LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Adam is spending a quiet evening playing the king's game, Spheda. | ||
Driosenth: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Kramburger: seabatTROG seabatTROG
shurtal: Kiss that egg
RavingPenguin: GOLF!? seabatTROG
ehsteveG: JOLF!? seabatTROG
Kramburger: Is this BALL CHESS?
Kramburger: seabatTROG seabatTROG
IgnisDeus: lrrDOTS seabatBRAIN lrrARROW
D1cey1: Hi
sifonaonline: Hi.
Driosenth: You're here
m0nkeyrama: Oh my goood, I forgot this window was open
Gekyouryuu: hey, adam
RavingPenguin: 4D Ball Chess, big brains only seabatTROG seabatBRAIN
Kramburger: It's Savy Time!
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sullyc17: ADAM!
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m0nkeyrama: Evening Adam
Krayvern: nice timing. Just got done with DnD and one of my players Dmed me about betraying the party!
Tantusar: Bah god, that's Adam's voice.
TheHatchetCats: We’re here!
gawag_: That is a large large water bottle
ArcOfTheConclave: dungeon golf hype!
sifonaonline: You're taking over the channel.
m0nkeyrama: Golf time!
TheExiledPlayerLIVE: I’m playing Resident Evil 2 Adam, help me >_>
sifonaonline: I'm on board.
t_dog3251: AdamAdamAdamAdam
RavingPenguin: All in size 34 jeans ;)
m0nkeyrama: ^
Kramburger: MAWP
SolarJudas: For a second I thought Adam had invaded another stream I had on in the background
m0nkeyrama: Sounds good
ArcOfTheConclave: @SolarJudas I know right!
TheHatchetCats: LoadingAdamLive!
Tantusar: The Sony PlayStation 2: Because everyone loves loud swelling noises that sound compressed.
BusTed: hi
zerg539: @ravingpenguin no in size 34 pants he wore not jeans today
m0nkeyrama: possibly still a bit loud actually
m0nkeyrama: 🤔
ArcOfTheConclave: it's fine
Kramburger: It's because James is deaf
IgnisDeus: #blamejames
sifonaonline: So we've had Adam Newday Tuesday, Let's Nope + AFK, MTG and now Gamehaus.
sifonaonline: Spoiled.
sifonaonline: You spoil us trogs.
m0nkeyrama: Adam is slowly taking over seabatTROG
m0nkeyrama: You're on tomorrow night too, right?
phorrestgaze: lrrHERE
sifonaonline: We need a 365 LRR challenge.
m0nkeyrama: oh god
FarleyF: Welcome to the Week of Adam, all Adam All the time
m0nkeyrama: Huh huh huh huh
Trymantha: lrr with seabatBRAIN gving us more adam
gawag_: I have no context for this game at all anyone wanna help a brotha out
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatBRAIN
Tantusar: oh yeah the canlander championship is like two days away
m0nkeyrama: Time travel shenagigans + golf
m0nkeyrama: shenanigans NotLikeThis
Kramburger: They fix time with the power of golf and friendship
ArcOfTheConclave: He kills monsters then golfs
m0nkeyrama: You've leveled him more? SeriousSloth
SnowToad: @LoadingReadyRun Adam when can we cuddle?
FarleyF: Golf using the skulls of your enemies, admit it that would be a cool game
gawag_: so we’re shooting geodudes with a rollerblading gundam so we can golf? Sweet
m0nkeyrama: oof ouch
SnowToad: @LoadingReadyRun I was going to offer to be big spoon too
m0nkeyrama: Bigger than Adam?
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG
adi_pie: Hi, flattered. I'm Adi.
SnowToad: lol
HesGotNoPants: late stream tonight
Tantusar: What if mimics ate keys?
moosethatsmiles: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 9:45.
e_bloc: cheer100 I wanna be the golfy
m0nkeyrama: Hopefully not
adi_pie: Depends, am I being paid to ask? (But actually no)
ArcOfTheConclave: @adi_pie Hi adi, i'm also dad.
FarleyF: Btw Adam based on Friday nights can you please sing "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK" lrrBEEJ
SnowToad: @LoadingReadyRun I just ask you, basically a stranger to cuddle with me, and I'd ask you that in real life KappaPride
HesGotNoPants: I'm sure i have adam, probably on a dare
m0nkeyrama: That axe photo is Kreygasm
BusTed: That is an uncomfortable thing to say.
Meltalar: hey adam, this is a weird dark souls 2 mod :D
BusTed: Discretion.
Trymantha: awareness?
FireFlower18: walks in late with a hot cocoa
m0nkeyrama: That's an SAT word :o
ArcOfTheConclave: boundaries
Boyshinboiv: yo what is this game
RavingPenguin: Not every think has to also be words
gawag_: Oh, of course there is a day/night cycle
HesGotNoPants: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Dark Cloud 2
Boyshinboiv: k
m0nkeyrama: So in terms of the actual story, how close are you to the end?
m0nkeyrama: How much more golf do we get?
m0nkeyrama: sweeet
e_bloc: so we're on the 10th hole
kedvesen: the dark cloud series was my second ever rpg series
adi_pie: Yes
FireFlower18: I want a volcano palace
m0nkeyrama: with a beach?
Kramburger: You have selected: Power Drive
adi_pie: And then you can also go into the mine after the Palace.
gawag_: Okay now that I see the golf I completely understand
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG
m0nkeyrama: Niiice seabatBRAIN
adi_pie: Never didn't have it.
m0nkeyrama: Adam likes this game because he is a golf god
FireFlower18: I think a beachside volcano palace is just Hawaii
Tantusar: So it's... Puzzle golf?
m0nkeyrama: Oh man, you're right @FireFlower18
HesGotNoPants: @tantusar that fixes the world
adi_pie: If you feel a chill, do you want us to send you a sweater?
FireFlower18: seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: This game is a wild mix of things
generalpurpose: Did you just lure a Condor with a steak? o_O
FarleyF: Have you ever played the other golf game where you smash everything with each shot, like drive a golf ball straight into some priceless statues
m0nkeyrama: It does it all at least alright
Boyshinboiv: yo have you played Keyforge yet?
gawag_: this is surreal as it gets for video games it seems like
FarleyF: I want to say outrageous golf but I can't remember exactly
m0nkeyrama: It was fun!
m0nkeyrama: A couple fridays ago?
Boyshinboiv: ok
hoktauri: 3 weeks ago?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Keyforge was... late this month?
Boyshinboiv: is it on YT
hoktauri: search afk keyforge, top result for me
hoktauri: on youtube
StalePieceofWhiteBread: ty monkeyrama
Boyshinboiv: thanks
m0nkeyrama: here's the twitch link
StalePieceofWhiteBread: This game is pretty :D
FireFlower18: @m0nkeyrama #1 fan
Meinfretr: Not that Boshy hasn't been sick to watch but it's cool to see you play some chill shit too
StalePieceofWhiteBread: "Sexy Panther"
m0nkeyrama: LUL I don't think I come close to #1 fan, but thanks :D
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Wow I need this game
Meltalar: sexy panther=97 to smash!
Kramburger: Sexy Panther: The new fragrance from Adam Savidan
m0nkeyrama: You're so close to becoming the boshy
StalePieceofWhiteBread: 50% of the time, it crits every time
MysticOp9: Anyone want to do my Calc 2 webassign for me?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I will but I'll get every answer wrong
MysticOp9: cause damn it is kicking my butt
m0nkeyrama: Oh seabatYIKES , I forgot all my calc
gawag_: Is there a pc port
kingoftuesdaynight: You don't play Dark Cloud 2 for the story. You play it for the Spheda
Tantusar: Backstab enemies! My least favourite kind!
m0nkeyrama: there's a story? Kappa
SolarJudas: Oh, Adam, in case I end up missing the end, you might want to be careful about the end credits. There's a song in there that has some upsetting language.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Oh it's sorta like a Tales game with the "LMBS"
FireFlower18: i'm going to get this song stuck in my head again
m0nkeyrama: Of boshy? @SolarJudas
SolarJudas: @m0nkeyrama Yeah, the lyrics are not great.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Man, same
m0nkeyrama: Alrighty, I'll try to remind him when he gets there
Xafty: bersaria is easier to get into
m0nkeyrama: Which shall it be?
SolarJudas: @m0nkeyrama Thanks
TheCheeseStandAlone: Adam twice in one day, is it Christmas?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: :'D
Meltalar: adam, i would love to see you play though the Ys Series. awesome game, with awesome music and awesome bosses!
kingoftuesdaynight: Oooh, I just looked it up, those ARE some unfortunate lyrics
adi_pie: Yes
adi_pie: That is how you say it.
m0nkeyrama: ees
kingoftuesdaynight: It's pronounced Ys
Meinfretr: Yo the Ys games are so fucking good
TheGTF: Yes, long i with a soft s
m0nkeyrama: What kind of games?
Lightningbro: Ah.... the sounds of years of my childhood. It brings me so much joy that you're bringing this gems to the eyes of others Adam. And Ys? I've always called it "Wise"
gawag_: I like how the rollerblading mech thing is part of the character selection lol
TheGTF: Wise would be very wrong
Meinfretr: Oath in Felghana is one of my favorite games
m0nkeyrama: There's also a plant @gawag_ LUL
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Wait is that the series with Knights in the Nightmare?
Meinfretr: Origins is p good too
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Because that game was my SHIT
TheGTF: I gifted you Oath you played it for 1 day
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I loved that freakin' freaky ass game
TheGTF: but it was a good day of that 365
Meltalar: Ys has only one bad one :D
m0nkeyrama: Can the ridepod get a flamethrower?
Pharmacistjudge: yay one of my favorite people playing the best golfing sim
Meltalar: even one and two with the old "bump into mechanic"
Pharmacistjudge: greetings from the pharmacy
Pharmacistjudge: not in the narc cage though...which is nice
m0nkeyrama: Hey @Pharmacistjudge
m0nkeyrama: How's your day going?
TheGTF: The bump system is fine, it's not that hard to get used to
Pharmacistjudge: well, I woke up...and my pipes were frozen
Pharmacistjudge: so I couldn't shower
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Pharmacistjudge: which means I couldn't do a morning workout
Pharmacistjudge: since I can't go to work smell of swear
Pharmacistjudge: sweat
m0nkeyrama: Is that cold front going away any time soon?
Pharmacistjudge: It will be thawed out by tonight
Pharmacistjudge: hopefully
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Ah, this is a spreadsheet kinda game
Pharmacistjudge: the front should be mostly gone by tomorrow
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I love this kinda stuff, but only now that I'm like, smart enough to do it
Pharmacistjudge: and it's back to warmer temps on saturday
m0nkeyrama: Playing this game without a guide sounds impossible
m0nkeyrama: That's good to hear @Pharmacistjudge
Pharmacistjudge: (Just don't tell Adam I skipped my workout)
m0nkeyrama: I would never
Pharmacistjudge: (can't let senpai down)
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SuitablyEpic: I super can't wait for 50 crates to hit 50 months
insidiouspie: cheer100 100 bits for the third stream with Adam in it that I've gotten to watch today! lucky me!
m0nkeyrama: It's going to be a big celebration
Lightningbro: I feel like quoting Zorg after hearing "Fifty Crates" but I'll withhold myself
m0nkeyrama: Decidedly seabatTROG
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I will fight whoever says Adam anything less than awesome and cool as shit
MysticOp9: Never too much Adam
SuitablyEpic: 3 streams? boshy this and? what do I need to backlog???
zarbit: You're doing the talk?! Nice!
m0nkeyrama: Oh right! The GDC panel seabatTROG seabatTROG
m0nkeyrama: You'll be great
StalePieceofWhiteBread: *hug* Adam you're gonna do great! You work hard and you're very smart.
fiftycrates: you got this!
m0nkeyrama: ^
RavingPenguin: The only way you learn to swim is by hopping in the pool <3
Kramburger: Give a talk on the importance of proper technique when doing deadlifts
TwitchTVsFrank: gdc panel ?!
fiftycrates: lrrFINE
m0nkeyrama: Is the panel going to be online anywhere?
BusTed: But you get to see our wonderful faces.
Mowdownjoe: SURPRISE GOLF!
insidiouspie: that's crazy. but I'm glad I'll be able to see you at pax east!
m0nkeyrama: You get to see BusTed in person seabatTROG
Valhallan597: Wow PogChamp late night Spheda stream
phorrestgaze: doublelift is a gool heel
weff47: hey Adam and chat!
StalePieceofWhiteBread: That sounds interesting! How could that suck?
Kramburger: That's actually a great pitch
m0nkeyrama: Hey weff
TwitchTVsFrank: nice
fiftycrates: truth
zarbit: Hope WotC pays attention
StalePieceofWhiteBread: >Adam sucking I don't understand
Meinfretr: You gotta believe
m0nkeyrama: You won't be bad Adam, this is something you know about/are passionate about
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I forget that Twitch doesn't do returns
Mowdownjoe: !adul
BTC1220: You
Mowdownjoe: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
gawag_: I really like what scg’s been doing on that front
BTC1220: You'll be okay bud
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Spirit energy!
MysticOp9: !findquote suck
Boyshinboiv: What's the best thing youve pulled from a UMA pack?
BusTed: Angles!
m0nkeyrama: whaaat how is this possible
Tantusar: Well you start with the birds and the bees.
zarbit: seabatYIKES
NotCainNorAbel: Start with the part you know/want to talk about and then build out from there.
Meltalar: Adam could you see yourself as a League of Legends commentator? i could see that :D
phorrestgaze: is this randomly generated?
