's busy driving over cows."
SleepyDeveloper: In project mayhem his name was cow
rybackgaming: press F to pay respects to Cow?
Orichlepidopter: F
chimingfish: Press F to pay respects for Cow
OKB_1: I can appreciate that the makers of this game care about historically accurate technology. And they hired autheicallyl sounding voice actors… Not good ones. But they came from the correct places.
Frankenfruity: F for Cow
randomino5: HIS NAME WAS COW
Graved: F
WubGhost: ALEX NO
xantos69: lol...Cow Tipping!
djalternative: His name was Robert Paulson!
Countjondi: HIS NAME WAS COW
VmKid: dead cow tipping
sekunder: his name was robert cowson
joviniusmaximus: YOU KILLED COW AND COW
jingitaxias_: cow roo7
thelamenamegame: HIS NAME WAS COW
abaoa_qu: His name...was cow
OfficialBengan: Alas poor Cow, we hardly knew yee
Orgmastron: F
PendelSteven: He shipped Gateway 2000 computers all over the country
TheOtherTrevor: The grass is in the car
Foxmar320: I will remember COW
AdmiralMemo: That needs to be in !badadvice or something
Worldbuild: F
dialMforMara: My name is cow, and wen its nite, or wen the moon is shining brite
Almost_Dr_Owl: lrrCOW
thelamenamegame: PAY YOUR RESPECTS
Papperslappen: lrrAWW
richard_ermen: His name was Cow and he was two days from retirement...
kassy_13: goodbye
MungoDude: sure _her_ name was cow?
thundershot879: lrrCOW
patrick_stonecrusher: This game is a treasure!
lukyhemee: you killed the cow brothers
iSmartMan1: COW will remember this
OKB_1: The late Cow
FlowstoneSquid: I was unsure of this period reboot of Fight Club, but I think I'm on board now
dialMforMara: And all the men hav gon to bed, i stay up late, i lik the bred
PendelSteven: (how's that for a reference?)
Juliamon: I'm trying to figure out where to put it
omdorastrix: f
Lazarus_18: put cow in smash, you cowards
malc: !pubg
LRRbot: Plunder Under's Battle Grunder
SuitablyEpic: this makes pubg physics look good
jingitaxias_: oh god oh fuck
Foxmar320: PUBG has better car physics
Koshindan: Silly Alex. Fields are made for tractors, not cars.
Pteraspidomorphi: This rubber jeep is unusable
NimrodXIV: that is not how you car
PinballWitch: did your car just cartwheel?
Anaerin: That's pretty rough, even for a ploughed field...
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Dr_fragenstien: I really want to see what this looks like in 3rd person
ArboristAndrew: i cant breathe
VmKid: Didn't you learn by now, Alex? f is used to pay respects
SAJewers: and here i thought you crashed into the bushes
Darleysam: headlights on for safety
sekunder: them old timey cartwheel jeeps
Aenir798: I'm dying
TallBlondePillager: G, what's a vaudeville two-step?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the primary mode of transportation is cartwheel
PendelSteven: Honestly, this looks better than PUBG imho
honeyhivebear: Great driving
LessSkunksThanEstimated is continuing the Gift Sub they got from CranberryJeus!
DigitalSeahorse: HIS name was Cow....see even farm animals can be transgender
Papperslappen: first person katamari
Dragonality: German soldier watching this car drive: "I need to stop drinking"
PendelSteven: o ho ho
OKB_1: What is this, PUBG?
the_elkae: I'm...crying
rybackgaming: "physics".
PinballWitch: can you find a ramp and act like the duke boys?
Feltic: Very good car physics, I honestly can't tell if it's sarcasm or not
JaymicUnyielding: lots of highlight reel moments already
TheOtherTrevor: The physics are fine, you just have no mass
TheAwkes: The trampoline forests of Northern France.
kassy_13: you're making me motion sick but this is hilarious
jingitaxias_: I knew installing that 3D suspension was a bad idea
Arikell: One of these days I just want the camera to zoom out of a rolling car and the game becomes katamari
PendelSteven: *Western France
Astra7525: What is this? The Keystone Cops, but as WW2 Soldiers?
TheMerricat: For folk who were asking about radios, remember WWII was before the transistor was invented, this was still when 'portable' radio were backpack sized.
PendelSteven: well
Rhynerd: well, looks like them duke boys have got themselves in quite a pickle.
Koshindan: That's how turtles reset themselves too.
FlyingWithSnakes: who needs roads when you can just bounce to your destination\
PendelSteven: North-Western France
SquareDotCube: "what is friction?"
ArboristAndrew: please make the car physics stop
AdmiralMemo: This game TOTALLY makes up for the first game, Graham. :D elegiggle100
azureHaights: Precision German Engineering - that's how you rollover during a K-turn
SquareDotCube: doot
DoodlestheGreat: You gotta admit, they did think of straightening the car.
matthewtheweird1985: it's like early PUBG
azureHaights: Also: HIS NAME WAS HOUSE
thefileclerk: and we go buuurling buuuurling on the green grasses
Reecer6: velocity = 0;
NeuterCommuter: Time to take this game straight to the VR driving simulator.
Keab42: That game Jim played at the weekend had the best car physics
jingitaxias_: D:
rybackgaming: Who put that house in the middle of the road?
Orichlepidopter: "You said you wanted to work in a frictionless vacuum..."
Amentur: They're also calling you out in german
TehAmelie: i know this is probably hopeless but is there options to turn off motion blur? it seems to be bothering some people
Anaerin: You can tell by the way they just shouted "Schisse"
thefileclerk: that is a typewritter
Rockario: And that they yelledf "Schnell" when shot
Mox_Hagdorm: Wow that gun bob
shdragon: Of ALL the things that car bounced off of, doing NOTHING was not what I expected for that house.
Aurora256: I really want Alex to reset the vehicle and it just land on his head :P
Foxmar320: lol
IbunWest: The rare instance where drunk driving involves the car itself being drunk.
Foxmar320: yep only one thing
kassy_13: already?!
delta__vee: katamari!
Anaerin: Oh no, you lost your windshield.
SleepyDeveloper: rambo car!
Reecer6: cars were the most dangerous weapon in all of world war 2
TehAmelie: that man is one with nature now
silenceaux: What is even
PinballWitch: where can I get this car irl?
Anaerin: It came out in a single piece, too.
FurthestChunk55: yeah this is some real Mr. Bean shit
TheWarbo: 10/10
AdmiralMemo: Na na na na na na na Katamari Damacy!
wafflesoup: You popped the windshield out when you hit him
rybackgaming: na nananana nanana Katamari on the swing...
nattsan: I just keep running over all there little boys!
omdorastrix: druken car driving master
honeyhivebear: Gg car
the_elkae: go left
TheAwkes: i think I can smell the burnt clutch from here.
azureHaights: Next up on RayFK streams, we bring Forza Horizon 4 out of Scotland and into Normandy!
virre_: Brw there as a radio at the house so you can see if they do Paris Paris Berlin
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Fight harder.
jingitaxias_: I love how all the windows break whenever you go over a bump
FireRogue: did we go into a tree?
SquareDotCube: you know, this would be amazing... in 1998
PendelSteven: trivia: Normandy is sparsly forested
MungoDude: vehicular homicide? no, vehicular assault at worst
Orichlepidopter: There appear to be bullets in you.
PendelSteven: 12.8% of the territory is wooded, compared to a French average of 23.6%, although the proportion varies between the departments.
margieargie: What was his name though?!
Pteraspidomorphi: Can you turn off depth of field?
PendelSteven: so this is actually not so typical Normandy
Magellus: you're east on Manitoba
ArboristAndrew: PAN
patrick_stonecrusher: is this what being carsick is like?
Magellus: of*
PinballWitch: I miss Cow
OKB_1: Overrunning people with vehicles is a prerequisite for being a good open world game. ✔️
Dr_fragenstien: the gunplay reminds me of totally accurate battlegrounds simulator
Zombeef: Bloody Screen, so real
Darleysam: okay, hear me out team: what if we took Far Cry, set it in World War 2, and with Rocket League vehicles.
TallBlondePillager: I think hip-firing is more accurate than ADS
AdmiralMemo: @PendelSteven Are "departments" like states or something?
rybackgaming: we all miss Cow, PinballWitch.
jingitaxias_: oh hi there
FlyingWithSnakes: TIME PARADOX
Gen2Gengar: PendelSteven This looks nothing like Normandy. Way too many hills, not enough fields.
djalternative: um...
Foxmar320: welp
Kramburger: UM
Jake_the_guy: oh no
Countjondi: HAHAHAHHAH
t3h_f1gm3nt: TIME PARADOX
Zombeef: LUL
MagisterMystax: Its end
Solipsody: Now the game truly begins?
wafflesoup: A time paradox?
virre_: Oh my
Dr_fragenstien: PogChamp permadeath?
ContingentCat: wat
offbeatwitch: oh lord this is some time travel bullshit
lukyhemee: wat
FlowstoneSquid: Goodnight sun
red_shoes_jeff: You created a TIME PARADOX!
Keab42: Oh no!
SchalaKitty: Pine Taradox!
Reecer6: You died and single-handedly let Germany win.
margieargie: Great, now the Nazis win!
MikoKisai: this game is possibly just a *little* too ambitious for its own good
Rhynerd: welp, Germany won the war because jasper died.
jingitaxias_: when do we unlock the skill tree
richard_ermen: Apparently you just killed the sun?
Gen2Gengar: AdmiralMemo Much smaller than states, but kinda
VmKid: Alexis, give me a mission.
richard_ermen: Are we Fenrir?
EdwardGein: They are saying "I need protection" several times while you are sitting in the car doing nothing oO
FurthestChunk55: what is happening
MatthewDennisMTG: Alexa, add Bologna to my shopping list
PendelSteven: Wallogne... That's Wallony, Belgium
Mysticman89: oh, some googling indicates core french class isn't ever mandatory in BC/Alberta/Saskatchewan. Though ever province had it mandatory up to high school or so.
PendelSteven: Walloon
VmKid: Alexis, what time is it?
Kramburger: Barry can you keep your dick out of the timeline for 30 seconds?
Darleysam: fission mailed
Papperslappen: Is this an existensial horror game hidden inside a crappy ww2 shooter one
FurthestChunk55: seriously, this guy's vlogging skills are awful
VmKid: Alexis, where is my package?
AdmiralMemo: @Gen2Gengar Depends on the state, if you're talking Rhode Island or Texas. :D
Feltic: Jimmy Carr?
PinballWitch: Don't take this the wrong way, but does Jasper look like a poorly rendered Graham from like seaons 2 of LRR sketches to anyone else?
TheWarbo: Wait we have a map?
TehAmelie: we Jeremy Beremyd up the war
aussie_rob_w: "it is very easy to get lost" do we get a map?
jingitaxias_: fallout 5 looking a little funky
FurthestChunk55: [extremely Moonbase Alpha voice] Snake? Snake! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kay
PendelSteven: No enough
MrQBear: Oh shoot, how much trash have I missed?
red_shoes_jeff: He has a nailed bat?
Darleysam: hahaha, that's SO Jimmy Carr
wildpeaks: the "c" in franc is silent
MungoDude: you have no enough francs
djalternative: Alexis, where is my super suit?
randomino5: The car driving reminds me of Action League Now
MungoDude: sell some tuna?
FlyingWithSnakes: capitalism never rests, alex
arcaneIllumination: @VmKid It has been delayed due to a Cthulhu incident.
Jake_the_guy: oh no alex that would be the nice way
TheBob58: Is that a dollar sign for the shop's goods?
Reecer6: war racketeering is best racketeering
TheWarbo: “I need you to be a little more frank”
PendelSteven: @wildpeaks half of the characters written in French are silent
Keab42: The French Resistance needs to turn a profit
Dr_fragenstien: uh oh
wildpeaks: :D
VmKid: @arcaneIllumination they better be giving me extra months of Prime for this
kumatsu: Dude, where's my car?
Tiber727: If buying your own guns is good enough for Shepard, it's good enough for you.
TehAmelie: Siri, where is my car?
Orichlepidopter: Bouncing around of its own volition...
Laserbeaks_Fury: Dude, where's my car?
FurthestChunk55: so are we time travellers in this game or something
jingitaxias_: axis or allies, capitalism is forever
thundershot879: I see they have reverted to the greek hoplite system lrrBEEJ
Gen2Gengar: AdmiralMemo A departement is roughly the size of Rhode Island
margieargie: Is there a map?
Mysticman89: don't huff your car that's unsafe.
countz3r0: what is this game called?
virre_: The very Capitalist French Resistance...
PinballWitch: maybe you can find a tank?
TheAwkes: What light through yonder asset breaks?
PendelSteven: Neat! What does mine say?
PinballWitch: I wonder if Cow is still dead
Anaerin: There may be a motorbike near there - Your prompt was to "Get on".
FlameI7: Alexis or Allies?
Solipsody: @thundershot879 Jasper Hoplitely.
MungoDude: what is that handgun? (not a gun guy)
SpacePotato01: So here's a thought... if the car is indestructible, are you indestructible so long as you're in the car? This could be the car that wins the war
offbeatwitch: HI HEATHER
OKB_1: Ah yes, Wallonië. The place where people refuse to speak 1 of 2 official national languages. In that sense Belgium 🇧🇪 is not that different from 🇨🇦 I suppose.
kassy_13: snort
offbeatwitch: lewd
Jake_the_guy: alex, so lewd
kassy_13: hi heather
AdmiralMemo: @Gen2Gengar Ah neat
jingitaxias_: this gun is somehow more inaccurate than the guns in borderlands
Koshindan: lrrBEEJ Eat the whole Beej.
TheMetalupis: ate teh whle beej
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chickenace11: You eat beej and then you become beej
wildpeaks: this escalated quickly
Noodles_15: Vore?
