Dix: Don't worry.. I hit up lrr peoples
Dix: man
Dix: fast response to my message in the mod slack
TemporallyAwry: Thanks for helping out Dix lrrHEART
DarkMorford: Thanks
kumatsu: Dix, don't try and hit people while on muscle relaxants
Juliamon: Unfortunately I don't think any of LRRbot's dads are online
test4anerd: I like cheese
TehAmelie: in other news, i've been playing Hades for six hours and i hate my chair
DarkMorford: StinkyCheese
test4anerd: GIMME!
kumatsu: @TehAmelie so, the standard Roguelike experience?
TehAmelie: yeop
Juliamon: !birb
LRRbot: Peck your beak!
Juliamon: Ah good here we go.
DarkMorford: Yay!
TehAmelie: !advice
LRRbot: Spend quality time with your possessions.
TehAmelie: noo
Dix: See TehAmelie, spend quality time with your chair
e_bloc: watching an exceptional "Let's Nope" I missed this week and just hit the "let's fuck some trains" part of the stream.
TehAmelie: maybe i'll wrestle it
e_bloc: Ben & Adam are gold
DarkMorford: e_bloc Pretty sure I've seen that hentai. :P
Juliamon: lrrSIGNAL
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
e_bloc: @TehAmelie I feel that, I've put 110 hours into Persona 5 this month and I have to lie on my couch for some of it because even my chair is not comfortable enough for this
e_bloc: @DarkMorford you and me both friend
TehAmelie: that's what i call "multi-track drifting"
StephenJM81: yay, a little something to get my mind off of my demoralizing Calc 2 test
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, right now! Oscilloscopes and Paints Ahoy! 🎦 | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DxuLt1GUYAAQb4p.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1088617389103542272
aidanfarmerplayz: hai
potato123456789000: Mtg
aidanfarmerplayz: 1st ons
potato123456789000: Yay
AmoriLinguae: ooo oscilloscops
fishmanfishfish: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian continues work on his Oscilloscope.) at Thu 06:00 PM PST (52s ago).
HesGotNoPants: title still says mtg
ThomasJose0726: !next
RegulusPratus: Wait, what
electrum516: hol up u wot m8
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shimdogwastaken: woo another month of good times and good vibes from the lrr crew
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potato123456789000: What is the stream
Drasvin: Going to draft Ravnica on Tinker Tailor
SnackPak_: Hopefully this show is all solder, no fry
Jorge4hg: We're going to solder so many drafts
potato123456789000: SeemsGood
ContingentCat: finding out that's part of the fun
potato123456789000: PopCorn
RegulusPratus: Ya, liek, we Tinkering and Tailoring, or we drafting for the glory of the guilds?
EnoTheTonberry: Did I hear we have Tinkertailorsolderfry?
Juliamon: They forgot to turn off the stream after MTG, the wrong title may be because of that
electrum516: what could be made on TTSF that's Ravnica related
Dix: guild cloaks?
HesGotNoPants: @electrum516 guild lockets?
bobAkirafett: oh snap, is this starting now?
korvys: Wah! Noises from another tab!
e_bloc: @electrum516 blood pretty easily. #radkos
EnoTheTonberry: Dice Friends Outfits
DiscordianTokkan: Hooray!
FITorion: more xlr?
revjakenash: Yes! Paint Time!
CaptainSpam: Oh man. This is gonna get SUPER oscilly!
cuttlebranch: Maybe they'll bioengineer some critters!
AshBurnem: Fordite.
electrum516: @hesgotnopants True
TheArchitectX: Fordite
korvys: Fordite
Nigouki: Detroit Agate?
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh, Forditeium
EnoTheTonberry: Hi Ian, Hi Cameron.
weff47: r/thatpeelingfeeling
ContingentCat: there absolutely is
HesGotNoPants: build actual guild gates
Fruan: This is the whole stream, right? Please?
TehAmelie: probably most of those reddits are related to the Goldmember kind of peeling
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Rockario: Oo, lay them out in a decorative way and see if you can wet them to set into a work of art
electrum516: wait so TTSF is scheduled now? aww damnit thought it was time for Mtg for some strange reason 😂😂
bobAkirafett: snap, time for me to paint!
SirFlukesAlot: hello form 2am scotland!
e_bloc: is this another ASMR stream?
electrum516: damn notifications leading to be believe false tales
zerg539: Fordite is when you hit the Model T Era and you just get many layers of Black on black
SnackPak_: Thanks Beej
SirFlukesAlot: uuuuuGGGGGGhhhh
EnoTheTonberry: Ugh, Bureaucracy!
senshi5609: hey mods they are still under MTG
DiscordianTokkan: I enjoy good ball joints
EnoTheTonberry: Uuugh, Ball Joints!
e_bloc: phrasing?
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SnackPak_: Who gives a crap about safety?
SirFlukesAlot: surprisingly easy in uk
TStodden: Safety is expensive... I went in for new tires & had to pay an extra $500 in unexpected safety repairs.
tuckamanian: God save the queen
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Animekitty93: Does the stream title still say magic for anyone else?
e_bloc: Ian how tall are you? just asking because you seem a bit tall for this vehicle
Dix: oh GOD DAMNIT. lol
Juliamon: Animekitty93 yes, something happened
Animekitty93: Ok cool
e_bloc: "no new holes"
e_bloc: that's always been my campaign promise
NathanJay_GA: Hello! ^_^
Drasvin: The winker?
Erin_Dwight: Hey Paul, category is set to Magic. o:
Rockario: I really want this to segue into "So this week on Tinker Tailor..."
tuckamanian: let me show you my winker
AshBurnem: Pls mic a Beej
LoadingReadyRun: I'm on the desk mic. I'm running tech. I'll lean in further.
Juliamon: Beej, can you fix the title/game?
AshBurnem: Thanks Beej! <3
HesGotNoPants: 600
gamercat88: i billion yen
NotCainNorAbel: $2000
Dix: 300 CAD
zerg539: $450
SnackPak_: 150
ContingentCat: 300$
SirFlukesAlot: 750
Jorge4hg: 1.99 cad
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wicker_knight: 1600 CAD
Erin_Dwight: Oh It's Beej tonight. Beej, the title/category is set to magic. :D
e_bloc: 400000 yen
Dix: waaaaaaaaow
Jorge4hg: wtf
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
SirFlukesAlot: yap
Drasvin: lrrWOW
SirFlukesAlot: expected that
ContingentCat: katesWa katesOw
NotCainNorAbel: @SirFlukesAlot nice guess
AmoriLinguae: lrrEFF
SirFlukesAlot: ty ty i try
tuckamanian: that is a cost saving winker
SirFlukesAlot: also have experienced car labour prices
TStodden: I was going to be close... I was going to say ~$700, as that's about how much it would cost a mechanic to overhaul my car's electrical wiring to get internal cab lights (& find the fault).
tim19862: lrrFRUMP the twitch category
SirFlukesAlot: a buggered bumper cost me £2785 once
e_bloc: my 400,000 yen guess was way off
korvys: "I can add the fuses later, once it's damaged something more expensive" :P
ContingentCat: my lack of mechanical expertise and labour costs are one factor making me reluctant to get a car
SnackPak_: @TStodden electrical problems are no fun lrrAWW
AmoriLinguae: so if the stream goes down
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cuttlefishman: Is the Moonbase ISO compliant
zerg539: I said $450 because it always seems to be when something on my car gives up thats what it costs me
cuttlefishman: asking for friend
AmoriLinguae: can we quote "stuff em in until they come right out"?
SirFlukesAlot: tis the cost of older cars
SirFlukesAlot: especially importing them
shimdogwastaken: matt😍😍
james_awesome44: where is mtg?
cuttlefishman: Switch Controlled?
SharkHero08: Question for Cam, will you work on Blackstone Fortress after you complete Shadespire or work on other projects?
cuttlefishman: Where do you put the Joycons?
AshBurnem: The real question is: Are your date formats 8601 compliant?
SirFlukesAlot: i owned an old lotus for a while
ContingentCat: @james_awesome44 about half an hour ago
TStodden: I have an upcoming $500 auto bill to fix a coolant leak that my mechanic found last oil change.
SirFlukesAlot: i know how much old cars cost
korvys: is it true that in American/Canada, wall outlets don't have switches?
Erin_Dwight: Guys, the category and title are set to magic stuff. FYI.
zerg539: @james_awesome44 Twitch Twitched and did not change title when the stream switched over
Galactic_pain: TTSF? I was not expecting this, though I don’t pay much attention to schedules
loudwalrus: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS
TheManaLeek: @korvys It's not common
hoktauri: @korvys yup, it was one of the weirdest things when I visited London a few weeks ago
SirFlukesAlot: oh god please tell you you are gonna use copper strip board
RomanGoro: korvys I've never seen switches in outlets outside of the UK, I find it a brilliant idea
TStodden: There's only Ground Fault switches in the bathroom, but that's it.
TheManaLeek: My house has a few outlets that are controlled by switches, but they're all a fair distance away from the outlet...
ContingentCat: no time to learn like the present
TheExactSame: are we talking about swapping sides?
AmoriLinguae: live soldering lessons in 2 weeks?
korvys: @RomanGoro Well, I can confirm every outlet in NZ/Aus has it's own switch (except maybe in weird cases)
LoadingReadyRun: @Erin_Dwight Thanks!
Erin_Dwight: You're most welcome. n.n
Pazy160: UK here, all my wall sockets have switch's and most of my multi-plugs have individual switch's. Really useful for leaving things plugged in but not wasting the energy.
loudwalrus: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS
RomanGoro: korvys I admit to never have been to that side of the world
atinyspacemarine: heyoo
Biffus1337: dont judge me but what is the name of the guy sitting next to Ian? he has such a nice voice
TStodden: My old apartment had a few outlets that were switch controlled. I only had lamps on those.
AmoriLinguae: yea, in the US only power strips have switches
r10pez10: burns a what
SirFlukesAlot: @Biffus1337 cameron or cam
DarkMorford: The stripe is the negative side, Ian
TheManaLeek: @Biffus1337 We call him Nice Voice Cam
Juliamon: Biffus1337 That's Cameron, he does have a nice voice doesn't he :D
Biffus1337: thx guys :)
Mysticman89: He has two advanced degrees!
Erin_Dwight: it's a soothing voice.
r10pez10: he has a degree in Sonorous Vocalization
SirFlukesAlot: i dont like american symbols for electrical circuits
zerg539: Cameron should consider a side Gig reading for Audiobooks
cuttlefishman: So... if we're going to have LRR members get way into electronics work... do we go with Cameron Solder or Paul Solders?
cuttlefishman: asking for friend
Erin_Dwight: He would have a knack for audiobooks actually.
Biffus1337: exactly what i was thinking
Fruan: Cam should consider a sidegig doing ASMR, but I suspect that would be beneath his dignity.
Tomasu82: what app is that?
Biffus1337: audiobooks with cameron's voice would be so good
AmoriLinguae: Cam has done some very undignified things
BobaThaiTea: didnt he do a reading of moby dick?
samb6678: @fruan oof shots fired
Mysticman89: he did the fruit bobbing thing didn't he? That was not the most cameropn thing I've seen.
