Sarah_Serinde: No, it's the regularly scheduled One More, but they've been having internet issues and James is trying to fix them
Xed_Regulus: There are more people in Adam\s stream than there are here. Totally honest, I'm there too.
kassy_13: oh the title finally changed, i guess i needed to refresh
TexanHick20: ok, thanks.. I'll stick around then..
Sarah_Serinde: Meanwhile we're celebrating with Adam at because he beat I Wanna Be the Boshy
kassy_13: my internet isn't crashing watching adam....
Dryhad: Regularly scheduled One More with regularly scheduled internet issues
LoadingReadyRun: test
Earthenone: recived
Sarah_Serinde: slytqHi
Laogeodritt: I'm back and did stream dieded? D=
SleepyArt: Hello :)
Sarah_Serinde: James is trying to make the internet cooperate
Sarah_Serinde: SleepyArt slytqHi
dougma: What happened to the stream? More internet issues?
dougma: Ah.. TY
Laogeodritt: Ahh. That's still going on then =(
Laogeodritt gives @Sarah_Serinde a homemade brownie topped with walnuts
Sarah_Serinde: Oooh~
Sarah_Serinde noms immediately
dougma: So.... my killing James was not skill but his poor internet then T.T (that does explain some things)
fiftymcnasty: Bummer
LoadingReadyRun: Ok. Things are getting weird.
LoadingReadyRun: I'm FREAKING OUT!
Sarah_Serinde: Oh goody
LoadingReadyRun: :D
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: No freaking out allowed
Earthenone: !panic
dougma: it's all good
Laogeodritt calmly munches on brownie.
Earthenone: unrelated, whats on TS tonight?
eric_christian_berg: Something is amiss?
Sarah_Serinde: Internet fun times
Sarah_Serinde: Earthenone Google calendar says Her Story
eric_christian_berg: You have my sword!
Earthenone: ty sarah
TemporallyAwry: !upnext
Sarah_Serinde: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (52m ago).
TemporallyAwry: thanks, I'll get that command right someday :D
Sarah_Serinde: James is working on internet issues, we should be back at some point
Sarah_Serinde: Talking Sim is in about 2 hours
Ragnarakk: bahhh 8th
Ragnarakk: so is there any more stream happening or what? i missed what he said while playing
SlyTQ: They're looking into it, but as of right now it's up in the air
Foxmar320: Internet problems
Foxmar320: Everyone is having them this week apparently
Ragnarakk: ahhhhh i see T_T i kinda zoned out after i grabbed an aug from the drop and an 8x from the nearby house XD
ThingsOnMyStream: Maybe the Internet is just cold. Try pouring a cup of hot coco on the router
The_Passerby: I am so mad, my heal canceled because I mistimed it.
The_Passerby: It doesn't proct at 0.0, it procts after the UI element leaves the screen.
The_Passerby: T_T
xantos69: Victory!
Foxmar320: I could go for hot coco
The_Passerby: I could have survived that.
kassy_13: great advice paul
Zanzabar_: congrats
lord_wertornion: Whoo that was great!
Ragnarakk: also.. surge asking for sniper attachments early on... i found three 8x scopes... two extended mags and a flash hider
lord_wertornion: Congrats
lord_wertornion: I never do this good
kassy_13: cocoa would be nice
kassy_13: it's too late though, it's midnight
TheAinMAP: katesAir
Sarah_Serinde: lrrSIGNAL
Foxmar320: lrrSIGNAL
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL
Diabore: IT LIVES
kassy_13: noiiiise
SleepyArt: faxHYPE faxHYPE faxHYPE
Sarah_Serinde: But do we have all the frames this time?
Sarah_Serinde: Hi James!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: Yo James
kassy_13: hi james
kassy_13: we were keeping adam company
jolly_flounder: what was weird?
xantos69: Hey James! I got there! Notice me SenPai!
Sarah_Serinde: Things are looking good so far, at least
Sarah_Serinde: Hi Hodor! lrrHEART
ContingentCat: Hi Hodor
Foxmar320: Heather!
ContingentCat: bye hodor
The_Passerby: Turn Spectator on?
Huskey3737: Platoons?
DarkMorford: Hi Heather, bye Heather
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Bye Heather!
xantos69: lol I will accept that phrasing.
lord_wertornion: I also want my recognition for making it second :(
Diabore: can we vikendi?
lord_wertornion: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
Sarah_Serinde: Might want to change the stream title James, it says Up Next now
Diabore: evryone go castle
ToddtheDog: I think I'm going to sit out tonight, have a great game everyone!!
lord_wertornion: castle punch party?
dougma: T.T I missed it
ContingentCat: Did you make a sacrifice to the internet gods?
Stoffern: Oh god!
DarkMorford: Oh, is this a new Victoria map? :P
GlennSeto: @ContingentCat Paul's beard.
Stoffern: What is this place??? WHERE DO I DROP???
jolly_flounder: pray to Brendan for good internet?
Dix: ahh farts... I missed it again making dinner
ContingentCat: @GlennSeto to-may-to, to-mah-to
Tplayne: hey jame, who would i ask about getting highres art of jojos barzzar playmat? i wana put it on a fightstick
JohnLonnie: Oh hi Jolly!
Sarah_Serinde: Jeez
SleepyArt: Yikes - missed it :(
jolly_flounder: hi @JohnLonnie how did you do??
chickenace11: he is rewatching it
Ragnarakk: goddamn it i missed the start cause i was watching adam react to witwix play sonic XD
kassy_13: aww
chickenace11: *Re-watching
Diabore: wait adam is the boshy now? GO ADAM
kassy_13: i missed adam getting mad aww
TheWarbo: I think they *are* exploiting, but they're combining said exploit with being very very good
JohnLonnie: 3 kills, shot as the circle pushed me into the river
JohnLonnie: Fun times
Talin06: Kill James of course
jolly_flounder: @JohnLonnie nice! Today is not representative of this show, usually there is internet ;)
TheWooglie: "city"
lord_wertornion: @Diabore What about a punch party? lrrFRUMP
malc: lrrAWW
jolly_flounder: that's what happens when you cheat on Brendans Perfect game with the new hottness
jolly_flounder: you forget how to play
Diabore: @lord_wertornion you almost killed me, then i got shot in the back
ContingentCat: !pubg
LRRbot: Extremely Spiteful Rifle Trifle
jolly_flounder: !pubg
LRRbot: Sergeant Secretness & the ESports Readiness
adamjford: I think my least favourite thing about Apex Legends is that it's harder to come up with silly names for it
jolly_flounder: a phallic thing... so ... a dick?
freshmaker__: @adamjford Who needs more silly names when 'Ape Legs' exists.
Diabore: you had a 2
jolly_flounder: ape legs is the worst and I hate it
ContingentCat: yes
adamjford: @freshmaker__ That's pretty good. Thank you.
freshmaker__: I'm sure the ape feels differently about that. @jolly_flounder
Diabore: how do you switch sights?
drfox17: wow i just got off of work
jolly_flounder: @freshmaker__ the ape should stay out of my stream games then ;P
drfox17: Am I ever grateful for ....One More
Iperithon: Enjoying the snow James?
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Furvias: Still here, Still Love all of LRR's content
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AllyDistrict: Dammit it james
jolly_flounder: elfunkChunk
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lord_wertornion: @Diabore I wanted so much to slide kick you.
Diabore: @lord_wertornion tbf i never agreed to a punch party, and the winner between me and you wouldve got shot anyway
TheWooglie: So you can shoot them TQ?
ContingentCat: immortal bunnies
freshmaker__: shoot them and skin them and craft armour
eric_christian_berg: Salty bears.
freshmaker__: make a whole crafting system
TheWooglie: freshmaker__ and a pie
lord_wertornion: @Diabore True I thought I would try anyway. And by chance you were in front of me xD
TheWooglie: James is hiding outside your window?
drfox17: I hope TQ doesn't have bois out her window
drfox17: does... games have a reflex sight and a rd sight on the gun?
drfox17: *james
El_Funko: Red Dot Sight and Canted Sight
Diabore: what button is it to switch between sights?
AllyDistrict: alt + right click
TheWooglie: I thought the LRR logo was something on the mini map
jolly_flounder: wrong game
jolly_flounder: need to get out anime girl for that
margieargie: Ah, yes, snowhill really narrows things down on this map.
Dryhad: slytqBweh
drfox17: bweh?
drfox17: oh no
Cepsys: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN bweh!
freshmaker__: for half a second i thought it was pacman on james' jumper.
drfox17: pls don't be our bweh queen
drfox17: nooooo
Dryhad: Writes down "king of the castle"
jolly_flounder: haha
Aenir798: Hahaha
jolly_flounder: elfunkChunk slytqBweh slytqBaby
TheWooglie: That grin
The_Passerby: @xantos69 Dang you.
jolly_flounder: lol
The_Passerby: Like, didn't even let me get to cover.
TheAinMAP: Got one.
DarkMorford: lol TQ
The_Passerby: Shot me through tree.
