Simonark: Ghostly TOS alien Beej?
tastethebeams: oof
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PhoenixMelior: chat why is today Wednesday
cheetoJack: time
cheetoJack: I would be happy to skip to Friday morning
PhoenixMelior: same
Kerrisis: Because someone long ago decided Wodan needed a day named after him?
the_canuck_mystic: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (The boys continue their playthrough of the remake of Resident Evil 2. Game: Resident Evil 2) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (7m from now).
PhoenixMelior: yeah but I'm okay with that
PhoenixMelior: I'm miffed about the roman emperors that decided they needed their own months
TXC2: it's mainly Augustus to blame for that
cheetoJack: I wouldn't mind as much if they had just put their months at the end
PhoenixMelior: but no they had to put them in the middle
TXC2: !unhost
LRRbot: Disabled hosting.
cheetoJack: yeah, messes up the numbering a fair bit
Kerrisis: We need 13 months of 4 weeks each, with the extra loose day being a new year holiday day.
TXC2: well yeah, he had to have to cool summer months
PhoenixMelior: what's the tenth month of the year called? October? Makes sense.
thesurfaceofthemoon: @kerrisis leap years will just have a 2 day new year celebration?
Kerrisis: @thesurfaceofthemoon Exactly!
thesurfaceofthemoon: @Kerrisis I could get behind this...
PhoenixMelior: I've heard that idea before, and it sounds good in theory, but I don't know how it's supposed to work out for retail folks
sir_jack_DB: hey hey party people
PhoenixMelior: retail and food service, even
thesurfaceofthemoon: retail would adapt
sir_jack_DB: or mutate
sir_jack_DB: whatever the case may be
cheetoJack: I think we're stuck with the date system we have now. Its kind of too rooted into everything we do to change it
MenomeTwitch: Good evening all
sir_jack_DB: o/
ennui_on_me: hihi
cheetoJack: and I sure as hell do not want to refactor the systems i work with to allow 13 months
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS
TXC2: hello MenomeTwitch welcome
thesurfaceofthemoon: !badadvice
LRRbot: Stand in the fire.
Kerrisis: It would be a logistical nightmare of biblical proportions unfortunately. Also Christians might get uppity about the date of their festival changing.
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (The boys continue their playthrough of the remake of Resident Evil 2. Game: Resident Evil 2) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (29s from now).
Metric_Furlong: !advice
LRRbot: Avoid the Beej Cold.
Kerrisis: *festivals
Pteraspidomorphi: Which festivals?
PhoenixMelior: all of them, probably
ennui_on_me: ah damn, I never saw the second RE2 stream, guess I'll dip on this one
thesurfaceofthemoon: Festival dates change all the time
PhoenixMelior: in our theoretical universe where there are 13 4-week months
thesurfaceofthemoon: Well, every few hundred years
NanashiSword: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (The boys continue their playthrough of the remake of Resident Evil 2. Game: Resident Evil 2) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (41s ago).
Foxmar320: Hello chat
TehAmelie: ahoy
Kerrisis: Ello
ReynardWrecca: Hi @Foxmar320 !
Metric_Furlong: hello foxmar
TXC2: Hello Foxmar320
WizardZedd: Where do we put the spare 1-2 days in that system?
Metric_Furlong: WizardZedd savings account
TXC2: WizardZedd at the end, have a new years day type thing
Metric_Furlong: bank them up, until you need extra days for something
PhoenixMelior: where no one has to work
Kerrisis: New Year holiday between months 13 and 1.
FickleMuse: o/
suprfluffykitty: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (The boys continue their playthrough of the remake of Resident Evil 2. Game: Resident Evil 2) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (2m ago).
thesurfaceofthemoon: Since those two days don't fall in any weeks we can just call them "Nopeday" and "Double Nopeday"
WizardZedd: I was gonna say. The 1-2 extra days better be considered part of the weekend. I don't want a 6-7 day work week ever year :P
kitthethird: Res evil hype!!! Hey chat!
TehAmelie: if you still see the hosted stream, time to refresh
Metric_Furlong: hey kitthethird
TXC2: serious question about leap years, seeing as it's a leap year next year, why are we not 18 hours off this year?
kitthethird: NonBinaryPride
cheetoJack: Metric_Furlong did you see Adam was streaming Dragon's Dogma? ;p
TXC2: hello kitthethird welcome
Metric_Furlong: cheetoJack I did not
Waterzer0: whoa I might actually get to catch a stream live!
Foxmar320: Looking forward to the RE2 DLC coming out on Friday.
PhoenixMelior: he made his pawn Twitch Chat
Metric_Furlong: this channel is basically the only streams I ever watch
richard_ermen: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (The boys continue their playthrough of the remake of Resident Evil 2. Game: Resident Evil 2) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (3m ago).
ennui_on_me: Curious, is there a reason we haven't had the Watch+Play in a bit? Has that moved to a monthly schedule or is it just that there have been scheduling issues
Waterzer0: I usually get the VODs.
DigitalSeahorse: LesbianPride GayPride BisexualPride TransgenderPride PansexualPride AsexualPride IntersexPride NonBinaryPride GenderFluidPride
PhoenixMelior: why did I get another hosting magic banner?
Metric_Furlong: PhoenixMelior so, the most useless possible inclinations?
thesurfaceofthemoon: @TXC2 because the reason for leap years is based on the number of days in a year, not the length of a day.
cheetoJack: Otaku Jeff and Twitch Chat vs the world
Metric_Furlong: signal
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL
Taveena: lrrSIGNAL
Waterzer0: weeeeeeeoooooo
richard_ermen: Looks like I´m just in time.
ThePerrBearr: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
edgar_j: lrrSIGNAL
Foxmar320: Time for lrrSPOOP
Metric_Furlong: ennui_on_me Graham's editting Road Quest
PhoenixMelior: Metric_Furlong some wizard thing so maybe?
TehAmelie: our orbit does not match our revolution, sadly
Baldrash: @ennui_on_me Graham's been busy trying to get Road Quest out the door, so he's been stepping back from streaming a little.
ReynardWrecca: Yeah...
richard_ermen: Also did they already notice the RE2-Mod which exchanges the Mr.X music for "X gonna give it to ya"?
PhoenixMelior: Alas, I cannot watch these so I guess I better leave
Taveena: Ooh. Thanks, G.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Ben, Adam and Alex are back with more of the Resident Evil 2 Remaster! Will they get scared? Maybe. Will they scream at some point? Very yes. | 📷 ||
Foxmar320: richard_ermen yes
Kerrisis: If you not want a real challenge try to figure out how to make a decimal time system when there are 365.25 days in a year.
ennui_on_me: Ahhhh that makes sense. Hyped for Road Quest then, that looks like it's gonna be a blast.
TXC2: thesurfaceofthemoon ah I see thanks
Metric_Furlong: PhoenixMelior hope the rest of your day goes well
TXC2: time for the Dream Scream Team, so GUARD YOUR EARS!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: chat! hello! is it time for my favorite Screamybois?!
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MenomeTwitch: Could have sworn I did this last week? Anyhows, as we couldn't agree on the sub-baby name Ben, I propose we name him Bennis Jr.
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Taveena: Thedscrteam, if you will
Foxmar320: Im looking forward to more Mr X
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edgar_j: you're great :D
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TXC2: hello WhaDidBeejPutInDPie welcome
tendrilsoftragedy: Time for lets Yep! because there is no way im missing this!
Decaped: I love the rain. If only it were spring.
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Metric_Furlong: Kerrisis oh, would that a year were consistnetly 365.25 days. there's often varience
arcaneIllumination: @Kerrisis Easy. First step, somehow physically change the amount of time it takes the Earth to orbit around the Sun.
NanashiSword: Hellooooooo everyone
CoffeePrincess: man! new job getting all in my way!
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mikialice: Hai friends, happy spoops day
Alahmnat: spoop times, the time for spoops
CoffeePrincess: first stream I've seen in months!
EricTheOrange: Hi hi hi~
TXC2: hello CoffeePrincess welcome
Pteraspidomorphi: If we all lived in the matrix, time periods could be precise
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TXC2: Here we GO!
sir_jack_DB: lrrSPOOP
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ennui_on_me: Gonna catch the VOD on this one, but thanks for all the fun spoopy times you've given me <3
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Taveena: Still a heckin' good intro
CoffeePrincess: @txc2 heyyyy
NanashiSword: They're here!
tendrilsoftragedy: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Foxmar320: welp
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ReynardWrecca: Let's do the spoop!
Rhynerd: Hi!
FickleMuse: yikes bro
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Mollymauk_Jay: The three years!!!
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TXC2: !clips
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Foxmar320: Mr X got Adam?!
kitthethird: Alex is at 11 :D
PanickedFox: ToS?
EricTheOrange: time to kill some zombos and save a little girl
FickleMuse: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh
CoffeePrincess: I've been to catholic school, that's how it works
TXC2: Hello Alex and Ben
Metric_Furlong: !clip
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edgehead_: RIP in peace Adam
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Robot_Bones: He became the boshy and ascended to a higher plane
NanashiSword: Adam? Did he get goomba-ed?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: katesRip adam
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Drathak: Only alex deserves to be the boshy you assume his ROLE
DragonMZ: It's snowy and Victoria is useless
tendrilsoftragedy: down town... things will be great down town
CoffeePrincess: you should be worried that he'll scare you
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TheBob58: Oh no, ghost Adam! lrrSPOOP
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DragonMZ: I got to skip work the other day because all the buses were cancelled
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TXC2: "it's not too many" oh Alex why you tempt fate/chat like this?
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bbritt1030: well that is a to year streak
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Mushbie: Sub for the rule number of months.
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TehAmelie: Life, the universe, and more!
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Zafariman: Yay, more President Weevil 2.
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tendrilsoftragedy: aww yeah Sub train!!
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breathlessisthehunt: Hey QTs, hope you're having a wonderful day!
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BrindleBoar: spoopstorm
Foxmar320: Too much lrrSPOOP
Waterzer0: Hey, Alex and Ben, I was always scared really easily as a kid, but you guys have helped me get more into horror games.
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salvo_cowboy: Am I in time for spoops?
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Sati90: Popping Beej
Himyul: lrrSPOOP lrrBEEJ lrrSPOOP lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrSPOOP lrrBEEJ lrrSPOOP lrrBEEJ
tendrilsoftragedy: lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF
DigitalSeahorse: lrrBEEJ lrrSPOOP lrrEFF lrrSCOOP
Nigouki: the chess piece puzzle
Foxmar320: Sewer stuff I think
DragonMZ: Dying horribly?
NanashiSword: In the sewers
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Screaming. You were screaming.
tendrilsoftragedy: getting jumped on
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
EvilBadman: Warning: Loud boys are loud. Do not headphones at 100% volume.
Nigouki: jsut the rook left?
CoffeePrincess: pls don't say daddy
Waterzer0: 2019 - where daddy has a very different meaning
Metric_Furlong: the sewer level all 90s games were required to have
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HopPoleStudios: 2 years!!!! Vintage Spoops reincarnated!
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TXC2: what gun is that we have?
CoffeePrincess: They're in the box
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble benginLol
Waterzer0: the spark shot I think, @TXC2
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a dagger, just a dagger
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Lumb3rj4ck: how are the best internet lrr bois today lrrheart
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Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe they were catering to sanitation workers
JaymicUnyielding: @LoadingReadyRun I love all the Let's Nope lately, but will Watch + Play be coming back at some point?
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JinaMahavira: It's a button :D
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tendrilsoftragedy: whats in the box?
Foxmar320: Still missing 1
ReynardWrecca: Quickly, wongle the dongle.
TXC2: Waterzer0 thanks
NanashiSword: Missing one still
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DigitalSeahorse: slytqDD slytqDD slytqDD
EricTheOrange: @TXC2 it's like qa super stun gun
Metric_Furlong: JaymicUnyielding not until Graham's done editting Road Quest, most likely
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Vivid_Soul: do the thing
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nickjdc: Actually remembered to subscribe!
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1losttheGame: oh where's adam?
FinalShowFilms: Aren't you short the rook plug?
NanashiSword: You are still missing one of the pieces
TXC2: 1losttheGame on the way
mistborn83: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
1losttheGame: cool thx
Foxmar320: We don't have the Rook
bi0buster: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 8:05.
JinaMahavira: Where's my big burly boi? D:
Foxmar320: You never got the Rook last week
Nigouki: last stream ended with you not hacing the rook
TXC2: wheres the rook lrrbot?
bi0buster: Only missed 8 minutes? Hell yeah.
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Don't expose pigs to politics.
ayirbudd: i didnt get to type a sub message :(
Mushbie: @JinaMahavira in a taxi on the way to the moon base
DigitalSeahorse: a bit of a rookie on the rook :P
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Time to grunch some slenades!
Waterzer0: I'm pretty sure snow is the kind of thing you want in places where you don't get it often and dread in the places where you do.
tendrilsoftragedy: @lrrbot dont expose pigs to politics? is that a David Cameron joke?
DigitalSeahorse: Alex has a new PDF book! :D
CoffeePrincess: that's daddy
bi0buster: Ah yes the wading through shit portion of the game.
ReynardWrecca: Snow, like romance, is often craved by those who don't get it more than appreciated by those who do.
kitthethird: So excited for Filled Pages, Alex!!!!!
DigitalSeahorse: lol Ben he just said that
CoffeePrincess: oh man!
DigitalSeahorse: cool
CoffeePrincess: that sounds rad!
mikialice: That's great, awesome job Alex
tendrilsoftragedy: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
Waterzer0: FOUR rounds? How stingy.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: condragalations
NanashiSword: zombie check
Waterzer0: We caught him red-handed.
TXC2: I mean those are magnum rounds, so they're like a dollar each
Foxmar320: That gun is not great
Nigouki: that's a lovely machine shop
bi0buster: Claire both has the best guns and the worst guns.
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TXC2: Game is loud no?
bi0buster: Game is a teeny bit loud.
TXC2: thanks Alex
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tastethebeams: Been subscribed for 2 years, but I've watched your content for closer to 5. Thanks for being great. <3
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JinaMahavira: @Mushbie ok sweet ty
Dared00: Is it me, or is the game squished?
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Mushbie: @JinaMahavira np
Foxmar320: Claire not know how gun
aClonedPickle: i can't blame her, it's an uncomfortable stock
Emergent_OS: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 11:38.
aClonedPickle: metal digging into your cheek
Dared00: Graphics
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swanky_lion: boo!
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m_logan2000: !timeup
NanashiSword: graphics?
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EvilBadman: New monitor, James mentioned?
CoffeePrincess: bruh
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Voxiogamer: Nice graphics
TXC2: 1680X1050: the Devil's resolution
Dared00: ow ow ow ow
breathlessisthehunt: UHM
KartoffelKaiser: mawp
Foxmar320: oh no! Its Apex all over again!
DigitalSeahorse: :O
Unas84: this again??
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: GAH
sifonaonline: Dislike,.
BrindleBoar: nice
TehAmelie: the spoops are coming out of the game!
Metric_Furlong: !paul
Voxiogamer: oof
Nigouki: you broke it!
Earthenone: the rainbow bees!
Dared00: BEES
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
DigitalSeahorse: BEEEES
medras_13: do not apply
kainboa: welp, something is fucked...
ReynardWrecca: James?! They broke the shit!
RedRaptor: Silent Hill?
sifonaonline: Extreme dislike.
Kykiwi: Apex all over again
kitthethird: Fullscree bug
EvilBadman: Oh, it's the APEX thing
CoffeePrincess: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, the dead cable
ALEISmALPTO: what happened
anamelessdog: Blame James!
Pandalore: SUMMON PAUL!!
Foxmar320: This happened to James
NonjaBiru: lrrFINE
Drasvin: lrrFINE
Baldrash: Welp. lrrFINE
NanashiSword: #blameJames
Sati90: We WRGARBLED the game
jorim: seabatYIKES
circusofkirkus: tech support stream pt 2?
gamnaire: 'Minor Technical Difficulties'
tomatinchen: Oh no, acutuall technical spoops
Mt_Storm: We chose the Russian Malware resolution
Lumb3rj4ck: lrrJUDGE
CoffeePrincess: !advice
LRRbot: Jund 'em out.
tendrilsoftragedy: ben broke the stream again!
Foxmar320: All the audio is garbage now
KartoffelKaiser: The zombie virus has infected a cable
brainbosh: Not again!
lordbrat4: The signal went full zombie...
Pandalore: This is a Scary stream
Waterzer0: Machine compromised.
A_Catastrophic_Success: Is there no Adam because he is now Boshy?
Kykiwi: fixed!
HopPoleStudios: Unintended spools!
NanashiSword: fixed
bi0buster: Odd.
Voxiogamer: Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa
tendrilsoftragedy: benginTry benginTry benginTry benginTry
CoffeePrincess: benginDab benginDab
Waterzer0: microphones too quiet
Dared00: You're super quiet now
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaBoom slytqItsfine lrrFINE lrrGOAT
TXC2: now you're REAL quiet compared to the game
TXC2: ah there we go
Sati90: Game: Unfucked
TehAmelie: perfect
disebot: Ooooh what a treat this'll be
prystigia: cheer100 Heck yeah spoop times! heart-tag BEACHES
GenericHerooo: Hi, everyone! KonCha
TXC2: hello GenericHerooo welcome
DigitalSeahorse: mister165Wave kenohkBubble
bi0buster: It's old man withers!
brainbosh: Wait, was it a fullscreen issue again?
CoffeePrincess: heyyyyy
Emergent_OS: Out of curiosity, what is "Graphics Memory 5GB" option in the Settings? I have never seen such option in games before...
EvilBadman: @brainbosh Yep
Kykiwi: are we still in campaign one?
zenoflamer: Where is my Adam boi
Kykiwi: stuck in the snow zeno
TXC2: zenoflamer on the way
JaymicUnyielding: the SMG isn't that good at headshots, but it's great for severing zombie limbs.
zenoflamer: @txc2 Yqy
TXC2: surely that's ZZF ?
Taveena: Sexy Zipline Fun
CoffeePrincess: oh damn
ThePerrBearr: szf
Omega117: some manner of secret passage
MrSVCD: Here Claire pride100 buy some bullets
bi0buster: That's a speedy 'vator.
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Galactic_pain: Boo. Glad this came up during the Spoops
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Mister_BlueSky: Some Zombies lrrEFF
arcaneIllumination: Shady Zepline Festival?
lordbrat4: Going anti-downwards
jakers67 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 28 months!
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CoffeePrincess: lrrFINE
DigitalSeahorse: looks like the entrance to the ol' web dev office :P
Nigouki: welcome to the zombie-free floor!
Himyul: DAHHHK Watta
Foxmar320: We have been here
NanashiSword: This is the police station basement, right?
FinalShowFilms: There's a thing in there
Kykiwi: this is the underground strais ?
ninja_theory_ashrams: that is the way back to the police station
FinalShowFilms: You walked right past it
lucasbune: Ess - ZED - Eff, Alex, you're in Canada not 'murica :P @LoadingReadyRun
Drathak: Seems like a realistic basement for once
JaymicUnyielding: dat Glasster X, he comin fo you
Hot_Leather_Daddy: Hello~
TXC2: hello Hot_Leather_Daddy welcome
DigitalSeahorse: but no crates cause this is too soon for a game this good :P
zenoflamer: What the hecc is the the yellow thing
Nemanthil: Hint. Think of the computer thingy.
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MehGyver0: Whoop Whoop. Get to spend the afternoon with my 2 favorite spoopy boys.
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Mister_BlueSky: Heh. Dongle.