MysticOp9: Forgot that I am no longer subbed FeelsBadMan
Driosenth: bounce off the rock in the corner by the bridges
adi_pie: Or ricochet it off the corner rock
Mowdownjoe: There's a reason I've never seen a Par 1 in Golf Story.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Ah, you weren't kidding, this is golf
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m0nkeyrama: Par 1 NotLikeThis
Meinfretr: Full beans
Tantusar: Oh so you need two bounces or a hook.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: That was a weird ass-shot
SuitablyEpic: what's this B's? they let you move it so FAR
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Like seriously how are you supposed to do it
m0nkeyrama: So lets not get another of those
Valhallan597: Still the best Spheda player in LRR
m0nkeyrama: You're a growing boy
kingoftuesdaynight: Spheda Harder
m0nkeyrama: still
hoktauri: Don't look at me, I'm having a bowl of cereal at 10:24pm
m0nkeyrama: somehow
gawag_: Wait that’s it? It only gives you one attempt?
weff47: mmm sushi
DrWreckage: Sometimes gastritis can cause phantom hunger
Meinfretr: Gotta eat a lot for big gains brotherrrr
Pharmacistjudge: depends, if you ate complex foods, then it takes a while for sugar to hit your blood stream
SuitablyEpic: uh. B's? my auto-correct is getting some strange ideas about language
StalePieceofWhiteBread: <3 dude same
Pharmacistjudge: which means you will stay full longer
Pharmacistjudge: which is good in the long urn
cheetoJack: This is an important clip.
Meltalar: adam feels th needs of 300 people!
m0nkeyrama: oh god
gawag_: oof
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis
StalePieceofWhiteBread: gimme blue dots
m0nkeyrama: "no effect"
weff47: the illusion of choice
m0nkeyrama: Giving the man the rope a dope
StalePieceofWhiteBread: That's some bs
ArcOfTheConclave: does charging use less durability?
Lightningbro: "What's the point in charging?" Slightly more damage per durability, though some weapons deal far higher damage when charged
SageOfSquirrels: Oh snap! When did this start?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 36:52.
m0nkeyrama: Ninja swords :o
Tantusar: Coin flipping does seem like very good EV.
kingoftuesdaynight: Wait, why go to the question mark at full health?
Tantusar: *doesn't
RavingPenguin: This game has karate swords? seabatTROG
Boyshinboiv: please play wizard 101 on stream
ayirbudd: you levelin dex? huh? HUH?
m0nkeyrama: Giant Meat seabatTROG
SageOfSquirrels: Why haven't I been here for the past 20 minutes! It's been a rough evening and I could use some chill golf
m0nkeyrama: Come hang out :D
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Wait is that Lloyd's VA?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: from Tales of Symphonia?
cheetoJack: which swords are the ninja swords? There's like 3 that could work
Boyshinboiv: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 38:30.
m0nkeyrama: It is Robin
SageOfSquirrels: It is. Max = Robin
m0nkeyrama: Exact same voice
Pharmacistjudge: yes, it's Scott Menville
SageOfSquirrels: Looked that up back in the day, IMDB confirmed
m0nkeyrama: You should just find more keys in the chest
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
ArcOfTheConclave: what about the 2 key box?
BusTed: comfy seabatTROG
NotCainNorAbel: and 34" form what I heard
m0nkeyrama: Comfy pants seabatTROG
Captainfuse: They said you could be anything you wanted, so you became comfy
Xafty: so adam, you gonna get Kingdom Hearts 3?
cheetoJack: The internet says that monica doesn't have a sword called a katan
8 raiders from LadyLavinias have joined !
m0nkeyrama: Why are we not in maximum comfort mode? SeriousSloth
cheetoJack: ooooooh
Pharmacistjudge: I feel your pain Adam. for a while I was a 30-34, which was a "online only" size
Mowdownjoe: Huh... He is also Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia.
LadyLavinias: Hello friends@
m0nkeyrama: Heeey @LadyLavinias !
LadyLavinias: A bit haha
m0nkeyrama: New name!
Xafty: thats fair, you should do a series playthrough, if you skip all the story it wont take but about 100 hours
cheetoJack: a robot with ninja swords? this is a mech anime
WeRGroot: Yeah, she thinks she is cool now and wants to seem all royal :p
LadyLavinias: aww too nice
m0nkeyrama: Follow her, she's lovely
StalePieceofWhiteBread: can you spell that?
PaperDoopliss: Whoa, that's too many syllables to transcribe on one attempt
LadyLavinias: Haha sorry. Thanks @m0nkeyrama
SageOfSquirrels: The Love Guru Mike Myers
SageOfSquirrels: I think?
LadyLavinias: Oh this game! I love watching you play mini golf haha
m0nkeyrama: The love guru seabatYIKES
LadyLavinias: went 7-2 in draft so good! :)
m0nkeyrama: Awesome!
LadyLavinias: core 19
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Nice @LadyLavinias !
WeRGroot: Nah, she was playing the F2P goodness of M19
LadyLavinias: I only have coins ok xD
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Shield so big
Ukon_vasara: allegiance draft just feels like lighting all my gems on fire
m0nkeyrama: Allegiance should be up for gold draft soon, right?
LadyLavinias: 1 loss was to sarkhans
m0nkeyrama: Do it in one seabatBRAIN
SageOfSquirrels: seabatsBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: Perfect
StalePieceofWhiteBread: NICE
BusTed: lrrGOAT
phorrestgaze: nice
SageOfSquirrels: seabatBRAIN!
LadyLavinias: I pulled a chromium and i splashed just for him haha
cheetoJack: That's what we're here for. Hours of gameplay and 30 seconds of golf
m0nkeyrama: LUL
kingoftuesdaynight: Bangers
LadyLavinias: 2 days @m0nkeyrama I think
m0nkeyrama: 7 mana 3 color mythic
Ukon_vasara: elder dragons do get to be pretty bonkers
ZuNy77: lrrAWW
m0nkeyrama: No we're here for spheda Kappa
taintedshardz: i never played this game but looked awesome.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Is it seeing standard play? I understand there's some sort of esper deck
hoktauri: I'm part of a cult of personality
StalePieceofWhiteBread: *It being Chromium
sifonaonline: I don't know how to break this to you...
Mowdownjoe: I've been doing a reddit MTG arena tournament for the past 8 weeks, and I was paired against Esper control. Chromium is dumb.
m0nkeyrama: seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
sifonaonline: But you're right. Shit.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: You know a game of spheda is like a marriage.
emrafool: came for the golf, staying for the adam
Pharmacistjudge: to be honest adam, I started watching your stuff because of this game
Pharmacistjudge: since well Spheda
Ukon_vasara: i think a not none amount of ppl are playing chromium in their standard decks yeah
cheetoJack: I may or may not be here for Adam, not spheda. I can neither confirm nor deny.
weff47: I'm just here to hangout :)
Meinfretr: We just wanna be living la spheda loca
m0nkeyrama: All or nothing? :o
adi_pie: I miss when Leonard Nimoy used to play Yorda. The new guy just isn't the same.
m0nkeyrama: Can Max speak latin? SeriousSloth
StalePieceofWhiteBread: ahem
Mowdownjoe: My first Adam stream was Dragon's Dogma... Good times.
emrafool: pause
ZuNy77: thats what she said
gualdhar: hmmm big trunks eh?
sifonaonline: Meh, I've seen bigger trees.
Pharmacistjudge: umm...that's a pretty stubby tree
m0nkeyrama: Nooooo
Kramburger: More like YAWNda
m0nkeyrama: Actual game wtf
kingoftuesdaynight: Adam is good shit, spheda or no spheda
sifonaonline: Kappa
ArcOfTheConclave: NOOOO
Ukon_vasara: there is not game, only spheda
SuitablyEpic: dragons dogma streams were so good
Meinfretr: Thank you, thank you, I'm here all night whether you want me here or not
WeRGroot: Man, I wish they made a Dragon's Dogma 2
WeRGroot: That game was amazing
Pharmacistjudge: well tons of people are good s**t, but adam is good s**t with spheda and that's why we go back to adam
m0nkeyrama: It's coming out on switch in a few months
SuitablyEpic: they did
Captainfuse: Take the hint game, we dont care about Lin we care about golf
Kramburger: Adam wants to go back to trowing people off cliffs
SuitablyEpic: dd2 is Asia only
kingoftuesdaynight: Did you ever get to G-Rank in MHGU? that'd be a fun series
hoktauri: If we're talking going back to old games there's always Neptunia
m0nkeyrama: Yee
BusTed: SeemsGood
m0nkeyrama: thicc beard
StalePieceofWhiteBread: thicc beard
FireFlower18: I finally finshed the God of War 4 Stream last week.
BusTed: Full gamer mode.
BusTed: ResidentSleeper
Pharmacistjudge: and you are less thicc overall?
cheetoJack: BusTed I don't see any doritos or mountain dew around
m0nkeyrama: You look great
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Surely Full Gamer Mode would involve him rising up?
Kramburger: That wasn't the only thing to get thicker ;)
BusTed: There's restful gamer mode and focus gamer mode.
m0nkeyrama: He's in full comfort mode seabatTROG
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Hey so you know that PA strip where they say combining wyrmprints is called unbinding?
Kramburger: If you're in full gamer mode, the game's too easy Kappa
StalePieceofWhiteBread: This game is like... I am confused
SageOfSquirrels: How late you planning on being with us Adam?
Pharmacistjudge: so chat...would you rather the red stone or the blue stone?
Noxenluxe: But i'm not wearing shoes SeriousSloth
m0nkeyrama: Oh my
ArcOfTheConclave: no rules mean no shoes
Tantusar: Poor Chair Jr.
Kramburger: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 7:40 PM
Pharmacistjudge: so rather go to the future or go to the past?
m0nkeyrama: very late night adam
StalePieceofWhiteBread: See I never had a big brother, but like Adam is what I imagine it's like
Pharmacistjudge: and if you go to the past, you can change it
cheetoJack: no rules means no pants
Kramburger: Get those crocs brother brother
m0nkeyrama: No rules means no mods :o
Captainfuse: No Slippers Adam? Gotta get more comfy
zarbit: now i'll show you
shurtal: you take a Karn and scribble a P over the K
ToadAM: Give him golden paint
cheetoJack: "He is Palm Brinks' resident artist, and needs Gold Paint to help bring his dream painting to life."
shurtal: lrrBEEJ
themysticmogul: You need gold paint. You can just buy it, for money.
SharkHero08: Im wearing slipperrs
SharkHero08: Its cold out
ToadAM: You can get it from the forrest future
m0nkeyrama: Nice, Shark
themysticmogul: In his house, up the hill
cheetoJack: "He can be found in his house, up the hill which is across the drawbridge near Cedric's Shop in Palm Brinks."
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @SharkHero08 Same
ayirbudd: too zlow!
Kramburger: I'm at work in activewear, which is pretty comfy
Captainfuse: I dunno what I'd do without my slippers..shit I have a pair at work
m0nkeyrama: Oh my
FireBasilisk53: seabatTROG seabatTROG
ayirbudd: i keep hearing "Karn"
m0nkeyrama: Yooooo *drums*
Pharmacistjudge: In order to recruit Parn, talk to him as Max. He'll introduce him to his to-be-wife, Julia. As a magical artist, he can make his drawing come to life but he lacks one item : the Gold Paint. In order to obtain it, Sindain's final Georama requirement must be complete
zarbit: We better hurry! After golfing for 5 hours we're gonna be late!
StalePieceofWhiteBread: tong tong tong TONG TONG TONG TONG
StalePieceofWhiteBread: yooooOOOOOOOUUUUUGH
FireBasilisk53: ?
m0nkeyrama: That's it!
m0nkeyrama: Nice find @FireBasilisk53
Pharmacistjudge: Once finished, the Golden Eggs will appear in Future Sindain, up the stairs and on the top branch of the Elder tree Jurak. Approaching them and pressing X for the first time will allow the player to obtain the Gold Paint.
hoktauri: I want to see your Minecraft village
ZuNy77: its pretty dec
m0nkeyrama: Do you live in this village?
FireBasilisk53: seabatTROG seabatTROG
Kramburger: Are you a Karn or a Karn't?
JusticeJuice: Much prettier than anything James builds in minecraft. seabatTROG
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES
weff47: Adam's next game will be Cities Skylines
m0nkeyrama: SimCity :o
zarbit: @JusticeJuice and less murdery than Serge's creations
Captainfuse: The SNES SimCity? :P
JusticeJuice: @zarbit I dunno he's been murdering a lot of golems and stuff.
SageOfSquirrels: I think new areas appear if you 100% rebuild the past? There's like...villager requests and such, right? did you do all of those yet?
m0nkeyrama: No SeriousSloth
Noxenluxe: SeriousSloth
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Oh god that music is Pachbell's Cannon
StalePieceofWhiteBread: *Canon
m0nkeyrama: Nox hi
Noxenluxe: MonkeyRamen SeriousSloth /
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis
m0nkeyrama: Thanks other Adam
SageOfSquirrels: put a fence around the firbits house and you should get all the rest of those bubbles filled
m0nkeyrama: "He can be found in his house, up the hill which is across the drawbridge near Cedric's Shop in Palm Brinks." taken from cheeto
m0nkeyrama: Wow
m0nkeyrama: yes this is weird
FireFlower18: an actual waifu?!
cheetoJack: As it turns out, Cedric is the person you can buy the Katana for the mech
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Oh we're doing Pygmalion
SageOfSquirrels: Adam: Jumps through time, golf's rifts in time/space back to normal, rides in a mechsuit on roller skates, talks to a giant tree. Artist wants to paint a wife into existence. Adam: This is weird.