The_Passerby: foliages
Dryhad: Traditionally you pick a hill to die on, TQ
The_Passerby: I am very annoyed.
drfox17: james about to call in artillery
kassy_13: i love that logic
castlewise: lol
Diabore: uh oh
Diabore: funko killed nilla
Aenir798: Nilla died to Funko
NarishmaReborn: a new player eh
drfox17: oh noooo, the apex predator
jolly_flounder: elfunkChunk
jolly_flounder: well done Funko
mtgCricketHunter: oh... just played against Graham_lrr on arena, and I guess it wasn't streamed
Dryhad: James "Dammit Funko" Turner
SlyTQ: they do play games in their downtime once in a while
TheWooglie: mtgCricketHunter they to use LLR for the streams not their own acconts
mtgCricketHunter: that's hard to imagine
mtgCricketHunter: what is this "downtime" you speak of
Diabore: time to circle the rock
drfox17: yeah, we all know graham has monetized all his time! Kappa
The_Passerby: @SlyTQ Make sure you add OC DONT STEAL to any posts.
adamjford: The last time I had art done for a character, they died within a month lrrAWW
castlewise: I find it both inspiring and kind of terrifying that in what little downtime G has he plays arena
ContingentCat: TQ who was the artist?
castlewise: I guess its good to love what you do
Dryhad: The LRR method is to throw away anything that doesn't bring you joy, and monetise everything else
DarkMorford: Hey James, totally unrelated question. I'm looking at getting a U-Turn Orbit in the next week or two, should I spring for the Ortofon Red or just stay with the stock AT cartridge? Also, built-in or external preamp?
drfox17: @Dryhad Glad to know that Penelope brings in the bits!
jolly_flounder: get them!
Dix: DarkMorford do you have something to already act as an external preamp?
The_Passerby: I wish we can get the community to turn on ALL CHAT. Like seriously.
The_Passerby: I need to RP at people in the ALL CHAT>
The_Passerby: T_T
castlewise: Has pubg cycled back around to being hip again?
GlennSeto: Glad I at least terrified Serge. (Damn, my aim was poop.)
DarkMorford: Dix: I have a preamp I got at Goodwill, but I don't have a power supply for it right now.
jolly_flounder: @castlewise no but Apex has no customs
GlennSeto: It's all good. :D
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eric_christian_berg: Dare you hunt "The Most Dangerous James"?
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castlewise: ah
kassy_13: it's sad that this'll be the last game
drfox17: shooting serge is awkward
adamjford: James "Famous Manhunter" Turner
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kassy_13: yeah being shot hurts :(
Diabore: shooting serge is mean, he just goes "oh, ok"
62MGcobra: serge again!!!
kassy_13: not many left alive wow congrats james?
SAJewers: new game mode where no one can get shot Kappa
jolly_flounder: is Joe dead? I haven't heard anything from him in a bit
drfox17: actual quote by my old hometown's SWAT leader on why they needed the new sniper: "Some people just need to be shot"
ContingentCat: I'm shocked Serge, you asked so nicely
The_Passerby: @jolly_flounder Joe Died in the first five minutes
kassy_13: poor joe
The_Passerby: El Funko killed him the Loot Caves
xantos69: @The_Passerby Sorry, I heard your truck and just had to go take a peek. Suppressed SKS does good work
The_Passerby: I was north of them
kassy_13: barely got to play :(
kassy_13: it definitely wasn't james
The_Passerby: @xantos69 yeah, but did you see me through the foilage?
The_Passerby: @xantos69 ALSO BLOOD FUED
SlyTQ: look at my beautiful genasi babe
jolly_flounder: gdi Joe, you still need to shoot James 3 times based on our deal
Dix: yo SlyTQ that looks SO GOOD
GlennSeto: @SlyTQ You're right, she's perfect.
ContingentCat: @SlyTQ katesNice
drfox17: that is a nice art
SlyTQ: this is my fourth professional commission requst
jolly_flounder: @SlyTQ NICE! Water genasi?
Dryhad: Super cool TQ
SlyTQ: i have so many of her
xantos69: @The_Passerby Yea, it wasn't an easy shot, but you were on a straight line run....So I made a good guess and it paid out.
kassy_13: omg that's the race of my very first dnd character 7 years ago and i had FORGOTTEN
lord_wertornion: @SlyTQ That looks perfect katesNice
SlyTQ: Water/Storm Genasi, sailor background
drfox17: as a not!artist, this looks like magic to me
jolly_flounder: oh a true pirate babe!
castlewise: That is sweet art
eric_christian_berg: That is hella-sweet.
The_Passerby: @xantos69 that is my fault. I haven't wacky danced in a while. If I had did that, I probably would have made the last 5 meters to the rock. But that damn foilage.
Diabore: found funko
Diabore: CALLED IT
kassy_13: funkooooo
SajuukSjet: should've kept that door closed :D
drfox17: APEX
jolly_flounder: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
TheAinMAP: slytqRIP
castlewise: funko is dangerous
unarmedoracle: wanted it to be personal
62MGcobra: elfunkChunk
The_Passerby: @SlyTQ Awesome art. A++ on that commission artist.
kassy_13: it is beautiful
The_Passerby: I feel like someone is going to steal that OC, you'll find that picture on some random art website.
RayFK: Because Vegemite suuuuuucks
Mivair: I love her
Mivair: I love her so much @SlyTQ they did a very good job
Hot_Leather_Daddy: thats because it's always a sex thing
drfox17: That's because SlyTQ is a mature lady
Justherefortherewards: Oh theres a ca
kassy_13: she looks a cooler and fiercer than mine ever did, my water genasi was in love with her goddess and had no other opinions
TheWarbo: I thought Twitter did the "sensitive content" by account, not by post?
Justherefortherewards: cam
The_Passerby: @xantos69 so, blood feud
The_Passerby: ?
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (1:29 from now).
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Electro_Irisu: Go james shoots the mans
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xantos69: @The_Passerby What is this "blood feud"
GlennSeto: Chat, is the Beryl just poop for accuracy or do I need to git gud?
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Phosfur: Vegemite is good for the eyes!
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NathanJay_GA: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (1:28 from now).
Diabore: @GlennSeto beryl has god awful recoil
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dyvion: I'm James Turner and I like to smell butts.
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GlennSeto: @Diabore Ok, that scans with my experience.
Diabore: so both? i guess?
Diabore: im shite with it too
jolly_flounder: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
HondoTrigger: elfunkChunk
xantos69: Oh....Funko you monster.
Unas84: @El_Funko GGs
DarkMorford: James, totally unrelated question. I'm looking at getting a U-Turn Orbit in the next week or two, should I spring for the Ortofon Red or just stay with the stock AT cartridge? Also, built-in or external preamp?
jolly_flounder: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
jolly_flounder: slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh
jolly_flounder: elfunkHeart
TheWarbo: Oh right, I had stopped giving bits for a bit to buy in bulk, so here ya go. cheer3000 Thanks for another fun Tuesday of "James plays games I don't play"
korvys: Apex?
xantos69: cheer50 bits for James! Keep on doing the PUBGs
Dix: I use my AV Receiver as an external preamp
El_Funko: @korvys I hope so
dyvion: CurseLit
Dix: Unless you have super good speakers right now, you may not hear much of a difference between the Ortofon and AT cartridges
jolly_flounder: Gotta go do the sleeps now, see ya chat and James and frands! elfunkHeart
DarkMorford: Yeah, I want an open-reel deck, but they're so pricey
El_Funko: Ape Legs Ape Legs Ape Legs
dyvion: APEX!!!! WOOO!
MilkInBag: ItsBoshyTime seabatBRAIN HE DID IT seabatBRAIN ItsBoshyTime
jolly_flounder: @El_Funko pls don't make this a thing
chickenace11: for some reason I can't play apex
MilkInBag: password : iloveadam
jolly_flounder: anyways, sleep. Bye you monsters!
NarishmaReborn: buttslol?
MilkInBag: D:
malc: owwww
withr: scratchs
drfox17: mawp
Amentur: Mawp
red_shoes_jeff: MAWP
Tplayne: hmmm
Jorge4hg: ouch
Zebunisher: mawp
Fugi: james why
brainbosh: OW
Kirserella: :8
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh
MilkInBag: yes
Roosevelt: rip ears
virgil82: mawp!
Unas84: yeah we can
Pteraspidomorphi: I thought it was on my side for a moment
Dryhad: We hear
Zebunisher: its fine
underhill33: we can
margieargie: Speaking of "deafen"...
Ragnarakk: projNICE
LairofLore: that was...a noise from hell?
DarkMorford: Dix I have a set of Mackie studio monitors, so they're solid but not extraordinary.
postmodernpajamawrestler: He did in fact do it lrrGOAT adam is the seaboshy
GlennSeto: yes, also mawp
malc: we can hear you through the shredded remains of our ears
Tplayne: its the NSA/CIA
Mangledpixel: yes, but ow
dyvion: yes
Dix: RIP discord
MilkInBag: a ghost passed through the audio cable
red_shoes_jeff: WE can
eric_christian_berg: I can hear you! :)
62MGcobra: happens with apex i find
virgil82: Ruh Roh Raggy..
red_shoes_jeff: pop
virgil82: Getting a pop here and there.
Tplayne: solar flares
brainbosh: Did comp electrocute itself?
SquareDotCube: I think that was your computer satying "I've had enough!"
ContingentCat: the ghosts of Snap Crackly and Pop, go get some rice crispies and put it in a pentagram
62MGcobra: hm maybe not?
Dix: yikes?
MilkInBag: MrDestructoid
Jorge4hg: oh god
red_shoes_jeff: GEH
freshmaker__: mawp
withr: ouch
Amentur: cohhBot
Mangledpixel: thank you for the mute
62MGcobra: lrrSPOOP
The_Passerby: That killed me.
Kirserella: *meep*
brainbosh: ouch warn please
malc: your computer just fried itself?
delta__vee: stream is fine, and other than strange staticky noise everything seems ok on this end?
dyvion: James is taking up a new hobby, scratching records.
Fruan: Looks like it's .... One More technical problem.
MilkInBag: the POWER of christ COMPELS YOU
chickenace11: to answer the first question ghost and to answer the second question more ghosts
ContingentCat: lrrSPOOP
Alephred: Victoria has become Silent Hill.
Ragnarakk: protonGlitch protonGlitch
delta__vee: did gaming computer died?
eric_christian_berg: ZUUUUL
virgil82: @Fruan .. Unos Mas?
ContingentCat: it's the snow, all the ghosts that were outside have come in
B4rberblacksheep: hello
Tplayne: hi, its me
trilemma85: Does James realize he's streaming?
