Metric_Furlong: Continuous
Metric_Furlong: Enthusiastic
Metric_Furlong: Consent
PhoenixMelior: always
PhoenixMelior: ah yes, good to know I can still recognise that link on site
Metric_Furlong: approaching the 1 million views mark
Earthenone: what percentage of that are people following your link do you think?
Metric_Furlong: hard to say really
Metric_Furlong: probably slightly more than the number of times that are just me
Taveena: The only times I don't fall for it are when other people accidentally warn me by complaining about it.
PhoenixMelior: who's complaining about it?
Taveena: Well, commenting..
PhoenixMelior: I never complain about Dangan, I think it's great
Metric_Furlong: fall for it implies I'm in some way tricking people into it
PhoenixMelior: mmm, I think Weagle, cheeto, Twinklebees, Earthenone, rf, all of us recognise the link by now
Weagle: I just don't blind open youtube links at this point from basically anyone :P
Metric_Furlong: sensible policy, really
PhoenixMelior: yeah, same
Metric_Furlong: I mean, you never know what someone could link
PhoenixMelior: now if that were me, that link would be Hello Kitty
rf232: we talking video links?
Twinklebees: Though you did link that fairly recently, so I don't think it'd have all that much of an impact
Metric_Furlong: PhoenixMelior how do you know it isn't? Kappa
Metric_Furlong: (for reference, this would be tricking someone into watching a video)
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a mystery
PhoenixMelior: I don't, and all I know that you frequently link is old anime themes
TXC2: Hello Everybody!
PhoenixMelior: knowing rf, it's probably Euro-Pop
Twinklebees: Oh, is that the time already?
Weagle: It is!
PhoenixMelior: that it is
TXC2: sure is
rf232: it is not europop though
Weagle: Which means it's probably time for me to run to Wendy's and then throw the stream up when I get back
Earthenone: not just that time, that hat
SAJewers: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: A Hat in Time) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (15s ago).
Metric_Furlong: PhoenixMelior I can honestly say that it's not an anime theme
Theycallmejokke: Uh hat in time, rad!
Twinklebees: I /am/ listening to an anime theme right now. With guest guitar solo by Marty Friedman, because why not.
Taveena: But will A Hat In Time be in time?
Metric_Furlong: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: A Hat in Time) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (1m ago).
wildpeaks: must be a game about all the feed dump hats
Metric_Furlong: Taveena apparently not :p
Taveena: the answer is no because anyone who expects on the dot stream schedules is kind of being unfair to LRR
Taveena: and we're very grateful for all they do for us. lrrHEART
rocketjohn: Greetings everyone
TXC2: Hello rocketjohn welcome
Metric_Furlong: hey rocketjohn
Taveena: Hellote
Theycallmejokke: Hullo
rocketjohn: Ahoy TXC2, Metric_Furlong :-)
Taveena: Oh, yeah, anyone know if Subscription months becoming total rather than consecutive will be retroactive?
Taveena: I want my gold back. ;-;
PhoenixMelior: I don't even know when that change goes live
Theycallmejokke: Here we go
Twinklebees: Signal
Taveena: lrrSIGNAL !
Metric_Furlong: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TheAinMAP: Signal.
Earthenone: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
rocketjohn: woo
Theycallmejokke: Ah top gear bois supporting the LRR bois, good good
cheetoJack: whats this about topgear
Theycallmejokke: Just an add
cheetoJack: ohhhh
thegreatwyrdling: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: A Hat in Time) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (5m ago).
Tomasu82: woo, got a twitch notification in the nick of time.
TXC2: Here we GO!
rocketjohn: howdy lads
TXC2: Hello Paul and James
TheAinMAP: katesAir
shadowdemonz123: Hi
thundercat2214: Hello
dndmaster25: Hey
ritchards: Welcome to Monitor Chat!
SAJewers: so, what were the other 5 options on the dice roll?
Taveena: I've heard very good things about this game.
Pteraspidomorphi: Huh, I did not expect this to finally be the hat in time stream
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rybackgaming: i love this game... so much.
Sanityis0verrated: so cute
MercurialVox: Mafia approves this game.
PhoenixMelior: what were the other games?
rocketjohn: has it still got that nasty jontron chap in it?
SAJewers: yeah, i'fd like to know that too
Twinklebees: Can you not tell us what the other games were? It's kind of a big part of my engagement in the show concept.
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SAJewers: (what the other games were)
Metric_Furlong: Twinklebees hey, come one, don't ask them to make up five titles on the spot like that Kappa
Aitsu111: elfYay this game is amazing
MinniChii: Good afternoon!
TXC2: hello MinniChii welcome
SAJewers: iirc yes, use a controller
MercurialVox: I recommend a controller personally
Sanityis0verrated: lrrAWESOME
TStodden: This is a controller-focused game (like a traditional 3D platformer)
mtvcdm: What were the games that didn't get rolled?
Aitsu111: i liked controller but it works goid either way
Aitsu111: *good
MercurialVox: this game's physics is rad, you can quantum entangle buckets
Sanityis0verrated: James speaks the truth
rocketjohn: yeah @LoadingReadyRun , tell us the other five games. Or we might become suspicious that the fix is in....
TheWarbo: Gotta make sure I don't miss any LRR when going for a snack
SAJewers: not beer? :P
jalais: Hatty Time? Oh Eff yes!
TXC2: here we see Link sleeping Kappa
RavingPenguin: What was this weeks GoC category?
TheWarbo: "pokemon" well that narrows it down :-P
mtvcdm: Cute games.
TXC2: Cute games
rybackgaming: Cute
jalais: Games
Stoffern: This is a big bedroom
ritchards: to do "waking up" ... well, failed that
rybackgaming: Warbo, assuming it was Let's Go, because of course they would
Critterbot: go jump around in the pillows :D
Aitsu111: tes
jalais: There's a secret in the pillows.
Aitsu111: *yes
jalais: You need to dive into it.
Ukon_vasara: did we find the sub pillow ocean?
Critterbot: that would be such a rad thing to have in your room
jalais: Or you can use a hat later.
noSmokeFire: pilocean
Taveena: The pillowcean, if you will.
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spicydungus: hi
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MercurialVox: if you want in the pipe you gotta dive into it
BrindleBoar: the tube obviously goes to the subpillowocean
Nightvalien28: this game is adorable
Chatty_Protagonist: This game's been on my wish list for about 2 months.
Theycallmejokke: Pillow ocean, strickly better than Sub ocean
TXC2: A friend of mine in Primary school had a spare room full of mattresses that was kinda like that
NazakYuzak: Good evening friends :)
Pteraspidomorphi: Lies :P
noSmokeFire: ~*~adorable~*~ skeletons
Barb4rian: That was dark...
jalais: @Barb4rian It gets darker.
MercurialVox: nah you can just sit and chill
TXC2: hello NazakYuzak welcome
Barb4rian: oh boy!
MercurialVox: sitting does nothing but sit
NazakYuzak: Yeah I think you are just chilling haha
Joda011980: when ever you sit you get a cenimatic vew
NazakYuzak: whoops :)
rybackgaming: it looked like a candle
Taveena: Ooh, wood panelling on the walls? Pretty.
PendelSteven: 'Ello
Oatway_: that's a good door noise
rybackgaming: ride the roomba!
Taveena: oh my god
Taveena: that's adorable
NazakYuzak: same roomba, same
jalais: You monster!