Drathak: And you couldn't break the glass? lol
TXC2: !spoilers
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
CoffeePrincess: that dongle
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DigitalSeahorse: slytqDD slytqWha
bi0buster: I'm curious what Claire gets from that, I know Leon gets a new gun from that.
Galactic_pain: Heh, DONGle
TXC2: Slenaid guncher Ben, please Kappa
pterodactyl_noises: you have made my day
sopranocat: Does your badge hang low? Does it dongle to and fro?
zenoflamer: I didn't finish the second vod the hecc is the yellow thanger o.o
Ximos: T O F U !
DigitalSeahorse: where's the LAVA level? lrrBEEJ
ReynardWrecca: It's The Boshy!
Justin_Bailey: mr Seaboshy!
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun ''mr.x can't jump stairs'' ''haha stairs''. ''Mr.X jumps down.'' ''Woo run''
Foxmar320: I still have not unlocked Tofu
accountmadeforants: Is that the Boshy I heard?
TXC2: so has Adam beaten boshy?
ninja_theory_ashrams: RE2 free dlc Friday
banwidthraptor: That's Mr Boshy
monsieur_squirrel: Adam is boshy now!?
Justin_Bailey: beat it last night
Drathak: Yeah @TXC2
Waterzer0: Back to the bonfire.
pterodactyl_noises: Mr.TheBoshy
TXC2: OK cool
Foxmar320: Hunk was clear both A and B and Tofu is S rank Hunk.
BrindleBoar: Adam!
sir_jack_DB: ADAM!
Kramburger: It's Boashy time!
TXC2: Hello Adam
sir_jack_DB: WE'RE HERE!
kitthethird: The best boys!
Sati90: It's the Boshi himself!
disebot: That's a sweet shirt, Ben
Mister_The_Doc: wut
mikialice: It's an Adam! Hey Adam :D
Omega117: use the t crank to get back to the station
DragonMZ: Tofu was originally designed to test hitboxes
edgehead_: Hi Boshy
pterodactyl_noises: (congrats on the boshy)
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun is that chinese?
Drathak: He's your new god, plebs. They like this
CoffeePrincess: Adam with dat asmr salad
DigitalSeahorse: katesF katesS katesE katesNiles katesSir
bi0buster: This games version of Tofu mode has chunks that come out of the model as you take damage.
Earthenone: pride51 good work on SwS adam and ben, or is it boshi and ben now?
1losttheGame: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Sati90: Step on me Boshi
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The_Kraken19: Spook boys?!? My favorite!
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Nemanthil: Since you found the house, you COULD develop that film. But you do you boys.
A_Catastrophic_Success: Hey Boshy!
Godofmuffins: Spit on us, your the Boshy.
aClonedPickle: ben are you loading the good ammo
DrWreckage: Alex whats your verdict on how to add Boshy to Adam's name? My vote is Boshydan
DigitalSeahorse: it's a salad
ReynardWrecca: Savibosh?
sopranocat: I've alwasy wondered, why is it a "Cobb" salad if there's no cobb? Or at least corn?
disebot: Gamer sensssssseeeeee
pterodactyl_noises: a cylinder!
DigitalSeahorse: there was a massive multi block power outage here last night
Dr_fragenstien: lickers have very good hearing
EvilBadman: Lickers are blind and operate off sound
bi0buster: Watched the latest Sidewalk slam, you bois do good work!
Foxmar320: Yeah so lickers and Mr X can't hear you
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun thank god it's a suppressor
Omega117: for the smg, there is another part for it in the station
sopranocat: Is it based off some slurr that I'll wish I didn't know about?
Foxmar320: Yes it does
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun and not a silenser
Himyul: how can he hear anything over his own boots?
Sati90: Some sort of ELEVLATOR
Waterzer0: Wait.. isn't Mr. X gone? Actually, don't answer that.
ninja_theory_ashrams: as much as I enjoyed Adam becoming boshy, I really enjoyed Adam's reaction to boshy speedrun afterwards
DigitalSeahorse: xD
sopranocat: well boo
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun don't count on it
Nemanthil: He's called Tyrant I think.
Omega117: it works on lickers too
Drathak: This is resident evil. No one dies the first time
sopranocat: Hey at least Mr X is gone
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun normally 6 mr.x were deployed in racoon city.
Foxmar320: Zombie cares not for your headshots
Foxmar320: One of Hunks men
sopranocat: @ALEISmALPTO Nooooo
TXC2: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is an airplane. Where are you even planning to go?
CoffeePrincess: he was just napping
ALEISmALPTO: @sopranocat and only 2 were at the police station
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MechaKuuga: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 21:57.
CobaltShurikenReborn: it was a national treasure of a film
Alephred: Paul Blart Mall Fart.
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Omega117: a movie so bad it is a weapon
pterodactyl_noises: because even zombies need quality entertainment
Rhynerd: For Blart Side of the Moon
bi0buster: If I make a zombie game I'm 100% adding a zombie with a copy of Paul Blart 2 on VHS as a key ite,
CoffeePrincess: Paul Bulart one just turned 10
Mister_BlueSky: In '98? *gasp* A time traveller.
DigitalSeahorse: Cultured Zombie?...but I thought it was a virus :P
CoffeePrincess: so there's that fact
sopranocat: @ALEISmALPTO I feel slightly better knowing those were two and not just 1 teleporting around to follow you
Taveena: it's the dianoga!
BrindleBoar: it's eye guy!
kingoftuesdaynight: Hey y'all
disebot: Leg it leg it leg it leg it leg it
kingoftuesdaynight: How are the bois doin
Foxmar320: That one didn't want to die
TXC2: hello kingoftuesdaynight welcome
CoffeePrincess: daddy is burned something awful
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Alephred: Was that Dad? Or just another eyeball monster?
JaymicUnyielding: So remember that thing that came out of Chief Irons? THAT'S what it turned into.
ALEISmALPTO: @sopranocat one guy was speerunning this with claire ( the new one). hs accidentaly activated a glitch and both of them showed up and chased him till he died.
1losttheGame: no, he had a chest burster
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cardinalwiggles: OMG is that THE Boshy!
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sopranocat: o_O
CoffeePrincess: wait, are there TWO daddies?
ProfBadger: yeah this game is like most in that serwer levels are... bad. But this game is good!
Kykiwi: good ole darksouls shortcuts Kappa
ulexarX: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 24:11.
sivakrytos: so this leads to blighttown and frame drops then
cuttlefishman: what is adam eating?
cuttlefishman: is that ramen?
DigitalSeahorse: time for Boshie Ball?
bi0buster: Carnivore .357 nice branding.
cuttlefishman: did he bring enough for everyone?
1losttheGame: what did cob ever do to you Adam? Kappa
EricTheOrange: yeah we saw a thing where G virus victems implant embryos in people but most people aren't compatable so the unformed embryo bursts out their chest
bi0buster: Maximum standard? xD
Dr_fragenstien: check behind the waterfall Kappa
CoffeePrincess: poop waterfall
DigitalSeahorse: salad with mini corn cobs?
zenoflamer: That's a big fucking stun gun
Sati90: A wall of poop
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sciencewitch: Been loving watching you three do this playthrough, see you in the VOD <3
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Nigouki: just click on his head
CoffeePrincess: are y'all gonna play the Leon story?
Sati90: What's behind the waterfall Ben? Kappa
Waterzer0: We need way more than a shower. We need one of those like fancy spray downs they do in chemical labs (I think).
Dr_fragenstien: "water" Kappa
EvilBadman: Don't go chasing shit waterfalls
Xloner12: I upgraded to tier 2 specifically because this resident evil 2 series has be super enjoyable with you guys running it.
1losttheGame: "water"
Himyul: skip shower: straight to crematorium
Foxmar320: lol
TXC2: we'd need to bath in tomato soup
Foxmar320: What iFrames
ALEISmALPTO: oh come on
DigitalSeahorse: good thing zombie virus isn't transmitted by swimming
Foxmar320: That hurt
CoffeePrincess: attack of the meme zombies?
Waterzer0: Is this a treatment facility for being healthy?
Mister_The_Doc: norf
Mister_BlueSky: A K Nife.
CoffeePrincess: does he have the rook tho?
Drathak: Meds don't do anything about having to walk in literal shit
bi0buster: Apparently in hard mode of this game you don't so much as _kill_ zombies so much as using your bullets for hitstun while you juke between all the zombies.
Alephred: Open wounds + raw sewage are not a good combination.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: grunch a slenade!
Phosphatide: yo you got boshy as a guest star this week seabatTROG
Foxmar320: Yeah this a dead end
Kykiwi: crouch?
FinalShowFilms: You do have a map, you know.
TXC2: Grunch > Gronk
Ukon_vasara: a tsundere launcher? i assume i misheard
DigitalSeahorse: Load up Slenade Gruncher Brother
Rhynerd: Oh shit, it’s the grunch.
EvilBadman: @bi0buster i mean speedrunning any RE is basically avoid all zombies
SmashTCG: Hey adam, i caught that Sidewalk slam, What a great episode
arcaneIllumination: Swim tests at summer camp.
bi0buster: That might have been an alberta thing? I remember that.
Dr_fragenstien: I had that at camp
CoffeePrincess: Boy Scouts had similar tests
accountmadeforants: That sounds sensible
lordbrat4: Your lifeguard was a jerk.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: you mean safety wasn't third?
Himyul: nah, I had that too
Waterzer0: Sounds like good safety protocol to me.
DigitalSeahorse: but you weren't allowed to take test until you passed the floating test
Drathak: Nah there were swim tests here too
pterodactyl_noises: I feel like I did that and I'm American
Omega117: everybody knows albertans can't swim
circusofkirkus: that was definitely a thing at summer camps
m_logan2000: had it here in Ontario as well
1losttheGame: pools where i lived always tested to make sure kids were safe
Foxmar320: Pizza day
e_bloc: cheer118 my favorite spooky boys
kitthethird: I remember doing that test for Scouts..... in a freezing mountain lake
Mister_The_Doc: My Texas hometown pool definitely made you do a lap to be allowed in the deep end
Juliamon: Friday always Pizza Day
CoffeePrincess: I was in catholic school, and we had pizza day
pterodactyl_noises: they always came with salad and a side of cold green beans
TXC2: weird rituals like reception Kappa
ulexarX: *coming from the zombie apocalypse* Yuck, cockroaches
chickenace11: Friday was taco day for me
EvilBadman: that rectangle pizza with square pepperoni.
ReynardWrecca: In England you often get 'fish 'n' chips Fridays'.
Foxmar320: My school also had chili day
CoffeePrincess: I live in NY, all pizza is good pizza
kitthethird: Did anyone put ranch on their cafeteria pizza?
sopranocat: My second elem had corndog day, which was hell because the middles would still be frozen but the outside would be half green
Baldrash: We had Taco Tuesday in high school.
DigitalSeahorse: we had pizza day, pizza day was great, it was the greasy square slices
TXC2: I was a packed lunch boy :P
Alahmnat: even bad pizza is still pizza
NanashiSword: check the video?
SmashTCG: The Aquabats - Pizza Day on youtube for the uninitiated
Dr_fragenstien: we did not have that. Hotdogs wer standard, and they were terrible
sopranocat: Being a packed lunch kid saved my life
kitthethird: Or was ranch on pizza just a midwest thing?
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: nah, there's some truly bad pizza out there
CoffeePrincess: living in ny ruins pizza outside of ny
AdamYMHMI: Horror games need to fire their architects...
CoffeePrincess: I want to believe all pizza is good
CoffeePrincess: but I can't
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun there are images on the panels
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: shoutout to Origins 2004 having pizza at the convention center that was 75% grease
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: mmmm, delicious noodle wad
MehGyver0: Pennsylvania had pizza friday. the pizza was on an bagel and the lap across the pool as well.
Earthenone: thats why as a kid i had the "tech" of eating dry ramen :)
DigitalSeahorse: I went through like 2 years of only having hamburgers for lunch and now I don't like hamburgers, veggie burgers are alright if they don't put tomato paste or sorbitol in them
accountmadeforants: None of my pre-college schools had cafeterias, packed lunch all the way
NanashiSword: rook in the middle?
SmashTCG: i was friends with the cafeteria lady, she got me hot water for my raman
DigitalSeahorse: why the f sortbitol, your guess is as good as mine
Foxmar320: If they do the second run this puzzle is "fun"
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kdz00: Hey spoop boys, keep on keepin' on!
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sopranocat: Did anyone else have this weird ritual in their kid group where whoever had a jello pudding when they finished most of it, everyone at the table would start mashing bits of leftovers from their lunches into it to see what horrific concoction they could make? Or were my peers just special?
Foxmar320: lrrGOAT
NanashiSword: Got it!
Mister_BlueSky: feliciaSave
Baldrash: @sopranocat Definitely not just you. I always had to look away because it made me gag something fierce.
NanashiSword: benginDab benginDab
Dr_fragenstien: @sopranocat we did that sometimes with chocolate milk on our plates
disebot: Gamer senssssses
NanashiSword: Check the tape
circusofkirkus: play the tape in the tv?
Foxmar320: oh! We have a tape for the VCR
1losttheGame: check the tape?
circusofkirkus: movie time?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @sopranocat i did not. i am sorry for that
Nigouki: aaaaaayyyyy lmao
BrindleBoar: *now* you use the stock
TXC2: sopranocat we used to do that with Alcohol
Foxmar320: :D
Rhynerd: She finally noticed the stock.
morgoth_bauglyr: embiggen the gun
sopranocat: Yeah, it was truly disgusting. Yet another reason I didn't get alobng with kids in elem school
Waterzer0: Alex, didn't you know you can't have the stock folded and put on the suppressor at the same time? I swear people don't know their guns.
Baldrash: Was that a Beta tape?
AshBurnem: why you hef to be mad? is only gaem.
ThePerrBearr: you don't need the stock unless it's suppressed, duh
Nigouki: the game only folds it out to balance the weight of the supressor, not to brace your shoulder
aitsu100: oh its Taken
sopranocat: @TXC2 That's how you get sick and really hungover
Justin_Bailey: this is the video from The Ring, right?
GDwarf: Yeah, this seems like Paul Blart 2 so far
CoffeePrincess: seven days
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: Paul Blemplar Mall Templar
kitthethird: Part Blart Mart Fart!
TXC2: sopranocat indeed
Foxmar320: oh G is mad
lordbrat4: So it WAS Paul Blart!
BrindleBoar: zombrats!
Dared00: Paul Blart Zombie Cop
DigitalSeahorse: sopranocat, I did that in college a few times with a specific group of pals
sopranocat: I love Claire so much
Dr_fragenstien: dis tape empty. yeet!
Sannindi: Man, the Paul Blart franchise got *dark*.
bi0buster: Alex what exactly was making you mad about the suppressor on the SMG?
Foxmar320: oh yeah Heather was great!
Drasvin: Don't mix rats and green goo
sopranocat: Unfortunately one of my uncles does that at any gathering with alcohol and he's trying to encourage one of my cousins that way. The rest of the family is shutting it down
morgoth_bauglyr: @bi0buster it went from 1 inventory space to 2
TXC2: sopranocat good
Katten_Rastyr: cirLewd b
Robot_Bones: Gottem
Nigouki: saaaaaaaaaave
Omega117: save
ThePerrBearr: you and me both alex
SmashTCG: your not brning a small handgun?
Nigouki: gotta saaaaaaaave
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ooh! Alex! Will you play SH3 sometime? I remember you played about half way through a while ago...
Omega117: dear god please save
Mister_BlueSky: feliciaSave
1losttheGame: save?
TXC2: Ok we;re saving chat
sopranocat: Yayy saving
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky mister165Wave feliciaSave
sopranocat: Please don't kill/zombify little girl game, I will table flip
Katten_Rastyr: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (The boys continue their playthrough of the remake of Resident Evil 2. Game: Resident Evil 2) at Wed 01:00 PM PST (38m ago).
Mister_BlueSky: mister165Tails
bi0buster: Oh boy we're ready to give that boss 40 points of acid damage!
Foxmar320: We got this. I believe in the Ben
SmashTCG: yeah Pistola is very handy
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun wait for it
richard_ermen: Good old bullat.
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky KITTY
Himyul: turn on ye generator!
JaymicUnyielding: @LoadingReadyRun Alex, weren't you saying there should be a team with her, Fiona from Haunting Ground, and someone else just going around solving mysteries? Claire should join that team.
TXC2: Time to start the Generator!
sopranocat: @LoadingReadyRun We have to start the generator Alex!
NanashiSword: gotta restart the generator.... oh dear
DolGrenn: You cannot get ye lever!
Fugi: is there a battery mechanic in this game?
Mister_BlueSky: It's already full of ur waifus.
HopPoleStudios: A plot device! Boooo!
Waterzer0: ez
NanashiSword: First try
Foxmar320: Easy game for babies
Justin_Bailey: benginDab
disebot: Dab count: 1
A_Dub888: benginTry benginTry
TXC2: hello Fugi
BleedingToast: benginTry
Keknar: Expert power man
DigitalSeahorse: 69 :P
CoffeePrincess: benginDab benginDab benginDab
Unas84: and hello to you
Foxmar320: oh hai William
BrindleBoar: ceiling croc?
CoffeePrincess: oh daddy!
sopranocat: Heeeere's Daddy!
Justin_Bailey: it's just trying to say hi
NanashiSword: Here's daddy
aClonedPickle: yep. Edward James Olmos
aggravated_cat: no thank you
SmashTCG: that is a LIE
TokenMickus: Maybe it's Maybelline?
Ukon_vasara: oh its this fight ruuS
Earthenone: its billy
TXC2: and the rubberband of luck snaps back Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: benginDab benginBurn
aitsu100: someone ask for a bear claw
1losttheGame: lighnting stuck twice!
brainbosh: DODGE
Nigouki: just enter the fire and let it end
CoffeePrincess: shoot him! shooooot hiiiim
Sati90: Lightning struck twice!
Foxmar320: oh he here
disebot: LEG IT
Foxmar320: foxmarFIRE foxmarFIRE foxmarFIRE
richard_ermen: Aiya? Alex cursin´like an old chinese woman xD
NanashiSword: Ben you're on fire
DigitalSeahorse: OH LORD HE CUMMIN'
Drathak: We're in for a donnybrook
NanashiSword: benginBurn benginBurn
A_Dub888: !findquote fire
LRRbot: Quote #3662: "If the destination is fire, then maybe the journey was the most important part." —Paul [2016-11-28]
Foxmar320: He comin!
circusofkirkus: her run is such a mosey
sopranocat: He did save you from a MR X
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @DigitalSeahorse ew. no.
Drex25000: Oh LAWD HE COMN
Justin_Bailey: we're gonna scrap!
DigitalSeahorse: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
zenoflamer: lrrFINE
brainbosh: Looking forward to this fight
Waterzer0: Aren't we helping him, or does he just not understand things anymore?
DolGrenn: Tarps off, boys - let's have a donnybrook!
Earthenone: wrong lever!
Foxmar320: Thats gonna leave a scar
NanashiSword: hit it again
aggravated_cat: alex what?
Foxmar320: DED
Kykiwi: LOl
Kykiwi: XD
aitsu100: lmao
BrindleBoar: toodaloo
Fugi: hahahaha
breathlessisthehunt: F
SydPreviouslyHeadache: YES!
1losttheGame: LUL
sifonaonline: Ow.
NanashiSword: Ouch.....
Foxmar320: Im so happy
Waterzer0: splat
Ukon_vasara: #Close
brainbosh: katesRip katesRip katesRip katesRip
Nigouki: flawless
hainiryun_: flawless
the_canuck_mystic: F
sir_jack_DB: WOW
TXC2: Flawless
Taveena: And thus, we became a Claire Sandwich.
sir_jack_DB: F
disebot: that slapstick
ReynardWrecca: FLAWLESS victory.