MilkInBag: yes
B4rberblacksheep: Woah sizzle
malc: do the technical difficulties dance
SlyTQ: slytqBORK slytqBORK
dyvion: Is there no lag right now?
Pteraspidomorphi: What's the thing that does the noise?
Mangledpixel: seems like a reboot situation, methinks
GoblinRanger: well softer static now at least
CururuGuasu: Something similar happened during Dice Friends last night. Clearly the Moon Base is haunted
TheWarbo: !panic
Ragnarakk: protonGlitch protonGlitch protonGlitch
dyvion: stream lag I mean.
red_shoes_jeff: Better Call Paul
malc: high quality software!
Jorge4hg: because chat
GoblinRanger: apex has compatability issues with the sweater
ContingentCat: because lrrSPOOP
malc: lol goblinranger
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BusTed: A good day to you all.
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Kirserella: It's like something bad is in my ears.. I don't like!
B4rberblacksheep: It's even done this through a reboot? damn
Jorge4hg: it's the hat
Mangledpixel: at a guess? sound driver issues
brainbosh: What is even happening? All we hear is painful static, that's it.
Fruan: Apex Legend's accessability features are so advanced that it is trying to deafen us all to take advantage of them.
ContingentCat: geoguessr
SajuukSjet: Apex Legends is hunting down and killing all other BR games on the machine Kappa
ContingentCat: try taking off the PUBG stuff
EdMaxt: sergeSheep
B4rberblacksheep: I assume you have rebooted it all? That's crap
Mangledpixel: I would suggest checking sound and graphics drivers
MrBevers: I had an issue like this with another game a while back, the game was like trying to take over the audio devices
pinpointersk: james
malc: we hear discord but not youtube
MrBevers: yes
SlyTQ: yes
dyvion: yes
pinpointersk: yes
B4rberblacksheep: Yeah we hear that
Mangledpixel: yes
brainbosh: Yes
SerGarretCameron: yes.
TheSoftestBunny: yes
withr: yep
Ravynn: Yup
plaidscientist: yee
Kirserella: Yes
GoblinRanger: yes heard Joe
pinpointersk: ouch
Zebunisher: zep
Amentur: We hear Joe
red_shoes_jeff: Yes
ContingentCat: yes
EdMaxt: yeap
TheWarbo: chat heard
malc: reboot the gaming PC?
SerGarretCameron: I'm sorry.
FickleMuse: If the ingame chat trying to take over?
Kirserella: Spoopy day..
EvilBadman: Yes, JoeKim said "hi, hello, this is us talking"
Talin06: Yes
Pteraspidomorphi: I blame Shaw for the audio
Jorge4hg: You're not james lrrHEART
malc: youtube is muted? ;)
margieargie: The ghosts from the game in last stream are possessing the computer lrrSPOOP
EdMaxt: windows mixer??
MrBevers: check your default audio devices in windows
kingoftuesdaynight: YO JAMES
TheWarbo: !quote 2045
LRRbot: Quote #2045: "The game is fine. The problem is James." —Serge [2016-03-04]
kingoftuesdaynight: ADAM IS THE BOSHY
malc: hah, good quote
kingoftuesdaynight: HE DID IT MY GUY
Jorge4hg: It's the hat james
Kirserella: Ok... so.. all the trouble todday, started when Kathleen and Jacob saw that spoopy arcade game in Arcade Spirits..
pinpointersk: !quote 2045
MrBevers: kingoftuesdaynight he beat it?
EvilBadman: Adam will just move onto the next challenge.
MrBevers: that's awesome!
kingoftuesdaynight: He's stated that the next game is going to be something easy
kingoftuesdaynight: But that's what he said after Torchless Bloodmoon
MrBevers: a game for babies?
kingoftuesdaynight: and then we started boshy the very next day
ContingentCat: @kingoftuesdaynight so minecraft?
kingoftuesdaynight: I'm voting Kirby or KH
kingoftuesdaynight: That said, most games are going to be easy compared to that
JonTheGoose: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 47:57.
TheWarbo: I have voted minecraft
TheWarbo: !findquote god's perfect game
LRRbot: Quote #4860: "Minecraft: God's perfect game." —Adam [2018-03-27]
incredulouspasserby: Are we also celebrating Adam over here?
El_Funko: We can hear you just fine
JoeKim: we're both talking
Kirserella: No sounds
EvilBadman: We cannot hear discord either now
JoeKim: and can hear you great
GoblinRanger: yeah now silent
Jorge4hg: that pc is haunted
El_Funko: I'm saying very lovely things about you, it's a shame you can't hear them
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (1:14 from now).
chickenace11: about chat james or both el_funko
El_Funko: About everyone
El_Funko: This is the nicest I've ever been
El_Funko: Guess that's the last time I do that
TheWarbo: Discord was too confused by funko being nice
omdorastrix: lrrFINE lrrFINE
NathanJay_GA: Uh, is Windows acting up?
ContingentCat: yup we saw that
JoeKim: it's true
EvilBadman: win10 boofed my sound drivers after a recent reset and I had to reinstall the drivers.
JoeKim: just fantastic things
Jorge4hg: you're not wrong
Dryhad: Hi Heather!
ContingentCat: hi Hodor
Jorge4hg: Heather!!! lrrHEART
FickleMuse: Heather!
Mangledpixel: if the device isn't there, you'll need to reinstall drivers
Unas84: We can play a game without sound!
Unas84: GeoGuessr!
Kirserella: Heather is MAGIC! <3
ContingentCat: you don't want to preserve the vod of James trying to figure out what's wrong?
CrazymattCaptain: break everything and something will end up fixed
esoteric_banana: you need to upgrade to a soundblaster
SquareDotCube: Maybe the PC is protesting the constant battle royale
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Poor Paul <3
SharkHero08: Time for a new PC?
Foxmar320: Paul foxmarLOVE
ContingentCat: he was here earlier
Unas84: Didn't you learn anything from playing PCBuilderSim last week James?
kumatsu: Time for a new James
TheWarbo: Only one way to find out
Foxmar320: Can I have the old PC :P
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Mysticman89: pc build sim live edition?
NickTheDM: I just got here why are we sitting in silence?
Mangledpixel: try reversing the polarity of the neutron flow
withr: been watching you run a PCshop in the replay so you will be great at building a new PC
incredulouspasserby: @NickTheDM Xsplit is unhappy
Unas84: NT We Hues?
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malc: it's pronounced "throatwobbler mangrove"
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aWabbajack: Yayp!
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Ragnarakk: protonGlitch protonGlitch protonGlitch
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aWabbajack: Yep!
Mysticman89: one more tech problem with james
TheWarbo: Name it #BlameJames
aquinas_0: how many ways CAN LRR mispronounce thomas AQUINAS :P
MilkInBag: Tech problems with James: No solutions
EvilBadman: Put it up at PC Building Simulator Part 2
Jorge4hg: paul, the pc is haunted
korvys: Heather, I like your shirt
Foxmar320: Anyone else suddenly getting stream quality of hot garbage?
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Fruan: Pronunciation guide - Froo An
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robo__nixon: Glad you guys are talking :P
aWabbajack: watching the VOD for pc simulator right now
aquinas_0: (is joking)
CrazymattCaptain: just cut the best parts together and post it as a silly VOD
GoblinRanger: cheer100 don't do what now?
reptileviking: I've been here before I just missed a while!
Unas84: @Foxmar320 no?
TheWarbo: I gave you like three thousand just now! :-P
malc: stream quality still fine here
Pteraspidomorphi: Stream fine here
Kirserella: Stream is fine here Foxmar..
robo__nixon: cheer100 One one-hundredth of a sound card!
Fruan: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
malc: content quality, on the other hand ;-)
ContingentCat: stream looks good
Foxmar320: Hmmm must just me my end on that then. Suddenly the stream looks like butt.
RonnyConcrete: It seems this has turned into "... One more technical error?"
aWabbajack: cheer129 PC Building Simulator episode is nice.
kumatsu: James I don't think you have enough PUBG branded stuff on
Unas84: PUBG shorts?
BusTed: Reppin' the brand.
Dix: #Sponsored
GlennSeto: Damn.
El_Funko: "And here's my nips." - James Turner
Jorge4hg: Sponsored
Kirserella: Lol Funko :)
Fruan: That sounds like a challenge for Mail Time
ContingentCat: and you're wondering why Aphex is having problems
circusofkirkus: PUBG skort?
ratzgobbler: #Consored #Spontent
aWabbajack: elfunkChunk kathle3HEX mrweebHypeham lrrHAM
incredulouspasserby: okbaiiii
GoblinRanger: chair!
Jorge4hg: Hail char
TehAmelie: and Percival
aWabbajack: Glorious Sitter: Chair
Kirserella: lol! I was waiting for the ow.. Either from knees or head..
malc: gdi, James went under the desk and my PC turned off
margieargie: Ow count is 3
Jorge4hg: yes we saw chair
ThingsOnMyStream: My plan is working perfectly
malc: hi Paul :)
Kirserella: Hi Paul! <3
Jorge4hg: Hi paul
GlennSeto: Gremlins?
aWabbajack: o hai Mark
withr: Hi Paul
TheAinMAP: Are there less painful ways to do this?
red_shoes_jeff: Ok
CaptainSpam: So something went wrong at work and we can't do anything. So I tune in to this and you can't do anything either. Perfect!
Ins0mniZack: that was really weird tuning in to nothing but an empty chair
Kirserella: Is it just me, or is it oddly satisfying to have James crawl around in pain on his knees..?
aWabbajack: oh hey the wallpaper featured on PC Builder Simulator
incredulouspasserby: @Kirserella might want to get that kink checked out
Darleysam: impromptu TTSF, cool
TheWarbo: everything *does* hurt
NeuterCommuter: Maybe it is all about the journey to play video games?
