Metric_Furlong: well, purchase is made. thank you fiscal irresponsibility fairy
Metric_Furlong: it'll be something to do until Wargroove comes out, I guess :p
Earthenone: darn kids
Metric_Furlong: indeed
Earthenone: they are literally having a screaming contest outside my window
Metric_Furlong: oof
Metric_Furlong: (you can attempt to guess the source material/artist of these if you want, although it's not quite obfuscated for that)
SketchyDetails: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Space Channel 5: Part 2) at Sun 04:00 PM PST (3m from now).
SketchyDetails: lrrSIGNAL
Earthenone: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
chickenace11: yay rhythm cafe
SketchyDetails: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
r10pez10: Three flipper rolls!
Cw3040: so we get to see more of this DD-LRR champion
r10pez10: canada's inaugural australian-rules dance dance revolution champion
Cw3040: 😋
Cw3040: yes
chickenace11: canada's first and last champion
D1cey1: Hurray
r10pez10: ewww haha
chickenace11: why is the other chair ghosting a bit
head_cannon: Ian "Swamp ass is an inevitability" Horner
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun don't forget to tweet ghost.'
Unpronounceable: Hiya Ian
chickenace11: hi twitter
korvys: BUTTS
korvys: aw
r10pez10: wave, guys
r10pez10: hi!!
EricTheOrange: That would have been, "don't fprget tp tweet" than the spoopifer emote but I'm not subbed.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live with Rhythm Cafe, right now! Playing Space Channel 5: Part 2! 🎦 | 📷 ||
Meltalar: cute Adam is cute!
D1cey1: Da ba de da ba di
korvys: @r10pez10 So, the other day you recommended me something, or linked me something, or... something, and I have no idea what it was now, but I remember at the time thinking I needed to thank you, cause whatever it was was great
GDwarf: Sega is still here, yup
Phailhammer: Segaaaaaa~
D1cey1: Sega wants to hang around for a bit
GDwarf: What with the publishing of the Yakuzas and the Atlus games and occasionally a Sonic
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Meltalar: and why the hell am oi not subbed anymore? i did not receive any notifications...
Meltalar: what what
r10pez10: @korvys you're welcome! from memory it was the yakuza reviewing yakuza 3, i think...?
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SuperSugarSloth: Spacechanellfive!
r10pez10: or ... the mechanical integrator thing
r10pez10: what is memory
korvys: @r10pez10 Yes! The fire solution thing!
SuperSugarSloth: katesLurk
JZ1011: A lot of stuff
JZ1011: Vods are my friend
korvys: @r10pez10 Mechanical calculators are rad
Juliamon: Meltalar did you sub with Prime?
SAJewers: naeHYPE
Meltalar: @Juliamon no, i dont even have an amazon account^^ normally i get email spammed a weak ahead, like for adam`s stream!
Juliamon: Huh.
Juliamon: The only reminders I ever get are when my subs autorenew, I don't get advanced notice.
GDwarf: They continue to *broadcast* their *stealth mission*, they're not very good at this
SuperSugarSloth: dance space reports, dance
CraziestOwl: Sup friends
Styxseus: Chuu? What is this cute game? xD
r10pez10: sneaky
TehAmelie: Space Channel 5 2. i wish more TV channels had sequels
GDwarf: This is Space Channel 5 2, you "chu" by shooting people, it's a violent sort of love
Unpronounceable: BBC seems to have mastered that
TehAmelie: ha
Feminine_Desires: CHUUUUUU
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r10pez10: yeah i got lost too
SuperSugarSloth: chu chu chu chu chu chu chu chu chu chu chu chu chu chu chu CHU up.
korvys: Do you have... Michael Jackson on your team?
GDwarf: Yes
Feminine_Desires: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:00.
monsieur_squirrel: croon!
PaperDoopliss: @korvys No, this is Space Michael. He just happens to be acted by Michael Jackson.
GDwarf: Well, it's "Space Michael", as voiced by Michael Jackson
PaperDoopliss: They're quite unrelated
korvys: !!!
monsieur_squirrel: choon!
Styxseus: Oh no, not robots?! :D
CururuGuasu: Space Michael. Completely original character
r10pez10: oh wow this gameplay
cuttlefishman: Is Ulala the best
cuttlefishman: or the best
Styxseus: The visual feedback seems very "Eh.." but I LOVE the style xD
Feminine_Desires: Thanks Ian, I was just about to ask you to change the volumes :D
Sarah_Serinde: Space Michael is so *shiny*
MousseFilledCat: I'm still amazed they got Michael Jackson for this
Styxseus: A hula-keyboard?! :D
Sarah_Serinde: :D
GDwarf: Michael Jackson worked with Sega several times
VoidByAnyOtherName: pretty sure michael wanted it
fiftymcnasty: Space Michael Cera?
GDwarf: He seems to have had a pretty close relationship with Sega
cuttlefishman: everyone shakes their hips
cuttlefishman: like a boss
SketchyDetails: They didn't 'get' michael jackson, Michael jackson got them
chickenace11: this seems like a game that a remake could use twitch integration
Alness49: Yeah, MJ loved Sega and Japan loved MJ
TehAmelie: i want that keyboard tutu
PaperDoopliss: My mental image is that Michael Jackson sort of inserted himself, like Jack Black did for Brutal Legend
IncredibleFrown: that robot is rocking the fuck out and i love them
Styxseus: Oh wow
grimpokemon: I can’t unsee that mental image now
Alness49: It's happening
Earthenone: WOOO
Styxseus: Boing
Alness49: Good Enough!
Juliamon: Combo Stop!
PyreDynasty: One chu short
GDwarf: Poor Jaguar
r10pez10: this is a great game to watch
monsieur_squirrel: this makes no sense and its great
IncredibleFrown: you aren't supposed to be shooting at the purple ones i think
Alness49: Only chu the fake?
GDwarf: I'm not understanding what it wants the player to do there
r10pez10: yeah you chu the odd one out
niccus: it was just the up
Styxseus: Are you supposed to "miss" all the fake ones?
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 4:20 PM
MousseFilledCat: It seems like you might be waiting to long to start? But that just might be the up not working
SuperSugarSloth: katesNice
r10pez10: this song slaps
Unpronounceable: The whole setup is bad because there's no feedback on when you're supposed to do anything (I'm guessing)
Vallulv: is it going well? I cant tell
Juliamon: I don't think anyone outside the player really knows
Vallulv: it doesnt even seem like he knows
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Ian) [now] It's going well because it doesn't seem like it's going badly.
