TehAmelie: so we probably just need to kick the crap out of the world for 1000 years to establish dominance and then they'll give us food
SAJewers: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Crapshoot (Join the crew for a live look in on the creation of a Crapshot) at Fri 01:00 PM PST (43s ago).
Twinklebees: We are one of the most populous countries in Europe.
PhoenixMelior: no wonder the medieval Europeans had such a hard time
RockPusher: !badadvice
LRRbot: Be ethically opposed to jumping.
red_shoes_jeff: Way ahead of you, LRRbot.
TXC2 Returns
Pteraspidomorphi: Look at the population density of England here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/217010276506009600/535125820226928640/eupopdensity.png
Foxmar320 slides into chat
Pteraspidomorphi: Pretty crazy
Twinklebees: Heh, I love that void of population near mid wales
TehAmelie: it's good business or something
cheetoJack: also how theres a line you can draw across Scotland where people were like "nope thats enough"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh I didn't know Ireland was Actually like that
TXC2: Twinklebees or the complete emptiness of northern Scotland
Pteraspidomorphi: It's a bit cold up there, though, right?
Pteraspidomorphi: How are the highlands for farming?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I sure as hell didn't know France was like that
Twinklebees: TXC2: Also true, but I happen to be from the former void.
TehAmelie: London alone is weird enough. like ten cities that just had so many people move there that they grew into each other
TXC2: well, the highlands are hills, so shit for farming
TXC2: Twinklebees fair enough
PhoenixMelior: you mean our wild magic sorcerer is actually Welsh?
Twinklebees: Did the name not give it away?
PhoenixMelior: I don't know how much you Englishman make fun of yourselves
TehAmelie: and now you can live in Spain and work in London cheaper than you can live there
PhoenixMelior: Englishman? Englishmen
TXC2: fun fact about Paris, it covers 2% of all French land, has 20% of all French people
PhoenixMelior: there's only one Englishman
cheetoJack: Not enough Ys to give it away lrrBEEJ
NojhLivic: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Crapshoot (Join the crew for a live look in on the creation of a Crapshot) at Fri 01:00 PM PST (5m ago).
LoadingReadyRun: We're, uh... waiting for a battery to charge.
Riandisa: No worries
TehAmelie: me, i live in the half of Sweden that has 10% of the population in it
KV1NN4: oh no, whoops. < XD
cheetoJack: Thrill as LRR waits for a battery to charge!
PhoenixMelior: that's okay, we can keep talking about Europe
PhoenixMelior: and how very dense it is
cheetoJack: Coming up next on the LoadingReadyRun Entertainment Network: Paint Drying! Followed by 10 hours of Grass Growing!
Roadhog123: I hate to break it to you, but a battery has no legs... I don't think it can charge anything. :/
TehAmelie: (Sweden is the size of France and has 1/4 of the population to begin with)
DarkMorford: Growing with Greg?
cheetoJack: DarkMorford Well it is Victoria, its probably "grass"
SAJewers: 🔋 lrrSLOTH ?
PhoenixMelior: cheetoJack that's true of ANYWHERE in Canada now
Jeezy56: time to watch the crapshot that went up recently then
PhoenixMelior: oh hey sup Jeezy
cheetoJack: Oh is every city in Canada just wall to wall dispensaries? Neat. I should visit.
PhoenixMelior: there's lots now, and it's also legal to grow (in some pronvinces, some are dragging their feet, and only below a certain threshold)
PhoenixMelior: *provinces
Jeezy56: hi
PhoenixMelior: o/
red_shoes_jeff: @cheetoJack well we liked the look of that London smog, but we just figured ours should serve a purpose.
Jeezy56: must be time for your bost thingy soon
Jeezy56: boat*
PhoenixMelior: yeah, though there's been so much drama in the last day or so
Jeezy56: uh-oh
RoeDent89: Evening campers!
PhoenixMelior: someone from Riot V was saying they were out
Foxmar320: Nice to see everything is on time
TXC2: hello RoeDent89 welcome
PhoenixMelior: but they were out MONTHS ago, so now we're trying to find out if anyone else isn't on
TXC2: Foxmar320 we're waiting on a battery to charge
Earthenone: @Foxmar320 they are charging a battery
TehAmelie: while we're on Europe's geography, here's a bridge in Turkey the Romans built https://66.media.tumblr.com/c4a0a794693ffbb7cf98333ef5c2b20b/tumblr_pahezr58Kt1r6b8aao1_540.jpg
Jeezy56: oh no, not Riot V! Oh the humanity! Kappa
Foxmar320: TXC2 good reason
PhoenixMelior: Jeezy56 yeah it's not BAD news
Jeezy56: well hopefully it's just them anyway
PhoenixMelior: but if ANOTHER band were to be out
Jeezy56: yeah
cheetoJack: Ok chat I have nothing to do tonight, other than dye my hair. Do I nap or not after work?
RockPusher: C'mon battery charger! You can do it! guyjudgePoml fugiWow guyjudgePomr
PhoenixMelior: are you tired?
Jeezy56: still a few spots left to be revealed as well
PhoenixMelior: yeah, LOTS in fact. It's weird and no one likes it
TXC2: Riot V, for when you have all 4 Rthym of the wilds out Kappa
Foxmar320: foxmarFIRE battery foxmarFIRE
TXC2: *rhythm
DarkMorford: No! Bad Foxmar! No battery fire!
Jeezy56: it took me a while, but I actually got a magic joke!
TXC2: Jeezy56 congratulations
PhoenixMelior: lrrHORN
control_rig: !card Battery
LRRbot: Found 6 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Twinklebees: lrrHORN
Foxmar320: :(
cheetoJack: I'm sort of on the fence of being tired or not
Twinklebees: I'm definitely on the tired side of the fence.
PhoenixMelior: then maybe don't nap
PhoenixMelior: just don't stay up until 3 am
Twinklebees: I might actually just go to bed
Twinklebees: It took me 3 atttempts to type that sentence
TXC2: oh I'm hour 17 of being awake, I'm SUPER tired :P
PhoenixMelior: it is getting late there
PhoenixMelior: okay go to bed Twinklebees
TXC2: *i'm in
Twinklebees: I also tend to start pretty early :P
Foxmar320: Ive going on very little sleep and have been to doctors appointments all day. Still have a RE2 stream after Crapshoot so no rest for me.
Jeezy56: sure wish I'd have known this beer I got was a fermented-in-the-bottle one before I poured it all out
PhoenixMelior: uhm
Jeezy56: reading the beer explains the beer
TehAmelie: well, just take care of your teeth so you don't get Alzheimer's
red_shoes_jeff: RE2, you say?
killing_thyme: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Crapshoot (Join the crew for a live look in on the creation of a Crapshot) at Fri 01:00 PM PST (14m ago).
TehAmelie: they're pretty sure now it's caused by the bacteria that eats gums spreading into the brain. good news huh
Dared00: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
PhoenixMelior: oh look
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Hugh_Munculus: lrrSIGNAL
Foxmar320: Yeah my chat decided I would be playing Claire for the remake. I don't even get to choose who I play first. lol
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
Jeezy56: lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: Batteries at power!
red_shoes_jeff: Turbines to speed!
cuttlefishman: oh hey
cuttlefishman: starting late
Foxmar320: Batteries at somewhat full power!
TehAmelie: throw the switch, Igor!
cuttlefishman: good timing on my part
Jeezy56: Beejs to Beej stations!
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: red_shoes_jeff yes! lrrAWESOME
LoadingReadyRun: Batteries not really at power, but we don't want to wait any more. We may be using a long extension cord lrrFRUMP
red_shoes_jeff: benginFingers
the__spanish__inquisition: oh good I'm not late due to RE2 after all
Earthenone: coed HYPE
cuttlefishman: So @LoadingReadyRun ... are you going to use... dis cord?
TehAmelie: what machine is it that runs on batteries? i guess one of the cameras
Riandisa: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
cuttlefishman puts on sunglasses
TXC2: ha I knew it! I knew the stream would start if I left to set the DVR :P
RockPusher: looooong looooooong cooooooooooooord
Foxmar320: Booooooo
TXC2: RockPusher yes, yes
Rhynerd: I’m on time?
kenkopin: katesAir
TXC2: indeed you are
Foxmar320: Always on time
TehAmelie: give me a fixed point and enough extension cords and i shall move the earth
LoadingReadyRun: The camera for the "shooting" part of the stream. sadly the camera can't be plugged in and charging a battery at the same time
TehAmelie: of course
TXC2: so at some point it might go all black for chat?
red_shoes_jeff: A stream is never late. Nor is it early. It begins precisely when it means to!
TehAmelie: should maybe have guessed that if i thought about how this is the Crapshoot
masta2505: cheer150 Ah, right on time!
control_rig: Very quiet beep-bloop
Foxmar320: Thats a problem for future LRR.
Earthenone: is the camera for the crap part of the stream all toped up?
Foxmar320: Current LRR has a long cord.
TXC2: Here we GO!
control_rig: Hello!
TehAmelie: hellö
offbeatwitch: GREET
TragicMtG: Hello all!
TXC2: Hello LRR
Foxmar320: Hello
ReynardWrecca: 'sup, lovely folks!?
jitterbeans: hi
CaptainSpam: Holy holy macaroons!
offbeatwitch: are we back to write/film/edit? or is it just the battery
Rhynerd: Yay, more writing!