ThingsOnMyStream: Stop breaking our stuff
EvilBadman: I found the problem, Fallout76 still installed. Hah, boom, gottem
Godeke: notlikethis10000
Foxmar320: Play more Minecraft we don't need to hear that :P
Sarah_Serinde: Somehow it's Apex's fault
Jorge4hg: jaaames
MadAran87: Poor James.
Darleysam: play The Quiet Man
rocketjohn: yes, that is evidence of you having broken it since
GoblinRanger: good plan
malc: woah
Darleysam: problem solved
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Definitely a not like this sscenario
Kirserella: @incredulouspasserby :) No, I'm fine thanks <3
Sarah_Serinde: Appropriate bit emote
ContingentCat: katesBoosh lrrHEART
Plasterboard: What is the variable here? It was working earlier, James was introduced into the mix, now it ain't workin' :P
TheAinMAP: katesBoosh <3
EvilBadman: bring the giant wine Glass
Foxmar320: So this is how the newest Crapshots gets setup
aWabbajack: ooh snap
ContingentCat: um wat
CrazymattCaptain: restart, boot Apex, boot discord?
aWabbajack: feliciaYEAH feliciaYEAH lrrHORN
EchoBrozer: You could clone the output using "Audio Router"
red_shoes_jeff: Is there room in the tarp budget to open a tab?
malc: holy bus
TheAinMAP: Oh, that glass.
incredulouspasserby: Oh that's beautiful
TheMoatman: That is a *giant* wine glass
Jorge4hg: absolute unit
GlennSeto: ummm
Foxmar320: Now just need a long straw
ContingentCat: d a m n
Mysticman89: has anyone consumed wine out of that?
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: The acre
rocketjohn: also SWS is up
korvys: How much did that cost?
Dryhad: Oh no! James has been shrunk to the size of a wine glass!
Unas84: is that thing actual glas or plastic?
kazriko: Today's Cohost, Giant Wineglass.
brainbosh: Omg if that is actually glass pleas don't be so harsh with it.
rocketjohn: oh, cue mailtime being innundated
malc: that wine glass is so big that I drove my virtual car into the virtual sea
TheWarbo: RIP Mail Time
ContingentCat: "a couple"
omdorastrix: James, that means: "Send us all your spindowns"
incredulouspasserby: Right. So. Who's in?
BusTed: At which point it will shatter.
GoblinRanger: ooh mail time is going to be fun this month
rocketjohn: new packaging materials
Phosfur: Next Mail time is gonna be interesting lol
weff47: holy crap
Kirserella: That Crap Shot was *chefs kiss* SO good.. watched it just after coming home from work.. so it hit the spot :D
korvys: That's 20 PPRs
red_shoes_jeff: That glass might ALMOST be large enough to hold all my dice.
Jorge4hg: we need a bigger cup
omdorastrix: when you say it like that
NeuterCommuter: Careful James, Chat will take you up on that challenge tenfold.
Fruan: Is this a call for us all to send our spindowns to Mail Time?
SquareDotCube: "I'd like enough wine to immediately die from alcohol poisoning, please"
CaptainSpam: Roll 160d20 to fix PC.
aWabbajack: i wonder if that glass could support liquid without it breaking
markaci: That's a lot of prerelease boxes
ContingentCat: smash cut to next mail time, massive box of those dice
aWabbajack: looks like its for show
electroswagnetism: that's like 230 more prerelease kits before it hits capacity
aWabbajack: lrrSIGNAL
Jorge4hg: woooo a new problem
Dryhad: Mail Time, February 2019: Spindowns, Sweets, and Spiders
TheWarbo: James being an innovator here
SharkHero08: your getting 2k spindown in thte mail
GoblinRanger: yay new problems!
gualdhar: I'm really happy you guys didn't mix wine bottles.
Crokoking: so you fill it, it breaks and the next five companies in that space after you will still find some
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun i am loving the resurgeance of out-of-office crapshots
ContingentCat: and costco's great at taking returns
EchoBrozer: Device Manager
EdMaxt: device manager
Jorge4hg: Very carefully?
Dryhad: BTW, I hope that bottle of wine you poured into it didn't go to waste afterwards
Kirserella: @rocketjohn Me too :)
aWabbajack: would be alcohol abuse if so.
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun Right-click the Start bubble, select "Device Manager," you can enable/disable stuff in there.
TheWarbo: James did you break it worse
Jorge4hg: oh no
Foxmar320: That face tells me something broke
BuggDoubt: lrrFINE
esoteric_banana: watTrashcan
chickenace11: this reminds me of the time when James had to stream with a five min delay for magic and he played a game with the camera still in booth mode
delta__vee: so look at the other screen you had
malc: in sound properties that'll show up as the display, and it did, but those were disabled
malc: maybe they shouldn't be...
DarkMorford: I think the Realtek is the sound card, Nvidia would be the HDMI port.
Gascitygaming: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (58m from now).
TheWarbo: Today on ...One More?: "All of LRR chat attempts to troubleshoot the computer at once"
malc: Open sound properties -> Manage sound devices -> the monitor -> Enable
NeuterCommuter: When in doubt, restart everything and check all the wires are still connected.
ThingsOnMyStream: open the real sound control panel (Open sound Settings and click on the sound control panel link)
omdorastrix: Well. we know it works/worked without Apex, right?
Gascitygaming: welcome to LRR's newest show "Watch and Troubleshoot"
EchoBrozer: Realtek is almost certainly the on board sound
gamercat88: how is the snow?
62MGcobra: sound lrrCOW
Fruan: Fringe hypothesis - your HDMI cable is damaged
FickleMuse: So. I've had windows lose my sound. It was reading the speaker as headphones and wouldn't play through the speakers unless the headphones were plugged in. It figured itself out? I don't actually know now I fixed it.
EchoBrozer: NVidia would be out of the Card
Jorge4hg: this is such a weird problem
malc: one of those which says Disabled probably shouldn't be
DarkMorford: It thinks it's not plugged in?
ThingsOnMyStream: except we are literally looking at the HDMI output right now :(
delta__vee: what are those disabled ones at the top of the list?
malc: those will be for graphics ports you're not using
esoteric_banana: try a different cable and see?
CrazymattCaptain: in to the room of cables to find a spare
malc: one of those labeled 24G.... enable it.
red_shoes_jeff: Got another cable kicking around?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: tbh watching James do this makes me feel better about how I talk/feel when I have computer issues
ThingsOnMyStream: sure try it
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: So thanks James lrrHEART
Kirserella: Oh god.. this is reminding me too hard of f*cking around with audio outputs for the phone app on my work computer... it always resets on me..
A_Catastrophic_Success: @ficklemuse I have seen that many times. Usual fix is to uninstall the driver in device manager and let windows rediscover the device and reinstall the drivers.
Jorge4hg: to the spare cable!
gamercat88: have we tried turning it on and off?
chickenace11: we should get somebody in here telling us stories to past the time
malc: !advice
LRRbot: Flunge!
TheSoftestBunny: we actually did turn on and off
Foxmar320: The_Ocean_who_Subbed oh 100% agree. Always good to know technology breaks for everyone and not just me
incredulouspasserby: Meanwhile I'm trying to use this to learn how to troubleshoot because I'm in school for IT support and I'm not getting any real experience. So this is helpful in a different way
ThingsOnMyStream: somehow it is still sending video but has decided that it doesn't want to send audio over the HDMI
esoteric_banana: trying a new cable probably won't make it worse at least.
smquinn22: I'm confused
gamercat88: nice did the whole IT Crowd thing, love it
red_shoes_jeff: Man, whoever's on Talking Sim tonight's gonna be really pleased you fixed all this for them.
CrazymattCaptain: calling that window the "real sound control panel" sounds like a crapshot kind of thing to say
aWabbajack: thermal paste is missing
FickleMuse: A_Catastrophic_Success Yeah it's fixed now. It tends to happen after a windows update, so I'll keep it in mind if it happens again
brainbosh: Do HDMI cable "partially" break then?
Mysticman89: I assume theres more than one wire in an HDMI cable, so the one transporting specifically audio information could be messed up somehow.
Kirserella: Gnite guys.. see yall soon :)
aWabbajack: sorry, got that video on hehe
Mysticman89: although I don't know how hdmi works nenccessarily.
malc: thingsonmystream: the relevant HDMI audio device is disabled; pretty sure he just needs to enable it. the "not plugged in" ones are ports on the graphics card that you're not using, I think.
markaci: Is the cable gold plated?
drfox17: wait, Kathleen was on today's "New Kiss Tewsday"?
malc: lol that's new
gamercat88: wut
incredulouspasserby: Oh.
Feminine_Desires: uh
red_shoes_jeff: @drfox17 Yep
Zachasaurs: uh oh
dacardczar: UHH
incredulouspasserby: I see.
Jorge4hg: wat
ThingsOnMyStream: musch better!
brainbosh: NO{E
Foxmar320: ummmmmm
JoeKim: loose monitor cable?
JosephDeath: HDMI getting abstract I see
drfox17: "Everything is Fine"
FickleMuse: Perfect
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smquinn22: 30 Months, how did that happen?
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umbreonsky66: new prob
TheWarbo: lrrFINE
aWabbajack: lrrFINE feliciaSave
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: WELP
Xed_Regulus: Yay, things keep getting better!
rockyboy78: that seems fine??
ZaxusEMK: lol
gamercat88: lrrFINE lrrSCOOP
Kirserella: Someone clip that!
Phailhammer: sergeOffByOne
62MGcobra: but hows the sound
esoteric_banana: I stand corrected
EdMaxt: This happen to me before!! disable the audio device from the device manager, refresh and enable it again.
SquareDotCube: Time for a new HDMI switch?
