TehAmelie: privatizing and deregulating is supposed to benefit the consumers because of competition, right. until the most profitable competitors consume the competition anyway. . .
jdtreker: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: PC Building Simulator) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (14m from now).
PhoenixMelior: Bell Let's Talk... about how you really need to do better as an ISP.
wildpeaks: slow internet is worse than no internet at all because the slow loading is infuriating
PhoenixMelior: well, maybe not ISP, YET.
evilspoons983: yeah, cellular and ISPs aren't really a space for normal "commerce" to take place because of the massive startup capital required. I can't just go create "Bob's ISP" the way I could create "Bob's Corner Store"
PhoenixMelior: totally
PhoenixMelior: I guess it's all quite a bit of first world problems - I guess paying 80 dollars a month to consume all my LRR and podcast content at a reasonable load speed isn't all bad
the_canuck_mystic: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: PC Building Simulator) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (10m from now).
evilspoons983: but simultaneously, it's like... why should you give away your money to the corporation that can set whatever price it wants because it has locked out reasonable competition vs having an actual alternative
evilspoons983: the one that always gets me is cellular, everyone says "oh cell phone plans are so expensive in canada because it's so big and there's way more infrastructure" yet simultaneously Russia has working cell networks in The Boonies (I've been there) for the equivalent of $15/month - before the ruble crashed!
PhoenixMelior: it's all very #EatTheRich isn't it
DarkMorford: Om nom nom
PhoenixMelior: anyway a stream is about to start
wildpeaks: having Adam's stream in the other window where one of the enemies goes "om nom nom" as chat here said it too was quite surreal :D
Metric_Furlong: eh, I think we've got time for another verse of The Internationale before signal :p
Twinklebees: I have some cake.
wildpeaks: enjoy :)
PhoenixMelior: ooh, cake
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: PC Building Simulator) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (2m from now).
PhoenixMelior: I have lunch, but it's small as I'm cutting back on eating substantially.
TXC2: Hello Everybody!
Twinklebees: I did not have a small lunch today, it was a rather filling bowl of soup
PhoenixMelior: hey txc2
TXC2: Hi PhoenixMelior
PhoenixMelior: what kind of soup?
Twinklebees: Hi TXC2
Twinklebees: Lentil and tomato
PhoenixMelior: was it from your fancy new slow cooker?
TXC2: hi Twinklebees
Twinklebees: It wasn't, but if I had more consciousness yesterday it would have been
Twinklebees: (I was very tired after getting home)
wildpeaks: lrrSIGNAL
PhoenixMelior: I know that feeling, having just got back myself
evilspoons983: lrrHORN
wildpeaks: time to build the fanciest PC we can't afford irl
TXC2: time for QUAD SLI ! Kappa
tml12: BibleThump SSSsss FailFish DBstyle ShazBotstix SSSsss BibleThump DBstyle FailFish BloodTrail ShazBotstix SSSsss BCWarrior Kappa :p KevinTurtle
djcaptainnacho: Is this game for real?
evilspoons983: I'm glad I ditched SLI in real life
TXC2: easy on the emotes there tml12
zunniest: lrrFRUMP
evilspoons983: also, yes, it's for real
NathanJay_GA: yo
Animekitty93: is this a real game or are they upgrading one of the pcs?
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: PC Building Simulator
NathanJay_GA: real game
mtvcdm: This is a real, actual videogame.
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
TXC2: has the title not updated for anyone else?
Aidan_Gaming_HD: I JUST JOINED
AdmiralMemo: I couldn't find the finalists and choosing. Was it on Discord or something? (The one place I didn't check.)
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NathanJay_GA: @aidan_gaming_hd HELLO
Unas84: Says GoC PC building sim for me, @TXC2
TheAinMAP: katesAir
TXC2: ah Refreshing fixed it for me
djcaptainnacho: Omg what's next, game simulator: game simulator
TXC2: thanks Unas84
noSmokeFire: o/
russian_malware Subscribed at Tier 1.
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TheAinMAP: Hello.
TXC2: Hello James and Paul
Unas84: Who are we building a PC for?
AdmiralMemo: @djcaptainnacho Isn't that just Game Dev Tycoon?
evilspoons983: it hasn't updated under the video, but it has on the left
Pteraspidomorphi: What was the shortlist this week?
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Daye04: hey Paul and James!
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noSmokeFire: We don't hear any of it, if that means anything
Unas84: Oooh, or are you going to give the PC away to someone in chat?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James and Paul are live with today’s instalment of Games of Chance! We’re playing PC Building Simulator! How much RAM is to much RAM? http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1093570852493250560
NathanJay_GA: lrrSPOOP
evilspoons983 Subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 9 months, currently on a 2 month streak!
evilspoons983: what does this button do?
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NathanJay_GA: You can always download ore
NathanJay_GA: *more
SAJewers: So, what were the 5 other games on the die roll this week?
djcaptainnacho: @admiralmemo I guess I didn't know that was a game
wildpeaks: not only it's a real game, ti's with real-based components
TXC2: We've done that stream at least twice
electric_claire: It's the same thing but at the end you haven't accomplished anything
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NathanJay_GA: Do they have M.2 storage devices?
AdmiralMemo Subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 60 months, currently on a 60 month streak!
AdmiralMemo: So I'm unemployed, so I can watch more streams... Booray?
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NathanJay_GA: No tycoon games
AntiCrepuscular: AdmiralMemo lrrAWW
TXC2: I'm sorry to hear that AdmiralMemo
lifecharacter: Euro Truck Sim Extreme Dino Edition
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accountmadeforants: This Twitch Subscription Simulator is rad!
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AdmiralMemo: Also, 5 years?
Lord_Hosk: StarControl 2 is a sim right?
Daye04: katcHYPE katcHYPE
SAJewers: not Desert Bus? lrrBEEJ
Pteraspidomorphi: Desert bus VR would have been funny
djcaptainnacho: My college and work was cancelled today because snow
AdmiralMemo: @AntiCrepuscular @TXC2 I'm currently trying to survive on minimal KoFi donations and my AirBNB income.
NathanJay_GA: Good for practicing how to build, maybe?
djcaptainnacho: So twitch for me
Unas84: @AdmiralMemo lrrAWW sorry to hear. Also, yay 5 years! lrrAWESOME
PhoenixMelior: is this music going to get the stream muted?
Mangledpixel: time to build a sick rig, yo
wiggins: don't forget to put your fan in before your RAM so you have to take it out to put the RAM in
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AntiCrepuscular: wiggins WutFace
TXC2: HI matt
Unas84: @LoadingReadyRun I say we donate the PC we build to AdmiralMemo?
darkora Subscribed with Twitch Prime.
darkora: 4 months? that's among the longest time I've committed to anything
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AntiCrepuscular: The voice of experience there, Matt? :D
wildpeaks: the real question is, will it run Crysis
Mangledpixel: oh hey, it's a Matt
PhoenixMelior: (I actually think this is garbage, but I just spent 4 days on a metal cruise)
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TheGeekyQuilter: Sad Face was hoping for Graveyard Keeper but still going to be a great stream
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AdmiralMemo: @Unas84 Uh... It's not a real PC?
NathanJay_GA: So, how hard are we gonna RGB this thing?
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shimdogwastaken: woo four months getting there
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Unas84: @AdmiralMemo sssshh I know. It was a joeks
djcaptainnacho: Hey lrrboiz
TXC2: hello djcaptainnacho welcome
malc: oh nooooo, my audio setup is doing that thing where the sample rates are wrong and James and Paul sound like they're speaking to me direct from hell
AntiCrepuscular: malc seabatYIKES
djcaptainnacho: Lol sounds fun
djcaptainnacho: Yes
iammorthos: Sounds fine
TXC2: sounds fine here
evilspoons983: sounds fine here
dragoon3zero: sounds fine to me
malc: it's just me
noSmokeFire: unless we're all already *in* hell
AdmiralMemo: I think I might be, but that's just living in the US
cheetoJack: malc Did you accidentally route your internet through the core of the earth?
wildpeaks: I forget, did you play House Flipper before ?
malc: I know the bug, it's just terrifying
adi_pie: Directly from Hell? I didn't know you two were in town. lrrAWESOME
TheGeekyQuilter: sergeMoly sergeMoly
NathanJay_GA: sounds like a bootstrapping problem
TXC2: WOAH same background on the ingame PC
TheWarbo: wait is your in-game desktop the same as your IRL desktop?
djcaptainnacho: I mean if he'll is 7 months of winter then I'm already here
wildpeaks: we have a pc building business in the game's story
Unas84: I mean, the moon =/= hell, so that's not possible. That's just science.
HondoTrigger: are we playing this game because of yesterday's tech issues?
wildpeaks: and get orders by email
AntiCrepuscular: Step 1: Russian Malware
TheManaLeek: I kind of hate how much I love this game
Elspeth_Tirel: Your unbuilt PC already has viruses?
AntiCrepuscular: ASWS?! D:
AdmiralMemo: Status: not plugged in
AntiCrepuscular: *ADWS
wildpeaks: house flipper is also excellent
Unas84: do we remova the viruses Surgeon Sim style?
noSmokeFire: ha, it has your actual desktop background
AntiCrepuscular: Neat!
Elspeth_Tirel: Isn't that your desktop background irl?
TXC2: are we not gonna comment on the PC background?
GDwarf: Hah, it grabs your actual desktop background? That's clever.
AdmiralMemo: So we're starting out in the NEGATIVE
malc: aha, welcome back to the land of the sensibly-pitched living J+P
AdmiralMemo: Oh wow
BrindleBoar: that's pretty neat
djcaptainnacho: So m e t a
ND_Ericson: That's... pretty spooky
AntiCrepuscular: Hopefully they don't mine your PC to find email contact names ;)
AdmiralMemo: I have the LRR Kickstarter background
djcaptainnacho: What is that BG from?
AdmiralMemo: @AntiCrepuscular I am considering whether "allthemail.com" is a real email provider and whether to buy that domain.
AntiCrepuscular: :D
djcaptainnacho: It's so pretty
TheOtherTrevor: Remove the viruses? Are they physical parts you take out
ND_Ericson: USB plugs in on first try? IMMERSION RUINED D:
djcaptainnacho: I mean @puppies.supplies is real
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HavenJunde: hey there
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mistborn83: is this really a game
noSmokeFire: the ports are well-lubricated
NathanJay_GA: The virus is *in* the computer...
TXC2: indeed it is
AdmiralMemo: @mistborn83 Yep.
mistborn83: what was the category for this week?
crashdownreg: virus = very yes
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MehallD: Oh look, a 62 month button!
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JoeKim: i feel like this is gonna be a tragedy
TXC2: mistborn83 simulator games
Pteraspidomorphi: Isn't the solid bit on the USB always on the bottom?
AdmiralMemo: Do we have differences in USB plugs of 1.0 2.1 and 3.0?
TXC2: HI JoeKim
Lapinelis: Be careful to not get the virus yourself. I always heard terrible things about viruses jumping cross species
JoeKim: hey friends
Pteraspidomorphi: Type A I mean
wildpeaks: life and viruses find a way
mistborn83: what game did they end up playing for the old school fps
TheWarbo: mistborn83 more or less "first person sims"
Pteraspidomorphi: Half-life
noSmokeFire: I wonder how badly you can break these fake computers
TXC2: mistborn83 half life
SajuukSjet: looks suspiciously Ubuntu adjacent..... :D
AdmiralMemo: Can we just remove programs to find the virus and uninstall it? Kappa
Stoffern: Acurate simulation
crashdownreg: uninstall virus
azureHaights: LRRnux?
TheOtherTrevor: Scan took 3s? Unrealistic
malc: Computer Over. Virus = Very Yes
accountmadeforants: 336, those are rookie numbers!
NathanJay_GA: Drop a train on em!
AdmiralMemo: I would run a computer with LRRnux
SajuukSjet: >D as if it's that easy
TheWarbo: this is how virus removal works
TXC2: in my experience the way to deal with viruses is to just wipe the Drive and start over :P
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Pedantically: 11 months? That's only 3 months in binary. :(
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mistborn83: thinking like a true businessman
jolly_flounder: what's going on here? why are you removing anti virus software?
Lord_Hosk: At one point my mom said "My computer is running really slow when I try to check emails"
SajuukSjet: lord_hosk: 0.o
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mtvcdm: LRRBot, are they hurting you?
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #2504: "Be calm... like a caterpillar backing into a marshmallow." —Anubis169 [2016-05-12]
TheManaLeek: Just yank it, all the cables come out, easy peasy
AdmiralMemo: Did you take your drive out?
Twinklebees: malc: one of my favourite pointless facts is that "Computer Over. Virus = Very Yes. That's not a Good Prize" has a haiku structure
Lord_Hosk: so I downloaded and ran two viras scanners and it grabbed 3200+ viruses and files. the second one grabed 600+ more.
Astra7525: heh, your ingame PC copies the background image of the PC the game is running on
TXC2: Lord_Hosk jeeze
wildpeaks: wait until you see the store
Mangledpixel: can you shoot the compressed air at stuff?
Didero: Did you remove your USB stick before giving the PC back?
Lord_Hosk: She also had 8 toolbars loaded into firefox. over half of her screen was toolbars
TheManaLeek: We were working on New Year's Day? That's dedication
Didero: Also, good evening!
ND_Ericson: @Lord_Hosk is that the digital equivalent of opening up your physical PC and ten thousand spiders come crawling out?
AdmiralMemo: @LoadingReadyRun I think the email had how much ultilities are?
TheOtherTrevor: What happens if you try to leave with the customer's computer?
crashdownreg: thermal paste all your cables into the slots for extra efficiency
TXC2: hello Didero welcome
lifecharacter: Wah, why do we have ghost tables.
wildpeaks: now the game truly begins
mtvcdm: Bills? Bills are for people who aren't us.
Astra7525: Da'ww... It should play the Windows Startup soudn when a new da ystarts
SajuukSjet: lord_hosk: no! not the toolbars D:
wildpeaks: ghost tables will be later upgrades
iammorthos: Hey! I"ve got a 970!
Lapinelis: You know, getting one 15 minute order in the day is kinda in tune with starting a business from nothing :p
TheWarbo: did the customer come take their computer from the hallway after we left for the night?
TXC2: pah, I have a 1050 Kappa
Nightvalien28: you guys are very judgmental, some people have a budget you know
TXC2: that's like 80 right?
TXC2: *80 better
Mangledpixel: never delete anything!
crashdownreg: working on January first? doesn't sound like IT to me
teh_v: I cant wait til you find something awful on someone PC and you have to call the FBI
Josephdalepi: ill be honest yall, im glad this game is simple. as someone who builds these for show pieces? fuck me
Lithobraker: inbox infinity for life
noSmokeFire: well, inside and further inside
azureHaights: Clean it inside and slightly less inside
CrazymattCaptain: the budget matters I bet
Pteraspidomorphi: It's just for reading e-mail and facebook!
noSmokeFire: you should order parts for jobs you accept
TheManaLeek: Order your parts you need today as well
AdmiralMemo: P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney?
TheManaLeek: Because they have to be shipped
mtvcdm: Paul is going to do Science on your PC. It'll be fine.
Josephdalepi: science!
wildpeaks: maybe check the prices first
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coopdawg_22: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:15:18. lrrSPOT
wildpeaks: online store
TheWarbo: headcanon: the protagonist is cH Paul
Stoffern: thats a good store name
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah
atrickofthelight: New parts are added as you go
AdmiralMemo: Oh neat
StarShock2002: as you level up you get newer stuff
Mangledpixel: maybe the game starts set a few years ago
InfiniTea_and_Biscuits: is there an ingame date? perhaps there is an accelerated timescale?
LordZirroc Subscribed at Tier 1.
LordZirroc: Hello :)
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agilemania: But he gave you a budget as well
AntiCrepuscular: microtransactions?! WutFace
noSmokeFire: more people named Reese should open PC repair businesses -- Reese's PCs
AdmiralMemo: You can do the clean dust one and get some money to buy what these need?