SAJewers: it has, i remember you talking about it
RockPusher: are there aftermarket chargers that don't have that limitation?
PhoenixMelior: ooh
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cuttlefishman: Edgar Wright Film?
TXC2: ooh going old school
Foxmar320: Watch the battery foxmarFIRE
Rhynerd: Would it be wrong for me to thank the battery for this?
RockPusher: Whale Dong Beej lrrBEEJ
offbeatwitch: ahh, beej
TXC2: Big mood Beej
offbeatwitch: we've all been there
offbeatwitch: I woke up at
Invitare: some... body?
offbeatwitch: 4pm?
ReynardWrecca: Dale Wong Beej?
offbeatwitch: 4pm ish
SAJewers: someone get beej a coffee
timiam: 5 a week now!
TehAmelie: ah, the tarp budget meeting
Pterodactal: is the shot off-centre? There's a whole lot of space next to Beej and not next to Cam
Foxmar320: Thats fair. I already had no idea how you did so many.
e_bloc: just live stream the moonbase as one continuous crapshot
Pteraspidomorphi: The remote crapshoot was interesting
SAJewers: you want more location shots
Nightvalien28: fair point, we need more krog
Dared00: Hey, you'll finally be able to rent that courthouse Kappa
TXC2: ^
cuttlefishman: Why rent the courthouse?
r_craddz: has the sound and video messed up for anyone else??
cuttlefishman: Do the BC Legislature
Pterodactal: @Pteraspidomorphi They did one once
Earthenone: some sort of weekly small video? perhaps on a monday?
cheetoJack: I have no idea how you guys manage to make so much content. Less, presumably higher quality content is good.
TXC2: r_craddz it's fine here, try refreshing ?
PhoenixMelior: yes, time to rent the courthouse
red_shoes_jeff: @r_craddz fine here
RockPusher: allowing for being able to do things like The Home Show again
Foxmar320: Yeah that totally scans. You want to improve what you are able to do.
timiam: Will the Crap Shoot be going away or sharing it's slot with other content?
r_craddz: just thought Id check b4 refresh as wasnt wanting to see Grand Tour ad again ;)
RoeDent89: Graham has hair!
Dared00: :(
Kramburger: F
TragicMtG: F
red_shoes_jeff: F
control_rig: :(
Dared00: F
Lord_Hosk: I thought you looked so dark because of the darkness in your souls was sucking in the light from the room MMMUUUUHAHAHAHAHA
Foxmar320: I understand :(
NojhLivic: Well I'm sad but I understand.
control_rig: We understand. We're sad, but it totally makes sense.
KV1NN4: Sad but also understand
monsieur_squirrel: F
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ahhh ok
Rhynerd: A tragedy but a needed sacrifice.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah
TXC2: wow, yeah that sounds like a problem :P
ReynardWrecca: Wait, my laptop froze - what's a tragedy? What's the understandable sad thing? Why are we F-ing?!
red_shoes_jeff: So, kinda like this, but no cameras.
Dared00: @ReynardWrecca Crapshoot is over
TXC2: ReynardWrecca the Crapshoot is going away
SydPreviouslyHeadache: going away in favor of having actual writing meetings
EJGRgunner: Do you do production meetings?
RockPusher: time to hone the comedy sharpness
masta2505: This is the end of LRR!!!!! :(
ReynardWrecca: Ohhh...poop. This is such a lovely thing to watch. Are Crapshots themselves stickin' around?
EJGRgunner: And what about the pre lrl meeting?
Dared00: @ReynardWrecca one per week
red_shoes_jeff: The hell we can't!
e_bloc: oh but I can Kathleen.
Foxmar320: Crapshots are sticking around. Just fewer.
r10pez10: i mean ... we would
TXC2: ReynardWrecca yeap, but they're gonna be one a week starting in Feb
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, starting some time in February they said they'll be going down to one a week?
ReynardWrecca: Thanks @Dared00 and @TXC2 :)
RoeDent89: But hopefully more variety in them re. locations and stuff.
PhoenixMelior: so I had a call, could someone summarise the slight tweak to crapshots?
Earthenone: @PhoenixMelior no more crapshoot stream, only 1 shot a week
TXC2: PhoenixMelior no more crapshoots, crapshots are one a week starting Feb
Rhynerd: Honestly, one large tangent about a single crapshot idea could be a good crapshoot writing session with the right idea. Like the RPG setting discussion.
r10pez10: crapshoot time being more efficiently used as writing meetings
PhoenixMelior: F, but I'm down for the higher quality ones
offbeatwitch: need a seperate MAGICSHOT :P
RoeDent89: Crapshoot 420
red_shoes_jeff: @LoadingReadyRun Might I suggest a series of Friday Night Lites?
timiam: Perhaps talking at the super market
e_bloc: but have you considered three people talking at the office
MercurialVox: it's the Steve of Crapshots. Two people talking is fine, only ever two people talking is a problem.
RoeDent89: Take it out Feed Dump style and make this episode 420.
cuttlefishman: Are we going to get... experimental?
cuttlefishman: like... art house?
Karfsma778: So I got a big upgrade to my pipes, am able to watch this in 1080p now, rather than struggling to get 480 sometimes
r10pez10: experimeta
TheMetalupis: so instead of a Crapshoot it will be more of a Bull Session
TXC2: !findbutts
LRRbot: Above you?!
e_bloc: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Foxmar320: slow down everyone. Three people is a big step
PhoenixMelior: the only thing I'm sad for there is not seeing how the sausage is made. The Loading Time that featured The Home Show Crapshot was my absolute favourite
ThatMoGuy: Be honest, you just didn't want to shoot a new crapshoot intro.
SAJewers: or what about a 1 person talking crapshot? lrrBEEJ
red_shoes_jeff: Take it, with my blessing. Do with it as you will.
masta2505: Well, just bring back Sketches :)
Foxmar320: lrrWOW
timiam: Do continue, Cam
TXC2: all one of those jokes
Lord_Hosk: Have you thrown the crapshot follow up I put in the slack into your crapshot doc?
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Karfsma778: All of those one jokes
offbeatwitch: cam's into that
e_bloc: well I'm here for that lrrWOW
cheetoJack: Can we do a crapshot about how the internet generally doesn't take change very well?
Gen2Gengar: So for now, nothing replaces the Crapshoot in that time slot, right?
tyrew0rm: so will there be a stream taking over the slot, or will it just be two streams on fridays?
RockPusher: A re-imagined Sick-Rips
Nightvalien28: Cameron is R rated
TehAmelie: Loadingreadyrun Andromeda: exploring a whole new galaxy of jokes
TXC2: I dont know, Mothership just had a BDSM Lesbians Story :P
Kramburger: Got a script for you if you're interested: https://pastebin.com/v0BeRAQC
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: "Wizards of the Coast.../After Dark/"
r10pez10: speaking of magic crapshots, did you see the CK azorious vid
timiam: Is this the new time slot for One More?
cuttlefishman: I feel like one would get really backed up with one crap shot a week
cuttlefishman: some serious blockage
NojhLivic: I do miss long form sketches.
KV1NN4: Additional Let's Nope! :B
ThorSokar: Adam's Gamehouse part II
EJGRgunner: Crapshoot germ: Graham zealously defends the last square foot of the moonbase that has never been filmed from Heather, who is filming behind-the-scenes footage.
RoeDent89: I'm not you, but it seems like you do *a lot* of streams, with only so many hours in a day.
TehAmelie: the salami spawn zone
red_shoes_jeff: In the meantime, you can just bring someone in to jangle keys in front of a camera, and we'll be happy.
NojhLivic: I still think you should do some retro streams where you show random old content, not necessarily even hosted.
offbeatwitch: ding!
Lucaan: I'm beeping, but I doubt you could hear that.
Lucaan: eogOh
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: "Magic the Gathering, the Bigger, More Magical Box"
RoeDent89: LRL flybys.
Gen2Gengar: I'm kinda bummed, because The Crapshoot was one of the streams I could catch because it wasn't at 3 am in my time zone
Fruan: Behind the door in the toilet?
ThePerrBearr: somewhere on the ceiling
timiam: They've done Craphsots in the bathroom, Cam
Foxmar320: I have an idea for a replacement stream. Its a running joke that will never happen. :P
r10pez10: adam's trailer
TXC2: We've seen BOTH Toilets
kenkopin: Maybe on the moving in vids?
red_shoes_jeff: @timiam How appropriate.
e_bloc: and we've seen more than one person on a toilet
Nightvalien28: behind the toilet?
Lord_Hosk: What about Studio F
Invitare: the corner of the... hardware? room that's adjacent to the studio
r10pez10: most of the ... ceiling
Lucaan: Under the couches
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: In the drop ceiling?
masta2505: Drill a hole in the woodchip wall and film whats between ;) (A lost script for sketches)
kenkopin: Bees
Rhynerd: Have you filmed under the prop room bed?
r10pez10: beeeeeeees
SAJewers: i think the only thing left is outside the front door, and i understand why you haven't (and probably won't)
PhoenixMelior: you have not (and don't) filmed the OUTSIDE Kappa
Lord_Hosk: What about the secret bunk room where the Paul clones 'live' if you can call that living
Stoffern: What about the other toilet?
e_bloc: Ben has never been the same
offbeatwitch: rip beb
offbeatwitch: GoatPro:tm:
ReynardWrecca: Inside Cam's mouth, looking out.