Tiber727: Alex eats the whole Beej.
aussie_rob_w: Consume the whole beej
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AdmiralMemo: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
Feltic: And now we know why he's hiding
Psychic_Ketchup: You could say Beej is a meal ticket
ContingentCat: I'd hope it would be more than annoyed
DigitalSeahorse: lrrBEEJ lrrFRUMP
AjaniOnTheSpot: Beej is the whole thing
Kramburger: Welp, now we know the value of Beej's life
AdmiralMemo: Eats Beej: The Whole Thing!
SquareDotCube: Also you would eat all of whatever Beej ate.
FlyingWithSnakes: it's like kirby, you eat beej and get the power to pay his rent
Laserbeaks_Fury: He ate the whole Beej
Frankenfruity: That's some rare meat!
FurthestChunk55: so Alex is the pred huh? Kappa
Mysticman89: do you get to live in beejs living home too?
OKB_1: Alex, can you eat the whole thing?
PinballWitch: with all the things beej has eaten, does that change the taste?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: 1 Beej can feed a family of four
angryoptimist: Twist: you eat Beej, but Was A Hologram
Orichlepidopter: WOW
PendelSteven: soldaten gezichte = soldier faces
TehAmelie: eat a man, you're responsible for his family. that's logic
Mysticman89: alternatively, can you live in beej.
TheOtherTrevor: those screams are familiar
kassy_13: well that man died
Koshindan: That death rattle.
SpacePotato01: the screams are on point.
wildpeaks: someone walked barefoot on a lego
Mox_Hagdorm: That man is dead!
jingitaxias_: D: AAAAAAAAGH
MungoDude: are the cows alive again?
countz3r0: you really killed him
Jake_the_guy: i bet heathers place is nice at least
Zombeef: Nothin' Personnel kid
Serifina: That sounded like the kind of scream they put in Wolfenstein 3d
TallBlondePillager: So is this regenerating health, or?
djalternative: Eat Beej on stream and it'll pay for itself
electroswagnetism: This is far from the worst shooter you've played on this series
rybackgaming: I find it funny that that was the reason Heather gave.
virre_: The german seems not that bad, but my german knowledge is duolingo, lyricstraining and vacations to Berlin
Feltic: Very unhappy with getting shot at point blank, seems like a fair response
PendelSteven: Yeah, I know both German and French. It's sad being Dutch :D
Reecer6: nice to know there's a parking garage in this hinterlands hamlet of normandy
Ummon_: A sign that says parking in ww2 france? ok
SajuukSjet: wildpeaks: laughing so hard at that :D
fiftymcnasty: Eat the cow
TheMerricat: @TallBlondePillager no yout skyrim it
chickenace11: maybe Beej is hiding so he doesn't have to pay rent
offbeatwitch: your health is going up
Amentur: The german VA is actually good (apart from the loud death scream). I'm surprised
thefileclerk: EAT COW
MrQBear: What game is this? This is not... entirely awful seeming?
Papperslappen: His name was Cow
kassy_13: this is legit not as awful as i was expecting
FireRogue: i think you eat food to heal?
The_Kraken19: You've developed mercury poisoning. The future has changed
offbeatwitch: health in bottom right
TallBlondePillager: @TheMerricat Oooh, insta-nom-entire-inventory then?
kassy_13: the blood is very deviantart
red_shoes_jeff: It's ... LESS bloody?
SuitablyEpic: not as bloody?
virre_: Is the German from another gam?
NamesAreSilly: I'm disappointed the scream wasn't a Wilhelm
aussie_rob_w: oh no, health-as-blood-spatter without regeneration
jingitaxias_: TBQH if this game got some polish work it could be actually kinda fun
wildpeaks: for a tiny indie dev, honestly the game looks fine
TheWarbo: This is not as bad as expected yet still excellent W+P fodder
Darleysam: did they record those death-screams on period-appropriate microphones?
malc: LOL
Koshindan: Just eating the tuna. Can and all.
Mag_Chundysquatch: roflmao
Gen2Gengar: AdmiralMemo Historically, You were supposed to be able to reach the main city by horse from anywhere in a departement in a day or less
Astra7525: @Amentur Yeah, I always feel weird, when WW2 era Germans are being voiced with an Austrian accent
Kykiwi: LOL
kassy_13: "hold on"
Orichlepidopter: USE A TUPPERWARE!
PinballWitch: Half Eaten Beej is my new band name
angryoptimist: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
Laserbeaks_Fury: Left half?
lukyhemee: come on alex
PendelSteven: Hang-on a minute
Kramburger: Remember that day when Alex had a massive cluster headache so he didn't have to see/hear Graham dying for like 10 minutes straight
Foxmar320: I have questions
Nightvalien28: alex, poop beej out
Pteraspidomorphi: Alex thought it was canned tuna!
kassy_13: "finish your food alex"
Drummi_: The Eating of the Beej
chickenace11: He was saving him for later
AdmiralMemo: Wait what
Mysticman89: health is slowly replensished, so thats good.
margieargie: Was he buried under a pile of leaves?
Reecer6: "I can only eat a couple of fingers of Beej at most."
TheOtherTrevor: Someone's been in the office fridge eating my beej
FurthestChunk55: alex take this emetic, it'll help removing the beej from inside you
ContingentCat: lrrSPOOP lrrBEEJ
kassy_13: hi beej
Dr_fragenstien: good, it was the top haplf
Feltic: Heather's humor is as always, on point
Keab42: You didn't eat the whole Beej?
LordManiMani: seabatYIKES BibleThump
Psychic_Ketchup: Phunny story?
shdragon: That looks like a FULL Beej!
kamelion84: lrrBEEJ
thundershot879: lrrBEEJ
lukyhemee: hi beej
TheExactSame: and he himself, the grinch, carved the roast beej
chickenace11: Beej is whole and now needs to eat the whole of something
PendelSteven: Indeed, Hi Beej!
Rockario: If you need to eat to heal...and there's a hole in your stomach...would you heal faster by stuffing the food right into your belly?
MungoDude: greetings, Brendan
PendelSteven: Notice us, Senpai
Alness49: The bigger problem is if something can eat ALL of beej
OKB_1: @virre_ I don't think you so actually. Since they casted voice actors from the right places for the other parts we've seen.
kassy_13: i can never be checked in ;(
kassy_13: :(
Jake_the_guy: oh no
kassy_13: agreed g
virre_: Oh it is an Italian game, that explains a few things
kassy_13: nope i've flown BA and had it refuse
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun i know that feeling
PendelSteven: This much I know
Kramburger: Is not flying one Airline a thing?
Mysticman89: thats recoil seems to be in a random direction instead of actual recoil.
wildpeaks: isn't it how you checkin anymore ?
FurthestChunk55: just take a RyanAir flight! You might have to be on the wing, but still!
Nigouki: oh right, you guys are gonna have a lot of fun in the airports with teh government shutdown
TheOtherTrevor: I'm positive these sound assets are from somewhere else
morgoth_bauglyr: that :sight: semms to make aiming harder
Drummi_: Is this Pax?
FurthestChunk55: also is pax south this weekend!?
SleepyDeveloper: Oh, and good luck with the shutdown and the lack of TSA personell
AdmiralMemo: His name was Tim Richter... Hammockslam Kappa
Foxmar320: Its been over 20 years since ive flew anywhere so I have no idea how it works :P
Magellus: Europe is mostly single flights
FeverRadish: Oof good luck with TSA
Dragonality: ooh
jingitaxias_: "hmm today I will fight in world war 2" "oh god oh fuck"
margieargie: I thought that last one said "Tom Riddle"...
FlyingWithSnakes: just get in your car and bounce to america
kassy_13: i'm so sorry
Barb4rian: Speaking of @LoadingReadyRun , I hope you don't get stuck in a long customs line =( #shutdown
FurthestChunk55: RIP all of you
Koshindan: Good luck.
Solipsody: Uh-oh.
lukyhemee: oh yes
PendelSteven: Oh dear
aussie_rob_w: what even will the TSA BE
Feltic: Seriously, good luck flying out of there (and into come to think of it)
Anaerin: The TSA is not being paid right now, so don't expect much in the way of concern (or competence) from them.
TheMetalupis: how long is your time in the air to get down there?
aWabbajack: good luck at airport
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH NO! We got a bike?
Zanaide: I think this is why I stopped flying.
TheMerricat: UPGRADE!
Rhynerd: best of luck there
Kramburger: More terrorists enter the US from Canada than Mexico by an order of magnitude
Keab42: Are TSA still getting paid?
FurthestChunk55: oh god this cycle is going to be beautiful
MungoDude: good call
aWabbajack: hope they are playing good music
kumatsu: time for some sick bike tricks
BrittishRedcap: I'm gonna be judging for Pastime Games at PAX South this weekend ^-^
GroutNASA: They at least are paid in Canuckistan!
Aarek: yeah good luck with airport TSA is not being paid
EricTheOrange: Question for chat? did WW2 guns havea magnfiying glass for a scope like that?
aussie_rob_w: they're not getting paid, they're working unpaid,
Rhynerd: also, good luck with that motorbike
PendelSteven: motohbike indeed
virre_: There is an Operation Overlord one to
aussie_rob_w: holy hell
kassy_13: what
Koshindan: Apparently the TSA agents are just blasting rap music at this point.
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Foxmar320: O_O
ContingentCat: UM
FurthestChunk55: IS THAT YOUR CAR
Rhynerd: ah, the cars work the same for them as well
Foxmar320: hahahaaaaaaa
PendelSteven: oof
electroswagnetism: Do you guys have those "get across the border quickly" passes?
Tisme_: um
TheWarbo: Yeah those guys are not getting paid currently and are starting to call off because money is good
MikoKisai: that is a solid man
Nightvalien28: tunk
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no
Astra7525: German Speedrun Strats
Zombeef: incredible
PendelSteven: du bist genau getroffen ja
bi0buster: Just going to tag "improper physics values" on my bingo sheet...
PinballWitch: what just happened?
jingitaxias_: MAN OF STEEL
Inquisitor_Xian: amazing
SpacePotato01: he became a car
flapjacksofwar: Im ready to open some RNA packs in Arena tomorrow. Saved up so much gold!
Rockario: @electroswagnetism NEXUS cards?
wildpeaks: next game maybe ?
AdmiralMemo: @Barb4rian Oh right... Yeah, my biggest problem is that there is no one to enforce the "Do Not Call" list to the telemarketers are going apewire. Not good when I'm looking for calls from potential jobs.
Drummi_: I love this garbage!!
PendelSteven: "du bist getroffen" = you are hit
sekunder: jeep > cow > man > motorbike
thefileclerk: will the stupid shutdown effect them coming?
Rhynerd: german safety measures. automatically stops for pedestrians
TheOtherTrevor: I'm telling you, your vehicle has no mass
sekunder: sound logic
wildpeaks: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 57:05.
OKB_1: @EricTheOrange No. Using those kinds of lenses (plural) only works in a proper scope.
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matthewtheweird1985: good luck with TSA. they're not getting paid because of the government shutdown. they're going to give even less of a shit than normal
Mysticman89: Your newton laws don't apply in nazi germany.
virre_: And A demoliton derby game that seems awfull (I Liked the PS 1 Demolition Derby game)
Tisme_: its because of his powerstance
PinballWitch: what happens if you shoot the french guys?
Kramburger: Alexis, how can I return to the Motherland?
electroswagnetism: @Rockario Yeah those
Mangledpixel: the car must've popped up because those guys spawned inside it
PendelSteven: (genau = precisely, often used to emphasize something and ja = yes)
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WampaX: Who are the Crew for Pax South?
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angryoptimist: Okay Alexis, recommend me a better game. Kappa
chickenace11: is that do to the special horse meth
PendelSteven: (meh genau = indeed)
red_shoes_jeff: Phrasing?
jingitaxias_: could you imagine hitting someone with your car and they just stop you with a single hand
Despoiler98: isnt that how you die G?
Drummi_: Erect... Kappa
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Barb4rian: @AdmiralMemo Oh that's awful! Good luck
Kramburger: He died as he lived: Fully Erect
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OKB_1: This game is cute. They're are trying real hard.
chickenace11: this is not the worst game ever ]
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PendelSteven: I agree @OKB_1
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iiieye: mooooooooooooo
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Drummi_: Will there be a LRR Panel?
Astra7525: @OKB_1 I concur. This devs seems to try more than the usual Steam Direct shovelware
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Teh Gibb pin? I needs it
coelopteryx: and I want to play it it is called Mario Twins, they look the same!
Ukon_vasara: thats a solid magic pun name
coelopteryx: they look SO GOD DAMN like the same person
virre_: At least the assets are there own (also they sell them)
EricTheOrange: @OKB_1 so did this game just make that up or is that something else
Foxmar320: I have a need for the Gibb pin
jingitaxias_: you can tell the devs actually care and have ideas, the flaws with this game come more from inexperience I'd imagine
azureHaights: @iiieye Is that name meant to be read as "four eyes"?
angryoptimist: Had to scroll back to see it on account of the fast moving chat--good luck, AdmiralMemo!
josh_le_crafter: hello!
Solipsody: They maybe could have dialed in their physics a little before they got excited and recorded all the voice lines.
Scarbble: is new game called Mario twins?
Blasteg: wait, so if Ben Gram and Serge are going to Pax, who is on Friday Night Paper Fight?
Serifina: I am looking forward to seeing as much as I can of LRR content at PAX south.. I hope the Jackbox panel actually goes smoothly for once.
PendelSteven: Los! Los! Los!
PendelSteven: literally to let go
MagisterMystax: If you say to them 'you want ice cream', the both of them say yes!
Anaerin: "Flay" or "Filet"?
thefileclerk: is all german yelled in this game?