LRRbot: New quote #5769: "It's going well because it doesn't seem like it's going badly." —Ian [2019-01-27]
GDwarf: The feedback on "when" is entirely audio, which mostly works fine
fiftymcnasty: This game is like a fever dream come to life
Vallulv: @LRRbot god bot
angryoptimist: Bang! Bangbangbangbang! Key key key!
SuperSugarSloth: LRR and Ian are so nice. Ian was nice enough to enter into the dream world today to set up a card game at a con and invited me over to play with them. :D
Styxseus: That robot just cracks me up xD "Duhduhduhduh"
hewge1: what part of this is normal?
corran__horn: I do love this as much as when I saw it in 2004
Unpronounceable: This isn't normal?
Vallulv: @hewge1 what part of anything is normal?
Unpronounceable: What am I supposed to do with the Space Michael in my apartment then?
VoidByAnyOtherName: hey hey!
VoidByAnyOtherName: chu!
Alness49: Here's looking at chu, kid
Vallulv: i'm gonna hijack this stream and turn it to an existensial crisis discussion
niccus: which one of us doesn't belong
Sarah_Serinde: lrrGOAT
Juliamon: So, business as normal then, Vallulv
niccus: which one of us... is the real one
SnivianMoon: Chu?
Styxseus: Oh! Theres an altarnate move
Unpronounceable: Ah, there's the Up that acts as the prompt
ritchards: The real one is kinda of not trying that hard to blend in
SketchyDetails: space channel 5 vr?!
chickenace11: this sounds like the music for a smash game for the warioware stage
MousseFilledCat: Who is Jaguar?
Vallulv: why is micheal jacksson there?
fiftymcnasty: The Atari Jaguar?
GDwarf: Jaguar's our rival-friend from the first game
GDwarf: Vallulv: Because he was a fan of Sega and Sega was a fan of his
Earthenone: michal jackson is there becuase he voices "space michal"
niccus: back in part 1, he's responsible for really long, really tough simon says sequences
r10pez10: this feels a lot like making widgets from rhythm heaven
Styxseus: What xD
Gizmoloid: @Vallulv Because Michael said he wanted to be in the first game and producers said "Of course!"
Styxseus: This is amazing
GDwarf: A ballistic. Groove. Gun.
GDwarf: To shoot the Milky Way
fiftymcnasty: How do you unlock secrets ?
SnivianMoon: Wait, did he just say "Ballistic Groove Gun"?
rewardadrawer: My arm doesn’t do that when I strut gibeS
Alness49: Ballistic Groove Gun? So Groove is a projectile now?
niccus: coming next TTSF
GDwarf: That is demonstrably not ballistic!
chickenace11: is this a paul thing
VoidByAnyOtherName: ballstic groove gun sounds perfect for the groove armada
Alness49: Isn't this on Netflix?
Juliamon: fiftymcnasty they're bonus freestyle actions you have to find out yourself, I think
Styxseus: Brought to you by.. Persona? (That phantom theives P)
chickenace11: this is a pokemon villain
angryoptimist: This game is so this game.
rewardadrawer: Is this what the bad guys on dance shows look like?
Feminine_Desires: *undulates*
MousseFilledCat: The hip thrusts!
Vallulv: that wasmt better
r10pez10: i can't stop watching
Styxseus: I guess thats why he's the villain
Vallulv: @r10pez10 me neither....
fiftymcnasty: I like weaponized dancing
Alness49: "it's set to infect the Galaxy with some sort of week-long Saturday Night Fever!"
VoidByAnyOtherName: pls stop with the belly dancing D:
GrandLlamaQ: You done it now! You've angered Michael Jackson! He will turn into a giant mecha and then a space jet and just dance you to oblivion.
rewardadrawer: Arms still don’t bend that way gibeS
Alness49: I feel like this is something you'd remember
Styxseus: OR you just blocked this part out
r10pez10: i'm not convinced this isn't just a group hallucination, ian
niccus: the other parts were standouts, this part is sort of an obligatory finale so far
SAJewers: heh
Earthenone: this game is A LOT forgetting parts could happen
GDwarf: The others could maybe help a little? Maybe?
Invitare: maybe you finished it in Japanese and the language shift is tricking your memory
ANeMzero: It's nice of the robots to give you instructions on how to destroy them
GDwarf: That...that sure is an outfit
samb6678: Oh MaN
SAJewers: naePLS
samb6678: oh la la
Kykiwi: what is this
TallBlondePillager: I'm...sorry? What the actual f am I looking at?
ANeMzero: His outfit reminds me of the cape of magic cards
Vallulv: @TallBlondePillager That's the ongoing discussion. It turned into an existensial chrisis.
PaperDoopliss: I think that was a charge
chickenace11: he dead
Invitare: Space Andy
Kykiwi: dat stache
ritchards: And yeVoltronning now
r10pez10: nigel thornberry
samb6678: voltron
GDwarf: "Commence Dance Dimension X", that makes sense
ContingentCat: wat
D1cey1: X
TallBlondePillager: @Vallulv Oooh
dtrain_67: Did he sutter?
Earthenone: !pardonfuck
D1cey1: You heard him
MousseFilledCat: !xlip
chickenace11: Is this a jo jo thing
MousseFilledCat: !clup
CraziestOwl: Again
MousseFilledCat: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
samb6678: is this voltron
SAJewers: benginWat
Invitare: that neck bend
Styxseus: UM
Earthenone: where is the president and his mecha from the last scene?
KV1NN4: Look out for the Techno Drome I guess?
D1cey1: She sounds concerned
SuperSugarSloth: katesScared
Juliamon: I appreciate the distress in Ulala's voice.
GrandLlamaQ: Krang Voice: In DimenSION X, PurGE is ULTimate MASTer!
dangerous_safety: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 30:51.
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rewardadrawer: She sounds so sad
Sarah_Serinde: katesNice
Tomasu82: is this game just a simon says?