Fruan: You should make the sound of Ben being hit by a GoPro your text sound
ThorSokar: people thought it was a foley noise, nope, that's Ben's head
r10pez10: i really loved the stinger on that one
Foxmar320: Did you ever clear out the room for the Florida mods to move too?
PhoenixMelior: I can't believe you hit Matt with that pan
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: "Had"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: *had*
cuttlefishman: What colour paint was that?
TXC2: Neb :D
Dared00: Waben
Lucien0451: Sounds like good changes overall, regular writing meetings sounds awesome for you. Getting to sit in on the Crapshoot writing sessions have been a blast though!
DoodlestheGreat: Ben's Evil Twin.
NarishmaReborn: I knew a Ben that went by Neb
PhoenixMelior: because Matt is the best friend of all time
justwhatever_idk: Benjamin and Nimajneb
Nocxia: "just a little concussed"
red_shoes_jeff: Sounds like a TomH revival. Things On My Head... At Speed.
EJGRgunner: I just want an impassioned Graham speech about how this one square foot is OURS dammit! The one thing, the ONE THING that you refuse to monetize.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Xenb
TheWooglie: and you wonder why he moved?
TehAmelie: wait, you did it on PURPOSE?
Aarek: lrrFRUMP
r10pez10: lrrFRUMP
adi_pie: Don't worry, he can't remember it either.
PhoenixMelior: pardon me, a pot lid
RafaBrands: You hit James with the boxes
rustenskurk: "This was season 1" "Oh okay"
PhoenixMelior: I can't believe you hit Matt with A POT LID
TXC2: Season 1: the Dark times
r10pez10: poor wiggins
TwitchTVsFrank: is this video of hitting matt online?
Foxmar320: Sure you don't remember Kappa
PhoenixMelior: I'll try to find it
Foxmar320: It should be
TheWooglie: It wasn't Graham's intention to miss
TXC2: almost certainly not
Foxmar320: Season 4 actually
PhoenixMelior: I found it https://youtu.be/wfglH-MLyRE
offbeatwitch: the rumble is on youtube
Invitare: is that why he lives in Vancover now?
Darksteel_Mike: Yes! First timw catching you guys live :D
Dared00: Season 3 Finale
RafaBrands: The first rumble is good
cuttlefishman: Do we have a .gif of matt getting hit by the potlid?
RockPusher: It turns out that "Safety Third!" is a marked improvement over previous LRR safety policies lrrBEEJ
r10pez10: also send him like, photos of golden retrievers
Lord_Hosk: the way we sold it was "we will miss you intentionally" the way we intended it was... "throw it at his head as hard as you can and get it all on film"
Gnyrinn: "I can't be expected to remember what intend I had each time I threw cold steel at the head of my friends, your honour"
Dared00: Timestamp?
Foxmar320: LOL
control_rig: HAHAHAH
PhoenixMelior: what is the timestamp?
Nightvalien28: jesus
TXC2: lrrWOW
justwhatever_idk: legend of zelda Dent Temple
Foxmar320: That came across SO WELL
control_rig: That noise
RockPusher: *bowwwwwww*
r10pez10: effing visceral
Karfsma778: py-yyyng
control_rig: Ptang
PhoenixMelior: wow I forgot how great that bideo was
PhoenixMelior: *video
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TehAmelie: plonng
offbeatwitch: DONK
red_shoes_jeff: PAANG
Foxmar320: The first rumble is a great video
cuttlefishman: what is this video
cuttlefishman: sounds amazing
Lord_Hosk: Search Cat hits french restaurant door.
r10pez10: hahahaha
PhoenixMelior: oh that's so good
ecocd: Quality content
adi_pie: I'm dying
Nightvalien28: the poor cat
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: "Let's watch Youtube" is my favorite podcast!
Foxmar320: omg that cat
PhoenixMelior: so what are we writing today?
NimrodXIV: oh that poor cat
control_rig: That got such a snort laugh out of me. Ow my throat
Darksteel_Mike: Cats are so graceful.
Zhedor: I'll miss this :(
MercurialVox: Can this go on a Sweded Sketch shortlist for a Live segment?
TehAmelie: wok wok
cuttlefishman: I thought you used up the door budget
Foxmar320: LRR still needs those brain cells
r10pez10: cheer144 here for visceral sound effects
Azralorne: I came to chat late can someone relink the vid?
ecocd: @cuttlefishman There was some extra money leftover from the tarp budget.
Foxmar320: It looked amazing G.
Gen2Gengar: Which one?
Azralorne: thanks!
RafaBrands: The "Doctors Hate Her" special effect when someone tosses Missy the apple is very good also
RobotHitchhiker: Matt thunked: https://youtu.be/wfglH-MLyRE?t=9m4s
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r10pez10: there was missy getting "hit" by an apple
r10pez10: yeah
ritchards: that shot is REALLY well done!
timiam: Ben is secretly a pole, got it.
CataclysmicReverb: "Composite"
glitched_goddess: I didn’t know Ben was polish Kappa
TehAmelie: Doctors Hate Her was so good. but i had to be saddled with the one friend in the world who's never seen those ads
Fruan: There is a loading time that shows the apple special effect in detail
PhoenixMelior: Ben died so that LRR could live
RafaBrands: That Loading Time is very cool
NarishmaReborn: we need another TImmy!
adi_pie: Get in the paint can, Nebby.
Laserbeaks_Fury: We're going to need another Timmy!
Karfsma778: Need another Idaho
Darksteel_Mike: Unexpected Dune
TXC2: anyway, writing
MalBeam: so, earlier today there was a reddit threat about euphemisms for masturbation and "man handle your ham candle" was the second most upvoted
Lord_Hosk: We killed ben ulmer, and now we have been Hulmer
Nightvalien28: have ben do it
Foxmar320: omg yes
N2Osferatu: BUt someone else has to be the door
TXC2: MalBeam nice
NarishmaReborn: Int. An Actual Moonbase
TehAmelie: Martin Freeman is not the only one who can summon the willpower to run headfirst into a wall
Pterodactal: BY ME
jadedcynic: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 25:00.
MalBeam: it it
MalBeam: *is
Rhynerd: Would the punchline be “are we bad people?”
red_shoes_jeff: Come see the violence inherent in the system!
MostCallMe__Tim: Crapshot depiction of nThe Yearly Company Meeting (tm)
Foxmar320: Probably?!
timiam: Is a writing meeting crapshot too on the nose?
TXC2: "what have you got they timmy?" "A KNIFE!" "NOOOOOO!"
ThorSokar: go BWA is amazing
CrazymattCaptain: end with one of the fav viral videos being one of your own and not the nunchucks
TheArchitectX: The ad executives trying to sell Christmas tat for Valentines?
jadedcynic: @Rhynerd yeah...sounds right
TXC2: *thre
offbeatwitch: my favourite viral video is Scott Bradford
r10pez10: turning, turning, turning
TehAmelie: "Charlie ate my finger"
jadedcynic: Oh YEAH! I know that one...
Foxmar320: oh I think ive seen this
PhoenixMelior: oh I've seen that one
Zanaide: It's a parents prerogative to laugh at their children provided they're not injured.
TheMetalupis: talking about viral videos that are videos of actual viruses
red_shoes_jeff: My favourite video is that guy on the skateboard who gets blasted in the nards with nunchuks.
TXC2: ^
PhoenixMelior: not true, isn't Papers Please more popular now?
Darksteel_Mike: Went to seafood disco, pulled a mussel?
jadedcynic: I slipped on the dance floor, and bruised my tailbone
kitsunestudios: Person comes in injured, but everyone has seen the viral video before they can explain how they hurt themselves
orellien2773: Maybe, Phoenix, but Papers Please wasn't on Leno >_>
cheetoJack: "My favorite viral video is the one where I got hit in the balls with nunchucks"
Pterodactal: Fell over while dancing in a Angler Fish Kigarumi?
Miniogre: Tow people talking where the original moonbase was, then realizing they must be in the wrong era, then proceeding to go and talk in each moonbase's location in chronological order before realizing they arent in the correct time sync yet. Then ending with them at the current moonbase.
MostCallMe__Tim: OH I had a crapshot idea, can I send?
TehAmelie: Tom Jones once managed to knee himself in the face when doing ""Not Unusual". maybe it's time for a homage
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beowuuf: nunchuck video was on jay leno so most widely seen, despite lesser views :)
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Lord_Hosk: AlexanderDitto has written some of LRRs best videos
timiam: A three-person entry in the sub-series of people listing categories
ThorSokar: I believe the word your're looking for is Coccyx
timiam: maybe about viral videos
kenkopin: We haven't even started really and I already have like 5 tabs open. :)
jakale: they did yeah
jadedcynic: AND while it was staged...it wasn't *painless*
Aarek: the hitting James with a box crapshot hit the top of reddit
Foxmar320: The video of Graham nailing his balls just keeps showing up in video compilations all the time
rustenskurk: By twitch is getting weird audio glitches and desyncs.
rustenskurk: My*
InquisitorJL: I love how the comments are that video are people arguing if it's fake or not
TXC2: the matches are Fake, the pain is real
ThorSokar: the DB camera glitch video is more viewed than Papers Please, but it's not viewable anymore, stupid copywrite claims :-(
kenkopin: Conversation: Who's had the most injuries filming stuff...