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
DrDracnon: F
JaymicUnyielding: W A S T E D
NanashiSword: benginRip benginRip
HopPoleStudios: Oops!
DigitalSeahorse: katesLol katesOw
Foxmar320: Great checkpointing
BleedingToast: katesRip katesOw
richard_ermen: Honorable "Sudoku" xD
Mister_BlueSky: *cue the Boshy music*
CoffeePrincess: *look down, look up* oh he dead
ThePerrBearr: now you don't have to live in a zombie wasteland
SmashTCG: Flash bangs are handy for this
Mushbie: well you need to stun him
disebot: STUN HIM
Drathak: Well yeah she's wearing pants Kappa
1losttheGame: seabatHITBOX WutFace
Foxmar320: :P
disebot: SO CLOSE
aggravated_cat: lol
TXC2: strap in chat Kappa
7gorobei: 2fer
sopranocat: I really want the Total Distortion song to play here
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: yep. this is exactly how it went for me. GOOD LUCK.
ALEISmALPTO: double oof
EvilBadman: Crate job, guys
Foxmar320: Think of it like this. That is a fast death
DigitalSeahorse: katesTry
Invitare: The Boshy demands food
DolGrenn: Do not question the Boshy!
Drathak: He's growing MUSCKLES
Kramburger: Ben not supporting Adam's Macros
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @EvilBadman i approve!
Nigouki: you got acid rounds, that staggers better doesn't it?
Nemanthil: Try stunning him before pushing back button maybe?
Mister_BlueSky: Being the Boshy requires sustenance.
DentedPockets: Now that Adam's the Boshy, he's eating for two. lrrBEEJ
GenericHerooo: Adaaaaaaam
Foxmar320: Get REKT
Omega117: and a one more
Mister_BlueSky: Run it back.
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TheWriterAleph: resident those evils, good boys!
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Alephred: Oh man, Birkinface is still on there.
TXC2: Rule of 3s man
sir_jack_DB: punch him with the shipping container xP
Nigouki: this is an awful boss battle
aggravated_cat: this is how we die
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaSave
Waterzer0: At least he can't knock us off.
RatherWT: Rip
brainbosh: This fight is easy...once you know how to do it. Before then, hard as hell.
Alahmnat: this is hot garbage
tim19862: katesWa katesOw katesSir D:
Foxmar320: Yessssss
disebot: YEAH
BrindleBoar: ruh roh
Omega117: that damn luck
Foxmar320: He knocked you out of the way
RatherWT: Wow, G totally saved Claire from that box!
richard_ermen: Nice
lucasbune: Yoy tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it didn't even matter.
tim19862: kaypikeSKELETEARS katesLol
ReynardWrecca: NOICE
Omega117: he knocked you to safety
Haberdashed: REKT
sir_jack_DB: ooooohhhh my god
TheWriterAleph: WEW LADS
CoffeePrincess: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You are being very aggressive, I'm going to need you to simmer down.
NanashiSword: benginDab benginDab benginDab
cardinalwiggles: Get Rekky Becy
richard_ermen: He 99,9% ded ;)
Earthenone: hurting her daddy?
sifonaonline: Killing her dad?
CoffeePrincess: that's her dad?
ThePerrBearr: that it's taking forever
Waterzer0: Sorry for taking so long.
SmashTCG: it only cost you you most of your life
sopranocat: Go back and save and get healing?
Omega117: smg ammo
tim19862: heh
Omega117: go back
TXC2: !findquote 9
LRRbot: Quote #4220: "It's almost 9, the ocean is closed!" —Heather [2017-05-24]
Ukon_vasara: okay, this was a pleasent surprise after seeing how miserable it was on a harder difficulty
ArosTheImmortal: Sorry Sherry, couldnt murder your dad faster
CoffeePrincess: isn't 420 the sex number?
sopranocat: 59 is when one of you is too short for the other
richard_ermen: Does this one still end the same way the original did?
tim19862: lol
Taveena: 59 is someone slobbering on the back of your head
Foxmar320: Claire has seen better days
disebot: 10/10 Alex
Dr_fragenstien: it's when one party doesn't reciprocate, and just enjoys themselves
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun did you get the sub ammo?
DolGrenn: Was also on Letterkenny
SmashTCG: 👏
ninja_theory_ashrams: now that it's over, you can knock him off in one hit, complete with an achievement
Taveena: Pff, fair.
bi0buster: I wore a trilby in college, can confirm.
Dr_fragenstien: Mr. X will remember that
lucasbune: Isn't 59 the "we're out of that" number, or am i completely off track?
circusofkirkus: save?
richard_ermen: Isn´t a trilby a contraceptive?
Omega117: forgot the smg ammo
NanashiSword: save>
TehAmelie: 39 is when you 69 yourself
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun forgot the smg ammo
Foxmar320: Mr X is very fashionable
Alahmnat: @lucasbune that's 86
richard_ermen: Is Mr.X "M´ladying" us?
A_Catastrophic_Success: I have a great idea for a horror video game. I am going to basically remake this game with a fraction of the polish and technical know-how, but add in a hunt for nearly useless keys and a flashlight that runs out of batteries really quickly.
Himyul: ass fedoras are super pretentious
TehAmelie: yeah, it doesn't quite add up
Omega117: in the boss room
CoffeePrincess: he's a pulp p.i. investigating raccoon city
aClonedPickle: yeah there were 80 smig rounds in the boss room
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun back where you fought the guy
lucasbune: @Alahmnat Huh
richard_ermen: @A_Catastrophic_Success See your game on Watch & Play ^^
ghostalker: @adam gratz on boshy my boi
Drathak: It's only prudent
Robot_Bones: you mean pants?
AdamYMHMI: Fanny packs
Dr_fragenstien: they're called shorts
bi0buster: Like, on a butt-shelf?
Ukon_vasara: so like, a functionless fanny pack?
ReynardWrecca: @A_Catastrophic_Success Also, don't worry about collision detection too much; if you clip through stuff, that makes speedruns easier.
DolGrenn: That'd be inconvenient. You'd have to take them off when you sit.
TXC2: !addquote (Alex) [now] Imagine if people wore hats on their butt.
LRRbot: New quote #5822: "Imagine if people wore hats on their butt." —Alex [2019-02-13]
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SohNata: Praise be to the return of Sidewalk Slam.
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CastleOtranto: So like sweatpants with words?
Tiber727: Apologize to chat.
Foxmar320: It was a great episode
Pandalore: is a tramp stamp a butt hat?
NanashiSword: Yeah you did a great job on it Ben
TXC2: new SWS was great
SmashTCG: btw, ben nice editing
sopranocat: Daaaaamn it
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun did you even get an smg?
DigitalSeahorse: 96 is just regular sex
Justin_Bailey: kinda sad watching that SwS knowing the changes that happened between recording and when it went live
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Foxmar320: oh she got the demons in her
Omega117: bit of something in her eye
richard_ermen: Birkin you effin dumbass...
1losttheGame: shoot the camera!
sifonaonline: "She can't be saved. I can treat her!"
Haberdashed: Is she gonna friggin euthanize her?
Alephred: Mom's lab is surprisingly close to the open sewer.
noisyblizzard: she just said that there was nothing to do
SmashTCG: becasue she cant focus on killing william and treating sherry
BrindleBoar: rough
Jorge4hg: wow
TXC2: Am I wrong in thinking that mom looks like Julian moore?
disebot: Jesus this is rough
Markster981: birkin took zombie steroids tbh
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TheGcsmith: 20 month, thats pretty good
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Foxmar320: Mom of the Year award winner
I_Am_Clockwork: she's not a great mom
bi0buster: Fuckin' 180ing all day. Umbrella scientists amirite?
CoffeePrincess: pride1000
Waterzer0: bipolar alert?
sifonaonline: Because I Claire.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @TXC2 yeah i can see that
Jorge4hg: claire is great
Haberdashed: "Because I actually give a shit about this little girl"
I_Am_Clockwork: Claire is best sister
SmashTCG: Seekretos
Foxmar320: welp
Omega117: parents of the year, moms a jerk and dads an eye monster
NanashiSword: probs can't pick anything up
TheGcsmith: Wait, which resident evil was Nemesis?
sir_jack_DB: with the graphical update, I can't believe this was made in the 90s
NanashiSword: arms are full ben
sir_jack_DB: this is SO GOOD
TXC2: TheGcsmith 3
jonlevir: having played later games really removes some of the tension
disebot: You can't do herbs when you're responsible for kids
CoffeePrincess: give that child that hootie mack!
Foxmar320: Cable car is super close
accountmadeforants: Yeah, Claire just stomping over there with a million broken ribs, coughing up blood. "I GOTTA TAKE CARE OF YOU, CHILD!"
EvilBadman: @TheGcsmith 3, which takes placed before and after 2
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @sir_jack_DB i mean, THIS wasn't made in the 90's
Waterzer0: Just because the lab is near doesn't mean Claire knows what to do, right? Seems like a longshot.
Dr_fragenstien: yes, the cable car, the safest mode of transport in the case of emergency
TheGcsmith: @TXC2 thanks, thats the only RE I know any of. Thanks to a friends brother scaring me at 8 with it.
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Haberdashed: @loadingreadyrun I told Graham this earlier but I figure you guys will enjoy it. On a recent episode of TTC you guys were asking about the art of Suntail Hawk, and I happen to know the story.
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sir_jack_DB: really? when *was* RE2 released?
NanashiSword: wrong way.... turn around
Sati90: *Drops Sherry like a sack of potatoes to pick up weed*
NanashiSword: there you go
Haberdashed: Turns out, the art prompt basically just said "It's a hawk", so Heather Hudson just...drew a hawk. She sent it in and they sent it back being like "Ugh no, this is a fantasy game, it needs to be more...monstrous." She threw a couple extra legs on it and sent it in and they were like "OH MY GOD YES THIS IS PERFECT!"
sopranocat: Except for the yellow eye her face looks like mine right now, maybe she just has chronic hives and isn't getting treatment. I'll share my super antihistamines and steroids and $40k a month shots with her
I_Am_Clockwork: ah so you needed to g o l e f t
I_Am_Clockwork: Kappa
disebot: Isn't the new characters and DLC in two days? :O
TXC2: RE2 came out on Jan 21 1998
Dr_fragenstien: ge left Kappa
NanashiSword: Just trying to help.... ok
Foxmar320: lrrFINE
Markster981: that was before I was born seabatTROG
Jorge4hg: oh god
TXC2: in other words 21 years ago
monsieur_squirrel: wait, does she know how to operate anything in a medical lab?
lifecharacter: That's some Sith eye right there.
Waterzer0: Trapping ourselves in a small, metal box with a potential threat sounds like a really bad idea.
TheGcsmith: so, what have I missed so far with this game?
DolGrenn: Sherry BABY
bi0buster: "Sherry you're gonna look rad in college"
Mushbie: get da herb!
SmashTCG: more like Red eye
arcaneIllumination: The herb!
Omega117: quick she needs an optomotrist!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @sir_jack_DB no it was, i just meant i'm sure the original only shared maybe some level layout similarities...
Sati90: You can now loot her room
sir_jack_DB: oh
TXC2: TheGcsmith we hit a monster with a cargo container
Haberdashed: So yeah, I figured you guys would appreciate that story. Artist prompts can be silly.
BrindleBoar: rip loots
Sati90: Whelp
OriginalDybo: Its gonna be fine Lenny, think about the farm
noisyblizzard: just put a eye patch on that and she'll be as good as new
1losttheGame: reload?
1losttheGame: eh, its fine
Ukon_vasara: i thought that was a different franchise
e_bloc: cheer100 eye don't think this will end well
NanashiSword: Final destination? We gonna... die
Haberdashed: Just yank her eye out!
TXC2: now we look like Lara Croft :P
ZaxusEMK: this kid is going to turn into a zombie in 3...2...
SmashTCG: "read, Magic"
Markster981: how does claires jacket fit her tiny arms OpieOP
Bobtheninjagoldfish: when did Lara croft show up?
CoffeePrincess: headcannon accepted
sifonaonline: Claira Redcroft.
Taveena: She looks like Ellen Page playing Lara Croft
CoffeePrincess: Claire is the tomb raider
zenoflamer: I hope this ends well Sherry is too cute
disebot: Ugh this is ROUGH
Mister_BlueSky: Weird birthday gift kid.
justwhatever_idk: to be fair "tank top and tight pants with gun" isn't an especially hard look to recreate
TheGcsmith: was sherry in OG RE2?
KV1NN4: Yes
holidayMD: yes
Alephred: Is Claire's pendant a caterpillar pupa?
Nigouki: just vomit out the zombie implant and you'll be fine
EvilBadman: Yes, and you could get killed as sherry by doggos
TheWriterAleph: "we'll get you some visine, kiddo, just hold on"
DigitalSeahorse: she's afraid to touch it
w1nsol: Sherry has a hard life
Omega117: she was busy experimenting on children provided by irons' orphanage
DragonMZ: Sherry is so much better in the remake
KV1NN4: @Alephred think its a feather made of silver
Haberdashed: @LoadingReadyRun if you want that suntail hawk story just scroll up
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: #MyGodTheSmell
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Foxmar320: In the original game it depended on the scenario if Sherry gets infected or not.
sifonaonline: She can be Schrodinger's Zombo.
CoffeePrincess: get in the box
AshBurnem: Itchy, red eyes? Try Clear Eyes.
disebot: :,','((((
EvilBadman: Put Sherry in a stash box so she can teleport
Nemanthil: I hope they will do a original camera mode.
Waterzer0: Well Sherry was in the trash compactor, right? Probably doesn't smell any better.
Alephred: Should just have transferred Sherry via the chest.
disebot: The Black Mesa vibes though
CoffeePrincess: so, like, sherry is gonna die, right
TXC2: so, isn't Sheery's dad in the first game?
NanashiSword: So I wonder what Leon has been doing while we have been doing all this running through the sewers
Foxmar320: We need more doors!
BrindleBoar: someone is going to get super mushed by those doors
Haberdashed: That is...WAY too many doors
TheGcsmith: Got to be safe from zombies
sopranocat: Is this the area from the first game?
Tiber727: Put her in the chest, then you don't need to carry her all the way. Just take her out of a closer chest.
disebot: Yeah imagine excavating all this
EvilBadman: @TXC2 He's in this one too.
I_Am_Clockwork: A "Safe" number of doors
CoffeePrincess: sign in to the visitor log
DigitalSeahorse: and Inspector SMART walks out :D
Nigouki: couch?
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Jorge4hg: you really don't
ThePerrBearr: but nothing ever went wrong at umbrella
Drasvin: multilayer blast doors
kitthethird: You got denied access to the main shaft :(
Haberdashed: "Like a peeeenis. touched for the very first time!"
dannygambit: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 51:56.
I_Am_Clockwork: such sanitary conditions :p
noisyblizzard: main shaft coxOmg
LbxAni: kids...worst escort quest ever
SmashTCG: Gross bed
TXC2: isn't Sherry and her Dad Alive MUCH later in the storyline?
Markster981: thank god, umbrella is a pharmaceutical company they can help Kappa
KV1NN4: Sherry is roughly the same size and age as my froend's daughter and i don't think i could carry her that long o.o;
I_Am_Clockwork: better than sewer virus I guess
Foxmar320: Time to read all the emails!
e_bloc: when I get that feeling I need......zombie eye healing
CoffeePrincess: have you tried rebooting the child
shurtal: Dat's a bag case of pink eye
Waterzer0: Aren't anti-viral things impossible?
jonlevir: I mean, Kenny Omega roundhouse kicked a little girl in the head. Surely it can't do too much damage
Fugi: sherry's absolutely going somewhere
kitthethird: Pretty much
Foxmar320: 1 round
Dr_fragenstien: good thing the doors/id band doesn't need biometrics
Foxmar320: Wow 1 round
TheGcsmith: Has this game changed the story much?
Alephred: Anti-virals are a real thing, but much trickier than antibiotics.
SmashTCG: Aw yeah Its Pizza Dat
bi0buster: Someone was really drinking at work.
CoffeePrincess: it is pizza day!
Theycallmejokke: It's just high grad biological science how hard can it be
Taveena: can i get uhhhhhh pizza with extra t-virus
shurtal: Whipped cream pouring like waterfalls
Haberdashed: Ahhhh yes and here we have some old pizza, over by my grenade launcher rounds.
No_Superman10: "Hi yes I want to order pizza. To the underground lab. Yeah usual."
BrindleBoar: you just need some DEVIL!
kitthethird: Oh, this is the G virus, not the T virus?
Sati90: Just get some DEVIL in ya
TheWriterAleph: wait does the g in g virus stand for god?
Haberdashed: You gotta beat the DEVIL into her!
Ximos: I love the increasingly short naps as things fell apart
Tiber727: Is Sherry going to become the next Devilman?
sopranocat: Is this the area that in the movie started as an evil robot movie before they went "surprise! it's zombies!"?
BrindleBoar: time to kill some wayne
Mister_BlueSky: Man, I want a nap room.
shurtal: Deep Wayne of the Beach
Waterzer0: I was kind of expecting to see William's name in there.
CoffeePrincess: grab yo fiddle, we're looking for the devil
e_bloc: have you ed get danced with the devil in the pale moonlight
Foxmar320: I want some chips as well
sopranocat: Original or cool ranch?
TXC2: Devil prevents gene mutation, gene mutation is a vital part of Evolution, therefore God invented evolution Kappa
Haberdashed: Original every time.
SmashTCG: 3 minuites until the direct
bi0buster: I've been chowing down on garlic havarti on ritz. :D
Earthenone: DoritosChip DoritosChip DoritosChip
Foxmar320: Cool Ranch!
e_bloc: I ask that of all my prey
I_Am_Clockwork: you can get rid of the handle
JaymicUnyielding: We're gonna stand against the DEVIL? This is Watch + Play after all!
NanashiSword: Gotta go for the spicy ones
CoffeePrincess: wut
Mister_BlueSky: Taco flavor!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: DoritosChip DoritosChip DoritosChip
pterodactyl_noises: I'd try it
Nigouki: saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave
SmashTCG: Flaming hot Is amazeing
I_Am_Clockwork: it was for a backtrack you didn't open back inthe sewer
TheWriterAleph: salt and vinegar mmmm
ThePerrBearr: Doritos 3d
Nigouki: oh wait nm
bi0buster: My area has "Flaming hot nacho" doritos now.
CoffeePrincess: dorito tacos
Baldrash: @TXC2 Checks out. lrrBEEJ
CastleOtranto: C O O L R A N C H O L O G Y
Dr_fragenstien: I remember trying the experimental cheeseburger flavor. Not a fan
SmashTCG: Flameing hot Nacho
Mushbie: I'm snacking on some sweet chilli doritos right now
Juliamon: they need to bring back Screamin' Sour Cream
Nocxia: we had lobster roll lays this summer. they were AMAZING
DigitalSeahorse: not quite toxic masculinity flavor?
Sati90: Wow lured Adam into opening up about his chip shame and then crushed him
arcaneIllumination: I don't know about Doritos in particular, but Gill Pickle flavored chips are great.
sopranocat: Yeah, we find original chips but then we need cool ranch, and the cool ranch are locked behind a door that needs cheetos, which we use the original chips for
arcaneIllumination: *Dill
Baldrash: @Dr_fragenstien I miss that flavor so much.
Nemanthil: You can just check map for blue or red to see if it's worth even exploring places.