MercurialVox: this roomba is best roomba
MercurialVox: Punch the Roomba
Rhynerd: Poor roomba
Aitsu111: yep
jalais: Well yeah
Aitsu111: i did the same
Joda011980: watched TV first
rybackgaming: you're not weird there Paul. I did it too.
wildpeaks: aww poor roomba
jalais: Paul stop being a dick to machines.
MercurialVox: wait does it only talk if you umbrella thwack it?
Nightvalien28: can you ride the roomba?
red_shoes_jeff: PET IT WITH YOUR FIST.
BrindleBoar: [roomba will remember that]
TheWarbo: why not both, Paul
TXC2: Mail, or Confettii? Kappa
rybackgaming: yes?
Hingadora: Could we get "Oh no! Can I pet the roomba?" added to quotes?
jalais: @TXC2 It's mail.
Nightvalien28: who is knocking IN SPACE?
MercurialVox: James you are applying far too much logic already
mistborn83: Hi James and Paul happy Thursday!
Aitsu111: ah Mafia
ritchards: subtle!
TheOtherTrevor: Space Mafia Town
TXC2: hello mistborn83 welcome
drcanonball: is mafia town part of Snorch?
Nightvalien28: sir do you understand vacuum ?
NazakYuzak: That's how Mafia works PogChamp
TheOtherTrevor: Is it the Space Mafia-Town or the Space-Mafia Town
Nightvalien28: damn you space mafia
TXC2: why do we even have that door?
mtvcdm: uh oh [sucked into space time]
ritchards: damn you physics!
wildpeaks: time to bring out the big hats
noSmokeFire: obviously he can fly, thus the superman punch
PendelSteven: I'm not sure how that works
PendelSteven: She should be dead by now
TXC2: "you win again gravity!"
PendelSteven: But okay
rybackgaming: Pendel, she's an alien.
mtvcdm: She got sucked into the void of space and she's just like 'Hmph.'
jalais: @PendelSteven The pressured environment is purely for comfort.
jalais: Oxygen is for losers.
PendelSteven: Look, I was confused in DC as well, 'cause I know panels of many characters flying in space, but if you know enough...
PendelSteven: Green Lantern rings, Legionaire flying rings
Earthenone: poor mafia
PendelSteven: DC has quite a few things to let people fly - and breathe in space
PendelSteven: somehow
NazakYuzak: Interesting way to present a tutorial LUL
Nightvalien28: because you are small, the science owl said so
Joda011980: go talk to him
Nightvalien28: can leelee double jump?
SkylerRingtail: Is there no background music?
jalais: There is, it's just quiet.
TXC2: there is, it's just very quiet
red_shoes_jeff: WHAT!
mtvcdm: Why are we in Mafia Town and someone has an Australian accent?
Ukon_vasara: seabatYIKES
TheR676767: seabatYIKES
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PendelSteven: This game was released October 5, 2017
jalais: James, stop asking questions.
rennz17: All I hear is the borderlands presequal.
mtvcdm: Due to confusing science.
Joda011980: that is the voices in your head james
Joda011980: they are just humming
PendelSteven: PS4: NA: December 5, 2017 EU: December 6, 2017
Pteraspidomorphi: punch!
frnknstn: This transparency effect is freaking me out
Pteraspidomorphi: oh you can't yet
jalais: You can't yet.
MercurialVox: it's a metroidvania obstacle
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
superwill1234: you can't grab it yet
Joda011980: you can not break them until later
MercurialVox: you need the wall chicken getter before you can get wall chicken, so to speak
Ukon_vasara: we looking for Junk not Trash
red_shoes_jeff: Anybody else getting a vaguely... Luigi's Mansion vibe from this music?
BtEtta: Dither pattern is what you're looking for Paul?
Ukon_vasara: lrrHAM
ritchards: lrrHAM
TXC2: lrrHAM
Rhynerd: You hurt your hand punching tjsos bags. If only you had some sort of weapon.
PendelSteven: also out on... Xbox OneWW: December 7, 2017Nintendo SwitchWW: TBA
Gattlinggoon: Follow me Rebel Rock!
ValtheDrake: oh this game is good, be sure to try talking to the non-aggressive mafia guys
drcanonball: jump 3 times to do that dive move
MercurialVox: I'm a fan of the assorted Pattycake Mafia
PendelSteven: I'm not sure how she has a moustache either
TXC2: does she have a moustache?
Ukon_vasara: SabaPing
Rhynerd: She does.
MercurialVox: yes TXC2, Moustache Girl has a Moustache
superwill1234: DOWN WITH THE MAFIA
jalais: Yes shes does, coincidentaly she is called mustache girl.
Nightvalien28: en garde
TXC2: Makes sense
PendelSteven: There are already several logical answers that must be answered now
rybackgaming: her name is Moustache Girl. She has a moustache. That's all the reason they give. lrrFINE
mtvcdm: Down with the Mafia!
Tomasu82: well this is adorable
InkyGhoast: i love this game so much so cute
mtvcdm: TIME GET
ValtheDrake: @TXC2 her name is Moustache Girl for a reason
TXC2: !findquote time
LRRbot: Quote #3383: "The concept of time-travelling bedbugs is IRRATIONALLY upsetting to me." —Alex [2016-09-08]
Gattlinggoon: ORB
MercurialVox: yeah this is basically SMO
PendelSteven: The gameplay style has been described by several editors to be similar to Nintendo 64 platformers such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie
Rhynerd: Basically.
NazakYuzak: Now I feel like playing Mario Sunshine
TXC2: I mean, Aren't all 3d platfomers just Mario64? Kappa
Earthenone: !findquote shine
LRRbot: Quote #3945: "Remember to shine up your Paul" —Heather [2017-02-06]
NazakYuzak: LUL
InkyGhoast: ride the roomba!
TheOtherTrevor: the sounds are very mario as well
Barb4rian: Lol wood planks on the glass
MercurialVox: ok does umbrella-ing the roomba make it talk? I know it speaks
Uzumaki15: we boarded up the glass...seems legit
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PendelSteven: Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku headlines the review with: It Looks Like Wind Waker and Plays Like Super Mario 64. Fantastic.
fiftymcnasty: ooh, what was today's category
Nightvalien28: hahaha
Laserbeaks_Fury: so, a true recreation of early 3d games :P
TXC2: too real game
Joda011980: there is lots more to explore in the level
Joda011980: but you have the only time piece
TXC2: lets hope Mafia town isn't like Ozmafia town Kappa
InkyGhoast: multiple missions per world, one time pice per mission
MercurialVox: all these missions occur on the same map
red_shoes_jeff: Down with the Mafia!
jalais: It's still mafia town, just different objectives
Rhynerd: Perspiration: hopefully not
TheWarbo: "Welcome to Mafia Town" is "Welcome" because it's your first mission there, not your only mission there
jalais: That's because they're the Mafia of Cooks, duh Paul!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Man I fully expected you to climb the tree like Mario
PendelSteven: developer: Gears for Breakfast
noSmokeFire: you killed him!
MercurialVox: Murderer
Sannindi: We are an adorable little murderer.
Jorge4hg: they're full of presents
TXC2: so now we're Kirby's epic yarn?
noSmokeFire: can you bust the gold stuff with the umbrella?
