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MungoDude: Twenty-three months? That's almost two years!
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korvys: I like that the chests have the banner, like a casket made of a billboard.
gsyhiap: Press H to thank
gsyhiap: :P
pimiento: i appreciate that there's a thanks button/prompt
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Blessings_from_the_Void: Fake sub!
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SpookySpaghooti: more games should have a Thanks! or Good Job! emote
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SpookySpaghooti: also MTGA should have a Sorry emote
Juliamon: SpookySpaghooti hard disagree, people can and will use emotes passive-aggressively
Alephred: Oo, Apex. What do James and co. think?
jacesdeciple: u got the highground
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EleventhOcean: That's why I say hey man nice shot
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SpookySpaghooti: I understand Julia, I feel like theres a lot of situations where I wanna apologize in MTGA lol
jacesdeciple: @spookyspaghooti and a Thank you if the enemy again untaps your Lands with teferi :D
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Traion: I need a "Sorry, tea is ready, brb" emote in Arena
pimiento: elfunkChunk
jacesdeciple: i need a sry u won't get to Play anymore bcs I'm playing Nexus and got all the pieces (Turn 5 -_-)
GlennSeto: Nice gunplay.
Mr_Horrible: holy hell
TheAinMAP: katesBeans
Mr_Horrible: so many kills
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62MGcobra: 1 month streak? sub only let up last week
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RockPusher: Thank you James lrrHEART
gsyhiap: well played James
DominickDuck: man this game seems neat
MistahFixIt: So many good chunks
Kykiwi: so close
Frankenfruity: So close!
Papperslappen: lrrWOW
pimiento: nicely done, sons
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Mr_Horrible: 1400 damage dealt omgS
jacesdeciple: Close but good Job boys
Morrigan9: this is that new free one right?
kenyh12: thx for the stream guys
MWGNZ: n-gage
Lysander_Gustav: :D
freshmaker__: virtual boy
Mr_Horrible: but is it for Vita?
Mr_Horrible: lrrBEEJ
GlennSeto: Still hoping for that Vita port.
Mox_Hagdorm: Smartass lol
pimiento: yea it's free, on Origin for PC
Erudite_Cynic: Ngage
RechargeableFrenchman: Thanks for the Strem James. Going to be playing this myself in a few minutes when I'm done eating. Game looks real good.
Natedogg2: But can I play it on my microwave?
Vyous: Available on TI-83 calculator
Aarek: commadore 64?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Win98
Lysander_Gustav: Good night! Thanks for playing!
Thisbymaster: ngage or GTFO
pimiento: when
RechargeableFrenchman: @Thisbymaster GameGear
hawkfalcon8: bye! James! have a good evening
Kykiwi: oooooooh boii the quite man
Phailhammer: cya :)
Jorge4hg: oh god
jacesdeciple: ty for Entertaining me and ruining my sleeprythm :D
lamina5432: with or without sound
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
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Frankenfruity: oh it has to be without, otherwise you can't get the full experience
hawkfalcon8: yes, ONE MORE
Frankenfruity: ONE MORE: Quiet Man
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Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Leave your death in the hands of others.
hawkfalcon8: I've been watching this entire day and it hurts
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Welbog: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cori plays a video game! Game: The Quiet Man) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (2m from now).
Mr_Dirty: Are we there yet?
DoctorOfBeard: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheAinMAP: Signal.
RockPusher: lrrSIGNAL tiltyhEXTREME lrrSIGNAL
Earthenone: contact
DoctorOfBeard: er, or did we miss the stream
offbeatwitch: lrrSIGNAL
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Fruan: Hey, a fake resub! Thanks Twitch.
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LoadingReadyRun: sorry I shoulda checked which screen is was on. Just starting now - cori
tratta: Remember, kids: "yes, and."
DoctorOfBeard: todays talking simulator was just a deconstruction of microgames
ArgentumFlare: Oh no THIS game
DoctorOfBeard: all 1 mcrosecond of it
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Mr_Dirty: yay this game
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e_bloc: the one year
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banachspacebar: I'm going to use my "resub" to ask what UwU means
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OriginalGarwulf: So, I had ONE sub message joke prepared, and it was relevant to Mech I used it anyway.
Scy_Anide: I see I've arrived just in time in the actual just in time for once
TheAinMAP: katesAir
silenceaux: Delicious Charteuse
korvys: Such a good intro
TheAinMAP: Hello.
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Sarah_Serinde: Cori is totally at least one of those people in that opening
TehAmelie: halo
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GhostOfACoffeeCup: OMG my first live talking sim! And I'm almost due for my sub baby!
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Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhEXTREME lrrHEART
Zu_o: !gamebad?
silvalunae: all by myseeeelf
Gekyouryuu: why Solo Cori?
Lithobraker: Cori is the best TS host
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: a cori!
Scy_Anide: Very bad, very very bad
ritchards: it was on W+P
Lithobraker: oooooooooohhhhh this garbage!
silenceaux: Well, then you know it has to be true.
KV1NN4: yay a Talk & Play!
korvys: Also, W=P
e_bloc: oh didn't Ben play this once
silvalunae: oh bloops this game omg
Scy_Anide: Both exceptionally and exquisitely bad.
SketchyDetails: Its a watch and Talk
ArgentumFlare: A game so bad they played it on Watch and Play
shadowbow464: aw what the heck i am behind
wildpeaks: oh my, the quiet man
DoctorOfBeard: so today is meta meta critic?
Mr_Dirty: How could there be screaming it is called the quiet man?
MistehMoses: clapping is still playing
Lithobraker: Tone Deaf? Kappa
korvys: "tone deaf" Kappa
silvalunae: in this case yes
Earthenone: !game bad makes a game bad
ritchards: yes
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Cori) [now] What makes game bad?
LRRbot: New quote #5795: "What makes game bad?" —Cori [2019-02-05]
wildpeaks: even bad things can have things to learn from
silvalunae: at least in this case
Scy_Anide: I think it was 2nd only to Fallout 76 for "Hottest Mess" on Giant Bomb's year-end podcaststravaganza.
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Mr_Dirty: Friend meta critic knows all
korvys: I believe what makes game bad is the "!game bad" command, but we took that away.
Scy_Anide: Wow, 32% is generously high
DoodlestheGreat: Having already watched this with Graham & Alex... Good luck. bikeRIP
e_bloc: 68, that's the sex number
wildpeaks: also so unfortunate, the concept was interesting
silvalunae: dang one percent off
brainbosh: Oh no I've seen this entire, just no.
Fruan: Lies. So many lies.
silvalunae: -snickers- realistic cg
Scy_Anide: Also, it's a 6 hour game. You have to play it twice to hear any of the dialogue.
TehAmelie: frau farbissina dot wav
DoctorOfBeard: marketing marketing marketing
KV1NN4: wow
The_Cakemeister: It might round to the sex number.
Scy_Anide: and I've heard the dialogue makes it worse.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: songstress.
Mr_Dirty: are we playing with the sound dlc?
e_bloc: I think not knowing the story makes it a bad game
CoyoteSans: There was a story here. It's gone now.
silvalunae: yes don't tell your player what your game is about when they're playing the game, because what's the point?
TheMoatman: Didn't they release a sound patch?
Spacecarl: And wasn't this published by... was it square? and they kindof pretended it didn't happen?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: 1800DUNT
Scy_Anide: I like the idea that the only intention for this game is: Don't.
ChaoticObserver: @TheMoatman yes but you have to beat the game first
ritchards: no they done
ritchards: dont
TehAmelie: understood by who? cause the PC understands a lot more than we get to. . .
Sarah_Serinde: That's not...that's not how it works if you want it to be as if you're deaf, but tell you things the deaf person wouldn't get...
ChaoticObserver: Then you can play it a 2nd time with the sound
Kramburger: Well the bad part is that the PC can read lips and does ingame, but we don't get the audio or subtitles
Frankenfruity: oh yeah, FAST!
MistehMoses: oh god the clapping audience....
silenceaux: Wait sorry, I thought I heard a lie
Earthenone: yakuza? call ian!
MistehMoses: they are so excited
Juliamon: Visceral! Thrilling!
Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhEXTREME
CamelAttack: Wasnt this on Watch and Play?
Lysander_Gustav: :D
The_Cakemeister: Don't we also not get subtitles for ASL?
wildpeaks: excitement
Earthenone: yes @CamelAttack
Sarah_Serinde: CamelAttack Yup!
Frankenfruity: @CamelAttack sure was
RockPusher: "Ian plays a lot of Yakuza" understatement of the year so far :D
ritchards: yeah, there's none of that
Lysander_Gustav: Hahahahaha
brainbosh: I would not have guessed there was a choreographer at all.
Scy_Anide: But it's by Squeenix, surely it'll be a Final Fantasy game.
CoyoteSans: So they sell it as a audio-less story... but forget to account for non-verbal cues and internal monoluges for the player.
jacesdeciple: 3:07 am here but I have to watch this now Kappa
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eric_christian_berg: I feel a strange sense of deja vu...
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wildpeaks: "choices"
DoctorOfBeard: 4 choices then
CoyoteSans: More honest sales pitch: "Here, play a mediocre to bad game on mute for three hours."
MrTulip: that is some heresy right there
The_Cakemeister: "high production"
ritchards: Cori... are you just trying to put off playing the game? ;)
Nefarious_Ned: Is this what they played on watch and play?
Juliamon: Yes, this was on W+P
The_Cakemeister: It is, yes.
wildpeaks: such a waste of 3cubic
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Sarcastic_comma: dancing_baby.gif
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Nefarious_Ned: Ah.... oh boy....
CoyoteSans: I'm sure this game will definitely generate the emotions "rage" and "pain" in us.
jacesdeciple: :D
ChaoticObserver: Yes, it was on Watch and Play. It was not finished. We'll see if that happens tonight.
Lithobraker: Ah yes, the rage, love, and pain, the three genders Kappa
DoctorOfBeard: does cinematic have a meaning anymore?
wildpeaks: especially for a deaf character, you'd think facial animation would be especially important
Beowulf_Bjornson: This game mixes video, CG and gameplay? Is this the sequel to that old LOTR game?
MrTulip: it's not too late, you can still escape!
jacesdeciple: is violence the language you should Talk here?
Noodles_15: They wanted to make a movie but instead made a game somehow
silvalunae: wait this game is twenty bucks
Earthenone: firewatch was also real short
overlordstowell: Most of the "plot" is like all the stuff that happens before the cold open in "Law and Order"
Scy_Anide: $20 is $30 too many
silvalunae facedesks out of existence
Mr_Dirty: 3 hours games can be good
e_bloc: oh this will make an impression alright
DoctorOfBeard: bad
BrindleBoar: why the lrrEFF is this being played again
CoyoteSans: @Noodles_15 Ah yes, the "student animators couldn't break into actual movies but could get hired for games, so they make it their lives' work to turn games into mutli-hour long animated movies" chestnut.
Lithobraker: plodding garbage
The_Cakemeister: I expect that I saw W+P
Spacecarl: I have paid more for the occasional short game that was worth it
Frankenfruity: We expect a long line of eyerolling
Sarah_Serinde: It's a really interesting premise! But from what I remember they didn't execute well
tratta: will they ever play hollow knight? i'd love to see what they think about it
brainbosh: Why play the less shitty version first anyways?
MalBeam: i enjoy that the comparison with journey and inside is 'it's about the same length'
wildpeaks: it is certainly.. an interactive experience
OriginalGarwulf: My memories of this game I had burned out of my brain have started to return. My expectation is pain...pure, storytelling pain...
Spacecarl: Also it seems important to get the initial experience
GlennSeto: @LoadingReadyRun May I suggest Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice as a potential follow-up?
jacesdeciple: i think 20$ are too much for a 3-hours Game. but if its fun maybe it is
CyberAsp: I remember the cutscenes being bad but I can't for the life of me remember the gameplay.
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Scy_Anide: How many chances am I going to have to sub to a Cori stream?
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Rioxcon: I know you have worked on games, what all have you done?
Sarah_Serinde: tratta Do you mean specifically on Talking Sim? Because they've played it on a different LRR stream in the past
silvalunae: that's honestly what's most frustrating about this game, because I want a game with this premise and idea just this game does it so -groans-
BrindleBoar: if a $20, 3-hour game were *good* that would be fine. This is not that game.
Spacecarl: never load the comments
tratta: @Sarah_Serinde oh, really? That's cool :)
Earthenone: more audible than the game, probobly :P
Scy_Anide: It's Talking Sim, you could always come back to finish it next week! lrrBEEJ
Frankenfruity: Cori is very professional!
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CoyoteSans: This may be a game perfectly designed to make me mad, because nothing pisses me ff more in media than wasted potential.
Sarah_Serinde: tratta It was on 18 GOC, and I forget if they played more than that
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TehAmelie: What do you get if you multiply upside down nine and seven?
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Earthenone: i want to say hodor played it on her home stream?
Scy_Anide: Sigh-annide, sure :p
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Namelylight: for the Cori!
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tratta: @Sarah_Serinde the severe lack of many, many hours they have with the game makes me think not, but thanks for the answer!
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silvalunae: Hi Cori!
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wildpeaks: Behold, quietness
TehAmelie: set expectations way high, i always say
Sarah_Serinde: I thought I remembered watching someone play Hollow Knight for more than one stream on LRR, but I think I'm just imagining things :P
Simonark: I think I'm expecting... a confidence in their narrative that makes things worse? This is as big a studio as there is, it seems like.. hubris is the big failing here?
Frankenfruity: Cori, so you're legit not familiar with this game?
ritchards: computer crash?
Ruthven78: zombieland rule #18
DoctorOfBeard: er...
Earthenone: would steam lie
TehAmelie: that way you can practice picking yourself up again after you fall down
StreetCornerPoet: What to expect? Sorrow and despair that you played it///
eric_christian_berg: It's trying to save you...
CyberAsp: It's one of those art games, where you can only play it once!
jacesdeciple: i'm excited. who's with me?
RvLeshrac: I'm so sorry for your suffering.
silvalunae: It begins
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TheExactSame: I have no idea what this is but I feel this is going to be something special
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RvLeshrac: No one deserves The Quiet Man
uroboros_of_old: just tuned in, cori solo tonight
Spacecarl: Square tried to pretend this didn't happen, right?
Mysticman89: oh oops, I had my own twitch muted. at first I thought it was just a gag you were doing based on the title.
RvLeshrac: Oh have you not played it?
uroboros_of_old: ?
eric_christian_berg: Visual Aunties?
Earthenone: workeed out well for daredevil
Lysander_Gustav: oh hey a wax seal
Mr_Dirty: Today's talking simulator brought to you by watch and play
Sarah_Serinde: uroboros_of_old Yup
TehAmelie: the quiet man is all about being really good at high kicks. i'm not sure the combat controls are "good" though
tratta: @Sarah_Serinde my favorite game, so i want as much of it as possible... i might be too invested
Mr_Dirty: riiiight this menu
HesGotNoPants: @earthenone hes blind not deaf
ritchards: be awake, be be awake!
RvLeshrac: TehAmelie: I'm not even sure they qualify as "controls."
Mysticman89: diifculty perhaps
CoyoteSans: Maybe he's deaf but also illiterate?!
Zath_: Difficulty?
SachielOne: Difficulty?
MalBeam: difficulty?
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sithenin: Ohh, fake resub apparently
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e_bloc: now that's a GUI
Lysander_Gustav: Oh fmvs
RockPusher: Delicious Mystery Meat Interface
Mr_Dirty: this is not the start
HesGotNoPants: easy or hard I think
tratta: oof that was a realistic jump
jacesdeciple: i have 3 hours left then i'll have time get up
wildpeaks: I don't think that's the beginning
Lysander_Gustav: I think this is starting from the previous play's checkpoint?
Juliamon: Pretty sure this isn't the start, yeah
Earthenone: i think this is where W&P left off, not the start
wildpeaks: we don't have our lovely takeout bag
CaptainSpam: Look, UI design people, the character is DEAF, not ILLITERATE. You can have TEXT in your settings menu.
Spacecarl: there was def a cinematic to start
CoyoteSans: let's no half-ass this, just make a hellen-keller perspective game
ritchards: probably in a save file location under Local Apps or something
SajuukSjet: check your Documents folder?
Earthenone: give it the old uninstall/reinstall?
Zombeef: try appdata
Sarah_Serinde: Earthenone If it's a big game, that could take a while
wildpeaks: My Games ?
RockPusher: Wouldn't it be nice if Steam had a link to the savegame data as well as the game files
Frankenfruity: uninstalling won't help
CoyoteSans: is there actually no way to start a new game in the middle of a playthrough
sithenin: Check the my games folder
jacesdeciple: i Hope I don't sleep in
CoyoteSans: that's fantasically terrible ui design
ritchards: watch me nae nae
silvalunae: watch me search, watch me google
DoctorOfBeard: user/appdata ?
OriginalGarwulf: Watched Deadpool 2 last night, and was definitely reminded of that scene where he jumps out the window into the hero pose, and then groans "OWWW!"
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah my guess is appdata
TehAmelie: it would be a real challenge to make a game where you have to learn sign language and speaking based only on what you can feel
sarahphim_: Its probably in the square enix folder
ChaosPainter: @CaptainSpam I love how they made everythin harder to change in options apart from graphical options that they couldn't find a way to show without text
Mr_Dirty: steam may have it: C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Moon\Saved\SaveGames\ with the version of your choice. LevelProgression-full_silent.sav: All silent levels unlocked, beat chapter 5 to unlock sound LevelProgression-first_sound.sav: Sound unlocked LevelProgression-full_unlock.sav: All chapters unlocked, sound game not beat(no idea if there's more after this)
hawkfalcon8: Welcome to Tinker Tailor Solder Fry! This week: trying to figure out how to restart this DAMNED GAME!!!!!!
Zombeef: %appdata% will get you there
RockPusher: Wouldn't it also be nice if the games industry actually picked a save data location standard and stuck to it
RvLeshrac: %LocalAppData% for AppData\Local
silvalunae: @hawkfalcon8 i can hear Ian's voice when I read that
enoch_the_wizard: hello
wildpeaks: Once more, with feeling
silvalunae: 'ello
Lysander_Gustav: Sure why not
Earthenone: deleting the moon from the moonbase seems like a dangerous move
TehAmelie: i'd like it if they could just agree to keep install files in one folder
enoch_the_wizard: this is fun
Nigouki: was that the Watch+Play saved game?
RockPusher does the old sysadmin shouts at cloud thing
Earthenone: yes nigouki
wildpeaks: curiosity-driven people
ChaosPainter: It's like a novel
BlameBlair: fifiLurk
hawkfalcon8: @silvalunae I know right? or teeth Beej
silvalunae: omg teeth beej works so much better x'D
TehAmelie: they sure try to do something new. almost Tommy Wiseau style
RvLeshrac: They certainly did something.
ChaosPainter: korean indie devs do it alot
wildpeaks: interesting concept, needed more iterations and actually meeting deaf people
hawkfalcon8: YESSSSS
2Flower Subscribed at Tier 1.
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ChaoticObserver: That is the one thing whenever I've seen this game that has bugged me
e_bloc: deaf people can read? Kappa
brainbosh: Flaws seem to be things that have been fairly well explored in film making, which is more what this is than game design.
LegionofLashes: lrrCREEPL lrrBEEJ lrrCREEPR teeth beej?
wildpeaks: it's like when a designer models a house that looks like they never seen a real house
jacesdeciple: and so it begins
Zombeef: The protaganist can clearly read lips, he literally talks to other characters in some scenes
ChaoticObserver: And I'm curious to see what you think on that as it goes
silvalunae: and now the game. . . truly begins
Sarah_Serinde: If I remember right, there were times when the protagonist could understand things that the player couldn't, and vice versa
BrindleBoar: deaf people can also themselves in mirrors and enter buildings without needing to be invited first
BrindleBoar: *see
wildpeaks: well, something truly begins
Earthenone: assasins creed. modern day
RvLeshrac: So nothing in this game other than the protagonist telling you constantly that he can't hear gives you any indication that the protagonist can't hear.
Lysander_Gustav: What like one of those space-aliens that look like sweedish people in metallic spandex?
ritchards: we're Kathleen?
GlennSeto: We need a haircut.
silvalunae: i mean, i will admit i like the main character's design
TehAmelie: oh yeah, and Dane emotes very much like a plank of wood
Earthenone: we dont respect crosswalks
Earthenone: or cabs
kitthethird: Hi Cori, Hey Chat! :D
Frankenfruity: There's no Jaywalking in NYC
hawkfalcon8: we're those rich goths of orzhov
Mr_Dirty: @ritchards not with that hair
Nigouki: chrysler building :D
silvalunae: granted nature designed him, so
RvLeshrac: I don't want to spoil any of the mind-blowingly stupid bullshit that happens later, though.
kitthethird: Regular Old Hotdog Man
KartoffelKaiser: If this is new york then completely ignoring cross walks is 100% accurate
jacesdeciple: lol when he Turned Off his Cap thought it was a mirror Kappa
shdragon: Is this all FMV?
brainbosh: Yes, "DEAF"
ritchards: what? we understood that?
ChaoticObserver: @shdragon mostly, but there is game moments
RvLeshrac: Deaf people absolutely cannot read lips when you whisper.
wildpeaks: and he didn't look at the guy, so there is no way he could have read his lips
Lysander_Gustav: I wonder if they were trying for a David Lynch style of movie
Juliamon: The cutscenes are FMV, gameplay isn't
silvalunae: yeah it's confusing
TehAmelie: you have to understand that in order to see how much you don't understand after that
ritchards: where's my hotdog???
wildpeaks: Also, we'll never eat that delicious hot dog
jamesk902: It's a mapkin!