VoidByAnyOtherName: nice
monsieur_squirrel: you're the host, you should be explaining for the rest of us
Alephred: Electro hip thrusts!
samb6678: wait
jadedcynic: @Tomasu82 you could say that ALL Rhythm games are 'just that' :P
r10pez10: essentially yes, Tomasu82
Kykiwi: wait her name is oohlala?
GDwarf: Oh, right, Ulala has some sort of mysterious past, doesn't she?
samb6678: her name is oooh la la?
Styxseus: These names..
Unpronounceable: Ulala
KV1NN4: @samb6678 Yup
Earthenone: Ulala
MousseFilledCat: Are tinkerbell now?
GDwarf: Her name's Ulala
Alephred: This is that part in FMA where she sees Truth.
samb6678: sorry, ulala
TehAmelie: does she have weird alien eyes tattooed on her eyelids?
chickenace11: all rhythm games are basically simon says
Vallulv: I think she's having sesiures
Alness49: It's the Soul!
SnivianMoon: Congratulations!
GDwarf: E! B! A!
ritchards: Can you map these characters to the Saoilr Senshi?
GrandLlamaQ: Wait, final battle of Final Fantasy IV, what are you doing here?
jadedcynic: okay, not seeing Space Michael, yet...
GDwarf: ritchards Well, Pudding is Rei...
korvys: Isn't this the end of undertale?
jadedcynic: THERE he is! :D
samb6678: is MJ in there?
PaperDoopliss: This is the end of a lot of Japanese media
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Styxseus: The hip-sway CRUNCH-sounds
Feminine_Desires: @angryoptimist tjanks, my clip got eaten
Sarah_Serinde: Personally I was thinking Sailor Moon :D
D1cey1: Transform!
Pharmacistjudge: it's more the ending of earthbound....
korvys: Oh, sorry, I actually have no idea, I haven't played it either :P
Earthenone: isent this the end of evangelion? Kappa
jadedcynic: @korvys did Undertale have Michael Jackson mo-capped & V/O'ed?
MousseFilledCat: Holy costume change, batman!
GrandLlamaQ: Space Channel Power! Make UP!
GDwarf: I guess it's now canonical that Ulala is god?
niccus: only of the dance dimension
TallBlondePillager: Is this just Madoka Magica?
korvys: @jadedcynic If I said yes, could you be sure I was lying?
jadedcynic: (and yes, MJ really DID work with this game)
TallBlondePillager: Is Ulala Madoka Kaname?
Pharmacistjudge: Mr. President!
Pharmacistjudge: Get in the mech!
GrandLlamaQ: Of course he did! The game is about the power of dance defeating evil. That's pretty much the plot of Moonwalker.
Unpronounceable: You *ARE* a bad enough dude!
Feminine_Desires: oh well here it is not very good edit on it though ...
Phailhammer: We saved Andrew! lrrBEEJ
samb6678: @jadedcynic thank you so much for letting me know that
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hi Ian hi chat
Invitare: what a presidential singing voice
Styxseus: :D
CraziestOwl: Hey @sydpreviouslyheadache
TallBlondePillager: I feel like this wouldn't get made today
Feminine_Desires: I misspelled commence ...
jadedcynic: @samb6678 yeah, I forgot Ian wasn't finished this from last week...I'd have been in here at the start of this stream
Juliamon: TallBlondePillager I mean, we'd need a substitute for Space Michael, anyway
GDwarf: Nah, games like this still get made these days.
VoidByAnyOtherName: sing with us!
GDwarf: Though it has been a bit since the last Ouendan game
samb6678: @jadedcynic no the whole MJ thing, i thought i saw him in the back
D1cey1: Its over 100%?!
Vallulv: so much percentage!
TallBlondePillager: @Juliamon Knowing the music industry, we'd get space Bruno Mars
korvys: @Juliamon @TallBlondePillager Consider - Space Justin Timberlake
TallBlondePillager: Oooh
KV1NN4: whoa that viewer rating si over 141%
GDwarf: Michael is in the game as "Space Michael", voiced by Michael Jackson
Alephred: @samb6678 Michael Jackson is indeed in this game.
Alness49: We can't handle such a funkified force!
D1cey1: These graphics needed a little update
jadedcynic: @samb6678 yeah, I discovered that he was in this game (and the previous one) last stream :D
SuperSugarSloth: chu chu chu swallow
samb6678: bad
samb6678: very bad
korvys: Everyone is watching 1.4x, somehow
Tomasu82: wow. the difference from last weeks scores is something else.
niccus: "dance yourself to hell, see if i care" is praxis
korvys: 1.9x
SydPreviouslyHeadache: holy shit
Tomasu82: kamehamehah
GDwarf: Everyone in the universe is watching two copies of our show, I guess
Lobstawaffles: Does this happen every week?
QuintIverson: oh i love Jojo part 2
jadedcynic: and as always the good guys win by power of greater numbers and teamwork/coordination
VoidByAnyOtherName: bardHype piboParty kelpYay andyYay
Styxseus: +__+
Invitare: everyone dances in celebration now taht they don't have to... dance....
Alephred: Hey, they're walking to Asgard.
D1cey1: Pocket star road
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH is hits how you get to rainbow road?
Earthenone: they arent walking, they are taking the soul train'
coffeeismagic113: Happy days EEEHHHHH!
MousseFilledCat: So, what are your plans for the rest of the stream?
ritchards: mostly saved
samb6678: don't worry, it's only a few lightyears away
jadedcynic: ^^^^
Membranes1: so ulala danced the people to madness instead then?
angryoptimist: When they say "space walk", I dcn't quite think of that...
jubale1: this cgi dancing cheeses me.
jadedcynic: "mostly saved" Ian :D
Phailhammer: Invitare: That's just it; they don't *have* yo dance. :P
TehAmelie: wait, Ulala's VA's name is Apollo Smile?
SAJewers: naeTATO lrrAWESOME
Olveron: lrrBEEJ drop.
Alephred: Is Apollo Smile a real person?
chickenace11: what
Tomasu82: It'ssss GREAAAT
VoidByAnyOtherName: whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa
GDwarf: Tony the Tiger voiced a Jaguar? Makes sense!
jadedcynic: Tom CLarke hill - yeah that name sound fam....WHAT?