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES she was created by him
ArcOfTheConclave: pigmalion?
zarbit: @SageOfSquirrels thanks for the reality check
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @ArcOfTheConclave yeah, it's just kinda... that.
m0nkeyrama: Does this village have only one house?
cheetoJack: I don't see why a church can't house someone. They'd have a roof, some walls, a floor
SageOfSquirrels: The priest moves into the church at some point
cheetoJack: wait, you get around by teleporting, how do the villagers get around?
SageOfSquirrels: Firbits sell paint I think?
themysticmogul: Parm sells paint
Earthenone: no paint? rip the run
Valhallan597: God is already occupying the church you dumb dumb Kappa
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @SageOfSquirrels It's more like "if she's a real living breathing human, isn't this kinda like being made to marry your dad?"
Kramburger: Leave a bucket out in the purple rain?
ToadAM: Yes
ToadAM: He sells it on the train
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Or like, it's sorta a weird non-consent-y thing
m0nkeyrama: This is a very ominous station
Kramburger: Can we sit in your train and not go anywhere?
SageOfSquirrels: @StalePieceofWhiteBread true. Not saying it ISN'T weird, more that it's odd this is what makes Adam question the game :P
Pharmacistjudge: is it a doom train?
cheetoJack: internet says purple paint can be bought from Parn... or found in dungeons
Pharmacistjudge: or a grand train?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @SageOfSquirrels Fair point!
Pharmacistjudge: ironically, Parn is the seller of paint
m0nkeyrama: You're rich!
cheetoJack: Parn: "I will not move into a house unless its purple" Also Parn: "I've got all the paint in the world"
Kramburger: So Park is just a Personal Sized Karn, right?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @Pharmacistjudge "yeah you need a lot of this paint that I also happen to sell"
zarbit: You gave him a wife too!
m0nkeyrama: Can't he also just paint the roof himself?
Kramburger: *Parn
m0nkeyrama: He's a painter, he can do it
BusTed: Savage.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Parn invented the concept of Multi-Level Marketing in this world
cheetoJack: m0nkeyrama he only paints people, not rooves
m0nkeyrama: Maybe he could make a roof waifu
SuitablyEpic: at this point he's literally charging you to build him a house
ArcOfTheConclave: "what have you done for me recently?" "I built you a house yesterday."
Friedent: if we gave you the paint, where would be your sense of pride and accomplishment?
cheetoJack: yeah but then the roof wouldn't work, it would be a person
cheetoJack: We don't need anymore philosophical implications from this game
Jorge4hg: sell the house
m0nkeyrama: To the moon!
ennis0: I'm not too familiar with this game, is this where you build the golf course?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: This owl is all our dad
Pharmacistjudge: do you have to move his waifu to the same house?
m0nkeyrama: Man, I wish that someone would answer too
StalePieceofWhiteBread: What's spectator mode?
m0nkeyrama: You do great interviews!
BusTed: Probably would be easier to not be dependent upon the responses/schedules of others, yeah.
cheetoJack: quick 10 minute introduction to an E-Sport and some like... examples of games to watch would be pretty fun
gualdhar: maybe save the long spectator mode videos for when you have an interview lined up, and do smaller ones in between?
ayirbudd: yeah I wish someone would answer as well. spectator mode is entertaining as heck
Pharmacistjudge: hello and welcome to feed dump
Pharmacistjudge: today we dump some miracles
Kramburger: Maybe do a episode on how a game works and some of the memorable moments from comp? Twitter could help you source those
m0nkeyrama: Super dead? BibleThump
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Ding dong the master's dead
Earthenone: the toothpaste mogel crest is dead?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Max here is worried that she's the protagonist now that she's lost her memories
Pharmacistjudge: master crest went to a farm upstate without you
Jorge4hg: like really ded
Kramburger: Um
cheetoJack: is Lin a child as well? Is the owl the only adult here?
TehAmelie: owls have no rights
cheetoJack: The owl has like a fucking moustache and beard and some glasses!
m0nkeyrama: Owls are wise SeriousSloth
CapnRobert: ho9w old is the owl
Pharmacistjudge: umm...that owl was being very direct....
m0nkeyrama: He has an old man voice
kingoftuesdaynight: The owl is like 7
ayirbudd: that needs to be a quote lol
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Old enough for a sick stache
kingoftuesdaynight: the mustache is fake obviously
FireFlower18: stop trying to put logic in this
cheetoJack: kingoftuesdaynight that would be a fucking old owl
CapnRobert: I mean the owl sounds like an adult
kingoftuesdaynight: 7 in owl years
FireBasilisk53: are we just changing the past like that
TehAmelie: real talk, owls are actually really stupid for birds. they got the reputation of being smart because they sound like they ask questions
cheetoJack: kingoftuesdaynight so the owl is 4 months old
kingoftuesdaynight: In captivity owls can live to 50
SuitablyEpic: have you beaten this game?
kingoftuesdaynight: Since that owl lives in a house
kingoftuesdaynight: I'm gonna say that counts
Earthenone: golfing happens
SuitablyEpic: beat? what is the proper tense?
m0nkeyrama: Time stuff happens
FireBasilisk53: All I remember is tink tink tink tink tink bonk bonk YOOOOOOOOOOOoooooouuuhh
Jorge4hg: after spheda is all a blur
StalePieceofWhiteBread: So she can't remember because for her it didn't happen because she's from an alternate timeline?
cheetoJack: well you saved the chicken Parm, and gave Lin some dumplings, is it now time to go talk to that tree again?
m0nkeyrama: Time travel related stuff is always confusing af
Xafty: not always
Defrost: Golf?
Xafty: doctor who is pretty easy to understand
Meinfretr: Salad fingers, that's a name I haven't hear din years
m0nkeyrama: Salad fingers seabatYIKES
Xafty: yep, new episode yesterday
Xafty: havent watched it yet
Kramburger: Beej is here! Put your pants back on, Adam!
m0nkeyrama: He wants to be treated like royalty
ayirbudd: this guy SUCKS
m0nkeyrama: Wouldn't you?
kingoftuesdaynight: Hi serge! Bye serge!
cheetoJack: this is game for BABIES
m0nkeyrama: Serge sergeHeart
Jorge4hg: bye serge
Valhallan597: Goblin PTSD monkaS
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Man them deserts are just full of thieves in JRPGs huh
m0nkeyrama: I forgot this game had butt tons of narration
FireBasilisk53: who tells stories like that
FireBasilisk53: "well I was about to find out"
cheetoJack: everyone in this game is a child, so a child tells a story that way
StalePieceofWhiteBread: MY BRAIN IS COOKING
m0nkeyrama: LUL
FireFlower18: defending people just by being there is called meatsheild.
silenceaux: After a story like that, I also would be screaming
kumatsu: Oh no, it's the SHA!
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StalePieceofWhiteBread: The tapir of destiny!
Valhallan597: Persona PogChamp
silenceaux: Oh, it has a tapir nose
cheetoJack: someone check AdmiralMemo is ok, this thing might eat them
Jorge4hg: she didn't like the story
Tantusar: That explains why I never know what's happening in this company.
ArcOfTheConclave: my dog ate my memos
Mowdownjoe: Mind Eraser, No Chaser?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: It's her LRR-Sona
Tantusar: If we kill the Memo-Eater, do we get her memories back?
m0nkeyrama: Let's go!
Xafty: i prefer toast
ArcOfTheConclave: big ugly Hypno
Meinfretr: Does japan think this is what tapirs do? Is that why Drowzee is one too?
m0nkeyrama: Fight it one v one
Tantusar: Or are they just gone now?
cheetoJack: Like I said, this game is for babies
Jorge4hg: jesus
Kramburger: Memo eater? It eats mods?
e_bloc: I am thou. thou art I
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Wow I was expecting something more intense
ArcOfTheConclave: easy boss
m0nkeyrama: That was a boss?
m0nkeyrama: SeriousSloth
Jorge4hg: even the machine gun?
Shamthewow: They should fear the power of GUN!
Tantusar: That boss was not worth boss text.
ArcOfTheConclave: the machine gun is the final boss
Jorge4hg: alright
m0nkeyrama: Is that wall slime? seabatTROG
m0nkeyrama: Send in the trogs seabatTROG
cheetoJack: Stuff? everyone I think
Talin06: the stuff store
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Twitch chat never fails to disappoint
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @Talin06 <3
m0nkeyrama: Never ever
Jorge4hg: twitch chat is always helpful...
BusTed: no big
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Yeah come on Max a starglass
m0nkeyrama: That's an odd restriction
BusTed: just your typical starglass
cheetoJack: House of Healing in Palm Brinks, Priest Bruno both sell Soap to get rid of "gooey"
Earthenone: dident she get her memory back when we gatted the tapir?
Kramburger: We can go back to the time that I won seconds in a hot dog eating contest!
m0nkeyrama: A whatsit??? DansGame
SageOfSquirrels: Have fun plotting, gotta handle some stuff. Hope to be back soon for more golf.
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StalePieceofWhiteBread: I need fifteen bearasses in order to make the starglass work!
Jorge4hg: fetch me some starglass
SuitablyEpic: people selling time machines in pawn shops
cheetoJack: dis parfait
FireFlower18: the starglass is also cursed..
SuitablyEpic: no wonder the timeline is fucked
m0nkeyrama: Wow, ax throwing :o
paunfar: Adam, I will 100% teach you the art of war
postmodernpajamawrestler: sick job
m0nkeyrama: There's a book about that, Adam
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Is that a bunnyman
Jorge4hg: @paunfar that's pretty metal
StalePieceofWhiteBread: That's awesome
StalePieceofWhiteBread: "Cheese"
Earthenone: 300 bucks for destroying the fabric of space and time
paunfar: Thanks pals!!
m0nkeyrama: Wow, a magical item that can reverse time is only 300 bucks????
LadyLavinias: Have to head to bed. Loved watching the stream like usual! Night Adam! :)
m0nkeyrama: Night @LadyLavinias
LadyLavinias: Night @m0nkeyrama
m0nkeyrama: <3
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Ah, they're rabbits because this is Moon World
m0nkeyrama: Sweet potatoes are bad
phorrestgaze: It's fine
StalePieceofWhiteBread: If you like Sweet Potatoes
hoktauri: I'm a hard no on that brother
m0nkeyrama: imo
e_bloc: sweet potato fries are good
paunfar: With enough whipped cream, anything is good
cheetoJack: sweet potatoes are awful, so no its bad
BusTed: Adam raising divisive food topics? Never! DansGame
Driosenth: it's meh
StalePieceofWhiteBread: It's basically like, pure sugar
Walkingharder: It awful trash
gawag_: According to the Soledad brothers, yes
Trashweazel: i love sweet potato pie
insidiouspie: agreed. it depends on you liking sweet potatoes
SuitablyEpic: its a false pumpkin pie
postmodernpajamawrestler: cheap manufacturing of space and time really tanked the value
DrWreckage: Yeah Pumpkin pie rules!
Crashzxs: sweet potatoes are bad if they arent cooked right, but if they are done right, its the fucking bomb.
SuitablyEpic: an evil deciever
DrWreckage: Down with sweet potatoes!
m0nkeyrama: WutFace
m0nkeyrama: THe BIG poop?
DrWreckage: No peace only war between pies!
Defrost: Sweet potatoes are overrated...
postmodernpajamawrestler: also it's not pure sugar if you get some good spices up in there
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I mean I don't like sweet potatoes so like sweet potato pie but like, some people definitely will
hoktauri: I wish you'd had said something earlier, I could of brought some when I brought Alex his Cheerwine at Unplugged
gawag_: Sweet potato in savory dishes has bde
hoktauri: Maybe GP Vegas?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: That will never be not funny
cheetoJack: we need a mod for this game to make it so Max fires the gun at a 90 degree angle
Omthebox: The permit is called having a Uzi
m0nkeyrama: He crafted his own uzi NotLikeThis
postmodernpajamawrestler: also trying it is definitely the best way to find out if it's good to you
shea_wolfe: "I'll show you my permit" "Pulls out second Uzi"
Defrost: You mean magic fest vegas Kappa
m0nkeyrama: His uzi is named "sexy panther" he gets a pass
SuitablyEpic: I feel like a lot of D&D campaigns would be a lot shorter if the ranger had an AK
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Poor ranger
themysticmogul: Fighter.
phorrestgaze: ranger
Noxenluxe: Monk SeriousSloth
Defrost: Twin strike with my 40 round uzi
MousseFilledCat: Unfixed Ranger
themysticmogul: Purely from a gameplay standard, a class that has few combat options is always going to be inferior to a class that has many combat options, plus out of combat "do things" effects.
cheetoJack: I think it depends a lot on what you enjoy doing in a combat thing
SuitablyEpic: pre patch ranger
Defrost: Ranger is not great...
Kramburger: 5e Rangers have magic
hoktauri: Bard? I tend to have fun with just about anything.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: In my personal opinion, Ranger. You always feel like you're stuck between "hey I'm a martial character" and "hey I'm a magic character" that classes like the Pali don't have
themysticmogul: Spellcasters are always going to outshine pure combatants, although in 5e it's less agregious than it's been in the past.
MousseFilledCat: Once they patched the ranger it was better
m0nkeyrama: Oh they got magic? That's sweet
deoplo: It depends on what you want in a class
themysticmogul: Yeah, if you want to not be able to do much, you can play a non caster.
deoplo: I personally don't like cleric
CapnRobert: I mean fighters right are the classic just run in and hit stuff thing?
hoktauri: I love me a good ranged battlemaster fighter
desert_dba: Ranger normally had magic.
hoktauri: war cleric!!!!
m0nkeyrama: Clerics are great
m0nkeyrama: Love me some heals
cheetoJack: in 5e just use Spiritual Weapon and you're set
Kramburger: I multiclassed Ranger with Assassin rogue and could one shot a dragon from stealth
postmodernpajamawrestler: yeah freeform bridge building was a popular hobby back in the day
deoplo: monk isn't a caster, but has different abilities
hoktauri: no heals only smash
themysticmogul: Capn: They've gotten a variety of ways to run in and hit things, but yeah. Your core way of interacting with the world hasn't changed much from what a WoW mob would do.