GroutNASA: Let’s move on. This is a bit dull
Ukon_vasara: a lot of wouldbe cannibalism this stream
TheAwkes: This depth of field effect is problematic.
sethtriggs: Wow this game is magical
GhassanPL: This game would be pretty fine with a good designer's hand
Amentur: Oh look a Kar98 elfunkChunk
TheWarbo: These death poses
Darleysam: yeah this seems fine, just unremarkable if not for the slapstick physics and bad acting
josh_le_crafter: do not flay mans without their consent
PendelSteven: so "los! los! los!" basicly translate as "Open fiyah!"
Foxmar320: Serifina Im still hoping for a LRR rescue party but the chance is slim
Zombeef: "It is a fire weapon"
FurthestChunk55: i half want to see what a game at least pitched by LRR looks like
GhassanPL: Change the UI, change the driving physics, re-record the VO
JohnLockeCole: Hello Friends, What have I missed so far?
OKB_1: @EricTheOrange Yes. Putting a single lens on your gun doesn't do anything except giving a way of blinding yourself. It's plain physics really.
Nightvalien28: JohnLockeCole some amazing car rides
MungoDude: textures pop in and out when zooming
Koshindan: That was a good E1M1.
FurthestChunk55: do we got b-hops in this game, btw?
Ukon_vasara: ruuAYAYA
Tarnagona: Hello friends
Solipsody: You can only save when you have no reason to.
rybackgaming: !game bad
chickenace11: oh for a LRL they should do a raptor aquarium game edition
jingitaxias_: acquire object
virre_: am Radio
TheThromborax: Get ye radio
I_Am_Clockwork: jeez those screams
Mysticman89: straight doming them
fiftymcnasty: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
TheInnsanity: thank God the enemy started employing deaf soldiers
JohnLockeCole: One shot one Kill
TheWarbo: Taaaaake IiiiiiiTem! Take Tem I
aWabbajack: Shoosting like John Wick
TehAmelie: Forrest Patrol? those guys are an insult to Forrest Gump
FurthestChunk55: they're coming out the walls!!!
aWabbajack: elfunkChunk
PendelSteven: that's war
chuckaw1977: Woo Hoo...Garbage Day!!!
ContingentCat: how rude
Lunareclipse123: cheer100 Stappin' Powah!
Amentur: elfunkChunk
FurthestChunk55: is the sun reflecting off of your sight!?
PiousHeathen: wow that lens flare
Atomic_Pants: this is a weird stalker mod
OKB_1: @JohnLockeCole it's called "REALISM"
FlyingWithSnakes: i mean we make fun of the screams but thats pretty much how i'd sound if someone shot me
TheThromborax: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
Rockario: That's some harsh reflection on your sight
MightySpecial: how can you see anything with that magnifying glass
Darleysam: battle screams recorded on genuine ww2 mics, what
angryoptimist: Ye Cannot Jump Ye Fence
PendelSteven: oh dear
PendelSteven: weight issues
Darleysam: it's authentic
josh_le_crafter: cover isn't real, alex. you should know that!
Tarnagona: how has garbage day been so far???
Koshindan: This game has problematic french, I mean fence.
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Jake_the_guy: oh no we slow boi
Mysticman89: ram tuna in your face
MungoDude: eat some tuna, then you'll be carrying less
SpacePotato01: just shoot bullets away until you're light again
Jake_the_guy: ^
TehAmelie: oh yeah, it's trying to be Call of Duty AND Fallout 4
tim19862: it's morphine time Kappa
TheThromborax: The Dark Souls of Video Games
Mysticman89: no akimbo aks? why are you evne playing?
rybackgaming: Weaps.
PendelSteven: I like the jazz music
Rhynerd: just jove the injector down your throat, fully loaded
PendelSteven: certainly feels like the 40s
Rhynerd: i wish I didn't say that
thefileclerk: everyone form a line
Hunterprime: wait was that guys name marlon brando?
MungoDude: was that last guys name Marlon Brando?
josh_le_crafter: @rhynerd wait wut
Astra7525: I hope we get to see the car flip again
tim19862: "the mighty morphine power rangers MorphinTime " lrrBEEJ
Anaerin: Why does that motorbike sound like a diesel Mac Truck?
JohnLockeCole: OKB_1 did you know that statistically only about 30% of single gunshots are fatal, now that's with the ability to get quick medical attention, but still, that's why statistics on numbers wounded in battle are *usually* higher than the KIA number
Solipsody: I shouldn't have eaten before this.
PinballWitch: do a sweet flip!
Rhynerd: @josh_le_crafter i set off my unease with needles right after saying that.
Darleysam: his name was evel knievel
FurthestChunk55: what film y'all talking about?
sethtriggs: Oh that camera bluuuuuuugh
OKB_1: @JohnLockeCole Oh okay. So this game is now literately unplayable. ;)
PinballWitch: Cow comes for revenge
hd_dabnado: wow PUBG got a new update
SalmirAeon: I'm getting Great Escape flashbacks
tim19862: no view of the bike is trippy
PendelSteven: You probably get that 'halt-"-whatever means stop
ClodiumSoride: Good job. You lead the Germans right to the secret resistance camp.
Swamplor: Its weirding me out that we can't see any part of the bike we are riding. Is Alex leaning forward over the handlebars?
TheWarbo: I like how we are clearly not giving this location to the Germans
FITorion: save
josh_le_crafter: in other news, great voice acting
FlyingWithSnakes: !utime
FlyingWithSnakes: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:04:19.
Astra7525: Visit scenic normandy, enjoy the local Nazi population, die from random vehicle gravity
Rockario: "Oh right, the handdset" *squats*
TheWarbo: First one’s free
PendelSteven: Listen very carefully I'll only say this once
OKB_1: @Astra7525 I've been there 2 times before. It's nice.
aWabbajack: I am excite to be here
Mangledpixel: brave camera choices, visionary cinematography
Anaerin: PendelSteven: Ah, 'Allo 'Allo.
MagisterMystax: 120 degrees is the ideal conversational corner
aWabbajack: Can't contain myself
Astra7525: Please don't let her become a romantic subplot
Laogeodritt: What was that accent even
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InternetArt: I never get to see W&P live, this is great.
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wildpeaks: Zoé, noo, you were the chosen one
MikoKisai: also that's the wrong accent, I believe
OKB_1: This framing.
Amentur: ZoÈ is her stage name
Koshindan: Game needs more Comic Sans.
TheAwkes: Did you save before starting this mission?
tim19862: that gotta poo run
PendelSteven: La Zoè
Laogeodritt: The accents and the dialogue recording/mixing is all over the place in this game =|
Solipsody: So by "organize assaults" she means "run blindly into the woods"?
FlyingWithSnakes: zo È
josh_le_crafter: oof
Zalbaag: Wait, what's up with the back hand?
virre_: I hope pathing works in this game, the studio sells pathing algorithm in the unity store
Skudd: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:05:48.
Gen2Gengar: The French accents are correct in this game
Gen2Gengar: Also, it's Zoé, not Zoè
TehAmelie: run through the woods with our guns out and see what happens
Rhynerd: ah, a decoy rock
Laserbeaks_Fury: Well, when in France...
WubGhost: blowout soon, Jasper.
Dragonality: Rocks are only suggestions
josh_le_crafter: umm...
korvys: good reference
PendelSteven: or Zoë, both meaning "life"
BleedingToast: zoe, master earthbender
NamesAreSilly: Ok, yes based on definition you *could* use "segregated" like that, but that is *not* the context that word usually lives in...
Swamplor: Real fake rocks
MungoDude: Zoë
Koshindan: Did they really need to make this open world?
Mysticman89: are there any mnemonics to remember the accent names?
PendelSteven: but yeah, Zoé is more zoooh-waaaay
kassy_13: zoe pls
virre_: The developer is Italian , might be that that makes the name sometimes
FireRogue: @koshindan no, no they didn't
Mysticman89: I ussually just use my hand and say 'that one'
Laserbeaks_Fury: I guess she's Zoe Dashin'round
Anaerin: She's navigating around the edge of polygone.
wildpeaks: we will totally damage the truck, aren't we
tim19862: wow
Astra7525: Fake real rocks
PendelSteven: she could be Zoè, but then it's zooh-wèh
tim19862: the popped out real fast
NW9k: Oof, I made it in on garbage day?
FurthestChunk55: we have like no cover
MungoDude: Alexis, play Red Hot Chili Peppers - Higher Ground
Solipsody: Is there friendly fire?
Rhynerd: Watch the lines of fire, folks.
FireRogue: this is exactly how ambushes work
PendelSteven: That's what he said!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Omelette du fromage!
PendelSteven: They are French!
TehAmelie: same reason their guys just stepped out of the car to stand in the road and return fire i guess
Koshindan: They run in front of you while you're firing because that's the Path of Less Resistance.
wildpeaks: the one thing that bugs me a bit, they wouldn't say "allemand" for the german, they had another nickname
josh_le_crafter: loving the degree of self preservation
hieroglyphica: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:07:30.
randomino5: This game resembles not sucking
Anaerin: It's a Bacon Tree, not a Ham Bush!
Max_Zuercher: did you guys not get the early access RA accounts?
Rockario: Z/oʊ/
chickenace11: What about ambush party?
silenceaux: This is why people wear uniforms isn't it
OKB_1: In Dutch I would go for Zoë. Where the "ë" denotes a separate vowel.
FurthestChunk55: take the truck!!
Laogeodritt: @NW9k Welcome to Garbage Day!
vegetalss4: Lucky that the germans stopped, you would never have caught them if they had just kept on driving.
Always_Armoured: wait was that guys name jack bauer?
Rhynerd: I don't trust him..
PendelSteven: Français means French
Ummon_: I don't trust him LUL
Astra7525: Did that bullet ricochet off his helmet?
TheAwkes: RHD?
thefileclerk: away
Nigouki: wait why is it right hand drive?
FurthestChunk55: can't wait to roll this pig over
Amentur: MAWP
JohnLockeCole: I feel like this game has Heard of Not Sucking, But has decided that's not what it wants
NW9k: @Laogeodritt I usually have to catch the VODs :o
Solipsody: Bring the track back to the base, so Alexis can mix it.
Gen2Gengar: Gruesome
SalmirAeon: stereo
nattsan: I'm noticing a trend.
TheBaitandSwitch: "bring the track to the base" lol
Rhynerd: holy shit
n_mandrag: Those are the chillest german soldiers I've ever heard.... "oh hey guys- there is an enemy over there, no big deal..."
Nosliw87: oh hes mega dead
OKB_1: Sneller!
Rockario: Oo, right-side-drive
TheWarbo: “Bring the track to the base” Track
Nigouki: is this a british truck the germans captured?
josh_le_crafter: uhh
margieargie: That sounded... wet.
wildpeaks: wages of fear: Extreme
Koshindan: Barbershop Quarter Deathrattle.
fiftymcnasty: That scream
MaskedBeeX: I mean at least it wasn't wilhelm
Mox_Hagdorm: Carmageddon?
sekunder: wait, have we verified the trees have hitboxes?
PendelSteven: feindlich soldaten gezichte = enemy [soldier] faces
josh_le_crafter: that sounded horrifying
FurthestChunk55: this truck handles like a dead fuckin' pig handled by David Cameron
Anaerin: Why is this German truck right-hand drive?
Decaped: You know, this game is alright.
SleepyDeveloper: #ItsFine
Rhynerd: truck's here
Always_Armoured: thats a point actually the steerings on the wrong side
Talin06: Why is it right hand drive?
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Think_Im_Safe_For_Now: Happy garbage day guys
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NamesAreSilly: @sekunder U'd say that was just a yes
PendelSteven: it's another farmhand
Astra7525: "Do not damage the truck" *extreme offroads*
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MungoDude: save game?
Koshindan: Don't bring truck to man,, bring man to truck.
MightySpecial: Get on driver seat
NamesAreSilly: @sekunder erm...ignore the typo. There are no typos here.
TallBlondePillager: Did you...move the questgiver to the quest item?
Rhynerd: i think he did
thefileclerk: yes.
TehAmelie: what say i push you discreetly into the woods for a while eh?
Alahmnat: it was a bold choice to put the camera *below* people's shoulders in shot-reverse-shot action
PendelSteven: @NamesAreSilly Do you know the force?
snake12341: so whats going on? I was buying college books?
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Sarcastic_comma: 14 is a number
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Orichlepidopter: Oooh. Gesichtet. That's a new vocab word. Learnin hella things. All hella day.
Gen2Gengar: I mean, running 1km is reasonable
TheAwkes: Well, it has objectives, and they can be completed. That counts for a lot in the field of fetid asset piles that this stream often offers.
PendelSteven: Gesicht, yeah. Also Dutch: Gezicht. A face
Snowwraith: Stalker motorcycle legs for everyone.
PiousHeathen: This game is pretty crap, but I prefer it over the endless stream of shooters put out by that one guy you keep playing. (I wish I could remember the name)
PendelSteven: Gesichte = Gezichten = Faces
tim19862: ugh
Orichlepidopter: Right. That I knew. But "Gestichtet" means "to sight"
Roadhog123: Shift+Tab?
PendelSteven: no t
PendelSteven: Gesicht
offbeatwitch: it's an entire clock in your pocket
Mox_Hagdorm: I'm sorry...pocket CLOCKS???
Pteraspidomorphi: They nest in the trees
MightySpecial: shift tab will just open the steam menue
Solipsody: So, no falling damage.
SuitablyEpic: dropped there wrong kar98
kassy_13: i didn't see aww
josh_le_crafter: wut...
MightySpecial: menu*
offbeatwitch: it's like watching an ant colony
Hunterprime: THey are dolphin diving
SleepyDeveloper: they're busy doing burpees
Talin06: You dropped the kar98 with the scope
EveningStarComposition: Quick! Make like a snake and writhe on the ground!
nidbit: magnify glass
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I_Am_Clockwork: this looks like old timey spedup footage slapstick
kassy_13: looks like they're on skateboards lol
Dragonality: He's butt scooting like a dog would...
ImaUniqueUsername: The random encounter system must be having a bad day...