Invitare: big cats
Alness49: He was grrrreat
ContingentCat: he's GRRRREAT
ANeMzero: He's big on cats.
r10pez10: apollo smile is probably a stage name
Alness49: F
Juliamon: Yes, Apollo Smile was a thing
GDwarf: Alephred It's not a bad stage name
PaperDoopliss: Well, that was a short but satisfying stream
ArcOfTheConclave: I just missed it :(
GDwarf: "Space Programmers"?
VoidByAnyOtherName: glad i saw the ending
D1cey1: New Game+ lrrBEEJ
angryoptimist: I thought Thurl Ravenscroft was Tony the Tiger?
PaperDoopliss: Space Technical Support
niccus: Fuse is Carl Ingram in hitman 2
samb6678: Apollo Smile is Paula Scharf-Daily
angryoptimist: At least, up until he died a few years ago.
jadedcynic: @GDwarf yeah, they programmed the space parts
GDwarf: "All Character & Back ground Design by All Members"? What does that even mean?
monsieur_squirrel: well, its late here. Chu! I mean, ciao!
jadedcynic: @angryoptimist yes, he was...and apparently Tom Clark Hill toook over from Thurl
jadedcynic: let's be honest I remember hearing a difference in ads at some point
angryoptimist: @jadedcynic Big shoes to fill--more of the person previously filling them than the role.
jadedcynic: yeah, this - I am *SOOO* glad I remembered this in time to see the finale (and credits)
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Feminine_Desires: @LoadingReadyRun now what do we play? Audiosurf?
GDwarf: "Space Soprano"?
PaperDoopliss: Space Channel 5 has sadly been lost to the mists of time
chickenace11: metronomicon
angryoptimist: (Cheering Unwillingly)
coppersandles: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
SketchyDetails: Ian, will you play space channel 5 vr?
phorrestgaze: ar they crediting witch Craft?
Alephred: Someone was resonsible for 'Witchcraft'?
grimpokemon: Ian, have you played Patapon?
ContingentCat: wait wat
jadedcynic: wait WAT?
kingshadow2442: Oof
VoidByAnyOtherName: whoa :o
KV1NN4: ah apatapon.. thst game came out when i was married!
jadedcynic: @Alephred don't even worry about it lrrFINE
SketchyDetails: and vcive
SketchyDetails: vive
jubale1: is this stream overing?
Bionull: You can only get true space channel 5 immersion if you wear the orange spandex.
jadedcynic: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 41:57.
jubale1: @grimpokemon yes
GDwarf: "For all people who hope for peace in the universe"? Heh, nice.
TehAmelie: will there ever be an end to the star wars?
jadedcynic: agreed @GDwarf :)
chickenace11: this game is like dancing with the star wars.
Alephred: That strut!
angryoptimist: Ah, Agetec.
jadedcynic: dangit surge... :P
Earthenone: lmao
D1cey1: Last one
angryoptimist: Also published the Armored Core games, prior to Sega taking that up.
PaperDoopliss: Run ruined
ContingentCat: ??
Invitare: well now you have to start again
the_bananarchist: we've gotta do the whole thing again
Unpronounceable: f
VoidByAnyOtherName: ruined
phorrestgaze: restart run
angryoptimist: F
Lazarus_18: Man, I want to cosplay Purge at a con
shadowbow464: F
grimpokemon: Big oof
MousseFilledCat: There's a co-op story mode?
grimpokemon: F
prystigia: missed it, gotta pave the save
jadedcynic: @ContingentCat there's always those little 'gotcha' moments for things like this - iirc there were three of them throughout the playthrough - catch those cues and you get 'secrets' unlocked - costumes, etc.
jubale1: what button is Chew?
jadedcynic: Chu
jadedcynic: (shoot)
MousseFilledCat: I think each exchange is a level
ArcOfTheConclave: tearing
jadedcynic: so, we went through 10 levels in that...yeah MousseFilledCat
MousseFilledCat: Or not
D1cey1: Uhhh
ContingentCat: ummm
jadedcynic: 1....10....4?
jadedcynic: dear Japan, WTF?
Styxseus: Woof? xD
jadedcynic: woof? O_O
jubale1: why is ian freaked about this?
Lazarus_18: Is this costume a randomizer?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: did I die and enter a strange universe?
SuperSugarSloth: katesLoaf
Scotblackbird: wha
Scotblackbird: What did I come back to
GDwarf: Why is Jaguar's voice being used for the robot that's barking? This makes no sense! :P
jadedcynic: (btw, we have NEVER had a 'woof' cue before now during the whole game)
chickenace11: did they let serge do these enemies numbers
Icelight: Clearly I tuned in at the perfect time.. woof woof!
VoidByAnyOtherName: pattyPun pattyPun
angryoptimist: UwU woof's this? Kappa
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jadedcynic: @angryoptimist exactly
Styxseus: Is this.. "something"?
jadedcynic: wait,,, 0....10....4.....1???
D1cey1: First one was lvl 00
korvys: It's the execution machine from Futurama
SydPreviouslyHeadache: huh
Juliamon: I guess 00 meant 100?
Styxseus: OH, wait! Do the enemies have "levels"?
r10pez10: i'm not questioning it
r10pez10: i think it would be the enemies, yeah
TheTekkieman: I...think the Morolian Suit randomizes the levels.
grimpokemon: I wonder if the suit makes it randomized
Feminine_Desires: WOOF!
r10pez10: cheevo
jubale1: woof are you confused about?
jadedcynic: yes, @D1cey1 but...still, what -- oooooooh, that makes sense
jadedcynic: oh, okay
ContingentCat: that would be "something" happening
r10pez10: "over 3 hours of game time"
Feminine_Desires: That's a fancy school uniform
Feminine_Desires: what are the items?
jadedcynic: dear dev's "w/o" is shorthand for "withOUT" not "with"
iSmartMan1: Did he get the chef costume?
nhouse1919: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 50:06.
jadedcynic: so we never changed the'll still be randomized
jadedcynic: oh, okay
Earthenone: randomization is the sincerist form of flattery
samb6678: ulala droppin it like a crazywoman
jadedcynic: so seven reps for each 'groove'?
Feminine_Desires: okay lvl 10 again
Feminine_Desires: doesn't seem randomized
Juliamon: Maybe a preset scramble?
Feminine_Desires: but there specifically to get the costumes?
ContingentCat: maybe it's a set non-standard order?
jadedcynic: well, 'randomized' from the original progression - what juliamon said?