Crashzxs: knowledge cleric, I know all of the languages ever and can do all of the things
SuitablyEpic: 5e has a lot of things to do for each class. so even fighters have options in combat
StalePieceofWhiteBread: My personal fave is warlocks. I played a warlock that was sort of like a cleric? He was a Celestial and basically, a god died and lodged the last bit of itself in his brain
m0nkeyrama: It's fun to be the healer
PoorDecisionMachine: Bard or Rogue for me, I'm here for the drama
Defrost: Monk just goes fast and attacks a bunch which some people really like :P
m0nkeyrama: Supports OP
cheetoJack: I played in a dnd game with 8 players, 4 of which were Clerics for a bit.
cheetoJack: Turns out when you have 4 clerics, you don't really have to heal much.
Noxenluxe: I can't go fast SeriousSloth
SuitablyEpic: Warlock is so fun
hoktauri: I love playing a war cleric because people expect you to be healing and you're out there beating face instead
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Now he's "Dillion, the Prophet of the Light" and he's a spooky light magic user
moosethatsmiles: side note would you ever consider running a darkest dungeon themed campaign
m0nkeyrama: My playgroup focused way more on combat than role playing
desert_dba: I did a chaos worlock, and the random events were lots of fun.
SuitablyEpic: anyone watch the crap guide series?
gawag_: The combat is kinda what sets dnd a part imo
themysticmogul: A darkest dungeon themed campaign: You mean, role playing deep spychological trauma, or just having a lot of tough fights?
deoplo: yeah @SuitablyEpic
PoorDecisionMachine: I have a Warlock named steve
silenceaux: I named a character Dillon Thacker once, as the most obtuse reference I could manage to a Crocodile
themysticmogul: Lotta ways that can play out at the table.
cheetoJack: This is Chad, Great Old One Warlock
SuitablyEpic: Crap guide to dnd and monster hunter are so good.
m0nkeyrama: Chad DansGame
BusTed: This is Skyler the Old God.
silenceaux: I realize now that everyone just thought I was breaking setting in the most boring way possible
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I've got a Wizard named Bruce
FireBasilisk53: there are some who call me... Tim
insidiouspie: I am so going to name my next rpg character Dylan
deoplo: combat is what appeals to me. I spent way too much time trying to min max all my characters
Musicsquid: As a Dylan i can say were generally not vessels for gods old or new
Tiber727: Stop mocking Dylan., or he'll send his brother, the mighty barbarian Eugene, after you!
MousseFilledCat: In my Dark Sun campaign, we roll 3d6 in order for stats and half to make a character from that.
PoorDecisionMachine: steve is an aasimar pacted with their dad
MousseFilledCat: I'm on my 6th character and have been playing many different class builds
postmodernpajamawrestler: just curb stomping animated objects out here
silenceaux: Eugene, who became a barbarian specifically because people kept making fun of his name
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Wait, you did (3d6/2) for each stat?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Gross that sounds unpleasant
MousseFilledCat: @StalePieceofWhiteBread Sorry *have, not half
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @silenceaux so it's more like "Nerd Rage"
MousseFilledCat: Oh yes
themysticmogul: Dark Sun is a Boris Valeijo painting.
Laserbeaks_Fury: magic is super bad
m0nkeyrama: Sounds lovely :)
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Yeah Dark Sun is like, Conan meets Mad Max
MousseFilledCat: I died due to heat exhaustion in the desert for one character
themysticmogul: A good setting for heroism, because no one is going to free those slaves FOR you.
postmodernpajamawrestler: magic is great
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Mowdownjoe: Well, it's getting late here on the east coast. Night, Adam.
m0nkeyrama: Magic... in D&D?
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's outlawed
postmodernpajamawrestler: who doesn't want to be a fucking wizard
m0nkeyrama: it's very good in D&D
themysticmogul: Magic is dangerous in Dark Sun because you can drain the life from the environment to make spells better: Which is why everything is a desert.
m0nkeyrama: Ah
themysticmogul: Mechanically, there are no penalties to using it in dark sun unless you take a specific option.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: In Athas (the planet it's set on) Arcane magic sucks life out of stuff so like it's super dangerous. People hate it even if you're a caster who is a "preserver"
MousseFilledCat: Actually, out characters were recently transferred to Faerun and we are very confused by all the water and people being so nice. We are all convinced they are thralls to a very powerful sorceror king
Defrost: Wild magic sorcerer in 5e can be super fun especially if you agree with your DM to roll wild magic even for cantrips keeps everyone on their toes
cheetoJack: m0nkeyrama I don't want to alarm you but Adam just killed a Priest of Rama. Is that one of your people?
postmodernpajamawrestler: Golf please
BusTed: Aren't deities limited/non-existent in Dark Sun?
m0nkeyrama: Oh shiiii @cheetoJack
themysticmogul: Some people are like, "Hey, you can channel magical energy in ways that are sustainable and healthy for the environement!" And everyone else is all, "DIE MONSTER"
cheetoJack: In my dnd campaign I gave the Wild Magic Sorcerer a Wand of Wonder. Its fantastic.
MousseFilledCat: @themysticmogul You can never trust a defiler
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @BusTed Yeah kinda? Clerics draw their power from Elementals
m0nkeyrama: How rude of him to do that
BusTed: Ah, that's what it was.
deoplo: suddenly golfing?
m0nkeyrama: What
hoktauri: lucksack
m0nkeyrama: it's floatin
m0nkeyrama: on air
StalePieceofWhiteBread: WEW LAD
Tiber727: @Defrost Wild magic in 5e doesn't really seem "wild" enough. At least, not the regular table.
postmodernpajamawrestler: the spin is so powerful its levitating the ball
m0nkeyrama: Uh oh
hoktauri: but flumphs or however you spell it
cheetoJack: I was making a LRR meme wild magic table for a bit
SuitablyEpic: Wild magic definitely has a few interesting things
MousseFilledCat: I once summoned a unicorn while fighting devils
MousseFilledCat: Really turned the tide for us
m0nkeyrama: Looks like we're coming back
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES
themysticmogul: "Wild" magic on a table is just a disaster waiting to happen. If you want crazy effects, just ask the DM to have things happen to you at random, you don't need a table to consult how many wacky moles appear when you cast color spray.
BusTed: Just drill it into a rock and hope for the best.
SuitablyEpic: and the mechanic where you can manipulate luck is fun
m0nkeyrama: Just hit it :)
Tiber727: @MousseFilledCat Yeah, my group had a similar thing happen, in a lowish level encounter. We pretty much grabbed popcorn and sat the fight out.
hoktauri: If you haven't gotten Jer's DoMTs app I recommend it
MousseFilledCat: I liked it when you reached the level that you rolled twice on the table and chose which one you kept
MousseFilledCat: Really made it to my advantage to roll
Defrost: @Tiber727 my player wanted to play a... sorcerer that wasn't all there and randomly casting fireball on the party when they're trying to sneak around was pretty interesting but yeah some of the "wild" magic is pretty tame
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @themysticmogul one reason you might not want to do that is because then it can feel like the DM is holding back or "doing you a favor"
m0nkeyrama: wait, max has a camera?
cheetoJack: I turned the Unicorn that spawned via wild magic into the center of an arc in my dnd campaign. Its fantastic.
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MousseFilledCat: @Tiber727 To quote my DM "Did you know unicorns have legendary actions?"
gawag_: I like how the level exit is demarcated by a big L O G and nothing else
Erudite_Cynic: it really was
m0nkeyrama: Everywhere? Even Disneyland? :o
Suhono: My first stream was that too, and it led to Adam (briefly) playing PSO with my group and making a spellcaster named Casterbate
SuitablyEpic: self fireball is pretty fucky but its literally a 5% of a 2% chance
Erudite_Cynic: it isnt when I subbed tho Kappa
Defrost: Adam will take us all to disneyland if we're nice for a year
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
hoktauri: Seacon?
Suhono: And yes, Adam, we still play PSO
m0nkeyrama: Wow
m0nkeyrama: HAting on the happiest place
Shamthewow: its overrated
cheetoJack: my game's sorcerer was a bit concerned with wild magic un-aging him for a bit. I think he rolled twice in a row to get younger by a total of like 15 years. He's a youngish Aasimar... so thats a bit of an issue
Suhono: FeelsBadMan
Erudite_Cynic: will you come with us to DisneyWORLD? we could have Seacon there
Suhono: Busy man
Defrost: FINE Adam will take us all to LRRCon 2 Kappa
postmodernpajamawrestler: time to sleep, you all have a good night of small children with guns
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @SuitablyEpic I did a little homebrew thing in Curse of Strahd. I had a player who Multiclassed into Wizard as a Cleric and he needed an Arcane Focus. So I said he could use this nothic's eye he found as a focus, but whenever he used it I got to roll a surge
m0nkeyrama: Florida, though seabatYIKES
hoktauri: Seacon in Nassau?
Tiber727: @Defrost See, if I had the patience, I'd make 3 tables, a minor wild magic, medium, and major. spell levels 1-3 can only trigger minor, for instance. But then, if you roll 100 on the minor, it goes to a higher table.
hoktauri: I've been pricing out a cruise to Nassau, it's cold here and I hate it
SuitablyEpic: so Seacon before LRRcon?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @SuitablyEpic the first time we got an actual Surge it was the Fireball. He nearly killed the entire party, and DID kill Ireena Kolyana
m0nkeyrama: :o
Erudite_Cynic: When is Blue's Birthday so I can get my plane tickets for Seacon?
m0nkeyrama: Seacon at LRRcon 2 seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: We can have a trog takeover
Erudite_Cynic: @m0nkeyrama Don't Curse Saecon like that
cheetoJack: We already had a Seacon, you guys missed it lrrBEEJ
Erudite_Cynic: *Seacon
Erudite_Cynic: lies cheetoJack
m0nkeyrama: Lies, Cheeto said no on showed up
cheetoJack: Yeah I thought it was weird that no one else showed up, but you know thats how it goes
m0nkeyrama: SeriousSloth
xnflxnightmarex: nuggets or tenders?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Man, the idea of a Mimic is kinda weird isn't it?
m0nkeyrama: So no one showed up Kappa
SuitablyEpic: seacon was inside of us all along
Erudite_Cynic: I still need to get together with Shark and Om for Seacon north
BusTed: got'em
themysticmogul: @Tiber727 I don't think the spellcasters need three hundred entries of tables, they already get everything interesting during combat. Spend that energy coming up with animal spirits for the barbarian to call upon.
m0nkeyrama: We did it!
Defrost: Seacon South is where it's at though
LetsConsider: @stalepieceofwhitebread not if you assume that magic is what they live on, and adventurers are higher in magic than most things
DrWreckage: I just wish we could be doing a golf thing 90% of the time
SharkHero08: SeaconNorth seabatTROG
cheetoJack: Seacon in Sealand is where it really happens though
Defrost: Right after DB South
m0nkeyrama: What about seacon LA? 🤔
cutaos: go go noryh westish
SuitablyEpic: i feel like seacon should be in seattle because branding
Markster981: sEUacon
m0nkeyrama: Shoo marky
m0nkeyrama: Kappa
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @LetsConsider sorry what's this about?
SharkHero08: Seacon LA would be monkey and Nox
hoktauri: but Seattle is so expensive to travel to :/
m0nkeyrama: I would get to meet Nox :o
LetsConsider: @stalepieceofwhitebread mimics?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: True
Markster981: Seacon Scotland would just be me and a lovingly printed photo of thiccdos
m0nkeyrama: LUL
cheetoJack: do it in one!
LetsConsider: I wonder, is there an uwucon yet?
m0nkeyrama: ^
hoktauri: Yeah I'd probably be the only one at Seacon NC
cheetoJack: thats quitter talk
m0nkeyrama: Get an albatross you coward SeriousSloth
Erudite_Cynic: @SharkHero08 Seacon North at Rooks seabatTROG
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Wow that's a fun little detail; they animated the necklace to bounce on him
Tiber727: @themysticmogul I know little about barbarians, cause they never interested me. The easiest way to make fighters interesting is what 4e did - make them kinda-sorta wizards only call their spells "shouts" or whatever.
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis that rock
SharkHero08: If I and Om ever have the time/money
m0nkeyrama: Like a boshy spike
StalePieceofWhiteBread: MURDER THAT ROCK
m0nkeyrama: Oh dear
m0nkeyrama: The wheels are coming off
Erudite_Cynic: spheda master playing with a handicap
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Today is the day we discover if you can in fact get blood from a stone
Tantusar: *sploosh*
StalePieceofWhiteBread: It was that dang rock
FireFlower18: can you stone a stone?
Erudite_Cynic: @FireFlower18 try it see what happens
Markster981: pixel perfect golf
IncredibleFrown: ah, golf club in one hand, machine gun in the other
BusTed: ItsBoshyTime
StalePieceofWhiteBread: So like how lorge is that chunk of meat?
m0nkeyrama: ItsBoshyTime ItsBoshyTime
Erudite_Cynic: lorge enough
m0nkeyrama: Adam taking an actual break in a solo stream???? What sorcery is this?