MalBeam: could we do a video of actual nunchuk jousting, cause it sounds awesome
PhoenixMelior: James falling in Breath of the Wild also got big
jadedcynic: oh wait "The Delivery" got there? COOL!
cuttlefishman: what if Beej
cuttlefishman: was Buster Keaton
TheWooglie: Temple of the Lava bears Ep 1 has a surprising number of views
orellien2773: https://youtu.be/zOanWjRMfLs?t=314 for the video's appearance on Colbert :D
NojhLivic: Oh that was great.
Dared00: It was on Kotaku
Foxmar320: What could be the most over the top video of someone hurting themselves. Crapshot?
aedriel91: when is friday night paper fight up?
PhoenixMelior: he did eventually fall off the world, but it wasn't a glitch
NojhLivic: He fell off a tower, and then bounced into a chasm
Laserbeaks_Fury: He fell off a tower, and then off the cliff it was on
Foxmar320: James was climbing a Tower and ran out of stamina
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page. https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/events
HavenJunde: he fell off the Great Plateau
MrSVCD: @LoadingReadyRun When I was shoveling crap (I work at a stable), what about a chrapshot where two people look at leavings and talk about it until HorseHeadMan comes running and yells at them to get out of his bathroom.
EvilBadman: James fell so far in game that it took multiple hearts and faeries, then killed him.
WokenClick: oh god that video
Foxmar320: I got all the shrines and still have no idea how people do that stuff
ThorSokar: I'll put it (the camera glitch video) back up on the VST site at some point Graham, 'tis on my to-do list
TXC2: the tutorial
r10pez10: oh yeah 15 hours in and skipped the tutorial one
Nightvalien28: she missed the entire tutorial
Foxmar320: A lot of the early ones are easy to miss and explain how to do the later ones lol
r10pez10: never disable Tip of the Day
BtEtta: It's the kinda thing that's real easy to miss when streaming.
EvilBadman: That wasn't "the tutorial" that shrine is near Kakariko Village, which the game points you too AFTER THE TUTORIAL zone.
BtEtta: People play differently when they have an audience to consider.
TXC2: "decks countain 20 to 27 lands"
TheWooglie: just before you keep the 2 lander
red_shoes_jeff: You know you're screwing up HARD when the game stops halfway through to say "HEY. Learn to DUCK."
r10pez10: "Press Z to undo" "WHAT"
Foxmar320: wow
jadedcynic: Dear Rockstar - stop giving players tutorials for minigames/game-mechanics halfway through the story and AFTER you've made the player do these things due to story?!?
Lord_Hosk: I Know I kept a 1 lander... but come on it was a mull to 5
Foxmar320: AC Origins was so good
dusk_yagami: WoW doesn't seem to take it's tips seriously anymore for a looooong time. "If you have trouble killing an enemy, try lowering it's health to zero while keeping yours above zero. Works everytime!"
RafaBrands: Fighting with your MTGA avatar sounds like a good crapshot series
Anaerin: "Will this be in the final exam?"
glitched_goddess: On WoW’s loading screen tip, I recently saw one that said I need to smile more
Miniogre: "Game hints" that have nothing to do with the current game you're playing
Lithobraker: Lord_Hosk are you even supposed to mull on those?
MostCallMe__Tim: Crapshot idea WZRD chat talking about their inclusivity across many realms of the multiverse, employing people from all over, then introduce new excange intern from the mortal realm, Derek ~honk~
Karfsma778: The_Solar_Heretic has logged on
Rhynerd: That sounds like a Warhammer 40k history bit.
beowuuf: Maybe a crapshot of comparing the high views? Graham: remember that viral video where I wanged myself with nunchucks? Seen nationally! james: Yeah, remember when I topped reddit for being hit in the face with a box? Graham: Man, wish we could recreate that somehow... Both turn hungrily to Cameron, and whip blunt instruments out of nowhere. Cameron: Fu- ~honk.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Dark Sun campaign
Foxmar320: yessssss
Fruan: So... Exalted?
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TXC2: the Solar Heretic is SUPER Metal
MostCallMe__Tim: could be done pure VO
jadedcynic: The Solar Heretics is the name of my death metal band
NojhLivic: Solar Heretics? Exalted?
phorrestgaze: look at me, I'm the god now.
Foxmar320: Super poorly
WokenClick: Fun fact, my DnD Light cleric is named Aken after Akenaten
TehAmelie: i actually declared myself owner of the sun back in. . .i think 2006
offbeatwitch: I was reading last night about an old story about someone who got caught in the void at a company and ended up as a manager with no-one to manage, no boss and no actual job description, and he stayed at this company for at LEAST 2 years, possible way more, getting paid for doing nothing
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Darksteel_Mike: Real life loading time tips? Driving to work and somehow being informed "Avoid Kathleen before she's had coffee"
Anaerin: While playing AssCreed Oddysey - "Hint: Pressing Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A and Start during the intro to Contra will get you 30 lives!"
ecocd: Crapshot featuring a Solar Panel Installation team. They've encountered... a problem.
TXC2: is the Brief Period of Monotheism in Acient Egypt?
phorrestgaze: That'd almost make him the worst leader in North america!
Foxmar320: lol G
r10pez10: but I'm Spartacus
TXC2: I LOVE Bill Bailey's take on Art of Doubing Tomas
TXC2: *doubting
Lord_Hosk: "Im the sun god, and the capital is over here now... build it" and everyone was like "ok... lets do this... for a few years he is gonna die soon, but he also runs the army, and they have all the spears"
Anaerin: We've got a huge table for everyone, but you can only sit on one side.
beowuuf: I mean I've heard the compelling song "Heaven opn their minds" from jesus shrist superstar, and i think judas has a point...
Lord_Hosk: and they he died and everyone said "lets act like that NEVER EVER HAPPENED"
jadedcynic: @r10pez10 No, *I'm" Spartacus and so's my wife!
BlueMechanic: To be fair to Judas, Jesus did go through a phase of having women pour oil over his feet and wiping it off with their hair
Karfsma778: oooh apochrypha
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ecocd: The solar installation went fine. The problem is that it's working... too well. *video of the sun shrinking in the sky*
Foxmar320: welp
Laserbeaks_Fury: Arnold Judas Rimmer
phorrestgaze: pls stop the heresy
jadedcynic: um...
ThorSokar: hah!
Darksteel_Mike: Needs more heresy
red_shoes_jeff: Uh, whoops.
Aurelius101: Well that's a hell of a phrase to walk in on, Cameron.
NojhLivic: Oh was this this bread jesus?
Lucaan: "Do we need another Noah's Ark situation?"
ritchards: thing is... that is a valid criticism
jadedcynic: why was there no adult oversight on that?
RockPusher: lrrDARK
Jon_in_Wherever: And then Douglas Adams catches God in a logical conundrum in Hitchhikers Guide...
ecocd: I pretty much got kicked out for pointing out logical fallilacies in Sunday School as a kid. I was kind of a dick.
Anaerin: If God was all-powerful, omniscentient and omnipotent, how could Adam and Eve hide from him in the Garden of Eden
red_shoes_jeff: "You're not special, Bart!"
phorrestgaze: #judasdidnothingworong
jakale: the "god planned for all the people he punished to do the thing they get punished for"
Lithobraker: So it's Judas being twitter egg avatar debate me!
Zhedor: @Anaerin to be fair, they weren't successful at it :D
RonnyConcrete: Saint Olaf of Norway is an actual canonical Catholic Saint, and he's known for going around in Norway going "Become Christian or get decapitated". We have a museum about him close to where I live
Anaerin: Judas, the ultimate Sealion.
Nightvalien28: so judas wanted to debate while jesus carried the cross, sounds abour right
Aurelius101: Speaking of saints, would you guys be interested in a "Hagiography Today" trivia segment for LRL? I'm in the middle of putting one together.
red_shoes_jeff: "JUDE. Do I not look busy, here?"
NarishmaReborn: Heresy crapshots sound fun
beowuuf: god: the real roko's basilisk
Foxmar320: So Crapshot on heresy
Karfsma778: HERESY
tknworld: any plans on playing resident evil 2 remake?
kenkopin: Bunch of theater kids in the desert
TehAmelie: if we want to tackle the tough questions, where did the ladies that Adam and Eve's children married come from?
PhoenixMelior: three people in the moonbase, one of them is Beej
CrazymattCaptain: viral videos
jakale: that's pretty much the only one I've seen, that and a little bit of one on tv where they had biker jackets
Foxmar320: IRL loading screen tips could be fun
glitched_goddess: COPT to that Kappa
TheElrad: Cam as a commissar blams other people for heresy?
TXC2: "did you know you can breathe?!"
ContingentCat: like clippy?
kenkopin: Way too specific to the player game tips. Like Dating advice.
TehAmelie: "if you brush your teeth you may not get Alzheimer's"
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Get Gud, BABY
PhoenixMelior: did you know, the extra bit at the end of the chopsticks is supposed to be a stand?
jadedcynic: oh YES, PAUIL!
Foxmar320: Tool tip explaining how a toilet works
beowuuf: press "E" to say "mama"
jakale: clippy for real life
ecocd: lol. Okay, Paul's joke makes it funny.
red_shoes_jeff: No WONDER my knees hurt!
glitched_goddess: And then the next one involves like cryptids or something
Kerrisis: The RL tooltip about being able to save your game...