Corvan: they're being tactical
Frankenfruity: They are breakdancing Graham
josh_le_crafter: they're doing their best graham!
blackwlf: PT fun day?
Inquisitor_Xian: they're doing a monty python bit!
FlyingWithSnakes: "Do you have the time?" "oh yeah it's uh..."" *pulls entire grandfather clock out of pocket* "1:15"
TehAmelie: the master race at play, eh
virre_: Non-native writing so I guess the Italian for pocket watch is close to pocket clock
randomino5: What... is this game
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Solipsody: No, is not.
PendelSteven: A Fighter too Far
PendelSteven: sorry
StreetCornerPoet: This is what happens when you inbreed for "purity"
Lootwick: ok i am sold, i need to know the name of this game
PendelSteven: A Fight too Far
OKB_1: Wehrmacht be like
PendelSteven: was geslagen?
MikoKisai: @Lootwick A Front Too Far: Normandy
Solipsody: So... Zombies confirmed?
tenthtechpriest: but we all know the head is the only vital organ in video games
TehAmelie: A Front too Far wasn't it?
PendelSteven: anyhow geslagen = beaten, right?
virre_: I think this might be one of this learning games you should not release, but there is four more gams this "studio" done from 2017
snake12341: Yes lets loot corpses
n_mandrag: Very few people know this , but when confronted with boredom in nature, we tend to just do pushups and other exercises at random
sekunder: you have to look carefully, he's tracing his finger through the air in a clear path past his face saying "nuh uh you missed" so it didn't work
Foxmar320: This game is perfect
randomino5: this game took at least something too far
snake12341: THATS not a war crime
2Flower: Hey, what’s AFK tonight?
Izandai: I don't think it's a usual convention of realistic military shooters to have the MLG/Overwatch-style hit marker.
josh_le_crafter: how opaque is the blood
OKB_1: @PendelSteven correct
tim19862: the DOF with this quality assets is too much LUL
NW9k: Knee capped
Anaerin: Alex: You dropped the Kar98 with the scope on it.
TheAwkes: The scope was probably installed on the kar98 you dropped.
Kazman20a: I like how the bullets where coming out of the to of her mag not her barrel
Damaris1034: So when are we deploying the Funniest Joke in the World?
MungoDude: I know brauchen = smoking
SuitablyEpic: it was on the other kar98
samwonk: There's something so incredibly W+P about the enemy running at you, taking clips of smg fire without reacting, and then shouting exactly once when he dies.
PendelSteven: well brauchen = using
Bassios: My mental health has been in ruins for days and I've had a migraine today, thank the gods for Watch&Play.
PendelSteven: or needing
muondecay: Game idea: Play as a nature show host documenting poorly AI'd NPCs "In their natural environment"
MikoKisai: @MungoDude you're thinking of "rauchen"
n_mandrag: You mean rauchen
Despoiler98: whitest think 2 canucks ever said
Max_Zuercher: its just rauchen @MungoDude
tim19862: katesLol
2Flower: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. This week Disney Villainous.) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:44 from now).
FlyingWithSnakes: give him some privacy
NW9k: @samwonk as nature intended
Alahmnat: he twerkin'
PendelSteven: ah ja
lukyhemee: just a wiggly nazi
TheWarbo: Shake it
LessSkunksThanEstimated: work it.
rybackgaming: he's twerkin', Maggle!
Max_Zuercher: how many people actually speak german here
seeweda: Is it me or is this game using same assets as that really bad zombie shooter they played last week?
Astra7525: Ah, the Wehrmacht-Shuffle
offbeatwitch: are you excited for Byte, alex
snake12341: "how to get around the twitch muting system" Whistle ALL your music
ImaUniqueUsername: The Wiggle of Death
Orichlepidopter: rauchen = smoke, brauchen = need, nutzen = use
PinballWitch: I miss Cow
TehAmelie: zeitgeist
PendelSteven: you mean schadenfreude though
Foxmar320: Cow :(
Gen2Gengar: Weltanschauung
PendelSteven: 2nd language for me
snake12341: I can say Dunkof, thanks tf2 lol
WubGhost: I can speak very little, broken germN
Max_Zuercher: schadenfreude?
Jake_the_guy: cow was the best
PinballWitch: I know a handful of words from 4 years of German in highschool
tim19862: yeah
PendelSteven: or maybe 3rd ?!?
TallBlondePillager: WELTSCHMERZ
virre_: I can read German
patrick_stonecrusher: His name was Cow
Lunareclipse123: An overdose of Morphine would kill the pain.... For a while...
DigitalSeahorse: do I speak German? ....NEIN!
MungoDude: ah thanks Orichlepidopter , I knew it was something like that
n_mandrag: or kindergarten
ClodiumSoride: All the German I know I learned from boardgames and Blümchen.
tenthtechpriest: I can say Wienerschnitzel
sekunder: and bildungsroman!
PendelSteven: yeah, read, understand
OKB_1: Another useful one I use every day: Überhaupt
Alahmnat: brüder
TheInnsanity: most Americans also know Blitzkrieg
PendelSteven: not so good at sprechen
lukyhemee: ich spreche klavier
Izandai: @Lunareclipse123 I believe an overdose would kill the pain forever.
Juliamon: I know a few words, and some Yiddish which is derived from it
Nosliw87: the german word for "shared embarassment" is my favorite
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I can count to 29
Anaerin: Flippenfloppenmuckenspreaden.
Rockario: @DigitalSeahorse You speak 9 types of German!? lrrBEEJ
FlyingWithSnakes: i know the word "scheisse" which i believe means "i am displeased with this turn of events"
Jondare: Not german, but i understand and can speak a little bit of german
Zhedor: Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitänsgesellschaft. I love my language :D
Laogeodritt: My German is all 19th century poetry =P (I'm an amateur classical tenor)
Zappeljakob: I think I remember Alex saying some NSFW words in German...
josh_le_crafter: buh?
morgoth_bauglyr: im german
Mox_Hagdorm: German Crack a Pack>
Mox_Hagdorm: ?
Laserbeaks_Fury: German Crack-A-Pack?
Orichlepidopter: @MungoDude no worries! Ob we üben, then we can verbesser our Deutsch.
WubGhost: ich speeches Deutsch, Aber es ist sehr mal
virre_: And I understood when the lady yelled at me in the German History Museum in Berlin. It's a good museum btw.
GhostOfACoffeeCup: Trauerspech
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NW9k: @FlyingWithSnakes that is a more....eloquent rephrasing
GhostOfACoffeeCup: ck*
WeiseDrachenJaeger: It is German, yep.
josh_le_crafter: isn't that interesting
OKB_1: Lets all do the Wackelntanz!
Astra7525: Kummerspeck
Max_Zuercher: kummerspeck
Foxmar320: I know all about that
lukyhemee: greese bacon?
Izandai: Comfort food, basically?
PinballWitch: Cat Warrior is an amazing MTG creature type in German
Orichlepidopter: Kummerspeck
Mazrae: hello hello
Inquisitor_Xian: i took 2 years of german in high school
dialMforMara: Kummerspeck
Aziraphalesshop: Kummerspeck
the_elkae: Schmetterling
tim19862: Juliamon Yiddish is derived from German? wow, didn't know that
korvys: Kummerspeck
Lunareclipse123: @Izandai Yeah, I was making a Max Payne misquote though
Robot_Bones: Its called everyday,
DigitalSeahorse: triplets
Alahmnat: I took… 4.5 months of German in high school
Izandai: @Lunareclipse123 Ah. Fair.
josh_le_crafter: why is that a thing...
Alahmnat: and 4 years of Latin
FlyingWithSnakes: graham stop being racist
virre_: Goblin Scharfschutze is best German Magic card, (I did not spell that right)
Alahmnat: please judge me
I_Am_Clockwork: *sonic music starts playing*
n_mandrag: - kummerspeck is what you GET , kummeressen is the action
PinballWitch: all the black, is she stealing from Kathleen's closet?
FurthestChunk55: do these people have the zoomies
PendelSteven: Dutch are obliged to learn German for two years at least
PendelSteven: So ja
virre_: And Krenko, Capacosa is the best one in Italian
darkora: we all remember the french military motto: "nyoom"
PinballWitch: lrrDARK
FireRogue: @tim19862 yiddish is derived from a whole mess of languages, including german
MungoDude: Kummerspeck = making the best of the wurst
Zappeljakob: Da ist ein Weib!
Izandai: Wow Graham. Wow.
tim19862: ah ok
Amentur: So they are very much the Stalker AI
Max_Zuercher: DA IST EIN FIEND!
Zhedor: @virre_ no, you did, except for the "ü", when you need that just substtue "ue"
Aarek: thats some WWI tactics
Orichlepidopter: I don't have the patience for kummeressen, it usually devolves into kumerfressen to be honest xD
wench_tacular: harsh
Solipsody: This game is causing me Spielmüdigkeit.
Alahmnat: lol, that's what I was thinking, G
TehAmelie: i like this word in german for "coward", i think it was schneeballhandschuchewerfen
Astra7525: I guess this is what Bliztkrieg looks like when you got no tanks...
josh_le_crafter: ooh, harsh
Inquisitor_Xian: funny story actually....the guy who taught german at my high school just got arrested for sexual assault...hmm maybe not an actually funny story
Anaerin: You're waiting for an ambush.
PinballWitch: lmao!
PendelSteven: Amai!
Nigouki: whooooops
Izandai: ALEX
DigitalSeahorse: :O
Foxmar320: ummm
jorim: hat trick
wench_tacular: oops
SleepyDeveloper: softlock!
Nosliw87: if only they had the aliens on their side, like in metal slug.
I_Am_Clockwork: what did you THINK would happen D:
Crokoking: i mean - it is called blitzkrieg - "lightning war"
Damaris1034: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
TheInnsanity: why did you do that
BloodForTheCorelab: 0.0
NW9k: You broke his back!
Cyberferret2: He also lost his hat
Papperslappen: hahahaha
Valashu__: casual warcrime
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Let's do a treason.
TehAmelie: "one who throws snowballs with gloves"
vegetalss4: Poor dude
drcanonball: he was a spy
virre_: Zhedor oh I have ü on my keyboard to, just did not remember it
NeuterCommuter: He was a double agent.
northos: "must have been a spy"
MikoKisai: I guess no one liked that guy
chickenace11: the french will remember that
Dryhad: Alex did you just do a warcrime?
accountmadeforants: Oh that's just Dave, nobody like him
wench_tacular: because he is a madman with a gun
wildpeaks: his brain did fall off too
tim19862: I always assumed Yiddish came from Hebrew.
StreetCornerPoet: He was...uhm.... A SPY, yeah a spy.
DigitalSeahorse: he must have been the asshole of the bunch
angryoptimist: Of course not--dude stole her hat. Kappa
PinballWitch: the american is gun happy
MungoDude: caught in the crossfire
Rockario: "He was obviously a German Spy"
ThePerrBearr: no one cared, he must have been annoying
josh_le_crafter: he was just a spy
ImaUniqueUsername: "Everybody makes mistakes bud."
PendelSteven: He definately was a spy
Valashu__: drive me closer, i want to hit them with my sword
blast_shark: His name was spy
Dragonality: Drive me closer, I wish to hit them with my pistol
lukyhemee: well warhammer was right in the end
n_45: lead from the front, it's the best tactics
Nigouki: wait he had an MG-42
PinballWitch: he was secret hitler
Foxmar320: Hey this AI is flawless
PendelSteven: He owned a book written by Niezsche
DigitalSeahorse: His name was Traitor
PendelSteven: Definately a spy
NW9k: "You have been seriously injured!'
TheOtherTrevor: I don't trust him!
darkora: womp womp
xantos69: So do the Nazis win now?
korvys: New game time?
TehAmelie: and that's how Jasper the friendly ghost was born
Namelylight: just shoot off his hat
Solipsody: Popping up a dialogue when you're "seriously injured" seems like a pretty solid way to make sure you're going to get killed immediately after.
PendelSteven: @xantos69 not exactly
Rockario: "I don't trust him," the tool tip said
PinballWitch: RIP Cow
FlyingWithSnakes: This is so sad Alexis play La Complainte du Partisan
Nosliw87: RIP France
bi0buster: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:17:33.
TehAmelie: never forget Cow
TheWarbo: His name was Cow
WubGhost: tarx pimador
Solipsody: Its end!
OKB_1: Cute game. They should keep working on it.
PinballWitch: we shall never forget Cow
Snowwraith: Half-Life's use of various messages when you have non-standard fail states was cool too.
TehAmelie: lrrCOW
PendelSteven: Pas Bête! Pas Bête!
Astra7525: Press F to pay respects to Cow
lukyhemee: we won't forget you cow
Mangledpixel: o7 His name... was Cow
ContingentCat: oh my
MagisterMystax: Jant
Kramburger: Jant
Izandai: I'm interested.
tim19862: lrrSPOOP wut
wildpeaks: I mean, it could be fun
PinballWitch: yes
AdmiralMemo: I like it
MikoKisai: umm
FireRogue: His name was Cow
josh_le_crafter: goodbye for now, gotta school
I_Am_Clockwork: yus
Alahmnat: what
patrick_stonecrusher: f
PendelSteven: Nicht slecht! Es war nicht slecht!
Solipsody: I'm into it.
accountmadeforants: We're down for Jets!
Rhynerd: Keep making games, whoever made this.
Juliamon: Okay, this looks cute
tim19862: haha
DigitalSeahorse: onion knight
northos: yeah, this actually could be dece
Foxmar320: ummmm
I_Am_Clockwork: I'm on board
Izandai: uh huh
TheAwkes: *guy blinking incredulously gif*
tim19862: nice
DigitalSeahorse: hehehehheh cute
the_elkae: or Jant if you will
delta__vee: acute style
AdmiralMemo: European plugs?
PendelSteven: Pas Bête! = not ... bad
Aziraphalesshop: Having ANY style is a huge first step
Jake_the_guy: "first and to fly" but ants fly to mate?