Baldrash: Cam does story time occasionally on his personal stream. It’s quite nice.
gamerzach108: @LoadingReadyRun Cam is there any plans to continue the hydra joke with any other cast members after alex leaves
Erin_Dwight: right... alex is leaving... :(
nickreese923: Ian what master grade Gundam do u recommend
Juliamon: "leaves" is a strong word
Erin_Dwight: More like taking a break, am I wrong?
niccus: the exact wording was "rotating out of standard"
gamerzach108: well stop appearing in Friday nights
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tuckamanian: can we get a shot of the figure?
Juliamon: right, he's stepping back for now
gamerzach108: from what i heard hes just done with the acting aspect in favor of working on his art
ContingentCat: oh god a leather fedora
AmoriLinguae: yea, he's still doing W+P every fortnight
SirFlukesAlot: hey CAM you see the new faction they based off the mistweaver from silver tower?
Juliamon: and he'll be on the next Let's Nope
gamerzach108: not a big issue this has happened before but id like some kind of conclusion to his ongoing jokes such as the Time Walk which is complete and the Hydra Jokes with Hydroid Krasis
SirFlukesAlot: the deepkin?
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wicker_knight: Kimagure Orange Road
tuckamanian: tri gun?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: when did Paranoia Agent come out?
EnoTheTonberry: Paranoia Agent, so great...
Biffus1337: i dont know if its possible to do but it would be fantastic to have a cam zoomed to camerons painting.
DarkNacht: Bible Black came out in 2000
Fruan: He likes Evangelion, but because he thinks the fights are 'awesome'.
ContingentCat: oh shit
kumatsu: wow Ian, I hadn't heard about that
DarkMorford: Wow
notthepenguins: yeah, he got SUPER prosecuted
SirFlukesAlot: wow
Biffus1337: wauh
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Paranoia Agent was great. but it scared the fuck out of me when i saw it
Erin_Dwight: wait what
ContingentCat: ew
asddsa28: why dos that make a lot of sence
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i heard about Kenshin
Awexdio: Well... glad I remained oblivious to who the author was before.
Nigouki: the thing is it has already blown over, the publisher announced that he's coming back
SuperSugarSloth: Today on "ian ruins a thing" :D
notthepenguins: what effect that has on your ability to enjoy the work is, of course, a personal thing re: your engagement with media
SirFlukesAlot: and champloo
gamerzach108: @LoadingReadyRun Cam and Ian do either of you have interest in Hunter X Hunter as a Manga?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Do we still have Samurai Champloo? please tell me we do
gamerzach108: and if so how do you feel about the ongoing breaks that the author takes constantly
Biffus1337: afro samurai and champloo!
Dix: The cheese part broke me
AmoriLinguae: SuperSugarSloth it's not so much as ian ruins a thing as ian lets you know about a thing that was ruined
kumatsu: It aged like that episode of Lupin where they steal the thousand-years-old champagne
DoodlestheGreat: Would you like some cheese with your whine?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Wine and cheese go together, right?
notthepenguins: look at least once shinji is in the robot and refuses to get out!
Kramburger: This guy doesn't personally know any minorities
SuperSugarSloth: @AmoriLinguae There is that. He is not the ruiner, only the messenger of ruin.
kakmize: Get in the F***ing robot Shinji!
niccus: there are cheeses with wine added that can be ok
DarkNacht: One of those guys that hates the good ending of Eva.
PapertheUnicorn: i just got here. what is a winker and is ian allowed to do that on stream?
nickreese923: Ian what master grade Gundam model do u recommend
Biffus1337: oh my god u have a zoomed in cam <3
Drasvin: Doesn't Evangelion take place over just a month or so?
gamerzach108: @LoadingReadyRun is there any plans to Stream Kingdom Hearts 3 after its released fully?
Elaro_56: He was gonna, but then the fans had to go and be meanies to Anno
voslan: Oh awesome, even more TTSF
r10pez10: the rare second TTSF of the week
Juliamon: gamerzach108 Ben will be playing it on NDTD
ContingentCat: it's a blue TTSF
gamerzach108: oh i see
kitthethird: Shinji even touched a boobie once! It was an entirely pleasant experience*
Juliamon: (well, he'll start it, and continue on his home stream)
Awexdio: Speaking of older series... I need to binge Yu Yu Hakusho
r10pez10: no breadboard? brave
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Shinji loves birds
Gascitygaming: How long ago did you get those at The Source Ian?
Mysticman89: I understood circuits for maybe a week. It's back to magic for me at this point.
DarkMorford: Yeah, transistors can be kinda tricky. So many different kinds, depending on what you want it to do.
r10pez10: figuring out how to do a circuit physically from a diagram is a helluva lot nicer than trying to match an already built thing with a diagram
nickreese923: beej ask Ian what master grade Gundam does he recommend
2Flower: There are four lights?
r10pez10: just trust the electronics store wizards
WowoT: 3 resistors per light @2Flower
AmoriLinguae: that weird feeling when you try to scroll up on a video feed expecting it to pan up
e_bloc: @r10pez10 there are three lights!
DoodlestheGreat: "We're turning! Or we're doing jazz hands!"
atinyspacemarine: I mean, putting your hazards on to turn is probably better than nothing?
Mysticman89: so the outcome of this is your turn lights are both always on by default, and then when you turn on the signal the appropriate one blinks?
Roadhog123: Just wire all your lights to a series of coloured wires in the passenger compartment and get your co-pilot to touch the correct wires to the battery at the time times. :P
Mysticman89: thank you for the clarification.
r10pez10: visceral
nickreese923: lab what master grade Gundam do u recommend
Fruan: Your turn signals aren't allowed to be strobe lights.
Roadhog123: Probably a range. Most tend to be around 1/3 of a second.
r10pez10: i'm guessing it can't be so fast you can't see it
e_bloc: cheer100 true story my father had a beater of a car for a while and eventually had to rig up a light-switch which would turn on and off his headlights to pass the Delaware tests.
kitthethird: But nobody's lights ever match...
voslan: When you turning light does strobe it means it's about to die.
aesir_blade: Wiki says between 1 to 2 Hz
nickreese923: Ian what master grade Gundam do u recommend
Lagrangeismyhomie: The frequency is the brown note, so no one who investigated has published their results.
r10pez10: it's because it's a mechanical bimetallic strip that causes the flicker
Roadhog123: LED lights have no fade, so they tend to be on longer than off, to simulate the fading that bulbs provide.
Biffus1337: strrobo lights turning. ppl behind getting epileptics
Mysticman89: set things up to sqrt(2) Hz and live on your own beat.
Roadhog123: You also get fancy animated ones which are just dumb.
r10pez10: you can also get animated blinkers
nightwingmisthawk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian continues work on his Oscilloscope.) at Thu 06:00 PM PST (30m ago).
Lagrangeismyhomie: "Eat at Joe's"
r10pez10: now we ride in computers :(
gawag_: What happened to the bag?
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EternalDensity: What have you got for me Bob? A sub! *takes 17 damage*
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Lagrangeismyhomie: Get that shit outta here
kitthethird: nooooo
Biffus1337: best move
Lagrangeismyhomie: Got thrown into the sea
EternalDensity: wow
Juliamon: lrrWOW
SharkHero08: Cam do prefer Vallejo over Citadel?
voslan: lol
DarkNacht: Its fine you just have to put a mat coat over it
kitthethird: amazing
r10pez10: dang
e_bloc: thanks lrrFRUMP
r10pez10: i'm clipping that
Talin06: lrrWOW
DarkNacht: oh yeah and don't use it for an undercoat
Biffus1337: get outta here glossy garbage
screamingpeasant: gloss black response - agreed
ContingentCat: if you want gloss get that out of a taco
e_bloc: I'd watch Cameron peel his palate
EternalDensity: odd you say? it's in the name
ContingentCat: yeah it's pretty hit or miss
wildpeaks: :D
tim19862: gross
e_bloc: I hate it thanks
Nigouki: huh, looking on the Vallejo website it doesn't look like there's a separate Flat/Matte Black
Drasvin: Why would a company that makes paints for minis make their black a gloss finish and not put that on the label?
Nigouki: there's a charcoal, but it's nowhere near black enough to be flat black
SajuukSjet: until you get a magnet >D
tim19862: Zippo Bic McEdgelord lrrBEEJ
wildpeaks: you don't have adjusters anymore ? o.O
hoktauri: and flick it enough it sprays fluid on someone's arm and when you light it their arm hair disappears....
DarkNacht: @Drasvin The game colors are not meant to be used as undercoats and are all a bit glossy, they expect that you know that before you use them
arkilyd: The model color line is a bit different from the game color line for Vellejo. Also you should look into Army Painter and its base color primers
Nigouki: hmm, actually, the website claims that all Game Color are "matt and opaque" Maybe all the flat base settled out at the bottom?
e_bloc: you and me both Cameron. . . I was a dishwasher for about 2 months and that's about as long as I could last at that job
Lagrangeismyhomie: I love it that all one needs to remove the childproofing is a simple flathead screwdriver like Tommy Pickles carried in his diaper.
SirFlukesAlot: having googled dead bug soldering, that scares the crap outta the professional side of me
Robot_Bones: you watched that hole that one time
EternalDensity: those lilies have some poetic license
r10pez10: you have to find something they both agree on
EternalDensity: I remember the last time I soldered something, as a young teen. I'm not doing that again.
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e_bloc: Matt is MVP
Lagrangeismyhomie: "You just did ask, Cam."
PaperDoopliss: Matte Wiggins
Lagrangeismyhomie: @EternalDensity Solder: Not Even Once
Nigouki: maybe have Ian build a miniature paint shaker for the hobby paint bottles, to ensure perfect consistency
SirFlukesAlot: has cam seen the newest models for the fantasdy line ?
voslan: Sounds like College level programming there Ian.
DoodlestheGreat: So this is just a bodge job. I dig it.
SharkHero08: Cam has painting Shadespire minis piqued your interest into other Sigmar models?
voslan: @Nigouki that's already a thing, They are Nail Polish Bottle shakers.
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TSSaloic_: Twenty-Two Months! Almost 2 years worth of fun, thank you all for the fun.
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: Cam are you a "One Water for Dark paint, one for light, one for metallic" painter or an "one water to rule them all" guy?
r10pez10: you ever ruin a metal ruler by using a marker on it
arkilyd: @Nigouki also a small metal bead put in the dropper bottles will help with mixing the pigment and flow agent just fine
r10pez10: eeeew
TSSaloic_: Wow.
e_bloc: please
Dix: jeeeeeeeze
wildpeaks: Ian, Ian please
wicker_knight: Exhibit B for the prosecution
Gascitygaming: oofa
r10pez10: take it down
TSSaloic_: katesLewd katesLewd
e_bloc: well I guess this isn't going on the VOD
Mysticman89: I can't say I'm familiar with IUD appearances.
tehcrashxor: What is Ian actually working on?
Phailhammer: That's too far! That's too far! lrrBEEJ
sivakrytos: it is improvised after all
DoodlestheGreat: An IUD for an elephant?
atinyspacemarine: Does it matter much what an IUD looks like?
bobAkirafett: currently painting star wars scout troopers, and paint white is the worst
e_bloc: christ Ian I have my clearance review coming up
r10pez10: no, money down!