NanashiSword: Yeah gotta love Jeremy, always root for him on CommanderVS
accountmadeforants: Finally, justice
TXC2: BTW if you GG, then Settal the weckage, you're a bad person
kitthethird: Ah, the Golgatha virus, from the Progenitor family of engineered virii, from the ResEvil Fandom Wiki. Brings things back to life and gives immort..........fu't
bi0buster: "Roasted with 11 herbs and spices for 12 hours..."
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun i love useing frilled mystic to counter settles
Omega117: little ellen ripley too
Nigouki: welcome to the spoopy passage
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun come with me if you want to live.
Foxmar320: oh good more blood
TXC2: something something T2 is an overly long movie
richard_ermen: Is Mr.X more Schwarzenegger-Terminator or more T1000?
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chrono2x: First time renewing my sub for Let's Nope. And now I must leave because I'm a wimp to scary games.
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I_Am_Clockwork: Zimbleens
SmashTCG: It sounds like nobody took their Antivirus today
ThePerrBearr: is that Wayne Li?
aClonedPickle: a zamboni is greatly needed
bi0buster: Someone was really throwing around the raspberry jam huh?
zenoflamer: Lunch is meat today
Nigouki: "and in this room we store the viscera"
Markster981: I dropped my tomatoes sorry
TheWriterAleph: is this run A or B?
Nemanthil: Nah @ThePerrBearr Wayne Li never got out of the nap room according to the log. :D
ghostalker: concerning that the zombies all carry keys to the doors here
Waterzer0: Anybody got one of them grenades?
zenoflamer: Q
zenoflamer: *A
Haberdashed: I just love the idea of opening the door, seeing a zombie, and just going "Ehhhhh nah." and closing the door.
PendelSteven: Ah 'Ello!
Dr_fragenstien: that sounded like a not dead person
Tiber727: It's strawberry filling, from the cake Sherry's mother was making.
TXC2: Give em the Grunch
Omega117: re1 was very classic b-movie horror while this one is very james cameron sci-fi horror
Foxmar320: She just wants a hug
bi0buster: MA'AM
PendelSteven: Re-Re-Re-REMAKE!
sopranocat: What if the zombie virus was actually just overdosing on Red Bull? And you could save the world by locking everyone into a series of math tests and science labs for 36 hours?
korvys: Umbrella Employees
Mushbie: not fresh meat
Stoffern: zombies
Foxmar320: Is she eating his butt?
Stoffern: they serve zombies
bi0buster: Just toss that over.
richard_ermen: I feel this does not account for vegan zombos.
Omega117: they serve ass apparently
Waterzer0: HEY there's a grenade.
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun well it's official. zombies eat ass
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: HEALTHY
TXC2: Foxmar320 yeap, it's the best meat Kappa
zenoflamer: @foxmar320 Zombies eat ass too
ProfBadger: Claire's angry the cafeteria doesn't sell hamburgers.
korvys: It's not just for Millenials
drcanonball: you can shoot the kneecaps to slow them down
Talin06: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 57:48.
I_Am_Clockwork: Ass is one of those every-meal foods
bi0buster: Ass IS an anytime food thank you Alex.
DigitalSeahorse: did that still have the pin in it?
I_Am_Clockwork: you can en enjoy it any time of the day
DolGrenn: Everyone's dead here, Adam. That's the point
Waterzer0: you definitely saw a guy
Godofmuffins: Ass, A meal for all occasions.
Dr_fragenstien: wait your turn!
Foxmar320: We just want to order lunch
korvys: What do they serve at this cafeteria? Umbrella Employees
ThePerrBearr: "Healthy"
ReynardWrecca: That is a TERRIBLE cafeteria.
Haberdashed: Shrimp poppers sound decent tbh
PendelSteven: Very 'Mercan
DolGrenn: TF is up with those random prices?
kitthethird: Ew, I bet they serve Quorn there too
PendelSteven: Apple Pie for desert?
bi0buster: Ah the "american diner" menu.
DigitalSeahorse: apple pie! slytqPie slytqHug
drcanonball: still better than school food tho
bi0buster: Just missing some meatloaf.
PendelSteven: Ducktoes! Woo hoo!
Markster981: $6 apple pie OpieOP
Waterzer0: It's a whole apple pie.
Haberdashed: What? Ducts that aren't a bitch and a half to maintain?!
Sati90: Ben took a sharp turn... in the Duct Zone
I_Am_Clockwork: "I am the lunch lady. Now eat my entire ASS!"
MacSquizzy: that's about what I'd expect in a corporate cafeteria
Nigouki: wait, were pancakes on the menu or are these from the secret menu?
bi0buster: He just wants some poppers. :C
Foxmar320: oh he was waiting on someone to open that door
sopranocat: @LoadingReadyRun What are the most flexible birds? Mallards. They're the most DUCK-tile
TXC2: sopranocat get out Kappa
Foxmar320: lrrWOW
Mister_BlueSky: HAND-y.
ArosTheImmortal: 4Head
ALEISmALPTO: no she didn't!
DigitalSeahorse: we're already ARMed
PendelSteven: It's almost like Jill-sandwich
Alephred: HIS hand. That's Martin Li.
Mushbie: hahaha MUF
ThePerrBearr: not everything is a pun, ben
TXC2: it's a play on words
Nigouki: ZSA was it? what was the code?
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun it's a pun!
AtomicAlchemical: Us knife
Haberdashed: Alex why
weff47: hello friends
bi0buster: Stab him in the butt!
Nigouki: we had a 3 letter code downstairs
MacSquizzy: it's funny cuz it means two things
TXC2: hello weff47 welcome
Sati90: The 3 letters circled in the page!
shurtal: muf
ghostalker: title or your sex tape
Foxmar320: He really likes that door
TXC2: it was SZF
weff47: glad to see Adam made it in safe
Sati90: What were they?
Waterzer0: Where's the power?
I_Am_Clockwork: the 3 letters from erlier was for a locker they missed back in the last area. they can't go back for it now
drcanonball: ä railgun?
PendelSteven: o_O
PendelSteven: Somebody watch the vod
NanashiSword: Wait did someone say a railgin?
Nigouki: now it looks like one of those nerf guns that come with ann iPhone dock on top
Foxmar320: Yeah it was good for ONE boss
TXC2: it's a tazer not a railgun
PendelSteven: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I saw a ghost
Mushbie: @drcanonball its more like a taser on steroids
PendelSteven: Leftunder!
TXC2: they make some WILD nerf guns now
Rhynerd: There’s automatic nerf guns now
circusofkirkus: roger roger
I_Am_Clockwork: Ben sounds a bit like Lancemate dialoge from Mechwarior
PendelSteven: lrrFINE
BleedingToast: katesSir katesSir
zenoflamer: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Unas84: Ink-eyes?
DigitalSeahorse: A-Train?
bi0buster: My callsign is Blood Fart. Kappa
Robot_Bones: GunWeeb
Our_oBoros: Mine would be "Stupid Snake"
Foxmar320: Cause its Umbrella
korvys: Alex is Phil Pages.
Nigouki: they saw the outbreak coming?
Mushbie: because they are umbrella?
ThePerrBearr: because of aesthetic
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: could i be Piehole
TXC2: same here Adam
PendelSteven: This is Silly Goose calling Stupid Snake
bi0buster: This music tho.
ShadeofHades: Okay, so who approved those walkways not having proper handrails?
Dr_fragenstien: I liked your dragon's dogma gameplay today
PendelSteven: Over
ReynardWrecca: That rotating glowing tower with no discernible purpose is pure Black Mesa. Or Apeture.
weff47: don't run Boshy back though
lifecharacter: Experience the Gravity Gun Adam.
ZoBo_: are there *any* real places with extendy-walkways like that?
ninja_theory_ashrams: osha violation, hand rails on that catwalk were way too low
Drasvin: If this is Black Mesa, where's the power armor?
lucasbune: Pills here
DigitalSeahorse: :D
Astra7525: hahahah, yes Alex, yes
Waterzer0: >in a medical facility >we take some random plant for medicine hmmm
Haberdashed: Alex that's amazing. Is there a link to that sound file?
sifonaonline: People keep calling that guy in the background "Adam". I thought his name was The Boshy. ItsBoshyTime
TheGcsmith: oh yeah, with Alex back, how has your projects gone Alex?
accountmadeforants: Samesies, Alex!
Tiber727: I stopped playing HL2 because I was bringing Dog's ball with me, but a bug caused it to disappear after a scripted event.
PendelSteven: oh yeah, I was gonna say... that recorder without sound... was a Sony
kitthethird: G-virus? Would you like to start your free trial of MalwareBytes Premium?
Haberdashed: UHHHHHH
Foxmar320: oh he had a bad time
NanashiSword: Oh my.... zombie... plants???
Haberdashed: That guy is NOT okay
PendelSteven: 'ello
sifonaonline: It's Biollante!
ThePerrBearr: that plant looked hungry
TheWriterAleph: FEED MEEEE
TXC2: fuck all that
Mushbie: bad news is what it is
Nigouki: oh, he made friends with a starfish
TheWriterAleph: 0
Tplayne: Hi gang, who should i talk to get/buy a high rez version of the jojo's bazar playmat art. Id love to put it on a custom fight stick im building.
TheWriterAleph: 5415
Rhynerd: The latest murder plant.
ZoBo_: well that's a weird...
weff47: "are you ok?"
Rhynerd: Good ol’ Umbrella and their murder plants.
drcanonball: a call aliens
Mister_BlueSky: I mean, we have to get to the root of the problem.
PendelSteven: NAH-sty
NanashiSword: Do we really need to go in here.....
sir_jack_DB: that sounded like the Terran Ajutant
arcaneIllumination: Get Flame rounds!
Omega117: there was aplant in original re2 but it was more of a background detail
Foxmar320: Thats normal
aClonedPickle: not to backseat, feel free not to, but y'know
sifonaonline: Biollante! PogChamp
AtomicAlchemical: Get more venture capital
korvys: You did a crapshot about that
Sati90: ASS rounds
AtomicAlchemical: Hope the investors don't get wise
Astra7525: "graaaainnsssss"
disebot: They finally did it, they made vegan ass
Drathak: This makes me want to eat only chicken
PendelSteven: More like Plants + Zombies
sifonaonline: Oh, Clickers.
jonlevir: umbrella's business model? I've seen that Crapshot!
kitthethird: Is it vegan if your plants eat meat?
Drasvin: Umbrella makes drugs and weapons
Waterzer0: Well, I do know that people use plants for research (shout out to carlsagan42), but I didn't know it went this far.
TXC2: this Daniel Bryan's Dream Kappa
ArosTheImmortal: Plants&Zombies vs Claire
Unas84: love the Crapshots based on how unsustainable/profitable all the evil corps' schemes are :) @LoadingReadyRun
ReynardWrecca: Eww, Regenerator flashbacks.
Mivair: He waited very patiently for you to reload
ThePerrBearr: them predator noises
ZethRuss: popped all the pustules
BrindleBoar: you shot him in the taters
disebot: Flame rounds?????
Sati90: Shoot him in the pods
Rhynerd: Now I wish I knew what pharmaceuticals umbrella made for public use.
accountmadeforants: Adam sounds a bit quiet, by the way
PendelSteven: it's called a groin
brainbosh: They were in the original, just different looking
Foxmar320: There were plant monsters in RE2 but these replaced them
sifonaonline: A monster quite like this was in The LAst of Us.
bi0buster: Oh hey a tetis code.
aClonedPickle: input loss
Astra7525: Can you spell Loss?
AshBurnem: 0420
Omega117: they were sort of, the plant monsters in original re2 looked different though
ReynardWrecca: The Regenerators, and their introductory sequence, is one of the most efficient 'oh crap' horror-game bits everrr.
Rhynerd: They had to have had some good drugs to be able to afford this stuff.
PendelSteven: Ben's hacking skills
lucasbune: Inverted, 1 is upper left
Tplayne: Hi gang, who should i talk to get/buy a high rez version of the jojo's bazar playmat art. Id love to put it on a custom fight stick im building.
Justin_Bailey: haha Kappa
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Tiber727: Regenerators were actually pretty easy, due to being incredibly slow, but they kept locking you in small rooms with them.
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Rhynerd: Or some bad drugs to think these zombies were good ideas.
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah the symbols are just the numbers inverted.
Earthenone: 420 would make sense as the plant room password
bi0buster: It's a beeping machine.
PendelSteven: Of course 1 is upper left
Haberdashed: One of these days it's actually gonna be 42069
Mivair: Hopefully good? Probably bad.
hainiryun_: It's a solution, clearly it will solve the problem.
Foxmar320: Watered the plants. So kind of you
Waterzer0: Maybe the plants are angry because they haven't been watered!
lucasbune: @LoadingReadyRun negative space numbers, the 1 is upper left
Omega117: gotta get that weed killer
brainbosh: No, plants like pee!
drcanonball: anti-plant juice?
weff47: get Mr. X to pee in it
TehAmelie: putting your butt on it is not enough of a thrill for Alex anymore?
Haberdashed: Fill it with Weed-B-Gone
PendelSteven: oh yeah, now you mention it, I've seen machines where 1 is under-left... heck even on my us-international keyboard
Mivair: Fill it with butts
TheWriterAleph: fill it with vodka and burn the place down
Himyul: if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate
ninja_theory_ashrams: little shop, little shop of horrors oh oh oh oh oh oh
drcanonball: can mr.x come here?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: !yng
disebot: Dab count 2
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun did you get the flame thrower. It's good for the plant bois
ReynardWrecca: Worth a mini-dab, Alex.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: !ing
LRRbot: nginginginging...
PendelSteven: meh, it's probably 1 upper left in japanese culture then
AshBurnem: C'mon, Umbrella, be frugal. Zombies don't grow on trees.
sifonaonline: Weeb-Be-Gone isn't Western Animation. It's Western Live-Action.
Konda020946: wasnt there a second path from the hub?
PendelSteven: Jungle!
Foxmar320: See we are fine
Konda020946: i cdont mean dowanwards i meant to the right from the entrance
bi0buster: I think you need to go through here at least once before you can herbicide it?
MaliciousDemise: anyone else shudder when people say dub
TXC2: this is like a worse version of that Vault from New Vegas :P
PendelSteven: UMB = Umbrella, I gather
Omega117: ah, so this is the z-nation episode with the z-weed
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: can we do drugs?
TXC2: is Z-nation any good?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: omg that reminds me of an scp
ReynardWrecca: @Omega117 I thought I was the only one who watched Z-Nation! It's so damn good!
Waterzer0: Probably need the level 3 keycard?
bi0buster: Screenshot?
PendelSteven: 2*2 = 4
NanashiSword: well 100.... that's still too many
ThePerrBearr: only 100 options
lucasbune: 2-0-x-x
Mushbie: green house... is that where Snoop Dog lives?
PendelSteven: hehehehe
Foxmar320: This room is safe
Omega117: @ReynardWrecca i haven't seen past the second season yet but it is a lot of fun
drcanonball: granada
TheWriterAleph: salad shooter!
Mivair: get GRUNCHED
Mivair: #GRUNCH'D
ReynardWrecca: @TXC2 Z Nation is, and I am being neither ironic nor hipster, genuinely superb. Better and more interesting than Walking Dead if you can look past the tiny budget.
brainbosh: Kill it with fire
Lumb3rj4ck: heh...the brady grunch
KV1NN4: i almost raced tot he kitchen tot urn off my kettle XD
TXC2: ReynardWrecca OK cool
disebot: Don't breathe this
HondoTrigger: these guys have a one hit kill grab
bi0buster: Well thankfully they seem to have a little dance party when you blast 'em.
mistborn83: always double tap
PendelSteven: more TETRIS blocks
ThePerrBearr: stab the pustules with a knife
Foxmar320: Say cheese
Waterzer0: Alex, destroying those releases the spores they use to reproduce.
brainbosh: It does hurt when you run out of ammo.
lucasbune: 3-1-2-3
Mister_BlueSky: 3123
ThePerrBearr: is ths Loss?
aClonedPickle: F loss corners F
Mivair: You're a mean one! Mr. Grunch!
Mivair: How the Grunch Stole Christmas
disebot: F autobahn flipflap F
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DigitalSeahorse: Toho Heavy Industries puzzle
brainbosh: This area is so much easier with Leon who gets a flamethrower.
PendelSteven: barrista: someone who can make coffee really well
lucasbune: 3-1-2-3
Waterzer0: WHO CARES
A_Catastrophic_Success: Cool technology!
ThePerrBearr: double lines
Omega117: these are all negative space numbers
Dr_fragenstien: that's pretty old, like 2015 or something
Sati90: What?
PendelSteven: OK
arcaneIllumination: Oh, I see. The patterns are the inverse of the numbers.
PendelSteven: lrrFINE
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah, I didn't see it my first run through but it is inverse numbers not weird alien symbols.
Waterzer0: corporate espionage?
TehAmelie: D: 2015 is not long ago (she said, oldly)
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun plz do not bring up logan paul into this. PLZ
PendelSteven: I see what you did here...
Mivair: 2015 is 1/6th of my lifespan ago!
ThePerrBearr: there's a rematch?
PendelSteven: Valentine ... cause Valentine Day
Omega117: it is fortunate that the lab gives you lots of healing and ammo
aClonedPickle: another slenaid in the guncher
Dr_fragenstien: 2015 isn't that long ago, but in internet terms it is
drcanonball: why is logan paul even popular?
Waterzer0: Why have a finale when you can milk the IP?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: could we just NOT punch each other?
korvys: There's something to consider about thinking about your activities as performative, and not enjoying it, but I don't see how that''s anyone else's problem.
Nigouki: just acid them
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weff47: I hope they through simultaneous KO punches and it's done with
Omega117: all of them
BrindleBoar: all three
auxv: they started early
Drathak: Nah punching is fun
tastethebeams: Alex, I'm loving your comic so far, keep up the great work!
Amentur: Why not all of them?
brainbosh: All?
EricTheOrange: Just in case theirs anyone else with my very specific tastes here, the version of DQ11 coming to switch has teh retro mode and I AM SO HYPED.
Makhiel: ooh, a wake-up bullet?
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun and i want A MILLION dollars!
PendelSteven: Children are the proof that humans are herd animals
bi0buster: There's a guy in Calgary who "audits" businesses. He shows up and starts filming security guards until they come out and tell him to stop, then quotes the law at them "because I'm on public property I can film freely" He doesn't seem to understand he's just a dickhead.
Mivair: Always Double Tap
TheGcsmith: Is this a new comic Alex?
PendelSteven: childrens flock more than adults for example
brainbosh: Ben, taking the most wasteful way to zombie check. :p
accountmadeforants: Children, a "good" work ethic, and a lot of luck with early recommendation algorithms
croisvoix1: TheGcsmith
Baldrash: @EricTheOrange I'm down. Need to watch the Direct later.
TXC2: !clips
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Nigouki: should have just acid rounded
NanashiSword: All winners!
azureHaights: Combopoline!
zenoflamer: lrrDILLY
BrindleBoar: what do I win> Kappa
PendelSteven: okay, you could say we have a flock of humans here in chat - I love you chat
sifonaonline: The Seaboshy is always right.
BrindleBoar: *?
Papperslappen: Icecream for everyone!
Amentur: Claire and Leon need to learn the Dead Space stomp. It's effective
Foxmar320: ouch
HondoTrigger: knife damage is based on frame rate in this, and you can stun lock lickers with knife attacks if you knife em in the head
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ALEX WHY
korvys: The zombies were the friends we made along the way. It's ver tragic.
