m0nkeyrama: This game seems interesting, at least
tastethebeams: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam scream at video games, it's mostly a coincidence they're playing horror one.) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (19m ago).
tastethebeams: !lasttweet
LRRbot: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [3h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Time for MAGIC! | We’re playing Arena on http://twitch.tv/Magic 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DxnUbp-UUAAoijX.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1088134367308800000
malc: tastethebeams: slight delay due to internal scheduling mixup
tastethebeams: ok
Kerrisis: The stream name's changed. I think prep is happening!
malc: James put 2pm on their internal calendar
PhoenixMelior: LoadingReadyRun: So James put Let's NOPE! on our *internal* schedule as being 2-4PM soooo... uh, lemme see if Ben and Adam are here
TacitusVigil: This is my fault for convincing to Moonbase to give Metric Time a chance. Kappa
PhoenixMelior: !findquote butts
LRRbot: Quote #5578: "No, don't punch my butt! My butt is not for punchin'." —James [2018-12-11]
PhoenixMelior: ooh, another I hadn't seen
malc: so many butts
PhoenixMelior: I wonder how many quotes in the database involve butts
m0nkeyrama: buttslol
TXC2: !qdb
LRRbot: Quote database: https://lrrbot.com/quotes/
MrQBear: Adam also left his stream at like, the last minute, so might be travel related as well?
tim19862: #blamejames lrrBEEJ
PhoenixMelior: MrQBear nah, it's because James told them the wrong time
m0nkeyrama: ^
TXC2: about 100
MrQBear: Aaah.
PhoenixMelior: ah, so the !findquote butts game is now a 1% chance of success
m0nkeyrama: lots of butts, @TXC2
TXC2: I say not enough!
malc: which one is success?
PhoenixMelior: !findquote !findquote butts
LRRbot: Quote #2537: "From now on, "!findquote butts" is "the song of my people"." —eatenbyagrue1988 [2016-05-17]
malc: ah yes :)
PhoenixMelior: Quote 2537 is success
m0nkeyrama: from 2016 :o
PhoenixMelior: that's nothing.
PhoenixMelior: !quote 1
LRRbot: Quote #1: "There's no worse panic than the panic you feel when you think you might have got your head stuck in something." —RebelliousUno
PhoenixMelior: there's not even a date on that one
PhoenixMelior: Uno exists before time
m0nkeyrama: Wowie
TXC2: oh good, it's 9:20 pm and NOW my sister has come to drop of her son :P
kassy_13: also uno being the very first quote that still exists
kassy_13: powerful
TacitusVigil: If we're concerned about time, I suggest quote 2137
TXC2: !findquote dutch
LRRbot: Quote #208: "The Dutch!" —Adam [2007-07-14]
PhoenixMelior: the DUTCH!
m0nkeyrama: 2007 :o :o
PhoenixMelior: !quote 209
LRRbot: Quote #209: "The Dutch! Again!" —Adam [2007-07-14]
kassy_13: wow
TXC2: feeling old yet chat? Kappa
malc: yuuuup
kassy_13: i've not been around that long!
m0nkeyrama: Love how those are separate quotes seabatSEAL
Nightvalien28: TXC2 always yes
PhoenixMelior: m0nkeyrama they gotta be
kassy_13: but i am also old so
PhoenixMelior: !quote 4
LRRbot: Quote #4: "I bathe my hands in milk every morning." —Graham [2015-01-16]
malc: (guess I was wrong about the time)
kassy_13: huh
Lord_ZYRK: I was talking to someone yesterday, and when I asked about their accent and they said they were from the Netherlands I couldn't stop smirking and they probably thought I was crazy LUL
kassy_13: that's not consecutive :P
malc: quotes can be backdated
kassy_13: i figured they'd have to be
malc: 2015 is probably when the quote database started
kassy_13: seeing as quotes are retired all the time(??)
kassy_13: ahh
The_Dutch_AGAIN clears throat.
m0nkeyrama: Are they?
kassy_13: according to the website
m0nkeyrama: LUL @The_Dutch_AGAIN
TXC2: not all the time, but we do delete some quotes
kassy_13: ahh
kassy_13: i know you've deleted problematic ones, are any others deleted?
GenericHerooo: It already began and i just can't see it?
malc: genericherooo: nope, delayed due to scheduling mixup, stand by
m0nkeyrama: Hasn't started yet
GenericHerooo: Oh, ok Thanks!
GenericHerooo: =)
malc: #BlameJames
Juliamon: Occasionally something gets quoted twice and we delete the copies
kassy_13: ahh thanks
beregolas: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam scream at video games, it's mostly a coincidence they're playing horror one.) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (30m ago).
kassy_13: that's accuracte
malc: for those just arriving: Let's Nope delayed due to scheduling mixup #BlameJames
beregolas: #BlameJames
LordoftheFros: Oh boy! Delays or not, I'm here for a live stream! Such a rarity for me!
m0nkeyrama: Just a slight mishap due to W&Ps new schedule, most likely
TXC2: hello LordoftheFros welcome
PhoenixMelior: We can expect Let's NOPE! any time between now and 28 minutes from now
edgar_j: seems like now :P
kassy_13: or now
m0nkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Lord_ZYRK: 👀 💦
kamelion84: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LordoftheFros: lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL O.O
m0nkeyrama: They heard you @PhoenixMelior lrrSPOOP
PhoenixMelior: oh look it's now
toomanybears: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TXC2: lrrSPOOP y music lrrSPOOP
edgar_j: lrrSPOOP
m0nkeyrama: Big Spooks
malexus101: is it spoops time already?
Kraest: It is!
TXC2: indeed it is
Dared00: Spoops
thatchesterguy: yay
Kraest: The spoopsiest
m0nkeyrama: That's a quality gif in the going live tweet LUL
Going_Medium: lrrDOTS
benegesseritmother: cant wait for mah spoopy boys
LordoftheFros: I wonder how quickly we'll go from zero to keys&doors?
ehsteveG: What could be scarier than fighting Sonic?
jaydeng150: Whoo yeah!!!
Dared00: Meet the new spoops, same as the old spoops
TXC2: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [4h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Time for MAGIC! | We’re playing Arena on http://twitch.tv/Magic 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DxnUbp-UUAAoijX.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1088134367308800000
m0nkeyrama: Fighting sonic again SeriousSloth @ehsteveG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Ben and Adam are diving into Infliction on Let's NOPE today! | Good thing nothing scares either of them. Yep. | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/DxoDH7GVYAM9WAP.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1088188319849037824
DeafMints just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub. DeafMints subscribed for 9 months in a row!
DeafMints: You guys are in for a treat. Infliction is pretty good. :D Another horror game i want to suggest for the future i highly recommend is Lost in Vivo :D
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PhoenixMelior: Don't forget to Tweet lrrSPOOP
Lord_ZYRK: I wonder if there are gonna be lots of spoops and stuff and I might get scared 🤔
TXC2: Here we GO!
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN benginHeart lrrSPOOP
mariammistressofmanifolds: @phoenixmelior they did
Kraest: My favourite LRR intro
Freshly_Toasted: Aaaay
Therberus: no res2 ?
DiscordianTokkan: GOT'IM
Boi_Ginny: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
TXC2: Hello Adam and Ben
HeruHeru: Just in time
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Therberus: SPPPOPS
TehAmelie: thanks for the stream
prystigia: theyyyy're here!!
TXC2: Ok get stream everybody!
FireBasilisk53: ItsBoshyTime
Lord_ZYRK: It's so dark WutFace
TXC2: *great
Welbog: lrrSPOOP
Kerrisis: @Lord_ZYRK Whatever floats your boat, man... :P
Mewdog: oh no im scared of ghosts
toomanybears: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
kamelion84: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
GenericHerooo: Haha
Lunareclipse123: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
edgar_j: slightly visible arm ghost
Lord_ZYRK: Kerrisis Kappa
Therberus: The GOAT stream !!
tim19862: WOO! lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Dared00: Casper sells mattresses
lifecharacter: Caspar solves ghost crimes.
FireBasilisk53: this is too spoopy for me
Theycallmejokke: The ghosts with the most
LeeshaJoy: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
FireBasilisk53: I'm out
RebekahWSD: Ghosts? I'm too scared, goodbye! D:
Therberus: THE GOAT
benegesseritmother: hullo
rocketjohn: be the ghost of richie rich
shurtal: Congrats on murderizing Sonic, Adam!
Lord_ZYRK: Literal child ghost DansGame
APrioriOfNothing: The homeland
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LordoftheFros: I get to fire one of these off live for once! \o/
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TXC2: so how do we clip ALL of that? :p
Malkaresh: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
NonjaBiru: lrrSPOOP seabatBRAIN
tendrilsoftragedy: awwww hell yeah!!!
EvilBadman: Adam's back from Green Hill Zone 1
GenericHerooo: Hi! KonCha TwitchUnity
nickreese923: Little bird told us that Ben loves kingdom hearts series
tendrilsoftragedy: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
NazakYuzak: Hello friends!
TXC2: hello GenericHerooo and NazakYuzak welcome
malexus101: hello spoop boys
tendrilsoftragedy: sergeHeart sergeFuse benginFuse benginHeart seabatHITBOX
APrioriOfNothing: Pro Ben
TXC2: holy moly Ben
NazakYuzak: So ready for some spoops :)
tim19862: katesLol
kitthethird: Yooooo! Ready to see some great boys playing great(???) games
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, we're on
GenericHerooo: n.n
tendrilsoftragedy: that got you
Pteraspidomorphi: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:47.
tim19862: haha
m0nkeyrama: LUL wooow
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FarleyF: Woot time for Father and Son Spoopy Stream Times
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TXC2: that'll show um!
tendrilsoftragedy: what was the rare?!
Lord_ZYRK: Time is merely an illuUuUuUusion
Going_Medium: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrSPOOP
APrioriOfNothing: #blamejames
Daye04: katcDEXTER
tendrilsoftragedy: #blameJames
Jwiley129: She's got a ticket to RIDE!
Kraest: !findquote butts
LRRbot: Quote #2385: "Put... on... back... butt." —Ian
Pteraspidomorphi: It has always been at 1, right? Is it going to change in the future?
nickreese923: hey Ben r u a kingdom hearts fan
tendrilsoftragedy: ttr!
MaybeTara: Yo it's the Let's Nope boys!
FireBasilisk53: scariest thing for this stream... Adam has to refight Sonic
Welbog: lrrBEEJ
benegesseritmother: thomas had seen enough, it was time to go...
tendrilsoftragedy: choochootrain!!!
m0nkeyrama: Good lord, Beej LUL
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prystigia: Finally getting a sub in for the subtrain on my fav stream!! Saved it for two of my fav folks on the internet!!
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ehsteveG: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
GenericHerooo: <3
TXC2: nickreese923 he is yes
cameronj115: can someone link that
NickTheDM: Oh god I’m getting ‘Nam flashbacks of Ticket to Ride. I had to program that as my Object Oriented Programming Final
sjoerdomans: @ben are you going to play keyforge?
NimrodXIV: :D
m0nkeyrama: !findquote forsooth
LRRbot: Quote #5580: "Fucking forsooth and shit." —Adam [2018-12-12]
NimrodXIV: LOL
Schokobeau: LUL
Nocxia: =D
kamelion84: lrrWOW
banwidthraptor: cheer100 that was a friend of mine but you glad you got it
KNACC: omg!
Nocxia: woooow
Astra7525: Yessss
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CastleOtranto: 65? Time to retire!
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Nocxia: thats awesome!!
Iceberg_Man: LUL
Pteraspidomorphi: That's great
CrazymattCaptain: frame it and put it up in the mooonbase
GenericHerooo: :O
Juliamon: "real paper"
tendrilsoftragedy: oh my god
Kraest: Yooooooo that’s fuckin cool!
Alahmnat: that's awesome
TacitusVigil: So is this going up on the walls of the Moonbase or Ben's apartment? lrrBEEJ
kitthethird: That's so cool!!
NimrodXIV: none of that FAKE paper
m0nkeyrama: That's awesome
Nocxia: get that fraaaamed!
DoodlestheGreat: Come to BabyMart.
Alahmnat: real fake paper
banwidthraptor: that's real canvas yep
tendrilsoftragedy: shoot im on a delay
TXC2: "my Babies are to strong for you traveler"
TXC2: banwidthraptor lrrHEART
Daye04: they swapped sides 😱
m0nkeyrama: Just like Boshy :o
Sanityis0verrated: dang it guys I was trying to nap
blast__femur: aww a labor of love
Lord_ZYRK: Nothing is scarier than a trip to the butcher shop NotLikeThis Kappa
Sanityis0verrated: now I can't
richard_ermen: Is this....Watch & Nope?
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
fiftymcnasty: benginHeart seabatBRAIN benginHeart seabatBRAIN Love them spoop bois
banwidthraptor: @txc2 thanks
TXC2: #RealO'Clock
richard_ermen: Don´t Ben & Adam seem darker than usual?
RebekahWSD: Real O'Clock
Daye04: lrrSPOOP
m0nkeyrama: The loud boys :o
Sanityis0verrated: did we finish amnesia
tim19862: LUL
DeafMints: unless you're already deaf like me
PhoenixMelior: Savidan family is the best
DeafMints: xD
Mewdog: i love adam's mom
m0nkeyrama: Adam's mom is the absolute best
tendrilsoftragedy: im turning this up
SpookySpaghooti: Heyo
korvys: Shoutout to Adam's mom
Luminaire_p: What's that? Volume to maximum?
ReynardWrecca: Did Mrs Savidan really get stuck in? Superb!
banwidthraptor: lol
Lord_ZYRK: Mombats da bes
tendrilsoftragedy: hows the riceroni
shurtal: there was a GENERAL ADMONISHMENT!!!!
sethmerickson17: procedes ro turn volume up
TXC2: Mrs Savidan didn't raise no fool
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Boiler_bot: Hey we just starting?
Lunareclipse123: Adam still needs to play SOMA :)
Daye04: mental21Bless
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Crow_T_Human: woohoo!
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undecided44: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 9:48.
Daye04: lrrBEEJ
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m0nkeyrama: Heck yeah! Top-tier spoop squad! Best boys!
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thecanerdian: Three Cheers for Adam's Mom: Savidan Clan gonna lay the SLAM-idan down
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richard_ermen: @korvys <3
TacitusVigil: Wait, Ben and Adam collectively are #3?
tim19862: katesLol
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APrioriOfNothing: Making it back in for a Live instead of watching the vids. Glad to be catching up with my 2 fav bois!
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Lord_ZYRK: Hhhehehe
DiscordianTokkan: Get OUTTA here, Buble. YEET
TheOtherTrevor: And Justin Bieber ;)
TXC2: !findquote sucks
LRRbot: Quote #5467: "This guy SUCKS!" —Adam, repeatedly [2018-10-31]
NazakYuzak: Oh MY
ehsteveG: You beat out Neil Peart
Mewdog: jesus adam, your mom watches this
PhoenixMelior: Adam, be careful what you say :P
EvilBadman: @TacitusVigil It was G, Ben, and Adam (it happened during the Panel's Q&A)
Lord_ZYRK: Y'know, Adam, people tell me I look like Geddy Lee KappaPride
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ANeMzero: Any time someone mentions Geddy Lee I just remember Jim Sterlings video about the 3DS
Juliamon: *G, Ben, and Serge
banwidthraptor: cheer100 also forsooth and shit
PhoenixMelior: the Savi-clan
Lord_ZYRK: ehsteveG yeah, shit, they did damn good
GenericHerooo: I'm watching the TV behind and... =S
Rockario: A personal friend, the singer for Rush, and LRR is a pretty good top 3
TacitusVigil: @EvilBadman So each one of them is 33.333% of their 3rd favorite Canadians? :P
EvilBadman: @Juliamon Oh yeah! that one.
Sanityis0verrated: that reminds me I need to text my mom
EvilBadman: @TacitusVigil I believe the wording was 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
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misstwilee: spoopy time with my 2 favorite Bois ❤️❤️
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thecanerdian: Let's fuck some trains!
PhoenixMelior: Adam pls, no Ric Flair
ButterBall000: Video games, son!
m0nkeyrama: There we go LUL
WonderfulGlory: Loving the energy
TacitusVigil: @EvilBadman Aw, I was hoping they were some sort of Megazord of Canadians. ;)
Boiler_bot: Woah there Adam
blackwlf: @thecanerdian No, that's later.
richard_ermen: Bideo James!
ioachimj: sorry for the nickname XD
TXC2: !addquote (Adam) [now] I'll be a bottom for Geddy Lee.
LRRbot: New quote #5751: "I'll be a bottom for Geddy Lee." —Adam [2019-01-23]
thecanerdian: @blackwlf I'll be good
korvys: I'm glad Adam thought to check the compressor :P
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KV1NN4: The water got shut off unexpectedly 15 minutes ago so I hope this game doesn't make me fear-poop
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Rockario: That Woo goes perfectly with the Skeleton in the latest tweet
Theteddybear676: is ben all better now coz last time i saw him he went home when they were playing keyforge
richard_ermen: What the...Necronomicon Vol3? What, did insanity not suffice from volume 1 OR 2?
PhoenixMelior: how did you boys know I'm going to Florida next week
WonderfulGlory: Damn that's a real horror game
I_Am_Clockwork: cheer1000 Damn... the... gas!
DeafMints: Wait. Did you guys skip the starting scene?
Freshly_Toasted: You're in a house, does the lightswitch not work?
GenericHerooo: Haha
Lord_ZYRK: Gaaary!
Alahmnat: that reminds me, did Ben get his laptop back?
DiscordianTokkan: Ah, Gary's mods
DeafMints: There's supposed to be a scene before this?
TheOtherTrevor: Gary?
Robot_Bones: No its 4:45 where I am now NotLikeThis
kitthethird: Check under gameplay in the menu? You found it! the gameplay!
arcaneIllumination: What have I missed?
Dared00: wow, that's a small bathroom, it fits in one box
malexus101: it is Italian!
Lord_ZYRK: Ha haaaa. . . GARY!
EvilBadman: @Alahmnat I believe friend of lrr Lee sharpe retrieved it.
TXC2: arcaneIllumination none of the game
edgar_j: that wrench rack is way to organized
TacitusVigil: @arcaneIllumination Gary's stuff, mostly.
Pteraspidomorphi: Mouth?
Xenovita: its in your mouth
Astra7525: Is the screen-tearing intentional?
tim19862: chest mount?
tastethebeams: its *SECURE*, ben
mariammistressofmanifolds: this is a weird jalopy mod
Sanityis0verrated: it is shoulder mount
Boiler_bot: Embedded in the chest cavity clearly
Alahmnat: @EvilBadman oh good
ReynardWrecca: The Navel Lamp.
arcaneIllumination: @TXC2 Ah, thanks.
Astra7525: I am under the impression the game is simulating the view through a camcorder
fiftymcnasty: Fucking Punky Brewster
Dared00: Indiana Jones was fine
TacitusVigil: But Adam, you'll be safe from nuclear weapons.
arcaneIllumination: @TacitusVigil I just caught that actually.
m0nkeyrama: wut Adam
Xenovita: its a miners helmet youre wearing
I_Am_Clockwork: this garage has too many doors
DeafMints: Theres a ghoul that got stuck in a fridge in Fallout 4
TacitusVigil: @arcaneIllumination Ah, then you've missed nothing :D
ButterBall000: I remember some of those stories as a kid.
Sanityis0verrated: Adam do you even fir in a frif
Gascitygaming: When i was little we got a new fridge and the old one was still at our house, me and friends were playing hide and seeka dn i hid in there and got in trouble
brainbosh: Wasn't that in a Punky Brewster episode?
Cw3040: nice Chrysler LeBaron
Pteraspidomorphi: So nice and quiet in this neighborhood
Going_Medium: According to Indian Jones, fridges make you immortal.
MilkInBag: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Sanityis0verrated: fit in a fridge*
TXC2: for me, it's used to be falling into the washing machine
ehsteveG: How true to life was that GI Joe PSA? Cause that's the ONLY place I've heard of kids playing in fridges
TheOtherTrevor: Is that a modem?
MilkInBag: what if sonic appeared here
EvilBadman: bullshit Adam, you walked out into the world 6'5"
PhoenixMelior: Adam's feeling sweary today (and also most days)
Sanityis0verrated: i meant now
undecided44: need a tidy explanation for two free hands and a silent protagonist... flashlight in the mouth >(
Going_Medium: *Indiana
richard_ermen: Weirdest wind in the background.
sparrowsdinner: hello, did they just start the game?
richard_ermen: Also Lights are weirdly weak.
TXC2: yeap
I_Am_Clockwork: wow this hose has sooo many dooors
Lord_ZYRK: sparrowsdinner yup
DeafMints: @LoadingReadyRun Are subtitles enabled? Just curious?
ButterBall000: Guy locks door to the garage, but leaves the back door open?
Robot_Bones: Oh its in the microwave smile
Kraest: If I even make a video game, I’m gonna include that option. You walk away at the very beginning and the credits rolls.
richard_ermen: VCR....are these the 90s?
LordoftheFros: VCR? Oh man, I remember VCR!
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arcaneIllumination: 35 months! Something something meme something funny comment something something.
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Kraest: Ever*
malexus101: why are there italian stamped box in this place?
banwidthraptor: keep em in the safe
EvilBadman: @ehsteveG pre-1970s fridges had locking mechanism, like a car door or latch
tim19862: "Did you check your desk, Bernard?" "Oh!"
TacitusVigil: For a moment I was thinking this was Gone Home 2. Kappa
kitthethird: That grater is too big.....
ArcOfTheConclave: Knife to meet you!
Lord_ZYRK: Wait did that have meister spelled wrong?
m0nkeyrama: Narration?
DeafMints: ah yep subtitles are on
APrioriOfNothing: Are you pac-man?
Gascitygaming: how shitty dop you draw?!
coolbond: Did that knife have a bent tip
MilkInBag: whats a body
TacitusVigil: Ah, it's 1999.
Sanityis0verrated: i have to play Gone home
korvys: lrrSPOT
richard_ermen: Mama is draw-deficient.
frozenphoenix7: DOG
Rockario: They WRAPPED the dog!
tim19862: TacitusVigil the return home 2 lrrBEEJ
morgoth_bauglyr: kida always draw heads with feet first
LucyCloudberry: doggy
m0nkeyrama: Doggo <3
lifecharacter: No human has ever responded to a wrapped dog this way.
NazakYuzak: LUL
Lord_ZYRK: OhMyDog bark OhMyDog the spoops OhMyDog away OhMyDog
brainbosh: NOPE
mariammistressofmanifolds: lrrBEEJ
Brok3nGol3m: lrrBEEJ .
FickleMuse: slytqShock pls
drcanonball: jump scare?
APrioriOfNothing: That is some pic of ganny
Cw3040: i thought it was Churchill
brainbosh: BAD NOPES
Robot_Bones: WutFace
Invitare: Gate Collossus is taht you?
Papperslappen: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
richard_ermen: Wow....awesome picture to c***block anyone in the room.
LucyCloudberry: that's a fucking creepy picture
Welbog: Ben so young
Theycallmejokke: Spoopy1
APrioriOfNothing: Y240K is a thing still
Lunareclipse123: I suppose that explains the VCR
ArcOfTheConclave: I was 2
tim19862: oh goody
Freshly_Toasted: The TV maybe?
LordoftheFros: 1999? Prince demands that we party!
Astra7525: welp. guess I am old
Papperslappen: I think you have a smurf infestation
arcaneIllumination: June 1999? I was 2.
CastleOtranto: Adam's nonstop Simpsons references give me life.
APrioriOfNothing: Spoopy drawer
Xenovita: Adam leaning in like its speakers, but he is wearing headphone LUL
Lord_ZYRK: Those empty drawers filled Adam's pretty quick Kappa
gamercat88: those ikea drawers spooking out adam
VoidByAnyOtherName: granny put a little special sumthin in the cookies
TXC2: I mean I was 10, and I still feel old :P
richard_ermen: So...we have a psychic connection to see past memories connected to images but the house and world is empty. Who are we, exactly? Are we...a ghost?
TacitusVigil: @tim19862 :D
1losttheGame: adams jumpy today :)
LordoftheFros: TXC2 I was 11 in 99. I WIN!
Lord_ZYRK: PogChamp
TheOtherTrevor: Masimo!
DeafMints: XD
VoidByAnyOtherName: masimo?
richard_ermen: @TXC2 I was 12 and I feel old xD
RebekahWSD: Oh my goodness
TXC2: that is a HUGE ass TV in 1999
Nightvalien28: omg
NazakYuzak: LUL LUL LUL
Dared00: YESS
arcaneIllumination: Why is it a skull?
Freshly_Toasted: Oh god
Pteraspidomorphi: That's a bit too much
MilkInBag: what
sparrowsdinner: oh nooo...
Boiler_bot: noooooooooo
Gen2Gengar: hahahahaha
MilkInBag: HAHA
SpookySpaghooti: LUL
APrioriOfNothing: No?
PhoenixMelior: what is THIS
1losttheGame: LUL
tim19862: oh woooooooooow
malexus101: it's spelled with two S!
8_Bit_Unicorn: oh wow
VoidByAnyOtherName: why does the skull the chef sign
NimrodXIV: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?
Freshly_Toasted: Why, WHYYYYy
argusthecat: So this is the real game, yeah?
ehsteveG: LUL
malexus101: OMG
Painfully_Dyslexic: what is this accent?
quietcat: lrrWOW
Peter_susman: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh goooooooood
TheWriterAleph: LUL
cat_jpg: screw scary games. lets watch cooking shows!
Papperslappen: is he ok?
tim19862: lrrWOW
Nightvalien28: goty of 2019
1losttheGame: 👏
TacitusVigil: Cooking with Gregg. Kappa
CaptainSpam: lrrWOW
MilkInBag: tha'her?
Alahmnat: the last time I watched Muppet Christmas Carol, the shot where Scrooge freaks out over his dressing gown hanging up instantly reminded me of Ben.
LordoftheFros: >.<
Lord_ZYRK: My god this is the greatest acting I have seen in my life
DeafMints: WOW.... The faux ittalian accent
Lysander_Gustav: is this an adult swim game?
m0nkeyrama: Oh my
TheWriterAleph: chuck martinet would be proud of that accent
Brok3nGol3m: that accent
m0nkeyrama: This voice
Our_oBoros: Lrrbot on point!
mariammistressofmanifolds: lrrDILLY
PhoenixMelior: this accent is so bad
tim19862: so bad wow katesLol lrrHERE
Lord_ZYRK: How did they find an actual Italian chef to do this
Nightvalien28: mashrooms
APrioriOfNothing: Pasta sandwich?