Forsaken401: white is really bad
NotCainNorAbel: @e_bloc I love those. Name everyone you know and their birthday...ummm
voslan: Cam, you have to remember. That's back when GW was Sane....
DigitalSeahorse: From Studio Gribhli :P
Nigouki: "a little"
e_bloc: @NotCainNorAbel oh I totally know someone who knew where I lived 7 years ago! right?
AshBurnem: lrrHAM
atinyspacemarine: oh yeah, they suddenly didn't have limits
arkilyd: white is a pain as you have to work your way up to it unless you base coat in white. also you then have the choice of shading the white with a bit of grey or using a light blue
voslan: That depends on the white you are using.
SharkHero08: There are so many fine details on models that are a nightmare to paint
ContingentCat: I imagine filing away some of those little details would be harder than it sounds?
bobAkirafett: thats why warhammer models dont have to look good up close, just 3-4 feet away
NotCainNorAbel: @e_bloc not anyone I want to tell anyone about lrrSLOTH Best part for me is the first time I really messed up and had to have a one-on-one review meeting about my form.
NotCainNorAbel: I didn't list anyone from other countries even after traveling a lot.
zerg539: That Dwarf is 50% Beard 75% Muscle
arkilyd: I am sitting here working on catching up with my 40k stuff right now. Painting a unit of Tau Fire Warriors
SharkHero08: Though if any of you are interested, the Fire Dwarf start collecting box is the best value in any of GWs start collecting series
Drasvin: I wonder if that's why dwarves like big beards.Creates a distinct feature.
atinyspacemarine: short of additive manufacturing, probably the biggest
atinyspacemarine: since plastic, at least
kakmize: Chaos Space marines
e_bloc: @NotCainNorAbel yeah, although I would say I have nothing to hide, part of it is definitely choosing /which/ contacts just because some would seem more reliable than others. luckily the person who interviewed me was super-cool, not that i really had anything to worry about. despite growing up poor and having some debt when I started my job, I was pretty clear as far as government clearance go
voslan: They are
SharkHero08: Oh guad, Imperial Guard have some awful kits
arkilyd: @zerg539 I see you too have graduated from the Stiener School of Math
bobAkirafett: yeah, chaos space marines/eldar are like 20 years old
SharkHero08: Yeah, Catachans have the same sculpt
kakmize: Eldar are also stil resin
kakmize: which sucks
SharkHero08: Up until recently Orks were using a bunch of 20 year old kits
zerg539: @arkilyd look that Beard and the Muscles both Exceed Safety limits
Herbert_Erpaderp: And some companies keep casting those over and over and over heh
Nigouki: having even one in-house injection machine is just a godsend for the development process alone. refining the injection molds is a long process
kakmize: the new Ork vehicles are beautiful
r10pez10: restore your oil painting of jesus
WeedenProject: Oh the new Ork kits look sooo good
arkilyd: @SharkHero08 For the Christmas season, GW dropped the battleforce boxes for the year and the Lizardman box was $368 US worth of models for $175 dollars. Those are the best deals when they come out
lilyoswald: oh my god that guardian set was terrible
SharkHero08: @arkilyd Was only counting the start collecting boxes, though the battle force boxes are a good value
WeedenProject: Only downside of the new Ork vehicles is the lack of spare parts and easy customisation options, which is very annoying for players like me that love making custom Ork wagons
wicker_knight: the old Avatar of Khaine mini was AWFUL
SharkHero08: God, the model GW sells for the White Scars bike captain is most of the plastic bike kit with specific upgrade kits from a tin series
Rockario: That sounds right, a mini that is super-easy to make into some sort of anthro character seems like something that would get extra attention
e_bloc: thanks Matt Kondo
voslan: I remember the Old Chaos Dreadnought was So Bad...
DigitalSeahorse: Lol
lilyoswald: My first Treeman mini didn't look anything like a tree
SharkHero08: Another issue with newer models are really small details that no one but you will see. ie empty bottles on the bottom of ork buggies
Biffus1337: marge helmet
arkilyd: @SharkHero08 anytime a start collecting box has a model worth the price of the box already it is worth it
DigitalSeahorse: I saw a comic single panel of a woman with caption "does it spark joy" and she was dumping Electoral College out the window
DigitalSeahorse: :D
WeedenProject: Oof, the old chaos dreadnaughts were basically just big metal bricks. Like, you could feasibly use them as building materials and/or murder weapons
SharkHero08: For sure, the fire dwarves SC box comes with a drake thats worth at least the cost of the SC box
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I remember when High elf Spearmen were single piece plastics.
arkilyd: Flesh Eater Courts as well
arkilyd: same with Lizardmen
SharkHero08: Oh god, speaking of not great looking models the LoTR model series all look really bad, especially compared to Sigmar
zerg539: Poor Cadians their Planet Broke before they did
kakmize: And when you dropped the old Chaos Dread you knew you were either losing a toe or it was going to shatter into it's separate pieces
bobAkirafett: some would argue those deal monters in the start collecting boxes are overpriced to start
zerg539: @kakmize or both
kakmize: lol
arkilyd: They are still using the old sculpt for a lot of the LoTR line
o0sk_ren0o: I'm making some modified Shining Spears out of a combination of Eldar and Dark Eldar bikes. A few of my heads are trimmed AdMech helments
SharkHero08: I just want Primaris (jet)bikes for my White Scars
r10pez10: quick, alexa
cheetoJack: St. Eligius
WowoT: st eligius
Roadhog123: "St. Eligius is the Patron Saint of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers."
DigitalSeahorse: xD
arkilyd: White Scars just look so good
SharkHero08: They do
r10pez10: does it say why
SharkHero08: I just suck at painting red trim at the moment
tuckamanian: be like jews and leave room for Elijah
kakmize: One of my conversion plans is to use the Idoneth Deepkin eel riders as Dark Eldar Reavers
Biffus1337: now imagine all this black would be glossy
r10pez10: "He is the patron of goldsmiths, blacksmiths, and all workers in metal,"
delta__vee: "Attributes:" [...] "holding a horse's leg, which he detached from the horse in order to shoe it more easily"
SharkHero08: Nice Kakmize
delta__vee: unarmeHmm
WeedenProject: I've had a great time using Tamiya model tank kits to make Ork wagons, those are some fun conversions
r10pez10: ah so blacksmithing, up and onto all metals, continuing on to electrical wiring
SharkHero08: Ive seen conversions for the Idoneth Shark as one of their transport barge things
ContingentCat: @r10pez10 I wonder if anyone counts "workers in metal" to include the music genre
kakmize: @WeedenProject Would you keep the remote control parts in them?
Biffus1337: <3
tim19862: katesLol
Dyllbert: O-Scope assembly.... It's like I come home from work and I can't escape Kappa
delta__vee: finger painting?
WeedenProject: @kakmize I didn't use the RC ones, though I was tempted
Biffus1337: this stream is equally chilling to bob ross and THATS a statement
kakmize: Cause nothing would be scarier than an Ork Trukk gaining sentience
Mysticman89: To be fair, I think we're doing something for his car's wiring rather than actual O-scope work atm
bobAkirafett: man, painting white sucks :(
Juliamon: The O-scope has been preempted by the Winker
arkilyd: @delta__vee well at some point Cam will be painting fingers
kakmize: @SharkHero08 Yeah either that or the turtle. Just make them full on beast master wych cult
Seosamh_117: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:00:14.
WeedenProject: If I wasn't already so invested in making my WW2 tank Ork army, I'd love to make a freebooterz force using the sigmar airship kits to make orky sky pirates
bobAkirafett: @WeedenProject which ww2 tanks look good converted for 40k?
SharkHero08: The turtles really big, closest would be there pirate ships I think. But I was talking about there small scale troop transport
kakmize: I haven't seen the deepkin in person so I wasn't too sure of the scale.
SharkHero08: I think people were using the Sharks as Venoms
SharkHero08: You could probably convert the turtle to a wraith jet
Painfully_Dyslexic: A friend of mine along time ago tried to get me into 40k but i was more interested in the art side of things. I took the starter kit and mashed tyranids and spacemreins together i made warped spacemeraines that rode tyranids... my friend wasn't impressed
kakmize: Shark Venoms would be pretty cool
e_bloc: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrBEEJ
SharkHero08: Gimme a sec
Katten_Rastyr: cirPrise
WeedenProject: @bobAkirafett I've used a Tiger tank and a Sturmtiger as my main ones
notthepenguins: ah yeah, sailor business is great
tim19862: kaypikeSHARK1 kaypikeSHARK2 what?
notthepenguins: and them not having male guests is... fairly important
kakmize: @Painfully_Dyslexic no offense but your friend lacks vision :D
Rockario: @Painfully_Dyslexic That's amazing
notthepenguins: as much as I too would love beej on it
Painfully_Dyslexic: @kakmize that's what i thought
NotCainNorAbel: rounded second at least?
JosephDeath: Wait where would I find "Sailor business"?
bobAkirafett: cool, I've been thinking of a similar thing to bulk out speed freeks
kakmize: Plus isn't that just what the corrupted marines in Starcraft were?
notthepenguins: your various podcasty places JosephDeath
notthepenguins: it's a sailor moon podcast
Drasvin: Will there be a quiz later?
tehcrashxor: Bad Ian! The moto is "ever forward, NEVER LEARNING".
zerg539: @kakmize look we took some Zerg and mixed it into the Clone vat in the barracks building and things happened
r10pez10: four or five
zerg539: We regret those things
ArcOfTheConclave: 100,000 ohm iirc
r10pez10: yes cam
RealGamerCow: yes.
NotCainNorAbel: yes,
r10pez10: the percentage tolerance
kakmize: @zerg539 Hentai things?
ArcOfTheConclave: cam is correct
NotCainNorAbel: they run both directions, but the label is only one direction with the 'metal' one last
Mysticman89: well, nothing is perfect.
Mysticman89: gotta know your error bars
arkilyd: time to go check on the heat at my house hopefully will be back before the stream ends
tim19862: "directional" is usually referred to as "polarized"
BlackBlade_: Great app idea... use the camera on your phone to identify a resistor's resistance!
SolFerrum: Beej, best way to think of it as is quality control. Some resistors are made to better standards.
NotCainNorAbel: @BlackBlade_ that is a pretty cool idea. hmmmmmm
SolFerrum: Timex watch vs. some kind of super high-end swiss watch
Feldheim_C looks over at his tube radio.
BlackBlade_: lrrHEART
Feldheim_C: Nope, not all digital
SolFerrum: FUN FACT: Some resistor makers don't follow the standard color codes! Because that makes sense!
Rhynerd: Hello!
SolFerrum: Be sure to check your packaging!
Feldheim_C: @SolFerrum but y tho?
Biffus1337: ffff
r10pez10: that ... why would you do that
mnemonicman: the button beckons
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SolFerrum: I don't know why but I know I've run into it before
Rhynerd: how's the stream been so far?
r10pez10: what always makes me laugh are 0 ohm resistors
SolFerrum: and it was so hard to deal with
r10pez10: because they're for pick-and-place machines that can't handle wire links by themselves
SolFerrum: @Rhynerd gloss black got rejected
Mysticman89: still unclear as to the difference between a 0 ohm resistor and a wire.