SketchyDetails: I think the morolian suit is zero lives
SketchyDetails: You cannot fail
SketchyDetails: Or you lose
Lazarus_18: Perhaps the RNG seed is set when the suit is equipped?
niccus: it looks like it's different opponents, same number of lives (0)
angryoptimist: Big Woof Energy
niccus: same stages, i think
Feminine_Desires: Same opponents
Feminine_Desires: NExt one will be the lady.
jadedcynic: now 1
PaperDoopliss: That dancer has seen some shit
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jadedcynic: llrrGOAT :D
Styxseus: :D
jadedcynic: MEOW
Feminine_Desires: MEOW
ContingentCat: WAT
Styxseus: Meow!
Earthenone: meow meow
Scotblackbird: why
Unpronounceable: nya
coppersandles: What
ContingentCat: katesLurk ?!
MousseFilledCat: Down and Meow sound very similar
Feminine_Desires: yes
SuperSugarSloth: katesLoaf katesLoaf
chickenace11: Ian has been broken
Feminine_Desires: we try gain
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yah, cats will get ya
Juliamon: ScaredyCat
DinoThrasher: You can't lose to Groovemaster 2000
coppersandles: Yes again
zedruuu: again!
ContingentCat: lrrHERE
jadedcynic: welp, I figured this'd be a shorter stream...and then THIS; cya tomorrow ;)
jadedcynic: wait, the announcer just said "the hundred-stage battle" O_O
jadedcynic: dangit, I'm sorry :(
angryoptimist: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat
jadedcynic: ^^^
dormouss: Go Ian, go!
Phailhammer: jadedcynic: Ulala's Battlegrounds? lrrBEEJ
Sarah_Serinde: Chat is allowed to chat, it's Ian's fault for looking while trying to rhythm :P
jadedcynic: @Phailhammer everyone drop at Surge's base?
wicker_knight: so ummm...what did I walk in on?
Feminine_Desires: Space Channel 5
Feminine_Desires: part 2
Feminine_Desires: Endless mode?
chickenace11: true if chat was not allowed to chat they would put on the emote only rule
ZeniteZero: Ch-ch-choo
Feminine_Desires: Chu!
Earthenone: 100 level mode
Phailhammer: jadedcynic: took me a moment to figure out you hadn't misspelled Serge's name. :D
Earthenone: not quite endless
jadedcynic: :)
wicker_knight: okay, some sort of challenge mode. Presumably (hopefully?) that's why there's no attempt to offer any context to this
jadedcynic: but I really have to say, this is arguably the most....!!!!!....of rhythm games!
jadedcynic: I don't even have words for it
niccus: excuse me but the stage after Groovemaster 2000 is Filthy Groove
PaperDoopliss: @wicker_knight You'll likely want to check out the vod from this week and last week. The story mode was... Something
ContingentCat: whatever else it is, it's definitely !!!
jadedcynic: @wicker_knight yeah, this is after the story - it's an 'endless mode' that offers costume & item unlocks
wicker_knight: @PaperDoopliss @jadedcynic ooh. I have a vod to go to then :)
zedruuu: the music is so fun !
niccus: more 100-stage challenge than endless
Unpronounceable: Meow
ContingentCat: katesLoaf
Feminine_Desires: katesLoaf katesLoaf katesLoaf
ElementalAlchemist: Meow!
ZeniteZero: moon2E
karmakamikaze: Nya~
Alephred: What's all this, meow?
KV1NN4: katesHug2 katesGift katesLoaf
jadedcynic: Come on, what other game do you get Tony the Tiger v2.0's v/o as a mid-boss, and Michael Jackson as a v/o & CHARACTER in the game?
coppersandles: meow
angryoptimist: up up down down katesLoaf katesLoaf katesLoaf katesLoaf katesLoaf katesLoaf
Sarah_Serinde: katesLurk
zedruuu: meow meow meow
ArcOfTheConclave: masaeSimba illCheer illWut
MousseFilledCat: katesHug2 katesHug2 katesHug2
PaperDoopliss: THE FAKEOUTS
Earthenone: so close
ZeniteZero: Oh nooooooooooooo
Feminine_Desires: It fucked up the timing!
chickenace11: I need all of these cat emotes in my life
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ian confirmed not cat
Phailhammer: lrrGREED katesRip benginCry
QuintIverson: ah, the good old offbeat triplet
GloriousMost: brizziBark
jadedcynic: meow sir! why would I say 'meow' just meow?
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jubale1: could play Twitch Sings :P
Feminine_Desires: @LoadingReadyRun I recommend Audiosurf if you got it, it uses your own music. It's one of the best use your own music games
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KV1NN4: I'm good for more meowing. Once made it a habit to punctuation sentencing with a 'meow' in college and infected my group. :B
KV1NN4: sentences
jadedcynic: @KV1NN4 you are EVIL.......I like that. <3
ecocd: Spaaaaaaace Channel Five!
KV1NN4: @jadedcynic Helps when you have a furry on board doing it too so... yeah... one guy was baffled cos he'd be like.. "Why can't i stop? This is dumb? Meow! Dammit! *sad meow* aaagh"XD
jadedcynic: I know twitch urls are procedurally gen, but can we take a moment to appreciate "Dark Elated Mocha Ginger Power"?
Feminine_Desires: rip audio
Alephred: Meow is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.
Feminine_Desires: @jadedcynic sounds like Serge's superpower
jadedcynic: ^^^
DarkMorford: katesLoaf katesLoaf katesLoaf
Feminine_Desires: wait
Feminine_Desires: what's happening?
Feminine_Desires: I hear things
jadedcynic: :)
jadedcynic: attract mode for the game?
jadedcynic: <3
CraziestOwl: Good night friends
ArcOfTheConclave: Space Michael is still the silliest thing in this game.
jadedcynic: (okay, context for what I'm about to say - IRL cabbie that works weekends and takes Tue/Wed off) Right, new ep of dicefreinds tomorrow; this is how I know my work week is over <3 :)
Alephred: Yay!
jadedcynic: @ArcOfTheConclave HEY! Space Michael is a serious journalist and a valued co-worker of Ulala's! :)
TallBlondePillager: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Graham, Kathleen & Paul bring you the latest video game news) at Mon 02:00 PM PST (20:52 from now).
jadedcynic: gnite craziestowl
Pantsravaganza: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:07:20.