LetsConsider: I wanna be the boshi isn’t a very disability friendly game
m0nkeyrama: It's not, unfortunately
Erudite_Cynic: @LetsConsider its not a very ANYTHING friendly game
SharkHero08: I downloaded Boshy but have been putting it off since i dont think ill be able to deal with the light and framing changes
m0nkeyrama: Can we take a second to appreciate this noise
LetsConsider: See, I point at Boshy whenever people tell me Dark souls is hard
m0nkeyrama: Boshy is very hard to watch sometimes with the way some levels are put together
m0nkeyrama: Lots of flashes or screen shake/flipping or screen transitions
LetsConsider: Dark souls is many things, including a little opaque and occasionally bs, but it isn’t the kind of difficulty which is unassailable
Tiber727: @LetsConsider Not to sound unsympathetic, but there are some games that probably couldn't really be made to be accessible, and Boshy is probably one of them. That said, the screen flipping type stuff is annoying.
m0nkeyrama: Dark souls isn't unreasonably hard (most of the time)
LetsConsider: @m0nkeyrama and it rewards being careful. There’s lots of ways to make the game easier that just take longer
BusTed: In 2019
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Walkingharder: Well it is 2019 brother. Times they are changing
m0nkeyrama: I don't know if I've seen you take a break in a solo stream in a while
ArcOfTheConclave: Adam Savadan caring for his mental and physical health.
RvLeshrac: Something something catheter
EdmundJuniper: It feels pretty good Adam.
IncredibleFrown: wait, that hat *wasn't* a function of golf?
m0nkeyrama: You've had a week of long days
Erudite_Cynic: Gym is working, just Working out
MinniChii: Good evening!!
m0nkeyrama: Hey @MinniChii !
ArcOfTheConclave: #selfcare
m0nkeyrama: No cottage cheese salads?
incredulouspasserby: Adam, weird question for you. Does it feel...hard? To care about eating well/going to the gym?
Markster981: this is a pew pew pew asmr stream
incredulouspasserby: The question just popped in my head
m0nkeyrama: Do what works for you, man
MinniChii: Cuz you wanna?
Erudite_Cynic: I am finally joining the gym because t I get a huge discount from the new job and now I have it no excuse to not go
m0nkeyrama: To look/feel good?
Earthenone: the off chance you can go supersaiyan?
StephenJM81: it's a lot more fun if you have a workout pal
IncredibleFrown: well it's probably healthy
Meinfretr: It depends on what you do as your exercise I guess
WyleeCoyote556: you go because youre DIESEL
m0nkeyrama: Cardio :o
Meinfretr: Lifting is kind of boring sometimes but I've been having a lot of fun with boxing and sparring. Maybe juijitsu or wrestling would be more your jam?
DrWreckage: Cardio is so time consuming
FarleyF: You do it because LRR needs its Thor/Hulk and you fit that role
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Fulfillment comes from within <3 We can't make you feel good but I support you in everything you do!
DrWreckage: There's like cardio you can do at a desk, that's the secret tech
Defrost: Adam Savidan the smartest Sayan by like a 1000 times...
MinniChii: oh Gym...... I was supposed to start trying to get in shape for a thing I have coming up..... then it got cold and I gave up....
m0nkeyrama: Biggest brain saiyan seabatBRAIN
Earthenone: he did land on his head from space
Raygekage: Have you gone through the game many times?
Jovh11: I always thought you worked out to defend yourself from people who get overzealous about orange soda
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I mean if he's the smartest Sayan, it's more like Here's Adam.......................................................................................................................................Goku's here. Each dot is a zillion miles
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Defrost: Vegita, nappa... Radish it's a pretty low bar
LetsConsider: Cold does that. There are things you can do in the cold, like squats
MinniChii: Yeah, I have my thing in 3 weeks. I can only hope I pass the test.
MinniChii: MIMIC!!!
MinniChii: I hate mimics....
m0nkeyrama: Is that the message you get if there was a lapse in the streak?
LetsConsider: What thing? If I can ask @minnichii
sesho13: adam you gonna stream RE2?
m0nkeyrama: They finally went through with the total months thing on twitch
Earthenone: adam already streamed RE2
IncredibleFrown: oh, oh, it's this voice actor
m0nkeyrama: Instead of only the consecutive months
MinniChii: @LetsConsider Canadian Armed Forces Medical/Physical exam. Have to meet their requirements in order to be offered the job.
Omthebox: Game is way to scary for adam to stream alone.
yell0wninja: Yeah, I don't go to the gym, but I can definitely feel a change in temperament when I bike to school/work. Been pretty rough to convince myself to bike in these temperatures though...
Erudite_Cynic: I don't like lifting but I apparently am really good at it so all my friends who lift constantly give me shit for not lifting.
m0nkeyrama: RE2 had some quality spooks
MinniChii: My interview is next week, and the medical is the 21st.
m0nkeyrama: Good luck @MinniChii ! You've got this!
Omthebox: I remember biking to work and back in -25F. Wear two pairs of pants.
LetsConsider: @minnichii is it like the US army? That level of being fit?
m0nkeyrama: How is it out there right now, Om?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I went to the gym for a while. Then I sprained my ankle and that put the kaibosh on that for a while. Then I fell out of the habit and I don't have a job so no money...
Omthebox: Its fine. Not even that cold
Erudite_Cynic: @Omthebox zip ties on the tires work wonders
LetsConsider: -20 with wind chill
Noxenluxe: Seems like your bike would freeze up like Om SeriousSloth
Erudite_Cynic: -25 is baby weather
m0nkeyrama: That's way too cold for me
MinniChii: I have no idea @LetsConsider But the CAF has the minimum requirements on their website. I'm mostly concerned about being able to run long enough. Or the push ups.
Raygekage: Do you take the chance to grind Monica's armband in Balance Valley, because Lin is only with you for this chapter? Or do you not bother?
Omthebox: Noxenluxe Well I knew it was going to be cold so I left it in the gear I wanted when I stopped.
Defrost: Man with the weather in montreal for the past 2 weeks I kinda regret taking this instead of the position in Victoria :/
WyleeCoyote556: bike is best cardio cause i actually do it :D
SharkHero08: The gym I could go to is free
m0nkeyrama: That sounds like a sweet deal,Adam
yell0wninja: The most fun was this past weekend when we got rain while I was in work and then it dropped like 20 or more degrees, so I got to feel all the ice in my chain breaking as I rode. Freaked me out at first.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I mean that's what I paid (not for 24 hour access but w/e) but like... no income makes that hard D:
karpma: that's really good i was paying 50 a month at goodlife which is just the worst gym anyways.
Meinfretr: My boxing gym is kinda pretty expensive but I use my apartment's gym to cancel out that cost
Crashzxs: -25 is deff baby weather, put on a coat, touque, and some proper pants. layers man, layers
LetsConsider: @minnichii push ups you can do inside, running is harder tho. Wall squats maybe?
Raygekage: She gives +1SP and +1 Random stat per level up for the armbands
SharkHero08: As a full time student Ive got free access to the schools gym
Raygekage: like gerald but for monica
m0nkeyrama: Same
incredulouspasserby: I mean IDK about you but I'm not a huge fan of frostbite
gualdhar: your gym access isn't "free", you're paying for it with tuition.
Kramburger: I got a free gym membership with my job... for a chain of gyms
m0nkeyrama: But I've only been a few times
Erudite_Cynic: @Omthebox apparently its getting cold here next week
SharkHero08: Just the only time id be able to go to the gym would be in the afternoon
yell0wninja: Student gyms are nice but there's def something intimidating about working out alongside people who are mostly the most fit they'll ever be
Omthebox: Erudite_Cynic that's going to suck. Roads were just getting okayish too.
Seagulyus: gualdhar especially since everyone in the school usually has to pay the fee but next to no one goes
Erudite_Cynic: @Omthebox IKR
m0nkeyrama: The egg seabatTROG
Crashzxs: its going from 0*C to -32 w/ 1 half meter of snow on saturday here >.>
Seagulyus: thats what it was like at mine at least...
LetsConsider: Student gyms are generally full of young people who want to be fit
SharkHero08: I have thought of just going in the evening to do cardio bikes for like an hour
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Jesus the weather sounds awful
Crashzxs: then it will be back up to -5 this time next week
daryldutch: anyone have a link to talking simulator life is strange 2 part 1 i cant seem to find it.
SharkHero08: But my legs are like the one muscle i dont need to work on
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Thank god I have like, a place where I can live
Jovh11: You guys are losing weight like chumps just do what I do and get really sick to lose all your weight
Earthenone: i went to a gym on a military base once, that was intimidating as all hell
IncredibleFrown: since they drop sand on fires to put them out shouldn't ground be strong against fire
Omthebox: I can't bike anymore. Something wrong with my knees. Apparently its a hereditary problem.
Hodgegoulashi: intervals
Seagulyus: IncredibleFrown thats to smother the flames
Seagulyus: here the flames are striking the outside of the rock
Meinfretr: I think starting off, people will do one minute sprint, 5 minute walking?
Xafty: @Omthebox i have chronic tendonitis in every joint, so i know the feel
Meinfretr: Pump those legs
Erudite_Cynic: @Omthebox seabatYIKES
Omthebox: That's super rough Xafty I feel for you
RvLeshrac: I mean, it depends on what your goal is.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: FISH
SharkHero08: Like, I want to do actual weight training but Id be doing it by myself mostly and that is kinda off putting
Meinfretr: My dad used to love running but he fucked up his knees doing it and had to switch to cycling
Xafty: @Omthebox the best i can do is swim, which is better than nothing
Defrost: Are these chest refrigerated somehow???
RvLeshrac: I dropped ~40lbs in the past three months just walking a half hour a day.
Erudite_Cynic: @Omthebox I know the feel due to being run over a few years ago
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @Defrost maaaagiiiiic
SharkHero08: I mostly would want a spotter
Omthebox: Xafty yeah. Swimming is pretty fun, I wish the pool here wasn't allll the way in town.
Omthebox: Erudite_Cynic I hear that's bad for you
LetsConsider: My dad used to cycle, but then he got diagnosed with MS, so he’s in a wheel chair
Xafty: to people that can do conventional workouts for reasons, swimming is a great way to at least stay in shape
SharkHero08: "Not strong" with those pythons?
Meinfretr: That's a bummer @LetsConsider :(
Markster981: adam could easily bench a small trog
m0nkeyrama: Easily
Omthebox: So you, Markster981 ?
Erudite_Cynic: @Omthebox 1/5 stars would not recommend getting run over by tractor
m0nkeyrama: Like you marky
SharkHero08: I have anxiety about swimming in public
m0nkeyrama: baby trog
Markster981: yes actually
Omthebox: Erudite_Cynic I'll take it off my bucket list.
karpma: if you're just starting out ask for a spot. way better then risking hurting yourself and most people don't mind
cheetoJack: Adam could probably bench blue
SharkHero08: Something about being very overweight and only slightly less hairy then robin williams
m0nkeyrama: It's a spooky thing
Markster981: I also hate being shirtless
Omthebox: I couldn't care if I wore a shirt or not.
Omthebox: What are they going to do? Oogle my tiny man tiddies? Unlikely.
m0nkeyrama: Part of the reason I don't swim
Jovh11: My skin itches like crazy without a shirt
SharkHero08: Part of the problem is I inherited a super shit matabolism as well
LetsConsider: I’ve always hated being shirtless, even when I was very fit
SharkHero08: I dont exactly have "small" man titties
Kramburger: That happened here in Aus recently
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I mean getting snakebit on the grundle sounds horrible
Markster981: my metabolism is too fast so im very skinny, you can see my ribs shits fucked tbh
Omthebox: I'd imagine they're about medium shark.
HydraWiggins: As a 330 pound guy who walks 10-15,000 steps per day, this is all sounding way too real
RvLeshrac: I mean, that's a reasonable fear, Adam.
m0nkeyrama: I genuinely check under the toilet seat every time for spiders
RvLeshrac: "Spider bites Australian man on penis again"
SuitablyEpic: My biggest anxiety is mirrors in dark rooms
IncredibleFrown: do you think snakes are scared they'll find a piece of meat and bite it, only to get pooped on
Doctor_Pockets: I also regularly check for toilet spiders
SharkHero08: Im both happy with/ and hate how I look
Xafty: @RvLeshrac i feel like the word "again" is the worst part of that
m0nkeyrama: Toilet spiders are spooky
m0nkeyrama: Spiders on the TP roll are almost worse, though?
SharkHero08: Like, I want to improve my health since ive been over 260 since i was in high school
HondoTrigger: Adam, I just unlocked a Golf mini game in KH3 :)
IncredibleFrown: i'm trans so i have no frame of reference :v
Meinfretr: Yo gotta be the change you wanna see happen or whatever
Omthebox: I could do with out all the eczema. If I could change anything.
Xafty: @HondoTrigger SPOILERS(not serious)
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @SharkHero08 Not to be one of those people, but like I lost weight just switching to a vegetarian diet
HondoTrigger: you can make it :)
SharkHero08: Im trying to change my diet to be more healthy but school is making it really hard to not be in a real shitty state
m0nkeyrama: Do it in one? :o
Talin06: yes
HondoTrigger: @Xafty benginLol
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Yeah school food sucks
yell0wninja: One of my biggest frustrations came recently when over the course of my freshman year of college, I lost a reasonable amount of weight (largely due to being super depressed, unfortunately) and hadn't even noticed until I saw pictures of myself from high school
Vlanoik: i'd take a penalty and do it then
HondoTrigger: @m0nkeyrama seabatTROG
Erudite_Cynic: the challenge for me is eating right as it is Waaaaay easier to not eat right
RvLeshrac: There's also this shot from Thailand:
yell0wninja: So I have to wonder if I can even get to a point where I feel better about how I look
Defrost: I'll be honest Adam my biggest fear is that I actually won't get to that point and just get complecent...
m0nkeyrama: Heeey @HondoTrigger seabatTROG seabatTROG
RvLeshrac: And it must suck to go to the bathroom when you have crabs:
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @SharkHero08 yeah I lost school food weight, so like keep that in mind
Omthebox: That bounced a bit more than I expected.