Rioxcon: it is with it
Lysander_Gustav: Nope
BrindleBoar: deaf people do die if you shoot them in the heart with silver bullets, but that's because they are normal humans and that is fatal
silvalunae cringes
2Flower: They stop subtitling 90% of things after this one scene.
brainbosh: This is normal for this game. It makes no sense when sound is or isn't there.
Frankenfruity: it's not a problem, Subtitles are OK, they will be gone later
Master_Gunner: I think this intro scene has subtitles for... some reason
SketchyDetails: this is post patch after they added the dialogue and subtitles
Rioxcon: it wasn't this way on watch and play
ChaoticObserver: They want you to see this
DoctorOfBeard: subtitles stopped
ChaoticObserver: Based on the other times I've seen this bit
e_bloc: can't read english, can understand spanish subtitles.
RvLeshrac: No, this part has always been in audio, AFAIK
Mivair: I don't like him already
hawkfalcon8: both
Mr_Dirty: if i recall the subtitles should be on because they were an issue in review.
offbeatwitch: don't worry about it, cori
hunkajunk: Yeah, this part was part of why the thing makes no sense. Cause it's selective on what you can and can't hear
Lysander_Gustav: Is that the same actor with a bandana?
AdmiralMemo: I remember this from W&P and... yeah, it's really weird how inconsistent the subtitles are.
Thisbymaster: Don't worry, it gets worse
kitthethird: Low passed slow mo is my favorite
hawkfalcon8: NIce fighting Cori
RvLeshrac: AdmiralMemo: The inconsistency is by "design."
wildpeaks: the transition is sweet though
GlennSeto: ^
AdmiralMemo: @RvLeshrac Yeah I know.
Mivair: Agreed tbh
CoyoteSans: Deaf but bilingual. Boy, it sure would inform our understanding of our character if anything about him indicated him as a avid reader!
silenceaux: Not the worst transition actually
wildpeaks: reminds me of Quantum Break
RvLeshrac: AdmiralMemo: You can do a second playthrough with audio, as well.
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I do like the transition
TehAmelie: we can only feel alive when the meaty thumps of our fists against their hearts impact all the way up to our head
shdragon: Oh here we go. We videogames now.
2Flower: Is he a Final Fantasy protagonist? That's a lotta zippers.
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AdmiralMemo: @RvLeshrac Yeah, but why would you want to? :D
wildpeaks: the animations are hilarious
IbunWest: That sure is some next gen motion capture.
silvalunae: yeah the transition isn't that bad, but the downgrade from fmv to gameplay is a bit jarring
Mivair: So glad the game told us the controls
kitthethird: Nice Canadian flag jacket, mr thug man
RvLeshrac: CoyoteSans: AFAIK he only speaks English?
Lysander_Gustav: um sure
hawkfalcon8: oh that poor man
GlennSeto: The animations remind me of ... PS1 era stuff like Fighting Force?
CoyoteSans: @RvLeshrac And yet, he lip-read the guy speaking spanish, so idk.
ChaosPainter: um yh hm eh?
wildpeaks: immersive
Lysander_Gustav: that slide
e_bloc: thugs are so confused as to what's going on
RvLeshrac: Oh no, the lip-reading subtitles are for you.
2Flower: Dude slides more than M. Bison.
brainbosh: This game is trying very hard to just be a "movie"
AdmiralMemo: @CoyoteSans I mean... you don't have to be bilingual to know a few words in another language.
KartoffelKaiser: I mean this looks very real world I know I slide as my primary means of locomotion.
GlennSeto: @2Flower But Bison does damage with it. :/
wildpeaks: videocopilot overlay intensifies
Count_Nodonora: Hmmmm, why did I see the title of this stream and think Paul would be playing?
hawkfalcon8: damn
TehAmelie: the game really should have been a movie. especially if it's just three hours
Sarcastic_comma: the animations are very ps2
silvalunae: well, hotdog i think
AdmiralMemo: @TehAmelie Indeed.
wildpeaks: hotdogbagging, the new teabagging
GlennSeto: "I'm actually a vegetarian..." *sick guitar sting*
RvLeshrac: CoyoteSans: You can't really make sense of anything, because it is just bad.
AdmiralMemo: @TehAmelie It's effectively a movie with occasional fight sequences you control.
Lithobraker: silvalunae yeas but if the bun breaks it become a sandwich according to the Turner Food Cube system Kappa
offbeatwitch: that unexplained transition is the MOST understandable part of this game
GlennSeto: Dane really has it in for Grove Street, huh?
ChaosPainter: Is it me or this fails to establish anything about the story and the protagonist?
Earthenone: maybe you are traversing your mind palace
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brainbosh: Oh, there's the game menu
Nightvalien28: ChaosPainter this fails at nearly everything
KV1NN4: Aw you interrrupted movie night!
RvLeshrac: Like why was the part with the suitcase NOT live-action, with a switch to the engine when the suitcase went by?
silvalunae: @Lithobraker i really need to look that up, i find it interesting from what i've heard of it
IbunWest: I assume at some point the game explains why you are beating up random people. That might be expecting too much though.
walkwithoutrhythm: I hope you like these exact same 3 guys, cause you're gonna see them a lot
2Flower: We are fightsm'ns.
ChaoticObserver: The like for like I kept hearing was the PS2 game The Bouncer.
NextLevelTabletop: Garbage Day?
AdmiralMemo: The fact that there's gameplay, and prerendered cutscenes, and also live-action cutscenes... It makes it feel like they had no idea what they wanted to make.
TheAinMAP: Looks like they paused their movie before they started fighting.
RvLeshrac: IbunWest: They're not random, I thought it made that obvious with the suitcase focus.
kitthethird: It is an interesting take on naked UI
brainbosh: Finisher
TehAmelie: don't forget the neon sign tutorial segments
jamesk902: For a game with such a grounded aesthetic, the physics are pretty janky.
GlennSeto: @ChaoticObserver That one had Nomura character designs and not much more, right?
Spacecarl: like the room was put together alright
wildpeaks: I bet that photo is one of the devs
Kumakaori: oh! this game. wish i could hang, but this is goinna be a fun vod :D
ChaoticObserver: @GlennSeto Yes
KartoffelKaiser: This floaty camera is doing a number on my stomach
e_bloc: yeah I can never figure out tv settings when I'm drunk either
hawkfalcon8: It's new york
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Contiguouskittycat: 49 months?! So close to being nice.
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ChaosPainter: @jamesk902 ye the ragdoll was interesting
aedriel91: why are u hurting the guys?
Sarah_Serinde: I appreciate Cori trying to come at this without a ton of bias from all the negative press and comments
hawkfalcon8: duh duh duh
TehAmelie: a rich world where we just drift through and beat up everyone. the story seems very David Lynch now that someone pointed it out
brainbosh: Some blond kid.
KartoffelKaiser: Is the children us?
GhostOfACoffeeCup: This definitely feels like someone from the managerial layer came in two months before going gold and decided that it wouldn't sell well and needed about 100 different major changes
Sarah_Serinde: Oh I forgot about this confusing stuff :D
2Flower: Hey, when you have a haircut you like...
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bearsofinsanity: Enjoy your floaty camera, expressionless protagonist, and lack of understanding!
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e_bloc: turns out OP is super racist
GlennSeto: That arcade machine tho...
Galactic_pain: 3, Sol? Aurelion Sol for the win
Mechsican: did anyone make the " I didn't know watch+play was scheduled tonight?" joke yet?
PiGuy2000: How do you like this high quality garbage?
jamesk902: @2Flower In fairness, I've had pretty much the same haircut for about 20 years.
TehAmelie: you are the first i think
2Flower: @jamesk902 ...same, actually.
Lithobraker: What kind of gang keeps framed pictures of their leaders in regional hideouts?!
Contiguouskittycat: So this was on Watch + Play right? What are we hoping to see from it on Talking Sim?
ritchards: yep same models all over the place
Ukon_vasara: we beat those memories outta those same three thugs
IbunWest: It would be nice if the protagonist actually showed any of that emotion on his face though.
ChaoticObserver: @Contiguouskittycat tonight is more of an analysis on what makes a game bad
PiGuy2000: @LoadingReadyRun it is always the same 3 generic dudes. Always.
RvLeshrac: Contiguouskittycat: Someone said it already, but it is The "The Room" of games.
2Flower: @Contiguouskittycat Analysis of its failure?
ChaoticObserver: Plus Cori's going to go through the whole game
TehAmelie: this game can do anything. i bet you could take footage of someone playing through it well and trick someone that it was literally a David Lynch movie
bearsofinsanity: Go through the door?
Earthenone: is that your plot sense?
AdmiralMemo: @Sarah_Serinde I mean, this game is... competent. It's not a broken mess from a technical stand-point at least.
Contiguouskittycat: I thought Prayer Warrior was "The Room" of games?
offbeatwitch: SUPER
IbunWest: Like honestly I think that's what bothered me more than anything about this game. The main character is stoic faced for so much of it it's hard to get any kind of read on him.
offbeatwitch: HOT
CoyoteSans: Daikatana is the Daikatana of games. ...wait.
Ukon_vasara: far too big
bearsofinsanity: SUPER HOT
PiGuy2000: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 34:06.
KV1NN4: As someone in Buffalo NY... um.. no?
AdmiralMemo: Must be rent-controlled
KartoffelKaiser: This is like an entire one room appartment
ritchards: there is absolutely nothing to do outside of fighting and going to through doors to trigger the next cut scene
brainbosh: That's the size of an entire NY apt.
Namelylight: maybe he's just tiny
TheMerricat: and a cooridor....
Sarah_Serinde: This kitchen may be almost as big as my apartment
bearsofinsanity: Your plot sense is tingling!
Lithobraker: It could be a shared kitchen? in like a dorm
Juliamon: yeah I haven't been to my aunt's NY apt but I get the feeling she WISHES it was as big as this room
IbunWest: A kitchen that big seems impractical without some kind of island in the middle
KartoffelKaiser: Given the state of the rest of this place I don't believe that for a second. That toilet must be new
brainbosh: He looked too much like a terminator in that scene
wildpeaks: so you no longer have to move to another Moonbase when the toilet's full ? :D
Spacecarl: sure is lack of any emotion there
FireFlower18: well you have game night in the living room, and fight club in the kitchen
DoctorOfBeard: more like sheeple
CoyoteSans: what if rosarch couldn't talk
varmintx0: Talking Sim and not Watch and Play? :)
RvLeshrac: Juliamon: The only way to get an apartment like that in New York is to kill people for a living, or kill someone ahead of you on a Rent Control waitlist.
KartoffelKaiser: So hey our subtitles are gone
ritchards: Note how he has no idea what they are saying
silvalunae: I still want to see this as a late night dub fight
Ukon_vasara: watch & play already did its bit on this game
Mr_Dirty: true subtitles went away but our character seems to know what is up
TehAmelie: it'a the lawless New York underworld where gangsters have ruled apartments for decades and kept the land value down so much they can afford those great big places
Drakas: hello
Kykiwi: classsy guy
varmintx0: Yeah, I watched it. Just trying to be funny.
PiGuy2000: @KartoffelKaiser there are no subtitles. The game only places them when "it is important to the plot" (so never)
KV1NN4: ooh yeah
ritchards: his mother/wife/sister
Ukon_vasara: oh yeah, thats the beauty of this game, just because the character knows whats being said or signed doesnt mean we get to know
silvalunae: cousin perhaps?
offbeatwitch: The Motivation
RvLeshrac: ritchards: The subtitles are for YOU, The Player, not for The Protagonist.
Lithobraker: is there any difference between a songstress and a singer? because songstress is a dumb word
RockPusher: was that the barest hint of human emotion being portrayed? ... nah, just gas
hawkfalcon8: mother
RvLeshrac: ritchards: The Protagonist knows what everyone says, no matter where they are looking when they say it.
MousseFilledCat: What bothers me is that we aren't experiencing the world the way our character is, because he is clearly understanding more of what's going on then we as the players are.
wildpeaks: they couldn't decide between mom and girlfriend as motivation, so they went with both
Juliamon: I think songstress implies both writing and singing
TehAmelie: maybe the girl was him all along!
RvLeshrac: wildpeaks: Oh clearly girlfriend is also mom.
Kykiwi: personally like this actor
wildpeaks: or space aliens
Kykiwi: i mena taj
ulexarX: If you both write and sing I can imagine you would have a lot of song stress
MousseFilledCat: Songstress, I remember that dress sphere in FFX-2
jubale1: so actors but no voice because "quiet"?
Kykiwi: he did his best
KartoffelKaiser: @RvLeshrac please tell me you're kidding.
RvLeshrac: The ONLY good actor in the entire game.
hawkfalcon8: dusted w/ coke
RvLeshrac: KartoffelKaiser: Not even remotely.
RockPusher: drugs?
wildpeaks: surprising no one, sugar powder
KartoffelKaiser: Flour PogChamp
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Mr_Dirty: Now we can make cookies
jamesk902: Oh, he's a baker.
silvalunae: it's obviously flour, he's opening a bake shop
jubale1: 100 packets of pancake batter
TheMerricat: confectionary sugar!
Lithobraker: Powdered Eggnog!!
TehAmelie: ez-bake get rich quick scheme
IbunWest: Protein powder. Gotta make them gains.
ritchards: finest quality baking powder
Kykiwi: A sign
Spacecarl: Dusty Road returns!
RvLeshrac: None of this sign language is sign language.
Earthenone: powders, its clearly shopping for a LRL segment
KartoffelKaiser: @RvLeshrac ok that's real fucking weird
kitthethird: They're buds, iirc
RvLeshrac: No one on this devteam knows any sign language.
brainbosh: Why sign if he can obviously understand everything anyways?
RvLeshrac: So in the Second Playthrough, when you can have full audio, this guy is DEFINITELY the only really good actor in this.
IbunWest: As opposed to the far less dangerous career of drug running.
ritchards: why are you showing us this scene when it means nothing to us???
RvLeshrac: But the guy who plays the goon is also pretty good.
KartoffelKaiser: this person also has very good hair
Rockario: I mean, signing for your edaf friend who can read lips might just be a little friendly respect
Mikiao: my shoes!
CoyoteSans: Yeah, the biggest issue is that in games, you really only have the sight and hearing senses.
kitthethird: Anyone that knows it, is the signing legitimate?
GlennSeto: Back in simpler times, when Hanson were cool.
CoyoteSans: You can't rely on a player having haptic feedback if they use a mouse and keyboard, for example/
Contiguouskittycat: We appear to have basically one haircut for our entire life.
Kykiwi: haaaaai there pls shoot me
Lithobraker: RvLeshrac the poor guy with the hair bun? I like that guy
ChaoticObserver: @kitthethird as I understand it, they did bring in someone who teaches sign to work with the scenes
jubale1: who is kathleen's role in this game?
TehAmelie: he parted his hair the other way back then. now it's parted the grimdark way
RvLeshrac: Lithobraker: Yeah, he's not bad.
kitthethird: @ChaoticObserver alright, that's good to know. Thanks! :D
CoyoteSans: So, take away sound and subtitles, and give us nothing to read, and we can't know what's going on with out MANY OBVIOUS non-verbal cues.
Sarah_Serinde: So the Steam page specifically says we experience the game the way the deaf character does, and yet here we are not being told things that the deaf character can understand
jacesdeciple: I'll Go sleep now... need at least some time for sleep (1½ hours when I'm lucky) :D
jubale1: are there choices here, it seems like a movie
Juliamon: No choices, just combat and movement
TehAmelie: our choices are mostly fist or leg
ChaoticObserver: But then it does get weird, cause as Sarah notes, we are not understanding things the character clearly does
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah hold on why were there subtitles and audio in the beginning but all that's gone now?
brainbosh: Oh, here we are obviously denied knowledge the character gets to read.
CoyoteSans: don't even get to read all of the letter
SajuukSjet: an interesting comparison can be drawn to the SIlent Film Era.... everyone knew how to act, and depict stuff to carry across without voice
ritchards: play this next week with sound on
ritchards: ?
KartoffelKaiser: Silent films also made effective use of text.
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moosethatsmiles: Let's get to 400
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Mr_Dirty: I love how salty chat is and how optimistic Cori is.
Lithobraker: SajuukSjet yeah, but the silent film era acting was absurdly campy
Kykiwi: yea you can hear it
SajuukSjet: kartoffelkaiser: indeed, the 'tweets' of the age :D
Sarah_Serinde: Clearly the creators just want to give us specific information and withold other things, but don't give a logical in-game reason for why we get some info and not other
hawkfalcon8: we can't hear
SajuukSjet: lithobraker: notably, to convey what needed to be conveyed
Earthenone: a flash of mom/girlfriend/sister
MousseFilledCat: Right, I think it would be far more compelling if they had it so we comprehended everything the MC did and still had times and scenes where there were no subtitles or understanding because no one was accomadating the MC rather than just all or nothing.
TheMerricat: @Mr_Dirty we've seen this before on W+P, Cori's coming in blind... or deaf?
CoyoteSans: poke
SajuukSjet: since they're already breaking their own premise, they could have at least given us stuff from that rule book...
Kykiwi: nice secret handshake
TehAmelie: clealry we're supposed to practice being deaf until we can understand everything. it's the Schizopolis of games
jubale1: didn't quite understand
Contiguouskittycat: Is Cam not feeling well? Or did Cori just want to do a solo stream?
gawag_: Seriously, why isn’t it translating the sign language for us? Isn’t our character supposed to understand?
Juliamon: Cam had something come up
VoidByAnyOtherName: the quiet man bardOWO
ChaoticObserver: @gawag_ apparently the creators wanted the player to not know
RvLeshrac: Cam is here, he's just being very quiet, man.
ChaoticObserver: Why, no real idea
OriginalGarwulf: So, one point for it being a bad game: the character can understand the sign language, but there is nothing that allows the player to understand it.
Contiguouskittycat: @Juliamon Thanks!
MostCallMe__Tim: Our character reads lips im guessing? Also, we don't sign. Though on that point, It'd be interesting to plas Moss, the game with the mouse that signs
OriginalGarwulf: This could have been fixed with subtitles to the sign language.
gawag_: My take is they are trying to obfuscated a bad story
CoyoteSans: I'm reminded of what FFX did with it's plot: stuff the player and PC know, stuff everyone else knows, stuff only the church knows, and stuff only Auron knows.
VoidByAnyOtherName: what is that hair piboRIP
Sarah_Serinde: There's an argument to be made for them aiming to replicate the *experience* of not being able to understand everything, but they picked a really inconsistent way to do it
CoyoteSans: Only that was done kinda well.
gawag_: Obfuscate*
kitthethird: Are they intentionally trying to make the player feel out of their element and like, deprived? or is it just bad* design choices
RvLeshrac: MostCallMe__Tim: He can even read lips when people are facing away from him, and also when they're in another room.
Contiguouskittycat: @OriginalGarwulf Well obviously that's to encourage us to learn ASL, so that we can better understand the characters situation.
RvLeshrac: kitthethird: The second.
silvalunae: hey whoever mentioned schizopolis, i have a new movie to watch ouo
RvLeshrac: Contiguouskittycat: The signing in the game is not real.
MousseFilledCat: They could be trying to make a point about how the world is really difficult for the hearing impaired and how people don't accomodate like they should, but that idea is completely undercut by the fact that our character clearly is understanding what's going on.
Contiguouskittycat: Oh for fucks sake.
CoyoteSans: Here, there's stuff everyone else knows, stuff the PC knows, and stuff the player is allowed to know.
Kykiwi: XD the run animation
SajuukSjet: if people are interested, Graham does end up breaking down, and then breaking down all the film faux pas they end up doing in the W+P this got played on previously
e_bloc: froot froot
SajuukSjet: a different analysis approach
OriginalGarwulf: Well, having a baby daughter and trying to learn baby sign is doing that...although so far "more" and "enough" haven't shown up yet...
hawkfalcon8: wut the hell
brainbosh: And this is the one time this gameplay element ever appears in the game.
RvLeshrac: Contiguouskittycat: People thought it might just be non-A SL, but no one can find a language where it makes sense.
TheMerricat: This game really just seems like someone at Square Enix attempted to clone David Cage, but only had half the DNA and replaced the other half with Uwe Boll's DNA....
wildpeaks: oh my, frown lines, almost an expression
TehAmelie: for the record, Schizopolis is a very funny movie. when it opens with a speech where the director urges every man, woman and child in America to watch the movie (and pay full ticket price) "over and over until you understand everything" it's a joke
wildpeaks: so our friend is dating not-mom
gawag_: Our character looks like a knock off of that actor who looks like a knock off Matt Damon
Kykiwi: I dont thnk that heart beat thing appears again in the game
jubale1: @RvLeshrac so this is probably made-up sign language?
Earthenone: TEETH
ChaoticObserver: @TheMerricat One of the people at Giant Bomb when they played this likened it to they played a David Cage game and then had to recreate it solely from memory. Which seems fair.
Kykiwi: those are some shiny photos
Spacecarl: I... don't think it's the same lady?
TheMerricat: I think that fits perfectly @ChaoticObserver
wildpeaks: bokeh intensifies
RvLeshrac: Reminder that the same actress plays Mom and Love Interest and that is ENTIRELY intentional.
KartoffelKaiser: oh no, gameplay is attacking us
Kykiwi: the same goons
TehAmelie: <Alex voice> where's my smiling woman?