Rhynerd: For the Vinyl, the gauntlets, or somewhere else?
r10pez10: but it's just really funny to see a single-band black-band "resistor"
SuperSugarSloth: I like the flesh skirt on the elf.
SolFerrum: @Rhynerd In it's existence.
Feldheim_C: @r10pez10 That... actually makes a fair amount of sense.
Rhynerd: That does still make sense.
r10pez10: @Feldheim_C it just
Lord_Hosk: This week... on the Panalysts
Biffus1337: cables getting clothes nowso they feel warm
tim19862: lrrSPOOP Lord_Hosk
SolFerrum: hands!
tim19862: wow
SharkHero08: @kakmize https://i.redd.it/935b3f39r5z01.jpg Heres a deepkin shark conversion for Marines but you could probably do similar for DE
Herbert_Erpaderp: That's how all my miniatures go.
Herbert_Erpaderp: Except sometimes it just ends up being garbage haha
Feldheim_C: @r10pez10 ...huh... I can't say that I've seen one in the wild.
Lord_Hosk: You talked about "ordinary household Jaccards" to tenderise meat... but mine was funnier.
tehcrashxor: Nails aren't *useful* if you clip them smaller than that.
kitthethird: Your nails are fine?? fwiw
Feldheim_C: also, all this electronics talk reminds me that I need to re-cap my tube radio one of these years.
Rhynerd: what color is used for the elf's flesh?
Biffus1337: ur nails are completly normal
orionsrise1: @loadingreadyrun are there any plans on playing a game with these minis?
Rhynerd: Yes.
Cmdrlyneye: Now we know
e_bloc: a nintendo switch onboard. amazing
Lord_Hosk: you can play breath of the wild on it?
ContingentCat: now you know what you're missing out on
Mysticman89: a little bit of digging on 0 ohm resistors, apparently they are functionally just wires, but they're useful for component insertion machines
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e_bloc: @Lord_Hosk you and me friend
r10pez10: i always get real impatient with glue guns and squeeze too much and now there's a big glob of glue underneath wherever i left it
Rhynerd: A campaign of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is coming. Eventually. Once enough models are painted.
SharkHero08: Speaking of miniature games, is there plans to pick up games like Kill Team, Necromunda or Blackstone Fortress
ContingentCat: I heard about an iron that automatically holds itself above the fabric when you let go, I've never ironed anything and don't want to but I was tempted
orionsrise1: @rhynerd sorry were you answering me?
Rhynerd: Yes
Kaktus021: Ethylene-vinyl acetate
Rhynerd: I forgot to @ you
Bobtheninjagoldfish: you know what we need? MORE HEROQUEST
bobAkirafett: a necromunda campaign would be rad, but not exactly their wheeel house
NotCainNorAbel: They have crayon painters
orionsrise1: lol you answered my question as I asked
WowoT: Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers is hot glue
RealGamerCow: Mysticman89 back in my soldering days, 0 ohm resistors were normally used on boards as placeholders for other resistors that were used on the same board for other products.
SolFerrum: Put a crayon into a hot glue gun, summon Slaanesh
e_bloc: 1000% chance it's on youtuvbe
SharkHero08: Theres so much to keep track of in a Necromunda campaign
e_bloc: *youtube
r10pez10: SDS confirms EVA-copolymer
orionsrise1: @bobtheninjagoldfish second THIS!
lilyoswald: this is like the microwave shows
Kaktus021: Well, you'd just make much thinner crayons
Baldrash: X Ways to Glue Gun?
RealGamerCow: I know some people put sealing wax into glue guns for precise application
Gekyouryuu: wait, who am I hearing besides Cam, Ian, and Beej?
wicker_knight: #YouDidThis
Mysticman89: does a cigerette fit into a glue gun? Could it be some sort of fancy cig holder?
r10pez10: well, Live is this weekend...
e_bloc: @Gekyouryuu Matt not the Matt Matt
wicker_knight: @Gekyouryuu Matt Griffin
Bobtheninjagoldfish: new youtube channel: will it Glue Gun?
Gekyouryuu: ah
Mysticman89: matt is also around. matt is not wiggins.
wicker_knight: @Gekyouryuu new editor
orionsrise1: @mysticman89 yes...,,but NOOOOO LOL
tim19862: yeah, fun art project as a kid
Lord_Hosk: Apparently multi-colored hot glue is easily accessable
lilyoswald: that seems like it would make bad lipstick
SolFerrum: So who is mailing LRR blue hot glue?
tim19862: also dried leaves in wax paper and ironed was cool as a kid
Lord_Hosk: $10 for for a 50 pack of various colors of hot glue
Tomasu82: youre not wrong
Biffus1337: like a snake? where did that come from?^^
Drasvin: Don't let your kids just eat snakes
orionsrise1: yes. everything ends up in their mouths
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Comeback323: wow that's stunning!
r10pez10: now i'm just imagining a 3D printer but the nozzle is a hot glue gun
Herbert_Erpaderp: Not hte paint cops!
wicker_knight: I dug my way out of there with this rock hammer and I am not gonna do that again
wicker_knight: gabyPolice
tim19862: r10pez10 it's been attempted
ContingentCat: or clip it directly to the beard
e_bloc: that's a fine winter-length beard
DarthStuticus: any recommended budget brands of paint brush that wont fray, I've been getting into painting minis myself and detail is hard.
SharkHero08: Cam, would you ever want to do a big model on stream? Like, something comparable in size to the new primarchs?
r10pez10: @tim19862 i miss the wild west days of 3D printer development
ContingentCat: yet?
r10pez10: CandyFab was my favourite
Lord_Hosk: Or Deployed
KerbalDyne: US subs specifically for beards
wicker_knight: see also the US Special forces
orionsrise1: if you thought the hot glue police were bad, wait until you cross with the beard cops!
tim19862: there are still a lot of crazy concepts attempted r10pez10 Look up Rich Rap? I think that's one of the guys.
ArcOfTheConclave: Navy beards!
e_bloc: show me your war face private Joker!
KerbalDyne: surface fleet has to keep to regs
NathanJay_GA: Navy has limited access to fresh water. Shaving requires too much water
silenceaux: I can't bear horror, otherwise I would
Drasvin: It's possible to seal a gas mask over a beard, but it requires smoothering the beard with a greasy/waxy sealant.
r10pez10: Loading Ready Run: Watch our stuff
ContingentCat: as someone not a fan of horror a movie called "the terror" doesn't sound apealing
Rhynerd: So, cover your beard with sealant
tim19862: then he finds out they aren't eye lashes LUL
Bladinus: Loading Ready Run: A Kingdom of Cards... wait
Lord_Hosk: ZING
e_bloc: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
r10pez10: mdr
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
Rhynerd: Now I'm remembering the discussion of lashes from Mutiny on the HMS Bounty
r10pez10: !badadvice
LRRbot: School is not important.
ArcOfTheConclave: Loading ready run: pay them so they... wait.
r10pez10: a comfortable work position halves workload
Biffus1337: my confy chair agrees
NathanJay_GA: Get Doug DeMuro to review the quirks and features Kappa
Lord_Hosk: Bossk switch?
r10pez10: were there cool diagrams
EternalDensity: Speaking of diagrams, ⎝⎠ ╲╱╲╱ ⎝⎠ What's this doing in Unicode?
Cmdrlyneye: Hey Cameron how/are you going to base these minis?
orionsrise1: rear battery mountings suuuuuuck
EternalDensity: yeah that's... not good
bobAkirafett: is that a jacked up uwu?
SnackPak_: delicious diagrams
ContingentCat: of course it does
EternalDensity: very jacked up
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iiieye: Dear Ian: Have you seen the MightyCarMods mini builds?
EternalDensity: oh Japan never change.
Gekyouryuu: on the eve of the release of the new MtG set, did anyone present make it to a regular prerelease? if so, how'd they go?
EternalDensity: I didn't even make it to the pre prerelease
EternalDensity: I think I saw the first two minutes and haven't had time for more :(
r10pez10: powerful stance though
ApepiOfDuat: but he's really cool!
silenceaux: Base coat looks really good though
bobAkirafett: how often is TTSF on?
e_bloc: that figure definitely has riot
SuperSugarSloth: And now the painting truly begins
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: @Gekyouryuu tried to force dimir, had to splash white, failed miserably.
Biffus1337: inSANE
EternalDensity: so you're saying that's a very time consuming hobby eh
e_bloc: @bobAkirafett biweekly IIRC
orionsrise1: by-weekly
bobAkirafett: thanks
SharkHero08: Its got three different colors, its table top ready
EternalDensity: bi not by
Cmdrlyneye: Are you going to base these?
ApepiOfDuat: book dude is dope!
e_bloc: I got a book and a hammer you assholes
ContingentCat: @bobAkirafett every other week
orionsrise1: don't kink shame me!
SharkHero08: Cam do you use shade paints to help with highlighting/depth?
Biffus1337: he actually has 2 hammers
Gekyouryuu: I played in all 5 of my LGS' events. did only just OK at some of them, but at least I got a Spawn of Mayhem in one kit, and then three more in prizes over the course of the weekend
ArcOfTheConclave: Read my fanfic!
Lord_Hosk: I can see the difference... I just question the time/benefit for a single game of AFK and then to be put away forever
Juliamon: Lord_Hosk One game of AFK, but how many TTSFs did we get out of it?
r10pez10: milk is good for teeth
orionsrise1: whoa whoa whoa WHOA! LEARNING?! on TTSF?
ContingentCat: @Lord_Hosk I think for these it's about the journey not the destination
TemporallyAwry: *knock on wood*
ApepiOfDuat: immediately jinxed it
NathanJay_GA: what percentage milk?
bobAkirafett: yeah i dunno if ive ever really played warhammer games, but ive got hundreds of figures
kaladinar: @ContingentCat Journey before Destination!
SnackPak_: gotta keep those elbows tucked in
shadowdemonz123: Nice painting of the models
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korvys: I heard (and this is probably not true) that you say "Break a leg" to actors cause you want them to end up in the cast.
kaladinar: Life before Death Strength before Weakness Journey before Destination
Lord_Hosk: Cameron grabs the sodering iron, Ian drinks the paint water, Beej stabs the whole thing, Matt breaks a leg.
Rockario: RIP Gord Downey
ContingentCat: took a while for that bad luck to kick in
ArcOfTheConclave: @korvys nice pun
Rockario: *Downie
lilyoswald: I wish I could paint models better, but I have really bad fine motor control so I can't really do detail work at all
orionsrise1: 30% chance of Cam having an existential breakdown because of solder fumes
Drasvin: Gave all the bad luck in one spot and cause a buffer overflow.
Drasvin: Gather*
kaladinar: So what is Ian doing exactly?