Pteraspidomorphi: There are ability unlocks and costumes
Joda011980: James and Paul nitting
MercurialVox: don't worry too much about yarn until the game brings it up, it happens pretty soon iirc
Pteraspidomorphi: Mafia Town is open-world-ish
Nightvalien28: you fool
jalais: Geeeeeet Duuuuuunked OOOOOOOOOOON
MercurialVox: that is one of the many Pattycake Mafia
InkyGhoast: you get that hat later
Ukon_vasara: A Hat in Time: "I dont know what I expected, but it wasnt that"
Joda011980: the alchemy can help you destry those
Xobulo: Evening
Ukon_vasara: SeemsGood
Joda011980: *alchemy Hat
TXC2: hello Xobulo welcome
Rhynerd: A bomb hat or a pattycake hat?
noSmokeFire: :| :| :| :P :O
Xobulo: Hey @TXC2
TheWarbo: I declare that amount of TNT to be "ending a Minecraft server"
TXC2: well this clearly isn't the Savidan Mafia, we leave no witnesses!
MinniChii: How is everyone!?
JoeKim: ohhh this game looked adorable
JoeKim: how is it?
Joda011980: you need to change you attack when they glow
TXC2: JoeKim our bedroom has a slide in it, so 11/10 GOTY
MercurialVox: the most adorable little serial killer
Laserbeaks_Fury: DK is going to sue you
JoeKim: DANG
jalais: My only regret is they probably wont get to the Snatchers Forrest.
Xobulo: Where did the barrel come from?
jalais: Dodging
MercurialVox: Barrelspace Xobulo
Tantar: time to get mafiaed
TXC2: he IS on a STACK of barrels
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Lyannen: I left this sub 12 days ago with Adam. Now I have to send it again. I told him not to touch it..
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Xobulo: But the pile didn't get smaller!
RebelliousUno: avast
MercurialVox: you just team rocketed that man
noSmokeFire: he was taking the barrels from the middle
NazakYuzak: I'm just confused by the enemy invincibility mechanic. Seems like it slows down the game for no reason
Xobulo: Salutations to any Scots celebrating Burns Night!
RebelliousUno: give me more of them!
MercurialVox: precious jet fuel
Pipluphmv: They are tutorial enemies just to teach you that mechanic. It's important for movement later.
Taveena: She has a Brand.
CrazymattCaptain: cheek blush
TXC2: it;s rosie cheecks
LordShadner: red cheeks?
Barb4rian: Wow
TXC2: she's like a Viking Red Riding Hood
jalais: Best. plan. ever.
RebelliousUno: seems to jump straight to the murder
Barb4rian: This is getting darker...
kamelion84: lrrWOW
RebelliousUno: like all good plans
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE lrrSPOOP
Nightvalien28: darkest sketch
MinniChii: Monopoly man is the mafia boss?
ValtheDrake: this game gets dark in places, they won't get to the forest I'm afraid lrrDARK
TheR676767: adorable... right?
TXC2: MinniChii makes sense to me
Twinklebees: I don't want to go to the Mush and Jar Party
Ukon_vasara: wait gang?
Ukon_vasara: its gang vs mafia
Xobulo: No the Mafia is going to be jam
TXC2: !addquote (James) [now] This game seems incredibly Heather's Jam.
LRRbot: New quote #5758: "This game seems incredibly Heather's Jam." —James [2019-01-24]
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p_johnston: this looks really cute.
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Pipluphmv: Thought for a second that "Heather's Jam" was the name of a game I needed to buy
Sanityis0verrated: what have I misser since the stalking
mtvcdm: I imagine this tutorial being given by Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.
Uzumaki15: that wasn't much of a plan
RebelliousUno: There's probably less murder in there
RebelliousUno: ROOMBA
MercurialVox: Precious Roomba Pal
TXC2: Sanityis0verrated we've made friends with Moustache girl
MinniChii: can you ride the Roomba?
Laserbeaks_Fury: This hub is very KND
Meyari: Yoshi's Crafty World is the new one?
MercurialVox: Roomba speaks if you interact with it the right way
mistborn83: James WAKE UP
Aitsu111: yeah craft world yoshi or whatever its going to be called
TXC2: MinniChii indeed you can
Xobulo: There is a 3DS release of Epic Yarn too
MercurialVox: The sky seems to be perspirating
Alephred: You can't quit on a win. Or a loss.
Sanityis0verrated: hey mistborn sup
Rhynerd: Oh, you have a rainjacket!
MinniChii: I love e-readers. I have the Kobo kind
RebelliousUno: It's Paul's iPad now
p_johnston: you can buy kindle books on most phones also.
AntiCrepuscular: seems legit
Ukon_vasara: pattycaked into the sea
MercurialVox: not death, just injury
jalais: Can't get in there yet.
MercurialVox: you need the ice hat
jalais: Bingo!
AntiCrepuscular: wait, Paul, did your character just "BWEEEEEH"?! :D
MinniChii: drop chair onto trap door?
Sanityis0verrated: kindle ink or normal
Rhynerd: There is indeed a frost hat.
p_johnston: i have both. i use my phone a lot because it's easier to carry around.
MercurialVox: you can talk to some doors for more tidbits if you want
Ukon_vasara: to view surroundings
MinniChii: so cute!
TXC2: Tannooki!
Aenir798: OHHHHHH
Xenguin47: Um... just showed up, but all I see is a black screen...
AntiCrepuscular: refresh?
Rhynerd: Refreshing might be wise.
Meyari: Is it following us now?
AntiCrepuscular: twitch sometimes forgets to teitch ;)
AntiCrepuscular: *twitch
Xenguin47: *blinks* I refreshed like three times and it did nothing until y'all told me to refresh.... is Chat magic?
asddsa28: wow that a deep cut in cod we trust
TXC2: Xenguin47 yes
Rhynerd: Russian and chef based.
MercurialVox: Kid's Hat is the objective finder, Sprint Hat goes fast
Gattlinggoon: i didnt think you could make climbing a ladder this cute
MercurialVox: and there are many other hats. Like the Junkrat Hat
Joda011980: and you can diffrent skins for the hats
TheWarbo: Ahh, LT is "do hat thing"
Tomasu82: pause chair!
Ukon_vasara: its a vista, to look for stuff
Spolin: this is a cute game rooAww
RebelliousUno: makes sense
AntiCrepuscular: lead hat?
malc: woah
AntiCrepuscular: is that a thing?
malc: nice time to turn up for a cute game, eh
TehAmelie: or something heavy you can move
AntiCrepuscular: F
Joda011980: now you just need to find the safe
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HondoTrigger: yay! stream times with...uh...1/3 of my favorite bearded boys? i think?
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RebelliousUno: probably better than putting him in a jar
red_shoes_jeff: THAT POOR MAN!
Gattlinggoon: cute little murder though^^
kumatsu: That man had a FAMILY
Rhynerd: Dead.
Xobulo: I mean it has a snow flake on it
Sanityis0verrated: wow paul
MercurialVox: snowflake platforms are for a hat you don't have yet. It will typically be obvious what obstacles will be cleared when you unlock a new one
Jorge4hg: on his birthday
Makhiel: poisoned bu our enemies
TehAmelie: sorry, we all saw the tapes
Sanityis0verrated: do we even know this Paul
Ukon_vasara: you murdered that man, ADORABLY ruuHug
HondoTrigger: I think you look great, you look like Baker Mayfield
noSmokeFire: now you have to go the other way and shave your entire head
Dared00: It's goatee time
Xobulo: Mafia Sadness Farm game?