RvLeshrac: jubale1: "Made up" implies that they had a goal.
RvLeshrac: jubale1: It is just random faffing about.
gawag_: Everything in this game is so shiny
jubale1: that' kinda lame
Spacecarl: hey the first guy is back
Amentur: Kick combo power even :O
TehAmelie: violence is the universal language, and we're the great orator
kitthethird: Oh big yikes :|
Juliamon: Alex had to try this fight a few times
Kykiwi: co-co-coombo breaker
wildpeaks: suddendly, machete out of nowhere
TheMerricat: where the hell did that machete come from?
RvLeshrac: That's Dad.
jubale1: back pocket
RvLeshrac: Welcome to Dad.
TehAmelie: it was a pocket machete
kitthethird: The Spy Kids franchise Kappa
brainbosh: WARNING, child abuse
MrThirdParty: Wait, you're deaf but can hear the wind from your head moving somewhat quickly? and your fist? They should make up their minds...
TehAmelie: machete switchblade
TheMerricat: bad @kitthethird bad...
Mr_Dirty: angry legs from the looks of it
IbunWest: Oh good let's shoehorn in an abusive father story while we're at it.
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RvLeshrac: IbunWest: Oh shit, you don't even know the half of it.
RvLeshrac: Are we good with spoilers?
brainbosh: What have they actually told us about anything in this game so far>
RvLeshrac: I mean, second-playthrough type spoilers.
gawag_: My headcannon is that our hair has not grown since the flashback. But our skull has
IbunWest: I think the first subway fight was when I stopped watching on W+P so this is all new to me now.
TheMerricat: you mean spoilers that wouldn't be spoilers if we could actually hear what was being said @RvLeshrac
Sarah_Serinde: RvLeshrac I'm gonna say that depends on Cori since she hasn't played it
TehAmelie: well, we have a black friend, and happy memories of a smiling woman, and sad memories of being punched
Spacecarl: normally this is a spoiler stream but this is all about Cori seeing this with fresh eyes so I dunno
RvLeshrac: Sarah_Serinde: Yeah that's more or less why I'm asking.
TehAmelie: that's the story so far
Kykiwi: there is a lock on and parry system for the combat
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mrsarkhan: I remember seeing this on Watch and Play
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RvLeshrac: TheMerricat: Yeah, explicitly spoilers that you'd only get on a second playthrough with the full audio.
Mr_Dirty: KO
IbunWest: Wasted.
brainbosh: Just keep putting that man in the vending machine
jubale1: fighting against a machete is guaranteed massive internal damage
Kykiwi: ouch
TehAmelie: it was just a dream. or maybe this is a dream
Spacecarl: Just insert that man into the vending machine
brainbosh: Girlfriend Mom!
kitthethird: Oh dear, no no no
jubale1: jpakHi lady
brainbosh: Oh wow, harsh insult to Yakuza
VoidByAnyOtherName: so how quiet is he
MrThirdParty: I literally thought that at the same moment as Cori, weird.
TehAmelie: triple ultra quiet
e_bloc: cheer194 I'll mark out if he gets an onomichi costume
IbunWest: You know the slowdown makes a lot more sense in a game like Arkham City where you're meant to feel like a bad ass superhero. It doesn't have the same effect when you're just playing a regular dude.
jubale1: clipping the vending machine
wildpeaks: half man, half vending machine, full quiet
ChaoticObserver: Look at how many stars are on that American flag
ChaoticObserver: On the subway car
RvLeshrac: Also, if you can stand it, a second playthrough with the audio is, in fact, amazing.
TheMerricat: @IbunWest but we are a deafkid, this is like daredevil, right?
GlennSeto: We just have one of these faces.
Kykiwi: the same 4 people
ChaoticObserver: Like is this the future
Mr_Dirty: Damn NY is full of monster closets
RvLeshrac: The game gets *SO MUCH WORSE* when you have the audio.
TehAmelie: but we're supposed to be incredibly badass. we were introduced parkouring over a 3 meter fence
IbunWest: @TheMerricat Exactly like that.
brainbosh: Some kinda dad cop?
TehAmelie: and beating up four people
Kykiwi: bless ya
ritchards: The Quiet Sneeze
Earthenone: @TehAmelie the parkouring was meant to be an hour in
IbunWest: That is some shirt.
MrThirdParty: Odds that they paid actors vs used stock footage from the internet?
TheMerricat: this isn't stalkerish at all. nope.
RvLeshrac: MrThirdParty: These are actors.
Thisbymaster: not his mom, totally not his mom
RvLeshrac: MrThirdParty:
MrThirdParty: Surprising.
RvLeshrac: MrThirdParty: There's an actual script and what have you.
Earthenone: girlfriend mom senpai noticed us!
brainbosh: They forgot to add any way to actually learn anything, even the wrong thing, while playing as a deaf character.
CoyoteSans: always good to be on good terms with your stalker
emrafool: wasn't this on watch+play?
QuietJay: No, I was spotted lurking.
TehAmelie: why does her jacket look like it was modeled in a PS1 game?
Earthenone: @emrafool yes
TheMerricat: @emrafool indeed, it was.
kitthethird: tired: bad design choices inspired: they did this just to "increase replay value"
Kykiwi: D: birb
IbunWest: Symbolism!
TehAmelie: mafia or satanism? hmm
RvLeshrac: kitthethird: I *think* the audio was only added in due to demand.
Earthenone: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
silvalunae: yes, just grab the dead bird with your hand
silvalunae: nothing bad will happen to you for that
ChaoticObserver: @RvLeshrac No, it was by design to be added a week after release
Kykiwi: ^
RvLeshrac: Oh was it?
Boros_Burger_Battalion: New CH card, " A hogtied bird that's some sort of symbol?"
GlennSeto: Did the game just let us move for 10 meters, only to launch another cutscene?
TheMerricat: This game is proof that Square Enix is having some sort of corporate level mental breakdown...
TehAmelie: we're living in a bubble of quiet so strong it blocks microbes
RvLeshrac: The audio is SO MUCH WORSE if they *intended* to release it.
ChaoticObserver: Yeah, when Giant Bomb East played it, it even included a scene with a countdown timer to when you could experience it with audio
Juliamon: There's a lot of that, GlennSeto
IbunWest: Those roses are so flat. Wow.
e_bloc: talk to the roses
brainbosh: If you imagine every time their mouths move, you just hear the Peanuts "wah wah wah waahhh", this game becomes much funnier.
TehAmelie: note that we're not IN this scene to be unable to hear it
Kykiwi: lol brain
wildpeaks: this game would be great for dubfights :D
GlennSeto: "I was animated by Capcom, my face wouldn't be this deep in the Uncanny Valley."
TheMerricat: @TehAmelie that's obviously why we are getting the creepy music to go with the convo.
Thisbymaster: she doesn't blink....
brainbosh: I WANT Ian to do this game for a Late Night Dub Fight
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TheExactSame: did you say weird creepy male?
TheMerricat: Why is mafia boy there making a heartshape around his zipper?
kitthethird: I know it
Earthenone: are we a cat?
CoyoteSans: this is the uncanny valley of choreography: my head is hurting trying to figure out the leaps of logic that resulted the decisions that were made in design
TehAmelie: no thanks, i already had the plague
Kykiwi: i think we are def a car
Earthenone: is the dead bird a gift for our friend?
Kykiwi: cat *
MrThirdParty: Because birds sing? Like a rat?
GlennSeto: @TheMerricat He waited for Kingdom Hearts for a long time, ok?
TheMerricat: lol @GlennSeto
IbunWest: Ian would be outraged at this senseless bird violence.
wildpeaks: we keep being a dick to that random bodyguard
Mr_Dirty: Man kingdom hearts is confusing
MrThirdParty: You're deaf and a jerk.
brainbosh: Time for an escort quest!
GlennSeto: Dane, this kind of petty disrespect in those circles will get you murdered...
silvalunae: calling it now, suit man is gonna double cross us
Rockario: This is turning out to not be the best game for not looking at the stream. Although Cori's narration is v. good
Kykiwi: i cant wait for cori narration for the rest of the game
TehAmelie: why does a deaf man get involved with organized crime anyway? didn't he see how that worked out for the guy in Fargo season 1?
CoyoteSans: all these camera angles the sight-reliant viewpoint character could not have possibly seen from!
brainbosh: So this game is 95% watch a movie with the sound off, 5% not great fighting.
wildpeaks: and we talked
hawkfalcon8: turn on sound
hawkfalcon8: plz
silvalunae: @brainbosh that should be the description for the game on steam
TheMerricat: @silvalunae given they are attempting some level of 'Mafia' deal here, the only person who won't betray us will be the guy who sold us our breakfast food in the first act.
Kramburger: @hawkfalcon8 The game has no sound. main character's deaf
brainbosh: We are a deaf person controlling another person who people act as if is deaf?
Nigouki: MGS4 is a much better movie
gawag_: Do you think this was at one point “normal” game? And at some point the devs said fuck it, let’s just not hire any voice actors
RvLeshrac: You're getting too close to GirlfMom, better back off a little.
silvalunae: @TheMerricat fair
TehAmelie: i feel like the game is cheating its crappy premise by giving us different music to reflect how the characters are talking
hawkfalcon8: oh awkward
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kitthethird: That broodiness though!
2Flower: @gawag_ Actually you can unlock the voice track after one playthrough.
Hot_Leather_Daddy: the cutscenes are set up to promote lip reading
arcaneemperor: this is a very difficult game to understand what's happening by just listening in the background XD
gawag_: @2flower oh that’s hot
TheMerricat: @gawag_ no, they really started this deal with the 'nobel' intent of showcasing what deafness was like, I think they just had not a single effing clue what they were doing and hired a hack script writer.
Kykiwi: lala must be a stage name
jubale1: i wanna hear a bass beat in here
Rockario: So you could say the game is actually doing two seperate things: doing an action story with a deaf protag, and presenting a story with very limited sound
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Kykiwi: pls be a stage name
gawag_: Holy moly
TehAmelie: i want to make some kind of joke about Echolalalia
Earthenone: lala was born to be a singer
CoyoteSans: @gawag_ I've seen the reverse argument, it was a normal game, realized the script was terrible after the acting was done, so they retooled it as playing a deaf character and removed the audio near the end of production.
silvalunae: oh god she sees you
ritchards: Are You Ready To Rock!!!???
Earthenone: anyways, heres wonderwall
TheMerricat: LALA - One letter down in the alphabet from being MAMA.
Kykiwi: oh god your right
TehAmelie: haha she could play Wonderwall and we wouldn't even know!
silvalunae: i think it's because she looked directly at you
Hot_Leather_Daddy: one of those keys is rigged to blow of course
GlennSeto: Here's my soul-wrenching performance of Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead.
gawag_: @coyotesans this was my assumption, given we just saw our character talk. Then again, there was some sign language earlier
Mr_Dirty: is it a silent Piano because that would be cool
o0sk_ren0o: Oh, this game. Fun
brainbosh: @TheMerricat Lala is the starter pokemon that evolves into Mama.
benegesseritmother: oh is this the version with sound opr sth?
TheMerricat: The power of her music reaches even a deaf man!
Earthenone: lala-mama-nana
RvLeshrac: Girlfriend Mom is playing the piano just like Mom Mom used to.
brainbosh: No, GF Mom is dead!
Hot_Leather_Daddy: no bullet hole in the shirt??
karpma: is this a flash forward in a flashback?
Lithobraker: God this dude has such an Oedipus complex
TheMerricat: lol @brainbosh
RvLeshrac: Played by the same actress.
TehAmelie: i actually think her smile is the only thing we know or care about
CoyoteSans: @gawag_ I assume the Second Playthough was meant to be the "Actual" game, but they ripped out the sound for the initial playthrough in an attempt to score cheap "artsy fartsy" points late ion dev.
benegesseritmother: @Lithobraker gross
wildpeaks: then things take a turn for weirder
brainbosh: Oh no, one of Alex's characters!
Papperslappen: a random cultist appears
IbunWest: It's the plague doctor from Darkest Dungeon
Kykiwi: the same goons
GlennSeto: @Hot_Leather_Daddy Died from the sound of the gunshot... see, deep thematic ties to the protag.
wildpeaks: that's an interesting mod of Cultist Simulator :D
brainbosh: Look out, the Weed gang is attacking
Kykiwi: IT is the same guys
ritchards: We are Character Model A, and we are here to Get Down!
Kykiwi: like the same actors
silvalunae: too many questions my brain hurts
KartoffelKaiser: We stole all their protein powder how are they going to get gains now?
Spacecarl: and this guy you already kicked the effort out of twice
GlennSeto: @KartoffelKaiser He gave them one full hotdog.
Coinman1863: Didn't they play this on watch and play?
MrThirdParty: Did he just try block a machete with a bottle?
silvalunae: no my motivation
Hot_Leather_Daddy: smash the state~!
TehAmelie: is that a cattle prod?
TheExactSame: is the protagonist deaf or is just the player deaf?
Juliamon: Coinman1863 yes
wildpeaks: "uh oh, I guess I'll die then"
IbunWest: I like how she just stands there and does nothing. Totally realistic.
ritchards: so we're in ... Lala land?
brainbosh: No, GF Mom is kidnapped!
KartoffelKaiser: @GlennSeto that's like, only one gain. 1 and a half tops
Kykiwi: btw why does ligths go red when ya pull a fire alarm?
wildpeaks: that was a cool transition again
InternetArt: Wasn't this on Watch + Play?
kitthethird: Okay tbh, that transition was really smooth
Juliamon: InternetArt yes
brainbosh: Do we really want to punch people? Is it fun in this game?
RvLeshrac: Need to change the title to "Talking Sim | The Quiet Man | Yes It Was Played On Watch + Play"
CoyoteSans: @Kykiwi Beats me, all the fire alarms I know just flash emergency lights (which are bright white) but the regular lights stay on.
silvalunae: ^^^
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Nahmbra: Oh Hey Cori!
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TehAmelie: how many customers do you think has walked up to Lala and asked if they can see Lala Land?
GlennSeto: I know it's cliché, but every single fight scene gets better with the Mortal Kombat theme.
TehAmelie: or Guile's theme
wildpeaks: good idea :D
InternetArt: My bad, I just jumped online and thought this looked familiar.
RvLeshrac: TehAmelie: Only The Goon.
kitthethird: Also yeah that fire alarm seemed way too easy to trigger for being at a place that serves alcohol....
Mr_Dirty: she has mastered the yo-yo punch
brainbosh: 3 dudes, out of maybe 5 total costumes?
IbunWest: ca-caw!
CoyoteSans: I've never seen a fire alarm that was just "touch panel, no plastic shield or anything"
silvalunae: also, the mask is pretty neat design
wildpeaks: behold, science
TheMerricat: that wasn't a fire alarm, that was the red alert alarm, the club doubles as a Star Trek LARP scene.
TehAmelie: birdman needs no friends, only the power of Tesla
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Mikiao: Hey Cori! That is all.
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GlennSeto: God, can you imagine Dane showing up in Mortal Kombat 11 as a joke character who controls just as badly as in this game?
Earthenone: i thought he was the bad guy, why does he have a blue tazer?
silvalunae: I mean the stick is electrified cori
Kykiwi: it is spc 43 or what ever the number was
CoyoteSans: Oh boy, just what I wanted: Indigo Prophecy with the sound off. Kappa
ritchards: The Camera is always the biggest enemy in any game
Phosphatide: suddenly i’m tuning in to watch+play FrankerZ
wildpeaks: a shocking twist
TheMerricat: @kitthethird I'm guessing you figured it out by now, but it's suppose to be a stun baton.
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Antimuffin: Whoa, looks like I'm now getting credit for my early months of BezosBucks before I switched to actual dollars. Neat!
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Kykiwi: camera pls
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TehAmelie: ooh look at plague doctor cattle prod specialist tai chi master here. pick ONE thing
TehAmelie: leave something for the other NPCs
CoyoteSans: imagine playing a deaf character, who cannot read and has no thoughts, who is also in a permanent state of out of body experience Kappa
Kykiwi: XD
Earthenone: dont grab the zappy part you fool
silvalunae: yes, grab the tazer with your hands, that's smart
e_bloc: I, for one, am shocked
kitthethird: @TheMerricat Yeah, I just haven't seen one before with a discrete battery :)
wildpeaks: Science'd
Hot_Leather_Daddy: magic bullet
brainbosh: As someone who had an electric fence, yup.
GlennSeto: Still no bullet hole.
hawkfalcon8: 19
KartoffelKaiser: 2 years Kappa
IbunWest: Gets shot in the stomach. Shows no sign of pain whatsoever.
Kykiwi: at least 10
TehAmelie: grab on a zap, your mother's back snap
silvalunae: tbh, i headcannon that that moment is when he lost his hearing because of the gunshot
brainbosh: "Chase scene"
OriginalGarwulf: Okay, gotta say that while this has serious issues as a game, it's kind of a good movie.
TehAmelie: ooh, flashy
GlennSeto: @TehAmelie *snaps fingers in applause*
Spacecarl: also it's awkward that the other guy is dating somebody who looks exactly like the lady he helped shoot
brainbosh: Time to fight 3 guys....again.
MrThirdParty: "Every time I pass out I see my mom." "How often do you pass out dude?"
IbunWest: Is he dating her though? The black guy is the one that brought her flowers.
Papperslappen: he didn't yell parkour!
silvalunae: the same three guys
TheMerricat: Ideal Bar?
kitthethird: His shoes have smooth leather soles..... a bit impractical for parkour, eh?
Juliamon: Oh, I forgot about Ideal Bar
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EchoBrozer: :)
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brainbosh: "Big Ostrich Cult" "Jammerso Carship"
Kykiwi: XD
GlennSeto: ded
TehAmelie: that was a comedic amount of punches
silvalunae: Hey, cori, what's your ideal bar?
Earthenone: i belive alex tried to aliviate that bordom with superkicks
TheMerricat: Do I even want to try to guess what sort of adult movie "Big Ostrich Cult" would be?
silvalunae: oao;;;
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brainbosh: Aluminum bat is kinda a downgrade from the machete you've been fighting tho.
RvLeshrac: TheMerricat: Jerry has three copies.
KartoffelKaiser: Deaf Ninja Magic
TehAmelie: because the whole world is against us
RvLeshrac: TheMerricat: On Blu-Ray
IbunWest: Why do they all have the exact same car with the exact same paint scheme
TheAinMAP: New York traffic?
Earthenone: its NY traffic, the van hasent moved yet
SajuukSjet: plot Armor
MrThirdParty: I would not be okay with a dude jumping over me like that.
GlennSeto: Imagine doing that vault over the head wrong and you just crippled a bystander for life.
wildpeaks: both the dudes and mom-girlfriend look like multiple people, maybe it's a world full of clones
TehAmelie: maybe we have face blindness :o
brainbosh: Because the only gameplay element they managed to figure out for this game is "Fight 3 dudes"?
wildpeaks: that took
Kykiwi: I think you regain hp by countering
wildpeaks: *that too
Kykiwi: I think
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Nicarrow: HI ALL
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IbunWest: Like if you're in a gang why would you signal that to everyone by having your car painted a specific way.
Kykiwi: or not wierd
TehAmelie: because the writers didn't know any more about organized crime than they did about deaf people?
brainbosh: @IbunWest I mean....that's what most big gangs do.
KartoffelKaiser: The cards are Gang Property. Like the company car. Branding is important.
IbunWest: I admit I know nothing about gang culture.
RvLeshrac: Yeah, that's not really strange for a gang.
RvLeshrac: Gangs are made up primarily of morons.
tehcrashxor: Why does it go to grayscale? Is it to signify that you're temporarily in Kansas?
MrThirdParty: I mean, cutscene and fight scene is a LOT of Yakuza right?
GlennSeto: And how we're hallucinating?
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Papperslappen: you can count on baseball man
ChaoticObserver: Blood, but no bullet hole
GlennSeto: One traumatic brain injury later...
wildpeaks: we did get hit a lot, a concussion would be logical
silvalunae: so, did we accidentally inhale some of that coke from earlier?
RvLeshrac: You'll note that there's no gunshot wound there.
TheAinMAP: Wake up?
TheMerricat: I thought she said "you've fallen"
Hot_Leather_Daddy: she said now you're fucked
Kykiwi: ha ha ha ha stay alive stay alive
TehAmelie: it's like what TVtropes calls "pretty little headshots" but not even that
TheMerricat: This game would be comedy gold for Bad Lip Readers if they still did their bit and if the game wasn't already a joke.
GlennSeto: "I'm sorry for making fun of your pony tail, man..."
brainbosh: Your character can talk, but we can't even hear what HE says.
silver_harloe: because gangs are about intimidation by numbers and reputation. so you want people to know you're in the gang. advertising is a key part of ganging.
Chartle: not a lot of talking heard in this talking sim
ChaoticObserver: This game seems to not be sure if you are the protagonist or if you are just watching a movie
CoyoteSans: This game is more "deaf ghost follows around deaf brawler" than anything.
ChaoticObserver: It just keeps flipping between them with no obvious sign
KartoffelKaiser: Maybe he is deaf as a consequence of the super powers he has
MrThirdParty: Pays bodyguards with known danger, bodyguards all face towards stage, they get surprised by people coming through the front door.
brainbosh: Honestly, not even sure if they ever address that.
silvalunae: yeah, i like the idea that protag and player are two people and both of you are deaf
Sarah_Serinde: Our memories don't have sound, which normally I would say implies we've always been deaf, but considering the info the game witholds, who knows!