Anaerin: Crapshot idea: Crapshot starts off normally, with closed captions, but part way through one of the captions is wrong, and the person speaking stops and "Picks up"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Someone Half A-pressing
Karfsma778: This is the tutorial, dave
Anaerin: the caption to correct it.
jadedcynic: @red_shoes_jeff "Well this means I can spend less on pants...but I'm gonna spend more on shoes..."
Foxmar320: Who gets to be the crawling person?
Lucenix: Heeeeeello, good mornaftring to y'all
Anaerin: Crapshot idea: Crapshot starts off normally, with closed captions, but part way through one of the captions is wrong, and the person speaking stops and "Picks up" the caption to correct it.
ContingentCat: this is what you get for skipping the totorial
MalBeam: "it was in the preschool section" "I was homeschooled"
TXC2: hello Lucenix welcome
TXC2: MalBeam too real
timiam: Kathleen a la Janet from the Good Place
ecocd: Chat has a few good jokes to end it this time.
Laserbeaks_Fury: A newscast
Lucaan: maybe like the voice of god type thing?
ThorSokar: How about a: Phone message that gets sent to everyone alive
Miniogre: "Why is there tip screens popping up for RDR2? I'm playing Fortnite?!" *another tip screen pops up saying "We just felt you needed more help with it...your Fortnite play is hopeless"*
red_shoes_jeff: @jadedcynic "... Pants are cheaper." *crawls away*
Rockario: The first person can just read it out loud
KV1NN4: It could be a narrated overlay?
StageMgrRob: How about "Hey, [insert name] what's new?"
kitsunestudios: Speed-run life, half-a press, end on a tombstone muffled *new pb!* from below.
Azralorne: Google home/Alexa?
Foxmar320: That might be just making more work?
Kerrisis: Works better as a conversation than a RL popup.
jakale: "I was out being a a stick bug for a few months on Reincarnation, I forgot the controls for people"
y0_jimb0_: Hi all, sorry if this has already been asked a million times, but I literally just finished watching the youtube update video. Is this the last crapshoot>
tknworld: it's on a quest board.
Pterodactal: as a video on the friendzone TV?
Alness49: The game pauses for the tip, and the player is like "what? why did everyone stop?"
ContingentCat: or rather than asking something like "here's today's tip .."and the person's trying to swipe it away but then hear something unexpected
TehAmelie: Janet has literally all knowledge in the universe. Kathleen doesn't have to act. . .
Aarek: open a piece of mail?
beowuuf: I think the tool tips on screen to us but everyone sees them obeys some sort of weird watcher logic and would be fine
Robot_Bones: like one of those word of the day calendars but Tips
Gen2Gengar: y0_jimb0_ Yes
jadedcynic: nice idea, paul
KV1NN4: Elevator "Loading Screen" with tips?
WokenClick: do you have a xylophone effect to mimic the school announcement noise?
Foxmar320: Now all I can think about is Destiny 1 Tower announcements
thirsty_kitteh: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 41:16.
jadedcynic: voiceover while riding an elevator - cam
y0_jimb0_: @Gen2Gengar thanks
PhoenixMelior: !advice
LRRbot: Racism, stop it!
FreaQU: Couldn't it just be someone telling a third person: Have you seen this stupid bit of advice?
PhoenixMelior: I mean, yes LRRbot, but that's not what I was hoping for
jadedcynic: wait. we'd need an elevator
ecocd: Waiting in an elevator?
ContingentCat: or while waiting for the coffee
FeaturingMe: !betteradvice
Foxmar320: Could always go Resident Evil door loading screen
TehAmelie: evergreen advice
Darksteel_Mike: Resudent evil camera angle changes of the moonbase?
TXC2: !findquote advice
LRRbot: Quote #2257: "That movie may have been Naked Gun, which is probably not the best movie to go to for combat advice." —Paul [2016-04-04]
movienationyt: I am hoping to see cam talk about his paints for the min model and he acting like bob ross and james is watching it on tv and getting confused
Laserbeaks_Fury: you can use the LRR logo as a loading icon
N2Osferatu: Elevator, Mass Effect style
Laserbeaks_Fury: like dot...dot...dot
Anaerin: A shot of a person against a void, slowly turning a'la Skyrim or Fallout.
Rhynerd: Would having one of them eye the tip during the bobbing be a funny little detail?
EvilBadman: do you still have the free-standing door?
ecocd: Waiting at a bus stop on one of those advertising screens?
masta2505: Elevator or just opening a door
Aarek: I like making coffee
Miniogre: try using the RE cutaway of a black screen and a door opening?\
TXC2: go Meta, and give a tool tip to watching a youtube video?
ContingentCat: making coffee, or boiling water would work
Pterodactal: as a video on the friendzone TV?
Foxmar320: Good place for it
Foxmar320: :D
RockPusher: lrrBEEJ
Noy2222: Real fake doors
WowoT: what we playing on paper fight tonight? anyone know?
MostCallMe__Tim: Can we do a pure VO crapshot using secondary characters in Nsburg? A QWRPshot, if you will?
PhoenixMelior: !quote Beej
LRRbot: Quote #1731: "I have never really made anyone completely happy" —Beej [2016-02-08]
offbeatwitch: ahh, would've helped to still be in moonbase delta
Shawn5961: Jumpscare!
Iciilix: what if it was one person performing some sort of real life miracle, with person 2 being "how did you do that?" "oh, I finally bothered to read the loading screen tips"
Darth_Fishious: Waiting for a coffee machine or something in the microwave to finish?
Amentur: Getting into a car and exiting at the moonbase?
Foxmar320: RE door loading with tool tips
CrazymattCaptain: has loading time seen behind the door in the prop room?
ThorSokar: OH! we haven't seen behind the door in the prop room
StageMgrRob: How about "Hey, Graham, want to hear a neat life hack?"
ContingentCat: Have you since then?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Co-woker 1: have you been to mandatory training this month? Co-worker 2: yeah and all they tought me was that I was able to walk by shifitng my center of gravity.. I mean I'm and ADULT. I'm 33! Co-woker 3 (off screen): Wait what?
jakale: no more heroes has save spot in the bathroom, if you want to make it a save screen tip instead of loading
Vampiricsloth: i liked the crapshot that went live today <3 poor beej
PhoenixMelior: wow that got real and I love it
ecocd: The only place I'm awkwardly forced to look at a screen is in an elevator or on an airplane.
hippitybobbity: OOF
Lucaan: Have someone go through a door, cut to a loading screen, cut back. Then have someone crawl through the same door and say "What?" on the other side.
Anaerin: For the "Loading screen" A shot of a person, or an object, against a void, slowly turning a'la Skyrim or Fallout 3/NV/4.
Rhynerd: Huh, Beej realised this on my Dad’s birthday.
FeaturingMe: Beej beats the average
tknworld: looking at a quest board for you daily assignment
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHEART lrrDARK lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
PhoenixMelior: MostCallMe__Tim QWERPline is getting animated now, so that doesn't work
masta2505: How about someone gets killed by a "trap" and respawns and then sees the loading screen?
NarishmaReborn: 'Today's Productivity Tip:"
ThorSokar: it's part of the building rent
Jon_in_Wherever: I think we need to go one better than the ultimate crapshot... A Beejdrop where he just says "Fuck" in Cam's voice.
RockPusher: Rhynerd your dad was born in 2016‽ lrrBEEJ
Laserbeaks_Fury: I miss manuals....
aClonedPickle: Anaerin: Paul posing as a fierce bear. Paul is otherwise not in the crapshot :v
movienationyt: Ian acting like bob ross but for tinker tailor fry
Anaerin: aClonedPickle: Exactly.
KV1NN4: NPC in the elevator? ..I would be amused if a loading screen tips were given by the same NPC in the same elevator every time.. in an actual game XD
Miniogre: "If God meant for us to walk, he wouldnt have made crawling so easy."
ritchards: Productivity Tip from Pistachio?
masta2505: How about someone gets killed by a "trap" and respawns and then sees the loading screen? - You can use the trap which killed Ben ;)
ContingentCat: oh if it's going to be a productivity tip can we have Pistachio's voice?
Foxmar320: I like where this is going. Curious who plays who in this.
Rhynerd: @rockpusher I should have mentioned it was bis 63rd birthday.
KV1NN4: They have a phone or newspaper and they're like "Did you know./hear...?"
TehAmelie: Jim-John and Jimmy-Jack
FeaturingMe: 'Two people standing and talking' describes many sketches.
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Hey, Sam" "Hey, Ralph
movienationyt: I would love to spend every minute of every day with you, but some days I actually have to get stuff done
ThorSokar: Minestry of PUA(sp?) Tips
DigitalSeahorse: *attempts to remember there's probably BNF today
madmanoreo: could it just be under a snapple cap or something?
movienationyt: You're like the one sock that dissapears. I don't know what I did to lose you but I want you back.
futureidk: So, A brave new world?
KV1NN4: Can Sam be a woman?
offbeatwitch: hey, ron. hey billy.
ContingentCat: @DigitalSeahorse tomorrow not today
Anaerin: Crapshot idea: Crapshot starts off normally, with closed captions, but part way through one of the captions is wrong, and the person speaking notices, stops and points at the caption "I didn't say that!"
ecocd: I think I want Cori to be the crawling person. I think she has good inflection for it.
Fruan: Diagetic
hippitybobbity: papers please?