TXC2: is this racist? this feels racist
NazakYuzak: l o g
LordoftheFros: This is racist
VoidByAnyOtherName: does he break the pasta? cuz that would be truly terrifying WutFace
Lord_ZYRK: I'll roll you a meat log Kappa
Xenovita: meat log you say? KappaPride
Astra7525: #AuthenticAccentsNoReally
Pteraspidomorphi: Well italian isn't a race :P
Brok3nGol3m: "let me how you my meat log"
richard_ermen: This reminds me of some sort of really bad horror comedy satire.
adi_pie: This person's accent makes me want to punch someone.
kitthethird: His awkwardness is tangible
Gulleko: eogWait I have no idea what's going on, but I am ok with this
Boiler_bot: Leaping lasagna Luigi!
TheOtherTrevor: This reminds me of the eHow video instructions for making 3 cheese pizza topping
Lazarus_18: @TacitusVigil Good Eats, probably in one episode
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NazakYuzak: slap it in!
Dared00: SLAP
fiftymcnasty: I want to see this on TTSF
Rhynerd: This is our life now.
pterodactyl_noises: Just got here
1losttheGame: wow that was hot
Lord_ZYRK: Slap dat meat Kreygasm
mariammistressofmanifolds: i hope we get killed here
PhoenixMelior: lrrWOW
pterodactyl_noises: this is a horror game?
TheWriterAleph: there will be no important clues in this video.
electroswagnetism: S L A P P
Robot_Bones: I'm learning :)
m0nkeyrama: lrrSPOOP
brainbosh: Recipe for next TTSF
kitthethird: Kinda like Punch from Bebop
Astra7525: What if this goes on for 30 minutes
CaptainSpam: oooo
K0nti0: lrrHAM
TacitusVigil: @Lazarus_18 Yeah, but Alton was probably being meta doing it, so it's ok. ;)
Sanityis0verrated: noooooope
Rockario: "What should we put on the TV?" "I dddon't know, just do a fake cooking show, no one's going to watch it"
A_Catastrophic_Success: It’s-a me! A broad stereotype-a!
DiscordianTokkan: Well, I messed up the name BUT: https://clips.twitch.tv/UnsightlyTawdryEggVoteYea
tendrilsoftragedy: this is better make january highlights
Freshly_Toasted: We're a sitcom/cooking reaction stream now, bois
Gascitygaming: Thought this was 1 developer, WHO IS HOLDING THE CAMERA?!
MrQBear: I'm waiting for him to get murdered.
1losttheGame: that needs more heating!
TXC2: is this gonna turn into Mancooking with Morgan? Kappa
Zath_: God, this is horrifying
MilkInBag: it went on the ground
argusthecat: This feels like a man who has been imprisoned in a kitchen, and forced to make tutorial videos.
TheWriterAleph: yeah, fuck you, spaghetti
cat_jpg: Man this is some low budget cooking
PhoenixMelior: that mean doesn't look done at all
TheOtherTrevor: Or how to cut a pizza in 10 (8) slices
MilkInBag: that's ketchup
sir_jack_DB: spaghet-fucked
Lord_ZYRK: The WORST accent????????
Boiler_bot: Why-a Is-a This-a Guy-a So-a Bad-a
TheWriterAleph: LUL
VoidByAnyOtherName: it's a horrifying accent
Sanityis0verrated: who doesn't have spices
Pteraspidomorphi: phungz'
Inquisitor_Xian: for real though.....why is this in this game?
malexus101: I was nof offended by the accent. I am offendes by the cooking
argusthecat: There are no doors. This poor man cannot leave.
1losttheGame: LUL
arcaneIllumination: Fungus!
tim19862: Was this just the dev's attempt at a "comedy" cooking youtube channel before making games? lrrBEEJ
Nightvalien28: italian MAN COOKING
gamercat88: pasta sandwich is happening
Dared00: You turn around, and the monster is watching it with you
Rhynerd: i kind of hope he ends up dropping the accent right at the end and goes on a huge rant.
m0nkeyrama: I can't deal with this accent LUL
FickleMuse: Oh no. I'm sick and laughing is bad for me. Oh nooo
EvilBadman: If there was a jump sacre of a ghost behind, chef's kiss
pterodactyl_noises: Racism is the real horror
richard_ermen: Something is ...well, I won´t say off, but something´s off...
TheWriterAleph: please tell me this is the creator of the game
coolbond: its still fucking raw for fucks sake
blackwlf: This is possibly worse than HowToBasic
Boi_Ginny: Terrifying if you're Italian
1losttheGame: i really hope he doesnt eat that, that is way too undercooked
Welbog: Regular ordinary Swedish mealtime
TacitusVigil: So which part of the team was this guy?
MilkInBag: is it a pizza pocket
adi_pie: This dude's accent is the most terrifying thing I've seen in years.
coolbond: add some water atleast
RebekahWSD: I'm horrified
Nocxia: D=
1losttheGame: its poor man beef wellington!
saweeks: TOS
LordoftheFros: BUT IT'S STILL RAW!
malexus101: @boi_ginny can confirm
PhoenixMelior: can we get this commercial Sweded on LRL on Saturday?
kitthethird: Soooo reminds me of Punch lmao
Dared00: GOOD
arcaneIllumination: I'm waiting for the other foot to drop.
Kraest: @tacitusvigil it was made by one guy, so I assume this is him XD
MilkInBag: HAHAH
TheOtherTrevor: screw the game, just watch this all day
SkylerRingtail: I'm waiting for the shoe to drop
Brok3nGol3m: mmm home cooking
Xenovita: LUL
Dared00: HORROR
gamercat88: scariest part
MilkInBag: is this gore
pterodactyl_noises: I'm Italian American and this physically hurts to watch
DiscordianTokkan: This is the TRUE horror game
TacitusVigil: @Kraest Touché! :D
NimrodXIV: TOS
TXC2: Pasta Slider?
PhoenixMelior: this is spoopy
sparrowsdinner: ah god....
1losttheGame: 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
malexus101: I CANNOT
VoidByAnyOtherName: the twist is he didn't wash his hands lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
m0nkeyrama: 👏 👏 👏
cat_jpg: the Absolute madman
TheWriterAleph: you turn around, the chef is standing in the room.
Robot_Bones: Im hungry now
electroswagnetism: This is a sloppy joe with mushrooms
NazakYuzak: Meata Rolla
saweeks: Clap
Papperslappen: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
Lord_ZYRK: gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap
arcaneIllumination: That looks like viscera.
Peter_susman: true horror at its finest
MilkInBag: !game good
TacitusVigil: Horrifying.
coolbond: not sanitary not sanitary
circusofkirkus: that was some adult swim shit
Sanityis0verrated: that looks gross
DaMullet14: I wouldn't eata that roll either
richard_ermen: o_O
tim19862: game dev is a hell of a drug Kappa
Tomasu82: new lrr meme?
TacitusVigil: So, uh, the theme of this game is kinda all over the place. :P
TheOtherTrevor: It might have been different?
Lysander_Gustav: what was that
Boiler_bot: They should have had the chef appear behind you.
MilkInBag: cd skipping
Welbog: Does Ben know what that is?!
CaptainSpam: The crowd turned on him at the end.
Lunareclipse123: VCR for the player in the other room?
malexus101: NO PLs
CrazymattCaptain: who wants meat rolls now?
KinoGami: sick beats
Dared00: ah yes, industrial music
m0nkeyrama: what
pterodactyl_noises: tape is broke
Rockario: Uh, I think your tape's brokenn
richard_ermen: What...what have we been watching there?
Thisbymaster: I am far more terrified then the whole of Resident evil
NimrodXIV: yer tape's effed
LucyCloudberry: I hope there's an entire season you can watch on there
kitthethird: Sewing machine?
ButterBall000: Cassette player's gone bad
VoidByAnyOtherName: is that a tape deck?
Freshly_Toasted: Lowkey Bop
coolbond: need a adult and the health inspection services
1losttheGame: its too fast! D:
Nightvalien28: PhoenixMelior what metal was that?
arcaneIllumination: What was the symbol in the background of the public access screen?
A_Catastrophic_Success: This is the horror part right?
LordoftheFros: Eh, a good hard smack will fix that
ehsteveG: get a pencil, your tape is messed up
Lord_ZYRK: Dude my fuckin Backstreet Boys tape was in there NotLikeThis
APrioriOfNothing: Why do those bottom speakers look like eyes?
richard_ermen: Ahhh....good old track 2.
Inquisitor_Xian: that's my favorite merzbow record
MilkInBag: is that zombie boy?
TXC2: !addquote (Adam and Ben) [now] I no eat-a the roll, you eat-a the roll!
LRRbot: New quote #5752: "I no eat-a the roll, you eat-a the roll!" —Adam and Ben [2019-01-23]
Our_oBoros: Why had that cooking show a skull in its title?
blast__femur: almost as edgy as pirating the exorcists
m0nkeyrama: woah
MilkInBag: D:
Malkaresh: Opposite of Marilyn Manson
Xenovita: TOS!!!!
DiscordianTokkan: TOS
NazakYuzak: WHOOPS
edgar_j: !tos
gamercat88: wowza
1losttheGame: TOS TOS
Baldrash: TOS
Brok3nGol3m: katesLewd
banwidthraptor: ah lawnmower sounds, great asmr CD
drcanonball: BANNED
richard_ermen: TOS
Xcuube: T! O! S!
TXC2: Shut it down!
blast__femur: I can't believe you told James you tattle
benegesseritmother: LEWD
pterodactyl_noises: harr stuff
sir_jack_DB: HAR STUFF
Sati90: SeemsGood
Freshly_Toasted: Hawr stuff!
KinoGami: they put a lot of effort into the details
1losttheGame: is she australian? whats that accent?
pterodactyl_noises: Ghosts? Yuck
Sati90: Noice
pterodactyl_noises: I want that on a shirt
Pteraspidomorphi: Never saw an unhygienic ghost
APrioriOfNothing: Spoopafer is offended
Lysander_Gustav: I don't think these are liscened
mikialice: Masimo was a fantastic thing to come in on :P yay for the spoopy bois
MilkInBag: slipknot fan Kappa
TacitusVigil: An unattended fire is *not* a good dea.
Alahmnat: Let's Nope's new tagline
karpma: She has the tommy wiseau accent
Thisbymaster: light doesn't work that way....
TacitusVigil: *idea
RebekahWSD: I love that middle mask, wow
APrioriOfNothing: Why is it always masks?
ButterBall000: Never leave fire unattended.
Dared00: oh, it's Asuka's home
LucyCloudberry: ghosts? us girls don't like those!!
shurtal: Asuka's gonna kill you
ehsteveG: It's NJPW Chris Jericho!
FickleMuse: no be spooped. That was unattended!
MilkInBag: that's me
KinoGami: was that a fallout book?
1losttheGame: its us!
APrioriOfNothing: Stock photos
LordoftheFros: Day of the Dead masks?
adi_pie: You saw a Boobie? Didn't think you were into bird watching.
ReynardWrecca: Series really want downhill after "...Black Veil 4'.
Robot_Bones: Bout to go to the airport, better put on the fire
Sanityis0verrated: I mean I have been watching Danny Phantom they leave goop everywhere
blast__femur: High key there are several frames in my house like that
m0nkeyrama: This voice acting LUL
Sanityis0verrated: it is gross
TheWriterAleph: wtf accent is THAT
DiscordianTokkan: His name is Pout? :(
LordoftheFros: In the deep south
Lord_Hosk: You dont have pictures of your family around your house?
Freshly_Toasted: I love all of the voice acting in this game
APrioriOfNothing: The south with a sea captain
Lazarus_18: Gary Ryan Pout? Best name
Gen2Gengar: Lord_Hosk I don't
MilkInBag: no no, they are alternate slipknot fans
TheWriterAleph: this game is a work of ART.
VoidByAnyOtherName: the church bookings were full, so they had the wedding in the graveyard
Peter_susman: still no jump scare.... hmm
Yellow_Piper: cheer1200
Brok3nGol3m: #blamejames
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tim19862: lol
1losttheGame: what a great boss LUL
saweeks: The real horror is going to be the power bill
Lord_ZYRK: Graham "Cool!" Stark
gamercat88: boob count 1, ghosts 0
TacitusVigil: Whelp, time for Graham to give Adam and Ben "The Talk"
richard_ermen: I love how Adam
quietcat: does this mean Graham is the cool dad?
MadAran87: This is a substantial domicile.
Orgmastron: lrrSPOOP lighting
benegesseritmother: this is a nice house
richard_ermen: 's as excited as a 12-year-old xD
EvilBadman: Real fuckin' helpful mike
mikialice: Mike loves his job
pterodactyl_noises: Dat voice acting
Brok3nGol3m: worst instructions ever
Boiler_bot: "It's Mike."
Pteraspidomorphi: You've been missing out
ehsteveG: GOT EM
VoidByAnyOtherName: BabyRage
LucyCloudberry: i-it's mike...
tim19862: "I'm not reading this, you are"
Lord_ZYRK: CurseLit
1losttheGame: LUL
arcaneIllumination: That was a reasonable way to leave you a code.
NazakYuzak: Ha, ye big baby
Baldrash: SAVAGE
TwitchTVsFrank: lmao
I_Am_Clockwork: "This town if full of BABIES!"
atlas624: Damn, murder live on stream
cat_jpg: D E S T R O Y E D
APrioriOfNothing: Like Adam needs help being tall
kitthethird: Nice chair.... BABY
GenericHerooo: The house is very similar to the house in PT
kumatsu: I just got here and thought this was the PT clone
prystigia: GOT HIM!
ArcOfTheConclave: Adam's a baby not a toddler
CrazymattCaptain: did that chair slide out of the cabinet?
PhoenixMelior: shout outs to pears
banwidthraptor: someone call the burn unit
TheWriterAleph: this is supposed to be a horror game... right?
atlas624: Adam SaviBaby
beregolas: Chair... we get to SHAMSH THE STATE now?
mikialice: That grandma face tho
VoidByAnyOtherName: those fruit totally look like a mouthful of teeth from a certain angle
GhassanPL: I just joined, and, oh my, a game where you walk around a house with a flashlight? Must be Let's Nope
prystigia: tbh I thought Ben meant Chat xD
TXC2: that looked like Michael Palin :P
TacitusVigil: "Too Many Grandma's" is filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Robot_Bones: Is this PT?
Lord_Hosk: Dont you have multiple Grandmas?
TheOtherTrevor: screenshot
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EvilBadman: Married couples have 4 Grandmas
PhoenixMelior: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
Dared00: Can we add "Double-check the grandma" to advice?
Sanityis0verrated: same
arcaneIllumination: I think the house design is just a very "mass produced" suburban home floor plan.
itsrileypm1: same grandma, guaranteed
Xenovita: just remember the liver spots on her face
Gnuttor: Same!
ButterBall000: Same picture but cropped and flipped?
TwitchTVsFrank: same
DKS04Saturn: It's the same
VoidByAnyOtherName: do not want to remember
NazakYuzak: Same!!!
I_Am_Clockwork: I think the kitchen grandma is the staircase grandma, just more zoomed in
mikialice: Same but flipped and cropped
kitthethird: You could have 3, even 4 grandmas tho
richard_ermen: It feels the same
beregolas: same grandma
gamercat88: same
Yellow_Piper: different
richard_ermen: Different!
DKS04Saturn: Yup, same grandma
LucyCloudberry: yeah it's the same picture
I_Am_Clockwork: reads as the same, which is probably just as good
Rockario: To be clear, a family household can have up to 6 grandmas
kumatsu: moshi mooooosh!
richard_ermen: The one in the back is actually "thicker" with a flatter nose.
APrioriOfNothing: It's fine
I_Am_Clockwork: oooh spoooky
TheWriterAleph: lrrSPOOP
NimrodXIV: that lightbulb is loose
I_Am_Clockwork: blinky light == ghoooast
LordoftheFros: Cue jumpscare in 3... 2... 1...
BlameBlair: Hey folks! Just back from a couple pints at the pub. How are we all doing today?
TacitusVigil: This house is surprisingly clutter free.
noisyblizzard: I think your light is broken
BlueMechanic: Can we watch that guy cook meat again?
ThePerrBearr: terrible wiring
FickleMuse: Campus Safety!
Lord_ZYRK: Today on Let's Nope reel in terror as Adam and Ben play Same Grandma?
Sanityis0verrated: lrrFINE
richard_ermen: Don´t worry Ben, Granny´s watching.
DeafMints: 0516
kumatsu: now turn around slowly
Kronopticon: ooo, a four poster bed
PhoenixMelior: 0516, got it
Boi_Ginny: 0516
ayirbudd: yay Ben!! how was pax?
Gnuttor: BEHIND YOU!
ReynardWrecca: That is a VERY big fan for that room.
atlas624: Wouldn't it be great if there were no jumpscares at all?
Lunareclipse123: So was that sound the wizard guy from the cathedral in Dark Souls?
m0nkeyrama: LUL
m0nkeyrama: the spoops
Freshly_Toasted: 0516
Lord_Hosk: quick... Alt F4 to turn off all the scary stuff
TXC2: we cast no refelction!
mikialice: Ooo a mirror
Cw3040: clean up your damn bathroom
kitthethird: Crate!
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
I_Am_Clockwork: ech lavender oil
TXC2: hello Lysander_Gustav welcome
Alahmnat: Alex, we found your buddy
LordoftheFros: Lavender? Excellent choice!
kumatsu: no Adam, we're a VAMPIRE
1losttheGame: this house is so squeaky
Juliamon: That's a Head & Shoulders bottle
VoidByAnyOtherName: pretty sure that's based off head'n'shoulders
Thisbymaster: vampire!
I_Am_Clockwork is alergic to lavender oil
ThePerrBearr: we were the ghost all aLONG
Brok3nGol3m: you guys are spooping yourselves more than the game katesLol
arcaneIllumination: with natural lavender oil!
blast__femur: you just happen to be a vampire, unrelatedly
TXC2: we use not head and sholders
Lysander_Gustav: Hmm, just a floating flashlight
DrasonSpike: the real ghosts were the friends we met along the way
ButterBall000: We were just a floating flashlight the whole time!
PhoenixMelior: we were dead the whole time
tim19862: Palphonics tv
thecanerdian: oh good a VCR for creepy home videos!
Jorge4hg: ben
brainbosh: Hmm, a guy in the window?
itsrileypm1: Ben, never change please
arcaneIllumination: I think the flashlight is clipped to our shirt our belt.
Lord_ZYRK: No panty raids on stream, Ben DansGame
FickleMuse: I.... I appreciate the detail!
1losttheGame: are those drawers textures? WutFace
APrioriOfNothing: Not gonna try the deck?
DrasonSpike: is it a panty raid if its your panties?
VoidByAnyOtherName: i like the use of all these things that look spooky from weird angles
Lord_Hosk: Set?
EvilBadman: There's Movement
LordoftheFros: Guys... it's detecting movement
thecanerdian: you have to stop the Movement?
TheOtherTrevor: there is movement somewhere in the house. you're not alone
kumatsu: now flip it, but don't rip it
Lord_Hosk: LOL
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: wooden crates!
noisyblizzard: SNAKE
lifecharacter: Did you just untape a box?
Freshly_Toasted: Rattlesnake!!
Lord_ZYRK: That's just Gary.
brainbosh: Baby monitor?
EJGRgunner: It’s spoop bois
kumatsu: N I E C E C O M
kitthethird: What's moving? Kappa
lighting_bolt_123: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 28:27.
Jorge4hg: metal gear
Brok3nGol3m: can you turn the walkie on?
drcanonball: creeper
gamercat88: grandma
lighting_bolt_123: cool
electroswagnetism: house full of sneks is my nightmare
Cw3040: its an American McMansion
anetfullofjello: start to crate in 28.5 minutes
Freshly_Toasted: Capture and love the snek! The snek will protect you!
Theycallmejokke: Sneks on a hous
Fugi: This house is huge
blast__femur: that's why there were so many different pictures of people duh huge house
ayirbudd: has there been any spooky jump scares yet?
Brok3nGol3m: oh my god, it's Happy
thecanerdian: is this gonna be some Babadook book shit
Lysander_Gustav: What a terrible book
VoidByAnyOtherName: are you the babysitter?
kitthethird: Terrifying unicorn
Jorge4hg: now kiss
Lord_Hosk: because its a baby book
Nightvalien28: unicorns are animals, ben
tim19862: kaypikeU1 kaypikeU2
drcanonball: works every time, 50 % of the time
VoidByAnyOtherName: charrrrrrrrrrrrlie
arcaneIllumination: I think it works every time because it bores her to death.
electroswagnetism: it me!
TXC2: why doesn't it rhyme?
Lord_Hosk: baby books are SO STUPID
Lysander_Gustav: Has there been anything spooking in this game so far?
LucyCloudberry: Poppie learned she was mythical, and had an existential crisis
I_Am_Clockwork: that's a different puppy than the ones downstairs
TXC2: Childrens books rhyme
Freshly_Toasted: SpOooOoky wet wipes
Lord_Hosk: thats a LOT of wet wipes
Jorge4hg: need more wipes
ReydienOnline: you give a baby a baby doll to make sure it learns its place: "stop sniveling or I'll turn you into plastic"
ayirbudd: ahhhh! diapers!!
Lord_ZYRK: wet wipes with ALOE VERA? PogChamp Jackpot boys
lighting_bolt_123: is this game good?
richard_ermen: This seems....kinda normal so far.
Lysander_Gustav: was that a puzzle?
tim19862: katesLol lrrAWESOME
GenericHerooo: The deck
pterodactyl_noises: The real horror: a baby that never stops pooping
thecanerdian: oooh trust me. All babies need infinite wipes
m0nkeyrama: you can nudge boxes? 10/10 PogChamp
CrazymattCaptain: maybe there's things behind the things in the cabinets
adi_pie: The baby likes to go raiding. A lot of wipes are expected. Kappa
Nightvalien28: you would be surprised by how much babies poop
richard_ermen: Is the horror here that the family has bought too many wet wipes?
atlas624: Its the baby from Spirited Away
DrasonSpike: popcorn?
Lord_Hosk: you go through like 1 box of wipes for every 4 boxes of diapers.
mikialice: Trust me, you can NEVER have too many wipes. Dem babies gotta poop all the time
LucyCloudberry: just strip down and put on a diaper then no ghost will wanna touch you
EJGRgunner: I’ve watched all of 2 minutes of this... is there a subtextual implication that men’s great fear is being left alone in charge of their own children?
arcaneIllumination: Is that a geiger counter?
brainbosh: Oh, that was the ATTIC
kumatsu: popcorn at pochinki
cameronj115: its chipper to buy 8n Bulk
itsrileypm1: its coming from maggies room and fuck that shit
ehsteveG: That was the worst bongo solo I ever heard
Lysander_Gustav: Well, this house doesn't seem to obey any laws of design
TXC2: Rats in the attic
gamercat88: thats also creepy
APrioriOfNothing: It's just the house settling
Alahmnat: there's always a staircase to the attic
kitthethird: We know we have an attic now, ig?
Lord_ZYRK: The ghost had ice cream but it's lactose intolerant WutFace
Sati90: Popcorn at school
LordoftheFros: Rats in the attic, it's fine. I mean, it's not fine, you have rats in the attic. But it's fine!
TwitchTVsFrank: no sink wtf!
Freshly_Toasted: Ah yes, the toilet room!
Jeezy56: shitter's full
Nocxia: wtf even is this
Xenovita: you wash your hands in there
Fugi: I've lived in a house with a toilet and no sink
o0sk_ren0o: Poop Closet!
Alahmnat: why do horror houses always have an attic ladder?
RebekahWSD: This is a terrible bathroom
goblingoboomboom: lrrSPOOP benginHeart
TXC2: that's like my toilet
banwidthraptor: that is not to code
Nightvalien28: you put it on the top
m0nkeyrama: Sketchy bathroom
Welbog: Truly that bathroom is the scariest part.
Cw3040: @Fugi how did you survive
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richard_ermen: It´s a poopy room.
mikialice: Our sink is in a different room to the toilet, annoyingly
Fugi: @Cw3040 it was right next to a bathroom with a sink
TXC2: I have a separate Toilet from my bathroom
prystigia: pretty common in european houses, I think it's a plumbing thing
Jorge4hg: remember kids always was your hands
Cw3040: :thinking:
cameronj115: u mean pink eye
tim19862: kaypikeU1 kaypikeSHARK2
Lysander_Gustav: I don't think any of this art is legally purchased
sir_jack_DB: that toilet has a threatening aura
blast__femur: they like Dances with Wolves duh
thecanerdian: @mikialice your architect needs to go to architect jail
richard_ermen: It´s [teenage girl]'s room!
lifecharacter: These are some 90s ass posters.
gamercat88: attic
Nightvalien28: its a confused goth
Cw3040: wait
TheWriterAleph: LUL
1losttheGame: LUL
Theycallmejokke: I think the child just likes posters
Cw3040: is that Papyrus?
Jorge4hg: haha
tim19862: katesLol
theawesomeonev2: we had a bathroom kinda like that the actual bath and sink were in the next room....
Lord_Hosk: Clean up your plates? you monster!
richard_ermen: The swedish original was awesome.
richard_ermen: The remake was so-so.
I_Am_Clockwork: FONT
ehsteveG: I like Horses, Dances with Wolves, and off brand Paramore
lifecharacter: Graham get in here!
Lysander_Gustav: Eugh
Alchemistmerlin: I really wanted something scary to be in the drawer
NimrodXIV: get Graham!
benegesseritmother: papyrus?
gamercat88: noice
Jorge4hg: of course
1losttheGame: GRAHAAAAAAM
m0nkeyrama: Papyrus :o
Alahmnat: GRAHAM!
arcaneIllumination: So, normal teen girl who is also into horror.
I_Am_Clockwork: Such font
lighting_bolt_123: allow me inside of your room benjiman
Lunareclipse123: Graham might appreciate this type of horror
Boi_Ginny: Rude
itsrileypm1: i knew like, 9 kids who were like this is high school
Sati90: Graham get in here! You'll shit
kitthethird: p a p y r u s i n t e n s i f i e s
mikialice: agreed @thecanerdian :P our house is an old English terrace, so the plumbing is all over the place
thecanerdian: knock knock open up the door it's papyrus
ReynardWrecca: Isn't that the 'Human Centipede' poster image?
Mangledpixel: Papyrus! AHH!
Nightvalien28: poor graham
TXC2: welcome to all TV Ben
BlameBlair: Papyrus! lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME linkusHype linkusHype linkusDab linkusDab
Tiber727: @Fugi When I was house hunting, I saw a house where the garage goes into the basement. Right as you left the garage, there's a toilet right next to the door, out in the open.