Alephred: I imagine Space Michael reports on the Music Beat.
jubale1: down down down
DarkMorford: I should do a eat. Maybe some of that leftover pizza...
jadedcynic: O_O
jadedcynic: but that sounds both conveient and tasty, @DarkMorford
Wolfstrike_NL: how can one have leftover pizza
angryoptimist: Have 1 (one) good entire eat, DarkMorford
Wolfstrike_NL: pizza is to good to be left over
jadedcynic: @Wolfstrike_NL restraint and a middle-aged metabolism
jubale1: or a king sized
jadedcynic: and yeah, sometimes some types of pizza are BETTER left-over...
Juliamon: two days of pizza is better than one
jadedcynic: ^^^
ContingentCat: but cold pizza is so good, I'll sometimes get a whole extra pizza for later
jadedcynic: I've still got the other half of my take-out for tomorrow evening's supper - will partake while watching CheckPoint+
Juliamon: I love cold Hawaiian, the stiffened crust from being refrigerated supports the pineapple much better
chickenace11: I don't like pineapple in general let alone on my pizza
jadedcynic: and BTW - "Jaguar" that 'Underground Space Reporter'? Voiced by Tom Clarke Hill, who took over Tony The Tiger after Thurl Ravenscroft retired
iampuddleglum: hey everyone
jadedcynic: that's so COOL
jadedcynic: a nice little 'preview'
Alephred: Thurl Ravenscroft is a warlock's name.
Driosenth: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 8:38:51. lrrSPOT
jadedcynic: @Alephred yes, it is - and he WAS :)
ElementalAlchemist: !upcat
jadedcynic: !upmeow
jadedcynic: !upwoof
angryoptimist: Fun fact for anyone unaware: Thurl Ravenscroft was the singing narrator for the old Grinch cartoon ("You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch").
angryoptimist: So, +1 for him having been a warlock.
jadedcynic: and the original V/O for Tony the Tiger
angryoptimist: A warlock of awesome voicery.
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Juliamon: F
Feminine_Desires: oh no!
blankslatearts: Enjoy the sub Ian!
Riandisa: Oof
blankslatearts: Loving the stream!
ContingentCat: oh no
jadedcynic: well, that's fine Ian - the more important stuff was taken care of
ElementalAlchemist: oof
Feminine_Desires: Things breaking are never fun
SketchyDetails: meow?
hawkfalcon8: hi ian
ElementalAlchemist: Broken glass is impossible to clean up all the way
ArcOfTheConclave: no random!
jadedcynic: up, down, up, down, woof, woof, woof!
Jigokuro: tenchiAnimu
chickenace11: these aren't the robots anymore
Feminine_Desires: okay so it looks like the costume gives you costumes.
jadedcynic: yeah I think the costume changed our opponents
Feminine_Desires: It's purely an end game costume to encourage you to play this mode.
Feminine_Desires: For more unlockables.
ArcOfTheConclave: wait, isn't chuu the mouse onomatopoeia in Japanese?
GDwarf: We're...fighting ourselves
Feminine_Desires: oh this confusing
jadedcynic: wait, we're up against....US
GDwarf: ArcOfTheConclave Also the kiss onomatopoeia
jadedcynic goest to get a drink...
chickenace11: but in the other costume we fought against somebody else during this round not a clone of ourselves
cuttlefishman: We're better than that Ian
Earthenone: we are now teamed up with ourselves
Feminine_Desires: Yeah because that other person was a costume we could unlock and did.
Jigokuro: sfhCry
DarkMorford: katesLoaf katesLoaf katesLoaf
Jigokuro: sfhCRY
Feminine_Desires: There may be nor more things to with the morolian suit though.
cuttlefishman: Morolian suit sexy af
Feminine_Desires: As I see no more unlockables that require it.
cuttlefishman: we look like gumby
Earthenone: rich morolian leather
Alephred: That's someone fetish, no kinkshaming.
cuttlefishman: do morolians have leather
cuttlefishman: I imagine them to be... like a hagfish or something
CaptainSpam: Why does it have to be a Morolian suit? Are Morolians themselves not good enough to be hot space reporters?
cuttlefishman: Morolians are the definition of hot space reporters
coppersandles: lrrSPOT lrrSPOT
Xenovita: WOOF OhMyDog
cuttlefishman: WOOF WOOF FrankerZ WOOF lrrSPOT
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrSPOT
cuttlefishman: Keep going
cuttlefishman: we live here now
coppersandles: lrrHERE
ContingentCat: lrrHERE
Gizmoloid: Looks like there's one more suit to unlock with Morolian according to gamefaqs: "35/40 Cloaked Purge Suit Clear all 100 trails in Ulala's dance mode wearing the Morolian Suit."
ElementalAlchemist: up down up down CHEW HARDER YOU FOOL
hawkfalcon8: right
Feminine_Desires: @Gizmoloid neat.
hawkfalcon8: up
niccus: apparently the autoplay codes work on PC too but you have to use controller inputs
hawkfalcon8: right
cuttlefishman: Believe @Juliamon
cuttlefishman: believe in Ian
cuttlefishman: from your heart
niccus: some items are unlocked by looking at character profiles
Juliamon: Look, I believe he can do it, but not within the hour
ContingentCat: I believe Ian could, I don't think he wants to
ArcOfTheConclave: Believe in the we who believe in you.
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CaptainSpam: Do we eventually earn our way up to Meow?
Earthenone: yes
RealGamerCow: What's the difference between Chu and Woof?
ContingentCat: @CaptainSpam meow is next
Earthenone: chu-woff-meow
CaptainSpam: So I see.
GDwarf: I don't think there's a difference, RealGamerCow
RealGamerCow: GDwarf ok, I didn't think so
SketchyDetails: Ian, if you can time travel, you could be at the Taipei Game Show and play Space Channel 5 VR .
niccus: check out character profiles?
Earthenone: chu is what mice say, woof is what dogs say
Gizmoloid: "40/40 Coconut Ulala Costume Clear 53 consecutive trials in Ulala's dance mode Not really a suit - - just a tan! (same as 1/40 but she has a tan)" :D
jadedcynic: O_O
GDwarf: This text is confusing
CaptainSpam: Oh, wait, you didn't know that? The original did that, too.
jadedcynic: the....there's sooo much more to thig game
CaptainSpam: The second run through goes different places.