Invitare: like in Dead Space
aiamethyst: augmented reality?
kenkopin: HUD?
MrSVCD: deadspace-ism
PhoenixMelior: hey Kenny. Key Spenny. (don't do that)
PhoenixMelior: Wow I can't type today
PhoenixMelior: good thing I'm going on vacation soon
RockPusher: It had turn signals!!!
Miniogre: *Poking Beej in the cheek with your finger as he stands there motionless* "Hmm. The NPC glitched again"
Spriteclad: A UK gangster story, or a UKangster story for short,
red_shoes_jeff: Was that the one with Eyebrows and the Thugs?
Foxmar320: I never got to play that game
movienationyt: Telltale Games style tip of the day
TehAmelie: the PS2 was an impressive machine. still doesn't have a good emulator i believe
Foxmar320: Rest against a wall to heal. I remember that part.
RafaBrands: That CC one is good for joke setup that has no punchline
ecocd: How about the closed captions starting to run ahead of what the person is saying? Eventually predicting what they're going to say.
Zhedor: How about a loading bar?
SajuukSjet: heh... The Imposters closed captions under the bed >D
PhoenixMelior: I CAN in fact walk with my two legs
TheMetalupis: i learned that at lvl 2
masta2505: Can't the final Crapshot written on Crapshoot about shooting the Crapshoot in the head? Like shooting a injured horse.
rtx777: Somebody trying to curtsy but they get stressed and turn into a leptokurtic graph instead.
Fruan: Please unsubscribe servo facts
TehAmelie: i can't be the only one who just waited for the serious injuries to heal in MGS3 and ended up with a Snake just covered in crossbow bolts and crap
ContingentCat: or "I hate there's no settings option for these"
Tomasu82: heard that one paul
Foxmar320: wow Cam WOW
Kerrisis: Kinda moving away from the tiiltop/loading screen tip idea.
EvilBadman: gotta be careful messing with captions, because there are people who do watch who rely on said captions
N2Osferatu: What is this, directions for QWOP?
ForOhForError: is walking advanced tech?
futureidk: Is the Not obvious thing a specific reference? Ive never seen that in a game
Foxmar320: The tool tip doesn't explain walking it just teaches how to stand.
brainbosh: Wait, THAT'S how you're supposed to walk!?
RafaBrands: I'll never be able to walk again Cam, thanks
Miniogre: THen someone falls into the shot and you hear him on the ground say "These tips are hard."
Iciilix: In order to fly, start falling, then simply miss the ground.
movienationyt: tip of the day is a bonus feature on the game menu and someone clicks it
Bobtheninjagoldfish: "by raising your center of gravity you can walk on both your legs.." and how does this effect people with one leg or in a wheelchair?
Anaerin: Falling forward "Oh, crap, I remember hearing something about this, now what was it?" *falls on face* Ow.
madmanoreo: @TehAmelie The fear ending up looking like pinhead in my playthrough because I was trying to get the nonlethal win.
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Hehe do do crapshot
ContingentCat: or if you think about what is normal to do with your tongue
TehAmelie: fun questions to ask someone when they're trying to hit a gold ball: when you blink, do you close your right or left eye first?
mads2806: You could put captions on the top of the screen
TehAmelie: *golf
Rhynerd: Like a camel?
rtx777: We have this walking mechanism for a reason.
aesir_blade: Swing, your, arms, from side to side...
cuttlefishman: Edo-fying info Beej
7gorobei: there are university clubs in japan devoted to this
TXC2: isn't moving in opposition for balance?
movienationyt: tip of the day is a in game pause menu hint or tip with sound
Nightvalien28: that's the origin of going to the store
Invitare: there IS actually a more efficient way to walk that everyone used to do before we invented hard soled shoes
masta2505: crapshot idea: Can't the final Crapshot written on Crapshoot about shooting the Crapshoot in the head? Like shooting a injured horse.
cuttlefishman: there are penguins in Japane
Invitare: you can't do it with hard soles
DoodlestheGreat: "The Shogun needs this message now!"
cuttlefishman: source: Evangelion
ThorSokar: gets there 2 days early, Emperor makes everyone walk like that now
Rockario: The first person to think of it was probably serious
movienationyt: the tip of the day can be a side quest lol
Darksteel_Mike: Oh god, it's like French king trends in the 1700s..
TehAmelie: in a similar vein, people didn't used to have a slight overbite before we invented forks
RobotHitchhiker: Moving in opposition is for balance and energetic efficiency. /walking scientist
FeaturingMe: This calls for an "X ways to walk"
cuttlefishman: x ways to walk sounds good
ForOhForError: Or (every mechanic in dark souls)
aesir_blade: Which mechanic is this in breath of the wild?
Darksteel_Mike: x ways to walk, wouldnt that just be ministry of silly walks?
movienationyt: You're smarter than Google and Mary Poppins combined.
futureidk: I don't get that either.
Jon_in_Wherever: For those interested... here's the video to the hovering backpack... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to5OKjZsKRs
Foxmar320: lol
BtEtta: Still have fond memories of telling Adam he could parry lasers...
Foxmar320: Five?! NOPE
Foxmar320: O_O
Anaerin: That shot is AWESOME.
Invitare: Parry God
ForOhForError: Evo moment 37
ecocd: Then link slow walks to the camera.
hippitybobbity: and that player, was Adam Savidan
movienationyt: The Only Thing Better Than Being Friends With You Is Being Friends With A Talking Dolphin.
Darksteel_Mike: Im beginning to fewl lile a parry gos
Foxmar320: I need to see this clip as well
Darksteel_Mike: *god
Lord_Hosk: Like the people in fortnite who build litteral forts in .04 seconds while you try to reload
EvilBadman: Yes, I had it in a recent convo
Karfsma778: ~Honk
Foxmar320: wow
aitsu100: that link clip is amazing
Foxmar320: Dark Magic
hippitybobbity: yoooooiiiiiii
movienationyt: it's like a one and of person in a video game you only see once
Foxmar320: Batman why you gotta be
TehAmelie: randomly, here's somewhat of a blue/gold dress situation: is the person with the heels the one with short hair or long hair? https://66.media.tumblr.com/3eb29f2ef5cf0b25ce2b70f6384a20d0/tumblr_p9egzyUXbE1qewacoo1_540.jpg
ritchards: Even worse, in Arkham Knight there are two weapons to get that are just sitting around he doesn't mention
movienationyt: If you were a box of crayons, you'd be the giant name-brand one with the built-in sharpener.
Anaerin: TehAmelie: Yes.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah that really ticked me off
TXC2: TehAmelie the guy with short hair has the high heels
Foxmar320: lrrWOW
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
aitsu100: lrrWOW
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
Karfsma778: Like, Batman doesn't have a BACKUP
Gen2Gengar: The guy with short hair is sitting down
Karfsma778: Of all his gadgets
Karfsma778: Really
Karfsma778: BATMAN
beowuuf: Time to watch the update about crapshots!
Science_and_Magic: Just caught the youtube update. Is this te last Crapshoot?
TXC2: Gen2Gengar more then likely, it's been photoshoped to look wrong
TXC2: Science_and_Magic yeap
beowuuf: aww :(
Minteria: lrrAWESOME lrrSCOOP lrrSPOOP
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TXC2: Right chat, I have to go put sleep in my body, so I'm off
beowuuf: night
Foxmar320: Night TXC2
Rhynerd: Goodbight
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming LRR
FeaturingMe: g'night TXC2 :)
movienationyt: If you were a box of crayons, you'd be the giant name-brand one with the built-in sharpener.
GalacticBoredom: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:03:59.
Jeezy56: !quote james
LRRbot: Quote #3537: "Mmmm... white people..." —James [2016-10-14]
TehAmelie: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:30:55. lrrSPOT
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Try jumping.
beowuuf: aww, yay to LRR doing cool things for art/comedy/writing, *sniff* for lack of crapshoot. Understandable but sad!
TehAmelie: lrrHERE
Minteria: lrrSPOT lrrCREEPL lrrSPOOP
Tempest2097: So wait, did I miss stream?
Nightvalien28: you missed the writing
beowuuf: they're coming back to film/edit
Tempest2097: Ah I see.
Darksteel_Mike: nope, filming soon
Minteria: elaHi
Tempest2097: Hello Graham!
NathanJay_GA: hello
Tempest2097: And James!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Last.. show?
Anaerin: Wanted to Tri(pod) something new.
beowuuf: yup :(
Lord_Hosk: surprise alex
Foxmar320: James why :(
Fruan: #blamejames
RockPusher: benginDab
Rockario: lrrFRUMP
Darksteel_Mike: last show, wat
ContingentCat: gesuntheit
rtx777: Did he just dab.
StarlitGhost: snap dab
Jeezy56: herp derp derp this is how I chat
Bobtheninjagoldfish: what was that about "Last show"?
Tempest2097: I'll miss this stream, I'm not gonna lie. But I look forward to you guys growing and evolving and getting those important writing meetings in.