Amentur: That's one eager ant
Juliamon: Oh, it's Flappy Bird
Solipsody: I'm not into it anymore.
TehAmelie: hoenslty this concept would make the game great no matter how bad it was
SAJewers: didn't we hear that title screen song before?
robo__nixon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. This week Disney Villainous.) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:38 from now).
dougma: it's Atom Ant!!!!!!!
Astra7525: hah... German style power outlets
Lunareclipse123: I recognise that menu music from previous W&Ps I'm pretty sure
I_Am_Clockwork: man, flappy bird looks weird
Izandai: Okay, okay, I'm into it.
AdmiralMemo: @Jake_the_guy Shhhhhhhh
Foxmar320: ok im on board with this so far
FlyingWithSnakes: rekt
sekunder: calebdRekt
Juliamon: W R E C K E D
AdmiralMemo: #wrekt
Izandai: REKT
randomino5: #rekt
TheOtherTrevor: Shrecked
Kramburger: I would love it if your jet could set an empty milk carton on fire
azureHaights: Riggity rekt
muondecay: This baseline is enough to have me hooked
Baldrash: Rekt.
MagisterMystax: Didn't check urself
PendelSteven: it's actually easy to understand if you speak English Pas Bête! ... pas = not... bête = bad
FireRogue: are those outlets? and if so, where is the dev from?
Snowwraith: This is like, Moonlander or whatever it was.
Inquisitor_Xian: this is actually cute
northos: WutFace
Alephred: Some ants actually can fly.
Inquisitor_Xian: i like it
PinballWitch: I love his little helmet!
darkora: seems neat
dougma: 100% was intended to be a mobile game
voslan: Thats more like a Rocket with controlled thrust...
WubGhost: ja, er was night schlecht. nicht so gut, aber nicht schlecht
tim19862: pretty rad and feels like a jam game
DoodlestheGreat: rooDerp
AdmiralMemo: @FireRogue I think those are EU outlets?
Jake_the_guy: what type of outlet is at the start?
TheAwkes: Reskinned moon lander? Reskinned moon lander.
wildpeaks: like classicmoon lander
TheInnsanity: don't you also protect yourself with jet fuel?
chickenace11: which area uses those wall plugs \
MikoKisai: this game seems legit so far
Izandai: This is a lot better than I was expecting.
Diabore: gameplay? in MY watch and play?
AdmiralMemo: Actual Gameplay Surprises All!
TehAmelie: usually flying ants are young queens going out to start their own hill. maybe this is a trans ant
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's an ANT-stronaut
randomino5: A Flight Too Far: Kitchen
TehAmelie: *metaphor
PendelSteven: yah, indeed, well observed, Alex
tim19862: now he's into if lrrAWESOME
TriggerHappy2Pi: this game actually doesn't seem that bad
sivakrytos: made by europeans?
PendelSteven: this is a genuine game
tim19862: it
azureHaights: What style of power outlets are those?
PendelSteven: not a walking simulator!
countz3r0: rally up boys
AdmiralMemo: @TehAmelie Don't fertile males also have wings?
noSmokeFire: his dumb idiot face is in some kind of dumb idiot bath tub
Aziraphalesshop: The ant is European
TehAmelie: i dunno >_>
Orichlepidopter: Euro plugs
Lord_ZYRK: Yo this jam though SourPls
PendelSteven: Again, a European game
PinballWitch: Coins are for closers
PendelSteven: I am feeling kind of proud this time
Foxmar320: lol
NW9k: ya goofed!
Despoiler98: 70s porn music is sweet
randomino5: Go back to main menu for upgrades?
DigitalSeahorse: xD
tenthtechpriest: the coins are a trap, clearly
PinballWitch: yeah I get the feeling you use coins to buy upgrades
Anaerin: Coins are how you get upgrades.
noSmokeFire: is there some kind of laser sight passing over the background at the end there?
PendelSteven: the power outlets seem erm
AdmiralMemo: Why is the jet a tiny tiny bathtub?
Rockario: Not knowing where the end is is a bit rough
sivakrytos: oh the plugs are at the beginning too i missed them
PendelSteven: that hexagonal shape?
DigitalSeahorse: nice duck
NW9k: Question for chat: what country uses that kind of electrical socket?
PendelSteven: I think its one of the older Euro sockets
Corvan: theres an upgrade tab on the main menu
Dared00: @nw9k Europe
sivakrytos: the hexagon shape i'm attributing to polygons
TehAmelie: ideas are cheap. all you gotta do is come up with one that hasn't been done before, and commit to it
Orichlepidopter: The plug inside is european. The hexagonal shape is used nowhere xD
TheInnsanity: fue-ealthy!
PendelSteven: but the tiles seem 70s
MikoKisai: @NW9k the sockets are supposed to be round, but other than that it matches mainland Europe
PendelSteven: the music seems 70s
tenthtechpriest: MECHANICS?! in MY garbage day?!
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PendelSteven: the colours seems 70s
Foxmar320: yeah this game looks fun
PendelSteven: I think this game takes place in the 70s!
AdmiralMemo: lrrFRUMP
PendelSteven: So the sockets must be from the 70s or before
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JohnLockeCole: *adjusts glasses* Sir Sir, this is very clearly a Rocket Ant
NW9k: Huh. looked familiar. The hex might have thrown me off. thank yall :D
RebekahWSD: Oh, I'm so late!
Inquisitor_Xian: there was an upgrade menu
wildpeaks: european plugs
offbeatwitch: europe
Astra7525: Germany
Dared00: Honestly, this might actually be worth the $1 price
LinkStorm88: Not Australia.
Namelylight: honestly I'd pay a buck for this, it seems fun
ContingentCat: europe
malc: old-style European plugs
Amentur: Europe
offbeatwitch: those are european plugs
DigitalSeahorse: ferociousHype achievement!
Anaerin: Those are Hexagonal versions of Euro plugs.
Pteraspidomorphi: Anywhere in europe except france and the uk
PendelSteven: And well, Europe had a lot of diversity before erm... the 80s
Stoffern: We do in Norway
Dr_fragenstien: !findquote ant
LRRbot: Quote #2180: "There were ants, but now there's wings! There's winged ants all over the stream, Ian!" —Heather [2016-03-27]
TallBlondePillager: No, these sockets are grounded
korvys: Not Australia
muondecay: Many EU countries
Zappeljakob: We in Germany have the same one in round...
cmdrud87: contonental europe
Kortanios: all of Europe except the UK
AdmiralMemo: @RebekahWSD Yeah, but only 2 games missed
Astra7525: Those are German Type F outlets
accountmadeforants: Those look like Schuko plugs, but hexagonal somehow
MungoDude: not Aus, som,ewhere in Europe maybe?
SAJewers: yeah, europe
MaelstronSolenor: nope, our plugs are not like that
omdorastrix: Looks eu-sh for plugs
PendelSteven: yeah, most European are round now
TallBlondePillager: Yeah, these lok scandi
Orichlepidopter: Ausies look like someone sat on a North America/Japan plug and bent the pins...
DennyMcG: Except the UK and Ireland.
FurbyGoneFubar: The difficulty ramping of having this be the first level is a bit off, but it looks well worth a dollar.
Rockario: I' like to know if this is a "One Big Level" game or not
Papperslappen: Thats normal european schuko plugs
Astra7525: but they aren't hexagonal
TehAmelie: my plugs look like these
MagisterMystax: They're round here in Europe, but that might be to make it easier to render
blackwlf: Jet-powered ants? Definitely sounds like something Australia would have.
RebekahWSD: Well, I'll watch them in vod or youtube later then, @AdmiralMemo
virre_: They mostly are round but I seemsome that are more like that (they then are wider so round still fits)
PiousHeathen: Perhaps a french socket type?
omdorastrix: possibly UK if those are supposed to be square holes?
PendelSteven: Ah, TehAmelie - and you are in?
Keab42: Has anybody ever stopped to admire the engineering genius of British plugs?
OKB_1: It's a low poly version our glorious EURO plug.
TehAmelie: Sweden
Frankenfruity: It's not normal. European are round
PendelSteven: We found it!
PendelSteven: Sweden it is then
MungoDude: not UK, UK plugs all have ground pins
RebekahWSD: Oh my god
Foxmar320: woah
MaskedBeeX: PogChamp
wildpeaks: that poor ant
randomino5: D:
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
shdragon: WAT
Orichlepidopter: Ants do not have spines
Juliamon: PARDON
ThePerrBearr: wait
Despoiler98: NO NOT MY SPINE
MikoKisai: owwww
Jake_the_guy: that poor ant
kamelion84: lrrWOW
I_Am_Clockwork: ants... don't have spines
tim19862: D:
MagisterMystax: How does an invertebrate's spine break?
FlyingWithSnakes: NOT ANYMORE
TehAmelie: i figure they're hexagonal because of polygons
darkora: F
AdmiralMemo: @RebekahWSD The first one can be skipped, really. It was walking around, like 3 traps, and no sound. That was it.
NW9k: You are different aurRage
korvys: Ants dont' have spines
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE lrrSPOOP
sekunder: oh no the bone hurting juice!
TheAinMAP: Ants don't have spines.
Namelylight: F
Nosliw87: F
lemmel: Well then
DigitalSeahorse: they have exoskeletons
xantos69: They don't even have those....but you made him grow one then you broke it!
blackwlf: Spined ants sounds horrifying.
arcaneIllumination: Go to menu? Get upgrades?
Anaerin: It's a low-poly version of a standard Euro plug.
Aquarionics: Not anymore they don't
Mangledpixel: didn't say it was the ant's spine...
PendelSteven: This is a Swedish kitchen
Mysticman89: can you go above the cabinet you start under? like fly out and up and back trackc?
abaoa_qu: Broken thorax
Alephred: Is your jet fuel also your health?
PinballWitch: oh the hum-ANT-ity!
randomino5: They do if they're ant-hropomorphic
Mazrae: what are the coins for?
PendelSteven: with Swedish sockets
PiousHeathen: Plugs looks like a CEE 7/1 type
MungoDude: broke the vehicle's spine
Ba_Dum_Tish: Water = death
wildpeaks: gdqRipUrn run
virre_: I missed the name of this game, what is it?
AdmiralMemo: Do you get upgrades on the menu?
NW9k: Rip
DigitalSeahorse: broken plumbing spine
patrick_stonecrusher: that got dark
AdmiralMemo: @virre_ Jet Ant
RebekahWSD: @AdmiralMemo That still leaves one game I'll need to go back and watch!
DaMullet14: out of spine
Saphiroko: hello all!
AdmiralMemo: @RebekahWSD Yep. It was pretty OK.
PendelSteven: Yeah, I recognised the socket but couldn't place it exactly
PinballWitch: best flappy birds
Aenir798: It's really more of a Rocket than a Jet
TehAmelie: a $1 game! i'm sold
offbeatwitch: garry's mod: ant edition
NW9k: Where did you purchase this from Graham because I see a party game here.
Alephred: More like Rocket Ant, amirite?
electroswagnetism: Jet, ants. Jants.
Mister_The_Doc: Those plugs tho
Orichlepidopter: It's a bath tub.... FOR ANTS
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Keab42: This ia definitely worth a dollar
arcaneIllumination: See if you can get upgrades in the menu.
Saphiroko: nuuuuu
AdmiralMemo: #Shrekt
PinballWitch: is it the bathtub from Mouse Trap?
MagisterMystax: Wrecked
FlyingWithSnakes: what is this, a jet for ants?
Dumori: Wasn’t there upgrades on the menu?
tenthtechpriest: hard landing
ThePerrBearr: the ants made the tub, obviously, where else would they bathe?
Blasteg: rekt
PendelSteven: you can put a 2-prong flag europlug in it without problems
Nigouki: btw did either Alex or Adam ever do a stream finishing Super Benbo Quest?
AdmiralMemo: How many coins to you have now for upgrades?
accountmadeforants: Look man, respect our privacy. Our bathtub programs are top secret.
darkora: @FlyingWithSnakes as it happens, yes
PendelSteven: flag?
Solipsody: So this is a palate cleanser.
wiggins: what is this, a jet for ants?
AdmiralMemo: @Nigouki Yeah.
CommandoJE: Is this the first level?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wouldn't this fall under purview of the Air Force Ants and not the Army Ants?
Anaerin: There's a "STORE" on the main menu.
GroutNASA: @wiggins ++
NW9k: @CommandoJE Yep
omdorastrix: Space-X's new initiative
Revenant77x: Do you want Ants cause this is how we get ants
Mangledpixel: jetant is French for 'throwing'
Lootwick: this song is a jam btw
CommandoJE: Alright them
omdorastrix: It's cheaper to colonize mars with ants...
PinballWitch: I had to mute twitter. one of my tweets is over 12k likes. RIP my notifications.
PendelSteven: jetter
CommandoJE: then
AdmiralMemo: @CommandoJE Yeah. Alex got partway into the second level, but died to water.
croc5: I was only listening to you guys and thought this game was called "Jet Aunt"
Mazrae: i would be scared if ants had this kind of technology
MolaMolaphant: What is this, a minigame from The Dig???
Mangledpixel: not relevant, of course, just mildly interesting
Ba_Dum_Tish: George Jetant
PendelSteven: jetter would be the infinite form
Orichlepidopter: die Amiese is German for ant
virre_: Apperently there is an ant spices that is called Jet Ant or something like that so googling for this game is ... not easy
NW9k: @Laserbeaks_Fury air force of ants hasnt been established by this period in time
randomino5: Same thing happened in my last apartment, landlord wouldn't do anything about it
tim19862: katesBeans
Orichlepidopter: Just wanted to join the random facts party
Dryhad: katesBeans
MaskedBeeX: You jetpacked too close to the Sun
PendelSteven: Je jette, tu jette, on vas jetter
kassy_13: oh what are we playing now?
ContingentCat: katesBeans
BloodnBullets: thats such a waste of fuel!