TheWarbo: !findquote chat
LRRbot: Quote #3007: "The woman is not dead, Chat. The woman has just left this timeline." —Ian [2016-07-18]
TXC2: Beards are great though James, useful in the winter
RebelliousUno: Upkeep would be a pain to keep it gone though
Garrub: how's untap and draw though?
AntiCrepuscular: Garrub :D
Frankenfruity: Is it the look she doesn't like or the feel of it?
p_johnston: she alsp has to touch it.
RebelliousUno: Saves your Scarf Budget
malc: *right now*
Joda011980: push
AntiCrepuscular: seabatYIKES
TehAmelie: it's like a pelt for your face that you grow
SAJewers: wait and shave it as desert bus? lrrBEEJ
noSmokeFire: Beard: artifact equipment: cumulative upkeep {1}
MercurialVox: that man wanted to have a family
theneatestburrito: lrrFINE
TXC2: "I didn't kill him, gravity did"
AntiCrepuscular: Oh nooo
mtvcdm: Oh dear, that's unfortunate for him.
mistborn83: why are they sitting on the edge? Are they suicidal?
noSmokeFire: bring a fake beard with you
TXC2: yeap Passports are hard with a beard
jalais: Well, that settles it, James you cannot shave your beard.
Xobulo: You may grow one again
RebelliousUno: clearly the trick is TWO PASSPORTS
Joda011980: the sells
Joda011980: *seller
MercurialVox: Uno you're a GENIUS
ThePerrBearr: just don't do anything drastic like facial reconstruction
HesGotNoPants: but hair dye is ok wtf?
MinniChii: well, how long does it take you to grow a beard?
red_shoes_jeff: He wouldn't get in trouble, Paul. He'd get "randomly selected"
AntiCrepuscular: get a fake beard tattooed on? Kappa
Lyannen: Or a fake beard..
theneatestburrito: Plan to grow a beard before the next time you leave the country?
Kanoxy: you obviously plan your shavings ahead of time so you can grow a beard when you need to travel
Joda011980: that depends james
Earthenone: just wear a fake beard when going through customs
TehAmelie: yeah get on the black market and get a fake passport just for your different look
TXC2: I'm almost positive that two passports is a crime :P
fiftymcnasty: Not if you have dual citizenship
kamelion84: katesLol
TheOtherTrevor: If they complain to you about it, complain back to the passport office telling them to let you replace it free of charge if they have a problem with it
TheWarbo: Oh somehow I didn't realize this was the same map
jalais: Just get dual nationality. One for you, one for your beard.
TheWarbo: I am not smart
Mangledpixel: that's for biometric analysis
Joda011980: you can have dual citizons
mtvcdm: My name is Lars Gerhardt, I was never here and everything is fine.
AntiCrepuscular: Words the CBP don't wan't to ever hear: "Oh crap, wrong passport!"
MercurialVox: big map and got dropped in a different area it's understandable Warbo
TehAmelie: here you should have glasses in your picture if you "usually" wear them
Xobulo: Duel citizenship? The Canadian beard passport.... and another non beard country passport?
kamelion84: katesLol
Rhynerd: “Would you like My Beard’s Passport or my other Passport?”
TheWarbo: have these freezey board always had that effect above thme?
Lithobraker: you can straight up buy citizenship from a bunch of small coubtries these days
mtvcdm: This game is great.
Joda011980: well you techenally an exterterestial paul
MercurialVox: when you use the dash, you will standstill if you don't jump out of it
AntiCrepuscular: Lithobraker only costs a million bucks or so in "investment" in the country
Pteraspidomorphi: True, Mafia was 100% accurate
AntiCrepuscular: suddenly lets nope
TehAmelie: i'm disappointed we haven't yet managed to give birth to a baby in space. get it together, humans
noSmokeFire: she's more of a slimy time alien
Lithobraker: anticrepuscular less now days, its become almost a competitive market
TXC2: getting a weird psychonaughts vibe off of this section
AntiCrepuscular: oh... good?
Pteraspidomorphi: Not enough meat or clowns
AntiCrepuscular: BTW I love the halftone fadeout effect they have on things near the camera in this
AntiCrepuscular: very snazzy
TXC2: Pteraspidomorphi was thinking more of the Theatre stage
mtvcdm: Celebrate right on his back.
Chatty_Protagonist: Dance on his back!
Pteraspidomorphi: Hm, it's been a while
Pteraspidomorphi: I vaguely remember that one being very raw platforming
jalais: They're coke bottle nerd glasses.
RebelliousUno: So odd but looks fun
Lithobraker: anticrepuscular finally the 2% can have access to the international benefits of the 1%
LeeshaJoy: Did we just shake down a mob boss?
noSmokeFire: hat in time: not an accurate game about world war 2
Pteraspidomorphi: Correct
Joda011980: new world new enmies
Pteraspidomorphi: Every room in the ship leads to a different world
Garrub: Its coming out on switch?!
jalais: @LeeshaJoy Nah, he was basically the nerd of the mafia.
Garrub: When?!
jalais: TBA
Garrub: oof
mtvcdm: Camera isn't the best. But that's not a killer.
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh was the the game that JonTron did voice work for
red_shoes_jeff: Population: One less soon
noSmokeFire: no, that was Yookalaylee, Laserbeak
jalais: The sky is sweating, yes.
Pteraspidomorphi: He did a receptionist in world 2 IIRC
freshmaker__: Did they ever recast jontron in this?
Pteraspidomorphi: And then they recast it
Dared00: @noSmokeFire he did for both
Pteraspidomorphi: ?
freshmaker__: oh good
noSmokeFire: oh, my mistake
Milambus: water?
Lithobraker: mtvcdm is the camera good in *any* game?
Joda011980: remember paul not made by Canadians, there are candaian words not spelled perfectlly
mtvcdm: The camera's usually best when you don't notice the camera.
azureHaights: Checking wiktionary, they suggest that it CAN be "perspirate" but it probably shouldn't be
jalais: 4 chapters in the main game + 1 chapter DLC
TheOtherTrevor: How is this game $30+ on Humble & GOG but only $10 on Steam
jalais: Time rift are bonus stages in the 4 chapters.
Pteraspidomorphi: Time rift is bonus platforming levels
freshmaker__: I feel like I've seen a great speedrun of this.
SAJewers: i think speedruns are an hour or 2
Joda011980: behind the clup paul
Rhynerd: Seal the Deal also adds Seals. The Seals are adorable.
noSmokeFire: gacha!
TXC2: Toilet gems, the sweetest kind
rennz17: It’s a keyblade. Get it for Jeej
Joda011980: littlw girl in the mens room, naughty paul
azureHaights: @Joda011980 It's not the mens room, it's the mafia room
MinniChii: Do I make a 3 layer or a 4 layer cake?
noSmokeFire: 5 layer
Xenguin47: 3!
MinniChii: You can play the slot machines!!
Taveena: Mask Salesman has seen better ways.
TXC2: how many layers lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Parry everything.
GDwarf: This character design is *my jam*
TXC2: !findquote layers
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
red_shoes_jeff: I require your strongest badges
MercurialVox: Badge Seller, give me your strongest Poison
freshmaker__: badge seller, im going inot battle and i need your strongest badge
GDwarf: Hexadecimal via Majora's Mask
ValtheDrake: the umbrella is very useful
TXC2: My Badges are too strong for you taveler!