Mr_Dirty: art
Kykiwi: hmm well he is the best actor
silvalunae: i'm sure it's not intentional, but -shrug-
Ukon_vasara: information the protag has and information the player has rarely if ever overlaps
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Kykiwi: maybe to give him more screen time?
therisingtithes_: What is the game even about?
ritchards: hey, this is where we came in!
Hot_Leather_Daddy: this is really just the protag's fanfic
silvalunae: something something mafia coke deal?
e_bloc: "take a break" Kappa
TheMerricat: @therisingtithes_ the continuing fall of Square Enix.
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silvalunae: oh and there's a cult
MrThirdParty: These people understand parkour way better than security work it seems.
CoyoteSans: Deaf man seeks revenge on gang for killing mom and kidnapping mom-looking girlfriend.
TheMerricat: @CoyoteSans not even half of the story though.
therisingtithes_: wait... @CoyoteSans... wut
docsamurai: !codefall
LRRbot: If you want to post game codes into chat, we welcome them. We would, however, suggest that you replace key points in the code with #s to avoid codebot snipers (and let us know what they should be). Another option would be to enter them into the Pump19 bot: Good luck and prepare for CodeFall!
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Sarah_Serinde: I already shared my bonus notification and it's too early for a resub...but sure, why not. Hi Cori!
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kitthethird: Just realized Twitches uses singular they pronouns! Day is made
docsamurai: Codefall 3
ritchards: does this count as a clicker game?
TheMerricat: @docsamurai you was ?codefall 3
TheMerricat: want even.
docsamurai: Ahh... Thanks @TheMerricat
TheMerricat: @ritchards the quiet man idle clicker, the longer it runs, the more of the subtitles we get to see. :-P
Juliamon: LRRbot commands use the ! prefix, Pump19 commands use ? or \ (or a few others I believe)
docsamurai: Yeah, I have.... A LOT of codes to give away tonight so enjoy
docsamurai: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Super Daryl Deluxe (Humble Bundle) | Yakuza 0 (Steam) | Everything (Humble Bundle)
wildpeaks: have to try to get at least a couple of hours of sleep and it's already past 4AM, so see you in the VOD chat :)
tehcrashxor: I haven't managed to catch a stream of Talking Sim for about a year now. Does Cam still do these sometimes?
wildpeaks: good luck with our quietest of boi
ChaoticObserver: @tehcrashxor Yeah, its Cam and Cori now
ChaoticObserver: Though tonight is a Cori solo
tehcrashxor: Thanks ChaoticObserver
docsamurai: ?codefall 4
wildpeaks: Cori streams are best streams
TheMerricat: Thanks for "everything" @docsamurai :-)
docsamurai: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Bleed 2 (Humble Bundle) | Beatbuddy (Steam) | Train Simulator 2017 + Packs (Steam)
docsamurai: Looks like it'll only allow me to drop 3 at a time
TheExactSame: This plays like he has fully functional hearing, it's just we the observer that's can't hear
the_one_and_only_kim: Serge would be appalled
Mr_Dirty: deep fried coffee?
grimpokemon: I completely forgot I was watching a stream and only heard someone talking out of nowhere
RvLeshrac: Will you be back for an Audio playthrough, Cori?
docsamurai: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Sniper Elite 3 (Humble Bundle) | Full Metal Furies (Humble Bundle) | Gang Beasts (Steam)
Earthenone: !smash
LRRbot: Put liquid hand soap in Smash, you cowards!
Ukon_vasara: we know only fight
TehAmelie: i'm sure Serge would be delighted someone's capable of loving even that coffee
Ukon_vasara: rcomFITE
the_one_and_only_kim: yes you, generic thugs 3 through 5!
ritchards: find out about the kick
docsamurai: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Mountain (Steam) | Rapture Rejects + Outfit (Steam) | 140 (Humble Bundle)
TheExactSame: coffee is still good as long as it is still in the mug
TehAmelie: someone mentioned countering might give you health back. but who can tell
Kykiwi: it is the good ole mmrpg wall spawn
brainbosh: I have never seen anyone actually "try" to play this game "correctly".
TheMerricat: @loadingreadyrun Howlongtobeat Suggests standard play time is just under 3 hours
aquinas_0: cheer100 Thank you for the laughter and terrible terrible combat
mtvcdm: I would imagine the natural reaction is to just goof on this game start to finish.
KV1NN4: ugh i can NOT tell the difference between his moma dn the kidnapped woman
ritchards: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:27:33.
docsamurai: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Rapture Rejects + Outfit (Steam) | Darkside Detective (Humble Bundle) | Super Daryl Deluxe (Humble Bundle)
RvLeshrac: KV1NN4: They're the same actress.
RvLeshrac: KV1NN4: Also, you're not supposed to be able to tell the difference.
brainbosh: How many finishers do each of these guys take?
TheMerricat: What @RvLeshrac said.
TehAmelie: my headcanon is we're actually face blind and don't know it, and that's why the only actors seem to be Woman, Gang Member and Black Friend
docsamurai: Alright, looks like all the codes have been falled for tonight (Though there's some that still haven't been claimed)
Scy_Anide: oh, it's mcguffin time
TimbrePanic: the combat reminds me of a game called Rise to Honor
CoyoteSans: or he just has oedipus complex
KV1NN4: @RvLeshrac oh thank goodness... I have a hard time telling ppl apart in general
Kykiwi: is she attracted?
RvLeshrac: CoyoteSans has it.
docsamurai: Congrats to everyone who got a game, for everyone else, better luck next time
KartoffelKaiser: I'm still super not ok with the girlfriend mother parallel
aerobeing: KartoffelKaiser, then you might hate the Predestination movie.
CoyoteSans: Still less weird to me than Aiden Pierce and his sisterwife.
TehAmelie: TFW you hold a guy and punch him fifty thousand times and then it still takes one more jab before he falls down
GlennSeto: I don't know about this grim reboot of Parapa the Rapper...
Juliamon: In his defense, seeing your mom shot dead in front of you can be pretty traumatizing. But he should have seen a counselor, not get into drug trafficking.
Mr_Dirty: is our her more or less likable than Aiden Pierce from watchdogs 1?
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the friends you made along the way
TehAmelie: some people think it's super common to marry someone who's just like your opposite sex parent. . .they may have written this
Kramburger: Harlem is a lie invented by the Hip Pop music industry, wake up sheeple
Scy_Anide: I live in Harlem. This does not feel like NY, let alone Harlem.
KV1NN4: @Kramburger oh wow! I wonder where Iw as 3 years ago then. o.o;
TheMerricat: You'd think at some point these five guys would realize they aren't cut out for being a gang on their own, without even guns, and just stop trying.
CoyoteSans: When New York City has the population density of Peroria
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MennoKnight42: shhhhhh hi cori
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ritchards: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:33:50.
SquareDotCube: Madison, Wisconsin.
Kramburger: @KV1NN4 You were part of a mass hallucination!
Earthenone: the human head is on the human body
Kykiwi: madison wisconsin
Scy_Anide: Especially the terrible Latino stereotypes.
TehAmelie: the fish rots from the head. . .
KV1NN4: @Kramburger that entire trip is pretty fuzzy now
timble4: oh dear that's my city
aerobeing: TheMerricat, they stand by the "fake it till you make it" principle.
brainbosh: Th plane ticket was from JFK airport, so it SHOULD be from around there.
CoyoteSans: that's about as far from literally the rest of american culture as you can get while still being in america
TheMerricat: LOL They are located in Madison Wisconsin, my brother lives there, it's about as opposite from NYC as a city could be while still having humans living in it.
brainbosh: Abusive Cop Dad!
CoyoteSans: except for, like, alaska
mtvcdm: Human Head Studios is indeed from Madison.
SquareDotCube: Yeah, it's pretty awful. To think they were the same devs that made 2006 Prey and Rune
RvLeshrac: Do you want to know what he's actually saying here?
ChaoticObserver: The same studio that was working on Prey 2 before it was cancelled by Bethesda
mtvcdm: Which is very much not New York City.
kitthethird: I dislike Robert
KartoffelKaiser: "It's ok sport I know what its like to see someone die of gunshot wounds i do that to people all the time"
Juliamon: This is NYC by way of "one of the devs went to NYC once"
mtvcdm: Human Head consists of six people who broke off of Raven Software, based out of the Madison suburb of Middleton, Wisconsin.
SquareDotCube: This comes off more as a project by students they nabbed from the state uni
CoyoteSans: Not even that, it's "one of the devs watched a really scary documentary on a NYV gang once."
Earthenone: they were big fans of JUNO, edited at last minute for copyright reasons, obviously
brainbosh: What is being said in that cutscene, when you see it in the newgame+....
CoyoteSans: *NYC
Scy_Anide: Outsider is polite. Fucking racist as shit is more accurate.
TehAmelie: the question now becomes, how did these goofballs get published by Squeenix?
MennoKnight42: the camera in this game seems.... not good.
mtvcdm: This is what Human Head Studios has developed.
TehAmelie: i mean, a six person team made this, that makes sense
brainbosh: This literally lookes like a camera on a movie set.
ChaoticObserver: Oh yeah, this moment
the_one_and_only_kim: so the game is literally a bad movie split up with fighting 2-4 thugs with 3 different character models?
brainbosh: Wait, how did he find this specific place?
ChaoticObserver: The room that for some reason has two different types of garbage can in it
CoyoteSans: hi, movie serial killer wall
ChaoticObserver: And then
TehAmelie: i think Kid Us is wearing a wig
CoyoteSans: with the sepia tone and the red sharpie/blood scrawlings
jamesk902: That's not how blood works.
Earthenone: flashlight
ArcOfTheConclave: what's the plot of this game?
Trymantha: there are 4 trashcans i nthat room
GlennSeto: I bird friend real? I'm having some doubts.
TehAmelie: the throat punch should be pretty deadly. . .
GlennSeto: *is
Earthenone: are w ethe birdman?
RvLeshrac: GlennSeto: Everything is real, there's nothing weird here.
kitthethird: IT IS A flashlight!
AtomicAlchemical: They seem very nonchalant about this fight
GhostOfACoffeeCup: so it's a baton with a rail-mounted flashlight?
the_one_and_only_kim: hi mum/gf
TheMerricat: @kitthethird called it, it was a flashlight, tacticool! :-P
GhostOfACoffeeCup: I'm pretty sure that's illegal in Germany
Scy_Anide: What an adorably dork smile
TehAmelie: i like that our relationship with her seems entirely based on her smiling at us
GlennSeto: Ah, he's startling our overdeveloped remaining senses - devious!
RvLeshrac: GlennSeto: I mean, there's the part where you went a little nuts, but other than that.
Nigouki: it could be one of those rapidly blinking flashlights meant to disable people, fits with being on a stun baton
MennoKnight42: the animations are really not selling this either
Nigouki: both supposed to be "non-lethal" takedowns
Nigouki: or is the term "less-lethal" nowadays?
o0sk_ren0o: Can you just attack him during that one?
TehAmelie: now i get it, we're not deaf, our hearing is just superliminal
TimbrePanic: games could definitely use some more flash light stun mechanics
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TehAmelie: we can hear LIGHT
kitthethird: The way he just skateboards back......
Earthenone: is there a way to i dont know, look away from flashlight?
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SteelCityExile: hey, I think I put in a resubscribe message three days in a row. are these ALL showing up?
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Kykiwi: magical beam attack!
nlc1054: huh. I subbed but got nothin
CyberAsp: If not for the kidnapping scene I'd assume he was the bird the whole time.
TheMerricat: @nlc1054 if you are on the webpage, refresh to get the annouce button. if you are on one of the apps, you might have to hit the page.
MostCallMe__Tim: Maybe its my inability to smile, at least a big toothy smile, but big smiles like hers actually creep me out. Doing it in slo-mo doesn't help
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Yolysses: aw man, must've subbed some random month: this new system skipped my baby subversary!
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brainbosh: Everyone I've seen play this just starts cheesing by trapping the enemy in a corner.
Kykiwi: ayyy we got em
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ReverseCreations: 30 months I am told That's a number!!
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Kramburger: "Hey, have any of you guys seen the matrix?"
Kykiwi: other than him kidnapping the girl
kitthethird: He kicked Beakman in the groin....... through a wall.....
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SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:47:05.
brainbosh: Time for more of the Type A gameplay, punch a bunch of dudes.
Kykiwi: oh new model hypyu
TheMerricat: all hype, no fight.
persona786: man that is some tough 2 inch tall trash
korvys: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:49:16.
ChaoticObserver: That is the same kitchen and room I believe
ChaoticObserver: So now reusing rooms on top of reusing gang members
korvys: So I had to go get my hair cut. Have we worked out if this is "bad" yet?
brainbosh: Padding..."
brainbosh: ?
TheMerricat: @korvys we did that the moment we found out which game it was ;-)
CaptainSpam: Are... are we in NG+ already?
ChaoticObserver: @CaptainSpam No
korvys: @TheMerricat Yes, but I'm referring to Cori's intro discussion.
ChaoticObserver: They just are reusing the same rooms
TheMerricat: @CaptainSpam no, this cori's first playthough and we are only about halfway through.
CaptainSpam: Because it seems like we've looped the scene...
KartoffelKaiser: "This is the story telling police open up!"
persona786: was the three of the same cop?
TheMerricat: and all the police have the same model. TableHere
brainbosh: Detective Cop Dad
Vulcnor: I can t really hear any audio. Oh crap that is intentional.
Vulcnor: I just realized the game.
kitthethird: Bobert
KartoffelKaiser: "Hi dad I'm trying to murder a dude"
KartoffelKaiser: "I killed like 18 people to get to him isnt that rad"
HesGotNoPants: annual gang-a-polusa
tergonis: "things have occurred which may or may not be bad"
ArcOfTheConclave: why are people talking to a deaf person?
KartoffelKaiser: "Son I need to impart to you my recipe for the perfect pastrami sandwich"
KartoffelKaiser: "It's bread and pastrami. Super simple."
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Oatway_: a very quiet resub
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Rourke9: @ArcOfTheConclave presumably he can read lips, which just makes it weirder than we cant understand plaing the game
Kykiwi: good ole taye
Kykiwi: yea chuck is taye
TheMerricat: taye is vestman!
tenthtechpriest: wasn't this game on watch + play?
Earthenone: im sorry, if its important maybe text the deaf guy?
korvys: Oh, it's Reaper
KartoffelKaiser: why did we keep that
TheMerricat: @tenthtechpriest YEP
tergonis: and now we time travel and fight ourself?
Xenguin47 wanders in late
ChaoticObserver: And again, no puncture in the clothing itself
ArcOfTheConclave: @Rourke9 this game isn't very well thought out is it?
KartoffelKaiser: look.
Rourke9: @ArcOfTheConclave it is not!
KartoffelKaiser: Laser bullets
KartoffelKaiser: it all checks out
Rockario: So I forget, have we seen the beakman do anything except accost deafman?
TheMerricat: @ArcOfTheConclave define "thought out"
2Flower: Feel my angsty manpain at losing another woman!
hawkfalcon8: wut
mtvcdm: !findquote blood
LRRbot: Quote #1518: "It looks like there's blood dripping down the walls." —Alex [2015-03-27]
TheAinMAP: Dream?
kitthethird: Dream? Or ~~Intuition~~?
ChaoticObserver: @Rockario Also took sort of girlfriend mom
KartoffelKaiser: It turns out this whole game was just a bad hot dog dream
e_bloc: in da club
Kykiwi: we just murder are frands D:
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Xenguin47: I'm worried for my sub baby...
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KV1NN4: uhh
TheMerricat: @Rockario he stole Mama/wannabe Girlfriend who is actually Girlfriend of best friend gangleader, then drove a van off.
e_bloc: what if the real victims are the friends we made along the way
mtvcdm: whump!
KartoffelKaiser: he punched a phone
hawkfalcon8: wut
KartoffelKaiser: why the fuck did he punch a phone
Xenguin47: I feel like there are easier ways to hang up on somebody
RvLeshrac: e_bloc: The only victims here are the players.
o0sk_ren0o: A fugue state?
KartoffelKaiser: Is this a video that was just on his phone?
Rockario: Okay, I was making sure we do have a "Thing that we could actually attribute to our main character the whole time!"
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> RT @BWheelerMTG> This was a lot of fun to do last month. Canadian Highlander AMA? ||
TheMerricat: @Rockario if you don't want spoilers then the answer is that is exactly what the game is alluding to right now.
Rockario: Or maybe the mask is just a mask and someone is messing with deafman
Kykiwi: beak man even gave us directions how nice
Earthenone: dane is MC
TheAinMAP: Dane is the main.
Nigouki: man, everyone got anger issues
Earthenone: cheevo!
CoyoteSans: Hooray, more than halfway through the game, we finally learn two characters' names!
Mr_Dirty: unless he has powers?
Nigouki: wait, what is Dane is just his nationality and not his name? D:
TacitusVigil: Oh hey, they put a game in this movie.
hawkfalcon8: wut the absolute SH$# just happened
starlitdiscord: i thnk i'm a bit late but woah the graphics in the cutscene
Kykiwi: we doomed to fight the same 4 guys
e_bloc: we are certainly doomed
Rockario: If we are getting psycological, maybe these 4 goons are also projections? Kappa
TacitusVigil: I assume we're dead and in Limbo. Hence fighting the same people over and over. lrrBEEJ
TacitusVigil: Or maybe Purgatory?
Xenguin47: How do we have any knuckles left at all?
TheMerricat: @hawkfalcon8 the implications are that we attacked the 'good guy' gang because we were told to make it look as if we were beakman, but we aren't quite certain that we aren't beakman as a split personality.
hawkfalcon8: right yea get it
ChaoticObserver: Alright gang members 2 through 6, once more with feeling
TacitusVigil: Maybe it's some sort of Clone Wars.
mtvcdm: These are some *jerky* animation cuts.
CyberAsp: Ah yes, beak man is protagonist's clone.
ChaoticObserver: Yeah, there's a lot of janky stuff in this game
KartoffelKaiser: Beakman is the protagonist from the Earth-2 timeline
mtvcdm: Spear!
IbunWest: Spear! Spear!
TacitusVigil: Nice of him to let us get up.
ChaoticObserver: I'm just glad Cori avoided what I saw happen on one playthrough where the game literally couldn't advance because a gang member clipped into the wall
mtvcdm: I demand Superman punch!
TheMerricat: For those of you who haven't spoiled the game for yourself... keep coming up with interesting ideas of who beakman is, and someday you might lead the fan-remake of the game with one of those instead of who it really is. :-P
KV1NN4: @ChaoticObserver Oof o.o;
aquinas_0: and then he stops stands up and walks away
TacitusVigil: I feel like his guy is spamming that one attack.
TacitusVigil: *this
KV1NN4: What if Beakman IS the girlfriendmom?
hawkfalcon8: night all
hawkfalcon8: gtg
TheMerricat: night @hawkfalcon8
CoyoteSans: I'm pretty sure whatever interpretation of the game I can come up with at this point is still better than what the actual plot is.
KartoffelKaiser: ok but what if *we're* beakman
TheMerricat: @KartoffelKaiser you mean us, the players? :) I like that.
KV1NN4: what if the CHAT is beakman?!
kitthethird: We are all Beakman, deep down
aquinas_0: no the shop lights, beakman is swamp gas in the light of venus
starlitdiscord: we are the true beakman
Nigouki: secret tunnel!
Oatway_: why do those doors pull themselves shut
Oatway_: and then reopen
the_one_and_only_kim: nothing to look at, just a tunnel to more fights
Xenguin47: Secret tunnel... secret tunnel...
Kiwijelly: had they never met a deaf person?
IbunWest: Beakman is three Storm Crows in a trenchcoat.
KartoffelKaiser: The same but more tedious.
Earthenone: i assume the same but you have to land more punches
Kiwijelly: or played a fun game?
aquinas_0: is that box solid?
Nigouki: also your fingers and hands should be pretty messed up by now
TheMerricat: I think that's your knuckles disintegrating Cori.
KartoffelKaiser: Maybe protag's fists are still bloody from punching that phone earlier and its just his blood
Earthenone: Gameplay!
the_one_and_only_kim: to give the illusion that this is a game instead of a shitty movie
Kiwijelly: Oh I know! The makers of this game had only ever played the Dead to Rights series with their head immersed in jello
KartoffelKaiser: These gang members are the committee appointed Gameplay (TM) to justify that this is a video game
aquinas_0: or
CyberAsp: Soon his fists will be so damaged he'll have to start using a stun baton.
aquinas_0: godhand at 1/5 speed
aquinas_0: and no combo choices
Nigouki: man, the gameplay just keeps on coming
TheMerricat: lol
o0sk_ren0o: The slow knife penetrates the shield
kitthethird: AI seems a little bit borked
TheMerricat: they are afraid of you cori,
aquinas_0: :D
KartoffelKaiser: This is like those videos of Smash where they beat the AI by standing still
Kiwijelly: anyone reminded of that guy with all the books in his garage?
KartoffelKaiser: It was just ketchup from that hot dog we didnt eat
Kykiwi: maybe it was pasta suace
Earthenone: there was no bullet hole in the dress
TheMerricat: I hear you with my blood @LoadingReadyRun
Earthenone: could be cool aid
KartoffelKaiser: Sonar blood?
Earthenone: "i hear you with my blood" could make sense coming from a deaf guy, they dont really know how hearing works
TheMerricat: bad @Earthenone bad....