Lysander_Gustav: This is just bad
theawesomeonev2: this has been an episode of the font critic
Juliamon: Yeah that's pretty standard
Lord_Hosk: Dirty plate... come on...
kumatsu: Pyroblade sounds like a SICK band
KinoGami: actually canadian television often casts teenages to play teenages
Jorge4hg: Hair
Lunareclipse123: Skull & Roses? I love that game!
EvilBadman: This is not a real metal poster, I can read the names.
TehAmelie: so sad they didn't get Party Cannon
arcaneIllumination: That's not an excuse for why we found you sleeping on the stage 5 hours after the show ended.
ReydienOnline: 69420?
lighting_bolt_123: uuuuuuuwwwwaaaaaa
DrasonSpike: wait is that "fans are my drug poster" does she have eyes drawn on her eye lids?
TheWriterAleph: wooo
beregolas: 6309
1losttheGame: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
ehsteveG: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
ThePerrBearr: we 1999 in here
Going_Medium: Statistically At least some of those are real bands
Cw3040: why did we lock this?
Alahmnat: I do kind of have to give them props for actually making all these fake posters and such
lighting_bolt_123: genius
TXC2: !findquote test
LRRbot: Quote #2643: "Let's just do a test screw and see if it feels right. Yes, that just goes in nice and easy." —Ian [2016-05-30]
Welbog: Why does this house have a room like this?
Cw3040: are there guns?
Lord_Hosk: why does the home office have a padlock?
DeafMints: @LoadingReadyRun Check the other games
richard_ermen: That was amusing!
Nocxia: WAT
DeafMints: they're refences
Xcuube: ART
thecanerdian: oh dang
Lunareclipse123: Sweet
Lysander_Gustav: sure
NimrodXIV: it's rad is what it is
ReydienOnline: oh, this person's an MTG artist!
theawesomeonev2: nope nope nope nope
Alahmnat: like, they're reasonably competently done
beregolas: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
mikialice: How... calming
ReydienOnline: sweet!
TheTunnelingCat: its a self portrait
1losttheGame: i mean, if we painted, then cool
Nocxia: O.O
Freshly_Toasted: I'm kinda into the painting ngl
arcaneIllumination: LAYERS OF FEAR!
hippitybobbity: thassa tight painting lads
GenericHerooo: =S
TXC2: it's ART Adam, you wouldn't understand
TXC2: Kappa
ReynardWrecca: Someone has actually put some great work into the set dressing here.
beregolas: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Infliction
lifecharacter: That painting is going to move and I don't like it.
Gulleko: eogOh this isn't creepy at all
karpma: ah
ReydienOnline: it's a Magic Card Art
kitthethird: yogurt rap?
karpma: nah
Lysander_Gustav: Are we getting a jump scare right after inspecting the painting?
tim19862: Yogurt Rap?
NimrodXIV: "yogurt rap"?
adi_pie: That seems fine for 99
TXC2: we really didn't Adam
thecanerdian: you know if we come back to that painting and the figure is gone I'm filling up muh pants
richard_ermen: Is Dad secretly a death metal band artist?
Sati90: Yogurt Rap? Yogurt Rap?!
LordoftheFros: i had that computer in 99
Nightvalien28: but we can afford a GIANT HOUSE
Omthebox: I had that computer in 2008
beregolas: this seems ok...
Lord_Hosk: what are you doing in this room, that you need a lock on your door?
Lunareclipse123: We didn't really have better than that in 1999
PhoenixMelior: Goal achieved
EJGRgunner: Not really
gsyhiap: lrrSPOOP
itsrileypm1: nope
DGZenos: going down udders
kumatsu: Someone get Funko on the line!
RebekahWSD: Well
thecanerdian: orchestra plz
coelopteryx: my family absolutely had a computer that looked Exactly like that in 1999
fiftymcnasty: They heard you Adam
ehsteveG: The game heard Adams accent
1losttheGame: the plane is cursed!
Jorge4hg: oook
sparrowsdinner: instant mood shift amazing
MitchTheQuaker: nope nope nope nope
ReydienOnline: is this Noah Bradley, heading to Pax Aus?
KinoGami: hey isn't that ticket date G's birthday?
Lord_ZYRK: Adam's too good for your broke-ass computer DansGame
Freshly_Toasted: Ah yes. The 'horror' sound
electroswagnetism: Is that just the progress noise
Lysander_Gustav: Spooky violins for no reason. Yay?
Alahmnat: what a… random stinger
Boi_Ginny: I don't think we're going to Sydney... lrrSPOOP
Bunzillah: that are some scary priceses
Nightvalien28: I had a manual like that
Cw3040: that's a different model than the one on the desk
Astra7525: The painting creeps me out
MitchTheQuaker: lrrSpoop
TheWriterAleph: well you ARE going to Oz
theawesomeonev2: why am i watching this i hate horror
Lunareclipse123: cheer100 Nine Hundred Dollary-doos?!
ButterBall000: Can we surf the web in NEtscape?
richard_ermen: Good ol´ disk drive.
atlas624: Calling it now, this is some Pickman's Model type shit
tim19862: that was a mac powerpc, not a pc
kumatsu: this painting is getting ready to swallow your soul
TheMerricat: thats actually a 1999 appropriate computer Adam
ThePerrBearr: you will be stuck between a loud sleeper, and a crying baby
Brok3nGol3m: aww don't pout Maggie
DrasonSpike: i rally want the painting to change
Luminaire_p: 1985?
Alchemistmerlin: Oh man, good thing they've got that in the locked room
Painfully_Dyslexic: that australian accent always gets me (i'm australian btw)
Lord_Hosk: in 1985?
richard_ermen: Interesting. It´s Mama´s work room.
thecanerdian: Maggie heard you talking shit
Rhynerd: Is Volume III of the Necronomicon just talking about Australia?
tim19862: wut
Lysander_Gustav: okay
arcaneIllumination: Ooh, the shadow was moving as you rotated the object.
TXC2: this is set in 1999
m0nkeyrama: whaaaaaat
KinoGami: lolwut
sparrowsdinner: who dat
Xcuube: uhhhh what
hippitybobbity: maggie fucken died
Freshly_Toasted: Big yikes
TXC2: Ok shit got real
TheWriterAleph: well that went from 0 to wtf
Dared00: WHAT
kumatsu: well that was unexpected
Lysander_Gustav: all right sure
Juliamon: We found the "horror"
gsyhiap: kintDie
richard_ermen: Suddenly...murder.
m0nkeyrama: WHY
RichardMcSundy: LUL
NimrodXIV: King Diamond?
Tomasu82: wow
electroswagnetism: we're the murderer
1losttheGame: i want to be scared, but that model is terrible! LUL
Astra7525: nope nope nope
Boi_Ginny: Horror games are How to Ruin Your Family simulators
Cw3040: understandable have a nice day
Sanityis0verrated: uuuuummmm
o0sk_ren0o: Oh its one of these twists
I_Am_Clockwork: suddenly its we happy few
Jeezy56: Demonaz is back, and he mad
APrioriOfNothing: We done killed her
Wf_Geisterloeffel: rooHi
Nightvalien28: the printer did it
RebekahWSD: Ohno
BlameBlair: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFINE lrrFINE
Himyul: you done crimed!
Kraest: Wtf?
Lysander_Gustav: Some crime happened
TXC2: seabatYIKES
coelopteryx: it sure is a crime
gamercat88: dah fuck
richard_ermen: It crimen now.
Alahmnat: we goofed
lighting_bolt_123: this game is wack
sparrowsdinner: lets go back to scary chef :c
Sati90: We fucked up
Lord_ZYRK: That went 0-60 fast
Jorge4hg: silent hill
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeAA guyjudgeAA guyjudgeAA
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ohhhhh boy
richard_ermen: xD
Lysander_Gustav: Heart beats!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: sounds like I showed up at the right time
Foxmar320: I got here at a good time
RichardMcSundy: actually this game is pretty good
mikialice: Grandma save us!
lighting_bolt_123: ahhh
Lord_ZYRK: !panic
RichardMcSundy: i have seen it being played
shinumei: t1anLurk t1anLurk
ButterBall000: Quick! flee to australia!
richard_ermen: This went from weird to sweet in 60 seconds-!
TacitusVigil: Just remember Ben, Adam, you're doing this to yourselves. :P
tim19862: lrrSPOOP effective spoops
IgnisDeus: The reaction of you two is hilarious. Love it
Pteraspidomorphi: What happened to our perfectly acceptable flashlight?
TheWriterAleph: fly! to the land of poisonous animals around every corner! where it's SAFE
lifecharacter: The car?
MrQBear: Wasn't there a security pannel next to the front door?
MilkInBag: where is the rave?
richard_ermen: Are we killer?
lighting_bolt_123: mucho spoop
DeafMints: Try the car?
Freshly_Toasted: I think the front door is unlocked now
beregolas: can't see shit cappn
Lord_ZYRK: BabyRage
LordoftheFros: I have low tolerance for horror games, it seems. I'm watching this in a well-lit room, in a house with other people, and I can't even.
Sati90: We are probs killer :(
m0nkeyrama: spooky music
atlas624: @richard_ermen We might be human, maybe dancer. Almost definitely murderer
DeafMints: Try the car Ben and Adam?
kumatsu: Objective is "GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE"
DeafMints: The objective said
richard_ermen: @atlas624 Nice!
arcaneIllumination: That objective!
DeafMints: Get in your car and leave
Lord_Hosk: Just open the door, pull the release on the garage door opener and leave havent you ever lost power when the door was down?
MilkInBag: gamma is for losers
NimrodXIV: we PT now?
DeafMints: @LoadingReadyRun press escape it said to get in the car and leave
richard_ermen: This reminds me of PT.
Lord_ZYRK: Dr. Wily Grandma must've stolen Gamma Kappa
Pteraspidomorphi: Baby pushing the furniture around
lighting_bolt_123: objective get the fuck out o teh house
DrasonSpike: Car?
IgnisDeus: Go change a diaper
RebekahWSD: Feed the baby! Possibly it wants your blood though
TheWriterAleph: save the baby, ben!
lifecharacter: Car door is glowing
NazakYuzak: BabyRage
lifecharacter: ?
Himyul: I dunno, using a baby cry is kinda cheap. People have a visceral reaction to that sound.
MilkInBag: BabyRage
FeverRadish: My cat just scared the shit out of me by throwing up directly behind me....
ReynardWrecca: Man, I lrrEFF ing HATE babies' cries ever since having one of them. Puts me on non-fun edge.
noisyblizzard: the neighbore is having a sick rave
Iceberg_Man: burn the whole place down maybe
SachielOne: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 37:42.
m0nkeyrama: This game, man
ReydienOnline: and then you left and never came back
TXC2: a baby crying really is the worst sound
Lord_ZYRK: FeverRadish seabatYIKES
1losttheGame: we are the killer cool
RatekStormcrow: Very F.E.A.R
Foxmar320: Ded
Himyul: smartest crimer ever
MilkInBag: he didnt have his driving permit
Lord_Hosk: He wasnt driving that fast
Welbog: That was the tenth time I died
lighting_bolt_123: who tf does that
kumatsu: you keep your HANDS on the WHEEL
arcaneIllumination: Were we possessed?
1losttheGame: psycotic break? we killed wife and child?
sparrowsdinner: is this the same game what is happening
richard_ermen: Wait...suddenly bad end?
hippitybobbity: oops all murber
PhoenixMelior: Cooking show, 11/10
thecanerdian: it's on the good end of the indie one-person market
Shamthewow: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 38:26.
tim19862: pretty good assets too
OKB_1: Don't stab and drive people!
Pteraspidomorphi: So far I'd say some effort was made and some mistakes were avoided
blast__femur: yeah it's obviously cheap but I don't think it's bad
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
hippitybobbity: man Maggie had perfect attendance until we stabbed her
kumatsu: stab the spirit with a pencil
Jorge4hg: wet wipes!
APrioriOfNothing: With the power of the computer
thecanerdian: isn't the spirit kinda sorta the good guy here?
Himyul: to vanquish the spirit: reinstall the Quivering
malexus101: crtl+alt+del?
lighting_bolt_123: ahh yes the ole car crash house trick
Sanityis0verrated: of the wife you murdered?
thecanerdian: aren't we the bad guy?
richard_ermen: Defeat the spirit with the power of the ULTIMATE WARRIOR! ;)
Lord_Hosk: the dirty plate moved
arcaneIllumination: Time has passed.
DrasonSpike: NES!
tim19862: NES
TheWriterAleph: did it take the bras tho
IgnisDeus: Why is there an NES?
Sati90: Vanquish the spirit? Why? It seems it is getting its just deserts on you...
adi_pie: Fuck, we ARE in the 90s
TXC2: Because NES is Rad?
Theycallmejokke: A nes rad
ThePerrBearr: oh god, i remember when bands used to do that
RebekahWSD: Twitch just said LoadingReadyRun wasn't streaming...while it was streaming behind the message...so confused
Pteraspidomorphi: Myst 3, of course
Foxmar320: adi_pie this is the darkest timeline
thecanerdian: I mean there was definitely A video game called "Exile"
TheWriterAleph: oh cool, it's clickcore
I_Am_Clockwork: is it Carn Evil? cuz that's a game
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: please let's play some mass effect
Alahmnat: that's a bad white noise track
Brok3nGol3m: lrrGARBO
MilkInBag: this is a haunted bathroom
NazakYuzak: \\]'////
tim19862: RebekahWSD There are actually live
DrasonSpike: That white noise music disk is just spooky sounds the album
MilkInBag: there was no sink
coelopteryx: that bathroom had no sink, what's that, like a 1/4 bath
kumatsu: The baby escaped!
m0nkeyrama: uuuh
Nocxia: o.o
hippitybobbity: hope they boughy all this art
1losttheGame: GHOST
coelopteryx: as far as home descriptions go
BrindleBoar: the spoopiest part of this game
LordoftheFros: I'd like to report a bug
itsrileypm1: uhhhh guys?
ReydienOnline: ahahahaha
Lord_Hosk: lol
hippitybobbity: rather than stealing it
Foxmar320: LOL
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Xenovita: LUL
NimrodXIV: LOL
APrioriOfNothing: LOL
RebekahWSD: I mean, twitch says they aren't! ...but they clearly are, I'm watching them
Jorge4hg: hahahaha
thecanerdian: HAHAHA
tim19862: LUL
Bunzillah: NOT THE BEAR
FickleMuse: Hahahaha
Inquisitor_Xian: LOL
PhoenixMelior: IT'S A BEAR.
NazakYuzak: LUL
gsyhiap: LUL
IgnisDeus: rofl
Hunterprime: wow
m0nkeyrama: LUL
DeafMints: lul
Freshly_Toasted: LMAO
ehsteveG: LUL
TheWriterAleph: JUMP SCARE
tim19862: katesLol katesNice
Boiler_bot: Oh for gods sake
Peter_susman: REALLY?????
Rhynerd: Appparently there’s a game series called Exile
8_Bit_Unicorn: LOL
TXC2: :D
Sati90: :)))))))))
RebekahWSD: Oh goodness
Jorge4hg: nice bear
cat_jpg: nice
Foxmar320: !clip
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malexus101: ahahahahahha
APrioriOfNothing: BEAR
fiftymcnasty: A spooky bear
Brok3nGol3m: katesLol katesLol katesLol
utilitybiscuits: gUYS
tim19862: lrrDARK Adam
Alchemistmerlin: JUMP BEAR
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
hippitybobbity: bois
MilkInBag: grabbing a bear = death scare jump
Papperslappen: lrrCREEPL lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrCREEPR
Boi_Ginny: Boo Bear
Nightvalien28: canadians are naturally afraid of bears
Rhynerd: The ghost is a teddy bead.
beregolas: clip it, that's the ticket
Lord_ZYRK: I, too, get terrified when picking things up sometimes Kappa
TacitusVigil: Turns out it was Five Nights at Freddy's all along. Kappa
mikialice: Jump Bear indeed
Tartarga: "We found the ghost DAH"
PhoenixMelior: JUMP BEAR!
hippitybobbity: come on now
Going_Medium: LOL @ work...
Aceman119: Jump bear
Tomasu82: scawy beah
tim19862: lol Alchemistmerlin
tendrilsoftragedy: a jump bear ...
richard_ermen: Adam's mom is going to love this xD
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CobaltShurikenReborn: welcome to the highlights
ImaUniqueUsername: Those scare bear collectors
Lord_ZYRK: Can you interact with the star that's trying to return to space?
sparrowsdinner: ah nostalgia with the arm robot thing
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
MilkInBag: WutFace
Foxmar320: I can already tell im gonna have some good clips to look at later
BrindleBoar: it gets worse!
m0nkeyrama: Huh
APrioriOfNothing: It got worse!
Lord_Hosk: thats normal
NimrodXIV: lrrFINE
Lord_ZYRK: Get rekt, Savidan PogChamp
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Ben and Adam
m0nkeyrama: See ya @TXC2 !
Robot_Bones: Doggo Poster !
Pteraspidomorphi: Invisible baby?
DeafMints: look under the baby bed
DeafMints: Theres blood i think?
Dared00: Goodnight @TXC2
MilkInBag: OhMyDog
Lord_Hosk: BOOOOO!
beregolas: maybe baby is vampire?
Lord_ZYRK: ResidentSleeper / TXC2
RichardMcSundy: pupper <3
DolGrenn: I think I messed up this recipe, can we watch that cooking show again?
noisyblizzard: nintendogs?
Lord_ZYRK: DolGrenn LUL
mikialice: Doggs are friendos
BlueMechanic: Can you watch the cooking show again?
LordoftheFros: Oh man, watch the dog painting warp later on.
1losttheGame: remember, we are a murderer, so we should just stab the spirit!
Lord_Hosk: did you forget the garlic?
arcaneIllumination: Instructions unclear, hand caught in bread.
Lord_Hosk: classic mistake
Papperslappen: Ghost pants
MilkInBag: you mean Battery GameplayTM
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Cw3040: those things seem like things you don't want to mix up
PhoenixMelior: !flush
m0nkeyrama: Spooky flush
Himyul: toe to tip, that's a toilet
blast__femur: yeah there's a suprising amount of detail
Juliamon: flush++
Lunareclipse123: Turlit
MrQBear: whats on the floor to the left of the toilet? o _o
tim19862: Great bought(I assume) assets
Robot_Bones: and the blood
Boi_Ginny: Now your feet are all wet
Sanityis0verrated: stress and blood
coelopteryx: oh good this bathroom has all the amenities, it has the toilet, the sink, and the shower. good good.
MilkInBag: shut that RIGHT NOW
coelopteryx: also i wanna know what "strut" smells like
BrieBeau: I used to have one of those!
itsrileypm1: Thanks, i hate it!
m0nkeyrama: Musicboxes seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Sarah_Serinde: I...swear I had a jewellery/music box *exactly* like that
LordoftheFros: Just open the door to the balcony, and throw yourself off.
Sarah_Serinde: Or at least close
thecanerdian: that cross outline seems significant
arcaneIllumination: Wow, nicely spotted Adam.
Himyul: there was a cross, the wall got dirty, then the cross was removed
MilkInBag: why is there nothing outside
DaMullet14: that's what happens when you have a cross on your wall and smoke a lot
Pteraspidomorphi: There was a cross there but it was recently removed
Sarah_Serinde: Definitely pink with a spinning ballerina
MilkInBag: just clouds
Pteraspidomorphi: So no mold behind it
Lazarus_18: man, do you live in the ghost realm?
HesGotNoPants: jesus was here, but he doesnt dust
1losttheGame: what if it floods!
Tiber727: They were watching StigmaTV.
BrieBeau: I'm bummed I'm late for this starting but I was whining about life.
tim19862: heh
mikialice: Turn all of the things on
Robot_Bones: We gotta pay for that water Ben
DrasonSpike: white noise Cd on the stereo
HesGotNoPants: @1lostthegame good plan, ghosts cant swim
hippitybobbity: that's where a cross used to be, what a cool detail
TheWriterAleph: piss off ghost!
cat_jpg: that is demonstrably false ben
Foxmar320: Ghost is like "wanna bet"
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Bengineering) [now] You can't scare me if I can't hear you, ghost!
LRRbot: New quote #5753: "You can't scare me if I can't hear you, ghost!" —Bengineering [2019-01-23]
ehsteveG: it looks like the suplexable monks in RE4
richard_ermen: xD
BrieBeau: Salt!
MilkInBag: salt
Alahmnat: at least these don't appear to be stolen Magic card artwork...
LordoftheFros: Fire
OleanderWhispers: leaving a fire unattended is a HAZARD
PhoenixMelior: get some PJSalt
arcaneIllumination: Burn your masks?
richard_ermen: And so, Final Fantasy 8 takes another two victirms.
LordoftheFros: Fire solves all problems.
DeafMints: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
DeafMints: basement?
BrieBeau: Salt, burn generally
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm not sure it's the spirit who's evil
HesGotNoPants: I'd start with s a
Lord_ZYRK: Ah yes, the ancient religious order of the Suplexable Monks
MilkInBag: salt the entrance, burn the house, leave
HesGotNoPants: salt
Lunareclipse123: Nah, you were wearing some kind of Black Metal corpse paint mask
LordoftheFros: Burn down the house and salt the earth?
RaemSturm: can you jump from the first floor and assassinate that freaking creaking lamp?
PhoenixMelior: SEPHIROTH
hippitybobbity: man I love Cradle of Filth
Jorge4hg: catacombs?
lifecharacter: Masimo we need you!
thecanerdian: @Pteraspidomorphi I'm low-key hoping the ghost wins
coelopteryx: now i'm just imagining a horror game where you don't give a heck about anything because your character's wearing headphones blasting some techno or somethin
NazakYuzak: :(
Lord_Hosk: the best way to vanquish spirits, is by watching public broadcasting
Nightvalien28: give us the cooking show
m0nkeyrama: No cooking time :(
malexus101: thanks
RichardMcSundy: read the film covers
Dared00: Masimo is dead too
BrieBeau: Where's Jensen Ackles? pjsalt100
APrioriOfNothing: It was beef, sauce, and bread.
Sarah_Serinde: I have to say, they at least put some effort into making this look like a real house that people really live in, even if the result isn't perfect. Seems like a lot of horror games don't tend to do that
APrioriOfNothing: And the garlic
banwidthraptor: more lawn mower music
Lord_ZYRK: coelopteryx insert earpods meme here
PhoenixMelior: APrioriOfNothing nah, he forgot the garlic
Catcard: Let's Nope PogChamp
BrindleBoar: Dr. Cow gum?
PhoenixMelior: also, fungus
Nightvalien28: Catcard hello good nerd
mikialice: I do appreciate the attention to a lot of details in the house design
m0nkeyrama: Catcard PogChamp
itsrileypm1: supernatural is a show
1losttheGame: where did the answering machine go? *thinking emoji*
lifecharacter: Ackles is a Supernatural boy.
Lord_ZYRK: N O P E C A R D PogChamp
DrasonSpike: take the knifge
Foxmar320: Thats how normal people store their knives
Jorge4hg: tha'rs a big knife
APrioriOfNothing: @PhoenixMelior You get the idea
BrieBeau: cuz Supernatural, Adam!
electric_claire: People who hate sharp knives
ehsteveG: Were WE the faux italian guy?!
MilkInBag: Sarah Palin?
DrasonSpike: pleasant falls
Sarah_Serinde hides
1losttheGame: thats us!
NazakYuzak: Pout
1losttheGame: wait
APrioriOfNothing: Darn it Gary!
MilkInBag: D:
Lord_Hosk: hahahha GARRY
mikialice: We the ghost!
Pteraspidomorphi: Makes sense
fiftymcnasty: I think youa re someone else now.
Gulleko: Gary eogPout
APrioriOfNothing: We ded
m0nkeyrama: I'm confused
A_Dub888: !card merchant of
LRRbot: Did you mean: Gray Merchant of Asphodel; Merchant of Secrets
PhoenixMelior: we're her!
DrasonSpike: are we the daughter
Papperslappen: The ghost was you!
OKB_1: I'm getting some P.T. vibes from this game. I approve.
gsyhiap: miiliGhost lrrSPOOP miiliGhost lrrSPOOP
Laserbeaks_Fury: "belived to be 19?" wtf?
TehAmelie: *aggressive pouting*
richard_ermen: Maybe we´re daughter?
Welbog: Look down, see who we are
A_Dub888: !card gray merchant
LRRbot: Gray Merchant of Asphodel [3BB] | Creature — Zombie [2/4] | When Gray Merchant of Asphodel enters the battlefield, each opponent loses X life, where X is your devotion to black. You gain life equal to the life lost this way.
NimrodXIV: "believe to be" does no one else know how old the daughter is?
Welbog: Ben, look at your torso!
HesGotNoPants: we da ghost, and a douche ghost
APrioriOfNothing: Is our daughter the ghost?
Foxmar320: Paper cut?! Nope im done
electroswagnetism: Yo dude we're a ghost haunted by another ghost
thecanerdian: are we...the realtor? Trying to flip the house?
1losttheGame: so who are we then?
APrioriOfNothing: WE FLOAT
killing_thyme: "before it's to late" is a weird way to end that sentence
blackwlf: Wait, look at that book again?
Welbog: Hm. Inconclusive torso.
Catcard: we do appear to have legge
ehsteveG: Slow Pot, more commonly known as 'edibles'
o0sk_ren0o: So, what? Are we a bound spirit?
MilkInBag: someone in montreal was hit with an axe 10 times, and 3 times in the head in 1980s and she survived, had no issues after
Lord_Hosk: I have solved it... the 19 year old did it
Lord_ZYRK: 👌
tim19862: katesLol
mikialice: We have Crunchy Nut here in the UK too - it's tasty :D
Aceman119: We have that in the uk
adi_pie: So Australians like to nut. Got it.
Invitare: it's in the UK too, how dare you Ben
Lord_ZYRK: Who doesn't like a nice c r u n c h y n u t
gsyhiap: Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are a UK cereal too
m0nkeyrama: Poor Funko
OleanderWhispers: Just because it's funny doesn't mean it can't also be hilarious
BrieBeau: that's a badass rat poison!
OleanderWhispers: *tasty
TheMerricat: any worse than grape nuts?
1losttheGame: are we burning down the house now? LUL
Catcard: that toaster is gonna pop and scare the shit out of me just like irl
fiftymcnasty: Who you gonna call?
Freshly_Toasted: Crunchy nut's in the UK too, it's pretty good. B tier cereal
APrioriOfNothing: Get that salt
StephenJM81: everything but your torso
Painfully_Dyslexic: you're accent wouldn't be out of place in rural queensland
Alchemistmerlin: None of the lights in this gd house work, but the toaster sure does
TacitusVigil: Hey, remember how that "Italian" accent was the worst accent we'd heard earlier? Kappa
Pteraspidomorphi: They mentioned tutorials in the Gameplay section of the menu
blackwlf: I think that book on the counter was about ghosts.