Earthenone: so much depth
jadedcynic: and all of these extras were on the disc without DLC/expansions(!)
Alephred: You have to do the second run as Claire Redfield.
GDwarf: In fairness, the core game is only about 3 hours
GDwarf: Lots of room for extras
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Jigokuro: lrrFINE
Jigokuro: andyFine
SketchyDetails: I say time travel because if you left on a plane right now, you'd arrive three hours too late to play. You'd need to time travel because of travel time :D
SuperSugarSloth: katesLoaf katesLoaf katesLoaf
SketchyDetails: Is it bad that I would watch a space channel 5 hollywood movie?
Earthenone: tron?
jadedcynic: @SketchyDetails no, not at all
dangerous_safety: part 2, stream 2, world 2
MousseFilledCat: Just got back, Ian's replaying it?
GDwarf: You apparently unlock extra scenes on a replay
ContingentCat: probably?
MousseFilledCat: Ooo!
KV1NN4: Space Micheal COULD be a hologram
jadedcynic: IIRC this IS a newgame+
Juliamon: MousseFilledCat he unlocked the alternate-world
Earthenone: maybe there is enough michal footage to create a digital space michal?
angryoptimist: @KV1NN4 Was A Hologram?
GDwarf: I'm *really* not a fan of CGI-ing dead celebrities into new works
jadedcynic: I....yeah, I suppose we COULD make do with cgi/precrorded footage of MJ (his v/o for this game)
KV1NN4: @angryoptimist Yeha i think its happened
jadedcynic: what ian said
CaptainSpam: If it's anything like the original, you'll be in a different location than the first run at the first scene transition.
cuttlefishman: Speedrun is 1:17min
cuttlefishman: think you can beat Ian?
Pharmacistjudge: that chef is really strong...holding a pan in that position for that long has to be rough
iSmartMan1: Ian, put on the chef outfit
GDwarf: What? How do you speed run a rhythm game?
Juliamon: NEWSFLASH: Left is LEFT, right is RIGHT
jadedcynic: I love how we 'rescue' people and they just join our entourage :)
cuttlefishman: you git guf @GDwarf
cuttlefishman: don't miss inputs
RvLeshrac: Which platform is this?
GDwarf: PC
Earthenone: steam
cuttlefishman: Dreamcast is og
GDwarf: But it was originally on Dreamcast
RvLeshrac: I'm aware, I have it somewhere around here. Just wondering which version this was.
Earthenone: mostly
Xenovita: still mostly saved
jadedcynic: "We save them...mostly"
cuttlefishman: I gotta say
cuttlefishman: I love the incidental NPC designs
jadedcynic: ^^^^
cuttlefishman: does he have a... hovering cutting board?
cuttlefishman: or is that a griddle?
ArcOfTheConclave: I love the captions
RvLeshrac: That's a space cutting board, yes.
Alephred: I don't like the way knife cook is handling his cleavers.
jadedcynic: @cuttlefishman probably a floating portable hotplate
cuttlefishman: maybe making like okonyamaki or something?
excalgold: doesnt this game a space Michael jackson cameo ?
ContingentCat: dancing with knives maybe not a great idea
excalgold: have a*
Alephred: There are two chefs. Knife chef and Griddle chef.
Juliamon: excalgold it's way more than a cameo
jadedcynic: those utensils are kinda clipping huh? :D
Tomasu82: my 18mo is laying on the floor raising his legs going "uhh" then lowering them and saying "duhh"... too dawww
Pharmacistjudge: if this had a HD remake with proper modeling; i think it would lose a good bit of charm
ArcOfTheConclave: @excalgold Space Michael!
RvLeshrac: Pharmacistjudge: It could do with a little less tearing, though.
RvLeshrac: I miss Gametap's emulation.
GDwarf: I think you could do this in HD, you'd just have the stylize the models
jadedcynic: agreed, GDwarf
excalgold: are fighting evil through the power of dance ? is that whats happening here ?
cuttlefishman: Is Kin Kon Kan a reference to something?
GDwarf: Yes
GDwarf: *Yes we're fighting evil via dance
CaptainSpam: excalgold: Well, to be fair, the evil is also in the form of dance.
jadedcynic: wait, where was Ed Wynn? Didn't he die back in 60's?
jadedcynic: @CaptainSpam fighting fire with fire, as it were
jadedcynic: gee, Surge - so wasteful of Mecha assets :P
cuttlefishman: I'm not sure I've ever seen Space Channel 5 cosplays irl
cuttlefishman: has anyone seen any?
jadedcynic: huh, no secrets unlocked...
ecocd: Spaaaaace Channel Five!
jadedcynic: O_O
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Ian) [now] Don't make me walk through your cookware!
LRRbot: New quote #5770: "Don't make me walk through your cookware!" —Ian [2019-01-27]
excalgold: its nice see the Descendants of the O'neil-Jones family continue to be members of the press in the far future guess....
Feminine_Desires: He spilled his coffee
RealGamerCow: how can there be secrets in a rhythm game?
KV1NN4: I think he spilled his--yup
ecocd: great job Ian! It's never a easy as it looks.
Earthenone: secrets are button presses it dosent tell you about
cuttlefishman: Oh man
cuttlefishman: I can probbably cosplay the Space President
GDwarf: RealGamerCow There are times when you can put in extra button presses that it hints at but doesn't tell you outright, apparently
RvLeshrac: A mod of this, with Ulala replaced with Ruby Rhod.
SketchyDetails: Ian, want a link to a secrets guide?
MousseFilledCat: You rescued different people, though
ArcOfTheConclave: @RvLeshrac from 5th element?
TacitusVigil: Did a Flower Terminator just travel back in time to kill him?
cuttlefishman: Is this guy... Syndrome
Earthenone: we would have remembered the cookware
cuttlefishman: before Syndrome
GDwarf: No, no, he's "Purge"
cuttlefishman: He's Syndrome
jadedcynic: he's what inspired Syndrome
jadedcynic: even part 2 was two years before The Incredibles came out
jadedcynic: wel, lost one rescue?
excalgold: suddenly grade school backup dancers
TacitusVigil: Did random children backup dancers just beam in?