CyberAsp: So are we the quiet man or is the bird with the stitched-up mouth the quiet man?
kitthethird: I don't think any of them are wearing safety glasses in an auto tech shop.... tsk tsk
KartoffelKaiser: The quiet man is all the questions that didnt get answers along the way
Kiwijelly: Hey, geniuses, if your protagonist is a deaf guy, maybe make your cues VISUAL
KartoffelKaiser: @Kiwijelly ok but hear me out: what if we completely ignored our own premise?
Kiwijelly: and not just when you're about to get your butt kicked
Kiwijelly: It's a bold strategy, @KartoffelKaiser. Let's see how it plays out
Nigouki: anyone keeping count on how many people you have to beat up?
Nigouki: probably up to a hundred by now?
Earthenone: wait, i got it, birdman=ian! have we ever seen ian and birdman in the same scene?
Nigouki: what kind of badass gang gets 100 of it's dudes beat up by one guy
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:12:53.
Kiwijelly: I'm getting real tired of her face
Earthenone: all those powders were for dusty road
KartoffelKaiser: A smart one tbh its better than just sending them into the protagonist shaped wood chipper one at a time
ChaoticObserver: That's another thing: what is being implied by that being the restart screen?
El_Spectre: That flare gets real old real fast
Earthenone: i think it is the movie trope of "visions of why you need to get back up"
aquinas_0: we're secretly in AI: Artificial Intelligence
Kiwijelly: Side effects of Deafness include lens flare
KartoffelKaiser: Mom/girlfriend/stalking victim is motivating us to not game over
IbunWest: So left trigger makes you emit a radioactive aura
Earthenone: punch, kick, its all in the mind
TheMerricat: the first button charges the run?
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah devs pro tip from someone who has read about deaf people: they can read
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zed_alpha: That main character doesn't look anything like John Wayne at all! I feel cheated.
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Earthenone: 420 storm count
zed_alpha: blaze the chat?
Mikiao: Is the camera just godawful?
zed_alpha: so it's FMV?
Kykiwi: XD
Kiwijelly: @KartoffelKaiser I mean, education access gaps are a serious problem within deaf communities, but didn't this guy become deaf as an adult?
TheMerricat: lol cori
Mikiao: Nice
NathanJay_GA: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
e_bloc: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Papperslappen: lrrHORN lrrHORN
KartoffelKaiser: @Kiwijelly we've also seen him read before within the context of the game.
TheMerricat: @Kiwijelly I'm not entirely sure but I'm leaning towards we went deaf when mom died.
IbunWest: seabatHITBOX
NathanJay_GA: So, does this garage only work on Celicas?
kitthethird: What's the over-under on us getting our hearing back at the climax of the game?
aquinas_0: i'm waiting for her to pop up a dialogue
KartoffelKaiser: oh like 100000%
aquinas_0: would you like to continue
aquinas_0: skip scen
Earthenone: i mean new game + has sound so...pretty good odds?
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justwhatever_idk: 420 is over sorry, but here enjoy my money
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zed_alpha: the fight controls look like they were supposed to have been designed for a more over-the-shoulder style of camera control. Am I reading this right?
IbunWest: Even if he couldn't read that is no excuse for non-diagetic things such as controls to be hidden from the player. It's unnecessarily obtuse.
Kiwijelly: @Earthenone of course it does
CyberAsp: The fact that protagonist can speak, and apparently lip-read extremely well makes it so weird that we don't know anything anyone's saying.
aquinas_0: @IbunWest that is literally the very contrived point though! :D
zed_alpha: yeah, the way that the makers of this game portray deaf people is friggin weird
upstagedraccoon: lovin that shirt cori
Mr_Dirty: You can still win. You can turn the game off at any time!
KartoffelKaiser: ok what if this is just the end of the game
KartoffelKaiser: you get ranched by mooks until you stop playing
aquinas_0: it connected!
IbunWest: Who doesn't love attacks from off screen with no tell whatsoever
e_bloc: he's nice that he hits you once and then lets you up\
CyberAsp: Okay, you punched him, now get off and let the guy get up!
aquinas_0: all around the mullberry bush
KartoffelKaiser: look at these fucking piles of hit points
Kiwijelly: I mean, a game about having to navigate and interpret body language and communicate non verbally could be centered around something seemingly simple, like... moving into a new town and needing to introduce yourself
Earthenone: not like this!
Kykiwi: noooo
Kykiwi: so close
mtvcdm: sleep forever
Frankenfruity: nooooo
Papperslappen: lrrAWW
Earthenone: so, good strat
Earthenone: maybe we need to kill redmn before we aggro yellow by the trashcan?
Kiwijelly: that could be really interesting
IbunWest: @Kiwijelly It COULD; but I think playing as an revenge-fueled violent drug dealer is much more relatable to the everyman.
Kiwijelly: or a dating sim!
KartoffelKaiser: @IbunWest I know I best relate to people who measure cocaine in numbers of briefcases
Kiwijelly: I even know what I'd call it
zed_alpha: Are the controls as slippery as they look, Cori?
aquinas_0: and it was done
Kiwijelly: Meet Me Halfway
CyberAsp: That's a different man!
TheAinMAP: Boom?
Kiwijelly: ok, still shopping the name
KartoffelKaiser: oh great look the oil cigarette thing looks liker we're arsoning
zed_alpha: hm. Okay, so a lot of frames. Is this a common issue with this sort of game?
Kiwijelly: a bad game? yes
zed_alpha: and does the weird semi-fixed camera angle exascerbate it?
KartoffelKaiser: @Kiwijelly it is a good name for a dating sim
Kykiwi: has cori look a the controls?
Earthenone: yes, though the controls are not written out
ChaoticObserver: @Kykiwi she has, it doesn't help that much in this game
Kiwijelly: I should shop the idea to someone with actual game making experience
Kykiwi: ah ok must of missed it
Kiwijelly: it could be really cute
IbunWest: They really like their arcade games.
Kiwijelly: the dating sim format is already pretty deaf/hoh friendly
TheMerricat: Ok, what sort of gang keeps an arcade set up in the suite above their chopshop?
KartoffelKaiser: Ok confirmed machettes hurt a lot
ReverseCreations: that man one to enjoy durian?
IbunWest: I mean if I had money to burn I'd love to waste it on arcade machines.
Kiwijelly: I'd waste it on a machete!
KartoffelKaiser: how dare you that man was enjoying Spaceprism
CyberAsp: Spawning where you died makes this weird
TheMerricat: the key here is to die why knifeman spawns so you can kil him before he gets human blockers.
KartoffelKaiser: Did that guy stab you with a machete that's super not how you use one of those
kitthethird: The white modern workspace in that corner feels really out of place.... graffiti, arcade machines, white desk with a plastic plant...
CyberAsp: Turns out he did!
zed_alpha: okay, the orgy-red lighting is a...weird choice for a filter for when you're injured. It's like the actual diegetic lighting inside the scene went all red.
zed_alpha: Anyone else thinking that?
Earthenone: you could try dying in the couch corner and dpsing down knifesmn
Kiwijelly: !game bad
Earthenone: sorry. slicy
zed_alpha: !game puzzling
Kiwijelly: i don't care if it doesn't do anything anymore, it's true
Papperslappen: Would this game be good with good combat and or other interactive bits? Does the whole no dialogue, ruddy mysterious plot feel pretentious because the gameplay is quite clunky?
GreatGodOm: Is Corey flying solo today?
zed_alpha: a perfectly two-dimensional not!Miami Dolphins jersey back there.
TheMerricat: I think all the brands in this game are all knockoff brands
Kiwijelly: that art
Kiwijelly: the skeleton abstract titty picture
Nigouki: it's kinda amazing how much work went into this yet there's absolutely nothing good about it
IbunWest: That is some beautifully rendered bread.
TacitusVigil: Machete Man: Manchete
Kiwijelly: These have to be store bought assets, right?
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KartoffelKaiser: I'd assume a game published by square enix had the budget to make the assets in house
Kiwijelly: the AI is just.. so bad
OriginalGarwulf: To rephrase what I said much earlier - issues as a game notwithstanding, there are parts of this that actually make a compelling movie.
KartoffelKaiser: and it's about as comprehensible as many square games
OriginalGarwulf: The repetitive fights with the same four guys is not among those parts.
TacitusVigil: The legends say Manchete will come again someday.
KartoffelKaiser: let's not look a gift machete in the mouth
Earthenone: what were we even fighting for?
KartoffelKaiser: holy shit did they do the least interesting thing possible?
TacitusVigil: Oh no, it's....that...guy?
KartoffelKaiser: they fucking did
RvLeshrac: You know his name.
KartoffelKaiser: The twist was there was no twist its just the guy who killed mom/girlfriend
Mr_Dirty: Fight! Fight! Fight!
zed_alpha: the facial animations are good
RvLeshrac: You haven't reached the twist yet.
kitthethird: Oh dear
KartoffelKaiser: Ok I'll take your word for it
zed_alpha: You would be able to ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND HIM. This guy has been shown to know how to read lips!
mtvcdm: Gee, a big window. I wonder what to do here.
GreatGodOm: Is it on purpose that there is no dialogue?
Nigouki: why is his gold statue shorter than him?
IbunWest: I hope the real twist is that we're the ones that shot our mom all along.
Nigouki: could he not afford a full scale gold statue?
Rockario: It looks like you unholster your fist at the start of the fight
Nigouki: or if he's so fancy, why not go for full pagan idol scale statue?
mtvcdm: Please try to spear us out the window and miss
CyberAsp: Maybe we're really the mom and it's our kid who died.
KartoffelKaiser: What if the kid was the bullet and the mom was the gun
TheMerricat: did you see it chat.
TacitusVigil: I made this gold statue of myself! At 75% scale. I'm not made of money, you know.
zed_alpha: See what?
IbunWest: Maybe he was our mom all along.
mtvcdm: !clip
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Mr_Dirty: Ded
kitthethird: What if he asked us for a hamburger, and we gave him a raccoon?
zed_alpha: hang on, cut, do it over, you can see that the stuntman's kick went WAY wide
cosarprime: Doesn't he look way larger than the birdman?
CyberAsp: I mean maybe he just got mailed a mask too?
TacitusVigil: So he's basically a Zelda boss.
TacitusVigil: We need to trick him into hitting his own statue? lrrBEEJ
oyleslyck: LUL
Nigouki: this is way more boring than any zelda boss
IbunWest: My favorite zelda boss is the one where you just punch it repeatedly with your bare hands.
TacitusVigil: lrrBEEJ
IbunWest: Touche
zed_alpha: punched through the couch
Nigouki: haha
zed_alpha: does no furniture in this game have a collider?
Earthenone: how can you tell him apart from the statue?
kitthethird: Hahahahah
KartoffelKaiser: :I
OriginalGarwulf: Is it possible to get him to charge through the window and fall to his death?
kitthethird: A bit disappointed you didn't T pose for two frames during that as well
OriginalGarwulf: That seems like a thing you should bve able to do.
mtvcdm: Yeah, the window seems an obvios potential solution here.
OriginalGarwulf: Also, the building seems to be on fire.
zed_alpha: oh hell, his pizza's burning. He should check his smoke alarms are working.
ChaoticObserver: @zed_alpha I mentioned this earlier, but I saw a run of this game where a gang member clipped into a wall, which meant the game could no longer advance because you couldn't knock them out.
zed_alpha: @ChaoticObserver that. Okay, so they...
KartoffelKaiser: @OriginalGarwulf this entire game is things that you should be able to do that you cant
zed_alpha: I want to comment on how that just seems like they didn't playtest the game, but I'm a layman, so I don't know if I should.
RvLeshrac: I don't think you need to dodge that, you can just run away.
Papperslappen: is this a puzzle boss where you have to make him charge through the window?
Scy_Anide: When it's just...her face staring at you and making faces, it would be cute if it wasn't creepy.
KartoffelKaiser: @zed_alpha I mean, there are different stages of playtesting. The game clearly runs, and allegedly beating it is possible, so they likely did *some* playtesting.
zed_alpha: @KartoffelKaiser Thank you!
KartoffelKaiser: Did they do enough? Probably not.
Skyboss1996: Yes Cori Yes
Xenguin47: But what if violence isn't the answer?
Skyboss1996: There is Only War
mtvcdm: Suddenly in front of window
Kiwijelly: look at this jacket, ain't it tight?
Earthenone: phase 2?
Mr_Dirty: Puny man I became big. you still small.
Skyboss1996: this guy sounds like the Windows 95 sounds have been mixed together
Earthenone: oraoraoraora
ChaoticObserver: Uhh... what
mtvcdm: Going Dragonball Z now
IbunWest: So we were playing as E Honda all along
Skyboss1996: ORA ORA ORA
Kiwijelly: it's made of couch fabric so it doesn't breathe worth a damn, but it looks great
jamesk902: Also very powerful literal hit.
Kiwijelly: that seems unlikely
mtvcdm: but WHY tho
KartoffelKaiser: wow that's real dumb
Xenguin47: Why are we following him?
kitthethird: UH
Nigouki: well
TacitusVigil: Oh no, she's in the Phantom Zone!
kitthethird: !sir
Nigouki: this was a terrible decision
IbunWest: It looked like there was a balcony there
mtvcdm: LRRBot, what's your opinion of this?
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #862: "I guess it depends on whether you consider my death good. I don't, for the record." —Graham [2015-10-14]
Papperslappen: huggles
KartoffelKaiser: what if she is birb
Earthenone: how did she leave the phantom zone?
Skyboss1996: did we get her out of the Phantom zone?
TheMerricat: why indeed cori, why indeed.
Xenguin47: Um.. fire?
Skyboss1996: what's on fire?
Kiwijelly: oops arson
Skyboss1996: did we do that?
Papperslappen: what if everything was fight club all along? 🤔
IbunWest: They showed gasoline leaking towards a lit cigarette earlier
Xenguin47: I think he said we're going to pay?
Skyboss1996: and then we exploded
KartoffelKaiser: There was a cigarette and oil down stairs like 4 fights ago.
IbunWest: Err oil whatever it was.
IbunWest: But amazingly they did actually set it up.
Rockario: Oh no, the bombs that the Fight Club gang planted all over the city are going off!
Earthenone: walk through the fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire
zed_alpha: no, you just have to drag your mom's shoes through the wall
KartoffelKaiser: probably gasoline or petrol or whatever makes cars go
Skyboss1996: dionsaur juice
TheMerricat: I don't think Cori realizes the implications of what happens if we get nito a fight rightnow.
SajuukSjet: through the fire and the flames, we'll carry on!!!!
KartoffelKaiser: I don't know I'm not a car cop
Nigouki: surely this is the worst time for "gameplay"
TacitusVigil: Come on guys, you've surely heard the Kahless saying that "Only a fool fights in a burning house."
zed_alpha: Oh yeah, bludgeon the gang members with our mom.
zed_alpha: That works.
KartoffelKaiser: JUST PUT HER DOWN
Skyboss1996: It's ok! We have a meat shield!
KartoffelKaiser: She's an adult!
kitthethird: @KartoffelKaiser Sounds like something a car cop would say! Kappa
Nigouki: i just wanna know how many people along the development and testing cycles all went "yeah, this is fine"
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TrueTransSoulAlesha: It's been 33 months, does the story make sense yet?
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Papperslappen: she is the touchy feely type
TheMerricat: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:45:56.
IbunWest: And now he's fine again
Skyboss1996: Meanwhile! In Live Action world!
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun in theory you have about 30 min left of game, depending on the luck of your fights
Kiwijelly: Why don't we know what we're saying?
TheMerricat: @Kiwijelly we are deaf ghost watching this, not the kid
Kiwijelly: we're not brain-deaf
Kiwijelly: oh
Earthenone: why would we, the deaf ghost following this man around. have that knowlage?
ChaoticObserver: @Kiwijelly artistic decision
CoyoteSans: Our best guess is we the audience are deaf, watching this deaf brawler.
Xenguin47: No, my ribs! I need those to hear!
Nigouki: look who decided to re-in-vest into the story
TrueTransSoulAlesha: is the version where the story is subtitled or has audio going to be played?
kitthethird: We'd be deaf, not stupid.....
Kiwijelly: we're kind of jerks for not doing anything, huh?
TheMerricat: @TrueTransSoulAlesha would you play it?
KartoffelKaiser: @Nigouki first of all how dare you
mtvcdm: Point at the sign!
Kykiwi: D: taye angry at us D:
TrueTransSoulAlesha: @TheMerricat i wouldn't play the game in the first place.
RvLeshrac: TheMerricat: It is the only version that is interesting.
Kiwijelly: also, why are all the bad guys black? are we this city's only white drug dealer?
Kiwijelly: no wait, ponytail dude
Skyboss1996: Fine, we'll shoot him through you
IbunWest: I mean...I would argue the protagonist is a pretty bad guy too
RvLeshrac: Kiwijelly: What? The other gang was a SIR13 ripoff.
Kiwijelly: wasn't here for that part
CoyoteSans: This game was made by a developer in minnesota.
itsrileypm1: @TrueTransSoulAlesha You Have The Best Name.
RvLeshrac: SUR13*
itsrileypm1: Like, ever
TrueTransSoulAlesha: @itsrileypm1 thx i picked it myself.
kitthethird: It's a pretty good name
zed_alpha: @Kiwijelly weird interpretation of who does all the crime in New York, made by a Japanese game company that hasn't had the best record of not putting bad racial stereotypes in games to begin with?
TheMerricat: @CoyoteSans Wisconson, but close.
ChaoticObserver: @zed_alpha the developers were from Wisconsin
Kiwijelly: yeah, but at least then the black guy had a bird
zed_alpha: @ChaoticObserver Thought Square Enix made this game?
itsrileypm1: @TrueTransSoulAlesha lol SAME! TransgenderPride
Skyboss1996: Dad Tective
IbunWest: Dad-tective.
ChaoticObserver: They released it
KartoffelKaiser: Square Enix published
ChaoticObserver: Human Head Studios developed it
RvLeshrac: The Black Guy is the leader of what is otherwise apparently Mafia.
KartoffelKaiser: Also I wasn't aware of them having a bad track record with racial stereotypes?
KartoffelKaiser: They did put literal actual Mr. T in Final Fantasy 7, i suppose
IbunWest: I mean...Barrett is pretty awful
TheMerricat: Black Guy was our friend and leader of the 'good guy' mafia till we had to beat them all up to save girl who looks like mom and is dating Black guy but we are secretly in love with.
zed_alpha: @KartoffelKaiser A couple games they did get a bit...not quite bad, but iffy.
itsrileypm1: why would you just openly speak to your kid KNOWING HES DEAF
Skyboss1996: Meanwhile : Back in this art film
Nigouki: Square Enix had to have spent millions on the live action, the performance capture for the rendered cut scenes, and all the fancy environmental modeling, and then forgot to tell the developer that gameplay actually matters....
RvLeshrac: itsrileypm1: Since we're not doing the audio...
RvLeshrac: itsrileypm1: He's telling you that the entire thing is your fault.
MostCallMe__Tim: I'm nnot convinced our character is deaf, but maybe the camera has a broken mic
TheMerricat: Dad tective is litterally DADtective.
Kiwijelly: that seems like a stupid plot twist
RvLeshrac: itsrileypm1: And that he hates you, and that you're terrible, etc.
Skyboss1996: yup. Dadtective
TheMerricat: and we had plenty of cutsences where he was beating the shit out of us.
kitthethird: Badtective
Kiwijelly: ANGST
TacitusVigil: "I can't read your lips, you're driving"
itsrileypm1: @RvLeshrac it only really works if the deafness is psychosomatic
Skyboss1996: LAW
Skyboss1996: ORDER
Kramburger: I had this tab muted for 5 minutes and I'm not sure why
Skyboss1996: *dun dun*
RvLeshrac: The deafness is not.
Clench_Eastwood: BOO!
TheMerricat: @Kramburger how could you tell? :-)
KartoffelKaiser: @Skyboss1996 LAORDER
Rockario: @MostCallMe__Tim Yeah, I'm at a point where it's not worth tieing together "Deaf Protagonist" and "witholding info from the audience"
TrueTransSoulAlesha: @Kramburger don't worry, the movie is muted too.
RvLeshrac: itsrileypm1: Then he tells the therapist that he doesn't want you to get better, and that you deserve to continue to suffer.
kitthethird: Chowse?
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Havok4: Playing Bloodborne with this in the background is a weird experience.
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Clench_Eastwood: I have a feeling that if I could read lips this would still be boring
KartoffelKaiser: @RvLeshrac wow what the fuck
LXXIVthMockingjay: Can you turn the volume up?
Skyboss1996: This is the game volume
kitthethird: Silent game.....
RvLeshrac: And you'll note that in this ENTIRE SCENE, you're facing away from him, and he's speaking.
Earthenone: volume is unlocked in NG+
KartoffelKaiser: @LXXIVthMockingjay in case you aren't kidding, the game is silent on purpose
RvLeshrac: And he's actually saying things like you can hear him.
Clench_Eastwood: hes saying "do you know what they called a whopper in England? A Royal with Cheese!"
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itsrileypm1: This game, actually very strange
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LXXIVthMockingjay puts horn up to ear
TheMerricat: @KartoffelKaiser there is a reason why, when they released the audio patch, people didn't just up and go "oh well, now the game is OK'.
LXXIVthMockingjay: KartoffelKaiser, you really thought I was serious?
kitthethird: @RvLeshrac I have no reason to doubt you, but.... are you being serious?
LXXIVthMockingjay: Hell I bought this at launch
RvLeshrac: kitthethird: I am, in fact, completely serious.