ContingentCat: yeah if you get enough bad luck it goes all the way around to become good luck
r10pez10: he building an indicator for a vehicle
Biffus1337: hes building an o-scope
Biffus1337: and trying if it works
ContingentCat: !plan
LRRbot: What are those???
orionsrise1: sort of like Gandhi did in the old civilization games
Mysticman89: @kaladinar making a 'winker' for his car to make his turn signle lights stay on except when actually turning, at which point they blink like normal
Mysticman89: O-scope stuff got pushed back
r10pez10: oh yeah that thing
Biffus1337: oh ok
Rockario: !good
silvalunae trying really hard not to make a doctor who joke
TacitusVigil: Ian's non-sonic screwdriver is indeed lovely.
r10pez10: bangood is like an aliexpress dealio innit
TacitusVigil does it for @silvalunae
silvalunae: thank you friend lrrHEART
ContingentCat: ok good I thought something else would have followed "nerf gun conversion kit"
korvys: Pennies behind the springs is a simple one.
Juliamon: basically r10pez10
Jigokuro: Drill the suppressing element, better spring
orionsrise1: @contingentcat this is a family stream! I think?
Jigokuro: I have one of those 6 shot revolvers that could shoot about 200ft with some accuracy.
kitthethird: Aliexpress won't ship to WA :(
ContingentCat: @orionsrise1 oh no not like that I was worried it was kits to turn nerf guns to real guns
korvys: Well sometimes it's resellers who are buying from the same run of an item, and then like, reskinning it, etc.
Tomasu82: not sure thats a thing youd normally want to ask ian...
orionsrise1: @contingentcat oh god I went for the cheap joke. But it is the internet so that might be a real concern
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Lord_Hosk: YOU DID IT!
ContingentCat: lrrGOAT !
korvys: !victory
korvys: !advice
LRRbot: Turn the crank.
ContingentCat: !badadvice
LRRbot: Firm belief!
orionsrise1: we are at 7 successful projects?
r10pez10: "oh! my enrique inglasias CD!"
orionsrise1: not counting food of course
r10pez10: guys
korvys: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
silvalunae: um
NimrodXIV: pls
ContingentCat: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a restricted area.
silvalunae: so phrasing, we're really not doing that anymore huh
asddsa28: any one in chat or other wise i have some old VSH tapes what should i do with them?
ArcOfTheConclave: It's worse that mouth feel!
r10pez10: if they've got family memories on them, try to get them converted before trashing them
asddsa28: they are not
orionsrise1: @asddsa28 look through the value of them online before anything
bobAkirafett: rca converter card foe pc to import them digitally?
korvys: Cameron - Do you have any experience painting with an airbrush?
Kaktus021: I wouldn't want to find that guy on my floor in the dark
Lysander_Gustav: That hair must have been heck to paint
silvalunae: cam's turning into a minecraft villager
kitthethird: @asddsa28 Back up any important footage, then carefully use acetone to recover the iron particles and make ferrofluid?
orionsrise1: But where is the red going to go Cam?
SharkHero08: People do use air brushes for smaller models
r10pez10: right, ferrofluid
r10pez10: i thought there was something cool you could do with VHS tapes
ContingentCat: when is anything
Lysander_Gustav: Must need extremely narrow nozzles
r10pez10: dry solder joins, the nemesis of any electronics hobbyist
asddsa28: @kitthethird that sounds fun
Jigokuro: [Paul chuckles softly] is a great close caption right there.
kitthethird: @asddsa28 :D
r10pez10: i've never seen anyone solder in a fumehood
ApepiOfDuat: I understood that reference
korvys: Wow, self burn, those are rare.
ContingentCat: oh
GrandLlamaQ: captainamericagetsthatreference.jpg
r10pez10: oh i think i wooshed
kitthethird: Ian, do you like that soldering iron? I need to get one but I'm also tempted to go cheap...
r10pez10: always go moderate price, you don't want to keep buying cheap ones that break imo
jubale1: most risque title on this channel in a while.
silvalunae: tbh i had to solder a bit in college and i liked the way it smelt
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kitthethird: Awesome! Thanks :D
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Swamplor: So, this thing Ian is making, why is it desireable?
ApepiOfDuat: is Cam using a wet palette?
jubale1: what does it do?
silvalunae: @Swamplor it's saving him 750, and it's for his new car
DarkMorford: Ian, any experience/thoughts on the butane-powered irons? I need something for field work when I can't use my temp-controlled station.
zerg539: At least we avoided the Crunch! "...Shit" moment from dropped Glasses
Biffus1337: yeah its my F... my fault:P
r10pez10: TTSF Life Draw
orionsrise1: what car is this from again?
Papperslappen: Morph suit life drawing
kitthethird: Daww
r10pez10: life drawing modelling is ... difficult
asddsa28: o noooo
zerg539: Now that would make class Awkward on monday morning
ricin: well don't have to imagine anymore i guess
rockyboy78: Cam, could you explain the benefit of a wet pallet, I'm beginning to paint the pieces for my Kingdom Death game and am looking for a few pointers
Tzeeeeentch: !uptime
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r10pez10: sometimes you can share secrets without saying a word
Biffus1337: wise words
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bobAkirafett: @rockyboy78 helps keep the paint workable longer, and you can come back to the pallet the next few days
DeliciousBiscuitWizard: theonl45Heart theonl45Heart theonl45Heart theonl45Heart theonl45Heart
theonlyangelx: theonl45Heart theonl45Heart theonl45Heart theonl45Heart theonl45Heart
pale_bunny: theonl45Heart theonl45Heart theonl45Heart
theonlyangelx: yayyy mini painting!!
DarkMorford: Ian, any experience/thoughts on the butane-powered soldering irons? I need something for field work when I can't use my temp-controlled station.
Gekyouryuu: oh, out of curiosity, do we have an ETA on the next AnoAni? literally the only good thing about an anime season ending is that it means AnoAni is soon
r10pez10: howdy raiders
theonlyangelx: what are you up to Cam?
orionsrise1: what are raiders?
theonlyangelx: oh no :\
kitthethird: @DarkMorford I'm getting an electric iron to replace my craft torch with an iron attachment. I found it hard to control the temperature, but I'm a novice so ymmv :)
Drasvin: Windex bath? I'm guessing to remove the paints?
Biffus1337: y
Biffus1337: the last resort
theonlyangelx: Raiders are friends from other channels sending their viewers over @orionsrise1 for example, I often do mini painting and so i thought i'd raid my friends here at LRR!
orionsrise1: ah Okie then
RealGamerCow: I was going to say when Ian was gluing that on that he better make sure it is done because that's pretty permanent
theonlyangelx: m o o d Cam. Got my kill teams about.. halfway finished?
FITorion: Hot Knife... I have an soldering iron with an exacto blade attachment.
oyleslyck: I just came in late. was about to ask what the winker was, timing of explanation was spot on
Biffus1337: cam's getting mad^^
r10pez10: flux has been called
Mysticman89: Is this how the magic smoke is inserted into electronics?
DarkMorford: Ian, any experience/thoughts on the butane-powered soldering irons? I need something for field work when I can't use my temp-controlled station.
iamnolionheart: Bands with pieces
Biffus1337: xD
wicker_knight: Green Day? :'(
lilyoswald: haha
Doomdiver68: Plumbers use butane torch all the time
Biffus1337: god's karma is fast damn
ContingentCat: that was quick
Master_Gunner: That's why I'm betting Penelope's teenage rebellion phase will be all about healing crystals and chemtrails.
bobAkirafett: that was divine
FITorion: I now have a head ache from laughing
ContingentCat: @Master_Gunner or she'll get really into sports
Master_Gunner: Nah, Kathleen would be fine with sports (just maybe not the early-morning ones)
KerbalDyne: nah its both, depends on the country iirc
Gekyouryuu: the good, old Mandela effect
ThePerrBearr: i chalk it up to the fact it was cursive, and i misread it as a child
Pal_Friendpatine: Oh my are we talking the Mandela effect?
Kramburger: Didn't tit come out that it was a printing error?
Lord_Hosk: Im betting that Penelope wont have a teenage rebellious stage because her parents are super supportive of her
SuperSugarSloth: gotta take the fun out of it.
ContingentCat: @Master_Gunner It's the going to sporting events with all the people and enthusiasim I can see Kathleen having difficulty with
asddsa28: fun fact they are not
lilyoswald: Kids are terrible liars until an adult gives them a good reason to learn to lie
Rockario: I'm just going to continue to pronounce it "Burn-Steen" and never make myself try to spell it lrrBEEJ
jubale1: most of them i can dismiss but the Ed McMahon case has me baffled
ApepiOfDuat: wet palettes are great
Dylanthesquig: What model is cam working on?
o0sk_ren0o: I love wet palettes
Rockario: There are no good reasons for a cleft palette
Biffus1337: oopsie daisy
ThePerrBearr: the Looney Tunes ones confused be, because it makes more sense to me if it were Looney Toons. that way "Merry Melodies and Looney Toons" covers both the musical and visual aspects
Lord_Hosk: speaking of wet pallets
jubale1: Everybody knows he was the Publisher's Clearing House announcer for $1Million, but they say it never was.
Lysander_Gustav: Cam has the best belches
Herbert_Erpaderp: You can totally them. I have one that I never use.
o0sk_ren0o: I once had a couple drops of black last me over 8 hours of painting as I went back to it for details
Rockario: The parchment paper is supposed to mitigate that, I guess
Rockario: The leeching, I mean
o0sk_ren0o: I use a Plate, Paper Towel and Parchment paper
ApepiOfDuat: yeah color doesn't leech much with a wet palette
RealGamerCow: Is Ian re-starting?
o0sk_ren0o: And just use a dropper to kep the towel moist
Dylanthesquig: Yes, they are very good if you are blending
r10pez10: yeah Ian F5'd
jordorowsky: seriously Cam should try it, like night and day
bobAkirafett: they do seem to help my dry ass out in thee arizona desert
ApepiOfDuat: so good for mixing colors
ContingentCat: how about safety glasses for Cam?
r10pez10: "why is there cable insulation on my bottom lip"
ApepiOfDuat: i made my own with tuperware, distilled water, parchment paper and a sponge
Biffus1337: which movie?
jordorowsky: honestly paper towels work better than a sponge for a wet pallet
zerg539: Parchment paper does a good job at keeping the paint out of the sponge
Dylanthesquig: I have a ceramic pallette with a lid that keeps them in good shape for a while, but wet pallettes make the paint last for much longer
r10pez10: Weird Science
o0sk_ren0o: I imagine with colors that have more delicate pigment balances the lifespan might not last as long, but as long as you keep your sponge/towel moist the paint can last a really long time
Biffus1337: the movie is called weird science?
Morrigan9: ya
Biffus1337: ok ill watch that later :P
Lysander_Gustav: the song is good though
Dylanthesquig: Any water based acrylic will do well in a palette, Army painter tends to seperate more then others though
Jigokuro: lrrDOTS
o0sk_ren0o: But graphite... is conductive?
tergonis: lrrFINE
wicker_knight: so what you're saying, Beej, is that you did it, and now you're contacting us from the Spirit Realm lrrBEEJ
Lysander_Gustav: thatisthejoke.jpg
Kramburger: If he was really Aussie, he'd have called it a collary-do
Drasvin: Carbon cake
jubale1: graphene is conductive
Master_Gunner: probably the russians
lilyoswald: I hope nothing really important broke for them to figure that out
Mysticman89: Free range carbon electrons.
r10pez10: i bet it was laika
Dylanthesquig: lighting pencils on fire with ockets you say
Dylanthesquig: Silver tower model?
Mysticman89: can always read arxive
tuckamanian: is that an age of sigmar model?