Dyllbert: Is this Kingdom Hearts? Kappa
SharkHero08: Its not even the school food, its all the stress and anxiety that pile on top of my hunger and my not wanting to make food
m0nkeyrama: I lost the freshman 15 because of my anxiety
m0nkeyrama: It was unhealthy af
StalePieceofWhiteBread: TOO MUCH JUICE
SharkHero08: I think the highest ive been while in school was 285
yell0wninja: I was eating crazy 1,000-1500 calorie meals on the daily, but also eating only one meal per day
m0nkeyrama: Darn, more golf :)
yell0wninja: It was a weird time
MinniChii: I was very unhappy with my body after my third son was born (in 2017). I was able to get clothes that actually fit, and that helped.
Omthebox: I recommend peanut-butter and ham sandwich for a healthy alternative to caring about anything at all.
head_cannon: Adam "Too Much Juice" Savidan
SharkHero08: But I think im back down to 275
m0nkeyrama: That's awesome, Adam!
StephenJM81: awesome work Adam
Jovh11: I've lost 30 lbs in the the last 6 months due to chronic illness
m0nkeyrama: Om no, that's cursed
SharkHero08: Yeah, I know
Erudite_Cynic: OM no.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Yeah, funny thing with my Freshman year is I lost like 15 pounds because... I didn't eat? Severe depression will do that.
LetsConsider: Are you okay @jovh11
Omthebox: m0nkeyrama Erudite_Cynic oh yes
StalePieceofWhiteBread: God I look back at pictures of me and it's like "jesus how was I alive"
m0nkeyrama: Om why though
MinniChii: I once lost 45lbs in one day! It hurt. (I had a baby, trying to make a joke)
Omthebox: m0nkeyrama Re: Not caring about anything at all.
Gekyouryuu: I'm just wondering when the change in my metabolism that'll make me gain weight is coming, because I was told that since I was a kid, but I'm 28 and have weighed 120-ish since high school. and based on my height, that's apparently underweight by a few pounds.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @MinniChii Jesus christ, so I assume most of that was fluid right
StephenJM81: @MinniChii that is an enormous baby :P
Erudite_Cynic: how many babies is that MinniChii?
m0nkeyrama: Hm
SharkHero08: I guess the only super heavy excercise ive done was a weight lifting course, and i didnt adjust my diet do really go with that
LetsConsider: Wait, how much does a baby weigh?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Well like 8 pounds is a big baby
LetsConsider: And what’s all the extra weight?
m0nkeyrama: Streamer has a life outside of this stream? DansGame
Markster981: @gekyouryuu big mood except im underweight by a quite a bit
Omthebox: That'd be hot.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I'm into it!
head_cannon: Adam "I'm on Let's Nope, motherfucker!" Savidan
m0nkeyrama: Oh man, a sausage party? :o
SharkHero08: I think I was a bit over 8 lbs, my brother may have been closer to 10lbs
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Yeah but no Seth Rogan
Dyllbert: @Gekyouryuu I am right there with you. I've been 6'4 135 lbs for the past 10 years, now into my late 20's and nothing has changed.....
MinniChii: It was one baby, he was 6lbs, 7oz. Most of it was liquid. I was 19 at the time. Now I have had my third, and haven't managed to lose near as much weight this time around.
ayirbudd: "lets fuck some boats"
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Kids! <D
StalePieceofWhiteBread: <3
Kramburger: !tine
Kramburger: *time
Omthebox: I was almost 10 lbs. Now I weight I weight on the conscious of all I meet.
Kramburger: GODDAMN
LetsConsider: Huh. I didn’t realize that much of the extra mass was liquid
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Wait @Dyllbert holy shit was that supposed to be 235?
StalePieceofWhiteBread: Because like holy shit
MinniChii: Well, there is liquid (amniotic fluid, water), placenta, the baby itself....
Walkingharder: Mheps
SuitablyEpic: I'm 6 foot 140. there does not seem to be a way for me to gain weight (not that I want to) 30 in 2 months
Gekyouryuu: @StalePieceofWhiteBread I can believe they're that weight. I'm somewhere around 5'10" to 6' and only weigh about 120-ish
LetsConsider: I knew there was fluid, my mom told me the story of her water breaking immediately after defending her doctoral thesis
Omthebox: I weight an amount less than 200 and am as tall as a 6 foot man but more taller.
Dyllbert: @StalePieceofWhiteBread No, 135 6'4 for 10+ years, into my lare 20s now. The only thing that changes my weight is when I get sick and eat a big meal or drop a big load respectively
StalePieceofWhiteBread: BMI isn't end-all be all but like, that's *SEVERELY* underweight
LetsConsider: I just didn’t realize it was like over 30 lbs
Markster981: Im 6ft 2 118 pounds, shit is wild
m0nkeyrama: Only one at the office?
Vlanoik: was that a flash of t-pose on the dragon a bit ago?
m0nkeyrama: Time to break shit
MinniChii: I've never had my water break. Nurses had to break it for me each time.
Meinfretr: Y'all need some food in your lives
Omthebox: Break stuff, like our hopes and dreams.
m0nkeyrama: BibleThump
Markster981: if only it were that easy mein
Omthebox: Too late.
SharkHero08: Im 6ft 270ish lbs for reference on the weight/image issues
daDilph: Nah, if you're the only one there you need to put your butt on all of the things.
Meinfretr: Eat a fuckin burger Marky
SuitablyEpic: I eat well over 3000 calories a day
Meinfretr: Eat like seven burgers
SuitablyEpic: I gain nothing
m0nkeyrama: Sometimes the food doesn't add weight for people
MinniChii: Oh yeah! I need to make cheesecake for valentine's day.....
Erudite_Cynic: @SharkHero08 I am 6'2" and like 300+ so I get chu fam
Omthebox: Oh no, adam butt ResidentSleeper
Markster981: Wouldnt do anything BibleThump
m0nkeyrama: Oh nooo
Meinfretr: A true friend will eat off your ass
m0nkeyrama: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper
SharkHero08: @Erudite_Cynic seabatYIKES
Omthebox: The office isn't youtube comments.
Markster981: I also gain nothing
m0nkeyrama: wtf Mein
SharkHero08: Like, thats sounds rough my friend
SuitablyEpic: I've been really happy with the quarter pounder deal at mcdonalds
Meinfretr: How can you say you loe your friends if you won't even eat off their ass
m0nkeyrama: Well
Meinfretr: *love
m0nkeyrama: Easily
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @Meinfretr honestly how can you
LetsConsider: @minnichii my mom’s water broke for both me and my sister. I waited till after defending her doctoral thesis
m0nkeyrama: Why would you eat off of anyone's ass?
SharkHero08: Oh shit, I forgot to grab my mom a birthday card today NotLikeThis
Omthebox: Its easy, I don't love my friends. They're there in case I need organ doners.
m0nkeyrama: like, plates exist
Meinfretr: You don't know their life ramen
LetsConsider: @m0nkeyrama fetish
StalePieceofWhiteBread: @m0nkeyrama I mean, don't kinkshame me
m0nkeyrama: WutFace
SuitablyEpic: @ all the other stick-people in chat: would you say you consume a high amount of caffeine?
Omthebox: SharkHero08 just make one.
LetsConsider: Same thought @stalepieceofwhitebread
Erudite_Cynic: @SharkHero08 Honestly the real problem is that I have no real issues with how I look. I'm fat but also muscular so slytqShrug
SharkHero08: @SuitablyEpic no
Markster981: @suitablyepic Nope
m0nkeyrama: @SuitablyEpic lots of sugar and salt, no caffeine
SharkHero08: @Erudite_Cynic I wish I was more muscular
LetsConsider: No @suitablyepic although I’m not super thin
m0nkeyrama: Blue's here? seabatTROG seabatTROG
StalePieceofWhiteBread: What does the color of the thing mean?
MinniChii: @LetsConsider My second and third sons waited until we scheduled their eviction. THEN they decided they were going to be born the day before. My second, at 1:30am. He barely gave me enough time to get to the hospital. My third son was much more agreeable and waited until we got his brothers to school before coming.
SharkHero08: Blue skipping his night classes?
m0nkeyrama: The ball has to be the opposite color @StalePieceofWhiteBread
StalePieceofWhiteBread: I see
Dyllbert: @SuitablyEpic Only caffeine I have is the occasional soda with caffine, maybe 2 times a week
SharkHero08: @MinniChii they sound ramboxious
m0nkeyrama: Does he have night classes?
Erudite_Cynic: @SharkHero08 mine is well hidden under a layer of blubber. like a walrus
silenceaux: Adam appears to be pretty good at golf
SharkHero08: blue has stated a prefference for evening/night glasses
m0nkeyrama: He is a self proclaimed golf god
Markster981: ooze? seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
m0nkeyrama: I mean, same here tbh @SharkHero08
MinniChii: @SharkHero08 they're cute. I was smart enough to spread them out. My oldest is 9, and they are all 4 years apart.
LetsConsider: 3 brothers? Oof
SharkHero08: I have deceptively strong legs masked by a history of unhealed shinsplints and knee issues
LetsConsider: Do they get along?
SharkHero08: @MinniChii smart
MinniChii: Better than my sisters and I did/do
m0nkeyrama: Totally nonbiased here, I feel like 3 years apart is great for siblings
SageOfSquirrels: aaand we're back. Hiya. How's it going over here?
Omthebox: If I had to assign a number for how chill this stream is right now, its like a 9/10.
SuitablyEpic: @m0nkeyrama I agree
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG / seabatTROG Om
Juliamon: How can you not be chill with this music?
SuitablyEpic: although I am biased
StalePieceofWhiteBread: The scarequotes on "Cheese" is great
SharkHero08: My brother and I are 2 years apart
m0nkeyrama: Oh noooo
silenceaux: :C
Juliamon: womp woooomp
Markster981: If I had to give a number to how much I love om its like a 9/10
m0nkeyrama: Ripped the shirt NotLikeThis NotLikeThis seabatYIKES
Omthebox: That's why its not a 10/10 Adam. Thanks for showing an example.
Erudite_Cynic: show us the carnage!
Meinfretr: Guns shot a hole through the sleeve
MinniChii: My sisters and I are 2 years apart (I'm the middle one)
silenceaux: I wonder if you could get it mended
Omthebox: Markster981 that seems 10 points too high.
StalePieceofWhiteBread: If I was gonna rate this stream on how nice it was it'd be 6/9, a perfect score
m0nkeyrama: Ripped a hole right into his phone Kappa
SharkHero08: I was a c-section my brother was the "normal" way
smurfsrppl2: need some Shirt Repair Powder
LetsConsider: @m0nkeyrama given that me and my sister are 3 years apart and we still get along well, and my mom actually did research into what the best time between siblings was
Markster981: @omthebox our strawberry and banana milk alliance gets you +8
m0nkeyrama: 3 years is a nice gap
Omthebox: Fair.
m0nkeyrama: You get to go to school with them for a bit
SageOfSquirrels: happy to hear it. This is what I need this evening. Carry on, friends.
Jovh11: Its okay Adam its early enough to get athread of the problem
SageOfSquirrels: Oh man! Yes! Fish races!
m0nkeyrama: you're not too far apart to make it weird
Erudite_Cynic: SharkHero08 arrived in the "traditional" fashion
Juliamon: My sister and I have a 3-year 4-month difference. Only one of us was planned though.
incredulouspasserby: Adam Savidan: Very against fishing, but definitely here for the fantasy golf
SharkHero08: though I was going to be a normal birth until the doctors realised the reason I had so much trouble getting out was I had wrapped the umbilical cord around my neck
m0nkeyrama: Good news, I hope?
SageOfSquirrels: Let's chill with some fruity cocktails and watch digital fish swim laps!
MinniChii: 4 isn't too bad. BUt if you have more than 2, then the oldest looses a lot of connection with the youngest
Omthebox: SharkHero08 you were getting ahead of the game not even out of the gate yet.
SharkHero08: LUL
Omthebox: I can name 10
m0nkeyrama: Do it
ruscobrog: LoZ
xnflxnightmarex: Warframe
Juliamon: What a brave and contentious thing to say
m0nkeyrama: you coward
SharkHero08: Pro Bass Tour?
silenceaux: Gaia Online Kappa
Markster981: monster hunter Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa
SuitablyEpic: legend of zelda: fishing with bombs
HoodedBowman: Stardew Valley
Jovh11: Fish are too suspicious
Gekyouryuu: Nier: Automata?
Zaraka00: Animal Crossing
karpma: wow fish wooo....
Markster981: monster hunter fishing actually makes me genuinely mad
head_cannon: In Terraria, fishing was tedious, but the rewards were fun.
Hodgegoulashi: Terry's Fish O' Rama Tastic
LetsConsider: Stardew fishing?
m0nkeyrama: Fish o rama :o
SuitablyEpic: pokemon
m0nkeyrama: my people
gawag_: Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave
m0nkeyrama: You can
Nocxia: warframe
Juliamon: yeah, you fish up Pokemon
Nocxia: had rad fishing
karpma: yeah catch magicarps all day
SageOfSquirrels: Did Adam never use the rods?
Orchestrion: I do like how you can just Kobe the capture net to fish in monster hunter
Nocxia: YES IT DOES\
SuitablyEpic: its exactly like random battles... but water pokemon only
m0nkeyrama: even back in blue/red, fishing was in pokemon
deoplo: Wii play
Nocxia: Spearfishing infact!!!
amythist: yup spear fishing
StephenJM81: Quake
ayirbudd: you can fish in all the pokemon games
SageOfSquirrels: How did he catch most water types? surfing into them?