Anaerin: I believe there's a Youtube update about it. I've not watched it yet, though.
chibi_bento: re. last show, see youtube update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqO6fwiWUK0
TehAmelie: it's been a wild ride since that 'shoot with Molly Lewis. . .
beowuuf: they're trading crapshoot for an offstream chance to do proper writing meetings, and also film crapshots in more locations/, etc.
chibi_bento: (tldr -- crapshoot is fun, but they need this timeslot for actually having weekly writing meetings)
FeaturingMe: hot mic
Bobtheninjagoldfish: RIP my favorite stream I guess
masta2505: Alex is playing his role as a prop to perfection!
beowuuf: yeah, but for reasons of art and comedy and stuff. At least there's a huge backlog of crapshoots on LRL youtube
Foxmar320: lol
Foxmar320: :D
AntiCrepuscular: wait, live Graham is wearing the same hoodie as youtube update Graham?! Continuity D:
Lucaan: I just watched the update video, I didn't realize LRR was going to be at C2E2 PogChamp
Lucaan: I'll probably go to that this year then
FeaturingMe: AntiCrepuscular: the youtube update will be filmed right after this :)
Gnyrinn: Oh yeah, I had almost forgotten. Beej is really good at physical comedy
Foxmar320: Beej foxmarLOVE
TehAmelie: Beej's body is a finely tuned machine
Gen2Gengar: The Youtube updaate is already up
Earthenone: comercial break was long enough to watch the youtube update. i apreciate that
PhoenixMelior: oh, my phone didn't tell me the update was up
Foxmar320: That was so good
Tempest2097: Nive
Tempest2097: er nice!
Pusherman555: he went full beej
control_rig: Haha that's a nice ending comment, Cam
beowuuf: admit it - the crapshoot news is really just to avoid filming a new intro. We broke them with our jokes :(
Jorge4hg: stellar performance
FeaturingMe: Gen2Gengar: yeah, that's the magic of the internet :)
TheGeekyQuilter: Love seeing Matt in more videos
rennz17: @phoenixmelior My phone didn’t tell me that the crapshoot started.
Foxmar320: omg
ContingentCat: YES
Foxmar320: Thats perfect
Jorge4hg: omg
tenthtechpriest: OH MY GOD
MercurialVox: DEMON CLOCK
ContingentCat: we can't forget quizzy EVER
shurtal: Good BYE
RockPusher: Unleash the clock!
FeaturingMe: !!unsubscribe quizzy
EvilBadman: Quizzy was on the DB2018 set
RockPusher: Quizzy is eternal
Lord_Hosk: Quizy is above the TV on studio C
Nigouki: i tune in and the first thing i hear is Cam saying "Knife time"
Foxmar320: You can't get rid of it. It will always come back
beowuuf: "Let's have fun....erals..."
Foxmar320: Lord Hosk is in the Moonbase
FeaturingMe: Did you bug the moonbase again Hosk?
Fruan: Quizzy shows up in the panalysts
omdorastrix: So... Is Beej on break from making shirts? Are you sure BoD won't back up?
TehAmelie: wait, why am i quiet? i'm not wired for sound
Jorge4hg: monsters
beowuuf: The batteries have been dead for 20 years...
Lucaan: Plot twist: Lord Hosk is Quizy
Foxmar320: Nooooo it died
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Twitch please stop stuttering
Lord_Hosk: Lord Hosk has been specially trained to observe small detailes
MercurialVox: He Lives, He Dies, He Lives AGAIN
Questhere: slytqRIP
Anaerin: Quizzy takes UAC batteries, produced on Phobos.
ContingentCat: Quizy requires a blood sacrifice
Tempest2097: Quizzy feeds on virgin hearts
FeaturingMe: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 29 (new subscribers: 7, returning subscribers: 18, new patrons: 4), bits cheered: 398, new followers: 11
TheUnfoundPath: Ooh, live canada people on my screen.
Darksteel_Mike: we bloodborne now
BobaThaiTea: powered by ritual circle drawn in blood?
shurtal: OPen up Quizzy, remove the used up monkey's paw, replace with new monkey's paw
MousseFilledCat: I'm just imagining Quizzy getting slower and lower as he slows down as teh batteries die
Lucaan: A shriveled up mummy
GhassanPL: So, an SCP?
Foxmar320: oh wow
SajuukSjet: replace the lodestone every 5 years
Foxmar320: Yeah that battery had a bad time
Tempest2097: I am totally using these ideas in a horror game at some point
tenthtechpriest: corroded by blood
Fruan: It turns out that Quizzy is a fire hazzard
omdorastrix: Does that count as product placement, or anti-product placement?
MercurialVox: time for quizzy to go metaphorically into the sea
Dared00: Well... it *is* a Series Finale
Lucaan: Quizy will remember this
Anaerin: Where's bigclivedotcom when you need him?
Jorge4hg: ohh nooo
Stoffern: These are the moments I will miss
Karfsma778: Quizzy has eaten that battery alive
beowuuf: some wd40 and some sandpaper and that corrosion will work itself right out. Also blood
CrazymattCaptain: do we need to Tinker Tailor Solder Fry a battery compartment?
MercurialVox: Quizzy Residue is the worst residue
ContingentCat: oh my
Tempest2097: Oh dear.
SAJewers: naeWTF
TehAmelie: are those As? either the camera is really close or even batteries are bigger in America
MercurialVox: Quizzy is Quizzy
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Questhere: oooh gooood
ContingentCat: NonBinaryPride
Jorge4hg: it lives
Earthenone: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TragicMtG: They're alive!
Robot_Bones: Oh Quizzy you're so dirty
rtx777: That is not dead which can eternal lie.
MercurialVox: Thanks, I hate it.
Jorge4hg: the horror continiuos
Tempest2097: Vaporwave yeah
Lucaan: Don't you dare contradict Quizy
MercurialVox: I think it has to be on for the quiz button to do a thing
TehAmelie: Fisher-Price, i bet. the children's toys that live long enough for the plastic to yellow
SAJewers: might need to be on first?
Foxmar320: That sound is not at all horrifying
BtEtta: Set the time to 4:20 lrrBEEJ
Earthenone: Time is 4.20
Jorge4hg: she's learning
offbeatwitch: omg I should totally mod one of these for this year's craft-a-long
Foxmar320: If you're wrong she gets angry
beowuuf: Time. To die. Slowly.
Stellapacifica: Oh no, I tuned in just in time for this
offbeatwitch: kathleen what model is quizzy
Lucaan: I'm just waiting for Quizy to say "Hello Kathleen"
offbeatwitch: I'm gonna stick a raspberry pi in one
Darksteel_Mike: KILL IT
Jorge4hg: with fire
PMAvers: Quizzy is eternal and cannot die.
WokenClick: just got back, oh lord they are using quizzy for the sound effect?
Tempest2097: Yaaay
ContingentCat: @WokenClick yup just the chime not the horrifying voice I think
WokenClick: it's still horrifying
TehAmelie: it would be ort of amazing if whoever recorded that voice came out to file a copyright claim
omdorastrix: @offbeatwitch make quizzy the super-secret DB Dance Party Button?
offbeatwitch: that but also I want to make it so you can control its voice externally
Lucaan: Don't give Ian ideas
ContingentCat: Ian has plenty of ideas on his own
offbeatwitch: so you can make it say "correct" or "wrong" or whatever wirelessly
offbeatwitch: it'd be great for the DB quizzes :P
TheUnfoundPath: Quizzy as the new DB button?
TehAmelie: can't be that hard to put a microphone up to it and record its soundbytes
FeaturingMe: TehAmelie: so we could contact them and have them record some terrifying new lines for Kathleens driver shift? Yes.
TehAmelie: yeees
omdorastrix: "I Don'T HaVe To DO wHaT yOU SaY!" - Quizzy
Stellapacifica: I want to stick an Alexa in one and make it respond to Quizzy
GingerLivsMatter: did i join during a break?
Earthenone: yes, the final break of the final crapshoot
madmanoreo: Is this just one long break or did I miss filming?
TehAmelie: if Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie, taught me anything, putting a microphone right next to the speaker is a fine way to record music
PhoenixMelior: you missed filming
madmanoreo: =/
couldntpickausername: hey this crapshot did end up being 3 people talking at the moonbase
aerohydra: 1next
aerohydra: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week a 6-Player Ravnica Allegiance Draft! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 06:00 PM PST (3:24 from now).
madmanoreo: oh well, the vod will have all of the japes and goofs I missed...
TehAmelie: the Crapshoot has had very limited opportunity for audience interaction in the last year or so anyway
cheetoJack: TehAmelie Which I think is by design. No offense chat, but I don't watch LRR for your humor
Earthenone: !fixtwitch
SAJewers: uh
Stellapacifica: not just me?
Stoffern: panicBasket ?
ThorSokar: ummm?
MrSVCD: Frozen
cheetoJack: looks like the internet did a whoopsy
RockPusher: panicBasket ?
Science_and_Magic: F
Jeezy56: The Silence of the Grahams
Barb4rian: twitch are borked
Dared00: picnic?
TehAmelie: lrrFINE
Anaerin: It appears to be frozen.
KV1NN4: frozen too
Noy2222: Freeze!
aitsu100: frozen
jitterbeans: F
beowuuf: ah. not just me then. cool
Anaerin: Internet machine broke?
LoadingReadyRun: xsplit!!
r_craddz: LRR Stilllife mode?
SAJewers: nice freeze frame too :P
KV1NN4: Frozen too, Elsa's boogaloo
Stellapacifica: lrrDOTS
Noy2222: Do you wanna build a snowman?