Mysticman89: or y'know. inside contacts.
Rockario: Silver Tower Model
korvys: I have heard, if you email the author, they will almost always send you them. They want people to read them.
TacitusVigil: Nope. Just something to put in your CV.
ANeMzero: clearly the next LRR patreon goal should be JSTOR access
Kramburger: The best you can say about publishing papers is that it shouldn't COST you money
Lysander_Gustav: I hate the walling off of those works
kitthethird: Can you get access through public libraries in Canada? My state at least gives me JSTOR access
TacitusVigil: JamesSTOR
Mysticman89: no nature for the moonbase?
Lord_Hosk: Generally speaking people who have published something are just thrilled to talk to anyone who is interested in their field
ContingentCat: I've yet to try it but I saw a browser extension that is supposed to get around paywalls
zerg539: Scientific paper publishing is a very lucrative business you don't really have to do anything and people make your content for free and you charge people way too much for reading it
TacitusVigil: JSTOR access is expensive I believe
TacitusVigil: Yeah.
ContingentCat: yeah, I spent a while downloading a lot of articles when I thought I was going to graduate before the paywalls went up
Kramburger: Having unlimited access to journals & papers while at uni is a benefit that you don't appriciate until you lose it
Lord_Hosk: My Alma-mater grants all its alums forever access to the library online and on campus, which includes journal access.
sivakrytos: yeah, they're not gonna
Papperslappen: A lot of relevant articles end up on arxiv
kitthethird: That's informative and disappointing, thank you Beej. I'll just have to send you my library card info ;p
Kramburger: The problem is that part of the requirement for funding a paper is publishing it in a reputable journal
Lysander_Gustav: snort
Lirelent: hahaha, so riight, neever realized itt
sivakrytos: the math chunk of the arxiv often is basically journal quality
grandmaspocket: Its all just applied mathematics
delta__vee: Does uvic allow alumni to sign up for enough on-campus library computer access that you can come in and access journals from there?
Lirelent: some LHC stuff end up there
Talin06: i know my university library spends like $20 million on journal subscriptions
r10pez10: spherical cow burgers
Jigokuro: *In a vaccuum
Lysander_Gustav: eugh that scientific purity comic.
kitthethird: Wait, Cam- thoughts on EBSCOHost vs JSTOR?
Papperslappen: I wouldn't mind if the balls interact a little bit
Mysticman89: See I'm a physicist at heart, but my degree has both physics and chemistry on it so don't wanna take sides.
SniperPumpkin: hey now, they're frictionless waves these days :P
Rockario: Assume a spherical dog with barks extending infinitely across time
orionsrise1: lol chemistry, you mean cooking class?
DoodlestheGreat: So it's not chemistry if the balls don't touch?
delta__vee: (of you can come in and use whatever they have paper copies of, but what is that these days?)
tuckamanian: the take the glasses off and look away
Angnor33: I still remember the summer I spent gathering experimental data from journals for a professor. Gonig back and forth between the Journal of Chemical Physics (Physics Journal), and the Journal of Physical Chemistry (chem journal), all for essentially the same type of experiment.
Pheonix888: But friction is your friend
zerg539: In Georgia we have Galileo which has a large chunk of Journals available for free and that comes with PINES system libraries which are most of the ones in the state
Mysticman89: X is chi
Mysticman89: yes
r10pez10: AR-14
sivakrytos: arxiv wil mostly cut it in math.
zerg539: @Angnor33 ahh yes like going between Biochem Journals and Molecular biology journals
Kramburger: My fiancee has published a bunch of papers and usually, yes Beej
r10pez10: put it in the LRR journal
sivakrytos: often in math you can negotiate keeping it on the arxiv or your website
Morrigan9: condensed numbers
Kramburger: It varies depending on where it's punlished
kitthethird: But do we want to learn.... The Whole Story?
Dc0n: for the low low price of crippling, debilitating debt
Comeback323: I have interviews for PhD in 2 weeks. I'm excited/terrified
orionsrise1: so you were priced out of grad school?
Mysticman89: so...does LRR crew pay wobble monthly based on patreon/subs/etc, or is it just LRR's bottom line that wobbles but members get the same thing? Maybe that's private
ContingentCat: @Dc0n in canada it tends to just be crippling dept not quite debilitating debt
Comeback323 just subscribed with Twitch Prime. Comeback323 subscribed for 21 months in a row!
Comeback323: That's an amount of time
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r10pez10: vantablack hair
korvys: Like an animu?
RealGamerCow: vanta black hair dye?
Dc0n: I'm used to that pure American tremendous debt
RealGamerCow: oooh, what if we painted Ian's head vanta black?
r10pez10: go for the Grand PhD
r10pez10: oh you guys are mercenaries!
Comeback323: I'm scared for the unstable income but I know if I don't do my PhD soon I wont ever get it
ContingentCat: grad school is fun but it's a lot, masters is enough for me though
Jigokuro: Why is Cam shaking?
RealGamerCow: cheer250 for the content bucket!
TehAmelie: caffeine?
Comeback323: he was cleaning his brush
korvys: @Jigokuro I believe his other hand was shaking a paint brush or pot?
Biffus1337: @r10pez10 mercenaries they are!
Kramburger: After watching my fiancee go through hell to complete her PhD, people who say they wanna do a PhD like it's a easy stepping stone in their career drives me insane
Mysticman89: nifty insight
Jigokuro: [Cam intensifies]
r10pez10: LRR is a high-ROI stock
Lord_Hosk: and the planning that takes place about how many hours the LRR 'managers' can contract all these great performers for goes up or down the more or less LRR makes.
jubale1: what field is Cam in?
Biffus1337: pretty sure not physics^^
Kramburger: @jubale1 Computational Chem
TehAmelie: also, helmet hair is real. see this exhaustive and excellent look at a bunch of neat armors seen in movies etc http://bikiniarmorbattledamage.tumblr.com/post/182267321604
r10pez10: i went to a soldering party once but i didn't inhale
Lord_Hosk: Cameron is in the strawberry fields for ever
Mysticman89: his undergrad was in english, but he's come over to the science side
CapnRobert: cams stillness is impressive
jubale1: ah Condensed Matter Calculatinos.
Biffus1337: u guys know each other way too good^^
Comeback323: fuck I'm scared to do my PhD but I want people to respect me
Biffus1337: u dont need a phd for other ppl's respect!
r10pez10: i think you should do the PhD if you want to do the PhD and not for respect
Jigokuro: Having a PhD doesn't make you respected, being respectable does.
Juliamon: Comeback323 if it makes you feel better, it won't make people respect you anyway
Kramburger: Cam on TTSF is always so relaxing to me. It's like a bonus episode of a Cam and Ian christmas
Comeback323: Haha I was kinda joking, but more so I want to do research which requires a PhD
Comeback323: or masters, but with a masters your stuck doing others research
ThePerrBearr: being able to write is important in the sciences for notes
r10pez10: they had to stop letting the Law and the Engineering faculties verse each other at the Uni tug-of-war
Mysticman89: baiksael!
ThePerrBearr: lab reports were my most hated thing in getting my degree
Master_Gunner: I had a duel Business/Comp-Sci degree... quite useful when I became a consultant.
Mysticman89: one is how you pick the words to describe the world, while the other is how you describe the world
kitthethird: I was about to say "You could be a PhD and I'd still disrespect you" followed by a dozen kappas and it still felt too mean spirited... I'm stressing about going into a Master's program
TehAmelie: i read a thoughtful thing once about how we should turn the concept of STEM into STEAM
Cmdrlyneye: its more it suck to spend a bout loud of money to end up working at starbucks.
r10pez10: but ... how am i supposed to give shit to things i don't understand?!
SnackPak_: two sides of the same coin of knowledge
silenceaux: Eh, I'm currently in a management program so I think sciences and humanities would regard it as scum of the earth while my Esteemed Colleagues would deem them as useless. So everyone is garbage?
korvys: The Good Place is very Good
Kramburger: I think we should stop treating low-skilled jobs as 'less than'. If my kid wants to be a janitor or whatever and it makes them happy, I'm not going to stop them
KissnKateBarlow: I have a degree in computer science and now I don't work anywhere so you never know! :P
korvys: @Kramburger I don't think cats can hold a mop...
silenceaux: I wish introductory philosophy and psychology were things in High Schools...
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: a long, long time ago when i was at uni, the rivalry was between the law school and the engineering school. IT, Science and Arts just sat back with popcorn.
r10pez10: kristen bell and ted danson
Kramburger: @korvys Okay WOW
Mysticman89: my stem vs arts rivalry jabs have been more "Look at those guys being happy and playing hackey sack, while we're grinding through pages of miserable mathematical muck. My misery makes me superior right? right?"
wicker_knight: Interesting, especially considering how many medical shows do NOT do that
r10pez10: MST3K had a similar philosophy
r10pez10: basically, trust your audience
korvys: @Kramburger Ok, I don't actually know you don't have a kid, but I do know you have a cat (or a series of cats, iirc)
jubale1: Simpsons/Futurama hired a bunch of mathematicians to write
asddsa28: that happen to me today when llr played a hat in time today
Rockario: I love those "10%" jokes, because it gives me an idea of things I don't know about that might be worth knowing about
Papperslappen: As long as it is telegraphed as a joke, it can be funny even if you don't get it
tuckamanian: Miss Dennis Miller, that guy was great
Rockario: Yeah, exactly what Beej said
big_large: the futurama writers created a graph theory proof in that episode about switching minds
Rockario: A lot of a joke can be in the delivery
korvys: Futurama would often refer to themselves as the most over-qualified staff in writing, with TWO math PHDs
Cmdrlyneye: its like no one haas read moby dick but people get ahab and white whale jokes
Jigokuro: Nope
TehAmelie: this is how much they work at a running little background joke in The Good Place https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DK3ozOQVYActvgE.jpg
ContingentCat: nope still sounds good
bobAkirafett: ur good
Rockario: There was no muting
ApepiOfDuat: nothing muted
r10pez10: we can still hear y'all
ArcOfTheConclave: we have sound
jubale1: (obscure reference you don't get) / (cutting remark you don't understand) = you laugh because understanding the situation is independent of understanding the detail
lilyoswald: I am a better programmer since I took up creative writing as a hobby
r10pez10: it's almost like more tools in your toolbox helps you approach problems better
Kramburger: @korvys You're right, no kids only cats.
Cmdrlyneye: Politicians are the worst for they studying. they all take the same subjects and go straight into politics without ever having done anything else. so they have 0 understanding of the world they are supposed to represent.
nurovi: It's also just more fun learning lots of different things
big_large: i always tell people taking liberal arts classes in college were way more useful than taking science classes when it came to going to grad school
Mysticman89: Since I graduated with physics/chem, I've actually spent a lot of my time reading through various classics in literature
sivakrytos: ian's right there, even tho some fields might not like it
korvys: @Kramburger See, I remember this, because I remember thinking "Next time I'm heading up to Brisbane, I should go see <Kramburger> and pet his cats" when I was leaving PAX.
big_large: the funny thing about science grad school is that they re-treach you all the same shit all over again
Lirelent: harvard medical school does public lecture series so the students can get practice giving presentations
big_large: so might as well take more useful classes in college
sivakrytos: also people will cite you're papers more if they can read it
Lord_Hosk: Thats why "Liberal studies" and "Multi-disciplinary" degrees are becoming much more in demand rather than specialist degrees. in 2017 it was the fastest growing demanded degree in america
Cmdrlyneye: that purity of feild comic is a circle. thats the joke
Mysticman89: I like to think the stem vs arts thing a friendly jab rather than actual contempt
asddsa28: is it odd that i liked history and for me i got both sides
Jigokuro: I thought that was obviously a joke
korvys: I mean, that *was* a joke, but I can see how it lands badly
jubale1: XKCD is a comic artform, how impure can you get?