CoyoteSans: oh, so he's doing that thing where he knows you can't hear him anyway so he's just unloaidng a bunch of crap?
Kramburger: "My deaf son isn't looking at me, guess I'll keep talking to him anyway" - A Bad Dad
SajuukSjet: the deaf character hasn't been looking at the speaker alomst the entire conversation.... how was that ment to convey anything?
Earthenone: @LXXIVthMockingjay im so sorry
kitthethird: @RvLeshrac that's..... yikes, alright
TheMerricat: @kitthethird and I vouch for @RvLeshrac
Kiwijelly: And now it's Curse of Strahd? This game is confusing
KartoffelKaiser: @LXXIVthMockingjay Look some times people walk into the stream and don't know what's going on and I like to help those people
LXXIVthMockingjay: Earthenone, it's good :)
LXXIVthMockingjay: KartoffelKaiser, I thought people knew the gimmick of this game by now'
RvLeshrac: kitthethird: There's a Quiet Man playthrough with audio over on slowbeef's channel
Skyboss1996: That's me. Immediate Violence Man
kitthethird: @RvLeshrac Thanks though! we don't have to live our lives wondering what they could have been saying!
kitthethird: I'll check it out :D
TrueTransSoulAlesha: maybe the achievements will make sense with the audio?
RvLeshrac: kitthethird: You should, the only way this game is even remotely interesting is if you can hear the amazingly terrible dialogue.
Clench_Eastwood: cheer100 he was saying "do you know what they called a whopper in England? A Royal with Cheese!"
LXXIVthMockingjay: Win at Life. Not even gonna try it
TacitusVigil: It would be nice if Dadtective was "hey, don't fight my son, I have a gun." Or, you know, something.
Skyboss1996: the cheevos seem to make things more confusing
Rockario: It kinda feels like they didn't shoot the movie with the intention of making a movie the audience couldn't hear, instead just thinking "We'll shoot a normal movie and mute the talking"
Kramburger: The achievements were titled before audio was patched into the game
LXXIVthMockingjay: Skyboss1996, it'll make sense after finidshing the game
TacitusVigil: I'm disappointed we're not Jackie Channing this fight here. Grabbing knives, putting their heads in the deep fryers, etc.
Skyboss1996: I'm sure it will, but so far, without NG+ audio, it only makes this about as clear as a can of crisco
Kiwijelly: I would watch this movie if Tarantino directed it. Maybe not legally, but I'd watch it
RvLeshrac: LXXIVthMockingjay: I can't believe you'd like like that, nothing makes any sense after finishing the game.
Kykiwi: new models hurray!
Nefarious_Ned: I believe that man just walked out of the...fridge?
RvLeshrac: LXXIVthMockingjay: The game makes *even less sense* after finishing the game.
LXXIVthMockingjay: Speaking of Tarantino: When is WET 2?
LXXIVthMockingjay: No I mean the Achievements will make sense
thraximore: at what point do you stop charging the guy who just beat up an entire room of dudes in front of you?
KartoffelKaiser: Wait this game was fine until now but red shirts are supposed to power you down, not up!
RvLeshrac: LXXIVthMockingjay: *LIFE* doesn't make sense after this game.
KartoffelKaiser: This is my line in the sand! Red shirt means weaker not stronger!
itsrileypm1: I love that you kick him into standing!
LXXIVthMockingjay: Boxers are annoying. They counter everything it seems
TrueTransSoulAlesha: it's a good thing none of these guards have a gun
IbunWest: He's supervising
Skyboss1996: It's not like this is Americ... oh
Skyboss1996: right
KartoffelKaiser: Maybe he's just here to make sure we don't murder any more people
Skyboss1996: Hello again, Windows 95 man
Clench_Eastwood: Dadtective just wants us to be ourselves
KartoffelKaiser: Like he's taking pulses and making sure the mooks we beat up aren't dead
Rockario: Has Dadtective raised us to be a cold-hearted thug annd is now sicking us on the gangsters like a rabid dog?
Kiwijelly: that would make too much sense
TacitusVigil: "It's not personal, ok?"
Skyboss1996: Stuff man. Stuff and things
TacitusVigil: etc
Skyboss1996: "just business"
kitthethird: The lip-synced synth is weirding me out a little bit??
KartoffelKaiser: "If you leave now I'll give you my stylist's number. That's worth more than all the protein powder in the world"
Skyboss1996: *gangster media cliche*
Kiwijelly: "You are pissing me off"
Clench_Eastwood: is he a final fantasy?
RetrospectMyFantasy: he missed the bottom button on his vest
thraximore: "you are gonna regret this"
Kiwijelly: *bad guy speech*
TrueTransSoulAlesha: "What does marsellus wallace look like?"
IbunWest: Remember when we did that cool handshake at the start of the game buddy?
zed_alpha: "Alright, I tried, so now you're gonna beat the piss out of me."
TacitusVigil: "Ok then. I gave you a chance"
Rockario: Andd once again, no read from our protagonist
KartoffelKaiser: @RetrospectMyFantasy you're supposed to leave the bottom button unbuttoned it's a fashion thing
Kykiwi: seem like his word fell on deaf ears Kappa
mtvcdm: Hup Hup Hup Hup Hup Hup
KartoffelKaiser: Don't ask me to explain it I can't
Kramburger: Someone quote that
Kiwijelly: time to fight Syke more thugs
SajuukSjet: 'My work here is done' ... you didn't do anyhting!
kitthethird: That's not a man... that's a bulldozer!
TheMerricat: @Kykiwi bad, very very bad.
TacitusVigil: It looks like we've set a lrrBEEJ
Xenguin47: Who brings a bat to a fist fight, anyway?
KartoffelKaiser: @Xenquin47 someone who wants to win that's who
Skyboss1996: The Bat Men
TrueTransSoulAlesha: you punched a woman super imposed on the screen right out of him
Rockario: Robin is a "fast boy" so the pairing makes sense
Mr_Dirty: This game looks painful to play
TrueTransSoulAlesha: so besides the bad artistic choices, are the mechanics at least not awful?
Skyboss1996: I mean
Clench_Eastwood: Down to the beach, I'm strollin' but the seagulls poke at my head; not fun! I said, "Seagulls, mmm! Stop it now!"
Skyboss1996: We've been punching dudes for...
Skyboss1996: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:04:29.
Skyboss1996: a while now
Kiwijelly: the only thing worse than the AI is the hit detection
TacitusVigil: I mean, maybe if we tell him our mom(?)'s name is Martha he'll stop fighting us?
jamesk902: Why did you say that name!
Kiwijelly: hey! this is Spiderman's territory
Clench_Eastwood: MARTHA?! My neighbors cousins friends aunts name was almost MARTHA!
RetrospectMyFantasy: you know it seems that all the fighting we've been doing has only made things worse, have we considered sitting down and talking to these guys?
mtvcdm: LRRBot, go get help!
mtvcdm: !smash
LRRbot: Put Guybrush Threepwood in Smash, you cowards!
Kiwijelly: this game is the wooorst
Clench_Eastwood: her smile is creepin me out man
the_one_and_only_kim: by the end of the game it will just be 800 dudes on screen swinging bats at you
Earthenone: i enjoy her eyes crossing one
TrueTransSoulAlesha: the woman looks like she's about to eat the camera
Earthenone: rest are real creepy
Clench_Eastwood: @the_one_and_only_kim so somehow a worse matrix 3?
Earthenone: !smash
LRRbot: Put Eevee in Smash, you cowards!
Mashamino: fast guy, lemme smash
Xenguin47: So, I'm playing Civ 6 and going for a cultural victory with Genghis Khan. In what I feel is very appropriate, I have been doing this by just conquering anybody with more culture than me.
TheExactSame: So did they make a somewhat generic brawler, realize it was short and come up with a with a gimmick?
CyberAsp: I hate how when you get hit there's just no impact to it
Earthenone: fast man does so much damage
Clench_Eastwood: The QUIET man? more like...THE MAN WHO IS JUST TERRIBLE TO PLAY AS MAN! Bazinga!!!
Rockario: I think the better read is "They made a movie, then put brawler segments in."
TrueTransSoulAlesha: @TheExactSame i don't think you'd come up with a gimmick like this if you wanted to improve your game.
the_one_and_only_kim: complating a finisher move should take them out, this would make this combat so much less miserable
mtvcdm: Yes. Yes he did.
SajuukSjet: the annoying thing is that the devs assume you've learned to perfectly trigger the slowdown mechaninc time after time now, in order to win this fight -_-
TheExactSame: @TrueTransSoulAlesha maybe just to make it noticeable
Earthenone: my theory is someone at human head wanted to make a movie, but they had an in at squeenix and wanted to get funding so they shoved a game in their movie
Clench_Eastwood: @Rockario then thought, maybe if we leave out the voice tracks people will thing it's super artsy (SPOILERS: it didnt work)
Rockario: You don't have to choreograph action scenes if you just make the viewer play them seabatBRAIN
TrueTransSoulAlesha: that feels way too reasonable. because this whole thing seems like it's a bad movie tie in game.
Rockario: But what if your tie-in game...WAS your movie!?!?!
the_one_and_only_kim: that phantom headbutt
Clench_Eastwood: Cori, did you re dye your hair? Looks brighter
Nefarious_Ned: This kid's knuckles have got to be, just, shredded flesh bags after all this punching.
xantos69: That is how fighting works
mtvcdm: Tap on shoulder. Dead.
RetrospectMyFantasy: @Nefarious_Ned no hes good, he heals after every fight. no need to worry about all those pesky human frailties
Clench_Eastwood: maybe they are trying to decide not to be in this game but the programming wont let them leave
TrueTransSoulAlesha: i can't wait for several years from now when we can learn what happened in making this game
Skyboss1996: Things we can learn
Earthenone: eat it fast guy!
Skyboss1996: Tell the player the plot
Clench_Eastwood: I think she is trying to eat you!
Earthenone: from what has been discussed in chat, i think not telling us the plot was a good move
Clench_Eastwood: maybe this is an attack on titan crossover
Clench_Eastwood: she is secret TITAN!
Clench_Eastwood: gonna eat you
Skyboss1996: Well, maybe not tell us the plot, but let us know why we're doing this stuff
Clench_Eastwood: or bide and dodge your time
TheMerricat: the only thing I see online about the left trigger is you have to hold it for special moves. @loadingreadyrun
Clench_Eastwood: have you tried setting the audio to "USA!"? I heard the protag starts with an assault rifle in that mode
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TheMerricat: bumper sorry.
Clench_Eastwood: or.....maaaaybe......this game just bad
xantos69: Well that seems effective
Skyboss1996: Suprisingly we can fight easier that way?
Earthenone: that seems like a good thing to do
Earthenone: whatever it was
mtvcdm: This seems a pro strat.
mtvcdm: Do whatever that was.
Clench_Eastwood: run. punch. run. profit
Skyboss1996: Oh man. We've been fighting like chumps this whole time
Skyboss1996: we just had to tap into that *Checks notes* Eight wind
Clench_Eastwood: I think if you kill the one with the bat you get your esters flasks back
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Mashamino: so I take it the game puts "explaining the controls" at about the same priority as "explaining the plot" then
Skyboss1996: No,
Earthenone: the controls are a series of picutes
Skyboss1996: the controls are easily availible
mtvcdm: Why is there another wave of them?!
Skyboss1996: this plot is as dense as a pudding
CaptainSpam: I go away for a bit to get home from work, and... this seems indistinguishable from where I left off?
OriginalGarwulf: So, just looked up the plot on Wikipedia, and it is VERY different from what we've put together for it.
Clench_Eastwood: @Mashamino I dont think the word "explain"was ever written into this games priority list
Earthenone: red zone vs batman and robbit
Juliamon: Yeah.
Clench_Eastwood: super saiyen mode?
TrueTransSoulAlesha: ah well explained got it.
Kykiwi: right
Skyboss1996: So, yeah, explained better than the plot
Mashamino: fair
Mashamino: so like, next to the bottom of the list but at least technically on the list
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scratchmonkey: cori cori she's our gal if she can't do it no one shall
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Clench_Eastwood: maybe theyre mad because you didnt pay your tab.......I mean do we even know??!!
Skyboss1996: wat
Skyboss1996: Come on, you cant just skrt outta there
JustNotAFox: wait a second didn't alex play this game on watch and play
Skyboss1996: yes
Skyboss1996: this was played on W+P but for not too long
Skyboss1996: maybe like the first.... 30? 40 minutes?
OriginalGarwulf: You know, all of this could have been avoided if police dad had actually, um, ARRESTED somebody.
Earthenone: i mean it was played for an hour, thats a long time by that shows standards
JustNotAFox: is this the game that had the dlc that added the dialog?
Skyboss1996: Ah, not DLC, NG+ dialogue
Earthenone: the dialog is unlocked when you beat the game :P
ChaoticObserver: Well, both
mtvcdm: Beat the game and we'll tell you the plot?
ChaoticObserver: Because it didn't unlock until after the first week of release
ChaoticObserver: on top of then you had to beat the game once
Clench_Eastwood: @Earthenone is it even all the dialogue or is there a NG++ that adds actual context?
TheMerricat: cheer100 congrats
Skyboss1996: Oh it's this room
crushcastles: It feels like this game has somehow gotten worse since it was on W+P.
TrueTransSoulAlesha: oh hey dadtective is still here.
Mashamino: so the game with silence as its gimmick has sound cues... sure
Clench_Eastwood: Cori has fox shirt or.....raccoon shit??? is fox better than raccoon?
Skyboss1996: *windows 98 sound*
CaptainSpam: That rack focus is... oi.
KartoffelKaiser: "You do this to me? On the date of my cat's quincinera?"
Papperslappen: I think because the only game design this had was just a checklist that some middle manager received
crushcastles: Why have this prerendered instead of FMV when pretty much every other cutscene is FMV?
TheMerricat: @crushcastles I think Alex and Graham just cut their losses early.
tenthtechpriest: I'd prefer if he were deadtective
Juliamon: crushcastles my guess is not enough time/budget for retakes
Skyboss1996: I need pepto bismol
Clench_Eastwood: but an M Night Shamylan ovie!!!!
TheMerricat: @crushcastles this was the stuff they forget to shoot.
KartoffelKaiser: Because they didn't get an actor for Dad Detective
crushcastles: I'd believe it Merricat.
KartoffelKaiser: So they have to render all the scenes that have Dad Detective in them
Skyboss1996: the bathroom is on the right?
Skyboss1996: I have the high ground?
Nigouki: these rendered scenes are definitely performance capture, so it's still a monumental effort even if not life action
mtvcdm: "You can play the Bonus Round Fight for $10,000, ooorrrrrr you can have what's behind Curtain #2."
Rockario: I think I caught an mf-er in there?
TrueTransSoulAlesha: SMUG?
Mashamino: I can't help but laugh every time main character shows up on screen, he just looks so out-of-place to me
mtvcdm: And I'll give whatever you don't take to THAT gentleman over there."
CaptainSpam: Yeah, the protagonist and dadtective aren't in the same set. That foreground blur is just... no.
TacitusVigil: "What is a man but a pile of secrets. But have at you."
Clench_Eastwood: cheer100 Chat / Cori.....1 millions dollars but....the rest of your life is written by M Night Shyamalan
Mashamino: and then he summoned goons from the ether
Skyboss1996: It's a good day for a swell match!
TacitusVigil: @Mashamino Hired goons?!
TrueTransSoulAlesha: okay i'll meet you in the next room for another cutscene that doesn't explain anything.
Skyboss1996: what's up man bun?
Mashamino: summoned goons, even better
TStodden: G'Evening... is the man quite because he talks with his fists?
Mashamino: D:
mtvcdm: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You're showing too much imagination.
Skyboss1996: speedy speed boy
tenthtechpriest: is the shattering your jaw?
OriginalGarwulf: What is with all these people in suit vests and belts? You're not supposed to wear a belt with a suit vest - you wear suspenders instead.
Clench_Eastwood: do you hear the heartbeat below the floorboards?? SYMBOLISM! Also, might be a literally human hearth under there...
OriginalGarwulf: Or at least a literary human heart...
CaptainSpam: Clench_Eastwood: Are you suggesting this whole story is a Telltale Heart allegory?
CyberAsp: Punched him right into a cutscene!
Clench_Eastwood: @CaptainSpam Im not suggesting tat it isn't
Earthenone: i guess that recontextualizes birdman
mtvcdm: His technique is too powerful!
TrueTransSoulAlesha: ah yes. now that we're in a cutscene your fists can't hurt me.
xantos69: Punches do not work thay way.
Kykiwi: super mc
CyberAsp: Protagonist has robot arms, now we know for sure.
Clench_Eastwood: ah yes, the having literal wolverine bones technique
Gekyouryuu: @Skyboss1996 I believe the words you're looking for are "omae wa mou shindeiru"
ChaoticObserver: and now more FMV
Nefarious_Ned: Like i said, flesh bags of shattered knuckle. At the very least.
kitthethird: Don't let the door hit you on the way out Kappa
CaptainKranok: Someone has won the King of Iron Fist tournament.
mtvcdm: Hi, protaganist..... mrrrrrggggggg
Skyboss1996: OH YEAH. GUNS
Mashamino: wait, the bad guy with a gun shot us?! impossible!
TacitusVigil: Do it!
Papperslappen: he brought a gun to a punchfight
Skyboss1996: kill joy. bringing guns to fight club
TacitusVigil: I mean, it seems like you should have just shot us a long time ago before we beat up all your hired goons?
OriginalGarwulf: That's no good at all - who is the gun going to punch, and with what hands? This has not been thought out at ALL.
Skyboss1996: Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask
TrueTransSoulAlesha: Hey look at my cool bird mask
KartoffelKaiser: Wow that man's gun is bedazzled
KartoffelKaiser: and gold
TacitusVigil: @KartoffelKaiser I was thinking the same thing.
Skyboss1996: Look at my gold 1911
Mashamino: I thought I was confused before... how wrong I was
Clench_Eastwood: when you are the evil guy monologuing, how long do you give the hero to respond? Like, is it rude to finish your evil plan 10 seconds after the mid pause
Skyboss1996: Nah, that's the recoil spring
OriginalGarwulf: That depends on whether you are or are not in Watchmen.
Skyboss1996: On a 1911 it's under the barrel
Earthenone: girlfriendmom to the rescue!
Clench_Eastwood: SPOILERS: the plot twist is.....nonsense
CaptainSpam: Dude, you've known the protagonist since you were children, and you were signing to him earlier. Monologuing to him at gunpoint isn't helping.
KartoffelKaiser: Leave our motivation out of this!
Skyboss1996: SHOES
Kramburger: You Mlother?
TrueTransSoulAlesha: i have your shoes!
mtvcdm: Must get shoes!
TacitusVigil: Wait, did he go with the eagle mask b/c the logo is an eagle?
mtvcdm: Eat shoes live forever!
tenthtechpriest: MY SHOES OR YOUR LIFE
RvLeshrac: To be fair to Dad, this kid is a fucking moron, and is in fact responsible for everything.
Skyboss1996: Snubnosed 38 outta nowhere
TheAinMAP: All over some shoes?
Clench_Eastwood: I mean street thugs have been killed over less
KartoffelKaiser: so they both shot her?
Clench_Eastwood: MERICA
Skyboss1996: Negligent discharge
TacitusVigil: Congratulations, your prints are now on a murder weapon.
ReverseCreations: ,-,trigger disciplibe
Mashamino: maybe don't pick up the gun, though
Earthenone: to be fair, he was already stealing shoes
CaptainKranok: "Guess it's just you and me now, Gun."
ReverseCreations: Trigger discipline**
RvLeshrac: To be fair, he used that to rise to the top of a major criminal organisation.
KartoffelKaiser: Wait they got an actor for dad detective?
Clench_Eastwood: guns dont kill people, poorly directed and acted cutscenes kill people cheer100
Skyboss1996: *important dying words*
Papperslappen: No, I am your father... NOOOOO....
KartoffelKaiser: "Son, I know I literally blamed you for your mother's death and told your therapist that you didn't deserve happiness but I love you"
RvLeshrac: KartoffelKaiser: They're all real actors.
Seagulyus: TStodden until your secodn playthrough yes
TrueTransSoulAlesha: remember that time when you drew a picture? Yeah,i remember.
Clench_Eastwood: isnt death only a raven in norse mythology?
RvLeshrac: TStodden: In the first playthrough, yes.
KartoffelKaiser: These guys are norse, probably
SajuukSjet: you are the demons john
TStodden: M'kay... that's an interesting thing...
Mashamino: this is about to get even stupider, isn't it?
Seagulyus: TStodden on your second playthrough you can play with the noise on apparently. never seen anyone care enough to play it twice
Rockario: Vigilante anti-hero origin story?
Skyboss1996: Dramatic death
TrueTransSoulAlesha: maybe the real bird was the friends we punched along the way?
CyberAsp: Is dad passing down the crowman
TacitusVigil: If only we had phones to call 911.
Clench_Eastwood: Im drawing a pony....ITS DEAD!
CoyoteSans: On the first playthrough, you wish you could hear the dialouge. On the second playthrough, you wish you couldn't! Kappa
Spacecarl: oh hey I got home and we are still slogging through, eh?
Skyboss1996: I am the Bird Man
TacitusVigil: So, dumb question...does this game have subtitles in case someone who *is* deaf wants to play it?
TrueTransSoulAlesha: so basically i'm birdy?
TheMerricat: have we already confirmed the signing in the game is bogus or not?