Pterodactal: !panic
offbeatwitch: rip xsplit
FeaturingMe: lrrFINE
Freshly_Toasted: lrrDOTS
RockPusher: PowerUpL lrrSLOTH PowerUpR
squickster: notthatCult notthatCult notthatCult
GingerLivsMatter: !commands
Stellapacifica: shame about your frames eh
Pterodactal: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
Vampiricsloth: fakeFlexL lrrSLOTH fakeFlexR
LoadingReadyRun: let's try that again
aitsu100: PowerUpL lrrSPOT PowerUpR
madmanoreo: katesCry save the frames katesCry
TehAmelie: frames? since the break ended i've seen one frame
SajuukSjet: lols, getting win10 sounds on win7 :D
WowoT: stream is offline peeps
Earthenone: !viewers
LRRbot: 374 users viewing the stream. 517 users in the chat.
Stellapacifica: I think 2 total, I got an additional frame a few seconds after the first one
InadvisablyTwee: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week a 6-Player Ravnica Allegiance Draft! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 06:00 PM PST (3:20 from now).
SquirrelLord1111: um what happened
beowuuf: Sere and ben are such muffins. "Murder hobos are at it again" "I resent being called a murder hobo"
rennz17: What frame rate you have? 1. 1 what. Just 1.
GingerLivsMatter: !panic
TehAmelie: i'm now picturing an AU where that crapshot ends by fading into that original film with the horse recorded on a lampshade
Gen2Gengar: back
Dared00: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Stellapacifica: lrrSIGNAL
aitsu100: elfYay
cheetoJack: an Ad!
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL
SAJewers: naeFOX
Brok3nGol3m: aerodoYAS
LoadingReadyRun: let's try that again
RockPusher: lrrSIGNAL Xsplit gonna give it to ya lrrSIGNAL
KennyMorgan: teenD
kingshadow2442: Oof
solahwin_tampramain: katesAir katesAir katesAir katesAir
Stellapacifica: Xsplit gonna take it from you with no notice
WokenClick: yaaay
offbeatwitch: HELLO
TehAmelie: hi again
aitsu100: hi frans
beowuuf: take 2 indeed, hey
Dared00: hep
Anaerin: Hey! It's live for Take 2!
Tempest2097: Hallo!
Lizardman175: frames!
Barb4rian: Take two, electric boogaloo?
phorrestgaze: there's worse bej looks
PhoenixMelior: there they are
RonnyConcrete: Yep
aitsu100: YEAH
DocDane: Good evening fellas :)
FeaturingMe: confirmed
offbeatwitch: graham I need to know where to get hold of a quizzy
Robot_Bones: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
futureidk: @loadingreadyrun Just saw the Crapshot Update on YT . I'm happy to support you guys in any creative changes.
0karakas0: So this is the last crapshoot
NimrodXIV: :D
RockPusher: lrrBEEJ
beowuuf: nyop
Gen2Gengar: creepy
Laserbeaks_Fury: What? Noooo
rennz17: It not perfect system
madmanoreo: beej doing a lil jon impression?
EvilBadman: I'm hearing Laurel. Weird.
Nigouki: ah, the demons
ContingentCat: what
phorrestgaze: that's disturbing.
beowuuf: beej is being consumed by the Great Devourer
WowoT: looks like he's poopin
Dashiell: oh, I love twin peaks
NarishmaReborn: "all of the afhaifs Sins for now..... nyop!
TehAmelie: running video backwards is still the biggest magic trick since daguerrotypes
futureidk: lol
Mangledpixel: boop
KV1NN4: woof backwards Beej is more entertaining than i expected
ThorSokar: sounds like you got 2 crapshots in 1 today
FeaturingMe: Beej, you sound great in whathever direction your words go :)
beowuuf: running cieo backwards is the putting tnt everyone in minecraft of video editing
chi7891: This should be the shot
ritchards: That really is a Load Bearing Wall now
beowuuf: *everywhere
ContingentCat: I'm going to miss this part of the crapshoot
NarishmaReborn: Peak Beej
WokenClick: beej "I peaked"
0karakas0: Yeah last one sadly
chi7891: A whole crapshot of Jeeb
couldntpickausername: the error notifications are coming from inside the house
Jbeckfox: @loadingreadyrun did miss the writing bit, I just got the notification.
PhoenixMelior: hello
PhoenixMelior: we are quiet
Tempest2097: Nah we're good.
mercano82: I just got the message LRR went live. Better late then never?
PhoenixMelior: not too many of us today
cheetoJack: Hi hello I am a chatsperson
Tempest2097: Just fascinated by the process of editing
Vampiricsloth: chat is enjoying this editing :3
heyjames4: a script for a crapshot came to me in a dream. what's the best way to get it to y'all?
couldntpickausername: @mercano82 the stream had to be restarted so you might have gotten the notification for the restart we just had
Tempest2097: I don't think I've seen much editing on these, mostly because my D&D pals arrive.
PhoenixMelior: the Quizzy noise is weird, because it's a meme for me, but sure
mercano82: Yeah, I wish Twitch let me adjust the cooldown on notificatoins down. I only get "LRR went live" on about half thier shows.
movienationyt: ou're all that and a super-size bag of chips
0karakas0: Lmao
SAJewers: like school PA
WokenClick: oh god
sir_jack_DB: twitch is buffering so badly right now for me D:
FeaturingMe: that's not better
futureidk: That's deep
EvilBadman: How is this more terrifying than backwards Graham
FeaturingMe: Better than your average robot
PhoenixMelior: uh, nope
rennz17: It sounds like a monorail voice announcement.
ampharos15: telephone is best so far
Tempest2097: Whoa now
Foxmar320: Graham confirmed Robot
rennz17: Not that
futureidk: Oh my god
offbeatwitch: oh hey it's pimblokto
Barb4rian: Mawwwp
RatekStormcrow: Very Captain Future
TehAmelie: wait, shouldn't Cam and Kathleen's characters react to the "tip" before Beej?
TheMoatman: I'm just an average bot, with an average life, I bot from nine to five
mercano82: I am absolutely a robot, and not a human meatsack.
CrazymattCaptain: these sound like demonic robots
dheaton38: voiceover is like the bbc radio version of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
ElektroTal: i don't like this one at all
futureidk: Sounds kinda demony
ElektroTal: it should be a happier voice
midnight_0il: it's cutting out all the high and low frequencies
futureidk: shouldn't it be a helpful voice?
rennz17: I think your normal voice sounds better
futureidk: blissfully ignorant of unhelpful it's actually being.
TehAmelie: sounded like a vaguely malevolent AI t me
Foxmar320: wow
Gnyrinn: I believe Graham inflects too much for the robot filters.
PhoenixMelior: helium graham is so weird
Laserbeaks_Fury: Transformer?
LbxAni: that went Dr. Who bad guy for a sec
dheaton38: helium graham should have his own crapshoot
SajuukSjet: Snake? Snake!!!!
WokenClick: I like that one for the inflection graham does
PhoenixMelior: I kind of like the vintage radio
Laserbeaks_Fury: *CODEC Ring*
sir_jack_DB: this sounds like a reckless disregard for gravity
futureidk: That pretty cool, sounds like an old speaker system
Kumakaori: watching the YT update ;-;. welp. Yay writing meetings :D!
futureidk: Sounds awesome
ContingentCat: after all the speaker system doing these would be so old
Foxmar320: That wall smack sounded painful
Nigouki: they should have a filter for Subway Car Announcement, so that it completely garbles everything until impossible to understand
Lord_Hosk: Can you play a "ding ding" upgrade sound when beej stands up?
Dashiell: I think the chime needs to be louder to match the voice
futureidk: ^^^ level up
BellaDante__: it sounds like a shitty children's toy and that's perfect
MostCallMe__Tim: ll dearly miss The Crapshoot, it was in my top 3 favorite shows
Mangledpixel: https://i.imgur.com/W1L7gsR.gif Quizzy approves
futureidk: I will too but I'm excited to see the new more focused crapshots
FeaturingMe: Fix it in post?
Science_and_Magic: So what're we calling this one?
futureidk: Like a level up!
Jbeckfox: Who’s the new guy?
VmKid: 🕑 Let's Have Fun! 🕑
Konda020946: i cant understand cam in the end is this only me?
couldntpickausername: can you play a reverse of the chime
Lord_Hosk: I love it
WokenClick: yes, that is solid.
aitsu100: love it
Tempest2097: Perfect
VmKid: The honk is the last note
Jorge4hg: solid
Stellapacifica: Landing on the honk is good
futureidk: hahaha fantastic
Foxmar320 chef kiss
CrazymattCaptain: beautiful
Edgarware: oh god
Nigouki: oh booooooy
PhoenixMelior: OH
Lord_Hosk: AMAZING
Tempest2097: YES
couldntpickausername: that was not right
futureidk: lol
offbeatwitch: graham I need to know where I can get hold of a quizzy
futureidk: YED
0karakas0: Lol
Foxmar320: YES
Nocxia: YES
TragicMtG: YES
Styxseus: 10/10
futureidk: YES
WokenClick: it is very inside, but I also love it
Stellapacifica: Please yes
Jorge4hg: YES
control_rig: Hahahha
Science_and_Magic: PERFECT!
Jon_in_Wherever: I just snorted at my desk....
Tempest2097: 10/10
ampharos15: sooooo great
TheUnfoundPath: SOLD
mercano82: I like the down chime as Beej falls. It's soft of a cartoon sound effect there.
control_rig: It's perfect
FeaturingMe: Unsettling you mean?
solahwin_tampramain: YEAH