ThingsOnMyStream: CrazymattCaptain it is "real" in the sense that it is the lower level control panel instead of the Windows 10 dumbed down control panel
Foxmar320: Thats not better
red_shoes_jeff: Oh NO...
drfox17: @red_shoes_jeff Was there Kissing? or at least a Graham voice act
smquinn22: gamma settings a little off
62MGcobra: blow in it
ContingentCat: we heard the sub notifier, or does that come from somewhere else?
Fruan: So either the card is fried or the driver is fried? One of those is easier to fix than the other.
malc: I wonder whether he'll scroll up and notice the ones which are plugged in :P
red_shoes_jeff: @drfox17 The voices did a Graham, yes.
Azarielle_Doom: lrrAWW unhappy compy >(
A_Catastrophic_Success: Reseat the cable ends, see if that helps the image at least
brainbosh: !advice
LRRbot: Dance like nobody's eating.
ThingsOnMyStream: malc the ones that do register appear to be the monitor speakers
r10pez10: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
smquinn22: This is fascinating
Foxmar320: Bertter
Foxmar320: Better even
Feminine_Desires: I wish this was windows 7, then I could solve your problems
EdMaxt: @ThingsOnMyStream This happen to me before!! disable the audio device from the device manager, refresh and enable it again.
Feminine_Desires: Because I had this same issue on windows 7
r10pez10: i seem to have tuned into the calm after the chaos
Deathbendofficial: Jinkines scoob
omdorastrix: Try a different HDMI port on the Video Card?
Foxmar320: r10pez10 oh no this is the chaos
malc: thingsonmystream: isn't one of those monitors connected via the HDMI splitter? so it's the stream too?
RassilonDND: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:13:02.
malc: maybe you have more monitors than I thought :)
r10pez10: Make Windows better
El_Funko: I think refresh was accidentally a word, disable/re-enable is effectively the same thing
RassilonDND: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 8:32:22. lrrSPOT
omdorastrix: Try a different port on the switch/splitter?
smquinn22: click on the volume, you might not have the correct output selected.... or you've already tried that and I sound stupid.
ThingsOnMyStream: is it possible that there are two monitor speaker devices because one of the 24GM79G is *actually* the hdmi output but mislabled?
ZealousCrow: What's going on?
Cmdrlyneye: This isnt device manager this is sound
incredulouspasserby: @ZealousCrow Welcome to Computer Issues Troubleshooting: The Stream
gamercat88: dude this comp simulator is too real
Mysticman89: try enabling those and see if that helps anything?
WillConquer: Rakdos.txt
NoxStryx: if one of those is the HDMI audid device it would disappear when you unplugged it right?
rockyboy78: you could try disabling one and testseperately
incredulouspasserby: Correct.
Mysticman89: is the approrpiate volume knob turned up?
gamercat88: yup hear that
Feminine_Desires: clicks
rocketjohn: sound occures
Papperslappen: clicketyclackty
brainbosh: Switch audio check
Foxmar320: Progress!
RassilonDND: I hate to ask, but have we tried turning it off and on again?
ThingsOnMyStream: PUBG on switch?
ContingentCat: that's something I guess
TheAinMAP: Yay progress!
Plasterboard: I think there's something radioactive near James atm
rockyboy78: Do you have two audio devices going simultaneously
Crokoking: maybe try plugging the pc into a different port on the switch?
62MGcobra: switch cables in the ports?
glitched_goddess: Oh hey are we playing IT Simulator this time?
red_shoes_jeff: Put PUBG on Switch, you cowards!
FlamesInTheSnow: Have you guys thought about terraria?
RassilonDND: it could be a loose/dead port.
delta__vee: isn't discord on the other computer?
El_Funko: How dare you
Foxmar320: #BlameApex
Skyboss1996: #JamesBlamesApex
JoeKim: how dare you besmirch Respawn's perfect game
TheWarbo: Discord is on the computer where we see the overay sometimes
Crokoking: plug the pc into a different port on the switch
Papperslappen: Have you restarted the hdmi switch or tried another port on it?
gamercat88: apex flexed and broke the sound output
TheWarbo: I mean the Device Manager idea seems like what I'd do now, but I am no expert
Papperslappen: watch apex destroy other ports on the witch as well
delta__vee: sorry for the confusion, I mean, isn't discord on a different comptuer than the one that there is a problem getting sound from?
ContingentCat: welp I guess Apex isn't going to replace Pubg any time soon
FlamesInTheSnow: error chair
CrazymattCaptain: the game and discord were on the same computer
Feminine_Desires: @LoadingReadyRun James, windows audio can at times just crash if you run certain programs. I've had it done this same thing on programs I ran before (like Team Fortress 2). You pretty much have to restart the whole audiotech sound drive setup for it to work again. It's not Apex's fault, windows just does this sometimes.
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun Maybe try going back to Device Manager (right-click the Start bubble) and uninstall the Nvidia audio device. Then hit the "Scan for hardware changes" button and see if Windows picks it back up.
Erudite_Cynic: get Adam to help, he is a Boshy now. that is like a god right?
rockyboy78: it sounds like you have a conflict in audio devices (more than one try to use the same time)
RassilonDND: someone physically drive Paul back to the office?
Crokoking: maybe the audio-part of the gpu is just fried....
Feminine_Desires: Like, I had to reinstall the whole drivers for it to work myself when I had this issue
rockyboy78: disable one at a time and test
ThingsOnMyStream: I find it interesting that the monitor speakers don't work either
HondoTrigger: Just got here, what are we dealing with chat?
Vanbael: just got home from work, how goes chat and James?
Feminine_Desires: Yeah it'll be all forms of audio out.
ThingsOnMyStream: try plugging headphones directly into computer and use realtek
red_shoes_jeff: I'll be perfectly honest, chat. I kinda wanna blame this on the weather. Everything else has been shut down by the snow around here, why not the computers as well?
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electric_claire: "James tries to fix audio problems" is a pretty chill stream
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A_Catastrophic_Success: You almost got it, James. Go back to where you were in device manager and choose Uninstall Device from that menu. You then can scan for hardware changes to get it back.
Feminine_Desires: My only suggestion (as this is what fixed it for me) would be to reinstall realtek drivers.
delta__vee: your headphones aren't connected to a digital output, james
rockyboy78: Not even in headphones?
glitched_goddess: Like I would say how weird is it that 355 people are watching tech trouble shooting. But that’s why I love this community, we actually like this lol.
ThingsOnMyStream: so I guess it isn't actually an HDMI thing. Maybe not even a NVidia thing
Feminine_Desires: Nope, realtek needs to be reinstalled.
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Archonic_Energy: hope you are all having a great night!
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Feminine_Desires: No
Mysticman89: im so capitvated by this that my productivity in the other window is basically nothing
Feminine_Desires: All audio out will have crashed entirely.
delta__vee: it's like you're not even reading the word
delta__vee: *words
Vanbael: off topic, new crapshot?
chickenace11: so this is how you end up in that crapshot
NeuterCommuter: James is going to need a drink that size after this sound issue.
kazriko: PC Building Simulator, live on stream. Oh wait, it's troubleshooting the stream pc. :)
Alsritt: did i miss talking sim, or is that tomorow?
Jay_Blanc: You're sending to the Digital Output not the Analogue. I assume the headphones aren't connected to that?
Mysticman89: driver reinstall seems like the next step imo
Feminine_Desires: ^
Papperslappen: put a lapel mic in the headphones straight into the mixer, problem solved
electric_claire: all of them
Feminine_Desires: Realtek drivers.
ContingentCat: all of them just to be safe
esoteric_banana: Minnie driver
DarkMorford: Realtek is working, it's the NVidia that's busted.
Mysticman89: nvidia one then?
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Jay_Blanc: It's my favourite streaming game... Technical Difficulties.
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ThingsOnMyStream: I guess maybe nvidia reinstall?
rockyboy78: it sounds like internal conflict on sound card
DarkMorford: Yes, uninstall that, then scan for changes.
incredulouspasserby: I believe that is, at least, safe.
Foxmar320: Its worth a shot
ThingsOnMyStream: go ahead
Vanbael: just gonna step back and let Paul have his say, he knows the setup better than me.
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thelastgedi: Please stand by
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Awexdio: Is this a bonus Tinker Tailor Solder Fry?
FlamesInTheSnow: What are your feelings about terraria James?
Foxmar320: Understandable to wait on Paul. Paul knows the setup way more than chat. :P
Xafty: to be fair, i would be waiting for paul too
the_cardiac_people: This is really realistic pc building sim
incredulouspasserby: Now right click that and say look for drivers
ContingentCat: if I had access to a Paul I'd want his ok too
incredulouspasserby: I mean, again, rando, but that's the next step.
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Wolveroo: Seven months wait is that how long we have been waiting? You got this.
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incredulouspasserby: Hm.
incredulouspasserby: It's not saying NVidia now. That's odd.
Foxmar320: My guess is it installed default drivers now that Nvidia is gone.
ThingsOnMyStream: I think we are at reinstall the nvidia drivers point
Feminine_Desires: Yeah those are default
Crokoking: try running a normal nvidia installer
Feminine_Desires: I have those driver names on my realtek only audio setup.
zerg539: Time to download new Nvidia drivers
Alsritt: dangit james, u broke everything
DarkMorford: You might want to go to Nvidia's site and redownload the driver just to be safe.
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aussz: I sub for aggravating troubleshooting walkthroughs.
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aussz: perfect
TheSoftestBunny: yep
TheManaLeek: We're here
SnowJP: hi
malc: I'm not still here
FickleMuse: yes
gamercat88: we are here
TheAinMAP: Hello.
Acromonk: You bet
DarkMorford: Chat is here
Skyboss1996: We're here?
wordswords1: I'm here too!
delta__vee: katesLurk
ContingentCat: yeah
Vanbael: Chat is here
red_shoes_jeff: Hello?
brainiac4: we're still here!