BrindleBoar: why is there so much baby stuff if the daughter is 19?
Sati90: Yeah it's a bit weird trying to play a character I really don't want to succeed. I mean, dude killed his wife and is now tormented by her ghost? Kinda serves him right?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hey Adam Ben and chat
Dix: froot froot
kitthethird: To say nothing of the Golden Gaytime (which sounds really yummy tbh)
PunkRockZoologist: we do indeed like to nut, and eat the Crunchy Nut
tim19862: artygroup baby food
BrieBeau: Hey @SydPreviouslyHeadache
Aceman119: I mean Australians have a icecream called a golden gaytime
Xenovita: BEN NO!
DrasonSpike: fill the baby
Laserbeaks_Fury: baby food for a daughter believed to be 19?
TheR676767: house simulator, with spoops as an added bonus
tim19862: gross
1losttheGame: BEN WHY
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ROFl i see i got here at a good time
mikialice: It hurts because it's true
DrasonSpike: empty the babbyt
thecanerdian: wait why do they have baby food if the daughter was grown up
Lord_ZYRK: Sati90 maybe not though 🤔
Aceman119: I don't think they care about names
Lord_Hosk: lol
Brok3nGol3m: excuse me
TehAmelie: i like some peanuts ever now and then
Lazarus_18: @Laserbeaks_Fury we have two children
PunkRockZoologist: @kitthethird Golden Gaytimes are the bomb. Best ice cream.
Cw3040: ow
ButterBall000: It's the mascot for Iron Maiden
BrieBeau: uh shit
Tempest2097: And now the metal breakdown
APrioriOfNothing: Sounds like a teen
LucyCloudberry: a hot planet of the apes boy
Pteraspidomorphi: I like her lyrics
DeafMints: @LoadingReadyRun you can turn the page of the book
DeafMints: press D
Baldrash: And now, we djent.
Alahmnat: we found Batman's lyrics notebook
itsrileypm1: I feel like that could be the lyrics to a Haethorne Heights song
SydPreviouslyHeadache: dang it Jace, get out of here
1losttheGame: wait you aren't ben? Kappa
DeafMints: THERES More in the book!
Tempest2097: @Lord_ZYRK Wow, super timing with that.
DrasonSpike: fuck that no, i dont want to be a teen again
Foxmar320: what is with the paintings in this house
tim19862: ozzy?
Laserbeaks_Fury: STOP! Who's turn is it next, ANSWER ME!
m0nkeyrama: Who would decorate with these paintings?
PulseGun: iif the daughter was 19, what is all the baby stuff for?
Lord_ZYRK: Tempest2097 that's what they pay me for SeemsGood
mikialice: Let's blame Grandma
Tempest2097: If you told me I could be a teenager again, I would probably turn you down
DeafMints: You can read more in the diary Ben - Adam!
Lysander_Gustav: This game is pretty bad
SydPreviouslyHeadache: we don't walk. we trundle
kitthethird: @PunkRockZoologist I want to find somewhere in the States that has them!
DeafMints: Press D to turn the page
Lunareclipse123: I wish I'd been more into Death Metal as a teenager... I only really got into it in my 20s
hippitybobbity: very Iron Maiden
MilkInBag: LUL
Tempest2097: Mostly because it was awful the first time
A_Dub888: !card stomping ground
LRRbot: Stomping Ground | Land — Mountain Forest | As Stomping Ground enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don’t, it enters the battlefield tapped.
Lysander_Gustav: Wow look at that screen tear
Catcard: moshi moshi :3
adi_pie: Wrong number.
APrioriOfNothing: Spirit?
MilkInBag: behind you
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TheWriterAleph: "Hello, is this ghost?"
Pteraspidomorphi: Can you speak up?
BrindleBoar: moshi moshi, ghost-desu
Nightvalien28: new phone who dis
ehsteveG: i too hold the phone vertically in front of my face
Brok3nGol3m: ASMR?
Wodar9: Hello? Can you speak up?
1losttheGame: damn it, its another spam call
Jorge4hg: go left
Catcard: owo what's this stalkerish whispering?
Lysander_Gustav: It's like they tried to make their own PT
Tempest2097: Sorry, you're breaking up!
thecanerdian: new ghost who dis
1losttheGame: they are so bad now
Robot_Bones: Yes this is dog
TehAmelie: "seven days"
Sati90: Sorry not interested... Thanks though
APrioriOfNothing: I'm sorry, could you repeat that order?
Aceman119: wrong number
A_Dub888: Translation: Drink your Ovaltine
cat_jpg: I think the last word was hogwarts
PunkRockZoologist: @kitthethird I hope you find one, y'all are missing out.
BrieBeau: aaaack I do not like scary phones
DeafMints: You can read more in the diary Ben - Adam!
Tempest2097: Look, look just call me back when you're out of the tunnel!
RaemSturm: thats how everyone would hold a phone, directly in front of your face
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MilkInBag: it said mphmffmpgmphmphmpmmpfmpfmphpmh
DeafMints: You press D to turn the page
Alahmnat: "You're going through a tunnel!"
VoodontWoW: Damn robocalls.
Lysander_Gustav: Wait, that's the same chandelier from PT!
Catcard: what happened
LordoftheFros: As a person who works at a pizza place, that's not scary. I have taken honest calls from people that softspoken.
tendrilsoftragedy: ha
Catcard: what did I miss that Adam did not miss
1losttheGame: WE CLOSED THAT
Welbog: Ben leaves everything on.
APrioriOfNothing: No he didnt
MilkInBag: the lamp @Catcard
m0nkeyrama: Ben spooked adam
thecanerdian: so like, game is winning on assets, objects, realistic home, but is losing me on directing the player
Robot_Bones: nothing they were spooped by the light fixture
Lord_Hosk: JUMP SCARE!
Dared00: @1losttheGame we closed the box, not the spinny thingy
TehAmelie: maybe it wants to be open world
BrindleBoar: maybe that ceiling hatch to the crawlspace/attic?
1losttheGame: oh
tendrilsoftragedy: @catcard it was the subscriber notification I think.
Boiler_bot: thecanerdian yeah we're bumbling around a lot
DeafMints: You can read more in the diary Ben - Adam!
Tempest2097: MY GOD, they're hacking the Septagon!
DeafMints: You just press D to turn thhe page
beregolas: hack the planet!
Kronopticon: can you get to the garage?
BrieBeau: haha
EvilBadman: I think they have a split card
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Foxmar320: lol
Lord_Hosk: rotate
I_Am_Clockwork: clip it
BrindleBoar: R to rotate you nerds
DrasonSpike: is the front cover story the script for the radi
tim19862: mystery broadcasts
Alahmnat: is it really a suicide if you accidentally drive into a tree while staring at your bloody hands?
ReynardWrecca: Engage Maximum Dignity.
beregolas: clip it, that's the ticket
APrioriOfNothing: R
Tempest2097: Oh boy
Frozendukie: TTours
tim19862: lol
TheWriterAleph: LUL
Larkonus: 7 4 1 4 3 5 7 4 Might be significant?
Tempest2097: Original Beer number 25!
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah it looked like a number startion
Tempest2097: They also have snacks at the Cinema
Xenovita: how do you get rid of a obese ghost? you exorcise it!
coelopteryx: the 25th beer that was ever made in history
Catcard: also hi @adi_pie :3
coelopteryx: they dug it out of a countryside and recreated the recipe
hippitybobbity: ben you dense bastard
quietcat: Ben: the plaid toga boi
EvilBadman: 6/6/99 the sexweednumber
tim19862: nice all blue plaid today Ben lrrBEEJ
adi_pie: Hey, @Catcard
ReydienOnline: IMINA74143574
thecanerdian: ruh roh raggy
Tempest2097: Uh
DrasonSpike: ghosts
Pteraspidomorphi: Sit down and read!
BrindleBoar: found ghost!
1losttheGame: fucking read the lore!
Foxmar320: oh gooooood
Lord_ZYRK: Gary is gone too BibleThump
Catcard: o_o
1losttheGame: ghost is mad about lore!
LordoftheFros: Shoulda read the whole thing
Frozendukie: ok im sorry, ill read the lore
RebekahWSD: Well
Bunzillah: but he said he waws good
Tempest2097: The Ghost is mad you read her diary!
LucyCloudberry: "you stay in there till you read the whole thing!!"
Wodar9: With that kind of penmanship? that is not shaking
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP katesScared naysyScare
DrasonSpike: thats a good effect
mikialice: What's behind the spooky door...?!
tim19862: woah
tim19862: katesWa katesOw
coelopteryx: beej's guardian presence is here
sparrowsdinner: well that's not good
TheWriterAleph: GHOST GON' GET CHU
Lord_ZYRK: Okay that's cool
ReydienOnline: that was a shadow, yeah?
Foxmar320: This is normal
thecanerdian: are we dead?
DrasonSpike: run?
adi_pie: Okay, that is a legit not bad effect.
dacardczar: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Alahmnat: that was a cool effect
PhoenixMelior: invisible beej
BrieBeau: Shit!!
Lord_ZYRK: That was rad as shit seabatBRAIN
NimrodXIV: nope nop enope
Tempest2097: Is it weird I find those vocals like, more sexytimes than spoopy?
BrindleBoar: spoop achieved
m0nkeyrama: that was spooooooky
Nightvalien28: NOOOOOOOPE
PunkRockZoologist: nopenopenopenopenope
Xenovita: LUL
mikialice: See ya!
kozguy: Time to end the stream?
BrieBeau: That was pretty NOPE
blast__femur: maybe we shoulda read that thing
thecanerdian: that was really good
APrioriOfNothing: You are home, Adam
itsrileypm1: That was so good and fuck that!
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DrasonSpike: read the rest?
Dared00: This game is GOOD.
gsyhiap: katesNope spiderNope katesNope spiderNope katesNope spiderNope
beregolas: wow, this game is actually good...
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: was that... restraint in a horror game?
Aceman119: lol bej just noped out
Pantsravaganza: well. live here now
GenericHerooo: O,O
Lord_Hosk: Clearly the trigger is Beej
APrioriOfNothing: Jealous ghost?
LucyCloudberry: gravekeeper tommy wiseau
Foxmar320: Perfectly normal photos in this home
malexus101: btw game is really good ln making the spoop
Gulleko: can we go look at that doggo now? I'm feeling spooked now
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
gsyhiap: FailFish
MilkInBag: LUL
1losttheGame: LUL
Lord_ZYRK: FailFish
tim19862: katesLol
Nightvalien28: omg
electroswagnetism: Adam? Asking for LORE!?
coelopteryx: wheeze
Nightvalien28: why are you both like this?
malexus101: BEN DAMMiT
Lord_ZYRK: This kills the Adam
beregolas: clip it, that's the ticket
Sarah_Serinde: Sooo trigger warning for domestic abuse if we didn't get that already
Pteraspidomorphi: Ben, will you have to edit 6 weeks of clips for this weekend?
Lysander_Gustav: :D
tendrilsoftragedy: this highlight stream is amazing
itsrileypm1: nature v nuture debate beings
LucyCloudberry: fucking hets
BrieBeau: Why are they AWESOME do you mean
Tempest2097: Sweet art
1losttheGame: basement full of booze, got it
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Robot_Bones: Cause they're BABIES
DrasonSpike: oh the pics changed
Lysander_Gustav: Oh, this is PT
TheWriterAleph: you know, just your normal house art in a normal house.
Lord_Hosk: maybe its domestic abuse... or maybe this journal was planted...
Catcard: not a fan, not a fan. not a fan.
m0nkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Catcard: noooooooooooooo
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's 100% the Gatekeeper, isn't it?
Catcard: pls no
RaemSturm: mirror, mirror....
BrieBeau: noooooo
Foxmar320: Normal door
MilkInBag: full nopes
Lysander_Gustav: Full sized mirror now Yay
blast__femur: who am I? Can I condemn this man to slavery?
Alahmnat: that seems normal
NimrodXIV: Hello Silent Hill 4
ehsteveG: Silent Hill 4 confirmed
electroswagnetism: I think it's locked
Wodar9: You know, I would love to see some speedruns of these spooky games
Catcard: whoa I love the soundtrack, very silent hill. Also, fuck this
TheR676767: bit excessive
DrasonSpike: dude needs to stop reading the the necronomicon
thecanerdian: that's such an inefficient use of chains
MilkInBag: huh oh
thecanerdian: ok game you have my attention
tim19862: wow
DrasonSpike: mirror world!
m0nkeyrama: Yooooo
BrieBeau: whoooa
BrindleBoar: mirror world!
corylus22: I've been looking at the man in the mirror!
adi_pie: Oh, we Silent Hill now, boys.
ehsteveG: Yooooooooo
I_Am_Clockwork: now we're in silent hill?
Lysander_Gustav: okay sure
Himyul: the MYR dimmension!
Laserbeaks_Fury: is everything mirroed?
Dared00: This game is DOOOOPE
Tempest2097: Oh man that's cool
tim19862: awesome
Lord_ZYRK: SeemsGood
coelopteryx: something something through the looking glass
Alahmnat: okay this is actually really neat
DrasonSpike: do the Koopas have mari heads?
Tempest2097: Oh I see, the writing's mirrored
argusthecat: As we all know, going into the mirror fixes everything, every time.
ReynardWrecca: Insanity Lies Beyond...it's very Linkin Park lyrics.
Foxmar320: Welcome to Silent Hill boys!
ReydienOnline: keep out was written "the right way" around
APrioriOfNothing: Descend into madness
arcaneIllumination: The sub basement!
argusthecat: Nothing bad EVER happens in mirrors.
Lord_ZYRK: This is a tiny basemeny
Pteraspidomorphi: It's a well lit basement!
Alahmnat: sub basement!
Lord_Hosk: Flaming ghost spiders?
ChangelingDruid: Suddenly, SONIC!
tendrilsoftragedy: spiders
MilkInBag: that's a very specific fear
1losttheGame: wtf Ben
Brok3nGol3m: wtf Ben
Lysander_Gustav: Yeah I've had that dream too
Larkonus: Brb, building a game for Ben's fear...
Catcard: so, a livimg mannequin
lifecharacter: Why must you make me think of that Ben.
Tempest2097: That's pretty spoopy
Freshly_Toasted: Oh the guy had his soul replaced by a demon from the mirror dimension
Going_Medium: birds? spiders?
Invitare: can you move in this nightmare, Ben? Is it Sleep Paralysis?
MilkInBag: LUL
Wodar9: hahahah
sparrowsdinner: both are valid fears
m0nkeyrama: LUL Adam
tim19862: yeah that
blackwlf: Thanks for the brand new nightmare, Ben.
Alahmnat: you okay there Ben?
RaemSturm: wait what
CapnRobert: lol
mikialice: Yeah, I'm gonna sleep well tonight
MrQBear: So we need to work that into a game and send a copy to Lets Nope!
Pandalore: Valid fear
ehsteveG: Me too Adam!
Going_Medium: Flaming clown spiders?
malexus101: Ben now I'm gonna have nightmaers
Tempest2097: My childhood fear was being eaten by a black hole.
argusthecat: THANKS ADAM.
DeafMints: Have you heard of Eyeless Jack Ben?
Sati90: You "don't" know why? WTF BEN?
BrindleBoar: that's an Australian problem
DrasonSpike: rats on the nutsack
Laserbeaks_Fury: the labels are all mirrored
Laserbeaks_Fury: thats cool
tim19862: LUL
DrasonSpike: there was about that on a feed dump
s0lesurviv0r: Ben, that sounds like a scene from Annihilation
lifecharacter: Wubs
Tempest2097: Wow they really did due diligence with the mirroring
Brok3nGol3m: Beej really trusts the people on the 3rd floor
itsrileypm1: I'm learning new fears for me to have every day, lol
tendrilsoftragedy: i saw that ghost person thing once when I was on Holiday as a kid. parents later told me the place was meant to be haunted.
electroswagnetism: Adam has aussie nightmares
SydPreviouslyHeadache: eels up inside you, finding an enterance where they can
Lysander_Gustav: oh good a puzzle
coelopteryx: that basement is about the same level of dingy & spooky as the basement in this house where i live anyway
LordoftheFros: ooh, the mysterious broadcast?
MilkInBag: check in the box
PunkRockZoologist: Adam, it sounds like you've had Australians lying to you.
Himyul: Ben, would it be worse to see the mannequin in the mirror?
Lord_ZYRK: I had sleep paralysis with a giant Grey (the alien) standing beside my bed, looming over me, slowly leaning closer
Pandalore: your moving the boxes
TehAmelie: when i get spooped i don't want to look through windows or in mirrors. don't know what you might see.
Tempest2097: Fun fact, one of the things they never test for in ghost houses is Carbon Monoxide, because it can cause hallucinations
Kraest wubs along with the soundtrack
A_Catastrophic_Success: I wasn’t scared of that before, Adam, BUT I AM NOW!
matthew_dauber: hiya ben benginHi time to scream
BrieBeau: I'm super spooped
Tempest2097: OH BOY
Foxmar320: Perfectly normal
DrasonSpike: fried egg?
Lysander_Gustav: Sure a portal to hell. Why not.
matthew_dauber: also hai adam i guess
mikialice: Hail Satan
Tempest2097: We got us a Satan boys
Wodar9: Is that an AXE to kill spiders with?
thecanerdian: "Black widow tools?" AKA "murder your spouse device?"
Alahmnat: Perfectly Normal
PhoenixMelior: oh look we found Satan
Freshly_Toasted: I knew it! DEmon posessed
Lord_ZYRK: Is this the origin story of Doom Guy? 🤔
Rockario: Damn...the mask!
itsrileypm1: surprise its an fma prequel!
MilkInBag: TheIlluminati
Larkonus: They're just trying out for KISS, there's nothing to worry about.
Tempest2097: I reckon there's a whole Satan in there.
Foxmar320: Im led to believe every basement has this correct?
Dared00: It's The Ascension
Lysander_Gustav: mmm offal
Brok3nGol3m: yup, just walk right into the circle
Catcard: dude, what if the mask had just straight up launched at your face when you turned it around?
Jorge4hg: necronomicon greatest hits
Inquisitor_Xian: klaatu barrada NYKTHO
MadAran87: Excuse me - was the bleeding hole in the wall talking?
tim19862: still lit, odd
RaemSturm: whats on the wall?
Gen2Gengar: That looks like a Blut Aus Nord album cover
Sati90: Dammit Necronomicon. Why do you keep doing this?
Tempest2097: @Catcard What if it had jumped when you touched it?
GenericHerooo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:01:49.
mikialice: We're just trying to make some Masimo meat rolls, right...?
BrieBeau: That's so gross, ugh
LordoftheFros: HAIL STAN
TheWriterAleph: "One of these Satan candles has gone out. BETTER LIGHT IT."
Tempest2097: HALE STAN
Boi_Ginny: Klaatu barrada nothankyou
Tempest2097: Stan is really healthy
DrasonSpike: are there preserves on flesh on the shelf there?
matthew_dauber: whats the plot so far?
SkylerRingtail: Did we have to look through the hole in the wall?
Laserbeaks_Fury: there was a hole in the wall
Aceman119: rain satan
matthew_dauber: if any
Larkonus: Oh good, diapers. Those might come in handy.
DeafMints: I think you're supposed to read the book guys?
cat_jpg: werent the fuses there? in the small allcove?
Aceman119: sun Satan
Alchemistmerlin: Why do people in horror games have so many paintings? Why did this trope happen?
Tempest2097: Ohhhh healthy
A_Catastrophic_Success: KLAATU BARADA.... necktie? Definitely an N word...
blast__femur: Considering the weird shit on the easel, that makes sense
tim19862: hehe
blackwlf: Brand of Ox Bellows.
arcaneIllumination: OX BEERROWS!
thecanerdian: @matthew_dauber ambiguously: a married couple with a lost child, abusive relationship, husband may or may not have killed wife? May have been possessed?
DeafMints: I think you guys were supposed to read the books
Aceman119: cloudy with a chance of Satan
matthew_dauber: oof
RaemSturm: i think you missed something on the wall at the ritual thingy, the sound was coming from there
matthew_dauber: thanks canderdian
adi_pie: Reeboks can be my favorite shoes and drink. Kappa
Lysander_Gustav: Oh yeah, didn't he come in through the dumbwaiter to kill that lady?
Kerrisis: Looks like Fosters to me...
Catcard: was it not there on the shelf upstaris?
malexus101: wasn't there an extra candle on the desk?
lifecharacter: Can we interact with the satan voice hole?
Tempest2097: Oh boy mirradio!
DeafMints: Can you interact with the book. I think you need to read the book to progress?
MilkInBag: there is a glory to satan hole
Sanityis0verrated: i was trying to make dinner and an now sitting on the stairs watching
blackwlf: Lighter?
Tempest2097: Oh another box
Comeback323: Theres a lighter next to the box of fuses
malexus101: the candle!
A_Catastrophic_Success: Ben, Adam, are you boys playing in the upside-down?
Lord_ZYRK: MilkInBag wow
TheR676767: oh hey. it's not mirrored
Kraest: @a_catastrophic_success Nah, just the backwards :P
Lysander_Gustav: He turned to black magic to get art skills?
Catcard: alright I have to go eat something, somebody keep me in mind when I come back and tell me what I missed (I'll be gone like 2 minues)
Alahmnat: oh, good point R67
MilkInBag: @Lord_ZYRK I am a professional MingLee
Sati90: Snacrifice
thecanerdian: eyyyy we got a shopping list!
Lysander_Gustav: I feel vaguely insulted
tim19862: yay
Jorge4hg: rude
AGiantRoach: uh ohhhhh
Foxmar320: oh good
Lord_ZYRK: C'mon, man, I just organized those shelves DansGame
Saphiroko: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:04:54.
APrioriOfNothing: Hi, angry spirit here
LucyCloudberry: nice try ghost
MilkInBag: get em
sorinplaneswalker: there's some really good spoops here!
1losttheGame: what a rude spirit
Wodar9: Stop breaking all my stuff ghost!!!
matthew_dauber: hai moooom
1losttheGame: someone has to clean that up!
NimrodXIV: no thank you
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
OKB_1: Passive aggressive spirit
Lysander_Gustav: I should watch those ghost hunter parodies sometime
thecanerdian: yah, I'm prepared to call this a good game :)
lifecharacter: I don't like it
BrieBeau: why are all of my lights off
Brok3nGol3m: she has gas
itsrileypm1: MOPE
MilkInBag: RIP
Tempest2097: She's really getting some vocal fry in there.
itsrileypm1: NOPE
cat_jpg: so dark
Tempest2097: OH FUCK
matthew_dauber: inb4 she is behind us
Larkonus: I think she needs to sneeze.
mikialice: Honey, I'm home....?
thecanerdian: did we just get rekt?
Brok3nGol3m: doogEvil doogEvil
wench_tacular: um
utilitybiscuits: those are some goooood noises
gsyhiap: katesNope spiderNope katesNope spiderNope katesNope spiderNope
RaemSturm: bellyrekt!
DrasonSpike: is she re real billian
Type_One___: cheer200 Spoop level overload!!
Lunareclipse123: were you crouched or something?
Catcard: god dammit what did I miss
TheWriterAleph: stare at the paint as you diiiieee
1losttheGame: THE PAINT DID US IN
Freshly_Toasted: You were crouching and got ghosted
matthew_dauber: deep breathes everyone
abaoa_qu: Adam wanted to be a daemonologist when he grew up, untill he found out about all the homework
Lord_ZYRK: C O U L O R P R O
1losttheGame: LEAD PAINT KILLS
Type_One___: benginRip
Kramburger: Morning friends, are we big spoops today?
Sati90: She sure snapped our neck
tim19862: kaypikeWE kaypikeCANDO kaypikeTHIS lrrAWESOME
hippitybobbity: boi howdy I hate this
TheR676767: it's gotta be the unsettling movements
Robot_Bones: oh hey sorin how is being in a rock in innistrad?
cat_jpg: it IS groundhog day
m0nkeyrama: This game is spooky af
Lysander_Gustav: It's interesting, if a bit unpolished
thecanerdian: the ripply shadow effect was *kisses fingers*
noisyblizzard: sha sha sha
theawesomeonev2: just got here how long they been on brake??
Cw3040: about 30 seconds
m0nkeyrama: just went
Aceman119: Just started
theawesomeonev2: oh my horrible timing strikes again
Jug_R_Not: Ugh that was a bad time to jump in haha
thecanerdian: honestly for being a solo-developed game this is really quite good
m0nkeyrama: agreed
Larkonus: guyjudgeButt bldfBUTT guyjudgeButt bldfBUTT guyjudgeButt bldfBUTT
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeButt guyjudgeButt
kitthethird: Yay butts!
BrieBeau: frankerz100 A doggo to relieve the spookiness! This is my fave show but holy crap I'm scared to heck.
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cat_jpg: are you gonna swith over to maximum overSPOOP
Brok3nGol3m: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
m0nkeyrama: lrrHEART lrrHEART benginHeart benginHeart seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
Boi_Ginny: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
itsrileypm1: This is why y'all are awesome
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Lord_ZYRK: She poopin
1losttheGame: she went to the bathroom!
Lysander_Gustav: Was this made after Layers of Fear?
TehAmelie: that sounds like the bad poops
Theteddybear676: Ben and Adam = The Best!!!!
1losttheGame: snake in the toilet!
Dared00: you'll be in the pooper soon
Larkonus: Well yeah, eventually I'll need to use the toilet. Duh.
coelopteryx: i like the wallpaper
1losttheGame: watch out! Adam's fear is coming for us!
EmpyrealHell: every game, regardless of genre or tone, needs a working, flushable toilet
NimrodXIV: welp
Lysander_Gustav: Did the room change?
tim19862: lol
brainbosh: Is this a younger Maggie?
Lord_ZYRK: Fake Canada Boy Ben Kappa
Tempest2097: Aw.
EJGRgunner: "Ah, right. I forgot. We're from Canada." - Ben
blast__femur: or getting younger, apparently
theawesomeonev2: nice it refrance
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Mr game and watch
Lunareclipse123: I think they're growing down
brainbosh: Ghost fart?
TheWriterAleph: just floor farts
kitthethird: I love [Video Game]!
Pteraspidomorphi: Every time you go under the attic trapdoor it creaks
BrieBeau: Those paintings are the goddamn terribles
Tempest2097: Oh that's weird.
Pteraspidomorphi: I bet we visit at some point
Lysander_Gustav: sure why not
benegesseritmother: physics
Lord_ZYRK: Haunted box WutFace
tim19862: katesLol lrrAWESOME
itsrileypm1: lmao game
1losttheGame: GHOST
mikialice: PHYSICS
thecanerdian: @Lysander_Gustav RE: Layers of Fear, yes, this came out late last year.
cat_jpg: Thats a baeut
ReynardWrecca: Spooooooky balancing!