ThePerrBearr: examine it. always examine
e_bloc: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
azureHaights: murFREESboro
Omega117: grenade ammo here
ReynardWrecca: Oh, that's a point - HEY ALEX! Will the artbook be post-able overseas?
Himyul: you just shot Murf
Jeezy56: it's not too dissimilar to fusili Jerry I guess
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
TheGcsmith: Is this comic the reason you were absent for a while?
ReynardWrecca: Cheerio @TXC2
Amentur: Night TXC2
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Foxmar320: Hello frand!
DigitalSeahorse: yup
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Alex, Adam and ben
disebot: YIKES
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun well that was a scream alright
NanashiSword: Blasted licker
EricTheOrange: @Baldrash I was so bummed when the retro verson that came out on 3DS didn't get ported and I had given up hope of getting the retro verson so this made my day.
Waterzer0: Why do we have water bombs? :^)
PendelSteven: lrrWOW
BrindleBoar: Waterzer0 it's spicy water
Jaromjaromjarom: hey everyone
azureHaights: mawpin' them up, call us the janitor
TheGcsmith: ok, already loving this art style Alex
ReynardWrecca: Oh, it's digital?! Neat. Will there...will there be a physical thing? I have no idea how viable this stuff is.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hanging Chad
Haberdashed: Ceiling Chad sounds like a dick
PendelSteven: lrrAWESOME
disebot: Ceiling Chad was great slapstick
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: man, Ceiling Chad is the WORST
Foxmar320: lol
tim19862: LUL Laserbeaks_Fury
Amentur: Good ol' Jones
Mivair: Bye Jones
Tiber727: Ceiling Chad is watching you climb stairs.
Waterzer0: he's too drunk
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun imagination lvl 99999
Foxmar320: Later Box Jones
Mivair: Nice seein' you Jones!
arcaneIllumination: Box Jones! No!
hainiryun_: Chad nooo
Theycallmejokke: A rich narrotive is getting weaved here :D
sifonaonline: It's the only way to be sure.
TheWriterAleph: @Laserbeaks_Fury lrrAWESOME
hainiryun_: Box Jones is back
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ok wtf was that and why is it making me laugh so hard
Waterzer0: hey it says stuff on the top including MUF
hainiryun_: never mind
PendelSteven: a Signal Modulator, ey?
sifonaonline: You need to use a fire type attack for super effective damage.
Mister_BlueSky: SomeBODYs note told me I had to burn the bodies.
Mivair: I Can't Believe Box Jones is Fucking Dead
brainbosh: Oh, Ben using the mag ammo on the zombies?
Rhynerd: All that’s left is Corner.
Omega117: inspect the trophy
arcaneIllumination: Get Flame rounds?
NanashiSword: Do we want to examine that trophy?
weff47: millMOOK millMOOK
Mivair: "Do you fear death, Box Jones?"
TheGcsmith: So Alex, what were you working on that took you away from LRR? or can you not talk about it?
PendelSteven: Maybe if we can find an oscillator, a filter, an ampflier and a speaker we can build a synth!
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ninja_theory_ashrams: examine your items
Konda020946: you hevaent seen my final form
AshBurnem: Haha, should've gone for the head, haha!
Sati90: I mean Ben can confirm that is basically Kingdom Hearts right?
brainbosh: BTW Ben, the crank is useless now.
azureHaights: This is a weird KH gaiden game, I tell ya whut
Waterzer0: foolish mortal, none can comprehend my true form!
VoodontWoW: Woah, KH spoilers!
PendelSteven: hehe
TehAmelie: remember that Let's Nope game where Tex Avery went grimdark?
Mivair: The whole gang's here!
ghostalker: you look hurt
TheWriterAleph: tentacle time!
PendelSteven: Kingdom Hearts: Zombies 'R' Us
Darth_Fishious: MUF was in the nap room I think.
madmanoreo: we grudge now?
sir_jack_DB: aaaa they're in the waaaaaallllss!!
Foxmar320: Where you picked it up was one
Ridgenator: check the trophy
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun the flamer was back in the police station
brainbosh: Leon gets the flamethrower, not Claire.
anamelessdog: No fire rounds for the Grenade Launcher?
Omega117: inspect the trophy
bi0buster: Does the trophy fit anywhere?
disebot: Grenade flame rounds??
OutOfSpaceAndTime: Leao gets the flamethrower
Sati90: There was one further back
flapjacksofwar: Leon gets a Flamethrower, you need to make do with flame grenades
Mivair: I love how Claire's just so nonplussed about this. "Ugh, you again?"
PendelSteven: Let's get back to the police station then
CoffeePrincess: this is the future Poison Ivy wants
Amentur: Murf was down the ladder?
jonlevir: Flanades for the grenade launcher?
Waterzer0: Greenhouse is an interesting name for this room.
PendelSteven: what a silly game then
PendelSteven: :D
brainbosh: You have what you need, just need to look at it.
ninja_theory_ashrams: examine your items
PendelSteven: It even rhymes!
ThePerrBearr: Mandatory Fun?
PendelSteven: Loading Ready Fun!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @kynelwynn thx, now i don't have to go clip that later :D
Omega117: the trophy has a code you need
Nigouki: MUF and MURF were two of the wall codes
PendelSteven: Oh, it has an OSScilator!
Pteraspidomorphi: Try selecting a different signal
brainbosh: Gotta line it up, kinda difficult
TheWriterAleph: eeeeOOOOOeeoeoeoeeee
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: woooooweeeeeeoooooooo
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun you have to make both of the yellow lines allign
PendelSteven: Multi...
yomidian: fourier transform to earn this game's love
BrindleBoar: gotta love that trig
jonlevir: wasn't it murf?
Alahmnat: try moving the slider
kynelwynn: Multi-User Forth?
Tiber727: Brain power!
EricTheOrange: muf was in the nap room I think
Darth_Fishious: MUF was in the nap room where you got the first wrist band chip.
Laserbeaks_Fury: We got is all on MURF
NanashiSword: We have power again
VoodontWoW: All the Murphs watching are so confused.
CoffeePrincess: let there be light
Sati90: We MURFed
Foxmar320: So many frands
PendelSteven: Okay then
PendelSteven: Chat got MURFed
bi0buster: What a weird circuit breaker system.
AshBurnem: Get served!
kynelwynn: Ground Control to Server Tom?
ninja_theory_ashrams: pick up the murf
sifonaonline: Something something Radio Frequency.
Amentur: Ground control to Server Tom
jonlevir: ground control to server tom?
anetfullofjello: Server Tom this is Ceiling Chad
Drasvin: Time for some IT work
Waterzer0: wow you don't even need level 3 clearance to get into the server room?! poor security
disebot: Flame roundssss brotherr
CoffeePrincess: @kynelwynn I'm glad someone said it
circusofkirkus: this is the quiestest server room ever
DigitalSeahorse: pls don't
circusofkirkus: quietest
sifonaonline: MURF is Multi-Use Radio Frequency.
PendelSteven: Silly Goose to Server Tom
Nigouki: craaaaaaank
sifonaonline: The more you know.
Konda020946: i think the red key is uieseles snow
edgehead_: the greenhouse shows
CoffeePrincess: Holy shit, really
kynelwynn: Wrestling zombiemens
ninja_theory_ashrams: more item examining recommended
CoffeePrincess: I should listen to sidewalk slam
jonlevir: Undertaker is actually not human. yeah, I don't remember if it was 2nd or 3rd degree burns, but it was bad
ProfBadger: Chris Jericho tells it.
ProfBadger: It's... yeah.
Haberdashed: And now he's the Hound?
CoffeePrincess: burns are awful
EricTheOrange: It was his chest i think
jonlevir: 2nd degree hurts worse than 3rd degree, too
VoodontWoW: Sir. Sir. SIR. You need to slow down.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: i wonder if they'll re-incarnate him with a new younger Undertaker
Forcement1: What is that trophy?
ProfBadger: Just gets burned, works a 10 minute match...
korvys: Dr Li, that was the guy that went for a nap and never left
bi0buster: :O The helix trophy?!
CoffeePrincess: was that a Simpsons reference?
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Mister_BlueSky: There was one of those frequency things back in the nap room by the way.
CoffeePrincess: senator mendoza was the villain in the McBain movie
NanashiSword: That;s Rick behind you
Foxmar320: Secrets!
ReynardWrecca: Ooh, biting.
zenoflamer: @loadingreadyrun Ben stop mike wazowsking Adam
lucasbune: 2-0-6-0?
ThePerrBearr: in this game, examine EVERYTHING
PendelSteven: I suppose my callsign should be Silly Gander
PendelSteven: The collective noun for a group of geese on the ground is a gaggle; when in flight, they are called a skein, a team, or a wedge; when flying close together, they are called a plump.
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Konda020946: wanst there a door besides the lady that didnt stand up
Dr_fragenstien: storm count. Nice
BrindleBoar: I'm sure it's fine
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Nice
Foxmar320: lol
Haberdashed: That's not a GOOD sound
NanashiSword: Oh the burns
CoffeePrincess: sao is trash
breathlessisthehunt: Hahahahaha
korvys: HOT TAKE
Alephred: SAO is not even okay.
ThePerrBearr: spoilers, that's on my to watch list
breathlessisthehunt: sao was not good tbh
zenoflamer: @loadingreadyrun Adam was like hidden behind you lol. That's what Mike Wazowsking is
disebot: 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Pteraspidomorphi: I agree with Ben
PendelSteven: But I guess usually you see a gaggle of geese
Opie74: that was great
Metric_Furlong: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
kynelwynn: Box Jones
Himyul: corner jones
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: omg Ben :D
tastethebeams: I liked the fighting in SAO but the actual anime was trash
TheMoatman: Oh I love Rogers & Cornerstein
Konda020946: key in thge corener
brainbosh: Unfortunately that won't kill it for good, you have to burn the corpse after it's dead.
TheOtherTrevor: Cornstein and Smough
frozenphoenix7: I echo the people saying SAO was bad
PendelSteven: and now that you know what a gaggle is... You don't have to google it!
Konda020946: device thing in the corner
ThePerrBearr: box jones, ceiling chad, and corner...steve?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Whatever Happened to Box Jones
theneatestburrito: RIP Forgettable Frank as he may now be named?
Rhynerd: I thought his name was Corner Greg
Our_oBoros: Ben, nope. It's crap. SAO Abridged, however, is amazing.
circusofkirkus: power thingy in the corner
Darth_Fishious: MUF is in the nap room
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun MUF was in the nap room
tastethebeams: I'm worried about it
circusofkirkus: back by box jones
Konda020946: power thingy corner
WereDoor: what happend to your sweet red leather jacket
TheMoatman: The only thing I really remember about SAO is his sister wants to fuck him
DigitalSeahorse: glop
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Our_oBoros "Dammit Liz! You had one job!"
Alephred: Just Google SAO and glop, it's fine. NSFW.
Godofmuffins: Glop
Nigouki: i missed what alex said :(
frozenphoenix7: I know what it is Alex and I hate you now
CoffeePrincess: I've watched all of sao, and it's like, super sexist
Godofmuffins: 2 years of Glop.
Metric_Furlong: maybe do not google that
circusofkirkus: ah, my b
Omega117: the first one was in the nap room
Waterzer0: we saw MUF somewhere
OutOfSpaceAndTime: Nap room
Foxmar320: The other one was the nap room near the start of the lab
ninja_theory_ashrams: back in the nap room was another frequency terminal
richard_ermen: SAO....was not ...not good.
bi0buster: Alright time to open an incognito window...
frozenphoenix7: @our_oboros SAOAbridged is so goood
CoffeePrincess: True
arcaneIllumination: I have heard from a friend that the most recent season is "okay", so I might give it a watch when I have time, after I finish my senior year.
Omega117: way back where you got the chip
PendelSteven: but erm the reason I'm talking about geese is that a city north of me is associated with geese. It's called Goes, pronounced much like goose
ProfBadger: Don't google that.
OutOfSpaceAndTime: One near the kitchen
CoffeePrincess: I love Beej!
Mollymauk_Jay: I like SAO
TheMoatman: His laugh will flow endlessly
Juliamon: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEJ
Rhynerd: I remember somebody mentioning in a conversation that the writer of SAO apparently looked back and went “oh, I messed up.”
BrindleBoar: SAO's first half of the first season, and the second half of the second season, are fine. Not great, but fine. The middle is hot awful garbage.
ThePerrBearr: there's only 100 or so SAO epsodes, i'll watch it when i'm caught up on One Piece
Sati90: I googled that... what/
Erudite_Cynic: Ta DaI'm back
Mister_BlueSky: Turns out, everyone can like different things.
Waterzer0: Is it safe to assume if we go into somewhere that's dark, it needs to be powered?
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah, it's annoying how the people who hate it are so pushy about it
ReynardWrecca: Hell, I'm still waiting for Season 2 of One Punch Man to gt on Neflix.
kynelwynn: Can you yuck someone's yum if they like shitty people?
Pteraspidomorphi: Mediocre seems accurate
weff47: it's a good concept with a mediocre execution
Mollymauk_Jay: I know it’s bad but I enjoy it non the less
PendelSteven: South of me is Ghent, which sounds much like the start of a gander
korvys: Dear Doctor LoadingReadyRun - I need your reaction to the following concept from the Nintendo Direct: "Tetris Battle Royale"
ProfBadger: It's okay to like things that aren't great.
CoffeePrincess: I'm not saying you can't like SAO, just acknowledge how horrible it is to its female characters
kitthethird: They're great, but not good...... but they are great :D
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: I, too, enjoyed all The Matrices
tastethebeams: I like this headcanon that all the zombies are internet trolls and weebs
Nigouki: obligatory mention of The Last Jedi
Dr_fragenstien: It's one thing to like something that's bad, it's another to claim it's good
marcimihaly: BvS is underappreciated
PendelSteven: So I'm literally between 'Goose' and 'Gand[er]'
Sati90: Well Adam is a monster
TheMoatman: What if the DJ is also a zombie
ThePerrBearr: Wayne!
ProfBadger: I always thought of it as 'most of the things you like will never last the year.
korvys: Oh, it's doctor Li!
Waterzer0: Is this one of those Japanese pod hotels?
kitthethird: same, zombie, same.........
BrindleBoar: how many fanny packs do you have at this point
arcaneIllumination: In my opinion, as long as what you like isn't currently or likely going to hurt yourself or others, I couldn't care less as long as you don't try to stuff it in my face.
weff47: Pod Lee
tastethebeams: rip lee
Mister_BlueSky: There are some comedies out there that are just pretty universally hated but because I saw them with friends and we laughed our heads off we still love them to this day. Things happen. We like what we like.
ThePerrBearr: Serious Li
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: WAIST OF SPACE! get it?!?!! WAIST?!?!?!
Astra7525: "So much for the tolerant left"
mistborn83: My friend named Lee
PendelSteven: I see what you did there @tastethebeams
PendelSteven: Is this Metroid?
CoffeePrincess: @whadidbeejputindpie I don't get it
Foxmar320: He has a clone!
CoffeePrincess: jk jk
tastethebeams: @PendelSteven that was unintentional
n3ther: beautiful
drcanonball: martin lii the negative man
Nigouki: well there goes the resemblence
n3ther: LOL
tastethebeams: It got in my mouth!
tergonis: oh man her mouth was definitely open there
Himyul: right in the mouth
Rhynerd: Oh, Li’s all over our face
EricTheOrange: are you fucking kidding me...
ThePerrBearr: double tap
Waterzer0: Was that leg bite scripted?
Omega117: I love that the achievement you get for the first hip pouch is "it's hip to add squares"
kitthethird: I love that that was an animation!!
Sati90: That feel when he goes in for the kiss outta nowhere
TokenMickus: Tomato sauce everywhere
Mollymauk_Jay: The thirst is real
Nigouki: wait so what did his diary give us? some code?
accountmadeforants: To follow up a razzle with a dazzle, what a visionary!
CoffeePrincess: I just watched that episode last night
Konda020946: the rigfht bridge?
gamercat88: so if you get bit do you turn?
Foxmar320: I really wish Claire was just strapped with hip pouches now
PendelSteven: Oh, you've just beaten SCGTour in terms of viewership
Amentur: Waterzer0 no they tend to go for the shins when lying around
ninja_theory_ashrams: so trophy code next?
Baldrash: I've been watching some of the old episodes lately. A lot of them have aged very well.
Alsritt: wait where did our jacket go?!?!
Type_One___: cheer100 Krusty: "burn that seat"
TheMoatman: I'm not sure about that
ReynardWrecca: One of my favourite things about having a 4-year-old son is watching Simpsons, IN ORDER, from the top, and letting him experience all the stuff for the first time.
PendelSteven: In Flames
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ThePerrBearr: TROGDOR
tastethebeams: "simpsons has done everything" also includes bad things
PendelSteven: :( SCGTour has beaten us again
jonlevir: Speaking of Vince, anyone else see Kofi's gauntlet match run last night?
OutOfSpaceAndTime: Sometimes it's knife to say goodbye
SmashTCG: Oh my god
SmashTCG: a Teteris BR
lucasbune: 2-0-6-0
Drasvin: Just starting flame wars everywhere
PendelSteven: oh well silly Magic cards, who needs 'em? :D
SmashTCG: nintendo are crazy
ReynardWrecca: @jonlevir, yes it was superb.
kitthethird: I love me some GUAC and chips
Foxmar320: I was so bad at remembering these codes when I played this
BrindleBoar: look at the missing space instead of the blocks
korvys: 2067
Laserbeaks_Fury: Glare Redfield
Omega117: 2067, they are negative space numbers
SmashTCG: did you know that they are numbers?
PendelSteven: OK
frozenphoenix7: I for 1 demand at least 1 One More episode on the Tertris Battle Royale
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: oh it IS negative space! cool!
SmashTCG: is the blank space inbetween the shapes
Nigouki: TWOI FOR ONE!
weff47: you're too slow
jonlevir: I know Adam doesn't always get to watch the weekly stuff, but holy carp was Smackdown worth it last night
Nigouki: REKT
Unas84: was that a wilhelm?
PendelSteven: BBQ!
Himyul: that's a TWOfer!
Rhynerd: Twofer!
CoffeePrincess: niiiiiice
NimrodXIV: those make such disturbing sounds
ThePerrBearr: watch out for the 3rd one
marcimihaly: are these PLANT ZOMBIES?
OutOfSpaceAndTime: Woof, this puzzle
Galactic_pain: Plant zamies?
marcimihaly: DREG MANGLERS
wildpeaks: oh no
Foxmar320: I hate this puzzle
brainbosh: And those zombies still aren't dead.
Astra7525: oh ffs
PendelSteven: Minigamu!
gamercat88: so we don't die when we get bitten? sorry never played these before
frozenphoenix7: @jonlevir -Unnamed marathon man- for Champion
SmashTCG: welp, ill be back in 2 hours when they are done
CastleOtranto: Oh no, one of these puzzles.
Baldrash: Another Towers of Hanoi variant?
BrindleBoar: jug puzzlan
glees89: its fucking Die HArd 3 all over again
wildpeaks: is someone doing towers of hanoi in here
tastethebeams: lrrGOAT
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ah, Code Veronica again
SmashTCG: are you KIDDING ME?
drcanonball: puzzle master
Foxmar320: Ben got it so much faster than I did. Im so mad
CoffeePrincess: oh!
Astra7525: Ben the weedkiller-wizard
Phosphatide: seabatBRAIN
Justin_Bailey: benginDab
ninja_theory_ashrams: benginTry
CoffeePrincess: that was neat
disebot: Gamer sense!!!!