Taveena: Oh, it IS Xur.
Laserbeaks_Fury: May badges are too powerful for you!
MercurialVox: you have enough slots for all of them right now
azureHaights: @TheWarbo The other room is the Also Mafia room
Ukon_vasara: badge seller isnt feeling so good
Joda011980: you can only have one badge now
TStodden: Might want that pin... You might want something to add more badges
TheWarbo: azureHaights That's wonderful
Pteraspidomorphi: Money's for that guy
AGiantRoach: id buy the pin. more slots are always good
MercurialVox: you need the pin to equip multiples
azureHaights: It did look like it has a little bow on the head of the pictograph though
ThePerrBearr: you need to get the safety pin
Rhynerd: Just the universal currency of Pons
MercurialVox: the guy sells the pin also
Joda011980: there hsould be 22 in here alone
ThePerrBearr: they're just normal Mafia trying to live a normal life
MercurialVox: again, not death pattycake, just injury pattycake
Ukon_vasara: Mafia is very complex
Ukon_vasara: we got pattycaked into the sea
TheWarbo: "Get in the Sea" pattycake
PyreDynasty: I question their money storage practises
Akaiatana: Rafter is the best medicine
Ukon_vasara: punderful
Zath_: This looks reminds me of costume quest, same devs or something?
Meyari: Maybe money isn't a collectable?
MercurialVox: buckets of crabs
PyreDynasty: Serves 8-10 enemies
Joda011980: you need to carry the bucket
TXC2: bucket o'crab
MercurialVox: if you put one bucket on top of the other and interact with them in rapid succession, you can sometimes mess up their physics
jalais: Down and to the right.
noSmokeFire: put it on the button?
arcaneemperor: you can place the bucket on the button probably
arcaneemperor: to get the key
rennz17: Get the keyblade
Joda011980: take the bucket down the button
NathanLonghair: Why are we avoiding the red gems?
TXC2: Easy on the backseating chat
Rhynerd: They’re hearts
MercurialVox: they're non respawning health, and you can't overheal
NathanLonghair: Ooh
jalais: other side
Akaiatana: "Yeah, we play crabs, not craps. Roll them
MinniChii: take it to the kitchen?
SaiyaOrigaia: could you put the bucket on that switch you found earlier?
Joda011980: the button
Meyari: can we use other hat to see?
jalais: Take it to the room opposite that bar
Joda011980: the button by the key paul
Xobulo: But the game isn't on switch yet.... Aha ha
vegetalss4: That was very nearly bad.
PyreDynasty: Wow Kingdom hearts has changed
Joda011980: the frezzer
LordShadner: do you have 50 gems for pin now?
rennz17: Always forward
TXC2: lrrWOW
Xobulo: Needs felt
MercurialVox: the McDuck Pit
Rhynerd: Oh, the badge is actually on your hat!
TXC2: it;s chef Mafia boss
Joda011980: you need the alchemy hat for those paul
rennz17: It’s chef Boyardi. I think that’s spelled right
Joda011980: you can attackt all mafia even the oses that just talk
TheWarbo: that's why you need a safety pin to attach another one
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MercurialVox: the Mafia Trees though
Taveena: This is very Shovel Knight.
Gattlinggoon: ok, on a stage with metal musik. if that doesnt scream mafia to you i dont know what does
TXC2: is this a Mario 2 reference?
MercurialVox: they had a lot of ideas. And decided to use them all
Thandres: the mafia guys playing the trees are hilarious XD
TheWarbo: okay so. what if we didn't accept his challenge, and just, like...*took* the hourglass?
GDwarf: I think this is more of a Paper Mario reference
TheAinMAP: What?!
Milambus: Mario 3 is the stage play
freshmaker__: !card Mafia Battlesphere
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Joda011980: the opening paul
GDwarf: I was not expecting Moustache Girl's accent
TXC2: GDwarf I know right?
Sanityis0verrated: confidence does not equal competency
TXC2: I mean Kinda
Joda011980: how would adam do?
Joda011980: getting lost int he open or?
GDwarf: Sanityis0verrated I'm confident that it, in fact, does! :P
TheMandrew: You guys are the real boshy
jalais: What did Adam do?
Sannindi: Adam killed Sonic.
noSmokeFire: histbest
red_shoes_jeff: A Boshy In Time
Gattlinggoon: @freshmaker__ i see what you did there
Sannindi: Sonic is now dead forever.
AGiantRoach: The true boshy is revealed
TXC2: jalais He Beat the Sonic boss on I wanna be the boshi
malc: !sir
AGiantRoach: haha
Gattlinggoon: thats gold paul
Pteraspidomorphi: Many hats, no time
TXC2: or. go with we me, we could not fuck up space-time.
EfreetM: she's the Doctor, she knows you don't mess with time travel
Asimech: @TXC2 Now that's silly talk. I mean, what could go wrong?
TXC2: oh no, our Friend became our rival
Pteraspidomorphi: World 2, but there's more mafia too
Pteraspidomorphi: Game becomes less linear as you go
vegetalss4: One would have thought that she would have pick-pocketed the hourglass instead.
Joda011980: and two hats James
Milambus: Shes now the enemie in mafia town
Rhynerd: @vegetalss4 maybe she missed and snatched from your Pon pocket instead.
TheWarbo: yeah it is Mario 64 feeling
Spolin: cirGreed
SAJewers: if you have access to one, maybe check one out?
AGiantRoach: maybe it unlocked because he got the tickets?
Rhynerd: You got act 7 and had to buy act 6. Huh.
Joda011980: just follow the light
TheAinMAP: Wow.
Joda011980: it reapperes every time you close to the safe
TheWarbo: golden tickets huh
GDwarf: "Woah, Mafia are nasty", yes, Paul, they're *Mafia* :P
TheWarbo: can we make our new hat?
Joda011980: 2 more years for the next hat
Joda011980: *yarns
Joda011980: every time you return to the ship the codes restets
Rhynerd: Looks like a cake.
Asimech: Looks like a cake, IIRC it is not.
Rhynerd: Was that a present under it?
malc: lol
Asimech: Yeah, whenever they're going for a high-five you need to leave them hanging.
Joda011980: the badge seller
Rhynerd: Never gave a name.
Rhynerd: They’re just the badge seller
Dared00: Where's the diamond counter?
GDwarf: They're the Happy Mask Salesman, clearly.
GDwarf: Er, Happy Badge Salesman
ValtheDrake: not all badges are good
Beowulf_Bjornson: Nostalgia
AGiantRoach: that sounds like a Banjo Kazooie mode
Akaiatana: It's part of the mumble bundle, Paul
Juking_is_Rude: that mumble basdge is in homage to banjo kazooie
Asimech: Some badges don't serve a good purpose, or in fact make the game harder.
red_shoes_jeff: THAT MAN HAD A FAMBLY!
malsareus: did you just murder that man?
Rhynerd: The badge seller won’t tell anyone.
TXC2: !findquote Murder
LRRbot: Quote #1521: "This is the murder room." —Alex [2015-03-27]
EfreetM: he deserved it for the high five-ing
Phosphatide: so a friend of mine has a massive aversion to glitch effects in games, like he can’t handle them at all, so that shopkeeper would unsettle him immensely
Xenguin47: OSHA inspector. Nope, it's not safe to sit on the ledge. Let me show you why.
HesGotNoPants: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (2:36 from now).