Feminine_Desires: We are just patiently waiting
7gorobei: here
Skyboss1996: WE'RE HERE!
banachspacebar: there was just a lull
TheManaLeek: It's going to be okayish
EdMaxt: sergeSheep sergeSheep sergeSheep
Jorge4hg: We're always here
rockyboy78: we are always here James
Vanbael: we all will be here in these trying times
Meyari: katesScared
thefoodmonger: I just got here.
Jay_Blanc: We're here to hold your hand.
kazriko: lrrFINE
margieargie: Don't worry, we're here for moral support, and also varyingly useful advice.
rockyboy78: progress bar my favorite video
Papperslappen: Chat is always watching, never blinking
zerg539: We were just sharpening the... Oh nevermind all that
esoteric_banana: we were all holding our breathes
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SnowJP: you're never alone :)
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warpspeed365: What is happening? Why is James alone? What have you all done!
incredulouspasserby: SOUND
red_shoes_jeff: "Welcome to Staving Off The Void, with tonight's special guests, The Chat!"
incredulouspasserby: Wait
incredulouspasserby: that was the phone
thefoodmonger: where is 'here?'
incredulouspasserby: SORRY
hd_dabnado: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (30m from now).
Vanbael: welp
Jay_Blanc: At this point, Chat is mission control in the movie version of Apollo 13.
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Havok4: Hello everyone in the soundless howling void!
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Jorge4hg: all of them
TheWarbo: ExpreienceBeejForce
Skyboss1996: Is it really a howling void if there is no soudn?
Vanbael: Wear all the headphones, become the ultimate mix master
warpspeed365: Is beej trapped in the computer.....again....
Jorge4hg: yes fun!
Baldrash: If nothing else, this just reminded me that I needed to update my video drivers.
Jay_Blanc: It's more of a background fan noise room tone void.
esoteric_banana: mix master j
Skyboss1996: I had a sandwich
Despoiler98: I have beer *sips*
Skyboss1996: Everything's coming up millhouse
gamercat88: nice downloading a driver, awesome!
TheWarbo: Yeah I have taken this as a reminder to check for updates on my system
lucha_libro: I'm still happy to be here.
TheWarbo: I am gonna have some booziness
Skyboss1996: Getting texts? Popular!
gamercat88: Is it still snowing?
rockyboy78: shouldn't the Twitch category change to chilling out and chatting
ThingsOnMyStream: I addition to a Level 5 Judge, Chat is also a Microsoft Certified Professional
red_shoes_jeff: Had some broccoli. With CHEESE ON IT.
warpspeed365: Wait you are supposed to update your drivers?
TheWarbo: I'm thinking the hot cocoa & Irish cream combo I've been doing lately
Skyboss1996: Uh
Skyboss1996: No we're good
Vanbael: 0? that's warm
62MGcobra: sounds warm
TheManaLeek: It's been raining freezing rain for over 12 hours's slippery as heck
red_shoes_jeff: Oh hey, plow just went past, I'm free.
Vanbael: what's it like to be at freezing, and not below?
rockyboy78: 0=32F
Skyboss1996: Who's ready for SLUSH SEASON
62MGcobra: my snow is not melting
mtvcdm: You get to go on a sea adventure!
gamercat88: yeah the melt is always the worst part and then the re-freezing that happens at night and black ice... def don't miss that
TheManaLeek: Restarting for drivers is thankfully kind of an outdated thing
red_shoes_jeff: NO!
Skyboss1996: *headdesk*
Jorge4hg: welp
Crokoking: have you tried switching out the hdmi cable?
zerg539: Restarting for drivers is only a sometimes thing with modern programming
ThingsOnMyStream: microphone is still working well. nice bass on the head desk
zerg539: Even when they say to restart it usually works fine
DarkMorford: Might be worth a restart just to be safe, but at this point I'm kinda stumped.
Jay_Blanc: No, that is correct. Nvidia drivers always show multiple possible audio outputs, for monitors you haven't connected.
red_shoes_jeff: Explains the resonance.
TheWarbo: TIRED: headdesk. WIRED: hatbrimdesk
Banrael: Hi James
gamercat88: but this fix the computer game is fun
Banrael: Hi chat
Phailhammer: ThingsOnMyStream: Small mercies.
Skyboss1996: Geogessur?
Vanbael: hey Banrael
Hatty0: try the otherone that says its plugged in?
incredulouspasserby: Hey James, you said that things broke when you restarted the computer. Have you tried a second restart?
ContingentCat: one always lies, one always tells the truth,
62MGcobra: theres 4 your only using 2 ports
Jay_Blanc: The ones called 'Nvidia Output' are the unconnected ones. The two *above* that are the HDMI outputs.
brainbosh: Uh, rip? and back up?
Banrael: I love the name @vanbael
Jay_Blanc: They're named after the monitors, because that's what's connected to them.
Feminine_Desires: MWAMP
Hatty0: SOUND!
Juliamon: OH
incredulouspasserby: SOUND
SnowJP: :O
TheWarbo: HUZZA
DarkMorford: Hey!
Skyboss1996: We need all the wine
Jorge4hg: OMG
Vanbael: SOUND!
Despoiler98: ALL OF IT
FickleMuse: There we are!
TheAinMAP: There sound.
zerg539: VICTORY
Skyboss1996: Mawp
gamercat88: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TheSoftestBunny: souuuuuuund lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
underhill33: WOOHOO
malc: appropriate
Hatty0: james is a wizard
sarahphim_: VICTORY!
gamercat88: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
margieargie: YEEEEESSSS!
EdMaxt: Wooooooooooooooooo!!!
Crokoking: pretty sure the driver install fixed it
Skyboss1996: This crapshot is now very presiant
ContingentCat: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Feminine_Desires: anniHYPE anniHYPE anniHYPE anniHYPE anniHYPE
ThingsOnMyStream: WTF. SO it is just mislabeled?
gredgredmansson: an acre of wine
Vanbael: I'd like 1 acre of wine plox
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeCheers
Jorge4hg: Such a good crapshot
Papperslappen: You have earned that glass
zerg539: Perfect Crapshot for the situation
SnowJP: GOOD crapshot
umbreonsky66: Ta-da its like magic
RealGamerCow: where did you find that glass?
62MGcobra: this is james in 10 minutes
rockyboy78: you had an internal conflict both were trying to operate
TheOtherTrevor: I'm disappointed that Ian didn't drop the bottle in entirely after emptying it
EdMaxt: now try Apex !!
EOstby: Where did you get that glass? I desire to know for....reasons.
Kykiwi: did ya guys at least drink all that wine?
TheSoftestBunny: Costco he said
ThingsOnMyStream: and the windows test tones decided not to play
Hatty0: yes
DrWreckage: Adam is Boshy
TheManaLeek: TheOneThatWorks
Papperslappen: Name it Adam
TheWarbo: EOstby they said CostCo earlier
EdMaxt: sure
TheOtherTrevor: Turnip
rockyboy78: The one the works
ThingsOnMyStream: please do
62MGcobra: game monitor
stevestein: Rename it "Buttslol"
Foxmar320: Name it "Use this one!"
Jorge4hg: The one that works
Skyboss1996: "What I think you heard was *give me a lot of the wine*. What I said was *Give me all of your wine*"
brainbosh: So how hard was it to drink the wine out of that glass?
ContingentCat: Name it Turnip
Jay_Blanc: Note: You'll lose this the next time the drivers get reinstalled.
TheWarbo: "Jimmy T's Audio"
Dedwrekka: rename it "Butts"
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (22m from now).
TheWarbo: (I forget the full name of those games)
rockyboy78: Apex?
Hatty0: technology sucks
stevestein: Make it "Stream audio USE THIS ONE FINAL FINAL 2"
Plasterboard: rename it -> "James' Infallible Sound Device"
62MGcobra: test it
Foxmar320: Yeah :(
ContingentCat: are we going to chance it with Apex?
7gorobei: chill with geoguesser
EdMaxt: just check if it works apex
ContingentCat: Geoguessr?
62MGcobra: go
Feminine_Desires: yes
virgil82: Serge has fired on Minecraft as well.
Banrael: cheer200 for audio
TheOtherTrevor: What is on talking sim today?
gamercat88: gotta test it right
Foxmar320: Yeah give it a shot
Jorge4hg: do it
EdMaxt: yes
brainbosh: Do eeet
rockyboy78: Do it!
Vanbael: yes
RassilonDND: go for a high loot run.
GanjaShimada: aleksYeet
incredulouspasserby: We have to dare
ContingentCat: NO
banachspacebar: I want to believe
RassilonDND: yes
Crokoking: do it
TheWarbo: Let's watch the world burn
CrazymattCaptain: we dare
Kykiwi: inhb4 apex bricks the computer
markaci: DO IT
ContingentCat: I don't trust it
62MGcobra: whats the worst that could hapen
ThingsOnMyStream: I guess you know how to fix it now?
freshmaker__: glhf
GanjaShimada: what happened last time
Plasterboard: Do it! Open Apex, just give us a second to rip our ear buds out first
gamercat88: YOLO
Foxmar320: Cant hurt to try it
Despoiler98: yes Poke the bear
rockyboy78: In the Words of Adam "Do it you coward."
Foxmar320: If it breaks it again we know for sure thats what it was
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (21m from now).
1losttheGame: Has the computer had trouble?
ContingentCat: yeah it never Should have done anything and yet here we are
TheWarbo: !findquote coward
LRRbot: Quote #5505: "Put me in Smash, you cowards." —Graham [2018-11-11]
62MGcobra: boom
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Despoiler98: WELP
Foxmar320: ummmmm
Skyboss1996: WEll
Kykiwi: apex why
Foxmar320: So it was Apex?!
malc: mawp
Skyboss1996: MAWOP
Vanbael: mawp
Despoiler98: It also killed the Stream
brainbosh: Bumble bees!!!!