TheAinMAP: katesBeans
PendelSteven: J'ai jetté?
PendelSteven: yeah
BloodnBullets: its affecting your weight
MungoDude: need to stop accelerating before halfway across that gap to have enough time to decelerate
Anaerin: It changes your weight, though.
ekimekim: but now you're heavier
AdmiralMemo: Sweet
corylus22: So with the small metal strips top and bottom of the outlest they indeed seem to be Type F ""Schuko" outlets used in a bunch of european countries, I assume the hexangonal shape is due to the artstyle.
Gizmoloid: Slow and steady seems to be the way, high speed looks too risky.
Aenir798: I think the armor affected your weight
MolaMolaphant: Those increase the weight
korvys: Adds weight
PiousHeathen: You added weight when you did that
OKB_1: I've heard this music before on W+P…
Dared00: now it's heavier
randomino5: 10/10 GOTY
tenthtechpriest: WHY IS THIS GAME SO DEEP
wildpeaks: definitely moon lander
darkora: GOTY 2019
PendelSteven: that milk pack is also very European
Murklan: i seem to have gotten gifted a sub while being afk doing my dishes. Nice! lrrAWESOME
tim19862: nice
Kazman20a: ok really nice
CaptainSpam: Game not bad at all.
codl_: minmax fuel
PendelSteven: we don't know milk in bags
Mazrae: go no armor see how that goes
DaMullet14: now we need to straight up to get any height at all?
AdmiralMemo: Take all the armor off?
xantos69: Wow....I kind of want to play this myself now.
wafflesoup: Too fat to fly
chickenace11: so some thought was put into this game
Anaerin: I mean, same Alex... Oh, wait, you were talking about in-game.
heyluckyannie: wait isn't this the same music from the Super Tits Rush main title?
PinballWitch: is this the best game ever played on Watch + Play, gameplay wise?
heyluckyannie: (the music on the title screen for this anyway)
SchalaKitty: Basically, good game if had some refinement in the art department.
Namelylight: gameplay in my garbage day? it's more likely than you think
PendelSteven: @chickenace11 it's almost like this is a European game, bare I say it :)
AdmiralMemo: So you need to pick up 50 coins to get the next level?
Nigouki: AdmiralMemo is that stream archived somewhere?
TheOtherTrevor: This actually took you more fuel than usual to get here
CranstonSnord: Come on, it's not rocket science. I mean, fuel vs weight IS rocket science, but...
tim19862: lrrAWESOME
Rockario: Smoke effects are a neat idea but could use some work
tenthtechpriest: I feel like that restored less fuel
AdmiralMemo: @Nigouki Should be. Check the LRL YouTube channel
Amentur: Oh it's a garbage can
TheInnsanity: why does this person have smoke machines in their house?
Talin06: Does your handling change as you use fuel?
MagisterMystax: Broken exoskeleton
aussie_rob_w: I just came back from some tea, and this game looks markedly different
aussie_rob_w: but also has gameplay, which is neat
SketchyDetails: Are you going to submit this for SGDQ this year alex?
PendelSteven: I like the "mg"
PendelSteven: milligram
PendelSteven: indeed
chickenace11: oh no
FlyingWithSnakes: you know you fucked up real bad if you managed to get a broken spine on an invertebrate
Alephred: microgram?
NamesAreSilly: You realise you loose more on impact than you have now
Mangledpixel: wheeeeeeee
sekunder: bonk
Gen2Gengar: micro is µg
tenthtechpriest: HE CAN'T TAKE THE GS
AdmiralMemo: Wake up... grab a brush and put on a little makeup
Gen2Gengar: mg is milligram
Nigouki: AdmiralMemo only ones there are the two streams of both Alex and Adam starting the game, but they never got to finish it
TheInnsanity: I thought that was nano @Gen2Gengar
banachspacebar: is it a toy boat?
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PendelSteven: @Gen2Gengar indeed, see, I was right!
PendelSteven: :)
Gen2Gengar: nano is ng
TheInnsanity: oh
PinballWitch: I think it's the toy bathtub from Mouse Trap, the board game?
TheInnsanity: yes, alex, yes
Foxmar320: yes yes yesss
tim19862: that duck painting SeemsGood
chickenace11: and you have a little shadow on the wall
patrick_stonecrusher: toy boat toy boat toy boat
Garfman314: kerbal?
PendelSteven: µziq is alternate spelling of music :)
Ukon_vasara: the A in NASA stands for Ant
PinballWitch: omg you do have a little shadow on the wall!
TallBlondePillager: "I basicallly work for NASA now" - just like Katie Tiedrich!
MagisterMystax: I love that they use the µ for micro because both m and M were already taken by milli and Mega
Koshindan: That's what helmets are for!
AdmiralMemo: @Nigouki Oh wait, yeah, they beat the big boss guy, got to the cave, and stopped.
tim19862: katesLol
Mister_The_Doc: This funky bass is pretty great though
Mangledpixel: National Ant and Space Ant
Creego4: Does the handling change as you lose fuel during the run?
Mag_Chundysquatch: National Ant Space Ant
DaMullet14: National Ant And Dec Administration
Nigouki: yep
AdmiralMemo: @Nigouki That's all there is.
electroswagnetism: National Ant Space Ant
PinballWitch: National Ant and Space Ant
TheWriterAleph: Getting Over It With Jet Ant
Nigouki: they got to "hell" and then got rekt
Foxmar320: wow
Alness49: Jet Ant but every time you crash the Ant Movie plays
FurbyGoneFubar: Are you sure there IS an exit? Could the goal not be to collect all coins? (250 pts needed to unlock I mean, and the coins say "5")
darkora: National Ant Space Ant
BloodnBullets: looks like it turns off on impact?
Nigouki: was hoping they'd come back to it
AdmiralMemo: @FurbyGoneFubar Yeah, need 50 coins
NW9k: @TheWriterAleph Give that jet ant a sledgehammer
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah this is super charming
PendelSteven: National Atlantic Space Ant
NamesAreSilly: @LoadingReadyRun Well the setting you're on looses 500 fuel on impact, and you have 400
aussie_rob_w: this looks like a real nice game jam game.
NamesAreSilly: Ok, *was* on.
Alephred: That game looks like it could be acute mobile game.
darkora: excellent value for money
Foxmar320: oh no
Blasteg: this looks like a good speedgme
tim19862: did someone figure out what country has those sockets?
Foxmar320: That game from last time
kassy_13: that game last time
TehAmelie: wasn't Goal the full 60?
PinballWitch: ESC: From Planet?
kassy_13: that AWFUL game
wildpeaks: oh that game
ClodiumSoride: The Quiet Man?
MaskedBeeX: Esc whatever
AdmiralMemo: How much did Daikatana cost?
PendelSteven: Pas Bête! Nicht slecht!
TheWriterAleph: yaaay cabbies
drcanonball: the dinosaur alien thing?
Mysticman89: you piad 40 for a W+P game? That's commitment
kassy_13: did you get refunded g?
Mangledpixel: yeh you've definitely played AAA priced games on here before
Keab42: Yes!!!!!!!
PiousHeathen: Does Metal Gear Survive count?
CaffienatedCrow: Was hunt down the freeman the most expensive?
Lazarus_18: Was that squeenix game 60?
Lunareclipse123: Was the most expensive Esc: from planet?
wildpeaks: sure was a Jim game
Gen2Gengar: tim19862 Lowpolygonia
NW9k: @tim19862 i think the consensus was a wacky version of European sockets
FlyingWithSnakes: "it seems to have gameplay" needs to be said
Keab42: Alex is going to love this.
Foxmar320: Esc: From Planet the most expensive I think
Anaerin: Oh god, this game.
tim19862: lol
Astra7525: oh boy. That one
PendelSteven: @NW9k Swedish
darkora: oh no
Solipsody: This looks familiar?
tim19862: thanks NW9k
AdmiralMemo: I want to make real money playing games
malc cringes
darkora: oh please no
NW9k: @PendelSteven swedish are hexagonal?
TheWriterAleph: @LoadingReadyRun because it's so realistic you might mistake it for real life
blackwlf: Was that Fable-guy accent?
Sly_chocobo: Terrible / .. Kinda offensive? :P
TheAwkes: Is it lacking in passengers?
Mysticman89: or this is basically forza
kassy_13: oh i have a game like this and i love it so much, i should ask if you have it
TallBlondePillager: I'm having flashbacks to The Quivering, Alex
Aquarionics: Wow, are you actually from the UK?
sethtriggs: Oh this is amazing
Blasteg: GAS
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble lrrSLOTH sergeHeart
GhostOfACoffeeCup: I was "oh, didn't we do this one last week", but then I realized that Jim has done this one. Go go Cabbie!
AdmiralMemo: Also, you're ACTUALLY making real money playing this by streaming for subs and bits. :D
PendelSteven: @NW9k theamelie from Sweden confirmed
darkora: as a Brit, I'm incredibly offended already
cheetoJack: maybe we're a lyft shuttle
Darleysam: there was that crap third person shooter that wanted to be some kind of Remedy horror game, where your a dude chugging dark web pills
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Kramburger: It's internet Psudeo-law. Like putting 'I do not own this' on your TV reupload will absolve you from any copyright issues
virre_: The Black Cab does in fact have an extra license
Foxmar320: Are those photos of cars?
Barb4rian: You have to pass "The Knowledge"
RAICx: Oh no, this game!
virre_: but is there other cabs in London?
FinalShowFilms: There's a 'continue' button
Aquarionics: There are
PendelSteven: @NW9k I also always remember that name wrong... tehamelie
dreaminginautumn: There are
thenb44: theres a continue in the bottom
sivakrytos: if a car shows up in the title screen maybe it should be available in game?
Snowwraith: No joke, you need a heck of a qualification to drive a black cab.
Aquarionics: There are minicabs as well, which can be anything.
NW9k: @PendelSteven LUL
AdmiralMemo: Let us make SOUP?
PinballWitch: I do not want soup glasses
JaymicUnyielding: Heyheyhey, it's Cuh-RAAAAZY Taxi!
nattsan: But why?
Crad0k: *throws his glasses in the sea*
PendelSteven: okay yellow plates
NamesAreSilly: Black Cabs require some pretty serious knowledge of London, right?
Sly_chocobo: You just ran a red light..
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therta_uk: WooT Just like the real london
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chickenace11: is this city cab for nope
Sly_chocobo: No taxi plates..
Foxmar320: So its Crazy Taxi right?
FireRogue: is this a loadscreeb?
Aquarionics: Yeah, The Knowledge - the London Cab test - is so complicated that learning it actually changes the structure of your brain
Dryhad: Why are the parked cars all pointing different directions?
Saphiroko: oh dear
TheWriterAleph: OHHH NOOO
PendelSteven: oh, and white in front
kamelion84: katesWat
AdmiralMemo: wut
Gen2Gengar: Never speak to me or my passenger ever again
darkora: your cab does very strange things
FlyingWithSnakes: waht have you done to her
kassy_13: she took her wig off?
ClodiumSoride: Raymond James the cab driver?
chickenace11: one of us one of us
PinballWitch: is your head literally in the roof?
FurthestChunk55: this is honestly better looking than i thought it would be
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh so this is ravnica that that's Lazav
MikoKisai: is there no map button?
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White_out14: Euro Truck Sim 3 looking good
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AdmiralMemo: I wonder if the lady comes back when you arrive
Foxmar320: DED
Invitare: I'm surprised the road is the right way round
PendelSteven: oof
FlyingWithSnakes: BOING
Mangledpixel: that was so many red lights
ghostvalv: wasted
NimrodXIV: lrrFINE
Mysticman89: monies!
Aquarionics: Grand Theft Auto London 2! Finally!
NamesAreSilly: We're bouncy apparently
Barb4rian: All dead
AdmiralMemo: Grand Theft Auto
SketchyDetails: broken spine
DoodlestheGreat: You were saying?
kassy_13: yesss this drives EXACTLY like the game from my childhood
PinballWitch: a little more reaction that A Front to Far
FurthestChunk55: the traffic lights are correct and the roads look fine
Crad0k: Dryhad why would they not be?
PendelSteven: ah
sethtriggs: Euro Truck Sim Libelz!
TheWarbo: That “uh oh” was great
TehAmelie: helps to have a map
margieargie: Still better than the first game's car physics.
MasterOfArtifice: Woah the camera effects are gonna make me ralph.
PendelSteven: we drive on the left
Darleysam: his name was car
xantos69: Dua, just know all the streets of London.
PendelSteven: UK right?
adamjford: you don't have The Knowledge
ClodiumSoride: Graham, you need to have The Knowledge.
AdmiralMemo: You have a map. It's in the lower left.
kassy_13: what's the w+p email i need to ask
drfox17: so is this emulating the london cab test, where you have to navigate without a gps?
n_45: isn't it that the british cabs are supposed to memorize the whole map
red_shoes_jeff: He hey, ready to make some C R A Z Y M O N E Y ! ?
JaymicUnyielding: Helps to have a Mmap.
TheWarbo: Gave you a map when you picked them up?
accountmadeforants: Wait, why are your passengers 0?
Solipsody: Does it even say where you're trying to go?
Rockario: Is it actually laid out like London? Could we use an IRL Map to figure it out?
CaptainSpam: So... it's not Crazy Taxi, it's more of Mildly Disturbed Taxi.
virre_: I think they shoved a map point when you accepted?
Ukon_vasara: does UK use MPH? or KPH?
Astra7525: "This is nothing compared to driving through Normandy"
FurthestChunk55: like, things look vaguely accurate
sethtriggs: So if this road is two way why are the cars on the left side parked up the wrong way?
Mangledpixel: Ukon_vasara mph
malc: MPH, ukon_vasara
darkalter2000: The game only sometimes tells you where to go.
AdmiralMemo: Your passenger is gone, @LoadingReadyRun So no route?
FurthestChunk55: we use MPH here in Blighty
kassy_13: @Ukon_vasara mph
Gizmoloid: I think you are in ALL cars.