TheWarbo: !findquote push
LRRbot: Quote #3502: "She doesn't strum if I don't push her buttons." —Ian [2016-10-10]
Phosphatide: anyway what’s up chat
Asimech: @Phosphatide I'm generally fine with them, and the badge seller upsets me a fair amount.
TXC2: hello Phosphatide welcome
HesGotNoPants: !quote paul
LRRbot: Quote #1346: "It's everything I hoped it would be! It's a giant bullet!" —Paul [2015-12-23]
silver_harloe: pah! look "up" why would anyone want to look "up"?
noSmokeFire: the cannon sends you to the club
Rhynerd: And here I thought it was gonna point to the club.
Asimech: IIRC, where the seller is can affect what they're selling. But it's been *quite* a while since I played this.
Joda011980: on the ship
noSmokeFire: I think you can make the hat that'll let you break gold stuff now
TXC2: hay we talked there
Joda011980: you should have enough year for the other hat now paul
jalais: Yarn adds to a generic yarn count, and if it's the first time you pick one up you gt its recipie.
Joda011980: *yarn
Joda011980: Nitting with Paul and James, almost like when they made crafting
TXC2: !addquote (Paul) [now] I use my umbrella to stitch a hat.
LRRbot: New quote #5759: "I use my umbrella to stitch a hat." —Paul [2019-01-24]
malsareus: Umbrella stitching, i am awed by these skills
Joda011980: back in 18 games and counting
Aenir798: can you blow up the trashbags?
Saeif: she really likes the explosions
Rhynerd: I see something you can bomb!
Asimech: They can blow up the trashbags, if memory serves.
red_shoes_jeff: Do you have enough for the Laser Badge now?
Joda011980: the tap is alater level
TheWarbo: the game seems to have a fairly distinct indicator of "blowupable"
Joda011980: there is no new yarn in mafia town
jalais: Yeah, you always know if you need to use the brewing hat.
noSmokeFire: I like this softer and lighter Punisher reboot
AGiantRoach: Gamers dont look up
AntiCrepuscular: ^
noSmokeFire: she has a stiff neck
AntiCrepuscular: wait... :D
AntiCrepuscular: making a safe out of gold seems... impractical and unwise
jalais: Welcome to mafia town.
Aenir798: Intruder alert! A red spy is in the base!
Taveena: Friend Intruder!
Phosphatide: real protagonists look down on the world
Asimech: @AntiCrepuscular Poppycock. Also how else could you be properly... decadent.
Joda011980: cooking cat paul
Rhynerd: Mustache girl was an intruder when she was your friend.
Asimech: Yep, it wasn't a cake: It was a meat and patty for a hamburger!
Phosphatide: i’m human and i already have a thirst for flesh Kappa
starlitdiscord: delicious
jalais: Go metal gear some owls.
Taveena: The scene where he removes the cushion from the pedestal and has to run away from the giant meatball is ingrained in the minds of many
Xenguin47: Mmm.. Hamberder.. :D
noSmokeFire: hamgrgr
AntiCrepuscular: oversized cheese slice or undersized patty and bun?
mistborn83: It is on its way.
starlitdiscord: oh im hungry now
Tomasu82: lrr can has cheeze burger?
CrazymattCaptain: you can get a cheeseburger pillow for the friend zone
Bengineering: James
red_shoes_jeff: *throws food cushion* Welcome to EARF!
mistborn83: Can this be a auction item for desert bus
Akaiatana: I'd argue that most of us have a burger cushion pre-installed on us
Taveena: That's definitely how glass works.
Bengineering: JAMES
TStodden: That burger must be HIGH in Fiber... lrrBEEJ
Lirelent: more gummy burgers
Bengineering: LETS GET IT
Taveena: Thank you, Ben. :D
AntiCrepuscular: looks up "hamburger beanbag" on amazon ;)
Joda011980: glue paul
Lanthess: It's a busniness expense
Rhynerd: There’s a burger cushion lower on the page!
Taveena: 3000 dollars WELL SPENT.
Jorge4hg: jesus
Bengineering: I mean it's a fucking bed what do you expect
Asimech: Well, I mean. Look at the url.
Rhynerd: Lower on Ben’s page
AGiantRoach: use it in a sketch! then you can write it off
Lanthess: Just make a crapshot with it and you can toooataly pass it off to your bookkeeper
red_shoes_jeff: We can raise $3000. Right?
Taveena: I mean, that is where many people do it, yes, Ben. :P
AntiCrepuscular: hamburger scatter cushions too!
Rhynerd: Hamburher scatter cushion looks great!
TheWarbo: No it doesn't count unless you mount it on a spinning pedastal
Kazman20a: yeah the scatter cushions look nice
cleekru: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:33:47.
TheSoftestBunny: that wallet
Rhynerd: There’s a totoro bed!
gaming_elk: did it atleast come with a hamburger?
jalais: Nooooo, go see the birds!
Jorge4hg: james you cold say was bussiness expense
red_shoes_jeff: You should have enough now.
Pteraspidomorphi: You could check out world 2 too
jalais: Act 5 unlocks later for some stupid reason, you need a hat from near the end of the game to do it as intended.
TheWarbo: I like the ms paint arrows
Joda011980: what about next world james?
jalais: YESSSS! Birds!
silver_harloe: quick break while James borrows $3000 and orders a bed
red_shoes_jeff: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
Joda011980: it is stealth
TXC2: !brake
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
Phosphatide: business expense burger bed
TXC2: of course we go on break when I come BACK from the toilet :P
silver_harloe: to be fair a comedy troupe can expense just about any darn thing by writing "prop" on it
Phosphatide: poops today poops right now poops with optional frequency
Earthenone: even babies :P
AntiCrepuscular: you know the happy/sad James face pics from LRL? Is there a high-res version of the images somewhere?
TXC2: I feel like Prop baby is an ongoing expense
Rhynerd: Prop babies are long term investments.
Asimech: The term is "loss leaders". They're the *real* trick to tax avoidance.
Asimech: Wait, no. It's not "loss leader". I forgot what the actual term is.
silver_harloe: so we know teenagers typically reject things their parents stand for... will the children of millennials reject the internet and social media?
AntiCrepuscular: I expect they'll drift onto something other than Facebook and Twitter, but not off the internet as a whole
Phosphatide: this is how we prevent the cyberpunk dystopian future
TXC2: and we're back
Rhynerd: How much of the internet can you truly stand for?
AntiCrepuscular: welcome back!
TXC2: silver_harloe I doubt it
Aenir798: Is James ordering a hamburger cushion?
accountmadeforants: James is picking up the hamburger bed right now?
TheWarbo: F
AntiCrepuscular: accountmadeforants /me *nods*
silver_harloe: millennials already reject facebook :)
Phosphatide: his loss of $3000?
TXC2: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here!
Rhynerd: Gonna suggest strife.
frnknstn: Nolf2
Phosphatide: 3D maze Kappa
wicker_knight: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (2:12 from now).
TheWarbo: "no prox mines" is classic
Zath_: PU BG
mistborn83: Golden Eye
Aenir798: PUBG is a classic, right?
wicker_knight: Serious Sam?
Zath_: Far Cry
silver_harloe: Half Life, Deux Ex, Doom
TheWarbo: Perfect Dark
freshmaker__: halo 1 ;)
Akaiatana: Team Fortress 2 is 11 years old, does it count?
accountmadeforants: How classic we talking? Like Wolfenstein, or somewhere along original Far Cry?