KartoffelKaiser: and then we were the daemons
CaptainSpam: "And that's when I decided to get into medieval plague doctor cosplay. And you?"
mtvcdm: And now we play Darkest Dungeon!
ChaoticObserver: @TheMerricat as I understand it, they did bring in someone in ASL for the sign parts
RvLeshrac: TacitusVigil: The first playthrough is just silent.
Nigouki: if you don't have a beak attack now, they REALLY dropped the ball
KartoffelKaiser: Of course we fought birbm'n before so whatever
TheAinMAP: Is it time for Alpha Flight?
CyberAsp: He can't have been the bird before, so that has to have been his dad who kidnapped the girl, right?
mtvcdm: Can we do a bite.
TacitusVigil: @RvLeshrac I mean for later playthroughs.
RvLeshrac: TacitusVigil: Don't recall if the second play has subs.
Gekyouryuu: wait, we were bird mask man the whole time?
mtvcdm: We got some sort of cheevo there.
TacitusVigil: Ah, ok. Thanks @RvLeshrac
Skyboss1996: Martha!
Spacecarl: I kindof like the real version of the mask, the prop person did a good job there
Clench_Eastwood: got weirder. WHY did it get weirder. HOOOOOOW???!!! did it get weirder???
CaptainKranok: The Crowing is so OP.
RvLeshrac: ChaoticObserver: AFAIK, all of the signing in this is completely fake, and no one was ever consulted.
TrueTransSoulAlesha: we might have become bird?
TacitusVigil: @RvLeshrac It would be ironic in the worst way if they didn't take that into consideration. :(
Skyboss1996: Only mostly dead
Skyboss1996: soft locked
CoyoteSans: @TacitusVigil Nope! You only get dialouge and subtitles on a second playthrough, there's almost no text for you to read, and the signing is apparently nonesense!
SajuukSjet: two fast men, one's a pallette swap -_-
TacitusVigil: @CoyoteSans ....oh. :/
mtvcdm: EXCUSE ME
CaptainSpam: Okay, that hand gesture was not "put hand to side of face to comfort", that was "grab focus ring of lens and adjust".
Skyboss1996: Fuckin warp sounds?
ChaoticObserver: @RvLeshrac There is a sign language consultant in a development video for this game
Papperslappen: He punched a childhood drawing out of that guy
ChaoticObserver: Which yes, there was apparently a development video for this game
TrueTransSoulAlesha: @ChaoticObserver that doesn't mean they listened
VoidByAnyOtherName: whoa, cori's still going
Skyboss1996: we punched that man into a wall
Nigouki: yay, another redshirt team beaming down
mtvcdm: Camera help
Skyboss1996: camera pls
TrueTransSoulAlesha: good thing you can teleport
gainsofcastamere: The signing is nonsense? That's really lazy. It seems like they just removed the dialogue to give a predictable, recycled plot the illusion of mystery and depth.
mtvcdm: Stop being more of you!
Earthenone: so many mooks
silvalunae: wait you're still on o.o
Skyboss1996: somebody turn off the mob faucet
Earthenone: can we move the couch in front of the monster closer?
TacitusVigil: I'm just impressed he can fight so well in a mask with no eye holes.
Earthenone: closest*
silvalunae: is this a supposed to lose fight?
mtvcdm: That's us!
VoidByAnyOtherName: we goin' to the moon bois
CaptainSpam: It was the moon all long! Werewolves!
silenceaux: The moon _is_ pretty big
Papperslappen: We like the moon!
Earthenone: @TacitusVigil clearly he is using the power of his hearing!
KartoffelKaiser: Moon level? PogChamp
TheMerricat: @silvalunae no, that would require plot.
CraziestOwl: Morning
TacitusVigil: @Earthenone Our lawyers have requested we tell you that we have never heard of Daredevil lrrBEEJ
KartoffelKaiser: "Dude why the fuck are you wearing a creepy mask"
Skyboss1996: the hair, well it doesn't help the mask
KartoffelKaiser: "Like what is wrong with you"
silvalunae snickers
Rockario: Yeah, that clean haircut doesn't match the mask
Mashamino: our impossibly perfect hair can be contained by no mere hood!
Mr_Bitterness: I counter the power of creepy mask with GUN
Nefarious_Ned: Death has a pretty sick flow. Wish I had hair like that.
auxv: no gun?
silvalunae: like tbh that's a p sick mask and I kinda want one
CraziestOwl: Is that the game with no voice acting
KartoffelKaiser: This scene is undercut by the fact that the bird mask only has personal significance to our protagonist and not to any other character
TheMerricat: forget he had a gun?
Nigouki: what happened to his shiny gun?
Skyboss1996: so instead of shooting us... he's gonna beat us up
Earthenone: i dont think one would forget about a gold bedazzled gun
Rockario: @CraziestOwl Oh, it has voice acting. The dev's just muted it until your second playthrough
KartoffelKaiser: Standard idiot bad-guy logic is the least of this game's problems
kitthethird: I love that backwards-sound sound, even though there weren't many sounds to begin with.
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Insert the Christmas tree into the chicken.
KartoffelKaiser: To beat the quiet man, kick him until he dies
Skyboss1996: Oh right. Gun
CaptainSpam: "I counter with a cutscene!"
Papperslappen: !advice
LRRbot: Never pull your ghost out in a fight.
mtvcdm: Also he has more bullets.
Mr_Bitterness: He could have hit the guy's arm!
Skyboss1996: really? no exit wound?
mtvcdm: He can just shoot you both.
KartoffelKaiser: That was the dumbest thing he could have done in that situation
RvLeshrac: SajuukSjet: That would be a spoilIt was Dad.
Skyboss1996: ok, so there's 5 rounds left
xantos69: Well that sure is a way for a game to end.
CaptainSpam: Well, he's significantly more quiet now.
SajuukSjet: rvleshrac: facepalm wut?
KartoffelKaiser: Smash cut to everything's fine fuck it
Rockario: In the pulled-out shot I thought he was going to hit the gun. Beakman was no where near in front of that
TacitusVigil: And we're back to being the same age?
kitthethird: uh
Adamantcheese: interesting accent
mtvcdm: Why are we not dead.
CraziestOwl: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:49:05.
Skyboss1996: are we flashbasck maybe?
TacitusVigil: Maybe we're in Purgatory again?
CoyoteSans: I think this is a flashback.
Rockario: He's visiting his deadd girlfriend?
Kramburger: They're talking about his Mum
KartoffelKaiser: The writers can't figure out how to get our hero out of that situation so guess what they're not writing it go fuck yourself.
CaptainSpam: "Yeah, I guess it WAS kinda dumb to run in front of the gun like that."
Skyboss1996: how uncanny
RvLeshrac: Game's not over yet folks.
CoyoteSans: why
TacitusVigil: Wait, does she just look like his mom? She died back then, right?
Rhynerd: That’s the dress she wore before being kidnapped, right?
RvLeshrac: TacitusVigil: They're the same actress.
CaptainKranok: CAW CAW
Skyboss1996: I'm sorry what?
KartoffelKaiser: ok
mtvcdm: No. I refuse.'
RvLeshrac: Welcome to hell, everyone.
CaptainSpam: Okay, no.
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Nefarious_Ned: sure, why not
kitthethird: "Would you be her?"
Skyboss1996: Ok no
TacitusVigil: So we're the offbrand version of The Crow?
tenthtechpriest: hi reaper. DIE DIE DIE
Rhynerd: Oh no, he turned into Reaper.
CaptainSpam: No. Wrong.
KartoffelKaiser: literal actual magic why the fuck not
Kramburger: Now you have fully become: BRANDON LEE
Papperslappen: lrrSPOOP
TheAinMAP: Whoa.
Rockario: So, yeah, that was him having a death vision and summoning the will to come backj
xantos69: Oh good....For a second I was worried that the game would make any kind of sense.
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mtvcdm: NO
Mashamino: I do not accept this reality
Skyboss1996: This *IS* the Crow
kitthethird: I will rise like a phoenix!
CaptainSpam: WRONG. NO.
TacitusVigil: Oh, and Neo I guess.
CaptainSpam: WRITE IT AGAIN.
Xenguin47: Um.. we're a superhero now?
mtvcdm: Nothing about this makes the slightest bussing sense.'
Skyboss1996: Have you tried shooting center mass?
KartoffelKaiser: @CaptainSpam ok but what if the deaf guy had super powers the whole time
TacitusVigil: Hello Mr. Anderson.
xantos69: Yep, always aim center mass.
CaptainSpam: Still, NO NO NO. :-P
Skyboss1996: Look, more thugs!
RvLeshrac: Grab someone!
Izandai: Cori no, why must you inflict this upon more why are we a smoke demon?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Much later than normal but we need your suggestions for this weeks Games of Chance! Looking for individual based Sim games. Farming Sim / PC Building Sim. Stuff like that. ||
kitthethird: Delusion territory?
mtvcdm: I would normally have questions but this time I have statements.
Adamantcheese: they're behind the lens glare
Skyboss1996: Oh I get it. We're having a dream as we're dying!
Rhynerd: Did that guy spin along tbe ground?
Rockario: They realised they gave you super-powers at the climax of the game, and if thugs didn't sprout from the walls you wouldn't get to use them
Xenguin47: He looks like a Wormverse villain, honestly
cosarprime: Honestly, you kinda have to respect these guys. I wouldn't be fighting that thing. Not after everyone he already went throught.
CaptainSpam: Look, I know New York probably has a rather robust gang scene, but I have to think we've murdered almost all of the criminals by now.
silenceaux: And now, some takedowns I prepared earlier?
Mashamino: how loyal/well-paid are these thugs that they would be willing to brawl with... whatever we are... no questions asked?
Rhynerd: Or at least we murdered the two gangs involved by now
Skyboss1996: If you don't have any fresh takedowns, ones you prepared earlier are fine
PerpetualDM: Since we're dead, these are the metaforical thugs within us all. ???
Izandai: uh
Skyboss1996: Roundhouse
Mashamino: LUL
mtvcdm: Cori
Izandai: ok
xantos69: Well....They can just be burred in what they were wearing. Literally all these thugs have a suit.
CaptainSpam: Like, I think we've exhausted all the gangs. These are just randos on the street who want a good ol' punch-em-up.
TacitusVigil: At this point I'd like to think late-arriving goons would be smart enough to run away and not try fighting him.
kitthethird: The real thugs were the friends we made along the way!
RvLeshrac: Grab one if you get the chance.
Papperslappen: wat
Skyboss1996: psychic attack
Rhynerd: The bloody faces some of them have implied we beat them up earlier.
Mashamino: beautiful
CoyoteSans: clown car gang bar
Izandai: That's amazing.
Skyboss1996: heeheh
auxv: this is kinda dope, too bad about the rest of the game.
Mr_Bitterness: When does Reaper get his dual shotguns?
the_one_and_only_kim: so if my boss told me to go fight a spooky superman thatn had just killed 20 of my coworkers... id probably say no
Skyboss1996: Oh he's got powers too now
Adamantcheese: smooth af
tenthtechpriest: ok but has he reloaded yet?
Izandai: ded
Izandai: HOW NOT DED
SajuukSjet: they've.... just thrown in the towel, havent they
Mashamino: I hope there's an FMV part with us like this and that it looks awful
Skyboss1996: so, 1 shot left then
Rhynerd: Counting the rounds, there’s just two or three bullets left now, right?
kitthethird: There's so much garbage on that pistol o_o
Skyboss1996: 2 at us before, 3 at us, then 1
RvLeshrac: Oh man, a GOOD Talking Sim would be Pandora Directive.
TacitusVigil: That move makes all this almost worth it :D
Skyboss1996: 6 fired, one left
mtvcdm: !clip
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Izandai: Are you wobbling him?
Rhynerd: How long can you do that?
xantos69: That must be great for the abs.
KartoffelKaiser: g a m e p l a y
CaptainSpam: RvLeshrac: Ooo, or the entire Tex Murphy series.
RvLeshrac: Rhynerd: As far as I know, forever.
Skyboss1996: GAMEPLAY
jamesk902: @xantos69 Not for his abs.
Adamantcheese: this is a good highlight
KartoffelKaiser: This game is now a clicker
Gekyouryuu: I keep phasing in and out of paying attention. are we magic?
RvLeshrac: Rhynerd: I'm not even sure it will stop you when he's out of health.
Kramburger: can you tape down the button and walk away?
silvalunae: gameplay
Izandai: A! A! A! A! A! A! A! A! A! A!
xantos69: I don't think he can have children anymore.
KartoffelKaiser: We punched that man 27 times!
mtvcdm: how
gainsofcastamere: homwmuch blood does that man have??
tenthtechpriest: and the crowd goes mild
Skyboss1996: cool
SajuukSjet: bull!
KartoffelKaiser: @gainsofcastamere well we punched all of it out of him
silenceaux: Maybe he was wearing like a steel breastplate underneath that shirt & vest? idk
Skyboss1996: we still took 2 .45's to the chest at least
Izandai: Where's the smoke?
tenthtechpriest: Would it help if I said I'm sorry I turned you into a turbodemon?!
mtvcdm: We're not a superhero anymore!
Seagulyus: Izandai no budget
Mashamino: aww, my hopes of FMV demon bird were shattered... ooooor?
Mr_Bitterness: Cry for the MOOOOOON
gainsofcastamere: Nono you see, it isn't the crow, he's clearly a raven so it's completely different
Izandai: @Seagulyus lol
CamelAttack: There can only be one?
kitthethird: Kiss!
Nefarious_Ned: steelllaaaaaa
TacitusVigil: Eyes fly open?
Gekyouryuu: time for zombie dad?
Izandai: @gainsofcastamere Either way, that was still a murder.
Skyboss1996: Mhmm. yup
xantos69: This is so hardcore stupid.
KartoffelKaiser: @RVLeshrac pls no
Nefarious_Ned: I guess....nobody dies anymore?
CaptainSpam: "Look, man, I don't have any intestines that can be individually discerened from other dissociated tissue in my body, but it wasn't your fault. I don't blame you."
Skyboss1996: from a mile away yeah
mtvcdm: Dun dun dunnnnnnn!
SajuukSjet: he looks entirely too happy for a dead guy
Rockario: Dadtective was "Death" the whole time, now we're death Jr
KartoffelKaiser: "Yo you need to get to a hospital you got shot it the back
TacitusVigil: Deathtective?
CaptainKranok: You don't understand me! I'm a bird now!
xantos69: Is he crying now?
Seagulyus: Izandai actually a group of ravens are called either an "unkindness" or a "conspiracy". crows travel in "murders"
Skyboss1996: ewwwww
Mr_Bitterness: This is very Oedipal
Gekyouryuu: @Rockario now you're just making me think of Soul Eater, and THAT just makes me think of how weird it is that I learned that takes place in Nevada
Izandai: @Seagulyus You win this round.
gainsofcastamere: @Izandai, nicely done :)
TrueTransSoulAlesha: so i inherited my fursona from my dad
Skyboss1996: I really don't like how Oedipus this is getting.
RvLeshrac: The Mom flashback right as the love interest kisses you is just flawless.
Nefarious_Ned: so...but....bullet....??
Gekyouryuu: @SajuukSjet who says anyone did?
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Izandai: God this game sucks.
silenceaux: I appreciate the removal of the mask to a crying face, honestly. It's a little hamfisted, but I get it.
Rhynerd: @sajuuksjet the writer, I assume.
Rockario: @Gekyouryuu Where else would they have that much uninhabited desert, annd also skateboards? Kappa
mtvcdm: Yeah, so, we're still alive and everything.
Skyboss1996: again. 2 bullet wounds
Skyboss1996: from point blank
KartoffelKaiser: This is weird and gross
auxv: uhh....
SajuukSjet: gekyouryuu: /me waves hand at a "finished", funded, project 0.o
Skyboss1996: with no apparent exit wounds
Seagulyus: Rockario Arizona?
RvLeshrac: watAsmile
xantos69: So in this universe....when you are shot in the head at point blank range....You magically turn into a bird, gain astounding fighting skill, then are fine?
Mr_Bitterness: Now Dad is the Reaper!
Rhynerd: And one was aimed at the head, right?
Gekyouryuu: @Rockario see, when you say it out loud, it makes sense, but still
KartoffelKaiser: @Skyboss1996 look they've explained it we do literal actual bird death magic
CraziestOwl: He has a lot of problems
tenthtechpriest: is the mom the only one in this universe who stays dead?
Rockario: I mean, "love interest" is a little generous. She's "Person who looks like his Mom"
TrueTransSoulAlesha: and now dadtective is the final boss?
Izandai: Now Dadtective puts on the mask and we have to fight superhero Dadtective?
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CaptainSpam: So... bullets. They have no effect in this world.
CaptainSpam: Like, none.
Skyboss1996: UM OK
CaptainSpam: That's why nobody uses them.
KartoffelKaiser: Ok so dadtective was birbm'n
Skyboss1996: Cattle prod
CoyoteSans: wat
Izandai: Is... Is this a twist?
CaptainSpam: That's why the fists were the answer all the time. Bullets don't do anything.
LathosTiran: did that zap stick have a scope?
cosarprime: Wat
Mashamino: I hate everything, just all of the things
CyberAsp: Yeah I figured
Skyboss1996: I understand less now
KartoffelKaiser: Dadtective kidnapped a woman who looks like his dead wife
KartoffelKaiser: That's not ok
Rockario: Okay, I could read that one. "I'm going to save her"
Seagulyus: WAIT how did the MC know she moved?
TStodden: This is a weird, drawn-out episode of Beakman's World...
RvLeshrac: He's explaining all of this to you.
TheMerricat: @lathostiran flashlight
silvalunae: I'm sorry I couldn't save her I think
Izandai: @KartoffelKaiser Oh god what
TrueTransSoulAlesha: oh hey! that's the thing from the matrix
kitthethird: Interesting design choice to not only add a flashlight, but make the end of that baton look like an M16 muzzle....
Skyboss1996: oh we're doing this
RvLeshrac: Someone did say the fight coordinator for Yakuza worked on this.
xantos69: We have a category 6 stupid here.
RvLeshrac: Which is why the intros look great.
Izandai: Oh god are we and our dad fighting over the girl who looks like our mom/his wife now? For fucks sake...
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CaptainSpam: I don't know anymore.
CaptainSpam: I just don't know.
CoyoteSans: a reminder that both these men have rather severe bullet wounds
mtvcdm: !storm
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cosarprime: So...why was the bird shrine a thing?
SajuukSjet: this is... an atrocious story
aerobeing: This looks like a wrestling match.
RvLeshrac: Izandai: No, but the real thing is too much to explain.
Skyboss1996: watch as 2 half dead guys attack eachother
Earthenone: see, we just need to kill our father THEN we can sleep with our mother
KartoffelKaiser: We have reached maximized Oedipus. We're killing our father to fuck our mom
Izandai: @RvLeshrac Well, at least it's not that.
TacitusVigil: See, a nice twist would be if the Happy Mask Salesman showed up and thanked us for finding his lost mask. lrrBEEJ
Izandai: @TacitusVigil That would almost redeem this game. Almost.
Rockario: I still think the Dad is doing the whole "I must be cruel to create the monster this city needs" thing, and killing our Mom-alike is part of that
gainsofcastamere: "Boys the story's terrible and we're a week away from release, what do we do?" "I got it boss, Make it silent because the main guy's hearing impaired right?" Brilliant, then reviewers will think the story might be good unless they play through it twice, and no-none is going to do that!
Nefarious_Ned: Ugh, I have to wake up at 4, but I just can't look away from this train wreck...
Musical_Marauder: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:02:04.
RvLeshrac: Izandai: The gist is that this is your father trying to "fix" you by making you beat up this thing that you were fixated on after your mother died, that he refused to help you deal with at the time.
TacitusVigil: @Izandai Indeed. We've still met with a terrible fate, though. ;)
CyberAsp: I mean this plot twist is at least predictable, rather than out of nowhere
RvLeshrac: Izandai: And this entire thing has been part of his plan.
KartoffelKaiser: @RvLeshrac wow that's real dumb
mtvcdm: Oh hi, I didn't see you there
Mashamino: I guess the men in our family are just immune to bullets, which is handy... too bad Mom wasn't
SajuukSjet: rvleshrac: ..... that's even worse!
Izandai: @RvLeshrac ...I hate the people who made this game.
Skyboss1996: Karate chop
RvLeshrac: I'm telling you, you HAVE to watch this with audio in order to get the full experience.
CoyoteSans: This game isn't just bad, it's fractally bad!
CaptainSpam: No, that is not how physics work, either.
Izandai: @TacitusVigil Yes, yes we have.
TrueTransSoulAlesha: it's over dadikin i have the high ground
CoyoteSans: Every new detail is just as bad as the whole of it!
CaptainSpam: Every twist, every turn, every new element... everything just keeps getting worse about this.
Izandai: See, I wouldn't wanna wear a mask like this if I was gonna be in a fight. It seems like it would really obstruct the vision.
Rhynerd: And somehow we got superpowers from it?
TacitusVigil: The only way this could get more cliche is if the other bad guy ends up dramatically helping us as an act of redemption.
RvLeshrac: And the show's not yet over!
SajuukSjet: oh gods
Nefarious_Ned: are we gonna get the dialogue on the next talking sim?
KartoffelKaiser: @Izandai ok but what if the mask gives you bird death powers
Rhynerd: Or was that superpower thing just our delusions?
Skyboss1996: sure are still going
Izandai: @KartoffelKaiser Then sure, but that doesn't seem to be happening for Dadtective.