Dryhad: @Crad0k Because typically people park in the same direction they drive, so cars parked on the left ought to be facing one way and those on the right the other?
Mysticman89: hold m maybe?
TheBaitandSwitch: it says passengers: 0
Lunareclipse123: As someone who lives in England I can confirm I know exaxctly where you're supposed to go
darkalter2000: And you usually freeze.
Ummon_: maybe you are already too far away from the route?
Furvias: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:34:34.
Rockario: This is a pretty decent interior though, the mirror works well
codl_: this crazy taxi remaster looks great
virre_: It says Passengers 0
Roadhog123: @sethtriggs in the Uk you're allowed to park in either direction on a 2-way road.
AdmiralMemo: Then why does it say Passengers 0?
malc: tbf we are hazardous
kassy_13: it does say passenger: 0
NW9k: @sethtriggs because people are sinful.
PendelSteven: yeah, distance measured in km's and speed in mph. England is akward
randomino5: love 2 walk in place on the mean streets of london
MagisterMystax: Batty Taxi
selluf: the passenger is scared stiff. He's completely catatonic in the back
TehAmelie: it's like Truck Simulator but before GPS
Mangledpixel: that's just London, Graham
Gizmoloid: Passengers counter could be successfully delivered passengers
malc: all the lights red => accurate simulation of London
cheetoJack: the lights look like they're on the same cycle
sethtriggs: That's pretty neat! I never knew that about parking in either direction! Well points to this game
malc high-fives mangledpixel
Aquarionics: You could look up the road from the minimap on google maps
Makhiel: maybe that's "passengers delivered"
Darleysam: what? distances on signs are in miles here
FurthestChunk55: aside from the incredibly flat buildings this isn't the worst recreation of an english town
SAJewers: can you run over pedestrians?
FlyingWithSnakes: just like a real london cab
AdmiralMemo: The passenger becomes another driver!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: maybe it means passangers delivered
TheBaitandSwitch: can you cancel the job?
PendelSteven: I think it's a Volvo
sethtriggs: They need a squeaky toy noise for the car.
red_shoes_jeff: Monies earned
blast_shark: Is it counting miles per hour?
cheetoJack: perhaps the route thing only functions when it thinks you have > 0 passengers... and they forgot to add 1 to passengers
TheOtherTrevor: At least this car seems to have some mass
5andstorm: "monies earned" LUL
Talin06: The question is do you have a speed cap in reverse?
angryoptimist: This is like the antithesis of Crazy Taxi.
Beofryn: umm, are the cars parked on the side of the road facing random directions regardless of side?
FurthestChunk55: aside from those trees
Gizmoloid: Alex stop other cars check who's in them.
TheWriterAleph: rubber cabby buggy bumpers
Rockario: Or is that "Passengers dropped off"?
noSmokeFire: I would kill for a physics-driven taxi game where you drive a reliant robin
OKB_1: It's more like an Audi. Which are German.
Mangledpixel: can we get a look at the minimap? I want to figure out if this is actually modelled on real streets
virre_: Also this is not a real town right?, I do not remember London like that but it was 2010 and 2000 the last times I was there
selluf: this car is made of mythril
blackwlf: Now I want a biscuit car.
SAJewers: can you knock over light poles?
Foxmar320: Sir?
VmKid: HEY HEY HEY It's time to play HAZY TAXI are ya ready?
PendelSteven: most taxis in Europe are Audi, Volvo or erm
randomino5: GOTY
Astra7525: haha, yes. Did you see the "Monies Earned" stat tracker
FurthestChunk55: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Twitch channel, not the woods.
blackwlf: Just go around! It's stalled! GO AROUND
PendelSteven: Ah Mercedes
FurbyGoneFubar: Define "interact"
TheInnsanity: he's got steel toe boots
TehAmelie: any other car you destroy is going to benefit your business. it's strategy!
Pteraspidomorphi: Are those correct license plates for England?
AdmiralMemo: He's INTERSECTING with the ROOF
virre_: A lot of BMW taxis
korvys: Sir, you are impeding my progress
MikoKisai: the driver's head is embedded in the roof of the car
BloodnBullets: it has street names on the minimap at least
Sly_chocobo: Your head has interscepted with the roof..
Gen2Gengar: Yeah, it definitely looks like a German car
sivakrytos: they used to make very rigid cars. they were very bad for passenger safety
Amentur: This is a weird GeoGuesser mod
Dryhad: Is your head clipping through the car roof?
Anaerin: Whatever you do, don't get stuck with pedestrians in front and behind, or you can NEVER MOVE AGAIN
BleedingToast: panels are made from shortbread, crunchy yet buttery
PendelSteven: yes, Audi, Mercedes & Volvo rule the taxi market here
FurthestChunk55: their head is clipping the roof a bit
darkora: he does look like the average taxi driver
FireRogue: good cronch?
MungoDude: pedestrian vanished
FurthestChunk55: also can we run people down
ZeroArcana: aw, he just looks british
malc: yep, weird medical conditions a hi-larious
BloodnBullets: ok chat, lets see if we can find their destination for them on google
FurthestChunk55: alEX
virre_: oh status is HIRED but passengers 0
Aquarionics: You are here
Dragonality: He's not intersecting, he's grown FROM the car.
Syntheticuh: the crazy taxi remake looks 🔥
red_shoes_jeff: Nice hiss
Lunareclipse123: Everyone in Britain looks like that
Foxmar320: Way
AdmiralMemo: Wut
Foxmar320: wat
tim19862: katesWa katesOw
PendelSteven: huh?
TheWriterAleph: @BloodnBullets keep an eye out for the misspelled street names =D
Solipsody: What?
TheBaitandSwitch: lmao!
Zappeljakob: Not this Way apparently
5andstorm: LUL
PendelSteven: Wot?
Rockario: Intersecting with different gene pools is usually how we avoid these types of issues lrrBEEJ
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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Jake_the_guy: we found the wall
ContingentCat: wat
drcanonball: invisible wall
Lizardman175: well not that way
virre_: I think Passengers are delivered passengers?
Dryhad: Invisible walls!
maelstrom197: F
Mox_Hagdorm: Dafuq?
malc: invisible bollard
cheetoJack: oh the buildings just end over there
sethtriggs: It's a g-g-g-g-ggghgoooost
FlyingWithSnakes: ah you've found one of london's famous invisible walls
wench_tacular: try shooting it
FurthestChunk55: did we find an invisible wall
Aenir798: Not that way, I htink
tim19862: WutFace
TennoHyena: CRONCH
White_out14: YES
SydPreviouslyHeadache: desert truck for nope
InkyGhoast: pardon
red_shoes_jeff: u wot m8
Solipsody: So now you know where NOT to go.
Darleysam: listen a lot of people have been declared fit for work that should be at home in care, this is frighteningly accurate to the UK
TheMetalupis: ahahahahah
Sly_chocobo: Oh yes, London.. Full of invisible walls.
noSmokeFire: you couldn't even put in traffic barricades ????
A_Catastrophic_Success: Just don’t do like Jim Sterling and get stuck between two pedestrians
Sly_chocobo: Well known fact.
hawkfalcon8: first watch n play wut up graham n alex!
FurthestChunk55: yeah no they're right
AdmiralMemo: but y tho
FurthestChunk55: i'm british and they're right
nidbit: END OF THE ROAD!
darkora: he looks like every taxi driver I've ever been picked up by, the invisible walls are normal too
PinballWitch: ah, that those famous british invisible walls
PandasAndPancakes: 100% British here, can confirm
PendelSteven: Yes, I've walked into several of those when I visited London
kassy_13: there is one
Isaac3567: when Jim played this he just randomly picked up a passenger and it gave him a guided path to follow to the destination so just keep trying to get a passenger? Or restart the game, that seemed to work for him
MenomeTwitch: Am British. Can confirm.
PendelSteven: :P
FurthestChunk55: i mean, if we could see his teeth we could extra confirm
Mangledpixel: you should be just south of Regent's Park currently
FlyingWithSnakes: Attaxi of the clonses
Bassios: Am british, can confirm. I think I met him at the pub once
AdmiralMemo: Deer God
FireRogue: invisiwall?
selluf: Don't you know? Everybody in England looks the same
blackwlf: British clone army.
SajuukSjet: Dr Who episode confirmed
MadAran87: wait - are you sure they aren't all John Malkovich?
FurthestChunk55: anyway can you hit people with your cab
PendelSteven: The famous London invisble walls
Gizmoloid: And through all that mayhem you've been slowly earning money somehow.
DigitalSeahorse: they are CAR-diac people :P
maelstrom197: this is exactly what Britain looks like: there are invisible barriers everywhere and everyone looks the same
samwonk: We in Driver SF now.
AdmiralMemo: That's racist! Kappa
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theRomanoid: trash day is best day
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virre_: Then the TARDIS land because everybody is beeing taken over by that alien
Revenant77x: @LoadingReadyRun It is a well known condition in England. They call it "Driver Face"
OKB_1: Sounds like a mediocre premise for an SCP article
blackwlf: So, Beej in cars.
MungoDude: you exit the car and you're a dog or a cat or something
PinballWitch: Alex, are you accusing all white people of looking the same?
noSmokeFire: he had to go home
HopPoleStudios: It’s Being John Malkovich:- The Game
2Flower: Gaaaary
FurthestChunk55: team singapore is 4 million strong btw
muondecay: Anyone else have the offspring playing in their head as they watch this?
Ruryk: shouldn't it be in KM/hr? not mph
FurbyGoneFubar: I would love if this IS a slow burn horror game, just no one has played it long enough to find out that it is....
FurthestChunk55: oh hey that green car is a renault
Aquarionics: I think you have to navigate with an actual map
5andstorm: not money, monies.
noSmokeFire: you keep earning *monies*
Aquarionics: It's actually london
Garfman314: monies earned?
PendelSteven: I dunno
AdmiralMemo: Yes, WHY is it in MILES?!?!?!!?
Anaerin: Ruryk: Nope. Can confirm, UK uses Miles.
darkalter2000: It is just glitched.
FurthestChunk55: @Ruryk UK uses MPH because we're awful and stupid
Astra7525: Jim played this before and somehow he managed to actually get a destination indicator in Taxi mode
Ruryk: cool cool
thefileclerk: what city?
kassy_13: i think you're supposed to have an a-z
electroswagnetism: There was a map when the passenger asked to be driven
darkora: @AdmiralMemo we use miles over here
PendelSteven: looking at these streets I'm reminded of parts of Antwerp and Ghent
Aquarionics: London
PendelSteven: I know
Culloden1746: british people use miles and kilometers
nidbit: Can you run into pedestrians
Darleysam: 4.55 monies earned
Lunareclipse123: @AdmiralMemo in fairness, we use miles for distance in the UK
darkalter2000: Sometimes the route will pop up but most of the time it won't.
AdmiralMemo: @darkora but y tho
AtomicAlchemical: If it's London, you are just expected to have The Knowledge
PendelSteven: but no wonder I am lost as well
Invitare: Devonshire is a long way from London
GhostOfACoffeeCup: Doesn't the UK use metric for official documentation and such?
Culloden1746: is this a good map of london?
TheOtherTrevor: So, is this a preview of RoadQuest in any way
Culloden1746: is this even a good map of sheffield?
MungoDude: you're a cab driver, you should have the Knowledge
kassy_13: a-z
SydPreviouslyHeadache: British Cab to cope
TehAmelie: we'll just have to Wolfenstein 3D around until we find the right address
darkora: @AdmiralMemo because old people can't metric
FireRogue: try top left corner?
Nosliw87: so do roads from ireland to NO ireland change from kph to mph?
Anaerin: GhostOfACoffeeCup: Of some things. But not for speed/distance.
FurthestChunk55: the UK is just as bad as the US wrt: metric and imperial
red_shoes_jeff: Is that the one with Eyebrows and the Thugs?
Mangledpixel: take two lefts and you'll end up at Madam Tussauds
noSmokeFire: GOOD cronch
Lunareclipse123: It's stupid, but we use Metric for everything except cars
hawkfalcon8: what is the run time on this so far?
kassy_13: london cabbies need to remember it
Aquarionics: AdmiralMemo: Because we did road signs before we did metricisation, and we've never got around to switching
Huberis: Wow, that car really bounced
thefileclerk: my friend knew his way around london because of that game
5andstorm: top tier cronch
TheBaitandSwitch: That is one invincible car
ArcOfTheConclave: monies?
PinballWitch: the bumper car bounce back gets me every single time
PendelSteven: @FurthestChunk55 in a sense even worse
darkalter2000: The game is just glitchy as hell, sometimes the route will pop up but most of the time it won't.
blast_shark: There are also not any actual street signs anywhere. Just lights.
Inquisitor_Xian: STATE of your game mate
Dr_fragenstien: !left
AdmiralMemo: @FurthestChunk55 *sighs and drinks a 2-Liter soda while in the US*
kassy_13: monies is collective money
FurthestChunk55: like, did you not notice every time jeremy clarkson said nought to sixty
Culloden1746: @LoadingReadyRun how much was this gem?
FurbyGoneFubar: Aren't cabbies in London *supposed* to know a (metric) crapton of streets by heart to get a cab licence?
Keab42: Try race mode
SajuukSjet: doesn't help all the building look the same, which in london, they most certainly dont
Astra7525: Unlock Obiting?
TheOtherTrevor: What is in the Taxi Menu?
noSmokeFire: well THERE's your problem, you weren't using yer blinkers
MikoKisai: try the HUD on/off button as well?
MungoDude: unlock obiting?
kassy_13: yes @FurbyGoneFubar
TheBaitandSwitch: what the hell is unlock obiting?
Kerrisis: This doesn't seem like a realistic rendering of London. The traffic is actually moving.
virre_: Capital Y?