TehAmelie: you know, i think that comic is just making fun of the people who think that purity matters
Kramburger: @korvys *nods*
e_bloc: can't do physics without calculus amirite
Master_Gunner: By the logic of that comic, isn't mathematics just applied philosophy?
jordorowsky: who's got the link?
e_bloc: but yeah I agree
r10pez10: i apply calculus when i drive my car
SharkHero08: Its not even exclusive to STEM vs the arts, Ive seen contempt held for fields like HVAC over stuff like manufacturing. But as it turns out HVAC is pretty rad
wicker_knight: I mean, notably it also really pissed off my two (physicist graduate-degree-holder) parents, for basically the same reasons.
CapnRobert: that seems really important, in my personal experience, which is limited, a surprising number of people dont know or realize how much we understand about things
SajuukSjet: EVERYthing is philosophy, according to wikipedia :D
Lord_Hosk: Rather than knowing "one thing" you know a little about most things, and know someone who knows a lot more about one thing than you do
ContingentCat: @Master_Gunner yup there's a lot of edits of that comic with a philosophy person way off to the side
Mysticman89: https://xkcd.com/435/
lilyoswald: I mean with a joke that parodies bad real life attitudes you really walk a line
korvys: I mean, the mouseover text on that is "On the other hand, physicists like to say physics is to math as sex is to masturbation."
sivakrytos: as a person with a phd in math. calculus is really overrated
e_bloc: well said Matt
jordorowsky: @mysticman89 thanks!
zerg539: It was Satire that made itself no longer be satire
silenceaux: I wish I still remembered how to integrate properly, I'm out of practice on calculus.
ApepiOfDuat: Poe's Law
TehAmelie: i mean there are people who still think Starship Troopers is pro-fascism
DoodlestheGreat: It's the Machiavelli problem. "The Prince" was not supposed to be an instruction manual...
Kramburger: That's like the term red pill being taken wildly out of context
r10pez10: you ever seen those chrysler videos about mechanical integrators
wicker_knight: @silenceaux Per my DiffEq prof: "the proper way to integrate something is with a calc textbook open"
r10pez10: mainly for rangefinding
r10pez10: fun watching
Mysticman89: I get very excited when people ask for help with high school level math/science since can feel smart again. Actual university level stuff isall "I bet I can help just lend me your textbook first"
zerg539: @TehAmelie Starship Troopers is one of those perfect examples of the Movie ruining it for the book readers for the rest of time
e_bloc: @wicker_knight considering you can integrate most things with a webpage, I don't see how this is wrong
SajuukSjet: so, will the figure be surviving the end of stream and avoid a Windex Bath?
CapnRobert: even just working in construction inspection the amount of knowledge humanity leverages on some of the projects ive worked on especially if you think big picture is crazy
Rockario: We have definitely had at least a decade or more of satire being mistaken for sincerity across the internet. And it has had some *effects* lrrSPOOP
silenceaux: wicker_knight Yeah. I kinda wish we could societally move towards more acceptance of referential knowledge bases
CapnRobert: like if you think about what goes into creating instruction equipment alone
CapnRobert: construction not instruction
CapnRobert: *
o0sk_ren0o: Simplegreen
r10pez10: ooof
korvys: @r10pez10 Is that one of those wonderful 50's short films about various kinds of technology?
TehAmelie: "there is a time for subtlety and that time was before Scary Movie"
wjackson45: hi
DarthRagnar815: gabyLewd
korvys: But if you flop it out, you can work on your knob feel
r10pez10: @korvys it sure is!
wicker_knight: conveying information is incredibly difficult
Tomasu82: english is NPHard.
wicker_knight: high school english is not English, it's Grammar
e_bloc: I'd say the most important thing about education is that learning is a good thing.
phorrestgaze: or even better, knowing someone else is WRONG
CapnRobert: the amount of work and knowledge that goes into maintaining the vast amount of infrastructure in the US and canada alone is crazy
e_bloc: no one degree is better than another in abstract
wicker_knight: lol Beej
o0sk_ren0o: I before E, except after C, or when ever the English majors drop pretense and screw with you.
Jigokuro: NNOoooo
e_bloc: I do.
ArcOfTheConclave: Don't you know? There is only one right answer.
r10pez10: "awful" used to mean "full of awe"
TacitusVigil: Hwæt!
sivakrytos: grammar prescriptivism was a lot of victorian classism
jubale1: forsooth Chaucer spoke great english
Mysticman89: one of the things I liked very much about science over english is that science isn't subjective, so theres no being subject to the preferences of the particular professor
TehAmelie: before they figured out the subject-verb-object order
niccus: dearest creature in creation,
Master_Gunner: I love how aggressively descriptivist dictionaries are (at least on Twitter, when prescriptivists attempt to invoke them).
sivakrytos: and it continues to be extremely classist (and racist!)
Kramburger: The funny thing is when the OED adds words like 'selfie' and people get upset, because the OED then has to explain that the dictionary follows language, it doesn't set the rules
sivakrytos: @Mysticman89 science is extremely subjective
TacitusVigil: Also, I don't want to use thy's. The singular your is fine. ;)
big_large: i can appreciate languages evolve, but the one thing I can't abide is that the new definition of literally is "figuratively"
r10pez10: but *I'M* correct, tho
ArcOfTheConclave: C O N T E X T
wicker_knight: I actually find that we have similar problems in Statistics
e_bloc: I love how erudite Cameron is
sivakrytos: pretendining science is objective is a deeply harmful viewpoint
r10pez10: you get much better conversations that way
wicker_knight: like, people accustomed to formal logic and hard math start giving you side-eye when you explain that "no, there is NOT a true answer that can be found here"
e_bloc: as many angels as can dance on the head of a pin
aquinas_0: orthodoxy!
Jigokuro: Eastern Orthodox tho
phorrestgaze: The one with unicorns
aquinas_0: we exist!
Mysticman89: I mean, theres some subjective things in how you intepret the results of things in science, but if assigned a math problem, there are provable answers that are right and wrong.
r10pez10: The IKEA Catalogue
o0sk_ren0o: Technically its at least Two books in one cover...
korvys: The Name of the Wind. It's the only good book.
e_bloc: let me dig him up real quick
TacitusVigil: There's been a rather big Orthodox schism just in the last few months.
jubale1: oh, Tacitus?
ContingentCat: Vonnegut?
Swamplor: Tfw cam forgets about orthodox entirely
aquinas_0: the Russians are more of a state arm
ArcOfTheConclave: @TacitusVigil really?
wicker_knight: That happened to John Maynard Keynes
aquinas_0: Constantinople's in a fight with Putin
e_bloc: @ContingentCat I feel like everything is attributed to Vonnegut at some point
niccus: sometimes you're the author and you don't know
e_bloc: I've definitely heard this story about some author
sivakrytos: @Mysticman89 i have a phd in math. why are the questions that you think have "provable answers" interesting or useful
TacitusVigil: @jubale1 Ukrainian Orthodox church broke off formally from the Russian Orthodox church, and it was confirmed by the Patriarch.
freshmaker__: Of course, the ONE objectively good book. Naruto volume 1
wicker_knight: Ridley Schott is falling down that rabbit hole now
r10pez10: Farenheit 451 was a ... weird book
e_bloc: really Ellison? I would think he would be totally open about people interpreting his stories
silenceaux: Did the irony ever hit
lilyoswald: I had a Shakespeare class once and I was told to interpret a text. We were given no specific direction. I did my best, and then I failed my paper because I didn't come up with the correct interpretation
Mysticman89: @sivakrytos because those are the ones high school and undergrad professors assign.
phorrestgaze: On the casual side JK Rowling needs to stop doing that. I don't want to know about pre-plumbing wizards.
sivakrytos: @Mysticman89 and why do they assign those problems
jubale1: ah @TacitusVigil . blame the communists, when they got heavyhanded with the leadership way back.
Rockario: The author having an """Intended reading""" is a neat idea that can provide insights into some of the piece is the way it is.
Kramburger: I think Fahrenheit 451 is supposed to be a takedown of the advent of the television, according to the author
TacitusVigil: @ArcOfTheConclave Yeah, part of the ongoing fighting between Ukraine and Russia. Rather big deal for the church there from what I've read.
lilyoswald: The professor literally wrote "no that is not what this means" on my paper (paraphrasing) and so I dropped the class
silenceaux: Legal text is a great of example of English that isn't English because it is so stridently trying to avoid different interpretations
TehAmelie: i think Tolstoy defined the novel "a longer piece of writing that there's something wrong with"
TacitusVigil: @jubale1 It's more a result of the current Russian intervention in Eastern Ukraine.
e_bloc: Cameron: Yes.
ricin: lindsay ellis just did a video essay on death of the author https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGn9x4-Y_7A
ArcOfTheConclave: @TacitusVigil on the wikipedia page right now.
r10pez10: i should read don quixote
silenceaux: I should read an adaptation of Don Quixote
jubale1: really, it's a political parting?
asddsa28: neater i think he is bord and never got a chance to be a kid
TacitusVigil: @ArcOfTheConclave Ah. Did I get that wrong?
r10pez10: i should probably read an abridged don quixote
bobAkirafett: the don coyote cartoons were some of my favorite
zerg539: @phorrestgaze yeah she is going overboard with the ex post facto world building just to generate buzz again
jubale1: Don Quixote is an interesting read.
ArcOfTheConclave: @TacitusVigil nope, your good.
r10pez10: cause it's like what, five volumes
TacitusVigil: Phew
silenceaux: (Look I got like 8 pages into Don Quixote and _nothing had happened_ and it was rambly as hell so I stopped)
meisbored: just got here, is "Ian burns a winker" code for something?
r10pez10: dictionaries _follow_ language
TehAmelie: these days people elect politicians on WAY more erroneous grounds than how good they look!
e_bloc: I've never heard it not pronounced 'quickzotic' and this blew my mind
TacitusVigil: I love the word quisling, because the ultimate insult is that his name doesn't even get capitalized in the pejorative. :D
kitthethird: Qwerpline! Quixotic Robotic...... something.... >.>
e_bloc: as someone who learned a lot of words by reading, my pronounciations are not always great
DoodlestheGreat: <message deleted>I pronounce it "jif." :tf:
jubale1: I feel the author intended Don to be seemingly insane but actually in many ways sane in ways society was lacking.
r10pez10: strewth
Biffus1337: coolwhip
Gekyouryuu: English isn't a language. it's three languages in a trenchcoat pretending, @LoadingReadyRun
Kramburger: That's why the GIF/JIF arguement is actually kinda dumb. It's an acronym, not a word, so you can pronounce whichever way you like
zerg539: English never met a Language it was above mugging for its best words
e_bloc: tbf you can pronounce anything you want any way you want
xantos69: I think that acknowledgement of "I do it to be a dick" says a lot about how it usually comes across.