AntiCrepuscular: ( Kappa )
wildpeaks: memo's got the strat
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah, dust is easy, just stick a vacuum cleaner in there...
Antimuffin: cheer100 Paul and James! James and Paul! Good morning! I'm excited to be awake! :)
crashdownreg: just have negative money 4Head
DarkNacht: yeah thats how debt works
TheManaLeek: Maybe it's dusty
TheOtherTrevor: yeah, screw the customers computers. lets just upgrade ours
tenthtechpriest: that computer is literal actual garbage
Hulyen: this looks strangely compelling
AdmiralMemo: Right-click to pick it up and dust it out?
evilspoons983: the G4400 is alright
Astra7525: An office PC doesn't need that much power though
CrazymattCaptain: there was a new email, probably about the purchase
TheWarbo: yeah this has the same "why do i want to do this so much" as the house flipper
AdmiralMemo: Get the duster?
wildpeaks: this game is quite relaxing because you don't have to worry about screwing up something that costs hundreds irl
TXC2: I like how these PC all have the same case
Hulyen: @TheWarbo that's the exact feeling I was getting, ahaha
Mangledpixel: squirt it with the comp air?
Lord_Hosk: Spray it with a fire hose
AntiCrepuscular: needs more mayo in the CPU socket? Kappa
AdmiralMemo: "install" the air
Stoffern: install the air!
TheOtherTrevor: Uninstall the air
Hulyen: subscribe air installiation facts
crashdownreg: remove air
TXC2: just use a cotton bud like I do
AdmiralMemo: I like this game.
Ravynn: What....did I just tune into?
AntiCrepuscular: bills?! :o
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: PC Building Simulator
Ravynn: Is this....like house flipper?
AntiCrepuscular: too real, game
wildpeaks: Ravynn yes, for PCs
Pal_Friendpatine: Hmm I don’t know if I’m going to find this extremely boring or very zen
TheManaLeek: That's a safety hazard
Nightvalien28: what
mtvcdm: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You're showing too much imagination.
malc: ew
crashdownreg: WutFace
AdmiralMemo: I think it's got literal bugs?
TheOtherTrevor: See a doctor, you've probably got something growing in your lungs now
teh_v: You'd let that into your office, it needs a hose... outside
malc: that's nearly as bad as the PC I got second hand out of a potato factory
TXC2: Bloorf
noSmokeFire: did this come from a Peter P. Parker?
Meyari: I just had an allergy looking at that
mtvcdm: Did you. Acquire that PC directly from a junkyard.
Lord_Hosk: Just set it on fire
AntiCrepuscular: Install rubber gloves on hands
bellatrix_s_k_r_ Subscribed at Tier 1.
bellatrix_s_k_r_: well if this isn't the calmest I've seen of a computer repair!
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Dared00: Two wouldn't be enough to hold all the dust
mtvcdm: Fire. Cleanse it with fire.
glitched_goddess: Ok like I’m pretty sure this is against tos
malc: you're gonna need a bigger sprayer
noSmokeFire: I'm sorry, the dust is too strong. we had to burn your computer.
TheOtherTrevor: Dust is caked on really badly
Hulyen: ahhhh just as efficient as real life
rocketjohn: i am annoyed by lack of particle effects
Astra7525: forget the spray can, get a vacuum cleaner
NimrodXIV: now for the sneezing
tenthtechpriest: dust physics aren't easy
TXC2: like, I wouldn't use air there, I use a paper towel :P
Pal_Friendpatine: @hulyen I used to HAVE to dust my PC case because otherwise the computer fan would start to struggle
MistahFixIt: 2/10 - Disappointing Dust Physics
MistahFixIt: Kappa
Pal_Friendpatine: Vacuum is better than compressed air imho
j0xer: i would have taken that outside to clean
Antimuffin: So what were some of the Sim games that didn't get chosen?
j0xer: or i would be sneezing for weeks
Antimuffin: I have no idea what's even out there
MistahFixIt: Omegasoft
Hulyen: @Pal_Friendpatine I reeeeeally should....I have 2 cats. But it's near the ground by my desk so I don't see how gross it is <.<'''
jacesdeciple: Hey I'm back
lifecharacter: You're turning it and it's turning you.
noSmokeFire: someday that USB will get a virus and you're *screwed*
Pal_Friendpatine: I get ya @hulyen
realvhenom: Can I play PC Building simulator on the virtual PC inside PC building simulator
TXC2: Chat, for the love of the Gods, clean out your PC's
crashdownreg: change his wallpaper
Dared00: Do you have some sort of time limit/day clock, or do you just work until you're done?
AdmiralMemo: @realvhenom We need to go deeper
Hulyen: Go look for his porn folder!
lifecharacter: 6969
azureHaights: 573
mtvcdm: 4532
noSmokeFire: 1064
crashdownreg: 420
TheManaLeek: @Dared00 Work til you're done
jacesdeciple: what do u Drink Paul?
AdmiralMemo: 5
Lord_Hosk: 682
accountmadeforants: 42069
Mangledpixel: 4
Dared00: 732
tenthtechpriest: 300
Stoffern: We're gonna hear that start and stop chime A LOT today, aren't we...
Astra7525: @TXC2 Also: Find someone who can replace your thermal paste after 3-5 years
Ravynn: Most efficient virus scan ever
crashdownreg: I was closest!
Dared00: @TheManaLeek oh neat
GDwarf: "Warning! Files Found!" is an odd warning.
glitched_goddess: No porn folder on desktop 0/10 realism
AntiCrepuscular: "Files found"?! Oh noo!! Better delete those!
AdmiralMemo: Cases are for losers. Kappa
mtvcdm: That's a design feature, leaving the case off.
JustNotAFox: Now there's 0 files! How is it still on...
realvhenom: Can I play PC Building simulator on the virtual PC inside PC building simulator
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MistahFixIt: You'd be surprised, James
Cepsys: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 29:03.
malc: yeah...
wildpeaks: for that matter, who even downloads porn anymore
AdmiralMemo: Who has a porn folder anymore anyway?
Nightvalien28: I have seen many do that james
lifecharacter: There's a folder inside of another folder labeled stuff.
Hulyen: People who value convenience and efficiency
Uzumaki15: Can I get that virus scanner? it seems more effective than any virus protection out there
TXC2: wildpeaks right?
ND_Ericson: A folder named "Not Porn" or "Definitely Not Porn"
crashdownreg: yeah porn folder goes on the taskbar
Lord_Hosk: someone who sends the computer to the repair shop covered in filth like that
MistahFixIt: @AdmiralMemo - lmao yeah it's all content streaming now :P
sivakrytos: people who travel to places without internet
TStodden: Who leaves a Porn folder unencrypted?
oyleslyck: stuff > not porn > nothing to see > definitely not porn > why are you this deep? > ... actual porn lrrBEEJ
arkilyd: grab the usb
j0xer: USB drive still in that PC
NathanLonghair: I mean I have ONE of my porn folders on my desktop
malc: I, uh... all I'll say about porn folders on the desktop is "family PC" and "pass the brain bleach"
Hulyen: I once found a friend's porn folder by mistake because I was doing some maint on it and asked him why his windows folder had a devnull folder in it. He very quickly shouted 'DON'T OPEN THAT'
glitched_goddess: Hey I’ve done lots of repair when it’s just chilling on the desktop
MistahFixIt: Step 3: Install Shaun.
r_craddz: you didnt unplug the cables or the drive lol
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AScruffMcGruffin: Keep up the great content! LRR podcasts on Google Play when?
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dr0ne00000: was wondering if chat caught the usb being left
AdmiralMemo: @LoadingReadyRun Do we get to keep the old card maybe for a cheap future project?
Lord_Hosk: But they only pay you for what they asked for
TheOtherTrevor: Keep their old graphics card and install it in your computer
teh_v: My friend has a porn folder on his PC and he's like "I labeled it, it's your fault if you click on it."
ND_Ericson: Is that like the scene where the guy with many knives gets arrested and they find one knife? Ppl check out your PC and think that is THE porn folder, when it's actually just ONE porn folder... "They're allowed to find one"
Astra7525: Are we allowed to "keep" the GPU?
MistahFixIt: You have to remove the retaining plate
Astra7525: Is it even broken?
TheWarbo: I like the tooltip explaining what the graphics card does.
Count_Nodonora: Wait a minit, that graphics car is the same as what he wants put in?
Lord_Hosk: They ask for a Geforce GTX970 or better. but only pay you for a 970 no matter what you install because they are monsters
AntiCrepuscular: rude!
Astra7525: ah dang, it's actually broken
Hulyen: @teh_v lol! I like his style
Lapinelis: A realistic porn folder is a folder on desktop called taxes, that has another folder there called invoices, then extra folder, then bin, miscellanious, then DO NOT OPEN THIS FOLDER
AdmiralMemo: I mean, we COULD keep it... if we learned how to fix it.
NimrodXIV: never mind desktop porn. can't lose screws. 0/10 realism
wildpeaks: also ti's a working card
MistahFixIt: Nvidia Ti Commentary? Kappa
ND_Ericson: It's an upgrade from BROKEN to WORKS, so... I'd take that Kappa
Count_Nodonora: Way too many screws in that case.
dr0ne00000: you should have cut your hand on the case by now
AdmiralMemo: Ugh... working PCs man...
AdmiralMemo: Do we have to install the drivers?
LordZarano: NimrodXIV: and cant have 1 left over with no holes to put it in
crashdownreg: the magic smoke escapes
AntiCrepuscular: these PCs look quite empty
TXC2: oh you'd get weird scan lines on the screen
MistahFixIt: Wow plug-and-play graphics cards.
NimrodXIV: @LordZarano Right?!
SajuukSjet: accurate would be reseating all the memory modules Kappa
MistahFixIt: Living in the future
AdmiralMemo: Should we virus scan? Just in case? :D
SerGarretCameron: Immersion ruined. no driver install.
wildpeaks: oh yeah, and we always put the usb plug the right way infirst try, so unrealistic
TStodden: You DIDN'T jinx it by leaving the case open.
TheOtherTrevor: AScruffMcGruffin: I they aren't on google play but I see them in the google podcasts app
AdmiralMemo: We're not getting PAID for a virus scan.
ND_Ericson: I know those aren't real PCs, but I still cringe a bit when you power off a PC without shutting it down D: PCs have feelings too, man!
Hulyen: @NimrodXIV I think I still have a baggie of 20 different size screws that I know what none of them go to if you're every missing any. Statistically at least a couple probably came from something of yours
MistahFixIt: Pick it up, suddenly you hear crashing Kappa
glitched_goddess: Yeah this is going too easy for computer repair. Not realistic at all.
NimrodXIV: @Hulyen LOL not that I know of
TheWarbo: "no-charge graphics card upgrade": james will do it. "virus scan that costs no money": james refuses
MistahFixIt: Oh one of these solid-glass side-panels
TheManaLeek: Hard drive is on the other side
MistahFixIt: I'd be terrified of breaking it tbh
TheManaLeek: Mounted SSD
Lapinelis: I like how everyone here has tempered glass cases with 20$ celeron cpus
Astra7525: is that a removable cover at the bottom?
teh_v: Yea, realism ruining, these parts are popping in and out to easy. No one has cussed once.
AdmiralMemo: Install the SATA cables first?
Tehbeard: Does completing this game give you GeekSquad certification? Kappa
TStodden: Anti-virus licenses cost money.
62MGcobra: bottom
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MistahFixIt: Not necessarily?
Emergent_OS: It look like NZXT H400 case, they have ssd on the back site.
TXC2: Ok what kind of monster designed this case?
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MDK_Marshal: Where's the button to accidentally bend some CPU pins?
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MistahFixIt: Sata cables?
Hulyen: @MDK_Marshal I am so thankful that's not a thing one can do anymore x.x
TheOtherTrevor: Can you take the request "more space on my computer" as a kindof monkeys paw thing where you just take all the parts out and return the empty case?
MDK_Marshal: Hulyen: It is if you try hard enough :D
postmodernpajamawrestler: now you can watch porn in SUPER high quality
MistahFixIt: The clicking-and-holding thing looks like it gets tiresome after a while
TStodden: We have to keep it operational, TheOtherTrevor.
AntiCrepuscular: thinnest HDMI cable in the world :)
TheManaLeek: There's an upgrade to not have to hold the button in to connect stuff
mtvcdm: I think the streaming computer has one of these wallpapers.
Lord_Hosk: It just connects, you dont have to guess which one is right, look in the Motherboard manual for an hour, then look online and find two contradictory answers, try one it doesnt work, try the other it doesnt work, then try the first one again and it does work.
teh_v: Wait did you just put a new hard drive in and not have to install an os?
TehAmelie: a little more My Summer Car physics?
wicker_knight: where's the button to spill coffee on the case?
Zath_: I wonder if it would be more profitable to just sel all the parts of the PCs you get
MistahFixIt: @teh_v - Secondary drive. Already had an OS Drive
Hulyen: Ah, the days of trying to figure out which jumpers go where to make it all friggen work and trying to not lose them in the process
tenthtechpriest: maybe it's in freebuild? or just on repairsyou're not up to yet
malc: if only missed screws were highlighted in orange in real life
Mangledpixel: teh_v it was a secondary HD, there were others in there already, which presumably had the OS on
AdmiralMemo: Get that cheese
teh_v: Ahhh, missed htat
mtvcdm: If this were My Summer Car, we'd have to go mine the silicon in Africa ourselves.
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r_craddz: i was expecting surgeon simulator type shenanigans
mtvcdm: That is literally the wallpaper from the streaming computer.
cutaos: need option for hitting the cup holding scews and then searching the ground for them
TheWarbo: okay NOW my immersion is ruined
AdmiralMemo: I wish I could get money via email
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Pal_Friendpatine: So did they go so far as to simulate that you benefit from wearing a static discharge wrist band so that you don’t fry the boards?
TehAmelie: just my first impression this seems like it would integrate as a component of House Flipper better than work as a game in itself
MistahFixIt: $280 gfx card? In what universe? :P
TheWarbo: "you can overdraw and we don't charge you" what is this fantasy
TXC2: Man overdrafts are such a scam
glitched_goddess: They spelled labor wrong Kappa
Tehbeard: @cutaos magnetic cup DLC?
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MistahFixIt: Does... does this game have actual licenses for these brands?
tenthtechpriest: yes
TheManaLeek: @MistahFixIt They do!
cutaos: still have managed to lose some from that too ..
TXC2: "yeah, if what to PAY TAX HAHAHAH!"
AdmiralMemo: What programs can you add/remove from THIS computer?
Texan_Reverend: Hell yeah, Ryzen.
TheManaLeek: They are partnered with the companies
GDwarf: The stuff in the game is officially licensed, I believe
MistahFixIt: neat.
wildpeaks: they have partnerships, that's even why some brands are oddly missing
Hulyen: neat!
EvilBadman: Yeah, why wouldn't brands want free advertising
InfiniTea_and_Biscuits: yes, to some degree this is marketing for the brands - they are all approved/licenced
Bartlebad: Is this game just a giant ad?
TehAmelie: i guess they must have impressed the brands somewhat
MistahFixIt: I mean it's basically advertising, so...
TheManaLeek: You do eventually get "Build this PC" jobs
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Gregarious_Potato: Thanks for all the content friends! Hope to see some of you at Pax East!
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TehAmelie: if the game was crap they'd have had to pay for the licences
Hulyen: @EvilBadman They wouldn't if the game was awful
TheOtherTrevor: So you're trying to start a fire paul?
MistahFixIt: Paul I don't mean to worry you but I think your workshop is haunted by ghost furniture
Astra7525: I figure the usual Gamign adjacent companies immediately jumped for a brand deal, but companies that focus on like storage (Seagate, Samsung) won't and that's why those names are missing
TStodden: PC Simulator inception?