Foxmar320: omg?!
Jorge4hg: omg is apex
freshmaker__: Wow Apex is haunted.
Vanbael: APex why
mtvcdm: Those are the bees from last night's Dice Friends.
JosephDeath: Is it Apex or anything that engages the video card?
Papperslappen: lrrSPOOP
ContingentCat: Apex is cursed burn it down
TheWarbo: Yeah stream video is also dead
SnowJP: lrrSPOOP
brainbosh: Good, news, confirmed source!
62MGcobra: reinstall apex when you get a chance
banachspacebar: Apex Legends is cursed
Crokoking: apex and your gpu really hate each other
Xed_Regulus: What if you try another game?
Foxmar320: welp im never installing Apex now
Dedwrekka: rip
stevestein: lrrFRUMP
rockyboy78: you have an evil spirit in the video card
Skyboss1996: Apex is cursed
ThingsOnMyStream: Apex, I have a bug report
Ragnarakk: 10/10 game buggy
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP coxManleee lrrFINE
dtrain_67: oops
virgil82: Dang Apex!
TheManaLeek: Apex is secretly a way to destroy everyone's computers?
mtvcdm: I think we know it's the game now.
Plasterboard: Do other games work properly?
Vanbael: yeah, I'd file a bug report nao
GanjaShimada: apex seems like it should still be in beta
RassilonDND: Apex killed the switch. 59 remain
Hatty0: *good technology*
El_Funko: What Nvidia drivers did you update to?
Zath_: Maybe just clear out Apex's settings? Force it back to defaults
Skyboss1996: Brother Paul! We need you to come please this machine spirit!
stevestein: Bonus Mine O'Clock!
Foxmar320: Yeah thats so strange
Crokoking: does sound still work now?
El_Funko: Yeah I know
incredulouspasserby: Did Apex update?
62MGcobra: lrrFINE
Zath_: Or just full up reinstall Apex
FickleMuse: Did Apex update at all?
Kykiwi: so it just apex?
El_Funko: I just remember reading someone say the very lastest ones do have some Apex issues in some instances, and to roll back to the previous version
Foxmar320: Good old dependable Minecraft
Kykiwi: wierd
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Simonark: When in doubt, do what you love?
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El_Funko: But it still shouldn't do *this*
ContingentCat: and that's all we really need
Kykiwi: wiiiiiierrrrd
aWabbajack: minecraft legends time
stevestein: That's a horrible shelter, James.
Papperslappen: maybe resetting apex settings to default
Skyboss1996: Huh
Jorge4hg: apex i think you have a weird bug
TheWarbo: #BlameApex
El_Funko: Yeah 418 has problems sometimes, and apparently 417 is better? I don't think they were "blows your shit up" problems tho
ContingentCat: Thankfully they weren't planning on doing Talking Sim Apex
ContingentCat: my theory is lrrSPOOP
Crokoking: could be sth like dx12 mode - those can have weird effects sometimes
62MGcobra: what about origin
Skyboss1996: The machine spirits are angered
El_Funko: Bizarre
DeltaDrifter: esports ready gaem
Mysticman89: this is why I'm scared of relatively new games until all the doom code is sussed out.
Papperslappen: you can probably just delete whatever file that stores apexs settings
62MGcobra: only game nvm
gamercat88: aliens
Despoiler98: Pray to the Omnissaiah?
Jorge4hg: sure
Foxmar320: Tries to repair and computer catches on fire foxmarFIRE
capt_canada924: Does anyone know what they're playing on Talking Sim?
Skyboss1996: Holy Omnissiah! Heal thy wounded servants!
El_Funko: Apex has found an issue: James Turner only plays Bangalore and the other Legends are sad about it
incredulouspasserby: @capt_canada924 Her Story
Despoiler98: *James' computer is quietly melting at home"
ThingsOnMyStream: Checking the patch notes.... Don't see anything about "Added Sound card Breaking"
DeltaDrifter: whats different between your home comp and this comp? serious question
Banrael: When I click repair on my car it does nothing
capt_canada924: @incredulouspasserby Thank you!
DeltaDrifter: like, parts wise
RassilonDND: don't jinx it. the curse will follow you home.
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dtrain_67: 6 months and immediately the game breaks everything
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DinoThrasher: Excuse you, Bloodhound for life
Phailhammer: ThingsOnMyStream: What about "Added bees?"
Skyboss1996: also, let's turn down the volume just in case?
Xed_Regulus: We're getting ~40 cm of snow in Ottawa tonight. I feel for you, James.
GoblinRanger: had to step away a bit, how goes the sound wars?
ThingsOnMyStream: "Added Sound card Bees preorder bonus"
Skyboss1996: Unless its's aready down
Jorge4hg: Umm
Foxmar320: hmmm
Skyboss1996: *processing*
aWabbajack: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
ThingsOnMyStream: is there a safe mode or default mode lauch for APEX?
Skyboss1996: Engage?
Despoiler98: dont believe it >.>
Foxmar320: One time?
gamercat88: must play 5 more hours of game
zerg539: Lets roll those dice
Skyboss1996: Nope
Jorge4hg: one time
Skyboss1996: One time
TheWarbo: Do you know the available command line arguments?
Despoiler98: slytqWTF slytqWTF slytqWTF slytqWTF
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red_shoes_jeff: Wise
mauricio7294: !following
freshmaker__: ded strim
FickleMuse: Welp.
red_shoes_jeff: Um
Despoiler98: slytqFacepalm slytqItsfine
Mysticman89: #doomcode
Foxmar320: Apex why you gotta be like this
mauricio7294: !followage
Skyboss1996: Well, starting from the bottom is better than starting from nowhere
FickleMuse: My ears appreciate you at least.
mtvcdm: Apex just does not play well with the Moonbase setup does it.
GoblinRanger: ooh on to the visuals level
Skyboss1996: That's void sound
mauricio7294: !commands
DeltaDrifter: did they have an update recently?
Papperslappen: !advice
LRRbot: Do not look directly at Mom.
Jay_Blanc: Check the resolution settings in game?
Jorge4hg: bizarre
Skyboss1996: We're gonna need the wine
Despoiler98: Apex offically BORKED
freshmaker__: thats a great crapshot btw
Foxmar320: Yeah its just Apex :(
Despoiler98: slytqBORK
Mysticman89: a solid read.
Kykiwi: donwload later dont wanna bleed into the next stream?
Jorge4hg: james read fast
freshmaker__: you can pause the dl at least
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (11m from now).
HesGotNoPants: did twitch remove watching commercials for free bits?
Skyboss1996: Utter the canticles of Download!
korvys: Do you want to check ahead of time if Her Story is going to work for TS?
RassilonDND: watch Alex walk in, slap the switch, and it fixes itself.
devin_yesthatdevin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (11m from now).
Foxmar320: HesGotNoPants no but they have not had any for me to watch for a while
ecocd: Which Matt?
mauricio7294: !ing
LRRbot: nginginginging...
korvys: I assume the Matt that lives there
Skyboss1996: Matt. Moonbase "makes good coffee" Matt
ContingentCat: @ecocd Matt Griffin
ContingentCat: not Wiggins
korvys: (i.e. not Wiggins)
korvys: Yes
ecocd: @contingentcat K. just making sure.
Foxmar320: I believe so
mysticsage1: yes
TheWarbo: That's the game I think of when I hear "Her Story"
Orgmastron: Yes that is the game
TheWarbo: and it's a very Talking Simmable game
Fruan: For clarity, can we just call Matt "The Griff"?
korvys: Matt, AKA Goatprince
aWabbajack: Le' Griff?
ecocd: @skyboss1996 People send the moonbase good coffee. This does not surprise me.
r10pez10: well the other one is Wiggins
Codydeven: is this all going on the vod?
HesGotNoPants: matt that the celesnia worship
mauricio7294: !spam
LRRbot: Today's spam counts: 0 hits, 0 repeat offenders, 0 bannings
MadAran87: Only darkness lies down this road.
CyberAsp: Oh man, an update for Tomato Way 2!
banachspacebar: Wow, you guys haven't been keeping Tomato Way 2 up to date?
Skyboss1996: UPDATE FOR TOMATO WAY 2?!
Jorge4hg: the best of days
SK__Ren: Frabjous day!
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ecocd: Download Stream is the best stream.
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Foxmar320: Im amazed Coming Out is still installed
Skyboss1996: A purge of the Watch and Play drive?
El_Funko: Yeah and Cuisine Royale, holy shit
r10pez10: a pox upon these cur-sed games
Mr_sandmens: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (7m from now).
Plasterboard: Curating your Steam Library can be a thing
incredulouspasserby: Oh hey, Astroneer. I need to try that game.
Skyboss1996: Aaaand?
Jorge4hg: where are you?
Foxmar320: Game?
r10pez10: i bet castle miner z is still there
Skyboss1996: any moment now
mauricio7294: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:55:53.
ContingentCat: oh no
HesGotNoPants: hard drive is full
Jorge4hg: fiuu
Skyboss1996: Ah, it was just thinking
Mysticman89: there is only good.
Foxmar320: Only "Good"
Skyboss1996: "Good"
TheWarbo: Good
Codydeven: good
Feminine_Desires: ALl good
delta__vee: I have a smol script to set all the steam games to not auto update so that I don't get random network distruptions from things I don't care about updating all the time
TheWarbo: I like this game.
Jorge4hg: YES
ContingentCat: lrrHORN
TheWarbo: The graphics look Good
margieargie: It's a game about choices, clearly.
mauricio7294: <message deleted>hey guys, anyone remember what command shows the follow age?
Phailhammer: Game has graphics? Good.
Skyboss1996: I do not belelive that Lrrbot has that
TheWarbo: !graphics good
Jorge4hg: almost there
Pal_Friendpatine: !followage ?