Ryenji: lrrJUDGE
U_Dude: I think there was an option to play that tape
tim19862: BabyRage
SydPreviouslyHeadache: shakin dat ass
Tempest2097: Ducky!
Catcard: wak
Robot_Bones: is doggo poster gone?
Lord_ZYRK: :V
1losttheGame: not the dog!
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: wak
Lord_ZYRK: Treadle machine PogChamp
NimrodXIV: lewd
ThePerrBearr: dat clipping
Lysander_Gustav: Maybe the sewing machine was an inheritance
tim19862: lol love that slide mechanic
blast__femur: first you see a boobie, now this
cat_jpg: are you jumping time, or alternate timelines?
Boi_Ginny: They turn off their coliders and make sweet love
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: g a m e p l a y
Laserbeaks_Fury: "I want you to flip me....Over."
kumatsu: The cardboard box breeding ground: IKEA
ehsteveG: who would've thought walkie talkie is a recessive gene
OKB_1: Just ask Boxnard
tim19862: smaller walkie boxes
NimrodXIV: that was the only shower
Lysander_Gustav: ew
BrieBeau: eeeew
tim19862: walkie boxen Kappa
Lysander_Gustav: um, okay
Tempest2097: Other way around for efficient water use actually
1losttheGame: why not the tank?? thats cleaner!
ehsteveG: that sounds like something Trent Beretta would say
m0nkeyrama: Oh no, hide mechanics
NimrodXIV: oh....goooood
Catcard: nooooooo whyyyyy
Tempest2097: They use the wash your hands water for flushing
OKB_1: Speedrun strats
drcanonball: deep worry
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh god, there's nothing more creepy than discovering you can hide in a game
Lysander_Gustav: so now we're in Outlast. Cool.
Lysander_Gustav: okay
Catcard: this game was so good and now we have a hide mechanic
cat_jpg: check the drawers?
Kronopticon: you need to check the top right drawer though.
Catcard: in a place where you're cornered
ThePerrBearr: it's getting faster?
noisyblizzard: those poeple with the rave again
Alahmnat: the cross is on the wall now
Lysander_Gustav: oh
1losttheGame: oh
Lord_ZYRK: FeelsBadMan
tim19862: oof
Brok3nGol3m: jeepers
Lunareclipse123: Yikes
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES BibleThump
Lysander_Gustav: are we playing Maggie?
TheWriterAleph: "Just Satan things, honey."
FireBasilisk53: wait, didn't she say she couldn't draw
tim19862: wow
brainbosh: Wasn't maggie dead/gone in 1999
Freshly_Toasted: He sacrificed maggie to satan
1losttheGame: oh, a tooth!
kitthethird: Wait how did she lose a toooth?
Alahmnat: keep maggie safe
drcanonball: send sos
BrieBeau: I thought that was him that lost a tooth
OKB_1: Less good battery's in 1999
ThePerrBearr: are you in high heels
thecanerdian: hahaha nice
m0nkeyrama: Oooooh myyyyyy
1losttheGame: FUCK
sparrowsdinner: oh boy that really got me
ThePerrBearr: CURB STOMPEd
adi_pie: Welcome to the Family, son.
Freshly_Toasted: I was terrified by YOU GUYS
blackwlf: Curb stomped.
tim19862: yup, near by
JosephDeath: Lol
Lysander_Gustav: okay that was a good one
lifecharacter: She just stomps your face.
Catcard: you got stomped the FUCK OUT
Lunareclipse123: pls no steppy
Pteraspidomorphi: Ben you missed the face stomp
Boi_Ginny: Very good
A_Dub888: FOOT
utilitybiscuits: yOWZER
sir_jack_DB: [scream]
Himyul: she, uh.... she came right at you
cat_jpg: Yeah that spooped me
Gen2Gengar: Jesus christ you guys
TheWriterAleph: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
itsrileypm1: I looked away at the right time!
TweakyCZ: i'm taking off my headphones!!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: !mighty_foot
Pandalore: Im adam right now
Freshly_Toasted: Tooth in the dinner room
Kronopticon: Holy Moly!
theawesomeonev2: i looked away 😭
ThePerrBearr: pbbbbbt
kitthethird: Oh it was him, okay
TheWriterAleph: she sounds like the grudge
Galactic_pain: I feel like I just missed something great
BrieBeau: I'm too scared to get up and turn on my lights so I just have a lamp lol
TehAmelie: what if we're already in the mirror
Lysander_Gustav: Step on me ghostie
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: maybe we have to go pick up the tooth?
Xenovita: rave in her grave!
cutaos: grandma having a rave in the grave
cutaos: oh, hah ya that
JosephDeath: @TehAmelie Last time they were in the mirror all the text was backwards
Tempest2097: Healthy relationshiiiiiip
tim19862: fun
Galactic_pain: lrrSPOOP
Lysander_Gustav: nice atmosphere
Tempest2097: Biggest Kappa I can muster
ReydienOnline: long hallway!
m0nkeyrama: whaaaat
Lord_ZYRK: We installed that switch so Grandma could turn the lights on and off, not so Granny could throw lightswitch raves DansGame
cat_jpg: this is not the same house
m0nkeyrama: spooky hallways :(
ReynardWrecca: Blimey. This is not un-spoopy.
BrieBeau: damn they're just pushing that perspective to make it real spooky
FireBasilisk53: I'm not sure that's the mom's journal we're reading since it's full of drawings and she said at the start she couldn't draw
Lysander_Gustav: I mean, there's a lot here that looks like PT
m0nkeyrama: these noises
TheWriterAleph: call the ghostbusters!
ehsteveG: lrrSACK
SpookySpaghooti: Why is Beej sucking on chips in the mic
Galactic_pain: lrrSACK
TehAmelie: riddle: why do mirrors flip things left and right and not upside down?
benegesseritmother: is this PT?
Tempest2097: Oh dear
Tempest2097: Now she's on the painkillers.
TheWriterAleph: PT TIME
ThePerrBearr: unlucky for some
SpookySpaghooti: @benegesseritmother no but its very similar
1losttheGame: noooooo
Himyul: suddenly PT
1losttheGame: not cameras
m0nkeyrama: Camera mechanics
benegesseritmother: oh its project 0
m0nkeyrama: suuure
tim19862: yay
Inquisitor_Xian: oh god! are we fatal framing?
BrieBeau: OH NO IS IT LIKE THE SCARY ONE! From the other game!! jeezus!
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Look at this photograph...
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: we fatal frame now?
Boi_Ginny: Bravo game
Tempest2097: That's fucking clever AF
m0nkeyrama: 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
MrQBear: Yo! That's cool!
tim19862: nice
Catcard: PogChamp
Lord_ZYRK: gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap
Lysander_Gustav: Yay for hints
arcaneIllumination: That is nice!
Gizmoloid: Are we in Fatal Frame now?
Tempest2097: GOOD DESIGN
gsyhiap: 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Jorge4hg: nice
1losttheGame: wow, this guy is so cool
ReynardWrecca: Excellent.
Lysander_Gustav: and unlimited ammo
Cw3040: 👏 👏 👏 👏👏 👏 👏 👏
Dared00: I love this game so much
blast__femur: They did it. They made a game that doesn't suck
EJGRgunner: What were they applauding?
tim19862: teaching the player? unheard of LUL
thecanerdian: the polaroid is a great touch, as you get to watch the horrible thing appear slowly
Asimech: @EJGRgunner At good game design.
tim19862: neat
ehsteveG: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:20:38.
Tempest2097: Goddamn this looks good.
TehAmelie: suck it, games that let you see ghosts through your camera phone
Lysander_Gustav: Camera obscura stuff going on. Nice.
ReynardWrecca: Yeah, the polaroid delay is wonderful. Force you to wait.
Alchemistmerlin: I really wanted that picture to say "Too Close"
NimrodXIV: being not alone here is the problem
ehsteveG: almost 90 minutes to a key, not bad horror game, not bad
Tempest2097: Take a picture of the TV!
Lord_ZYRK: EJGRgunner they put boxes of film in the world so that, even though you have unlimited film, it will hint that there is something you can find with the camera
Jorge4hg: always
1losttheGame: thats how you get through the first night!
ThePerrBearr: we gonna duck hunt?
TheWriterAleph: YES
Baldrash: YAY!
Dared00: YESS
m0nkeyrama: YEAH!
blast__femur: Yeah this key felt earned. Like I'm invested now
ehsteveG: YES!
arcaneIllumination: It keeps the kids out of your way.
thecanerdian: live action video!!!
malexus101: they spelled it right now!!!
Catcard: omg
blackwlf: There's blood. And a skull on the opening frame.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are we Max Caulfield now?
Freshly_Toasted: New episode!
Freshly_Toasted: Also blood
Tempest2097: Uh
Dared00: Massimo has two "S"es now!
RebekahWSD: Oh dear
tim19862: random blood yay
kitthethird: Okay but why blood tho
Alahmnat: it's *another* one omg
sparrowsdinner: heh you know
1losttheGame: thats not chicken! THATS HUMAN
blackwlf: Damnit Ben why.
ThePerrBearr: ben, no
Dared00: oooh, Kevin MacLeod music
BrieBeau: That's so frickin creepy
ReynardWrecca: Feels like one specific SCP.
DolGrenn: Man I'm hungry
Lysander_Gustav: There's a lot of stuff going on here. Lots of different things. Maybe they should focus on like one or two things
ehsteveG: Hey look a bargraph!
Tempest2097: Wow
Lord_ZYRK: Dared00 just what I was thinking
thecanerdian: this is fantastic
Alahmnat: this feels like a Straub video
tim19862: LUL
NimrodXIV: woooow
Alahmnat: like, Local 58
hippitybobbity: woooooow
OKB_1: 👌👌👌👌 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
m0nkeyrama: Uh
Tempest2097: Oh that was unexpected
Freshly_Toasted: lamb
Lysander_Gustav: This is very Adult Swim
Himyul: get punished, brah
Freshly_Toasted: LAMB
lifecharacter: Is... is Masimo Satan?
1losttheGame: its smoky
TehAmelie: makes me long for more American Gods on TV
EvilBadman: Local 58 doesn't have like humor, though.
OKB_1: Love IT
richard_ermen: @Alahmnat Not as refined, but I know what you mean.
Gascitygaming: !next
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ThePerrBearr: does camera have unlimited film?
Rockario: Bourbon: 1 part beer, 1 part red soda
malexus101: this is kinda racist innit?
TheWriterAleph: a spoopsperson?
SpookySpaghooti: I swear to God he just said Spooksperson
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: what a deeply unsettling way to imply someone punching the crap out of someone else without actually showing it
SpookySpaghooti: not racist at all lol
blast__femur: It's so obviously over the top I think it's supposed to be unsettling
blast__femur: which, accomplished that one
Tempest2097: I've never had good poutine
EJGRgunner: As an Italian-American I found it a little offensive
Himyul: is it appropriation if I like Poutine too?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh look it's Grove of the Burnwillows
Rockario: It's just using a badd accent, not really playing on an Italian stereotype as far as I can tell
tim19862: I'd like to try poutine some time
Baldrash: I have cheese curds. I should turn some of those into poutine.
Dared00: also it's supposed to be a crappy public access TV
ThePerrBearr: stereotypes exist for a reason. there were enough instances to form a pattern
Tempest2097: Whoa now
Sethro420: Poutine for the win
SquareDotCube: and your maple syrup! :P
BrieBeau: Stereotypical, not racist - still could be evidence of prejudice so it's problematic, but not everyone may agree.
Tempest2097: Canned whiskey?
Tempest2097: What
I_Am_Clockwork: we're now doing the Layers of Fear/PT thing of the house now not obeying laws of reality and being filled with more rooms than it should
kitthethird: Cool whiskey technology!
Anubis169: Ben watch out! There's a ghost next to you! lrrSPOOP
Tempest2097: Canned whiskey sounds awful
TehAmelie: maybe the actor is Italian
OKB_1: It's like fatal frame, but not shit
TheWriterAleph: avon calling
Asimech: Nowhere near all stereotypes exist for a _good_ reason. Sometimes people made assumption based on a _single_ event or even from a fictitious piece of work.
Phailhammer: I imagine its a pre-mix.
LucyCloudberry: hey it's your gatekeeper again. throw me one a them beers would ya
BrieBeau: That's so metal!
SquareDotCube: Nothing like a can of Old Milwhiskey
Himyul: is it just me, or could a lot of this art be magic cards?
Lysander_Gustav: Look at all these pictures stolen from Deviantart
Tempest2097: That looks awesome
ReynardWrecca: Looks like a Magic card, yeah.
thecanerdian: like this game definitely borrows from a lot of mainstay games, but the important thing is that it's taking the CORRECT lessons from those games
Cw3040: these look like MtG card art
blast__femur: Is that a magic card?
ThePerrBearr: those look like card arts
TheR676767: that painting looks like rad magic art
Baldrash: That looks like the cover to a power metal album.
1losttheGame: no thank youuuuuu
Tempest2097: That is some really neat art
blast__femur: we're on the same page, chat
utilitybiscuits: nnnnnope that's a bad face
BrieBeau: Grody
BrieBeau: WHOA
m0nkeyrama: whaaaaaat
Lunareclipse123: waaaat?
tim19862: welp
SpookySpaghooti: oh hey RE7
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I'm waiting for one of these paintings to blink
ThePerrBearr: sorry, wrong door
ReynardWrecca: Blimey.
Baldrash: RIP?
Worldbuild: FUN!
karpma: awh lord
thecanerdian: some kind of horrible meat man?
haliberdk: Did we ded?
Freshly_Toasted: The heck?
Tempest2097: You guys were in a mental hospital for a minute there
BrieBeau: Is this some Event Horizon shit?
Robot_Bones: k
EvilBadman: Occupado!
blast__femur: Occupado!
lifecharacter: We just opened the demon room. First on the left like in most hallways.
Gascitygaming: How to tell if we are making the progress?
1losttheGame: IM GOOD THANKS
Tempest2097: Like, the building changed into a mental hospital
korvys: Ben, it's rude to walk in on people pooping
TehAmelie: Ace Ventura voice: do not go in there
AerialPosterior: Stomping grapes for that jam
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: did we get stomped by the monster from the painting?
DeafMints: maybe camera on the doors?
Sati90: OCUPADO!
Alrawn: We do get to watching Cooking With Massimo again if we died
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: also did the painting have the title "WRATH"?
blast__femur: James talking in the background really got me, gang
kozguy: Those looked like drugs. Quick, take them and trip out while the ghost zombie lady comes after you!
ehsteveG: [spirit photo taken]
mikialice: I whip ma hair back and forth
Lysander_Gustav: oh hey a hopsital
NimrodXIV: don't
kozguy: Sees ghost, quickly proceeds to take photo and wait for it to develop before leaving
arcaneIllumination: That makes it clear you did something wrong without having to go through the annoyance of replaying. I like that.
m0nkeyrama: Insta death door
tim19862: ah
Tempest2097: Seriously, that building is definitely a mental hospital
haliberdk: For Science
DeafMints: Maybe use the camera on the doors?
MrQBear: hold on, i just got back, have we moved areas?
DeafMints: Might reveal something?
TehAmelie: i don't have stereo sound so i'm getting the same disorienting experience as Ben. . .
Tempest2097: They don't reinforce regular hospital doors that much
BrieBeau: Why's it always gotta be mental hospitals
OleanderWhispers: we've done the science, roaring meat door is a no go
BrieBeau: Like
Kraest: LRRning!
TheR676767: man this is p spooky
Worldbuild: #blameJames
blast__femur: Roaring meat door is what they called me in high school
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korvys: Maybe third time is the charm?
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: and bothered
ThePerrBearr: hot and scared 3
Tempest2097: @BrieBeau Because I've seen the insides and guts of a real hospital and it ain't look like that
Tomasu82: hot and sweaty spoopy bois
thecanerdian: imagine if James was on the phone
Phailhammer: WARK WARK
m0nkeyrama: Jigsaw?
itsrileypm1: im canadian i want to only cold
TehAmelie: what.
ThePerrBearr: if you die enough times it gives you hints?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I thought it was 8
EvilBadman: Cool, it's the Trivia Murder Party guy
drcanonball: not four?
TheMerricat: the lonely number is....
Pteraspidomorphi: Unsubscribe
mikialice: BIG REVEAL
Gascitygaming: Come back, i wanna play a game!
tim19862: hehe
Boi_Ginny: Who builds their house with a hallway to the hospital. Honestly.
1losttheGame: the phone has to be the clue system if we die too many times
BrieBeau: @Tempest2097 What i mean is I'm tired of seeing them in all the haunting stuff. Mental illness is like, a real thing. It's just a little insensitive and can be triggering.
Mox_Hagdorm: You know, one is....dang it Adam lol
1losttheGame: thats really cool
TheR676767: "dave we told you not to record this on a motorcycle"
NazakYuzak: LUL
gsyhiap: LUL
m0nkeyrama: LUL
drcanonball: there was definately something
NimrodXIV: do not door
DeafMints: The doors have numbers!!!
m0nkeyrama: no more doors plz
Gascitygaming: rooms have numbers on doors, check for room 13
toomanybears: maybe the 13th door?
ReynardWrecca: Maybe look for Room 13 or some such?
emrafool: take a pic of the screaming lady
FireBasilisk53: open the 13th room
kozguy: Wait, Ben you didn't try that other door on the left
Asimech: There are windows on the doors. Could peering in give you a hint?
DeafMints: Check room 13?
Pandalore: Whats behind Doooooor number 2?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I think you need to keep opening them. For science.
Tempest2097: @BrieBeau Truth. Mental Health is definitely stigmatized a lot.
tim19862: ah
Gizmoloid: Take a photo of the door?
Pteraspidomorphi: Unlucky... for some
TheMerricat: and the wall says "Unlicky for some:
BrieBeau: Speaking of which Adam & Ben! Might be good to include a trigger warning for mental hospitals and alcoholism/additction.
haliberdk: Hold the door PepeHands
wench_tacular: we've learned a valuable lesson
Laserbeaks_Fury: there was a number on the creppy jam lady
Katten_Rastyr: Hello gud bois cirHi
Tempest2097: But yeah, Hospitals aren't scary.
Kraest: The hospital...section of the house
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: what's behind door number 2? Screaming murder. It's always murder.
arcaneIllumination: Unlucky for some? So, is that talking about 13?
Pandalore: MR CHEAT!!!
Pteraspidomorphi: The system...
DeafMints: Also can you use the camera on a door?
ehsteveG: The Cheat is GROUNDED
Tempest2097: They're just confusingly laid out
blast__femur: Even if I figured this out I would still try all the doors just to be sure
Tomasu82: bad the-ben.
DeafMints: Can you take a photo of the doors?
kozguy: Open that door
kozguy: No, that one!
TehAmelie: the hospital in my town is pretty scary. especially the catacombs connecting the separate buildings underground
thecanerdian: this is from when they lost their first child
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I'm betting they lost a kid
blast__femur: Please don't name your company that
ThePerrBearr: did baby die?
Katten_Rastyr: Whispering on the radio naroScared
thecanerdian: the wife wrote about "Michael" dying in her diary
Dix: TheIlluminati Security huh
Tomasu82: it soudned like they lost their kids along the way...
itsrileypm1: "We here at Sauron Security!"
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the wife said "since Michael went away"
Robot_Bones: Micheal died
1losttheGame: something that happened to cause us to drink?
KV1NN4: Micheal was the baby i think?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I'm guessing Michael died
1losttheGame: or the killer to drink?
arcaneIllumination: Someone broke in and killed the baby and robbed them?
DeafMints: Can you take a photo of one of the doors
Gascitygaming: that's the rhythm she was hitting her head against the door with
thecanerdian: @arcaneIllumination wait we Max Payne?
MaybeTara: uh I had to go make food. Why are we in a hospital now?
Tempest2097: It's gonna be a face right next to the camera
Lunareclipse123: Wasn't the baby a baby in 1999? It probably shouldn't be there in 1990
Lunareclipse123: Linear time or something
Tempest2097: We PT now
arcaneIllumination: @thecanerdian I don't know.
kozguy: Quick, take a pircture
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: silly Ben. It's never the wind blowing.
kitthethird: Maybe they couldnt throw anything away, like facing their grief? Idunn
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mistborn83: Hi Friends
haliberdk: Yea, we're back home, sweet sweet home NotLikeThis
Alahmnat: that was well done
DolGrenn: It's a tarp!
Catcard: omg my stream is buffering at a moment like this
BrieBeau: The heartbeat is SUPER effective.
TheR676767: photo?
TehAmelie: what do you make imitation marble out of?
Tempest2097: Oh she's mad now
VelvetFalcon: Hi friend!
thecanerdian: I'm into it
noisyblizzard: she's gonna step on us coxWipe
BrieBeau: omg
GrandLlamaQ: So how many "shake it like a polaroid picture" jokes have I missed?
Tomasu82: uh
ReynardWrecca: Oh blimey.
VelvetFalcon: Hugs are nice.
blast__femur: that is NOT allowed, Ma'am
Dix: Ranch'd
Tomasu82: ok im freaked
kozguy: So, we died?
m0nkeyrama: Nice!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ma'am? ma'am.
1losttheGame: this is really well made
Bartlebad: So Spoopy
arcaneIllumination: @GrandLlamaQ None, I think.
Lysander_Gustav: There's a real inconsistency with the quality of this game
Mox_Hagdorm: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
kitthethird: wait, Her remains? So it was her that lost the tooth o.0 now I'm confusing myself
GrandLlamaQ: @arcaneIllumination ...what.
BrieBeau: Is there like a place we can submit trigger warnings for LRR videos?
Sanityis0verrated: this game is awesome
tim19862: It had said "lost a tooth at dinner" in the journal
Lysander_Gustav: Parts of this are better rendered than others
Tomasu82 makes sound from The Grudge
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: see, here's one thing I do like about horror games. They're a genre where, if you have one really good idea, it's relatively easy to build a great game out of it.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: please don't let me hit the ground tonight i think i'll walk alone?
Katten_Rastyr: That's so cheesy, I love it cirHappy
Tempest2097: Or a ring
SydPreviouslyHeadache: former pope
korvys: @BrieBeau Do you mean the youtube replays?
BrieBeau: That was a meat grinder I think!
SpookySpaghooti: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Ticket to Ride) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:53 from now).
Katten_Rastyr: cirLaugh
BrieBeau: @korvys Yeah, because like this one has at least two more than domestic abuse. I'd love if Let's Nope was better warned!
FickleMuse: Bodied
1losttheGame: oh hey a real bathroom
AGiantRoach: Adam Savagedan
m0nkeyrama: Poor serge
haliberdk: Rubber duck will save us
Gen2Gengar: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:34:01.
Alahmnat: sink!
kitthethird: Sink!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: cheevo for flushing all toilets in the game
Lunareclipse123: Hell
Lunareclipse123: Yes
TheMerricat: @BrieBeau they do warn folk about stuff at the start of the lets nope streams.
Lunareclipse123: That does look like a Children of Bodom album!
ReynardWrecca: Looks like alternate art for 'Cradle To Grave'.
BrieBeau: @TheMerricat Yeah, I'm thinking in the YouTube descriptions.
SpookySpaghooti: voice acting ON POINT
Freshly_Toasted: Gary tried to resurrect the baby?
ReynardWrecca: Ohh feck. Nope, sorry, dead baby. I'm out. Love y'all, see you later.
m0nkeyrama: This is some heavy stuff BibleThump
Katten_Rastyr: Wasn't that an Iron Maiden album cover in that book? cirPrise
korvys: @BrieBeau Hmmm, they did give a sort of general tw at the start (cause horror games tend to get into some disturbing stuff), which anyone watching would see, but it's a good idea. Heather does all the uploads, so maybe talk to her?
TheWriterAleph: this game's getting super real.
NimrodXIV: hmm the pic on the left makes me suspicious
mikialice: Yep this is heavy - kind of bummed just before bed with my 6 month old baby asleep in her crib. Damn
LegionofLashes: i like how most lrr'smen go through horror games like they are testing the house/facility before the owners get there, just making sure things work, flush every toilet...run the taps, switch all the lights
BrieBeau: @korvys Cool, thank you!
blackwlf: So baby dies, Mom gets depressed, and Dad turns to the dark arts to resurrect his kid and gets himself possessed?
I_Am_Clockwork: he hats the CANS
TheWooglie: steak in a can?
Nigouki: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:36:31.
KV1NN4: @mikialice Oof :C
Boi_Ginny: Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I want a pony, a plastic rocket, and a horror game protagonist who doesn't abuse his family.
toomanybears: HAUNTED BUTTER
tim19862: lol
BrieBeau: That's me out tho, gotta leave. Thanks for the good video guys! Might finish watching later. Thanks chat for being fun!
NimrodXIV: don't mess with ghost's toater, I guess
FireBasilisk53: shouldn't have turned on that toaster
TheR676767: she's just testing the hinges
I_Am_Clockwork: sick haunts bro
NimrodXIV: *toaster
gsyhiap: lrrSPOOP miiliGhost
noisyblizzard: rave
haliberdk: Grandma knows
TehAmelie: weird close up photo
Phailhammer: "Honey! The springs on the cabinets are acting up again!"
BrieBeau: Holyshit Byeeeeeeeeeee
electroswagnetism: Take a picture of the deceased!
TheWriterAleph: PISS OFF GHOST
Freshly_Toasted: that's a pretty good ghost
ThePerrBearr: jukes
LegionofLashes: whelp the toilets backed up, damn septic is echoing in the yard
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
TheR676767: nnnnnnnnnope
1losttheGame: i dont like this T_T
sparrowsdinner: why do we blink so slowly
m0nkeyrama: thanks, I hate it
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: this seems like a nice table lrrHERE
Himyul: lrrHERE
Lord_ZYRK: cue Benny Hill?
LegionofLashes: look at those wonderfully textured chair pads
GrumblingMoblin: hiding from a ghost under a table?
emrafool: that's big nope for me. i'll just see myself out, thanks for having me over.....
Lysander_Gustav: oh there's stealth now. Great
arcaneIllumination: The photo from the wedding?
Lord_ZYRK: Dogs can't look up, ghosts can't look down
SpookySpaghooti: the amount of detail in the environment is kinda nutso
Lunareclipse123: There's a picture on that wall back there I think?
Tempest2097: Oh boy
tim19862: lrrSPOOP lrrWOW
1losttheGame: that shuffle was real funny looking LUL
electroswagnetism: That ghost has got the zoomies
noisyblizzard: oh my
Freshly_Toasted: good thing she has no object permanece
Mox_Hagdorm: Damn that was close
FireBasilisk53: ok, so Maggie was 6 in 86, then she was 19 when the murder happens
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: lrrHERE lrrHERE !!