EvilBadman: @Hulyen You say that but terrible games exist with ads in them
wicker_knight: so, clearly you should build the PC, make the PC run Dwarf Fortress, build a lava computer in dwarf fortress, make that computer run minecraft, build a redstone pc in that minecraft...
MistahFixIt: Hot Broken PCs in your area! Kappa
asquishypotato: there are other potatoes around? noxP2
Lord_Hosk: "Lots"
TehAmelie: one day we'll get to Simulator Simulator 2016
AdmiralMemo: Crysis?
wildpeaks: :D
AntiCrepuscular: LUL
devil_dan: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 40:54.
cheetoJack: 16GB for photoschop
NathanJay_GA: Photo editing?
mtvcdm: Hot PC's in your area
MistahFixIt: WutFace
CrazymattCaptain: air cooler
AdmiralMemo: Hot Player Character
TXC2: Hot and broken: sound like my life :P
Mangledpixel: how long until you get a computer that just literally has a rats nest in it or something
ND_Ericson: thanks, memo!
MistahFixIt: Is that wallpaper concept art from Transistor?
Bartlebad: Your very own pet Rat King
evilspoons983: I'm pretty sure it said there are four slots
cheetoJack: what kind of RAM is compatible with their CPU
Doc_Rider: No, there is 2GB in the PC already and it has 4 slots
TXC2: MistahFixIt I think so
Texan_Reverend: If it ever mentions that the PC is from a place where people have smoked, turn down the job.
AntiCrepuscular: "Team Group T-Force DARK" LUL
Hulyen: @Texan_Reverend *shudder*
TheManaLeek: Get two 8s, steal their 2GB
Laserbeaks_Fury: That background seems familiar
Count_Nodonora: Isn't there a button to see the pc specs in the email to help you get the right ram?
j0xer: probably check that motherboard compatibility
TehAmelie: it's hard to top the story of the guy who went to a farm for on-site service and found a computer living in a barn with chickens roosting in it
Emergent_OS: I was always curious, can you actually ship System Case? Can fully build computer cases survive shipping?
oyleslyck: 2 8GBs and sell the 2GB
TXC2: Texan_Reverend how bad could it be? Kappa
AntiCrepuscular: Texan_Reverend just full of tar
Texan_Reverend: Also, the CryoRig M9 is my favorite cheap air cooler.
MennoKnight42: 2 8's is cheaper than 4 4's
AdmiralMemo: We get to keep the old RAM, too.
Astra7525: 4x2 doesn't get ysou to 16
Texan_Reverend: @anticrepuscular I've been there. It's truly horrendous.
MistahFixIt: You'd need 4x4gb to complete the job though, right?
TheManaLeek: Yeah RAM incompatibility is mostly a thing from way back when
wicker_knight: @TehAmelie like, a "functioning" computer? Because a PC case would make a decent (albeit expensive) chicken roost I'd think...
TehAmelie: yep
wicker_knight: huh
TehAmelie: just very slow
MistahFixIt: The m9a is what I use. It's... Fine(tm)
AdmiralMemo: @TheManaLeek I remember a problem I had on my Win98 PC where it would randomly crash because I got the wrong parity
wicker_knight: wonder how close it is to typing out Hamlet
TheManaLeek: @AdmiralMemo Those were the days...
AdmiralMemo: ExtremePuck
Texan_Reverend: It makes me sad to go with anything cheaper than the M9, because the step down in quality is significant.
TehAmelie: T-1000? i hope that's a model of graphics card you can get in the game
j0xer: you seem to be the only employee
TXC2: I dont want my Repairs to be red hot
Lord_Hosk: aren't yo uTHE WHOLE company?
AdmiralMemo: -$15 actually
wicker_knight: no, you're just the whole staff right now
evilspoons983: I remember desoldering the pins from SIPS to make them to SIMMs, 386 era
accountmadeforants: RAM that's on the way-too-high-end of clockrates sometimes have incompatibility issues with some motherboards, though. Though that doesn't seem to be as much of an issue with DDR4.
ND_Ericson: Last time I upgraded my RAM it also didnt work. Apparently I'm just bad at pushing the RAM-sticks far enough in. After a couple of hours of out - in - reboot it just kinda worked...
AntiCrepuscular: AdmiralMemo I had crashes because my BIOS secretly overclocked the CPU when I set the correct ram timings SwiftRage
AdmiralMemo: @AntiCrepuscular wut
JustNotAFox: maybe he gave us the flash drive
Emergent_OS: Does anyone knows, if it is actually possible, to ship fully assembled computer?
TheManaLeek: It's a VERY dusty office, only took a day to get like this
AdmiralMemo: Yes
TehAmelie: i hope we get to some fancy custom case mods
MistahFixIt: Take out the GFX card and any Platter Drives
glitched_goddess: Was this stored with the ark of the covenant???
TXC2: Like, who doesn't at least wipe down the outside of the case before sending it?
MistahFixIt: That's how I shipped my PC
KidAmn: You can get inflatable foam fillers which mould to the interior - my last PC came shipped like that and I literally plugged it in and powered it on
rocketjohn: yeah, this is unsatisfying.
v_nome: Dell's whole business is shipping fully assembled computers
Hulyen: @ND_Ericson I once spent a couple hours troubleshooting why my new RAM wasn't working. Turns out that while I was seating the new stick, I managed to unseat the old one. (I was doubling my memory and it was a mid tower that was impossible to see in easily)
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wicker_knight: yeah a dust particle effect would be nice
MennoKnight42: i was hoping for the massive cloud
rocketjohn: i am actually quite disappointed by this game
Emergent_OS: Got it, thank you very much!
NojhLivic: Where we're coughing and can't see anything?
Lord_Hosk: thermal paste
TehAmelie: dust is quite hard to render you know
evilspoons983: don't forget the thermal paste
MistahFixIt: Ahhh the great debate
MistahFixIt: How to apply Thermal Paste
Hulyen: you'd burn out your cpu?
StarShock2002: you can get like expanding foam bags that you break the seal stick it in the case and close it up, and it holds the stuff in place
crashdownreg: apply whole tube
tenthtechpriest: paul stop being inefficient
ND_Ericson: @Hulyen in my case it was just me being to gentle cause I was scared of breaking anything. Turns out RAM sticks need a tiny bit of violence
MistahFixIt: Ask 10 computer builders how to apply paste you'll get 15 different answers :P
AntiCrepuscular: oooh
Hulyen: @ND_Ericson Ahaha yup, I've had motherboards where I was sure it was going to break the memory before it finally snapped in
TehAmelie: mmm, thermal pasta
MistahFixIt: lrrFINE
tenthtechpriest: wait wouldn't that blwo the air back into the case instead of out of it?
TXC2: dont new fans come with the paste already on it?
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vegetalss4: Wooo! building PC's
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MistahFixIt: @TXC2 - Sort Of?
Tehbeard: Yeah... that won't snag on the fan at all....
incslayer: depends on the fancines of the cooler
dr0ne00000: @TXC2 sometimes
BrindleBoar: das boot?
MistahFixIt: They come with like, a congealed Thermal Paste pad iirc
TXC2: well the last two I got did :P
TehAmelie: i like my wimmins like i like my PC projects, hot and broken
Emergent_OS: I remember seating my first RAM... I was trembling for hours, because I was mortified of bending the motherboard, or breaking the RAM...
Texan_Reverend: @txc2 Depends on the unit. Stock coolers included with CPUs do. Most 3rd party coolers don't.
TehAmelie: i'll see myself out
TheWarbo: I like the different Paul vs James strategies
Papperslappen: I've seen a lot of people claim that the included paste is not as good as the one you apply yourself. Haven't seen any data on it though
TXC2: Texan_Reverend yeah these were stock
AdmiralMemo: Have we sold any broken parts yet or will they just collect on our shelves? :D
crashdownreg: why can't I stop watching this?
evilspoons983: @Papperslappen there was data on Anandtech
chucksplatt: Where are the static mats?
AntiCrepuscular: pmail by poogle?
devil_dan: Just download more ram. hur hur hur
mtvcdm: Upgrade your rams, supply them with sheep
Stoopler: this customer needs the deditated wam for their minecwaft server
MistahFixIt: Probably either used parts buyers, or people recycling them for precious metals etc.
Stoffern: Someone who collects the rare metals in them?
Pal_Friendpatine: IKR @chucksplatt
dr0ne00000: @Papperslappen I bet it doesn't matter until you're overclocking
TXC2: crashdownreg because it's the #content you crave? Kappa
evilspoons983: they had (still have?) a fancy thermal conductivity meter thingy
glitched_goddess: I’m just surprised we haven’t gotten a request to install the internet
accountmadeforants: Nah, take their stuff
AdmiralMemo: Ah!
AdmiralMemo: Dinger!
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m still deciding whether I
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Papperslappen: dr0ne00000 probably not
Zath_: Wow, the memory clips are super unrealistically easy to remove
MistahFixIt: One's single channel and the other's not?
MennoKnight42: the different brands is what it's mad about
Papperslappen: evilspoons983 I will look it up. thanks
Lord_Hosk: Almost every build I have done I have had to cut something on a fan, either cut the wire free to get a couple extra mm, or redrill a hole because it doesnt line up...
MennoKnight42: rightfully or otherwise
Meyari: the slots weren't open?
StarShock2002: Yeah, they took out the ability to mix ram recently, it's kind of annoying
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m still deciding whether I would prefer watching you play this or actually work on a real PC* riffThink
AdmiralMemo: Open the clips
62MGcobra: now you can sell it
Emergent_OS: I have a real world question. How big of the concern is the static discharge, when assembling computers?
NojhLivic: I think there are still some motherboards out that that don't like you having ram outside of powers of 2.
dr0ne00000: no spoilers @AdmiralMemo
accountmadeforants: Curious whether the game also accounts for which slots are paired for dual-channel
Lord_Hosk: Emergent_OS its a concern, not nearly as big of a concern as it used to be.
Astra7525: @accountmadeforants I bet it doesn't.
62MGcobra: F1
AntiCrepuscular: No keyboard. Press any key to continue
Zath_: @Emergent_OS Enough that one should be careful, but not enough that it's some huge risk
Emergent_OS: Got it, thank you!
TehAmelie: how often do you get static zaps where you live? i have wooden floors and i've gotten like two in 15 years
dr0ne00000: PC Load Letter?
evilspoons983: @Emergent_OS since the case is grounded through the power supply it's usually Fine
Pal_Friendpatine: I still take precautions @emergent_os
Hulyen: great jorb homestar!
mercano82: No keyboard detected. Press any key to continue.
AdmiralMemo: But you could sell it! :D
TehAmelie: we have big pockets
chucksplatt: Yeah, static discharge is mostly a precaution. But if you are the kind of person that does comptuer maintenance regularly, there's no reason why you shouldn't have some equipment to mitigate it.
accountmadeforants: Emergent_OS It's not too bad, most components nowadays are fairly robust, and you can just ground yourself by touching the PSU from time to time
AdmiralMemo: Ooh this one's nice
MistahFixIt: Hey this case looks familiar
genomancr: Step one: Connect to network
AntiCrepuscular: Fractal Define?
wicker_knight: "Ah Ah Ah. You Didn't Say the Magic Word. Ah Ah Ah"
Pal_Friendpatine: How long is a day in the game?
MistahFixIt: Aha!
AdmiralMemo: Is there an Apple-equivalent in the game for different OS issues?
dr0ne00000: wait I thought we shipped the USB to a customer?
Emergent_OS: Got it, I usually ground myself with the wristband, because I am not brave enough to work without it.
EvilBadman: Does this simulate screwing up USB three times before it plugs in?
MistahFixIt: I think Kate's stream computer has a case very similar to this
TXC2: I find you can ground yourself touching a bathroom tap
Zath_: Better safe than sorry
AdmiralMemo: You can change the wallpaper! Kappa
NathanJay_GA: nice desktop
evilspoons983: 3dmark was there the whole time
TXC2: EvilBadman sadly no
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TSSaloic_: 22 Months, it's time to Ryzen Shine!
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accountmadeforants: Emergent_OS, that's good practice, I'm just lazy
Pal_Friendpatine: @evilbadman riffLUL riffLUL riffLUL
chucksplatt: Can you steal customer data?
circusofkirkus: find the porn stash? lrrBEEJ
devil_dan: You can buy upgrades to play less of the game.
MistahFixIt: 3dmark is... what? A Benchmark tool?
Tehbeard: 69
Dared00: 472
ruscobrog: 2k
asquishypotato: 1258
r_craddz: 1612
Hulyen: 640
Darth_Fishious: 788
jcallon: 4
wildpeaks: yes it's for benchmarks
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MistahFixIt: @Tehbeard Nice
AdmiralMemo: 4792
Earthenone: 69
Mangledpixel: 4 billion and 2
EvilBadman: @Pal_Friendpatine Oh, those riff emoji are nice
wicker_knight: 6969
NathanJay_GA: 400 000
accountmadeforants: 11111169
chucksplatt: 29
lostindagame: 650
ContingentCat: 420
glitched_goddess: 420
TehAmelie: we have a professionalism filter
TSSaloic_: @MistahFixIt Yep.
Pal_Friendpatine: Thanks @evilbadman riffTrax
dr0ne00000: going to benchmark lol
TehAmelie: the PC obviously sees all their porn but we don't
Lord_Hosk: Emergent_OS its something to keep in mind and be aware of, so you do things to avoid it. Like, dont build your PC while wearing wool socks, walking around on a nylon carpet floor in winter, but generally speaking for a home PC build as long as you think first, you wont need a static bracelet attached to the PC
MistahFixIt: Oh dear what did you do Paul
AdmiralMemo: The fact that you can go to the shop from THEIR computer... is interesting
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genomancr: This game is... a game. I think.
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TehAmelie: i mean player character
devil_dan: Can you find their porn?
TheOtherTrevor: Oooh. Enter the BIOS and see what you can do there
AntiCrepuscular: 5.9 FPS :D
Stoopler: potato fps
TXC2: theres a frame rate?
malc: hah
MistahFixIt: This is what you wanted, right son? 6 Frames Per Second?
tux789: download ALL the cursers
Mangledpixel: it's probably just a video
thatladyinplaid: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 55:28.
AdmiralMemo: Jumping between 20 and 0
chucksplatt: There needs to be a path of evil in this game
Emergent_OS: Thank you for the advice, @lord_hosk !
tux789: is this the thing they used for Myst?
chucksplatt: Apply thermal paste on all the things
TheManaLeek: Paragon and Renegade choices?
TheStormBlitz: So when did Paul and James start playing Seaman for the Dreamcast? lol
dr0ne00000: put a bios lock on all the PCs
TSSaloic_: Don't plasti-dip your PC.
StarShock2002: there is later
accountmadeforants: Anyway, here's that old Apple training video about the dangers of electrostatic discharge! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcRqj9FhgcE
AntiCrepuscular: oh, Cooler Master case
StarShock2002: you start getting reviews
TehAmelie: it's emulating the benchmark program, right? so it would work worse than irl
AntiCrepuscular: I do know that one
AdmiralMemo: Put thermal paste all over the outside of the case! Kappa
TheOtherTrevor: F2 for BIOS
Hulyen: that must be what the usb stick is for!
Lapinelis: Ah, complimentary virus cleaning alongside complimentary porn
Mangledpixel: yes! cover everything with a micro-thin layer of thermal paste
AdmiralMemo: You have a different USB stick for that
r_craddz: so can you enter bios on the pc?
tux789: put thermal paste on all peripherals
MistahFixIt: The more thermal paste, the more heat-efficient it is, right? Kappa
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BITs19_: Played in my first Pre-release for Ravnica Allegiance, went 2-3. Thanks LRR for giving me the inspiration to more seriously play Magic!
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Animekitty93: Did you remove your usb stick?
devil_dan: Can yo take their good parts and replace them with damaged ones?