SajuukSjet: this has just about reached S.P.U.D. levels
Seagulyus: or maybe the bad guy never shot us, he was using blanks?
zerg539: these guys are both really bad at fighting
RvLeshrac: Nefarious_Ned: Neither Cam nor Alex could handle it.
Mattmitchell45: @KartoffelKaiser Just you wait
RvLeshrac: Nefarious_Ned: Maybe if we get Beej and Cori on the next Talking Sim.
Seagulyus: RvLeshrac that bad?
Izandai: Th... That stance...!
silenceaux: Oh, are they breathing & bobbing in sync?
corpocracy: So what's going to happen when SHE puts on the mask?
KartoffelKaiser: @Izandai to be fair dadtective got shot and is fine
Izandai: @KartoffelKaiser True.
silenceaux: Very Street Fighter
Skyboss1996: flash to white!
Izandai: Oh fuck you, game.
TacitusVigil: lol
Seagulyus: DOUBLE KO
KartoffelKaiser: are they the same person
gainsofcastamere: THE END
Skyboss1996: It was the mask all along
TacitusVigil: We Superman/Doomsday'd it huh?
Mr_Bitterness: Now no one gets to make love to Mom!
aerobeing: Wrestling storyline.
Papperslappen: lrrFRUMP
MostCallMe__Tim: yone dies the end
CaptainSpam: "Oh, right, I was shot. Now I remember."
RvLeshrac: YES!
zerg539: all of their strikes are sent usps with email tracking
CaptainKranok: "That sure was a good spar, eh son?"
CyberAsp: Maybe she really was mom all along
RvLeshrac: No, not really, no.
tenthtechpriest: nobody cared who she was until she put on the mask
Skyboss1996: why isn't she wearing shoes?
aerobeing: Detective looks like discount Dustin Hoffman.
Rockario: Is she the vengeful spirit of the Mom?
Papperslappen: Nani?!? Another twist?!?
TrueTransSoulAlesha: @Skyboss1996 foot fetish of the director?
Izandai: @Skyboss1996 Whoever shot this has a foot fetish?
SajuukSjet: i'm going to hate this....
zerg539: and the scene directed by Tarantino or jos whedon
RvLeshrac: That's right, she's doing the thing from the death scene where it was your mom.
Izandai: That moon's a little big.
RvLeshrac: In case they didn't make it clear that this is just like your mom.
Izandai: Now sound?
Mashamino: yup
Izandai: Called it.
Skyboss1996: What to say indeed
ChaoticObserver: And game
silenceaux: That you always meant well?
CoyoteSans: plz call an ambulance, i'm dying
mtvcdm: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh
the_one_and_only_kim: so there is finally subtitles and it is when we can hear the actual words?
CaptainSpam: Graham and Alex had the right idea, bailing out early.
Mashamino: are we... blind now?
Izandai: Remember, deaf kids, the cure to your disability is you and your father mutually beating each other to death. Apparently.
Skyboss1996: Mixed feelings? OH HONEY
Nefarious_Ned: *incoherent angry noises*
mtvcdm: And credits
kitthethird: Well, this has been. A whole thing
RvLeshrac: OH
RvLeshrac: Oh shit
Xenguin47: As one of my employees is fond of saying, "I'm Deceased!"
RvLeshrac: The audio part of this could be on W+P
TacitusVigil: "The Quiet Man will return in 'The Quiet Man 2: Quieter Man'"
Papperslappen: ok, that was a thing that I watched at least parts of
Rhynerd: Wanna bet there’s a stinger?
kitthethird: Not unsufferable though, thanks to Cori and Chat!
TrueTransSoulAlesha: oh good. the subtitles don't work.
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gainsofcastamere: Cori, thankyou for showing us the rest of this, and also I'm sorry.
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KartoffelKaiser: fuck I think I have a new least favorite portrayal of disability/mental illness in media
mtvcdm: There is totally gonna be a stinger.
Papperslappen: Come on, stinger
CaptainSpam: TacitusVigil: The Quiet Man 2: Silent But Deadly? Kappa
Rockario: They basically ended the book with the setence "And when you really looked, she reminded you of...her."
KartoffelKaiser: Just punch people and your deafness goes away!
Musical_Marauder: R.I.P. Quiet man, not quiet bulletproof
CoyoteSans: I feel like I got less than nothing out of this. Like I'm poorer as a person for having experienced this game.
CaptainKranok: Is this crimes, or super crimes?
TheMerricat: ah ha the cheevos were the lyrics! the irony
00busyhands: I just got here, what’s going on??
Kramburger: I can't believe this guy had one haircut his entire life
TacitusVigil: This is the worst montage.
Skyboss1996: Yeah, we became friends with the guy who shot our mom!
the_one_and_only_kim: In the sequel you are blind and deaf.. just a black screen and no sound and you fight goons
mtvcdm: Can we go back to there not being sound?
tenthtechpriest: you have to fight using smell-o-vision
Izandai: @mtvcdm And it's still piss-easy.
CaptainSpam: the_one_and_only_kim: The only way I'd watch that is if your character plays a pretty mean pinball.
Rhynerd: @00busyhands Cori finished the Quiet Man, want a quick description of it’s story?
TacitusVigil: @CaptainSpam I mean, no where to go but up?
TrueTransSoulAlesha: Can we get a replay with the audio turned on?
SajuukSjet: are they.... trying a james bond opening song for the ending, jazz edition?
grimpokemon: Was it worth it?
Seagulyus: RvLeshrac oh my god I looked up a plot synopsis
00busyhands: @rhynerd yes plz uwu
Kramburger: The real audio was the friends we made along the way
Seagulyus: this game is so goddamned stupid
Nefarious_Ned: I, uh, still don't understand any of this.
RvLeshrac: The problem with this song is that I don't actually hate it as much as I should.
Seagulyus: like, the writer should be striken down by HOLY FIRE
Izandai: I'm sure the lyrics to this are absolute tripe but I'm not really paying attention and the music and voice work is alright.
RvLeshrac: Like this is your standard word salad song.
Rockario: Oo, what would be great is if they didn't mute the scenes unnder the credits. So you hear all of these poignant lines that are supposed to remind you how we got here. But for the first time
Earthenone: i wonder if the song or the cheevos were made first
the_one_and_only_kim: I dont know if Cam is sick or something.. but even if he is I think he dodged a bullet here
Mr_Bitterness: Is this weirdly translated from Japanese or something?
aerobeing: Is this the Postal Service?
CaptainSpam: The arcade cabinet! It was there THE WHOLE TIME!
mtvcdm: I went without words and then when I got them I stopped wanting them.
Skyboss1996: SuperVoid? Man that console's harder to find than Polybius
TacitusVigil: The person who said we'd miss the silence was right.
SajuukSjet: the lyrics are.... not good
Rhynerd: @00busyhands a dad helps his dead kid cope with the loss of his mom by kidnapping a singer who looks like the mom. Two gangs get beaten up in the process.
aerobeing: There is an extra scene on second playthrough.
CaptainSpam: We weren't supposed to notice that Beakman in the apartment fight was like 80 or so pounds lighter than dadtective, right?
aerobeing: At the end.
Izandai: @Rhynerd For fucking really? Fuck this game.
Xenguin47: I mean, being artistic and minimalist are all well and good, but I feel like this game was needlessly obtuse and the plot needlessly obfuscated. There wasn't any real payoff for all the front-loaded confusion
SajuukSjet: rhynerd: that somehow fails to capture the essence of the game
auxv: tell us what you really feel
CraziestOwl: Please end
Mashamino: at least this song is pretty alright, I guess
gainsofcastamere: Oh man these lyrics, someone needed a few rewrites and a dose of subtlety.
TheRedshift: Good morning everyone
Skyboss1996: I need a drink
KartoffelKaiser: The story was not just confusing, it was also bad
Kramburger: So why did we fight cop dad at the end of all that?
TStodden: I thought you have to be the person with the most money to win at The Game of Life?
00busyhands: @rhynerd ‘x’
CraziestOwl: Morning @theredshift
Seagulyus: Kramburger so he could help us get over the death of mom
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CoyoteSans: thanks, i hate it
Rockario: @Xenguin47 Right? It really feels like they didn't shoot a movie with the intention of it being watched without dialogue
Seagulyus: Kramburger he was also our father?
Mashamino: ok I wasn't actually paying attention to the lyrics, nevermind
Izandai: I'm getting some light Charlie Sheen vibes.
Seagulyus: Rockario its VERY obvious they didnt
TheRedshift: How's everyone doing today?
MostCallMe__Tim: where credits?
Seagulyus: there was ZERO work put into making a silent film style game
Kramburger: @Seagulyus ... Okay. Sure, makes sense.
TrueTransSoulAlesha: thanks squeenix
grimpokemon: Let's do that again!
CyberAsp: See I kind of don't want to know the words everyone was saying in that game, because I think whatever my mind put together was much less bad than the actual story.
Seagulyus: MostCallMe__Tim would YOU want your credits in the back of this game?
Xenguin47: Let us not.
TrueTransSoulAlesha: and now we just push her off the building?
ChaoticObserver: Ha
TacitusVigil: "So...want to join the Avenger's Initiative?"
Rhynerd: Either that or a Singer who looks like a deaf kid’s dead mom tries to leave a gang by getting abducted by a cop and ends up causing a gang war or something.
Rockario: Alright, now we strap in for the slightly faster second playthrough with soudn Kappa
Nigouki: that's what a cardiac ultrasound sounds like
mtvcdm: "It's like being in the womb, not on a roof covered with bodies."
Mashamino: no, don't make us go through it again
CaptainSpam: No. No, no, no, nononono.
CyberAsp: Oh well I guess we're doing it anyway
MostCallMe__Tim: @Seagulyus no, credits are how we know its done
TrueTransSoulAlesha: this doesn't help
TacitusVigil: I thought he was blinded by gold statue of himself?
Skyboss1996: Nope, this is still making less sense
silenceaux: That... That's not what "What's happening to you is what's happening to me" means
mtvcdm: help
mtvcdm: i want to escape
silenceaux: when you list two completely different motivations
gainsofcastamere: VITAL INFORMATION!
Seagulyus: MostCallMe__Tim its both done and not done. just accept this gmae makes no sense and move on :D
TrueTransSoulAlesha: yes, i would like to escape.
aerobeing: Escape the Matrix.
Izandai: what
CyberAsp: What.
RvLeshrac: YES
tenthtechpriest: dramatic gasp
grimpokemon: She faked it all?
Mashamino: remember that time we got shot in the head twice and became a demon bird? those were good times
RvLeshrac: You heard that right.
aerobeing: grimpokemon, yes.
corpocracy: Is this.... is this still going?
Juliamon: It was Gone Girl the whole time??
CyberAsp: Yeah I definitely was imagining a much better plot than that oh my god
Seagulyus: SURPRISE! she worked with police dad!
aerobeing: ^
RvLeshrac: She was in on the WHOLE THING WITH DETECTIVE BOB
ChaoticObserver: Yes, it was all fake.
Papperslappen: Twist count: 4
Mr_Bitterness: What a TWIST!
Mashamino: OH, it's worse, I see
MostCallMe__Tim: Square.... What's your definition of "one sitting?....
SajuukSjet: gah! non-linear storytelling in this nonsense?!? DIE IN A FIRE!
Izandai: Anger rising...
CaptainKranok: He has keys AND a phone!
Seagulyus: RvLeshrac which is a stupid idea with the gunshot wounds we got (that should've been fatal)
ChaoticObserver: M. Night Shamalyan amount of twists
Rhynerd: So, it is the story of a singer who looks like a deaf kid’s dead mom organizes her own kidnapping with the kid’s dad and ends up causing a lot of gang violence in the process.
KartoffelKaiser: @RvLeshrac but why
Earthenone: a lotta pennies for so little thoughts
silenceaux: Pennies. Ugh. So glad Canada got rid of those.
Skyboss1996: Yellow
TacitusVigil: Due, accept or reject.
Gekyouryuu: are you in control?
Izandai: Was that an interactive moment?
Mashamino: are we Dadtective?
Skyboss1996: Twinkie Winkie
kitthethird: How is his beer not spilling?
Izandai: ?
Izandai: ????????????
KartoffelKaiser: You can do that yourself without being kidnapped
Seagulyus: kitthethird demon birb powers
Skyboss1996: BULLSHIT
Mashamino: so symbolic and meaningful and I hate it
KartoffelKaiser: It's called taking a fucking break
grimpokemon: A N S W E R E D ?
CaptainSpam: Answered? Answered what? The phone?
TrueTransSoulAlesha: that didn't answer anything!
CraziestOwl: Cause your songs suck
RvLeshrac: That's right.
Izandai: Somehow I feel like this won't actually answer that many questions.
tenthtechpriest: that's a bit of a leap
KartoffelKaiser: just take a vacation
ChaoticObserver: And this is where the countdown clock would appear if you had played through this game in the first week.
CoyoteSans: Yes, that are words that real people say.
RvLeshrac: Your love interest is IN FACT DETECTIVE BOB'S LOVE INTEREST.
aerobeing: KartoffelKaiser, not sure how feasible it would be when working at a gang night club, though.
tenthtechpriest: 'i'm tired of work' 'k imma kidnap you'
Xenguin47: Or no.
Izandai: @ChaoticObserver Countdown to whatA?
Skyboss1996: Please be over
Kramburger: So what was the point of all that?
Seagulyus: Izandai it actually asks more questions it shouldn't havew
Seagulyus: Kramburger ART
grimpokemon: And here comes another song about deafness
RvLeshrac: Oh yeah there's like another half an hour.
Seagulyus: ART is the only answer
RvLeshrac: (Not really)
Rockario: So... ...Dadtective had her set up as deafman's girlfriend, and that whole plot was his plan?
TacitusVigil: So I hereby declare this LRR's new punishment box. Whenever a member of the crew must be punished, they must play this game. lrrBEEJ
kitthethird: That was.... the least A Lot I've ever experienced.....
ChaoticObserver: @Izandai The voice over wasn't available until week 2, even if you beat the game before tha tpoint.
CoyoteSans: The point is you spent $40 on this trash.
CyberAsp: I apparently deceived myself into thinking this plot wasn't the worst.
mtvcdm: !patreon
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CraziestOwl: Please no more
Xenguin47: I think you did! :D You just wanted to spend more time with us!
Skyboss1996: So what?
mtvcdm: !discord
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Earthenone: im sorry cori... you had to play this for an ammount of time
Izandai: @ChaoticObserver Oh fuck that. Fuck them.
aerobeing: There's an extra scene at the end after a second playthrough.
gainsofcastamere: Clearly an M. Night Shyamalan game?
Skyboss1996: Oh no It's pretty bad
mtvcdm: Oh no, no it's bad.
RvLeshrac: The game *itself* isn't really the worst.
the_one_and_only_kim: the fighting loked miserable
CaptainSpam: It's... it's bad. It's real bad.
Gekyouryuu: Journey, maybe?
Rockario: We definitely got into a "riff on this game" mood
Rhynerd: Was abzu that convoluted?
RvLeshrac: The story, however, is batshit.
TacitusVigil: So, what's the over/under on Cori's dialogue being better than Actual Dialogue?
Izandai: @Rockario Yeah, but it was all deserved. This game sucks.
mtvcdm: I know chill games. i know quiet games. I have a Steam library packed with them. That does not fit in at all.
Papperslappen: What if quiet man but with really good combat?
TrueTransSoulAlesha: @TacitusVigil Cori's is much better.
gainsofcastamere: it seems like it might have been *slightly* better as a short film.
mtvcdm: !next
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SajuukSjet: that story was..... an affront
CyberAsp: "Subbirthday"
Skyboss1996: Thanks for streaming cori. I'mma get drunk now
RvLeshrac: I"m not sure if you can watch the cutscenes with audio, or if you have to play it again.
TacitusVigil: @TrueTransSoulAlesha That's where I'm putting my money too
Xenguin47 snerks!
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gainsofcastamere: Agreed
RvLeshrac: "It was effective, in that I had no idea what the hell was happening."
Xenguin47: I really wanna get this game and have my wife start playing it and just tell her the name of the game. She loves John Wayne and would be soooo mad at me.
Rhynerd: The story was inspiring, in that it makes people think “I could write something better than this bullshit.”
gainsofcastamere: The gameplay seems superfluous and repetitive.
ChaoticObserver: My thinking on that is does it make it better to do that obfuscation to the player, and I just don't see how.
RvLeshrac: ChaoticObserver: It could.
ChaoticObserver: Oh of course it could
ChaoticObserver: I just don't think they did it here
RvLeshrac: ChaoticObserver: It would require a bit more s kill.
CyberAsp: If it was all a fake kidnapping then _why was everyone fighting_
RvLeshrac: CyberAsp: That was all part of Detective Bob's plan.
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun but it's just M. Night writing Avatar
Rockario: I think what rubbed me the wrong way was the amount of things done to explicitly tell the audience, "We are obfuscating stuff from you, let that sink in"
mtvcdm: This now concludes another LRR broadcast day. On behalf of everyone at LRR, good night, and good morning.
Earthenone: you are free
Earthenone: would you recomend it to enemies?
Plasterboard: we did it \o/
RvLeshrac: But would you recommend the game to Beej?
xantos69: cheer50 would you recommend it to enemies?
RvLeshrac: Would you recommend the game to Ian?
RvLeshrac: Would your not having to watch Ian play it affect your decision?
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG on Magic Channel (Broadcast on, join Graham and James for some slightly above average MTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Wed 10:00 AM PST (11:37 from now).
kitthethird: Cori, thanks for the stream! Now run, go, be free!
TacitusVigil: @RvLeshrac Tell him it's Yakuza 7: The Quiet Man
Phailhammer: cya :)
Mr_Bitterness: doogBye doogBye doogBye
ChaoticObserver: Thanks Cori
Gekyouryuu: bye
CaptainSpam: Thanks for the stream, Cori!
CyberAsp: Thanks for staying to finish that
gisiebob: have the good night
Rhynerd: Bye!
Xenguin47: Byeeee Cori!
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
TacitusVigil: Thanks Cori.
gainsofcastamere: @TacitusVigil you cracked me up, that just might work too!
RvLeshrac: TacitusVigil: I haven't experienced the actual gameplay, but my understand is that it is actually pretty similar to Yakuza combat.
CaptainSpam: Oi. Just... oi.
Mashamino: g'night random13Love
gainsofcastamere: night all
RvLeshrac: TacitusVigil: That combat just doesn't really work outside of Yakuza.
Rockario: I would have appreciated it more if playing through with no dialogue gave you what looked like a coherent story, but then at the *very* end they teased that there was actually something else going on. "Guess you better play with audio to get the whole story, eh?"
Earthenone: ok, we gotta get the story straight we tell ian it is a yakuza inspired brawler with very little english language spoken
RvLeshrac: Rockario: To be fair, that's basically true.
RvLeshrac: Rockario: Right now, you don't actually know anything.
RvLeshrac: I mean, the people who haven't been through it with audio.
Rockario: But they didn't do very much to tell a story with no audio.
Rockario: I think the game should have done something different with their "Talking head scenes," especially the one with the Dadtective in the police car
Juliamon: The answer to replayability is NOT locking away the plot for the entire first playthrough
Juliamon: It's BEING FUN TO PLAY.
Rockario: It would be getting us invested in the plot we are presented, then revealing further depth
TacitusVigil: I mean, the "I'm being intentionally kidnapped" doesn't explain why she looks like his mom. Or the ghost mask powers. Or anything really?
Rockario: Yeah, better brawling would have done this game a world of good
Juliamon: When fighting is the only agency you're given, it better be DAMN good. And it wasn't.
Rockario: That's why you're supposed to play through again, to find out more about the backstory
Juliamon: There are so many games that I've played through multiple times, just because they were FUN. Goddamn FINAL FIGHT was fun.
Juliamon: All you do in Final Fight is walk down corridors and kick/punch dudes.
Juliamon: Same as this game.
ChaoticObserver: Even if the story was good, the mechanics and the game itself was just meh
ChaoticObserver: The constant clip through, the jerky animation
ChaoticObserver: And then the fighting looks basic
Juliamon: The stunlocks, the weirdly "considerate" AI, the lack of feedback
TacitusVigil: Eh, I'm just reading the wikipedia page to understand the story.
Juliamon: that's not good combat
TacitusVigil: "Understand" it.
silenceaux: The fun thing about a twist ending is how it recontextualizes the initial experience
Juliamon: Non-deaf people don't have health meters IRL either, why couldn't we have THAT
silenceaux: often by revealing assumptions that we didn't realize we were making.
Rockario: You knnow what, it reminds me of another W+P game. The one that was a movie tie-in 2D brawler with photo-graphics.
silenceaux: I strongly suspect that this story leans more on "completely hiding any and all clues from the audience".
silenceaux: Since the story was initially so vague and obfuscated, we _knew_ we were making assumptions and guesses, and were being frustrated by that the first time around.
Juliamon: This story didn't really let you make assumptions, it just sort of dragged you along while you guessed wildly at what was going on
Rockario: It relies on "Oo, look! There's a clue to what might really be going on! Aww, but I guess you can't hear it ;) "
silenceaux: Concordance~
TacitusVigil: Ok, I read the wiki. NOTHING IS EXPLAINED
TacitusVigil: I honestly think they just saved money by having her play the same two parts.
TacitusVigil: (ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻
Juliamon: What an infuriating game.
Juliamon: You can see how all the pieces could make something great, if it weren't for the horrible stitching job barely holding it together.