Lazarus_18: Ya know, it's nice this family has been buying the same brand of calenders for 13 years
benegesseritmother: oh hoHO hoOOO~
gamercat88: zoom zoom zoom make your heart go boom BOOM BOOM!
tim19862: this is very well done
BrieBeau: okay why didn't I leave that was too much! Seeya soon boys
Aitsu111: I love this mod of Alien Isolation
FireBasilisk53: I think we might be playing Maggie
1losttheGame: i think maggie ran away because of the abuse she knew was happening
Aceman119: she was running like she desperately needed to poop
mikialice: This is super well done. I can't stop watching, in spite of heavy themes
sethmerickson17: what happened I missed it.
Katten_Rastyr: Who would win? One Spoopy Gril or two Scaredy Bois under a table?
LegionofLashes: o lord she comin
Tempest2097: Can't ghosts just noclip through walls?
Tempest2097: Oh hey
Tempest2097: There was camera film
Tempest2097: On the book case
Tempest2097: Wait that's not camera film
Formerly_Beef: wow is this a new cam? the quality seems way higher?
1losttheGame: we should just take photos
Galactic_pain: Those are footsteps
Tempest2097: I'm an idiot
Mox_Hagdorm: Aww
SpookySpaghooti: That bathroom is the scariest thing so far
robo__nixon: And no sink
Tempest2097: Babboghost
robo__nixon: boooo
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh great. ghost baby. that's just great.
SpookySpaghooti: Nevermind just got trumped by this
Kramburger: OH GOD THIS SONG
Tempest2097: Okay that's cute
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
SpookySpaghooti: PLAY AS THE BABY
fiftymcnasty: You are in the radioverse
toomanybears: played music for the babty
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: playing the music box through the baby monitor
Kramburger: This song was ina W+P game, spend up and far too loud
FireBasilisk53: we're going into the walkie demnsion
Lord_ZYRK: We're in the monitor world NotATK
1losttheGame: i told you what?
blackwlf: You entered a memory.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: baby cries, play the music through the baby monitor to calm it down
noisyblizzard: you slipped
Tomasu82: omg... ive not been this scared during a lets nope..
Lysander_Gustav: Raquel Welch?
Rockario: I can hear an elementary school brass band practising and it's adding a weird element to this experience
robo__nixon: You came out the baby monitor?
TehAmelie: but what will kill the radio star?
MitchTheQuaker: you moved through the baby monitor
LRRTwitter: @DesertBus> For those wondering what happened to Sanic... | It found a home on top of the Mystery Box to surprise the winner. | @RayFK> Doing a work stream, when the winner of the @DesertBus Mystery Box came in. | They let me know that my son was alright. Thanks DerPilsner! 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DxoZEqBVsAUWnbc.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/DesertBus/status/1088213253858091008
tim19862: wow
GrandLlamaQ: "My son, the day you were born the very forests of Lorderon whispered the name 'Arthas.'"
benegesseritmother: beta recorder
circusofkirkus: baby's getting into some shady things
toomanybears: Sids?
NimrodXIV: oh she 100% killed her baby
SpookySpaghooti: Thats a raw fucking line
SpookySpaghooti: Isn't it called postpartum depression?
1losttheGame: i mean, SIDS is real unfortunatly
Lunareclipse123: @SpookySpaghooti Depends which part of the world you're in
Xenovita: BibleThump
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: might have been called "postnatal" back in 86? IDK
Tomasu82: this is something else. semi new parent now and man...
Kronopticon: So it was the crib maker who dunnit!!
Tomasu82: I can't even
malexus101: question: what is "crib"
tim19862: yes, had a friends son die of sids :/
NimrodXIV: beer, at the police station
Pentigan: Free beer!
I_Am_Clockwork: Hospital beer!
Katten_Rastyr: cirPls
Lysander_Gustav: hahaaha
Lord_ZYRK: Boo fizz lemonade! Hooray beer!
chibi_bento: @Tomasu82 -- please do nope out if you need to... I find that pretty hard, and I'm not a parent.
SpookySpaghooti: We have Ox Beer and Cow Gum
TheWriterAleph: the beer is working undercover
robo__nixon: Get krunk!
mikialice: SIDS is all too real and postnatal depression is super common, it's postnatal psychosis which is the more dangerous one, as the mother is often not aware of what's going on
haliberdk: Beer at the police station. That's ma country
I_Am_Clockwork: erm Police beer
arcaneIllumination: That's a good achievement.
Lunareclipse123: erm... ten year old?
Luminaire_p: Cursed Jojo
ThePerrBearr: DIO!
Rockario: I like how actually feasible doing something like that in your house actually is. It's like getting a gumball machine and filling it with random crap
Dix: Is that.... a Jojo reference?
Lunareclipse123: Wasn't Maggie six?
SpookySpaghooti: It's the Stand User ZZ Top
noisyblizzard: a baby boy? is Jamse in this game? Kappa
Lazarus_18: Is that Slash if he was a Stand
Tomasu82: wow
Pentigan: The cadence on this radio reporter is a little text-to-speechy
FireBasilisk53: oh my god, this radio station is super intrusive
Baldrash: Local media is surprisingly bad at their jobs.
CapnRobert: giant buttons
TheR676767: you monster
Kronopticon: i knew it! the crib maker!
thecanerdian: I'm kind of getting the impression that the radio stories might not be us, and there are other families experiencing ghostliness?
haliberdk: You thought is was a baby, but it was me, DIO!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: let's...uh...let's wait for the next one!
mikialice: Stairs?
Dix: When the heck did we cross into The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?
1losttheGame: photo?
tim19862: hit both buttons, then choose a floor, makes sense
Kronopticon: Elevator? i have a complaint
VoodontWoW: Stairs it is.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the bassinets were made with HAUNTED PLASTIC!
tim19862: katesLol
Cw3040: so as it turns out, elevators have shit to prevent that from happening
1losttheGame: the bassinet factory was built on an indian burial ground
1losttheGame: Kappa
TheR676767: do we still have the camera?
thecanerdian: "That's odd, usually the blood gets off at the second floor."
haliberdk: I would really loved if the elevator doors crushed the character just like in the RE movie
robo__nixon: That baby was pretty cool. Some might say . . .off the hook
EvilBadman: Didn't you examine a badge?
nidbit: camera?
BrewTapCast: Was that photo of that cop a swipe card?
kitthethird: Chekov's elevator hatch >:(
TheMerricat: you also found the police badge in the other room, might try swiping that on the other doors
Fofo57007: was there a police swipe card?
Asimech: We're playing a litterbug?
kitthethird: If you model hatches in your elevator, there has to be first person platforming involving them
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robo__nixon: This RE2 remake is weird :P
BrewTapCast: Nailed it!
tim19862: that looks like the old equipment room at the last moonbase
Dix: Why are YOU here
SpookySpaghooti: Oh nice
Xenovita: 06/06/86 FeelsBadMan
TheWriterAleph: that's normal, i'm sure
robo__nixon: Alma?
Boi_Ginny: I hate this I hate this I hate this
Lunareclipse123: She's Alma Wade!
Dix: N o e p
Kerrisis: TOS!
SpookySpaghooti: LUL
Lysander_Gustav: okay
Tempest2097: Yep I reckon she pretty man
toomanybears: i like how he screamed twice
sethmerickson17: gravity squeeze
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ma'am. we are cops. how dare you break the law of gravity Right in front of us
Tempest2097: Er mad
drcanonball: well thats one way to get in
Lord_ZYRK: SydPreviouslyHeadache LUL
Lunareclipse123: Fear 1 was the really goodone
Kronopticon: Goddammit.now who's gonna tidy up this mess
SpookySpaghooti: GRAVITY SQUEEZE!
Lunareclipse123: They got steadily worse as time went on
Katten_Rastyr: FEAR and FEAR Extraction Point are the ones worth playing
Himyul: baby got back
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1losttheGame: is our light worse?
Lysander_Gustav: Yep, that's one crap light
LordoftheFros: Fear 1 is great Fear 2 is powerfully fine but has it's moments of greatness Fear 3 is a hot mess that should be avoided at all costs
robo__nixon: lunareclipse123. could never finish 1, too spoopy
VoidByAnyOtherName: how spoopy is it
1losttheGame: oh, not just me then
Tjavs: This is actually pretty spoopy.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: fear 3? you mean fh-threer?
Pentigan: Wipe the sludge off the lens
Lazarus_18: Well yes, everyone knows flashlight technology was awful in 1986
Lysander_Gustav: and now the game sucks
Himyul: on the horror stream, does that make you the cope pilot?
TheR676767: that'd be funny if our flashlight got worse the further we went back in time
LordoftheFros: yes f-threer
gsyhiap: LUL
SydPreviouslyHeadache: damn
Laserbeaks_Fury: OCCUPODO!
Xenovita: LUL
tim19862: katesLol lrrSPOOP
benegesseritmother: killed on the can
Xenovita: Jebaited
Katten_Rastyr: PANIC! naroScared
NimrodXIV: stomped.
LegionofLashes: poops today poops right now
robo__nixon: Jesus!
InkyGhoast: welp
SydPreviouslyHeadache: That one Really got me
VoidByAnyOtherName: wow she stomps you on the face?
toomanybears: ESTOY POOPIN
SpookySpaghooti: ALMOST
blackwlf: Well, watching a horror game, getting spooped, then my damn phone rings and I jump a foot.
TheMerricat: How rude!
NazakYuzak: okay... that one got me
1losttheGame: WAIT YOUR TURN
VoidByAnyOtherName: rude
haliberdk: Probably because you're not using Duracell
robo__nixon: cheer100 That got me *shudders*
Himyul: that is some aggressive toilet competition
InkyGhoast: of course you do ben its a horror game on this stream :P
quietcat: c'mon lady, there's only the one bathroom
Kraest: Pwease no steppe
blackwlf: And then see on the caller ID "Unconquered Sun". Did I somehow step into a game??
Galactic_pain: Not sure if stomped or kicked
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Gizmoloid: Why is the picture darker on their screen? Is the monitor busted or configured improperly?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: wall has complaints about Destiny platforming I guess Kappa
1losttheGame: WOW
Xenovita: seabatYIKES
drcanonball: can she find you if you turn off the ligth
robo__nixon: wow
CaptainSpam: Oh, great, you're being chased by a string section.
TemporallyAwry: lrrWOW
benegesseritmother: #dead
1losttheGame: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Katten_Rastyr: WOW cirlaugh
NimrodXIV: BEN
Haberdashed: "Let me examine this shovel"
TheWooglie: Nice Ben
tim19862: katesLol katesNice
TheR676767: seabatYIKES
Kronopticon: These deaths aint so bad so long as you have a foot fetish
Himyul: keep digging, Ben
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh good we're back in the hell-basement
Himyul: aren't all basements hell-basements?
CaptainSpam: That is not how you hold a phone. At all.
toomanybears: camera flash?
Lysander_Gustav: neat
Aztren: these horror game houses need to start adopting open floor plans
toomanybears: oh god so they want you to walk around in the dark
toomanybears: fuck that
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Kronopticon: Fight the Powah!
Dix: N O P E
tim19862: wow
Theycallmejokke: Yikes!
Xenovita: WutFace
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: okay so...not that room.
Fofo57007: whoa!!!
cutaos: got me
1losttheGame: WHY
Mox_Hagdorm: Yup, expected that
InkyGhoast: Ok so that's a no
Lunareclipse123: Dammit! I bit my cheek
drcanonball: HOLY SHAIT
grandmaspocket: that was a spoop and a half
Aceman119: nope
Katten_Rastyr: cirPrise
BlameBlair: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
thecanerdian: oh sorry didn't realize they were filming a Nine Inch Nails vid in there
NimrodXIV: was THAT necessary?!
sir1002: haha xD
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Azralorne: Ok but why tho
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Himyul: is someone doing a metal band cover in here?
robo__nixon: Get out of my room mom!!!!
TheR676767: that was reeeeeally good
Laserbeaks_Fury: We have such sights to show you....
Alahmnat: WOW
BlameBlair: We love you too Adam
LegionofLashes: whelp...that spooped me
haliberdk: PogChamp that was awesome PogChamp
Vincent508: perfect time to click away from the tab... Even the SOUND got me
Xenovita: this is so great to watch
Sati90: This is not a phase mom!
tim19862: the haunted rec room lrrSPOOP
FireBasilisk53: thanks I hate it
Pteraspidomorphi: Mantel?
Katten_Rastyr: Does this game use jumpscares sparingly? because that was pretty good
LegionofLashes: "oh someone left vhs tapes on the grou-FUK"
InkyGhoast: writing on that wall?
Katten_Rastyr: Crunchy!
Tempest2097: Oh hI Lady
Theycallmejokke: She is a rough hugger
robo__nixon: Find the photo of the deceased? If it's Adam and Ben, stream over man
sir1002: that came expected
the_terror_that_flaps_: katesLurk You guys screaming, scared my dog who's now barking at my speaker
sparrowsdinner: oof
Pentigan: Well at least she didn't step on you this time
Pteraspidomorphi: We should play this in VR
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: your dog knows who's to blame
tim19862: jump bear lrrBEEJ LUL
Lysander_Gustav: Needs more work, but not as bad as others they've played
drcanonball: YES
Galactic_pain: YES VR
Cw3040: @Pteraspidomorphi i wouldn't condemn my worst enemy to playing a horror game in VR
1losttheGame: YESSSS
InkyGhoast: that sounds like a good way to lose a fancy vr headset
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: if they played this in VR I'm pretty sure Ben would launch himself backwards through the wall and end up physicall fighting a bookcase
sir1002: yes vr! great idea rag3clHyp3 rag3clHyp3 rag3clHyp3 rag3clHyp3 rag3clHyp3
Katten_Rastyr: the_terror_that_flaps_ The doggo knows cirLaugh
arcaneIllumination: How would you play a single player game with a copilot in VR?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: co-op Vr horror? No please
Tempest2097: Could be a ring, could be a dress
Lunareclipse123: Making co-op horror any good would be quite an achievementy
TehAmelie: finally we know
Aceman119: A cross maybe?
MatthewDennisMTG: it's remix to affliction
DeafMints: Blue Effect @LoadingReadyRun ?
Katten_Rastyr: GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou I'd pay to see Ben fight a bookcase
TehAmelie: how is babby is formed
toomanybears: YOU MUST SEW
toomanybears: THE DRESS
FireBasilisk53: God cries out the baby when he sees you have sex
corylus22: Oh god is it skin? Please don't be skin.
Fofo57007: one person gets sad enough and a baby is born
Cw3040: @arcaneIllumination presumably, a person outside VR has a guide screen or something
Lunareclipse123: Turlit
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is this Bettlejuice? are we Lotho?
Asimech: "Can God create a painting even He will be noped out by?"
Tempest2097: What if the toilet was the save mechanic
Kronopticon: it's a CryBaby!
cutaos: the crib is fixed
1losttheGame: photo?
fiftymcnasty: The crib isnt colapsed
InkyGhoast: monitor?
TheMerricat: we never found out what happened to the dog either!
arcaneIllumination: I think this is co-op horror, or at least has a tense atmosphere: http://totalmayhemgames.com/games/we-were-here/
adi_pie: What? Like in No More Heroes?
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Oh man, I need to drop a massive save."
SydPreviouslyHeadache: we're not Travis Touchdown. we don't need to save like that
robo__nixon: ewww
Lunareclipse123: I think we've gone back before 1986 maybe?
MatthewDennisMTG: i missed the intro, what's this game about?
Issurru: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Ticket to Ride) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:29 from now).
TheR676767: grandma is gonna carry us through this
TheWriterAleph: gramma was the ghost the whole time!
Haberdashed: This place has roaches?
Zu_o: What if the whole time, you're the ghost, and you can't help but see the living people like the dead.
TehAmelie: are those music boxes playing faster and faster?
MatthewDennisMTG: "latest edition"
AGiantRoach: 1 V 1 me Baby Monitor only
Haberdashed: LOL
U_Dude: 4Head
1losttheGame: cmon finish the book!
Tomasu82: post partum is a thing folks...
Xenovita: confirmed, Adam's a bottom KappaPride
Pentigan: Looks like someone's off their Joy
benegesseritmother: wow thanks, im cured!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: "have you tried just being happy?" "have you tried shutting the fuck up?"
robo__nixon: "Why don't you smile more?" ugh
Robot_Bones: When ever you are sad, just crit smile
MrQBear: oh god, demon mask above that 'is this real' writing,
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Grandma is here for us
AGiantRoach: "Just be happy :^)"
Saeif: grandma or grandpa?
mikialice: I think I would have punched someone if that was said to me when I was at home a week after bringing baby home
Koshindan: "Can't you just be, not sad?" :(
MatthewDennisMTG: that's not framed; it's just a grandma poster
Dix: Oh my god this is great
ThePerrBearr: he keeps getting bloodier
tim19862: arm
malexus101: Cristo
o0sk_ren0o: I have to constantly tell my mom to stop using the "Just do/be X" phrase. Its not good and hurts.
Haberdashed: This is amazing
1losttheGame: LUL
Lysander_Gustav: mmm, limbs
ehsteveG: Ben's right this is VERY Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
Katten_Rastyr: Why is the chef covered in blood? cirLaugh
FireBasilisk53: is that arm?
U_Dude: "Too many cooks, too many cooks"
sir1002: xD
blackwlf: "Have you tried being happy" to a person with depression is about the same as "Have you tried breathing" do a drowning person.
edgeyberzerker: i don't feel safe D:
chibi_bento: 'have you tried learning about the complex psychological, physiological and social reasons for depression and mental illness?'
TehAmelie: Allie Bosch had a great line, "telling a depressed person to be happy is like telling someone without arma to punch themselves in the face until they grow arms"
TheWriterAleph: too many coooooks
mikialice: Soylent Green Recipe with Masimo!
ehsteveG: seabatYIKES
Katten_Rastyr: Oh...
robo__nixon: What …. the ...actual ….fuck....?
haliberdk: Mama mia! That man has ketchup all over!
tim19862: ah
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Gardening with Massimo
Laserbeaks_Fury: Gardening with Greg
maythevaluebewithyou16: I'm offended by that fake italian accent
toomanybears: ART
Himyul: is that BEEJ??
Rhynerd: I was right!
Dix: Uhhhhhh
thecanerdian: "Fucking Zinnias"
Haberdashed: That was beautiful
InkyGhoast: hewwo
Tomasu82: is adam starting to rock? :o
Koshindan: But human meat has all the vital nutrient human need!
korvys: You said this was a one-man game - Is that the dev?
Katten_Rastyr: cirLaugh
Nightvalien28: tunk
Gizmoloid: @arcaneIllumination I wouldn't call We Were Here horror, good game though. I think Ben and Serge played the sequel We Were Here Too.
ThePerrBearr: curb stomped
Papperslappen: Socked
Dix: S t e p o n m e
TheWriterAleph: one punch ghost
InkyGhoast: gottem
Haberdashed: TALK TO THE FOOT
Boi_Ginny: Whoops
FireBasilisk53: the hook on this ghost
sir1002: dafuq
Mox_Hagdorm: Well, time to pick up my daughter. Catch you all in the VOD, have fun :P
Galactic_pain: Excellent sound design though
Laserbeaks_Fury: dat Widowmaker step
LucyCloudberry: excuse me, ma'am. we were watching that
gsyhiap: "You'll never see me coming"
Tempest2097: Don't forget you can flash the ghost to stun her!
Dared00: pwease no steppy
Dix: Laserbeaks_Fury gets it
Katten_Rastyr: Peace Mox cirHi
haliberdk: That was some WWE moves right there
Kronopticon: That stomp is so good.
haliberdk: RKO out of nowhere
Asimech: @Tempest2097 Lewd. And inappropriate.
KNACC: the sound track because my jam there for a moment
Himyul: wouldn't any clothing qualify?
Blasteg: how d we dinstinguish "Oh I died" and "neet, next chapter" in this game?
CrazymattCaptain: mystery meat stew is always good eats
Laserbeaks_Fury: when you wake up you get a recap when it's a scripted death
Haberdashed: Dayum
Katten_Rastyr: It'd be hilarious of the ghost just suplexed you
1losttheGame: early marriage
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: wait, that implies she had the first one at 18, doesn't it?
ThePerrBearr: yeah, kid at 18, kid at 24
Kronopticon: yup. babies do start to grow on you
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: since Maggie was 6 when Michael died?
thecanerdian: it was a different time
robo__nixon: Amen brother
sifonaonline: Wait... I thought Ben was your son. Have I been lied to?!
Haberdashed: High school romance obv
Tempest2097: Ah jeez that hit hard
Koshindan: No kid is a good time.
Alahmnat: why did that painting have scanlines?
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gualdhar: Ben! we missed you guys on Monday! air travel sucks :(
Kramburger: Ben's the internet's son
silvalunae: so does that make beej ben's grandpa?
cameronj115: what's a dad?
Koshindan: That moment when you're older than when your parent had you.
sifonaonline: No, Beej is the crazy uncle.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: good old electric cupboard
TheWriterAleph: LUL
Theycallmejokke: If Adam is Ben's dad... who's the mom, James? O_o
mikialice: This here is the real mystery
Galactic_pain: Power strip maybe
tim19862: in cabinet light?
TemporallyAwry: Induction charging was all the rage in the 80s
haliberdk: It's an electric cabinet PogChamp
Haberdashed: Random entire watermelon
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: we got milk and melon. A balanced Minecraft diet.
Lunareclipse123: Winner Winner!
NimrodXIV: ugh no
Diabore: cancer in a box
haliberdk: Cheese burgers PogChamp
Katten_Rastyr: Oofie Doofie
tim19862: "Sunday roast dinner... for dinner" LUL
Alahmnat: that is some very 80s wallpaper
TheWriterAleph: at least they're trying
fiftymcnasty: Purple stuff, Sunny D
Rockario: They included the "Brownie" instructions just to taunt you
noisyblizzard: is that a ... chicken dinner?
Obsolete2885: fun with microwaves anyone?
TheR676767: the true horror, their eating habits Kappa
Kronopticon: everyone has to have a watermelon. to practice that stomping
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Himyul: there was a shiny on the wall in the hall
Lunareclipse123: The microwave door has no mesh
coelopteryx: that microwave lacks the safety cage thingy in the window
coelopteryx: the faraday thingy
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: closet?
toomanybears: attic?
ThePerrBearr: bedroom closet
electroswagnetism: Attic?
Pteraspidomorphi: attic?
Mashamino: mmm, I can just hear the "KA-CHUNK" of those TV dials from looking at them
robo__nixon: cheer100 Ben! She was recording Golden Girls. Change the channel at your own risk sir.
TheMerricat: in the place you mentioned on the last page of your diary that no one will read? ;-)
OKB_1: In the attic?
Hunterprime: I don't think its the wedding dress, Baptism gown maybe?
Tempest2097: It could also be a wedding ring too
Nocxia: closet or attic
LucyCloudberry: here in my garage, just bought this new lambourghini here
Dix: oh lawd she comin
Asimech: @coelopteryx Old microwaves don't have it. It's why people were taught not to stand in front of one while it's on.
TheExactSame: we saw attic hatach for sure
TheWriterAleph: OOGA BOOGA lrrSPOOP
coelopteryx: @Asimech ah, that scans
SydPreviouslyHeadache: turn your hell basement into a murder basement with this one simple step
Robot_Bones: Jump Scare
haliberdk: LUL
Always_Armoured: top tier sound design going on here
tim19862: Jump Bear lrrAWESOME
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: You're a loose cannon, Ben!
Katten_Rastyr: Do not look directly at the spoop lrrSPOOP
Sanityis0verrated: dix <3
Asimech: @SydPreviouslyHeadache "Step number one will shock you"?
lifecharacter: Is she just like stuck on a corner?
TheExactSame: dammit. I just no I'm going end up biting my tongue if I watch this
Robot_Bones: Jebaited
Gen2Gengar: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:05:58.
Laserbeaks_Fury: NOW it's Fatal Frame
Katten_Rastyr: Why is there a meaty scuttling noise?! naroScared
Dix: And to think.. this game had a dev team of ONE person
SpookySpaghooti: !card Bojuka Bog
LRRbot: Bojuka Bog | Land | Bojuka Bog enters the battlefield tapped. / When Bojuka Bog enters the battlefield, exile all cards from target player's graveyard. / {T}: Add {B}.
Mashamino: lrrHERE
Mister_Skittles: alex would love this game
robo__nixon: @dix really? This is really good actually
angmor00: what is the thing nextto the door as you exit the bacement?
toomanybears: QUICK SCOPED
Haberdashed: LOL
Nightvalien28: FOOLED
Hunterprime: haha
Bunzillah: NOT OUT
Ryenji: Jebaited
Luminaire_p: ahahahaha
Dix: oh yeah robo__nixon
Katten_Rastyr: cirLaugh
Obsolete2885: Hahahahaa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ROFL
Xenovita: Jebaited
tim19862: katesLol lrrSPOOP
Mashamino: LUL
Always_Armoured: fucking nope
Kronopticon: Damn! The Stomp!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the JUKES
Lysander_Gustav: :D
Lord_ZYRK: FailFish LUL
Invitare: the footsies
Brok3nGol3m: katesTry katesTry katesTry katesTry
TheWriterAleph: LUL lrrSPOOP
tim19862: LUL wow
ThePerrBearr: never put the camera down
OleanderWhispers: we got JEBAITED
Papperslappen: lrrWOW
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: she done got ya there
SpookySpaghooti: thats a highlight for sure
Jorge4hg: he didn't got her
BlameBlair: Clip that xD
CrazymattCaptain: got deaded
TheExactSame: the gotten has become ther gotter
Lord_ZYRK: Jebaited
Boi_Ginny: Piss off ghost!
Dix: Jebaited Jebaited
auxv: She's doin LAPS
tim19862: amazing lol
TheR676767: Narrator: They didn't tho.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ben: we got her! narrator: but they did not got her.
Obsolete2885: That was amazing
KNACC: that was amazing
malexus101: so many clips today
K0nti0: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
benegesseritmother: good thing im not into feet
haliberdk: that's a clip right there
InkyGhoast: fatal frame this is not
OKB_1: Not Fatal Frame
robo__nixon: Ben "Hubris" Ulmer
haliberdk: I'm out 'dies' LUL
Sanityis0verrated: this isn't fatal frame
Boi_Ginny: Bedroom closet?
angmor00: there was a thing on the wall next to the door as you exit the bacement
TweakyCZ: aren't htere two doors in the garage?
Koshindan: Is there an attic?