Count_Nodonora: Wasn't your profit margin lower by choosing the higher tier graphics card though? The customer did have a set hardware budget.
TehAmelie: rub thermal paste on your legs to avoid static discharge?
AdmiralMemo: @tux789 Those are OUR peripherals! :D
TSSaloic_: The auto-cabler is going to be a great upgrade.
TheOtherTrevor: PCs need a 6 month cleaning checkup. Like the dentist
Kukako: "Free usb stick with tools, cool."
hd_dabnado: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: PC Building Simulator) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (57m ago).
Stoffern: claim your pay?
TheStormBlitz: Looks like what I used to do in High School haha
TSSaloic_: I need to dust my PC.
TheManaLeek: Just flavour text
tux789: "Hey can you install a 5-12 in floppy drive on my Macbook pro -thx"
malc: "Rambling emails from clients simulator 2019"
HesGotNoPants: what kind of PC did we build
StarShock2002: optional objectives give you better review scores
TSSaloic_: There are some hidden bonus objectives in the letters sometimes.
AdmiralMemo: Yeah, I want to see an impossible request from one of these.
MistahFixIt: G.Skill is a... Fine(tm) brand
Pal_Friendpatine: @tux789 riffLUL
AntiCrepuscular: oooh Raijintek
MistahFixIt: I use G.Skill ram
wicker_knight: ohey, my Graphics card
TehAmelie: can we buy parts in bulk? maybe we need a bigger budget for it
Alephred: Hey, I have an RX 560. :(
Lord_Hosk: a year ago, you should not be working with 1050s and 560s
wicker_knight: I mean, presumably the "here's what you can offer" functionality is what you're able to buy on wholesale price
movexig: Computer flipping simulator, is it?
MistahFixIt: What's the blue cube on the desk, out of curiosity?
tux789: yeah put in like 4gb video card, 32gb ram and like a 100watt power supply, repeat business
devil_dan: Is that a Transistor wallpaper?
NathanJay_GA: I think there are only like... 3 RAM manufacturers, and many brands just buy from them
HesGotNoPants: can we build a PC so powerful it can hack laugh_ay
dr0ne00000: @MistahFixIt when is RAM going to come back down in price, I was going to pick some up but it is like 2x what I spent building my current rig
AdmiralMemo: @devil_dan Yep. It just takes your actual wallpaper.
HesGotNoPants: laugh-a-tron
MistahFixIt: @dr0ne00000 - Soon(tm)
AdmiralMemo: Wait, can we upgrade THIS PC to have better RAM and such?
mercano82: @mistahfixit next to the computer they're using for email? I think it's drawers for screws and other small parts.
MistahFixIt: (I blame Crypto tbh)
tux789: @dr0ne00000 when people finally figure out bitcoins are worthless
MistahFixIt: @mercano82 - I thought their computer was on the floor under the desk?
TehAmelie: i hope we can mod temporal paradox delivery into the game. . .
mercano82: Next to the monitor
MistahFixIt: Moar Fans = Better? :P
evilspoons983: you have an intel G4400, which is socket LGA 1151
MistahFixIt: If you don't mind your Case sounding like a jet turbine :P
Ranakel: I just want some appreciation for the name of the shop. I'd purchase my stuff at "Bits & PCs"
AdmiralMemo: You didn't actually BUY it
Lord_Hosk: There is always room for another couple of case fans
tux789: just put a leaf blower inther easy fix
wicker_knight: @MistahFixIt one of the strangest bar conversations I ever had was with a guy who said he was from a company that made processors and was _profoundly_ confused and disturbed by the whole crypto thing
B4rberblacksheep: So how is PC building simulator
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TheGreatDeox: 31 months! how the bus did that happen?
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MistahFixIt: (Though iirc more Intake fans is better than more output fans. Positive Air Pressure etc. etc.)
breathlessisthehunt: I want my rent to only be 500$
rustenskurk Subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 10 months, currently on a 10 month streak!
rustenskurk: 10! This game reminds me how much trouble I had trying to build my first PC by myself. It took me months!
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wicker_knight: @breathlessisthehunt live outside Austin TX
MistahFixIt: $500 rent?! In this economy?
TheManaLeek: New business owner not working weekends? This really isn't realistic
AntiCrepuscular: Uninstall dust
dr0ne00000: I think there should have been a cold water mist option for the intake fan
ricin: my electricity and gas bill isn't even as cheap as $500
AdmiralMemo: @MistahFixIt I mean, I've got a $700 mortgage...
rustenskurk: My friends had persuaded me it would be easy. But I had basically no knowledge of hardware.
GrumblingMoblin: i wish my PC could get this clean with just air
movexig: That's a nasty-ass computer.
MistahFixIt: @AdmiralMemo - You're still doing WAY better than me
tux789: no cockroach nests or smoke gunk, totally unrealistic 1 out of 10
MistahFixIt: I'm paying nearly $1k for a Bachelor :c
movexig: At least you're getting paid for doing basically nothing.
wicker_knight: yeah, where's the cigarrette butts
ContingentCat: 500$ rent, maybe they live in a basement with 4 other people
AdmiralMemo: @MistahFixIt Yeah... Thank God for the housing market crash of 08
GrumblingMoblin: no login? what a monster
AntiCrepuscular: Resume :D
Stoopler: @MistahFixIt i rent a 2br, 1ba house for $475
TheWriterAleph: dabbing not allowed
movexig: This is highly unethical
Astra7525: @rustenskurk How did it turn out?
Welbog: Don't go snoopin'
SajuukSjet: also, these desktops are too clean... where's the file/icon/shortcut clutter?!? LD
AdmiralMemo: I want to see wrestling!
MistahFixIt: Man I wanted to read his wrestling biopic!
dr0ne00000: you didn't read the resume?
AntiCrepuscular: we tried!
Pal_Friendpatine: Neat wallpaper
voslan: If this game is going for realism, you should have to try to insert the USB at least 3 times before getting it right.
AdmiralMemo: @dr0ne00000 It was denied
glitched_goddess: Clearly you’re not logged in on root
EvilBadman: That's probably the World Wildlife Fund, not wrasslin' :P
tux789: edit his resume, get this man a better career
MistahFixIt: sudo show me wrestling
AdmiralMemo: @EvilBadman iz joex
EvilBadman: youz jjoex
EvilBadman: <3
dr0ne00000: @MistahFixIt lol
BrindleBoar: das a dusty box
MistahFixIt: This thing is gross WutFace
evilspoons983: read the email and do the "bonus" objectives?
MistahFixIt: tbh the dust looks like mold
Obliviousaurus: people send in their computers just to have dust removed?
TXC2: seriously people, at least clean the cases
MistahFixIt: And that brings back baaaad pc repair memories
EvilBadman: Blowing the dust out should obscure your vision and make you cough for 2 minutes.
movexig: Just rip it out of there with your massive hulk hands
AdmiralMemo: So the bonus objectives don't go on the thing?
dr0ne00000: open before you order?
GrumblingMoblin: are we able to lose the screws doing this?
TheManaLeek: Yeah you can keep computers for a few days
CrazymattCaptain: some show you the computer's stats
Count_Nodonora: The email has a "Spec" button that tells you what the computer is.
tux789: only put in 1 to 2 screws back as is tradition
GrumblingMoblin: if not this experience is lacking :P
MistahFixIt: LOL
MistahFixIt: "Welp, mine now."
TheManaLeek: This is where the extra work benches come in handy
AdmiralMemo: iz moar ram. iz fien.
Stoopler: "sir you just said upgrade my ram, not use the same i already had"
MistahFixIt: complimentary cleaning is a thing most PC shops do anyway, iirc
AdmiralMemo: So now you can keep that RAM and buy only 1 more for a future project.
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plummeting_sloth: I've only been here for 2 minutes and this is already teh most meta thing I've seen on this channel in a long time
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Pal_Friendpatine: !lurk now that I am done eating breakfast I’m back to building Lego but kaypikeLURK
MistahFixIt: (Mainly because it's easier to work on a clean computer)
ricin: need a datavac in this game
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P4r7YG0D: FEB sub?! I hope its not the resub bug. Anyway TAKE AMAZONS MONEY
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AdmiralMemo: Ooh, files!
Wodar9: LRR Simulator when?
movexig: Where's the Tumblr fanfiction?
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: But can it run Fortnite?
malc: spoilsports
TehAmelie: i guess it also reflects badly on your company if you fix a computer and then it burns down from being covered in dust a week later
MistahFixIt: Although if you're cleaning PCs seems like canned air would be... Not Cost Effective
plummeting_sloth: true, I guess if there's technical difficulties that require a fix, that WOULD be more meta
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dr0ne00000: you need to get better at hacking so we can see these files
tux789: how about "Totallly legit adobe premier"
mistborn83: so how great is this game
MistahFixIt: Could you like rig up a small compressor and just dial it down to a very gentle output?
devil_dan: Can you give them viruses?
AdmiralMemo: We're just slowly collecting the graphics card stabilizers?
mtvcdm: What's even the point f we can't hack into all their files.
MiniM7rk: You got it, MiniMark
TXC2: the politics of starship troopers = the bugs are the good guys
Count_Nodonora: I like how every PC leaving this repair shop will have an unclean shutdown warning when the customer powers the pc back on.
tux789: Mistahfixit, still too powerful i think
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Thandres: something something 2 years?
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TwoMenInAHorseCostume: This looks like a supremely chill game....
LambMower: Scroll down in the email, there was a PC Stats thing in some emails
TheManaLeek: We know it's a Skylake socket at least
MistahFixIt: Starship Troopers: The Bugs represents America's fear of Communism.
Count_Nodonora: @LoadingReadyRun Scroll down on the email, there's a button that tells you the PCs specs.
Obliviousaurus: labour $300?!!
tux789: put in a soundcard for no reason
TehAmelie: shutting down the computers in this game is like saying goodbye on the phone in movies, it's just assumed
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mtvcdm: Tim doesn't work here anymore.
TheManaLeek: Sounds like a Tim problem
movexig: Hold up, he looked under the CPU cooler?
mtvcdm: We're New Tim. gib money.
movexig: If there HAD been paste under there it would be hecked up now
plummeting_sloth: where's the "It was working fine yesterday" email that preceeds a computer that is a smoldering ruin
Parkes04: was there a "PC stats" button at the bottom of that email?
TheWriterAleph: ramming speed!
TheWarbo: I feel like your average person who would know to check for thermal paste, would also not be using our business.
Relentless_nc: Just got here, but ive been looking at this game. Is it pretty detailed or just basic buying and selling?
MistahFixIt: The emails have spec-sheets attached?
AdmiralMemo: How much is he paying you?
Animekitty93: Isn't tlhere a PC stats button in the email?
movexig: The objectives said nothing about maintaining current RAM functionality
Pal_Friendpatine: You changed the result because you measured it
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Elenodul: 55 months... wow. I just want to say thank you, for making great content, fostering a great community, and just genereally being good wholesome people. Thank you for the 11 years I've followed your content and thank you for being you!
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MistahFixIt: Dinger!
tux789: yeah just mix and match ram what could go worng
Astra7525: bah, that button is cheating
io_Otter: They also have a budget of $100
P4r7YG0D: Is that your regular default wallpaper?
TehAmelie: reading the manual is for blockers
evilspoons983: @tux789 typically not much
MistahFixIt: @P4r7YG0D - It pulls whatever your actual computer wallpaper is
evilspoons983: "lowest common denominator" timings typically work fine
P4r7YG0D: thats neat @MistahFixIt
AdmiralMemo: We've got $910 so not that much
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Welbog: Is your PC's value your level or something? Does it have any bearing on the rest of the game?
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fiftymcnasty: ooh a pentium
Lord_Hosk: You need a case fan
tux789: healer heal thyself
MistahFixIt: JESUS
AdmiralMemo: Uhhhhh
kamelion84: lrrWOW
TXC2: mythund lrrHEART
Nightvalien28: what
wildpeaks: :D
AdmiralMemo: lrrFINE
Hulyen: lrrFINE
MistahFixIt: That's uhhhh
Stoopler: why is it so big
movexig: That fan is blowing the wrong way innit
fiftymcnasty: Thats not big, that is the right size
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
arcaneemperor: lrrSPOT
Welbog: Your heat is SUNK
ADTalks: fan?
tux789: doesnt it need to go the other way?
malc: oh, right, the Twitch unsolicited gift subs strike again
Lord_Hosk: Its blowing the wrong way isnt it?
io_Otter: I think you might wanna flip it around?
evilspoons983: that's about as big as my heatsink, there's like half a cm clearance
Welbog: Heat sincc
ADTalks: dat fan tho
Relentless_nc: @evilspoons983 yep, mine too
wildpeaks: and if it dosn't work anymore, call it a modern art statue or soemthing :D
TXC2: heat sink is chonk
evilspoons983: no, the fan's probably fine as long as you plugged it in to power
Astra7525: it's mounted the right way
MistahFixIt: Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?
NathanJay_GA: its fime?
NathanJay_GA: *fine
Fearitude: its correct
MistahFixIt: Unless the fan pulls instead of pushes?
plummeting_sloth: perhaps a combination fan/vacuum
wicker_knight: lrrFINE
SeedaSantos: apply thermal paste??
Astra7525: I have not seen a tower cooler with the intake fan BEHIND the heatsink
MistahFixIt: So much thermal paste
lectrican_man: try turning it off and on again
AdmiralMemo: "missing cables"
MistahFixIt: WELP
TXC2: shouldn't it face out from the CPU?
2menace: can you install it up?
NathanJay_GA: Ive seen push-pull coolers, but not pull-only
evilspoons983: mine has TWO but the front one was first
bi0buster: That fan is MASSIVE.
TemporallyAwry: You normally pull fresh-air over the CPU - at least "best practice" says to do it that way.
MistahFixIt: Set Turbines to Speed!
adamjford: absolute unit
2menace: normally you could switch the direction of the fan ^^
Lord_Hosk: Thermal paste costs like $10 a tube, and at .001 ml per use, its only going to last through 900 uses... shits expensive yo
AdmiralMemo: Yeah
AdmiralMemo: Does it boot up faster?
evilspoons983: yes, it's better
Lord_Hosk: thats better
TheManaLeek: Water cooling some day
HavenJunde: thats so much quieter
ContingentCat: lrrHorn
ContingentCat: * lrrHORN
MechaKuuga: where is the LIQUID METAL
Pal_Friendpatine: Does the game not have a dB meter for testing the fan volume?
AntiCrepuscular: QUIETER lrrHORN lrrBEEJ
QuanticEline: De-lid the CPU for massive gains
kanimaras: $244 to upgrade ram :o
MistahFixIt: Man de-lidding scares the bus outta me
Meark: Inbox Zero too?! this game has everything!
CrazymattCaptain: how much is the utility bill?
devil_dan: Can yo do anything fun in this game?
AdmiralMemo: @CrazymattCaptain I think we found out in an email that was deleted
MistahFixIt: Depends on your definition of fun?
Lord_Hosk: Yo mama board... OOOOOHHHH
Astra7525: I wonder whether this game start throwing some curveballs at you later on
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narfblinko: Oh the flashbacks to my last build!
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rocketjohn: devil_dan: signs point to "no"
arcaneemperor: does it effect the utility bill to never turn off your PC?
Wodar9: Ya have a special inventory would be nice
MistahFixIt: Is there an actual utility bill?
rocketjohn: it would be good if the parts appeared on the desk
rocketjohn: know, where you'd put them
TXC2: arcaneemperor I doubt this game has that kind of granularity
rocketjohn: on an antistatic bag
MistahFixIt: So do we have to renew our OmegaSoft license after replacing the motherboard? Kappa
movexig: Does this game accurately simulate the thing where you have to snap a metal arm over the CPU to hold it in place, but it never snaps so you have to apply so much force to it you're worrying you're going to break the motherboard in half?
karpma: the real simulation is the friends we made along the way
plummeting_sloth: yeah, I want "screw finding simulator"
tenthtechpriest: screw screw scre- crap wrong screw unscrewunscrewunscrew
AdmiralMemo: Did you hit undo?