ArcticAtlantic: also fun fact, that car's registration would have to be from the latter half of the year 2036
PendelSteven: Like I mentioned before at least US is consistently using the wrong measurements
QuantumTwitch: its nice that your car is indestructable and that trafic violations are not a thing
Solipsody: Even if you did know what to do, wouldn't the best way to play this be stopping short of the destination and then going to get a tea while the fare ticks up?
Rockario: Maybe we just got a bugged passenger?
Culloden1746: hold down "y" and drive
PendelSteven: Warning: this is my opionion
kassy_13: yes they do
AdmiralMemo: The blinkers are TOGGLE?!
PendelSteven: :D
DigitalSeahorse: :D
Foxmar320: oh thats really nice
kassy_13: that's nice
cfpreston: this game is a hazard
AdmiralMemo: A marker!
Foxmar320: wat!
chickenace11: GOT IT
Sanityis0verrated: Graham please tell me this was <$5
AdmiralMemo: How do you drop them off?
PendelSteven: Are we at 10 Downing Street yet?
angryoptimist: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK ?
Culloden1746: BETTER THAN JIM
TheWriterAleph: you get NOTHING
Nosliw87: its a pokestopp
TehAmelie: you won at London taxi. retire champion!
Dryhad: HOW?
kassy_13: omg
xantos69: YOU DID IT!
kamelion84: lrrWOW
PinballWitch: it looks like a pinball
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smurfsrppl2: Cash money!
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ghost_waz: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Kramburger: $5?
Solipsody: Its end?
Foxmar320: We win!
HopPoleStudios: It’s Desert Taxi!
chickenace11: retire champs
Psychic_Ketchup: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
randomino5: EZ GAME BOYS
kassy_13: magic
wench_tacular: flawless
5andstorm: PogChamp
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrHORN
ZeroArcana: lrrSACK lrrGOAT lrrSACK lrrGOAT lrrSACK
Sly_chocobo: £5?!
Obsolete2885: A Winner is You!!!
darkalter2000: That is crazy.
Metric_Furlong: lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN
SAJewers: lrrGOAT
MungoDude: one more?
MikoKisai: for taking the "scenic" route
FlyingWithSnakes: this is a 100% accurate recreation of what it's like to take a taxi in london
kassy_13: what's the email address again?
Keab42: That's more than Jim managed
White_out14: lrrSACK
malc: ouch G
TheBaitandSwitch: I'd like to see if a second ride would glitch out the same way
aWabbajack: made more progress than Jim
Astra7525: no no, not pounds. "Monies"
thundershot879: lrrSACK lrrSACK
FurthestChunk55: jesus christ we are the cheapest cabbies ever
Sly_chocobo: Haha, Its about 2x to get IN a taxi
CommandoJE: EZ Game Guys!
MungoDude: oof
ArcticAtlantic: i guess all that crashing did a number on your rates
Decaped: lrrCOW lrrCOW
sethtriggs: YOU'RE WINNER
PendelSteven: 1 Euro... in 2020.... #Brexit
kitsunestudios: Probably won't cover the whiplash rehabilitation fees.
angryoptimist: HAHAHA @G lrrWOW
kassy_13: thanks!
Pteraspidomorphi: 1€ not yet, but soon
PendelSteven: lol
Dumori: sergeHolyMoly G
TheInnsanity: Euro?
FurbyGoneFubar: Bitcoin
Garfman314: watchandplayalloneword
tastethebeams: G, is Dark Rift working okay?
TheInnsanity: Bitcoin wins
DigitalSeahorse: silver
PendelSteven: currently that's € 6
aWabbajack: gold pressed latinum?
hawkfalcon8: how long has this been going on?
arcaneIllumination: Echoes
DrDracnon: printer ink
CranstonSnord: That car is pretty tough; must be made of aluminium
GroutNASA: Bitcoin
Culloden1746: what do they use in Dubai? that
Solipsody: Good luck spending it though.
LathosTiran: 1 economy
AdmiralMemo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:41:58.
Telnaior: oh hey there's a racing line, this game is advanced!
TallBlondePillager: Non-precious-metals, non-crypto? Pound or Euro I think
Crad0k: maybe the euro?
malc: *boink*
PinballWitch: Bitcoin, most expensive, both money wise and cost to the envrionment
Dr_fragenstien: dejavu!
AdmiralMemo: !hawkfalcon8 It's almost over. 15 more minutes.
DigitalSeahorse: heheheheheheh
cheetoJack: how about real currency
codl_: imagine paying for a cab in bitcoin
Telnaior: hahahahah
red_shoes_jeff: NIGHT OF FIRE!
SajuukSjet: £ is still just above the euro.... just
DigitalSeahorse: Speed Racer
ArcticAtlantic: ahahahhahaha i love it
sivakrytos: pound's more than the euro
Solipsody: Are there any other cars in this race?
tim19862: woah
MungoDude: Kuwaiti Dinar?
Invitare: since Bitcoin weighs nothing it's value per weight is... infinite? or nothing?
Lootwick: GAS GAS GAS
PendelSteven: F-Zero
Mangledpixel: 1 ounce of gold is about £1000
Pteraspidomorphi: Fzero
FurthestChunk55: thanks guys now I want another F-Zero game
virre_: It checkpointed
chickenace11: this should have been the real game
Onisquirrel: you got lakitu'd
Anaerin: Day-TONE-AH! Let's go away!
Nosliw87: okay @LoadingReadyRun now its your job to make an F zero sequel
chickenace11: Euro drift
Aenir798: can we just play F-Zero instead
PinballWitch: there's services here in Vegas you can actually pay for with Bitcoin
Astra7525: This game is drift compatible
TheOtherTrevor: The route is certainly not showing you the racing line
virre_: London is not Lancashire surely?
TehAmelie: of course, the basic "unit" of gold is a 12 kg bullion
randomino5: DEJA VUE, I've just been in this place before
PendelSteven: Brixton Drift
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VmKid: Those are some sturdy lamp posts
ravendrakex: those mph seem a bit off...
Dared00: I love the VERY detailed lap time clock
red_shoes_jeff: Fast 'n Bloody Furious, Mate!
margieargie: I know there's one currency that's worth surprisingly much (or was a few yars back), but I can't remember which one...
MungoDude: 1 Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) is around 3.3 USD
malc: this is where your car travels through time, right?
Dr_fragenstien: is there an upper limit on speed?
Aquarionics: A friend of mine ran a pub chain that took bitcoin for a while. They had a bitcoin ATM too.
Laserbeaks_Fury: zzzzzZZZZZZ
ArcticAtlantic: every time you go through one of those arrow things it feels like a sub ocean
DigitalSeahorse: BRILLIANT
Mangledpixel: virre_ nope, Lancashire is oop norf
korvys: The Fast and the Livid
Culloden1746: if you go backwards, do you have infinite speed?
PinballWitch: It's all about family
sithenin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. This week Disney Villainous.) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:13 from now).
VmKid: When we get this thing up to 88 miles per hour, yer gonna see some serious shite
FurthestChunk55: graham pls
AdmiralMemo: Pinks?
Anaerin: Eye live my life one tra-kter pull at a toime.
Telnaior: did we just get rebounded by a pole
virre_: PendelSteven That sounds more correct, but now I want to listen to Clash
FireRogue: also what unit is our speed? we got up to 180...
Chantzzzzz: thats a weird looking Veyron
Mag_Chundysquatch: just do a Michael Caine and be done with it, m8
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izy2weird: hello
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Foxmar320: Graham why you do this
DigitalSeahorse: hahahahahhahahah
Kramburger: Graham, with that accent, they'd race for tractors
noSmokeFire: fast and flippin' steamed
5andstorm: LUL
hawkfalcon8: Th car is a bouncy ball on wheels
kitsunestudios: You were going 181 MPH. Are you driving a Bugatti Veyron?
Metric_Furlong: !clip
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cheetoJack: So when are getting a West Country Fast & Furious Crapshot? lrrBEEJ
Dumori: Racing for cider
White_out14: LUL
PendelSteven: £ 9¾? Ya think ya funny?
electroswagnetism: more like "I live my live 402 metres at a time"
SuperSugarSloth: katesLewd
MungoDude: wrong way
FurthestChunk55: please recite all of tokyo drift but british please Kappa
VmKid: Hey hey hey yer goin' the wrong way
TallBlondePillager: I keep having The Quivering flashbacks
MikoKisai: @AdmiralMemo as in "pink slips", meaning you're betting your cars
TheInnsanity: yeah, why IS it in MPH, what the heck
ContingentCat: those are some strong light posts
girlpainting: -.-
DoodlestheGreat: There go my lungs again...
5andstorm: fast and flabbergasted
PandasAndPancakes: Bloody unleaded mate
AdmiralMemo: @MikoKisai Ah
MungoDude: quick and cross
MikoKisai: @AdmiralMemo pretty sure it's an American term
FurthestChunk55: @TheInnsanity the UK uses MPH because we're stupid
TheWriterAleph: can we get a mod that makes a loud "SPROING" sfx when you run into something? that'd be worth
sdooweloc314: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:44:25.
Mister_BlueSky: The Quick & The Cross.
rybackgaming: First of all, how dare. Second of all... yeah, accurate.
Lord_ZYRK: 2quick2cross
Mangledpixel: Speedy and Peeved
darkora: speedy and miffed
MolaMolaphant: right cross indeed, mate
noSmokeFire: Queen Elizabeth in: Fast 9
RebekahWSD: Those bumpercar poles, amazing
TheOtherTrevor: Putting the Bump in Bumper
Telnaior: the KNOCKBACK on those poles
AtomicAlchemical: Swift and Salty
osh307: is this a crapshoot idea???
chickenace11: Speedy and cross sounds like a game you would play here
CaptainSpam: It's QWOP o'clock at W+P!
AjaniOnTheSpot: "Swift and Miffed"
Solipsody: So... You're not actually racing anyone.
Kerrisis: As a British person, I feel I have been ribbed... :)
shurtal: i really need to boot up Steely Wheely Automobeely again, i miss it
Invitare: TheInnsanity UK uses Miles for road and MPH for car speeds. Don't know why
Roadhog123: Fast and mildly irritated.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Starring Paul Wanker
TehAmelie: Quick and Ticked Off
DigitalSeahorse: katesLol katesLol katesLol
AdmiralMemo: @MikoKisai I've never heard of it, I'm in the US, but I'm also not in the racing scene
Isaac3567: My video keeps freezing and cutting out so im missing all the jokes... Im so mad right now
NW9k: Why cant WE have rigid lamp posts and street lights thorlarW
sdooweloc314: !next
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sethtriggs: dat chunky status bar tho
Keab42: Aren't they currently shooting a F&F spinoff in Yorkshire?
PendelSteven: Perfect Popcorn films
Foxmar320: Ive only seen the first one
Lucidmooselid: YAAY watch and play going full steam aheadi see. Hello everone
hawkfalcon8: TOTAL LAP: 1
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MungoDude: in a hurry and in a temper
Anaerin: They're great, if you don't mind switching your mind off for a while.
coelopteryx: i feel like one of the characters in Fast & Bloody Furious Mate is the guy who ate your toast
Bassios: Disturbingly, your british imitations sound like my dad
red_shoes_jeff: Ye never 'ad me! Never 'ad yer car!
Telnaior: oh we finished a lap
Culloden1746: this almost looks fun
cheetoJack: after they give up on being car movies and become heist/crime movies its great
darkora: hurrying and having a wobbly
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: "You know what's most important in life? Me mates."
drcanonball: Tokyo drift is the best one
PinballWitch: the later MI movies are great
TheOtherTrevor: I actually haven't watched passed the 3rd fast movie
PendelSteven: Also whoever said Ridge Racer!... Yes! I like Namco Bandai as well
RichardMcSundy: The mission imposisble franchise is prettyd ecent tbh
FireRogue: they're real silly
hawkfalcon8: TOTAL LAPS:1 OVERALL LAPS:1
PinballWitch: MI4 is my favorite
CaffienatedCrow: That sounds like the silliness progression of the evil dead movies.
cheetoJack: Mission Impossible Fallout is surprisingly good
VmKid: Alex is now driving like a Rocket Rod
RichardMcSundy: Fallout is fucking amazing
electroswagnetism: Is 3 the one with the weird disease or something?
TehAmelie: let's just dub the whole movie over in that accent and call it a parody
shurtal: Tom Cruise NEVER FIRES A GUN in taht movie
RichardMcSundy: The first MI is amazing
Foxmar320: Ive not seen any of the MI movies
Keab42: Once Simon Pegg shows up MI gets really good
Dared00: I still have my MI2 soundtrack on a cassette tape
Nigouki: yes, that's 3
Culloden1746: the original MI is better than Goldeneye
shurtal: Yup
MolaMolaphant: 3 was a McQuarrie, right? he came back for Fallout, and he signed on for TWO MORE
chickenace11: yes it is G
AGiantRoach: yeah 3
Obsolete2885: yeah, 3 has PSH in it
PendelSteven: heheh
LackingSanity_: 2 is the one that opens with the climbing scene, right?
ButterBall000: MI1 is incredible to rewatch and catch all the things you missed before.
Mister_BlueSky: Yep. Great villain.
the_elkae: I've only seen the last two MI movies and loved them.
FurthestChunk55: are we winning?
virre_: Apperntly those are still coming out, it surprises me
chickenace11: I love all the MIs and the Bonds
Telnaior: this is going about as well as LRR Mans
varmintx0: The first one is a de Palma film and it's still the smartest one of the bunch.
TheMoatman: Ghost Protocol was the only one I saw in the theater and it was pretty deece. I don't remember anything about it except Tom Cruise climbing up a skyscraper but it was fun at the time
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TheWriterAleph: i still remember the MI N64 game as being pretty dope
Crad0k: hoffman was brilliant at everything he did :-(
Darleysam: yeah 3 is PSH and directed by J Jabrams
Telnaior: sub two minutes!
ArcticAtlantic: the only one i've seen is the one with simon pegg's "blue = glue, red = dead" line