PendelSteven: Huzzah
Nigouki: can we have a stream of Benn playing Professor Layton games please? Kappa
Izandai: Ah, it was one of those bottle puzzles. Neat.
Waterzer0: What happens if they run out of this stuff?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: how does Ben even
wildpeaks: the puzzles whisperer
TheWriterAleph: it's got electrolytes
Forcement1: Nice!
Laserbeaks_Fury: This lab has a Chili Room? Umbrella is Awesome!
OutOfSpaceAndTime: Oh Come On! This one took me an hour!
Omega117: making the monster energy drink
Lafajet: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Sati90: Don't forget to cool it
weff47: it's got what plants crave
lordbrat4: This is some hard to get round up.
Alahmnat: between this and the signal modulator we just did the first two puzzles in Myst 4
zfgs_spare_chu: The Juice PogChamp
jonlevir: man, Ben heals way less than I do. I am paranoid about having too little health
Earthenone: so ben has the gamer sense, adam has the ultra instinct and alex has the comedic timing :)
PendelSteven: yeah, they're screaming all the time
PendelSteven: it's like they don't have to breath air in or something
Mister_BlueSky: Fails every cooking minigame, nails that. 🤔
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Squiidd_pope: Oh yeah, the plant zombies really do look like dreg manglers
brainbosh: Burn them until they are black, have to burn them AFTER they are dead.
tergonis: mmmmmm toasted kale
Squiidd_pope: [Dreg mangler]
CoffeePrincess: oj Simpson?
qaenyin: The Juice is loose
Squiidd_pope: :/
Earthenone: !findquote juice
LRRbot: Quote #2146: "Be careful. He's going to make juice." —Paul [2016-03-23]
tastethebeams: I thought the juice came from the 90s rapper
glees89: wasn't OJ Simpson the juice?
zenoflamer: !findquote Plant
LRRbot: Quote #1942: "Why do we care about the reproduction of plants?" —Cori [2016-02-22]
Laserbeaks_Fury: Was it not OJ Simpson
PendelSteven: lrrFINE
xantos69: So is there a reason that the protagonist just walked right past a bunch of bio hazard suits?
Omega117: mmm, a delicious ice cold tube of monster
SmashTCG: i would love a Hard mode, where this Arm is just missaligned and it sjust fucking Destroys the vial
CoffeePrincess: ice to see you!
korvys: They did notice - Didn't Jay ask about Desert Bus OSW mentions?
circusofkirkus: xantos69 aesthetics
TheWriterAleph: like a crane game, just drops it right before it gets to you
sir_jack_DB: Cool.
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SmashTCG: and you need to realign it
TehAmelie: why did they program me to feel fear?
sifonaonline: Don't kill Biollante.
PendelSteven: lrrWOW that was cool
ReynardWrecca: @xantos69 Because her former commanding officer didn't authorise their use :/
countz3r0: save the game
frozenphoenix7: @xantos69 They dont match our grenade launcher. Fashion is important.
Nigouki: imagine the noise those suits make while running
Sati90: It should have said "You are now cool"
Nocxia: chillbot 5000 thanks you for your patronage
Sati90: "Brother Cream Brother!"
bi0buster: I'll... Never... Forget you... MEMORY DELETED
Foxmar320: oh he ded
tastethebeams: lrrJUDGE
PendelSteven: Typewritah!
ThePerrBearr: it's out already
Foxmar320: Done with the helix
drcanonball: today
ThePerrBearr: isn't it?
Nigouki: dispose of trophy?
PendelSteven: Sorry, you want a typeraita? Ha ha. Funny man.
Earthenone: jump force comes out tomorow i think
drcanonball: it already 14th here
Anamalous_Accountant: what show they talking about?
PendelSteven: (from a Rowan Atkinson sketch - brilliant stuff)
sir_jack_DB: ooof right in the polyp
Metric_Furlong: Anamalous_Accountant fist of the north star
Godofmuffins: I enjoy the Ancient Martial Art of throwing Dynamite.
MilkInBag: I just came back from the doctor, good news! I don't have influenza or a cold MingLee
Anamalous_Accountant: ah thanks
tastethebeams: you can watch the whole series for free on VRV
Foxmar320: Plants so mad now
Laserbeaks_Fury: I guess y ou found the SOLUTION to the problem
PendelSteven: Sploosh!
countz3r0: Poison Ivy gonna be mad
TheWriterAleph: dun dun...
Nigouki: can you imagine how nasty that stuff is to IMMEDIEATLY KILL EVERYTHING?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: BLAZEIT
SmashTCG: I think the best Reward in this game is the Unlimited ammo minigun you get for beating it a certain way
kitthethird: I honestly expected that to make things worse
SmashTCG: Wat a rat
n3ther: discipline me AI
Waterzer0: They've clearly done this before, so this thing must be very resilient.
tastethebeams: humm'n
Rhynerd: Oh no, they’re gonna dock your pay.
PendelSteven: A hu-mahn?
CoffeePrincess: I walk away for 2 seconds and miss talk about fist of the North Star
Jovh11: Wow killing off all that dank weed simply wasteful
wildpeaks: yer having a giggle m8
SmashTCG: im sure glad MR x isnt here
PendelSteven: I saw a gaggle m8
Foxmar320: The plants are mad
PendelSteven: walking 'round the park
wildpeaks: :D
CoffeePrincess: I've never seen any of it
CoffeePrincess: I've just started Jojo tho
cinnamoncyborg: "It's not English. It's not Irish. It's just...Pikey"
CoffeePrincess: I just finished Diamond Is Unbreakable
MilkInBag: ghost
wildpeaks: who broke what ?
Amentur: lrrSPOOP
Himyul: lrrGOAT
weff47: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Soul1355: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Drasvin: lrrSPOOP
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hub area?
zenoflamer: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Waterzer0: Should we go check on Sherry?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOOP
jonlevir: a boat? Is someone a fan of boating?
Mushbie: you can now go anywhere
bi0buster: Jojo part 2 is so good.
Metric_Furlong: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:44:06.
PendelSteven: lrrSPOOP
ninja_theory_ashrams: it is 451 am in the game, not useful, just noting
Himyul: I'm real thirsty, I need a tab
kitthethird: Wait a minute, if it knows what solution you dispersed, that vial must have had an RFID tag just like the Keurig 2.0 pods..... Coincidence?!?!
Izandai: Are there any plans for an official LRR interaction with today's Nintendo Direct?
Foxmar320: Sherry is fine shes just the size of a car now with 3 arms
PendelSteven: Short? They're just Japanese-sized
PendelSteven: :D
Izandai: wow
PendelSteven: Sorry
thekeytoviktory: what up Ben, Alex, Adam and Chat !
SmashTCG: I would personlly Fucing Body slide acrrsoss these bridges
Waterzer0: They didn't even tell us there was a level 4!
weff47: just tall enough to trip on
SmashTCG: that seems TERRIFYING
Baldrash: @Izandai I don't believe so?
Izandai: ty
Foxmar320: Another movie!
Himyul: mall cop 2
bi0buster: Oh shit Paul Blart 3!
1losttheGame: that movie is so messed up!
ThePerrBearr: rolll back the rock?
1losttheGame: i had forgotten about it for awhile
gamercat88: that movie was awesome
bi0buster: I don't remember anything that happened in that movie.
tergonis: alex plz no
ThePerrBearr: I'm Woog. do you want a hot dog? or do you want HOT DOG?
CoffeePrincess: America's Funniest Home Videos?
PendelSteven: Wasn't Murf related to the Smurfs?
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Justin_Bailey: Home Movies was a good cartoon
Alahmnat: "company"
Foxmar320: Movie time!
PendelSteven: Looks like a Denon, right?
Erudite_Cynic: is the weapon Graham?
HondoTrigger: amazing fidelity for a vhs tape
disebot: Petition to relabel discard to yeet
disebot: in MTG as well
PendelSteven: it's probably SVHS
CoffeePrincess: I don't remember this paranormal activity sequel
Jeezy56: Dr. Rowley Brikin Q.C.
PendelSteven: Supa VHS
weff47: Home Movies with Coach Birkin
bi0buster: Hey there HUNK.
PendelSteven: yes, super is a Japanese word
wildpeaks: "oops"
Foxmar320: oh he mad
PendelSteven: You had one job!
SmashTCG: did you know HUNK is a translation error? it was suppose to be hank
Waterzer0: But all of those guys are dead now... they must not have made it far.
TheWriterAleph: "you're a loose cannon, martinez!"
Alephred: Birkin does not look alive enough to inject himself.
AshBurnem: How I could just kill a man.
seth_erickson: one of those guys is a survivor I believe
Rhynerd: @alephred yet apparently he is.
TemporallyAwry: Yes - and no it doesn't.
Mushbie: third rail.
Erudite_Cynic: don't piss on the third rail
Justin_Bailey: yes they did Alex
PendelSteven: how did they screw that up?
NimrodXIV: peeing on 3rd rail
korvys: Tird rail, but yes
lifecharacter: Peeing on the third rail. They did.
ThePerrBearr: yes, mythbusters tested it
Omthebox: Too much space between piss
Omega117: be thorough in looking for ammo, you will need it
accountmadeforants: So these guys have headcams that straight-up record to VHS?
Izandai: They did. The pee line breaks up into droplets so it doesn't work.
Galactic_pain: I think it was the third rail
madmanoreo: peeing on the third rail yes
TheGcsmith: why did ben discard his items?
PendelSteven: hanku stays hanku, right?
korvys: Minions
Dr_fragenstien: they did that. You've got to have a super impressive stream to get shocked
weff47: Breaking Bad suits
Laserbeaks_Fury: SPringboard
CoffeePrincess: breaking bad cosplay?
Mowdownjoe: Was that the episode they almost didn't air?
tergonis: sweet bathing!
countz3r0: schvitz
Omega117: and make grenades and smg ammo if you can
Nigouki: finally clean after teh sewers
wildpeaks: nicely fresh scent of g-virus
Rhynerd: You’d have to point blank piss on the rail.
Foxmar320: Normal room
CoffeePrincess: with no soap
Izandai: This seems fine.
TheWooglie: I've seen this film
bi0buster: Ooo that one in the middle.
AtlasNYC: Are they choosing NOT to use the map?
CobaltShurikenReborn: give him da bits!
lifecharacter: This is the accumulation of all chat's bits.
grandmaspocket: T2 ref lol?
TheWriterAleph: li'l biiiits...
Nigouki: that's a bit disturbing, amirite?
lifecharacter: Send more to complete the monster.
tergonis: why are all the bits throbbing
Alsritt: welcome to dexter's lab
PendelSteven: hehe
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCHKN
PendelSteven: I remember that toon
lifecharacter: You're gonna want to get items out of that box.
Omega117: you are really going to want to make some smg ammo and grenades
Laserbeaks_Fury: Family photo?
Foxmar320: Whats that smell? Smells like boss.
Waterzer0: What was Doctor Birkin's first name again?
Amentur: That one room sure looked large and empty enough
Nocxia: aquarium!
lifecharacter: William Birkin
Nocxia: yay!
Rhynerd: @waterzer0 William
Alephred: Both Birkins are doctors.
CoffeePrincess: you got all that space
Waterzer0: Oh so that's William.. but how did he get the virus?
CoffeePrincess: take your acid rounds
brainbosh: Machine guns not bad on the bosses.
Izandai: Wait why does gunpowder and white gunpowder make acid?
Mushbie: soo he has CIPA?
PendelSteven: Yes, The Littl' Bits, another anime (Mori no Yōki na Kobitotachi: Berufi to Rirubitto)
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yell0wninja: I hope somebody has been feeding the fish in that aquarium...
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ninja_theory_ashrams: those poor orphans
PendelSteven: I watched a lot of anime when I was a kid :D
brainbosh: The "test subjects"....or "orphans"?
CoffeePrincess: is..... is that sherry?
sifonaonline: I would consider being the host for something.
sifonaonline: If it was really cool.
excalibur_1867: cheer100
Rhynerd: @izandai that’s actually just pure game logic, I think. For Leon that combo makes shotgun ammo.
wildpeaks: g-virus is just bad marketing, just call it "happiness juice" and it doesn't sound as sinister
PendelSteven: (it's funny, cause it's true)
Izandai: @Rhynerd Of course it does.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "You're all going to die down heah"
Waterzer0: There were two vials. Are we sure that's the right one?
Foxmar320: Sherry we got the DEVIL for you
SmashTCG: Aaand Mr x
xantos69: buckets of nope
korvys: sup bill
Tiber727: I would hope they have multiple copies of the key they gave to Sherry.
excalibur_1867: Hey friends
tergonis: an amalgamation of bits!
CoffeePrincess: Alex said it faster than I could type it
ThePerrBearr: flare gun
Dr_fragenstien: "my cleaning supplies require a key that I broke into 3 parts and gave to my mother, my son, and my dog"
Alephred: William da foe.
Rhynerd: Ah, she made some acid rounds too.
Foxmar320: I would not be in this room anymore
CoffeePrincess: well, that was anticlimactic
kitthethird: Science dad?!?
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah. ONE acid round is gonna take it down.
Omthebox: He seems nice.
Lysander_Gustav: That is a cool shirt, Ben!
Nightvalien28: I am certain it is dead
ThePerrBearr: must have been a rough marriage
Waterzer0: I would definitely not be standing that close.
ProfBadger: awwww, did someone get their research stolen>
ProfBadger: ?
ZeniteZero: The original G. The OG Kappa
Izandai: @ZeniteZero katesWa katesAA katesOO katesOw
Izandai: shit
Drasvin: he is a meat monster now
PendelSteven: Cherie...
Foxmar320: oh she ded
Izandai: katesWa guyjudgeAA guyjudgeOO katesOw
Nigouki: huuuuuuuug
Dapstabloke: Yeet!
ZeniteZero: LUL @Izandai
PendelSteven: Bam
aggravated_cat: ooooooof
CoffeePrincess: lrrFINE
wildpeaks: super ded
Rhynerd: She’s gonna need a new spine.
drcanonball: kinda expected
Waterzer0: Looks like the virus mutated to be resistant to the agent.
sifonaonline: You mean where your lungs come out of your mouth.
Izandai: OH FUCK
Foxmar320: oh good an extra arm
wildpeaks: hell to the no
Theycallmejokke: Mo stop healping!
ReynardWrecca: Ironically, bet you wish you could've caught Annette in...a net.
CoffeePrincess: got that beefy arm
PendelSteven: Sploosh!
Nigouki: oh he Shin Gojira now
Foxmar320: Thats not helping lady! Its making him bigger!
CoffeePrincess: coming out the back of his neck there
blackwlf: You killed Billy!
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ZeniteZero: Have you ever been pregnant of another arm? Yeah, me neither
aggravated_cat: massive internal bleeding for annette
lifecharacter: WE're fighting cause Claire's a badass.
Jorge4hg: you're alone with me
Zombeenie: Cause you're the protagonist
Godofmuffins: Claire is basass.
Rhynerd: Oh, Claire just hops down there to fight Birkin?
Foxmar320: Run away!
Izandai: Sooo... Final boss time?
korvys: Selfie time!
Alsritt: spider-berkin, spider-berkin, does whatever a spider-berkin does
wildpeaks: fiddlesticks
yell0wninja: Pretty sure bullets still work on the top platform?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: dat screaming lady music
TheWriterAleph: a b s o l u t e u n i t
Nightvalien28: I got this *runs away*
Foxmar320: G is not happy with us
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun well hell of a good idea leaving all the ammo and the gun behind
Shfflecat: Annette doesn't even know where Sherry is right now.
ninja_theory_ashrams: let me show you my final form
Nigouki: kinda annoying how you got no dodge or roll
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah, that got me too after playing Leon first @Rhynerd
Izandai: !sir
Foxmar320: DED
Nigouki: what's a quality of life experience they should have added
Stoffern: Go for the eyes Boo!
bi0buster: It's ok they have a save.
PendelSteven: Sploosh!
kitthethird: Does AOE damage hit the weak points too?
ZeniteZero: Ohhh he a big boi
brainbosh: Oh, are those the only guns Ben brought?....
Alephred: So G-virus is like FEV, and T-virus is zombie virus, right?
Rhynerd: Oh lawd he comin’
Omega117: space
tim19862: glass kaypikeSHARK1 kaypikeSHARK2 want fat kid katesLol
bi0buster: @Nigouki There's so much you can avoid with a dodge move, it doesn't really work with the way the enemies move. They'd have to make them way faster to still be a threat.
Rhynerd: @alephred Yeah, kinda.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: !ing
LRRbot: nginginginging...
tim19862: ah
ZeniteZero: moon2AY
PendelSteven: Very Zelda-esque hitting the eyewise
Omthebox: Wish we had like. A dodge roll. Or a run faster than a brisk walk
Foxmar320: Pop all his many eyes
CapnRobert: you need soul caliber
TheWriterAleph: give him the dicktwist!
ThePerrBearr: dark souls this, continuous dodge roll
MilkInBag: F
disebot: ACID ROUNDS
Foxmar320: 1 is not 0
disebot: stun him
PendelSteven: Indeed... 1 is not 0
bi0buster: He got beeg shoulders.
Foxmar320: oh wow
Nigouki: wooooooooooow
lifecharacter: Oh we got the screen
Earthenone: 0 = 0
Foxmar320: The game is throwing shade
circusofkirkus: lol
PendelSteven: In fact, in binary 1 is the opposite of 0
Alsritt: get shittttt on
DigitalSeahorse: get him in the HIND Sight
ThePerrBearr: Game heard you were a scrub
Izandai: katesWa guyjudgeAA guyjudgeOO katesOw
Omega117: capcom does that a lot
TheWooglie: The burn
SmashTCG: hey ben... you wana make the game in EASY MODE YOU SCRUB
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun that''s why you don't leave everything in the stash
CoffeePrincess: I fucking hate when games do that
lifecharacter: This is where submachine guns are nice.
Invitare: Easy Mode is giving the controller to Adam Kappa
ArosTheImmortal: Hey, we noticed you suck, wanna have assistance? Kappa
Markster981: would you like to skip this boss :)
EvilBadman: Hey, uh, people actually need Assist mode/easy to enjoy games, so don't be a dick about it.
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun get an extra gun as well
Izandai: Bring the flash grenades, certainly.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "hey player! are you tired of sucking?"
Foxmar320: Get strapped with weapons
Omega117: smg and grenaded would be good, grenades are phenomenal here
ZoBo_: game says "lol nub"
Waterzer0: I feel like it should give you a couple attempts before that prompt comes up.
Mowdownjoe: It's more the presentation, really. Celeste does an "Assist mode" real well. Because it's your choice.
lifecharacter: You've got some ammo in the box
ReynardWrecca: Yeah, I only play games on Easy and I'm too old to care.
DigitalSeahorse: at least there wasn't a hard to do puzzle after the save point here like what happened to me and a game crash today :O
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun you have an extra 80 inside
lucasbune: You have an 80 stack in the chest
Foxmar320: If you had ammo Sparkshot is not bad against him.
LlewellynZ: got anything that shoots acid?
CoffeePrincess: bring
korvys: I feel like Acid might be better than fire?
Mister_BlueSky: Grenades could be pretty tech.
Tiber727: @EvilBadman Yes, but popping it up after a death can be seen as insulting. You can easily put it on, say, a loading screen.
jonlevir: @ReynardWrecca you and me both. I stopped caring about game difficulty years ago
brainbosh: There's plenty of ammo and stuff in the room too, you just need the guns to shoot it with.
zenoflamer: Grab the extra acid rounds
bi0buster: It's a beeg boss, bring everything to bear!