MistahFixIt: wat
TXC2: also, who does this with the case standing up?
bi0buster: The place I buy parts from mounts CPU's to mobos for you because people keep breaking them.
Meark: you have to remove the standoffs too
Astra7525: @movexig The worst sound: The high pitch metal creaking when it finally snaps shut after I used a lot of force to close it
MistahFixIt: Ohhhhh
tux789: Im just glad none of the screws are stripped
GrumblingMoblin: how often can we get cut on sharp edges? I always need a box of bandages on the desk when changing motherboards
Lord_Hosk: No no.. the real simulation is. "why arent these holes lining up?"
AdmiralMemo: Can we dust this too?
PurpleAlzir: isn't it the same motherboard that you got?
AntiCrepuscular: tux789 or dropped into the case and trapped under the mobo D:
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The_FlyingDutchman: building a PC? didn't we do this already like 5 times a year ago or so?
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MistahFixIt: LMAO
TXC2: you gotta have the case lying flat, with you bending over it lrrEFF ing up your back
GrumblingMoblin: @AdmiralMemo or "fuck, these are the wrong spacers"
MistahFixIt: @TXC2 - too real
CrazymattCaptain: I thought the real simulation would have the destruction of the heads of screws and still trying to figure out how to tighten them
Astra7525: Standoffs also usually come with the case, don't they?
MechaKuuga: yeah like EATX or Micro ATX or Mini ITX
AdmiralMemo: Ooh!
AdmiralMemo: That's handy!
PurpleAlzir: this isn't surgeon simulator, have to put everything back first
TheWarbo: what's the number next to PC Status?
MechaKuuga: don't forget that TIM
TXC2: MistahFixIt right? like I do weight training for my back, cleaning the PC hurts more :P
GrumblingMoblin: I like that there is a filter for just stuff that fits in the PC
2menace: channel 1 & 2? you monsters!!!
tux789: aslo where are the masive piles of outdated cables and computer accesories to the side
TheManaLeek: @TheWarbo The 3DMark score I think
MistahFixIt: A Celeron? What kind of antique is this? DansGame
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun for my OCD please put the RAM in channel 2 and 4
AshBurnem: Always go channels 2 & 4,
2menace: @LoadingReadyRun RAM in slots 1&3 not 1&2
The_FlyingDutchman: always alternate ram stick paul
QuanticEline: gotta do dual channel my dude.
MistahFixIt: The sticks came installed that way
evilspoons983: depends on the mainboard
TheWarbo: @TheManaLeek Oh, huh. That seems...odd. But believable in a game.
tux789: Also why no Compaqs with non-standard sizing?
MistahFixIt: they arrived in 1 and 2
Astra7525: I don't think it matters to this game
AdmiralMemo: Graphics card
movexig: Plug the fan in
ADTalks: vidya
2menace: @LoadingReadyRun 99% its slower in 1&2 though. but I guess it doesn't matter ^^
Astra7525: and b) which slots you have to use depends on the motherboard
Astra7525: in the real world at least
MechaKuuga: @Astra7525 But it matter IRL and esp in my heart
CrazymattCaptain: does it matter what slots the ram is in irl?
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ritchards: missing 2289 cables?
bi0buster: Iunno I always just buy enough to fit all the slots.
The_FlyingDutchman: let's not fix The PEBKAC
ke6960 Subscribed with Twitch Prime.
ke6960: i think this is just an updated month thing
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Emergent_OS: I thought that RAM memory has different housing requirements, mine should be in slot 2-4.
evilspoons983: my asus mainboards want 1+3 but some other brands assign channels A and B to different slots
Pteraspidomorphi: CrazymattCaptain: In reality yes
2menace: @LoadingReadyRun front pannel USB slots cables
devil_dan: Can you install RGB?
AshBurnem: That case has so much room for activities.
MistahFixIt: My NZXT Tempest has ACRES of space tbh
tux789: put in a random soundblaster
Animekitty93: devil_dan Maybe later? That would be cool
evilspoons983: it's weird how basically no one has come in with a "normal" case
AshBurnem: We have POST!
Astra7525: The worst I have seen was a rack-server case that had two CPUs installed, but the 4x32GB RAM modules where only slotted in for one CPU. No wonder this thing was having problems running even the OS
MistahFixIt: I miss Beep Codes
movexig: Man, everyone has such wholesome desktop wallpapers.
MistahFixIt: Mine has a single LED
MechaKuuga: Post Codes are definitely better
AdmiralMemo: @movexig You can change them... :D
plummeting_sloth: aww, i was hoping if you forgot to unplug it it would drag your mouse and keyboard along with it
MistahFixIt: Which is damned near impossible to see if the CPU cooler is installed.
Emergent_OS: @mistahfixit I miss Paul’s rant about the Beep codes...
MistahFixIt: Major design fail
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun There are some middle of the road motherboards that offer a POST led for CPU, RAM, ETC
Cameron_577: would you guys recommend this game to someone interested in building a PC but never done anything of the sort? would it be a good way to understand what is happening?
TheWarbo: yeah, so far we haven't booted up any computers to see the customers' inappropriate anime girls wallpaper
Animekitty93: TheWarbo I'm waiting :D
MistahFixIt: Yes, in a very rudimentary sort of way?
devil_dan: Can you make a YouTube channel about building computers?
Welbog: It's close enough to building a PC.
TXC2: Cameron_577 it over simplifies some important stuff
MistahFixIt: It at least shows you how parts fit together
AdmiralMemo: Yeah. It would be a good idea to get you started in "Would I enjoy this?"
Welbog: But with fewer sharp edges and static discharge scares.
MechaKuuga: @Cameron_577 I think you might be better off learning IRL from a experienced tech and using some old PC parts
PurpleAlzir: this seems like a good start but should not be the only resource used for learning
Wodar9: It is good enough. You could always just watch youtube videos on it too
The_FlyingDutchman: nah... just ask someone you know that is building one to join
MistahFixIt: What, no Gfx header?
movexig: Yeah I'm just waiting for some computer to boot up to a wallpaper plastered with furry husbandos or something.
AdmiralMemo: Playing Crysis? Kappa
incslayer: well he only had a 250watt one
Astra7525: James, some customers are stupid.
PurpleAlzir: he likes wasting money on his PSU
GrumblingMoblin: He is getting PC shamed by his friends
Pteraspidomorphi: You have to pack the rest of the case with lightbulbs
AshBurnem: Futureproofing.
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun Overhead room for expansion!
Wodar9: James! The Customer is ALWAYS RIGHT
Cameron_577: @MechaKuuga unfortunately i dont have access to old parts or the funds to pick any up
TheManaLeek: Don't question a customer wasting money for no reason
MistahFixIt: Ohai
Doc_Rider: Don't forget about the mount for the PSU.
AdmiralMemo: There we go!
devil_dan: You should keep that power supply and give them a cheaper one.
MistahFixIt: This still seems... not good
movexig: Solid 16 fps, nice
AdmiralMemo: And still 16 FPS
evilspoons983: PCs are more power-efficient than ever, but a 250 is still too low for most
plummeting_sloth: that FPS though
TXC2: wait there are houses on that thing in Dubai? I thought it was just trees
MistahFixIt: Even my computer is a 600w
The_FlyingDutchman: I seen people wanting to run mid tier 1000 W PSU's in a GTX 1070/i58600 build on the tech forums I frequent
dr0ne00000: it is a locked in 16 fps, that is nice
Iraeda: maybe he just wants a stable 16.5 FPS
Animekitty93: Welp, this is a frame rate
The_FlyingDutchman: way overkill
2menace: Graphics Card without power supply but he needs 600W. Is he powering his fridge with the PC?
AshBurnem: Better than Krog's.
PurpleAlzir: he is getting up to 25 FPS, he is wanting absurd amount of rames
Astra7525: Can't you use a Molex/SATA Power to PCIe 6pin adapter?
AdmiralMemo: I bought an adapter that changes from a SATA power to one of the graphics card power things.
evilspoons983: solid (any frame rate) is better than crashing due to undervoltage
MechaKuuga: @Cameron_577 Well if you are REALLY new to pc building there are actually LOTS of videos on youtube about pc building
The_FlyingDutchman: if this runs so bad it just needs like 350 W
TXC2: I think I have 550 watt PSU, better yet it's 90plus gold
plummeting_sloth: this is a sick ass museum
Emergent_OS: I remember, how when LRR’s video card broke and kept computer from booting, Paul went on a long tirade about how he misses the POST codes. That Talk was very funny.
AdmiralMemo: @2menace I bought a single-can USB-powered fridge from ThinkGeek.
SSouthard: wow, you have a 170 TI Paul? I'm stuck on a TI 95 and all mine does is graph things.
Pteraspidomorphi: Hehe
The_FlyingDutchman: I run a 550 W for a RX580
Cameron_577: @MechaKuuga i have been looking at some of those, but was curious if this game would provide a bit more of an interactive experience to cement what the videos show
PurpleAlzir: @AdmiralMemo does it actually work decently?
devil_dan: @plummeting_sloth A museum all about sick asses.
dr0ne00000: @Emergent_OS lol wut? my newer motherboards have a display built in to help with that sort of thing
AdmiralMemo: @PurpleAlzir Yeah.
Hulyen: Rusev Day?
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Waffle_fortress: Can this simulate the joy of dust buildup?
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Nightvalien28: horror
TXC2: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here! http://lrr.cc/goc
AntiCrepuscular: PERFECT
2menace: @LoadingReadyRun was hoping for slasher horror
AshBurnem: 2Hu
SerGarretCameron: psu bracket
Lord_Hosk: Allen-tines day
AdmiralMemo: Games of Now Kiss?
TheWarbo: The day of a Sainted martyr?
Nightvalien28: jamestown would be perfect
azureHaights: PSU mount
Astra7525: Bullet Hell + Love? so.. Undertale?
plummeting_sloth: on such a lovely day, we shall call them bullet-hecks
TXC2: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here! http://lrr.cc/goc
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Zaghrog: Definitely was expecting that category Kappa
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tenthtechpriest: is there a bullet hell dating sim?
movexig: Play ALL THE TOUHOUS.
anetfullofjello: Ikaruga
MistahFixIt: Bullet Hell is a genre I'm not familiar with
GapFiller: OH been waiting for this suggestion without even realising it
devil_dan: Hentai waifu bullet hells.
AntiCrepuscular: GapFiller ditto! :D
Lord_Hosk: Alantines day is the LoadingReadyRun Day of friendship started by Forum user Alan.
Nightvalien28: uh oh
Iraeda: im sure it's fine
AdmiralMemo: When you installed a graphics card in one of the early ones
QuanticEline: Undertale is a bullet hell of sorts and you even go on dates.
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
Iraeda: they won't notice
MistahFixIt: Build a PC to play Crysis inside your PC Build Simulator Kappa
Aarek: can I nominate the King Rastakhan fight in the new WoW raid?
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
dr0ne00000: @LRRbot you're not the boss of me!
austinoickle: is it over? am i late again?
devil_dan: All my slots are taken up by my vertically installed graphics card.
NathanJay_GA: !fundquote bullet
NathanJay_GA: d'oh
MechaKuuga: @Cameron_577 Its more of a mix of fun and real world PC mechanics than a tutorial, you can definitely play it to get familiar with lots of PC parts, but when it comes doing it IRL, you should really always do your homework on your parts and always read the documentation
NathanJay_GA: !findquote bullet
LRRbot: Quote #4326: "Goodbye, James. You weren't even worth the bullets they put in you." —Serge [2017-07-27]
GapFiller: anyone kurious re bullet hell danmaku heres an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fsp0ESbQoCs
NathanJay_GA: lrrWOW
AshBurnem: !findquote hell
LRRbot: Quote #2194: "What the hell is local streaming?" —Graham [2016-03-28]
TXC2: wow harsh Serge
NathanJay_GA: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #2905: "Does the Chat have object permanence problems?!" —Alex [2016-07-06]
chickenace11: well in minecraft they did say that serge automates his murder
NathanJay_GA: Wait, where did James an Paul go? Theyre gone forever!
MistahFixIt: The answer to that question Alex is "Yes. Very yes."
TehAmelie: did the world end?
austinoickle: its offical, they died!
AdmiralMemo: @NathanJay_GA Who are James and Paul? Never heard of them.
GapFiller: evidentally James is laying down some cat 5e
AntiCrepuscular: Question for next week's GoC... does twitch support vertical video :D
AdmiralMemo: @AntiCrepuscular Yes
MistahFixIt: So I've been enjoying SergeCraft while watching the stream
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
austinoickle: @AntiCrepuscular yes, but its pretty not good
AntiCrepuscular: AdmiralMemo :D
NathanJay_GA: :D
GapFiller: !advice
LRRbot: It's really hard to kill someone if they don't trust you.
MistahFixIt: Gotta say I'm never prepared for that splash screen though
AntiCrepuscular: austinoickle does chat end up lying down?
GapFiller: !badadvice
LRRbot: Split the party.
AdmiralMemo: We've had at least 2 streams of MtG Puzzle Quest, and there was that Now Kiss Horsebando game
AshBurnem: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 11:23:42. lrrSPOT
austinoickle: @AntiCrepuscular the video is like maybe 20-30% of the screen with chat/description being most of the screen
AntiCrepuscular: WutFace
AdmiralMemo: What's in the box?!
wildpeaks: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: betrayal...
wildpeaks: dark
dr0ne00000: @AdmiralMemo lol
TheWarbo: Ben is in the box?
AdmiralMemo: Betrayal seems apropo for me
AdmiralMemo: Given how I became unemployed
austinoickle: oof
dr0ne00000: Wait Ben got you fired?
TXC2: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here! http://lrr.cc/goc
dr0ne00000: Ah you mean a cow-orker
AdmiralMemo: Boss actually
wildpeaks: that sucks :(
dr0ne00000: yeah sorry to hear that
AdmiralMemo: Being lied to is never fun. Being lied to for many months is worse.
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> Hey we’re recording TTC this afternoon and we’re looking for your Magic related questions. Also Kathleen is joining us today so if you have questions about our Ravnica based D&D game feel free to ask those as well. || https://www.twitter.com/LRRMtG/status/1093595658613747712
TXC2: and we're back
dr0ne00000: throw it
TehAmelie: *Doom theme plays*
Hulyen: Safety third!
AdmiralMemo: Toss the PC through the window. Kappa
dr0ne00000: open the case with a crowbar
TheWarbo: 100 PCs have been dropped on an island
AdmiralMemo: That TIM lrrEFF ed up
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PenultiN00b: 32 is how many gigabytes of ram you should add.
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PhoenixMelior: !advice
LRRbot: Press X to pump the dog.
AdmiralMemo: Hahahaha
PurpleAlzir: just tape a tube of thermal past to the fan and not actually apply it
AdmiralMemo: I mean, we'd be wasting OUR OWN time with that
devil_dan: Can you stack cases to clip trough the ceiling and get to level exit?
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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MistahFixIt: UHHHH
Hulyen: LMFAO
Hulyen: Jump Scare!
GrumblingMoblin: Stock Photo Attack!
dr0ne00000: lol
Astra7525: It doesn't get MORe stock photo than this
ritchards: those are some aggresively pretty people
movexig: Handsome Stock Photo Doctors begone
kamelion84: katesLol
wildpeaks: science intensifies
wouter215: Secretly a horror game...
GrumblingMoblin: some serious doctoring going on there
MistahFixIt: Anyway... I mean if we wanted to be super passive-aggressive, we could just mail the case back with a tube of thermal paste taped to the side Kappa
TXC2: like in that scene from Men of honour
Astra7525: I wonder, CAN you enter the BIOS by pressing F2?
dr0ne00000: why aren't you locking all the BIOSes
PurpleAlzir: a whole 5 FPS
movexig: Doesn't quite break 6 fps
MistahFixIt: Hm.