TheMerricat: Finish reading the diary, maybe there is a clue on the second page.:-P
Think_Im_Safe_For_Now: so any one else think this could be like a baby's baptismal gown?
Theycallmejokke: Did we try to take a foto of the cloth rolls or sewing machine?
tim19862: did you already look at the journal?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: sometimes basements have closets or crawl spaces for storage?
Gizmoloid: @ThePerrBearr Didn't the tutorial say that camera stops working for a while after fighting a ghost?
sethmerickson17: yes
Lysander_Gustav: oh hi
tim19862: wtf
Dix: UH
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: UMMMM
Xenovita: uhmmm
Tempest2097: HOLY SHIT
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh
grandmaspocket: Adam's face lol
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
Dix: When did we become hellraiser
Lysander_Gustav: Suddenly Hellraiser
drcanonball: pinhead
thecanerdian: I'm sorry Pinhead wut
Zanaide: Grandma?
TheWriterAleph: Pinhead?!
ButterBall000: Take a photo?
OKB_1: Oh hi Mark
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh good we found the exposition head
arcaneIllumination: That spooked me.
Pteraspidomorphi: That one got me
noisyblizzard: uhm
ricin: adam's face... lol
TheExactSame: thank you for that face adam
edgeyberzerker: Hi Doug Bradley
tim19862: WTF?!
thecanerdian: Adam's face
KV1NN4: o......kay
tim19862: katesWa katesOw
richard_ermen: Creeeeeppppyyyyy.....
Lysander_Gustav: This game has too much going on.
Koshindan: Reflection? He means go into the mirror!
LucyCloudberry: welcome to Darkseed 2
Amentur: Thanks for the advice lrrSPOOP
mikialice: I'm not a fan of this lampshade
Kraest: Is that literal actual Pinhead?
noisyblizzard: whaa
BlameBlair: lrrWOW
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: NUH UH
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: DON'T WANT IT
Katten_Rastyr: Oh hi Wilford Brimly cirPrise
Boi_Ginny: N O P E
Diabore: i am not okay with that
ampharos15: Just tuned in and this is what I see lol
fiftymcnasty: mmm cenobyte
noisyblizzard: whaaa?
Theycallmejokke: Okay... that sure happen
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: mirrorworld I think
Mister_Skittles: thanks i hate it
haliberdk: is this how KH III will be?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: "a place for reflection" makes me think it's mirrorworld time
Mashamino: well, that's pleasant
TheR676767: take a pic with head man
TheExactSame: that guy was nice
electroswagnetism: Ah, a place for REFLECTION
Pentigan: That was less scary than the jumpscares
Obsolete2885: definitely reminds me of a cenobyte
robo__nixon: I love cinnabites. Delicious
U_Dude: We have such sights to show you
malexus101: place of punishment mean hell right?
Hunterprime: wait that picture was flashing
Theycallmejokke: Hell or the DMV ;P
Katten_Rastyr: robo__nixon Close enough cirLaugh
Lord_ZYRK pulls out camera
Lord_ZYRK: you must be here for your headshots
haliberdk: Probably, and the place of reflection would be the purgatory
VoidByAnyOtherName: how are the spoops
Diabore: in other news, this is a great house
Robot_Bones: or setention
Always_Armoured: its also a place of reflection though so who knows
Robot_Bones: detention
TweakyCZ: what's that glowing picture in hallway?
Hunterprime: where the phone is
NimrodXIV: look at the painting across from the phone
Frogsalot: is that picture flashing in the hallway?
1losttheGame: photo the head?
ThePerrBearr: noise
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: uh oh.
Kronopticon: Isnt there a mirror near the hanging head?
Fofo57007: this is fine
Kraest: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:10:58.
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
Invitare: book it
Pentigan: Jumpscare incoming
LucyCloudberry: out pops Masimo
Alahmnat: laundry room, a place for punishment
haliberdk: It's gonna explode!
TheExactSame: well, washer's got electric
EJGRgunner: Game's a lot more enjoyable if you thinki of each of these noises as being the intro to an EDM song
noisyblizzard: sha gonna jump out of the drier
Lord_ZYRK: The tag on this wedding dress just says "machine wash me coward"
VoidByAnyOtherName: can you climb into the dryer
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: just climb into the washing machine and wash away our sins!
InkyGhoast: behind?
Boi_Ginny: lrrHERE
Mashamino: uhhhh
LucyCloudberry: stay the fuck out lady i got a camera
haliberdk: Don't mind me ghost lady, I'm just doing the laundry
Lunareclipse123: The light switch might be more effective?
Mister_Skittles: the sound design in this game is so good
fiftymcnasty: Have you solved the Lament Configuration yet?
tim19862: lrrHERE lrrSPOOP
dimensaur: purify those spirits with the stain busting power of Oxy Clean
Pentigan: She's in the washing machine
SydPreviouslyHeadache: If you don't tell me where Ben and Adam are I'll cut off your finger, which one. the pinky. I'll never tell. ok then your thumb, They're in the laundry room
haliberdk: Take a shot PogChamp
Lord_ZYRK: dimensaur LUL
VoidByAnyOtherName: ghost in the washing machine
tim19862: wow
Pandalore: hung out to dry
Hunterprime: the flash light gets here
electroswagnetism: mirror dimension?
Mashamino: the camera just seems to maker her go "nothing personnel, kid"
Rockario: The Camera is just a stun, right? With the light switch being the real killer
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thekanadier: clip dat doe
tim19862: hallway
lighting_bolt_123: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:13:26.
Kronopticon: moshi mosh!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the head talking about reflection makes me think we have to mirrorworld
Boi_Ginny: No please
Sanityis0verrated: i just caught my dog licking the window
TheWriterAleph: Don't do that.
tim19862: thanks.........
mikialice: no thank you
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: okay NOW we PT
NimrodXIV: thanks Jigsaw
Hunterprime: the painting
Frogsalot: the picture on teh wall
blast__femur: ha ha, made ya look
lighting_bolt_123: what did I miss?
dimensaur: "we played pt"
Lysander_Gustav: nice
Katten_Rastyr: cirLaugh
1losttheGame: NO
tim19862: neato
1losttheGame: NOT OKAY
lifecharacter: Good game design.
Lord_ZYRK: We Evil Dead now PogChamp
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: okay well I guess we're here now
jakale: went all myst
tim19862: cool
Koshindan: Cabins are always fun.
Boi_Ginny: Good game
Lunareclipse123: Retreat!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH ok I thought it was weird that the painting was flashing befoer
Alahmnat: that explains the scanlines on the painting
TheWriterAleph: Oh yeah. This seems safe.
Vincent508: This is super creative, I'm impressed
Gizmoloid: That's actually very neat.
malexus101: how could we get this?
tim19862: harribo? lrrBEEJ
Lunareclipse123: Wait, you kept the blindfold on the whole way there?!
Tempest2097: Oh god that sounds not romantic at all
Koshindan: Now we know where the child was conceived.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is this Evil Dead Kappa
KNACC: I'm liking this game
Fofo57007: ^^
TheR676767: ah yes, hunter ghost
Lord_ZYRK: Hhhehehe
VoidByAnyOtherName: andySmug
DaMullet14: you weren't sure it was creepy?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I like that her voice sounds younger in these entries
Baldrash: Nice.
Robot_Bones: nice
TheExactSame: now I AM sure this place is creapy
NimrodXIV: and that's where Michael came from
lighting_bolt_123: heheheh
tim19862: LUL
Tomasu82: dang you twitch
Mashamino: thankfully they painted the text legibly
robo__nixon: Dear Diary. There was this book in the basement. Had a face on it. Was weird. Oh well.
Tomasu82: stupid error 2000
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: aaaaand goodbye stream
TheMerricat: anyone else just get kicked off stream?
Tomasu82: just hit play again
Lord_ZYRK: Refresh it's fine
Nightvalien28: gdi
SpookySpaghooti: stream is back, just refresh
OKB_1: Strip Uno?
Pteraspidomorphi: It flashed but then got back
randomino5: did a little 96'in
tergonis: yea, just refresh
sithenin: Refresh
EJGRgunner: If you're Uno game lasts for more than four hours, consult a physician
tim19862: wow
Vincent508: imagine a game that works this into the game itself to mess up streamers.
gsyhiap: lrrSPOT
1losttheGame: LUL
ehsteveG: It's like a singing bass!
EJGRgunner: gdi. Your
Haberdashed: It's a little doggo!
TheExactSame: do you know billy the bass?
tergonis: pet the pupper!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: y tho
ThePerrBearr: willie wolf talking wolf head
brainbosh: Please do not play "Uno" for more that 2 hours at a time. :p
sparrowsdinner: lol omg awful
Lord_ZYRK: The batteries must be low in the wolf
Kramburger: I saw a draw 8 in Uno once. It was the first round of the Omegathon and the guy on the receiving end was the runner up from the previous year
Lysander_Gustav: neat
KV1NN4: Big Billy Bass...err.. Wolf
lighting_bolt_123: evil dead lol
tim19862: LUL
Katten_Rastyr: cirLaugh'
Mashamino: OhMyDog
TehAmelie: one time when i was little i played Uno with my babysitter for so long we had to reshuffle the deck three times before someone won. it was amazing
NimrodXIV: a talking moose!
InkyGhoast: hahahahaha
VoidByAnyOtherName: piboRIP
sithenin: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 15:52:00. lrrSPOT
magical_writer: YOu stop talking about my dad like that.
dimensaur: Good boi!
BobaThaiTea: dad is a drunk a+ wolf
Tomasu82: ok, the older kid is going insane too?
randomino5: LUL
LucyCloudberry: "I mean uh. woof woof"
haliberdk: Yeah, it totally sound like dad was drunk! WutFace
Koshindan: BabyRage
BlameBlair: majinD majinD majinD
VoidByAnyOtherName: "dad was a real drag"
malexus101: this is so cursed
gsyhiap: BabyRage lrrSPOT
Bunzillah: You know your dad has problems about alchol when the wolf on the wall starts talking about it
InkyGhoast: Wow this is the weirdest PT remake
Katten_Rastyr: What the hell? cirLaugh
dimensaur: Speak!
jakale: 3 baby moon
TheWriterAleph: what a fever dream of a game.
The_Voices: that... is not cool
VoidByAnyOtherName: pattyPun
brainbosh: This is now Evil Dead?
DolGrenn: That was super unsettling
EvilBadman: Find your soul mate, Homer
A_Catastrophic_Success: Ok, Evil Dead homage is a go
TheR676767: th-thanks mister doge
dimensaur: out a treat on his nose
sir1002: dude must have been stronk stuff you swallowed there
coelopteryx: just like, telekinetically move the chair
malexus101: this is the most nope let's nope i can think of
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: try it closer
Lysander_Gustav: Take a pic of the chair, and then look at it
Lord_ZYRK: You're gonna be a star *snaps photo*
kaladinar: Fun fact apperently you aren't supposed to shake polaroids
lifecharacter: From the other side?
electroswagnetism: capture the chair in the camera
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: look at the picture and walk forward?
tim19862: ah
Lord_ZYRK: Thanks doggo OhMyDog
TehAmelie: it makes them develop faster but it smears the picture
Lysander_Gustav: delightful, now we're in evil dead
screamingpeasant: how do we move this chair? post a picture of it on Instagram
TheR676767: nnnope
Tomasu82: i kinda thought at the beginning it was going to be the wife... but the following stuff made me change my mind.. now I'm not sure
haliberdk: Doggo, what a bro
TheWriterAleph: cabin in the woooods
Tomasu82: ok im wrong...
brainbosh: This is Literally Evil Dead now
jakale: glossy pages
NimrodXIV: or at least one specific movie
sir1002: didnt have the tv cook such a jar on his kitchen table?
Pentigan: Country roads, spooky home. To the place, with the ghosts.
Lysander_Gustav: Is it an Homage or a Reference?
DaMullet14: Benedict Who?
TheWriterAleph: Cumberbatch
BobaThaiTea: more like cumberDEAD
EJGRgunner: That guy from Sherlock?
robo__nixon: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Sanityis0verrated: so we killed the baby?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: this just confirms what I've always known: camping is evil.
BlameBlair: Benedict Cumbercube
arcaneIllumination: That must have been the dead hunter who used to own the shack.
Pteraspidomorphi: I like the art style in oilpaintingworld
Invitare: well
tim19862: bye
TheWriterAleph: do it coward
Katten_Rastyr: Jump in the well Ben
Koshindan: Leap of faith!
VoidByAnyOtherName: seven days
InkyGhoast: do it
chibi_bento: adam looks like his eyes are about to jump out of his head...
Luminaire_p: Looks like we're going to have to jump!
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Theycallmejokke: Geronimoe
Fofo57007: ring-u
TheR676767: so... who are we? Are we the killer?
Papperslappen: get in the blaggole
Lysander_Gustav: And now the ring?
dimensaur: well well well
Invitare: sploosh
TheExactSame: this is one messed up episode of blue's clues
Koshindan: That went well!
EJGRgunner: ♪ We're sending our love down the wellllll ♪
Lysander_Gustav: :D
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: well, well, well.
Blasteg: WELL then
lifecharacter: Neat, we came out of the well painting.
tim19862: lol
SpookySpaghooti: well that was weird
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: void well of radiance is weird Kappa
tim19862: oh yay
Pentigan: To the attic!
SharkHero08: Is this a new game?
NimrodXIV: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat
Tempest2097: We're also always wrong
InkyGhoast: always listen to chat
TehAmelie: a cup of Joe
angmor00: did we just pull a mario 64 with that painting jumping shit?
Lysander_Gustav: The flickering light isn't so great
Koshindan: Twitch chat is always right. seabatBRAIN
OKB_1: I'm right
ANeMzero: I like my Joes like I like my Coffee.. playing jazz.
Alahmnat: there's *always* a spoopy attic
gsyhiap: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a dagger, just a dagger
SpookySpaghooti: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a man wondering about box contents
screamingpeasant: nothing can go wrong
TheMerricat: make sure those matches aren't 'keep' items.
OKB_1: !badadvice
LRRbot: Buy more gachapon.
tim19862: get ready to katesRip lrrSPOOP
Tempest2097: OH boy
Tempest2097: She's gonna be mad
Boi_Ginny: I don't like this I don't like this I don't like this
VoidByAnyOtherName: ghost waifu?
InkyGhoast: I'm the pretty one now
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Prepare To Die
Lysander_Gustav: zoom
Luminaire_p: HAHAHA
EJGRgunner: ♪ What a day for a... white wedding ♪
Lysander_Gustav: shoes!
Lord_ZYRK: No, Ben. That was a hint. Put the veil on and tell her she can't see you before the wedding Kappa
CapnRobert: lolol
1losttheGame: LUL LUL
SpookySpaghooti: !advice
LRRbot: Ponder your fists!
Koshindan: Piece of cake!
noisyblizzard: a piece of cake
Lazarus_18: PIZZA CAKE
blast__femur: Blue streak, speeds bye
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Let's do this again some time
tim19862: gotta go fast Kappa
tergonis: Ben you monster
EvilBadman: We should do this again sometime!
Lord_ZYRK: gdqSanic
Freshly_Toasted: SAnic has returned from death!
o0sk_ren0o: I'll show you!
VoidByAnyOtherName: gdqFAST
electroswagnetism: gdqFAST gdqFAST gdqFAST
kozguy: !advice
LRRbot: Stay focused.
SpookySpaghooti: Give me a chilli dog!
Koshindan: Now I'll show you!
shurtal: Lol, you died, lol lol you died
kozguy: !findquote scared
LRRbot: Quote #2321: "I get scared, so I start reading the screen." —Liz [2016-04-15]
Pentigan: The New Old Resident Evil
InkyGhoast: ! oooh
brainbosh: Will anyone play RE2 on NewDay?
Diabore: the new old resident evil?
Kramburger: New Day RE2day?
Laserbeaks_Fury: This feels like it was designed to be episodal
InkyGhoast: will graham be joining you
Pteraspidomorphi: Alex!
Koshindan: But Adam, isn't there a harder difficulty to beat/
Lunareclipse123: Oh hey, it's 1999
SpookySpaghooti: hmm
InkyGhoast: ancestral sentimentality? the NES of course!
Alahmnat: it's very red outside
Boi_Ginny: New ghost who dis
Nightvalien28: this is new
tim19862: re-RE2 lrrBEEJ
Theycallmejokke: Hallo not-pyramithead
Lazarus_18: neat
screamingpeasant: zombie in the hall.. like normal
Markster981: thats just me, lemme in
1losttheGame: the husband still killed the baby i think
Lysander_Gustav: Sewing machine!
sir1002: do3snd the zombie sound cute?
Pteraspidomorphi: Grandma's portrait?
tim19862: gradma's photo
jakale: man, whale song got really out of tune
sir1002: *doesn't
drcanonball: welp
Robot_Bones: k
InkyGhoast: ok sure
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: and now for something completely different!
brainbosh: hopsital level
haliberdk: That's me, on my final test
Luminaire_p: It's your friend, Gurney
Lord_ZYRK: 1losttheGame the note in the cabin implies it was literal demons
Lysander_Gustav: Why the hospital though?
Dix: All of this was done by one guy
SpookySpaghooti: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a powerful character
haliberdk: We need the Metraton seal now
MrQBear: >.. OH! Morgue? To find the wife's body?
1losttheGame: @Lord_ZYRK i mean, yeah, but he is still the cause. maybe just a break though
Vincent508: the voice distortion the floating head and head-smash man have is very effective at being creepy
Nightvalien28: Lysander_Gustav every horror game must have a hospital level
Lunareclipse123: Aah, the Lavoratory
K0nti0: I think that man wanted to show his special place
Lazarus_18: Thats the location where the babys come out
MrQBear: And get the jewelery?
brainbosh: Oh, Asylum, yep
Papperslappen: cue girl from ipanema
InkyGhoast: no stairs for you?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: you really don't want to know what they research in the lavoratory
FarleyF: This game is the Stardew Valley of horror games as in such a fantastic game by one person
Koshindan: @Vincent508 Honestly, the head sounded like that pig shooting game guy pinned to the wall.
NimrodXIV: camera?
1losttheGame: photo for car?
TheMerricat: read sign on wall?
TheR676767: let's take pictures
Galactic_pain: First off, fuck the sound design team for this game
Laserbeaks_Fury: "TANAS" Asylum, oh lord
Lunareclipse123: Santa!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: That's an anagram of Sant!
Galactic_pain: Secondly, well done
InkyGhoast: yay santa!
Pentigan: A SANAT-arium if you will
Koshindan: Dr Minder is a very psychiatrist name.
DeafMints: you can walk thru the doors
DeafMints: You dont use e on them
DeafMints: Just push them
Lunareclipse123: It'[s a Santa-arium!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: hospital push-doors
tim19862: ah
DeafMints: you worries Ben :D
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: WRONG DOOR
tim19862: wow
Lysander_Gustav: That's annoying
1losttheGame: LUL
DeafMints: LUL
Boi_Ginny: Who put that there?
Camail: so scawy
SpookySpaghooti: WOW
sir1002: sa, tanas sanatorium
Lysander_Gustav: Dang those screamers
Pentigan: Sudden meat!
InkyGhoast: NOPE
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
SydPreviouslyHeadache: just trundling on through
tergonis: and death now
ThePerrBearr: alright, who left the phase drive on?
ANeMzero: Jumpscare!
Jorge4hg: jumpscare
Pandalore: poor choice in words ben
Sanityis0verrated: lrrEFF
fiftymcnasty: get it, *dead* quiet
Vincent508: play metallica's sanitarium to lighten the mood T_T
Lysander_Gustav: I hate games with screamers
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InkyGhoast: don't ANY of you fuckers move
TheMerricat: patien believes he can consome what?
1losttheGame: were we a doctor?
Lunareclipse123: hold on, what're those injuries?
ReydienOnline: take a picture?
GrandLlamaQ: Take a picture of a body!
DrDracnon: Is this the most screamed game of 2019 so far?
TheWriterAleph: it's a ward full o' garys!
Robot_Bones: Gaaaaaaaaaaarrrryyy
ANeMzero: Oh cool, a bunch of Garrys. It's fallout again
GrandLlamaQ: Nothing bad will happen, I'm sure!
InkyGhoast: gary gary garrrryyyy
Robot_Bones: haha Gary
DeafMints: Also make sure to check behind boxes
DeafMints wink wink
eric_christian_berg: Ohhh, Gary!
Skyboss1996: Gary? GARY!
tim19862: heh wow
Lysander_Gustav: of course
Papperslappen: Body chute
Pentigan: Vent clip
Lysander_Gustav: thump
InkyGhoast: this is a great idea
sir1002: photo of sign on wall?
Katten_Rastyr: cirLaugh
noisyblizzard: ded
EJGRgunner: Seriously though, all these sounds could be the beginning of an EDM track
tim19862: oww
Skyboss1996: This, children, is why you don't climb through vents
FarleyF: As a horror game fan I hope Alex gets to play this at home and experience things at his own pace
electroswagnetism: If you weren't already a ghost I'd be concerned
DeafMints: i hated this part of the game
ThePerrBearr: why go face first?
Laserbeaks_Fury: You pass Gordon Freeman going the other way
DeafMints: constantly have to restart here if you dont do it right
Lysander_Gustav: mmm limbs
DaMullet14: Skyboss1996: My mom told me it was to not damage the vents
TheR676767: bet you ogre man is here
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: someone call the viscera cleanup detail
Koshindan: I imagine you slip through after a few weeks of not eating.
EJGRgunner: He'll never be head of a major corporation
Pentigan: Ridiculously shiny vents
Laserbeaks_Fury: damn Ben, really went out on a limb for that joke
ThePerrBearr: that is a very textured air vent
korvys: benginRage
dimensaur: or is it Ben? or is it?
Papperslappen: Here lies cardiac people
Katten_Rastyr: I haven't played Viscera in a long time cirLaugh
Skyboss1996: whoever cleans these vents really does a great job
InkyGhoast: hello? santa?
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
Laserbeaks_Fury: MMM FRESH MEAT
TheR676767: "Ben, this is a sneaking mission"
LucyCloudberry: but can you deal with a ghost AND a xenomorph
ButterBall000: Grandma?
sir1002: oh i bet there was enough way to get a head ;x
Vincent508: maybe it's friendly!?
1losttheGame: butcher deamon!
Mister_Skittles: its yo momma
Lunareclipse123: We Diablo 3 now bois!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: absolute unit
gamercat88: that is masimo
NonjaBiru: A butcher? We Diablo now?
Pandalore: AHHHHH Fresh MEAT!!
Jorge4hg: wants a hug
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I think we may have taken the wrong vent. This looks like Evil Dead
eric_christian_berg: Hungry Man!
sparrowsdinner: he chonky
Skyboss1996: Nope.
Mashamino: crunchy crunch
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: er, The Evil Within
Skyboss1996: This is where it gets worse
sir1002: bu5cher boy
Lysander_Gustav: !bingo
tim19862: "this isn't the break room"
ThePerrBearr: too quiet, too fast, somethings about to happen
Brok3nGol3m: had to step away to throw dinner in the oven. still the same game?
Laserbeaks_Fury: hey we started the generator!
Skyboss1996: WHAT?
NimrodXIV: make as much noise as possible. :D
haliberdk: I think he's a nice guy Kappa
randomino5: WHAT?
Ryenji: LUL
InkyGhoast: and generator who has bingo
Saphiroko: WHAT
ThePerrBearr: i think he heard you
Lysander_Gustav: okay sure
Skyboss1996: I think he heard us
Boi_Ginny: I think he heard you
gsyhiap: I think he heard us
circusofkirkus: yes. yes he heard you
Tomasu82: no, but the rest of the blook around the moonbase did.
NazakYuzak: boobies!
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
Saphiroko: oh jebuss
Baldrash: Splort.
screamingpeasant: you asked for it
Rhynerd: He heard.
dimensaur: oh lawd he comin
thecanerdian: he gave us the meat man salute!
Pazy160: Thats what you get for shouting.
gamercat88: that is def masimo the chef
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: he's gotta sight in with the cleaver first I guess
eric_christian_berg: I don't think we made, boss.
EJGRgunner: Obesity: the silent killer
DeafMints: You gotta contain that guy
Sanityis0verrated: but why was he naked
Koshindan: This would be TOS if his gut was a little shorter.
BlameBlair: Aaaaaaaaaand clip that
Rhynerd: Man, if we were playing Killing Floor 2...
Sanityis0verrated: and covered in green slime
sir1002: oh. its really the d1 butcher.
Markster981: squelchy boy
Pentigan: Im-meat-ient death
TheWriterAleph: he's just a naked butcher man. don't kinkshame
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: this is the part of the game where the dev played Evil Within I guess
tim19862: katesScared
Pazy160: If we cant see him then he cant see us. Its fine.
ThePerrBearr: today on Cleaver vs. Camera
TheR676767: that's a good chase sound effect
Diabore: chop chop boys
TheWriterAleph: he's hackin' and whackin' and smackin'
angmor00: try trapping him in that small room at the beginning?
Lunareclipse123: such good sound design
TheR676767: ooooh it's to let you know he's chopping
tim19862: LUL
Haberdashed: OOPS
dimensaur: Butcher Pete!
Markster981: he just hacks, wacks choppin that meat
thecanerdian: thanks graffiti!
DolGrenn: The hint that came up when you died said you have to contain some enemies
1losttheGame: LUL this is so good!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: jiggly
Mashamino: LUL
screamingpeasant: bar the door with the limb?
Lysander_Gustav: Nice hints
SharkHero08: That mans nipples are erect
thecanerdian: the writing was quite literally on the wall
Pteraspidomorphi: This game has a great hint system overall
ehsteveG: Freakin Birdie mains and their frame traps Kappa
Katten_Rastyr: Keep hackin' and whackin' and smackin' mister butcher
ThePerrBearr: Lemme tell y'all about a guy named Butcher Pete
Pteraspidomorphi: Hint density increases the more you fail
KV1NN4: I didn't get to read all the writing ont he wall what was it?? o.o''
Koshindan: @screamingpeasant Is that what they mean by an armbar?
thecanerdian: @KV1NN4 "You should have trapped him"
EJGRgunner: This is kind of like playing Dark Souls with a jerk of a friend who keeps telling you you're doing it wrong
Lysander_Gustav: oh maybe that button on the other side of the mirror does something
Pentigan: No vent photography
Vincent508: Anybody but butcher Pete D:
KV1NN4: @thecanerdian Thanks!
ButterBall000: General question, but is there a date for the next LoadingReadyLive?
utilitybiscuits: I only have audio rn and it’s still spookin me so good?? 10/10 sound game
CastleOtranto: Don't take his picture; you'll see his wangus.
Lysander_Gustav: cool
Juliamon: ButterBall000 it should be on the schedule!