TXC2: Goldeneye was Amazing, at the time
TheOtherTrevor: Duke 3D
Sethro420: Perfect dark
Joda011980: how is the new bed James
asddsa28: i put on team fortress 2
Aenir798: Perfect Dark > Golden Eye
TheOtherTrevor: You didn't say it had to be full 3D
Rocketman210: the best way to play\
TXC2: have you seen the FPS on OG Halo? It goes backwards I swear
Rocketman210: goldeneye is better than perfect dark is true.
accountmadeforants: @Akaiatana So is Crysis. :)
AntiCrepuscular: Thanks, G! :D
Jorge4hg: Hi G
TXC2: hello Graham
TXC2: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here!
AntiCrepuscular: I was struggling to remember the correct phrase there :)
mistborn83: Hey we are the same age.
mistborn83: What are the chances
Phosphatide: if goldeneye manages to win, would you resort to using goldeneye source to save your eyes?
Rocketman210: goldeneye source is actually very good
Beowulf_Bjornson: I'm never going back to Golden Eye. I want my memories pristine
Joda011980: do not fall
TXC2: also when your "friend" ALWAYS played as Oddjob
TheOtherTrevor: 6 what? 6 frames per what? Just 6 frames.
Jorge4hg: calculated
freshmaker__: choose wisely
shurtal: OddJob Only got half of those frames
killing_thyme: Fortunately Daikatana is on steam
Asimech: Sickpoint?
shurtal: that's why he was so OP lrrBEEJ
AntiCrepuscular: Oh Cr****
Narcogen: Marathon!
TXC2: Crysis is still a pretty legit hardware test
Rocketman210: Crysis might have just been very poorly optimized
Rocketman210: because it still doesnt run great
BlameBlair: Def marathon
AntiCrepuscular: argh
Asimech: @Rocketman210 Based on what I've heard it was definitely poorly optimised.
Aitsu111: Duck Hunt fir classic shooter
TXC2: Rocketman210 probably, it was also way ahead of it's time
AntiCrepuscular: I was enjoying the chill lullaby level and suddenly spiderpumpkin?!
Joda011980: bspider allons
TheWarbo: Spiders with fake faces on their backs brings in some Ocarina vibes
accountmadeforants: Rocketman210, it actually ran pretty decently on hardware that came out a few years later. But yeah, it doesn't seem to have improved much for much more modern hardware. There was actually a Eurogamer article explaining why, I believe.
Asimech: Ah yes, the mandatory spiders. Can't have a video game without spiders. For some reason.
Asimech: Oh, don't worry. There will be more thematically appropriate place for spiders. My arachnophobic butt didn't much care for it.
Pteraspidomorphi: Gallery
silver_harloe: just watch out for the hamberder pillows
AntiCrepuscular: joeks!
actualkirito: hi
mistborn83: I sent that link of the hamburger bed to my boss. He laughed but then asked where I found that. It was a bit hard to explain.
accountmadeforants: Get ye flask
AGiantRoach: Corgi Quest 6 was the real pinnacle of the series
kamelion84: katesLol
AntiCrepuscular: RIP
TheAinMAP: CorgiDerp
BlameBlair: lrrDILLY
AntiCrepuscular: :D
Mowdownjoe: CorgiDerp
Kazman20a: it is black night from the 90's
Earthenone: why you always crimin?
Sannindi: You monster.
JeracotIII: lrrWOW
accountmadeforants: You just have to sit there and wonder WHY you cannot go east.
AntiCrepuscular: Has GoC ever done text adventures as a genre? :D
Pteraspidomorphi: It's not good TV
Pteraspidomorphi: Could work as radio
AntiCrepuscular: fair :)
Jbeckfox: Now kiss is basically that
Decaped: It's called Dating Sims.
Mowdownjoe: Wait, was that last one on the radio a MBMBaM ref?
TheWarbo: "Two Brothers and then also a Third Additional Brother, Myself"?
masta2505: Zork!
silver_harloe: Ultima
Rocketman210: a dungeon crawler stream would be fun
frnknstn: There are short text adventures too
TheWarbo: I assumed they were all references,but they went by too fast
silver_harloe: Wizardry
masta2505: Eye of the Beholder
Phosphatide: just play oregon trail again Kappa
mistborn83: Return to Zork
mistborn83: Monkey Island
TXC2: if you want Text adventures, Paul did a whole series playing space quest
TheWarbo: Man, the spectrum of accents in this game
Rocketman210: Wizardry or Gauntlet would be fun streams
Decaped: Be sure to play one where you can soft lock the game on the very first action.
masta2505: +1 on Monkey Island, the whole series
Milambus: Need to play Action Castle or another Parsely game AFK.
Jbeckfox: @LoadingReadyRun did you guys do dice friends this week?
ThePerrBearr: what happened to King Dedede?
TXC2: Jbeckfox nope
Dared00: @Jbeckfox no
Pteraspidomorphi: I played that game so much
AntiCrepuscular: never even heard of it! ;p
Frankenfruity: Never heard of that
frnknstn: Yeah!
TXC2: Ben and Serge got stuck at the Airport, so it got cancelled
waser3000: I had that in a shareware disk, it was the best game on it
malc: RIP, frames?
frnknstn: Windows-based RPGs
TXC2: We all losing Frames?
malc: I sure am
AntiCrepuscular: yup
Earthenone: its noon. frames are on lunch
Rhynerd: I am too
Aenir798: oh I thought that was just me
Tomasu82: i thought that was my computer.. I'm running a thing...
mistborn83: It was all that Golden Eye talk
Jorge4hg: twitch why
rennz17: Oh that wasn’t just my internet being bad.
Dared00: It strated exactly at noon. Interesting.
heyluckyannie: I played the heck out of this game called The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble in college. I think my mom got it in a $5 bin but it was a decent point & click adventure for Win98.
asherj2004: ik your not playing mtg but I am going to my first gp (or magicfest) ever. Any tips?
masta2505: You made fun of Amazon and Jeff bezos too much, it's payback time!
TXC2: is it me, or have we had WAY more dropped frames Since we moved into moonbase V ?
Jorge4hg: @Dared00 you're correct
ThePerrBearr: funky King Dedede vs. Scottish... thing?
Joda011980: stealth level paul
Rhynerd: No humans allowed?
asherj2004: side events
jalais: Go get producer glasses on the right
TXC2: asherj2004 stay Hydrated
rennz17: @theperrbearr maybe Scrooge McOwl
Rocketman210: Pack a alunch
Jorge4hg: yes a lunch is great to have
TheWarbo: "Fragile...must be Italian"
Dared00: Ohhhh, there's the counter! It was behind you all along!
Milambus: Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition is on sale now if anyone wants one.
AntiCrepuscular: superb!
Joda011980: stealth level
ValtheDrake: check out the fingergun
Joda011980: do not get caught
Saeif: Metal Gear level
PhoenixMelior: sup chat
TXC2: hello PhoenixMelior welcome
Twinklebees: Hey phoenix
Jorge4hg: @PhoenixMelior hey
PhoenixMelior: ah Twinklebees ,I was hoping you were here
Twinklebees: :3
TheWarbo: stream starting to get bad for me again?
Asimech: Pull- punch the lever, Cronk!