GrumblingMoblin: Even better, take pictures of you taking it apart and showing them where to apply it
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sealedboxofeternalmasters: YAY, 7 month, thats like... more than 6
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ritchards: so, how much is those program dunking your own computer?
AdmiralMemo: I think it's 25 characters?
StarShock2002: you don't have to watch the bench mark
azureHaights: Hook James up in pack 3? (those Friday Nights callbacks)
TXC2: I wonder if theres a minimum length?
austinoickle: mfw my pc wouldn't even to be able to run 3dmark...
dr0ne00000: now you have to start over
TheManaLeek: You can walk away from the computer when it's running
adamjford: betrayed!
StarShock2002: you can run it then get up and do other stuff
TheManaLeek: If you have another work bench then you can work on another PC
adamjford: hmm, not betrayed, just misunderstood
MechaKuuga: BONGLE
AdmiralMemo: Bongle!
austinoickle: Klongle?
dr0ne00000: where do we sign up for bongle?
AdmiralMemo: Wait, NOW we can give better parts in exchange for better ratings!
azureHaights: Skibingle, Skibongle, your PC needs a dongle
TheWarbo: Bongles: once you pop (the side panel off)...
TheManaLeek: He clicked something bad = virus?
devil_dan: Do those windows go outside the monitor?
PhoenixMelior: Once you pop, that's great!
Mowdownjoe: "I think I clicked on something bad." Virus bets?
MechaKuuga: that team group ram is a REAL dimm
Juking_is_Rude: I bet running an AV would be the bonuc objective then
austinoickle: the real question is: how many dongles can you sting in this game?
AdmiralMemo: If we give the red one, he might assume it was used.
dr0ne00000: hey LRR my PC got a virus after I googled bongle, can I ship it to you guys?
AdmiralMemo: Those Barracuda drives are nice.
movexig: I really don't want to know what my bongle rating is
movexig: Please stop rating my bongle.
tenthtechpriest: add programs?
ritchards: Never read the comments
AntiCrepuscular: 4 bongs out of 5 for this PC tech Kappa
TheManaLeek: There's a software section in the store I think
devil_dan: Can you use liquid metal?
austinoickle: well it was ALMOST 3k...
Hulyen: sounds like a subreddit I never ever want to visit
AdmiralMemo: More parts!
ritchards: it did go up a little
AdmiralMemo: It did! slightly
arcaneemperor: it did, you got 5 stars and it went up a little
MechaKuuga: I wish I could just instantly disconnect all my peripherals by just picking up my pc
TXC2: most subreddits are places never to visit
TheWarbo: Check the "Tools and Software" section at the bottom?
VoidByAnyOtherName: i guess i shouldn't be surprised this exists, but i still am bardOWO
AdmiralMemo: What's under software?
dr0ne00000: @MechaKuuga set up a bladecenter, easy peasy
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Kronopticon: Why not buy a pre-built PC? kappaHD
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Scarbble: i imagine we've already mentioned what a great parts store name "bits and PCs" is?
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tenthtechpriest: tools and software?
AdmiralMemo: WAT
siciliandefense21: would reusing his own ram stick count as using used parts?
TXC2: sorry want costed $300 ?
AdmiralMemo: Oh dear
MistahFixIt: Oh h*ck
TXC2: *what
AntiCrepuscular: oh nooooo
theneatestburrito: NotLikeThis
wildpeaks: woopsie
Hulyen: baerSTRESS
dr0ne00000: a lurking grue ate you
AdmiralMemo: Only repair LED computers
VoidByAnyOtherName: not using all RGB led lighting kelpSmug
Agam3mnon1: Turn off lights, immediately trip over packages
AntiCrepuscular: lights on, PC on, lights off
AdmiralMemo: Paul: That's Amazon for ya
devil_dan: Can you upgrade your own computer?
MistahFixIt: That's higher than my utility bill, even
AntiCrepuscular: "Remember to turn off the lights" :D
AdmiralMemo: Wait, do you get spam now?
Laurreth: does this game feature The Thing That Came From The Smoker's Carpentry Workshop?
MistahFixIt: (I don't pay for the heat)
AdmiralMemo: Yeah, you might need to buy the Bongle
VoidByAnyOtherName: bongo rating?
VoidByAnyOtherName: pattyBongo pattyCat pattyBongo pattyCat
MechaKuuga: @VoidByAnyOtherName BONGLE
AdmiralMemo: Well you've got 12 days, so you could get your star by then
AntiCrepuscular: Dutch sailor!
Laurreth: well at least it's warm
MistahFixIt: So far this game hasn't had any entries for r/TechSupportGore Kappa
movexig: Are we going to get an email eventually that's just going to be "I clicked an ad offering single bongles in my area and now my computer is literally viruses"
AdmiralMemo: Yeah, buy the software from the store
TheWarbo: oops, all viruses
TheManaLeek: This movie guy becomes a real repeat customer...
AdmiralMemo: Part Ranking might be good
wicker_knight: he's the Georgie of this game? @TheManaLeek
Hulyen: So it's Yelp?
CranstonSnord: can you review Bongle on Bongle?
arcaneemperor: but what about that exclusivity promotion?
arcaneemperor: XD
TXC2: I mean that sounds shady AF no?
AntiCrepuscular: restart to install bongle?!
PenultiN00b: That sounds like Yelp....
MistahFixIt: So make it free but charge microtransactions per review. Got It. Kappa
SSouthard: I wonder if you can pirate things in this game.
TheWarbo: i have a feeling this is going to be like the sixth GoC game I buy
Stoffern: What's your Bongle?
tomnar: sounds like you dont use trust pilot in canada..?
ritchards: nothing quite as exciting as watching a pretend install bar move
PhoenixMelior: wtf is trust pilot
Hulyen: like I said, Yelp
MistahFixIt: $500 to upgrade to Bongle Prime
masterhero_soccerguy: what could be shady about that?
tomnar: it is bongle that costs more than 300$ xd
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djcaptainnacho: I mean that exactly what BBB does in the US
Lapinelis: Thank your no thermalpaste uncle for your rating
djcaptainnacho: You can pay them more for a better rating
Mowdownjoe: Glad Civ6 is on that list.
wildpeaks: i wonder if the game list is from your Steam
wicker_knight: @djcaptainnacho BBB does it's own review though. It doesn't solicit reviews from users
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MatthewDennisMTG: howdy fellas, hope you're doing well today!
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GrumblingMoblin: Did it show thier CPU as being below spec?
masterhero_soccerguy Subscribed with Twitch Prime.
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AdmiralMemo: Install more paste! Paste everywhere! lrrBEEJ
MatthewDennisMTG: *wooosh*
TehAmelie: Strong Bromley Mail is a very odd domain
TXC2: *Air noises*
MatthewDennisMTG: I can feel the canned air getting too cold the longer you hold that down
SSouthard: Paul ASMR! From that crapshoot!
TehAmelie: is this supposed to be Strongbad's PC?
SSouthard: *crapshoot!
MistahFixIt: A straw and a lot of breathing exercises
SSouthard: *shot
Laurreth: *wheezing* *loud THUMP*
TXC2: that's how I do it :P
Hulyen: @TehAmelie "Slightly Shotgunned"
djcaptainnacho: @wicker_knight yes they do, but you can keep paying them to "come back to review" as much as you want
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devil_dan: Do you buy cans of air?
TehAmelie: good question. is air free?
AdmiralMemo: Oh yeah, good point. Run out of air?
wicker_knight: @djcaptainnacho ah. Did not know that. Thought it was a restricted thing. Yeah that is kind scummy
TheManaLeek: I think the air is unlimited. Or air elves come in every night and replenish it
Tidom_Kamf: Top EPS cable still needs to be replaced
Koios7: lol they missed the white cables in the bottom
evilspoons983: isn't that a white cable at the top?
wicker_knight: *kind of scummy
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Rioxcon: twitch has given me three sub messages in three day, I'm not sure why.
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wicker_knight: ALL SHALL BE PASTE
ritchards: and James gets distracted playing WoW on a made up PC
Koios7: rofl
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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StarShock2002: cpu cable
PurpleAlzir: the computer is still on isn't it?
PenultiN00b: I'm glad it booted again xD
TXC2: All shall be Thermal Paste!
AdmiralMemo: @Rioxcon 2 of them are regular sub message and the fact that Twitch changed the sub system back-end. Not sure of the third.
Doc_Rider: And this one needs a virus scan
TehAmelie: i once got annoyed with a fan that was attached to the case and cut the wire to it while the computer was on. never got into case modding after that
AdmiralMemo: Dab!
TehAmelie: (the computer turned off with a loud noise)
Laurreth: *remove USB stick* *burn USB stick*
Laurreth: *bury ashes in the desert*
Hulyen: Oo, can you log into Bongle and rate your business for them?
evilspoons983: that'd be the short circuit protection in the power supply
aiamethyst: this game is too real
Lord_Hosk: Remember back in the day when they used to have Ram stackers, where you would install this card into your ram slot that had multiple ramslots on it that you plugged ram into. those were the days.
TehAmelie: cool desktop
AshBurnem: Odds on Sailaway being the virus?
TXC2: I wager the Dab program is just a screensaver of people dabbing
AdmiralMemo: @Lord_Hosk I remember those on the old Macs
djcaptainnacho: If you put bangle on their pc then they might rate you
ZethRuss: so, you don't have to uninstall all that software yu put on clients machines ?
PurpleAlzir: @Lord_Hosk that sounds annoying
AdmiralMemo: @ZethRuss Technically no
Alephred: The Irregular Corporation, eh?
AdmiralMemo: CPU temp is increasing
Alephred: They should eat more fibre.
AshBurnem: Irregular Corporation? That's odd.
AntiCrepuscular: XMP! That's the thing that did a sneaky overclock on my mobo
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BloodnBullets: so you guys can fix my computer now? :D
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evilspoons983: XMP is the intel memory profile
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Whisle: After watching you guys for years i decided to extend my gift sub for an indefinite amount of time. Also: Nice.
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AdmiralMemo: Now you can accept the 2 star one
TehAmelie: some jackasses never give a perfect grade
AntiCrepuscular: on my mobo XMP also sets all cores to turbo at 4.4GHz at the same time
Astra7525: Isn't XMP another one of those "Sure you can waste 40% more money to get 10% more performance" things?
evilspoons983: it's "supposed to" be able to run at XMP settings and if your computer can't handle it, phooey for you
AdmiralMemo: It says "some" upgrades. You can upgrade more stuff I suspect.
TXC2: Seems legit
evilspoons983: but mainboard manufacturers also go "hey XMP is on, let's turn other stuff on too"
AntiCrepuscular: ^
BloodnBullets: I've only just got here, so I will assume that is a lot of love and care
wordswords1: why is he wearing a backward PUBG hat?
CrazymattCaptain: so for the end of stream are you gonna make a computer explode via BIOS settings?
AdmiralMemo: How many drive bays are in it?
PhoenixMelior: because he likes PUBG?
TXC2: wordswords1 the image is fliped
AdmiralMemo: @wordswords1 The video is mirrored
AdmiralMemo: James loves GBUP
TXC2: nah it's aBU9 Kappa
The_FlyingDutchman: 570?
Astra7525: Gotta love the nuG poT hat
evilspoons983: ӘꓭUꟼ
djcaptainnacho: Honestly thought it was a weird Cyrillic font
devil_dan: Can you build a mining rig?
AdmiralMemo: Turn the PC off
Tidom_Kamf: Did we actually pay the utility bill?
Laurreth: going infinite?
TehAmelie: zero sum coffee
AdmiralMemo: @Tidom_Kamf Yep. $96
BloodnBullets: you are now trapped in an infinite loop
Agam3mnon1: It's like you never had a coffee at all
Scarbble: infinite coffee
AdmiralMemo: Save game!
RumpSmoocher: you really can drink your coffee and have it too!
Astra7525: uh... is that related to the roll up the lid thing?
evilspoons983: rim
TXC2: lets see free mode, make some kind of PC Monolyth
AdmiralMemo: I wish I could build a PC for free
austinoickle: Lets ROOOOLLLLLL up the rim!
tenthtechpriest: step1: pick a different case
The_FlyingDutchman: build the most expensive one
TXC2: how do we start lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Go around the lasers, not into them.
TehAmelie: the other day i bought a lottery ticket and won the price of two tickets, and bought two more and won the same again on one of those. so i got five tickets for the price of one. such a waste of time
tenthtechpriest: from the shelf
wordswords1: I feel like it's a lost opportunity to not let you build crazy stuff that doesn't exist like a mass effect computer
sealedboxofeternalmasters: Hit I?
BloodnBullets: build a PC so you can buy parts?
AdmiralMemo: Just get all the tools
Doc_Rider: Probably from the cupboard.
devil_dan: Make a case that looks like a creepy doll.
evilspoons983: Fractal, that's what I have too
I_Am_Clockwork Subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 57 months, currently on a 57 month streak!
I_Am_Clockwork: Heyho Friends! Hope you have a great day, and thanks for all the laughs!
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AdmiralMemo: LRR blue
StephenJM81: how are the fractal cases? thinking about getting one for my next build
evilspoons983: I have the Define R2 full tower
The_FlyingDutchman: Running a Define C, it's fine
Laurreth: now put in some good flesh-coloured fans
Whisle: I love the Fractal Design cases. Only downside is the front-panel which has only USB3 and no USB-C :(
devil_dan: All of them.
AdmiralMemo: go lrrHAM
devil_dan: The more motherboards the better.
Astra7525: it really isn'T with THAT intel monstrosity
evilspoons983: I've used several other Fractal cases in addition to this one and they're all good
Lord_Hosk: No cooling
TXC2: well yeah, it's 18 cores!
Lord_Hosk: Just thermal paste
tenthtechpriest: no cooling just watch the CPU catch fire
AntiCrepuscular: Lord_Hosk saves on the heating bill! seabatBRAIN
austinoickle: my current potato is in a fancy FD case
Laurreth: Whisle, USB-C is DLC :-P (you can buy a replacement I/O block)
evilspoons983: the 18-core thing is a server chip that they put a "core i9 we swear!" sticker on it
hippitybobbity: wouldnt it be hilarious if this game was XBox 1 exclusive
Astra7525: Can we explode a PC?
devil_dan: Encase the whole thing in thermal paste.
Papperslappen: Coolerless is like torchless in PC Building Simulator
Whisle: @Laurreth oh really? dang, i have to look that up! that would be neat
TheMagicWalrus: no cooling just put your hand on it so it doesn't shut down immediately
TStodden: Get a massive heatsink attached to the top of the case. Doubles as a griddle! lrrBEEJ
The_FlyingDutchman: RGB all the things?
Astra7525: The problem with Intel's 18 core CPUs is that they rushed the thing when they saw AMD drop their Ryzen and the THreadripper. IT has some serious issues and I don't think you should buy them
austinoickle: cook pasta with the heat from your 18 core chip!
The_FlyingDutchman: NVlink?
dr0ne00000: wait I've been working did they put in a cheat code and unlock all the good parts?
austinoickle: nah just free mode
TXC2: dr0ne00000 no this is a different mode
austinoickle: like creative
TehAmelie: while we're simulating simulators, have you heard of Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator? i've never been so excited for realism in a game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfeMH60FxzU
evilspoons983: do they have closed loop coolers in addition to the obvious custom water cooling button?
AdmiralMemo: Yes, RGB the whole thing
AdmiralMemo: We need a blue case fan
accountmadeforants: Samsung stopped making HDDs right?
ritchards: RBG the whole thing!
the_canuck_mystic: #1 Think I've learned from Linus Tech Tips is install the motherboard in case last.
Laurreth: Whisle, they sell it as "Connect D1"
wildpeaks: big cheats :D
accountmadeforants: (In favour of solid state all everything)
the_canuck_mystic: #0 thing I've learned is stay with Mac.