ReydienOnline: it does and it's surprisingly not bad
Comrademik: cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 turns out I can use Google dollars for this! anyway, here's some bits for being a great dude, Adam!
Zaraka00: Path of Exile Kappa
CJKumo: yeah it was required to progress in blue lol
Hodgegoulashi: animal crossing
Jovh11: I mean water is classically blue
Juliamon: I think one of the Oregon Trail spinoffs had sweet spearfishing
Juliamon: Amazon Trail maybe?
m0nkeyrama: Commander
MinniChii: oh no! I think i'm getting a cold! This is the worst
Earthenone: World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft The burning crusade, World of Warcraft the frozen throne. World of Warcraft cataclysm, World of Warcraft mists of pandaria, World of Warcraft warlords of dreanor, World of Warcraft legion
incredulouspasserby: Upper middle class
m0nkeyrama: Not the best?
Comrademik: well I'm a fan
SageOfSquirrels: seabatTROG
Markster981: I remember the mh3 basic fishing quest took me 45 mins to catch two fish
m0nkeyrama: Best in the office SeriousSloth
MinniChii: Why can't you be a great dude Adam? You're the best for someone.
Comrademik: also continuing my username promotion streak
Orchestrion: Tinder also has fishing
Juliamon: Also I liked the fishing in Okami
Erudite_Cynic: not a jobber, but not the champ either. kinda like the Miz
Omthebox: Archage, legend of zelda OoT, Legend of Zelda Twilight princess, FFXV, Breath of Fire 3, Warframe, Far Cry 5, WoW, Arc, Black Desert
Hodgegoulashi: beej is the pinnacle of mankind
Omthebox: @LoadingReadyRun
m0nkeyrama: Om's list :o
Markster981: fishing sucks in zelda who are you kidding
Earthenone: black desert fishing was quite good
m0nkeyrama: what even are some of those
MinniChii: You're the best Adam I know! (Yes, I place you above my brother, who is also called Adam)
Markster981: fishing in sonic adventure Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm
m0nkeyrama: Sonic DansGame
Omthebox: Fishing isn't about being exciting, and besides thats 12 games. So eat it.
silenceaux: Fishing in MMOs tends to be literal bottom tier
m0nkeyrama: Cursed name
HoodedBowman: @omthebox I actually agree with you on most but my #1 fave fishing is stardew valley.
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Digigoner: Awesome pic in the new Friday Nights! With Ben's flannel, you ARE the Lumberjack!
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Omthebox: HoodedBowman fair, I forgot about stardew tbh
Comrademik: Adam for intercontinental champ
Jovh11: Don't feed us that line about fishing
Earthenone: you would win just enough to be a credible threat when serge beats you
Walkingharder: But you've got all that "beef" that the kids wants these days
m0nkeyrama: You don't?
Hodgegoulashi: Ambrose leaving wwe
JDuBz2008: coming to the ring Adam "bad dad" savidan!!!
SharkHero08: Bruh, Id totally by wrestle Adam merch
Erudite_Cynic: Graham is the babyface, James is the Heel
EdmundJuniper: Give Adam a title run you cowards.
m0nkeyrama: What about the saiyan edit?
Comrademik: take a new lumberjack picture?
SharkHero08: Ben is the baby face
ReydienOnline: who is the Authority?
Hodgegoulashi: You're Rusev all day
Erudite_Cynic: you are the loveable heel like Jericho
SharkHero08: Big E pre New Day?
HoodedBowman: You know what game has frustrating fishing? WIZARD101!
Markster981: how come lrr lets you have two heels
Gekyouryuu: yesterday, Adam played the Healer. Today, Adam is the Heel LRR
LetsConsider: Adam would be the heel that makes everyone loves him
Comrademik: James, Adam, and Alex in a heel stable?
Orchestrion: Wait does that mean Ian is Nakamura?
karpma: who is the enhancement talent in this promotion. shoot on some people.
m0nkeyrama: Need lots of good heels
m0nkeyrama: LRR drag show? :o
Hodgegoulashi: Graham is clearly Seth Rollins
Erudite_Cynic: Ben is the Spirit Squad
Omthebox: Adam just doesn't want to acknowledge my excellent fishing mini game list.
Omthebox: He knows I'm right.
m0nkeyrama: It was sub par, Om SeriousSloth
SharkHero08: What about all the fishing games from Mario Party?
Hodgegoulashi: @Omthebox tbf it wa sjust naming games that have fishing, its not good in all of those
m0nkeyrama: Get it? because golf?
JDuBz2008: the only game where you golf with a literal gun
Orchestrion: Doesn't Everybody's Golf also have fishing? Golf+fishing, might be the perfect video game
Omthebox: Hodgegoulashi you just hate fun.
m0nkeyrama: LUL I thought it would just roll under it
Hodgegoulashi: @Omthebox thats true, which is why i dont hate those games fishing
Omthebox: You want a list of bad fishing games DansGame
m0nkeyrama: All of them, Om
m0nkeyrama: All of them are bad
Gekyouryuu: since you were focused on golfing, I'll say it again: yesterday, Adam played the Healer. Today, Adam is the Heel LRR
Markster981: good fishing games is a paradox anyway since they dont exist
Erudite_Cynic: its the music
m0nkeyrama: RIP shirt
PerpetualDM: Let's Golf! Hi Adam! seabatSEAL
Erudite_Cynic: CARNAGE
ayirbudd: golfing in this reminds me of hot shots a lot
Jovh11: What would your finishing move be Adam? And why would it be called 1000 Screaming Ghosts?
Omthebox: I knew so many people could be wrong. Only proves my mental superiority.
Comrademik: wait is that thumb hole?
m0nkeyrama: suuure Om
Hodgegoulashi: You seem to enjoy bouncing things off things
Comrademik: or did you tear it on something?
mtvcdm: Evening
m0nkeyrama: He tore it
m0nkeyrama: earlier
Comrademik: ah, I see
Orchestrion: I think Adam likes getting those perfect shots.
MrQBear: @Jovh11 So you're saying Adam is like Bray Wyatt?
SageOfSquirrels: Oh man, almost boss time. You got your uzi ready?
Erudite_Cynic: Neir is dope
m0nkeyrama: Nier is... fine
Hodgegoulashi: @MrQBear he's been doing house shows.. i keep waiting for him to show up
Omthebox: That had fun fishing in it too Kappa
Comrademik: so is the machine pistol just OP?
Juliamon: It may have been "too anime" for you at the time
m0nkeyrama: It requires multiple playthroughs to get the whole story
Erudite_Cynic: Om it did nin fact have fishing....
Markster981: people say that about most games I feel like
m0nkeyrama: I was not a fan, but a lot of people liked it
Jovh11: That seems reasonable mixed with the ark from Indiana Jones
Earthenone: i mean, when has adam cared about the story, much less the whole story
Omthebox: Erudite_Cynic There's a reason its not on the list.
Hodgegoulashi: MTG question, what's been your favorite guild in the new set?
LetsConsider: Nier is very good IMO
m0nkeyrama: Check. Mate.
Comrademik: what's the b stand for out of curiosity?
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Vn497: Heyyyy! Adam, congrats on getting a card in FN! Also, do you guys still make Friday Nights?
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Omthebox: Like Golf. And shoot Ivanoffs with Uzies
weasely: it's important to note that the game doesn't play the same for each playthrough
Hodgegoulashi: I did cool shit once, but that was a long time ago
Comrademik: neat
m0nkeyrama: You're in for the long haul with that game
LetsConsider: Brinson? Is that a name from a grandparent or something?
Omthebox: Are you saying blocking is good?
LetsConsider: (I ask bc my parents took my first+middle names from my great grandparents
Hodgegoulashi: I've been wanting to play through Xenoblade Chronicles again...
m0nkeyrama: You could alternate games if that's help?
Omthebox: 🤔
Jovh11: The second playthrough of Nier Automata is a high intensity fishing game
Gekyouryuu: Persona 5 is voiced, isn't it?
Earthenone: persona 5 is voiced, but not full voice
LetsConsider: Not all of it @gekyouryuu
Juking_is_Rude: yooo dark cloud two is one of my favorite games of all time, hype
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Hodgegoulashi: <3
Gekyouryuu: ah. I only got so far into P5 atm, so I must not have hit the non-voiced bits yet
SageOfSquirrels: seabatTROGseabatTROGseabatTROG
SageOfSquirrels: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Markster981: possible dragons dogma replay is big pog
SageOfSquirrels: spaces are important fam
m0nkeyrama: So many games to play NotLikeThis
m0nkeyrama: Yes it is, from what I've heard
Juliamon: Oh man do I want to see you play Celeste
Markster981: dark arisen is dope
Meinfretr: You didn't seem to like the backtracking in The Messenger, I'm not sure if you'd like Hollow Knight
LetsConsider: Is Anthem any good?
incredulouspasserby: I couldn't get into Dragon's Dogma.....but I own it, so I might as well try it again sometime
Omthebox: The expansion is a high intensity fishing campaign
Markster981: its just like cool fights
Digigoner: isn't it getting a switch remaster? might be good to stream it then?
m0nkeyrama: Maybe you can play the switch version when it comes out
MinniChii: mimic! kill it !
Hodgegoulashi: call it Redux and you're all set
MinniChii: yay!
SageOfSquirrels: Adam, are you a fighting game person at all? If so, what do you think of Arc System's games?
xnflxnightmarex: (The Rock Voice) FOCUS!!!!!!
m0nkeyrama: He very much is a fighting game person
m0nkeyrama: Fight nights :o
Omthebox: Fighting games don't have enough fishing for adam.
LetsConsider: @sageofsquirrels he has an old nickname(wake up super) which is a fighting game reference
m0nkeyrama: Fighting games are super fun
Erudite_Cynic: Convince lil Matt to play
m0nkeyrama: That's his twitter @LetsConsider seabatBRAIN
Omthebox: Name one good fighting game dolphinW
SageOfSquirrels: if one seabatTROG could live the dream and face a god that is seabatBRAIN
Castekken: Kh3 boring more ships flying around
Markster981: @omthebox tetris
Omthebox: fuck NotLikeThis
LetsConsider: @m0nkeyrama I know, but he generally prefers Seabats I thought
SageOfSquirrels: Guilty Gear has always been my jam @Omthebox and DragonBall Fighterz was pretty fun too
m0nkeyrama: I mean, he's seabats here but wakeupsuper on twitter
Juking_is_Rude: name one other rpg that has a golf minigame
m0nkeyrama: Should be fine
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LetsConsider: @juking_is_rude Nier Automata
m0nkeyrama: For real?
Jovh11: Danks Fam
LetsConsider: Wait, no, I thought you were asking about fishing mini games
LetsConsider: Sorry
m0nkeyrama: LUL
SageOfSquirrels: YAMCHA THE BEST!
m0nkeyrama: Yamcha is a joke in the lore
m0nkeyrama: But he looks cool
Earthenone: yamcha is a good baseball player
ayirbudd: yamcha was dope in dragon ball
FelidarSov: Adam discovering DBZ lore is one of my favorite things
Kramburger: Yamcha is so far beyond being the butt monkey it's not funny
Omthebox: Hit was HIP (Hands In Pockets)
SageOfSquirrels: Yamcha stopped putting effort into training as intensely, but still has a solid style/skill - once everyone's power level is set to equal, he can trounce anyone!
m0nkeyrama: Shock and Awe
Erudite_Cynic: shock and uhhhhh
LetsConsider: Shock and awwww...
LetsConsider: Giving someone a puppy while sitting on a tank-shock and awwwww
Comrademik: thought max was wearing an nWo hat for a sec
SageOfSquirrels: Adam I'd happily meet you in the morning for a round or two of cool-punchy-smash-buttons if you're ever interested. Or tired of Being the Best Boshy
SageOfSquirrels: For sure, I'm digging watching you burn through it, I'm speaking for nebulous future.
Kramburger: Two bosses? that's anywhere between one day and two weeks for you
Omthebox: For all I saw sonic took you like 3 hours.
m0nkeyrama: sonic took... 3.5 streams, I think?
SharkHero08: About 24.5 hours total
Driosenth: Sanic to 21.5 hours
kanimaras: since sonic you've been on fire
SageOfSquirrels: You beat two bosses in a day and another this morning
m0nkeyrama: Yee
Nightvalien28: is that dude from WoW what are those shoulder pads
m0nkeyrama: He's on a Boshy streak
m0nkeyrama: Gannon fight was also ezpz
Juliamon: Sonic had that bullshit homing phase
SageOfSquirrels: Smellington was nothing. Ganon seemed like hot garbadge
Erudite_Cynic: DIE
SageOfSquirrels: DIE
kingoftuesdaynight: Sup y'all
m0nkeyrama: You will DIE or you will DIE
SageOfSquirrels: Your FACE will DIE
Erudite_Cynic: your face will DIE
SageOfSquirrels: @Erudite_Cynic yes
m0nkeyrama: LUL if nothing else, he had memorable quotes
kingoftuesdaynight: It was definitely interesting to listen too while I was applying for jobs
SageOfSquirrels: Gaiden spikes!
Jovh11: That guy def thinks that cape makes him looks BA but little does he know why his minions wont meet his gaze
m0nkeyrama: The splitting fire?
Kramburger: The well-designed plateforming level?
Omthebox: The homing phase of Sonic was just a tether. He was just a yo-yo
kanimaras: spike level
SharkHero08: I thought that was a fireball
m0nkeyrama: This ninja gaiden level has roooough platforming
Markster981: out of all the boshy bosses ganon is worthy of love
kanimaras: it's on fire?!
m0nkeyrama: All you need to know is they say Gaston a bunch
Erudite_Cynic: Gaston= best villian
Omthebox: Somebody lit up that lighthouse.