Omega117: grenades do a ton of damage
CoffeePrincess: everything
PendelSteven: Anyhow, newsflash: good game = still a good game
kitthethird: I think its hard for games to offer the choice or remind novice players about easy mode without being patronizing
ninja_theory_ashrams: the game actually has adaptive difficulty built in, the more you die the easier the game gets, if you always load instead of continuing, the game will think you never died and will be more difficult
Foxmar320: Believe in the Ben
korvys: He's using fire - he's probably not week to it (unlike the plants)
PendelSteven: Nice
CoffeePrincess: Uuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhh, I gotta leave but I wanna watch this fight!
accountmadeforants: Hey videogames, have you considered context, rather than a basic deaths++?
DigitalSeahorse: get 40 points of acid damage!
PendelSteven: Barrista?
TheWooglie: It probably detects you are streaming
ReynardWrecca: Let's Go Ulmer! (clap clap clap-clap-clap)
brainbosh: Total deaths, the 2 from the shipping container boofed you.
bi0buster: Nearly, nearly!
CoffeePrincess: oh, she extended the stock!
Himyul: I really wish you had your dark souls quick roll for this
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canadaponce: knife is OP though
bi0buster: Looks like the second one didn't work.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: stun states don't stack?
Foxmar320: Nice
PendelSteven: My name is not Shirley!
Tiber727: @ninja_theory_ashrams I remember that I always loaded in RE4 and didn't even know about adaptive difficulty. I HATE when devs do that and don't tell you or don't give a menu option to turn it off.
Foxmar320: oh thats nasty
Izandai: That is TOO MANY eyes.
CoffeePrincess: grunch!
ThePerrBearr: too many eyes? too many eyes
PendelSteven: Nahsty
Waterzer0: Something about having eyes on the inside.
TokenMickus: Cluster of eyes
electroswagnetism: At least all the additional eyes in bloodborne are INTERNAL
CapnRobert: completely transformed by soul edge
Rhinoceritis: open your eyes and seeeee
ZeniteZero: What is up with the fascination with eyes? o_O
Foxmar320: iFrames!
PendelSteven: Sploosh!
ReynardWrecca: Finish Him!
Our_oBoros: As cool as it is, why EYES of all things?
lifecharacter: DPS
Nigouki: he toasted his skin?
Amentur: He steamin
ThePerrBearr: he grew another arm
Foxmar320: oh he mad
Izandai: UH
ZeniteZero: Swole af
PendelSteven: Embiggen!
RaemSturm: enrage phase!
bi0buster: Eyes are convenient glowy shit.
CoffeePrincess: this isn't even his final form!
brainbosh: SECOND STAGE
Waterzer0: Is this metal gear revengeance suddenly?
Mushbie: do he lift?
Mushbie: ya he lift?
jonlevir: Feed him more!
crashdownreg: do you even lift?
blackwlf: You'd think with all those eyes he'd have better depth perception.
zenoflamer: GRUNCHER
ThePerrBearr: is only game, why you haf to be mayd?
Izandai: @blackwlf lol
PendelSteven: Sploosh!
Papperslappen: Don't copy that floppy!
PendelSteven: (this was a Windwaker ref)
Sati90: "It's just game. Why you haf to be mad?"
Nigouki: he's definitely very Shin Gojira looking
Foxmar320: oh I could feel the wind from that
Blasteg: are we doing the abooms here too?
ZeniteZero: monkaS
CoffeePrincess: he gon throw it
PendelSteven: o_O
Foxmar320: lrrSACK
bi0buster: "I just have an urge to grab this.
Phosphatide: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
Mister_BlueSky: lrrSACK
brainbosh: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
PendelSteven: Hulk jumps
bi0buster: Adam does not look impressed. xD
disebot: YEAH
lifecharacter: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
CoffeePrincess: grunchitize him, captain!
TheWriterAleph: noice noice noice
kitthethird: Go Ben!!
Omega117: loot the heck out of this arena
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "my eye-boobs!"
PendelSteven: Splooooosh!
Papperslappen: final form?
korvys: benginTry
Foxmar320: oh his eyes popped eww
Izandai: Okay, stage 1 down.
Nigouki: how's he on the lickability scale?
Sati90: Zombie check
brainbosh: Obviously actually dead now, of course.
PendelSteven: lrrFINE
circusofkirkus: and to think the game wanted you to switch to easy mode
s0lesurviv0r: enbSwoleL lrrSPOOP enbSwoleR
ThePerrBearr: we're the eye hole man, only we can have eye holes
Makhiel: 'e's restin'
CoffeePrincess: the computer seems to think he's dead
xantos69: I want approximately 0 of that
Infernal_Translator: "Now take a selfie with it, you damn millennia!"
wildpeaks: as long as it's not Sonic
Izandai: Don't worry, he's definitely dead for sure now. There's no way he could possibly get up from that.
DigitalSeahorse: "are you for cereal?"
Foxmar320: Check the map
hawkfalcon8: Hello BEN, ALEX, and ADAM! and also CHAT!
CoffeePrincess: ok, on that note, I gotta run!
kitthethird: This wasn't even my final form!
CoffeePrincess: love y'all!
CapnRobert: seabosh lord
Waterzer0: Can we get like a tank of that acid dumped into this room?
Kramburger: I legit teared up when Adam won, i was so happy for him
Omega117: sparkshot ammo
electroswagnetism: I was shocked the credits didn't have an instant death thing in it
Nightvalien28: here I come *green hill zone starts playing*
Izandai: Yeah, with a fucking WEIRD art style.
PendelSteven: Ooh! It's a good game!
TheGcsmith: what did adam win?
bi0buster: Oh shit sparkshot ammo!
Kramburger: The return of Linkbl?
electroswagnetism: Links Awakening is one hundred emoji
Izandai: I don't hate it but it looks so weird.
PendelSteven: I <3 Link's Awakening!
Mowdownjoe: Yeah, that Nintendo Direct was gas.
ThePerrBearr: needle ammo for sparkshot?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Ooh, Link's Awakening was my first Zelda
Izandai: Also Tetris Battle Royale.
Foxmar320: picked the room clean
lifecharacter: As victories mount, so too will resistance.
bi0buster: -The Biome is clean`
tergonis: the real loot was the friends we made along the way
Mister_BlueSky: This room... is clean.
Kramburger: Tetris battle royale is a hell of a concept
Mowdownjoe: I have to wonder why Tetris Battle Royale is a real thing, though...
kitthethird: Wait, Ben, are your nails painted blue too? :D
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Robot_Bones: the real ammo was the friends we made along the way
Foxmar320: lol
yell0wninja: Link's Awakening is one of my favorites, and the art style seems... fine, but not really what I felt from the original
ThePerrBearr: burn him
madmanoreo: tea bag him
ghostvalv: no chill
Omega117: so close
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun the monster will be like, this isn't even my final form
CleeKru: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:06:11.
Waterzer0: I'm sure her mom didn''t take the serum for herself.
hawkfalcon8: !uptime
shurtal: The way the difficulty sliders work, you can enter a boss room with 0 ways to do damage, and still statistically have enough items in the room to kill the boss, what with sliding crit chances, and sometimes sliding damage values
TheWooglie: Oh Sherri isn't the drink Claire wants rela bad.
Foxmar320: 3 shots :P
PendelSteven: And I'm like, using like not like it should is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2016
Omega117: you will need every bit of ammo and healing you can carry
PendelSteven: Steve, it's 2019! Yeah, I know!
PendelSteven: :D
ReynardWrecca: Alex, is there any possibility of a physical version of your artbook?
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun have space ready, cause you will get the motherload of guns in a few
ThePerrBearr: i gave him a dollah
Foxmar320: She got better
shurtal: Her pink eye is CURED
hawkfalcon8: she ded
Infernal_Translator: Is she going to grow extra eyes?
lifecharacter: Just give her some FAID
PendelSteven: OK
bi0buster: "It's alright I've got some coloured herbs you can shove into your face."
bi0buster: "Sort ya right out."
sifonaonline: A mega-concussion. And liquid ribs.
Waterzer0: Just some internal bleeding.
ThePerrBearr: there's the rib
brainbosh: Lots of broken ribs.
Dr_fragenstien: she's come down with a case of the liquified organs
jonlevir: slap some powdered herbs on her, she'll be fine
Nigouki: it's fine, it's just my lungs are where my intestines are supposed to be
lifecharacter: Mommy's got a case of the dust ribs.
Robot_Bones: mommy just needs some of the week old pizza sitting in the corner
hey_strawberry: just eat a plant
Drasvin: She just a little bit zombie
PendelSteven: The "G"-virus
Alsritt: mommy aint free of the G virus
sifonaonline: Also my spine is dust.
Foxmar320: oh her everything is broke
korvys: The Graham Virus
Nightvalien28: is she immune to the virus??
Amentur: My kidneys D:
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "damn! the gas!"
hawkfalcon8: she super ded\
Waterzer0: I hear infections love open wounds!
AshBurnem: Redemption = death
PendelSteven: :(
lifecharacter: She's achieved some semblance of redemption, she super ded.
Alsritt: G-Virus, more like GG-Virus!
Omthebox: Is this how you get kids.
Mister_BlueSky: OWLgg Virus
disebot: POOR KID
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Foxmar320: welp
madmanoreo: old yeller time
PendelSteven: lrrFRUMP
Izandai: That sounds good.
bi0buster: Meanwhile: In Leon's playthrough....
hey_strawberry: just make her eat the plant
lifecharacter: It other protagonists messin our shit.
Foxmar320: Self Destruct system has been activated
jonlevir: oh, umbrella. You and your wacky self destruct research labs
AtlasNYC: dont worry Annette. in a fee years she meets a dick named Jake and things get WEIRD.
Fugi: wait if the virus has left isn't it too late to self destruct?
PendelSteven: [barf]
Erudite_Cynic: awwww
Waterzer0: How did it leave? Was it the guys that shot William?
madmanoreo: load-baring boss has been activated
Drasvin: Someone set us up the bomb
Himyul: destroying the building to contain the virus AFTER it leaves seems real bad
Blasteg: Isn't self destructing after G virus leaving the building.... a little late?
Foxmar320: Waterzer0 find out in Leon's game
Alahmnat: yeah that's what I was thinking
croisvoix1: Umbrella security measure are uh bad
hey_strawberry: she loved you? thanks im fine now
PendelSteven: Yay!
jonlevir: @disebot it's okay, in a few years she gets to be in a game of her own
Erudite_Cynic: get dem nuggies
ThePerrBearr: yeah, you don't want to move her in that condition, it'd only make things worse
silvalunae sobbing silently in the corner
PendelSteven: lrrCHKN friday!
Rhynerd: @jonlevir but that game is Man Fellating Giraffe!
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun RUN
aClonedPickle: jonlevir: what? no, they skipped from 5 to 7, they never made RE6
lt_leptien: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:10:54.
AtlasNYC: What I fond weird is Claire DOESNT raise Sherry.
jonlevir: @Rhynerd it could be worse. It could have been RE5
DigitalSeahorse: "I'm gonna make you very understanding and respectful enough not to jump all over the neighbor's ceiling!" :D
AtlasNYC: *find
Omthebox: "We have to go" Digs through a box of shit.
ThePerrBearr: you just had a boss fight though
hey_strawberry: yall playing on easy?
korvys: Intravenous level security
Omega117: grenades and acid rounds
hey_strawberry: wtf
Zandivya: Mainline those red herbs
lifecharacter: Need space for a weapon and some last level "puzzle" piece.
Alsritt: i mean, Claire probably wouldn't have been any kind of good mom, so it makes sense
Foxmar320: You will find another box before bad stuff happens
AtlasNYC: @aclonedpickle listen...can we at least keep Jake?
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun . keep some space. soon, you will get the big gun
brainbosh: Take it all?
Izandai: I think bring the acid rounds.
Erudite_Cynic: better to have it and not need it
jonlevir: @aClonedPickle I prefer to acknowledge bad entries in series. Plus, I enjoyed it. It was stupid, but it was still kind of fun
Alsritt: Claire is more like the Aunt whose a CIA agent who you look up to
korvys: healing?
Izandai: Mixed herbs?
Waterzer0: When you need to carry around 5 puzzle pieces at once. :^)
brainbosh: There is another box before the end.
Opie74: frag
tastethebeams: better to have and not need, than need and get eaten by zombies
Omega117: grenades pls
Izandai: Might as well, yeah?
korvys: Oh, you have all the healing
Foxmar320: Red/Blue gives armor boost as well
Alsritt: are we close to the end of the game?
Foxmar320: Yes
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah it boosts her tank top armor. lrrBEEJ
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun keep that space. soon, you will get the big gun
PendelSteven: lrrFINE lrrSACK lrrFINE lrrAWESOME lrrFINE lrrSACK lrrFINE
AtlasNYC: Are they doing the B scenarios?
Foxmar320: His story is the other half of the game
electroswagnetism: once the self destruct starts, we're probably near the end
Always_Armoured: you need to do both campaigns to get to the actual ending
Dr_fragenstien: yeah, I remember a story of a 10 year old girl accidentally killing her instructor with an smg.
Alsritt: Leon's story would be aceeeees
crashdownreg: h*ck gabyLewd
ThePerrBearr: wait, down? we want up!
AtlasNYC: Leon B to be precise is the other half
TheWooglie: Why are we going down?
DigitalSeahorse: she looks like one of my cousins
disebot: Sherryyyy <3 <3
Mister_BlueSky: B stories are definitely shorter than A stories.
Godofmuffins: Sherry is the sweetest.
Haberdashed: I just got back. We helped her?
Erudite_Cynic: nah her eardrums are already burst by now
RaemSturm: leons story has a different flair, especially late game, i think you would enjoy it
Nightvalien28: give to adam he can do it
Haberdashed: Awesome!
Waterzer0: OMAE WA
korvys: Oh, we playing fear now
Dr_fragenstien: wheras adam has no qualms abouth throwing innocent dudes into the sea Kappa
Sati90: You come at the queen...
PendelSteven: omnious eerie sounds
richard_ermen: Wait...are we close to the train scene already?
EricTheOrange: @ThePerrBearr were going back the the train I think
Omega117: dual wield
Zandivya: Sherry was Me. X the whole time! anneWhy
Alephred: Just the game giving you lots of stuff, no reason to be suspicioius.
PendelSteven: Are we gonna suplex the train?
PendelSteven: Oh wait. Wrong game.
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Trust the Bens.
richard_ermen: @PendelSteven Well Birkin might be...
ThePerrBearr: halloween?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Never a good sign when you think it's over and the game gives you more items
TehAmelie: if there's a train, you gotta suplex it. it's the law
TokenMickus: No spoons and forks, it's all knifes from here.
Rhynerd: @richard_ermen I think they might manage to reach the train by 6:30 EST at this rate.
wildpeaks: on point, lrrbot
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun keep some space. soon, you will get the big gun
Waterzer0: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:14:17.
drcthulu: two knives, I was ready for one, but two!
tergonis: feeling very x files right now
EricTheOrange: lregaly distinct from the holloween theme
Izandai: oh shit
AtlasNYC: This remake is better than RE4
disebot: The Hunk music is also ace
Galactic_pain: Oh god, this music reminds me of Kulve
disebot: LEG IT
PendelSteven: Sploosh! Loading Ready RUN!
richard_ermen: @Rhynerd Interesting. Is it just me or does the game seem not as long as one might expect at first?
crashdownreg: later kid
Invitare: Snaaaake Eater
noisyblizzard: let me just do a little herbalism on the run
Nigouki: does Sherry goomba stomp off the ladder too?
PendelSteven: Bien sûr
Rhynerd: @richard_ermen perhaps.
richard_ermen: @Rhynerd Oh wait, EastStandardTime? I read that as European xD
Foxmar320: oh more plant friends
Theycallmejokke: Action sherry go!
Mushbie: just nucc the door with your guns?
Mushbie: I mean I know that won't work in the game
Alsritt: Samus, you gotta escape Zebes!
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:15:52.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah I absolutely have the Metroid theme in my head
Foxmar320: oh those gonna go boom
Izandai: Okay, final cutoff for save or kill the animals.
richard_ermen: Is this Metroid Raider: Zombotime?
DigitalSeahorse: does this stream still have breaks?
wildpeaks: and shrapnel
PendelSteven: He's on fiyah!
Rhynerd: @richard_ermen whoops.
drcthulu: that zombie's on fireeeee
ThePerrBearr: oh, right, train
disebot: CHOO CHOOOO
PendelSteven: The traaaaaaaaaain
crashdownreg: wa wa
Mister_BlueSky: FROOT FROOT!
ThePerrBearr: FRUIT FRUT
HondoTrigger: you want room in your inventory
GapFiller: oh this bit
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun the big gun is here.
Theycallmejokke: Choo choo
Nigouki: oh god, it's the lift isn't it
Dr_fragenstien: i like trains
DigitalSeahorse: FROOT FROOT
Mowdownjoe: Now it's time to stop. And see what herbs we got.
Foxmar320: lol
Izandai: FUCK YES
Astra7525: That's one hefty train boy
Keknar: The GUN!
sifonaonline: Kay.
HondoTrigger: you need more room
ThePerrBearr: well, something's going down
Haberdashed: PARDONFUCK
silenceaux: You are excused
TheWriterAleph: hellOOOOO nurse!
Rhynerd: Minigun!
jonlevir: OH, BABY!
Keknar: Claire has had enough of this shit.
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun there is a plug, inside the train
ZoBo_: ohh nooo! why is it giving you a minign???
wildpeaks: "sounds like my first time"
Dr_fragenstien: LUL
Mister_BlueSky: "Mini" gun.
ladysephiroth: 1. an acoustic coupler. 2. a phone reciever
brainbosh: That's the thing that makes sure you can pick up the minigun....which you did first. :/
Omega117: drop the knife
Alephred: Minigun inside train sounds like a bad time.
DigitalSeahorse: F
Foxmar320: Yeah don't need the knife anymore
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun now instead of pew pew, you will go YATATATTA!
PendelSteven: unless you have to, Sherry
PendelSteven: I mean
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah we gotta save this knife for the final boss. lrrBEEJ
HondoTrigger: friendship
Himyul: bromance?
NimrodXIV: brotp
RebekahWSD: A friend-ship?
tergonis: friendship
Dr_fragenstien: friendship?
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Friend"ship
electroswagnetism: It's a friend ship
TheGcsmith: Friendship
yell0wninja: friendship
kitthethird: Agape?
EvilBadman: A Yacht
uktemperance: squip
1losttheGame: friendship?
ProfBadger: a Broat?
tim19862: Friendship Kappa
Dr_fragenstien: LUL
ProfBadger: Bo at?
Coney_is_my_spirit_animal: Cheer 100 I think Twitch missed my sub but love you three, my birthday's on Saturday and I'm getting a copy of Alex's book, so excited!
PendelSteven: OK
Waterzer0: You asked, Alex. Kappa
Markster981: brotp
silvalunae: i mean didn't homestuck teach you anything?
tergonis: also "brotp"
tim19862: TwitchUnity
silvalunae: moirail?
Rhynerd: @brainbosh I thought two of those gunpowders just made SMG rounds
PendelSteven: there sure is a lot of 'OK' in this game, OK?
RebekahWSD: brotp is the fanfic term
Alsritt: it's ya boi
Foxmar320: So like some Twitch streams?
ReynardWrecca: Yay! Went away, came back, and it's Train O'Clock motherflippers!
korvys: So he's using Twitch?
PendelSteven: Kccch!
Mister_BlueSky: "Leon, you're dropping frames. Try a different ingest server."
Izandai: Welp, time to go save Leon.