TheWriterAleph: a b s o l u t e u n i t
InkyGhoast: i had to step away for a few minutes did we contain
KNACC: I do like that this game has a hint system
TheR676767: at least they bothered to give you hints
screamingpeasant: yes; trap him in the room with a glass wall
Rhynerd: Gonna nick all the stuff.
Robot_Bones: What a digital dummy
Lord_ZYRK: C'mon man that's my lunch BibleThump
xantos69: counting down the seconds until he comes and kills you.
TheWriterAleph: "don't touch my naked cannibal man things"
DolGrenn: He didn't stand a ghost of a chance!
TheR676767: there
Vincent508: Hey jerk face you have the face of a jerk
Lysander_Gustav: nice
Markster981: thats MY loincloth
FireBasilisk53: suddenly outlast
TheR676767: oh he's gonna chop the cable
TheWriterAleph: "you're in the jungle baby"
dimensaur: Bob Ross painted that
shurtal: Oh hey, it's discount P.T.!
JohnPraw: I don't think this building is up to code.
OKB_1: This is very PT-esque
tim19862: this is really well done
1losttheGame: oh my god, it did say he only had 6 months
1losttheGame: wtf
NimrodXIV: aw
1losttheGame: the cycle continues
grandmaspocket: heavy baggage
Vincent508: I walked. I could do nothing but walk. Something something the gap in the door
Brok3nGol3m: my boyfriends a real man. just look at his jolly belly!
tim19862: lrrWOW
ehsteveG: seabatYIKES
samuelev199: thats a zoinks from me scoob
TheWriterAleph: mmm banans and kidneybeems
Pteraspidomorphi: Massimo approves
TehAmelie: it looks like a chicken collage
Lunareclipse123: Chicken, mushrooms and tomato sauce obvs
Camail: fresh squeezed banana
SuperSugarSloth: Mmm, natchos
drcanonball: adam's protein bananas
Robot_Bones: thats what you get taking notes from Massimo
thecanerdian: Red Sky at night! Sailor's delight!
ThePerrBearr: outside is canceled today
Markster981: looks like adams cottage cheese tbh
DolGrenn: Maggie ran off with Massimo, didn't she?
Lord_ZYRK: Man, you've gotta find a new landscaper
TheR676767: go to my cutting board to chop my bananas
BleedingToast: zap and the dirt is gone?
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
drcanonball: kansas during a hurricane maybe
Katten_Rastyr: *BZZRT*
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP
EJGRgunner: Man. Commute's gonna suck today. People see one speck of blood-red sky and forget how to drive.
InkyGhoast: ooh a cafeteria
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Haberdashed: I guess it makes sense that a reality that's a reflection of me is just a lifeless void
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InkyGhoast: it's serving meatloaf
Boi_Ginny: Lunch today is : disgusting
eric_christian_berg: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Infliction
Lysander_Gustav: sure
gamercat88: nope
tim19862: "cool" sure
FireBasilisk53: just like my childhood
BusTed: I don't think I had that disc.
ANeMzero: Man, my Viewmaster only had pictures of Disneyland.
TheWriterAleph: spoop-finder
Vincent508: if the last one was krusty the clown I'd lose it
InkyGhoast: I don't like this
AGiantRoach: 7 Days
Lord_ZYRK hands Adam a Viewmaster with the Ghostbusters II wheel in it and waits Kappa
Asimech: "Do you want to know how I got these scars? I decided to dress up as a pirate one Halloween and do that "knife in mouth" thing..."
EJGRgunner: You gotta go into that painting with the maze
InkyGhoast: T-5 to death
EJGRgunner: Please game!
Asimech: With the flashlight on?
EJGRgunner: Let us go run around in a maze!
Koshindan: To be fair, it took you awhile for the doors too.
BusTed: No no, Toy Story 2, Zyrk.
BlameBlair: wait, you can hide with your flashlight on?
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: It lets you hide with the flashlight on?
Lysander_Gustav shrugs
gamercat88: haha ghosts cant open doors
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ghosts contain very little mass, so that door swing back hit them very far away
screamingpeasant: only thing worse than hiding from a monster. hiding in an empty room?
EJGRgunner: Fire can't go through doors, stupid! It's not ghosts!
TheMerricat: she definately isn't waiting for you just outside that room. I promise kappa100
ehsteveG: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:39:37.
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
arcaneIllumination: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Headcanon accepted.
tim19862: wow
gamercat88: lmao
Lysander_Gustav: wheeeee
tim19862: katesNice
SpookySpaghooti: YA DID IT
BusTed: Good reflexes.
Haberdashed: HECK
gsyhiap: katesScared
AGiantRoach: seabatYIKES
Haberdashed: NOT OKAY
InkyGhoast: YES
mikialice: oh hell no
Brok3nGol3m: classic
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that scared the shit out of me
EJGRgunner: This is your own fault. The guide docent clearly said no flash photography
TehAmelie: maybe they can hear our heartbeat. we seem to have the same superpower as King in One Punch Man
K0nti0: lrrFINE lrrFINE
SpookySpaghooti: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Ticket to Ride) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (1:46 from now).
shurtal: Didn't know Bray Wyatt was in this!
thecanerdian: she's playing all them old hits and I am HERE for it
Katten_Rastyr: Camera is back alive!
shimdogwastaken: lol
ladyxxlightning: NNNNNOPE
Koshindan: I feel like hiding below the bed isn't the best spot against something knee level.
SuperSugarSloth: katesScared
SharkHero08: So when's the upside down Sonic fight?
Vincent508: queue the EDM
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh man, that sound of the flash recharging. I haven't heard that in FOREVER
BusTed: Laying down that sick beat.
noisyblizzard: hey i like this track
edgeyberzerker: damn it sister Abigail!
Mister_Skittles: i need to go bed but i dunno if i can sleep about this
Lysander_Gustav: okay so I guess we keep taking pictures?
Saeif: pepeJAM
NimrodXIV: lrrHERE
BusTed: lrrHERE
Mashamino: lrrHERE
ThePerrBearr: lrrHERE
Kramburger: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
Lunareclipse123: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
tim19862: just waiting for the drop lrrBEEJ
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
gsyhiap: lrrHERE
ampharos15: Damn I went to get something out of the oven and missed it
Koshindan: lrrHERE
Galactic_pain: lrrHERE lrrHERE
Robot_Bones: Just Crit
Baldrash: lrrHERE lrrHERE
NonjaBiru: lrrHERE
Brok3nGol3m: lrrHERE lrrHERE
Dared00: lrrHERE
CastleOtranto: lrrHERE
gamercat88: skrt
tim19862: lrrHERE
Katten_Rastyr: lrrHERE
Sanityis0verrated: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Haberdashed: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
BlameBlair: Definitely Ju-on right there! lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
EJGRgunner: The heart beat. The elevator. The washing machine. All of these things could be the beginning of a sick EDM track.
haliberdk: Sick beats tho
coelopteryx: the system, is down, the system, is down,
arcaneIllumination: lrrHERE
ehsteveG: lrrHERE lrrHERE
Pandalore: lrrHERE
FireBasilisk53: I wish you luck
Phailhammer: lrrHERE lrrHERE
1losttheGame: this hearbeat cant be good for my ears
Tempest2097: Bassline jumps in
KV1NN4: Twitch Plays: We Live Here Now
ampharos15: lrrHERE
thefileclerk: ded
Robot_Bones: seabatSKRT
Tempest2097: Boodley boop deooow
kozguy: katesNope benginRip lrrFINE lrrHERE
randomino5: DODO DODODODO
BlameBlair: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
screamingpeasant: frame perfect speed run strats
SharkHero08: Are ghosts weak to cameras now?
Koshindan: 360 no spoop.
tim19862: crouch?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Ben it stops working! It stops working!
sparrowsdinner: aahahfhha nooooooo D:
Pantsravaganza: lrrJUDGE
NazakYuzak: munch munch time to crunch
Laserbeaks_Fury: flash and hide while the flash recharges?
tim19862: D:
Hunterprime: flashlight can stop stop if if its off then you catch her i though it said?
malexus101: is this just a hit-n-run level?
noisyblizzard: she gave us a smootch
1losttheGame: we did that before, need to figure out how to leap past her
Azsedcf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Ticket to Ride) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (1:44 from now).
MilkInBag: holy shit this game is long PogChamp
SydPreviouslyHeadache: munch a bunch 'a crunch
Mister_Skittles: you forgot to wind up your camera lol
haliberdk: and that's why we use digital cams Kappa
MilkInBag: this doesnt look like home
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh god I can hear that plastic scraping sound as you wind the dial
Pantsravaganza: !findquote ghost
LRRbot: Quote #1212: "I need a ghost computer so I can look up... ghost porn." —Paul [2015-12-02]
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: memories
Lunareclipse123: I think that doesn't work with the flashlight, only with environmental lights
tim19862: it said in one of the tips that you can crouch behind furniture also
shimdogwastaken: lrrHERE
screamingpeasant: whatever happened to friendly zombie in the hallway. wasn't he nice?
TheMerricat: "lets to this!" stops at the door and goes backwards.
Haberdashed: She's a raptor!
toomanybears: HE BROKE YOUR LIGHTS'
MilkInBag: D:
Dix: She's a gaddamn raptor
Lunareclipse123: Clever Girl
xantos69: Who gave her that technology??!?!?
Hunterprime: yeah she breaks the lights if they are left on
MilkInBag: inb4 spoop
tim19862: lrrSPOOP
1losttheGame: there is the tape on the desk
TheMerricat: activate recorder before leaving rooom.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: audiolog on the desk there
Nightvalien28: that's awesome
Laserbeaks_Fury: Dr. Tanas
kozguy: Easy breezy beautiful cover girl am I right?
gamercat88: question: is she worse than that jantor from that other game?
malexus101: I'm gonna have an heart attack before the end of this stream
screamingpeasant: get help
tim19862: lrrFRUMP lrrEFF
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: lady, that cabin is clearly where he's gonna murder you. why would you go to that cabin.
Lazarus_18: Dr. Tanas is an anagram of Dr. Satan
tim19862: yeah, get help
Lord_ZYRK: Lazarus_18 no way WutFace
Lazarus_18: and Dr. Santa!
MilkInBag: WutFace
Beilout: If you're always walking backwards, the ghosts can't attack you
warpspeed365: Run
1losttheGame: she has no eyes gross D:
Haberdashed: She got that gingivitis
DeafMints: try taking a photo of the statue in that office btw Ben
tim19862: Dr. Naast? lrrBEEJ
shimdogwastaken: lrrFINE lrrFINE
coelopteryx: lol the camera ready noise when you're lying on the floor. alas
tim19862: LUL
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh wait okay...the note at the cabin said the ritual wanted his first son. So the husband must have sacrificed the babby.
warpspeed365: sergeHolyMoly
SharkHero08: Have you tried telling the ghosts to stop bullying you?
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coelopteryx: just the timing on it was very silly
MrQBear: No mattress
NimrodXIV: no matress
TheMerricat: staff are going to come by latter and wonder why there are so many poaroids on the ground
Lord_ZYRK: It's steel mesh, Ben. You can see right through it MingLee
Lazarus_18: Ben, you can see through that bed
Lord_ZYRK: The panic set in NotLikeThis
Lysander_Gustav: Darned twitch delay
Mister_Skittles: there is writing on the walls too ben
BusTed: Slice that pie.
tim19862: katesNice katesNice katesNice
Dix: thats BS
toomanybears: man this part is rough
Lord_ZYRK: There's pie? PogChamp
tim19862: heh
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh
Katten_Rastyr: cirBaka
Saeif: it might be mine :)
Formerly_Beef: omg i did too
Haberdashed: DAMMIT I LOOKED
1losttheGame: damn it
DeafMints: Dammit
lifecharacter: Did Seabats @ everyone again?
DeafMints: I LOOKED
Lysander_Gustav: beepboop
gsyhiap: LUL
adi_pie: I legitimately had to look over.
BlameBlair: I noticed xD
BusTed: Psyche.
Lord_ZYRK: g o t t e m
adi_pie: Monsters.
warpspeed365: Why does she hate you
LavenderCreations: I did have a message o.O
gsyhiap: #ThanksDiscord
EJGRgunner: I mute every socializing platform as basically the first thing I do
NazakYuzak: S L A P
randomino5: Siri order 300 copies of the latest national geographic
ThePerrBearr: got me. i'm expecting a message from people
WereDoor: lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF i looked
LucyCloudberry: ) : <
Katten_Rastyr: BONK
Haberdashed: *THWACK*
BlandSpice: Oh man that sideswipe kill
sir_jack_DB: *bap*
CrazymattCaptain: picture too early
tim19862: got footed
BlameBlair: She was 3 feet infront of you!!!!
Sethro420: Adam has to be stoned
moosethatsmiles: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:48:16.
Hunterprime: Didn't it show her getting turned into red light in the tutorial?
InkyGhoast: moshi moshi
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the red light is if you catch her in the light
toomanybears: the switch in the room with the electric chair?
DeafMints: oh the electric chair!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the camera is just a temporary stun
Lysander_Gustav: nice of them to give us hints
Lord_ZYRK: Wow Adam
1losttheGame: must be in the doctors room?
DeafMints: Throw the switch?
Baldrash: lrrWOW
InkyGhoast: boooo
Asimech: @DeafMints But if it breaks you'll lose all your save files.
Brittcom: Follow the line from the loght
DeafMints: Asimech o.o
Koshindan: Quick draw!
Lord_ZYRK: gdqSanic
PizzalordEX: oh snap
SuperSugarSloth: rude
Lysander_Gustav: Those are not regulation hitboxes
Alahmnat: those tick marks just apparated on the wall
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: she won't expect you to run right at her!
BusTed: seabatHITBOX
Lazarus_18: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
Lunareclipse123: seabatHITBOX
EJGRgunner: Nothing personnel, Ben
1losttheGame: this game aint good for my heart bois
shimdogwastaken: lrrHORN lrrHORN
malexus101: @1lostthegame feeeeel ya
Koshindan: I saw run right at her... And tackle her. Ghosts never expect a full body tackle!
Hunterprime: Turn off the light in here maybe?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: turn the light off, you gotta be able to turn the light on when she comes in
BusTed: this game is not for cardiac people
KNACC: yeah you need to turn off the lights in here if you can
tim19862: woah
korvys: !advice
LRRbot: Avoid the Beej Cold.
BlandSpice: Man that would have been a great jumpscare. Put the photo down and she comes out at you
BusTed: TheIlluminati
Dix: TheIlluminati
brainbosh: D4
PizzalordEX: How much film do you have?
Rockario: I really want this to just summon her and we just die
screamingpeasant: this wall statue looks like someone couldn't carve feet or hands
Lysander_Gustav: nice
TheWriterAleph: sesameee
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
Lord_ZYRK: seabatBRAIN
tim19862: lrrGOAT there
VoidByAnyOtherName: bones?
Katten_Rastyr: Illuminati Brimston Chalice Trapizoid?
tim19862: wut
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh look it's creepo cabin again
drcanonball: hi again ghost
Koshindan: Illuminati confirmed stronger than ghosts.
Lysander_Gustav: neat
Lazarus_18: is this Plato's cave?
brainbosh: It's a diorama?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: it's an evil diorama of the evil cabin
BlandSpice: That shadow is being cast by the lamp on the table. There isn't any space between the table and the wall
Brok3nGol3m: that's fucked up
ThePerrBearr: a walk down memory lane
tim19862: diarooma lrrBEEJ
Lysander_Gustav: I'm expecting a screamer soon
brainbosh: Now, a summary of the game
Sati90: Photos?
BusTed: BabyRage slytqBaby
Lysander_Gustav: going to turn down the sound just in case
PizzalordEX: The fact you can't go in the rooms and the sounds makes it feel like an amusement park
Lunareclipse123: Oh no... it's like the end of Life is strange!
warpspeed365: Demon babies
Pteraspidomorphi: You did see that
Pteraspidomorphi: It's the jump scare rooms
SuperSugarSloth: "He's got your eyes... he was having so much fun with them."
malexus101: so it's putting it in chronological order?
TheExactSame: baby needs a change
auxv: feels like the end
brainbosh: Replace baby with beer
PandaByName: Symbolism
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: AUGH WHAT NO
Rockario: Ah, beer cans, our true child
U_Dude: Old world blues?
SpookySpaghooti: Its Dr Mobius!
BusTed: 👀
Phailhammer: Dr. Mobius!? lrrBEEJ
tim19862: katesLol
SpookySpaghooti: Where are the robo scorpions
Lord_ZYRK: us watching the video "I made this :) "
steelenet: can you murder a little bit quieter? gosh!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: what did that can say?
1losttheGame: but thats the white noise for sleep!
Sati90: No mouth and he must scream?
screamingpeasant: alchemists!
Brok3nGol3m: just walk right into the circle
SpookySpaghooti: teleportation circles!
InkyGhoast: lrrSPOOP
Katten_Rastyr: I said to myself "Don't step in the pentagram!" and then he stepped in it cirLaugh
Gizmoloid: The halls are alive with sounds of murder!
TweakyCZ: do you have to find that mask?
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: The picture of grandma?
TheExactSame: Grandma's Teeth!
InkyGhoast: oh yeah we still need to find that jewelry
gamercat88: looking for grandma
gamercat88: the clock?
steelenet: give em' the clamps!
Xenovita: dont you keep rings in a music box?
eric_christian_berg: Back home. Everything's fine!
MadAran87: So this is going to end with the reveal that we've been in some form of hell all along, right? I'm guessing.
Pteraspidomorphi: Gasp! No grandma!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: They took grandma
Laserbeaks_Fury: hey Grandmas gone
arcaneIllumination: Grandma's gone!
Lord_ZYRK: I see drinking isn't this guy's only vice Kappa
warpspeed365: Is this what pt was supposed to be
Rockario: That's where that grandma was at the start of the game
Koshindan: Now to see Grandma is up and active.
BusTed: for sure magic art
SpookySpaghooti: that angel is fucking radical
1losttheGame: white black
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Angel of Abolition
Diabore: judgement
SpookySpaghooti: !card angel of deliverance
LRRbot: Angel of Deliverance [6WW] | Creature — Angel [6/6] | Flying / Delirium — Whenever Angel of Deliverance deals damage, if there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, exile target creature an opponent controls.
gamercat88: angel of red virture
korvys: Angel of Defiance
EJGRgunner: Seraph of Scales?
eric_christian_berg: Ah, someone's a fan of Kult!
Dared00: Angel of Adderall
1losttheGame: angle of absolution?
MilkInBag: GGBB
kozguy: "Its Angel of Fucking I Don't Know" - Adam
VoidByAnyOtherName: angel of pre-pre-release
JosephDeath: Angel of Badassitude
Asimech: Is that the Primarch Angelus?
Rockario: !card avenging angel
LRRbot: Avenging Angel [3WW] | Creature — Angel [3/3] | Flying / When Avenging Angel dies, you may put it on top of its owner's library.
drcanonball: looks like something from inistrad
Brok3nGol3m: when it ETB's get STOMPED
Dix: 2WWBB
Laserbeaks_Fury: Asylum Angel
MacSquizzy: Vindicator Seraph
MilkInBag: this is clearly a GGBB angel
CapnRobert: oh wait angel of deliverance was a real card?
SpookySpaghooti: Adam the actual Angel of Deliverance is a lot like that lol
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Vindicator Seraph sounds right
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Angel of Deliverance is from Eldritch Moon IIRC
tim19862: shortcut to a shorter game Kappa
Dix: !card angel of deliverance
LRRbot: Angel of Deliverance [6WW] | Creature — Angel [6/6] | Flying / Delirium — Whenever Angel of Deliverance deals damage, if there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, exile target creature an opponent controls.
SpookySpaghooti: @MilkInBag lmao
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the new one is Seraph of the Scales
Koshindan: Why do you need 3 typewriters/
frozenphoenix7: It's got Delirium. So it's kind of fitting.
1losttheGame: LOL pretty decent
kozguy: !card reya dawnbringer
LRRbot: Reya Dawnbringer [6WWW] | Legendary Creature — Angel [4/6] | Flying / At the beginning of your upkeep, you may return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.
EJGRgunner: Angel of Deliverance is from Shadows over Innistrad Block
Pteraspidomorphi: Mr Manager
Diabore: 69 Kappa
SpookySpaghooti: orzhov angels are Despair, Deathpact and Scales
Lord_ZYRK: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
MilkInBag: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
lifecharacter: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Nocxia: Smaaaarts!
EJGRgunner: Out of the corner
Diabore: 6 then 9?
BusTed: ruined
MilkInBag: got em
SuperSugarSloth: katesS
Lunareclipse123: photo?
ThePerrBearr: 0-42-0
screamingpeasant: so what's the code, smart guy? probably 4/5 something
TheR676767: picture?
tim19862: 6969 worked once
Lysander_Gustav: look on the back of painting?
Lord_ZYRK: 666
NonjaBiru: 6-9-4-2-0?
MilkInBag: slap it with your dudu
cosarprime: 4 typewriters?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: it probably is 6-6-6 with where this is going
edgeyberzerker: the type writers?
Dared00: The empty wall?
plummeting_sloth: man, littering
lifecharacter: 69 42 0
cameronj115: try that code from the start
Robot_Bones: The code is on the back of the jewel case
cameronj115: for the door
Lord_ZYRK: Robot_Bones LUL
TheR676767: if they put the combo on the painting it's like "Well, you got this far, might as well let you have it"
Brittcom: Take a picture of the typewriters
Laserbeaks_Fury: You know who else was an angel, before they fell
EJGRgunner: Maybe the typerwriter? Like someone once typed the combo?
TweakyCZ: which year it was? 1986?
Alahmnat: why would you put upside down crosses on the doors of an asylum?
SquareDotCube: Damn these contractors, they installed the doors upside down! :P
TehAmelie: 666SephirotH666
EvilBadman: Chat, painfully not knowing how spinning locks work
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WasntFuzzyWuzzy: typewriter keys?
lifecharacter: We haven't found film so it might not be picture.
brainbosh: Try just spinning it?
plummeting_sloth: they thought the doors would be cooler with swords rather than crosses
warpspeed365: What about the painting
edgeyberzerker: take a photo of the type writer keys
BusTed: Das a lot of meat.
Dared00: The empty wall in the office?
screamingpeasant: that was a bad roach you smashed
plummeting_sloth: Gore Delivery!
TehAmelie: getting Resident Evil 7 here
Hunterprime: yes
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: put the boxes back oh god put them back
tim19862: yes
mjihde: Perfect! That's the first time anyone got it! Woo Adam!
ThePerrBearr: sauddenly blood
thecanerdian: yah, that was some weird gore pop-in
Lord_ZYRK: Saw what Ben :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that gorey mess was not there before
grandmaspocket: Magic
ThePerrBearr: and suddenly no blood
pinpointersk: Spoops
nidbit: camera here?
DolGrenn: Saw what? lrrBEEJ
warpspeed365: Look what you did
MilkInBag: what's that wet sound
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Ticket to Ride) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (1:27 from now).
Brittcom: Yeah
BusTed: \\ seabatBRAIN
MagicWarluck: The typewriters perhaps?
toomanybears: typewriter keys?
Alahmnat: that was well done
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Adam S-ranks Twitch Chat
warpspeed365: Painting
shurtal: Picture the angel?
7gorobei: take a pic of the angel?
DeafMints: im trying to remember how this part was done
Luminaire_p: Oooh, colorforms
DeafMints: Take a photo of the paintings?
Laserbeaks_Fury: there's a lot of inverted crosses on the wood paneling
plummeting_sloth: ahh, box shuffling minigame
Jug_R_Not: Did you look at the number on the dial when you took the close picture?
brainbosh: Close up look at the typewriters?
tim19862: what about the floor sign?
Dared00: empty wall in the office?
PizzalordEX: maybe try the safe and see if there's an audio cue to unlock it ?
richard_ermen: That´s metal!
richard_ermen: Metal AF!
Asimech: Does the shaking actually make the picture appear quicker or is it just for fun?
s0lesurviv0r: is the character limited on how many pictures they can take? because I took a look and an 8shot pack of polaroid film is $20
noisyblizzard: is that a pushy door?
korvys: I thought I saw something on the back of the one in the office?
plummeting_sloth: obviously teh code is the CMC of whaterver magic card art they stoll that from
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: bloody L?
MacSquizzy: Take a picture of the typewriter keys
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: photo the typewriters maybe?
Koshindan: Can you open the desk drawers?
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Must be british
toomanybears: maybe just turn the dial?
1losttheGame: there is something on the back of the typewriter in the office, isnt there?
cameronj115: what number is l in the alphabet
tim19862: heh
Laserbeaks_Fury: l could be left
TheR676767: telephone on the office desk? or am I just seeing things
ThePerrBearr: was there a shimmer on the ground in the office?
tuckamanian: what about back of typetwriter in the office?
brainbosh: Phone call? Just spin the dial?
CrazymattCaptain: when you took a picture of the one on the desk I thought I saw a red splotch that wasn't there
Lord_ZYRK: Back of door?
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun What's that on the back of the typewriter?
DeafMints: Check the back of the typewriter in the office?
HeruHeru: Maybe you hear a click if you turn the knob far enough?
Kronopticon: Can you not push through the double doors?
CapnRobert: I like someone suggested turn the safe see if you hear a click at some point?
MadAran87: Roman numerals? L=50?
arcaneIllumination: There was a room directory, maybe look at that?
PandaByName: L is 50
Asimech: "Spin. That. Dial!" @brainbosh
cameronj115: 12
screamingpeasant: number of steps - number of feathers in the pic - number of times you've reset. mwahaha
pkj3st3r: directory on the wall?
MilkInBag: take a picture of yourself, the code was inside you all along
H4KUO: just try all safe combinaations
plummeting_sloth: ah, see, there's your problem. You're not telling the lock to say cheese
LegionofLashes: back of the painting on the ground?
tuckamanian: darn
Odinson819: The Achilles heel of the Ronco design is its structural resonance frequency
Koshindan: 3 0 7?
toomanybears: want us to look it up?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: hih, i'm stumped
thefileclerk: 3 typewriters with 3 different years on the vacks
screamingpeasant: inside of the office door?
TehAmelie: i want a cast iron typewriter. mightier than the sword, etc
Jug_R_Not: Picture of dial again and see if it is a different number?
TheMerricat: <message deleted>@LoadingReadyRun the combi is inthe top drawer of the desk
SquareDotCube: What if we're not looking for a code, but a stethoscope?
Saeif: Take a picture of the gore?
tim19862: what about the floor sign?
grandmaspocket: @Odinson819 ahhh a fellow intellectual
Kronopticon: you can hear a tiny click when you use the dial
TheR676767: picture of the directory?
tuckamanian: any numbers on those boxes?