The_FlyingDutchman: 350$ board? woah
evilspoons983: the #1 thing I've learned from LTT is the guy can't be bothered reading instructions so I don't watch his videos any more
SilmarHS: @TehAmelie That was fucking epic
AdmiralMemo: Do we have auto-thermal paste? Kappa
austinoickle: did we not get an optane drive?
The_FlyingDutchman: def. whatercooling for the CPU with this case right?
TehAmelie: right?
AdmiralMemo: I want RGB thermal paste Kappa
TXC2: GOLD Thermal paste
electric_claire: Have you guys ever thought of just doing a fake animated die roll at the beginning of the stream?
SilmarHS: I died when he started killing wolves with a machete
MistahFixIt: I mean... thermal paste is made of silver filings, is it not?
Funky_Abigail: Arctic Silver, yo!
SpacePotato01: To put on gold hamburgers?
Garfy400: I have the fractal design blackout case, it was almost impossible to see what I was doing 😅
darkora: unobtanium thermal paste
7gorobei: diamond paste is a thing
accountmadeforants: Get one of those big $500 buckets of thermal paste
austinoickle: thermal paste made from the blood of your enemies
Omega117: thermal paste made from precious metals harvested from an asteroid
The_FlyingDutchman: need more Gigs
TStodden: Platnium Thermal paste: Spearmint Flavor. lrrBEEJ
CrazymattCaptain: are we trying to make the most expensive PC possible?
MistahFixIt: Thermal Properties of diamond not ideal, but very expensive :P
StarShock2002: i c diamond
Zandivya: polonium thermal paste. It gives your cpu that extra voltage boost.
dr0ne00000: @Omega117 lol iridium thermal paste
austinoickle: pffft 16 gigs isn't right!
darkora: vibranium thermal paste
austinoickle: we need 160 gigis
Lord_Hosk: Only the fanciest... Dijon thermal paste for paul
TehAmelie: how would a titanium heat sink do?
Whisle: @Laurreth i found them on their site. They say it's compatible with the Define R6, i have a Define R5 :( But it looks like it would fit. I think i'll message them about it. Thanks!
TXC2: what actually is the most thermal conducting material
Astra7525: Are you sure this board can take 64GB of RAM?
TXC2: ?
dr0ne00000: @TehAmelie not good
ritchards: Might be able to run Minecraft!
TehAmelie: silver is very conductive
The_FlyingDutchman: oh the X62
koizom: so... Is this game any good?
Omega117: we are going to need a liquid nitrogen cooling system, air or water cooling are for peasants
evilspoons983: yeah, there you go, closed loops
AdmiralMemo: @koizom It's pretty alright
austinoickle: @TXC2 Silver is the most electrically and thermally conductive metal says google
TXC2: koizom yeah, if you like putting PC together
Temperature_Droplet: do we know if the pc they are building can run pc building simulator?
dr0ne00000: @Omega117 I think this PC should be submersible and get thrown in a pool
TehAmelie: man i was just guessing
Whisle: @Laurreth "The front I/O panel of the Define R6 is a totally new design with a different shape from any previous Fractal Design case, and the Connect D1 is specially designed to fit that unique shape." :(
TXC2: austinoickle huh, i was expecting it to be some esoteric kind of alloy
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (1:40 from now).
Omega117: but will we be overclocking it until it runs hot enough to evaporate the pool?
AdmiralMemo: Awwwwwwww yeah
accountmadeforants: Use a Radeon as your second graphics card, to show you're impartial :)
austinoickle: @TXC2 me as well, it was almost disappointing
Omega117: but can it play crysis?
The_FlyingDutchman: 1200too lottle RGB
ritchards: sound card?
Laurreth: Whisle, of course it would be like that :-/ Get a hub and screw it under your desk.
The_FlyingDutchman: too little
AdmiralMemo: Add in secondary hard drives?
djcaptainnacho: Missing RGB
TehAmelie: but will it run Crysis?
TStodden: Can it Play Minecraft IN Minecraft?
austinoickle: but why no ehternet card?
AdmiralMemo: No OS
Laurreth: when you turn it on it'll be R because it's a black-body radiator
AdmiralMemo: LOL
eDRoaCH: the real challenge of building a pc is figuring out where to put the 300 usb devices you have
SilmarHS: Didn't explode DansGame
austinoickle: PFFT rookie numbers
dr0ne00000: @Omega117 nothing can play Crysis duh
accountmadeforants: Republic of Gaming is Asus's #EPICGAMER brand
StarShock2002: thumb drive
The_FlyingDutchman: OC the heck out it now
AdmiralMemo: Will it Run? Crysis
Whisle: @Laurreth i just WANT USB-C on my PC, I dont need it (yet) :D Maybe i'll just build a new PC with a new case \o/
TXC2: "will it run"
BloodnBullets: crysis is still a hard ask
TStodden: No virus scanner? You Daredevil!
evilspoons983: if it's showing the ROG logo *and* the windows logo during boot, you don't want to turn that off
AdmiralMemo: ALL the more
evilspoons983: that's the "integrated boot" or whatever microsoft calls it
The_FlyingDutchman: 35FPS? no way
djcaptainnacho: LOL
austinoickle: MOAR GPUS
movexig: That's the best we got yet
MistahFixIt: SLI not that great actually
The_FlyingDutchman: is it running 4K ultra?
MistahFixIt: (Not a lot is actually programmed to take advantage of SLI configuration)
devil_dan: That was the CPU test.
austinoickle: you didn't use an SLI bridge
dr0ne00000: dat FPS
TXC2: Very clearly just playing the video at double speed
AdmiralMemo: Like, we can't even see the FPS
djcaptainnacho: Still should be like 240
Whisle: i switched from SLI to single-card because SLI just caused problems :|
austinoickle: WHAT
austinoickle: 30fps?
evilspoons983: I had SLI with GTX 680s and it worked on about 10% of games
austinoickle: plebs
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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dr0ne00000: nice
MistahFixIt: Safety Third
movexig: Good job
Nightvalien28: dead
accountmadeforants: PERFECT
Jake_the_guy: WOW
SpacePotato01: perfect
ForOhForError: yeah that scans
Tidom_Kamf: HA
Garrub: well this is realistic
ritchards: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Mister_BlueSky: Sounds about right.
The_FlyingDutchman: lrrGOAT
TXC2: Too Real
kamelion84: katesLol
austinoickle: oof
TStodden: IMMERSION RUINED! That BSOD doesn't exist anymore.
MistahFixIt: WELP
CranstonSnord: time to mine some bitcoins!
CrazymattCaptain: katesNice
CraziestOwl: Yesssss
devil_dan: panicBasket
TheAinMAP: katesRip
movexig: Get new drivers
Meark: I didn't think I was watching Tinker Tailor
SpacePotato01: make it catch fire.
malc: hahah
movexig: Okay it's bricked
djcaptainnacho: Bios
Jake_the_guy: is it bricked? oh no
TXC2: Halt and catch fire
Whisle: throw it out the window
austinoickle: its done... rip
dr0ne00000: change the date
dangerous_safety: just add more mineral oil
TStodden: Throw out the GPU's
EvilBadman: download more RAM
SpacePotato01: Install the most powerful PSU and the most heat generating parts and no fans or thermal paste and see if you can make it burn.
cardinalwiggles: factory reset?
Thandres: ever forward!
Whisle: factory reset?
SajuukSjet: unplug/plug in the gpus?
djcaptainnacho: Factory reset
Amyyy: have you tried installing linux?
The_FlyingDutchman: safe mode would work
siciliandefense21: $5500 massive paperweight. Bravo James
TXC2: what I would do IRL is Cry deeply :P
Mister_BlueSky: Computer = Over. Damage = Very Yes.
Zath_: Take out graphics cards and put them back in?
7gorobei: new hard drive reinstall os?
dr0ne00000: you should have dual bios
StarShock2002: factory reset?
Omega117: and this is why i will never overclock
Mister_BlueSky: "But I got all the best parts!"
djcaptainnacho: In bios
dr0ne00000: @Omega117 coward
TStodden: Your GPU's are likely a golden brown now.
PhoenixMelior: !goc
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Saphiroko: I had no idea there was a game that bottled all my anxiety about computers into a tidy package!
Zath_: Just removing the SLI bridge might also do something
Whisle: There should be a jumper on the graphics card
Hulyen: lrrHAM
Whisle: (IRL)
cardinalwiggles: have you tried compressed air? to blow out the bad settings?
TXC2: the system works Kappa
Kivipaperisakset: Wow, all you need is INFINITE MONEY!
PhoenixMelior: Bullet Hell? So it's Touhou time?
Orichlepidopter: Did you unplug it and plug it back int?
Omega117: throw a bunch of money at the problem
ritchards: just bounce the parts back to the library
Bezekric: i mean this is pretty accurate... three 2070s and one 2080 have crapped themselves out on me so far ^^;;
TheAinMAP: katesChicken
Nightvalien28: it is tohou time PhoenixMelior
Hulyen: so realistic!
enkiraven: I mean, in theory that's not technically wrong...
Omega117: liquid nitrogen cooling
Orichlepidopter: GPU water block?
Garrub: buy some watercooling Kappa
AdmiralMemo: Yes water cool it
enkiraven: poor water on it!
The_FlyingDutchman: custom waterlooop?
TheOtherTrevor: submerge in oil
Doc_Rider: Yeah, add some custom cooling.
TXC2: not better, just more
SilmarHS: You should have unplugged and replugged before throwing them to the garbage. Ya know. For science
I_Am_Clockwork: run the pc in a freezer
TStodden: I thought it was 17,096
Laurreth: mercury cooling?
siciliandefense21: store in a meatlocker
Garrub: and now its down
Orichlepidopter: Oooh, mineral oil pc in here would be fun. Now with simulated 3 months of drip-drying your components. xD
The_FlyingDutchman: ded
MistahFixIt: Womp Womp
ritchards: that's okay, we know how to fix this
Hulyen: lrrFINE baerSTRESS
ZethRuss: is it overheating ?
wildpeaks: RIP :D
dr0ne00000: @TheOtherTrevor deep fry it!
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jordorowsky: 26 months!? that's almost as many frames as the I-9 gets on 3dbench
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TStodden: Mmmmmmmm... Deep Fried Graphics Cards...
austinoickle: oof
mythund: i wonder if they've implemented the "silicon lottery" in this game
Omega117: is it maybe simulating the temperature?
Lord_Hosk: So this is the manufacturers saying "dont overclock it breaks your components"
TXC2: I always used to wonder why PC's didn't use a Freezer motor like a fridge :P
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2373 patrons for a total of $14,467.47 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Nightvalien28: no you cannot have it, you proven you will break it
dr0ne00000: @TXC2 condensation
sivakrytos: including the graphics cards that crap out on you?
Garrub: what if you just cover the whole thing in thermal paste?
AdmiralMemo: I mean, you could spend 2/3 of the Patreon budget
Garrub: like monitor and keyboard too
Laurreth: oh, people ran phase-change cooling at some point
MistahFixIt: Bits for PC Parts? Kappa
TXC2: dr0ne00000 indeed
lifecharacter: Times for PC Bits?
jordorowsky: alright guys who has $8000 in bits?
dr0ne00000: @Garrub I like what you're thinking
StephenJM81: old CRT monitor
Orichlepidopter: Would one give those bits rapidly... almost like... quick bits? o.0
MistahFixIt: That would be nice, actually
MistahFixIt: Just a motherboard with flashy lights and fupping aelerons
Omega117: so, new patreon tier "give james $8000 for computer overclocking experiments"
eDRoaCH: but stripes makes it faster!
Shamthewow: cheer55 this should get you on your way to that computer
StephenJM81: I am not a huge fan of ASUS MBs, the last one I built was a pain to deal with
MistahFixIt: withOUT, rather
lifecharacter: Give me my plain brick to shove into my computer and cover with other things.
Laurreth: there was that CPU cooler with a small magnetically pumped NaK loop, I wonder if those count as ordnance by now
devil_dan: Air is moving around it.
StarShock2002: the mid b450 boards are pretty good
austinoickle: @Orichlepidopter do I sense a LTT refrence?
StarShock2002: msi
WizardZedd: But how else will people know that you're a hardcore gamer?
Bezekric: It will be moving through the air if you ragequit hard enough
Orichlepidopter: @austinoickle Who me? Never.... >.> <.<
The_FlyingDutchman: some of it is heatsinks, but most is just swagger
Tidom_Kamf: Try searching for either AM4 or b450 / x470
AdmiralMemo: Dear Dr. Paul: When I bought a pre-built PC that had the specs I wanted, I failed to realize that its CD drive was VERTICALLY mounted, so I can't fit the graphics card I want into it.
TXC2: Bits for the PC god
djcaptainnacho: I have a really plain black MSI mobo that is pretty recent
malc: I kinda want to give them a CPU in bits... 486 ;)
Garrub: @AdmiralMemo vertical mounted cd drives are just the least useful cupholders
Laurreth: I miss green mainboards
TheOtherTrevor: Motherboards don't need to look fancy if you don't put a window on every damn computer these days
ritchards: Hi Ben!
TXC2: Hello Ben
WizardZedd: @AdmiralMemo Solution seems simple. Ditch the CD drive. Who uses CDs/DVDs anymore, anyway? >_>
TheAinMAP: benginHi
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Arikell: Why no art deco motherboards?
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Jake_the_guy: heck ya free coffee
ritchards: they might not have all the parts you want
TXC2: man Art Deco needs to come back
StarShock2002: 2700x
malc: the air is moving quickly through the RAM though
The_FlyingDutchman: says you
Garrub: pshh buying RAM. You could just download some!
Zandivya: Have a stain glass window in your PC?
The_FlyingDutchman: shuriken Ram
TehAmelie: old man yells at cloud dot jpg
TehAmelie: wait that didn't work
WizardZedd: I mean...I think those big shoulderpads on the RAM are actually heat sinks
AdmiralMemo: @WizardZedd I tried that... I can't fit the drive in that way either, due to where all of the power plugs for the MB are.
MistahFixIt: @TXC2 - I would pay SO MUCH money for an Art Deco computer
Orichlepidopter: "Back in my day rams weren't so fancy! And they were simple! And they were made of wood and used to breach the defenses of your enemies!"
Nightvalien28: old man yells at new motherboards
Lord_Hosk: I hate that they keep adding so much plastic to ram that it doesnt fit in the slots sometimes
MistahFixIt: So Much.
devil_dan: You can buy RAM without heat sinks.
djcaptainnacho: Postmodern mobo is just really hard to figure out where everything goes
Whisle: @LoadingReadyRun my RAM has "spiky bits". because of that my cpu-cooler doesnt fit the way i want to....
sir_jack_DB: R G B
Thandres: well to be fair, how often do you look at your ram to be complaining about its looks? :o
Laurreth: now m.2 SSDs that have so many LEDs that they overheat... :-D
CraziestOwl: Do dual channel memory
malc: you can just get RAM without that and pay less :P
austinoickle: my ram is more areodynamic than my car
Falsorrr: the fact that these esthetics designs are making the prices go up is what upsets me
sir_jack_DB: KA CHUNK :P
evilspoons983: on my first computer, the RAM didn't even come on sticks. it was individual socketed chips.
Garrub: So how many fans do you have to add before your case begins hovering?
The_FlyingDutchman: is htere a Radeon VII already ingame?
TehAmelie: ooh, the secret to cloud computing
djcaptainnacho: If video games have taught us anything it's that aesthetics are what costs the most
Omega117: yes we get it, you want to plug your boring grey rectangles into boring grey slots inside your boring grey case that it connected to black and white monitors
austinoickle: RGB RAM
Laurreth: I have a mainboard for a 486 around the house that has the cache as SRAM I think
Zandivya: My SSD are screwed into the back of the case and all the wires run through channels in the back as well. Nice and clean and easy to work with.