Erudite_Cynic: he so swole
ArcOfTheConclave: \\\\
m0nkeyrama: He's got the hops :o
xnflxnightmarex: Im going to use the uzi
m0nkeyrama: Now I'll show you!
stillalivesomehow: *insert space jump joke here*
kingoftuesdaynight: The music just stops
deoplo: nee nee
Markster981: lets just stand together in this burning tower
m0nkeyrama: Jesus, these people have springs for legs
xnflxnightmarex: Master, teach me how to use glock
kanimaras: yeah crazy slow pans
Erudite_Cynic: no uzi murders
m0nkeyrama: Very astute
m0nkeyrama: So smart
Markster981: no the other raybrandt
kingoftuesdaynight: You tore my father to bits!
Omthebox: Make the anime pay for it.
Hodgegoulashi: we were promised airships...
Erudite_Cynic: wow the shade
kanimaras: she has the power of god and anime
stillalivesomehow: my name is imigo montoya
Nightvalien28: neeeeeeeeeeerd
kingoftuesdaynight: Get that boy a tailor
Erudite_Cynic: the exposed knee
m0nkeyrama: LUL he has one greave?
Markster981: kick his ass monica
Twizted_Seed: Where exactly was she keeping that sword?
kingoftuesdaynight: Adam comes into work with half a shoe missing
Omthebox: Maybe his other leg gets clammy if its all booted up
kingoftuesdaynight: "It looks cool!"
xnflxnightmarex: Fireballs are like KOBE
Seagulyus: no one stabs like Gaspard! wait wrong name
kanimaras: more like dork assassin
m0nkeyrama: Eat some cheese in the middle of combat, nbd
Erudite_Cynic: how many years of experience as a dark assassin do you have?
silenceaux: "Name?" "Gaspard" "Are you supposed to tell me that, Mr Dark Assassin?"
m0nkeyrama: Like, "hold up, I'm hungry"
Kramburger: Last Name? Gaspard. Given Names? Dark Assassin. Job Title? Dark Assassin Gaspard
kingoftuesdaynight: No one Kills like gaspard! Half boot shills like gaspard! has a cape with far too many frills like gaspard!
SageOfSquirrels: Noooo one fights like Gaspard, has a flappy cape like Gaspard, dances round flailing swords like Gaspard! No one's got a creepy vampire butler, like Gaspard. Murdered Monica's father like like Gaspard, and wears mismatching boots like Gaspard! Though as a Boss fight, he's no so intiiiimidating. This kid's got an uzi and I think that girl knows magic, Gaspard. Why are you just flipping and twirling Gaspard? cheer100
Markster981: monicas dad must of sucked to lose to this guy
kingoftuesdaynight: I'm especially good at assassinating!
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: evil flame? i didn't fire had an alignment table.
m0nkeyrama: This is fun :)
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: *didn't know
HatTheButcher: yoooo dark cloud?! *slams fist on table* fight fish fight fish fight fish axaxax
kingoftuesdaynight: @JayTheDarkLordOfSalt Didn't you ever run the Temple of Elemental Evil?
Hodgegoulashi: what you do today? oh just hammered some fire to stopit from burning my friend
Omthebox: I'd rather have a bad fishing mini game than this fight.
xnflxnightmarex: are you telling me uzis don't solve all problems
SageOfSquirrels: @kingoftuesdaynight excellent! add that in there too
m0nkeyrama: These transitions suck...
kingoftuesdaynight: It took a lot of work to get the lines to scan right
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: @kingoftuesdaynight oof, yeah, forgot about that.
kingoftuesdaynight: But you can sing em!
m0nkeyrama: Why cut off in the middle of a fight to go to this?
Markster981: riveting boss fight
kingoftuesdaynight: @m0nkeyrama Gameplay!
Hodgegoulashi: you know their bad cause their evil flames
Walkingharder: Evil Flame is actually his stage name
PerpetualDM: Should have golfed away the fire balls!
d_orbitalsplit: anyone max out Max's hammer to LEGEND before?
m0nkeyrama: What a boss fight ResidentSleeper
Jovh11: You should settle your differences with Gaspard like adults. By having a fishing tournament
kanimaras: I will remember that boss fight for the rest of my life
Tiber727: Adam, this isn't Ruin Sentinel. You don't have to go for the poise break.
xnflxnightmarex: top 10 anime betrayals
m0nkeyrama: Fantastic 👏 👏 👏
Omthebox: Well. I can assure you that wasn't the tune. If that helps at all.
m0nkeyrama: Encore 👏 👏
SageOfSquirrels: Bless you Adam, you didn't need to go through it all. You're awesome.
kanimaras: I feel like she's getting stabbed here or something
Hodgegoulashi: He's just a regular assassin now
CobaltShurikenReborn: So, adam, when are you taking us on a date?
Kramburger: Adam's not a clown for OUR amusement, but he is a bit of a clown
SuitablyEpic: did she just point her sword at him twice?
m0nkeyrama: Aaaah
Markster981: monica just spills his guts right then and there, roll credits
CobaltShurikenReborn: i'll take it
SuitablyEpic: also, I'm on a bit of delay
Omthebox: I had food. And Adam was present. I assume thats how dates are.
kingoftuesdaynight: It's a wonder you're single
Jovh11: Dark Cloud and chill?
m0nkeyrama: Oh god
BusTed: I had armor.
kingoftuesdaynight: @Omthebox Yeah, can confirm, adam comes to all my dates.
m0nkeyrama: playing games with kids
Omthebox: I thought so.
xnflxnightmarex: this is like piccolo saying gohan
m0nkeyrama: they make up so many rules
xnflxnightmarex: from a ki blast
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: geez, go straight for the throat why don't ya, @kingoftuesdaynight LUL
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
HoodedBowman: Twitch chat never uses sarcasm... Kappa
BusTed: rip
m0nkeyrama: You are funny
Erudite_Cynic: Damn.....the Gas.....pard
m0nkeyrama: Sometimes SeriousSloth
ayirbudd: yes erudite yes.
kingoftuesdaynight: Shove bread in his mouth until he heals
Jovh11: Don't listen to them Adam you find someone who looks at you like that wizard looks at that crystal
Omthebox: Were they really a person though? its probably fine.
CobaltShurikenReborn: why is she holding a dead body?
Tiber727: Yes, they're watching, and not using healing items.
SageOfSquirrels: Not like I had my own dreams or anything, master...
Hodgegoulashi: was his dream finding gloves that fit?
Gekyouryuu: wait, adam's single? since when?
Markster981: monicas already proven not to give a fuck, shes probably about to steal his bag or something
Doctor_Pockets: How many things have these kids uzi'd to death now?
kingoftuesdaynight: Ah, want someone to pull your trigger?
SuitablyEpic: that's some heavy shit to put on a kid
Walkingharder: Get ready for it. Max is going to bestow his wisdom on everyone and save the moral of his friends
Driosenth: how many healing potions does Max have on hand?
m0nkeyrama: Monica has a WutFace
Pantsravaganza: I can die if I wanna do
CobaltShurikenReborn: wouldnt it be nice!
Hot_Leather_Daddy: relationships are the real darksouls.
Kramburger: NOW KISS
SuitablyEpic: fulfil my dreams! its my dying wish!
Jovh11: Just give him some cheese god damn
Kramburger: Why is she smiling?
CobaltShurikenReborn: she got over that quickly
WyleeCoyote556: and now some goofy music!
PerpetualDM: oh, she napped.
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
PerpetualDM: *snapped
SageOfSquirrels: long has she been cuddling that corpse?
SharkHero08: "Would now be an innapropriate time to mention I have a stiffy" - max
Hodgegoulashi: this turns into a weekend at bernies thing right?
kingoftuesdaynight: Hard at first but you can learn how to make them easier and more enjoyable by spending a lot of time and effort to understand them better?
xnflxnightmarex: Uzi?
Walkingharder: She is just talking to a corpse at this point
Kramburger: Can't they just go back in time and save him?
m0nkeyrama: LUL Adam
Juliamon: This is creepy af
CobaltShurikenReborn: she is just goes super saiyan right here
BusTed: Piece of cake!
m0nkeyrama: Sonic just pops out
stillalivesomehow: he was a sage who ran out of thyme
kingoftuesdaynight: Also adam, I didn't mean to be mean with the "wonder he's single" comment earlier. Sorry.
SuitablyEpic: @kramburger that's what they just did
xnflxnightmarex: Krillin with uzi
Hodgegoulashi: not when its in your lap
Omthebox: Is she going to finish that? Or can I have it.
Markster981: sonic the name speeds the game
Juliamon: I don't do it with a corpse in my LAP
n3ther: Adam still has ptsd from that fight
Meinfretr: You're too slooow!
SageOfSquirrels: Do you still have tremors from the song?
m0nkeyrama: Green Hill Zone is forever in our brains
CobaltShurikenReborn: give him that damn bread!
BusTed: Right in the middle of the cutscene.
Kramburger: Adam's getting figity
m0nkeyrama: I started humming it while brushing my teeth the other day
m0nkeyrama: It just sneaks up on you
PerpetualDM: "Good"
Markster981: sometimes at night I see sonic in the corner of my vision
Kramburger: okayface.jpg
m0nkeyrama: SeemsGood
Doctor_Pockets: lrrSPOOP
Jovh11: Do you think she will become a Sage of Thyme?
CobaltShurikenReborn: ew
m0nkeyrama: Her nose wtf WutFace
Omthebox: Why is her face in any way how it is.
Driosenth: Damn, she got ooooooooold
SuitablyEpic: she did not age gracefully
Walkingharder: She has been waiting this long for Max to say something useful still going to have to wait
stillalivesomehow: the price of becoming a sage is replacing your nose
Markster981: why is monica shocked that she aged smh
Omthebox: The Quad tails is an interesting hair style.
m0nkeyrama: Monica is not smart
CobaltShurikenReborn: she is white, she aged as gracefully as milk
m0nkeyrama: "Good time to end the stream" 20 minutes of cutscenes ensue
m0nkeyrama: Kappa
stillalivesomehow: why does she have jawas
Omthebox: 10 thousand years is a really long time.
Walkingharder: Max can't deal with numbers past 10
CobaltShurikenReborn: after 10 thousand years of cut scenes im free! its time to conquer earth!
m0nkeyrama: This feels like an ending, but it clearly isn't
Seagulyus: stillalivesomehow wait don't you? I can't shake the ones that follow me >_>
kingoftuesdaynight: 10 thousand years will give you SUCH a crick in the neck!
Omthebox: This lady, might be a bit racist.
Jovh11: 10000 years is approx as long as this cutscene Kappa
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Hodgegoulashi: they probably listen to that rock and roll music
Seagulyus: "well he plans to use this thing called a Behelit and sacri-wait wrong G..."
m0nkeyrama: What will we do? ResidentSleeper
Markster981: what do you mean who knows you have a time magic crystal just check smh
Driosenth: 10,000 years?. are we also going to seal Rita Repulsa?
Omthebox: Say ten thousand years one more time.
Walkingharder: Sooooo how long do they have to travel back in time? I missed that bit
CobaltShurikenReborn: they are the "chosen ones"
m0nkeyrama: 10. Thousand. Years.
Hodgegoulashi: they may be sending all kinds of people just seein what sticks
kingoftuesdaynight: Nobody else has an uzi
n3ther: O.O
m0nkeyrama: She has a very good WutFace
ayirbudd: old lady looks TWEAKED
m0nkeyrama: resting WutFace
CobaltShurikenReborn: time for fan service!
Jovh11: They should give them like a bandolier for the uzi at least smh
SuitablyEpic: he got sick of killing children
SageOfSquirrels: Monica gets a Badge somewhere?
CobaltShurikenReborn: yikes
kingoftuesdaynight: "Those children are going to die!"
Markster981: akgskwjjajak
Omthebox: I barely payed attention to what was going on the first time you played this.
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Markster981: HIS FACE
Omthebox: I'm here for golf and sass.
m0nkeyrama: o_o
kingoftuesdaynight: That's not how stars work, max.
Markster981: thanks max I had no idea thats what happened
m0nkeyrama: Damn Om
Walkingharder: Max has about charisma as a cold plate of white rice
Omthebox: You don't gotta ask, its free mother fucker.
m0nkeyrama: Fake fan Kappa
ComradeEevee: is this the sequel to the game where you have the evil shadow?
Omthebox: My mom is ashamed of me, yes.
m0nkeyrama: Om's box parents :o
Hodgegoulashi: Enjoy your evening good sir
Noxenluxe: SeriousSloth
Ferisar: i was told this was dark souls 2
BusTed: shame shame shame
SageOfSquirrels: cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 cheer100 Thanks for the fun chill night, my dude. No further singing required. seabatTROG
stillalivesomehow: adam you are a gem
m0nkeyrama: Night Adam, thanks for the stream
Omthebox: You assume I don't say this out loud. You underestimate my lack of filter.
Gekyouryuu: bye, adam
kingoftuesdaynight: I can't believe adam streamed for 23 hours
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG
mtvcdm: This now concludes another LRR broadcast day. On behalf of everyone at LRR, good night, and good morning.
kingoftuesdaynight: Not consecutively, obviously
Jovh11: Godspeed Adam
BusTed: Good night, all.
Noxenluxe: SeriousSloth /
Juliamon: Good night!
kingoftuesdaynight: NIGHT ADAM!
m0nkeyrama: Byyyeee
EdmundJuniper: Have a goodnight.
SageOfSquirrels: Night everyone!
Markster981: OSFrog /
PerpetualDM: seabatTROG
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatBRAIN
Markster981: seabatTROG
Xenovita: seabatTROG