Gizmoloid: ~Soving them mostly with this song~
SketchyDetails: pave the save! I need a Cam face Emote :P
kozguy: Just you tonight Ian?
TacitusVigil: And now suddenly Arthur's sister, playing the accordion?
jadedcynic: @excalgold @TacitusVigil iirc this is an arboretum with school field trips?
cuttlefishman: Ian and Ulala
cuttlefishman: a match made in heaven
HorusFive: It's a concertina. It makes THIS sound
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cuttlefishman: 12 egg omelette seems like a big one
SketchyDetails: We save them... mostly
jadedcynic: @HorusFive, that is NOT a concertina - that model is an accordian
TacitusVigil: @jadedcynic That makes a little bit of sense at least.
cuttlefishman: inputs?
CaptainSpam: Um?
Alephred: It's on the offbeat, no?
SkylerRingtail: Are things out of sync?
niccus: it's all off beat
jadedcynic: oh! he's deliberately going OFF beat
abaoa_qu: Synchopation
Relm13: Pause to menu?
delta__vee: somebody has swapped all the keycaps on your mac plus KappaRoss
MousseFilledCat: Yeah, it's the off beat
GDwarf: Syncopation, the most fiendish move in any rhythm game
jadedcynic: wow, that is really a dirty trick with a rhythm game :P
ecocd: this is the Space Channel 5 I remember.
cuttlefishman: is the game taking pity
cuttlefishman: p. sure it is
jadedcynic: I think it IS
Alephred: It's swingin' jazz syncopation.
MousseFilledCat: They changed it for new game plus to eff with you
CaptainSpam: Dead. Those people are ten thousand percent dead.
jadedcynic: have we EVER had 'jazz' music in the playthrough?
cuttlefishman: Ian are you a murderer
cuttlefishman: are you complicit
ContingentCat: katesRip
cuttlefishman: F
MousseFilledCat: Welp, teacher's dead
Alephred: 'Roboading' doesn't really scan.
ecocd: I remember it doing this pretty often, tbh.
TacitusVigil: I, for one, blame Rhythm James.
cuttlefishman: Paddin?
Earthenone: patty?
SnivianMoon: Wait what?
MousseFilledCat: "Impersonator"
jadedcynic: surprise guitar duel
GDwarf:, Patty desu!
ThePerrBearr: but the sign says Pudding?
jadedcynic: different model
excalgold: she's an impersonator ?
jadedcynic: the model changes for 'newgame+' but not the setting?
MousseFilledCat: Her title was "impersonator Padding"
Juliamon: ThePerrBearr We're playing in "World-2" which is like an AU with 'new' characters
CaptainSpam: I guess canonically Pudding is supposed to be an ally now?
chickenace11: maybe if you walked normally you could get there in time
GDwarf: Nah, Pudding is the rival-ally type
GDwarf: And now we have...Padding, for...some reason
cuttlefishman: Could just play Michigan
jadedcynic: Patty?
cuttlefishman: thats a rhythm game, right?
ArcOfTheConclave: Yes, this is Padding
GDwarf: Caption said "Padding"
cuttlefishman: boing
excalgold: you have a laser gun, why are you dance fighting.....whats going on !
Drazoth: Dare i ask what was with the disembodied legs in the water a second ago?
Mysticman89: it's basically guitar hero right now, you gotta battle with axes.
Unpronounceable: Synchro swimmers?
Alephred: That's the synchronized swimming team.
niccus: oh they also made the timing stricter
Earthenone: syncornized swimers, there are paddings backup dancers
excalgold: @Drazoth backup synchornized swimmers
ArcOfTheConclave: @Drazoth the synchronized swimmers
MousseFilledCat: Yeah, it seems less forgiving than before
Juliamon: I appreciate that they even redid the dialogue for this
GDwarf: didn't win Ulala, you just out-enduranced
cuttlefishman: those are birbs
cuttlefishman: not dogs
GDwarf: I thought she was the Space Ornithologist
KV1NN4: I thoguht she was a the space saprano?
Earthenone: space bird wizard
cuttlefishman: ummm
GDwarf: I guess those are feathered and bewinged dogs around her
Conrii: This seems like a odd way to train a dog.
VmKid: Aaand cancelled.
CaptainSpam: Beat's off a bit again.
cuttlefishman: are we sure the game is working right?
sweg_leaps: I'm constantly seeing screenshots of this game, and this looks sooooo rad!
Feminine_Desires: You can't play too the music ...
niccus: it's like 1/6 of a beat off
MousseFilledCat: I think the timing is just much less forgiving
Feminine_Desires: Like you have to practically turn off the music to be play this.
sweg_leaps: Is that all off-beats?
niccus: it's not even off-beat, it's like if off-beat has an off-beat
cuttlefishman: doggo
VmKid: FrankerZ
ThePerrBearr: the sad dance
GDwarf: The saddest dance
CaptainSpam: STAY.
cuttlefishman: so much of those risers is empty
Nicarrow: hi all
cuttlefishman: so sad
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VmKid: gibeLewd
CaptainSpam: Thanks for the stream, Ian!
cuttlefishman: You need a training montage Ian
Alephred: Thanks for streaming, Ian.
cuttlefishman: spend a week in meditation
VmKid: Cut the game off right before the lewd part
SuperSugarSloth: katesHeart katesHeart katesHeart
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thanks for the stream Ian
GDwarf: Thanks for the stream!
Lotus_position: Probably both, actually.
cuttlefishman: gratis
jadedcynic: tyvm for the fun, ian!
Sarah_Serinde: Yup, hang out in either chat or both, LRR folks will be in both :)
CaptainSpam: It was a glass-breakin' kinda night.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: have a good night
angryoptimist: Thanks for the up up down down chu chu chu!
jadedcynic: chill and have fun - cya tomorrow with Dice Friends!
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream, Ian
jadedcynic: thanks for the chu/hey/meow/woof! :D
Sarah_Serinde: Um :D
TacitusVigil: [This expression was never used again]
Phailhammer: cya :)
KV1NN4: Heather will veto that i'm sure XD
Gizmoloid: Bye!
CaptainSpam: Ever forward, never in step?
Sarah_Serinde: Heather is wise
TacitusVigil: This is why I made that proposal about everyone in LRR wearing shock collars except for Heather and she has all the controls to them.
TacitusVigil: For..."supervising"
undecided44: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream is not live.