Mysticman89: @sivakrytos well that'd depend on the prof I would imagine. some just wanna get back to their own reseach. The interesting stuff which I imagine isn't quite as cut and dry
ANeMzero: @kitthethird The Despotic Quixotic Robotic Probiotic?
AshBurnem: Um, I think you mean Frankenstein's novel. *pushes up glasses*
Rockario: It can be hard when you're in that middle-school time when people actually don't know that people pronounce things a certain way. Informing with the intent of education can look like (and enable) correcting for "sick burns" and put downs
e_bloc: really nailed it on the head for me, Cameron. . . I had a small group of friends growing up and learned a lot of words from reading but never spoke much so I didn't always know how to pronounce them
Biffus1337: but to be fair. english is so easy to learn if u compare it to other languages
kitthethird: @ANeMzero Yeah!!!!
r10pez10: it helps a lot
asddsa28: or like me others who are not good at it and are called dumb for it. I can understand thing just fine.
TehAmelie: look, i don't want to be that guy, but i think you mean Robocop's monster
r10pez10: solder is tin and lead
r10pez10: well, less lead now
e_bloc: very roman of you
Thewafflishone: also sometimes silver
SnackPak_: squeet!
silenceaux: Snin
Thewafflishone: if it's jewelry solder
Rockario: Soldiers are tin things that emit lead lrrBEEJ
e_bloc: "actually"
FITorion: isn't that the ore?
niccus: we've got names to 118 nowadays anyways
TehAmelie: tungsten is swedish. you could anglicize it and call it heavystone
freshmaker__: we should have a poll and pick the coolest sounding names.
DoodlestheGreat: It's canola now, not rapeseed.
silenceaux: Aurum & argentum are kinda fun imo
AlchemicalPanda: latin is dead... long live latin
AshBurnem: Argentum sounds so cool...
ArcOfTheConclave: argentum is a great word
r10pez10: "Hey, is that an atom of gold over there? Hey, you!"
TacitusVigil: I only recently learned that cilantro and coriander were related.
r10pez10: tonne-stone
SharkHero08: Oh, speaking of metals. The dining hall I work at has some chrome grills that have gotten scratched. There is a proposed pan to take some metal sand paper/buffer etc to them over spring break and I want to be apart of that
phorrestgaze: I have a heavystone d20
zachtacticgames: why we so far from the art lol i love to see there hand work its very cool
ANeMzero: Now we need to petition to have the website changed to "Heavy Stone Alpha"
sivakrytos: it only occurs to me now that the name argentina might be tied to rio de la plata
e_bloc: "Heavy Stone" . . . really narrowed it down there
niccus: lodestone's named after lodestar right
r10pez10: oh alchemy is just early chemistry
SajuukSjet: heavy stone... makes 'unobtanium' sound good :wink:
sivakrytos: no ian
AlchemicalPanda: I feel personally attacked
Lord_Hosk: dont drink mercury kids
e_bloc: my silver didn't get quick by itself
Gekyouryuu: Alchemy is Chemistry for Chuunibyous
silenceaux: Quicksilver: makes you faster?
p_johnston: what! no ian. nooooooo.
niccus: drinking mercury is probably not quite as risky as you might think but it's still not recommendable
e_bloc: you know, drink enough of anything and itll kill you
Biffus1337: captain hook!
TehAmelie: it doesn't take a lot of mercury to have it just fall through your insides
korvys: My favourite commentary on Australian english: https://i.imgur.com/zVSsdIj.png
niccus: it's a great laxative, just ask lewis & clark
isiah_jenner: it was a treatment for syphilis
Mysticman89: I'm reminded of that tale of some chem student who identified every chemical including extremely toxic ones by taste
Lord_Hosk: I suppose it depends on which variant of mercury you drink, but non are healthy to just drink.
e_bloc: party100 thank you for the stream friends
AlchemicalPanda: Inorganic mercury... much less bad than organo mercury compounds...
sivakrytos: do not lick plutonium either
r10pez10: "He had suffered ill-health for some years, but the precise cause of his death was not recorded."
freshmaker__: @korvys I wouldn't have it any other way.
ArcOfTheConclave: winker hype!
r10pez10: suspected diabetes
isiah_jenner: like chemotherapy with cancer, the Idea was that mercury killed the syphilis slightly faster than it killed you
Lord_Hosk: lrrGOAT
TehAmelie: oregano mercury, good for both seasoning and. . .whatever mercury is good for
e_bloc: I mean you can eat goat raw if you want
silenceaux: yogurt in curry: also good.
ANeMzero: I just made a curry and.. now I'm disappointed I didn't use goat.
Lord_Hosk: I have eaten goat Kabobs and in a pita
Jigokuro: No, 'gurt comes in cups and tubes.
ContingentCat: and a good cheese
Kramburger: Holy shit, Jeff Bridges just teased more Lebowski: https://twitter.com/TheJeffBridges/status/1088481555582996480
asddsa28: there is dear
Rockario: Goat comes either "in a curry" or "on a roof"
r10pez10: our home is goat by sea
e_bloc: my best friend had goats growing up and they ate goats however they wanted
wicker_knight: goat is pretty common in other middle eastern and central asian foods
Gekyouryuu: @Kramburger inb4 it's just some Super Bowl commercial
jubale1: there's a Lebowski sequel?
phorrestgaze: I've had a goat roast, goat meatballs, and smoked goat sandwiches. My professor had goats and he liked to share.
freshmaker__: Oh so that's why you never hear about lamb in America?
wicker_knight: well, that an lamb is called veal
Kramburger: @Gekyouryuu *lowers hand* ...godamnit
TacitusVigil: The geography made goat a more common staple meat in those parts of the world.
TehAmelie: Little Lebowski would be old enough to drive now i think
wicker_knight: no wait I'm wrong
ANeMzero: veal is baby cow
Rockario: I have seen lamb in stores. And veal is baby cow?
silenceaux: I thought veal was entrails specifically
wicker_knight: yeah veal is baby cow. sorry, brain fart
r10pez10: zeroesque
aquinas_0: lamb is available
aquinas_0: veal also
Juliamon: Lamb is pretty common in America
aquinas_0: mutton thats impossible to find in america
aquinas_0: but lamb
aquinas_0: all over
silenceaux: Or am I thinking of tripe
ANeMzero: Lamb is common, it's just not as cheap as it could/should be due to the lack of subsidies.
r10pez10: i think you're thinking of tripe
freshmaker__: oh ok.. I feel like I never hear about it.
Kramburger: In Aus there's a massive TV campaign every year to get people to barbeque lamb chops on Australia Day
zerg539: @aquinas_0 you can find Mutton in Northern Kentucky its their regional Barbecue specialty
xantos69: Lamb and Goat are easy to get in the US....but then again I live in Kansas where meat is plentiful and a major staple of the diet.
ANeMzero: like there is no reason cow should be cheaper than.. anything. Ever.
korvys: Mutton used to be more common when I was a kid in NZ, but now it's all lamb
silenceaux: r10pez10 I'll take your word for it. I don't have the stomach to google it just now.
TacitusVigil: @Kramburger Has it taken off, or is that the lamb industry trying to make fetch happen?
aquinas_0: @zerg539 I must travel to Kentucky now
freshmaker__: Oh lamb is big in Australia, yeah.
e_bloc: @xantos69 can agree in Maryland...neither is rare, although obviously not as common as beef or chicken
ApepiOfDuat: oh god, get Ian a heat gun before he burns his hands!
e_bloc: oh christ Ian
Lord_Hosk: I had it explained to me at the Alaska Zoo that the primary reason we dont have moose farms, even though most people say its a tastier meat to cow sheep or goat, is because when you put more than a handful of them in a pen together they start stomping each other.
Juliamon: I will admit I rarely see goat in New England, venison seems more common
Biffus1337: spider Ian!
r10pez10: hold an egg
CranstonSnord: unsubscribe burnfacts
Kramburger: @TacitusVigil Bit of both. Lamb IS pretty established here
TacitusVigil: Tinker, Tailor, Third Degree Burn, Cry
SnackPak_: Prof said to pee on burns
e_bloc: the best way to heal from burns is to not get burns
TacitusVigil: @Kramburger Makes sense. Lots of sheep in Australia and NZ, right?
silenceaux: That makes sense, you're just finding a suitable thermal sink
Mysticman89: I've heard putting ice on burns can be a bad thing
aquinas_0: god, thats it
Mysticman89: and there you go
aquinas_0: mailing LRR gloves
jubale1: ice is too much. freeze burn on hot burn.
SniperPumpkin: you want running tap water
Kramburger: @TacitusVigil *shifts uncomfortably* What are you implying?
Vampiricsloth: if i'm in the kitchenand get a burn i put mustard on it lol
kitthethird: Thanks for the stream boys!
niccus: oh, the ecdysis club is back
Jigokuro: rooKek
xantos69: cheer50 "We did a good show...Is that skin?"
korvys: lrrSPOOP
Jigokuro: lrrFINE
r10pez10: strong finish
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and on that bombshell
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for the stream Ian and Cam
e_bloc: smells like a good show to me
jubale1: lrrAWESOME !
TacitusVigil: @Kramburger ....that lamb is a more common meat there, presumably, than other meats?
zerg539: @Lord_Hosk that and you have to have very high very strong fences to keep them in same with American Elk. You can find some farmed Whitetail deer though
e_bloc: !Patreon
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Mysticman89: empty square as an emote bar. hum.
r10pez10: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: legs?
theonlyangelx: thank for strem!
Lord_Hosk: aquinas_0 someone already sent them a wide variety, they just dont use them
jubale1: oo, progress bar.
Kramburger: @TacitusVigil OH YES.... Yessss.
aquinas_0: @Lord_Hosk sending them more, with a strongly worded letter from my wife anyway :D
Lord_Hosk: LOL
aquinas_0: she got twitchy with that rotory cutter
kitthethird: Night chat! Night LRR!
jubale1: WasaBear
e_bloc: good night friends
Biffus1337: night guys! <3 really nice stream :)
e_bloc: the skin the skin the skin
e_bloc: bring back jojo playmats you cowards <3
jubale1: silence
e_bloc: Beej I will personally send you one american dollar if I can also buy a jojo playmat
AlchemicalPanda: Oh no kidding?
TacitusVigil: LRR's been talking about not selling our email *a lot* lately. Me thinks they doth protest too much. Kappa
e_bloc: thanks Ian, Cameron, Beej & Matt for everything
niccus: everything is fine
Kramburger: Airlines also place limits on alcohol carried across international borders
e_bloc: says Cameron, not an alcoholic
Mysticman89: beer is heavy water and seems inefficient to ship tbh.
TacitusVigil: Mmm, beer-marinated gummy bears...
Rhynerd: thanks for the stream!
Rhynerd: have a good one!
Biffus1337: gn8 sweeties
TacitusVigil: Thanks for the stream!
e_bloc: never not great LRRspeople, good night chat
ContingentCat: thanks for the stream lrrHEART