PhoenixMelior: I just beat Phantom Thief B and friend so hard that I got x 4.0 EXP
Aenir798: frames come back pls
BloodnBullets: are we in debt by 7000 gems?
Twinklebees: Nice.
Earthenone: nice
Jorge4hg: frames please
BloodnBullets: also yeah, someone stole me frames
masta2505: Dropping frames like it's 1989
Twinklebees: Did you do it fast?
PhoenixMelior: I went up 4-5 levels
chickenace11: Assault on cactus is a great anime
TXC2: nice
CastleOtranto: Oh, okay, I'm not the only one losing frames.
PhoenixMelior: it was fairly fast, but apparently the tech in boss fights is to use Resounding Beat on everyone
Joda011980: not dollars pons
Twinklebees: It's pretty strong, yeah
TXC2: CastleOtranto yeap I getting pauses every few secounds
Twinklebees: At least until you can reliably spam S-crafts
Jorge4hg: the frames need to lift more
PandasAndPancakes: Is the harddrive full?
TXC2: I reckon it's a Shaw problem
Tithegha just subscribed with Twitch Prime. Tithegha subscribed for 10 months in a row!
Tithegha: no comment at press time
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Tithegha! (Today's storm count: 13)
BloodnBullets: your at 60fps right? so two seconds?
red_shoes_jeff: Ooh! Do we have enough for an ice hat?
CastleOtranto: My videos is actually frozen at this point.
PhoenixMelior: yeah, I did spam a bunch though. Turns out those ads B spawned were like, useful
CastleOtranto: Oh, there we go
PhoenixMelior: txc2 quite possibly. I left them last year for their unreliability
Twinklebees: Heheh.
Jorge4hg: hoold
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: hooold
TheWarbo: !findquote hold
LRRbot: Quote #2721: "Hold on... I've got some balls to put in you!" —Cameron [2016-06-01]
Xenguin47: Shouldn'
BloodnBullets: hold the line!
JeracotIII: lrrFINE
PhoenixMelior: hol-
Asimech: "Ho!" Rude.
Xenguin47: Shouldn't we be calling for Paul to fix it? :P
red_shoes_jeff: LOVE ISN'T ALWAYS ON TIME!
TXC2: good one red
emonotony: Did it just end huh?
Twinklebees: PhoenixMelior: Interestingly, if you've played TitS, you realise that Phantom Thief B really doesn't change up his routine much :P
emonotony: Also, a postcard from Tampere is so, so weird to see.
TheWarbo: technically difficulties, gonna come back online in a sec
TXC2: we're cycling injest servers
Twinklebees: Do you have your third Helpful Adult now?
emonotony: Fair nuff.
TXC2: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
emonotony: (I would never buy a generic Tampere postcard with the Näsinneula)
PhoenixMelior: Twinklebees I had to put my Vita in sleep mode in the middle of the Gundam fight (break was over) but yes, Sharon has returned to me
PhoenixMelior: txc2 we need a different, third adult!
emonotony: Though that restaurant is A+ for having a coffee and nothing else, except ice cream.
Twinklebees: One of her crafts is to give the party some tea. It's the best.
Asimech: @emonotony Weirdest was that I kept hearing it as "Tempura" whenever Graham said it.
Asimech: @emonotony In my defence I _was_ hungry while watching the video.
emonotony: Yeah no one guess how badly Graham butchered that pronunciation
PhoenixMelior: Twinklebees WHAT
emonotony: He also got "Morjens" very, very wrong, but... tbqh so does everyone.
Lithobraker: huh, is lrr still live?
PhoenixMelior: they are not
PhoenixMelior: went offline briefly for some frame troubles
Lithobraker: they coming back?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: #TurnItOffAndBackOnAgain
emonotony: I wonder if the Lenin museum sells postcards
TXC2: Lithobraker should be
PhoenixMelior: we hope?
AntiCrepuscular: *phew* thought I missed the end!
emonotony: Been a while since I was there.
Asimech: @emonotony I'd be disappointed if they didn't. Sounds like a great excuse for some amazingly corny postcards.
Asimech: Maybe "corny" is the wrong, but still.
emonotony: It used to be ran by whatever is the weeaboo equivalent for Soviet Russia so they were very serious about it.,
emonotony: I'm sure Alex has a word
Twinklebees: But yeah, beating B and Altina soundly is a good sign. They're not the hardest bosses, but the end chapter bosses are generally a good yardstick for how you're faring.
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Rotate the stick.
TXC2: huh, only now does chatty tell me the stream is offline :P
LoadingReadyRun: just went back live
PhoenixMelior: mmm, they did some damage, but no one was in danger of going down, so I felt pretty good about that
LoadingReadyRun: refresh if you don't see us
Tomasu82: woo
PhoenixMelior: there you are!
AntiCrepuscular: back!
TheWarbo: I see people
TheAinMAP: katesAir
emonotony: It lives! Allegedly!
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Milambus: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheWarbo: pual wy
PhoenixMelior: Paul.exe has stopped working
BloodnBullets: james is fine, paul still appears to be dropping frames
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: we're dropping some Pauls
emonotony: "Paul.exe is not responding"
TheWarbo: what's a pauldrop?
TXC2: it's how Paul makes his clones Kappa
AntiCrepuscular: is there a fidget spinner with the "buffering" icon on it?
AntiCrepuscular: I think that must be a thing you can get :)
Lithobraker: I'm sorry, penguin harassment?
TheWarbo: I feel fairly certain that this is not what a movie in production looks like.
Lithobraker: why are we harassing penguins!?
emonotony: Lithobraker At least it isn't Beaver Bother
Asimech: @Lithobraker Yeah, if a penguin guard sees you but doesn't manage to catch you, that's penguin harassment.
emonotony: Paul's speedhatx
Jorge4hg: That's a lot of debt
AntiCrepuscular: how did they know?!
HankHillFan2042: all I know about this game is the smug dance
PhoenixMelior: wait how are you in debt 400,000
PhoenixMelior: what is the premise of this game
Lithobraker: your wings?
Lithobraker: on the hat
Asimech: Because they're not charging you, they're *billing* you. They'll send it to your space ship.
emonotony: All of the harassment names should be alliterated.
PhoenixMelior: is it better to not be billed?
AntiCrepuscular: that sure is some foley going on :)
TXC2: PhoenixMelior we're looking for our hour glass muguffins
PhoenixMelior: ah of course, hour glass mcmuffins.
accountmadeforants: Speedrunner strats?
HankHillFan2042: lol
AntiCrepuscular: #bigcheats
Jorge4hg: speedrun strats
TXC2: haxs!
Lithobraker: Does anyone know if there is a 0 self control mode for flux where it prevents you from just spamming the "disable for one hour" at night?
accountmadeforants: I doubt it, the hamburger is far too tempting. No speedrunner should have to suffer through that.
BloodnBullets: you had to get debt for the TP right?
AntiCrepuscular: look at those shoes!
Rhynerd: “Nope.”
Lithobraker: getting really creepy vibes
Sanityis0verrated: Paul They Slipped
Jorge4hg: you adorable murderer
Sanityis0verrated: keep your stoey straight
Sanityis0verrated: story
PhoenixMelior: why do I recognise that voice
HankHillFan2042: once again corruption saves the day
AntiCrepuscular: perfect!
Sanityis0verrated: chef?
kamelion84: katesLol
HankHillFan2042: ruined
Dared00: add glasses, heck the system
Asimech: You can just pick "Done" on the right.