Theycallmejokke: You hear him, we out
PendelSteven: The first thing you have to learn to join the police is how to say "kccch"
Haberdashed: THE GAS
Foxmar320: Leon's a big boy and can take care of himself
Nigouki: oh yeah it's this
Nigouki: fffffff
Foxmar320: Who do you think
Alsritt: RAWR
EricTheOrange: ya know some people just DON'T FUCKING DIE.
brainbosh: DADDY
ThePerrBearr: ben, you rotated the train, stairs are on other side
Izandai: The thing that you still haven't killed.
drcanonball: raptors
Foxmar320: Hey G
korvys: Hey Bill!
Keknar: You have a minigun VENGENCE
TheWriterAleph: MOAH DAKKA
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun Released Nemesis
Haberdashed: LOL
Izandai: That is ENTIRELY too many eyes.
Papperslappen: Hey, it's meatdad
Pteraspidomorphi: Looking pretty
Mister_BlueSky: There is very little William left in there at this point.
ThePerrBearr: SO... MANY.... EYES
Dr_fragenstien: barrel heating up >:(
electroswagnetism: FROM THE TOP ROPE
Mister_BlueSky: FROM THE TOP ROPE!
brainbosh: Go around the train
ReynardWrecca: Ooh, I bet drop attack is scary.
Waterzer0: I mean to be fair this is exactly why those guys in the gas masks came to get you.. so you wouldn't do this.
Foxmar320: oh that hurt
PendelSteven: hehehehe
silenceaux: #bopped
Haberdashed: FROM THE TOP ROPE
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Either pull harder or cut it off.
PendelSteven: What a fight here, live on WWE
Invitare: you know, I don't think this G Parasite thing is actually all its cracked out to be. It seems like its answer to everything is "More squishy vulnerable eyes"
electroswagnetism: I think the G virus has some problems
Nigouki: ah yes, the Gatling Optometry
Foxmar320: So glad they just had a minigun laying around
Alephred: When is 'lots of eyeballs' too many eyes?
Izandai: Do you gotta get all the eyes down in one go?
jonlevir: Mr Lesnar, the cruiserweight division is a no fly zone!
PendelSteven: This Train Lift event, new to WWE sure is a show!
kitthethird: The minigun barrels are glowing red.......
medras_13: LOL
ReynardWrecca: Essentially what you're doing with all the eyes is a very low-tech LASIK.
medras_13: William is a fan of boating?
Invitare: maybe the G Virus just needs a good contact lens supplier. For its... Species Eyes
Alsritt: god, the most nerve wracking thing is that we can't see the ammo counter
Haberdashed: Ouch
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:21:25.
Mushbie: heal up
Jovh11: On the bright side the G virus cured their glaucoma
TheWriterAleph: !card creepjack menace
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Foxmar320: Sherry is just watching from inside the train with popcorn
PendelSteven: Splooosh!
Izandai: GOTTEM
Haberdashed: FINALLY
drcanonball: melting and burning
Alsritt: GOTTEM
PendelSteven: Splut
Anamalous_Accountant: Tasty
kitthethird: ALEX
brainbosh: r/popping
jonlevir: That's how you slay the Beast!
Haberdashed: ALEX WHY
Worldbuild: WOW
Nigouki: honestly i'm not a big fan of this super fancy graphics for nasty stuff like this
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGOAT
PendelSteven: lrrFINE
Sati90: r/poopping live
xantos69: Ok, now KEEP Shooting!
HondoTrigger: will we be playing Leon B?
Rhynerd: If that’s not a perma kill, I don’t wanna know what it’ll take.
ThePerrBearr: surprised to see Nightmare here
Theycallmejokke: Is that how you get a child?
Alahmnat: he just turned inside out
Waterzer0: What are the chances William comes back in the next game? 100%?
Foxmar320: HondoTrigger don't know yet
silenceaux: There's no side windows in this train, right?
drcthulu: at this point he's come back so many time I'm not sure if he's dead or not
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun unfortunatelly it is not freakin over
Haberdashed: So I missed it what happened with the mom?
richard_ermen: Where´s Leon?
Izandai: Maybe Leon's in there?
korvys: She looks adorable with that giant jacket
kitthethird: What's in the cargo car.......?
silenceaux: Oh... There are. She may have seen that
circusofkirkus: lets boogie
Nigouki: the 2nd car has zombies Kappa
Papperslappen: FROOT FROOT
demondrinkingtea: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:22:58.
HondoTrigger: @Foxmar320 gotcha, thanks friend :D
bi0buster: Wow this adoption process is really arbitrary.
PendelSteven: How hard can this be?
sifonaonline: Froot froot!
JaymicUnyielding: @Waterzer0 Birkin was only ever in RE2
richard_ermen: Or is he only coming in the B-Game?
electroswagnetism: FROOT FROOT
Worldbuild: GTFO
tergonis: sure how that's not moar zombos
Metric_Furlong: and thus ends the tale of Mr Dr William Burkin
Izandai: It's either zombies or monsters in the second car.
w1nsol: Is this Claire A or B?
madmanoreo: @Haberdashed william smashed her good
Mister_BlueSky: There are zombiemans put them on the train.
Omega117: the adoption process in america is weird
Haberdashed: Ah fun
Izandai: *leon or monsters
angmor00: FRUIT FRUIT!!!!!!
MistaFuzzy: boop
HondoTrigger: @w1nsol Claire A
brainbosh: Yes, need the second train for the boss route B
richard_ermen: @w1nsol I think it´s Claire A.
shurtal: Sherry grows up to make a tag team group with a guy suplexes BioWeapons
PendelSteven: :D
Astra7525: Sure... drive a train sttraight through a red signal
Papperslappen: Bluberries?! Put em on the train!
TehAmelie: small brain: it's a zombie train, use phoenix down! big brain: ALL the enemies are zombies
Rhynerd: @waterzer0 Resident Evil 3 didn’t have any encounters with the Underground area of Racoon City, I think.
Worldbuild: lrrSPOOP
ThePerrBearr: yes, everything will go smoothly from here on out kappa
richard_ermen: Interesting. Ben never played original RE2?
tergonis: therapy
brainbosh: lrrCHKN lrrCHKN ....for this run.
Nightvalien28: therapy
Astra7525: This is the quietest train
PendelSteven: It's called Biohazard :)
Sati90: Shower
ReynardWrecca: "What's the first thing I wanna do? I dunno, MOURN MY PARENTS?!"
kitthethird: Resident Esident? Or BazardHazard, as it's known in Japan
Mushbie: because of trademarks
Izandai: Hey!
Sati90: Called it!
Nightvalien28: HOW
Omega117: william is the only g monster, the rest of them are from the tvirus which was spread by hi rampage
ProfBadger: I think there's a translation issue.
phorrestgaze: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Haberdashed: LOL
Foxmar320: The name Biohazerd was taken and they had to change the name
TheWooglie: I assumed it was because the evil was living in the house in the first one
Keknar: The end, until you play game 2.
Mister_BlueSky: It made.. decent sense for the first game cause it was a mansion but.. after that...
Worldbuild: Huzzah!
MistaFuzzy: yay!
Astra7525: "Who's driving the train?"
Mushbie: biohazard was trademaked in US
Izandai: Ultimate victory!
Himyul: you did the thing!
wildpeaks: you did the thing
Amentur: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
PendelSteven: Yay!
Izandai: katesChicken katesChicken katesChicken katesChicken katesChicken katesChicken
Rhynerd: Yay!
Haberdashed: Nice job! You did the thing!
Makhiel: wait, what? This is way too cheerful
Keknar: Yay they did it.
HondoTrigger: @LoadingReadyRun "In late 1994, Capcom Entertainment in the US was starting to ramp up marketing plans for the game that would eventually become known as Resident Evil in the US. Capcom Japan had let us know that the name of the game was going to be ‘Biohazard' in Japan, but I pointed out to the person who ran marketing at the time that it would be next to impossible for Capcom to register the name in the US. As an example, I pointed out that a crappy DOS-based game had just come out in the US c
demondrinkingtea: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
Metric_Furlong: Goat there
richard_ermen: They cut out the bombing?!
ghostvalv: wark wark
Alsritt: *LoZ theme plays in the background*
Justin_Bailey: you are the resident evil?
Papperslappen: lrrAWESOME lrrGOAT lrrAWESOME
Dr_fragenstien: trains are zombie proof
ThePerrBearr: i could have sworn there was more
Foxmar320: The rest of the ending is after Leon B
TheWriterAleph: lrrARROW lrrARROW lrrARROW lrrARROW lrrARROW
GapFiller: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrSPOOP
OutOfSpaceAndTime: Part one of the ending
jorim: benginDab benginTry seabatBRAIN
electroswagnetism: it's not the TRUE ENDING
Always_Armoured: still got to do leon B to get the true ending
drcanonball: 1/5 complete
RaemSturm: after credit scene?
phorrestgaze: adam forgot games can be easy
MistaFuzzy: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
drcthulu: It's not really over you have to do leon and claire
Theycallmejokke: Maybe there are some post-credit
brainbosh: Still another part B
shurtal: Now LEON B
Worldbuild: 2 of 7
drcthulu: opposite routes
TehAmelie: well, it's a more thematically coherent series than Quake
Izandai: We killed the final boss and escaped the facility. Game over, we win.
drcthulu: and tofu
Mister_BlueSky: It's shorter at least.
JaymicUnyielding: The B story finishes it. There's a little more.
Foxmar320: Specifically Leon B not just Leon
richard_ermen: @LoadingReadyRun You´ve not yet finished. Leon B awaits!
DigitalSeahorse: with time to spare! benginDab benginDab benginDab
EricTheOrange: Leons story has Eda Wong
canadaponce: both get it
tim19862: run it back katesLol
EvilBadman: I miss the RE2 guitar riff ending music
HondoTrigger: it's slightly different
DigitalSeahorse: post credits boss?
Omega117: not the full ending, leon playthrough b gets his side of the story and the true ending
Mister_BlueSky: Whoever does Scenario B gets the last boss I think?
Always_Armoured: @LoadingReadyRun whoever you do second gets the proper ending
HondoTrigger: it starts different
Keknar: Game 2/B has the last boss doesn't matter if its Leon or Claire.
FinalShowFilms: Whoever you play with first unlocks a (B) story for the second person.
aiamethyst: it's just whoever you do second
OutOfSpaceAndTime: B stores get the final boss
shurtal: they give the last boss to whoever you play second as
brainbosh: Whoever is in the B route fights the True Boss.
RaemSturm: leon has a different last boss, and both have a secret last last boss
TheGcsmith: Whats this A and B thing?
Drasvin: It's called Resident Evil as a reference os the first survival horror game, Sweet Home
Kramburger: Tetris 99?
JaymicUnyielding: There aren't as many differences between A and B as in the original. Basically it's just who gets to meet Marvin.
Metric_Furlong: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:25:28.
SquareDotCube: Time for an awful horror game?
Foxmar320: @LoadingReadyRun in this one the stories are the same. Leon has his and Claire has hers. The A / B determines who starts where and who fights the true final boss.
Iraeda: sped run the other scenario
Waterzer0: Stop now and come back fresh next week?
madmanoreo: leons gets a different final boss than claire, and then there's a final final boss in mode B
kitthethird: Thanks for the stream, boys! NonBinaryPride
seth_erickson: claire has a b run that has diff stuff and a diff ending
Alahmnat: interesting music, but it's no Alone in the Dark
Zombeenie: Teste touching
Himyul: Make Ben play Boshy for half an hour
Izandai: Don't kinkshame, Ben.
tim19862: katesWa katesOw
wildpeaks: could always play Metro, might be spooky too
ProfBadger: OH! it's called resident evil because capcom couldn't trademark it in America
RebekahWSD: Oh dear, tentacles!
Juliamon: aw, I went to have dinner and yall finished the game!
ThePerrBearr: it just.... won't.... die
ProfBadger: as in, they couldn't trademark Biohazard.
wildpeaks: fill this man with Bs
Metric_Furlong: B for 'Ben'
Mister_BlueSky: B is for Ben.
DigitalSeahorse: Squid1 Squid2 Squid4
korvys: B for Ben!
Theycallmejokke: B is for Brilliant
PendelSteven: Yay, Bee
DMGlol: ok now tofu run
GapFiller: B For Ben thats good enough for me
flapjacksofwar: B for Ben
tim19862: Squid1 Squid4
OutOfSpaceAndTime: Leon also deals with Mr X
ninja_theory_ashrams: need to shave about 3 hours off of run to get S
brainbosh: Guess who Leon gets to fight a bunch?
Khalahd: You got a lrrBEEJ
Foxmar320: Yes go to Story
accountmadeforants: And we finally got the ultimate question "How many times did Ben save?"
Omega117: new game second run for leon gets his side of the story
bi0buster: Second run is the other character!
Rhynerd: @thegcsmith there’s two playable characters. Leon and Claire. You start the game as one of the two and then switch over to the other once the first character’s campaign is finished.
PendelSteven: What is the world without bees?
Mowdownjoe: So now you can play a remixed version of Leon's Campaign!
tim19862: Squid1 kaypikeU2
drcthulu: outfits cost money
PendelSteven: We all need bees, so scoring a B is great!
Foxmar320: Yes Ben
ThePerrBearr: yes, the original outfts
brainbosh: The OG outfits.
richard_ermen: It´s the old ones!
richard_ermen: Sweet!
ReynardWrecca: Right, half eleven here, time for bed. Goodnight lovely streamers, and goodnight splendid chat!
HondoTrigger: cheer100 Here's why it's named Resident Evil
ThePerrBearr: yeah, new outfit is better
PendelSteven: 'twas the 90s
DMGlol: claire has a sick knife on her shoulder
EvilBadman: There's going to be DLC that's the actual 1998 skins
tim19862: yeah
brainbosh: Claire was dressed as a 90s biker. That's what a lot of them ACTUALLY wore.
cuttlefishman: Can we be tomb raider
jess_lou_: B is for begin Leon’s story (pleaseeee) I really enjoy watching you guys play this!
Izandai: Yeah, the normal outfits are way better.
drcanonball: alt leon looks like cosplau
ThePerrBearr: because 90's
Foxmar320: His outfit was always bad
electroswagnetism: It was the 90's, Pauldrons were in style
Foxmar320: Yes
Omega117: new game second run
HondoTrigger: no 2nd run
brainbosh: 2nd run
PendelSteven: tied with SCGTour!
drcthulu: go back
HondoTrigger: you want 2nd run
Bobtheninjagoldfish: for LEan B you want 2nd run.
ninja_theory_ashrams: new game 2nd
richard_ermen: 2nd Run!
Alsritt: 2nd run!
Foxmar320: Second run is the B run
Sati90: The shoulder plates are to protect from downward sword strikes, Adam
Dr_fragenstien: beating the game unlocks the second senatio for the other character
Sati90: Duh
Omega117: yes, don't pull an ign on us
drcthulu: Hardcore
cuttlefishman: save it
Worldbuild: Save
canadaponce: this will be Leon B btw
tergonis: save it
richard_ermen: Save it and talk about the experience.
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: War Chest) at Wed 06:00 PM PST (2:27 from now).
GapFiller: Leon B nxt time then
Foxmar320: Yeah IGN reviewed the game without playing half of it and it made them look really bad
Bobtheninjagoldfish: spend the next 30 minutes having adam doing a SeaBoshy AMA
Omega117: no leon b
Amentur: IGN reviewer skipped the whole second run part
canadaponce: new game not 2nd run then
FinalShowFilms: No, you want to do Leon B
drcthulu: just run it up
HondoTrigger: Leon B
Worldbuild: Call it early
aClonedPickle: Leon B compliments Claire A
lucasbune: Bag it for nice day
Foxmar320: No you want B to see the full story.
brainbosh: Claire A, Leon B is one story
Rhynerd: Save it, start Leon B next time.
JaymicUnyielding: no, do Leon B for sure.
flapjacksofwar: 2nd Run starts at the Helicopter Crash
Blasteg: I can see it's reasoable for IGN to miss it like you guys just did tbh
OutOfSpaceAndTime: Leon B getts the real end and has all of his plot points
DigitalSeahorse: save, start and save again in case of crash or corruption
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun start and stop at the firrst save
zenoflamer: Leon B gets you the full endinf
EvilBadman: No, you want the B. That's the reason ONLY LEON was available to choose.
OutOfSpaceAndTime: Exploration is remixed
GapFiller: call time here and come back to Leon B nxt week
brainbosh: Leon A, Claire B is a different story.
richard_ermen: You either get Claire A - Leon B or Leon A and Claire B. Means you play through 4 times to see EVERYTHING.
Omega117: leon a is very similar to claire a and doesn't get the true ending
ninja_theory_ashrams: ign review skipped playing the 2nd run
Rhynerd: That way you get to see what Leon did while you were playing Claire.
tim19862: Thanks for the stream Ben, Adam and Alex! kaypikeHEART
Astra7525: What happens if you choose Leon for your first run?
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaSave feliciaSave feliciaSave feliciaSave feliciaSave
GapFiller: thanks for streaming guys
Astra7525: Do you get Claire B in the 2nd Run?
frozenphoenix7: Yes @astra7525
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
Foxmar320: Astra7525 yes if you play Leon first
TehAmelie: Leon-B, from the negative universe
Rhynerd: Have a good one!
Coney_is_my_spirit_animal: cheer100 I think Twitch missed my sub but love you three, my birthday's on Saturday and I'm getting a copy of Alex's book, so excited!
tim19862: katesWave
PendelSteven: Thanks for playing and streaming!
KNACC: thanks for the stream!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: 'm excited for war chess, i think i've heard of it. but regardless excited for AFK
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for the spoops
Keknar: Claire 2nd run comes from playing leon normal.
Juliamon: Birthday buddies! @Coney_is_my_spirit_animal
GapFiller: see yr later
Phailhammer: cya :)
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:30:45.
PendelSteven: lrrARROW lrrCIRCLE
Nigouki: bye!
Metric_Furlong: bye boys
Foxmar320: In the B run some stuff is moved and some puzzles are changed
tergonis: bye bois
flapjacksofwar: I think beating 2nd Run will unlock the 4th Survior bonus
TehAmelie: byee
tim19862: bye katesWave katesHeart kaypikeHEART
flapjacksofwar: Baaaiiiiii
GapFiller: flapjacksofwar hah 4th Survivor
Amentur: Bye folks. Have a good one coxManleee
DigitalSeahorse: thank for strim
PendelSteven: mtgnerUmm
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble viking64Friendo
flapjacksofwar: He is
brainbosh: @GapFiller Tofu is still a game mode.
Rhynerd: Tofu is still in.
GapFiller: Hells Yeh!
flapjacksofwar: Hunk is the 4th Survior
GapFiller: thats good to knw
PendelSteven: They didn't do a Jill-sandwhich in this remake, I suppose
PendelSteven: If you get what I mean
GapFiller: theyre never gonna get to that obvs but the thought of Ben seeing Tofu is pretty entertaining
flapjacksofwar: Im hoping for a Nemesis remake
MatthewDennisMTG: is the stream over?
GapFiller: yep
flapjacksofwar: Yarp
MatthewDennisMTG: thanks!
GapFiller: RE3 remake is an interesting idea on a host of fronts
GapFiller: esp since eg RE3 was never even meant to happen
PendelSteven: well, it's post 12 pm here
GapFiller: or rather Code Veronica was originally meant to be RE3
PendelSteven: Later 'yall!
PendelSteven: Oh, and happy Valentine's Day! <3
PendelSteven: Bye!
flapjacksofwar: Oh man. I played a bunch of Code Veronica
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DigitalSeahorse: !next
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