Codydeven: sound down just in case
korvys: !findquote good
LRRbot: Quote #1304: "We'll just BE good at Cube now." —James [2015-12-17]
Skyboss1996: Incoming mawp?
ThingsOnMyStream: anyone see how to reset the Apex video settings to default?
mauricio7294: <message deleted>!followage
margieargie: katesScared katesScared katesScared
MadAran87: ohno.
Despoiler98: slytqWTF
Skyboss1996: OH?!
Jorge4hg: OMG
Despoiler98: OH YEAH GOT THERE
Nakosushi: lrrSPOOP
Skyboss1996: NANI!?
TheWarbo: I see things!
Foxmar320: mauricio7294 Not sure thats a command
TheOtherTrevor: What if the problem only occurs when it is 100% installed?
ContingentCat: no crackles so there's that
mauricio7294: <message deleted>@pal_friendpatine didnt work, knows other?
Laserbeaks_Fury: YOu're windowed
A_Catastrophic_Success: Aaaaaand sound breaks
Jorge4hg: It did the thing
Mysticman89: fiddle with in game settings
GoblinRanger: better
Despoiler98: I HEAR IT
omdorastrix: Firewall prompt behind
brainbosh: Ther eis audio
gamercat88: oh snap
TheAinMAP: It works, in a way.
ContingentCat: and there's Sound!!
Jorge4hg: the repair work!
RassilonDND: I got sound!
r10pez10: in a tomato way, if you will
Banrael: So it was just Russian malware after all?
MadAran87: Hmm.
Codydeven: oh no
brainbosh: RIP
Pal_Friendpatine: Wait did you all have an issue with audio too?
Jorge4hg: ohh
red_shoes_jeff: Nope
Feminine_Desires: So it just doesn't like fullscreen?
TheAinMAP: katesBeans
ContingentCat: ohshit
Skyboss1996: AAAAH
Jorge4hg: the full screen?
circusofkirkus: hold
RassilonDND: then it went full screen and died
Laserbeaks_Fury: This game has issues going fullscreen in different resolutions
Despoiler98: That sounds like a bad wire
Foxmar320: Still static? Why?
JosephDeath: Is it the fullscreen causing it?
Mysticman89: so... play borderless fullscreen maybe?
Despoiler98: DONT TOUCH IT
stevestein: Holding
HesGotNoPants: owned, hope, pwn'd
incredulouspasserby: What the shit
ContingentCat: wat
Jorge4hg: omg when it's full screen
Skyboss1996: It only works in windowed
Fruan: How does that make any sense? WHY? HOW? WHY?
Foxmar320: wow
Skyboss1996: Whaaat
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El_Funko: Borderless is the only way to play baby, welcome to the club
incredulouspasserby: How.
Despoiler98: @Fruan dont ask
Jorge4hg: we found it
aWabbajack: hmm
Skyboss1996: Why
FickleMuse: Well at least that's a specific bug
Jorge4hg: you did it james
aWabbajack: we solved that murder mystery
El_Funko: Yeah that's weird tho
Mysticman89: I blame the doom code.
red_shoes_jeff: lrrGOAT
RassilonDND: its a big ol fat bug.
malc: quality software!
banachspacebar: Because Fullscreen is dark magic that is exceedingly cursed
Skyboss1996: Bug report
ContingentCat: well ok then
ThingsOnMyStream: Pal_Friendpatine did you have a sound issue?
Feminine_Desires: @LoadingReadyRun shall I make a clip of this so you can send a bug report with the clip?
margieargie: Figured it out just in time for the stream to end!
El_Funko: Alright let's jam some ga-awww
ContingentCat: and just in time
Banrael: lrrGOAT
A_Catastrophic_Success: Hello, I would like to report a bug.
Phailhammer: I had a framerate issue with Battlefront 2 that seemed to be caused by the same thing.
esoteric_banana: and we beat the game, congratulations
circusofkirkus: One More... bug?
markaci: 4 minutes to talking sim
TheWarbo: Huh, this isn't the first time Fullscreen has been an issue here. I remember a bunch of games went green in Fullscreen a while back
TheWarbo: But went fine in Borderless Window
kitthethird: Is that BGM a remix of something?
Foxmar320: welp
Skyboss1996: Thanks James
Jay_Blanc: Yup. Borderless Window mode is the only way you should run things when streaming, because of the many many compatibility issues with exclusive fullscreen.
Foxmar320: That was a thing
Jorge4hg: so good to know the issue
delta__vee: good work james lrrGOAT lrrHEART
mtvcdm: That stream sure happened.
ContingentCat: welp, thanks for streaming that James
PaperDoopliss: One more hour?
mastershake29x: this was a... stream
circusofkirkus: and in the meantime, Adam beat Boshy seabatBRAIN
TheWarbo: But we did get to go YAY ADAM
incredulouspasserby: I'm not a big fan of battle royale so like. Best One More ever from my perspective.
A_Catastrophic_Success: PC simulator looks sweet
mauricio7294: <message deleted>
TheWarbo is a proud new owner of the seabatBRAIN emote
mastershake29x: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Her Story) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (1m from now).
umbreonsky66: Loved Tech support the stream
GoblinRanger: tech with James stream, was fun
Jorge4hg: It's was fun
esoteric_banana: I came for the tech support
TheWarbo: Bonus LRRtech
ContingentCat: loved the impromptu lrrTech stream
ThingsOnMyStream: War Chest
Codydeven: have a good night james
Juliamon: ooooh!
Jorge4hg: omg YES
TheWarbo: ooooooooooooh
Mysticman89: oh a shmup
Foxmar320: oh wow
ThingsOnMyStream: coolio
Earthenone: i missed a lrrtech :( i will have to go back and check it out after the cam stream
Simonark: Um. It's not for the timid!
samb6678: bullet hell?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Excuse me, it's BOSHY now. not Adam
ContingentCat: @Earthenone No Cam he's sick I think, Matt in his place
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Foxmar320: Later James
Phailhammer: cya :)
ContingentCat: Bye James
HesGotNoPants: mean decks or meme decks?
A_Catastrophic_Success: lrrFINE
Jorge4hg: Bye james
Bobtheninjagoldfish: meme decks
Gekyouryuu: hey, all. what's on deck for Talking Sim?
ContingentCat: her story
HesGotNoPants: her story
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: her story?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: chat! i'm doing laundry! i made a smoothie! i have ham!
undecided44: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:05:25.
Juliamon: Nice productivity WhaDidBeejPutInDPie!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: :D
HesGotNoPants: @juliamon people
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Light a fire in your crotch.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: no! bad LRRbot!
ContingentCat: no LRRbot
HesGotNoPants: omg that's a sn. I thought you were asking about pie ingredients
TrakoZG subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 62 months!
TrakoZG: 62 months of LRR, and always glad to support Talking Simulator. I know only a little about Her Story but look forward to your respective perspectives.
Juliamon: !advice
LRRbot: Go around the lasers, not into them.
Juliamon: There we go
TehAmelie: howdy
ContingentCat: !badadvice
LRRbot: Force the portmanteau.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: hi!
FarleyF: You know with Cori as the new cohost should we get an updated intro?
Jay_Blanc: @ThingsOnMyStream Generally, setting games to Borderless Fullscreen is much better for compatibility.
Vanbael: normal day, nice to see cam and cori
Pal_Friendpatine: One streamer had an error message that says the audio couldn’t load in Apex and when she clicked ‘ok’ it just closed the game @thingsonmystream
HesGotNoPants: doesnt the title need updated now though?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: its "Cam"
Zyme86: WAIT A MINUTE YOU'RE NOT CAMERON! you dont have a coffee in hand
KV1NN4: Copy Paste Cori and Matt faces over Cam and Alex. XD
NimrodXIV: totally normal Cameron
kitthethird: Hype!!!
TrakoZG: excellent CAMouflage!
capt_canada924: Hello definitely Cameron
Zyme86: @TrakoZG get out
Zyme86: @TrakoZG thx I hate it
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: history with herstory
ANeMzero: Time is the fire in which we all burn
TrakoZG: really? that was low hanging fruit
kitthethird: You two look so cute all dressed up in your little outfits!
ThingsOnMyStream: Jay_Blanc indeed. it isn't always available though
Zyme86: lrrSPOOP book
Earthenone: the book of the VOID
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, TrakoZG! (Today's storm count: 151)
Pal_Friendpatine: The invisible book cover
Pal_Friendpatine: Must be an invisibility cloak book cover
GlennSeto: Shattered Memories
ANeMzero: It was sort of a remake of the first game
Mysticman89: pyshchitrists are basically brain detectives
TrakoZG: DOUBT Cori
Donutholez: OBJECTION!
ryuhimora: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:08.
ThingsOnMyStream: Confirmed: Her Story better then Apex Legends
FlamesInTheSnow: Has LRR streamed terraria yet?
Zyme86: mrr drr
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: MUHHHHHHduh?
TheExactSame: and a her. and a story
TheExactSame: one would guess
ritchards: streamer VoidBurger has very DEFINITE opinions about this game
FlamesInTheSnow: I Need Awnsers
jamesk902: A nice retro touch - its a rubbish bin, not a recycle bin.
Orgmastron: I got to the end of this game once but felt like I was missing some things. It'll be interesting to see what you get out of it.
ritchards: SB - Sam Barlow, game writer
ThingsOnMyStream: FlamesInTheSnow I played it a bit on 18 Games and Counting, but I didn't get too far
KV1NN4: Music is a little loud in comparison to you guys (IMO)
ContingentCat: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 6:14 PM
Zyme86: !playing
Earthenone: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will return next year, start saving your donation money now!
FlamesInTheSnow: @ThingsOnMyStream good game tho right?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ~36 weeks till Desert Bus!
KV1NN4: The game sound is a little overwhelming to me for some reason