Hulyen: chustle Ian would nbe proud of you, Paul
Laurreth: discrete DIP package SRAM
AGiantRoach: oh man i wonder if this has my new case in it!
Orichlepidopter: No window? Won't your CPU get sad?
Garrub: What if instead of a window, you just had a screen showing a hamster running in a wheel?
Gnyrinn: I agree with Paul. One might need to put heat spreaders on RAM, but no one can tell me that the current design for them are the most efficient.
TehAmelie: i want to paint flames on my kidneys, is that wrong?
SilmarHS: But... but... THE SWAG Paul
TheOtherTrevor: That is a very "Get off my lawn" attitude and I couldn't agree more
Omega117: poor cpu needs a view too
jordorowsky: not going for m2?
TXC2: TehAmelie ....yes?
Mister_BlueSky: How will it get the sunlight it needs? seabatTROG
Lord_Hosk: Guy at the memory stick plant walks in... Guys... guys. I was drinking my coffee this morning, and I had an idea. What if we make our Memory be accessed... Not randomly... what if there was an order to it? And thats how OAM was invented and computer speeds increased by 5000%
ADTalks: if you're looking inside your computer more often than you are upgrading... you're doing something wrong
TheOtherTrevor: No, the thing with the spikes is the wireless router
Orichlepidopter: I bet, honestly, you'd be really into sleeper PC's. Ancient PC's stuffed with cutting edge hardware, but you can't tell from the outside.
rewrtsosas: Cooling paste?
djcaptainnacho: That's like having different mountains in your burn deck to spite people
lectrican_man: how graphically intensive is this game?
lifecharacter: Is there a freeplay mode to just build PCs?
AdmiralMemo: Yeah, that'd be neat
TXC2: shows you how pointless expensive parts are no?
movexig: Don't eat the thermal paste.
dangerous_safety: the only times you should be looking inside your computer is cleaning, upgrading, or something is wrong
Garrub: Whats the most potato pc you can build in this game?
TXC2: lifecharacter yeap, it's what we're playing now
evilspoons983: @lifecharacter that's what they're doing now
lifecharacter: Ahh, missed that.
CraziestOwl: Turn rtx off
CraziestOwl: Haha
austinoickle: RTX on
Zandivya: Working in ancient PC cases sucks. They made the things of razor blades. I have actual scars from working on those things.
SilmarHS: @LoadingReadyRun Paul, will the other 5 Guild Pauls arrive during War of the Spark?
Laurreth: razor blades are why I only use Noctua coolers any more, they debur their crap
AntiCrepuscular: Amusingly the fan noise from your ingame PC is coming from my right speaker, balancing out the noise from my actual PC :D
evilspoons983: "the 90s" didn't deburr their crap, making sleeper PCs difficult
StarShock2002: I think I start at the 6th gen i7
evilspoons983: they had pentium/celerons based on the current generation CPU cores
ritchards: just download 3d benchmark for that computer?
creasehearst: you COULD just install 3dmark on your current PC and run it :P
TheOtherTrevor: But how will you stream the blue screen?
StarShock2002: Can get close the 6700 is similar to the 4790 then match the gpu
Tidom_Kamf: I mean they have a Node 202 there
Tidom_Kamf: thats pretty small
CraziestOwl: It might crash your computer
dangerous_safety: time for an impromptu lrrtech stream?
TehAmelie: literally all i want from a computer case is low price, low weight and zero unnecessary lights or anything that uses power. but that's jsut me
TXC2: it's on sale for $4.49
AntiCrepuscular: mini ITX or micro ATX?
pugz412: The demo works
Garrub: ^
StarShock2002: mini itx
AntiCrepuscular: ah, mini ITX
pugz412: You don't need to buy it
AGiantRoach: i think having a case with good build quality and an aesthetic you enjoy is important.
evilspoons983: my only fractal design complaint is the power LED is too bright on mine
AdmiralMemo: @TehAmelie You get me
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Molladia: Paul, Thankyou for including a time zone converter on lrr schdeule.
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The_FlyingDutchman: same here
swiftynuggets: how much does a good motherboard matter for performance? and what makes a good motherboard?
devil_dan: But what RGB do you have?
evilspoons983: @swiftynuggets if you *never* overclock, the performance is the same for virtually every mainboard
TXC2: Paul, would you rather Stream at 4K or 60fps ?
Gascitygaming: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (1:12 from now).
StephenJM81: has anyone here tried a 2060 yet?
sivakrytos: the price of a 2080 ti is stopping you
Zath_: Sounds like you should stream in 4k lrrAWESOME
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malc: Twitch supports it, I've seen someone do it by accident... but they won't transcode it, I think
evilspoons983: the only things are generational differences like new PCIe versions but then your main reason to get a more expensive board is extra features
TehAmelie: how high was Denglervision that time that Desert Bus got to borrow a supercomputer?
TXC2: I think we acceidented into 4k during a 18games
dangerous_safety: its a real shame there aren't any main resolutions between 1080 and 4K
TXC2: dangerous_safety theres 1440p
evilspoons983: 2560x1440?
Thandres: blue screen inc :p
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Zath_: You just need 4 streams, each one showing a fourth of the 4k screen, we can put it together on our end
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dangerous_safety: fair point
AntiCrepuscular: Zath LUL
AdmiralMemo: Yeah MultiTwitch is a thing. Kappa
AntiCrepuscular: >5.9FPS
TXC2: Same here Paul
AdmiralMemo: Like, I want to see this as the next Myst game
StarShock2002: this is just the demo, the later tests have the numbers and no sound
Pal_Friendpatine: Yeah why is this not a real game?
thetoastmonster: Paul, technically this IS a bunch of triangles or something
AntiCrepuscular: Where does 3dmark get their money from?
TehAmelie: i want to see a game where you're tiny in this world and climbing those crystals like mountains
devil_dan: Just run Paul's 4 PS4s in parallel. You should be able to simulate consciousness with that.
TXC2: AntiCrepuscular the programme costs money
Thandres: shame about all those triangles :o
AdmiralMemo: Now we need Viscera Cleanup Detail for the Viscera Cleanup Detail
Pal_Friendpatine: Wait is this them running 3DMark on LRR’s gaming PC?
MistahFixIt: Yes
AdmiralMemo: @Pal_Friendpatine Yep
TXC2: OK how is that mechainc not in a game
Pal_Friendpatine: Sweet @admiralmemo
AntiCrepuscular: TXC2 actually selling software instead of licencing it or ad-support... how quaint! ;)
AdmiralMemo: Yeah, I want to play this "Time Spy" game
Pal_Friendpatine: Why is this not a game????
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sokamish: So. Many. Triangles.
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TheOtherTrevor: That's Seath the Scaleless right? New dark souls game hidden within 3dMark
evilspoons983: PS4s are just x86 PCs with AMD GPUs, which is the thing that makes me not want to buy one
evilspoons983: like "I already have one, why should I buy another one"
cmdrud87: PC building simulator got weird...
MilkInBag: @evilspoons983 can you run RDR2 on your PC?
thetoastmonster: teeny tiny triangles
Pal_Friendpatine: @evilspoons983 remember when PlayStation had that ‘cell processor’?
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GloriousMost: this is the future
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evilspoons983: @MilkInBag nope, but I also don't wanna spend $500 for one game
TXC2: 3Dmark has been around at least 20 years
MilkInBag: fair enough, I bought a PS4 Pro and I seriously don't regret it
excalibur_1867 Subscribed at Tier 1.
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evilspoons983: and since it's an x86 cpu + amd gpu piece of software they could adapt it
TheSeg: Awesome *loaded* guns.
StarShock2002: if you look at the exhibits a bunch are the old 3d mark tests
evilspoons983: like how Forza is on Windows 10 now
AdmiralMemo: I mean, that's gotta exist somewhere
TXC2: Musume of awsome guns = that musume from Demolition man
Garbonzo42: i mean that's kind of what the Rock Island Arsenal is
Tidom_Kamf: I want this museum to exist so badly.
TXC2: Damnit paul :)
Garbonzo42: a museum of guns, that is
TXC2: fun fact: the "Future" gun was a HK G11 from the 1980's :P
AdmiralMemo: Dece
Pal_Friendpatine: 3 shells but no phasers in the future
MilkInBag: Too many polygons
The_FlyingDutchman: crunch those frames
AntiCrepuscular: TXC2 literal space gun from the future ;)
MilkInBag: to the song of too many cooks
cmdrud87: I've done worse...
TXC2: AntiCrepuscular yeap, Crafted by German Gun wizards
MilkInBag: do you have to pay for these benchmark softwares?
Laurreth: was the G11 the caseless clockwork receiver?
TXC2: Laurreth yes
evilspoons983: yeah, in 3dmark SLI more-or-less doubles your results
EvilBadman: Wait, I looked away, is this REAL LIFE now?
TXC2: EvilBadman yeap
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evilspoons983: but in REAL GAMES it doesn't
AGiantRoach: whats paying for 3DMark get you?
TehAmelie: i bet the results are lying in your favor to make you feel better, like online IQ tests
Thandres: welcome to tinker tailor solder fry :o
AdmiralMemo: Is this just fantasy?
AntiCrepuscular: evilspoons983 huh... that's not very representative
Comeback323: wait that was real life?
MilkInBag: I don't really get why you would pay for benchmarking when you can just...buy a game and adjust the settings
GapFiller: !uptime
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Pal_Friendpatine: I’d build a 10,000. Just because I overkill
TXC2: MilkInBag games are more expensive then 3Dmark?
GapFiller: !next
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evilspoons983: some game engines just don't support SLI at all
TXC2: thanks for streaming Paul and James
TXC2: !goc
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MilkInBag: @TXC2 but I mean, why do you benchmark? to check if you can run games?
Mowdownjoe: MOAR GUNGEON
AdmiralMemo: Oh crap... Frank Robinson died. lrrAWW
TXC2: MilkInBag i guess
GapFiller: thanks for streaming guys
mynameisfourteen: Ha!
wildpeaks: love pellets bullet hell
Lord_Hosk: Star control 2 is a bullet hell right?
evilspoons983: Forza Horizon 3 only ran on one GPU with my SLI 680 setup, making it run like butts
Alchemistmerlin: Lurmtog
GapFiller: just realised 18gac evolved into James of Chance a year ago
lifecharacter: Paul plays magic with chair go
Earthenone: !chair
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TehAmelie: Mothergunship or Tower of Guns, that's the question
GapFiller: and been absent mostly this whole time
GapFiller: damn
Zaghrog: Adam was certainly scheduling to arrive for that
Earthenone: arcade spirits
GapFiller: guess thats what spending most of a year in HK does
Hulyen: Oooo!!!!
Laurreth: let's all suggest Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, the Black Lotus of old console games apparently
Dwachak: Adam said mtg would be with you mr James :)
VelvetFalcon: Arcade Spirits.
AdmiralMemo: Graham is in Spirited Away? Kappa
Nightvalien28: arcade spirits, you scrub
Kirserella: Oooh! thats gonna be goood
devil_dan: !next
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BloodnBullets: so.... can kathleen date graham?
TheOtherTrevor: So who is going to read Graham's lines
Earthenone: i dont think graham is dateable
Kirserella: No, Graham isn't datable
Garbonzo42: @TheOtherTrevor ...Graham is. It;s a voiced game.
EvilBadman: Seattle is supposed to get 4-6 inches
Laurreth: framedrops anyone?
TXC2: Laurreth not here
JonTheGoose: stock up on the whiskey and frozen lasagnas!!
Lord_Hosk: so like 5 inches?
TheOtherTrevor: I remember that snow in 96. I got stuck in Nanaimo that year
GapFiller: yeh isnt weather usually mild year round in Victoria?
EvilBadman: so 10-15 cm
NathanJay_GA pops head out of 8 oot tall snowbank "Snowstorm, you say?"
AdmiralMemo: Gerd jerb Victoria
TXC2: 5 inches would shut down all of the UK
Zaghrog: 5 inches is not a tiny amount, as a person living in a place that's prepared for snow
jdtreker: !next
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MistahFixIt: We had a weird winter two years ago (the year I arrived in Victoria) that snowed for like a month
adamjford: You're not prepared for snow OR heat? Don't you kinda have to pick one? :P
devil_dan: The olden times.
Pal_Friendpatine: Victoria is Canada. Why not be built for snow?
GapFiller: iirc Synaptic Chaos were big on how pleasant Vicotira was compared to Alberta when they moved here
Morrigan9: the ocean moderate the snow that much eh?
PhoenixMelior: Pal_Friendpatine not everywhere in Canada has snow
TehAmelie: it's cheaper to have the city paralyzed by snow once a decade eh
Earthenone: im sure he can strap on some snow shoes and walk
adamjford: @Pal_Friendpatine Turns out Canada is not one single climate :P
sivakrytos: places that _are_ equipped for snow do the dumptruck thing too
evilspoons983: Victoria is on the coast, moderates everything
NimrodXIV: more important to be safe :)
MistahFixIt: @Morrigan9 - Rain shadow effect plus the gulf channels bad weather away from the south end of the island :P
TheWarbo: do the cross-country-ski-into-work thing!
GapFiller: yr mean the whole of Canada is not in fact The Great White North? Kappa
Morrigan9: ah. neat
MistahFixIt: "Very" cold :P
PhoenixMelior: I mean, it's -20 here right now and I don't think it's that cold outside?
Dulldrifter: That's not very cold :D
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TXC2: !discord
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adamjford: Thanks for stream!
PhoenixMelior: GapFiller shhhhh don't tell people, they'll come visit!
TXC2: !patreon
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TehAmelie: to put this in the proper terminology for your computer nerds, the ocean is a big heatsink lrrBEEJ
evilspoons983 eyeballs -25 outside
NexusVoxx: #snowchat
GapFiller: thanks guys see yr later
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TXC2: bye
Kirserella: <3
devil_dan: Bye
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody!
PhoenixMelior: oh wait it's only -12 here
PhoenixMelior: even better
GapFiller: !uptime
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Earthenone: itsa balmy 2 degrees here :)
PhoenixMelior: positively tropical
Laurreth: we have like 5°C and a small storm front announced for the weekend
delta__vee: the coldest it's ever been in victoria since records began in 1898 was -15.6 C in Dec 1968
NexusVoxx: wow thats rediculous
PhoenixMelior: gonna be -30 over the weekend, not great but at least I can stay in and keep warm
evilspoons983: yeah, the big ol' ocean there moderates the climate plus being so far south helps too
TehAmelie: i think it's been a hundred years since i had any temperature OVER -15°, back in 2018
NexusVoxx: TehAmelie living in 2119 over here
TehAmelie: no, but 2018 was a long year
TehAmelie: January 2019 may have been even longer
evilspoons983: this first week of February has been glacial here in Edmonton
evilspoons983: extreme cold warning the whole time
PhoenixMelior: yeah, sounds like February
TehAmelie: actually it's barely freezing right now. i just got used to complaining about the cold
Twinklebees: I was walking to my client earlier this week and was very briefly confused by the duck I saw walking on water...
Twinklebees: Before I realised the lake was frozen over
PhoenixMelior: lol
TehAmelie: clear ice huh? that takes a lot of cold
PhoenixMelior: poor duck
Twinklebees: I think I was actually just tired and forgot that water can exist in a solid form
TehAmelie: ah
PhoenixMelior: ah, but would you ever guess it can also be gaseous?
GenericHerooo: xD
Twinklebees: Though I doubt a duck would be too happy on a lake of steam
PhoenixMelior: update: my nose is getting stuffy, I think a small cold may in fact be setting in.
Twinklebees: :<
Twinklebees: Hopefully it's not too bad.
PhoenixMelior: I don't see why it would be terrible
PhoenixMelior: probably just the shock from going to 24C to -25C
Earthenone: that is quite the fluxuation yeah
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (46m from now).
evilspoons983: my indoor/outdoor thermostat has basically been stuck at -21/+21 for a week